Meditation with Gratefullness Mediation Today Dec 20th 2023

Meditation with Gratefullness Mediation Today Dec 20th 2023

Okay greetings brothers and sisters this Is um my gratefulness meditation Channel My third channel for those of you who Are familiar with it and I do uh Meditation you know free meditation that Is really the old sah Mar meditation That I do because of the corruptness of The heartfulness organization that took Over the you know I've explained this in Depth in my journey series videos and You know here on dis gratefulness Meditation but two people let me know That today December 20th is Char's Maha Samama day he passed away in uh 2014 and uh 7 years ago it's significant And I've been feeling the connectivity To the Divine current the transmission The you know my meditations have been Spectacular the last 5 days or so Whatever it is and Um and then I found out about this I had Forgotten about the day you know December 20th that was there in India When this happened and I've put out this Video if you want to check it out on Gratefulness meditation Channel um but Basically anybody can meditate today for An hour you know 45 minutes to an hour And feel the energy around uh charies uh You know whatever it is going on here I Got two messages about this this morning You know today's December 20th uh 2023 one was from a guy called the dodgy Truther who somebody who's you know

Always exposing dodgies the current Master and president's flaws and another Was a um from a longtime practitioner of The system someone who's pract you know Practiced this for five six years who I Think six years who heard about through This YouTube channel and she sent me a Tweet in which Dody refers to chargie as His spiritual guide and not his master You know it's kind of a dickish thing to Do on his part which I've you know Documented this in you know so many Videos The Journey series videos I Released a journey series video today Sort of you know an honor of the day but Anyways MAA is a great word because it Is celebrating the soul returning to the Source right when your when your body Dies your soul is released to go back to The source to a person who's lived a Good spiritual life and use this Opportunity to advance on their material You know their spirit use their material Life to advance on their spiritual Journey it's even better and if you Think about the word death there's Always a negative connotation oh that Person died you know that person is dead You know it's like a something we fear Whereas masadi is something to celebrate Right so it's a you know it's a good Word from that perspective you're Celebrating somebody's death as opposed To your you know you're celebrating

Their soul instead of the end of Something the end of a life which is Always sad you know especially if the Person's loved and you love the person a Loved one you know that's sad but Maadi Is joyful because that person is free From their you know Earthly bondage Especially if they've reached a higher Level of spiritual attainment Liberation Or something where they don't have to Come back here you know which is a rare Case but anyways um for those of you are Interested in meditating I haven't Talked about gratefulness meditation Here in a while but it's a really good Time to experience the meditation There's the video link to the to uh me Explain it you know basically saying What I'm saying here but those of you Who are interested in doing that and you Know whatever else there it's a Comprehensive channel that explains the SJ Mar method of meditation the way that I learned it and the way I do it and you Know this is a good time to experience The transmission at least as far as I'm Concerned um it has been anyways I'll End this one here I got more work to do I'm going to revisit the movie uh leave It all behind and talk about you know What people can do to prepare themselves For such an event if such of event is Going to happen you know apocalyptic Type

Situation uh that'll be up on this Channel tomorrow and then I have to do Something for my other channel the Apocalypse Now channel so lots of things Anyways um you know that's it for this One only spirituality will save this World it's parano doely point for the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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