Lizzo Quits + BRICS Currency + King Chucky + It’s Inevitable

Lizzo Quits + BRICS Currency  + King Chucky + It's Inevitable

Okay greetings brothers and sisters just A few things to get to here maybe a few More on my other toolbar this I don't Know if this will be a shorter video I Might do a some sort of audio at the end But let's start here with the bricks Currency one of my viewers sent me this So brics announces a Blockchainbased payment System Um and it is to create a common Currency for all those people which Would mean there you know the bricks is Um these various countries that are Forming their own sort of economic block To get rid of the US power Brokers as The you know world the dollar is a world Reserve Currency and the us having the strongest Economy right and they're moving forward With this thing right and um what is the Bricks currency and is and is the US Dollar in trouble And the difficult realities of the Bricks dollarization efforts you know They want to stop us um Petr dollar more Than anything else and sell oil and have Oil being sold in their own currencies Here you guys right remember that Gaddafi wanted to do that with a gold Dinar and Gaddafi is no longer alive he Was um sodomized with a sword you know Like and so that's how important this Thing is anything that's a threat to the

US economy and the US dollar is you know Will result in that kind of um this Would be you know World War III with China and then one of my viewers sent me This this is Microsoft um whatever their Thing is here map reveals best place to Live places to live in the US if nuclear War breaks out and so um I don't see This map is very Small fears of nuclear Apocalypse in World War III abound some prospective Home buyers in the US may want to Reconsider the locations they're looking For in for property in um so then they Have these Places um you know all that stuff but It's interesting that this is becoming Regular news here's the map you can see This area here so this is very Unpopulated you get out here these are The big cities they're targeting here And then Um this is all where all the the black Dots are is where all the people live a Filipino villager is nailed to a cross For the first for for the 35th time on Good Friday to pray for World Peace Maybe has permanent holes in his Hand Um he's he's done this thir 35 times or They've done it 35 times I'm not sure if It's the same guy and so um you know the Whole being nailed to the cross has no Significance right there's no spiritual

Benefit to that my wife and I were Talking about this in terms of um the um You know the Uh there was this movie called Stigmata and this is um I think it's big In The um Latin countries or the um Countries in Latin America South America but you know Stigmata is these Where you people believe from the hands Like Jesus you know Jesus's crucifixtion Wasn't his finest moment in the Celebration of the cross in which Jesus Jesus was tortured and uh you know Humiliated and killed for being a Spiritual person isn't a positive thing Right tomorrow's Easter and celebrating His crucifixion isn't you know they've Made it into something that it shouldn't Be you know his teachings his spiritual Evolution the things that you know he Was um it was a lot of blood and gore This movie was really you know it's a Hard movie to watch and sit through and It's just um there's a lot of blood you Know drinking the blood of Christ eating His body I mean just all of it we got You to do that as a Catholic and they're Celebrating the wrong things about Jesus And it wasn't his finest moment right it Was showing you that you know a Spiritual person especially in the Western World in the countries where White people live these countries in you

Know Middle East and Europe and these Places they kill Saints right certainly In America now as well killing the Saints killing spiritual people Destroying spiritual people it's a thing That they do and so it shouldn't be you Know it shouldn't be what people make it Into it isn't a positive thing okay I'm Editing this video I wanted to add this Here and me saying this is about not Being Jesus's finest moment about the Crucifixion what I mean by that is Um you know the part of the crucifixion Isn't about Jesus it's what happens to People who try to give God to people Right like people who try to help people Become spiritual and talk about the Things that you need to do to be Spiritual and then in Jesus's case he Criticized the powers that be on top of It and people in Jesus's you know his Core Disciples one of them betrayed him Another denied him and the other doubted Him right Judas betrayed him Peter Denied him and uh Thomas doubted him Right right doubting Thomas and the Spiritual third spiritual Master the Sark meditation I do said you know There's a ratio like you called it you Know the Jesus ratio that one out of 12 Of your disciples will always turn on You maybe some more will and so that's Kind of a thankless job right you know

When parents know know this um you do a Lot of things for your kids that they Never know about the first whatever Amount of years you put up with them Waking you up in the middle of night and Crying and all the things you do and Change diapers and all the stuff you do Feeding them and you all that stuff like For all of us like none of us remember That like we don't remember like we Don't remember what you know how Difficult it is on the parents to have Young children and just all the messes That you have to clean up as a parent All the you know your kids are just you Know doing all the things they do as Toddlers and all the way up and then all The things you do for them that they Have no idea about like going to a Crappy job and eating crap all day and Doing something that's hard you know Just to put some food on the table Whatever it is right like the things That you have to endure the humiliation Of your job the difficulty and all the You know the things that you you have to Um suffer through in a marriage just to You know keep things together as a Family and you know whatever you might Do and your kids just aren't aware of it Like you you know they grow up and we Weren't aware of it for our parents and You know maybe maybe you become a little Bit more aware of it when you become a

Parent yourself but you know you don't Really understand it right and then your Kids tell you you hate you when you they Turn teenagers or whatever it might be And with spiritual people it's way worse Than that and you know there's I mean India is a good place to be a saint it's A place where Saints are celebrated of Course there's a lot of frauds who are Also celebrated there as well and I'm You know talking about heartfulness Meditation thing and all the fake gurus That go along with it but they are at Least there's some level of Understanding that spiritual people are Meant to be celebrated it's woven into The culture for thousands of years but Other places in the world the spiritual Person is a threat to the people that Co That govern the that control the system And the system itself right because the System itself is usually ungodly and a Spiritual person will you know bring um Uh an awareness and a you know change of Orientation to the people that will hurt The system like the materialistic system We have now if everyone became spiritual It would collapse because it's a Pleasure based hedonistic based system Right and so people who are bringing Awareness that you know all the things That you're seeking in the material World that Fame and Fortune and you know Pleasures and all these things are why

You're here is a threat to the system And the people that run it so and you Know not just that but the the masses Turn on you as well because they don't Want to give up all the things that they You know enjoy and things and they want You know they don't want to change and And so the crucifixion is really a Representation of that it's not a oh This was such a wonderful thing that he Sacrificed his only son like the way That they spun it that people think About it that's not at all what's Happened here you know what really Happened is Jesus tried to give Spirituality to people to whatever Extent and they killed him for it and Tortured them and humiliated them right They were spitting on him and things Like this you know like it's it's brutal And you know this is what happens I mean It just shows you how bad people are and You try to give them God and this is What they do to you so it isn't a Celebratory moment it isn't something we Should honor like it was a great day and It was a great you know whatever it was And that was part of some divine plan And Jesus was doing this just to Sacrifice himself for your sins I mean It's just a away the powers that be have Spun it so they can you know use it as a Way to enslave people and in the Religious sense the day shouldn't be

Celebrated it should be you know a Reminder of how bad people suck and if You try to give them God in any real way This is what they do to you right um and That's you know that's the true essence Of Easter which itself isn't God isn't Uh Jesus's death he didn't die in Easter Easter is the holiday of Estora uh estor I don't know whatever is How it's pronounced but it's a pagan God That was celebrated that's where the Whole bunny and you know the eggs it's a Whole legend of a bunny sitting on eggs Right and actually now chicks this is Was the whole kind of the thing with the Easter Bunny that's all Pagan right That's all has nothing to do with Jesus And it was celebrated on the the Spring Equinox right this is the you know the Um deal the solstices and the equinox And it's two equinoxes you know the fall One in the which is you know Halloween And so this is a celebration of uh the Day itself has zero to do with Jesus Right has nothing to do with his Crucifixion like the whole thing's just A lie but anyways let's get back to it Here so somebody sent me this this is Lizzo's Insle I I'm getting tired of putting up With being dragged by everyone in my Life and on the Internet this is lizo writing This all I want is to make music and

Make people happy and help the world be A little better than how I found it but I'm starting to feel like the world Doesn't want me in it I'm I'm constantly Up against lies being told about me for Clout and Views being the butt of the joke every Single time because of how I look my Character being picked apart by people Who don't know me and disrespecting my Name I didn't sign up for this Boop I Quit peace Out and um so this person ellia shefford In case nobody told you today you're Special in case nobody made you believe Your special your own Words sometimes we need to to be our own Cheerleaders if none of these comments Help I hope your words will we love you Queen Paris Hilton in case nobody told you you're Special when does I quit come out of Spotify on Spotify you are so necessary Talented and important you also deserve Peace whatever makes you happy I support It Sophia Bush Kid Fury all of this the Internet isn't real Life protect you we love You clo Kent chlo Kent I don't know who These people are but they have check Marks but your DNA test came back 100% that Boop so you Can't you you you defo can't let them Win you have to carry on and doing you

And being the best version of you this Got 6,000 likes Cara Dominica she's also a check mark well Remember when her you know she um was Very abusive and sexually inappropriate With her fellow her dancers that work For her many of them were overweight and She really mistreated them and she acted Like a prima and um talked about them Sexually inappropriate things and forced Them to do stuff I covered this before I Can't remember all of it but you guys Might remember it but um there's a Lawsuit we'll take a look at that can't Let the haters win Mama lizo you're Loved keep on going girl don't let them Win stay off the internet hug up you Your man keep working these are all Um you know these are all check marks Those those ones were so here it is lizo All the allegations made by former Dancer as star announc his exit for Music Industry and so um pop star lizo shocked Fans by announcing that she's quitting Music and then she says all those things There um last year former former members Of her dance troop filed claims of Sexual harassment and weight slamming by Lizo born Melissa Jefferson in a 44-page lawsuit in the Suit dancers Ariana DAV Davis Nicole Rodriguez and Crystal Williams Detail Allegations of assault inappropriate

Sexual behavior workplace misconduct Disability discrimination and religious Harassment against lizo and her Production company big girl big touring Inc lizo previously hit back at the False allegations in a statement posted On social media anding the claims are Unbelievable there she is dancing down There doing her lizo stuff U but here Are the Accusations in the file complaint the Dancer accused lizo of calling her Calling attention to Davis's wak ging And later berating her and then firing Her on the spot and because she recorded A meeting because of a health condition When Rodriguez objected to lizzo's Treatment of Davis and resigned from the Cast lizo allegedly aggressed L Approached rri Rodriguez and said she Thought the 35-year-old would have hit Her if one of the other dancers had Intervened the accusers testified to a Sexually charged and uncomfortable Environment they were allegedly forced To endure while working with lizo and Her dance captain and co-defendant Quigley it claims lizo began inviting Cast members to take turns touching the New performers catching d buo laun from The Performers poops and eating bananas Protruding from the Performers V JJs during a visit to strip

Club in Amsterdan she allegedly pressured Davis To touch the boops of the nude women and Leading a chant of goting her finally The course became overwhelming and Moried and Davis acquiesced an attempt To bring the to the end um the she was Felt like she was being badgered Davis Claims she soiled herself there's these Brutal things that were going on with The dancers claims he show herself Because lizza was always berating the Dancers because she was fearful of Taking a washroom break in a 12-hour Rehearsal when she found an interval to Change into clean clothes the Wardrobe Department allegedly gave her a See-through garment she was equipped to Finish the rehearsal dancing in front of Male crew members who were known to Sexualize the dancers under less Revealing scenarios while wearing Completely transparent shorts and no Undergarment um so you know it goes on Like this it just goes on and on and on And on and on but um lizo mistreated her Dancers according to their you know Their testimony and now she's quitting Because everyone keeps on giving her a Hard Time details about King Charles funeral Plans revealed cancer is worse Charles Has been diagnosed with cancer last Month

Month um I don't know what this Publication is but um you know it'd be Hilarious this guy right Here it'd be hilarious he waited all That time to become king and then like He doesn't even hold This I mean that would be just wonderful Well isn't it about time that Joe Biden Stood up for transgender people and Re dedicated the Easter holiday Joe Biden Sparks Fury by proclaiming Easter Transgender visibility day apparently This is it Here there's the Buddies Easter season of Joy time of rebirth Renewal faith hope and love time to Remember that in the beauty of spring The seeds of new opportunity are planted And this spring our future filled is Filled with unlimited Possibilities that can multiply and grow Because of all the good people here and Throughout the country ladies and Gentlemen what I see looking across the South lawn is a country made up of Possibilities anything's possible America remember who we are and we do it Together Okay well that was what he said there President Joe Biden sparked Fury among Conservatives on social media on Saturday after proclaimed Sunday March 31st which happens to be the day Easter

Falls OD this year trans day transgender Transgender day of Visibility the international transgender Day of visibility was created on March 31st 2009 and has continued to be Celebrated on March 33st for more than a Decade and so um it's about time that People stop celebrating Jesus's death And celebrating um you know something as Noble as the transgender awareness that Joe Biden is pushing Here all right so I want to add this to It um this just came In Franklin trailer Michael Douglas says Benjamin Franklin I think apple is sucky About copyrighting their trailers which Is stupid but I'll cover a little bit of This here You Are I am I Am Benjamin Franklin see he's such a horrible actor He has no range or no he can't do like An Old English accent he's just talking Like he's the guy in Um Romancing the Stone or Wall Street I Mean it's the same guy Right the Congress has sent me here It is a representative of the United States Kaboom to elicit France in our war Against England okay just really bad Such a horrible Actor without your Aid the United States

Will end before it has begun Bo this is Big important what's going to happen I Don't know what's going to happen here Is France going to come to our Aid like What's going to happen what's going to Happen Michael Douglas grandfather how long must we Stay until we win France to our Side or we are hanged is there a third Choice Kaboom his grandson's pretty Funny it's a limited series Of diplomacy must never be a Siege but a Seduction we both know you have trouble He's trouble with the capital T he's a Freemason you know he's a seductress he Knows how to seduce the Ladies you're up to something yeah he He's up to something that guy I am pling To delivering ships to the United States No you're up to something else you're up To something else you tricka we have Made an Offer beware a Frenchman's promise don't Listen to a Frenchman's promise they Don't they don't you know they make Promises they don't keep is everything All right possibly not not possibly Not he delivers those Lies someone is spying on us who could It Be be careful be careful the spies France is nothing to gain joining with America the British will defeat you it

May cost Us but it will cost you more it'll cost You more if the price is our Lives we'll pay it we'll pay it look at Them Look at him look at them looking deliver Those L pay It I don't know who I can Trust well we know I can't trust you Gordon Keko boom there's just treachery going On left and right skull duggery I'm here To help my Country the time is running out time's Wonder now what should we Do who are you really You are what the world requires you to Be wait was he he was a lover was a Statesman he was a lover there he is Ready who's this Dude look at him Diving what was those skulls There boom right there that One boom look at those skulls playing The Banjo play the Fiddle this is a dangerous Game that's just the sort of game I like Yeah yeah he Does I wonder how much they paid him To it's Horrible King Charles attends Easter Sunday service in Windsor no Princess

Kate after cancer and so apparently he Showed up his cancer is enough he's can Function enough to show up for Easter Sunday mass to Celebrate Jesus's uh Crucifixion I guess rising from the dead Is it I don't Know um there he is with Camila so we'll See what happens to Chucky and then um Port of Baltimore Workers were embracing for a busy summer Season now thousand face an uncertain Future Um this is something I covered on my Apocalypse Now you know sort of a Hollywood celebrity dropping like flies Thing but it's more something that I Would cover on this Channel because um well let's get into It Here so my wife told me last night there Was another uh barge that crashed into Into a Bridge and um I searched for it and There was nothing here this is just About the Baltimore Bridge And Um you know just L the news is just About that but then she was like is it In um Arkansas so I searched Arkansas But it was actually in Oklahoma Oklahoma State Patrol says Diverted traic after a barge hit a

Bridge in the Arkansas River Um days after Baltimore AR and Oklahoma diverted traffic after barge Hit a bridge these are very Obscure Publications right so a bar Another barge hit another bridge in Oklahoma now these things might happen Occasionally right where something like That happened Rose CL after barit bridge In Oklahoma and this might be just Something you know there's just like With the train remember we saw the train That happened in East Palestine um but then there's been these Things with planes as well you know all This stuff happened with the trains in East Palestine like there was that one Sort of big thing that happened then People are like oh this is happening all Over the place there was like chemical Spills and things like That but then somebody sent me this this Morning It's on Fire oh my God Sorry it's on fire Mom holy I hope they're okay I wonder if They're doing an Emer no it's still doing it so this is I Don't know Um uh March 20th 11 days ago there is a Boeing jet

That's um on fire as it's heading into The Miami Airport so when America went after Russia um with Ukraine as a proxy the Proxy war that's War right that's out Andout War where um you know the backing Of the Ukrainian government creating That you know the whole stuff with Trying to uh allow the Ukraine into NATO You know that is an act of War um Russia And America are now at War whether People want to see that or not I mean I Think most people have a sense of that But you know if you're paying somebody Else like um if your neighbor or your Relative hired somebody to come over Your house and beat you up right then That's an act of war or whatever like That's you know that's an act of Aggression and that's what America is Doing with the Ukraine right they're Paying the ukrainians to fight a war and Take down Russia and you know whatever's Going on with China and the currency and These things and you know bricks that's Another Act of War you know any anything That goes after the American currency as The reserved currency the dollar Petro Dollar is an act of War it would take America down and so there have been you Know remember when the um the refinery Was hacked and there was no gas like my Wife and I were traveling you know about A week or two after that happened while

It was going on actually and there was Places that were massive gas Shortages because of a hack that they Claimed was came out of Russia and so you know there is going to Be cyber attacks and hacking and you Know if this is um if these plane Crashes or these you know uh train you Know this a barge hitting the going back To the train crash in East Palestine These are all you know bizarre things Right and you're going to see more of These if they can do it if it you know Can be done as an act of War but the Other thing is could these be false flag Things could this be something America's Doing to itself and then there's the you Know the big picture thing is you know This is part of a divine plan if Something's happening America collapsing Is part of a divine plan right because That's what happens to Empires it Happens over and over over again you Study the the great Empires over the you Know whatever it is the Millennia you Study anything like that dynasties and Even in sports things like that and they Collapse they fall apart things aren't You know organizations and people aren't Supposed to be dominant for a very long Period of time you study it in nature With you know a um like lions is a good Example there's always these young Lions Coming in and trying to steal the Pride

Or whatever it is it's just what happens Right um throughout the the natural World there's fights for territory and Domination and you know people and uh Animals and institutions get old and They you know get soft and they get you Know the fruits of success or whatever And they get weak or whatever it is Right and this plays out with Empires And then you know the dominant type of Um whatever we see with are there are You know our economies and all these Things right all these things are Subject to change and so whatever the Reason whoever is doing this or if They're acts of God or you know Self-sabotage America just is right for The picking you see the American people You see the the system you see the Attitude you see the incompetence like I Say just go to Walmart like this you Know that's all you need to know and see To realize that that America is being Taken down by itself maybe by the powers That be certainly by other countries Yeah you know every when you're dominant Other people are you know want to get You or want to take your position you're A Target right if you see a team that's Got sort of a Dynasty you know like the Golden State Warriors for example or the Patriots you Know these teams that have won recently Right you're or someone like LeBron

James or you know some of these big Names now it's the Kansas City Chiefs teams play harder against you Right they want to you know they I mean It's just Motivation to beat you right there's This the element of that whenever you're On top other people want to take you Down other countries and so you know It's obviously happening some whatever We can attribute to I mean some of it's Just lethargy some of it's just age I Mean just look at the the politicians we Have I mean Trump and Biden are horrible Neither one of them is a quality person NE one neither one of them is a a good Leader or somebody that you can I me we Just don't have anybody think about any Politician or think about any media Personality and I'm not even talking About a truther I'm not talking about a Media Personality that's a truther like you Know Walter con con kronite Conr whatever his name is Right Walter Conr you know these guys that I grew up David Brinkley these other you know news Guys they acted the part like they Weren't good journalists but there were Some you know truth to Power news was More trusted people trusted the news Back then of course there wasn't the Internet there wasn't you know the truth Movement any any of these things but

These people at least acted the part Right and they were trusted right now People trust you know podcasts like Joe Rogan or you know smaller channels and Truther channels like Bine and you know These other you know whatever it is but People don't trust the the mainstream Media and they're not even competent at Their job like very seldom you go this Guy's doing a great job or you watch Them they're just I mean it's across the Board and these politicians are not good You know people never mind good at just Faking their job to some extent where You can have faith in them they're just Ridiculous and Kennedy who was you know Good at his Interviews people struggle with his Voice but that's not his problem but Then his take on Israel and just you Know imploding and losing all Credibility in the in where he was Gaining credibility he lost it all you Know and that's just typical and so you Don't have these inspirational figures You don't have people out there you know The athletes themselves the you know Actors and you know people who have Prominence all have scandals all have Bad characters like who do you think About as being oh this is a quality Person a mainstream figure and I don't Even mean as a truther you know just Somebody that you think oh well these

Are quality people you know these are Trustworthy people these are whatever Good people you don't see it right There's no faith in each other and you Know the establishment and the people That are in front of the cameras and Whatever it might be right There's just an overall level of Incompetence that pervades America is What I'm saying and you know we don't Have the Blind Faith that we used to Have and the people themselves don't Function in a way that you look at them As being competent you know every media Personality that didn't call Joe Biden Out of being scile when he ran against Trump the first time in 200 I mean Before that in the primary against other Democratic candidates the guy was not Mentally there he was not somebody who Was me functioning and they had slammed Him before he had just you know before That four years before that he had been The vice president to Obama he was Considered an incompetent boob a gaff Magnet and a guy who was just clueless a Guy called plagiarizing you know no one Thought of him as presidential no one You know he was never a front runner for The president but all of a sudden the Establishment got behind him and not Only ignored his his mental Deterioration in his past history of Being like a

Schlub they embraced the guy right it Was bizarre and all these pretty much The whole all of mainstream media even Fox News to some extent and you know Didn't call him out and that was the fox News's job to do that and this is what I'm talking about and this is what uh You know this is everything that we know About incompetence in the media and all All over the you know every field of the Celebrity culture everywhere just Ignoring and and prompting this guy up When he's horrible you know this is the Best we have to offer and Trump sucks Like Trump is just a selfish Narcissistic Petty like all you need to Know about Trump is and the world Leaders will figure this out if he's Reelected they've already have you just Have to you know Trump wants people to Lavish Praise on him that's all he wants That's all he cares about he doesn't Care about if that person's right he Doesn't care about who's who he's Embracing he just has to be any body Who's a prot trump person is good with Trump if you criticize him even if You're you know a truth teller you're a Good person he attacks you and goes After you right like that's Trump that's 100% Trump right that's the horrible Person and a bad leader and so like just His personality he's Petty and I I found It funny because it be democra of the

Presidency but it's just an indication Of a collapsing apocalyptic apocalyptic Time in our civilization in our country Right when you don't have anybody who's Confident everybody sucks at what they Do and you just see a you know sort of a There's just nobody worth there's nobody Out there representing America as being A worthy institution right we're not Representing our country and saying you Know showing everybody why America Deserves to eat everybody else's food And absorb everyone else's resources and Remain as you know we don't we're not Like people aren't even happy right They're not even happy and like you know The misery that um it takes to provide The lifestyle that we enjoy here as in You know Evil Empire and so you know It's collapsing like it's just whatever The reason is why I talk about all the Time it's you know it should collapse And what that means for the world and The world you know the world model and All these things there's going to be a Collapse right of the you know system That we're all 100% dependent on cuz It's not working it's not producing Better people we're de evolving right We're getting weaker and stupider and in Every possible way the people are the You know the product of a system if the People are getting worse that means the System has to come down and you know

It's if the system is going against the Divine will and laws it's going to take You in the wrong direction and people Aren't becoming more and more spiritual And more and more saintly becoming more And more selfish and more and more more Entitled and more and more weak and all These things and so when that happens You know it's the people that are will You know are when you have weaker and Less competent people then the system Can't function and so the system is you Know making uh is producing the product Which is the people and the people are Producing the the product which is the System and together they're just we're Going down you know into this land of Idiocracy right and you know all that is Comes Collapse and in any you know in any Sphere and certainly in this kind of Sphere and it's you know we're headed That way whatever the cause is whatever The reason you know whether it's some Foreign government or you divine will or People themselves or false flaggy stuff Or whatever is happening here it's going To happen like it's going to happen one Way or another anyways only spiritualy Will save this world it's Paul Romano Definely born from the Apocalypse and The Ascension every would have a blessed Day and be grateful

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