Lions and sheep and Sinners Oh Mono

Lions and sheep and Sinners Oh Mono

All right brothers and sisters greetings This is sort of a bonus video um that Comes from a story I remembered um you Know a story from my youth I was telling My wife last night and a comment that Someone left on my grateful as Meditation Channel and so this has to do with Christianity and the understanding that Christian Followers are uh are told that they are They're they're defined by the terms Sheep and sinners like you're a sinner And you're a sheep that's how you're Defined which is an important thing to Understand that people take for granted But first the story so I got MTO um years and years ago that's come Back up Apparently it's circulating now but I Had it when I Was in fourth or fifth grade I think Fourth grade and it basically took a Year of my life so what happened was my Mom was a hypochondriac was sort of Shaped My um opinion of alpath Medicine and I had allergies that I Never complained About and my mom was obsessed with I got Allergy shots I went to all these Doctors I mean God knows what they did To me but at one point my mom Decided she I don't know where she heard

This But I have the you know they have these Things called Aboid that if you look at a picture of Them and I'll put a picture here it is Um all the way back almost by your ear Right Um And my mom the Operation um it's the very back of your Nasal pack passage like tonsils aboid Help keep the body healthy by trapping Harmful bacteria and virus that we Breathe or Swallow AB noids do important work as Infection Fighters for babies and young Children and so I don't know where my Mom heard this but they stuck a Um a like a a tube like a metal wand or Tube up through my nose all the way back To my Abids which I Don't remember that part being painful But it must have been and then proceeded To spray the aboid with some sort of Steroid to shrink it and I don't know What you know it's too young to Understand Um you know what was going on but I was An obedian kid and you know I I think I Had a I've always had kind of a high Pain tolerance but they were doing this And I wasn't complaining but tears were Pouring down my eyes I was in

Excruciating pain and it felt Unbelievably bad and my mom told him to Stop I mean at least she got him a stop On one side right Um and I don't know if they're on both I Don't know if it's on both sides but it Was like one of the most painful thing I've ever experienced and to my Understand it was some sort of steroid Which God knows what was in it back in The 70s right and so I went home and I Woke up the next day and my glands were As big as golf balls on the side of my Face like I mean it was like not golf Balls like softball like half a Softball uh half a grapefruit that's What I compared it to like somebody had Cut up grapefruit in half and put one on Each side of my neck on my side and my Neck was swollen and I got a really bad Case of mono I missed three months of School you know my mom would let me uh Play and Exercise and um you know it was a year Year it might have be even fifth grade It was a year that um you know I was on A soccer team that we were all young Kids I think it was must have been Fourth grade and so my first grade I was On the soccer team first or second grade Must have been second grade and we were All about the same age we all the same Grade and we grew together so we sucked The first year we were pretty good the

Third year and we won the championship The fourth year and I was one of the Starting you know Wing players you know Kind of one of the offensive players and I missed out on the year that we won the Championship like they came and I was Like in my you know in my bed I think at Home and brought me a trophy you know Cuz I was really sick right and there Was days like I could barely stand I was Like so weak and I was sleeping all the Time and I don't know you know what Drugs they were giving me but I missed Almost like a whole year of school Basically and then when I went back to School I couldn't play and hang out and Do all the things kids Do and it shaped my idea of K Hypochondria because it was a you know Completely um my inflicted on me by my Mom you know by her her you know Whatever obsession with this thing and You know I I never really remember Suffering from allergies right which as An adult they've mostly gone away like I've had to rebrute my immune system I Mean God knows how long it took me to Fully recover from this nightmare Freaking thing right um So here's the story that ties into this Other thing and so I missed a whole year Of catechism as a Catholic you went to Catechism which prepared you for the Different things like taking your first

Communion in this case taking your first Confession and so the following year I Think I must have been in fifth grade so I had m in fourth grade in fifth grade I Went for my first confession and I Missed how to say the Hail Mary you know In in the Catholic Church you have our Fathers and hail marries and you get These rosary beads and there's an Our Father and there there's like four or Five Hail Mary beads and the year Our Father beads are big and the Hail Mary Beads are small and for every one uh Our Father you say five hill Maries and you Go around What's called the rosary beads Right and then you say the whole rosary And it's supposed to be valuable in Terms of your praying right your praying And I went to confession and you know I Made up some stuff or you know tried to Think of things I did wrong because I Didn't you know I didn't I wasn't Burdened I didn't wasn't burdened by Guilt like I didn't walk around oh my God I wish I could confess this stuff to Some Pedophile I wasn't burden But that was just a Spontaneous that was a spontaneous thing Um but I did have some burden of guilt So I thought up of things you know Whatever things I was thinking about bad Things I did or just made some stuff up And you go into this booth with one of

These pedos priests none of my priests Were pedos so that's not fair at least To my knowledge um you know I think they Were just regular priests back then I Mean not back then but who you know These guys and you go in this booth with This dude and there's a little screen Between you and you sit there and you Say um forgive me Father for I have Sinned and the father says well how many How long has it been since your last Confession I was like well this is my First time whatever and so don't Remember much about it but he said all Right say five hail Mar's and I started To panic because I missed the Hail Mary Because I was out for a year of Catechism and you know I didn't get the Hilberry I knew the are father but I Didn't get the hell Mary so I go back And sit down and I'm like my friend's There and I'm like hey you know like I Can't do the confession because I don't Know hell Mar's and the kid was probably aware of My M or whatever and he said well I have Three our fathers so let's trade you do The our fathers and I'll do the Hail Marys and we traded our you know our Whatever was called the Penance and I said three hard fathers And he said five heal Mares and you know we are good to go You

Um so you know it's a weird thing you Know religion is weird and that is weird And that's you know it's Um and praying is not to be done this Way like much later when I started doing The Sark system and understood praying You know ultimately praying you know Praying is said in the S Mark system Praying is begging you're begging God Usually people pray to to God for Something or to be relieved of something Usually when people pray to God it's Because there's something they want to Be relieved of in terms of suffering or Something that they want for themselves That they're not able to obtain so They're usually begging God for Something right something is gone to Ry In their life and they're begging God to Fix it or prevent something or you know Get something back that they've lost or Whatever you know very s to people pray In the right way so and it said that Praying is begging and meditation is Receiving meditation you invite God to You know be with you you or you you Invite or you um you invite God into Your internal world right or you Recognize that God is there whatever you Want to say and you kind of commune with God right you come together with God in Your soul I mean meditate should in the Right way because you can meditate on Anything but whenever you meditate on

Something you pull it towards you you're Meditating on something without you're Not praying about it or something you Are you're meditating on an object and That object comes to you through Meditation and so you know the idea of Praying is the ultimate way to pray Would be pray to accept the changes and The the difficulties that God and your Soul has provided for you for your Better self-interest you know pray that You can see them in the right light and Or overcome them or whatever but not ask Them to change unless it's you you feel Like something's wrong and if you Believe in God then everything has a Plan and there's nothing wrong you're Experiencing exactly what you should Experience but people don't pray in that Way but anyways it's a weird thing the Whole confession like how you know could We trade those things you know what I Mean you know so that we could go to Heaven be forgiven for our it's just a Weird thing and it's it's just you know I know it now to be kind of you know It's great for a child in a Remedial type of uh Not a remedial but somebody with not the Ability for abstract thought and you Know can go to a higher level of Consciousness and understanding of Divinity and have a relationship Internally with God which is

Spirituality but you know that's one of The things about religion so then this Morning uh somebody sent a comment to my Gratefulness meditation you know I've Deleted all the videos I made a playlist And it just had to be that way and I'm Not going to get into the details cuz It's not to my advantage to do so um but You know I just had to delete these Videos the whole thing was bumming me Out and I've made a couple of follow-up Videos to explain all of it and it's Kind of interesting that as well um and This guy Uh wrote a comment that he was Disappointed he want to watch the videos And he said you know because I was Talking about dodgy and the people that Follow him and there's all these people That claim to love the third Master the System chargy who was a a wonderful Person and a service person you know he Wasn't a cult leader he was a service Person he served people he served God All the time I mean that was his that's All he did and he was a you know a Highly functioning person and he was Born in um August and you know it was Talked about him being a lion right Which is important to the context of What's being said here but this fourth Guy dodgy who was his disciple has just Thrown charie under the bus and Undermined his credibility erased his

Teachings I mean he's just done the guy Dirty and there are all these people in This heartfulness system over the years Sark system you know most a lot of them Were Indian people they used to weep When they left Char's presence and they Proclaimed their love for charie and how Much they loved him like there's this One woman in particular she gave these Talks and she would push your way Through if you know you there was people Would volunteer to be security to make Sure that you know there's some Boundaries there cuz people would you Know I mean would be Inappropriately you know uh they would Just push their way through to be with Chargie when he was in his you know Whatever wasn't ready to receive people Or whatever right they would barge into His uh you know I mean there was a time Where Um I you know I was one of my friends Who was doing like security asked me to Help out I was I used to make the coffee In the morning like I'd get up early and Make the coffee cuz I you know I like to Get up like at 4:00 a.m. and you know do My morning meditation and things when I Was at these gatherings and usually I Might take a nap in the afternoon or Something but it was like you know I Really like to do that this in the they Had a nostrom in Atlanta so I'd make the

Coffee this is back where I'm drinking Coffee and people appreciated how good The coffee came out like I was the Coffee guy but you know I I said I'll Help out with security and the last day You know this guy who was my friend and He was one there was two guys were kind Of I was my age and my sort of I was Friends with and one of them kind of was A slacker and didn't do much work and The other guy got pissed and so he left Early and didn't assign anybody to the To the job because he was mad I later Find out when I told him this story what Happened and the other guy didn't put Anybody on the door and it had run Pretty well so no one was concerned but I went up and there was you know there's Where chargie had like a his you know Quarters in the like his he had a couple Of rooms in the asham and there was a a Room where they used to meditate when There wasn't a big Gathering like it's a You know it's a cheap building they Threw up on top of a hill in Georgia Basically but it had this great Spiritual energy there right so and There's these people they were crowding Into the meditation room and in between The meditation room was one of those Doors you'd see in an oldtime Farm where There was a top to the door and a bottom Of the door and the top of the door was Open and um you know so I I looked at it

I was like going what's going on and There's a guy who was working security But he was with his kid and he goes it's Not good like you know it's bad what Happened and so I went in there and um I Could see that the top door was open and Chargie was just sitting there like Eating some food looking depressed and All these people there was maybe a Hundred of them had swarmed into this Room and he clearly didn't want them to Be there and they just being in there And you know um and I went in I kind of Pushed my way through them and I went to The door and I said to charger you know Master you want me to close this door For you and he goes he looked at me Really sadly he said please and so I Closed the door and I shooted everybody Out of there you know and this one woman Led to charge she's an Indian woman kind Of heavy set reminds me of like sad Dumply Amy Schumer she's that type and She gave these weird talks like she gave A talk where you know there's this Transmission that's given and she gave This weird talk where she said um she Gave a city and the transmission is so Good she wanted to keep it all to Herself which is I mean unbelievably I I Don't know why anybody would think that Because it's something that flows Through you you know it's God's love you Want all of God's love for yourself you

Know just an absolute piece of a piece Of Boop but this woman one time um Outside of the same room I walked into The room and she was outside of uh the Master charie quarters and she was just Weeping like Uncontrollably you know sitting out There just weeping now whing to be with Him and Um since he's been dead she's thrown him Under the bus multiple times Dody has Given her a position you know she's Donating money and she's got a rich Husband and you know and she's um she Said that chargie was too oldfashioned Cuz he had conservative beliefs and you Know and these people are just Absolutely pieces of Boop they're just You know horrible people because they Proclaimed their love for this guy and Then watched them be thrown under the Bus and I was saying how they're they're Worthless people so this guy writes in This comment he says you know just Because like my mom and her friends all Hate the pope but they're not going to Leave being Catholic right they're not Going to quit uh Catholicism this guy's Complaining because I took down the Videos but I'm like that's not a good Comparison Because um you know The Catholic church has become corrupted As the cath as the Christian religion

And all religions have become corrupted You know the the Sark system has now Becoming one of these dysfunctional Religions and all of us who are a part Of it should be fighting against that And these people have just laid down and They're you know they're complete uh Passive people and you know in this System um the first Master of the system Said I want Lions but I permit sheep to Be here out of Etiquette which meant that he wasn't Going to kick sheep out but he didn't Want sheep he wanted Lions and the Second master said he want lions and he Called the third Master a lion who is Very much so chargy was this big you Know he had this Gruff voice he was like 63 he had this excited intimidating Presence and he was born in the month of Leo so he was a You know like an actual kind of a lion Person but the idea that they want lions And people who could think for Themselves and people who weren't just Going to be mindless sheep but this new Guy this fourth guy Commish is not a Lion and he wants sheep he's you know he He's against Lions and he wants mindless Sheep which is what religions want right And then I was thinking about Christianity and let me get into I Switch over to the screen Flow App so when you you grow up as a

Christian you are told that you were Born a sinner and that's all you were Ever going to be right your sins can be Forgiven but you know don't try to be More than that you're a sinner for I was Born a sinner yes for the moment my Mother conceived me I've been out of Step for a long time and this is you Know somebody uh bible study tools in Adam he we we Sinn and fell becoming Corrupted ourselves thus we were born Into sin born into sin and are evil from Youth up therefore death Reigns over all Because all have sinned and fall short Of the glory of God and so being born a Sinner um are we born with original sin Right this is the whole thing and the Whole eating the forbidden fruit and all This stuff and you know it's a negative We have egos and the ego can become a Demon and the ego is going to go against God's will which is you know another Word ways of saying being a sinner but You also have a soul that's Divine and You have this battle between the two but When you enter into Christianity you've Already Conceited the battle you've Already given up on being a saint or Embracing the Divinity within you and You go around life with a sense of guilt And shame that all you ever be as a Sinner is why the religion sucks and Those of you are Christians you know It's something to think about right and

So that's the first part the other part Um what is the Bible say about sheep What does the Bible say about Shepherds And sheep for this is The Sovereign this So this is what Sovereign Lord says I Myself will search for my sheep and look After them as a Shepherd lurks out over His scattered flock when he is with them So I look after my sheep I will rescue Them from all places where they are Scattered on a day of clouds and Darkness this is a Psalm of David um the Lord is my shepherd I will Have that I need he makes me lie down The green pastur he leaves me besides Quiet Waters he refreshes my soul he Guides me along the right path for his Name's sake you know sheep are known to Be stupid right like sheep are led by Judas goats you know we all know about Sheep right sheeple and sheep and sheep Are are stupider than goats and goats Are probably stupider than cows you know Cows are pretty smart goats are pretty Smart you know Comparatively um but Al so sheep get Sacrificed right and so it says here Shortly before the children of Israel Were freed from bondage in Egypt the Lord commanded them to take take to them Every day to every man a lamb without Blemish a male of the first year each Family chose a lamb on the 14th day of The first month and sacrificed it being

Careful to avoid breaking any bones so Um they sacrific sheep throughout the Bible this is not the only place and Sheep are sacrificed right of course the Most famous sheep sacrifice is when Abraham was told by God to Sacrifice his Heir and his only son or You know his son by his wife um this is The difference between Isaac right there Was Isaac and ishmail ishmail became the Leader of the Arabs and the eventually The Muslims um so this was the break you Know I've talked about this before but He's on the mountain and he's going to Sacrifice his son and God says just Kidding just testing you Hahaa by the way we got to sacrifice Something because you're already up at The altar so here's uh one of your U Your Rams you know male sheep sacrifice This guy on the Altar for me because I Like sacrifices you know I like when you Kill stuff and you know the blood and Everything so go ahead and do that right And so he sacrifices this sheep a lamb But you know again people are called Sheep sheep and you know the Lamb of God You know the people are referred to as Sheep and Lambs because they had a lot Of sheep and Lambs over there you know In that part of the world and people are Referred to that we know how we feel About sheep here and we know in the

Bible sheep get Sacrificed and so just something to Think about that you're you know you're Defined as being a sinner and a sheep These are how you're defined as a as a Practitioner of the system right and you Know nobody really likes sheep right I Mean you when you're a abusive person When you're you know scumbag when you're A bad King yeah you want sheep you want Mindless sheep you want slaves you know That's another word for slaves and you Want sheep who follow you around but you Know sheep still do stupid stuff he Doesn't like sheep are just all that Obedient because they're kind of stupid And they're always that's why they need Dogs and you know bordic Coles and these Things to hurt them it isn't like They're very Cooperative right that's Why they get these Judas goats to lead Them to their death because a sheep will Follow a goat because they realize goats Are smarter than them and so they go all Right well we can't figure things out so Let's follow this goat of course goats Have reference to being baffo met right Which is what we're seeing now in the World today so you know how you're Defined in an organization is important You know and it doesn't look at your Best potential which is you have a Potential Saint inside you you you have A a potential Divine Master you can be a

Realized Soul who is self-actualized in The sense of embracing the Divinity Within you and allowing that to flourish And minimizing your ego and your Negative you know the the part of you That's separate and can do wrong and you Know go against the will of God and so You know these are just some thoughts I Mean kind of interesting how this all Kind of came together it's a little Bonus video here um that's it for now Only spirituality will save this world It's Pomano definitely reporting from The apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day and be Grateful

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