Leanna Wen ‘Dr are scared patients will find out who we are & what Medicine is all about’ & more

Leanna Wen 'Dr are scared patients will find out who we are & what Medicine is all about'  & more

Greetings brothers and sisters So I got two wonderful um I got a bunch Of stuff to get to a really funny Jojo Magugaf But two memes in the making one here From Dr Leanna Nguyen Blow your mind type of a meme and then Another one from Don lemon’s two classic Um Just uh inability to self-perceive So yesterday I made a video on my other Channel And I was going to use clips from Various you know I was using some of my Old clips of my old memes and things I’ve saved And one of them was from Dr Leanna Nguyen and I couldn’t remember her name Which happens Frequently for me where I you know just Draw a blank on somebody’s name so I had To do some searching I had to do some Searching that would Provide her you know name or whatever Plus I wanted to see if she had said Anything about Vaccines not the vaccines for covid not Having any real side effects which she Did And so that searching of her on YouTube And that led YouTube this morning to Recommend this TED Talk Leanna Nguyen what your doctor won’t Disclose and this is from eight years

Ago I also want to say this here I’m in The editing process That that’s how the algorithms in YouTube provided this Ted Talk and That’s you know one level of Understanding of it but then there’s Divine inspiration Where I think finding this TED Talk I Mean just what I was covering yesterday On my channel And the lack of trust that we have with The medical community that’s how I ended My video so you haven’t seen my video of My other channel the Hollywood Celebrities dropping like flies I don’t know what the rest of the title Is I think the title is um here I found The The video here Hollywood celebrities Dropping like flies when they blame you And it’s their fault And I butchered that my wife said this Doesn’t make any sense at all Clearly I was must have been tired by The time I got done with the video or Something because It didn’t say that yesterday But the end of the video what I was Saying is that they’re they’re saying All the time that the worst thing is Disinformation put out by people like me Truthers and people who aren’t a part of The mainstream people who put out you Know information that is in their mind

Dangerous right And I was saying it’s because we don’t Trust you if we trusted you then we Wouldn’t need to do this if you weren’t Liars and deceivers and I’ve said this So much And then this morning to have Dr Leanna Win Who is a big part of this problem Condemned the medical community for lack Of transparency and Trust in a way that You’ll you’re about to see is you know To me divine inspiration it’s a Confirmation of everything I was saying In my other video And so she had a a TED Talk where she Said her doctor won’t disclose something And I was wondering if it was going to Be something substantial and it is right Given the kind of shill she’s turned out To be so it starts off with her talking About wanting to be a doctor and why she Wanted to be a doctor and coming to America as a Chinese immigrant and our Parents sacrificing for And then she talks about how her mom got Cancer And then there was a conflict of uh Conflict of interest with her mom’s Doctor on several websites he was listed As a highly paid speaker to a drug Company So she’s talking about her mom trying to Find her oncologist’s phone number

But while she was searching that She did some truther research by Accident and found that her oncologist Was also working or a highly paid Speaker for Pharmaceutical companies which we know Is quite often right and in fact often Spoke on behalf of the same chemo Regimen that he had prescribed her whoa Kablawi so She’s getting a chemo regimen because She has cancer And she finds out the doctor Is a shill for the pharmaceutical Company and you know which happens all The time right this is you know she’s Admitting to something eight years ago That we would all question about her and All these other doctors right Um and then she says this She called me in a panic and I didn’t Know what to believe maybe this was the Right chemo regimen for her but but what Maybe it wasn’t maybe it wasn’t you mean Maybe he’s a shell maybe that doctor’s a Shill When it comes to Medicine having that Trust is a must boom say it again Leanna Scared animator doubt When it comes to Medicine having that Trust is a must having that trust is a Must when it comes to Medicine Which is what I’ve been saying all along Like I don’t trust the medical community

And if you don’t believe in what you’re Doing it hurts your ability to heal if You have doubts if you have whatever it Is right having faith in anything you Know your spiritual Pursuit your your Religion your you know whatever I mean It’s what I’m going through with the Heartfulness organization when you start Having doubts you know in the massage Tradition Babaji the second master said doubt Poisons the will when you have doubt Doubts about God doubts about you know Any number of things you’re family Members your spouse you know you You have doubts about your country your Boss your you know your economic system And all the things that we’re going Through as people right And certainly the medical system Is very suspicious because doctors do This Scientists and doctors can be bought Anybody can be bought but they Particularly can be bought because they Need money to fund whatever they’re Doing right and so the pharmaceutical Companies pay these doctors Extraordinary fees to to give public Talks And then the Dr chauffeur there Are medicines their pharmaceutical Medicines it’s what they did with Oxycontin it’s what they did with like

Things like Viagra or whatever it was There was a movie with Jake Gyllenhaal About viagra that you know he was a Pharmaceutical rep and then there’s all This stuff to do with Oxycontin there’s Documentaries and you know things like That about movies about how doctors are Bought and paid for And that’s what she’s referring to and So she experienced this with a doctor With her mom and now she’s a shell right And she’s saying things like the Unvaccinated can’t be trusted that’s one Of the things that I used yesterday in My Um you know and my things I put out Right Um and now she’s you know eight years Ago she’s experienced this with her Mom’s doctor That trust Is a must and when that trust is gone Then all that’s left is fear Yeah so that’s you know but you forgot About all this right you know Then she was talking about being in I Guess an intern and some kid got run Over by an SUV and was in a coma and his Parents came His parents came to find out how he was And she and the other doctors wanted to Talk to The medical staff wanted to tell the Parents what they were doing for

Treatment but the head doctor said no The head doctor though Said no he gave all kinds of reasons Maybe they’ll get in the nurse’s way So um you know this idea that doctors Won’t disclose information to you that’s The whole point of her talk right and Now she’s one of those people just take Our word for it you can trust the Science you can trust us oh you don’t Trust us there’s something wrong with You you know that’s how shills work Right they go in they find a way to you Know be a part of the system and then They get lucrative deals with Pharmaceutical companies and you know Important Physicians and then they Become what they you know I mean when They are introduced to it they see the Problem And then they become the problem He even said what if they see mistakes And sue us yeah exactly What if they do that we better you know Take it in adversarial position Where we’re on the defensive and they’re You know looked as a predator let’s look At them as a potential uh you know the Potential enemy right because you know Their parents are just concerned about Their son and his is um you know he’s Being close to death why would we view Them as with compassion and empathy and You know work with them as some sort of

A team that to become a doctor we have To put on our white coats put up a wall And hide behind it exactly hide behind That wall that pharmaceutical wall with Lucrative deals Hide behind that wall Leanna doctors are Scared too We’re scared of patients finding out who We are and what medicine is all about Problemo right there it is there’s Another meme she’s just dropping the Memes left and right here Foreign Yeah exactly they’re afraid that people Find out what they really are and what The medicine’s really about which is a Money-making profit-oriented system Which is you know not patient-centered Or health centered it’s centered on you Being sick the financial model works When everybody’s a little bit sick or Chronically ill and you’re a customer For life When we hide behind them of course the More we hide the more people want to Know what it is that we’re hiding Exactly what are you hiding Leanna when What are you hiding the more fear then Spirals into mistrust in poor Medical Care wow poor medical care that’s just Crazy you guys give poor medical care What if doctors were to become totally Transparent with our patients well That’s not going to happen

If people knew what you guys were up to Then there would be an issue right so She’s talking about this she called it a Pandemic of fear somewhere in there Um I got to move on but she’s just hard to Watch but a walking meme in this thing Her eight-year self herself eight years Ago And what she’s become in the coven Chivalry right but let’s move on so I Completed the rest of this video And I went back in I um you know felt like because of the Gravity of the you know the hypocrisy Here between what she was saying back in This Ted Talk some Ted Talk was so Incriminating to the person that Dr She’s become and the shield that she’s Become right like she’s outing herself Her future self in this thing her voice Is so annoying Is just so hard to watch And her facial expressions everything She says something about her But I powered through and she started a Website back in the day of Netscape you Know so I don’t know when this was But it was called who’s your doctor And the doctors would not only talk About their you know what they do Medically their medical resume but they Would talk about who they are as a Person

So that you could find somebody who has Similar beliefs to what you have And she said the backlash from this you Know this idea to be transparent as Doctors was so extreme And this was a quote that she reads here I devoted 12 years of my life to being a Slave I have loans and mortgages I Depend on lunches from drug companies to Serve patients So um It’s more than just lunches right this Is they get these huge cash payoffs but This is a problem with this system where They spend 12 years in school and being An intern and then they have to build up Some sort of a private practice in their 30s And they have to make bank and the way To make bank is become a pharmaceutical Shill right I mean that’s you know That’s what’s Happening Here they have To work with these these big Pharma to Make money And to pay off you know there are Hundreds of thousand dollars in loans And like he’s calling himself a slave Right And you know you can’t be transparent When that’s the reality Exercise I find it innovation of my privacy to Disclose where my income comes from my Patients don’t disclose the incomes to

Me boom exactly laughs Why would you uh why would you need to Know what your patient’s income comes From Um But this is you know she’s talking about Being pharmaceutical shills which Certainly fauci is and she is and They’ve pushed big farm I mean she is Such a deceitful person now that I have You know found clips of her talking About why everyone needs to wear a mask And this is where she said that the um The unvaccinated can’t be trusted to Wear a mask and then she came out later And said that cloth masks are little More than facial decorations and so she Shelled for masks when she knew that They weren’t you know they weren’t Scientifically backed and especially the Cloth masks and so you know this is the Kind of people they are right this is What doctors end up always becoming I Mean you know there’s going to be some Healers people who just have a natural Healing energy But for the most part you know that’s Not the case more government-mandated Stuff Dr Nguyen needs to move back to her own Country It’s boop boop It’s not stuff it’s poop right and so This is things that were said to her

By the right wing Um you know by anti-vaxxers and stuff Right poop And they made a big deal about all these People who are racist and prejudicial But now she discloses or she did in the Past the doctors in her own field when She pushed a website for transparency Said these things to her then right She’s used this card before And this is to do with the medical Community like when she was trying to You know bring transparency to the Medical community and now she’s become That right she’s become that these People she’s that guy So then she received threats from people In the medical community Um you know the people were going to her Employers and urging her to be fired all These things and then this my friends And family Urged me to quit this campaign After the bomb threat I was done so all These things she experienced from the Medical community And then she played the victim The horrible anti-vaxxers and people on The right wing who took issue with her Shilling for big Pharma I mean it’s just Unbelievable like this Ted Talk exists And how she’s turned full circle and all These things she experienced from the Medical community she’s now crying about

Whining about that the anti-vaxxers and The the people you know the hate that’s Coming from the you know the people on The right She was done but then all of a sudden She got so much support from people on The internet wrote to encourage me to Continue They wrote with things like if doctors Are doing something they’re that ashamed Of They shouldn’t be doing it boom so at The end of this thing she talks about Her mom who had suffered cancer for Eight years and just wanted to die And she wrote a 12-page document talking About how she wanted to die And not you know I mean not be kept Alive in all these things right Artificially And she got a call that her mom she was A doctorate at this time now she was Like an intern or whatever that her mom Was in the ICU and she went to the Hospital and they’re going to innovate Her and put a breathing tube put her on A respirator like they did with the Covid patients right to keep her alive And she said well this is not what we Wanted this is not what she wanted she We have documents of what she wanted and This is not what she what it is And the Um the physician that was attending to

Her Pointed at this uh her 16 year old Sister and said said Do you remember when you were that age How would you have liked to grow up Without your mother boom Is he saying that they’re going against Her well because they know better Her oncologist was there too and said This is your mother So again they were using manipulation Right They’re using manipulation to go against The patient’s will I mean you know the Transparency that she’s pushing for and How far she’s Fallen how much of a Hypocrite she’s become right her younger Self Was supposedly against all the things That she later became herself that’s When we establish trust that’s when we Change the Paradigm of medicine but one Of secrecy and hiding to one that is Fully open and engaged for our patients All right so I found a bunch of memes And all the things she’s saying let’s uh Let’s review them shall we When it comes to Medicine having that Trust is a must He even said what if they see mistakes And sue us that to become a doctor we Have to put on our white coats put up a Wall and hide behind it doctors are Scared too

We’re scared of patients finding out who We are and what medicine is all about The more fear then spirals into mistrust In poor medical care what if doctors Were to become totally transparent with Their patients if doctors are doing Something they’re that ashamed of They shouldn’t be doing it that’s when We establish trust that’s when we change The Paradigm of medicine but one of Secrecy and hiding to one that is fully Open and engaged for our patients In a sea of unlikable people that came Out of the covid uh you know whatever it Was right the way that Donald Trump Played himself I showed a bunch of clips Of him bragging about being the father Of the vaccine of course Andrew nips Cuomo and Chris Cuomo’s and you know Fauci Fuji and all these other people Bill Gates in a sea of unlikable people Doing something dastardly right being Involved in something dastardly Skullduggery right She’s to me the most unlikable just her Voice and everything about her And she is there’s so much hate for her Right And Her position With so many other people is that we Don’t need to tell you anything We’re the interpreters of science like This is when I I’ve talked about how the

Religion of science where they became Like the clergy of the past where they Said we’re the only ones who get to read The Bible we’re the only ones who get to Read the science and we’re going to Interpret it for you and you should Trust us because we’re the experts and If you don’t you are putting yourself And other people in danger and you’re a Horrible person and if you post anything That’s contrary to the official story You should be censored and demonized and That was their position in her Particularly right But some years ago she started a website Which doctors were supposed to be Transparent and tell people who they Were and what they believed in And she’s saying things here like the Medical community if we were new knew What we were up to If they knew what we were you know Doctors were all about you know the Patients would not trust us and all These other things because it’s a Business model it’s not a you know it’s Not a medical model a health model it’s Not a model of health of Natural Health Boosting your natural immune system Strengthening your natural ability to Fight off diseases and eating proper Foods and having a good diet a healthy Lifestyle and being psychologically and Spiritually healthy where you’re not

Living lives and you know playing Yourself on a where you’re disconnected From your soul and God and you invite Poor health and diseases and things to You know you’re creating these Subscribers all these things I’ve talked About my spiritual videos these Spiritual Impressions that need to be Burned off through Any kind of difficult circumstances Including illnesses all of those things Right it is a business model where if They keep you sick like I said before You’re a good customer not enough so That you can’t go to work Not debilitating sickness but just sick Enough so you you know you can function But you’re still have health problems And you spend all kinds of money or Insurance money or whatever it is on Pharmaceutical drugs and Medical Care Until you are you know you retire and You have whatever Insurance whatever Medicaid you have they suck up whatever Resources they they can from you until You don’t have anything left and they Allow you to die right I saw this with My parents people know this to be true And she herself was outing all of this And her just are saying that you know if For uh for the medical community Relationship with the patient trust is a Must you have to have it and there isn’t Trust there

Because of all of it before covid there Wasn’t trust because of the the stuff They did with Oxycontin all the the fact That you know she’s talking about Pharmaceutical companies buying doctors Right and doctors Shilling for these Pharmaceutical companies who are you Know so rich so wealthy and so powerful And they control politicians and news Media and things like this and so she’s Saying all these things and then the Person she became is what she hated what She said that she didn’t want to be Right somebody who can’t you know pass The smells Fest of of any sort of Truth Or transparency anyways let’s uh finally Move on here this is from a day ago and It’s gotten worse I’m not really paying Attention to this I turned on the news And they’re really obsessed with it Kevin McCarthy is losing his um I guess His His 10th or 11th uh attemptive a vote to Uh become speaker of the house right And these guys have really enjoying it Because there is a fracture in the Republican party uh and you know at New Year yesterday morning Mika and I went To New Year’s Day service and the priest Gave a beautiful family I thought on the Need for all of us to be is he said Architects of peace in our daily oh wow This isn’t that this is uh their New Year thing some high this up but they

Have a Kevin McCarthy here too as well He lives in our political discourse in Our foreign policy and everything Because the harsh path you know there’s Nothing better than hearing a priest Who may or may not be a veto Preach to you about how to conduct Yourself in in the world taken in our Well not not certain Century it’s often Elevated revenge over reconciliation and As he reminded us uh for all of us in Attendance and I love this yeah that’s a Good one he said when you seek revenge With someone Start by digging two grades one of them For yourselves yeah and wow wow The pieces blew me away with that one I Was wondering who’s the second grave for It’s yourself really that really does Strike you when you look what’s what’s Happened in Washington over the past 20 Years because I mean you’re just going To reconcile with Trump now You’re going to stop being vengeful on Trump and [Laughter] I really do believe me can we live in Two Americas uh one uh that has seen Childhood poverty dropped to 60-year Lows it’s seen teenage pregnancy dropped In 75-year lows it seemed the U.S dollar Stronger against other world currencies In any time over the last are you saying That JoJo magu has done a good job are

You really saying that last generation It’s in our U.S military stronger Relative to the rest of the world than Any military in the history of humankind You actually pretending that we’re doing Good right Look at her look at her Is going on in America that is right and Yet we deal with the political system That continues it just seems to get more Mika’s just got the evilest face right Like a witch like or bitter and more Corrosive and more Unworthy of the great Nation that its leaders represent so I’m Just hoping in the new year uh that Leaders in Washington DC they can follow Your dad’s quote which you have at the Top of your evil dad who was a a player Just a creepy Evan effort right okay She’s looking she’s pointing to her Illuminati eye Um like what she they’re saying is the Republicans got to come around And realize how right the Democrats are And how great America is doing under Joe Biden your Twitter oh yeah of course Bipartisanship helps to avoid extremes And imbalances it causes compromises and Accommodations so let’s cooperate and And there’s no moral equivalency there We’ve been very clear about what we Believe has happened over the past past Six years uh yeah it’s all Trump’s fault And his crazy supporters and JoJo McGraw

Would be doing great his son is you know Exemplary right neither one of them are Corrupt and it’s all the Republicans Fault we know what it is I mean just if Everyone else just could get what you Guys get uh and we’re the most of the Blame for that has rested but let’s hope Let us hope uh we can move forward in in The coming year and and maybe you guys Can stop talking about Trump and being Obsessed with Trump and dreaming about Trump and Saying Trump Trump trump Trump trump Like your dad said cooperate with each Other and then exactly just just do Better it’s because beautiful worlds can Happen the the very final moments of the Last year democracy Prevailed it it survived yes it Prevailed democracy it was under attack By Trump and his trumpers but it Prevailed so now we could just back Democracy And you know there was a question so There’s a lot to be hopeful for exactly To smoke your opium smoke your opium Pipe meepa Mika here’s a video about Kevin McCarthy this is um from a couple Days ago but he’s since gone on to lose More and more votes And as much as I don’t want to admit it Joe Gumby Joe makes some sense here Republican party and I understand how How you could say Joe that this is

Decades in the making at the same time To a point you were making yesterday for Kevin McCarthy himself in terms of basic Negotiation wasn’t this preventable well It should have been I mean it should Have been we had a month to do the deals And when I say Nancy Pelosi would have Never taken this to the floor if Nancy Pelosi had known When you get compared to Nancy Pelosi And you’re unfavorably right That you didn’t have the votes she would Have had a press conference a week Before and announced that she was Stepping away but what Nancy Pelosi Would have done is uh as somebody told Me last night she would have found five Great codels for five Democratic members Who were going to vote against her to go On and an assurance that so she would Have bribed him and found deals and you Know all that slippery Washington DC Stuff I mean this is what he’s you know Proposing here that if she didn’t have Enough votes to be speaker of the house That she would go in and make some deals Some slimy deals with people when they Came back they were going to have more Influence in the house than ever before She would have done what was necessary To get the votes or she wouldn’t have Had her name on the ballot this is What’s so uh for me and I think for Nancy Pelosi and for other people

I think it’s 15 years of Morning Joe Here uh who actually know how to do this Sort of stuff what’s so confounding you You take a vote where you don’t know the Outcome of the vote on the house floor That you just so this is the part that I Agree with again I you know I really Really is a I’m really not paying attention to this I don’t really care about it it’s you Know Um politics has become less and less Important to me other than when I get to Market right like I just you know watch Whatever I’m watching and it’s just you Know it’s almost like it doesn’t it’s The show in that aspect of what I call The show is so um you know distant from Reality like politics is so far gone Down the rabbit hole of depravity But Kevin McCarthy going in and taking 10 votes and losing all of them Why would you do that like you don’t Have to do that if you don’t have the Votes you don’t call a vote right He keeps on um you know losing these Votes you don’t go in wishing that Someone changes their mind Like that’s not how Washington DC Works Everything’s controlled these are what You know these are the lower level of Controllers they’re very controlling And they’re big time on not being Embarrassed or humiliated and he’s

Embarrassing and humiliating himself Every time he loses a vote right and the Democratic media like I saw I think it was last night and um Jake tappers was uh gloating and just so Gleeful that the Republican party has Been fractured because the trumpers and The right-wing people just have had Enough of the the Centrist right and you Know they were talking about the Democratic party not having those issues Well they do it’s just that the Bernie Sanders people were so worried about Trump that they caved and the you know The far left people are getting enough Stuff anyway because there’s a big far Left agenda That they’re willing to go along with The Centrist uh Joe Biden and the people Like him but it’s a you know it’s a Craft Fest over here but then one of my Viewers sent me this this guy has a Um an HBO documentary called displaced Rules I think I saw It on it must be uh showing now on HBO Um and some I think a liberal kid who Goes across America I think he gets into It with the QBs and trumpers I’m not Sure there’s another doc I don’t know if That’s another documentary or this one But Don Lemon says something great here A little bit in DC and Miami and Elsewhere And what did you learn about him

Uh he sells uh t-shirts He’s the chairman of The Proud boys So no details about his involvement his State of mind or anything Um I mean I I don’t think that you know the Movie’s not just about like the the Capital Riot and all that it’s also About like media Echo Chambers You know what I mean and like the Dangers of the uh 24-hour news cycle and How I think mainstream media like Fox And even CNN like competes for views by Running constant 24-hour news Cycles Based upon fear division outrage and Panic probably to like sell ads they Started to show pictures of the the you Know the the day this day a couple years Ago and we show images from that day YouTube demonetizes the video so that’s Why I’m just showing this guy’s picture But him saying doing it just for to sell Ads well yeah that’s the business aspect Of it but there’s a deeper agenda of Course this guy isn’t a truther he’s Kind of the opposite right he’s an Anti-conspiracy theorist So it’s not just about the capital right Yeah I’m not I’m not exactly sure first Of all I don’t agree with what you’re Saying but I’m not exactly sure of how That played into people going into the Capital uh you’re not sure what he’s Saying you don’t understand that Todd

You don’t understand so this guy I mean It seemed like it’s a liberal Documentary about you know the big event In January Um but uh This is not going well for Don lemon’s Because a guy isn’t cooperating with Their narrative and then he says Something great here and rioting on January 6th there’s nothing fake about CNN [Laughter] That’s a meme Todd you know that has a Lot of memes already I’m gonna play all Of them let’s play all of them and add This one to it Um nothing fake about seeing Ed Person who writes everything that comes Out of my mouth not everything but you Know the things that make sense Susan lay this great puppet I was not Demoted none of that this is an Opportunity this is a promotion this is This is Um Oh Cancel culture think about think twice Yeah I said it the hypocrisy is off the Charts and it is sickening there’s Nothing fake about CNN I’m not saying Like fake news I’m just saying ramping People up and increasing division during That period of time just watching people Kind of fall down the rabbit hole and be

Pushed into action and like Just yeah falling down the conspiracy Rabbit Hole yeah I think people more Conspiracy rabbit hole Um Well you got um people would uh consider You know what’s happening online and Um the what happened with the former President in the messaging that he was Putting out there and chewing on and so Forth that oh yeah I I definitely I Definitely agree 100 with that as well Yeah uh so listen boom he’s agreeable She’s really uncomfortable Don’s Confused there’s nothing fake about CNN Don’s a Believer I think Don’s an actual Believer Like some of these guys kind of know but Then Don’s an actual believer that CNN Is great there are literally so many Jaw-dropping moments in your documentary Including um a weightlifting scene with Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones yeah for Sure he can bench press a lot actually Why why Alex Alex Jones is quite a bench Presser did you put that in why’d you Spend so much time with him and why is He such a big part of this film well I Mean you know I just think that like Whenever we were filming for the Documentary there was just certain Moments that were super surreal that Just kind of happened and I felt like we Had to kind of leave the footage in so

The Alex Jones weightlifting Whiskey Drinking scene would also be one of Those moments that I couldn’t like leave Out of the movie exactly because that Makes you want to watch it right like What he was talking about for views That’s going to make people want to Watch it for sure One thing that also stood out was what You heard from people when it comes to Like conspiracy theories I mean there Were there were parts that were like Children were shouting conspiracy Theories and I wondered it’s just crazy There’s no such thing as a conspiracy in Fact there’s no word for it there’s no Word that means conspiracy why would There ever be conspiracies it’s all About conspiracy theories those crazy Conspiracy theorists I don’t know what To say about these conspiracy theories As you talk to these people if you’ve Got the sense that they actually Believed what they were saying or what Your takeaway was do you guys actually Believe what you’re saying you might God Does You guys actually believe what you this Crap that you put out on CNN yeah Definitely I think a lot of people you Know believe what they’re saying I just Think that like you know the echo Chambers and the media especially more Fringe media that a lot of these people

Are consuming is pretty all-encompassing And especially the mythology of Q Anon Like consumed a lot of people’s lives During this period of time and it kind Of like screaming dummies became Everything they wanted to fight for up Until the capital Riot so that Particular scene where I spoke with that Family in Georgia where it was like that The structure and whole basis of their Family was like based upon q and Following that kind of lore uh was Definitely unsettling for sure but yeah It’s interesting to see where it is now Because you know I guess hard queuing on Stuff has kind of dissipated in terms of Like you know yeah because he was wrong All the time But you’re not looking for the more Intelligent level they always find the Lowest level right you found the lowest Level of Of so-called you know conspiracy Theorists and then they show that Because they don’t want to you know see That there’s a much more sophisticated View Of all of it right the show the you know Mainstream story is so corrupt and so You know uh so deceitful No one posts on the keyboards anymore But it’s kind of bled into like Mainstream conservative thought I do think we should point out a lot of

Those conspiracies are not from Legitimate media that’s from like social Media not legitimate media because we’re Legitimate we’re we’re legitimate I Gotta I got a name tag I got a lanyard And everything it says legitimate on it And websites Dark corners of the internet hard Corners of the internet like Facebook And YouTube and places like that But it’s like people spend their whole Time in these dark corners of the Internet so it feels very real to them Especially because the I think the board Chain the biggest problem is probably Media literacy and like taking a lot of This information it’s false as as fact Because of you know you’re seeing it on Facebook you’re seeing it on Newsmax You’re seeing it on one American News Network places like that yeah Andrew Callahan thank you very much best of Luck with this uh this time’s rattled Place rules debuts on HBO and streams on HBO Max that’s on December 30th boom Speaking of speaking of legitimate look At this guy look at this guy go Um I’ve traveled over 140 countries around The world As I was the I’ll paraphrased the phrase In my own neighborhood The rest of the countries the world’s Not a patch in our genes

If we do what we want to do we need to Do Yeah that made zero sense at all let’s Listen to that again this whole thing Like he’s just so lost this is your guy Right how can you take yourself Seriously if this is your guy I’ve Traveled over 140 countries around the World boom he goes to countries all Around the world As I was the our paraphrased the phrase In my own neighborhood he’ll paraphrase The phrase of his old neighborhood this Is what they used to see in his old Neighborhood The rest of the countries the world’s Not a patch on our genes If we do what we want to do we need to Do So was everyone in your neighborhood Senile as well It was patch of our genes we want to do What we want to do and nobody do what to Do with our jeans and our patches in 2020 I was going to expose everything This is Jeffree Star one of my viewers Sent me this I was going to expose everything in a Matter of days the Hollywood Elite tried To ruin my entire career villainized me And flooded the news with lies to Discredit me if you guys only knew the Truth about what they are doing to Brittany and Kanye

That would be yay Um Jeffree Star They tried to ruin him Hollywood Elite They’re out for they’re after Jeffree Star you think with a name like Star the Hollywood Elite would be in your corner But no they’re not So here’s fetterman smash right So one of my viewers sent me this and Somebody tweeted bra right but then I Got another one Where the person said Siri show me low Expectations And so here’s fetterman smash he’s being Sworn in now I’ve covered this before With z-span when JoJo Magoo was where Kamala was right where JoJo magu was Mauling children and women and you know Being a groper snooze or sniffer and now She’s doing it which is kind of surreal And here’s this guy fetterman Smith Fetterman smash fetterman smash right Now feniment smashed the Bible right now Fetterman wants to smash Kamala right Now but my wife is watching Betterment smash Congratulations Senator congratulations Large [Laughter] Congratulations your senator now Okay Three of us there you go give a smile Come on Federman

Come on federal me give a fake smile she Knows how to do it your wife doesn’t Like it’s like the three versions of a Fake smile a practice fake smile she’s Never really mastered it and he just Can’t cough up anything I can’t do it Either but I’m not a senator and again Look at it Look at this Igor ebenefer Oh come on up kids coming up here they Are There you go it’s a proud moment for Your dad Okay look at how uncomfortable he is Look at him look at him look around geez Look at this guy We’ll do this all right right here big Smile like put together zombies These kids have more going on in terms Of their yeah His daughter’s not you know she’s not Getting it done these guys are they’re Playing to the camera they’re taking Here he goes he’s got a smile he cracked One One smash Betterment smash right now [Music] Her name is Tang you a few weeks ago she Became CEO of Net Food job net Dragon websoft this is The first time that a humanoid robot Controlled by artificial intelligence Has reached this type of position

Exactly we’ve not we haven’t had a a Robot with artificial intelligence be The CEO of a company before Ryan Seacrest claims Andy Cohen ignored him During sober New York uh New Year’s Eve Broadcast Andy Cohen this is look at this look at Them go here This works we want you to have a Cocktail with us we are not having one But we’re gonna have this and on the Screen you will see what we’re about to Drink Buttermilk They’re having buttermilk and let’s do It in three Anderson one two three Well oh Buttermilk they were having buttermilk They were having concoctions buttermilk Look at them go Look at them they’re banned to booze I Can’t imagine it was very good but you Know their show was predicated on them Being drunk and acting foolish that’s Where the entertainment value comes in A bunch of stuff on Prince Harry as he Goes on a truth-a-thon Prince Harry claims William and Kate Middleton told him to wear Nazi costume So he’s blaming that on them It just gets worse from there Prince William Brands Prince Harry Brands William is arch nemesis in Bombshell in spare memoir

Is arch nemesis there’s a quote in the Book where you refer to your brother as Your beloved brother in arch nemesis Strong words what did that mean What did you mean by that There was has always been this Competition between us weirdly I think It’s really plays into or is played by The air Spare So I guess use the spare and Williams The air Harry William urged Charles not to marry Wicked stepmother Kamala Camilla in Memoir And said here despite Willie and me Urging him not to Paw was going ahead we Pumped his hand wished him well No hard feelings we recognized that he Was finally going to marry the woman That he loved the woman he’s always Loved he calls his brother Willie now he Talked about this in another video Yesterday that he claimed his brother Willie assaulted him And so that was happening Charles told Diana his work was done After spare Harry was born In memoir Um He said that Once he had fathered a second child with Her his work was done

Now you’ve given me an heir and a spare My work is done And he’s the spare here is this bear Um So he was considering at work sleeping With somebody who wasn’t this dude over Here Cabella Prince Harry snapped at Megan markle’s In Cruel fight that led to therapy And so he said here That they were um The 38 year old Royal recalls being Disportionately sloppy angry with Markle Addressing her harshly enough that every In the room that everything in the room Came to a stop after spending a full 15 Minutes apart Harry and the dealer No Deal alone 41 eventually spoke in their Bedroom she was calm but said in a quiet Level tone that’s how she always talks She talks like this she talks like she’s On PBS with a slight Kardashian accent That you would never stand for being Spoken I will never stand for being Spoken to like that Harry Writes noting that he nodded Markle also said she would not tolerate The behavior in the future nor would she Raise children in an atmosphere of anger Or disrespect When the former actress went on to ask Where her Partners Outburst came from And whether he overheard adults speaking That way growing up he replied yes a lot

Of disrespectful talk in the royal Family there’s a he’s pulling down the Veil it came from somewhere deep inside Somewhere that needed to be excavated it Was obvious that I could use some help With the job when he told markles that He had tried therapy When Willy told him To go but never found the right person She replied no try again So he got some therapy and it worked Tormented Prince William felt guilt over Charles Charles affair Prince Harry Says That his brother felt tremendous guilt For not speaking up about his father’s Affair with Camilla Parker of Bowles He was a guilty of an effort Um he’s just letting it all fly here Prince Harry admits watching Meghan Markle’s suit sex scenes was a mistake He said that Willie and his wife Willie’s wife liked the show Kate Middleton And so he ended up watching Meghan Markle’s sex scenes And it was too much for him to bear Prince Harry william-wide wanted me to Hit him back during the explosive fight Um all these Bombshells coming out William pointed his finger and Megan Markle’s face during heated spat In spare CNN Don CNN’s Don Lemon Blast Prince Harry for airing family

Dirty laundry and book I’ll see if I can find that Video Prince Harry recalls seeing red missed In Williams in Prince William during Alleged fight this is the big one he Says that he saw Um I chose not to was different here was The level of frustration I talk about The Red Mist that I had for so many Years and I saw this Red Mist in him What is this Red Mist that you speak of That the royal family has here’s Don Lemons One is a family everybody has a family I Have arguments in my family he has Arguments in his family am I going to Put that out there for the whole world To see I just don’t understand why on Earth he would want to put that out There because of the illusion I’m not Saying that he’s doing this for the Right reasons but what’s good about it Is that there is a you know a delusion About What happened was going on with the Royal Family And you know Um for that reason anything that Disparages the royal family is a good Thing It’s an evil family right it’s the power That they have they own more real estate

Than anybody else in the world they owed Like one-sixth of the world or something Like this right the one-sixth of the You know the Um uh continents you know that land Here I know he’s selling a book but to Me it’s just Um What is the word that I’m looking for You don’t know the word it’s just not Done Don you yeah you you can you can Come up with done you couldn’t come up With not done what’s the word I’m Looking for not done I mean you know You know I don’t know that’s that’s the Question that a lot of people in the United Kingdom and further assist is the Word sorry Bianca it’s ghost to me That’s the word no she forgot it it was Not not done it was gauche you couldn’t Remember Goose I got the word it’s good It’s not done sorry go on Boom Don Lemons Don lemon’s Goose Um there’s nothing fake about CNN Skip Bayless Shannon sharp headed for Breakup after Demar Hamlin tweet Marcus Wiley says The NFL announces AFC Championship Game Could be played at a neutral site And so they have canceled the Bengals Game with the bills the Bengals Bill Game And so they’re going to say that there

Is a Um is a no contest and both teams will Not receive a win or a loss right and They’re going to base the Um the standings of the playoff teams in Percentages See I don’t think they’re going to call This a tie I think they’re just going to Pretend the game never happened And the Bengals and the bills will have One less game right so they’ll have That’ll affect their percentages like They’ll have one less win you know one Less loss possibly To go by and so the percentages are Going to be messed up compared to other Teams right they might have the same Amount of losses as Kansas City but We’ll have one less win And so going into that game Both Cincinnati and buffalo I’m pretty Sure both of them beat Kansas City I Know Buffalo did And so when they when you win head to Head in a game that’s the first Tiebreaker so let’s say all three teams Tied Kansas City would be in the third Seed because they lost head to head to Both teams right and so going into this Game Cincinnati was one game behind Cincinnati won this game with Buffalo They’d be one game behind the Chiefs Going into the last weekend the last Week as the Chiefs lost in the Bengals

Won they would be the number one seed if The bills won they would be pretty much Locked into if they won the Bengals game They would just have to win the final Game and they would get the number one Seed right That’s significant because There would be a week a bye week and Then having home field advantage Throughout the playoffs and so what They’re also proposing now is let’s say Kansas City plays either Cincinnati or Buffalo They would play in a neutral site Because of the game being canceled has Thrown into question Kansas City’s Legitimacy of being the number one seed Because they lost to both of these other Teams right and so the Bengals are going To win their division Because they um played Baltimore And now if Baltimore beats them and had The Bills beat in Cincinnati there was a Possibility Of them tying for the division and Baltimore would win the division And Cincinnati would be a wild card team But now Um Cincinnati loses to Baltimore they’ll Still have one less loss in Baltimore They’ll have the same amount of wins but One less loss and so there’s a lot of Problems with this because the Cincinnati quarterback was uh did a you

Know did his press conference and they Posted on YouTube trends and he was Talking about like everyone being sort Of wrecked after the game and his team Didn’t want to play the game either Right and so you know getting back to Playing football after seeing somebody Basically die on the field and the Receiver who Beta legitimate football regular Football play Is being harassed on the internet like He did something wrong for doing his job In the family of Demar Hamlin has come Out to defend the guy right I mean Things are like that are going on and so Cincinnati and I might not play their Best game against Baltimore And this is going to throw everything Into question right Because they didn’t stick with just Playing the game and I agree with they Were not able to play the game They were wrecked emotionally but this Shows the the whole like you know Ridiculousness of how important football Is in this country how Sports is and It’s taken way too seriously because We’re talking about billions of dollars On the line in terms of winning the Super Bowl It’s a huge cash uh you know everything For a franchise to win the Super Bowl It’s a real significant milestone for

The city and the you know the franchise And the players And even you know the playoffs aspect of This but if all of a sudden you just Cancel games and again not for some Legitimate reason like there was Something going on in the stadium But something like this because players And people are dropping like flies all The time And as I said my other video That if you’re paralyzed that’s kind of Worse I mean maybe you know is it worse Being dead or paralyzed or something I Mean it’s Up to each person who experiences this Right but football wrecks you physically You’re not going to be the same person Playing professional sports you’re going To be wrecked physically and Energetically in so many different ways You’re burning your Prana your life’s Energy In Rapid form in a youthful time And so it’s almost like doing severe Drugs like crack or meth or something Being addicted it just sucks you dry of Your life’s energy And so you know it’s the whole thing’s Playing out is interesting and a lot of These people watch our you know Conspiracy theorists I heard Aaron Rodgers saying it’s reverberating now Through the whole football world that a

Guy died on the field and was revived Right apparently he’s doing better I’ll Talk about that tomorrow and I’ll talk About the people you know this idea of It being completely staged and fake and All those things Because you know it’s just a it’s a Plague on the truth Community well you Know I’ll get into that tomorrow On my other channel Um but Aaron Rodgers didn’t get the vax And these guys all know the theories Everyone knows that there are lots of Athletes out there that are dropping Like flies they’re all aware of it right A lot of these athletes have said they Would watch uh truther videos And so they know the narratives and Everyone who’s got the job everyone’s Got the vax there’s got to be at least a Little bit you know whether it’s true or Not whether the the vax had anything to Do with it or not or any of these other Uh issues you got to be a little bit Worried you gotta have a little bit Doubt in you know what’s been given to You And I mean there’s other things that Happen JJ Watt his heart was out of Rhythm there’s been football players uh College level players and people who Were connected to the NFL and NFL’s uh Tight end for the Buffalo Bills brother Died of a heart attack and he’s a

College he was a college football player They’re all aware of it right they all Have their doubts and concerns and I Mean all of these things so the whole Thing is uh turned to be an absolute Mess right I mean it’s exposed something You know one death one almost near death Is exposed you know the you know they’re Saying that football isn’t that Important yeah it isn’t that important So you shouldn’t be making 50 million Dollars a year right You know it isn’t that important and if It ceases to be important to you know People who are the fans And no longer is a viable distraction You know you wouldn’t be making that Much money right that’s why you have to Plug through and you know commit to you Know people wanting to see a clean Uh Champion like that’s one of the good Things about sports is that they’re Winners and losers and it’s you know Whether you think it’s fake or rigged or Whatever there’s winners and losers Right it’s defined I said this during The the election controversy to all the Trumpers once Magoo was sworn in he was The president you can’t say not my President you can say it but it’s not True He’s everybody’s President right whether You know it’s rigged or fake or staged Or whatever there’s a somebody wins and

Somebody loses there’s so many vague Things so many abstract things there’s So many things that there’s no Definition to you know people get caught Lying all the time and just pretend they Didn’t get caught or pretend it never Happened or scandals like uh you know Hunter Biden all these things you know Things happen where there’s no Resolution and to sports there’s a Winner and a loser there’s a champion And there’s some resolution but if it’s Shaded in you know A controversy and illegitimacy like this You know issue has and then all the Other aspects of it right did he you Know was it the vax was that part of it Like all these things that are being Debated now And so the whole thing’s a real mess Anyways I’ll cover this more on my other Channel only spirituality will save this World This fall remodel definitely reporting From the apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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