Kaboom Media & Dems in Panic Freefall mode after Biden goes full Dementia & we were right all along

Kaboom Media & Dems in Panic Freefall mode after Biden goes full Dementia & we were right all along

Kaboom freaking Kaboom Um something wonderful happened Yesterday this is going to be one of my Favorite videos to make at least in Terms of the political aspects and all These things I was giddy last night [Laughter] Um so let me uh break this down cuz I Have a pre-introduction to go and I Already made made an hourong video so I Made a video that was um involving some Of this stuff with a debate and you know Um really re I mean I just had Realized that Trump has to go like you Know and I've talked about this a little Bit before but I kind of realized on a Different level like Trump is the center Of all these problems you know if Biden Goes Trump is still there but Trump goes This whole thing this whatever's been Going on I wasn't looking forward to the Debate at all I me hear it I have an Hourong video that'll be at the end of This thing and it's kind of a prequel That's at the end uh the debate is a big Part of it but it's all of it and I Decided to say all right I'll I'll push The video till today and I'll just uh Put the debate in front of it and I Wasn't looking forward to the debate at All it's kind of like uh low energy About it and you know you can hear all That and

Then that Happened and to Trump's credit and you Know I'm down on Trump I'm not you know Whatever this isn't a prot trump uh Video but to Trump's credit he put out a Master B performance his best debate Performance and like he delivered for Trump and trumpers you know and again Trump sucks and there's no you know Whatever but he delivered a baset ball Performance and Biden did what he did Right And it was like when Trump won it was The same kind of thing like I was giddy That night not that I voted for Trump or Want Trump but the media imploded Afterwards so I had taped the CNN Reaction when I saw was happening I'm Like how are they going to spin this Right how are they going to spin Freaking this and they didn't for the Most part they stried a little bit and I'm going to rip that apart I'm going I Show the post- debate reaction from CNN And then I'll get to MSNBC too cuz I'm Sure theirs is just as bad I'll do that Tomorrow in a different uh video just Just you know but um it was I mean like Christmas morning it was wonderful Because they did Something well let me say start here you Know I have a master's degree in Counseling and I did psychological Assessments and you know I was a

Counselor for a while clinician And I wasn't good at listening to people Wide about their problems like I wasn't Good at being a therapist I wasn't good To sit there and listen compassionately As people whed about their miserable Lives Whatever but what I was good at was Personality assessments which you guys Can see here I'm good at reading people I was good at using the dsm5 and Diagnosing them using assessment Measures of course of the spiritual Stuff I do and you know you guys see it Translates here right that I'm good at All that stuff and you don't need to be Good at that type of thing to diagnose Somebody with freaking dementia right When grostar is putting his shoes in the Refrigerator you say he's got dementia As people start getting older and their Personality changes it's you know just Like is it hard for you to to uh say oh That person's drunk is it hard to see That a person is drunk no and or stoned Or you know on some sort of other type Of medication you know the videos I mean I took both of my kids got their wisdom Teeth removed on the same day and the Car tripped home was hilarious CU they Were drugged out right and so you know When somebody is inebriated and their Mental faculties isn't working the same It's easy to see that it's the easiest

Thing to see right somebody's staggering Drunk whatever it might be and when Somebody you've known for a long time Has a decline in their mental function And starts exhibiting signs of dementia Everybody in the family picks it up even When they're in denial of it which they Will be in some cases you pick it up It's not hard to see and in 2019 I Started to cover the presidential Primaries and especially the Democratic One and it was clear that Biden had Dementia and I'll show you a few little Clips about it we already know and I Said this guy's got dementia this is Going to be a problem because it doesn't Get freaking better right you know I've Been covering the heartfulness cult you Know my Sahar meditation that I do that Turned into a cult called heartfulness And I said you know not only to my Viewers but people who do it the system That there's no reformed Cults right it Isn't oh that used to be a cult right Once you're a cult you're on a path Towards um you know the consequences of Being occult right there's no reforming It there's no making it better there's No any of those things and so it's like That even worse with dementia because It's only going to get worse right and When you're talking about the Presidency you Know a high stress job it's going to

Blow up in your face but the Liberals And the media and the you know the Democratic party Rigg The election the uh the primary against Bernie Sanders and push this guy Joe Biden even though he was only mildly Popular a career filled politician that Ran for president four times and then They decided to push him and then you Know all the stuff they did with covid To hide him away and make him the President and no one really knows why You know I speculate that he was such a Puppet they could push through anything They wanted cuz he was like just a a Meat you know meat puppet he was just Sitting there and they would he would do Whatever his handlers told him to do and He had so corrupted all these things That they owned the guy I mean that's my Only explanation for what they did but At some point it was going to implode And it did last freaking Night it was going to show it was going To be a point where everyone admitted he Had dementia and it you know and last Night was the night and it was it was Just I mean in terms of the show and I Don't care how fake it is I don't care How staged it is I don't care anything About that it was a wonderful episode Something that I was you know only Trying to get through the debate and When he walked out on stage I'm like

Tonight's the freaking night tonight is The m andf at night and it happened and It was beautiful okay so let me get into The pre-introduction here and then I'll On the other side of that I'll start uh The analysis of the CNN pundits falling Apart of the democratic party falling Apart okay greetings brothers and Sisters I had to do this Pre-introduction I forgot to say Please Subscribe please like please like the Videos do whatever you got to do to um You know YouTube is doing their thing to Me and you know so many other people Their thing being Shadow Banning and not Um you know gaming the system against us So every little bit helps I'm going to Have to remind myself to say these Things a couple viewers said yeah it's Good that I do this so you guys who Aware you know Thursday June June 27th Today the about three or four videos ago I covered how bot were saying that I was Being you know that I I was telling them That I was shadowbanned and they were Like well we don't Shadow ban I'm like Well your policies right and I explain It's a whole thing right how their Policies Shadow bans people not just Truthers and I've got so many people Have come back from years ago who are Now getting notifications right who are Subscribers who YouTube stopped Notifying and here's two people just

This morning yeah I used to listen to Your videos in 2018 LOL I don't know why It's funny you popped up back in my feed Yesterday or the day before and then Somebody else roast the exact same thing Happened to me weird well it's not weird Because they were Shadow Banning me and I said hey you guys are freaking Shadow Baning me and they said no we're not and Then they started to notify my Subscribers and so you apparently this Happens other people said that they've Complained to YouTube and all of a Sudden you know some of the the things That they were doing I mean they can Obviously adjust some of the you know Most of it's algorithms machine learning And Bots you know AI stuff and you know There's nothing they can do about it but Obviously they can do something because I've gotten I would say 50 comments of People who have said they had forgot all About my channel and all of a sudden They got a notification out of nowhere Or they saw a video recommend Ed in the Sidebar and those are the people who Have commented so if there's 50 people Commenting how many other people have Received Notifications and either didn't pay Attention to them or didn't notice them Or you know went to spam or you know Whatever else right okay so the other Thing is I'm going to review this

Trailer I like to you know make fun of Trailers and it's a trailer I don't know It's a Christmas trailer with The Rock And Captain America and it sucks and It's hilariously bad you know I posted The clip that I made and they Copyrighted it and I'm going to try to Fix it this time around as I edit but if I can't fix it I'm just going to put That video up the whole video up for Members and then cut out that part for You know everyone else because I'm you Know I just can't spend my you know an Hours of time just editing little little Bits of it right which is what ends up Happening you know I always talk about When people copyright trailers it's Stupid but anyway you'll hear all that Coming up so if you see it that means I Fixed it if you don't see it it's it's For members I'll put it on just the the Members only part of the channel or Whatever okay so like I said I'm going To do full coverage of the first third Of the debate mostly the beginning I Mean all of it I'm going to show you um We'll go through it it's great there's Not you know I mean it's it's great but This was their reaction so these are the Pundits and I was like well how are they Going to spin this because they been Pretending he's not um you know in the The video I already made yesterday I had So clip of Don Lemons and I'll show a

Little bit of that clip probably Somewhere in here where I'm covering Everything where he's talking to jenar Who's like you got to get rid of Biden You're giving up 10 points just CU you Know because I mean he wants Trump to Lose but he's like you know whatever and Don Lemon is saying well Biden's the Best option and he's denying his Senility which all these people were Before the debate so every one of these Pundits except for one guy apparently Who was on the fence everyone else was Denying his senility making their way Off the scenea debate stage looks like Uh Joe Biden the first lady has come out Former president Trump walking off the Stage the first debate of the 2024 Campaign and so she has to help him walk Off which I'm sure you've already seen She said you did a good job Joe you Answered all the questions the earliest Presidential debate ever now in the Books and in front of the voters tonight Along with Aaron Bernett the first word On what those voters might from our Political professional he's like he Staggering from our CNN flash pole and Swing state focus group we'll be talking To surrogates including vice president Harris getting fact checks from our Daniel Dale and new reporting from Inside both campaigns with me here CNN Political commentator Scott Jennings

Kate bingfield David Urban van Jones Aliss far Griffin and newsight anchor Abby Philip they tried to rig the thing Against Trump and it backfired epically It actually helped Trump which I'll get Into that's that like so many sub Stories that are wonderful here but he Couldn't make it down the stairs and These guys were bummed like they were Trying to save Biden but he couldn't Save himself David axod and CN Chief National correspondent John King John Let me start with you your thoughts Anderson this was a game-changing debate In the sense that right now as we speak There is a deep a wide and a very Aggressive panic in the Democratic party Boom that's when I knew that this was so Bad they could no longer look at you in The eye and say he's not scile and I'm Going to show you like I had a clip Where they were trying to make Trump Look scile because he couldn't remember Names and you know they try to say well He's see right and Trump is old and Trump is angry and revengeful and he's All these things right like he's just Not in a good space to be president but The whole presidency like what made 2016 Special to me was that I always knew the The presidency was a joke and they hold It up like it's some wonderful thing you Know that's how they present the President but every president that I've

Seen in my lifetime has been a joke and A fake and a fraud and you know not the Kind of leader they're pretending They're they're supposed to be right and It's been that way throughout history You know our history world history the Presidents aren't great men they might Rise to the occasion in certain you know Whatever spheres of activity but they're Not they're not great people and Politicians aren't great people they're Not involved they're not Saints they're Not you know people to be build statues Of and stuff and so Trump just tore all That stuff down by being Trump you know Not that he was a good president but That he was irreverent right and this Thing with Joe Biden was you know a Moment where like all this BS they've Been saying about him now for four or Six years like just What was exposed it started minutes into The debate and it continues right now it Involves party strategists it involves Elected officials it involves Fundraisers and they're having Conversations about the president's Performance which they think was dismal Which they think will hurt other people Down the party in the ticket and they're Having conversations about what they Should do about it some of those Conversations include should we go to The White House and ask the president

Step aside others are other of the Conversations are about should prominent Democrats go public with that call Because they feel this debate was so Terrible uh they do say in moments in The debate later the president got Better yeah yeah yeah um so I want to Address this first and I said this to my Wife during the debate you only have to Appear a Incoherent once as potential President Right you only have to have one mental Breakdown but we saw this with Hillary Clinton When She fainted on the campaign Trail and they lower the standard so Much and of course they did this with Federman as well where you didn't even Have to show up at your job could be Depressed and suicidal and need devices Just so you could comprehend what's Going on around you and you know they They they've lowered the standards but If you have dementia like one dementia Episode and you get disoriented they Take away your freaking license or they Should right you show signs of dementia You can't drive anymore and your family Shouldn't let you drive because you Might H hit a kid or you know you start Hallucinating you start showing signs of Mental breakdown and you shouldn't have Coach the nucular I mean this is so bad Right and I'll say this exact same thing Again somewhere when we're watching the

Debate because when you see this Incoherent mfer you just have to be in Incoherent for a minute in the debate For president and people realize oh this Guy can't do it but after what happened Even with fedman and Biden they've made It so like okay well if you had some Good moments you can still be president No you have some Lucid moments that Happens you know that happens to people At deeta that doesn't mean you get to be President right got his footing but then At the end even his closing statement Was a little halting the contrast Between the two candidates let me be Clear none of them and a lot of Republicans don't think Donald Trump had A great night he had a great night he Impressed what you know I was so down on Trump and I'm still down on him but he Had he delivered This was Trump's best performance there Was no doubt about it Donald Trump broke The fact check machine more than I can Count tonight yeah you're fact check Like that's you know he he wasn't Pooping his pants and drooling on Himself that's all you know he would had A great night just if he didn't do those Things that will be on the record as we Go forward he refused to answer some Very specific and direct questions about His conduct about J which is what was Masterful about his performance 36 and

What all so that will be dealt with out There and sometimes there's a parallel Universe between the political Elites And the American people be nice to see What the voters say but I can tell you The voters say you guys have hid this Guy with the Mansion this isn't about Whether Joe Biden can be president or Not this is about get rid of this guy Now he's got dementia this was about Holy F you can't have this guy have the Nuclear codes this guy what do you guys Been doing like this guy you know Ronald Reagan had Alzheimer's for the last two Years or so of his presidency but they They hit him away but what American People saw last night is that they've Been lying to us they know the guy's Freaking he's you know he's worse he was Probably you know not this is just Normal for him but he has even worse Moments but he fell apart because he Can't do it anymore he can't do any part Of the job like he is gone mentally and You can see it I was talking about this Just the way he walks lately he's got Like that thorine shuffle type of like He's nobody home deer in the headlights Right it started minutes in it started With the first couple of answers and it Has continued throughout the night from It started when he walked on the stage And I'm like Uhoh bad night for Jojo my God oh my God

Oh my God to what do we do about this And it involves very senior people in The Democratic party including elected Officials saying we have a problem and Just to cosign what John is saying I Mean the Panic that I am hearing from Democrats is not like anything that I Have heard in this campaign so far and a Lot of it has to do with first of all There was a deep frustration about Trump's lies I mean he lied a lot Tonight but but the the problem for Biden was that Trump was able to take Some sometimes incredible falsehoods and Turned them into some kind of argument Whereas Biden's answers were in a lot of Cases not coherent deeply problematic That he was not able to uh take pretty Straightforward answers and answer them To the American public and and then also At some points bringing things up That teed up Trump attacks so yeah there Was a great there's a great moment where He said we have to destroy medic Whatever he said uh and Trump just they Saved him danana uh whatever her name is And Jake Tapper saved uh tried to save Biden but it set Trump up for one of his Zingers because there's two great Moments in the beginning half the debate For Trump one where you know Biden says Something about destroying Medicaid he Just babbled on and he just like was and They just they bailed him out the time

The the time limit and the Jake Tapper I Think bailed him out but it set Trum up Trump up for a Zinger and there's Another thing where Biden babbled in in Incoherently and Trump's going to say I Didn't understand what the f he just Said which was Trump's you know the First third of the debate I didn't watch All of it yet but you know the first Third of debate was you know masterful And wonderful a real concern here to Tonight that there's been some real Damage done that cannot be oh there There has been and undone Biden Solidified he's scile they're not and They don't say it one guy kind of says It here two guys almost are going to Kind of say it but this is confirmed the Guy has dementia you guys all saw it for Years everybody saw it everybody knew it And didn't say it or didn't want to Believe it or whatever and they covered It up the guy has had dementia since 2019 probably even before that but we Saw it in in 2019 has got significantly Worse right and you guys are not they're Not even saying it right the P Perception among voters but especially Among his base they were hoping that Tonight would be a game changer they are Now seeing a president who is in the White House who they do not necessarily Believe can can do this for another four Years he can't do it now he shouldn't be

President now not four years now not Reelected now not campaign now they Should take him out of the White House Now he has dementia and he's the President I said years ago I said you Know you're talking to your Democratic Friends ask them would they want that Guy driving their kids school bus right If this was a school bus driver they Would have to fire him because he might Kill kids and he's the president it's Even worse right and he did kill kids When they drone kids in Afghanistan Which I'll bring up here because it's my One of my things to bring up right and Again they they push this guy out this Isn't about Biden this is about Biden's Handlers it's about the Democratic party And it's about the liberal media your Job is to make sure a guy with dementia Doesn't get freaking to become president But you didn't do it because you hate Trump right you're hatred of trump and Whatever else is going on in the show Blinded you to the you know the elephant In the room that you were pushing a guy That had dementia as president a guy who Sucked as a politician who got caught Plagiarizing the first time he um ran For president he had just had this Snoozing groping problem he swore these Uh senators in and he was mauling their Kids and wives and groping them and Sniffing them and snoozing him I mean he

Was a you know a creep and they covered That up and they you know they covered Up he had dementia and they pushed this Guy through and talked about him in Glowing terms and you know everything Was about how bad Trump sucked and they Made their Universe about Trump and they Pushed a guy who had dementia because They thought he was the best chance to Beat Trump or because he was the most Puppeted or whatever reason they pushed Him and at some point the dementia was Going to get so bad they couldn't deny It and that was last night and it was Epic so let's just show you let me go Back to 2019 we're going to finish this Up because it's great this guy and this Guy almost are saying he has dementia They're basically implying it the rest Are sort of you know still like oh my God he well he did do this he you know It's just it's amazing that they're even Saying that because it was so bad but I Knew they would right especially this Woman here she's a disaster in this Thing okay so this is a town hall right And this guy's going to challenge Biden On I think his son Hunter and some other Things Ukraine and and Biden's going to Lose it and it was at this Moment the Democratic party should have Said all right who else we got right who The else who the f else do we have And S your son over there get a job and

Work for a gas company he had no Experience with last did Nothing and order to get access to the Public for the president you're you're Selling access to the president just Like he is you're a damn liar man that's Not you're a damn liar man which was Clear Hunter Biden we all know now That's true but he losses it he loses it It's the way he handles this thing There's all old people here right true And no one has ever said that no one I See it on the TV you see it on the TV no I know you do and by the way that's why You I'm not sedentary I don't I get up And and and No they try to steal the microphone and He makes a mistake of saying let's keep On going let him go let him go look the Reason I'm running is because I've been Around a long time and I know more than Most people know and I can get things Done that's why I'm running and you want To check my shape on let's do push-ups Together here man Let's do let's run Let's do whatever you want to do Let's Okay so he said let's do a push-up Contest let's run let's let's do a IQ Test right so he's challenging this guy To push-up Contest and an IQ test and that's a Mistake [Music] Right two number two no one has said my

Son has done anything wrong and I did Not on any okay so now he's a convicted Fel inist son and you know I mean all of It and no one has ever said it not you Wrong you said I set up my son to work In an oil company is that what you said Get your word straight Jack did your Word St Jackn you don't hear that in MSNBC you Did not hear that at all what you heard Look okay I'm not going to get in an Argue with you man don't well yeah you Do but uh but look fat look here's a Deal he goes look fat look he calls the Guy fat as a nickname he's nicknamed This guy fat which is the kind of thing That Trump does Right and so he imploded right this was A moment where he imploded under the Little bits of pressure for some like 70 80 year old guy who asked him some Legitimate questions that all turned out To be true so he imploded and this is You know again early signs of dementia He had already exhibited dementia on the Campaign Trail but then he does a Followup interview with m PR and this Woman is very softspoken she asked some About this exchange here attention for It um a man stood up and started Throwing false allegations your way About your son Hunter Biden and his work They're not false honey in Ukraine and Your work as Vice pumpkin president then

In Ukraine and you responded by uh Calling him a damn liar and then you Challenged him to push-ups and then you Asked him for an IQ test he came along He what he saying he he said he's Entitled to do this he said you're too Old he said you're too old I can't vote For somebody as old as you said okay and He was challenging what kind of shape is So I kid it I look at look at the guy Look at him back then right his clueless Eyes like he's lo you just look into Somebody's eyes and say oh nobody's home It's gotten way worse right but this was Back in 2020 early 2020 she want to do a Push-up contest I was joking look I'm in Pretty which is what Donald Trump says a Lot hey you can't take a joke I was Joking the point bring and then he gets Mad look at him he gets angry points in Her face compare me to Donald Trump but People did at the Town Hall just that Yes they did they said to me the woman You met at the end 94y old Mary said to Me I was so disappointed in him this is A direct quote that is not the Joe I Know he sounded like Donald Trump In That clip well look Donald what Donald Trump says he makes fun of people he the Little so first he played off like he Was just joking but he clearly wasn't he Was upset he was triggered and then she Presses him M and Compares him to Donald Trump and he gets in her face points his

Finger and gets angry you see the anger In his face he can't control his Emotions he can't control his anger this Happened again where he's like you know Getting into like a a fight with a guy Over gun control here's this thing in a Factory so this is an auto worker in Michigan where Biden you know I mean Needed to win right um and this Auto Worker is concerned about Biden's Second Amendment policies and Biden you know Well let's just [Music] Watch he says you're full of Boop he Said you're full of Boop like that's how He you know deals with the person this Is when they knew they couldn't run him Out of campaign this is why they had to Do Co the way they did it that's why They had to shut down everything CU they Couldn't run this guy he couldn't Campaign Right he just shush the person now this Is his someone who works for him who's Trying to get biteen out of there before He does something stupid he puts his Hand in her face and says Shush like right now that's not spe from The very beginning I have shot I have 20 12 guess what you're not allowed to own Anyway I'm not taking the gun away at All you need 100 Rounds I did not say that that's not I Did not say it's a viral video like the

Other ones you're putting out their L well he just clarified it wait wait Wait wait wait wait take the AR Ar4 ar14 later he says 15 but you Know says don't try me pal a lot of guys Lot of guys wanted he also said there You didn't hear but it's you want to Step Outside he says you're pushing up on me Cuz he's being aggressive Here's the deal are you able Machine I said are you able To that's right R 15 Illegal yeah you need 100 Round America hand are what you call Assault why are you advocating for Assault Hand so dementia and Alzheimer's two of The things that you see is anger Outbursts that don't make sense and Often times coming out of a sense of Confusion and not what knowing what's Going on around you which Joe Biden has Showed for the last six years and Probably before that he gets really Angry inappropriately so he's confused He doesn't know what's going on around Him so he lost it right but here was a Debate this was you know he had wandered Off in some debate he just started Wandering off the stage I you know I'm Not going to go look for all of these Things but here he is with Cory Booker I I I have a lot of respect uh

For for the vice president he is swore Me into my office as a hero this week I Hear him wrote to my grandmother it was Cool literally say that I don't think we Should legalize marijuana I I I I Thought you might have been high when You said it and and let me tell you see Look at him like it's nobody Home so Biden touches his face like he Used does and not talk directly to Issues that are going to relate to The Liberation teacher me teacher of Children because there are people in Congress right now that admit to smoking Marijuana while there are people our Kids are in jail right now for those Drug crimes me someone call on me I want To talk me and so these are the kind of Issues that mean a lot to our community And if we don't so then he comes In thank you Senator Booker Vice President Biden you can respond to that Be very brief number one I think we Should decriminalize marijuana period And I think everyone anyone who has he Was a front runner right so he had 20% Everyone else had like at most double Digits but pretty much everyone was Under 10% so he was there was a you know Bunch of different candidates he was the One that had the most but he didn't have A lot as a record should be let out of Jail their records expunged it be Completely zeroed out but I do think it

Makes sense Based on data that we should study what The long-term effects are on for the use Of marijuana that's because we don't Know we don't we have it's just a brand New drug it's like fentanyl we don't Know anything about Marijuana all it is number one everybody Gets out record expunge secondly I uh You know I'm I'm part of that that Obama Coalition I come out of the black Community in terms of my support if you Notice I have more people supporting me See he's looking at him look at him he's Laughing cuz he knows he's scile like He's got a smug look on his face he Can't believe he's losing this guy he's Pulling at like 2% Biden's pulling at 20 He's trying to show everybody he's scile But no one's willing to admit it in the Black community that announced for me Because they know me they know who I am Three former chairs of the black caucus The only African-American woman that Ever been elected to the United States Senate a whole range people my point Is so look at him look at him get Confused so he said the only right and Then he's going to change it to I I said The First I said the first so he literally Is just trying to lie right in front of Everybody without realizing how bad it Looks he said the only and Comm saying

No me too I'm I'm not supporting you the Firstan Come first and then com's laughing Because he's scile she's laughing at him They're all mocking him like they knew Back then she of course has reversed her Position because you realized you know He's not going to make it through a Second term and she'll be the first President she's unelectable which is We'll get into that right which is Another disaster for the Democrats so my point is my point is one Of the reasons I was picked to be she's Still laughing right and then then there Was this moment So Biden was asked this Vice President Biden the me too movement has forced a Cultural Reckoning around the issue of Sexual violence and harassment against Women in just look at his face right America Are there specific actions that You would take early in your Administration so then he babbles for a Little bit then he says this the rest of The community and that's what we started This movement on the college campus is To fundamentally change the culture no Man man has a right to raise a hand to a Woman in Anger other than in Self-defense and that's rarely ever Occurs and so we have to just change the Culture period and keep punching at it And punching at it and punching at it it

Will be a big no I really mean it it it Make it's a gigantic Issue goas try not to laugh Here but you know so we knew right and There were so many other instances And these are like some of the moments Where he's coherent like you forgot his You know he said Brock uh my president Uh forgot Barack Obama's name president Uh my boss there was just one one after Another right all these moments where he Had senior moments and showed he had Dementia and he wasn't that great anyway Like before dementia he wasn't that Great but the Democrats decided to run Him anyhow and the media decided to Cover it up and they all saw it they Knew he had to meure they knew he was Slipping it was obvious and so it showed Itself and these you know bad decisions Gaffs and things like this but also just You know his anger and his like losing It and just the way his face looked and All these things and so it was clear That he had dementia and I was saying it I'm like this is going to blow up in Their face I'm like eventually this is Going to blow up in their MF in face I Thought it would happen before the Election 2020 and it's some point I thought they Were going to say he had covid and tried To stick in Andrew cuos because he was a Real hero of Co and you know Biden was

Like he was a mess and he just kept on Getting worse but they kept on denying It and I knew at some point they Wouldn't be able to and that happened And here's the CNN people so this is Dr Jill Biden let's go back to the CNN Thing in a moment where she's still Trying to spin It Joe you did such a great job you Answered every question you knew all the Facts you answered every Question you knew all the Facts wo look at him he's just like how Can he smile he has the fact that he's Clueless about how bad he did right and Let me ask the crowd what did Trump Do look at that look at that right there Look at that demon come out look at look At this clueless mfer here And look at that Demon then goes back to a smile look at That demon like she's it's elder abuse Bat you're rolling this guy out it's Like Bad look I I can't argue with with Either of them about uh how a Democrat Leaders Democratic leaders are react he Was this was Barack Obama's former Senior adviser he was the guy that was In charge of Obama's Spin and so he was With Biden Biden was a part of the Uh Obama administration right and so This guy and he can't he tries to spin It a little bit but come on like it was

That bad acting to this poll we said at The beginning that each person had a Fundamental goal and for Biden that goal Was to appear energetic engaged and look Like someone who is capable of serving For another four years uh for president That was job number one I actually think He scored a bunch of points I think if You just judge this on sort of policy Stuff uh he did score a bunch of points On the whole point is that Trump didn't Answer questions from lied about most Americans don't agree with the official Story one way or another even if they're Trump haters you know like we don't People don't believe in the news or the Politicians like anymore I mean less Than even before and it's always been a Problem but uh you know you can't he was Scile right like that was the big Takeaway ises like abortion for example On some of the economic uh issues uh but Um there is a there is a feeling I think There was a a sense of shock actually How he came out at the beginning of this Debate uh how uh his voice sounded about You know he seemed a little disoriented He did get stronger as not a little he Was lost didn't even know where he was I Mean he was gone and his voice was Horrible he came out horse and coughing And it was bad like it was like he was Tight and he was I mean he's just not There and immediately you look at the

Guy and you're like this guy should be Going to like a hospital like he should Be I mean maybe even like a retirement Home like it's not this isn't somebody Who can do any job right we'll get into This we'll show it and so he shouldn't Be president now it wasn't about being Elected it was like wow this guy's way Worse than you guys been telling us Debate went on but by that time I think The Panic had set in and I think you're Going to hear discussions that I don't Know uh will lead to anything but the You know there is G there going to be Discussion about whether he should Continue and I think part of it is Donald Trump did not meet his mission Either he re he could not resist the Attemption the the uh the temptation to Be nasty to uh prevaricate uh about a Whole bunch of things uh you know They're they're just lost with this Trump thing like Trump Did his best debate and I'll get into That as the debate takes off and I'll Show you the debate and why they screw Themselves with the Rules like that's great too that's Coming but it was his best debate right And like about his own record about Biden's record uh and to seem Petty and Small at time so what you saw was a Candidate who's deeply vulnerable and a President who may not be able to take

Advantage of it listen if if anybody in America thinks that that was even close To being a an okay debate by Joe Biden I'm living in a parallel universe that Was an unmitigated disaster for President Biden from the second he Walked out to the closing statement the Biggest issue for Democrats is abortion And he couldn't give an answer he gave An answer three he couldn't even give a Coherent answer on the biggest issue for For Democrats tonight I've heard from Lead they had a number of um CNN had set Up their questions to play into Biden's Strength right they started with the Economy but they went into the abortion Thing and it was you know the biggest Winning issue for the Democrats and for Biden and like he got a little bit angry At times um but you he got a little bit Fiery and he was is a little bit more Articulate but then of course he flub Things because he always does and it was You know we'll show you that like it's The you know leading Democrats across The United States elected Governors Congressmen who are texting me and Saying I'm worried I'm going to lose if Joe Biden's in the top of the ticket Bob Casey I promise you tonight in the state Of Pennsylvania is thrown up in his Mouth because he knows that if he's got To stand next to Joe Biden he's going Down in Pennsylvania if if he's on the

Ticket I don't know how it's going to Work yeah look it was a really Disappointing debate performance so that Guy was what this guy at the end they Don't let talk even though he was the Guy who said this was you know he's Going to tell us say we'll get back into Him this guy at the end he's um he's Going to be the best but this guy's here Fired up everyone else is sort of you Know I mean doing a little bit of damage Control or maybe if something happened He can you know like that's from Joe Biden I don't think there's any way any Other way to slice it his biggest uh Issue David axad just showed John a Tweet here this girl's the worst um it Was a really disappointing debate look John King's showing David Axel WR a Tweet and he's showing him a tweet Performance from Joe Biden I don't think There's any way going oh my God they're Shaking their Heads they're checking this is this She's the worst but they're checking Slice it his biggest uh issue that he Had to prove to the American people was That he had the energy he had the Stamina uh and he didn't do that and so I think he he had to prove that he was Mentally competent We say it he's scile and you can't walk That back he should be retired you can't Have a president that's scile that is of

Concern and uh and I think for a lot of Democrats that's very that's very Disappointing I will say what if he was An Air Track controller and he performed This way there would have been multiple Plane crashes right he has dementia he Can't think he can't perceive what's Going on around him Donald Trump also Had some really rough moments in this Debate and you know talking to the Biden Campaign they say you know their dials Started really moving away from Trump as He was increasing his personal attacks On Biden so I think there was a lot About his kind of character and the kind Of personal nastiness that he was Putting on display uh you know that Doesn't help him with the swing voters That he needs uh you know and I also Think you there's nothing that Trump did That's going to overshadow that's even Going to be a question mark when you Roll out a scile guy who poops himself For 90 minutes saw him continue to get Sort of more and more animated across The course of the debate and you know Give some really problematic answers About January 6th some really problem Problematic answers about Putin so you Know Donald Trump did not get off scott Free tonight by any stretch but look There there is no two ways about it they Just can't help themselves right they Just can't stop from their narrative

About Trump make everything about Trump This was about Biden this is the first Time it was about Biden right it's Always been about Trump I've talked About this Trump is the center of their Universe he's a center of the you know The news media Cycles everywhere the Last six years have been dominated by Trump and last night was finally about Biden it was about him being scile and It was about the you know his handlers In the Democratic Party of the media Lying to everybody which some guy's Going to bring up here it that was not a Good debate for Joe Biden And um that was painful uh I love Joe Biden I work for Joe Biden um he didn't Do well at all uh He he did not do well at all and he Looked you know I'll give you the Analysis you know kind of have the old Man versus the con man uh I can walk you Through how I'm supposed to see it and Say it but I'm just want to speak from My heart how you're supposed to how You're supposed to do it right how you You were told to do it how we're Instructed to do it not my own opinion How we're supposed to spin this thing um I love that guy that's a good man he Loves his country uh he's doing the best That he can uh he's xile right doing the Best that he can but he had a test to Meet tonight uh to restore confidence uh

Of the country and of the base and he Failed to do that and I think there's a Lot of people who are going to want to See him consider um taking a different Course now uh he's got steep down like There's no question about it but you Know we'll see still far from our Convention and there is time for this Usually the debates are after the Convention right see neither candidate Is the definite candidate because the Convention hasn't confirmed it debates Are always closer to the election right They don't have these early debates in June they have the debates in August and September but now the convention's Coming up you know Trump's convention They're going to sentence him and Biden's convention they're going to have To try to get rid of them and then There's going to be new candidates Perhaps I mean who knows what's going to Happen like that's you know the chaos Here party to figure out a different way Forward if he will allow us to do that Um but that was uh not what we needed From Joe Biden and it's personally Painful for a lot of people it's not Just Panic it's pain of what we saw Tonight and if I may just add to that I Think Joe Biden lost it in the first Three minutes I think a lot of Voters Probably tuned out and millions of People are having conversations with

Their families with their friends of if The president is up to the task and if He should step aside and I don't think They tuned out because it was fun to I Mean it was you know this was like an Epic thing I'm someone who believes the Former president is a threat to Democracy I think he is a threat to the America as we know it he wants to Fundamentally change our institutions he Has laid out what his plan is I am not Confident that that is the man to take Him on you cannot tell me democracy is On the line and then give that Performance tonight if based on that in 18 weeks Donald Trump will be the President-elect the people doing focus Groups tonight and we'll see if our this Guy wants to say something and they Won't let him cuz he was already on this Before style group with Laura coats Confirms this say that Biden actually Scores pretty well on the issues when He's talking about the substance and Trump's numbers went you come on like Just stop it just stop it John King down Both because he was ducking questions he Was lying about some things and he was Refusing to answer in some some of the Some of it was the tone they don't like Him so when you see that you know when You see sort of the statistics you know You're going to look at like oh that's a Mixed bag but to Vance point about the

President's performance that's what Caused the Panic so the qu the question Is and my question actually is what Happens because to his it's a great Political strength of Joe Biden is his Resilience and his stubbornness uh uh oh It's also sometimes a blind spot because He is so stubborn it's going to be very Hard to someone and I don't know who it Is who could go to Joe Biden and say you You you need to do this well because He's seile right number one uh and the Question is again like I'm just telling You to aby's point I've been doing this For 30 something years going on 40 years And I have never ever had what happened On this thing tonight happen in the Middle of a debate it started early and It continued and to to advance point you Know it seems like they're trying to get Rid of him by putting an early debate or Like they maybe this was a test to see If he could you know pull it together For whatever I mean I don't know they if They drugged him up like with something Bad instead of something good like they Put them on I don't know what they did Right they could have been completely You know this is how it works right van Made a very important Point these are People who love Joe Biden who who credit Joe Biden for kicking Donald Trump out Of the White House they're Democrats the Democratic party is a very diverse party

It fights about a lot of things it has Generational issues it's had Regional Issues and everything else the thing That unites the Democratic party is Trying to keep Donald Trump from getting Back into the White House they love Joe Biden for kicking him out they don't Want him back they came into this debate Nervous that Biden was in a weak Position they leave this debate panicked John if you love the guy how could you Put him out there If you love him if you love Joe Biden if That was my father you don't put a guy In that situ it's a great Point These Guys these guys know this better these Guys know this better because they talk To them there's this Legacy in the Democratic party you don't challenge the Incumbent because when it's happened in The past they haven't beaten the Incumbent and then the incumbent has Lost the general elction Jun King I mean What what happens now a couple things Happen number one we wait I would say we Should wait we won't but we should wait A week and see how this settles out in The polling Okay so they cut this guy Off they don't have it here but I have It taped I'll go I'll go copy it on my Phone um but they cut something out of His they cut something huge out of this And so this guy here was going to Destroy this whole thing like he was

Going to say things and I have it on I Taped it on the TV um but they don't Have it right so they cut that guy out Of there they wouldn't let him speak and He warned them ahead of time let's go I'll go tape this on my phone and bring It back so the two guys on the end the Ball guy and the guy that hasn't spoken Yet are Republican strategists so They're the only ones who um you know Are going to say anything close to the Truth here and not that Republicans are Truthful but this di is About Joe Biden so there was a moment Where David Axelrod explained what you Guys saw I showed you where he explained That when they challenge an Incumbent this has happened politically Whenever the incumbent is challenged in A primary that incumbent loses that's Why they got rid of Kennedy because if Kennedy had challenged Joe Biden in a a Primary Joe Biden would have taken a Beating during the primary and then all The way through the election that's why They don't do that because you're Incumbent it's you know a primary is Death to you but they also said which I They cut out and I'm going to go find That part that this is up to Biden he's The nominee even though the convention Hasn't happened yet he's the nominee and So they got to get him to sign off and He has to voluntarily leave and after

The the debate he looked like he did a Good job and Joe was proud of him Because he's so far gone he doesn't even Know like there's no shame and Embarrassment but these two Republicans Said things that were more truthful and It was bad right so let's get into that Here then the erased this from what they Showed you I showed you on YouTube so They don't have the full clip of what These guys are saying they got rid of The most like the best part here yes but It was one night in the course of a Campaign so I think let's see How see how voters Rea problem with the One night the problem with the one night Is that it's a one night that helped Confirm people's fears it it's the one Night that everybody was watching it was That was essentially you know Trump said You ought to take a test that was his Test and people are going to feel that He came up wanting not on the substance I think he actually he failed the test Bro not came up wanting he failed the Test and the test is does he have Dementia or not it's a big freaking test It's not a test that he can redo like I Said you know it's you don't need uh Whole debate of dementia you just need a Few moments where it's like oh he's Falling apart and Trump has had his Moments on campaign Trail he's getting Old these guys are just too old but

Biden is worse Biden is a disaster and To pretend you know well let's let the Other guy speak here because he says What I was thinking so many of us were Thinking actually won on the substance I Don't think Trump did well I think what It says to a lot of people a lot of Active Democrats is man we can beat this Guy but I don't know if we can beat him With the Press Scott would hurt for you When we came on before this debate I Said I thought this candidacy was Teetering and everybody jumped on me yes Yes we did every single person out Here and I just I Just the candidacy has fallen okay van I Know you're speaking from your heart I'm Worried about the president we should Pray for the president I think his Advisers I think the White House and I Think his family have a lot of Explaining to do to their party and and To the American people this night this One night was caused by and asked for by The Biden team they Wanted this night and this is what we Got we have been told for weeks weeks by Democrats who say oh in private meetings I've seen Joe Biden do cartwheels and Handstands while doing trigonometry While solving all the nations problems We now know that every single person who Said that has been lying to the American People including Kevin mcarthy we've

Been told K [ __ ] Please it's just stupid like this is the Truth of it because when I saw kamla and These other people and you know I'm Going to show you Don Lemons in the bit Um he's already in the the you know I I Made a video yesterday like I said That'll be the back half of this I'll do The we're about to go to the Trump Debate the Biden debate this is the Biden debate it's not the Trump Everything else has been about Trump This is about Biden But they you know again but I opened This thing up by saying I was waiting For this day I didn't know I'd get it in This in this greater package but the Moment where everyone acknowledged what We've been saying in the truth Community For a long time and it's not Republicans Or right-wing people it's truthers it Validates truthers because the Mainstream media has covered up for Joe Biden forever and you know so many other Candidates There's this piece I'm not going to show It today maybe I'll show it tomorrow of The 2015 hit piece that the CNN did on Joe Biden for Hillary Clinton because They didn't want they want Hillary and Not Joe Biden or they were told Hillary And not Joe Biden and so the mainstream Media and the Democratic party have Rigged the system to cover up for Joe

Biden and it came to fruition today Because now everyone knows he has Dementia and we know that they been Lying for these past four years as it's Gotten worse and there's been signs and Things that should have made him retire Responsible you know that he's not the President so like it would be Responsible to retire him for his sake And just to pretend that the presidency Is about being a president because he's Being handled right now and he isn't Making any decisions they're just Running the presidency around him and Through him like they did with Reagan When Reagan had Alzheimer's and so that Tells you everything you need to know About politics tells you everything you Need to know about the media and the you Know the whole thing that they lied and His family rolling him out there like he Was he's scile he should be not doing Any kind of job but they're you know They're doing this and lying to Everybody about it and now the Credibility that the Democratic party Has and the Democratic party has Imploded and you know it's just the American American people are too stupid And too hateful you know the Democrats Are too hateful towards Trump maybe to Realize it but it just imploded because This is a you know this destroys any Credibility that they have and CNN

Cutting this out so you can't see it on YouTube right is bad like it's really Bad this is you know they're still Trying to salvage something from this Thing I mean Just everything we've been told about His mental acuity by these Democrats has Been a lie and everything we think we Knew has been confirmed I got a text From a friend she's not terribly Political she' maxed out to Biden in the Last election because she hates Donald Trump she said to me I will never Forgive the Democratic party for this Election if the Democrats truly believe That he is an exist threat to Democracy and that's not just some Talking point they will wake up in the Morning and they will do something else Because this is not sustainable that's Point about there are Democrats who are Panicking and then there are a lot of Republicans who did not want to vote for Donald Trump who do not want to vote for Donald Trump who are also panicking Tonight I heard from one who said this Is scary that's how it was described to Me and i' second that there were a lot There was a lot there were a lot of Those feelings not just from the base of The of the party but other people who Really think that there should be an Alternative to Trump who they think Think is dangerous and that's the other

Part of what is unfolding tonight in Terms of the panic that is out there Because I already have coming into this Debate support for third party Candidates Robert F Kennedy Jr highest And then Jill Stein and Cornell West Nowhere near as close but if you add it All up you get into the teenss in Most States when you do that I think one Byproduct out of this is watch and see If those numbers go up a little bit I'm Not saying they're going to go up Anywhere like a perau standard but you Get to you get to third party candidates Getting into double digit Then that's really starts to twist your Electoral math State depending on who They're drawing from state by state this Was already a very complicated race this Is with it number one the biggest Complication right now is conversation With the Democratic party but the other Complication is going to be if Joe Biden Stays put and Kate's right maybe There'll be another debate I'm not sure Donald Trump's going to agree to a Second debate Biden's going to need it Now I'm not sure Trump's going to agree To it if if the Dynamics of the race Change I would also watch the third Party I just want to say one thing yeah Especially to you two guys If for whatever reason there's a change At the top of the

Ticket you guys are in trouble with Donald Trump you know um Trump they're Saying he did answer some questions and Then you know but the way he did it was Much better than he does when he's on The campaign Trail when he's throwing Red meat out to his crowd he was pretty Slick and I thought he did he did a Masterful job and again I want Trump Gone like I think Trump is just is time To move on this was a happy moment for Me giddy moment deliver you know buy This I mean the whole thing this guy Being like this is just confirming it Even more they're so clueless about what Other people are seeing they're so Locked up in their own world view they Don't see that you know Everybody's you know doesn't trust the Mainstream media and the narratives and These other things right and I hope Trump doesn't win for a variety of Reasons because it's going to be a Disaster if he does but you know this Thing with Biden is epic and I don't see The Democrats who are they going to Replace see they're not saying anything About Kamala and like they cut out a Bunch of this them talking about Replacing Joe Biden none of them said Kamla who would be the obvious choice She's a vice president and she would be The front R she'd have to be the you Know in the conversation and how would

It be for the African-American community In women if they get rid of kamla and Take Gavin Nome who's a disaster who's Some elitist white guy who ran California into the ground I mean They're both from the same state they Byass a woman of Color for a for a White Guy like I mean How would that play in there you know in The various demographics of women and People of color and so in the Asian Community because you know she's really Indian but I mean all of it and so they Are like sitting on a time bomb here They don't have anybody better and they Knew that that's why they had to roll This guy out and so they're paying for Their deception right in an epic way and Warning people oh this guy being concern Troll that Trump's in trouble Trump did Great and again I don't want him I don't Want him elected for a lot of reasons And I you know I'll get into that more As we move forward with this um tomorrow Or whatever I'm going to you know cover The rest of the debate tomorrow I'm Going to start with onethird of it in Just a moment but you know I because the guy who was up there Tonight is not a guy who's going to uh Inspire people is he did not show in any Way that he has changed from the guy who People have a very positive opinion of For a lot of good reasons I think Donald

Trump won several policy exchanges Tonight I think he did well on Immigration I think he did well on the Economy I think he did well on inflation I think he went back to Afghanistan as He should have the thing he did not do Was after he realized that he had Biden Beaten on policy and on image he should Have turned the page and sounded an Optimistic note about what we can become As a people and as a country he did not Do that he continued to Pummel Joe Biden All night I understand what you're Saying but at the end of the night very Few things about the policy exchanges is Going to be remembered people are going To remember Joe Biden they're going to remember him Shuffling out they're going to remember Him staring blankly into the camera They're going to remember him looking Down losing his train of thought and They're going to remember that Everything I thought I knew but the White House told me don't believe my own Eyes is actually true but that's not What what I said Scott was if Joe Biden Were not the candidate if there was Another candidate I think Donald Trump Would be in Deep if I may that that that is such a Sad State of Affairs something I was Consistently hearing is what a bad Debate in the sense that Donald Trump

Lied throughout that's not true at all And I'll explain why Donald Trump did Great as we let's transfer over to the Debate and how they screwed Biden by Giving doing rules that actually they Thought would help Biden but it screwed Him it's Great so let's get started this is the MSNBC coverage of the CNN debate and Here's the beginning here P of course But this time is going to look a lot Different the debate is being held at a TV studio after the candidates bypassed The commission that hosted the debate Since the 1980s so there is no audience Tonight and the microphones will be Muted after a candidate speaking time is Up the debate expected to run 90 minutes There will be two commercial breaks this Evening we're going to bring you full Analysis here on NBC once the debate is Over but it is about to begin CNN about To broadcast the presidential debate Let's listen case to the American people With just over 4 months until election Day good evening I'm Dana Bash Dana Bash Looking with their ghoulish Joker smile Of CNN's inside politics and co-anchor Of State of the Union I'm Jake Tapper Jake taas with his somber tie not going With a somber tie Jake tapa is Lighting In the mood with his nons somber tie of CNN's the lead and co-anchor of State of The Union Dana and I will co-moderate

This evening our job is to facilitate a Debate between the two candidates Tonight before we introduce them we want To share the rules of the debate with The audience at home former president Trump will be on the left side of the Screen President Biden will be appearing On the right a coin toss determined Their positions coin toss each candidate Will have two minutes to answer a Question and one minute each for Responses and rebuttal an additional Minute for follow-up clarification or Response is at the moderator's Discretion when it's time for a Candidate to speak his microphone will Be turned on and his opponent's Microphone will be turned off should a Candidate interrupt when his microphone Is muted he will be difficult to Understand for viewers at home so I Heard so many Republicans whin about This actually one guy a Rapper um but a video came up on my feed And they whing he was whining about the Rules and how this um was better for Biden I guess every when you know this Was rules put in by Biden because Trump Interrupts and Trump Speaks Over the Other guy but it turned out that it just Made Trump's performance even better and Made Biden's performance even worse it Was the best thing that happened to Trump even though Biden and his team and

CNN and all the powers that be put these Rules in to help Biden they skill ended Up screwing him and I'll show you why as This thing begins here at the end of the Debate each candidate will get 2 minutes For closing statements there is no Studio audience tonight pre-written Notes props or contact which again was To um help Biden and it hurt him with Campaign staff are not permitted during The debate by accepting our invitation To debate both candidates and their Campaigns agreed to accept these rules Now please welcome the 46th president of The United States Joe Biden okay just The way he walks his G Which I've been pointing out now for the Last 6 months or so he's just you know He's breaking down Neurologically and physically where he's Having trouble walking right this is What happens to old people especially Ones with dementia like his perception Of reality expression on his face just His walk out here you would say this guy Should not be president if you were Being honest and objective if you have Any kind of ability to read people and Assess what they look like if you can Look at a person and say what is this Person this mfer can't walk and he looks Like he's Clueless it's a a very performative wave To the the

Host points to somebody that we can't See so he looks [Music] Crazy like that was an adventure like His team was all right he made it to the Podium like that's how they're thinking Right that's how bad this is And please welcome the 45th president of The United States Donald Trump he looks Grumpy and bummed and you know bitter um But it didn't display like he did a a Great job for Trump you know and and We'll get into it [Music] Here gentlemen thanks so much for being Here let's begin the debate and let's Start with the issue that voters Consistently say is their top concern The economy President Biden inflation Has slowed but prices remain high since You took office the price of Essentials Has increased for example a basket of Groceries that cost $100 then now costs More than $120 and typical home prices have jumped More than 30% what do you say to voters Who feel they are worse off under your Pres okay so look at at him look at this Clueless Mfer you know and this is just how he's Going to look like I'm going to point it Out but here he is he's listen his first Question does he look like he's got a Confident guy like he's coherent no he's

Not coherent you just have to look at Him is a if you are assessing somebody If an older person is coming in and You're interviewing them or whatever You're assessing them psychologically or Something you look at them and Immediately they present like they're Clueless and have cognitive abilities This is what a person has cognitive Difficulties looks like presidency than They were under President Trump well we Got to take a look at what I was left When I became president that's your Voice coming out that's your freaking Voice I mean he's already low energy but He his voice is horse Mr Trump L me we Had an eon Mr Trump not president Trump Right like he's trying to crap on him Economy that was in freef Fall the Pandemic was so badly handled many People were dying all he said was it's Not that serious just inject a little Bleach into your arm you'll be all right Okay so um they're going to have Factchecking here or they did when it Was live I guess they got rid of it um But they had factchecking I don't know I'll check back later but they were Factchecking Trump mostly but Trump said Inject a little bleach into you wasn't You know like he was saying if there's a Way we could get bleach into people Which was effed up what Trump said but He didn't say just inject a little

Bleach he got worked on Co that's true But it saved his presidential campaign Because they hid him away right the Economy collapsed there were no jobs he Got baited into the economy collapsing That happened so that's bad on Trump but They baited him like the economy was Good it was a false economy because Trump was handing the Comm economy back Over to the bankers and you know that Was not good but you know this is Irrelevant right everything bad in the Economy has happened since Biden's taken Over over in a post Trump era and not That Trump isn't somewhat responsible For setting Biden up but Biden has done Bad job himself but either way it was Going to happen because it's a debt Based system and it was going to Collapse either way neither one of these Guys was going to save it right Unemployment rate Rose to 15% it was Terrible and so what we had to do is try To put things back together again that's Exactly what we began to do we created 15,000 new jobs we brought out the Position 50 ,000 new jobs right say we Created 15,000 new jobs we're we have 800,000 new manufacturing jobs so how Does 800,000 go into 15,000 right so we Said we had 15,000 new jobs and then 800,000 new manufacturing jobs so during The first part of this this era this First couple of times he's responding he

Butchers numbers and get things wrong And it's bad right but he's just not Speaking with any confidence like this Is a holy [ __ ] moment right like people Like holy [ __ ] right but there's more to Be done there's more to be done Workingclass people are still in trouble I come from Scranton Pennsylvania I come Up yeah you come from Scranton sold we At a kitchen table if the things weren't Able to be met during the month it was a A problem price of eggs the price of gas The price of housing the price of a Whole range of things that's why I'm Working so hard to make sure I deal with Those problems and we're going to make Sure that we reduce the price of housing We're going to make sure we build 2 Million new units we're going to make Sure we cap rents so corporate greed Can't take over the combination what I Was left with in corporate greed is the Reason why we're in this problem right Now and so then he knew the first Question is going to be about economy And this is a rehearsed answer and he's Butchered it he's delivered it horribly And you know the um let's go back to it Here addition to that we're in a Situation where if you had take a look At all that was done in his Administration he didn't do much at all By the time he left there things were in Chaos literally chaos and so we put

Things back together we created I said Those jobs we make sure we had a Situation where we now we brought down The price of prescription drugs which is A major issue for many people to $15 for For uh a insulin shot as opposed to $400 No senior has to pay more than $200 for Any drug all the drugs they can conclude Beginning next year and a situation is Make and we're going to make that Available to everybody to all Americans So we're working to bring down the price Of around the kitchen table and that's What we're going to get Done okay so that was horrible and it Gets worse from there the housing market Is Disturbing because they've done Everything in their power to drop Housing prices because it represents Inflation right the housing is up 30% Meaning you know when they've changed The interest rate to give um to drop Housing prices and that didn't work that Meant inflation was worse than they were You know they're trying to Tamp out Inflation inflation they're saying is 20% but it's really like 100% right Thank you president Trump we have the Greatest economy in the history of our Country we have never done so well every Everybody was amazed by it other Countries were copying us we got hit With covid and when we did we spent the

Money necessary so we wouldn't end up in A great dep he got worked by Co but he Is Calm and I guess he knows right now that Biden is bad like he's not going to do a Good job like he must know now that he Just not have to do anything just make It to take away from B like he's very Subtle like you don't see Trump he Subtle right he's reserved which is bad News for Biden right and bad news for The media and everybody else in the Likes of which we had in 1929 by the time we finished so we did a Great job we got a lot of credit for the Economy a lot of credit for the military And no Wars and so many other things Everything was rocking good but the Thing we never got everything was Rocking good the credit for and we Should have is getting us out of that Covid mess uh he created mandates that Was a disaster for our country but other Than that we had we had given them back A a country where the stock market Actually was higher than pre-o and Nobody thought that was even possible uh The only jobs he created are for illegal Immigrants and bounceback jobs bounce Back from the co he has not done a good Job he's done a poor job and inflation's Killing our country it is absolutely Killing us thank you President Biden Well look the greatest econ okay so this

Is not going well for bid you can see It's bad because Trump is you know he's Not being Trump right me in the world He's the only one who thinks that I Think I don't know anybody else who Thinks he's the greatest economy in the World and you know the fact of the Matter is that uh we pl ourselves in a Situation where his his economy he Rewarded the wealthy he had the largest Tax cut in American history $2 trillion He raised a deficit larger than any President has in any one term he's the Only President other than Herbert Hoover Who's had lost more jobs than he had When he began since Herbert Hoover see The whole thing when they work Trump on Covid they used that against him they Pushed him they baited him into closing Down the economy and then destroyed him In the you know debates and everything Else about how the effects of him Closing down the economy even though he Was pressured and he fell for it but Like that's all they have right like Before that and again Trump's economy Was a false economy because he turned Over the you know the he he undid all The stuff that the bankers all the Restrictions the bankers and the stock Market the Brokers and things had in the Um you know after the E economic Meltdown 2008 and so it's only a matter Of time before that caught up to him or

Somebody but either way the debt-based Economy the user economy has been on the Brink of collapsing for 40 years because The debts too out of you know the debts Out of hand you know they're too big to Fail stuff and so somebody's going to Get stuck with that right the idea that He did something that was significant in The military you know when he was President there were still killing People in Afghanistan he didn't do Anything about that when he was President and we were still find Ourselves in a position where you had a Notion that we were this safe country The truth is I'm the only President this Century that doesn't have any this this Decade that don't any troops dying Anywhere in the world like he did so He's getting decades and centuries Confused and Trump did a much better job At not starting Wars or continuing Wars Or or all the military stuff or all the The stuff with terrorists like Trump got Rid of um you know Isis and all these Things because it was a CIA asset right But none of these things are important Because you know it's what who you Believe and what who you who's who's Responsible for who's the authority in Your mind who's somebody that you trust Who's somebody you can believe in in Terms of any of these issues and so That's that's going to be whatever it is

This is about his weak ass voice and his Incoherence right so much so that the Democrats are like oh my God this guy's Way worse uh president Trump I want to Follow up if I can you want I allow to Respond to him well I'm going to ask you A followup you can do whatever you want With the minute that we give you um so Him asking that means that he knows he Doesn't have to be Trump and be Overbearing which is really always Played bad for him so these are where The rules are helping Trump as you look Forward as you as you see this there's a Few times that Trump T tried to respond But the microphone cut him off and if You know anything about independent Voters and people who aren't you know Undecided Trump's bullying and talking Over and interrupting people played Poorly it's something that Trump liked In the boardroom when The Apprentice but It was annoying like it makes you angry At him you know you you dislike the guy But he's not doing that because the Rules they put in to help Biden and Prevent Trump from doing that and maybe Biden would have been a little bit more Rattled if Trump did that but it would Have been about Trump interrupting it Would have about been about Trump being Rude that's how they would have Categorized the debate so these rules Helped Trump and nobody saw that coming

And Trump is being completely like calm And I don't know how the end of debate But like I said I watch the first third Of it but him doing that has made Biden Stick out as somebody who's mentally Incompetent so they screwed themselves So bad by these rules and Trump is like Doing a masterful job of controll in his Impulses and his trumpisms right I I Want to follow up you you want to impose A 10% tariff on all Goods coming into The US how will you ensure that that Doesn't drive prices even higher it's Not going to drive them higher it's just Going to cause countries that have been Ripping us off for years like China and Many others in all fairness to China It's going to just force them to pay us A lot of money reduce our deficit Tremendously and give us a lot of power For other things but he would he made a Statement the only thing he was right About is I gave you the largest tax cut In his okay look at him look at him look At how clueless he is see this doesn't Matter Trump just has to talk calmly and He's more credible because this is what He's up against whatever he's saying It's a competent person mentally Competent person and this guy look at Him look at this ghoul right here look At him right and he just keeps on being Like this the whole time history I also Gave you the largest regulation cut in

History that's why we had all the jobs And the jobs went down and then they Bounced back and he's taking credit for Bounceback jobs you can't do that he Also said he inherited 9% inflation no He inherited almost no inflation and it Stayed that way for 14 months and then It blew up under his leadership because They spent money like a bunch of people That didn't know what they were doing And they don't know what they were doing It was the worst probably the worst Administration in history there's never Been and as far as Afghanistan is Concerned I was getting out of Afghanistan but we were getting out with Dignity with strength with power he got Out it was the most embarrassing day in The history of our country's life President Trump over the LA look at him Last 8 years under both of your Administrations the national debt soared To record highs and according to a new Nonpartisan look at keeping his his Ghoul ho hole just lay laying open Hereis president Trump your Administration approved $8.4 trillion in New debt while so far President Biden You've approved $4.3 trillion in new Debt so former president Trump many of The tax cuts that you signed into law Are set to expire next year you want to Extend them and go even further you say With the US facing trillion dollar

Deficits and record debt why should top Earners and corporations pay even less In taxes than they do now because the Tax cuts spurred the greatest economy That we've ever seen just prior to co And even after Co it was so strong that We were able to get through Co much Better than just about any other country But we spurred that tax spurred now when We cut the taxes as an example the uh Corporate tax was cut down to 21% from 39% plus beyond that uh we took in more Revenue with much less tax and companies Were bringing back trillions of dollars Back into our country the country was Going like never before and we were Ready to start paying down debt we're Ready to start using the liquid gold Right under our feet the oil and gas Right under our feet we were going see Again if you're not somebody who's going To do any kind of research who are you Going to believe like Trump sounds Convincing he's a good salesman and he's Doing the best job he's ever done in These debates of just selling in a you Know not a blow like a bloated Egotistical way I he's still a little Bit braggadocious he's always going to Be narcissistic but he's doing them you Know he's confident and Joe Biden is Crapping himself on the other side right Going to have something that nobody else Has had we got hit with Co we did a lot

To fix it I gave him an unbelievable Situ sitation with all of the Therapeutics and all of the things that Look at his look there right came up With we gave him something great let's Wait let's take a look here got rid of The chat um they had when MSNBC first Started this uh I saw this last night I I look pulled this up the on the on the Side of the where the chat is they were Factchecking Trump live factchecking and They got rid of it but this is how much They're rigging it against Trump And yet you know with all the Advantages Biden is just scile like you Can't change that like you can't make That better you can't hide that like I Said it's the easiest thing to diagnose Remember more people died under his Administration even though we had Largely fixed it more people died under His administration than our Administration and we were right in the Middle of it something which a lot of People don't like to talk about but he Had far more people dying in his Administration He did the mandate which is a disaster Mandating it the vaccine went out he did A mandate on the vaccine which is the Thing that people most objected to about The vaccine and he did a very poor job Just a very poor job and I will tell That Crooked Smile tell you not only

Poor there but throughout the entire World we're no longer respected as a Country they don't respect our Leadership they don't respect the United States anymore we're like a third world Leadership between weaponization of his Election trying to go after his Political opponent all of the things He's done we've become like a third World nation and it's a shame the damage He's done to our country and I'd love to Ask him and will why he allowed millions Of people to come in here from prisons Jails and mental institutions to come Into our country and destroy our country President Trump we will get to Immigration uh later in this block President Biden uh I want to give you an Opportunity to respond to this question About the national Debt so this the thing is that Trump is Going in on how incompetent he is as a President and his crapping the bed here [ __ ] in the bed here ain't helping like This is again Trump is calm way calmer Than ever seen it's almost like they Give him something to calm him down and Be less of a dick right and like this is A disaster for Biden you now see that Not having an audience he's just out There on his own fairly without Trump Interrupting him without Trump doing Anything that's going to prevent Biden From failing right and so this is a

Disaster like nobody probably saw this Being this bad they thought they'd give Him some of his his talky pills right Second I've asked Congress to increase My dosage of T pills he had the largest National debt of any president four-year Period number one number two he that $2 Trillion tax C benefited the very Wealthy now what I'm going to do is fix The tax system for example we have a Thousand trillionaires in America like Clear your throat mfer I mean Billionaires in America and what's Happening okay listen to this right so This is where math just Sucks exle we have a thousand Trillionaires in America I mean Billionaires in America and what's Happening they're in a situation where They in fact pay 8.2% in taxes if they Just paid 24% or 25% either one of those Numbers they'd raise $500 million Billion dollars I should say in a 10 Okay so year period in a 10-year period So like let's get into what he just said Here first he said we have a thousand Trillionaires but then he Chang it to Billionaires and they said if they paid 24% tax instead of 8% they would raise $500 Million and then he said no $500 billion Do in a 10-year period we'd be able to WR wipe out his debt we'd be able to Help make sure that we' be able to wipe

Out his debt with $500 billion we are $34 trillion in debt just for the National clock and UNF unfounded Liabilities between Medicaid and Medicare it's like $60 trillion and That's not even part of the budget and He's saying you could wipe that off with 500 billion dollar you gave the Ukraine 200 billion billion right like he's just He he doesn't have his number straight And he's making all these mistakes and It's his delivery right his clueless Deliverance boy you know all these Things right his weird chin like they Did something to his chin and now it's Backfiring like they botoxed it all Those things we need to do Child Care Elder Care making sure that we continue To strengthen our health care System Making sure that we're able to make Every single solitary Person eligible for what I've been able To do with the uh Trump's like a bitter Grumpy old guy but he's restraining Himself and like he just was better than Biden like that's just I Mean with with with the co excuse me With um dealing with everything we have To do with uh Look if we finally beat Medicare thank You president so Jake Tapper like this Watch it again he Jake Tapper saves him Right um you know Jake he just saves him From like his own like babbling but he

Says something horrible for him at the End of that right and so here we go co Excuse me with um dealing with Everything we have to do with Uh Look if we finally beat Medicare thank You President Biden president Trump he Right he did beat Medicare he beat it to Death and he's destroying Medicare Because so this is what that woman was Saying about him feeding in there's fish Boy him feeding in look at him like he Just realized he's like and then he's Must have he must forget how bad he does Because he's looking at himself like oh My God I I don't like I can't articulate Stuff the words aren't coming right he Just babbled on and then he said he just Talked about Medicare that had nothing To do with anything to do with what he's Talking about and he's like he looks Like oh my God I'm losing it like I'm Just he's confused and helpless because All of these people are coming in They're putting them on Medicare they're Putting them on Social Security they're Going to destroy Social Security this Man is going to single-handedly destroy Social Security these millions and Millions of people coming in they're Trying to put them on Social Security he Will wipe out Social Security he will Look he's just lost all confidence wipe Out Medicare so he was right in the way

He finished that sentence and it's a Shame what's happened to our country in The last four years is not to be Believed foreign countries I'm friends With a lot of people they cannot believe What happened to the United States of And you know like what he's saying is Being echoed they go them going with Split screen is destroying Biden because Everything he's saying is written all Over his face that the guy is mentally Incompetent America we're no longer Respected they they don't like us we Give them everything they want and they They think we're stupid they think we're Very stupid people what we're doing for Other countries and they do nothing for Us what this man has done is absolutely Criminal thank you president Trump Danana this is so Biden was trying to Respond but he's you know his mic got Cut off and so that is you know just one Of the moments where you're like how was Well that was where I I went and I Started to record what CN CNN was going To say afterwards because I wanted to See how they were going to spin spin That mfers right spin what you just saw There that is one scile mfer okay okay So I covered this yesterday we'll go Back to the debate so this is epic right Here so this is Dandy Don Lemons and This is Jen Aenar and you know they go at it over

Biden's Senility and he says you know and I'm Going to cover this later in the video It's going to look repetitive but I'm Going to have a different take because I What I did before what you're going to See later is pre-debate right you know What they say that Joe Biden is they're Saying you know can't old is you know What uh that Joe Biden is uh scile They're saying all these things I'm not And all you okay what you're saying Today right and so um I'll look to see If he he has an update but you're going To have to say something today because He was Cena and it was obvious he was And it's your job and everyone's job as A reporter to make sure your president Isn't scile because a scile president You know either there's no real President and he's completely handled or Fenale president is a disaster and he's A disaster bro and so he um they're all Covering for them but now of course They've bailed you have to do is turn on Conservative Media or read conservative Media and you you'll hear and see all Those things I think you're being biased Because you ran against Joe Biden and Know you don't like him and you think Whatever I just think you're not living In reality pathetic and he's definitely Going to lose I don't know how much Clearer I need to be why do you want to

Lose to Trump you make this great I'm Not saying I want to lose to Trump I'm Just saying that's the only alternative He's saying he's the only alternative Right he's saying he's the only Alternative and they get in he just Beats him down um shenai Angar you'll You'll see this later in my VI in you Know this video here U but he um you Know He's saying he's the only alternative And that's the problem for all the you Know Biden people is that he is the only Alternative because they can't run kamla Gavin nome's possibly could be Trump I Don't know what he's pulling at but he Ran California into the ground so it Would have to be American people being More clueless than normal and you know Trump looks pretty good at this point And I don't want Trump to win I want Trump to disappear and not that I want Gavin Newsome or anybody it doesn't Really matter I don't know if there's a Third party candidate that could win and I don't want Kennedy I mean they're all Going to they all suck I don't care you know who wins I just Want Trump and Biden to disappear but What I really want which is happening Right now is all these people to be Wrong and us to be right because we had To live with this forever you know us Being right it was constantly happening

And then eventually it comes out and it Came out in a kaboom type Way painful disastrous an utter train Wreck you guys what I'm talking about But that's the sentiment really the word Some top Democrats including folks in The white house that's what they're Using to describe President Joe Biden's Performance at the CNN debate on Thursday night okay was it that Bad the answer is yeah I thought it was Pretty bad there's no way To okay so this is just in I'm Meditating I'm going to cover this Tomorrow this Lincoln project which is a Disaster I mean but like he has to Reverse his position And so he was saying Joe Biden wasn't C Now but we just saw he was this minute I Steuart Stevens is there steart I'm Going to introduce you in a second but Let me just get these thoughts out and Then I you have a wealth of knowledge And experience I'm sure you're going to Disagree with me but I think Biden President Biden failed to clear This very very low bar that all of those Magga Republicans including the President conservative media that they Set for him basically saying that he was Going to Keel over on stage he had this Raspy voice it was Hal voice was Meandering answers he was all right so We'll cover this tomorrow so him having

To admit like all these people he was Saying he wasn't scile two days ago Whatever it was when he was interviewing That guy Jen anger but you know it Happened right and so we'll get into This as I do more coverage on Saturday Okay so I just turned on the news I went And took a break for lunch I want to get This thing done as soon as possible for The obvious reasons right and so MSNBC And CNN are in complete free fall and They're vacillating between how bad the Debate was and maybe there's some Concerted effort this was done purposely To undermine Joe Biden and slide him out Of there and then get a new guy in there New person with just enough time for the Final debate in September and then get The you know the election done with Whatever is going on with Trump like who Trump could be in jail we don't even Know right so there's some doubt about How this is going to finish up right and So this is going to be a bizarre Election because of that aside from all The rigging and you know Federman gave a A comment which I'll probably cover Tomorrow because I'm going to do this You know second part of this debate then Um you know that this is no time to bail On him and look at the bit the bad Debate I had doesn't make him man you Know he's scile right I mean we now know Everyone should know that bill Biden has

Dementia like he has broken down me Mally and he is not a you know he is a Vacant uh like a vacant lot right he's Vacant eyes and just all these things Which we noticed for I mean it's been Since 2019 it's got progressively worse He can't serve even now he should leave His job now he can't do the job but part Of what they're saying is let's wait and See because people hate Trump at least Lots of people hate Trump and and how Bad has the deterioration be to Americans in terms of their ability to Accept something like this right like Can they accept this guy even though He's seile that he won't even be President he'll be more or less just a Meat puppet up there and that he's Better than Trump like part of them is Seeing how Americans react to this Debate and poll numbers and things Before they pressure him out of there And this is like how bad it is right I Mean the Democratic part's in full panic Mode so as the media I mean they're Actually saying that they're saying that In all these broadcasts they're in full Panic mode and why would they ever say That right I want to see the morning Joe Reaction tomorrow um you know this is Going to be a long video but we're going To get back into the debate in a second Here but that's their reaction right Like how bad are the American people's

Expectations how low are they and what They'll tolerate as president and this Is everything you need to know about the Apocalypse this is what I'm saying this Is the best you could produce they're Talking about like I just turned off um MSNBC and there was a white woman on There going you know you have some young Girl 30s going you know they they don't Dislike Joe Biden they just don't think He's up to the job they hate Donald Trump and I'm like well there's plenty Of people hate Biden like you're ruling All those people out this isn't about His likability Factor the guy's a career Politician and he he's been doing this For 40 years and so he's mentally Breaken broken down they talk about how He restored confidence when he gave that Epic what they're calling an epic State Of the Union but he was showing signs of Dementia there they said but well he was Reading from a script and when he was Just you know they've been hiding him That's what Andrea Mitchell said they've Been hiding protecting Joe Biden well They only are doing that because he's Got dementia you don't have to do that If he doesn't have dementia they've been Hiding him for you know they hit him With covid Remember when he was campaigning with Covid he'd only go on like one campaign Event and he was going like there was

One he was in a car and all the other People are in cars and he they're all Wearing masks you know the masks help Protect his face from you looking at it Right and so Co helped him look like he Was an you know a candidate that could Could do the job because he wasn't Really campaigning he wasn't going to The rigor of campaigning and then of Course they rolled out the the absentee Ballot mail in ballots and that helped Them we know right so you know the Reality of it again who who says how Much this is real and staged but the Democratic party is you know partly in Panic mode and partly seeing what the American people will tolerate because we Don't even know if they're going to get Rid of this guy I mean they have to but They don't have to right and we're going To see what happens and that's all kind Of Epic too okay so let's get back into It here the first presidential election Since the Supreme Court over overturn Roie Wade so they went from the economy Which was a killer for Joe Biden that's One of the reasons why people and that's Their number one concern and he flubbed That but now he has a chance to redeem Himself because the majority of people Are on his side for abortion and that Can tell you where the moral compass is For Americans like I've talked about This before abortion is certainly murder

But it's become something that without It the system would collapse even faster And harder than it is now Because of all those unwanted B I mean All the stuff that's happening right but Here's something Joe Biden should slam Dunc and he doesn't this morning the Court ruled on yet another abortion case Temporarily allowing emergency abortions To continue in Idaho despite that State's restrictive ban former president Trump you take credit for the decision To overturn roie Wade which returned the Issue of abortion to the states correct However the federal government still Plays a role in whether or not women Have access to abortion Pills they're used in about 23ds of all Abortions as president would you block Abortion medication first of all the Supreme Court just approved the abortion Bill and I agree with their decision to Have done that and I will not block it And if you look at this whole question That you're asking a complex but not Really complex 51 years ago you had Ro v Wade and everybody wanted to get it back To the States everybody without except Look at him look at Joe Biden you you're Supposed to be here Democrats Republicans at it's just the Grimace Liberals conservatives everybody wanted It back religious leaders and what I did Is I put three great Supreme Court

Justices on the court and they happened To vote in favor of killing Ro v Wade And moving it back to the States this is Something that everybody wanted now 10 Years ago or so they said talking about How many weeks and how many this getting Into other things but every legal Scholar throughout the world is look Right here and I said to my wife you Know he looks like he's in the middle of The road and there are two giant you Know those sort of big monster trucks With the jacked up wheels and the big Flood lights on top with you know High You know like really intense lumens you Know in terms of the lights 500 whatever The the top lumens is you could have a Car and he's standing in the middle of The road being blinded like a deer about To get run over completely confused Right or like he's you know somebody Like walking into a nightclub who's old And you're looking around and just Confused like somebody who's wandering Around the the um retirement home and You know looking like this lost and not Knowing where they are what to do right Completely unaware of his surroundings The most respected wanted it brought Back to the States I did that now the States are working it out if you look at Ohio it was a decision that was it was An end result that was a little bit more Liberal than you would have thought uh

Kansas I would say the same thing uh Texas is different Florida is different But they're all making their own Decisions right now and right now the States control it that's the vote of the People like Ronald Reagan I believe in The exceptions I am a person that Believes and so Trump is also you know When you hear him at his rallies and you Hear him in his interviews he's radical And he says things that will be Unacceptable to the average voter to the You know look at it look how clueless he Looks right and you know he just doesn't Tamp it down he doesn't restrain himself But he's doing a great job here that's Why this is disturbing as much as they Want to say he did a bad job this is as Good as a performance you can get from Trump Trump's always going to be an A-hole he's always going to be arrogant He's always going to be narcissistic but He's really dialed it that back And he looks just more presidential and Joe Biden's lost right so this is Something Trump should be getting killed On and they say he doesn't answer a lot Of the questions and I he didn't answer The stuff on about the big event in January you know the January 6 thing but He does talk you know he gives answers About something else right I mean he Kind of answers in a sideways way but He's not avoiding this issue he's taking

It head ond even though it's a it's his Biggest losing issue The Biggest Loser For Trump is that 60% Americans want Roie wade back frankly I think it's Important to believe in the exceptions Some people you have to follow your Heart some people don't believe in that But I believe in the exceptions for rape Incest also um go back to that and the Life of the mother I think it's very Important some people don't follow your Heart but you have to get elected also And because that has to do with other Things you got to get elected the Problem they have is they're radical Because they will take the life of a Child in the e8th month the ninth month And even after birth after birth if you Look at the former governor of Virginia He was willing to do this he said we'll Put the baby aside and we'll determine What we do with the baby meaning we'll Kill the baby what happened is we Brought it back to the states and the Country is now coming together on this Issue it's been a great thing thank you President Biden Co this is a big moment It's been a terrible thing what you've Done the fact is that the vast majority Of tion Scholars support it row when it Was decided support it row and that was That's this idea that they were all Against it it's just ridiculous and this Is the guy who says the state should be

Able to have it we're in a state where In six weeks you don't even know whether You're pregnant or not but you cannot See a doctor have your and have him Decide on what your circumstances are Whether you need help the idea that Again he he's butchering those answers Like he doesn't you don't know what he's Talking about right I assume he's trying To say that going to see a doctor who Can say that you're eligible for an Abortion or not but that's not what he's Saying because he says this over and Over again where he's been trying to Make it sound like it's the Doctor's Choice and not the woman's right states Are able to do this is a little like Saying we're going to turn civil rights Back to the States Let each state have a Different rule look there's so many Young women who have been including a Young woman who just was murdered and he He went to the funeral uh the idea that She was murdered by a by by an immigrant Coming in they talk about that but Here's see he shouldn't be said that That's Trump's talking point he Shouldn't be talking about the woman who Was murdered by an immigrant because Trump has already brought that up and They they're not even on immigration yet Which is Trump's biggest issue the Economy certainly but immigration he's Getting killed on immigration so he just

Talked about an immigrant killing a Person why in the world would he do that Like he's setting Trump up there like He's just he's babbling incoherently and He's he's I mean he needs to go like in Damage control mode there's a deal There's a lot of young women are being Raped by their by their in-laws by their By by their spouses brothers and sisters By their brothers and Sisters so like let's listen to that Whole little thing again here so he Brings up immigrants killing people Which is what he doesn't want to do and Then he's here he goes murdered and he He went to the funeral and the idea that She was murdered by a by by an immigrant Coming in they talk about that but Here's the deal there's a lot of young Women are being raped by their by their In-laws by their by by their spouses Brothers and sisters by this this not Immigrants raping and killing people It's also brothers and sisters like he's Losing it right just it's it's just Ridiculous and they can do nothing about It it's just ridiculous and they can do Nothing about it Oh you mean an abortion What about stopping their brothers and Sisters from aring them like the whole Thing like it's I [Laughter] Mean and they tried to arrest him on the Cross state line thank you there have

Been many young women murdered by the Same people he allows to come across our Border you just reminded him of that Like you just handed Trump that right we Have a border that's the most dangerous Place anywhere in the world consider the Most dangerous you're supposed to be Talking about a You've handed Trump by bringing up Immigrants into this you've handed Trump Another way because it's they're still Going to talk about immigration you just Handed Trump another way that he can Bring this up and blame you for this Right place anywhere in the world and he Opened it up and these killers are Coming into our country and they are Raping and killing women and it's a Terrible thing as far as the abortion is Concerned it is now back with the states The states are voting uh in many cases The it's frankly a very liberal decision In many cases it's the opposite but They're voting and it's bringing it back To the vote of the people which is what Everybody wanted including the founders If they knew about this issue which Frankly they didn't but they would have Everybody wanted brought back Ronald Reagan wanted it brought back he wasn't Able to get it everybody wanted it Brought back and many presidents had Tried to get it back I was the one to do It and again this gives it the vote of

The people and that's where they wanted It every legal scholar Wanted It That Way staying on the topic of abortion President Biden seven states I'll let You do that this look he's confused like We're staying on the topic Joe he Doesn't even he can't even this is the Same topic seven states have no legal Restrictions on how far into a pregnancy A woman can obtain she's handing him Something right she's handing him Something that the majority of Americans Are for but look at his freaking f look At his [ __ ] face right here an Abortion do you support any legal limits On late a woman should be able to Terminate a pregnancy I supported row v Wade which had three trimesters the First time is between the woman and the Doctor second time is between the doctor And an extreme situation the third time Is between the doctor I mean between the Woman and the state the idea that the Politicians so um you know that's how Triester Work the founders wanted the politicians To be the ones making decision decision About women's health is ridiculous That's the last no politician should be Making that decision a doctor should be Making those decisions that's how it Should be run that's what you're going To do and if I'm elected I'm going to Restore roie weade so that means he can

Take the life of the baby in the ninth Month and even after birth because some States Democrat run take it after birth Again the governor for look look look Former governor of Virginia put the baby Down then we decide what to do with it So he's in he's willing to as we say rip The baby out of the womb in the ninth Month and kill the baby nobody wants That to happen democrat or republican Nobody wants it to happen you're lying That is simply not true so they turned His microphone back on and they Shouldn't have because they gave him a Follow-up question the roie way does not Provide for that that's not the Circumstance only if a woman's life is In danger she's going to die that's the Only circumstance which that can happen But we are not for late term abortion Period period period under Ro v Wade you Have late term abortion you can do Whatever you want depending on the state You can do whatever you want we don't Think that's a good thing we think it's A radical thing we think the Democrats Are the radicals not the Republicans for 51 years that was a law 51 years Constitutional scholarship said it was The right way to go 50 constitutional Scholarships so he meant constitutional Scholars and there's just so many of These I'm I'm not pointing them all out Like the Babbling and mispronouncing

Words One years and it was taken away because This guy put very conservative members On the Supreme Court he takes credit for Taking it away what's he going to do What's he going to do in fact if the if The mag what's he going to do when he Comes for you Republicans he Bad Boys it's elected and the Maga Republicans control the Congress and They pass an Universal van on abortion Period across the board at 6 weeks or Seven or eight or 10 weeks something Very very conservative is he going to Sign that bill I'll veto it he'll sign It thank you let's turn down to the Issue of immigration and Border okay so This is a big issue for Trump here Security President Biden a record number Of migrants have illegally crossed the Southern border on your watch Overwhelming border states and Overburdening cities such as New York And Chicago and in some cases causing Real Safety and Security concerns given That why should voters trust you to Solve this crisis because we worked very Hard to get a bipartisan agreement that Not only changed all of that made sure That we were in a situation where you Had no his voice I mean just his whole Voice his voice is so weak I mean it's You can't have that right when your job Is basically to be a public speaker more

Than anything else and he's not doing That he's not doing interviews he's not Campaigning he's not out there in front Or protecting him and it shows up in his Voice this big moment his voice is weak And horse and you know all these things Circumstance where they could come Across the border with the number of Border Police there are now we Significantly increased the number of Asylum officers significantly by the way The border patrol endorsed me endorsed My position in addition nobody believes That bro to that we find ourselves in a Situation where when he was president he Was taking separating babies from their Mothers putting them in cages making Sure they were the families were Separated that's not the right way to go What I've done okay so the camera here Is making him pop a little bit but Trump Is 63 64 he's 6 feet Trump is 3 in Taller and you know with his hair too he Should be looking taller I think that They Pro Biden up a little bit here you Can see it from a different angle and Since I've changed the law what happened I've changed he looks almost taller than Trump here and so they I mean they've Done everything possible to make this Situation as uh as gentle and as easy For Biden to win or do well and he's Failed they changed the rules they Everything that they've done but he's

Scile like he's got dementia you can't Hide that right and they've been hiding It but you can't hide it here in a way That now you're in a situation where They're 40% fewer people coming across The border legally that's better than When he left office and I'm going to Continue to move until we get the total Ban on the the the total initiative Relative to what we can do with more Border patol and more Asylum officers President Trump I really don't know what He said at the end of that sentence I Don't think he knows what he said either Look and so that was one of the Kaboom Like he's he's feeding Trump those Things like he just is I mean it's Brutal we had the safest Border in the History of our country the B all he had To do was leave it all he had to do is Leave it he decided to open up our Border open up our country to people That are from prisons people that are From mental institutions insane asylum Terrorists we have the largest number of Terrorists coming into our country right Now all terrorists all over the world Not just in South America all over the World they come from the Middle East Everywhere all over the world they're Pouring in and this guy just left it Open and he didn't need legislation Because I didn't have legislation I said Close the border we had the safest

Border in history in that final couple Of months of my presidency we had According to border patrol who is great And by the way who endorsed me for President but I won't say that but The endorse me for president Brandon Just speak to him but look we had the Safest Border in history now we have the Worst Border in history there's never Been anything like it and people are Dying all over the place including the People that are coming up in pres Trum President Biden the only terrorist whove Done anything crossing the border is one Who came along and killed K three and His administration kill an Al-Qaeda Person come in in his administration Kill three American soldiers kill three American soldiers that's the only Terrorist that's there I'm not saying no Terrorist ever got through but the idea They're emptying their prisons we're We're welcoming these people that's Simply not true there's no data to Support what he said okay so where are You going to get the data when people Are coming in you think they're bringing They're coming in and with a prison Identification or terrorist identif Ification you don't know what the people Are coming in they're going to lie to You if they're undesirables you think They're going to come in and say hey Mean these people are coming in and

They're never even interacting with any Officials because they're not going Through immigration you have no idea Where they're from to say there's no Data well of course you haven't talked To them you don't even know who the People are you don't even know how many There are right but if people are Pouring over the borders anybody can Come in and it could be criminals and Mental institution people it could be Some good folks It's but doesn't matter like it's a Disaster you can't have this happening The border is one of the you know Biggest issues and he's he just lost on Roie Wade and now he's babbling about This right once again he's exaggerating He's lying president Trump um staying on The topic of immigration you've said That you're going to carry out quote the Largest domestic deportation operation In American history unquote does that Mean that you will Deport every Undocumented IM immigrant in America Including those who have jobs including Those whose spouses are citizens and Including those who have lived here for Decades and if so how will you do it uh Just one second he said we killed three People the people we killed are Al bag Daddy and salaman the two greatest Terrorist biggest terrorists anywhere in The world and it had a huge impact on

Everything not just border on everything He's the one to kill people with the bad Water including hundreds of thousands of People dying and also killing our Citizens when they come in we we are Living right now in A Rat's Nest they're Killing our people in New York in California in every state in the Union Because we don't have borders anymore Every state is now a border and because Of his ridiculous insane and very stupid Policies people are coming in and They're killing our citizens at a level That we've never said we call it migrant Crime I call it Biden migrant crime They're killing our citizens at a level That we've never seen before and you're Reading it like these three incredible Young girls over the last few days one Of them I just spoke to the mother and They just had the funeral for this girl 12 years old this is horrible what's Taking place what's taking place in our Country we're literally an uncivilized Country now he doesn't want it see he's Totally believable cuz B's failing like If one person looks fenile then the Other person is you know looks rational And Trump is doing it his best job to be Restrained to be he just doesn't know he Opened the borders nobody's ever seen Anything like and we have to get a lot Of these people out and we have to get Them out fast because they're going to

Destroy our country just take a look at Where they're living they're living in Luxury hotels in New York City and other Places our veterans are on the street They're dying because he doesn't care About our veterans he doesn't care he Doesn't like the military at all and he Doesn't care about our veterans nobody Been worse I had the highest approval Rate for veterans taking care of the VA He has the worst he's gotten rid of all The things that I approved chice that I Got through Congress all of the Different things I approved they Abandoned we had by far the highest and Now it's down in less than half because He's done all these great things that we Did and I think he did it just because I Approved it which is crazy but he has Killed so many people at our border by Allowing all of these people to come in Very sad day in America President Biden You have the mic every single thing he Said is a lie Every single one for example veterans Are a hell of a lot better off since I P Passed the pack act 1 million of them Now have insurance and their families Have it their families have it because What happened whether it was agent Orange or burn pits they're all being Covered now and he oppos his group Opposed that we're also in a situation Where we have great respect for veterans

My SP my son spent a year in Iraq living One next to one of those burn pits came Back with stage four G blastoma I was Read so bringing up his son that died is A mistake because he wants to talk Hunter right in in in France for D-Day And I spoke to all about those he pooped His pants There that's it's it was poop day heroes That died I went to the World War II Cemetery wait wait I missed this part Here that also look at his chin recently In in in France for a D-Day and I spoke To all about those Heroes that died I Went to the World War II Cemetery world I spoke to those Heroes that Died like just really bad to the World War II Cemetery World War I Cemetery he Refused to go to he was standing with His fourstar General and he told me he Said I don't want to go in there because They're a bunch of losers and suckers my Son was not a loser was not a sucker You're the sucker you're the Loser this is not a good moment for him Because they want to make Trump un hedge They want to make Trump be the one who's Insulting people they want to make Trump Unlikable and they've gotten rid of the Rules to make Trump not do those things Trump is being reserved and he's the one Calling names and these things right President Trump uh first of all that was A madeup quote suckers and losers they

Made it up it was in a third rate Magazine that's failing like many of These magazines uh he made that up he Put it in commercials we've notified him We had 19 people that said I didn't say It and think of this who would say I'm At a cemetery or I'm talking about our Veterans because nobody's taken better Care I'm so glad this came up and he Brought it up again walked into it right There's nobody that's taken better care Of our soldiers than I have to think That I would in front of generals and Others say suckers and losers we have 19 People that said it was never said by me It was made up by him just like Russia Russia Russia was made up just like the 51 intelligence agents are made up Just like the new thing with the 16 Economists are talking it's the same Thing 51 intelligence agents said that The laptop was Russia disinformation it Wasn't that came from his son Hunter it Wasn't Russia disinformation he made up The suckers and losers so he should Apologize to me right now fourar J so he Just walked into that like he keeps on Feeding Trump talking points General Standing to your side was on your staff Who said you said it period that's Number one And number two the idea the idea that I Have to apologize to you for anything Along the line we've done more for

Veterans than any president has in American history American history and They now are in their family the only Sacred obligation we have as a country Is to care for our veterans when they Come home and their families and equip Them when they go to war that's what We're doing that's what the VA is doing Now they're doing more for veterans than Ever before in our history all right Thank you so much let's move to the Topic of foreign okay so it's going to Come back back to the veterans Trump's Going to bring it around I want to wrap Let's just wrap this up here policy I Want to begin with Russia's war against Ukraine which is now in its third year Former president Trump Russian President Vladimir Putin says he'll only end this War if Russia keeps the Ukrainian Territory it is already claimed and Ukraine abandons its bid to join NATO Are Putin's terms acceptable to you First of all our veterans and our Soldiers can't stand this guy they can't Stand him they think he's the worst Commanderin-chief if that's what you Call him that we've ever had they can't Stand him so let's get that straight Okay so I just want to end there because That was an exchange but he did a good Job of waiting for his turn again like He's overperforming he's getting rid of The things that make Trump

Unlikable and this format is killing it For him and Biden looking confused Confused and Biden just doesn't know What to say like he's lost and he's just Um you know he's seile like it's scile And it's evident and this is like their You know coming home party so I'll cover This again tomorrow I got some I want to Look at how MSNBC reacted to the debate At first glance because that's coming up Here in the same video I want to see how They reacted at Mor and Joe going to see What Don Lemons has to say and then Cover the rest of the Debate okay so Biden went on the Campaign Trail and he well this is what He [Applause] Said thank you thank you thank [Applause] You W thank you North [Applause] Carolina I get in trouble with my mom Looking Down Heaven if I don't say Please excuse my back I Apologize it's good knowing you have my [Applause] Back Eric thanks for that introduction we had A wonderful time spending time with your Sons Christian and Carter we're going to Grow up to be incredible young men you Had been really impressed the way they

Talked about their dad how informed they Were about what was going on I was truly Impressed and I ate two Hamburgers so here he rep he talks about The Debate now folks I don't know what you Did last night but I spent 90 stage 90 Minutes 90 stage on the stage debating a Guy who has the morals of an Alleycat woo Aly cat Woo did you see Trump last Night my guess he said I mean sincerely A new record for the most lies told in a Single Debate we lied about the great economy He created he lied about the pandemic he Bots killing millions of People he closed businesses he closed Schools losing their homes people all Over this country America was flat on us Back so I told Trump that it was just One of two presidents of American History who left office with fewer jobs Than he started Herbert Hoover was the other one that's Why I call him Donald Herbert Hoover Trump woo you your insult games on point [Music] Woo then he lied about how great he was For Veterans then I told him how he had Called a veteran who had given their Lives in the country in World War I and Refused to go to the grave sites he

Called them suckers and Losers he tried to deny it but let me Ask you are you going to believe a Fourstar Marine General his own former Chief of Staff John Kelly who said he Said that or disgrace defea a line Donald Trump my son was one of those people my Son was a sucker and a loser I mean you Know the other one a War folks look how about the fact that 44 Four more years four more years four More years so they really got this crowd Pumped up um so I don't know if this was Pre-planned How about the Fact that's Okay how about the fact that 40 okay Let's get to the part where he talks About his own problems so the guy must Have said Trump's name 40 times I could Count it I'm not going to but this is His big sort of re you know his uh Showing everybody that he's not seen a Folks let me close with this I know I'm Not a young Man St the obvious well I Know he just people don't get that Excited over him these are either paid People or I These are all campaign I mean this is Not a typical Joe Biden rally Right

Well I Don't Folks I don't walk as easy as I used to I don't speak as smoothly as I used to I Don't de debate as well as I used to But I know what I do know I know how to Tell the Truth okay that's never been your strong Suit and you're scile right it's just Those are all signs of senility he's Doing better today than he did last Night but this is some kind of propped Up event and you know not taking Responsibility for what's going on here Um you know he knows he knows how to Tell the truth and so the rest of the Video was one I made earlier there was a Movie clip I'm gonna put it up for Members I have a separate Standalone Video I can do that um I bust out the Honey bit you know what I used to do Honey you know this I haven't done that In a while I was looking forward to Showing everyone that but it got Copyrighted like these goofy uh you know Whatever it is um this movie studio but Anyways let's get into the video so I Made this video before the debate and a Lot of it is um you know it's kind of Interesting have the the perspective of You know the things that were going on Before the debate and how I was feeling About let's Okay greetings brothers and Sisters uh I got an Alex Jones update

Bunch of stuff today today is the Wednesday June 26th tomorrow is the debate first debate Um really not interested in so much um We'll see what happens with all that Let's start here Jamie Lee Curtis and Lind loen have started production on Freaky Friday Sequel um I don't know how that's even Possible but there she is rocking the Devil saur with her tongue out you know We've seen her before she's just messed Up I'm not going to do a a review of how Messed up she is but she Is uh you know and Doish okay the original um Selene Dion Shares heartbreaking footage of her Self-suffering crisis seizure amid stiff Person syndrome battle the original Ghoul Selen Dion 56 years old here she Is she's going to have some kind of a Ghoul issue [Music] Here why is she sharing this you're just Bringing us all down bro you have pain Squeeze my hand if you have pain squeeze My hand if you have pain what do you Mean squeeze your hand if you pain you Need like this professional with his Bogus little mask wants to know if she's In pain or not squeeze my hand if you're In pain stop moaning and grimacing and Let me know if you're in Pain

Okay okay so there now she's breathing Abnormally Bas on that 918 n well sprays going in at 7:28 oh man that doesn't look [Music] Good it be funny she tried to bust out a Song right now coming Out Boom um so that's what's up I don't know What's happening there but saline is you Know tough times for Saline um how Taylor Swift Banker father Paved her way to super stardom after Giving up life on Christmas tree farm to Launch her billionaire career as he Arrives for Wembley show so this what Talking about Taylor Swift ashthe Banker's daughter um Taylor Swift hash Bag the baker's daughter father proved He was singer's biggest supporter once Again as he touched down in London Scott 72 traveled the singer's father and mom Andrea are almost as popular among Swifties as a singer take a look at Scott pave the way for Taylor to achieve Superstardom and so they were in a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania Apparently there he is arriving at the Aist tour there they are Together um there they are there's Taylor when she was a little dude when She was a little dude so there there There's his dad of the headliner he got That has a long-term maril Lynch Ben

Bank of America employee who's Registered investment adviser the Swift Group is based in the family's hometown Of wyom missing Pennsylvania uh disclosure with the Securities Exchange Commission list him Linked to 10 companies affiliated with His daughter according to Bloomberg this guy was a banker who you Know she's a banker's daughter right and We covered this before um hometown of William so this is Um why Missing Pennsylvania which is close to What big City Um none I guess it's just out in the Middle of freaking nowhere there I mean They're Pennsylvania is like some crazy Guess it's close to Allen town in Philadelphia a little bit um but they Were there in Pennsylvania Northern State where she developed the ability to Do country music they moved down to Nashville with her Banker do father and He bought her stardom man attacked who Attacked Nancy pel's husband also found Guilty of kidnapping and faces life in Prison remember uh Nancy P's husband's Lover remember that Thing there are so many big things that Are happened that um here let's see this Thing that just become you know Week-long stories I mean that was a big

Thing that guy that whole story was Weird the hammer guy right all that Stuff you seem very reliant on accepting Putin's world view Putin Putin Putin Rather than perhaps the Stark reality of The barbarism with which he's executed This War be Yeah may maybe because I know too much About the United States because the First war in Europe after World War II Was the US bombing of Belgrade for 78 Days to change borders of a European State the idea was to break Serbia to Create uh Kosovo as an enclave and then To install Bond of Steel which plus There's human trafficking from the UN During that time just Throw that in which is the largest NATO Base in the Balkans in the southwest Balkans so the US started this under Clinton uh that we will break the Borders we will illegally bomb another Country we didn't have any un Authority This was a quote NATO mission to do that Then I know the United States uh went to War repeatedly illegally uh in uh what It did in Afghanistan and then what it Did in Iraq uh and then what it did in Syria which was uh the Obama Administration especially Obama and Hillary Clinton tasking the CIA to Overthrow Bashar al-assad uh and then What it did with NATO illegally bombing

Libya to topple morar Gaddafi uh and Then what it did in Kiev in February 2014 I happen to see some of that with My own eyes the US overthrew yanovich together with Right-wing Ukrainian military forces we Overthrew a president and what's Interesting by the way is we overthrew Yanukovich the day after the European Union represenatives had reached an Agreement with Yanukovich to have early elections a Government of national unity and a Standout he's just he's just giving it To Pi here of both sides that was agreed The next thing that happens is the Opposition quote unquote says we don't Agree they stormed the government Buildings and they deposed yanukovich And within hours the United States says Yes we support the new government it Didn't say oh we had an agreement that's Unconstitutional what you did uh so we Overthrew a government contrary to a Promise that the European Union had made And by the way uh Russia the United States and the EU were parties to that Agreement and the United States an hour Afterwards backed the coup okay so Everyone's got a little bit to answer For in 2015 the uh russan did not say we want The dboss back they so anyways um you Get the idea stuff that I talk about

Some of the stuff I didn't know but America we're the evil empire and you Know all these other countries want to Be the number one power in the world China Russia have you know have not Legitimate shots but they're they're up There right um but America you know we We meddle in all these countries and we Say that we're the hero right and you Know we're not and like this isn't Democrat versus Republican this is stuff That we have to do evil stuff that the CIA and the military-industrial complex Has to do to keep America number one Like there are things that we have to do That are just like evil and hurt other People millions of people around the World billions of people around the World to keep the Empire chugging and You know that we're all a party to that We can all pretend that we're good People and we're you know we're against The bad people but we're all like Benefiting from what the bad people do Because if they didn't do these things America would crumble because the Debt-based system and all these things I Mean it should America and the world Economy should have already crumbled Years ago and it has to do more and more Evil things to keep it propped up Interesting ma mia launches a clothing Line that meant to Shield the brain and Body from 5G wife to Wi-Fi

W w Toth Wi-Fi Bluetooth and more if Conspiracy the are wrong good for you um She has these hats here and they call a Tinfoil hat but they have you know I Have a winter hat that has some stuff in It um you know I don't know how much it Affects you when you're Outdoors but having something like this Is probably going to be a must I don't Think she's the only person that has These kind of things things that you can Wear indoors because you know it's Cooking your brain and it's just not Your brain it's your whole body right People are going to have to sleep in you Know they have these things my wife and I have looked into where you have um a Like a a mesh netting you could put over Your bed like one of those canopies and You know I mean getting out of bed would Be a hassle and you know we're um and Right now the things are pretty Expensive but down the road that might Be necessary as there's more and more Like what about 6G or 70 or whatever They crank out right in terms of these Waves and you know I'd like to at least Try something like that and see like a Some kind of a faraday cage that blocks All these signals and be able to sleep Away from all this stuff at least I bet We would all sleep better just an update On this I um this is I'm in the editing Process and couple things here first of

All um I think my wife somebody sent me A a video of a drone flying too close to To a 5G Tower and the thing starts Smoking and it drops to the ground and I'm going to post that on my other Channel whenever you know that's the Kind of stuff I post there although it Could be here as well and when we looked Into this there's some cloth out there And again I'm not so how great it is Sleeping with um metal cloth around your Bed whatever it is some kind of Grounding you know um but I also looked In they had this stuff to how to ground Your bed to keep it from static Electricity a lot of people have Metal Frames on their bed metal on their bed And um like it absorbed electricity and Then it affects you all night you know It's an issue right because people are Affected by electricity and you know all These different types of waves and Things like this um but you know we Don't even know that part is like they They release 5G without posting any sort Of environmental study or how it affects Animal life and there's so many animals I mean birds particularly but other Animals that use Navigation use you know some sort of Navigation system to make their way Around you know bees do it I mean There's all these animals especially Flying animals to find their way back to

Their homes or to migrate or whatever it Is and then you're polluting the skies With all this electromagnetic energy and You know it does something right it Isn't like it doesn't do anything but They just release these things and you Know they're working on energetic Weapons of course microwaves we know What they can do and uh millimeter waves Are 5G microwaves are 4G so millimeter Waves are even worse and so you know all Of the Above and so Gavin Nome is moving his Children away from California capital so His daughter can attend 6,000 a year Private school in one of the wealthiest Areas in the US because he sucks Right he's destroyed California before They died muham said I don't know the Purpose of life Buddha said seek the Truth Confucius said I am not the way But Jesus said I am the way the truth The life no one comes to the father Except through me Jesus is the only one Who rose from the dead the other three Are still in their grave well that's According to your story right um Confucious isn't a spiritual Saint he Was a wise man you know Buddha again This is they don't know anything about Buddhism and I'm not a big fan of Buddhism for various reasons I've talked About because they don't believe in God Um but they believe in a soul in past

Lives Muhammad said I don't know the Purpose of life um you know Jesus saying This there's no I Am the way the truth and the life right There's no say that's an arrogant thing To say and it should be looked at as Such not that Jesus wasn't spiritual but He had his moments of egoism you can't Say I you know you can be a conduit for God you have to humble yourself before God and you can do nothing without God That's how a real spiritual person Thinks about any of these things and not That Jesus was you know he had his his Failings just like all the rest of these Guys but it's stupid to compare and Contrast this way when you know Jesus's Best teaching was that the Kingdom of Heaven is within which is something that People should think about and meditate On we haven't checked out Tik Tok for Biden let's see this guy right here yeah I just read what Trump's project 2025 Would do to lgbtq people and you've got To see this if you or someone you care About is in a same-sex marriage Trump is Planning to do everything he can to Reverse marriage equality if you're a Student who identifies as lgbtq Trump Wants to take away your protections Against discrimination if you are trans Trump wants to prevent you from getting The healthcare that you need even ban You from being able to serve in the

Military and this is just the tip of the Iceberg Trump is planning to take away Our rights on day one and the only way We can stop him is by voting for Joe Biden boom you can stop him by voted for Joe Biden what Donald Trump has to say About reproductive healthc care is Terrifying do you support any Restrictions on a person's right to Contraception we're looking at that and I'm going to have a policy on that very Shortly and I think it's something that You'll find interesting his project 2025 Plan will restrict access to birth Control restricting access to birth Control I'm fighting protect Reproductive Freedom I'm going to Restore roie weight and protect your Reproductive Rights are you going to Restore it with um With the Supreme Court um here this is Senator what message do you have for Voters who aren't quite tuned into the Election quite yet o Google project 2025 Senator what Message project 2025 he's a big thing There I don't know what that that is That was Some okay this is these are bizarre Videos here they got lot of trump Jones Said she was a republican did you know That I thought she might have been a Republican yeah I know one thing she Voted for me according to what she

Said okay well there's just one minor Problem with that Joan Rivers died two Years before the 2016 election a little Too early for early Voting boom you guys getting it with Trump and Joan Rivers pro this is Horrible this project 2 five you can I Mean it's like you got to stop this Thing not that you know I don't know who It would be better for the country I'm Not voting and it's not like a slam dunk That Trump will be better in fact my Wife and I were talking about this um Given his support of Israel and then the Way that they I mean it was kind of Worse under Trump in terms of what the Liberal agenda was being pushed in these Things like I'm not convinced that you Know I wish wish Trump would go away and Then Biden you know of course will go Away anyway um and then you know you Have more sucky people cuz they're just It's all always going to be sucky people You know you're just going to have you Know you're going to have the least um The best of the you know the least Intolerable person right never seen Again Google project 25 2025 Um you Know here we go one one nasty here my [ __ ] pose is nasty don't ever play the K That my [ __ ] pose is nasty don't ever

Play with the K That this is their this is Biden's Official Tik Tok page this dude if you Have student loans then you need to see This because this is terrifying so Project 2025 is a 900 page book of Policy plans that will be imposed if Trump is reelected and he's coming after Students the very first sentence of Project 2025 section on education Literally says the Department of Education should be eliminated and it Just gets worse if you have Fafa or a Pel grant they want to cut that Public Service loan forgiveness gone if Joe Biden canceled your student debt Trump Wants to completely reverse that and Trump wants to eliminate all future Student debt relief this is just the tip Of the iceberg of what Trump and the People around him are planning the only Way we can stop them is by voting for Joe Biden you can you can assume that Everything that Joe Biden has done Trump Is going to try to reverse it like this Is you know um and you think well all The stuff that Biden did was bad but Like destroying the Department of Education probably is a bad thing right Um but you Know okay so I Um you know my YouTube channel Averages around 6,000 views a day Something like that right I make I about

You know 5 6,000 views per video on Average right and You know I'm a nobody in terms of name Recognition I wasn't paid $24 Million by CNN I'm not a famous person and there Are lots and my channel is being Suppressed and being shadowbanned right Um and there's lots of people like me Who have channels that you know get Between uh you know under 20,000 views But over you know 3 4,000 views per Video right right that's the category Don Lemon finds himself in 6,000 views Here 8,000 views 5,000 views and you Know he's trying to sell this stuff here Um uh s s uh AAR and Don Lemon Clash Joy gray unfiltered like they're Making it sound like this is um there's No clashing there's a few of these Things that use the word clash in them Right Don Lemon and Sam Harris Clash right there's no clashing with Don Lemons he's a complete dope right they Make it sound like the arguments are Severe but let's take a look at the the Jen AAR one here you know what they say That Joe Biden is they're saying you Know can't hold is you know what can't Hold is you know what uh that you mean He's pooping his pants is that what You're saying he can't hold his poop is That what you're implying that he wears A diper are you saying that about the Sitting president of United States Don

Lemons or you saying people say that About it Biden is uh scile they're Saying all these things I'm not he was Scile in 200 And 19 like he had signs of dementia and You know this is an important job it Isn't like it's just you know a job this Is a presidential job that's supposed to Be like the top job in the country at Least politically And neither him or Trump is really Qualified mentally they both have both Have their issues and all you have to do Is turn on conservative Media or read Conservative media and you you'll hear And see all those things you hear that From other people think you're being Biased because you ran against Joe Biden And know you don't like him and you Think whatever I just think you're not Living in reality you're not living in Reality like that he's somehow mentally Sharp you can say just by looking at the Way he walks and his gestures and his Mannerisms to say the guy is not you Know is um not scile or at least doesn't Show signs of dementia you're just flat Outline right you know like he's not Going to live another I mean he's you Know what like eight years like he's I He's could die any day like he could die Any day right like anybody could but he He would die of just being old and he's

Definitely gon to lose I don't know how Much clearer I need to be why do you Want to lose to Trump you make great I'm Not saying I want to lose to Trump I'm Just saying that's the only alternative Then you say let's that's the only Alternative is Joe Biden give up 10 Points for no reason let's just throw 10 Points away that any random Democrat Would have over Biden because we have to Fall in line behind this clown this Elderly guy who's already obviously has Dementia and so oh we're GNA fall behind The dementia guy why you want someone Who has no name Recognition like that's that's not not Clashing like this guy is telling them The truth right Joe Biden has been scile And looks like he has dementia since at Least 2019 like you guys shouldn't have Ran him then and he ran he was behind Him then like you know it's been four Years since then but it was already There like anybody looking at would have Seen he was wandering around stage Challenging people to push up contest Getting angry like for no reason Confused he looks like a deer in Headlights I mean just the way he walks I me he's old like he's he's 80 years Old most people are retired in their 70s Very few people you know the majority of People is are retired in their 70s Almost nobody works into their 80s right

And not these types of jobs if they're Working in their 80s it's like you know It's stuff they do like there's a guy Who I bought my hay from the uh Something badget he had a great name his First day I can't remember what it was And he was a great guy and he was 90 Years old um and he was still bringing In Hay right and he was physically fit And you know pretty sharp but you know He couldn't be president right like he Couldn't handle that kind of a stressful You know that kind of job we are Scrutinized and whatever it is right Farming is a hard job but it's you know This guy had been doing his whole life And he was just slowed down physically Mentally was still okay but most people By the time they're 80 I mean most People are dead that's past you know That's the majority of people are dead By the time they're Joe Biden's age and So this is you know reality for the Democrats Obama new Clinton instead of going with The addled old man who 86% of Americans Think can't finish a second term we're Spitting in the face of the American People who are clearly saying we don't Want this Guy okay okay does that clashy that's Don Lemon just getting beat down at his Own show let's move on okay again we'll Agree or disagree if they wanted Joe

Biden to drop out they have enough clout And they would say Joe Biden you need to Drop out and they're not saying that Okay so don it's okay we have a Fundamental disagreement about how Political figures in the establishment Deler okay great I'll agree with that Let's let's agree to agree on that part We have a fun fundamental Disagreement just you know this is Don Lemon show You know of course it is because he Sucked I mean he sucked as a guy for CNN When he had staff writers and CNN and Now trying to be independent guy he Sucks at that as well okay so before I Get to the The Alex Jones part and the Um you know the stuff to do with Um uh Julian assage and some of these Other thing the debate is taking place Tomorrow night but I you know I might as Well probably add something to this Video about the debate because I don't Think I'll post I got a backlog of Videos already and so there's all of That um I'm in kind of a weird position With this I'll probably cover the debate And put it in this video maybe in the Beginning uh but either way you know the Thing about you know pre-debate and I You know I don't know how the thing's Going to go I'm not looking forward to Debate I you know everything about this Election and this time it's this running

These two same old guys over again and The problem is really Trump because Biden was a trump I mean This is what Don Lemon just said that um You know he was the alternative and the Democrats thought that Biden was their Best chance to beat Trump and of course When they were running Biden Co hadn't Happened yet if Co if Co didn't happen Trump still would have been president But for all you trumpers Trump sucked as A president and Trump was my favorite President as a character the night he Was elected the way way the mainstream Media the liberal media even Fox to some Except but Fox wasn't at least not Acting like they were bummed but Fox was Bummed because they didn't really like Trump and you know there was a problem They had problems with Trump already but And of course they you know they bailed On Trump in the in the 2020 election but In 2016 MSNBC and CNN's reaction and all Those Hollywood celebrities and all Those liberals Li liberals reaction when Trump won and going into that election Night very few of us thought Trump was Going to win like I thought you know at The very least it would have been rigged Against him but their polls were against Trump going into the election night and It was like Hillary Clinton was a shoing I mean that's how it was presented and

That's why they brought in all the stuff About the fake news and all these things Because it seemed like they lost control Of something they thought they had Control of I don't know I think they Probably ended up really wanting Trump And nobody understood why the people That make the decision and they didn't Tell hillig and they didn't tell the Mainstream media whatever it was it was A shock to most people and Trump the Last debate Trump seemed to have quit he Like gave up in the third debate like he Wasn't into it there was lots of Evidence that Trump was um you know he He didn't want to really be president he Just wanted the publicity like he was Doing a publicity stunt and a way to you Know move his brand and somehow the American people resonated with his Message the Republicans and next thing You know he was a republican nominee but It didn't seem like he really even took It seriously he didn't have much of a Ground game he didn't have the backing Of the Republican Party the way other Candidates would have but somehow he Ends up winning whatever it was they Rigged it for him me whatever the reason Was and of course no one liked Hillary I Mean there battle between two candidates And with Trump what he gave them was you Know Hillary just had haters Hillary had Maybe 10% of the democratic party that

Were Hillary fans right and you know it Most people just didn't like Hillary She's not very likable I that happened When she lost to Obama and Obama says Well you're likable enough right and Like she was talking about how likable He was because that was why she was Losing him to him and to the Democrats But you know she wasn't likable And you know who knows what happened With all that but she didn't have Support the way Trump had support Trump Had haters but he also had people who Loved him so Trump was the you know the Optimal candidate the optimal president To divide the country and boy did he Divide the country right boy was a Country divided over him and so there Was all those things but you know Trump Completely pushed out at the end like he Got worked on covid he allow them to you Know censor him and censor other people And like he didn't he had no control Over the way that the election I mean All the things that happened the Democratic party and Fox News bailed on Him he made enemies all over the place He made enemies in the intelligence Community and even on the right wing you Know he just they they just got he got Completely worked on all that it was Despicable the way he behaved and how he Ended that especially with the operation Warp speed right where he he rolled out

I mean even uh Bill Gates said it would Take till 2022 to get the vaccine up and Going but Trump rolled out this Operation warp speed thing just to prove He was better than the rest that he was Going to solve Co you know it was just An ego thing like he didn't care what it Looked like he didn't care the majority Of Republicans and people were against All these things and the mandates Happened because of trump because Trump Did the operation warp speed and so you Know again the way it all played out Played out that way but Trump lost and He you know the way he went out he Should have just went away but Trump Isn't going away because he wants Revenge it's a total egotistical move on His part he's done right and if he gets Elected again it's going to hurt the People that support him more than Anybody else and I'll get into that in a Moment the Trump fans are going to get You know I was talking about this with Taylor Swift the Banker's daughters Taylor Swift and how if she abused her Fans right she hurts the people that Support her the most like there's people Out there they hurt the people that are Their supporters and that's what Trump Does to the trumpers and I'll cover that In just a moment but this is all about Revenge and Trump doesn't care who he Hurts or what happens to the country

Afterwards he's on a Revenge Shore and Once he gets elected he's going to tear The you know everything that Biden did Down and whether it's going to hurt America or hurt his side or hurt other People or whatever it's going to do and It's just out of Revenge and Spite and You know whatever power he gets back It's just going to be you know you can't Be that selfish I mean it's 100% a Revenge tour and he just Scorch earth Like he's it's like a divorce where one Of the person goes Scorch Earth on the Other and doesn't care what happens to The kids or something right and just you Know loses it and that's what Trump's Like over the you know he's really Bitter about what happened in the Election all these other things but you Know everything that happened for Trump Was self-inflicted you can say they Rigged it against him sure whatever it Is right and you know the whole thing's Rigged anyway the whole thing has been Rigged in his favor he was he was given A million dollars by his dad to start His businesses right he was born into Wealth and these things he's somebody Who had you know all these advantages And things his whole life a billionaire You know ultra wealthy TV celebrity all The benefits of things he said he would Just go up to women and grab them by the Bonus hole and all that stuffff right

And so you know there was I mean that's Trump and so you know this thing Happened to him he pissed everybody off I mean even his friends like he fired His friends he couldn't keep people on His staff he you know turned on people I Chris Christie lifelong friends I mean The selfishness buing the the thing that Happened when he got Co trying to blame It on Christie and Christie sucks but I Believe christe's story right because It's totally Trump he's Petty he's the Ultimate Petty person he's the ultimate Narcissist and selfish person And you know Joe Biden is worse in in Most ways but Joe Biden is mostly Handled and in a time where the you know The country is imploding anyway you Don't need a trump and if Trump Wins the oppositional forces like Happened the first time I mean that Means complete censorship they're going To go after everybody on social media They'll be deplatforming people I mean They're going to go nuts over all that Stuff right They're going to do all the things that They did before pushing the liberal Agenda which they did before there's Going to be these more these BLM riots There's going to be all those kind of Things and Trump isn't going to care About any of that stuff because he just Cares about Trump right it's just going

To create all the Havoc that it happened Before it's going to have it's going to Be pacified the right wing thinking they Won something but Trump is going to be a Lame duck president with no power and They're going to push through all their Agenda I mean it's just a nightmare Scenario there's no answer there's no Good candidates out there there's no Potential hero or potential great leader Out there there's none of that stuff It's just trying to preserve what we Have until the collapse inevitably Happens right I mean the system is going To collapse Trump is going to expedite The process Biden's Expediting the Process in his way but Trump it's going To be worse it's just going to be bad Feelings and things you know you'll be Disappoint if Biden's elected but he'll Die he'll die in a couple years and K Will suck and everyone will hate her and Then that'll be whatever it is too There'll probably be a Republican President in four years if there is America left but either way you know There might not be America left in you Know like in 2028 like in 2028 America Might be a shell of itself like the Election's going to be the least of Anybody's problems and you know there Could be complete breakdown by 2030 Right I mean that's what the target date Is America is going to be you know I

Mean there could be World War II I mean All these things who knows what's going To happen there's prediction in The Whispers of the brighter world you know These well these prophecies that are Part of the sjar system meditation I do That some big events happening between 2025 and 2026 and it's going to be the Beginning of real severe events like we Haven't had anything yet even with the Big thing in 2001 all these big events That have happened this this thing That's coming up and the things that Follow it you know polls reversing Themselves Wars whatever nuclear you Know Wars and things These are you know slated for the next 20 years or so and I think it's just Time for America to move on from Biden And Trump just as characters in the show They need to be died off die off killed Off or disappear or just you know Written out of the script and just Ignored and move on from them not like There's some better thing out there but At least there something different than We had before and Trump is the problem Because Biden has never been anything But Trump's you know the person best They they thought was best to beat Trump Like Biden is a trump reaction you know So anyways let's move on to the next Thing here un accuses Israel forces of Carrying out an extermination campaign

In Gaza you know my opinion on this of Course to do with the promised land you Know Israel believing that this land is Promised to them this is their only Chance I don't care this is their last Chance to get their Promised Land This Is the promised land right this big Chunk of land here's Israel right here This little strip of land here and the Promised land is the rest of this right And so it's Iraq Syria Saudi Arabia a Little bit of the Persian Gulf on the Iran Border in Egypt and so they um this Is the promised land that they're Promised in the Bible and you got to believe that they Think all of this land is theirs this is Israel this was what Israel is supposed To be and maybe extended a little bit Even right this is the Empire of Israel And this is their last chance to get it And so they are going to get Gaza and They're GNA Gaza has all these natural Resources and they're going to get the Rest of Israel and then they have to Push for these other things and other Things have to happen there has to be Complete chaos like world war three and Things going on for them to go after all Of these Lands and you know whatever their Strategy is they're at least going to Get Israel and no matter what anybody says

They got to get rid of the Palestinians and and what you know what Even us says they're going to go for it This is their last chance to do it Otherwise there'll be a Palestinian State or there'll be something happen Here that'll prevent them from being Able to do this in the future America's Going to be Weakened and you know this is I mean They're showing that they don't respect America as opinion and of course Trump Wins it's over like Trump will give them Anything they want and support this you Know this um genocide So they're not backing down there's People within the um Biden's conditioned Shocks allies at the G7 Summit with one Saying it's the worst he's been ever Well you know he's seile and that's I Mean it's just a this is an absolute Mess but going back to Israel they have One chance here and that's it right Here's the other thing there's some more Stuff here in Israel um Israeli strikes Across Northern Gaza to kill at least 39 People officials say All these things Are uh Palestine reels from repeated Strikes on humanitarian Zones and so um it's being covered by All the media right and you know they're Just mildly covering this and it's much Worse than they're saying because if

They're covering this and they're very Supportive of Israel as is America you Know Biden supportive of Israel and so Trump is more so and Kennedy is even More so Confused Trump forgets names again and Again and again in brutal super cut Video and so what they have is they're Trying to make Trump the scile one now Trump is breaking down mentally because He's also reaching the you know he's Going to be 80 years old as well here's A super cut video I think he should take A cognitive test like I did I took a Cognitive test and I aced it DOC Ronnie doc Ronnie Johnson does everyone Know Ronnie Johnson congressman from Texas he was the White House doctor how Good did Elise steepen do you know we've Endorsed Dr RZ we've endorsed JP right JD Mandel and he's doing great Jimmy Connor is Jimmy Jimmy Conor is good he's Are all so happy Mike Bolton John Bolton Is here Mike Bolton is you know in Russia and there was progress well That's cuz he thinking of Michael Bolton The singer today I look forward to saw Thank you st it was Trump's fault it's Always Trump's fault can it ever be like Rick Gates's fault I Mean it's always Trump's fault Rick by The way they never report the crowd on January 6 you know Nikki Haley Nikki Haley Nikki Haley you know they do you

Know they destroyed all of the Information all of the evidence Everything deleted and destroyed all of It all of it because of lots of things Like Nicki Haley is in charge of Security so you know we not to go Through this this is bad as you get Older you can't remember names like all These things he's not nearly as bad as Joe B and them running this and Pretending like he's cile well if he's The if if he's cile then what's Joe Biden right like Joe Biden's worse I Mean I'm not defending Trump like I'm Saying Trump's a nightmare it's just you Know the whole thing but they won't Admit that Biden's scile and so they're Boxing into a corner because they're Basically saying we don't have any Better anybody better than Joe Biden That's what Democrats are saying and the Republicans are saying we don't have Anybody better than Donald Trump and the People that are in the right-wing party Won't vote for anybody but Trump they're Not considering anybody else but Trump And that tells you everything you need To know about you know Trump was a Disaster for them and he's going to hurt Them again like I said before and so This is a mess right this is kind of Mess we're in I mean I don't even think The presidency means anything outrage Over video Israeli soldiers Di

Driving with injured Palestinian Strapped to a Jeep so that happened but I don't even believe in you know the Elections and the politicians I think They're all puppets right just on the Surface just in terms of the show it's a Mess this is an incompetent mess giant Giant Jerry Seinfeld's brutal comeback Is Anti-israeli Israeli hecklers crash Another show at Australia benefit this Is his comeback here We have a genius ladies and gentlemen he Solved the Middle East he solved This it's the Jewish comedians that's What we have to Get they're the ones doing Everything yeah go ahead keep Going they're going to start punching You in about 3 seconds so I would try And get all of your Genius out so we can All learn from you so first of all this Isn't an epic comeback and I think he Had this staged and planned because he's Getting heckled by people who are Against the genocide Jerry Seinfeld is Completely block uh backing Israel and This isn't about them blaming Jewish Comedians for 3,000 or 6,000 year old Conflict in the Middle East this is them Blaming him for supporting genocide and Not speaking of against the atrocities Or just not saying anything right but he

Said he supported Israel 100% And There's 40,000 Palestinians dead half of Them children so that's what the guy's Talking about and then he says they're Going to start punching you in a second Is that what's going to happen like are You inciting violence and this isn't the Only guy that feels that way right and So it's a horrible bit he's not funny I Mean it's just um it's not based in Reality and you know what this guy's Saying and again I don't believe in Heckling or it's just stupid the whole Thing's stupid but in terms of this Being an epic comeback It [Applause] Isn't So then he says it's a comedy show You [ __ ] um is it Jerry that doesn't Seem like very comedic Julian Assange Le Jail on his way to enter a plea deal With the US um I didn't even know he was In jail apparently he was in jail In England and um a British prison and he's Now in a remote Pacific island he Traveled through he wanted to avoid America you know he was always a CIA Asset one of those old school truthers I Can't remember the guy's name off hand Did a report um you know an IND you know A a very uh investigative report these Investigative journalists who were kind Of truthers you know back 10 years ago Um Wayne Something Wayne thing maybe he

Was can't remember the guy's name but he Did a you know a very deep dive into This stuff with um Julian Assange and Found that he was had all these CIA Ties and so you know that just makes Sense Julian ass sign dropping 500,000 For flight to remote island to avoid Setting foot on us Mainland um you know people look at him As a hero he's a weird guy from the Worst debator to the Worthy debat Trump Changes his tune on Biden's skills Because he slammed Biden before the Earlier debate said that he would drool Out himself and Biden did better so now Trump's you know changing his tune but You know either way I mean the whole Thing I mean it's just um I think it's Going to be depressing for anybody who Has a pulse and a ability for critical Thinking skills you know more so than The normal debates right Alex Jones Bankruptcy trustee plans to shutter info Doors Infowars and liquidate its Inventory you know um it seems like it Would be more valuable to leave infow Wars on and work out some sort of Payment plan but you know I don't know The whole thing's a joke and Alex Jones Is a shell so doesn't matter but here um This guy um this was a Comedy Central It's crazy Michael Costa Nails weirdest Aoxy of Alice Jones audience um I'm Going to show just a few of the jokes

Cuz they'll copyright everything else Now it's been a year and a half since The boner Pillsbury Doughboy was ordered To pay okay that's not a funny joke it's Not a funny joke right um 1.5 billion Dollars to so you're a comedian and You're okay with that your job is to Speak truth to power no as M no matter How much you dislike Alex Jones him Having pay $1.5 billion is just Ridiculous it's silly like it can't be Real like he's got to be in on it the Whole thing's got to be rigged it's just So bizarre right it's trying to send a Message that you know isn't being Delivered because conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is losing his media Empire This is a local news there then they're Going to show you some CNN stuff Infowars is dead but how will I know Which vaccines turn me Gay that would be all of them Kaboom Like that's a joke his joke sucks my Joke is great So till premises joke sucks right I mean It's just these are I think this guy's Supposed to be a professional comedian He's on the he's hosting the Daily Show But that's horrible like it's not it's Not accurate you know there's a lot to Make I make fun of Alex Jones and people Said my videos are hilarious right Because there's so much fun stuff to Make fun of about Alex Jones that is you

Don't have to deviate from reality and Exaggerate things and you know go Against things that I mean at this point You know it's um it doesn't look good For the bloop right like the good news Here is that this shows that if you Maliciously lie to the American people You will be held accountable like 0.3% Of the time and so that is the truth Like some truth about like not the Malicious Lie that but you know this idea that There's all this stuff on the internet And what Alex said about those people is Mild and it's not worth $1.45 billion if It's worth anything at all and you know All of it but it's the internet and this Is you know what mainstream media does And all the things that the jokes that Are said and you know the smearing of People and all the whatever it is right And you know this is not the norm right This is what would happened to him is Just something where it's completely out Of like you know it's something that Happened to Trump Him and Rudy gulani and that's it Right so then he has some CNN report I Couldn't find the CNN report like it's Doesn't exist on the Internet it's not On YouTube or anywhere else but they This is what they were saying Jones Spouted lies even as he drove to the Hearing in Houston it is all a

Brazen so this is their report here but Then there's the supplements right here Lawsuits against me to get me off the Air and naked opportunism pedaling Supposed dietary supplements until the Last moment if you order any products at Infoware store.com you will get them Before Ms is shut Down so there it Is and then he makes fun of Jones's um Fans for buying his stuff which is you Know kind of right I mean but his jokes Still suck you know it's still not funny So this is how MSNBC covered it we're Following some breaking news everybody We are just learning that a bankr Court Trustee is planning to shut down and Sell off Infowars Alex Jones's Media Company and popular conspiracy site uh The move is supposed to help conspiracy Site Jones pay off the $ 1.5 billion Dollar in legal fees that he owes the Families of the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre for calling the event a Hoax want to go right to legal analyst Carol lamb to talk more um about this a Few questions I have here for you Carol Um explain how Okay so that's it that's Alex Jones the update um if there's Anything going on there I can look at The LA I'll go find the last videos I'll Find I found the last video he post and Then um we'll see what's up right spies Who lie leader co-signers who were CIA

Contractors when they falsely implied The hunter laptop was Russian fake Remember all these Spies spies who lied This was the Um this was the New York Post article And these were all you know spies who Lie and of course they do that's what They do spies lie like the rhymes for a Reason okay so um this is Alex Jones From um 21 hours ago so he's still Putting out crappy content but this is Some of his other videos let me just Show you this one here government will Be afraid of us if we really get behind The signs if we get behind a big Movement right now the government is Absolutely Ely terrified of its own People uh that's why to make it worth it To make it worth what ass sign went Through we need to finish the job and Get rid of uh the Tyranny and fight back As long as we fight back the the Governments will be afraid they're more Afraid of us than we are of them that's For sure that's 100% okay so this is um The next day I I copied this on uh the Wednesday June 26 today's Thursday June 27th I'm not going to put this up till Tomorrow after the debate and I don't Know if he'll still have a channel but It's horrible content and this guy is Brought in because Julian Assange who Alex Jones at one point knew was a shill You know he had that guy um his name was

I think Wayne Madson or something like That um and he had some kind of report He used to do he kind of like a Legitimate journalist who was uh kind of A truther these were the kind of people Alex Jones used to have on his show and There was another guy who got sued by Trump for calling Milani a Dude and these guys were kind of old School journalists who were more like on The truther side of things one of the Two of them made a a report about how You know all the documentation between The links between Assange and the CIA And he's a shell just like all the rest Of them are right but this idea that the Governments are afraid of you this idea The government's the problem is Something that Alex Jones has been Pushing forever and it's not really the Case right the government sucks but That's not because of like them being in Control of everything because they're Not we all know that right and so this Idea that you can scare the government The government can only do what it can Do to keep the system the dysfunctional System going which I say over and over Again right which I'll get into let me Play the rest of this I got it image I Want to show you but it's just um you Know it's really bad content and He's doing this you know days before he Gets taken off the air still putting out

All this crap all this stuff for Remedial Minds right fear-based people You know chicken little stuff the sky is Falling and um Alex thank you for the Opportunity to have a chat tonight but I'm sure there'll be plenty more Conversations and I'm sure Julian will Appear very shortly on infow Wars once He is safely back on Australian soil I Have a sing suspicion will'll probably Be on Tucker first all right thank you So much we'll talk to you again Aussie KAC thanks Al our number two straight Ahead stay with us they don't want the Show on the air for a reason is that Reason because it sucks they don't want This show on the air for a reason it's Because it Sucks now is now is time to Hawk some Gold when I look at at Bitcoin as an as As as as a historian I don't like it Because this is a money built on Distrust The central idea of Bitcoin is basically Electronic gold that we don't trust the Banks the listen to the music behind This guy you this guy is obviously Somebody Alex Jones is trying to you Know he's a pro banking guy and Alex Jones playing this music it's Disrespectful to your audience right Music that creates fear creates you know Some sort of um you know it's just dark Music apprehension and things like this

Right horror like the idea of a horror Horror music right so this is like You're watching a horror movie and People who do this manipulate Their Audience like let your audience make up Their own mind you don't need all these Bells and whistles the story itself is Compelling you don't have to exaggerate You don't have to build things up but When you're a shill and you're selling Things and you're working for the the Opposition well this is a kind of crap You pull right he doesn't respect or Like his audience because he's Manipulating them with music and the way He presents things government so we Don't want to give them the ability to Create as much money as they like so we Create this Bitcoin it's a currency of Distrust of I do think that the future Belongs to electronic money but what We've seen over the last centuries is That it's actually a good idea to give Banks and governments the ability to Create more and more money for Themselves uh in order to build more Trust Within societ Society so I'm not sure what kind what Money would look like in 20 years or 30 Years but I hope it will be a a currency Of Greater trust and not a currency of Distrust finishing up you've all know Harari and just how full of crap he is As an economist you as an economist

Watching him so I'm watching that and I'm thinking is this guy absolutely nuts I mean he is a smart guy he's evil but He's he's a smart guy how could he say That printing money is going to bring Trust when so much in our society right Now is people can't afford to eat they Can't afford to pay their mortgage or Their rent or buy food or do anything Right inflation doesn't bring trust he's Misusing the word trust because what He's actually saying is hey when we Print money we're going to be able to Give you Medicare Medicaid Social Security handouts stimulus um we're Raised the Deb ceiling to keep this game Perpetuated we'll we'll do all of this Stuff and so then the people will Say so you know he's hacking gold Here so the first part about this is He's still selling gold he's still Hawking gold in his supplements And presumingly every cent is going to Go to those families in the lawsuit so Why is he doing that like why is he Still Hawking he's never going to pay Off the $1.5 Trillion there's no reason to go after Your your um fans and try to you know Manipulate them into giving you more Money to hand it over these people right That none of them like and want to Support so why are you still doing it Like why why would you still be like

It's the last days of the channel you Know when you sign in to the Infowars uh whatever it is website they Want to check to see if you're a robot Like it says here um we got the thing up Here you know when you when you start Anytime you you do anything there they Ask you if you're a robot and you click No and then it lets you in it's like Stupid but um you know this is like just Bad content and it's just gotten worse Over the years and they're not scared of Them because he doesn't present a threat Because he's you know part of the Establishment he's what they want you to Think about what they want other people To think about the truth Community they Want you to think about Alex Jones and So he's you know he's an asset just like Trump's an asset it's the kind of person They want you to think about when you Think about being a truther or any of These things so the other piece is this Image I saw one of my um friends on Facebook posted it post it I'm in a in a Abusive relationship with the US Government and so the thing is that the Anti-government stuff has got to go in The truth Community the government is Whatever a reflection of the people that Control it and the and the people that Allow it to happen but the government Isn't the problem it's always been the People and it's everybody you can only

Change yourself and this is a a message That people in the truth community don't Like to hear because they want to blame Some you know the Deep State especially The right-wing dopes and you know all These people who still think you can Save the country and make America great Again the trumpers and the cubies but Everybody who thinks you can save the System and doesn't want to change Themselves right why do you expect the Lowest people the people who hoard Wealth hoard billions of dollars of Wealth the most selfish people and Everything they do to manipulate the System to keep themselves in power and In You know wherever it is right through The political system and the you know All the things that they do why would You expect those people to change or get Rid of them and expect putting in new People who would somehow avoid all the The the Falls you know the all the traps And things that they'll fall into the Ego stuff and they w't get corrupted as Well right it's a system that doesn't Function you know the whole system is a Bad system you can't fix it it's demonic It goes against the Divine forces and The the natural tendencies of the good Natural tendencies of human beings and So that has to be you know the system Has to be I mean it's going to destroy

Itself and then we have to build Something better and so it isn't like a You know something that people want to Hear so it doesn't sell it's hard for You to sell your crap when you're saying Things like that but Alex Jones is just A joke you know a performance artist and Uh you know CIA or you know one of these Intelligence agency shills and he gives Them exactly what they want so it's Stupid to take him off the air but I Think you know he's pretty much losing His audience and I I don't know how many People can still listen to this crap Right at some point you have to be like All right this isn't working and this Guy's annoying I mean you know there's The funny parts of Alex Jones but it's All the fear stuff and all the the lies And manipulation and all the the shill The Shilling of stuff at some point you Have to move up to the next level of Comprehension you know you have to rise Up to a higher level of a vibrational Level and you know there has to be some Okay you know I believe this yesterday What do I believe today right like I Believe that the idea of an infow War Works where you could Um convince all these people that are Sheeple that the government the whatever New World Order is doing whatever it's Doing deep State and that proved not to Be true right the whole QB movement and

Alex Jones is a fraud and you can't wake Up sheeple so that's you know that Doesn't work and Alex Jones just keeps On making things worse causing more Censorship and you know doing all the Things that he did because that's his Job right same thing with Trump and so What point do you move to the higher Next highest level or at least you know Maybe even jump a couple levels right in Terms of your comprehension and ability To see what's going on okay so this is You know nothing that we can do to Change the system so then what do I do Well I could work on myself I could you Detach myself from the system the best Way I can and connect to God internally And then develop some skills and prepare My kids and people of the future for What's coming and things like this Instead of you know Hawking gold like All this crap you know people can go get Gold anywhere they don't need to buy it Through Alex Jones right but he's been You know he made like $160 million in Like three years or something something Two years or something like that Hawking All these products and now he's still Hawking them even though his show is Being absorbed and they're selling off The pieces and if they delete all these Videos which are you know possibly Making money but if they you know they Delete all these videos which they're

Going to have to do this whole platform Then all this money that could have come In from people watching old videos I Mean the smart thing to do is leave Alex Jones up on the air and just you know Develop some sort of payment plan but of Course the whole thing is rigged and Fake and Alex Jones a part of it and all That stuff you know it's just an Absolute joke anyways only spirituality Will save this world it's par of MTO Definitely point for the Apocalypse in The Ascension everyone have a blessed Day and be grateful

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