Journey 142

Journey 142

Okay greetings brothers and sisters Um so I got a couple of videos I want to Share from my other Channel uh I got to look at those and Remember which ones those are I got a Bunch of Whispers to read now we're Getting into the time where there's a Lot of these propor Whispers And you Know talking about the future and Current state of affairs I want to get Into that first and then a couple of Other things I have a voice over I just Did it's going to be its own Standalone Video about the any series but just you Know I guess there wasn't a wasn't clear What I had said before about I Um so my son and I were going somewhere Driving in the car and he said that he Had said to my wife that you know he had Learned the person that was the best Example of being a good social person Was from Me from the Family which I found kind of odd um I Guess at first my ex was more you know Outgoing than I was more Social just like my you know my wife now Is I mean pretty much everyone's more Social than Me you know I'm I'm inherently kind of Antisocial and you know loner you know And as I get older I have less and less Need to be around people um you know I

Used to like going to Places when I was younger like even Though I was introverted there are times I like going to parties or going to you Know know social events are going Someplace like the mall or whatever it Is going someplace where there's lots of People although I after a short period Of time I wanted to get out of there Like going to a crowded bar or something Or you know where it was allowed or you Know it's like even a sporting event or Something like that I was like I'd Prefer to watch it on TV but initially I Liked it like for some period of time And then I just get it would sort of Drain me you know introverts are uh Drained by social contacts and things Like this but anyways um so then he Explained that you know of all the People in the family I did the best job Of you know being aware of other People you know being aware of them like Seeing them right where most people are Just when he's socializing with people On the internet and you know they're Oblivious to other people they're like Completely unaware of other people are Not able to connect and things like this And I guess from that standpoint I was The best in terms of you know his Definition of what he's learned socially That I am more aware that's what I do Well here you know I can look at people

And see them and see beyond the facade And all these things I mean ultimately It would be used for something positive Like spirituality you know babaj G saw The soul and the the potential Saint in Each person and I certainly don't do That but I can do that there are times I See you know things positive things in People that they don't see themselves But for the most part it's you know it's The dark side that I end up focusing on In my videos and things like that Unfortunately that includes dodging and Heartfulness now but I guess what my son Was talking about is the quality of Interactions because people have Superficial interactions which I just Don't have I don't do small talk and any Of these types of things I mean I you Know I when I have to do it I do it as For a short period time as I can until I Can get out of the situation but there Are a lot of people who are you know can Fake smile and they have good you know Outgoing personalities and they seem Personable right and they can carry Social interactions which you know none Of those things I can do so that's why I Would say you know I don't know how Anybody would learn anything socially And my son is much more social than me I Mean even years ago when we first went To the asham in India like first Gathering in 2012 he was like the star

Of the asham like I was everywhere like I see him he'd be riding back on the Back of a cart with being pulled by These big cows I just you know he like You know and I was talking to him was Like yeah my Chinese friends were like He's he was interacting with all these People from different parts of the world Right I mean these were some of these People were adults and some of them are You know I mean just all kinds of Different people were at the asham all The time from different cultures and Things like this and he was everywhere Like he really you know was very social And then you know he was the most social Except for Anna of of my kids Anna was Very social you know not so great at it But she you know was outgoing and she Made friends and you know whatever um The other two kids are more introverted And I thought about my ex of course She's it's a nightmare but she's Certainly more social and better you Know social skills like just better She's polished she went to Ivy leag School she was you know educated and you Know someone who's I mean definitely More polished than I am but you know Crazy is crazy like it's just um you Know all of that but but I guess in Terms of being real and seeing people as You know more than just the the Presentation that people have I'm the

Best one and that's what he was Referencing which I thought was Interesting because I never thought About that way you know when I meet People there's just like it's Information is just there you know like You bring dogs out and they're smelling And they're hearing and they're Interacting with the you know the there Was this thing we used to watch this guy Was talking about doing a fox walking Which is certain way of walking but he Used to be one of those people that went Out in the wilderness with like a knife And you know like minimal supplies and We just go and live off the land for Like 3 4 days he said the first thing he Would do is he would go barefoot and do Do this kind of thing called foxw Walking and connect with the Earth you Know there's information there and on a Natural level you know through your Various senses and your intuition you're Picking up information all the time but We have these big you know boots we trch Through the woods with and you know We're not aware of all the things and You walk differently when you have like Bare feet and all these things right but There's a way to connect with you know On a deeper level than the things we see On this this superficial facade that we All create in these personas and and Whatever it is but anyways um let me

Just look at these Whispers message here Okay there are three that I saved Hopefully I get through my voice isn't Doing so well today but uh this is Monday December 27th 199 9 ADM your Senses are continually deceiving you all You are the play things of your Illusions do not by shock do do not be Shocked by these remarks it is a reality No the sun is not what you imagine nor Is the earth which has never been Flat this is there's two flat Earth References where he says the Earth is Round in another one I think one she was Being asked it's like in 2011 or 12 when The Flat Earth thing was was more Prevalent she was in France so anyways The Earth has never been flat the truth Is veiled hidden from the beings living On this planet in the future as wisdom Comes to human beings they will advance Towards knowledge let none of this Prevent you all from living this current Life as it is your views are erroneous On this on many issues but you live in This context and that should not prevent You then that should not prevent you From forging ahead and fulfilling Yourself spiritually l in all eras there Were sages who cared little about the Great Mysteries of the universe some Took refuge on high mountains or devote To devote themselves to the Divine Creator another lived in a barrel others

Locked themselves up in a monastery Never heard about the barrel thing they Did not care about knowing the why and How of things the Earth is following is Following the course of its Evolution And at all times humans have adapted so It will be to the end of of end of the World pursue your goal in peace and in Surrender there lies of Salvation Boby Interesting about you know the Adaptation there's a lot here but these Messages I think they're all kind of Focused on you know things are about to Get rough so you got to um you know Basically keep on going with your Spirituality no matter what Tuesday December 28th 1999 10 a.m. times will Times will come when life will be Difficult for for all particularly in Certain countries of the world faith Will be your only recourse the human Being is helpless in the face of raging Elements look at what happened in the World and you will see signs that Herald Great upheavals look at what is Happening in the world and you will see The signs of that Herald great upheavals They will not occur tomorrow Nature has Plenty of time but one must prepare for Them even it's only about undergoing the Repercussions of an economic situation Made difficult because of countries more Particularly affected don't be afraid a New era of beginning a new a new era is

Beginning and it must go through a stage Where the world has to transform itself Through a deep through an in-depth Cleaning True Values must be Rediscovered and human beings need to Examine themselves so that future times Are livable for all now we're getting Into the profit phes there's you know The prophecies I've read and I'm going To reread all those there's 10 of those In a section called prophecies in the First book and those are from the year 2000 right so this is 1999 and 2000 through 20012 is the Majority of them and there's things that Are talked about in all the messages but There's going to be a lot of them that We haven't read that didn't make it into That section and I think they're Releasing every Whispers whether it's Been in a book or not before it was just The ones that were published so if That's the case there's going to be new Ones coming up um which will be Interesting and so then this one final One Here and it says oh this is The the Thursday December 30th 1999 ad A.m. we would like to appeal to be we Would like for an appeal to be launched On this Earth to people of Goodwill and For Consciousness to awaken at the end Of this Century so I guess it's 1999 or Whatever whatever how can one talk of

Progress under current conditions where Man is Wolf Wolf to man The Wolf being Wise animal compared to compared with The evil that humans can do and the Destructive means that they use to Shamelessly destroy anything that Resists them this situation affects us Deeply and we cannot stem from this Devastating tide we suffer from the Suffering so many of so many men women And children who are subjected to Atrocities how could human beings have Come to this Point how could human beings have come To this point that should be a question Mark there there will they will have to See this escalation to the end of the Destiny of the earth will have to be and And the destiny of the earth will have To be fulfilled the future it's not Rosy That as we have already said if you all One day must go through the difficult Times far away from one another Separated by life try to remember that a Unity of the heart must remain in this Spiritual path which is yours and which Nothing not even time will be able to Jeopardize you must all hold on to this Vision of things Boby so this is a Pockets of the future this is about Being pockets of the future right um of Course I had read this message when I Came over the idea came to me of pockets Of the future but you know this is what

Is there so he's saying that here um if You all one day must go through these Difficult times far away from each other Separated by life try to remember a Unity of the heart must remain in the Spiritual path which is yours and which Nothing not even time will be able to Jeopardize you must all hold on to this Vision of things and so what he's saying There is when the upheavals kick in Which I've known for quite some time There won't be a mission you know the Heartfulness thing that's that'll bring An end to the heartfulness to box And so people are going to have to Connect through you know doing what We're doing with a gratefulness Meditation and connect collectively you Know even if we don't have the internet Anymore whatever it is just have the Idea that we're all connected to the Source and connected to each other in This process and have faith in the System and and realize the system will Still be still be there even more so I Think the meditations will get better And easier as these things go down not Just because the Wi-Fi and things Interfere with the meditations Uh but also because you know we're going To enter an era where it'll just be Easier to connect to God when the Material world goes down it'll be easier For people to find God of course

There'll be motivation too people will Be you know out of their comfort zone They'll be out of the fake facade and There moments people have when someone Dies close to them they get bad news Like they get diagnosed with cancer or Something or there's a wedding or baby Born there's moments where people you Know all of a sudden come to life right They get out of their you know their fog And their funk And collectively collectively that's Going to happen for people to survive You know what's going to happen when Things get rough and there'll be a Wakeup call and also there'll be an Opportunity to move spiritually so all Those things are you know in the the Making um there's probably some more Whispers I'm not going to get to those Now I don't want to tax my voice I've Already make a couple of videos Today um but anyways um here's a voice Over that I made earlier today about the Journey series and then I'll add some of The these other videos that I've already Made and whatever picture is here when This picture comes back that's when the Um you know that's when the new content Or the stuff I'm making specifically for This video will be there if you've Already seen the other stuff you know You know the same old thing okay Greetings brothers and sisters so I got

A couple comments that um one particular Comment that bumed me out Yesterday about the journey Series so I Thought I would talk about this because There seems to be some confusion at Least for some people I don't know how Many people are confused with what's Going on you know in terms of me having To delete the whole series and so first Of all I just want to talk about what's Going on with me and the channel in General and so I made I had a horrible Month probably the worst money month Financial month uh in years in February Like I Made less than $2,000 for the whole Month you know my minimum my minimum Amount is $100 a day or you know $33,000 A month because you know that's me Working every day and the minimum cut Off of what I consider this being a Financially viable job is that amount of Money and that's with donations and all The you know the membership I mean so Without the membership I don't know what I would have made well under $2,000 so That's a real bummer now part of that is I made a lot of free content like the Content I put on the gratefulness Meditation Channel about uh heartfulness And dodgy you know the gratefulness Meditation Channel I think there was one Day I made over $20 on that day the rest Was like under 10 and so you know even

Though that channel was monetized it Didn't make very much money I think for The whole month it made um like $105 so It really wasn't in any way you know I Mean it's good that I got monetized so I Can demonetize the meditation videos but And as far as a backup Channel The new channel the the Channel that I Have on a a different you know email That's now about um you know the uh the Heartfulness dodgy cult channel is not Monetized and I have to go through that Whole process and it's 500 subscribers Short and about 3,000 views short of Being monetized so even if after it is Monetized it's only getting 200 or so Views so it's you know basically a you Know under $100 a month so you know Anything I post there is basically me Doing pro bono work like making content For free you know I felt like I had to Do that and it wasn't going to be a Great month anyway because the first Couple of months of the year are you Know after the Christmas budget you know Now it'll pick up a little bit because They're going into a national campaign This is usually a big year financially But I'm not sure how YouTube's doing the It seems like they're cutting the rate a Lot of people not just truthers are you Know being uh Starved by the monetization process and They're not YouTube isn't paying them

For the ads I don't know they're running Cheaper ads I'm not sure how they're Doing it now but we're all making less Money and so you know in terms of this Moving forward I'm not making enough From the membership program to continue And I'm not making very much from the Monetization program and again it's it Was already kind of a bad month and I Accepted that there was going to be A a decline because of the the making The videos about dodgy and and Heartfulness cult which had to be made Like I just felt like all right this is The time to do it of course there was a Lot of Hassle and having to to start a New channel and delete all the videos on The gratefulness meditation all the Things that I had to do right at the Same time I'm having spotty internet for The past six weeks not great internet The internet like sometimes it's fast Sometimes it's slow but it's getting a Lot of um you know where it shuts off For a little bit right where it's it's Like a dropped call you know it's not um Reception isn't good and so like there's That slow ping numbers and things and my Computer is wearing out it's four years Old and it's having glitches the other Day I couldn't open from Mir Pro I guess It was Friday Thursday or Friday and I Thought it was computer was done and I Couldn't use prir Pro as what I used to

Make videos and I couldn't open it it Wouldn't stay open it wouldn't work when It did open up I've had some issues with It before but it's just you know there's Been lots of glitchy things with the Computer and so to get a new computer You know the um computer you can sort of Um connect it through a like a Thunderbolt you have apple I have MacBook Pros and you can migrate the Stuff that way or you can use the Internet now the internet's going to be Slow for me but in some ways it's better Because everything's stored on the ICloud and you know I need to get data Off this Computer and erase various folders I've Already kind of kept up with that but I Have um all the way back to July of 2023 You know I have terabytes of of data on Old computers and flash drives uh you Know external hard drives I have I think Four 5 tbte external hard drives and They're full of my video videos you know Videos take up a lot of that end room And so I started to migrate things over Yesterday and it was very frustrating I Actually started Friday night trying to Get things moved over and I have a Folder for each month of the year and It's going to have you know 30 or so Videos on it and the problem is that the Computer will um download the the the Folder you the the uh the video

But later on if I don't access that Video it's not being used it'll delete It and it'll just be up on the iCloud so I have to download it again and takes You know for like a journey series video It might take 2 three hours right just Like it takes for me to upload a video It takes you know these three 4 Hour Videos can take like half a day Depending on how slow the internet is And all these things right and so even My hourong videos will take a couple Hours to upload you know I have minimal Up load speed sometimes it's good Sometimes it's bad like I said so I took Me a while to understand how Apple Worked with their memory and I you know Would save these things to flash you Know to hard drives and I've lost some Folders some documents some of my books And things you know I have them on other Older computers and older flash drives But it's a pain in the ass so finding All these things you know and I mean I Just am moving forward with it and you Know it's expensive for me to get a Computer because on top of it being a You know a expensive Apple you know iMac MacBook Pro um there's the issue I get Extra terabytes of data so I have four Terabytes of data on my computers and Then you know I can do about six months Of of videos or so before I have to Start um deleting things like it saves

All these files and things and the Rendering of videos and the you know This the screen flow you know I do a Screen flow uh uh there's all these you Know small video files from that that Build up and add up to you know various Levels of taking up terabytes of data so I probably produce around two terabytes Of content every year so I probably have 30 or more maybe even 40 terabytes of Data in various places right and all These various you know flash drive hard Drives and you know old computers and Things and so you know I want to Preserve all my work but you know it's It's a pay in the ass and like I don't Have access to it if I wanted to bring Something back you know it's I have to You know all the stuff that goes with it And so I was you know trying to uh Upload these download these folders to So I could move them and delete them off Of the old computer and I was having Extraordinary trouble because of the Internet and the computer just doesn't Work very well and finally Premiere Pro Opened back up and it's working but it Like could shut down at any time it's Very glitchy I'm having other issues Glitch glitchy out issues and things so I have to migrate all these things to a New computer buying a new computer you Know like a $4,000 computer when I only Made $2,000 last month is not you know

Great you know obviously there's some Financial issues going on with my Channel after addess and things like This so yesterday I was on the phone With Verizon for 40 minutes trying to Figure out the internet issues and get The internet up to speed and finding out That my options are limited and maybe we Go back to our old internet that we had Like you know we've migrated over to Verizon because it was cheaper and it Seemed like it was faster but it isn't You know it's it's body um so like There's just all that stuff and I you Know I don't like dealing with this kind Of things right luckily for most of These types of things my wife deals with And I don't do well I don't do well when I'm on the phone like they cut us a deal Verizon did I got call back from the Supervisor and the woman I was talking To was very apologetic you know I think They were uh you know they seem to have A Hispanic accent or something and I'm Like no this is just who I am I'm not Like mad at you like she's like don't Hold against me because you're you know She said it nice way I'm like well you Know it's just that I'm frustrated right And we would watch that stupid uh Documentary yesterday that left me you Know really kind of bummed out about the Way Netflix manipulated and you know was Trying to you know take a shot at people

Who are you know looking for the truth Right um you know so it was like a weird Day yesterday it was cold out and I was Kind of low energy my wife and I started Watching TV earlier than we usually do It's Saturday um just to take a break From you know we're both tired and so You know I dealt with the Verizon thing After we watched the documentary around 4:00 3:00 I had to make you know a salad You know for to go with our we ordered Pizza or whatever um and while I was Doing that I you know I called um apple Right after I was done with that I Called apple and I was trying to get Them to tell me a way that I could make It so it would stop forgetting files That my computer would just keep them on There because you know it just be a lot Better for me and you know they have These people they call Geniuses right You know you you go to this store and They have these tech people they call Geniuses they got a whole store full of Geniuses and there was no way they that They you know I talked to this Tech Person that I could you know stop my Computer from Forgetting folders even Though I have a terabyte left of Available space I used to think it was Just because you know when I got kind of Close to being maxed out my computer Would forget files to keep you know to Keep it under the 4

Terabytes um but you know I'm getting Messages that way I don't have enough Space to save longer video files which I Do so you know it's just the computers Run out I have to get a new one and you Know I was going through all those Things it really frustrated irritate Irritated me I was talking to Apple and They call me back from Verizon and they Wanted to take money off the you know The monthly bill or whatever because of We've had bad internet for the last Couple months and I just you know Finally got around to calling them so It's all these things right stuff I Don't like to deal with and so that was Going on and I wanted to you know cover We ended up watching Oppenheimer which Sucked too it's like worse than Bobby Barbie I've already putting up a video Which you'll probably see before this One unless it gets there's some kind of Issue with that right like a you know Like demonetization or something which I Can't imagine it will be but anyways I Was kind of in a mood which you kind of Hear in that video I was just more Frustrated than I normally am and I like I've been leaving my computer on trying To deal with all these things um you Know migrating these f folders over so It can make a a speedy transition Because the new computer you know it Takes some while a while for it to

Integrate all these things and you know It's just all of it um and again not Feeling great about all that because of The you know I'm just not making the Kind of money that I need to to call This you know a job right it's not you Know I I need to to make more money here And of course this is supposed to be a Great year the 2020 was my best year Ever because of the the ads of political Ads that are being run on YouTube and Then they charge more for their rates And then everyone makes more money so You know but already it's not off to a Good start so I got this comment and it Follow was it was a second comment that One of my longtime viewers wrote um so My long-term viewer the first comment Was I don't know um some time ago um I Guess this is the let me read the first Comment so this is from like five days Ago And so uh it's great to see that see This up here I I put the journey uh a New beginning I think maybe for four Journey series videos the only channel Members I've seen are 136 130 that only The channel members have seen 136 137 138 139 non-members would probably want To see those Especially and you know I blew off to The comment I didn't say anything but It's the person was obvious this is Somebody that's been here for a long

Time and I've met so this is like a you Know somebody who's more of a known Entity and then there was this comment Here today yesterday and it happened When I was in the frustrating time Trying to deal with all my computer Issues things for keeping this going Paul still love to finish watching 136 137 138 and 139 I only had time to watch 30 minutes or so at a time but they were Gone these are also the ones missed by Non-members um you know and I was like Do you not understand what I said about The issue because this is a channel Surviving move like I had to delete These things because I got a I got a Copyright strike and a couple of Copyright strikes three strikes and the Channel gets taken down and that's all Of it right and so you know my whole all The content that I have there and then Having to start over which I just don't Think I would you know it's it would be A really deflating type of situation That's why I had to take such a drastic Move cuz they copyright one of my Journey Series so there's not an option Of me uploading them you know um Rumble Has its own copyright policies as does All these other platforms and you know Every time I had to upload one of these Videos it takes me hours upon hours and That's me making content you know it's Just adding extra work that I'm not

Ready to do but what irritated me about This is It's just asking more of me like That's you know always the wrong Approach asking me to do more like it's Never you know I don't know how many Times I have to say it like you're Asking me to do whatever add links when People do that I mean it's an auto it's An auto ban like you know that's not my Problem you know I make my videos and I Spend a lot of time doing this and it's You know a job but it's also a service And you know whatever I energy and time I put into this but asking me to do more For you all and like I'm not giving you Guys enough is always an issue Especially when I'm frustrated and going Through you know the things that I do Every day that just to keeps this thing Going right the things that are nuts and Bolts you know dealing with Technological issues dealing with Internet problems dealing with the Everchanging you know policies of YouTube and then you know the Hostile You know kind of um aggressive uh Heartfulness um going after you know They didn't have to go after the journey Series and I don't care cuz I'm not you You know they're low lives like I'm not Saying that you know I don't expect Anything good from them cuz they're Lowlife people they're stupid people That make stupid decisions and they're

You know criminal and their aspect and They're bad people so you know I don't Expect that they'll do the right thing Right they're also very fear-based hand Ringers and worriors so that's why they Didn't do it earlier like they could Have done this years ago they could have Copyrighted some of the earlier videos But I've been using content from Heartfulness you know their clips their Channel and so you know and I could Fight the copyright strikes too because There's things that they're doing that Are you know it's there's it's editorial And there's you know whatever that is But I I mean just in terms of the Overall time related issues I couldn't Let it risk losing the channel like I Know you know it's very arbitrary how They do with the copyright you know Fights and things like I could have got The strike repealed but you know again I Have limited time and Resources and if it didn't go my way Then the channel goes down right which Would be you know all the content and That's you know all the everything it's Me having to start over so uploading the Videos because you didn't see them you Know the videos were up some of them Were up for like two months or longer They were up in January like these early Ones the ones that this person listed Have been up for over a month right um

So and some of them for like two months So like they're obviously not a priority For you to watch right so like why do You want extra from me like I got to Figure out some issue you know some Workaround because I can't upload these On YouTube they'll be copyrighted Wherever I upload them so what what Should I do go to some third party Platform like I said they all have their Own you know I I have to relearn those Things for something that you know I'm Doing for free right like it's not Compensating me for my time and effort And I'm you know dealing with this new Channel which is a hard thing now I have Four channels I have to kind of you know Keep a prized at why I'm going through a Transitionary period with these other Things so I'm just saying you know this Is the kind of thing where I've made it Kind of clear asking me for more things Or complaining or you know whatever it Is is never a good thing because you Don't know what's going on my end Especially yesterday if I made this Audio yesterday it would have been a lot More brutal you know I did SATs on this Morning and you know I'm kind of uh I'm Not feeling the frustration I was Feeling yesterday it doesn't matter Whether a video is private or not like If if it's on a members only or whatever It is it doesn't matter that's why I

Deleted I could have moved everything Over to just the members but there's a Tool out there that I have access to I Can look up all the people who are using My my um my videos and you know I've Done this in the past I don't have much Time to do it but YouTube's developed a Tool for you to find out who's using Your copyrighted material and even if It's on a private video or a you know Any kind of a video they can find it and So um you know that's what's up so the Same things for Community guidelines Strikes and the rest of it their Bots Find things that are privatized and so Um all of those things and uh you know It prevents somebody from seeing Something and whatever and then Reporting it but in terms of the it can Still be you can still be penalized for A video that's private or members only So there's no options for me like and I Don't have the time and and desire to Figure that out right now I just have Other things to deal with like I said You know Preserve the channel and Keeping it going is a whole thing right Takes a lot of effort given the way YouTube has changed its policies towards I mean not just only truthers but Creators in general and it's not you Know it's not a it's it's getting worse And it's harder to make money and it's Harder to to navigate the everchanging

Community guidelines and it's almost Like they want to get rid of as many Channels as possible it's almost like The opposite of growing they're just Trying to whatever uh you know just to Get the channels kind of channels that They want right they're being more Prejudicial and and the rest of those Things and then dealing with the the Heartfulness stuff or whatever like I Just have to stop making content on Those other channels and focus on my two Main channels those channels that make Money and get back to um you know making This uh you know a financially viable Job right now it isn't I'm making you Know less money than I I need to make Like I'm making less than the bare Minimum I've gone below the bare minimum Like I said of $100 a day so again I Don't have to go through that again so Just so everybody knows I made a Decision that how there was the only Decision I had which is to delete all The journey series and what I do with Those in the future like I have them and I think they're you know worth Preserving and putting out there in some Way but I have to figure out a way to do That and you know it's not going to be Anytime soon right like it's just going To have to be that if you miss the Videos you miss the videos that's just The way it is like it's you know I can't

Risk the whole Channel because people Didn't get to watch the videos like you Guys could be members if you're not Members then you know you're not Supporting the channel and that's Whatever that is right I mean it's just A couple dollars a month is the cheapest Form of membership and you can you know Get would have access to the videos that Got deleted and those members who didn't Choose to watch them for months like That's you know how you budget your time That's you know it's on you I don't get Into that I don't you know I mean if you Don't get I put out a lot of content I Know it's hard for people to watch all The content your time is your time but The videos were up there for months Right the opportunity to watch them were There and you chose not to so that's you Know you missed them right like like I Don't you know feel bad about you're not Watching them but I can't you know I Can't change what I'm doing because you Didn't prioritize you know I mean it Wasn't that important for you to watch Them right but in terms of this Relationship I'm doing whatever I can to Keep the channel going and you know I'm Producing quality content and doing what I'm you know I can't do anything more And it's a downtime you know I've Connecting with the heartfulness Meditation you know the dodgy and his

Cronies and you know just every time I I Go to a deeper level of how bad they Suck because they always it's always Worse than you think with them and That's just a bummer and then people in General like I don't have a a lot of Faith in humanity right now it's like It's a downtime it's a time where people Are angry and things are coming up and We're reaching the end of the you know The whole thing right it's we've reached The you know a new stage of I think Everybody realizing it's it's kind of Over with the you know things aren't Going to change drastically for the Worst at least on a material Level and Everyone's kind of dealing with that and I just you know I'm not I mean I'll do What I I'll do my duty and whatever you Know I think that I'm obliged to do and Pay it forward all the the great things I got from sash Marg and things but on a Limited basis based on you know people Have to step up you know people have to Help out right whatever it is they have To you know spiritually certainly and Then like something with my Channel or Whatever like I'm not you know don't ask Me for more like like that should be the You know if you're in a situation where You're something's going to come off as Critical or you're asking me for more You want me to do more and you didn't Spend the time to you know I made it

Perfectly clear what was at stake here The reason why I had to delete the Journey series I said it over and over Again if you didn't understand it then Go watch the videos I put it in about Three or four different videos and Explained it and so you know I I Wouldn't have just deleted the series Because I felt like on a whim and Because it was you know it was the only Thing I could do because you know the Channel was at risk right I can't use Any heartfulness material you regardless Of you know it needing to be used that's Their copyrighted material and you know Whatever like I just can't use it Because of the the issues and don't Really want to because I like they just Suck so bad I'm tired and the obvio it's Like I'm not you know I'm not getting Any sort of um material reward for doing The videos that I did like it's a Thankless job two people came forward Who were kind of on the fence few other People have left comments you know one Person is an obosi or his father is he Showed the videos to his father but There's a handful of people that have Come forward and said that those videos Were helpful for everyone else we know Heartfulness sucks already we know dodgy Sucks we don't need more information About you know was something that I did Because I felt like I had to do but you

Know I want to move out from it because The you know it's it's not just the Organization socks it's the people who Are in it who have failed right they've Failed to uh do anything and fight back Against what is the destruction of the Sjar system that they claim to love and The despairing the disparaging of the Former master chargie who they claim to Love and the fact that they've just sat On their hands and allow that to happen They're disgusting people to me right I Don't have any you know and some of them Are saintly and great people but I have No respect for him right that they would Just you know sit there and go along With something and actually contribute To something that's destroying somebody Who destroying you know the legacy of Somebody who done so much for them and The work that it helped so many of us That's disappeared has talks and videos And things I mean it's just like an Atrocity and they're just sitting on Their hands or even Cooperating and helping Dody do that Right and they all know dodgy sucks we All do like there's no you know he sucks Right he's not he's not He's a dope and he makes bad decisions And he's you know he's just hard to Listen to he's arrogant he's just Obviously not a a spiritual person Anymore he's a fallen you know he was a

Fallen Master which is you know a demon Right like somebody who falls that way You know when an ordinary person falls They don't have that far far to fall and They don't have that much power or Whatever but a person who's spiritually Elevated when they turn and they fall Like they become a demon right they Become a devil like the the Devil is a You know an angel right it's a fallen Angel and so you know it's worse for Somebody who's spiritual and had all These has has every reason to be Grateful to God and turns on God and Turns on the you know the the their Teachers their gurus or Masters or Whatever and that's what doi's done and So the whole thing is just you know I Want no part of it or the people who do It right to me these are the worst People in the world because they know How great sabar is and they've allowed It to be ruined and so you know you know And I'm not saying they could have done Anything to stop it but don't go along With it right don't sit there passively At least Express something about it and You know lurkers and people who are Lurking and watching it and you know They agree with me they don't want to Say anything publicly even in a Anonymous form I mean it's just weak Pathetic people and so that's where I'm Kind of at right now it's not a good

Time you know like you know so just so Everybody knows only spirituality will Save this world is PA Rado definitely Point for the apocalypse and the Ascension have a blessed day and be Grateful okay so there are three videos For my new channel if you haven't Subscribed to that yet that would be Helpful because I want to get Monetized it's called exposing the Heartfulness called dodgy scam scam is Spelled with A dollar sign and it's in the Description box to any videos on any of My Channels except for that one but the Rest of them and so I have three videos I'm going to put up here some one of Them is kind of short so if you've seen Those videos already you can just fast Forward to this image there'll be Different images for each video um but I Want to include these here because They're all part of the journey series And there's not as many people watching Those videos so gu you know it's the Same thing um but anyways if if you want To skip past that just return to this Image here and you'll get to the content That I've created just for this video Okay greetings brothers and sisters I Just want to show you a few things on Video here and then move over to the Easier

Part one of the things about the Copyright thing is it takes me a long Time to edit the videos when I do um a Screen flow part of that video you know I either do an audio where I'm just Doing a voice over which you know Occasionally I feel like I have to Listen to it again but usually I don't I Used to listen to them and it just took Up too much time but even then I can do That and do other things but when I have To edit one of these clips the screen Flow it takes longer so that's an Advantage but first this is the lesser Of the two important things the other One is some big seminar that's coming up And this is I have a you know I don't go On Facebook very much anymore and I have Unfriended all the pro dodgy people like I just you know if I do go on it I don't Need to see all the dodgy uh stuff That's there I mean it's not that many People anyway people don't post the Majority of aasis don't post things that Are pro- dodgy but this was a a woman From Denmark you know I met her I think We talked a couple times she had a Couple kids seemed like a nice person And she must have gone to kna and this Is kna wellness and again these things In themselves aren't bad a aadaa Naturopathy all these things acupuncture Home Homeopathy all these type of things Right um but this is the whole wellness

And that's not what Saar was supposed to Be it wasn't supposed to be about your Physical health And then you know this is perfect Wellness home for your family and they Have this you know they're selling these Apartment blocks here so they're pushing Out that kind of stuff um it's got Facilities and Amenities book now so I'm not sure if This is time sharing Apartments and so Wellness yoga Academy And then colon therapy so they have some Kind of way of um whatever they call That H Hydro therapy where they do um Colon cleanses right some sort of enema Type Services um Quantum therapy here Yourself from inside out and so they're Just pushing all this stuff ozone Therapy what is ozone therapy I don't Know you can find out here at Heartfulness Wellness this is the Homeopathic Center this is you know some Of the other images there um we'll get Back to this I'll come back to this in The audio Hopefully okay the second thing here is See Ministry of culture so this is a Governmental this is doing something With the joint uh with the government Heartfulness Global spiritual Maha stav Inner peace to World Peace Kan shant Vanum hydrat India world's largest

Meditation Center March 14th to 17 2024 register now they're going to have 100 countries 300 spiritual Organizations and a million plus Participants it's going to be less than A million You know they're being conservative here With a million plus um spiritual Discovery at the heart of the spiritual Haven Swami vivand historic 19 1893 Address at the world's parliament of Religions advocated for religious Tolerance and the end to Fanaticism Um this is his talk here Swami vivik Cananda and his speech was um Was on uh here's the dates here the Conference was held from the 11th of September to the 27th of September so The problem with that we'll get back Into that it's not a true anniversary Because he's celebrating this in March they're celebrating this in March When it happened in September and I'll Get into that in a moment and it's Remember it's 1893 and so there we're going to Celebrate the 130th Anniversary and that was supposed to be Celebrated last year we'll come back to That but it says Swami VI vivad is Historic 1893 address at the world's Parliament of religions advocated for Religious religious tolerance in the end

Of Fanaticism the conference hold that held At K shant Varum with India's emergence as a global Leader or visha Guru in spirituality and Holistic Wellness This Gathering brings together diverse Faith yoga all this stuff here the Ministry of culture making this a Governmental um participation here The Honorable president of India drti mmer Mmer is going to be there valid Victoria This guy important person here and then All these people right I guess um side Guru is going to be there they want that Guy um here let's start the Beginning so here we go these are the Guys here Baba ramdev the um you know That guy I guess um there's no order in Which they're putting here but Baba Robev is going to be there some of these Gu some of the guys look pretty shaky Side Guru and there's um this woman uh M Or whatever there is doji doji is going To be there he's going to show up and of Course diaper Baba a glimpse of the MAV Experience I guess so my internet's not Working great okay before we get into The next part of this um I'm in the Editing portion I just got a message From the dodgy truther who wrote to me At the forthcoming uh March 2024 event Happening in a few days for which very

Um heavy duty public relations and Funded promotion is being done ramdev is Going to start the day every morning at 5:30 with ha yoga at K Asam and not sjar Meditation of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission you know this is a big thing for The guy called Dody truther he's always Talking about how ha yoga was not Recommended by babaj G and you know I Agree with him but it's one of his kind Of pet peeves and I went to look it up To see what the you know what they say About it on the official site the Program will begin early morning yoga And meditation s sessions along with Nature walks an early morning spiritual Walk with participants is also planned During the day multip multiple plenaries As well as wisdom sessions we'll focus On a variety of aspects of spirituality It'll be something for everyone during The Maha stuff so it seems like the First thing every morning is going to be Diaper Baba prancing around in his Diaper doing yoga with everybody at the Asham I don't know how many people are Going to attend and then um you know Maybe there'll be some heartfulness Stuff in there but of course it's you Know the energy is just not going to be There and it's you know all of it um There's going to be a couple of Musicians there that are going to play Um you know there's going to be concerts

Like they're always is and then other Kind of there's going to be singing and You know there so I'm looking through This one site here And they have all these people who are Going to do there's going to be Indian Dance as well so it's going to be you Know everything but focused on the Meditation and Um the you know all the things like this Oh I got the schedule right here and so Well the schedule is the page I'm Looking at so they don't have the Schedule they kind of say um it's um Kind of loosely defined they're just Telling you what the activities that are Going to be available But again you know they've made this Into some kind of Wellness like I'm Going to cover this I already talk about This I already made a voice over was Interesting I was sent this it happens Like this a lot where the dodgy truther Guy sent me the um you know things to do With the video I'm making now I mean It's everything that dodgy you know Fails at right like he just you know It's one fail after another let's get Into the original voice over here okay So last year the guy I called the the Dodgy truther this preceptor who's Pretty open about criticizing and and Talking truth about dody's failure and He sends me stuff from time and you know

Time to time and he sent me this last Year and it was a small like picture That didn't really translate and I Really didn't look into it then it came Up again I asked him about it and what It was is they were going to celebrate This in August last year and it was Going to be At a time where you know this is when he Was trying to get rid of Char's birthday Right in 2023 and he announced it like early like L time last year and I said whatever Happened with that and the guy said well He was trying to get Modi the president Of India to come there and Modi was Uncom not noncommittal and maybe you Know he's known about the brighter mind Scam I mean there's no reason for Modi Not to go to KH he eventually went Because he's a politician and they work The system right they all go on a Circuit we saw this with the bad wom the Bad mitt the woman who won the badminton Thing um you know bronze medal or Whatever and she went to a bunch of Different Ooms and proclaimed her allegiance to Each Place each Guru in place right Because they're trying to build their Popularity and you know this is um just Basic networking now especially with um You know they go to these events to Boost your social media profile and your

Customer base right this is what all These things are about but the reason DOI was doing it then and not on his Birthday because his birthday is the 28th of September and so if he did it on The actual day that Swami vivaan gave The speech was on September 19th now Swami vinand has a relationship with the Sjar system he gives he's given a lot of Messages in Whispers of the brighter World and he was a part of the the ram Ramach Krishna organization that Overlapped with ly's life like I think Ly and Swami vivanda were alive at the Same time he was also friends with Tesla Well he definitely was alive at the same Time so you ly and maybe even to some Extent Babaji and Swami viva's lives Overlapped and so that in institution The ramach Krishna organization has some Connection to Saar in a you know sort of Etheric way and ramach Krishna was was Um wanting a disciple someone that he Could pass on and carry on his tradition And he prayed for a disciple and he had This Vision that there was these seven Rishes that you know Divine beings that Rule the material world and one of them Was they saw Seven Stars and one of the Stars fell to Earth and that was Swami Vivand and Swami vivand met him and Ramach chrisha starts hugging him and Like kissing him on the cheeks and and Swam canand gets freaked out and doesn't

Come back for a long time because ramach Krishan was so happy that his disciple Came to you know to um to be his Successor but you know they did Something kind of similar to Transmission a little you know I'm not Sure about it but Swami vivada was kind Of a brilliant guy he went to America in This like 1893 this speech that he gave And he didn't have any money and he was Just laying on like the steps of some Building building in Chicago waiting it Was like the World's Fair some kind of Chicago thing was happening to give this You know kind of Epic speech for the Time I've listened to the speech and you Know I couldn't get through all of it it Was okay you know I mean I'm not you Know insulting it but it's you know Compared to some of the things that you Know some of the chargie talks and you Know again it's not comparison but it's It's like I didn't I wasn't like this Was the greatest speech ever but anyways This American woman um was Um she uh took him in he was like Homeless and she cleaned him up and got Him to the speech and then she became His disciple went to India sister Nev Neva or something like that can't Pronounce the name and she her um future Life she became the median who does The Whispers of the brighter world and There's many messages from Swami Viva

Cananda and Babaji inter inter communed With Swami Viva Cananda many times and Receiv received orders from him like he Was like part of the hierarchy so Swami Vivan is definitely part of the Hierarchy and KES has a thing about him He read the complete works of Swami Vivaan at some point in his life and Impressed him so much he was you know he Was um a big fan of Swami vivaan there's A road in Kan that says swam vivaan road But who he isn't a big fan of chargie Like chargie has epic works of his own And I prefer those works I you know what I know of Swami Viva Cananda but he's Not a big fan of chargie works like he Didn't read his books he doesn't like Have any of these books he's Republishing like so many of us have These talks that we've heard or things That we've read from charie that have Been transformative but DOI doesn't have That so Swami vivanda is a part of the Sjar system but he wasn't one of the Masters and Char's birthday is much more Important and bobi has said you know in Whispers In other places As chargie did that these these birthday Celebrations were as many of us Experienced out of this world in a sense Of bringing you to another level in your Spiritual Evolution these gatherings Were you know so important and so There's two things here first of all I

Don't know of any other person that's a Real big fan of Swami Viva Cananda I Know there are aasis who read Swami Viva Cananda and you know chargie and bobi Talked about him and he's and he's Certainly a part of the system but but It isn't like people in India and Certainly America and you know Europe And you know China and you know Africa And all these other countries barely Know who this is you know only real Spiritual Seekers come across Swami Vivaan he's not somebody that is that Well known right he isn't a some kind of A huge Saint and it isn't much of a draw Like it isn't something where people are Looking to celebrate swam Viva's speech or any of these other Things so dodgy had this idea and Instead of celebrating on September 19th The day that he actually gave the speech And this was last year in 2023 on the day itself he scheduled the Event for August right near Char's Birthday chargie birthday is July 24th And he scheduled it like August 8th or Something making it impossible for them To have Char's birthday if they're going To have this other Gathering instead of Taking his own birthday out of the Equation because he'd have to cancel his Birth birthday if he celebrated on the Actual day which meant he's just full of Crap right which we all know but this

Just another example because you know Like you don't I this is him just Failing on every possible way because He's not celebrating this event on the Birthday or the day of its anniversary Because he can't because the whole goal Was to lure Modi and get rid of Char's Birthday but it failed like it didn't Come together and so he replanned it for This um coming you know whatever it is This time that's coming up and I don't See um Tony nater like he talked about This where he did a brighter mind's um You know the brighter Minds teenagers or The 20-year-old kids came out you know Former brighter students and he brought This woman Patricia Scotland who is um She's from one of the British Isles and She's head of the British Commonwealth And then Tony nater from Transcendental Meditation I covered this and they Talked about this event but I don't see Either one of them coming to this now Maybe they got cold feet after their Experience with dodgy like they know the It's kind of a scam but again he's Celebrating it in the wrong year now It's the 131st anniversary and it's 6 Months after the actual day and it's in A different season you know because it's In the the spring season instead of the The um you know the fall season I mean It's just messed up on every level Because there's no sincerity and he's

Bringing in wellness and all these other Things you know going back to the Original post you know sjar is supposed To be strictly about spirituality and Connecting you to the source but there's No money in that you understand this it Was a free service and so to make money And a lot of these people go to Wellness Things anyway and so why not have them In the asham and if he was taking care Of the spiritual business and he was Still loyal to chargie I would say That's okay right you know make a little Money for the mission people are going To to get these things done elsewhere You could have more reputable people you Know people come to these gatherings and Then go out colonics is what it's called Like there are people going out and Getting colonics and going to all these Wellness people like a lot of these European and American people go to India They do some of these you know they go To ayurvedic people or they go to Chronic healers or they go to any of These number of things and so I don't Mind the mission making some money and Also you know it's they can hire more Reputable people so it's safer you know You're not going out to India and Getting scammed which is always a Possibility but now it's just a For-profit and they've you know the Transmission and cleaning aren't there

And dodgy sucks and it's just you know He's just disrespected chargie and some Of the things he's done is scamming with The brighter minds and other things so How how would you trust him to bring in Quality ayurvedic people or anybody else When you know there's a level of just You know scumbaggery right and you can See it from the fact that he planned This gathering before and he couldn't Pull it together because he fails at Everything and now they're claiming a Million people are going to be a part of It but all these people are you know They're going to it or they're going to Be there uh via you know sad Guru and Those people they're not bringing Their Audience with them right they're not Telling Their audience about this They're wanting to get in on dody's Audience like this is how it always goes They don't bring in a lot of other People the people who are guests at this Thing they want access to you know more People and a different audience right People are always trying to poach other People's audience and other other People's followers that's how it's gone Every single time they've done this now Since I think 2017 16 17 and every time These people come in and try to poach Aasis from dodgy and they don't bring Their own audience because they don't Want to lose their audience to to a

Heartfulness so the whole thing is just An absolute joke it shows you how like Stupid and you know they repeat the same Mistakes over and over again and they're Getting away from you know they're Downplaying it's supposed to be Bob's 125th anniversary celebration all year According to Dody and also Char's Birthday they're trying to minimize Babagi and Char's birthday and yet They're celebrating these other people That are you know they have are Loosely Connected and at the end of the day this Isn't about Swami vivaan at all it's About dodgy promoting the heartfulness Uh campus and all this Wellness stuff And they want to make this into a Destination for people to go and the Meditation is going to be secondary or You know I mean not even maybe it's Fifth or sixth and everything else will Come first the money-making stuff and The meditation will just diminish and Then you have this Cult of you know this New age cult and he's you know brought These you know whatever it is and it Might be profitable but it isn't Spiritual and it its Essence has been Failed right and if you're going to do That give the other ashrams back to us Sincere people you know break the Mission into sjar and heartfulness give The sjar stuff back to all of us the Books the right the copyright so we can

Reprint the books from chargie and we Can conduct our own Gatherings you know Somewhere else in India or other places I mean that's that's the honorable thing To do this guy isn't honorable right Because he he's taking this thing in his Own personal Direction it's the opposite Of what sa Mar was supposed to be and The failure is just always there because It's not sucere right it's just going to Be another one of these goofy things you Know I I looked at one of these on Facebook and now I get all these Different meditation conferences and It's the same old people that dodgy gets You know that Sharon salsburg and Tony Nater and a bunch of other people you Know and um and they just make the Rounds right they go from one place to Another trying to you know get exposure And it's just all networking and you Know it's it's not real spirituality Like none of it is right like they're All just it's an absolute joke because They're all trying to Market themselves And it does sjar was never about that That's why you didn't hear about it till You know very recently when Dody took Over in fact we were advised or we were Requested not to even talk about it on Social media because they didn't want People misrepresenting things On social media and they wanted the Message to be you know centralized from

The website and Char's own you know Personal whatever he had on on uh the You know the web and that they weren't Going to want people just posting random Things and saying things that were wrong Because we already seen that happening The undisciplined aspect of it where Sajar has been completely misrepresented By people and they're just running you Know a muck with the brighter mind scam And then these all these holistic Practices and it's you know again dodgy And these people aren't trustworthy and They're conmen and you know whatever They're flimflam Men And so there's all That all right I just want to keep this Short but you know this is what's going On I mean it's just another you know It's another failure like just the the Failures are just the list of failures Is just growing for this guy only Spirituality will save this world it's Pado definitely pointing for the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful okay I almost forgot an important point I Want to talk about the idea of a Masterless system you know what we're Doing in gratefulness meditation and you Know there's been comments about it and I wanted to talk about what I know but The first thing I want to say is you Know when I make videos like this um There's going to be a varying audience

Right and so some of it is there's People like me like I don't need any More proof about dodgy and Commish and Heartfulness organization right but There was a time when I did back in 200000 you know 20 through 22 or 23 or Whatever it was when I realized that you Know Dody was a complete fraud and that The organization was toxic to me you Know but this point I don't need Convincing but I'm still interested in The outcome because I'm involved with it Like what's going to happen like what's Going to happen next what's going to Happen happen you know the inevitable Collapse of the organization that's Called heartfulness dody's demise what Is he going to do about a successor I Mean all these things they're Interesting things but they're the same Way I just watched the show you know Politics and I watch sports or I watch You know whenever I cover celebrity Culture or whatever it is like there's a Sense of Detachment because it really Doesn't have much to do with me it's a Little bit more personal cuz I know some Of these people personally and it's a Bummer because you know it's always Going to be a little bit of a bummer no Matter what happens but what I'm saying Here is that you know there are things That I've already made my decision on And maybe the decision would change if

Something drastic changed but in terms Of the the other things I cover on my Normal YouTube channels my original YouTube channels politics celebrity Culture all these things you know um What what to do with medicine the kind Of uh healthc care that works best for Me all these things I pretty much know What I'm going to do in most of these Circumstances when covid hit I knew what I was going to do already like years Before Co even hit because I've already You know made those decisions right and Some of these things to do with Saj Marg And you know you make your choices I Mean one of the great things that Chargie talked about one of his epic Talks was he talked about how people in America are perpetually Choosing and that in life you make a Choice and you live with a a choice but Because of our economic system you know He didn't go into so much detail but you Know this is what he was basically Saying you know because of the way that Our culture is we're choosers we're Constant we're customers we're asked to Make choices all the time and we're Being presented choices all the time and We've learned to you know we've brought That into our marriages say right like I Remember working at a a restaurant when I weighed tables years ago and there was A woman who was about to get married and

I was like in my you know mid 20s Whatever it was right early 20s and she Was um probably in her 30s so she was Kind of older and there was another Woman who had a horrible divorce like She had a bad divorce with an abusive Husband she was kind of bitter of it Bitter about it she was kind of tough Right this was a a tough kind of Italian Restaurant and downtown Harford Connecticut and she said to the woman Who's about to be married you can say I Do and you can always say I don't right I remember my nephew when he got married He he went around he was joking about Taking the ring off his finger like on His wedding on his wedding day but to His credit he's still married today Right I believe happily so so you know That was years and years ago 20 years Ago so he's probably been married like 20 years he was had kids but you know This idea that you can always get out of It if you don't like it you can always Get divorced and so it's a it's a bad Situation like not divorce itself is bad Because I was lucky enough to get one in A a difficult you know impossible Situation but you know this idea that Everything is you know you're you're Always choosing and then people go Through life never really committed to Their marriage never really committed to Their job never committed to the

Institutions around them they're always Looking for a better deal and chargie Made reference to that make a choice and Live with it right and you have enough Information to make choices but people So you know did I make the right choice And all these types of things right but For the most part like you know my Decisions and what I'm going to do and The plan for the rest of my life is Already kind of mapped out in terms of Farming and homesteading and you know Doing the gratefulness meditation I me I'll be doing sa Mar and all these Things you know the marriage to my wife These are all you know permanent things There's just you know everything's just Going to go whatever way it goes and you Know things change and you know I mean There's some sort of changes in the World sure I'll have to move if I have To move you know whatever it is right if I'm forced to do certain things based on Climactic changes or whatever changes to The the environment whatever it might be But in terms of everything else is kind Of mapped out the same thing with Dody And heartfulness like I you know I'm not Looking for new information to make my Decision I've already made my decision But there are people who aren't fully Convinced but they get the sense that Dodgy sucks and a few of them have made To my Channel at least few of them have

Comment commented that this has helped Them you know make their decision right I talked to this guy who you know I Talked to a couple years ago and he's Been struggling and so you know these Videos are in some ways for them but They're for other people who already you Know know dodgy sucks and know that Heartfulness sucks but they're Interested in the the story right they Want to see the resolution of whatever Happens here people listen to my journey Series and these things you know which I'm restarting and I'm going to go from The kind of the beginning and um you Know map out some of the events that Happen and just revisit some of the Things and eventually I'll find a way to Republish the whole thing but that'll be You know a good way for people who never Got to go back to the beginning and We're talking about hundreds of hours of Content to get sort of the the Understanding about what it's about but Anyways um going back to the guru system A few people commented about that having A master is a bad thing and you should Have masterless system I think one of The persons wrote an interesting comment About how in Sufism the Sufi saints were Always the Masters were always making Their kids their successors and So Eventually banished all Masters which is One way to go about it but you know the

The best system in spirituality is a Singular Master System because that Person is it if that person's a true Master other than that like DOI isn't a True master so that's why it's failed It's not the master Master System that's Failed and it isn't the Master System That failed the sufis it's the fact that They picked their own kids therefore They weren't a master right I mean it's Been an issue in um Sark like I don't Know about L's kids and family but they Didn't really Embrace Bajy and they didn't give they didn't Turn over to him all the papers like all Of aly's writings and Boby had to kind Of cover for them and basically tell Everyone that a maid threw out his all Of L's paperwork but in truth um the Family didn't want to give it to him and He didn't want to Bear L's family but There was just all these Works essays And things that ly wrote and eventually They were turned over to the mission Under Charge uh but they didn't you know Totally Embrace bobaji but they didn't Oppose him babaji's kids on the other Hand were nightmares like they were just Horrible people I mean that's as far as I you know know what I've Been Told And they were like you know one guy was Like beating his wife and beating his Kids and there'd be like European like

There'd be Europeans staying at Baba's House and there' be these you blowout Fights and the sun was you know I mean Just horrible person and Bob G was you Know he was so soft and disconnected Like he don't like even know um but There was no thought of Babaji turning The mission over to his kids and there Was an expectation from his kids and That caused problems there was lawsuits With chargie and you know things I mean A divided Mission and so there was that Right and you know with chargie his son He had one son Krishna who at least to His credit was cool about the whole Thing and he was pretty clear he wasn't Going to be the master I don't think he Wanted to be and so you know there Wasn't much in terms of him and now with Klish you know it looks like he might go And turn to this business over to his Kids because it's now a business but That's cuz he's failed right the problem Is like with anything whether it be Capitalism or communism or fascism or a Monarchy it's only as good as the people That are there like you can have a good Monarchy if you have a good king and the Chances of getting good King are very Very Slim but getting a second good King like A prince that's a good person is almost Impossible and so that's why the Royal Line of lineage sucks because you know

They just there's no way that it it's Going to be you're going to have good Leaders born in consecutive Generations Right so based in genetics based in you Know family a family line that doesn't Work and democracy doesn't work because People are degraded and that if you know People were great then democracy would Be great I mean any of these systems if The people were great the system itself Would you know adhere to a you know People had good character qualities and Were selfless and were service oriented The system would hold up like you see For years in tribes and in rural Villages there's just good people after Good people but then a few bad apples Slip in and the whole thing gets wrecked It's not the system it's the quality of The people the system is a reflection of The people and the people are also a Reflection of the system but now the System is you know creating bad people And the bad people are creating a bad System whether it be governments or Anything else right but in terms of Spiritual You know it's very hard to do things on Your own and I know that you know my Preceptor Fred said that he had been a Preceptor he was the only preceptor in a In an area and then he had been a Preceptor with other preceptors and Being a preceptor and you know the only

Preceptor worked a lot better and that's Not always the case you know Fred had a He was a little bit weird you know Whatever but it's difficult to work with Other people and I saw this in the Mission over and over again people Having fundamental disagreements about Interpretation of teachings and the way To do things and it was just always Drama and always you know I mean we knew Like most of us knew if chargie didn't Produce a quality successor or none at All the wi Mission would collapse Because people were were already at each Other's throats and that's with chargie Being a you know a wonderful master and Strong leader and so the way that it Should work is that the sark syst system Was that the master finds the best Possible person and creates another Person like himself with the same Spiritual Powers same spiritual uh you Know Essence and that the essence is Passed on in the transmission where the Spiritual Master merges in that person And guides them and so you know if DOI Chargie did merge in DOI DOI refuses to Uh Embrace that and so that's where the Father office right but that isn't Char's fault or the system's fault it's Dodgy just being a punk and you know Maybe there wasn't anybody better at Least somebody who's um you know it's You know it's just not that hard like

The one thing that I could do you know I've talked about not being a master and Not being service oriented but the one Thing I could do is make good decisions Like I've been able to do that in my own Life since um being very clear about What needs to be done and being decisive But following the Sark system and using My heart as an instrument to decide Things like that part I could do like That part I could do certainly better Than dodgy and there's a lot of things That there's there's no brainers like The brighter minds thing would just Never happen right like these scams just Never would happen like they're not part Of sa Mar there wouldn't be any of this Wellness stuff like maybe the stuff with You know if there I could be convinced That it was align with Sark principles And there was a need for it you know but Only if you the the centerpiece of the Meditation and the transmission were you Know whatever I mean I have to see it And be in that situation but most of the Decisions stji made there are decisions That no one should should even have he Should have never even thought as an Option they shouldn't have never crossed His mind to do right and like I said That part I'm clear about you know the Interaction with people and doing some Of the spiritual work and the commitment To the service thing I was you know I

Couldn't do that like I just don't care Enough about it but decisions would be Easy because anybody who does this Practice for a while can de develop the Ability to follow their heart and do What's supposed to be done right and Just you know and also explain it that'd Be other thing explaining the decisions To people because it's important you do That not that you owe them an Explanation but you're teaching them how You went about the process and that's You know one of the wonderful things About the system is that there is a a Way that you you do things differently Using your heart and connecting to God And and just developing the capacity to Follow your spiritual path and it's kind Of Epic right it's kind of a great Aspect of the practice and every master In the system should be able to do that Right like if I can do it they could do It like that should be the easiest one Of the easier things to learn how to do Even the first so many years if you read The books and you understand the Philosophy eventually you you figure out How to do that right you know and I Haven't come across a decision yet where It's been like you know really hard for Me to decide and if it has been hard at Some point it just becomes obvious the Dust s of settles and you know what to Do and you know that's something that

People I think can master in a a Relatively short period of time Certainly after 10 15 20 years they Should be able to do that if they're Really applying and devoted to the System you have to commit to the system Right but in terms of the lineage of Masters you know it's a great idea it's Just that I mean we got to three right Like and so you know it's I mean that's Just how people are like it's not the Fault of the the Masters or the system I Mean this is you know how people act and How it ended up you know crapping out But the other part is you know without a Master without a coach without a teacher You just don't get to higher levels it Just doesn't happen like you look at any Player they can learn basketball or Football and play really well but if They don't get proper coaching you see The difference that happens when they They get really good coaches and you see The difference between some teams that Developing talent and other teams that Suck at it if you're lucky enough to go To one of these teams that develops Talent and is able to help you become The best player it's you know you're in A better situation where other people Are just out there with incompetent Leadership and coaches it's like the Same thing with being a musician or Anything any anything in life having you

Know the proper teachers that guides and Mentors is essential like you don't go Anywhere without those things you can Only go so far with self-effort and you Know there's always breakthroughs as Well right like there's things people Invented things and you know those Things that have been invented you know Took some masterly higher developed Consciousness whether it be inventions Whether it be you know things that People do all the time right like There's like you know somebody was the First person to throw a curveball in Baseball now everybody does it right and So there has to be someone who breaks Through and then there's also has to be People teach you how to make that Breakthrough yourself right and you know Someone who goes to a high level of Spirituality is a rare occurrence and Then be able to bring you up to that Level and the Sark system is unique in That way with the transmission and Cleaning that is a breakthrough in Itself but I've seen you know the way People are when the master is there just When they're in his presence and they're Better like they make better decisions They're you know they just evolve in a You know the it pulls out the the higher Nature and so without the master they They get reduced to you know lower Consciousness and that's what's

Happening now because dodgy is an a Quality master and people are devolving In the system they're regressing because They don't have that Essence that energy That Consciousness that they're Connected to to pull them up and that's One of the essential things about Spiritual Movement so you really do need a higher Developed soul and hopefully that you Know this can be reversed in the near Future when the dodgy debacle is um you Know when it Folds okay greetings brothers and Sisters Um I got uh one comment last night and Another what I just kind of scanned they Were hostile cult comments from cult Followers of duji so I'm going to lay Out some ground rules for the cult Followers of dodgy Commish uh because they're not helping Themselves Out um these comments just you know Prove the whole idea that they're all in A cult and I made a video yesterday this Is how these guys are actually helping Me out here um I made a video Yesterday here let me see what the Thing's called Here um entitled Global spiritual Maha Stav and other dodgy heartfulness Fail and in this video I cover How he's having this Gathering he's

Starting it with diaper Baba you know The disgraced diaper Baba who is you Know just had a another false Advertising claim against him and you All these things scandals he's had and Just a nightmare he is as a just as an Entity to people outside of his fan base Right in terms of how he presents diaper Baba is a a brand killer like just a bad Decision like all of us who saw him in Europe you Americans and Europeans and People from other countries were like What is going on here like who is this Crazy looking mfer dancing around Prancing around as his diaper rolling His belly at a meditation Gathering and Uh you know that but I had meant to say This and it applies here so it's a great Sort of segue connecting to last two Videos here this video and the the one That I'm going to upload today and then I'll have these back to back I'll put This one up on today's Tuesday March 5th So I'll put this one up on Wednesday and The other one I'll make public today um So here's the Deal I can be the worst person in the World like doesn't matter what you think Of me like it doesn't matter what I am As a person the I'm not at question here This channel is not about me at all and Trying to make it about me is what a Cult follower would do and a cult would Do trying to discredit me you can say

I'm the worst person in the world second Worst you know because dodgy would have To be worse if what I'm saying is true Right often times reporters and I'm not A reporter but it's is in this case I'm Playing the role of a reporter Oftentimes people who bring truth to Light investigative journalists whatever It is people who are whistleblowers Whatever it might be aren't great people Themselves right like they you often Times the people who expose Scandals do questionable things to get Information they might do you know Whatever it is they might not have the Best character they might just be Obsessed with bringing other people down Whatever they're thing is they're you Know not Saints or not great people and So what I am as a person whatever you Think of me as a person has no bearing On what I'm saying here all the matters Is if I'm telling the truth or not or if I'm finding the truth it's not even About me telling the truth it's me Finding the truth right because it's not Just about me almost all the information I show you are things that other people Send to me you know I gave up pretty Much caring about this so much you know Other than in just uh like a you know uh What we call rubbernecking when people Look at a a car wreck when you're Driving and you see a car wreck you look

Over to see what the Carnage is it's Called rubbernecking people turning Their heads to look at the the car wreck That's about the extent of my concern About this because I've dealt with the Pain and suffering and the the you know Real ation that dody's Fallen you know He was made the master of the system the Legitimate Master of the system he had All the spiritual work at least you know All that I could tell like I was there I Saw it and I talk about it here so it Wasn't like I didn't accept ay I was one Of the first people who did Kish when he Was announced there was no problems on My end I thought he'd do a great job I Felt relief that chargie had a successor So you know and the it's all documented Anybody will listen to me the journey Series which is now taken down because Of the heartfulness cult in Dody you Know which is unfortunate but it Documented all these things and so it Isn't about me right like I am getting Information from other people who want To get the word out and I've never been All that concerned about you all because You should know already like if you're In India and you don't know what I know Like I'm in America not there I don't Think about it like I don't know diaper Bob is a scumbag like I did some Research on the internet I didn't know About what the um what the uh what do

You call it is the um RSS was I had no Idea what the RSS was and why it would Be a problem my you know viewers told me People who do the system so it's not Just me it's people who all share a Similar concern or realization that Dodgy sucks and I am just the person who Has been given the task because I have a Platform and I chose to spoke speak out About these things and talk about you Know whatever is going on with me and The you know my perceptions and so and I Told people about this this the other Thing I was telling people about Heartfulness and then when I realized Dodgy is an untrustworthy piece of crap Boo fallen and you know failed and the People running the mission with him suck I had to say something like you know I Can't be steering people to something That's you know that's uh Disreputable and so it's my duty as a Person who's on the internet and is a So-called truther to tell the truth and So it has zero to do with me you can Look at me as the worst person in the World I'm not saying anything I'm not Saying I'm great I'm not saying I'm a Saint I'm not saying I should replace Dodgy because I you know I'm saying the Exact opposite that that isn't even on The table I'm unwilling to even consider That and nobody should consider me to Replace dodgy like I'm not you know and

That's I mean given this whole thing it Would never happen right because of me Saying all these things and you know What I've presented here so that's not Even you know that's not even Consideration nobody's saying that Nobody has you know people who hear About Sark from me people who are my Fans here yeah sure they have you know They're limited because they never got a Chance to meet charie and so you know IP Are uh pretty great to them because they Never met chargie or some of the other You know saintly people right some of The great preceptors and things the real Saints of this Sark system but you know You can think of me of this the second Biggest piece of poop in the world right Like I don't care you know I'm not I Mean we're all you know we all have our Issues whether they're character flaws Which you guys can't see because you're Too limited and you don't know me and so You just say stupid stuff and so it Doesn't matter what I am in terms of This channel it only matters that I'm Presenting legitimate arguments that the Cult that is heartfulness and the cult Leader that dodgy refused to address and Not because I'm asking them to address Them because thousands of aasis and People who have quit are saying these Same things it is not just me so it's Again you're addressing not only me but

All the other people who have these Legitimate concerns in a spiritual Organization especially people who have Legitimate you know Heart-felt um feelings of betrayal and You know whatever it might be feelings Of like you know doubt you need to Address these things as a leader and as A cult as I'm sorry it's a spiritual Organization but Cults don't do that Cults browbeat people Cults intimidate People col you know Gaslight people and That's what's Happening Here the reports Are I mean getting all these reports From people and even what they did Trying to censor me it's the wrong Approach and having dopes like you show Up and comment and make Dopey comments Without being able to you know think Things through and you know think about The effects of your comment to make it Look even more like a cult and you're Failing just like dodgy is like you're Everything that I you know uh that's Disgusted me about what's happened with The organization and so with that being Said let's go to Uh comment number one U the person here I got to make it Bigger Um the person says This yes you are repetitive Paul um you have not forgot that your Ego is too big you could not

Forget that your ego is too big and you Are involving and steering people for Your own own agenda of Hate okay so what's my hate agenda Explain my hate agenda like how do I Have an agenda of hate like what is the Hate agenda like this person might be The um I don't know but he could be one Of the people in charge of the one of These dopes um like that makes no sense What's my agenda of hate like I just Want to spread hate like I'm just filled With hate just want to spread hate what Is the you have legitimate concerns here You are spreading lies misinformation And trying to create a cult of yours by Dividing people on the name of Chargy charie son and brother is very Much a part of heartfulness yet you Speak like as if you are the authority On his behalf um well two things here This is heartfulness meets nine out of 10 of the criteria for a cult open Letter to Dody and his cronies I think There's one of his cronies not sure Um by your Criteria Baba's kids all rejected charie The whole family did and they had you Know there's a gathering in shahanur I Mean think about this for those of you Who understand what a gathering is or at Least get an idea of it so there's a Gathering in shahanur at the Asham and chargie showed up as the

Legitimate Master of the System and the family had another guy a Guy who endorsed charie a guy who bobi Straight up told I think this guy was in The central region he was a higher Developed Soul forget his name I I mean I would remember it doesn't matter but He's someone who was referenced often in Chargie Diaries and later I saw an Exchange where chargie wrote about this To people and this guy straight up Accepted charie said charie you know I'm Going to endorse you and bobg told me That you were the guy so I'm going to You know like Babi didn't tell very many People that chargie was a representative But he told this guy but this guy um was Confronted by U maybe Char's brother a Bunch of people I don't know who he was Like a lot of senior people confronted This guy and he said they were so nice To me I couldn't say no but he was the Their choices master and he gave Sittings representing the new Organization run by bab's kids right and Charie gave the sittings for you know Legitimate sa Mark and so they had two Different Gatherings with you know two Different Satson um you know three sittings a day Or two sittings a day whatever for like Bant or babaji's birthday or something Like one of the Gatherings that was one Of the Gatherings there was two there

Was two Gatherings at the same as of two Separate groups Waring groups right um And so that's babaj kids and Bobby's Family so should we reject chargie based In this person's criteria right chargie Son and brother is very much a part of Heartfulness yet you speak as if you Were the authority on his behalf well I Am a person with critical thinking Skills and I'm not here because of Char's brother and Char's uh son like I had you know Relationship with charie son Krishna and You know whatever it was um chargie Chewed him out in front of me but I you Know he was blocking letters from uh From lots of people but me you know Particularly and I very almost never Wrote to charge he said it was a Complete bummer but he was worried about His dad's health so I understood that And me and Christian were were close you Know not close but we were you know we Became friendly with each other right we Were we' you know say hi talk to each Other a little bit and I like Krishna And you know he um when chargie died he Looked like his dad like the first time I ever saw him I always thought he look Like this mom but you know when he I Didn't have an opinion but when I when After charge he passed away and I saw Chrisna for the first time you could see He absorbs something from his dad and

You know whatever he's doing he's doing Like maybe he's sticking with this thing I don't know what he knows or what he Thinks and I you know I don't care it Doesn't matter to me like I'm not you Know I'm talking about what the rest of Us see right and so this is illegitimate Argument like this person's saying you Were explaining lies misinformation Trying to create a cult of yours by Inviting people on the name of charie Well that's you know there's already a Division right like I'm not dividing Anybody there's people who are Wondering why um well let's like just go Through the points here these are the Points that dodgy and his crony should Answer number one why are there no books Being reprinted by chargie when you have A birthday gathering for charie which He's cancelled why is he canceling Char's birthday gathering I mean his Reasoning was ridiculous and so there's A real reason for this why has he been Uh you know downplaying chargy as much As possible why are there other than the Books that are the left leftover books The few leftover books that they have Why are they not selling any of the Books why are they printing books from Other organizations and other people and Releasing them on Char's birthday and Not re-releasing any of Char's books why Are there not complete works of chargy

Like chargie had the most content most DVDs the most everything why are those Things not being sold and when they're Sold they're being sold out and they Aren't being reprinted or Republished why is the just everything That chargie did is is talks and things Being scrubbed from the official Saar Website things like this I mean they're Being posted by this good YouTube Channel that's you know luckily doing These things posting charge these old Talks but other than that he's been Disappeared and the person who is doing That YouTube channel admitted you know Said that you know that charges being Scrubbed and all these people who have Legitimate questions about this and Dody's answer was you know saying that Chargie was not a part of was that Kamales was being uh prepared in secret Behind Char's back under his nose and Chargie didn't know about it and yet the Same thing commas says that only the Living Masters can do anything so which Is it like the Contradiction and so why are there no uh Streets named after chargie why are There no references to chargie in Kana Chargie has been pretty much removed From the system and so those are the Questions about chargie and his handling Of chargie when he wrote the letter to Took to which I showed everybody you

Which is no longer available cuz Heartfulness copyrighted me so that the Video would be taken down because They're scared of the truth right why Why is that um again not about me like You're making this about me like answer The legitimate questions that are from Other people right so we went to tuku G Asosu and said tuku g merged him which Was a joke because he lies he's a liar And then he wrote a letter saying these Are the people who are part of the Divine hierarchy in the Sark system and Left Char's name off of there the video That he took down where he said chargie Didn't make it to the brighter world the You know where's that answer that what Do you mean he didn't make it he said he Had was given one last chance and he Failed multiple people saw it I didn't See it multiple people saw it and have Brought it up to me and said yeah it was Taken down and so what about that video What about him saying that what about Him leaving him off the list what of him Saying he's not in the brighter world What what about any of that like those Questions need to be answered not for me Because they need to be answered because Legitimate people can and you know and Me I'm not part of the organization I Don't care I realize that dody's Fallen I've done my own thing but people but Even that you know he owes all of us an

Explanation what are the lies and Misinformation I'm spreading what are The things that aren't true that I Haven't showed you through dody's own Videos and dody's own talks that you Guys are scrubbing because you don't Want people to see and you know see what I've shown you you know people who just Aren't watching his things because Nobody watches his stuff people aren't Fans of dodgy they don't watch his Videos they turn they've tuned him off And so me showing you things he's saying Is going to like people ask questions Like that's not right you know when Somebody speaks up especially with you Guys and your your cult goggles on you Know you guys aren't are are predisposed Not to um well anyways let's get back Back to it here let me open this back up Here and so it says here Um uh chargie was loved and is loved and He will be forever loved as our guide But your ego is too big that's why you Are defaming others like it's just Boilerplate talking points again don't Make it about me like okay maybe I have The second biggest egos in the world but My ego hasn't done anything in terms of Destroying Gyro's leg Legacy and also Destroying the sa organization that's on You and dodgy like so you know you might Say I have a big ego like that's you Know what's your evaluation of my big

Ego like I'm not saying I don't have one Like whatever that means right but what Do you think is the motivation behind my Big ego that I'm doing this like I could Easily have made a deal with doy like I Could get you know he could whatever um When I first posted the videos in the Journey series one of the dodgy cronies Reached out to me through a Preceptor and um this guy the dodgy Truther speculated that they were going To offer me something like a preceptor Ship or whatever just to be quiet and I Was unwilling to even consider that so If my ego was so big I could have you Know got something for any of this but You know it's just it's like it's a Stupid way of like you don't have the Ility to read or evaluate what I'm doing Like the least you can say is we have Legitimate concerns right not just me But other people so when when fraudi Came in when klish came in he Immediately made changes including the Very name of the system he changed it to Heartfulness but he made immediate like Goofy changes like he said no kids go to The Gathering and because of that I got Kicked out of a gathering because I was With my 13-year-old son I the crime that I committed was bring my son when he Didn't make it clear like nobody could Really he disappeared he made this Proclamation on an email and then of

Course he's sitting with his kids on his Grandkids on his lap now where kids are At the Gatherings and he's now have Schools there and all these things and So he made a decision that he now has Reversed it was an arbitrary decision His first year as Master to change Everything about the system he also Reduced the age in which kids could Start he made these sweeping changes Right he started changing the maxims and Then he started doing things that are Clearly against the teachings of the System things that Babi said don't do HA Yoga now he's got diaper Baba doing haa Yoga at the beginning of a wellness Retreat where he won't celebrate Char's Birthday but he'll celebrate a wellness Retreat these are legitimate questions That not only I'm asking but thousands Of people want to know the answer but They've been brow Beed and intimidated Into not being able to speak their their Piece of their mind they're scared of Expressing themselves some of it's Cultural and some of it's organizational But they're being pressured people said That they were you know threatened and Things like this right that's what Cults Do right and so this generic like stupid Comment this person's leaving again you Know another thing about this is I am Addressing your comment here um you know It's it suits me because you suck and

Your comment stupid it's just a you know Like it's just the things people accuse You have a big ego what's that even mean Right like Define what my motivation is Define the fact that I'm not just the Only one saying this right we all have Giant egos where that's the problem Everybody who questions dod's legitimacy And his things that he's doing that goes Against the very teachings of the system Things that babaj G and chargie said Don't do ly said don't do canceling the Master's holidays that go against the a Whispers message and then lying about Baba G giving him a Whispers message Saying and not reading his Whispers Message there's Whispers messages that Exist that say that you are being these Holidays have to be celebrated they're Special days and this is you know I've Read the message over and over again Address those things right address what I'm actually saying like on the Merit of The argument you can't do that because You're an occult right you again like I Allow people to post comments you guys Filter the comments you don't allow Somebody to just post a comment you Filter the comments first you read the Comment before it is ever seen in public That's censorship like people post their Comments and I'll ban people and I'll Ridicule them and I'll mock them or Whatever I do right you know if they

Deserve to be ridiculed and mocked like You do but at least I'm letting you guys Post your comments and I'm addressing The Ridiculousness of your comment which DOI can't do Dody doesn't answer Questions he's made all these sweeping Changes which is always a mistake and he Hasn't explained any of them the only Explanation we get from him or the Organization is he's the master deal With it o chargie appointed him so deal With it but he doesn't act like a master And people don't like him and what about All the new people that can't stand the Guy that think the guy is uh you know Right off the bat and this is a Legitimate you know I mean reaction that People are having the guy does not Appeal to people the American Mission Has shrunk to almost nothing and so it's And there's no Enthusiasm and so I saw a fundraiser he Had for Christmas he raised $3,000 when that was charged it would Have been hundreds of thousands of Dollars I mean the guy you know he's cut Off all these people the bad decisions The RSS this is a legitimate concern People have expressed these concerns to Me and I verbalize them for them and I Don't you know like the organization to Me is done because of people like you I Mean I'm more disgusted with all you Guys who have allowed him to throw

Chargie under the bus and that you know It's clear that he's doing that he has An issue with chargie he said things Over and over again which I documented In these videos which the organization Doesn't want to have up there because it It's a slam dunk when you watch the Videos and so all you have is to call me Names which is like your big ego right To say I have a big ego like like who Are you like you know to say I have a Big ego like what are you saying like You know again I'm not saying I don't But like how does me having a big ego Relate to dody's failure and me covering It here like it doesn't like my ego is Whatever it is right like I can be the Worst piece of crap in the world like I Said in the beginning of the video that Doesn't make dodgy that doesn't excuse His behavior right doesn't make it's not About me I'm not really a cult like he's Person let's get into it because he says That here um says here Um Char you was loved and he will be Loved forever you spraying lies that me Create a cult of your Yours by Divine People on name of charie like what do You mean a cult like how is it a cult What am I asking my followers to do like What followers do I have other than YouTube viewers right I've made it clear I don't want to be any kind of a Spiritual leader in these things like

Not in some way like you know oh please No no you know not like a you know like They like they have some of these fake Fights and the NBA where you know hold Me back like like I'm not Isn't false Humility I'm clear based in the way the Chargie and Babaji and ly were treated That I would never want that personally And I don't have the you know the you Know the personality and the and the Commitment the service level that they Have right like it's a service position And given the way Humanity has treating Treated them and Jesus and everybody Else you know no thanks right I mean Like at least in this life and maybe That's you know that would be my big ego Or whatever that would be my ego saying Yeah I'm not into that right because These people suck why would I want to You know I'm not I'm not committed that Much to it right so this isn't about me At all this isn't about me replacing him This isn't about me saying that I want To do his job none of these things Because I don't want to do it and so Like just saying stuff like that like oh My God you're not a cult we're not a Cult you're a you're a cult you D you You're a cult like it makes no sense Anybody watching my videos anybody who Knows me even anybody who knew me as an Abasi all the other fellow aasis no one Ever thought oh PA Romano should be the

Next like no one ever thought that I you Know like no one would accept me as that In the organization like I'm not my name Wasn't on the list of potential people It wasn't like I was in Consideration I'm just not that guy like I don't have you know nobody would Consider me for that position Including myself like it was never an Option for me and thinking about it like Even just talking about that idea of me Being a guru or Master stresses me out Like it stresses me out like I don't you Know it would cause me stress even think About that as a possibility because of You know who I am and my lacking of Whatever it takes to do that job you Know I'm good at this job I'm good at Making videos I'm good at you know Seeing things and pattern recognition This is what I'm good at this is the Gift that I have to contribute to the You know to the the uh sjar system this Is you know and Humanity like I'm good At this and I'm happy to do this and I'm Comfortable doing this right and so just Making up things oh you're a cult no We're not a cult you're a cult right It's just like stupid like this is a Person that doesn't have the ability to Assess what someone else is saying this Is everything that cult leaders cult Followers do and the people that the you Know The Gatekeepers around dodgy do

Right answer the questions Legitimately and the same thing you guys Did when I asked about the UN years ago Is that my big ego when I you know when Bob G didn't join the UN and wrote a a Pretty you know harsh letter from bobaji I mean like in terms of Bob's letters That was a harsh one to the UN and was Critical of the UN and clearly didn't Think the UN was a worthy organization And then you clowns join the UN like you Know and that then I asked legitimate questions and nobody Could answer them and then I was told The one thing I was said was we can't Let your rad let radical Idealism um uh stop this Opportunity right radal radical Idealistic uh whatever it was I could Find the exact quote from a senior Member like that's you know being Idealistic is the only reason to do this That you can believe that Humanity can Turn it around and people like you could Be somehow elevated beyond your low Level of Consciousness even though that You're around the master you if this is One of his cronies you're part of the System you claim to love chargie and Then you allow something like this to Happen and never speak up and never even Look at the possibility that this has Happened when it's so obvious that it Has okay let me get back to it here um

Chargi was loved and is loved and will Be forever loved as our guide but your Ego is too big that's why you are Defaming others well like that's your Reasoning like that's not my motivation What is my motivation right I've had Legitimate experiences dodgy lied to me Colas has lied to me I got thrown out of A gathering because of his mistakes and I didn't even turn on him then like I Could have but I still believed that he Was a legitimate master and so I just Thought well I'm going through cleaning And you know hopefully you know he'll Become better right I just assumed he Would become better like I wasn't even Questioning his Mastery then I looked at It like I was you know upset more that You know like if this is the legitimate Guy which he was the chargie appointed I Saw the video I saw chargie announce his Appointment but now I'm hearing other Things there's a story out there some of The people in the Inner Circle again I Haven't talked to them because they Don't want to they're scared but they Said that he was pressured chargie was Pressured and they made it impossible For chargie to choose anybody outside of These Inner Circle people that wanted to Do what they're doing to the mission so F you and left the rest of you guys for Doing that and creating this cult like Well you know what's the motivation

Behind your comment right like what do You think is going to happen here that People are going to see this they're Going to read this line that you Wonderful Insight that you put Out here charie was loved and loved he Will be forever loved as our guide but Your ego is too big that's why you were Defaming others that's your level of Insight you're like maybe a preceptor a Person in the mission and that's your Ability to perceive somebody else's Reasoning like that's like you know you Think that's going to win people's over Oh my God this guy just forgets it like You think what's going to happen it's Just going to make you this looks like What a cult a cult follower would say Right guys will keep coming and going as All the previous guys have said use my Services till I alive and forget me no That's what um Dody Said I don't remember the rest of them Saying that right I mean yes the guys Will be keep on coming but not after Dodgy like he's wrecked it like he's Wrecked the lineage of the Masters by Going against all the things that were Said to not do like doing the things That the other Master says oh don't do This and he's done all those things he's Made one mistake after another and Nobody likes the guy he's not bringing In new people and he's not going to win

You know people outside of India and not Even there right and bringing in all These organizations and diaper Boba and All these things and becoming political I mean these are legitimate questions It's a failure it goes against the very Principles and teachings of the system And so we supposed to throw away all the Old books we're supposed to throw away All the Whispers messages that that go Against what doi's doing is that we Always pretend that we didn't read those Things and that he's somehow this Exalted person when the guy can't even Complete a a coherent thought when he Tells a different story being Interviewed in one place a story that no One would should believe in the first Place that these women who were digging Ditches were moved from 0.1 to3 in a Fraction of a second and then in his Book he tells uh completely different Story we're supposed to ignore all that So we're not supposed to think at all We're supposed to be just oh my God he's The master like some drones that's what Cults do you know Cults can't uh answer Legitimate questions about behaviors Right and DOI has not explained himself He's made sweeping changes which is a Sign of a bad lead Someone who comes in immediately and Makes sweeping changes and then reverses Some of those changes after he realizes

They are bad ideas and then never Explains himself never explains the Constant failure never explains the bad Videos never explains forcing preceptors To buy his books I mean like buying his Books like thousands of them I mean Whatever it is the numbers so that he Can be a best-selling author like that's What cult leaders do right that's what Cults do um as all the previous guys Have said use my use me till I am alive And forget me same is said by baby same Charie same as dodgy but apparently you You are too big even bigger than [Laughter] Charie like you're just a Child like answer the questions that are Being asked here again don't make it About me like I like I said I could be The worst person in the world second Worst because I'm I I at least didn't Destroy the heartfulness to Sark system With the heartfulness cult I didn't turn Sjar into a cult and so you know you and The people who have supported this guy Are worse than me like you know whatever You want to say about me like I'm you Know whatever I'm better than you guys Like because I didn't do that right like That's the worst thing to me that ever Could have happened Humanity's future Humanity's you know uh a system that's There to elevate Humanity Uh that die you know a a corrupt and

Debauched Humanity that's falling into The abyss and on the cusp of destroying The planet and being like you brought Into Extinction and there was this Lifeline that was given this Divine you Know hail area to to get people to um You know Elevate themselves all of us Who have benefited from the system and Know how great it is and DOI and you Guys have destroyed it so like that's Worst thing like no matter how bad you Want to think I am I didn't do that Right apparently you are even too big Apparently you are too too big even Bigger than chargie try trying you to Use Char's name to fulfill your agenda Otherwise you would not even try to Defame or speak lies about the person he Has appointed what does that even mean Like you know he's the one that has not Talked about charie the way that Babaji Talked about ly and charie talked about Boby I mean he's talked about him Negatively like so much so he just told Like after canceling Char's birthday I Mean he canceled his master's birthday And you know all all of it like you guys Know I don't have to go through it Answer the questions that I've raised Explain the you know behaviors and the Only explanation is like he hates the Guy he's not a chargie fan why is he not Republishing chargie books you know Again I don't want the position but if I

Was in that position I would be Republishing chargie stuff cuz they were Great they changed my life there's works Out there there's books out there that Haven't been published by chargie that Were still in the pipeline and so he's Publishing other books from outside Organizations things about yoga ha yoga That were never supposed to be done and He's celebrating you know these other People like diaper Baba and Transcendental Meditation and he's Cancelling Char's birthday he cancel Char's birthday right how am I the one That's like you know that question here I didn't cancel chargie birthday They you think I did That so try and use charge's name to Fill your agenda otherwise you would not Even have tried to defame or speak lies About the person he has appointed one Who has bigger things to do and Especially one who meditates and does Not have time to defame others period This is the killer Line This is my Favorite thing about this comment um the Fame is not anything like I'm asking Legitimate questions but it's already You know the guy I mean there's there's No way the what about the brighter mind Scam that is the midbrain activation Scam answer the questions get third Party people go to that guy um the guy Who offers money if you won that guy

Over um nanja a rank from the rational Society who's called out Dody by name Again you know like I mean that's a scam It's an absolute scam it was a bright it Was a midbrain activation scam and it Looks goofy like it's not a winning it Just looks stupid on top of it and it Was a bad it was just like a horrible Decision there's nothing to be said here And have a third party come out and Expose like he already has published a Report from one of the doctors that was A member of the mission published the Report put the report out there that This guy already did they Pro that it's A scam otherwise you're a lying scammer Right that's uh encouraging kids to lie And taking their parents' money to do it Right um one of the biggest things to do Especially one who meditates is not have Time to defame others period this is the Line just imagine Warren Buffett Speaking ill about others um Warren Buffett is a worthless piece of Okay there is a documentary out there a Truther documentary done by one of the Sons I believe from Johnson and Johnson Um I forget the name of the documentary But he was asking legitimate Questions about um the power elite and His family and his dad had done the same Thing and his dad had been crushed and His dad was freaking out by his son Doing this documentary and the kid

Interviewed Warren Buffett's Granddaughter and Warren Buffett without Even knowing what she said and she was a Single mom Cut Her Off financially in Always like disavowed her disowned his Own Granddaughter um and so and you know Like you're saying Warren Buffett's a Great man like you're you're bringing Warren Buffett into this thing like what Kind of fool are you like what kind of Child are you to think that Warren Buffett should be talked in in the same Breath as chargie and and the members of The mission that's you know I think this Is one of the clowns who did the UN and That never answered the questions about The UN which is your problem like you Created this Dynamic if you had been Transparent about the UN And had listened to other people's Opinion namely mine back then and you Know not just my opinion there's a good 30 to 40% of the world who has a very Bad opinion about the UN and linking sa Mark to the UN meant that all those People would not even try it because of It and I I raised that question along With boba's letter which you guys are Now trying to use as a they try to use Parts of Boby letter to um to validate Their decision to become NGO which has Had no positive effect the UN is a piece Of crap organization and Warren Buffett

Is a piece of crap and why would you you Know bring this thing in there like it Just shows the the level of Consciousness here this is what people Who are called just imagine Warren Buffett speaking ill about others but Since you are not there then what else Can one expect you are not restoring Faith in humanity but destroying it you Know my videos are getting like a couple Hundred views um which is fine with me Like I'm not trying to win you guys over Cuz you guys disgust me every one of you Guys who claim to love chargie and have Not asked these same questions and are Just you know I mean are working Actively to prevent this kind of uh Whatever information from getting out if This is the person I think it is um I Don't know like the guy who this is the Guy who copyrighted me you're a fool and You've made bad decisions like I know This like chump right um and I don't Know like there's a lot of people have These same names so it could be somebody Else but anyways this is what a cult Follower says and you just helped prove The case because you're not Legitimately saying that you're not Legitimizing anything that being said by Not just me but many other people to Have legitimate questions and say all Right like you guys have a legitimate Point of view but once you say that then

It opens the door to actually like well Maybe is like piece of crap maybe he Fallen maybe he didn't do what he was Supposed to do see once you let the Possibility in that that could happen And that's what happened with me I Didn't think this could happen and so That way why it took me a long time to Realize it had happened like I had Enough information early on but I had Also had the other information where I Saw the work that had been done and I Said in my videos I legitimately saw you Know I Experienced the process that Dody was Going through colish was going through To become the master of the system I saw The spiritual work I experienced it in a Variety of ways had a positive opinion Of him and so having witnessed that it Was much harder for someone like me to See that dodgy sucks and it's not hard For new people it's not hard for my Viewers people like my wife my viewers People who have not met chargie and they Look at Dody and evaluate him on just Their perception of him and he doesn't You know he has no nothing he's no Charisma all these things I've said you Know I'm repeating this stuff because This person you know didn't answer any Of these things if you're going to leave A comment don't make it about me and Address these things in a way that you

Have some you know like I mean it's the Only person who can address this stuff Is dodgy and he can't address it right Why he leave chargy off the list he Can't he can't answer that question are You going to publish the report that Brier Minds is a scam the report that You've that you're sitting on no he's Not going to do that He's franchised uh somebody else's scam He's a like so stupid people do Things like that right like that's a Stupid thing and you guys who are around Him have allowed that have youve lost All credibility in the eyes of people in The mission people outside the mission They're never going to go for this guy He's never going to win him over right And the transmission the you know the Energy is just not there like lots of us Don't feel it at all and what we feel is Off-putting so he doesn't even have that In his bag anymore he doesn't have the Transmission the clean some people still Feel it from him and that is whatever I Mean at least they're reporting that Like I don't know what other people are Feeling but I do know that people are Reporting that who started doing Heartfulness felt something in the Beginning and now they don't feel Anything and they're feeling it when They do the gratefulness meditation Which is something that we're doing

Without a master a masterless system Because dody's made that happen by not Being a master and so you guys have all Failed this um in your comment is just The kind of comment a cult leader a cult Follower would would put out there but Then there was a new comment that just Came in today I didn't get a chance to Read it all but there's some there's Some great Um there's some things here and this is Commas is trying to censor me just as His pal diaper Baba gets Supreme courted Nobody's trying to keep you down but you Will eventually go on making a fool of Yourself by spreading lies um no they Copyrighted my videos to suppress and Again these are things that are put up By other people right so one of the Things the first things they copyrighted Somebody else put up on Facebook and Existed um it was on my other channel For a while I it was unlisted I don't Even know why I uploaded it there maybe I went to send it to somebody else U but They copyright it Um they went then copyrighted it because They showed these things that I showed They raised legitimate questions and People are already having legitimate Questions people are like the enthusiasm Is gone and people aren't watching dodgy Like that's the key to it right that Like he doesn't even have a fan base

He's lost a fan base he' a built-in Audience and he lost that audience and He wouldn't be able to gain an audience On his own but he because he lacks Whatever it takes to win people over and So you know that's a part of this thing Nobody trying to keep you down but you Will eventually go on making a fool of Yourself by spreading lies I'm ashamed That you once followed sash Mark you're Ashamed for me [Laughter] Or wow this is such a such a loving Caring heartfulness person they shamed That I follow you are motivated as and Has agenda because you wanted a Leadership position when did I want a Leadership position when explain that to Me when did I ever want a leadership Position in anything like that's not who I am like uh you know do you think I Will ask for leadership positions I ask Questions about things that they did Like the UN but you discredit yourself When you say that because I am an under Achiever my whole life I've always been An underachiever like you know like That's what everybody knows me says you Know there was times that you know I was A precept for a while I I like that but That also stressed me out right And so what leadership position would You think I would have wanted especially When all as I saw was that people did

Work for the mission were frustrated you Know I wrote some books and offered Those books which I've Self-published um at least one book was Published by the mission and they Wrecked that which I won't get into that Was with charie so it had nothing to do With Dody um you know the and the artist But whatever the thing was right I don't Care and then my friend within which I've self-published that was all I ever Did right there was never me saying oh I Want a leadership position you know There was a period of time where I Thought that I would move up and do the Things that other people did like other Preceptors and things like this but then I saw I wasn't suited for it um you know I there was a pathway people would Become preceptors and then they would do More and more work because doing more And more work was what you did in sa Mark you were given like charie said the Results for work well done is you get Higher and better work uh and so you Know I saw myself following the path of Other people like this is maybe the First couple years that was in the Mission and then I saw when I interacted With people and all the drama that People caused I mean organizationally I'm like oh I want no part of that right Like I'm an outsider I've always been an Outsider I don't feel comfortable in a

Group and so that's why I've been able To do these videos because I don't care About you guys opinion of me like I Don't care I don't care if you like me I Don't care if you you know you hate me I Don't care these any of these things Even on my you regular YouTube channel Like I can tell the truth and just Accept that you know the majority of People aren't going to like it whatever It might be especially now and so like That's one of the gifts that I have in Terms of doing this job but it's not a Good job for a leadership position you Can't be an I don't care if you quit or Not guy and run the mission which is What dodgy is right dodgy has allowed All these people to quit or just you Know Withdraw because of his actions his Mistakes if they were legitimate actions Sure uh but shie was always conscious of You know he didn't he didn't not do what Needed to be done if people are going to Quit over it but he explained it he did It in a a way that you know to to make It he reached out as much as possible Which DOI won't do DOI won't answer Questions and often times his actions Almost every time his actions resulted Him um reversing his actions because They were mistake but the bigger part Here is you know and I have wished that I had said this earlier when I was

Talking about making it about me the Master of the system is held to the Highest standard the master of the System you know they have their Human Side it can make human mistakes but There has to be an underlying sort of Mastery there an underlying Consciousness and a surrender of your Your your ego and your ability to do the Wrong thing and constantly you know be Moving in the direction connecting with The source and moving in a direction Where you're making decisions based in Your higher nature which Dody just Hasn't done and the rest of us that's Okay if we don't do that I mean as aasis We should be working towards that but The master has to do that and the master Has to take in consideration there's all These people that are doing the Organization he has to live up to the Standards set by by the other Masters Like he he may not be as great as charie Or as spiritual as Boby or you know as I Don't even know how to describe ly but The idea is that he's like them in the Sense of just making the right decisions And leading the organization and caring About other people like the people that Are in the mission you know I don't care About them so like the job can't be done By me because I don't have that right Like I care about people but not like That you know not to the extent that

Charie did and Babaji did where they Burn themselves for the you know other People where Dody makes anti-ar Decisions that go against all the Teachings and all the books and all the You know ways the Masters were saying This is what you're supposed to be he Has a poor character he lies constantly I mean he's lied about channeling Messages from Boby he canceled Char's Birthday for Christ's sakes right like What more do you need to know and so Like there's a standard that he's not Living up to but it's not even a Standard of being a master it's a Standard of being a good person right Like it's that bad anyways let's get Back to this cult followers comment here Um so you are motivated and has agenda Because you wanted a leadership position Everyone is a dope but you Paul you have The power of discernment working but not Others your sole occupation is to Actually spread hate and take away the Good work done by other people you are Speaking lies through your Teeth that's almost that's like the Warren Buffett part of the You are speaking lies through your teeth What lies what lies like again what Things did I say like bring up the Actual things that I said if not here in Your own mind like go through the things That I said remove me from the equation

Like say that I represent uh 10,000 People or you know 1500 people something Like that whatever it is people who have These exact concerns these are things That are being sent by other people to Me like I didn't discover these things I Didn't discover the brighter mind scam I Didn't you know I mean we all reacted to Diaper Baba the way reacted okay so my Brother who came up to me and said what The hell was that when diaper Baba was Belly dancing all the other people Europeans and Americans that were Freaked out when diaper Baba hijacked That um the the inauguration of the Asom Gathering in 2020 on basad like all the People reacted to to accomplish his Decision to partner with diaper Baba and Diaper Baba to be the featured guest and He just was wandering around Following dodgy around sniffing at his You know and this comment the person Just left here is to that video that Diaper Commish is trying to censor me Just as pal diaper Baba is in the Supreme Court is getting Supreme courted Okay so it's embarrassing for dodgy to Have a guy who's um been charged with And accused of all this scumbaggery Stuff and the guy's weird and other People outside of India specifically but Even in India don't like the guy and are Wondering why dod's partnering with him They they've built some kind of joint

They're working on some kind of joint Buildings and now dodg is having the guy Host ha yoga which is again bringing ha Yoga into a system where it was said Don't do HA yoga where Babaji basically Said that in multiple place is charging And so he's doing something new bringing In something that goes against the Previous Master's teachings a guy who Has a disreputable Reputation and you know those of us who Ask legitimate questions about it are Being uh you know censored and not Answered and people in the mission like In the organization who have devoted Their life to this thing and been Preceptors for years and are freaked out And there's lots of them and they're all Asking these question questions right And so you know I mean this is your Response like these are what cult Leaders this is what cult followers say Right why are you even watching these Videos I mean you know the title of the Video you know you guys all know about Me and what I you know think why are you Even watching these videos you're not Open to what's being said so why would You even watch them like if you had no Doubts about dodgy then why would this Even be something you would watch like Some part of you I mean this is where Your emotional reac action is coming to Right because it's not getting that many

Views and I don't care like I don't care It I I'm doing what I have to do I'm not Worried about how many people this Reaches I'm not trying to save people From dodgy scam like future people I Don't think people are going to follow The guy if you do that's on you if you Get duped by the guy and you're not a Obasi and you fall for this guy like you Know I don't know what's wrong with you Right the majority of people when they See dodgy and they're not aasis they're Like you know I said when I was talking Positively about heartfulness again I Didn't ask for any position or any of These things I was just doing my you Know what I considered service to uh my Viewers and to the mission and the Organization and the Divine hierarchy by And you know just because it's something So great for me something that was Transformational for me and I talked About it positively and all my viewers Like this guy you know are you serious This guy about dodgy like they couldn't Believe that dodgy would be a spiritual Master so people fall for him fall for Him and all you guys who have thrown Watched him throw chargie under the bus What you you have no value to me like I I don't think that you have any worth as A person I mean if this was your beloved Master and you don't even question what Dod's done to him the things that he

Said about him the way he's you know Minimized charging the way he's tried to Redefine his his character who he was Was a person saying he's you know he Failed one last he was given one last Opportunity to go to The Brighter world And was and he failed he you know he was Given one last chance one last chance Like the guy was just a walking failure When all we ever saw was success and all We see with dodgy is failure so if There's someone with a big ego who's Wanting to be something that he doesn't Deserve it's dodgy is comish like he Took a job he didn't he wasn't up for The job forced his way into the position That's what I'm hearing and then has Destroyed the Legacy in the organization And turned it into a for-profit Situation right and if you don't see That it's not my problem but don't come In here with your your goofy boilerplate Lies and like you know remedial Explanation that I'm running an agenda Of hate because I want some position my Ego was too Big none of those things add up nobody Who knows me would say those things Right you can say I'm mean-spirited or You know I'm disrespectful and you know Those things are all true charie called Me aloof you know that's a yeah yeah Sure you could say those things right You could say lots of things about me in

Terms of my character but what Difference does that make am I telling The truth or not is it wasn't it's not Me telling it's is it the truth is what Being said here the truth at least Partial because if even if I get it even If it's partially right it you know the Master dod's not a master even if if It's you know one of one of these things Is right and they're all right you know So you know there's only one conclusion Here okay so I'm going walk with my wife Um and I had some more thoughts about You know what I presented Here you know the um way I found out About the brighter mind scam was a young Irish Abasi Indian who um said he was Living in Ireland reached out to me and Said have you heard about the brighter Minds thing and you know I started Talking about that then in my journey Series and then all these people started To show up including a doctor who had Debunked Dr Abasi who had debunked this Um you know the Scam and he was trying to reconcile Because of the way that they treated him They ostracized him the doctor and they Ostracized him the mission but also what Happened was this young Abasi from from Ireland as well as other aasis came Forward and said they asked preceptors About the brighter mind scam and they Were bullied and gaslin and threatened

And said you're not allowed to ask these Questions you you know they're accused They attacked the way the people are Attacking me in this comments right in a Cult-like way right and you know when You're accusing me of having a big ego Or being jealous or whing a position and Having a you know a campaign of hate Then you're also accusing all these Other people like you're you're not Being honest about the fact that you Know these other people all had these Experiences right and they all struggled With dody's stupid decision to do the Brighter mind scam amongst all these Other things right some people it's the Way tree of charie some people it's it's The brighter mind scam some people it's The RSS and the religious thing there's A European person who somehow their Comment got through on one of the Heartfulness videos that was slamming Dodgy for the RSS And Dody you know he all he said was People are asking why why uh join with The RSS and then he said why not that Was his explanation you can't you know That's not a leader that's not a person Who's I mean not even just a a regular Leader and a any kind of a leader you Have to be transparent a lack of Transparency but also how you deal with Opposition and criticism and we know how They deal with it they censor it they

Bully they Gaslight they even threaten According to some people the other thing Is if you're going to be on the internet You're going to get criticism there's Hostility on the internet we all deal With it and all the other Masters I mean The M other Masters before people tried To steal their powers threaten them um You know not just threaten them but you Know tried to kill them bab's own family Tried to delegitimize Char's Mastery Right all these things I mean all these Things that happen which we know about And that's part of it criticism and Opposition is a part of life and dodgy If he wants to have a presence on YouTube he has to deal with criticism And he has to answer the critics to some Extent when they're about his decision Making and people within the mission and The way they've dealt with this is to Just make it the critic people who are Questioning dod's decision make it their Fault and come down on them and Ostracize them which again is forceful Which is a system without Force the Forceless force and I've discussed this In the past but this is a great example Of it these people left these comments Because they're not just attacking me They're attacking anybody who dares to Question dody's you know stupidity and His his bad decisionmaking and you know His outright corruption and things like

This right and there are thousands of Sincere aasis that believe all these Things you know about dodgy they have Question or at least they have questions About his behavior and he's handling it Inappropriately and so at the very least These people are unenthusiastic about His Mastery but many have left the Mission or want to leave or just waiting For that you know hopefully that it'll Change or something I mean that was what Might be master's son might be waiting To you know make sure that the system um Reincorporates his dad after dodgy is Gone because dody's personal feelings Fors him whatever it is right but these Are legitimate questions answer the Legitimate questions if you're going to Come here and you're going to be a dodgy You know whatever it is cult member Answer these questions because you can't There's no legitimate explanation that's Why my videos exist because Dody can't Explain his way out of this thing right The decisions he's made I mean Particularly the stuff the way he's Treated Master charie but you know any Of it there's no you know a spiritual Master doesn't behave this way a Spiritual master has to be held to the Highest standard and like I said and I've been saying for years if he said All right I screwed up I've been a Failure and he came out and beg for

Forgiveness that would be great but it Wouldn't fix the situation Because a spiritual Master doesn't make These kind of decisions and so admitting To it would you know maybe some people Would say all right that's great you can Still be my master or whatever but the Majority of people like well you dude You you were so bad I mean the the level Of the you know corruption and the level Of failure here he can't even admit to It right and so all he can do is what Cult leaders do and try to suppress and Make everybody else suffer for his Mistakes which is the opposite of a Master and they get stupid people like These people leave comments you know to Attack me or whoever else and it's not Even really personal attacks right it's Just boilerplate oh you're jealous oh You you're full of hate you know all These things Well did you read my condition and see That there's hate in the condition and It's all generated by hate you know like What are you talking about I could have Made these videos two years ago in fact I pulled the videos with dody's name in Them when I you know I didn't like being A part of the whole thing right I didn't Like being I didn't like either side but Particularly dodgy side but both sides I Didn't like being in the middle people Are making memes and using my name in

The memes right saying why isn't Commish Answering Paul's questions and things And sending the memes out without my Permission you know things like that I Didn't want you know I didn't want any Part of it I don't like to be the center Of anything that that was uh 2022 and I for a whole year I've known About all these things and it's been Kind of niggling at me to you know make These things public but in terms of you Know my ego in terms of my you know my What's best for Paul what's best for me I didn't want to do it right it just a Hassle it takes away from my other Videos which it has I've been neglecting My normal videos and things and you know You guys keep on making it worse like I Would have just posted those videos and Put them up and I would have walked away And forgot about them like I do and they Would have been there and it always Would have been there but that's the Internet and you're going to get some Push back there's there's dissension out There there's people who are upset about This thing and it's not going away and So by suppressing it by censoring Me by Showing up and making comments like this There's a whole another video there's Another hourong video that I wasn't Planning to make today and I read that Comment last night before I went to bed And there was a second comment and the

Comments are stupid the comments aren't Going to win anybody over it makes you Look like you're in a cult these are Comments cult followers you know where They blame somebody who asks legitimate Questions and people can see it right I Mean the ones that are matter like not The the ones that are just indoctrinated Into the The Cult of dodgy right but you Know he has to answer for actions just Like everybody else does right no leader Of an organization should be held Unaccountable and when you ask Legitimate questions chargie answered Legitimate questions all the time There's an Abasi who was struggling with The behavior of um he American one of The preceptors in my original Center and He had a place a guard of hearts and and He had so many bad interactions with Fellow Abasi some of them took advantage Of him financially and screwed him over And then he questioned some of the Decisions charge he made you know he Wrote an article for constant remance Something like you know the waiting room Um that you don't judge the doctor by The waiting room which was a chargy Saying because the patients that are There right you judge the doctor by his Quality of his work but he went and sat Down with chargie and chargie answered All of his questions and explained Everything it still wasn't enough for

The guy the guy quit he was angry like I You know I I mean I don't know what Happened happened but he was really Angry at the organization all these Things and I'm not like you know I'm Disgusted by people who claim to love Chargie that's like my biggest feeling Is and dodgy glued is how you guys claim To love chargie and and do him like the Way he's he's being done here destroying This Legacy I mean it's just if you Won't do it for charie and after all the Work he did for you then who who will You be loyal to like who will you stand Up for who will you fight for right like You're not going to do it for chargy who Would you fight I mean so it's it's a It's depressing right like I can't think About it like I just it's um I mean all These aasis that did all this work and Donated all this money and participated And you know tried to spend every second They could with charie and then allow Him to be you know disrespected the way Doi's disrespected him and even Defending DOI and criticizing people who You know I mean this is It's despicable Like I can't you know Humanity lost if You guys are are so-called spiritual People and that's the way you handle This you know this I mean it's just Horrible I mean that's you know my Emotional feelings are that's what I Feel

Disgusted and uh you know and what I Attuned to it because I don't want to Feel disgusted all day like just because Other people suck right why should I Feel bad but I mean when I think about It that's what I feel when I see these Things it's more the aasis than dodgy of Course dody's part of that because dodgy Got more from chargie than anybody like He would disrespect and be so ungrateful The ingratitude this is about in Ingratitude you guys are all ungrateful For what charie did for you and it's Like you know it's not for me to judge But it's there and everybody can see it It's hard to see and so that's what I Feel it's not hatred it's not any of These things because it can't be fixed Right and it's just what it is it's the Truth you know and this idea also Maxum 7 I mean if you're Following maximum 7 uh be not revengeful For the wrongs some by others take them With gratitude as Heavenly gifts and Then I read the you know bab's Description of that Maxim well then you Know where's that like if you guys are Aasis where's that right that's a part Of it of course you know miseries is Divine blessings Maxum five all these Things but those things are gone by the Wayside everything's about wellness and Happiness and Comforts and profit and DOI has the audacity to rewrite the max

You know like like he did that his first Year second year and so you know the Whole thing's a Joke okay so today has been a very weird Day I um somehow got signed out of Facebook I went through a whole thing With that only to search it and find out That Facebook instag are down some YouTubers I mean I mean it's terms of Some users lots of people for Facebook And Instagram and also YouTube and WhatsApp And Twitter so there's some some kind of Major hack going on started off to be a Very nice um you know it's Tuesday March 4th here usually kind of wintry but it Was 70 something degrees yesterday and It was beautiful this morning now it's Pouring rain with thunder which always Is Auspicious and I was in the middle of Making a video and I realized by instag Some of the messages I was getting to You know I get a lot of um links and Things websites from people to cover in My videos so I'm Gonna uh it seems like that's working Now but I'm GNA just give it a few Answer then see if the Facebook thing You know it's a whole thing so anyways During that period of Time I um have gotten rid of all my um Sa Mark stuff on one email address but It was still there I was still getting

It on another email address I'm not Using as much or it wasn't using at all But now I'm using it again and so that Happened happened and there was a Message that came in on March 4th from India so really basically just I Received it just um a few hours Ago and after all that I've talked about The brighter mind scam I mean I feel Like this has to do with Me invitation to be trained as brighter Minds volunteer facilitator for new Schools Initiative that might you might hear the Rain in the background it's really poing Right now dear sisters and brothers we Are launching a new initiative brighter Minds schools to reach millions of Children around the country from rural Schools to private Institutions Dody often says this is What DOI often says brighter Minds is an Initiative and disruptive method to help Children develop selfreliance and Confidence it is a bridge to the Heartfulness Movement um of course it is it's a scam And heartfulness is a scam so this is What he often says I mean this is what These clowns are rolling out here Brier's Minds is an initiative and Disruptive method right this new term of Being a disruptor and there's nothing Disruptive about it it's a scam I mean

If it was real it's not disruptive They're just putting that in there so This is a quote they came up with to Describe brighter minds and they say Dodgy often says this brighter Minds is An initiative and disrupted method to Help children velop self-reliance and Confidence well they look through Blindfolds and lie about it so you're Teaching them to be deceptive and lies And feel like a fraud which is all the Things you don't want to teach kids it Is a bridge to the heartfulness movement Practical pra and then it says here and Of course it is because heartfulness is A scam practical experience at this Field shows that children are able to Enhance their cognitive abilities like Focus observation comprehension as well As empathy memory and in intuitive Skills those brothers and sisters Keen To join hands to expand the wonderful Program and create a better future for Children may register at brighter minds. School whatever it is the basic Qualifications required to become a Facilitator Abasi practicing practicing Heartfulness meditation daily loves to Work with children and help them acquire New skills curious to learn new things And do experiments and be willing to be A lying piece of All those that was by I added that all

Who fulfill these criteria are welcome To participate as Volunteers in this Joyous program to help children with Regards with heartful regards brighter Minds team okay so let's go through it Here I covered this extensively in the Video that now has it has all this Copyright material so I can't show it to You and I've covered it in the past but I don't need to show you all the images And clips and things to just tell tell The story right and so I mean I've told This story enough and you guys probably Heard it a lot but let me just tell the Story again because this is a reaction And so I have made videos and they've Taken down those videos exposing the Brighter mind scam and then asking dodgy To answer legitimate questions and Saying are you a man of science you Buried a report that you commissioned That's one of my videos right but to Start off with the brighter Minds is Really the midbrain activation scam Which you can search for and it was Around since 2010 or 11 and Dody found Out about it in 2015 and multiple organizations had used It as a money-making scheme to also Build credibility in their brand and Stand out right it was something that You know helped them stand out in some Way but they were all getting out of the Brighter they were all getting out of

The midbrain activation scam business Because the jig was up this guy this Rationalist Society guy was exposing it To be a fraud in other people and there Was videos and articles news articles About this being a fraudulent system and That's when DOI got into it and it's Important to note that DOI didn't think About this himself it didn't come from Babaji and some Whispers of the brighter World type of situation it didn't come From abiosis it existed in fraudulent Spiritual pseudo spiritual scam Organizations including one according to The guy I call the dodgy truth There was one guy who got um he had to Flee the country cuz he was he like sort Of married like a 10- year-old 11 12 Year old girl or something so he was a Pedo and he was a criminal and he did The he did this scam and then he had to Flee the country so disreputable people Are associated with it and then dodgy His lack of imagination because he Doesn't think of anything like he didn't Think of the term heartfulness he farmed That out had aasis come up with Different names and you know these other Things right almost all the things that Dod's done are things that he's that Other people have come up with and this Scam is one of them and so dodgy gets Into the business in 2015 or 14 15 um there's a kid you know

This is the story that was told to the Doctor who exposed this Abasi doctor and I heard this from various sources and That kid still goes up and does he does A recent presentation he's now in his 20s but this was a kid who was known by My family I've said this over and over Again my kids hung out with him and he Was a good Storyteller and he was a kind Of a bser right a you know he he Embellished his stories and you know he Had that kind of Personality and he uh showed DOI and They're from the same he's from his Family's from Gujarati so they're the Same cat they're same you know there's They're in the same sort of Clan right And the kids show dodgy the Demonstration him reading with his feet A letter and DOI was so impressed that He bought into this hookline Sinker and He started to tell everyone about it and Before I think and what I think is I Don't know what happened with him I Didn't know if he knew if it was a scam From the beginning but he's so desperate To stand out like he was doing all these Initiatives he was so desperate to stand Out in some way um like my kids you know My son um who was around this kid's age You know I was talking to him about him This and he said yeah I we all knew he He was doing this and I go did you Believe it he goes Nobody did it was

This kid no one believed you know this Kid had no credibility he was a bser Right but Dody fell for it and then he Commissioned ABI assis I think after he Learned it was a scam or maybe he was Embarrassed whatever but he brought some Kids over to Madame Alin in uh in France And you know pressured her to cough up a A message from babaj endorsing this Thing and babaj gave this very um Non-committal semi- endorsement of it But it's clearly pressured you know I Documented all this in the video and all The you know dodgy putting all this Effort into it then he took people who Were doctors and scientists and asked Them to do research on this confirming How great it was but again it didn't Come from him or anybody in SJ Mar it's A pre-existing Scam and he um it was and back then when This report was commissioned there was One Doctor Who later contacted me and he Was really upset by everything that Happened and he he brought up the word Cult he felt like he was in a cult Because he did real scientific research This was a person who was a a prominent Doctor with a you know in the community In America and he couldn't you know go Out and lie about this and his Reputation and his everything DOI was Putting his reput ation everything at Risk you know all these people I mean

I've told this story before you've Probably heard it numerous times but you Know I mean it Bears repeating because They keep on doing these stupid things And you know my videos got censored and So the doctor eventually reached out to Me and he didn't find one kid including The original kid who could see when he Used the eye patches which is what the Naranja narenai from the Indian Rationalist Society did when he exposed This to be a fraud and then they started To realize that this had been a scam so They changed the name from midbrain Activation but it's the same scam you Can look at the two scams they're Exactly the same it's kids is a ages 5 To 15 and they do these you know this Whole hemisphere thing that's what's Meant by the mid-brain Activation is the you know the links Between the two hemispheres which are Supposed to be established by doing some You know some hand exercises and you Know whatever it is right we've seen it And they knew that the midbrain Activation scam had been called out so They changed it to Neuroplasticity and then they got Exposed you know on the millionaire show A girl was um pretending to read through A blindfold you know peing through the Blindfold and the rationalist society Got that clip pulled you know apology

Was given by the new station I mean it's A known Scale and you know I made videos about In 2022 people were asking questions and Being intimidated in the mission and Dody just expect expected everyone to Fall on their sword and go along with it And go down with him and he had people You know people quit good paying jobs to Franchise this thing and now preceptors Are talking about it to new people and Turning them off some guy wrote a Comment saying he went to the you know The uh a preceptor and the person was Telling him about this stuff and other Things right brutal stuff and so it's a Known scam like everything that I've Said is you know it's in story form and Maybe there are a few details that are Off but it's basically factual you know It's the stories I've been told by Various people so it's coming secondhand But this is the scam and it works but I've told about how it works but but It's a scam right and so all these People are very upset about it like People have I mean there's lots of People this is really a bummer for them You know for me you know I mean it's Just one of many things it's one of many Dodgies failures and betrayals Not only to you know I mean more to Himself than anybody else but to God and The Masters and all of us and humanity

And for him to constantly expect Everyone because of his stupidity and His bad decision making to go along with This scam and take you know the Reputation of the previous Masters and The organization down with them and you Know do whatever they can like criminals To suppress the truth about it and all Of us who are aasis are you know I used To be I mean I'm still an abasia Mar I'm Not whatever they call the heartfulness People right I'm not a follower of Dody I'm not a part of the dodgy you know Cult but all these people that are you Know Sark people and they're at their Wits end over this thing and he keeps on Throwing it in our faces it just creates More and more you know bad blood or Whatever it is right more and more Negativity and I release these videos That talk about this and there's ways That he could actually you know be a Standup guy and say where is this come From I mean answer these questions dodgy Where did this come from who invented it Like it's something you're endorsing and Saying it's a a part of the sa Mark Heartfulness way or heartfulness not sa Mark you're saying it's a part of Heartfulness well where did it come from Who invented it what is its Origins Where's the scientific data that these Guys produced to show that these kids Could do these tricks

You know what they always say is watch The demonstration like the demonstration Looks goofy like anybody with half a Brain goes oh they're looking through The blindfold or there's some other way They're scamming it it's like a magic Trick right um so it's like a parlor Trick like it's not impressive you know It's a goof right and he's a goof and so So first of all dodgy and I said this in Another video I think that video has Been Deleted um the second thing is there's a Commissioned report that you that you uh You know you asked this guy to look into It a doctor he sent you the report why Have you buried the report why won't you Release the report and will you release The report so everyone can see that it's Been disproven and it's been disproven In other Forms by this guy uh niranja nank and Why don't you go to that guy because That guy's offering money and why don't You have that guy tested out a third Person who isn't you know part of your You know your cult and have the guy look At it and you know if he sees through it And he can prove that these kids can't Do what you're saying they can do and Then interview the kids you know have Them interview the kids separately and Have them talk about you know what They're doing here because it would be

Good for them because they're lying Right they're cheating and lying and You're teaching them to do that and so Those are all things you know where did It come from where's the science to back It third- party testing releasing the Report that you already had and just Come clean on the thing like be Transparent that would be being Transparent but he can't do that because Then it would come out that it's a fraud And he's a fraud and so instead they Just keep on beating the drum here even Though they all know it's a fraud I mean This is a lie This Is A Lie that's being Put out there and call it disruptive It's a scam we're disruptors though You're not you're Scammers okay I just had one more thing To add to this you know this isn't okay That's the big thing like if you're a Person who's a businessman you're Surrounding dodgy you're one of these Businessmen who you know cut corners and Do moral things and you want to be a Part of the club and you think the UN is Okay and cool and you know this okay to Cheat and lie and you know it's if it's In the greater good to make money for The mission or whatever it is right to Cover up embarrassment like you know You're someone who's been morally Compromised in terms of your belief System and you know outside of the

Spiritual world people lie and cheat and Cut corners and you know that's I mean Given the evil I've seen out in the World and working as a counselor with Sex offenders and the you know stories That they told to their you know family Situation and you know just the criminal Element and all the things I cover on a Daily basis on my YouTube channel it's Just you know a Cess pit out there I'm Not a rule person and I'm not a you know I understand about you know I grade on a Curve right like in terms of my own Whatever I know how hard it is to live In planet Earth right now I'm not a Perfectionist or a or um an OCD person Rigid about rules or whatever and you Know I'm understanding given the nature Of the world as it is right but when You're a spiritual Master a part of a Spiritual organization as pure as sash Mar is you can't make a screw up like This you can't invest in something like This I mean was a a bad idea from the Beginning even if it worked it you know It embarrassed it's so it's so um parlor Tricky it's so Carnival you know that it It was a bad idea like it just looks Goofy with kids walking around with Blindfolds anything with blindfolds on What are you trying to do here right I Mean what are you trying to and it has Nothing to do with Saj mark it has Nothing to do with sa Mark and so you

Have these kids performing tricks and You know you think it's impressive but It's not like not for a spiritual Organization it has nothing to do with The subtle energy in the Sark system and So it's a mistake you just can't make It's not okay it just discludes you from Being a master and in our system you're Supposed to test the master especially New people but just because he was Endorsed by chargie he still had to live Up to that standard and he has it and Those of us calling calling him out on It you know and it's all just not all The scams it's all the stuff I've listed But just this thing alone is not okay I Mean by not okay you can't do something Like this it can't it's intolerable Intolerable and it can't be you know This idea that everyone else is supposed To turn a blind eye and not question him Because he's the master and go along With it and lie lie about it and enroll Your kids in brighter minds and have Your kids learn to lie and cheat all Because Kish is embarrassed you just Can't do this right it's a deal breaker It's cross the line you can't do it you Just can't freaking do this right and You did it it and you keep on doing it Right and now that there's those of us In the mission that know and are saying Look you can't do this thing you know at The very least just stop doing it I mean

That's not going to fix this and you're Not going to win us back but stop Endorsing it but you keep on doubling And tripling down it's a lie it's a scam And you're just a a bad person everyone Who's associated with this are Perpetrating this fraud and it's not Good for kids and it's it doesn't you Know you're robbing people their money And their faith in the system people Have quit this system because of you People have lost faith in the previous Masters Because Of You the kid who told Me about this I believe he's in his 20s He lost faith in all the Masters he quit The system completely he believes that Transmission transmission is just there And these guys are all scam artists Because of what dodgy did and the way he Was treated by the organization and you Know all of it he's lost faith in bobi And Chari thinks the whole things you Know like you can just connect a Transmission on your own other people I'm sure going to take that route like This is the damage that you've done by This epic failure dodgy and the people Around them and stop attacking people Stop acting like you're victims stop Acting like everyone else is just Supposed to fall in line you up Right this isn't on any of us it's a Major one and there's you know it's it's Just a series of ones and it's

Discredited the whole organization and The organization is never going anywhere Good because of this it's just a Organizational killer like I said it's a Cult now and there's no reformed Cults There know oh this used to be a cult but It's okay now it's a cult now you've got A cult in your hands right it's a cult And you know whether I say it or other People say it it's there and people are Going to see it it's already been said So many times it's a cult and you you Know you guys created a cult out of Something that was pure and spiritual And we're not happy about it like you Were giving stewardship over this thing Dodgy and you know people around you and You wrecked it you wrecked something That didn't belong to you it belong to All of us and the brighter Minds is you Know one of the key components to you Know a fundamental building block to the Cardfull Okay so um I got so busy and uh involved In my computer stuff I didn't realize I Had this incompleted journey series and So in this next audio I'm going to say This is the introduction to The to the 142nd but I already had done That which you guys had already heard Here and I'm going to play that and then I think I'm going to include the you Know my coverage of the you know debacle That dod's doing with the mof thing

Anyways here's the Audio okay greetings brothers and Sisters this is the Um introduction to the journey series Number 100 And I Believe 40 uh One 42 um and also I'm going to make this a Standalone video in terms of the um you Know the channel where I I don't know I Can't ever remember that channel Exposing the the heart the Heartfulness cult dodgy Fraud Scam With a money sign um I originally made This audio yesterday but I'm going to Redo it here and this Global Maha stav Thing is going to happen I guess in a Couple days and I'll cover that in this Video at the End uh for my uh for the you know the Exposing dodgy Channel and then um I Don't know if I'll put it in the journey Series I don't know um we'll see what Happens with that But to start off With there Are things in life where you end up Playing a Role and you know I've learned just to Embrace the role and be able to

Recognize all right this is supposed to Happen and the things that I'm doing now With dodgy and Heartfulness it's obvious by the events That Unfolded that this is what I was Supposed to do right The sort of having an investigative type Of uh truth Seeking uh personality that has been Cultivated and honed through being a Preceptor from being a you know a Counselor having a you know going Through a counseling program and doing Counseling doing assessment measures and Being able to read and assess people and Situations and then ultimately doing the YouTube channels that I do that you know That wasn't an accident right um and Then the events the experiences I had With Dody many of them good in the Beginning and seeing him as you know a Very spiritual person a you know good Preceptor and then watching him fall and Then reading all the books and Literature and be being familiar with The the Sark teachings the way I I am And being into sjar the way it is the Way it all unfolded and then the Experiences I had with him personally That were bad you know the you know Things where he I mean getting kicked Out of a gathering because I brought a Kid you know brought my children to it

You know like um or at least one that Was too young and then him reversing That policy because he's just stupid and Makes bad decisions and he was rushing In to change everything like he knew Better because he didn't respect charie And because of that he didn't you know I Me chargie said take your time and think Things through multiple times where you Make a decision he just came in his First year which everybody knows if You're a a new boss if you come in and Make sweeping changes especially if Those Changes aren't Good like especially if those changes Aren't you know like if they're good Changes it's hard for people to accept And you have to do it you have to be Transparent you have to be you have to Communicate really well explain things And often times if you do that people Will understand and at least the ones That are you know thoughtful but if you Go in there and you're a poor Communicator it's not only that he made Bad decisions but he didn't sell these Decisions and he's consistently done That made bad decisions whether it be The brighter mind scam and these things And so you know all the things that I've Experienced in my life and then all the Things I've experienced with Dody and The S Mark system and you know all the

Things that unfolded the way they did You know the events of folded in a Certain you know timely fashion for me To do this stuff that I'm doing to play This role and whether people in the Heartfulness organization want to look At me as a villain or whatever it is Right whatever you know and then also Being ostracized and things I mean There's so many things that I could Explain here and I have in my journey Series and I've told this story here uh On you know both Channels um and I recently republished That some of the the old narratives and Uh you know things I went through with My ex and dodging and all these things But it just lined up there's no mistakes Here right there's it's part of a plan That I would play this role and that There needs to be a resistance there's Always when you use Force there's always A counter Force right when when someone Is you know does something that um you Know disturbs sort of the Harmony in the Universe when you use when you force Yourself in on something or some you Know some situation or whatever you use Force there's always a a rebound or Counter Force this is Sark 101 like Using the forceless force there's no Reaction right like there's a tool one Of the chiropractors I went to had this Tool um they didn't do like regular

Chiropractic adjustments because when You force something it usually pushes Back right your muscles and things and That's why chiropractors chiropractors Work but also you know there's going to Be a counter for a reaction in your body And so they had a machine to you your Adus is like at the base of your skull And they had this machine that sent out A subtle vibration to move the atlas Right and it seemed to work like I don't Know but it was the the principle behind It was very ass maras principle where You're you're using the least amount of Force or no Force at all you know Babaji Said this is the only system without any Force in it and DOI forced himself on Everybody His you know his faulty views his you Know whatever the thing he's doing with The MAV right it's just one failure After another because he's not aligned With the essence of the system he's Taken in his own you know uh egotistical Direction and it isn't his for to ruin Right just because he was made president Doesn't mean that he gets to ruin the System that is so important to so many Of us in the future of humanity and it His isn't his system you know I had this Dream last night and there was a Celebrity I'm not sure who it was but um Somebody was crying and I gave the Person a hug and I

Transmitted um you know had this idea That Transmissions flowing into the Person the person felt it the person was Like really like wrecked in some way Suicidal and the person said to me you Should sell this right you should Monetize this and I saidwell it's not Mine to sell right and that's probably The best Explanation that this system is kind had A really good day Yesterday um I you know I've been Working on this Pond water garden forever and it leaks And I you know was redoing it and like It's um I had a lot of work to do and I Had to catch all the fish and frogs There was five frogs and you know like 40 fish or something like that right and I had to catch all the frogs and the Fish and the it was a whole Thing and you know moose all these rocks That around the outside and you know This heavy pond liner my son I had to Put in and do all that you know and I Had to um you know uh I mean I made my Video in the morning and I went out and Did this work and it was like I it Started off kind of with a little bit of Headache and things like this you know And and it was a big day of physical Work and I'm moving everything over on My computer to migrate over and started With a new computer fresh and all these

Things and all that stuff was kind of Like coming to a head yesterday and it's Going to rain today yesterday was Beautiful day 70° and um you know I didn't know Whether I could get all that work done In one day and you know move the fish Back in and I got most of it done but I Still have to fix some of the pwn liner Which was you know I made a little bit Of a mistake on the thing which I think I'd be able to fix and Um but I scrubbed out I had to wash I Have a the pond has a waterfall that has A creek that leads to a little Pond area Which is you know there was there was um Nymphs for uh I've got video of the Thing I just Haven put something Together but there was nymphs of the Dragonfly nymphs which I never seen Before and we get tadpoles and we get You know all kinds of life it's like you All these weird water bugs and things I've never seen before the nymph the Know the dragonfly is a sea is a water Creature and then it only flies for like A day or two at a mate and then it goes You know so it's like not even a but it Has this kind of aggressive predatory Nymph that you can see and you know I Studied the pond I walk by it all the Time I take my dogs outside and I look In the thing there's you know all these Different frogs come and go and just you

Know studying the thing and just kind of It's a little microcosm but you know It's a whole T it's taken a lot of Maintenance and I've changed it like Three or four times and it's just you Know it's a whole thing it's kind of Like one of my artistic expressions and I was you know trying to fix it and I Want to get the things Settled um in terms of like it retaining Water which has been an issue because of The creek and the whole thing you know It's like um it's a winding Little Creek And you know whatever and also the most Um you know the the most typ Consuming dish I make Is um It's a combination of an old Indian dish my you know my former family You used to eat a lot make which was is Mung beans and paner it's a you know a Paner is a you know like an Indian Cheese and butter chicken is the thing I've added to it so I make these two Things and you know I I'm pretty good at Cooking like quickly you know time Consuming like I get it I you know I Know things by memory so I don't have to To you know whatever um the butter Chicken I always listen there's a video I have of a a YouTube video I watch that I you know recipe that I do but I was Making that like you it's a kind of Timec consuming dish on a day where I Was expending all this energy

Outside but I you know my health has Gotten so much better and you know There's a lot of things that I'm doing And the nitric oxide boosting I do a you Know breathing through my nose really Quick Uh like it stimulates if you hum it Produces nitric oxide and I'm doing this This sort of like you know a bunch of Whatever it is and then this Mara thing You know Mara has been a part of my Existence without me ever really being In contact with his website or you know Having any personal you know my ex used To uh read his stuff you he's a big Anti- you know booper right he not you Know Um and I might talk about this today on My regular video but uh he um you know I Don't have and my you know my wife's Sends me stuff from every once in a While but I haven't really had my any Personal contact with you know in terms Of my own like you know what I do on the Internet and like I don't subscribe to His stuff or anything like this but YouTube recommended a video of his to Boost nitric Oxide uh which is you know essential for Heart health and just a lot of Things and it's an exercise where you do Uh 10 squats four times and then do do Three arm Exercises raising your arms above you

Know like it's just a thing like you you Can search the video for yourself and Marola has just come out and said that He's Jesus you like at the same time I Got this video um but I started doing The exercise and I was like it really Helped me um like I couldn't do I Couldn't do the full four sets at once Even though it seemed like when I was Younger it you know I I view things for When I was an athlete in terms of Exercises not not the way I am now and I I could only do two sets and I got out Of breath and you know whatever it was Uh but I am now doing the regular four Sets and the squats and stuff have Helped me I think strengthen my lower Back you know I do these other exercises To do that too stretches and things but Anyways like I got through this day of Work and I made the food and you know I Was dealing with my computer and then Getting all these things you know I'm Moving things and you know I'm doing all This stuff right but anyways I made Dinner and my wife um usually works you Know a lot of times she works from home But she had to work at the office Because of you know things that were Available for her to work with there That she doesn't have here and she was Going to miss dinner which almost never Happens so she was working really late And I made this special day inner and

It's one that she likes particularly and You know I was tired but I decided to Surprise her and just drive it over There and you know bring her some and You know it made her so happy like it Just you know she was so you know Touched by that I mean for me it was you Know it was just the right thing to do Right like I had the time to do it and You know she was going to be home really Late and all these things um and she Didn't really even have time to take a Break to go out and grab some food Somewhere or whatever it was um and so But like I said it was just you know it Was a just a it was a moving moment for Her but you know it was just the right Thing to do and you know I years and Years ago my ex got sick and I started To cook like most of the Meals um she was you know wanted to be a Stay-at-home mom homeschooling mom and These other things but just constantly Sick constant drama whatever it was and You know i' worked at um in restaurants And you know I picked things up over Time and so you know I had been cooking My the meals for the family and then you Know my ex left so I just continued Doing that and then I remarried and Since I'm home all the time you know I Do this for a living I very seldom go Out so I don't I can cook all the meals Right and I continue to do that I'm

Better at cooking than cleaning up like In terms of shared labor you know Because I just am that's you know I'm Good at making messes but Clean them up um but it's just something That I fell into right it's just the way It worked out and like I said because I You know worked at as way to tables I Took a home at class when I was in high School and weirdly enough it was almost It was like 80% Boys in that class and It was one of the funner classes I took And I you know I made apple fritters and You know I learned to make food while I Was in high school like I learned to Make Al and salads and you know some of These other things and some of these Things I you know learned from this home At class and then you know I lived in Apartments for years and like I said I Worked at restaurants and whatever it Was and some of the places had tableside Cooking and things and you know I just Pick things up and so you know now I can Just watch a recipe online and and cook It I you know whatever it is I started Baking recently making rolls which has Been kind of a a big deal Um because you just couldn't find good Quality you know the things I make are Going to have better ingredients in them And even though it takes time to make it Just if you factor in the the you know Time to go out to eat all these things

And and the cost of it and then it's not You know the food isn't I mean it's hard To find healthy restaurants and you know I worked in restaurants and I know the Kind of energy that's in the kitchen the Stress level and the you know whereas You can put a higher vibration You know more loving energy into the Food um when you do it yourself right And so you know it's just something like A role that I fell into and these other Roles you know doing the stuff I do on YouTube and you know you just these Things just develop and then you have This role that you play um and there's All these various roles that you end up Playing and I've learned to see that They're not accidental like it's just Supposed to happen and so I've learned To embrace it I just you know lean into It and you know the stuff with with Dodgy and heartfulness like somebody had To do it there was a vacuum there and There's no one else like there's I mean There's people doing things like the Dodgy truther and you know these Whatever people doing whatever right um In India and you know there's some People that are I don't know engaged in Some kind of legal battle with dodgy Over the mission I'm not even sure all About all that you know there are people Doing whatever there you know there's Going to be push back it's certainly I'm

Not the you know the resistance but it's You know like uh I am Um the person with the microphone right And the ability to tell stories and Express things and you know I look at These things that unfolded it's not Being an accident like you know all Things are part of a plan and so it Isn't you know this is something that Had to happen you know there there's an Illusion of choice like you can Cho you Can like this Mission Impossible where it says if you choose To accept this mission right but when You're working for God there's no Choosing you just do what you're Supposed to do and there's not any real Like orders that come like you just know What you're supposed to do and you do it You play the role you're supposed to Play right for good or for bad like you Just find out what you're supposed to do And you do it like it just has to be Done because it's has to be done and There are enough things that happen from You know these preceptors spying on me To people showing up and telling me Stories to you know Dody doing the Brighter mind scam I mean it's you know He's made it easy for me like if he was At least a little bit Slicker you know if they're a little bit More subtle if they weren't so sucky Dodgy and the people around him I mean

They suck so bad like he's such a you Know a a Dr off from chargie in his Presentation and then the bad decisions The RSS the you know all of it Everything that he does you know it's Just um obvious that the guy's not a Master and he's F fallen and he sucks at His job right he's failed at his job of President but he's playing his role like This is you know this was something that He was going to do that's why I don't Get all upset about it because you know When if I'm accepting I'm playing my Role then I accept other people are Playing theirs and this is the role They're going to play and like I said Before one of the good things about These recent videos for me you know in Terms of my understanding of the whole Situation is I realized because of the Structure of the you know the human Nature you the way human beings are Right now that this was going to happen Right like this was there was no Stopping this from happening because There was no solution to the problem With people there's a level of Corruption in India a level of just you Know I mean it's the corruption is Everywhere the Indian bureaucracy and Corruption is Unique and at least in terms of what I've seen in the world it exists in all Places they have their their scams and

Their corruption but India has this Unique aspect and one of the things That's unique with them is the guru Market the way that Guru see India Doesn't kill their Saints they honor Spiritual people which is great but People are sucky and will exploit that Right you know in other countries Certainly in Europe and America someone Becomes spiritual and starts telling the Truth and they you know beat the crap Out of the guy and murder him or Whatever you know woman you know it's a A lesser case because you know I mean It's almost like a it's even worse for a Woman like the women's Saints are I mean It's bad for men but you know You you know it's it's even worse for a Woman but but India Embraces their Saints and they've had you know all the Saints pass through there and it's like The spiritual capital of the world but Because of that and the corruption and The kind of low vibration that's there And the the just the materiality and all Of it there's lots of scammers and People see a I mean religion is the best Business it's like tourism right tourism Is like free money but religions like Tourism it's like gambling but it's Tax-free I mean it's you know even America it's tax-free and there's been Evil people Dark Side people there in India who have had their eye on Saar

Since the beginning and so it was Inevitable this was the inevitable end Chargie fought it off you know Babaji Whatever he did um you know I mean he Didn't have that many people but you Know still people are trying to take the His spiritual powers and and they you Know tried to thwart charie Succession and so there really wasn't Much of Anything there stopping them once charie Passed away and there was already a Tendency towards degradation right so The the the conservative Indian Businessmen were they couldn't wait to You know get their evil hands on this And make it part of the UN and you know All these things that are important to Them and all these institutions they Think are so great and you know they I Mean some of these guys like I said they Just every celebrity that comes through There every person of prominence they Make sure they get a picture and post it On social media like he just like it's Like anti-spiritual and this thing where They're trying to bring in all these Organizations you know the purity of the Sark system you only need the best System right like you know if one food Is your favorite food like it's just Better and you don't want anything else But they bring in all these other things That you don't want right like whatever

It is like there's you know a festival Of artists of music but you only really Care about the one like the one is Enough to bring you and for each of These Organizations they have people well I'll Talk about that when you know I talk About this thing you I'll talk I guess I'll repeat it but you know they all Have a group of people that are some of Them are really into it some of them are Only partially into it and the ones that Are really into it that're going to show Up at this Gathering of these multi you Know they're just in it for their thing Right they're not shopping for something Else and so there's no real coming Together you know because the there's Different methodologies right and you're Not supposed to mix them you know you Find this even with medicines and you Know even a food culture you know the Your digestion is and we have too much Of a smorgus sport here at America That's why people people have issues With all these different types of foods Right A lot of them are great but you Know they're you got to have like a kind Of a central diet right with some Staples and things that your body gets Used to processing and things but people Are all over the place in what they eat It's because of the the many you know American Americans you know ones who are

Grow up in American have have this Smorgus board of Multicultural food Which is a wonderful thing but it's also You know your body's just has to adapt To all these new things all the time Right whereas if you have Regional food Things that grow in your area and you Have a a very stable diet it might not Be exciting but your body is it's better For your system right so all these Things and so you had these guys that Couldn't wait to get their greedy little Fingers into the system and push their You know things that they thought are You know materialistic things they Didn't embrace the Sark system in its Purity and there were um you know if That was it that' one thing but there Were the liberal people there all these Boomer hippies from Europe and America Who never believed in the conservative Nature and the you know teachings of uh Chargie about Discipline and they are very liberal and They're into politics and they hate Trump the ones in America and they were Pushing their agenda like as soon as Chargie died and they were going against And like this one guy you know this guy Showed up and you know these these Preceptors these local preceptors that Spied on me you know which was you know I mean it's not a it was just part of The whole you know the way the thing

Worked out right um you know that Experience I it was kind of a horrible Experience because to me it was like the End of any kind of trust that you could Have in the organization when people Were working you for your data but that Guy showed up who also had a bad Experience with these preceptors it was Ostracized because he asked uh chargie About these world events and he you know Chargie was in the end of his life and He was just saying things like there's a Few speeches I I still have in DVD some Of them are I hope somebody has them Somewhere uh but these you know speeches He gave in 200 you know n and 10 his last you know His last kind of work that he was able To do they don't exist in the internet They might even get you know Community Guidelines things because some of the Things he says About um you know the gay people and Things like this gay marriage and some Of the the things that are you know Wouldn't be acceptable to the liberal Culture uh but he doesn't say it with Any hate or anything like that cuz he Was a hateful person but he talks about In terms of spirituality and you know Whatever and this guy um you know heard These things from chargie and chargie Predicted all these things are going to Happen he said that culturally and

Morally things are going to break down And he got kicked out of the saton for This preceptors and this the the the Husband who's like the weaker of the two People you know the wife is the driving Force she's like henpecking them or Whatever takes them out to lunch and They had been friends they're both Business owners and they you know they Had they've been friends right and the Guy lectures him and tells him how wrong It is and tells him how the liberal Agenda is right and how chargy was wrong And and it was clear to me that people Didn't accept the teachings right like I I knew all along the Masters knew more Uh but what I was saying about my dream Even for the Masters the transmission Isn't theirs it flows through you and it Has a life of its own you know charge Used to get himself ready and prepared Before giving a satson an hour ahead of Time because it was like a living thing That was going to go through him like a You know etheric energy and it had its Own you know purpose right and get ATT Tune with what that was and so you know That's what it would take to be really Good preceptor in the system it's not About what you think you know what you What your belief system are or what you Think should happen it's you know it's What's supposed to happen spiritually And you're supposed to adapt and attune

To it and ultimately be grateful for it As it unfolds right but I can see now That all these people had an agenda they All thought they knew more than the Master they all had their you know their Different things that they want to do They want to all put their spin on it Right the system they all wanted to add Their little thing to it or subtract Their things that they didn't like and They wanted to you know whatever they Thought thought they knew more um and That's so evident right now and that's Why so many of them have folded into the Whole dodgy thing because as goofy as The things he does these other people Are just running a muck like everyone's Doing whatever they want to do as Preceptors they're saying what they want To say there's no discipline there's no You know there's no quality control There's no anything you know Char Charging micromanaged things which is a You know which is something I don't Think is a good thing but he had no Choice there was no other that's all he Could do right um and so you know it's The only way that the system would hold Together and eventually that that Couldn't be done forever I mean he was Going to get old like he did and then The mission was going to grow too big For him to do that and so you know you Have a dodgy right like that's what

Happens and that's what happened to all These spiritual Organizations but the essence of the Thing can stay alive and there'll be Motivated people in the future when Things break down when people don't feel So comfortable and so safe in their Little worldly you know their their Little belief systems and you know their Little cultures and whatever their Lifestyles when when they're Shook and Rattled and they're desperate to survive And they're worried about you know just You know survival as opposed to I mean Being indulgent and being you know Whatever um and this is happens to People like someone gets di with cancer Or somebody gets a has a heart attack or You know has a near-death experience or Someone in their family dies you know There's these moments where people open Up to the the greater good you know Where they they release their their Beliefs they they can transcend their Own beliefs and and go to a higher state Of consciousness but right now it's just Everything's against that and so in the Future as things break down the Sark System will be there I mean this is what I'm hoping you know I have uh faith in This at least the possibility of this When people know that we collectively Screwed up and they're just we're Dealing with the consequences of bad

Behavior and you know like Bob you said The the you know the punishment for such A conceit will come as hard as it can Right um which I thought was an Interesting way to look at it like There's not going to be any reprieve Like we're going to get the full the Full reaction like it's not going to be Lessened in some way you know so I've Accepted all that right you know the Thing that bothers me I don't want to Say bothers me whatever you know that I Have some sort of reaction to is you Know these people who claim to love Charie like I said I've said it over and Over these videos like that's the thing They claim to love them and there's just No loyalty like it's bad I mean it's Just really bad I mean I should have Seen it coming but I just it's shocking Like and also that people didn't really Love the system I mean the teachings a Charge he gave and a lot of things I Don't I didn't know about or didn't have Opinion on or if I did I didn't agree With and maybe I couldn't even embrace It or incorporate into my own life right It was you know I agreed with it and it Seemed like the right thing to do it Just was beyond my ability to to do it Right but the majority of things I've Been able to adapt to and you know with The Whispers messages and then the the Other teachings I've been able to prove

Them right like I've been able to Through my own experience and my own Research again not challenging them but Not accepting them and just doing my own Research on things or accepting them in Principle but saying you know I would I Don't have an experience of that and Then I would get an experience of it Whether I was doing research on it on my Own or just through life I would get Experience I'd hear a teaching from Chargie and then it would turn out to be Right like he was just you know great at Life and just great at understanding Things and reading Situations and you know I'm I'm good at That myself here but you know he was Better and the system you know itself is It helps people learn how to do that Right and I've gotten better and better Over over the years and you know the Lack of that you know like in the system The lack of embracing the teachings the Lack of you know accepting or even Knowing the teachings and just allowing Dody to come in and do things that you Know were said don't do those things Like we these yeah this s Mark shouldn't Go in this direction you shouldn't and Bring in all these other systems other Practices and things all the wellness Things you know that's why dodgies you Can't sell transmission because it's not Yours to sell right

But he can sell these other services Healthc care services products merch and Whatever and it would be okay if he was You know doing the system way it needs To be done but he's he's gone LAX on the Meditation that the sittings are not There the transmission and he's pushing All these other things right and some of Those things are scams like the brighter Minds and so you know the the fact that These people have all gone along with These things and they haven't you know Questioned or even you know looked into It and accepted it is I mean that's the Real stutter but it is you know it's What what's happened like I said Accepting these things and ultimately Being grateful of for them and playing Your part playing your role like knowing What your role is in playing it right um And just you know like fighting against Things that are going to happen is Always a mistake you're trying to resist Something that is part of the divine Plan it's just your swiming swimming Upstream right and there are a lot of Things that are going to be hard to Accept like the you know things that are Happening in the world but accepting Those things you know are is Pivotal um so yeah I'm going to end this Thing here um and I'll continue on with The uh coverage of the this whatever it Is you know I mean I don't know I'm not

Going to show any Clips I'm not even Going to really watch it I'll just you Know I already know what it's going to Be like it's not a mystery it's just um It's going to be a mess like everything Else dodgy does right a mess and a Failure okay so continuing on now um With the I'm going to cover the Maha Stav day one um I don't think there'll Be anything more to cover it's you know It's um it's pretty bad it's really bad Um it's Horrible and you know I couldn't watch It I just had to scan through it you Know I have um other things to do but First um because this is going to tie Into this this whole idea of um what I Just talked about like you know when There's just um things in life that lead You to a certain point right where um You know I knew that it was over for me In terms of any kind of connection with The Organization because it just wasn't Working for me right and so one of my Viewers somebody who just you know found These videos left me a message uh Usually I don't read these messages but With this person's permission you know I'm going to read this Anonymously dear brother hope you are Well your videos make me cry and I feel The truth and depth of your intentions I Have been personally struggling a lot so

Much that I almost went into depression I felt that my spiritual progress was Choked and I couldn't take it I hope you Realize that your service is helping Many like me come out of such depression States and get strong to reclaim our Spiritual life you are right about the External validation old aasis who used To hover around charie are quiet today Because they have been given positions In the organization they have thousands Of people turning up for the for their Sermons on YouTube and zoom you know I've talked about this before these People who are celebrities but it's not Thousands um newcomers salivate over Their prospects of being made a Preceptor and are being told they are Full Preceptors and so I'll get into that cuz That's important there's some Information here that's important that's Why I'm so they begin to dream of a Harry potter-like situation with magic Wand no one cares about the Responsibility that comes with it the Work and the above all the s the Sanctity of the work it is horrible Hearing what some of the new preceptors Are saying one pre preceptor made by Commish who gave me a sitting last year Told me that he invoked Lord chrishna to Come down and give this sitting that day That's problematic um I stopped taking

Sittings from him soon after is sad Heartbreaking and blasphemous I pray That you are awaking happiness in the Hearts of all thank you for your service Once again brother be blessed um so the Reason I'm covering this is I this is Going to this is obviously there's a lot Of good information here uh and that you Know there is a positive effect for People who hear my Videos because You know maybe also me being so blunt About it because like people are they're Just nicer than I am you know so people Have uh more generous uh sort of Compassion and then you know they have Self-doubt about these things you know People will blame themselves you know Why can't I fit in with this new master Whatever it is but you know me being Good at this and just being able to this Is what I'm saying about being honed Into a you know instrument of exposing DOI and the and the cult you know now With this mahostav this cultist stav Right um and so there's all that you Know this is why you know I have have The personal C personality Characteristics that I do and how this Is you know I've been created into this Oppositional Force right which you know I'm not trying to Grand eyes myself it's Just the thing that happens like you Just know that this was meant to happen

Like all the things that unfolded I've Talked about in the journey series and Some of my um you know whatever it is uh I think I talk about it in this video Earlier in terms of the journey 142 but This is also going to be a standalone Video um you know on the on the uh Exposing the heartfulness called dodgy Scam I'm including this both in those Two videos one in either Channel but I Want to get into this stuff with the Full preceptor So the preceptors that you're first made A provisional preceptor that's what I Was and your yatra is completed up to 0 2 and it is charged with the spiritual Energy and I talked about being made a Preceptor and the significance of that Experience like you know I was like this Is a lot you know like just being moved One point And the charging of the point I had a You know one of the the biggest Experiences of my sjar system of doing The meditation it's a lot and it takes a Lot to integrate that because you're put Up in a different level and you're just Made into something you know you just Been it's like you've downloaded a Program like you see in like the Matrix to be a functional preceptor to Transmit and clean and there's a lot That goes with that a lot of Responsibility I mean was stressful for

Me and then there's a lot that you have To live up to in terms of you know I was Saying you don't want to bring shame on The mission like I'm not that guy right You know I don't care like about things Like that but this I did like I didn't Want to do something that would you know Bring bad uh you know bring the name Ofage mark down and chargy you know Certainly as well like there's a Responsibility that you become you know I just completed watching the Um the woman in the Wall uh I think it's called that and It's about these laundries and I talked About it maybe in this video already I'm Not sure what I said in the first voice Over but I talked about it recently but It's in Ireland and the Catholic church In Ireland just got out of hand with What they were doing they were so Powerful in Ireland Ireland you know Irish Catholic is a thing my mom was an Irish Catholic my grandma's an IR Catholic I guess for some period of time You know I have a quarter of I'm I'm one Quarter uh Irish and I at one point I Was an Irish Catholic you know and I Have connection with Ireland I had People I knew that were aasis there There many of my viewers are from Ireland there's just a thing the person Who told me about the brighter mind scam Is an Indian person who was living in

Ireland and so you know I have a Connection with the country but what Happened was um in this movie it Documented did these so-called laundries So they would take Wayward mothers ones Who got impregnated the parents would Kick him out of the house and sent him To these convents where they would work For free in these laundries and then They were giving birth to their babies They were told their babies were dead There were falsified death certificates Some of the babies did die and they Buried them in the back of the convent Or someplace like that you know some Mass Graveyard and they would sell these Babies right so was human trafficking And so um some of the babies went for to Overseas I guess as well and so this Well-made show which was hard to watch Documented this and it showed you know When you don't question the Divine Authority of these religions and this is What dodgy is beginning here there's no Question about it with a brighter mind Scam you're not allowed to question it You're not allowed to question anything Dodg he's doing he doesn't answer Anything he doesn't do anything Transparently it's just he's the master And everything he does is God's will It's what the Queen of England who has The head of her own church the king of

England you know the the royal family They're sworn in they carry an Orban Scepter at their inauguration meaning They're God's representative on Earth And this idea of manifest destiny that Led to slavery and the abuse of the Native American peoples in India I in America you know this um you know Manifest Destiny was that we are God's Um appointed you know we're the Hierarchy appointed by God and Everything that we do as Divine and so That they could exploit the world they Could pollute the world they destroy the World the ecosystems you know enslave Animals enslave people you know all These things they were you could be free To do anything you wanted with them you Know and this is part of the the the Jewish tradition the Old Testament where There's all these animal sacrifices Killing animals for God like here you Know the animals I mean there's no Respect for nature no respect for other People slavery you know the exploitation Of people abuse human trafficking Because you're some sort of divine Authority and anything that you do is God's Will and so that is the the sort Of apex of the hypocrisy of religion and Spiritual Beings who become you know Demons right this is what dodgy become Because he's pushing this agenda where He's not questioned there's no checks

And balances you don't he doesn't have To answer to anybody he's you know Answerable only to you know some Imaginary Master he calls Babaji that's His own creation of babaj G he's Disconnected from babaj and you can see It you know I recently read The Whispers Message Dody went to France to see Madame Aly and he brought these brighter Mind kids to Peak through their Blindfolds and he wanted a validation Message from Bob and bobj gives him a Very Bland you know anything good should Be done like it's you know i' I've read It before it's not endorsing brighter Minds or this scam but he didn't say are You out of your mind like what Are you doing here like you're Destroying our mission because dodgy was Already you know already corrupted like Babaji knows that this was going to go This direction you know he couldn't say Things like that because I mean you know Dody was already you know going to do What he was going to do like no Reprimand from Bob you know you know you Get your your Boop together right get Your your s together and you know do What you were supposed to do like it Wasn't going to change anything and DOI Was going to misuse his position and Power which he's been doing and creating This false celebrity and this cultist Stav that he's doing there or whatever

It is and there are some brutal talks Where this woman who's been wrecked by Losing her child and this going back to This TV show is given by the you know She get is dressed down by priests nuns This doctor threatens to lock her up for Being crazy and things like this and Just the hierarchy of the system and It's really hard to watch but it's like You know authentic and I know there's These people who this one woman Commented these two Irish women who you Used to be friends with on Facebook one Of whom I met in India and they got mad At me for saying these things about Dodgy but this one person was abused by Priests and it dominated her existence Right like she was She wrote a book about these things and She left a couple of she left a hostile Comment and then kind of apologized but The more important thing is what dod's Doing to heartfulness and with Heartfulness Cult of SJ Mark is the same It's the beginnings of what happened to All these people who are abused by the Catholic church or any religion around The world that's exploited people and When power runs a mock and you're not Connected to the source right and you're Just making things up and so when you're Made a provisional preceptor you have This you know you move from 01 to point 2 and it's provisional meaning it's a

Trial run that at any time he can pull Your preceptor certificate if things Aren't working out because you know they Hope for the best and if you don't live Up to it and you know there's a bad Thing called Power grossness if you Don't do the work if you're given a gift And you don't use it it's Bob G said It's the worst thing to clean power That's not utilized power that's been Given for a specific spiritual work Whatever your talents are and when you Don't use those talents right you given Gifts and you don't use them and they Harden into a grossness that's almost Impossible to clean off bobg said it was The hardest grossness to clean when People didn't utilize their gifts and Power grossness exists when preceptors Don't work when they don't give sittings And they don't invest in these things Right so it's important for people to To utilize their gifts right and not you Know it's what like these things that I Do here you know I've been given Abilities and Gifts in terms of the Videos I make and so it's important to To utilize those things right they're They're god-given blessings for you and It's something you have to offer your Brothers and sisters and you're supposed To you know use those things but then There's this thing called full Preceptors and full preceptors are moved

Up to the Mind region and all of the Heart region points that means you know Beyond point two so you have this the um The Earth point and the sole point and The sole Point is0 2 0.1 is the earth Point and then you have the fire point At 3 and the water point at point 4 and Then you have the air point at 0. five And 0 2 is The Ether Point as well it's A sole point and The Ether Point um and So you move through all those points and They're charged they skip by the air Point for whatever reason and then point 6 which is the third eye is skipped Through they don't charge that in a way That people will use that third eye Power for you know I mean you're just a A preceptor you're not a spiritual Leader so you don't need access to all These the Kundalini and these power Centers and then you know the master has These points open in charge but for Everyone else it's you know it's just a Safety precaution that you don't run a Mock because many times people who had These access to these Powers they fell And become demonic because they get Their egos take over with the you know They get power hungry in these things Right which happens you know just we see This with dodgy and these other leaders I mean you think about money power and Political power but spiritual power is Internal money power is an external

Thing and political power and it's you Know it's also the power people perceive That you have and it's a position power But that position can be taken away from You and you can be disgraced externally But internal power is yours it's inside Of you until it's not I mean it also Could be taken away but So like it's uh it's spiritual pow is The worst in terms of turning somebody Into a demon and so you have these Preceptors full preceptors that are all These points are charged the spiritual Charges and put in all these points up Until the mine region and so dodgy is Saying and it's a big deal the cleaning I went through you know I got eight Sittings three from chargie and five From full preceptors and I went through A rough ride and for 5 weeks I got Really sick almost you know felt like I Was going to die I couldn't digest water Like I thought I was going to die of Dehydration you know and I was just I Mean I didn't go to the hospital there I Was just like being sick and like Waiting for something to happen and Eventually I started drinking coconut Water and somehow that helped my Digestion but water was right running Right through me like literally I would Drink it I could feel it going through My digestive tract and with the minutes It was coming out without you know I

Wasn't processing it right um you know And I just I it wasn't just that I went Through a whole emotional thing it was a Tough time and that was just to be made A pre provisional preceptor and so this Stuff about the Mind region and people Falling and things and so I don't think Dod's even believes in the system Anymore I just think he's making things Up I don't think he's making these People into real preceptors cuz some of These new people you know when I was Getting either they imagin Ary people on The net you know and these apps or They're not able to transmit but I doubt The quality of these preceptors and They're certainly not full preceptors Right there's only a handful of Preceptors that chargie made and a lot Of those people had a lot of issues Integrating their being put in the mind Region and being made full preceptors Like they just it they struggle they Fell out of the Mind region and you know Sometimes they had to be even though you Know a full preceptor there's this idea That it could never be revoked but in Some cases is it like it had to be like A provisional preceptor it's just a Trial basis full preceptor is supposed To be for Life the commitment and things And there's supposed to be spiritual Consequences if you don't live up to it Right there's it's a serious thing like

You have to think about it right and and You know chargie wasn't randomly just Making full preceptors and some of the Full preceptors like for example Mr W Who was instrumental in me being being Made a preceptor he was a full preceptor And the guy's just an ass clown he was One of the first people to reject Chargie or he was waiting for the Court Ruling so he wasn't even a good chargy Person um the U Mr P told me this story About the guy um you know he um the guy Was just a a chucklehead right he did All these embarrassing things and it I Was told maybe he was Autistic or Something I don't know he had some you Know psychological issues But chargie came to his house and Chargie had like a like kind of a he was Uncomfortable he had a fear of being Alone they developed and he always felt Uncomfortable being alone which was Played well for his being a master Because he was always around people Right but uh he came to America and this Guy and his wife went out to dinner and Left him in a house alone in a strange Country and like as a an Indian person The idea of hospitality that's just I Mean it's this just wouldn't have Happened and the um you know person one Of the people said were you master then He said it doesn't matter if I was Master or not you know you know whatever

So I wasn't he didn't say master because He didn't call himself the master but he Say it didn't matter who was you don't Do that to a person right and so this Guy was a full preceptor and he was Allowed to give longdistance sittings And only full preceptors were allowed to Give long-distance sittings and you know I got to America and there was you know Opposition to me being made a preceptor By the two preceptors you know this Couple I've talked about this in the Journey series and this couple who were Um you know against my preceptor Fred There was animosity and this one woman Went told everyone that me and this guy Forced charge you to make me a preceptor And I found this out because this guy Asked me that like you know did you know I'm like he asked me if that was what Happened and I'm like what are you Talking about you're being accused of This as well do you think is this what Happened right So like I was struggling I was just you Know coming back to America and I Realized all these people were Chuckleheads they were like morons you Know like you just don't do something Like that right immature and and petty And stupid you know not that I was great Because I you know I knew I I knew I What I was right but there's things you Just don't do like you just think better

You like there's no wisdom there no Wisdom Bridge and so this guy's giving me Sittings this he gives me a sitting um You know he says it's Thursday at like 7 6:30 7 in the morning and so he he gives Me a longdistance sitting I feel the Sitting and I'm like oh good I'm got a Sitting and then the next week I don't Feel anything and the week after that I Don't feel anything so I called the guy And I say are you still giving me Longdistance sitting she goes yeah I've Been doing it what's the time and day Again I'm like well see you don't know So you gave once and you forgot you Didn't write it down and so a lot of These full preceptors ended up being Like you know Subpar you know they were they were put Up to the m region they have these Things and they could you know access These higher level Powers not Powers but Higher level uh you know uh spiritual Points and and chakras and you know These knots the atra points but they Really didn't do it and so DOI just Making people full preceptors and then Giving people positions I've talked About this before so that they won't Challenge him you know it's not real Like they're not really full preceptors And some guy saying he invoked Krishna Now Krishna is Loosely a part of the

Sark system I mean you know he's he's One of the Divine hierarchy Beings but you know he's not it's not a Religion it's no longer it's not a part Of Hinduism and so Krishna isn't going To come down and give you a sitting Right like and this guy saying he Invoked Krishna like he called Krishna To him to give the sitting I mean the Eng grandis of the person especially for An Indian who you know believes Hindu Who believes that Krishna is the the Epitome of all these things right but The important thing to know is that you Know in the sjar system the yatra points Are something that are real at least for Me I've experienced it I can say that Like it's something there like it's not A joke it's not like just something they Made up you know where you like you know You go to be be a black belt right I Talked about that my brother and I Walking by a martial arts studio and They had all these trophies my brother Said yeah when you open up a martial Arts studio the first thing you do is go To Mr Trophy right you just go get some Trophies made you say you know all these Things you show off your accomplishments And you go into these places and there's A belt program and with each belt it Costs money for the belt and also for The testing that it takes you know the Lessons for each thing to so that you

Can do the the various katas or whatever They're called you know I was a put Out in my younger days and you do these You know whatever it is these things That you do these um they're almost like Uh martial arts routines and then um you Learn these things and then you get Tested and they give you a new belt and Eventually after so much money has been Spent you become a black belt but you Know can you fight right doesn't mean You're not going to get your ass kicked Right because you know there's I mean Just because you've gone through this Program like they talk they joke about Elvis having a black belt right like are You really a black belt like is is Someone can really do martial arts or is It just that you went through this Program and got these certificates and Maybe you know a little bit of stuff but You know some random Thug can just beat You up right so you know it's it's not Like you're really a martial you know You're really a black belt right um it's Imaginary but in the Sark system these Preceptors and the point system is real At least I've experienced that for you Guys it's an unproven whatever but for Me and other people watching this videos We know it's a real thing so this is a Good segue into the Maha sta Um you know it um it starts off with a Bunch of talks and I want to get into

The whole point system that's why I Wanted to segue into this thing the Cultist off right and it has these Various people come out um and are Giving talks some in English some in Whatever so and you know they go back And forth between these um languages and Then there are sort of they cut to the Backstage and there's an Entourage Coming in there there might have been Some guys from the RSS you know they Wear these orange caps but also the the Tok G people wear orange caps as well so I don't know like you know but these Seem to be minor people right the big Celebrities aren't showing up for the Most part Tony nater there the guy of Transcendental Meditation but these people that that Are up there there's no diper Baba um in fact he doesn't seem to be There at all I didn't see him give a Message or anything right um and um sad Guru he congratulated dodgy for hosting The thing via you know a video little Video clip uh um M what's her name uh so Whatever her name is uh I think her they Call her am so some of these Heavy Hitters just did little little Clips Like two minutes long They do that later but so they come in They're on the backstage and the center Attraction is the President of India and you know India is the only

Country you know I mean it's classic India that they have a president and a Prime minister in India the president is The head of the state and most mostly Ceremonial while the prime minister is The head of the legislative central Government so Modi is considered the More powerful position the Prime Minister but they have both a prime min And president which is you know Confusing right because you know we Think about presidencies being the top Position but also prime minister so they Have an English like um and almost like The the the president is like sort of Almost like the royal family although They're elected right so there was a President of India who was a real obasi Like you could tell he had that look of An obosi right because there's a Connectivity there's a glow to it and This guy really practice and did the Meditation he was the guy he was there In India when I was there at the last Gathering 2020 uh but now they have this woman Right and so she's there and um she gets The centerpiece so they do a backstage Photo like a photo op and she's in the Center and dody's sitting on her uh left And um you know they very coordinated in The way they they put these these things Together then they have the Das and I Didn't recognize anybody but Tony nater

And the the dis um and then Dody comes In you know he is giving each of these People like a um some sort of a you know Like a scarf a Shaw type thing and he's Sort of bowing before each person to Show his humility it's just so Ridiculous because you know I'll get Into the point system in a in in a bit And the president has the seat of Honor So this is a political position and and Dodgy says the let's praise the President here and they talk about the President and all these things there Seems to be a guy who's a a minister or Something um you know maybe he's the Minister of whatever culture whatever Came up with this idea uh but DOI had Done it before he wanted to do this last Year the cult of stuff um so a few Things you know the point thing is Important here so in the sjk Tradition the people like Jesus and you Know all these other Saints they only Had up to the second Point Christian was An avatar came in somewhere in the mine Region um but that was you know the Point system wasn't understood then the Yatra points it wasn't even a thing that Existed maybe in some I don't know if it Was something that ly discovered bobg Discovered or it was um you know it was Known but wasn't talked about but it was It was the first revelation about it is In the Sark system and no one had been

In the central region before that was Something exclusive to the masters of The Sark system and you can believe that Or not but people in the system believe It and those of us who have experienced It it's real like the point thing is Real at least the you know the access to Point 2 and the Transmitting uh the energy that he you Know he placed this he charged the point With power and it was I I felt it you Know and I was like I didn't know what It was but it was like you know I just Felt really happy like it was it just Felt really good like I felt wow what's Going on it was the end of the sitting I Had this you know I went in to get this Sitting from master chargie and I've Told this story before but you know I Went through all this trauma and I it Was you know I don't want to call it Trauma but you know it was trauma Traumatic it was a tough trip in India And I you know this um I got a sitting From Mrs B and you know I was having These dreams that I was talking I had This dream that I was talking to Everyone else Um but I like it it was supposed to be Talking to master but it was everyone Else's face I was talking to other People but not the master the system and As a Preceptor Mrs B should have said go see

The master right um you know like it was This um I I was supposed to be being Made a preceptor but I was I didn't know What to do about it like I was no one's Coming and approaching me about it and I I was just going through all this stuff So I couldn't even really focus on him You know I was just trying to hang in There and she gave me a sitting and said It was really inappropriate for Mr W to Um to propose that you be made a Preceptor cuz she was against me and she Was like she didn't like me personally And then she had these issues with me And then she had these issues with Fred She's a very fear-based person Controlling and gross like she told me a Story where she went to see Boby for the First time and she was like really Scared and she wanted to leave she's Like oh we have to leave um and to her Husband and she went into Bob's Residence and she felt like she walked Through a net and something heavy was Left outside like she had some kind of You know dark roess that was left so he Turned around to look to see what had Been taken out of her like she passed Through a Civ and some unpleasant Grossness wasn't allowed to come in with Her right and then she kind of realized This thing was real but she had you know Years ago when I first started she um There's this gathering for bassat it was

The first kind of real Gathering i' been To i' been to the asham um but that was Just a weekend thing in New York and so Um I started in uh you know in August so It was right after Char's birthday and He had just come to America and so they Had bassan in February and they rented a Little cool little like um cabin and There was a fire going and it was kind Of neat it was on top of a hill but it Was in Massachusetts and there was snow On the road and it was a hill that People were having trouble getting up And I said well I'll go outside and help People and Mrs B was there with her kids And I was trying to advise her how to Get up the hill because she kept on Stalling out she had like a good little Car with front wheeel dry but she was You know kind of fear-based right she's A fear-based person and so finally she Said you want to do it and I drove and It was a little scary for them I got it Up to Hill right um You know cuz it was Different I did it differently than she Did like there was no you know we're not Failing kind of thing and I gunned it up The hill and we you know got up there Safely um but you know she um I Recognize she was a very fear-based Person in ways that she really didn't Have these experiences and things and She tells me it's inappropriate what This guy Mr W did

Um but she should have said you should Go you know and I was going through it Right and I asked her about the Preceptor thing I didn't know that she Was sabotaging it so I went to see Chargie and he said he started to Reprimand me for not coming to see him But no one told me I was supposed to go Talk to him about it like I didn't know You know I'm not socially oriented I Don't know I didn't know anything about Any of this stuff right I was just like Going through a tough cleaning and so I Said I would stay and he next thing I Know there's a phone in my hand I was Talking to sing Singapore Airlines they Had already dialed the number and I was On the phone with them and they changed My ticket and he made me into preor I Came out and Mrs B and my brother when They found out they were both got up and Walked around like someone had just told Them the devil was going to be me a Preceptor my brother was jealous and she Was whatever I was like stunned that They was that upset by it right like Like i' done nothing that deserve I mean And my brother I know my whole life and I'm certainly a better person and at Least uh I have more character than he Was a Serial cheater and you know he had Done seedy things in his life right been In war and you know was ever he had a Sexual addiction and you know other

Things like um he was his was more uh Cil Cil rivalry or jealousy but I wasn't Jealous of him when he was made a Preceptor or made the caretaker of the O Because you know why would I care about That like I didn't care about any of Those things right I was always grateful For preceptors to get sittings and Things and when someone was made a Precept like I you know that was between Them and master right like how how what Do I know about anybody you know and Even though I'm good at reading people You know these things but especially Back then when it was just everything Was positive to me I had no negative Feelings about Sark system and so I went Through it I got all these sittings and I was getting the last sitting from Charie at his house And all these bad thoughts came out the Power of the cleaning was I can't even Describe it and I just felt all this Stuff whatever was there that needed to Be cleaned out was being pulled by this Incredibly and you know these sittings I Was getting was from full preceptors and Senior members of the mission and so I Went through eight intense sittings Three with chargie and the rest with These other people and so it was deep Cleaning and then when it was done you Know I thoughts about my mom like I just You know I I would didn't have a great

Relationship with my mom but she was a a Religious person and she did pray for me And she was you know she was spiritual And I just tears came to my eyes and she Ended up starting when I got back to America I told her I was made a precept She goes I want to start like just so it Was you know something happened at the End of the sitting she meant charie and They had this nice moment you know where Um she said thank you for this gift of Being here Char is really soft and Loving and he looked at me and my Brother was standing behind me my Brother said you want to introduce mom To charge you which was nice to him you Know um he got a lot of time with Master Because he was uh you know the caretaker And I said you know Master this is uh my Mom Rita Roman me and my brother's mom Rita romano and he looked at her and she Said thank you for this gift of being Here and she he said thank you for the Gift of your two fine Sons which is I Think probably the only compliment Charge you ever gave me which you know I Don't care about you know like I'm not In this for those things but it was just A nice moment but anyways um you know We're he's the cleaning is over and I Have these thoughts about my mom and Just these you you know and I have tears Come to my eyes like I just feel kind of A whatever and then just this energy

Came In and I felt amazing I didn't know what It was Don sa explained to me that you Know I knew the yacha process and I knew That preceptors were at point two but I Really didn't understand it in that Context but Don said you know he Completed the youru yatra up to point 2 And he charged point two and I said oh Yeah and then right after that I felt This energy chargy started to chant And it sounded like a thousand voices Like he was chanting something in in Sanskrit I believe or Hindi I don't know It was a language that wasn't English And so and it sounded like a chorus of Like you'd hear thousand voices in some You know I don't know Buddhist or some Sort of I don't know the framework of it But it was like intense and I asked Don About it and I said I you know I heard This thousand voices what was up with That he said what do you mean he said Well he chant he said well he was giving You permission to be a preceptor I said Oh but this sound like a thousand voices Oh you should tell charie so I told Charie came up and patted me on the Shoulder but it was intense and I was You had to fast for a day to let Everything sort of integrate into your System and I got back on a plane you Know I got on a plane and went back to America so and you know amazing kind of

Experience it took me a while just to Integrate the whole thing I mean it was You know being made a full preceptor Would have been beyond it would have Been hard like you know know that kind Of process I mean there's there's talks About that when bobaji raised some guy Four points and ly said you're going to Kill him and the guy had a headache for Months you know it's not um Don Sav went Took a a sitting with chargie and Chargie wrote about it as well and Don Sa talked about their talk and and Charie you know um wrote about his diary And bobaji said what did you experience In charie was like you know like sort of Like having a hard time coming back to Answered he answered slowly and said It's like um you took a nail and you Pounded it through the top of my skull You know and he had these other sittings Some of these intense sittings right you Know he was put into eternity in one I Mean you know he talked about these Things in his Diaries in his in his Footsteps books right U that these Experiences are you know they're it's Difficult to integrate them and Physically you're changed and it's you Know there's a metamorphosis that Happens you're divinized to some exent Right and this idea that he's just Making these people into full preceptors Is one thing but having all these other

People up there like this woman is the Centerpiece and she's just a politician Chargie said that the lowest part of the Higher which is spiritual is still Higher than the highest part of the Lower which is material so these Materialistic people that he keeps on Bowing before and praising and bringing In this is a president just a figurehead Of India you know just whatever I don't Know um um this whatever this person is And you know there's Applause and all These things But any yasi who's been doing the system Is on a higher spiritual level just Starting to do the meditation you are And that goes for all these other people Up at the Das who are doing whatever They're doing I mean this is according To the Sark teachings you can believe it Or not but that's why they didn't bring Other people in and other systems and Make it into some smorgus board because The master was the highest person there And not that he was somehow a of them in Some egotistical way but even in the System itself when there was group Meditation the highest the highest Preceptor with the highest approach you Know those furthest along in their yatra Was supposed to give the sittings Because they would offer the most Benefit for people now sometimes the Other preceptors you know took turns

Because they had to learn how to do the Work right but you understand that the You know the being on a higher level Meant that you could do higher level Work so you know there was all that and It wasn't about egos it wasn't about any Of these things it was just about the Work being done on the best possible you Know the highest possible level right And so celebrating these other Traditions and these other people and Not everybody makes the Das right not Everyone makes the dis or whatever it's Called like just there's some people who Are cut but then there's the talks you Know and I noticed this when dodgy first Took over so for years you'd go to a Gathering and there were talks and the Talks were really hard to sit through Like aasis would just get up and Sometimes they were people were Requested senior people to give talks But then there was sort of an open Mic and you know me and this one guy who Was more cynical we would joke because a Lot of times women would cry and they Would to be talking about charie and you Know and there would be this moment Where like you know they like fell in Love with him on a spiritual level and They would start crying especially the Like American women European Americans and they would have this sort Of um I don't know like a you know like

A well my me and this guy used to joke And we'd say then that's the that's the Moment I knew I he he loved me Right and there would be this moment and Sometimes we'd sit next to each other And watch the talks and you know and and Try not to laugh right cuz sometimes People would be have like almost Emotional breakdowns and you know they Were learning how to give talks and it Killed time and you know some people Lived you know some people like those Things I didn't but I sat through them To some extent and they're hard to sit Through and we're talking about hours or Hours of people getting up on open mic And talking about their history and what They are about Sark right I gave a Couple talks that weren't great you know I mean back before I was even you know Had any potential of doing what I'm Doing here I'm not at the big gatherings But like at an open house and some of These other things one of them I did Well um there was Just Energy there you Know but it's I mean it's hard to listen Listen to people do this I mean we're Talking about four or five hours at a Time or clip and you're sitting in these Uncomfortable chairs I mean they're you Know you can get through a meditation on Them but they're not there for long Periods of time I mean you start to feel Pain and your you your legs will fall

Asleep or they're just you know they're Not comfortable they're not meant for Sitting for four or five hours and you Have all these people giving talks at This you know this cultist STA and many Of them are speaking in you know some Indian language that's Regional it's not Necessarily Hindu I you know I don't Know what it is but these people all Have their limited abilities in speaking English and so and the people in the Audience some of them don't really Understand English so it's like they're Just sitting there and lots of times They're not sure what's going on in Terms of what the person's saying either They don't understand the person's Accent or they don't understand the Language or you know whatever it might Be and there's like all these colorful Outfits and there's headgear and there's This one guy carrying a staff with an Orange like covering on it looks like One of those noodles you you bring into A pool like a smaller version of a Noodle and he had interesting face paint Some weird haird and beards and stuff And diaper Boba wasn't there but that Kind of thing a lot of eccentric things But none of these people I recognize the Big Heavy Hitters don't show up for d Right they're just they give a video Message but they're put on the you know They're they're put up their like they

They build sad Guru is coming because He's got a big following but he gave a Two-minute message that's his whole you Know he congratulated dodgy and the Minister on putting this thing together Um just to save face you know but like You know what what dodgy selling here is The asham right we'll get back to that Let me finish this thought here first But as hard as it was to listen to these Talks you know of course I'm cynical and You know even if I mean even as um Childlike as I became like just this Innocence that I had towards Sark those First two or so years of my obas until Like I ended up getting married and you Know just the preceptor thing and you Know people just suck so bad I was like Uh like you know they I just I had a Positive feeling about the whole thing Like nothing I've ever experienced and I Was just so optimistic and so much Enthusiasm and that was slowly eroded Over time just dealing with people in The Miss Mission and these things right Um but you know even with that I was Still a bit cynical these talks were you Know they're kind of silly in the way I Look at things you know I'm not I don't I don't consider myself judgmental but I'm not you know I'm not poly positive And I this is just something I've always Done I always sit in the back of the Class and would make fun of things right

You know because I mean that's you know How I coped with whatever was going on With the this bogus system and this you Know my doing time here at Planet Earth Um but these talks you know some of These people were in the mine region Many of them were preceptors and this in The second point and that's better than They're you know more developed than all These other people on the stage right And I saw this when Dody first came back To America after he was made master I Think it was 2016 you know he came to um uh I saw him In Los Angeles but he also went to New York and Detroit and in one of those Cities he brought this woman up and her Name was Gabby and I remember this Because I didn't see the thing till Later on but I thought it was strange Because she had her own meditation Program she had written books on Meditation and she was an Oprah Winfrey Person she had been in Oprah Winfrey and She was a so-called best-selling author The same way dodgy is you know but more So re you know Realistically and she went out and gave A talk and I remember her saying that I Just had this gorgeous hard cered Meditation which she was doing Heartfulness but she didn't become an Abasi CU she has her own scams right her Own you know her own meditation that she

Does and I you know who knows what how Good it is and how it helps people or Not but she goes and gives talks and She's a presenter and so she got her Moment where she was talking like a noer And then she had to interview dodgy and You could tell that she was asking you Know preset questions about him and like He was higher than she was right and so Like she was a best bestselling Oprah Author but here she was you know having To submit to dody's Greatness and you Know I wasn't I didn't know Dody to be The fraud that he is but it seemed very Off and he had all these other people Who are successful people and they were Better speakers than the ABI assis who Would get up on open mic and give these Talks but they you know they were Professional speakers but they didn't Know anything about Saar and they Weren't talking about s margan they Weren't they're in01 they they haven't Really entered into the spiritual yatra Process right they're only at 0.1 and They're not really so they're why are They even on stage you know there's a Thing that he had another sort of big Celebration in New Jersey he wasn't There but they rolled out the brighter M's kids and they got this guy who was An American actor had been in the show The Office and he um was also in the movie

Called three idiots which is a bwood Movie and he came out and said hello Idiots and I don't think everyone knew He was in in the movie but he backed the Brighter mind scam and talked about how Wonderful the kids were but he's a Professional comedian and an actor and He did something else for for Heartfulness and he was obviously paid He's a paid spokesman to be out there And he was professional so it looked Professional you know was always Amateur Hour at these gatherings but there were Sincere amateurs who were real spiritual People who were real aasis and they were Superior they were better to listen to Because you know they might say Something that meant something to you Where these other people are just Pushing their agenda and their fluff and This is what this this you know this um This whole cultist stav is it's just a Bunch of people out there who are their Own you know whatever it is and they Might be real it might be fake they Might be scammers they might be Legitimate spiritual people but none of It's as good as Saj Mark and like that's In ter in terms of what sa Mark says About itself right not that it says it Like that blatantly but it's the system Bob didn't say that but it is right it Clearly is the highest system in terms Of the teachings of the system and so if

You're bringing in these other systems That aren't going to merge with it you Know what is he doing here well he's Selling the asham I mean I think he Thinks he's better than he is and his Teams are but what they're doing is Selling this excellent asham you know It's I mean in terms of a building and The structure it's a th000 Acres but it Was built by chargie like dodgy couldn't Have built this thing on his own chargie Got all the money and purchased the land And he had all the Architects and all The people in place and he had a system For building ashrams and people who were Enthusiastically volunteering their time Because of chargie winning them over and DOI inherited that right and the asham Was already well underway when DOI Became the master of the system you know They already had the some of the Structure in place in 2016 after chargie Had passed away you know 200 14 and so It was well on its way now Dody Completed it and he doesn't give chargie Credit for it because he never does but Chargie learned to do something like That over time like he developed a whole System and using volunteers and using All the things in India you know there's Ways that um religions or spiritual Organizations can get taxpayer money and Get funded and things so there's all These things that he was able to do to

To make this possible because he had Built so many other ashs and you know He's again like he would have been able To do this without dodgy dodgy couldn't Have done it without him comish but now He has this you know asham with the Excellent grounds and has a forest you Know which you can say that's he's been Successful with the forest and some of These other things it's impressive and Nice place to be but the spiritual Condition was never there the asham that He donated these two buildings in New Jersey the spiritual condition wasn't There either right but in terms of People coming there it's impressive and It's the world's biggest meditation Hall So we're can have large events and he's Pushing the asham like that's what he's Selling you know these other people they Don't have an asham like this they don't Have a meditation Hall like this they Can sit this many people and so that's What he's pushing you know the Availability of the space that's been Created there and you know the success That they they exude like he showed off His his paintings of bajy that he had at His house to me and he goes those cost $20,000 right these they weren't Paintings they were a photograph of Babaji walking on his asham but Baba's Alone you know mere asham and shajahan Por that was small and you know not

Anything like this thing right um you Know but it was impressive for what Bobaji was doing and without Char's help He couldn't have built it right chargie Was a key person chargie was good at all These things I mean without somebody's Help like charie like pagi you know he Wasn't capable of such things in terms Of his his materialistic egotistical Personality like he didn't have the the Skill set he needed other people to help Him with it and charie was you know good At these things so after the talks they Started doing singing and concerts and These things you know it's it's laborous And it's nothing like a gathering and The energy isn't there and you know Maybe they're going to do a meditation At some point but not that I saw it any Time soon in the first day I mean There'll probably be some meditations You know diaper Bob is supposed to give The morning uh yoga but I don't even Know if he's even there I don't know It's like what happened with that cuz He's you know been disgraced and I don't Know if the president of India wanted to Be on the same stage with diaper Baba Because you know he just suffered this Supreme cor Court embarrassment for Fraudulent advertisement as his products And fines and things you know so it's Just with everything with dodgy it's a Mess he wanted to do this last year at

Swami f viandas it was the year of his 13 30th anniversary of his talk I talked About this in the other videos but um he Wanted to get Modi to come and Modi Wouldn't come and so he canceled it and They now doing it in the opposite time Of the year you know was in September When uh close to dodg birthday it was Like September 19th is the anniversary Of Swami Viv kanda's talk but people Don't care about Swami vivanda many of Them don't even know who he is a lot of These people aren't spiritual Seekers And it's just performative and it's fake Right it's just you know it's posers It's a bunch of posers getting up on Stage pretending to do something that Has no bearing on anything in the future It's not going to change anything and It's not as good as a gathering and he's Canceling these gatherings of Babaji and Charie and pushing things like this to Eng gradiz himself artificially through These you know famous people and Politicians who are in the lower stage Of their spiritual Evolution and so um You know there it is you know like it's Just it's a joke it's a you know like Everything that dodgy does he's just a Clown he clowns himself you know the Term came to me when I was watching the Thing um and it's kind of a graphic term If you don't know what it is don't look It up like it's just I'm going to say it

Because it's what I you know what I Heard internally but it's like a circle Jerk which is you know I mean it's a Derogatory uh you know it's a negative Kind of gross term but that to me you Know that's what when I looked at that's What I I you know I heard you you know It's just a it's um it's just a joke Right it's one of these um you know There's this movie where this young guy Is coming in and you know there's all These terms now Dody wants to be a Disruptor they was talking about how Brier's mind is disrupting the education World he actually kind of mentioned Brighter Minds without saying the name But he's saying getting the most out of Students right so he didn't come out and Say brighter Minds maybe he will later Maybe there might even be a brighter Minds demonstration I'm sure there will If they can get it up there right um but There was this movie where the guy's Talking about the companies Synchronizing and synergizing right and This idea that they're all working Together and all these you know Conglomerates coming together and these Separate entities and these companies Working together for the you know of Course sharing data and all these things Have happened with the modern technology But none of that stuff's going to bring About world change because the system

Has to come down I mean Boby laid out a Plan the old system would come down you Can read my vision at the end of reality At dawn the old system would have to Come down and the new system would have To be born out of the bones and Ashes of The previous system right a world with Spirituality as its bace of course he's Doubled and tripled down on these Whispers of the brighter World Predictions but there's going to be a Collapse of the current a system there Might be some remnants of it there might Be you know we're not going to go back To the stone ages whatever the whatever It looks like but that's going to come Down people are going to freak out They're going to seek God they're going To seek Redemption from uh you know the I mean the Aber the Abate behaviors that We've engaged in there's going to be Massive population reduction and the Souls that come in will be of a higher Nature Souls that are either incarnating Here for the first time because of this Movement higher developed Souls the People who have had you know spiritual Past lives and have the ability to rise Up to this higher level the lower level Of animalistic behavior of the billions Of human beings that aren't capable of Abstract thought and things won't be There and the people who are running the System into the ground have gone to the

Dark side their souls won't incarnate in At least in that form they'll have to be You know cleansed and they'll have to be You know purified and there'll be a you Know with the reduction of population You'll have more and more spiritual People who are wanting to correct the Problems of the past and will evolve That way so bringing together Corporations and these people and Governments and you know saying that we Need world peace through inner peace Well the inner peace isn't going to be There as long as people suck and we've Seen what's happened with the SJ Mar Organization folding under the Corruption of DOI and all these other Crappy organizations and self-serving Egotistical and their Materialistic basis of their pseudo Spiritualism none of that's going to get Done religion spiritual fake spiritual Organizations some other things have to Happen to direct people cuz people have To change right so this is my vision um I think I've read this before but I'm Not sure if I've read the whole thing And this book was published I believe in 1956 the world these days is passing Through passing through a critical stage The political situation is growing Extremely intricate day by day the Economic condition has become very Depressing moral religious and social

Degradation has almost reached final Level again 1956 an atmosphere of rivalry unrest and Insecurity prevails everywhere Every Nation looks with jealousy uh jealous Eyes Upon her neighbor and utilizes all Her resources into finding means of Exploiting it the Statesmen of the world Are not quite ignorant of these facts They are trying every means to reach a Satisfactory solution of the various Problems confronting the world but the Efforts of all the organiz set up for The purpose do not appear to bring forth Encouraging results on the whole the Problem of world peace so prominent in The minds of the greatest politicians a Statement is a mere illusion or a mirage The State of Affairs in India does not Hold out any bright Prospect dissensions and party feelings Are prevalent everywhere in the country Self-interest is predominant moral Principles are neglected problem of Bread and butter is acute but in spite Of all these some of us think that the Country is progressing the signs of Progress that take it to the gradual Drifting of the country towards a Western type civilization which is based On pure materialism but now the age of Materialism has come to an end the old Order must change yielding place to the New the present stru structure of the

World Civilization based on electricity And atomic energy shall not remain in Existence for long it is destined to Fail soon the whole at atere is so much Charged with the poisonous effects of The absolute materialism that is almost Beyond human control to clear it time Has almost matured for a the time has Almost matured for a change which is Imminent and inevitable and for which The Godly energy in human form is Already at work as referred to the book E efficacy of Raji yoga that's his book And he's talking about transmission Right the transmission is being utilized To make all these things happen it may Not be be not at present seem convincing To some of us but it is in fact Beyond Doubt the world shall know of him and His work in this respect after some time When events have sufficiently come to Light he's talking about himself here Godly work is almost accomplished Through the agency of some human being Of caliber and not direct the reason is That God does not possess mind which is The only instrument to bring about Things into to action because God Doesn't have an ego or mind it doesn't Think and so can't you know um create These things you know plans of this Nature God is automatic love is Automatic right but in that the love Beings are created to do God's work

Right beings with mind and the ability To manifest these things right on a Material basis so it's part of God's Work they are you know they're doing God's work and they've be created for Such a purpose man possesses mind which Can be utilized for the purpose but only When he has lost feeling of Individuality and Toto what remains in Him after he has achieved complete Negation of self is not the human mind But only The Godly mind in a pure and Absolute State now nature Works through This Godly mind although apparently Exists within the frame of a human being I present before the readers a glimpse Of the world that is to be as I see it In my vision believe it or not but that Is my reading of nature in The Clairvoyant State signs are evident that The destruction of the undesirable Elements in the world has already Commenced such examples have occurred Many time many a time before during a Period of the state of this world Rama's Word against ravana Noah's flood and the Battle of the Mad are some of the many Instances such as a destruction Accomplished through various means Noah's flood is when there was the of an Ice age right so the Ice Age the you Know there's more available um land Masses that become submerged when the Ice melts right um such a destruction is

Accomplished through various means it May be and you know all these um Civilizations build like Atlantis they Build on areas that during the Ice Age Are available and then the ice caps melt And the water level rises and then they Go underwater and such a destruction is Accomplished through various means it May be through war or internal Feud Through Heaven Heavenly Calamity such as Volcanic volcanic upheaval or through Similar other causes the time is now Right for its final phase and the world Is rushing towards it with headlong Speed the action may come in full swing By the close of the present Century but Some of the events enumerated below take Longer time to come into effect um and There was a pause or there was a there Was a reprieve given because nuclear war Was supposed to happen in the 80s um and That didn't happen it was like delayed And so that's some of the stuff he's Talking about here because he was Writing this in the 50s chargie had said Doomsday was temporarily avoided one Time I forget where that was um he was In America we said that and so he says This here the heat of the sun has Gradually diminishing for some time past And it has may be baffling problem for Scientists to tackle as after sometime Life on surface of the Earth may become Quite impossible owing owing to the

Owing to the insufficient heat in the Sun no solution of it is within their Mental approach in spite of all the Material Powers at their command I may Assure you them that it will not at Present diminish to that extent the Present decrease in the sun's heat is Meant only to expedite Nature's process Of change and the personal Deputed for the work is utilizing it for The purpose for that per for the purpose That's Boby he's talking about self in a You know humble way it is an unfailing Sign of the imminent upheaval in the Structure of the world and after it the Sun will G will again resume its full Glow the same sign will appear again at The time of the mar parala the complete Dissolution but as it is far off thing But as but as it is a far-off thing the M paralo is when the universe implodes Back into itself I do not like to dwell On it here one thing I may disclose is This connection for the interest of the Readers at the time of the M parala the Pole star will deviate a few degrees From its position and grow a bit hotter A powerful energy in the form of the gas Will begin to gush out from it and will Ultimately destroy the world and Everything else in existence the action Of Destruction will start from from the North Pole in the consequence of the Present upheaval drastic changes will

Come into effect and the new structure Of the world will will be quite Different from the one we see today the Fate of great Bain will be sad a part of It I.E its Southern portion will sink Into the sea a volcanic energy and this Was supposed to happen um you know Chargie said that this was supposed to Already happened it hadn't happened um And he said that he had to you know find Out why it would have been delayed A volcano a volcanic energy in the Latent state is at work in the heart of London and in course of time it will Burst forth in the form of a volcanic Eruption the Gulf Stream will change its Course and the country will become Extremely cold the fate of Europe two Will be similar smaller countries will Lose their existence the future of Russia is in darkness she cannot survive The very weapon of Russia will serve as Its pistol of her own of her own head Communism shall have its grave in its Own Homeland as for America she is in Imminent danger of losing her wealth and In course of time she may may a almost Be reduced to poppery her power and Greatness will sink along with it India Will grain its pristine glory and she Will rise to prominence under her own Government her suar anti will extend far And wide and the world will look upon Her for a beacon of light but she too

Will have her share in the world Upheaval the germs of the Rebellion are Developing in the country a part of the Country Eastern portion of Bengal was Sink into the sea the volcanic energy is Also being active and may seriously Affect some parts of it especially the State of bajar the decan plateau May in The remote future turn into an island There will be enormous Bloodshed all Over the world and the loss of life Through various causes will be so great The world population will be consider Considered will be considerably reduced The new structure of the coming world Will stand on the bones and Ashes will Stand on Bones and Ashes a type of Civilization based on spiritualism Will Will Spring forth in India and it will In due course become the World Civilization no country or Nation will Survive without spirituality as its base And every nation must sooner later adopt The same course if it wants to maintain Her very existence Okay so This was written in 1956 and if you believe in sjar you Believe that he's not bullshitting here Right like like this is you know work That he's done if you believe in bajy You believe in the system and you know Trying to um connect with all these Governments and do all these things While you know there has to be all this

Stuff to happen to bring about a world With peace and Harmony and spiritual People and eventually a you know world Of saints and so this thing that this You know this cultist stav that dod's Doing is the opposite of that right They're trying to save a system that Can't be saved they're trying to pretend That this can be you can you know you Can somehow retain your Lifestyle um and it's just goofy like It's just silly and ridiculous but Anyways I want to wrap this one up here Only spirituality will save this world It's Paul Romano definitely point from The apocalypse and the essent and Everyone have a blessed day and be Grateful

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