Journey 140 a new beginning

Journey 140 a new beginning

Okay greetings brothers and sisters this Is the 140th edition of The Journey Series and I Um you know um I had to delete all my Old Journey series and you know I have Them all saved and I Will hopefully eventually do something With them because there are people who Really want them I just have to figure Out what I'm going to do but a lot of it I can recreate I can tell the stories Again you know I mean some of it was Live action things that were going on And some of it exposing Dodgy uh but either way if you go to my Um new channel um the Channel Entitled exposing the heartfulness cult Dodgy Scam and it's linked in the description Box of all my videos just scroll down in The description box I have people asking Me questions to put in the link and then You the links there and the link works Um I've changed the name a couple of Times but that's the the new name that Should be there in all of my new videos But in that channel I have a lot of Journey series stuff it's stuff that Could easily be in the journey series It's just exposing Dody and the Heartfulness scam it's a part of the What I've you know discovered by going Through the Journey series and doing the

Journey series I me not only on my Spiritual journey but also documenting And putting it up on YouTube and then Getting feedback from Abasi struggling With Dody and then all this information Coming to me which I've documented and Then all the stuff that's going on now With the organization and so Dody and His crony stupidly copyrighted me and This channel now exist exists because of That right which is a huge mistake for Him because now there's a channel that's Devoted just to exposing him and all I Have to do is not use copyright Material and you know I mean they're Probably trying to come up with ways to Stop me and silence me but you know it's Just going to be there and people are Already finding it either aasis who are Upset by what's happening with dodgy or New people who are questioning the Validity of the system and so by their Own censorship by their own suppressing These things you know whenever you Censor some whenever you use force it Finds another way right it doesn't go Away you can't stop people from telling The truth and that's just you know born Out by human history it eventually comes Up and now it's coming up and you know They don't know what to do with it Because they've lied for so long and They thought they they could control it And get away with it and they're

Floundering but you know even if I went Away and the channel went away it's Going to come back up they can't stop it They're stupid for even trying because It's just there people are upset by this You know they've done something wrong They're acting like the victims they Portray themselves in the victims in Their own minds but they've robbed us All of something something great Something beautiful and they've Contaminated it with dody's lies and I'll get into that because I have a Whole a video I just put up about dodgy Lies and it's you know kind of Epic I Think and it fits right in with Everything I've talked about here in the Journey Series so I'm going to add that At the and I have a couple other Voiceovers I'm not sure what's in them But those are from earlier those are pre The the um you know I don't know when They were when were done but they were Around the time or before the time that They first copyrighted my gratefulness Meditation Channel and then eventually Did the stuff with the journey series And of course they pissed a lot of you Guys off because of them doing it right Um because you know I can't lose the Channel over the journey Series so I had To delete the to videos I mean the Channel is means more to people and me And you know everything than that and of

Course I can do these new Journey series Videos before you know it there'll be Hours of content back up on there and Now I'll be saying the same things and Even worse because I've discovered more You know I've learned things from doing This work even though it's had a Negative effect on me I've had a little Bit of a headache the last couple days And I just been feeling you know it's Depressing dealing with these scumbags Right people who fail people who have Gone the low path especially when They're supposed to be spiritual there's Nothing worse than a fallen spiritual Person you know criminals you know are Criminals right people who do bad things Are people who do bad things someone who Was once a saint a higher developed soul And people who aspired to be spiritual And then they they um they go to the Dark side they're the worst right They're the real demons like a criminal Doesn't have that far to fall and they Never had any real Divine Powers that's Like Lucifer's the devil is supposed to Be a fallen angel right people that go From a high level and then fall they Become the worst and they just you know They were there with God and they chose Ultimately to go in another Direction It's it's really bad and that's what's Happened here with heartfulness and it's You know it sucks for me to have to be

In contact with them in any way shape or Form I hope that they stop you know they Just accept this being out there and They just go on their merry way because They you know I don't want anything to Do with them right you're a real Downer You suck really bad like they suck as People and as the vibrations are given Off in all of it you know dodgy being This the big one and so you know being Free from them and that organization has Helped me and so talking about it you Know and especially focusing on it in This new channel has not been great and It's hurt me in terms of making other Content and you know I I don't feel like I don't feel as good as I I usually do This has been a but stressful I I'll be Glad when it's over you know when I just Do it from time to time because I you Know there's um there's nothing good From it for me personally like I've Learned things and you know whatever Reward I get for doing this work but It's like scrubing a toilet right you Have a clean toilet afterwards but you Have to scrub it and this kind that's What this kind of work is to me you know All the work that I do is like that but This is particularly because I you know The people are who I'm talking about are Watching the video videos and they are You know whatever they are and Connecting with them is something where

I' I know them personally right there's A different level of connection there Than talking about Joe Biden or any of These other people and so um there's That and so uh yeah so this is the new Journey series there's couple voiceovers I got to show you then a video I made Today and I'll wrap it up on the other End um but you know it's just a new Beginning to the journey Series so the Young woman sitting there with DOI and With commish and with Chargie is his granddaughter and the and The guy behind him at the end was his Grandson Um I'll come back to this in a moment uh The talk he just gave or what he said There you know um the stamp going back To the Stamp Master Char's father was put in The central region you mentioned Casey Rari who was A religious Professor a doctor Casey Vadari who was a you know a brilliant Scholar that bobaji spent a lot of time And energy into bringing him into the Mission and then um also you know uh he Put them in the central region and he Said that he put Casey vadari ahead of Him in the central region farther along Than Babaji was himself and you know Master chargie went to this guy as a Preceptor and the guy taught him so much About religion spirituality and you know

Historical aspects of things like he was You know a brilliant Man and then um at one point Boba G said That you're his Chella meaning you're His disciple and not mine to chargie and So chargie realized he was paying more Attention to Casey V charari who was a Brahman you know and lived close to Chargie so he lived um within you know Driving distance and chargie and his Father would go to this guy for Sittings and um chargie was then made Secretary of the mission which was he Was in charge of all the you know all The business aspect of the mission and All the organizational aspect and Casey Rari was not told by bobaji and he found Out and jarie and his father showed up At Casey var's house and Casey varar Just went you know yelled at him like he Didn't give them a sitting and he just Yelled at you know mostly Chargie about you know he felt betrayed And all these things he just lost it This was covered in uh Char's uh diary And he just went after him and at the End of he said look at you sitting there All calm while you know why he was um You know he was insulting him and you Know being very emotional he goes that's Your business training and he said no It's my spirit charge he said no it's my Spiritual training and so that was like A classic line but Casey viari

Plummeted and Babaji you know he went From the central region to where Babaji Was trying to save his Liberation um and he just got you know He just never came back from that he Just was you know hurt in some way um His Ego and eventually his son who was in And out of the miss Casey r Char's son started a an offshoot Of something like an Organization uh that he you know they Were like they worship babagi and his Dad um but he was kind of close to Charie and chargy keeps kept him in There but um you know like he just Eventually just you know because of his Dad and his dad going south he ended up Forming his own organization and so he Was somebody Casey Rari was in the Central region you know I talked about This kind of extensively in this um Series which I'll talk about in just a Bit as well but uh Char's father you Know chargie called him a giant of a man Even though he was much physically Smaller than chargie himself charie was Like 6'2 63 his dad wasn't as big but His dad was um you know he had a very Hard life he lost his wife you know Charge's Mom at an early age and he Never remarried because he didn't think His The new wife would um you know he had

Three sons you know he lost a daughter His wife and daughter died uh after Childb birth and chargie was the oldest In his family he was 5 years old when That happened and so um you know he had Two brothers and you know he wrote this Epic um this epic Uh uh chapter about his dad and his dad Um was looking through a telescope at Some University and someone hadn't put The lens in correctly and so it burned Out his eye you know there was they Didn't assemble so there was some kind Of issue with the telescope very kind of Indian story so he' lost one eye had Like a glass eye and you know all these Things that he had to overcome all these Tragedies and all the stuff that his dad Had to do and he he somehow you know Made it through it and he became an Abasi when charie did and eventually Babaji put him in the central region Because he was older and things and he Got into stamp collection he became a Stamp collector this is the reference to Babaj stamp and he got so into it like It pulled his Consciousness down to a Mundane level and he fell from the Central region and Boby was trying they Were trying to all talk to him about it And you know just to stay focused and be Spiritual and you know be thinking about God and remember God and you know all These things and you know but he was so

Obsessed with this hobby you know seems Like an innocent thing But you know this is chargie referenc to The the end of the this talk where he Says you know we're not here to build Statues which DOD is now doing we're not Here to be uh you know memorialized in Some way and we might even be forgotten And in charge's case I mean sadly that's What's happening like all of his books You know like next Generations of aasis Won't even know charge's greatness you Know unless there's something that's Salvaged and I don't know how that that Will be because of what dody's done and Maybe that's you know what's going to Happen anyway and that was supposed to Happen or whatever but it's you know it Feels like kind of a tragedy because Charge's greatness was such an example Of what SAR could do for you you know What kind of person you could become if You on all levels of your you know your Performance at work your performance at You know in in your in every aspect of Your life and charie was the epitome of That right and him saying that sajar Will go on for thousands of years you Know Babaji gave these messages and I've Read these messages myself and it's Something that's you know giving me hope Over this you know dodgy debacle and That Saar was going to change and humans Are going to change and it's not going

To stay in its current form but what It's changed into and I said this at the End of the heartfulness uh you know I Was talking about dodgy and heartfulness On the other channel so I'm very Grateful to have that over with and I'll Get into that in just a bit but you know The continuation of the system and That's what I've tried to strave strived For here at the these more recent Journey series and the gratefulness Meditation and one thing that I've you Know gathered um I don't want to call it Hope I don't know what it is but you Know over the years I realized you know There's a couple things with Saar and One of them is even if you're restless And you're not feeling like you're Meditating You know you don't think you're doing it Right you don't feel the energy if you Go through it often times afterwards It's the the condition is phenomenal and Chargie said his most his best sittings Were ones where he felt really restless That the Restless sittings were the ones That had the most profound effect but I've I've learned that you know early on Like I would be meditating in the Morning and I wouldn't feel anything I Wouldn't feel connected and then it time Dragged it would be like an hour hour You know I'd be meditating for an hour In the morning and it seemed like 5

Hours and seemed like it never end I was Restless but if I you know suck it out To the very end I would feel Transmission like even for just a minute At the end and then I'd be feeling good All day like it just you know if I just You know if I just sort of powered Through it and so there was that and you Know going through cleanings going Through difficult phases difficult you Know times in my life or whatever and You know just working the practice and Getting sittings and you know just um Sticking with it you know grinding it Out right and it's had phenomenal Benefits right and that's you know kind Of what's Happening Now with dodgy and Heartfulness I mean not so much for me Anymore but different people you know Now that I'm focused on the gratefulness Stuff but that was a grinded out time Where I wasn't feeling much in the Sittings and you know dodgies was just The more information I found out the Worse it was and the other aspect of This is bobi said once somebody takes Their initial three sittings they're Coming back if it isn't in their next Life it'll be in the life after that That once you get introduced to the System your soul wants this your soul is Making sure it this is something that It's going to pursue in future Existences and you'll be better at it

Right and so that's the other thing That's giv me hope that like if people Came and took three sittings and went Away that they'll be back and that you Know there's at least a connection that Was made you know there was a in an Interview that was done the guy had a Like a Boston accet and he was like a Guy who interviewed psychics and you Know a lot of stuff to do with people Who had died um he had a whole YouTube Channel devoted to like people who died And came back had near-death experiences And things um but it was a spiritual not So much of a morbid or it was like a Spiritual thing and it was funny cuz the Guy had this like heavy Boston ACC it And he brought some guy on who was you Know I guess he was maybe would you Consider part of a new age Community but He was practical he wasn't like you know A typical new new age person and the Interview went around in the mission Because this guy wrote a book that Charge he said you know this is there's A lot of stuff in here that's Correct and the book was about how this Guy Interviewed psychics and mediums and People like that as many as he could Find and the consensus was that you know When you die your soul goes to like you Know for lack of a better word like some Sort of a room an area where it has a

Spiritual support team and you rever you Your life is reviewed for you you know Your life and the things that you you Know on a theic level because you don't Have a mind like we have here it's a Different level of thought process but Your life is reviewed and then the Treatment plan is put into place and you Have a spiritual support team and then You come back down and incarnate again And there's you know some preparation For your next life based on you know What you accomplished or you you didn't Accomplish in your previous existence And you know it's uh like a spiritual Treatment plan and you know this Resonated with all of us and certainly Was echoed in Whispers of the brighter World in charge he endorse this thing It's interesting interview and I don't Know if you guys will ever find it um Like I can't remember the name of the Book but this guy wrote a whole book About this which again was you know a Complimentary book to the Sark system And The Whispers of the brighter world Because it was you know read by chargie And he said that this guy was you know There's also that conversations with God Book where some guy just started asking God questions in charge he said the guy Was in contact with Babaji like Babaji Was answering the guy's questions with The guy you thought was you know God

Because God doesn't have a mind and There's these higher developed Souls That are actually there you know being a You know conduit connecting people to Divinity and you know overseeing the you Know whatever's going on here planet Earth you know and knowing that that There's a soul plan and you know these Things are accidental and you know even Dody's um you know whatever he's done His sham of a Mastery you know there's a Purpose for it there's part of a plan And you know I have to believe that or Otherwise there it's pointless to do What I'm doing but I've been shown over And over again there's a plan and the One thing I got out of doing this series On my other channel the gratefulness Meditation channel is that um you know I Realized and I got some comments from You know negative comments or people Endorsing com dodgy comments or Condemning me comments you know I read These things and whatever um you know And I didn't enjoy doing the series It was a drag but now that it's over I Feel great I did a sitting this morning I'm doing a you know intensive just sort Of clean everything out and just you Know it's different it's funny because I Can make a video here in Journey series But when I make videos here you know There's it's it's somewhat cathartic if I talk about you know dodgy and these

Things it's not for aasis and you know It doesn't seem like there's much Difference in my videos but there is From channel to channel and how I feel About him and who I'm speaking to you Know there's it's just different and you Know I don't really want to connect with Iasis because of their failure to you Know again I don't know what's whether What's failure or not based in um but You know whether they failed or not or They're doing what they're supposed to Be doing it's still a bad look right for Them to say they love charie so much you Know but somebody was so great as Chargie was and the next guy is such a DT I mean it's like such a Fallof you know it's hard to express how Much of a fallof it is and people have Accepted that and accepted the the do You know demeaning the guy who was so Great when they you know they all knew We all there we saw how charie was and The you know epic amount of work that he Produced we can even see in this video The difference between when chargie talk I mean chargie has false teeths in this False teeth in this video and he's two Months away from dying you know this is In October he's going to die in December and you know listen to this I Mean the clarity of his thought I mean The guy's waking up he he said like I Don't know where I am like he's

Disoriented he's you know he's not even Able to like keep it together he's he's Like his Soul's expanding and he's Leaving his body he's still able to Articulate that coherently so much so That two people who um found out about s Mark for me sent me this video like they You know they that they both it was Released a day ago and they were both Impressed by it right um and so that's How great he was but you know you you Have this fall off but what I what I you Know realized doing the series the one Takeaway for me like I said it dragged On and just sort of bummed me out and When I get you know hear these people Talk about how much denial they and Whenever you deal with sheep like Whenever you're in a position where you Know I wasn't trying to wake these People up but it's like that's kind of What's happening you know I mean it's I'm making the videos because I feel Like I have to I know I'm not going to Change these people their minds but you Know I'd rather not know what it's like Like I don't want to talk to them I Don't want to have a relationship with Them I don't want to hear their opinions If they had a YouTube channel or you Know if they were on social media I'd Unfriend them you know if they were Posting things and I wouldn't I'm not Interested in their their worldview or

These things that they're doing right Because you know they're not dealing They're sheep people they're you know Everything we've come to know and love About Sheepel you know everything we've come To know and expect from sheepel I should Say and you know with all of that I I Just realized that the quality of the Aasis is so bad and like we kind of Deserve not kind of we deserve Commish Is the master we deserve you know the The Masters we had before in the system Were blessings and they were more than We deserved and certainly the Sark System is more than we deserved right And so like you can't put this all on Dodgy because you know these people were I mean they're just not very good at Doing this and they they're just you Know whatever it is but like I said the Thing I can take away from this is that I realized early on that you know I was Maybe not living up To um the ideals of the system like I Wasn't able to to go to that that level You know reading about how Boby was and Seeing how charge he was you know I Wasn't going to be like that committed And that you know into it but just keep On going at whatever I'm doing here just Keep on you know chug truing Trucking Along and just you know whatever it is The saying is and you know keep on going

Regardless of whether it's as good as You know the the best people who do the System or you know just keep on going Just keep on moving forward Because I'm playing the long game here It doesn't matter if I make it the Central region this life or even if I Get liberated as long as I'm moving Forward and that you know next life It'll be easier you know next life will Build upon the work that's being done Here and that's really the essence of The Sark teaching right we're creating You know we've created our present in The past and we're creating our future In the present and so our decisions we Make you know I talked about this how You know Tuesday Paul screwed over Thursday Paul or whatever you know I was Cutting my hair and I you know using The I shave I do like a while I shave my Beard a little bit and I cut my hair you I start cutting my hair my wife finishes The process and I I chose not to plug in The Clippers and you know and I that Left me to have to do that work later on Like I was lazy or tired or whatever it Was um but you know I realized that I Was screwing over making more difficult For myself in the future and I thought About decisions I made where you you do This on a daily basis where you you know You're eating foods that um like are bad For you or you know you use drugs or

Alcohol or you do something and you're Screwing over your future version of Yourself right as you age these bad Decisions pile up and it you know they Come back to hurt you and haunt you and This is you know spiritual level Something to think about and so um and So as long as people continue meditating Continue connecting even you know if They can't connect as well through Dodgey but that's all they got or Whatever they're not able to break free Like we were able to do here in Gratefulness you know I mean you have to Have hope in a future existence but Right now it's looks pretty dim like Right now the Abasi suck and dodgy is Horrible like that's the reality and so That's what's happening in the present And you know we all have to deal with That to some extent all of us who do the System practice but the transmission is Still flowing the cleaning still Happening and there's still you know Spiritual opportunity here and um you Know like that's the hope of it but what Like I said I realized is it's not all On dodgy because like this is the master All of us deserve especially you know These people because it didn't matter Who they threw out there they're just so Indoctrinated into the the master Culture you know the whole GBU culture Especially people in India

That they're going to accept anyone Because they can't you know they're Sheeple and hopefully there'll be more Lions in the system you know people who Are sheeple now will be lions in the Future and you know like it just has to Move on from time you know this a this This age this period of time and then Future existences and that you know that Just some kind of forward movement and So playing the long game is like all we Got now like there's no immediate Solution there's no immediate solve Solving of any kind of problem but Playing the long game is essential but Like I said you know getting into Contact making videos that were Targeting aasis and you know or that was The targeted audience and you know just Seeing them there's a lack of comments a Lack of you know there's to there was Again I usually don't check these things Out but I did for I want to see the Ratio between likes and dislikes and There was only 21 dislikes And there was 90 likes and there was a Video that got 2,000 views and I'm like You know pick a side right I mean Just like it's just you know Non-consequential um and so you know I Usually feel good when I make the Journey series like I enjoyed doing These audios but I didn't feel great About the other thing but after it was

Done you know I felt like wow that was Like you know I benefited in some way Spiritually I had a good meditation this Morning and I started doing like I said The the Intensive today just uh you know And I feel good like I feel like Whatever it's um I'm glad it's over with But I think it you know was something That needed to be done like I did my Part it's just out there um and I don't Know what good it's going to do or not But you know there are some people There's a few people who at least one Person who was riding the fence and Struggling because of the idea the Chargy you know again this is some of It's on the the former Masters but you Know I would say the best way to look at It at this point is it just is supposed To happen and so you know I want to Spend less and less time talking about Dody here um and get more into just you Know the gratefulness aspect the Gratefulness meditation aspect of the The thing with the journey seers I'll Cover it you know again in April I'll Cover the bandas if anything big happens I mean the dodgy truther is going to Send me things or whatever but you know I just um At this point it's overkill for me like I don't need to talk about Dodgy and you know and I'm I feel pretty You know good about the the whole thing

Like it's just I have a positive feeling About the all of it you know that's you Know we just have to endure this period Of time and you know whatever's going to Happen next is going to happen and you Know there'll be something in the future For all of us to continue on with That'll be better and people will be Better prepared and you know future Existences and you have people who have You know who've done 30 40 50 years of Sa Mar and that's um you know Substantial work that they've done Sittings and preceptor stuff I want to Do more preceptor stuff here too like That's part of my goal but I'll talk About that in future you know the future U additions of this one so that's it for Today okay so um I wasn't going to add To the journey Series today still Wednesday February 21st I got my regular video out and up On apocalypse now and I'm going to work On the start of my video for tomorrow Whatever for apx the future but I got Some epic comments I got a couple one Comment that was you know a attacking Comment on the gratefulness meditation And then someone sent me a couple of Messages um with their negative Experience longtime abiosis being Grateful for my videos because they you Know the person is um and their family I Guess uh was experiencing these things

Right I released the rest of the videos All five of the remaining videos so that Video all that playlist is complete I'm Going to put those videos on this Playlist because it's part of the Journey series and then you know I just Want to be kind of done with it there'll Be comments coming in for a little bit Of time um you know and then I'll be That then I can move on uh I just don't Want to think about it all that much but You know with all these things it's Often not my choice I personally like I Said I wanted to move on just because of The you know the negativity involved but This person Um writes this to me here this is a Negative comment now this video If DOI Is the guide of global organization of Heartfulness he needs to um I don't That's just explain himself just like Everybody else in that video I talk About how this is my experience in many Of our experiences and people in India You guys have this reverence people in Who you from India you know the Indian Country and culture they have a Reverence for um the elderly you know For elders and certainly for gurus and These types of people they get a certain Pass and they're above reproach and Things but for the rest of the world I Say if he's a Global guide then you know He's going to be scrutinized in America

And Europe and places where he's going To be viewed as a leader of a cult you Know that's what people are going to Assume right that's that's how we view These kind of things in the west so I It's making the point that you know this Is cultural differences as well as my Experience and many people's experience With Dody is a bad one the internet's a Brutal place and he won't face up and Answer these questions and explain his Bad decision and you know I mean so These things videos exist right and so That kind of um there's a boundary there And saying you don't have to watch it Like I said if you don't want to watch It if you see the title you know what It's about you know what these videos Are about so if you watch the video That's on you right if you're a person That is not open to changing your Opinion about dodgy and these things why Are you watching it you're not doing it For me I don't care you know I don't Care if you watch it or not I'm trying To change your mind right and even when I said that like it you know went on From so for some time explaining the Introduction to the playlist this is What the person says a person who says He's practiced meditation under a guide A guide who appointed the current one But the person has opened their own Practice and yet calling the current one

Names who is the appointed by the Predecessor well I didn't open my own Practice what we're doing is sa Mar and We're just connecting directly this Isn't a practice I mean there's you know I'm providing a service from my years of Experience but it's nothing more than That I'm certainly not the guru or Anything you know whatever you guys know Your heart doesn't belong to the Previous one either and is a disservice To him well I didn't cancel his birthday Celebration I didn't say that he that he Wasn't in the brighter world I didn't Tell disparaging stories and talk about His failure that was all dodgy and DOI Has more to be grateful for than anybody I've never said anything negative about Chargie and you know I limited what I Said about dodgy until it became obvious To me that he had fallen that he's not a Real master and whatever that means for Chargie whatever responsibility that is On on chargie and Dody or bobbyy I don't Know like I don't know about that but The the facts are there like this guy's A buffoon you know but I say to the Person like you guys don't have to watch This these videos aren't for you if These are for people who have some Doubts and I you know I'm going to read This message from somebody at least I'll Summarize it because you know I don't Want to reveal anything personal the

Person you know wrote you know somewhat Personal things about their experience With the mission but you know I can read It in whatever way without exposing the Person's identity and they've struggled With the stuff right you to think about How it's possible for the hate to stay In your heart that you have time to make Longer than one and a half hour long Videos to spew lies and vetom what lies Am I spewing like I show you video clips They're not lies I show you the actual Video clips you know the brighter Minds Is a is a scam it's been exposed as a Scam by some of you know some obasi Exposed it amongst you was it was a scam Before Dodge even did it the RSS is you Know already considered whatever it's Considered and the people are lost their Enthusiasm and people don't watch them And then it says Here what you've learned under Reverend Chargie that is not working for you and You have completely pushed your own Spiritual wealth of practice down the Drain and who who are you to you know Why because I've said things that um Bother your your little PE brain that Are over your head that you can't Understand this you know the the the Evidence and the you know whatever is Here um like you're not you're not Qualified to judge what I've done with My spiritual practice or not even the

Milder spiritual practice a person moves Away from such Behavior yet you are Continuing well you're doing this in This Comet right at least I'm honest About it like I'm not say saying that I'm some spiritual giant I'm not saying Any of those things I'm not this isn't About me I know that I'm you know rude And sometimes mean and you know I say Things and I mock people you know that's Not I'm not saying those are spiritual Behaviors I've explained this in my Other videos right I'm not going to Explain it here but you know it's the Internet's a rough place and it's what I Have to do to to deal with you know Fools like this but but you're you're Engaging in this Behavior so you're Bringing yourself down to my Level even with a milder spiritual Practice a person moves away from such Behaviors yet you are continuing a Moment of anger pollutes the heart and Disturbs the mind you've never seen me Anger like this is not me angry right Like if I was angry it'd be a lot worse Like my anger is you know minimal Minimal compared to what it used to be I Very seldom get angry and there's no Hate I don't feel hate at all if it was Hateful hatred hatred for dodgy this Would be a way worse than it is and the Personal things that dod's done to me And then the global things that he's

Done to all of us in terms of wrecking Something so great you know part of me Gives him a pass because I think it's Part of a plan I mean not so much of Pass I don't think this was accidental I Don't think this wasn't going to happen I think it was you know was meant to Happen so you know for that I can't you Know blame him for being a stoe that he Was supposed to be a stoe right I mean You know he's responsible for his own Actions and yet this was supposed to Happen and again I say in you know Somewhere in this playlist that it's the Aasis who don't deserve any better right Because this is a reflection of the you Know me and this preceptor guy who's now A preceptor we used to be friends a guy Who's about around my age one of the few People around my age and he was you know More of an edgy person um than most of The people in the mission and we used to Talk quite often and we were talking About how the system would fall this is Back in 2000 you know not even before That 1990 something 1997 or8 and we Talked about and I know very little I Didn't know a fraction of what I know Now about the mission but we were saying That place the mission would fall apart If there wasn't a good strong living Master like chargie like if chargie Didn't leave a representative the the Mission would fall apart we already knew

About the conflict in drama and I only Knew a little bit like I knew so much More now but it was obvious that you Know it's unfortunate because these are Spiritual people you know these are People with past Lives who have you know Accomplished something and created some You know whatever it is to to be able to Experience the grace that's given in Sark these are some you know some of These people are Heavy Hitters some of The people have past lives as Significant spiritual people famous People and yet you know there's a There's just a a failure here like I Said you know looking at the long game Sure it's great but um you know like I'm Not completely putting this all on dodgy Is what I'm saying says a moment of Anger pollutes the heart and disturbs The mind don't you don't know how you Are able to do every day and yet calling Yourself spiritual I I don't you know I'm on a spiritual path but I'm not Spiritual Paul right there was this guy Um at a treatment center where I used to Work that was named spiritual Bob and he Was a Christian and he had this guy with Glasses spiritual Bob had I think sort Of reddish hair and spiritual Bob was Like really gay or at least very Effeminate maybe he was closeted gay I Don't know and the kids were very mean And rude and triggered by gay people

These were kids who were sexually abused And spiritual Bob would get up there and Sing and the guy other guy would play The guitar and it was a you know it was A Catholic um uh institution that own The treatment center and it was it was a A real treat to watch cuz these kids Were so rude and they would say horrible Things but um you know that was Spiritual Bob I'm not spiritual Paul but Again you know this guy thinks it's you Know like he can I mean you're you have A remedial idea of what's going on here You know the people in SJ Mar they Should have really great reading Abilities even just as an Abasi but Certainly as a preceptor you know I'm Good at reading people and I have this Like sort of talent and I have a Background in you know I'm a counselor And I went through I got a masters in Counseling so I I learned how to do Assessment measures but I've always been Good at that and being a preceptor and Doing SJ Mark have enhanced those Abilities you are able to read Situations and seep through people's the Veneer of their fake persona you know What's called presenting like this Person presented as being narcissistic But then you would see insecurities and Things beneath the narcissism right you Know these people should be able to read Better be able to read somebody and they

Suck at it um you know people um it says Here don't you know you're able to do it Every day don't know how you're able to Do it every day and yet call yourself Spiritual it is said never become part Of someone else's Karma people who are Commenting here on the name of support Should be aware of this time sheets but Spreading hate and defaming other won't Help your spiritual growth in fact is Creating a heavy Karma for You you know this person is obviously Indian have you ever been on the Internet before he's obviously one of These people that goes and argues and You know tells every everyone else What's wrong with them and expects like You know that that he's somehow able to Judge people but criticizing people for Doing the same and he sucks at it like You know it's just one of these people Who sees something on the most Superficial level and didn't understand The video and this is his reaction but There's a second comment here he continu On in a second comment and that's why You don't see comments on heartfulness Videos because people who practice Wholeheartedly and do not bother to Comment comment lot of misspelling ears Here which you call criteria for being Famous and right no I didn't I was Calling that criteria for the amount of Comments per ratio of views and when

There's a live commenting section when Dodg does something live there's lots of Comments right and people love to Comment if you look at other you know Spiritual organizations that don't use Bots I think many of them do but you Look at Indian chat rooms and you know The people who are the the most um uh You know the most participation the People who participate the most on my Facebook feed are Indian people I had a Lot of Indian friends from you know Doing sash Mar and they were the ones to Post the most and comment the most and And things like this I mean it's l a lot Of chatter there and so even if they Just drop emoji and so you make it sound Like that people are too spiritual to Comment and that's not the case at all Right it's that no one's watching his Videos and that's what I was saying I Wasn't saying um because what you call a Criteria of being famous right no that's Not what I said that wasn't what I said At all what I said was if you are buying Bot views you're not going to get Comments on those views unless your Bots Are also commenting and you can tell That kind of stuff um nobody's watching His videos what's the point language Skills grammar High vocabulary is not Criteria of spiritual Evol elevation if this is true then what All the language do you know other than

English and how fluent are you with that I don't even know what that means Right I'm not claiming to be highly Spiritually elevated and I'm not saying That those things are the case and I Certainly don't speak any other language Is if this was true then how come people From the West were going to India Different spiritual Masters who had Little language skills your language you Use are is using to spread hate I think The person is referencing me saying the Difference between a western mind and Eastern heart and that's babaji's Definition he said that people with Western Minds have critical thinking Skills And it's less of a hive mind than you See with people in the Eastern countries You know India specifically that's babag And Char's definition chargie was Brilliant chargie was certainly smarter Than I am and Babaji was you know the Most spiritual person probably ever and So those are you know I'm not Diminishing the the fact that India has Been the centerpiece of the spiritual World I went there and stayed there for Three and a half years 3 years and There's wonderful Indian people saying L People but I'm talking about Indians Don't challenge authority and the rest Of the world does so you can't expect The rest of the world to adhere to your

Culture just because there's a tradition Of spirituality if this was true how Come people come from the West to go to India to do different spiritual Masters Have little language skills you you Language you're using to spread hate Propaganda definitely post hateful stuff And one who tries to become a master Cannot accept the other by separating Yourself you can become an act as a Master charie never spoke ill about Others he never called Dody a liar in Fact he gave Dody full freedom to act You are spreading lies you do not Understand chargie correctly you have Fallen definitely every Gathering you Are creating such hateful videos when All of us are completely drunk in love And peace you have time to create such Videos during celebrations and how have You monetized your Channel because you Don't work and this is your earning Question Mark Um so how long have you been watching my Videos I cover the birthday Gatherings Because dodgy has wreck the mandaras First he did the um first he canceled Them because of covid and he always was Trying to cancel Char's birthday and This doesn't come just from me this is Coming from people from India who are at Their witsend um I'm going to read this Other comment and you know I was told

That he's trying to cut off resources to These other asham again I don't have Proof of this is just what people have Said to me but like the chenai asham I Talk about how they used to serve Breakfast there and people would go eat Breakfast you know go meditate do the Morning Sasson at at whatever it is 7:30 Eat breakfast and go to work and it was A little bit social there and it was Kind of a neat thing and you know they Had cheap food there and it was good um But now he's not allowing them to serve Food that's why I've heard I don't know If someone else can verify that I'm not There but the point is the Gathering Videos Disappear um they don't stay up there Forever especially if he's made gas or Done something and I've been covering Them since he's wrecked the Gatherings And so it's just what I do in terms of The journey series but how long you been Watching these videos and why are you Watching them like what what benefit you Have in these videos right like you know And you've got nothing out of them you Don't agree with it you're not open to The possibility of change I show you Actual information I show you things That he said right and you know I showed You what charie said in 2007 about people who say that you can Progress in one sitting are liars you I

Showed you that clip I mean that's what Him calling dodgy a liar because he said People say that are liars and dodgy said That so that's not me saying that that's Not propaganda whatever anyway so that Was this dope anyways there's one more Kind of nonsensical uh nonsens Nonsensical comment well Paul there's a Person it's emoji with a frown and maybe Somebody Crying well Paul you seem to be totally Confused all your reasoning makes no Sense and he misspelled sense when Indian makes a Mark West has to pull him Down very sad um what do you mean by That do you think I represent the west And I'm pulling dodgy down right Dody Was a guy with seven pharmacies very Successful Multi-millionaire and then chargie died And he now has run that business into The ground but apparently there is a Scam going on with real estate and I um You know I didn't I don't know this for Sure but this is something that was told To me by a few people and I can't prove This I have no access to this and I Don't really want like you know I'm not Working hard at this right it's people Sending me things I don't research this Stuff anymore if somebody sends me Something or sometimes I look at a YouTube video that YouTube recommends But most of the time I just kind of want

To uh move forward with my own thing you Know there's 16 videos in that playlist And I mean who's going to watch a couple Of them are like one's 5 hours and other One's like 4 hours and the rest are like Two hours so we're talking about you Know 40 hours of content and I already Covered here in the journey series I Mean some of it's repetitive and so it's For people who I mean do you need that Much to convince you like there's you Know I know this from my you know my Regular work with the sheepel in the you Dealing with sheel which we all know There's no amount of evidence that you Could um submit to somebody who's Unwilling to look at it with an open Mind and you you guys know that I Believe DOI was the valid successor of Chargie it's been his work and his his Failure that has led me to believe what I believe here and there are things that You can't excuse and then I got this Comment today hi Paul I came across your YouTube channel a couple of days ago and It comes as a relief comes as a great Relief finally my struggles with Heartfulness seem to seem to end Watching you debunk so much this comment Came in right after the other comment And it kind of indicates a lot here Right in terms of what's going on with The actual people have experienced this I have lots to share but I don't know

How to reach you I've been an Abasi Since um when I started so 1993 so 31 Years um I guess 31 years this over 30 Years and this person's been a preceptor For 15 years and has uh from India but Lives in America chargy is Central to my Life and that of my family he blessed my Marriage and my children were named by Him My family and I have been observing and Witnessing you know I just was telling My wife that he named um dody's kids Sahaj and Mark right and I met sahaj and He seemed like a really nice like he Just you know he had a a presence he Seemed like a you know good guy and Whatever um you know back when when Klish was doing great you know was is Being JY successor and he was giving Good talks and you know showed a lot of Promise like as being the next master But he now has this thing called Heartfulness and they're trying to Dismiss the Saar name and so you know he Has that like he's living with that all The time uh my family and I have been Observing and witnessing a lot this Organization and also have been a victim To some vicious attacks if you can throw Some light on the dubious real estate Deals in Kana and the Shady people from North America especially doctors all White men who have been endorsing and Promoting his book by interviewing him I

Personally know of one who is an Extortionist and has been banned by his State to practice as a doctor um so you Know I don't know any of this but it Sounds kind of out outright based on What I've seen I know of aasis who have Invested in real estate and Kaa and are Yet to get their monies back for field Projects there are a lot of skeletons I Just pray that the work and teachings of Belov chargie and bobj are not erased And soon the world would realize the E Efficacy of our great SJ Mark system Thank you once uh thank you brother once Again for this work um and the same Person wrote Under assumed Name uh and it's similar stuff here I'm Going to read it you know it's Repetitive but I'm going to read the Whole thing but there are two comments Basically from the same person so this Is a person who just found my you know The the grateful meditation videos must Be watching them and then found my Pocket you found my uh pockets of future Facebook page and sent me a message and So um the person says High pod came Across your channel yesterday and has Been such a relief in so many ways you Are managing you are managing to debunk The current status of srcm and I thank You for your service I am not against Anyone and hold no grudges I Haven been An obosi for 31 years and stuff with

Preceptor I've been feel feeling Extremely unsettled for a lot of things That are happening I'm from India North America as charge used to say I try to Live with an Eastern heart and Western Mind I already covered that in my you Know video and I talked about that in This comment my life has been touched by Chargie in many ways I got you know Married was blessing kids children were Names this stuff is repetitive every Major decision in our lives has been Taken only after his approval that is How he took care of us lately some Developments that have been shocking for All of us the extreme disregard for our Fellow Aasis the authoritarian behavior of Almost everyone in power and so on there Was actually nothing left certain Behaviors of preceptors made by the Current president may shock you anyways That is not the point I wanted to make It wouldn't shock me because you know Just wanted to let you know that if you Possibly look into the real estate Dealings of Kana I know many aasis have Invested huge money and still waiting to Get their approval for Sato for their Homes Sato Retreats have been Transformed retreat has been transformed Into a Rotel recently there's been Investment that's a real that's a real Crime um sadle is chargie you know had

This thing about the Himalayas and so he just had you know a Desire to go to the Himalayas and the First time I went to an asham was in the Catskill Mountains and there was an American guy him and his family went to India and they went on a trip to Sato I Went on a trip to the Himalayas to look For an Asam with chargie and the guy had These um this um he did a slideshow so I'm I'm two months into the system you Know love it this is like it's just a Great system and this guy is showing This great slid show and they're all Traveling through India you know it's my Kind of thing you know as a little kid I Had um I had a desire to be this guy Marlin Perkins you know some sort of a Naturalist it was Marg Marlin Perkins Mutual of Omaha and I you know I read U My education most mostly mostly came From my desire to know a lot about Different kinds of wild animals and I Would you know I had these encyclopedias At home and I'd go to the library and I Would look up these animals and I'd read All about them like I had the different Favorite animal like every week and you Know in terms of what I did in in my own Personal you know um quest for knowledge That was about animals and you know when I was tested in fourth grade I had like A 12th grade reading level just from Reading those encyclopedias right and I

Wanted to be a naturalist I want to go On adventures and safaris and my dad Promised to take me to Africa and India The the um we had this big attic these Huge closets and there was these two Topographical maps that my family had Somehow gotten I don't even know why They had bought them they were Considered junk maybe they were left at The house when my parents purchased the House house but they were probably about 4T wide and they were you know hard Plastic and there was you know the Typographical means it's it's contoured With mountains and I you know Tigers Were you know one of my favorite animals And I always wanted to go in safari in Africa as well and so I was interested In India and Africa from that standpoint I used to sit on the maps when I was a Kid and just study them right the rivers And the mountains and things and so um You know it was just something that I Was like into right and you know so I Had a fascination with that right like My dad um he was always sick he would Get car sick and boat sick my Grandfather used to take us deep sea Fishing my grandfather was in two world Wars and he was kind of you know my Mom's dad but my dad was you know he Couldn't travel he'd get he'd get car Sick on you know air sick and car sick And boat sick you know and so he and he

Was just overweight there's no way he Was going to take me on a safari my dad Made promises he would never keep right But it was something I always dreamed About and so I saw this adventure you Know I was in this place in um Upstate New York with the CasCal game farm I Went to when I was a kid at this asham Was near there and it's a just great Beautiful part of America so I'm at this Asham and I'm looking at this Slideshow and it says um you know he's Showing the them these pictures of them Going through the countryside in India And there's a mountain that Krishna was Supposedly picked up with his Pinky and They went by that mountain and they Stopped and chargie was giving them Group meditations as they traveled Through rural India up to the Himalayas To look for property and so chargie was Really passionate about that and the First time I went to India I was Supposed to meet chargie in Delhi and Travel with him to the Himalayas this Was like two years later he was still Looking for property but eventually Found this property in satal and Everyone who went there said it was Amazing and really I'm kind of bummed That I never got a chance to go there And they made it into a silent Retreat Where there was very little you know Talking and you were just focusing on

Your spiritual condition and the Atmosphere was just spectacular right And so they had another Retreat Center In um in like San Antonio or somewhere In uh you know near Aus maybe it in Texas somewhere and people went to that There and they said it was phenomenal They sold that and this preceptor Rob Wanted to quit the mission because of That because he was so upset that they Sold that retreat center and now you Know I was told by this guy called the Dodgy truther that uh KES is trying to Minimize the condition he's trying to Keep people from going to chenai because The spiritual condition is better there And also the one in satal and maybe one Other rostom I can't remember which one It is but he's minimizing he's cutting Off resources he's trying to get people Not to go to those places because you Know Old-Timers don't want to go to Kana Because it's too much of a carnival kind Of Hotel Wellness Center and it's not You know this other thing right And so this person saying these these Doctors that he's cultivating Relationships with I saw that one Interview with that one guy um but I Don't know about you know the um these Other people she's talking about but you Know it sounds just about right recently There was an advertisement for homes for Leasing purposes wishing wishing PE

Wishing Kaa purpose leasing purposes Wishing Ka people have signed up for it We're asking to were asked to call off Up up to $80,000 in a short span of time And many withdrew looking at this demand Conor is now becoming a real estate Hub With many of the Inner Circle members Holding the Reigns of those companies You know we saw um somebody else sent me This and saying there just just all this Real estate and things going up there Remember he was partnering with diaper Baba to build some sort of luxury Apartments there for wellness you know All this stuff right and it's you know I Mean everything with dodgy has to be Considered a scam because of the Brighter minds thing the second part is Heartfulness going after doctors in the US if you look at the people who were Invited to interview dodgy for the new Book 90% of them were white doctors from Harvard and Stanford I personally know Of one of them and he doesn't have Anything good to say about heartfulness Or dodgy he is famous for extortion as Lawsuits and cases against him from Medical counsel in the state in his State in the US and really has no clue About anything that is spiritual is Shocking it makes me sad I say this Because my family has been nurtured by Chargie and this Noble and Pious system Assage Marg in our whole soul we have

Become like zombies clueless not knowing What to do shocked and Silent only tears Rolling down in Char's remembrance like I said I have no agenda to defame or go Against anyone but I know that I know That things are absolutely in the wrong Direction and we are helpless do you Know that DOI has withdrawn his status Of president from the board of from the Canadian board I wonder why um I sent This stuff to my wife and I didn't get To read all of this second one and she Asked me about this I saw the Canadian Bor thinga and um you know in every Country uh babaj G um made this these Official or organizations he registered With the government in every country Because he didn't want some Fly by Night Thing that people were going to consider A cult and people in Europe pushed back And Boby gave a brilliant answer because They didn't like organized religion and So one European young man said to bobaji Why do you want this to be an Organization why do you want to you know Um register this as an organization and Bob G said because I don't want Disorganization Right um but each of these countries has Rules and bylaws like in America chargie Had to have a meeting every year and he Would come to America and you know Travel here and that would be at the Official Gathering there would be a you

Know kind of an open Forum where they'd Have a meeting of the you know whatever Right official meeting whatever the Criteria was and if he couldn't come Here they would do it by sometimes Chargie would show up via video or there Was one time he had the official Gathering in India I'm not sure if that Was uh you know I don't know if it had To in America but anyways there's these Rules and and criteria for these Organizations and apparently this Person's saying that Dody is no longer On the Canadian board and says I wonder Why the internet is flooded with people Running study groups YouTube classes on Points yatra different types of Cleansing and so on it's so cringe I am Looking for the VI for the video and We'll send it to you if you find it if In the video Dody talks about the n Disase disease where in the 18th century Or so nuns are serving during wartime Were found to develop breast cancer Dody Blly mentioned in the video that reason Behind this was because the nuns were Suppressing their sexual Desires um well that's kind of creepy And I I and many others were shocked Angry and extremely saddened to hear Such Stereotyping when I Googled it it listed Many reasons for that syndrome but it Never brought this up brought his point

Up in another speech he talks low about People who are worship the Shaving I don't I don't want to get into The details but it was another totally Cringeworthy statement this must stop But I don't know how it would happen the Few men around him are evil person Personified and they control pretty much Everything sadly most are from this Continent thank you Paul for your Service and Char yes as Char's disciple And having been in sjar for most part of My life I think it's our duty in some Way to bring back the beautiful system And restore its efficacy I'm yet to Watch all of your videos I want to throw Some light on the vestibules dodgy Brought in the point c and d and so on I Realized from your video that the golden Liquid technique is a sure bogus Technique what about the Vegetables chargie never spoke of this Um I'm not sure what the vegetables are You know I'm not aware as as much stuff I don't see everything Dody puts out but That's all um you know very disturbing All right so I've done a lot of content Today I don't want to overtax my voice So I'll probably comment on this more Tomorrow um a lot of stuff there right Again stuff I can't prove personally I Mean and and I don't want to like I'm Just you know I mean at this point it's All believable because I I these guys

Are capable of all kinds of horrible Things I mean the the people running the System chargie has said they have the Worst character qualities these were the People that were around Char's Inner Circle that have taken a strangle hold To the mission you know with Dody and They're running it into the ground and Turning into something completely Different than it actually is and you Know they don't realize it's failing Like you there's a thing that attracts You to um you know there's a comment Here let me find this one comment here Are two comments I want to read um from The that there U there's one here I was Open to this method of teaching after Hearing about from Paul I tried to Contact a local preceptor is it but no Luck and then Dody was such a turnoff I Could cease right through him but seeing Charie here I understand what you were Attracted to him in his teaching he is Obviously everything dodgy isn't is not It it is not something I can explain It's just there peace Brother you know a Lot of people couldn't find preceptors There was one Young woman she was like From Australia but she was staying in America and she tried to find a Preceptor and they gave us s preceptor That she was like going to school and You know they gave her preceptor those Two states away you know big States like

Midwestern states in a place that had a Big city it was like Chicago or Something that had plenty of preceptors And she couldn't get a preceptor this Other people I had a number of people Who used the app and they couldn't find A preceptor and you know I'm kind of Glad that they didn't now with Everything that's happened I guess you Know the way that this system's being Run um there was this other comment this Was from an Abasi who found my videos And left some other comments we can all Disagree with Paul and his ideas but There's no point in trying to demean or Put him down through your comments he Has all the right to express himself and Lay out his thoughts if you don't agree Then just don't watch his videos in fact I don't agree with everything he says But when I really sit down and think About certain topics he mentions It all makes sense and I find certain Points he makes very valid at times I Find certain details that I have Overlooked completely but when he Dissects things deeply I feel so foolish For not having noticed them myself even When they were so evident and that's Really sad since it's a fact he's Pointed out it makes perfect sense if You don't like the content then just Refrain from watching the videos but Frankly just sit down and think about so

Many points he makes especially one About throwing charges under the bus Doesn't make doesn't that make your Heart cry out loud if you really love Charie and how he's being sidelined Nowadays this is one thing that just Thinking about it makes me weep Profusely um and right below that eat More pills cish the person spells the Name Wrong um you know it's either true or It's not like I say this about Everything everything that I cover Something's either true or it's not And if it's true here's another person Here if I may share my first red flag With dodgy I was watching the YouTube Video when they came to Washington for Some sort of conference I remember Vividly two Indian women promoting the Brighter mind scam and guil tripping Parents and their children yeah I showed That and the woman was saying do you Love your children like that was how she Presented it right do you love your Children then you should do this thing I Was disgusted and squished my face with Disbelief at the moment moment the Camera turned over to dodgy he had the Biggest smile on his face with a look of Content and contentment and app approval Of this terrible thing he then realized The camera was on him and he immedately Switched his face to his usually blank

Expression showing how ingenuine and False he is I don't forget the Disappoint I felt and the respect I had For Paul for speaking out about this it Reaffirmed the trust and respect I had For him um again you know like I I'm okay you know whatever it is but This is a slam dunk like I cover things That are less you know are less easy to Prove or less easy they're less obvious You know dodgy has made this completely Obvious and he didn't have to they're so Arrogant right these guys are so CL and They're so oblivious to what other People see and and believe and they Don't believe in the Saar teachings and So you know they trampled on these Things back when I experienced this with The un thing when um you know they Joined the UN which I discussed earlier In this video but the only reason to be Upset about it if if it if it was was True right because if it wasn't true You'd be like you know there's always Going to be critics chargie had haters You know Boby had haters there's all That stuff everyone has haters right Every public figure has people Disgruntled people whatever and you Could easily dismiss it you could Dismiss somebody like me right but it Isn't just me because almost all the Information I'm showing you is sent to Me by other people people it was brought

To my attention by other people like I Had no way of accessing this information And so people who are aasis are freaked Out by this and you know just this is Some of them I just read comments new People are showing up and a lot of People see what I see there's you know How can you not and so you know it's Just going to keep on going and these Guys who are running the mission they're So self-destructive like they don't know How like big losers they are and they Could have done this with anything else These are Rich millionaire businessmen They didn't have to bring this thing Down they were all wealthy based in Chargie propping them up chargie said to These clowns bobaji gave you better jobs Than you deserve your wealth comes from Bobaji your wealth comes from your Association with me he didn't you know Say that but when chargie was alive all These people flourished and then they're Taking what he built and they're going To ruin it after sitting by his feet in His cottage for years and pretending to Be disciples right I mean you know like I Mean you're the scum of the earth right You could have taken anything down There's so much corruption out there There's so many ways to make money There's so many ways to run your scams And you had to bring it here you had to

Bring it into Saj Mark I mean it's you Know it's shameful Behavior yeah I'm not A shame person I don't say shame on you These things I don't like this you know I don't care I know people suck I've Seen the degradation you know I worked In as a counselor with sex offenders Right you know people the the bottom of The barrel and so and I've seen this I I Cover this stuff on a daily basis on my Regular videos the degradation and the The scumbaggery and the skull duggery And all the the low-level behavior that People exhibit you know I've seen it you Know it sucks but I'm aware of it right It's a Cess pool but you didn't have to Bring it here you didn't have to Contaminate sa Mark maybe this is part Of a plan like I said you know there's Nothing I can do about but you've Wrecked the mission you've wck something That many of us believe in and you know We're not cool with it right you might Think you've gotten away with it but you Know I mean you're talking about Karma Right talking about some scaras you know This is um you ain't escaping this like Whatever you might have been you know There's um Souls that come down to be The enemy of the master but in the Brighter World they are work together Krishna had you know one guy who it was A a soul associated with Vishnu you know The the cosmic functionary of God or

Preservation and this um this Soul uh Vishnu said you can come down 10 times As my friend or three times as my enemy And the Soul didn't want to come to Earth at all so he said all right I'll Come down three times at your enemy so In the marata he was shishu Paul and he Was killed it was his third life and Chishu paa was the son of somebody who Loved Krishna his mom loved Krishna but He hated Krishna he was always insulting Krishna and um and Krishna said I'll Bear a hundred of your insults you can Insult me 100 times and that's it and he Was on 97 and he showed up at like this Hall you know where the pivas you know The the good guys were and shishu Paul Starts in on Krishna Krishna looks at Him go today is your day shishu Paul and Shishu Paul goes and gives him three More insults and and four more insults And he breaks the hundred you know he Gives him the 100 and goes to the 100 First And Krishna takes out his disc he had This disc he had like some kind of a you Know this powerful object and he cuts Off his head and he was liberated right The soul was liberated because he was You know a friend of ISU an enemy of Krishna but a friend of vishu and every Every person that Krishna kills gets Liberated um you know there's a funny Time where I was in I think America in

Charge he was giving a talk in a fly was Buzzing around him and he said this Fellow wants Liberation you know like if Char you kill him he would get liberated Right but anyways you know there's that Like so I don't know what these guys are You it's all it's all above my pay grade To that extent but I can say that for You know what we see they've wrecked What was what was great what was a great Mission Le led by a great man is now Just a cesspool and an embarrassing you Know incompetent run bungling idiots Right you know anyways I got to wrap This up I'll continue on the next couple Of days okay so um this is the video I Made this morning that's up on my other Channel this is entitled um let me get The correct title here this is entitled Uh trying to find where I'm uploading Here why commish's lies have brought Down brought everyone down with them um Again you know this the links are in the Description box for people want to check Out that channel and if you've already Seen the video when it returns to the Picture of the Osprey so the the video Features um a picture of Bryce Canyon That's Bryce Canyon Bryce Canyon you Know if I ever go back to Utah area Arizona and my family and I um and my Wife when we were just first meeting she Traveled out there and we um we went to All these different places and there's

Wonderful places the number one place For me would be Bryce that was probably My favorite place out of all of them and They love and they're all wonderful you Know better than Zion we live close to Zion Canyon Zion was cool Grand Canyon Of course is great it's the Grand Canyon But Bryce is my favorite but anyways You'll see the picture of Bryce Canyon Will become this picture of the Osprey And that's how you'll know that um that Video is over so here it Is greetings brothers and sisters so This is um a standalone video on the Exposing the Heartfulness cult uh dodgy whatever it Is hoax Channel this channel here exposing the Heartfulness cult dodgy Scam um this is a channel where I have a Lot of stuff that is basically Journey Series Stuff and one of the people watched my Videos who I believe is an Abasi Uh sent me this video left the link for This video and it is called reverend Charges VOR D 2007 Tour um and it's from the Sark YouTube Channel that puts up these videos and That person who's running the channel is Aware of dodgy being a liar and a Scammer and so um let me switch over to My voice over here so this is a video

From 20 7 and he uses the term wake up Over and over Again and he starts off by saying this Is of talk about what you um shouldn't Do or what you're doing that you Shouldn't be doing or what you're what You what you're not doing that you Should be doing and it's to people in The garat state which is where commishes From and this is when um AJ the guy who Was dominated first was still the um is Being prepared as chargie successor and He's there with chargie and you can see Him in the in the video and at some Point he mentions Kesp which is Dody Commish and he says That all these buildings all these uh Ashs that comish by his building here Will be nothing more than Memorials if long as you guys uh don't Wake Up and so uh that's at that area right Here the Um the Um 10minute uh Mark it's uh you know About 9 something in to the video like It's the beginning of the talk it shows Him touring the area up to that the First 10 Minutes And um Kish by was what we were Instructed to call Commish when he was Nominated as um the successor to charie Like he just had to be something else

Right because I'm not sure where the Term ly came from but Babaji was a a Clerk or a Baboo so that was his job a Baboo B A Buu and they added the G Chari Is partar Roger Goari and so that is not a great name to Add the G to right but he was Effectually known as Char to his family And friends so everyone called him Char and um well maybe I don't know Maybe not his family because they all Were named that I don't know but that Was his nickname Char and so they um Just added the G the G is a term of like It's an elder thing you know whatever Like chargie once joked to me and he Called me Romano G you know just as a a Goof um I don't know what it was um but That's how I took it and uh commes G Doesn't really work it could I guess it Could would work I don't know but at Some point Dody just started to call Himself dodgy he said don't call me Master call me Dodgy um you know I don't know no now They're calling him master and he kind Of likes I don't know what's going on With him this his name but we we were Told to call him Commish by and I Thought that started in 2011 but chargie Calls him Commish by here and apparent Apparently Kish was you know Kish made a Lot of money so they must have been Building some like asham like buildings

There in Gujarati commish's home state and he Used this the term wake up now the wake Up term the only other time I heard it Used in the Sark tradition was the day Uh it was uh September 9th 2001 and he Was at Babaji was addressing the events That happened in New York City and he Said wake up if you're not already Awakened and so that was to me the Beginning of the truth Movement um that's you know that's when The truth movement started the you know The truther stuff but he says wake up Numerous times in This uh video which I found very Interesting and the video is all about How people there in gu Gera are obsessed With making money now when I first was Mentioning this in the journey Series Um there was a woman who showed up and She really hated Kish and part of it was this cast and I Didn't feel so comfortable with That um you Know because in India there are certain Casts that are Considered potential gurus potential Spiritual people and of course Brahman Is where chargie was like chargie Brought in the most people just by being Brahman and just having his you know of Course he was great at all he did but

You know the fact that there were so Many people in Southern India you know The brahin are often teachers Professors gurus uh doctors you know There's a lot of they're usually Educated you know I met this uh there Was this family there was these two they Were a little bit older than my kids um But really neat kids really neat people And um there was a sister and a brother The sister was older than the brother And the dad was became known as toad 2 That I you know was referenced to some Of my earlier Journey series videos and Toou is now part of the the force by Heartfulness we went to stay with toou And he was a real jerk he kept on Wanting us to come to his House um and then when the flood Happened we were in his area so I you Know found way to contact him and he Invited us over to his house he had a Nice house cuz he was a professor at This um you know this University that Was uh you know for um it was about Trees you know I don't know exactly the The title of the University but it was About uh you know nature and things like This um where they studied whatever the Study of trees is and you know don't Tell me don't care don't need to know I Could look it up and it's probably a Different word in India anyway that they Were using

Um but he um turned out to be a horrible Host and you know my kids were suffering Were sick and we were just coming back From the flood and we went back to the Asham that there was there in Bangalore But his kids were neat and his one son Um was you know I was talking to his son Son was funny like he was just one of Those kids who was just you know he was Naturally funny and he said that his dad Wanted him to do sash Mar and he said he Wasn't ready and he said well until you Do it you're not my son he goes so for Six for 6 months I wasn't his son I'm Like your dad sounds like a real jerk And he was and um the kid was saying That he um was having to lie about being A Brahman like he was going overseas to Study um you know something or other you Know for his a master's degree or Something but he was in this program and He had to lie about being Brahman Because their um system of you know what Do they call that system uh in America It's called affirmative Action um but in India you know in America that's to give you know black People an advantage because culturally And systemically they have a Disadvantage which I agree with I don't Know if affirmative action works though And in India it's to do with the cast System and to be a Brahman and you know The way that they had G the

System uh he said he had to score almost Like a perfect score in a test compared To other people who are in another casts So we have to lie about his Cast even though being a Brahman is a Good you know so whatever so they have All these advantages or they're seen as Having just by based on you know how They're raised to be academics and gurus And things like that Northern India you Know Babaji was in a warrior Cast shahanur is in a you know State Kind of near Delhi at the border where There's a lot of there was a lot of Muslim people there and a lot of Warriors because there was Invaders from The north right all these Various um like you know genas Kong and These Raiders and these you know till The Hun these kind of people would come In from the north and so they developed A like a warrior cast up there bobi was Part of that cast and his cast was not Considered a place a cast where gurus Came from and ly I think was part of the Same cast they were in a neighboring Village and so Loi and bagy there was Some spirituality there and there was Some Sufi Saints Sufi Sufism is a part Of the um like the Muslim tradition but It's the spiritual aspect of it and That's there's transmission that's given In the Sark system that's from from Sufism like that's you know there's it's

Also exists in ancient Hinduism but Sufism you know all religions are are Based in Hinduism like that's where the Soul was discovered and so there was a Time where India dominated the world and And there was a you know religion or Whatever you want to call what they were Doing and the people all around that Area um and Beyond did that stuff did the you know Some kind of form of Hinduism and then The these other religions came from that And it's the again it's where the soul Was discovered the first idea of a soul And so that's why a lot of those Countries in the East believe in Reincarnation and things like that like The um a lot of the things like martial Arts there was this villain named Raven Who was um he kidnapped Rama's wife Rama Was an incarnation of Vishnu you know he Was the Same Soul as uh Krishna and Rama had they had had this War in what's now Sri Lanka and uh we were told by this guy Who did uh like a form of Acupuncture that this all came roben of Invented acupuncture and invented Martial Arts you know for you know 100 thousand Years ago even though he was a Villain Like considered a villain in the book he Was an innovator and he had invented These things right um so that was

Interesting and so a lot of these things Came from ancient India that we do now Inventions and things back when India Was the like sort of the center of the World in the sense of the you know I Want to say dominant because it was not As like as much as militaristic as Sophistication you know but now India is Just a pit uh but so those names that They got you know babaj G Lai Chari you Know these were um in the region that They're from but Dody comes from a Region where they all make money right There was a his last name is Patel and There's a a saying motel hotel Patel and So they're known as being you know um Business oriented and you know Money-making people like they're very Money-making you know they're I mean you Could say that they're the the you know The blank you know if you're thinking About people are known for being moneyed People the blank of you know Indians Right India has that kind of you know Some of the Indians have that kind of Sort of uh you know stereotypical for Know other people who are known stere Stereotypically for making money right And um chargie sets in on him like People and he says you're never going to Be spiritual as long as you're so Focused on making money you're not going To be able to do this because you're Obsessed with money and making money and

You know you can't I mean and charie was A rich person surrounded by rich people That he you know help helped prop up in Their businesses and the mission needed Money so he was not anti-money and he Was not anti- Material success but there Were times he told people there's one Guy who was who owned a hotel and I Don't know what region that guy came but He was always friends with commes so I Think they might have been from the same Region him and KES uh had you know gone On trips together to Africa and this guy Was a secretary of the mission and he Did a lot of good work a lot of good Work financially To set up asham and things and he once Um charie once said to him stop making Money like just stop you you made enough This guy I went to his house he had one Of those mcmansions in a cue saac one of Those big giant me million dollar houses And you know he had done financially Well in charge he said just stop making Money and just you know focus on being Spiritual and the guy didn't listen and He went to expand his Hotel and thing burned down you know or Whatever it was um I don't know the Exact you know details of the story but This woman um who wrote comments was Very disparaging of these people in Gujarati and said that they're just Known for being just scumbags and

Whatever now there is a family you know The first kid who did the brighter mind Scam we were friends with their um Mom And Dad and I liked the dad um we talked You know occasionally I had bought some The dad used to sell like chairs and Stuff like uh folding Chairs um that people would use to sit Like you know like a he had ran a Business outside the asham that you know Helped people with stuff for the asham But there was another guy an English guy A guy who um he seemed to be a little Bit sleazy but he was the kind of guy You would go to like he gave he was um They have these things called dongles Where you get a where you you get a you Know it plugs into your computer was USB Drive and it would connect to the Internet and he had all kinds of things Like that like you know he charged a Higher rate like we eventually found at Better prices but this was an English Guy living in India and he was a little Bit kind of you know grow I don't know Like how to put it but he was um you Know kind of sleazy a little bit he had Been there for a number of years he Eventually got kicked out India when Everyone was getting kicked out um but He had uh you know he had one of the These flats and Garden Of Hearts chargie Built these buildings you know this um Uh these um apartment buildings in

Garden of Hearts back in the I would say Early 90s maybe or when I started they Were there I think they had just been Built 93 it was an apartment building called Garden Hearts it was right across from The aam and a lot of westerners bought Apartments there they were like 10 grand Something they're worth probably 200 now Or more um so they they really Appreciate it uh because the there was All these you know there was nothing There when chargie built the ashh but Now there's all these call centers and It's a very kind of wealthy affluent Area and when charie built it was Nothing but a a flood plane that people Said you why you why are you buying this Land you know it did Flood out so there Was that but you know it increased in Value became a very valuable area um So um this guy and this other guy this Indian guy who was um from Gujarati you Know his son was the first brighter mind Person the son that introduced doi to The midbrain activation Schem and they hated each other because They were in business like they did a Eyeglass business together and there was Some kind of Dispute and you know I once in a while Talk to the English guy but I was kind Of friends with the Indian guy but you Know they both were like accusing each

Other of doing like bad business right Um and so there was that and there was a Crazy guy and the Gujarati guy took care Of this crazy guy from Canada the guy Who really hated dodging and the crazy Guy had married an Indian woman who died Um and he never lived with her like it Was weird marriage he was crazy like I Saw the guy in American gathering in Atlanta and I was walking it was a day Out it was charie had just left and Everyone was gone and we I was there I Was there an extra day to help uh like Take down some of the tents and stuff Like that the Asam and the and the Energy of the Gathering wasn't as good As it was and you know you could feel The you know the Gathering had been such A like the energy that chargy brought Asam itself had good energy on its own But the energy that charg you brought And and then and then the Gathering it Was it was just you know I wouldn't say It felt sad but it wasn't as good as it Was and I was walking To where the big meditation tent is like There's the ash from there Molina has Just a a like a mountain toop you know It's the top of a hill it's like 400 Feet uh and it um at the top of it they Had built the the Master's quarters in a Dining area and then there was a flat Area they put up a tent that we would go And meditate in and um this guy's

Walking back and he just crumbled and Started to cry like just as I walked by Him like way like I was supposed to Interact and I didn't know and I was Like well that's and he was just it's Just too much and he started saying Stuff and I'm like I didn't know what to Do um so like years later he was living As an inmate he was the only like white Person that lived as an inmate only European American type you know person That lived as any anybody who wasn't Indian I think he was the only Non-indian that lived as an inmate so You let him live at the asham because I Think he was crazy and he had this rock Garden he was just remake the rock Garden over and over again like he would It was nice what he did but he was Constantly working on and that was his Contribution then he lived at the asham And I had a number of conversations with Him and he said you know what happens When what happens to all the stuff that We clean out you know we do a cleaning The half hour cleaning and you do your Cleaning every night and then of course The cleaning at sittings and he said Um at the asham in his room every Morning there was this like stuff like Dust on the floor it wasn't dust it was Something he couldn't figure out what it Was and he said like I don't know if There's this stuff is anywhere else and

I think it's the the material uh the Material uh you know when the cleaning Stuff happens you know charg you didn't Say what he did with the stuff that Cleaned out of you you know they it's Used for something right but this guy You thought it was the stuff that you he Had some interesting theories but he was Definitely crazy like you know and one Day he just sat in on Commish we're Sitting at the cafe and he was like oh My God the commish is horrible I don't Know why he's and I was like oh this Sucks you know I was he was loud Everyone was hearing him and I was sit At the table with him um but he turned Out to be right and so this guy married An Indian woman and they had a house she Had some kind of house that was given to Her by family and he had the house but He didn't want to live at the house he Want to live the asham and so he rented It and this guy from Gujarati was you Know in charge of it and he kind of was Telling me about the arrangement and it Was definitely good for him because this Guy just wanted the Canadian guy just Wanted so much money like not you that It was a minimal amount of money from it From the rent and the other guy just Would run it for him and took the rest Of the money and he was doing pretty Well but this guy also took care of this Guy and he eventually helped him get

Citizenship and he told me the the uh The gu body guy was um telling me about How he was being Interviewed for citizenship and he was Like his thing was being a spiritual Seeker and the guy just delivered he was Being interviewed by this you know Bureaucrat and to become a citizen and You know CU he had married an Indian Woman he had you know he had been in India for a while and he had some of the Criteria and he just you know came Through like cuz he had his moments Where he was just crazy but he came Through the guy said I couldn't believe He's you know he was giving such uh Lucid answers to the woman right like he Had these moments and it was all cuz you Know he was the one person that sort of Survived I I don't know what happened to The guy um but you know so this guy was Running his and he would usually rent Rent the the house to Russian people Would pay a lot of money and he was Making money so they were money- making People but you know there were some this Family had some level of you know I I Like the guy I mean I thought he was a Good guy but you know there was was a You know there was a money-making aspect To it um the mom left so but the kid was Very much a sort of um you know the kid That went and did the brighter mind did The midbrain activation scam and he's a

Kid that showed it to dodgy like the kid Showed him he was reading with his feet With a blindfold and Dody was Impressed and you know he believed it at That point I think I you know either he Saw it as a scam or whatever But so Char's talking to these people He's saying wake up wake up over and Over again stop you know being slaves to Money power he didn't use the term money Power but that's what you know that in Terms of the Babaji Whispers that's what Chargie was saying it interesting Listening to it because there have been You know some I mean disparaging of the Gujarati people and you know I was Thinking about this like klish is a liar And he is known as being a liar And so back you know I've told this Story before but you know when I was Trying to figure out whether I could Bring my kids to kish's birthday because He made this stupid rule about no kids And it was just my one son like the Other three were old enough they were Aasis and so you know it was a rule that Would later disappear was a stupid Rule And it put me and other people through a Lot of stress I mean me particularly Probably me more than anybody else Because other people just kind of try to Disobey the rule or they dump their kid Off at the other asham and they didn't You know I mean they didn't care they

Just went to the Gathering did what they Were going to do anyway but I was like You know I always wanted to follow the Rules and so it put me through a lot of Unnecessary stress of course I was Kicked out of the Gathering but I went To this um German woman for a sitting Her husband and her were both doctors Really nice didn't know the husband that Well but he just seemed really nice and The kids seemed like good kids they had Kids that hung out with my kids and I Was asking her what she was going to do And she saidwell you know we were Sitting there a bunch of us and Kish was Telling us how he um you know when he Um was supposed to go to the Gatherings He would stay back and watch his kids And let his wife go to the big bondus The big gatherings but she said all of Us were talking afterwards and we all Saw him at the Gatherings we all saw him With chargie and they never saw his wife Right and she was saying he's a liar Like this is him as master And the people there these are all Senior preceptors people who this is a Big deal to they were living in India And sending their kids to the ly Memorial Omega school that charie had Buil and it was this was an important Thing this woman hated her country Germany she said like I go back and They're like all robots there and she'd

Been living in you know India now for a While with her family and so um he was Known as a liar then like he you know he Had said things and you know believing His own lies right and there was an Expectation that you wouldn't call him Out on his lies because he was the the The master that to be but you can't have A master that lies I mean you can't have You just you can't like you can't lie And be a guru right and so there's a Comon exchange and I put a comment I Read it in uh one of these you know Videos I think that's now deleted but I Don't know some of them don't have any Content in it so I got to go through all Those videos and post them here uh you Know the post them here for the list but Also this this video is also going to be Like I said part of the journey series Number 140 but there's an exchange on The Sark channel to a video I posted and So people watch my videos ended up Commenting there and there was an Exchange and then I talked to you know And the guy who runs a s Mark Chanel was Basically saying that they're like Charge's birthday getting cancelled he Didn't say that specifically but he said That you know uh and he didn't use Dody's name but he was saying you know We all knew what he was saying that Dodgy goes in and just says he's getting A Whispers message but there's no

Validation of the message right there's No way to say that oh my God this is a Real message there's no message and no You know like I said before for years he Went and bothered Madame Aly to be his Uh to talk to Bobby G for him but now All of a sudden he's talking to Bobby G Himself right like it seems really Suspect if he was a medium he would have Been able to talk to bobi the whole time Especially especially since he said that The Divine hierarchy Babaji particularly Was preparing him without Chari knowing In secret you know that epic talk that He gave when he was supposed to be Announcing Char's final resting place he Was talking about how bad charie was and How great he was and so why weren't you Channeling then how did you know you Were being worked on by babaj if you Weren't behind Char's back like what Like what you know and the whole thing Is he just lies right and when you lie About things like that and he lied to me About things you know the you know he Faked readed my condition and there was Other stories there was that story that I told you about these two senior Preceptors one of them is the guy that Chargie said I think one of them was the Guy charie said stop making money and They came to him and said oh we're so Gross can you give us a Cleaning and they um they had just seen

Charging so they weren't gross they were Clean you know they had come back from India but he gave him a sitting and they Said did were we gross afterwards and he Said you know they were screwing with Him cuz he's so um like anal about his Spiritual condition like he would say oh When you give me a sitting don't touch This point and don't touch this Center And be careful about this and you know He was kind of goofy about the points And they didn't like it like there was He was a part of this Inner Circle and This is something they didn't like about Him and so they were screwing with them And they said they are gross when they Weren't and they said you know did you Give a cting when he was giving saying You said we were gross he goes oh you Guys are so gross but I cleaned you they Said no we weren't we me from charge he Said oh yeah I didn't read you and so That he didn't do the reading so he just Made it up um which you know the whole Story's effed up but that story was told To me by my brother you know before he Was Commish was nominated like there was This element of you know there's this Jealousy and you know sort of all these People who are around chargie they all Had like their little attitudes about Each other right uh but Kish is known as A liar he told lies multiple people had Said that to me and some way and that's

How he was known as a person so as Master he's going to have to get rid of That you can't be a liar like you got to Be somebody who's trustworthy right you Know chargie Um would like bait People like he told he told this guy was A doctor alpath medicine sucks and You're a fraud and but he he was Provoking the guy he was an arrogant Doctor this doctor told this story he Was provoking him to uh get cleaned out Right so there's things like that but Telling out and out lies to embellish or To brag you know you just really can't Do and you know even small ones like you Know because people aren't going to Trust you like everybody lies and that's Understandable but when people lie you Know in a way to get an advantage or They take advantage of people or they Take Vantage of their position and their Power or they do something like like say Kish saying you guys should stay home With your kids because I used to stay Home with my kids and I became master And then everyone said no you didn't Stay home with your kids you're lying About that like that's bad because he's Making an arbitrary rule that he end to Reverse because a stupid Rule and he Lies about it and so you know and I knew About like he was somebody who was you Couldn't trust him to tell you the truth

Right which is hard to trust you know Trust is built on people being able to You know be trustworthy in terms of Their their uh whether they tell the Truth and I think he kind of believed he Stayed at home and like he would tell These lies and it wasn't based in fact And then he would think of he would Believe his own lies like that's how I Felt about it like he if you confronted With him like he would not know what to Do because he kind of believed the stuff But if you showed him evidence like I'm Doing here right and so he's known as a Liar and you know I made this video um That's now deleted but there's a old Talk of charie that somebody sent me From this you know Sark Channel and in The talk Chari says that he um you know He says that anybody who tells you that You can progress you know in like a a Sitting you go from I mean any spiritual Signific ific spiritual progress never Mind from point 1 to 13 is a liar if you Believe him you're gullible and then DOI Came out and said this very same thing So you know chargie was calling him a Liar and even in this other video he's There in this area talking about give up Their obsession with Moneymaking uh and then all of its Status probably and know you know wake Up is what he said you know you guys got To wake up which is interesting because

I never heard him say that before Anybody that he was telling people to Wake up and he said it like probably at Least three or four times in the talk he Kept on saying wake up and so and this Is he mentioned Commish by Commish by Name but comish by by name and um you Know his it was his area and then this Was before commas was nominated this was In 2007 remember in 2011 is when he was Nominated as his successor so there's All that right but you know then klish Told this story going back to a charge He said about somebody saying you're Going from1 To3 commas told this story where he said These women were you know he told one Story in the interview and it was uh you Know quite a many you know difference Between them drinking tea and coffee the Difference between him being in a car or Being in his office the difference Between them experiencing several jerks And he didn't come out and say they were In the central region he just said you Know whatever it was they had you know They had this moment of Grace in his Book but in his interview he said they Went from 0.1 to3 in a fraction of a Second and I showed you the the clip of Dodgy in the interview and I showed all These other things right it's possible I Can upload that video because I don't Know that has anything in it from

Heartfulness and then uh the stuff from His book that you know so he told one Story of the book one story of the Interview and so he's just you know That's lying like he's lying about this And nobody really I mean I was was sent This where the dodgy truther a guy you Know was part of this group and they Share this information they're all Coming up with things where dodgy is Saying things that they don't believe or You know whatever that are you know There they're things that he shouldn't Be doing as master and there's a bunch Of people in India thousands of them That are feeling this way and they're Talking about it right even though They're being suppressed by the Organization itself they're talking About amongst themselves and none of Those people believed you know I told my Wife about it who you know is relatively New to doing the practice she was like Oh that's ridiculous like you know no One would believe that you could go to 1 To 13 in a fraction of a second it's Stupid it's a like just another way he's Just bragging to being stupid and he's Really when he's in the interview he's So proud about it like you know and it's Just like you know you're lying like do You know you're lying you know you're Lying and we can see through your lies And so when he's told about the brighter

Mind scam back when it was the midbrain App uh the midbrain uh activation and I Just copied the you know the most recent Um it had this kid now as a grown man The kid who told him about him and they Were presenting for this woman who was In charge of the British Commonwealth And the guy from a um from a uh Transcendental Meditation Tony nater and This other guy some Indian actor and Model that were there and they were Doing this big thing for Swami Vivid Kanda's you know anniversary birth thing And they brought in these kids to The Brighter mind scam and the kids kept on Talking about how you could only be Between ages five and 15 and the reason for that is that when You're 15 16 years old when you get Older than 15 they they say it's because Your brain you know matures and you You're into puberty but lots of kids go Into puberty now at 10 11 years old and So it has nothing to do with that your Brain does change but not in a way and The kids talking about it like you know They're explaining it to the audience And he's saying your left brain and your Right brain but it's the hemispheres and They do these finger exercises that are Supposed to balance the hemispheres and There's lots of things out there that Can help coordinate your hemispheres of Your brain those are real things but

Those things are just goofy exercises That you know they do something they Don't let you smell colors right but the Reason that they limit it to 15year olds Because and it's a little bit iffy you Know for the teenagers the younger kids Will do it and they'll just believe that They're doing it even though they know They're seeing through the blindfold Like they won't make that connection That they're actually lying and maybe Later when they get older they'll Realize it right um and they should and They should start feeling guilty about It or you know have some you know Feeling like a fraud and I don't know These you know whatever happens with These kids but you know when you get Older you you're like well I'm looking Through the blindfold I can't do I can't Smell the colors it's not working right So they can't do it with adults because Adults would call BS on it right but you Know it's this is why the scam worked And that's how it worked the midbrain Activation scam worked before they Presented it to dodgy this kid did so The kid went and faked like he read with His feet and he comes from this region This Gujarati region and you know There's just this you know the Scumbaggery that's associated with it Right um you know money-making people And Dody either see knows it's a fraud

But sees it something that he can make Money on right away or he gets duped and I think he got duped and he started do It with you know he started to to find Out about it and they brought in the Information and he told people to Basically start franchising it and dodgy Has said stupid stuff like that before Like he told the kid who had a you know Had a career path An 18-year-old kid who was doing Photography to go and um run a salt mine Like I was in the office when I did and I knew the kid and I'm like that's not Good advice like you got to as a master You got to like make better decisions Which charie said when he nominate them You have to think before you talk and Just don't say things because people are Going to take it seriously because You're the master they're going to They're going to run around quit they're Going to run their around and quit quit Their jobs and invest in these franchise Do this franchise Bri or mind scam it's A scam and like that's what people did Because he's stupid and he's a liar Right and then you know at some point he Realized it was a scam because things Started to happen this girl from the Brigh orm scam went on a national TV Show there that you know how to may be a Millionaire the celebrity guy who hosted Some Bollywood actor and he gets duped I

Mean he goes along with it she pretends To read but you can see see she's Looking through the blindfold and this Guy nanja naren who was already had Exposed this as midbrain activation now Was he names dodgy by name and Heartfulness you know greater brighter Minds and heartfulness by name and he Exposes it and the TV show has to pull It and this girl I don't know what Happened to her she's shamed now I don't Know if she's like but the brighter Minds people in dodgy didn't stand up For her and stand with her you know that She's been now called the liar that she You know pretended to read when she Didn't you know the whole thing I don't Even know what's happened there like It's just putting her in a bad position Because he's training kids to lie you're Encouraging them to lie right and it's Done in such a way you know this Doctor Who who dodgy got all these scientific People to you know I've told this before You know they got him to to um to do This thing right to to uh you know to U Validate it in with scientific research And everybody else that did it did it With the blindfolds and of course the Kids could read but this guy did it with The original kid that told dodgy about It because he mentioned him by name we Had a conversation about this right and Um he uh put eye patches on like the

Other guy in N Rin rang from the the Rationalist society from this you know This guy's out to expose this thing and The kids couldn't do it but there was a Woman who was a pediatrician she was a Doctor and her kid was doing it and she Believed her kid was actually doing it For reals and wanted her kid to be Special because that's a big deal the Academic pressure for the Indian people Right there just so so much pressure for The kids and she attacked this doctor Who was exposing the thing and saying You um you know my kid's special like And she got so mad like she was they Were all getting angry and the way that They they do it is they would hand these Kids a bag of Balls and you know there would be Different colors in it and the kids Would have the blindfold on they'd have To you know grab a ball and say what Color it was and eventually one of the Kids would realize they could see Through the blindfold and see the color And that kid would be praised like oh my God you're so brilliant you're great you Know yes you're getting it and all the Other kids then felt bad about Themselves because they couldn't do it So they end up cheating but the Grown-ups never tell them the Instructors never tell them to cheat to Looks at the blindfold they just learn

To do it and the kids end up sort of you Know forgetting that it's a lie or just Kind of you know how kids are you know They're not as conscious of lying and They're just getting praised and they Feel special and they kind of think it's A trick but it's like you know almost Like a magic show and it's just like you Know magicians don't reveal their Secrets and they don't maybe even talk With each other that they're all maybe They think the other kids are doing it The right way but they have to do it Their way right whatever which is Looking for the blindfold and so that's How they you know they learn to to game The system and like nobody ever says Anything about the adults have Uh plausible deniability well we never Told the kids to lie and these other Kids are doing it right it's just this One kid's a liar so they can throw the Kids on you you know if a kid comes out And say no we're I was looking for the Blindfold it's like well you were but Everyone else is doing it the right way And so it's just so evil like it's just Evil and it's so ridiculous and stupid Like it's just unnecessary it's a bad Decision because even if they were doing It it has nothing to do with sa Mar or Any of these things has nothing to do With spirituality or the heart it's just It's in fact it's the opposite it's so

Carnivalesque and you know it's so a you Know like some kind of magic show you Know it's so a you know like a circus Act or one of these Carnival Acts or Whatever they call it right and so it's Performative and they put these glittery Vests on the kids like these purple Vests with sparkles and you know to make It more of that kind of a you know Whatever it was right it's an illusion And it looks like they're performing a Trick like nobody really is going to Believe it they're like oh they must be Looking through the blindfolds or have a Earpiece it's not like the best illusion Either isn't like they're in some you Know like they're doing some kind of David Blaine kind of you know big time You know uh David Copperfield Illusions You know it's kids looking through blind Cs and telling you what's on a a Nuno Card like it's just you know it's stupid Right and the whole thing just demeans The Sark system and if dodgy and any of His cronies are listening to this like You're fools and you're an embarrassment Because so many of us can see through it And so many new people can see through It and you've demeaned the system and Instead of owning up to it at some point You know he went past the the time where He could just own up to it I got duped And you know I instead of just admitting That he got duped and just letting it go

Oh this thing isn't real like he wanted A save face and that's the other part Like at some part he realized it's an Illusion it's like oh my God people are Going to think think I'm a fool and not A master and so he doubled down and this Is where his poor decision- making comes Into play because now he gets everyone Else involved and he franchises it I Mean I don't know when he realized it Was a scam or if he's just lying to Himself the whole time but either way He's not a master like a master can't do Stuff like that like a spiritual Guru Can't encourage kids to lie and take Their money and manipulate them and Manipulate his followers and these Scientific people doctors and scientists To put their reputations on the line and Lie for him and pretend it's real what It isn't and then go out to these places And bring these politicians in and you Know go to these universities and talk About it do demonstrations and go out There with Tony nater and this woman you Know Patricia Scotland from the British Commonwealth and and bring them into it You know and just have all these people Associated with it he's he's doing them All a disservice it's dishonest it's Dishonorable you know he do these Performances you got Deepak Chopra to Talk about how wonderful it was you know And so all these people whether they

Realize it or not and they're endorsing This scam and maybe just because they Think this guy's a legitimate spiritual Master nobody would be this stupid to to Push this thing and then they're all Like going to be embarrassed by this as Is the mission as is his former Masters As is the whole organization and those Of us who see through it were like yeah You got to stop doing this right but Even after he you know made the decision To double down on this then I made Videos about it and he knew about it and He knew that people knew it was a fraud And he knew this doctor guy talked to me We had about 10 long conversations about This what he had went through and how he Was ostracized for telling dodgy the Truth and doing him doing legitimate Scientific research and dod's always Claiming he's a scientist he's not just A spiritual Guru but he's also a Scientist a man of science but a man of Science doesn't push out this thing and Get kids to lie and you know do this um This uh you know this Cabaret act or Whatever it is called right but then he Knew there was this opposition there was People within the you know obasi were Asking about it maybe people weren't Telling him you know maybe people didn't Know that there was this you know number Of people who knew this was BS and he had a chance to just back away

From it like maybe could keep the Programs but just don't talk about it Publicly because that was going to piss Us off right like when you've been Caught and they were watching my videos And they knew this was about that you've Been caught lying and you know lying as A master and just I mean just realizing Like the lies he has to tell himself to Make this okay and you know make this You know the people around him that this Would be acceptable and that we should All just go along with it because he's The master well he's not the master like Masters don't do like this right And so so making it like we should all Go along with it and you know we don't Trust him right when you get caught Lying like this and taking advantage of People not only financially but getting Them to cover up for you and you know All the things is like mob like Behavior Even though it's some goofy little thing You doing and it's more than just that He's lying about interc communion with Babaj G you're telling these lies and Inter communion with tukto G that people Can't you know can't say well they can't You know if you say that they inter Communing you know people aren't going To believe you but P people can't Disprove it because bobaji interc Communed with higher developed souls and Then there was this Whispers of the

Brighter world and so there's legitimate Mediums in the sa Mark system and he's The master so if he says it but he's not Trustworthy because he did the brighter Mind scam and he's not producing Messages because he doesn't have any and He canceling Char's birthday because he Doesn't like chargie but he lies about All these things and he's being Deceptive and you know he's somebody who Lies all the time like you know there's Just so many things that I see as him Being a liar but instead of just Realizing oh my god I've got caught here People know I've been exposed he keeps On pushing it he keeps on talking about The brighter mind scam and that makes Him even worse right like he's now just Not only that but he's a fool and he Keeps on pushing things arrogantly and There's going to be blowback there's Going to be a you know he's using force And they're you they're censoring people And they're pushing people backwards you Know stopping them from talking about Something instead admitting that you're A piece of right like you're a Piece of liar like just admit it Just admit you are like you lie all the Time to yourself like not even just Everyone else and that as a master you Can't do stuff like that you can't Behave like that you can't you know Force everyone to go along with your

Lies just because you're in a position Of power that's abusive that's you know Gaslighting and it's just everything That that a master shouldn't do is an Abuse of your position and authority and All the people around you you that are Enabling this you're destroying the Sark Tradition and credibility because Chargie vouched for you Babi vouch for You and so now you make them look Horrible and and also you're supposed to Be the culmination of a person who does SA Mark you know you're supposed to be The example of what a person can achieve If they do heartfulness and if you're a Lying piece of right you know then People are like well I'm a lying piece Of now why do I need why why do I Need sa Mar right why do I need Heartfulness and this is why a master Has to have impeccable character because You're going to see flaws there's always Human flaws Babaji had them jari had Them Lai had them Jesus had them Buddha Had them they all had the human side and When the person dies they scrub the Religion scrubs their Humanity from them And they make them just Divine beings But they weren't they were people that You know that lied at times and did Stupid stuff but you can't do that as a Master you can't you know you can't be Caught especially stuff like this I mean If there's a small lie here whatever

Something you know you you had a human Moment whatever but I mean you can't do Stuff like this where you just keep on Going with it you have to have a Conscience you should feel guilt and Shame over this thing you feel bad about Doing it you brought shame on your Masters right you brought shame on the Divinity I I don't even know if Commish Believes in God anymore like I don't Know if he's lost I mean it seems like They don't even believe in God anymore Right never mind SAR and the system and The Masters the previous Masters I don't Think they believe in any of it when you Do the practice when I would do the Cleaning and you do the the thing at 10 Where you the the 10th Maximum um where you uh you know beg God For forgiveness for the wrongs you've Committed during the day you know the um The 10 Max of the mark the last one at Bedtime feeling the presence of God Repeat for the wrong repent for the Wrongs committed beg forgiveness in a Supplicant mood resolving not to allow Repetition of the same you know I Memorized these things I went to a Painstaking where I just kept on reading Them and and trying to memorize the Wording exactly and I had to memorize And Dody came in and changed them and Now I have to go read them right but let Me read that again let me read this

Again here uh it says Um at bedtime feeling the presence of God so you're laying in bed feeling the Presence of God you repent for the Wrongs committed beg for forgiveness as A forgiveness us in a supplicant mood Resolving not to allow repetition of the Same now dodgy started to give talks About the maxims like this was early on In his heartfulness career before he Just got Goofy and tried to pretend to Be a guru he was actually trying to Teach the system and he gave a great Talk about Maxum 10 you know he changed It which was stupid because he you know The maximums are this is channeled stuff By Boby that people have to rise up to It you can't try to bring it down to People's level but he said something Interesting he said that when you're Doing something when you're doing this Thing you're laying in bed you're Thinking about the things that you did That weren't spiritual the things that Weren't a part of a spiritual life lies That you told you know insults that you Things you did that were wrong and You're lying in bed and you're doing This and I did this really well for a Period of time like I was really into it I just thought it was great um and I I Always did it naturally as a kid I Remember going to sleep and I would Think about things I did that were wrong

Like a lie I told I feel bad about it Like even when I was like in my 20s when I was just a piece of crap Punk like Just a Punky person with a bad attitude Like I and I wasn't thinking about God At all it would bother me like I would Yell at my teammates when I played Basketball like when I had adrenaline Going and I would say things and I was Like why'd you do that like I'd feel Embarrassed and ashamed like I did that Like I would just think about things I Did that were like you know and I wasn't Trying to be spiritual a good person Just you know things that bothered me And they would just come up naturally Like I wouldn't even be dwelling on them I wasn't somebody who like to beat the Crap out myself but I realized you know Whenever I lied I felt like bad about it Even from a young age like it was just Hard on me you know and just um you know I went through these things I I you know Whatever it was like when I was in the Teenage years I was working at a Convenience store my friends came in They wanted something for free and you Know I felt bad like I would you know Like they I was expected to just you Know let these kids steal from the store And whatever and I felt bad about it Right like it just was this thing um it Was a a whole bunch of stuff I've talked About this I think in the journey series

But it's it's there and it's a good Thing right because you're and then you Vow to do better but what Commish said Was that when Babaji wrote the maxim he Didn't think Abasi would ever do Anything wrong Consciously and so it was begging for Forgiveness for things things you didn't Know you did and you're vowing to never Do them again I thought that was kind of Interesting and you know of course Bobaji learned that that wasn't the case You know guys were doing LSD like Gatherings and worse right and people Were involved in like criminal stuff and I mean they had like a murder a Preceptor murdered his wife like in North Carolina like I heard this story Third hand and you know it was had Nothing to do with the mission but it Was you know I mean something that would Make the mission look like a cult right And I said before you just that's what You don't want and so they somehow got It so it wasn't a big story and that They didn't get associated with sa Mar But you know it's like one of those Things right but bad things happen and People do bad things and charie was well Aware of it and so I don't know if Kish Was doing this wrong and he was just Thinking about things he might have done That he didn't didn't know he was Begging forgiveness for things he did

Accidentally but then how are you going To know not to do it again if if you Don't know what you did how can you Swear that you'll never do it again and That was the hard part like you would You'd swear that you never do it again And it was hard to you know remember That you know three years from then or Whatever and so you know it's a good Maximum and it's a good practice and it Takes some work right it helps you know You to develop your character and Confront yourself and that's part of the Sark system you're not supposed to dwell On your grossness you're not supposed to Beat the crap out of yourself internally But when you when you notice that you've Done something wrong it comes up in your Meditation and you're like oh I I Shouldn't have done it that way or you Know that wasn't spiritual like you just Know things like I've I've experienced That so many people have and K should Have done that with a brighter mind scam Like he should have just realized hey I This is a scam what am I doing here like I can't do this but he just keeps on Doubling down and tripling down on this Thing and expecting the rest of us to Quit or just accept it or you know to go Along with this lie and even perpetrate It right to such an exent there was a New person that uh contacted me you know And I read this in a a video here you

Know this is not part of the journey Series but a a video on my this other Channel here and the person um said that They went to get their first sitting and The preceptor is talking about being Able to see with through a blind you Know being able to you know close your Eyes and see things and see colors and Stuff and that's how this preceptor Decided to impress this person right and So you know the person's like then found My channel because they're looking For they they think this is a scam and a Cult and they find my channel now and This has all happened because these Stupid people copyrighted me so I made a Channel based in this a new channel like They just they screw up all the time They like keep on making it worse and This person said Um uh then this person I you know Realized that I told their story and Said I was asking asking if it was a Cult when I went so first they said this Um I was asking if it was a cult before I went and ha I thought I thought so Thanks I'll check it out they also Mentioned drinking starine without harm And cleaning the environment using Purely your mind raising the vibration Of the planet but couldn't give a Definition of vibration Etc what a load Of Boop gullible fools you know that's Actually happens in the cleaning process

But this preceptor really probably Didn't understand how to explain it Right that when you do the cleaning you Are cleaning the atmosphere and when you Raise your own personal vibration you Know there's a everything is based in Vibration right like you know my voice Is a vibration but then there's higher Vibrations and when you listen to Certain music it'll bring you to a Spiritual state right and when you Listen to Nature and there's just you Know there's higher vibrations right low Vibrations higher vibrations and so the Sjar resonates on a higher vibration the The forceless force the transmission That's given is of a you know of a Refined nature and so um you know Uh um so it's you vibrate on a higher Level but then this person wrote uh YouTube Sad my comments but they also Mention a lot of crazy things including Drinking strick nine which I guess I Guess it's strick nine I guess is a And cleaning the environment through Meditation thanks I'll check out the Original teachings because I you know Commented on that and then the person Wrote later wrote this um got to make This bigger here so I can read it um it Said um thanks mate thanks for the shout Out to I'm the one who went to the first Class and left a comment what perfect Timing huh maybe God does have a plan

The new age spiritual narcissism is Nothing nothing it it this narcissism is Something else they told me about the Vegetarian dogs Too um I don't even know what that is Drinking strick nine again cleaning at Ecosystem and as atmosphere through Meditation doesn't sound like any Meditation I know or even the goal of Meditation the teacher even tried to Gaslight me accused me of having a Meditation addiction yeah I'm addicted To letting go in posture and breathing Breathing naughty so this was this Person's first interaction with a Preceptor and Dody has failed Dramatically again this is you know I Mean this person shows up and they say This thing you know I have no way to Verify their story but you know I know That this is the case because I've heard Other things like this Dody is not Training good preceptors and there's Been such a falloff from him but when Somebody's coming to you new you just Want them experience the transmission You're not telling them I mean telling Them about the brighter mind scam is a Huge problem because now you've been Duped because dodgy is a liar and now He's turning you into a liar you know Not knowing how to explain that when you Do the transmission and cleaning you Know I understood it from doing it I

Understood how I went to a higher place When I was meditating with this Transmission and cleaning and I Understood how um I affected the Atmosphere later on when I went to work At a treatment center with you know These sex offenders and it's a gross Place it's like a prison-like Environment and how me doing the sa Mark System elevated the atmosphere there are Times these kids would end up in the Timeout room they need to be restrained And oftentimes I would do the 9:00 Prayer like the kid would be settling But often times the kid be walking Around punching the walls you know Venting about how bad their lives suck It was like a a room with like just Carpet on the walls right and they'd be In the put in the timeout room and I Would just sit there and I wouldn't say Anything and if the 9:00 prayer was Happy if it's 9:00 P p.m. i' do the 9:00 Prayer i' keep my eyes open but I do the Prayer and the kid would just settle and Sit there and sometimes I would see the Kids's Aura you know I could see the Difference it it raised people's Vibration by me practicing the system by Doing this the meditation it raised the Consciousness and it took it to another Level the same way I was being pulled up By charie and the you know the Preceptors and things I was able to do

That you know uh with other people in The environment and I had a positive Effect this is back in 1993 so I start Saar and I um and I start my work in the Human Service field I eventually get my Masters in counseling and things like This and I'm working at this treatment Center and I'm applying the Sark Techniques as I'm reading about them in The books to the atmosphere the Environment and my co-workers end up Seeing this and I talk about it and two Of them started they didn't stay with it They were like younger girls they were Like girls in their fresh out of college But they ended up trying it with the my Preceptor and all of them had a high Opinion of the system because they knew I did it and they saw that I was Positively affecting the the environment The atmosphere through this you know Philosophy and this practice right and I Saw it even more than they did because I Saw the difference of of how I was Before a very um you know I was a person That was drastically underfunctioning And I couldn't hold a job I couldn't Deal with stress I couldn't deal with Couldn't get through college I mean all These things and this system helped me Do that you know I ended up graduating On my third Tri at College you know I Just lost interest and you know I just Couldn't complete things right and then

I worked at this highly stressful Environment and I was very you know Functional in this environment I was Working in this prison-like environment That had you know the average time that Somebody works there is nine months and People would start there work a week and Quit cuz it's just these kids are Horrible and it's the place itself is Dysfunctional and there's hard Environments to work and anybody Works In these treatment centers some of you Guys have or no people have they're just Horrible places to work and I worked There like over two years and then later On worked in another place that was even Worse when I got my Ms in counseling and You know and I was able to do a better Job and improve my performance based in Sa Mark and also uh you know uplift the The place itself but that's how sa Mark Works but I wouldn't tell somebody that When they first come in right like it's Stupid like you would have them Experience a transmission and then the Person realizes how it's affecting them And that's the first thing they start Seeing benefit in themselves and then They go to a gathering and they feel Benefit even on a higher level and then You let them know when you go into your Job or you go with your family in fact You don't even have to let them know Because they start experiencing it they

Can see that now they positively affect The people around them like they're you Know they're being uplifted to a higher Level and then they affect the people Around them right but this Dopey Preceptor in the story is telling this Person on the first day and the person's Like concerned it might be a cult and The per you what you say is you can quit Any time you don't have to pay any money You have to quit any time you you can Quit any time you don't say hey guess What it's not a cult by the way you can Read with a blindfold on like that's Just only what morons do but that's a Kind of level of you know uh debauchery Dodgies brought into this system right So this is like being a liar and just Just admitting you know these guys who Are censoring me because I'm exposing Their lies right that's what I've Learned to do as a YouTuber and I've Gotten Good at it and you know it was a Mistake for them I mean to you know do That to handle it that way I mean from The very beginning when I started Talking about this because I have some Sense of responsibility that I know Things that people need to know and They're just lying on the internet all The time and they're committing frauds You know when you tell preceptors to buy Books and then you tell everyone you're A bestselling author and then and you're

Sold that you know when they're Announcing this guy's our bestselling Author and they call his book a magnum Opus right that's a lie right you're not Selling those books you're not a Best-selling author you've gained the System when you buy views when you use Bots to buy views and to to buy Subscribers fake subscribers Bots that's A lie you're not you know you're not Performing and you know that you're suck You know that you can't sell books on Your own cuz your books suck and even if They they were good they wouldn't be Bestselling books I said you know Reality at dawn wouldn't be a Bestselling book my master wouldn't be a Bestselling book you know the books by The previous Masters they wouldn't be Best-selling books because they're not Those kind of books and people aren't Those kind of people it's because people Are a lower level and so you know you Take the amount of views you get and you Take the amount of sales you get and You're honest about it right but then You'll come out out and get this award Award that you know I guess you you pay For this budam pasam award which is Stupid and then like tell everybody look How great Dody is no he sucks he's a Liar and he sucks right he just gets Caught lying you know when I first um Heard about the heartfulness way his

First book and it said KES spatel in big Letters was the author and Josh Pollock Was the also the Co-author and what it was was Joshua Poock who I talked to a number of times And he had good things to say about Dodgy as a preceptor and Josh worked for Commish at a at a pharmacy and he had Nothing but good stories about him and So you know I thought I I mean I I Believe those were true at the time um And you know they had a relationship and Josh went to accomplish like I think it Was his first precept or his main Preceptor and he started asking KES Questions or KES would explain the Sark System and Josh took notes and years Later when KES became the master he Published this book it was written by Josh poock right you know chargie did The same thing with this guy Clark pal Who's an American both Josh Pollock and Clark po both Americans and Clark po was An ex Vietnam guy who had some issues Crazy stuff um but he was um you know Like I've talked about this guy before But not you know by name but he was a More outgoing kind of fun person ex Vietnam he had been Vietnam and he was Just a you know like he he was different Than the other people he was loud and You know he had his issues but he was Kind of fun to be around and he had lots Of stories and he would be able to just

Go see kachari you know went to a Gathering charge he was you know had to Be protected from people because they Would all want to be with him all the Time because the energy that he had and Sitting with him felt great like the Energy that he exuded he just brought You to a different level and people want To spend as much time with him as Possible but there are certain people Who could just walk in anytime they want To the Master's Cottage in India or they He just come and stay with them right There's people who had like a a green Light to come in whenever they chose to Come in um unless you know they charg You said no one can come in but other Than that these people could just come In and Clark was one of those people and Clark would ask him Questions and he would tape record and He would you video record the end aners And he has all this you know all this Footage and stuff that's probably going To be lost I don't know if Clark even Quit maybe I'm not even sure he got Obsessed with Donald Trump um and I just Unfriended him on Facebook but he you Know whatever but he wrote a book called The sjar Companion where he would ask Chargie a question chargie would answer And it was a question and answer book And it's a better book than heartfulness Way chargie was a master at the time and

So it's a book that should have been Pushed out more than in kish's Heartfulness way but of course Heartfulness was a new thing Kish was Doing and he needed to be a writer but He wasn't a writer like Josh pal wrote The book right and they are literary Rules just like when you get caught Telling a story in your book and then it Comes out that you've told a different Story in public you lose credibility Like which is it a significantly Different story and so when you go and Publish a book and claim you're an Author when you aren't and it seems like All of his I think designing Destiny is Might be talks that they've transcribed And this you know and um the Doctor Who Did the you know who exposed dodgy as a Fraud we have a conversation he said he Read the you he read the he was reading The book um the um the wisdom Bridge Which was really St I read parts of it And it was like written by a child it Was like ridiculous and stupid and he Felt like that wasn't even WR by written By Commish the dodic truther says Commish just can't write his own books His re recent book spiritual Anatomy There's a guy who came out and I covered This in one of my videos there a guy who Came out and gave a talk in which he Said um he was a part of an editing team A big large editing team of copywriters

And you know all these people who dodgy Gave all of his notes and things he' Scribbled in his Diaries and he said put Them together into a book and then he'd Be they'd be reading it to dodgy and Almost appear asleep while they're Reading it and so they had Rewritten his Thing you know they ghost writing this Book I mean it's more than just ghost Writing a team of people so like calling This his magnum opus and then finding Out he tells stories differently like he Can't recall his own lies anymore and so These all all these things matter right Like this is the kind of person you'll Be defined as and when you die we we Have the information I have it on video Other people have all this documentation You know going to toku and saying Chu Merged in you and then saying Chari Wasn't part of the Divine heart That pisses people off and when they've Already you know people who love chargie And know that he was so much better than You you know dodgy comish and so you Know this is your legacy you're going to Be known as a liar like this is been Your definition like you can't be Trusted in the decisions you've made and Organizationally to where you know these Preceptors and other people are Following in your lead and and telling Lies to new people like brand new people Just give them the you know there was a

Point where commas said you know he made These videos and he said have people try The meditation with transmission and Without and that was kind of brilliant That was a good thing on his part but He's fallen so much and he's gotten into This you know he's trying to be this Cult of Personality where he's trying to Be a you know a fake Guru and master When he's a he's got bad character Qualities he lies to people believes his Own lies and then you know he does all These things to cover it up just to sa Face or whatever it is and these scams That he's involved and I don't even know You know the real estate scam that People are saying where where they claim That he's defrauding them of money you Know all these things right these are How you're defined as a person and your Legacy is going to be that like the way That people have allowed you to trash Chargy well just wait till you're gone Like you know like all the people around Them too I mean you know there's going To be like a freaking Witch Hunt right People are pissed off like you've Wrecked their thing you know and you Some people are going to be held Accountable all the people around dodu Is you going along with this you know There's a time where you have to stand Up and like freaking you know tell the Truth right they should come out and

Just tell the truth and social media Especially these people who inside who Have you know they see what's going on I Mean I talked to one guy who was every Day he was stressed out and he finally Just decided oh I'm just going to go Along with it and just you know this is A senior person you know somebody who I Have respect for but he was you know he Was at his wits end seeing the Degradation that was happening to the System that chargie had kep kept so pure In babagi you chargie was you know above Reproach cuz he just was such an Honorable like brilliant man he didn't Have to dive down into this low level of CD Behavior right and so you know it's Like the presidency the way Trump has Treated the presidency which I found Great because the presidency is a lie And it's just an act and it's Performative but Trump didn't act like Presidential and it pissed everybody off And because he wasn't you know Pretending to play the game but with Truth they're all scumbags right but That's not the case with theid Mark Masters and dody's not acting like a Master cuz he's not one but he expects Everyone to pretend that he is and it's Just you know it's goofy anyways I'm Going to wrap this one up here um but You know it's there all right so I'm Going to wrap this one up here I just

Thought I'd add this to the end of the Video um you know going back to this Thing with maximum 10 like when you come Into the Sark system you start Meditating you become aware because when You meditate You understand what your thoughts are Like you you know people have thoughts You know whatever it is bad thoughts Evil thoughts you know I mean good Thoughts whatever they are but they have You have thoughts that you don't hold Yourself accountable for right you know You wish bad things on other people These types of things right you have These thoughts you feel hatred towards People anger and you just you know you Go with it right you there's nothing in Your system the American system the Whatever system that you're from lying And cheating like what's happens in India there's a lot of lying and Cheating people are you know politicians A lot of bribery a lot of uh corruption It's just oh okay this is what we do in Our culture right this is you know the Brighter mind scam these things you just Do things because everyone else does Them right you go along with like my Friends wh me to give them free food Because I worked in a convenience store And I could you know I was they were Just want to steal steal and let me Steal because we were friends and you

Know I was supposed to let them right All these things and it's just a part of The culture everybody does at these kind Of things right and that you just allow Yourself to do things that your heart And your soul do doesn't want you to do And when you're younger it's harder Because you you know you look at adults And we all have these experiences where We realize our parents are kind of Scumbags you know like people have these Experiences where where they thought Their parents were great idolized their Parents and then they the parents lie to Them or you know I caught my parents Lying when I was you know in U I don't Know 8th grade or whatever was 1 12 13 14 years old was four before I was 14 And so 13 12 13 years old I caught my Parents lying and I confronted them with The lies and they and then they you know They just double down the lie and I lost All respect for them right you know Years ago um I started doing a Landscaping business my brother was Helping me because he had done this Landscaping before and and so um I Started doing it and there was a woman That lived maybe a couple of blocks away From him I ended up cutting her lwn and She was sort of a youngish single woman Older than me but younger than my Brother and she said she knew my brother And my brother's friend and my brother

Had had sex with this woman and cheated On his wife with this woman my brother Was a Serial cheater he had you know Cheated on his wife with hundreds of Women you a sex addict or something and I didn't know that because I had a Higher opinion of him right I didn't you Know and so I said to him hey you know I I'm cutting This Woman's long she knows You he's like I don't know she is and he Just bit my head off like he got Aggressive and angry right um and I'm Like well that was a weird reaction you Know and later on I found out you know He told me he left his wife and he left His wife for another woman all these Things and they had been like a second Family to me and you know I was kind of Like shocked about it but I kind kind of Should have known based in just the way He was being but I just didn't like at That point I didn't know cheaters like I Didn't know anybody who cheated you know I didn't know anybody my dad you know Whatever he wasn't a cheater he had kind Of failed and tried but I didn't know About it but I didn't think people Cheated like that you know like Something you see on TV and movies but Then I was in college and I had Roommates and friends were cheating on Their girlfriends and then they expected Me to lie about and I didn't feel Comfortable lying you know all these

Things right like I just don't like to Lie and the girls would know I didn't Like to lie so they'd asked me about it And it became this thing you know and I'm like well just you know he's A scum if you're asking me then you're Already no he's lying to you because you Know that I won't you know that I have Trouble lying right and there's this Whole bro code and you're supposed to go Along with it but there's all these Things right where there's just levels Of poor behavior that your soul doesn't Want you to do and you have some sense Of guilt and shame about it and you know Then you find out your religion is full Of you know pedophile priests and that There's no real people out there who are Living the way that the religion tells You that you should live and people just Embrace the darkness right they just Embrace the darkness and when you come To Saar you start meditating and you Start thinking about those things that You did and there's such an emphasis on Character building you notice how DOI Doesn't talk about character formation Or character building chargie talked About all the time it was part of all of His talks it was just always there that People have to work on your character Because he knew that all of us had to Like he was talking about to these guara People about their obsession with making

Money for example like charge you would Go to a place and he would talk about Like came to America you talk about the Two sides of the coin you only can have Pleasure because we're pleasure seekers In America more than other places and he Said if you're going to have pleasure You're going to have pain he always said It it was a constant theme in his talks Right and when you meditate it just Comes up like all of a sudden things That you did or was just part of your Family or just part part of your culture And you start questioning those things It should happen naturally during the Sark system there should be some natural Sense of guilt or like shame or you know Those aren't good feelings but just that Feeling of oh I shouldn't be doing this Right and some desire to change and That's what the 10th maximum is for at The at the end of the night and Sometimes when you go to bed you think About the days you're supposed to do a Cleaning but once in a while when you're Doing your cleaning or whatever there's Things there and you're thinking about Like oh I maybe shouldn't have done this This way maybe I should have done this And you know that was whatever it might Be right and we have to reconcile and Deal with those things you don't have to Deal with it here on the YouTube channel Because um in the internet in in the

Internet I need an edge like I need to Be able to you know s since defend Myself or whatever and so you know I Mock people and I do these things I'm Covering Evil all the time and I'm Covering lies and all these things and You know when you work in an environment Like that you have to develop whatever It is and people say well you're mocking People that isn't spiritual yeah it Isn't I'm not claiming it is I'm not Claiming mocking is a good behavior Right you know and I'm not saying that As like a like I'm I'm some spiritual Person I get to mock people you know This is what I got to do to cope you Know whatever it is but I understand you Know I'd worked on those types of issues Things I knew I had to change before That weren't you know spiritual but now I've needed those things right so There's a reason why I have them because The internet's you know bare knuckle Brawling out here it's not freaking you Know whatever and so I'm also Disrespectful and you know I call names And things and people are put off by That I'm sure abiosis when I mock dodgy Or I call them names or whatever but you Know sometimes this is what needs to be Done like this is just I mean I'm not Like again making excuses I understand That this is not higher level Vibrational you know higher higher

Vibrational Behavior you know again not An excuse that's just how I've come Across that but I'm aware of it like I Aware that these are you know I'm not Like lying to myself that mocking is you Know I have the right to mock people and And be spiritual and it's you know some Higher Behavior it's not right but you Have to you know be honest about these Things what I'm talking about and the Maxum 10 helps you and again it helps You confront these things in yourself And then you know not do them and when You're looking at character development And chargie said the character Development is 100% the Abasi and was Talking about these guys's Inner Circle He talked about their characters and how They had the worst characters the worst Character qualities and commas was one Of these people he was one of the people He said every one of them every single One of them to the person he said has These issues they're arrogant they're They're you know abusive they're you Know they're just he went down the list Of the things that they do and also They're you know they're they're into These financial institutions and they Want their big EG I mean a lot of these People are they had past lives as assur Kings you know bad you know they had bad Past lives that they're you know that's Evident in their present life and these

Are the people now running the the Heartfulness debacle including dodgy Right but when you're doing this and You're aspiring to be better and you're Working on your character you have to be Able to look up at the master and say He's higher than I am right like he's Better because if the system is making You into a better person he's the Example of the system and that's the way It has to be and so that person has to Be you know on a different level and They might have their human moments and You might judge them for their human Moments but then you realize well you Know they do have human you know they're Still human beings and they're going to Have their their low moments but overall They have to be much better and higher Than you are and Dody just isn't that Right like on so many levels like I you Know I don't want to say look down on Dodgy but you know he's he's not he's Lower right he does things that I can't Imagine ever doing myself and it's not Just one little thing it's not like he Has one flaw right there was these um in The ma barata there was the Pivas and the pandavas I don't know Pivas I think and they were five Brothers and one of them Argin was like You know a great Archer and he was the One that was you know he was like one of The best archers in the world and he was

The one that was going to have to win The war for them with his archery skill And then there was um beima his brother Who was like the strongest man in the World and then all the all of them had Different qualities but their eldest Brother udas sta was his you know his Mom inter communed with these higher Developed Souls she learned how to get Pregnated by etheric beans if she would Call the beans to her they would Impregnator and his father was Dharma or Duty and udaa was a great leader he was Really honest he was honest and wise and Just you know he had all these Leadership skills and he was the the Head of the family right and he just had All these wonderful character qualities A person of impeccable character but he Had a gambling addiction like he gambled Away his whole freaking family twice you Know like he had a chance to walk away And he did it again and he he gambled to His evil cousin and his uncle who was Able to manipulate they played this dice Game his uncle was able to use his mind To manipulate the outcome of the dice Because you know they had real powers Back then and even with a rigged game he Went in and gambled his his four Brothers his mom and their his his uh Argent's wife um to these evil people That had bad intentions for them right And they were their

Slaves um you know and like he just he Had this one thing and so you know with With a master or somebody like you they Might have these little you know Whatever leftover character issues I Mean it's just you know that's part of Being human being but dodgy is a mess Right like he's an absolute mess and I Can't respect him or look up to him I Mean the lying is just atrocious but Also the desire for egotistical desires To be somebody famous and to lie and Cheat and you know game the system to Try to impress people that you're Something that you're not and then Throwing chargie under the bus and you Know all the things that he's done all The scams he's involved with all the bad Decisions you know it's it's not like One little thing it's everything right And lying being the central P he's just A liar he lies to himself he he expects Other people to go along with the lies And they do things to intimidate and you Know to force people to uh social Manipulation to get you to go along with Them and like you're having an outcome Where you have these preceptors now who Are just a mess themselves because Like you have this guy who doesn't you Know isn't put doing quality work as a Master and he's a bad example and so There's a degradation in the system and That's you know like it's just falling

Apart because you can't look up to this Guy you can't look at this guy and go This is the outcome of the system and Feel good about if this is the kind of Person that sjar you know heartfulness Produces and he's the master of the System then this system sucks like he's The he's the ultimate end product and He's supposed to be an glowing example Of what you can be and who wants to be Like this guy right only scumbags like I Don't want to be like him right I don't Look up to an Aspire to be like him Right you know if I didn't know charie I'm like well this system sucks for People who never met charie like how Could this be a good system because the Guy who's supposed to be the top of the Line is a piece of crap liar right and So you know that's I mean that's the Outcome of his actions he's Delegitimized the sa Mark system because He's Such a failure it's such a bad example Of what it can do and he had all the Work done like I saw he had the work Done and like this is what you've become Like this is the kind of person you are After all the spiritual work and all the Elevation you got the charge you did and You know I saw the work the charge he Did on him and so for me it's even Harder because I know he was a Legitimate master and he was given all

These powers given all these you know Abilities and he went through the same Things that the other Masters did I mean I guess you know I can't safe for every Little thing but you know charie Documented the spiritual journey that Bobi took him through and then when you Met him you understood well what that Meant as an end product as a person who Graduated the Sark system I you're Always evolving you're always maturing You're always working on your character That never stops even as the master but You can't and that's the other thing you Can't think that you made it like Chargie said he never looked at himself As the master and DOI certainly has done That and the people around him are Pushing that right but you know you're Never done you're always on your Spiritual journey and if you forget About that then you're going to you I've Made it well no you know then you're Screwed and that's what's happened here As well and so you know like I say he's Delegitimized the whole system by fail Is failure and you're like well you know If he's if he had all that work and he Got access to all the this levels of Higher development he's fallen in such a Way you know then it's dispiriting right Like what's going to happened to the Rest of us right like I I would assume Based on my knowledge of Commish he was

A better Abasi more into it more Dedicated you know just around charging More more involved a lot of these people That's how I would think of them I don't Know them personally but I saw that he Was moving along spiritually in 1997 6 Or S whatever it was I think 1997 you know we had that interaction With him at the airport and then other Interactions with him and then hearing Stories about him he was a good Preceptor really devoted and really into It he was really into this system he was You know I read all the books but this Guy was you know people who are even More you know like a Saar nerd like Someone who just obsessed with the System and I would say that he was one Of those people at least on the surface I don't know you know I mean what kind Of a scumbag he was that he was hiding But at least he was somewhat of a good Abasi like at least you know I know that To be true and then he was given this Extra level of work and to become the Master And to fall this low to be this low of a Person to be this you know just the lies You know just everything's he's just a Big lie everything that he does his Mastery is characterized by deception You know the all the things he's done And then forcing everyone to be like Well he can't lie he's a master he's

Just above you you don't understand the Ways of the master pulling the Master Card every chance they get to try to Gaslight and silence people and then you Know do things like censorship when he Gets caught lying like they tried to do With me you know like that just sucks Like you suck right and you know and When somebody sucks this bad and you Can't look up to them then it's like Well you know what am I even doing doing The system I people are going to lose Faith and then they question all right Is was Boby and chargy real or was that Just performative like those are the Natural ways you go this is the damage That he's done right this is what people Are going through and so you know it's a Bad time um you know I have my Explanation of it I mean like I guess Everybody can fall and he's and he's an Example of that because lots of people Have fallen before this was the first Example of one of the Masters falling And he's done it like he clearly has cut Himself off he's thinking he's better Than them and he's trying to be a you Know founder he's running you know with His ego out in front of him and he's Lost his way and because of that you Know it's it's worse because you know The higher you get the worse the fall is Because you've created this vacuum you Know the masters of the system and bobi

Said this to chargie there was a time Where um you know chargie was just Hating somebody at Work and he was already well on his way To being Bob's successor he said I just Look at the guy and hate him and Bob Said Bobby G said you got to throw this Out of your system because when you're a Spiritual Master like this your system Is so pure and clean and there's just This vacuum that's connected to God and If a particle like a like a particle of You depraved particle like a you know a Dishonest you know a a character flaw Particle just something small and this Happened with Char's father who got into Stamp collection you know seems like an Innocent thing but just something that's You know not pure that's not part of the Divine system gets into your system it Can contaminate your whole system Because it's so pure and so you have to Be extra disciplined so he said throw The hate out of your heart don't let it Back in you know don't don't allow hate To be in your heart because at your Level you know it'll contaminate your Whole system in a short period of time You know jealousy Envy any of these Things right just a a mere thought that You have to be completely disciplined You get these negative thoughts and your Whole system which is pure will be Contaminated almost instantaneously

Which sucks but that's the level of Discipline the Masters the system have And you get to these higher levels you Have to be more and more disciplined I Mean it's been part of the teachings and Whatever you know thought thoughts that Dody had quite a bit of him there was Impurities in him and now they have you Know the power that he was given to be The master has made those impurities be More than they were beforehand like he's Worse now than when he was an obasi when Charie was alive chargie could clean it So it wasn't like there was some some You know I mean and even now that I that He could get help if he was willing to Get help but he's disconnected himself From the master he disconnected himself From chargie he's trying to be his own Man his own you know be he's competing With them and so he's cut off so he Doesn't have anything anybody to clean Out the you know to help them pull them Out of this you know this depravity and The lies and the deception and you know It's an example of that right and so Like for me I'm not looking down the Sark system because this is human error And when you disconnect yourself which Has happened to the other people who Fell you know when people disconnect Themselves from the idea of the master And they think of themselves as Something more more than that then they

They plummet like a stone because you Always have to be looking up you always Have to have something or somebody to Aspire to be like and that person has to Be moving ahead of you you know Bob G Said I'm in the SW I'm in the central Region swimming behind ly and ly is Transmitting his his new discoveries to Me as that happens like in his his theic World ly is swimming in the so-called Central region you know the Divine ocean Of bliss and he's and he's finding new Discover discoveries and transmitting Them back to bobaji who's using them as You know babaj is the guy running the Universe now but he still has you know His master and God that he looks up Inspires to be like right chargie saying He never thought of himself as the Master because you have to have some you Know something above you like you just Have to have something to reach for Something to Aspire to be like you have To have that kind of level of it has to Be like that right because once you Think you've made it then there's Nowhere to go but down right once you Think you've reached the level oh yeah I'm done I got it then you're just going To fall because that's all you have and That's what's happen to Dody and so he's You know it's not like a a reflection of The efficacy of the sash Mark system It's a reflection of dod's own personal

Failure and the lies and all the things That people are doing to enable him you Know he's pulling everyone down With him right which is you know I mean It's a it's a horrible thing that's Happened here anyways um let me wrap This this thing up here okay back to Real time here it's Sunday March 3rd Um uh 9:00 in the morning I want to Finish this video up I have one more Thing to say about dodgy which I want to Cover in a separate little segment on my Other channel and that is that um you Know uh when he got that report that he Commissioned from the doctor that Contacted me and the report basically Said this is a scam and these kids can't See if you put an eye patch over their Eyes he had that report they all did Right people around him dodgy dodgy is Supposed to be a man of science a Pharmacist and when you have a report Like that you can't bury it and then go Out and pretend that that Port report Doesn't exist right and I said that sort Of in another video but I just want to Say those words in a you know separate Um you know thing you know whatever ever That um you you can't do that like you Just can't do that like that's I mean You know not only in terms of liability But also just it's wrong on a spiritual Level it's fundamentally dishonest that There was a report that not one kid

Everybody tested not one kid could do The tricks when he put the eye patches On which has happened with the other guy Like this happened to the midbrain Activation scam right only a person with No moral compass would do this you know Only a person who um would have uh you Know uh you no moral compass would the No sense of uh Integrity or ethics would Perpetrate this fraud after he got a Report like that and you can speculate To why I mean I think I know why I think He just doesn't want to lose face Because a master doesn't get duped like He got duped like he fell for this thing I think he really believed in in it and Then uh he got this report and you know I think he's warped reality I think he Has mental issues and he gets all these People to go along with him because he's The the master but he just can't deal With the fact that he got duped this way Like he kind on one level he knows he's Like sucks and he's a fool and like a Master doesn't make decisions like this Right if you are looking into something You found somebody else's like it has Nothing to do with him it's not a it's Not inspired by him and he had some Interaction with bobbyy and bobbyy Downloaded this you know he had some you Know shuy or something and he came with This idea of how to do the brighter mind Scam it was an pre-existing mid-brain

Activation scam another thing is that The kid who showed dodgy this originally Did the midbrain activation scam from Other you know whatever it was Source uh One of these other you know fraudu and Spiritual organizations and they used to Call it midbrain activation dodgy when He first got it but then they realized That name had been compromised that name Had been you know that whole scam had Been uh proven to be a scam and if you Search midbrain activation scam you find All this material so they changed it to Neuroplasticity which is just some you Know made it's a like a a a term that Has nothing to do with what's happening Here um with you know they just it's Some like mumbo jumbo they throw in There to make it sound scientific but It's it's you know just like these kids Doing these finger exercises to balance The hemispheres it doesn't it might Balance the hemispheres but it doesn't Produce the ability to uh see colors With your touch and your smell like that Just doesn't happen we we rewind the Brain so you can do that no and and why Would you do that you're not doing it With the Blind and all these things it's A proven scam but the fact that he Changed the the name for midbrain Activation but they know it's the same Thing like you go to midbrain activation It's the exact same scam and so that's

How Dody received it but then like he Was embarrassed right because this is Embarrassing like only a fool would fall For this and he's like franchising the Thing and he commissions these Scientific people and doctors and one of Them doesn't you know get the memo and He does real research he wants to do it Like authentically and he puts eye Patches on the kids and the kids can't Do it especially the kid who who showed DOI originally who's now a you know in His 20s and he's doing he did a recent Performance in his 20s on they they're Still they're still doing this stuff It's an absolute scam and the guy you Know when he talked to me the doctor he Said that specifically doing it with the Original kid who I'd already knew the Story about that kid you know who who my Family knew who was you know a kid that Was someone who um had a you know a very Loose relationship with the truth you Know in terms of his exaggerating and Stories he's a bser but dodgy getting Duped by it and then the other crime of Course is once I made videos about it And there was outcries and people are Being intimidated they said they being Threatened abis who ask questions about It like that's how bad that's how Thug That's how cult-like and you know that's How much of a cult this is and all this Thuggery behavior and when that happened

All these people you know were forced Into silence and they were upset about It and they're still very upset about it And then I made it public on my YouTube Channel and I have a bigger audience and Things in a platform and I sent a Personal voice over to dodgy and say you Just can't do this right and the guy Instead of realizing okay because a good Grifter knows when it's time to get out Like a good Ponzi scheme a good pyramid Scheme there's a time where you gotta Just cut and run You made your money and you got to get Out the cops are starting to get there And the you know you the you know The Jig Is up right you gotta you gotta you Got to stop being a you know you got to Stop the scam right you got to stop the Grift and a good grifter knows that good Scammer knows that good criminal but Dodgy keeps on pushing it and getting All these other people involved and this One guy speculated to me this um guy Called the dodgy truther some guy who's You know he's been knowing about this For a while he's trying to get the Information out as well and he um said That he's bringing all these politicians In so they're all got their fingerprints On it so if things go down they all will Be embarrassed by you know deepo Chopra And then all these people from uh higher Levels of government every time dodgy

Has somebody significant he had this Prince the guy was a like a legitimate Prince he was part of a a royal line and You know Indian you know Prince and he Brought the brighter Minds kids out Every doctor he gets these people out so He wants to you know legitimize Something that he knows is a scam right And you know if he was a an honest an Ethical person he would publish the Report he got from this doctor and say Yeah this is the other side of this Because it's not you know if the kids Are looking through the blindfold which They are you know then he's teaching These kids to lie and that's the Opposite of building confidence it's Teaching them something I mean a master Shouldn't be teaching kids how to lie And so he shouldn't be making the people Around him lie for him and cover up for His own embarrassment and failure that's What a cult leader does right this is What makes it a cult and so um you know This is you know fundamentally wrong on Every level it just makes him into a bad Person like this is what a bad person Does this is what a a person with no Moral uh Integrity no no moral compass Right and just um and getting everywhere To go along with it that's like the Other thing like people you know you're Supposed to be leading them and and Showing them good character qualities

And there's such a falloff I mean it's Just bad and just a lack of wisdom Because you're going to get exposed like You do something like this and the Stress you live under waiting for this To you know all these scams that they're Doing and like the real estate scam that I'm hearing about you know if you're Going to defraud people and you're You're doing it under the guise of being A trustworthy because he has trust Capital built up in the fact that babaj G Lai and charie all of them built a Level of trust organizational trust in This organization and they're trusting Char's judgment to make him Master Because chargie was so good at Everything so these people were all Chargie people most aasis are chargie People and they're like all right charie Was great and he's you know chargie was Such a success at everything and he Endorsed this guy and he's got the Backing of Boby and Whispers And you all These things that he must be the master You know that's the way I felt and so There's built-in trust for him so he has Built-in trust from this position you Know just uh in terms of the cultural Trust of a guru in India a guru wouldn't Do these things and so I mean there's Just a level of trust you have that he Has been given and he's betrayed that Trust over and over again he makes these

Bad decisions and then you know all These things the other thing is them um You know doing this stuff where they um Copyrighted my videos you know if Dody Had this a couple of talks where he said That you're going to be staked up to Antarctica and you're going to your soul Is going to be erased completely if you Go against the the Divine hierarchy you Know it's another way of threats and Bribes this is going back to what Babaji Wrote about in the religion chapter and And reality at dawn that religions use Threats and bribes to control their People and that's what A's doing here But if he really had the power to do That he wouldn't have to copyright my Videos you know he wouldn't have to try To silence me you know just be a good Person you know I wanted to I wanted to I mean I did accept him as the master of The system I endorsed him and I you know I said things you know personally to him And and publicly if you watch my earlier Videos and people are saying they didn't Like the guy I mean you know just I mean My own son said early on he really Didn't like the guy and you know my wife And and people in the you know commented I defended the guy and you know I Explained what he made bad decisions About covid he wasn't a truther you know What what we evaluate is what we knew as Co you know we knew about Co Corona

Right Co um early on you know all of us In the truth Community dodgy was just Acting like a fool and making bad Decisions and I had to explain he wasn't A truther and you know but you can't not Be be a truther and be a master you have To be someone who has a a relationship With the truth you know but I because of My experience I overlooked and my trust And chargie in these things I overlooked And I had good experien with with Commish too so I had to you know accept This it took some pain and you know what This meant to the system the mission and The the future of sjar and you know Myself and all the things it's painful Right but it's the truth it's you know It's the the painful truth and you know We've all had to deal with it but you Know this brighter mind scam the Midbrain activation scam Andi is Suppressing information that he Commissioned like he asked this guy to Do this report and it didn't go his way And he's buried the report and he should Say this report exists that this is you Know there's some evidence that this is Doesn't work but they already know it Right and if he did that he would look Like such a fool he doesn't come back From that his master is over people will Not accept ccept him as a master because A master doesn't fall for these things And he should just let that happen like

He's a disgrace his you know his legacy Is going to he's going to be dis Disgraced in some way that's his legacy Right because all of us who are you know We're we're very upset by this right all Of us who are in the mission and see This it's not going away after he passes Away like his legacy is going to be this You know the the organization's going to Have to deal with this the same way that They being able to erase chargie and Pretend chargie wasn't who he was and Rewrite charies you know all of us who Know chargie but the way he's treat a Chargie you know once he dies he loses His power and the people that are around Him right they're going to be scurrying Like rats for all the stuff that they're Going to be held accountable for they Have a short Reign of Power if he gives One of his sons the he makes one of his Sons the Mastery that'll be you know That'll be it'll be over the Organization will be over like it just You know I mean people won't be having It like it's already fractured and he Doesn't have they don't have Charisma They're not bringing new people in and The old people are waking up more and More you know was it was amazing that Charie kept on saying uh you know wake Up over and over again when he talk to These gujaratis and they Nam Commish by By name um so anyways I just wanted to

Add that here okay so I turned that into A separate video Um you know um for my you know other Channel Exposing the heartfulness uh cult dodgy Scam Channel and I just want to read a few Whispers messages here okay so um there Might be five of them I don't know if I Read this already but I'll do it again If I have Saturday December 18th 1999 10:00 a.m. the ancient writings Underwent transformation over the course Of Centuries by humans human alterations And deletions and no religions are the Documents presented today entirely what Were what what the originals were in Every era certain people believe Themselves to be inspired and made Modifications that suited them one will Have to be very wary of that with regard To what we have written our books must Not meet with the same fate see that Dod's already done this so dod's done This with the you know all of it they Are not testimonies for this there are They are not testimonies for for this or That individual but our own writing even If it has to take time we hope that one Day these messages will be brought to The attention of those waning to accept Them there too we hope that beings Believe in themselves to be superior and Claiming to follow their inspiration

Will not come along and make cuts and Suppress what they deem inappropriate These writings are to be taken as they Are we insist and often often enough on This Point knowing the Whimsical minds Of people and their often surprising Assessments Boby um well this is it's all there Right um that's just what it is right That's what happened with religions it's What DOI is doing now and it's just all Of it and so um the next one there's a Series on computers Sunday December 19th 1999 with all of us you can express all The love there is no risk of Disappointment as with human beings it's Not always easy in your world to let One's feelings show you are all heading Towards very sad times again 1999 overc computerized where humans Will be communicating using the internet Or other means there is Anonymity there in anony in anonymity Everything can be said the best as well As the worst right this is 1999 the Medium is already de de diabolical in Some respects it is exploited Dangerously a kind of Mafia has taking Possession of it and it is an easy means To dup others therefore take advantage Of these modern Technologies to make Your life easier but don't fall into the Traps they that they can hide don't Become like

Automatons it is not it is not Dishonorable to show your sensitivity Your Love of beauty or what inspires you And you human being in music or in poem When this has expressed the beauty of Nature of the Divine love all of that Lives and moves in in a homage to the Creator babaj now there's still some People lots of people who don't accept The Whispers messages but this is from 1999 you know I wasn't on the internet To 200 three or four and then I wasn't Really on on it until 2007 and then I Started my YouTube channel But I I was late to the party but the Internet was nothing like it was and you Know part of it was them solving how to Put videos up on the Internet which Changed everything with YouTube right And I'm someone who makes my living on The internet now and I was late to the Party but 1999 lots of people weren't Even familiar with the internet yet and This is a you know this is him saying What's happened now you know this is um I mean all of it with the anonymity and The you know all the stuff like all the Stuff with the internet he's talking About here and then um he does a Follow-up message to that okay Apparently I saved that one twice Um here's the other one it's actually Before the religious one um Tuesday

December 14th 1999 10 a.m. it is truly Now the future of the mission must be Built you are all entering a new era and We'll have to develop your ability to Adapt Society will transform on all Levels Following upheavals of all kind on the Economic level increasing refined Technology will produce human tragedies Human beings will have to cope and keep Up willing or by force in order to Survive this process is already underway The culmination of this mutation is not For tomorrow don't panic progress since We must call it that is inhuman in many Ways but it cannot be stopped be both in The world you must all take Responsibilities for your lives and out Of the World by taking refuge in your Sodna not everyone is so fortunate Shrinks are increasingly numerous and For their part they are not about to be Out of work shrinks is psychologist Psych uh Psychiatrist people are withdrawing into Themselves and communicating with Difficulty various forms of pollution Are attacking their physical health and Balance all this should normally push Them to find the remedy within Themselves Boby okay there's um anyways Here's the last one let me find the in The wrong place here Um here it is um there's two to do with

The star symbol which I'll make a Separate video um I'll just end this one Here I'll I'll do these separately and Put them on my gratefulness meditation Channel cuz I got all that stuff there To do with the esoteric symbol I'll do That in the next couple of days I Haven't been paying attention to that Channel cuz I've been making so much Content on the heartfulness cult Channel But there's two uh esoteric symbols uh But this is interesting with the text Stuff and you Know it it was starting then but what He's talking about is in full you know It's in full I mean maybe it's it's Going to get worse I just did a video About Reacher 2 Series on Amazon that's Clearly written by AI or has AI Contributions to it very mechanical Dialogue and you know the AI stuff and All of it right and you know it's Inhuman it's without Soul it's without Heart and then people's I mean just the Addiction to the internet the amount of Time kids are spending on the internet And just all of that stuff um but let's Wrap this one up here I'm still going to Make another video uh on my uh Apocalypse Now Channel only spirituality Will save this world it's Bano Definitely point for the apocalypse and The Ascension everyone have a blessed Day and be grateful

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