Journey 135

Journey 135

Greetings brothers and sisters this is The 135th edition of The Journey series January 12th Friday I put um the 134th Out yesterday for members uh January 11th where I covered Tony nater and uh All of the stuff with Dodgy and the dodgy truther sent me this Now they have this thing called glimpses That used to be these wonderful videos That really captured char And I have a video to show you it isn't A an old glimpses video I don't know Where those videos disappeared but they Had nice music and you know I knew the Guy who who made the videos and he did Excellent camera work he was a Professional right um but I don't know What the glimpses thing is here but they Have this where he um down Here it says Um no Temples uh Um it just describes like what doi's Doing in one of these things here going On towards spiritual matters he spoke on What he called The Sixth Sense after doing the brighter Minds Program we see children can perceive Things even when blindfolded using the Six sense means that we are not using The regular five senses when we meditate In Superconsciousness and even when without Effort the tougher the the higher

Knowledge comes down to us if we develop Deservingness with Simplicity and Purity Then God himself comes looking for us in Their hearts heav Descend um you know the six sense now is A thing in SAR Apparently and this is from one Dr Tony Nater PhD the energy of these students from South Africa was unbelievable a Performance that left 10,000 course Participants filled with Joy and there was 10,000 people this is At there's 10,000 people there you know We saw that here's Tony [Applause] Nater [Applause] [Music] [Applause] He [Music] [Applause] Is that's the kind of ash from there That's a meditation Hall [Music] [Applause] W you did it woo um so they're on the The dis here so Dody must be over Here um we can't see him but you know The vibratory level of the asham you Know they had these meditation uh Retreat centers the one in um they sold The one in Texas and there was one in uh

There was one in Austin Texas I believe S one of those places Austin and there Was one um the famous one is in the Himalaya you know the Himalayan asham And people basically take a vow of Silence like very little you know it's Not a vow of silence but there's no Chitchat or talking or gossiping and you Would go there and you just go deep Internally and the reason for you know When you went to the uh meditation Hall In um in chenai you weren't supposed to Talk in the meditation Hall you weren't Supposed to have conversations you Weren't supposed to engage in any kind Of dialogue you know there'd be some Performances occasionally musical Performances or something um but this is You know there's a lot of energy and Emotion in this one and it's far Different from you know some of the like More Serene uh music that should be There and things like that but the vibr Vibratory field of the asham itself and The vibratory field of the meditation Hall The Meditation Hall was different Right the meditation Hall was supposed To be kept pure of other vibrations Because it you know was made it easier To meditate they created a condition There it's in Maxum one right Maxum one You're sitting in the same place uh same You know uh area on the same time every Day and you create a field of activity

There field of you know inactivity Really and you meditate and the energy There is spiritual you can create a Spiritual atmosphere in a room in your House or you a certain area and if you You know that's the whole uh you know The whole point behind the first Maxim And you know he's degraded the condition Of that asham which wasn't great when I Went there the asham had a little bit it Had some spiritual energy but it wasn't As good as other ashs so then um the sa Mark Channel put up this video charie Fun times with # chargy # SAR # srcm and This gives you a real good example of What was like to be around charging when It's in a joking mood you know uh Dody Wants to make it sound like charging was Just sad all the time and morose but That's dodgy right and charie is talking About how a married couple came to the Asham and the guy wanted to have sex With his wife at the asham the husband I'm editing I make sure this clear the Husband wanted to have sex with his wife At the asham the wife said it's a Spiritual place we shouldn't do it or Whatever so um I want to clarify that And he asked chargy and chargy says I Can't answer this question I'll I'll Refer to Bob G and then the guy asked Boba G and the guy didn't understand so Babaj G um you know I mean baj G didn't Understand the the question so charie

Whispered to him and bobi got Embarrassed and didn't answer and then Charie said then I gave them an answer And then he doesn't tell the crowd what The answer is and everyone's laughing Throughout this Thing to Stay yes and about a month later I Landed Up so they gave me coffee and then moru And all the Works then he said I was the secretary I Want have a word with you I said if it's Not urgent tomorrow he said no no it's Not urgent but you know it's I would Like there some problems resolve Something like that I said so he said You know I have come to stay with my Wife here and we living in ass so how About it I said how about What then he went on you know inating His Problem how when he was willing she was In because she said no no no this a pure Place lay off and things like that I Said you know I'm not competent to Discuss this Issue I take you to [Applause] Bob so two days later I to Babui so babuji said ha you have Come I hope you are happy he said yes I'm very happy I have brought my wife Also with me he said that is what I like

I'm telling you H and wife must not be Separated so he was very happy he said Yes Babu but you know can I lead a Married life in the asham he said yes You are Married of course you will leave the Marriage you call sister but that is Spiritual sister married you know so he Said no no but B you know what I mean he Said yes I'm telling you I'm happy that Sister is with You more confusion then this guy Whispered in my ear I whispered in Babu and bab in The and he look around you know with Hook you want to answer this Question Got your Feed so of course I gave him the Answer too much see this was Tom uh Char's great comic timing right like he Said I gave him the answer then he Pauses CU everyone's waiting for the Answer um which the answer was no like They shouldn't have sex in the Asham um but there are people who lived In the asham like later on in Chari Asham married couples so there was you Know it was different for them but the Asham like when you were there you're Supposed to be celibate and focus on Your meditation but you know then I'm Saying that because of dodgy bringing in Anybody and everybody like corporations

And you know this singing and dance Performance and whatever energies that Are there from other meditation groups Other Practices uh diaper Baba getting up There doing a belly dance and you know They all have different Energies and there's a very subtle Energy that comes with the meditation That you're supposed to keep um pure in The asham right and so um you know but He was just great like he was like just Great at a Storyteller and just could Like the Captivate how you could Captivate an audience this is just a Wonderful example and then when this One's over they show a a video here of Um him talking about bobaji seeing a Disembodied spirit and charge you Getting freaked out Right finish it before [Applause] B the bedroom was about this Size in this direction like this and Here was a door to go out and there's a Window big window looking on the street And babji's SC was here and my bed is Here on the Floor 9:00 just had the finished came 9:00 I was sitting my Diary and Babu of the partt you know Looking and suddenly he looked here Who's there I said Where he said next to you I

[Applause] [Laughter] I I'm captain without a boat Okay I have a boat without a Captain good one master Always because my captain is up There take one of us together Myle thank you thank you very Much Myle is it my mother's cousin first Cousin yeah and his grandfather and my Grandfather you Brothers not your father And my grandfather my father and your Grandfather Father Old AG you know catching up you look Like brothers welcome thank you Very I'm happy that LA's great Granddaughter is here part of our Family La is our grandmas the you know The man who created the system of s Rediscovered It and it Is for me a moment of Happiness to have That family Associated and and my family Too you know it's a very strange thing That when I was inaugurating the Asam in Upate Nework CS I hadle Of we were sitting in a tent it was very Cold it was Sleepy around

Z and everybody was trying to meditate While sing not Easy and in po head between you know the Tent and it's Opening here is the Gold and he came and hugg me and he Disturbed a Meditation and he said in his own Inevitable style to the audience this is My own sister's Son so I have another Uncle today here And I feel very proud that you don't It's my mother's blessing but I should Like to end with a joke you know s is a Very important thing part of our life so Um there's a asham at the CasCal Mountain is the first asham I went to And when I was a little kid I went to The ccll game farm which was a you know Kind of like a petting zoo we went with A I think my family or a school I think It was my family and I loved it there Upper state New York is just beautiful And so um a month into my practice we Went to the sasham I think I went there One other their time one of the Preceptors that one of uh you guys um Used to go to um this guy uh was you Know kind of a clown but he's he he Built this kind of a pretty cool Underground House um I had some you know weird Interactions with him over the years he Never did his practice like he was a

Preceptor but he didn't do his Meditation and he never really did the Practice like he wouldn't go to satson He was in charge of maintenance at the Asham in Georgia like just whatever that Meant and he would just go out there and Do the Work uh well while satson was there was No real work and charie went went by him And said you coming to SATs on today so But anyways this guy semi donated this He sold the the land in this underground House to the mission um and I guess that There was too many people there for him To like we when we went there we Meditated the underground house and it Wasn't great you know like part of it Was underground um but it was kind of Cool I enjoyed it there and you know had A really good condition the asro had the Energy but they sold it eventually but He's talking about how he was giving a Satson and his his relative who um must Have been living in the US showed up There and called him Patu which was his Nickname as a kid right that's what his Family called him and interrupt Sasson Cuz the guy didn't know what's going on Right like you know he had no idea that Charie was now a spiritual Master you Know um so that's interesting then There's this last one Here there was a Prof Guru a young man Like as a good disciple upcoming

Disciple he felt he should be sent out Into the desert for a period of you know Isolation meditation and isolation he Called him and said young man would you Be willing to go to the desert for a Year or so and Med yourself he said yes Guu anything you say He said okay get ready take a tent with You and you Know life can be difficult so take War Clothes I perm you to smoke the so don't Forget it take it with you in the cold Morning it would be nice and don't leave S Behind so one year later wanted to see What this guy was doing to the resert Located him somewhere saw a nice tent Went in and there was this guy you know Sitting happy looking Resped he said how are you young man he Said guruji by your grace everything is Fine so guui said well I would like to Sit down and smoke a chill will you get Me one he said s bring the [Laughter] Chill and one of these girls that My she walked in with a Chill look at said he said what is this He said you told me not to forget S so that is the pleasant half of Obedience I'm no talking of the duty Part of obedience you know the effective Part of Obedience that obedience we have to

Cultivate that obedience you know must Become second nature and it cannot be Done by imposing obedience you know s is Famous for lose discipline externally Because we don't believe in administered Discipline so what he's talking about There is sadna is a word for your Spiritual practice your meditation your Cleaning your everything right so the Guru is saying to the guy don't leave Sodna behind meaning make sure you do Your sodna while you're out in the Desert and um you know so the joke was He found a girl named Sadna and he brought her to the desert With them I've never heard that joke Before that story um and I'm sure There's a lot of those out there that I Haven't heard before but there's so many Of them and you know these stories he Would tell and and you could see the Difference he was just able to Captivate An audience he was able to you know Bring laughter and joy into the Interactions he really enjoyed people he Enjoyed uh you know being around people And having people around him I mean Every day people would come even when he Was really sickly and he would you know Try to make himself available and you Know do spiritual work work on him there Were times that I saw him there were two Specific times where I was aware of him Doing spiritual work on me like

Sometimes he'd be doing it on the whole Group but he focused on me you know and I could feel the you know cleaning and And you know there's a transformation That happened maybe three or four times There were of you know their Interactions I saw maybe 20 times I mean You know where there was some I don't Know how many times there was an actual Acknowledgement of my presence like There were times he was just sitting Around and I was in the group group of People that were there with him and then There were times where like he you know We talked a little bit or he Acknowledged me in some way and of those Times he acknowledged me there was three Times maybe four times where I felt work Being done like I knew there he was Working on me in some way and you know When you were in this presence it was Just amazing like you just you know Exude this energy and like it would Change something would change like you Would before you saw him things would be Going in one direction or another and Then things would change it happened you Know to everybody that saw him like There was some kind of um you know not Just seeing him physically but going to The ashro and you know there were Moments where you were going in one Trajectory and then you left the Gathering going in another or things

Changed and shifted and and then you Just felt different internally right and You know people would just want to be Around them for that reason and there Was just you know it was a like a pure Blessing and you don't see that with Dodgy like he just you know he doesn't Have any of these qualities he's not Good at he doesn't have some kind of he Doesn't have any really sense of humor Like I've never heard him say anything That I thought was funny his delivery Sucks when he does try to joke you know He tries to joke but he's not good at it You know he gets a lot of Mercy laughs Where people laugh um kind of despite Him but anyways that's called reverend Charie fun times at the asham # Charar it was um uploaded 13 days ago Ago in January uh so that would be January um 1st uh 200 24 if you're looking for it sometime In the Future um so there's two Whisperers Messages I want to read to you Monday November 29th 1999 10 a.m. love should Be great love should be a great current Uniting All Hearts what is the situation Exactly love does exist among humans Great movements of solidarity are Falling into place more than ever before And that is good however we are Concerned to see such violent spreading Again 1999 it's getting out

Uncontrollable and dangerous exacerbated By the spread of drugs in various Forms all equally formidable for human Beings one needs to fight this Scourge That increasingly affects the lifeblood Of the world the youth who are impacted The most I think he's talking about in All forms like video games and things Like that that are you know whatever it Is we are going outside our usual Framework here but how to remain Insensitive to that and if the purpose Of the mission is completely different Order we cannot help but ardently wish That a major worldwide action be taken To stem this devastating Scourge Souls Long for Joys provided by spiritual life And are not and are not and not the very False joys of artificial Paradise again I think he's talking about video games Here pay for those unfortunate pray for Those unfortunate people who indulge in Such practices thereby jeopardizing Their evolution Baby and then the following day Tuesday November 30th 1999 7:30 a.m. and so um This was actually uh these are in verse Or this is Monday and this was Tuesday So uh we will be we will be brief today My son is Happy our ambassador has Successfully fulfilled his mission we Couldn't have made a better choice in The various areas where we call him he Is right at home not only does he

Express himself perfectly but he also Knows how to touch Hearts this is he's Talking about chargie here you know how DOI has tried to minimize charges uh you Know effect and Success um but anyways your master will Set off again to continue his tour in Europe he is very satisfied all is going Well um this visit once again is Important with regard to his travels he Makes choices according to priorities it Isn't a question of pleasing this or That person or country his motivations Are a higher order it must not not be Interpreted as some as some do as some Among you do a master's life is not Aligned with the usual uh mundane Formalities he does his work and bases His activity on other criteria your Children in heart will remember this Meeting yet even so they cannot assess Its full scope Boby Um you know very important uh Distinction here because of you know What we see with dodgy right like it's Just a totally different thing you know Dody's just floundering and flopping Around and you know I mean his bringing In this TM thing like he's he's just Doesn't have any like Compass right he Doesn't have any his heart isn't there Making good Decisions and you know I can speak from

Personal you know my personal Situation it isn't hard after doing sjar For a long time even a short time to to Learn how to go inside and figure out How to make your big life decisions it Just isn't hard I mean it wasn't hard For me like I look back at you know There there are Choice points in your Life and when you're on a spiritual Journey those Choice points stand out as Something you know important in what Direction you're going to do this or That you know and there's these moments Where when you make a decision it Changes your life forever right going to India coming back to America where where My family and I landed me remarrying Right so all these things were you know Changing my life for um you know every Aspect of my life it it was where I was Going to live and you know the lifestyle Is going to lead and things like that Doing this YouTube channel whatever it Might be doing the journey series for Example you know decisions that affect My life how many days have I spent now Talking about the stuff in the journey Series and how it's affected people not Just even people on my YouTube channel But other obosi that came through and You know people have heard about dodgy And maybe woke up a little bit you know Things like that you know these Decisions you have where should I do

This or should I not these things and You know they become spiritual decisions Like you realize they have implications In your spiritual journey and you know Chargie is doing this in a bigger way on A you know scale which involves other People in the course of the mission Right and when he made these decisions It was always the right one like as far As you know I never heard of him making A mistake or anything like you see with DOI you know Dody um he um he had some Autonomy like he was going to be his own Master and he was going to do things Differently and so he brought in the Relaxation part of the meditation right And that you know I don't know if that Was good or bad um he brought in this Idea of having people try uh meditation With or without transmission and again I Think that was a good thing he put out Some videos of like you know what what I Now have up at the gracefulness Meditation where people could start with Three sittings in three days uh you know The introductory settings and then he Did this UD Demi course and he finished Up the Asom in um in the you know the The um you know the K asham and he we Had some kind of guard he did and there Were some things that you I don't know He designed these things these were his Ideas or he just went along with him he Built this Forest that seems to be

Beautiful and he's done some things There you know and those things can all Be considered maybe good decisions he Made things that paid benefit but then You know there was him saying kids Couldn't come to the asham and that had A negative effect on me and my family I Missed a whole Gathering his first Birthday gathering and then he went back And changed the rules cuz he was a And he shouldn't have put that rule in The first place then he had the brighter Mind scam which is you know that was a Disaster and still is and it continues To be so you know there's decisions that There's no way he should have gotten Fooled in the first place not being able To read the situation not seeing it as a Scam getting bought into it and then Franchising it and then having it Exposed by one of his own members Multiple people and then instead of Correcting the situation I mean there's Multiple times he could have you know Changed course and he didn't and then There's all the times he decided to say Chargie wasn't a master and leaving Chargie off lists and you know saying That chargie wasn't a part of the the Hierarchy or whatever and chargie was in The brighter world I mean whatever he Said insinuated cancelling chargie and Bab's holidays most recently and then All the people he's brought into the

Asham and tried to partner up with Diaper Bob and that Gathering and these Things he's done you know he wrote wrote Books which is okay you know WR writing Books is part of it but the books seem To suck um you know in terms of they're Not at the level of a master and then He's tried to manipulate the system and Force preceptors to buy books and you Know gaming trying to game YouTube and Buying views and buying subscribers and You know all the crappy videos and Content he's put out and he's made Decisions about all these things right And you know they've sold some aoms and They've done things and you know every One of those decisions is wrong and goes Against the teachings of the system and There's failure there right like he Tries something he's tried all these Things to bring more people in and it's Failed and he's lost the other you know People to whatever extent like the People aren't into it even if they're Still practicing and he's got this Opposition movement against them there You know and it's just um across the Board like people know and they don't Even want they don't want to say it or Whatever but you know and it just Shouldn't be that way because it's not That hard right like if I had to make These decisions I would not have made Any of the bad ones I don't know how

Many the good ones maybe you know Whatever but the bad ones wouldn't the Wrong choices wouldn't have been there And you know and I'm not you know I'm Whatever I am like I'm kind of a slacker And you know like I could be better but In terms of major decisions it just like It's almost like you can't make the Wrong one if you're really doing the Practice you can't make big mistakes Unless some scar kicks in and there's Some kind of just you know thing that Has to go but even that's not a mistake If it involves cleaning right like my Marriage to my ex like that shouldn't Have happened but it had to happen like It wasn't you know like I my heart told Me it had to happen and you know it Cleaning and things happened because of It like it was in knowledge and stuff And things that I share here and you Know you know it changed my Understanding of the world and you know Brought insight into you know all these Things so um you know is it desirable no Did it work out the way I would have Liked no was it fun no right but was it Spiritually beneficial yes and so There's things like that and and dodgy Stuff they don't seem to be uh Spiritually beneficial certainly not for Me but I don't know about other people Right and there's so many bad decisions He's made and charger you could just see

He was in the flow he was just a master He was masterly he could command a crowd And you know he was you know I mean he Was pleasant to to meet and see and if He wasn't pleasant he was you know you Left with this sense of you know some Kind of work being done whatever if he Chastised you which he really did and You know if he you know whatever Happened when you left his presence Things got better like you at least on The spiritual level you know and these Clowns that were around him learned Nothing like they learned nothing like They all just couldn't wait to wreck the Mission they couldn't wait to bring the UN they couldn't wait to you know just I Mean fail on every level and you know They didn't I mean they were there with Him observing his work and how he did His work and you know I mean they just Just through osmosis and the you know Some of it just should have rubbed off On him and it didn't right and I'm Certainly dodgy dodgy was there seven Straight years before chargie passed Away or whatever it was and he spent all This time with them for over the 30 Course of 30 years and you know he Didn't learn anything like like learned Nothing from the guy he has nothing to Say no great stories like this no Nothing like this no uh he said he Doesn't like to talk about chargie

Because chargie was sad all the time but You saw how much he was he was always Joking around laughing and I you know I Didn't I mean I guess there was sadness There but I didn't see it right he Didn't show it publicly and you know I Mean dod's just lying like he just lies About stuff and you know he he's has a Warped sense of reality like almost Delusional and and maybe some kind of Mental illness or something so you know And I I mean it wasn't there as bad or You know wasn't there that would anybody Would notice before he became Master but Maybe the power he received from being The you know the the being made the Master had he had weaknesses in his System and you know it um they were Exacerbated like that's maybe you know One one way to look at it so there's a Good message here too I um I should read This one Tuesday November 30th 1999 10 A.m. it would be reasonable not to push Hard today he's talking about giving Messages and her writing them down we Will simply say this the mission is Advancing the mission is growing its Future is all set not only are the Foundations solid ID but the edifice Will not cease rising over the course of Centuries we have been the pioneers of This beautiful history for Humanity it Isn't easy for you all to realize its Importance not only for your time but

For future times as well be happy to be On a path that is solidly taking root And that will mark this century and that Will mark this century and the ones to Follow you are at the dawn of a new era Where spiritual spiritual Where uh era where the spiritual over Time must hold a prominent place even if It does not resolve all problems it Represent salvation for people of Good Will We Will conclude on this optimistic Note rest my child learn how to better Manage your energies you can't afford to Waste them Boby and so this is the Things that give me some sense of I Don't want to say hope but pop is there And it's about you know how um you know He says this over and over again that You know this is already successful and Will be successful and so it'll survive Dodgy that you know these things that He's saying and and there's not this is One of many that everything's going in The right direction and there's you know A solid foundation and the system will Go forward and you know the thing about It is all the people who have received The sittings even my or you know people Just tried it it'll have an effect on Them and when they come back in Future Lives they'll be much better at this and So um you know that's been said over and Over again and so there's where the you Know the hope lies in this thing that as

Bad as it looks with Dody that there's Some you know there's a future here and It's already you know ordained it's Already happened on some other you know Plane of existence beyond the the third Dimension you know the fourth Di Dimension of time is Once you go to The Fifth Dimension time is cyclical and so Bob's talking about things that have Already happened from his view of things Like he can he can go to any point on The timeline from where his existence Resonates you know in the brighter world I mean we can do that too but it's Harder to understand it and see it in a Human level because time is cyclical Right but he can go you know he's he's Already seen what's going to happen from His point of view because he's beyond The third and fourth dimensions and so Um you know for that I would say I mean It looks kind of Bleak now but there are You know these seeds that have been Planted here and it's a you know there's A plan and there's a it's continuing Right like you can feel the energy and The gratefulness meditation and so there Doesn't have to be an organization as Long as there are people capable of you Know having having the transmission flow Through them and there'll be more and More of them in the future and less and Less of you know as population reduction Happens less and less of the the crap

That that prevents us from meditating Right the the U you know the noise of The modern day civilization and the you Know the beastly system anyways that's It for today I'll continue on Whenever okay um the dodgy truther sent Me this it's Zumba dancing uh Heartfulness Zumba Dancing um but I guess maybe brighter Minds I don't know I think it's Associated with a [Music] Wellness you know um there's nothing Wrong with dancing obviously in terms of The Sark system but it's not supposed to Be done at the asham and this kind of Thing has nothing to do with Spirituality and it's complicating a Very simple system and getting away from The essence uh looks kind of goofy but These are this is the this looks like Hana's ex auxiliary buildings here so It's like outside the meditation Hall And they're doing this Zuma Dancing see there's another one over Here it says heartfulness Wellness Fest and um some kind of stage here and They're doing this up there um and so Again there's the auxiliary buildings Behind there the kna they have these um It looks like kan's yeah that's the one Of the they have these little U there's The meditation hall there's a couple of The auxiliary build auxiliary

Buildings um and they kind of suck At you know look at them they're having A good time but it's you know it's not What the asham and the meditation are Supposed to be about right so just a Couple more things to add to this so I Want to read one uh Whispers message at Least One uh you know so Babaji used to say Minimum Comforts maximum spiritual Benefit and what he meant by that was That when you have external pleasures And Comforts and things then you're not Going to want to meditate you know Things that will pull you out into the Material world and so when he had people To at his house that's what he was Saying when people at his house or came To a g gaing that there would be minimum Material Comforts that it would be very Simple life there would be food you know Place to sleep and these things right But the you know emphasis was that there Would be discomforts on the material Level and it would drive people inward To meditate which is a big part of this Idea of a collapsing civilization giving Way to a more spiritual time because When there's Materialism you are pulled outward to Your sensory Stimulation and pleasures and you you Know don't want to focus on your Spiritual side and so when people went

To Baba's um you know house in shaj Janur you know chargie had once said Something to the effect that uh you know He he didn't think there was a worst Place in sha Janur and then he went to fagar where uh Bology was from this V these villages in Northern India where they were just you Know very rural and very uh you know Just not nice places and he said at Least I have chenai right which is where His asham was which was you know an Upgrade and that he said you know this Their successive Masters there'll be More and more you know Comforts to some Extent right as it grows you know this The system grows and you have more and More people you know who are you have People who are more more and more like Tourists instead of true spiritual Seekers but he talks about going to Baba's house and shot janur And you know they would come in from nor Uh Southern India these brahin and they Hadn't really traveled to Northern India They didn't know what cold was like Right and in India you know the people Are used to heat like there was people That came to the asham in chenai and Chenai when I was there for you know on And off for three years the temperature Never got below 74 degrees even in the Early Dawn hours you know right before Sunrise where it's the coldest it was

Always 74 and above and it was kind of Balanced out there it only got into the '90s there but probably the average Temperature is like 84 85 degrees with a Lot of humidity because it's not that Far from the ocean right it's you know a City that's um on the coast uh the Southern coast of of uh India and there Were times people would visit from other Regions and they would come in wearing Coats and E muffs right like my kids and I used to laugh about these people are So conditioned to hot you to heat that They thought 84 was cold right and so These people would go up to Shahanur which is in Northern India and They would have Winters would get 40 Degrees you know they even maybe get Some snow occasionally right and so they Would come there in the winter and they Were just dressed in their normal Clothes that they wore in chenai and They would be freezing and they were Sleeping on concrete floors on newspaper Like they had these buildings that were Concrete floors and newspaper And they would be shivering and you know Bobi had local practitioners like women They were knitting like pullover sort of Uh you know sweat full over sweaters With hoods he would leave out there for People to use and then people just steal Them and take it with them as a souvenir And it was like you know I mean and he

Was in charging people anything you know What it was he had only a a very meager Amount of money as a retired Babu or Clerk he inherited this house in in its Compound from his parents right you know He had these multiple like buildings and You know there's like cement buildings In this Courtyard and he had this place Where he would sit there was these it Almost like a porch and he had his chair And his hooker there and he was sit and People would sit with him and they were Freezing right you know this lot of them Would come up there and be cold and Babaj G ended up you know someone Donated or he got a a water heater like You know you stick it in a a bucket of Water and you know turn it on I don't Know how it worked I don't even know if He had electricity back then or what he Had and the southern Indian people would You know have to get up and it took About an hour to heat up the water and They had these rituals they these Ritualistic baths they would do in the Morning you know this it's sort of a you Know a a cleansing in the morning and it Would be cold and they be using this bab Had a you know a a well pump like you Pumped water out of a well and you know Charg you when he first met Bob G and my Master came there and he didn't think Much of him when he met him he didn't Seem like a traditional type of Guru

Person and he was sitting there watching Babaji and Babaji went over to the well Pump and Babaji was old even then right It's you know kind of frail small guy And he started pumping the water and he Brought it over to chargie and goes Here's the water for your bath and Charie felt ashamed that he sat there And watched this old you know senior Person pumping water for him right so You know they would get up and by the Time the water heated up B would already Be out there giving sass on so the it Was the water heater was basically Worthless cuz they would get up at 4 in The morning and sleeping on the cement Floor and then charie said these Sittings that Baba G give were like Otherworldly like these deep meditative Sittings right and this guy Don Savin Who talked to me after I was made a Preceptor was a dynamic kind of guy he Took care of babaj G he was a you know Natural healer he was a nurse and like a Naturopath and he had these you know Alternative uh you know healing uh Abilities and he could read people's Condition he was really good you know Preceptor and things and Boba G ended up Building a building for westerners for Europeans Americans Canadians Don was Canadian and he was so proud of it but There was these cement buildings with Windows with no screens in them and they

Would just get dirty like there was dirt Like dust all over the floor all the Time and Don said one one time him and The people that were there the the Danish people the Europeans that were There decided to clean the whole Building and sweep it out and you know Do whatever make it nice and half hour Later a wind blew in and blew it all the Dirt was being you know dusty place Where there was farmland and a lot of The places in India are kind of baren You know farmland and they get rain and They grow crops and other than that it's Just clay or you know sand kind of a you Know just um sitting there Barren like You'd see in you know some place in uh You know like uh New Mexico or or uh Oklahoma or something like this so these Places where there's no real top soil And just I mean there's no uh growth Because it's just too dry in the summer Arizona you know these places very you Know like Sage Brush and things you'll See in the west but anyways Bob G was Say minimum Comforts maximum spiritual Benefit there's a time where uh somebody Was complaining about the food that bobi Was providing and bobi came around the Corner and heard it and he got like a Little bit annoyed you say I provide Divine food right cuz B had no money Like people would come to his house and He wasn't taking donations and he was

Just feeding them you know a very watery Doll you know doll is a lentil and some Chipati of of bread and things you know It was very limited amount of food and People were probably you know always a Little bit hungry and cold or whatever Was going on there right and the Sittings were incredible they would have These incredible spiritual experiences And there' be minimum comforts and then Charie built the ashro and there was More Comforts right it became they had Dorms and people were able to rent flats And houses around the places there you Know hotels people could stay out that Were you know four star five star things Like this that were you know like a like A good solid hotel in America um and the Asom became more Comfortable right more electricity and You know things like this running water And you know stuff like that um indoor Plumbing or whatever it was and so you Know the Comforts went up but still it Was not very comfortable compared to What we're used to staying in the asham Like I slept on underneath the Meditation Hall in a cement floor with a Little thin thermal rest mattress and a You know and a a tent with the with a Cover knot on it just this mosquito net Right you know wasn't as comfortable or As what we're used to here in America But it was still a lot better than what

Boba andology had right and as the Mission grew and you'd had more and more Older people there the idea is there Would be you know slightly more Comforts And things but keeping it simple and There's also the Sark system is based in Vibration everything's vibration and the Transmission that's given is a very Subtlest vibration and the and the thing With God is you know Bob always referred To God is being subtle you know God is Subtle and so you have to be subtle to Feel God and something that's gross Vibratory you know grosser music you Know some sort of pop music heavy middle Music things like this you know even all The way up to classical it's still the Vibrations are a lot heavier than the Transmission that's given right even the Most subtle music and the most subtle Vibrations and noises and things even The noises of nature which are more Subtle right but if you go out to Nature And somebody's blasting like we used to Go out to these um there's a place to Hike in um a red rock place to hike Right outside of Vegas And people would show up one time There's a guy and he was a young guy and His friend he was carrying a boon box And playing like loud rap Music and you know walking around and it Was a very peaceful place right and the Music Disturbed the peace and you see

This in nature when somebody goes out to Nature and and makes you know a noise Like that if you're had a concert Somewhere or something the the noise Dominates and and gets rid of the the Piece disappears right you'll go to a Place where there's peace peaceful Subtle vibrations in nature and people Will go there and be loud or if there's Someone having an argument right if Everyone else is sitting there Peacefully enjoying something and Somebody is having an argument and anger Comes in the the more the more uh heavy Vibrations Dominate and you can't feel The peaceful vibrations you can't feel The peace because the heavy vibrations The gross vibrations are the ones that Are you know they're more they dominate The the area right people can all Understand that and so you know the idea Is that it was supposed to be very Simple at asham's and very peaceful so That you could feel the transmission and Keep it you know keep the vibrations Your own personal contribution to the Atmosphere you should you know remain Subtle even if you felt angry you felt You're going through some cleaning or Something that you just resisted the Temptation to lash out at other people Or argue or gossip or you know do things That bring down the energy so that you Know other people couldn't you know feel

The the subtle energy that was there to Be felt right you know there's plenty of Places to do Zumba dancing and you know In India they have these Bollywood Movies and they're very goofy most of Them there's only a couple good ones at Least one good one that I saw was which Was Lagan you know it's maybe kind of Humorous to watch this stuff uh briefly But you know it's not Um it's kind of goofy they're musicals And they they love the dancing there They have traditional dancing and they Have the Bollywood dancing and you can See that people would go and do this Zumba thing and they would get a a high Level of participation and people want To have fun and that's cool but not at The ashim right there's plenty of places To do Zumba dancing and these other Things and you know you want people who Can feel the transmission are going to The asham to feel you you want to travel All the way to India or all the way to The asham if you're Indian in in India To do something you can do anywhere in Your local town right Like the reason you go to the ash what Makes it special is the transmission and The cleaning and things and you want People who appreciate that obviously you Know people who can experience that and You want people who you know are there For Spiritual reasons but you know

People will be attracted to it for the Wrong reasons and you know Dody is Looking for external validation because He knows he's a failure and the way he Can prove he's not a failure is to bring In lots of people and expand the mission And do new things things and show you Know celebrity status and you know Whatever un status these things be a big Man important person have Modi in and You know have and you know increase the The numbers of people but he hasn't been Able to increase the numbers of people Because Zumba dancing isn't going to do It right these Wellness fests and things He's doing and bringing in this um you Know this uh you know asham you know This thing with this guy uh Tony nater The TM guy Transcendental Meditation Thing that I showed you in my last video You know thing about that is the guy Celebrated his birthday in Kan like they Don't have their own asham they don't Have their own thing to do why is the Guy celebrating his birthday unless he Did multiple birthday stops you know Where he was the centerpiece of the Gathering of course you know I after Getting rid of chargie and Babaji Birthdays because there was too many Gatherings he's bringing in you know People from other organizations you know But it's um it put and then all the Dancing stuff I showed you the the uh

You know the South African stuff that Was going on you know it is um it takes Away from the experience right but They're still not bringing in more People because people can do this Locally and so there's no reason to do It with sjar or heartfulness now Whatever you know there's no reason to Do these types of activities with Heartfulness because they can do yoga Anywhere they can do hay yoga they can Do you know they can do it in the Comfort of their own homes and the only Reason to go to the asham is a Transmission it's not You know for some people it's an upgrade In terms of their material lives but you Know it's still for most westerners it Is you know not as nice as their their Normal life right you suffer and it's a Tough trip it's a long trip from America It's a two and you know it's a two-day Plane ride and it was a tough trip uh The jet lag and all these things and it Was the spiritual benefit that was there Right and so um you know it's a failure Because he's failing because he's not Bringing more people in the celebrity Thing is just goofy and bogus only Dummies are attracted to that stuff the Important you know being important World Figure or these things being a part of The the global establishment and it's Counter you know it's it's counter to

The teachings of babagi and these other Things right and so you know he's made Himself a joke and he's trying to you Know uh embellish his credentials by Pretending that he's bringing more People in which they're not and that They somehow are more important than it Used to be and they're recognized Now by You know people in India or whatever it Is and maybe a little bit globally but Mostly in India and so it's a fail right And they're bringing down the vibratory Condition at the place and it's pretty Obvious that's the the uh the state There the other thing is that they used To say you know babaj G chargie and ly Were all one you know ly merged into Boby and Babaji merged into charie and In every tradition you see this with Jesus and and Peter and his disciples The idea that this spiritual essence of The the president the you know the the Master of the system you know Jesus in This case would trans be able to you Know be stay alive in the president the You know the popes you know the pope of The first pope was like Peter right and The leaders of the cathol church that Essence of Jesus's condition the Christ The essence of the Christ would stay in The system and that's always been the Case in the land of gurus in India where There's these long lineage and tradition Of these spiritual Masters but only in

SAR is the ability to transmit the Essence lji was able to transmit his Essence his spiritual essence you know His soul in a sense and merging into Babaji and Babaji was then able to do That with Char right right to keep that Essence alive and you know nobody says That about dodgy at least to my Knowledge like that he is one with the Other three Masters because it's so Obviously not right if they're saying it They're just saying it it's only words Only that you know there was a sitting That Babaji gave chargie in the airport In Denmark that only lasted a minute and A half and he transmitted his Essence Into chargie like his you know what he Was as a spiritual being and it is a you Know it is a very desirable ability in These spiritual traditions because you Keep the essence of the master alive and You know the person has their own Personality and they have their own Tendencies but the spiritual Essence is The same but nobody I you can really say That about DOI because he's you know He's saying chargie didn't even make it Into the brighter world you know chargie Would had to transmit his Essence into Into DOI and I think that probably Happened but DOI just rejected it in Some way I you know I don't know like it Really isn't uh there no way for me to Know but anyways let's read this one

Um Whispers of the brighter World Wednesday December 1st 1999 ADM for your Own good keep a check on yourselves rise Above the little meanness of life you All have better things to do be vigilant So that you can see things in Perspective in all circumstances you Might not you must not waste time and Especially your energy with things that Are not worth it as days go by our Aspirant are divested ing themselves of You of the useless is a result of our Work and theirs combined that leads them To see life from another angle they Appreciate what is good for them and Philosophically accept most of the time What is not according to appearances you Should all realize that each day is a Step forward and that you have to live It and can you and you have to live it Can be inscribed in the profit of or Lost column it's up to you all to ensure That it yields a positive result your Thoughts are important and shape you as Much as your actions if you have to if You have to LIF them drift in the wrong Way rectify the situation immediately You will also you will also you will all Thus manage through a condition reflex To control yourselves these are Important details don't neglect anything That can hinder your progress you know He's Boby he's talking about wasting Time here which is you know kind of what

I'm saying um and you know all of these Things uh this is another one I think This is also a part of that Wednesday de December 1st 1999 10: a.m. you see how Changeable and disappointing humans are Do not dwell on such reactions Rectify Your inner State as we just said in the Previous message let nothing trouble it For long is important no turn the page Is it important no Turn the Page and Di Ins inside yourself where we are in a Permanent and mutable way you can see How practical it is you immediately Clean the unpleasant Impressions that Linger in you what could be more fitting Than this maxim of Teresa of a villa Which has marked your life all is Nothing God is all um she I think she Was Teresa of a villa who was a medium And a Chandler some you know Christian Saint Teresa of a villa was A Um Mystic and Saint in the in Spain she Was a nun she was also called Teresa of Jesus and um Madam L the medium it seems Like she was this person a past life and So uh what could be more fitting than This maximum of Teresa of ailla which Has marked your life all is nothing God Is all no matter the importance of what Affects you bring it all back to God and There you will not be disappointed Life strength and love are within you All within your reach you can use it as

Much as you want do you really want It that is the question it's yours it's Your life it's your choice bobbyy so These are interesting I'm going to stop Here um but you know uh yeah so there's A lot of stuff I've been talking about Wasting time in a recent video and um You know one of the you know videos on My normal you know video here And you know wasting time is a big part Of what's happening in the world people Have free time but utilize it poorly and You know this is something where in the Sark tradition you know having this free Time and focusing on the ability to Connect to God you know L was U Somewhere you know where his boss called Him to work and he was waiting for his Boss and his boss was maybe a uh like a Um an Englishman like there was an English guy there maybe somebody who was You know not familiar with the the Spiritual culture and the guy apologized Toy Andi for wasting his time Andi said You can't waste my time and so he left And this was in the movie that they made And he left and um the you know the the Person the boss asked one of the other Guys what did he mean by you can't waste My time he said well he was using that Time to do spiritual work you know he Was constantly doing spiritual work and Working for God and so none of his time Was wasable because even if he was

Sitting there waiting for somebody or You know doing something that was um you Know part of his work or whatever he was Also working uh spiritually and you know Cleaning and transmitting and doing the Things that the masters of the system do You know always working for God every Second of the day and thinking about how To serve God and you know Finding ways To serve God and serve you know other People through his service to God and That's you know the tradition of the Masters in the system and clearly you Know dodgy doesn't meet that criteria Anyways I'll continue on whenever Tomorrow the next day okay so here's the Following message um this is same day I Just decided to read I had some messages Um that were up here and this is the Following message and it applies to all This stuff that I've been talking about With Zumba and all these things Thursday December 2nd 1999 8 a.m. Don't be fooled by appearances if sjar Seems to be stagnant in France even Regressing is certain places that it's Not significant we want motivated Sincere aasis who don't attend asham for Various reasons without being sure of What they want it's amazing this this Message is you know exactly what I was Referring to um for various reasons Without being sure of what they want the Mission must be purified and

Strengthened Numbers are important certainly but not At any price we don't go door too this Is you know what dodgy was just doing People are really ready to undertake a Serious approach do not leave the Mission over human contacts that are not Always idealic you have to be serious no Group escapes friction you are all in Contact with men and women who have Their own character their P their own Personalities which more or less suit You to stop at such consideration shows A lack of spiritual maturity and we Cannot retain them it is sad for them But what can we do about it never base Your approach on human relations you Risk being disappointed see all you see All of you the essential the master the Priority of the of the goal to be Achieved your soul aspiration alone Should be enough should should alone Your Soul's aspiration alone should Guide you you all Boby um so you know everything I was Saying before you know about what dod's Doing here it's just everywhere like It's he's just going against things that Are said over and over again not to do You know it gives me an opportunity to Express the teachings it brings up Memories of things so you know it has a Benefit here for people who are learning About sash Mar through this YouTube

Channel but you know it's not good right Because they could be learning about From him directly in what would be you Know a continuation of the original Stuff the original teachings and dogma And everything Thursday December 2nd 1999 10 a.m. Lau was right love triumphs Over all love is the best that human Beings can receive or give nothing good Nothing important humanly speaking can Be done without without love you can all Cultivate it in yourselves Let It Grow To the extent that all yourselves are Imbued with it if you act if you fight For a good cause and if love guides you You can only succeed sooner or later Your efforts will bear fruit look at the Example of the mission how far we've Come in 20 years is a small compared to Eternity but what a Result Love Is Love is of the Divine Essence the vibration is powerful it Represents a force that none can suspect That of the atom is powerful too but it Can be terribly devastating love is a Creative form unique and it's Sublime it Is a Divine gift the importance of which Incar incarnate human beings are Starting to realize this notion does not Reach its epoy on Earth it preferes you All in this life to perceive it Magnificent on other planes Bagy um so that's interesting that he Brought up the atom which is of course

The nuclear power um but you know love Is always focused on I don't read so Many of these messages that talk about Love but there you know the majority of The messages talk about love in one way Or Another here's another one I'm just Reading through these I have two more Left that I haven't read yet uh Friday December 3rd uh 1999 ADM may your sadna Be joyful right remember the joke about Sadna earlier in this video think of the Transformations in it produces in you The perspective it opens up for you all You know that your life on Earth is a Passage that continues Beyond and that a Better future on one of those planes Awaits you you are preparing that better Future thanks to your perseverance in The path you have chosen we want the Best for you all you are the object of All of our attention we follow your Progress it is good in this kind of Process to know where one is going in Whom one can trust you have confidence In your master given that you remain Among Us you are pursuing the path held By the his vigilance towards you is not Easy to evaluate the progress made in This kind of approach your Transformation is slow is being Accomplished on very subtle levels but It is real you were you were Suddenly if you were suddenly to go back

The sensation at the Heart level would Not be pleasant and you would wish to Quickly return to to the present Therefore it's better to look ahead Of will look ahead of you and to Persevere the road is long but the Outcome will be your recompense bagy you Know these are all very interesting There this thread of messages here There's one more um message here I took My supplements and I've taken um you Know I take niin and every once in a While I get a niin flush and I'm having One now you know it's like a hot flash Friday December 3rd 1999 10 a.m. my dear Daughter I know well I know well that Your feelings towards me are sincere Profound and selfless they have always Been and that along with other reasons Makes our relationship very particular You give without expecting anything is a Rare attitude that we appreciate our Contacts have become easier and easier Over the years we can even say that the Channel is permanently open you are our Medium and this relationship leaves you With the greatest humility we hope to be Able to continue for some time yet and He does because this is you know going To be another 18 years you have always Used this gift for good of your fellow Human beings without getting personal Benefit from it except for the Recognition from some from some is high

Time at the dawn of the third millennium For people's minds to open up and for a Great number of people for a great Number to believe in this kind of Communication with the Beyond proof will Be given to people of the future they Will have to accept what is evident Materialism will subside humans Themselves will become refined in their Perceptions which will fil which will Philate which will facilitate things True mediums will be listened to and Recognized Which is far from the the Being far from being the case currently Evolution on Earth takes place slowly According to the laws of its own Karma Baby okay so that's it for today I'll Continue on whenever okay brothers and Sisters Um this was uh a video I went to my uh Gratefulness meditation Channel or our Gratefulness meditation Channel and I Want to see I'm pretty close to having Enough hours so it can be monetized Which means that I won't monetize the Videos um right now YouTube's running Ads on the meditation videos but if I Make sure that they're not Monetized which they will be once the Channel's Monetized then um hopefully the ads Won't be run when the you know when the Channel isn't monetizing a video YouTube Won't run ads anyway that's what I

Believe is is the case so it's important In that sense and I was checking because I'm pretty close it's like you know 300 Hours left or something which isn't that Much time out of 3,000 um that was was Holding it back but anyways I went to Check it this morning and I looked you Know through the channel and it's the Only Channel that I haven't Blocked um Heartfulness and there was this video Here that just came out today today's uh Sunday I'm sorry Monday the 15th of January why killing animals for rituals Doesn't Work by dodgy um you know the uh dodgy Truther calls him py or something like That and I guess that's a fast food Restaurant or something and I'm not sure What it is but he sent me the the Whatever that is right I like the name Fraudi because he's a fraud but you know There's something where he's trying to Every once in a while they put out a Video of him trying to debunk some crazy Ritualistic um aspect of the Indian Culture or in this case you know all the Cultures all the religions that have That have animal sacrifice as part of There dogma and he gets into Judaism and Christianity in a way that's just goofy You know I watched the first couple Minutes CU I knew it would be bad and I Thought it'd be funny and you know uh of

Course it is in Kata under the name of Mother dura the K sacrifice so many Goats is it worth [Laughter] It that's the Highlight is it worth it How many chickens how many roosters are Killed in order to get a Son you know there is a Puja in South India to get a son and for that a very Specific Puja is done they kill half a Dozen roosters or 11 or 12 there's a Specific number to It and it has again a psychological so You know the beginning part this part I Mean it's he he shouldn't be addressing This Because people who are doing these kind Of rituals aren't prospective aasis Right if people don't have enough you Know heart have don't have enough Evolution to have a problem with this on Their own coming into Sark right or Maybe they're young or something but you Know if they're really into these Rituals if they're really into killing These animals and they're that Superstitious and that primitive they Don't really have a shot at being an Obasi so who's he talking talking to Like all the obosi out there that kill Animals or all the potential ones it's It's ridiculous right like you don't Need to talk about this because anybody With enough sophistication or a lack of

Sophistication to think that sacrificing Animals Works isn't the kind of audience That you want and so what is he doing Here like so it's it's basically showing Off and saying this is the kind of Spiritual knowledge I have as a guru That's what these kind of videos are Right cuz I don't make you know most of The people who watch my videos you know Most of my audience are really religious People uh aren't necessarily spiritual People and they all know killing animals Is wrong of course you know this is Coming from America but America isn't The most sophisticated and you know it's A very bloodthirsty country right and so There's no reason for him to make this Video it's just to show off how Brilliant he is and he tries to cover a Variety of subjects And then put it in the title so it'll Pop and somehow he'll get a lot of Viewers and you know this is just silly Like it's silly that he's even covering This Impact that you're hating a girl child You want only a boy child and then you Sacrifice so many animals for your Desire and then if you end up getting a Girl what happens to your psychological Treatment to the incoming girl oh look At him look at him look like he's just I Just nailed it I just nailed it right Like if you don't want a girl so much

That you're killing animals to avoid it And then you do get a girl how is that Girl going to be treated I mean it's you Know just so remedial of course it's a Bad thing right that you're killing Animals in some you know bizarre you Know Psychological uh your your mental makeup To think that the girl killing a rooster Is going to prevent a girl child right I Mean just think about all that right Like we don't have to you Know we understand that you know wanting One sex over another and and doing Something as stupid as killing animals To get it done is bad right like they Should all know that this is just Remedial Stuff you will not Like and all these Vibrations are caught in the Atmosphere it affects your whole family In fact families can be destroyed Because of the curses and the vibrations Left behind by the sacrificed animals Wait the sacrificed animals are cursing You is that what you're saying cuz I Don't think that's the case are you Claiming that they're they have the Ability to curse you I'm sure it's bad For you just in in terms of the you know All of it like you're killing something Unnecessarily you know God is in those Animals those animals have Divinity

Within them right I've talked about this And so you know it works for whatever Reason to some level because people have Been doing it forever like there must be Something about it that works on a Material Level but certainly it's going To hurt you spiritually right people Have been doing animal sacrifices across And sometimes human sacrifices across The globe in there in various religious Traditions and I could only assume there Is some kind of payoff for it but it's Uh you know it's a negative one right It's you you're entering into the world Of evil in dark magic and that stuff's Always going turn around and bite you I Don't know exactly how that works Spiritually but there must be a reason People keep on doing this across the Globe right there must be some kind of Payoff um but I don't know what it is And really don't care about it because If you're if you're sacrificing animals Yeah you shouldn't be on my channel you Like it's not you're you know you're not My audience Right even today in Kolkata under the Name of mother Durga The Kill sacrifice So many Goats is it worth it so this is the Highlight they put in the beginning they Often do this now you are supposed to Sacrifice the dearest thing that you Have you know there a beautiful

Story Lord came to in a dream to Abrahim uh Abraham right not Ibraham They have that wrong here um and I want To comment this is why I'm making the Videos because this is really bad it's Not a beautiful story I've talked about Before it's a horrible story and told Him sacrifice your most Cherished object that you have in your Family to me and I'll grant you all your Wishes that's not the story Right that's not the story he told him To sacrifice his son and he was test him Right or wrong he kept on thinking about What is the dearest thing in my life he Said my son is the dearest again that Didn't happen like this is um he doesn't Know the Bible and he's really into Israel right now and I want to cover This in a voiceover so I want just let Him you know hang himself here with his Ignorance and his Stupidity and he took his son on a Mountain and to Sacrifice and then the voice came don't Do That God was so merciful I was just Trying to test you and so it's a Beautiful story is it that God was that Much of a punk and you know all these Things that he's he's wanting Abraham to Sacrific his son and then say instead of That do something else no he told him a Sacrifice of a lamb a baby sheep that

Was there and so that that's again not Knowing the story like why tell people This story when you're a spiritual Person and butcher the story you have Christian and Jewish people that do this System and they know the story and They're like oh you sucking you suck at Telling the story it's not a beautiful Story because I've talked about the Old Testament like I want to let me Just it was only to satisfy him satisfy His actions that something smaller will Do see sacrificing what sacrificing Animals Or God is Desiring God is wishing that Sacrifice your weaknesses Sacrifice your defects so like he Doesn't get any of this stuff like he You know this is a no-brainer like this Is like hitting the ball off a tea and T-ball like this is just you should be Able to make a strong argument against Animal sacrifice without being confused Without butchering stories without any Of this stuff like he's a he's a Spiritual child he's like a remedial Spiritual child like he isn't even a Good preceptor anymore like he should be Able to do this like anybody should be Able to go on their YouTube channel and Tell you why sacrificing animal is wrong You know I mean whatever they say it Should be simple and like it's a No-brainer and somehow he made this into

Some convoluted you know sense of His ignorance of this story about the Biblical story about Abraham and his son Isaac and all the things that go with That because I'm going to get into that In a second I switch over the voiceover But he's just an absolute joke I mean He's he's a clown kill Them kill your weaknesses in front of me And see how happy you Become your family can Become for example if you how do you Kill your your weaknesses have this Killer desire of getting a Violent um Angry uh extremely Greedy Desire to Prevail with passion and you Have the inclination to rape someone if Not by act but at least in your Mind kill all these things that's why How do you kill those things as a Spiritual Guru and a person that's Supposed to be helping people clean Themselves of these Tendencies how do You kill something like that right like Explain how you kill that what's the Process what's the method for killing All these things the anger the hatred The desire to ar ar you know like like How do you kill that Dody like you know This is something where Babaji in Char's Teachings where charie talked about how Babaji told him to throw the hate out of

His heart he said throw it out of your Heart like take it and you know throw it Out of your system system like something That's inside of you you like look Inside and you throw it out of your System and you don't like water it with Thoughts and Fantasies and whatever it Is right you don't indulge in it you let Something pass you feel anger you let it Pass through you you don't attend to it Right you treat it like uh uninvited Guests where you just ignore it right You don't you know you don't attune to It you don't put energy into it you Don't do things that'll make it stick Inside your internal system You know you don't kill it like what is That you have the corpse of anger in Your system like what does it even mean Kill it like again that's that's an act Of violence right so he's talking about It he's trying to make this into that There's a way to spiritually sacrifice The weaknesses in your system where you Sacrifice and kill those things and Really the sajar method is about not Attuning to them but I just want to get Back to the whole thing with Abraham Here in a second our first step in a St Yoga is all about Killing all the Negatives it's not That nobody's ever said that about staga Yoga so he's just a complete putts you

Know um can we put you down for a no on Sacrifice you you don't believe you're Not a favor of animal sacrifice s we put Down can we pencil you in for a no like The whole thing is stupid right like he Shouldn't be covering these things and When he does his level of ignorance Shows up but I've been talking about This in terms of my coverage of what Happened with Israel and Palestine and The battle between Arabs and Jews that's Gone on for over 3,000 years and it Started with the two sons of Abraham Right there was Isaac and Ishmail and this is what Wikipedia says About dody's story in the biblical Narrative God orders Abraham to Sacrifice his son Isaac at Moria as Abraham begins to comply having bound Isaac to an altar he stopped by he Stopped by the angel of the Lord a ram Appears and is slaughtered in in Isaac Ste Steed as God commands Abraham's P Commands Abraham's Pious obedience now He didn't offer him anything God didn't Offer him anything so this is how much Dodgy bitched the story you know I Thought it was a lamb but I guess it was A ram you know and that because we're Not experts on this but I know a lot More about it than fr Right and so in fr's story he says that God offered Abraham all these wonderful Things and he said sacrifice the thing

You love the most and he he didn't do Any of that he said sacrifice your son And he has an altar Abraham has an altar To sacrifice things because it's a part Of this tradition and so it's not a Beautiful story because the god in the Old Testament the god of the Jewish Bible is a Narcissistic Petty uh demonic creature Being that's wrathful and angry and all These things right and insecure and just Is a bad human and so they don't worship God in this religion the basis of their Understanding of God and it gets Transformed a little bit with Jesus it Becomes better with Jesus but it isn't It still is remedial like Jesus is much Better than the New Testament is better Than the Old Testament but it isn't you Know it's nothing like some these other Sophisticated teachings and Hinduism and You know Sufism and some of these other Spiritual aspects of these other Religions and you know there's parts of It that are just um you know just not Not quality or not spiritual at all and This story is one of them because they Do a lot of animal sacrifice so it's not A beautiful story you should understand As a spiritual leader the way that the Go that God has presented in the Old Testament which fragi probably hasn't Read and if he read now he's so confused I mean again I would be more

Compassionate towards him because it Seems like he's having he's going sceni A little bit right his his brain doesn't Work as well as it used to and I don't Know what's happened to him but he's Just out there like he's a Joe Biden he Was going out there and just Embarrassing himself and embarrassing The mission you know the organization of Heartfulness which again I'd be Compassionate if he wasn't the master And that's not what's supposed to happen You're the master of the system I mean There's times that in his old age bobaji Seemed confused and he said some things And he was like mentally you know but Still he was this Divine being right and The people around him wouldn't have put Him on YouTube then to embarrass himself Right like you know or even charie like As they get older when chargie was in a Confused state which DOI himself Reported that he was on all these Medications and people came to his house And he wasn't even really aware of Things going on around him you know That's what happens if people get older And they didn't stick a you you know a Video camera in his face and posted on YouTube because you know you knew better Than that but the people dodgy sound Surrounded with thinks that you know They don't fact check him they don't Protect him from his own stupidity this

Video should never have made it onto YouTube or anywhere like it shouldn't Have been a video they should have said All right this is this is bat Boop crazy Right we can't put this up So dodgy says this is a beautiful story He says that Abraham that God came to Abraham and said sacrifice what's most Dear to you and that's not what happened God ordered him to sacrifice his son he Said God tempted him and said I'll give You all these things which would mean God was lying to him and promising him Things if he sacrificed was was most Dear to him and then God really didn't Want that in the first place because he Was lying to him and then he um Abraham Came about sacrificing his son on his Own and they said he did something else Cuz he didn't want to say you know that He sacrificed an animal which is his Whole thing here he's like saying I'm Against animal sacrifice but he didn't Want to say that God gave him a you know A sheep a ram to sacrificing his son Ste Because he couldn't say it's a beautiful Story because he's saying how God Doesn't want you to sacrifice things but Then he tells a story of God wanting a Sacrifice first a son and then changing His mind and saying it's And sing him a ram and so like he didn't Understand the story and then he just Undermined his whole argument which is

Classic dodgy you know his inability to Articulate things and reason and you Know be completely flawed mentally I Mean this is an embarrassment like it's You know an embarrassment on all levels And these are just you know one of many That he's done in these videos right and He said it's a beautiful story in part Because he you know he has this this Jewish Abasi who's a rich man a Businessman he's he's done um these These joint uh he did some kind of joint Uh podcast type things a couple years Ago and that guy is a sponsor and Continual supporter of DOI fraudi in the Mission but then he recently you know Just um came in hard for Israel and the Whole thing that happened and he he Demonized the Muslims which he often Does because he has a thing against Muslims because of where he's from and Then he joined the you know the the RSS That's anti Muslim but if he looked into The Abraham story know the story between Where he he wasn't able to father a Child so heathered a child with a maid Right uh you know with a uh with the you Know Arab maid so there's a woman named Hagar who was the mother of ishmail and He was the heir to the throne of Abraham But then Sarah ends up having Sarah's His wife who was unable to conceive but All of a sudden she had this miracle Child of Isaac right so this is how

Important Isaac is in the context of Judaism and Christianity he was going to Be the son that you know Isaac's really Important in the Bible you know Isaac is Key in various ways right and so him Being sacrificed is a big deal and all Of that is weird like the animal Sacrifice that exists in the Bible all The uh you know the Old Testament There's you know there's I mean he's Basically aring Hagar who was his Maid Right okay my wife can't give me a baby So you come over here and you know and And then he raises this kid as his Heir Ishmail and then Cuts him off because His wife Sarah says oh we now have a son We got to get rid of this guy you know He's a rightful son rightful Heir based In Tradition and so this is what it says Here after the birth of Isaac another Son of Abraham through Sarah ishma his Mother were banished to the desert a Minor figure thereafter in the Traditions of Judaism and Christianity Ishmael continue to play a a Foundational role in Islamic tradition Which holds that he settled in Mecca you Know of course the journey to Mecca and The importance of Mecca as a holy land For these Muslim people right so you Understand that this is you know a Pivotal um point or the beginning point Of the conflict between Jews and Arabs Right and DOI you know is cited with one

Side here for whatever reason because He's always on the wrong side of things And there's no right side in this thing It's 300 years of conflict between two Groups of people that have you know Limited religious beliefs remedial and Often you know demonic religious beliefs And in both these Traditions there's a Lot of stuff in the you know about Violence and they're very violent within These books you know the the Jewish People are going from as they uh are Exiled into the desert and they're going Across the desert after leaving Egypt And they're just killing all these Groups of people the you know the Canaanites and the this sites and these Things they're just going through the Desert and God's like oh you got to Destroy them you got to destroy them you Got to destroy them and it is violent And you know there's all these things in There there's incest there's I mean There's so many icky things in the Bible And in the Muslim tradition there's also These things very you know remedial Stuff that's not spiritual at all Violence and you know a lot of stuff That's um you know God wouldn't say A You know true God God you know God Wouldn't perpetrate these remedial Teachings these violent teachings and Things and so Dody decides to weigh in Out of complete ignorance and then

Undermines his his case against animal Sacrifice by telling a beautiful story That ends in an animal sacrifice it's Classic dodgy and he should know better Like he just should know things like Chargie just knew things like charie you Know I in all of his talks that I heard There's only a few times I could say he Made some sort of factual mistake right And it was a minor mistake like me Saying that it was a lamb and it was Actually a ram you know maybe I'd heard Somewhere else it was a lamb right maybe Somewhere else it says it's a lamb I Don't know so maybe it isn't even Mistake but it's it's very superficial But to get the whole meaning of the Story wrong chargie would never do that Right and if he did say something that Wasn't consistent with the teachings it Was because the teachings had changed Like the teaching are wrong like it Would be something where he would see The story from a different level I mean You would you would see this right he Just had this sense of things and their True meaning of a story the true meaning Of a you know like some sort of a a Fable or something like that and he Could just go from one religion to Another and you know tell these stories And you know in a way that supported the Central point of Sark which is something That dod's lost altogether right you

Know and Dody has often talked about Testing Aasis like uh giving them a sitting and Not transmitting and asking them what Happened you know Babaji did this years Ago he's really into it like testing Their faith in some sort of way and Tests appear naturally you know Obstacles are there and you are you know Constantly you know Temptations are Always there on the spiritual path There's always these things that happen When you're talking about animal Sacrifice and then you say there's a Beautiful story that ends in an animal Sacrifice right and like he didn't he Goes so some other things happen I don't Know some things happened at the end no They they killed the Sheep you they Killed a ram and that God was ordering Him to test him to see if he was he Loved God more than he loved his son I Mean that was the the test God was you Know maybe in in some ways jealous of Isaac or jealous of Abraham's love for Him and so he want to say all right you Know I'm ordering you to kill him so who You prefer me or your son who do you Love more like this is the test they who You have more faith in you know if God Could communicate to Isaac this way or To Abraham this way then there should be No need for this kind of thing right if You're able to I mean Madame mey who was

A medium had lots of um doubt in her Communications right she often doubted Her own ability to channel and talk to Babaji and these things but Babaji Wouldn't test her in some kind of way Right she wasn't doubting Babaji she Doubted her ability to communicate but If you could communicate and God could Talk to you and you knew it was God then There' be no sense of oh you need to be Tested because you would you would Listen to God right and if you didn't Listen to God then you're not the right Guy for the job if you can communicate With God and you still do the wrong Thing after God tells you what to do God Orders you to do something you do it There's no reason to take it to this Extreme to test him or whatever because God would have knowledge of the Character of the person well the same Way dodgy should have knowledge of Character of the abiosis and so you know This is not a good story it's a horrible Story it's not a spiritual story and it Undermines this whole anti-animal Sacrifice thing he started off to talk With and then he does something that you Know chargie and bobaji used to do but They did it the right way and they take A teaching or an old ritual and they Explain its true meaning you know they Say it isn't about killing animals it's A metaphor for killing the things inside

Of you like that's what he's trying to Do here it's a metaphor for killing the Things inside of you that are Undesirable to have right kill your Weaknesses and so he's trying to do that But he doesn't do it the same way they Did because he doesn't know the true Meaning of the idea of animal sacrifices Because animal sacrific is done for some Kind of a reason it isn't a metaphor It's done in all these various religions And things it's not something that's you Know an allegory or something some kind Of you know where they're saying one Thing and it's actually about something Else or that the meaning has been warped And lost it meant something else at the Beginning even the word killing cuz you Say you got to kill your weaknesses is Which is kind of a modern-day thing Where you you know you use Force to to Like murder something inside of you you Know it's the same uh you know wrong Approach which is in sash Mar it's Always about being subtle it's always About you know ignoring something or Don't not attending to it don't don't Water it don't fertilize it it fertilize The negative Tendencies don't you know Fantasize about it if you hate somebody Don't dwell on how much you hate that Person right stop thinking about the Person stop thinking about if you have Something undesirable in your system you

Clean it out you can throw it out of Your system and you don't attend to it Right if you have a fear of something You don't dwell on the fear you don't You know uh create more of an impression And killing something would be doing That right if you kill something you're Going to have guilt you're going to have You know it's a violent act and it's not You know you can't do that it's a use Use of force which doesn't exist in Saar I mean completely butchers everything he Doesn't understand the basic Sark Principles anymore and like he could Fail like how do you Fail talking about animal sacrifice and It's that bad and the fact that his team Is so remedial and they lack any real Knowledge of sash Mar these guys have Been preceptors for years they spend Hours upon hours you know I mean months Upon months of time with chargy you know Years you know cumulative they spent all This time with chargy and they around The system so much they got so many Sittings they were around all these you Know meditations and they don't Understand the basic idea of the the System and the you know transmission is Called the forceless force and they no Force is used in sart and that's also on Your internal world you don't you don't Use force on your lower Tendencies you Use Mental discipline iine to ignore

Them right if you water something with Your thought Force if you fertilize it With your thought force it becomes a Bigger and bigger impression the more You think about something the more you Attend to something the more you dwell On something good or bad the more force And more the more staying power it has In your internal world you don't think About what you shouldn't do you think About what you should do all suggestions And chargie did a whole thing about this In the preceptor trainings which zji is You know erased from the mission and These trainings came directly from Babaji's teachings but DOI wanted to go In his own Direction but chargie talked About subtle suggestions that were given By preceptors that were always worded in A positive way and how the maxims the 10 Maxims Sange Mar were worded in what you Should do you know not Thou shalt not Kill Thou shalt not steal because your Mind is meditating on kill and steal Right you don't even put the words out There you put the words out that you Want to do you think about the things That you're supposed to do right the Things that are desirable the things That are you if you're building your Character you think about the character Qualities you want to have there you Don't dwell on the ones that you Shouldn't right the more that people are

Obsessed with their with the bad things And think about the bad things in the System the stronger those things get in Terms of some scaras Impressions and the Rest of it but more importantly it's Just that as a master of the system he Should just know things like they should Just flow through them like charie did And Babaji did and just understand Things on a higher level where people Are listening to you having AA moments And epiphanies based in your description Of something you're like oh I never Thought about that but that sounds so Right you know that sounds so you know Brilliant right like he just comes out He butcher stories and he says the wrong Thing and you know and he's talking About things that have no place in the System at all there's no reason to talk About animal sacrifice in SAR like you Know it just no reason is it's just so Remedial so much lower than even the Entry level position as you come into The system like it just doesn't exist in You know any real form and get getting Things wrong and you know sighting with Israel and sighting with the UN and all These which oddly enough the UN and Israel are at odds and so once you enter Into politics which you never supposed To do as a spiritual person and as the Master of the system I mean you can have Your opinion as aasis but as the master

Of the system not supposed to pick sides And he's you know very anti-muslim I you Know there was a time where he said in 10 years Europe will be completely taken Over by the Muslims is talking about it Like it was some you this is before he Was Master and I was like well that kind Doesn't sound like he should be saying Stuff like that right you know and I um And he's you know and that was 10 like 10 years ago like it hasn't really Happened yet so he's wrong about all These things and he's he's not uh you Know being a sa Mar person being Somebody that uh welcomes all people you Know it's not about uh you can come in And try the system and do it and your Failure at the system and you quitting And you you know not continuing with it Will happen naturally undesirable people Undesirable people won't stay in the Sark system although there are some you Know real gems out there so I don't know About that but you know in general you Don't have to exclude people because the System is exclusionary in the sense that If you don't feel it you don't continue On with it you you would want to Continue on with it right if it doesn't Benefit you you know why do you want to Do it right my brother is like just one Of these rare exceptions because I Remember you know we'd go to Taco Bell After Wednesday meditation and I had

Seen my brother you know he left his his Original wife uh you know this this Mother of his children for this blonde Girl and it caused and not his son's Birthday so it caused all these problems His son his second son still probably is Mad about it you know because he left The family on his son's birthday which Is you know I mean you just can't do That and you know I still remained Friends with his ex who died of cancer And we became kind of closer because I Was the only one for my family to call Her cuz you know I me I still was Talking to my brother I wasn't you know I wasn't ostracizing him or anything but I it was just effed up what he did and Then um you know he was with this woman When he got his original sittings she Got her sittings her sittings with him From my you know preceptor I went to but He didn't feel anything right he didn't Feel the transmission we go to these but He was reading the books and he loved The philosophy like he was always Somebody who you know read philosophical Kind of books and things and he really Loved the literature but he couldn't Feel the transmission so you know he and He came in doing it because he thought I Joined a cult when I told him about but When I was telling him about it he we Were on a like a rowboat fishing you Know Peter and Paul is like a Biblical

Kind of Connotation and we were on a rowboat With his son who is like you know the The youngest child of his family he just Um of all my nephews and nieces this kid Was always seemed like the most Spiritual kid he was just quiet and you Know Reflective uh and you know I always Thought that he had potential to be an Obasi but I guess he didn't he he didn't Never start but we were sitting there on The rowo and I told him about what I was Doing and it was sunset and I could feel The spiritual energy and he said he Wanted to try it and I was psyched right You know and I was pretty pumped up and Happy about it but immediately I became Bummed because he didn't feel the energy And he was complaining about it Constantly but I remember we'd sit there Um we'd talk in the parking lot a Taco Bell like we went to talking ball after Sassan you cuz you know we were both it Was it wasn't mandatory but it's Recommended being a vegetarian and I was A vegetarian for 18 years and then you Know I realized that wasn't really the Best diet for me um but it was helpful For that period of time but anyways Taco Bell had vegetarian food you know that's One of the fast food places that had it And we'd sit there and stand there in The parking lot and we'd like be on the

Curb and walking around talking about The the system right and we'd say Something like well the key to this Thing is and you know uh and he was into The philosophy of it but couldn't feel It and he was on like on the fence and We called me up complaining about the System and you know he did it for years And I don't know if he even feels the Transmission now he's always been I Don't know kind of grow I don't know What the thing is there he's not Sensitive to it though he did have a lot Of experiences when he became a Preceptor visually and things so that Helped him you know believe in the Efficacy of the system but he's a rare Exception that didn't feel it and kept On going and not only you know he would Do his practice like he did his practice And you know I mean but he would be he Would be getting a like Charlie Brown Showing up and getting a rock and never Feeling you know the transmission and he Knew other people felt things uh but you Know he struggled with it but he kept With it like for forever reason to his Credit but he a rare exception almost Everybody who doesn't feel anything Doesn't stay and so there's no reason to Talk about those people those people are It isn't for them and maybe in a future Life they they'll be up to the challenge They're just not there yet and it's

Supposed to be that anybody gets their Initial three sittings will come back in A future life it's something bobaji said It would happen they just need you know To to sort of grow up spiritually and Then they'll come back and so getting The first three sittings is important as Many people start as possible because Their soul wants this to happen even Though their ego and where they are now Isn't up to the challenge they'll be Ready in a future life uh so there's That right but this whole thing that Dod's doing is he's lost all these Perspectives and just not sticking to The the basic teachings which I don't Think he understands anymore and I don't Know if it's you know some sort of Senility or breakdown like I said I'd Feel bad for him if he wasn't the master And he wasn't so arrogant and smug about It right and he just didn't he didn't Make so many bad decisions and so much Incompetence that surrounds him that They're putting out crap like this as a Way to you know convince people that This is a guy you want to follow like What person would watch this thing and Says this guy gets It like this guy is you know he's he's The man right he's the master like he's Just so Unmas you know there's a movie I saw it Just came to mind it just flashed in my

Mind but I watched this movie when I was A little little kid you know whatever it Was and it was a black and white Movie and it was about picking a Star for um I guess they were moving From silent films to these musical you Know freddish ginger rers might even Have been a one of those types of movies Um and I I'm not sure who it starred but They were going from Silent Pictures to um talking Pictures and they you know they had this Starlet you know they a guy who was a Star who was a beautiful woman and she Was good in the silent pictures but when She talked she had the most high Annoying voice that was so offputting And so you know she looked the part when She was in silent films but they Couldn't bring her into talking films Right she just was she just her voice Right you know the actress hammed it up And made her voice sound like you know Unrealistically bad but it was you know It's the same thing with dodgy like just Don't talk right just sit there and look The part nod and look like you're you Know you have wisdom but every time he Opens his mouth he you know he shows you He's not a master and the people around Around him and the people who keep on Doing you know the the videos and then The people who you know who are part of The system who knew chargie to be

Brilliant and have ignored dody's Failures you know all of them they're They're not seeing what everyone else Can see you know I gave dodgy the Benefit of the doubt because I saw his Spiritual Evolution and I had Experiences of him being masterly and I Had you know good experiences with him And I saw the talks that he gave Beforehand when chargie was alive and I Saw some of his you know potential and So did other people like he was great as A preceptor and things and so for us and The fact that we believe in the Masters You know giving their endorsement to him It was harder for us to see what dodgy Has become it was harder of us to see His failure but my wife and you know Some of you and people who I told about Heartfulness and you'd see dodgy and You'd be like this guy right really this Is the guy you know people people Question my ability to assess this kind Of thing but you know they didn't have The positive experiences and and also The the you know the positive Experiences with chargie and and the Fact that chargie was endorsed and made Him this official successor carried a Lot of weight with all of us but at some Point you have to be able to see that There's been a a decline there's been a Fall there's been something that's Happen that this guy just isn't it right

And I understand why they wouldn't be Able to do it in the beginning cuz I Couldn't do it in the beginning and it Was mixed back then but now it's just All crap like DOI doesn't do anything That's you know he's just gone like Everything gets worse with him his Decision making his talks and these Things has gotten worse and they should Be able to see it right you know and it Is very interesting like it's Interesting the whole thing and this is A test so to speak right not God Purposely giving us a test but it's a Test that's there for us and if we're Doing the spiritual practice right and You know we're we're facing the truthful Aspect of things at some point we got to Be like yeah not this guy right he just He didn't he didn't rise to the Challenge anyways I got other things to Do here I just wanted to start off with This okay uh this is um kind of weird What happened so I must have been Scrolling through Facebook Yesterday um because I thought I someone Sent me this in messages I thought this Was uh not this one but the next thing I'm going to show you was sent to me Through the dodgy truther but there's a A guy who's a friend of mine from Facebook who I never really met he's American you know white American Guy and he posted this it took me a

While to figure out who this person was And I remember he used to be an Abasi Right so he was a preceptor I could see That all our mutual friends were people Who do you know sash Mark Heartfulness and and the guy quit that Obviously because he posted this you can Get a new year off or additional 20% off Or extended until January 20th seven steps transform your life With sad Guru his inner engineering Program now this is the guy that dodgy Seems to be trying to em emulate his Success he's a guy who has celebrity People he's been on Joe Rogan you know Side Guru he seems like he's almost like A you know like I was it Mike Myers Played a fake Guru or something you know Was like a guy in a costume when you Hear him talk he says things that aren't Spiritual I think he's just you know I Don't know if he's like a real spiritual Person or a scammer but he's if he's a Real spiritual person he's a real Lightweight right he's not a you know In-depth person but they have this in Engineering program which I've showed You before and it costs you know a good Amount of money it's for-profit and and They have a lot of net worth and then I Saw this thing yesterday and I thought Somebody sent it to me and I thought it Said something to do with heartfulness Because it had all these people that are

Dodgy friends right he's had a number of These people on Sharon salsburg and Deo Chopra and Tony nater who's all part of This thing you know he's um Pals with Them but they've combined to do their Own thing I mean it's everybody but Dodgy seems like and it came from this Heart MIND Institute which somehow I Thought I was um I this was recommended To me I guess I'm not I didn't like this Page but I thought it was a heartfulness Thing I was going to block it um but It's not and they have this meditation Summit and you know I had it up here I'll show you this is the Picture I had it up here I'll show you This is a picture I had and I you know I I thought the dodgy was a part of this And I I was going to do a video on this This morning when I realized he isn't But you know anyways this is some kind Of thing here and this is the Institute So the art of meditation Global Summit And you see here Sharon salsburg who's Seems to be kind of a nightmare this guy Um deach Chopra and this guy Tony nater Are there let's see the the other this Is the actual Summit um so three of Dody's people that he's had on his show Are doing this and some of more people That I think were uh you know have done Heartfulness stuff explore the depth and Breath of the art of meditation across Diverse tradition approaches and methods

Register now for Free and immediately received three Powerful video teachings by G Gabor MD Tara batch and John Cornfield through meditation we can Train our minds in such a way that Negative qualities are abandoned posi POS qualities are generated enhanced The Dol Lama who is a nightmare in his own Right right vasana Zen Tibetan viic viic Abra Abrahamic nonu mainstream secular Neuroscience-based so they're blending All these kind of traditions there's um Some of these people I recognize their Names who have also been a part of this Program right so um it's all these Various people And dodgy wasn't invited right so They're having a global Summit on Meditation this is something dodgies put Together and um hilariously they left Him off the list because you know he's a PS like these are people that he's tried To work with and partner with and he's Got all these various techniques there's No SAR heartfulness this is exactly what Dodg is trying to do I thought this was Somehow At Con of then I realized oh They've left Dody off completely they've Done all these things with heartfulness And Dody when when we came to this thing They didn't even bother to invite him And make him a part of this thing

Because these two people these you know These front row people have been she's Been on heartfulness things like three Or four times so as deac Chopra and then Some of these other people have been you Know dodgies done stuff with and um you Know it's like all the these guys PhD Like some of these guys are Psychologists some of these people are Like young people and they have these Various techniques which of course you Need one of them right Krishna dos is Somebody um you need you need one Technique right and and this you know The dodgy is not part of this thing and It's kind of a a new age type of thing There's a rabbi Dorothy rich Man um Tony nater right they brought Tony nater In you know so somebody who you know Just recently was doing something with Dodgy and they have you know so D he Celebrated his birthday at the K of Asham and some of these other people uh Like I kind of recognize some some of Them I think have done things with uh Dodgy in the past but there's no dodgy They left him off he's got no friends And these are the co-hosts this a guy Fleet Mall And um you Know produced by heart and mind Summit Summit Partners they have all these People the Chopra

Foundation um but this is exactly the Kind of thing that dod's been pushing For and they did it without him like He's tried to do this Global meditation Thing it shows you how you know Disrespected he is or how lack you know Little respect they have for the guy so I have other other videos to make today I'm going to cut this short um but I was Kind of stunned first when I saw the Global Summit and then when I saw dodgy Was left off of it you know first I Thought it was a heart like I said a Heartfulness thing and I woke up a Little bit confused because I opened up These tabs and I didn't really think Much of it and I really couldn't Remember who sent it to me then I Realized I found it on Facebook and so You know um DOI worked so hard to sell Out sash Mark and and you know we can't Have the best system if you don't have The best master and that's part of sjar Philosophy you know you have to have the Highest developed person and whatever Work DOI had done where he was put in The central region I don't know where he Is now and that work is you know there People have fallen out of the central Region before which is a real tragedy Char's father and Casey radari were the Two famous people and there was a guy Who was put in the you know the central Region but not at the farthest point he

Was put in 12 and Not3 and fr France and he quit the System you know and I don't know what Happened to him but he kind of lost it He was kind of racist and he had other Issues um but what Saar goers you know What this guy was trying to say in this Video the guy pushing for this Meditation Summit he's basically T Talking about Enlightenment and Liberation that other people have Reached these levels and people have Reached high levels of spirituality most Of them have fallen most of the higher Developed Souls famous people have Fallen after they reached a higher level Which is a sad State you know Affairs For the Humanity um you know I have an audio Maybe I should put that audio in and I'll do that um I did on a you know I Read a couple of Whispers message it was For the beginning of a video I put up Yesterday so I'll put that audio in After this one you know so there's that All that stuff um But you know dodgy worked for this kind Of bringing all these methods and things Together which is a mistake because Saar Is the best method but he is the he is Not an example of that method and so He's failing right he fell and he his You know whatever's happened to him and He's just doesn't play well like he's

Probably Embarrassing you know they I I don't Think they offered him a slot in this Thing that they're doing because he's Not considered one of these people even Though s morg is more about meditation Than anything and it is the you know System that offers these higher States Through the process of transmission and Cleaning many of us have experienced These higher States and even now are Experiencing them without a competent Master but you know dodgy has failed He's failed all these things right and So all this work of selling out and Trying to be communal and bring all These other practices in they left them Off the list right You know and maybe they offered him and He couldn't do it because it's you know It's a fee based uh Summit but you know It's it's not centering around Kana and Him I don't know but either way these Other you know these other groups are All working to you know do these types Of um you know promotional things that They do and they come in and you know They use heartfulness and they use Kanana and they use Dody to get more of An audience and more of a exposure and Dody wants to do those things and he Keeps I coming up short anyways um I'm Going to uh wrap this one up for today I'll put this other audio in this is um

From a video I made yesterday the Introduction and it's um you know I'll Put the whole like you know thing in There it has to do with you know some I Read a couple Whispers message and it Has to do with you know Giants and DNA And uh you know the chromosome be Infused together and what that means and That's all part of this thing um but but You know when this picture Returns the Picture you can see now then uh that you Know that's um that voice over is is Over and then we'll continue on tomorrow The next day I'll probably wrap this Thing up it's getting long um but you Know another dodgy fail actually it's a It's a free thing and so it's a heart Mind thing you know the organization and You have to give your email and that's It you're getting on a list and they're Going to send you offers and things so These people are probably all doing this To get some exposure it's probably you Know one online talk about meditation Like these master classes so they all Probably do like a you know short video To get their name out get you know this Promotional stuff and then you know they Um unless they're charging these people To do it I don't know how they're doing It uh probably they just do it for free And then they hard buying anything gets Your email and dodgy either didn't want To do this or you know he um he wasn't

Offered but either way like this is Exactly the kind of thing that's you Know that he wants to do all right Here's the voiceover from yesterday and Then I'll continue on the next couple of Days okay greetings brothers and sisters So this came up my wife had sent me Something about this or told me about This and she just sent it to me uh a Couple days ago and I want have been Covering this again because this is a Really important thing I going get into A whole bunch of stuff and uh maybe a Trump uh Town Hall kind of thing that He's got going on and some other stuff Some hilarious stuff from the great John J Federman but I want to start with this First because it's kind of the most Important thing it has to deal with the Origin of our species a a big missing Piece of the puzzle that I've talked About before but it's come up again and I want to cover it in more Detail because you know if we think About the stories that we have the Scientific stories about the origin of Our of life on Earth Earth and human Beings we kind of know that that's BS And then you have these kind of Ridiculous tales that you get from the Bible and other religious texts but this Is you know something where there is an Anomaly in the human Genome that sheds light on you know the

True nature of our our being and how we Got here as people on this planet and so Many things that um blow up not only the Biblical teachings of human Creation but even more importantly the The stuff to do with Darwin and human Evolution so this is a chimpanzee this Is a chimpanzee this is a gorilla Gorilla as my older son used to call it And this is a an oranga tank so these Are our three closest relatives Genetically in terms of primates right These are primates that we are supposed To have evolved from Important part of our evolution is what Happened in the second chromosome right So this is an abstract study here Genetic structure and evolution of Ancest ancestral chromosome Fusion Site and the um the paral the paralogous Regions on other human Chromosomes human chromosome 2 was Formed by head-to-head Fusion of two Ancestral chromosomes that remain Separate in other Primates this is something here the Origin of a species a chromosome Fusion some 60 years ago's researchers John hin to Joe and Albert L Len Discovered that unleavened bread Discovered that number of chromosomes in Human was 46 and that it has 23 Pairs And not 48 as it was thought previously The key Discovery was introduced in a

Series of improvements in cultural Techniques applied to human fil F blasts F blasts Fibroblasts especially as regards to Treatment with these other things here At the start of 1960s cogenic techniques were still not Prefered for comparative studies of Chromosomes in general and in primat Specifically the techniques were honed At a later date to obtain colored bands And inner band patterns and chromosones Revealed that our second largest Chromosome is a Is is the result of a fusion of two Chromosomes belonging to our closest Evolutionary ancestors so this is Something my wife sent me from Twitter And I found no evidence of it anywhere Else in terms of scientific research but Of course they wouldn't put this out There and what it says is geneticist at Harvard University discovered that about 200,000 years ago our chromosome 2 was Taken out fused together and Tel air Caps were added to both ends thus Genetically modifying us to shorten our Lives to 120 years Samaran tablist say That this change occurred about 200,000 Years ago combining ancient writings With modern genetics this put human Civilization hundreds of thousands of Years behind mainstream and religious Accepted time frames and so um which I

Agree with all this stuff is what is Said here and again this isn't uh it's Just somebody posting this on Twitter And I couldn't find the the evidence of The studies or any of these things but I Believe this all to be true let me Switch over to a voice over now so I Came across this information um from Lord Lloyd p and other people who were Posting about these things Lloyd Pi was A scientist and a geneticist you can Still probably find these videos on YouTube where he talks extensively about That nature there's no way that nature Would naturally fuse two chromosomes Together and you know I was always Interested in this kind of stuff and the Third Master the S Mark system charge he Talked about alien life and he was Really into um science fiction writings And there was some references and then These Whispers of the brighter World Messages came out and there was a Section called prophecies which was Towards the back of the first book and This was a sort of semisimple French Woman who when she started to get things That she herself had trouble believing In like these prophecies and she was Already questioning her sanity in terms Of talking to disembodied Spirits she Had you know lack of confidence in her Channeling abilities which is odd Because she was a Channeler in past

Lives she had a few lives where she was A a Channeler and a Medium and she was great at it like she Has more success ly channeled messages Than in any other religious tradition of Course Babaji was maybe the you know the SAR system was maybe the the biggest Channeler of of um you know this kind of Communication with a divine right and She didn't like taking these messages Down and there are two messages in Particular there's a few more I'm sure In other places that I don't you know Can't Remember uh but I wanted to read these Messages because these messages I was Looking For material validation like I believed In the messages but I wanted to see if There was anything out there that Supported what was being said and these Are not connected ly Pai isn't connected To this at all at least on a you know in A way that he was aware of and these Other people and of course the discovery Of the scientific discovery of the Second genome being fused together and It's the second and third genome And chimpanzees and gorillas and Orangutangs who are considered our Closest relatives and the importance of This is that you know that um not only You know the biblical account of this

And the other things that are are out There in terms of religious Traditions But more importantly the idea of Darwinism that we evolved naturally from Apes is blown out of the water by this And so it isn't discussed very much Because there's no way that our Chromosome which is one of our defining Characteristics that separates us from Apes and gives us a different set of Pairs you know Lloyd Pi talked about how If you're going to merge a like a a Higher developed creature an alien Creature with the Apes that existed on Planet Earth you would need their Chromosome pairs to match up they would Have to have like even number pairs you There couldn't be a like a one one uh One species could have an odd number of Pairs of chromosomes and another having An even number of pair they had to have To take a a combined species they had to Do this work right they had to fuse a a Chromosome together so they could have The pairs match up and that was Interesting to me as well but um let me Read this first one here because both of These things are important in terms of What's being said in this message again This person writing on Twitter writes Political stuff right it's uh nicolea Something you know after um um nicoa Tesla Nicola Tesla and so this person my Wife sends me stuff it's a political

Person I think a right-leaning Person but wrote this up and I don't Know where he got his information from But it lines up with stuff that I know At least I believe to be true Sunday March 4th 2001 10 a.m. my dear daughter Concern concerning these prophecies you Must write what we dictate without Having any qualms she was bumming about Writing these things down because she Was freaking out because she didn't Believe in these things and she thought People would you know mock her or Whatever it was right you cannot check The soundness of what we are telling you Some of our comments confirm assertions You read from other sources which Themselves include some of ours the best Inspired ones being written by medians Mediums having Access to well-informed sources so he's Saying that these people who are Understanding this are getting the same Information from the Divine through you Know some sort of channeled process Whether they're aware of it or not you Know he talks about this how all great Inventions and movements and things are Inspired by channeling you know Christians who are against channeling Your Bible is written by channeling by Channeled messages Most of the information in the Old Testament is channeled right where the

Disciples of Jesus received messages After Jesus died and of course even in The Old Testament there's the burning Bush of Moses and you know this existed It exists in all these cultures the idea Of a genius there's a great um Ted Talk That people can watch from this woman Elizabeth's whatever her name is she Wrote e pray love and she talked about This type of you know inspired writing Where you would connect to a higher Level source of course you can connect To lower level disembodied Spirits Demonic spirits as well so that's you Know part of the challenge but people Who connect to higher level inspiration You know the great writings the Great Inventions all these come from a person Who's able to access this information in The ethernet and connect with higher Developed souls and be able to be guided By God and this has existed throughout History and this Elizabeth whatever her Name is I could look it up but I don't You know doesn't matter you can find the Ted Talk if it still exists out there She talked about how a genius the idea Of a genius a genius was a disembodied Soul that a a scientist or a person of You know creative abilities would have Connection to very interesting talk you Can check the soundness of this of the Of what we are telling you some of the Comments confirm assertions you read

From other sources which themselves Include some of ours the best inspired Ones being written by mediums that have Access to well-informed sources great Evils must occur great upheavals must Occur on this planet time and time again They made life evolve in various forms Terrifying species inhabit the planet That screenwriters or science fiction Movies cannot even imagine the humanoid Kingdom in is rather recent it was not About spontaneous generation but it was Experimentally generated by Superior Beings and has evolved with time present Researchers whose eyes are riveted on Test tubes would be astounded if they Discovered the true nature of mankind There is no question of an upper race as They believed as they believe this Subrace tries to work its way up to the Level of up to the upper level with God's help and so I'll I'll comment on That in a second there is every hope of Success there's a lot to do all kinds of Committed persons have devoted Themselves to it eeden will not happen In a hurry but a high level embryotic Consciousness is germinating and growing In this world so as to reach a possible Full blossoming in a very distant future And so this um you know this is about a Lot of things but in terms of um what This you know this Twitter quote said it Aligns with that right this idea that

There has been genetic manipulation and It aligns with the you know fusing of The second and third chromosomes genetic Manipulation to create you know what Lloyd Pi believed you know theorized was A slave that it was sloppy genetic work He used the uh you know some of the Diseases like spinabifida where a person With spinabifida can't reproduce so how Is that in a a genetic uh you know There's a genetic flaw there right where You have things in our genome that won't Be transferred onto future people the Genetic flaw the genetic abnormality or Whatever you want to call it is Something where if you have it you don't Reproduce so it will die off within you Know why is it still in the genome right Like there's carriers of it why is that Part of it and there's a lot of flaws in The human genome you know humans have Allergies to things on PL Earth and how Is that possible human beings have a lot Of uh flawed characteristics and he said Well if you were just making a slave you Wouldn't be maybe doing the best work You wouldn't really care much about this Slave right but there's writings about Ancient beings you know we talk about This in the mahabarata and some of these Other you know cultures and things Around the world that there was human Beings that leave lived hundreds of Thousands of years even thousands of

Years it's a big jump right but this was Talked about in all these writings and Religious texts and things of course Space people being here and all these Things in Aboriginal cultures but there Are human beings that lived all these Lives and what this person is saying is That they reduced the human lifespan and I talked about this very recently how You know if you look at the major work Of a person you know you have your Life's work as a career you have your Spiritual work as connecting to God you You're you're a young person growing and And learning to explore the world and Have your own life right then you have Your romantic life marriage and then Children which are two separate things But they go together and in our lives That all happens between the ages of 20 And 50 right like all that stuff that People are doing their career their Marriage their you know their spiritual Life you know when you have all this Energy and then your body starts to Break down and then you go into old age You know when you're 50 some people die At age 50 like that's I mean there their Lifespan and you know the tail end your Your life you don't have as much ability To do a lot of work and so you're trying To pack in all these things you know Career your your working your you know Your you know way of making money your

Contribution to society your family and And you know your romantic relationship And then also Al connecting to God and Doing a spiritual practice and there's Just not enough time but if you had a Thousand years to live I mean think About if you had a couple hundred if you Doubled your lifetime if you had 200 Years to live then you could do all Those things and do them separately and Do them well right focus on one aspect Like you could live to 50 60 years old And just be discovering who you are as a Person and then You' be ready to you Know have a romantic relationship you'd Already have some sort of a career and Life's work that you're doing but it Wasn't something that would be rushed And then you could have kids and do These things and then devote you know 50 100 years to spiritual Pursuit right Okay so I just took a break for lunch And you know did some other things I'm Running a a little bit late today but Continuing from where I left off so if Human life was longer you would have a Lot less stress because you wouldn't be Packing these things in like there's a Rush right because you know being older Myself I'm pushing 60 now and I kind of Feel like my life just blew past me I Mean just there's lots of times where I Was just so um you know when you're in a State of being like stressed out all the

Time and you're just putting out fires And you're in a you know a difficult Situation you know whether it be a job Or marriage or or a lot of those things All together and you're um you know it's The rat race and you're just your life Just is you're not really living right You're just reacting and trying to keep Your head above water like you're Treading water and you know you're Toiling and you know I had that for a Number of years of course the last so Many years have been better and I've had More time to reflect on things and make These videos and do things that where I Have time to think like I didn't have Time to think like even with the Meditation I was doing and all those Things just not getting able to uh like Every day you have all these things you Have to accomplish and by the time You're done with the day you're too Tired to do anything to you know move Your life forward or have some kind of Purpose or whatever and so human life Was designed especially you know in Terms of all the things that we have to Accomplish for a much longer period of Time so this thing this random tweet Encompasses that with this idea that This capping of the second genome Reduced our life uh significantly and That there are these possible higher Developed race again what Boba G was

Talking about that there's a higher race And a lower race and the lower race is Trying to get up to that higher level And that there's all this junk DNA I Mean these things that I found out Through other sources and there's a lot Of information about that that junky DNA Is really human potential and that you Know we have an animalistic Tendencies Our lower nature and if we were built to Be slaves or built to be you know Whatever human beings are here now and It's kind of a mistake in a way or Something that's not um you know uh it Didn't come naturally there's not a Natural Evolution and we were placed Between these two worlds of like Possibly a world of Apes right Chimpanzees bonobos right and higher Develop evolved humanoids right and you Know if we were raised as a slave race If this is a you know if it was left Behind the evidence that that's there is That there was these higher developed Beings that were technologically evolved And they took off and they were more Present you know they were present on This planet and they left behind you Know some artifacts let me read this Other Whispers of the brighter world and They left behind you know some of these Things but they were and even some of The Technology but you know we weren't

Equipped for that right we weren't on Their level but we were we were no Longer like apes or whatever we were no Longer animals with lower levels of Consciousness so we had these you know a Forced Evolution so to speak and Explains the the slave mentality that we All have and the All the abuse that's there and these Things right especially if if we were Mistreated as a you know not really um Regarded with any sense of care or you Know any of these things when they Genetically modifi the current human Beings that live on this planet you know This is all stuff that again there's Evidence for it and you have to you know Be able to make the mental leap to Connect all the problems of humanity to A kind of flawed creation right you know As Lloyd Pi put it it was very sloppy You know this is a sloppy work that was Done and if they're rushing this product Out to create a lot of slaves to do you Know the work that needed to be done to Harvest resources or what was going on With this planet right and this idea of This planet was terraformed as well and So it had you know a a speedy Evolution That was done not through a Divine Process but through higher develop Beings you know experimenting on Something and there's always going to be Issues when you you know try to to

Replicate nature but let me read this Other Whispers of the brighter world Because this speaks to this as well These are both amongst the prophecies There's other um there's other Whispers That are talk about this and I don't Have all of them right here I'm just Going to read these two Sunday March 4th 2001 8 a.m. the Earth's history is both Ancient and Rich it has some Advanced Civilization extraterrestrials as you Call them came to establish exporation Sites and to build interplanet planetary Realization some of them survived even Though not having their primary Usefulness anymore the pyramids belong To them many things are said and written About them they still play an important Role energy-wise Revelations on this Point will bring a new Enlightenment to Men of the future ages the time has not The time has not yet come could they Really understand all these subtleties Of the system they should at least start Admitting that life exists on other Planets of the solar system and beyond It will really be necessary to hit hard So that they can accept this principle a Massive Invasion will occur we already Mentioned that possibility which alone Will put an end to the wandering of all Forms of science the whole picture will Need revising those beings will be will Bring an extraordinary knowledge that

Will leave the poor Earthly stupified With their pompous ideas of everything Most of which are wrong or worthless Those beings will come in order to Protect the universal balance from Men's Misconduct as well as from the huge risk They're running with so-called progress Which is alarming in many respects Boby So there's a lot in this message you Know there's all this evidence that the Pyramids and I've talked about this in Past videos were built by some higher Developed race certainly more Technologically advanced we couldn't Rebuild those pyramids today we couldn't Cut the stones we couldn't build them With the Precision they were built I Mean they're and they're all over the Globe these pyramids are not just in Egypt they're all over these various Continents and you know there there's Similar artifacts at all these places Long before the world was connected Through air travel or even ships and Things like this these are ancient um These are ancient structures and our History has that there was no way these Civilizations could be connected because People didn't have the ability primitive People have the ability to travel across The ocean across the globe and and there Wasn't no there was no sort of sharing Of technology and architecture and Things and so the pyramids anybody with

Any Common Sense understand were built By a higher developed race that had Technical superiority to even what we Have today in one of these messages I'm Not going to read it here he talks about Giants like what happened you know when The Giants disappeared so he's Acknowledging that there were giants on This plan plan at one point maybe I'll Just look at that real quick here okay So I found this message here let me just Find it Again um here we go got to make it Bigger um I was reading it but I got Interrupted here um here we go Sunday February 10th 2001 10 A.m. this is from the fourth Revelation So this wasn't a part of the prophecies This came out in the fourth book Secrets of ancient Egypt will be Unearthed when the moment has come and The majority and the major significance Of all existing symbols can finally be Understood by most people which is not The case for today's civilization this Is about how there's like Freemasons and These various groups that maybe were Left behind and they have this secret Knowledge that they're not sharing with Everybody else higher Spirits in terms Of level Evolution are not far from that Comprehension the they work out key Elements of the those Mysteries which Will help explain one day the true

History of the world the Earth as far as Its function is concerned can be Compared to a living being with strong Points or chakras which maintain balance Essential to its life and evolution Men By their ignorance endanger the world of The future by disorganizing what a Higher race worked out a long time ago The human being on the pretext of Progress destabilizes not only the life Of the planet but also its attributes in The Universal order the race of giants Is a reality it influenced very deeply The history of the earth which is Recorded in certain sacred places of the Sphere many of which are in the country Of Egypt the majority of those places Are not yet explored by human beings for The greatest good of all men must Protect against them must protect Against themselves as they are not able In the current state of knowledge to Decipher what must be deciphered for the Survival of a future world Boby and so This idea of an invasion that he talked About in the previous Whispers that I Read well you can see like this stuff is You know you can believe it or not right I'm just putting it out there I don't Care and you know it's important if this Is true but there's some truth here Because there's evidence of giants There's evidence of all these things That UPS saying but the evidence that we

Can ignore is that human beings are Hellbent at self-destruction and that we Are doing things whether it be Wii and Five Wi-Fi and 5G or the weapons that We've created nuclear weapons and all The rest of it and just the Self-destructive nature of people drug Addiction and creating new and newer and Better drugs to screw people up and you Know all the psychological aberration And all this Hollywood morality that's Being pushed out there all the degrading Nature of humans the Hedonism the the Way that kids are addicted to the Internet and you know everybody is Addicted to some extent and created These fantasy worlds and cyber life and Detach from reality and the family's Breaking down and we're on a you know We're hellbent for World War III and Self-destructive Tendencies and we have Technology that we clearly are not Mature enough to handle whether it be You know your F your phone that people Get addicted to whether it be any number Of you know medical things that are Being tampered with and you know Geneticists creating spider spider goats And things I mean these things exist That they're you know doing genetic Manipulation trying to merge species and Have um goats that make milk that has The same components as a spider's web And stuff so they can I mean all these

Things that they're trying to do they Messing around with things the the CERN Pyal collider I mean who really would Feel safe with Trump and Biden I mean This is the official story having Control of a black box that could Destroy the world that we have the the Technical abilities to destroy the world Elon Musk releasing these satellites and This web I mean Babaji talks about in These Whispers messages this web that's Wrapped around the earth now with these Satellites emitting all these energies And things destabilizing humans subtle Bodies and their ability to connect Spiritually and and get a moment of Silence in these things and we clearly Have technology that we're not ready to Use and we haven't evolved the maturity And the Consciousness to do these things And so there would have to be an Intervention right if we are created by These higher developed beings I'm having Some possible issues with my microphone I don't know what to do about it but I See that sometimes it's flashing the Signal is so if there's some problems With this audio um it's just you know I Haven't been able to figure out what to Do about that it's just something that I've noticed today I did another voice Over for my um my journey series and Hopefully I've caught the problems and I Just I re I did I redid the audio when I

See the there's lights and the lights Flash but I'm not always looking at the Thing so if there's problems with the Audio it's because of that but anyways We all see the problems with the human Race and this puts it into perspective That we are you know we've got an Evolution that didn't come naturally and We haven't matured into our abilities And powers and things and there's a Disconnect between our spiritual sense And you know our level of emotional Maturity and all the rest of it we have Lives that are shorter than we should Have you know I can say in my 50s and Even in my 40s I was a lot wiser and Made better decisions so if people who Are making decisions the leaders of the World were 100 or 200 or even a thousand Years old it would be quite different You would have seen and experienced so Many things and you would have all this Collective knowledge right I was just Thinking about this the other day like All the things that I know now that Would have helped me so much when when I Was younger going through the things I Went through of course going through Those things helped me be the person I Am today but you know going through Tough things when you're you know when You're older you just have a sense of I Mean this is just being you know in my 50s what if I was a 100 Wii is 200 and

So then you'd have this real wisdom Thousand years old or whatever and so The shortened lifespan all these things That are here that we have and the Decisions we're making it would make Sense at some point we're going to to be A threat to the universal order or Balance like that just makes sense we we Are right now and we're on the cusp of Nuclear war and all the stuff I cover Regularly here on this YouTube channel So all these things go go with the story That we see living out and playing out In front of us people are getting worse The human beings are de evolving you Know the biggest um the biggest reason Why there would be some Global collapse Is because the system that we have now Is making making us worse and as we get Worse the system gets worse right we're Both working together to create uh like A sort of De Evolution where people are Becoming you know it's the movie Idiocracy right where everything becomes Uh worse and our system gets worse but The people that are in the system are Getting worse at the same time and so That's a real problem especially since We have all this technological power and People aren't don't have the maturity Level or even the sanity to handle that Power and it is something that will not Not only not only is threatening the Destruction of this planet but hurting

The universal order so that there be Some sort of invasion that human beings Being immature and you know egotistical And all the things that we think we are And all great we think we are will not Take lightly and then there'll be Whatever that is and however that works Out right and then coming back to this Essential point when you think about all This stuff and then you see that um you Know that our origin of our species Which is something that is you know if You look at the official Stories the Biblical story in the Old Testament Sucks and I've talked about that so much You think about the other religions that Explain the origin of our history They're they're not great right they Don't make sense lots of holes and flaws In them and then the scientific version With Darwin which is a complete sham and So to think that we don't know where we Came from which you know we have all These missing pieces to our existence And our struggles and if we knew those Things a lot more of our lives and the Lives of our you know our Collective Lives together and our history and our Culture would make sense right that There's you know inherent problems in Victim Consciousness from the origin of Our you know the origin of our species And how we are created and why we all Feel overwhelmed all the time because of

The shorten lifespan but also Al because We're not you know we haven't reached The level of what we need to be to deal With the technology and the the you know All the power that we have as human Beings to create and manifest things and So there's a level of overwhelm right a Level of insanity that goes with it all The things that are now you know are Question marks like Enigma why is this Like this well because you know we the Origin of our species is not a natural One You know there's a new scientific I when I was doing the research I found that There are some people who dispute Whether the the second and third ver uh Chromosome are fused but that's you know That seems ridiculous when you look at The these people also believe in Darwin And so what do you think happened when The there's two chroom chromosomes in Our closest genetic relatives and yet we Have one but they don't want to admit That it's fused because that would mean That their whole world view and World Model blows up both for religious people Who believe in you know religious texts That have been proven false and then the Religion of science that is you know Pseudo science and it's built in control And you know Scientific um you know fraud and things To create a a narrative that is far away

From the truth and I'm leading with this Because this is more important than Anything else what I'm about to show you Is the problem and I'm talking about Here is the reason for the problem the Reason for our personal struggles and Collective struggles because you know we Have a kind of a a screwed up backstory Right an unnatural and you know Compromised and mistake ridden and you Know like all these things you know bad Decisions being made in terms of you Know what's been left behind a race of People that aren't equipped with what They need to deal with their problems Right to deal with their their current Situation anyways let's move on to the Uh other stuff here Okay I just completed a Video entitled Um I have to find it here it's not my Problem it's your Problem And this video contains a lot of things That are you know a part of the journey Series so I'm going to put the whole Video at the end of this last um voice Over here and then um continue on with The 136 Edition after that it seems like the Whole video you know I get into the Whole thing about gurus and fake gurus And all this stuff um but before I do That I want to just say that the dodgy

Truther sent me this quote from dodgy in A now deleted Video um he posted a URL of the video With it I think he posted this on his Um Facebook page But um there was a YouTube video and he Has the you know the the URL and when I Typed in the URL he said the video is no Longer available so I'd assume they Deleted it for this very reason and so He says Um in part of a lifetime itself I've Witnessed experienced worked upon Individuals were able to move at Lightning speed and once I had seen half A dozen individuals especially late From a small village of Rajastan I was resting in my Cottage There Gestures in the farm and then suddenly I Saw a few ladies between the ages of 40 And 50 half a dozen of them working in The farm and I was resting in air Conditioned room they were working at High Noon in summertime April and they Were working with they and they were Working with they would put man to shame They would put put man to shame kind of Thing hardcore labor they were doing and I saw from my window what's going on and Why so much digging sound I invited them In please come inside we had tea Together and watched what overwhelmed me Was in contrast that I am resting in an

Air air conditioned room and they're Performing that work as volunteers Cleaning up the place digging so much That we can go to the plantation In it moved my heart so much and Jittered me from inside Like An Earthquake I immediately said let's all Meditate and I sat in no time in a Fraction of a second they moved from 1 To 13th I felt it in all of them and so What he's saying here is that he had a Yatra with them and there's a picture Here I'll place this thing in there they Put a picture here I guess this is the Women there from Reran And um the problem with this well There's a number there's numerous Problems here you know I totally Believed Audi would say this I don't Know whether he did I mean I you know I Trust that this was an accurate quote It'd be nice to see it in video form Just because but it's exactly the kind Of thing that Dody says and you know one Time Boba G was so moved by the devotion Of an Abasi that the guy was so devotional to Him that he moved him four points all at Once and ly in a communed with Boby said You're to kill the guy and so he stopped He was going to move him seven points I Think charie told his story and um Loi

In her commune with them and and bobi Said that the guy you know had headache For like 3 months like a bad headache Just from you know the the vibration Bob J talked about in this different aspects I mean took ly seven months as a kid to Do the 13 yatra points and that's the You know took Babaji like 20 Years you know so he was ponton in a Past life and the idea that these women Just because they were doing physical Hard labor were able to go to the Central region in one Sitting was impossible and it's just Stupid like it it's not it doesn't go With any of the other teachings and it's Saying don't bother meditating don't Bother being a spiritual person just dig Ditches just do hard physical labor and You'll get into the central region you Know none of these other Saints I mean Jesus was at point two when he died all The work that he did sacrifice he had But these women went from point1 to Point point 13 cuz DOI was motivated by The physical work they were doing and It's been talked about over and over Again you know physical work is great And we should all participate in it we Should all participate in making meals And putting up tents and being a part of Getting the Gatherings ready and that Has value right and it feels good to do It but the higher level work is reserved

For and given permission to people who Evolve spiritually and it's higher work Higher work is important I read there I Read that wh's message where he talks About the whole idea of um you know I I Include that in here and that there no Difference there is a you know a Subspecies in the sense that there's Human beings who live for thousands of Lives and then there was what's been Left behind now in terms of the humanity That's here that's struggling to move Forward spiritually right in in other Ways and so the whole thing just doesn't Align in with any of the other teachings And it you know it's like I said you Know you there's one time chargie was um Talking about how babaj G Liberated his maid he had a maid and They would scream at each other because She couldn't hear and so it always Seemed like they were yelling at each Other because she would talk very loudly But bobaji had to yell really loudly so She could hear him and she was kind of Um you know Grumpy but she packed his hookah in a Good way right and you know Babaji said That he liberated her you know that she When she died he liberated her and Charie said why am I bothering Meditating doing all this work when all They have to do is pack your hooka you Know like but you know she rendered

Service and she was around him for a Long time but there wasn't any movement From 01 to3 or any of the the atra Points in one day like it just doesn't Happen and you know to all of these Women like they all have their own Individual some scars and their own Grossness and that he brought them into The and had tea with them and then said Let's sit for meditation and he couldn't Believe it they went from 0.1 To3 it just it's just classic dodgy Ridiculousness I'm going to end here There some seems to be my microphone has A little bit of interference I'm not Sure what's going on today but here's The video I I put together um you know The the video that I made for my regular Viewers and um if you've seen it then Then you can stop here um but it you Know is aligns with all these things I'm Talking about here and I'm going to end This um 134th fifth edition here and Then I'll continue on with 136th after Today greetings brothers and sisters Yeah this is a real person this is a Real picture Unphotoshopped undoctored this is Dana Bash the CNN political analyst and host Of a show Dana Bash show or whatever It's called Uh Dana Dana Bash is how she Pronounces her name so today's Wednesday Uh January 17th and yesterday on Tuesday

They were covering the Iowa Caucuses and I tuned in while I was Eating breakfast to see what was up and This happened and I couldn't believe it And I didn't have time to deal with it Then so I just recorded it I hit the Record button I kind of forgot about it And I saw it last night and I went to Look at it again it was even worse and So let me just show you the clip Here I don't think it's snowing Governor Dan santis blew directly there from Iowa This morning CNN's Diane Gallagher uh is Is joining us you were at that event What was governor Des sanz's message Today Diane it should have been beware of Ghouls Because I mean she's putting the g into Ghoul here and this is with you know no Matter how much uh makeup they spackle On these Ghouls and all the lighting They use and even filters they can't you Know they can't hide the truth right I Mean this is brutal absolutely brutal I Think a witch would be a more Appropriate uh you know uh name for this Like one of those witches that's you Know just a day away from sharpening her Teeth into a point and I mean it's just Really bad the you know the lines around Her eyes and the you know everything About it and I mean no matter what they Do to these schouls speckling on makeup

Or plastic surgery they can't hide their True inner condition this is going to be An epic video and I started it last Night With a voice over about a really bad Comment remedial comment and I did a you Know a voiceover I don't know maybe it's Like 20 minutes 25 minutes on that That's the introduction I got other Stuff to get to but then I thought of Some more things to say about it and you Know to me this is going to be a Profound video uh one of the ones for That I think is you know one of the Better videos I don't know what you'll Think but for me it's a big one but I Want to start this here I want to start Here with inner Condition I had a couple of jobs one was When I was a clinician you know Counselor I have a master's degree in Counseling and I had to do psychological Assessments and the other is working as A preceptor in the Sark system where I Had to read people's spiritual Conditions so I had a couple jobs where I had to look into the internal World in Different ways of people and you know I Don't love it I mean it's Unpleasant and when you do it right you Can feel a person's inner condition what It's like to be them and more often than Not it doesn't feel that great like I

You know whatever it feels like to be me Wake up and and be me inside you know Whatever I am inside and you know I used To be worse in terms of you know I don't Know angry or depressed or you know Whatever negativity was in me right Uh but over the years with cleaning and Things like that I you know don't feel Pretty much anything like in terms of Negativity like I don't feel the things I used to feel negativity in terms of Anger and hate and and all these things And when I do feel them it's quite a Shock to my system but I used to feel That way all the time and I attribute That to the cleaning you know method in The system the S Mark system and things I went through personally the work I've Done personally right but even back then In those days you know when I was not Feeling great inside and I would tune Into some of these other people in the Way they felt I was often times was just Shocked once in a while you'd find Somebody who was like saintly and you Know you could feel that the inner Bliss That those people have people who are You know spiritually clean and whatever It is Psychologically Pure or whatever um you Know but I did this work and it's Difficult to figure out what people are Feeling on the inside based in the way They present themselves right the way

That they um you know present themselves To the outside world because people mask Up and they put out a show they put out Something you know I talk about this in My book The Choice you know the villain Character the Adrian character who you Know he had this game he played as a kid Just like everybody else because he knew That what was inside of him would be Horrific to other people to see and There people like that are conscious of That their inner world that they're Monsters Inside and the get they get reflected Back people get freaked out when they Reveal their true inner selves and so They create a you know persona but Everyone does this to some extent you See it on social media you see it in the Way people focus on their external sides Right looking trying to look better and Again the up industry and all these Things to try to to mask what's inside Of them they don't want people to see What's inside of them right and this is Both good and bad people are scared of The potential Saint inside of them and The potential demon that's inside of Them you know people have both you know In their potential they have a they Could become a demon they could become a Saint right they have all these things Inside of them and they're terrified of Both of them and usually one more than

The other and often times in life you Don't see you know you get glimpses of What people really are like on the Inside I I used to give this example of I think I've given this example before I Worked in this Italian restaurant it was A really dark place you know my dad was A guidance counselor in hardford school System and these two brothers Italian Brothers had gone through that school And my dad was their guidance counselor But they were to me now old they were Like 70 you know they were you know old Guys and they owned this famous Restaurant in uh in the south side of Hartford where there used to be a lot of Italians I'm sure that's probably not The case anymore and there were a lot of Kind of older women waitresses it was a You worked as a team we did a like you Know like we made uh tableside food like Caesar salads and there was a drink we Made where we would you know it was like A a flaming drink that we'd set fire to This orange lur and we put clothes and Orange uh on an Orange Peel like we'd Peel the orange so that it was long you Know it was like a foot and a half long And we'd run uh you we'd run flaming Alcohol over it like it was like a Tableside show kind of thing so it was It was interesting job and it was a Really weird place all the people were Negative and gossipy that worked at the

Restaurant but there was this one Bartender who was the epitome of gruff He was just um like uh you know just Hardened I think probably fought in well You World War II and just you know he Was kind of he would bark and everything About him was like off-putting and you Know kind of rough and Grumpy and one of the waitresses showed Up with a little angel like a little Angel pin you know she was Christian and He was talking to her about getting Those pens for all the Waitresses and like I saw him he was all Excited about for Christmas and she went And got it with him and he like I saw a Sweet side to him right Which I normally wouldn't have seen or Looked for but there was like a softness In him you know he was all excited like A little kid to be given out these Little angel pins so it was like a you Know he was hiding this part of his Personality but it emerged right once in A while you see that with people you Know my brother um when he you know he Had some like last of some issues in Terms of he had some phobias he had a Goreaphobia this fear of leaving the House and you know he blamed some of That on his marriage and he ended up Leaving uh my sister-in-law his you know His wife for the mother of his three Boys for this blond

Woman which is kind of important to the Story and my my my nephew's my middle Nephew's um Birthday and I was away I was uh you Know I wasn't you know this was in Connecticut and I was I believe uh I'm Not sure where I was I think I was in The maybe the Virgin Islands at the time And they came back and it was like a big Deal you know it shattered their family And they were like a second like he was Like a second father to me my brother Was 17 years older than me and I went And lived with him for a while and so You know his family was like my second Family right and then you know I was Pretty close to them and the kids and Spent a lot of time with them and my you Know Sister-in-law and you know I was kind of Shocked by it as was everyone else and There's a whole bunch of reasons for it Like you he has his his story or Whatever but my nephews were really mad At him you know and he his ex-wife was Furious and you know I was the only one From my from his family my brother's Family you know my family to reach out To her and you know talk to her and come Over and you know she was just mad all The time I mean just you know she was Furious about it because she had put up With so much for over the years and you Know my brother is no treat and all

These things and this woman he was with Was a nightmare like she was just crazy You know she was like you know she was Certifiably crazy this is before I was You know went and got my you know I had Already taken some psychology classes in My first attempt second attempt at College both my first attempt and second Attempt at college and so I was you know I had the you know gift of being able to Read people but this was no you know Everybody knew she was crazy right and They would have these fights uh I ended Up living with my girlfriend in these Apartments in in uh in Hartford And my brother and his girlfriend ended Up taking the apartment uh downstairs From us and there was drama like all the Time and she was just you know nuts and She did these weird abstract paintings And one of them was supposed to Represent her and him and it was a weird Painting like weird and they got into a Fight and I came downstairs you know I Was on my way to work or something and I Stopped by and he was all kind of Freaked out and he was like look at this And she had carved the painting up of Their relationship and the image that Was supposed to be him was sliced up With a Knife and he was constantly you know Bashing her to me like saying things That the only real answer would be you

Got to leave her right you got to break Up she's a nightmare like and everyone Kind of knew it but he just wouldn't he Just wouldn't do it right you know There's people who will about Their spouse to you or their significant Other and when they tell you things they Are things that The only answer is leaving them right And it makes it uncomfortable for you Because you'll say something like you Got to leave them and then you'll see Them and they you don't know whether the Person told their spouse what what you Said about them right it's like that Kind of thing and so they kind of put You in the middle or whatever and then They and then they make up and it's like They're happy in love again and you know You've and you've been labeled as a like A you know the other person thinks You're out to break up their Relationship when and everything they're Saying it's like the appropriate Response is oh you got to end this thing Like no one in the right mind would say You should continue this relationship Right because it's completely effed up But then they you know they get back Together and then you're out there you Like so and you know there's I went Through this with my ex who was just Really you know nuts and the behavior She was exhibiting right where you know

The every time we had an argument I had To hide the I had to hide the knives cuz She would threaten suicide and threaten It you know which she would cut herself Or whatever it was right just and you Know I talked about this extensively in The journey series but it was a Nightmare and I knew I couldn't talk About it because I couldn't leave I was Trapped because of the kids and the Situation I knew I just couldn't leave It wasn't like you there was no way out For me and it sucked but you know it was What it was so I didn't tell people About it because there is only one Reasonable response to it you know my Brother used to to say this about when He was in the Vietnam war that he would Not you know write my mom my mom would Write letters like oh the refrigerator On the fritz and you know these like Mundane problems and you know his Friends were getting blown up and you Know things like that and so he would Write letters back about how you know he Wouldn't tell her what was going on and What his life was like in Vietnam Because people wouldn't understand right And so if you're you're ready to leave The relationship you know it sucks you Know the other person's crazy you know What you have to do and if you can't do It then you know you just keep it to Yourself right because whatever but

Anyways um years later he started doing The Sark practice you know after I did The Meditation and he started to focus on The internal World which is part of the Practice where you're looking inside and Seeing what you are inside and he came Over you know towards the end of the Relationship with this woman and he Showed me a picture of her and she Couldn't do the meditation like she Tried to do the sittings but she just Couldn't look at inside she was too Crazy to sit there and meditate like Some people just can't meditate cuz when They close their their eyes it's chaos Right and he showed me this picture of Her and it was caught her like in a like In a you know how people fake smile or They do whatever in pictures but it Caught a genuine moment where she looks Like a scared little girl like she'd Look terrified and just you know and he Said to me this is her inner condition Right and you see this I'll be running Pictures of things I have the ability When I hit pause to get a good glimpse Of people's inner conditions like I just Have this weird you know I mean it's not Something I do intentionally Occasionally I do it intentionally if I See something and I'll go back and grab A screenshot but in the case of This Dana Bash one it just you know was there

On the screen and I paused the you know I paused it being able to see somebody's Internal world right and so I'll have Some pictures on how many of I have Saved or where are they are but I'll you Know I know I have some I think of uh Anyway you'll see them with Jam Lee Curtis and people but I've done this you Know so much in my videos people comment On it where I'll pause it you know I'll Pause a YouTube video and right where I Pause it you'll be able to see Somebody's internal condition what they Are in the insides what they're hiding From everybody else and that's the case Here with Dana Bash but anyways let's Get into the introduction and you know I Want to cover this more this is going to Come back up as I as I do the another Voice over this morning okay greetings Brothers and sisters I want to start off With a comment today's Tuesday January 16th I'm going to make this video Tomorrow on Wednesday and it will be up On the YouTube channel on Thursday and so um I just ate dinner and I usually don't make content during the Night anymore I used to do it a lot more Before but now I just you know I'm Usually done with my day by the end of The dayless I'm uploading videos Sometimes I'll answer some comments or Something but usually not I got an epic Comment and useful information about

Lemons and the dentist and Teeth that I'll share with people Because I went to the dentist but first The comment so somebody said to me on my Other channel you are a Fraud uh and this is a comment I Probably received 200 times I don't even Know how many times somebody said those Those exact words mean maybe not by Itself but but you know it's been said Like that before it's just a comment a Throwaway comment you know these things Don't bother me and I just I I ban the Person and move on you know you got a Lot of comments I answer very seldom do I have an emotional reaction to a Comment or even a mental one but you Know there's sometimes I just think About things right you know how I think About things and I thought about that And I'm like what a lame comment because A person's goal is to hurt my Fe Feelings right May undermine my Confidence make me feel bad about myself In this case me but it could be anybody Right when you comment to somebody and You're insulting them what you're trying To do is make them feel bad right make Them unhappy make them miserable make Them feel bad about themselves make them Angry I mean that's what's happening you Have negative energy in yourself you Dislike something somebody said you feel You know bad about yourself already or

Whatever it is right whatever your your Reason for doing this Behavior your goal Is to make the other person feel bad Which is a low Behavior right and it's Something that's very prevalent on the Internet you know I don't do that people Say well you make fun of people all the Time but I have the common courtesy to Do it behind their back in public right Like my um goal is not to have the People who I talk about here watch my Videos right people have dodgy watch Some of my videos and I guess you know I Don't know if he could he had the Ability to understand them and then There's been other people have watched My videos and you know people who have Um certainly the people who leave the Comments have engaged in a behavior an Observational Behavior they're observing Me and making negative comments and that Opens a door for me to do the same to Them but the thing is I'm not interested In telling people that they suck because Working as a counselor and a therapist And being a parent and having to do that In my own life it sucks when you when You have to do it when somebody sucks Pretty bad it's either hurting you or It's going to hurt them or it's you know It's doing Dam whatever it's some kind Of thing that they need brought to their Attention and you have to have one of Those talks where you're basically

Telling someone else they suck it's no Fun right because they won't accept it If it was that easy then I would have Stayed in counseling and I would just Tell people was wrong with them and what They have to do to fix it and they would Just accept it but they never do people Don't want to change and therefore they Don't want to hear things That if they could believe them about Themselves would make them want to Change right and so I have no interest In telling people that they suck and When you do tell someone they suck of Course they're defensive but then they Can ask you for more information they Ask you for receipts and evidence that They suck and then you have to tell them All the things that they've done and it Becomes like a laundry list and they're Like well why have you felt about this Why have you felt this way for so long And not said anything and then you have To explain you know because you knew They would react like this and so it's Just not a fun Behavior I only do it When I have to like it's my duty to do It other than that I'm not interested in Doing it I'm certainly not interested in Doing it just to lash out and hurt the Other person when I was younger I said Mean things to people when I felt bad You know and now I realized that just Made me feel worse but I abstain from

That behavior but I cover it here all The time cuz people want to comment and Say something negative to somebody for Whatever butt hurt reason whatever their Reason and whatever their reason is it's Selfish and it's you know unproductive But if you're going to engage in this Behavior you should at least be right You know when I talk about people I have Good observational abilities and if they Did listen to what I was saying it's an Opportunity for them to hear something From someone who doesn't know them and Doesn't really care about them and Change that behavior right if somebody's Looking to improve themselves it's Really it would be a gift for them Because when you're right about Something at least you give the Opportunity to somebody to reflect on it And change but if you just are throwing Insults that are based in your own Distorted reality and perception and you Suck at it well that's like a double CME Because you shouldn't be doing in the First place but if you're going to do it At least be right at least have the Ability to perceive others and Understand the you you know the English Language and understand social cues and And social constructs and this person Fails on all levels because they call me A fraud now the general understanding of Being a fraud there is the wrongful or

Criminal deception intended to result in Financial or personal gain which Obviously I'm not engaging in that Behavior and so the second one a person Or thing intended to deceive others T Typically by unjustifiably claiming or Being credited with accomplishments or Qualities Now I'm not boasting my accomplishments Or Qualities you know I don't do I I'm not Telling you how great I am and all these Accomplishments I have I'm pretty open And honest about being an underachiever And all the other things being lazy and All the other uh you know I'm aware of My uh character faults and things like This and I talk about them not in a self Deprecating way not in a you know in a Way where I'm I'm beating myself up but Just you know being honest with myself And I just share that with other people Generally when people call someone a Fraud what they're saying is you're You're pretending to be something you're Not so what am I pretending to be Right what am I pretending to be that I'm really not that I'm fraudulent like What do you think I'm pretending to be I'm not pretending to be anything I'm Not pretending to be a savior or a Knower or any of these things I'm Somebody who tells the truth right That's all it is the truth that as I

Understand it I could be wrong but at Least it's what I understand to be the Truth right and so the person wrote this Um you know I talked about how my wife And I wanted to watch uh Miami Dolphins Football game against the um whatever it Is the Ken City Chiefs and peacock ran a Streaming service and I went into the Whole thing and how dysfunctional it was And how they made you watch CT Commercials even though you're paying For the streaming service which really Sucks and is you know I mean it's kind Of like a crime it's one of those things You shouldn't do as a streaming service It's just bad business and it's Incompetent so I made a short video on My other channel APAP St Channel all my Channels are linked in the description Box because people are telling me they Don't know where to find them and I'm Like well did you look in the Description box that's where those Things would be and that's where though They are right so again this person Didn't embellish and didn't um explain Their view that I was a fraud they Didn't bless us with their excellent Ability to read other people and Understand their you know their Hypocrisy right so I would I guess the Person was saying because I watch Football and I know football to be you Know kind of rigged and whatever else

That goes on all these things with Sports and know I talk about the beastly System that I watch television or I Engage with the system I'm somehow a Fraud right In this person's mind but I would be a Fraud if I told you how bad everything Was and pretended not to watch football And secretly did it that would make me a Fraud that would make me a fraud if I Lied to you about watching TV or Watching football and I misrepresented Something just to look cool to all you You hardcore truthers out there but I'm Pretty upfront with you know my Understanding of the system and that's Going to collapse someday and you know I Gave up watching TV multiple times in my Life and cuz it wasn't making me feel Good I didn't like it it was having a Negative effect but as I've gotten older I enjoy it a lot more me and my wife Watching things together and you know After whatever A Hard Day's work or Whatever we're doing and I just don't Have the energy to do things like I used To when I was younger and TV's fine and If it disappeared you know if we didn't Have television electricity and all These things and I would do something Else but right now that's what I Do and you know it's not fraudulent Because I've said over and over again The system can't be saved and I know

What it is the only difference is I know More about all the you know the ways They're trying to manipulate us and all The you know the lies and deceptions That are there all the symbolism all These things which my wife and I comment On you know when I grew up I never fit In and never understood and never bought Into the American dream and and these Things and I struggled you know I Enjoyed these things at times but other Times I just would look around and say Why why are we doing this right I had Friends in college you know guys who Played on my um my YMCA basketball team People I played sports with there was a Group of guys who you know grew up Together in a neighborhood and and one Of them was a like a like a small level Bookie you know he took gambling bets And the um other my other friends bet With him and he was you know kind of a Loser but he was good at money and Finances and he had a goal mine with my Loser friends who always seem to bet Against the winning teams and I hung out With them a couple of times on Sunday And they were watching three football Games or whatever it was right and I was Like man this is what you guys do and I Couldn't do it like after one football Game I was done like it's I wanted to do Something I had a lot of physical energy I wanted to you know I mean I was

Playing sports pretty much every day and I just couldn't imagine just sitting There for nine hours watching football Right and there have been times in my Life where I lost complete interest in Sports but now you know it's something Familiar and as the system collapses Around us there are things that I am Interested in you know things that I Grew up with that are familiar to me in Terms of my you know different parts of My life it's almost like a past life When I was young and you know when I did These things whether it's rigged or not Whatever it is it's something that you Know it just sits there it's kind of Mindless and you know I do other things And my wife and I watch it and I fast Forward to parts that are interesting And you know it is whatever it is I Still watch basketball fairly regularly You know but the same way like I might Watch a a two-hour basketball game in 50 Minutes and fast through different parts And you know just watch the parts I want To see or whatever if it's a if it's a Blowout I can just you know go do Something else or watch something else Or whatever but none of this makes me a Fraud if this is what this person was Specifically accusing me of right and Doing it in a way that's like uh really Stupid stupid and just you know not Thoughtful cuzz I'm not selling you

Anything and I'm not pretending to be Anything I'm not pretending to be Joe Truther and Joe anti-establishment and I'm going to save the world and you know This is an information war and we got to Go defeat the Deep state I'm not one of Those people you know I've I've evolved Past all that and I've accepted the Boop In reality that um the system's going to Collapse and it should collapse and you Might as well enjoy what's here because There are good things about the system And when the system collapses those Things are gone but if you're one of These truthers who say I'm just too cool To watch TV or do you know all right Whatever you know yeah you're great You're wonderful like that that's to me Is fraudulent you know you're part of The Beast there are people have said Well you're making money you're you're Running ads on your channel and you're Making money off your videos yeah why Shouldn't I be you know I need money to Live and you think I should just give Away my my knowledge and my information And whatever entertainment my stories And my life experience for free because And then work another full-time job to Support my YouTube channel I mean it's Just stupid right like it's you know you Know I dislike holier than thou purist In any form and those people usually end Up doing the thing that they say they

Hate and indulge in it and that happens All the time with pastors and preachers And you know uh feminists and right you Know they're all anti- this and anti- That and they're all really militant About it you know truthers who are like That oh this all sucks this is all part Of the this is part of the this is part Of the Elite's plan and that's all deep State stuff and then they're down at McDonald's wol wolfing down Big Macs and Chick chicken McNuggets right you know It's people who are all oh this is you Know all horrible and then they're you Know lying about it you know I'm not Trying to be cool or creating some false Perception so saying I'm a fraud I would Have to you know I would have to be Trying to sell you something about how I'm I'm this way or that way or all These things and I'm not doing that like I don't have this idea that I'm some Hero or I'm some great person or Whatever it is I never said that I never Implied that and I've you know told you Just the opposite especially the people Who've wanted me wanted to call me Master you and said that I was a saint Or a spiritual master and I was like Well I'm not and they were like no That's what the master would say I'm Like yeah but that's you know that's not What that's not why I'm saying it you Know I'm not a saint or a master right I

Mean I could be you know anybody I guess Has the potential to do that and I could Be I had the you know the talent for it And I had the Insight in it but I just Don't care about people and I'm not that Committed to any of you or any of the You know Society or even God for that Matter I know what it takes to be a Saint and I just don't really have that You know that ability to to um be One-sided and one you know purely Focused on service to Divinity you know I I work for God to whatever extent that Means and you know it's there it's just Could be more right and to to do a to be A high level spiritual person to be a Saint or a master or whatever it is I Would have to be more committed and I'd Have to spend you know more my time and Energy doing those things and and less You know less time doing the other Things and I'm you know clear about that To myself and to other people I'm not Pretending to be something I'm not so You know it's just a stupid thing to say Right like I said your the behavior Itself is a negative behavior it says a Lot about people who really want to Wreck somebody else's day they want to Take somebody down with them and that's You know I mean I don't know how much of The internet is that but it's a big part Of the internet you know we all see it Right but like I said at least if you're

Going to do that you know be be right Like be you know be accurate if you're Going to spit venom at people it should Be truthful Venom right it should be Accurate Venom it just shouldn't be Random oh you're a fraud right like you Know just randomly randomly spitting Insults it's like you know it's Embarrassing like it's embarrassing if You suck at it Like again you know you can't say much For people who do that but at least if You're right you're insightful you have Some ability you have some talent but if You're doing something sucky and you Suck at that thing it's like you double Suck right it's like you you suck on one Level because you're doing something That's sucky but then you suck at that Thing that's sucky right so like you Double suck it's really it's magnifying It's like it multiplies it's not like Double sucking it's more like you know Sucking qu quadruple sucking right it's Like you you're the square root of suck Right anyways um the dentist thing is I've been working hard to uh take care Of my teeth because I've had some issues With them lately I'm getting older and You know regrets if I had them would be I didn't put much interest and effort Into it before but I'm brushing my teeth A lot more during the day and doing it In a more effective way flossing and

Using a water pick and I've got this Toothpaste that's good on Tartar and Things like this um it's called PR Progran or something like this I found It on Amazon that I really like and I Went to the dentist and you know my Teeth were relatively clean it didn't Have a lot of plaque which you know I Felt like you know I went for a cleaning But the dental assistant found I had a Couple cavities and I'm like I just went A short time ago how come this happened Right she goes you eat a lot of sugar I'm like no I barely ever eat sugar and Like I was kind of Bumm cuz it kind of Felt like it was their fault because you Know how could you miss that you know What's going on here but then the Dentist came in he said are you a lemon Sucker and I'm like well no but I take Lemon juice you one of my viewers said Wrote to me and said there's this way of Getting rid of your fatty liver they Sent me a video and the video was taking A half a teaspoon of lemon juice and a Half a teaspoon of um olive oil and I Take you know my wife and I do this Every morning first thing in the morning And it's been really effective my Liver's got a lot better and you know It's helped me with a variety of things I think my health has improved but Apparently as the dentist told me if you Take something like that lemon juice

Like that it erods your enamel and I was Like well I wish I knew that part you Know and so that caused two cavities and He and I said what do I what do I do and He said well you rinse your mouth out With water and then you wait a half hour And you can brush your teeth or not you Know but at least rinse the the lemon Juice off the enamel I said well why to Wait a half hour he said because the Lemon juice will weaken your enamel and Then it will harden again after a half Hour you know I don't like dentist Particularly but that kind of made sense And you know so now I know that and you Know you guys all know it as well you Can do your own research I'm not Recommending anything but if you're Eating lemons like that might want to You know know that information anyways Here's the other part of the video so Yesterday today and I'll explain how This happened in a moment when I switch Over to voice over I got a lot of ads For Spiritual you know paid spiritual Whatever it is gurus you know Financial Uh spiritual gurus that are uh have a Business and this came up this was an ad How to be known how to become known as a Spiritual influencer and they have this Modelesque type person here I'm not sure If this is the same person but this is The person that ran that ad this is an Ad on Facebook and it says conduit

Founder of she Serv business mentor to Mystics and she's a light worker and she Has a paid per service so this idea Here to be how to become known as a Spiritual influencer isn't something That somebody should isn't a goal that Somebody should have okay to start off With this is the scammer from uh sad Guru you know a you know this one of These fake uh for-profit gurus right and I have some old friends from the sjar System many of whom I never met and Don't really know but there was a guy There an American guy you know white American guy who you know not an Indian And this guy um made friends with me and He used to be I think a preceptor in Sjar he must have quit and now he's Pushing out U side Guru so this came up Two days ago maybe and then um there was Another uh there was another thing here And it was a group of spiritual teachers And I thought this was something that Heartfulness was doing so I was covering It on my journey series and it was a Heart MIND Institute and it is this Extravaganza all these different forms Of meditation and I believe it's Something that's happening online it's The kind of thing that that Dody you Know fraudi the the fraudulent um you Know I do sajar meditation and he became The fourth president and the you know uh Attempted master that he you know failed

Master of the system and he um has been Trying to combine these different things He's been working with the TM guy and a Bunch of the people here Sharon salsburg And deep choer a bunch of people and I Joked I sent this to somebody and said You know fraudi dodgy uh friends are Having parties without him not inviting Him to the party but I you know looked Into this a little bit and then the next Day on Facebook there were so many you Know these new age uh meditative things That came up including this one with This model saying you know how to become A spiritual influencer there are a lot Of roles that people play in life where You can go after that position whether Be I want to be you know president or I Want to be a professional football Player or I want to be a scientist or I Want to be you know professional chef or I want to be a mother I want to be a Father I want to be you know a leader in My community I want to be something There are goals that people have and Dreams that people have things that they Aspire to but then there are times those Same things or other things where you Get a role where you didn't think you Were going to have that role where you Get offered a position and and before You know it you're CEO of the company And you never really wanted that to Happen it just sort of unfolds that way

Right based in your saric you your Impressions the things that you bring Bring with you from previous existence Part of your Soul's plan part of your Destiny but it's okay to dream it's okay To want to be something it's okay to Desire to be something but no one should Ever want to be a spiritual Guru or a Spiritual master and so much so the Second master of the Sark system Babaji Said if somebody has a thought I want to Be a spiritual Master you know on an Egotistical level once in their life it Precludes them for the whole rest of Their life from ever having that Position they should have that position And we can see that now those of us who Know about dodgy and SJ Mar you know the Heartfulness debacle and why that's the Case right because when you aspire to be A guru it's an egotistical you know way Of looking at it as being uh like a king Position a like a royal position and You're looking at it how it will benefit You and how it will help you in a Selfish way how you can exploit other People how you'll be treated how you'll Be put up on a pedestal how you'll be Treated like royalty you know everyone Will bow at your feet these types of Things and if you want that you Shouldn't have it right you know this Woman's page um you know she ran another Ad with I guess a model like she's using

These models And she's marketing to women even though She's moving using these models as Something that you're you know like a It's a materialistic you know Oprah Winfrey New Age position right where you Become you aspire to be a guru and so What happens is when people start Focusing on their spiritual life they Start um you know looking for something On a spiritual you know some kind of Spiritual journey that they're going on And they read philosophical teachings And they start understanding them you Know what happens to a lot of people Start doing SAR and they want to share this stuff With other people and then they start Looking at the themselves not as a Student and a pupil and uh you know Disciple and a you know in a a position Of learning they want to become a Teacher now they think they're ready to Teach and they think they've kind of Made it right they've made it in some Way and now they can impart spiritual Wisdom to other people and usually they Haven't done on the spiritual field Like they're you know they're novices They're not even really beginning yet And they already want to teach and you See this very it's a very common uh Occurrence and now with the new age Gurus and you know meditative and

Spiritual teachers they can do that they Can become a teacher but they haven't Mastered anything right they're not a Masters of themselves they haven't Reached any high level and they start You know pretending to be a master and They start acting like it right they'll Speak to you in a certain tone of voice And you know and almost like it's like Subtly condescending like you know and They expect people to ask them questions And they'll sit there and pontificate And you know you see it even on you know Social media now where somebody will Have a you know people have this thing Where they have um live feeds and people Ask them question and they'll hold Court You know this happened to this guy Isaac Cappy who was a you know mediocre actor And kind of a strange dude but then he Went truther and he would sit out there And you know he'd field questions about Hollywood and things and he would just Make stuff up and you know Grandy Himself right holding court and you know All these things and so what they really Aspire to be is some sort of a cult Leader you know a king is a cult leader And there's lots of cult leaders whether There celebrities or whatever it is Right where a singular person has this You know uh it's viewed that they're Special in some way and they use this You know this role that they're in this

Uh perception that people have about Them and whatever reason people are fans Of theirs and you know it's very Prevalent now on social media and it's a Parasitic relationship where they use The people the their followers to prop Them up egotistically to you know boost Their egos and also their bank accounts Right and it can go as far as a you know A Jonestown type of situation which most People think about as some sort of a Cult the David Kesh thing you know People think about places like that but Then there are smaller levels where it's The damage isn't you know death and you Know mass suicide or something but it's You know just a person taking advantage Of other people's uh you know false Perception of them right and a real Spiritual Guru a real Saint a real Spiritual Master is somebody who serves God it's a service position and it's a Position you don't want to you know you Don't want to go for you don't want to Have a goal to achieve it it's just Given to you and you have to accept the Service aspect of it right and the Service aspect is that you're working For God and all these piece of crap People that God sends to you who are Going to suck and they're going to stab You in the back and they're going to Fail you in every possible way they'll Turn on you they'll you know even

Crucify you you know in the case of Jesus I mean you have you know the Example of the way people have treated Saints and spiritual people over the Centuries and they're going to suck and They're going to fail and they're going To you know be remedial and they're Going to put everything on you and They're going to make you do all the Work and and you have to guide them and You know just in a one-sided type way Where you're not looking for anything in Return and all your interactions when You're with that person is to somehow Connect them to God and help them move Forward on their spiritual path even Though they're failing at their Their commitment they're not following Through on their you know whatever they Said they were going to do whatever Their responsibilities are and you got To keep on showing up for them time and Time again as they you know they Squander their opportunities and they Just depress you and they frustrate you And all these things and you have to Ignore all that and you know not hate Them which would be the you know the way Everyone else would feel about it like In a relationship like that it's almost An abusive relationship and you know Something that you would leave write Something that anybody would say why are You in a relationship with this person

They keep on failing you right you know Babaj G who was a second master of Sark System Said what I'm doing for you is my Business what you're not doing for me is Your business right he very seldom Talked about this in this way chargie The third Master System in the sjar System the middle line of the prayer we Say before you meditate is I am yet but Slaves of wishes putting bar to my Advancement which is fair barly clear That a person's desires and their Egotistical Pursuits and their you know Distractions and their addictions and All these things are putting bar to Their spiritual advancement their Attachment to material life and all the Petty little things and all the little Little pleasures and all the things that They're indulging in are putting bar to Their Soul's path their Soul's purpose Their spiritual advancement and charge He once said in a joking way you are yet But slaves of wishes put bar to my Spiritual advancement right which was Funny but also true and kind of sad that He had to spend his time propping up Other people and so it's a service Position you don't aspire to be a guru And if you commit to doing this job it Is a thankless job it's like being a mom Right you know and to some extent being A a good dad or being a good leader of

Any time any type where you're not doing It for self aggrandisement you're not Doing it for profit it you're not doing It for money and it should never be done For money because you can't sell God for Money God's free God's within people and So God is either Priceless you know Beyond if you give somebody God right if You're able to connect somebody with God Then that should be something where the Person should give you everything they Own they would never be able to repay You for that right connecting someone to God With God someone can't repay you for That whatever you know you do for Somebody that helps them Find God even if it's a negative thing Even it's some negative thing that You've done to somebody some crappy Thing that the person does to somebody Else that helps that person find God you Can't repay them for that so it's got to Be free and the only way it works is When the person connects you to God They're serving God and not you that Person has to look at they're serving God and not the people that's the only Way you can do this job as a spiritual Master or Guru it's the only way you can Function as a spiritual ual person Helping connect you know worthless People with something they for the most Part don't deserve you know we deserve It because God's inside of us we deserve

It because God is within everybody and Everything so it's our god-given right a God-given privilege to be able to Connect to God and have a relationship With God but we certainly don't deserve Based on our behaviors and our attitudes And what we've done in our lives that Connection you know so going back to This comment or uh calling me a fraud You know of all the people that do this You know being whatever this is doing Social media and things like this is the Joy that I get out of this is I like Making these videos like I was looking Forward to making this one when I Thought about these things to say you Know I like doing the videos I like you Know seeing something and then you know Making jokes about it you know I just Have this um this thing I'm going to put At the end of this video uh Trump um Talks about why he made Nikki haly a un Ambassador and it's just a fail another False Guru guy in fact why don't I show You that here and I can talk about that As being something it'll uh you know and Then I'll get back to this thing in a Moment here well first let me complete This thought and then I'll show you the Trump thing and so you know in the Beginning because of my you know Incompetence as a person and Underachieving as a person and the loss Of confidence I had because of my

Ex-wife and her being just you know a um A complete nightmare of a Person the success I started to have as A YouTube person you know being able to Support my family and be able to you Know have an audience and things was you Know good for my self-esteem in the Beginning and getting likes and you know As my channel grew and things like this You know it was uh like it was an ego Thing there was ego in it a lot more Then and you know at some point it just Just didn't matter anymore like doesn't Matter if I get one view or a million Views like I don't feel anything you Know the comments there are some Wonderful comments where people say I've Helped them and that's great you know But you know I just don't I'm like kind Of numb to the whole thing because I've Had millions of comments now and you Know good and bad and I've had you know Years of doing this and it isn't a big Deal to me right like I don't have a Desire to be a celebrity and very seldom Do I I look over and see how many thumbs Up I've gotten or what percentage of Thumbs up to some thumbs down or like Sometimes I'll look at it just because I Want to compare like if I say something Negative about Trump I'll see that I'll Get you know less uh you know a worse Percentage of likes because of the Trump Or something like that but I look at it

Just as a you know because it's kind of Funny to me but I don't you know pay Attention to that right I don't get External validation by any of these Things right if I made more money great If I you know had more viewers great it Would be great like it would be positive You there should be growth in anything You know is either going one way or the Other and so there has to be growth Right but at this point the joy I get is That you know I get to stay at home and You know I got my two dogs here and I'm Looking out the window snow on the Ground and I'm talking to myself Basically into a microphone and this is My job and that's kind of cool and I Enjoy making these videos that's what I Get out of it and I am you know honest I'm honest about you know the way I view Life and I give you my honest Perceptions and these things and I'm not Looking for anything in return like I'm Not looking for you to prop Me Up make Me feel good about myself and these Things I'm not looking at this as a a Way to you know I this is what people do On most people on social media want to Be seen as great and you know they want Some you know and I just I mean it was There in the beginning and it Disappeared and it's never coming back Like I'm never going to you know look at If this a way to to wer my you know

Whatever it is right like I don't hear The laughter I make a joke and you know I'm making a joke basically to myself And I find it funny and then if you Laugh or you know you don't laugh I Don't know about it right it's not like I'm doing a live comedic performance and I'm being fed by the audience these Things I talk about Madam expiration Date and I don't need any of those Things right I certainly don't need to Be put into some Guru like situation Where I'm a leader of something you know Where everyone's um you know propping me Up and serving me you know I don't even Have that like I like to do things for Myself like I don't like other people to Do things for me you know my family had A servant when my ex left when we were In India we paid you know 80 bucks a Month for someone to come in and clean The house and uh nice Indian women and Cook us a meal every day right you know Most days a week and it was like you Know and everyone had them there and I I Never felt really comfortable with that Right I feel you know I'd rather do Things myself and if I can't do them you Know I I mean you pay for whatever you Have to you know like things you can't Do but I you know I like to be pretty Much self-sufficient and you know no one Can be that way but I don't you know Enjoy people serving me right like it's

Not something where I you know some People like that they want to have Slaves they want to have people you know Prop them up and they want to have you Know I mean all these people want to buy Their you know there's people who in India there was one guy was so rich he Used to have people people put on his Shoes right like those they have Dressers in the royal family people who Have a job of dressing you know these People can't even dress themselves right And that just isn't you know anything I'm interested in I'm not a people Person like there are people who are Wonderful I've enjoyed people you know Just great people that I've met and Sometimes I'm in a you know in a Situation where I'm in a social setting Or whatever could be like a concert or Somewhere you know my life where I was Around a lot of people and it was m Magnified and it was made better by Having more people but for the most part You know I never think oh you know I Wish there were more people here like I Wish there was more people around like You know I mean around me and a Situation oh I wish this was more Crowded I wish this store was more Crowded I wish you know I mean I don't You know I don't seek out more and more People as a you know some people love People love socialization they love to

See more people they love to be part of A crowd they love you know the way that It feels to be a part of a large group They want they want more and more people Want more and more friends more and more Social contacts more and more you know People who like their you know whatever Their stuff on Facebook whatever that's Great but I'm not one of those people Right and because of that I can be more Honest right because of that I can be More you know I can be uh like I'm not Worried about losing you I I don't have To Pander to people right I don't have To you know think about what other People want to hear me say and say it I Can just say what I believe and if People don't like it they don't like it Because I'm not you know and that's a Rare thing that you get here from me Right and this you know going back to This person calling me a fraud you know It's the opposite of that because I'm Not pretending to be something that I'm Not just so you'll like me just so You'll you know whatever it is right and It's one of the things you get here that You don't get many other places like you May there's maybe other people like me On social media but it's a rarity right Let's go to the Trump thing and I'll Talk more about that on the other side So this is what I'm talking about a cult Leader and just a complete dumbass right

So Donald Trump said this he's in a it's Just been the Iowa caucus he won you Know Tuesday and now he's Monday and now He's um in New Hampshire so what I want to do is I want To just tell you it's very simple we Have to get out we have to take back our Country we have we have a country that's In such bad shape we have to take it Back Nikki haly is a disaster she worked For me for a long time I mean I know it Very well I actually put her there for a Different reason I shouldn't say this But you had a lieutenant governor named Henry McMaster who was fantastic I Figured if I took her out of South Carolina governorship put her someplace Any place I put her someplace then Henry McMaster who was my friend and who's Turned out to be a great governor in South Carolina Henry McMaster will Become the governor so I moved her to The United Nations And honest What so that's your you're selling Yourself as a good leader so you Took a you know the Governor Nikki Hy Out of South Carolina so that your Friend could win governorship of that State a state that's already a red State And a state that's you know doing fairly Well compared to other states whatever It is right and you put her in I could Have put her anywhere so I made her the

Chief ambassador to the UN like he could Have stuck her into any Ambassadorship in some country if he Wanted to do that right so he's saying That he just wanted to get rid of her he Hired her because she Sucks and he put her in as the Ambassador to the UN which is a big Important position you know I mean it's The most important ambassadorship Position it's one of the higher ranking Positions that he could put her in right And he did that all because he wanted to He wanted to uh G name the race and rig The race I mean talks about election Rigging he wanted to rig the election For his friend I mean this is everything That Trump like if you heard this Objectively as a trump supporter you Would say I can't vote for this guy he Just told me what's inside of him right Going back to this idea what's inside of A person you know he's lying you know This is not why he did it it's only Because she's running against him for President he didn't do that right it's When she started criticizing in him he Now changes his story this is what Trump Always does but his you know the story He changes it to it to is ridiculous It's you know really stupid that he Would say that he would put somebody in As an ambassador to the UN to get them Out of a state so someone else can win

Governorship that is a really stupid Thing to say and it's a lie on top of it Right it's a lie because now he's Running against her and she's the number One Challenger to his candidacy and this Is everything you should you know you Need to know about Trump being a defunct Leader and a bad person you should never Vote for this guy right it's funny Because it's so like stupid right Honestly she was not a good negotiator She was not a good negotiator now she Likes to talk about when I negotiated With China there was some fish boy Moment there when I negotiated with you Like three it's all fish boy right here But when I negot this is All with China I negotiated with China I Did all of it we got in hundreds of Billions of dollars and I did it and you Know she has he did I did I did all Those things I did she didn't do Anything I did it I did it me me me I Did it I'm the guy I'm the guy I'm the Guy could save the country from my we Got to take it back to the country and I'm going to be the guy even though I Suck before as president and I did Operation warp spe and I suck as a Person and I failed as president I lied To you and I turned on you and I you Know represented everything that is Wrong with the leader but now you got to Put me back in there again because I did

It nickii didn't do It she has a hit on Social Security you Know she wants to raise the age very Substantially you don't need that we Don't want to do that and we have that Liquid Gold we don't have to do that to Our seniors you earned it you're right Who who said that that's a good point That's a good point this person said we Earned it you earned it you did earn it And you don't need that and the same Thing with Medicare they want to Obliterate it we're not going to do that So I say this get out and vote and get Out and vote she sucked I'm great sure We win by big margins the bigger the Margin the bigger the Mandate that we Have the stronger we're going to be and I mean strong not just for the next State because the next state is Nevada And we're leading by 90 points 90 we're Leading by 90 90 points So Why you guys cheering what he just said He just told you something like was Obvious lie you know it's something Somebody changes the story cuz Hey look She she's she's making fun of me now Well I didn't even like her anyway I Gave her a position in my Administration Only because I wanted something to help In South Carolina from a friend and I Just stuck her in a this this stupid Position this no power position of

Ambassador to the US I mean unless you had a Catastrophic event I think it that's you Know like I don't know prison time J but Then we go to South Carolina we're Leading by and then we're leading by Everything by everywhere you go but but I'm talking about November we have to Win this sends a that send the word to The other side they're very destructive Yeah okay send the word and so what I'm Talking about here in terms of Leadership is somebody who Takes more than they give or gives more Than they take or just gives right I Mean ultimately that's what you have in Relationships and all relationships Should be give and take but when you're Talking about a spiritual leader and Really any kind of a good leader the Person gives of themselves right you Know and you have to have something to Give and so many people are bankrupt and Dead inside and all these fake gurus and They're thinking about what they're Going to receive from doing the work and Once you do that you're you're screwed You can't be a spiritual person it's a Service position and they'll say they're Serving but they're not right you look At the you know the breakdown of the Relationship you look at the financials You look at the you know the energy and They're taking more than they give right

They're feeding off the energy and the Finances and the you know all of it the Good willll of the their followers and It's parasitic and so in my personal Situation you know I have a lot of love In my heart like from the the um the sa Mark system I mean it's exclusively Because of that you know whatever was There in the beginning whatever kind of Heart I have you know it wasn't love you Know there wasn't I didn't have vast Amount of love to give before doing the Sa Mark system right and this has grown Over the years like I don't you know I Mean I'm just receiving Divine love all The time I meditate and just the Connections here doing these videos I Mean I re received you know a like a you Know a um I guess what you what do you Call that a commission right in the sjar System where the preceptors give Sittings you know and I experienced this The transmission flows through you You're a conduit right you're an open Vessel you know and this woman claiming To be a conduit people you know whatever This is a I guess a common New Age term But you know are you really a conduit Right and in the sjar system as a Preceptor charie said even the best Preceptor still retains 20% of the Transmission when they give a sitting Right and so you give five sittings and You get 100% of the transmission you

Give 10 sittings you've taken you know I Mean you've taken double what the other People are getting right which is just It's hard to even you know it's God's Love and it's infinite so even to Categorize it as that but you receive Right and you know energy passed through Me when I make these videos Often times I'll be feeling you know not Great I'll have a headache or whatever It is won't be phys physically feeling Up to it low energy and I start making The videos and I perk right up because There's you know Divinity I'm in some Sort of partnership here with God and The energy flows through me and so I Have that to give right I have that to And I don't want to say to give like It's mine because it's not right it's God's love is never yours right love is Never something to be given right Something that you know passes through You but you need willing hearts and People to receive it and I experienced This personally of course I cover this On a daily basis you know people are Afraid of God they're afraid of the Divinity within them they don't believe They deserve to receive God's love you Know whatever is going on with them People aren't good receivers of love and When they get love and they have Somebody that loves them more often than Not they turn on that person especially

If the person loves them unconditionally Because they view themselves as you know Most people have huge self-esteem issues And especially people who aren't Horrible narcissistic people who have You know you know layers of narcissism That talk about how great they are and People who can't penetrate those External survival instincts that they Have to to build themselves up because Deep down they know they're a piece of Crap you know people with personality Disorders and many of those people Become leaders and you know they have False Charis like Trump like Trump deep Down knows he's a piece of crap right Like he knows it but he can't deal with That so he has these coverings of you Know this narcissism that's there but It's not the real person that's there And he's self-destructive they're all Self-destructive you see it because deep Down they hate themselves and they think They're horrible people and most people Think that right you know and most People like hate themselves on some Level and they're you know guilt and Shame and this comes from past lives and Most people have real bad Health uh Self-esteem and can't accept the Negative tendencies that they have they Can't be honest to themselves about These things they can't be honest about Their shortcomings and you know it

Crushes them right they have to build Themselves up with you know selft talk Positive selft talk and things that you Know it's just preventing them from Seeing the part of them that they are Ashamed of and they don't want anybody Else to see so they put on all these Coverings the things I was talking about Earlier you know people taking hundreds Of photos so they can post on instag and Facebook and try to sell their family And sell themselves as being something Other than what they really are you know People who suck who you know hate each Other and can't get along or you know They're miserable people but they're you Know they're glossing this stuff over And giving it a a shimmer and a you know An image and that a brand that doesn't Exist right that's what social media is All about and over the years I mean in Doing this YouTube channel and then with Dodgy collapsing and then there needing To be a stop Gap and uh doing my best to Help to retain the the beauty of the Sark system and a system that is you Know profoundly efficient but you know Even that like is a perfect system in Many ways to connect people to God but You can't connect people to God if People are running away and fighting God And fighting off the you know all of it Right their egos are pushing this away And they don't feel like they deserve it

I mean there it's a flawed group of People At least now maybe in future lives it'll Wear away and that's the hope of the System you know playing the long game That after their soul gets connected to The transmission that's given this Divine energy pran hoodi the utilization Of the Divine Force for the Transformation of man right and so that This energy is there you know people run Away from it people run away from love Right you know I saw this when I got Divorced and I was single for a little Bit and you know I saw that like Although women say that they want love You know I had the capacity to be really Loving right you know based in the work That had you know been done to me and The the work I put in the Sark system But also how I survived a really Dysfunctional marriage and you know was Able to be grateful and just uh put away My negative Tendencies and my Tendencies To you know lash out or to you know to Criticize or do whatever in a Relationship and just be loving right Which is what women claim that they want And most women dream of that but really Deep down they don't want that right That's the whole idea of them going for The bad boy going for somebody who's you Know uh they they have to change or Whatever right somebody who you know the

Nice guy that will love them or whatever It is and treat them right treat them The way they say they want to be treated They don't want that guy right that's Just a common occurrence it's for men as Well but men are too stupid to to Really You know think about things like this I Mean they're not relationship oriented They you know they want you know certain Specific things often physical or sexual In a relationship and don't think about The kind of woman that they want right But women have a specific you know uh Criteria and you know the way that they Talk about it and being loved and loving And being in a loving relationship is a Big centerpiece and I realized that that Was just BS that it's just what they say But it's not what they really want right That you know women who are given that You know that kind of love will will run Away away from it and the ones that can Be loved are in loving relationships They just find a husband and that's it Right the husband's happy because they Got a great wife someone who you know Who can be loved is able to love others Right someone who's you know a Functional person but most people have Such horrible self-esteem women of Course because of the physical you know Aspect of it and not believing they Measure up physically and you know Because everything's such superficial

Appearance-based things and then all the Rest of it and they put all their energy Into creating a you know a profile and a Package and something external and they Don't build anything within themselves Because they're putting all their energy Into you know some artificial creation Outside you know something superficial In terms of their physical Beauty and Style and all this stuff right they Don't develop a you know a heart and a You know all these capacity to to really Be loved right deep down they don't feel Good about themselves and nobody does And if you think about that whole thing I was saying about The genetic fusing of the the second Chromosome in human beings I talked About my last video and you know all the Information that's out there that we are Some sort of a slave you know created as A slave or whatever it is you know the True origin of our species is not being Told to us we don't know where we've Come from we can try to you know put the Pieces together but when you don't know What you were created for why you were Created as a species and the answer is Not a good one Which is more than likely the case and You can see it based in how we are right This is what we've done with our society With our culture with you know ourselves I mean this is what we've collectively

And individually created the lives that We have and you know some people are Great some people are saintly but you Know those people are humble and you Have to be humble to you know so there's No sense of thinking themselves as great Because the great people are humble Right and so when you look at all that Of course people should feel bad at the About the M El this is what we've Created this is what we've created in Our own lives this is the ego-based Selfish you know competitive Petty Psychologically aberant you know world That we've created inside ourselves and Then you know collectively together Externally in this really bad system This demonic system and so why should Anybody feel good about themselves right And so why would anybody think they Deserve love you know this idea of Loving oneself is stupid and you know it Can't happen Love isn't something that you can give To yourself I mean that again is falls In the category of narcissism love is Something that passes through you and You just have to accept your limitations And you know you're you suck because the System sucks and you're in a sucky Situation you have to you know minimize Your suckiness and do your best to Participate in making this into a better Place right and so when this you know

Situation happened with Dody you know it Became obvious that Dody was a complete Failure and you know a fraud and I Wanted to help you know I was you know Not wanted I was led to preserve the System as best I could and you know did This work in terms of the gratefulness Meditation Channel and all these things And then people want to some few people Want to call me master want to look at Me as the spiritual leader of the thing And all this stuff and I was like well For one that's not true because I Haven't reached that level and two I'm Not willing right like why would I Accept you as my disciple like it's kind Of a bad deal for me right you know and I've seen what how it plays out and First of all you know the fact that I Don't have the abilities I mean you know Laten abilities sure undeveloped Abilities potential yeah I have all that You know I could step into that role and Eventually God would you know do the Work necessary for me to fulfill that Role you know over time maybe even Lifetimes or you know who knows how long It would take I I don't know but the Potential is there in all of us and Certainly I have you know some of the Foundational pieces to perform that role But why would I be willing to do that Wouldn't I while all I've seen in the Sark system even a guy who was given

Everything in terms of all the spiritual Work done on frogy dodgy you know Commish the now president and his Failure his you know selfish and you Know immature and you know I mean just Dumb like I mean the RW the stuff that He's done here is just really Inconceivable and he had it all like he Was given all these things he was around Greatness and you know he was around Master masterly you know a master being Masterful and he couldn't do it right You know it's sad and it's just you know Everything that I've learned to expect From human beings right you know and I I See it in the um and this happened Yesterday as well you know I have people Who write and say you have the best Channel on YouTube people say that I've Changed their lives you know all these Things I have comments like this from People messages people send me personal Messages and all the ways I help them Transform right they've helped them on Their journey and my channel is Struggling and I don't have the I'm not A people person I don't Pander I'm not You know marketing I'm not a networking Person and so you know my channel has to Grow despite me despite my Limitations and the gratefulness Meditation has to grow despite my you Know personality and all these Limitations I have and so there has to

Be other people that fill that Gap you Know who have to step in and do what I Can't do for myself and my channel like I can't make it happen I've run ads you Know it's not I mean it's you know it's Less I'm paying more than a dollar a Subscriber and that's it should be far Less right YouTube isn't going to do it For me anymore and to keep this channel Going I need people you know something External to me to help the thing row Right and really talking about all the Time is even that I'm not really willing To do you once in a while I mention it Here and this is like the end of a video That you know I don't know how many People are actually going to get to it But there are people who see that There's something special about my YouTube channel what I present here you Know people who really get it right who Can see something that you know lots of Other people can't see the majority of People can and it means something to Them and it's helped them and you know Maybe they do the membership which is Great you know receiving some money I Mean I without the membership program my Channel would be dead right now like I Have to receive money or I couldn't you Know keep on going YouTube's as isn't Making this wouldn't be a job for me That I could do I wouldn't be making Enough money without the membership you

Know that's probably uh at least a third Of the money I'm making at this point Right and that's great I'm grateful for That you know in terms of the channel in Terms of this job and these things you Know that's keeping it going but in Terms of helping get the word out almost Nobody does that you know I have all These people some people who have Benefited extraordinarily from this Channel and we'll be friends on Facebook Or instago and every once in a while Someone will write me something or I'll Recognize the person as being somebody Who says that they love the channel and I'll look at their instag feed I'll look At their you know Facebook feed more Often not the Facebook feed and they are Posting other you know truth or vide Videos and other things and nothing from Me right nothing you know I I can Understand if people don't post truth or Stuff right and again this isn't me Being mad or bitter or any of these Things it's me being realistic about the Kind of people you know that make up the Audience base and make up Humanity right That you know I can give as much as I Can give but there's going to be limited Return right it's going to be a One-sided you know give giv you know Giver and take a relationship like Baba G said right what I'm doing for you is My business what you're doing for me

What you're not doing for me is your Business right and that's your Responsibility your responsibility is to To work on yourselves I mean in terms of The Sark process and make uh you know The the generous gift that you've been Given you know make yourself worthy of It right make yourself deserving of it You know you didn't deserve what you Deserve it when you got it but you know As you worked on yourself and you you Could become a contributor you're just Not you know parasitic and just taking You're you're giving something back Right and there's people who who say They've benefited and you know all these Things and they do post things on on you Know truth or things other truth or Things other spiritual things but Nothing like they don't post Gracefulness things they're out there Doing the work I need and the channel Needs to to continue on right and so why Would I give more I mean I give what I Give right I mean it's a constant state Of giving here people who can receive Receive it lots of people don't see it As a gift and that's fine they're not Benefiting you know they see it as a Something else they see it as you know An attack on their belief system or Whatever right you know the immature People the people who don't have the Ability for abstract thought the people

Who can't change the people can't you Know see the benefits you know can't Feel the energy whatever you know that's That's how they're going to perceive the Channel but those of you that do right Like what are you doing to give back and It's not for me to you you're not doing It for me and I you don't have to write A comments saying no I post your stuff All the time and you know I'm not Looking for that like that's great but You know that's you know like you know That's not a good thing to say you don't Need to say something like that I don't I don't need to hear that like you have To you know what do you you get Receiving from me in this Channel and What can you do to help along with it Right and you know a big part of that Would help other people find the channel The thing has to grow or it's going to Die and if you want to see it you know Continue then you have to do something Right if you're taking something from it You know this is what you give back you Help you know other people find out About it right find some way to you know Put time in energy and you know only Work that's that you suffer for right The the best work is the work that you You know you sacrifice something for Right like is it such a hardship to post A link on like social media people do it All the time I'm saying this because you

Know I've seen it and this is my Perception I'm being honest about where I am and this like precludes me from Being you know a true master or GW in This sense because my commitment is Limited right you know whatever I do Here as a teacher or whatever I do as a Person who gives to you or whatever You're you know benefiting from somebody Who's older who's passing on their Wisdom or their energy or whatever it is It's limited you know I people want more From me I want more of a relationship But why would I sign up for that right You know and there's one problem with The Sark system I've always said it's The people and you know there was this Tendency for the guru the master of the System babaj G or Chari to do all the Work right and you know there was no Commitment from other people and that's Why I've set up the gracefulness Meditation and all these things for you To do it for you to have the Responsibility and the gift of you know Participating and contributing and Feeling good about you know holding up Your end of the bargain like what can You do what do you have to offer how can You participate how can you push things Forward in a way because if if you don't Do that if people don't do that and That's what needs to happen you know and If it won't happen now then it's going

To happen in some generations right some Future generation like I said the the One of the beauties of the Stark system Is that the transmission that's given When people are introduced to the system Once a person's soul gets a taste of it Their future lives will be molded in a Way where they can move forward with This opportunity and so that's where It's a long game where it might take People several lives so you know that's One of the other aspects of it you know It's available now in gratefulness where People can get introduced to the system There's a playlist where people can be Introduced to the system and they may You know take those sittings they may Meditate for a month or two and then Give it up and not come back you know This life but in a future life they will And so you know that's part of it like Where people are you know in a a Situation where they they're incapable Of doing or having a spiritual journey In this life but at least they can you Know uh set themselves up for the future And that's something else I think about You know personally you know I might not Be you know the ideal um spiritual Practitioner and I might have my Shortcomings but as long as I put in Some work I might not be Allin right you Know I'm not Allin at least in terms of You know I'm not all in like you know

I'm this is the thing that most Important to me it's the goal of my life And you know I put a lot of effort into It and I was Allin in the beginning and I you know I guess I'm even more Allin Now in different ways but but still you Know there's there's issues that that Aren't you know that aren't necessarily The best character qualities and things That I do and you know maybe usage of my Time or whatever but at least I'm Setting myself up for you know a better Future life right you know it's a path Forward and you know people make the Mistake of you know realizing they're Not up to it and they're not fully Committed and they quit and it's like Well you know be partially committed and Just you know continue the momentum You've created into your next life and In that life you'll hope to do better Right just you don't quit because you're Not going to you know be the Michael Jordan of spirituality just you know you Know be a role player or you know be a Fan at least just you know just keep the The the energy going right it's a Show down here and you know it's it's a Difficult time and you know do your best To continue right Do your best I mean that's you know That's part of it and I accept that from People and whatever like it isn't you Know people don't owe me something

Because I work for God like I you know I Have to look at it that way but if you Are benefiting and you're not giving Back well that's not you know that's That's a problem for you right that's a You know you're not um doing all you Could do right you're not you know you Want more from me you want more from God You want more from whatever but what are You going to do how are you going to Help out like what are you going to do And part of it is Motivation like for me to be motivated I Would have to see a higher level Commitment right I'll you know I'll Match the commitment right I'll you know The problem in the past for the system In SJ Mar is that the master was all in And the and the people didn't um you Know give back in that way and you know I would hope that everyone got an Experience of that but we see how that's Worked out with the way this the mission Is the way the the you know the Organization is basically folded and you Know all these people were given and Given you know sometimes some of these People knew bajy and they had 40 Years Of receiving and just being you know Propped up and given you know all the Spiritual love and gifts that they could That they could uh hold and and yet they You know completely just failed and Those of you who listen to my journey

Series know what I'm talking about and So you know this is something for people To think about right you know it's my Observation but it's not my problem like I can't do anything about it I talk About it here occasionally but you know I mean that fears right it's not my Problem it's your problem anyways I'm Going to wrap this up here I'm getting Tired only spirituality will save this World it's parano definitely B from the Apocalypse in the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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