Journey 134

Journey 134

Okay greeting brother greetings brothers And sisters this is the 134th edition of The Journey Series so There is a Saar uh YouTube channel Called Saar and um there was a video they said They were going to release in a you know They um you know you can do a Premiere Right where you can I I don't do this But you can I think I did it once to try It to see what was happening you can Announce a video you can upload a video And say And announced people it's going to prare On such and such a date and YouTube Notified me of this Premiere you know The Channel's only got 6,700 uh Subscribers and so um it's not a big Channel and I don't know how official it Is of course heartfulness is a debacle Now but it's called rean char g explains What is Discipline and Um I want to watch it and you know I Forgot about it and one of my viewers Said presented to me this morning Today's Sunday January 7th and you know I started watching it He talked about how back when babaji's Last bant was last you know L Celebration of L's Birthday uh which was the big Gathering Then because you know babaji's

Celebrating his master's birthday the Last one had 2,800 people at it and Chargie has always meticulously kept Numbers he know he's a businessman and He lik to do Analytics and you know he has all the Things how many meals were served all These things right and he said you know Now when he was giving this talk which I Think probably I would guess was in the Early 2000s there was um you know Uh over 3,000 people every Sunday SATs On so the biggest Gathering as Baba's You know the end of Baba's life the Biggest Gathering that they would have Was under just under 3,000 people and Now so many years later just on a weekly Group Meditation in cheni and there'd be People who would have local Satson in their in their area of the Town even in chenai so there's more People even meditating then it was Already over the total group of people That was there for bajy you know Back Then There Was You would say maybe at Most 5 to 10,000 aasis around the world At the time of babaji's death right and Um you know now it's over 200,000 but Then chargie gets into you know he talks About the time he said babaji's last Order to him was you know Babi said There's no discipline in the mission

It's my fault and chargie came out later Said you know then he was saying that um That uh it's because the preceptors were Worse than abiosis you know preceptors Were given this power to transmit the Same as the master if they use the if They took their Duty seriously and they Did it the way it was supposed to be Done with discipline and you know just a Sense of uh you know work ethic and you Know any kind of character development And do the job the way it was supposed To be done they could have transformed The world but they became arrogant and You know they started to get entitled or Whatever bad attitudes and it was a mess And precept we all know this happened Preceptors of ROM Muk of course you know So many years later I mean there was 200,000 people in charge you passed away And you know whatever it is 100 to two Thou 100,000 you know between 100 and 200,000 people globally it's hard to say Because it's how you categorize a person You know how do you how you know what Level of of commitment to the practice You say that somebody's actually doing It right but there was you know Significant growth of course now it's All shrinking with dodging but these Same people same type of people Preceptors who chargy have destroyed What's you know the mission right but Then he has this interesting part I want

To show you Here don't beat it the school says your Child needs to be Disciplined so say he doesn't have has a Br Like what shall we do the parents Dilemma is the president's dilemma is The governor dilemma is the president of IND You remember what he said a few days Back that when B offered to give me the Ultimate power that no human has Possessed I said No because he said why you know you Surprised I said because I don't have Your Patience I will only use that power to Destroy this world and recreate a new One no problem of transforming Brick by Brick B by B boat by boat know and he Laughed and he said when you take up my Position as you have to you will find That you cannot do it even when you are Able to do It so I found this interesting because In my own situation I've gotten Older and I um you know whatever my Abilities have on a spiritual level or Whatever I can do to change things if I Have more spiritual power which I Believe I do and whatever I could do to Change society or change circumstances Or could some something to do with my Kids or whatever you know they need some

Sort of Correction and it gets harder And harder for me To uh you know say something or you know Just react in some way get angry and you Know make some sort of adjustment in What's going on and intervene and Whatever it might be and on the Spiritual level I can see this like it's Just become more patient and more you Know having a the ability to surrender To God and you notice this as you know You if you're doing your spiritual Practice and as you get older if you Have more powers and you have more Ability to do something you can't use Them you just sort of you know I mean You pray about it or you make some sort Of intention or you you you send Information back to God and you know his Case he's just really loving you know This is what he's going to say about it But I've experienced what he's saying on A you know smaller level that when you Have the the time comes he says to him You know that when the time comes you'll Have this power and you won't be able to To do what you're saying right you won't Be able to destroy the world and remake It even though right now if you had the Power you would do that but when I when I'm gone you know Bob saying when he's Gone you won't be able to do it like you You might look at me and say why isn't Bobaji doing this so you know why isn't

He acting but when it gets to your time To be president there's safety you know There's things that are put into place To prevent you from misusing the power In an impulsive Way so this is a situation where I able But I Cannot previously it was a situation Where I could Not and did not have the ability To before that I had a situation where I Could and Did you see how as you grow higher up The spiritual scale You get more and more Powers with less And less permission to use them or less And less permission to use less and less Of them ultimately you can lose no power At all but have to do everything with Love so spirituality can also be defined As a way of growing up where you have Ultimate power to do everything that you Wish and slowly that power you still Possess but the permission to use it is Getting reduced little by little and at The end you have love and no power and With that love you have to conquer love Conquers all said so I have many Poets and I must say with no degree of Surprise either to men or women that Love has not even managed to conquer Women Yet so one half of humanity is Excluded this is no disres disrespect

For women nor do I imply that men cards And cannot do anything it is because for Love to transform you must have somebody Who willing to be transformed that Love isn't it he says okay love me love Me more let me see how much you can love Me what to do so we wait patiently and It does Happen one cannot say it does not happen Because in God's realm according to the Old saying the Mills of God grind slowly But Surely the thing about this is what's Interesting to me about this is Um why hasn't this happened with DOI Right that Babaji you know give gave Charie all these powers and said you'll Have these Powers but you can't use them You when the time comes you'll find that You don't have the ability or permission Like he said charie said you get more And more power and less and less Permission and so you have more Permission for whatever Powers you have Now as a Person you have more permission to use Your limited powers but the more Powers You get the less um the less you can use Them and you know I saw this with Chargie and I like I said I'm seeing it In my own Experience that the your ability to do The wrong thing gets less your ability To choose the wrong thing your ability

To act out in some way your ability to Get emotional and you know say the wrong Thing and you know it just it's it Becomes less and less you know I've just Seen you know the sort of um you know Having patience like I have a lot more I've never been a patient person but I've developed patience over the years And you know just like being able to say Whatever you know I ch Jo OB babaj say Is that so you know we'd wiggle his head They have this you know head wiggle he'd Say a cha and you know you just um you See the problem and you just were like Whatever I can't do anything about it Even though you could but you don't have Permission to you know to impose your Will and do something and misuse these Powers that are given you and I wonder Why dodgy has you know why he was Allowed to do the brighter mind skin Like something would just just block him From doing the wrong thing right that's How it always was with charie and you Know senior preceptors and people as They developed they weren't able to do The wrong thing they had the choice they Had the potential to do it but they just Couldn't they just couldn't you know They could it's like when you were going To do like I don't know a crime or You're going to do something wrong or Bad and you're all pissed off and you're Emotional about it and when it comes to

Doing it you can't it you know commes Himself talked about this where he got Into the car with a gun to kill charie When he was like 18 or whatever and they Couldn't find Baba's house in a you know A town with like four roads and like it Was like they were caught in some kind Of weird alternative universe and he Realized this was you know intentional And he was like oh we can't you know We're doing the wrong thing and he got Out of the car like that movie um boys In the hood you know the end of the Movie where the you know the the guy Who's not really a gang member you know The C Cuba Gooding Junior character that You know you're holding a gun to Somebody and you just can't pull the Trigger you really want to the person's A piece of crap and you want to kill Them or whatever but you can't bring Yourself to do it right like that Happens to people all the time like some Part of them you know they there's also This idea of deer fever where hunters Will have a deer in their sights and be Ready to to kill it and they can't do it Right they can't pull the trigger they Get you know they get uh whatever it is Deer fever whatever it's called and so There are things in life where you're Wanting to do something and you have That choice in front of you and the Power to do it and you just can't do it

And Dody himself talked about as a young Person you know he wasn't allowed to to Kill chargie like that wasn't you know Nobody could even though there's few There's multiple attempts he wasn't Supposed to you know there was you know He was protected and so when DOI became Master of the system there was just this Thought he he couldn't do wrong right And Babaji said this in different ways To chargie you know when you become Master you're not going to have that you Know when chargie was worried about Falling or he said no it can't happen in Your case but his has with dodgy like He's just made these bad decisions time And time again just failure the stench Of failure that surrounds him and you Know and then I wonder about it right Like I wonder about this whole thing in Terms of you know bobi saying that to Char like you know you you'll get this Power but you won't be able to use it And all you can do is you know be loving And be patient and you know um and love Conquers all this stuff right it it'll Wear away you know charger used to give The example of like the you know like The Grand Canyon for example or you know Something in the desert where wind and Rain and you know a you know a river or Whatever it is slowly patiently wear Away at Rock you know you have these Rocks that are much harder than the

Water but the water just keeps on Pouring over the rocks and eventually Wears them away and then you have these Canyons these mountains that used to be You know whatever that just wear away in These things um and that's the example Of you know I love um you know Conquering all but to some reason Dodgies you know there was been no Safety uh valves or whatever that Stopped Dody from doing stupid things And Wrecking the mission and the people Around him and that's you know something I don't understand because it should be There just from years of practice like It just happens over time naturally the The longer you do the practice the Harder it is for you to to make the Wrong decision and to act in a forceful Way and pose your will and you just get More patient and more you have more Trust in the Divine system and more you Know you know loving in your nature That's what happens is it Abasi and I've Experienced it I've seen it with other People and we saw it with charie and With Dody it's not there like he just he Makes one bone hun decision after Another and he just you know is always On the wrong side of things it's Perplexed me for a number of years when I first started to see that you know he Was making these bad decisions you know With Co it was very obvious but even

Before that and I wonder why that is There's no you there's no safety valves There's no you know there's no uh uh you Know whatever happened with chargie and Babaji and all these other people that With DOI is isn't there and the people Around them unless this is what they're Supposed to do and there's a reason for That like I don't know okay I'm going to Stop here but I'll continue on Whenever uh but what I wanted to ask is Dai is is there a role for uh pranayama And and breathing practices within the Confines of our heartfulness system Definitely it has a tremendous role to Play and especially if you try to settle Down with an idea that after I complete This ASA or after I finish this pranayam I'm going to meditate that will change The course of meditation it will take You to uh greater depth Actually but we don't insist that person Must do It because most of people are already Struggling with time for meditation and If you say oh why don't you also do some Breathing exercise and some yogic Postures well all are important and then People they will choose based on their Convenience then they will always choose What is easier and they'll say Okay Meditation can come later so what Happened the reason you're seeing that Is you know I woke up a Sunday morning

And I'm just not into it you good good Morning meditation but I just had Trouble get buckling down and Accomplishing things it's snowy outside It's a little bit a little bit cold here You know it's been gray for a while and A bunch of my viewers have been saying They've been struggling too with just uh Feeling very like Lethargic and so when that happens I Tend to to procrastinate and I don't get To my you know other videos I'm going to Make so somebody recommended this chargy Thing I started listening to that and I You know started making this video Started this thing that you listen to Now and then I had the thought well What's going on with heartfulness Because you know it's been brought to my Attention and that ATA thing that dodgy Was going to do but he got too sick for Last week he's doing it now and here's a Guy I've never seen before maybe a new Person and he asked about Pranama and so pranama is moving your Pronic energy through breath and pranoti Is transmission of pronic energy through You know yogic practice right so what we Have which you is unique to the Sark System is pran huti pranama is done by People who do HA yoga it's a part of Panel's eight limbs of Raji yoga Ra Aanga Yoga and DOI slowly start to Introduce breathing exercises some years

Ago but then he brought in that diaper Baba you know fool and that guy started Doing Pranama and um he started saying pranama Pran huti like they were the same thing And DOI had to come out and say no They're not the same thing but we were All supposed to be doing this like he Was demonstrating this without any Explanation of what had changed you know I went through this with the UN and Boby could have joined the UN and He had that letter and I you know just Covered this in a video and that letter Was very you know critical and a very Bobby Bob GES type way and you know he Declined to join the UN and he sort of Mocked them he gave them the recipe for You know the solution and he was mocking Them to a senior preceptor Casey verad Shar wrote a letter saying they want to Create peace through the modern weapons Like he was saying how can you create Peace through weapons right through War You know the whole un the UN Forces and you know he saw through it And for years chargie and him had never You know the UN there's all these NOS in India and they never became an NGO but Chargie started to get sick and started To delegate things and these fools that Are around dodgy these scammers these You know scumbags got the UN you know Got us to be a NGO they thought it'd be

Good for the mission whatever they're You know these guys are up with climbers And you know they want external external Validation and in India the UN being an NGO whatever they want to be big Important men whatever their stupid Thing was and so when I confronted them On it I said look Baba G could have Joined the UN for years and didn't like The being an NGO was always available And he didn't do it so what's changed Did he give you a Whispers message what Has changed explained you know there's One policy and now you're changing to The exact opposite policy right And this has happened here with DOI Because ly you know interc commune with Uh bajy and said that he didn't advise Pranama like ly they did all kinds of Things they did mantras they did you Know various other types of practices Because they didn't have a set system That we now have of cleaning of Meditation things like this but he said Ly said to Babaji in just one generation You know the between my generation and Your generation you know this is back in The the early 1900s the late 1800s early 1900s so you know we're talking About4 uh you know 124 years ago or more You know in that period of time he said People are so weak they can no longer do Pranama they can no longer move energy With their breath and you know move the

Pronic energy they've been so degraded And people are way more degraded now Like that was years ago and people have And this is in Ancient India where there Are a lot of people who did yoga and These things right but the degradation Was setting in globally and certainly Here in the west I mean we were already Very materialistic and these things and You know and people just didn't have the Like internal fortitude and strength to Do it and Babaji you know which this Dody truther guy always is documenting Like he always posts these things of Bobi saying over and over again charie Saying over and over again that you're Not supposed to do ha yoga and this is The ASAS you know DOI goes on to talk About this more here and you're not Supposed to do it and dody's explanation Was that people don't have the time and Commitment to do their own personal Meditation and cleaning and so when you Give them something else to do they'll Do that thing first whether it be Breathing exercises or or yoga ha yoga Something physical and they should be Doing those things but they should do The meditation first and then add these Things on so that's why he doesn't push Them and recommend them but what he's Being dishonest about is that all of us Who understand the history of the system In the in the literature we know that

Babaji said that this shouldn't be done At all you can't mix these things you Can't mix Energy Systems you're not Supposed to doing as haa yoga you know Pontang eight limbs of yoga we start With number seven meditation and then Get to number or eight somat and we skip The other six Limbs and we don't go back And get them and it's been and again all Of us who read the literature understand This that it's not supposed to be done For the reasons I've said like and so if You're going to change the policy you Have to say to people why we're doing it This is what's different and he's you Know minimized the meditations because The satson he gives are only half hour Long and he's brought in all this other Crap whether it be brighter mind stuff And he was defending this but if you're Going to change these things you need to Address them Andor take tough questions From seasoned people you know and not Just rely on hey I'm the master and I Know what right and I know more than you Because you threw that out when you slam Chargie and you undermine Char's Accomplishments and you said all these Things about him and you have minimized Him and even basically left him off the Divine hierachy list and all the things That you've done right and so you know Of course he's corrupt these a piece of Boop boop you know all that stuff right

Uh but these people who are around him All these senior people you know the Zoom call it opens up and it says 6,000 People are watching but there's a sparse Number of people in different centers Like four people here I mean they have No turnout so these are centers that Used to have lots of people and there is The Monroe meditation Hall they show you Which is the house that Dody bought him And this other guy bought a house New Jersey um you know kind of near New York And they created New Jersey New York Asham which is generous they you know Expensive property nice house then they Bought us another house next to it and They have you know three four acres of Land there it's next to a nice bird Sanctuary or something you know in a a Busy urban area nice place and they Turned it into a meditation Hall and There's a big room and you know there's A number of New York aasis people there And the room is empty like they're Waiting for dodgy the room's empty I Just fast forward it and there are I Don't know about seven people there now Um in New York so there's these You Know Places these different Centers and you know this there's about 15 people in the Dayton aom so these are All people going to satson like these Are at meditation Halls the dayon aom is Really a meditation hall there's um

Atlanta there's you know I don't know There's a hall there and there's maybe 20 people and then there's all these Singles like you know a couple or one Person on the zoom call people are Asking questions and the majority of These centers there's nobody there like Having 20 people at a center that you Know in a big city this is you know Right after group meditation on Sunday And so there's a lack of turnout people Are quitting they're not practicing They're not showing up and you want to Add pranoti without any explanation and I mean pranama you want to add ASAS Yogic postures and you want want to add Things to people who aren't even doing You've lost people they've lost faith in You and you know it's a joke I mean the Whole thing apparently he's coming to America he made some reference at least He's pretending he's coming to America We'll see if he he shows up there or Whatever but the whole thing's a you Know is a joke there's no people there He's lost you know he's lost his Char's Audience and it's you know in part Because he's all over the place and he's Not you have to give explanations to People people are smart and they they Understood the doctrine the dogma of the System and if you're going to just Reverse things without any explanation Right and just yeah we should have been

Doing this all along but well that's not What was said in the literature you know There was in fact it was advised against That people shouldn't do pranama it was Going to interfere with the pranoti but Dai's just all right you know forget About that I'm the master I'm doing this And you know his explanations are not There because he's he's avoiding people Who are smart and people who understood The system before he became Master he Wants to create his own you know Replacement population and you know he's Not going to do it because he has no Charisma he can't bring in an audience Himself right and that's where like the Whole the the ship is you know the train Is off the tracks right I mean it's off The rails it's just you know there's no Sense of these guys realizing that he's A dope and they're dopes and there's Nothing appealing about them and they Can't bring people in they never could And so you know now they're I mean Chargie was the big draw because he had You know he was just this incredible Person and just the energy and the Brilliance of the guy and he could Impress people and win people's hearts And things of course Bob you know same Thing but Chari was the you know the Main one babagi had you know maybe 5 to 10,000 people doing the system and Chargie had 100 to 200,000 people and

Now that's all you know dwindling away And now they've created this Heartfulness thing and you know it's got An internet presence but it's all fake With fake numbers and you know he can't Get people to show up for group Meditation right you know when you have A big Center a big city and you can only Produce four people for group meditation Or even 20 people then you're failing Like after so many years these big Cities that have so much attention Atlanta and you know Monroe where where Dodgy lived in the Monroe asham and There's seven people at Asam it's an Empty room with seven people watching Them that's all they could get to show Up for group meditation that's not even A center anymore right it's like barely Surviving like it's you know I mean They're heating this big house for People to come in there on a Sunday Morning and you know do meditation and For what like it's there's no everyone's Left like admit it's it's failed like You failed you know these guys got to Admit their failure but anyways okay so There was a couple there that each ask Their own question American couple I've Never heard of them Before and the woman asked About the prayer so these must be new Practitioners and understanding the Prayer oh Master thou are the real goal

Of human life we are yet but slaves of Wishes but he bar to our advancement Thou are the only God in power to bring Us up to that stage and Dody used this Opportunity to butcher the explanation He went on for like a half an hour about This and just you know I I didn't watch All of it because I can't uh but he um You know he's not able to explain Something that most aasis and pretty Much every preceptor can explain in a Way that makes sense but he can't do it Because he just sucks at his job but he Did take the opportunity to crap all Over charie a couple of times first he Said this kind of attitude inside to Follow the feelings it creates in our Heart number one stumbling block in Understanding the goal of life Is the master itself the word's Master according to our Master babuji Maharaj he used to say that only Master Is God see he butchered that I think he Just in articulated it but he was Supposed to say you know that Babaji Said that only God is the master right But he said in reverse because he just Sucks like that you know the only real Master is God but what he says there are Master Boby now the majority of people Who do the practice I mean there's Probably maybe 200 300 certainly less Than a thousand people left who knew Babaji I mean Babaji died in 1983 and so

He only had a couple thousand or Whatever 5,000 people that were his Followers back then lots of them quit Right so not all of those people stayed And many of those people have since Passed away and so you know this is um Very few people even met Boba G Physically so the majority of people That are in the mission chargie was Their master who they thought the master Was right and again the real master is God but the person that they would refer To as Master as charie and his master Was chargie you spent 30 years with char In 8 years with Babaji you know as Chargie as the master total of 38 years Why chargie you know they had um in Terms of when he became an Abasi and Charie was the General Secretary and Bob's successor there was 38 years and He spent 30 years uh with chargie seven Years where he lived in India and went To Master's Cottage Char's Cottage the Master's Cottage every day and sat there And there a couple years where he spent Constant time with chargie as chargie Was preparing him to be the his Successor and he traveled with Char Extensively during those period of time He met Bob g a couple of times talked to Babaj G like once or twice and Bob was Kind of out of it during those years and Yet he still you know does everything in His power to pretend that chargie that

He isn't charie successor that he's Babaji's successor that somehow chargie Was a a mistake and his period of time And his work don't matter even though He's benefiting from his work in terms Of the people that are doing the system And the asham that are there right all The things that chargie did he's you Know he's finding every way to pretend Chargie didn't exist that was bad but You could say Bob is you know one of the Masters in the system and kind of the Most important one in different ways in Terms of the how he's considered in Terms of the brighter world all these Things so that one's you know it's a Greedious just because of his past History history but then he really uh he He really sticks it to charge you here People be remain grateful to the god Outside but he's Within so the prayer and our efforts to Understand that real Goal is in my Heart I should not search that go in Persons in in so-called Masters like Babu G or La GI or Dai or No they are your punching Bags they are there they're there to Exercise did you leave somebody off the List I don't know maybe the guy that you Were his successor you know charie he Just left him off the list now it's a Double like he's it's two times

Egregious right it's two egregious Mistakes One leaving chargie off which Is is you know what he's been trying to Do forever I mean this is just another Example of that very flagrant one but he Refers himself as a master dodgy as the Master now the master never thought you Know charie said I charie said I never Thought of myself as the master and you Shouldn't and DOI certainly isn't right And again his only claim to Mastery is That he was endorsed by charie and baby Which is a big endorsement it's hard to Get over that which I've explained a lot Here uh you know in these videos it's Hard for people to get over the fact That he's the legitimate master and President of the system at least the President of the system he's the Legitimate successor to Charie but once he dis charie and he Says chargie was a failure then he's Char's biggest failure because chargie Did not leave a competent successor Right not that I'm saying chargie was a Failure but that's what he's saying and So you know all of it goes out the Window when you realize what adop is Especially when he's cut himself off From the the hierarchy and the Legitimacy of the system and all the Things that he's put in there that were You know were things that were Recommended against by the previous

Masters and all the failures and bad Decisions that he's made right but going Back to what I was saying about charie You know that charie wasn't going to Fall because bobi said that the master Just gives gives up their freedom of Choice their inability and we're going To you know see this in a moment with With dodgy he says God made a big Mistake we'll get into that in a moment You know that um he says That um you know that there is um the Safety protocols put in and as someone Becomes the master there they don't have The ability to fail anymore they don't Have the ability to do the wrong thing Because they've given up their freedom Of choice but with that Dody didn't you Know whatever happened here here that Hasn't happy because he's making the Wrong choice over and over again let's See this other quote here Russia Ukraine War or atrocities of Hamas on Israeli Wom and children or Kashmir Conflict it is heartbreaking to see this Atrocities why is God keeping quiet I Understand it has to be within but it's Difficult to Conceptualize is there any solution how Can it bring back the faith for me at Least during meditation so that I have No doubts about the Divinity I'm Crying you see when God created this

Universe he made a big Mistake creating human beings and giving Them the absolute freedom to whatever They want to Do so a spirit spiritual person never Says God makes mistakes that's what the Devil says right the devil says God made A mistake you could say sometimes I Wonder if God made a mistake by giving Human beings the freedom of choice but There would be just rob you know would Be all Robotics and there'd be no Sovereign Spirit there would no be no Individuality if there is no freedom of Choice right there'd be no reason for The universe if it just all worked Automatically a lot of things do work Automatically but in that you know the Automatic aspect of the physical Universe and the spiritual Universe There's also some individual decision Making and learning and you know going Through the process of understanding the You know the the ability to choose the Right thing right and because there is That there must be a reason for it you Either believe in a plan you believe That there's a reason for something or You don't and there's a reason for us Having freedom of choice but AI comes Out and says this Blasphemous thing that God made a big mistake by giving us Freedom of choice you know that's not What a spiritual person says you can

Explain you know that we do have freedom Of choice and that's why there's these Things that happen right that God's Given us freedom of choice for a reason For us to learn to do the right thing Right this guy was asking why does God Let bad things happen I've made two or Three videos explaining this in a much Better way than of course dodgy does Because he sucks at what he does but It's easy for someone who understands The teachings and principles of Sark System Freedom Choice has been given so Eventually you can choose to do the Right thing you know it's much better if You have freedom of choice and you learn To do the right thing than when you're Forced to do the right thing and freedom Of choice is never there so you never Really own the choice right then there's Just a hive mind there's God and nothing Else right but God giving you know parts Of himself parts of the Divinity that is Within all of us to have our own Individual experiences and experience The universe there is information Exchanged and it's just you know it's a Brilliant part of the system of course With that you're going to have people Making bad choices people becoming evil People going against the natural order Of things the Divine laws that's Inevitable but again you know eventually You come back around and learn the error

Of your ways that's what's supposed to Happen but anyways he goes on from There you must have seen Some thugs or Deits in some backward Districts where they worship Kali before they go out in murdering People does Kali stop anyone has never Happened did God stop Hitler it didn't Happen so we are resp responsible in Many ways for our Actions God will never Interfere if you see war of Mahabharat That happened almost 5,000 years Before then Lord was himself Present he could not stop the War the he tried his best yeah that's so Not accurate right the way that you know Why do I know the ma barata better than He us like why do I know sajar better Than he does he has had access to inside Information he grew up as a Hindu and He's had access to all this information Like why am I more knowledgeable than he Is about this when I didn't grow up as a Hindu and I didn't have the time with With charie he had or the books and Information that he was you know able to Get and I didn't have years of working As a preceptor like he did but in the Mahab barata and the way that is Explained in s Mar but also in the book Itself there is a couple of moments Where Krishna reveals that he came down

To start the war in fact it's said over And over again there's a time where and I forget the guy's name there's the five Pandava brothers and one of the pandava Brothers holds Krishna in his heart Through meditation and it's example That's given often about the need for Meditation on the heart and when he Captures chrisan in his heart he says I Don't um want this war to happen so I'm Not letting you out of my heart and Christian says no the war has to happen Like that's why I'm here to bring in the Caluga it's the end of this Yuga there's A you know the war is krishna's purpose You know it's not a mistake Krishna does Everything in his power to make the war Happen right and there's things he could Have done to make the war not happen and He didn't do those things right there's Things he could have said there's things He could you know so he didn't try to Stop the war is what I'm saying and Anybody knows the marata knows this but Christian makes a deal with the guy the Guy says Okay I want my four brothers And I to survive and Krishna says deal And so arj and and and beima and his Other brothers all survived the War uh Because chrishan made this deal were Going to survive anyway but Krishna Needs the war to happen and so he said This thing you know what DOI just said Is the opposite of the truth and he

Should know better right like he's just A failure on every level like he's not Even giving people uh knowledge of the Religion that's not supposed to be a Part of SAR you know charji and Babi Talked about the mahabarata and talked About these other religions and they're A part of Saar but they're not it's not SAR doesn't come from Hinduism M but Doi's brought Hinduism back you know Making Sark part of Hinduism you know Heartfulness but then he does he gets The thing wrong Right but there are many human agencies Today in the world the peace lowers They're also trying their best they are Also The Messengers of God but nothing is succeeding and it Will not Succeed otherwise it becomes a kind of a Spiritual rape if a spiritual person Enforces Peace that's not peace Then if she send somebody to Heaven by Force against his wishes oh he said I Love the Hell and you're working against and say Please go to heaven there there is Jesus There there's Moses there there is Krishna there waiting but as I was Giving you the example that what if Lord Is with you 24/7 how long can you Tolerate Lord you can't unless and until we

Become pure and loving you cannot Tolerate God what is compassion and what is Passion passion is something we use Others for our pleasure Compassion is something where you Consume yourself for others Pleasure passion is something where you Use the Force when it comes to a situations like Rape you're taking advantage of the Other for your own Fulfillment you cannot use the force Even to transform anyone Else so there are some things in here You know in the Sark system no forces to Be used that you have there's no you Know manipulation there's no guilt There's no shame there's no pressure you Have to come about the right decision on Your own that's where it differs from Other organizations and religions but He's used Force he's used Force quite a Bit right he's he's linked with these Forceful organizations he's forced Diaper Baba and you know this stuff on On everybody he forced the brighter Minds you know that Doctor Who you know Discovered that it was a scam and he Pressured him and you know I mean the Whole thing the way they did it right Manipulating The Whispers of the Brighter World messages so he doesn't Live you know the sjar principles but

He's you know he's got the basic idea Here but the way he articulates it and He thinks about it is completely wrong He's bringing in passion and compassion And and he's the way he's describes Compassion here is wrong all of it's bad I mean just wrong in general and then Wrong in terms of the Saar system you Know just suffice to say is that we have Freedom of choice and God isn't going to Force you to follow God and it's not About peace it's not about you know he's Big into peace and world peace and Things because other people that's Important to them but sometime God wants War sometime God wants massive Population reduction You know not just wants it needs it's Part of the cycle sometime the planet Sometimes the planet needs that right Sometimes the planet has to erase a Species or or take down the population Of a species just for its own you know Its own um you know well-being or Whatever it is right like with Overpopulation or whatever it might be And there are natural cycles to things And you're going to die like you know This whole idea is that death is a bad Thing that's where this is coming from And it's not you know it's not a bad Thing because it's a part of your you Know it's a part of life and you know The way you die isn't worse one way or

Another there's better ways to die in Terms of your transition it's better to Die peacefully being prepared so your Soul can transition you know a death Where it happens all of a sudden with a Shock a State of Shock and you're not Prepared for it it might be difficult For your soul to transition and so you Know bad deaths are deaths at have Where your soul doesn't get some Preparation for leaving the body or Whatever but you know that's who's to Say what that is right because you know A soul that a person that spent their Time connecting with their soul and Meditating and connecting with the Etheric universe will have no problem Transitioning so you know he just sucks At the whole thing like he can't really Articulate you know very simple Principles here can you slap your son or Daughter and say you stupid fellow why Don't you Meditate no it will not Work how is Putin going to hear you Or Mr Khan somewhere in Pakistan going To listen to you when your own children Cannot listen to you how in the world These leaders going to Listen Okay so the obvious problem here Is that all these dopes are just taking The official story which we know is to Be completely bogus right he's blaming Putin he's blaming h Souls you know he's

Blaming all the you know the The Usual Suspects CU they're into the UN and They're into the mainstream media and You know none of those things I mean Babaji was far beyond a truther you know Babaji and chargie were far beyond Truther and these guys are are less than A truther right you know truthers are Much more sophisticated in their Thinking you know good ones I don't mean Right-wing truthers or qbi and you know Whatever it is but people who are Exploring the truth and they just take The official story and so he fails Because he's just you know he sucks so Bad like his Consciousness is Understanding of the world and all these Things right and he just buys into these Narratives and these narratives have Been explained in Whispers And you know Other places in charie they knew more And you know I had my interactions with DOI and I realized he just had a kind of A remedial mind he's not you know Capable of understanding these things a Lot of these people asking these Questions a lot of the people that you See here you know they don't have an Understanding of s Mar and they don't Really have the ability for abstract Thought and things like this like the Abiosis are getting worse and worse They're getting dumbed Down God doesn't interfere

So and this is how we make our own Destiny we create our own destiny it's Not in the hands of gods he has given Every Opportunity every Uh I would say levels of Potential you use that potential either For good or for bad it's up to you how You use It and that's the beauty of this world Withy of this Universe just as the master of Caliber takes us forward Beyond his Level of Consciousness and ches to remain behind He goes on with this and he talks about How don't you want your children to go Farther than you you know like he's got He's got some basic memories of the Teachings he used to be good at this he Used to know a lot he used to be able You he wasn't really all that articulate Before he wasn't a good speaker but he Could he could get the job done and he Had some good valid points but now he's Just a mess all over the place right so Then he followed it up with a 17 minute Sitting like like a 7 1 and2 minutes Sitting which he disappeared for and the Woman running the thing said that's all You know these are all people who knew Chargie had plenty of time with chargie Allegedly read the books and have Allowed doi to throw him under the bus

And disappear him and these people are Like the worst pieces of poop you know They can't recognize you know DOI isn't A master he just isn't he's not masterly He sucks at all these things and he Can't bring any of it like the energy The the knowledge the you know the Enthusiasm the you know any of the any Of the criteria that you need to keep The mission running smoothly and you I've covered this so much but he gives a 17 minute sitting you know these people All showed up after satson or this was Their satson I don't know which in fact I think they were supposed to not Meditate and do satson with Dody instead Of getting a regular satson which would Be you know 45 minutes an hour they get A 17-minute piece of crap with him and He'd leave leaves and you know somebody Else says that's all and you know these Places where these cities like Atlanta Had my brother had a thousand Aasis and again I think that's an Exaggeration but they had hundreds of People there and they can only get I Don't know 20 people showing up I mean There wasn't any one of these rooms in The video that had more than 20 25 People and some of these are big cities Where they had lots of obasi so people Aren't even showing up in a big day when Dody's gonna you know show up on video And then the woman gets into how dodgies

Might come there in March and I'm like He's not coming you know I'd be shocked If he does he he said oh you know Because of covid and then my health you Know Co was three years ago bro you know And you didn't come the two years before That because and I have so many projects Here in Kana you know charie used to Travel 200 days a year when he was older Than and dodgy was um but you know the Whole thing has come off the r else it's Just really bad and you know it's I Guess it gives me the opportunity to Explain things in the right way because These are legitimate questions people Are asking and dodgy can't answer them Because he's not a real master um so I'm Going to wrap this up today here I you Know I'm just procrastinating I have to I'm editing but it's good that I saw him Leave chargie off I mean you know just Another way and then say God made a Mistake like he's just he's failing and You know I'm documenting these things at Least you know somebody is um all right So I'll continue on tomorrow Whatever okay so it's the next day here January Monday January 8th but Yesterday uh one of my uh viewers sent Me a um an article from the new the news Minute I'm not sure must be an Indian Publication and it is the headline reads And I'll do do a screenshot of this Rationalist seeks action on deepo Chopra

For Endorsing mid-grain activation Scam and author and Dr deog Chopra Shared a video claiming that a couple of Teens were able to see while Blindfolded a controversial s pseudo Scientific claim that it's been debunked Many times and you can see there um There is a image I'll put up here where It's deot Chopra and dodgy and a kid of Blindfold and um you know we know the Drill we saw this already Happen so um I got to send this to the Dodgy truth there as well um so uh it Says here noted rationalist Narandra Nayak which is a guy we know he Works for the rationalist society that Is you know very sciencey and not very Um you know this kind of thing scammy Anti-cam has written to the American Medical Association the ma asking them To initiate action against author and Medical doctor B deac Chopra for Promoting Quackery by endorsing the mid-brain Activation scam NN who is the professor Of the Federation of Indian rationalist Association has pointed out is pointed To a video published by deepo Chopra on His social media Handles in which he's Seen interacting with two blindfolded Teens in the video deepo troper makes a Few Gestures which the first te it uh

Imitates while Blindfolded he is later seen writing Some text on a notepad and is shown that The second te is supposedly able to read It while blindfolded I wanted to share This beautiful video demonstrating the Extraordinary capabilities of the Students of the brighter Minds a special Intuition and cognitive development Program at the Kan Shant van ofum they got the wrong said Should be Sha shanet but uh you know you Get the idea you know what I'm talking About the asham there in Kana andn who Has been working against the technique Which used to be called midbrain Activation has asked the AMA to question Deepo Chopra for the ethical Conduct um I don't know if the AMA does That sort of thing you know given what We know about the AMA right but you know It's kind of interesting from 2010 I've Been following a scam called midra Midbrain activation we claims that Children can see blindfold that is Without light from an object to be Visualized falling on the retina after a Major exposure in 2015 the purveyors of The scam started changing the names yet Retaining the same old tactic of alleged Blindfold scene a number of people with Backgrounds allegedly in Medicine Science and such other disciplines have Endorsed the same latest and this is who

I presume to be one of your members or At least a person who has registered With any of the boards of the United States of the US his name is deac choer Dr D choer MD Who was been promoting quackery the lace Among these is something like Mindfulness a technique in which Children can see blindfolded objects Without light from the object falling on The Retina uh without the light from the Object falling on the retina which goes Against all principles of known Science the NN has said in his letter The two private Institute heartfulness Institute and brighter Minds that deepo Dropa has sank for the demo have been Oppo have been opposed by NN for earlier Too the two institutes have conducted an Event at the Indian Institute of Management in bellaro in 2019 at the time they had denied that it Was midbrain activation instead called a Developing science called Neuroplasticity you know um DOI Originally called it midbrain so they've You he's a liar just done that alone Because they originally refer to this as Midbrain this has nothing to do with Midbrain activation or anything Paranormal this is a developing science And children develop a strong sense of Intuition through brain training and

Methods this is what they're saying and Methods help enhance cognitive abilities Like Focus observation comprehension Memory and intuition is based on Neuroscientific principles and as Nang the then director of brighter mans Told TN um TN M so the the newsman at This publication so um you know I guess That's their they're trying to claim That but they originally called it Midbrain activation it's there Everywhere in the early you know years And Dody first learned about it from a Kid who did midbrain activation a kid Who's kind of a known scammer NN and Other rationalists have been opposing These program for years at one point uh Nank had issued a challenge and one such BR activation tutor pulled out at the Last minute popular magician somebody I Can't pronounce his name to has spoken Out against such technique several times It's a magic trick 100% I can prove that These types of programs can mislead our Future Generation he told the media a few years Ago and so Um this is you Know uh like just you know the same old Thing we've seen before but you know It's it's interesting somebody sent me a Sjar video with chargie and now whenever I think about anything to do with sjar The dodgy fraud thing comes up like

Whenever I see chargie or whatever it Always immediately comes up for me for Obvious reasons it's you know it's just Lamenting how it was and how great Charge he was and the differences Between what's going on now and what was Like then and so I ended up seeing Something from Heartfulness um yesterday and then I Covered that uh you know that you you Know debacle that ama thing that he did And him uh you know disen chargy again In the thing and all that and then later That on that day somebody else sends me This article so it just you know I don't Think about dodging and heartfulness That much you know I was a time where it Was something I had to work through Right something I had to figure out in Process you know there was the time I Didn't know you know I didn't um Understand the you know complete failure Of his Mastery like and it started right Off the bat like he got involved in the Brighter mind scam in 2015 a kid showed him you know the the Brighter mind stuff and you know it was Called midbrain Activation so them Coming out and say it isn't that they're Just lying like they're liars and so They they know they're scamming right And it had already been debunked by a Member of the mission A Doctor Who later Contacted me and so this had been going

On in India they knew about it they were Fighting through it for a number of Years in 2015 he got on a a plane with a Bunch of these kids went to France and Tried to squeeze a positive uh a message Out of the the medium this you know Elderly French woman you know this is Back when I was still in India and so he Had the energy back then he had the Masterly energy he was just you know That first year you could see him he had Changed you know but even then he was is Making bonehead decisions you know I Went through a few things with him Remember I talked about the Gathering And other things my other interaction You know where he made these you know These stupid rules at the same time he Was scamming the sprider mindes thing he Was he was he was saying kids couldn't Come to Gatherings on his birthday right So that was 2016 but I didn't know you know how bad Some of this stuff was even back then And then it became more obvious with the You know bonehead decisions he made bad Decisions he made over Co and you know Stupid things he was saying and the the Debacle that's the heartfulness YouTube Channel but I had the experience of his Divinity and the work that had been done On him to make him the master and also The endorsement he got so it took me a While to just um you know I couldn't

Deny what I was seeing and and not Feeling and the most important thing is The transmission is Icky now with Whatever it is it's you know I'm glad When I feel the transmission coming Through the video or whatever you know Whatever's happening there like I Immediately um I I breathe a side of Relief as soon as I pause the video or Turn the video off when I'm scrolling Through a sitting or something he's Given and so he's just um you know it's A failure and the failure started right Off the bat like he didn't you know he's Gotten worse over time like his energy Was there because chargie had just done The work on him and then it's just he's Become more corrupted and more you know Whatever it is but it's you know Something I don't want to think about All the time you know I talk about here On the journey series because this is Where I talk about I'm going to do an Introduction to a video today about not Having faith in your system right not Having faith in what you do and having a Scam the system which people do in their Religions and you know whatever s Mar is Now being done by heartfulness and you Know this is all a lack of faith DOI has In the system like he thinks he has to Game and lie and cheat and you know Manipulate and water down the system It's not working because he sucks like

He's not a flimflam man he's not like Somebody like Trump who has Charisma and He can win over a bunch of dumb people Like he doesn't have it he's Inarticulate he's certainly not going to Win over Americans he's not very likable And people in that you know country in India don't um you know think of Somebody from Gujarat State as a guru so There's is already a prejudice against Him the people of his homeland are Business oriented so they know business But they don't know spirituality you Know there's not Saints coming out of That area and so like he's screwed in so Many ways right the best thing he could Have done was you know minimize Himself and make it all about the system And put more responsibility on other People you know I gave them I told them What to do with influencers but there's Not very many people in the system that Are good at doing what I do here or Something like it where they can connect With people and articulate the system And people can identify with them you Know the way that you know my audience Here identifies with me and it's Unfortunate and I don't know why that is But you know probably because dodgy was You know a failure and I mean I have to Believe that this is part of a plan Because the failure is so epic and you Know I mean I don't know how it's going

To play out like I always say but it's Embarrassing right the whole you know The the lies that that pile up now these Are lies that we know our lies because It's there you know I have it in earlier Videos where they first started calling It mid-brain activation and later on When they realized that was a known scam Instead of you know eating the Embarrassment and just or just letting It go like could they could have just Stopped doing it but by that time they Were already franchising the thing and He you know he was pretty much uh Embarrassed by the whole thing whole Thing was a you know like a blemish on His um his you know his ability to be or His inability to be a a spiritual leader And a competent decision maker and Leader in general I mean it was bad so I Guess they decided to just keep on going With it then try to involve as many Famous powerful people as they could Show it off to them and so like it was Now maybe about avoiding um you you know Litigation or whatever might be but it's Pretty bad and I don't think it's Working like I don't think it's a good Business I don't think it's you know as Far as I can tell some of these Franchises have dried up I don't know You know and uh you know the enthusiasm Behind dodgy Dissipated and so I don't know if these

Places even still exist you know there's Some franchises here in America for Brighter minds and there's stuff in India you know I mean I don't even know Like it's I haven't looked into it in Couple couple years now you know they Were pushing it out in France when he Did that thing with the French but it's Really bad like it's Um it's really embarrassing but anyways I'm going to do a an introduction to my Video and I'm going to talk about this a Little bit to do with uh you know not Having faith in your system and that's What's happened here with DOI you know He doesn't have faith in SAR so he's Trying to game the system because he Can't just use the system the way it was I mean originally tried to focus on the Transmission and I guess that didn't Bring in any people and you know it's Been a downward spiral but of course he Was already doing the brighter mind scam And you know he maybe knew he was a POS Right off the bat and he's trying to Cover for it but whatever um I'll Continue on I'll put a the voice over Here you know the voiceover for my video That I do today and uh if you've already Heard it I'll you know I'll switch the Picture up and it'll it'll be a Different picture when I do that and Then it'll come back to this picture of The um you know you know the

Drill greetings brothers and sisters so One of my viewers sent me something of a Girl who is um undermining the Shabbat uh belief system by scamming it And finding ways to get around it right Um and I don't know much about that I'm Going to look it up before I show you The clip it's a clip on Twitter but it Brought to mind something that I was Covering on my journey series videos to Do with the scammer dodgy the guy who Runs heartfulness you know a guy who I Know knew as a a good quality member of The Saar meditation that I do and he's Undermined and uh watered down the System which is what happens when Something you know that's purely Spiritual which the Sark system was you Know years ago up until he took over Over uh trans transformed into a Religion or a cult or whatever you want To look at it right and this is a a Problem with the global religions so When you have a system a religious Spiritual system anything it could be You know also America and the Constitution right you have your ideals And goals you have your dogma and your Doctrine right you have your your Principles you have you know in the Christian tradition you have the ten Comm Commandments right and then you Have these other things that are are There the teachings that are there and

The way that you're supposed to behave And if you do these things it'll help You get to heaven or whatever the you Know the goal is right the outcome is And you know people are able to speak About these principles it also exists Here in the truth Community right where People speak about like you know how to Be honest or condemning people who Aren't honest or are dishonest in the System and yet the truthers end up being Scammers themselves right happens all The time you know where people are Talking fire and brimstone about other People and then they engage in those Very same behaviors right and it's a a Huge problem and you know Alex Jones People are always saying well he's right About a lot of things yeah because he's A shill and he works for The works for you know he's a co-intel Pro he works for the intelligence Community and he's admitted to these Things I you know gave all these video Clips of him admitting that he's a Scammer and a performance artist and he Works for these people and he has secret Meetings with them and all these things And he's told you exactly what he is and You still can't hear it out of his own You know you say you trust the guy but You still can't hear it right you know People don't want to admit that Somebody's talking about things the way

That they um want to hear them and Believes what they believe like with Trump and the trumpers right you can he Said it himself he can choose somebody In Fifth Avenue because he's telling These people what they want to hear and He's convinced them he's like them which Is every scammer does right you know There's a a funny line like a horrible Line from the the you know the the Disastrous ight Shyamalan Avatar movie Where one of the characters says we got To start showing them we believe in our Beliefs beliefs as much as they believe In Theirs and you know it's a goofy line But it's you know kind of true because People say they have beliefs in a system In a religion in a you religions are the Worst because religions are you know you Know what I mean in terms of the like Christian religion there are things that Are going to get you into heaven and Things that are going to get you into Hell and they're pretty clear-cut Remember like you know there's all these Defunct um you know TV evangelists like Jim Baker remember they made a movie About this Jim and Tammy Fay Baker and Jim was you know uh fire and brimstone All these people in terms of the the gay Community and these other you know People and condemning them it turns out He he was cheating on his wife with

Dudes remember this all scam doing drugs And things and then they come out and You know say I sinned and all these you Know ways of um like sort of trying to Redeem themselves at the public eye but I saw this with dodgy and the people Around him even before this because the Zar uh you know the people who were Around Master chargie the third Master Of the system who was above reproach he Was just somebody who you know was a Like a very disciplined spiritual Person and he had a bunch of people Around them who sucked and these people Had he had good jobs many of them and They donated money and you know he um Condemned them he said he talked about Them in a video which I've played over And over again about their their total Lack of character And when he was at the end of his life They had this system join the the um the UN right and you I've talked about this Extensively in my journey series videos And you know I was just finding out this Is 2012 when I was just doing research On the UN and covering it um eventually You know throughout the next so many Years like you you go through different Phases of doing research when you're in The truth community and also as a Presenter you know I was I wasn't making As many videos back then I was only Making one a month my channel was a lot

Smaller but I was doing personal Research on the UN and finding out that We were an NGO the you know the the Meditation organization I was in was a Real bummer so I did even more research And I presented it to these guys who Were in charge of it right you know Master chargie was really sick he was You know towards the end of his life he Was going to die in the end of 2014 December in 2014 so you know was a big Um you know transition where these guys Were starting to do things that were Against the um the you know the the core Beliefs and the second master of the System Boby was asked about the uh Joining the UN and like the do went Asked him to join you know I think this Might been before NGO probably in the You know the late 50s or 1960 and he looked into it and he you Know he mocked them to a he wrote a Letter to the and he sent a letter to One of the senior members of the system And he said look at these guys they want To um they want to create world's Peace By using the modern-day weapons he was Mocking them for trying to use weapons To create peace right and he wrote them A long letter saying you know that the You the way to achieve peace is through Spiritual means and you know and he Didn't join the UN because he he knew it Was a scam but later these guys who now

Are running the the defunct heartfulness Organization Joined the UN and I you know I wrote Them series of letters and I presented All this research I had done and at one Point the guy one guy wrote to me like a Guy who was you know he was a you know I Knew the guy he's a kind of a good guy In some ways did a lot of work but you Know he was uh completely you know uh Mainstreamed right whatever and he said You know we can't miss out on this Opportunity and the UN has done nothing For the system but you know the UN uses These smaller organizations these NOS To uh you know use their platforms to Push out their crappy rhetoric so this Guy wrote to me is that you know we Can't be too idealistic and miss this Opportunity or we can't be IDE Idealistic and I know the only reason I Do spirituality is to be idealistic you Know the idea that God could overcome The the you know the not only just on a Global level but on a personal level That your relationship with God can help You redeem yourself right and make you Into a better person it's it's pure IDE Idealism you know and like you know I'm Like that's why I do this and I could Tell they didn't either read the books The you know the literature or they um You know they didn't um they didn't Believe in them and I've seen this over

And over again and you'll see this with This girl in the Shabbat thing and you Know you can see it with Israel the way They're treating the Palestinian people And there's the official rhetoric and There's the way that people want to be Perceived and the way they want the Religion to be perceived but then's There's then there's their actions and This isn't just about religion it could Be about like I said the Constitution or People in the truth Community right but You either believe in something or you Don't like I believe in the Sark system Because it's transformed me you know Helped me transform myself and the only Flaw in it is me and the people that do It and our inability to to do it the way It should be done like you know I'm kind Of a slacker you know I do it but but I Could do it better but you know whenever I do it you know whatever level I do it At it has results and working with God And connecting to God and doing these Spiritual principles I mean in any Religion there's good solid spiritual Principles some of the stuff is you know BS some of it's been warped some of it's You know it's rhetoric to bring people In whatever it is some of it's just lies But the actual spiritual principles and The behaviors and the things that you You engage in and the attitudes are There and you know depending on how good

The religion is or whatever but there's Something that it was built on that was Solid that was you know that was you Know I mean it's etheric it's also you Know quality right it's it it works and You either believe in that or not you Either believe in God or you don't right But to constantly be claiming to be you Know like the chosen people or to be you Know that Jesus is the only son of God And all these things that people claim And the reasons that their religion is Better and why their religion is is Something worth doing and you know all The things that they do and then acting In a way that is um like you don't Believe that that you don't truly Believe those things you don't believe That God is taking care of you you don't Believe that God is watching over you And if you're God's chosen people and You're behaving the way that you you are In Palestine then you don't really Believe that you don't believe that Israel was promised You by God because You have to do manipulative manipulative Behaviors to acquire it to reacquire it Or whatever it is and then you have to Engage in these behaviors warlike Behaviors and you have to employ you Know mad or the CIA to do under high Anded things right and so you either Believe in it or you don't and if you Believe that God is you know you follow

God's path then you have to accept where That path leads and it always leads to Difficulties you know it's somewhere and And ultimately death right you know God's path the natural path is leading You eventually to your own death there Was um a Q&A yesterday this is why I'm You know bringing this up because I was Thinking about then somebody sent me This video um I was thinking about you Know my own thing and then I saw this Girl which you see it's kind of funny Right how she's find ways to scam her Her religious rituals and practices but There was this Q&A for you know American People um and it was you know classic Dodgy failure it was a zoom call and one Of these guys was saying you know he Believes in God but when he meditates he Starts questioning God and then you know Then he thinks about you know why does God all allow uh bad things to happen Right it was a constant question why Does God all bad things happen to good People or why does God let these Atrocities happen and then he brought up You know what happened with Israel to Israel and then he brought up what Happened to the Ukraine with Putin you All the mainstream stuff and DOI Butchered the Answer and it is an answer that any Person who does SA Mar understands the You know first Dody said well God made a

Big mistake by giving us freedom of Choice and you know that's blasphemy to Say that God made a big mistake right But we're given freedom of choice and if We didn't it would be all robotic there Would be one Consciousness and everyone Would share that Consciousness every Creature and you would do things just in An automatic way you can see that like With ants and different creatures they Don't have a lot of wiggle room and Freedom of choice of course trees and You know other rocks and things like This that are you know they just I mean A rock is just going to sit there and be A rock right obeying the principles and Laws laid around down around its you Know and it has a spiritual Essence a Spiritual life force to it that Manifests it and creates it right like Everything has that and then you have Creatures you know mammals and then Ultimately people that have some freedom Of choice in wiggle room and make Decisions obviously people have the Ability to choose the wrong thing and We're given this ability so that Eventually that we'll learn to choose The right thing and as we explored the Universe and you know create our own you Know path through it our own Sovereign Path but also still being connected to The Divinity within us right but in that Path is our own death is our own uh

Inevitable death and it's waiting for All of us it's the only thing really Guaranteed to us in terms of life you're Giv life and there's one thing that you Know it's going to happen it's your Life's going to end and people have Tried to find ways to you know Live Forever The Fountain of Youth whatever It is prolong their lives and you know There's all this energy to do with that Of course you know being healthy and and Eating the right foods and doing things Like that that's you know that's a Positive thing uh but you know the other Things to Unnaturally prolong your own life right Like God's made some mistake and that There's you know there's no reason for You to die there's a a way that you Could live forever which in you know People who would who do that I me at What point do you realize that's a Mistake like you're you know I mean just Mercifully end this thing right after What a thousand years or 10,000 years I Mean how many you know you see these um Movies where people are Immortal and They come down and they get married and Their spouses age out and they get Married again and their spouses you know They just go through all these families They outlive generations of kids and go Through all those things and just Watching their loved ones die over and

Over again and having to restart Everything you know these um movies like That and at what point you're like oh my God I want to just I don't want to be Here anymore like it's just life isn't You know I mean I'm not talking about Being suicidal I'm talking about just Enduring the tragedies and the problems And the issues with life and the pain Pains and the Suffering The losses and All these things but our movies and our Culture and our religions and everything About our system tells you that death is A bad thing and the way that you die is You know I mean there's better Ways to Die for your soul to Transition back to the source and There's ways that you die in shock and You know trauma or whatever but the way You die really doesn't matter so much I Mean it matters in terms of your soul Being able to to uh you know it's it's Nice to die in a way where you're Prepared for it and you get older and You're you know you're um you're Starting to your soul is starting to Migrate over to the to the you know the Other side to the etheric uh universes The etheric Realms and you are starting To you know make that transition and Everything's better when it's done in a A gentle way after you've lived a full Life or whatever you you have the Tragedy of sudden death for young people

Or whatever it might be uh but you know In ter terms of the death itself it Really doesn't matter and God is an Anti-death and God is an anti- pain and God is an anti-su for obvious reasons Because all these things exist right and So you know God isn't I mean he's Allowed these choices to be made there You know there's this element where There's freedom of choice and that's There for a reason right there must be a Reason for that as well if you believe In God then you have to have faith that God knows what he's doing that go There's some Perfection there but the Problem is all these religions think of God as a person they've made God into a Person you know this is in all these you Know this God sitting on some Throne Somewhere of course the Greek gods and The way God is depicted in the Old Testament the Jewish Bible and the idea Of Jesus being his son and they're Sitting somewhere in heaven and they're Separate from everybody and they're Human in form God is a human being and God feels the same things and Experiences the same things as human Beings and that's not the case God is a a different level of of Sentient being of Consciousness that you know there's no Sense of death or separation or any of These things you know pain and fear and

Love and you know all the things that You experience are all you know part of The system they're all you know none of It's bad for God Wars you know Wars are There diseases and you know destruction And things they're all a part of it and We might not like it but that's you know Our own Uh inability to accept the things that Befall us and so people start to game The system they start to think they know More than God and more and you know that These things can be avoided or these Things can be conquered or these things Can be pushed away and then you have These you know systems of control and You know climate control and all these Things as ways to negate the the ab and Flow of change and discomfort and Miseries and sufferings that are part of Life everyone should realize that Miseries and sufferings and pain and Sorrow and sadness and all these things And you that that befall people the good Things the bad things the pleasures the Pains are a part of life and you just Accept them at some point you know Things end and if it's your country like It's coming around for America now and You know obviously Israel's trying to You know prolong its existence and when You engage in in deviant behaviors and Manipulative behaviors and you go Against your own spiritual Prin

Principles and you deny God's path and God's judgment and God's you know God's Obviously you know the natural flow of Things is telling you are this is what Going to happen and you're like well I Don't accept that so you start doing Everything in your power to gain this Gain the system and force an outcome That isn't natural or Divine and that's What we're all seeing now with our System and and globally because people Really don't believe in these principles And they think they know more than God And that's what they're saying same and It's human nature now just to you know Have a you know these rituals and Practices and not believe in them like People don't believe in their own BS Right their own religious dogma and Their own religious BS so let's go to That video clip because it's kind of Epic okay so um next day here uh January 9th I think I did a audio yesterday um You know I am going through some deep DET talkx you know I doing these um uh Like it's a uh castor oil um it's making A Comeback Apparently and years ago I had heard About this but there was a recent video There's a young woman natural healer who She's developed some business because She's really benefited from at least That's her story from wearing these um

You know it's like a a cloth Um uh you know a I don't know how to Call it my wife and I joke about being Like a diaper but it's um you know Waterproof on one side and it's organic Cotton on the other and you put uh the Castor oil on it and they have one for Thyroid to do Thyroid and you going to put it on Before bed and one for the liver Gallbladder area which you absorb Through the skin and then it goes into Your your organs and uh you know I Really felt it's benefited my you know I Was worried about my liver 3 4 years ago I'm a liver type in the Chinese Acupuncture uh Chinese medicine you know They have these different types of People and you know I went to this sort Of uh intuitive healer which I don't Know how well she was you know one of These people does um muscle testing and Her you know Solutions didn't work for Me so I don't know how good she was was Diagnosing but she said my liver was Only uh functioning at 50% I didn't say Anything to her about my liver or Anything like that um you know so I Don't know but anyway I think my liver Is doing a lot better um just based in Diet and everything Else and you know I've taken a lot of Supplements to help with the liver and For years I couldn't sleep unless I ate

Before I went to bed and it was cuz I Got in the habit of eating dinner late Because of working in restaurants and in Treatment centers where I work till 10: Uh and then I would eat something you Know I would always be hungry because I Got a fast metabolism so I'd eat a late Night sort of dinner and then usually go To bed with a full stomach and it became Something of a habit hard for me to Sleep when I didn't and so if you do That your liver is busy digesting your Food helping to digest your food and Process toxins or whatever it is and so It doesn't release its toxins right Fasting is a big part of health and it's Hard for me to fast because um you know I like I said I have a high metabolism Especially when I'm doing work that Takes a lot of energy and doing these Voiceovers take a lot of energy for Whatever reason and so um recently I've Been not eating before going to bed and You know I sleep most nights pretty well So like that's changed for me and it's Because I'm taking I think a lot of These different supplements and cod Liver oil and things you know whatever It might be and things have just changed In my uh My digestive system is working better And then um I started doing these uh Packs which um create uh detox your Liver and gallad detoxing and I can

Definitely feel it and I did a detox a Long time ago and I got such a bad Headache and I mean it was a horrible Experience and so like some detox uh Herbs and things and I you know there's A time where I was doing these uh these Liver cleanse to things where drink some Olive oil and stuff and again I'm not Recommending anything here I'm just Telling you what I'm doing makes your Your liver go into spasm and gets rid of All these gall stones right these things That your your gallbladder and liver Create that are you know like fatty Deposits and I did like nine of them um Years and years ago but anyways there's Detox happening and I often wake up you Know the liver is associated with anger And I just wake up angry or no reason Like I'm not angry at anything uh and I Just you know can sit with it sometimes I meditate and do or do some cleaning And then I eventually go back to sleep And it you know I wake up and it's gone Um and I do some other things oil Pulling and things it's been really Effective and really happy with it um Because I feel better and you know it's Been I think a years since my liver got A chance to detox like that years and Years ago I I fasted for uh I think five Days or seven days or something and I Built a sweat lodge um you know and I Got some heat from the Native American

Community when I post a video about it Some members um whatever I'm not going To talk about that here but you know it Was a kind of a cool thing I built it Out of bamboo and and me and my family Did these you know Sweats and I that was very effective and You know someday I'll do that again Probably but anyways I'm going through This detoxification process physically And it you know shows me my maturity Spiritually I mean you know that I've Matured in a way that I can feel Negative emotions like anger and just Sit with it and not let it you know let My thoughts run wild or you know Sometimes I'll think about what's going On with the mission and you know dodgy Or whatever you know this thing or that Thing but I'm able to not really you Know get all angry and hateful like just You know write it out like it's just Something I'm going through and that It'll end at some point like you're on a Roller coaster and not let it you know Anger you can make bad decisions when You're angry or you can say mean things Or you can transfer it onto your you Know loved ones you could be angry angry At something else and then take it out Of the people you love or you know but I Can be angry and not even like you know No one would know I'm angry like it's Just I can feel the anger but I don't

Even react to it uh you know I don't Make any kind of U you know I don't snap All a sudden yell at my dogs or you know Something like that or you know it's Just there and I can let it just you Know sit there until it's gone or Whatever I can you know try to clean it Out and work on that but kind of a Barometer right and you know my sleep Has been kind of weird and I it was Supposed to really snow today but it's Raining and I was really tired last Night and my wife and I were watching TV And I took a really hard nap for like Half an hour like just out deep sleep And then I really didn't wake up like I Was kind of groggy the whole night and Then um went to bed and I you know Uh fell right to sleep which sometimes Doesn't happen sometimes I fall asleep For a little bit then I wake up and then I the detox will be going on but then I Woke up it was raining really hard Around two and I ended up um you know Feeling the anger uh just it was more Toxicity than anger but it was there and You know I was um eventually meditated And went back to sleep and when I was Meditating you know I was thinking about This thing where the guy who runs Brighter Minds program out and out lied To this paper and said that it was a you Know it was not um mid-brain activation Right and you know I have it somewhere

One of these Journey series videos way Back when when he was doing The Whispers Of the brighter world he called it Midbrain let me go look to see if I Could find that real quick on the Internets well I didn't find the Original you know whatever Whispers of The brigher world post um but I have That in a video already somewhere so It's saved U but I just um found it here The science of learning in Neuroplasticity which is the word that They changed it to right and here they Say um our brain is Classically described as forbrain Midbrain and hindbrain based on the Positions of the different Pars in the Context of evolution the hindbrain and Midbrain are ancient they are older Brains found in the lower evolved Species like reptiles and animals the Hindbrain is responsible for instinctive Functioning in the midra bra along with The lyic system is responsible for Emotional responses so they're already Bringing in the midbrain they have a a Diagram here this is on the official Brighter Minds page right but the reason Dodgy got into this was a kid who I know Who the kid is I mean I know the kid and My family my kids particularly hung out With the kid and we were involved with The parents especially the mom uh Homeschooling this kid like it was a new

Thing in India homeschooling and she was Homeschooling the kid and we were Helping her with that as a family my ex And her you know where were close and I Knew her husband for a long time he was Uh he sold things and we talked to a lot You know nice guy like that guy right so You know I'm aware of the family and They come from the very region that Dodgy does and this and the wife said to Me one time that um she could apparently There was some guy who was a bad guy a Bad husband and a bad person who was you Know I don't know being bad with his you Know just being abusive or something and He was in dodgy or Char's Inner Circle And she went to talk to dodgy about it And got the guy thrown out because they Had that kind of relationship and Trust Right so the kid goes and meets dodgy The kid's like uh you know 13 maybe or Something like that I don't know and he Um 12 maybe and he had just on the Mid-brain thing maybe they're Experimenting with things because they Were homeschooling and he impressed so Much and this kid's a scammer he's a you Know he's got like one of those sort of Flim Flam kind of you know he's got a Lot of Charisma and this big Storyteller You know he can there's a time he was Telling stories and there were a bunch Of European and some American people Just hanging on the kids every word

Right he was just you know he could hold An audience and you know when I talked To my son about it he knew about this Scam when because the kid was doing and Every knew was you know that this kid Was like a kind of a liar you know kind He's not a bad kid but he's just one of Those you know uh you know Bart Simpson Like Donald Trump you know sort of uh Kid that's in trouble a lot or whatever And you know he's a bser he's a you know PBS's and so you know when I asked my Son about he goes yeah of course we all Knew it was a scam because it was the Kid right he said he said the kid's name Like you know everyone knew it was you Know like No One Believes a kid right But he was going around showing Everybody what he could do with the Blindfold or whatever and he impressed Dody but it was the mid-brain activation Thing this kid was doing it wasn't Coming from sash mark it wasn't coming From you know uh the you know Whispers Of the brighter world or something it Was something that was you know an Outside scam that was being run by Various organizations and Dody got Fooled by this kid and he started to Look into it as a maybe he wanted to Impress people with his own signature You know had his own school and you know It had the ly Memorial Mega school which Isn't even talked about anymore which is

A real school that's accredited and you Know kids would go there and charge you Put so much love and energy into the School and kids were coming out you know Evolved and he was able to take poor People who you know couldn't afford this Type of education and they would live at The asham and they would send to this Kids their you know their kids to this Private school that was funded by you Know richer people that sent their kids To school or you know people from Europe And America Russia these other countries Where the where their parents had more Money and so um you know it was a like a Real thing and you know dodgy maybe was Trying to compete with who knows what His motivation was but he got sucked Into this thing and it was all midbrain Activation right and you know they were Talking about Dody used the term Midbrain activation and some um you know Older clips of it and then they realized It was a scam at some point they you Know they had to because they're lying About midbrain activation they're lying About this they realized that you know People didn't believe in it and at that Point they were too far in too too In Too Deep so they changed the name to Neuroplasticity right so I'm thinking About this last night that you know Someone's lied and said no it's not that Well if you if you're saying it's not

That and it was that like that's how Dodgy got started then you know it's a Scam right you know you you're Purposefully Deceiving the people that are doing it And you're doing it anyway which is you Know you're just lying in a deplorable Way and it's can be easily figured out And dodgy has tried to bring in Everybody possible people in the mission You know he brought in scientists and People in the the community a doctor who Ended up proving disproving the the Blindfold thing and then they pressured Him you know and he was the one that Contacted me and he said the kids um What they do is they really praise the Kids who end up uh looking through the Blindfolds without any discussion or Teaching them how to do that and the Other kids you know want that praise so They ended up cheating as well and they All you know it's all this um sort of Subterfuge where like the the adults are You know kind of know what's going the Adults know what's going on and they're Cheating or some of them do some of them Don't the parents or whatever and They're all you know it's a big thing For the kids to to um cheat and look Through the blindfold and be able to Perform and they get up on stage Remember they have all these sparkly Things they're called super kids and you

Know he's called them indigo children Like they're these special kids they all Want to be special and their parents in India all want them to be special I mean You know it's a it's a natural thing for Parents want their kids to be special But it's a big thing in India and so you Know it's a whole scale right it's been Uncovered it's been uncovered by dody's Own people and he still keeps on roping People into it there was this young Woman who is an American woman and she's You know smart and she was in America Pushing this thing out and I don't know If she knows it's a scam or not but you Know they're all going along with it They're all enabling dodging and you Know and it's approvable thing right all These other things are you know they're They're you you can't really prove that He's lying about channeling tuxi G or Babaj G like those things are you can Tell he's lying but you can't prove it Because it's something happened in Internal to him but this is an out Andout scam and you know you can say That there's good things in haa yoga and There's good things in prama and some of The other things he's doing but the Brighter mind scam is a scam and Everyone knows it's a scam you know Almost everybody and they're just lying About it and so that proves that they've Destroyed the credibility of the mission

He's roped Whispers of the brighter World into it you know all these things Pressuring Madame alen the medium to Give a message and so you know I'm Thinking about all these people that Have to stick their heads in the sand or Just blindly go along with Dody you know And it's I mean it's really hard to you Know it's not something that I'm shocked At but it's hard to believe that they're Doing that right you know I totally Believe it like I totally believe it Would happen I mean even before I would Say yeah that's a possibility but you Know how comprehensive it is and how bad Dodgy is how much a fool he is how much Of an idiot he is how often he's wrong And no matter what they do what he does You know it's like Donald Trump's Syndrome where Donald Trump said he Could shoot a a person in Fifth Avenue And wouldn't lose any supporters it's Like that it's like you know cult-like Uh obedience and it's just right there You know those guys who got involved With me and they said they were going to Do test on the brighter mind scam and Then you know Rob try to win me back Over and say you know listen this is Some good stuff dodgies doing you know They're they're just finding reach Grassman at straw is finding anyway you Know he's a liar and he's corrupt and He's destroying something that we all

Love he's literally destroying the System that many of us you know it's the Most important thing to us in the you Know SP certainly a spiritual aspect of Our existence which is the real reason We're here and he's just out destroying It and all his you know these cronies That chargie said in his speech when he Talked about his inner circle and talked About how you know depraved these guys Were and how you know difficult how you Know not spiritual they were I mean he's He told you what they were like and he Said every one of them and he you know That included dodgy and he talked about It and it's proved to be completely true And all these people who claim to love Chargie and they've allowed chargie to Be erased and you know to be uh demeaned By dodgy and you know Commish and so you Know all of that right I mean it's huge It's much worse than you know I thought It would be in the beginning when I Thought DOI was making bad decisions but He still had some spiritual side and I Thought he would work it out and he Would grow and mature into it and the More information you get the the more It's a no-brainer that the guy sucks Like like he's just gone in there with a A sledgehammer it's destroying the Foundation and all the things that were Built and The credibility and all the All of it and these people just you know

Allow them to do it like some of them Know and they speak up a little bit or They just they just quit or whatever and They don't really you know I mean it's It's not much of an effort on their part To save something and then the people Just go along with them and enable them I mean it's just a huge stain on the Fabric of humanity for this to happen Like to allow something like this to Happen and it's what's happened with all These religion Over the years it's not nothing it's not Anything new um but you know it's the People that should be like there's smart People and there's intellectual people Well read people who've read all the Literature it should be you know people From outside the Indian culture Europeans and Americans and all of them Should be you know again I understand The you know what happened with Chari And people pushing back against his Mastery and so they don't want to be on The wrong side of that but it's just Like Once you you get over that little hump It's all there waiting for you anyways You know like going through this like de Detox process it's easy for me to like Feel you know negative emotions towards It but I can just like let them go right Just not let's let them flow through me Because years of meditation and just um

You know doing the practice and then Also doing this work here as a a truther You know one of these people who I know Did the practice for a while sent me a a Link that they close in the United Nations Geneva Branch uh because they're out of money And they don't have the ability to pay The bills electric bills and Geneva is The center of the European United Nations you know the the whole European Uh wing of the United Nations the Centerpiece the headquarters for that is In Geneva and they're closing that Because they're broke and you know I'm Against the United Nations on my own and Then you know all the stuff that's Happened with the you know Saj Mar and The heartfulness stuff stuff in the United Nations it's even more so for me You know it's personalized you know and I don't care about it like you know yeah I'm glad I heard that but it's like it's Not like a moment of Joy right and when The United Nations collapses and you Know it proves me right and you know Proves them wrong and all those things But like it just doesn't mean I don't Just don't care about stuff right you Know all that stuff has ends up being Kind of petty and like I care less and Less about things uh which is you know It's just uh having Faith it's all going To work out in the end one way or

Another right like you know it's more of A it's not like a you know when I was so Happy when Donald Trump won not that I Voted for him but that it made all the Liberals and all those news people you Know they're sad because they were all You know arrogant and they sucked like I Just don't get those kind that's even You know just I don't know how many Years ago that is seven years ago I Wouldn't get the same joy out of it now Because it just doesn't matter like Especially the you know when I I was I Mean I've been proven right so many Times and I'm flourishing why they're Floundering you know all these people That you know turned on me or ostracized Me in the mission my ex particularly you Know they're all floundering they're all You know but now it's just like expected Because yeah of course that's how it Would go you know when you align Yourself with the truth and you align Yourself with the Divine principles and You know the Divine master and things You know this is what's going to happen Right the people that don't there you Know it's going to poorly for him you Know there's no joy in it you know there Was at one point but then you know not Anymore like for me I don't care um Which is you know I mean the way that It's always going to go it becomes less And less important and you just have

Faith in the you know Divine process and You know inevitably something will Happen one way or another right either Humanity will be wiped out or will be Saved those are the two options like Humanity has to either evolve or be you Know extincted and there's two choices Here and it's going to be one or the Other and we're approaching it and you Know I don't care what you know it's it Goes the way it goes right I've accepted It and you know I there's things I you Know love about humanity and you know Love about my human existence here and There are things that it's just Completely distasteful and I mean for The most part humanity is so bad there's Not much of a case to be made for Continuing on with this experiment you Know so I feel both ways about it like In whatever way it works out I'll be Happy you know I'll be you know content With it you know I'll accept it and be Grateful because of the right thing is Going to happen one way or another and Sjar being a part of that has you know SJ Mar is a essential part of humanity Being saved like Humanity can't be saved Without Sark and as much as I talk about here as Much as I you know not just here but in The my other videos I think there's About you know anywhere between 50 to 200 people that are doing gratefulness

You know out of millions of people see My videos millions of people who are Desperate and worried about what's going To happen with the world and only a Handful of them ended up making the cut And being a part of this thing and I Don't know how good they're doing it or What they're you know how devoted they Are to it or whatever it's you guys Really most of you guys watching this Thing um some of you guys and you know Some people have been influenced by the Teachings and the energy and this you Know whatever here but it's uh you know It's a it's it should be way more Like and it needs to be way more like It's given what's happened with sa Mar You know with the official organization With heartfulness being this parasitic Entity it needs to be better here and Gratefulness needs to be better and you Know I'm I'm not like that motivated That you know I'm doing what I have to Do you know but not like anything more Like I don't do extra because you know I Mean I just you know all right whatever You like I just don't I'm not Emotionally you know invested like I Just you know I'm doing my duty and I'm Happy to do it I'm grateful and you know All these things that the principles of It and whenever I you know when I'm led To do something I'll do it but other Than that like there isn't you know much

I can say that motivates me in terms of The I me people write to me and say oh I'm okay Um this Morning one of my uh viewers that does Gratefulness meditation sent me this India this is from Associated Press Which wanted me to donate money I think They're owned by um the rosch child Family they want my money for looking at One article on uh says donate when the News is free journalism is not support Independent independent fat checking Fact-based journalism they have a button Right here AP of associate press monsuta To donate to them um so India Bars protest that supports the Palestinians and let's say a pro-israel Shift helps at home um they have been Forming a relationship between Israel And it shows a picture of Netanyahu and Modi who is um dody's Right-hand man and so this has been a Movement that dody's been pushing as Well saying that it is A um you know they look at the Palestinians as being like the uh um Pakistanis right so India's just um Sucking right now and then um you know And everything to do with dodgy and then Um this uh dodgy truth wrote me this Dear brothers and sisters he forwarded This heartful heartful proms on this Suspicious occasion of birthday of our

Esteemed guest respected Roger Roby Maaji of TM Group Reverend Master will be conducting SATs on at noon in the main meditation Hall all alosis are cordially invited to Participate in the satson please take Your seats 11:45 with affection Affectionate regards K home Office um so uh I don't know who this Person is I'll look them up right now um So they won't celebrate Char's Um Uh Birthday I don't know this guy isn't Even isn't that Famous um I guess he's a Transcendental meditation guy is that Guy was there before TM I thought it was Some sort of Company um so this guy Uh his Birthday let let see if his birthday is January 12th Oh Um he died February 5th 2000 so they're Celebrating his birthday today his Birthday was uh January 12th and he's The creator of the meditation so he is a Person who Um was born January 12th 1918 and they're celebrating his Birthday he's guy that the Beatles went To see Transcendental Meditation is Quite different

And really probably oppositional to the System massage Mark and the guy was pointing out this To me because why the hell would they be Celebrating this um remember he was Trying to bring these people in he keeps On trying to you know and he's not doing It because of the group he's trying to You know bring in his own People's uh you know his own group of People and he TRS on trying to integrate These things and you know it ain't Working um And so let me just look up heartfulness Right now so I don't know if they're G To I mean I don't know what date this is When he sent me this um you know the Guy's birthday is the 12th um there's no video for this They're not setting up a live shoot but You know uh just it's kind of egregious Everything with DOI it's embarrassing Because he thinks he's going to peel off Some group he tried with the took GP People he tried it with the diaper Baba He tries to bring in a whole group of People through some other you know Already established group you know it's How he got his group originally because Boby and mostly Charie built a group right charie Brought in a bunch of people and you Know was his Charisma and his ability For public speaking and travel and

Reaching out to people and just being uh You know a person that people Gra Gravitated to and he built the you know The organization the way it is now and DOI inherited it but he couldn't have Done that on his own he couldn't bring In people on his own you know there's People who saw him as a good Preceptor but you were going to have to Go beyond his you know his um his Limitations and see him as a good Spiritual person like that was in the Beginning you know when he was doing a Good job as a preceptor like that was His you know his maximum Capacity and so you know I talked to People who said yeah he was great as a Preceptor and he was able to create a Good group of people you know whatever It is in New York I don't know how many People came to his house regularly but It was probably around 30 or 40 you know Whatever um you know wasn't a huge group But it was something like he was Positive he was a you know net positive But then as Master he hasn't been able To connect with people because he you Know whatever his limitations are Instead of you know being honest about His Abilities and you know like I gave him An Opportunity to uh you know a plan like a Business plan or uh you know at least a

Spiritual business plan in which he Would have a bunch of people like me out There who are you know influencers and They could connect to people in Different ways and it would be you know Different groups of people coming in From different demographics and he Actually responded to that one part but Didn't get it right and you know they All tried to be many gurus he created You know he tried to do it himself and Then he had all these other people who Are just old people who are Uninteresting and they all tried to be Spiritual gurus my whole point was you Know go out and be into other things you Know be like I'm a truther you can be a You know there's a young lady who's a Makeup person you know had a makeup Channel Indian girl who was watching my Videos and you know I said you you can Talk about sa Mar a little bit right Talk about how it maybe relaxes your Face or you know there's a glow a Natural Glow when you do the meditation You know something like that right you Know make it about what you're doing Because you're in she's into this thing You know be into some other things other Than just spirituality and you can Connect to people that way and some People will who are supposed to find the System will find it through you it's Simple plan brilliant and simple and

It's you know way everything goes but Instead they became all these little Mini gurus talking about Spirituality and you know that's it and They're old people like mostly and They're just like not people who don't Have the appeal in the first place and They looked like one guy I mean I was Scroll through Facebook and he looked so Ghoulish and you know and these guys Were all ego people who wanted you know Some like Fame you know they wanted some Like that woman who's a nightmare in Ohio or whatever it is and you know They're all they're disasters um they Were disasters before and now they're Even worse and you know they just can't Get it like he just fails up and down The lane you know up and down the the Avenue but anyways um his plan was to Then bring in a group of people through Somebody else deac chopra's audience he Reaches out to these people thinking He's going to win over the audience Because transmission and the system is Great and thinking if they do the Meditation feel transmission they'll say This is so much better than what I'm Doing and he could incorporate all these Other movements which would be you know A good situation but the transmission's Not there and he's not that guy and so He's failed and he keeps on doing this Right embracing the mainstream

Narratives you know all these things the UN and all these stupid globalist stuff When it's the opposite right bajy Created the circumstances where the System will be taken down like babaj G Did the spiritual work so so that the System would be you know would would end And a new system would begin that this You know thing I called the beast will You know will end with this generation Or whatever this next generation or Whatever it is right Bob's job you know Part of his job was to Manifest this Transmiss this trans uh this Transition and you know dod's out there Bracing the wrong side you know Minimizing charie celebrating other People's birthdays right dead gurus like Is he going to celebrate took to Birthday instead of Bob's like I mean He's just um you know like he's horrible Like just horrible at and not just a bad Person but horrible at it like executing His is you know coming up with plans and Then uh executing the plan and these People around him you know more and more I've been thinking the last you know six Months you know Dodge's done like he's You know he's going to do what he's what He's done uh this is what he does and This is how he is and this is his you Know there's no walk there's no Reversing this and I've known that for Maybe a year or so you I thought about

It he could come out and say like I Failed and that would be a good thing But it isn't going to change anything Right like isn't going to make it better Isn't going to reverse what he's done Here and so the best thing that he can Do is you know just keep on doing what He's doing to pretend that he didn't lie And cheat or whatever or like he could Take an early exit and find somebody More capable but he's not going to do That because he's you know delusional he Thinks he's a great Guru and you know Whatever but I think he knows by the Numbers the lack of Interest I mean he's Just failing because they're desperate They do desperate things and so it's the People around them like they all should Be able to see and you know the brighter Mind scam is the big you know the easy Thing to see but of course the dissing Charge you even more so I guess but Those two things are you know obvious And everyone's got to pick up on them Because people are picking up on them in The beginning it's the enablers because There's about 10,000 good aasis that are You know people who get it people have The ability to understand what this Really is people who this is their major Thing you know people in other countries And if all those people said yeah you You suck you can't do this we're going To do something else and you know they

Walked out there'd be no you know these People who hold positions all the Char People that around him all the time you Know those guys are actually pushing This in the wrong direction but if they You know stood up to Dody or just you Know walked away they would be lost the The organization would collapse right People who are you know providing Donations and energy and work and effort And they said look this can't you can't Do this right you're you know like they Just recognized the the obvious thing That he's a failed bastard it's so easy To see like anybody can see it and if They can't can't see it then they're Willfully you know they're just being The sheeple that we've come to know and Love and the other channel and just all Those things right refusing to see what For what it is right what makes the Sark System special aside from the Transmission and cleaning is that the Master is a legitimate Master it doesn't Work the prayer doesn't work the you Know nothing works if the master isn't Legitimate right if the Master's a Scammer if the master doesn't have the Ability to transmit and clean Then it's not uh you know the system Fails right so you got to acknowledge This failure anyways I just wanted to You know do this this morning I got Other stuff to do here but that's um you

Know where we're at right now India is Just sucking I mean I have no interest In like ever going back and you know Obvious for the obvious reasons but you Know that's kind of sad I guess if I Thought about it but like I just don't Think about it anyways I'll continue on So I just want to add something briefly That was a confusing message that dodgy Sent there um or whoever not dodgy but You know the people around him dear Brothers and sister Harel heartfelt Pronoms on this supicious occasion of The birthday of our esteemed guest Respected rajer g mahaj g of TM group Reverend Master will be conducting a Sasson at noon in the main meditation Hall so the guy who started TM he's dead But then he had his guy who's the President of the system on remember this Guy was a white guy um European or Whatever he was but I think he's talking About that guy as the guest but they're Celebrating the birthday of the original Master I'm not even sure because it's Just poorly done it's not clear um when You search the guy's name it comes up as The original Guru but maybe they're all Name that like you know I'm who's to say All these things are you know uh Insulated but it's just another you know Communication fail from them and the Celebration of something that has very Little to do with the method of

Meditation we use it's quite different And it's not going to you're not going To achieve the same goal or it's Probably going to mess up if you did Both things it would confuse your Internal system and would have a Counterproductive effect right you know I you're not supposed to mix these Things according to the previous Masters But dodgy is just floundering and the People around him suck so bad but I just Want to make that correction because you Know I said they were celebrating this Guy's you this guy who had died already But he talked about a guest and the Guest was this other guy and now maybe It's the other guy's birthday Like you know I mean it's just Everything that we've expected to come From this dysfunctional organization so Um yeah I got to get back to my my other Video but I just wanted to you know make This um uh distinction here oh Snap so this video came out and DOI once Again got punked in his own house in his Own Asham mastering meditation dody's guide To Inner Peace on the occasion of AD Haraj Ram's Birthday so this is this guy Tony Nater this guy here um they come in and Dodgy gives them some flowers Here happy birthday happy birthday doy Doesn't do birthdays um remember I told

You about it maybe he does this now but He wasn't doing them it was one of the Things I thought was good where he Didn't if you had a birthday you Couldn't go to dodging and get a you Know birthday blessing which charger Used to do but he's doing it for this Guy who isn't a practitioner ier or you Know was really a competitor so dod's Got some flowers for him he's got a Shaw For Him Namaste thank You under your protection and with your Blessing and your grounds in your field We are honored and blessed to have This to Blessed look at this guy Tony nater Shatting it up doy do great heart and Love frogy come on frogie Happy Birthday To You Celebrations hey now was you have to Plant on you get this MF and thing Off day of your birthday we request you To plant a tree remember you were say When yes so today is the right day thank You so much Okay so um this might be his uh wife Here he seems to be European or Something let's check out this guy here He'll come back to the video so Tony Nater is the Successor to this guy Maharaja AR deir

This is um the guy I said earlier right The the guy that they put out in this um You know this announcement was the the Original founder uh but I guess it's Today is Tony nater's birthday and two Days from now is his original Guru this Is Tony Nater who is um a Lebanese neurologist We saw this before so he's from Lebanon uh but he is a white Guy and he is the guy in charge of the Transcendental Meditation Um this is Roger leaks org news from the World famous meditation Kingdom fraud Philandering and fascism in the Tia Movement so this was um there's maybe Some issues of course there's always Scandals here there's something to do With Germany this focused on Europe Right the Transcendental Meditation Movement focused on Europe and it is Something Miriam wants to talk to me hi I'm Miriam and I'm a real person can I Help you no thanks Miriam how do I get Rid of this thing um yeah no thanks Miriam and so the only meditation that's Taught oneon-one well that's not true Because the sjar meditation is something Where you go see a preceptor absolutely Effortless evidence-based hundreds of Published researchers guaranteed Assurance that TM works for you find a TM

Teacher um so this costs money right and It's back by axos and Forbes and Cleveland Clinic and these people here Jennifer Ashton and Javon Ali these are All people who do the meditation what is The TM technique and here is Ellen Degenerous it changed my Life this is this is the guy if you're Going to learn Transcendental Meditation He's the guy to learn it from you've Taught so many amazing people but we Don't want a name drop right now but You're so tell people what TM is exactly So so Transcendental Meditation is a Very simple natural easily learned Technique that's done for about 15 to 20 Minutes twice a day sitting comfortably In a chair that just allows your active Agitated thinking mind to just settle Down settles down and access a field of Calm that lies deep within every one of Us I like to use the analogy of an ocean Choppy turbulent waves on the surface of The ocean you could think oh my God the Ocean is just in upheaval but you do a Cross-section and deep within the ocean It's silent and our mind it's silence Down there just is the same way same way But it's like going deep into the ocean Transcendental Med because when I look At Ellen I go there's a person who's Gone deep into the ocean of Sucking not a religion not a philosophy Not a way change in lifestyle anyone can

Do it from 10 years and of age and up And I taught Ellen and it was very Satisfying yeah when did how long ago Did you teach me it was like six or Seven years ago or something like that Was it yeah it could have been longer Than that yeah long time and and uh you Were great I remember asking you why you Wanted to learn to meditate I put this In the book and Ellen said I want to Maintain permanent connection with the Intelligence that runs the universe and I thought Whoa and then she paused and she said an I can't sleep at night yeah it does it Really helps you I mean that it makes a Difference it just calms you down so it Seems like in the world okay so um Ellen Who you know had her meltdown and was a Horrible person and all these things She's one of the advocates for this Thing it's a celebrity driven type of Situation going back to the Beatles and Here's what it says the technique is and This is important what is the TM Technique the TM technique is a simple Natural mental technique practice with The eyes closed while sitting Comfortably so um you know sjar is not So much a mental technique right and Technique is in Really um you know it's a completely Different thing you learn from a Certified TM teacher who will instruct

You in a one-on-one session they will Give you a mantra in this case a sound That has no meaning associate associate No meaning associated with it and teach You how to use it properly which means Easily effortlessly and silently it Can't be silent if you're using a sound Or a mantra which is a distraction Something pulls you up to to the surface This is completely different than the Way that you meditate under sa Mark in The TM course you learn to effortlessly Transcend go on go beyond the surface Level of your awareness this state of Deep inner silence is typically Unavailable from meditation apps and Other techniques what is Transcending um here it is there I don't Know there's some kind of video here I Guess this is The Ellen video And so um evidence-based results Self-actualization study now this is um Here it is Tony nater what is Transcending by Tony nater Global leader Of teaching TM By 12 nonprofit organizations around the World so this is a for-profit celebrity Driven uh European based american-based Type of meditation right and I'll show You that there's a crowd that shows up Here at the asham we'll see in a moment Right and the techniques are Significantly different than the Transmission and the spiritual aspect of

The SJ Mark system right and you know This is a competitive sales pitch that They have going on here we watch this Guy here sand means to go Beyond and when we said the mind is like An ocean on the surface it's yeah we Heard that the other guy said the same Thing active and in its depth it's quiet It's quiet at the bottom yes we heard Yeah really what happens is as the Mind Settles down settles down through this Technique it reaches the point where you Have no thoughts you have completely Settled mind and yet you are awake this We call transcendental state so beyond All activities of the mind so you Transcend actually even the mind okay so This is you know a preze mark type of Thing where you're you know you're Reaching a state that's not really a Spiritual State you're just getting away From your modern day busy mind to Something that's deeper but it's not you Know really samade or sa samat it's Something that appeals to Western people And you know they pay for it and you Know they're going to feel better than They do because they feel like crap and Their you know minds are busy and Overactive but it's not the spiritual State in the yatra process and all these Things you get from the transmission and The you know the one ful aspects of s Mark I don't know if this thing's bad or

Good I don't know if it's helpful or not I mean some people might benefit from it Just like other practices but it's Certainly nothing like Saar right and Dodgy is you know attempting to steal This guy's he wants to to get these People to do his thing that's dodgy you Know he's tried this before it never Works dodging is never able to peel Anybody off from what they're doing and This is a business right this is Something where they're making a lot of Money doing this they're not going to Want to merge with you know a supposedly Free organization which has free Services and preceptors so these things Can never be other anything other than Really competitors it's Auspicious it's auspicious have Blessed blessed by they're playing music Here and they're they're saying they've Been blessed we going to talk about Science here in a second here but it's Good but the word is interested in it so We play the game they're talking about Science they play the game the music Might screw me with copyright so I get The strategy I get the Strategy let's have some small talk on Camera And we're Pals let's let's pal it up Here let's go do some pal things let's Go plant a tree and they're playing this Music behind it right let's go plant a

Tree oh my God this is planting a tree It's not at all stage it's just a Naturally couple of old guys just Planting a tree and this guy comes in Gives a talk came to Receive maybe had already materialized Today okay so he's I'm not goingon to He's got some music there but as his Talk ends Here getes in the Pronoms woo he rocked it okay so before That there is the crowd here he says Something here here he comes up and they Introduce him [Applause] Here we have S dii with us which is our Host woo DOI rocks who's this guy over Here Dody that do is great to go that Doy So I wanted to point this out this is All white people um you don't see this Many white people at a Saar heartfulness Gathering in fact I see no aasis here They might be scattered but these are All like this guy these bearded guys These guys they're coming up and they're They're giving Dody a round of applause These are all Transcendental Meditation Dody can't fill his Hall like this not In a you know not in a whatever weekday Or it's Monday there or it's um it's uh Thursday morning there it was I guess Maybe this morning I don't know it's

Wednesday or Thursday and so um you know These are all people from Europe and America and they're coming over to Kana Because Dody has one asset I mean There's people up here like he's getting Punked in his own his own asham he can't Fill this asham like this right and so Transcendental Meditation he's hoping to Win some of these people over when they Feel the Transmission but you know when I was Listening to the when I was going Through the Transcendental Meditation Website I felt the energy the energy the Condition and I didn't like it uh well I You know I felt like just um heavy you Know whatever the state you get into Whatever the technique is the energy and You know it might be better for some People depending on where they are but Not for somebody who's been doing sa Mar For a while at least it wasn't better For me it didn't feel good but these People are all doing this dodgy is Hoping to peel these people off You know they're all doing this paid Thing that they do and they've been Doing this Mantra but it's going to be a Hard switch for them I don't know if They can feel a transmission of course Dody's transmission Now sucks it hasn't Worked before but these guys are coming In here and dod's going to you know give A talk here um but you can see like he's

This guy the movement is so much better Than what Dody has with heartfulness Dody can't you know Dody gets these Things at a gathering but they're Gatherings for the former birthdays of The mother Masters and I guess dody's Birthday uh but this thing look at it's Packed with people they're having some Kind of joint thing here and he has this Asset of the Asam and if they don't like The transmission they don't groove on What dodg is going to say here you know We'll see what a little bit what he says Then you know I mean they're not going To do this thing right they don't show The Meditation so I don't know if Dody Actually gives meditation or maybe he Wanted to but they didn't let him so This guy up Here Namaste Namaste bro my heart will Pronounce to R Maharaja happy birthday to you sir Tony Nater it goes by Tony nater in America But [Applause] Here get it done May your Presence may all the sckers of Spirituality peace loving People come Together and ignite this flame of Love make sure the entire planet is a Blaz with love see this is a mental

Technique and it's just to settle People's mind you know inner peace or Whatever so that what DOD is saying Isn't anything a part of their thing but More importantly you know my brother had Said this and then it came out later on That dody's goal was to get so that when People said meditation they would Immediately think of heartfulness right And so this is a mental technique right Transcendental Meditation it says you Know a mental basically trick and Mantra And something to do with your mind and Settling your thoughts where Heartfulness is you know size Mar is a Three-stage process that starts in your Heart moves into the spiritual mind and Then into the central region and it is a You know a a Soul's Journey connecting With your soul and these other things it Has nothing to do with Transcendental Meditation which seems to be some sort Of gimmick that works you know short Amounts of meditation for people to help Them deal with their out of control Minds right the modern day people and Again a competitor and these two things Cannot merge together because there's Two absolutely different techniques that Have different goals and they're both Called meditation but even within the Site itself here you know this is a a Seals pitch right you know this thing Right here it says the only meditation

Taught oneon-one absolutely Effortless evidence-based and guaranteed This is the only meditation that has These things in it so it's saying that Fness SAR doesn't have these things Which it's you know does Sark is taught One-on-one absolutely effortless well I Mean you know they're doing a mantra so I think sajar is even less um you know It's the forceless force so sajar is Probably more effortless than what They're saying Evidence-based well SJ Mar has been Proven the same way Miriam Miriam just Get out of here Miriam Miriam it's the same person right they Say it's a real person why do I keep on Getting mirium I I re this is another Toolbar I close that one down um but it Is um guaranteed your insurance at TM Works for you well guaranteed means You're going to get your money back Right like if it doesn't they're going To give your money back is that you know And so s Mark doesn't take any money so This to say this is the only M Meditation that's this is a sales pitch Right this is a selling they're selling You this with these quotes and these Things so you do it they got celebrity Endorsements Self-actualization you know you're not a Realized Soul by doing this

Practice um and so you know these people Aren't those Things and you know there's all this Stuff here what are evidence-based Benefits deep in or calm Clarity of Mind A healthier heart well how you're not Even using your heart in this system Right and it helps you with these things You know all these modern day problems It's helping you to viate these things It's not about you know your spiritual Journey and it doesn't come from a Spiritual place in fact they're not even Talking about God as far as I know There's nothing here to do with God Right and maybe they don't want to Mention God but I don't think Transcendental Meditation has anything To do with God and I assume anything That has something to do with Ellen is Um you know Godless right and you know Whatever that Is here U Jackman does it Wolverine so So they've got Wolverine to be pacified It's based on your income so if you make Less than $50,000 a year you get $135 For four months 50 to 100 195 these Things right and so you you have to pay It's like a subscription based system And you're paying this um you know Whatever that is right and so these Things this is a paid service this is Not something like sa Mara spiritually Based service so as as far as I know

Transcendental Meditation doesn't have Anything to do with God and teaching About God or anything to do with a Divine Essence um you know there might Be self-realization or whatever but it's Not associated with religion obviously And so you know there's all of That we need more and more Hearts this is the Beginning 10,000 from Maharishi and many more will come Together Joining Hearts making this as a one Family my heartful gratitude to others All of you for coming to Kha Woo this guy [Applause] Rock 10,000 people showed up right and You know he um I mean he would get more of for Char's Birthday that he's not doing right but You know he doesn't want old Aasis he doesn't want the former people I maybe wants them or doesn't want them To leave or can't have them leave but He's still always looking for new groups Of people and you know this isn't going To work dodgy like it's not I can just See the two groups the differen is Between the two groups and you have a Paid service right and these people all Were charged a fee I don't know how much They paid to come to the asham I don't

Know what the finances are here you know But they certainly were charged Something right you know there's a Suggested donation when you come to the Asham the food's free these other things I mean they can't be feeding them the Food there is horrible compared to other Ashs overly Spicy with the one time we went and you Know there was a they had an Italian Restaurant that was okay they opened up Which is kind of good some other paid Services but the people cooking food There are are going to cook very you Know simple Indian food that I mean it's Hard to eat for people who are not used To it uh you know just too spicy and Whatever but anyways like I don't know What the finances or what the things are Here but he's tried this before he tried It with the tukto G people he tried it With uh you know uh uh ROM Dev or Whatever his name is uh diaper Baba and You know these other people that he's Tried this bringing in other Organizations and then trying to peel Off an audience for the people and they They don't stick with them he's just He's doesn't have it he doesn't have it Right he's missing the it [Applause] Factor Kaa is a place where we trigger Love trigger Peace

Harmony and what do you mean trigger Like is that the right word there bro it Has begun with this great institution of Maharishi I'm so proud of all of You he's so proud of you he's proud are You proud of me DOI what about me and The other people been doing sa Mark are You proud of us you're probably these Guys who and especially rajas and Maharajas and Maharaja and his family And all of You you have participated in this Spiritual Adventure without any Prejudice you made This as your home and we we welcome you As a home Members thank You he just sucks so bad like they think He's just bad at English but he lived in America since he's 18 like you know he spoke English Coming To America he owned a business and Interacted with American people he was Basically an American citizen his kids Are American citizens and he owned you Know multiple pharmacies and like he's Just in articulate and he's getting Worse right Feel proud Of before we go to sleep Tonight let us offer a humble prayer Just before going to Bed that may Maharaja live long enough To

Serve and may all the hearts brim with Peace and love and Harmony may God grant him very long life And his Family woo we don't believe in God but Woo [Applause] Anyway Oh um and so you know he goes on from There follow me Buddha talks of budham Yeah let me hear Puja that we just Offered you have continuously heard one Name again and again one word again and Again what is that Word Samar Lord Jesus also talks of Samaran follow so did he have some kind Of meditation Here did he have they do a meditation at Some point I don't see it it's only 22 Minutes Long and so um the Puja that we just Offered so what's the Zja um has he got it here what's he Doing let me just pause this and go Through it well right off the bat he Gets goofy Here this is the myage Part Woo I'm so proud really so proud and I Cannot overemphasize you know he never Use the word proud and proud isn't a Good Word like what the year k I mean it's

Kind of sending but it's weird CU many Terrorists I was sharing with Maharaja And Shri Raja Luis Alvarez Shri Raja Luis Alvarez that was The guy who gave This he gets goofy Here that terrorists you know they have So much of Unity you think we could we can have More Unity like they do If if someone in Afghanistan or in some Country manufactures a bomb with a great Technology is ready to share it with Whoever wants to blow the Bomb it's so funny bomb jokes are the Best but the peace love I think he's Blown a Few whoever wants to blow the Bob I Don't understand exactly what that is But Saints and is the god lovers Socalled I say socalled because they are Not really truly lovers of gods they are Pretentious they're pretentious not like Dodgy dodgy is a real deal they never Come together they never come together Have you seen that any two spiritual Organizations coming together working Together thriving Together No but it's which one is trying to prove That they are better than the other well You know the techniques are different What makes Sark SAR is that it has a Unique technique of cleaning and

Transmission which is why I do it and I Haven't found anything out you know not Looking for anything else but you know It is something that is um you know may Be available in different ways on a Different level but not to the extent That is available in Sark right but it's The technique the technique is is unique To the system and this other thing is a Paid service right it's a business and So whatever the technique is it's a Money-making you know it's obviously Polished and they have a a system and They've made it to you know that more And more people can do it there are a Lot more people who could do TM than Would be able to do Sark you know they a Lot of these people can't feel Transmission a lot of these people Aren't you know developed enough or They're too gross or whatever it is do Be able to do sash Mark and so you know Him saying they can bring it together It's different techniques like you can't You know if they're all going to Establish that one technique is the best You know it's like when they have these Martial art Wars and you know this is my Kung Fu you know whatever it is with the There's a certain word I can't you can't Think of it right now my style or Whatever right my Kung Fu style you know They all had their Styles and you but my Style is better than your style you know

Bruce Lee had all these things right It's about um all of That my great master who always guided Us he say don't there is nothing wrong Thinking yourself to be Great go ahead think yourself you are Great you are also Maharaja even though you're you're not Like that's a joke but you know think But Here Comes his wisdom always think The other person is Better W do clap like he's get more Applause than with that spirit and with That guidance of my beloved Master my Gurudev I consider Maharaja to be better Than Us yeah give away the farm there dodgy Fake humility and what is this like what Are you doing I want to add I didn't Catch it the first time but he said Better than us does he mean the masters Of the Saar system does he mean all the Abiosis there that his group is better Than our group that he's better than the Masters his lineage is better than your Lineage I mean this is you know just Goofy right you can say he's better than You and I would say that's probably Right like I mean this guy's a For-profit guy but you know I don't Think um I don't know anything you know The scandals that this thing's been Involved with I mean there's all these Celebrities and all that stuff can't be

Great but he's not Dopey enough to do a Brighter mind scam and some of the goofy Things that dody's done and sell out his Master at least as far as I know so he's Probably better than you yeah I agree With that right but again it's so Disingenuous cuz dody's main goal all Along has been to make it so when you Say like I said before I want to restate This here when someone says meditation They think of heartfulness that Heartfulness is the you know meditation That globally people think of right and What they've done with TM and make it Mainstream for Western people and make It you know celebrity focused and rich People and famous people endorsed by all These groups and companies and things And make it corporate that's what dod's Been trying to do that's why he changed The name from sjar to heartfulness to Make make it more acceptable amongst Western people more user friendly but it Isn't that kind of a thing it's you know Again feeling the transmission going Through the cleaning process going Through the the difficulties is a lot Different than what this thing is right This thing's more of a novelty thing but Anyways dody's intention to make Heartfulness be the you know synonymous With meditation then he wants to erase And absorb all these other practices Right of course he's going to be un

Successful cuz he sucks and you know He's failed but that's his goal here and You know he's going to get more into it Here but these are all old hippies right The people here who are doing the Meditation the people who travel and are Into it as opposed to someone like Ellen Or these people who are you know I mean This is again kind of Amateur hour stuff Here but again it's just DOD is going to Acknowledge the the age of these people And it's just a joke it's a failed Attempt and this is this is not a matter Of Joke I'm making such a statement with All my heart and all Humility I invite one and all all the Respected Elders who are present here on This Das my salutations to you All they are also part of this Unification all coming together being United in this spiritual Adventure well Peace is not too Far it's up to Us Wo did they cut off the other people Talking because there's a lot of people Here and I only see one video with what Guy talking and then dodgy Talking it is it is within us it is Within our Reach peace is just within our Reach

The world peace the world peace it's Common the universal peace the dream of Making the entire Globe as one Family country without boundaries is Possible only when individual member of The society is at Peace can I create peaceful vibration in my Home I can create peaceful vibration in My home Only when I am at peace and other Members of the family are also at peace Peace be with You and also with you to achieve it That's a Catholic thing to attain It it's so difficult it seems but we Have to create that level of Consciousness with within us and when Multitude people from all corners of the World may come together and form an Aggregor boom b word aggregor of people With higher level of Consciousness that We will be able to trigger some level of Mutation Humanity will change with that Kickart of the mutation genetic mutation Is a Must just as we talk about you know like He's not really um he's going to lose These people from the sense of like what Is he talking about like this is stuff From Whispers but he's butchering it Right that through the process of sa Mar Meditation there'll be uh you know a Genetic changes and you know junk DNA

Being activated so-called junk DNA and Things like this dormant tendencies in a Spiritual Evolution and Awakening but Not any sort of Experimental Bill gaty type of thing Right like okay so I'm going to Interject here because I don't want to Forget this I'm going to have to go make Dinner now and I'll edit this Tomorrow uh the rest of this part this Whole thing here uh but I want to say Two things here one thing I forgot to Mention and you know he said this over And over again about bobbyy saying it's Okay to think you're a great just think The other person's greater you know Bobaji was very simplistic in his Language and I could see him saying Something like this but I've read all of Bob's stuff and you know that could be Somewhere The Whispers of the brighter World Quote or something that I can't remember Right or I just you know didn't I mean You read all these things and there's V You know vast 2,000 messages or whatever So you're not going to remember Everything uh but you know as far as um Him saying this chargie never mentioned It or I've never heard it talked about Like it's not one of those quotes it's Talked about but Dody brings it up all The time but it's kind of a weird thing To say and you know I don't even know

What how this benefits or aligns with The system but it's a thing that dodgy Focuses on all the time and I don't know If he's misremembered something or he Just made it up or whatever CU he's you Know he's like that but the other part Is that he actually does an okay job of Speaking here and some of the things he You know I don't agree with the way he's Interpreting them or he you know it's um He doesn't do as good job as chargie or You know the the Simplicity of Babaji And then chargie explaining what Babaji Does But you know I want to I mean you could Leave your comments on whether you Understand what he's talking about as People who are new to this because like It's not good like it's good for him but It's not good right and a lot of things Are off and it's you know anip a Manipulation and the whole thing's a Mistake it's a mistaken premise or idea To try to bring these people into the Asham and they have different energies And you know the Sark system and the Meditation all should be kept pure with What the meditation and transmission and Things creates a condition or a field And you bring in other types of forms of Meditation and other you know business Activities and all these things that They're doing there it's going to have a Negative effect on the asham condition I

Mean all these things it's just a bad Idea but he's you know he's a lot more Coherent he's a lot he's a lot cleaner In his um you know his speech to these People it still sucks and he's still off And wrong and you the whole thing's uh Done poorly and I bet that most of you Who are new to this will will this sound Like gobbly G to you which is going to Sound like that to these people he's Going to use terms and you know he just Doesn't do a good job of articulating Things and this is one of his better Performances so you know in the comments Section you might you might want to Mention what your what your impression Of what he's saying here is because Again he's trying to win over new people And like it's hard for me to you know to C decipher what he's saying even though I'm familiar with the teachings and Philosophies here but anyways um let's Get back to it about epigenetic Changes epigenetic changes means Something that environment influence at A chromosome level all these peaceful Individuals most of you are senior Citizens you can't transfer your Genetics now A bunch of old hippies coming in here He's got a bunch of old hippies just Like he has you know the American um Practitioners and the European Practitioners of sa Mar are dying out

Like I was always one of the youngest People and probably would still be Because there's all these people who are Boomers and pre- Boomers who are part of The hippie generation that do Sark and They haven't been able to bring new Groups in like people haven't been Interested in the younger Generations Not so many generation excers and then Their kids and all these people they Just didn't want to do it and so there's Just a dying group of people who are in Europe and America without a younger Generation coming up and then dodgey Disaster so like Allie all he has really Is Indians and and they're waning to Bring this in make it part of Hinduism And so at one at one moment he's Becoming part of Hinduism and joining The RSS and then he's going trying to Win tukto people and then he's trying to Win these Boomer hippies over it just Doesn't work right because these are Different techniques they're they're Competitors I mean you know you can say Well let's not look at each other's Competitors okay but are we going to Blend the different techniques together We're going to split the loot because You know this is a organization that Charges money this is a organization That has a you know makes money Right But we can surely create a vibratory

Level which Maharaja had started long Back Maharishi had started even before And we are all learning that how many Coming together and forming an aggregor Can trigger a shift in Consciousness and this shift in Consciousness can create mutation and This mutation can change the genetic Pattern of the human race this is the Dream we have W but Bob didn't say anything about TM Or any of these other organizations and He could have he you know there's 20,000 Whispers messages and didn't mention Once that these other organizations are You know are a part of this movement Right and they could be used for it but They're different techniques and Different applications right like I said This is a paid Service you know they pay um $35 For a person who teaches TM right um I Don't know how much uh they pay the Instructor 35 bucks the global Organization is reported to have an Estimated net worth of $3.5 billion and You know it's a paid service and it's uh You know it's along the lines of Psychological techniques and maybe it Works for people maybe it doesn't I Don't have a problem with the the money Aspect but it's not a a spiritual Movement right it's a money-making

Movement meditation is very Simple heartfulness offers this Meditation to one and all without any Bias and without any Charge Brahma Vidya The Knowing of the Fact that aham Brahma all are brah and All from brah these are brm brm brm Brum Lot of Brams stages of our Progress and I in my meditation feel That I Am part of the cosmic Consciousness and when I also feel that All around me my sisters and brothers The trees and animals and plants the Rocks the skies and the stars and Rivers they also have some level of Consciousness you know with colors and How you can smell them with the blindf Flow Zod and that kind and they're also Part of Brahma I'm not the only one he's not the Only Brah and to know that everything is from Brah everything is PR that is a beginning of spirituality It is not the End to know that all are from BR what is The next Step I have been praising this word once You ask a guy next to you he's greater Than You why why are you talking if that Guy's greater than you coined by Mishi

Sadguru I'm talking of sadguru Sri Maharishi the Great Soul who coin this Word Transcendental Meditation meaning To continuously keep Transcending a Brasi transcend that all are brah that's A next progress all from brah that's Another next and what is after that per Brahmand going Beyond Brah only my master my guide could Boldly say that we can go beyond Beyond Brah and that's a matter of Experience and what is brah after all What is brah after all what's this brah That you speak of when we talk of Atman Atman means moment and thinking no it Means Soul at man at Means movement man means to Think when we talk of Braham when at Realizes that I am Brahma What happens there there is no longer Movement it is bruha plus man it means Expansion and Contemplation it is in movement that you See Linear in expansion it is Threedimensional It's no longer thinking but it is Contemplation your Consciousness has now Taken a Quantum Leap And going beyond That is unspeakable

But um like I understand some of the Things that he's saying here in terms of The Sark system but he's really bad at It like I don't know how new people are Able to to listen to him right and it's Still like it's always off uh like he's Trying to impress these people they must Talk a lot about Brom you do feel it in Your heart You do feel it at the depth of your Meditation when your Consciousness Rises Beyond sahastra Dalal SDK generally considered to be the Last stop in the yogic journey but That's not the Case people get stuck see he's talking About the three point the um now the 16 Points of sash Mar the yatra points he's Added three and short this SDK the Sha Decadal is the you know the the last Point before the central region and so He's like trying to impress that there's He's trying to sell Saar as offering Something that transend Dental Meditation doesn't which is I don't know If they're actually they talk about this Point or there you know they do yoga Principles or there's some higher levels You know like Scientology where you come In and it's just basic technique and Mantras and then there's other things That they do But what he's trying to do is impress That there's something Beyond available

In sa Mar that they're not getting from This P you know he's already said it's Free and these things right he's trying To sell here they ain't buying it though Right they get stopped because the Anandam an is felt so strongly at SDK that you don't desire to go beyond It that doesn't mean that is nothing Beyond It there is much More So let's all try you can smell colors For example put on a blindfold and smell Some colors together experience States Beyond Braham Beyond parabrahman and Beyond sat Anand Wo can it happen in one session No day after day as my Consciousness Purifies become I become simpler and Purer then there is a possib see you Came in and said there's all these Different techniques and all these People are doing this great work and all These people are doing this stuff and Now he's telling you that there stuff Available in heartfulness this goes with His spiritual Anatomy book that's not Available anywhere else and you know if They're satisfied and they've traveled To do this other meditation right There's people who've done Transcendental Meditation and some of The other meditations you know

Mindfulness that come to sa Mar and feel The transmission and are blown away and They feel like they've wasted their time Doing the other thing that has happened In the past right and it's a few people Though most people who do what they're Doing are satisfied like most of these People they enjoy Transcendental Meditation they've been doing it for Years they travel together they have a Family they have a you know group of People that they see I mean the same Thing with SAR they have all these People they know from different parts of The world and you know they have the Celebrity Status and whatever they have You know ashs and places they go and you Know it's a part of a Community and you know they may or may Not be able to fail transmission but Even if they can they're not going to Leave their Community behind and dodgy Keeps on trying to peel these people off It doesn't work and he's you know and He's lost the people that have I mean One way or another he's lost the the Yasis that were here under charge Because you know he's failed and he's Just not as good and so like he just Keeps on failing right he doesn't get it Like this is a a waste of time Possibility Kabir the great Saint he declared the final state is Akin to he compared that state like rain

Drops falling in the ocean and raindrop Has now become the Ocean raindrop cannot say that I have Become the ocean Now that's why vas talk of ni ni ni the Entire V talks very positively in the Beginning you know Kabir and this the People who wrote the the vas weren't in The central region so he's you know They're talking about whatever they're Talking about but it's not you know if Central region is central region is Unique to the Sark system that's what Babaji said and that's what he's trying To say here but he's quoting these other People Right but in the End weas say N N Na they talk Negative it cannot say it is this it is This it is this good nothing in this World that exist that is comparable with The Ultimate that's Why it is declared that the ultimate State cannot be compared with this this And this that's why ni ni Niti that doesn't Mean that ultimate State cannot be Experienced we can experience it Provided this Merger in the infinite ocean can Happen that means Consciousness that we All talk about evolution of

Consciousness has to become continuously Incremental Consciousness simply Define degree of Awareness by that we mean also degree of Unawareness when my Purity can completely 100% resonate with The ultimate purity You know Um he's taking this stuff from bajy Right things that are said you know I Mean that's what I do I mean the Teachings that I have received and read About things that I know from the system Like everybody does SA Mar or or Whatever they do there's this teachings That they have but there's also Experience and some of these things I've Experienced and some of I haven't right But to say these things to a new group Of people you know he's trying to you Know big big like poop them right like He's trying to uh bde Big D you know Big D energy them like his thing is you know Bigger and better than than this other Guy's thing right and you know this Doesn't work they've tried it like four Different times it doesn't work like These people are doing their own thing Right you don't you know it's like Trying to um go and seduce somebody Else's spouse or whatever it is right Like they're not you know and they're Already happily married Right I become

Eligible it automatically happens the Merger happens just as oil cannot mix With Water the natures are different in order For me to merge with the Divine I have to emide those qualities I Have to Transcend Beyond my Animalistic human nature to Humane and Become Divine myself May on this Auspicious Occasion on the birth anniversary of our Dear Maharaja May the choices blessings Descend from our Gurus and we all bask in their Love except for chargie like he's not a Black except for my master he's out loud The Puja that we just Offered you have continuously heard one Name again and again one word again and Again what that Word Samar Lord Jesus also talks of Samaran follow me Buddha talks of Budham Follow Me Su Lord Krishna talks of suar in my Earlier days you know when I was Listening to all these Everybody Talks Follow me surrender to me I thought they Are so big egoistic people Jesus such a Big ego follow me otherwise you can Reach Heavens same thing Krishna surrendered

To me and I can deliver it to you I Thought they are egoistic but now I have Understood very well that they they're Scammers and they want unless and until I Surrender I dissolve my ego at the Feet of my Guruda I cannot move even an inch in the Field of Spirituality Woo surrender Means dissolving your Ego and dedicate everything dedicate Playing them off here Your Love dedicate Your flowers dedicate your food we got The music going everything that was Dedicated in this Puja it's Symbolical symbolically life once Dedicated all other puas will end one Surrender is needed as long as you Surrender to one thing it'll surer all Things it's just doesn't matter which One's which they're all the same I don't Have to say to God every day I Surrender I Surrender I Surrender and you are Reemphasizing your eye again and Again exactly that's Great drop it once and for all this is a Chargy teaching and he de butchered the Thing and lead a life Peaceful okay wrap this spot if you're Fading Buddy The music look at this thing look at These guys okay yeah that's great you

Rocked It let's look what's happened behind us Who's she what's up with you hey yeah Yeah and so that's how it ends they have This the the theas Here Um you know they come into the Hall here With Dody these people here this guy Here is somebody he's got the orange Robes he does something different so Here's the guy here's the birthday boy You can't see him though there's a Podium there there's his Guru there and There's the guru there the guy who Created Transcendental Meditation he's Got these people up here some kind of Either these are his gurus or their Followers I don't know but this is you Know this guy's in the center dody's a You know he's got a he's not um he's not Front center this dude's wearing rocking A hat these other guys are doing this Other thing And like I said before I'll you know Move over to a voice over here one System has to be the highest right they Can all be good or you could have some That are good some are scams whatever But anything that moves you closer to The Divine you are wherever you are when You start off right you are where you Are as a person you go into a religion You're born into a religion whatever it Might be you you're in a culture in a

Social system and you do things right You party you do things that make you Grosser you indulge in Hedonism whatever Listen to music and things a vibr Vibratory nature of a lower nature and Then you do something else like TM or Any kind of thing right mindfulness Meditation yoga whatever it might be and You feel better because you're going to Feel better because that's lighter than What you're doing if it's you know if It's real and you meet some people with A little bit of Charisma a little bit of Divinity a little bit of everything you Know that's a little bit of spiritual Stuff there and they might be scammers And flimflam people but they have a Little bit of something and from where You started with you now are in a you're Lighter and you're moving in the right Direction so you feel better right it's Like you eat a lot of toxic food and you Start eating health healthy foods and You notice the difference a contrast Between your old life which was gross And you know uh toxic and something That's healthier but the thing isn't Necessarily great or it's limited and You know you only can go so far with it And you go so far with it and then you Have to find something else and then you Find that other thing if you're still Going and most people don't make a Second movement you know they realize

They come to a stagnation they either Quit or they they regress and go back to Their old life you know it's always Great I mean I noticed this years and Years ago where I was partying a lot I Was using a lot of drugs in college and Eating a lot of fast food junk food and I quit all that and I started eating Macrobiotic food which was you know kind Of interesting diet I did it because my Brother was doing it and then um you Know he tell helped me you know get Going with it a little bit and I felt Way better right just because I was Doing something that was healthier than What I was doing but after a couple Months I didn't feel you know notice the Difference of the you know before and After right when you you know the before And after are key to you realizing Something being great you know I started Taking supplements recently and there Was a huge Boost after covid and these Things but after a while the supplements Just kind of leveled off and I'm taking New things that are benefiting me but You know the the things that are that Are good or that are benefiting me they Don't have as much of a make as much of A difference right and so people you Know will either regress and go back to Doing what they did before often times People eat healthy for a while and They'll feel better but then they you

Know feel better and it's not there's no You know there's nothing there's no Little um boost of uh you know some sort Of um serotonin boost or whatever it is Right where you have these um you know You you need something so you go back to Eating crappy food that you wanted to Eat in the first place enjoyed it and You you regress to your old lifestyle You don't take the next step or the next Level up kind of thing right but there Has to be a sort of hierarchy in these Systems if they're positive or not and I Don't know what whether TM is or isn't And people being able to navigate and Tell the difference between you know the TM is you know selling itself is being Better and than all these other Meditative techniques right you can see It on the website they're selling it Right this is the only system that has These benefits you won't find this in Other meditation systems and that's an Out andout lie because sash Mark has Those things better in a better way in a Free way you know it's free um but you Know and they're not going to leave that Thing uh you know even though they're You know that it's not as as good as s Mar these hippies that are in the Audience maybe a few of them might try You know heartfulness for a little bit But DOI isn't impressive enough he's Going about this the wrong way you know

He's pissed off all the people who love Sa Mar and many of us you know have left It all together other people have lost Faith in him he's trying to bring in new Lower level people through uh you know Marrying the system with religion and Some of these other things and dumbing It down and bringing in PR Y and other Things that weren't supposed to be done You all the things I've talked about These videos and then trying to peel People off and incorporate these other Organizations but they're never going to Be able to be you know this thing will Fade away like he does this thing and Then it's it'll go away and it will fail Because they always fail because dodg is A failure his transmission isn't there He's cut himself off from the source and And he's you know disrespected chargie And his transmission isn't good you know The cleaning whatever he's lost his way But even if he hadn't this wouldn't work That way either right I mean I don't Know you know there is one way which I've said before which is you have People who are influencers who do sa Mar Go out and talk about it and then people You know hear about it and eventually People who can do it will find find it You know make it more available to People so that people can find it and See how many people that is but you know It's it's dying right now because dodgy

Sucks and he's going about this all the Wrong way I gotta wrap this up but you Know you can see what's going on here Anyways I'll continue on tomorrow Whatever I just had one thing to add um To what you know I just rewatched this I Was listening in the background was Pretty clean so I didn't have to do much Editing and things um but I had to kind Of relisten to it again and a few Takeaways I think dodgy you know when When people are really incompetent you Know like Michael Scott on the office Somebody is like out of their depth and They're you know they're not able to Function in the position that they have They're really bad at their job and They're insecure about it they will just Make up a fantasy world and they will You know think things up and they will Um you know create Scenarios to defend their incompetence Right and I think dodg believes he's Given a raw deal by the system he's Trying to sell like that's one part of It right and you know he's maybe Thinking wow if I was the guru of Transcendental Meditation and maybe he Doesn't like the audience he's drawn to Him or the audience he's left with Because they're prejudiced against him Because you know they're Brahman or they Like charie more or you know whatever it Is and so he thinks he's got a raw deal

And he thinks that if he had these other People he would be able to perform Better like that's kind of self-evident But the opposite of that is also true And he wants to take Baba's epic Teachings and unique teachings when this Is what he's done with the spiritual Anatomy book and even some of chargy Stuff not so much of his because he has A dislike for him but he still you know He still brings these things back up he Wants to take these things and make them His own and repurpose them and that's Something he's done for a while it's More evident now that he's presenting These things like his Discovery and Every once in a while he says you know My Guru you said and my this that you Know just cuz he asked to have a guru But mostly he wants to take credit for These brilliant discoveries and I don't Know how well he knows them Experientially and if he did it was in The past like he's it's a memory and not Something that he's doing now or a part Of the yatra stuff and the rest of it And it's kind of clear all that's the Case right so here's a guy who's really Insecure and failing he's coming up with These psychological strategies to make It you know that it's not his fault or Whatever else anyways I'm going to wrap This up and um I'll wrap the whole video Up probably tomorrow with a quick voice

Over greetings brothers and sisters so I Want to get this one uh out um you know The journey series is um has been a lot Different uh Lately the last you know couple years It's changed I don't know how long I've Been even doing it but you know it's um The whole stuff with the collapse of Heartfulness is you know is something I Could cover in my regular videos um but It's you know part of the junior curney Series so I've just kept it here but It's become Timely and you know just Bas basically For my Members who are members of the channel Because you know they're the ones that Get to see it first because I'm You know I'm for Journey series deep or Something and um you know I release them When I have um you know a day I want to Do less or I'm working on a longer video Or something and you know I can release A journey series video cuz there end up Being you know 3 4 hours now and I'm Actually a day ahead in my video making Like I've I've gotten a couple of times Recently I've had a period of like a Couple weeks or a month that I'm a ahead And it's been good because sometimes They'll yellow or demonetize the video At First and it gives them a chance to you Know if I'm a day ahead that I can have

Them review the video which now takes About a day it was taking longer but They were yelling a lot of yellowing a Lot of my videos on the Apocalypse Now Channel but then um like they've Yellowed a couple on this channel Because of the alien Miami store aliens In Miami which is a weird thing right Um so but with me being ahead of Schedule and being able to put up a Video every other day on these two Channels and you know the way it's been Going and it's winter and like really Not I mean it's really going to be cold This coming week it's going to be below Zero um and like one day it only gets up To like 5 degrees as the high or Something like that crazy cold you know We have these periods of time and Usually January it's just Gray like There's just gray here for about uh Three months like just it's every day It's kind of cloudy in some way or Another we don't see the Sun and uh you Know that's what makes Winter tough Light deprivation all those things but Anyways um so it's hard for me to Release a journey series video on my Normal Channel but at least in terms of Being timely for those people who are Members because you know something Happens in the in the heartfulness Debacle and you know and we're all kind Of tied to it in a way because you know

Until there's some Resolution it's you know there's Something you know that's missing in the In the system like the resolution is That you know there's a a level of um Certainty now that DOI isn't going to Get Better and you know seeing these um you Know him trying to merge with these Other Groups and you know they're Just they're different things right you You would be like trying to merge all The religions in the world the religions All say they believe in God but there Are differences and there are reasons Why each religion thinks they're the Only one the best one and you know Religions are are known for that and With something like TM it's a business Right it's a you know it's a celebrity Based you know western-based American European-based System and it caters To these you know new aged Progressive Types of people who have been uh like a A Nightmare in Saar and you know the Indians are very conservative the RSS You know the pro- Hindu group is very Conservative the Indians are naturally Very conservative especially ones who Are into God and you know not like the Way that Americans are necessarily but

There are some similarities and then the And the Europeans and Americans that do The system are very liberal right see What happened was with the Beatles in Transcendental Meditation there was this movement to India as spirituality for Spirituality but when the hippies got Here from Europe and America they found even you know these Were people who were leaving their Christian beliefs and then when they got To India they found that it was even More uh conservative right where women Were in a much more what they would Consider oppressive Situation many of them wearing sort of Head coverings and you know there was Just a lot of Conservative uh religious beliefs and With terms of you know just the approach To life and uh and they didn't like that Right because they were trying to break Free from that and they were breaking Free from it in the Christian religion And so you had people who took the the You know the uh Indian teachings which Were you know the Indian religious Teachings the Hindu teachings are Superior and more uh intellectually Satisfying than the Christian teachings And a lot of the you know in in the Indian and some of the you know Western Uh I'm sorry Eastern uh religions they

Talk about God in a way that's um Internalized right which is just more Sophisticated than Christianity so so These new age people many of them were Educated many of them were looking for Something you know they didn't they Weren't losing their belief in God but They were Um you know they wanted something more That was not so remedial or Whatever and oppressive so there were Groups of People uh these gurus that were formed These their gurus came over and there's Groups formed in America and Europe that Were you know a modernized westernized Version of Indian teachings and that's The New Age movement they've taken Ancient teachings from these different Cultures India being the Centerpiece and they've appropriated Them to fit a western audience right They've warped them for very liberal Hollywood kind of Based uh Easter Western audience America And Europe and that's what te t m is and So TM does not align at all with Sark it Just doesn't and you guys can see it and Dodgy is just so desperate but you know His the people that follow him you know But the failure has just been there so Much with him and losing the core people Losing the people who are kind of Cornerstones of the Sark system which he

Has for the most part he's lost those People and They might still be practicing but They're not into it the enthusiasm is Way down the money isn't pouring in and He has what's been like they haven't Done anything you know they built an Asham they were not building any new Ashs as far as I know there's no money For it and he has this one big Centerpiece and he you know he um you Know when chargie died there were all These people that come to be around him And he had built the ly Memorial morial Mega school so people could bring their Kids so people from Russia and you know Romania like places like that just all These other places all over Europe and America came to um the you know came to The the asham there and their kids went To the theology Memorial omga School and So there kids from all over the world And all these people were there because Charie couldn't travel anymore and they Were you know there in the in the asham Around the asham and all these flats and Things and they built these tech centers There like when chargie bought the land When I went there in 199 uh uh five I guess it was um it was Very rural R land for you know being on You know sort of the outskirts of a city Of 26 million people it was um like There was nothing there maybe a few

Stores few Rick Shaws you know and the Ashan was there so there was some Business being generated because there Are some Western people there and they Were having some big gatherings right But the problem was the asham by the Time they got it built the Mission had Already Outgrown the meditation Hall that had You know that could seed 5,000 people With people on the outside Decks but you know it's not um that way They were getting that on Sunday satson And so now at Gatherings they were Having 30 40,000 people one Gathering They had 880,000 people at charges you Know 80th birthday or something like That you know one of his 75th birthday Or something they had a record number of People so they had to rent land anyway And have these big gatherings but the Asom was 20 acres and it could house you Know a number of people for regular you Know day-to-day people coming in some From Europe some from you know America And different places around the world You know the aasis that would come in And it was you know a beautiful place They made into these botanical gardens But when it was first purchased there Was nothing in the surrounding in area Then a couple of big giant tech centers You know call centers big you know Modernized buildings you'd see in an

American or European city went up and This one place was like a like a mega Area they had food inside like a pizza They had a dominoes like inside these Buildings these people maybe were maybe Employed like 10,000 20,000 people there Like number of buildings and so these Corporate centers started to go up in That area in Manakum and everyone you know sort of Mocked charg you for buying this land But it became you know uh High real Estate high-end Land and um you know eventually the the Floods were happening because it was an Area that flood it's like a a low area Which is you was problematic but even With that it grew and then the property Values went up and all these nice sort Of suburban neighborhoods came into play And so by the time Char you passed pass Away you know those last couple years There were so many people living around That area and there were people like There were American uh teachers at the School and there were doctors and people That came into to work at the clinic you Know that volunteer CL they were all These people that were you know being a Part of this Community and you know dodgy had the Power when he first was made Master and you know all these people Came to be around charging and then as

Charie was you know like is passed away Within a year everybody was being kicked Out of India the things were happening That they had to go back to their Countries and it was clear that dodgy Wanted that like he talked about we Don't want a situation where you said That everyone is is you know balled up In one city in India people need to go Out and bring this to their local Communities and there was a you know an Naias who was from Kerala you know India Carala which doesn't have a lot of Avasis there he was a preceptor nice guy He was living in California and he asked A you know this is back when they were Asking for mission where to go and what To do with Chari you know like this was You know for the Indians that's what They would do westerners not so much and They asked um you know he asked dodgy if He could moveed back to carollyn the guy Said no you stay in California we need To have this you know all over the world But now dod's done the opposite thing he Wants everybody to sort of group around Kanor because they don't have anything There they don't have the kind of Enthusiasm like chargie would have 5,000 People every Sunday 3 to 5,000 people I Mean even if chargie wasn't giving the Sitting it was 3,000 people if he did it Was 5,000 and so you know cuz he got to

Where he couldn't give sat on on Sunday but you know doy can't even Muster up like a thousand people there It's an area that isn't been able have Growth and you know the local people Aren't into it and you know the brahin Were you know there's brahans around Charie and and so he's got this huge Ash And he can't fill it and so he's looking For any kind of way to do that and you Know he's I'm sure lost so many people's Uh respect in their you know for the way He treat of chargie and you know it's It's kind of obvious that at least Enthusiasm is down and he isn't viewed The same way and people aren't Passionate about going there from Europe And America and you know around the World and so you know he's trying to Figure out a way to bring in a Replacement group of people and he Figures you know merging with these Groups will do that and once they feel The transmission and the you know the Efficacy of the system they'll you know They'll come to it but they are not Because the transmission is not there And he's you know you you win people Over by serving them through or serving God and serving them through God right By serving God and being humble and Doing the work and he's giving these Short sittings and you know the sittings Aren't very good the transmission has

Been compromised in some way right um But like it's just a an exercise in you Know what happens when someone's ego Gets in the way and you know the fall of Somebody who was you know had potential To be a spiritual Master but you know There's no natural flow to it you know Having people go out in rural Uh you know Northern India with speakers And a microphone and drive their cars Out they're from some other region in India where you might as well be a Foreigner it's like someone coming from New York City to Alabama and putting a Speaker on top of their car and a Microphone and preaching about some you Know different form of Christianity that the people in Alabama Aren't open to you know there's Prejudice there right there's you know These people have different you know Cultures and things and so it's Basically like being foreigners coming To a rural Area and try to win these people over It's not natural right like there's a Natural flow to things it's like a viral Video or something that happens and There's just you know an influx of new People or something you know some you Know they tried all these different ways Of of making the mission you know Through these manipula manipulative uh You know uh trying to game the Amazon

System and all that with the books and You know trying to make bestsellers so They can call him a bestselling author And you know create a resume that he Doesn't deserve he's not a bestselling Author his books suck his books aren't As good as the you know books of the Previous Masters and those books were Never going to be bests sellers there's No book in sjar that should be a Bestseller because they're above the the Normal people's heads you know the books Are good for people who do the system They're the best books in the world for For us that meditate like these books Have had a profound effect on me but They have to be you know there has to be A level of spiritual maturity and a Level of um you know connection to the Practice for the books to work right and It's hasn't happened you know for so Many people so the books are never going To reach you know the books aren't going To bring people in like that's a mistake To think you're going to write a great Book and it's going to be on Amazon is Going to be your bestseller and you're Going to get to go on Oprah and you're Going to you know reach all these people That's not going to happen that was just Some kind of a you know like some uh you Know pipe dream that's why he's um you Know he tried to cultivate a Relationship with deepo Chopra you know

Deepok Chopra went on India went on Oprah and you know had this um you know Whatever it was the book that kind of Went you know he became somebody Michael Jackson went to see him and he became a You know whatever was but if you look he Does ayurvedic medicine ancient Ayurvedic medicine again warping it for An American Western Audience and I'm looking at his um Twitter page you know his X page and he Has like the latest um you know the Latest well post post from 23 hours ago Has five comments 10 retweets and 24 Hearts the post below it has two Comments four retweets and six hearts Right there's one with one comment one Retweet and five Hearts so he has nobody There right like I don't even go on Twitter I think I get you know more than That right then he has uh post on instag His second newest post because the new One takes a while to go this one has um It has well this has nothing it's uh Just go post I'm going to do one a Little bit older he has one that has 442 likes and he's pushing this book out Called Quantum body which I believe is His book but who knows like he might be Shilling like he did for dodgy but That's why he you know was willing to Work with dodgy he doesn't have an Audience anymore you know he's got three Million followers on Twitter and he's

Getting no love over there right I mean He has all this um there's another one Here it's got 518 likes So you know I don't know how many views On on Instago and so this is a you know World-renowned figure but he doesn't Have any you know anything going on here Then he has um his Facebook page he has 49 likes I mean you know this is people That I'm friends with just normal people Get more likes than that that people Post regular 53 Likes and 178 likes so you know he's not A global figure he's not which the he's Not the you know the person that people Think he is right and he's got a you Know website and these things and so you Know he's making a living and people Know his name but he's not some social Media Phenomenon and dodgy trying to get his Endorsement you know I'm sure the guy's Giv his endorsement all over the place Because he wants access to more people Like heartfulness audience for example And they're all doing this right they're All trying to compete on social media And it's not working and dodgy wants to Be the guy and the guy isn't the guy he Thinks he is right like he doesn't have A you know you millions of views right Someone comes out and posts something And gets millions of views that doesn't

Happen for these Guru types they don't Have that following and they're gaming Their statistics and you know it doesn't Look like de choer is doing that but we Know they're doing that in Heartfulness and so you know there's no Naturalness to what dody's doing doing It's contrived it's manipulative and It's trying to create something he's not A best-selling author he doesn't write Good books he's not charismatic he he's Not going to bring people in he's not Going to pop on social media people Aren't going to listen to him and want To do sjar do heartfulness or whatever Right and so you know he's a failure Because he's trying to be something he's Not the best thing they could have done You know I'm giving them gold here I Mean you know they don't like me and They don't listen to me but I'm the only One with any Common Sense here and That's associated with this organization I see what you know I mean the stuff I'm Saying everyone could say yeah that's You know that's true like they're you Know they're manipulating they're Forcing preceptors to buy books so they Can make it look like it's a Best-selling book that's a lie when They're buying views and they're you Know pushing these videos out and They're doing things like brighter minds And trying to join with these

Organizations and they all they fail Time and time again they go out to the Middle of a you know these villages with Microphones and a a speaker and try to Proze you know like some you know some Kind of Mormon you knowes religion type Of thing and they come out they say oh We have 12 million New View uh new Followers you know whatever new uh aasis That's not you know that's a lie right Why you know they're lying about Everything if you have to lie and and Bolster the statistics and and claim Things you know do all these bogus un Holidays that no one cares about you Know they're just doing things that are Fake and contrived and of course it's Going no one's willing to say anything Or even look at it right and admit to it And so you know that's the first thing That would have to happen you know be Honest about how bad you suck at your What you're trying to do and how bad You're faking it and it's not natural There's no flow to it and dodgy can't Find the the pathway they just keep on Throwing stuff up against the wall and There's no like you know there's no Theme right like I have themes I have Basic principles of you know the the Divinity within us and the you know the Stuff to do with the apocalypse and the Collapsing civilization and the Transformation of the human race all

These things that I talk about here that Come from Saar and you know the other Aspects of it and then also talking Contrasting that with the failure of Hollywood culture and this you know Illusion of of wealth and fame being Something that's good and you know it's A team and that people come and they Know what they you know there's some Different things that I do and some Things that are you know that are are You know unique to me in this in this Show but I'm consistent about the kind Of you know focus and my content and you Know when I bring things in even new Things it's it it goes with that flow Right where they just make these videos They have different creators making Videos over there you know on you their YouTube channel and they've paid people To make videos and it's all over the Place there's no Rhyme or Reason they Just try different things and you know They never get the the message that you Know you're doing it the wrong way right You become something which is what SAR Is about and you base it on what you've Become not what you you know trying to Make yourself into some kind of brand to Make yourself into something that you're Not right and so you know I've given Them these gems over the years of the Way to do it you know in the sense of Like it's just obvious what they should

Do keeping with the principles and Teachings of Sark system and whatever People you get that's the people you get You know you're not you're not going to Get more people by deviating from the You know the source of the system you Know the Divine source and the and the Uh the the original um uh creation of The you know the dogma and the doctrine And the teachings of the system and Staying true to that right Babaji just Transmitted around the world he didn't Advertise he didn't do anything and People came to him and those people you Know helped build you know this system That now dodgy is like you know taking a Sledgehammer to with his incompetence And his wishful thinking right and they Just keep on you know trying this let's Try that let's try this and you know It's always bad decisions it's always You know because it comes from a wrong Place and you can see it with all this Stuff and you know it just shows you the Ineptitude of human beings because There's a way so I is a marue right Dody Wrote the heartfulness way and then you Know I don't know how I couldn't get Into the book but you know whatever was True about the book is not um you know He's abandoned these principles and you Know he started off with some of good Ideas you know having people try the the Meditation with and without transmission

But the reality is it just doesn't Appeal to people you know as great as Sark is with the transmission and Cleaning you know it's it's not the you Know sort of sexy thing it's not the the Thing that people are looking for when They want to meditate you know people Want to you know get things that help Them for example get a good night's Sleep or make them you know they're not Looking for connection to God they're Not looking for some these things that's What TM is like taking God out of the Equation and made it about meditation Right whatever their beliefs in God are They're you know they're selling it and Marketing as something else you know Something that's um You know modernized and can be done in You know 20 minutes a couple times a day And you have a person to do it with you And you pay for it it's like a service When you pay for it you kind of own it You know it's different than when it's For free all these things and so you Know people do Saar and they don't get It and that's you know the the barometer The you know the the selling point is Feeling the transmission and if you feel It you you might stay and if you don't Feel it I mean I mean my brother didn't Feel it he's one of the few people that You know and I know other people Probably didn't feel it but they're

Doing it because they're relatives Whatever part of a you know a uh you Know that kind of thing but those people Aren't you know really into it they're Not really you know they're just doing It because somebody else is doing it Right and so um you know like that's how It's always been and it wasn't going to Change because dodgy wanted more people And there was you know it was up on Social media so If they had just kept the people that They had and dodgy didn't you know uh Talk badly and throw chargy under the Bus and you know demaster him and all The things that he he's tried to do Because that was a freaking monstrous Mistake and he cut himself off from him So that you know and the whole thing and He's ungrateful and just you know and He's and he pales in Comparison and so um all of that stuff Right you know all that kind of stuff And so um you know if that didn't happen And you know Um the uh he just went about it and was A game manager he wasn't trying to be a Star he wasn't trying to be the focal Point but he just elevated other people And you know he had these people who Were on social media and you know people Like me who were doing you know people Who are influencers and you can feeli an Audience and get the you know get it out

There way and you know then maybe Somebody big picks it up maybe somebody Like Joe Rogan or something like that You know you probably wouldn't happen But something maybe even a smaller level But you have people who were doing this That had a following on social media and They get the word out and people would Start doing it and they tell other People and you know You' gu you know Maybe a million I don't know globally I Don't know would it be right uh but you Know it would it would stick for the People who do it cuz the people get get It and feel a transmission they're way More valuable than ordinary fans like a Taylor Swift fan or or a person goes to A religion people who can feel the Transmission and the cleaning and then They start seeing the benefits and they Read the books and they start getting it Like they're just so much more valuable You know they're worth a million people You know like they're just because They're you know they're really doing it And then they can become preceptors and Be transmitting and you know it changes The whole condition of the world right The energy is getting out there the more Sittings that are being given the more You know the more energy that's out There these you know big gatherings that Are going on globally not just locally In one you know one big over you know

Burdened asham that he can't afford to The upkeep of it but instead he's Bringing people in to contaminate that And trying to get people in all the Wrong ways and the people that you going To get that way if they're coming for Some other reason not the transmission The cleaning then they're not quality People they're you know they're they're Doomed to fail and they're going to You're going to have to appease them and And Pander to them and their beliefs and You can't do that CU these people in America have such different beliefs and The people in India and the people in Africa and the people in Russia and so Then you get into the politics of it and It's a complete failure but if you keep The purity of the system and people will You know will look past their personal Differences because they're all there For one reason and that's to receive This you know Incredible Gift of the Transmission and so you know that's why He's failed right it's so obvious you Know to it should be obvious to Everybody but you know at least Somebody's saying it here and they're Not listening to me and I don't want Them here CU you know it's already it's Already been cooked but the Information's out there for anybody Wants to to find it you know in the System because people should be looking

For it there should be some you know What's going on here kind of attitude What's going on here the guy's fallen And he can't get up he's fallen and he Can't um you know can't extricate Himself from his bad decisions and the Clowns that he's surrounded himself with And this deviant path that he's taken And so you know it's a it's a kind of a You know warning to to everybody and you Know you keep with a system and there's A spiritual discipline here and you Follow the you know the the path that's Been laid out in front of you and the You know understanding the principle and Teachings and there's enough books and Things there that you can understand the Way that you're supposed to behave and The way that you're supposed to approach Life if you follow the system and you do It from the inside out and you allow Your heart to lead you and you develop Your heart in a way that's conducive to The you know that's a that's symbiotic With the system that is congruent with Your soul then you're you know able to Navigate through life and you know and Everything flows in the way that's Supposed to you're just you're in the Flow right and DOD you's just out of the Flow and so are all the people around Him and so that's why this thing sucks So bad anyways I'm going to wrap this One up here only spirituality will save

This world it's parado definitely Important for the Apocalypse in the Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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