Journey 132

Journey 132

Greetings brothers and sisters so um This is the 132nd version of The Journey series um I Just have something briefly I want to Say this morning Um I am going to put a voice over in I Did for my other channel like the whole Video and um you know there'll be a if You've heard it already you know it is You could just Skip by it's like 25 Minutes and there'll be a a picture Shift when it comes back to this image That I have here which I haven't picked Out yet for this uh this video you can Skip through it but I talk about Watching this show 1923 which is you Know um a spin-off of the western series Yellowstone and it features native People's uh you know Native Americans Abuse at the you know hands of the uh Catholic priests and nuns in these Schools where you know they've dug up All these um in Canada they dug up these M M Graves of like hundreds of thousands Of Indian kids Native American kids Being you know killed at these schools And there's a scene you know and I talk About this in the the voice over where This um you know this priest has this uh This you know like Teenage Native American kid that he's you know holding Captive and he's you know trying to talk About how he saving them right and the Guy says you know I've read your book

And you guys are not behaving The way that your book says you know so Um and the guy you know pretty starts to Beat him and things but you know it's True and I was thinking about this in Context with the um you know stuff That's going on with dodgy and the People around them and they clearly Don't believe in the Sark teachings I Covered this at the end of my last video They don't believe what Bob is saying About the central region these other Points because if they did if DOI you Know I just republished uh babaji's book Towards Infinity which is about the Yatra the soul but if he truly believed In it he wouldn't be doing any of the Things he's doing he wouldn't be going And trying to form Partnerships with Other people and other groups because Those other people in those groups are Inferior to the Saar method they don't Deliver the same type of uh you know It's Unique the pranoti and the other Aspects of it but then there's all the Other things that he's doing the mind Scam you know dissing charie all the Things he's done and going away from the Teachings bringing in you know different Forms of yoga ha yoga doing all these Other activities and things which won't Yield any results spiritually because They don't have transmission and Cleaning right so they don't believe in

Sa mark because they're going against The primary teachings the primary Essence of the thing it's not hard to Understand anybody who reads the Literature understands the Simplicity of The system And you know all of it right all the Whole you know philosophy the whole way You go about living your life the whole Way you're connect to God through the System all of it the constant Remembrance the the meditation the Transmission the cleaning the all you Know the aspects of the practice and the Philosophy and orientation of the system That's been laid down by babagi and Explained by charie he's deviated from All of that and it's you know it's Obvious to anybody who knows the Literature but it's not just just dodgy Is the people around him but also you Know fraudi it's really you it's it's a Fraud that's why I call him fraudi but The people around him and dodgy you Don't really believe in God either Because they you know you know I had This interaction was talking about the UN to him you know to these guys and the Guy said you know said you know whatever He said about me being idealistic you Can't be Idealistic and that's the only reason You know if you're a believer in God you Have to be

Idealistic he said we don't need to miss This opportunity because of you know Idealism you know and all of it um but If you are a believer in God then you You know it's what chargie said uh you Know belief is the ability to believe in What's possible faith is the believe Ability to believe in what's impossible But n of these people have faith in the Sjar system or faith in God and these Are the people that always wreck Religions they find their way into Religion they don't believe in God they Might say they do they may kind of think They do but they don't and then they Wreck the religion because they don't Believe in it they don't believe the Essence of it and they they find some Way to turn into some materialistic Thing and you can see it in the videos You can see it in everything that They're doing they don't have any faith Or belief in God that starts with dodgy Because if you did have I mean there's Lots of ways to tell like this is just One of the many ways to tell they don't Believe in God in the system you know Bobaji says over and over and Whispers That everything's accounted for and There's this idea of some scaras that's The centerpiece of the system and they Are knowingly doing wrong things whether It be the brighter mind scam and lying About it and using you know manipulation

And you know oh I'm the guru you know Kind of uh this you know status whatever It is you'll just obey you know the way That they've gone about when people Question the brighter mind scam for Example and they know it's a scam they Know they know it's a scam right I mean They you know everybody goes you know It's goofy kids can't smell colors you Know it's just it doesn't work it's Something that you know it wasn't Invented by dodgy it was a scam that was Already fleshed out by that you know Rationalist Society guy naranda or Whatever his name is it it was already Fleshed out when the guy offered to give Them 500,000 rupees or whatever if he They could prove that they're doing the Scam and just come to his lap and let Him test the kids they didn't do it they They didn't take them up in the offer Cuz they know it's a scam and so when You understand that right that they Don't believe in God then all of this Stuff makes sense like it's why are they Here then like why do you find your way Into something like this if you're not a Nonbeliever like this is they don't Believe in their religion they don't Believe in the SJ Mark stuff and they're Just making a business like these are Businessmen who make businesses but they Suck at it because you you know they Don't understand what uh compels people

To do it they don't understand Faith-based people because they're not Faith-based people themselves so they're Not able to reach it to you know reach Out to them and connect with them Through their content and you know all Of it you know what makes something Successful right like what makes Religious um religion successful what Appeals to people what is it that They're looking for and they need from a Religion or from a you know I mean Certainly from a spiritual organization It's just a real thing but a religion You have to sell people you have to Understand faith-based people and they Just they don't they don't understand You know why people are searching for God and what appeals to them about it so They just try all these things and it Doesn't work and they don't understand Why and mostly they're just trying to Copy other people and copy some sort of Business model that doesn't work and Because they're doing it from a a place Of uh you know depravity a lack of faith But these guys hung around charged and You know dodgy particularly all these People but dodgy because he's the the Main guy and they got nothing from it I Mean he transmitted to him constantly it Was all this stuff that was there I mean They sit around the cottage there's a Master's Cottage and they just come

Traveling you know may even worked in America you know they lived in America And they they'd come in or people who Were you know in his in her Circle and It seemed like chargie was keeping these Guys at you know from doing damage to The system or whatever but they you know Donated money and they did whatever work They were doing and they come in they'd Be with charie they didn't feel the Energy like why are they sitting around You know these are guys who um you know Were big businessmen important people in Their own situations many of them right In their lives and they go in the Cottage and they'd sit in master Char's Room or sit in around the cottage you Know was a you know a pretty you know Big house but not huge and there'd be 20 30 you know 40 people in there And they're just sitting around waiting For charie to tell him to do something Or whatever and why are they're doing That if they don't believe in him like It's just they're believe in God or Believe in the system they would just Well you know go days upon days they Just stay there you know they wouldn't Go out in the Yosh they wouldn't do the Other things and then you know they Didn't do the meditation they didn't do The practice they just wanted to be with Chargie and they could you know maybe Feel the energy that he had or whatever

It was but they you know really didn't Believe in it as soon as he he passed Away they just you know destroyed all This stuff like all the stuff like he Was working on you know this is his Life's work and they were supposedly Devotees and lovers of the master right And they couldn't wait to you know to to Sort of bastardize all this work and Erase him and bajy from the system and Come up with some crappy stuff for what Like money you already have money like What is it like power like you know you Don't have power cuz no one believes in You like no one's like you know you Don't have Dody does doesn't have Followers like he doesn't have you know People love him and you know they don't Respond him and respect him and things They're not into him they're not fans he Doesn't even have fans nobody watches His crappy videos and all the stuff he Says and nobody hangs on his every word And they don't understand what you know Drove people to charie and and baby Andy What was the appeal there was the Attraction to religious people spiritual People that you know believed in God and Felt in you know craving to connect to God like they're missing something They're missing something that you know And I don't understand it cuz some of These guys seem like they were you know Good preceptors and they're into these

Things but I don't even think they're Giving sittings anymore I don't know What their lives are about what they're Doing but you know you see it with these Catholic priests and all these people And they run their Evil games like they Want to torture kids they want to abuse Kids and this is what happens in Religions and you get the worst evil Kind of people and then they can hide Behind the cloth they can hide behind The you know the the being a clergy Behind the the religion and God and say We're doing God's work and you know We're so lucky that you know we're we're We taking away your savagery to these Native peoples and you know we're giving You God right this is how they went Around the world and with these forced Um missionaries they forcing the Christ On them right and you know all these Things and you know the Sark systems at The heartfulness is at the you know Beginning cusp of that right taking Something that it could appeal to people The transmission the cleaning and the The essence of the teachings and turning Into something that's you know an Abusive weapon to extract wealth and Power and obedience from people and if You believed in God you would never do That right if you believed in Jesus you Would have never done that if you Believed in Buddha or Krishna or any of

These you know if you believed in any Aspect of these things you wouldn't take It and manipulate it like you know what You're doing you know you know brighter Minds is a scam and then just to to keep On forcing it on people and you know Play this like weird game it's so Twisted right so messed up anyways um so There's that and I had this um you know This video I made that goes along with This um sentiment and you know I'm Talking about Jesus and you know the Christian people who are um you know I've been talking about the Christian Religion a little bit more because of The the you know what's happened with Dodgy it's freed me up to do that Because of my you know own ability to to Face the truth right you have all these People who can't face the truth about The fact that their religion has become Corrupt you know and we those of us who Are doing sa Mar Andy and what dody's Done with heartfulness and have been Able to you know accept the painful Truth of it you know we have the ability Now to to say this to other people so Here's the the video and when turns to The other image the image I have here That means it's over if you've already Heard it and then I'll continue on Whenever so I wanted to say more Yesterday you know someone had wrote a Comment saying I hate Jesus because of

The things I said about the narrative That has been created by the Christian Tradition that is incorrect right and I Made the point you know at the end of my Uh last video that was about uh Chris Cuomo's uh laughs you know he laughed at This Girl who was doing um you know her Whatever it might be um and uh you know This Hunter Biden interview and things Like this it was a video from uh so I Released it this morning Sunday December 17th and I'll release this one tomorrow On Monday but I you know kind of um Didn't have enough energy to say all the Things I wanted to say to do with that Idea of um you know the people who are Real the the real Christ haters Are the ones who have done things in his Name and perpetrated a fraud and made Claims about him that aren't true to Create a powerful religious Structure and this is well you know as You can see this um in a very uh you Know narrative type Situation in the um the Yellowstone Prequel 1923 there are these two Yellowstone own prequels my wife and I Watching this I guess the second of the Two and it takes place in 1923 in Montana and also and Africa and there's These various narratives of the Characters that um are the ancestors of The main characters in the in the

Yellowstone Show and it Documents this abuse of a native girl in A Catholic uh School and we know about These schools these Catholic and Christian School schools you know you Can look up uh these Mass Graves where Hundreds of thousands of Indian children Native children were found in these These places in Canada and other places These Christian schools that just Murdered these kids and it's pretty Graphic it's kind of hard to watch and You know this stuff actually happened And there's a Catholic nun who's Irish And there was a time where the Irish Were beaten by the British priests Or the you know whatever it was like the The uh the British rulers when they were In these schools for talking in gaic you Know the the Irish native tongue and They were not allowed to talk in that Tongue and when they did they were Beaten senselessly you can read about That it's you know Historic and you know they their tongue Was considered that of like Savages and Lower people and there wasn't the Divine British spe that was part of the Catholic tradition Christian Tradition and you know this happened and Now you had this Irish nun doing the Same thing to this native girl when she Spoke in her own language and and they

Were considered Savages and these priests are pretty Brutal and like it's one of the worst Kind of aspects of the show but there's Another aspect of the show where the um Harrison Ford character and you know the The people who are there are the main Characters are Harrison Ford and Helen Mirin and Harrison Ford at the dinner Table tells his nephew a very truther Like scenario a truther like um Soliloquy or you know whatever is you Know uh like a monog and he talks about How under 500 people that you know you'd Have a tribal family situation there Need there's no need for a Government and people are um you know Like there's this whatever it's been Documented right back then even and that Um you know when people are below that Number of people they can get along in a Tribal situation A you know Village Based family situation things I talk About here and then when it goes above 500 the strong take advantage of the Weak and enslave them and subjugate them And then there's a need for a government To stop that from happening and then Inevitably people take control of the Government and then use it as a weapon To abuse people you know it's a very Truther likee you know moment in the Show um talking about something we all Kind of know and so it has a truth or

Orientation the show and it's Interesting because it you know even in The the regular Yellowstone it's there But this is more um you know it's it's More part of the the storyline but in That story line these na if peoples are Being abused you know horrifically by These religious people and you know Spoiler alert I'm not you know getting Into too much of the plot line because You kind of um you kind of know what's Going to happen because it's a prequel And this you know girl is a an ancest of Um this native girl that marries one of The duttons in the Yellowstone you know In the in in the present um you know the Yellowstone series and so this native Girl escapes and she's helped by this One you know native Elder in her tribe And uh her son is uh his son I'm sorry Is um eventually uh is confronted by Three priests and they beat him and They're going to put him in one of their Schools right they're just taking these Kids and putting them in these schools To be indoctrinated with the guys under The guys that they're being saved you Know these priests are and these nuns Are beating these kids and saying we're Just you know beating the Savage out of You and we're We're saving you from Eternal damnation Because that was the thought right and There's a point where the kid is sitting

With one of the priests and the priest Is telling them how he's saving them and The kid says you know I've read your Book I've been in your schools I read Your Bible and you're violating your bi Biblical Principles to do what you're doing here So you don't really believe in your God Your God isn't Real uh because you know you don't have Faith in the book right and the guy you Know tries to you know beat him to death Right he's stopped and all these things But the priest does and you know this is What I was saying in my voice over Yesterday because this has all been well Documented the abuse of black people in Africa native peoples in America the you Know surrounding countries and European Countries and the you know what do they Called the um pagans the people who Didn't believe in this I me you could See this with It's documented in these shows about Vikings how there was you know there was A I think it's called the Vikings on Netflix and you know there was Christian Vikings and there was whatever you know They weren't pagans but they were they They had this other uh religious belief And more tribal stuff and the Christians Eventually overwhelmed the you know Christianity overwhelmed the other People and it was very brutal and

Violent of course there was The Crusades and all across the world what Happened in China and what happened in India and all these things the ways that Christians went to these countries under The guise that they were saving the People and they abused those people Right in all kinds of different ways uh Whether it be physical abuse sexual Abuse you know all the ways that they I Mean there's a a scene in this show Where this nun is you know abusing the Girl sexually like all these things Right all the ways that this was Perpetrated these crimes and then taking Their resources and then Um you know ethnically cleansing them of Their Heritage and their you know their Spiritual beliefs and these other types Of things right and it's all Bs it's all You know bull Boop because Jesus isn't The only way to get to Kevin in fact Heaven doesn't exist the way it's Described in the Christian tradition Jesus has been lied about and all these Crimes that have been perpetrated in his Name all these abuses that have been Perpetrated in the the idea of Christ And these people don't don't love Christ They hate Christ they hate what he was Really about they wouldn't recognize him Because it wasn't a white guy he wasn't Somebody they would especially back then That they would look at you know they

Look at him as some sort of savage some Sort of lesser than person a person of You know darker skinned person whatever It might be certainly not a European Person right and they don't love Christ For who Christ is and Christ is Christ's Essence and his teachings and all the Things that he brought to the people of That you know in that area they don't Love them they don't like them they Don't know him they've made up their own You know version of Jesus where they get To use Jesus as a a weapon to perpetrate Crimes and steal and abuse other people And the guys that they're saving those People in some sort of gaslighting evil Type way and for all these Christians Who listen to this show or you know who Are out there in the world and whatever And have benefited or feel good about The Christian faith and you know they've Read the Bible and they're connected and Things like this that's great but you Got to understand what the history is Here and that that is a lie John 3:16 And all this stuff is a lie you know you Know it's talking about these uh there Was a meme I showed you that where there Was a and I've showed it here where it Says something about you know what what Buddha said or what confucious said and Jesus was the only one who said that he Was the only way to get to heaven which Is i i i me me me and that's you know

And whatever he helped by saying those Things whatever way that his words were Misinterpreted he you know he was Somewhat responsible himself for a Little bit of uh egotism and narcissism Because there's no I in we only God does Right only God Saves you can be a Conduit God can flow through you God can You know pass through you but there's no Me or I there's no me me me I I I you Know I can do this I can do that only Through me can you be saved there's none Of that you can never say that as a Spiritual person you know you're you're Working for God you're you know you're Serving as at the pleasure of the President right you're serving at God's Pleasure and God uses you and you allow God to you know use you as an instrument For his Divine work or whatever it might Be and your ability to remove your ego And Remove Your Personal Agenda or Whatever might be is you know what level You get to in your ability to be a Conduit and let Divinity to FL throw Flow through you right and there's no Oppressing people there's no forcing Them there's no Force One of the great Things about the Sark system the Meditation that I do is there's supposed To be no Force right the forceless force You know and I didn't speak about these Things about Christianity you know I Hinted at it I've known this for a long

Time about you know Christianity and you Know some of it came through the Comments that I got about John 3:16 and Interesting enough interesting enough my You know my mom was a devout Catholic And she um you know really was one of Those practitioners that really was into It she felt the energy there she went to These charismatic prayer meetings we had These prayer meetings at her house like She went above and beyond and you know I Gave the example in the you know the the Video I talked about you know laughing In church that time when I was like a Little old kid and you know had I have This thing where I you know I crack up You know with um when I'm not supposed To it's a whole you know thing this it Was in reference to Chris Cuomo's Laughing at this girl with um Tourette Syndrome but my mom was a real spiritual Seeker she felt God's energy and love And you know I inherited that I guess on A biological level at least whatever I Can feel in in terms of the transmission And she took sitting she went to these Women these Haitian women who are you Know really nice sweet women in batan Florida and she came to a gathering and Met m chargie and she really resonated With the energy and you know she was Always going to be a Catholic and she You know eventually um stopped going to Group meditation because she was you

Know going to church and things but she Really loved the energy and it you know Was a I mean she got more from SJ Mar I Could see like from my you know my you Know understanding of it and you know What she experienced than she ever got From the Catholic church but there was a Time where we were in Canada and there Was native peoples like dressed in like Native you know these you know these Indian type native uh you know Canadian People or whatever it was and she looked At him and said I don't believe that These people are going to hell you know And I was like what are you talking About I was like 13 you know 14 whatever It was you know I was a teenager I'm Like what are you talking about and She's like you know I I don't think These people how could you ever say These people are going to hell and her Perspective as you know a Christian a Catholic Practitioner was that she looked at These people and couldn't say that they Were Savages going to hell and they need To be saved and I didn't know what she Was talking about till I got all these Comments of people telling me over and Over again how what I was doing was Going to make me go to hell and things Like this right and then I realized how Effed up you guys are that you believe That like you know it's a stupid thing

To believe there's not once either Everybody's a child of God or nobody is Either there's a there's a you know I'm Ient God that's everything and Everywhere and that we're all connected To God and we have a soul and it's it's Taught that we have a soul you know the Native peoples believed in spirit right Like I talked about how the Indian you Know the Indian Indian people in India There was a discovery of the Soul uh you Know 180,000 years ago the consciousness Of the soul and you know native peoples That I don't know if it was connected to India because there's a land bridge that Was crossed and you know the native People in America and these average People in Australian these other other Places but they you know understood they Had a word of it word for it called Spirit and I don't know if they had the Innate knowledge or it came from you Know this ancient you know Discovery or What it was right but you know people All over the world understand that There's a soul and when there's a soul It is connected to God and it has a you Know an unbreakable connection to Divinity and it can get lost in a sense It can you know your physical body it Can you know get diminished but it's There it's your Sovereign spirit and It's the Divinity that's within all of Us it's the real what we are really it's

You know our real Essence it's not you Know the physical body sure it's uh you Know it's tangible and the senses and You know it seems so physically real and It's solid and all these things but it's Not our true Essence just like you know I give the example of an avatar in a Video game like we're in a simulation And our soul is animating our bodies and You know cultures all around the world That knew about this thing right knew About the soul and everyone has one and There's no religion there's no person That you know it's a it's a ridiculous Idea that a person one person could live And he would be the only chance you had In heaven and it's Self-serving of course they would want To say that because they want to Manipulate you into doing their religion And it's kept you from it's kept Christians from learning about other Traditions other teachings that are you Know better than what's in their Bible Better that's better than what's in your Bible and it's also Prejudice you Against other religions and other people It's a horrific thing it's a bad belief It's it had negative effects and then When you look at it and understand it From that perspective all the crimes Against these peoples all across the Globe on you know with that were done in Jesus's name are atrocities I mean

They're they're Horrors you know like They're things done out of a horror Movie and I knew about some of this but Then just interacting with Christian People a certain type of Christian People it's not all Christian people the You know the more you know violent ones The more uh remedial ones who leave Comments you know remedial comments About this and and believe everyone's Going to hell you know these people um You know and I haven't said it like this Um I've been talking about in the last Year or so uh in a different way and the Reason is because the same thing is Happening in the heartfulness Organization that I belong to the you Know the Criminalization and the abuse and the Force and the power that's entered into Heartfulness you know where it's Starting Slowly where they're getting into bogus Things like the brighter Minds you know If you guys will listen to my other Stuff but you know I've seen it like you Know making something into a religion And using the teachings as a weapon Against the people Dody just was Addressing you know Dody the defunct President of heartfulness you know this Boob this you know uh you complete fool I mean he's really bad at it but he was Defending his actions based in

Misinterpreting Bob's teachings and Making it into something where forces D Being used and you know emotional Blackmail and all these things and it's Not like it is you know they're not Doing this missionary thing and the you Know the stuff that was done Christianity but the beginning of that And because I've been able to see it and Even though I had experiences with this Guy DOI being a a legitimate spiritual Person who's you know who um you know I Benefited from some of my interactions With him you know I've admitted that He's fallen to myself and I you know Even though it was painful for me to go Through and once I was able to do that You know admit to the painful truth About the you know the corruption of the System which which is you know it's a Hard thing to watch and you know was Warned against and there's still a Chance for it and you know I and split From it and you know I try to keep the You know working to keep the the essence Of it alive through the gratefulness Meditation stuff that I'm doing you know That many of us are doing here but Because I've been able to do that with My thing then it's you Know okay for me to say you know to Expect others to be able to do that with Their thing right you understand that You know that's why the reasons I'm

Talking about this differently now Because and it's more painful for me you Know because it's more real for me Because I'm experiencing something going From a spiritual organization spiritual Movement not organization to a corrupt Religious organization it's painful and People went through this when they were Christians early Christians who knew Jesus and when Jesus was around he you Know um he had a message in essence and It was there after he died you know more More uh you know it was more there after He died and it slowly dissipated and Turned into a abusive religion that uses Used Jesus's teachings as a weapon to Perpetrate their you know their horrific Crimes on other people globally and That's what Christianity became and it's The you know the most popular religion And it you know it's it's a nightmare Like what they've done and it's they've Lost their way and you know Jesus isn't Happy with it you know how could how Could he be the way that they've Corrupted his teachings and used his Name and his you know his his gift and His contribution to humanity as a weapon To exploit and enslave and abuse other People and the land and everything else Manifest Destiny and you know all of it The Queen of England the king of England The you know the Royals who claim to be The God's representative on Earth

Through the their you know religion that They formed and it's all you know Abusive uh low-level stuff it's the Problem and not the solution it's the Center of the problem and there's lots Of problems with humanity and this one Is the centerpiece of it and you know Again I've been able to admit to the Failings of you know to myself doesn't Matter to you guys like I you know Something that has worked for me you Know and still working for me because I Got rid of the you know cancer in my Life which was dodgy and the Heartfulness organization you know but I've been able to do that I've been able To you know face the truth of the thing And when you face the truth of your own Thing then you can I don't want to say Expect it of other people but at least Believe in the possibility other people Could do that right and so in the past I've been hesitant to criticize Something where you know some people It's the best they can do religion is The best they can do they they don't Have the ability for abstract thought They don't really have the the level of Spiritual Development to C connect to God internally so religion is all they Can do and so you know that's one of the Reasons in the Sark system criticizing Religion is not you know is um warned Against but you know the need of the day

Right like the everything's going fast And you know things are changing and This isn't for people who who can't do It with these teachings with this stuff Here some people who are are you know Listening to these things and they can't Do it you know I'm not this isn't for You if if you're doing the Christian Religion it's the best you can do then You know keep on doing it right like I'm Not you know this isn't for you but Those people who can face the truth and Are you know truth in their orientation Have the ability for abstract thought You can face up to you know that not Jesus is the problem I mean whatever Jesus contributed sure like he you know Some of his stuff is um self-serving Like he you know didn't do a good job With that but you know in terms of Everything else that is um you know his His work and the things that he Contributed and you know what he what he Stood for you know what he was uh I mean The good work the good things he did for God you know those things can still be Celebrated you know and celebrated you Know they've even lost I mean if you Think about this time of year it's not Jesus's real birthday and I had a person Who said Jesus is a a was a Libra and I Was going to kind of make fun of the Person and talk about how Libras Suck you know I I mean I didn't get a

Chance to do that you know but I was Going to say oh yeah Libra suck and There's no way was a Libra because I Figured the person was a Libra but um You know trying to figure out his Birthday it's lost like it's maybe there Somewhere and you could plug into the The know the uh the you know the Ethernet and maybe connect and find out What his true birthday is but his Birthday is important and the day he Died is also important you know it's Called the Maha samadi day in the Sark Tradition the day that you're released From your physical bondage but those Days are important and can be Celebrated uh on the day but they wanted To bring in the pagans and the pagans Celebrated the the winter solstice and The and the Spring Equinox which is Easter so they made those days Jesus's Birth and death right and now of course The Easter has almost nothing thing to Do for most people is you know C it's a Easter Bunny and Santa Claus dominate Those holidays and people forget to Celebrate Jesus's life and you know they Don't even think most of the stuff with Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus Right and you you know the the loss of That is indicative of how watered down Christianity has become and how you know People want to claim that they're Religious and they go to church and they

Do whatever but they're not connected With the you know the good teachings and The true essence of Jesus and it's just There and it's because it's you know It's a defunct religion it is a abusive Religion that is blocking people's Connection to God and doing the opposite Of what it's supposed to do all right so I just wanted to you know put this thing Out there and then get this done I Wanted to say these things at the end of The video but I just ran out of uh you Know energy and you know then it was um The video is longer than I anticipated So this is kind of like a you know a d To that video and that talk and also put This voiceover in uh Journey series Video okay so I was going to do a voice Over here anyway and I was going to um Add a voice over that I'm going to do For a video for tomorrow on my uh you Know regular video about um preppering And things like this um so you know Whatever I mean I'll probably add that Voice over to here I haven't done it yet So we'll see how it goes but what I want To say here is um you know the Um meditations I've had have been really Intense they felt the energy um all day You know the last couple of days really You know connected really you know the Current Divine current and I forgot About Charing Mah day M mahasa day Maha uh is refers to when the soul uh

It's not about dying it's about the soul Going back to its home again I you know I only vaguely kind of remember but There's a distinction here you say Somebody dies that's one thing that's The end of their physical existence you Say someone have their M Mahasti their soul goes and rejoins you Know the it returns to its true state Right there's a difference there you Know one's about the soul being released From physical bondage and the others About the fear of dying and you know That person just died or whatever so uh It's an interesting way to look at it so Masi you know a superior you know word Or a way of thinking about it uh so I Wasn't aware of that and I'll know I Don't know how my meditations will go From here on but I felt like really Deeper Meditations you know connectivity when I Did the um the uh you know the the uh Esoteric symbol the star in the heart When I had that idea I could feel a connection between the Central region and the my heart was a Good you know I was just intense and so I've had really good meditations um you Know again today is December 20th and I didn't know why and you know And now that would be the Explanation that it's significant some Way Jie's you know death is maybe

Something's Happened about it right like It's this is the first year I've heard Them mention that DOI hasn't gave a Sitting about it either and so why now Like he hasn't mentioned it in six years And then he comes out and calls him Spiritual guide which is you know a Dickish thing on his part his classic Dodgy you know just an absolute tool and You know horrible human being but Anyways you know the energy is still There and I could feel it there are just Times where you know it feels like I'm Either being worked on and I you know I Guess that everyone must experience this As well I know some people do so I think everybody must experience it It's not always at the same time Sometimes it's random days sometimes You're going through something and There's more attention to you by the you Know Divine beings that run the system Whatever it might be and sometimes Everybody can feel it because there's Something going on in the world and you Know whatever but um the meditations Were really good and I'll have to Remember maybe people can remind me next Year to do a sitting on uh his you know MTI day I'll do a sitting today whatever It is I'll mention that on uh Gratefulness Meditation and uh you know we can all do A sitting of our own you know not this

Bogus dodgy 41 minute thing um you know Just meditate whenever uh well this will Be what I'll say today there um in fact I'll you know end this one uh just do a Short little something to put up there To get up there um you know Uh you know what I'm saying um a little Bit groggy I you know woke up early and Meditated and I had I just was feeling It all night the the you know the the Strong current and the last you know Couple days I went back to sleep and Then all this stuff you know I see all These messages and I'm like wow some Things things are going things are going On you know big thing big doings as my Wife and always and I always say anyways I'm going to end this one here I I'm Going to do another voiceover that may Or may not be uh in this today which I'll you know I'll explain I'll do a Little intro to that if that happens uh But that's it for now okay so I made a Video about surviving or what you do When the system collapses and preparing For that and you know in terms of the Spiritual aspect that's what's most Important to this journey series but you Know bobaji talked about or talks about These up evils that are about to happen And all the rest of it um and so I Thought I would include this here Because you know it comes from a a Spiritual place and sort of what's

Essential in terms of what I have to Offer here on this Channel uh you know I'll just put the Whole video in here and when this Picture returns this picture of this Path uh then you can um you know if you Want to skip it because you've already Heard it or whatever but uh here's the Here's the video greetings brothers and Sisters I've been waiting to make this For a couple of Days uh my wife and I I rewatched the um Uh leave it all behind movie with my Wife and I had more thoughts about that But it's really about this video is About adjusting to an apocalyptic Situation apocalyptic situation I have Um one comment I want to address where Somebody's um talking about you know Adjusting into this type of thing and This isn't about prepper stuff there's People who are better Preppers than I am You know people who have better prepper Channels these kind of things or even Homesteading or any of these things it's More about how you cope like how you get Through the first couple weeks first Couple months right setting yourself up For the possibility for success in the Future and adjusting to your new Reality so it's I think I think pretty Close to 100 million Views that the u Netflix movie got um Which uh you know I don't know how many

People watch it to the end but you have A lot of people watching something That's watching people and it's not the Best movie and it has you know issues And things but you have a lot of people Watching this and being in that you know That Experience of realizing that you're the System your 100% dependent on has Collapsed today is Thursday December 21st the shortest day of the year this Is the winter Solstice uh and you know this is Um uh Trump just was denied uh the Ability to uh be on the ballot in um Colorado which I'll address tomorrow Things like that are going on right There's always something going on of Course the conflict with uh you know Palestine and is is real all these Things but people are more and more Aware of and you can talk to most people Now and you couldn't do this 5 years ago Or 10 years ago or I mean it was easy It's been easier and easier to talk to People about this about the possibility Of a collapse a collapsing Society you Know this Netflix is their number one Movie maybe their number one movie of The year and people are thinking about It right people going into that Experience and having you know this idea Put into them or this idea that's Already in them that this Society could

Collapse the system they're 100% Dependent on can collapse but even if That doesn't happen people go through Personal apocalyse personal Apocalypse and this can happen with a Loved one dying or um you know any Number of things losing a job I mean People who are making $2 $300,000 a year One day and then 6 months later they're Homeless right they lose their job and No one wants to hire them and they're no Longer you know no longer financially Viable or whatever it is they're no Longer worth anything to the employment Market so what I'm about to explain here Can be transferred to any of those types Of things whenever you're going through Something like this you know at some Point in your life you see this with Elderly couples one of the two people You those people have been married 50 Years one of the two of them dies and The other one dies 6 weeks later you Know a couple weeks later because they Just you know they don't want to be here Anymore I mean that's you know that's The majority of people are going to go Through that when the apocalypse uh Kicks in and so in terms of a knockout Blow where like the power grid goes down The um and again I'm not saying these Things are going to happen I me they're Going to happen eventually it might be a Thousand years from now I don't know but

It doesn't look like it's going to be Then right but when we're talking about This right what I'm talking about here Is something where you realize your Lifestyle is out of stock your lifestyle Is not coming back that your lifestyle Is over and I've said this before There's three major things that can Happen in a society like this uh you Know a um a system like this the power Grid goes down which wipes out the food System and the monetary system the Monetary system goes down and then that Wipes out the food system and the power System and the whole system or the food System goes down and then people run the Streets Anda havoc and Chaos ensues and Then everything collapses that way these Are the you know things that you know We're looking at and there could be a War there's different ways that these Things could happen EMP solar flare you Know something some kind of big event um And we see that these events have been Portrayed in movies these things that Happen right some sort of a AI takeover Where they collapse the you know the Economic system or the you know the Whatever it is right hackers I mean There's all these ways that these things Can happen and we know from past Experiences it just takes a short period Of time for people to panic and that There have been warnings right about

This multiple warnings and the warnings Haven't been you know knockout blows but They have hinted at things that could Happen in the future or will happen in The future you know there's a scene in The movie where the girl tells a story From the west wing and my wife was like Oh that's your story it's not my story I've heard it from Master chargie in the Sark system that there is a person in a River who's Drowning and somebody comes off up to The side of the river and says I'll Throw you a rope and the person says no I'm waiting for God to help me some some Devote right some some person was really You know uh a god worshipper right and Then a boat comes by and says hey I'll You know I'll I'll get you out of the River and he says no I'm waiting for God To rescue me and then the helicopter Comes and says you I'll come get you out Of the river and the guy says no I'm Waiting for God to rescue me and so guy Eventually dies goes to heaven he said God I was praying and you didn't rescue Me and he said what do you mean I sent You a guy with a rope I sent you a boat And I sent you a helicopter and you Refused to get in so you know that's the Story the girl tells in the movie right But what I'm talking about here isn't so Much of a rescue as being prepared for What's going to happen because the

Divine system people want to you know Blame the controllers and you got to Stop doing that if you're a Controller-based you know blaming the Elite oh it's elite we got to catch the Elite oh the elite you all these things The elite are keeping this dysfunctional System going they are the you know the Um Gatekeepers of the system and the System as unfair as it is to people as Demonic as it is we're 100% depended on It's their system and people think oh They're trying to destroy the system why Would they destroy a system where they Held all the power why would they do That the system is is not sustainable And so they're trying to find a way to Preserve their power and you know Whatever elements of the system that Will support and be you know something That can move forward into the future That's what they're trying to do but They're not really in charge right they Can keep the system going the way it is But the system can't be partially uh you Know retained not for long the system Itself the whole system has to collapse It's Divine Providence right it's part Of part of a divine plan and I talked About this before and maybe my last Video about this that people are the Biggest indicators how poorly Functioning how low functioning people Are how you know revers from being uh

How limited people are in terms of their Full potential and being disconnected From God and the natural world and you Know everything that the system has Created and you know people have created The system and the system has created The people so it's a you know it's a a Joint depravity but it's still the Outcome is the same and most people Realize something has to change but what Has to change for them is the other People it's like a dysfunctional Marriage where you're like if my wife Would just do this or my husband would Just do this and the marriage is going To end in divorce because Neither party and both people are not Willing to change themselves and that's What's necessary everyone can talk about How everyone else needs to change but People know there needs to be change Right it's just that they don't want the Things that they want in their lives to Change they don't want to do the Changing themselves and so that's you Know another big part of the problem but We all recognize change is essential That there has to be something that Changes pretty Dramatically because we can't go on the Way we're we're living right now and Young people are the biggest um you know The biggest indicator of that like each Generation getting worse and we know

That these young people are just you Know they can't do anything they're Helpless they're they're not even living Lives any kind of in the real world Lives right we see what's happening we Know this can't get any worse or you Know it's got to stop right and in that There is a big um population reduction That needs to happen and and everyone Kind of knows it no one really wants to Admit to it no one wants to think about It certainly we don't want the people Controlling the system to make those Decisions for us and so you know no one Wants to be a part of the people that Get called right no one was volunteering I mean some people would volunteer for It but no one wants to you know everyone Has at least some survival instincts and Self-preservation inside themselves and With everything being the way it is now It isn't you know really there for People to to think about that but when You have that first shock now many of us Experienced a shock like this in the big Event in 2001 those of us who are Conscious then but there's been other Things that have happened you know since Then obviously with Co you know what we Saw with Co which I'll get into it a bit Uh some of these other things these were Warning signs right what's happened with Um you know all these different sort of Events and some of them have changed us

They were was that hacked um Refinery You guys remember that wasn't that long Ago my wife and I were traveling or we Had to travel and we had to buy Something for our car and we were going To put a bunch of gas cans in the back Of the car which is you know not you Know in the um we were going to like Outside the car which isn't really Desirable right but we didn't know if we Were going to be able to make it to our Destination because where we were Traveling through there were gas Shortages and there was gas stations That were closed on the way we found one That was open U there's some there a lot That were open but this was you know uh There were states where they didn't have Gas and there was a guy in front of me He was filling uh trash bags like those Thin clear trash bags not doubled up not Like three two or three of them but one You know you know one one layer and he Had you know he's loading these into the Trunk of his car bags full of gas right You know so we know what happens with People and there's These Warnings we see Them quite often these movies things Like this where we kind of get in touch With the idea I mean I would say the Good thing about this movie is it Captured the complete Helplessness of these people to deal With the situation they were now thrust

Into right you know this moment where They realized oh the systems collapsed Like this one guy saying at the end of The movie that he's a worthless person An unprepared person he can't do Anything he's helpless right he can't Live without GPS can't you can't drive Anywhere can't do anything and so There's the initial shock that a big Event has just happened some sort of a An upheaval and it might not initially Be a knockout blow at least it won't be Clear to people and it might not be one But it'll be uh you know a variety of Ones you know a death by a Thousand Cuts And you'll lose something like you know People have this in their personal lives Somebody dies in your life somebody That's important to you and it's a hole Like there's a hole in your life now or Or you get fired or something happens Where there was something that you were Doing that you no longer have the Ability to do person to spend time with You know whatever it was right you you There's something missing in your life And you have to cope with that and it's A loss and you go through the five Stages of grief and you know you have to Summon up uh you know some energy to Keep on going on you know you have this With kids who you know there be multiple Suicides in a high school and things Like this right like people you know

Just they lose the will to to go on Right and so when that happens when People realize that their lifestyle has Changed forever in the system that you Know they're 100% dependent on you'll Find that most people are just going to Quit and check out but they're not going To like commit suicide they're not going To just give up like that uh you know With that much Consciousness they're Going to go unconscious you know you Might talk to one of your loved ones or One of your family members or friends And they'll be sort of catatonic and you Can't make contact with them like They're just not there it's like their Souls already left is preparing to leave Their bodies and they're just hanging on Because that's you know they're not Ready to die that's the other thing Right people aren't prepared to die and I'll get into that in just a bit but They're also not prepared to live and so There are people who you know aren't Necessarily going to like commit suicide But they're going to give up and it Might be upwards of 80% of people are Just going to you know or behave in a Self-destructive way they'll flip out They'll get so emotional they'll get so Freaked out they'll be you know they'll Be uh like doing crazy risk-taking Things and just you know they'll they'll Put themselves in a position where

They'll get you know ex you know they'll Be removed from whatever's going on you Know a lot of people just die right off The bat if there's some sort of you know Destructive bombs or whatever you War Things whatever it might be and you kind Of can start seeing those people now You'll see them you know NPC type people Who you can see that they're not going To make it like right now you can tell They don't have what it takes maybe a Few of them will you know they'll They'll get the slap of reality and They'll wake up and there might be some People like that you know people that You were like oh I would never thought You would have made it and they're and They're highly functioning and oppos to Apocalyptic situation and when the Apocalypse happens they're going to be Looking to for people to leech off of You know they're unprepared they are Scared of dying they have almost nothing To offer you know like these you know There's a great scene at the end of the The you know spoiler alert at the end of The show where there's a prepper likee Guy played by Kevin Bacon and he comes Off a little bit selfish but he's not Being selfish at all and he's confronted With these two people who have never Really done anything in terms of Prepping And one of them son is you know is is

Going to die you know there's no you Know he's dead you know if you Understand the what's being said about It there's a en they being hit by energy Weapons and the kid's lost all his teeth Or whatever it is right and there's no Way that kid's surviving and they want Help right they're desperate they're Coming for handouts people who didn't You know maybe mocked people like this You then you know whatever it is and Then they're coming to your house Looking for handouts right and and you Know you might feel bad about these People and you feel some compassion for Them but they are not worthy of being Invested in I mean you know for the most Part I'm not saying there's some blanket Statement you have to judge each Situation as it comes but most of these People are just going to leech off of You until they die they're they're not They're already you know they've already Made their decision right there's lots Of people who are marked for extinction And they've chose this for themselves They have no part in the plan they have No part in the you know Redemption they Have no part in building this back they Have nothing to contribute and they're Just you know walking zombies Walking Ghouls and they're you know investing in Them and wasting resources on them you Know is a mistake and you know you have

To evaluate everyone has going to go Through these things themselves CU it's You know kind of coldblooded but it's The reality of the situation you know These people had the opportunity to Prepare because there's been multiple Warnings and people watch this movie and People are listening to these videos and Aren't doing anything many of you guys Aren't doing anything even preparing Internally and this is what this videoos About is preparing internally and so When that first event happens you know There's a variety of just essential life You know life uh you know things that to Do with your you know survival that I'll Go through just basic things but mostly What I want to talk about is what you do Internally to cope with something like This right you know I got a comment from Somebody let me see if I can find that Comment here um I definitely can find it Here it is so the person wrote um hi Paul I am here let me just make this Bigger here um hi Paul for the last Years I've been thinking about all that What you said in this video knowing and Feeling it's coming this is my original Video about this but hearing it spoken Openly From you has freaked me out a bit I Don't want to die I'm scared to die it's It's worrying what will happen to my son My dog these concerns you know I believe

I don't believe in God although I do Believe that there's something Cosmic a Higher energy a body a host and internal Soul I planted three Pines from a pot Thinking they were shrubs 17 later so They are taller than my house they're Beautiful Pines I'm still looking at Them everything thinking about what you Said I started thinking how can Everything I grew benefit us thinking About wood for fire my deck wood for Fire my facial my facial expression must Have changed because I noticed my dog Was still was sitting watching and Starting Fring a reflection of my Emotions perhaps a friend of mine some Years ago is an ex Soldier ex but never Out of you're NE never out of the army We always talked about this topic over The years he told me do three things Build a garden get a dog and learn how To shoot sorry this is way too long a Comment but thanks for the video it got Me thinking again Um so just to go over those things like Those three things that he pointed out And the first thing to know is there's An initial shock and there's different Times you've probably gone through that Shock you know somebody you get a Diagnosis you have cancer or somebody Dies you hear that somebody you know Loved one has died or the big event 2001 Or you know what happen with covid right

When you hear there's a pandemic and Everyone's worried about they're going To get sick and die right there's that Initial Shock and you know what do you do to Deal with that because that's the most Important part that you're now in a State where everything has changed and You're you know you're triggered you're Spiraling you're you know you're in a Fear-based situation you know the Meditation the gratefulness meditation I Do is essential for something like this You you know being able to settle and And just uh go into a reflective state But to do that you know on a physical Level there are certain things you got You need right so if you understand like It takes about a week to adjust to Something you know if you start a new Job you'll go in there and um you'll There'll be a lingo you know that people Have at work and there'll be a you know These little clicks of people there'll Be all this stuff and you're kind of Like an outsider but it takes about a Week you know depending on the situation To adjust to something a new job a new Situation you know these things in terms Of stockh Home syndrome and the Stanford Experiment these things where you know Psychological experiments where people Or this you know the Stockon syndrome And stuff that happen with Patty Hurst

It takes about a week or so before you Start identifying with your kidnappers You know your your fellow employees I Mean whatever it might be right and Maybe two weeks you know to you know 3 Months to adjust us to a new situation Going through the various stages of Grief so Initially there needs to be some things That you need to adjust right the Mormons have like each person is Supposed to have three months of food um Stored in their house and I think that's A good idea to have at least you know I Mean if you can have food for a year Maybe not you know all the food you need But takes a while to adjust to Growing Food and doing things in a way where You're living off the land you it takes A while to build all these skills but Those initial weeks where you have some Period of time to where you can you know Be in your house you don't have to go Out and be you know fending off fighting People for resources remember that you Know we learned a lesson from covid how Many of you went to a grocery store and Found out that it had been cleaned out Right and so uh my wife and I went to The bank and they didn't have any cash Left so that was a telling sign sign Right people there was already a run on The bank so we know that's going to Happen I mean just from Co alone right

Just the whole Co Panic all the toilet Paper people went out and bought toilet Paper right off the bat now they had Years to go and buy and stock up toilet Paper like if that was their big concern And you had years and years to go to Costco and stock up on all these things But if you watch or you go to a grocery Store and you see the amount of Deliveries or you've worked in a store Like that you see the amount of Deliveries they have on a daily basis to Restock what they have inside it takes About a week and all the food is gone Right and if all the fast food Restaurants are closed which they will Be all the restaurants are closed and All the food has disappeared and people Are looting the grocery stores Everything gets stripped clean and There's no food left a lot of these People are going to die but they they're Going to consume you know they're going To go and and loot and be a part of that Whole thing and they're going to eat up What's you know left over from the System right and there's going to be Nothing left but you know you can start Storing things canned goods and dried Foods and whatever it is right pasta you Know anything that you can have so that You have enough calories to where you're Not immediately facing starvation so We're looking at you know what are the

Things you need to survive well Obviously oxygen you need to be able to Breathe you need to be able to have Fresh air and that might be something That's compromised right if something Like that's compromised then it's really You know most people just you know You're not going to have the ability to Deal with that right I mean like it's Hard you can get a gas mask but you're Going to wear that 247 I mean you know Like there's that um you know people Have bunkers and you know people have Money things like that they can maybe Have some air filtration system and You're going to be stuck in a bunker Indoors for whatever nuclear fallout I Mean there's things like that you know It's not really worth it cuz you're You're you're going to die you know like There's you're going to come out and There's going to be a a scorched Earth You know apocalyptic situation where you No longer can grow food because there's Radioactive particles in the in the soil I mean all these things there's some Things that are just you know there's no There's no fixing there's no I me if you Live in one of those areas you're you're Done like you know whatever it might be But you need oxygen you need air and Like I said but water you can you know You can do something about water the Other things are body temperature issues

Right because if you're in a an emotion Shocked State and it's too cold in your House or it's too hot you know that adds To the issue right where it becomes Something where you're already panicked And now your body is having temperature Issues right this is your you know the You can stuff suffer hypothermia or Whatever it might be you know various Levels of your body shutting down Because of the the climate and that's Going to be a big thing if your Electricity goes off no water no way to Cook your food so if you have food how Do you cook it right how do you how do You you know manage like do you have Some way of cooking food if the Immediate um things around you break Down right like it's a good ex it's a Good idea if you're into this thing and You want to survive and you're you know You're aware of this you know we used to Do fire drills and things in our schools And my family and I watch you know for a Couple weekends we um shut off the Electricity at our house for the whole Weekend and we had these things we you Know one of my viewers Set this way to you can make your Homemade oil lamps with just a you know Like a cleared glass or something and You put any kind of cooking oil and just A you know little metal um there's a Little metal thing you know I I made a

Video on it so much you obviously not Here now but um you know just you bend The metal into the way that holds the Wick and there's a little handle on it You know and you can pull the wick out Of the the oil and it's you know it's a Way to to light your house right there's Things that we did you know to to um you Know storing water and having you know Five gallon fulls of of water and things Um and you know so that's you know you Have water and you have food you have a Way to cook it you have a way of keeping Warm or keeping cool and you have these Various things right the other thing is What do you do with your waste you know Garbage is one thing but human waste is Another because you're you know your Poop will kill you and you know if you Don't have a way to get rid of it and Our system now is to use fresh drinking Water clean water you know that has real Value and flush it down into a sewer or A septic tank or something but the Electricity goes off you don't have Water running into your house and you're An apartment or you know some kind of Situation like that I mean it's really Hard to survive in an apartment because Of your neighbors panicking and all These things right I mean that's a whole You know defending yourself all these Things become an issue but you know what Do you do like you need some sort of

Composting toilet you need some sort of New system to deal with your human waste Because you know you can use it in a Human or type situation but you know it Has um like it has to sit for like over A year in compost to be you know Something you could grow food in because You know of the bacteria and all these Things there's things in your waist that Will kill you or kill other people right That's why your city government pays all This money you you pay taxes to have Your waste dealt with right be uh you Know these sanitation departments or Whatever it is and so those are things That you need to deal with right away What do you deal with your human waste Where do you get your water where do you Get your food and being able to you know Adjust to these things and you know have That time where you're not worried about Those essential things where you're not Immediately put in a survival uh Panicked mode because you don't have What it takes to you you don't have Enough food like most people have less Than a day's food in their house right You guys remember from my um time in the Chenai flood you know I was in India When there was flooding and we had you Know within an hour 3T of water in our Apartment and four fifths of the city of 26 million people was flooded and we had Some nice neighbors and they had you

Know food storage and I I had food Stored and you know I it had rained a Week before and I took it as a warning And I gave all my kids money we had to Walk to these like small grocery stores And I said stock up on water and food go Out you know all of them go to the Grocery store at least once cuz we had To walk back with bags full of stuff and We could only carry so much and I said You know when you get a chance to go out And get things and we all stocked up on Things and so we had enough food um and We had you know we had almost we had Enough water but it was water was a Concern uh and there was a beautiful House the nicest house in the street it Would be a a million dooll home Depending on what neighborhood it was in America um but you know rich people Lived at this house and they had lots of Servants who were were either with them Or had left or whatever we were home When the when the flood hit and they had No food and my neighbor threw you know Chapatis to tortillas basically same Thing um over to them like these day old Stale chapatis in a bag like there was Water between the two houses and they Had already run out of food they didn't Have a days worth of food in their house And because they had servants they were Pretty much helpless I mean they you I'm Sure the the woman in the house knew how

To cook but they were they didn't have Enough food to even last a day they were Already hitting starvation in the first Day right and so you know how are they Going to make it like if you don't even Have a day's worth of of food in your House right how are you going to survive Any of these things so there needs to be A time this is what I'm describing here Where you realize you're freaked out you Know something's just just happen and You're a State of Shock and you're you Know you're you're triggered and you you Know you don't know what to do and you Need to get through that period of time You can't let that get worse than it is Right the initial shock is what it is And there might be subsequent shocks but You need time to adapt at least a good Week you know to acclimate to your new Reality and to do that you need to have Some of these things in place right if You're not putting these things in place Then you're choosing to be in a Situation where you're you know going to Be reactive and you're just going to be Erased from the board right because then You're going to have to go out with the Looters and the rest of the people and You know at the end of this movie There's you know their reality when they Realize what's happened in the city They're in Long Island looking at New York City and bombs are going off and

They can hear gun shot and things like This gunfire and that's where people are Just flipped out and they're in a state Of panic and they're just you know going Out and and killing people or doing Whatever they're doing you know fighting Whatever it might be and it's just chaos Right and like you can't be in that like That's just you know the initial shock That all these people before everything Settles down and people realize okay we Have to you know keep some sense of uh You know decorum and you know we we have To have some kind of civilized reaction To what's going on we can't be in a Panicked mood you know Panic uh mode and Just be you know re active and so it Takes you know at least a week to Acclimate to your new reality and having A good 3 months where you're all right I Have enough to survive here in my place Where I have to go somewhere I don't Have to go to some FEMA camp you know I Mean especially as you get older like When young people you know they react to War so much better young people are able To survive and adjust to death of a Loved one much quicker than older people Right the older you get the harder it is For you to lose Any of these types of things and be out Of your routine like I you know my wife And I were talking about possibly Getting you know bugout bags but I'm

Like if we have to leave our house we I'm screwed like you're screwed like I'm Just you know I'm not sleeping on the Floor the ground I mean I can't camp out Like I used to in these things right I Mean you know I just don't have the Ability like it's you know if if that's The case then I mean I just you know Physically I'm just not up for it right Like if it comes to that You know I'm not going to some FEMA camp Or whatever it's just you know and They're not for us right they're for Young people they can you know they can Reprogram the young people and you know Get them to accept these things but old People are you know basically worthless And have atire hard time adjusting you Know the older generation isn't going to Give up their lifestyle that easily and So most older people are just going to Give up like they're just going to check Out it's just going to take them how Much before they're like all right I'm Going to I'm tapping out right I mean Most people are going to tap out because Of that you know if it's depending on The severity of situation but the way You can avoid that is to have some sort Of Preparation for you know the initial Shock and initially what's going on and What you're doing is giving yourself a Chance to um adapt and see if you know

This is something you want to pursue Right so this is one of the more more Important points having this idea that It isn't bad is really essential you Enter into a wait and see type period Right all right what is this going to be Like maybe this isn't as bad as I Thought right you know when I got Ostracized from you know heartfulness I Knew that dodgy had turned on me and Then you know everybody else in the Organization you know I was bugged by it By like for a couple days and I realized Hey I didn't like these MF I didn't like Most of these mfers anyway I mean There's great people saintly people you Know but I wasn't really close to those People anyways and I didn't really like And get along with or really you know I Mean I wasn't like a lot of the people That were in the organization and I'm Like I didn't lose anything like what They have a negative opinion of me right You know this really helped me here in This you know on this YouTube channel That I can speak freely and I know People aren't going to be upset at me or Not like what I have to say and they'll Lash out and they'll do their thing They'll be butt hurt and being able to Not care about that has been really Essential and so that you know is where That started I used to care about people Think and now I don't right and you know

What I was going through if someone said This is going to happen to you it would Have seemed really bad but when it Actually happened it wasn't bad at all Right I mean when I you know I was Concerned about being in a divorce Situation and not having somebody to Help me with you know the kids and the Family but my ex was such a disaster you Guys have listened to my journey series That I was you know so much better off Without her would see seemed like a Disaster was actually a blessing like Those are just two examples of big Changes that have happened to me you Know things and they were all happen at The same time that I realize we're a Blessing in so many different ways and So you know looking at the apocalypse as Something bad you know you don't know What it is yet and you might be a person Who's who is like brought to life in a Post-apocalyptic situation because when The electrical grid goes down there's no More Wi-Fi and these things there's a Sigh of relief that everybody's nervous Systems everybody's subtle bodies I mean So different so many different ways These poisons and the 5G and the you Know all these different you know the Bluetooth all these things bouncing Around all these electromagnetic waves The electricity itself in your house all These things that when you can get away

From that there's a a piece to it right And you might find out that you're Thriving and happy happier than you ever Were before some people will thrive in The Apocalypse collapse in a Post-apocalyptic situation and that's Just the way it is and you might be one Of those people you don't know you might Be chosen for this but if you don't give Yourself the opportunity by getting Negative by panicking by not being Prepared you'll never know you'll never Find out that you were actually somebody That could have thrived in the Post-apocalyptic situation that you love Growing food and you you love this new Lifestyle right so I'm switching to a Picture of tinctures my wife has made um One of them is I think it's called fir Water and has all these things in it and It's something that you take it's like a Tonic it has vinegar in it and it's um You know a natural tonic you take to Boost your immune system and other Things and another one is Golden Rod Which we have a lot growing here and Golden Rod supposed to be important Against the spike protein it's one of The things that that you know that takes Out the spike protein and we have a Field of it huge field of it growing my Wife has been making these tinctures you Know before we got together she um had Been a part of a community garden and

Had gotten chickens so she was already You know doing these things a little bit On her own and then when we got together We you know building a homestead and you Know we had the cows and you know she Started to do things that she really Loves doing it like she prefers doing That to you know her normal work or Whatever it is right um she really loves Growing food she's good at it she's uh And she likes doing these tinctures and She's developed all these skills that Weren't there beforehand and she and I Went for a walk you know early on when We were together and I was talking about How the you know the apocalypse is in Inevitable the collapse and she couldn't Believe it like she you know she Couldn't accept that as being a reality Like her you know there's you know it Wasn't like a disagreement like whatever Everyone has to doesn't matter whether You can accept it or not right but now It's much easier for her to accept Because she has raised her skill level And you know she's aware that she really Likes doing this other work right right Primary labor she really enjoys doing it She uh you know is good at it you know Of course we're physically older and There's much more satisfying in Different ways you know and I've built a Number of homesteads now and my skill Level has risen over over time and I

Really enjoy doing that right and you Know I look forward to it and you know Being outside and there's a health to That and we have all these ways and Things that we're doing now that are a Part of that you know and all the things I talked about being uh you know Preparing for the food and the you know And all those things are essential and There's people that'll teach you how to Do that there's all these videos there's Information out there for those people Who want to invest in this and figure Out you know and again it's not like It's not to me time to quit your job and Go all in you know like it's just Because you know I mean you're thinking About this it's just it's spending a Little time and energy preparing for Something like this right and being Aware that these things happen like even If it's just a temporary thing you have To get rid you have to get through for a Couple of weeks for a month before the System reboots or whatever you know just Being able to cope and and be aware and And you know do some training and be Comfortable like there's things that you Can do in a post-apocalyptic situation And apocalypse itself and and Pre-apocalypse there's things that you Can do to prepare for all those things And one of the things is connect to God Internally through the meditation you

Know the Grateful Med itation the Gratefulness meditation Channel That's Linked In all these you know description Box it's free it's self-explanatory There's explanations and Playlists and it's comprehensive and how To do the Sark system and what that's Done for me and you know can do for People is you know my ability to intu it And connect with my heart and be shown Something and be aware of it and say oh This is something that I'm being told I'm being you know prepared for you know Before the big event 2001 my family and I me particularly I Went through this thing where I was Panicked for two weeks before the thing Happened and the day it happened in the Immediate aftermath I was totally calm Like I had been prepared and you know Everyone else was in the world was Panicking you know you have this Situation now where 100 million people Have watched this movie and they went Through a collective freak out about Realizing that this could happen to them Right where now they're you know it's Right in their face and you know they Kind of feel like on a on a intuitive Level that this is you know something Right the collective Panic we went Through when covid hit and you know I Wasn't panicked when these things Happened because I experienced the panic

And the condition like I could feel Something coming weeks ahead of time and Of course it wasn't a panic cuz nothing Was happening but I was I felt unsettled For a couple weeks and then when it was Time to happen I didn't feel you know I Was just all right you know you know my Kids were prepared for these things Through the homestead and as much as my Family was a failure my kids got things Out of it that you know when when the Flood hit there were people telling me How great my kids were doing and you Know how well we were functioning I said Yeah you know in a week before the flood Hit we went to the movies and we were we Had to stop in the road we went to a Movie it was got out at like 7 you know We went out And uh ate dinner there and we we were Leaving about 700 p.m. so the movie Started at like 3:00 or 4: and then we Ate dinner at the mall you know we used To do this like it was a way to kind of Connect back with America and you know We're in India you know this is when the Flood hit and we were driving back in a Cab and there was a road where the road Turned into a river they have a typhoon Season where it just rains like right Before the they grow their food you know This is it's dry most of the time there But they had you know rain we had rain For like 3 months and eventually it was

So much flooding and the dam was so full They open the the floodgates in the dam And but before that there was flooding And I said to my kids you know this is When I said like and the power went off Electricity went off and I said this is Like a warning sign we got a week and You know we bought water we prepared for What was about to happen you know was a Sign and of course it did happen right And being able to recognize those signs And and take advantage of those things You know I had um you know hemorrhoids And my mom and dad both had them it's a You know hereditary thing and I got an Operation for it it sucks the whole Thing but I was looking for natural Cures and you know now I'm so off of Al Apathic medicine and I'm a you know Al Apathic medicine just doesn't really Work for me and you know i' done Research on this before and didn't find Anything but maybe about three weeks ago Or so uh Dr Bergs put out a video of This thing called Stone rout or Colin Sonia route and you know I never heard Of it before and it's good for you know I have vascular issues like that's Something where I get you know I get Like some um I have just different Things you know people have different Things in their physical system and Knowing your physical system and you Know you know where uh stress is

Relieved where you weaknesses are and There's vascular issues and also things To do with my liver like I've you know Been working on detox and you know Fixing my uh you know fatty liver and Things and it's been working I've been Having you know success and the kisia Route the stone route which the Native Americans used and I guess Benjamin Franklin had somebody that uh you know Was like the guy Colin Sonia was Connected to him in some way that Roots Named after but it's really essential And you know I found a video guy making The tinctures with it It's a really hard Stone route that Comes in a Bulb and I was able to buy some on Etsy And now I'm going to plant it and it's You know another tincture that we're Going to make and it has Med medicinal Value right and so these things have Come along and you know and I pay Attention to them right I'm prepared for Them and I'm I'm ready to go because I'm Like taking them as signs like I'm being Instructed or you need to you need to You know be aware of this I mean here's This thing that I could have used years Ago but it comes up all of a sudden and I feel energy there and I connect with It and I'm like all right this is Something I and I find a way to to grow It right and so in the future we can

Make tinctures and this will be part of Our health care and these other things Right you know there's things I've Watched building Food Forest and you Know creating these things you know we Doing something now to prepare for Something in the future there's another Story that Master charie uh told and This was uh to do with you know Preparing for death and most people Aren't prepared for death and they're Not preparing for a post-apocalyptic Situation and so they're screwed and and Both you know these are the two options That they're going to have death or Survive the apocalypse and they're Prepared for neither but the story is That there was this Kingdom that had one Corrupt king after another and so what They would do is they would pick Somebody to be king for a year and the King would come in and you know they Would after a year they would um take The King on the other side of the river And he was banished from ever coming Back to the kingdom but they would have A year of being King and most most of The guys who became king would indulge They would drink they would you know They would just you know party and do All the things take advantage of the the Lavish Royal lifestyle and then they Would be put in a boat and banished from The kingdom but there was this one

Person decided that they would build a Kingdom Across the River you know the guy built a kingdom On the other side of the river and so When his year was up he got into the Boat you he didn't indulge he didn't you Know he didn't do anything the other Kings did he got on the other side of The river and then he went to the Kingdom and he had a kingdom there right It's a metaphor for dying right where You use your life and you know you're Going to die and so what are you doing To you know in this part of your your Your living experience to prepare for The other side when you cross over the Threshold of death you know what are you Doing to prepare for the other side you Know and people who are Christians say I've accepted Jesus and they think That's all they have to do you know this Thing but there's things that you really Need to do to prepare for death and set Up your you know your soul for success And some of that takes sacrifice and you Know lack of indulgence and your you Know your egotistical Pursuits and your Ego isn't going with you right your ego Isn't you your ego is a you know Something that's necessary for your Survival here but it's not who you are And you can also use this as a metaphor For the

Apocalypse Now if there's going to be a Collapse of some sort of another and Eventually there will be then those People who are building pockets of the Future building something on the other Side of the river for themselves and They're taking skills they're taking Things you know that uh things that they Can accumulate here on this side tools And you know all these things are Available now you know when Home Depot Was open and you need shovels and you're Like oh I wish ID got shovels when I had The opportunity and you go there and It's you know it's a looted store right And so you know the things that you need Now the tools you need and the things You need internally and being able to Figure that out because each person is Going to be different depending on where You are in your particular situation who You are as a person and what your you Know your your uh system what your Constitution your internal Constitution Is and being able to attune to that and Do the things necessary and have the Things necessary that you're going to Need specifically right some people will Be around radioactive fallout so they're Going to need a g Geer counter other People won't no reason to have it if you Don't need it right I mean you could Just say I'm going to buy everything I Need yeah sure if you have the money for

It and you know but I mean you end up Getting so much stuff you don't know Where it is and you know I mean you You're in a situation where you get Evacuated and you have all this stuff Sitting in the house waiting for Somebody else to use it right because You know you weren't attuning to your Certain situation that you need to to Attune to I mean for some people living In a city it's having a place to go Because cities are death traps like you Know I mean suburbs course better but Cities are disaster you know you there's This guy um Joel scalon or scalon Whatever you know strategic relocation He's got a whole thing there and you Know he builds bunkers for people and he Has these places that he um you know if You heard you could look up interviews With him and he's got books books about This and he documents the places around The country that are good places to go You know they have certain things that Make them survival centers and places Like LA and you know there you know There's these there's these one highway Coming out of the city and so they've Seen this in the past when econ Economies have collapsed in countries And people flee the cities and they walk Around the highway and they go three Miles one way and three miles the other And they devour everything in their path

Hordes of people farms and you know They're just um you know turning into These mobs that are fleeing and scared And they just going through the Countryside eating whatever is there you Know they can they can take or whatever Right uh and so you know like these Things have to be assessed and where you Are your location all these things and Understanding it you know and there's no Reason to get overwhelmed I should said That in the beginning like this all Doesn't have to be done tomorrow but It's just having some kind of idea of What's going on like you're You're Building A PO you know a life in a Post-apocalyptic situation where you Have to have some skills and some Survival items and systems you need Systems like the system is now delivers You water deals with your waste and Keeps you warm or cold and you know Delivers you food all these things when The system collapses and it no longer Does that then what are you going to do What's your system going to be for each One of those things what is a system for Getting rid of your you know your waste Your human waste you have a big yard you Just dig a holes right whatever it is so You can make some sort of ouse type Situation you know but what about your Food what about your water what about

These things right how are you going to You know what are you going to get to Have all these things right and so you Know they want the controllers want a Certain amount of population to die and God and divine system you know is Working on Depopulation and so that's the the Initial net right they're going to try To scoop up as many people as possible And erase them off the board and they Want a lot of people just to give up and Volunteer for that you know and the Chaos that ensues so you're you know Your your first job is to escape the the Initial net and then adjust to what's Going on and see if it's something that You know you have any interest in in Making these wholesale changes to your Lifestyle and doing something new and Not everyone will I don't know if I will Right it's depending on the Circumstances you know you your Abilities are there and you know when It's time for you to go it's time for You to go right your Soul's ready for You to go you can't fight that and you Know for a lot a lot of people they just You know they're not worried about this Cuz they know that when the system Collapses they're going with it that They don't have the ability desire and It's not a part of their Destiny to a Part of for the Future these people are

Just going to go into some catatonic State and you know they'll they'll find Some way to to exit this world quickly After the apocalypse is upon us or the You know initial stages beforehand you Know and going back to this comment Where the women said that you didn't uh Believe in God you know but believes in Spirit or Soul you know that That's Essential to have some sort of spiritual Connection connecting to the Divinity Divinity within you and if your soul has Something to offer your if you have Something to offer and your Soul's uh You know part of your Soul's plan is to Be a part of a post-apocalyptic Situation then you know the the stuff That you need internally and you know Circumstantially will be there you'll Find ways to survive the initial you Know period and then you can start Building what needs to be there you know Some sort of pocket of the future that's What this channel is about building some Sort of pocket of the future that uh Living the way you know now that people Are all going to have to live in the Future and developing some of these Skills and these you know just a Different mindset and different Orientation to life you know the people Who are Farmers and homesteaders and lived in Tribal situations and Village BAS

Situations you know I talk about this so Much that years and years ago our Ancestors were either forced or lured Off their farms and out of their tribal Situations and and became what we are Today which is people who have a Specialized skill and all their other Needs are taken care of and so people Are you know not able to go back to what We were before and now we have to and This you know living with electricity Living with modern conveniences living With these things is an anomaly it's a You know it's not something that exists You know in other parts of the very Recent history I mean there's always Been some Ty technological development There's been civilizations here on Planet Earth before but they don't last Right uh you know whatever the time they Do last you know people still have to do These primary labor things afterwards You know when the civilization collapses The Empire collapses whether whatever Technological advancement there is Whatever Comforts there are you know Then they disappear and you know you're G to need some of these things it's good To have some of them the more that you Can have the less the shock it is to Transition into something different Right but being able to give yourself The time to do that is essential that Initial phase and the only way you can

Do that is start preparing in some way Internally more than anything else and Connecting to God and being able to be You know flexible you know the the People who are surv are the ones who are The most spiritually and mentally Flexible right people who are able to Change and are working on themselves Changing all the time you know seeing That they need to change this or need to Change that and doing the work necessary To change because it's better for them Spiritually and because God and their Soul wants them to change and do this But people are just so rigid in their Personalities and so you know hard and Gross and they don't have much Flexibility and control freaks whatever They're not going to do well because They you know you know they're going to Lose control and they're they're not Able they're not people that have shown A sense of resilience and you a lot of People are going to break very few People will bend you know this is a Thing where people are going to have to Learn to bend and those that don't will Break right but just to wrap this up Um you know this um the essential idea Is that we don't know how we're going to Respond to something until it happens Like we don't know what kind of father We're going to be or mother were going To be or husband or wife were going to

Be until we get married like there's Things that you know until you do the Job until you're engaged in the work Until you're you know I mean you see This when people go to War and what the soldiers will do in a Depraved you know this hellish Environment what people will do in a war You know this happens to countries where They just collapse in some way or Another they're invaded or whatever and What people will do to survive I mean You know it's things that are inside of Them programs that are inside of them The things that some scars that are Inside of them that wouldn't come out Unless they're in a certain circumstance They're in a certain situation and so People don't know like you don't know What's going to happen till it happens And you know sometimes people are in Such a days and are so uh like Hypnotized by our current system have Shut down and are you know not really Awake or alive or aware but then a big Event happen and it sort of jars them Awake right for some brief period of Time where you are now you know needing To be alert to survive you can't be in Like on autopilot just drifting through Life and like I said you know there if These things are going to happen happen Soon if there's a you know I mean it all Is looking like it's trending towards a

Collapse of some sort or another I don't Know how many more warnings are going to Be but the warnings have already you Know start to take place and so you know To give oneself an opportunity to see if They're a part of this solution right if They're part of a a post-apocalyptic Type of Solution and you can do your best to Prepare for it I mean everybody can and It's just like anything else like until It happens nobody really knows how it's Going to go for them right no one's Going to know what's important and you Know in terms of their preparing for it And you know also just enjoying what we Have now appreciating and be grateful For what we have now because it's you Know it's going to get harder and more Difficult but we will be able to connect To God in a way that wasn't possible Before it'll be quieter you know There'll be less uh noise in the Environment from electromagnetic Pollution and all these things so there Are advantages to it and for some people They'll actually like that life better I Mean there so many people are miserable Now deed depressed and dead inside like It really can't get much worse right but Being overwhelmed and being you know in A State of Shock and and being Completely unprepared for something You're not giving yourself a chance at

All and being mentally prepared being Spiritually prepared being flexible Being open and coming you know about it With the idea that this isn't Necessarily a bad thing like we don't Know what it is until it plays out and So giving yourself the opportunity to Sort of digest what's going on and you Not have to go into panic mode and be Out you know going full going going you Know full out Purge and stuff you know Like I mean that's some you know Essential for everybody to consider Because the warnings are there right and Those people who are able to hear this a Lot of people just this is too Overwhelming for them like listening to What I just said is too overwhelming for Them you know thinking about all these Things that are now done for them that You don't have to think about cuz the Beast takes care of them like where you Know you have occasionally your toilet Breaks and you're like oh wow I got to Do something about this right but until Something like that happens you just Take it for granted and your food's There your electricity there your you Know your thermostats there every once In a while something you know breaks Down and you're like oh I don't have Heat in the house or whatever but for The most part you know people don't Think about these things then when you

Have to think about them you get Overwhelmed by how much work it takes And how much you don't know and how all These things and so you know for some People this is just too much for them Just these things that I'm saying it's Freaking you out right and so you know I Mean I I can't say what kind of person You are but if you're freaked out by Just the idea of something then what Happens when it really happens right and So there has to be an adjustment and you Have to change and adapt enough just to Be able to give yourself a chance to you Know make a you know decision based on The circumstances on the ground when all This stuff goes down anyways um you know I think I covered everything I want to Say here of course I can talk about that More in the future and there's lots of Resources out there you know like one Thing is if you have YouTube premium you Can download videos and they stay Permanently on your device even without The internet and so if you have some way Of charging you know there's ways There's these boxes you can get these Little power boxes that um they have Like a small they're pretty expensive But they have a small solar panel and You you can run like charge your phone And other things on them briefly you Know if you're without power permanently You still have a way of getting

Electricity there's other ways too as Well you know the different things you Can get uh things like a hand cranked Radio that you know there's a you hand Crank it it's got AM radio and and these Things in case there's people out there Doing shortwave things if the internet's Down way to get information there's Things out there products and know these Preppers and people out there that can List all these things and tell you what What the best one is and all this other Stuff right But you can have some of these things With you because you know you can't Count on the internet being there as a Way to I mean buying books and things That you know you can be reading you Won't be able to watch and be a part of The you know so much time you're Spending on your internet what are you Going to do with that oh there's one More thing I I needed to say you know It's likely that you might go through a Detoxification situation if you're on Any kind of psychological medications or Things like this and you know all these Types of things you know people have uh Medications they need pharmaceutical Medications they need to survive and so All these things have to be considered For people you know medicines and Whatever it might be and then you know People are addicted to the internet and

You know things that you do to spend Your time and cope and you know whatever It is that you do that isn't going to be There and be able to fill that time Again the cleaning and the the Meditation is really essential to help People just digest and integrate their New reality and I can't you know say Enough about that but these are things You think about right things you know You can list the things that you do Every day and in what system is it Electricity is it you know the Government is it the you know you know What company what you know what's Responsible for all the things that you Need on a daily basis where you where do You get your water where do you get your Food where do you get you know all these Things and so think about these systems That are in place and how you can Temporarily uh do a stop Gap to help you Give you the time you need to replace Those systems and be able to you know Live a new life and and figure things Out right and you'll have a lot more Time in your hands because you won't Have a job and you won't have the Internet you won't have TV you won't Have these things these distractions and So you'll have a lot more time and Energy than you think you know then you Realize but if you have the books you Have the knowledge you have the

Information somewhere you have the Things you need then you know it's a It's a you know I mean you're giving Yourself the opportunity to absorb the Initial blow initial shock and then and Then you have a you know you can make Decisions based on you you realize what Your new life is going to be like and You can be like ah you know I'm just not Up for it or yeah I feel like I can I Can manage this and do this and then you Can build community in these other Stages that come later anyways that's Enough for today okay so today's Friday December 22nd and I want to do a longer voiceover About Enthusiasm uh which I'll do in a moment But I want to edit this part first this Was a clip from uh uh Wednesday December 20th which was Char's uh masatti the day That he passed away and you know I Remember the day and you know it was Kind of significant day for everybody Who was in the mission at the time um And you know all the things that have Happened since then now it's been seven Years he passed away in 2014 and so it's been seven years since Um he passed Away and You know things haven't gone well seven Years is a significant number because uh You know the um your cells in your body

Change every seven years and for example Like your your Saturn returns every Seven years like it takes seven years For the planet Saturn to return whatever That you know means in astrology you Know seven years is significant in Various ways you're a brand new person Every seven years and so when you're 28 You know that's with significant to me When um you know I turned 28 then then I Found sash Mar the following year and so When I was 29 so there's these changes That happened that was a big year for me When 28 for example and so um you have These you know mil stones in seven years Is a big deal it's one of them right It's one of the sort of Indicators and things haven't gone so Well obviously since charie passed away 7 years ago and it hasn't been mentioned Like his M SM hasn't been mentioned all These years and all of a sudden dodgy Mentions it and he does one of his bogus 34 Minute sittings doesn't give a talk Doesn't say anything about charging and You know he does a tweet and all these Things I'll show you that clip and then I had some voice over which I have to Find because I didn't um save it the Right way so that's going to happen but Here's the clip here okay so I woke up Today um Uh and two of my um uh people I know From sa Mar the one person who's been

Doing it for a while that heard about Through me and the dodgy truther sent me Something about this and today is mAh Day of our spiritual Guy this is from Dody he doesn't call him a master he Calls him a spiritual guy today is the m Mi day of our spiritual guide Puja Chari Myage December 20th let's honor his Legacy by accelerating our spiritual Progress and embodying the essence he Encourages the salt to become love in One of his messages on Remembrance he Emphasized the significance of love Which is perhaps the most important Aspect of our spiritual practice According to him love is our original State and we only need to shed layers We've created around it those with open Heart receive love he refers he Describes babagi as the ody embodiment Of love the two keys from his message Are we become love and God is love let's Reflect on his human wisdom and Strengthen our spiritual connection with The ultimate join live in the meditation That's already happened few things I Want to say about this let me get Through this other stuff first um I got Some other things to show you here now I Don't think he wrote this um because he Said before that charie didn't say Anything original everything that Chargie said was um you know about uh Things he quoted from uh

Babaji so he didn't ever say anything You know on his own that's why he never Quotes charie but here he is quoting Charie and he says according to him First he calls him spiritual guide Because he's not referring to him as a Master which he's been moving away from Slowly and he must have been pressured Into this right in a variety of ways but He also says here um he said uh where is It according to him according to him Well that's attributes something of Original thought to him and also are you Sure about that like kind of you know Maybe it's true you it's according to Him um but it shows you what a piece of Poop dodgy is because I remember this Day and you know it was um we were on a Train and we were in India my family and We heard about it and the whole thing And everything to do with Dody Afterwards and Commish and it seemed Like he was the whole time was you know Was Char's disciple and then he turned Out he wasn't in his mind he was faking But chargie certainly thought he was so He was lying and pretending all the People around him thought he was and he Was a piece of crap the whole time and You know that would be um well he was a Liar he was pretending to be something He wasn't he spent seven years around Charie and then he got to down on his Knees and you know prostrated in front

Of him he was made his chargy successor Which I showed you in you know multiple Videos and of the journey series and Then he you know proceeded to try to Erase charie from the mission and you Know if his story was correct if he Chargie was somehow less than chargie Had failed and you know chargie had he Got orders from Babaji and divine Hier To to do something about charie that Would be be one thing right that would Mean his work would be superior like he Would come in and clean up Char's mess But he's made a huge mess of his own and Charie you know didn't leave a mess so All these things are are not you know Turned out to be not true um but Then uh dodgy well here's the med Meditation and there's no talk or Anything um he just meditates and then Disappears From the thing right he Leaves here at the end Um and so maybe people came here I don't Know why he's doing this it seems like He's uh you know being pressured into This right but this is a 41 minute video He gave a he starts Here um six minutes into It And ends here 40 minutes into it so it's a 34 Minute Sitting which is a individual sitting And not SATs on he gives these short

Sittings and I've been having great Meditations for the last four or five Days and I went through some like maybe Physical Cleaning and all of it So I was going to mention this on our Gratefulness meditation Channel I will Today I'll make a short video about that Um but Anyways so that happened um you know big Day but then I got a message from the Dodgy truther Reverend chares mahasa day A day of gratitude and humble thanks the Master of Saar tomorrow 20th December 2020 my might to have our beloved Reverend charie it's been six years Would be wonderful to hear watch or read A truly heartfelt message of gratitude From his key dispite dodgy about charie Mahaj his own words shared about his Life of Reverend charie which was Totally dedicated to Char's old Guru Babaji considering DOI hardly met Babaji Few hours or just a couple occasions on The other had spent 30 to 40 years with Chargie it was 30 years as a master a Guru and it was chargie as a living Master who showed the spiritual path to DOI over many decades and it was chargie Who appointed doi to the Pion holds Today in the mission and also charie who Entrusted him to his chargie Guru B's Mission along with the caretaking of the Abiosis and managing the asham all these

Other things right we all know about That um of course that's not going to Happen and he called him spiritual guy And so um you know there was that Um I'll send that tweet forward that Tweet to the dodgy truther now and I'll Continue on with a voice over about this A little bit I must not have made um a Voiceover for um you know this uh Journey series I made one for um my for The gratefulness meditation channel so That people would know there's a Meditation then I made another for the Um you know this channel just so people Would know there's a meditation and uh For whatever reason I forgot to do the One here maybe I was busy with my other Work here um but I I'll play the the Clip the audio clip because I i' explain Myat from the Grateful meditation um Video I made so that people would know About the sitting and and um you know Just so whatever I captured the the Energy from that day um but I you know Really have been having great Meditations uh it's been two days and You know intense it's almost like There's a you know massive Gathering Going on you know part I think it's Partly due due to charges Masatti but I think there are other Things going on as well so I'll play That audio then I want to do another Audio for this morning talking about all

This uh you know want to talk about Enthusiasm uh but let's play this clip Here greetings brothers and sisters so Today December 20th uh in the 2014 was Charie mahasti day mahasati uh refers to The soul returning home and there's Maybe you know better explanations uh or More depth of explanations but it's the Difference between saying oh that person Just died which is considered a bad Thing you know that something we fear Death is something we fear oh boy that Person just died whereas masy is Celebrated because that means the soul Returns to the source especially for a Higher developed Soul that's going Places that you know is moved forward on The spiritual path but I mean it's for Everybody and so asai Mar always Referred to the Master's death as their M Maha samadi day uh you know Maha Something like the you know whatever Like uh there's Maha parala paria when The universe ends and so whatever that Is um yeah so the word Maha is in there But anyways it was his day he died was Today and I received two messages one From the dodgy truther and and the other From the longtime practitioner who um Was uh Uh you know heard about artfulness Sark For me and Dody put out a tweet which he Hadn't done before and he calls chargie His spiritual

Guide you everyone's spiritual guide not Master but spiritual guide because there Is a distinction there where Babaji said That some of the the the so-called Masters or presidents of the system of The future might not be Masters but they Would be spiritual guides and so he's He's downgraded him but he hasn't talked About charges death and hasn't mentioned His MTI ever and he gave a bogus you Know 32 minute City 34 Minute City you Know it should be much longer as satson So there'll be a sitting today um my Meditations have been great by the way That's the other thing I want to say uh Like I've had really great meditations The last 3 four five days really strong Current I don't know if it you know it Must have something to do with this day And so um there'll be a satsa you can do It whatever you want today uh December 20th for charge's uh mamati day and you Know it's a good time to meditate and um Like it's just there for people to Connect to and um yeah so I just want to Make that announcement I'm doing a Journey series voiceover about this and I just want to get this one out as Quickly as possible so I'm going to make It short but today is the day that um You know it's a great day to meditate on And they're just the energy is just There it's good because it comes right You know this is the day before the

Winter solstice as well as you know a Couple days before Christmas all these Things so it's a you know there's um There's just this you know energy that's There anyways I'll just wrap this one up Now get it up on the internet and then You know I'll talk about this more in my Journey series video the 132nd uh series will be you know I'll Focus on this a little Bit okay so there are two first messages I had to clean up a bunch of things There because you know the um the thing I did the video I did about uh surviving The collapse was yesterday and the other Stuff about uh charges um masatti was um Two days ago so it's a little bit out of Order the whole thing but you know it's Just the way it has to sort of be uh put Together but that's you know these are Things that are there's a you know a Part of that like my personal Experiences and journey and you know What's going on with me in my meditation Right now I just want to stress this Stuff about Masadi you know it is um it's an Excellent you know word in the sense of Um you know Celebrating the soul not uh you know not Weeping over the body but celebrating The release of the soul and a spiritual Being that is now liberated from from Planet Earth it's a success story so

It's even better like for everybody else It's like okay you know great you're Released from your body but you got to Come back and deal with the mess that You've created here and most people are Making more and more of a mess Accumulating more and more Grossness some scar based grossness and They have to come back and then you know They're in a worse position they're not Their soul hasn't been moving forward in Their journey and all these things but To someone who does a mar the opposite Is the case and you know especially if They're if they're doing it the right Way right somebody like chargy for Example and pagy and ly and then a lot Of these other people not as many as You'd like but so many of them have you Know have ascended to The Liberation at Least the Liberation stage where if they Come back now it's not by force their Soul is free to go and and not have to Return if they come back it's that a c To you know God and assist them but they Don't have to come back right and so That is the m day is a celebration of That you know the Liberation aspect you Know what people think about going to Heaven these other religions which they Don't you know they like they don't get That you know it's not a it's not an Easy thing to achieve I mean it's it's Easy if it's the the world is so

Difficult to um you know to extricate Yourself from the the drama and people Who are able to do that and rise to a Spiritual level then yeah it's easy but Most people can't do that even Saints And Spiritual Beings that come down to Do work get trapped here and so the Celebration of amasa is a significant Thing because it's a rare achievement It's achievement of your whole life you Something you've achieved in your whole Life so anyways I wanted to clean all These things up here and make some sense Of them and there are two Whispers Messages that you know if I leave The Whispers messages up too long they come Down and you know I wanted to read these Ones but I didn't get a chance and they Both came down but I found them and they Have problems finding them and one Mentions obscurantism which is something That I I'm talking about quite a bit um But there was this other one which is um To do with what I was talking about in Terms of enthusiasm Friday November 19th 1999 adm. there's no need to worry about Frank some abiosis who lack motivation Have left others are taking a break it's Normal they need to assimilate all they Have received and take stock is Necessary to let them go at their own Pace and not rush anything each being Reacts in their own way it's a result That counts in their case it's a need

For interiorization that manifests Itself they will set out again stronger And more determined once that hurdle is Passed we are offer all all of you a Real spiritual Feast the most subtle Foods are at your disposal what is your Appetite that is the question if you Realize that it is a feast the awareness Is good and should lead you all to Making the right choices to consume According to your appetite and Assimilate the whole perfectly do you See how simple it is you are the ones to Manage your business as you feel we are There to help you and understand you but We can not push you against your wishes Even if we deplore certain behaviors we All have the freedom to do as you please You all have the freedom to do as you Please bobaji very interesting thing About freedom of choice and also you Know people leaving and coming and these Things and then this is um the following One November Friday November 19th 1999 10 A.m. in a way like ours we do not impose Anything only the true aspiration of the Abasi matters authoritarianism author Authoritarianism is not our style is is Not our style with us there is no Brainwashing an important action is Going on in Europe especially in France Against spiritual movements that are far More removed from religions it is

Worrying because the well uh these well Organized actions are geared towards a Deprivation of individual liberty this Country cannot go back and revert to the Obscurantism that prevailed for so long Our need one needs to have patient and Patience and wait for Minds to be Willing to open up Old Europe is falling Behind in many respects it has long Since ceased being the beacon of the World in many fields it is long way to Go to catch up they are also two Powerful forces confront each other good And evil with all the result result Frictions as far as all of you are Concerned do not lose the thread and do Not let yourself be affected by negative Comments concerning your way of seeing And leading your lives in this respect Your heart is the most precious Lantern You can possibly have trusted to guide Your steps Babaji so the obscurantism I've talked about time and time again it Is the truther aspect of these messages Right when governments and uh you know These whatever New World Order uh Illuminati type of you know whatever Organizations are um and just people in General people in Authority who Suppressed the truth and then put out Disinformation it just means Disinformation and you know way Babaji Keeps on using this word right and so What was going on in France in that time

Was they had an anti cult measure and Sahaj Mar made it in there because there Was a French um preceptor a woman Preceptor whose Husband um was like Uh jealous of her relationship with the Sash Mark system and she started spend a Lot of her time giving sittings and Doing preceptor work and he got pissed And they ended up getting divorced Because like you know I knew Why um and I think it's this guy and I'm Not sure named Ford and this guy has been an anti-ar Guy for years now has a website and he Knows things that lots of people in the System don't know he knows things I Don't know like he's a like a kind of a An anti-ar truther but you know kind of Sucky about it um but he has a Blog and You know whatever and he um you know he And I don't know if it's the same guy But there was a guy you know there in France I think it's this guy and he Complained to the government that this Was a cult and it was a time where they Were having anti-cult kind of propaganda You know movement in their you know in In France right and it ended up being Where you couldn't practice it was a Whole thing there French people are kind Of freaking out that did sash Mar and Then um Tom Cruz Went to went to France And said you know because Scientology

Was on it and of course Scientology is You know whatever that is like it's not You know it's kind of an effed up thing But he got the cult thing you know for Whatever reason Tom Cruz holds a lot of Powered France and they they got rid of This whole thing they stopped uh being Anti- cult now you know all these Countries are very anti-god Anti-religion and you know they're Rebelling against their Christian Indoctrination you know their Christian uh authoritarianism and all The stuff there and Europe you know was Been uh there had been a lot of aasis There and France had a guy um there that Babaji helps you know going into the 12th point when there's 13 points and he Was in the central region there's three Points in the central region and he was The highest person to ever uh to to rise Up in Spirituality outside of India right and The guy Um uh I can't remember his name anj Andre por I think his name was and he um Rose up to high levels but he was racist Like they there was a guy there from Madagascar which had a you know was a French colony in Africa and you know he's black you know Was African and they wouldn't let the Guy come to saton and be a part of like They didn't he came to Europe in France

To meet Babaji and he was a French-speaking you know African Person and um He wouldn't they they wouldn't let him Come into the satson right they were Like like segregation and Babaji was Like mortified and charie they couldn't Believe that that existed right and you Know it was completely racist and and You know in ways that you know they Don't talk about these things the Prejudice they don't get into these Things right you once in a while there's Some evidence of it but chargie and Babi Don't talk about social issues and Things but they were stunned at Andre Por this guy's one step away from the Central region and he won't let this guy Into satson and there's other French People that were all about that too and That was effed up so that was like crazy And then um years later the first guy That you know chargie blessed my book The choice and all these people wanted To buy it like I brought it to charge You I was like disheveled and you know I Just come off the plane and I wanted to Present the book to him but I didn't Want to make a big deal but he came Outside and you know I've shown pictures Of this in the past um I'll put those Pictures Here I guess somewhere um and he blessed The book and all these people came up

Wanted to buy the book and one of the Guys from Madagascar I don't think any Of them like the Book but chargie you know uh put his Hand on it and said something um about It you know and said you know okay you Know whatever it was um and this guy was First guy who bought it was from Madagascar we had several conversations I saw the guy a a couple of times at the Asham over the years since then and he Said this guy and I forget his name um You know they he was a lawyer the guy That was prejudice against in France This shows you just what a mess the Mission is and how people are and this Guy was another guy was into it right But in Fr in Madagascar they call a Lawyer a master and so they referred to This guy as a master you know master and Eventually he wanted to be a master and He started his own little thing there s Mar and became you know a mess so M even Madagascar had all these issues right But anyways Andre po left and a bunch of These people did you know I'd heard a Story that they were trying to um Psychically there were some psychics There in France you know there's only One guy who said this and I don't know If he was BS and you know he told uh This guy's a real problem in himself but He told the the Naas who told me about It that you know that the um my ex was

At this gathering in France and there Was a lot of you know was bag's last um Sort of uh 1974 when he got sick and he Was never the same after that and that Some of these guys tried to psychically Attack babaj and some things and you Know there seemed to be a very crazy Gathering like there was stuff going on And the French you know aasis were kind Of sucky you know Babaji went to England And he said he could only he could Barely breathe there because of the how Heavy the grossness was there you know England um Bob G said at some point the And I believe it's that Island he didn't Specify but it seemed like he was Talking about England and the my vision Chapter in reality of Dawn would Disappear because of va volcanic Activity or something the whole island Would just go into the ocean right it Seemed like something to get rid of all The you know the money power you know Britain's the center of money power and All the stuff for the British Commonwealth I don't know but anyways he Went there and he said he just was so Gross that he couldn't breathe bre and He cleared he cleared 5% of the Atmosphere just so he could you know I Experienced this when I went to England As well very heavy dense I was in London I don't know about other parts but London is very heavy and you know I

Understood what bobi was talking about At least on some level and so the English Abasi said what about France They're much worse than we are because France is more immoral and you know less Um you know Britain they're more you Know stiff or whatever less partying and You know these things He said oh France is quite nice Bobby Said that like so even though France is There's more um sort of you know uh Behaviors that would could be considered Immoral sexually you know whatever it is Right um and Bob G like France and he Liked um he loved Denmark and he made he Put six people in the central region in Denmark and there was all these you know Kind of U issues with them some of them Started doing LSD and you know so Europe Has just been a mess right they just Didn't they didn't do the practice the Way it was you know and I I'm I'm saying This because I'm going to segue into What I'm going to talk about today in Terms of enthusiasm but a lot of these People they just never had an enthusiasm For the practice like they came and they Met Bob G and they loved him and they Loved his energy and they loved being Around him but they didn't get into the System the the method the you know the Transmission the cleaning right and you Know I could see this and they didn't Read the books and try to apply this to

Their lives and and there was a guy who Um he was from France and he was a school teacher he Was on a very tight budget and you know I told this story before where I I got On a plane from DC you know we were Living in in Northern we were living in You know Virginia and I had to drive you Know to DC which was 3 hours away and I Was flying out of DC and um you know it Was right after the big event was 2005 So right after the big event 20 01 and you know I got in there just in Time and I got in the plane and there Was a guy and he was obese and he sat Next to me and I couldn't like he fell Right asleep it was a 5H hour flight to France and I you know didn't feel Comfortable wakeing the guy up and had To I had to like pee right like I'm just Sitting there miserable in a window seat Right and I get to France and I'm like All right I'll go to the bathroom and I'll get a chai and I'll get some you Know whatever and we get off the airport We get out of the uh get out of the Plane and I got a 2hour layover so I Think all right you know France is known For good food and all these things and So we get off the plane and we're Outside like we're on the tarmac and we Have to walk into this building I think We took a bus and walked into this Building I know what's going on I'm

Trying to find English people speaking People and we get out and there's Security with machine guns and they're Just yelling at people and a lot of These people are Muslim and I had no Idea what's going on of course years Later it made sense because France was Just allowing all these Muslim people Into their country and they were Miserable because of the wars that were Going on and the post you know Whatever's happening and so the security Was a lot tougher there than you know This was France which was uh you know Liberte you know those just saying uh You go you know I had a a meme I did With this when France went all like Martial law but they have like these Three words they have and one of them is Like Liberty you know whatever you know In French um and whatever I could find The thing I'm not going to go I'm do That but whatever it's known for I mean They sent the Statue of Liberty right They're supposed to be all about Freedoms and they were just yelling at These Muslim people they're just like Hating them and there's babies crying And we're just stuck in this room or Packed in this room going through Security and I'm like wow this is not a Welcoming country right what's up with France it's worse here than in DC and DC Was supposedly one of the places that

Was you know was attacked on that big Day right and then France is worse and And you know so there's just we go Through the immigration thing and There's just cops everywhere with Machine guns and they're like rude you Know they're like whatever I'm trying to You know find my way through I don't Know where I'm going I have no idea how To find the my my flight and so by the Time I get through I you know I have to Run like OJ Simpson through the freaking Airport I literally have to run no time For anything the flight's already Boarding and so I get on the flight and It's pretty much empty it's going from From France to India right and I sit There and I have all these seats there's Empty rows of seats I'm like oh my God I'm going to lay down take a nap this is Going to be great right you know because It's a 9 hour flight and I sit um you Know I don't want to sit in the window Again and get caught up but I'm like I'm Sitting there I'm like well there's no One's going to come in no one's going to Sit next to me because there's all these Empty seats right rows of empty seats And this guy comes in and like I'm Sitting in the middle seat but I'm you Know like I'm going to lean over and Take a nap by the window and he sits Right next to me on the aisle and I'm Like what what is going on I'm like look

At this uer right he has the whole plane And he's sitting right here and I had Taken one of my books a sjar book that I Was going to read and I stuck it in the You know where you you you have those Magazines and things and the you know The barf bags and all this stuff there's Like that area where you know you have That little storage area and the guy Looks at me and said oh you're going to See Master because there was picture Chargie on the front of the book I was Like wow what are the odds of this like There's about you know 100 people on This Plane it's about a third empty and This guy sits right next to me and he's Zomie AI so we had this good Conversation the guy's uh school teacher Who was teaching uh he was from England But he was teaching English in France And he loved France and he hated England Uh no no it it's the opposite he was a French guy who lived in England teaching France French in England and he loved England and hated France but he had to Fly through because of his passport he Came back to his home country he was on A very fix fixed budget and you know we Had some interactions and there was a Gathering this is a gathering where I Where I had that interaction with a cow They had this cow just sitting on the Slab of uh you know eating like hay and There's no there's this field it was an

Old school that somebody donated to the Mission but then they took it back you Know so it was a onetime thing and we Were staying there and you know it was a A rural area nice out in the country and India and the country is just Spectacular you get away from the you Know overpopulation of cities and it's Just beautiful and peaceful they had a Cow that was just you know they they had It on a slab of cement and they were Just thred hay and I went up and you Know it was a Brahma cow and the cow Looked at me and we had just this like Exchange of energy because when I was Leaving we had the opportunity to get a Dairy cow and I just I had this you know Moment where I'm like oh we're going to If this cow can can you know we had Grass and we had a nice place for the Cow to be I'm like this cow's happy here And you know I just felt you know Something like something passed between Us and I was like oh and I I called my Ex and say yeah tell them we're going to Get that cow and we came back and got The cow and that started the whole home Study so that was significant that whole Gathering um I had a bunch of books to Present to chargie then too this is Years and years ago anyways there was About 25 or so Europeans there there's Italian woman who's sort of running Things and a bunch of other people there

And there was so much drama like and I Couldn't understand most of it because They were speaking a different language And they were just I'm like oh my God The Europeans suck so bad like and they All kind of I knew from my first trip This is my second trip to India that They look down at Americans and they you Know and they just I mean all of them Had the not all of them cuz some of them Are very saintly there's of course the Good ones right but most of them you Know had a negative attitude towards Americans and you know I'm not the Typical American but that's how they're Going to see me and I just didn't you Know there's a language barrier anyway But we all took a train to get there Then we took a bus to leave they rented A bus cuz chargie was travel they want To travel with chargie so you know Whatever and they sat me in the front Next to the driver like no one wanted to Sit there and they were rude to the Driver like I was buying him things and You know trying to you know just I mean Represent the mission or whatever he Didn't speak English well but I'd rather Sit with him than with them so I was Pretty psyched and they said it was cuz I had long legs but I was not the Tallest person there you know so but I Was like happy to sit there cuz I'm not A people person uh but they didn't want

Me in the you know whatever was going on Or whatever the drama was there and we Go into this restaurant Char's eating Upstairs and I've told this story before But were you know we're eating Downstairs and chargie ended up uh you Know paying for the whole thing and There's like 25 of us eating this nice Restaurant and they weren't ready for This many people and so there guy who Was in the head of France um you know He's a big guy kind of you know whatever It is um Like you know he there was a guy sitting With me as like a gym teacher a nice guy It was like five of us at a table and They serve this guy this french guy as Food and this guy who's head of France The head preceptor comes up and takes The guy's food he's placed right in Front of him said oh I ordered before You and he took the food right and you Know and he didn't like and he didn't Seem starving or anything it wasn't like He was Hy hyp glycemic he was just a Dick I wanted to slap him I remember Like feel you know I don't have those Kind of urges but I'm like I'm going to Slap this guy Like and you know was just one of those Like you know oh like this is horrible And I there was all these drama with France and they had they didn't accept Charie and I think this guy was a part

Of that and you know I'm like oh these Guys are horrible these people right and There's a guy who was secretary to Chargie for a while and he was so Obnoxious that everyone hated him and he You know part of his job was to keep People out from charge this is my first Trip to India years and years ago and Everybody disliked the guy and I didn't Recognize him but I when I came back Years later he looked like Steve Ash the Basketball player and I didn't know it Was the same guy but he got me in to see Chargie it was really nice to me so I Didn't have you know problems with them But I remember like this guy the Commander got into it with him and there Like there was a he threatened to like Beat him up like he was like that bad And the guy was rude and years later it Was the same guy but I didn't know it Was him and then years years later after That the guy got married and his Daughter hung out with my kids like one Of my daughters hung out with his Daughter was weird you so the whole Thing years and years later when we came Back in 2012 at my first trip in 1993 This guy was secretary you know he was Single and he was you know whatever but I came back in 2005 so 12 years later And the guy looked completely different He had longer hair and he was going into You know Master charie had these gates

In front of his Cottage and you had to Go through you know security to get in And he was one of those guys that had Been sort of a you know around chargie a Lot and been a secretary and he wanted To go see him and they wouldn't let him In he tried to force his way and then This big tall guy's head of France came In and said you won't let him in and I See all these Indians going in this is Racist and you know start victim he just Does some you know little Boop um the Same trip so I'm like oh these guys are Horrible so France was you know they had Some higher developed Souls there and Bobby G loved it of course Madame mein Came out of there but there's lots of Drama and then they had this anti-cult Thing and then the stuff to do with um You know uh with Tom Cruz all that weird Stuff and now they're you know SAR is Able to be practiced there but there's This guy fordon who has a anti Mark Person has been for a while and posts All these things and he has information And access to information he's into sa Margan ways even as being an enemy as a Troll than a lot of these people are Like they don't know you know he knew Stuff that I didn't you know he had Found information that I didn't even Know right like people went to his Website to find out things obasi did Even though he said horrible things

About chargie but it took me a long time To understand that most people didn't do The practice and they weren't Enthusiastic about it and whatever Reason they did it you know maybe they You know they they really like the m P Or they had one good sitting or they you Know felt something at a gathering or Whatever it was they didn't do the Practice right and they never got Enthusiastic like I did and you know I Started to appreciate my original Initial sittings as a real blessing Where I you know where I had an Undeniable proof that this was Incredible thing that was special and I Was lucky to you know feel the energy The way I did and have the experience That I did initially but I was thinking About this this morning how all these People lots of them and you know not Everybody cuz there's some good ones but Those are the ones are hard to find and My preceptor was great like he was there And he saw the you you know the reaction I had from the sitting like he didn't Experience what I experienced but he saw You know was genuine and real but that Initial group that I came in these were Mostly you know white uh in their 40s And 50s that are um you know um uh Boomer hippies right and you know I Didn't feel so comfortable around them Even though my older brothers and

Sisters are all a part of that that age Group and you know whatever and they you Know they I mean I felt kind of like They weren't like me and I wasn't all That comfortable around them which is Okay but I was so enthusiastic about it And all of them you know except for my Preceptor did their best to crush my Enthusiasm like I was unaware of it Because my enthusiasm was so much so Like I didn't care what they did or said Or whatever but years later I you know Came to understand understand this you Know I went to get a sitting from Mr B And Mr B really enjoyed the practice and Did the practice it was one of his Things he would talk about how you could Do the practice in 110 minutes whatever It was you know an hour meditation in The morning half hour cleaning which is What 90 minutes and then um you know Another you know nighttime prayer he Didn't talk about the 9:00 prayer Because he didn't do it and he gave me Incredible sitting he was a good Preceptor like he was you know he did His cleaning like he did 40 minutes of Cleaning instead of 30 because he wanted To be extra clean like he was that kind Of person you know sort of OCD about it But you know he gave me a great sitting And it was like 3 minutes before 9:00 And his wife and kids were coming home Just when we were done and he wanted me

To leave and I'm like oh my God that was Such a great sitting I was like really Into it like it was a great sitting I Said let's do the 9:00 p.m. prayer and He was like a dick about it like just You know whiny whatever it was and we Did the prayer but it's totally awkward Like I was like I just got to get out of Here this guy doesn't want to do this Right and we only did it till 9:07 it's 15 minutes and so I knew he wasn't doing The prayer he wanted to you know do Whatever he was going to do with his Family whatever that's fine you know I Could understand that um but like it was Always awkward between me and his wife Was always you know uh between me and Him and his wife was always anti me Right whenever I you know I came in with A lot of enthusiasm and a lot of you Know energy and she didn't like that cuz She had she was a fear-based person that Never really felt anything and you know She thought being a longer term Abasi at Men more and whatever I don't know um And so she was always you know I talked About my interactions with her and how She tried to undermine my being made a Preceptor all these things years later And it was all that stuff and you know There was always tension there you know Years later um when I came back to that Center so this was in 2000 probably 19 Yeah

2000 um maybe uh 2001 probably you know The big event I was there in that you Know that Center I returned back to this Original Center so I started there in 1993 left in 956 or whatever it was um 95 and then um Got married in 97 and had my first kid '98 then we went To Idaho in 90 uh in 2000 And then returned there in 20002 2001 um and so um you know whatever that Was so that I was back at that Center And they decided to do and you know I Wasn't really legitimately a preceptor Then because you know all that stuff That was that confusion that happened With that stuff you know but I was Giving sittings and they had these Intensive um you know the Intensive Gathering things where we got three Sittings in one day and now the Gratefulness meditation I have those Three sittings and I've done them many a Time now three sittings in one day when I'm feeling you know I need a a real Boost those of you guys that are into it You know and there's a playlist there And there are three sittings that you Have and they're just deep cleaning and Mr B gave me the sitting you know he's a Great preceptor and and I had a a good Experience and then we you know then we Had a second intensive where you know

The first one was just preceptors Working with other preceptors just exper Experienced this and then the second one Was obasi OB his preceptors were giving Sittings to aasis two batches but in the First one we received a sitting then we Gave a sitting or we gave a sitting Received a sitting right and we matched Up with different people and Mr be Matched himself up with me because there Had been tension and you know and I was Really happy with my condition right Like just phenomenal and you know the Only other thing I had like that was When I was made a precept or I had eight Sittings and two or three 3 days right Deep clean of course sitting with master Charie and a profound effect on my Spiritual condition and so I was like we Should do this all the time because People are gross and they're not into The practice and you get levels of Cleaning that you just don't get when You just get one one sitting a week or Even at a gathering and you know it went Off well everyone loved it and they Stopped doing it they tried it these two Times and then I don't know what Happened with it and I wouldn't talk to Mr B about it I went up to him a Gathering said you know that's that Those intensives were really great Whatever and he just was a douche I was Like all right I'm done with you like

I'm I'm you know I mean all the you know Negative things they done did you know I Didn't do anything to them like I had I Never said anything negative about them And you know but his ex his wife and his You know all these things um and they Were you know the enthusiasm that I had Was part of it you know I might have Come off you know Obnoxious I mean there's reasons why you Know I wasn't perfect I'm sure like I Can see how they saw me but all these Preceptors they started you know one Person would would stay out of 40 so out Of you know 30 or 40 people they would Start only one would stay and those People didn't stay Forever and you know there was a lack of People coming in and doing the system Especially people who are not Indian Right Americans and nobody who was young Like I was one of the youngest persons For years you know that was in my 30s Right and like every Gathering there Would be you know all just older people And they've all aged out now and pretty Much everybody who's younger than me now It's it's there's not so some of there's Maybe a few second generation or and you Know whatever a Sprinkle of people here But almost all of them are now Indians And so you know you had somebody who was Enthusiastic and was energy had a lot of Energy in Youth and wanted to do work

And wanted to volunteer and they were Really douchy to me you know different Ways like they were you know I mean just These old funy dodies that wanted to Crush my enthusiasm kind of thing cuz it Bothered them for their lack of you know Wherever it was right and I guess not Very many people had that enthusiasm but There's a few people there's um you know The Mr P who was kind of interesting Different and he you know spent a lot of Time with chargie and he was somebody That you know had in initial sittings Like mine and then my ex who you know at The time uh we were you know just Preceptors I was preceptor living in New Mexico and she was in Colorado and um She really appreciated my enthusiasm and She was married and older than me and Wasn't you know I didn't think about her As a romantic type of person you know Someone that I would have I mean it was Just not an option I didn't think about It like that right she was the re they Broke the country up to Regions and There was nobody else there was two Preceptors in the whole southwestern Region right she was in Colorado there's No other preceptors in you know there Was a couple preceptors in Arizona Indian young Indian Preceptors and they were kind of close To I guess they were in Phoenix um and we had to gather into

Grand Canyon but that was it there's no One in these other states New Mexico and These you know the southwest region of The country there's people in Texas and Stuff but that wasn't you know part of This region and so um you know the four Corner States and there was just nobody In Nevada in these places right and Years later I would return and be in Nevada and Utah and these things but There was nobody there in those States Originally right and so um so she was in Charge of this and then you know her Husband became in charge of the like the There was an administrative position and She was a preceptor and there was a lot Of enthusiasm to get going and get People there and there was a lot of you Know new age stuff going on in New Mexico and Santa Fe and the idea that There would be a lot of people there That would want to do SJ Mar and it Never really panned out um as it you Know as things turned out out uh but Initially she was somebody that had that Enthusiasm and you know people who just Are really love sa margan doing the Practice and things and I thought she Was like that but once we got married She did everything in her power to stop Me from being able to do my practice Right like she made it difficult for me To do it I mean I think she was sincere About you know me and my enth she was

Enthusiastic for me in the beginning but That's how she was with people in the Beginning anyway she was enthusiastic About meeting a new person and meeting New people and that's what you know Brought people to be uh like a you know Connected to her because she was so um You know so fired up and so uh Enthusiastic about you as a person that Like she put people on a pedestal but Then eventually she demonized them and She was looking to get out of her Marriage and so was her husband you know They were you know they were their Marriage had been over which I didn't Know like I didn't you know and I didn't Care about because it wasn't none of my Business and I didn't want to know about It but you know I became part of that And then their marriage ended and she Found you know she found a way to rope Somebody else in some a fool like Me um and then you know that all Happened but she eventually was Devastating to my enthusiasm for the Organization you know and the dark side Of the the mission and dodgy being a a Complete failure and him taking her Sight all that stuff Um but you know I was thinking about all This this morning and there's very few People who are enthusiastic about it and You know I'm not a OCD person I'm the Opposite of an OCD person and I'm not

Rule-based and I'm not you know uh you Know whatever like I'm just not you can See how I am you guys who watch my Videos should know how I am as a person But there's a purity to this system to The Sark system system that has to be Upheld and respected on all levels and It can't be watered down and it can't be Compromised and all these people let it Happen and because they never had that Kind of you know feelings like I had for The system they you know even after Doing it for so many years and so many Great sittings and so many great moments With charie a lot of these people had a Lot more time with babaj G I certainly I Had no time with babaj G but they had You know intimate time with babaj g and Then charie you know even more so and They did this thing for 30 years and They let this clown walk in without any Resistance and demolish this system the Purity because they you know they never Had that right and you know that's I Mean it's a shame it's like you know and Whatever this is a plan and I have to Believe it's a plan because of Everything I've said about you know There's no other option for me and of Course it's sad and it could be Soul Crushing you know with the way that They've taken this wonderful system and Just turned it into some crappy thing Like anything else right and they've

Allowed it these people who were you Know there and you know whatever little you know reasons they have and Little you know some of them have gone Along with it they've they've got some Little shekel from dodgy whatever it Might be right um they got a little you Know little position or whatever it Might be or whatever reason they've gone Along with it but that's why because They just never loved it and they never You know they never accepted they never Were disciplined about their practice And they never you know valued it the Way that it should have been valued and You know it's sad to to think that Because to think that I'm one of the Better people is kind of terrifying Because I'm just you know I'm kind of a Slacker and I am whatever I am right you Know rude and you know just the way that I am in the videos mocking people Whatever um to think that I'm one of the Better people you know is just uh like That's a really scary thought cuz I know I'm not great you know I should be a lot Better at it you know whatever you know I'm a little bit overwhelmed with the Whole gratefulness thing and you know It's I mean it's there for people to do And I don't think people have stuck with It and I you know I little dropped the Ball a little bit I wanted to mention it More on the regular channel and checking

With people doing their practice I don't Know how many people are doing their Practice I people still listen to these Journey Series so I don't know how many People maybe it's still around a 100 or So maybe not I don't know uh but I Haven't been able to you know do what I Would want to do with the gratefulness Meditation and you know move it forward Cuz I'm overwhelmed and you know and People suck and you know I don't I can't Take another blow to my I mean I just I Don't have it in me right like I used to Have it in me the enthusiasm like I Would I was a 247 Sark person and like You know I'm I'm better now and I'm you Know more mature and I'm a better person Now and and I have a you know better Grasp but I don't do the practice like I Used to and you know I still value it But I'm more limping to the Finish Line Right and now it's about you know the Gratefulness which is a positive thing But I like I said it's overwhelming and You know I just don't feel like I have Enough time and energy to to do as much With it as I I should and of course I'm Battling that stuff with YouTube and all These things in terms of uh keeping the Channels afloat and you know keeping the Financially viable so I don't have as Much time to make contact on content on The gratefulness thing and you know Connect with people and build some sort

Of community these things it's just you Know I don't know like I I'm not going To take on more and just be burdened the Way charie and these other people were And just you know I don't have the Energy and you know the support the way They did and I saw the way that all goes And it's you know really hard for me to Put myself out there in that way to you Know experience the same thing when when I just can keep my own head afloat right Like that's how I feel about it at this Point with everything that's happened in The world and all these other things I Can't carry people I just can't like you Know maybe I I don't know if I would if I could but I can't like I definitely Don't have the the energy enthusiasm for It right and so mostly it's for me Watching you know tuning into the Heartfulness debacle every once in a While and waiting for that thing to Finally just you know the bed right I mean like eventually it has to um you Know Dody is not well physically but It's just watching something destroy and And you know trivialize a a an epic Practice something that's brilliant Something that's Divine something that's Next level and take it down to a mundane Level with the mundane putts and the People around him you know those people Around him when they you know they were Crushing my enthusiasm and the Purity

That I wanted for the system when they Asked them about the UN and they didn't Have an answer because they the only Answer was they suck and they they there Were frauds and they never really I mean These were guys who spent hours of hours With charging like just traveled with Them and were around them and and they Didn't you know they couldn't wait to Wreck this system I mean they absolutely Suck right they're horrible people again If it's part of a plan it's part of a Plan but you had to wreck this thing you Know for what for money and power you Know what's your I why are you doing it Like if you don't value the practice you Don't value the the the purity of it and You've wrecked it like you haven't made It better you know there's nobody I mean You haven't expanded the mission Uh you know and even if you did it would Be sucky people who can't feel the Transmission they don't belong here you Don't belong here if you can't if you Don't benefit from it at some point you Don't feel it you don't benefit from it Then why are you here because it's not It's not the people it's not the Organization you know I mean for some People it's like a step up because They're so poor in India that the Asham's like a vacation you know free Vacation they can take you know those People just go for free food and free V

You know vacation at a place that's Nicer than where they live and maybe They have a little bit of Godly Religious Tendencies but they don't get It they're still Hindus they're still Doing their Hindu rituals and religious Stuff they just you know they they added This to it but they don't understand it And they're not you know they're they're Negative not positive right but anyway So that's you know what my practice is Now I'm just limping along doing it you Know I still have enthusiasm but not Like I did and you know I'm positive About it because I know it's great and I Know it's worth saving and I have hope And you know faith that there's you it Can endure because it's still the Transmission's still there nothing's Changed with that and that's the most Important part uh but the rest of these Things right you know it's I mean it's a Real bummer like it's just a it's a b It's a it's a downtime because there's Lots of things that we're great about Going to Gatherings and these things and You know all these people are Underperforming now they were Overperforming when chargie was propping Them up but now the charge's gone They're underperforming and they're Petty and they're weak and they're you Know they're allowing this thing to be They know they should know if they don't

Know they're not real abiosis that dodgy Is a joke and this thing's a you know Abomination so it's kind of sad you know It's not a a positive thing it's just Something you have to endure like the Same thing with the you know collapse I Was talking about that video you just Have to endure it right and there's Always going to be drama there's always Going to be sucky people and you have to Endure these things and you know have Faith that I mean either you know it's Comes down to people and people have to Rise up or not but they have to be given The opportunity you know otherwise There'll be a you know there'll be a Contingency plan and you know I'm sure There is and maybe it's already kicking In you I don't know um but Anyways we'll see I'm going to end this One now I'm starting to get tired uh but You know that's where I'm at right now And you know it's like I said it's sad But it's you know it's it is what it is So so YouTube recommended this to me Last night today is um Saturday uh I believe it's the 23rd of December And Um it's called good morning Joy with Commish with DOI KES D Patel affectionately known as DOI is the fourth and current spiritual Guide of the glob she how we fade their

Sister she has it now this this isn't What Dody did this is a separate person Who has her own YouTube channel but you Can see she has dodgy coming In And chargie and like charie Fades away Here right there's just dodgy the three Other Masters Fade Away um you see here They are they start fading away she Babaji fading away a little bit dodgy And then he's pulled out Front um you know um and So I don't know who edited that right um Because here's this is all footage they Gave they provided the pictures to this Person to do the to do the um like I Don't know if this is like a vanity Plate kind of show vanity book kind of Show where you go and you present stuff And the person pushes it out it only has 5,000 views I didn't do much research Into her Channel but whoever did that um Had the other Masters disappearing and Dody becoming forward like being you Know uh pulled forward and um it's not a Good look for him Right okay so um I went to look at the Show a little bit like I just um went to This one part and I I go back and show You but I don't want to bother but she Um you know dodgy talk to this woman About couples and and he just like he's So inarticulate like he's such a boob a Couple comes together and then they you

Need to resonate with each other just Saying you know just whatever lathering New Age kind of stuff it looks like a New age show coming out of La um near Hollywood somewhere or in Hollywood and she's getting like 300 or Less views on most of her Videos and she gets 5,000 with dodgy you Know so it shows his ability to bring in An audience is about 5,000 people like 5,000 people will go and follow dodgy Somewhere Else um which is about what he gets on His you know Channel and who knows if those are fake Views even you know like I don't know What their bot situation is over there Right because um so look there was 46 Comments which is low for a video that Gets 5,000 views she has some regular Viewers that commented maybe five or 10 Of them uh five comments from them maybe A little bit more maybe there like 10 or 15 from them so there's about 30 dodgy Comments um so you know um who knows What's going on in terms of dody's Viewership but he's just horrible and to Come in with an introduction like that And I don't know if she has a editing Team there or You know again it's a small Channel she Would have to learn how to do this Herself economically right you can't pay A staff on 200 views you know you can't

Pay a staff on on 20,000 views right so You need whatever you need um so I don't Know who had it the idea to fade the Other Masters away but either way it's Something that you can see happening and Dody's name is on the title of the video And you know it's what has happened in The system where the other Masters have Been disappeared and dodgy has been Pulled forward by heartfulness and it's A disaster to the Integrity of the System um I think I'm going to wrap this One up today I don't know maybe I'll put Another voice over on this I just wanted To you know say that um you know to to Uh to add on to what I was saying Yesterday about that you know the loss Of enthusiasm like they've robbed the Enthusiasm and bobi were used the word Dynamic that you're supposed to be a Dynamic person because of the Transmission and the um cleaning and Everything enhances you and you become More than you were and that happened to Me like I'm better I wasn't great before But I'm a lot better now and I have you Know a lot more uh I don't know um I'm Better at the thing things that I was Not as good at and the things that I was Have talents in I've been able to Utilize right I was an underachiever Before all these things and there's Different things in terms of these Videos in terms of some of the ideas

That are expressed here that you know Come from a like a channeling type Situation that make this like a dynamic Show right makes it you know something That's different and something that People who see it you know those of you Who see it and some a lot of you who are A lot of you who are watching this do is Because of doing the system right and There should be a lot more people like Me who are actually better you know in Terms of um I don't know like they're More devotional more service oriented More whatever it is and they might be Dynamic in some areas of their lives That the people around them know the People their jobs know the people in Their family you know there are people I've seen over the years and would be Like yeah that's person's a good example What an Abasi can be right there's some Wonderful people like that and I don't Know you know how they're doing now but I assume they're all suffering to some Extent because of what dody's done and Then there's a lack of enthusiasm and You know now doubt has creeped in and Crept in and you know they don't know What to do and they're being you know Dodgy probably trying to shut them down To whatever extent it is right by the Way that he's doing things um because He's turning into a you know a dead System the system that no longer has the

Life of life in it you know the the Energy here the pranoti and the all all Of it and the people around him are Suffocating all that out of it with Their you know Bean counting ways and Their you know corporate ways and They're you know not feeling it not Having enthusiasm for the system it's a Real disappointment right so this is you Know the great loss that here and now We're all just waiting to see like what Happens You know how can it be salvaged what Happens post dodgy you know how the Mission uh plays out you know all the Different stuff with the legal aspect of Who owns what in terms of the properties The ashs and whether they can get back To you know the way they were you know This uh dodgy truth are telling me that They're not allowed to Ser serve food in Chedi anymore for example like that Changes people's ability to go there for The morning meditation satson and like These ashrams are being suffocated he Said all the other ashrams the one in The uh you know Himalayas and um these other big asham That were important you know that had This special energy and they all do but All these other asham that were better Than Kana are being suffocated and he's Trying to get people to come to Kan and See him and you know his thing and

Whatever there was a YouTube channel in Hard in chenai called heartfulness Chenai or something and I don't know Whether it's been compromised or taken Over by dodgy but they were doing their Own sittings and they stopped doing this It was early on when there was no Sittings on the app and dodgy wasn't Doing C on the internet like they didn't Really have much of a YouTube channel And so they started a YouTube channel in Heartfulness chenai and they were doing Regular satson and was in Tamil um but I think they did three a Day one in Hindi one in English one in In Tamil they were they were stopped From doing that now the channel says um You know it's say heartfulness chenai They have their uh heartfulness chenai Tamel and it's all Dody stuff right it's Like before it was just sash Mark stuff Now it's DOI um so you know I there's all these Things but the preservation of the System is at stake right that's the uh You know what's at stake here and we'll See how it plays out I don't know you Know what's going to happen with it it But it's going to play out one way or Another in the next couple of uh you Know 10 15 years or so as dody's health Deteriorates and you know I mean it's Just going to get worse before it gets Better like he's not changing and the

People around them aren't changing and You know they have a whatever it is some Kind of cabal of of businessmen and you Know whatever uh Power seeking people Whatever their deal is and you know I Mean it's just going to play out that Way until he passes away and then There's going to be a fight for the you Know I don't know what he's going to do In terms of a representative or he's Going to try to pass it on to his sons Or whatever he tries to do right and I Mean there's going to be some things There's there's more to this story and The reason to keep in touch with it Because it is the official organization He's the official president it is the Official offal organization that baj g Started in 1945 so it you know there's Not like he's some you know he's just Has his own thing like he started Something like you know doing what we're Doing with gratefulness that's some Unofficial thing it it is uh the owner Of all these properties and ashs that Are supposed to be safe havens in the Future that were put all the spiritual Energy was put in them and all these Things and you know they're worth money On top of it right there's a they have a Value to them um in terms of the Organization people donated money and There was work put into these ashs that You know they should be preserved as a

Place to do sash Mar Meditation and so you know how how they Erase dodgy like is there an admission Moving forward that Dody was a failure And like whatever he did was like he has To be erased the way that he's trying to Erase charie because his books suck and His you know he didn't I mean he Contributed some things early on but he Has this you know just stench of failure Like he's such a dope when you listen to Him talk to this woman I mean you know It's like I should show some clips but I'm not you know I want to I got other Stuff to do today but it's you know Pretty egregious anyways um let me uh You know wrap this one up here I might Uh do one more voice over before uh Putting this one uh out so I got Recommended a video about about um Dody's Golden Light liquid golden liquid Technique of meditation that he wanted To add to the cleaning process and I'd Heard about this Before and you know I saw the video and I didn't like it but this is from like Two or three years ago when I didn't Know dodgy was a complete fraud but I Was questioning even then so I just Looked it up and like I said I'm going To show you the video in a second here But it exists in other forms here right Golden liquid light golden liquid Meditation Liquid Gold meditation here

Tap into the healing power of meditation Golden Light and none of these things Have anything to do with dodgy and and And heartfulness and some of these Things Existed um this is golden liquid light Meditation and it's from seven years ago Right when chargie was still alive you Know so um this has been around for a Long time and this from eight years ago And so this was a something like with All things Dodgy that well let's watch the video And it'll be more understandable new Revelation now that I would like to Share with you is this so this is a YouTube channel that's not official Heartfulness like I've banned all those Channels I I blocked them I you know I Don't want to see content but they still YouTube still ends up showing finding The new channels to send to me and he Just said this was a new Revelation and that would imply because He's been saying he's been channeling Babaj G right that would imply that he Got this through Intuition or channeling Which all of us experience in the Sark Tradition you know there's information That flows through me there's ideas I Have even even the way that I set up the Whole gratefulness meditation came from Divine inspiration we all can do this It's part of the heartfulness I'm sorry

Sa Mar and gratefulness you know it's part Of that but it's not part of Heartfulness because DOI doesn't have That he doesn't have these moments of Divine Inspiration because he just keeps on Copying other people the brighter mind Scam is the biggest example he finds These things that already already exists Like the relaxation that he does you Know he got that from other people like The exact method it didn't come from he Was meditating and he got instructions From above he finds other things that People are doing and then he takes them And he tries to make him his own like he Did with the brighter mind scam like he Did with boba's um towards Infinity book That became his spiritual Anatomy book He just takes things and he pretends Like they come from Divine INSP ation But there are just other things that People do in a recent video he um some Doctor represent recommended you have Dinner with the master and he said yeah Everyone should do that like he comes up With these techniques that he steals From other people and then he says Things like a new revelation new Revelation now that I would like to Share with you is this yeah you found it On the Internet and if you like

To all experience this Sit comfortably close your eyes again Yeah don't do That I'll do this only for a minute or Two and try this in the Evening we are not changing the method Cleaning Remains the Same so this is the Cleaning process that everyone's Supposed to do for a half hour he's Saying that process Remains the Same but He wants to add something to it you know He's changed Baba these maxims and he's Made them worse he changed the 9:00 p.m. Prayer which he as far as I know never Did I never saw him do it it wasn't a Big thing for him but he still changed It you know these were things that babaj G had um you know Babaji was connected In a deep way and got everything from The you know the Divine realm right Babi Was I mean he he was such a medium and Such a you know like a deep meditator Meditator that he got all these things From Divine Consciousness and they were Things that came in Pure this clown has not showed the Ability to do that then he's going to Stumble around here for a little bit and Show you like he has no Confidence the entire process Remains The Same in the beginning we add one Step okay this is the step you add in The

Beginning is this a step you had the Beginning like he just so bad at Everything Right focus on your pelvic area oh boy So I'll talk about that in a moment hip Area the entire skeletal structure of Your back the entire vertebra and skull Bones and Your arms the bones Inside think that the liquid golden Color liquid is flowing through this hip Area Okay so going stop it there cuz It's just confusing for people and it's Not you know I don't want to hear the Rest of it because it'll be inside of me Then like I'll have the this bogus Technique you know I have all these Prayers Our Father Hail Mary these Things and you know I don't think They're appropriate way to pray like I Pray a better way now but I still have Those things mantras and all of it so Just having the idea inside you isn't a Good thing you know listening to it and There's a lot of a lot of things wrong With this so he's doing a lot to enhance And change the system and like I said He's always taking things from other People so it's not coming from his Connection with B with Boby which we Already know he's lied about you know I Mean we can't prove it because it's just Something like it's a so you can't prove Someone doesn't have an imaginary friend

Right because you know I I have an Invisible friend well what are you going To say to that well I don't see it well You can't see him you know like what you Know but in terms of the way that he's Treated these interactions with babaj G And you know Tu to G and these things we Know that he's not a real ch He's just such a dope he's so he's just So like dull and not you know but Anyways you know he gets these things From other people and there's a problem With this technique from a sa Mark Standpoint because it's very physical so If you think about Divine Light you know We meditate on Divine Light but it's Light without Luminosity because you're not supposed To see the light because light is Heavier than God's love light is subtle But God's love is is more subtle so if You think about light that is a physical Property like the beams of light the sun Rays that you have light is something That's more physical than than God's Love right it's not spiritual light is An energy and there's power in it right Of course we know we can get solar power These things and there's power in it That that um that is used to generate it Right so light is subtle but God's love Is more subtle is more subtle and so you Don't think about light you don't think About color you don't think about these

Things you don't meditate on a color Right like the the color of um the Central region is gray but you don't Meditate on the color gray right the the Gray of dawn where light and and Darkness come together right in a an Abstract way and you don't think about Your physical body you don't think about Your hip bones or your SK skeletal Structure Because the cleaning is happening on an Etheric level and you're doing spiritual Cleaning on some scaras which are not Don't have form and substance so this Idea that you're doing this to your body Is not anything like anything else in SAR and so it's just some bogus thing He's thrown in there and they've Disappeared it from the official Heartfulness Channel but it's in some Other places and he put out this Technique and then probably got a bunch Of push back because it doesn't align With Saar principles and teaching Because it's heavy right it's heavy in Nature and it gets you to focus on your Body and you're supposed to forget your Body the cleaning that you do at night Is etheric and etheric alone if there's Physical aspects to it that's just a Benefit of course there are going to be If you're spiritually cleaned it's going To affect your physical body but you Don't work on your physical body and you

Don't look work on anything below the Heart region because that's where the Spiritual grossness is you don't clean The lower level points the lower level Chakras the Kundalini and these these Points you know your appetites there's a Point that's for your appetites and your Sexual energy and things like this these Lower points that are below your you Know below your heart region those are Not taken up by the people so it's wrong On every every level there are some Different cleaning methods that people Can use that Babaji gave that chargie Talked about in the preceptor training And there was one that uses light but The light doesn't have a color you know It's light without Luminosity because it you know can't Have color it can't have form because You're you know you're doing this work On a spiritual realm so it's just Another fail for dodgy right you know Classic Dodgy I went for a walk and I want to Wrap this up not talking about dodgy Because it's Christmas Eve and we get This one out um hopefully today or Tomorrow for my you know for people who Are the members And you know all of that Um so uh you know just one more thing About this see the system is simple and It's efficient and and it's effective

And people's imagination and the new age Way you know if you know anything about The new age Community and you know that movement They come up with a lot of things that Are not great right I mean one of the Good things of having a living Master is It helps to PE keep people who are you Know aetheric type of people because Sometimes you can connect to Divine Sometimes you can connect to like a Lower entity and sometimes you connect To your imagination or your ego right And you hear things that you want to Hear and that's the problem with Spiritual communication and the etheric World but when you have like a spiritual Master somebody who's grounded and you Can present any of these discoveries or Any of these things things that you come That come to you and and get some Clarity right some Authority having some Authority there and it might be Something well that's just cleaning from A past life you know there are plenty of People in the sjar tradition who are Meditating and they saw Krishna or they See Jesus or they see you know whatever Whoever it is or if they have some Experience and they think they've Reached the goal and then they stop but It's actually something that's being Cleaned out from a past life as a you Know a worshipper some something or

Somebody or whatever and so that's the Advantage of having a living master and There's a lot of etheric people there Was a a woman who was like a very high Level Psychic and one of my friends who was a Preceptor was went went with her like They were dating or something they were Both aasis and she um had an apartment And she was you know getting ready to Move in and he was a preceptor so he had The thought that Master was cleaning the Apartment like a preceptor thought right Doing preceptor work and she said oh What did you do and he said why she goes I just saw Master walked through the Room and so she was like a legitimate Psychic but she was having problems There's lots of people who are psychics That have problems and and mental Illness and mental stability and and Other things and she found that doing The Sark system reduced her psychic Abilities in a way that kept her more Grounded and and made it you know Manageable right and so you know with The new age community and all the Imaginative big ego stuff and things That people just make up and anything With a religion you see what's happened To these other religions I was talking About that I have a a Christmas sort of Message that's going out on this Channel uh you know today tonight

Christmas Eve so it's important to keep The system simple and keep it pure and Not bring in other things and dodgy just Done that like he's brought in all this Crap I mean he was saying you know if You just want to stick to the old Practice fine but I brought in these Other things to make it better but all These things are materialistic in nature And they also are of a lower level Vibratory level body Consciousness or They're just out andout scams or Political or some of these other things Right and people are going to miss out On the real essence of the system Because it's been watered down and Perverted and this is what's happened to Every religion and dodgy Single-handedly in ad do as po Incompetent putts type of way just Torpedoing the whole thing it's just Really bad you know the beauty of the System is that you can do the system and Experience a system when you bring in Other things you don't experience Bobby G simple system right and that's you Know that's the beauty of SJ marar is That you can experience it's Experiential system you can experience The the benefits of it and know about It's not some promise of something is Going to happen when you die or in 10 Years or 15 years you can start Experiencing the benefits but then you

Bring in other things that might not be Beneficial or any number of issues and Then you know this is uh you lose out on The experiential aspect of it and it Just you know it mingles that the Energies can mix together just like Taking different type of um healing Modalities and the you know the new age Community is very big on smorgus board a Spiritual Buffet where everybody's Sampling something right and that Doesn't work like it's not you know if You're mixing things they're going to Counteract each other and you're going To not know what you're experiencing You're going to feel benefits you're Going to not know what to attribute it To and these things and so and sometimes The effects when you mix things together Could be harmful you know anyways um Things are getting intense out there in The world and you know this stuff with Dodgy is just getting worse and I mean All the things that are going on in the World and you know it's getting closer And closer to Major cataclysmic changes Right I just talked about this in a Video called um you know what to do to Prepare for the upheaval or something I Think I might have included the yeah I Could the voice over here and you know As we move forward towards big changes Right this is the need for a stable Practice and you know something that

Works and something that's efficient and You know that's been given in a you know Disciplinary way in the you know someone Who's spiritually Disciplined and you know not just Jumping all over the place bouncing all Over the place and I mean that's you Know one of the problems with spiritual People like the benefit is that they're Open to things right they're open to Seeing things and they're not concrete Material people and they're not prove it To me people and you know people have Spiritual Tendencies which is is great And yet um the issue Is that they're you know open to Everything they try everything and some Of those things aren't good and you know There's there's no sense of um Discrimination and they're always in a Constant state of choosing and they Can't submit to something and they look At any sort of discipline or any sort of Structure or you know organization as Being something that's you know Detrimental to their freedom and it's Suppressing them it's keeping them from Expanding into what they think they can Expand into and you know Babaji um a lot Of people came who were anti-religion You know they are hippies that left the Christian tradition and you know Especially people from the west and he Was you know making this into an

Official Organization for the obvious reasons and He was registering the organizations in Country by country and he went to Europe And they said why do you want to make This and know into an organization he Goes well I don't want to make it into a Disorganization you know so there's There's that element of it like there's Good to be open to things and to have an Open mind but you also have to have a Sense of you know be based in reality And also have some level of um you know It's it can't be just imaginative it Can't be something just from your Imagination it has to be something That's real like things in the etheric World have to be real like we all could Say that we're you know God speaking to Us and and these things but is it really God right are you hearing voices are you Crazy so things like that but anyways I'm going to wrap this one up here only Spirituality will save this world it's Paul Romano definely born to the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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