Journey 128

Journey 128

Greetings brothers and sisters Um this is the 128th version of The Journey series um I had some thoughts I Want to do a voice over in a moment that I was going to you know talk about other Things um but I today's a Monday and I looked at my phone while You know I woke up I looked at my phone Phone um which I usually don't do like I'm just waking up and I looked at my Phone and there was a you know a Heartfulness thing And I thought it was a comment right um You know I was a little bit out of it And it said something about Dodgy and you know sometimes comments From people on my videos show up on my Phone and I clicked on it and it came to This video which I don't know how cuz I've said I'm not interested in them Recommending this channel but I guess I Looked at a couple of the heartfulness Videos recently and so they said well he Must not really be serious about that so You know so they recommended this video And it's a WTF kind of a thing so let's Um let's let's show you Here I do believe that Spirits are there I do believe that ghosts are there what Are you talking about bro like it's just What's going on here you know so um I Was a little bit disoriented and I Uh I do believe that Elders Soul can Guide

Us Now in order to take the benefit Of great Souls Elders who are willing to Guide you how would you be confident Enough to say say yes this was the Message heartfulness way of meditation I Don't say that it plays with spirits and Ghosts Etc but this is stunningly bad Like I don't know who he's talking to Here but the word spirits and ghosts Should not be Used and the word Elder spirit is weird In itself and I'll get to that in a Moment just like the guy is just such a Walking fail right now It prepares for Everything whenever circumstances so Arises that some elderly Soul who may Not be related to me wants to guide Me they can guide us when our heart is Quiet when our heart is not demanding When our heart is Pure and and Unselfish nail Dead Um this is really bad and so even before Whispers in the bright brighter World Whispers from the brighter world and you Know using the term ghost and Spirits I Mean ghost is the problem and Spirits You know you would say Soul a Divine soul and in the Indian Culture you know pretty much all people Who believe in souls and believe in Certainly past lives and things like

This understand that there's a life of a Soul right um and so especially like in The The Indian culture so I don't know what He's even bothering talking like Defending the idea that there's ghosts And spirits but that you would be guided In by ghosts and spirits well that makes It Sound uh you know some kind of Ault Level Supernatural Thing which just makes it so much worse It makes it like so much worse because There's no souls and spirits and things In Whispers In The Brighter world like You know from babaji's I mean Babaji is A you know he was a a living person who Is now uh communicated with a medium who You know is a part of the spiritual Organization right and chargie did such A great job of writing this up for those People who didn't read the literature For those people who didn't know that Babaj g inter communed with all these Divine souls and so like saying it like I do believe but that doesn't sound like He really does and using the word ghosts And spirits he makes the whole thing Sound goofy right I mean it's already a Hard cell to some people who aren't Necessarily you know spiritually Oriented and you know people coming from Different religions and whatever it is Right like Christians would you know

Christians are against channeling but Their whole Bible is channeled their Whole Bible is uh when is was written After Jesus died died and he interc Communed with these various you know That's why there's the the the second Half of the Bible the Old Testament is All um you know the the new test I'm Sorry the New Testament the Old Testament is horrible which I've Discussed in my other videos Um but the the New Testament I mean is The Book of Mark or whatever there you Know the various Um uh these disciples had these books Put in there and they're all different Writers who had experience with Jesus Post his death in her communion with him And St Paul the the most so St Paul Didn't even know Jesus when he was alive And you know there's all the stuff with Letters of Paul to the Corinthians and These other things that are in the Bible And the book isn't written by Jesus it's Written by these disciples who interent Commune with Jesus and yet they have This fear of this kind of thing uh you Know irrational fear and so this idea That their Spirits or ghosts makes it Like a horror movie which you know and Then it sounds like he questions it Himself and he's not firmly rooted in it But he's just said he had commune with Babaji who told him a cancer lend darus

And he said he merged with tukto the Soul and you know he's just said all These stupid things that aren't true Like he just made stuff up um he's just A mess like this thing is you know this Is Joe Biden Level uh like you know uh mental Incompetence like I I don't know why They're still running this guy out there Letting them talk about these things Well of course I know why because the Guy was running the YouTube channel with Such an ass Cloud himself and it's an Embarrassing video like it makes no Sense at all like it's just when you're When you're like some of the biggest Literature in your organization is Whispers to The Brighter world and then You bring in the words ghosts and Spirits like what are you doing right Like what what are you doing here like I Do believe but it's not like he really Does believe like it's like you know uh I mean it should be a much more like you Know factual thing that he's talking About and the words ghost and Spirits Are you just this just a dope like you Know like I woke up and I'm like What's Happening Here Right so what I wanted to Talk about before I saw that video is is You know I just have very little faith In people at this time in regards to Humanity as a whole I don't have much Faith and then to do a SJ Mar even more

So which is sad and kind of depressing But I don't think about it that way like I don't have a feeling associated with It I've just accepted the way it is and I'm just chugging along cranking out Videos doing whatever needs to be done For the gratefulness Meditation and you know all the rest of It right like I've kind of understood That there isn't much you know I I don't Know how I feel about what's going on With Gratefulness um you know and I wanted to Move forward with it in different ways But you know I just made a video like I Covered about how these sittings were Being Misused and that kind of thing is just Inevitable like people do their own Thing and you know the problem is that Um we live in such an egocentric time That people are you know Just don't want to follow a set of Disciplinary I don't say discipline a Discipline disciplinary is something Different like you're not in trouble You're not being disciplined but you're Following something that's you know Regimented and it exists in its own you Know set of steps and it's um it's a Discipline like it's a spiritual Discipline and people just can't do that Like it's almost impossible for them to Do you know it's part of the consumer

Problem that we have where things are Being consumed all the time you are a Consumer you've been taught that you're Always supposed to be making choices and Consuming and doing consuming like Things you know that your choices are so Important and now with social media your Comments are so important and you you Have a voice and you know and it's you You you it's all about your ego and and Like people don't want to Make a choice and live with it and and I've talked about this before whether it Be marriage whether it be anything and Spiritual organization and you know the People are always going to be on the Verge of quitting if things don't you Know if you say something something Somebody doesn't like or whatever on Social media and then you know this is Uh part of the Sark system now Heartfulness particularly and you know It's I'm it's hard for me to believe That these people who are around Dody And they're not real fans of his they're Not promoting his stuff they're not like Fanboying on his his stuff like this Goofy video they're not sharing it on Social media they're not you know really Into his book I mean they'll say they're Into his book and they'll try to get you To read it but they know it sucks right And yet they've accepted that Charie was not worthy of being called a

Master like chargie should be erased the Char's holiday and all these things I Mean they showed up at his birthday you Know part of it is maybe just don't Listen to dodgy or whatever but you know Dody's whole orientation where he's Saying his he's rewriting his master's Book towards infinity and he's added Three Chakras and that's just okay like people Who are Sark nerds you know I read dod's Book uh chargie Books Bob's Books it's early here I read boba's Books and charie talked about these Things a little bit in the preceptor Trainings but he got away from all of These Tech some of these technical Things because people couldn't handle it Right and people are getting goofy about It so chargie was talking about just Human behavior and attitudes and getting People to do their practice and you know Remedial things cuz people weren't doing It reading the literature so he'd go Around giving these spe tees and you Know he was captivating why he gave them But people didn't even you know respond To them and they didn't you know Embrace What he was Saying um you know which was a real Bummer for him I guess and you know Boby As well and so Dody came in and started Talking more about some of these

Technical things that I found him Interesting more about the subtle bodies And some of these other things you know Chargie had talked about them they were There but people you know for the most Part were't you know didn't respond to Him didn't understand and weren't Capable and so I would have liked to Read this book if zi was you know a Valid author and a and a real master but When he added three chakras I mean Before that just his who he is as a Person he's a liar and he's made up Things that you know he's made up these Things about intercommunion with Babaji And you know using that as an authority And the stuff all these things that he's Done and the stuff with the brighter Mind scam and all the rest of it And you know he's not to be trusted and People aren't reading his books but They've accepted that chargie was not Worthy even though they all knew he was The charie was great they all knew it And they were mostly people that started And bought into the system because of Charie I mean I've said all these things Before and so to come out and just Accept a lesser person is word for Things when he's an obvious liar and You're not into him and you don't even Want to listen to his videos you're not Watching his videos and you're not Reading his books and you're not you

Know you're not doing any of these Things right you buy the book but you Don't read it and you you know and you See the guy's failing and you see a guy Floundering like he's drowning in his Own failure and you still are willing to Throw the memory of chargie under the Bus for you know God knows what reason Cuz he's I don't know he's got a Position of authority you know what what Like why why would you do that like I Mean the whole system has been Compromised because chargie made DOI his Successor and Babaji endorsed him in Whispers of the brighter world and so He's legitimate he's a legitimate person In this uh you know this position but he Said that there's a fallen man he saying Charie didn't make the grade chargie Wasn't you know up to the task and he's You know got an issue with chargie and He's kind of bypassed chargie when we All saw him you know following chargie Around like a little puppy dog for years For you know 30 years after you know he He originally accepted him after he Tried to you know kill him right you Know just I mean bizarre story here and Now he's saying Babaji was his real Master and he's rewriting his his Master's book which you know isn't going To sell and no one's going to care about It and it's not a big Western thing you Know they'll they'll buy copies the

Preceptors and people like that but it's Not going to sell in the you know Whatever it is right the new age Community like he wants the self-help Opa type Winfrey people to buy this book And they're not and he wants to be the Next uh deot Chopra and he's not and if He did get some kind of he's not going To win that audience over because he's People don't understand what the F's Talking about he's like a dope right Like he can't you know he can't win he's Not as good as Deepak Chopra like it's Sad to say he's not as good as any of These people that Oprah would have on Her show he's not as compelling he Doesn't make sense he's you know he's Just a like a putts out there like some Don knots of Spirituality but whatever this is right Whatever is happening right Now all these people failed to test like If you look at this as a test or Something all these people who are Chargy people and they're loyal to him Loyalty to him and you know their their Belief in him like just you didn't have Any faith in him didn't have any you Know I mean I know your faith would be Shaken by him nominating a dope like This but then the whole system's Compromised then you you you know you Can move on from the system right you Say all right well this isn't for me

Because there's a failure in the Masterly position but what I wanted to Talk about here was um that you know I Was talking about the role of the master And its importance um you know it's uh Uh like it's certainly focused on in the Literature that having a living master And having you know all these things is Imperative to the system and I was Responding to that person's comment About Jesus right and you know this idea Of um the living Master being you know Essential because what Jesus was saying To was to a certain group of people a Demographic a population and a people of A certain time period and it doesn't app Apply to you right he's not talking to You like you know he's not talking to People in the future and of course his Words have been warped and manipulated So anything he says isn't a a promise to You or whatever it might be and so it's For the people have that time and you Know the living Master is Essential and you know people then say Well it says over here you don't do Anything and the master does everything In in SAR well that's not true or there Wouldn't been all these people who Failed there were all these people who Were brought up to high regions high Levels of spiritual attainment and Dody Himself now and they had a spiritual Fall and so saying that you don't do

Anything is a mistake because people did The wrong thing and suffered from it Right and some people evolve faster than Others so they must be doing something Better right and you have your own Practice you have your own respons Abilities like I said in my you know um My uh thing about the in my last journey Series thing in my you know video I put Out on Gess meditation about the Practice as a discipline and so you have Your Responsibilities and you have your Challenges and things that you have to Overcome and you have to do it on your Own like the master can't do it for you So the master is essential for you know In this scenario to bring you up to Higher levels because you need a guide To help you like you need a a road map And you need a a living guide to to help And watch over you while you go through These processes right and you know you Need these higher developed souls to be Around you to go through to get through The you know yatra points and to get This higher level Consciousness moved to You know the mine region the central Region you need some external support System and it's internal and it's External at the same time And and watching over you and helping You but you have to make the right Choices and you have to you know

Cooperate and you have to do your part And for the most part human beings Haven't done that and it's you know I Mean it's like I said to be Depressing but you know I have faith in The system because I've experienced Whatever levels of transformation Personally like I don't know how much I've received or how far I've gotten but I've experienced it I've seen it in Other people and other people talk about It so there is Benefit extra extraordinary benefit Through the system but you know it falls On the failure of human beings to Embrace their spiritual nature which has Always been the issue whether it be you Know any other Saint or higher developed Soul any movement that's happened people Have always gone small they've always You know if you you have a spectrum of What his success is well the the success Would be on any success would be on the Lower levels if at all right you know When there could be you know people Could reach this level from this Saints Teachings or this Saints life or this You know whatever it is like you have a Highend of potential and the high end in The Sark system is the central region And merging with God merging with the Absolute and Li of vasta and only a few People have been able to Get there but then lots of people get

Somewhere they go to point two they go To point you know whever it is but then A lot of them fall and you know fail but You know I had already resolved to look At it as a multi-life process I mean for Myself that you know it was unlikely I Was going to get the thing done this Life it just wasn't you know in the Cards for me I mean I don't want to jinx It or you know be negative about it's Certainly possible But you know either way I was willing to Come back and Serve and be a part of this system like Just be a part of it so you know it Doesn't matter to me where I end up Because I'll you know whatever steps it Takes you know whatever amount of lives Or possibility I just want to be Connected to it right be a part of it Like that's you know when I had that Dream with chargie saying that he would He would give me a boon you know that Was the idea there that I always you Know be a part of this movement you know For for here or some other you know Place or whatever cuz I believe in it Right and it's you know it's worthy of My um my commitment and you know now I Think the same thing for other people You know people just take the first Initial sittings and their souls get a Taste of the transmission they'll be Back their soul will create a

Circumstance where they'll be back even Though you know they didn't it didn't Take in this life it didn't you know They didn't you know they didn't pursue It in this life but it'll be they'll be Back in Future lives and so you know I Just am chugging along and I've resolved You know that's been my resolution my uh You know the way that I've um you know Processed this stuff that's going on Personally and then you know in the World that it would be a multi-life you Know type of situation and for that to Happen here on planet Earth there has to Be a continuation a post dodgy you know Uh Redemptive process to reclaim the the System because dodgy just sucks I mean Just running into the ground and so you Know the gratefulness meditation is a Part of that and you know preserving the Books and you know working towards that Like just keeping the the system and the Teachings alive so that other people in The future or future versions of our Versions of ourselves can can benefit From it because you know that's all I Got like it's you know it's clearly you Know a waste of time to um think that People who are alive now are going to Get the job done there's been so much Disappointment and failure in these Generations of people and the next Generation is you know weak and I mean

The kids growing up today they're so you Know I mean they've been so Uh addicted to the internet and all These other things and have no moral Compass they don't have they don't grown Up in anything that resembles a family And you know it's just a mess they you Know you know right now like maybe Things will change and also that There'll be things that change in the World to undermine the system to bring The system to a you know collapse when The beastly system collapses There's an Opportunity for Spiritual Redemption so It's you know playing the long game and Then waiting for things to change and See how people respond and you know if People don't do it they don't do it like There's nothing to say about it there's No reason to cry about it or be bummed You know it's just you know maybe this Is a just a failed experiment you know Human beings being from some sort of Test tube you know some sort of genetic Manipulation and you know slaves decid As slaves or whatever you know a slave a Race of uh of you know growing up in the Whole slave Consciousness and the things That uh human beings suffer from right Abuse and addiction and things and you Know lower level Tendencies and having All this hidden potential this junk DNA And this you know material Level and Spiritual potential unrealized spiritual

Potential but always tending towards the Lower you know it's a problem and it it Hasn't been overcome yet and maybe it Won't be but there's a chance here and You know as long as there's a chance It's you know you got to you got to let Things play out Um anyways um you know DOI was somebody Who had high levels of spiritual talent And abilities he had potential and he Failed but maybe he'll do better next Time like I don't know it's not up to me Right it's up to him and these things And all these other people you know but There was a side of him you I got a Comment where someone said all that he When he first saw dodgy he knew he was a You know but you only saw one side of Him like he had a he had a spiritual Side and he had he was given all this Work and powers and you know I expected He would do you know the right thing um Even when I saw early failure in my Interactions with him and he just made Really bad stupid Decisions he had other things going on Then that were were okay he was you know He had and he had shown signs of you Know being a potential Master he was a Good preceptor and you know people had Responded to him but now like he's just This you know puts this you know this Like big bowl of jelly like he's just There's no there's no substance there at

All it's just babbling on like a like a Lunatic right and you know I mean it Wasn't always like that and even you Know it's taken some time for him to to Make his choice here and it's sad you Know in a way and you know it's kind of Depressing because if that could happen To him and he was given all the Opportunities and you know the I can Only say that what probably happen Happen with him is he manipulated the Situation become Master and you know I don't know like Hopefully the story will come out in the Future and we'll all know and you know Um and what people will do after he dies And but all those people who Collaborated with him are collaborators And you know they suck but there's no Punishment here like bobi hasn't taking Names and going to like charges isn't Going to go spank all these people who You know turned on him I mean it's There's a there's a there's a bigger Problem here and these people have to They'll be given second third you know Hundredth chances I mean just to you Know turn this thing around in the Future lives and whatever it is because That's what the system does it's not you Know it's not punitive even for you know Someone like Dody like it's not you know There is punishment that go natural you Know consequences but it isn't de you

Know isn't there to be vindictive and You know basic that ego and hurt Feelings like God of the Old Testament The wrathful God you know it's nothing Like that you know you have your you Make your mistakes and you know you can Redeem yourself in the Future uh but you have to like you have To redeem yourself it isn't like there's No consequences for your actions because There obviously has to be if there's a Plan and there's a system and you go Against God there's going to be some you Know things that become a you know that Uh you have to overcome and have to Redeem Yourself from when you make the wrong Choices but anyways um like I said I'm Feeling light about the whole thing and You like I said it could easily be Depressing but it's only what we're Seeing now you know when you're um when You play a sport there's a period of Time where the game is unwinable right Like you can't win the game but I was Watching the Golden State Warriors Struggle against the Minnesota timber Wolves last night and golden state has Had a couple of bad games against teams That have a lot of size you know a lot Of seven footer a lot of big men golden State is a smaller team and they've been Struggling to shoot and they you know Made a couple valid attempts to come

Back and but they you know was like a Minute and a half left and they were Down like I don't know how many points Um and they brought in their scrubs They're like you know their their young Players you know the game was over they Sat there Starters and the then the scrubs hit a Few three-pointers and made a few Steals And there's only like a minute left and They had a Chance to they had two chances at a Layup and they missed which would have Brought it to two they would only be Down two points they were down like 14 15 points with a minute left and the Coach pulled the starters and these guys Rallied in such a way and Minnesota Played Sloppy that Golden State had a Legitimate chance with like 10 seconds Left you know if a guy misses a foul Shot and one guy missed two foul shots Too in the process if a guy if a guy Misses a foul shot they could have a Shot at a three-point basket to tie the Game and put it into overtime and it was That close even though the game looked Like it was over there's a few times in NBA history where guys one guy was Reggie Miller the other guy was um uh Tracy McGrady and with in you know 10 Seconds they scored like 15 or 20 points It was crazy you can find these things

Up on YouTube but um Reggie Miller scor Hit you know got a steal and hit a Couple three you know it's just so even Then there are times where you can turn It around but there are games where the Other team is just so beaten and they You know and they just let the clock run Out you I mean not any sport not just Basketball that the game's over it's Just it's too far like a comeback is not Possible but we've seen times where There's been miraculous comebacks even In those situations and things that the Game seemed Out Of Reach and it wasn't But there's a point where the game's Over like you're just you know but Usually that involves the other team Giving up right um and if you don't give Up like in you play the long game in This case where you're even thinking Beyond this life to a future life well Then it's you know then you can't you Can't lose in a sense right I mean you Eventually achieve your goal if you say All right I'm going to get as far as I Can and you know but there'll be a Future life and I'll continue on with This then it's something different right Because you can chip away like you can Chip away at the the obstacles and the Problems and if you look at it that way It's you know it's something where you Don't have to feel bad because Humanity's crapped the bed again and

It's not you know it's failed again Because it's over thousands of years Right the life of a soul is you know From the beginning of the universe to The end of the universe and you have 70 Years 80 years here 100 years as a human Being even 5,000 years it's it's a you Know it's a drop in the bucket and your Soul's overall Evolution so you know the Journey Series this is what this is Called The Journey right um you know It's Um It's a journey like and you if as long As you keep the destination in sight and You it goes beyond this you know this Time period and the and it what's going On with other people it's a personal Journey you just have to you know chip Away you know keep on uh putting one Foot in front of the other and whatever You know problems you have when you get Off track or obstacles that you know They can be passed in a and you you can Achieve them you can overcome those Obstacles in a future existence if you Can't do it today you do it tomorrow It's just not you know you just really Just don't give up that's the idea and Not having a negative suggestion you Don't say I don't give up you say you Know I will succeed right and whatever That means right whatever you whatever That ends up looking like that you you

Know you have a firm will that you're Going to succeed despite all the you Know pitfalls Anyways you know those were my thoughts And then I woke up and Dody was talking About Ghost um but you know so this is the 128th version of The Journey series and I'll continue on tomorrow or Whatever okay so I just want to do a Little bit follow-up video I've been Thinking about this a Lot um dody's video and I sent it to my Wife yesterday uh which I would you know Normally not do but it was a short video That you know is Self-explanatory and she didn't get a Chance to look at it so before bed we Watched it together and it was so Ridiculous you know watching it with her And we were laughing at it right but Like the incompetence of it and he says Um I do believe that there are spirits The name of the video Are um listen to the voices of the Dead Like they have a video call Listen to the voices of the dead he says I do believe that there are spirits I do Believe that there ghosts are there I do I do believe that Elders I do believe that Elders Soul can Guide us that an elder Soul can guide Us um like the Elder Soul thing is just Really bad because the soul I mean

There's the souls are all the same age Right Uh based in the Saar teaching that Soul Energy is all there at the creation There is Souls that are more advanced or Closer to the source and there are souls That maybe have more past lives because They you know they reach the level of Human being before other souls and the You know transmigration of souls so like This idea of old souls is not really Correct it's just that you have more Experience or come from a higher place Or or more uh you know this is all Sark Teachings so then he says Um now in order to take The benefit of great Souls Elders who are willing to guide You um again this idea that the elders Are there I don't know like you're Grandparents or your parents like it's Not you know how would you be confident Enough to say yes this was the message In Quotes what message what do you mean This was the that this is from them and Heartfulness way of meditation I don't Say that It plays with Spirits and ghosts Etc but It prepares for everything what Does that mean prepares for everything I Don't want to say it plays with ghosts And spirits but the Whispers of the

Brighter world is a central point of the You know part of the System and it you know he I mean he's a Whispers Person and he um went to visit the Medium and so what are you talking about Like people are going to find out about Whispers and you've just made it sound Way worse than it is you know by saying Ghosts and spirits and you know all These things it's nothing to do with That right there's disembodied Souls Which everybody knows about Babaji Talked about this extensively and Babaji Channeled ly and other you know Spiritual Beings interc communed he was Bobaji was probably the best Medium and you know this is um Well whenever Circumstances Arise that some elderly Soul who may not Be related to me wants to guide me Well how's it an elderly Soul like the Whole thing is weird wants to guide me Why does he want to guide you they can Guide us when our heart is Quiet when our heart is not demanding When our heart is pure and Unselfish what and it just says dodgy Like he just rocked it um you know Somebody should be fired for this video And dodgy should you know like it's just It's so Incompetent like this is such a bad

Video I mean it's you know it's an Absolute disaster and it got 18,000 Views um all these ones have lots of Views one has 19 other has 17 um you know they got they get more Views than his regular ones I'm not sure How this even Works um and they put out a bunch of Them so I mean I don't I don't know it Doesn't have a date on these things the Short videos are kind of lame uh but you Know it's kind of a disaster um that Other guy that they have a couple videos With the other guy the guy from Canada That is trying not to commit Suicide um so you know they are fairly Recent but anyways you know I was Thinking about how bad that video is Like it's just you know it's bad for People to watch like if you're making These videos to bring in new people Which is what they're doing and they're Trying to focus on Western people to Some extent here I don't know about that Video I don't know who the their target Audience is for that Video but it's so bad you know it's just So incompetent um again listen to the Voices of the dead and so you know That's not what it's about like They're not dead like you don't you know That's like all the ghost and Supernatural like that's how he thinks About Whispers like they're ghosts and

Spirits and things like this you know These are souls and Boby talks of how These disembodied Souls like live at you Know in planets and and people won't Recognize them you know science won't Recognize them as living beings but like If you send um you know like technology Up to these quiet planets and things Like that it's it disrupts these subtle Beings and things like this Bob talks About not acknowledging that there are Different forms of life and Whispers you Know that we all have a soul and this is A temporary situation when we're in a Body not that these are spirits or Ghosts and they're haunting us and you Know whatever it is and listen to the Voices of the dead that's just not They're not the dead you don't think of Them as the dead that's not how this is You know I mean it's just so bad like It's a total misunderstanding of The Whispers of the brighter world and it Just is I mean it's embarrassing he's Just embarrassing and you know that's The whole you know thing I was thinking About like what an embarrassment he is You know I was thinking back to when I Still believe Dody was a legitimate Master but I had seen so many things so You know the when he did the the video On suicide and that was such a horrible Video and then the other things and I Didn't know much about the brighter mind

Scam and you know I'm telling people About you know heartfulness on my YouTube channel and the guy's Embarrassing me like his takes on uh Covid you know and I'm trying to explain You know whatever to people like you Know the difference between what people Think of as a spiritual master and The Human Side and whatever it might be um I'm having to defend the guy and there's No it was indefensible positions but He's a legitimate president of the System and master I saw him being made the master I saw The spiritual work was done you know I Felt his spiritual energy and condition When he was first made master and you Know leading up to that period of time And so um you know and it was Embarrassing me like he was embarrassing The system like you know not me like who Cares about me but you know but I mean It's he was an embarrassment like you Know I'm telling people about this great System that's transformed my life and The guy's just out there you know making Embarrassing comments and doing Embarrassing ing things that video that He just made is embarrassing and it's Inaccurate it doesn't portray the you Know relationship Between uh you know disembodied Souls Which is a better way of saying the dead You know like you know dead is like you

Know some kind of horror movie Halloween Stuff right it's just you know moronic Um and like he's just so bad at it and Like the incompetence and what people Have accepted from him and the system Like you know I mean I don't I'm not you Know I've unsubscribed I told YouTube I Don't want to I don't don't recommend These videos like when heartfulness Video shows up on my phone I hit don't Recommend these videos because you know I've I mean now it doesn't bother me but I was kind of you know bummed out by the Whole thing and I just wanted to get Away from it and I thought I could just Stop talking about it and you know I Just it would go away like other things You know I just stopped talking about Stuff but I didn't right it you know I Things came up people were sending me Things the dodgy truth or and I just Accepted that I had to talk about this Because it's still relevant like it's You know the story isn't you know over Yet and you know and it's another lar Because now it's become how do all these People go along with this right how all These people Pretend This is okay um and You know that's the next you know the Next part of it right um But these people are watching this stuff And they they see more than I do they Should because I'm not connected to People I don't know what their

Conversations are like I don't know if Anybody brings it up but once he disch Chargy publicly and over and over again And cancel the bandas and started to do Things that were structural that went Against you know and changing some of The I mean the changing of the ma the Changing of the you know the 9:00 prayer And changing the you know the book Rewriting Baba's book now and and all The things that he's done but the big Thing was you know charie because once He say charie was not up to the task That charie had failed charie was erased From the system like that's Unthinkable I mean everything else sucks Like he's bad he's an Embarrassment and you know it's it's bad And the criminal stuff and the The scamming stuff and you know the I Mean just the overall incompetence and You know I don't know what you do with That right but the stuff with chargie is Just next level and and it's just you Know it's a a Telltale sign of complete Failure on his part he's disconnected Himself from his Master and he's doing a bad job and he's You know either charie failed or he Failed or both right like he's made it That way by saying charie failed so if a Master can fail a charge you didn't make It and charge you somehow fell or Whatever then dodgy certainly fell like

You know of the two people charge he was Doing much better he wasn't an Embarrassment like he wasn't somebody he Would be like uh you know don't I I Really do this great uh system just Don't watch his videos because he's a Fool and he's a and he says stupid Stuff and he doesn't act like a master At all like you know you didn't have to Do that charie always always came Through and it was always on a different Level um and so you know I mean it's It's unbelievable that they're still Pretending after that right and they Know he sucks they're not watching these Videos they're not pushing those videos Out they're not showing these things They're all embarrassed by him I mean How can you watch that video and not be Embarrassed like this is my master of Just being Stupid anyways um I'll continue on Whatever next day or whatever okay so so I did a long voiceover today almost two Hours I think about Jesus Christ and the Whole stuff with the Christian religion Catholic religion responding to a Comment and you know I talk a lot about Sa margan there and my own spiritual Journey so it's really appropriate to Put in here uh it has a picture of dawn You know the of the sun rising uh by the Ocean and so Um I'm going to put that whole video in

Here and then I have another commentary To talk about afterwards and probably That's going to do it for this video um I had a story I wanted to tell which I'll probably do I don't know I'll Either put it here or I'll put in the Next one um but anyways here is the um The uh the video and like I always say That if there's a picture here that's Going to change if you've already seen The video Then when that picture change Back is to this picture goes from the Beach to the uh the pasture here then um You know you'll know I'm done and you Can come back to the this you know if You want to skip through that cuz you Already listen to it that's how you Would do it okay so I don't know whether To say Greetings brothers and sisters Because I don't know if this is going to Be a standalone Video or just um the end of another Video I have a a video that's up that's Yellowed um fact let me go make that my Members only it's called remembering the Big lie I'm trying a new internet Service um that has a slow has high Speeds but a low ping you know phone Internet and um whatever um but it Caused me to have sort of a glitch out When I was uploading the video so the Video was greened on one tab but it was Yellowed on another but when I uh when It was uploaded it seemed to be green

And then I meant to check it before bed And I didn't I woke up and it was yellow Which kind is a bummer um so having said That I don't know if this video is going To be ahead of that at leased ahead of That and that video has some response to Comments to my video about uh Jesus in The Bible I'm not sure what I called That Video um video was Called uh I don't know what it's called Remembering no it called uh Comment video about religion in Jesus and so it had a number of comments Which will feed into this video um this Video is going to be more substantial Because I'm going to go more in depth to My understanding of the story of Christ And religion and the Christian religion And all of it um with an understanding Of this idea of a false promise of Heaven and so I got a long comment I had To break it up into two was so long um And the person wrote This Um Paul I sent a comment to you before About the Catholic church that retained Standing after the disaster that took Place in lahina I don't remember that Comment I reached out to you because in The past you spoke about your mother Praying the rosary and other Catholics You made a comment that you can this Good um well just to clarify that my mom

Used to have prayer meetings over my uh House uh when I was in you know teenager Eighth grade in a teenager and I might Talk about that I will talk about that Later in this video if I remember Hopefully I'll remember but my Grandmother was Irish Catholic she was An orphan lived a tough life and she Used to pray the rosary for all the Family family members and I believe my Mom's prayers you know I prayed the Rosary a little bit and these nuns Prayers and my grandmother's prayers Helps me uh have a spiritual life you Know having a uh a devotional mother is Kind of key in finding God and having a Spiritual life even if that's not great Now I don't think those prayers like I Don't pray that way now I have a better Way of praying based in the Mark system But you know prayer is I don't want to Say prayer is prayer because there's Different levels of that but that's what I was refer that's what this person's Referring to and the person said Paul Faith is a gift there's lots of evidence To support belief in Jesus who Catholics Consider the Son of God one person of The Holy Trinity God the father and the Holy Ghost how do people not receive Their faith how did people now receive Their faith his followers Saints gave Their lives made ultimate sacrifice to In to evangelize and share the faith

Jesus has risen from the dead as he said He is the Fulfillment of the law of Prophets he is mentioned in the history As well my suggestion is to research About the shroud of Trin the T of the Blessed Mother who the rosary is Based um you know this person suggesting This I know about all this stuff I know About the shrouded Terin you know this Is the covering that there was a cloth That covered Jesus's face and there's an Imprint of Jesus's face on it possibly But even if it's authentic and I'm not Saying it's not or it is I don't know But even if it is it's no big deal this Isn't you know proof of anything right He's not proof that he's the only son of God which I'll get into let me finish Reading this comment here Um says here uh my suggestion is to Research about the shroud of Trin the Tilma of the Blessed Mother Mary who the Rosary is based on Our Lady of Guadalupe Encourageable Saints the Eucharist Miracles Miracles of our Lady of Lords Miracles of the son of Our Lady of Fatima look into the life of these other People these uh all this other stuff Who Bore the wounds of Jesus who suffered And died out of the loves for us so we Can live in heaven in be beautific Vision of God forever his Saints gave Their lives suffered and died because of Jesus gave the his life for them saints

Suffered awful deaths Martyrs I want to Get into the Martyr part Martyrs of England hung drawn and quartered some Were stoned or burnt alive St Jan of Arc Why would someone sacrific so much Unless the faith was Real um people sacrifice stuff for not Faith you know uh most truthers on like Suggest we just don't rely on what is Shared by them but we check it out and Verify what they what they presented This is my challenge to you when your Listeners check and research the Information I've mentioned to verify its Truth and I have to open up the second Comment Here um and I have to make it Bigger and I do that here um it says uh To uh verify uh most truther online Suggest we just don't rely on what is Shared by them but that we check it out And verify what they presented this is My challenge to you and your listeners To check out research the information I Mentioned here to verify its truth Consider this God Is So merciful he lets You live in a fallen world with evil That exists suffering and death only Once you do not have to come back and Repeat it and Heaven is still there just Just one lifetime because Jesus died Once for all at the end of each video You say only spiritual will save this World the truth is only Jesus the way

The truth and the life we can save the World because he Christ the son of the Living God is Peter our first pope who Died crucified upside down called Him I mean I'm not laughing at that I'm Just saying like how effed up that is Right that this person's using this as Validation of their belief that Peter Was crucified upside down and that that Somehow uh you know Jesus the savior of The world thank you Jesus for all you Have done for us Amen okay so um let me go back to the Early part of this comment here and the Person says this and I have to make it Bigger again um it says this Um it says uh you made a comment Consider this good Paul about the faith Is a gift there's lots of evidence to Support the belief in Jesus so the Belief in Jesus right now I believe Jesus was real because of my whatever Experiences as a Catholic and growing up With uh my parents my mom had Charismatic uh prayer meetings right at Her at our home and then we went Attended some things you know in eth Grade and seventh grade and maybe sixth Grade you know I was a lot more into Religion and and Jesus and then I got Into drugs and did other things and then Eventually found Spirituality which was something better Something more advanced right more it's

On a higher level than all of these Things that this person just said and so Some of Jesus's story is taken from Other stories some of Jesus's story Isn't his story and you can see this It's there's some stuff to do with the Egyptian um that Egyptian guy I think it Was Horus or one of those guys um but There's also stories that are taken in The Jewish tradition the the Christian Tradition from the maah barata in India And these um stories are not you know so It's a it's a uh what do you Conglomeration or I don't know that's Not the right word um is it an Amalgamation maybe it's amalgamation of Various stories that make up the Christ Story but there was a person named Jesus Who lived and in terms of the SJ Mark System of Meditation Jesus uh interc commune with Babaji and is a part of the Divine hary That make up the Sark system he's one of The souls or Saints that participated in The creation of the system that We Now Call Saj Mar that was you know that has The corrupt version of heartfulness with This guy dodgy was a fallen you know a Fallen Saint or a fallen master or Whatever you want to you know uh Whatever way you want to look at it but Let's look at this other comment here Somebody so I woke up I was already Thinking about this I thought about it

Yesterday when I read this comment I Knew I was going to make this video this Voice over and Um then uh this morning when I woke up I Saw this comment on my phone it just Popped you know was like as soon as I Opened my phone this comment was just Sitting there the coun of NAA was Beginning of the spirit the beginning of The spirit so the split between not Spirit the beginning of the split Between the Christian Orthodox church And the Roman Catholic Western Religion especially Europe this has been Outlined in the Quran too even the a the African contingents at the council said They could never accept Jesus as being Above the Supreme source of all things Now the Council of NAA so the goal of The Council of NAA was to make Jesus not Only into a saint or give him Divinity Ascribe Divinity to him but to um make Him the only son of God and the only Path to Heaven that there was a place Called Heaven and the only way you could Get into it was to embrace and worship Jesus and so this was their goal and if You're going to do research into your Your Indoctrination as a Christian you need To go no farther than this right because No matter what Jesus was or wasn't this Was people who weren't Saints who didn't Have Divine Vision that had

Materialistic ends in terms of the power That their religion now has over the World the influence of Christian Religion this is what I've been talking About with the influence of ju Judaism And uh Muslim is Islam and Christianity Right and there's a lot of blood and you Know this idea of Martyrs being a martyr Being a martyr is not a good thing it's Not spiritually evolved being crucified Isn't a sign of being Divine and being Crucified upside down like Peter was or Decapitated if you see what happened to All 12 of the disciples and the level of Violence and you know the level of uh Depravity that was around that period of Time it doesn't take much to figure out That just somebody with a little bit of Spiritual uh evolution in that depraved Part of the world and the religions that Were available there and you know Judaism was like worshiping the devil This this Divine you know being the So-called God and the Old Testament is a Demon right and so it wasn't much for Jesus to raise the bar slightly above That and what Jesus did in that place Was meant for that place and the people There low-level people who didn't really Have any understanding of God and you Know were uh worshiping uh all these Various um I mean it was just a a Violent twisted uh corrupt place and it Wasn't a good place right wasn't a

Spiritual place so Jesus had his Assignment and part of that was his Journey to India where he learned some Of these Indian uh spiritual principles which he Brought back to that you know the place In in Bethlehem so it wasn't you know The it wasn't like he had some Divine Incarnation and the celebration of the Martyr the use of the cross the blood The you know the you know all these Types of things right uh what do they Call that Stigmata that you know this Blood and this martyrdom and the Darkness and you're all Sinners and all This crap is unnecessary and it's bad It's negative for a person and their Spiritual growth and the Darkness that Surrounds it right and you know the evil That the you know all this there's a lot Of darkness in these religions and all Of them in Christianity specifically in What I'm talking about and so when men Decide to you know when they canonize Someone as a saint it doesn't mean Anything right the good thing about Spirituality with all the BS and all the You know all the tribalism and all the Um you know the the clicks and the Various you know groups you belong in And who are the cool kids and you know How Society deems some people winners And some people losers and how the System is rigged and gamed and all these

Things right and how you're judged and How you know people see you and all These ways that are very subjective and It doesn't mean anything people giving Awards like you you know dodgy got some BS award in India which apparently they Bought they paid for you know it's just A joke right you know all these Materialistic ways of validating look at The degrees I have oh look at I'm a you Know I have this level of Education or Look I went an Oscar or you know look I'm a I'm a you know I'm a a Super Bowl Champion look at my ring you know all These ways that people try to validate Their success it's all Bs right it's all Materialistic uh you know I made so much Money look at the car I drive you know Look at my trophy wife you know whatever Ways people have Of validating their success it means Nothing right you know it means like uh There's this woman uh something Sanchez Who was married to uh uh you know um Jeff Bezos of Amazon and she and Kim Kardashian got into a bidding war over a Dress of balanciaga B something like That dress I'm going to cover this in my Uh other channel and They both PID $200,000 to to have a first it was Proposed that they they share the dress Like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants I didn't see that movie but it

Just seemed kind of you know lame but um And I think there was a sister of the Traveling Pants too because there were So many unanswered Questions but anyways there's um and Then the you know Balenciaga people Decide to make two dresses and and so Those dresses aren't worth $200,000 Right and they're not you know I mean It's a joke it's Obscene and wearing that dress like they They'll you'll think about how great They are or whatever I got a $200,000 Dress on you no you got a a $100 dress Or whatever it costs to make let's say It cost $500 to make you know I mean It's in terms of its materials like how Good could it be it doesn't dress up That you're a piece of Boop that you Have a bad heart and you're a corrupt Person and you're materialistic and You're you know you're just spreading uh Negative energy everywhere you go and Bringing down Consciousness to a lower Level and all the evils that you know Amazon has perpetrated to to make that Money or Kim Kardashian has done to you Know infiltrate into the the Youth of The world and and bring them down to a Bratz level of existence right the low Consciousness the low vibrations that Dress doesn't erase any of those things Right and so when a group of people say Oh this guy was a saint it doesn't mean

Anything you're not in Authority the Council of NAA wasn't an authority I'm Not an authority you're not an authority Right whatever we decide and and judge People as whatever we we category we put People in whatever we say about people It's about what your relationship with God and wherever you are that's where You are there's no bsing and there's no You know saying all these things you Know going back to what this person said Actually there's another kind here I Should read this one as well and this Person wrote Um it's uh it kind of sounds like school Thing where I'm I'm the king oh yeah Well I'm the king of Kings um and then another person wrote Below it this is the comment I wanted to Read I hate that I was raised and Conditioned to have affection for Jesus Out of the sense of fear it's a Miserable program that I don't know how To undo I want to have appreciation of Jesus Jesus without the fear and Programming well this is what Babaji Said that religion have two tools or Weapons whatever you want to call them One is fear and the other is Temptation Fear of uh going to hell and temptation Of going to heaven and so these are the Lies that you were indoctrinated with Which have warped your sense of um Warped all of our sense of uh

Spirituality and you know it's a lot of People have turned away from God because Of it and and the people who are So-called worshippers of God aren't Doing anything because they consider Themselves as lowly Sinners and alls They have to do is worship Jesus and They get into heaven which is a lie Which was a lie made up by these people At the Council of NAA and other places They realized if they could make Jesus The only son of God and the only way to Get to heaven then they would own God They would be the middleman between them And God and that's a very profitable Position and Powerful position and if We've seen it play out it has been and It's all based in lies and you've all Been indoctrinated with that and whether You want to believe in that or not That's up to you like I'm doing you a Solid right now and it's something You're not going to hear in other places And so this person going back to their Comment here the original thing that They said um and where they said um here Let me go to F thing says uh you made a Common considered this good Paul faith Is a gift there's lots of evidence to Support belief in Jesus uh faith is the Ability to believe in the impossible Belief is the ability to believe in the Impossible to believe in the Possible um which is an interesting way

To look at it but you're saying this Thing about faith you know there's a lot Of push back that I got from this video Not a lot but some but over the years I Have had I would say maybe 10,000 Comments maybe more where people have Said that what I'm doing is a cult or Demonic and I'm going to hell because I'm not having accepted Jesus and this Person's saying the same thing right as They you know get into it and say all The stuff at the end of the thing of This um the end of their comment where They're saying Jesus is the only way and Jesus is the savior of the world and That you know he is the Christ is the Son of the Living God all these things Right and so they're saying this this Person's saying this to me that you know A lot of people said I hope that you'll Find Jesus or whatever it doesn't matter You say it in a nice way you don't Matter if you say it in a in a you know Uh uh mean way it doesn't matter how you Say it because the the problem about This and you know I don't get offended By something but what you're doing is Offensive and it's wrong and you're Trying to suck me into something that's Of a lower standard of a lower Outcome of what I'm already doing I've Evolved out of your thing your Indoctrination like I was indoctrinated With it too and I you know bought into

It but my own mom you know who was the One that you know was the big Catholic The big religious person in my family You know she had this moment where she Saw these native peoples we were in Canada was like Ottawa or something and There are some native people some Indian People right and she goes look at these Beautiful people You know my mom had a connection there Or something and she said to me I can't Imagine that these people will go to Hell and I was like wow what are you Talking about right like I didn't know I Didn't understand the you know all this Stuff with you know John 3:16 and all This stuff and you know now years later I understand see I understand your point Of view and I I know what your Indoctrination is and Jesus was the Legitimate spiritual person not because I say so because he obtained something Spiritual right There is a you know there's evidence That he was a spiritual person but That's all he was a saint he wasn't the Only son of God and he wasn't the only Ticket to heaven and all these other People you know the crimes that have Been committed by the Christian people The you know the um uh Manifest Destiny And you know the the Queen of England The king of England thinking that They're God's representative on Earth

And they're a head of their own church And what they're doing is God's will and They're spreading Jesus to these people So they're saving people so this idea That you're saving people is a joke like In you're believing it is a joke it's Not true and it's evil it's done evil You're not saving anybody most of these People that were living in these Aboriginal places living in other places In the world who were innocently Worshiping whatever they were worshiping And they had their own culture and they Had their own belief system and these European a-holes went over to there These missionaries and indoctrinated These people into something that isn't True it's based in lies and manipulation Jesus isn't the only son of God hello Like it's the evidence is overwhelming And like I know what you believe and you Know it's okay for you guys to say to me Paul what you're doing is a is a cult or What you're doing is demonic and you're Going to hell because you're doing it But when I say this to you you get all Butt hurt and whiny Because deep down You know I'm telling you the truth deep Down you are you know you don't really Have faith because it wouldn't upset you Otherwise like I've listened to you guys Say this to me over the years just Banned people deleted comments whatever Ban people you don't delete comments and

Very seldom have I talked about it but It's offensive and what you're doing is Trying to it's like you're trying to Pedal me drugs with spiritual drugs it's Worse than drugs you're trying to get me To do something that that is bad for me That is worse for me me than what I got Going on with sash Mark I got something That works for me and you're trying to Take that away from me you want to Undermine my confidence in that right And so I don't you know this is my Channel like I don't go to your place And and say what I'm saying to you now I Don't come to your house I don't go to Your platform or your Facebook page and Argue with you about this stuff uh you Know that's your space right I don't go To any Christian Channel I don't go to Church or any of these things and tell You what I'm telling you I'm telling you Here in my channel this is my mfn Channel and this is you know my universe This is my internal Universe this is my Thoughts and beliefs and this is what I Say here and you guys keep on coming in Here with your comments and your Attitudes telling me something that I Know to be wrong and you know it to be Wrong and you just don't want to admit It the reason you probably found me is Because deep down some part of you is Begging for you to throw off your Indoctrination and realize that you've

Been played and lied to because it's This stupidest deal that you could ever Be given where someone else can die for Your sins how the hell does that work Right I mean why would somebody else be Able to die for your sins that makes no Sense why would God allow that because He's merciful that you could go sitting And and killing people and you know Raping them and doing all kinds of you Know whatever it is hurting people and You can do the worst possible things Cheating people lying to people Destroying the environment killing you Know Rand Uh you know animals just wiping out Whatever it is right building atomic Bombs and dropping it on people I mean What do you think the worst thing is That you could do you could do the worst Things in the world but it's okay we got You cover Jesus already died for you he Gave you the he gave you the he's he's Fighting for your right to party you Know like you can party all you want go Out there and have a good time just Engage in demonic worship do the worst Possible things but if you repent and Accept Jesus he he's already got you Covered he died for your sins and you're Getting into heaven like what the Stupidest deal like you believe that Like you actually believe that right you You believe that you can do the worst

Possible things and Jesus died for that And it's a is a it's a blank check for Everybody who you know goes out and does You know whatever they want to do reeks Havoc on this planet and then they're Going to get a oneoff and get into this Imaginary place called Heaven that Doesn't exist right CU they created it When they sold you this you know bag of Crap thinking that you didn't have to do Anything spiritually and it's hurt the World it has you know done irreparable Damage well maybe not irreparable but Horrible damage to the people on this Planet and and the world itself because It means that you don't have to work and Become a spiritual person and connect to God directly you only have to smile and Fake like you're kind and you know fake Like you you know you're sincere and a Nice person and you've accepted Jesus And go to church and you know accept That you're a piece of crap Sinner and You're never going to be anything else But as long as you believe that you're Getting this oneway ticket into this Place but God forbid you don't believe That because you're going to the other Place and that's bad and it's just like You know it's it's stupid like it's it's Such a remedial um you know con job like It's the reason you fall for Trump and You fall for Q is because you fall you Fell for this other ridiculous con job

What do you think's going to happen in 20,000 years you think Jesus is religion Is going to be there that people are Going to know Jesus and it's going to be Gone this religion is going to be gone It might be gone in 100 years all these Religions they might be gone in a Thousand years I mean it might be gone In 10 years who knows like I mean it'll Be whatever people remember it there's Been lots of religious and spiritual Movements on this planet and none of Them have really survived past the last 5,000 years only Hinduism with Lord Rama You know Krishna and Rama were Incarnations of the same uh Soul Vishnu The Same Spirit Vishnu the the god of uh Uh persever uh Preservation um and I'm not sure how Long ago Rama lived but you know it's Rama's basically a myth right but it's One of the longlasting ones and let's Say Rama Liv lived 50,000 years ago That's one person who's made it 50,000 Years and in 100,000 years none of this Stuff's going to matter whatever happens Between now and 100,000 years from now a Million years from now these religions Are all gone and so how can these people Who who lived before Jesus or live after Everyone forgets about Jesus they don't Get a chance they don't get a shot at Heaven it's stupid like you know they Just con you it it doesn't make sense

Right that there would only be one son And only one sh shot at heaven and you Didn't have to do anything to get in but Accept Jesus you don't have to connect To God directly because you can't do That because you're just a piece of crap Sinner you can't connect to God directly Why would you even try that only one guy Can do that that's Jesus you know guy Who said me me me I I I all the time I Am this I am that you know I am that I Am all these things right I I I me me me There's a lot of ego with Jesus he's not You know he was okay he did good like he Got his level of of spiritual attainment But they made him into a god at Council And IA other places they made him into a God he would he didn't reach a level That was you know I mean he reached Whatever level he reached and you know He did a good job in a horrible place You know I'm not taking anything away From him his accomplishments but you Can't they've exaggerated his Accomplishments and sold you a big bag Of crap and you and you want me to look Into stuff I already know about right I Know what's happened you you you know You're coming here because I have Something to offer you you're not Offering me something like I already Know you're and I know your situation You can't even comprehend my situation Cuz you haven't even stepped on the

Spiritual field yet right you've bought Into something that isn't going to be Delivered to you there is no heaven in The the way that you look at it right And so um you know there's Babaji the Second master Saar system and you know In my belief system and the people who Have done Saar Babaji was the most Advanced spiritual person and I don't Accept uh expect you to accept that or Believe that like you have to have that And you should you have to have that in Some sort of experience and I've had Some experience of it some of it I just Believe because I've had positive Experiences and this is what this Person's saying that they did right but I'm aware of that like this person's Saying well there's a shrouded Terin and There's all these people were Martyrs And they died and why would they die for Something that wasn't real well they Died for something that was spiritual But it wasn't you know the level that You think there was no heaven there was No you know it's coming from a bad Religion in a bad place and there was a Spiritual you know being and if you were Around somebody like that right if you Were around somebody that was uh evolved Just a little bit you would you know Some of you some people would follow That person and be like wow I I'll give Anything for this this is real this is

So much better than anything else in the World and that's you know the people Have done the Sark system know what I'm Talking about right that who who' have Experienced a transmission on a level And it's not that many people there's Lots of people who do this practice uh And you know they've all it's all folded It's embarrassing what's happened to This system that has been Transformational in my life and many People and how quickly they threw their Spiritual Master under the bus Which I'll get into in a bit right I mean this Has been my experience and it's you know I mean human beings suck and you know Even uh ones who are saintly and have Good spiritual some scaras and have had Past lives doing um you know something Spiritual they um you know they folded Like a card house I mean it's like it's So bad like it's you know but let me get Back to this thing first and I'll get I'll get to that so um bobaji interc Commmun with Jesus a few times he interc Communed with these various Saints and Souls um and one time he had these People from Deadmarsh about Jesus Jesus and Bob G Interc commune with Jesus and um said um And Jes and Bob G didn't know much about Jesus's story he hadn't been educated in The Christian tradition bobj was a small Uneducated man that uh worked as a Baboo

Or Clerk and he would smoke this hooker Like his uh tobacco pipe and he didn't Eat that much very small frail man you Know like five foot 5'4 you know 120 lbs Something like this right and he would Sit there and in a circle with these People would come and visit him and and He would clean and Transmit their you know transmit this Divine energy to their hearts when he Cleaned them right and he would you know They would ask him questions and he Didn't know anything and so he would go Into a a spiritual State and he would Get the answer directly from the Divine You know the the whatever you want to Call it the akashic records or this case Jesus directly he would go and ask Jesus Directly so people asked him about Jesus And he didn't know anything about Jesus So he went and asked he interc communed With Jesus and he asked him questions And he said that Jesus had a spiritual Fall at the end of his life and it was Because of Mary and these people from Denmark and you know I don't know where The transcript is and I I'd read it to You for verbatim if I had it but I don't Like uh I don't have it in my possession I I read it I used to um but you know That's a whole another story um you know And amongst other works and things but There was these video transcript and you Know this was caught on video somewhere

There's a video of this and they said What mother Mary there he fell he had a Spiritual fa because of mother Mary and Bob G said I don't know let me go ask Him and Bob G goes ask Jesus and Jesus Says no you know Mary Magdalene they had A relationship so you know there was Some kind of spiritual fall that was Associated with her and you know like Maybe he lost faing I don't know what Happened you know that's what women can Do to You um but there was another time in Inter commun with Jesus and Jesus gave Babaji uh you know wanted Babaji to Oversee the Christian you know tradition The the churches and you know he he was Fed Up by what happened with his Teachings he was disappointed in the Religions and the people there which was Obvious because of course he was because They were lying about him and the Direction of power and you know it's Really turned into something that's um Uphor and all the crimes that have been Committed in Jesus's name by Christians European Christians right who can't you Know they have a I mean even the Pictures of Jesus is a white Christian European man that's not Jesus wasn't From Europe he didn't have blonde hair And blue eyes I don't know what Jesus Looked like but he didn't look like that Right and that's you know your white

Jesus like you know you can't even Accept what Jesus looked like if you saw Jesus if you could go back in time and You saw Jesus you'd be disappointed he Wouldn't be the guy the Jesus that you Were taught about he would have be a Human being with problems and and issues He'd have a different kind of energy Which you might you may or may not be Able to feel but you wouldn't be able to Accept him and if he's incarnated now Which I believe he might be incarnated Now as a as a different person I don't Know if he's a man or a woman or what You know race he is or or where he is or If he even Even's here but you could Come across him and you wouldn't see him As Jesus and he wouldn't be telling you The things that your religion's telling You you know Jesus is second coming you Know he he had past lives which he Talked about Jesus talked about his past Lives it's in the Gnostic Gospels it was Edited out by the you know they took Stuff out of the Bible that hurt their Story you know with the fact that Jesus Believed in past lives killed their Whole oneoff scam that you were lived One life and then you went to heaven or Hell which is stupid your soul is Eternal where was your soul before this Your soul was somewhere where was it It's not talked about in Christianity Because they don't want you to know your

Soul was somewhere before it's going Somewhere after you know I'm telling you This because this is information that Might you know it might be true or not Like you don't know I'm not saying Except what I'm saying is Gospel and I Don't say that about anything I say I Don't want that responsibility this is My understanding of things I have no way To prove it to you you know and I have Whatever you know some things I I know Some things I just believe right some Things are are exper experiences that I Can you know validate you know through Experience and then other things are Just you know yeah this is what I think Has happened you know that's what I do Here like I don't know I can't you know I've been I've been right a lot but that Doesn't mean anything right does it mean I'm right this time because I've been Wrong and you know I make mistakes and You know my perception is 100% right This is something that I'm you know Sharing with you but your indoctrination Is definitely wrong the stuff that You've been fed is lies is what I'm Saying the truth I don't know you have To figure that out but what you've been Told already is lies and so this guy Babaji um when he was uh I think he Wrote this in his Diaries he found that Um the best you could get out of Christianity was something he called

Salvation and that was a 17-year Reprieve between your present life and Your next life that if you a really good Christian and you did you know really Good Christian things you wouldn't have To be incarnated again for another 17 Years your soul could go and this is a Big thing because a little bit of a Respit is a big thing the bad Souls the Negative Souls they die and then they're They're pulled into a you know they're Pulled into uh you know a pregnancy Almost immediately and that's why the Bad souls are very confused they're Confused about their sexuality they're Confused about all kinds of things Because they haven't even Pro their old Life and they've already or they're Already living a new life and they Usually get put in bad circumstances bad Parents abusive situations you know War Torn places and they you know they live In very horrible circumstances because They have a lot of heavy some scar Burden and they immediately go from one Bad life to another bad life and they Don't have any respit they don't have Any time to process and to reflect and Then plan their next life and so 17 Years isn't a bad thing like that's not A bad deal for those people who are good Christians so you get something right But you don't get what's called Liberation which is freedom from the you

Know these success of lives in one Incarnation after another because you're Bound here like everything else you have To graduate you have to do something you Have to pass tests you have to pass Challenges there's a bar right you have To clear that bar to get out of this you Know this Earthbound existence where You're you're bound to Earth this prison Planet right your soul is bound here and To evolve out of that you have to do Something you have to achieve something Spiritually you have to connect to God And get on a higher level and to my Understanding Jesus got Liberation but That was it like barely got that he just You know like uh and I'm not sure like I'm not like he had a spiritual fall I'm Not sure if he got that or not but That's my understanding that Jesus just Barely crossed that bar but has to come Back and do work and things Voluntarily because you know um because Jesus in some of his teachings he left a Mess right that has you know some of the Stuff he he said has created has been Misused and also he shouldn't have said It because it was egotistical to say Them there's some there's a lot of ego In his teachings a lot of I and me and Things like this right and so it isn't Like he was he was rocking it you know He he certainly was a spiritually Evolved person but could have done

Better and what he left has been you Know turned into something evil and Something bad and a big part of that is All of the Christian people don't think They have to work at their own spiritual Evolution they just have to accept Jesus And that's a a huge problem and it's Indoctrinated into so many people and You know they don't want to give up that You know they think they got a good deal So they don't want to give that up right And let me go back to this right Something's either true or it's not Either either Jesus is the only son of God or he's not and your belief or faith Doesn't you can't it's not something you Can vote on it doesn't matter if a Billion people believe Jesus is the only Way or two billion people is the only Way to get into heaven if that's a lie That's a lie you ain't getting into Heaven like the J's going to go okay Well you guys really believe this so you Really had faith in this so I'm I'm Going to create a heaven for you guys Because you know gosh Don it you you Know no it doesn't matter like doesn't Matter what I believe or what you Believe only thing that matters is the Truth and the truth is there isn't only One son of God and that's a you know a Story that was you can trace it back and See where it was manipulated into that Story when Council in NAA and and you

Know these religions ever since they saw That this was a good deal if they told People this they would own those people They would those people would be Enslaved to them on a spiritual level And they would work for them and they Would be a power block and they could Manipulate these people and you know They could get all kinds of things out Of these people because these people Were thinking they were getting a One-way ticket to Heaven because they Were lied to by these people who created The religion you know they warped Jesus Story for their own personal gain and Benefit it's there it's there for Anybody to see it's just you have to Have the strength to see it you have to Have the ability to say yeah I got I you Know I've been duped my parents were Duped and we're all duped right and you Know my religion has caused all kinds of Pain and suffering in this world and Taken people away from their souls and Their souls path and has you know Minimized people's own participation in Their spiritual Evolution okay so I just Want to ate breakfast um I take a break Usually about 40 minutes into it I start Getting tired and uh doing a voice over But um this will be a standalone video I There's a clip out there of um the Speaker of the House the former speaker Of the house whatever that guy's name is

Uh cheap shoting elbowing another guy And it's great it's really entertaining And I was going to include that in the Beginning of this video I might still do That I don't know but this thing's going To be probably close to two hours as it Is so we'll see what happens um so I Want to get back into where I left off Here but I I want to say this first so Of all the people that are telling you Things about Jesus I'm the only one that Doesn't care about any of it right like In terms of I'm not doing this for Mone I'm not doing this is hurts my channel You know Christians will listen to this And they'll you know there lots of Christians who listen to my videos and This is going to bum them out and They'll leave or whatever you know and I'm not trying to convert you because I Don't want you to do my thing I mean I It's great if you do it but I don't you Know it's not better for me I don't get A I don't get like some bonus points Because people do gratefulness right I'm Not selling you something like you know People would say oh you want to be a Leader a cult leader or whatever that's Obviously not true like I'm not somebody I don't need your approval I don't need Your praise I don't need anything from You right I'm not looking for followers Like everybody should know that I'm not You know I do more more of I do things

To push people away you know like like This is going to push people away and I'm not doing it for that reason but you Know I always have that tendency like I I do more to you know hurt myself as a Person you know make people dislike me Or disagree with me and I I say the Truth in ways that you know people are Going to be upset and you know I could Be less truthful I mean is that what you Think I should do be less truthful be Less honest you know I have a a little Bit of a membership program here that I Talked about briefly I don't bring it up Once in a while I say this video is Demonetized and you know I'm doing this For free and you know if people want to Contribute they can contribute or Whatever and I got some merch it took me You know you know some whatever merch You know it took me years to uh get out There and I don't talk about it you know I don't talk about hey subscribe to my Channel hey you know subscribe to my Membership program I don't bring these Things up like I'm not you know I don't Say I'll go to do gratefulness or Whatever and you know I have the way and I I'm not trying to be some spiritual Guru because clearly I don't want that Right anybody who knows me listen to my Journey series and know the way that I You know do things or the way that I am Oriented I'm not into any of that stuff

I don't want it I don't like I don't Think it's good for me I'm not here for That right I'm here for what I do here This is what God's made me into and I'm Good at telling people the blunt truth Right in various ways you know maybe it Might not be the truth but it is you Know uh more you know it's more truthful Than what you've gotten whereas your Religion has benefited from the power it Has over you the story it has over you Right and for Christians right you know So let's go back to this what this woman Said here um this is the key part like This is the key part of her you know Displaying herself without realizing She's displaying it here and so you know Goes to the martyrs of England hung and Drawn and quartered somewhere stoned or Burnt alive saint of Joan Arc why would Some sacrifice so much unless the faith Was real most truthers online suggest Just don't rely on what is shared by Them but we check it out and verify what They what they have presented why don't You verify what you've presented so your One belief your one you know you're Clinging to your faith your faith is not Real Faith Because deep down you know It's not true you're CL clinging to a Force a false narrative and this person There one thing that they're saying About this is well um these people were Tortured because of their belief in

Christ Christ and if it wasn't real then Why were they tortured well there are People who go and do um you know they Strap explosives on them and they're Promised 70 virgin virgins and a mule in Some bogus heaven and they go do these Martyr crimes why why would they do that If it wasn't real why would oh they're Just crazy but you're guys weren't oh Those guys are just crazy people die in Wars they do horrific things Um for what for belief in America they Don't even believe in God or some of Them do some of them don't whatever it Is doesn't matter you know people suffer In war they suffer all kinds of things For lesser beliefs and so they're wrong Like they're wrong you know and the the Issue here is in terms of all this Martyrdom let's let me get into this the Reason Jesus was murdered and turned on In a horrific way and his disciples were Also uh you know uh mauled and mutilated And tortured in these things is because The people in that region are power Hungry and have a demonic egotistical Violent orientation to the world and Anybody who becomes spiritual and says Things and a spiritual person's Threatens their system if everyone was Spiritual our economic system would Collapse if everyone became spiritual Because you would consume less just Based in like just that subtle of a

Thing and that would make the system and You would and you wouldn't be as easily Uh manipulated if you were spiritual Because you would serve God and not the Master the the almighty dollar and all These religions serve the almighty Dollar and religious power and they're Not serving God and they're Disconnecting you from God on purpose They don't want you to connect to the Divinity within you and so they there All these BS these BS stories that they Tell you and they're not true Jesus Couldn't protect himself and he couldn't Protect his disciples he didn't have That level of spiritual whatever it was Right these Miracle things are you know Miracle is a low-level thing Manipulating material life with Spiritual energy especially if you don't Have God's permission which to my Understanding Jesus didn't like Jesus Was like showing off with his miracles Which was you know it to people who are Simple they see something like that and It's enough to get them to believe but It didn't transform those people it Didn't help them connect the Divinity Within them it was just Jesus showing Off it didn't have any spiritual benefit It just showed that he was capable that He was on the next level he was on a Higher level not the highest level he Was on a higher level than the the

Lowlife people that lived in this Violent corrupt time right and they Killed him for it you know they killed Him for for having some spiritual Evolution because he was a threat to Their evil system and that's why he was Murdered that's why all these people Wasn't because he was God's only son he Didn't give his life for your sins none Of these things there's no you know that Was just something they made up and the People who killed him who were power Hungry people the people who are scared Of him and scared this is uh you know Western people kill their Saints you Know the Western World starting in the Middle East and going through Europe and Now of course America if you become a Spiritual person they want to Mize you Right because you're um you're a threat To them and in other countries in the East particularly India Saints are Celebrated and so if you're a saint born In the Western countries it sucks for You like you're a spiritual person and It doesn't mean they're going to kill You it's going to mean that they're Going to try to destroy you and tell Tell you you're a piece of crap because Everything that you're being told Whether it be have a Killer Instinct Whether it be the violence of the American system whether it be you know The you know the meanness and the you

Know the they want to harden you up they Want you you know take away your Softness your sensitivity which which is What connects you to God your your heart Has to be soft to connect to God and They Harden your heart they make you Into a hard person and that's what your Religion's doing for you and you know Selling you out to this beastly system That wants to create soldiers you know American Military and create you know Football and like you know the I mean The vience in our in our culture and our Movies and things and now you know Whatever it's creating now it's we're Just creating these hedonistic weak Little you know whatever these this Generation is right you see it happening And it's all based in a faulty religion If you had a a true Compass you had a Good spiritual organization a connection To God none of this stuff would be Happening it's because your religion Sucks Christianity sucks as a you know It's a materialistic uh system but those Same people that killed Jesus and killed His disciples the same kind of people The same types of people they're the Ones who decided to hey let's take this Story we'll turn him into a martyr we'll Say hey this guy died for your sins He'll you know make up this story and Manipulate people who you know who Appreciate martydom and appreciate you

Know violence and blood and are very you Know the people in Europe are very heavy Like they're very you know mental They're very materialistic this is you Know it's a it's a very uh there was Very Thug like or whatever and so this Story appealed to them right because of The blood and the drama and the Betrayal And all these manipulations and his Followers and Judas and all these things In it right it appealed to those People's psyches like they couldn't get A pure spiritual being that lived this Good spiritual life in a very simple way With no drama they like the drama and You can see they like the drama because Look at the drama that's in our TV shows And movies people of the West like drama Right right and are materialistic the Europeans were good at one thing and That was war and Technology I mean they You know they stole some of the Technology like gunpowder from China and Like a lot of the things that were Invented in India I mean they didn't Come out they weren't like good Inventors but they were good at applying This technology they were good at Military strategy they were good at Subjectifying people turning them into Subjects we you know colonizing them They were good at that right they they Won those Wars they were they they had a Plan they knew how to do that they

Conquered these worlds they conquered The Aboriginal people that didn't mean God was with them they didn't mean that They were more spiritual that they were That their religion was better than what The belief system of these people were That didn't mean that it just meant that They were better militarily right and so You know it didn't mean that they won The spiritual Wars doesn't mean the Crusades you know they lost the Crusades That didn't mean that the Muslim people Were Superior because their religion Fought off their people fought off the Indoctrination you know none of the Things matter in terms of this stuff Right there's a violence and a you know A uh I mean there's a a different Orientation to the world that people of Europe had and they conquered it they Conquered the world right Britain mostly And these other countries you America And these other places and because of That they indoctrinated and forced their Belief system on people didn't mean it Was a right belief system it was the Same type of attitude that killed Jesus The same you know subject subjectifying These uh you know enslaving these people In Africa and you know taking the lands In America and looking at these people As Savages and looking down at them and Saying that oh they're all going to hell So we're saving them and you know we're

Doing them a favor and we take their Land and all these things right exploit Them and you know Force our culture on Them and so it was all lies right and That's you know there's punishment for That there's uh you know there's Consequences for that kind of behavior Behavior it's not you know going going To go unnoticed and it's the kind of Behavior now that's going to take down The world with the selfishness that's Going on in Israel and you know with the The Muslim people and all these people You know they're they're willing to blow Up the whole world because of their Warped Faith their warped belief Christians along with them right these Three religions that you know are Dominating this planet right now that Have the majority of people over half The people subscribe to these religions And a lot of people who don't subscribe To these religions were brought up in These religions they've left the Religions but their indoctrination is Still there they're in reaction to it They're in reaction to this uh belief System their indoctrination they haven't Evolved out of it right they've suffered The trauma of Christianity and of Islam And of Judaism they've suffered these Things they've suffered the you know the It's like being abused right when you're Abused you can either uh abuse somebody

Else abuse yourself or cope transform The abuse into something Divine you know To uh transform the abuse into something Next level you can find a way to to um Be grateful to God and you know not Perpetrate the same crap that you've Been taught either on yourself or Somebody else right not to move it Forward but to let it uh you know be Transformed in your system in some way And that's available in the Sark system And cleaning and and not that it you Know guaranteed to work right you know My parents had these prayer meetings When I was like five six years old you Know is whatever it was you know I I Think I was a good kid most of the time Um I don't remember getting into trouble I wasn't somebody who back talk I was Always quiet you know thoughtful U but My mom had catechism you know was a Catholic you know Sunday school but it Was like Wednesday night or something at Our house and I was like a total brat I Remember being sent to my room every Time like I was more comfortable like I Became like a wise guy you know like you You know things I wasn't normally like I Was quiet in school or whatever it is You know but I didn't really trust my Parents and like I was smarter than them Like I was more evolved like my Consciousness was higher than this when We played games and board games and

Things like this like I would always win Because my parents were like you know Like the they just their minds didn't Work as quickly and whatever you know And they had done things where I'd lost My trust in them like I remember I was Like seven or eight and I um had like a Lip sore something you know some kind of You know maybe I had a cold and was Blowing my nose or whatever and you know There was um you know my mom put Sav Like some Neosporin on my face right Below my nose like a big glump of it it Looked like a big giant booger and sent Me to School and so you know I realized in the Moment where by classmates realized that I had a giant booger on my lip that I Could no longer trust my my Mob you know I had to you know I had to Kind of figure out anything that they Were um dressing me in or whatever it Was like my mom was not my friend and Wasn't you know someone I could uh trust To you know do the right thing you know But later on um and my dad was you know More incompetent than my mom and I Started to see this as a kid right like I knew I was on my own like you know a Couple of times I had these realizations That I was on my own right the first Time was my dad and I were walking Around a pond it's my earliest memory And there was a um a lily pad and it was

The lily pad hadn't opened up yet so it Was you know or it might have been like A flower I don't know like you know Whatever it was but I thought it was a Frog cuz I was like four I was you know I mean I remember was wear and I this Like little you know matching kind of Almost like a onesie type of thing right And my dad said no it's not a frog and We argued about it and my dad said okay Um like grab it so he my dad took my Hand and I leaned over and I'm reaching Out for the Frog you know I'm completely Out of off balance I'm just being Supported by his hand and he opened his Hand and let me let me fall into the Water and fall in this dirty pond water And he laughed right and like it was Like an adult moment I had I'm like Oh My dad's an like you Know like I'm like you're on your own Your dad's an like I had this Like you know realization that I Couldn't trust this guy you know he was A loser and an right so anyways They had this prayer meeting and they Had these people over their house and um There was uh a famous actor named mauce Chev Chalet or something like this French guy and there there was a guy who Was there and that was his name and his Wife they seemed like nice people and They had some kids that came over you Know they seem like nice kids uh but

Their F family fell apart they ended up Getting divorc and they they were the Co-leaders with my mom my dad really Didn't believe in God but he believed in Being the center of attention so he was There and there was this one guy he Would he would witness he would say the Same thing at every meeting until they Told him shut up like this kind of thing And they had these you know these prayer Meetings they talked about Jesus and Whatever you know whatever was going on And life events and there were things You know whatever normal were things That I was struggling with that my Parents ended up talking about to these People and then these kids started to Talk to me about them right like they Knew stuff about me that I was kind of Uncomfortable as a private person and so I was like WTF and I went to my parents And I said are you telling these people You know things about me because their Kids know things about me that you know Like whatever it is right and like my Parents are like no you know they lied And like what do you think you're going To outsmart me like we've already proven I'm smarter than and you know I lost Faith in God because of that because I Saw the hypocrisy of all these people Right I saw these people as very flawed And they were supposed to be religious People and these were people who were

More committed to God than the normal People like they would not only go to Church but they would also go to these Charismatic Retreats and they were into Their religion more than other people They would speak in tongues and you know Things like this they were you know they They did things Beyond just the Requirements and some of them seemed Spiritual or sanly or whatever some of These nuns were pretty cool and they Were you know they were definitely devot They didn't have the none experience you Know I didn't have a bad Catholic Upbringing I didn't have a you know Abusive priest or you know some things Like some people have experienced right But I saw the hypocrisy I'm like these People aren't any better you know and I Started to see like people who who who Uh you know we turned 14 I started Smoking pot that my friends who were Doing drugs and I was you know when You're a kid like oh my God marijuana Will kill you you know like the kind of Stuff they would tell you and I saw that These people at least honest about who They were right they weren't trying to Front and pretend to be something They're not and so I left religion but It wasn't you know I never like had I Never thought it out like it wasn't like I had a problem with God I had a problem With people who were worshiping God

Right like I didn't have a problem with God wasn't the problem it was people That were the problem and I didn't Realize that to years later when I Started doing the Sark system you know It doesn't isn't a reflection of God That people who say that they're godly People suck right you know who are maybe Worse than Sinners you know they talk About other people being Sinners but They're the worst Sinners and you find All these priests and all these you know Reverends and all these tele evangelists Who do like depraved things and get Caught and and say oh my god I've fallen I'm a sinner all that crap because a Religion is flawed it's not that God's Flawed it's a sucky religion and lots of These religions they all suck right and It isn't that it's God's fault that Religion sucks it's you know human Beings who go in and warp and twist the Religion and that's what's happened to These religions doesn't mean Jesus sucks But the religion has sold Jesus as Something that he's not they've given Powers that he didn't have they give him A position he doesn't have and they've Said things about him that he can't do And they've made up stories about it and They've changed the story or the Interpretation of the story where the Martyrdom is a good thing and the Martyrdom isn't uh like isn't something

That shows you how great Jesus and his Disciples were for experiencing torture In these things because it wasn't a you Know something that was um something you Should emulate or something that you Should aspire to it just showed you how Bad people are to people who are Spiritual what what we do to our Saints In the West And it's pretty pervasive and it doesn't Have to be physical torture it could be Emotional torture it could be you know They they want to take people who are Spiritual and they want to break them They want to you know turn them into Materialistic people they want to turn Them into to harden people they want to Take their you know their spiritual Energy and and use it for evil and That's happened to all of you at a young Age you know when I was uh doing the Sark system and the idea of being soft Being a good thing having a soft heart Being Sensitive and I thought about that and I Was like you know if somebody called you Soft and you played it like a playground Basketball you were supposed to fight Them like or at least you know prove to Them that you weren't soft right when They call Athletes soft what they call a Defense soft if they call you soft it Means you're weak and you're pathetic And you're you know you're a right

Whatever and you know I thought about That I'm like you know just think about How something that is necessary like you Have to have a soft heart to be a Spiritual person you have to be Compassionate you have to be empathetic You have to feel the pain that there is To feel and how they numb us to the pain And they you know say that being Sensitive or soft is is a form of Weakness and they want you to be violent And they want you all these you know all These things that they want out of you But then when you are violent they You'll lock you up or whatever right It's a twisted system we live in and Spiritual people who have you know Sensitivity and the ability to operate On a higher level of Consciousness are Beaten down from the day you're born by Your family by your school system by Your you know Culture by you know your TV and everything that's there they want To make you depressed or they want to Make you angry or they want to you know They want to get rid of that that asset That you have which is a soft heart if You're spiritually evolved they want you To you know be a materialistic person so They have to break you they have to make Sure that you don't become what you're Meant to become because you're going to Influence other people you're going to Bring them up you're going to you know

Tell the truth you're going to speak Truth to a deceptive system and your Freaking bogus religion has sold you out Right sold your spiritual nature out to This you know this BS story and these False promises these you know these uh You know promises that they can't make Good on of Heaven and Hell and these Other things right and you know you Watch I'll get comments people will just Comment on the title or they'll you know They get triggered they'll comment They'll just do the same thing they'll Post biblical quotes Using the Bible to validate their word Belief system because they can't deal With their indoctrination and you know You can ask Jesus directly you know Someone um I had a conversation with Somebody I said some of these things in A much more mild way years and years ago And some Christian guy come in he argued With me I said you know just ask Jesus and he came back and said I didn't And Jesus said you were wrong You like you didn't ask Jesus you just Sold that out right you this happened in The sa Mark system in the heartfulness System something that I'm going through Right now you know there was uh three Legitimate spiritual Masters and I had Spent time with the third master chargie And he was a transformational being and He worked exhaustively under physical

Pain and suffering migraine headaches And you know even towards the end of his Life he lived into his you know 80s and He had all this you know physical issues Going on he still went out there and Worked every day and sacrificed and Cleaned and transmitted to people and Made people you know made himself Available to people and he wrote all These you know great books and gave all These great talks and he built ashs and You he had an epic life and you know it Was transformational and he he pulled People up and he you know turned the Keys over to this system and he created Spiritually because this is how the System works where cleaning and Transmission and a spiritual gifts are Given to the you know people that do the System and then to the successor the Spiritual Representative there's he turns him into A a potential master and I saw this Happen this guy commes who I knew for a Number of years and and I saw him Transform into the master but he you Know slowly um just turned into a piece Of like just like not only like Corrupt but stupid like dumb like an Idiot like a buffoon like a do knots Kind of like incompetent putts right Hard to watch cuz I saw what he you know He was certainly evolved and he was into It and you know he's a better uh more

Committed person than I am you know I'm Not all that committed to you all or Anybody else right like I've seen what Happened to these guys who you know I Mean you can look at Jesus but you can Look at you know people throughout History and human beings always turn on Them human beings always you know let Him down even in India and places like That right maybe not where they crucify Him but you know all these things And so you know I'm not into that like That's why I'm saying I don't I'm not Getting anything out of this all I'm Doing is telling you at least a more Truthful version of the crap you've been Fed your whole life as a Christian right And I don't you know I'm not I don't Benefit from it personally other than It's what I do here and it's what God Wants me to do and I'll do that right That doesn't mean I'm going to I want You to like you know tag along with me And I want a bunch of followers cuz I Don't like you know go you know pull Yourself up by your own bruise straps I Don't you know I don't need you weighing Me doubt right like so I'm not you know I'm much more uh I don't to say selfish But Realistic and you know about how bad People suck right I mean people have Divinity in them I you know I see it you Know everyone has Divinity in in them

But people just don't respond to it Don't reach for it don't you know and They this happened in the SJ Mark system And so Commish this guy F fell dodgey Fell and it was painful for me right cuz I knew him and we were kind of like Friends And he you know he was you know good to Me in different ways I felt some loyalty Towards him he took an interest in me You know we you know whatever but I Couldn't deny what happened right as Painful as it was because it meant the System that I you know love so much is At the threat of just turning into one Of these other crappy religions like I've been talking about your religions Right like it easily could become that And it's it's already becoming that Right now unless something happens you Know I have faith that there's a Possibility that something else could Happen right and I'm doing my best to Preserve what's there and encouraging Other people to do that and you know I've set up the gratefulness meditation Where there's sittings and things Available like for people to experience What I had I've had the blessing to Experience for the last 30 years but you Know it's a you know it's painful but I Can't deny the truth right it's painful As it is and I you know I would rather Have the truth and be in denial and you

Know the majority of people who do the System and many of them talked about how Much they love chargie like they would Weep when chargie would you know I Talked about this extensively in the Journey series videos they would weep When they had to leave Char's presence And oh Master this and master that you Know a lot of the Indians but people From all over the world and Dody has Basically said chargie failed not Basically he's come out and said it and He's done it in the dious way trying to Get rid of Char's birthday celebration I Mean scrub all of Char's written Material and chargie was his master he For 30 years he he was um you know he Was tagging along with chargie and Spending as much time with chargie was Privileged position right and becoming Char's disciple and his successor and Then he's crapped all over his legacy And all these people who said they love Chargie have just allowed this guy to do It and they know this guy's a p because They don't watch his videos they don't Listen to him they don't read his crappy Books they don't love him like they love Chargie but he holds a position right He's the you know legitimate master and President of the position of the system Of he has this position in the system And they've thrown him under the bus and That's painful for me to see like these

People who many of them I know are you Know they're better than I am at this They're better practitioners of the System but they're weak in this way Because they can't face the truth they Can't admit to what I've admitted to Here what I've you know what I've Admitted to myself has happened right Which I've accepted not admitted Accepted and ultimately working to be Grateful for and realizing this is you Know there must be some spiritual Benefit because I have faith in the System but if the system craps out it's Going to crap out and there's nothing I Can do about it as painful as that is It's you know it's the truth the truth Isn't what we want it to be the truth Isn't what we need it to be the truth is Whatever it is and that's what I deliver Here to the best of my ability and if You can't accept that then go listen to Somebody lie to you about your religion And tell you a bunch of crap that you Deep down know isn't true that you can't Don't have the strength to rise up to it But don't burden me with your your your Indoctrination I already know what you Believe I know you know I know what your The lies that you've accepted and you Know if that's all you can do I don't You know I'm not stopping you I'm not Discouraging anybody from doing that I'm Not going to your house and saying oh my

God you got to do this thing like I'm You know proth ing or whatever they call It pro Sizing um you know I'm not doing any of That stuff I just say the truth here and The truth is your your Collective Religion starting with Judaism and Christianity and and Islam are about to Destroy what is left of this crappy System which is probably a blessing Which you know on a spiritual level is Definitely a blessing but that's what's Happening because your religions suck And they they warp the truth about Divinity and they disconnect you from The Divinity within you and the world That's been created including our Economic system and all these other Depravities that you see all stem from The failure and the corruption of these Religions you know all of them Specifically The Big Three that I've you Know influenced the majority of people And it gives you a distorted view of What God is and it disconnects Disconnects you from your soul and your Soul's path and it's corrupted everybody And made us all weak and Materialistic and so there it is that's The basis of this whole problem it Starts with your crappy religion and you Know whether you were able to to rise up To that or not that's not my problem but Don't expect me to lie to you you don't

Have to come here right I'm not here to You know uh disparage your or to uh get You to question your faith but question Your indoctrination right I support your Faith but it's your indoctrination That's the problem I'm not here talking About your faith I'm talking about your Indoctrination and so um you know I'm Just going to put this up the way it is I'll just slap a picture on it and Because it's just an audio you know Whatever so I'm glad I thought to add This to this video um for a couple of Reasons and the idea that followed so Having seen that having uh heard what I Talk about there there are two reasons For this and it has to do with dodgy Throwing uh um chargie under the bus and Also bobbyy talking about how religions Have two tools or you could call them Weapons which is fear and Temptation in Reality at dawn which I talk about in The video and so there was a um comment Here I think hopefully let's say put it Here it's a comment I I read in the Video uh where the person says um I hate That I was raised in conditioned to have Affection for Jesus as a sense of fear There miserable programming that I don't Know how to undo I want to have an appreciation of Jesus Without fear and guilt and programming See uh you know dodgy did this a little Bit when he rolled out the threats where

People were badmouthing him saying if You mess with the hierarchy will get Your soul get tacked up to Antarctica And some of these other things you know Talking about some of these you'll make Your you'll make you quiver in your seat When you hear the you know like you may It all dramatic right you know but Babaji was very clear that only love Works that you know Jesus performed Miracles and he did all these things you Know that were exceptional you know sort Of Fantastical things and his disciples Mostly turned on him they all kind of Abandoned him and you know he was sort Of resurrected by Paul who never met him And then people who never met him Rearranged the story because Christianity wasn't anything right they Made him a martyr and used a lot of Guilt and shame and low life stuff to Manipulate people into being Christians Right this was the the whole thing there Was the whole kind of enchilada here and Without meeting him you don't really Know right so it's the meeting of the Master of the saint that is you can you Know inter commune you can do these Types of things if you're a really good Medium you can have a spiritual Experience if you're sensitive but Meeting the master is key it's just this You know I never met babaj or ly but the Way that uh chargie represented

Represented bobaji the way he talked About him the various materials he had The stories you know he had these videos Where he talked about he the hook and I Where he was was sitting with bobu and Bob smoked the hooker and all these Things that he did and you know building The yasham and putting uh making the Courtyard um in the meditation Hall in Chenai there's a courtyard where Babaji Used to sit smoke his hookah And he would you know hold cord he would Be sitting there with people sitting Around him smoking the hookah and they Have a hookah on stage and it's a Threedimensional Presentation of Baba's Courtyard it's a Picture that's blown up and then they Have these three-dimensional columns Like in his Courtyard and at night they Turn on the light and you could feel the Energy was just amazing coming from Where charie would give all these Sittings you know it was the backdrop to Where he would sit during satson during Meditation okay so I found a picture That I had I looked on the internet I Couldn't find a better picture but I'm Putting the picture in the video so you Can see it and the lights aren't on you Know you can see the column sort of but You know on the side there are two doors Where one charie would come Into before satson so there's just a you

Know sort of a magical energy there but Suffices to say that chargie did an Excellent job of bringing babaj G to Life through his presentation of him him And being an example of what Boba G Could do for somebody in what Bob Created in charie chargie was an Excellent example of what Baba's work Was uh indicative of what Babaji did for Everybody you know Char's excellence and He said um you know uh why is he so Great you know why is he such a great Person Char you say because babagi Helped him become what he became right And you know he documented his Interactions with Boby in his in in my Footsteps books his his uh Diaries and So if you read all the literature and You and you hear the talks and you were Around chargie and you went to Char's House you saw Bob's pictures and you Know you just he brought babby G to life So you didn't meet babby G but you knew Bobby G through charie and the great Failure of Dody is he didn't do that for For uh charie in fact he did the Opposite he under my charge he you Talked about him in a negative way or Didn't talk about him at all and has Tried to erase him from the mission Instead of celebrating him you know if You go see the statue at the asham in U In hydrabad kind of of Babaji it's the Place that has the best energy better

Than the meditation Hall and it's a Statue and that's like idol worship you Know like it's people were meditating in Front of it and so they tried to do Things so people wouldn't do that Anymore but people would rather meditate In front of the statue then go to the um You know go to the you know meditation Hall and because the energy was better Because bobi was there in the Statue Form and it's sad but that was the case And Dody failed and for one being a good Example we saying oh this guy's great Where how is this guy so great because He's not he sucks and he's an Embarrassment and then he's throwing Charie under the bus on top of it so if You came into the mission and you never Met charie then you have no way to know How great charie was and then you Wouldn't know how great Babaji was if You didn't know that you wouldn't know How great ly was right because you know You just got this dope sitting up there And to some extent I've been able to Carry some of that energy but I didn't Know chargie all that well like I wasn't You know I couldn't do for chargie what Chargie did for Babaji and Babaji did For ly you know I can do a little bit And so can all the rest of the people You know hold that energy and you know Tell stories you know I heard all these Stories from people who went to visit

Bobaji and you know all these things Right and it brings it makes it real Right other than it's just some picture Of some guy and you read his books but You don't you know you don't he's not Humanized and they humanized him and and Also you know made him into a a Divine Being in a very subtle way of these big Stories and no you know Miracles that Are frowned upon and because it's Showing off and going against God's will Like re rearranging reality the the Material world just to impress people And not have God's permission to do that Is a real problem and that was done Right but you know that's the shame of It this is the shame of Dody who you Know who has not not been what he could Be so he could be an example of what SAR Could do for you and then that would Celebrate the masters of the system you Know it makes like charie failed at Creating a representative who could Represent him and be a quality to Disciple and you know he has no love for Charging and whatever he has is disdain Or negative or hate or whatever it is so It's a failure and I don't know how to You know fix that right because there's Still some people remember babaj G but They're really old and you know people Will remember chargie and for the next 20 or 30 years there'll be people you Know maybe longer who were around charge

You and talk about how great he was um But unless a quality Master comes out of That where you can you know it's not Only representing in the sense of Stories and you know talking about how Great somebody is but also um you know The energy that chargie brought that you Know was what it was like to be around Babaji right you could feel the energy That chargie exuded in the transmission And dodgies failed in all those levels Right so that's the real tragedy here Because you know when Jesus died there Was disciples and people knew him and There was a point where everybody who Knew Jesus was no longer alive and they Could make up whatever they wanted and They could focus on whatever stories They could bring in other stuff that Didn't really happen they could Embellish a story they could take things Out that didn't suit them and then just Make it into something that appealed to The real stupid people the people who Are you know guilt and shame and low Life people who don't have the Consciousness to raise up and experience Jesus when he was alive like they Wouldn't they wouldn't like Jesus if They met him but they like the version Of Jesus that was sold to them right and That's what you know sjar could be and You know it's headed in that direction Right now where dodg just throwing out

Essential teachings and things that were Important and dumbing down the message Because he doesn't want smart people or People who can see through his you know His boobery right his Incompetence and you know like that's Just the shame of it right and so Hopefully you know this is going to come To a quick end and there'll be some way To you know s Salvage what's what's left Of this thing um ideally he would be as Good as celebrating chargie as chargie Was of bajy and Babaji was of of ly and You know that's what needs to happen to Keep a living tradition going that the Success of Masters of the system are Able to Reproduce the greatness of the Masters Without embellishing it without using You know tricks and and ways to exploit The audience's emotions and things but Actually just use you know the the love That's there and you know the love is Enough to compel people cuz you know What happened with all these other Spiritual Beings you know it wasn't love That turned them into religions it was Power or it was you know manipulation or Threats and bribes or whatever it might Be and that's why people do religion and Not the the love of God and the love of You know the you know the the great Things that the system can do to help You transform into a a saintly more

Spiritual person all right I'm going to Stop here but uh there's like a long Story I want to tell I'm going to tell That and then wrap this thing up Probably Tomorrow okay um I want to wrap this one Up here um kind of had a weird headache Last night um my migraines have gone Down a lot since I stopped having Caffeine but it's still something that I I get from time to time it's always Related to my stomach and I should Probably it's more of something that's Bothering my stomach and leads to a Headache um anyways uh I'm feeling Better Today you know and I was I had trouble Sleeping that it always sucks when you Have like a headache and you know you Want to sleep it off and you can't so I Was up for a couple hours and you know I Was thinking about How when I went to see Master charging Or I went to India or whatever he came To America I mean there was the Gatherings that I went to that were just Like I go to the asham or we had a local Gathering it was a similar thing but you Know it was a little bit different when You were there with the master of the System and you know sometimes I mean not Sometimes you would be around them And you would feel bad like you would Feel clean you know cleaning would

Happen right and things would get pulled To the surface um but when cleany wasn't Happening it was like your thoughts were Better you were more refined right like Just you wouldn't have the same negative Thoughts you might have you wouldn't Have the same kind of um you know you Would be much more moderate in your in Your personality you would be less Desire Based less um you know like you wouldn't Be envious say or you wouldn't be as Angry or fearful or whatever it might be Right you know there's a great scene From the uh Fellowship of the Ring the Lord the Rings movie where all the Dwarves and the elves and and Gandalf And Elon and the hobbits are all there Right and there um they've just froto Has just brought the the ring to I think It's called Rivendale the house of Elon the elf like One of the the elves that had one of the Uh three power rings for the Elves and um they start arguing all the People on what to do with the ring and The ring you can see that the way that Um Peter Jackson made the scene was that The ring was creating like hatred in Everybody and you know throughout the Movie the way that the ring affected People in a negative way bringing out Their lower Tendencies You Know Jealousy when you know smeel and killed

Friend deagle for the ring and then you Know the gollum being the central figure But all of them and how the ring pulled Out this you know desire for power and All these negative Tendencies and there is a movie I think It's called demon I'm not sure the title It's not important but it stars the guy Who played Harry Potter and he ends up Or it's might be called horns and he Grows horns he's obvious demon I didn't See the movie but I saw the trailer and Everywhere he goes There's negative energy like he creates He pulls out the lower tendencies in People and so that's easier to Illustrate but the the opposite was the Opposite effect was there when you were With Master chargie you know some of the Things would be pulled to the surface in Terms of cleaning so it wasn't like Always you felt Bliss out or felt great But you were just a better version of Yourself and you know when I went to any Gathering you know I mean I guess people Could feel it now on the internet to Some extent uh but it's hard when it's Just sittings like when we do just Sittings for a bandara and you're not There in the environment of the asham Which is saturated with this energy so It's like you go into a another world Where you know the high your higher Nature comes out and your ability to

Meditate your ability to connect to God Your ability to to do the right thing And be a better person all these things It's increased you just were pulled up And and you know I think for the masters Of the system I don't think I I know That they were you know there and they Would see people's better Nature and you know Babaji would say I Mean Babaji could see anything he wanted But I he could see the truth in any form But he would see the soul of the person In their spiritual Potential and so when they were around Bobby G or they around Char the person Was better they were of a higher you Know nature right or you went to the Asham too it was like you know part of The whole thing and the Masters would View a person as that right and that's How they would view you they would view You as your potential they might even See you in terms of what you would Become in the future maybe after Hundreds of you know years or you know Multiple lives and they see your you Know your your actualized self and so The Masters were always leted down when You left their presence and you returned To your lower nature right or your lower Nature emerged more you know it wouldn't Emerge at first when you left a Gathering But as time went on you would Go back to being how you were before

Less spiritual less focused you would Have the bad thoughts and the the Negative thoughts or the hateful Thoughts or whatever it is right Whatever your Tendencies were whatever Your lower Tendencies are whatever your Your non-spiritual egotistical Tendencies were would come out again and Emerge and then people would do bad Things right in the mission like they Wouldn't do them when they were around The master cuz they were you know they Felt all the love and they you know There was no sense of I mean you would Just be happy that everyone's there and You'd be happy for everybody else and You know when everyone was feeling it Right and you know I didn't experience That when we had that gathering at kind Of like there was some spiritual energy There it was before Dody was completely Collapsed but when he brought in you Know the asham just didn't have the Energy and also I could say that about The asham by dody's house in uh New Jersey dodgy lived in s Staten Island And they bought an asham and it had nice You know it had some spiritual energy But it wasn't as good the asham in Ohio Not as good chargie had gone to that Asham I don't think he charged it like He did the one in in Molina which is a Tragedy because the one in Molina I Don't know what they're doing there I

Think they've to probably decide to sell It or you know do whatever move on from It they don't have the money to fix it They're you know I can see that they're There's no enthusiasm so dodgy isn't Going to go back to America and visit I Mean his health is you know he's I I Mean I think he's he's probably maybe Even panicked or in a you know state of Whatever a negative State and so um you Know that doesn't bode well for Traveling and you know his health issues And things he hasn't shown any interest In traveling as of yet he just wants People to come and see him at Kan and You know then he's not making himself Available and even if he does you know People aren't going to feel the same way I mean that's why people love chargie Because he when being around them you it Elevated you to feel you know a deep Sense of God's love and feel your your Best self feel your your spiritual Version of yourself and when you know You've had that Experience it's transformative because We have lots of people in our lives that Affect us negatively and we have a fful Of people that pull us up right or at Least you know make us feel you know Better and we're better when we're Around them and we're happier and things Like that but there's not so many people That really can Elevate you in that way

Because people are so messed up and so Psychological issues and things but Being around the the master of the System was just different and you know That's why people would do it like People who felt these things and could Experience and were sensitive to them They would plan their vacation time in Their lives around being able to visit Them like once a year or whatever it Might be and you know go to the ASA People from all over the world it was Their thing and everyone kind of Understood it you know people sometimes Talked about it but you know then they Would go wait outside in his Cottage and Go see them just you know to be around Them and you know sometimes you didn't Feel great because of the cleaning like I you know my last sitting with with him Was a good example of that right when I Was made a preceptor and you know I I Mean a couple of times like um one time I was about to see him and I uh for my You know one of the Sittings and I um had to go into town to Get a Picture uh you know uh whatever it was Like a for an ID for a preceptor ID I Had to go get a you know professional Photographer so you know and those Things were tough and you know Negotiating that stuff and I um found a Cab and the guy drove me there to get

The picture but then he had me pay him Ahead of time because he was getting gas Right and I didn't get the cab right Outside the asham Door um you know like right outside Where you leave the asham there's like Coconut stand and there was usually cabs And and uto rickshaws there and it was Early on this was in 1994 or five later On there would always be Oto rickshaws And and Cavs and you know Auto RWS were A bit Cheaper and the guy stopped because I Ended up walking up the road to find him And he Stopped way away from the asham and he Said to take me to the asham with you an Extra 10 Rupees because he's I already Paid him which was a mistake he never Paid the guy ahead of time cuz he had to Get gas um and most I would you would Pay him a little bit you know because You know but the guy was really dickish About it like he had a smile on his face And 10 Rupees was like nothing right it Was like you know at the time probably I Don't know what the exchange rate was uh Later on it was 60 to1 and so um you Know 60 Rupees to $1 right you know Their rupee was like their dollar they Had they had like you know little coins Of rupees like that's how you know Whatever Anis I gu they called them uh You know what by that time they were you

Know whatever uh they weren't very Valuable because of you know inflation And things like that and 10 Rupees was Like you know 20 cents or 30 cents Whatever it was nothing right but I was You know pissed off by the way it was Being and you know chargie had said you Have to negotiate with these guys Because if you just pay what they ask Because everything's a negotiation and There isn't set prices then you'll Create inflation in that area because You'll be overpaying so he was very uh You know adamant about Westerners having to argue and negotiate And you know all that with the the guys Right the people um you know whatever it Was whatever vendors that were there you Weren't supposed to pay the original Price and you know it sucked like it was It was burdensome You know always having a because you had No idea what the the price was so you Never had any control over you know what What you would I mean you would just be Negotiating in a blind kind of way you Weren't there long enough to figure Things out right and there usually was a Language barrier but anyway so um I got Like really mad at the guy like freaking Like just unusually mad for me like you Know like really really angry um um the Only other time this happened was I um Was needing internet they had these

Things called a dongle like an internet Dongle it had it was a USB stick like a like a USB um you know A flash drive but it was able to send Out a signal and get internet and you Would plug it into your computer and you Would have you know 24 gigabytes of Whatever it was internet And then you had to go get it recharged You had to bring it somewhere to Recharge it and the most you could get Was 24 gigabytes and that would last me You know whatever amount time you know I Making videos this is when a YouTube Channel was taking off and I I brought It down to the Guy and um they charged it and I paid For 24 gigabytes but he only gave me six And I got home and put on my computer And I could check how much was left on It because always you know and I saw That it was um he cheated me right and I Stuck it in my computer which was you Know really valuable to me obviously and I couldn't get it was an Asus computer And I probably couldn't get another one There and would be stupid you it was Still in good shape right and I take my Computer and I walk down to the road Which was probably like a quarter of a Mile from my you know flat and I there's A Rick Shaw driver guy I think it was Kind of Dr he drank a lot I'm not sure He was a little bit crazy but he saw me

And he saw like how mad I was right and He had just driven me to the place so I Had him take me back there and I went in I showed the guy my computer and he Started to say oh no no sir I made a Mistake and did all this you know weasy Stuff right cuz he got caught being a Freaking scumbag and I was like no you Didn't like you just admitted you Cheated you're a liar and a cheater and A th like I'm Just you know like just laying into him Like like I'm just and there was like Two other the times I was like the Maddest in my life you know it gets hot In India whatever but usually it's a Very peaceful place and you know it it Bodess for tolerance because there's so Much things that in the system that Don't work right the power goes off There's traffic that's like you know you Just I mean you can't even it just beats You down and you know like people aren't So much angry there right um there's More of a and there's just an ancient Sort of condition there like America People always ready to to fight and Argue America is a very contentious Place uh but you know so I'm going into To see Master charge you for my Preceptor sitting and I slam the guy's Door like you know going back to through The first story and I slammed the door Of the the the car like really hard like

You know I think I SL threw it open you Know I probably did damage right for 10 Rupees and the guy was just you know uh I mean and then I'm walking into the Asham like just en Rag and I'm walking Right to M Char's office and I'm like Well this isn't good right but then I Realized well this is you know I'm Getting Cleany but then I had my last sitting With him at his house and there was so Much force he was using to clean you Know I mean it's the forceless force but In this sense the these you know this Negative energy negative some scars were Being pulled for me and I was having the Worst possible thoughts you know there's This guy one of my you know friends we You know we kind of had a falling out But um somebody I used to talk to a lot Who was you know one of the few people Was my age and he was later made a Preceptor and he had these horrible Thoughts you know just whatever it was Like um like you know prejudicial Thoughts I mean just you know all this Stuff like he said he had thoughts um Cuz I'm like sitting there go Char's Like hearing all this stuff right like I Was embarrassed of the thoughts I was Having like just things that I would I Would never think and then um and then It was pure Bliss like he charged the point like he

Transmitted but the cleaning was so Intense brutal like I just um I've never Had another cleaning like that right uh This guy was saying he was having Negative thoughts about like he had These thoughts about Char's wife and her Not being uh you know like being Ugly I don't know I with which was you Know I don't know why it's like you know Thoughts that you wouldn't it's the kind Of thoughts you would not want want People to to hear like you're having a Thought where you're like oh I hope Nobody would read my mind kind of thing But you kind of think that chargie could Like so um it's interesting because Char's wife Sola had just given a couple of Whispers Messages my wife had asked me who soloa Was if you're reading The Whispers Messages and that was his wife and she Had just died and pretty devastating for Charie uh you know I don't know what Kind of wife she was she looked very Fear-based like a fear-based person but She was very devotional to babaj G and She was supportive of Chargie um you know and um I uh you know She just gave a Whispers message and um You know was a very meaningful for Charie because I think he was really Felt lonely after that because of you Know losing babag G and you know so many People in his life had died you know and

He didn't have anybody but his younger Generation there his uh he had one son And you know son had you know married And had a couple of kid Grandkids but his family had you know Just I mean I think his brother was Still there um his his brother was I I Don't think he had a younger brother he Had three Brothers Two Brothers he was The oldest but he had buried most of his Family like he had a big family you know His uh mom died when he was a kid and Then he had to you know and there was Someone who always had to light the p And you know set the bar body on fire You know the they would put a the body On a um you know a bed of sticks and the Reason for this the reason they cremate The bodies in India is because the soul Will hang around the body like some Souls will hang around the body and try To reanimate the body it won't go where They're supposed to go like that's Something that can happen and so once You burn the the body the you know the Soul has to move on right um you know When you really have a lot of Sadness when somebody dies and you know You should have some like you know Whatever but then you have to let the Soul go because the soul wants to go Where it wants to go and there's you Know this was um Solo's uh uh Sola gave Master charg of soul and jiki his mother

Also gave Master chargie a message Through The Whispers of the brighter World lady and also ji's Mom did and They were kind of moving messages right They were you know but um bobg says well She wants to go rejoin her you know Wherever she is right she had to come Down to the Earthly level and whatever You know was bestowed on her for Char's Work and you know if you're the mother Of the master you you get a spiritual Benefit right and so um Bob was like she Wants to you know the soul was eager to Go back to where it was blissed out like It's heavy to come down and interact With human beings and you know it's a Kind of a burden for Souls right they Want to be where they you know elevated Soul or liberate Soul wants to be you Know wherever its region is and so um When you feel so much sadness you Prevent the soul from moving on to where It needs to move on because you you know There's an attachment there but anyways Um I had these negative thoughts and you Know I was um I uh you know then uh they Were gone and then I felt so light and Then blist out and then charie charged The points for the you know and he he Chanted in this um in Hindi he was Giving me permission to be a preceptor And it sounded like a thousand voices it Was you know and i' never heard anybody Else have this experience I thought it

Was common um I don't think they did That I don't don't know um I don't know Anything about that part uh but it was Um Substantial you know and I can't express This enough like the there was the Negative things that got pulled out but The elevation of the condition now the Doctor Who Um you he was the guy who did The um the brighter minds thing and you Know the guy who contacted me and you Know he figured out the brigher minds Was a scam and he was ostracized and he Had all these weird interaction with Dodgy and these other People and he was not practicing it's Like he lost his faith kind of thing and He eventually went back to the asham I Think his daughter wanted to go there in In con of and he wrote on Facebook that Like he wasn't having any thoughts like You know whatever it was like he said he Wasn't having any like sexual thoughts Or any kind of thoughts negative Thoughts and things like this and the Asham is you know there's a level of Purity that you experience when you're There And so you know I don't know what it's Like for most people but uh for the Other people that are there because There's some spiritual energy but it Just isn't as good and being around Dody Isn't the same thing it was in the

Beginning when he was being made Master When charie was still alive and then Maybe right after charie died you could Feel the energy but it was already Starting to he was already making bad Decisions and the Gatherings just Weren't the same thing right um you know And I noticed that but not to the extent That I did when we went back to India And it was you know kind of a Disappointment it was definitely a Disappointment you know bringing in Diaper Boba and all that weird stuff he Did you know have that guy prayed around His you know diaper and you know do yoga And you know all this stuff with the Military that was there because of uh The you know the president of the of the Country was you know there's a prime Minister and a president the president's Like the vice president he's the second You know the second highest position and He's been a longtime practitioner this Meditation he showed up and gave a Speech and I like that guy he seemed Like a right guy but they they brought In security and they had to leave our Cell phones and we couldn't go you all These things right it was just um you Know that's detracted from the Overall condition of the thing it was Condition wasn't great the sittings were Okay but they weren't the same it was Just a kind of a mess um you know and I

Don't know what other people felt like You know my wife was her first time There and she felt the energy at the Meditation h being better and we felt The energy at at Bobby statue being Specifically good so there was something There but you know it's it wasn't the Same as the other aroms and I I think It's gotten worse and that's what I've Been told by the dodgy truth and other People but there's another story I want To tell I'm going to go eat lunch and um I'll tell that story but I was going to Tell this story Before and now Um you know it makes more sense like I Didn't have this part I just told you When I first thought of telling this Story it's about a trip my kids and I Took to the the Molina asham and then we Went to see my parents in Florida and I've told this story before but there's You know I want to accentuate certain Details and you know just talk about the Whole the way that my family turned out Which has been a you know disappointment And all these things in a different way And now this this actually gives good Context to that story I'm going to go Eat and I'll come back and and I'll do That so me and my four kids um got in Our big six passenger van and drove from Virginia to the asham at Molina Georgia Which was I think a an it was an 8 hour

Drive and then from um there we drove Down to batan Florida which was probably 10 or 11h hour drive to see my parents Um and I don't know exactly why it was a Weird thing like I don't know why that Was um but either way it was the last Time I saw my parents my brother was at The asham being the caretaker again and So he had stopped being the caretaker For a while then he was you know we went Back and forth you know when he was There it was the ashon was the center of The universe and when he wasn't there he Wouldn't even go there even if chargie You know came there even if there was Something there he would he like he just Wouldn't go it was a weird thing and so For a period of time my son and I drove Down to Florida my dad couldn't see Anymore so they had an old Toyota Something or other car And they gave it to us and you know I Flew down there with my son and we drove The car back and we stopped at the asham And there was an elderly couple that was A caretaker and I told the story a few Times but my son and I got there late it With Sunday SATs on so there were a Number of people that would come there From uh Atlanta you know it's about two Hours away it depends on where you live In Atlanta but from where the majority Of people lived it was about 2 2 and a Half hours away way so the guys who kind

Of made the asham there possible there's A lot of money there bunch of uh aasis There were wealthy and you know it's Kind of a good climate for an asham Because of you know all year round you Could use it practically it was a little Cold in the winter but you know still Pretty good um and they um you know they Wanted to get the asham there and and Molina you know chargie would go there Once a year and it was a big thing and You know chargie was familiar with the Land from a past life so it was that was Kind of interesting like he was driving Down to the asham and he had him stop And he got out there was some old tree And he said I recognize this tree it it Was kind of an interesting thing so you He had past lives as Native Americans so These guys really you know legislated or Or kind of made it happen that the Ashan Was there but then they all bought these Big houses and most of them moved on the Other side of Atlanta like the the asham Was on the southern side of Atlanta and They moved to the northern side and they Bought these big mcmansions with huge Basement that they turned into Meditation uh rooms and it would sit About 200 people and they would have SATs on there and they didn't want to go Back to the asham because it was two and A half hour drive on Sunday morning they Have to get up at 6 you know the day off

And so they stopped going but a bunch of Um the Indian people lived in Atlanta Ended up doing sa marar and mostly Because they were all part of the same You know they came from the same state Like people from India people in America Will see Indians and just think they're All the same but they have a very Divergent culture they have very Different Cultures and they don't like each other Some of the cultures that they're Unfamiliar most of them don't travel to Other parts of India so they are very Specific and their cultures are quite Different their languages are different And they feel and their foods are Different their customs and all these Things and when you see them you won't Know the difference coming from America But they know like they all know right And so there's a group of people that Were all from the same place and they End up using the asham as more of a Weekend sort of gathering they'd show up On Saturday night and they'd have just These you know these they cook their own Food and these things and they weren't Cleaning up like my brother had you know Been instrumental and cultivating the The top of the asham they put in a nice Playground for kids and you know my son And I went there and we were sitting on The swings and um there was you know

Those plastic uh those little um frozen Pops that have plastic around them and You you know kids would rip off the top Of it and you'd eat the it's like frozen Juice and they left plastic everywhere And there's a couple of trays that food Used to be on like they had these trays You know they a like a you know Professional dishwashing like you see at A restaurant where those those big uh You know the the steel steel countertops And you slide the dishes around I I Worked in restaurants and I my first job I worked at the the pie plate which is a Kiche place I don't think they exist Anymore and I worked as a dishwasher and They have these you know these sort of Industrialized Dishwashers and so they would put these Trays in them and they'd wash them you Know and there was places to stack them And they had a system but someone had Left these food trays there's like three Or four of them out there and the place Was a mess right I'm like my brother Would never talk tolerate this right Like what these this older couple did And the guy who was the guy was more Into sjar than his wife uh his name was Also Peter but he um Died and they the woman couldn't really Keep up with it and she was just sort of Like a squatter there her daughter came To live there and the daughter had a dog

And her daughter wasn't meditating and You know they weren't using the asham Properly and the the people who were in Charge of the asham Were really upset that or really worried That they were going to you know if you Squat it someplace long enough you can Claim ownership or something like that So they got my brother to sort of harass The woman and you know get her out of There um and then my brother became Caretaker again so it was a weird kind Of thing that happened there um you know There's more to the story but it's you Know the whole thing's kind of effed up But it's a big 30 some odd acre property And you know it's on top of a hill and It's mostly woods and it's isolated long Steep driveway and there's nobody there And my brother spent most of his time Alone there with bad internet my Brother's a very social person uh at Least more extroverted and you know very Hyper a lot of energy and so you know he Would get lonely up there I was you know Whatever um so I showed up with my kids And and I was was driving Down my two of my kids started to get Sick like stomach sick I think we Stopped the Side Road they threw up Maybe they threw up in the car and then You know they were having like diarrhea Right so they got really sick and we got To the asham and we stayed there two

Nights and they were sick the first Night and I was taking care of them There's these dorm rooms and I would Never sleep in a dorm room when there Was I mean you couldn't you couldn't cuz They were reserved anyway but there were These big DM rooms with bunk beds and Things like this and and they were there Was mold and it was just not a you know Mildew and it was just um very humid There they didn't build a very good Building you know and again I I'm not Complaining I benefited from the thing But there was you know big bathrooms There's a big laundry room and there was A you know Master's quarters they put a Little extra effort into it there's a Big dining room in a big kitchen but They buil it like it was almost like a Prefab house level kind of Quality and you know these rooms were I Mean it's just so you know hot and humid There and these rooms were no one was There for you know Sometimes years like months at least Usually people would come down for the Gatherings they'd stay in these rooms But it was not pleasant sleeping with 20 Other people people snoring it was just You know I would usually get a tent but We were there by our ourselves so you Know my family and I were in a big dorm Room and my kids were sick I was taking Care of them and my daughter was like

Three years old my uh second youngest She must have been maybe probably about Four cuz my other son was about two Actually I just went back I think it was The first year I had this YouTube Channel I was trying to kind of piece This together my dad died in 2010 it was around a year before he died Maybe two I don't know um but it was the Last time I would see him and it was the Last time I saw my mom which was kind of Weird her health fell apart she was Taking care of my dad she didn't really Like them but you know they were Whatever Companions and he was Burdensome and uh you know I thought That we'd be able to go down there see See her again before she died but she Really wasn't up for having the kids There or anybody um even my brother was Taking care of her and she talked about How it was kind of a a mixed bag you Know so um you know she lived another Year two after him she died in 2012 and so my dad died in 2010 I just looked it up and so sometime Between 2007 and 200 um Uh in 2008 so it was you know it was kind of a Small window um my kids and I drove down To the asham and so that means my Daughter was probably about six the

Second youngest one my son was four and Then my older two kids were uh uh seven And eight I have a external hard drive Somewhere with some video of it but but Anyways the first part of the story is That um my kids got sick And then I got really sick like just Wiped out and weak and unable to um you Know do anything you know just um you Know I'd like diarrhea and throwing up And just you know my brother was saying You know people come here and they just Sleep they get tired and they sleep and My brother's not a you know like a a Health healthy nurturing person you know Take care of you or whatever so and I Couldn't move and I was just laying down There my kids needed to be fed so I got Up and did what I could but I uh you Know and one day I was just really Sick and in one night it was the worst Part was this night like I the kids got All sick and then the following night I Got sick and we were supposed to leave The next day I stayed there like three Days because of that I can't remember But I remember that um my daughter who Was six you know five six seven years Old um she recognized how sick I was and And she went and got water and you know The there's water there's one reverse Osmosis you know area where you can get Water there and um you know it's the Rest of the water's you know got lots of

Bleach in it because they have to bleach The there's some you know there's some Regulations for the city they have a Well but it has to be especially for a Facility my brother had to take a course And he had to put this bleach in every Once in a while and you know whatever And so um she went and got me the good Water and brought a a glass of water and Left it there I woke up and she had done That on her own right without you she Saw how sick I was and you know she went And did that as a you know six five sixy Old kid whatever it was right I remember The kids being younger but I guess they Were that young I just that's how I Remember it but either way it was you Know recognizing that somebody else Isn't feeling good and and you know There were some level of uh you know Concern for me right you know I sort of Touched by it because I mean most of the Time I just had to knuckle under and no One ever was concerned about my health My ex kind of pretended to be but she Was always sick like she was always sick And that was having some kind of issues And that was the centerpiece of our life And then all the kids had sicknesses and Whatever I think because of her example Or whatever and you know I just had to Soier through and nobody really Appreciated it like I didn't even think About it but you know In This Moment

Like I kind of realized that right that I you know I just couldn't afford to be Sick like I couldn't afford to you know If I was sick I still had to do stuff Like I couldn't you know just um rely my Ex was just always you know whatever Like always having some kind of issue or That and it was just this pressure I Lived under you know and later on when We moved to India my kids I I realized Every one of them believed they were Holding the family together like Everyone that was there my exes two kids And my ex herself they all believed that They were the ones that were like the Glue of the family and it was clearly me Right like I was you know cooking all The food and doing everything that Needed to be done to keep the family Going and I was you know dealing with my Ex flipping out all the time or Psychological meltdowns and or you know Whatever it was um You know and I I didn't realize that They didn't know that like I when I Realized they all thought that was all Within a a short period of time maybe a Few of them had said something to me and Then I asked all of them and I I talked To the kids and I would say like Anna Believes she's the one hold of the Family together and the kid would go no I am you know like it was like and all Of them believe that and and they just

All took me for granted right and I'm Not like a it's not like who I am as a Person you know it's not like something That I would normally do I was the Youngest when I was you know in my Family I was the youngest and I would Never be the person that was the glue And the person sacrificing to keep Everybody you know the family afloat but It just happened I guess you know my Parents stayed together because of me Like they as soon as I moved out of the House they got they split up um so you Know yeah there was that I mean I guess You know partly um but you know for the Most part you know I was always in the Background and you know whatever Under the radar you know Invisible but and I was here as well Because the kids didn't appreciate you Know all that I was doing and didn't Even realize what I was doing to keep The family going right and I noticed in India I was obvious that when I was sick Cuz they got all sick my youngest Daughter was sick for like you know some Days she would just just watch TV on her Computer I you know they had three they Had two shared computers among four People but the other kids were always Socializing and she socialized less and She would watch uh TV or whatever movies On the computer all day and then um you Know and that wasn't healthy like and

She was just I mean she was constantly Getting sick and I don't know if that Was you know a lot of it had to do with The stress of the family I don't know we Were it was hard to figure out what's Going on and my daughter Anna got a Fever right um After the flood and that Last so we went through the flood and we Went back to Sri Lanka and got our visas Renewed which was always really Stressful and then we came back and Anna Got sick with a fever and we couldn't Figure out what it was you know my son Had had gotten sick and got seizures Before that and I got sick for like two Months and I thought it was tuberculosus Well tuberculosis but it like switched Like I was pretty convinced and my ex Was convinced it was tuberculosis and Then I went to get tested and I felt Better it was some kind of weird um like It was some kind it's almost sound like A dinosaur's name And it was something that respiratory Infections people get if they're in the Hospital it was like weird um and that Cleared up but it was like I was I was Kind of sick for like two months and Really weak and then um you know we all Went through stuff after that and then You know my son um uh my daughter uh Anna got sick for like 14 days in a Fever we got her tested like it was like You know nothing came up and but she

Just um was not well and then she just Felt better and she was still going out Socializing I mean she wasn't like just You know resting or whatever but Long-term fevers like that are not good And she had walked through that water The water when the flood was happening Cuz she wanted to go see her friend her Friend was all alone in her apartment She was worried about her friend and so She walked through that water but like It was so high that she couldn't reach Her friend so she ended up going to the House next door like we could see her From the I was like you know um but Anyways so that happened happen um well It's one of those things she could have Walked back to us but she decided to go To the people next door's house cuz you Didn't want to be with the family and I Was like kind of glad when she left cuz I knew it would have been a really lot More stressful if she was there CU she Was always arguing and fighting and you Know being difficult or whatever so That's just you know part of that whole Time frame but the day she got better it Was Sunday after group meditation and I Was making a video I just gone to group Meditation I was feeling Blissful and Just like i' had been worried about her You know I mean we we didn't figure out What was going on with her as where she Going to get worse and you know you get

Sick a lot in India it's a you know not A I mean most of the diseas is there we Have an experience so you go to these Foreign countries and you're getting Exposed to diseases that are in the you Know wherever the place is right you Know the wherever you live there's Diseases that everybody has in their Bodies right or it circulates but your Body is built up your immune system and People carry things around with them or You know passes through the population But you've developed some way of coping And you know this is what happened to Native Americans when the you know white People Europeans people showed up and Were exposing them to diseases their Bodies had never built up an immune Response to right and so um you know India has a a whole set of different Diseases and you know it's not a clean Place and you know whatever so you know Getting sick there is very common when People go to to you know when you're Traveling and she gets better and I'm Like just pisted out I'm relaxed I'm Like you know I was worried about her And all these things and my son's friend Shows up he's French you know he speaks Okay English he's knocking on the door I Think he's looking for my son he says my Son's um maybe broke his arm I'm like no Way so we went to the hospital and that Was a whole big stressful thing he ended

Up getting a pin put in his arm and Things and you know was uh you know it's A a foreign country that doesn't you Know have maybe the same level of Medical care and the whole thing was Hard right and I was you know didn't get Any sleep during that time for like a Couple of days and uh you know we had Gone through all this stuff but I Realized that when I got sick my kids Just didn't care like they you know when I was going through stuff like I had Nobody to help me out like and I got Couple times sick there um and they just Were doing whatever they were doing I Talked about that story with coconut Water that Anna was supposed to get me She didn't and you know this idea when I Found out that they thought that they're The ones caring the family and I Realized that their story of what Happened with our family whatever Narrative they had it wasn't going to be Like I was a hero like I was like a Great dad or whatever it was like you Know I had you know sacrifice and for me And I don't know how good a job I did Like I don't I can't say like I did a Great job for you know the average Person but for me it was not something That I was you know necessarily built For or or it wasn't a role or a Situation I would thrive in dealing with My ex dealing with everything was going

On and just you know I'm not necessarily The most nurturing or healing or you Know cooking all the meals or doing Whatever I was doing it wasn't like I Was well suited for it and I thought I Did you know well for the circumstances And all this stuff came up for me a Couple days ago you know just randomly I Was thinking about cuz you know my Daughter had been so compassionate and Realized that I was sick and when got me Some water and you know a young kid like You know just a little kid who I I kind Of remember being like five or you know Four or five but maybe you know whatever I again still young kid kids don't think About other people and and concerned for Me and they just my kids just later on Didn't have that at all right and again You know I mean it was it was such a Messed up family and you know I can't Fully understand what it was like for Them to go through the whole thing and You know stuff with my ex and just all The the stress and all the stuff with it Right you know everyone's kind of coped And you know family came out to be a Complete mess but you know there's no Sense of awareness of what it was like For me right you know I've tried to Almost say to them because they talk About my ex and how difficult it was to Deal with and you know I shielded them For much of that like we had our

Arguments and she would have her Psychological breakdowns I you know the Kids were always up in their room and I Made sure they didn't get involved and Then my ex tried to pull them into the Whole thing which was weird you know we Watched that one movie and she said that You know when she age regressed and Turned to a three-year-old girl or Whatever Psychologically and she was you know she Kind of flipped out and the whole family Was around her cuz we were watching that Horse movie where about uh this guy who Suffered severe abuse as a kid this guy Named Buck it was a documentary he was Like kind of a horse whisperer and she Reacted to it by age regressing and you Know the whole family saw the kids and You know I mean God knows what all that Stuff did to them right you know my ex's Brother had come in and talked about all The psychological issues he had and the Medication he was on and things with her And you know these stories that I heard And you know the things that they Endured and there seemed to be you know Not Only uh situational psychological issues But genetic you know uh children of Alcoholics like just a you know a lot of Um Genetic depression and things like that Mental illness whatever I mean that's my

Sense of what you know my what my ex had Told me and you know the the things that They had realized as adults and whatever And so you know my kids had those Genetic those you know these genes as Well so that was and my family wasn't Great like it wasn't like my family was High functioning right and so there was All of that right it was a you know Wasn't the best situation for anybody You know and so my daughter moved out Recently a couple years ago now I guess Or or maybe a little bit over a year and She it was just very Contentious and I never really fully Understand her attitude her point of View but I was later told that you know One of the things she said was she felt Like I wrecked her life for making her Homeschool and like you know like Homeschooling was not my idea you know Whatever all of that stuff right but you Know and I read this um I saw this video Where this woman read this letter from Her daughter saying that her parents Wrecked her life because they voted for Trump and you know this a common thing That these kids they're saying this Generation and you know some extent They're right but they don't know why They're right because there's no future For them the life that they think that They're going to live is not there in The future as the system is collapsing

You know the these kids are so screwed By the selfishness of previous Generations but the stuff um you know They complain about is usually Petty and Small and you know superficial compared To what all of us grew up with with our Families and the rest of these things Right these kids who' have grown up on The internet and they have you know no Idea like it's just you know rich people Problems like it's rich people country Problems or superficial the kids saying Their lives are wrecked when you know Their parents were just all this stuff With this woke culture and the rest of It my family like nobody really likes to Be around each other for very long Periods of time because of just the way It was and you know that's how it was With the family I grew up with and so It's just a continuation of that and Kind of sucks but you know I realized There was a lack of appreciation and Gratitude for what I you know what I Endured and what I um Wanted for the Family like I had goals and you know I I Had hoped that it would be different and You know I I don't want to say I did my Best because I don't know but I you know I worked pretty hard at it for me and You know I I mean it just every day was A like trauma and stress and whatever You know it was just an unstable Environment it was chaos with my ex and

And she was just sabotaging anything so It was you know it was doomed from the Start I don't know what kind of a father I would have been if I had a good wife And I don't know if I was capable of Being in that kind of relationship at That time right so you know there's a Lot of cleaning I've gone through a lot Of uh immaturity and things since then But before I don't know like you know There's you know too much you know Whatever my system just like things that Had to be cleaned out negative you know Attitudes anger and you know bitterness And all these things and you know it Took years and years for those things to Be cleaned out and the situation helped Cleaned it out so you know I'm not like Feeling like a victim or or necessarily Bitter but you know I'd hope that like In some level other than on a spiritual Level which you know your spiritual Level is the only level you truly you Know that's the only truth out there That I would get credit right there Would be some idea that you know people Would realiz Iz what I was suffering and The opposite happened like I was blamed For this you know by people outside the Situation dodgy all these people that Heard my ex's side of the story some you Know madeup you know BS thing and her Story was just full of inconsistencies And and lies and you know things like

Well if the guy was a negative bad dad Or bad person why would you abandon your Kids to reboot your thyroid on some Crazy haphazard Uh you know uh what eating eating a Changing your diet and and doing uh red Light therapy you know like when you've Had been on thyroid medication for 30 Years right makes no sense I mean it was Failed and you know she got paralyzed And her face changed and she you know She I mean she aged and she you know Fell apart physically because of that Decision it was a horrible decision and I was stuck picking up the pieces of a Situation that you know most she had Created and I was trying to figure out What to do and prepare my kids for their Adult life when the when she quit on the Homeschooling and all the other things That you know were her idea you know um The other thing that had happened when I Um took the kids down to see my parents And with the asham I had recently so it Must have been 2007 U which is weird cuz I thought my Dad died a year later but maybe because I was unaware of how time was you know So stressful that I you know whatever it Was um my Dad's health was really had Deteriorated and that was a whole thing Um which I'll you know get into in a bit But when we were gone it was like a we Were gone for like two weeks 10 days two

Weeks something like that and my ex was By herself and she went on her own Truther kind of Adventure where she Watched a lot of Alex Jones I hadn't Watched really much of any Alex Jones at That time like I I had been you know I Went through something so it was Probably a couple of months into it so It must have been 2007 because that's When the YouTube channel started and you Know that's when I this happened or it Actually might have been 2006 that would Make more sense um so it was four years Before my dad died so that's weird um Don't know like you know it's hard for Me to piece that together but it was 2006 my daughter was 5 it was 2007 my Daughter was six so that makes kind of More sense and and my uh you know my son My other son was four or three and the Other kids were uh eight and nine and so Um my ex dove into the whole truther Thing and now she's not a truth her at All like she her story is that I Somehow um like indoctrinate her into The truth Community kind of thing Something like that right I don't know What she's telling people but some Extent it's something like that but she Had her own experience and she was the One who was completely Antiva you know when we uh my first my First son was born she Um wanted me to you know she was coming

Back from a cesarian section so so it's Called the vack or something and there's A risk of you know if you have a Cesarian uh cesarian C-section you might have um h merging or Rupturing right the stitches might pop Something like this from the contraction So I had to be Aware of all the things she wanted me to Do because she got so into being an Antivaxer an anti everything to do with The way birthing happens right that um The way that they treat child you know The the child birth and what they do in The hospital and you know all the things That they do to the baby they take the Baby away from the mother and they do About 15 different things you know VX Them uh give them you know vitamin K Drops in the eyes all these things she Was against all of them and she trained Me to fight them off and I was a little Bit you know like not really into it and I didn't share her beliefs about these Things they didn't know like I wasn't Against them but you know it it was kind Of a you had to be kind of a you know an Ass with the medical staff and they're Pretty aggressive about wanting to do These things and so um That's how anti you know vax she was and She had done you know some some vaxes For her for her daughter so this is back You know to 1998 right you know and she

When she got into something she Researched the crap out of it like she Didn't do anything with stuff for the Most part but she loved to research so She knew more about these things the Antiac stuff and a lot of the stuff to Do with childbirth and then all the Other things that are there like all the You know whe whether it be be a you know A a crib you know a crib is a cage for a Baby you know in in human history the Babies sleep with their moms right There's a family bed type of situation And the mother breastfeeds their kids And there's no crib and the crib you Have to break the baby you know the baby Is crying you have to let it cry until It gets learned helplessness and there's All these things she was a truther in All these ways right anti-establishment And so she got into this stuff when we Were gone but now it's reversed in she Got the she got the VX for the um for The one you know the most recent one cuz Dodgy did right and my son told me this I couldn't believe it because she was The most antix person I knew and she Said well this one's great and all the Other ones are bad because dodgy was Pushing it and she you know just trusted And believed in him even though when he Said don't go off your thyroid Medication she went off it anyway you Know so you know it's like one of those

Things where it's selective obedience or Whatever and of course DOI you know he's A a fool I'm saying this cuz there was All these epic things that happened I Had gone to batan when I was a child and I you know returned my parents were Living in a condo then my you know they Had gotten back together and my dad was He looked like a human skeleton I had Seen him at my nephew's wedding and he And my mom had you know he had uh ABS irritable IBS irritable bowel Syndrome and he you know he had lost so Much weight he always had a big pot Belly and we called his labanza some Italian thing and he couldn't eat and he Couldn't see and a nurse would come in And take care of them like you know help Bathe them and all these things and he Just lay in his bed all day listening to The TV and it was dark in his room like You know everything was and you know There was I got some video he just Looked so bad and I was like my God you Know like he fell apart he was terrified Of dying you know he was just a mess um And see them like that and just being Around my parents you know my mom had The heat cranked up at 90° it was 80° Outside at night was like it was like Florida in the you know I don't want to Say the summer but it was fairly you Know spring or something whatever it was It wasn't the winter and it was so hot

And we couldn't sleep you know me Particularly my kids slept a little bit Better my kids were fine they're happy There but I you know it just brought me Back to the the condition the energies It was in my family's house that I used To to live with and I couldn't deal with It like going back and how did I survive This Just Energy around this failure Around this like loser family you know Like the negativity and just you know All of it right just it was such a sucky Family to grow up in and I could feel All that my kids were you know immune to It but I was you know kind of bummed but I took my kids to the beach and all These other places I went when I was a Kid there was these giant um trees these Um you know banion trees they're a ficus Tree you know they have these aerial Roots that grow down and they become This massive um tree and they were in This park when I was a kid and it was Something else now but they preserved The trees so there's a basketball court I used to go play at and some other Things at the park but there's these Monster trees and they had this thing Called uh was like a nature center right By the ocean and they had this big tank Where you could pet the you know animals That the you know the sea animals there Was like uh rays and like Nurf sharks And things that went by you and my kids

Really loved it they were like you know They saw the Florida that I loved when I Was a kid right and the stuff that when I go visit my grandparents so it was Kind of interesting thing for them but It changed my whole perspective about The way people die and my you know Dad They were running out of insurance for My dad for his nurse that would come in And they just bleed you dry they suck up Your Resources and you know until that you Don't have anything left and then they Let you die right this whole you know it It just was there for me to see like the Whole whole thing you know my mom she Was so burdened by my dad and I figured Once he died she'd we go see her and it Would be a little bit better trip cuz my Dad was just this dark loser energy in The house right there was a time where They were both watching the Florida Marlins games my dad was listening to His you know on his TV and my mom was Watching on her TV and um you know it was really sad Like I'm sitting out there like this is What they you know they're just sitting There watching these baseball Gam my dad Was saying you know this team really Stinks you they were like last place Right and my mom's like yeah you they They sold all their good players right Like there was a time where they I think

They won the World Series or were a Playoff team I don't follow baseball but And then they sold off all their players They had some Financial issues or Something and you know there'd be a Baseball game on every night on the Local TV thing the Florida Marlins and They would you know watch them in two Different rooms two different rooms that Were across from each other and the TVs Wouldn't totally syn up so you could Like and I was like oh my God this is You know it's 90° in the house and There's like you know I'm just this is Sort like what way is this to go out Right you know so it was kind of a big Trip it was the last time I'd see my Parents it was you know just kind of a Awareness as now I was you know a dad And I'd see my parents but not in their Own home like they had visited my mom Had visited when the kids were born and You know it sucked to some extent but it Was not as bad as this and you know and I just um you know and they had um like No one would go to my dad for advice or Anything like that like or even like a Real conversation you know he was just We all disliked him and you know Everyone had everyone in the family had Their own issues with them my mom was You know equally incompetent and you Know she was a martyr and just like all Of it and so it was just lives lived

Badly and you know going back and my ex Was like yeah I you know got into the Truth or stuff so it was a big like trip Right it was a big transformational trip For the whole family you know so this Came back up for me a lot of this stuff That I was thinking about the whole Thing and the difference between you Know my daughter when she was five or Six and she was empathetic and concerned And then she really wasn't that way for Anybody like later on um you know and I Don't know what happened like I I mean The family was such a mess and you know When you're in a situation like that I Guess everyone needs to just sort of you Know get concerned about themselves even Though they were you know they got along Fairly well I mean in the beginning for Years when they were young and then we Moved to that house where the previous Owner had committed suicide or was Murdered and the house had weird energy Like it wasn't always weird it was just You know I don't know what it was um she Had like 60 cats and I talked about her And so that house you know was part of The problem cuz people came and talked About I mean it was just a whole thing There's a whole big story there that Someday I'll get to um you know was uh Reason to believe that it was like Haunted or negative like you know some Kind of thing there negative Soul energy

But it wasn't like always like that so It was weird you know and I used to Think about this very seldomly but the The idea was just there this somehow What I was enduring with my ex would be You know there's some sort of I don't Know how to say credit for it right not Like a a spiritual credit not you know CU that was there I always believe in That you know there some scars being Burned off and you know doing the right Thing for your soul that your soul Advances going through something hard And enduring it you know so I still Believe that and I you know I Experienced it the cleaning that I went Through so you know I'm not feeling like I got cheated or whatever but You know when the whole divorce happened And I realized that I was being blamed And my ex had strategized in a way to You know make me the Fall Guy and and There's no way based in you know if you Saw a picture of her you saw a picture Of and you saw a picture of me you would Naturally just blame me it would just I I mean I realized that right off the bat Like it was no reason to even talk about It to people because you know she was so Much more approachable than I was you Know these were preceptors and people Who who were um you know should be able To read people's conditions and these Things but they just weren't going to it

Just wasn't going to happen like I was You know always going to be looked at as The the negative one or the the problem I was stunned when I realized doia took Sides but of course that all made sense Now that he's you know worthless and Just incompetent but then I realized That my kids were going to always think I was sucky like I wasn't you know There's always going to be some blame There or whatever you know not that I Don't have any blame but they don't Realize all that I did and all that I Sacrificed and how much my energy was Just going to other people and concerned About them and you know just trying to Keep everything together hold everything Together and a tremendous amount of My Life Energy went into this for really no Results I mean you know my kids are all Struggling in one way or another and None of them are doing the the practice As far as I know none of them are into Sa marks that you know was probably the Biggest failure and you know they're not Really getting along and might you know Son I was talking to him yesterday and You know they're all struggling over There my ex's kids and my ex you all This stuff right I mean just um you know It was not an example of human success But the relationships weren't you know As you get older kids are supposed to Give back right I mean kids are supposed

To Uh you know you put all this energy into Raising your kids and they're supposed To start doing more and more and you Live in a farming type environment like You live in an agrarian you know Village-based tribal situation the kids Are eager to contribute and my kids in The beginning when we lived in a farm Were eager to contribute and be a part Of it right even with all the negativity And things in the the Family um and then we you know moved to The Indian the kids started being on Devices playing video games having cell Phones and all these things and they Became you know just like these other Kids and we had protected them from that Stuff in the beginning you know and I Mean there's and there no matter what we Would have done you know you you're in a Situation like if you protect kids from That stuff they're not normal they're Not doing what everyone else does you Homeschool them and they're like you Know why you have a normal childhood but Then you put them into a school and they Suffer because schools suck and they Suffer internet addiction and all these Things and then they're like well why do You allow us to do this why didn't you Protect us from that right like it's Kind of a nowin situation and I'm not You know uh lamenting any of this I mean

It's just the way it is like there's no Decision you're you're going to make Where your kids are going to be like uh You know I mean they might slam you for Being a truth or da but then when Everything goes down they're going to Wish you you they're going to be mad at You because you didn't push harder and You know what I mean like when the Things collapse it'll be like what you Knew when you didn't warn us so like It's it's a horrible situation to be in And the way kids are in the divisive Nature of our society and they're really Pushing for the division now between the Younger generation and the older Generation and there're just isn't any Family anymore and no one's being Trained how to be good parents or be Good spouses or any of these things Because all these marriages suck and People suck and the other younger Generations being raised by the depraved Internet so it's just an absolute mess Right but you know I invested in you Know not and I wasn't looking at any Kind of way like this like I there would Be something you know there would be Reciprocal and you know as I got older My kids were going to take care of me or Something like this I didn't think about Like that you know but we were going to Have like an intergenerational Family Farm but you know all the diapers I

Changed all the meals I cooked all the Stuff I did you know all the things I Did with the kids and bringing them for Hikes and you know doing all the things That we did over the years years right Just the you know the time and energy That you put into it there was a time Where you know I was um had soccer Practice when I was 14 years old and I Woke up and my mom cooked me breakfast And she was like you know it wasn't a Good breakfast and it wasn't like she Was in a good mood or something but I Looked at her and I just felt this love And gratitude because I realized oh she Does this stuff for me all time right I Was starting to cook I took a home at Class and I was starting to you know as A teenager I cooked a lot of my own Meals and things like this snacks I Could make you know different kinds of Eggs and uh different kinds of stuff Used to eat chicken livers and things When I was a younger and you know other Things like that I could eat you know Make and you know I could make different Kinds of sandwiches and you know some Other things right so I starting to have Some cooking skills and I realized wow She does she's been doing this you know Things that you just take for granted as A parent you get to get taken for Granted and now more than ever but most Parents aren't great and Society isn't

Great and the kids aren't getting a good Deal and they all feel you know they're Depressed and their future has been Stolen from them I so you know the whole Thing's a mess but anyways you know Other than the cleaning I I went through And the the stuff I've learned and able To share and help people with here you Know some of these ideas and some of the Things I say that you know people can Resonate with or they you know if They're younger they can you know see it For what it is and help them you know Adjust it I don't know I don't know what What good it has it's up to other people Who who listen to these videos and you Know but there's some maybe positive Things but in terms of the the ways that You would evaluate something as a Success or failure or your investment There's been almost like no return on my Investment and again you know I'm not Talking about what I do here and talking About it and the life lessons I've Learned right I mean it's kind of it's Kind of a bummer like I don't think About it all the time the stuff that I Went through and you know did that was Positive will never be valued right will Never be understood or even thought About like it just that's that part of The story is gone right when my my kids Have kids and they have kids and you Know the the story of a family is just

Going to be some crappy crazy family With a you know a messed up Mom and Whatever you know whatever they Categorize me as you know that's like Their story and their story is quite Different if they do their own Journey Series like I won't be a I won't be Represented very well right you know and I don't care what people think and you Know the truth is the truth like I Always say that it's not what I say it Is or what you say it is it's the truth Is you know is objectively the truth but You know things Chang for me when my Wife and I um went on we were traveling And my kids didn't want to come and so We went by ourselves and we realized oh My God it's so much better and I never Thought that way like I just you know The whole plan was to be around my kids And you know have intergenerational farm And bring back these non-traditional These you know these traditional ways That are no longer available you know of Uh family support system bring back the Family and you know all these things the Farm the homesteading the everything the Homeschooling you know a community Create a family community and it's you Know just the opposite of that right and Tying to what I say in the beginning we Don't make each other better like when We're together as a family we don't Bring out their High each other's higher

Selves even with all the sjar and the Meditation just because of the way the Family was and you know sometimes you You get out of your family which Happened to me and you become a better Person you're around other types of People and qualities and characteristics That were you know not activated when You were in your family are now Activated you become successful outside Of your family then you go back and you Remember what it's like and you know how Repressive it was and how negative it Was and that's how my family is and you Know both of them the one that I grew up On and the one that I was a parent in And that just sucks right I mean the one I grew up in you know that was what it Was but the one that I was a parent in You know I was hoping to do better and I Was hoping it would be better and it Wasn't and then what happened with dodgy Was a real blow because it used to be That this was an elevating force that Would pull people up like it would pull Out the best in you and it didn't with My kids when they were all practicing The system for that brief period of time You know but Dody was the master and you Know it was um shortly after that they Stopped practicing and then right after That we had dody's first birthday where He kicked me and my son out together you Know just I mean it's just been a like

All that stuff right the loness of human Beings and like that's part of the Reason why and what I've seen with the These people who should be the best Because they're they have they're Exposed to the highest spiritual system That's ever existed you know the one That can pull out the Divinity within You like no other system before it and Just how negative you know and how how Much failure and all the stuff that's Happened with dodgy and them allowing Him to throw a charge you under the bus And this you know because it's a family In a different way and so you know I Have hope because I've seen change in Myself and other people and I know that People can rise up to the highest levels And know what it's like to be around That I've you know had these experiences Where I've gone to high levels of you Know Spiritual uh attainment or condition or Whatever and you know that's a positive Thing to have that it's a blessing and So you know I'm not ever going to give Up hope because it's it's not even hope It's experience it's stuff that I know Can happen it's not a theory it's Something I know actually can happen but For the most part human beings go down To the lowest common denominator and They pull each other down like a captain And a sinking ship and they you know

They're standing on each other's heads Trying to push other people down and use Them as flotation devices you know as They all get sucked to the bottom of the The human Abyss you know it's just it's It's sucky right it's not a a positive Thing so you know I have I have both Views like I see that the potential is There and it can happen but you know Right now it's not anyways you know I'll Wrap it up here at the Cheery place Okay so I did such a long voice over Yesterday I kind of missed the main Point of what I Was uh trying to allude To in the stories that I told Specifically the story about my you know Kids and you know How uh the way that all turned out was Disappointing to me you know your Parents do a lot for you even if they're Sucky Parents um they eat a lot of crap at Work or whatever they do you know Whatever Stuff they're doing in life whatever you Know things you don't know about right There's the stuff that happens when They're taking care of you when you're a Toddler right they're changing diapers They're feeding you they're putting up With your you know Tantrums or whatever It is picking up after you and just all The things you do and I had um four kids

In five Years and you know the kids will never Really recognize or they just take it For granted And I guess it's the way it should be in Some way but knowing about it when you Become a parent yourself you kind of see You know what all parents then realize That it's it takes a lot of time and Energy it's you know use huge investment Of your time and energy and it's natural It's hired wired in especially for women As mothers but you know for men as well To a certain Degree and this is like a Metaphor for what the master of a Spiritual Master does for you which is Even harder to detect because it Happens on a spiritual level in these Sittings that you get in the Sark system And the cleaning that happens and the Some scars that are taken away you can Feel the difference so there's there can Be appreciation depending on how Sensitive you are but you have never Know how much you're getting and where You are what's happening on a soul level I mean even to the extent that when Master charie died and he gave Some messages from the to the medium From the brighter world and he was Saying there was things that he didn't Even know on planet Earth that he was Now realizing once he had passed you

Know into the so-called brighter world Than was with bagy so there's always Going to be a lack of appreciation and Gratitude and especially if you you know Don't want to think about it where You're not actually working to kind of Figure out what you've received and you Know lack of awareness and whatever it Is there's sort of a punkiness now that These kids grow up with you know Successive Generations especially here In the west you know uh a disdain for Authority and a you know an Entitlement you know and the master Suffer from Ingratitude in a heartbreaking way you Know disappointing way like all the Masters have died with a sense of a a Lack of gratitude from the the people That they you know I mean the The Masters themselves have to serve God And their previous master and not the People you know Jesus was a good example Of this someone who lost his focus and Was focused on the people that were with Him and that's why he said father why Held thou why hast Thou forsaken me and He had sort of a spiritual fall because He lost sight that he was he was not Serving the people he was serving God And that's what you always have to do Because then what the people do or don't Do isn't really your concern right if You're just there serving God you're not

Serving the people you're serving the People through God like they they should Be grateful for what you're doing for Them as a spiritual person but if you're Doing it for God then you know the Results are his right this is the idea Of you do the work and the results are His it's natural to be a little Disappointed you know it just is you're Going to be disappoint pointed in life Because of all the things I've said here With the people you're going to you know People are going to let you down right But in terms of my experience you know With my family and then all the obasi What's happening with them and what They've done to you know allow chargie To be dissed by dodgy you know I mean It's that's the the worst thing I've Seen probably in my life here you know Like I I don't understand how that could Be and again I'm not not in private Conversations maybe the people are aware Of it they just don't want to come out Publicly or whatever but you know so What like I mean it doesn't matter Whether you believe it secretly right if You don't say something about it you're Allowing it to happen and you know Whatever I mean I know there people have Been early on were wondering why Commish Wasn't talking about charie but I guess They let that go or it's been resolved In one way way or another but just say

Saying something Publicly would be the important thing it Would be important that this would be You know some kind of dialogue about This you know there's the thing with Dodgy truther and I don't know how many People are you know speaking about it in You know some social media form with him Or whatever but it's a small number Small Percentage given all the things that Have happened and how bad it is and you Know the fact that chargie did so much For them and they claimed to love him so Much is the the real kicker but like I Said with my family my kids and all that Thing and my went through with my ex I Received a lot of spiritual benefit that You know is Um the best thing for me like you know In terms of a return on my investment And doing what I was supposed to do even Though it was doomed to failure you know I followed my heart and you know did What I mean it was obvious to me that Course of action I had to take even Though it was you know there was nothing Good that was come going to come out of It on a material Level there was not a You know successful marriage or Successful family or you know any kind Of um appreciation and gratitude on a Human level the cleaning I went through And all the stuff that I you know I gain

From it are are more than worth it and Even if it wasn't the case you know You're supposed to do what you're Supposed to do and if you don't know What you're benefiting from in terms of The you know on a on a spiritual level Level you will at some point see that There's benefit to doing something that You know you're you're following your Spiritual path and despite the Difficulties or the disappointments or The pain or whatever involved that on Spiritual level there's some level of uh You know at some point you'll realize The the benefits to doing the thing Doing something for the right reason and You know whatever doing something that's Following through on your Soul's path And your Soul's Journey but on a human Level was of course disappointing and Painful and things like this which is You know a small I mean it's a small Price to pay for something that's Eternal but you know it's not it's not So clear like you want some human uh Recognition or whatever just as natural For you to to want these things but Those are mostly egotistical things you Know things that you're locked in in Terms of the material world but it sucks Some energy out of you whenever you do These things it takes some of your Energy out of you and you have to save Some for your own you know whatever

Process and journey and I mean if you're Not going to receive energy back you Can't just go depleting yourself doing All kinds of things for people that Don't really care about them or Appreciate them or or you know Appreciate you or there's no gratitude Or any kind of uh return in your Investment you can't have these oneway Relationships where you're just putting Energy in and you're not getting Anything back and you care about people And they don't care about you kind of Thing right they just you know you don't Want to end up bitter or angry or just Depleted and weak and things like this And that's why I've you know in terms of The stuff with the gratefulness Meditation I make it available to people And put a lot of the emphasis on their Ability to do it and you know or you're All you guys who are doing it like it's Just I'm not going to overcompensate for People I'm not going to you know I mean The thing is for me I see it as a long Game type situation now where people are Going to have to live multiple lives and If they get their first three sittings Bobi said they'll come back you know Once they have experienced the Transmission and they've been started on A spiritual level they're inevitably Going to come back um even it takes a Few lives or whatever but it should only

Take one the next one and so you know it Might take so many lives after that and Still you know as long as there's this Sark system is going then it's a Possibility and that's the important Thing is to keep the the thing afloat When you know the heartfulness thing has Collapsed and retain something and help Hold the energy for future you know Participants and the transmission Cleaning is still available you know Boby has said it's going to take on many Forms if something's going to last Thousands of years it's not going to Stay as the same Organization I think that's obvious that That can't happen now that corruption Will set in and you know I mean the Properties are I don't know we'll see How it happens but there's going to have To be you know especially some sort of Post-apocalyptic situation where the you Know travel plane travel and you know Global Travel isn't is available and Tumultous tumultous things are happening You know these various upheavals as Bob Calls them and so when those things are Happening things are going to have to be Localized And so people are going to have to Connect with it on a spiritual level Even if there's no material Organization and do the system and you Know connect with the energy and the

Flow to it and so that has to be Available to people and so make it Available to people and allowing them to Opportunity to step up and and do what What's necessary is really Important because of you know the more Souls that do it the more they'll come Back and you know be better at it in Future lives and the conditions will Change too there'll be less distractions Less Materialism and so you know that's I Guess the way I look at it you just I'm Not going to um you know suffer what the What the you know people suffered in the System with um you know disappointing Human beings right like it's not and It's not necessary because it's not Helping them you're not doing them a Service by doing the trying to do the Work for them like Bob and Char you say If I can meditate for you I would right So it's you know they've all suffered These kind of things and so it's Important for people to realize that It's an opportunity for them and they Have to put some effort into it put a You know more effort into it than Previous uh you know generation of obosi In the past you know were able to do Because they just especially the I think The people in India who are or learn to Just rely on you know but it's also with People who believe in Christ and think

That just accepting chist is enough to Get it to Heaven you know it's people Don't think you have to work for it and They think you're doing they're doing You a favor by participating in your Organization like they're a customer and They're somehow you know entitled and Whatever to be served and they don't put Any effort into it themselves so you Know I mean and then when they do put Effort into it and they achieve Something they often fall and you know Go down to a lower level of whatever it Is so you know that's The the way it is right now and maybe It'll be better in the future hopefully It'll be better in the future but There's no reason to break your head Against the wall and just you know Suffer it and I think I've you know this Is what I'm saying I learned from what Happened with my family and my kids and You know seeing what's happening now With the the mission and what you know People are allowing to happen to chargie Legacy and things and just all of it With Dody the whole thing I mean Dody Himself right being a complete you know Dud I mean human beings are you know Built for for this sort of thing they're Um you know there's a lower tendency a Tendency to to go to the lower to go to The lowest common denominator and to Achieve something there's a you know the

Slave mentality a loser Mentality and until that's broken you're Going to see these kind of Tendencies And you know there's no reason to to let It get you down you just have to keep on Plugging along even in your own life When you have your you know you have Your moments where you're you fall off The spiritual path you just have to you Know not beat yourself up and feel bad About it just get back up and start over Because that's you know that's all you Can do I just had one more thing to add To this you know I'd hope that Um with my kids and my family that the Kids would um continue what was started With our family of course you know only The good stuff and the the idea of a Guru kulum and the farming and the Homesteading and the You know the the good part of the Homeschooling and all these things right That it would be something that would Continue on for Generations you know the Idea that the kids would take up your Work after you die you know sort of a Generational work specifically to do a Sa Marg and then you know whatever Family stuff and there was some good Stuff there there was the learning how To Homestead which was you know there Was growth in positivity there and then There was some of the philosophies and You know this and staying away from

Alpath medicine and you know all the Other things that I'd learned and some Of the truther stuff that you know was Um I know my ex had found some things You know she wasn't like she had some Good instincts and you know positive uh Research that she did you know there are Some things that could have been built On if things had gone one way and you Know my ex wasn't so uh self-hating and You know self-sabotaging or whatever it Is right if there was some uh you know Breaks had gone our way as a family and You know some things had been different If the kids got along better you know And whatever it's going on there um both Genetically and then this you know the Situation the social s situation you Know what we what we were struggling With was a family but there were things That could have been uh you know could Have been built upon right but it didn't Happen and then post you know the new Situation I have with my wife now and We're you know building a homestead and A farm and things like this and my kids Could have invested in this and they Showed some interest in it but then Really aren't into it of course things Might change later just out of need or Necessity this generation's probably Going to have to grow food and you know Whatever we'll see what happens with Them right and then what I do here in

Terms of the you know whatever this is Right in terms of these things but there Isn't going to be any continuation of This movement and work and whatever you Know as it looks now I mean I don't know What effect these videos I have and what People will pick up on the gratefulness Meditation Mar stuff and you know what Effects it'll have uh in that way there Are things out there seeds are being Planted and you know people are pursuing This right but you know that that was Another aspect of the Disappointment in terms of my family Collapsing that there's no uh you know They're living much different lives and Aside from not having any sort of Connectivity and you know not um you Know I mean there's not much of Relationships there anymore none at all Really and just the way it's gone and They're all going in different Directions you know of course you know With my daughter Anna you know all these Things and you know that's just a Tragedy of of human experience that There were good ideas there there was Stuff that was you know stream from the Divine there was good um you know con Good uh curriculum that came out of it Guru kulum type you know again it wasn't It didn't become what it could have Become or what it needed to become in Terms of what my kids needed and and

Schooling and you know an Intergenerational Family Farm and things There was failure there but there was Stuff Worth salvaging right like if a Company collapses and they they break up The company and they sell off the parts You know there's things that had value Because I present some of those things Here some of the ideas and some of the Experiences and things and there was Stuff worth building upon stuff was Pursuing but you know given the way it All turned out I don't you know blame my Kids for you know it's just the way American kids are in general they don't They don't value what their they do the Opposite of what their parents are doing You know they all these things I've Talked about before with Levi jeans and You know kids don't want what their Parents want right there's always a Rebellion they always you know go in a Different direction I not always but That's the trend and tendency and like I Said you're kind of screwed either way Because it seems like your kids are just Going to you know in most cases because When kids hit that teenage years and There's rebellion and just all the you Know what the propaganda is now on the Internet and the you know in schools and All these things it's uh to you know to Demonize your parents that if you go Trth through on them they say that you

Know you whatever indoctrinated them or Whatever it is right they're going to You know blame you for doing that but Then if you don't then when things start Going South and they realize it you know Or they get the you bloop and they you Know have health issues or whatever and They know that you knew something about It and you didn't say anything you know It's like it's just that it's going to Go in those two directions in most cases You know sometimes you get really great Kids and you know whatever you have a Really great relationship with them as They entered their teenage years and These things and you know there's some Of those um it's rare in America it's You know better in other countries but You know everyone's becoming Americans Worldwide you know kids are growing up Especially ones that have access to Resources and wealth and the internet Things like this they um you know Naturally Rebel and there's this you Know tendency and it's it's a like a a Global uh tragedy but a lot of what's Going on now you know with dodgy Collapsing and you know personally what I'm doing here on the YouTube channel And then with our farm and you know Things that we're doing my wife and I There's no you know next Generation uh Kind of thing yet like and maybe there Will be in the future you know but just

Doing it like there's a story Master Charge used to tell about this Grandfather planting uh little fruit Trees and the grandson saying you know You're going to you're going to be Dead um why you planning these he said Well somebody you'll be here to eat them You know someone to benefit from these Things right so that's kind of what We're all doing now by continuing the Sark practice and you know whatever else Truther stuff and trying to you know Create pockets of the future and things Like this and you know the idea that There'll be some future Generations That'll benefit from whatever inroads we Make even if it's just transferred Spiritually like you're just you know Some things there isn't a material Connection but the energy and the Consciousness you know if you it's like The 4minute mile or the hundredth monkey Syndrome you know if you've heard that That theory there was these monkeys who Learned to use tools on one side of the The globe or some you know country and Then other monkeys spontaneously around The world that were of a similar species All learned it was like an egregor group Consciousness and whatever you achieve You one person broke the and Banister or Whatever something banister broke the 4minute mile and then all of a sudden Other people were able to do it right

It's you know you're it it's something That happens um uh you know just Etherically through this like egregor Consciousness that if you you know make Inroads and are successful on the Spiritual path in other ways other People will be able to benefit from your Success even if they're not born yet or You know it just hangs in the air and It's you know a pathway that you're Creating that's available to other People so there's you know reasons to do It but everything's more now more Abstract and more you know wishful Thinking kind of stuff or hopeful Thinking more than you know concrete um You know people who are you know Especially the young younger generation That's so screwed right now you're Anticipating or hoping that they under The right circumstances get woken up to Some degree and start getting it right Even though they're in a worse situation In terms of their skill set and their Entitlements and their weaknesses than Any previous generation that somehow They're able to you know this indigo Children type thing and they're able to Rally the forces in a post-apocalyptic Situation you know there are things that Are going to happen there are inputs There are obstacles and issues that are Going to happen things that are going to Cause people have to change there's

Going to be interruptions interventions To the lifestyle and the lives that People are leading and they're going to Have to adapt to survive in one way or Another and that's you know and we don't Know how people are going to respond Then and and hopefully they respond Better than they have in the past and You know we'll see what happens and you Know some of us will see it and some of Us will come back and live it you know Almost immediately into the the Situation or whatever it is anyways just A few more thoughts here only Spirituality will save this world it's PA Rano definely app from the Apocalypse In the Ascension everyone have a blessed Day and be grateful

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