Journey 127

Journey 127

Okay so I just switched out microphones Um I had the last one for about a year So I've saved all these microphones oh Greetings Brothers greetings brothers and sisters It's the 127th Version of The Journey series anyways um I haven't switched out one in a while I've been really grateful for these These cordless microphones occasionally When I say p it um well it's actually it Didn't do it maybe this new one's Actually better more evolved than the Other ones seems to be recording a Little bit louder one issue I've had With them is the volume but anyways Um I got a message from a Longtime practitioner of the SJ Mark System Heartfulness who saw a video where they Were saying dodgy is sick and blaming Aasis for making them sick which I'll Cover in a moment Kind of a big deal in lots of ways um You know it just shows you everything Was wrong with the system and Dodgy but um before that I got a message Today where someone said dear brother You've lost your way you got to get to Kaa you know uh those days are over like I don't think I could ever really Interact with any of these people Again it's like I've burnt Bridges with All of them and I did it mostly

Consciously just I didn't intend to say The things I've said or cover the things With Dody the way I have but they've Gone in that Direction but I don't have any desire to Go back because I know I'd be Disappointed and it's a beautiful place It's got a great great Botanical Gardens And they've completed the yatra garden And I mean it was a a nice place Beautiful Asham and and there would be some Spiritual energy I think maybe I don't Know but the last time I was there I was Disappointed in the sittings I was Disappointed in the transmission I was Disappointed in dody's performance and I' never experienced that at a gathering Before and that was when I was expecting Something that was the way it used to be And now I would see things even it would Be even more painful and you know I mean I'd be completely unwelcomed and there's People want to kill me they're like and So it's not going to happen you know I Was thinking that maybe these people who Are still really um into dodgy and I Don't know how many are even into dodgy The ones who are loyal to him and are Continuing on with this farce I wonder What they feel because transmission Seems to be Subjectively um you know the way it is Now it's subjectively being distributed

Like many of you stop feeling the Transmission about the time I did those Of you who are doing Heartfulness and you know I was really Stunned at how good the videos the trans Not the videos the transmission that you Know I I don't know the videos are a Catalyst for because the the Transmission isn't in the videos but the Ones that I was the sittings I've given On gratefulness meditation you know I've Been really um pleased with how good Those sittings are compared to the the Sittings I was receiving on the on the App you know and I wonder about Dody's um Preceptors and you know the ones that He's made because I don't know he seems To have lost all of it right like he Seems to you know and I don't know What's happened like I I don't know how Other people are feeling and I don't Know if the sittings are valid I don't Know if preceptors are able to good give Give good sittings on their own you know I just don't know I don't know what's Going on with it because I'm not Experiencing it and I I do know many of You felt like you weren't feeling a Transmission and then you started Feeling it in the gratefulness Meditation videos and I don't know if It's just people who are connected to my YouTube channel feel that way like I

Don't know if longtime practitioners are And I don't care like it's just beyond My problem uh to think about or care About but anyways um let me show you the Video and I want to talk a little bit More about this as we move Forward so here is the um the Video respect respecting Master's Health Essential update Message from Dr casur On dody's health November 5th 2023 kanes Shante Vanum good morning sisters and Brothers today actually Master could not Come to conduct Suon and uh because his health is not Permitting It's not like as we All afraid that he is seriously Ill he has recently viral illness and He's recuperating from It okay so he says he has a viral Illness now first of all I recognize This guy and he was a doctor and I don't Remember my interactions with him but I Thought he was very um good person and I Didn't know he was a doctor now I kind Of remember that I saw him around dodgy I guess he's dody's doctor but he seemed Like just one of those sincere really Good nice people dedicated preceptor you Know I knew he did something like he was You know a big businessman or you know He is professional like he's a doctor or Something like that right you know I

Mean I I didn't remember specifically he Was a doctor but I remembered he was you Know financially successful or whatever And he was around Master chart And so I don't know how I feel about This you know in terms of like this is a Nice person is clearly devoted to the System and you know it I mean it's hard For me to judge somebody like this even Though it's so obvious that dodgies a Cancer on the mission right but this is Something that happens quite often in The System and it will be good for him to Rest for few more Days last Sunday if you remember Master With his painful heart declared publicly To not to ever visit his Home all of us being abases can Understand the pain behind his public Declaration which was not welcoming we Should understand what made him what Compelled him to do or to publicly Declare like that and this is the third Time he has been requesting and Sometimes with frustration he puts it Directly in front of Us okay so let me switch over to my Voice over here you know there was Always this idea that especially when The Masters got older but in general That the Masters absorb some of the Samsaras and being around Abiosis could cause health issues and

Also um you know the Masters needed rest And there are times people are just Invading their space you know Master Chargie liked being around people he was A people person he was more extroverted Than the other Masters and he made Himself available and he said um the Next guy is going to be less available Isn't going to be nearly as um Accommodating to the people that want to See him and I like some of the things That klish did in the beginning He got rid of some of the you know there Was times um chargie was at commish's House probably like a year before six Months you know that sometime during That year before he passed away he was In kish's apartment and people were Lining up outside the apartment and There was security there and these this Young girl said she had a birthday and She go see master chargie and um they Said well not right now whatever and Then the security guard turned his back And she just bum rushed the gate with Her friends and they were all smiling And and running as they went in and you Know the security wasn't I mean they Wanted to go see the master and and the Security is there to prevent you know Some of the people I mean some of the Stuff I saw just was sickening and Towards the end when chargie was really Um sick they were coming over to his

Son's house and causing problems and you Know uh parking and bringing taxis into The area that was you know was a like a Wealthy Street a street of you know like In a Suburb and it just wasn't cool and there Were stories that both Krishna charie Son and and Commish told about the way People were just forcing themselves Through and you know all of it and I had A few interactions and went to Char's House once and I didn't feel comfortable With it and there was a a young woman Who had just started and she said she Went to see him and he was you know Generous with his time but he looked so Frail and he was sickly but he wanted to Meet new people and one woman tried to Cog him and he put his hands up like Just please I'm you know I I can't do Anymore so you know there was legitimate Reason for what this guy say in the Doctor that these people come when They're not invited they come and force Their themselves on the on on dodgy Dodgy I don't know if he has any Security there what you know what's Going on with that and so there is that Element it isn't like this is and uh you Know this is something that doesn't Exist or didn't exist before know there Was a time where Bob G was so sick and Everyone wanted to see him and they felt Like there was going to be like a riot

You know like people were going to P Their way and push their way into to see Him and he they put him on display like They put him in like a little room and They let people walk by and look at him And he was like you know unconscious Almost right like laying there I mean They just it it was really you know I Mean it's really scummy and people are Desperate and whatever their feelings Are and their Master you know these are Mostly Indian people but I saw these Europeans that were all that were by Charge his house were you know in his House standing in front of his house and And dodgy commented on this in a speech Is very angry about it so he had Different sort of feelings and he got Rid of some of these things which I Agreed with you know I'm I'm like more Like him than I am like chargie chargie Was much more like to be around people And Dody is um you know more of a a Loner like he said he was you know which I also am so I could identify with him But if you're going to do this job you Got to make yourself available because The energy that you have and the Connection that people have they need it And unfortunately a lot of these people Are desperately you know energetically Um they're not sustainable they're not Able to prop themselves up energetically Even though they have all they get the

Sittings and they do the meditation many Of them don't do the meditation if you Do the meditation you should be able to Connect and start connecting to the Pranoti the energy the love energy on Your own without you know I mean you can See the master every once in a while and Get a boost and but you should be able To get that from the group meditation And you see him it's great like he the Energy he had was great you know it had A profound effect on you but you Shouldn't have been this desperate like Like these people were desperate uh you Know in a way that would made me Uncomfortable and that's probably why You know they can't stand on their own Energetically so um they you know They're relying on dodgy now even though They're you know he doesn't have any Energy to give so maybe that's a a big Reason why they haven't bailed on him For turning on chargie because they're They're all vampirish themselves right There was a um a a friend Canadian woman Who was at a gathering that I was at or Was in India when I was there and we had A few conversations and we were like you Know friendly I I don't know her name But we're friends on Facebook and I Think she's a dodgy truther guy like She's um you know into the dodgy truth Stuff because of um somehow I don't know What how that came about but she came up

And I was doing Security and she started to meditate in Front of Char's door and I'd read this Stuff in the literature where you know Bobi said that he didn't you know when People meditated when he wasn't ready to Give transmission it drained his energy Like they were sucking his his own Prana Because he wasn't ready to give Transmission and so when they meditated When he wasn't you he didn't tell them You know this is a sitting that he Called them blood suckers and I relayed This to her and she said that can't be True and I said go ask him and she went And asked chargie and chargie you know Agreed with what I said and she came out And told me and so you know there's this Energy that people have I mean there People who were meditating in Char's House when he was on so many so much Medication he was so unconscious and They were sucking his energy right and So there is that element and Unfortunately there's that element but Also DOI has been you know he's it's Part of his job is to make himself Available and him going up and say don't Come to my house and these things when He knows they're going to disobey and People aren't listening to him they're Not they're not they didn't obey chargie And they respect chargie so much more Right and dodgy so disconnected you know

Part of it was cleaning you know the Masters all had these intense physical Issues and they somehow were able to you Know through the the um the Divine work They were doing they were able to keep Their bodies going even though you know Uh they had horrible chronic illnesses Ly had a very painful hole in his liver An absess in his liver which ultimately Caused his death and you know he was in Pain much of the time and then bobbyy Had an ulcer and had multiple other Illnesses and he was frail and sickly All the time but he was able to to do The work right he was you know the work That they would do and one time charie Gave the example of Boby was really sick And and weak and they had to go to the Like sixth or seventh floor of a you Know a building and he's like he didn't Know how he was going to get babag up There when he found out the elevator was Broken but Bobby said bab said let's Walk and Babaji walked past the floor Like he just charged up the stairs you Know he was like 70 something and Chargie at the end of his life you know He died when he was like 80 um he had um 80s something and he had two kinds of Bone can he had bone cancer and prostate Cancer he had um just this really uh Horrific pain in his legs that he Suffered from being a slave he was like Spartacus or one of these famous slaves

In um in grease and he had these this Pain in his legs and then he had you Know he could only barely see out of one Eye he was Los he was losing his vision He had diabetes he was on you know Respirator at different times he had Multiple illnesses like his body was Just falling apart and he was in lots of Physical pain of course he had the Migraines before that and so he would Even with all these things he would um Find ways to give group meditation and See people and and it was almost miracul Ulous his will force and his ability to Endure and people just didn't respect it They didn't you know they didn't Appreciate what he was doing and these Things were said about you know I mean Dodgy gave this same kind of a talk Except he was yelling at people and he Was you know really upset at people for Being blood suckers but you know now After what dody's done right and the Whole thing's such a mess I mean it's Really the whole thing is just a real Mess so people approach me and ask me You are a doctor you you should take Care of him why is he falling ill again And again this is the most frequent Question that we come Across so there are two things one thing Is prevention second thing is treatment If we look after the first part there is No need for the doctor or thee

Treatment he generally needs only two Things good sleep and solid ude that He is in need of a lot actually these Two things have Been Disturbed knowingly or Unknowingly by our Abases expecting personal attention Untimely and I don't go beyond this I Think we all should understand him and See the thing about this is he doesn't Do that much now I don't know what his Work schedule is but he doesn't travel Around India like chargie did chargie Traveled 200 days a year and when he was Doi's age he was doing even more so he Was in his 70s chargie when I um started Meditating right U let me see let me do The math on that so I just looked it up Chargie was born 1927 27 he was 66 in 1993 when I started and dodgy Is um 67 now and chargie was in good physical Health and he traveled I mean he went to Came to America multiple times in 1993 1994 1995 all the way Probably until 200 four five or six and then his hell Started to fail him dodgy doesn't travel At all and I don't know all what he does But he doesn't seem to have a lot of People around him and he isn't very uh Available to people and so I don't know What kind of hours he keeps or you know What he does in terms of his work but

His his work is very Subpar and I think he gets plenty of Rest right like I don't think he's in as Much demand as charge he was and so Again like I don't know specifically What happens with him but he's not doing As much as chargie and you know he had Polio when he was a kid he's had his own Health issues but it seems like you know He's wearing the mask all the time he Seems like he's very preoccupied with His health and he was a pharmacist if You know Pharmacy you know if uh like The medications work so great I mean He's he's not in great health and you Know I don't know what else is going on With him if he has more severe I mean There was a what dodgy truther said Something about him having possible Cancer which was a rumor and I don't Know If that's true or not but you know all The Masters were propped up by their Spiritual work and they could go from Death's door in fact this other doctor Not this guy but another doctor who took Care of chargie said that right before Gatherings charie would be like really Sick and he would you know they'd be Ready to cancel the Gathering and then The morning of the Gathering he would Have this miraculous come you know uh uh Recovery And he would be you know better and he

Said dodgy was doing the same thing in The beginning but now it seems like That's not the case and dod's canceled Two out of the four gatherings I mean He's seems to be doing less and less Work and you know he's writing these Crappy books and you know he's putting Out crappy videos but it's it's nothing Compared to what charie used to do but Anyways and go to him only if you get a Call personally from Him everybody us should stop ourself From negotiation persuation of his Personal attention to visit his home all Those Things just wait for his call if at all If you want to go to him just wait for His personal call when you get you can Go to him if you are not getting the Personal call it definitely means that You don't need to go There it should be very clear in our Hearts So before bandara Master had severe Viral illness looks like flu and he Could not even stand up with uh on his Own and he needed two people to make him Stand from the bed this was his Condition somehow he could manage he Could recover well and he was in front Of us looking healthy during the Bandara after bandara within 1 week He got this Conjunctivitis and this is given I don't

Say given but somebody wait thisen this Is a this is a big one came to meet him In close quarters he had Conjunctivitis and uh people like to Take photographs come close to him talk To him in close quarters this is pink Eye so somebody came in with pink eye Which is effed up if somebody had it and Knew about it and then took a selfie With Dodgy and then um you know so he could Post it on social media and gave doic Conjunctivitis but again you know and he Had undergone lot of suffering by Ice Welding redness and Watering almost 5 days to 7 days he had A very tough time to recover from it it Sounds like his immune system is taken Down and we all know what he did what he Was I mean it wasn't just the mask he Was into and sounds like he's got a a Weakened immune system he had Feverishness body pains cold cough Everything think we should just give him Solitude and allow him to sleep at his Home these two which are Disturbed which Leads to imuno compromise that's why He's getting recurrent Infections so I will stop here his Immune system's compromised he just said It and leave everything for you and us To understand Deeply and doing our personal sad and Prayers for his health I have I'm have

Full confidence that he will not get This type of ill health again and again Thank you Um well so the thing is that in SJ Mar You're not promised good health in fact Being sick is a way that cleaning Happens so you have to suffer something Depending on how much cleaning you have To go through there has to be some Suffering for you to advance and to Clean out all these things right so that Is whatever it is right um but the idea Is that you will your health will be Monitored in such a way that you'll be Able to get through the physical issues To live the life you need to to evolve And that you'll be protected in various Ways and so things that might kill other People won't kill you and people have Had recoveries from cancer and other Things and and that you live you know The amount of time you need to live to Get the maximum spiritual benefit but There is going to be some physical Suffering like anybody else and it's Used it's utilized for spiritual growth And to burn off some scars and things Like this and the Masters of the system Like everyone else but even more so Their health is Monitor and charie said That it's why vivana the famous Saint And Krishna were in charge of monitoring His health on a spiritual level and so There's you know a I mean you're being

Watched over and this idea that the People there are making him sick well Dody just doesn't have faith because He's cut himself off from charie and you Know he's just a joke right now I mean That's the big problem he's a joke he Doesn't have any faith and uh the system Or the Masters and you know he's had Some kind of whatever an issue here Which has ended up with him you know Being the guy that's uh being this guy Right all right so then let me just show You the YouTube channel there because That's a part of this um you know and Then I'll I have one more thing to say Here so Um this video they just showed you was From one of their their other channels And it got 25,000 views uh because it Was about his health um you know I let Me go back re open that up and I'll look At the comments if there's any transform Your anger into love in 2 minutes 7 Hours ago that's 3,000 views looks Pretty gr cheese cheesy this one 5,000 Views I mean he's getting you know my Channel is being suppressed and between My two channels I get more views than This every day right um and he doesn't Put out a video every day this thing With this guy right here this guy who Wrote a book on suicide suicidal harmful Effects of eating nonvegetarian food I Want to talk about that in the voiceover

Cuz Dody was uh keep your mind clean Teachings by Lord Krishna that's Religious I mean just you know spiritual Anatomy of beginning begin your inner Journey this is about his Book and it's only got 4,000 views right The University of SJ Marg um let's take a look at that one That's got 113,000 greetings from India Salam and Namaste Sometimes I often have this Lively Discussions with my younger Associates on things like politics okay Let's move forward Here Um it's here I guess par is truly Universal it is not political or worried About opposing opinions you just made it Political I he had a horrible take on Israel he's joined the UN and he's you Know he's desperately trying to get Modi Over there and he joined the um the you Know that um RSS which is an Hindu Pro-hindu uh anti-muslim organization And he's made it political like he's Politicized the system but uh I guess This is an assaj Mar University Um thought he was going to try to get a College Going so this has 35 comments so Clearly it's not it doesn't have 100,000 Views this one has a a picture of Chargie in the as a

Thumbnail Um but you know 35 comments and these Comments are there's no substance wow You know these hearts and emojis so you Know this is is they've put bot views Here like they do with all their videos A vacation vacation to Universal or Disney picture your family okay going to Vacation a universal or Disney I mean what is he talking about Here vacation to Universal or Disney or Both picture your family preparing for The long anticipated trip this is just So bad such bad content There is excitement as everyone huddles Around the dinner table and pours into a Map of the Park's Attractions he just paints such a vivid Picture now tell me something what DOI That you've involved in a scam called The Brighter Minds why don't they why do They need a map when these kids just Close their eyes and smell the roads at Disy so they ended up copyrighting me Here but he says um he's just you know He's trying to He's making this metaphor for the Spiritual journey and there they play These songs and Um you know sometimes they get Copyrighted because they they're buying These songs but the whole video is just An absolute horrible joke and um you Know he's trying to sell people his book

The spiritual Anatomy which is there's The book there and you can see here it Says um invite invite you on this Journey Anatomy this book is not merely a Collection of words yeah it's also a Plagiarized worser version of a book He's ripped off from bajy it is a map it Is a map it is a map for the voyage Within your Consciousness your inner Venture it's an Inner Venture so then he says let Spiritual Anatomy serve as your so as Your trust at plus okay um I think You're looking for another a word there Um the 16 chakras there was only 13 when Babaji wrote this so he's added three Chakras somehow I guess that's part of The pitch here and he's just you know Watering down and destroying the System okay so there was a video he did With that guy who had battled with Suicidal Tendencies the Canadian guy and They doing this Partnership and I don't think they've Ever met don't seem to be together in The video it's weird this kind of Collaboration that they're doing there But they were talking about Vegetarianism and so um I'm going to Talk about that I already made the Voiceover from for some reason I don't Have that part of the clip it's not Important but this was a YouTube video

They put out about the benefits of being Vegetarian so dodgy seemed to be common Was somebody I think was eating meat my Preceptor said a lot of the senior aasis Were eating meat dodgy came from Northern India and his family probably Were meat eaters and he said to you know When he was chewing me and my family out For farming he gave the example how the Butcher was this most saintly man the Saintly person in a village you know he Talked about how people were uh so um You know the people who were sodic were Often too rigid about their spiritual Practice and too pure even though I had Heard stories about him being that way And so um it seemed like he was eating Meat based in a few things that I heard You know Bobby G had eaten eggs and the Only reason that they stuck to a Vegetarian diet was because of the Southern Indians the people the brahin Were very vegetarian right chargie grew Up as a very strict Vegetarian um you know but there was a Lot of meat eaters in Northern India Where laian babaj G were born and so Babaj G recommended a vegetarian diet But said if you had health issues you Could eat meat and you know I was a Vegetarian for 18 years but my family And I just needed to eat meat for a Variety of reasons we were told by a Vegan my daughter needed to eat meat

Right so a vegan a chiropractor who Favored the vegan diet and the work I do Here and the other work I just it's Something that I found you know it Affected my spiritual condition A little bit you know could make you Less subtle but I felt no effects from It like I feel like my health has gotten Better but Dody I think was a meat eater And so him being in this video talking About the benefits of vegetarianism when I know that he's talked about eating Meat and and getting away from the Vegetarian diet the other thing I wanted To say there was a comment and the Person said well let me just maybe see If I can find the comment so um The person wrote YouTube recommended Some channels sorry I can't remember the Name it was a short video and it came up Because I searched Boba G's name and she Spells Boba g b a b a g i s and it's b a B i g i s there's multiple bobes there's It's a very common nickname and some of The gurus have it Babaji was a Baboo or Clerk a ba a Um in fact I think it's Babuji I'm sorry it's B A bu u g i Babuji right not Bobaji but it's often pronounced bobaji But it's babuji but it's not pronounced That way um he was a clerk and his name Was Shir Ram Chandra but Babaji was for His Nick his nickname for being a

Clerk um so just so people know that Chargie is CH a R i g i g is just something they say to As a term of respect right I clicked on It had the BP as a thumbnail so I was Curious but two subjects were coming Together well it was some dude thinking He was being funny I guess making fun of Paul and the SJ Mark system it brought Such great sadness a system designed to Elevate Humanity being mocked in such a Pathetic manner uh let me find my place Here I stop for a second making fun of Paul in the Sark system it bought such a Great sadness a system designed to Elevate Humanity being mocked in such a Pathetic manner even more sad is this Dude would have had to listen enough of Paul's videos to even attempt his Pathetic humor I was going to comment But didn't want to waste the effort in This direction well I mean there's no Reason to give any attention to this Right why would you comment right I'm Not bummed out that people don't do it Like I only want the people who are Going to be good at it who have Something to offer do the system like There's lots of people who suck and you Know maybe it would help them if they Did it sincerely it's not up to me like I don't I don't get to choose who gets To do it who doesn't you just put it out There but it isn't for everybody and not

Everybody is you know everyone's welcome But you know do you want everybody like You know I mean some people it's just Better that they fall off like there's People who quit that you know it's not Such a big deal it's kind of a I mean The master of the system can't think That way there's lots of people out There just going to make everything Worse um and so you know them doing the System isn't great unless it changes Them and maybe it will but they have to Be you know willing to change and most People aren't so you know like Everything I do here I put the Information out there and I let you know It I let the the uh people themselves And the you know whatever the the divine Master and there's some scars decide for Him right it's something where you can't Control that and it's it's not for Everybody it's for everybody you know It's available to everybody but not Everyone's going to do it but if you're Going to search for these guys you got To make sure you're spelling their name Right and you should include SJ Mar in The search because otherwise you're Going to get other people with the same Nickname or similar you're going to get You know there's other gurus that have a Similar nickname or whatever it is like I don't think there's another chargy but There is um you know Char's who are

There's a famous Roger kapala charie you Know that's Master Char's last name There's a famous C Roger kabalar who's a Famous philosopher and writer and so You'll get some of these other things Like you look up books and you might Find some books by C Roger kachari who's Not Chari right so you have to search SJ Mar to get the you know and you can find The website the SJ Mar website and then It has all the information information And details and some of the you know Some of the writings that were there Before dodgy took over with heartfulness And then you can find the books that They've written and the you there's some PDF books and there's books in the Bookstore um and so these are the things You can you know but learning how to Spell their names are important in terms Of doing searches and if you just search Their name you're probably not going to Get a lot of good results anyways I got To wrap this thing up my voice is going A little bit but I'll continue on Tomorrow you have to participate in some Way to make that happen and also to Retain it if you're moved along the Yatra points you have to like earn it Once you've given this in a sense I want To say gift but you know this blessing Then you have to ear it you have to rise Up to that level and operate on that Level so there's interesting things

About the system and with babaj G and Chari they both Died kind of Bummed they both felt let down by um Their you know their Associates the People who are doing the the meditation Because of that lack of effort there was A just a dependence and a you know just A paity there in some cases or just Willful ego doing egotistical things That hurt the spiritual process and in Many cases hurt the organization so they You know felt kind of dejected a little Bit right there was events that unfolded And you know people disappointed them Not that I think they did anything wrong But uh for the very reason that it may Take multiple lives for people to get it Like this is your entry level into the System and it's something new and it's You know supposed to be around for Thousands upon thousands of years not Everyone's going to advance right away And succeed the first time and so just Getting people to start getting people To move forward a little bit getting Their Souls uh like hooked into the Transmission and the cleaning and and Feeling that you know the benefits and Then after you die there's some level of Reflection you come back better prepared For this opportunity and so I don't Think they did anything wrong but it

Certainly isn't great for them that People just you know didn't rise up to What was given and this has happened to I mean this is what Jesus said father Why hast Thou forsaken me and other Things like that that have happened over The years over these different Saints And spiritual people's lifetimes where They felt bummed out most people who Come down higher developed Souls Souls That uh develop on their own or come Down from a higher place and serve Humanity get bummed out Humanity Disappoints them and lets them down and For that reason the way I've done the Great gratefulness meditation and uh I'm Just not going to overextend Myself uh you know people have wanted to Say that I was a master or calling me Master or something like this and it's Not true because of just it's not true You know it's not you know I'm not that But in terms of my you know feeling About it why I feel like I I wouldn't be Suited for that position certainly in This Lifetime you know for my end like There's reasons why they wouldn't give Me that position from their end you know From the Divine hierarchy's end but the Reason from my end is I recognize that I Don't have much faith in people to do The you know to rise up to stuff Specifically to do with the Sark system

But in general that people will take the Low road and take the egotistical path More often than not almost all the time And they'll take the spiritual Road for For brief periods of time and and you Know we'll rise up to something to a Higher level but won't sustain it and That's been the history of spirituality In this you know and the human Population and so you know doing too Much for people and burning your own you Know sacrificing your own you know Whatever the Masters have sacrificed in The past and um doing all that that you Can do for people and then having them Fail and you know even turn on you I Mean look at what what's happened with Charie like it's despicable the way They've allowed you know and denied and You know whatever they've done Psychologically to make what dod's doing Okay and Dody himself is Suffering from you know his own failure And his own betrayal of charie in the System all of these things right so for My participation in this I've done just Enough like I don't um you know I've Done the videos on gratefulness Meditation and you know they're all I Mean there's information there and I Share all the information I have in the Journey series and then on my other Videos and I you know put this stuff out There and I expect that people do more

Right that people have to do more than They've done in the past they have to Take more of an interest in it and they Have to you know rise up to it I don't Want to be a situation where I feel Resentful or I feel you know uh put upon Or whatever it is whatever the the Masters in the past felt like you know Just disappointed like I I feel Disappointed already you know just the Way that they treated a chargie the way That they've embraced what dody's done And then just I mean I I'm kind of Stunned that there's just no resistance There's no acknowledgement of what's Going on and then somebody you know who Wrote to me the other day saying I need To go to Kan right I mean just um They're not you know will they're Willfully denying what's so obvious to Say see here and maybe people have never Really felt the transmission like many Of them or whatever I you know I don't Know what they're feeling or Experiencing I don't know what's keeping Them going but it isn't that things are Going in the right direction CU they're Obviously not like I was saying you know It's some point I wouldn't mind having Gatherings but I'm not going to do Everything you know I'm not going to do All the work or whatever has to be done To make the Gatherings happen and you Know just be bummed out when people

Inevita let me down you know it's just Not like a formula for Success cuz we've Already seen it that people have to step Up and learn how to step up and it's Hard for people to do that here at the Gratefulness when they haven't really Been to a gathering and don't how to Manage them and I don't know how to do Them I don't know how to you know I'm Not I've never been a part of the Organization of these things I'm uh Willfully bad at networking and and Doing all these things right so you know Gatherings would be a good thing but you Know how how to make that that happen Right um and we'll see you over time Whatever uh but there' have to be more People doing it there would have to be Uh you know more interest in it you know Things would have to change in some way There would have to be something that Would be a catalyst to make that happen Like some you know some new OP some new Energy is infused into the system in Some way one of the reasons for this is That the cleaning and transmission help People and and benefit them those are The people who stay and do the practice And they feel the energy and they like The way the energy feels it makes them Feel and you know that's great and That's you know kind of why I've kept With it but very few people have any They don't really care about their souls

So much right they don't really care About their spiritual progress they like The idea of it but they don't want to You know their egos don't want to change And do what they have to do to you know Embrace their spiritual path and you Know that's been the problem with people Forever like it's just a there's such a A lack of awareness of our spiritual Side and so although people like the Feelings they have of the transmission And cleaning and if they stick with it You know that's part of the system you Become more spiritually Orient oriented As you you know develop and then over Lifetimes you know maybe well something Will click in you know where you become Like a Boby who's you know just um Detached from Material life you know What he called non-attachment attachment That you would have attachment in the Sense of you have to do your duties and You have to have a job and you have to Have a family and these things but There's some non-attachment to it like It's a you a very light thing you don't Get into it you don't stress out about It it's just you know you're you're Doing what you're you're supposed to do You have a body and you have a physical Life and you have your some scaras and You're living that life but you're Focused on God all the time and you know You're connected to your higher levels

Of consciousness in your soul and where Your soul resides and so that's the kind Of SJ Mark way where you're not running Away from Material life but you're not Focused in and Hyper you know focused in On your material life and you know I Don't know what's going on in the minds Of all these people and you know I have Experienced this with sheepel which many Of you have Experienced it with she you know Yourself family members or whatever it Is and I was suspect if I had Conversations with these people there Just be you know they just can't go There Mentally but to have seeing the way that Charie sacrificed his himself and and Did all this work and you know benefited All of us in one way or another and then Have him be completely erased I he was Like the greatest of the three Masters In in various ways you know they all had Their um you know Babaji was uh you know Like a Phenom and you know he's the one that With the most spiritual you know the Sort of the he's running the the Universe now this kind of thing but um Chargie was functioning highly on all Levels like he could do things in the Material world that Boba G couldn't and He was you know physically stronger and His ability to travel and his output of

Work was you know second to none and he Just uh you know took what Boba G Andology started and made it into a Global organization and and so many People benefited from his Mastery and People could see him suffering and Dody Saw him suffering he he gave talks about His suffering and how much he suffered For you know physically in these other Ways to make uh you know to do this work For people and I could understand Dody Having some resist assistance to being In that Situation but he took this on and I Think he wanted this job I think he you Know based on everything I'm seeing like He wanted to have this position and so That's the difference right when you Take on this position then you have to Make yourself available you have to you Know deal with people you have to put Yourself out there and you have to have Faith that your health will be Maintained you know you shouldn't have To need hours and hours and hours of Solitude to um you know for a very Little amount of work like I was talking With my wife about it and you know Chargie I mean the amount of travel and The amount of things he did and the Ashims he was building globally and just The constant work and they would talk About him working you know in the middle Of the night and doing spiritual work on

People which I don't think dod's doing That at all because his transmission Isn't even in there during the satson You know he's gotten rid of two of the Vandas he's just minimized the amount of Work he does I don't think he's writing Those books that they're putting out I Think they're ghostwritten or they're You know they're dictated and like I Don't think he does very much work at All um and you know the kind of Spiritual work that would need to be Done like they all the Masters would Just go into a meditative state in the Middle of the night and work on people And work on you know whatever had to be Done in terms of the the world the you Know the manifestation of this Baba's Vision and the things that he was Ordered to manifest here like he got all These instructions of restructuring the The global system and and all of it like Things that are happening now he went Into a meditative State and did all the Spiritual work and working on people and Working on you know all these things Making things Changes um and I don't think DOI does Any of that stuff right he's I think He's barely functioning Based on you know what he does on the YouTube videos he doesn't seem to be in A flow you know there was a time where Chargie was he had something like he had

Nasal pops or Something and he was having trouble Breathing through his nose or whatever I Think he had to have an operation Eventually but when he was giving Sittings it seemed to disappear like Everything you know he was breathing Fine and he noticed that a few times Like when he was having physical issues And he would do spiritual work the Symptoms of the whatever he was having Would go away and he mentioned it to Babaji and Babaji said yeah so you Should work for me 100% of the time and You wouldn't have any issues right so um You know this was like kind of the idea That the doing the spiritual work and You know the you would ignore the pain And suffering of your physical system Especially in the older years as their Bodies would break down and you know Whatever it was and the spirit spiritual Work would always um you know come Through there was a preceptor really Nice guy came to uh our house and came To us when we were in Virginia you know My my first family and these preceptors Would travel from DC and these other two Would come up from North Carolina he Came to our house maybe like four or Five times one time he brought his Family nice family he was telling the Story to me about his dad Who had just had open heart situation

Like heart failure whatever and he was Like 85 and charge you said you know Stop giving sittings for a while but he Couldn't he was a preceptor and he was Giving sittings to 200 people like a Week you know individual Sittings and he just didn't want to stop And you know he had faith that SAR is Ultimately great for the physical heart As well as the spiritual heart and he Kept on doing it you know if you're Going to die you might as well died Doing that right um but you know charie Told him not to so there's that but you Know this is the kind of uh you know This guy you know was on the could have Died from you know some kind of heart Issue he was in his 80s and he was still Out there transmitting and doing the Work you know and that you know playing In pain right as you do in the in Sporting world and so you know you Understand that the the commitment that People make and the faith that you know You have faith that it's going to work Out when you when you embark on a Journey or you you know you do these Things you have faith it's going to work Out right when I started doing the Gratefulness meditation Channel you know I don't have anything but the dream of Chargy saying I was a preceptor again I Mean that's not all that Substantial and you know there's lots of

Places where doubt could enter into my Mind or whatever but I did the sittings And I did the whatever the structure of The the channel and you know I had a Vision of what should happen they made These introductory videos and the thing All came together and it's a Comprehensive you know uh with people Who come and want to start doing this Meditation which is basically sjar but We're calling it you know gratefulness For the reasons I've said they can now Do it through the channel they can uh You know something that it would be Great if they had a preceptor and it'd Be great if there was a community and These other things but since there isn't Any of that and people can now do it the Comfort of their own home which is you Know some advantage to that and the Settings came out really great like I've Experienced them and you know it's going Well whatever amount of people are doing I haven't checked in with people doing It or not you know but it's it's there For people to do and I had you know a Vision of like the channel and the ideas Were there and had faith that it would Come together right and Dody seems to Lack all these things he tries things All the time and either gets the vision Wrong or he's not a vision Ary like Saying you know he started and he lies About the outcome 12 million people

Starting in Northern India and then you Know he's only getting 5,000 views on a Video right and most of those look like Bot views because there's not real Substit of comments and so you know I Don't know what's happened with him and The people around him and them you know Turning their back on chargie all that Charie did for them and you how much Love they profess for him but you know It's it doesn't bode well for Humanity Right because these are supposed to be Spiritual people and so you know this is Why I go about things the way I go about Them because you know we see how people Are and I cover it every day here on my Other channel you know my other videos And humans aren't doing that well right Now and you know hopefully something Will change and you know I don't I don't Say that this is a you know a done deal But you know things aren't going very Well for human beings right now so have At least one Whispers to read I have a a Backlog of them here um see if this is The one here that I want to Read 1999 10 a.m. it will still take a Lot of time many upheavals and ordeals Of All Sorts from the majority of people To Recognize the existence of the divine Power it is in the order of things the Future will see An

Acceleration in this area and people's Consciousness will open up to the Magnificent reality to that end we are Working tirelessly for the achievement Of this great work the manifestation of The golden age and all its Splendor I I Had forgotten what this was about but it It is exactly what I was talking about All of you are aspirant and contributing To this success your personal work your Results add in form a whole fostering The work of redemption each of you has Your own usefulness a social role to Play but particularly the fact that you Have understood the fundamental Importance of spiritual method Diligently pursued places you Among The Front Runners your souls were ready in The in the your souls were ready in this Incarnation to find the master the Masters in quotes the path suitable for Leading you to the highest level you are Luminous points on this Earth you are More than you more than anyone in the Hand of God Rejoice make choices in life Appropriate to what you you want to Obtain whether or not you choose to Serve never forget the importance of Your personal work and its impact in General dive into yourself my child and Forget the harshness of Life Boby just Really um very uh important message for You know what I'm talking about here all

Right so I'm going to wrap this one up Here I'm going to look at the other Whispers messages I have a backlog of Them and then I maybe I'll read a few More today or something but anyways you Know there it is okay so I did a couple Of voiceovers for my regular videos on My this Channel and both of them are you Know they have stuff that should be here I'm going to put a different photo in Here um um and then um when that photo's Gone and this photo returns if you've Already heard the the voiceovers on on My other if you watch the other videos And you can just skip past it if you Want and then um we'll return to it you Know new voiceovers and things like that Greetings brothers and sisters so it's a Little bit different video I'm going to Do here today just a quick voice over That um usually we go on my other Channel well I'm doing this um Friday Night At uh 11 o'clock so um I'm uploading a Video right now it might be yellowed on My pcket the future channel so if it's Yellow and it that means Demonetized until it's reviewed I will Put this video up on my pox the future Channel tomorrow which will be Saturday and if it's green I'll put this Up on my uh apocaps now Channel or I Just might who knows what I'll do with It but it'll be somewhere or someday in

The next you know few days but I wanted To do this voice over while I was fresh You know in my uh there's times where Just ideas flow through me or flow into Me about something and you know I've Talked about this somewhat in different Videos over the years but never this Concise and this um I don't know uh I Guess profound for the truth community And so I wanted to do it while I was you Know like I just received it kind of a Thing you know I was talking about the Truth on my pox of future Channel a Couple days ago how it isn't what I say It is or it isn't what you say it is and There's only one truth like when you get Down to something the truth is always Singular right you hear people talking About my truth or your truth and you Know this the subjective idea of truth But the truth although there can be Layers of the truth and the truth can go To deeper levels but when you're talking About outcomes in the material world Where things can have um various Outcomes right there are various Possibilities and various Choice points Along the path where one choice can like Cause a a save a marriage as opposed to Another choice that causes a divorce Right there are Choice points and those Choice points will ultimately reveal the Truth you know the the moment of truth Right in any situation and the truth is

Always one right the truth is whatever That final outcome is whatever the end Of the story is you know multiple Possibilities all folding into one Absolute truth at the end of the story And there is an absolute truth in the Truther Community because what we all Come into this thing as everybody who Comes on to the internet and looks for An alternative narrative to the off IAL Story right that's everybody every Liberal every conservative every God-fearing person every God-fearing Christian every spiritual person every Atheist every devil worshipper whatever It is right whatever your age group or Your demographic is whatever your you're You know you are as a person your Preferences your Tendencies you're looking for Alternative narratives to what you're Given by the official Story by the Official power that be right that's what Everyone comes into the truth Community Looking for maybe just for entertainment Maybe just for Haas maybe just for you Know mild curiosity but everyone comes In looking for something that says Something different and explains things In a different way than the powers that Be the media the politicians the the People who control the official Narrative and so whatever your starting Point whatever

You are as a person whatever your Preferences are and whatever your Launching Point into the truth Community Into alternative media into um you know What the official story calls conspiracy Theories whatever you start off as Whether it's just watching TV and seeing Some you know references in a movie or TV show or just you know looking at some Things in the internet watching the Truth or video here or there whatever Your launching point is wherever you Start start with whatever your Perception and group that you identify As you know whatever your you know Mental Capacity there is a starting point Different for everybody everybody has a Different starting point or some people Have a similar starting point but it's Unique to you right but there's only one End to this thing you there's only a Singularity to it right you know there's Something in the Sark system that the Second master of the system said um bobi Said I want my beginning to be like mine But my ending to be like his meaning God Meaning Divinity within you right that You're your um you know the starting Point is your ego and the ending point Is the Divinity within you right so this Is you know a singular truth in the Spiritual level which of course is more Profound than things in the truther

Community but when you start off and you Jump into this thing you inevitably find Out one thing everybody finds out this One thing and that is the system is much Worse than you thought it was the people Running it in the system itself you find Out that it's more nefarious it's more Duplicitous it's more evil it's more Like stupid like it's more you know Fragile in terms of it's it's not as Strong as they say it is it's not as Sustainable as they say it is right so Everything that you find out about the System what I call the Beast right is Much worse is profoundly worse than you Originally thought and the deeper you go Into it the worse it becomes the worse You see the you know the as every aspect Of the system and the more truth or Stuff you watch the worse it gets and The more depressed you get and you know You're looking for a solution you're Looking for an Answer and you know the Great Pumpkin I Showed the Great Pumpkin me and I I did With Trump you're looking for some Hopium to say that the system was going To be okay but the more you you're you Know you're honest with yourself about It the more you look into it you realize It's not going to be okay it can't be Okay because the system is inherently Evil And when I say evil it goes against The will of God and the natural order of

Things it violates spiritual laws it Violates Divine principles and rules and It needs more of the same right it's a Gas guzzler it's a you know it needs Evil to keep it to keep it fuel to keep It going it needs more and more Sacrifices from the people and the Environment to fuel the system right Like there's uh you know efficient System a perpetual motion machine which Is the universe the universe has the Minimum input God had like a singular Thought let it be let it be right let it Let it become whatever it is In terms of creating the universe it was A singular thought and from that uh very Subtle thought the universe is Continuously expanding and growing on a Physical level and on a theorical level And all the creation came from that Singular thought you know and love is Most refined element in the universe Love is subtle and from that subtlety The the thought behind the Love everything that exists came from That so that's the ultimate in a minimum Input and maximum Output but our system our material System the output is decreasing and the Input is increasing right the input that Needs to feed the beast is increasing And so when you understand this when you Get to this point when you realize this You know that the system can't be saved

And shouldn't be saved and then how you Deal with that right because if you were Really a truther you would say all right I'm going to pray for or work Towards doing something to help this System collapse right the system is the Enemy the system is the malevolent Force The system is the you know the villain And you would do whatever you could to Bring the system down you would do Whatever you could to um you know at Least pray for or hope for the system Coming down and pray to God say you know Let's relieve us of this burden but then Becomes the other truth that you're 100% Dependent on this system and there are Things that you like about it there's Things that you love about things you Need in the system things you don't want To give up privileges that you have that You can't think about even existing Without them and then you realize that The system's evil and you're dependent On it and you don't want it to go you Don't want it to end and most people are Very uncomfortable with that most people You know can't really deal with that and So that's why most people end up not not Being truthers I mean they fail the Truther test right whatever this thing That you know this truther thing is Because you don't come up with the right Solution you don't come with up with the Right answer which is the system has to

Go and that's why there aren't very many Real truthers and I'm not one of them Like I'm not doing anything to make the System collapse I believe it's going to Collapse on its own so I guess in that Sense I'm a truther I'm allowing it the Natural order of things to flow I'm not Praying for it to prevent it or Something something I'm not working Against it I'm not trying to save the System so in terms of that I guess you Know you could say one one way or the Other I don't know you know whether I'm A truther or not it's um it's hard to Say because I've accepted what's there And I'm you know I'll be grateful for When it uh collapses but I'm grateful For it you know having it still go like I'm grateful for the material aspect of It and all the things that you know are Providing for us and keeping us from the Chaos that's going to be a Post-apocalyptic systemic collapse and I've accepted something that most of you Haven't which is that our existence as Truthers we are enemies of the system And the system is right to come after us Anybody who is posting alternative Narratives because the truth is like Kryptonite to the system and so if You're speaking truth on the internet And more and more people are becoming Aware of the truth We're ultimately collapsing the system

Through by not going along with the lies Right not going along with the deception We're not working to solve the system or Correct the system that can't be done And so all we're doing is bringing People's awareness to what's happening Out there and if everybody woke up and Saw through the illusion I mean just Cash alone if everyone realized cash was Worthless I mean if everyone realized Every everything that you know basic Truthers know the system couldn't Couldn't sustain that right the system Needs everybody to or needs the majority Of people to buy into the illusion That's why it's never been my goal to Wake everybody up because there's no Backup plan there is no system in place And it would take a long time before People would be able to come together And form some sort of uh Cooperative Divi divinely based system it's not Going to happen like this system colle Colles and we just create a better System because most people would never Agree to the sacrifices and the Selflessness because people are so Selfish you know that's the other Problem you can be a truther but you Also can be a selfish prick right you Can be a truther in fact more often than Not truthers are selfish and Self-involved and irritable and you know Are depressed or dark or whatever

Negative or whatever it is and so just Because you know the truth doesn't mean You're a good citizen and you could Exist in a better system that you could Be a Cooperative member of a better System and if you know anything about Intentional communities and communes and Things that people uh put together to Have some idealistic Utopia the things Always go south because people are Really sucky right now and haven't been Trained for Utopia there is nobody out There who was born and trained to be in A utopian society and could function in One because we're all you know we're all Creatures of the Beast we're all Children of the Beast we've all been Trained to live in the Beast and whether That training is completely taken you Know we we've uh you know it's it's Taken root in us even if you know it's Only partially taken root in us we Haven't been trained for anything else So we might not fit into the Beast we Might not like the Beast we not might Not want to be Children of the beast but We certainly aren't children of Utopia We're not uh children of Shang frang Shanga right were not any of these Things and so this idea was triggered by A few things I had a really great Meditation for SATs on I mean a we have Friday night sitting when the previous Masters of the system were Al there was

Always a Friday night at 9900 p.m. Sitting of the sjar meditation that I do And when Kish Patel the current Master Of the system cor got Corrupted and you know destroyed what he Created this this um parasitic Organization called heartfulness you Know which I've covered extensively on The in the journey series when he um When he did this he um you know I'm Going to include this also in the Journey series but when he did this he Um he's I don't know what he was doing With the nine Friday at n city and there Was um now internet uh ways of getting Uh these C these individual meditations Which you said and uh one of the Preceptors cleans and transmits to you Cleans your heart transmits to you but Every Friday night at 9 pm. in the past It was done by the masters of the system Wherever you were in the world if you Meditated on Friday night at 9: you Would get a a sitting for a half hour And I started doing it again I don't Know about 6 eight months ago and it's Been great and I just had a sitting my Wife and I were sitting and I was able To have just a I would say a long period Of time like maybe a good five minutes Or more where I was completely Thoughtless and you know I came in and Out of this where I didn't have any Thoughts just sitting there meditating

With no thoughts which you know is very Uh restful and so this inspiration came From that and the same time I came out And one of my friends on instag or Whatever you call it on Instag um sent me a link to a Jimmy door Uh video um it was about RFK Jr which You know he interviewed RFK Jr and the Title of video was RFK Jr saber rattles With Russia China Iran over oil and he Was talking about how disappointed he Was because RFK Jr gets so many things Right and again this guy interviewed him But he was saying things that were you Know go against his belief system and The belief system of the truth community And basically saying we had to Strategize to um create you know this do The oil thing that we've been doing for So long just you know typical stuff Right and this is what I said about RFK All along that he couldn't save the Country if he was made president he Would have to be corrupted or owned or Something or killed or whatever it was Like it just because the system can't be Saved and you know it' be nice to see a Truther run for president and be in the Debates and hear some of these Narratives and so I was looking forward To that but I knew that he couldn't fix The system because the system can't be Fixed right and Jimmy door was Struggling with this because you know

Whatever level he's on you know he was It was interesting you know it's good Video for what it is you know for the Level that it's on but Jimmy door was Saying that um you know all these wars That we had and all this stuff that Happened with Iran and all these things Are happening now are all for oil you Know and the Petro dollar and to some Extent there's there's truth in that but It's not the real reason the real reason Is this is an Vil Empire and it has to Feed on evil in one capacity or another Certainly yeah oil's important and I Don't know goal's important and you know The um intention you know in terms of uh You know getting eyeballs to watch your Content you know these things are all Important but the really important thing Is that everybody realize that you have To do negative things I mean this is What happens to people when they go into Politics where they get a position of Power that you have to contribute to the Evil you have to feed the system evil And a lot of that's deception and lies And you have to force feed these lies And deceptions to the the public and Either they accept them because they're Not curious and they're kind of you know Dead inside they're zombies or Ghouls And they just accept the lies or you Have to make them accept the lies and Whether someone got to RFK Jr and

Threatened him or he had this epiphany Himself but when he fired Dennis kinich And he hired his daughter-in-law his Weird son's wife who you know wrote a Book and worked for the wrote a book About and worked for the CIA and he had Said the CIA had killed both his uncle And his father and he you know I mean All of it and he seems to have caved Well because there was no pathway for Him to save the country there's no Pathway for him to become president and A president can't save the the country And you know the president isn't the Most powerful person in America far from It and so none of these things were real And so when RFK Jr went around to the Truth community did all these interviews You know I said give him a shot because You have to if a real truther ran for President we should all vote for him or Her or whatever we should all vote for That person just because it's a right Thing to do that's what I said about RFK Jr it's the right thing to vote for a Truth but they ain't saving right They're not going to save the system It's not that they're going to save the System but you know they're they're Saying the right things and they have The right intentions and you know They're doing whatever they can do but You'll you'll always see this no matter What start what a movement starts off as

Whether it be communism whether it be Capitalism whether it be you know Anything any movement now to um to Change the system any political party Any you know any uh businesses any you Know new movement in the economic world It's always going to get corrupted it's Always going to have to turn to the dark Side because we're the evil empire right We're not we're not the rebels we're the You know we're Darth Vader right we're We're the Empire and God is not with us Right we're not with God we're not align We have not aligned ourselves our system Isn't align with God and so it has to go And it it's hurting all of us us but We're dependent on it and just you know Being able to be comfortable with that Being able to accept that right that the System that you know there's things that You love about it and there's things That you think you can't live without And maybe you can't you know when the System collapses or whatever you know Whatever happens with the system whether It's a long collapse or it's a you know Immediate collapse a lot of people are Just going to die like they're just not Going to be able to deal with it they Won't make the transition from what's Available now in terms of Lifestyle in Terms of all of it right I mean you're Going to have this moment like you're Going to look at the news screen and

You're going to see mushroom clouds on Your TV or you're going to see you know Meteor hdden heading for earth or you Know whatever it is World War whatever It is and you're going to look at it and You're going to see the dollar just Collapses right and you're going to um Go to the grocery store and you're going To hold the loaf of bread and it's going To say it's $100 for the loaf of bread And you know you don't have a job Because there's no everything's closed Whatever where people are just looting And you're going to have this moment Where you're like oh it's over you know The system's dead and you know there's a Moment you're already probably had you Know I had it in 2005 when I first Realized the big event in 2001 was a Hoax or was a you know inside whatever It was right inside job or whatever and That we'd been lied to in a profound way And many of you had this thing with Either the pizza thing or the other Thing or the school thing or the Economic thing or the election thing or The or the um the you know the coid Thing right you've had you your Epiphany Where you realize and you feel kind of Like weird about it like you no longer You know some part of you no longer can Trust the system ever again and you Realize these people running the system Don't care about you and you know

There's no there's no um it's not good Or fair and there's no due process or Whatever and you you can be sacrificed Like so many other people because They're just killing people all the time Like the system itself is just devouring People and and worse than that it sucks The life out of people it doesn't kill Them it just sucks everything good out Of them and turns them into to vampires And then they're out sucking blood Themselves sucking resources right they Turn them into Ghouls and zombies and Vampires and so those are the undead Right the people are still alive but Inside they're dead and all everything That's good is dead and they have no you Know connection to their soul and They're just wandering around lost and You know irredeemable but you've already Had that moment you had that moment Where you you know kind of wake up and You realize you know you might have had Several of those moments and you know For about two weeks I was like I don't Want to say freaked out but I was Unsettled you know I was uh shook you Know I was like you know and I knew these Things I known some of these things but Then I got a kind of comprehensive you Know I'm dyslexic we see the whole thing Like the whole picture other people put Together pieces and they organize things

Through the parts where dyslexics see The whole thing and so I saw the whole Thing and I was like wow this is you Know this is messed up right and There'll be another big Epiphany another Big slap in the face of reality when the System goes go to such an extent where You know you no longer can depend on it That you can no longer depend on money Or food being in the grocery store or Gas being in the car or any of these Things or the police to defend you from You know thugs or whatever is out there That you no longer can count on the System the Beast to protect you or feed You or provide water for you or any of These things health care or you know Goods and services you can't go to the Computer and order something from Amazon Or go down to Walmart or whatever it is You might be able to do that for a while But you know that those days are Numbered I mean they're numbered right Now and when that goes when we all you Know see that you know meteor coming Across the sky or we hear all these Nuclear bombs going off you know 100 so Miles from us or whatever it is you know Where we're out of the the range of the You know the detona detonation but we're Still going to get a radioactive dose or Or just you know the system system is Going to be taken down right and so when We have those moments when when big

Things start happening to indicate that It's over and or Do's Mass die off for Some reason and we realize that you know That's it you know whatever we were Trained to be as a part of the Beast the Beast is no longer here and we better Figure out something new a new system a New way of being we better build Community we better develop our skills We better learn to do things where we're Not going to survive we better you know Change our orientation from being a Consumer and a selfish uh prick you know To being a more of a a communal person That's willing to sacrifice for the good Of the group and all of it right you Know but very few truers are willing to Throw themselves on the sword and you Know for this cause because of all these Things I've said it's Purposeless because the system isn't Worth saving and so there's no reason to Broad cast the truth because you know Most people don't want to hear it and The system will collapse when it Collapses and when it does you have to Do something else but if you're still Waiting for the Great Pumpkin right um If you're still you know waiting you Know sucking off your hopium pipe and Waiting for the Great Pumpkin to come And save you it ain't happening right it Isn't happening even you know if you're Christians what do you think the Book of

Revelations about I don't know how much Truth is in the Book of Revelations There's at least some truth and times What do you think is going to happen Right I mean you're going to think that Some God's going to blow his bugle and Your Soul's going to leave the Earth Well maybe you know that's one way of Looking at it but you know that means Death and that What's Left Behind is Going to be you know I mean if you Believe in your Bible if you believe in The you know whatever that is right the Book of Revelation then you know that There's no solving this thing I mean It's already predicted and it's you know It's pretty Savage and every you know Religious group every spiritual Organization has Prophecies of these Things because it's happened before Right there has been uh extinction level Events that have happened before and It's been documented it's been Discovered by science and archaeologists And things there was massive Civilizations that are now at the bottom Of the ocean you know the when the ice Age happens or the ice age when the the Polar ice cops melt when there's an ice Age a lot of the water is absorbed by The glaciers and that means all these Continents that are now under the all These land masses shallow land masses Like there used to be a land bridge from

Florida to South America you know a Massive land bridge that was almost the Continent in itself because there was Less water the water was now in form of Ice and it was at the you know the polar Ice caps but when that melt else all That you know all those civilizations go Underwater and it can happen relatively Quickly right the water levels rising And you know you're like oh what's up You know and the polar ice CS are Melting and your your civilization is You got Beast front property in the Lowline area like Florida and all of a Sudden Florida is under the Ocean and you know it's maybe there's Some islands here or there but the Majority it's under the ocean these Things happen all the time and so you Know there's there's cyclical things and Then there's you know cataclysms that Happen and then there's Wars and Diseases and things that just you know People get weak and and stupid like they Are now the young people and you know People just get weaker and weaker and They enter into idiocracy and the system Collapses but this has happened over and Over again civilizations collapse it's Nothing new and our certainly if if you Look at all the signs it's ready to go And when it does collapse then you got To think about well everything that you You know your goals and you aspire to do

And be in the system no longer matters Your job more or less is probably going To be disappear you're not going to do Your job again or you won't do it in the Capacity used to do it there's going to Be no Fame there's going to be no wealth There's going to be you know nothing to Aspire to no you know Leisure Time no Vacations no flying to these countries No going on a cruise no going to Disney World none of these things right things That you aspire to do they're all going To disappear with it all your goals and Hopes and dreams and desires and then You have to go change your orientation To the world why do you exist then you Your selfish egotistical pride and your Things that you want to accomplish and Things that were important to you now You have to you know give up on all Those things and work for the greater Good of your community and your village And work together to feed everybody and Make sure the kids survive and you know Create new cultures and new you know Governments and things that are based in Divine laws and divine principles and More than anything else you need to Connect to God internally and ultimately Prepare for your exit from this world And to you know connect to your soul and Your Soul's path which was you know Robbed from you at an early age when you Were indoctrinated to this materialistic

System that wants you to forget that you Know there's a soul in side of you that Has its Divine Purpose and it helps your Ego hijack that purpose and live you Know live a an egotistical life and not The life your soul designed for you not Your Soul's plan and so those are the Things that you know every truther Should come to terms with at some point Or another and then start working Towards that that's what pockets of the Future are start working for what the Future's going to be like figure out What the future's going to be And start preparing yourself for that Future because there's not going to be a A smooth transition between the collapse Of this system in the beginning of the New one anyways you know just a few Thoughts okay so I did this other voice Over this morning um couple days L later Today's uh Saturday November 11th and Then um when this voiceover is done the Picture will change back to the the Other picture Okay so today is Saturday November mber 11th 109 p.m. I've just um made public a Video I made yesterday I've uploaded a a Voiceover video I made last Night and Um asse my pox of future Channel and Then I did a video with bunch of funny Stuff on Apocalypse Now called just Effing just booping hilarious or

Something like that so I've already kind Of had a a full day of Content and I got a great comment last Night or at least a comment that gives Uh rise to a potentially great answer About religion and Jesus and I might Just put this up as a separate video I Don't know what I'm going to do with This but let's um read the comment and See where it goes hey Paul towards the End you said religions don't encourage Us to pursue the Divinity inside us I'm Not for religion I'm for Jesus And you're telling me this Why um because again this is none of my Business but since you decide to tell me This um I'm going to share My Views if I Heard this what this person's about to Say in a video or somebody was talking To me about this I wouldn't respond but You're responding to something that I Said about religion about your own Process and I thought it would be Interesting because you've you know Decide to open the dialogue to respond To it and so the person says again hey Paul towards the end of the towards the End you say religions don't encourage us To pursue the Divinity inside us I'm not For religion I'm for Jesus these are the Words he spoke remain in me and I will Remain in you for a branch cannot Produce fruit if it is severed from the Vine and you cannot be fruitful unless

You remain in me I no longer call you Slaves because a master doesn't confide In his slaves now you are my friend Since I have told you everything the Father told me you didn't choose me I Chose you I appointed you to go and Produce the lasting fruit so that the Father will give you whatever you ask For using my name Jesus is telling us to Remain in him so we live a good life That is beneficial to ourselves others And God we don't need to pursue his Pursue our own Divinity we just need to Follow follow Jesus he chose us I love That he calls us friend he can take Great joy in this I hope this finds you Well see you're still practicing a Religion Because this is religious stuff it's Religious stuff for a couple reasons and The first one is that the only reason You think that this is true is because You grew up in a religion that said Jesus was the only way to heaven Jesus Was God's only son and the only way to Get to the father was through the son And so these teachings are embedded in Every Christian's uh subconscious and Conscious memory and there's a fear of Going to hell if you don't accept these Teachings and a temptation to go to Heaven now there was a time and I Believe it was a counsel in

Nah that they decided that they want to Make Jesus the only son of God and that He died for your sins and you can only Get into heaven through the religion That made them have exclusive right to Your spiritual Process and they sold this pretty hard And it's just BS it's not true because If God is you know God the Father God is Everyone's father there's no Sons they They don't have children in heaven right They don't have children in the aetheric World are soul are all independent you Know our souls are all connected are a Part of the Divinity the the you know The god that's exists in everything and Every everybody but your soul doesn't Multiply right there's no procreation in Heaven your soul doesn't split in terms Of you know two Souls become one Soul Becomes two like an amoeba your soul Doesn't bang another soul and you have a Little baby Soul so all of our souls are Created at the time of creation all Etheric energy is is there at the time Of creation and your soul is connected To every other soul and every other Thing but you know there's all they're All our sense brothers and sisters but There's no soul that there's no like Heaven where Jesus is uh you know where God is sitting on a throne in etheric Throne because there's no body no Physical body and he has a you know a

Mini Throne next to him where Jesus sits This is something you know this was the Way that the people of that time the European people viewed power in the Hebrews the Jewish people viewed power In the Middle East through kingdoms Right Kings were powerful God's a king So that people would understand what God Was what's God God's the King of Kings Oh he's powerful then right because a King's really powerful you know people Would go before a king and they would You know they would bow before the king And the King was supposed to be in you Know evolved being in some way the King Was better than you and then then if Someone's the King of Kings well that's Pretty cool and so that's how they sold It to the people of that time and they Continue to sell it to all of the people Grow up in the Christian religion again I'm not trying to bash the religion or People who believe in it I'm just saying This is what happened right this is why You believe what you believe and so this Person's been indoctrinated in Christianity believing Jesus is the only Way to heaven and therefore the Bible is The word of God of course the Bible's Been manipulated the religion's been Manipulated so going back to the comment The person saying um you see the comment Here um it's here um hey Paul towards The end you say religion doesn't

Encourage you to pursue the Divinity Inside us I'm not for religion I'm for Jesus these are the words he spoke Remain in me and I will remain in you so Um if you are meditating or or looking For Jesus inside of you the Christ Inside of you that would be something Different um it still wouldn't be the Best but it would be better than doing The religion if you are meditating on Jesus's form looking for Jesus in your Heart that would be looking for Divinity Within because Jesus or the Christ Jesus The Christ Jesus the master you'd be Looking for the master within and that Would be you know better it wouldn't be Like I said the best thing you could do But would be much better but that's not What this person's doing right so I'll Come back to this because this is my Understanding and people have this Question I should put this in my journey Series as well because um people have Questions about this right so um what The teachings were in the sjar sjar System about Jesus couple of things and They said in a much more delicate way That I'm going to say it because I'm Just more blunt but Jesus had spiritual Immaturity and it was exhibited in many Of his uh you know things that he did Again I'm not cutting on Jesus I'm not Saying I'm better than Jesus I'm not Saying these things I'm talking about

Being on that level right like I Criticized dodgy in the Sark system and Dody has failed but he's failed at Something that I have no interest in Trying to do at least in this life and Be the master and representative of the System right so you know if somebody's On a different level but fails you can Talk about it just like you might Criticize or analyze a football player Or something even though you can play Professional football that's so there's Nothing here that's derogatory it's just What is right but Jesus saying over and Over again like I am that I am Master Chargie said that's just spiritual Immaturity because you don't say I am That I am like master chargy came out And said I never thought of myself as The master and people would come up to Him and say Master and chargie would respond to them But what chargie was doing was holding The energy for the Divinity within him He thought of the master as Babaji Babaji thought as the master as ly and And the master was also God right and so The Divinity within you the master Within the Christ within is the fully Full expression of your soul and when Somebody talked to chargie they were Talking to that you know they called him M they were talking to that Essence Inside of him you know Babaji had merged

In him in the the system through the Process of Transmission and so when Jesus was Sitting there and he had his disciples And they were talking to him like he was He was Divinity he was holding the Energy for the soul within him whatever I don't know if he had you know some Spiritual Master before him or whatever He thought of his God right and so it's A placeholder so that you're talking to God because it's easier to see God is a Human being right this is something that Babaji talked about specifically it's Hard for people to love the abstract Idea of God to love God that doesn't Have a mind doesn't have a you know Doesn't have a human form and so people Do better loving human beings who are Merged in Divinity and can love Vic love God vicariously through this idea of Loving the master but it's ultimately Loving the Divinity that's within in you Right so the Masters in the Sark system Which is a much better system of Connecting people to Divinity within Because it exists for that reason you Know and there's this Essence that You're meditating on and you could Meditate on the form of the master and You're really meditating on the Master's Soul and his soul is merged in the Absolute and then your soul connects With his soul and you are able to go to

The absolute in that way but it's you Finding the Divinity within you just Like the master of the system just like Jesus found Divinity within him and That's what the difference here is that Jesus isn't to be worshiped or to be With him or whatever is you're saying Here it's to do what he did and find Divinity within you the kingdom of Heaven lies within that's the Jesus's Best teaching but there's not enough of That and like I said Jesus had this Spiritual immaturity so when Jesus said I am that I am there's no I no me me me Me me me me even in this person's um Biblical quote here where he says um he Says you know let me find it again I had To clear my throat he says um remain in Me me me me me me me me I will remain in You for a branch cannot produce fruit if It is severed from the vine and you Cannot be fruitful unless you remain in Me and him saying me and all these Things and being about himself I I I me Me me is incorrect you know it's Arrogant there is a level of uh ego Involved in this like Jesus was you know You're just told he's the greatest Spiritual person to ever live but there Was some spiritual immaturity he was a Saint certainly he rose to high levels But you know there was some ego stuff There and and who knows how much this Has been rewarded but him say I no

Longer call you slaves because a master Then he's referring himself to the Master uh the master doesn't confide in His slaves now you are my friend since I Have told you everything the father told Me you didn't come you didn't choose me I chose you I I I I I I appointed you to Go and produce lasting fruit so the Father will give you whatever you ask For using my name and what chargie would Say is the master chose you right so to Put this in my own personal Experience that I feel the energy Flowing through me that's Divine energy Not through just the transmission Process when I give sittings or when I Worked as a preceptor now doing that Work again for the gratefulness Meditation but when I talk about these Things like I'm talking about it now I Can feel the energy coming through me Information coming through me and so you Know I'm doing something here I'm part Of it I'm you know I I I could be Replaced but I'm part of it right and Other people are doing similar things Other people can do this as well you Know but I'm part of it like I'm you Know I'm not not part of it but it's not Me like it's not you know it's not Certainly 100% me and you're just being A conduit which is a great way to look At it and so when this Divinity and Information flows through me and people

Say wow that was amazing what you just Said and they feel the energy flowing Through me in the videos or whatever and They they are inspired by the Information I provide and they give me Compliments well the compliments aren't For me because I couldn't do it without The connection to Divinity and the Divinity is the best part and the Divinity is what people are responding To right you know I'm happy to play my Part and I feel good that it resonates With people you know that I'm able to Facilitate this connection to whatever Extent but it isn't me like I can't Think of it in an egotistical way and I Would never say me me me I I I about it Right because like I know that without The Divinity that comes from the Transmission and cleaning and the Connection that's provided that my Videos wouldn't be anything worth Watching or listening to and I'm a low Functioning person and so that's been a Great gift for me that I was so uh you Know I don't want to say um you know I Was so underachieving Beforehand that I am painfully aware of The the need I have to connect to God to Make me you know function and be a a Productive member of society and then do Things like I'm doing here and aware of That aware of that connection and you Know knowing what it was like to feel

And you know what it was like to be me Inside and you know feel like the way I Felt before I had the cleaning and Transmission which have been pure Blessings and the Masters of the sjar System facilitating that connection There's gratitude there and they're a Source of um not only information but You know faith and you know um belief in What a human being can become I've seen You know the levels that human beings Can achieve through this system by being Around Master charge and even Commish in The early days where he was doing Something right where he was you know it Evolves to some extent so you know if People thank me or whatever I I give him A heart and you know I am doing Something like there's some level of um There should be some gratitude for me You know making whatever efforts I make Here but again you know I'm just a Conduit for the Divinity to flow through Because what you can do on your level When you say I or me and you make it About you is limited but when you say You know that you'll be a conduit and Divinity can flow through you you can Rise to levels that are unimaginable and Are you know beyond our human Comprehension because Divinity then can Occupy your you know physical and Spiritual being and flow through you in Ways and and Rise your level of

Consciousness and knowledge and things Like that and so Jesus you know he Didn't really I mean maybe he got that Some of the times but clearly other Times he didn't because he talked about Me and I and you know so again some of This stuff might be um rewarded by the People who wanted to make Jesus God's Only son but there was a spiritual Immature immaturity there he had a Spiritual fall at the end apparently he Was involved with Mary Magdalene and he Also had um you know this is the human Part right and he also had which I don't Begrudge him or anybody else like I'm Not judging him him because I know how Many like I just saw DOI fall right and DOI had you know much more support System and he was in a better situation Than Jesus right of course Jesus was Crucified and turned on but Jesus being God's only son even his disciples didn't Believe that right his disciples three Of them turned on him in one way or Another and they didn't believe he was God's only son and what did he have like 100 followers or so and those are the People he was talking to you you think He's talking to you but he was talking To the people that were there at that Time and you know a spiritual Master is Important because of all the things I've Said and the living Master is more Important than this idea of some uh

Mythological creature that's been uh Created by a religion to control you Right you believe in a mythological Jesus I mean you might have been alive When Jesus was alive and you could have Been torturing him like what were what Were you doing in that life you know Everyone has past lives if you had a Past life with Jesus you know who were You right were you one of the disciples Or you one of his tormentors so like People don't even know like when Jesus Was alive most people couldn't recognize Him and I'm saying this because when There are Saints now and higher Developed souls in our society and People would walk by master chargie and Not see him as anything but a you know An old Indian guy right I mean most People wouldn't be able to perceive the Divinity within him and even with that Like what's happened now in the Saj Mark System the heartfulness system with DOI That all these people were able to Recognize Divinity and Babaji Divinity And Chari and now DOI has fallen and Clearly is not not a master like he he You know he failed they can't see that Right or they don't want to see it and That's how people are it's very you know Uh Depressing that you know you can I mean When you've been indoctrinated in a Religion you can see Divinity in Jesus

Or Krishna or Buddha if you were born in That religion but you wouldn't be able To see it when he was alive you wouldn't Be able to find the highest developed Soul and you know benefit from that soul And be around that Soul because that Would be something legitimate you not Worship that person but become like them Or do what they did which is to find Divinity within you and that's Spirituality in the mahab barata there Was um a the five pandavas one of I Forget his name he was the one of the Sort of lesser Ones and he decided to prevent the war He saw that there was war coming you Know it was a family War cousins against Cousins and you know these Kings against Kings and and he prevented the war he Started to meditate on Krishna in his Heart and he held Krishna in his heart And Krishna said what are you doing he Said I'm going to hold you here in my Heart so that the war won't happen and So Krishna said well the war has to to Happen it's part of you know his Krishna Was a a Divine being coming down to you Know manifest these changes and he said Well what do you want he goes well I Want my family to survive and he said Okay you your brothers won't none of Your brothers will die in the war and so Um so that happened but you know he was Holding Krishna in his heart which was

An example of you know meditation on the Heart Right CU a lot of people in the Hindu tradition meditate on the third Eye which is a PowerPoint or the kund Which is another PowerPoint and they Have horrible um results because power Is not God and God you find your soul Resides in your heart and when you Connect with your soul in your heart Then then you start on a spiritual Journey which is superior to somebody in A religion right and so this person you Know they're they're trying something Different and I don't want to discourage Them because it's maybe a little bit Better than doing the religion but you Know you responded to what I was saying And you then then you showed the the Example of what I was saying you're Locked into a mental construct where Jesus is the only son of God and he's The only way that you can connect to God And that's just your Indoctrination it's not true that's you Know religions say things like that to Own you and own your connection to God And it's all Bs right and you know the Evidence is overwhelming you know just Based on the way the world has turned Out and the way the Christians have Treated other people and you know the Warlike nature of that area and region Which I talked about extensively in my My videos about what's going on in

Palestine and Israel so I include this In my journey series as well um but Maybe it'll be a standalone video I Don't know uh but that's it for now okay Sunday November 12th here I did a voice Over for the gratefulness meditation I'll include that um that video here at The um end of this voice Over um So I want to talk a little bit more About what I just said in this overall Response to this person about Jesus Right and there's an interesting sort of Dance or I don't know Balancing Act Between the Reliance on the master in The SAR system or any System and the need to connect to Divinity within you right that It's each person's responsibility to do That someone else can't do that for you And the master is an example the master Is a guide the Master's a helper the Master's a you know confidence Builder And the fact that you can see that Somebody else did that the master is an Experience of what it would be like if You Yourself uh connected to this level and The relationship is important because of You you know God is Abstract God doesn't have a mind or body Or personality or ego and so it's harder For human beings or even souls to um Connect with God in that form right and

So when you can have a you know the form Of someone else who's connected to God In this way it helps you uh like on this Journey yourself and so the Master's Role is imperative in the Sark system All these systems whether it be Jesus or Whatever it is but it's something that You know ultimately that you have to go Through your own tests and uh conquer Your own challenges and all these things Along the path and so dodgy doing what He did and you know the whole Interruption and you know not having a Living Master now all these things are You know I don't know what to say about It but um you know it's something that We have to Endure and maybe appreciate you know the I may think people started taking Master Charie for granted babaj G for granted And just thought this thing would go on Forever and it was supposed to and it May you know still um but you know That's all you know it's interesting Right and like I said the the other Audio that it's hard for people to love God in God in an abstract form and it's Hard for people to you know depending on Their level of evolution to uh see God And you know anything else but some Powerful King or some powerful being you Know lots of people that's where they're At and a very you know limited uh level Of Consciousness and comprehension and

Ability to you know mentally and then Also on a heart level because of Grossness and you know spiritual Immaturity and first time you know this Is their first time at this level or Whatever in in the in human life or H You know the soul is not as this not the Soul but the subtle by AR is Sophisticated enough to connect to God On that level that's why there is a sort Of a dumbing Down of this spiritual Trainings and teachings of Jesus or Buddha or Krishna or any of these other Saints that have been forgotten because A majority of people just can't rise up To them and that's just a sad fact so I Received an email from the udmi course Which um was one of dodgy actually good Things that he Did and um let's see if I have it here Yeah And so um the ud Demi course was Excellent I sent it to my brother my Kids my wife uh you know my brother who Really enjoyed it um it was a five Sitting introduction to sash Mar that Cost 10 bucks because there on Demi There was this idea that people won't do Things for free they're suspicious of Free things because the price is always Something else right and so people are Suspicious of uh anything you they don't Pay for course so I think that's maybe The reason DOI did the Udi course and it

Was excellent he gave multiple talks Some of the talks were about the subtle Bodies this is the beginning of his Mastery when he was he just became the Master of the system and I praised him Quite a bit for this I even wrote to him About it or said in a voice over that Was excellent um and then I got a Response from Mr s saying okay that's Great but what about his new video do You want to promote it on your YouTube Channel and his new video sucked like All his other video sucked right but He's kind of crapped all over this one Accomplishment like he you know there's The asham and then there's this and I Don't know what else he has but Everything else is a failure bad Decisions and and you know it gets worse And so it says new educational Announcement hi Paul announcement There's been made from Commish D Kish D Instructor of heartfulness meditation Evolution of Consciousness with dodgy we Have some wonderful news dod's newest Book spiritual Anatomy is us today Number one best-selling book in the Mind Body Spirit category now they're trying To pitch this book to New Age people I Mean that's why they brought deepo Chopra on and these other people and I Don't know what they paid them or how That worked out but they got something They didn't give these endorsements for

Free Cheryl sanberg these other people These new age people many of them are Like they're just you know chargie would Never work with these people because They're not really spiritual people They're I don't know if they're flimflam I don't know what you would categorize Them I don't know how sincere they are But they're not Really uh part of the sjar energy and Meditation you know going back to what I Was saying about um you know the master You know connecting to a a living master Or someone who's spiritual there's lots Of people that have information there's Lots of people who can tell you you know Let's look at listen to uh my knowledge I have a lot of knowledge about Spirituality and one would think that I'm you know more than I am because I Know a lot more than the average person About this and someone could put all my You know there's uh one of my Facebook Friends takes things I say in the Journey series or other things and puts Them on quotes quotes me on Facebook Right uh this person thinks something You know they're spiritual whatever it Is and you could do that I'm very Quotable I say things you know in the Flow of stuff but if you met me in real Life you would never even think I'm a Spiritual person at all right you know So I mean not I don't act like a guru or

Spiritual person I'm not you know Pretending or posing or whatever it is Right but you could have the like dogma Of Paul or whatever you know like it Doesn't mean anything right only only Your personal experience and your uh Your approach and your ability you know Jesus didn't have the ability to Transmit and needed any these other I Guess Christian had to some extent in a Limited fashion but transmission and Cleaning the way they are now weren't Available right and so like you can you People will have knowledge you like oh This person seems to know what they're Talking about and you'll go from one new Age Guru to the next and yeah they have A little knowledge they have a little You know maybe they have a little stuff That can impress you or you know there's Some things they get right about Spirituality and they're sort of Resonating they might even give off a Little Spiritual energy a little bit of Something where you feel a certain kind Of a way you know when listening to them Or reading them but they don't have What's available in Saar and dodgy had it and lost it and It's like that's how fragile it is right How you know how easy it is to fall Right um so let's get back to this Dody's newest book spiritual Anatomy is

USA's number one bestselling book in the Mind Body Spirit category you know they They bought that you know it's if you Sell so many books initially you'll get That ranking but he had a lot of people Buy a lot of books you know they tried This thing before they made all the Preceptors buy 10,000 copies to get it In a higher category and now they can Claim it's a bests spelling book Bestselling book you know this idea that There are the 16 chakras he's added Three chakras now I'm not going to read The book and if somebody else does and They might tell me where the other three Chakras are but there's 13 chakras There's five chakras in the heart region There is um five chakras in the mind Region and there's three chakras in the Central region and there's lots of sub Points there's lots of other points in The system that bobi you know discussed Lots of spiritual points lots of power Points but in terms of the yatra of your Soul you go through these 13 points These three regions the heart region the M region the central region after you go Point 5. 6 up to 7 6 is in the in the M Region but it's you know the it's the Third eye and it's you you're pass Through it because of the power you're Pass through 05 and 6 and you go right To 7 from point 4 and there's not much Experience of those points because

They're they're power points and they Are whatever they are right uh but it's A comprehensive system and dod's added Three more points and bobaji wrote the Book that DOD is Plagiarizing and he's trying to make it Available to impress these new age People it's not going to impress any of These people you know they don't know Their audience it's not the kind of Technical stuff that you know new age People want spirituality that's going to Boost their ego they're very ego-driven Most of them you know some of them are Sincere but they struggle with the new Age stuff because the new age stuff is About Bigg e ego and using your Spiritual life to enhance your material Life and Saar is sacrificing your Material life to enhance your spiritual Life so he he doesn't know his audience But this whole thing is bogus and so it Says this this means that our message of Peace love and compassion is reaching a Wider audience every day it's just come On the book is generating great reviews From experts around the world here are Just some of them exceptional spiritual Blends spiritual Anatomy Blends the Wisdom of yoga philosophy with the Practical techniques to unlock your Infinite potential Deepak chokra New York Times bestselling author then using Awareness and meditation as a tool for

Health health it's not it's not at all For health dody's work brings a most Valuable heart in the field of healing Science dodgy griffs I mean GIFs I did That on purpose dodging griffs readers An important resource for Trans Transversing personal Transformation s Cheryl Sharon salsberg New York Times best-selling author of Loving kindness in the real life dody's Profound road map and guide as spiritual Anatomy reveals the opportunity to Actively engage the chakras in our Spiritual journey Lisa Miller PhD Columbia professor in New York Times Best selling author the spiritual child And the awakened Brain um it doesn't do that by the way Bobaji talked about the points here and Without the transmission and the the Push from you know a spiritual master in The system these points can't be you Know first they have to be cleaned out And then there has to be some movement And it's only something that can be done From the outside you can do it through Self-effort 45 years you can get from Point one to two which you know like Jesus was at some of these other most of The other Saints and Spiritual Beings Were at because that's all you can get Out of self-effort that's one of the Places where you're getting a boost from The system and the system is kind of a

Hell Mary because humanity is like on The ropes which I've talked about before There's another quote here spiritual Anatomy goes right to the heart of what We are seeking DOI shows us how to go in Through the body guiding our energy Centers to fulfill our deepest desires For Connection in love and purpose Reminding us who we are Tera salot Styles co-founder of strategia stala Yoga and best-selling author of yoga Care these are all bestselling authors They're just so wonderful you'll find The book everywhere including Barnes & Nobles books of million targets Walmarts Bookshop and Amazon Um what that woman said by the way is uh You don't go through the body the body Is not at all a part of it the body's Just you know you relax your body in a Comfortable pose so you can forget about Your body and then your deepest desires You know we are yet but slaves of wishes Putting bar to our advancement desires And wishes are not a part of it either Um so you know I don't know if they even Read the book I don't know if they got Paid I don't know what happened uh they Got paid endorsements when you order the Book you'll receive a bonus gift order Spiritual Anatomy hard cover ebook or Audiobook from the favorite retailer and Visit this page on our website to

Receive your special companion Journal Along with our spiritual Anatomy Newsletter from heartfulness that Doesn't sound like a gift at all in just One of the many benefits of ordering the Book and being a member of the Heartfulness community find a Heartfulness TR trainer in your area If you're looking for the trainer your Neighborhood please visit this page on Our website you'll be able to input and Your location and web page will show you Your trainers in your area sincerely the Heartfulness Team Um So that's pretty Yucky I wanted to say at the beginning Of this thing that you know I've Disconnected myself as much as I can From heartfulness like I occasionally When Gatherings come up I will look at The heartfulness stuff and once in a While somebody sends me something if That happens I'll cover it because it's Part of the story and every once in a While I have to go back in to document Dody's um you know his demise and I it's Been on my mind to possibly make a video For Abasi exposing all the things you Know I I I mean they're sheeple and I I Don't think you know whatever I don't Think it's going to work or whatever and I don't want it to work in some sense or

I don't want to be the you know whatever I'm not responsible for that or them and I thought about it today during satson Briefly and the idea came to me that When dodgy has some kind of real illness If it comes out that he has cancer you Know he easily could get Turbo cancer Because he's you know he hasn't been the Same since he took the the you know the You know what um and obviously his Immune system's compromised and he's Lost faith and you know he's just not in Good shape and you know the collapse of His business his family business Business and I think he's just Surrounded himself by Thugs and you know Politicians and bad people you know this Whole thing with this book is just you Know they're trying to sell this book to People who are new age oriented and make It good because other people says it's Good right and that's not Sark it's not Good because DOI got the budham pusham Award or because he's an internationally Renowned Yogi you know guide or whatever They want to call him right none of Those things make it good what makes it Good is it's good that the books are Good like the other books are great They're phenomenal The Whispers The you Know the books written by by chargie and Boby and the talks that chargie gave and These things they're good before because They're looed with transmission and

Their next level stuff they're not good Because you know he won a popularity Contest he got a lot of Thumbs Up and Some of the other New Age gurus said This guy's cool too you know none of Those things make it good right and Selling that way just cheapens it and They don't get it like they don't get That this will never appeal to the new Age group and the new age people have Always struggled with Sark they come and it's a spiritual Discipline which I get into in the in my My video today on gratefulness Meditation which is I include that talk In a moment but it's a spiritual Discipline and it's not you know it Doesn't make you feel good about your Ego it's not there to boost your ego in Fact it actually it hits out pretty your Ego pretty hard because the truth is Always like Kryptonite to your NE to Your ego and so um you know he's they Just don't get it right and it's never Going to happen for them the books suck Dodgy sucks and the new age Community Sucks and it's never they're never They're not a target audience they just Never I I've tried to tell them but they Don't you know they're just too Oblivious and caught up in their own uh Superiority complex to to listen to the Likes of be right but they don't get it And never will um they're too you know

Stubborn and And stupid and you know they just don't Get it charie of course did chargie saw This you know throughout the process and He lived it right he there's a lot of New age hippies that came into this Thing and they you know they did drugs And they you know they did other things And they were undisciplined and they Became crappy preceptors that he had to Deal with bobg made these people Preceptors some of them made full Preceptors and they were out there doing LSD and you know some of them quit or Some of them just were just sucky they Were you know they were they were Negative like they were the Boby people That you know Master charie son gave the Example of how when you build a house in India they throw a bunch of trash in at The bottom and then cement over it like The foundation the you know he and That's you know he was saying these People were like that trash that babaj You know Bob used what he had to work With um but they never really got the Kind of people that you know most of the People were kind of unlikable and kind Of weird you know especially in the west And these other places and they weren't The kind of people that would be media Influencers and people that other people Would resonate with and you know so a Lot of them were selfish Boomers you all

The things I've talked about and a lot Of those people didn't stay and all These new age people that came into it They felt the transmission loved it my Therapist the woman that told me about It my counselor she was one of those People she was a Channeler and nice Person you know but she couldn't deal With the discipline the new age people Have a you know they they just don't Have it like a a sense of um hierarchy Or order and a lot of them are feminists And you know they're just what they are And they don't do well in the Sark System they have to give up their new Age beliefs or you know whatever like There was a guy who started um like Mr M um he started another guy with his Like same first name and he was a good Preceptor I went to him for a while as a Preceptor and he said that he you know He was in the New Age movement he was in California and he had all this stuff About you can manifest anything you want And you know I just saw this video where Kim Kardashian was talking about how She's a great Manifestor um you know it's one of her Talents and you know like it's just Stupid there all this new age stuff and He tried it and it didn't work and he Realized it didn't work because real Spirituality is accepting your reality And changing the things that God wants

You to change like if you're an Unsuccessful loser that you know it's Hurting your life and it's not who You're supposed to be you know than this The you know like Me like when I started you know then my Material abilities were enhanced because I wasn't function very well um but you Know other than that it's it's really About spirituality and only spirituality And your material life's here for that And people get it get it and new age People struggle with that and and what They've tended to do and these are People Who have been around Master chargie like Mr R for example who if you look at his Videos and his Facebook page and his Websites and all this stuff you know He's a consider himself a new age not New age but a um a successful Businessman who's also a spiritual Person he took the line of people he Said he was um like a uh a um a monk who Drove a a Ferrari or whatever Lamborghini or something um which is I Guess somebody else is saying that he Stole because that's the kind of stuff He does but his videos and his running Of the YouTube channel and the you know His own personal stuff and the way he Views people is like they're just they Suck at it right and they're around Chargie for so long and it's it's hard

To believe that they suck this much and They got nothing from chargie at all in Terms of their ability to read the room And read other people and see what's Going on and them joining and not just Joining because they joining the UN Happen under chargie but them pushing For like the UN holidays that nobody Celebrates and trying to get like Validation from the UN and for Governments and from these organizations And from famous new age people who suck Who aren't really you know aren't Aligned with the Sark way of being They're big eagle people that are you Know they're salesmen and flim flam man And you know politicians and people and It's insincere and it's Superficial and so Market is a real deal They've cheapened it and getting away From the essence which is the Transmission and cleaning and if you Can't feel it too bad for you right if You can't rise up to it too bad for you Sucks to be you right I mean that's it's Not like a you know I I don't want Something hostile about it but trying to Bring people in who can't do it who Don't feel it who you know who just um You're trying to sell it to them and Maybe they'll stick around long enough So they evolve enough so they can feel a Transmission that isn't the way to go About it right there there are some

People out there that can feel the Transmission and those people you know Have to you know nut up and you know Grab their hearts or whatever and and You know not quit like so many of them Do because they're weak or they're you Know whatever doubtful or whatever it is Right um but you need to demand more From the people that come and you need To appeal to a higher standard of people And you have to be on a higher level Yourself and really believe in the System which these clowns don't and you Know dodgy himself and all these people Around him and you know do it that way Right and so anyways if he does get Turbo cancer the uh Dody truth or hinted Or said that he believed he had heard That dodgy had cancer a couple years ago I don't know if that's the case but if He's you know physically collapsing I'll Make some video that'll go out you know For the people just to say the you guys Need to secure these properties and Fight off these thugs that dod you Surround himself with that's on them you Know but just as a community service Thing you know if they're not going to If they're if they're lurking here if You guys are lurking here your obosi and You've never commented or tried to Connect with me well you're not really Watching the videos I mean you're not a Part of this thing even you you know if

You find Value in what I'm saying and Yet you can't like even admit to it like Even in a Anonymous way you know in a Comment or something then you know what Good are you like whatever it is like so For me I don't you know I don't care About them it's not you know as an Organization I owe the Organization and you know the I mean What the Masters created and people in The organization were great to me and Helped me and so you know there's some Loyalty there and there's some whatever Um but you know they're not going to I Mean having to deal dealt with sheep Over so many years on this channel I'm Not you know I'm not into just saying Things to a an audience that doesn't Want to hear what I have to say and so You know but I'll do my duty with if it Comes to that just so it's out there That people consider that if dodgy Passed away these clowns that around him Try to glom onto the properties and turn This into some sort of you know Disneyland of spirituality or whatever It is then you know they can fight back Against that and these properties and These things need to be returned to the Sa Mark organization and they have to be You know valued and um Utilized in the appropriate way you know Dod's you know moving everything to Heartfulness and he's creating his own

Ownership group and you know real scummy Stuff that's what they've told me I Don't know I have no evidence of that That's what the dodgy truther told me But of course it makes sense right and The people around him he's got Thugs and Businessmen and you know they just They're just not spiritual they're the Opposite their Bean counters are the Opposite you know whatever reason they Found their way into this thing and Whatever reason charg kept them around They are now a Cancer and a you know They're they're a a threat to the purity Of the system and it's future so you Know but all that'll play out the way it Plays out so let me uh I'll just add This other video that I made today um And then I'll I guess I'll wrap it up With that and so if you've seen the Video you've seen the video talks about SAR as a Discipline and uh that'll be it for this Um edition of The Journey series and I'll move on and start something new Whatever in the next couple of days Greetings brothers and sisters um I've Seen a number of comments where I can See that the sittings are being used Incorrectly um the sittings that are you Know available here at gratefulness Meditation and I'm going to go through The simple practice the spiritual Practice again um I think I've covered

It here I think I've explained this in The different Videos um the different playlists and if You haven't listened to the Introductions to the playlists you Shouldn't be doing the sittings in that Playlist and it might be good to listen To the introductions to each of the Playlists and all the content on this Channel over and over again like maybe Once a year or if you haven't done the Practice in a while or you're confused About Something you know there um you know Chargie had wanted everyone to read Boba's complete works once a year his His um his you know Five Short books That are in complete works of Rah Chandri available on the internet in uh PDF form if you can't find the book of Course the book is out there um I think It still might be on the sash Mar Bookstore and you know my master these Books um they were all meant to be read Over and over again but in terms of the Explanation of the Sark practice what we Do here in Gratefulness there is um a lot of it I Cover in the introductions here as well And so I want to go through that again Here to make sure people know that um What is what these sittings are for in The playlists and how they're to be Used the first thing to know is that

This is a discipline a spiritual Discipline and you have a role to play And it's a discipline of choice you're Not being forced you're not being you Know harassed to do the practice the way It's said to do it you're not being you Know there's no Force being used you're Not being shamed you're not being um you Know that you're just supposed to do it Right like it's your choice and the Choice to do it the right way and the Right way is very simple and it Shouldn't be mixed with other things it Shouldn't be mixed with other energy Systems you know this thing that DOI is Doing with um uh bringing in ha yoga Where you know ha yoga ultimately has Some Prana Yama which is breathing and Moving your Prana with breath which is Not recommended um but the system the Sittings and the practice that you do is Is a complete unit there's no need for Any other spiritual practices you know It was a huge problem which I didn't Fully understand and and even till Recently how how few people do the Practice the way it's Prescribed it's a prescription and not From some bogus quack doctor but from You know Divine beings have put together This the simplest and easiest way to Connect with divinity within you and it Is comprehensive everything that's there And also in the in this YouTube channel

It's comprehensive as well everything That you need to do the practice is here As well um you know and and the and Links to the site where you can find out More about it and also the books so you Know charger used to say well people Shouldn't do raiki and you know there Were people doing Prana Yama um not Pranama but pric healing uh so you know The idea is that you don't need to do Other things and there are people in India who would do their rituals they Would be brought up doing mantras and Rituals and things that were a often um Counterproductive and so your old Religious practices or whatever New Age Things you were doing is not you know um It's not something that's a part of the Practice and it can be harmful to it There were times where um Babaji was Talking to some guy who was doing a Mantra and um the Mantra was basically Calling God to him and he was saying it Over and over again so basically what He's saying is God come here God come Here God come here and God shows up and And you see and you say you know come Here you're calling him you only have to Call him once right and so the Mantra is Being misused a lot of the spiritual Mantras they do in India and things like That are you know these rituals have Been lost the essence of it you know the Energy behind them and and the way to do

Them right has been lost so you know Commish bringing in all these old Practices and Hindu stuff is a big Problem in that way you know there's Things like I do at acupressure that's Um you know like you can do acupuncture There's things that are healing in Nature that are energetic but anything That's spiritual and has a spiritual Component or religious component is you Know often harmful it often blocks or You know you have to just commit to the One system and you know Americans like This new agent people like to do a Smorgus board oh I'll try this I'll try That find something that works and it's A discipline and and the more you do it For the years that you do it it grows And evolves so it's not something where You just try it just have an experience Of it and then move on to something else And mix and match and things it's a like I said it's a Complete uh you know comprehensive System and the system is you have your Practice and when you meditate in the Morning the sittings are not supposed to Be used this meditation here the Meditation you do in the morning you're Not getting an individual a group Sitting because that's something Different your meditation is for you to Learn to connect to God directly through The meditative process and you might

Feel transmission you might feel Connection usually you will feel Something and it's for you to establish This connection and feel the connection And then you're supposed to keep with That connection through the process of Constant remembrance thinking that God Is there doing your work doing your You're living your life and you know It's God and not you and so that's the Idea of constant remembrance you're Always thinking about God like God's God Is talking through me right now or God Is brushing his teeth or God you know Any a number of things like this right That you go through the your daily Activities and you bring God into all of Them and if you do this for a period of Seven days constant remembrance taking You know having this idea that God and Not you doing all your work it becomes Automatic after that and um eventually Will lead to mergence with the divine Within you and so that's you know very Uh you know it's a big thing the Conant Remembrance itself is if you have that Feeling that you know it's also bringing That feeling that you get let's say you Have a great meditation you feel God You're very you know you have a very Calm uh feeling of God your your mind is Calm and not busy and you feel connected Which you might feel when you're doing Any the number of the sittings or

Anything like this or you go to a Gathering and you come back from The Gather you start your day and then you Want to keep that feeling that's another Way of practice practicing constant Remembrance you feel God and with you You feel God connected to you and you Keep that feeling you fight to keep that Feeling as your day's work and the Things that you have to do during the Day are there right and so the other Part of your practice is the cleaning That happens at the end of your day's Activities The Meditation is you know to Be done for an hour not more than an Hour you can do it less Les but it's you Know best to do it the way it's Prescribed which is an hour it's Supposed to be done before Dawn so the Meditation in the morning you say the Prayer once which is the way that you Connect to the energy and then you Meditate on the supposition the Divine Light in your heart and then when you do The cleaning at night the idea is that You are you don't say the prayer you you You have this idea that you using the Will force to push all the days Impressions out of your back in the form Of smoke and Vapors and this should be Done for a half hour and again no video Is being used here because the videos Are you're getting a sitting and that's Not what this is about this is your

Personal practice this is your Commitment to doing the practice and You're supposed to connect to God Through the practice and so this is Where you learn to you know through the Transmission and cleaning you get in the Sittings and group Meditation you are um you know then able To do your own practice and facilitate That connection through doing the prayer And feeling God's love and things like Transmission through your own practice And so the cleaning is you committing to Cleaning some scars cleaning the days Impressions and having them go off your Back in the form of smoke and vapor and The idea is that and in the front from Your front the transmission or the Infinite store of of of light or love For God's love is coming in your front To your heart as these Impressions and Things are being are going out your back So that that's the cleaning process so That's to be done before you go to bed And then there's a you know a a prayer That you do at night you do the Meditation in prayer you you pray uh Three times you say the prayer like Three times and then you go to sleep and There's some M there's the 10 maximums Of SJ Mar that you can also do and with The 10th Maxim you would do it that that Time um where you would beg God for Forgiveness for any wrongs you committed

Knowingly or unknowingly And that you would um you know you would Uh vow not to repeat them and you you It's a it's like a moment of redemption Before going to sleep which you know I Really worked on this for like a period Of three months the 10th maximum and Found it very beneficial but the first Maximum starts off with doing your Meditation do your uh prayer and puia at The fix to uh sitting in one in the same Pose uh and purity of mind and body is To be adhered to now I don't think I Have that verbatim but you can look up The 10 maxims and the 10 maxims take you Through the day so that's you know Enhanced most people didn't do their Practice um and there's one more thing Is the n o00 prayer where you at 9:00 For 15 minutes you pray that uh you pray That all your brothers and sisters this Is the idea that all your brothers and Sisters throughout the world are being Filled with love and devotion and real Faith is growing stronger in them And so that's something where um you're Praying for everybody else and you'll Feel transmission going through you at Least that's how you know I feel it um And so when I was just Starting I was I just broke up with a Like an ex-girlfriend and I started a New job i' had been waiting tables for About eight years and I was finishing up

My bachelor's degree I was taking my Third attempt at graduating college my Third College And I um was getting a bachelor's degree In human services and I worked in a Treatment center and I worked uh Wednesday Thursday Friday and a double Saturday and so that was Um uh you know 40 hours at the place and I didn't get home till 10:00 at night And so you know I had a weird schedule And I probably wouldn't go to bed bed to 11:00 or 12 I'd like eat like a meal at Like 10:00 after work I'd be hungry and Working in the treatment center was Intense and so often times I would go to Sleep for a little bit and I'd wake up At 2: in the morning and do my uh hour Meditation you know I was born in 2: in The morning and there's a good way to There's a good time to meditate which is Between 2: and 4: in the morning but Obviously that's not Ideal um but it's a spiritual time and The reason that you meditate Before Dawn Is because especially in India you see You know but this is how it is Everywhere that during the daylight hour Is when your body and you are in Physical reality in terms of your Physical life you know that's the time Of your life um your life force and when It gets dark at night you know there's a Balance in the universe between a

Balance on planet Earth at Sunset and at Sunrise and you can feel spiritual Energy that's why people go look at the Sunset you'll feel something because Light meets day darkness meets light you Know light and I'm sorry light and Darkness are like merging together right There's a transformation from the day to The night and during the nighttime hours Is when you're closer to death right the Heat of the day is being withdrawn from You the sun's energy and that's why you Sleep at night and you are you know in a A more of a you know a deathlike state And then you wake up in the morning and You're in your in your lifelike state Right and so the heat is most withdrawn From you the sun se energy is most Withdrawn from you right before You wake up in the morning so meditating At dawn is a good time to meditate for Those reasons there's other good times But for me you know I had uh a weird Schedule but I did the practice the way It was you know prescribed because I did The hour meditation every day sometimes I would uh do the meditation in the Middle of the night and then I'd wake up Uh go back to sleep and wake up in the Morning and do another hour of Meditation then I would write in my Diary which is also part of the practice And then I would read Saar literature And I would um you know I would go to

Work at at 2 in the afternoon so I Worked from 2: to 10: um at night and so I had all that time to do that right so I would devote my whole mornings to the Practice I would read literature for two Or three hours you know after writing in My diary so this is how I was able to Start sash Mark which I dedicated Because I was in a period of time I Didn't have really social life I didn't Have a I just moved to a new place and So I would you know um I had all this Time I had three days off a week and Then I would go to satson on Wednesday Night and Sunday the group Meditation uh there was two satson group Meditation in the area eventually they They built their own little Meditation Center there right at the time that um I Was um you know I was uh moving out like Right before I moved out they were uh One of the preceptors converted a Basement in a building he bought for his Computer business into a meditation Hall And it sat about 100 or 200 people or Something like this it wasn't an asham But it had nice energy but before that We would go to the preceptor house uh There was a you know senior preceptors a Couple that had a SATs on at their house Eventually it got too many people for Their house so they they went to Different venues and then there were Numbers would go back down and then um

You know they go back to their H Whatever it was but we go to their house Every Sunday morning and I would you Know go to Satson um and then on Wednesday night my Preceptor had satson at his house less People would go to that you know that Was like an extra satson and I'd get an Individual cting Monday or Tuesday Because I was always off usually Tuesday And then I would um you know do my Practice the rest of the time and I'd Come home do my cleaning before going to Bed you know all these things and when I Could I did the 9:00 prayer often I Would do it while I was at work you know The kids would be settling down and Going to bed at the treatment center and I did I really lik the 9:00 prayer I Liked all the practice but that was Maybe my favorite part and so you know I I dove into the practice and I thought Everyone else did the same thing but There are people who never really Practiced the system they didn't do it For any length of time they didn't do The hour meditation on their own they Didn't you know they would do sittings There would be preceptors and things but You know for me I had two years where I Did the practice exclusively then I got Married and it was harder and I couldn't Read like I used to I couldn't um write In my diary like I used to like I you

Know I still did the practice I always Did the cleaning because I felt it was Necessary it would help me sleep and you Know help me function um but you know I I did the practice pretty routinely my Ex didn't do her practice really so that Was um you know whatever um she was into It she would been practicing longer than I had but she never really did the Practice as a discipline but you're Supposed that's your side of it right And so when you do the 9:00 uh when you Do the the cleaning at night that's not Time to do a sitting online like you're Not the sitting is for something else Right the sitting is for deeper cleaning And that's not where you're learning how To use the the system to to do your own Cleaning right in the morning meditation Again you're not supposed to use these Sittings you're not supposed to use the The videos because that's somebody doing It for you which is what you want to Avoid the practice that you do is for You to learn and stand on your own two Feet spiritually and connect to the Divinity within you and again if there's A prescribed practice meditate for an Hour before Dawn or or when you first Wake up whatever it is again people are Going to do it shorter they're going to Maybe can't meditate for a whole hour I Mean it is what it is but this Prescription is there right the the

Discipline is there and then you do your Cleaning at the end of the day and That's your part of it the prayer and Going to bed the idea of doing the Prayer before you go to sleep is that You're connecting to Divinity through Your dreaming your sleep hours and then You wake up in the morning and do your Practice right and then you do your Cleaning at night and then you go to bed All these things I mean cleaning can be Done at like 7 at night and then um you Know then whatever um but it's to get Rid of any Impressions that you form and So that's your end of the thing and so The group meditation which happens every Sunday now here I'm giving a sitting or Sittings coming through me every Sunday So there's no reason to do any of the Videos you can do the video which does The timing I did some videos where There's no you know there's not a Sitting it was the first videos I did Here here that was before you know I had That dream with Char you saying I was a Preceptor again but before that I did Some videos where I just did the timing Where you can use them to do your Morning meditation or do your cleaning There're one's an hour long one's a half Hour long and that's where you just play The video but you know if ads are being Run in the videos it's better probably Just to set your alarm for an hour or

Whatever and you know again that's I Mean that's always if you go into a deep State and the alarm goes off it sucks so You know it's just uh I mean I didn't do Any of those things I just meditated and Occasionally I would look at the clock You know but you kind of know how long An hour is right um and so there's that And so Sunday if you sit and you know When you first wake up sometime in the Morning uh there'll be a sitting given Every Sunday a group meditation and so There's no real reason to use a video There and then for individual sittings You can use any of the sittings that are There there now if you're going through Something where you need deep cleaning There are three sitting sittings given In one day and that's called the Intensive intensive cleaning and please Listen to the introduction and then you Can do that you know I've I've used it Like four or five times already I found It very helpful it's something that we Did as uh preceptors and then as uh Abiosis and preceptors where we received Three sittings in one day and we gave Three sittings in one day and then we Did it for other people where we you we Did two batches of people where we gave Three settings as Preceptors um so we had these intensive Uh weekends and then they quit on that They just stopped doing it I don't you

Know I talk to the the preceptor in Charge and he didn't blew me off or Whatever but it's a great way to get Deep cleaning having three sittings in One day when you're made a preceptor you Get multiple sittings over a 3 or 4 day Period depending on how many you need I I had eight and three of them were with Master chargie and they were deep Sittings deep cleaning and it had a Phenomenal effect on my condition where I was just there was just nothing there Um when I meditated there was just Nothing no thoughts no anything right uh So the Intensive is great if you're Going through trauma you're going Through a a difficult time you feel Gross whatever uh but you don't want to Use it like every day you know it's not Like that and the individual sittings You know it used to be one you you were Supposed to get one a week you know you Get three to start and there's a Introductory sittings that you can do on The on this channel and you could do Them again if you haven't practiced in a While or something like that I don't Think there's any harm in doing the Introductory sittings they're a little Bit different and there's two individual Sittings that you can do one's an Absolute which is a technique that I I Really liked as a preceptor and it has Um a profound effect in terms of uh

Deepening one's spiritual experience and Connecting them to the absolute Divinity Within them and so there's all these Sittings that are there and please again Listen to the introduction and you can Do these sittings now um like I said if You're going through something and the World's so gross right now and what's Ever going on I you can do like you know Individual sittings every day but that Does not replace your responsibility of Your own practice that's not a Substitute for your morning meditation Or your nighttime cleaning or something Like that again if you don't want to do It you don't do it because people have That choice and you know I never really Fully understood how few people did Their practice because chargie was Talking about all over and over again I Played a recent talk um you know his Last talk On uh on uh 2014 the year that he passed Away the New Year's talk and he talked About how you know you got to meditate Right and he was even at the end end of His life he was still talking about People meditating and doing to practice Because they were still doing their Rituals they're still doing whatever Things that they grew up with and they Weren't doing the practice the way it Was prescribed and it's again a Spiritual discipline and if you do it

The way it's done you know if you're do It the way it's supposed to be done the Effects are the best because you're Cooperating you're not saying you no More you're not saying that you you know No I'm not going to do it the way you Prescribe I know more than baj G I know More than you know like that's what You're saying when you don't do it and You know you can say well I don't have Enough time and there's always those you Know whatever sure that's up to you Right but like in terms of benefiting From it you do it the way that it's said To be done even if you just you know I Don't do it as much as I used to do I do Some cleaning pretty much every night um And I do you know some Meditation uh on most days I I pretty Much do the 9:00 uh Universal prayer Every night but there are nights that That I forget or don't you know my wife And I do that together um and then do You know doing the satson I mean the Satson you know pass through me this Morning and then sometimes I just do Sittings for people you know not um in General like just the idea that the Divine Masters there is working through Me because of the preceptor stuff it's Just keeping the energy moving uh but You know I I did the practice very uh Discipline it was very disciplined in The beginning and because of the video

Videos and just things that have Happened you know where the energy flows Through me during the videos um you know There's a connectivity there and I think About God a lot more and the master in Terms of the constant remembrance There's a natural flow to that I feel Connected all the time and so the Practice isn't maybe as necessary as it Was in the beginning but you have to do It in the beginning you just do like It's you know and then I mean you have To do it for as long as it takes for it To become where you're doing it all the Time natur naturally where you're Naturally disconnected all the time and You know I wouldn't say that that's the Case for me but it's a lot more now I'm Connected a lot more and a lot of it has To do with doing the videos and things Um because uh you know I'm constantly Feeling like energy coming through me Like being a conduit in one way or Another so I'm devoting you know the Time I would give to the practice to Doing these videos is what I'm saying Which is what bobaji said to chargie Like she told chargie you don't have to Do your cleaning in your meditation Anymore but you have to do give that Time to me by doing spiritual work and So like there was that um so if that's The case and that's the case but that's Not going to be the case right off the

Bat and so to really you know get into This thing you have to do it the way It's it's prescribed and your Responsibility is to meditate on your Own at some time in the morning you know Again the prescription is there before Dawn and whatever an hour long period But you know again people do what they Can do and you know sometimes people Just can't meditate that long I don't Know like I can't you know excuse or Permit something because you know there Was a time where I um was no longer a Preceptor and I was going to this Preceptor who you know was a nice guy um But he wasn't really he didn't really Ever do the practice I don't think he Read the Books and you know we'd go to satson me And my you know ex and my family and he Was starting something times as much as 10 minutes late so SATs almost like at 9:00 and he was then he moved it to 10: Eventually but he wouldn't started Precisely on time and that was something The charge you said you had to do and Then people would show up sometimes a Half hour into it they would come Through and it was like you know men and Women weren't sitting on opposite sides Of the the room and it wasn't set up Very well it had a couch and you know People would just sit you know all Mingled together which isn't what it's

Supposed to be and people would come in The middle of the the room And then um you know um would meditate Like you would just sit down and disturb Everybody and his wife who used to Practice you know his his dad had just Died and his wife's dad died and his Wife I think was mad at God and she Would come into the kitchen which was Right it was an open floor plan where The living room was right in the kitchen And she would make noise right in the Middle of SATs on like I don't know if She was I mean she stopped meditating And was whatever and his son who was a Teenager would come down and like get Ice out of the like refrigerator his son Eventually drowned it was kind of a Tragedy and I think the guy quit all Together um the last time I saw him he Was at the funeral and he looked like he Was like you know I mean he was so he Looked as bad as I've ever seen anybody Look in my life like he was so miserable They had one an only child and he went To um you know it was a thing where he Was supposed To uh do something something there was a Center in charge and they were having a A um you know an event to bring people In and he was you know as the only Preceptor was supposed to be a part of That and the center in charge was really Good you he was not a preceptor but he

Was uh he was not a center in charge That's a preceptor but he was in charge Of the he was like a coordinator and the Coordinator ended up being a preceptor When this guy quit and he did a Wonderful job and they have an asham There and he was really devoted uh but This guy went to the beach instead of Doing his you know what he was supposed To be doing I'm not saying that he got Punished or anything like that but you He went to the beach with a neighbor who Occasionally would meditate and the Neighbor had two twins like young kids And he was on the beach watching his um His uh neighbor's kids and the neighbor Was out in the ocean swimming with his Son and you know there's a lot of under Toes at the Virginia North Carolina Beaches there's just a a very strong Under under toe in that area you don't See as much in Florida and I don't know About Georgia but South Carolina maybe Not as much uh but definitely there in North Carolina and Virginia I swam in Those oceans and not so much even in the East coast and Connecticut and Rhode Island but there's a strong current and His son who was a teenager just got Sucked into the ocean like he just Disappeared weird thing right and the Guy was Devastated um but anyways he wasn't you Know he was um going back to the story

He um was doing the group meditation and Finally I felt like I had to say Something I said you know you can't do It this way you have to start on time And you can't allow people to come in You're supposed to lock the door at you Know whatever it is people are you know If you got there late you're supposed to Sit maybe outside on the porch or go Into another room like if he has another Room so you don't disturb and you know People are in a state of meditation you Don't walk through them banging into Them and things as you're you're you Know you're finding a seat you know in a Time where everyone's meditating cuz you Got there late right if you get there Late you just you could say stay in your Car and sit there and you know whatever Um like it's just out of respect to Everybody else U but you have to start On time and I you know explain the men And the women I explain all these things He should have read this he didn't even Read the preceptor books and you know he Should know all this already as an Obasi and he came up to me like two Weeks later and said you know some People are going to be late today can we Start later like and I'm like I'm not The authority here like I can't give you Permission to do that like I'm not you Know the the there's a prescription here There's a

Discipline and you know you can violate The discipline you can have the choice To do that it's extremely arrogant to do That right but you make it freaking work Right you make you get up early and you Make sure you get there get there early Like you're supposed to get there early Before you're supposed to get there a Half hour early and do some cleaning and And uh get yourself ready to to to uh to Uh accept or to process the transmission You know you're getting yourself into The mood right like you know um like There was a an interview with the NBA Commissioner and um uh an ex basketball Player JJ reck and they were talking About the All-Star game for the NBA and the All-Star Game ended up being A joke last last year 2022 and um they had a concert Beforehand and they do all these like Goofy things and they bringing Celebrities and they're just doing all This stuff right to make it more you Know uh you know give it more bling or Whatever and the commissioner said you Know we can't have another game he was Talking to the players and you know the Players Association we can't have Another game like last year that was Like embarrassing like it wasn't even Really you know it became just a joke They were they weren't even playing and They and the player said you know if

You're going to do that then we have to Have our time before the game to to Shoot and prepare for the game right Like the players come out if you ever See a basketball game and they do a Layup line and they you know stuff that I used to do when I played and you do a Layup line everyone gets to dribble the Ball a little bit and you know they do Pregame shooting and and different types Of things that they do to get ready to Get you know like just like you stretch And you warm up and things like this Right You do you know stretches and things and You're supposed to do that before satson Right like you don't show up a minute Ahead of time and then you know you're Having an argument with your your wife Or your husband in the car and you you You stumble into satson and you're Preoccupied and your kids are doing you Know whatever it is right um and so You're supposed to get there early and Prepare to to receive this U prayer Receive is the right word not accept I Said earlier but receive and so it's a Whole whole thing and you take it Seriously and people don't you know and That's on them but that's you know a big Reason why the the practice is sort of the bed with dodgy and all these Things you know and dodgy even himself Said well you don't need to do the

Cleaning the way it's prescribed but you Know just do it when you feel like you Need it and you can do that as extra if You feel like you need some cleaning Then you can do the cleaning like if you Feel like gross or disconnected or You've been traumatized or you've seen Something that's leaving an impression You can do some cleaning right but then There's the half hour cleaning that you You do and you know if you end up having To do it for less time later on sure That's great but that's only if it's you Know if it's real that you're still you Know getting the benefit from it um you Know so like it's a it's a discipline And you could do it as much or as little As you want and that's on you but you're Suffering like it's not you know there's No meditation police there's no I mean It's something where you learn the Discipline you try it and you try to Accommodate the you know there was a Time where someone came to bobbyy and Bobbyy said you this is the Practice and the guy said well I'm way Too busy to do that and Bob G said well Um think about Somebody who is more busy than you is There anybody more busy than you and he Said the Prime Minister and said well no Like somebody you know you know whatever He goes oh my boss he goes well uh Subtract your busyness your you know the

Time that you you you have in terms of Your busy schedule from the time that he Has right because his boss is busier Than him and whatever time that is like Let's say it's a half hour give me that For meditation right and the guy's like H you're making fun of me and left right But like you know but Bob you said that You can always find time if you saying You're too busy well there's always Somebody more busy than you so you could Squeeze out the time and you know people Have their Leisure Hours or whatever and So you know you do the practice or not That's your choice but there's a way to Do it and you know these sittings are There for enhancement of your practice Like deeper cleaning in this individual Sittings and group meditation there for Deeper Connectivity but your own practice is Where you learn to stand on your own two Feet so to speak and and do the practice Without being propped up by a preceptor Or transmission or the know the sittings Or whatever on the videos and so that's What needs to be done here um again you Know if you haven't listened to the Introductions to the videos well you're You know the introduction to the Playlist each playlist has an Introduction and then there's an overall Introduction and all these things it's Not that much time in terms of like

People listening to crap on the internet All the time right like you know people Have listened to hours of my journey Series but you know when it comes to These videos all of them are about the Practice and it also there are links There to connect to the literature and These other things and as you read Through these things you know I've read All the literature basically that was Available to me and I've heard stories And it was there for talks of charies And chargie and was around you know I Have a comprehensive knowledge of of Like all all things Sark and you know it's worthwhile Because it's interesting and it's very Beneficial to know all this stuff and so You know some of these things are Missing Now sucks dodgies you know scrub Some of the literature and you know it's You can't go to Gatherings like you used To all these things but it's available Now in a different way in less you know Personal way in the um in the videos Here on this channel and it's you know There's videos that will help do the you Know the sitting videos and then there's Explanation videos and the explanation Videos need to be listened to and so you Know what you're supposed to do like you Can choose not to but you there should Be no Ignorance of your part of the

Practice um which again is an hour Meditation in the morning half hour Cleaning at night a 15minute prayer at 9:00 and a prayer before you go to sleep It's an hour is you're dead you're Devoting an hour and whatever time it is What hour and a half hour and uh an hour And what 50 minutes or something to the U to the practice right this is what you Know one of the preceptors said but he Used to leave out the 9900 PM prayer Which is again you know it's up to you Like it's Beneficial everything everything that's Done in the practice there should be a Likewow I feel better you know I feel Better after doing that like that's how I feel when I do it oh yeah that helped Me like I you know now will be more Efficient when my work more efficient in My day like I save a lot more time by Doing the meditation by doing the Practice because I function better and So I takes me less time to accomplish my Tasks and and I don't do things and Waste time on things that aren't really Important and you know I make better Decisions about my time usage so even Though it takes so much time to do the Meditation I have way more time during The day because I make better choices With how I spend my time I'm more Efficient as a person but anyways that's For each person to decide but you know I

Want to clarify this only spirituality Will save this world is parano Definitely repor for the apocalypse and The Ascension everyone have a blessed Day and be great fall

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