Journey 124

Journey 124

Greetings brothers and sisters so Um this is the 124th version of The Journey Series so Uh everything over a 100 is kind of like Why am I still doing it um and so uh This starts off with an E epic uh Whispers Message a Whispers message from Whispers From the brighter World Wednesday October 20th 1999 8 a.m. the the Continuation of this heart-to- heart Could be entitled The Uplift so he had These different groups that he gave uh Groups of messages of course there's the Prophecies which I've read uhuh which Were kind of the most epic ones in some Ways right and he did a series on love Recently and this one's called The Uplift but we will remain discreet ass Soring that is what must become in our Mind Minds keep these messages Within Reach and read them whenever you feel The need or quite simply when you wish To to be United with us they will Continue to enrich you all they'll Continue to enrich you all the great Subtle tie between you and us unfailing Ones you contribute to the preparation Of these collections in a real Opportunity that falls to you sjar is a Great spiritual movement created to help You Humanity it will go through storms Caused by negligence or vanity of a Few but that will not prevent it from

Forging a head it will get around Obstacles level difficulties and fulfill Its mission of Illuminating the world Nothing will stop it what God decides us Carried out at all costs by his grace by Good elements vigil Vigilant concerning Vigilant concerning yourselves and Others deter deted determined to make The most of this exceptional tool given To humanity in this Century and in those that follow a tool That will entirely fulfill its vocation Bajy and so there's that one line that Makes this epic Wednesday October 20th 1999 8 a.m. so it's you know an old Message and what makes these message is Great we've had a few of them is that They are released to the public they Follow into this wh a whisper a day Right for those of you who don't Understand the way these are delivered This was U sent out in a whisper you get An email and it says you know whisper a Day and there's a message when message Every day and this was s Saturday October 14th uh so it was um well it was Actually released yesterday on Friday The 13th and you know these messages This was given in 1999 but they are made Public on a certain day this might have Been made public already because it's an Old message so it's probably been a Whisper a day uh twice because they're

Starting over so they've gone through All the available messages and now They're starting over from the early Ones that started in the 90s and there Weren't as many in the early 90s and so This is when he really started to give Her messages quite frequently in the 19 1999 2000 2001 the bulk of the messages Are I think before 2005 and then you Know he started to well I guess she she Took a lot of messages later on even at The end of her life but she had more Health Difficulties but anyways um this uh Message was released whatever it was and It might have been in one of the books You know there's a there's a brighter of Brighter World Books there was one Through six volumes of babaji's messages And then three or four volumes of four Volumes of char Babaji uh when he was Alive and he took channeled messages so Um you know the there's six volumes of The of the Madame Lin messages and Another four volumes of Boby so there's A total of 10 volumes and and they Configure the books not in chronological Order but by these different groupings That he had right like he's calling this One the uplift so there would be a you Know there would be a heading and then He there would be a series of messages That would go with that and so they Weren't you know they were over

Different time frames in each book and So this was released whenever it was Released in book form and then it's First being released in a whisper a day And so when we read this line back then The first time we read this line where He said sjar is a great spiritual Movement created to help Humanity it go Through storms caused by negligence or Vanity of a few people now there's Always been troublemakers so we would be Like oh yeah there's been that already As of 1999 and there's you know when we First read this message whatever was Going on but no one thought it would be A future master and no one thought it Was Commish right and you know the People around him sure these dopes you Know they're around chargie some of them Had caused problems there was already You know there's always drama there's Always you know people who suck I mean Charie said it was you know for Jesus it Was three out of 12 three of his Disciples failed him Peter Thomas and Judas Judas betrayed him Thomas doubted Him and Peter denied him I mean Peter Ended up being you know the the guy who Was in charge of the church there's some Conjecture that you know chargie was Known to be Paul in a past life life St Paul and people thought the next master Was going to be Peter you know who had Been Peter in the past life so that

Could be dodgy I don't know but either Way um nobody thought it would be the Next master and so you read that message You read that line you didn't think this Was going to be something like this That's going on but now you know this Idea of by negligence or vanity because Dody's been negligent and vain right He's like done both those things but but Him saying that you know these things Are already accounted for so it's a good Message in a lot of ways because it's About how like there's going to be some You know uh it will go through storms Which is what's happening now but it's Still going strong because I you know I've been doing the the meditations Myself and I thought it was kind of Weird you know cuz it's like you're Giving a sitting to yourself in a sense But like the sittings aren't you I've Already talked about this like the Sittings go through you and I've really Benefited from what's what's on the Gratefulness meditation CH I mean the Sittings really work and it's Comprehensive you know everything's Explained and for people you know Starting and doing the practice on the Internet it's as good as it could be you Know it's always great to have face tace Contact with preceptors and be a part of A center and all these things uh but you Know it's as good as it can be like

We're limited and you know it's a Limited time and it's it's available to People so I'm very happy with that and Um yesterday two days ago I um you know Where I have my great fils meditation is Up on a a different browser I have three Different browsers and you know I I Check that but not as regularly as not Daily uh you know because there's not as Many comments coming in after I put a Video up I'll check it more but some Days there's no comments or whatever but I you know don't have a a browser open There's a bunch of toolbars I had all Those videos that were up from uh when I Did the stuff in my last journey series About uh heartfulness there are some Heartfulness videos and I was clicking Out of them and I you know I noticed the The um the more recent videos that had Been up and there was a DC a um you know what's called a from The heart and it was an ATA American Telo Association and and you know it was um Just for Americans and they had a zoom Call and it was a pathetic turnout like They were you know they started the zoom Call before dodgy got there and people Were joining and there's only like two Centers one Center had like four people The Dayton asham had like um I don't Know maybe 10 people and there was a lot Of individual people and a couple like a

Couple that's kind of famous in the you Know American mission You know some of the you know old you Know Old Guard you know people have been Doing it 40 years or something and you Know I'm looking at it going there's Only about 20 people here and there was Only you know about I mean in terms of The people being in a zoom call and it Said it had 30,000 views but it only had 10 comments and they're always the bogus Comments and I'm like there's just no Interest they've Do's lost all interest In this right like there's just no Interest in them anymore like he can Show up in a zoom feed for America like He has done a couple of them he's trying To promote that crappy book he's only Getting 20 people like it's I mean it's They I don't know if people have quit or They just have no enthusiasm and they Teed enough of the guy but something Like that he's giving a sitting right He's giving a SATs on and they only have You know I didn't see it live it Happened like a week ago or so but I'm Like wow this is this is Harsh you know I mean these getting no he's getting no Love right he's getting no you know Participation and I mean it's like uh You know they're just pretending like I I don't know if they're aware of it or They're just in such denial but it's Completely collapse the system if

Chargie was doing that there would be You know I mean hundreds there would be You know thousand thousands of people Watching that's back then you know That's before they did all the stuff at The internet but there was just no turn Out like chargie would be depressed by The turnout right and the other lack of Enthusiasm I mean it's imploding the System and there's just um again like And there's all these people that I Don't know where they've gone they're I've seen them on a few Zoom call some Of them but they don't show up on every One of them and they're people who you Know sa Marg is probably you know at Least as important to them as it is to Be even more so in terms of their effort Of there being part of the system system You know I don't have any contact with Anybody anymore I mean that there's that Last thing that robed the preceptor Reached out to me but he disappeared and You know whatever and then there was you Know I don't hear from the dodgy truther Anymore which you know I mean I I'm Grateful for because like you know I Know enough right um so but I'm not Connected to anybody in the system who Used to do it any of these people you Know I I guess I'm a friends with a few Of them on Facebook but you know Facebook is it's not what it once was um I don't know what people are doing in

Terms of social media a lot of them have Moved to instag I don't know what these People are doing but you know it's just Um like everything is fading and the People who are Americans who did the System were all now in their 70s or 80s Like they're Old and you know I just know that They're they see the dodgy socks on some Level they have to see it and there's no Enthusiasm there and so you know this is A stor storm I mean this is you know Where I mean I don't know what's going To happen with the next guy or what's Going to happen oh this is going to Shake Out uh but you know there has to Be um like it's it's going to have to Come back around where there's more Enthusiasm and you know I don't know Like a lot of things going on in the World now with stuff with Israel and What's going on there in the Palestine You know that's um I mean this is I'm Doing a lot of videos on that stuff and That would be you know to me the entry Point to World War III and the nuclear The nuclear catastrophe that Boby talks About in the prophecies you know so um You know we're well on our way but at Least this one started off positively I Got to say that you know in terms of What's going on with the U with the you Know the meditations on the gratefulness

YouTube channel and then you know these Messages I mean they're there for people And you read them when you need to read Them and they mean something different When something happens right like There's a change like that Whispers Message nobody would have thought about What it's about now like it's about doy And the fourth Master of the system Nobody saw that coming and you read the Message and you were like you know that Line would have been like oh yeah you Know it's not a big deal but that line Means so much more now because what's Happened um and the timing it's been Released did all these things which is Not an accident right like these Messages become apparent like there some Of them have a Time release aspect of Them and when they're Released at the right time you might Have read them two or three times Already but you read them now and they Mean so much more and so they're so much Different for you the other thing was There's a Dody has a new series over There in the heartfulness meditation Channel it's some you know white dude With W messy hair I think the guy's American he's some professor and you Know they're going to do a joint series Together the guy has this disheveled Hair and it's Like you know like they're just I mean

It's just so embarrassing right you know But like it's it's what you know bobi Was saying it was there's going to be People of they're going to have uh Issues there's going to be their Negligence which has happened like There's negligence to keep the system Pure and the other part is Vanity and Dodg vain in these people you know and They're they're in denial like how could He not be like bummed out by the turnout They're getting there's no donations Coming in like we saw that they only Raised $3,000 on of these things there's No enthusiasm here in America like the American system is imploded right I Don't know what is going on these Individual satson and things but I know People have doubts like people can't Look at this guy and go yeah he's like Chargie was or anybody else cuz he's not Like he's You know he's he's so bad um and so you Know but you know it's a it's a hopeful Message because it means that like you Know this it was known that this was Going to happen you know with a subtle Line like you have to read a lot into That line but it's there you know I mean It's it indicates that there's not just This thing that's going to happen but It's going to happen other times and you Know that the only time it's going to Happen when he say Sark is a great

Spiritual movement created to help Humanity it will go through storms Caused by negligence or vanity of a few People well it has to be the masters of The system like there's going to have to Be some some Duds right like there's Like this isn't the the you know the First and only Dud um you know cuz this isn't the only Storm probably and the people are going To have to you know persevere through This it might be this might Whisperers Message might be read in 200 years when There's another dud um or you know Groups that you know whatever anyways so Um you know let's wrap this one up here And I'll talk more about this as we move Forward okay so I made this voice over For another video um on my regular you Know my regular content that I cover but I thought that it would be important to Include it here I'm going to put a Different picture here um not this Sunrise but a different picture and so You'll know if you've listened to this Already you can skip past it if you want And when this picture comes back that Means the voice over is over so I've had Kind of a disconnect from my YouTube Channel cuz I was um I had some uh Little bit of a like a lingering Migraine like not really a headache but Just kind of feeling the migraine once In a while there'd be some little minor

Pain but it went for like 3 days which Usually doesn't happen my wife and I Planted 38 trees um you know was a kind Of a big some of them were bigger than Others so it was a whole thing um And we was doing other work so we did a Lot of intensive like Farmwork and I just wasn't able to um Attend to my channel like I haven't Answered or looked at comments read any Comments in like two days and um you Know I was able to make a video but just Like in between doing the other stuff And so you know I had Um uh disconnect from the news as well Like I was not even looking at stuff Like I usually do of course there was This big event that happened at the Hospital and you know all the things to Do with this Israeli Palestinian Conflict but when I'm covering something I'm usually looking into it every day And thinking about it but I just wasn't I wasn't thinking about the YouTube Channel and these other things and I Can't I think that was positive because I had this kind of Revelation about What's happening Happening Here on uh You know this beginning or the end of Our economic system and our you know our Our way of life you know the what we Consider modern day way of life my wife Said something a couple days ago where We were talking about this um I don't

Know may was like three days ago when Some stuff was happening and the death To was starting to rise in uh in Palestine and she was like you know and This is the way they were leaving the Having to forc out of their country and You know what's going to happen Afterwards and she's like you know Imagine if we were born there like you Know lucky we are to live in America Where we've never been occupied in a way That we you know of course we are in a Different way you know we are you know Under a sort of a totalitarian system But we're not aware of it because of our Lifestyle and the other things but we Have a certain level of material Freedom material uh you know rights and Things that are illusionary but they're There like in terms of we don't we're Not aware of the oppression that we live Under but still it's better life we have A better life we have more accessibility We don't have to you know worry about The kind of things that these people in Other countries are are worrying about On a daily basis right in their face Right grew grew up with it live it live With it and I've been aware of just the The poverty you know when I was in India And I saw the poverty there poverty like We don't see here in America And you know people who just will never Get enough protein they'll be you know

Four four to five feet tall maybe a Little bit over 5T tall and they'll Always be you know underdeveloped brains And underdeveloped physical you they Just don't get enough proper nutrition Their lack of Nutrition is like palpable and that's You know all over the world there's Almost half the population has that Lives with stuff like that right where They're malnourished and they're Underdeveloped they're never going to Have a an abstract thought they're never Going to have the kind of Consciousness And you know it's time to reflect and And you know meditate and you know these Things and think about things on a like A you know a philosophical level they're Just you know going to have short hard Lives of living almost like animals Right where Just momentto moment Survival is a part of their existence And we haven't had that here in America Like we haven't had that kind of and we Have poverty and we have you know tough Times and we have people live in you Know dangerous areas in terms of you Know gang Warfare whatever it is right But we don't have like what other people Have in terms of I mean you'll just see It like when you see it in another Country you're like oh like there's bad Stuff in America but not to this level And this depth of depravity and just you

Know um and unnatural like just people Living in ways that just it shouldn't be Right but after the British left and you Know there hasn't really been an an Invasion or a you know much of anything And of course there's a Civil War which Is pretty brutal and you know maybe the People in the South think that they've Been occupied ever since I've talked About that with all the military bases In the South and all this stuff but you Know in the um the the sort of the the Overall view of America we haven't been Invaded and occupied like we have done To other countries and eventually it's Going to come back to America America's Going to fall and America's falling we See that with each Generation that you know what's going to Happen but something that I really Didn't understand because I didn't think About it cover it or care about it is The central aspect of the Middle East And this area in the Middle East where So these religions were all born that These major religions were all born Because there is two billion Muslims in The world right and there is two 2.38 Billion Christians and so and there's what I say 16 million Jewish people Jews so you Know there's I mean that's not a Significant number but that was kind of The original religion and as I get into

This comment I'm going to describe how It's really it starts off with demon Worship it's not God so they you know There's this idea of the one true God There but these major religions that Make up over half the Population the basis of it is ungodly is Demonic right so and I'll describe this And it's easy for you to prove for Yourself by reading the Old Testament Right like you could do it and I'll talk About that in just a bit I want to get Into this you know really bad comment But this Central Area because it's right In the middle of things it is in the Middle area it's right between there's a Large land mass there right so it's Right in the center of that large land Mass because because you think about America and Australia to some extent and You know South America and America That's like one land mass and there's a Bigger land mass that involves um the Middle East and you know it's right near Next to Africa where there's whatever Billions you know large population there And all the European countries and then Of course Russia India with a large Population in China the majority of the People live in that region or on that Those land mass and in the center of it Is the Middle East so the amount of People I'm going to go through some Statistics here first uh there's in

North America it's 579 million people in Canada and in Mexico and in uh you know The Americas and then in South America is 4 4, 222 uh so 400 mil 222 and so that's basically a billion People in North and South America there's 200,000 in Central America and then there's some islands And things around but for the most part There's not that much population maybe 1.2 billion which is a lot of people but Not considering there's almost 8 billion People in the world the rest of them for The majority of them live in this you Know these lands that surround the Middle East and so there's a few more Demographics I want to get to here um There are 470 billion Buddhist in the World so almost half a billion there's 1.2 billion Hindus of course most of Them are in India or the surrounding Countries Bangladesh you know same They're um people of the same biological Uh makeup they're not you know Hinduism Hasn't spread throughout the globe it's Very centralized lies to the IND Indian Region uh there are um I was trying to Find out how many Communist people there are in the world They don't have a people but they have Its onethird of the world's population

Lives under Communist governments and Some of those people are religious They're not you know they have to hide Their religion because you know Communism is Anti-god and so um but that's um you Know another two .5 almost uh yeah 2.5 Something billion people live under a Communist type of rule and then um and So if you think about those numbers Right you have the Muslims Christians And Jews who come from one Central Religion and that religion which I'll Get into in a bit is demonic in nature Right And you know it's not God it's not Really God that is at the base of that Religion of course what Jesus did was Something different he transcended that Religion but it has been linked together Now because instead of starting Something new they just added a new Testament to a demonic book and that's Problematic and you know anybody who Looks at it with a you know with Critical thinking skills and an open Mind can see what I'm talking about and I'll explain more in a bit you have the Buddhist of make up half a billion People who don't believe in God and all They believe they don't believe in God At all they believe in past lives but They don't believe that there's Divinity Of course all the Communists and you

Know there's a third of the world is Communists they don't believe in God Right so these are the the players in All this right and there's people in Russia who you know used to be Christian For the most part now live under Communist Rule and they're you know Bitter about World War II and and you Know America prospered from World War II And and Russia suffered from the uh you Know what happened with World War II and You know the the victory was won through What happened at the Russian front with The Germans and Hitler and all these Things and of course China has been Really upset about the Opium Wars when Britain got them addicted to Opium and You know the British colonialism I mean There's lots of countries and people Around the world are are bitter about What the British did and or americ an And the Empire and there's hate and Anger there right you know recent in Recent ways but they all have these Feelings of victim Consciousness and you know unfair Treatment and you know the animosity That's exists between these major Parties uh powers of America China and Russia and then you have this ancient Fight between the Israelis the Jews and The Muslims and like I said the power Now that exists within the you know Muslim Community which is oil power but

I forgot that you know they have people Power two billion people and it's now Spread Beyond these various regions These various countries that surround Israel where there's all these Muslims Now in Europe in Europe Islam is the Fastest growing religion because people Are immigrating there and they're having Lots of kids white people don't have Kids especially Europeans but in America You know white people are are choosing Extinction by having less and less kids And you know being overwhelmed by other Populations that are producing more kids Like there's just a whole thing with Birth rates which not really going to Cover here but that's happening right This is the end of a you know an era Where white people had dominance like Had you know since the British rule the European Rule and then what America has Done since in the last so many hundreds Of years there has been a you know a White dominance of the of the world's Structure the economy and the military But that's coming to an end right that's Something that so I wanted to just to Cover this kind of U this is part of my Realization about what's going on now The the sons of uh Ishmael and Isaac Which is the conflict here and you could Say that Christians are also sons of Isaac and you have these two religions Came from this idea of God the story of

You know the the Old Testament stories And I don't know how much of the stories Are true how much have been embellished How much the stories have been you know Changed or manipulated but we do know They began somewhere right that they Were you know this is where there was a Beginning of this right this is where All the conflicts started and these Ideas that people had about what the Nature of God and so our conception of What God is and the nature of God what's You know God like what's God's essence You know how does God interact with People what's God want for us you know What is our you know reason for existing What's God's expect what's God's Expectation what kind of relationship do We have with God right would God had Something from us we want something from God so people want material things from God oh God Can I have this oh God can You take away the suffering oh God Can You have you know any of these things Right um and you take away pain and Suffering and give me happiness and Pleasure that's the majority of people's Relationship to God what does God want What's God's nature what's God you know What's God all about right you know in Terms of this Relationship and what we've entered into Is a time of pain you know I'm going to Include this in my journey series The

124th Edition because it's this sort of Segways between that this is a Materialistic Apocalyptic and spiritual uh voiceover And epiphanies in all of those areas and Doing the SAR meditation over the years Master chargie the third Master the System used to travel to America and When he came to America in Europe he Said it over and over again he said the Same thing over and over again in talks That I listened to I was there when he Was giving the talk and then also things That he he said before I started doing Sa marar uh doing the you know the the Meditation and he say the same thing Over and over again that there are two Sides of the coin Pleasure and Pain he Said it all the time to Americans and Europe Europeans and I didn't really you Know get it at first and I'm like wellow He's repeating this a lot like I Understood it I understood what it meant You know if you're going to have Pleasure you're going to have to have Pain and so you know there's these all These binaries that are talked about in The s Mark system the the need for a Material wing and a spiritual Wing you Can't be just a materialistic person and Not have a relationship with God but you Can't be somebody who goes off into the To the woods and meditates and prays and You know doesn't attend to their

Material needs and material obligations Right you need to be both you have a Body you're physical and you need to Have a material life but you also have a Soul and that needs to have a spiritual Life and you need to blend those things Perfectly to fly you know a bird needs Two wings to fly but then there's all These other opposites that are there Like pain and and uh pain and pleasure Happiness and sadness right and to have One you have to have the other because You have the you know the idea of pain Is there or the idea of pleasure is There only because you have pain when You have pain and Miseries then you can experience Pleasure because you need something that Isn't the condition if you had pleasure All the time you wouldn't feel anything New or different it would be one thing Right if you were happy all the time you Wouldn't understand that you were happy Right you were you would understand that There's something else called Sadness and there's a contrast you need Contrast to experience the condition and There's all these things that you have In life that are they're based in you Know being healthy or unhealthy right When you're healthy you take it for Granted until you're unhealthy and being Unhealthy makes you appreciate your Health and so it's the two conditions

The binary conditions that make one Thing you know more appealing but when One talk charge he talked about how There is a bank of pain that everybody Has in their life that you know that you Go through life wanting Pleasures Wanting Comforts wanting ease of Life Wanting good things to happen and with That comes pain they're just is Suffering a lot of these things are born Out of suffering you know over coming Obstacles and challenges and whatever it Might be and you know people who end up Finding ways to nullify the pain which We have in the west through medications Through you know distractions like TV Whatever internet now whatever it is and They don't you don't experience the pain Like you have doses of pain and there's The ultimate pain and that is the pain Of Love of being separated from God like Within everybody Soul everybody's soul Loves God and wants to return to the Source there is a innate love of God Which you know I'll cover more when I Get into the nature of God and my Understanding of it in terms of this Like really stupid comment but inside You there is a craving to return to the Source and it's a a pain of Separation Like when you lose a loved one when you Sep or you're just separated from your Beloved somebody that you love when You're separated there's a longing like

A you know you know a Nate longing to be Reunited you know mothers with their Children you know uh husband and wife Husband wives that love each other you Know family members and when somebody Dies a loved one dies there's the pain Of separation from that loved one and uh Material Level certainly you can connect With them on a soul level but the pain Of no longer having them in your life And the the most intense pain is the Separation we all have from God and I Went through an experience I think it Last either 1 to 3 months where I felt This pain every day like being separate From God and I couldn't function it was You know I mean nothing really mattered Everything you know food tasted Bland And like just nothing really you know it Wasn't a bad thing it just was you know I couldn't function in my material life And the Pain's still there I just don't You know attend to it like if I you once In a while experience it but it's a Longing to go back to God in which Everybody's Soul has in them and and This pain that we end up suffering you Know the the pain of Separation the pain Of you know you know being separated From the object of our love is you know Like I said the ultimate pain on a like A you know an emotional level and you Know we have other little bits of pain That we learn to deal with in our life

And in small doses you get used to being Able to tolerate more and more pain like I can work through migraine headaches I Used to just have to lay down and I Couldn't take them but now I can work Through them uh but with every little Bit of pleasure there's always going to Be you know a hang over a little bit of Pain but our you know developing all These pain medications and ways to avoid Pain pain management pain relief we have All this Bank of pain that we're Supposed to experience that we don't and So it gets dumped on a person like at The end of their life the amount of you Know pain that's there the debt of pain That you need to to uh experience from All the pleasure that you've had and if You don't get little doses of it little Inconveniences miseries little you know Problems here or there then you end up Experiencing it all at once and it's Overwhelming because you haven't learned How to deal with it right you haven't Gotten little doses of it and now that Pain is coming to well you know we can See it's coming and this war in the Middle East is a big part of that so That's kind of the introduction to this Comment because it's you know there's a Profound uh like you know response that I want to give to it here okay so I went And ate breakfast and I had CN on CNN on Briefly and they were talking about how

The IDF had said that they just did Hundreds of air strikes in Gaza like They just bombed the crap out of it and So this is you know on the heels of this Um controversy Over who did the hospital and it doesn't Matter who like this thing that Rachel Mattal said about the truth matters it Doesn't matter because this kind of Thing is about victim Consciousness and People are going to believe what they Want to believe and the you know IDF and The Israel's believing their victims of Hamas I mean those the people in America And Elder generation particularly watch The news and you know wherever else They're getting sympathy and the people In the Muslim Community believe Something else but I want to get into This comment because it kind of ties all This stuff together I was just thinking Hopefully I saved it like like what if I Didn't save this comment I've been um The whole video is based on this comment But here it is I found it the comment Here um the person writes Paul are you Saying that God is toothless fairy who Doesn't discipline his children this is JoJo M's most egregious egregious scaff Yet Paul are you saying that God is a Toothless fairy who doesn't discipline His children when you look at animals Like lions wolves eating other animals Do you get an image of God like a plush

Toy incapable of righteous judgment or Discipline yeah I'm not saying that at All like this person's incapable of Understanding my point of view you know When I mock people like I was saying Earlier whether it be news people or you Know celebrities or anybody it's uh I Understand their point of view I Understand their worldview I actually Look at it with an open mind and Understand their point of view and it's That point of view that I'm mocking Their actual point of view I might Exaggerate some things just as jokes or Whatever but it's you know based in the Person's actual point of view and the Person who left this comment has no idea About my point of view and so they can't Conceive of what I'm saying because they Can't even conceive of the way I think About it the way that I um believe in What I believe about the nature of God And so I'm saying Paul you saying that God is a toothless fairy who doesn't Discipline his children where did you Get that I didn't say anything about God Disciplining children or not and you're Characterizing the petty God that's Presented the demon that's presented in The Old Testament well first of the Person says his children you mean his One child or all his children what is it Right but I made no comment about Discipline because it isn't discipline

If you read the Old Testament with an Open mind like you're reading it for the First time and that's what I did you Know when I was a a little little kid I Went and you know went to catechism Which is some you know Catholic Religious whatever it is and we were Reading the Old Testament and it had Fables in it and the new testament's Very obstruct ra you know it's Jesus Teachings about God and the Old Testament is not that it is you know Stories and fables and you know whatever It's actual like a it's a book of a you Know the the generations of Jewish People and their relationship to God you Know Abraham Isaac all these things and It's in story form and you know I like The story of Noah like I would you know If I was someone in the Old Testament I Would you know be Noah or at least Noah Like right Noah adjacent you know that's Kind of in a sense what pacet of the Future is in a way building an arc for The apocalypse building you know Multiple arcs it's the idea of that um And so I like the Old Testament at least I thought I did and my kids when you Know my kids were young my ex and I Realized how crappy kids entertainment Was most movies and TV shows and my ex Had contact with Christians and you know Christian moms and she's a part of some Groups

And she um you know found out about the Veggie Tales which you know I have mixed Feelings about I think Christians do as Well but the Veggie Tales is a cartoon With vegetables playing biblical figures For young kids and my kids watch some of Those things and you know so as far as I Was concerned the Old Testament was Interesting and you know was it was a Good um it was good for kids like in Terms of its being in story form as as Opposed to abst ract teachings about God In terms of the Old Testament versus the New Testament but in homeschooling my Kids you know initially homeschooling Was going good there was a study of Religions because a big part of the Homeschooling was talking about Saar and Understanding the religions which Saar Is uh you know the what I do as a Meditation the the good things that are In all religions are part of it like They're all part of a spiritual movement And there are you know Souls that are Working in different eras and yugas that Come down and help Humanity grow Spiritually so it's all part of the same Thing right the world religions in terms Of the stuff that's good these beings Have interc commmun with the the masters Of the system and and things like this Things of that nature so my ex was going To read the Old Testament to my kids and I sat in with them and as we heard the

Old Testament my kids who had you know Been brought up to understand God in a Different way couldn't believe what a Little Boop God was right he was a Narcissistic little brat and you know What this person is characterizing as um Discipline you know you can discipline Because the kid needs it or you can Discipline because you're pissed off at The kid right the kid is getting on your Nerves there's two kinds of discipline One where you're you know thinking about The the kids's um overall character and The shape of the person they're Going to become and you have to impose Discipline out of love you know not that You want to discipline the kid but you Have to shape the kid because the kids Turned into a little nightmare or you Get parents who just are unattentive to Their kids and their kids end up you Know they feed them sugar and they're All hyper and they discipline the kids Just to punish them because they're they Have the power to do it right and There's two kinds of discipline and the Discipline that the old the guy of the Old Testament does is he's pissed off at The the Jews and other people in the Book and he's being a little about It and he's you know imposing this Discipline and if you read the book Objectively you'll see this he's Narcissistic you know he wants I mean he

Messes with people he wants them to Prove themselves to him he wants Abraham To sacrifice Isaac after the whole you Know debacle with ishmail and that Conflict that's led to whatever is going On now and he wants uh him to sacrifice His kid he's like just kidding I'll Sacrifice kill a sheep instead and There's slavery and there's and there's Rape and there's you know incest and There's you know sacrifices and all These things in the Old Testament and God's endorsing these things and wars And and God's you know punishing people Just based in like things just bothered Him like he got you know he's jealous of Polytheism and the worship of other gods And punishing these people who are you Know worship multiple gods because You're not worshiping me the one true God right I mean that's how God comes Across and it's not God it's a demon It's a it's an ego and there's no other Way to read it it's not discipline it's Not you know God's really there for them Or whatever it is right and God's Thinking about the overall God's just a Baby he's narcissistic he's you know Petty he's jealous all these things and It isn't like God lays down a series of Rules like there are things people are Doing or have been growing up doing Their whole lives and God gets pissed at Them for doing it without you know any

Sort of Grace and thought of oh well This is the best they can do because This is what they've been trained to do He doesn't he's not a teacher you he Just these these people you know Moses And his followers are walking around the Desert just destroying other groups of People on God's orders and then pissing Off God and getting punished themselves And being forced to March around the Desert more and you know it's just like 140 years of just pain and suffering for Him and Moses is like you know done all This work for God and God like curses Them and whatever it is right and it's Just like what I was saying about the News if you come in with the perspective That this is the word of God and it has To be Beyond any reproach or any Criticism or any you you're challenging Any of the ideas in it well of course You're not going to see what I'm saying Right oh it's the Bible you know just You're accept it it's the Bible it's Just you know it's beyond us it's not Beyond us it's a remedial book the Old Testament is particularly bad but it's Not the word of God it isn't you know Some I mean it's it's an okay book The The New Testament has some good stuff in It the Old Testament whatever that being That they're representing isn't God and So the religions that came are born out Of that this idea of God being a

Wrathful punishing god with a big ego And you know a mind and all these things In the nature of human that you're born A sinner and you'll never be anything Else which is a bad teaching so these Religions that have that at the basis of Their teaching that you're sin and you Can't aspire to be anything else you're You're a sinner but you're also a soul You're also a potential Saint you're a Potential demon as an ego and you're a Potential Saint as a soul your Saint Will will guide you towards God your ego Will guide you away guide you away from God right and that's what everybody Struggles with and that's the the nature Of human beings and you know if you Can't understand that you can't Understand it it's not my problem but There teachings that are the basis of These three religions are not sound They're not an act actual representation Of God and our relationship to God and So there are two things here in terms of The person saying you know this idea Here me go back to the comment the Person saying Paul you saying God is Toothless fairy who doesn't discipline His children when you look at animals Like lions wolves eating other animals You get an image of God like a plush toy In capable of righteous judgment or Discipline none of those to toothless Fairy or a um you know a plush toy

That's not you know where would anybody Get that idea from what I'm saying and So the first part about this in theark System you experience God's love that's The transmission the cleaning that's the The basis of the system is you Experiencing God's love and cleaning Away the things that prevent you from Experienc God God's love but God's love Is there for everybody and the Experience is the more important part But there's also teachings about the Nature of God which are mental the Experience of God is through your heart Which is you know a profound uh you know The the instrument of the heart is the Only the only tool you have to Experience love and God's love and to Know God as a you know as a being right Know God essence or know anybody's Essence your mind is you know is Analytical it's Unfeeling and so you can try to Understand God mentally but you never Will because God is you know in Everything and is everything and so it's Beyond anybody's capability to Understand mentally but my understanding Mentally the things that I explain here Mentally in terms of the the teachings Of the Sark system and things that I've Experienced that have shown me that These teachings are correct because it's Not just the teachings themselves but

You get to experience the philosophy on A you know on a spiritual journey type Of situation so it's a you know there a Much higher and more efficient system to Connect people to God right and so this Person saying that do you think God Doesn't punish his children well God Doesn't punish we punish ourselves we Have the ability to do the right thing We have the right choice there's one Right choice in every situation we have One right choice the choice that our Soul wants us to make the choice that Leads us to God and there is infinite Amount of wrong choices that are Available to our ego and our imagination And our you know ability to try to scam The system or rationalize our behavior And we know what the wrong choices are Everybody does on some level like some Level you know it's a wrong choice you Might rationalize it you might tell Yourself why it's the right choice but It's the wrong choice right and let's Say you make the choice to become an Alcoholic again you have these Saras Which is another problem you have you Know past lives with addiction so you Come in with a predis PR predisposition Towards some sort of an addiction what's The punishment for an alcoholic well Therosis of the liver losing your family Losing your job uh you know becoming a Toxic person uh the other effects

Getting stupider and all the other Health effects and so God isn't Punishing you you chose to be an Alcoholic right and there's consequences That come with it and everything that's Done in the world that's wrong that's Taking you away from God has a Consequence to it anything that you're Doing that's uh in terms of um Overindulging in terms of you know doing Things you're not supposed to be doing There's consequences to those things and God isn't punishing you you're punishing Yourself for making the wrong choice God Isn't making you choose God but any any Time you choose anything but God there Is consequences God wouldn't give you Freedom of choice just to punish you Right it's like it's stupid right it's Just like why would you even think that Why would guys say all right I'm going To give you freedom of choice but you Know I'm going to punish you like a Little you know narcissistic every Time you do something that I don't like So why would God do that why would God Give you freedom of choice just to to Somehow Strongarm you into you know Behaving the way that he wants it's it's Something you have to learn you have to Make mistakes and learn from the Mistakes indulge in things you shouldn't Do things you shouldn't and then suffer The consequences then realize you have a

You know higher calling that you're not Here for this overindulgence of your Senses and you know physical pleasures And you know all the things that go with It that you have a you know you have a Soul and you have a purpose here making Mistakes is part of it and the and the Corrections are gentle in the beginning And the more you make the same mistake The worse the correction are right like You know you have a you know what you Almost you have an accident you're Driving you almost you get you get a DW Whatever and it's like all right I got To stop drinking right it's a problem But you know you keep on doing it then You get you know therosis of liver you Might die you know whatever you might Kill somebody driving drunk or whoever It is right yourself and I mean who who Knows what the consequences are but There's always warnings you you look at People and they say yeah you know you Look at people who go on a disaster path And they got warnings and maybe they you Know they they received the warning and They received the correction and they Said okay I'm going to do a little bit Better you know I'm going to change what I'm doing they get into rehab whatever It might be and then they relaps because That's what happens right but the Problem with this person's conception Let me read their comment here again the

Problem with their conception and the Level that they're on here is Paul are You saying the guy's a toothless Fair Who doesn't and discipline his children When you look at animals like lions and Wolves eating other animals do you get The image of God like a plush toy Incapable of righteous judgment or Discipline the idea is that God it has An ego and one of the brilliant Teachings of the Sark system is God Can't have an ego if God had an ego that Would separate you from everything else Your ego is your identity your ego is Your individuality it's you having your Sovereign you know aspect your little You know piece of your own Consciousness Right your own private experience as a Human being as a and as a soul on a Different level you can look at other People and say I'm me and you're you Right like you know I'm I'm I'm separate From you and with that is the mind or The ma Manus the you know the Manis M an A which is uh one of the subtle bodies You have chit con Consciousness and you Have Manus the mind and you have these Things that are your ego you have your Soul which is called the the causal body Your soul is what causes your is uh Creates your physical body but it also Has these other elements which are the Mind the Consciousness and the ego and These things are your identity and who

You are as a person and you know I think Therefore I am right I am I do I am I do Right God doesn't have an eye there's no I eye in God God didn't say I did this And I did that and I you know the god in The Old Testament does and that's cuz It's not God because God doesn't have a Mind or an ego because if you have a Mind and an ego you're going to make Mistakes you're going to have Individuality and you're going to be Separate from the whole and so God can't Say I am right and when Jesus said I am That I am is not a you know it's the ey Shouldn't be there that's a like not a Good mature spiritual statement right It's one of his not good teachings just One of his you know whatever it is I am Am that I am that shouldn't be said Right as a spiritual person because at Best you can be a conduit God can work Through you there's no ey in working for God it's God working through you and you Being blessed and being grateful for the Opportunity to serve God that's the Position that we take but this idea that God's separate from you judging you and Saying oh you piece of you like I'm Going to punish you you you wronged me I Told you not to do this and you did it And now I'm going to punish you cuz I'm God and you you're you're piece of Right that's just that's the Old Testament it doesn't work it's not

That's not the nature of God the Punishment is built into the system you Have the freedom of choice the freedom To do wrong but when you do wrong there Are consequences and it's built in Whether it be cancer whether it be you Know whatever it might be like God you Know isn't punishing you when you die And that's what everybody kind of feels Like you know the death is a punishment When when a when a child dies you know In in a young age you're like oh my God What what you know why would God allow This to happen all the tragedies and Things because death isn't a punishment To God death is you know a Liberation For you I mean in terms of your soul It's a Liberation from your physical Existence and if you live the right way Then you don't have to come back down to Earth and experience the physical you Know traumas that go along with physical Life with physical human life right There's always pain and suffering that Are involved in every life no matter how Rich you are how famous you are you Suffer in this life you you enjoy you Suffer but there's something on a you Know much more etheric and a higher Level that you can experience as a soul And you get that through the Sark system Of meditation a connection to your Etheric side and then you can see the Benefits that you're receiving from the

Suffering that you're that's happening Here on Earth so there's an easy way to Understand this and verify it and that Is that that there's lots of people who Are just making mistakes and doing bad Things and suffering from them in one Way or another but some of those people Are rewarded people in power are Rewarded for being sociopaths for being Bad people and you say God how can you Reward people who are you know what I Call the controllers whatever you think Whatever group of people that are in Power like just all these politicians And celebrities or the worst people with The worst characters they're Disconnected from God and they seem to Be rewarded with mat material wealth so Material wealth isn't a reward then Right because you have saints higher Developed Souls who suffer more than Anybody people who are saintly and they Suffer internally because they're more Sensitive and they're more compassionate And they're more empathetic and they Understand people more and they feel More than other people so they're Suffering even if we don't know they're Suffering there's of course the physical Suffering and there's the crucifixions And the you know the Christian tradition You know there's a lot of blood and and Violence in all three of these religions That make up uh over half the population

Right make up more than uh four billion People more than four you know almost Five billion people like 4.5 something Billion people right so more than half Of the people are connected to these Religions you know these Christian Judaism and Islam right and there's just So much violence in these religions and It's based in this idea that God is a Punishing God with an ego and he's kind Of a dick and you're a sinner piece of Crap and you know that's just all it is Right and so all those things are you Know a bad recipe like this is what's Coming to a head then you have half a Billion people who are Buddhists who Don't believe in God at all and then you Have the Hindus who have in some ways The best religion but there's a lot of Polytheism in there and a lot of just Depravity and it's isolated to one group Of people that's it's almost like an Island in a religion in terms of its you Know world view is insulated and it's so Degraded there materially in India and So there's some ways like the Hindu Religion is good but there's other ways That it's so degraded now and lost you Know it's it's ancient aspect and it It's uh you know some of the initial Discoveries about the nature of God that Are much higher than the ones that are Being perpetrated in these other Religions that hijack the teaching of

The Soul the soul discovery of the Soul Happened in India like 200,000 years ago And you know there's all these I mean You can document it through the the Various you know the vadas and these Various texts that existed for a long Period of time this is when people were Of a higher nature before the Caluga but now that teaching of a soul Has been degraded in these other Religions and are misusing it and Teaching you know bad things and so There's no real worship of God is what I'm saying God has been lost on Humanity Then you have communism and Atheism and All these things and so God Is Lost There's no God here like God has been Misrepresented and people go to God and Beg God for materialistic things and you Know God's like a Santa Claus figure I Mean more people worship Santa Claus and They do worship Jesus you know they Celebrate Santa Claus not Jesus on on a Day that's not even Jesus's birthday Jesus wasn't born on the winter solstice Right so I mean the whole thing has been Lost there's just you know these Religions have taken people away from God and turned it into materialisms and You know their power structures and They're about control they're about Anger they're about violence you know These religious organizations used to Have armies and all these other things

And what I you know know that these Other but this like this questioner Doesn't know because this questioner Isn't willing to look at the Old Testament and hear what I'm saying and Reread it with an open mind like you you Know nothing about like you just found This book you haven't been told that the Only book of God and any other book of God is dangerous and every book is Blasphemy like you know you're not told That as a little kid you're not been Indoctrinated by that you know that Garbage and you read it and you you know You just start writing down this Character that's in it that's supposed To be called God this wrathful character And read and just write down the Qualities as you read the different Stories read down the pettiness read you Know write down the pettiness the the Narcissist ISM the you know I mean all Of it like just just being a little right just not it's not God it's Something else it's sounds like a bad Person like a narcissistic demonic Person that you know a bad King a bad Person you know somebody who's abusing Their power it's not somebody that you Would worship and think of you know the Only thing that you would say is God's Powerful and don't piss God off cuz God Will punish the out of you like That's that's what you would learn from

The Old Testament and so it's a remedial Book of God and this person if that's All they can do that's all they can do Right with anything else there are Levels and I realize that like let's say I have to fix something I have to fix a Car or a tractor around you know Whatever it might be there's a problem With something right and I have to Figure it out like the other day my Tractor I put the back hole attachment On it and you know it was a whole thing And I didn't put it on right and I Figured out you know the the pin was Slipping out and the pin was kind of Important because it holds the thing on And you know I realized oh I I looked it Over and I figured out where it went or I can watch a video and find out Somebody who knows more than I do but I'm you know okay at those things right I'm okay at being a farmer but I Recognize there's people who are just Better at it than me either they have More natural Talent or they're just they Grew up with it or whatever you know There's things that I do in life where I Realize there's people who are better Suited to do those things like I can do Them a little bit I'm okay at those Things but there are experts at it There's people with more Talent than me In certain areas whatever lots of areas In terms of socialization right terms of

Social interactions my wife is much Better than I am like you know it's just Anybody's better than me like I'm just Not anybody because sadly there are People that are worse but I recognize I'm limited in that area I'm not a good Networker I'm not you know good at Certain things and so allowing somebody Who's better at something and higher at At something than you is you know is Just being honest and there's lots of Things I know that I'm not that good at And so if I you know have to do them I Do them but if I don't if someone else Is there to do them I you know I allow That person I'll be a follower right I'll be a support person right because I'm not as good at it and you have to Recognize that and some people have more Spiritual Talent they have more Abilities in the spiritual realm and Those people find a spiritual way of Being there's people who there's lots of Christians and those Christians are um You know they're different levels of Their interpretation and their ability To connect with the Bible there's really Remedial Christians and there's people Who are are better at connecting with The Bible right and those people you Know excel in some way or another right They're just better at being Christians And the ones who are the best will leave The religion Al together and become a

Spiritual person they'll become a saint On their own not on their own because They need God but not with the religion Because the religion is blocking their Progress because a religion is limited It's on a lower level and I'm on a Higher level than this person in that in This realm like it's not an egotistical Thing like I can see it right this Person's back in you know in God is Strong God is powerful God is you know Whatever God is mean I can't question God you know these things you know I Can't question the the religious Authority There's no reason to question God Because God doesn't have a mind and Doesn't have an ego right God's perfect Because God can't fail God can't make Mistakes because he doesn't have a mind He doesn't think his way into making a Mistake he doesn't have choices God has One choice it's to be God and to be in Everything and to be a part of Everything and be the Catalyst for Everything and so he has to God has to Be perfect therefore God can't have a Mind or an ego and this person would Never be able to understand that right They don't have the level of Consciousness at least as far as I can Tell based in the comment do you Understand this that their concepts of God is God as a man right the most they

Can consider God as a man Jesus being a Man and this idea of God is being some Wrathful father punishing father right Some you know the pictures of the of God Uh you know the god of the Old Testament God is a king right Jesus is referred to As a king and God is referred to as a King so idea of you know being a king is Considered a good thing in that time Period so there's no sense of God being Some sort of abstract essence you know Anthropomorphize is to uh attribute Humanlike characteristics to animals or God or something that isn't human this Idea that God made Man In His Image so People think that we're based in God Like God is the template for what a Human being looks like and there's some You know etheric beings and maybe this Had to do with higher developed Souls EXT terrestrials who did some sort of Genetic um genetic manipulation I mean Whatever that came from which is you Know fairly accurate to some extent like That happened test Tu babies these kind Of things slaves being made out of uh The combination of some sort of higher Developed humanoid beam and some sort of A chimpanzee or something like this Right there are people who are limited To their Their ability to conceive of God in Terms of human form and then human Attributes like God must have an ego God

Must have a a temper God must have fears God Must Have you know jealousy and These other things because what humans Possess God possesses because we're Based in what God is it's really God's Thought force and the essence of God our Souls is what you know we're then that Way we're we're part of the Divinity Right but that's something that most People can't conceive of and if that's The best you can do that's fine right You know there's no shame in that that's You're doing your best at least you're Working towards having some sort of Relationship with God and you're limited In your ability to conceive of God like We all have our like I said talents we All have our abilities but don't degrade The higher right don't mock the higher If you can't reach up to the higher Level of of Consciousness a higher level Of Consciousness then don't mock it like Don't degrade something that's beyond You because you're aspiring to that like You say all right these people are Better at this than I am this person Knows more than I do because they're on A higher level of consciousness of this Thing this one Talent they have more Spiritual Talent than I do whatever it Is and I'm doing my best at my level but There are higher levels but the problem Is these religions teach that they're The end all and they're simply not so

There's two more things I want to close Up with the stuff going back to this Conflict between the the Hebrews and the Muslims but I want to say one more thing About this so knowing that this is Higher like my experience of doing the SJ Mark system of meditation and moving Up to a higher level and then seeing That there are Saints higher developed Souls that are even more into it than I Am they're more devotional and have more Talent I mean commes was one of these People the current Master of the system He was more into it he was at least as Far as I can tell better at it than I Was you know before all this stuff Happened with him being nominated as Chargie successor for those of you guys Who don't know this he was is the fourth Master of the system and he's imploded He's been corrupted he's been he's just Stupid like he's just bad at it it's Like a he's embarrassed himself in the System and it's been a fall in the System and it's fairly obvious I you Don't have to be a rocket scientist to Figure it out I mean the you know Blatant stuff and I covered this extens In my journey series but there are these Higher developed Souls good people who Are all about serving God and their Commitment and their you know judging it From the outside far exceeds mine like I'm into it you know I do the meditation

I pray for people at 9:00 to find God I Mean I do some you know whatever i' done The gratefulness meditation Channel and I talk about it here and you know I have My uh interest in it I've studied the The text and you know I know the the Philosophy you know I'm good at it like I I put my effort into I give myself Maybe a solid B for effort I could be Better I don't know C+ I don't know Whatever but I could be better everyone Could but I could certainly do a better Job and there's people that I viewed as Doing a much much better job and these People have failed the the dodgy Challenge like they failed it you as far As I can tell again I'm limited in the Information I cover this much more Extensively on the journey series and What I'm saying is you know this dumbass That left left the comment talking about A punishing God and you know not being Able to extricate themselves from their Own indoctrination into a religious Theology that is very limited right not Able to rise up to a higher level or Even understand other people's point of View and demeaning and mocking people Doing something that's beyond their Capacity and these dumb asses who are Just doing a religion and you know They're locked into the violence and the Hatred and the binary thinking and all The stuff we see in and out of the truth

Community and that's prevalent in this Conflict between Israel and and uh you Know in the Arab Nations and so um you Know those people suck right but I know People who are Saints and who are you Know they have spiritual talent and they You know they had lives where they Meditated for 18 hours a day and they Really committed to their you know their Um their spiritual journey and all these Things and they're failing like I mean The way that they failed you know it Would be really depressing if I thought About like that all the time right like I know people on a higher level and you Know there's still always something to Learn there's always some you know There's always more to the journey There's always more to understand and to Experience in terms of divinity but just Sort of wrap this thing up get to the You know the point of what's happened Here there is a bad father and you know What people conceive of God in the Old Testament and the basis of three ma Major religions and more than half the Population is centered around a small Area of land you know Bethlehem region Where the Jews the Muslims and the Christians all have claim to holy sites In that area right they all visit it and There's all you know they all feel like There's some ownership to that one small Area and the conflict between these

Three groups this conflict between you Know the Muslims which makes up two Billion people and the oil power and the Backing of the Soviet Union and Ultimately China and the um you know Jewish people in Israel that have the Backing of America and to some extent Europe it all stems for this dispute That happened between Abraham and his Two sons right one was a slave slave Girl an Arab slave girl and another his Um Barren wife that had a miracled baby And the Divine father that isn't like The the god that isn't right and the Hatred like you have a dysfunctional Family where two brothers hate each Other and they're hellbent on their Destruction and this grows into major Religions and major you know movements And hatred between these people of Course there's good people on either Side and there's you know people who Want peace and there's you know people Of a higher nature but the the anger and The hatred are you know there and then The things that are done between each Side that makes the other side hate each Other more and it's one thing if it's a Couple of Brothers who hate each other And have a battle have a feud you know Some kind of you know Family Feud or Whatever it is but when this thing Manifests into thousands of years years And then a global population and

Billions of people uh it's a lot Different and weapons of mass Destruction and that's where they're at Right and there's no you know for the People who are in it there's only death To the other people there's only the Annihilation of the other people there's No Kumbaya moment there's no coming Together and this is where they're at Right and it's you know the center of The you know I mean this Asia European African you know World there this one Little Middle Eastern place there where There is this conflict and it's playing Out and you know if America pushes too Hard and backs Israel too much they run The risk of losing Saudi Arabia and These other you know Partners in in Crime for the you know the pet dollar And the collapse of the economy and There's you know nuclear power involved Iran gets involved all these things and I don't know if it's going to play out Really quickly that way but it's heading In that direction There might be a brief respit but it's You know it's coming it's it's Inevitable right you know there's a Star Trek episode where there's a group of People they find a planet and there's Two guys left all the other people are Dead and there's one guy who has black On one side of his face and white on the Other another guy who has white on on

The original side of his face and black On the other he has one guy has black on The right side of his face and white on The left side and the other guy has White on the right side side and black On the left side and they can't even Figure this out the difference between These two people right and these guys Are still trying to kill each other like Everyone else is dead because they've You know the Prejudice and hatred and They end up getting locked in some sort Of cosmic Vortex where they're fighting Each other both you know of equal Strength neither one can kill the other One and that's how they're locked until Eternity right Till the End of the Universe I mean that's how the spoiler Alert that's how the episode ends and That's what we have here like there's Just you know the hatred and the you Know the bad blood I mean goes on for Thousands of years right and when hatred Manifests itself and you know again it's Hatred among amongst brothers and Religion is involved in God and the word Of God and what God wants and God's Prophecies you know these I mean Remember when the um there was um a Paper in uh you know whatever it was Called in France that um they did a Depiction of Muhammad you're not Supposed to paint uh images of Muhammad They did a cartoon it was a

Disrespectful cartoon and there was some Sort of event that happened because of That they acted out whatever and there's Just this you know level of you know This primitive nature of the Understanding of God which I've Documented before here in this video and All they care about is their obsession With destroying their enemy and this is You know beyond just I mean there's Other groups involved the Chinese and The and the Russians and as this you Know is escalates like oh you did this To me I'm going to do this to you this Kind of things right I mean as these Wars Escalate and there's a you know people Are consumed by their hatred I mean this Is how destruction works and Depopulation works and they don't care Who it affects or what affects or they Destroy everyone in the world as long as They get their enemy and that's the idea Behind building nuclear bombs and all These other things and they've done it Right they've created this scenario and Now it's you know Global with these you Know these weapons of mass destruction And you know they're heading towards it Right this is where we're headed and There isn't you know I mean anything out There that's going to stop it there's no You know reasonable people all the Leaders all the politicians are crazy

All the people of money and power are Crazy and you know there's a level of Just um surrender to something that Eventually had to happen there was going To have to be an allout destructive war Between these two groups and they're you Know dragging everybody else into it They've secured powerful allies and They've made alliances and you know They've structured this in such a way That this would ultimately lead to you Know massive destruction and an Extinction level type of event and That's where we're going like it's you Know now now become clear like I had no Idea about a lot of this stuff didn't Care about it but you know that now that I've looked into it you can see you know I knew this was coming I just didn't Know in what form and this is the form The hatred and the you know the stuff to Do with the Bible and the the remedial Nature of that religion and all the rest Of it okay so continuing on here there Are a few um Whispers of the brighter World messages I want to read hopefully I have them in order here um by date Sometimes you know I open them up on Different days and they end up on uh Tabs out of order but this is Friday October 26 22nd 1999 10 a.m. abiosis Must be vigilant not to add to the basic Teaching a very simple one a code Approaching that of of religion we have

Just mentioned I guess that's um this is Out of order maybe which is Christianity He going to talk about that in a second In the future this Vigilant must be Particularly necessary and dody's done That by the way people have a tendency To always want to distort the truth if We draw your attention to a certain Attitude to observe for your own good or No account on no account do we want to Make you feel guilty that goes against Our work by creating in yourselves this Kind of subsc Scara you put a break on Your advancement you must yourselves put Things in perspective concerning this or That behavior you are your own judge Except for the master himself it is not In it is not the remit of any preceptor Or anyone else of the mission to Reproach you in the case of the very Serious personal attack one should not Be afraid to refer to the master rather Than letting latent situations set in Leading to no good for the Group it's up to you all to try always In all circumstances all circumstances To maintain the middle ground with our Help you should see things clearly and Do your best Boby so then there was this One here um this is about Christianity it's the um this was Earlier that day so this is out of order Friday October 22nd 1999 8 a.m. the Other one was 10: a.m. sjar at the

Beginning sjar is at the beginning of Its existence it will have to overcome Heavy Difficulties The Madness of humankind Will deal at blows of All Sorts but it Will do it will do as the wise ones who Pick themselves up after Tri after after Their trials strengthened and more Lucid In the face of time a face of a life a Great spiritual way cannot gain a Foothold without clashes the roots of Christianity run very deep even in the In even if the tree shows obvious signs Of old age mins are very strongly imp Impressed minds are very strongly Impressed that means that there's you Know they your indoctrination is strong With your whatever Christian upbringing Whether practicing the religion or not Human beings are subjected to a kind of Atavistic hold and so atavistic uh means Uh relating or relating to or Characterized by rever re reversion to Something ancient or Ancestrial so this is um in in this Context it's like uh you know you're you Become more more conscious or aware but Then you revert to oldtime rituals or Things that are um you know proen Disproven but you can't you can't help But to uh go back to them and so let me Find my place here says here um new Times will come when light will be sh Shed on all that has come to cify such a

Beautiful teaching and allow it to to Generate for centuries narrow-minded and Secretari and people have had a strangle Hold on individuals by making them feel Guilty by threatening them with Hellfire How could Christianity come to such a Point and do so much harm that is where Immoderation and secretari ISM secretari Anism lead Babaji so very um you know Harsh words there and then this one here Saturday October 23rd 1999 ADM life is Hard for all that live on earth the Various kingdoms have to fight to Survive such as the law that governs This planet and the entire universe Evolution goes through upheavals of All Sorts but balance is maintained and that Is admirable nature must pursue it Pursue its immutable renewal everything Die everything lives dies and renews Itself as human beings they incarnate on Earth for the amount of time it takes For their evolution and then they Continue their journey in other places The balance of Earth the balance of the Earth is like that of human beings being Fragile and yet more and more battered Although largely informed by the har by Informed by the harm they do humans Continue in the same direction and the Process of degradation accelerates is Irreversible must progress lead to Self-destruction no God doesn't want it That way it will still take a lot of

Time for human beings to understand that They must first and foremost respect the Creation and put the lore of gain second The well-being of humankind should be Privileged above all but we are a long Time away from that wisdom Bajy so obviously the part here where he Says um Christianity must s Mar is at The beginning of its existence will have To overcome heavy diff difficulties The Madness of humankind will deal with Blows of All Sorts you know that's um Well that's happening now Obviously um there's a lot there also There were a lot of mess messages I Didn't read any of them but the medium Madame mey is doubting the validity of The messages which would plague her from Time to time until her death she would Doubt the the validity of the messages Even after you know right now barely Anybody knows about him and chargie Hasn't signed off on them yet 1999 he's aware of them and he's not Sure about them and she has a small team Of people around her and and you know She um in the beginning she had to like Boby had to interc commune with another Woman who was a medium and send her to Madame Elin and say yeah this is Bab That's bab G talking to you like some Stranger knocks on her door and says you Know bobi says hey you know like um and So but it's kind of interesting because

Like I haven't had doubt in the messages Like ever I don't think when we got the First book years and years ago Chargie wrote an introduction to it Beautiful Introduction and you know if he said it I I believed it was valid uh and that's Why you know like the dodgy truther he's An anti- Whispers person and there were A bunch of them some people quit over Whispers but it wasn't just the like the Kind of uh the information that was Given in the messages and the they they Started me on the the Journey of being a Truther and the YouTube channels and all These things the messages were Instrumental in that because of hints And things that were said that were Truth or friendly and you know I just Started doing research and you know Looking into things that claims that Were being said and they were always Backed up by something right there was Something out there that um that you Know some Theory or some information out There that validated The Whispers Messages but I had some deep profound Spiritual Experiences with The Whispers over time And you know it for me you could doubt It or not believe in them but you had to Basically say the charge's a fool Because chargie puts so much into The Whispers messages then of course they

Were compromised to whatever extent by Dodgy and that's you know that is Whatever that is the two the messages After 2015 there has to be some level of I Don't want to say you know healthy doubt In those Messages um most of them are you know They're not uh they're not comp romise But some of them might be you know with Dodgy being instrumental in the process But you know before that certainly the Messages are just um uh you know they Have can have a profound spiritual Effect and of course the using the Esoteric symbol I made several videos on The gratefulness meditation Channel and People used it and found a profound you Know uh benefit again a system that's Not about symbology and symbols and I've Been using it now for um you know since I made those videos I've been more like I hadn't used it in in years I'd seen it And I'm like yeah I'll get back to that Some point but whenever I just uh you Know have the image of the the uh the Symbol that I you know focus on that Center Point it sends me into a deeper Level of meditation it's just a good Tool for uh this the Sark practice so I'm going to stop here and I'm probably Going to do some more today um on this But going to go eat Breakfast okay so last week I noticed

These things with this guy Clancy Martin Who I didn't know who that was um the This thing called Compass um I don't know what else that Says There discover your inner compass with Clancy Martin and Dodgy um so I looked up this guy Clancy Martin he's a philosopher he's 56 years Old from Canada and his big claim to Fame is a book entitled that just came Out this is 2023 how not to kill Yourself um he's written a book on how Not to kill yourself he's obsessed with Suicide and let's see it here um clency Martin on writing death after his book How not to kill yourself and multiple Suicide attempts The Survivor of multiple suicide Attempts explains his book how not not To kill Yourself and you know he's definitely Like an academic he's smart intellectual But you know often he's dis disheveled And here he is with Dody beginning of a Journey and so dody's decided to team up With this guy who's recently released a Book of his own which will be being Promoted on heartfulness about how not To kill yourself which is a negative Suggestion right in the sjar system Everything's supposed to be worded Positively this comes straight from

Babaji and was explained in a preceptor Training by Chari that the way that the human mind Works one of the essential teachings of Sjar system is that the the original KOB Which means the original stir that Created the universe there was a thought God had a thought right so this was also Called the primary stir by Babaji where There was nothing but peace there was Nothing but you know nothing there's Nothingness and God had you know God Doesn't have a mind but there was this Thought like Let It Be the idea of the Universe was there and it was created And that thought for us that original Thought the you know the Divine thought Force our thought force is akin to that Our our thought force is almost Identical to that human beings thought Force and so this is um when it was Referred to in the Old Testament that God made uh Man In His Image this is What Babaji says that you know the truth In that is that that our thought Force Our souls come from that original Thought right and we have this ability To create our own internal Universe Which we all do our own internal world And you know we make choices and we have These um you know these abilities and so If you have a negative thought if you Have a negative Suggestion it will manifest and when you

Have a goal you you're supposed to Meditate over that goal to make it Successful right if you if you're have a Goal you have to remind yourself of the Goal constantly it's like a mantra and If you word it negatively you're going To you're going to achieve the opposite Of the goal you know our brain our Subconscious mind doesn't doesn't you Doesn't process the words no and don't And things like this and so for example If you say thou shalt not kill like the Ten Commandments Babaji had the 10 Maxims of Saar they originally called The Ten Commandments of SAR but if you Look at the the maxims they're all Worded positively what you should do and So when you have Thou shalt not kill or Thou sht not steal you get rid of the no You know Thou shalt not you get rid of The not Thou shalt steal Thou shalt kill Right so that's how your subconscious Hears it but also you're meditating on The words kill and Steal like every time you read the Commandments so a better way of wording That is that you're going to be a Law-abiding citizen or you're going to Be a good person or you're going to be Somebody who's kind and gentle or Whatever it is right and any of those Suggestions any of those goals killing Or stealing won't be a part of that Right if you're going to be a good

Person you don't kill or steal right so You word it positively and so all goals And all these things are supposed to be Worded in a positive way we're not Thinking about I you always give the Example of stop smoking I'm not going to Smoke and then it reminds you of Cigarettes and smoking and how much you Want a cigarette and so the more you Think about it just reminds you of Smoking you don't want to think about Things that are you you don't want to Meditate on what you're not supposed to Do you want to meditate on what you're Supposed to do you want to set your goal And set your will force on what you're Supposed to do it's very you know simple And you know kind of brilliant and There's a spiritual explanation that Isn't there in other places and so this Guy's book how not to kill yourself it Has the word kill yourself in the title Which you don't want to meditate like It's a suggestion right subliminal You're seeing that in you know on every Level and the word not like it's so it's Negatively word it's everything that Saar's not about right it's everything Saar's supposed to not be about about It's the opposite of sash Mark and dod's Leaning into this and embracing it and It's just you know it's a classic dodgy Move and so I clicked on the top video Here the following content may contain

Suicide or self topics I wish to proceed And understand and then they have a Crisis thing here you're not alone and So the guy looks really sad here right He looks um in terms of his spiritual Condition we have to if we're worried About someone we have to remember you Know just always Reach Out always say Hey and you know what's going okay so um You know again I this guy has his own Struggles you know I don't know if he's A good person bad person whatever it is I don't know why he's Suicidal but he's struggling right and So this is um compass with Clancy Martin And dodgy is it wrong to lie you know is The topic right and you know you know This is um dody's latest attempt to make Himself more appealing in some way by Partnering with somebody else and it's Like they're on an equal level and of Course with when dodgy shares a St stage With somebody he degrades the the Position of the master as somebody who's In the central region and who has uh Been risen has been given like spiritual Gifts and his work to rise up to high Levels of spirit ual attainment you know When he did this with diaper Baba so Many years ago and he's degrading that Position like he's putting it on the Level of you know new age philosophy and You know people who have like Suicidal Tendencies and you know whatever it

Might be right like it isn't you know Where he's I mean sometimes they try to Put dodgy in this position where he's Sitting and being interviewed by Somebody and he's elevated by the Celebrity status of the other person and That celebrity inter interviewing him Like he's important or whatever he's uh You know he's a Divine I me we we've Covered this before I've covered this Before but then he does this other stuff Here and it's just you know what's going On right you know it's just it goes Against the essential SJ Mark philosophy You know I want to add to this I you Know originally I saw this guy and dodgy And the guy's all disheveled and I'm Like what's going on here this is like You know my last journey series thing And I was like all right I'm not going To bother watching these videos but then I thought well I saw it for a reason Like I was clicking out of these tabs And you know I just saw this new thing He's doing and I was kind of interested In a little bit and I'm like you know Let me look at it and you know when I First really started to realize that Something was wrong and again I didn't Know about the brighter mind scam yet I Didn't know about a lot of these other Things I just knew that dodgy was Sucking like he just wasn't good at what He was doing and he had made

Questionable you know i' seen Questionable decisions he's made and Then there was the question about why is He not talking about charging which many People were asking and so I you know I Knew it was like completely after or There's some something switched in me When I saw the video the suicide video Where dodgy said it's always the People's fault around you like just you Know guilt and shame and things and you Know it's all the always the people Around the person committed suicide and He had a friend and he didn't reach out To the friend and he showed the guy Hanging himself and it was such a a Horrible video and you guys remember you Know me talking about in the earlier Journey Series uh you know back when things Started to turn and then all this Information flooded into you know I Received all this information from People about the brighter mind scam and All these other things but that was the Turning point because of the suicide you Know my daughter committing suicide was A part of that but how disrespectful he Was and then some people who also had Friends and relatives who had committed Suicide said they were offended by the Video they didn't want to say anything To me but they were new to sa Mar but They're glad they're knew to

Heartfulness and so they were glad I Said something and now he's doing this With this guy it's full of negative Suggestions and this guy's some liberal Intellectual guy from Canada and all the You know I'm sure's Li I and you know Get into more of his stuff here and you Know I don't know if the guy again like He do seem like a bad person he Struggling he's person struggling but It's just dody's desperation to try to Be relevant like how is this going to Win over followers like what people are Going to be brought into SAR based in or Brought into Heartfulness not Saar because it's no Longer sash mark But brought into Heartfulness because he's doing this Like there's no one going to watch the Videos this guy doesn't have a huge Following and I don't know what link Them together somebody introduced it you Know I don't know how this thing came About but it's a constant thing that Dod's doing where he just you know he Craps all over the tradition and changes The you know the basic uh you know Fundamental philosophy behind sa Marg And sells out the system for something That isn't going to I mean it's just not Going to do anything right it's not Going to you know it's not going to make Any changes in the membership it's not Going to attract people to the system

And it's going to be bad content like It's going to you know I don't think do Is going to understand this guy I me I Don't know if you read his book or you Know what caused this event to happen But it shouldn't be like it shouldn't be Whatever he's doing is just Wrong and just all of it and there's so Many things just in what I'm seeing that Are bad about it uh but you know like It's not like I don't know that's why I Don't look at these things cuz I know no Matter what I see here it's just going To be the same like it's just failure It's just more degradation of the system You know I'm going to end up watching Some of it just cuz like whatever um Hopefully I don't why I don't want to Get into I think this is enough for the Video but I might comment on it I want To you know you know I could go clip by Clip and just destroy what dody's doing Here and I could do that for every one Of his videos so I don't waste too much Of my time doing that already know like You guys know isn't like anybody needs Convincing pretty much everyone's made Their decision about this anyway but you Know I'll end up maybe watching some of It when it comes out I don't know and Then I'll talk about a little bit more But that's it for for Today okay so um I want to add one more Thing about this they have a compass

Here which of course you know the Compass is a very famous remix Sonic Symbol different kind of compass uh but This is um you know and they have one Person waiting it premieres in 16 hours And there's one person waiting between The two of these guys they can't get More people interested about this video Right and they're going to prop it up With fake views and there'll be some Bogus comments but it's basically not Going to be seen by anybody but going Back to what I was saying about negative Suggestions and so um this idea where it Says how not to kill yourself you know This is sitting on your Coffee table your your um anywhere in The house everybody's going to be Walking by let's say you're reading this Book for like a week or so you know Maybe a month depends on how long you Know just sits there you're going to be Seeing um the words kill yourself over And over again and they've made Kill the Biggest word here right this it stands Out a portrait of the suicidal Mind and you know I mean it's just not a Good thing it's it's not a positive Thing right it's got it's filled with With subliminal and negative Connotations and you know all these Other things that I've talked about Earlier in the video you know there's um A thing about success in this system

There's a lot of pain people suffer you Go through cleaning you have issues People have all kinds of different Difficulties and the Masters even more So many people in the system have had Just tough lives in in various ways but Have been very successful very Successful in their careers very Successful in other aspects of their Lives and ultimately Spiritually and chargie once gave a Seminar for preceptors and it took a While he didn't do it like right after Babaj had passed away he did it in um I Want to say uh the early 90s or Something like this not sure exactly When uh late 80s and he had People um read famous people like do Spiritual readings like when a preceptor Gives a sitting they read the condition Of the person they're giving the sitting And you transmit to the person and then Something some information comes back to You in different forms for different People but you read the person's Condition and then you would say all Right I saw grossness at point 4 or you Know this one thing or another might be Something of a different nature some Kind of an emotional block right there Was a time that bobj was transmitting to These uh like a group of people and when He closed his eyes he saw there was a Monkey sitting there where this guy was

And he opened his eyes and there was a Person and he closed his eyes and there Was a monkey he kept on doing it back And forth like he couldn't understand it Then he realized the idea came to him That this guy was a hunman worshipper The monkey god in a past life and he had These heavy some scaras and once it was Cleaned he didn't look like a monkey Spiritually anymore right and so there's These you know different images or Whatever it is but charie had these People you know preceptors all do this Reading and some of them were skeptical Or they they felt they were being tested But he didn't turning in what they said But then he gave his reading of these People famous people people who are Historical figures other you know Whatever it was right and he um you know And the reading that he gave was Echo by Pretty much all the preceptors there and He said there are a few people who Didn't try they didn't attempt it they Were you know scared or they were you Know whatever they were tight but they Didn't try but all the other people Succeeded because success is a part of The Sark system there's just success That's there for anybody who who wants It you know like you said people had Better jobs than they they should have And you know there's just uh when you You set your goals and you learn to hone

Your will and you learn to focus and you Know the meditation helps you succeed Like I couldn't do anything I was a Failure as a person I dropped out of College twice I wasn't in relationships For more than a year I couldn't hold a Job for more than a year I just was you Know an underachiever but I was able to Do all kinds of things successfully Since then I've been a much more Successful person and it's all Attributed you know I know it's has Everything to do with me doing the SAR System becoming more dis displine Becoming more clear being able to Sustain things being able to tolerate Things being able to you know endure Things and it's just there for anybody Who does it you get better at life right You get better at being a human being And people who do it sincerely that's What happens it you know across the Board it helps you it enhances your Ability to deal with difficulties and These gatherings and things that he did Were so you know always so successful All these ende ERS at charie uh all These ghouls he had the asham he built All these things and Dody had some early Success he completed the Connie Kan of Shanti vam asham the asham in hydrabad And he did some good things you know Initially with some of the videos he put Out some of the early content he put out

He was successful especially the stuff That was started when charie was still Alive he published some Mission books But now since then it's just one failure After another and that is much of an Indication of him being disconnected Because you know his business has failed The guy has you know may was a Multi-millionaire based in owning seven Pharmacies and now his kids have run the Business into the ground they're all Held up in India they all were living in America America he had you know the kids Were American citizens and now they're Just staying in India after running uh You know multi hundred million doll Business into the ground that had $120 Million of investor money of course the Brighter mind scam and the YouTube Channel and all these things it's just One failure after another dodgy is a Complete failure and they're just in Denial about it like anybody else could See it everyone else can see it you know People who are willing to see it and it Just shouldn't be that way right it just Shouldn't be that way look at a Gratefulness meditation Channel and so The idea came to me to create the Channel and then I had that experience Where charie said you know when the Dream that I was a preceptor again and So I went with that you know and then I Created these videos and you know had a

Vision of the channel and it's very you Know well done and you know it's coming From the system the Divine system and I Create a comprehensive Channel it has All the explanations of what you need to Do to get started doing gratefulness it Has the sittings and the abilities and The resources that are out there for People to be able to connect with the System and you know it works and it's Because of you know just staying true to The system and I'm not you know I'm just Kind of a slacker and you know whatever But I stay true to the principles of the System and what I attempt what I what I Do here on the YouTube channel what I do In terms of my Homestead the things that You know are going on in my life or Whatever I'm successful at those things And I wasn't beforehand I wouldn't be I Wouldn't be successful before I started Doing s Mark but I now have a a method And a way and you know I got Divine Backing and backing from my soul so it's You know it's like some some system that Helps people become a better version of Themselves and DOI should have been much Better than he is like better than he Was before but he's worse and it's you Know kind of a tragedy and then all the People that are along with them they're Just you know just running this thing Into the ground anyway my voice is going Here I'm going to wrap this thing

Up okay um is it wrong to lie why do we Lie insights from dodgy and Clancy Martin heartfulness thou has 400 34,000 Subscribers by 430,000 subscribers I Mean 835,000 Subscribers I'm editing I realize I said Four for some reason I think cuz the Last time I think they had around four Or 500,000 and yet can only muster up 3,000 Views and they're not real views because These are the comments right seven of Them one of them has dodg as a as a Thumbnail picture this one has a heart That one has a Emoji something I don't Know another heart there thanks truthful Existence truth exists and none says it Really wonderful message all of these Look like bot comments so I they can't Even generate like any kind of real Comment um but again 3,000 views only One person was Waiting I don't want to spend too much Time on this but why do do we lie Insight from Dody and Clancy Martin here's compass with Clancy Martin And Dody so they're going to have a Series of videos here's this guy Here is happy to lie in fact our age is Often referred to as the posttruth Era lies and fictions are all around us It's just all lies there there's just

Lies everywhere then they bring this guy In at Standford University and it was Found that the average Stanford student Would lie at least six times a day six Times a day at Stanford so this guy you Know he's kind of disheveled and it's Not his fault that he's I mean you know He's putting out this book and stuff Here um they're not pimping out his Blood to pimp out his book here at least About suicide you know this guy has no Blame that dodgy sucks but they have This guy and he talks a little bit here And they do some more acting things here More of Dramatization white lie or might even be A harmless lie or me so he's talking and They're doing that and then they bring Dodgy in um here he is dodgy author and Heartfulness Guide and um there's the compass there And they're not together they're not to Be interview I don't know if they ever Met I don't know if they either one of Them knows that this is how they're you Know they Were talking in some way did some Interviews we're talking about the Subject of lying and dodgy and him Separately gave these interviews and They're mixing this up into some sort of A video that sucks right it's not going To do well I mean it's obviously already They're getting bot views they have bot

Subscribers they don't really have 846 th000 subscribers they just don't They're not getting any views on their Channel right it's all just a lot And they don't understand what they're Doing DOI isn't aware of how his team is Just making these crappy Videos that is for politicians and head Of the head of the kingdoms in those Days to keep the public in Good Humor They might end up sharing some White Lies with them okay sharing some White Lies you know I'm not going to bring Plato into this for some Reason Some kind of sunset there more stuff From this Guy he's got a little bit more to say Here thing and probably subsequent Decision making of theirs is going to be So he's talking about it and then dod's Brought back in here towards the end to Protect something greater Dharma as they Say or you are trying to protect someone Against Violence so this is 18 minutes minutes Long and just you know a lot of stock Footage here a lot of whatever they're Paying for here these kind of stock Footage that they're trying to you know Make this into a video of some sort or Another they have two guys talking about Lying who are disconnected they're not Connected with each other one has a book

On uh you know his multiple suicide Attempts and the other one is a Defunct leader and former pharmacist who Whose kids ran as bus business into the Ground and he's run his Divine father's Business in into this into the ground as Well and it's just a mass here here he Goes again I may be able to so that I Would be in a Position to Discern right from wrong yeah well You're not because you did the brighter Mind Scam and you know I mean just all the Other things you did to charge you which Is the worst stuff you did but he has Like no moral compass it's stuff that He's done is Unthinkable and dodgy finishes up here And then is it for the overall good I Think this is a very expensive watch one Of my um viewers said what this is like A $20,000 watch or something whatsoever I speak becomes the truth then even if It's a Lie okay Um is that is that what you're going With I'm always hesitant to talk about Heartfulness now you know I talked about So much when I was just figuring out how Bad it was a couple years ago and then Everything since you know the holidays The bandas are a little bit different Because it's just a reminder especially

Now since you made that Proclamation you Know there's things that are story lines Just like anything else I cover on my YouTube channel there are story lines That aren't completed yet right and so There are things that's just well this Sucks and you know this is another Reminder of it sucking but then there Are things that move the storyline Forward but also there are things that Just come to me that I don't seek out And that's always an indicator of me to Me that there has to be some you know Something's being brought to my Attention for a reason and that happened This morning and last night with this Thing with dodgy and Clancy Martin and So today Sunday October 22nd and then After or during satson these ideas came To me of things I want to say what I'm Going to say in a moment and then when I Um turn my computer on there was a a Message on Facebook for one of the the Longer term practitioners who someone Was doing this five six years now I Think has been doing sa Mar letting me Know that um Mr J had opened a heartfulness arts store That was called um let me see see what It says here um what he was calling um Fractal fractal mathematical art he was Basing his art on fractal ma mathematics Now he's a guy I've unfriended and I'll Get into that in a moment but everything

That I saw here was related to what was I was thinking about in Satson and so um let's just go into what His art thing is here well in terms of My history with him he's a guy who's Been practicing for 50 years and you Know up Until the debacle started with Dodgy I didn't like the guy but you know He was a good preceptor and you know These people who hung around a lot of Them had personality issues I mean like You know I have them so like it's not Like I don't I'm not easy to get along With but there's an older generation of Bobbyy preceptors who you know these are People who practiced before I did And so I came in as a younger person and I expected them to be you know more uh You know more mature and more just Better at being an Abasi and preceptor That they were you know they've been Doing it for so many years I always Expected them you know to be an example And be people that you could look up to And when they were't it bummed me out Right and I wasn't comparing them to Myself because that would be you know Kind of arrogant since I'm just starting And when I saw that they weren't doing What the books said they should do you Know or you know it wasn't living up and It was hard to live up to the books it's Hard to live up to the the teachings but

When they had big Egos and they were you Know hard to talk to and Narcissistic you know it seemed kind of Um you know why is that you know like a Lot of these people had been spiritual Giants in past lives they had been Famous you know people who had been in Uh famous Saints and and you know They've been big- time you know Spiritual uh gurus and things in past Lives and they were you know there was a Lot of sucky people there A lot of great People really humble wonderful people Who just work uh silently without Wanting recognition but there's a group Of people who are the look at me people Right everybody look at me I I need to Be seen and those people are always Pushing for a position and you know they Want attention they want to be Recognized Mr Jay was one of these People and back I don't know when it was 200 11 around that time 2010 11 you know Later on I recognized that well we we Got on the hill of the asham and Molina And this is around the time where I Started to see issues like the UN you Know Char's Health was failing um and There was issues that I was aware of That I you know before it was just all Positive Like I was just all psyched about sa Mar And all these things everything was Positive but then there were issues that

Were starting I was starting to see the Organizationally and problems with People and I was following Whispers not Only doing the truth or stuff but doing The homesteady stuff you know in terms Of the predictions and the just Everything that was in Whispers would Indicate that learning these oldtime Skills and you know now now these things Are being embraced with dodgy with the You know biodynamic Farm stuff he's Doing there and all these things are Doing but back when you know I was a Pioneer and it said P be a Pioneer in Whispers uh you know and figuratively Being a Pioneer and literally being a Pioneer in you know both those ways and Reclaiming some of these old timey uh Ways of of uh you know growing food and Things and then Dody gave that talk you Know criticizing people who grew food Even though he had a garden at his home Weird stuff right but he gave a talk Where he said why do you want to grow a Tomato when you can buy one in a store It seemed like a weird thing I've talked About that in the past and so I was Starting to feel Ostracized and you know these types of Things but we were on the hill like There's a big hill uh you know a paved Hill driveway coming up into the asham And everyone got in the hill and Mr Jay Took a picture of the people right all

The people on the hill and I was maybe Towards the front and I looked up and I Saw it was just all Indians it was like 95% Indian people and that the Americans You know people who were you know born In America were it was dwindling the Numbers and you know this became a Problem even chargie himself would later Say this uh when he said um you know the Indians in America had have wrecked the American Mission but then he put people In positions of you know all these um Position so I asked Mr Jay for a Photograph because I wanted to you know Show that this this is what the Mission's becoming that that American Americans weren't doing the practice he Said well everyone knows that he's like Snippy about it and I'm like just send Me the picture you like um but I just I I just never really liked the guy I Disliked him and the few times i' talk To him and then when I heard him give Talks and he was just kind of Braggadocious and really always about Himself uh and he did Art he and he did Music and I didn't like either one of Those things that he did uh you know I Appre they was trying something new at An older age he was making a living Doing at the art and the music uh but he Was the guy who thought of the term Heartfulness like dodgy was looking for A new name and this guy thought of the

Term heartfulness which makes him I Don't know the details maybe somebody Said it to him and he said it to I don't Know exactly what it was but dodgy Didn't think of it himself and this guy Was involved and he was involved in a Lot of the hardfest stuff he got in on Got in on it early and When the preceptor spy spied on me when My my you know my my now wife and I I Moved to be with my now wife and the Preceptors spied on me and gave in info To my ex and I think it actually started Happening earlier which is even worse And I said I you know I knew I had to Say something to Dody because that's Just inappropriate behavior and when I Said something to him he recommended I Go talk to Mr Jay I was talking to Mr Jay and he was bragging about his little Qu quer uh Kora he had a Kora page and It was mostly aasis that went to it he Was talking about all the views he got How successful and this is the wave of The future and I had legitimate problems The biggest one being that new people Were starting and I wanted to find a way To get some sort of concierge some People in the mission to help these People integrate into the system all of You who are who tried heartfulness and I You know was some hundreds of people Even more I don't know how many it's Probably over a thousand at least of

People who tried it there's a couple Hundred or maybe over hundred now that Are doing it I don't even know they do Gratefulness now and you know these People some of them were were finding Preceptors but other ones were Struggling and like he sent me to this Guy to get sittings me and my you know My new wife to get sittings from this Guy but he lived far away and you know The conversation wasn't a great Conversation like it just kind of bumed Me out because his cor page Like sucks like you know I mean I didn't Know that much about it I looked into it A little bit he would answer questions You it was just you know people like to Talk about sa Mark you know people who Do it but he wasn't bringing in new People like he wasn't making contacts With new people like what's going on With my YouTube channel my YouTube Channel divorce his you know core of Things in all categories views and you Know enthusiasm and all these things Right and you know and I'm like your Thing is isn't important because my Thing isn't you know it's a drop in the Bucket right I mean there needs to be a Mass movement of people doing sash Mark Like Millions like they have to break Into the millions of people worldwide There should be a million people in America doing Saar and it's probably

Like less than a thousand now who do Whatever heartfulness I mean it's you Know it's dwindled and most of those People are Indians so it's not even you Know in terms of Americans Maybe there's 200 or so doing heartfulness you have to Bring people in and they have to address The problems like people coming into it Thinking it's just for Indians and all These other issues that Americans have And so you know I left the conversation With him and I was like well I'll Mention him on um my you know maybe it Was a journey series video because you Know whatever I didn't want my dislike For him to Prejudice the opportunity people might Have to learn something about sa Mar Through what he was writing on qut Cuz he you know he's read the books and So I think he at least knows stuff about It and that there's be ways maybe that People could get connected through that Community right and you know it's for People to figure out you know I didn't Want to say all right this guy don't Like him but he has his thing and it Might be good you know and I I didn't Know dodgy sucked back then but as I Thought about it I was like well you Know this guy if I don't like him you're Not going to like him you know like he's He's um he's not a truther type person And whatever and as I saw him more and

More he was becoming a little mini Guru There was a few people who dodgy allowed To conduct their own group meditations And things on Facebook and there was a Time where you know this guy's had Health issues he had like a brain Something and he's had number of health Issues in fact I the one time I talked About India he was talking about all the Stuff he was going through in terms of His poor health but he was meditating Like I was scrolling through Facebook And there was he was doing a live Meditation it was a closeup of his face And you know he's in his 70s and he Looked like a ghoul and I noticed a lot Of these people it wasn't just him a few Times this happened where I was Scrolling down Facebook and someone was Giving a satson and the person looks Like a ghoul like if you were just it Was you know just not appealing right And you know the more that you do Saar There's sort of a piece that comes over A person's face and you might not be you Know Have a a model's features and you don't Look like a young model or somebody but There's Beauty in somebody who's really Spiritual and their you know like a you Know different kind of beauty not a you Know a youthful Beauty a model Beauty But a you know just a like the masters Of the system there's just they radiate

Something right it's attractive to People in a spiritual way you know like A an old person who has a gentle face Right relaxed gentle face but he didn't Have that like he just it looked kind of Scary off-putting and then I realized he Was the person putting the music and all The different heartfulness videos like The guided cleaning he had whale whale You know whale sounds and things and the Guy did you know these videos that were Being put out he was putting music and Offputting music and sound in it and you Like he doesn't know anything about Saar Because it Saar is a vibrational system System and when you add music to it it Distorts the vibration you're adding Something of a grosser nature it is Arts Like this too and so I looked at his art This morning and he had this fractal art And his description of it was it sounds Like he was describing some scars and he Had a virtual you know this person wrote To me and sent me this said you got to Check out this thing and he was opening An art store and it says heartfulness on The art store itself so he's linking his Art to heartfulness he's he's releasing It the same day dodgy releases his Newest spiritual Anatomy piece of crap Book you know so it's like the whole Thing and the pictures are almost like You know you see those black velvet you Know blue black light or blue light or

Whatever it is those those uh you know Velvet posters you see on the like on The side of the road like if you LIF out They have these you know they're Abstract shapes that are unpleasant to Look at like the photo that I have now You know I take pictures of Nature and Nature is always better it's Serene and There's you know it's it's divine in its Own way but he had all these abstract Images and things that are unpleasant to Look at you know it's it's gross it's Just unpleasant to look at it's Off-putting and that's his music his Whatever he's doing there his chora page Everything that I've seen him talk about Un heartfulness and there's these people Who have been propped up that have more Important positions under dodgy and Heartfulness but they got to know dodgy Sucks they got to know in fact I know This guy was looking into the brighter Mind scam like he was pressured by this Guy this preceptor and this is what I Was thinking about right so I was Thinking about this with um this guy uh Mr M so when things shook out when the Things shook out with my divorce and all The you know the damage was Done there was only two people I was in Contact with other than my Brother that were you know involved in The mission one was a a preceptor a Woman preceptor who was friendly with my

Kids and she was going to start my son She ended up not going to the Gathering Though which kind of sucked and um you Kind of had a falling out kind of Whatever it was the other person was Mr M who contacted me and was watching my Videos and he would call me every once In a while we'd have you know Conversations about things going on and You know he um didn't tell me that he Was also in contact with my ex which you Know was kind of a like that was a a Deal breaker for me because my ex was Just going on and slandering me to Everybody in the mission which I now Know more than I knew before and people Outside and you know I mean people in my Life now or whatever it is right like She um you know in a very Insidious way Like because that's what she does Manipulative and whatever and me and Mr M were friends or at least we knew each Other I met him at like the first Gathering I ever attended and we see Each other every year it was the same People that go to Gathering so there's People I would see and we'd have Conversations and we get updates about What's going on with the person in terms Of their you know their sjar you know Journeys they where they've been to India anything new happened and you know Things had to do with that kind of thing And then you know whatever subjects we

Might talk about so I talked with him on And off for you know years and my ex had Met him like the year before we split up Like not met him but you know heard About him through for through a person a Preceptor who was started by him as a Preceptor and so um you know she didn't Really know him that well but at some Point he just kind of blew me off and Wasn't talking to me disappeared and you Know I think I um there was a couple People wanted to start where he Lived and I you know the state in which He lived so I contacted him and he blew Me off never responded like three or Four people and so I was like whatever I Saw him at a gathering and he was in the One in um in uh you know with a diaper Baba and he was standoffish and these Things I've told this story before and Eventually he contacted me again which I'll I'll say in a moment I'll talk I'll Talk about that part but as it played Out I found out that when my daughter Committed suicide he reached out to my Ex but didn't reach out to me like he Didn't you know and so that was it I'm Like well you know you like this is We're not you know there's no reason for Us to have further contact and I told This story and he got upset and he was Like you know you can't be telling these Stories It's upsetting to people I'm Like well you know I'm just being honest

And truthful about my experience and the Stories are like well these people suck Right but that's my experience of them I'm not saying they suck altogether or They're they're not good aasis or you Know for some people like the people who Have been good for me I say these people Have been good for me like the my Preceptor Fred Fred's been great for me I know Fred wasn't great for everybody Fred a lot of people complained about Fred but Fred you know I'll be forever Grateful for his preceptor work Especially the first two years you know He's a guy who started me and he'll Always be some I think he started this Guy too I think this guy started with Him and so Fred was great as a preceptor For some people But he had personality quirks you know He had his own issues you know Psychological and otherwise and so for Some people he wasn't as great but I you Know I started doing the joury series And I'm like I'm just going to tell the Story the way I I experienced it and um You know I'm going to leave out people's Names because I'm not out to get them And I'm not you know defining them if It's upsetting for them then they should Take a look at that right you know if I'm wrong I'm wrong or if you know Whatever uh but I don't care like it Doesn't matter me and for him

Specifically he was the only person I Was in contact with and the fact that he Reached out to my ex when my daughter Committed suicide but didn't reach out To me you know that's I mean it's you Know it's not a I mean it's not a war Anymore it wasn't like you know whatever It was but you know but the difference Between my reality and my ex's reality My ex's story and my story is So uh you know diverse I'm so um I don't Know what the word is it's a gap it's Such a you know a Chasm you know we're Talking about having two different Realities where the fabric of reality is Different like Polar Opposites like both Things can't be true it's not one of Those situations where well I'm not as Bad as she thought or she she's not as Bad as I thought it's you know people's View of events and things that happened And transpired and uh you know reality Like you know how they actually Transpired or not like it's not we're Both a little bit wrong right and you Know somebody who's that far gone in Terms of their experience of reality and The Destructive Factor she that her reality Had on me and my kids if you subscribe To her reality and I had to deal with it For years like I had to be defined to Some extent by the way she saw me you Know Picasso's one of his Ex-Wives

Committed suicide because the paintings He you know the abstract paintings he Made of of her over the years be got got Uglier and uglier and that's how he saw Her was reflecting back what he saw in Her and and she looked at those Paintings and eventually killed herself Because of them right because he was you Know twisted and abused in these things As a you know as a child and you know he Had an ugly inner reality and it Affected her and when you live with Somebody who sees you in a way that You're not it affects you like you start Believing them to some extent it affects You a negative way and so when I freed Myself when I was extricated from that Situation I was like well I'm not going To experience that again so somebody's Talking to her and she's you know saying These things about me and then you're Talking to me and in the back of your Mind you're wondering well maybe what She says is true Whatever It Is Well I'm Not dealing with that that's you know Like I don't need that I don't need that In my life right you know you have to Pick sides in a situation like that he Picked his side and I'm like all right Fine you know you know I only talk to The guy a couple times a year and I you Know we were kind of friends I mean I Say we're maybe slightly friends like You know I don't we weren't close or

Anything like that right but getting Back to the main point about Mr J and All these things the way this ties in Together so when I um made a voice over And sent it to I think three different Senior people and one of them was Um Mr K or Mr V I don't know why I call Him before and he's somebody that I I Like and I feel like he's really he's One of the good great saintly people Like somebody who I would put uh as more Devotional and a better Abasi as than I Am you know you can't quantify something Like that but somebody who I you know Would say is great doing a great job as A preceptor at Abasi and I still think He he he is you know even now and Someone who has a good condition like Somebody who you know he got it like he Was one of the people who you know he's An Indian guy who was dealing with the Fact that you know that Americans were Coming into the group meditation feeling Uncomfortable and he was dealing with That right he was he lived in America Very Successful and I sent him a Voiceover and he's the one who told me That um Mr s was playing a dirty game And he started Mr s Mr s looked up to Him as his preceptor and he you know was Bummed about Mr s and you know he was Stressed out eventually he said to me Somewhere that he couldn't deal with the

Negative things anymore they are Affecting his spiritual condition and You're supposed to guard your spiritual Condition but you know the truth is the Truth right but I sent him a voice over About how bad the YouTube channel was You know this is when I was you know Seeing the video on suicide so this is Around that time frame and he sent it to Mr M and also to this woman uh Mrs E not The the bad Mrs E but the younger Mrs E Who was close with dodgy but she was Struggling with how bad the YouTube Channel was and they both couldn't deal With you know they couldn't directly Confront anybody or they were both Struggling with how to go about it and Try to to make the thing better they Were making American videos so like the YouTube channel was different people who Were making videos heartfulness videos And Mr M was involved in one of them and You he did an interview and then he he Was trying to put out his own content And their content sucked and none of Them got how to make content and I'm the Only person who does this professionally And even though I do truther stuff I Understand how to make videos and I Understand audience and how you know you Just appeal to different demographics And things and they were just making These shitty videos just stupid videos That you know I'm like who are you

Making this for you know what person is Going to watch this and be attracted to Sa Mark I mean there's this one where There they had this guy he was a Womanizer and he was in a bar and and Mr S had hired a private firm that made Videos and the videos were horrible Childish you know like no no real point And just bad like this bad and they were Trying to make these bad videos that They were making to you know somehow Because the other they could see that The other videos were bad but they Couldn't see that their own were right And this ties to this video with Clancy Martin because this is obviously done by Westerners maybe some Canadians or so You know somebody read his book and Thought it was great whatever became a Fan of his and decided to link him to Dody and put them together and you know Dodgy just yeses everything I don't know You know I don't know how this video Came about who wasn't responsible for it And they got a bunch of stock footage And they you know made a bad video about Stuff that has really nothing to do with Sash Mar like Mr J's art and you know All these things where they're just um Bringing in other things that are You know not purely sa Mar related They're not pure sa Mar but what I was Saying before about these Videos and everything that's being done

It just sucks it's very poor quality and It's not masterly like chargie Everything that he did was masterly like There was I don't want to say a magic to It but there was such a flow to it that It seemed like magical like chargie Would say okay you know would seat two Two people together and they would have Some sort of connection maybe they would Get married maybe they would do some Work together but they would have some Kind of past life connection and he Would you know they'd be sitting next to Each other on a plane and you know there Was a time where he was giving a talk on On loss and he invited all these women In to sit with him and he gave this talk On loss like in his you know in the Master's um Cottage area there's a there Was a garden you know there's a there Was ground you know there was areas to Sit outside beautiful you know Botanical Areas and these women came in he sat Down with them he talked about loss and Then he left and they were all sitting Together and they were talking and each One of them had lost a child every one Of them there was like 12 of them and Somehow they all were brought together There on that Day uh you know in in India some of them Were from Europe some of them for you Know different parts of India but there Was just a flow to it and he was just

You know no matter what they went Through he would get the job done and he Would be successful there was so much Success you know I was saying this Before but I you know Bears repeating And people were successful financially And you know they had um you know just All kind this just success was a big Part of Char's existence and dody's Everything he does is failure and as Soon as they saw the first bit of Failure they had to wonder like what's Going on right and it wasn't just like a Little bit of failure and it's a lot of Failure and this video with a guy who Has had multiple suicide attempts and You know writes a book with a negative Suggestion as its title and isn't about Anything you know he doesn't even know Maybe about sjar or heartfulness or Whatever you know whatever they've Gotten him involved in this he thinks He's promoting himself like this is how Phil Jackson and you know I don't know If they're paying these guys or what I Don't know you how it works but all These people that get involved with Dody You know whether it be diaper Bob or all These other people they're getting Something out of it they're you know There's a reward for them either you Know they're getting access to Heartfulness audience and help build Their brand or they're getting

Financially compensated whatever they're Doing deac Chopra there's some sort of You know deals going on to get these Guys involved to make really shitty Content right to make content that Nobody's going to watch that video has Um as of right now it has um 4.5 th000 Views and they have almost a million Subscribers it's just not you know There's just no way and then they've Made a short video in which it says how Often do we lie and it shows this guy Clincy Martin it's a short video with Him talking about lying and you know This um why do we lie and how often do We lie again is focusing on the negative Like it's about telling the truth truth Right you understand this and there's Such a I mean the the lying part is such A big part of hurtfulness and dodgy like He's lying all the time which they have To see like he's inflating the views and It's the failure plus the cover up of The failure and the lying about the Failure all these things I mean it's Really bad across the board but I Realize that all these people know this On some level they've all come in Contact with this and if you're going to Call somebody a master if you're gonna Think somebody's a master he's got to be A master you know there's never been any Indication that something like this Would happen other than these Whispers

Messages were now seeing that have Hinted at it you know Whispers messages That like are you know now make sense That didn't make sense before but other Than that there was no sense that the Master might fall the legitimate Successor that charie nominated and that But even when chargie was nominating him Nominating him he said this guy's going To have to do this he's going to have to Change this there was going to be he was Talking about things that needed to Happen and those things haven't happened So chargie was even hinting himself if This guy doesn't change some things he's Not going to make it and no one thought That was Possible and so that's the hard part to Get over like everyone thinks that this Guy's been endorsed by the master and You're not you know the Masters and if You're not on board with it you're Somehow you know being one of these bad People that denied charie and denied Bobaji when they were made m and you Know all these things that you're you Know you're selfish and you're you're Not willing to accept what is obviously A master when he isn't right so they've Warped their reality to compensate for His failure and they're not allowing Themselves to ask critical thinking Questions and challenging questions About this guy right but his suckiness

And failure is overwhelming it's Complete now there doesn't seem to be Any success at all in what he's doing There was success in the beginning mixed With failure but all these mistakes and Poor judgment and then all these people Who are taking it and just deluding the System and bringing in you know per Perverting the system and bringing in Their own crappy stuff and like Mr J's Art and all these people with their own You know little takes and things on on Ways of making heartfulness videos or This project and that project and and Dodgy himself has gotten away from the Court messages and he's not republishing The books and he's you know banned Charging I mean just that alone like He's scrub chargy from the mission and People were aware of this a lot of People were freaked out about this and They were talking about it and that was In the beginning when was not as obvious As it is now and with all that Information they're still just going Along they're still Capitulating and you know many of them Have been bought in one way or another And they have positioned Mr Jay has his own little you know he's Like a mini Guru he's failing no one Watches him you know no one's I mean It's all like just failure but for that They've been willing to sell out the

Integrity of the system right and it Shows you how easily people let Something become a religion they just Let it go like they just there's no Resistance at all and there is some you Know minor like weak lame you know Pathetic resistance in India but all These people are doing the system They're continuing along playing along Like heartfulness is you know like it's Legitimate still and there's still Transmission and there's not right like Dodgei is no longer functioning as a as A sar master and what's being done is Not sjar and what heartfulness is sucks And they know it sucks but they won't do Something like I'm doing here right They've all failed and again I don't Know you know everything that's going on I'm disconnected but But as long as you're going along with It you're a collaborator you're a Collaborator and you know showing up for Gatherings where um charges being dissed And participating in those Gatherings You're failing you there's no you know There's no benefit of you doing that Right and not speaking up about it is Even worse I mean you know like you Should be able to get out there and do What I'm doing just say you know say What you see right name what you're Seeing they're not willing to do that They know like they know what's going on

Like at some level they know they just Won't allow themselves to see it because They're just weakness and they're Failing this test right um you Know like I I don't I don't know what Else to say about it it's a bad Situation but like going along with it Doesn't make it better doesn't make it Go away and you know doy just keeps on Getting worse and they're just ignoring Like they should watch every video he's Putting out like instead of saying oh The videos suck I'm not going to watch Them well that's just you to die like if You if he's a master like he's behaving In a way and his everything that Surrounds him the failure and the the Stink the stench that surrounds him and These you know these losers that you Know are destroying the system and They're unpleasant unlikable P people And when he babbles on he talks about Things that no one understands and you Know sometimes he gets things wrong or Sometimes he just sucks in terms of his Ability to articulate things but that's Not a master right like a master is you Know it's a reflection in every level of His being is you know Perfection like He's perfected himself that's what sjar Masters are supposed to have done They've reached the highest level of Their spiritual attainment and they have You know they're self-actualized they

Are you know they are they're realized Right they've realized their divine Nature their soul has completely Encompass their existence and they're Operating on the highest possible level They could operate And so there shouldn't be failure in Just you know all of these things he's Doing wrong decisions bad decisions Corruption criminal stuff you know Brighter mind scam I mean all these Things and they're not willing to to That their possibility doesn't exist Reality doesn't exist to them like all These people have warped their reality To not see what's what's right in front Of them and they're supposed to be Spiritual people you know reality at Dawn that's a book by babaj you're Supposed to to you ultimately a realized Person sees reality in its Divine form And DOI is just a putts he sucks he's Like he's he's a dope like he's a DOT he Used to be better like he's he's fallen He's worse than he was as a preceptor he Used to be good he used to be somebody That you know knew sjar and you know he Was devotional and he was successful and He was all these things like I thought He was going to be successful I had you Know I I I didn't doubt that he would be Successful but I was wrong because he Like I didn't know he had this much Failure in him right I didn't know he

Had this much suck in him like it just Uh but it's there for them to see all Right anyways I got to wrap this one up Here but I'll continue on okay so um Just want to add a little bit something I've made a few videos already today but One of my Um friends who was From um gray France and and lives in Amsterdam Netherlands on Facebook Somebody I haven't met she's one of These um older aasis probably in her 70s Or 80s and I didn't remember making friends With her probably early on when I made a Lot of the friends who were Aasis and she um posted this Compass Thing with um Dodgy and Clancy Martin and so you know Anybody who posts anything with dodgy on It I just um have unfriended them just You know at this point it's pointless But back when I just wanted to be as Disconnected from this thing as I could Be now I just don't care but uh she Wrote this and DOI requests us to share This new series of compass videos based On the profound knowledge and extensive Experience in philosophy and Spirituality Professor Clancy Martin and Dodgy provide insights on wisdom for Daily life this series will probe deeper Into topics like deception jealousy Prejudice hatred and more first video

Why do we Lie um and it shows you know link to the Video and the picture of those two uh People dodgy and Clancy Martin the video has 5,000 views and uh Seven comments from somebody who just Has been saying they started 12 12 Million people in one province in India And their viewership hasn't gone up and They're still faking views because you Know again seven comments for that many Views is abysmal um but more importantly It's the subject matter that this person Wrote about or maybe this is something That she just copy and paste pasted from The official heartfulness where there You know this stuff where topics like Deception jealousy Prejudice hatred you Know the the sjar system is about doing Things positively again focusing on the Positive and thinking about things in a Positive direction and I said this to DOI when he's trying to bring Americans In that the heartfulness YouTube channel Should just be about what to do how to Do the practice and all the positive Things about it all the philosophies all The philosophical things and if you want To have separate channels Official channels but more importantly Channels like mine people who are Practitioners of the system we could Talk about more controversial topics in A more you know a negative I say

Negative but not in a you know what you Should do type of way right like I can Do that here I don't do it on the Gratefulness meditation Channel I don't Get into the stuff I talk about here or There because it's a it's just about the Practice and the system like the Gratefulness meditation channel is what The heartfulness channel should have Been where it's just how to do it how to Connect with the services and just be About facilitating the sittings and the Practice of the system so that people Can learn all about it have all the Tools necessary and they can go back and Rewatch videos and get a further Explanation if they have been practicing A while and they're not sure if they're Doing it right or whatever it is that's All it should be right and you know These guys are just clowns because it's Not rocket science but you know they Don't know much about YouTube but I did They had somebody who did and you know They didn't listen to me which is you Know I mean not listening to me is not As bad a decision as it is to get Involved with a brighter mind scam or Join the RSS or do any of these other Things right but if they want to stay as A you know a positive Channel they can't Be talking about all these negative Things and failing at it like talking About them in a way that's not appealing

To people like these videos are you know They're probably getting around a Thousand views I mean they only got Seven comments they might might be Getting almost no views like I don't Even know I mean I don't know who Their Audience is but their YouTube channel is Basically dead they have almost a Million subscribers and they're only Getting 5,000 views that's you know Either they've gotten all bot Subscribers which is clearly the case to Some extent and they've lost their Audience which is also true but more Importantly they've lost their way and And there are some of us like I said That have read all the books they've Boughten they've bought all the books And read them people who this was their Primary preoccupation right this is Their passion and you know people who Would go to India once a year people Bought property in India Americans and Europeans and they would go to Gatherings and they would have Gatherings in their you know home Country and they would give sittings and All these things right they listen to All the talks and they knew about the Sjar Philosophy and all those people have to See or or should have the ability to see The dodgy full of right like he Sucks that he's gone off the rails

Because this is not Saar and there's so many ways it isn't And you know this guy dodgy truther is Always finding things to contradict what Dodgy is saying and like that which is Good and you know is accurate for the Most part but you can find contradictory Things in the sa Mar literature where Char you says one thing to one person And something else to somebody else Because you know in terms of um not so Much about the Sark practice and things It's just that there's levels of Truth And there's different things that people Different people need to focus on and so Contradictions are there sure but the Primary teachings of the system have Been violated and are you know have been Lost and the essence of the system Itself has been lost you know and I Guess this probably happened about six Months ago I don't know how long I've Been talking about this but when I think About the issues to do with heartfulness Which I don't do very often like it Comes and goes when I am working on one Of these Journey series and if something Happens with a gathering or somebody Sends me something but in terms of or Something comes up one way or another But in terms of what's going on now it's No longer a dodgy problem like it's no Longer a dodgy and the people around him Problem because they've displayed

Themselves right and they're not going To change they're not going to go back And do the right thing they're not going To stop lying and scamming they're not Going to you know put the system back to Where it was and so it now falls on Everybody else the good practitioners of The system and a lot of them I don't Like to speak up and they're nice people Or whatever You know they're not like an a-hole like Me or whatever but they're just allowing This to happen like they're the problem Now they were the problem in the Beginning but you know there's always a Case to be made that in the beginning You know the beginning that where take Some time to convince you it took time For me you guys you know remember I mean I saw how bad everything was but until I Saw what he was doing with the brighter Mind scam and even then like I thought Maybe there could be a you know other Than this it's Fai saving aspect about It not wanting to admit that you're you Know a a loser and you failed which Again then you lose all the credibility As a master so there really wasn't any Way back for dodgy once he started Making these boneheaded decisions but it Was the way he treated chargie like These people all love chargie all these European people I mean they really loved Him and they certainly think more of him

Of chargie than they do of Dody and They're just allowing these two the Reality of Dody dissing charie and their Feelings for chargie to exist like it's Okay like it's okay for Dody to cancel Charges holiday and do all the things I Mean especially these Europeans who are Are very in some of the American liberal Americans you know American Americans Who are you know I mean they're Flabbergasted over the there's that one Person that left a comment about the Whole thing with the RSS I mean these Are people who you know are very liberal In their points of view you and to have Organizations like that and some of the Decisions dody's made with the Incompetence it should be enough to get Them to just you know push them over the Top and say this guy's Fallen but it Speaks poorly of human beings when Something like this happens that they Don't you know stand up for like there's Things that happen in the moment where Somebody does something you're not ready For and you're like oh I wish I said This or I wish I said that but this has Been going on for like five years You know and it's just getting worse I Mean it's at some point you just got to Call it um but they just won't anyways Um I just want to add that little diddy Here and I'll um move on hopefully to Something else and wrap this one up okay

So I'm going to wrap this one up today Got a couple of I want to read a Whisperers message and then um couple of Uh messages I got from people doing the Gratefulness meditation a disaster with The heartfulness this um bookstore And um I'll probably start with that Well let's start with this other thing With the um one of the the person that Sent me that Mr Jay was doing this you Know this bizarre art sent me a Photo of his art which she felt looked Like the Corona virus which I kind of Understand why she felt that way but his Art is just not artistic he's using Computers and it's just you know I mean It's pretentious and I think he's found A market selling to other practitioners Of the system that's who I think buys is I don't know like I don't know what he Does but it's just Um like if he wants a a picture of the Corona Virus or whatever it is I it's just not You know it's just weird and it's you Know just points to the degradation of The system I did have one good thing to Say let's um well this is all you know I Feel like A lot of this um allows For me to remember things I would maybe Not remember so I can say this is how it Used to be in contrast and I wouldn't be Able to do that because I wouldn't I

Would wouldn't bring to my attention Unless there was stuff going on with Dodgy and heartfulness so I think There's a positive aspect to this Because I can explain how it used to be And I can explain the principles and Teachings that all of these people Should know cuz they read the books too At least they have to be somewhat aware Of it and how he's violating the very You know the tenants the you know the The rules the the basic building blocks Of the Sark system but I had a dream Last night or this morning I woke up and Um there was a bunch of um practitioners Of gratefulness and I came in it was 10:00 it was in the morning but it was Just everyone had just done the Friday Night at 9ine uh individual sitting and I could feel the energy like I could Feel the energy in the room and I was Like oh you know cuz I'd been delayed by Something but so that was a good sign Like there was this you know you could Feel like w I could feel like was Walking into like a gathering and so That was good I want to make an update Video on my my um this channel I guess My normal pox of the future Channel and Just see who's doing the practice and And just remind people about the satson On Sunday and the Friday night sitting On on Friday And then all the different services are

Available in gratefulness so I'll do That you know hopefully this week at Some point maybe this weekend maybe on An off day or I can at least do it for Members and then just release it later On when I get a window where I can you Know I have to be mindful of when I Release things because Um you know just the way that YouTube Recommends my videos and the big videos That I want to be recommended you know The ones that are going to sort of carry The channel financially I don't want Those getting buried because I released A 10-minute video on on gratefulness That gets you know cuz they're not going To give U notifications for two videos a Day things like that but anyway so that Was a good thing that was a good Positive you know idea that in my dream That gratefulness was working and people Were able to create Gathering like Conditions in their personal practice People who are doing this wherever they Are you know CU I know what's happening With me and in my environment but I Don't know what's happening with you all So that was kind of valid valtion that People are able to create this ash like Environment when they're doing the Practice that's how I took that dream And so then I got a an email from Another practitioner now this person had A preceptor a preceptor that I

Know and she's been doing this for maybe Three years or so maybe longer but you Know for a while and um I got a message From her on Facebook I don't like to read these Personal things but um it says here I Guess maybe this is an update well yeah So um I'll show you one picture from This um she said she's so effing mad at Heartfulness she ordered The Whispers Books and it costs some hundreds of Dollars I guess she's out $300 because They sent her the wrong Order and they are um changing the Practice and um They're doing uh this stuff called Polarity which I know that polarity is Like energetic work that's I think it's Centers mostly around the feet but you Know there's pran hoodie being done in The system there was a guy that taught My kids and then Dody kicked him out of The mission because he was using dody's Name and try to scam some people as a Whole thing but he was actually a good Chronic healer but he lost his way I saw The guy because my family knew him for a While and he looked kind of bummed I Felt kind of bad for him he couldn't go In the asham anymore dodgy had let him Use his house and you know my son did Some polarity work and he also trained As a pronic Healer I knew people who did Raiki but it has nothing to do with SJ

Mark like there are healers that did Sahaj Mark right there were healers There's this one guy who invented this Guy was kind of a weird guy but he he Did this thing and it worked uh which Was he he took a seed like a you know a Seed like a wheat seed or something and He found an acupuncture he he'd find an Acu pressure point he was a Healer from Kakistan or one of these countries and He has daughter problems I guess his um His ex-wife married his brother there Was some kind of and his daughter was Like suicidal and um my daughter Anna Had sort of picked on her and I was like You know this girl's really on the edge You don't want to put her over the edge Right so um they tried to be nice to the Girl the girl had some issues and I Don't know but the guy um in into this System when he was like these healers Would go to chargie and they would work On him and they would get ideas there Was a doctor who was very Alpath and very arrogant about it and Chargie would just provoke him and just You know tease him about how bad alpath Medic medicine was and just push his Buttons this guy was like a you know a One of these um Top ofthe Class Indian You know just uh like uh you know like Some sort of um JC Petty model looking Uh you know like being being an Indian Doctor it's just there's a lot of and

Being the you know smartest kid in your School or whatever so he was very Arrogant this doctor gave a talk about How arrogant he was and I felt like when I met him he was arrogant so you know so Whatever had happened to him but he Would tell the story to everybody that Chargie just picked on him all the time And provoked rage in him and it helped To clean him out and eventually he would Do past life regressions but none of it Was official sa marks stuff these were People who were Healers the chargy help To be better healers the guy with the Seed he would push on an acupuncture Point and then he would tape the seed to Your to the acate pressure point it Actually worked like I whatever he did For me actually worked I was like oh That's you know why why would it work But it was some kind of I don't know What it was right but these people came Up with ideas and like you know their Own sort of um inspiration and they Would be trained healers and then they Would add to what they did and a lot of Them became like really good healers There's a woman who was became was a Masseuse and she was able to like break Down tissue and you do things that were You know she said like she had Breakthroughs because of just being Guided by the Sark system and so there Are a lot of healers in the system but

None of them were official none of them Were you know like they would do work And oftentimes they would charge less Money and you know for for people Sometimes they would do it for free at a Gathering there were some chiropractors Or whatever it might be right um people That would like you know sometimes you Would get a you would go out and you Would be you would be your neck would go Out because you went into somat and you Came out your neck was all messed up and You know there would be chiropractors There people just you know whatever uh Homeopathic people but there wasn't you Know anything to do with the official System because official system is not About physical healing you know somebody Just wrote to me why me to recommend an Asham because they were going through Some you know physical healing and I'm Like you know listen to my videos and The person got you know pissy about it Cuz I didn't respond but he was asking Me to tell him about an Asam and I'm Like well all the ashs are heartfulness Asham so I don't you know and they're Not there for physical healing there is Free medical places there like free Medical um you can get free medical Clinics that are like the one in chenai Has a free medical clinic I don't know About the one in uh kaana must have Something but there's another one in uh

TI of Valore which is you know they uh Charge you some last piece of property Bought there by the asham in chenai and They have free medical clinic but it's Different doctors who go and volunteer Their time it's people who are obasi Doctors and they would go there one day A week and volunteer their time or a Couple days a week and some of them Would be like naturopathic healers some Of them would be regular doctors so it Was all different doctors and it was Open to the public like local people who Needed health care and you couldn't Afford and so I didn't like going in There cuz it was like you it was like Really sick people sometimes um but you Know I had to go there for a few things Because whatever my kids or or something Um but it was like not so great being There but you know was I mean there's a Lot of poor people out there in India Don't have access to good health care or Any kind of Health Care and so this was Kind of a you know a service but again It isn't the point of the system it was An extra thing and Uh let me show you the book here let me Go out of this voice over that I'll show You the book okay so here's the picture Of the book the person sent me and it's Um it shows you the Um Polarity heartful this polarity thing

And again it's written by dodgy like why Is dodgy writing about polarity he Doesn't know think about polarity and so This is heartfulness education Trust so It's just a way for them to make money And do these things that have nothing to Do with s Mar let's see if I can make This bigger here Um open it on a new tab and I can make It big enough that I can see what the Tagl a simple method to fix the energy Field for the well-being of family and Loved ones now there is pronic healing And there was this kid like I said it Was a pronic Healer and my uh son we Went in and we learned pronic healing And we were kind of hooked up with this Family and the family had a very abusive Dad they were from a part of India where They spoke a language that only 990,000 People spoke like sort of near Northern India it was somehow they're associated With the mahab barata something to do With that like that region and that Language and they came down and they Became inmates people who families who Liv lived in the asham and did service And the father was in charge of tier Velour but the kid said he was very Physically Abusive and there was um you know a Variety I don't want to get into I've Told some of the story there before but They had some scandals involved or

Whatever but nice family and the one kid Really was good at pronic healing but he Couldn't like read or write like he had He had all this like I don't know severe Dyslexia but he had trouble being a Student but he was very in and he was Good at being a A pric Healer you could Feel the energy pra is a it's it's not The the energy PR a hoodi the Transmission but it's you using your Your love energy to heal other people And it works like it you know we did Some we did some minor like just he had He taught these classes and things and People were learning from him and dodgy And him were you know dodgy was his Supporter and Dody had an extra Apartment Dody had an apartment at Garden Of Hearts his own personal Apartment and the kid um ended up um you Know using dodgy apartment for his Seeing his clients and a lot of people From around the the region um you know From different places like you know Europe and and Russia the kid ended up Going to Russia and trying to scam People out of money and it was a whole Thing and he was a kind of a liar like He told these stories that you know were Obvious Exaggerations and it was a big problem Because I was like my ex believed the Stories and I was like you know the These aren't true you know he's he's

He's he's bullshitting right he's a bser And so my son ended up before that was Training with him to be a pronic Healer My son got permission from dodgy because It was one of those things where you Would give up your own Prana which is a Problem with the you know with The Prana Hooti and other Traditions then the sjar Tradition there's this back door of this Infinite store of pranoti that goes Through the preceptors and the master of The system so they don't deplete their Own energy because when people did Pranoti in the past transmission they Would give up their own energy so they Can only do it for a couple of times They could only give one or two Transmissions in their life because they Were given up their own Prana their own Life energy but this is a change this is Was a new development Discovery by babaj G and this was you know was was Different about the system but also if You doing pronic healing you had to get One of the you know the Master's Permission and dodgy gave my son uh Permission to do the work and so he was Learning from them but I was questioning These you know the kid was a little bit He turned out to be kind of a liar you Know he had some issues like I you know I like the kid it felt bad for him when I saw him at the asham he kind of put on Some weight and he just looked kind of

Beaten U he was like walking on the Outskirts of the asham and we said hi And he seemed to be almost kind of Defensive uh but one day dodgy came up To my ex and said Um if you see this kid treat him like a Stranger like you never met him and just Walked away right like and there was This European woman who um was Um you know abuse Survivor and some Preceptor tried to run her over with a Car she claimed and like she was such a Victim and she ended up hanging out with Us a bunch of times and like I felt like She know just a life sucking person just You know kind of whiny and she had maybe A abuse Survivor from or you know SE Sexual abuse or something from she was Young I don't know but just you know a Nightmare of a person but she said that She gave this kid a bunch of money and He was he did the originally the Original sessions were good and they Were helping her and then he was just Praying like he wasn't doing the pronic Healing he said just pray he just come Over and pray over the people like he Stopped doing the work and and then Right after that we heard this thing Happened with Dody at the same time and Then right after that we heard he had Been banned from SJ Mar and DOI kicked Him out of the mission because he was Using doi's money to the name to scam

Money out of people um so you know and So suffices to say there has been messes With these kind of things right like There's people who are legitimate Healers but just like preceptors who end Up getting a big head and getting Arrogant and getting egotistical about It you can't associate these things with The mission the mission isn't about Healing people there was a time where a Preceptor during bab's days went out and Tried to pre transmit to lepers and Cured the lepers and Babaji got really Upset with them saying this is not what We're here for we're not here to cure Lepers we're here to connect people to God like this isn't what we do here We're not here to cure people because We're not here to usurp God's will like There is what a the criticism of Jesus In the system was that Jesus miracles Went against God's will like Miracles Are something you learn to do at Point 2 Like you can do po Miracles at Point 2 The people who are preceptors people who Are brought up to point two by the Sark System it's blocked or it's not you know They don't have access to that ability I'm talking about the yatra points here The 13 yatra points but at point two you Can do Miracles so it isn't like a big Deal it's not a you know point2 is the First point that you would you know After 0.1 that takes 45 years and you

Can do miracles But you shouldn't because God's will is God's will now if something is ordered If God says I want you to reverse this Thing I want you to change this thing Then you can do it if you can in the Sark system if you need to keep somebody Alive you know if a person needs more Time or if they have some kind of um Debilitating Subs Scara that's making it Impossible for them to move along Spiritually then something can be Changed if a person needs it for their Spiritual growth but other than that all The some scars and all the issues people Have health issues are there for the People to suffer all the Masters Suffered Madame Aly suffered everyone Has their own health issues their own You know chargie had these horrible Migraines and then he had all kinds of Health issues at the end of his life Babaji had an ulcer lji had um had um an Absess liver and dodgy had Polo he was a Kid and he has all kinds of health Issues now so you know good health and Perfect health is an AAR of Mark system In fact the opposite bad health is used To help people uh go forward spiritually But anyways let's get to the publication Part so if people have a access this Person doesn't have any way to contact The bookstore and I'm not sure how to You know I don't know anybody anymore I

Don't have contacts and you know I'm I Mean I'm out like you know the people I Used to know uh there are some Preceptors in California the bookstore As far as I know know is in California And so people who are doing practice or Have practiced and new preceptors before If you have any contact information or You can connect with this person in the Comment section of this video um you Know I don't know like anybody has any Suggestions of how to get in contact With the bookstore people the other Option would be it is a third-party Credit card bill and you could go to the Third party and say you didn't get your Your stuff um and you know so that would Be the options contact through Preceptors in California maybe you could Use the hard spots apps or whatever find A way to get information from them and Then um you know you can go to the third Party credit card and say you didn't get Because they have a they've outsourced The you know the credit card company That does the billing and say or go Through your credit card itself and Complain and say they charged you but They didn't give you the stuff and your Credit card can reverse the payment or You know do whatever it does and so Those are the the options anybody has Any more suggestions and so what Happened was the first books that were

Published by babaj G were the like the Cheapest Indian 1950s 60s books like They're classic books they're like Collector's items when you open them up The pages fall out like their The Binding is so cheap their Paperback and eventually chargie took Over the publishing and he made better Books but there's always issues right And so then they started self-publishing A North American publishing Committee in America and the books were nice you know Some of the I think the fruit of the Tree and some of the uh you know some of The early books um in his footsteps I Mean there was a period of time the Books that were first published in the 90s they're still in good shape but they Cost too much money to sell to the Indians because they were you know it's Cheap they could publish them cheaper in India so they they dissolved the North American publishing committee you know They had this thing called the Corpus Fund where you could pay $150 or $300 And you would get every book from then On but that ended up being uh dissolved As well because people got way too much Like material they didn't realize how Many books they were going to publish They ended up publishing five or six a Year and so and then there was like Videotapes and things so it's just it Wasn't a good deal for the mission uh

But they you know it it got everything Jump started so they could develop a Publishing company and you know the Books came out and they were you know of Good quality in India and people would Carry books home like if you went to India they would ask you to take a box Of books to America and that's how this Stuff you know it's very is very um you Know nonprofessional in that sense right Tried to keep the shipping cost down so People would go back to Europe or America or Russia or something and They'd bring back a bunch of books and They'd feel find a person in charge and The person could distribute the books And the books were cheap right the People who could donate money would Donate money and they would make money Off of gatherings but the books Themselves were almost at cost of course All those books were lost in the flood And then Dody contacted people at least This is what I was told that Dody Contacted people in charge of ashrams And told them to destroy charie books Right after the whole um you know Shortly after the Char had passed away So Dody was already this is what I've Told I don't have any you know evidence Of that that's what the Dody truther Told me that he talked to a few people That said that that happened and and They were threatened they would be fired

And someone else would take their Position and basically be a ostracize of The mission if they didn't do what DOI Was telling them to do so it took a While for us to see it but DOI was Trying to scrub chargie right off the Bat that's at least what um I've been Told but anyways there's always always Been problems because it's a volunteer Position and so the North American the Bookstore that you now buy books from And I you again I don't know what's Going on with that but they um sell Books it used to be in in the Molina Asham in Georgia and there'd be a Gathering every year and you'd go pick Up your books like you'd buy books and You would just go there and they had a Bookstore and you pick them up and you Put them in your suitcase and bring them Home and that way they didn't they Didn't have to charge you for shipping And all those things or people would Pick him up and bring him back to the Center like if you were in a center and You didn't go to the Gathering and when In charge he came to America but you Could also buy books there they had a Small little bookstore at the asham but Then they moved it to California and There seemed to be more problems there You know I went to the California Center And me and my kids went there and no one Knew who we were you know which was kind

Of odd and we got there early and we Just sat on a couch for like an hour and No one came up to us and talked to us And said oh you're new here and you know Like I mean it was just you know no Hospitality and it was the Gathering in 2017 and it was the first time that DOI You know Krishna Char's son gave a Speech and then DOI gave a speech and I'm like it seems like he's not talking About chargie the way chargie talks About bobaji and the way Babaji talks About ly it seems like he's upset at Chargie it was the first indication I Had there was an issue because they had A live broadcast there and the Ashan was Okay they bought a bowling alley they Could have bought a whole town with cows In it and things but they bought a Bowling alley in Silicone Valley and There's a lot of money there Silicon Valley and so that's where the bookstore Is and you know it takes forever to get The books might take like two months Before the books ship I mean like They've had issues Staffing and I think There's just a lack of enthusiasm God Knows what's going on there but anyways Um you know there's and again I wouldn't Be able to talk about this I wouldn't Remember to talk about this you know Sort of the history of the you know the Bookstores and publication you know and I knew more than most people because my

Ex worked on the couple of the Committees and you know I published a You know co-published a book and you Know I knew the people that were Involved with it right and a lot of them Were not professionals and you know they The regos would get involved like Everything else I mean that's it's Always been a Hallmark of the system you Know people want work and they want to Do the job but they're not able to you Know um it's limited to their abilities And there's a lot of drama and things Like that but the books always came out And there you know there was efficiency There and so shipping $300 of books the Wrong books to somebody and being filled With these books that are not you know They're cash grab books like dod's just Throwing everything up against the wall Let's do heartfulness polarity but dodgy Doesn't know anything about polarity It's just you know I mean he did know a Little bit about chronic healing but he Couldn't write a book on it but they Slap his name on it because that you Know was supposed to impress people and They're pushing this out and it's like It's not sa Mark like it's just not like It's you know this is the kind of thing That there's all these little it's just Leaking everywhere right you know the Whole system it's like the you know the Dyke that has you know the dam that has

All these holes in it the water's Leaking out of it right there's just um You know it's leaking it's not you know It's no longer a solid container and There's just all this drip drip drip of Of like uh you know just being watered Down and I mean some cases just out out Blasphemy but other cases it's just you Know the morality and the enthusiasm all These things there's a there's a Different hole and it's water's leaking Out all these things right and that's You know indication of the the fall of Something and you know people should be Aware of it but they're not and on that Note I want to read this one Whispers And then wrap this one up and um here it Is Sunday October 23rd 1999 10 a.m. there Is still a long way to go before order Peace and Harmony can Prevail on this Planet you are all Pathfinders it's up To you to go through your behavior and Your words to sew the seeds of this Wisdom to which the world aspires see Yourselves as bearers of this Divine Seed cultivate beauty within yourselves So that it is reflected on the outside Become luminous points that attract your Brothers and sisters who are less Fortunate than you in this area for that There is no need to Proti your attitude your sincerity and Your inner strength are enough to

Impress your fellow human beings who are Still searching you all belong on a path Where you you where you find spiritual Blossoming it is it is bound to manifest In many circumstances through reactions Made Wise by the Mastery provided by Your sadna which is your spiritual ual Practice participate with full awareness In in the event of a better world Advent Of a better world bagy and this is a Great message in a lot of levels uh not Kind of one I usually would read but you Know this um condition like we're not Supposed to go out and just talk about Sa Mar in ways that you know it it Doesn't matter like you could just go Talk to your friends and family and Everyone at work and things and you Could talk about all the time and then Just people think you're weird or They're just like oh well you shut up About this right and so um you know it's Something you talk about in ways that People ask you or you know they people Go like there's something different About you like people should look at you And see that there's something different About you and feel it not everybody's Going to do that but sensitive people People that are attracted to SAR on some Soul level will meet other aasis will Meet preceptors and there are a lot of Good people there used to be a lot of Good people and just the way they

Behaved and the energy they had and the Way they car of themselves and you know Just their attitudes and their work Ethic and things and they would impress People in some way as being spiritual as Being different and of course the master Was the prime example of this and when You were in contact with these people You saw that there was something going On something good going on and I met Lots of people in the system hundreds of Them Who would you know would be fit in this Category they C they certainly weren't Perfect but they had something you know Something something you were like oh There's this person's a little bit Different they're a little bit better or Whatever it is because of the system and Then you would talk about the system to Them in some you know natural free Flowing way not in some proti you know Preaching kind of way and this is a big Indicator you know there's these guys Going door too and all the things that They're trying to do and the desperation And and dodgy not being able to get People to watch his videos and buy his Books it's because he just doesn't have That like he used to as a preceptor he Used to have it he doesn't have it Anymore like he had people that loved Him as a preceptor I talked to a number Of people the guy Josh that wrote a book

With him and some of these other people That were in his Center and they said he Was just such a great preceptor I had One preceptor tell me that he was a he Was one of the people you would go and Ask questions and he knew all the Answers about sittings and spiritual Work like he was a really good preceptor And he was you know a good businessman And he had a good Center there and he Was doing it and then he just whatever Happened to him now he's lost that and You can lose it and everyone should be Aware of that because it's you know it's Based in your humility and your Realizing that God is the real doer and That you're just you know a conduit and Being a conduit is great there's nothing Wrong with being a conduit but you know When you start thinking you're the Doer Which is what's happened to Dody and you Forget about you know all that charie Did for him and all that Bob G did for Him and he starts you know walking with He's got this little swag now he's doing And the people around him and this is This has all been lost the you know Being that instead of Faking like Pretending being a poser like being that Being a spiritual person being somebody Who's benefiting from the Sark system And being a an example what the system Can do for you and you know this is just Lacking and that's you know this all

This leaking that you see that's Happening it's because of that because They've lost the you know the essence of The system which is the system is Connecting you to the Divinity within You and cleaning out the things you Don't need and you know you're grateful For it and you realize that I mean I Realize it all the time you know on a Daily basis that I'm better now because Of the system in every possible way Anyways let's wrap this one up here only Spirituality will save this world it's p Important for the apocalypse and the Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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