Journey 121 (same video with double audio deleted)

Journey 121 (same video with double audio deleted)

Greetings brothers and sisters so this Is uh Monday September 18th 2023 so I went Through a little bit of a you know Internet thing with uh you know one of My viewers that you know had a following And you know you guys who watch my Channel We'll know what I'm talking about this Is for people in the future so but it Caused me some level of stress and Negatively affected my internal Condition so this is going to be The first part of the journey series 122 And I'll make a separate video to put up On my gratefulness YouTube channel But anyways you know you are always Checking in with your spiritual Condition and you can feel heaviness and Restlessness and sometimes that's just You're going through a certain stage or Point in your spiritual journey Sometimes you just have accumulated Grossness And it was a big concern of mine when I Left India Because The stuff I do here You know in the beginning it was very Heavy like it was hard for me to cover Celebrities and you know the heavy Topics the gross topics on my YouTube Channels Um one of my original YouTube channel

And then since then and in India I was Getting three stats ons a day of course I was going through my own cleaning Thing there as well Uh and there was preceptors that live Like right next door to me and I was Getting all these cities I was getting All this stuff and my concern was when I Left India and there'd be no preceptors No ashram And I'd be back in America which is You know much more aggressive and more You know materialistic I mean India has its problems lots of Them but it has at least it's ancient You know spiritual bones and the ashrams Themselves which I live close to are you Know these um Gateways to have it or like another Plane of existence so I was wondering how I was going to be Able to do this job when I got back home And there's all these stressful things They needed to deal with that I was Putting off When I was when it was when I was in India with my kids and things You know getting them back on track in Their homeschooling and you know all of It right we were in this sort of Crisis And then I was gonna have to deal with It so Those were my concerns And then my spiritual condition would

Get you know wrecked By all of this stuff You can feel it and I was so you know I Just gone through the separate cleaning And you know I was wanting to retain the You know the spiritual condition Whatever Your essence inside you is when you Meditate you feel it And when it's grossness it's hard to Connect And for the most part somehow it just Was made that I could do all these Things I started to get less affected By the content I was creating like it Became more detached and I was able to Sort of maintain my spiritual condition You know and then over the years I was Able to get cities from the app that Dodgy created for heartfulness and it Was okay it wasn't great but what I Missed out was these four Gatherings Every year we would go to an actual or You would you know get intensive Cleaning or something Through the system And you would get this level of purity You know you'd have an elevated Experience and it was able to sort of Carry you through and you know it was a Huge boost your spiritual system and all Of it And that wasn't available to me anymore And as you know heartfulness collapsed

And you know all the things that Happened I wasn't able to have those big Experiences and certainly even the Gatherings on the internet are not the Same In terms of the settings are good but Not being at the venue not being around Other people and having a a collective Reaction right you have You know when you ever since something Is as a is a I mean it gets magnified by the more People they're doing it right you have Some experiences That are you know people say more is Better But more is just it makes anything more Intense It makes the bad things more intense the Good things and so you know there's that Element and in the seismic system the The Gatherings are great things and that More people that do it and going to a Natural and things Make them better enhance them and you Get a real you know a jolt of this Spiritual energy and you can go to a High condition and you get really Cleaned out and purified You know the cleaning can be very deep It usually is very deep You know that's why I made the Intensive Sitting to three sittings and so I had

These sittings up on the gratefulness uh You know on this gratefulness YouTube Channel And I was like hesitant to try on myself Like to meditate because I was giving The sittings and that kind of seemed Kind of weird like a preceptor Can't give a sitting on themselves right They can do their Internal cleaning but they can't sit There across themselves and give Themselves a city But I thought about and I realized Sitting really doesn't have much or it Has very little to do with the preceptor The preceptor is in creating it the Preceptor doesn't own it the preceptor Isn't you know I mean it's passing Through the preceptor it's like saying That the water is created by the faucet Right the faucet is just where the you Know the water flows through And so I thought to myself you know I Should try this right and I should Experience to see how they're working Just to get a sense of it So I did the absolute individual City That had used the absolute technique It was very effective like I had a Really great City I was surprised at how great it was Very powerful I was like wow And then I decided because of the Situation I was in and I just felt like

I was going through something gross and You know this has been building up for a While And I want to get back to a really pure State so I did the three sittings in In one day the Intensive Which there seems to be 200 people that Have tried it there's 200 views on the On the video And I'm not sure you know people haven't Responded I so much I don't think I've Gotten very many comments on that On the you know intensive sittings So I don't know if people benefit like I Did but it was amazing like I could feel It in the first sitting and it was just Like being at one of these intensive uh Gatherings before where you receive Those three sittings in one day and By the end of it I was so cleaned out And it was so great like I look forward To doing it again and you know even Though because the sitting isn't in the Video And the sitting isn't me it's a you know It's got its own existence and it Happens on a you know an etheric level And so even though I was hesitant to do It because you know I was like the Acting as a preceptor in the situation It was you know the sitting was you know I didn't even think about that way when I was feeling it receiving it There was I didn't feel like it was

Coming through the phone or the the Video and I didn't feel like it was Anything really to do with me as a Preceptor it was just the work was being Done so I'm very happy with the results Like I feel like these sittings are I Feel so much better about the YouTube Channel And you know people have been responding That they feel good about the savings Themselves but you know it is um It's been a real blessing and now I Understand the efficacy of it and I'm Pretty psyched about it I'm really happy with the condition like I just felt so good last night I did the Third City so I did all three yesterday And last night I do the third one and I Was like wow like there's a difference Between the the starting the Introductory settings that are one on Three days you get one every three days You get one uh in three consecutive days So it's three sittings one each day and The Intensive one these are both on Playlists and the Intensive one is three Sittings in one day And like I know that that's there for me When I You know you have to retain a spiritual Condition to do the preceptor work and You don't want to feel gross I mean the You know it doesn't come through you When you're transmitting it doesn't come

Through you when the transmission passes Through you But it affects your ability to see What's going on and to participate and You know guide the the sitting in one Way or another you know that's what You're there kind of to do And so you know being clean and and just In general for my you know making the Videos and doing what I'm doing here Having a good spiritual condition is Essential and you know now I can you Know have those deep experiences when I Need them every once in a while you you Just feel sort of gross and you know Feel heavy and and you have something to Help you so Um really enjoyed it I hope that people Will have a similar experience to what I Have if they you know do the sittings And it's not something you want to do Every week or you know it's Like it loses its value then but when You really need it it's there and again Like I just feel phenomenal like I Haven't felt this good like in terms of My spiritual condition being clean There's like nothing left like when I Was meditating there just wasn't Anything inside of me and even going Through a very negative experience that I was going through Everything was just cleaned out and I Was like wow you know I was just like in

A thoughtless State and just you know Peace and simplicity and just you know Feeling God's love and all this stuff Well anyways that's just one I want to Start off with here Okay so there's a huge huge Whispers of The brighter World message That I sort of remember I'm just going to read it to you because I want everyone to hear it Saturday October 2nd 1999 8 A.M I am happy that my son will be able to Get acquainted with the two preceding Messages I hope it will calm him a Little he fears leaving the Earth Without a replacement being prepared So this is all the way back in the year 2000 now what would happen since then Well let me read the whole message He shouldn't worry at all everything is Planned and well scheduled He sometimes thinks he's forgotten while He's struggling through all his Difficulties We are always close to him truly in Osmosis We take part in all his worries but also In all the joys that the mission Expansion brings him it is a grand Achievement which started with a handful Of men and with one day and one day will Cover the world I'm happy to be able to pour out my Heart and say all this to him Pages

Would have been written to express all My gratitude and divine love that binds Us Our Union will be a great moment But we haven't come to that yet he Continues His way and to fulfill the mission until The end with Majesty is always which she Has always done my dear child you feel All the joy I have been able to express Myself through you be blessed as he will Not fail to do it himself Made these messages bring him comfort With Comfort such in their aim that's Not the message but it's Um Important as well This is the one before it Friday October 1st 1999. Dave both that Was a very important message because of You know what it said about charging And then this one see with them how you Can forward these messages to him in the Most direct way This is Friday October 1st 1999 10 A.M It is important they concern my son and Must pass and must remain For the moment a very limited Distribution This is before they came out publicly For years not till 2005. There must be a few intermares there Must be as few intermediaries as Possible

Let him not worry about his successor we Have been following him for a long time And are training him He shouldn't waste his energy over this Concern he already has enough worries We can never lie we can never tell him Enough how much we love him and Appreciate his work What he achieves is almost superhuman we Carry him as much as we can But his load remains very heavy we Regret being able to communicate we we Grow we regret not being able to Communicate more with him through you The language Problems seriously handicapped in this Matter finally he is sufficient inspired And fulfills his mission our heart Overflows with gratitude for ways Accomplished the highest authorities to Watch over him try to afford all this to Him under the conditions we have Mentioned that that is that is as Discreetly as possible That is not again Babaji that is again Not the message they're all tied Together all stop they all start in the Same way But I finally found the right one here And they're all I'm glad I read those Because they all have so I'm going to Save those as well Because they're all tied together here But he says this

Thursday September 30th 1999 10 A.M free Yourself from all these thoughts that Are running through your head and come Join us otherwise how do you expect us To communicate Leave aside this fax Idea for the moment I think that's a French word and come and open the Channel for good My son worries too much about his Succession that will happen in due Course timeline nurse seems long to him He too would like to come join us The greatness of his mission is in is Inscribed here on Earth You must see it through you must see it Through to the end and that got lost in Groundless considerations for the moment Who better who better than he to manage As he does The immense Enterprise He is being a great spiritual he he is a Great spirit he is a being of great Spiritual Dimension as well as shrewd Businessman He is perfect in his role I too I too had only one idea in mind to Join my Reverend Master he let me Languish for a long time But it had to be that way No one will take no one will take the Select place We reserve for him here So he can wait the succession won't be

Easy his successor must have broad Shoulders a great discernment regarding Human behavior and especially the Know-how to choose collaborators whom he Must trust completely in giving them Responsibilities The very nature of the human being is so Often changeable in puzzling that it Takes it takes long experience of human Behavior to make judicious choices Errors are inevitable and sometimes Necessary in order to start over on a Stronger Foundation everything needs to Be learned and earned Babaji very brutal ending to that Message Brutal in the sense of this is what's Happened now when I first read this Message I remember the one message where He said that um Uh that his successor would need broad Shoulders and you know I uh I just Assumed he would be successful right Like there was with him saying this in Order to start over on strong Foundations Like he's basically saying right here What's happened that he has to choose His collaborators carefully and he Hasn't done that So um you know that pretty much sums Everything up starting with the other Message where He said um

Planned like he said here Um See if I can find it Everything is planned and well scheduled Where his replacement is being prepared He said then the other message he said He's been working on his successor for Years And so it was dodgy Um you know after that time charging Would make someone else's successor then That would crumble And then we come back to dodge he must Have seen something and dodgy that you Know accomplish That you know charging new And I mean these messages but errors are Inevitable and sometimes where he says Errors are never sometimes necessary in Order to start over a stronger Foundation everything needs to be Learned and earned see what's happened Here in terms of the collaborators and I Think I've been calling him that right I've been calling all these people Around him the collaborators Um was that I you know I think in the Recent messages Um you know the word collaborator is the Best word to say it because that implies People who are doing criminal You know the activity and collaborating To do something you know I associate With a bad word you know

As a negative word um In the show um colony where the aliens Have Come in are invaded uh and taken over Control of Earth There are people called the Collaborators right there's a rebellion And there's people called the Collaborators Um so there's a lot there but him saying All these things at the end he's not Saying you know see I'm saying he had Broad shoulders well he doesn't right And he says um He he especially he said a great Discernment regarding human behavior Which he doesn't have especially the Know-how to choose collaborators who he Can trust completely in giving them Responsibilities well you know he's Chosen the worst people And the one guy he was running the YouTube channel who everybody is like oh My God it's a nightmare has a lot of Influence in sway over all of it He fired him and tried to get rid of him According to One of the inside people right there's These insiders that charge you slammed As being the worst kind of people you Know I've Play that clip I'll Hopefully remember to insert it here if I don't you guys seen it multiple times

But he talks about his inner circle how Is the nightmare right You know the people with the worst type Of character And I talked to one of those guys who I Wouldn't I I don't think would be Categorized as that my experience of him He was just stressed out By everything that he saw going on With dodgy but I saw the guy smiling at The most recent uh dodgy's um You know his Dulce so like he said he Had to stop thinking about because he's Ruining his spiritual condition like he Just when I talked to him that he'd been Just you know that is what said but he What he said about The guy who was in charge of the the YouTube channel was that he was playing A dark game you know I think it was Called Dark game or something like that You know I talked about it a long time Ago and I whatever I said that whatever Word was used but you know it was uh You know he was doing something that was Just completely seedy and um that dodgy Had punished him reprimanded him and Punished him And kicked him out of the you know Club The Inner Circle Club And the guy just keeps on coming back And Like he dodgy just he feels worn down or Whatever

Um in terms of like I don't know What it was Um And then he said that um He didn't use the word blackmail but he Implied it it was almost like blackmail Involves And you know like you can't do anything About it and so like I don't even know What that's all about again I you know I Don't even remember as well as I did Before but you know the basic Essence is There And so that guy's a nightmare like we Know he's a nightmare and he's a you Know a person who likes Celebrity Status He's a you know just a bad person and in Terms of he doesn't I don't think feel The transmission and it doesn't believe In the sacredness of the system and you Know his videos have been atrocious and I don't think he's a power player but Then there's all these thugs around him And people You know who are wanting this to go in This direction right and charge he had These people around him but he kept him In check because he was just this you Know he was a lion And he was able to you know there's no Sense of them trying to run their stuff Through him right You know he was probably fairly Intimidating to them and he was keeping

Them from you know doing what they're Doing now But certainly College doesn't have that Sort of You know whatever it is my chismo or Whatever you know like you know Different types of personalities And they were all like peers right they All hung out together they mocked him uh You know I my brother told a story of Them mocking accomplished for his like Almost being I don't know uh I would say Pressy but sort of you know you know These what they said was uh you know he Came to them and said he would say Um you know give me a sitting but don't Touch this plane and you know this thing And you know very Um You know he was uh Very uh OCD about his spiritual Continuous to make fun of him a little Bit right Um so you know they were not like People coming in and the master has Already established like when I met Master charity he was just you know he Wasn't in his early years when he was Just figuring things out it's master or Whatever And you know he was older than them Where dodg she's the same age as these Inner Circle guys But either way like um the biggest

Takeaway Uh line from the thing is where see if I Can pull it up here Um That's not it it's this one I think um And saying that uh Uh Errors are inevitable and sometimes Necessary in order to start over on a Stronger Foundation So there was like an evil that's being Purged out with him saying everything's Planned in advance we've been working on Here Successor and You know this is as much of a you know Given what's happened like when you First would read this you would you know I first read this Before dodgy's era right just came out In one of the Maybe the first book Just like The Whispers message that was After uh the big event in September of 2001. You know when you read it in a way where You where you're prejudiced to thinking Like in this case that the successor was Going to be successful That he would have broad shoulders and He would be able to do all this in fact When um Uh when this first came out The other guy was nominated so I think I

Don't know what book this came out in When we read this but it was after the First guy had been nominated he might Have been nominated when they released The first book in 2005. and he was a big Guy he was like tall like charge he Charged he was six three so Six two six three something And he was um You know the other guy was you know Probably as tall as him The new guy the first guy And so the idea he had broad shoulders He was young and you know he's a big guy So you know again not physically broad But you know I mean the idea of that uh that he would Have to carry a lot of weight on it and So that would make sense because just on A physical level this is what it wasn't His about his you know physical presence But about his um you know his inner like Having broad shoulders as a as a strong Person right Uh but just in terms of that uh and so We all Associated that with this new guy Who a lot of us didn't know and he had Some issues and but they went after him And threatened his family and just like There's so much drama he withdrew And he wasn't the right guy anyway Because you know I had that interaction With him and so it wasn't like charge You picked the wrong guy he was like

Charge you do What college was and what he become And so he like he accomplished that he Wrote down accomplish his name As a successor and then you know Something happened to where he just was Like well that's not going to work but The other guy was true right and Um charity Was left with you know he was going to Die in 2014. and he nominated dodgy in 2011. so he didn't have much time to Train him For that specific role like he had Chargie was nominated as obviously Successor in 1974. and Babaji passed Away in 1985. So um Or 83 I'm sorry and so he had died in Years and you know Babaji was already Trading him you know it was aware of That earlier so Um he just made it public in 1974. So he was being trained by Babaji for Like 20 years And he was the obvious pick right like He was you know it was his his you know This is stuff that's established before In the brighter world before the you Know this is even people are even Incarnated this was you know established Hundreds or thousands of years ago this Succession And so um for those of us reading it we

Just thought he'd be successful because We couldn't imagine another outcome well You know we were prejudiced in that way To think this was going to be you know It was just going to get better and not Worse Um and that it was not think about the Things that are happening now like even If this you know he had said that like You know you can come out and say yeah This guy's gonna suck and he's going to Make horrible decisions he's going to Surround himself with bad people and They're going to wreck the mission like There's you know he couldn't say that Like just in the sense of him saying That would leave no dodgy no choice but To do that right like he had to say it In a subtle way but him saying that It'll start off on stronger foundations Then there's a recovery plan like this Is you know for him saying this has been Planned in advance and we know this Guy's going to have some issues and Again maybe you know I don't know what Specifically He knows but you know time works Differently in the brighter world it's Cyclical And you can go in on any time Point like They can from where they are they can Access time because they're behind the Time is the fourth dimension and there'd Beyond

You know well beyond the fourth Dimension and so once you pass over the Fourth dimension time is no longer Linear And so you can go in at any time point You can even as uh sometimes you know as People we could you know through Memories and through visions of the Future We can plug into different time points In a cyclical way so they would know What's going to happen but their minds Work differently etheric beings you know Beings without bodies And so it's different for them like they Don't experience the You know how it is for us on planet Earth You know they can kind of know these Events and You know to them like the The RSS thing and the you know the Brighter mind scam Um You know I have a short video clip I'm Going to show you Where they there's this guy I think his Name is Wes Anderson And he makes very weird movies Like they're you know they're all the Same like he has created a universe Where like the Um You know these um you guys might have

Seen some of his movies But there's a movie with uh memberman Couple batch whatever he is Um and he um You know uh I don't know what's the Things about but at some point in the Movie and I'll show you the clip Hopefully over my and remember to put it In here At the end of this thing I want to put The charge eclip in there and then I'll Show you the clip for the movie But this guy comes out he says he can See without His eyes Like it's a literally uh you know like a Gag you know in this uh it's a bit in This uh movie and the guy has like a Mask over I think only his mouth hole is Open Or its nose or something It's like he's got a mask over he's like Riding a bike or something and you know I thought that was kind of funny Um given all this stuff That he could see without using his eyes I saw the trailer the other day and I Don't like the guy's movie so I don't Even know why I watched that because Benjamin copper batch was in it and he's You know great actor But when you're on a you know when You're on a different plane of existence Time is different and so for these

Beings they know what's going to happen In the future and they you know there's No sense of stress and You know the unknowing that we suffer From being in a linear Time period where we're what we're Experiencing now is seeing the Heartfulness system collapse As an organization and then not seeing a Pathway in the future where it can come Back again because you know all of it Human nature and not having a succession Of you know how is the Master's thing Going to work and how is everything else Going to work as we move forward And so it's stressful But to them it isn't so they don't Experience it that way So it doesn't seem like a big deal to Them and it's just a you know a blink of The eye because of the Understanding of the whole story like They know exactly how this is going to Play out over thousands of years So these series of messages and I'm glad I read them in that order and I didn't I Thought I had the right one twice but They weren't and they all were connected They're all talking about the same thing And um You know it's uh It's good that he said that they know What the problem is right that they saw This problem ahead of time and there was

Going to be the issue with collaborators And we're gonna have to start off in Strong footing afterwards There was going to be errors were going To be made And either you know through some Other process I don't know how it will Be Um You know what I just don't see dodgy Pulling it back together because he's His mind is like God like he seems you Know they're taking advantage of at the End of babaji's life he wasn't you know In charge he was physical I mean the end Of their lives Corruption could easily have you know Was chargedy to whatever extent and Certainly with Babaji because he was you Know his biology wasn't all that Coherent a lot of the time and neither Was charging Because of you know charge you had so Much physical issues and he had a couple Kinds of cancer And he you know it was hard for him to Focus and you spent most of the time Being sick the last couple years And so uh You know was easy for people to take Advantage of that time because he Couldn't control and do everything he Used to do right And so he was having these guys so even

Before That happened you know this was I mean he went into like a coma before He nominated dodgy or right after I Don't know it was right at that time Period I think it was I think it was um I think it was before I think he came Out of coma and like was like he was Gone for like three months everyone Thought I was gonna die And there's no successor so um You know like it's a good thing this Message is a good thing because It's clear and it states what's you know What inevitably happened But saying that you know let's just Start over on a stronger Foundation This this is you know a cleansing period And that this was chosen like they're Already preparing him his successor for A long time right and we when we read This message we thought it was the first Guy You know we didn't think it was dodgy And so Uh but I have seen dodgy you know his Spiritual condition Years earlier so this all makes sense From my experience in 1997 and six or seven I saw Dodges you Know spiritual condition You know at the airport when he offered Me popcorn and I you know I felt good About him being the master because I

Knew he was like evolved Um I guess that was 17 years before like I had that no not 17 that's 2000 and uh Seven so um I'm sorry uh 1997 I think it Was And so it was um Well I guess what was it 2014 so a long Time like you know So it was like 17 years Um depending on what exactly it happened But whatever And when he was nominee he was now I Mean in 2011 so 11 and 4 is uh 15 years Not doing math very well Um so you know I uh You know this is kind of interesting and I feel like it is as important as a Message as there could be about this Thing Because he couldn't elaborate but he was Talking about He was going to have to be a good judge Of human character and dodgy clearly Isn't And the people who surround himself are Not people his association with Um you know diaper Baba so You know he like he says here um Well let's go back to the thing here This is the you know the one where he Said the one where he says this um Um his successor must have broad

Shoulders a great discernment regarding Human behavior And especially the know-how to choose Collaborators whom he can trust Completely and giving them Responsibilities well he didn't have That Like he definitely does not have that Quality and Babaji would know like he's Saying he's going to have to have that And so um He uh he must have Bradshaw this is a Great discernment regarding human Behavior He's saying um You know he's not sane he does have that And you know The very nature the very nature of human Beings is so often changeable and Puzzling that it takes long it takes Long experience of human behavior make Judicious choices errors are inevitable And so um you know like he's I mean dodgy just doesn't have that like All these relationships he's formed the People he's brought in and even like People like Phil Jackson Phil Jackson Was not a good guy And I know that from um you know he was Very manipulative really a manipulative Person he was you know Uh his players talk about it like he was Kind of sleazy And you know he's somebody who promoted

Meditation and dodgy really liked that Because he said that the difference Between The Bulls winning the championship is Not is that Phil Jackson had his players Meditate and I don't think his players Were good meditators But you know he had Michael Jordan on His team like you know like that's like That dodgy said the reason he won Championships was because if Phil Jackson having them meditate And again you know I don't think that Had Anything to do with it I mean like zero And if it did it's like number 15 or 16 On the list of why they won the Championship right But kamlish had a whole thing about it So then he could brought Phil Jackson in Because that was his belief and there Was a wrong belief like I know more About basketball than dodgy does Certainly right and you know um But you know he had heard about the Meditation thing and that was something Phil Jackson has a little bit of sort of A new agey Personnel uh like a social Media persona and so they paid him or Did whatever promoted him And brought him in for that thing but You know he's not a good guy Deepak Chopra these other people are not Quality character people right and then

All the people around him Are charges former Inner Circle and Again they're his peers people that you Know on the same level as him they're Under the same age and they you know Hung out maybe for friends kind of Things And they all had their ideas at charge You wouldn't let them You know run through the mission but Dodgy is so you know all these things uh I mean it's just a few lines here But given what's happened like if we we Couldn't have predicted it based on Those lines like I would have never Thought like I said I thought the guy Would do the thing so I'm like oh this Guy's gonna have to have good Discernment any will and you know like It's all those because you you already Thought the outcome was a certain way Which is a continuation of what was Going on it was Unthinkable things would Get worse but now it makes total sense Because of course they'll get worse Because charging was a giant of a man That no one could ever you know I mean Babaji was spiritually you know the the Spiritual Protege that's spiritual uh Uh what do they call it um You know the Phenom like he was the you Know the chosen one right like Babaji Was just special spiritually but Charging was a material and spiritual

Giant Like he got everything that Babaji Accomplished she you know absorbed all Of babaji's you know spiritual stuff but He was you know a person in the material World who could you know roast the Highest levels I mean like a genius and You know speaking multiple languages and He was just good at everything he was a You know he was a fully functioning Person Babaji was you know wasn't really Much in the material world Babaji was Mostly just totally spiritual and like You know I mean he did material things And he has material accomplishments but Most of the time he just spent you know Connected to the spiritual world and he Was a you know the best Channeler he was Having conversations with Lology all the time in higher developed Souls and so you know charging was Something so it was a blend of both Things And and Dodges neither right so Um and he's it's a much bigger Mission That's corruptable now people are aware Of it you know uh When Bobby talked about just a few People like Babaji didn't have to deal With all the I mean there was drama Around biology had 200 people And he had to deal with people trying to You know poison or kill Babaji and you Know he had to hide Babaji away from

Them dude this is just you know a small Village like this is one Village full of People it was corruption and deception Bob as you had of course all those People In the beginning that we're after them And you know that he had to deal with All these like people that would Eventually go after charges so there's Drama each time I mean there was like just you know People trying to steal the analogies Time they're trying to steal babaji's Spiritual Powers they want babaji's Spiritual accomplishments and they were Trying to steal those And they were attacking them spiritually They are like higherly developed CIS you Know yogis that had you know spiritual Abilities you know there was a guy at Lology's time In his village he would just walk around Hugging people and stealing all their Spiritual energy right like he was a Spiritual vampire And lology figured it out he was young And he hugged the guy and he took Everything the guy had stolen the guy Immediately knew it and he fell down his Knees and said you know please please Please he want it back and as you said No you can't steal people's spiritual Energy right like this is the kind of Stuff that was available back then like

You know these were highly developed Spiritual yogis that you know had Different levels I mean just average Kind of people you know these were you Know people living in villages that had Access to more spiritual energy and Knowledge than we do because of the time Right the world was becoming more and More materialistic I mean it was already Fading there like this you know people Were much more spiritual before that Going back of course thousands of years People were capable of uh you know more Spiritual and material like uh You know I don't say Fantastical things If you read the Mahabharata and things Like this They were able to do things that uh on This material and the spiritual world At a different level because human Beings have been degraded And over the this period and Logie said To Babaji and you know from my Generation to your generation People become too weak to do pranayama Which is breathing exercises for yoga The pranayama where you move your Promise through your breath Your promise through your breath people Would be too weak to do that so You know that was why the limbs of Pontanjalis the eight limbs of Patanjali's yoga All right so there was that and then

There was another thing I want to get to Here let me see um one of my viewers Who's a long time practitioner went to Uh Uh Indian met doji I love this post it's Such an important concept at the current Time and almost certainly how I was Drawn to your YouTube channel And this was somebody put this up and it Was A quote from Master charity Which I'll now show you now and I'll Read it I'll switch over to new voiceover Okay so I switched over to voiceover so I would be able to show you this um Image There seems to be a mystery force or law Nature's help slash mark There seems to be a mysterious force or Law working in the universe Which ordains that where a sincere Seeker exists nature so modifies the Condition Of his personal existence As to make him a sort of magnet which Inevitably attracts to him persons and Events which will play a significant and Active role in the in the furtherance of His search As his personal search deepens the law Works and more and more in his favor Strengthening the forces of attraction Towards himself finally at a certain

Stage becoming to us very bringing to His very door a guy who can then take Him then take charge of him and assume The responsibility of his further Progress On the inward path And this is from uh Reverend charging And this is what everyone experiences Like the events that unfold for you to Find Smart Um You know he says him and it's all about Like it's masculine but the sauce also Applies to women as well Um this is uh you know a series of Events that You know afterwards seem like oh this Was it have to happen in a certain way And it does right and you know And um yeah you know it's kind of a It's a well-spoken thing like he just Had a fluid uh you know an ability to Just uh Express himself in his talks and you Know this is what people were used to And now when with what happened with Dodgy it's just the opposite Uh but anyways um Hopefully I'll remember to put the uh You know I should do that right now I'll put the uh the charge he uh talk About his you know Inner Circle I showed That so many times but it just goes with

These Whispers messages And then um I'll uh I'll add that clip sometime you know Maybe right after that of this guy Uh in uh you know movie uh saying that He could see without You can see without using his eyes Well that's it for now gentlemen I'm a Man who can see without using his eyes He saw it I cried he saw that trolley This is absolutely unbelievable I was flabbergasted so I didn't notice This the first time I saw this but That's Ben Kingsley It's a an English actor I don't know What his background is but he played Gandhi So they got a guy who played Gandhi and That's Steph Patel who was another English actor who's I believe Indian Maybe Pakistani but I think he's Indian He's a lot he's in a lot of Indian Movies he's in that Mumbai Bombay movie Whatever It Is the where he is on uh Everyone uh Wants To Be A Millionaire Game show you know you've seen this Um and they go through his horrid life It's a really bad depiction of India let Me just a really filthy I think in India Is just a a filthy corrupt place which It is of course but that's just you know A fraction of it but anyways it has an Indian connection this part of the West Anderson's movie

As an Indian connection with this guy Who's you know Can see without using his eyes so that Whole scam and the whole thing with Dodgy You know it's interesting how that Played out the other piece here I'm Going to show you is the um Video of the character development stuff With uh With dodgy um You know with I'm sorry chargie I've Showed this a lot but it goes with the Whisper so it might as well be in one Place Uh it's all kind of this kind of an Interesting 122nd Version of The Journey series is Um you know kind of interesting That maybe the Master's role is 99 Percent Or more And the ability is role in personal Character transformation or formation Even less than one percent I am forced to this Is Because that is how it appears to be and People are not really serious About character formation or character Transformation Why I say this is because As I said before Spirituality is given by the master and

That Information or character transformation It's a conclusion Because that is how it appears to be and People are not really serious About character formation or character Transformation Why I say this is because As I said before Spirituality is given by the master and That cannot be doubted But Their outer Behavior Their outer Lifestyle the way they Conduct themselves Their politeness or lack of it And as repeatedly pointed out to me by Abhyasis from all over the world Especially the behavior of those very Close to me what the outside world calls The Inner Circle You know I feel I used to feel concerned That I used to feel pain Now I really feel guilty I feel guilty Because the people close to me my inner Circle so-called Are one and all arrogant Proud Demanding Oppressive Authoritarian And lack qualities One landlord

Of course I keep telling them about this Either this Violet of Or they say yes yes we will change now But you know recent affairs Especially when I was in tarpur Immediately following Dear brother's Revocation of his nomination to succeed Me It has shown the Raw Nature human nature at its worst Gossiping gundaming Blaming Always others Forgetting the principle that when you Point to a figure at somebody One figure three figures are pointing Towards yourselves So what to do about this you see How to make a biasis realize That The Master's responsibility or his uh What shall we say Duty towards the Lambiasi if I should call it that Is hardly one percent Probably one thousand or one millionth Of a percent Whereas the obviously his role Responsibility in making himself Transforming himself Should be 99 or more It's exactly opposite Now what are the consequences People close to me think that because I

Keep them close to me continue to keep Them close to me They are blameless They're really blameless and I'm only Talking for fun or to show off or Something like that you know like Charles tracing a pet And people who are away from me but who Are close to me either in an inner sense They stay away Maharaja had a dog Honey And he was not fond of dogs But it was there and it remained there Chasing the monkeys And he used to tell me with the twinkle Little For this quality That he does not bark at abiasis A dog And my people around me they're all the Time barking shutting doors putting away People Using my name for everything that they Do Is ill he is resting he is asleep he Told us no no so on and so forth and so Forth And I get letters from very very close Devoted abiasis who love me Saying I cannot come And I will not come so long as I stopped For them too it is a need To transform themselves

Because as babuji once said Two lovers cannot remain separated Because the circumstances are not Favorable You know the old saying in English love Laughs at locksmiths Doesn't mean it only laughs at locks The locksmith is symbolic of every Circumstance that can come between the Lover and the Beloved Also I have this video clip this is the Succession when uh charging named his Successor and he goes on What his successor is going to need to Do And he worded positively but obviously You're concerned about this And everything he said Was things that ended up not happening Right let's listen to that here As I said today I wish to appoint my Successor Nominate and appoint Europe Because I've known my 85th year and It is about time and as all will Appreciate It has been Foreign And I have been instructed not only to Live the nomination in writing As a secret document to be kept To be used at the appropriate time But that it should be allowed in public Civil play

It should be a adult spot in public So that people get used to the person Being around And you know they sort of slowly Assimilate the fact That he is the successor And there is no sudden transition you Know When the time comes Which I think is wise but I already have The written document also And I will eventually request someone to Read it out The person on Whose shoulders the mantle Falls Heavy with the responsibilities Which will lead a lot of wisdom a lot of Patience lot of love And more than anything else great deal Of thought before doing anything else Don't believe we are told look before You leap Or think twice before you do anything But in charge Mark I think we need to Think many many more times than just Twice And to be most cautious most Shall be saved Conscious of the fact That when we spend money we are spending Public money interested to us for public Welfare If the person I'm good today match not All these qualities you will have to

Develop them Boldness Inside You know Friendliness Brothers outside And to follow babuji's precept which he Gave me and which I have followed all my Life Don't trust anybody don't mistrust Anybody Judge purely by the accents of the People that are selected for work Judge only by the results of their work In taking them or relieving them No prejudices at all No prejudices of race caste religion sex Community language nothing So this must be strictly understood the Same by whoever is going to shoulder the Birds Be a master give him long life And health And the strength And the courage all of which will be Necessary Because when I inherited the mission it Was small The man who's going to inherited from me When I'm gone Will have a very big Vision to handle Worldwide mission It is still growing and it will continue To grow in babuji's messages are to be Taken at face value

This is a growing phase it will last for I don't know how long Japan draw the divine plan So the person I am leaving as my success Is Mr kamlesh Patel I would now request someone to Secretary Sam An shankarji Maybe you can get all the working with Committee meters to sign on this or at Least five of them like the company law Requires now Six No I request all our abhyasis Worldwide To give the dominated successor Their full cooperation without prejudice Judge them by his work Not by what he has been or what to Expect him to be but what he is what he Will be what he will do It is most essential to the health of The mission And its future growth Which in turn means To yours the service that you can render To all of you through this mission That they receive your fullest heartful Cooperation and for this health question May all of you be blessed I made an audio about cord cutting you Know this is an extraordinary week at it Wonderful meditation last night

At 2 am And I went through a whole cord cutting Thing an energetic like protection stuff That You know I think is so necessary now in The age of the internet And a demonic time And I got a voiceover that I'm putting Out in a video today on my apocalypse Now but I'm also including it here and I'll put that audio in next And so big things are happening right Like this is a time where you know this Is a journey Series where things are Happening The Whispers message And then this other thing I'm going Through You know it's a time where there's You know some things are subtle Sometimes are you know some weeks like I Make one of these every week and this is A big week in terms of like events that Are unfolding and actually I'm getting Ahead of myself let me just comment on This stuff with charging all the things He said there Can be taken in two different ways like When I first heard this just like when I First heard The Whispers message Was this idea that He was going to do it right you know Like we all thought accomplish was going To do it or at least I think most of us Did

But you know all those things that he Said he needed he said if they don't if He doesn't have these things already He's going to have to develop them Well charge you would know whether he Had those things already so he said These things And dodgy ended up not developing them And then him saying judge him by the Merits of his work Not Prejudice whatever you thought Before and his work has been abysmal Right Um you know and so with that The Whispers message When we first read when I first read That whisper's message I was under the impression that he would Do all the things that the whispered Message said he needed to do The one that I read earlier but he Didn't do it he didn't rise up to it Right which is interesting in its own You know Its own way like it's um like this is The first time this message has become Public I think it was probably published it was Definitely published before In the whisper a day But when it's published before Nobody had doubts about dodgy and these Other things Accomplish so um

Now things have changed we have more Information and we're reading that Whispers message the same thing with the The message on the big day in September When we first you know I first read it Like I didn't know about the you know The The alternative narratives and the Inside job and all this stuff that was Going on you know that was starting to Incubate on the internet But I wasn't aware of it but by the time I read it the second time I was you know so It changes the way that you read the Messages And so something interesting happened With all that so the dodgy truth hasn't Contacted me in a while and you know Which is fine because it's probably Better for me that he doesn't Um and usually he kind of sends me the Same old stuff now I don't know you know And I mean there's nothing really to do So I sent him a clip of that movie where The guy was you know doing the trailer And then I sent him a copy of a Whispers Message And he wrote me a like a long comment Which it was hard to understand it Wasn't written very well and I'm not Sure what was Voice to Text stuff but it was like kind Of

Almost garbled but he went into depths About how he doesn't believe in The Whispers which I knew he didn't but I Was just sending him the thing because Everything that said in that Whispers Message is stuff that you know is Predicted Um and I didn't you know he explained Why he's against Whispers you know some Of his reasoning was Why did they contact a French woman Instead charging and the answer to that Is Strategy was too busy building a mission To devote the time and energy would have To to leave to just Channel 20 000 Messages very few people were in a Position To get into the state and it seems like You have to be in physically poor health And it's very draining energetically To take down these kind of messages so Chargey it was said that he wasn't a Medium and that was part of it but the Other reason was He would never have the time and energy To Um you know to Be able to generate these amount of Messages The other thing I think he was bombed That why she was a French woman does Bobby G only speak in French And the reason was she was the

Appropriate soul And it ended up being kind of a great Thing right Um but he had all these reasons why he Doesn't believe in Whispers And that's Fine I knew he didn't He kind of mocks them But the problem with that is You can't say charge you as great as he Was If he failed on Whispers like then There's nothing worth saving because Sharji was In his prime it was 1990s you know we're Reading messages from 1999. now this is When sharji was in his Like Prime where he still had good Physical health he was traveling But he was completely you know the Master like he was You know the master uh work was had Unfolded in him and those were his prime Years from you know the late 90s to the You know the 2000s or the 2000s all the Way up through to his His death in 2014. These were his best Mastery years And he published this book in 2005. You know he resisted it at first he Wrote this epic introduction to it You know hoping to get people to be on Board with it because he knew some People weren't going to accept it And then he charged people 250 bucks a

Pop For the special book you know that he he Had people have to add pre-order it and The next book was 200 and the rest of The books were 50 60 you know fifty Dollars for whatever it is hundred Dollars and you know they weren't as Nice as the original two Um and so much of the mission then Became the literature became Whispers Like people got into it And they came out with this whisper a Day and you know people were all into These things And you know there's it's a whole Separate Uh kind of literature than the rest of The The you know the literature And Babaji himself channeled all these Messages they're now books of babaji's Messages for where uh Souls like inter Commune with him four volumes of those That came from his diary so this was Already established As something that could happen right But if he failed that big either he was Scamming people Which clearly all of us who have Benefited people have been transformed I'm I have and many other people by the The Whispers messages right and it's you Know everything's experiential you know If people didn't give it a try then you

Know they really can't speak about it But you know for this guy who's trying To fight for I mean this is I'm just Talking about basic logic To you know whatever he's fighting dodgy On if Charlie failed on Whispers then It's over like sharji wasn't I mean if he if he got duped you know You go to a Master for discernment Judgment he wasn't the master we all Thought he was if this whispers are fake Then the whole thing is you know I mean It's all a lie right it's all you know Then he you know he his two biggest Things The Whispers the release of The Whispers and some of his big Accomplishments You know certainly all the ashrams he Built and things like that but The um you know the release of The Whispers was a big part of charge he's Success and you know all these things And then um his successor was probably The the second you know the biggest um You know one I mean it was the biggest Thing he did You know leaving a successor was the Most important thing is you know keeping The mission going all the work that he Did sure but you have to leave somebody Qualified to carry on And so if he failed on Whispers and on And dodgy Then he wasn't the guy we all thought he

Was now if dodgy was the only choice or Dodgy forced it or you know there was This was supposed to happen as Bobby Said it's part of a plan they are Working on dodgy for years that this was Supposed to cleanse the mission of all These things that some of the poisons And toxins and you know that's what Bobby was implying in these Whispers Messages I just read you Well that's you know understandable then It is part of a plan You know charge he did what he was Supposed to do And doji's doing what he's supposed to Do in a you know negative way And it's all like good right it's all Good in the hood you know but Um You know like I mean it's just basic Logic if charge you failed on Whispers Then you know go do something else like It's over like if charge you couldn't Get you know didn't have the discernment To figure out this was a scam And he was being duped and like he Wasn't the guy that we should be Trusting you know people who don't have Discernment it can't be a master like You have to be able to read situations And charge you was great at those things You're so successful you know they're Going to make maybe small errors in Judgment from time to time

But nothing this big nothing of this Magnitude and to follow up The Whispers With dodgy being the nominee is like you Know well then the whole thing is like It's over like seismic has failed You know charge you failed and the Mission itself has failed and now that You know dodgy is doing what he's doing Why are you fighting like why are you Bothering Like just quit and do something else It's not you know it's a do you know It's not it's not what we thought it was Right like I just don't understand the Sort of the lack of logic here but Anyways you know I've done a lot of Content for this morning but um You know just so I put these things in There kind of interesting it's a big Week in terms of like a lot of movement A lot of energy a lot of events I mean Terms of my spiritual journey I'm having a like a a Rejuvenation Because of these sittings You know the you know a reluctance on my Part to try the sitting said Pass through me that I put on the Internet but they worked like so well You know I did four of them and my Condition you know is just reached a new Level of soybean Cleaned you know just I feel like a you Know pristine condition like I just have A

You know the whatever accumulated Grossness and a part of this was The effects of my job have had on me and The lack of Organizational support from heartfulness In terms of sittings and you know Gatherings and things to help me you Know get uh you know get cleaned out From all the you know heaviness I've Experienced like it's just you know It's wonderful that this thing works you Know gratefulness meditation videos Anyways here's the Audio I did this Morning Okay so this is a voiceover I'm doing First thing in the morning I don't want To forget anything I had a very profound Spiritual experience Yesterday last night and was meditating And I'm going to put this in uh the end Of my Apocalypse Now video today Because that's you know it's turned and I want to get this out as soon as Possible But then also this will be a um A part of the journey series because It's Important and it's a spiritual Experience so it's a you know like a For me a very valuable voiceover And so a few things um I best meditate at like two in the Morning and it was two in the morning When this happened

For whatever reason uh the middle of the Night especially when I first started Doing sash Mark years ago I would sleep for a little bit I'd wake up between two and four And I would meditate and Um It would have the best meditations You know the way size Mark is supposed To be done Is that um You wake up Before Dawn And ideally you start meditating Before Dawn and the reason was that Babaji the Second master of the system said that That it's best to meditate at the like The longest point of When the Sun Goes Down Because it's withdrawing heat from your Body right The sun comes up and when the sun comes Up you have your Your uh your cycle of life And when you go to sleep when it's dark Out you have your cycle of death That your life and death are you know uh In a person's sleeping hours it's akin To death you know it's when you're in Your Withdrawn State you know your sleep State And the waking hours are during the day And so doing materialistic things During the day makes sense and those of

You have worked third shift Or have had weird sleeping hours Know what I'm talking about like I work Third shift for a while And after a while you start breaking Down physically you're not sleepy when You're supposed to you sleep during the Day and that's not Really you know your whole cycle gets Messed up you know this is spiritual Science that's been Proven for like you know thousands upon Thousands of years That you know it's better to connect to God When you're physically not as well like If you're sick Or under stress or you're you know You're having some kind of issues It's easier to connect to God when Things are going well and you're happy And you're you know your life your Physical life is going well your Material life is going well It's hard to connect to God but when the Sun is withdrawn when you're attuned to Death you know people have spiritual Experiences when they're on their Deathbed or they're sick and You know their their body isn't Dominated their existence uh you know When you're fast you know things like This you have better meditations better Spiritual experiences and so in the

Sashmark system Babaji found the best Time to meditate Was Um Right before Dawn and so that's why he Wrote the book reality at Dodd because When there is Dawn and dusk There is a balance in the universe That's why you have spiritual Experiences When you see a sunset or Sunrise like People like to see sunsets and sunrises And when you're out at that time You feel the it's a balance in nature Right light and darker Are coming together and Gray is the color of the central region Where the the highest level that a human Case you've had a spiritual journey you Know the gray of Dot Where light and darkness meet and that's A balancing moment you know I told my Brother about seismarck when we were Fishing On a lake during sunset and like I had a Profound spiritual experience when I was Telling him you know he started and He didn't like it at first but he stuck With it and he's been a lifer you know Volunteered at the ashram and you know All these other things and he was Staying hit up he was in an apartment Building on a lake in Great Barrington Uh

Massachusetts which is kind of like Upper state New York it's right on the Border And beautiful place man you know kind of A Interesting place out there a lot of Famous writers were there and things Like that And we were fishing and you know Peter And Paul My my brother's son my nephew Sort of my you know one of my favorite Relatives in terms of just like somebody Who's always Had really good energy like somebody Who's always been thoughtful and you Know he was different than My brother and his two kids two other Boys my brother had three sons you know He's the more introverted person But anyways I um You know told him about this thing and There was just this profound feeling Like a strong feeling and people get That at sunset and sunrise you know There's a movie With Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan and uh Nicholas Cage played an angel who Fell in love with human Meg Ryan and had A spiritual fault And there was a former angel in the Um you know in the hospital And the angel said do you guys you know We still go out I still go out there at

Sunset And you know there's a western sunset at The ocean and there'll be all these Angels staring at the sun Um you people couldn't see them but They'd just be staring at the sun When it was sunset right But again it's just a good balancing Time so there's the reason why people Are supposed to meditate before a dog Especially in India where it's so hot It's the only time your body would cool Down Uh you know you people have air Conditioned now of course but Um you know it was just the like Babaji Did you know like so you know back when His Um in his day but you know there's a uh Reasons for meditating Before Dawn and If not you meditate first thing in the Morning But the other thing he said is that There's good times to meditate when it's Sun when the sun's at its highest point Like that's a a good time to meditate Which is going to be a part of this Story And then between two and four for some Reason like it's a good time and I Always had these wonderful experiences Between two and four You know better meditations And

Um I was born at two o'clock in the Morning so I thought it was because of that but Whatever you know I've been feeling Pretty good Um like really good post Ing the video about you know what I'm Calling the the big parasite this you Know conflict thing that went on and Even though the person's raging against Me you know which I'm Mostly unaware of you know somebody was A fan before us now you know uh somebody Who's A hater right Um and spewing hate about me You know I I mean I've been it's been such a relief And on levels I didn't understand And like there are these times where I Don't want to do something You know I I um I just don't feel like I want to do it And for whatever reason Um I don't feel like you know in terms Of being self-interested or Whatever it is but it keeps on nagging At me and you know I know that my soul God or wanting me to do something And you know what happened when I first Um was going to make celebrity videos Uh or I wasn't going to make them I was I looked at you know I talked about this Another video when I realized I was

Going to have to make celebrity videos Anymore You know videos about the Beast And I was only making one every like Month or so you know whenever he Whatever it was like I really wasn't Making them it was an anomaly on my Channel but I just Knew to make this into a job and to Bring people to the channel I had to Dive into what they're interested in Like it was a clear Vision and God was like guiding me to do This And I didn't want to do it but it's paid Dividends that I've been able to deal With it and even enjoy it to whatever It's saying Um you know but it helps the channel bro And you know with something I had to do But there are things I have to do they Don't want to or that I don't want to do But whenever I do them it's great like There's immediate benefit and hidden Benefits I didn't know about And so I woke up last night and I was Like I you know I've fell asleep for a Couple hours I'd slept late And I started a meditate I felt pretty Good And then the idea came to me That I should do more cut cord cutting With this person because you know I Wrote said all the connections are

Severed between us and he wrote a bunch Of like ranty hostile whatever it was And I said you know the uh the court is Cut between us Because you know there's a parasitic Thing going on But I thought I would actually do the The chord cutting you know you could use A knife and just you know do it in a you Know you know whatever it is but in Scishment we do things with our our Minds in a meditative state And so I had the idea I was cutting all The cords between us You know what I already had felt an Energy boost And I felt amazing like it was A profound experience Um like you know just great like in the Meditation immediately there was a I had A positive you know feeling from it like Just a gush of You know energy and just you know God's Love whatever it was like it was the Right thing to do and you know I didn't Think there was anything residual there But then I thought well since I really Didn't feel like I had a Relationship with this person Um You know the person uh Watch my videos and talked about me but I never thought about them Him and you know the the people over

There unless they came in I saw One of their bear names in the you know In the comment section and so to me There was no relationship like he would Write to me you know he wanted you know Whatever He wanted to have a relationship but I You know wasn't interested right And you know and I I mean for a variety Of reasons which I've covered in other Videos But when I did the cord cutting I was Like wow this is profound You know and I felt really good yesterday as well Um leading into this obviously I had a Really good day and so um Then I thought well there must be other People You know people lack Prana which is The creative Force the life force it's Also God's love like chronic energy And it is the most subtle force and People needed to exist and people have Like bare minimums about a Prana like Our system sucks Prada Parents drain their product from their Kids because they're Depleted and life in general the Materialistic life and the lack of a Family the lack of proper even physical Nutrition you know the degradation of Our food and all the things

Drain people of their product multiple Um you know uh uh romantic sexual Partners and you know relationships that Are all draining in You know just failed attempts at people That you really shouldn't be with you Don't really have any chance of Marrying them they're not your Significant other and just all these Interactions that people have All this stuff drains them right You know porn addiction all these kind Of things And so most people are just that's why I Talk about Ghouls and zombies and Spiritual vampires Most people are down on their product And through the material world you can Gain Prada through Um you know material possessions like You know one of the love languages Like gifts and you know physical you Know whatever it is um Monetary you know whatever But it's a low level of Prana like if You buy a new thing you feel excited About it and people who are shopaholics Like that's how they get like little Bits of Prana But it's very low dose and like it's you Know it's also wrapped in all the Materialistic things and the burden of Material uh you know whatever and most People are in horizontal relationships

You'll promise you get from God really Is the only Pure Source And there's an infinite amount of Chronic as God's love is everywhere But people have cut themselves off from That And don't know how to access it so they Try to extract it from their their Married partner their you know their you Know their relationships friends and Family And those people are also sucking Prana Because they're depleted so you have all These people Sucking the energy out of each other so Very few people have any love energy to Give most people are depleted and so When they find a source of Prada like They might not do this consciously but They're kind of aware of it they find Ways of latching on to you and there are People who are Prana suckers like lots Of them there's the desperate you know People who are just I mean they're Desperate you know you feel this when You're interacting with most people you Feel a drain of energy Because people are you know Um sucking energy from you But then there are people who are just Good at it like our You know they've learned to do it in Various ways and I'll guess I'll come Back to that but

So I had this thought Um To um Cut chords with anybody out there Because you know I mean I would have Never thought I would have to do it With this person And so I was like Well there must be Other people that I don't even know that They've never commented I'm not even Aware They're watching my videos but they're Sucking energy for me because all these Desperate people and I did that I found Wow what an amazing boost like immediate Results like I feel it this morning You know that there was people sucking Energy from me they have latched on to Me through the internet and this is Important because You know I mean lots of people are Probably suffering from this And so um then I thought well I better You know block this from happening Because you can do all these things at a Spiritual level You know black people from reconnecting To you and things and I'm gonna have to Go through this like you would you know Go and do a virus scan on your computer Every once in a while kind of thing Because it's obviously been having an Effect on me like a negative one And that they're all these desperate

People and you know I have this Um you know love energy from doing the Scishmark system You know the gratefulness meditation That we do because the transmission is Pranahuti which is uh you know God's Love And people who do it can get their love Bangs filled But sadly People won't even make that effort right People who are Hearing about this for me And they are attracted to my channel and Me because of the the energy and they're Sucking energy And um They won't do the extra step of doing The cleaning and the transmission that's Given freely in the seismic system To fill them of fill them up with this Stuff right I mean you could have infinite amount of Product everybody needs it like I've Said before you can survive so many days Without eating maybe 40 days or Something 30 days I don't know You can survive so many days of so many Days without drinking water three four Days You know whatever it is maybe you know Some you know whatever I don't know six So I don't know like I mean you start breaking down get

Dehydrated it's brutal but you know You can only survive minutes less than You know an hour Without breathing and you can't survive A millisecond Without Love Like Love is You know there in your system and once You Don't have love you know it's uh You know like it's over Even for like demons and you know people Who are worshiping the dark Forces they Need Prada You know they they re-um like they Repackage it in various ways like you Know and people learn to suck energy But you know the internet now is I mean A vehicle for people To suck energy from other people so That's Something I'm aware of and I'm grateful For that to have this experience You know this thing has made dividends For me on multiple levels you know there Are very various types of people that do This and Um Ways of sucking energy some people Suck energy in like anger form like this Is their primary way you know the big Parasite is somebody who obviously does This And what they do is they provoke a Person Into getting angry right or other people

Like you know your audience for his Audience for example like you know this Um You do something to trigger people you Push their buttons or you you know you Say things to get people riled up and Angry like there's like Trump would do This at a a rally And there's a lot of motion and energy And anger You know people are like well you know Comedians are angry or you know making Excuses but putting anger out there Especially at this volatile time And people are you know not good Decision makers Is a bad thing like you can't be doing That you can't be You know getting people to feed off of Anger it's like a and feed off of the Kraus anger right You know how like people get all riled Up and turned to a mob and there's People who you know get off on them And you know people who provoke other People And get them to um You know into an emotional state and Then feed off of that state right Like they you know and there's like Energetic beings out there what people Consider demons that feed off of stuff Like this And so there's a a great episode of Star

Trek the Original Series Where this energetic uh you know Malevolent entity comes on board uh the Enterprise when they're in conflict with Like I think the Klingons And brings a bunch of Klingons over the Enterprise And turns their phasers into swords And they're fighting each other on the Enterprise and they every time they're Killed they You know they're brought back to life Like the the the the energetic thing Heals them and it feeds off the anger And the hostility and the war That's going on the Enterprise and they Get rid of it By laughing at it like people have you Know someone made a kind of a funny Little video where they put new world Order you know they impose it Superimposed it on the The energetic uh you know uh You know thing wherever it was right But there's ways of understanding That people drain energy from you my ex Used to do this so the early part of our Relationship I was so stressed out and Like Um not on board with the relationship She was six years older than me I felt The relationship was kind of Forced you know I felt it was like Something God wanted me to do but I

Wasn't on board And she did things in a subtle way that Kind of freaked me out or whatever Like I was already kind of triggered so I thought I was the person being the Kind of You know the the negative person to the Relationship right like she was trying Hard and I was trying to push her away But like as I see it now it was because Of this You know this energetic uh You know she's trying to suck my energy Like I consider a succubus right um And so um like I put a lot of it on Myself that I was the you know the Negative person in the relationship like In that paper would seem that way But as the relationship moved on You know I had this experience that You know I was doing research on MK Ultra And I was listening to these people who Said that they had been MK Ultra you Know mind control victims And many of them had been you know Abused you know They were s abused by their family or Something like this or you know somebody And as I heard these people talk and the Symptoms of the after effects It was everything I saw was going on With my ex And I sat her down watched the show with

Their parts of it because she was Completely triggered well she got Triggered she sometimes would just have A psychotic break and Um Go into some like sometimes age regress Like there are times that you turned Into like little girl and things like This you know just started Um like flip out have some psychological Breakdown So I had to be you know careful what I Showed her that might be triggering But you know we stopped this thing and She said yo yeah she agreed that this Was what kind of happened to her Whether it was she was a part of Somebody doing this intentionally or It's just you know how it worked out Um like you know But she was like suffering from the same Kind of condition And then she said if I confront this I'll be schizophrenic and I'll be like Locked in a psych board And I will never come back Um Which was like a moment of truce like You know You know reality of the situation I was It for me And the kind of person she was right And I was like you know right

You know because I was thinking about How it was affecting kids and me and all This stuff You know that this person was always Going to be broken And I looked at my options and I was Like well I can't leave The kids alone with this right You know I can't just you know ditch This because obviously You know I'm I'm bearing the burden of This thing like we were having You know these arguments and things That would escalate into her just Flipping out and you know where I would Have to go hide all the knives she would Get self-abusive Like she would like you know just get Freaked out and Start slapping herself and like punching Herself in the thighs and saying this is What your words are doing to me like When we were you know having a fight or Whatever like it just A freaking nightmare that's why I don't Deal with drama and these you know Things with people you know I've had I've done my time Somebody's always threatened suicide and You know someone who's so fragile you Can't express something that needs to be Expressed Without them flipping out like just Normal like you know

Interactions where you say something That's you know critical because like You know it's there to be said And so I thought about my options and I I realized the only thing I could do is Like resist the arguments like I Come up with like treatment plans and How we could avoid and de-escalate the Arguments because I was good at stuff Like that You know I'm a good Problem Solver and I Experience at the In the world of you know psychological World and you know through these Treatment centers and treatment programs In the abuse cycle and things When you discharged a client Um whether you this you know treatments That I work with these were You know adolescent sex offenders many Of them had been abused and they had to You know go through this workbook they Had to have a relapse prevention program And it was predicated on this idea of an Abuse cycle And you could also have a victim cycle Because it's the same thing an abuse Cycle and a victim cycle because people Go through victim things as well And you can see the stages of the cycle You can see the various you know I've Applied this to other things It can be used because people get into These cyclical behaviors

In relationships and whatever And to leave the treatment the kids had To have like exit points on the cycle In the relapse prevention program and They had to have strategies of Recognizing their cycle and then how Would they leave for the cycle and more Often than not I mean all the time it involved talking To somebody And saying out loud you're in your cycle Like a person who's an alcoholic You know when they're getting triggered They're supposed to reach out to their Sponsor and you have to have ways of Doing that and like so I figured ways that we could de-escalate Our conflict and my ex just wouldn't do Any of them You know which is like uh like a real You know Telltale sign so I'm you know Sitting there for like three days trying To figure out what to do really just Bummed and like just like you know Overwhelmed by the situation That this broken person is never going To get better And so how do I cope with it and you Know deal with it in the family Situation so The only thing that I could do was be Loving all the time which wasn't my Nature right like I I can be very loving Affectionate but

You know it's not my default position And when people come at me You know my response is to go back at That right And so even when she was trying to Um You know provoke me I would just Stay positive and you know say positive Things you know you know I knew that it Was I mean I'd seen People who were there's a You know a method of counseling called Um unconditional positive regard or that The counselor just gives the client Unconditional positive regard I forget The name of that way of doing it you Know my ex said that you know she wanted More love like most you know women will Say that right but he became really Loving like just um You know in the face of all this and it Was very you know that was when our Relationship ended because It was clear my ex didn't want that like She said at times that my love got her Through the day and she was going Through all kinds of physical stuff you Know she had the thyroid issue and the You know all these you know she was bit By a brown recluse spider and then she Had adrenal fatigue collapse and just no Constant you know she had always a Constant stream of Um like you know physical issues you

Know and I had always been more of a Critical person and you know negative or Whatever But I just resisted my you know my Tendencies You know through you know Self-discipline and I just wouldn't um You know pick up the Rope when she was Trying to like provoke me like I Realized that she was always would get Triggered she'd have some kind of thing That psychologically destabilized her And then she would try to provoke a Fight with me like then it became Obvious the Dynamics like I would have Thought it was me more me than her in The beginning But then I realized she was provoking me Like she was wanting me to you know Engage with her and I just wouldn't like I we became you know resistant to it and The more I did this the more desperately She would try to say things like mean Things to get me You know um Triggered in some way and you know and It was very similar to this other person Who you know who Says horrible things but forgets those Things and you know excuses those things Things they have the right to do that But Doesn't you know Accept that other people are going to

Respond right Which is just this you know vampireish Week you know just I mean just a Pathological Nightmare of a person like people who Don't you know think that they can say Anything to anybody else but feel feel Like they're somehow a victim when People respond right like they provoke Other people Buy everything that they you know exude Out into the universe like they're Asking for Trauma and anger and conflict and then You know and there's like energetic Beings that latch onto some people Like demonic beings that latch onto People and you know people who are Always provoking people this is You know the case with the you know the Big uh You know the the big parasite you know They're they you know there's beans feed Off anger there's you know etheric Beings loving beings you know Angels but There's you know negative ones and they Feed off the anger Created by like Alex Jones is another Example of this when he goes on his Demonic grants and what you'll see is You know when someone gets abused you Know this was a big part of my workbook That you know so I talked about this Extensively because I was you know in it

Like I was working in a treatment center And I was living it with my ex and You know we had all this you know I had All this experience with this stuff Right Um but what I found out from you know Many of the kids who are clients and Then what I saw with my ex That when they entered into this you Know this condition It was like their face would morph It was like their face would turn into Another person when they were triggered You can see this again Alex Jones I'm Sure with this Big big uh you know like the big uh Parasite you'll see this Where there's um They morph into something else They turn like their face charns and It's like in torch in some way and it's Like you feel differently about the Person it's like the person that you're Usually with is gone and there's some Other entity like you know alternate Personality and you know when someone Gets ejected with with this like abuse Program and everyone gets a little bit Of it You know they they have this when it Runs in them right because people can Either become a Perpetual victim become An abuser Or COPE in some way and get rid of this

Energy in this this like virus is now Inside of the spiritual virus this Venom But you'll see like something will come Over them and all these you know kids I Mean many of you have suffered abuse Know what I'm talking about like the Abuser would like transform into Something like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Oftentimes they could be Nice or charming and they'd find ways to Bring people in but then there's they Show you this other side and it like was Freaky you know like It was weird and I experienced this a Lot with my ex so You know something that people should be Aware of like this you know these Programs these parasitic programs these Demonic things that are inside people And you know that feed off of negative Energy And abuse and anger and fear and all These things and they provoke it Everywhere they go And they create chaos wherever they go Maybe you have a person that works like This or Somebody in your life but when you Experience you experience it And there are always things with it Right you know there's certain Demographics of people and I think you Guys know which ones I'm talking about They've become you know protected group

And they have the like the lowest life Expectancy You know these traumatic people who you Know Um are unaccepting of their situation And they have the lowest life expectancy They have the highest levels of drug Addiction and you know they have high Suicide rates and they can't sustain Relationships they can't sustain Employment they're drug addicts right You know they have all these things you Know and there's just all this negative Energy around them because like this is Part of that condition right Um you know and so and now it's become Something where you can't say anything About these groups of people so like It's Being protected even you know the people Who are demonic in nature are now making Rules to protect their you know their Demonization And so what happened was that I became Aware when my ex left uh you know me and My family There's immediate like sort of energy Boost and after a week I was like Relieved that she was gone even though I Had to deal with all this stress And I was aware that she wanted to do This cord cutting With me and Anna because in her mind We were sucking her energy you know and

Uh you know I was like kind of as effed Up that you want to kind of accord with Her daughter You know um Uh and so Um like I was aware of it but I was busy With other things and I had assumed that She did it and I you know whatever but I Wasn't really thinking about it because Like you know Our relationship was over just hadn't Played itself out yet I was alone in India with the kids and when she left I Was you know we were with uh we had a in India we had Um a Visa crisis where we overstayed our Visa and there's a whole explanation Which I've talked about in the dirty Series But it sucked and we had to go through This whole thing with the you know the The Epic bureaucracy that is the Indian Government that you can't even imagine What that's like And that was a whole Hassle and it you Know kind of was frowned upon in the Mission you know it brought negative Attention to the mission and You know there's people renting renting And doing things illegal All over the place in the you know Organization and so It threatened all that kind of thing Because there's so many

Weird laws Um you're not supposed to rent to Foreigners like rent a flat to Foreigners after they had a big event of Their Own You know a big T event Um that happened in a mall And it involves cell phones and Foreigners There was a guy who was an excellent CIA Agent that ran the thing Um so you know like it's you know one of Those things right These big sort of false flaggy type of Things Um or you know a terrorist thing right So they changed all these rules Because of that and people weren't Obeying the laws which they just don't Do there they have a lot of laws that Just don't get obeyed and you know and a Lot of laws that are just like stupid But anyways we went through the whole Thing with that And then we had to go get uh our visas Renewed and we went to Sri Lanka and my Ex Informed me she was out of thyroid Medication and I was always having to Monitor her For signs that her either her thyroid Was off or she was suffering adrenal Fatigue And both of those conditions

Were her slurring Her speech And um Her freaking out emotionally so like you Couldn't distinguish between them but I Was supposed to watch them and if I Pointed out she would say something like You know you're just saying that because You know like it was this whole thing Right you know Um you know like like because she would Get shitty when those things happen and If I pointed out it was like why you Know it's like I was complaining even Though she had asked me to monitor this Thing because it was life-threatening And she had been on this thyroid Medication for like you know 30 years or Some crazy stuff like that 20 something Years And you know she was on a very high dose Of it and even with that was you know Very volatile and she was supposed to Have 500 pills she was taking like two a Day To last the duration of the trip because We didn't know if we could get this you Know the thyroid medication it was armor Thyroid You know they have Um other kinds Arma is you know Dissected thyroid like a animal thyroid Um which is you know different than Um Like the pills that you know that most

People take And so it's hard to come by especially a Foreign country and we were in a crisis Heading back to India and my daughter Was you know was wanting to get on Facebook and we were against social Media for her and you know she and she Was like you know using suicidal threats Suicide is a way to manipulate and get The thing and it was just one of these Things Which is a nightmare Um and so and I was just diving into the YouTube channel And this is when I realized I had to Make celebrity videos just to you know Prop this you know Channel up Financially and bring people in to Deliver a spiritual message like I had To dive into the Beast so all these Things were happening at the same time And my ex just decided to leave and go Off with thyroid medication altogether Which was a disaster Because you know she like almost died Like you know she went to a whole Physical crisis and it didn't work like She was trying to reboot her thyroid Using red you know red uh light you know Infrared light and changing her diet and She said well people have done it I'm Like well it sounds kind of one of these New agey kind of BS things that people Say that it's done but it doesn't really

Work right you know I'm not an Allopathic medicine person that I don't Like the system but You know once you've been out of Medication for years And your thyroid stops working because It doesn't need to you know that's the Problem it happens with manotate Testosterone You know it takes testosterone and their Body stops producing it because it's It's there and then they you know go off It and then they have less you know you Like once you do that you're going to do It for the rest of your life because Your body is going to shut that function Down And that's what happened with my ex Center And their thyroid right so um she went Back to America he said long story short And then um There was this card cutting which I was Aware of and so some months went by and My kids and I had to go back to ndx we Only had a one month Visa back to Sri Lanka it was a whole chaotic time I was Trying to get settled and You know it was just um anyway And so um I uh One day I was like in a grocery store And you know you we would walk to these Grocery stores and they would have

Stores that were just produce And I went to the produce store You know I walked there And I just felt this sense of panic Right Um like it was a weird thing and I Looked up and there was this Indian cop And he was staring at me smiling in a Weird way Like it kind of creeped me out but it's Just like it was like I was having a Panic attack You know right in my gut like this Feeling to my gut And I you know like it was you know sort Of like almost like a dizzy or whatever Um and so I started walking Back to the place we were staying the You know flat or whatever it was and you Know I put the groceries away but I was Like in a panic State and was like noon You know when the sun was at its highest Point And I just the feeling wouldn't leave And you know and I realized that she had Just cut the cord like I you know that's Like it came to me that that happened And later on like the dates were Confirmed You know when she you know well I Figured out that this was actually you Know this is when she did it but I knew Anyway And so I walked over to the ashram to

Meditate And I um You know I Saw this like almost like a you know Visually like some sort of dark like Serpent-like Parasitic type entity like in my belly And I grabbed it and I threw it out Like some sort of connection was there And I felt immediate relief it was a Profound spiritual experience and you Know I don't like necessarily have those Things like this But it was very you know it was there And I was like immediate Um boost in my energy You know my ex was like thinking I was Draining energy off of her like that was Her Reason for cutting the cord but because Of her choice on thyroid medication And disconnecting like her health Spiraled she She was paralyzed for a while She Like all these things happened to the Extent that Just um you know three or four years ago After I had remarried my son went for a Visit there And he was talking about the things he Did and he had pictures on his phone and I didn't want to look at him like I you Know I just want to disconnect you know

I mean immediately Um And I saw her and like I would not recognize Her You know she had a she was always older Than me like she was Of six years older than me but she was Someone who had gray hair when she was In her 20s her hair started turned gray And She aged more rapidly and my family has Longevity like all my grandparents lived Into their 90s one of my my grandmother Almost she would live to 99. You know my parents both lived into Their 90s and people always look at us Saying that where we look younger than We are All my siblings you know we have Longevity in our family so I looked much Younger than her So like you you know looked like there Was a like you know a lot a bigger Gap She just looked older and she aged more Rapidly and you know she lost all her Teeth and you know I mean this has Happened recently She had some issues Dental issues before That but she now has dentures and her Hair is completely white and she I Wouldn't be able to recognize her I mean this even happened before that Because you know there was a time after

She left you know this is after the cord Cutting thing That we were going to talk about the Kids and We were going to FaceTime like just to Come up with a Plex she was gone for Months then she'd show back up and Connect with the kids or you know try to Talk to me and find out what's going on You know like we were we were the ones Who were not connecting with her and Like shouldn't she disappear again And Um Like she didn't want to be seen like you Know I don't know why we were doing a Video call but you know whatever it was And I saw her face for a moment and she Looked like a different person like I go Is that even you And she wouldn't show herself right And like it was this weird thing And so Um she Sent me a picture I said you know what Do you look like I said so she goes well My face has changed and I'm like what She goes well my face has changed And you know I wish I could show you This thing I mean it was just you know But like it was such a profound Difference Um I um

You know I uh She said she took 100 pictures tried to Get the best this was the best one She had someone you know take these Pictures of her And her face was a different like I Wouldn't recognize her if I saw her face Was literally changed its shape had Changed like it was You know like not just like you know Bloating or something but she And it wasn't a positive change she Looked like some sort of You know meth addict uh you know like Which I mean just weird like you know Like whose face like it was a whole Weird thing like And so this all happened and now where She can't even I mean she doesn't contribute she she Roped in another guy like Um and he does everything and she's just Hanging in there like barely you know Partly because of her thyroid choice but Also You know the you know cutting the cord And I was providing all this energy Which became clear to me like I you know I flourished You know my energy level spiked Immediately after I realized she cut the Cord You know like and that was not like you Know it wasn't psychological I mean my I

Felt better and I was like oh my man This is the best things happen to me Like you know like I was psyched you Know the figure I put on it at the time Was 60 of my energy like there was a a Post when she left like a 10 boost to my Energy and then like a 50 you know when She first left in six and fifty after The the cord cutting and then I knew it Was a real thing like I knew it worked You know worked like you know in Reverse But it you know benefited me you know we Have an energetic life we have a life of A soul and everything that exists even Rocks are based in energy you know There's just like in a computer you know What you see is the illusion and what it Really is computer code that manifests What we're seeing like when you see an Image a person it's not that person it's A reproduction a digital reproduction That's based in computer code like you Can look at what an image looks like in Terms of the you know the computer code And language that Is is representing the length of this Video like this video for example it's Not my voice it's a reproduction of my Voice you know it is a you know all of It the images whatever it might be and People are woefully aware of their Energetic side and your energy speed you Know used and uh you know and oftentimes Drain from you and various circumstances

Right so when you're around people are Angry and hateful you know that's why I Don't understand the The viewers of this person you know the The The fans of this person because like I Immediately felt like it had a negative Effect on my condition right you know It's a Heisman system there's two things There's spiritual approach And their spiritual condition And most people have no spiritual Approach they haven't started their Spiritual journey yet And so they're they're at you know Ground Zero for their you know they're At zero they're at their initial Point Spiritual approach wise and most of People have a very gross spiritual Condition You know heavy spiritual condition you Know some scars Impressions life talked About that before some scars are you Know like addictions and like you know I Mean but they're also like you know Being married right like everybody has Marriage and scars right Like my preceptor The guy who started me doing cyshmarg He um went to Babaji and showed him all These pictures of women he was dating And Babaji was like You know I mean not a fan right Um like he wanted to see if these women

Would be good prospective spouses you go To India and show pictures or come to Eating swimming what do you think Bobby wouldn't say anything but almost Always after he's returned to Relationship fell apart like it just Happened naturally And one time he showed a picture of this Woman and Babaji just ripped her to Shreds and Bobby never was like that Like he was always Gentle and you know like not you know I Mean but he just said the worst things About this person And this guy Fred was like you know That's like I mean he was stunned that Babji did that and he didn't see any Things that Babaji said And they returned to America and Everything that Bobby said Fred ended up Seeing that this woman like she was a Disaster And after he showed the pictures papaji Said I can clean your wedding some scars Your marriage some scars And Fred said no and I'm like listen This thing I'm like you know Fred he Wasn't going to clean you you were still Going to get married you're still going To clean the bad stuff and Fred goes Yeah I know that now you know but Fred Said no And then he had a marriage that lasted Eight hours and

Um you know she the woman was back uh Sleeping with a married man that she was An affair with so Um like in you know so that was a Disaster they married a woman who you Know was Um I don't think was great like you know And he had issues but that's because he Had bad you know marriage some scars Like bad you know Relationship some scars but you know you Can but you need to have some of them or You won't get married right you have to Have kids some scars or you won't have Kids right these are some of these Things are you know things are just part Of your life that you come in with and When they're all done you know some Scars are all cleaned you just leave Like someone who doesn't have some scars Isn't bound to planet Earth in their Soul just leaves and you know I Explained this extensively in other Videos but there's energetic connections Between people and you feel people's Energy and they feel yours and like you Know people are like I said willfully Unaware this but it's a big part of Everything and someone might convince You or con you into You know most people would think my ex Is like a better person a nicer person More approachable right the better Personality you know like you see this

With people but it doesn't matter how a Person presents like people can convince You they're better than they are Good con man energetic thieves you know Vampires have a way to lure you in they Might have Charisma you know it's it's The it's called presenting right when You're Doing psychological evaluation you're Like this is how this person presents But then there's you know hidden things That they're hiding right people have a Way of you know smiling and being happy And you know like when people go on a First date they're going to behave in a Way that it's not accurate to their into Their actual condition on a daily basis Right like people marry one person You know date one person and marry Another right like you know the I mean It's the same person but the person you Date ends up not being the person you Marry and people are you know hiding Their their stuff they don't want you to See their negative stuff and people who Are you know demonic and negative they Are oftentimes The you know they seem like the most Likable charismatic people You know narcissists and whatever it is And you know Um and that's why people will defend the You know they have this uh distorted Image of somebody they defend them even

When the person's displaying all the Things that they're displaying you can See this with the fans of this you know This guy is going on these you know Demonic rants right but anyways I Personally have learned about this now Um Having gone through that experience and So all this then has paid dividends like It was something I didn't want to do But I realized how much I've been Drained Through my connection with people who I Don't feel any connection to because I There's people watching my videos who Are you know energy suckers you know Babaji called them bloodsuckers like When he was you know he'd give this Divine transmission you know the Pranahuti but there are times when People were meditating when he wasn't Prepared to give it and he would just be Sucking his energy like they would sit Next to him or sit with a circle and Start meditating And Bobby referred to these people as Bloodsuckers and they'd be drawing his Energy You know and he wasn't ready to give it And so Um you know this is how people are and We live in desperate times with Desperate people who are low on Prana And even when you offer something like

To him where they could get this Prana You know oftentimes they can't extract It In its purest form like it's they can't Digest it on spiritual level because They're so twisted and warped and broken That they can't absorb The Prana if it's Given in a you know pure form they can't Respond to pure love like they have to Have if you if you love such people this Is what happened with my ex when I Became loving you know like just I Focused on that when you give them love They flip out like there's lots of women Out there who say they want to be loved Like that's their main thing they want a Man to love them but when they get a guy Like that they immediately reject him or They try to turn into drama or stuff Because they've become Twisted they you Know they they say they want love but They you know they extract their energy Through drama and manipulation and other Things right You know especially these um Succubuses so you know You know there's just this element out There But now I'm like aware of it and I'm Like oh okay I can you know Um adjust what I'm doing and just every Once in a while just do this like you Know a theory cord cutting and just put Up these like protective you know you

Know things to prevent people from Lashing onto me Which is you know it's a sad State of Affairs and it's why I've hesitated to Move forward with Gatherings and things Like that in the gratefulness meditation Because You know I I mean it's just There's just so much you can do for People You know people are so desperate and They're so you know Energetically uh you know uh deprived That they you know want to lash on Anybody and you know and I've seen it Already in terms of the way people Relate to me and their comments and you Know they just want to dump stuff on People and they want to you know I mean It's it's like you you have drowning People and you got to keep yourself Above water And all these people are drawing around You trying to drag you down because They're You know they're energetically drained I Mean this is the world we live in Well anyways um so that's you know That's the that's it there it is Okay so it's been a while since I posted In this journey Edition 122nd I believe I have a backlog of

A couple of things I'm going to do here I have a backlog of Journey series Um Videos That haven't made public yet and I've Been made so much content recently and There's been a whole Drama thing you know that Um has to do with The person I'm referring to is the big Parasite one of my viewers so um By the time you listen to this It'll probably be like three weeks from Now By the time I get all this um these I Have two Journey series I think ready to Go That are maybe three that are and Members only that have to be made public So I don't even know how that's all Going to go But anyways there was a part of one of These um I was talking about uh you know one of These um videos I recently made about All this stuff and it was talking about Personality disorders And specifically the borderline Personality disorder for other things I'm going to put all those audio Files in after this one because I think It's significant Um

And it might seem a little bit out of Context so then I'm going to probably do One more voiceover maybe tomorrow or the Next day and wrap this one up Whenever I get that opportunity And so there's going to be a you know Mounting amount of Journey series out There that need to be made public but You know I'm so um Inundated by content And I had a kind of significant Interaction today That kind of bummed me out a little bit So the precept of Rob Contacted me And he said Paul my site is almost gone But operation fourth coming While sight dwindling I began calling And researching Why charging was scrubbed as you called It Several obvious independently gave me The same answer and then I used whisper Symbol to consult my heart same Conclusion Hope all is well hope it all is going Well Rob And you know I Knew he wasn't probably able to read the Resolution recent Whispers that I just Put at the beginning I think at the Beginning of this I'm yeah it has to be the beginning of This journey series

Specifically the one Where Babaji says the system was going To have to start off again on strong Footing or whatever he worded it So I read the I did an audio for him he Was in the middle of doing something Else I did an audio for the guy And read the three Whispers because They're important uh to know in terms of What's going on And then I send him a voice uh audio Uh text message Saying um you know that um I sent him an audio file on email And you could talk to me you could call Me since he was having trouble you know I wouldn't want him texting and reading Texts and things And I also have some drops I received Today I've been taking drops because I Had uh you know early stage cataracts Which I think these drops have cured They have a kind of form of uh you know I found about about this stuff from one Of Dr Berg's videos and the the drops Have been helping me with like um you Know I had floaters really bad for a Long time after coven it's like just Tell I'm almost thinking that I can make My my eyes might get better In terms of uh being a nearsighted and So I thought these drops might help him They do wonderful things for the eyes Dr Burke has a you know his videos

Something about um If you're interested in looking at it The video is entitled um I can pull it up here Um Let me see where it is here Uh The video is Um the number one remedy for cataracts It's a form of Nic NAC as a supplement I Take uh whatever I'm not going to get Into that But I you know thought these things Might be helpful to them and they just Blew me off like he often does and I you Know explained what I was um You know uh Whatever but you know my reasoning of What I think the reason in which dodgy Sucks right it's dodgy's birthday Gathering I think today I think his videos are now Up uh the uh Live videos Um 68 celebration of dodgy September 28th so there are these videos I don't know if I'm gonna get a chance To Take a look at them I really don't want Him I'm busy with other stuff and They've I guess it's been going on for a While so there's Um these I guess 68 years old

And the first video was two days ago so They've had two sets of gatherings for Him right none for chargie none for Babaji the charging thing they what he Was forced to do and he pouted the whole Time I mean I talked about this and now He's doing six days like two sets of Gatherings for him Um like it's just ridiculous But I think this guy Rob I think they Have another reason why charging's been Scrubbed and like maybe he didn't want To tell me after I told him what I Thought Um and I told them you know this thing's Working with the grates on this Meditation you know I just been doing The settings and all the rest of it but Anyways it just kind of bummed me out From the sense of not like bummed me out Bummed me out but I realized that these people just won't Accept That dodgy sucks and they know he does Because there's no enthusiasm like There's just no enthusiasm they don't Love him like they love charging You know there's a time um The basketball player Draymond Green was Talking smack to Paul Pierce Paul Pierce Was in the final year of his Um Career as a basketball player Paul Pierre was Paul Pierce was a big

Talker and kind of a dummy like he he Ended up being on TV as a announcer he Was always comparing himself to Like the stars yeah he was just always Um you know he was always feeling Himself right very egotistical And Draymond Green said you thought they Were going to give you like Kobe Bryant Had retired a year earlier And Kobe went on to like a retirement Tour everywhere he went you know Celebrated different Arenas because he Was like a you know Superstar And Draymond Green said um you uh you Thought you thought you were going to Get a retirement like Kobe didn't you They Don't Love You Like That right you Ain't a Kobe they didn't love you like That Um it's brutal it was like a Savage you Know And you know it's like that's what I'm Talking about like Paul Pierce was a Great player but he wasn't Kobe Bryant And dodgy isn't anywhere near what Charge he was and people aren't feeling Them the same way they don't love them They don't they're not into him and he Just made one Dopey mistake after Another And so any reason they come up with the Charge has been scrubbed other than Dodgy's fallen and it's in babaji's Whispers like I just you know and it's

There he said this guy's gonna have These problems and he did like he had All these problems and he didn't Overcome them and now he's crumbled and The missions you know failing and it's Gonna have to uh Start back over get a reboot on stronger Footing or whatever whatever way he Phrased it And you know I just um That's pathetic like they're just kind Of all pathetic And so it was it bummed me out that he Didn't you know plus leaving me hanging Said he had a realization and why not Tell me in the the message right and if There is something that you know I mean I would tell them no you're wrong Because you are and they don't want to Deal with it and the fact is that the Mission is like gone it's no longer and You know Um and I told them in the thing that the Properties are being moved and all these Things right I mean this is what I'm hearing And you know I was just going through Something I realized like I have latent I don't want to call them Powers or abilities but There's stuff in my eternal system that Must have been put there Or either there be it's it's being you Know being worked at now

But it's unrealized I don't know I don't want to say potential but things That I could be doing like I could be Doing more or if the right circumstances Are there that I could be doing more And there's things that I can do that I Am not aware of Which is always the case but I'm talking About something more specific And so um I don't know what more to say about that But I'll probably you know get around to Thinking about that when I have time and Then making Some more videos about that if I don't Have anything to report But there is something there because you Know I don't know like I'm just over the Whole you know what was the organization Because it's fairly obvious it should be Everyone that dodgy sucks He's you know he failed like it's just It's there But anyways um I wanted to play these Voiceovers from the other day I'm gonna Put a different picture in in case You've listened to them It was a video on my other channel And I talked about personality disorders But it's probably worth You know it's interesting in the context Of all these things You know it's a little bit not usually It's it's not like a journey series

Audio but it has things that would make This um You know would be important to include This whatever this is that I'm doing Here And then hopefully I'll do one more Voice over wrap this one up and But this has been a big one a lot of Things going on and anyways um here it Is So this um Voice over about you know It was mostly intended to talk about how When you're in the truce community You have to be willing to change Yourself if you're someone who say that They're about truth The first truth is the system is way Worse than I thought And you know whatever you discover about The Beast right You discover that the system is not what You're told about it's actually bad for You it's a bad system even though Materially it's Seems like it just keeps on getting Better It's making people worse right But then the second thing becomes well How is it that affecting me like what is It doing to affect me What is this system Uh that's demonic doing to uh you know How does it change me in a negative way

What is it making me into what am I Becoming because of the system And in the truth Community it's all About the first thing no one ever gets The second thing Well what do I got to do what do I got To do to change and people say all right Well I'm going to start Growing food or I'm gonna start You know cutting myself away from The TV and the internet and that's good Like those are those are Um important things it doesn't like Those things are nothing those things Are important you have to change you Know how you uh I mean the food you eat Like the reading the ingredients thing I Talk about all the time And all the rest of these things you Have to Uh like minimize the toxicity that You're absorbing And so that's positive people get to That part you know they get to the first Part to get to the second part Is who you are as a person the character That you have the you know what you have Inside of you and What your ego is and most people don't Even get a whiff of that like they're Not even willing to take a look at that Part What are they going to do to change Themselves

And it involves a deep connection to God And so I want to get back to this Commenter In just a moment because I've got more Thoughts about it but I want to cover This stuff first because it's kind of The the essence of what I do here and The idea that you have to connect to God Internally And even when you connect to God Internally people get to the third stage You know how much are you allowing that Connection to change you which is the Fourth stage of this thing you know People who do Sage Marg you know this is Why I have been hesitant And not willing to engage with some sort Of community building Because I've seen how it's gone in the Past and I just can't you know I mean I'm just I'm just able to do what I'm able to do now without all that Drama and you can see what's happening Here with this other guy and you know What's happened with these people Because it's what always happens in These communities because people aren't Pure right to people aren't you know People have big Egos and twisted Egos And twisted psychological issues and Power issues and you know people who are In the top of the system Are very similar to the people in every Other part of the system

And you know even in India this happened You know so in the sash Mark tradition Where there was cleaning cleaning of Some scars which you is a must like some Scars have to be cleaned and there's Transmission that helps people have a Deep connection to God and develops Their heart as a capacity to feel and Receive orders and directions you know Let's say orders because it's more like Suggestions You know mandatory suggestions if you Want to have a spiritual life But choices you have to make you're not Forced to make a choice You have to you know learn to make the Choice And connect to God in a deep level to do It and people are transformed by the System massage Mark system And become better people it's happened To me it's happened to so many and Bobby G's Vision the the work that he did he Was ordered to do the spiritual work so Material events would unfold in such a Way that the current system would Collapse And the um New you know a new system based on Spirituality would take its place and a New human being who would be you know Selfless and giving and carrying in you Know not you know not ego driven and Competitive in these things would

Would uh emerge you know the best part Of people to You know pure expression of their soul And you know as I see it now and it took Me a while to see it the majority of us Could not exist in that world not in This Incarnation maybe if we you know we Die and our soul comes back And we don't have all the negative Training and all the negative Tendencies We've developed our egos and things here You know there's deep cleaning that goes On You know if we're heading in the right Direction now And you know there's um You know positive movement then we could Exist in this new world like in this new Paradigm uh in a in a next Incarnation But most of the people here have been so Messed up by the system the changes that They would have to do You know they could help create it you Could help build the foundation of it You could help you know guide the Next Generation you know generation that Hasn't been born yet To you know adopt this new system But really don't have the ability to Live in it like you don't have the Ability to cope and you know we're so Used to this system we're so used to the You know and this is what we're used to And this is what we know and this is Who

We Are And so I realized you know the toxicity That we've all absorbed the poisons the The way it's twisted us on an Egotistical level psychological level We couldn't exist in a pure system a System that's built uh you know from Spirituality as its base built on a Foundation of interconnection of God you Know and our work is on us a spiritual Level psychic level destructive Destroying the old system like that's Part of what people do in the truth Community in solology the first Master Of the seismic system worked you know Lived in uh you know the 1800s uh Or 90 you know 1900s Um And uh You know rural India where there's a lot Of more spiritual people and people who Are farmers and you know the they exist In a more communal situation they Weren't they weren't part of a uh like a You know a globalization type of Corporate world they had local you know Post um Uh the occupation of the British you Know the British were on their way out So there was that element but they were You know they were pretty much Untouched By that there was a British Raja King You know local okay I guess the analogy Was affected by that because they

Took all his dad's stuff his dad was a Rich man they took all of his properties And all this and everything in loology Then was thrust into poverty You know but he lived in a place in time Where you know was there were people who Were more pure and less you know they Weren't I mean there's no internet there was no You know I mean the depravity was a Minimum it was a small village Small village community And he started transmitting the people And he started the scishmark system you Know before it was even an organization And he had a great disciple in Babaji Who was You know a young man who You know wasn't acknowledged as his Disciple until 13 years after lology Died And there was at best 200 people And doing the system And out of that 200 people were people Who had developed psychic abilities and Spiritual abilities underlology and they Waged a spiritual and psychic Ward a war Against Babaji trying to steal his Powers his his spiritual accomplishments And sabotage the mission And Biology instructed Babaji to like punish All these people to You know destroy them uh you know you

Can read it in the books Though there's a Whispers books about it And you know it's babaji's diary And it seemed like some of the people Bobby had to destroy destroy their souls Altogether you know Soul's Eternal Soul Goes from the beginning the time to the End of time so out of 200 people There was such hostile people in a rural Village in India that you know needed to Be destroyed so much of their souls had To be erased right Um and then you know Babaji had his time And You know he dealt with lots of problems Lots of problem children In his uh you know organization of maybe 5 000 people by the time he died And then when he turned over the the Mission to his the obvious CIS obvious Success or charity Charging was poisoned and some guy Showed up with a gun to kill him and They he was involved in lawsuits over You know Mission property babaji's kids Bobby's own kids one of which chargie Had gotten a job and mentored and took You know under his wing at his business And they all turned on him and you know These things went on for years He was hounded by this you know A group of people and again just out of 5 000. and then of course what's Happened with dodgy he himself has

Collapsed And you know just the fourth iteration Of the Master System he's you know at a Spiritual fall and he has all these People around him running the the Organization into the ground And I know about other intentional Communities and things like this And it's always like that right Um you know you can't have something Pure with all these people who want to Capitalize and you know I mean it's Happened obviously in the truth movement You know people coming in and just Contaminating it with their Their you know their psychological and Egotistical dysfunction and their Selfishness And you know even with that right you Know because years and years ago my Family was starting to Homestead you Know we did this back in the you know 2004 or five you know these things right We started in 2003 or four Homesteading and you know and at some Point you realize you need a community And everything I saw from communities And you know we tried to get people to Do that in size Mark you know people who Are like-minded people and I mean There's all these predictions about the Collapse of the system and no one in Size more you wanted to think about you Know most people didn't want to think

About What that meant for them in terms of Changing so that was frustrating But I've seen it come and go right Because people you know it's this is What happens with people you know so I Don't know what my role is other than You know talking about this and Disseminating information Given the collapse of the heartfulness Organization and you know some of these Other things Um you know which is I mean nothing else Has transmission and cleaning in it Which is with the best tools to change Human beings I worked in the Psychological field I know what is Available in the psychological field And you know all these the different New Age practices and things They don't have cleaning and Transmission and clean transmission Which worked and has helped me Astronomically in other people all of us To some extent we've all changed to some Degree Isn't good enough to you know transform Us from This beastly system that's warped Everybody and hurt everybody and made it Impossible for us to have just you know Wholesome uh you know just tribal and You know village-based existence And live in a way that's you know

Harmonious with nature and these things So there has to be a collapse of the System but there has to be also an Evolution of the human being to create a New system and the human being has to be Completely directed by God and selfless And service oriented you know not Competitive and not hostile and not you Know angry and not you know all these Things filled with hate and you know all The the stuff that exists now And you know can work with other people Without Getting frustrated and you know and that Just doesn't exist right now I mean it's You know no matter what you do there's Always going to be people in that come In and ruin it and you really you know Have finding a quality leader that can Resist the you know the problems with Come with being powerful in an Organization Being pure and clean and evolved and Wise and all these things and not Self-interested Not a good power hungry and you know Power corrupt them and so that's you Know that's where we are and I've seen It over and over again and this you know Thing that's going on with the big Parasite these other people You know it's just another example of it It's not nothing new it's you know what Happens and in that going back to this

Guy's comment because I had some more Thoughts about last night This is an honest question not meant to Be snarky I've invested a lot of time Into size Mark hurtfulness in Upper State New York you know it's sounding Like you invested it in it but is it Working for you right Like you know it almost sounds like You're doing it for me right Like you've invested a lot of time into It like that's my problem or my fault or You know you that's something that I Wanted you to do because I don't even Know who you are like I I've made it Clear You know it's an experiential system It's a system in which um You know people are supposed to benefit From it like it's you experience benefit It's not a promise of going to heaven That you'll never experience while You're alive It's not a promise that's given in Religions It's something that you're going to have You're supposed to see a transformation While you're living it's supposed to Help you change right now on day one and The transmission and cleaning Are supposed to have you Feel some relief and if that's not Happening it's not for you or at least You know initially I mean it might take

Three months or so before you start Seeing benefit but either you're Benefiting from it or not and if you are You're welcome well you know because me Having a presence on the internet and Dealing with all I have to deal with and Those of you who benefit from it you Know I've done you service but it's the Same service that was done for me you Know and I you know so that's why I'm Doing it it's not for you it's for People on the beans that help to me you Know the You know the souls and the you know the God and all of the you know positive Movement here All of the Divine hierarchy and the you Know in my soul in itself right my you Know it's It's what my soul this helps me do right In terms of Connecting to God and all these other Things you know your soul is your Connection to God And so you know passing it Forward is Necessary because it's something was Given to me and helped me and so I'm Letting people know that this thing Exists and it can help them but the Person saying this like you know that's Supposed to you know like I owe the Person something oh you know I'm Investing all this time and energy in it Right and again I don't know how old

This person is I don't know what the Relationship with between them and the Big parasite is but then this other Stuff you know I've already covered this Stuff with my ex um you know but he says Um If if I'm to believe that you're reading Of big parasite is accurate despite you Never having met him or even watched Much of his online videos why was your Reading of your ex so unbelievably bad Why can't uh why can you just tell with Uh Big parasite but couldn't tell at all With her at the point your father Children with her and so I want to get a Little bit more back into that in a Second the latter part but you know what I said was that he has hatred in this System lots of it like his content is Fueled a lot by anger hate and Malice And he's attacked all these people who You know like people in the truth Community who are just doing their best You know or whatever they're doing Whatever they're doing you know there's No reason to you know to they don't have Any power they're not you know just Because he has beef with them because They've said something To him or he just looked at him didn't Like him and he went after them right And then they got into the center of Personal beef of course you know

Generates views right You know people will will go back and Forth between the two channels like some Some sort of rap beef Because they want to see drama and they Want to see conflict and then the energy Just gets magnified from that that's you Know negative but you know he clearly Has anger hatred and Malice in his System And you know the way that he I mean you Know this guy who is writing the you Know the comment it's on complete Display right now by the way the way the Guy is ranting about this you know this Um This creation that you know he's saying It to me but it's a creation of his own Inner creation of a you know an effigy Of me like you know this is what people Do like uh straw man right where you Know people in politics this is what They do They take your strengths or their Weaknesses and they project them on the Other candidate You know the Biden tries what Biden is And they try to define trump about by How Biden is and by and Trump tries to Fight Biden how what he is right like They both are very similar similar in Age similar in character similar in Problems When they're you know trying to project

Their stuff and their weaknesses they Don't defend their weaknesses they Attack the other person's strengths and They try to create uh you know like a a Version of you I mean they do this with Celebrities they do this with everybody And you're defined and people just say Oh this is how this person is and maybe That person's nothing like that But everyone believes it right and you Know you have to let it go like it Happens to people who are you know Defined in one way or another they Become you know Um like people who are in the news in The news creates a like a profile for Them and then people do this with other People like this is what the big Parasite is doing now like he talked About how great I was and you know he Who either misread me in the beginning Which means he is a poor person of a Poor judgment because he's done this Over and over again where he idolizes Somebody You know Crowder you know Alex Jones all These people you know he's uh Joe Rogan And then turns on him and all these Other people since then and then he you Know goes after them and in ways that is Dishonest he just you know imagines a Person a certain way and like tries to You know paint them a picture of them And he says hostile things and goes

After people's families anybody who Challenges them people in his own Organization and he's displayed himself Enough that you know he's not hiding it I guess that would be something to his Credit like other people are much more Uh you know they put on much more of a You know a hiding up there their inner You know demon or whatever but he's just Letting it fly right and so you know I Mean I understand that people are warped By heavy metal music and horror movies And you know attracted to dark energy And you know they're Twisted in their Own inability to perceive reality And so there's always going to be so Many people follow that kind of stuff But the hatred and the you know the Venom it's a cancer on the truth Community it's dishonest and this Person's like you know just a a bad you Know I mean just a bad energy low Vibration And if you can't see that like how am I Going to help you like what what do you You know what do you want like you know Like you can do size Mark all you want But if you can't see what's right in Front of you and all the people who left Comments just read the comments because This is known everything I said was Already known by lots of people people Who have been the organization like you Know I didn't have to watch a lot of

Them because he just was displaying it Right and you know I've evolved as a Person And one of the reasons that I was with My access maybe you know one of the Reasons that you're you know all Together as a group is that people have Familiar you know you have people are a Part of Soul families and people are Familiar to you and you've had past Lives with and you know It might be a negative thing and You're not going to see the negativity Right off the bat in many cases Um especially when you're younger if You're supposed to have a bad marriage With somebody you had a bad marriage With somebody before There's something you have to work out Or it's some just something like the you Know my my marriage my first marriage Was Important for me to develop as a person And the cleaning I went through you know The anger I had towards God and all that Stuff that came up The bitterness I had towards God you Know I went through these cleanings Myself I had hatred and anger and things Inside of my system that my marriage Pulled out of me right like it was you Know I mean it was important that I Experienced that And whatever it took for me to get into

That situation You know like I said when my daughter Asked me would you do it again of course Not But I but I should do it again like you Know I couldn't do it again now because I couldn't you know I I'm aware of Things that would make it impossible for Me to go through it but God didn't let Me see those things I didn't let myself See those things you know whatever it Was I mean it's part of that until was Time that I could see him You know there was just that was the way It was like it was you know it was Something I had to experience and you Know there's things you have to Experience in life that are negative but They're blessings because they help Clean out some scars and these other Things right You know but my my reading of her and Initially I saw those things like I saw Some of it but I had no idea what it Would be like and manifest into these Things you know these other aspects and The psychological things that she had They weren't on display for years like They you know they were there a little Bit right but not the initial years when We were having kids and you know and Things like this but Um it was when we got to this you know Our our Homestead our second Homestead

That we built Um that things really started to display Themselves in the you know previous Owner had committed suicide you know There was some kind of energy in the House that was intense and Um you know almost like haunted you know I have a whole thing people have wanted Me to talk tell about the Haunted House Of living right but the owner previous Owner committed suicide was the official Story but there are people showed up and Said she was murdered and there's all These things And you know that's where my family fell Apart The house also you know wasn't you know Would have fallen apart anyway because It was just you know whatever Um but now that I've been through that Experience and you know I've worked in The psychological field and I worked as A preceptor and you know things Developed in me you know that's um 25 Years ago I understand and see these things better That's why I'm such a you know if I made Content back then I wouldn't have been Able to say the same things I'm saying Now I didn't know them I didn't you know I Didn't read people the way I read them Now I knew these things But it's important that people

Understand like I don't care if you Watch me or not like you know it's Probably better if you don't If you're you know going to be a problem Because I'm not dealing with drama I've I've been through that right you know I've been through that phase and that's Why I'm you know painfully aware of the Human nature and you know the things That we need to do and the things we Have to do to survive this you know What's about to happen what's happening Now And come together and work together Collectively either as a truth Community To you know disseminate information or As a you know local people coming Together and you know building some sort Of communal Village and you know share Labor and you know all these things the Things that we need to do We're not really capable of you know and I I mean I'm aware of it in myself like Just you know we're not trained to it We're not you know we have our own Issues with uh you know we've been Warped by the system and there are People who are toxic toxic people In the you know I mean everyone's toxic To some extent but you have to you know Work on that like you know I worked on That You know I was a toxic person who went Through cleaning and utilized the

Seismic system to transform myself You know and I'm okay like I'm not great I'm okay like I you know I have lots of Character flaws and these other things I'm not you know I'm not oblivious to That you know and that's I'm aware of Those things entering into you know Future endeavors that you know I'm not Expecting myself to perform On a level that I I can't attain like I Can't reach at least you know especially Now as I get older it's harder to change And things and there's when there's Physical demands on me that I can't meet You know things that are beyond my Capacity my energy level And I've seen enough depravity in The Human Condition and you know the way People uh you know crumble under under The pressure of um you know power that They're given or relationships are in or Stressed that you know people are just People are not able to rise up right and You know that's why I just do what I do Here like I don't like have hope or you Know I don't have despair I don't have Any of these things I just you know I do What's in front of me like right now Because there's things that are going to Happen that are you know they're gonna Either we're gonna rise up and be able To deal with them we're going to be able To cope with changes they're going to be Asked of us or we're not and you know in

The truce Community there's you know This idea that was somehow better and You know as long as You're not changing and you're not doing Anything in terms of what you are inside And I mean if you're a toxic person Again going back to the you know the big Parasite thing you know it's obvious to Should be obvious to everyone that he's Angry or hateful hateful and there's Malice and the way that you know he just Treats other people and does this stuff And I said that to him And he reacted with all those things Proving me right and people still can't See it like I said these things people Watch the video And then he reacted and displayed Everything they said and people are Still saying you know there's a comment I got like I think last night I think I Saved it you know a person wrote this um How dare you Paul I wish I wish you well On your fartfulness meditation with Dodgy and chargie Um both of us were spelled wrong And then there might have been another One um now there's There was one other one I think maybe That was it you know just um you know Who cares like just another person wrote Me this morning how many comments did You have to delete not that many like I You know I banned people

And it was you know 50 people maybe you know on all these Videos and most of them were you know Not I mean they weren't really bad you Know they were some of them were weird Comments they were definitely Trolls but Not you know substantial I mean the Whole thing is just you know it's just Uh You know Bizarro land right I don't know What to say Um but anyways I'll see if I add Anything to this later on today this is What I want to say in the morning okay So it's um Still Wednesday September September 20th This video probably up tomorrow Um this voiceover I'll add it to some fetterman uh the Fetterman interview and some other Things I had a few more things to add here and That was um You know when you start learning to be a Farmer Years and years ago um When we got our first cow you know I Went to India and I had this experience where I you know There was a cow just sitting there And I you know went up to us about 10 Feet away from it and like you know I Was just sitting there in a slab of Concrete and you know before I had left

There was a family we were buying raw Milk from who um They were milking a cow and they really Weren't into it and they wanted to sell It to us and you know I didn't know Anything about it it was not really into It you know it seemed like a big thing And we were already sort of uh you know Stressed out family With all the stuff which I've talked About before But I went to India and I just you know Looked at this cow and seemed to be Happy on this slab of concrete Doing some you know some hay And like if this cow's happy we could Have a cow in our you know we had about Three acres of uh you know it wasn't Really pasture it was just a yard but There's some grass there And so I came back and we got the cow And we had to fence and I knew nothing About fencing like I never put up a Fence before never mind a cow fence and I put the fence up without barbed wire And the guy dropped off the cow he was Some kind of he worked with the military As like ex-military work with the Military to whatever extent And we had I guess he they dropped the Cow off he's like you didn't put a Barbed wire and I'm like And I don't know what do I know right And the barbed wire seemed kind of

Aggressive like it seemed like you know I think I didn't want to hurt the cow or Whatever Like that was part of it and so you know Again didn't know what I was doing And Um The um I went out to Milk The Cow the next Morning right we just had seen their Milk we milked a little bit it was our First go at it And there wasn't a cow anywhere right we Had some woods and we looked through the Woods and it wasn't a big piece of Property it was like a three acre Property and You know about two acres where where a Fence for the cow less than probably two Acres And you know I Finally figure out the fence was bent The cow just went over the top of the Fence and if you don't put barbed wire On the fence that's what they do you Know cows have leather for skin right They're not it's amazing what they can Tolerate And so the cow um Ran off and across the way there was we Had neighbors down the road and they had About 30 Acres across from our house And they rented it out to a hunting club And me and this guy are going through

The woods and there's um Just We Came Upon like a place where They would clean the deer when they Killed them and There was just I would say 30 uh you Know there's deer bones that look like For about 30 deer there's blood all over The place you don't look like some sort Of ritualistic sacrifice there And we were yelling for the cow that I'm Really yelling for it because I figured You know that um And it was like Easily it could easily be mistaken Somebody who's you know a little bit Trigger Happy And you know we're walking through there And you know I don't know if the hunters Are there or not you know it's just a Disaster So the calculator is running up to us so The guy's calling it by name And then we get her back to the place And the guy helps me put shows me how to Put barbed wire in and you know do all Those things and we start you know Milking the cow and you know eventually Learned all we needed to learn right but There are things like that you don't Know until You're you know you're in a situation Where you know And I've learned these things about Farming over the years from people who

Grew up with it or you know learned it And you know some on YouTube videos but There's a lot to learn And you know it doesn't come necessarily Naturally natural to people I mean in Terms of if you grow up with it it's one Thing but if you're learning it's a you Know so you know it's a big kind of a Process right and so um you know we Ended up getting the second cow and you Know we moved to a like a little bit Bigger property but we still didn't have Enough grass for them to graze it was a Whole thing And my kids learn to milk and you know We all Learn to make cheese and do all those Things Um you know but one of the things I Learned was if a cow butts you or gets Aggressive Then that cow is eating right that cows That cow has to be the genetic line has To be taken out And you know this is just good farming Practices like an animal that big and if Chickens were the size of cows we'd all Be dead like they're You know they're much more aggressive a Lot more brutal than cows are more Gentle But if you have a domesticated cow and It's you know it's bucking you or it's It's ready to you know I mean of course

People have to have bulls and things and That's a little bit different but You know you can't have cows that are Aggressive especially around you know Homestead we had a cows here that they Were they would posture but they Wouldn't do anything The posturing suck and they were new The mother was never you know it was she Had a tough transport over here And we bought the cow and she never Really recovered she blamed us you know Cows have a good memory But when you have domesticated animals Or any of these kind of things you know If something's aggressive it's Life-threatening the cow tramples you Your kids whatever it might be And so like when things are like that You can't have them like you just that's Just the rule of law like just you can't Have dogs that bite and you know animals With rabies you know as a story Um some old you know somebody told me About an old farmer maybe they were a Kid and they were with their grandfather Or something And um The grandfather sees a fox and the fox Is like out in the day and it's just Staring at him And they're pretty close to the fox and He pulls out his rifle and shoots it and He goes why'd you do that he goes

Because it's got rabies like it's not Natural behavior You know if uh the fox was you know Running away from us which it should That was you know that would be fine but It's not running away from us it's Standing there and it's like you know It's not moving It's because it's got rabies right and So there's things like that you know When there's um dysfunction to such a Level that something's broken There's no way that it can be you know Fixed or something it's just gonna Contaminate the system we got a donkey Named Beau And I had some videos up about it and You know my daughter Anna really wanted A horse and And some of the you know like hippie Friends we had had a donkey For sale and you know just there wasn't A like a horse available we don't really Know much about it and we already had The you know a pasture for the cows and This is the second Homestead we had Moved And we went over and got it and the Thing nipped at me And it had been Anna but she didn't say Anything Um we later found out she had a bruise On her leg like a bit her and you know When it nipped me we should never got it

Right like you know I mean it was a a Mistake you know again I know what You're doing the kids really wanted to Get it and you know it was there's a Saddle that came with it and it was a You know the the woman's daughter had Learned to you know ride horses on the Donkey and it was Um you know whatever it was Um it was a bad decision and Beau was a Good donkey some of the time like he Came up you could pet him and he Wouldn't bite you ever then you know Sometimes he'd just run around the Pasture when we were in there he'd run Straight for you and turn at the last Second You know the cows used to bully him when We throw hay out of the we had a you Know broken old broken down old bar and We throw hay out of the loft And the cows in the donkey would eat and They'd push people around there's three Cows and Bow and uh And then all of a sudden Bo get pissed He turned sideways and he started Kicking him from with his back legs and He had you know so but he was aggressive Right there was a time that I was just Telling my wife this That I was milking our cow Phoebe our Second cow We had sold the first cow

And um Ezra And they were sisters like half-sisters Or whatever And Phoebe came in and she had a gash in One of her teach You know the teeth is what you pull on To get the milk out right And it was a big gash it was about two Inches long and deep it should have been Stitched up but we didn't have any Like uh you know there's I mean vets Were hard to come by and whatever And so I bandaged it up and I put Whatever kind of ointment in there but It was you know it was a wide open Gashing wound like nothing that you know A person couldn't stand I mean it would Be bad And I wonder if Bo had bit her You know he would put his head down and He'd run around wild and you know I mean He'd already been aggressive with the Cows You know we ended up getting rid of them You know as I felt like he was dangerous To the kids and all these things right But you can't have animals like that you Know it was like a month long where I I Had to Milk The Cow and I put a bandage Over we'd have to wash out you wash the Teeth and you wash the others before you Melt the cow and you know I had to milk It was like just tell for about a month Until it healed up

And luckily it healed up he healed the Fine but it was you know And cows are tough but you know it's Like a difficult thing Point is that there are things that are Just not acceptable on the farm there's You know Predators there's things that Are competing with your food there's you Know things that you know carry diseases There's of course animals with rabies There's All these things things you got to do to Protect your chickens raccoons want to Get them weasels and you know all these Types of animals and you know there's All social dynamics within the the herds And the flocks and then all the things You do with your crops and you know You're working with nature and nature is Also working against you you know it Doesn't rain when it's supposed to it Rains too much you know all these things And within that you know it's tough like And we're devoid and cut off from all That stuff It's made us soft and soft and you know Accepting Brokenness where Brokenness Really can exist You know things are too easy now so you Know there's a system and people will Take care of and you know and uh pamper People who are broken and then they Never learn to you know fend for Themselves they never learn to you know

Step up and I mean you have this in Families you have this all you know all Across the board And you have all these worthless people That can't contribute And all they do is suck energy and suck You know whatever off other people and It's and it's a big um you know portion Of the the population So I got this comment the other day that Went with this and I you know banned the Person and you know you'll see why it Was something a message somebody sent me An Instagram someone I don't know and It's information I've already told You know it's um he asked me a question About something I'm going to retell this story here Because I wanted but not that I owe him Or anybody an explanation but it's Information I've already shared and Things that people could figure out for Themselves And I'll read the whole comment and I'll Dissect it this is an honest question Now when you start something like that I Mean I should like stop reading right But then you know I mean it could be Entertaining for me but why would you Even say that right Not meant to be snarky again So like dishonesty and snarky are now Implied right this is you know there's Going to be dishonesty and snarky at an

Agenda Um I've invested a lot of time into sash Mark hurtfulness In Upstate New York If I'm to believe you're reading of big Parasite is accurate despite you never Having met him or even watched much of Your of his online videos Why was your reading of your ex-wife so Unbelievably bad why why can you just Tell with A big parasite but couldn't tell at all With her To the point that you fathered children With her So um This is him questioning My ability to read people and these Things which has been like well Documented here But that's not the important first part The first part is When he says this This is the key line healer just find it If I'm to believe you're reading of big Parasite if I'm to believe it See I'm not selling you that like I Don't care what you believe like that's The the issue here and I you know this Comment is the kind of comment that gets You Auto band like all of it just Starting off the honesty and the Snarkiness and you know whatever it's Challenging and the other you figure out

Whether I'm right or not like I'm not Demanding you believe me in fact like I Said I don't care what people believe I'm not trying to rescue you I don't Know what you're You know your destiny is I don't want to Burden be burdened with your decision Making like if you're Questioning my ability to read big Parasite because I you know started a relationship with Somebody Almost like 30 years ago I mean what is It Um 20 something years ago now So it was I think before 1999 so 24 Years ago So 24 years ago I started a relationship With somebody and lived through Something And so much knowledge I gained from that Experience Then of course I'm a different person so Like it it's a nil and void comment Right because that experience has made Me aware of something that without that Experience I wasn't aware like so like There's I mean you could have answered That yourself like it's time and Experience And there's differences there which I've Told the story and I'll tell the story In a moment but to start off the thing Saying if I am to believe like I'm

Trying to convince you with something I'm doing my duty by passing on Something that I see and you know this Whatever the Divine process that you Know forced me into doing it like I do With everything else But I'm not expecting people just take My word for it and I'm not you know Getting anything out of it like I don't Win anything by you believing me and you Know backing me and agreeing with me you Know like I said like I don't know you Guys and you know I don't really care Like that's why I'm saying I don't I'm Not interested in your opinion like this Is what I do for a job I analyze things That people can take it or leave it Remember I did a video recently where Someone said why should I trust you and I said you shouldn't like you know like You know why I don't want your trust Like I don't want you to blindly trust Me and you know I don't want to make Your decision for you like learn how to You know read people yourself and figure This out but the more important thing is For this person again I want to get into The story in a second but Big parasite is it displaying himself And has for a while I mean I don't know how long but read The comments in my video there are People that were part of the community There was a guy who recorded a

Conversation where he said in the Comment that That uh big parasite tried to extort him And he played the you know the the audio For people And big parasite turned on them and the Whole thing happened and the number of People commented saying that you know Seeing reading the maybe it was written I don't know or hearing the tape or Whatever you can find the comment turn Them and so they saw a big parasites for What he was The other person just wrote me a Personal message saying he listened to Big parasite for a long time you started Doing you know the size Mark system Which has been very helpful and he Stopped listening a big parasite because He was angry all the time because big Parasites anger and hate and Mel uh Malice was contaminating his spiritual Condition lots of people Who are part of the community who saw a Big parasite and had you know got burned By him the sky Um you know this guy he just had a Blowout but look at Curtis Stone now Curtis Stone is you know and I you know Don't know the guy but he isn't some Power Monger he isn't a part of the Elite he isn't some person doing bad Things all these people that big Parasite has gotten beef with and even

Someone like Joe Rogan and you know all These people you know that guy um Oliver Anthony you know that's just jealousy Right like big parasites a musician and You know Saying someone is jealous is like the Easiest thing to do and I make fun of That but in this case you can see how Narcissistic and you know self-centered Big parasite is right And so you know like you guys should why Don't you guys see that like why haven't You seen it already like why would you Need me to say this stuff like you Haven't seen his the way he goes after People Disproportionately right this guy has Been I mean like think about this If big parasite has been vouching for me And has used so much of my material and Said all these wonderful things about me And said I was you know legitimate funny My his go-to stream you know he learned All these things and you know things I've quoted things that he said on his Whatever than taking my information you Hearing it first for me and then hearing It from him or hearing it from him from Him and then realizing later on that I Said it first and he took it and you Know didn't credit me all these things Right that he looked at me as a Legitimate source And then I said look you got an anger

Problem you're toxic you know not nice Things to hear but something all of us Know how do you not know that already Right how do you not know that like in You know what good are you to anybody if You can't read that like you can't see It it's so obvious the hatred the malice The you know going after people who are I mean they're not a part of the Beast I Mean like we're all part of the beast But they're not shills they're you know Just people Trying to do whatever they're doing I Mean Curtis Stone like he seemed like Just a kind of a nice guy who's doing uh Off the Grid stuff and you know someone Wrote a comment saying oh he's going After Curtis Stone now like Curtis Stone's helped me so much right like I Don't even know who this guy is but the Way the big parasite was being we'll Watch the interview And which person's being more Disrespectful which person is acting an Inappropriate way which person is filled With anger hate and Malice right like How can you not possibly see that And you know like I said I said nothing He's taken so much for me right all These things and I you know like people Have told me about I didn't care Whatever And you know didn't know what's going on I didn't know that the toxicity was

Somehow affecting me and you know I know What was happening with all these people It's not my problem it's not my Responsibility I put the information out There someone's misusing it you know Ultimately I had to say something you Know not that I knew that like you just You know I didn't look into it didn't Care about but when I did now he's Saying all these horrible things about Me because he has new evidence because He's you know convinced of these things Or because I said something That was Hurtful to him something he can't face In himself and so he's having a little Tantrum and saying things about my Daughter who committed suicide by family Things like this and these things people Just told me like I don't want to listen To him like I didn't want to listen to Him when he was praising me like I just Don't like the guy's energy I don't like Anything about him I mean you know it's hard to watch how Many people has he followed like he you Know followed behind Crowder and he you Know he bowed before Joe Rogan and Alex Jones and then all these other people he Ended up having beef with who you know At first he liked it he's you know he's He's saying that this person's a good Person then he's like oh my God's wrong About it like by if you guys accept him

As somebody you listen to when he reads Everybody incorrectly like how can you Take him seriously but he's you know all These stuff that he's plagiarized people This guy Quantum something or other That you know I I keep on hearing his Name that um he's taking quite isn't as Well as something like that you guys Know what it is I mean look at all the Comments just go read the comments of People who were associated with them and All these things that there's people He's burned within his group people have You know anybody who's offered a slice Bit of criticism he goes ballistic on One of the books by ex got on dealing With people with borderline personality Disorder it was that it was called Walking with on eggshells The people who live with and marry two People with borderline personality Disorder some of these narcissistic Personality disorder any of these taxes Do but it was specific to that and said You're walking on eggshells and they Change the facts to fit their feelings And this was something my ex did quite Substantially But the difference between my ex and big Parasite was my ex was an Ivy League Graduated uh you know top of the class In high school and you know like Valedictorian level type person and Polished and refined and you know not

Somebody who displays herself the way That big parasite does she didn't go on Public rants she didn't say things she Was a little bit weird when I first met Her but I first met her she was not Somebody I was romantically interested In I had just moved to New Mexico and Was made a preceptor and I was riding The high of being completely cleaned out And just the joy of being a person that Does size mark And jumping into the literature And she was just me she was living in Colorado And was just made she had been a Preceptor for a while but she was made In charge of these zones charging had Divided America up into Um five or six or seven zones or Something maybe eight zones And New Mexico and Um Arizona and Colorado and Utah were in Those zones and there were three Preceptors there Was me there was my ex and there was a Preceptor a young guy who was a young Indian guy who was in uh Phoenix Arizona Nobody in Utah you know I think those Are the four corner States if um correct If that's uh correct and there is no Centers there's no Center in Colorado at The time there was one before there was An Indian preceptor there but he left And he turned it over to my ex and She

Chased everybody away and charging was Kind of disappointed in her because she Scared them all away with her you know Her you know just going in too big and You know her whatever it was but she was Still you know more refined and more Believable than uh big parasite like as A you know person and she loves sash Mark and she had you know like intimate Um you know uh relationship with chargie Spend lots of time with him and you know They had exchanged these letters and Things and you know they had you know Like they were she was you know closer To charges and lots of people she had Extended you know trips and things to India or whatever And so she had been around for a while And most of the people in my first Center Were kind of like they weren't Passionate about it and she was Passionate about size Mark so I went to See them Her she was married at the time And she looked like she was 10 or 15 Years older than me and she was married And so there wasn't even a thought that There would be any sort of romance Between her I was an attracted to her She was overweight she had had two kids And you know there's a thing that Happens when you Start having kids like you know how I am

Now I mean I'm a lot bigger than I was Back then so back then I probably Weighed 185 pounds something like that And I think I lost some weight from India because of that you know I got Sick there I think I went down to like 160 which was you know through college I Was 185 pounds in them you know six foot You know one half six foot two or Something Uh six foot one and a half probably And you know I was still in my Athletic Youth I was still you know I was in my 30s I was like 30 32 33 at the time But I was still you know I could still Play basketball like I used to I still Was in really good shape and my ex had You know gray hair already And like I said she was only six years Older than me but she looked like she Was 15 years older than me she was Married and there was just nothing there Like I just and she was different she's Kind of you know the kind of Person I really wouldn't associate with Somebody who's kind of um pretentious You know like somebody who's uh like uh Like a scholarly type person like a you Know she went to an Ivy League school And she was like that kind of person I'm Not that kind of person right like um You know more sloppy and she's more Refined and more you know just um

An academic type person really you know Into school and you know all those Things right not somebody I usually be Friends with but we both shared a Passion for size mark And we were working together to build Centers out there we were talking about Having Gatherings and things so I drove Four hours to meet her and her husband And her two kids and I went there and You know we had some kind of uh positive Uh interaction we gave each other Sittings you know the preceptor sittings Or whatever But there was nothing there like there Was no like there wasn't a thought in my Mind that there would be any chance of Us being together so I didn't you know I Mean she was a little bit weird like a Lot of these people were weird and they Were not people I would normally be Friends with and you know But we shared a passion I was excited About doing work being a preceptor I was Really you know pumped up about it and I Was uh you know riding the high of being Cleaned out in India my first trip and Those things reading the literature Having someone like you know the people Like I said the people I had known so Far they were into size Mark but a lot Of them were burnt out or you know they Were older and they just um They weren't passionate about it and she

Was passionate I had someone to talk to About the literature and you know things That were like very important to me I Was reading these books so excited about Them and you know all these ideas and You know learning about spirituality and It was a you know it was a a Time on Some of my best time in terms of you Know I hadn't experienced some of the Suckiness you know and this was part of It and she um her husband got into a car Accident and he had all these physical Injuries and you know I had no idea that There was stress in their marriage and People in seismog don't get divorced Because marriage is looked on as Something you you get it died you that's That's what God wanted you to have right Like you know you're going to get Divorced and married and not marry Another daughter you know Marriage is there to help you grow Spiritually and if you get someone That's not so great I mean you know they Have arranged marriages in India they Have a different perspective of it So you know I I had no reason to believe That their marriage was bad And you know the subject would never Come up because I would never you know Want to know stuff like that right like We didn't have that level of an intimate Relationship I'm not a you know I mean I You know whatever the relationship that

Was there was sash Mark based but they Were going to move They had moved to get a move for he lost His job you know he would have got a car Accident and He got another job but like that wasn't Working out So they could have moved um they were Planning to move somewhere else and Start a business with um some other Aviosis Or they could have moved closer to me in Albuquerque and I had only been there Twice And you know I had made a few phone Calls with them and she told me that They were going to move closer to me Um You know I lived in Santa Fe she moved To Albuquerque which was an hour away And what I didn't know is their marriage Was crumbling both of them wanted out And she had never had a time since high School where she was single like she had One period where she was you know six Months single she had been you know Abused by her dad sexually that was her Story She dated a boyfriend in high school Throughout High School Broke up with him when she had another Boyfriend and multiple men she was you Know with all these men I mean like Probably like over a hundred or you know

Like lots of them and she was you know She would never say no like to a man Like it was she had boundary issues and All these things didn't know any of that And you know she was with men in terms Of dating and these things she wouldn't Um like have a time where she wasn't With a guy And you know the same thing ended up Happening at the end of our relationship Where you know she was stringing me Along or you know not allowing me to Move on with my life which of course I Was eager to do until she found another Guy and she's old and like you know She's physically sick and it was just Happened to be a guy who she knew from Before that did sash Mark but that's her Mo right so she was like scouting for Another guy because she was ready to Dump this guy you know she has a period With the the guy's a hero The guy that she's with and she's you Know she's she adores you when you're a Hero and you don't see things when you Um When somebody's like that right and so Um and what she does is she ropes you in And this is how it worked with me well Over time you know first it started Where we were doing things uh you know We did sashimar they came to my house For SATs on every Sunday And then we started going to places the

Kids she had two kids and go go for Hikes and things and then I would go Down there when I had a day off like Once a week I had Tuesdays or Wednesday Off or something and I'd go down there We exchange individual cities I'd give Her husband an individual City I give her an individual saying she'd Give me one and then we do something With the kids and we started going to Zoo like a zoo and things like this with The kids And then her husband stopped going you Know like it was weird but it was but They said it was because he was still Suffering from an automobile accident You know and I didn't think anything of It because you know But the kids started you know I started A Um you know I was always an uncle before I had my I'm the youngest of of four Siblings And five siblings and my brother had Three kids and my uh three sisters each Had two kids each And I spent most of my time with my Brother's kids because they were like a Second family for me but I went hung out With my sister's kids I was good at Being an uncle because you know I didn't Have any responsibility and you know I'd Show up what I want to and you know hang Out with the kids and you know I was

Like I'm I was always been kind of a kid Myself and whatever So it was nothing new for me but you Know I ended up um you know like Co-parenting these kids because the dad Was like just not not into it he was Just whatever And at first I thought it was the Accident but then I realized they just Didn't want to spend time with each Other and she started to confide in me And you know she started to paint him Like the villain that she painted me Like to this other guy because that's What she does she she has these Triangulation triangular relationships Where she has a villain who's with her And she Paints the new guy as a hero That's going to rescue her and you know Guys get sucked into that right and so You know that was like very stressful For me and I didn't want to abandon you Know her and these kids that now I felt Like you know had some responsibility For and you know Sage Mark was tied into It and you know I wanted to live up to You know being a preceptor and I want to You know give my time and energy and I mean this is some of the reasons why I Don't want to do that now right you know Because I mean you know I thought that All these people who were inside Marg Were reading the books and trying to be Better people and you know we're honest

And you know they weren't manipulative And all these types of things right and You know my my ex had been abused and You know I appreciated that I felt like She was doing well For somebody who had been through what She had been through because I had Worked with abused kids in a treatment Center and you know these things Um and so their marriage was crumbling And it was already kind of over before I Had gotten there Because they both had like kind of Severe issues you know like I was kind Of effed up you know and I didn't know Any of this stuff and you know I I Couldn't abandon the situation but I had A lot of misgivings and there's all Kinds of things in the story I just Can't get into Like little detailed things and you know You know I watched the movie Jerry Maguire which was like a similar Situation Tom Cruise was dating a single Mom all these things and she had she Didn't have the ability to drive she had No money and no car like they were Broken you know these things and so like I mean I wanted out like I was stressed I you know I felt like she was older Than me I didn't you know wasn't really Like attracted to her in that way you Know I mean initially in these things And so you know and I didn't think she

Would be manipulating me and dragging me Into something which I later Could see that she was and so The events unfolded in a way that you Know and I feel like it was supposed to Happen and like you know some of it was I was naive of the you know whatever it Was I uh you know I because they were Abiasi she was an abiasi she was a Practitioner size Mark I thought she was Better than she was these things like You know it's just totally Understandable right and I didn't know What I know now like you know my Daughter Anna said if you had to do this Over would you you know marry mom and I Was like you know I don't want to answer that question Because if I said no that means my kids Wouldn't exist right and so you know the Stuff about her Um you know cutting herself and Committing and attempting suicide using Suicide these were things that developed Later she didn't display those things at First and that was one of the reasons I Thought she was just being manipulative And you know these were like there was Always like the honeymoon period She was Acting much better in the beginning And then you know just stress kicked in And just all of it Um and even with that she had a good Side a positive side she had you know

Good quality she had you know certain Abilities and things like this and you Know I didn't know which side was the Dominant side I always hope the good Side would win out And I thought it would but then you know Towards the end of the relationship I Could see that there really wasn't a Good sign like there was you know what She was as a as a broken person And then there was what she was able to Display for people for a short period of Time usually in the beginning of Relationships to con them into believing She was a good person and it wasn't she Was a bad person she was a broken person She was you know abusify her who was Psychologically broken and you know she Had a lot of Ambitions and you know she Could you know I mean she was good at The beginning of things She was good at you know getting you Know she had a Visionary personality Like I did she was good at you know Coming up with you know uh goals and Things but then we just she couldn't Sustain him she couldn't she was you Know she never really held a job She had no jobs and you know she had uh Graduated from a Ivy League school and Then went to Boston College for a you Know she had a you know uh MSW and she Getting out of college she could have Gotten high paying jobs like she was you

Know she was someone who interviewed Well and she was she would be impressive To people like someone who Externally you know when you first meet Her she would impress you like with her You know someone who's really smart and You know others things So it wasn't like she didn't have any Good qualities But you know what was inside of her was You know darkness that she didn't want To confront and you know like a twisted Messed up personality with you know Multiple like psychological diagnoses And you know a fear of her internal Darkness and you know she had been Hospitalized and went to a psych ward After she was abused by her you know Dad Over uh you know a weekend like a Thanksgiving she went home she was you Know tried to commit suicide in college And you know she was I think she went to A psych ward twice she was on a Psychiatric hold something later my Daughter Anna would also have right Because You know these things you know her she Handed down her self-abusing and stuff To my daughter I mean all these things And so you know like this is a you know A goofy question right because having Gone through that experience and then You know I went working I worked in a Treatment center I went got my master's

Degree in counseling and learned to do Psychological assessments But I'm a much more Uh like I don't know Wise person now I don't know what to say You know and it's I don't have the Innocence that I once have which kind of Sucks I'm cynical that's why I don't want to Get involved Because it isn't just this experience I've seen so many of these And you know things I've been a part of Things I've just witnessed and you know I mean people are broken and you can't Expect very much of them and then what's Happened with dodgy and the collapse of The system right you know and when she Started displaying these things I Couldn't leave her like that would leave Her with custody of the kids or join Custody and I mean there wasn't the Option to do that like I just couldn't Do it like morally ethically Like I just uh you know I had to just Hope that she was going to change and Things were going to get better and I Wasn't great myself right I was stressed Out I was checked out half the time Right I was just you know it was a mess Like it you know was it was a freaking You know it was like traumatic it was Just stressful and sucky Years of Living With that right and you know just like

Things would seem like they were going To turn and you know look like a door Was going to open and just as about just As just as we were about to go through As a family the door would like Slam in Our faces right but you know the Decision of her like the turning point For her and you know the turning point For me It came towards the end of our marriage Right things had to run its course where You know I had to see what kind of Person she was right Um And like she was we had all these things Homesteading and homeschooling living by An ashram and all these goals that she Wanted all these things that she you Know wanted for the the you know the Healthcare stuff all the stuff that we Were you know alternative medicine stuff And like everything she was doing she Just couldn't sustain it and you know She quit on the kids and the Homeschooling she quit on everything And I realized she never Deep down she has these ideas and these These dreams but I don't think she was ever wanting to Accomplish them not really I think it Was just a facade like somebody who's You know doing these things to convince Herself that she's not broken and she Can actually be in a healthy

Relationship and she couldn't but like I Said it had to run its course and then When it did you know I was allowed to See and I was I allowed myself to see The stuff that you know I was repressing Because I had I had to you know I didn't Have a choice anyway like if I dwelled On all the the f'd up things that she Was doing right you know drinking her Own urine and stuff and it's something That big parasite was talking about and Things got weirder and you know I knew More about her as time went on and you Do that with you know this happens with Everybody you know people are good at You know on the first date anybody can Kind of not anybody but most people can Pull off and become a reasonable person And you know seem like somebody who you Know you might be interested in And they can hide their stuff like People can hide their stuff for a year They can hide their stuff for a month These two years five years whatever But eventually it comes out right you Know I mean you know maybe in small Doses and and then you're like okay you Know this is this is the other part of The person they didn't want me to see Before But in terms of big parasite he shows His stuff he displays it without I mean I don't understand how any of you guys Fell for the stuff in the first place

Right especially now after he has these Meltdowns but the way he you know I mean He goes after these people who are Truthers in ways that you know they're Not controllers I mean even the controllers are you know They're they're boxed into their Situation but you know he's having these Personal conflicts with these people Some of them have been you know a part Of the community for a while and they Might not be the best people they might Not be the best truthers but the way he Goes after him and the way you know Things that he says and the way he's Gone after people in his own Community Uh you know why these are big red flags And there's so much there you know the Guys he's not right you know like and it Was easy for me to see right off the bat Then like you know if you can't see it That's not my problem not here to Convince you I mean I don't know why you Can't you know but maybe you know like You suck like you know maybe you know Like I mean Like maybe you suck so bad maybe this is Just something you had to go through To gain knowledge and experience so you Don't do it again right but some people Fall for this over and over again And that's why I've been hesitant like I Don't go in and jump into things like I Used to because

You know I I wait to see things how they Develop Like because um you know like I've been Burned before and you know all these Things are just the way people are and The way uh even you know good people can Fold under the pressure of like what It's like to live nowadays And you know not have a family so Everything's crazy out there right And then you have people who are just Absolutely you know broken and it's more And more of them And very seldom do you have two Functioning people two healthy people That have relationship skills and you Know I mean I always had issues with Intimacy and you know uh I mean just Being an adult all these things like it Was hard for me like I wasn't trained And you know some of my personality Characteristics so very few people are Ready to go and are already and Established and you know they have good Careers they have good uh you know uh Understanding what it takes to be a Parent and you know all these types of Things they have good support systems They got good families you know healthy Marriages and their their parents are Having healthy marriages I mean you know All the things you need for a successful Marriage and these things most people Don't even get something even close to

That And so you know that's why there's so Many divorces so many miserable people And you know a lot of those people are You know fairly good people pretty good People you know they just have issues And you know so there's that like it's Just and then there's someone like big Parasites who's just out there like Displaying himself like he's just he's Not hiding it right he just goes out and Says all these things and does all these Things and the Energy's there like How Does the energy not affect you like you Know I've never understood why people Can't feel Transmission in size Mark Like I don't know why my brother Couldn't I couldn't he couldn't and like It was a it was a thing but between us And you know he he felt like I was Rubbing it in and I wasn't I just I Never could understand that we were Biologically the same you know I Understood that he had he had a seedy Life and you know he was in Vietnam and You know he was you know he was probably ADHD and he had agoraphobia and he had All these psychological issues Um you know it was messed up by Vietnam It was with prostitutes he was a Womanizer you know again You know he had different you know Different life than I did you know and Maybe I was more sensitive in some ways

Um but he couldn't feel the transmission There's lots of people who can't and so I don't understand that right I don't Understand how people can look at this Guy and think he's trustworthy you know Like I said it's one thing just to Listen to somebody on YouTube like That's not a big deal will you start Getting into relationships and you start Joining groups and you start exchanging Money and you start doing things like That you know then you you need to be More Um you know I don't know I don't want to say discreet but more You know do your due diligence you know It's a it's one thing like I said my ex And I working together as preceptors There was no problem with that like you Know like I didn't care that she had Some issues and you know whatever Everyone does but you know she was Passionate about what she was doing and You know I thought she was a good person Or whatever as far as I knew she was one She didn't give me any reason to doubt That she was a good person but the Thought of us being together that wasn't An option it was an option for me never Crossed my mind and as time went on you Know I got sucked into something where She was playing a different game right You know she was playing a you know a Manipulative game where she was looking

To punt her ax and and get somebody else Somebody younger or whatever you know Looking at me as an energy source in These things So you know I've learned my lesson right Unfortunately you know and and either Way you know I mean you're always Rolling the dice when you get married to Somebody like I said anybody can you Know most people can pull off a you know Uh you know a good guy actor a good Woman act or whatever for a short period Of time And then you know and then reality kicks In Anyways that's enough for tonight I Don't know what else I'll add to this Tomorrow okay so I'm waiting for the Rice to be done For dinner um and I had some more Thoughts while I was cooking and you Know first of all the Things about psychological diagnosis is And again it's not a you know a hundred Percent science it isn't like it's There's truth in it but it's also Negative like there's you know I've Talked about this extensively in other Videos I don't love it but it's you know I Can't deny the that there's truth in it And with those things you know Personality disorders and depression and All these different things that people

Go through there's obviously an arc There is a you know there's um They're Cycles sometimes people are Better in all of us right we all have Some pathology we're all a little bit Nuts right because of the system you Can't live in the system and not be Negatively affected and we have our ups And downs and you know sometimes life Stressors and events and you know other Things exacerbate the situation Sometimes where Support is sometimes we have better People in our lives right so all these Things are you know there are things It's a it's a fluid situation But also with this there are other Things a person has You know my ex was one psychologist said That she had was OCD Which I saw you know she had that you Know maybe not you know full-blown but That was there Um which caused problems she was a Perfectionist you know so she had those Things Um she told me a story where she said That her mom punched her when she was a Kid or something yelled at or something Did something And she went blind for like like half a Day or something And she told um it was called hysterical Blindness and she told the psychologist

Or psychiatrist about this and the Person said oh you're hysteric we don't Get many of those like you know You know like this kind of thing and There was evidence of Multiple personality disorders at least She age regression regressed but there Seemed to be you know times that I was Like well it seems like she's changing In terms of her personality disorders uh You know like some kind of you know Alternate personalities and because I Knew what I knew about this stuff from You know my work And you know I just um I felt you know I bought into her Victimization victim Consciousness stuff But the problem is that people have to Function And when you support people who are like This when you you know you say things to Them when you know you're lying to them But you're just doing it to you know Make them feel good and bring them back You know when I would apologize for Things that weren't my fault And you know when I Um supported some of her views or didn't Confront some of these things It was doing her and me as disservice Because you know when it all came down The family fell apart because she never Was willing to change right if you don't Change you pass that stuff on to your

Kids you know this stuff happened with My daughter Anna who eventually Committed suicide both of them were Self-abusive both of them caught both of Them Or suicide all these other things And you know some of it was biological Her parents were all messed up and you Know my parents weren't great like I Didn't have an ideal childhood either I Had crappy parents I wasn't like you Know I was screwed up in my own way you Know I have my own issues And so you know it's hard for somebody In this world to function with with People who are so far gone when they Themselves are you know didn't have a Good foundation Um you know themselves right but this is Why I was talking about the year of the Broken and you know people they're Supporting people and saying their Brokenness is fine but the problem with That is When people are broken that means other People have to carry them and I'm not Talking about people being physically Disabled and some of these things but Even with that you know when in nature You know predators and and nature itself Takes care of weak animals like it's You've got to keep this the herd strong You got to keep the you know the school Of fish strong I mean the weak don't

Survive and people who can't function Are carried by compassionate people and By you know this whole I mean all Everything that's being pushed by Everybody right especially you know I Mean it's we live in a country where the System itself can carry people with Severe weaknesses psychological or Whatever they are people who can't carry Their weight and yet those people are Reproducing and producing more weak People and it's also being socialized That you know if you're broken it's okay And it's you know everyone's just Supposed to ignore it and and you know Coddle you And you know and it's it's destructive Right ancient times I wasn't tolerated Right deviant people and all these Things it just wasn't tolerated and People couldn't function who people who Are always causing drama always you know You know I mean so selfish and all these Things overly competitive hoarding Resources I mean doing any of these Things you know I mean the people who Hoard billions of dollars of resources And people who do that like are you know If you did anything else like that if You hoarded anything else like that it Would be considered some sort of Pathology but when you hoard money you Know you're you're valuable like you're Somebody who's you know people want to

Be around And you know I mean like all of that you Know people have moments of Truth in Their life and they have you know times In their life where they have to step up And you have to Evolve and you have to take on more Responsibility and do these things that You never were able to do before and you Know when you become a parent that Happens right all of a sudden you know You you were living as a kid and you Were being taken care of and your things That you didn't have to worry about and Then you become a parent and adult and You have these things and we all Struggle with that we all have trouble Adopting or adapting to in our system Our families have broken down our Families usually suck you know we don't Have training from our parents who sucks Right I mean some people have good Parents and you know that's great but The majority of us don't And the system itself doesn't train you For being a parent it doesn't you know I Mean it just isn't something that you Know you you are prepared to do there's No right of passage into adulthood for Most you know people in America and it's Just you know you're a kid and then You're a teenager and then you're like An adult you got kids and all of a Sudden you're supposed to figure

Everything out and that's why there's so Many you have to families because it's Not you know it's not being uh where you Observed good parents and there's a Support system and you know all these Things are you're trained and nurtured And you have elders and people there to Help you and you know you're just Supposed to figure it out you're like Well I don't want to be as bad as my Parents and you you go the opposite Direction that they win and you know Whatever And we see all that and the problem here Is that you know our society is crumbled Because of it this is everything that We're talking about right and so um you Know People have to be expected to pull their Own weight and be able to you know not Be like sucky and manipulative and you Know crazy and creating drama and having Tantrums and having psychological Breakdowns right where everyone coddles Them and says oh you this person has Such a tough childhood well you know you Sink or swim right like that's part of Life life is tough And you know to be a uh like a Contributing member of society everyone Has to push through those difficulties And and grow up and you know learn how To you know Be someone who is is wanted which most

People want to do you know my kids first Milked out the cow they were so proud You know my three of my kids milked a Cow You know and you know had one of the Videos up I mean it's still there Somewhere my daughter when she was like I think nine or ten milked out the cow And brought the cow in uh Phoebe or cow And milk throughout herself and brought The milk and she's skipping and it's Great great little video Um it was a big moment and she was like Well you know I'm contributing like kids Feel great when they learn how they can Contribute they're providing you know Basically income and stuff for the Family they're bringing in you know food And things and then we learn to make Things and do things you know that's What people used to do but now you know Kids don't get that people don't get That right most of us didn't get that And so you know those moments of uh Self-mastery and learning how to do Things and becoming something and you Know when people don't get that and They're you know they have to manipulate People because they're scared that their People will find them out for who they Are and they have to you know create These deceptive you know whatever Personalities and you know it's just an Absolute mess you know this is a reason

Why in terms of the gratefulness Meditation I don't really want an Organization because there's always Going to be people like this And I'm gonna have to deal with them Like because they suck and you know I've I've seen it before and people like this Enter into every organization you know It's the guy in the room you know when They're talking about World War III with China and this guy can't wait to press The button because he might want to make Sure that we we knew could China or Russia before they knew costs and you Know hopefully somebody in there you Know people talk them down or you know Whatever it is right but eventually that Somebody won't right somebody you know Or somebody will be the president or Whatever it might be or the people Calling the shots or and they'll just Say eff it right because they're too Paranoid too selfish and too twisted and You know they've distorted reality too Much and they're too broken to to make The rational decision and screw Everybody else right and so you know What I'm saying is such people are you Know a play against society and if they Can't step up and act appropriately you Know behave in a you know appropriate Social situation or whatever it might be I mean they have to be like I don't want To say cast aside I mean I'll you know

Have a remedy for this but you can't Coddle them and you know make it okay And you can't you know I mean that's not The way you treat something like this Right you know life is tough and you Have your moments and there's moments of Sinking and swimming if you sink your Drought and you know there's lots of People who drown you know what if you Know everyone's put to a test And 70 percent of you know people fail Or even more of it like even you know 90 Or something you know they can't step up And I mean this is what's going to Happen when we have to adopt you know we Can't depend on the system like we do Now and people are going to have to work Hard again we're gonna have to work with Our hands we're gonna have to bring in Food we're gonna have to you know do the Things that people used to do and you Know what happens when people can't do That like I've experienced this I've Been on Homestead now for years and Years and you know I know what it takes And you know I have an inkling of what It takes because a lot more things I Would have to do if we didn't have the System And you know you need to have Community You have to have people working together Cooperatively you have you can't have People want to be stars and want to be Special and want to have you know

Special treatment and have different Rules for them than everyone else right You have to have people working together And be fair and it'll be generous in Giving you know giving of themselves Right And you know not in a way that they're You know being patted on the back or you Know they're being propped up but a way That they're giving without expecting Any acknowledgment they're just doing it Because it's what needs to be done and That's you know very few people are like That and very few people in the truth Community are like that you know even Though they're you know so intent that They're so much better than everyone Else Anyways um maybe I'll add some more to This tomorrow but you know There it is for today Okay so um I just want to add this to The end of my video tomorrow Um You know I've said this over and over Again and more than ever now given you Know what just happened and uh dealing With the you know the big parasite uh Um you know the um The thing about people in the truth Community is there are varying types And there's a lot of angry people who Want to blame their miserable lives on The so-called controllers or somebody

Else And don't want to take responsibility For What they are as a person right it's Very easy to find fault In the system and the system is easy to Bash especially when you're You know insignificant in your even if You get you know hundred thousand uh Regular viewers or something daily or Even a million Uh the system doesn't really care about That in fact it's just a way to vent uh You know vent like like a pressure Cooker vents pressure People are getting upset so you have People We're talking about it and you know it's Um something that they can use later on If they get people riled up like they Did in the big event in January To impose more restrictions And so the system doesn't care about the Truth community and truthers they have a Plan for it you know they know that a Growing number of people are seen Through their um You know the scam and that's a concern Because the scam is predicated on people Believing in the deception right it's a System that is an illusion and if you Don't have enough people buying into the Illusion you know everyone can go along With the illusion like there's people

Who can know it's an illusion just go Along with it and that's all of us to a Certain extent right so you know but for The most part they don't care about People in the truth Community like as a As a large group sure As individuals not so much because they Know what I know and that the system Can't be changed like they can you know It's either going to exist with them or Collapse without them it's a system that Needs evil people to run it because it's An evil system and people will piss and Moan and you know like talk big but then When they realize that they're going to Get rid of their lifestyle They'll fold like the majority of them The mob when they realize that the you Know the difference between what they Have now with a bunch of evil leaders And a post-apocalyptic type of you know Or an apocalyptic type of slug ruled Anything goes type situation they'll Choose the former so all this idea about You know we're doing great work here is Silly like it's just you know I realized This years ago I mean it took me a while You know you go through different stages And the key thing to remember about this Thing you know what this thing is all About is change And if you are thinking you're going to Change the so-called delete these are The least changeable people

They're incapable changing and if they Did change the system would collapse And so you know there's no changing them It's not really an option they're not Listening to you They've long since sold their souls to Whatever it is right And they're locked in and you know if Just a few of them change they'll be Excised out burned right anybody who Turns on the you know when the elites Turn on each other or turn on the Beast They're quickly disposed of so there's No you know There's none of that and you can say all Right I'm here to change other people Are wrong I'm here to change the sheeple You know it's you know all these things And you know people who are you know Have a microphone who are part of this They really have to get you know a Handle on this and like the sooner the Better because it's just getting Goofy right like it's you know the truth Community's gotten just a you know a Bunch of angry dumb asses and you know Various ways different demographics but All the same you know people without the Ability for abstract thought you know The QBs and these people who are looking For some you know hopium-like solution In our being lied to Now by just Different people They're being puppeted by different

People they're being you know they're Being Judas goaded by a different group Of people the important thing to always Remember is really only can change Yourself you're not going to change Other people they have to choose to Change You can Inspire them you can be a good Example you can you know help them if They're you know if they're if they're Resonating with Your Vibe or whatever you're giving off It might you know some groups of people Are just gonna If you are doing a good job you'll help Them but you know the the main thing is You got to be working on yourself you Know and I don't talk about that that Much personally I talk about meditation And once in a while I talk about Character formation But I don't really get into it because It's kind of um defeats the purpose If you're like talking about it's like You're bragging about it you're you're Saying no I'm working on myself you know These I'm in therapy and I'm working on It you know this kind of thing And so I don't really you know It's just a personal thing it's just Always there some sense of personal Improvement and seeing how you affect Other people like that's a big part of It how you affect other people how

You're you know your personality and the Way that you present yourself and your You know your various types of emotions Fear and anger and the energy that You're putting out you're putting out a Product you are something inside of you You have characteristics you have Qualities And you are you know you have emotions And you have ideas and sometimes those Ideas are twisted and you know you're Paranoid or you're you know you have the Wrong idea they're based in emotions or You know hurt or trauma or pain or Things that you know Twisted things Inside your personality from You know whatever happened to you when You were growing up or you know Everyone's got a story right and you're Projecting those things out And when you're dealing with other People You're affecting them I mean you can be Grumpy and you can have a soft heart be Grumpy right there's you know things Like that you know you have I mean That's a big part of the scishmark System that nice people usually have Hard hearts you know they have it's they Compare it to a a mango where it's soft On the outside and hard on the inside And then there's people's hearts like You know like a like a coconut that's You know hard on the outside and then

Soft on the inside so there's you know Uh and those people usually have to Develop Defense mechanisms because they have Soft Hearts but eventually you have to Take those defenses down and just you Know deal with it right deal with that And the key to all that is observing What you have inside and being honest With yourself when you have a thought And it's a manipulative thought like you Make a plan to manipulate other people Or to you know do something deceptive so You can get your way and you know you're Lying to somebody it could be your Significant other or your boss or your Whatever in your you know you're Pretending something like a kid faking Like they're sick so they can get out of Going to school and you know these Things right things are you you learn to Act and fake things and you know get a You know a woman crying so she can get Out of a traffic ticket these types of Things and you know those kind of things But on a a bigger level and then when You're manipulating whole groups of People when you're you know have a Microphone in front of your face right And you gotta you know confront yourself You gotta figure out what you're doing And you know why you're doing it and Take a self-assessment and you know There has to be time where you're just

Looking Inward and there's lots of People that are incapable of that they Can't you know they're talking all the Time because they can't slow down And they can't have moments of Peace Because they don't like what they have Inside of them they feel they have a Fear of what's inside of them and they Don't want to see it they don't want to See what they really are so they're Constantly focused out on the outside World and they're just um you know Blasting the outside world and blaming The outside world and you know all their Negative emotions are focused outward Because they don't want to look at What's inside of them and deal with it And you know people like that you can't Talk to like they just can't hear it They've created this illusionary world And when they're confronted by this they Have various ways of dealing with it Shutting down or attacking you or you're Doing whatever they can and they let you Know you're not supposed to say stuff Like that to them like when they have a Tantrum you know like you see them with Um you know this guy you know the big Parasite he's told something that Everyone knows is true and has a you Know has a tantrum and you know I've Moved on this is just using him as an Example but it's come up and it's there And it's for it's for people to see

Right and just having a three-year-old Tantrum with the IDF you know he is Angry enough and rages enough and is you Know postal or abusive enough That I won't do that again right or Whoever won't do that again he's he's Showing everybody if you tell me the Truth this is what I do this is what It's going to cost you this is what I'm Going to do to you like I'm gonna you Know rage against you you know he's done This with so many people I mean it's a You know obvious pattern of behavior and The people who are supporting and Enabling this are you know they're Hurting him like they're not you know Anybody who's going along with this People who are loving the show and like It when he does this and they feed off At low energy and you know whatever Reason they're doing this they have a Position of power in the organization You know the cult or whatever it is you Know the the you know this is them doing Something to just exacerbate the Situation and support in him and support Him in his his deviance in his you know Self-destructive Behavior you know People have a style in which they're Able to do this like I'm always better If I realize it myself like it's better For me to to kind of see it myself and Have to be told by somebody else that You saw that I saw could have to change

Something you know and everyone has Their you know their way you know their The way they like it some people like to Be told by other people some people you Know have requested me to do that right Which I want no part of you know we Could just stop my job and you know it's Putting something on me that I don't Need to do and you know it's not my Problem which I talked about before but You have to have some way you can just Read other people and kind of figure out You know how they're reacting to you and When when they do that when you do that You know years and years ago I was uh You know I had this counseling work work That I wrote and you know I put together A you know a PowerPoint presentation and A you know had this whole thing and I Was going to do this counseling business And I set up a booth at one of these Wellness centers and you know people Avoided me like they you know they're Walking booths to booths to Booth There's booths on either side and they Would purposely walk five feet away from Me out and then up and down and then Back to the next book skipping my booth You know like just by looking at me I Think that's and I realized that I had Kind of you know Um you know intimidating energy or Whatever you might be like people just Looked at me and wanted a part of me and

I was you know I mean I kind of knew That already but it was a a prime Example like my ex who is a you know Much worse person Uh took over and people were talking to Her left and right like he just you know It was just the way it was and I Realized okay this is you know this is How people see me and perceive me I mean Some of it could have been what I'm Readying out or my body language or you Know my personality and things like this So I'm not a you know friendly warm Social person especially to strangers And so you know there's that but like You learn things about yourself and then You're able to understand why you know People react to you the way they do and Even some of it might be a superficial Is what you look like and you know Um those sorts of things but there are People like I said who are so messed Uppers and these are you know usually It's they have some sort of access to Personality disorder disorder and this Is what they would be diagnosed with in The DSM-5 and I don't love the DSM-5 or The psychological model but there is Some truth to it right and the access to Personality disorders are the you know Anti-social the the um what it's called Now is uh whatever it is um It's the anti-social personality Disorder paranoid personality disorder

Is something that I think they're trying To label like truthers with schizoid Personality disorder and schizotypical Personality disorder that comes with a Lot of delusions it's like schizophrenia Schizophrenic Behavior I never worked With anybody like that but the border The anti-social personality disorder Used to be the old sociopath the Borderline personality disorder the Histrionic personality disorder and the Narcissistic personality disorder are All things that are much more common and These people are really difficult to Work with now when I went to graduate School All the professors and all the people They brought in professionals and many Of the students who had relationships With people like this were you know Dealing with this right like they just Disliked I mean this was the the worst Diagnosis the worst group of people for Them was they disliked working for with Uh Um access to personality disorders we Had this woman come in And she was um A uh she worked with solution focused Therapy and she said for years she did The regular therapy and it was just so Draining because it's problem centered But the solution focused therapy is that You're brainstorming with a client on

How to solve their problems instead of Just listening to them whine and piss And moan and talk about what a victim They are and why they can't change and You know which is a lot of therapy is Like that But in the you know in this um solution Focus therapy you're working on us to Solve the problem and she loved it she Talked about it you know I bought some Books I and I read it it was very Aligned with the seismarck method of you Know meditation that I do is that you You spend most of your time uh you spend Your time you can spend a small amount Of time diagnosing the problem but then You start working on the solution to put Your your mind and your thought Force Into solving the problem achieving goals And those people to do that are always Happier and they're you know much more Positive because you're focusing on the Solution and not the problem But she said she was asked about working With access to to personality disorders And she said well I can hear them coming Like I know when they're coming I hear Their you know message on the you know They'll leave me a message on their Voicemail and you just hear it in their Voice she goes I only take one patient Of that type on at a time and I'm going To charge them for every second of my Time every second of my time that

They're inevitably going to waste I mean Verbatim that's what you said like I Remember saying that and I was like Kaboom right You know because we were dealing with This my ex Um her ex had this diagnosis he had a Psychological you know thing done on him And part of the diagnosis was a you know What borderline personality disorder Um and so my ex was buying books about This and you know I was learning about It in graduate school and then um Years later uh my ex's brother said Their mom had borderline personality Disorder like he was getting into Dealing with his psychological trauma And he figured that out and then you Know when we split up I was um You know one day I just saw a list and Someone must have posted on like Facebook And it was all the symptoms you're Dating someone with borderline Personality disorder and it was um you Know it all these things there was like 12 things and my ex had like 10 of them Right like very flagrantly had 10 of Them and I was like oh my god of course Like you know like I never thought about It but you know it was just surrounded It was just there and the borderline Personality is you know one of the it's Probably the most difficult to deal with

Even more than the anti-social the Sociopath And well you know that's a little tough To compare them but most people think of The narcissistic personality disorder But all these personality disorders come With narcissism and the narcissism the Problem with the borderline personality Disorder is the the fundamental um Characteristic of it is the person is Deathly afraid of abandonment They feel like they're going to be Abandoned and they have very intense Relationships where they're very Positive with the person like they're Like in love like the first date You know in relationships or whatever Kind of relationship like a you know it Could be like a romantic relationship or Friendship and they're really intense And they're you know they think the Person's the greatest person in the World Let me read these are just some things Like you can find The um eight symptoms of borderline Personality disorder are fear of Abandonment pattern of unstable Relationships unstable sense of self Impulsive behavior suicidal Behavior Self-harm frequent intense changes and Emotions chronic feelings of emptiness Intense anger reactions And you know the way that plays out like

In a like a work setting you know this Is an explosive personality and at the Basis of it they believe that they're Evil These people believe that they're evil And they are worried people are going to Figure that out so they you know they Come on strong and they you know are Super nice or super whatever they are With people they often triangulate and You know they're in these you know where They idealize their the people in their Life for a short some period of time and That person you know they were that Person's gonna figure out what they are And abandon them and so they go Ballistic and then they you know they Just can destroy a like a work Environment or a family or these things Um you know this is I mean those all Those things are stuff I saw with my ex Right and you know it was was she Idealized uh the people that she was With like she did that with me at the Beginning that turned on me and then There's all this other self other stuff With it Here's another thing about it here it Says here Well lying like other signs and symptoms Of the condition tends to occur because The person with BT beep BPD is unable to Regulate their feelings and impulses It's an act born out of their pain and

Fear often people with BPD even believe Their own lies there are a few of these Issues at the root of lying and BPD but There's just um you know all these Things Um Here's another thing here Temper tantrums are common for people With BPD and manage them is important Part of building a sense of self-control And stability for those who did not have Help developing a centered sense of self Um Do people with border PPD throw transoms Transcripts or emotional operas are Common among borderline personality Individuals these emotional expression Can be can often be intense and Seemingly Disappropriate to the situation at hand Causing distress to the individuals and Those around them you know this is um Some of these things are common they're Like symptoms that exist with also the Narcissistic personality disorder and Just all these other things like there's Differentiation in diagnosis and you Know like I said I don't love the DSM-5 Like I you know understand that It you know there's truth in it but it's Not the way I like to approach life but You see this it's a helpful tool when You're dealing with people with severe Dysfunction right

Um and with people with personality Disorders borderline is one of the worst Maybe the worst narcissistic personality Disorder you know histrionic is somebody Who like wears bikinis to work and you Know just their Um they're very uh theatrical in a way That's inappropriate they're constantly Inappropriate they have like Um you know they'll sleep around like You know they'll have a lot of one-night Stands and things that are like it just Doesn't seem like you know like Something where they're making good Choices or whatever Um you know but all these disorders There's like you just tell something is Off about the person And like you can hear someone talk and You know that their access to in some Way or another like when you're trained Professional people who work with people Like this you just see it and you're Like oh that person's access to Oftentimes because they're so intense They're like they can carry a crowd and They can you know they have um they're Different right so they're gonna they're Gonna be able to appeal to people and Oftentimes they'll be able to appeal to People's emotions and they learn to read People and things like this because They're constantly worried about the Person abandoning them so they're hyper

Focused on these things but if you Understand anything about this people Like that almost never change they just Don't maybe as they get older they Soften a little bit they're not as Intense Things that you'll experience is like Um like let's say you're putting away Silverware or something And like you're like the borderline Personality disorder person is married To someone with who's you know Um like more whatever like OCD kind of Stuff not really OCD but more organized And the person who's married to the Person with borderline personality Disorder says can you you know not put Things away like this And put them away like that you know Whatever it doesn't have to be Silverware just you know like whatever It is something right And the BP the BPD person will snap Or even you know the other personality Disorders but the BPD person will hear That and say oh you're going to leave me Right you know like those think that Because they're doing that wrong the Person's going to leave them and instead Of allowing that pain to happen like They're scared of the other person Leaving them So they go to leave that person first Right you know Pete Davidson has BPD you

Know he's in all these relationships Where he gets a tattoo on the first date And three weeks later he's you know he's Erasing that tattoo because you know it Wasn't appropriate to get it when you Just met somebody and you have a history Of like relationships that don't last More than a month or two right because He has this you know disorder but you Know people like that have no place in You know they can't help other people They're always just going to create Chaos and they're going to be difficult And they're going to be you know Nightmares to deal with you know it Becomes all about them they don't have Any ability to change and they're always About you know projects projecting Outward like that there's a lot of Different psychological diagnosis and Personality types other than the access To stuff you know of course may act Depressive and all those other things uh Bipolar Um you know it's just really hard for Those people to change And you know some of them they can Actually be self-reflective and and you Know see things from other people's Perspectives but you know most of them Really can't and you know they're just You know cycling and spiraling and doing These types of things and it's you know Predictable Behavior people start seeing

The pattern and After a while you realize that you guys Just you know avoid them and cut them Out of your life there's no there's no Um you know there's no happy ending here Like there's nothing that's ever gonna Work out right You know everyone's got to change and Grow in any relationship you're both Always changing and growing And there has to be you know some level Of adapting and you know accepting Things Um like have you know different roles You play and things that you have to do To you know make the other person happy Or whatever like just or you know and Just deal with like your life's Ever-changing landscape and be able to Evolve yourself and you know because Both of you should be doing that not Just in relationships but in any kind of Group and organization everyone should Be changing and growing And so if one person isn't changing and Growing they're they're caught back Doing the same thing that everyone else Was doing 10 years ago right you see That a lot in the truth Community where People are making the same videos they Made you know two years ago three years Ago they still talk about the same stuff Because they can't evolve and change and See and you know accept that some of the

Things they believed in the beginning Weren't true and you know they only saw You know you're you're going deeper and You're getting a greater understanding Of what's going on the problem and the Solution and you're able to you know Pass information back to people who were Where were who were where you were three Years ago or where you were 10 years ago Right and that's the thing about being An older person if you're not moving Forward and evolving especially Spiritually like the main thing is to Connect to God and people with access to Personality disorders just can't do that They can't relinquish control and They're like the fear of Abandonment Overwhelms their ability to you know Even believe in God in a sense Um and you know facing themselves and What's inside you know people don't want To look inside and see what they are how Are they going to ever change And so you know for the truth Community To be something you can't have all those People who would like that Be prominent in it right and just Creating chaos and you know all the Energy going into drama and things like That that's what I was referencing like The very early videos when I talked About this because I know about it like I've seen it you know I just know like You know it's not rocket science right

Like you know now you guys have a sense Of that like I've you know I mean if you Contemplate what I'm saying and you know So many guys who've started to Experienced this with other people in Your life will be like oh I know what He's talking about And that becomes something where you end Up being able to recognize it you see it With people It becomes more and more obvious that You know there are people like this and You know they're just um you know it's Just an obstacle or problem you have to Like you know it's almost like someone's Contagious and you have to sort of Quarantine them and keep them from Wrecking the project or the group or if Somebody's in a family like this or Somebody's at a you know in a like a Work environment or you know whatever Group of people and that person's always Going to just do damage And be a nightmare to deal with and the People at the top of the system many of Them have these types of personality Disorders and you know Twisted damage Internal worlds and the trauma they Suffered from there you know being a Part of this you know demonic uh wealthy You know families and and the rest of it And they're just so they're not you know They're not capable of changing or Caring about other people they lack the

Ability for Compassion or empathy and You know it's just I mean they're like a Cancer on humanity and and you know all You can do is sort of you know like I Said quarantine them and and minimize The damage I gotta make dinner I'm Making gumbo Um but I'll maybe add something tomorrow In this or not I don't know We'll see okay so I want to wrap this Thing up um You know I uh realized that there was The first session of dodgy's birthday Celebration and his birthdays Uh the 28th I believe of September so They had one early on and they're gonna Have another one that starts Tomorrow or something I don't know Today's the September 25th uh you know lots Gonna Change since like this is not going to Come out for a couple weeks Probably at least um I'll get it done Today and maybe put it up uh you know on The internet for members But I begrudgingly went and searched the Videos Like I just didn't want to do it but I've been covering this and you know I Became aware that there was a gathering On the last day you know it was already Over I think yesterday It's six sat songs and the average time Is around like 38 minutes for SATs on

Some of them short not as short as Charges but I did click on you know Because I scanned the whole thing and The books are a joke the You know everything about it they're Selling a lot of things running Advertisements I think desperate times Financially for them Low energy I didn't feel anything when I Was looking through the sittings But there was one moment where the woman Introduces it as Dodgy 68 birth anniversary and charges 98th or something like that Um like it was they were trying to Include chargie's birthday and it just By saying that one thing but no nothing To charge East there there's no books of His released and releasing Farmers books And they had some sort of Packed they made with some other Organization just you know Everything's sucky about it and you know I was thinking about this again last Night you know this guy Um reaching out to me and saying that he Has figured out what's up with um The you're not telling me what it is and Probably won't contact me again until You know I don't know Um like I think he's concerned about me So you know like there's a valid reason For scrubbing charge and getting rid of Bobby she's in charge his birthdays like

There's people who are rationalizing This or they're being told Something from dodgy and considering him The master But you felt the same way about charity Like you know you can't say that Charging was infallible like as a master And anything he says was the word of God And that you come in and say you know he Failed and we're scrubbing him like he Didn't get it done and then watch what Dodgy is doing which is much worse like It's just not as good it's not even Seismmark there's no massage Mark books Released nothing that's um I mean it's just you can just see from The Gathering it's low energy and I'll Cover this in the first edition of the 123rd I'll start off with that but what Happened to the concerts like he tried Concerts remember that was like last Year oh that was so last year when we Tried concerts he brought in famous People Harry Prasad for charity it just made it About the music and now there's no music At all I just know like he's just all Over the place he keeps on throwing Things up against the wall and none of It sticks he's made so many bad Decisions you know he's talking about Covidian from Pangolin and from the next Thing is going to come from chickens and Like just clueless about everything all

His bad decisions around kovid and you Know he's now he's not wearing masks at All And he was wearing masks all the time Even when covet ended like he was into It like sometimes he'd wear it sometimes He wouldn't like there's no consistency To what he's doing his Gatherings all Over the place he's mad what made one Bad decision after another he's locked In with other organizations that are you Know questionable and certainly not Spiritual in their orientation And he's just a failure and So for Anybody to claim that you know there's Some valid reason why charging should be Scrubbed I mean you knew who charge he was and You know dodgy isn't as good because You're not into him as much and yet You're allowing this lie to be Perpetrated The charge he miss you know his works And his efforts should be scrubbed like I don't see him selling the ashram's Charge he built you know the properties That he did look he's not getting rid of Any of those things but he squeezing out Everything else is literature and all of It for inferior literature and this Thing where he's trying to become a Celebrity author with inferior books and Even if he wrote books as good as Charges and papaji's even if his work

Was as good as that it's not made for Mainstream you know I talk about sash Mark all the time you know gratefulness For years and people trust me people you Know feel connection with me thousands Of people watch my videos millions of People watch my videos And you know there are some thousands That like me you know Millions watch Thousands like right there's some group Of people that you know think that uh Worthy of listening to and have some you Know whatever Um and of of those people only a Fraction of them we think about trying Smart gratefulness however right Um and you know maybe a thousand out of You know I mean over million millions of People millions of different people Watching my videos only a thousand and My journey series which you know is long And whatever but my spiritual videos Are less viewed they get about half the Viewership as other videos And so You know there's just not a market for It like a mainstream market for it And in India it's one thing because People do this but you know not it's not Like they're good at it or they get it They just do it because it's culturally Uh you know it's culturally ego syntonic You know it's something that is agrees With the ego right ego syntonic and ego

Dystonic our psychological terms that You know I know I might as well use them You know I had to I had to learn them so But you know something that aligns with Your ego or something that does not Align with your ego so you know it's not That he would ever be a celebrity author Like a you know guy will go on Oprah Winfrey at Deepak Chopra massage stuff Doesn't translate because it involves Miseries as Divine blessings That you're sacrificing your material Life To have a good spiritual life I mean That's at the hardest Mark and it's Experiential it's not like It's got a good sales job where you can Con people Into doing it like most new age people Most people are into you know Pseudo-spirituality Want something to make their material Lives better they want a spiritual Experience to Boost their egos so they want to do Spirituality for Things that are going to enhance their Egotistical desires And massage Marg isn't that it's the Opposite of that and so it's never going To be accepted like that on a modern day System when things collapse sure when People really need God will be great you Know people will want it but right now

It's not the case And dodgy is not you know he's not Charismatic his books suck And so them pushing them out as a Celebrity author and then not working You know all these things all these Failures he's had and the lies and the You know brighter Minds scam and you Know all these things and there's it's There for these people to see and you Know for them to Be coming up with some story why it's Okay to scrub charity like it's just Pathetic like it's just a a real like You know is that is that how low your Willing to sync with this guy you know To To justify his his failure you're gonna You know throw charge you under the bus When you guys were all following Charging around like he was some kind of You know spiritual master or something Right like you were you know bowing down With the guy's feet and now you're like Oh he sucked this new guy who's who's Rocking it says so you know like you Know this new guy is horrible He doesn't compare at all to charging Like nobody could but he he's you know He's really a failure and I've Documented it here and all that so like I wasn't thinking about that because I Had this other thing going on and you Know all these

Um you know whatever And so I Was pretty surprised when the guy Contacted me Rob and then and I put down What I was doing for him And you know I like I said I read these Whispers messages he said he couldn't See you know just whatever And I was in the middle of making a Video And I said you could call me like he Just you know he just didn't react at All and I could say he's good he's got Cataracts but he's texted me or whatever Right he could have you know I mean just Did an emoji like you could Voice to Text an emoji like prayer heads right Like he used to do prayer hands you know And they're uh all in denial about this And well yes whatever it is but it's Kind of painful Um not so much painful it's just cringy Like it's cringy to watch them allow This to happen they can't stop it like You know they can't stop what dodgy's Doing But they could just publicly come out And say this is wrong that's all they Have to do And you know none of them want to do it Like that's how bad it is and I don't Understand What the reasoning would be the Transmission isn't there in the settings

Everything's like off about it And like he's changed the maxims he's Changed the 9 pm prayer He's changed all these things in the Maxims he doesn't even talk about them Like he hasn't do anything on the maxims He changed them he did some stuff on it Then he you know he saw that nobody was Into it and he got rid of it and he Doesn't do anything as far as I know Like he used to read Lolly's books and Talk about it but I don't think he's Doing anything like even close to Resembling size Mark he's just throwing Stuff up on the wall trying new things And Hocking new merch and like whatever Is bad and they could just say no this Is wrong We don't feel the energy we don't feel You you know just I mean there's social Media and enough people would do it and Other people like yeah we feel the same Way Like something's wrong here right this Isn't what's supposed to be happening And you know they're not like to a one They're not doing it like it's just of Course you can see it I know they see it Right Because they're not into it they're not Watching this videos they're not into Them the same way that they were into Charge especially I'm talking about Europeans and Americans and you know

People who have critical thinking skills And you know who question authority And they're not doing it and like you Know This is um I mean just uh like I never Would have expected any of this to Happen but the collapse of the Membership and just the lack of a spine Anyways let's wrap this one up here I Mean just like a I'll cover the Gathering in my next one Um I got some you know video clips but It's not you know it's nothing special There'll be another gathering like I Said I was like I don't want to do it I Think I looked at it I saw there were Six videos but I went through them Quickly and just got the gist of them And you know short settings and Books unrelated aside from Oregon You know Connections with groups that have Nothing to do with spirituality they got Some guy who wrote a farmer Paul Not me it's an old guy looks like he Might be British and they're doing so They had some they signed some Declaration between him and the dodgy And he then he published one of his Books Like it looks like most of the stuff is Like kid related they have some Course material that's not brighter Mines just all this stuff you know just

An organization floundering anyways um You know this was a very weird uh Like uh a weird period of time for me And just you know stuff going on with my Channel and all the you know some drama Stuff with some other person you know so Other YouTube or whatever some fan of Mine and then um just the stuff with The Whispers message from dodgy all those Things that are in this you know Whispers message about dodgy's failure And then um you know all of it anyways Um That's it for this one only spiritual Value will save this world it's Paul Revado definitely important for the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day And be grateful

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