Journey 120

Journey 120

Greetings brothers and sisters this is a Weird start to the 120th version of The Journey series So I was um editing one of my videos and Sometimes when I'm done with my comments And done with all the messages like Reading all the messages and things that People sent me If I'm editing and I'm just sort of Listening to my video some videos are Cleaner Than others and I don't really have to Do much editing so I can answer comments And just listen to video in the Background And so um If I'm done with all that I'll look at Facebook which I don't look at very much And I noticed there was a post about a Dil sea one of these things with dodgy Heart to Heart With dodgy And one of my friends on Facebook posted It and you know I have a rule that if Anybody posts any dodgy stuff I ban them immediately you know block Them because I you know For the obvious reasons it's unfortunate This Woman's from Canada Really nice woman she was someone who's Always smiling always happy I don't Really know her that well but she's like What I consider a good person she looks Like somebody else

That does Um size Mark or does heartfulness They look like you know they're almost Um like twins and I didn't know the Other woman that well uh either but I Talked to her like once or twice and This other woman was from Canada and the Other and the the one that I talked to Was from America And I um confused him like I I didn't Ever meet the second woman Or maybe I'd met them both and I didn't Know they were different people and she Said yeah that happens all the time but Someone who seems like a real nice Person but you know I have my my rules You know but I clicked on the DLC anyway And you know I have this thing That sort of Saved Me in the job that I'm doing is I find the collapse of Civilization or collapse of anything Funny for some reason I find humor in it The apocalypse and you know like I said It's kind of saved me to sort of laugh Things off and you know I mean Heartfulness has become that You know the I'm still maybe a little Bummed out about what we've lost and I Talk about occasionally and you know I Think about it sometimes I don't think About that much but you know I look at These things as you know laughable now Because There's no recovery for them there's no

Hope so it's not like I'm disappointed But this latest still see Is taking it to a new low So again this is supposed to be a heart To heart And I'll show you what happens here um Let me show you the first part he's Selling his book so dodgy's pitchied his Book his crappy book right and the woman Who does all the sort of she's the emcee And she conducts these things she says Well I haven't read the book myself so Let you do that because that just kind Of sets the tone for this thing She in Target so uh please do grab your Version of the copy uh sorry copy of the Book Um from anywhere that's near you Um you know it's been it's you know I Haven't read it myself but I've heard Some tremendous praise about it in terms Of endorsements Okay so I saw this Saturday yesterday And they pulled this clip and I've been Thinking about this I thought about it group meditation this Morning and I'm gonna come back to this You know central idea here But what you're seeing is a bait-in Switch All the people here long-standing Abiasis I recognize many of them In the pictures that were shown People are coming onto the zoom call for

A dilcia heart to heart Or from the heart or whatever it means With their alleged spiritual master And they're hoping for a good City you Know and they didn't get one I wish you All cover here And you know I've already done an audio Last night And what they're getting is he's Shilling a book the whole thing is about Him releasing a book That's the only reason they're doing it He's Using them turn them into a customer Base Which I'll come back to I'll do a voice Over at the end I'm going to add these Clips and I did a voiceover yesterday And then I'll do a follow-up one With more thoughts about you know what I've seen here But he's turned them into a customer Base and they're not even Like a good one like you know like it's You know he's it's a complete failure Like just not understanding what you're Marketing what you're selling and then Misusing the trust and the you know the Goodwill that your previous Master uh You know left you with a you know a a Sold audience like an audience that is Believes in the massagemark system in The master And you know your U.S is successor they

Graciously believe in you hoping that You'll continue on what he did and then You write a bunch of crappy books you Disrespect him And you start Shilling your crap to them And they're not buying it because it Sucks and you you've lost your way right I mean it's a classic story it's an Age-old story in here at this you know At this still sea thing it's a zoom call And this woman let's see if I went back Far enough Just to begin with we wanted to hang up Publishing Partners balance we have Hannah Robinson who's the editor and her Team including Nana Kim Natalie and Alex Who have been a dream to work with from What I hear and their values truly Resonate with the message and purpose of Your work so they hired a professional Team a team of editors and publishers You know a professional publishing team Which maybe make this book somewhat Better because It's been so unprofessional But you know you see here they have all These people congratulating and also So you see here they had all these People from different parts of the Country America this is an American it's out to Americans But they don't ask let any of these People

Ask any questions but they take the main Editor this woman here Hannah Robinson And she asked dodgy a couple of Questions She you know doesn't appear to do Heartfulness And maybe she does maybe she doesn't But she's asking him questions about the Book You know and just I mean I'll show you a Little bit here I don't know destroyed Science again and again great Einstein Also says energy can never be this you Can only transform the energy Now when we say This anger It's also an energy I can transform this anger you know he Talks about this stuff like it's Brilliant right I wrote a book about Transforming abuse You know the energy that you get the Trauma and all these things I mean it Was in the title like it's not you know Like this is not mine you know it's not So this is not um Groundbreaking stuff he's saying right Um and I mean it's just it's not good Which is this God that you don't believe In In fact the people who Um so that's let me go back there So there's a story where so American kid

Came up and Babaji said And I you know I'm just picking these at Random I haven't seen these I really Watch this Um but uh The kid asked Babaji is there a God and Bobs you said who is this God who is not Right a very sort of Yoda yoda-esque you Know Dr Zeus type of answer Um you know brilliant and it's you know Like how can we be talking about God That isn't And I think that's what he's referring To here well some individuals you're so Elated to be with It it so at least this month we can Understand that each one of us carry a Vibratory field The center of each vibratory field is Somewhere in the body All a time we can make them feel where The center of each emotion is lying or It's centered So it's a it's a process in itself that Even a non-believer can go through this At least one hell have to have a belief That there is something like mood Something like emotions Even not believing in God is an emotion Which is this God that you don't believe In See he butchered Babaji he's stealing Babaji's saying here who is this God who Is not right you know which is a a much

Better way to say it he's looking like He's brilliant I mean just it's sad he Looks pathetic doesn't look good at all In fact the people who believe in are Quite dishonest People who don't believe to my mind and Heart they're very honest people People believe in God are dishonest People who don't are honest like he just Says stupid stuff like this I'm not Gonna You know but um So then this was the second woman she Also apparently works at the editing Team but then he's this is the part I Did see it gets really awkward here They don't believe because There is no evidence there is no feeling There is no We witness to it People who believe in all kinds of gods And goddesses and Lord Jesus and all That and with Krishna and prophet and All that It's good But their belief is very Hollow Without any substance They believe because of fear What they believe because of Temptation That's the statement of my master that All all religion they thrive on these Two principles That what if I don't maybe I will be Sent to hell and if I do this maybe he

Will send I'll be sent to Heaven okay so He's about the this is going to get Awkward here in a second Um it's a weird you know he's got weird He had movements now He's butchering babaji's religious Chapter from reality at dawn there are Only two things why people end up doing Things there is a Transaction that if I pray this many Times if I fast on such and such a day If I donate if I you know things like That Then I'll be saved From Misery but then This is a transaction transactory Business See his performance is really poor like I understand somebody's saying here Oftentimes I don't like I know where This comes from this comes from reality And things that charges said but he's so Sloppy and inarticulate with his speech And it's got worse he used to give good Talks used to give great talks at times And so he's lost something here right He's like all over the place and he's You know only because I know what the Original teachings are do I know what He's talking about because he's just not Very clear Even when I ask you Do you believe in god what is your Answer Yes

Why do you believe in God Because there's something greater than Me What tells you that Uh my heart And that is good that is good they you Have some perception that there is Something it's so awkward now this woman She introduced her as being a part of The team so these are two people who are Part of the publishing team and there's One more American guy at the end Who asked him about the book And so all the questions were about the Book so all these people that showed up In the beginning here all these people Um I just look at dodgy looking like All these people showed up thinking that This was going to be a heart to heart it Was going to have something to do with Sagemarg realize that they're they're Selling this book here And um Doji does something weird here Raises his hand And then they start sitting here Um With um You know the sitting starts and And it ends in Um Right here It's a 20-minute sitting not even that So it starts at 103. and 123 here it

Ends And then he comes out and Um Thank you very much 124 then so it's a 21-minute city or so we're sharing all This and thank you to everyone who Contributed so he came out and He pitched a book to these people right That's that's that's the whole substance Of This Heart to Heart something that Would never have happened with Charlie Or Babaji and certainly lology Where they would have a get-together it Was all about him trying to sell people His book And This is the new releases for the book They don't even show dodgy's book here Um You know this is some books that are Coming soon you can find his book here So I don't know if this is a like a Vanity press Um it says you can pre-order the book It's 28 Now The Whispers books were Expensive and there were some other Books that were done really you know That were really well done there's There's a couple there was a pair of Books that were fifty dollars But most of the other hardcover books Were printed in India to keep down the Expense and they were you know they were Good books they held together right

Hardcover books and they were around ten Dollars sometimes 15 but mostly 10 Sometimes eight right but the books were Always relatively inexpensive Because you know Um they wanted people to read them and They were all the money went to the Mission they weren't private books that Were sold by you know Charlie and Babaji Where they got profits from the books They donated the books to the mission And the mission sold the books and the Mission made money off the books right And you know these were not Um you know they didn't make money off Of the personal money before writing the Books like they didn't as authors they Gave up the rights to the books Um as everyone else did you know I I Co-wrote a book a children's book and All the process profits from the book Went to the mission like I you know we Signed over the rights to the book right But dodgy is out here taking charges and Babaji's teachings and a lot of these Teachings and then wrapping them up in Some crappy book having some American Editing company work on it so it could Be professional and then releasing it Exceptional spiritual Anatomy Blends the Wisdom of yoga philosophy and practice Techniques to unlock your infinite Potential Deepak Chopra New York Times best-selling author I

Wonder I wonder how much they paid him For that for the quantum body of International best-selling author and The heartfulness Way Comes A Journey to The Center of our Consciousness mapping A path to the readers to the next to That could connect with their higher Selves So here's the book They got doji here like you know you Don't usually put nicknames on your book Right Um International author of international Bestseller heartfulness way it's not a Good book it doesn't compare to the Books written by the other Masters Here it is on Amazon Um they've already reduced it to 24 Bucks you know as opposed to the the Publication uh the place where they Published it Um you know it's just these Hawking Books and trying to be an author And using his position to do that his Book suck and he's inarticulate and it's Just it's it's so bad like it's it's so Poorly executed it's embarrassing okay So I'll get to the voice over in just a Moment from yesterday that I'm going to Do another one But I just want to point this out Because I don't think I made it very Clear Back in the days of charity

And when I first started there was Something called the North American Publishing committee the books were Published in America And uh You know they were quality books and They were fairly cheap and they were Done within the mission itself The books were edited you know people Would volunteer and help edit them You know of all kinds of volunteer Positions were created by this And there was a self-publishing Aspect of the mission and they'd print Out as many books as they you know ten Thousand copies whatever it was And they would sell sharji didn't have To push them and you know he'd hold them Up at gatherings But they would sell And people waited for the books right I Mean there was you know a Anticipation of his books many of them Were talks that were transcribed and Things like this and then they started Selling videos and the rest of it and Then they moved it away from America Instead of publishing books in America And did it in India which was cheaper And if you went to a gathering or you Went to India they would ask you to Bring books home Like you'd take a you take a box full of Books with you

If you had you know the ability to do That Um and it was like you were doing Something a service for the mission to Keep The shipping costs down And so people would come back with boxes Of books and the books were like I said Eight to ten dollars You know they were almost at cost They did make a lot of money off of them But it was all contained within the Mission there was no sense of selling Them to make charge you a best seller Because the books weren't you know they Were never going to be best sellers The people in the mission many of them Didn't even read them But those of us who look forward to the Books and read the books and we're into The books The books were transformational they Were the greatest books ever written They were you know they had Transmission In them and they taught us about Spirituality in a way that really hasn't Been done And they were transformative like people Would have epiphanies and you know Change their lives over the experience Of reading some of the books right they Weren't novels they weren't you know I Mean some of the things like uh charges Diaries were quite compelling in terms

Of the story form Because he traveled with Babaji and There was you know interesting things That developed papaji's health issues And things Uh you know drama within the mission And so you know those were there's more Of a story there charge you wrote down Memory lane about his You know life is uh you know as growing Up in India and his Schooling and his education and you know He was went to somewhere in like Eastern Europe for Like a internship I mean it's all these Things And he was somebody who um It was a great Storyteller and a great Speaker But the books were there to support you In your obvious your practice and let You know what's going on in the Beginning Babaji didn't have any books And people were like you gotta have Books he's like I'm not a writer and he Went to the Super Consciousness State And wrote four five short books that are In uh you know the complete works volume One of ram Chandra and later on they Took some of his talks and some of his Uh letters that he exchanged with people And turn those into books But he didn't ever like sit down and Write a book like you know the

Traditional way Um and then charge you put out a bulk of Material but it was never about Promoting books And that's what dodgies turned this Thing into And what he's done is erased books that Are better than his The charge ebooks and he's minimized the Babaji books and he said you know those Things are out of print now and he's Probably disbanded the you know the Publishing committees and the people Publishing books within the mission and Now he's publishing books That are his where he's making a profit On them And they say he's an author that's one Of his credentials like they keep on Saying he's an author or you know a Best-selling author and it's not a Best-selling author and my brother told Me when they released the Um one of the books maybe the first book He demanded they demanded that Preceptors buy 10 000 copies on Amazon Because they're trying to use Amazon to Introduce these books to the public And make them available to the public And it doesn't work because they suck They're not even good for the people in The mission And what he's trying to do is take Babaji's teachings and you know some of

The sage Mark stuff and package it at a Zone and be like some guy who would go On Oprah Winfrey like Deepak Chopra and They're marketing him this way and they Don't realize he sucks he doesn't have It in him like he just doesn't he's lost The audience that he was given you know I talked about how I built an audience Through my YouTube channel like people Found me and found my you know stuff Compelling And you know that's hard to do on social Media not that hard like lots of people Do it But dodgy wasn't able to do that he was Given an audience he was given people That were looking at him as the next Master And they had trust in him and he had Built up some things on his own you know Relationships and people liked him and Were rooting for him and as they were Looking at him as a successor to master Charging and he had all the credential All the credibilities Of Charity and Babaji endorsing him and He's lost that group as an audience Nobody's watching his crappy videos Nobody Tunes in to see him you know they Just don't you don't want to listen to Him and they don't want to read his Books and lots of people bought charges Books and the mission books and never Read them a lot of people in India would

Buy the books and put them on Bookshelves so everyone could see him But didn't read them and so there were Some fans of the literature some people Who really enjoyed reading the books and Learning about the philosophy But many people didn't and that was Under charge you they're not certainly Going to do that under dodging and so he Doesn't have an audience that he was Given he's he's you know pissed that Away with his you know just suckiness And all the things he's done But then to make matters worse he's Tried to Create a new audience on Amazon and no One's going to buy these books because They're not connected to them there's Not really a big you know I mean in Terms of the books that he's selling There's not an audience that exists that Wants those books right there's the new Age stuff which is not size Mark isn't Really something that will be uh be Accepted by the new age sort of you know Oprah Winfrey crowd Of you know pseudo spiritualism Uh and you know that stuff that's taken From India and then dumbed down Or taken from one of ancient cultures Mostly India but other ancient cultures And then dumb down for an American Audience so like he's not There's no audience for that right

They're not into that you know so There's no people that would really like His books and they want to make him a Number one bestseller because that's What they you know he needs things like That he needs external validation and The other masters of the system didn't Need external validation they didn't Need to be a best-selling author they Didn't need to win that stupid Buddha Pashto award or whatever they didn't Need to you know build the world's Biggest sash from or they didn't need to You know I mean the awesome the charge You wanted to build was for people it Was for to accommodate the growing Number of people going to these big Gatherings that dodgies canceled two of Them He's gotten rid of Bobby she's in charge Of his birthday and then had to he was Forced to do charges you know Begrudgingly after he tried to cancel it With some BS thing that Bob G and her Communed with him and told them to get Rid of the two uh you know Babaji and Sharji's birthdays and only celebrate Lousy and his remember you know like That and so you know he's I mean you Know he's a complete failure on all These levels and they you know they're Trying to get this validation From you know some external sources Because he doesn't have the goods so to

Speak right the other Masters were Masters he's a fake one you know he Could have been one and he failed and so Now they're trying to cover that up is You know and he's not even transmitting Right he's giving these 22-minute Sittings And um I want to talk about that more in The last voiceover so let's go the other Voice over here this is the one I did Yesterday and then I'll I'll wrap this Thing up so I want to explain this you Know I didn't get just to edit the clips But I just want to say this hopefully I Will repeat myself if I don't edit the Clips for a couple of days But probably I won't but what I want to Say is this Um So you know when people do scishmark Meditation The transmission and getting a sitting Is the most important part right And you know being with the master of The system you know people like to be Around them some people want to be with Him more than they like to meditate But the people who really were into it The sittings Especially sittings from the master of The system or a rare gift right just Something that everyone was really Appreciative of and so when dodgy has These Heart to Heart things Del c means

Heart to Heart And these people show up you know They're expecting us sitting And when he gives them a 21 minute 22 Minutes sitting right You know when he's not doing anything Like Master charge you once gave seven Sat songs in one day which is Almost unthinkable You know these are 40 minute 50 minute Sittings You know that's um like six and a half Five and a half hours uh maybe even Seven hours I don't know how much you Know we're close to seven hours of Um you know uh transmission and Meditation cleaning and all these things And at these gatherings dodgy isn't even Given these sittings a half hour long Some of them are like 15 20 minutes I Mean even the one on he gives on Sunday He talks in Hindi for a little bit and Gives a 15 minute Sitting you know they're non-existent Right And the reason is I don't think he even Believes in it anymore I don't think he's you know I mean he Used to be a preceptor he used to be Into sittings more than anybody He talks about it he talked about Charging doing work he talked about Some of the spiritual work charge he did He talked about the you know system

And he was really into it like and now He's just given up on it and so it's Expected of him right he answers three Questions of three shills in the Audience the only people who've read the Book Because they you know they're part of The editing process the woman the Announcer didn't even read the book and You know the book's gonna suck because All his books suck and the purpose of Size Mark isn't to sell books and make The master in this case dodgy a Celebrity author You know like he's it's not that right It's not anything like that the books Are there to help you understand what's Happening in the meditation the cleaning And these things is about the system and The practice itself and these people Have been the habit of you know being Around the master and you know Master Charged you and Bobs you in the Preceptor Trading made it really clear That you wanted to make sure you got the Sitting in You know Charles you talked about how Some preceptors will get talking about You know whatever it is I mean maybe About the system at first and then other Topics And before you know it's too late to do The sitting and the person has to go Home right like make sure you do the

Sitting first and then have any Discussions afterwards or whatever I Mean there shouldn't even be much of a Discussion You know sometimes people ask questions And things and yeah you deal with that But there shouldn't be gossip and you're Talking about politics or something else Like none of those things we're supposed To be a part of the the interaction and The you know transmission the cleaning Were essential and so when they handed Over this system to dodgy it was so that He would keep the transmission and Cleaning going and no matter how bad he Sucked at everything else at least he Could do the spiritual work You know if he did suck it didn't matter Because you know as long as the Transmission the cleaning were flowing That was fine But now he's again he wants some sort of Celebrity he wants to make a name for Himself he's given up on the system Itself now he's just using bits and Pieces of it and stories from Babaji and You know things like this to create Create some sort of artificial following You know some of the you know teachings And literature and things he knows about But we know about him already we know Where they came from like I've I've read All the books too you know like I know Where he's getting all the information

And using it for personal gain into you Know promoting stealth I mean it's Really a horrible thing to do like it's Disgraceful and you know it would be Like something shocking but we've Already seen it it just keeps on getting Worse and more depraved it keeps on Getting farther and farther away from What size Mark was about and more and More about some sort of artificial fake Guru heartfulness thing and you know He's not he doesn't sell himself as a Fake Guru because he's an articulate he Has no Charisma he's not you know I mean If you just listen to any of his answers And any of his speeches it's hard to Follow him and it's unpleasant to listen To women He doesn't have very much going on and What he did have going on in terms of Being a good preceptor and being the Person who could talk about size Mark And in a way that was you know humble in The way that was Giving credit where credit was due to The former Masters and system he's lost All that and now he's just out there Writing bad books maybe he's not even Writing these books according to the Dodgy truther I mean the whole thing's Embarrassing and you know I mean it's The opposite of massage Mark was Intended to be and anybody who's there Should know that like all the people who

Are there should be like WTF all he did Was talk about this crappy book he's Selling it for himself and not it's not A mission book it's a you know it's an Accomplished book and he's not really Promoting Sage Mark he's trying to make Himself into a celebrity with these Goofy Awards and everything he's only Given a 20-minute sitting and he really Didn't do anything like this was a time To be with people you know charge you Had people around his Cottage and around His house wherever he was he had Hundreds of people all the time they Spent time with him people would come And ask him questions he would do Spiritual work on them and then he'd Give everyone a sitting aside from the Regular meditations and sittings he'd be Given you know every week at the Bathroom and he was traveling all over The world and interacting with people And dodgy just holds up at that awesome Isolated with a bunch of dopes around Him and then when he shows up on the Internet he answers three shill Questions about you know his book that He's trying to Peddle he doesn't really Interact with the people themselves he's Distance himself right it's probably a Good thing but they should all realize My God this thing is over like it's you Know like how do they not know like That's been my Focus for a while here in

Terms of you know how they not know you Know in my last video I covered how he Said that he had 12 million people and Uh forty Thousand Villages right my wife And I were joking about there's Something more I want to say I'm trying To remember what it is I guess I started this thing but I Forgot what I was going to add to it Something I didn't say in the last video You know I think it had something to do With just a choice to lie if I if I Remember it later I'll add it here but When you make that choice to lie to go To deceptive route again you know life Is it goes in whatever Direction it goes And you have as many people as you have And your success is whatever it is I mean this is you know all the masters Of system had you know probably were Disappointed The turnout and the growth of the system And you know all the work they did and How other people were pulling their own Weight and people weren't doing what They're supposed to do you know there's Probably all those things They all suffered it right but you can't You know make the decision to just Fabricate things right and when you do That like just as a YouTube channel Like if I said I want to buy buy um Uh subscribers or buy you know views to Make it look better than it is but you

Know the numbers aren't going to be Better my number you know the money I Make the real view key or this I'll know Like you know you're not I mean Deceiving other people but sure but you Know You have to look inside and know that You're doing that and you know that Decision and they've made this decision A lot where They've they've done things that any Spiritual person you know even a good Person wouldn't do Um and so you know and it's done in such A a clumsy uh you know heavy-handed way I mean it's just you know embarrassing Anyways I don't want to dwell on this But I'm gonna move on and Um if I remember what I was going to say If that was an adult I'll add it later So my thoughts this morning Um a little bit last night and then this Morning during satsan you know I've had To consider this myself In terms of having a YouTube audience And having people follow me you know Whatever And you know also then doing the Gratefulness meditation And you know how you look at your Audience You know how you perceive your audience Right

Uh like there's lots of people who abuse Their audience they use them you know Like Donald Trump I've been covering That like Donald Trump turning his Audience weaponizing them which I've Seen YouTubers do like somebody did that To me there's a dispute someone stole my Video And then he tried to turn my to his Audience some of the audience was a Shared audience And he tried to turn them against me you Know and I thought what a punk move that Is right that's you know like that's in Somebody who's supposed to be honest That you know truth or these things So I've gone through my own process with This and I've seen people who've turned Their audience into a customer base Right using them to you know sell their Merch and all these things you know I Sell merch here but it's you know is for People to support the channel I'm not Talking about it all the time I'm not You know it's not why I exist to you Know sell merch in these things it's a Way for them to help support the channel Many people requested it you know so It's uh you know in some ways it's a Service of my part and it's a way for You know me to get some Financial Benefit from you know people's desire to Feel like they want to express things You know they're being fans of the show

But you know I haven't done a good job With it you know You know I've I'm you know whatever Having stuck with it because um you know Kind of lazy and you know I'm not a Businessman But how you approach your audience And as a spiritual person You know in terms of you know what I do Is like I I mention or talk about sash Mark and I weave it into my videos but Also I you know person that presents Alternative information there's a level Of trust There with you know not that I want them To trust me but there just is And I've talked about this You know they they shouldn't trust Anybody given the way the world is But there's a level of trust that the People have in you To tell them the truth and be honest and Not exploit them and misuse their you Know their their positive Regard for you And it's something that you have to Really come to terms with That they see something and you many of Them feel the the energy and the Transmission in my videos They remark about these things and you Know I don't want to misuse that you Know I'm being a conduit for the massage Mark energy or whatever and I don't want

To misuse that In some way you know as a for personal Gain You know people will you know feel the Love and then they'll you know they'll Associate it with you instead of see I Mean the same thing happened sash Mark And these things with you know the Masters and all the rest of it And so you have to have some idea of you Know how you treat your audience right You know with respect and that you don't Use them and exploit them which dodgy is Clearly doing here Uh which is you know Um He's taken the trust of charge you and Babaji Put in him and the trust that the people Have for charging Babaji and now he Wants to monetize that and use them as a Customer base But it says they got 30 000 views on That and uh you know there's another DLC Coming up with the ATA today It's going to be the same stuff he's Chilling this book And he hasn't had one of these things he Used to do this a lot Was a way for him to connect with the People but it's only a few people asking Questions You know on a zoom call and it was like A substitute for

Meeting the master in person And it was sucky right like he just they Screen the calls or whatever it is and You know this thing Um You know it's just uh it's not a Anything compared to what charge you Used to do In terms of his performance in terms of Charge you're traveling all over the World to meet with people and connect With them and you know help them And help them you know move farther Along in the practice like he's just all About using these people as a customer Base now it says he got 30 000 views But I think it's more like five or less I could have looked at it when it was Going on but it was probably in the Hundreds You know how many people are watching it Live And so Um but I didn't look at it but I you Know there's only 10 comments and They're all the crappy comments they Usually get So I don't think it had any real you Know The numbers were probably you know a Couple thousand Watching it was mostly for Americans Maybe even less like probably under a Thousand

And you know those people are some of Them are already going to buy the book Anyway And you know maybe he wants preceptors To buy more books but they're his books Right they're not Mission books and Putting pressure on preceptors to buy Ten thousand bucks and that's my brother Told me I like a you know I had trouble Believing him like like they were doing That but you know I don't know why he Would lie about that Like he was an anti-dodgy you know he Was just saying this is what happened And these guys were buying all these Books and it still didn't move the the Needle on their books You know these you know he had a couple Of Books that he wrote designing Destiny And uh Heartfulness way and they just didn't Sell right they didn't sell because they Wouldn't sell right and he was trying to Make a profit and make a name for Himself And be this you know this new age Guru You know writer a Deepak Chopra model But he's not that guy right I don't know What they've paid Chopra to endorse them You know what the deal is between them But he's not that guy like he doesn't Have it like he and you know to say Deepak Chopra has more Charisma right

Like that's a sad State of Affairs but What I wanted to say here is that you Know the abiasis aren't here to prop him Up and support his ego and support his Desire to be some sort of celebrity Guru When he could have been a real Legitimate master and failed But the problem has always been is There's been selfishness in the master Guru relationship With you know it being a one-sided Affair Where the master of this of the system Did everything in their power to connect People to the Divine and help them meet Their spiritual needs and the abbayasi Selfishly you know sucked the energy the Transmission and things From the Masters Without Really Embracing the essence and like we see This now Because of the way these people have Reacted to Dodges Failure and just have not you know shown Any loyalty to charge you And the work that he did for them right Because the evidence is there for them To see they just refuse to see it Because They all have this need to be filled By you know the transmission and Whatever role the master played They had a one-sided you know selfish Egotistical love for him where he was an

Energy source And they were you know sucking the Energy out of him and you know we saw This with dodgy like uh kamlish uh you Know like just exacerbated by people Trying to force their way over to charge These son's house when chargie was on His deathbed and sick and they were Trying to see him And grab some last energy from him Before he died like in a very you know Uh his son Krishna gave a talk about This it was it was nicer than Accomplishes but it was kind of the same You know that these people were over There and they were blood sucking and Why it was you know like in a uh like a Like a state of confusion he'd wake up He was on all these medications he was Having you know physical issues he Wasn't even focused on you know who was Disoriented and they were downstairs Meditating And sucking energy off of him while he Was in the house trying to just you know Wake up and you know I mean it was like It was like sick it was like a sickness Like of you know these people were like Spiritual vampires right Like there's this one lady that Charles You used to call Cali Um this woman stayed at my house She was friends with my ex and she had Just broke it up with her husband

And she came and like we were like in a Bad State like we were going through a Lot of stress and a lot of it was we had Just had you know two like children and Like within a two-year period two babies And it was like you know just bad times And I was like oh good a senior Preceptor someone who can you know I'd Be you know an elevating Force right Someone who's been doing the mission for A while and she was so self-centered and So like life-sucking I was like when is This poop Gonna Leave right like you Know I was like let's get her out of the House she's a nightmare and I'd see her From time to time At the ashram and she's just like this Life-sucking you know I mean just a Horrible person she's been a preceptor For a long time right And you know just Um and kamlish came out and saw her and Said you like he was like he was you Know he was beside himself with all These people trying to suck the last bit Of energy out of charge you that they Could right and you know this is Something I've thought about with the Gratefulness meditation and you know There's Cults and things that have Started like you know on the in the Truth community and you know whatever it Is and the cult of uh you know there's This Cult of trump that's happened you

Know and Cults happen when their selfishness on Both sides The selfishness of the user base you Know the the uh the the membership the The Cult of the culties right and then There's the cult leader and when there's Selfishness on one side Then the system is always going to have Problems and there was people who Weren't selfish with charging there were People who are good solid obvious and You know they weren't life suckers and They were you know they could stand on Their own and they were taking the Energy that they got from him and they Were transforming themselves you know Maybe not as good as you know Babaji or Charji did but they were working on it Right you know we all can either work Out or not and then there are some People that were just you know fans like Master you know whatever they is you Know you see this with celebrities and They the fans get energy from the crowd The fellow fans and you know they go to These concerts and they follow You know they create these fan you know Groups that you know they connect with Other people through this worship of uh Celebrity or whatever And there's uh you know desperation There Like uh like an egotistical need

And you know it's there's a dysfunction There and you have to look out for that And you know either side And when you become a master of the System you don't want to exploit the People And that's what dodgy has done here he's Using them as a customer base and all These people are expecting to receive They were all expected to get a good Sitting you know these sittings that Charge you or anybody gave when you're a Preceptor you'd give a city You transmit you'd clean and then the Transmission would start again After the cleaning was done and whether You thought oh the transmission's Flowing you you know you you flipped a Switch and you know the transmission Would flow It flowed on its own accord You know charge you was to like sit There and prepare an hour before giving The SATs on like the SATs on was a Living thing The energy that was going to come Through him and he prepared an hour Before The Assassin and then he would go give The city you know he would try to get You know he'd work towards getting in Touch with the city and you know Uh you know just read what was supposed To happen right

And you know the the sitting the Transmission would just go and then Eventually it would just stop and once In a while would its tail away for a Little bit and it would start again And you know you just had to be aware of When it was over like that was your job To figure out well okay the transmission Is over now because you wouldn't stop it Like you weren't supposed to stop it you Know I talked about how there's a new Guy Um when I went to my first bassan he'd Just made a preceptor he was a new guy But he would just been made a preceptor And I was you know uh six months in like It was my first Gathering And this uh the preceptors who were Um like this sort of senior preceptors This couple that were there Mr and Mrs B They traveled they went to the Molina Ashram or they went to India I think They went to the ashram And so they weren't there and to have it At their house they usually had sets on Their house so there's sort of a new age Woman She ended up quitting but she had it at Her house And these were older these were all Hippie level they were you know these People were 10 20 15 years older than me Right Um and she had this gathering at her

House and we all came over and there's Some potluck stuff and Um and this new preceptor gave one of The city You just come back from India it was Made a preceptor and his wife wanted him Home And so he stopped the sitting earlier in My preceptor Fred's like The transmission's still going on like I wish I could feel it and we meditated For another 20 minutes after the Preceptor had already was on the road Halfway home because he left earlier Um you know and so I mean that's how Sittings are And dodgy giving 20-minute sittings like That's you know like sometimes Bobby Geocachi would give short cities when People were around him that would be all Transmission but you know dodgy talked About You know not transmitting and then you Know like asking people oh did you what Did you feel and they were like oh I Felt all this thing you're like no you Didn't you know like He was testing them or whatever you know Weird stuff like he said the master used To do that which is you know Um dodgy was into that when he talked About but like I don't think he believes The transmission anymore so you know She's just sitting there for 20 minutes

And that's a long time to sit there and Do nothing But his sittings have become shorter and Shorter because he's not really giving Sittings anymore right There's a complete failure here and you Know exploiting these people who Themself are coming from a very selfish Level who feel no loyalty to chargey and Uh you know and purity of the system and Allowing dodgy to just wreck it and They're desperately waiting for the Transmission to come so they can you Know be you know I mean they need I need You know like you know like what about Bob if you're so that movie Bob you know As a a chronic psychological patient He's like I need I need give me feed me You know like he's desperate you know It's like they're you know and there's You know that's probably a big reason Why they haven't come to terms with what Dodgies become because then who's going To feed them right they have to you know They can't connect to the source Directly and they're desperate and they Haven't ever learn to stand on their Don't do feet spiritually and they can't You know face what's happened here Um and so you know like the whole Uh it's unfortunate but it's the truth Right the charging was just you know Carrying all these these blood suckers For years and now you know the

Taji has You know not fulfilled that role for Them you know and now they're all just You know waiting around and like banging Into each other you know like lost uh Lost vampires who can't sustain Themselves spiritually it never rose up To the you know the their part of their Responsibility in their relationship They mistreated their master in Guru and You looked at him as an energy source Instead of you know working with him on A partnership level and working on their Own spiritual Uh you know whatever it was and to Become what they meant to become you Know what what they were supposed to Become to become like him right Like it wasn't like there he was there To feed them they were there to he was There to you know help them Realize their full potential and they Just weren't into it and I'm not saying Like that because I'm some great person You know but there's some level of it That always bothered me the the level of The the master followers that follow the Other feet touchers that followed him Around and you know desperately looking For him to solve all their problems like They were going to see the the Wizard of Oz or something when he was there just To help them connect to God and there Was just a you know there was some part

Of it that was really greasy and you Know all of us around there witnessed it And now that's coming to fruition And Dodgers failed and it's exposing all That for these people because you know There should be some level of Uh honesty here about what dodgy is And what they've lost right like when he Shows up and shows a book With some people who are not associated With Sagemarg or heartfulness they're not Associated with heartfulness You know other than their professional Publishers and they ask them questions To an audience of aviasis who all want To many of them have questions and Whatever and then he's doing these you Know basically a book Tour on the Internet and you're turning it you know These people into his customer base and Sell his crappy books by withholding The wonderful you know Publications and Things From charging and all the rest of the You know books from Babaji I mean all These wonderful like videos and talks That were of a much higher nature and he Doesn't want people to realize how you Know how poorly he compares to these Other Masters so he scrubbed all that Material is trying to disappear charging Completely From the mission and all these people

Who claim to love chargie but they only Loved him because he was feeding them Energy that they needed And so you know they're I mean it's just It's a it's a wicked show right He's like I mean it's just really bad anyways um I Want to get off this topic hopefully I'll move on I see there's another DLC Thing so I'll just take a look at at Least the numbers there Because I'm you know I got sucked in Again But anyways um that's it for now Okay so um This is the DLC with dodgy with the ATA September 10 2023 It's um You know Um they have 5 600 people watching Uh so it started streaming Eight minutes ago so like there's no way They got 30 000 views I don't think they can mess with the Live numbers but I'm not sure if they Can or not they probably can But either way it starts here with a a Deepak Chopra Comment like this is she's trying to Sell this to Abiasis this isn't selling it to You know random people or new age people Oprah Winfrey crowd or something This is selling The tabiasis Who

For the most part you know chargie Um kind of you know I don't say he he Was talking badly about Deepak Chopra But he was clearly not a fan right he Like he said some things and you know He's just He's not what abiasis would look up to But he's trying to sell this like why Aren't they just buying the book as it Is And you know they come in here and then It's Um This is like you know some code here to Register And there's more Deepak Chopra here Um and there's this woman Sharon Salzburg doesn't she look like the kind Of person you wanna Learn about meditation from Right and she um Says uh using awareness and meditation As tools for health dodgy Works brings The most valuable heart into a field of Healing science again this isn't about Healing You do size mark for Uh spiritual connection to God in your Your health is actually Is often a catalyst getting sick and Going through cleaning for your Spiritual well-being you're sacrificing Your human life your material life to

Have a spiritual experience have Spiritual elevation And that's what that's all about then This guy here James R Doty Um So you know just uh or like quotes and Then they come in here with All the people here um For the ATA There's some people I recognize I'm not Gonna say things badly about them but oh There's another quote from Lisa Miller And you know these other people so So these are all things about the book So he's selling the book here it says It's still C Which means um you know whatever it is Heart to heart or whatever it is But It is um You know it's a book so you have the Book up here They're chilling the book which we Already know And he's then goes here goes back to the Barcode Share further information as well as Information on on free giveaways Additionally if you are so it starts off Here let's see if it says U.S Telugu Association including Atta And Donna Today we will preview our newest release

Of the spiritual Anatomy publication and That you will answer a few questions we Will conclude today's session with a Group meditation as well Um before we kick off just a few Announcements Um please do after he's done Shilling The book So there's a zoom call these people Coming into it now it is a Telugu Association is Its own um You know it has its own whatever it is Right like it's a an organization to Promote the Telugu culture Which is okay you know there's nothing Wrong with that But it's not you know it's now taken Over A lot of the things to do with the U.S Mission And one of the problems that regular Americans had all along with The um You know with uh Was they thought it was not for them They thought it was just for Indians and It was a known problem You know this guy Victor I was talking To him about it and he said You know that this is a problem that People have known about for a long time And they were concerned about charging Of course concerned about he said his

Final gathering at the U.S we went to Ohio that the Indian abiasis had wrecked The mission in America and we took that All we all took that to mean that they Had made it into an Indian Uh you know an Indian organization Instead of an American organization or Global organization And unfortunately my mic batteries died Right there so I'm going to try to Conclude that thought and other thoughts There I'm just going to try fill in the Blanks here but that you know this was Supposed to be a global organization Where every Demographic every race every you know Type of person around the world were Welcome And what happened was that there was all These rich Indians who came over from India who are You know top of the class You know some of them brilliant many of Them Um you know academically Superior in Many ways and they got really well paid High-paying jobs they donated to the Mission they were able to travel to India you know they had family in India And they would see dodgy there and I'm Sorry Charlie there dodgy was one of These guys And it just became an all-indian Mission And I've you know talked about this in

More recent Journey series uh you know In America and now you can see in these Various still see things There's only a few American Americans You know mostly Indians and a couple White people like no Asians you know no Uh you know uh you know Chinese or uh You know uh Japanese or something like This I mean there are some of these Types of people no African-American People none of these other no Hispanics Right it's just um you know a few white People and mostly Indians and they're And they're all old white Boomer hippies And you know they're just not you know Their best days are behind them right And I don't know if I said this earlier But charge you said That the um Indian abiasis had wrecked the American Mission but then he appointed all Indians it was the last sort of his last Trip to America and this Telugu Association thing is just more of the Same And so you know it's become just very Indian and they're not gonna Win other people they want to make him Some sort of best-selling author But they just don't get it right and Another thing I want to say was these You know with all these celebrity these New age celebrities Deepak Chopra and These other people Sharon Salzburg

Whoever name is and all these people You know they're not going to appeal to Abiasis I mean maybe a few of them and They're not going to win over other People they've already used these people In other events and you know Collaborations and they didn't draw any Audience into heartfulness And so they keep on you know rolling These people out like they've somehow Validate his crappy book But the book itself You know it's the books the other books In the system They're you know I want to call them Magical but they're so spiritually Powerful And you know they they have a profound Effect on the reader I mean people Really are clicked into Sage mark And dodgy just doesn't have that he's Like a clown I mean he's just you know He doesn't have any he just doesn't have It like he doesn't have the yet Factor And you know no celebrities no you know Book tours no You know any of these things that They're trying to boost None of these things are gonna make him Be somebody that uh people you know look Up to and connect with right I mean they Do because he's He was endorsed by the other guys and Maybe he's won a few people over

But that's you know delusional people Right Are a current student or an alumni of a U.S University please fill out so there Are obviously still in this book like That's the primary reason I'm editing And I know it's coming so I wanna You know build my case here but anybody Can see that from the last two Dill seas And the Del c means I looked it up and It means um from the heart so they're Supposed to be from the heart and They're selling this book they're Showing for this books And brings true transformation And it's really bad and uncomfortable It's like so poorly done and they're not Gonna yeah these people should all buy The book anyway It can have perfection in many Dimensions these people have donated Lots of them have donated lots of money Spent lots of time and energy Into such Mark and so you know they own All the other books it's like you know They would buy every book that comes out Right Okay so I was using a browser I usually Don't use and I you know but I'm not Going to explain why but Um I thought it would keep the Heartfulness stuff over on that browser But Sometimes when I use that browser it

Doesn't record The audio from the video so I had the Battery issue and you know I Um it's been a weird day but I'm glad it Happened because I stumbled upon this Little gem here Light of knowledge And this is not possible without the Help of a guru One who is like human who understands Our our weaknesses our strengths Of present day life If you bring in the Guru from God knows 200 VCS 200 BCS He will not fit in this world today He'll give up and say I cannot change Uma or I cannot change madhava I cannot Change even venkat Because he belongs to that century This is just ridiculous see he's trying To say that he's the right Guru for the Right time and Babaji in charge he stays Are over And he clearly isn't like he's It's bad You need a person who is living in the Same time zone Exactly not you know halfway across the World in India you know Time frame who understands what is Prevailing today what is difficult today If mahavira has to bond And leads the same lifestyle and we read

The same books of those days That's why we are not able to progress From religion into experience because Okay so um Just wow like just wow there are a Couple things I want to show you here So taji shows up here and this is the Big thing I want to show you here to see If you have any any words you'd like to Start us off with And I'm really grateful to The administrative members of Tana Of RP Also Part of members yes and the Administration yes his mind is gone like He's just not there and so many of our Obvious Not only from Telugu land but all over This this program especially is for the Telugu Telugu speaking or uh public so I Start with some little Telugu that I Have picked up saying Well He's trying to be cute This meeting is not about promoting a Book Especially I like to stay Now it's a hundred percent About promoting a book right him saying That like the first you know whatever Amount of time 11 minutes about the book They're talking about the book answering

Questions about the book the book is Being Sold heavily To a bunch of people who should buy the Book anyway In the past that's what would happen all These people that would be committed Enough to give up their time to be on The zoom call Would buy the book without you know Charge you wouldn't have to do this And so he wants these people to promote The book And they will but no one's it's just not You know the books it's already done Like the book has got so many built-in Sales And whatever scams they got going on Whatever pressure they put on preceptors And people to buy the book They got all The Usual Suspects are Going to buy the book and then it's just Going to die It's going to die a slow and painful Death And you know they'll call it a Bestseller or something somewhere And they'll you know because he needs Validation but the whole thing is just Ridiculous but Miranda come out here and Say uh and you know he's got Babaji Wearing I guess it's supposed to be um Garland which Babaji didn't wear And there are these things here these

Are all ritualistic religious stuff Which Babaji was completely against And so Bobby didn't wear like this looks Like jewelry but it must be You know they have these flowers that They would drape around the Masters when He first became Master he got rid of This tradition charge he would come out And they had these you know these Strings where flowers were on the Strings and he put them up he put a you Know these flowers on a picture of Babaji and that picture of lology and Everyone would clap And this guy got rid of it which I Thought was a good thing but now he's Brought it back because the thing's Gone Full religion but everything's got Ridiculous you know and I'll cover this At the end but my voice over Um But he just kind of rambles on for a While he's got a lot of gesticulation To another person you are talking about Alfonso mango or some other mango they Are so much of variance in mangoes after Mangoes even the same mango will not Taste the same the same name next day it Will be different And this was the other thing here Foreign We had over 2500 individuals tune in Yesterday Um okay so now they're saying that video

Got 30 something thousand views This one had five thousand Um when this went on and I don't know if Those were real five thousand there's Clearly not That many people involved in the call There might be some in India The other video got 10 comments so You know really it nothing it it no way Had Um thirty thousand views and this video That has um It's supposed to have 5 000 views now it Says it has 25 000. so I think they're Embellishing here But she said that you had a you know a Session yesterday with the publishing Team Because you know this is him talking his Book He hasn't been he hasn't done this in You know nine months Um and the last time they did something Like this was through this other Organization The you know everything that charging Built is breaking down And you know dodgy is basically a No-show let me get to the video about The sitting and so I waited some time You know I I taped this earlier And then you know I had the audio Problems and then I wanted to come back And see how the SATs on went and it's a

Complete disaster so just when you Thought it couldn't get any weirder this Happens it's like opening up your heart To many Treasures many traces of Qualities they are waiting to be Manifested outward Otherwise what is the point of Worshiping gods and goddesses Unfortunately religious people as I was Mentioning earlier They want to give gifts to gods They take out the Rings they take out The watches they throw it on tirupati Temple you know he's um Hmm He's just kind of gone like he's doesn't You know he kind of babbles all the time Now They take out so much of money they Throw it what would they do with either Rupees or dollars that you throw in the Temple Lord venkatesha does he need it But in return what are you asking you Are asking multiple return You think he's such a fool One who doesn't even need your money But the trust is The pujaris they enjoyed they try their Life on it and this is the problem you Know a guy who tries to Shell books and Put religions you see a guy who runs Scams like brighter mind scams yeah you Know he's he's talking about these People who

God doesn't need your money and you go To the temple you throw money at at the Temple Thinking that God is going to give you More money back In your life and he says God doesn't Need your money God's no fool but the People at the temple will take your Money the way he's taken their money Right Ignorance greedy people that go there Master would you like to conclude are we I think we meditate now okay master I I wish you You conduct session I will also sit here in my room so he's Saying to her to conduct the session And he'll stay in India and do the thing The same time And meditate because I have people here Who are tired of listening that's all Laughs you know um it's kind of Important who are these people you know Like this is I mean you know you filled Your book and he's not going to give Them a city And so yesterday gave what a like a half Hour City And today he's given Um you know well he's not even giving The city So I had to let them go Okay okay Thank you very much Master for today and

We are very very grateful When are we meeting next month you know Because I'm not going to release my book Next month so I gotta show that yeah Next month Yes must okay First Sunday of October Yes all right And where are you where are you based uh I'm in North Carolina Rally okay okay then you must be knowing This doctor uh what's his name vinod Vallabh Yeah he query he realized that you're Like a scam I heard of him but I haven't There's also gastroenterologist okay Yeah look anyway he's my mama so oh okay I will look him up yeah okay but Definitely we will try this December not A short visit we'll say It come until I say that's all Definitely we're going to try thank you Thank you thank you Namaste yeah You know these people are laughing at Somebody who's Just Um Disrespected their former master And his master in ways that are obscene I'll get to that in the narrative but I Want to just mention that here So he just disappears he's gone because People in his room are tired of

Listening to him or Being a part of the zoom call You know he says he hasn't been in nine Months and he's cutting it short he Shield for his book And then Let us all meditate now But those of you who are new please Close your eyes relax and come into your Heart and rest the mind in the heart Until if thoughts come just let them Leave the field take deep breaths let go And rest in the heart and when the Session is over we will say that's all Let's all meditate now please speak in Meditation All right so the meditation begins at 9 32 And then I'm 59 32. And so basically at the 60 Minute mark Um and then it stops At 22 minutes later The meditation ends And that's loud like they're just She gives a 22 minute sitting dodgy Doesn't participate I mean you know this is a supposed to be A group meditation There's no transmission I can't feel Anything you can't There's nothing here Um you know it shouldn't be that short That's all

And so 22 40. and so it was you know Almost 23 minutes Um and just you know That's not even an individual sitting And you know dodgy gave one sitting for This whole thing after shelling for his Buck Okay so let's revisit this comment here This meeting is not about promoting a Book Especially but it is though right it's a Lie you know the guy said himself he Hadn't met with them and he's not even Going to see them right he's not going To travel to see Americans like he Should be traveling like charge he did He expects everyone to come to Khan he Has these long discussions and every one Of these things come see me here he Doesn't move from the place like Occasionally he goes to some place in India but Charles used to travel 200 Days a year Babaji when he was really sick and old Traveled in 1974 he never recovered from That It physically wiped him out the trip to Europe and America And you know they they kept on going out And meeting people And you know these were introverted guys I mean they had their own you know but This was their duty this is their job And as the master the system you're

Supposed to travel like he was he Complained because Charge he said the charge you wouldn't Let him leave The last seven years of charge his life And he had to be around charging those Last seven years And he calls himself a world Traveler And one of his you know whatever his Bios were And you know it came back to America Once he's got property here he used to Have a business but his kids you know They they went bankrupt and they lost Hundreds of like 120 million dollars of Investor money remember the I covered That in one of these videos I mean Another indication of a guy who just is Failing And he's coming to these this you know He didn't come to give SATs on he didn't Come to give everybody a city to make Sure they had a sitting he didn't even Do one today and the other one was you Know 30 minutes less than 30 minutes This one was you know just over 20 Minutes conducted by someone else that I You know don't think highly of you know I've said stories about you know Whatever Um and all these people You know it's one thing to Fail and suck But when he disrespected chargie the way

He did He threw out the whole idea that the Master's infallible because he was Criticizing charging and throwing charge Under the bus and disappearing charging When he canceled chargie's birthday Celebration and babaji's you know that Should have been it for everybody they Should have said oh no You've gone too far right we've stood by You through your suckiness and your Scams and your bad decisions and your Babbling and your horrible videos and Things like this but we're leaving now And I think people have left in droves You just have these people who are Hangers on who you know maybe they got a Position with him or he's given them Something or whatever and they just Won't admit that um you know that one Woman used to weep when chargie left She and then she said you'll charge he's Too old-fashioned right so I mean these People are like disgusting that they Would you know I mean it's one thing to Suck and fail and they could feel sorry For him or you know maybe he's just not As good as charging but it's another Thing to disrespect Your previous master and throw them Under the bus and you know do all the Things he's done like that should just Not be tolerated and then all the other Things make sense that that he's cut off

From the Divine Essence that you know Created his you know his Mastery and He's out there on his own just failing And he doesn't even get sittings anymore And he's Shilling for these bucks you Know if he was a great he had a great Mind and he was a an elevated person They would buy his books like they did With Charlie and Bobby like he couldn't Wait for the books to come out and you'd Buy every one of them and read every one Of them that's how I was Everything the charge you put out every Book that Bobby and Charles you put out I've read some of them multiple times And I'm not the only one there's lots of People some of you guys are even doing That some of you guys have found the Literature And they're like you know getting into It right and you know um it's just Something that's there like you just do It because somebody who's you know a Highly Avail evolved Soul you want to Get as much information from them you Know there are people who you know hang On my every word here And wait for me to put out all this Stuff And I'm not you know nearly as evolved As charging these you know other people But just you know the content that I Produce people are just into it and Dodgy doesn't have anybody like that

Like they're not you know oh my God he Put out another book I go go get it like They're not going to sit in line like It's a new iPhone He's got to come out here and shill and Like try to con them into you know Pushing this book and you know some I Mean he doesn't even get it it's never Going to sell It's got to be good you know like you Can't just take a piece of crap and Expect people to promote it for you it's Like all of that is your ship has sailed There's no enthusiasm here there's no Anything He's lost everything right and you know It's just I mean it's pathetic and like You know it's him saying that is a lie Like I'm not here to sell a book of Course you are you know that why the Reason you have to say that is because The way this whole thing is constructed Is about selling your book you know it's All about your book right and you know You're just what are you doing here Right I mean you know my dogs are Barking out there I mean it's just like Why the reason you have to say that is Because you know that's true And then you're denying everyone's Realities like your gaslighting no I'm Not here just to sell my book I'm here to you know make sure someone Else gives you a 20-minute sitting you

Know I'm here to you know talk about stuff in Babylon and make those sense at all and Mangoes and you know Anyways I mean it's it's gotten bad you Know I think he's like he's I think he Has health issues and his brain isn't Working well and the people around them Aren't helping them out and protecting Them and you know they're just still Trying to push this agenda of making Them into some you know fake you know Bookselling Guru and it's just not it's Not you know it's over right I mean it's You know like your ship has sailed bro Only give your opportunity for whatever You could have been is gone I mean maybe In a future life but not in this one I Mean it's you know and all these people Who are uh you know capitulating with This who are you know collaborating with This and Um you know allowing this to happen Right they're enabling this right They're they're enablers and you know They all can see it they should all see It there's there's no one who should you Know who's done size Mark who shouldn't Look at what's going on now and go You're like this is so bad right The level of denial here is off the Charts but anyways okay I'm done with The DLC thing I wanna move on to other Stuff here

Okay so today is Monday September 11th You know an interesting day Um I should read that one Whispers message Um I'll do that and there's a bunch more That have come in recently that are you Know I should Go through them as well Uh I just want to wrap this thing up With um What I saw with the DLC thing uh Yesterday If you know for those of you who've Never got the chance to meet Master Chargie which is probably pretty much All of you I guess there's a lot of Lurkers from This that come to my journey series I Don't know But those of you who never got to meet Him or never met Babaji or even some of These other Spiritual people who You know they have a presence They have a divine presence because God Will work through Somebody who's willing to serve And people reach a certain level right But someone who's a master They're operating on a completely Different level of Consciousness and you Can feel it like it is Uh you know awe-inspiring in some ways

Disconcerting in other ways And you know there's just ways that when People talk about like Donald Trump Lane Uh you know 5D just or whatever right There's you know that level of I mean There's people look up to him and see That because they're stupid right They're not you know They're they don't have a lot of uh I mean they're you know blow double Digit IQ and they look at someone like Trump as being brilliant But when you um see somebody who's a Spiritual master This idea of them functioning on a Different level And their work is masterly You know charge you documented this when He was traveling around with Babaji You know ways that Babaji would just Over and over again like impress him And show him like you know a different Level of things right they have their Human side and you can easily if you're Around them too much Start seeing the human side and you get Used to the Divinity part And you can kind of Lose sense of their greatness like That's a Like one of the problems uh but not only You want to call it greatness because Is God that comes through them right It's they're allowing God to flow

Through them So it's not personal greatness And one of the things that is Paramount Like is Um like it has to be there Is that they have a higher authority Like you can't Think of yourself as the highest Authority You can't think of yourself as God or as You know the master like you have to Have Like somebody or you know obviously Something in God Uh you know whatever God is right as you Know your goal right is your focal point And also somebody who can some Essence That can Uh tell you what to do like you they'll Give you Orders in a sense right And you know that's Like essential that you there's no sense Of I've made it Like I don't have to do anything more I'm I'm you know I am him is like a Thing they say now In the basketball world right There's none of that like you have to Always be looking up and There is you know a goal and you are in The process of reaching that goal like You're on the spiritual journey yourself But you just reached a higher level

And you can impart that to other people Right but in that like hierarchical type Of situation There are people who are at the Beginning there are people who aren't on The path at all And then there are people who are moved Their way up and they're displaying this In various levels and you would get that With preceptors and some of you guys Have experienced that with preceptors Some of you guys have experienced that With me here That you know every once in a while Divinity just pours through or you know Consistently you know in the case of These videos But you know it's it's there and it's Not always there right It's something that like people on the Path are flirting with and you know I'm Moving along and then reach higher Levels themselves right That you know while they're on the path They've reached a higher level than a Normal person And you experience that with these People right And you know if you can if those of you Have experienced it with me Like I can say there's a much you know Larger experience I don't say larger I Don't know what your word to use Uh you know a deeper experience

If you had gotten the chance to meet Master charity like much more impressive Much more Profound you know much more service Oriented You know the energy flowing And so there's that right And somehow dodgy who was you know he Was the master like I saw him be made The master I saw him get all this you know years And years ago I thought he was in the Central region back in the 90s And he was given all the you know this The stuff charge he had at least most of It are you know he was made into the Master I saw his changes in Transformation and before that He was a good preceptor that people Looked up to people who were around him You know he had his own group of people And that he served and you know that Would come to his house and get sittings And people who knew him People who would um you know like one Preceptor said he was a preceptor that He would go to to ask questions right About seismish Mark and preceptor Techniques and things Like he said this he was you know just a Oh he had all this knowledge about it Well read in the system you know someone Who was really into it And so he was an impressive person as a

Preceptor and then he became the you Know nominee to be the charging Successor and and then he was made into The master and he you know I saw him go Up those levels Where he had the same kind of energy and We'd walk around the ashram you could Feel the energy you know people uh that Woman who came with me to that gathering In Los Angeles felt the energy as he Walked in the back of the room and she Turned around like she was a Reiki Person so she understood that type of Energy she was like oh my God this Energy is amazing right and so uh but he Had already shown signs of like Stupidity and like bone-headedness and Like being wrong like I'd already had These experiences so it was kind of a Weird thing for me but I just assumed That was his human side and I was seeing The you know him at the entry level Position as he was just made master And then he was going to grow into it Right like you know I thought well you Know he's certainly the master But now he's not any of those things Like he's not he's gone all the way back To You know less than the beginning or Whatever I don't even know where he Would he would put him because he Doesn't have the energy he's just like Incoherent almost when he's talking I

Mean he is he's like maybe got some sort Of form a a dementia and he's made all These bad mistakes And it's clear that he's cut himself off From the previous Masters especially Chargie you know he was charges disciple He charging you know he was a whatever You want to call it a followers charge You for 32 years 33 years something like That you know 30 some years A couple years with Babaji you know like Five or six years maybe eight years I Don't know but Bobby Bobby was Kind of like not there mentally his last 10 years and physically more physically He wasn't uh you know there anymore Like he was gone but you know he had the Spiritual energy but he was you know he Just physically wasn't really in the World anymore he was you know He was not the same as people remembered Him like he was he entered those years Of Um you know being really old and And that's when uh dodgy met him to Accomplish met him And so You know it's there for everybody to see Like and feel That isn't the same right and that There's been a fall they might have had Experiences with them in the beginning Likes Mr and Mrs C like they liked Accomplish before

And Mrs C was spending a lot of time With him when he was going to be the Next Master she was you know sort of Calculating her way into You know being around and getting Positions and you know she was working The thing she was like one of those Types of people Like a kind of Oprah wannabe kind of You know new agey type person with some Ambition And there were people that were around Them and you know they Saw he was going to be the next master And they were positioning themselves too Be a part of that like you know Inner Circle type thing with charge you or Whatever you know just all these things It's politics and you know social Dynamic stuff And you know he was able to do some Things because he was You know charge he was there propping Him up and he you know was getting the Work done on him And Charlie passed away and he had the Energy and I saw it you know like he's Now the master of the system undeniably It was there And you know he started to make bonehead Decisions not allowing kids go to Gatherings things that he had to reverse Later on just going in there shaking Things up and changing things

Which is the wrong way to go about Anything Because you're just going to piss people Off And you know some of the changes he said Were changes charge he wanted to make But couldn't charge you couldn't fight The battles like get rid of the the Hindu rituals of putting the garlands of Flowers Yeah so he was doing things and and Charge you give a talk saying that size Mark is not an extension of Hinduism It's not a religious not a part of Hinduism it isn't like you know Something comes out of like Christianity Came out of Judaism it's not like a you Know these other religions where Somebody's a religious figure And then they become a saint in that Religion and then they start a new you Know sect of that religion You know these you know the Baptists and The You know the various other um I mean Even the Mormons you know they're all a Part of you know methodists and these Other types of uh you know these Different groups right these different Uh takes on the same religion Mark is Something completely new And you know it is based in some of These other things It's based in Sufism and the yogic part

Of Hinduism but it's you know these are All spiritual uh these aren't religions These Are Spiritual Techniques you know the transmissions And spiritual techniques is kind of type Of yoga is a spiritual like uh it's not It doesn't you know it's not a religion In itself it's a system to connect you To God and I asked this kid who um you Know I call him a kid he just I think He's young I never met him who's around All the you know the Heavy Hitters that Used to be in Chennai bacharji one in Particular Who kept all the charges talks and they Played this talk and it's disappeared In charge he said this isn't an Extension of Hinduism this isn't gonna Should not be a religion it was very Specific these rituals and things got to Go all these things I never heard him talk like this before And he gave another talk which I've Heard that one like on his deathbed but They were both right before he died Like a month or so when it came out they Played it you know the audio In the meditation Hall and dodgy was all About that he got rid of the pictures of The Masters on the stage and I thought That was Him getting rid of these religious Rituals there's three pictures but they Were now embedded in the wall and now

They don't exist at all and which is in Some ways it seemed like a good thing But now He's trying to disappear the Masters Altogether so it's like a you know and He's turning this into a religion he's Bracing embracing Hinduism he's making It all Hindu making it all Indian But in the beginning it was you know he Had the energy and it seems like he was Going to be the next Master like he was That already and he was going to do a Good job And he you know had some successes with The ashram and a few other things that He did his initial program he had some Good ideas he had some failures and some You know head scratching things But then he just tanked and he was Tanking Unbeknownst to most of us he already had The brighter mind scam in 2015 You know which was I mean that was the First year And most of us didn't even know that That he was involved in some scam and Got duped or whatever he did or you know And it's it's mind-boggling because I Don't think it's a big money maker and He was given various opportunities and Feedback where it was like oh You know that should have disappeared he Like you should just backed off I mean Other organizations ran it for a little

While And then cut them cut them cut their Ties from it right Cut themselves off from it but he you Know was doing it in 2019 four years Later He's still doing it now 2023 and he's Involving dignitaries and famous people And stuff a known scam a known you know It wasn't even his scam right and that's Bad and then there was the stuff with The RSS the You know the paramilitary organization That's all you know Hindu and not in a Even a religious way in a you know Aggressive way and it's anti-muslim and It's controversial and it just you know Would it was gonna you know people in Europe are really pissed about it a lot Of the Liberals I'm sure in America are And you know just in India I mean it's Bad and so these are bad decisions and You know they're not decisions a master Would make And I'm saying this for the other people Like I'm not talking about dodgy I'm Talking about these other people that Are still you know uh If you know falling at his feet right uh And then there was the incoherent you Know talks and the you know the bad Books and all these things the the Blatant lies like him coming down saying This isn't about selling a book well of

Course it is everything about this is a You know there's a campaign here like You're denying what we're seeing like Reality That you and the fact that it's easy to See That he wants to be some celebrity New Age author And he thinks he's going to win a bunch Of people Because the teachings of sashmarg are Brilliant and different And that they're going to appeal to some Group and he's going to claim them as His own and that he's going to repackage Them for a new age audience and he's Going to get these new age celebrities Like Deepak Chopra and Sharon Salzburg Or her name is and these people who have A following themselves to back them And he's going to create an audience He's going to bring in like a group of Replacement abiasis And all the old people can go to hell Because they knew charge he was better Than him or whatever and he's going to Be his old man he's going to be like a Maid you know master Like everybody can see it like it's Clear that he's there trying to sell These books in a different way like make The books the big you know part of it And then he's abandoned the transmission That he only gave one half hour sitting

In these two Things that he did and to anybody who Did it before did this practice before Knows that it's nothing like it used to Be right it's like it's just a it's he's Whitewashed the whole thing it's it's Been like you know the old part has been Destroyed And it would be okay if it was better But it's it's not even like it's not Even it you can't even talk about the Two things being the same How it was under charging the Perfection Charging always he always came through He always delivered as a master Whatever it was And the talks were brilliant and the Sittings I mean he always made sure the Sitting's happened And they were great and the spiritual Work always happened there wasn't a Sense of you know talking about a crappy Book for an hour and a half and then Claiming that um there are people with You that are tired of listening to this So you're turning off the zoom and You're going to meditate with the other People And this you know person who's not a Great you know uh you know controversial Person let's call her that gives the City and you know Um it's a disaster it's only 22 minutes And dodgy disappears and you know people

Haven't seen him for eight months and he Wants everybody to come to Canada and See him and nobody's going like you can Tell people aren't going Like you mentioned somebody that has to Be good friends with in the first one And you know he said I didn't see the Guy's picture I see him his Zoom thing When he turned on the zoom he saw the Guy and then the guy disappeared Um But he's like oh I've seen you nearest That means he hasn't come to India that These people aren't coming to India and You know I mean they're they're still I Don't know what they're doing Well it's clearly not the same thing And the evidence is overwhelming that Dodgy has fallen because he's much worse Than he was he's not even in that Intermediary intermediary stage between Uh like a newbie and a master where he's Got some spiritual elevation he has some You know he has something he has it like He has you know he's got something going Like he's just babbling his you know his Thoughts don't make sense he's you know The energy isn't there the biggest thing He's he's abandoned the transmission in The the essence of the system for some You know new age you know book thing and He's just he's not good he doesn't have Charisma he doesn't have a You know doesn't have it like he doesn't

Have something that's going to draw People to him but the you know people Who are just still you know looking at Him and saying oh we miss you master This kind of stuff right Like it's it's there for them to see and A lot of these people were really into Charge and you know his dissing of Charity Is you know not only unforgivable but That's like next level blasphemy Blasphemy stuff And you know like I said that dismisses This idea That the master is somehow infallible Because you know when someone's on a Higher level like that And you know a real higher level like They're just You know you know they're right about Stuff like you know they see it at a Different level You know and I Try not to think about this stuff when I'm not you know engaged with it uh and I you know for weeks I won't think about It I want to get back into the more Gracefulness stuff I've been you know I Want to do an individual sitting thing And uh like once a week I have all this Stuff that I You know want to attend to uh but mostly I'm just like you know overwhelmed with Uh what we're doing on the farm and not

You know overwhelmed but I'm just busy With that and you know my daily making The videos and things And you know it's hard for me to I mean There needs to be a path forward for the Gratefulness stuff and You know it's there for people and you Know there needs to be a different kind Of uh you know a personal responsibility Where people are more engaged and not Just relying on somebody else and Sucking you know that person dry and You know constantly feeling weak and Helpless themselves and needing to be Propped up which is what the downfall Probably is about right with charging Just propping everybody up and now Dodgy couldn't do that and he just Collapsed Under the weight of the you know the you Know all these people because they're Just not you know functioning people Wouldn't continue doing what they're Doing right wouldn't say oh my God this You know This thing is is crap the bed right it's You know dodgy screwed this thing up Or whatever it was this isn't the same Thing he's fallen Um You know and That's the interesting part for me now Like how long what it'll take for them To

Realize you know that something's amiss You know And it's that's that's the shocking part That they're still You know going along and pretending and Dodgy's just babbling like he's I think He's got you know some sort of form of You know mental breakdown he might have This physical health issues where His brain isn't working like he can't Articulate things he's much worse he's Just a horrible speaker now And he hasn't given a city in the you Know charges birthday sittings and Whatever's going on he does this thing Every week where it's like a half hour He does 15 minutes of talking and 15 Minutes sitting that he just can't even Sit for for a long time And the idea of transmission like you Would when you're a preceptor you know It's that energy props you up like you Get a a 20 commission as charge you Called it you absorb 20 of the Transmission when you give a sitting so It's You know it's good for you to give the Sittings Um and I don't you know But anyways like there you know these Groups of people it's stunning that They're still playing along with this Like they just you know and it's better For me that I don't attend to it because

Like it's nothing but like negative like There's no positive in it it speaks a Lot about Humanity Um So I had some Whispers of the brighter Worlds here This is Friday September 24th 1999. Never forget the Divine Essence inside Of you is pure you must make sure to Adjust yourself as closely as possible To the state So your constant inquiry and observation Your thoughts and acts must be in tune With the with this harmony that dwells Within you it's not easy to drive away Certain human feelings and reactions in Relation to events or behaviors Having reached a certain point of Evolution a constant watch over oneself Must be exercised even if sometimes The cup is full and overflowing and Overflow is inevitable These circumstances also must be Positive It's necessary to learn from them and to See how to protect oneself From blows One must imagine oneself to be A a salable unassailable Invulnerable in short Out Of Reach Mentally and physically and see oneself Clad and a kind of divine armor that Lets everything that lets anything Secondary and finally unimportant glance

Off Meditate well at this point Babaji you Know the Christians often talk about an Armor of God And another way to do this is to create Like to feel the The Love From the Transmission And you can create a bubble of Love Around yourself or other people This was famously done by the goddess That represents the Tulsi plant And there's a movie you can find the Movie It's It's like an old Indian movie my family And I watched when we got into the Tulsi Plant Because I was doing etheric gardening And the Tulsi plant has the Tulsi which Is holy basil which has lots of Healing properties it's an adaptogen you Know has a lot of good qualities I mean Tulsi I had Tulsi MIT and you know we've Grown I've grown Tulsi successfully in Various places eating the leaves and Things and it helps people adapt it's One of these adaptogens But on an energetic level it has like When you're tuning into the etheric Energy Of the plan etheric gardening you know I Try to talk to Accomplish about this but it went over His head or whatever you know It wasn't you know but it was I mean now

He's gardening and you know whatever Um but We watched the this Indian movie about The goddess Tulsi And she there was a guy who was like Some sort of a fallen Angel or demon And he was cast down from The brighter World by Shiva the God of Destruction And like he was cast into the planet Earth And he married this devotee this really Saintly devoted woman Who was a you know a devotee of Krishna Of Vishnu and she was such a spiritual Lady You know like she's so you know evolved Um She uh She reached this high level and she was Able to protect her husband who was a Demon And put him in a you know like uh this Idea of a Like A Spiritual armor where They couldn't penetrate him you know Penetrate his defenses because she Wrapped him up in her devotion And so he was battling these you know These gods and they couldn't defeat him Now he was all-powerful Because she uh Uh you know she you know was protecting Him and you know Vishnu who she

Worshiped needed to deal with this guy You know Vishnu who was in the Incarnation of Christian Krishna Rama But this is from the the higher realm You know this is they're coming down Trying to you know get rid of this Powerful demon that's being protected by Some saintly woman you know this idea of This Divine energy protecting you know and Again It's not really physical protection it It can manifest into physical protection But it's really spiritual right in Nature But anyways um Vishnu trixer I can't Remember the specifics but you can read It any tricks her Into Um Forgetting about her husband and they Kill him right And like she's pissed and she's like You know she didn't believe that he did This to her you know this Divine you know being that she worships And so Um I don't know if she you know she commits Um you know they they jumped into the Fire you know these women would jump Into the fire when their husbands died So you know whatever it is um But she is then

Incarnate into the plant Tulsi her soul Becomes the plant Tulsi And you know that's why it's uh you know This higher developed soul for this Plant and they have people I don't say worship it but all these Families have Tulsi like Thomas was Talking about Tulsi like he saw the Tulsi that I was Growing And I brought this organic Tulsi and you Know I did this their gardening and the Leaves were amazing like the plant was Like incredible and like he put me in Charge of the container garden Back when you know charges last days Uh was last you know this last couple of Months And the Tulsi that I grew was amazing And he wanted the seeds from it so I Went and met him and I gave him some Seeds and I talked about it they tried To tell them about the etheric gardening Uh but you know you just you know this Is the time that he told me I was stuck In point five right you know just Um like uh like a head scratching Interaction like like who is this dope Like this supposed to be the next Master Kind of thing right I've told that story Before But Um the Tulsi just has this Superior Energy

And so this idea of You know putting a bubble around or if You know using God's love as a a Protective energy and you know it's more About Your lower Tendencies or you know being Attacked by the materialistic world or Falling in these things But yeah it's something that can be done I'm gonna save that one somewhere Because it's an important one Um And so there was some other ones here Your friend is right you are a brave Soldier life is long with the certain Times common with than others but Remains nevertheless a kind of battle Victories won over oneself and over Circumstances One is presented with Are gratifying You can all go through moments of Latitude and discouragement and thus Lose your footing temporarily but with Help of health help of faith and courage You regretting your equilibrium in those Moments when Grace touches you you Recover your strength and set out again Realizing your burden has become lighter Sometimes it's necessary to hit bottom In order to climb back up again and more Strength and determination We follow you and help you in all states Of mind we are in we are not indifferent

To any aspect of your lives you have Given us your trust we are happy to Count you among our Associates you Belong to a great spiritual family that Will never cease growing over time may You all be blessed Babaji Um You know this idea The Babaji used to say you have to have The spirit of the Spartans When you enter the spiritual Battlefield You know and not like you know spiritual Warriors or Going to physical War but going in and You know battling the inner demons and The you know the negative negativity and The attacks that you're going to get in The you know all of it like the stuff That you're gonna have to go through And he said you have to be this have the Spirit of the Spartans you come back On The Shield or with the shield And so it's like uh you know it's a It's that level of on or off you know a Binary system where you're either You die or you succeed like there's no Like you know quitting there's no Going back injured you know either come Back with The Shield or dead on the Shield Um which is he was very specific about And so um Let me find that other Whispers here So you know given that this is an

Anniversary day And this is to me you know I retraced This when and I became whatever you call A truther or whatever it is And so this is um September 13 2001 10 a.m Thursday September 13 201 10 A.M my son reacts to The present incidences As a high level spiritual Master must do By appealing for wisdom and love in Response to this hatred virul and Scourge of the world his son is charging What can common Mortals do isolated and Helpless in the face of such attacks This barbaric act sounds that death nil Of human Liberties as we have just said In previous message which hopefully We'll get to see because I've never seen That one hopefully they publish it and These you know messages they're putting Out now but it's a message that hasn't Been seen before Uh as just in the previous messages There are limits to be exceeded and yet It will be necessary to go until the end Of the cycle So intermediately this murderous Madness Is brought under control You can only act by developing love in Your hearts and building there in a Worthy and Equitable World blossoming Through faith and spiritual process and A highly spiritual process only it can Bring the greatest hope towards a happy

Humanity wake up if not yet awakened Your time of action towards Redemption On this Earth is numbered you have all Our blessings Babaji and so when I first Read that message I read it one way But then I you know woke up to what Really happened and I read it the other And I believe it to be The Beginning of the truth community As we now know it that Bob as you say And wake up if you're not already Awakened And that was about you know the stuff That's happened in the truth Community I Actually went to the archive and I found These other messages at least one of Them so this is the previous message This is September Thursday September 13th 2001 at 8 A.M the other one's from 10 A.M When where will the cruelty of human Beings stop It is innate with many of them and Starts appearing since childhood By pulling off Beatles wings or even by Torturing poor defenseless animals it Can go on in adulthood up to a point of Excess that we know today and that comes Close to the collective Madness And that comes close to the collective Madness These acts are facilitated by Hayek Technology which allows them to

Devise satanic plans They will do anything to satisfy the Hatred and spirit of Revenge they are Filled with A vicious cycle Which will not have an end and will have Sooner or later to be stopped by power From outside this planet that will not Have any other means to stop this Dangerous escalation harmful to the Balance of the universe The Basic Instinct of human nature are Difficult to counter the use of force Should be obvious one day to establish The use of force should be obvious one Day to establish an order of peace love And profitability to all creatures on This Earth pray for this event Advent Babaji um quite a significant message Here Just talking about the Sociopathic nature here and then Aliens have to come in and come in and Establish order because human beings Suck so bad He's talked about that in other messages But this is probably one of the first Ones And this was you know directly related To this this day in history in 2001 when That you know event happened it's Interesting because the messages could Be read either way the first one not so Much the why not

The one that I've traditionally read This new one uh but both times when I First heard or when I first heard the First one Uh you you know I was Not aware of an alternative narrative And the message didn't clue me into that There was alternative message until I You know went back and read it many Years later as a truther And said wow you know this thing about Wake up until Uh wake up if not already awakened and All the rest of it right And so um You know There it is I'm going to wrap this thing Up here this one's getting long I'll Probably bleed more of this into the Next one I want to stop at the whole Dodgy stuff though I just you know I want to just get back to where I was Before to Dill sea thing But anyway so you know I'll start over Tomorrow or whatever and with the new One actually I wouldn't eat breakfast my Wife called me she was on the road for Work and I told her about this message And um You know I started thinking about it and Then I just want to revisit one part Where he says here These acts are facilitated by high

Technology Which allows them to devise satanic Plans They will do anything to satisfy the Hatred and spirit of Revenge They are filled with And so um You know interesting about revenge but Satanic is not a word you know demonic And satanic Are used in various places like he used Demonic energy for the atomic you know For a nuclear Uh War nuclear bombs atomic energy He said this uh demonic energy And I don't remember him using the word Satanic he might have used it in a Couple of messages But this is not typical sagemarg Language it's not Babaji language right It says here this vicious cycle will not Have to will will not have an end and Will sooner or later to be is this a Cycle which will not have an end Will sooner or later be stopped by a Power from outside this planet That will not have that will not have Any other means to stop this dangerous Escalation Harmful to the balance of the universe So um The Basic Instinct of human nature are Difficult to counter the use of force

Should be obvious one day to establish An order of peace and love Profitability to All Creatures on this Earth pray for this Advent Babaji and so You know it's significantly saying here But using the word satanic is I mean a Lot of these things you know the armor Of God stuff and you know some of these Things exist in the the truth community And you'll have Christian influences But he also talked about these negative Tendencies within humans that they have To be eradicated And that only force can bring this to An end and think about how that will go You know an alien invasion and you know Uh I mean all of it you know how humans Will react in the way they're already Um they're already uh You know they're already doing things Too create this Narrative of like a a Fourth of July Independence Day that Movie Independence Day and these things Where there's a a movement globally to Fight off the Alien Invasion right And the other thing I thought was doji's Aligned himself with the forces like we Know you know Bobby isn't very specific About where the evil is coming from and The evil nature and people and the Power Group by saying that you know that Technology is being used here Saying that um It is uh

These acts facilitated by high Technology which allows them to devise Satanic plans Which we know that there is you know We know who that is right we know and so Those same people are the ones dodgy is Trying to you know hobdob with right These world leaders and the UN and all These other groups of people And you know it speaks to I mean his Complete collapse of The intentions of where to take the Mission the organization And what a line you know we're not at War the mission isn't at war with these People The mission is doing something different Connecting people to God Is it's not a truth organization not Trying to bring up awareness and you Know fight a battle against the powers That be it's to create a you know a new Option That Humanity will take in the future Once this uh you know the consequences Of The actions and the you know the he's uh Attitudes that are dominant right now The materialism and the people that run The system the controllers once there's A collapse of this system because it has To collapse the satanic system That there'll be another option And dodgy is embracing you know he wants

To be a player in that group Uh and you know whether he knows this or Not or whether the people around him Know this or not or you know they Whatever their you know excuses That's the reality Anyways um I definitely want to wrap This one up here Only spiritual value will save this World it's part about a definite point For the apocalypse and the Ascension I Want to have a blessed day And be grateful

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