Journey 117

Journey 117

Greetings brothers and sisters I should Have started putting the piece of this Video uh together earlier But I didn't So um As a result I'm a little bit confused of What I'm doing here but I believe I Included A gratefulness Um A video called future gratefulness Gatherings from my other channel in my Last journey series and then I did a Follow-up called Gratefulness gatherings That is going to be in this one This is the 117th version of The Journey Series They just keep on Let's keep on crying about but anyways Here is the video and if I've already if You've already seen this on my Gratefulness meditation Channel or I Included it in the 116th which I just Looked at I don't see this image This is Zion Canyon with a Some Zion National Park I'm sorry And above it you can see the um Chemtrail interesting picture So when this picture disappears then the Video is over If you've already seen it like I said And you can skip past to

The other parts of this video Greetings brothers and sisters so this Is going to be the start of the 117th Journey series And also I'm going to talk a little bit More about Gatherings and Potential for future Gatherings I'm Going to put this in uh the gratefulness Meditation Channel With um A playlist there'll be a playlist for Gatherings and all these things and uh All things to do with Gatherings will be Put in that YouTube channel On the gratefulness YouTube channel and The playlist there and so I was thinking A little bit more about this and I want To You know make this distinction as I've Gotten older And you know um I don't say more Cautious but more realistic More practical like I used to take on Things that seemed impossible And you know there's a sane Master Charge you said that faith is a belief Is ability to believe in something That's possible Faith is the ability to believe in the Impossible And you know I used to take on things That seem difficult or impossible and You had faith that they would all work Out and you know to some extent they did

You know uh but I you know I would try Things that were uh you know more Difficult you know I remember when I was A kid up until I was Probably at least in my 30s whenever I Got to the ocean as soon as I got there I just run as fast I could into the Ocean Regardless of how cold it was And dive in and now that I'm taking cold Water baths I've been doing that for I Think well over a year now Um whatever it is probably over a year That I um you know I still don't I don't Do that now Even though I'm used to cold water I Take my time getting into the ocean and There's a great video out there one of My favorite videos Uh social media type videos there's a Dog on the top of a hill And they strap a GoPro camera too it's Like a big Golden Retriever And they take us off its leash and it Just starts running down the hill Through people's yards jumping over Gates And it's like running for about 40 Seconds And crashes into the ocean It's a Wonderful video I've seen a number of Times It always makes me happy of course you Know dogs are just great

And the joy of you know jog's experience But in terms of the change in my life I You know I'm slower to do things more More thoughtful more cautious and I just Don't expect things to work out and you Know as far as Gatherings go there are Certain holes In what we're doing here in gratefulness That really you know can't be filled in A short period of time right you know When I accepted well first of all when I Did the journey series And I said things that I knew if people Listen to the journey series and some of Them have They would be upset about it but I you Know it was just a relief for me to to Talk about these things you know I Really hadn't talked to very many people My wife About all of them and a few people about Some of them But I didn't really have anybody to talk To And you know this YouTube channel was Cathartic for me to say all these things And certainly me saying the things I've Said about dodgy I was burning all the Bridges to heartfulness and I wasn't Going to go back to India or probably in Any Gatherings it was already going to Be tough for me given the way my Reputation was be smirched by my ex and Her cronies and by uh you know dodgy

Himself so You know I was not feeling wanted anyway But you know I was leaving behind things That were important to me like Gatherings but then when I realized Dodgy has just wrecked the system and There really wasn't transmission like There used to be and the whole system's Been corrupted and that was the truth And um You know I accepted it and I'm grateful For it I'm working towards being Grateful for it and in certain degree I Am about you know specific things But I knew that there were things were Never going to be the same even when we Started the gratefulness meditation It would be impossible in short order to Recreate what already existed right we Don't have the ability to build ashrams And charge them like the ashrams that Were there in India and the Molina Ashram that's fallen into disrepair and Isn't being utilized apparently my Brother is Being kicked out and they're you know Gonna sell it or whatever they're going To do with it But there's going to be no Gatherings And you know dodgy sucks anyway and even If he came to America it wouldn't be the Same But those Gatherings with Master charity You know they were they were in a sense

You know special and precious and Whatever you want to say about them you Know I did I didn't take them for Granted but you know I just thought they Would go on forever and it didn't That you know era has ended you know When Babaji first traveled to Europe With master chargi and then to America They went you know City by City they Stopped in multiple cities multiple Countries in Europe Denmark and France and England and other Countries and they went to you know the First all Bob first of all Babaji was Ordered to Transmit to the world and pull people Towards him and there was these numerous People from America and Europe they came Hippie generation people seeking Spirituality and somehow they found Babaji without any real advertisement or You know material Pathway to find him They found him And they went to his house and he Transmitted to them and they you know Fell in love with him and he it was so Caring and so um attentive to the people That came and the transmission the Condition is house and his you know Saintly nature they all fell in love With him And they you know didn't want to leave They would weep when they would leave His presence

And he made many of them preceptors and Then eventually years later he started To visit them in their countries and he Went to their houses and stayed with Them and they invited people over to Meet him and you know said see if some Other he'd win other people's hearts Over they went to America and there was No Gatherings there was you know he'd He'd give a city for 10 15 20 people And he you know travels in the next city And you know it was hard on his health He was older this is in 1972 in 1974. he Took these two trips and even around India he was doing this he go to small Centers and you know they'd have a big Gathering of a thousand two thousand People analogy's birthday in the Beginning or whatever and the people That you know he won over And then chargie did the same thing Charge he had to win everybody over who Was a Babaji person they didn't accept Him at first even though he was Obviously the person for this job you Know charge you went through his own Training period he was trained by Dr Casey varadachari was originally his Preceptor Dr Casey varachary was a like A religious genius he knew all this Stuff about religion and theology I mean Specifically Hinduism but all the you Know teachings that he had to impart to Charge he charged he was like his uh he

Was like charges like mini Guru but then Babaji May charge his uh Secretary of The mission And Dr krishi varai Chari who was Feeling himself Babaji had said he put Him in the central region ahead of Himself and Dr Casey was feeling You know a certain kind of way about his Own success That he considered his success and he Was pissed off that Bobby didn't consult Him first he looked at charji as his Kind of disciple and said charge you Betrayed him and he just went South and He'd lost all of that he had gained Through the spiritual uh transmission of Babaji and parted onto him right the Charge he learned and he developed and Became uh you know in charge of all These aspects of the mission and he Traveled with Babaji and Babaji taught Him what to do and then Babaji passed Away and he had to win everybody over And charge he traveled a lot for years And then eventually large numbers of People wanted to be around him because Of his condition his his energy they Felt the same way that about him they You know people had felt about Babaji he Won all these people's hearts through His care and his attentiveness and his Loving energy that he you know imparted Onto everybody And people started to want to come to

Gatherings and there'd be three 400 People that came to the ashram and Molina maybe you know if he went Somewhere else there'd be you know People coming Um from these other places and now they Were traveling and you know people are Traveling across the country using up Their vacation time to see them in America see them in India go to these Gatherings in India and you know there Was this momentum in this You know this sort of agrigor of the Desire to have these gatherings right But that generation is mostly ghosts There wasn't a new generation coming up There wasn't very many people around my Age you know I was in my 30s and these People are in their 40s and 50s these Boomer hippies And they all you know have I mean a lot Of them weren't great in the first place And you know charges gone now and they Don't have the wherewithal to travel and You know whatever skills and work they Could do in the past they don't have That ability and they're not a part of What we're doing here and dodgy isn't Traveling anywhere he's still getting in India and even if he came no one has the Enthusiasm he hasn't won people's hearts Over and he likely won't you know not The majority of people because he sucks And he just doesn't have the it

Factories cut himself off and charging All the things that they've covered in My past videos but these are there are These generational holes that are Missing here right that there are things That need to be filled that I don't have The ability to to Um you know replicate what was done Before I'm not a master and I don't care about People the way they did I mean you know Just flat out I just don't like you know It's not in me to do so and I don't Expect things to be there that were Never there before you know I care about People not but not like they do I'm Committed to sajma but not like they Were and even if I could and I I wanted To do that I don't have the training and The capacity and you know whatever it is Right I have my own limitations and this Thing is in some legitimate thing I Don't have any you know I had one dream Where George you said you're a preceptor Again and that's all I've gotten you Know and you know the sitting I got from Lology I'm besanted you know I realized I was better off meditating on my own Those are the two things right and the Success that we've had since then but You know I'm more aware of my Limitations and my particular Personality type and I don't expect Things that you know some sort of

Wishful Thinking aspect of things you Know there's times like I'm remembering Like I was maybe 34 35 and we had um You know a bunch of kids my ex had a Couple kids and uh you know already and We had I think three kids at the time And we were hiking And I want to say it was in when we were In Idaho I'm not sure it was I'm pretty Sure it was in Idaho And there was a waterfall that people Were telling us we had to go and it was A trail that I had no business taking up Three little kids really five kids and My ex who was you know never in good Shape and it was just a trail we Shouldn't have taken and I was pushing a Stroller with two Bakers basically Babies in it right up a place that Wasn't you know it was not a you know And we made it through you know just my Will force and I mean you know we were Safe and whatever by the grace of God But I look back on that going that Wasn't a wise choice right there were Things that I rushed into that I Wouldn't do the same thing again and It's good to have faith but sometimes You know you also have to be practical Master charger was very practical of Course he had Faith but he was practical And you know I see what's limiting or What's missing in terms of being able to Develop a gathering type of culture here

In the gratefulness meditation System there isn't really anybody who's Skilled enough or has you know enough of A background or just you know like I was Saying in the other video you haven't Experienced a gathering before so you Know how great they are and not Everybody's going to love them at first And maybe it takes a few Gatherings Maybe you know you never maybe you'll Never get it you know there's all those Things right and you know there's a lot Of things that go into People's motivation where they realize Oh my God like when I you know I've been To all these gatherings myself and and I Had such an epic time when my kids and I Were in India for three years but when I Left I was so burnt out on the place and The culture like I didn't think I'd ever Go back And then you know it's time to stir in Me a little bit and there was this big Gathering coming up in 2020 and I was Meant to go so my you know whatever my Destiny was my attitude changed as it Came about and I'm like oh I think I I Think I I need to bring everybody my Wife and you know back to India she was Having her first trip I just became a a Thing that we did and it was a good trip I enjoyed the trip but it wasn't the Best it was the worst probably Gathering I went to

And it was kind of sad and now it all Makes sense But even as great as the Gatherings have Been for me and I know that they deliver You know I'm overwhelmed by the idea of Doing it right and there is really isn't That many people that are interested in It just a handful of people commented The first day There's a few more comments but there Isn't really anybody Offering enthusiastic uh support because You know for them it's a scary new thing Right I don't expect that it might take It would take years to fill this you Know hole right we're starting off where There'd be two or three people Coming to the Gathering and they'd have To have a wonderful time To want to do it again right and you Know it's easier to feed them out people And you know whatever it is and maybe You know we'll do that maybe I'll get More enthusiastic about it and we'll Have one and we'll see how it goes and You know it'll build from there Um but you know like we'll take it as it Comes right if I feel real motivated and I just don't I feel pretty flat about it And the other thing is this is not my Thing And people should realize it you know I'm In control of this YouTube channel and

You know there's that aspect of it and In terms of giving sittings I'm the only One doing gracefulness that could do That and I can't you know make more Preceptors so that's gonna Stay that way but you know you can Connect and get sittings directly from The source So I'm not necessary in that way either But I want people to realize that this Isn't my thing And anybody can do this anybody can Leave the heartfulness you know the Debacle that's heartfulness and connect To master directly connect to the source Directly The Divine master And do this you know get the cities and Get the work done I mean it's Potentially there for anybody and Without even hearing about it people Could connect on their own and so if People want to meet and do their own Thing and you know whatever it is that's Great There's no problem with that you know Like if you guys want to have your own Sittings or someone mentioned they want To have a SATs on in San Antonio you Guys want to communicate with each other And you know share information and Knowledge but I want to say it is a Spiritual discipline and you have to not Bring things in from other practices or

You know things that you think you know From other systems or you know Imagination imaginary things I mean There's a discipline to it and that's One of the things that dodgy studies Perverted it it's a very simple system It has to be guarded like it has to be Kept as pristine as possible As we move forward into the you know Next Generations because We don't want some kind of religious Version where everybody adds their own Little two cents and they manipulate it Based on their egos and their needs and Their you know what have you and you Know that's not good for anybody right That's not what this system's about or Should be about It's something that's given as a gift And it's perfect the way it is And people should learn about the system As much as possible As they you know whatever you do in Terms of your personal practice and In terms of doing this with other people When you're talking about it and Introducing it and you don't want to put Your own spin on it add your own little You know twist to it or whatever I mean You can you know make mistakes in terms Of your description of it or your Experience of it and you know people as Long as they get the purest form of the Transmission and a the cleaning and the

Other aspects of it right But it's not something that you can add To or subtract from it's something That's like I said perfect the way it is And that's every you know it's up to Everybody to learn the system as well as Possible understand it and keep it pure And simple it's very simple and can Remain simple and can remain very pure And so these are just some of the Thoughts I want to add You know like it's a something I'll talk More about is we move forward with these You know videos and the potential Gatherings but you know it's something Where I hope that these things can Someday happen right now I don't see a Pathway at least initially for them you Know to be anything like the Gatherings Of the you know even in America like Where they'd be five hundred thousand People And you know they were you know growing Numbers of them even 20 or 100 people Right you know so you have to start Small and you know right now that Doesn't even seem like a anything that I'm willing to take on at the moment We'll see how it goes in the future All right so that's enough for now but Like I said people can you can Communicate and form your own groups and You know think about what you want to Contribute or not and what you're

Willing to um Do in terms of furthering your own Pursuit of these things if you have some Real energy for it in your you know open To the idea of gatherings you feel the Transmission you wanna You know jump to the next level then you Can You know do whatever you uh you know you Can form your own little gathering two Three people that live locally or Something or you know your weekly sets On and at some point I could help out And maybe you know give long distance Settings for the thing or something Um you know we'll see what happens you Know I do whatever I do here but in my Real life I don't think I'm someone with A lot of Charisma I don't draw people to Me you know I'm not going to win people Over like Babaji or charge you did And you know I don't expect that would Change I mean I guess I've done that to Some extent here in the YouTube channel But I you know on a personal level you Know it's not gonna it's not my strong Suit right it's not like I'm holding Back I just you know it's not really Something that's in me right Um but we'll see you know we'll see what Happens Okay so I got a little bit cut short um Last night it was late when I was making The previous voice over

So I wanted to just complete it I might Resay some things that I already said But I think the worst saying You know it um We've entered into Phase two or phase whatever it might be There might have already been some Phases Practice and You know there's that Whispers message That says fourth and final master That caused a lot of controversy And people are like what accomplish Isn't going to be a master And his first charge he said no that the Final Master might come years and years From This time and that caused controversy And then he came out and said dull it's Kamlesh is and There was some Issues with the translation of the word Final from French to English And maybe that wasn't the right Translation so there's just all this Stuff that went with it but The bottom line is accomplish is not a Master And so this idea that the system would Be carried forward the way it was under Charging Babaji and started biology and It was not much of a system of a Neurology

It was just people coming over lalaji's House and him prescribing Because in some cases mantras and other Things And then Babaji made the method that we All enjoy now and all benefit from In the sage Mark system so all that was A complete unit of a You know uh system you know Babaji Didn't write eight books He hadn't Renee books in the first so Many years When he started not going you started in 1945 he He made this an official organization With the government And by 1950 or so they were like why Aren't there no books and Bobby's like I'm not a writer And I don't you know I he didn't even Think about it But people needed bucks so he went into A super conscious State and he wrote The Five Books the complete works of ram Chandra and then later on his talks and Letters became voice real You know some of his correspondence and Things And there was a message this Universal He wrote these messages for gatherings And these messages all became a Collection of works And then charge you wrote my master in Nineteen

I don't know why I say uh somewhere Between 1964 and 1970 something And that was well received and then he Went on to write my Dow memory lane and Um and then all the talks he gave Weighted into a variety of different Books And then there was letters of the Masters letters exchanged between Babaji and uh Casey varachary and then some between Chargie and like a third volume was put Out with charging letters between Georgie and Babaji and then you know Chargie Made a lot DVDs and continue to put out Content that went into book form and There was preceptor trainings and these Other things And then of course the Master System was Trained on how to make preceptors And all those things are now dying with Kamlish he's scrapped the material the Books are out of print And so there's a limited amount of books And You know they'll It's maybe circulate around used Bookstores until The apocalypse and then whatever happens Happens And there's all this method that's being Lost he's changed the maxims he's Changed the nine o'clock prayer

The transmission isn't like it was And so that's all dying with him like There's people who know how to do it you Know but people always had issues with Keeping the system pure You know preceptors had to be Reminded that you know not to deviate From the system you know people want to Bring in different things You know you can't do such Mark and then Go do something else It doesn't work like that you can't go Meditate using the scish mark method And then go meditate with some you know A yoga class and Or do something else or mixed energies Or you know do these other things you Have to Keep the the transmission and cleaning Simple The method of transmission cleaning all The things I've explained on my Gratefulness channel it's very simple And you know the idea of All the the day's Impressions all the Days uh Impressions going off the your Back in the form of smoking Vapors That's the cleaning method there's other Techniques that charge you gave in the Preceptor bucks that are Not really widely known but you know They're essentially all the same And then there's the techniques the Preceptor have there's a variety more

Techniques with that But the number one idea is that when you Preceptor you have the thoughts that the Masters they're giving the city to not You That's you know you can't you have a Sitting without that That you are allowing to the Divine Master to Like basically take over the you know The the city And do it the way uh you know a master Would do it and not just some human Fumbling around or whatever And so there's just uh you know some Simplicity to the method is what I'm Saying It has to do a lot with surrendering to God and All the rest of these things And so um you know I've been Happy to continue this on and the Gratefulness uh system but We don't have some of the things like I'm not you know I made a whatever I am As a a person who's able to give Sittings or whatever I don't have any You know I haven't had the training that To carry on with the stuff that was Passed on only to the to the Representatives of the master or the Master the system They didn't have other people are Trained how to make preceptors say

So preceptors making has been lost The preceptors dodgy has made are all Suspects And that doesn't mean they're not Preceptors but they really can't be Trusted because he can't be trusted Especially the more recent ones Because the system has You know become less and less potent Under him less and less True to what it was less and less Efficient Just less and less seismish mark And so like that's lost because he was The only one trained to make preceptors Now like I said there's a chance you Might turn it around but I mean I don't think anybody who I don't think people trust him again Like I certainly wouldn't be able to And so there's that Um you know there's always a chance I Don't know I I just don't think there probably is And so there's all this lost Uh you know to keep the system going That only the master of the system had Now you know Babaji got it through Intercommuting and through the etheric World so it could be recovered But not passed on from you know a Trainer to a teacher a guru to a to a Disciple Not passed on that way like it has to go

Back to the way Bobby received it And you know There were All these uh you know the Scribe the Medium The woman Madame Helen who was Baba Juice you know Channeler There were all these fake ones all these People wanted that to do that all these People said oh babaji's talking to me All these people coming in and saying I'm going to replace her I'm going to be Her successor or You know I'm receiving messages from Babaji I mean a number of people you know I Don't know how many it could be hundreds And you know that's the problem with Something like that All this wishful thinking people lying To be something they weren't whatever And so you know this is When there's uh Just Babaji and he had five disciples or Five followers You know then he was It was really it was real what he was Doing with lology On a you know spiritual level It's different when Madame melend did And Babaji did you know was it was true And it was real But a lot of this other stuff is people

Imagine it or wishful thinking or you Know their egos created or whatever it Might be Or they do Channel something but it is In Babaji and there was all this stuff That Bobby said there's Ways that uh you know on uh evolved soul Sir Maybe some powerful like demonic like Souls trying to or just you know some Other soul is trying to Do something here that's not You have to pretend that it was Babaji Or whatever it might be And so Um That's the chaos that happens when There's no organization there's no Authority figure There's none of these things right and So I've had to accept that is it going To be ever as good as it was It can be better in different ways Connecting directly like people can you Know are being asked to do more The gratefulness meditation you're asked To do more and that includes and he sort Of gatherings in the future and people Have to be won over By the system to do that right And so people's you know the there's a Lot to be said about the the early Enthusiasm which I had my first two Years

Of receiving the transmission And people who get that enthusiasm That's great and I don't want to you Know squash that enthusiasm because it's Necessary and the longer you keep it the Better And you know people will In a size Mark method want to squish it You know I felt They wanted to you know damp down my Enthusiasm because people suck right but In terms of all these things you know They're not there because They there was an organization and it Was built up over time And you know I I can see the limitations Of what we're doing here But the good thing is the transmission The cleaning is still flowing And so in terms of gatherings of the Future Sure if it happens it happens um You know someone has it in and I'm not Gonna overextend and You know put up put more on my shoulders Than I can bare and all these things I'm just not going to do it because I don't you know that is the recipe for Failure Is when you Overstep your you know your your Limitations You know and when you you're limited but God is Not

And that's the beauty of seismic when You turn it over to God God is um If God wants this or the Divine Master Wants The sittings I think I'm sorry the The um Gatherings then it'll happen like it They'll happen under what God wants not What we want or what we're trying to Force what we're trying to create and People will come in and do the work Necessary for it to happen and I can't Do that work Like I'm sure about that like I can't Take on you know I'm good at this like I'm just really good like last night my Headache I had a you know two-day Headache in it it was there and it went Away yesterday and it came back and it Went away when I started doing a Voiceover In the morning and whenever I do Voiceovers And they start I feel better like this Is you know What I do well and the Energy's there I mean these are as important and more Important than Any sittings that I might give that this Is the the gift that I've been given and The work that's been assigned to me and So doing these voiceovers and doing this

Work is You know backed by a divine's master and I I'm suited for it I'm good at it And I you know whenever I do it I I feel Connected I feel connected to the source And that's why these videos of even the Dirty series that's gone on for so long Now Is still being viewed by people the Energy is even better in the journey Series in my regular videos And there's you know interesting things Going on here In terms of you know the I'm documenting What's happened With the heartfulness fall and then just All of it my own personal experience And this is what I do well and the other Things you know I I don't like I just I don't have the Ability and the talent for it I'm not Gonna Do all the things that the masteries Used to do because That's not what my assignment is right And so other people would have to go in And do those things and I'm You know very uh like you know aware of That my wife does so many things Here for us in our family that I can't Do or I do poorly And understanding that about yourself And and that's also having you know the Divine flow through you now God can do

Anything through you You know if you are surrendered to God And that's the whole idea of being a Spiritual master But you have to let God do the work and In the case of you know the whole system I'm not going to fall for the whole trap That happened before where One person would do everything And again I don't have the spiritual Training in the Spiritual approach and all the stuff That was put into charge and even dodgy Who failed I mean even with that dodgy Failed And so it's going to have to be Everybody else Everyone's gonna have to step up and do Their part and that would be the success Of gratefulness as opposed to What size Mark has been and what Harmfulness has been is it puts more Emphasis on the individual practitioners To take accountability and become what They can become right instead of relying Passively on a master You know the surrendering to a human Master And putting all the energy and all the Responsibility on him You guys who have to step up and if you Don't you don't like I'm not you know Mad at you if you don't but that's the Choice is here

That for the thing to move forward as an Organization Other people have to step up they have To be better and you know I only can Expect so much out of new people We've never been to a gathering who Haven't really read the books and and All the rest of it like you have to You know I mean I I'm not saying that It'll be a bad thing if you don't you Know it'll happen the way it's going to Happen Content with it right I've accepted That you know when I started making These videos That I was going to burn Bridges and Things and you know that was The choice that I was given it was the One right choice That was what I was supposed to do and I Would live with the consequences And then uh you know when dodgy failed And I had to accept that I knew there'd be a loss a loss that Seismic would never be the same as it Was And it wouldn't continue on in the Future the way it was Gift wrap to Dodgy and you know not just dodgy but All the people around like we all failed Like we all You know which charge you left us We knew we knew how to carry it out in

The way he wanted Everybody knew you know and there was a Failure maybe the failure where people Around charging these people one guy was Secretary of the mission is You know he's a disappointment as well Somebody who I liked and you know They've all disappointed us they you Know they have and they disappoint Themselves they disappointed The master unless this is what they're Supposed to do and you know we've Entered into a new phase And this is the trying to preserve what Was there and keep the you know keep the Flame alive Under desperate circumstances in the World and all the rest of it and that's What gratefulness is and you know we'll Do our best to preserve what's here and Keep the you know keep the hope alive All right so that's it for this um only Spiritual value will save this world It's Paul Revival definitely reporting From the Apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day And be grateful Okay so I've had kind of a big day today Is August 21st Monday Um I started having a headache on I think Saturday morning And then Sunday it came back it was

Partial you know my grade And I my stomach was bothering me the Whole time it was related to having an Upsets upset stomach which is You know when kids get migraines they're Usually stomachaches you know and it's a Lack of Serotonin I mean whatever goes On there But in adults their headaches but I Always consider them a problem with the Gut Anyways I had it on and off or Three days and then today you know it Seemed like I woke up without it but I Started developing it and I did a Stomach flush and I didn't was you know All this stuff like I just want to get Rid of this thing And you know I can't take pain Medication even Willow bark Um and it just sets me back like it Might stop it for a little bit but then I have other issues and it just comes Back when it you know so um But it's finally gone and I feel like Always happy because When the migraine has gone It's like I get a boost of Serotonin so That's interesting But I put up three videos One on the gratefulness meditation Channel and then One on pox of the future and then one

Probably I won't release till tomorrow But I I made the video today On my Apocalypse Now Channel And I did some work outside and you know I was thinking about how I've gotten Better at just dealing with pain And suffering and you know there's Um something to be said for what's Happened with dodgy and the heartfulness Organization Because it's caused me to reach new Levels In different areas and think about Things in a different way You know master chargy Was getting older and his health was Failing them and the guy he announces His successor Withdrew There was some worry that he wasn't Going to have a successor Even though Babaji had said that Scishmart was going to go on For tens of thousands of years and when Babaji talks he talks with a lot of Confidence like He already knows what's going to happen Because he's on a different plane of Existence But there are times that he says things You know it's like he's almost saying All the time We have this under control you know Babaji in his diary he was given charge

Of the material Universe by Krishna He passed it on to Babaji you know this Is in babaji's diary and so People who believe in the system and Believe Babaji is a not a liar you know Because it's comes from his dire Believes that his diary Believe that um Babaji's in charge of the material Universe he's the soul that's in charge Of What's going on right now which happened Very recently In the I think 70s or 60s or 70s I'm not sure And so um You know he's talking about how they Have a plan To remedy the situation down here but Sometimes in these Whispers messages It sounds like there are Contingencies or that things might not Work out the way he says And this one Tuesday December 24th 2002 10 A.M My dear daughter let Joy emerge from This flood of sadness you have been in For a few days Voices that are dear to your heart have Expressed themselves and they will Contribute to it the world's future is Gloomy in many respects rumors of War Are rising up and the destructive Weapons are ready to operate

The voice of reason does not is not Manage to Prevail only interests Prevail Over everything Man's Killing Frenzy keeps raging Everywhere in this world this plant Becomes a true cause for concern for the Higher authorities as the balance of the Planetary system is being threatened we Do not want to be alarmist but only make Humanity become aware of the danger Threatening it when the Thunderbolts it Sparks off will strike down on it What lesson will it need before the Irreparable occurs to bring back to one To to bring back to more soundness of You and tolerance fatal weapons are a Threat to the very ones who have them They play with fire And the irreparable destruction that Will ensue will be the consequence Thereof ravaged from every side it will Be it will be bled by this ultimate Fight May man revert to a more right view of Things and wisdom while it's not too Late You are faithful aspirants carry on your Way with faith and keep developing in Love the only means to neutralize hatred Be blessed in this year's end Babaji you know quite an epic message I Gave this one 15 Stars when I originally saved it Um

Whatever that was But he's talking about here like there's Some uh chance that we could redeem Ourselves and stop this from happening But he's already given the predictions Of what's going to happen About you know Adam will ruin this world In the prophecies I've already read And so there is some I don't know Um maybe doubt in the Finality of everything you say like it's Still some wiggle room Both in our chance to redeem ourselves Which of course doesn't happen because All of this stuff that's happened has Gotten worse like things have Deteriorated Since 2002 when he gave that message And what happened with dodgy maybe that Wasn't Planned upon I don't know maybe they Thought he was going to be better than He was Maybe he just failed you know on his own Accord And you know they're scrambling to Figure things out and you know that's Always going to be something that will Uh you know those of us who see what's Happened with dodgy and are accepting of The reality of what it means Are you know gonna question one way or Another was this a plan thing was This inevitable but one of the Silver

Linings is You know I think we all felt I don't Want to say entitled but We got accustomed to having A spiritual master of caliber and master Charging And you know we could always rely on him And and even an internal level And we didn't have to work as hard or we Didn't have to take things as seriously Because we felt like he was you know Always going to fix things or whatever Um you know I think that that was Universal in the practice you can see it Now because the complete collapse of all The obvious and you know preceptors and Saintly people many wonderful people Better than me you know in terms of Their spiritual commitment and nicer People than me you know like you know Better than me than probably several Levels but not better than me in terms Of facing the truth Um you know but The collapse of the system the collapse Of the organization And it speaks a lot to people not really Doing it themselves right relying too Much on the previous master And I think this is very telling and What I like what I've been able to do in Terms of this idea of gratefulness is That leaving it up to everybody to step Up

And even new people and you know it's Hard for them to even consider that Because they're just feeling the feeling Now process But this idea that you have to sink or Swim on your own And that you have to work assiduously as Charge you once wrote To Me he said I Should work assiduously on my character You know I don't really do anything Assiduously But uh you know it's caused me to step Up and and do things and operate on a Higher level just like this YouTube Channel has And you know that's been a real blessing And so you know within a nightmare that Is dodgy and the heartfulness Abomination there's a lot of blessings There and opportunities for all of us You know opportunities to step up Opportunities to do more Charge you always said the reward for Work is more work and you know that's Really important Concept that you get rewarded for worked On well with more work not vacation not Money not fame not a pat on the back More work means you've done a good job And God has given you more work because You successfully completed the work that God already gave you and there's lots of Work available Because of Dodge's failure and whereas

You know it just felt so strong and Solid and you know Charlie just was a Rock you know Georgie was a I don't even Think a rock is the right way to To frame it he was just a you know a Powerhouse where He just you know you weren't questioning Uh I mean he in his Diaries and when you See some of his personal Writings he was he had a lot of doubt And a lot of fear and he was freaking Out he has his own issues but he Projected strength and confidence and You know you just felt well it's you Know it's all set the mission's all set And It'll keep on going like this forever It was something we could rely on And now that's not the case and so it's Made us have to fight for it it's made It more valuable because it's you know Could disappear and I mean to me it's a Real tragedy like you know it takes a While for me to get You know where I'll just grind things Out and I'll get down in the dirt and Just you know like I mean I Um like charging himself called me aloof But you know I can get like I don't know Um just locked in on something where I Can have it like an Iron Will and just You know this is going to happen I'm Going to make this happen And you know I feel that way about

Not allowing the massage Mark system to Disappear That whatever I have to say about it you Know continue on in some form and you Know I've been able to contribute in a Small way with the Gratefulness YouTube channel and these Journey series videos and you know Talking about these stories that are a Lot of them come from the literature or My personal experience and you know they Help to Form some sort of record at least while We still have computers and all these Things And you know at least the people who Hear them You know some of them are repetitive Some of the stories charged you told Denise you know the history of the Mission and things and then the books Themselves people preserving the Literature and all the rest of these Things And I feel you know confident in all That We can you know retain some of this And you know this is work that Wouldn't be there wouldn't be available For us to do if The organization was still going strong And so that's a real blessing it's a Real opportunity And the questions and things I've

Thought about Because of it because when you take Things for granted and I don't think I Ever took size Mark for granted but you Know I never thought this was going to Happen so In some ways I did and whenever you take Something for granted it um You know it is a real it's real shocker When something like this you know Disappears and it collapses especially When I saw dodgy have all the spiritual Work that was Necessary for him to do a good job and Become The fourth master and he just You know failed in ways that I were you Know inconceivable And despite all the things I've said About him and the organization all these Other aspects of it you know it's Giving rise to a deeper level of Investment and commitment like I've been Talking about and just you know thought About it right thought about how um you Know it's just like when you are aware Of your own death uh you know you get Some news or somebody close to you dies Or something happens where Death is just with you like we don't Think about it until there's something That brings it to our attention And what's happened here in the seismic System the you know the heartfulness

Aspect of it this you know This debacle of heartfulness and dodgy Has brought that to life that this thing Could disappear this opportunity could Pass Us by You know it's an opportunity personally For all of us to get so much spiritual Evolution That is you know takes millions of years To achieve In the normal natural process and most People are going the wrong way anyway so There's there's no chance million years Of good devoted spiritual life you know Like Um where people on Earth just don't have That in them And so this opportunity A rare opportunity the way it's been Framed by Babaji and his explanation of It Would take millions of years the Priyacha process And we have this available in maybe a Couple lifetimes one lifetime for some Maybe more for others but you know Something that we can all have access to And that could disappear you know Something that's offered you know as a Sort of Hail Mary to save a dysfunctional test Tube created population of Slaves you know like that are just not Having the proper Tendencies to

Devote themselves to A balanced life of spirituality and Material You know true materialism where The materialism is based in Divine laws And principles and not in hedonistic Pursuits and Indulgence And so um You know it's phenomenal like it's a you Know it's a a wake-up call And it's something that I think people Need right sometimes you need to Um you know my wife and I was watching This show and This girl was playing I don't say hard To get it she was riding the fence on Some guy but then he ends up getting a a Girlfriend another girl shows interest And all sudden you know she wants to to Be with him right like people get Jealous or they get you know when Something when they realize they could Lose something it becomes the value of It is something that you can See you know that you can see much more Clearer if you're about to lose it Whatever the saying is separation makes The heart grow fonder And you see this right when you're Separated from your beloved and when God's your beloved even more so because On a soul level our soul is craving to Be reunited with God and you know I've Experienced that

Deep condition you know for three months I've talked about that this deep Condition of Feeling the separation of my soul from God And you know then on different times But when you lose a loved one or you're Separated from a loved one you realize You feel the love so much uh more Stronger you know that's why You know when there's a threat of Um you know there's relationships with People are constantly breaking up and Then the intensity of their love grows You know they're always in this chaos of Breaking up or having real intense Reunification and these things but you Know it's always good to realize and Appreciate and be grateful for Something without the threat of losing It to really have know something's value And you know I always knew the value of Seismarck but in terms of its future for Me but a future for everybody because You know I want everyone to have the you Know the advantage of The practice and the transmission the Cleaning that are available But you know that's now not a guarantee And you know as sucky as that is on one Level Is a true gift on another And I've been you know feeling that or Thinking about that and because of the

Situation with dodgy it's given rise to A lot of positive effects A lot of positive outcomes That people don't see because you know It's really where the rubber meets the Road for people Because now you have to step up and if You're just a person hanging around to Feel the energy from the master and you Know visit the master and you know sit There and meditate but not really give Much effort Just go along for the ride and now that You know the accomplish is you know Sucked and wrecked it or whatever you're Like ah whatever I'll move on to something else well you Know your commitment was never there Anyway And it just has shown people's lack of Uh you know lack of perseverance lack of Willingness to fight for something like A willingness to to grind something out And preserve something that you know They just never really valued in the First place And so it's um you know it's a moment of Truth You know dodgy's um Issues and You know all of us being a part of this Organization It's a moment of truth and you know I Would say as far as I could tell most

People are failing you know I don't want To say I'm succeeding because I can't Judge that for myself but what I see People reacting You know they're putting up a big F Right they're just you know they're not Getting up and even it's like they're Getting up to at a baseball game and Watching three pitches three strikes go By and not taking a swing and then Walking back to the dugout without ever Trying right like it's a lack of effort It isn't so much as a failure it's just A total weakness and lack of effort and Again I don't know these people but That's my sense of it for what I've seen Maybe hand ringing maybe worrying maybe You know just ignoring maybe sticking Their head in the sand but No matter what it is they're not you Know taking a a swing in it they're not Doing anything right they're not Stepping up in any way And you know accepting the truth and Figuring out a way to um I don't know what it is right and I Can't speak for everybody I don't know Everything that's going on but I think Majority of people that's the case And it's you know pretty pathetic Anyways I just want to add that um I'm going to probably make this a little Bit shorter I want to get these under Two hours

For some reason they're all three hours Now I thought the last one was gonna be Two hours but I ended up being three Um but anyways I'll continue on tomorrow And the next day or whatever Okay so I had a kind of Interesting experience um You know uh I made a video yesterday About Robert Kennedy Junior Bobby Kennedy Jr And you know he's using his Uh spiritual You know his um Spiritual experience becoming a Spiritual person which I think he Actually had you know this um He had some sort of I don't know Epiphany And he does something that's similar to Yama and Yama In the eight limbs of pontanjali's yoga He's very routine about Being disciplined to uh be I guess Mindful about These uh You know the way that he conducts Himself and he says there's like 50 Decisions he makes every day That he um you know that are You could be spiritual or he could be Not spiritual And he's been using this you know his Addiction and His addiction to drugs and um

His uh you know spiritual Epiphany the Only way that he was able to Free himself from his drugs mascara Was to uh you know develop this Discipline about God and You know have this idea about serving God and things you know it's first level Stuff but Um you know there's some truth in it but Also he's using it now In a way that most politicians never do And talk about things really personal Like real you know not you know they'll Use personal tragedy Joe Biden had his um Lost his wife and His daughter in a car accident they'll Talk about things like that as a way to Gain sympathy and humanize themselves But you know Kennedy's using this As a way to be a more truthful candidate And not pretend that he's some great guy You know he's not trying to cover up or Scrub these things because you know you Can't do that with the internet the Media is corrupt but the internet finds All right the internet's like the All-Seeing Eye And so He's been marketing himself as a sort of Spiritual truther candidate I think some of it's sincere but he's You know womanizer and I've covered this In my video and it you know the that

It's not just a simple Binary you know one thing or another It's both things sir Are true there's sincerity and also CD Sort of manipulative political Campaigning And someone wrote a comment saying that I have you know it's probably somewhere There I should find it but How how normal would you be if your dad And uncle were assassinated Or how normal would anybody be well I'm Like everybody's got tragedy in their Life everyone's got you know the tragedy Can just be In my case my parents were Criminally incompetent you know like we All have issues right people grow up in Abuse they grow up you know whatever it Is People like have a normal and unnatural Lives like what's even normal we have a System Um That you know Rewards for being a sociopath But it occurred to me like all of a Sudden I realized and uh There was a few things that happened That my past life My last one like I think I've had In this lifetime Three phases of my life that are Distinct lives

You know I had my childhood I had maybe four I guess now four would Be four I had my childhood the time for My when I was um I moved out of the House There was probably like a 10-year period Until I found scishmarg And that was definitely uh being reborn So like I think those are two different Lives you know your lives as a child I Mean just because you forget everything And You know your your life as a child is Distinctly different And then um From that period on There was my um You know my marriage and my family and Then till that divorce happened And this YouTube channel took off And so this is the like by fourth phase Of my life and distinct um Uh you know some sort of distinct Distinction rights of Passage right Um and I was thinking of this because Bobby Kennedy's always talking about his Dad and his uncle And you know he has had his drug Addiction he had a sexual addiction And he was uh you know a lawyer and now He's a political candidate And you know it's interesting the Stories about his family and it's you Know American historical

You know I mean if you if you Google Kennedy it'll spell chill it check you Know it's a name But it's like become a noun as well like A a word there's you know the Kennedy Center and there's just all this Kennedy Stuff And it's you know part of American It's like an American tragic story and All the rest of it you know and it's Smart for him to campaign that way and Some of this like I said they're Interesting stories I've enjoyed Listening to them when I you know the Things that I've heard him say But I was thinking about it like he goes Out and he tells these stories Like there's uh the video I did I it Featured him telling this story of his Spiritual Revelation has come to Jesus moment You know they have this thing called Stump speeches and now you know where They go to town and town and they talk About their lives and you know he's Probably in terms of the times I've Heard it talked about this thing His addiction and you know he's addicted To all kinds of various substances he Was a you know he was an addict he got We got arrested when he was in his 20s When he got a job as a district attorney For a district attorney You know he's a lawyer

And he got arrested for heroin right so He said you know severe drug issues And then the womanizing where he you Know he documented his womanizing in a Book that his ex-wife got His ex-wife that committed suicide right So it's like you know He's had the Kennedy tragedies and All these things and so he's been Telling these stories on the internet In all these different interviews and You know they've made him into One of them or both of them into Political ads Where they're you know they've clipped Some of the interview And him talking about these things and To humanize him he said he's going to Campaign on the truth he's just going to Tell the truth About whatever's going on in the world And about himself personally which is You know a new strategy and I applaud it It's different right it's something You know as much of it is as a strategy And you know whatever Level it's manipulative and things but Him talking about his stories over and Over again as Youth and you know he's Had whatever phases of Life he's had Right Um and I was thinking about that in Terms of the journey series because this Journey series is many ways

Autobiographical and I got a lot of Great stories and you know my brother Family had you know great stories for my Friends you know I you know I've Included a lot of those things Um you know interesting stories funny Stories And I was thinking about how this Journey series began I think in 2018 But I'm not even sure I think it's five Years ago it maybe it was two thousand I Think it was maybe 2019. I could go back and look at the first Journey episode So I just looked it up it's September 16 2021. So it's only two years I know it seems Like a lot longer And it's been hours and hours of content And You know I've told some of the stories In my other videos And I've told some of these stories you Know multiple times And they'll keep on coming up and things Like that a lot of it you know like Spiritual ones and Because they they need repetition and They're you know they can be heard over And over again And they just um some of them just have You know some context like there's Something going on in the world

And you know I say well This happened to me and this has shaped My experience and my perception But anyways I started talking about this because You know was just there the story with My ex And the beginning of dodgy's sort of You know talking about how he was not Being like masterly In a lot of the interactions I had with Them And then just my spiritual journey and Some of the people Like I was thinking about this morning Because you know I told these stories About my brother being A womanizer And I was you know I mean I know he's Probably not happy with this and We haven't talked and You know I mean there's I don't know like any sort of uh coming Together reconciliation he'd be Published by it but then I remembered That he was jealous When I Was Made A preceptor Which is to me kind of the Moment of Truth in our relationship My mom said he was jealous of me you Know he was made caretaker And he was made a preceptor I was happy for him Like there was no jealousy at all there

Was no negativity and not a negative Thought about it And when I was unmade as a preceptor and He still was a preceptor and he was Not as good or at least naturally Talented as an abiasi You know his womanizing as a preceptor He was Dating this woman and manipulating her In such a way that she was You know after they broke up Five or six years later she was accosted Me in the middle of the night at an Ashram when I was you know going through Uh like a you know I had I was going to The bathroom because I was sick right You know I had You know whatever the the boobs um That you know one of the obvious called It right And you know I was going to the bathroom Like for the fourth or fifth time and She you know I was supposed to get a City from Commerce the next day I felt weak and whatever she just Unloaded about my brother's mistreatment Including The story where He took her car And picked up his old girlfriend his Crazy girlfriend which I referred to in The Kennedy thing This blonde woman he left his family for On his son's birthday right you know he

Had issues like it's not I'm not you Know I mean we all do My brother had womanizing issues like Kennedy And Um you know he did all this stuff while I I was no longer a preceptor right and You know I wouldn't wanted him to be I Mean it had nothing to do with me Like you know his that's between him and Master charity And me criticizing or being jealous of That would be Me saying chargie was doing the wrong Thing you know Mrs B who Um worked against me As a preceptor she said that I forced Charged his hand with this guy Mr w After yeshu and she and my brother both When I they said you know I came out and Said I'll charge you making a preceptor They both walked around like The world had collapsed like you know How Democrats walked around really uh Democrats walked around when Donald Trump got elected like that's how they Reacted like it was something had the Universe had just collapsed right And neither one of them is dealing with The fact that dodgy is a you know done Criminal things as master Like that's a much worse thing than me

Being made a preceptor right they've Both Completely you know Mrs B's a nightmare As a person but she you know politics Against me to such an extent that Mr W Said Like there's these accusations that we Somehow Force charge you to make me a Preceptor Um You know and my brother was with her And they know they were talking about me And he was undermining whatever Um you know he was jealous of it and you Know he didn't have he didn't feel Transmission in the beginning and all These things and like he was jealous of Me finding the thing that was Essential you know my I mean it was my Big thing fine size mark It was my thing and I brought him into It I told him about it and he you know He became a naviasi but he complained About it constantly about not feeling Anything And then you know that story where we Went to the the ashram for the first Time and I could feel The energy like I was my head was Pressed against the window with Anticipation You know I was going to meet Master Charity for the first time And we were on the bus driving

To the ashram and I could feel the like The energy of it I mean it was probably The biggest Anticipary I don't know if that's the Word you know the moment of anticipation The biggest moment of anticipation That I experienced in my life like I Could feel it for like an hour And it's the stuff I felt going to India I mean you know weeks ahead of time Where the energy would build it was like A a connection and just you know going To Gatherings and some of these things It was a first time experienced it so it Was you know a totally new thing And the energy was so prevalent and I Got off the bus with my brother like oh You feel that you gotta feel that right Because he hadn't field anything And he was like you know he said uh I gotta I got a week I got a week in This and I don't want to listen To your right Because he became caretaker the ashram It's kind of funny He said listen you know listen You said listen I gotta weak in This and I don't wanna I don't Wanna listen to your so um and I it Was like that I mean I wasn't you know I Was hoping he finally felt something Right like I was having a complete Different experience that I wanted him To have

The experience I was having What he looked at it as being some sort Of competition And then he had a you know a dream Once Where he said They were going to announce Master Charity's successor And they announced it as P Romano And me and him were fighting Like because it was you know we both Have the initial P to our name Because we both wanted to be us and I Was like well I don't want to be you Know I you know there was a jealousy he Had a competition that didn't exist at All for me Like I was happy for him And even though he had all these Character flaws that he wasn't To be as good and hobbyisti as I was Just the based in you know my experience Of feeling the transmission and things When I was unmade as a preceptor I Didn't wish that he would be unmade like I wasn't competitive with him at all Right Um so you know that was a weird thing You know and it kind of defined our Relationship But you know that's not really the Reason that I said this stuff Here I just wanted to tell the truth Like I just You know there are things that

It would hurt people's feelings and you Know but they would be good for them Because they sucked like on some level And you know not what um like they were Worse than me or better than me You know or whatever like I you know not That I was perfect and I didn't make Mistakes It was just I went through a lot of Things that were You know in terms of the organization There were some wonderful moments which I've documented here And I you know didn't do that enough Um because it really wasn't you know What this journey series was about There was wonderful moments where people Were great You know saintly and I you know talked About some of those things you know the People in the flood and The next door neighbors and just You know some of the wonderful obvious And I made one jury serious way You know talked about all those you know Saintly people And you know that kid that helped me and My family get through that Visa crisis And they just you know contacted me on Skype and wanted to see how I was doing Like he just you know felt like he was Kind of Responsible he used to check up on me He's 25 year old kid right

Just a saintly good person And you know there are those people and I you know I had probably more positive Experiences in the mission than negative But they're all you know going through Whatever they're going through dealing With dodgy's failure And you know they're all to me getting a Failing grade The majority of them like I don't know Like I don't know them or what they're Doing but It seems like they're just all most for The most part the The you know what they're doing is Sticking their heads in the sand and not Dealing with this but the main point Here is what I realized yesterday Was there has been a sort of final Transition for me Into this phase of life You know my kids I'm only on any kind I Only have a relationship with one of my Kids my youngest son who you know he has His own Internet life he plays a lot of video Games he has his own you know his life Is mostly on the internet and he's Developing a You know a way to make money whatever it Is I'm not gonna get into all that but a Lot of things he has or believes in is Like he's more of a mainstream science Person but he's now kind of come around

Where he's having a desire to go out and Live in the woods with Just Like a Knife And some things like that like he has a Goal to to become a survivalist and he's Got a friend who's going to teach him How to hunt and things he's got these um You know he's got some skills now and Things that you know he started to Meditate doing a different form of Meditation On his own or whatever so he's got some Things where he's Coming back around and finding interest In Some of the things that you know I think Are important for him in the future But you know we we have a positive Relationship we're not you know very Close but he you know lives with me and There's no I like I just don't feel Anything about my ex And even dodgy to some extent like once In a while I watch a video it just Reminds me of the tragedy of the The falling of heart you know the Heartfulness debacle And it's a real bummer because I realize You know I came up a little bit with This idea of gatherings You know uh at all time someone who's Gone to a gathering said you know Hopefully we can have gratefulness Gatherings and I'm like yeah but like There's just

It's not really feasible you know and it Could be a couple of people But there's not really much interest in It and You know I just um I feel kind of worn out you know I'm Just been worn out and you know I'm Doing other things I am developing a Homestead that I consider it an ashram It's you know it's a nostrum it has an Ashram like Potential And so there's that for the future But right now I'm just you know there's Another phase coming and that's the Post-apocalyptic phase But what I realized and going back to This is that the things I started Talking about in The Journey series To do with my ex and this is you know my My trauma My Tragedy The worst thing I've gone through you Know I was more alive and because I was An abiasi It was much different in my you know Like my youth I spent in a rahu period You know a shadow Planet period from the Time I was 10 to the time I was 28. With drug use and just I was unfocused And Didn't have a goal I mean I was much Happier From you know my happiest periods Were you know from

Uh when I turned 29 became an aviasi in That phase it was happier than my whole Youth like you know better because I had A goal even though the stuff that I went Through with my ex was the hardest thing You know the worst thing I went through And it's over like I don't feel anything Towards her or the situation Like it's just a distant memory You know I tell stories from my youth It's just like they're barely You know it's like that's not even me And I think about my old friends and You know it's like a past life And you know a distant past life And now that's how I feel about the Phase with my ex and accomplish and Dodgy and you know the first part of my Obvious and all the you know the stuff I Went through Like there's just nothing there you know I mean there wasn't much there when I Was talking about it because uh The cleaning process but now it's Like Fading Into the background you know It's That was just a different version of me That went through that right I don't Feel much connection to it and most of That life is gone you know I don't have A relationship with my kids one of my Kids You know uh passed away I mean just it's And how much that time

You know was I mean It was a it was a tough time right and a Lot of failure disappointment and You know having to remake my existence And my family's existence at age 50 you know I mean 51 And now you know my family's gone and All that stuff for the most part you Know in some ways it's like fading away And the stories are there but it's Almost like you know a dream or Something And I'm saying this because I finished watching the Lord of the Rings last night And you know I was waiting for my wife And Um you know we take we watch TV together And sometimes we both take TV naps yeah We do the nine o'clock prayer and uh you Know these things it's a You know and We go for walks and we do other things And there are times where I'm just Watching TV but myself my wife's Sleeping or their celebrities that she's You know I'm waiting for her or Something And so I watch things that she's not Really interested in And I saw the Fellowship of the Ring was On I started watching him I think she was coming home late or Something

And I um You know I was enjoying it like and I Hadn't seen the movies you know like my Feeling about the Lord of the Rings was You know it was Good but the movies got worse as they Went on the lord of rings was the best Movie The Two Towers the second best And the return to the King was The worst of the three And you know they he did a pretty good Job Peter Jackson Of casting the characters and there's Big moments iconic moments that he Captured in the movie but they cut out a Lot of the book and uh and you know they Took some Liberties and These things right Uh I wish they had to because he didn't Have you know if it was going to be done Now it would be A mini series like he did with The Hobbit movies which I didn't really like Um but The Hobbit movies Were You know um He did three movies for one short book The Hobbit was a small book And the Lord of the Rings was three long Books right which was actually just one Book but the publisher decided they had To make it into three books so they Divided in those sections

And I started watching it and I was like Well I'm enjoying this like I'm enjoying Seeing it it's just nostalgic You know I went to the movies with my Kids which I when watching it I'm like Regretting it because my kids were young And like it was just too it was a you Know it was The monsters Peter Jackson was a you Know Monster Movie Maker and he I mean These graphic you know whatever Um there were tough movies to go to for Kids yeah younger kids Um but especially the first one I don't Remember exactly how that was But my kids you know came to enjoy the Movies and We read the book as a family it was one Of the good family moments Although my daughter Anna just wanted to Stop doing it when she was the one who Wanted to do more things as a family Because we were there's a lot of Conflict at that time we live in that House where The woman either died or committed Suicide and it was just so stressful and That was when the you know everything Was falling apart And the house wasn't helping and the Situation was going south and so my ex Really started to You know get suicidal and then Eventually

You know Anna was involved in that you Know the the conflicts we were having And you know they decided she was a Mediator and then she started copy my Ex's behaviors and you know it's just a Very bad time Like things had gone you know completely In a direction that I was You know on like a you know bad Direction But we read the you know we went and Read the books as a family my ex was a Good out you know out loud reader she Was really good that's the only thing She was good at it was like a Homeschooling thing And we went to the Blue Ridge Parkway And we walked around the parkway And there are different places like the You know uh The Rohan the you know the the uh There's a place called Rohan in Two Towers which is these planes and these Horse riders and there's these Hills That look very much like You know the way they capture that place In the movie And there's you know all these Mountainous a lot of The Lord of the Rings takes place in mountains And we would walk through these Mountains and we would stop and She would read some chapters of the book And we were out in nature and

You know and I realized how great the Book was like as an adult like it was One of my you know probably my favorite Books To read when I was a kid And you know High School And I'd write them probably three or Four times But hearing them as a dumb like all These books are amazing and the way the Book ended and I was like wow and you Know it was a kind of a good family Experience You know the movies left things out like There was a a librarian who was a kind Of one of those um Whatever they call those people who Dress up in a costume like a science Fiction you know person and she loved The Lord of the Rings and she had Friends and she was dressed as somebody And her friends were dressed as Tom Bombadil and his wife I forget his Wife's name don't care don't tell me Don't need to know they were essential Characters in The Lord of the Rings like This they were like naturalists and These this couple was dressed up like Them and they weren't in the movie at All but you know so you know there's Some disappointment there because they Couldn't leave everything in and you Know there were some issues and like I Said I I always disliked especially the

Last movie but I started watching it and The The Fellowship of the Ring and it Was like the part where The ring is they have a council of Elrod And the ring takes over and everybody's Fighting and you can see the Rings Affect on everybody And Um You know I was like all right I'm going To tape this and I'll just watch the end Of it and then like the next day I Started watching it you know whatever I Had some time And then um I taped and I saw beside the Whole thing so I taped the beginning so I watched the end of the movie And now I got to the part where Gandalf fell into the Fighting the balrog in the mountains And they were going to see uh giadriel Who they you know and I'd recently seen The the Um the Lord of the Rings prequel that They did On Amazon and I you know it got three Point something stars and so many people Complained about how bad it was and I Found it to be really good I really Enjoyed it I thought it was really well Done Um and I won't tell anything about it Here but so that was part of it and you Know I'm watching this thing and I'm

Like all right I'll go back and watch For the beginning and then I'll watch The end of it and I taped it in two Different places like I partially taped The end then I taped the beginning and Then over a couple of days I did that And then you know I said all right I'll Find the two towers and I started Watching that you know and it took me Two three days to get through that Whatever And then the Return of the King the I Found you know I found it on the max app The HBO Max and the App kept on having glitches like you're Saying that they didn't have it in my Ear area even though I was just watching It like so was the whole thing And you know breaking it up like that Not watching it straight through Probably was why I enjoyed it more Because it's so long you know sitting Through a four-hour movie the same thing With the Avengers movie you know I just Can't I don't like after about an hour And a half I feel like I just don't Enjoy the movie Whatever It Is Uh even really great movies like I you Know but if I break it up we go for Walks or whatever take naps or do Whatever We get up and do things you know it's Much better like if having an Intermission

But watching something straight through Like that it has a negative effect on me You know the way that people are binge Watching now like I just can't sit there For that long and Um and you know it's a lot But I ended up um taking a nap yesterday Because I had like a three-day migraine And it finally went away and Um I forgot to start cooking something For dinner Uh in the so V so I had to you know it's Gonna make hamburgers and I you know Took a while for them to Frost and uh You know my wife had just got home from You know what she was doing at work and I um you know my headache was on and off And I just felt so tired You know I made my video And I did some work outside took a cold You know I do these cold baths in the Afternoon And sometimes I get really tired and I Just took a little nap at like five And hopefully this to put my headache Away for good which it did Um and because of that I was like I Wasn't ready to go to bed When we normally do And so I went back out and I watched the End of Return of the King and I just felt Something about it like You know I felt a lot better about the

Movies than I had before And you know I had some thoughts about It because I was like You know in some ways Gollum is really The hero you know like Um smeagle you know he's the one who who Know well he killed his friend and took The ring from it right that's part of The story And he kept the ring you know the Discovery of this ring that was just Waiting there to Create havoc and you know the evil that Came from the ring was Uh you know was was capable of Destroying the the world right or taking It in the dark Direction And you know him fighting in the ring And keeping it for so long and then Eventually the ring was discovered by The good guys And they you know developed a plan Because smeagle had You know somehow made it available and You know Bill belt Baggins had found in All these things But then you know at the end of the the Like him guiding The hobbits through Mordor there was Only one way they were going to get to Mount Doom to throw the ring in And that's if they had a guide right And Spiegel as corrupt and murderous and Duplicitous and

Mentally ill as he was He was like the only creature alive that Could guide them through The you know I mean this evil place Which he had been to And he was just sneaky enough and you Know just um Developed and you know these capacity to Go through this tough area so he led Them you know there's no way they get to The mountain without him And The most important part though is when Frodo got to the mountain he wasn't Capable of throwing the wing in he Didn't have the You know whatever was inside of him the Ring had such a hold on him That he couldn't throw the the ring into The Into the um You know the molten lava where you know The only place they could destroy it And if it wasn't for smeagle biting the Ring off you know biting his finger Often And falling into the You know accidentally destroying the Ring like Smeagol Gollum who destroyed The ring it's not Frodo it's not any of The heroes it's filled with Heroes these Heroic people But it was the you know this Demonic Twisted murderous you know

Creature That had been completely consumed by the Ring Who ultimately destroyed it right Um and so in many ways it's sort of like With the Darth Vader aspect of the you Know Darth Vader was the villain but he Ended up Destroying the you know This you know his Swiss Lord bastard Palpatine whoever his name is Um so all that's kind of interesting Like you know Gollum who was the most Reprehensible creature was the essential Character You know without him the ring doesn't Get destroyed but it was also profound For me because You know um I read that Whispers message the last Entry I believe was the last entry into this Uh You know whatever Yesterday where he talked about the evil Is just so prevalent in the world it's a Concern And evil is growing and You know evil is consuming us But what we see as Is good things like the internet and the You know all the things on the internet And video games and all the you know all The Privileges we have all the lifestyle

Things But they're all negative right they're All taking us away from Natural Life the Corruption the And then the murderous you know the Exploitation of other people Basically human slavery and murderous uh You know uh cannibalizing other cultures And You know the whole colonialistic model And just um Doing anything possible to feed the Beast keep this system that should have Collapsed years ago alive you know stuff I cover on a daily basis you know we've Plunged into evil but we haven't seen The You know the Orcs yet like we haven't Seen the you know they're there in daily Life but it hasn't been like the lines Are being drawn in some way You know people think it's liberal Versus Democrat but it's not really any Of that stuff right It's like the ghouls and the You know the vampires and the You know satanists and you know the People have gone completely over the Dark side And the people who are aware and awake And connected to God in some level And you know this evil is consuming the Earth And we haven't like gotten the bill for

It yet You know we it's still like uh You know lied about like we're all uh You know we're all just because of our Lifestyle and our And everything else And there are still natural areas but Once the bombs start hitting and the you Know the the upheaval start hitting us Bobby said they would or whatever And once the things you know the the Boop it's the fan Um It's going to be you know uh like a a Reality you know Moment of Truth a Moment of reality And And then things are going to be bad like The evil is going to be prevalent in our Inability to breathe the air or whatever You know physical trauma we have you Know my wife and I were talking about Air conditioning and It was like 80 something last night here We had a heat wave that came in And she was like Wow imagine sleeping Without air conditioning I'm like yeah Well I did when I was in India And there was a time when You know my family and I were staying in India for the first phase of our long Stay there And we went to a gathering this is back In 2012. and we had an extended trip

Well I guess this was our uh it was a Second trip after that it was the second Time we had come to India and the Seasons are different there and we got There at the end of January And we were there through January and we Were there through February And we were told by April It was miserable Like it was thought it was just too hot And we didn't have a flat where we had An air conditioning unit which we later Did when we went back which made it Bearable Uh but by the way there were people that We saw who came to the ashram from Hotter places and they were wearing ear Muffs right but Chennai you know I Checked the temperature every day that I Was there when we were there for the Extended time like you know I checked it Regularly Just to get a sense because the heat was Something we had to deal with And it never got below 74. even the Coldest part the Rainy part like it was Just 74 was as cold it would get right Before Dawn You know that was this cold that was the Coldest they ever got and sometimes the Nights were in there You know 80s and 90s and you wouldn't Sleep with anything on you like you Would you know I was in shorts and a

Shirt and just and even then I'd be and I don't sweat like I'm a person who Deals with heat pretty well I'm a summer Person And I even working outside it you know Don't sweat that much And I'd be sweating in bed and there was This time where it was in March it was Like March 20 something and the heat Kicked in And my ex just couldn't deal with you at All so she was falling apart and we had Made it from we were sleeping under the Ashram the meditation Hall which was Great there's a breeze and it was nice Under there It's a cooler place but yeah it was hard Marble floors We were moved to the dorms and there was Fans in the room right and the fans Worked pretty well they went up pretty High And the mosquitoes set in like the Mosquitoes were just so bad And they were just all over you like you Couldn't you know even with mosquito Nets they just were you couldn't sleep And it got so hot I would go and they Had these you know anyone call them Showers we do what's called bucket bass And the water was pretty cold You know this is like one or two in the Morning and I'd pour the the water over My head and I wouldn't really towel off

And they put on my shorts and I was Still wet and I'd stand under the fan And the fan would blow and I'd feel cool Like I was my body would cool down and They lay in bed and within five minutes I was sweating again and I couldn't Sleep like it was the mosquitoes would Get me and and we just got chased out of India like we all were like oh my God we Were really loving it there And then it was so hot like the whole Family was we were sitting the airport With the air conditioning on And the airport isn't nice you know Chennai airport but it's Air-conditioned and we were like in Heaven it's like two in the morning Three in the morning you know we're Flying out and it was like the Mosquitoes in the heat just chased us Out and we came back we ended up getting Uh you know flat with air conditioning Sometimes the power would go off and it Would still be cool enough to sleep You know but no covers no anything like That Um you know and I mean it was Without air conditioning it would be So miserable and I guess you know your Body adjusts after a while you know I'm A summer person I like the summer better Than the winter and you know the it's Probably my favorite season born in the Summer

You know but you know these are the kind Of things that We're going to suffer through like Having climate exactly the way we like It and we're used to it just to sleep Right And you know I've had Um the power go off for not being able To heat the house of the house being Really cold And not being able to get warm or hot You know where you're just freezing all I mean I've experienced both extremes And those are just you know some minimal Side effects to the collapse of Civilization where things that we're Used to climate control setting your Temperature to a certain you know to Have a desired temperature and being Able to Have that right And you know these are things that we're Used to and pampered with That don't exist in nature your body has To deal with extremes Everybody has to deal with hot and cold Your body has to do with all these Things right Um in the natural world like animals Have to sleep outside you know horses When there are these snow drifts in the Mountains Like they have these you know these Horses that are up in Colorado and these

Places wild horses and You Know Places other places in the World where they get you know eight feet Of snow And the horses are completely ill they Stick their their noses up and they Breathe through the snow you know but They're completely covered and they just Wait for the snow to melt like there's Nothing they can do there's no food They're almost in a hibernation type of Situation right But animals have to deal with you know Severe rainstorms and you know they Don't have proper shelter you know Birds And And they just have to you know tough Through these things right where we're You know watching them from the TV Inside of our houses and you know Climate control houses and you know We're disconnected from nature just even That way And then wildfires are being displaced In wars and you know being occupied and You know things that Americans haven't Ever really even gotta you know we've Been on the other side of that but not Experienced it ourselves right and these Are all things that are coming and so You know like I said I was like I Couldn't sleep so I went out and I Watched this movie Um it was probably around 1 30 when I

Went to bed And I just sat there for a little bit And I was like almost like sad I don't know I I don't know how I was You know just um I felt emotional about It and you know I was Again I watched it over a certain amount Of days But it's just an epic story and I was Thinking about how you know Babaji says Everything's channeled And you know these great works of Literary you know works and Um you know good creative works are Channeled from The Hired beings but Human beings don't really have all that Much creative capacity when they do Artwork it's a great em Ted Talk by Elizabeth you know you pray Love the one who wrote e-pray Love And she talks about how inspiration Comes and You know when they talked about a genius It was uh you know was an etheric being You know like a genie you know people Talk about Um you know someone's a genius it used To mean that that person Was connected spiritually like Tesla was Someone who channeled Inventions and he had a you know he was Connected to Um Swami vivekanada they were friends That's why we've ever kind of playing it

Kind of important role in the scishmark Tradition in her community with Babaji And things being a part of the You know the hierarchy And you know all these inventors all These people have Created great works of art you know There's a channeling aspect to it where They where the book just flows into them You know and they they're being Uh you know it's it's flowing in from a You know hopefully a higher source but Some sort of etheric beams whether They're higher or lower You know I've been able to plug into That creative flow myself in various Ways when I do these videos certainly And other aspects of my life and you Know there's just um There's a flow to it and It's coming through you and not from you And I was thinking about this in terms Of Lord of the Rings because it's you Know a masterpiece for what it is Like I said it's my favorite books like That and Watership Down my sister read me when I Was a kid We reread that as a family as well and I Was like wow these books were really Good like they were just good because I Was a kid they were you know I Appreciate them more as an adult Um but I mean you know just a

Masterpiece and I'm like where did this Come from like What reality did this happen in That this you know because There's something to it was it you know Past you know was it really something That existed like this in the past you Know there's an element of Extraterrestrials the L's you know there Are these ancient beings that live for You know thousands of years and they all Disappear Um you know they they leave and they Take Frodo and Gandalf with them you Know and there's um and it's them going Over the ocean They sail away in a boat but you know The same thing with the ma burrata There are spaceships in the mobarata Right there's You know these creatures there's The nags these snake creatures these Reptilian creatures There's these um I forget the you know there's these Demons that are on both sides some of Them can Transform into giants like one of them Is on this good guy's side and it Transfers itself into a giant and it's Killed and it squashes the whole Army You know it falls on an army of the Enemy there were cautious right this guy Character bishma

He's the big strong brother He fights with the Macy's the world's Strongest pad And he marries a rakasha who can shift Into a beautiful woman But she's really sort of a demonic Monster And they have a kid and the kid turns Into being Ella be a giant and it and He's fighting against the bad guys you Know he's a demon and he is killed he Falls on him and he crushes the whole Army like so You know and there's just all these Characters right he's uh Supernatural Characters and Um You know there's a hero bishma who can't Be killed by a man just like uh the ring Race and Lord of the Rings can't be Killed by a man And there's a character who's basically Like a transgender character who was Born A woman but transforms into a man and He's You know kind of responsible for killing Bishop along with Arjuna it's like a Whole thing Um ambition is a hero like he's kind of The best character in the book You know there's just um These epic things right that happened And you know there's I mean these chairs

Chariots that they ride in are you know They can fly and there's all these Things that they have the ability to Create atomic bombs with their arrows I Mean with these mantras You know there's ways that the ma Baratas is just an epic story and you Know if it was done right in a movie it Would be you know worth watching I mean It would be kind of uh you know very Interesting You know if it was not a Bollywood movie Um But I was just thinking about this like We're entering into our own Epic and It's going to be a new phase for all of Us like there's going to be events that Unfold That everything that was like in the Past will be a memory a distant memory You know and as as quickly as my last Life And you know my marriage to my ex and My kids and that you know first Homestead all the things you know some Of those things are still you know with Me and I've Benefited from the experience and things But you know it's faded like it's faded Into you know just memory And you know that's going to be the way This whatever we're experiencing now is In the not too distant future and you Know young kids who were too young to

Remember and kids born after the you Know the apocalypse they'll hear stories Of the way it used to be they'll find Remnants of the past And you know those maybe have some of The things you know People have like little bits of Electricity electricity and you know Some of these things will will still Exist in some remote areas and you know But for the most part it'll be You know a bygone era Um and you know I just whatever I was just feeling it last night like a You know in a more Uh tangible level like you know more Than just an idea like Just watching the Lord of the Rings it Just the whole thing Like I could feel it right like you know When you when when you're almost into a Car accident and you realize how close You were to death you know just it takes You to another place Anyways you know I'll wrap this thing up Over the next couple of days You know I had a realization uh Last night I hope I can Remember how to frame this thing in the Best possible Way Um In terms of uh you know a narrative but I realized that um

You know that I I've had um Several goals That I wanted to achieve In my professional and spiritual life That um You know I'm kind of over them like I'm Pretty much over everything And it's you know I don't want to say It's sad but it's um Just sort of the State of the Union so Um there is a You know charges talked about his big Realization On his spiritual path that he was Editing Babaji's book voice field voice real was Uh I guess was a lot of different letters That Babaji sent out and you know just Sort of a mishmash of writings and Things and you know things you said in Letters to people and other you know not Just letters but other things like that I think voice real ended up being in Complete works of ram Chandra volume 2. And I think it was mostly them clipping Like I said bits and pieces of letters In correspondence he wrote to people you Know I always thought it was a weird Thing that they had complete works of Ram Chandra vol 1 which would mean it's All of his works and then they would Have a volume too right like you know Your complete works should be one one

Book But there was a reason for it because it Was um You know uh he wrote five books that Were written books and then he had other Things that were Uh like you know a mishmash of his some Of his other writings and things that All were put together And uh you know this voice reel it might Have had the messages Universal or Whatever it's not really important but I Just you know so people know what's out There in terms of the literature But anyways um chargie First um Took over like all the responsibilities The business responsibilities and the Organizational responsibilities you know Babaji was probably dyslexic or You had a different learning style Completely you know uh nothing like We've seen he was so internalized in Some ways he was like an innocent child He um there was a great excerpt from Charges Diaries where uh they were Traveling to Europe maybe in Denmark And you know they had a western style Bathtub like we're used to And Bob G had ever seen anything like it And you know they had these Ritualistic baths that they would take In the morning I mean it's part of their You know a spiritual cleansing type

Thing right Especially in the southern part of India The brahmana culture but um Charity was trying to teach but Obviously how to fill the bathtub And he would turn the tap on you know Hot and in some cold water you know to Get at the right temperature And Bobby would stare at him every day Trying to learn how to do it and then He'd say sabash You're gonna have to do this work you Know like you couldn't understand he Couldn't get it you know there's other Things like he was uh like he broke the Toilet like he had you know they were She was used to squatting you know There's holes and they do squatting Toilets things like this right Um and you know he was he could do Anything But he was you know not suited for The business function and you know some Of the the organizational things and Charity started to write receipts out For donations and Just on his own just started to do Things to run it because he was a a Trained businessman and he just took on All these things And he was well educated and he was good At things and he you know one of the Things he did was edited edit babaji's Works like babaji's books and you know

Get them ready for print and you know he Just took on all these responsibilities The planning of the Gatherings and You know all the organizational things And eventually Bobby made him Secretary Of the mission Uh because of it but he was editing this Book voice real And he had read it a couple of times And one day he read this little section Where Babaji wrote to somebody That he never thought and I you know I Hope to get this quote exactly right but You know the essence is you know what What's important here what Bobby wrote Into this person you know I never Thought That what was my Master's was also not Mine Um And but I really didn't say that right But what the essence of the quote was That Bobby was saying I believe that Everything my master possessed was also Mine In terms of his spiritual Accomplishments Um You know lology And and to extend the you know Divine Master of God right and so Um Charlie read that and he said my Spiritual progress began and ended at

That on that day This idea that everything the master of Horizon was was also his Another way of saying that everything That God has is also yours but not in a You know a possessive way Like you would say with the uh you know The Christian uh manifest destiny Destiny that God's give you dominion Over the Earth And Um you know whatever you want you can Take that's not what he was saying We were saying is that whatever you need You know which is the whole universe Whoever you need in the whole universe To do your work that God has assigned You when you're doing God's work You can have you know to utilize on Behalf of God right That if you need something to complete Your Divine work And your spiritual journey Then You can have it like this idea that you Can just take whatever is in the world Because God's given you dominion over it You know this idea that Christians have That that Jesus is the only way to get To heaven Or uh you know the Jewish idea of being The chosen people the chosen ones You know when you have that kind of idea Then you just take liberties with the

World You feel like you have this privilege You know in various religions or you Know people have this idea that they're Special and they can do what they want Without You know thought of the consequences or Whether it's right or not or whether It's God's will And it's like a blank check Manifest Destiny is like a plank check but what Bobby was saying is That everything in the universe you know You have to be God you have to be like God then right where you you know God is Uh You know another thing that Babaji said Was this American Woman Grace Campbell um Said to him uh asked him what can you do When he said well with You know God's permission I can spin the Universe like a top But without my you know Masters without My Master's permission I can't take a Glass of water Um which is an interesting way like you Could have all the powers in the Universe only If God permitted you to use them you Know and charge you read this quote from Babaji and he said it just his spiritual Progress began and ended that day Because he was just he never thought

That what papaji possessed or the Divine Master possessed Was not also his Uh you know access to these things that All these you know powers and abilities And a lot of what size Mark is about is Goal achievement And so when I was um You know A counselor I am A master's degree in counseling and so I You know I Started working in treatment centers And you needed so many hours to become Like a Private counselor like they make you go Through The system So let's say again it's like any kind of A job like a you know like a an intern For a you know a doctor you know you Have to do some internship free work And so as an intern i Um created uh well first I worked at a Outpatient Clinic and my family and I Moved from New Mexico to Idaho and in Boise I found an internship because there was All these schools in New Mexico That graduated the same time Uh like counseling schools and so There's all these agencies and things That get filled up with intern requests

My family and I didn't even want to live In New Mexico anymore we're we're over It and so we've you know decided I found An internship in Idaho which was kind of A weird You know whatever it was and then um Like that didn't last it was like a Weird timing I started at a different Time Than like when Idaho stayed and you know Boise State and these other schools And so was you know I was on a different Time frame so only did half an Internship But then we moved from Boise to the Panhandle Moscow Idaho And this woman was starting to Charter School And she allowed me just to create a Counseling program there Which was actually a great kind of thing For me like you know whatever But you have to do free work and then I Worked in an outpatient clinic for like No money it was like 26 000 a year we Had you know six kids it was like you Know In poverty and then I got a job at a Treatment center for Sex offenders And you're supposed to have a supervised Hours like you have to Pass an exam which I passed In Massachusetts yeah I moved back to

Massachusetts And Um You have to pass you know this exam and Then you need so many years like hours Of Supervised counseling Before you can apply for Third party billing you know insurance Payments so you can do your own private Practice right Which was ultimately my goal To have a private practice a counseling And you know my boss was so it was such A dysfunctional Treatment Center My boss was having these migraines that She had to take more features to go to The hospital because of her migraines She had them like regularly and she was So stressed out because the place was So dysfunctional and you know there was A sex offenders like you're working with Sex offenders which is Invariably stressful and a prison-like Environment And then all the workers you know There's like a mill that closed like a Some sort of a you know a blue collar uh It was out you know in a in the like the Country of Massachusetts And these guys who used to work in some Sort of factory Ended up coming in as like you know People who knew each other informing

These they were anti-therapy like they Were against therapy like the guy who Ran the whole residential treatment and There was the therapy Wing There Was You Know the counselors there was the the Residential people and then there was The Um the school and you know this is in Massachusetts where you had country People but also Massachusetts is known For Mass holes which is called my nephew Went there to college and he said yeah All these Mass holes around here Um there's just something hostile and Obnoxious about People in Massachusetts for some reason You know I mean the whole Northeast is Hostile you know where I grew up in Connecticut New York and these things And Massachusetts is like the the like The you know the vortex of these you Know hostile personalities And so the place was hard to work it I Mean it was so stressful And there was a guy who got hired a Month before me and I was walking Through the campus And I said hey I hear you leaving this Guy his name was Doug And he goes oh yeah and I'm like well You leave and he goes you know I've been Breaking down Physically emotionally and spiritually Since I got this job

You know it was just a real stressful Job And my boss was hired as the you know Person in charge of the counseling Program she did a master's degree MSW And on my way out I asked her to sign my Paper To say that she had Um supervised my hours like supervision Means that you sit down have a meeting And Um You know like it's a You work there let's say so many if I Work 40 hours a week you know you'd get An hour of supervision to go with that And then the counselor signs off on it Right I had it done well as an intern I You know I Contacted a local counselor and I got Supervised had to pay you know this Person to supervise me you know and you Process things and they're supposed to Help you You know whatever And she said oh I don't have my license And I'm like I'm leaving and she drops Beside me right though I've worked there Like two years and I've had all these Hours working towards what I was seeing On my career thing and she knew Perfectly well that I wanted supervise It you know these hours

And first of all she should have had her Own license Like this is what I'm trying to get my License And to run a program you have to have Your license like they hired her because The place was so cheap and so Dysfunctional They just wanted somebody they could Bully and manipulate And what they what usually happens is The place will pay for a third party Supervisor I could have hired somebody But that's I mean really they should do It So that my hours would count towards Something it's just professional Courtesy and just you know whatever So I'm like leaving there with nothing Right I'm like I can't believe you did That I'm like you know you knew what I Was doing you know what I want yeah We've talked about this I mean everybody There needed the same thing And so you know my family and I then Moved for to Virginia and I had to start Over and You know and I had this um Shruti before we left You know I had this you know uh Um I was sitting and grew meditation and This it sounded like a Dynamo in my ears And this this Rush of energy

Came into me and it was like it's some Kind of spiritual experience I can't Describe And I'd read about these things called Shrutis where A spiritual person would get like a Program downloaded to their system And so I started something that was the First phase was Surety counseling and there was a phase Two It was just in my system like a program Like you know I guess information Was pockets of the future which became Popular future my YouTube channel Um so interesting You know and Surety counseling I I had a Whole You know I wrote a book about it you Know transforming abuse and I had techniques and I had a whole thing The whole system counseling system It never got off the ground because I Really didn't have the personality for It And deep down I you know probably not The best counselor because I'm not a Good listener and you know but it wasn't Even that it was more of a program People would go through To you know to deal with their Um whatever trauma and abuse and then Become a spiritual person like it was a You know was eventually I might I'm not

Going to do it like you know but the Workbook has a lot of value in it like It would Um but I just will probably never get Back to it but you know I went to all These like sort of new age seminars all These kind of you know Wellness things And I put up a banner but at some point I realized like because my ex was In the you know in the booth like I was In the booth that no one was coming to Talk to me And then I switched places by X and People would stop by and talk to her but I watched a number of people like they Would They would go be going boost to boost to Booth and then they would Avoid me really Like I just have that kind of energy and You know whatever Um they would like they would be walking You know boost to boost the booth and Then they'd go Across to the booth across from me and Then they'd skip by my booth and go to The one next to me like it was hilarious I was watching him and I was like you Know I just don't have the kind of Energy that's going to draw people You know I'm also I just don't really Like people or really you know whatever I mean it's not like I don't like them But you know you know how it is I mean

You guys you know if you listen to me Enough you'd understand And so um I'm like this thing isn't gonna work Right so phase two was pockets of the Future and so that was Um I began that and that's become you Know successful whatever that means But I've put out a body of work with That and in between that you know there Was going to be this bamboo growth press Where I was going to write these books To help bring people to The pocketed future you know the YouTube Channel wasn't Going to be the you know the centerpiece Of the Pockets of the future movement I thought It would be through when you know books I wrote the book The Choice You know I um The book my friend within is probably Like the best thing I've done uh Literally Because it's so simple in this kids book And it gets these things across one of My viewers just got it for her child in Ireland and said that she's whistle Crying when she wrote it right it's just A simple kids book I think it's like the Best kids board book because Of the idea that God's within you is to The centerpiece which is a great idea to To teach to kids

Um you know I have these books that are Available and people buy them from time To time and you know egregor the second Version uh in the series with the Choices Been basically done for years I went to the auction when we first went To India And we had a you know a dorm room and I Just uh Cranked it out in like a month and a Half and it was you know a much better Book than the choice like I evolved as a Writer In different ways and you know it Probably never be published What people want it now like people are Like oh you know but nobody in the Beginning why these books but now Because you know some people see it in The description box I sell books you know like I don't know 20 a year I don't know how many it is I Mean maybe even more 50 I don't know People want to read the sequel Um but you know the same thing happened With the counseling Where I started to have an audience here And I thought it'd be a good idea to do Counseling people were requesting me to Do mentorships and counseling It was something I I wanted to do for a Long time Um you know I wanted to you know

Be able to help people with whatever you Know knowledge and information I had Um so there's about seven people that You know I put it out there that's going To do this I think they you know put I Had a website you know we had this front Page website I learned to build a Website with front page you know minimal Skills Um sort of was past date when I did it Of course Front page is no longer used it's a Microsoft program to build websites Drop and drag And you know I learned how to do PowerPoint I you know I had never been On the internet but I had the Shruti and I dove into the computer world and I Learned how to do all these things And of course now make videos and these Other things write books you know one of The things is there's a Um you know I have all these I do a Monthly subscription to Adobe that's why I use Premiere Pro and right now I'm Using audition to do this voiceover Um and there's one That's called uh Excuse I can't even remember the name so That tells you all you need to know but It helps you publish books it helps it's What you use too Make the book You have to put it in this program and

It puts it in a certain You know it's like a very you can't just Take a Word document and drop it off at A publisher it has to go through This book design and you have to make The the margins right and there's all These things you have to do And I have no idea how to use that Program anymore I gotta remember the Name And so that's where I am at you know in Terms of Um getting my books published right but It was a big thing I put a lot of energy Into it there was all that stuff Into writing the choice I've written two Novels and and I had all the third one Ready to go like it was a You know whatever it is Um anyways so you know now people want Those books like now people are Requesting that their second book you Know because of Whatever success I've had here at the Pocket future But now I just make these videos like I Don't have the time and energy and to Sort of relearn everything and The videos are you know they're Different like books are more forever Whereas videos have a A short day in the sun you release the Video and it gets the majority of its Views in the first two days

And then you know I mean almost all the Views in the first month And then one or two views maybe a year I Mean they just sit up there Taking up space and nobody really Watches them and then once a while People stumble like the journey series a Little bit different But people stumble on them and you know It's uh it's a very in the moment you Know uh very being in the present type Of thing And I'm putting out content on a daily Basis and you know Whatever Um But You know these things where now people Want these books You know where I put so much effort into Being an author And then people wanted my counseling Services And so I think I counsel like seven People Who are long time viewers wanting some Of them you know I put it more as a Mentorship program kind of thing And immediately I'm like I don't want to Do this Like I was over it and it wasn't good at It yeah you want to listen to people's Problems and You know

Um but also This is like you know I worked as a Preceptor for years and I wanted to have Like a vibrant Center You know like other preceptors Preceptors I went to had you know create A you know a group of people And You know there's a form of spiritual Mentorship in this preceptor talking About size Mark to people And you know giving cities and you know Helping people the way I was helped by Preceptors like I wanted to fulfill that Role And you know people want this now for me People want me to Mentor them you know Counsel them and they want me to like be A preceptor that to them even if they Don't even know what that means and I'm Just completely over it like I have no Interest in it at all zero motivation to Do it like I you know would do it out of Duty But I just don't have the energy it's Like it's gone Um all these things right and so these Were things all I wanted to do and Nobody wanted it from me you know like Nobody wanted to buy my books no one Wanted to you know come to my counseling Thing no one wanted to Um you know no one looked at me as a Possible Mentor or something like this

Or counselor and you know all these Things right Um like even doing the spiritual Gatherings And you know I've taken such a beating From all the things like it's not just a Personal beating but The disaster that's dodgy and you know All these things and just what I see Every day in the world and you know my My feelings towards other human beings And human being Humanity in general is Just not You know I mean like uh you know is There going to be people there like you Know Uh do I have to you know have to Interact with people like that's just my Thing now you know I mean I have you Know A very great positive uh you know Wonderful relationship with my wife and My dogs And that's about it the other thing was My family like you know I put so much Effort into an intergenerational family And all these things And now I just you know there's just no Motivation to I mean the holes you know Center piece of this thing was my family And then with the divorce and the other Stuff And so I just you know and I worked with Kids for so many years you know I was a

An uncle And I was good at being an uncle I was Okay at being a dad but I was going to Be in an uncle And you know eventually worked in Treatment center with kids and you know I worked in you know outpatient clinics With kids and you know I did a lot of Kids work I wrote a kid's book and now I Just don't like you know anything to do With kids like I just you know it's just It was too much you know Uh you know kids are better than adults In lots of ways and there's there's Better chance for kids to to change You know when you get to People by the Time they're adults it's so hard for People to change when they're adults People get so solidified in their Personalities and their habits you know Kids have a better chance of being Molded in the right direction than Changing an adult But I just you know I can't work with Kids like I can't you know deal with Kids I mean I had kids you know we had Four kids my ex had two and you know This stuff and I just but like I'm just Over it like you know just things it Just I mean you know they there was just The level of I don't say just it wasn't Failure because all these things ended Up having success at the end you know or Now

Um but I just I can't I don't have any energy in it For for these things right and even a Certain extent having you know animals Which I'm you know we had the cows here Um but I you know loved having animals And livestock I love milking our cows every day I mean Things like that but you know that The energy I had for the farm initial Farm You know now we have I mean I have a Tractor and you know my wife is great at Things and she's doing a great job Learning tinctures and doing other Things I mean the difference between You know my first wife and second wife Is My first wife was a like she would learn How to do things but never do them She was like always in a state of Education right There's these academic people that just Go back to college and keep on getting Degrees but never do anything with them Right you know they never do anything Practically But my wife now is a doer and you know Like she hears about something she does It and you know I mean now she's Learning how to make tinctures and other Things and you know put she puts the Research to work in a way that My ex never did so you know we're moving

Along On our current Homestead but it's like There's no kids that are involved you Know when you're passing it on and these Things and doing it as a family I mean That was the you know the ultimate goal But it just Didn't happen I had to accept it right All these ways but you know all these Things have come back around and people Want me to Mentor them now and you know They're looking for this and I'm like You know It just is so draining for me to even Think about it Um like I just don't have it in me like The whole You know whatever I wanted before and You know I and I'm doing that in video Format and the reason the video format Works is they don't get bogged down with Other people's problems and energy and Interpersonal Dynamics and the Frustration you get from People not being able to you know when You're a coach or a mentor or a Counselor you know people just don't Rise up to it right people don't You know they they get bogged down with Their their issues and you know you're Like just do it you're just freaking you Know just me You know what I mean and it's just and They dump all your their stuff on you

And their frustration their inability And their failure and their inability to Extricate themselves from there Issues and they just want you to carry Them through it like this is what Happened to all the masters of the Scishmark system They want you to do everything you know People just come to you with their Problems and they dump them on you and They want you to solve them they don't Want to work and fight and you know pull Themselves up by their bootstraps or Whatever it is You know internally psychologically and Most people are bankrupted You know devoid of any energy and even With the transmission Which helps them you know gives them the Energy they need to Prana You know the pranahuti and the seismic Tradition and the cleaning it gives People the opportunity to succeed they Still get helpless and they just want You know the master to do everything and The The system you know and I've seen it I See you know and I I mean probably the The biggest blow to it is I went to these gatherings for years and You know the people that attended the Gatherings I mean I don't know what Level they felt the energy like it's you Don't know what's going on internally

With other people But you know they felt something And you would see it like you walk by People who are like weeping and you know Who are just moved on a deep level Um like just the energy that was there You know there's just something You know charge you went to a gathering With Babaji for lalaji's birthday And they rented a field and you know They had this Gathering and Babaji you Know the atmosphere and the energy pass Through them and you know there was this Condition there Was a phenomenal Gathering And him and Babaji were sitting there And you know he was charged he was Helping with the cleanup you know Probably 100 you know a couple hundred Thousand you know maybe a thousand People tops And he said it was like a blanket Like like someone that God came in and Grabbed a blanket and just pulled it out And the atmosphere disappeared like this Field was turned into a You know gateway to heaven like a Spiritual You know a heaven on Earth type of you Know atmosphere And you would have this you know just Radiating this energy Which of course I experienced at all These gatherings that you know even

Outside the Gatherings divine grace and Just What's available and all these people Some of them were probably better Abiasis some of them more sensitive than I am to the energy Um you know sensitivity is a big deal Some people don't feel anything like my Brother but you know there's levels of Sensitivity And these people had transformational Experiences And maybe even more transformational Experiences I have probably a lot of Them did and interpersonal time with the Master and You know all of it to convince it's the Real deal and it's just Us you know a wonderful opportunity Which is what you know people at least Can you can figure that out Like people who do scish mark for a Little bit time it's pretty easy to Figure out it's a wonderful opportunity And you might know that not know the Extent Of the you know what Bobby called a Million years of Spiritual Development That you can get in one lifetime That hasn't been available on planet Earth I mean that's how Bobby Babaji Talked about it But people don't experience the yatras And the actor points and they don't see

It they don't experience that themselves They don't see that they're getting You know thousands of years of spiritual You know but they have you know so you You get a sense of it at least right And You know the way these people have Allowed dodgy just direct this system And you know just the impotence and the The weakness and just I don't know like I mean it's so special I mean that's to be the biggest blow no Matter you know all the things I see in The world and the world collapsing and You know that's it's that is how it Should be But the what's happened with dodgy is Just You know and and not that you know all Right he he had a fall whatever he you Know whatever his thing is That's that and the people around them They were scummy and you know I mean it was said that these guys were All assuric Kings and People who are power hungry people that Charge you kept in check by You know keeping them close to them and They would do you know work but he was He kept them all in a short leash and Now they're you know they're running Dodgy and they're you know using him and They're whatever Like so some of those guys you know I

Get it I get that they had to do some Scars But everybody else is watching this it's Just you know I mean it's a bummer like I just you Know I I don't even know how to put into Words it's I can't believe that they Just let this thing die like this you Know they let it just fall Um you know with all the things I've Seen in the world you know when you work With sex offenders and he was in these Kids who are you know abused themselves Right they weren't just you know demonic Or you know they had something wrong With them they They all suffered like really bad abuse From their parents and families and you Know people in their lives But either way it's just degraded and There's so many people like it and I saw This at outpatient clinics and you know I had a kid that he um he wanted to you Know be in a better situation his mom Was a crackhead His older sister and he confronted his Mom in his therapy session with me And she was um You know he was a biracial kid his dad Was Scottish mom was African-American and She came in and she you know establ was A drug user he never really met his dad His mom pointed him out one time right

Um so you know he um But this kid would take two buses he Found out about the counseling program You know he got his insurance or Whatever Medicaid whatever it was To cover the payments and he took two Buses to come see him I mean this is Like a 13 year old kid right you know Just he was trying to you know he joined The military I think he was he was going To join the military that was his way Out But you know there's no food in the House and his mom was and she came in And she weighed like you know under 100 Pounds and I mean just You know a crack addict and I mean all These things Um but you know I saw this stuff like All these kids had come from horrific Abuse and some of it was like Ritualistic and just you know bad It was bad stuff Um and seeing Humanity degraded that way And then you know living with my ex it Was a you know by her account was abused By her dad and mom in various ways and She had psychological issues from that And just was broken and it was a Self-abuser you know tried to commit Suicide a couple of times You know before we were together was put On psychiatric holds and you know had Just um

Uh was you know like I said broken and Then she passed that on to our daughter Who was a you know cut herself in these Things and living through that and you Know then just all I lived through Through the You know divorce and all the you know Um the way I was treated by the the Group you know whatever Um you know ostracized and you know Dodgy turning on me and all those things Not that it personally bothered me Because that that ended quickly Because I had a realization I like these Evidence anyway I was like you know you Know well I never lost anything I'm like You know I mean I I certainly didn't lose anything when The way heartfulness is tanked right But I couldn't believe that this is the Way this was going down you know that Was so like incompetent it was so not Just dodgy but all the members of the System Like they couldn't read the situation You know like I'm good at reading people I'm good at seeing things you know and I Had this spiritual Shruti and I had my Own abilities and whatever But they should be you know these people Should be equally you know they were Preceptors that gave cities for years And they should be able to read Situations and just

I mean dodgy should just have been right You know like that's charge he was like Charge you just knew and you know and it Was just competent he was just like a Competent Master he could he just knew Things and he you know he was always on Target and dodgy's like a you know he's Always wrong like he's always on the Wrong side of things and these people Have just you know they don't have any Abilities on their own that you know Discern things I mean they you know There have been preceptors and using the System for years and you know dodgy Could suck but why were they all you Know it's just That they would get things wrong so you Know so blatantly And the outcome's the same uh you know I Just I'm just I don't have anything left In my tank for it like I have You know The Prana Hootie and I you know I feel blessed and grateful and I still See I mean I know the system's even Better than I thought it was like that's The the great thing about seismoir the More you do it the more you're like oh My God this is even better than I Thought like a year ago like I just you Know all the things that have happened With gratefulness and continue on Continuing aspect of the system But you know I just like I know how People are

Based on what I've seen And I don't want to go through that with A group of people Like as some sort of interpersonal you Know mentorship In the gratefulness organization like People just doing the same things power Hungry people people wanting attention Desperate people wanting to suck the Life out of me or anybody else and you Know Few people can't stand on their own two Feet uh you know energetically and I Mean it's just like I've seen it like I've seen how it played out in the Scishmark system through the you know Heartfulness debacle Even you know how it was before and what Charge you had to endure Um and you know there's a time where Charging towards the end of his life and These people are outside this gate you Know it is he had this Cottage and you Have to go through this security get in There It was a good thing because people were Just you know they would be Inappropriate with them you know they Would just be glomming on to them you Know just like no set of boundaries or No set of Um you know what you're responsible for Like there was a time where Um he was staying in accomplishes

Dodgy's apartment And People were outside dodgy's apartment It's a road there's no place to stand And there's like maybe 100 people Wanting to go in and see chargie you Know charge he was old and you know he Was having health effects this is Towards the end right Um and there was a young woman in her Four friends And she's like Um You know it's my birthday today she Wanted to go in and see him and they let Her in Um or well something happened maybe they Didn't let her in And then also the security guard the Person you know these are volunteer People Uh his back was turning she just snuck By him and ran in and she had this big Smile like I got in like she was Crashing the gate and she was going Backstage at a concert to see a Celebrity and it just um You know there was a reason they're not Letting you in because charges doesn't Feel good but you don't care and just You know going on There's another time um One of my friends was doing the security In America

And charging was handing out chocolates To kids he had like these you know Candies or whatever standing on this Balcony and you know people are bringing Their kids up or you know and the Candies were Prasad they would have spiritual energy In there and you know he didn't he had Eyesight issues and you know you Eventually went blind to one eye and Um there's a you know A young woman who looked young but she Wasn't a kid she was in her 20s and she Snuck in and grabbed one And Chargie was um You know was uh My the security guard the guy was my Friend was next to charging charge you Said you betrayed yourself for a piece Of chocolate you know like You know enough about me but you would Betray yourself and lie to yourself and Sneak in and steal something That's you know for kids and not for you Know chargie was mostly around adults But when he had time to interact with Kids he took his you know time to to Make a good impression right you know to Um That the kid was uh you know would feel Like the Master's not some jerk or aloof Or whatever Um you know he was like a good guy and

That he was you know consider it and you Know whatever bothers you the same way Because these kids were going to be Adults and they were going to be obvious And you didn't want to have them have a Bad impression and you know so he made Efforts To you know spend time with kids and do Things With the Youth and one of the things was Like he gave out candy at these you know Gatherings or whatever Um you know and just this woman goes up And like steals something like she's not Getting enough from him right you know The kids aren't in meditation and their Their parents would abandon them at Gatherings and the kids would just be Wandering around the ashram with nothing To do there's a small playground That my brother had put in but there was Nothing before that and that was for Young kids there's no programs the kids All complained and they all most of them Didn't start and the Indian kids hated India for the same reason they go to These ashrams and their parents would go And try to chase charge you around And leave their kids to just you know Wander around the ashram the ashram had More things later on like you know Cricket fields and things But uh you know the majority of these Kids from America you know Indian kids

Dislike India and dislike size Mark just Like heartfulness they just didn't do it I was surprised because like these kids Look like they were neat spiritual kids And Babaji and charge you said these Kids were born into these families but The families failed to make the size Mark interesting to them And so it was a big goal of mine for my Kids to to do the system and you know None of them are maybe my son my son That I'm not you know estranged from is Um but you know It's just uh you know another thing just A kind of a disappointment But you know I saw the way people um Sucked the life out of um The you know the master there's this Woman who's like in charge of the ashram In Ohio and now she had her own little YouTube thing and you know wanted to be A guru and she would give these talks One talk she said she was giving a Sitting and she wanted to keep the Transmission all to herself like she got Up and literally said this on stage She was kind of an emotional wreck And um I saw her weeping like outside of Charges Cottage just like sitting there Weeping Like she loved him so much and whatever But there was that time where I was you Know doing security partly

Like I was doing other things And the guys who were in charge of Security both left and one of them was My friend Was pissed that the other guy was Getting half the credit and wasn't doing As much work as him So he left the you know he knew he was Leaving but he didn't make sure anybody Was in front of charity store To make sure there wasn't they wouldn't Bum rush the place and they did And there's this other guy who's done Security he had a little kid he's a guy He was a I think he was a young American Guy who was a I think a doctor But he quit and his wife you know this Part of these group of young people that Joined with this guy uh Clark from Louisiana from uh Baton Rouge they're a Bunch of young hippie Stoners and you Know I think most of them quit but there Was a lot of them like 30 of them used To come And they were this they were the block Of young people that you know That were the future and most of them Quit now they're probably all in their 40s they're definitely in their 40s They're a little bit younger than me And he looks at me and I'm like what's Going on he goes it's really bad And so there was Masters had a they had A separate like place for the master to

Stay In this building and then they on the Other side was a meditation room and Then there was one of these doors that Was cut in half you know you could open The top of the door you know whatever And so he was eating lunch at his desk And there was you know 50 people crammed Into this room pressed up against his Door And He looks sad like he was just you know Sitting there and they were all like oh They were so happy they were in there With him and he clearly wasn't digging It you know it was like a a form of R You know like a forcing yourself on Somebody Um and how people would be like that Right And so I you know I mean I just felt bad And I walked in to see him I pushed my Way through and I go And he was getting up and he just he Just had this immense sadness and you Know at the end of the Gathering he was Always happy like this is the day he's Leaving and the work was done and you Know he was always he often was in a Good mood he come out would be with Everybody and he'd be laughing and Everybody laughing just there would be This just share Joy like in like there'd Be times like I said um I've talked

About this before where he was you know Laughing and talking in a foreign Language like Hindi or whatever and I'd Be laughing and I didn't know what he Was saying because it just you know it Was a slight beautiful feeling that we All shared at the end of a gathering you Go through cleaning you go through a Tough time at the Gathering and at the End it would just be this Bliss And that's the way he should have been Feeling and everyone was feeling this Way because they've got to see him but They weren't feeling it in their hearts Because they wouldn't need to bomb Rush Him and so I I said can I close the door Master And he said please like just you know Like so sad like it was a bummer and I Was like look at these people are Miserable like horrible human life Sucking people right like they you know All of them should have felt how Inappropriate this woman who was like You know this Um like you know she's a powerful figure And her husband made a lot of money and She was responsible for you know funding You know the ashram they are in Ohio That she wrecked with trying to be uh You know we heard from other people that Were there that like she was having Pancake breakfast with the mayor in the Meditation room and me and my family

Stopped by there on our way to India the First trip to India And we stayed with this young preceptor Who used to be an abiasi that came to my Ex and I when we were preceptors And we're going to get cities my ex and I my kids were you know too young And we went to the uh you know ashram's Meditation building and this woman was There and she wouldn't give us a city She gave us Girl Scout cookies you know And I was like what's wrong with you and Then this guy um This local guy You know the preceptor item you know the Precept that spied on me for my uh for My ex that I've talked about in the past Um videos you know the earlier Journey Series videos He told me a story is a really nice guy That he went in and wanted to see Master Like he really needed to see him and he Was not one of those people that would Push his way in he was an american guy And really nice guy And this woman who used to be such a Dragon at the you know just a horrible Force her way in to see Master charging Push her way in and she had all this Time with him And he was like if she charity was Staying at her house In Ohio somewhere and he um Like this guy said you know I really

Need to talk to master and she's like yo No no and pushed him away and just was Rude And then I heard Um from this other guy That um That uh when charging passed away and Most recently you know they started to Open up and let liberalism into this you Know to heartfulness with dodgy because Dodgy dodgy is very conservative but he Didn't Fight back against these things and this Woman this Indian woman who was just Such a nightmare and you know she she Would weep because she loved charges so Much She said oh he was so out he was just Too old-fashioned Like she just dismissed all his morality And all these things and you know so I've seen these people these degraded People who've benefited from this Transmission and have been you know had This Divine love dumped on them and they Suck like they just absolutely suck as People You know in ways that I mean like I'm Not great like I'm you know you know I'm Not a nice person and I you know I I Know my limitations and you know I mean I just Um Yeah I don't see myself as

Like there's some great people there's Some real gems of the mission you know I Have I have information and knowledge And you know I I'm compelling here on The you know these videos and like I you Know I have interesting life I'm a good Storyteller I have qualities right that Attract you know viewers and you guys to Watch these things and you know I got Stuff But I'm not like these people like just People who just service oriented you Know very humble you never like people That you would never see unless you you Know like they're they're doing the work Behind the scenes and you you benefit From their work but you never know Who's doing it and you never really you Know notice people or noticed you're not Grateful or aware of all this work that These people are doing to make the Gatherings happen I mean there's lots of People like that sash Mark and uh you Know just great people and I've I've Seen some of them right so I'm not Comparing myself to that like I you know Uh like I I'm okay right these people Are good or great I'm okay but these Horrible life-sucking people that got so Much from charging and just Um you know this this woman is you know Was she had her moment in the sun where She was one of these heartfulness people Trying to get a following and just you

Know being in these videos and just you Know Wanting to be somebody or whatever Um and just you know like where's your Like showing that you've benefited in Some way that you're a better person Like you're just some way that you're I'm not some life-sucking person forcing Their way in and forcing themselves on The master when they should have a full Tank and just be respectful and just Immature and narcissistic and you know Just um you know like ghoulish you know These vampirish people you know like how Much transmission do you need right at The end of his life and most of most of These people are European and you know American but you know there's also some Of the Indians or people from America Um but they would they were around Charges house that you could barely Function and dodgy and and Um Charity's son gave talks about this And like I went to his house I felt Completely uncomfortable with it because I saw how bad charge it was health-wise I'm like you know I don't I think we Should just give them a space right Um and so these people were just there Every day And dodgy gave this talk accomplished Back when he was good you know he's you Know he was becoming the master and he Said you know you guys are there every

Day He said Babaji said you only need to Meet your master one time in your entire Life And every time after that's a bonus and He's like how many bonuses you need you Know like I mean it's just you know this this Element of it and of course you know When chargie passed away and you know Dodgy you know did what he did these People are they have nothing right even After all this time there's nothing to Show for You know in terms of their ability to do The right thing and you know all of it So you know I've seen this happen Um and it's you know it's to me the Darkest side of humanity because I can Understand that you know the kids I work With who are You know grew up in abusive situations And a lot of these kids don't have the Ability for abstract thought they're so Far away from becoming a spiritual Person and maybe first-timers or you Know people with Heavy subscoric burden from previous Lives or you know they're just coming up From the Animal Kingdom and their you Know first life is a human whatever it Is right and they live in this Animalistic human in a low level Low Consciousness way and then all the

You know people have fallen Because of the economic system the Controllers they call them the people I See the you know the the Dark Side of Humanity and all this stuff and you know The system itself is taking people in The wrong direction And I get all that but the people who Were doused with transmission had their Inner worlds cleaned and purifying these Things you know all these people I saw And for them to just fail You know collectively as an organization Even the good people that you know the Assault of the Earth's people who you Know they're too you know they're too Nice to stand up to this or to say Anything and just all the things I've Seen In the system and you know the way I was Treated not because it like hurt me and I was like you know I mean whatever like I probably got what I deserved right you know so and what Was best for me like I you know and I'm Grateful for it and I don't hold any Grudges or whatever other the fact that You know that like it like these people Are disgusting to me right like they're You know they're just they just wilted Right in the face of something You know like um you know just like I Said I was watching Lord of the Rings And they're gonna um

They're in Gondor and the you know the The Yorks and the trolls are going to Break through the door and Gandalf says To the people you know you're soldiers Of Gondor Whatever comes through that door You're Gonna Stand and fight it right because These trolls these giant trolls come Crashing through the door you know They're you know four times the size of A human being And they got to kill this thing and you Know this they're a bunch of people are Gonna die right like there's just you Know but it's your duty to go there and Fight the thing regardless of whether You're out manned or you know you're out You know gunned or whatever Um because you know you can't let this Thing pass right and so you know the Wilting of these people in the scishmark System that have just folded under The you know this is a a challenge it's An obstacle dodgy is an obstacle and a Challenge And there's things that people could do They could do what we you know I did Here what we did here with gratefulness You know what I did personally and what Um you know uh sharing with all of you About what I did and you know and things Came out of it right and they could do The exact same thing or something like It you know just connecting directly and

Bypassing the debacle that's dodgy and Heartfulness And they just won't do anything they're Just sitting on their hands and you know I don't know like I mean maybe there's Some pockets of people like any you know Pockets of the future people Who are you know doing the same thing But you know It's um Yeah you know so you know it's just like All these things now And you know I wanted to do these things I you know had energy for it I had You know momentum and you know whatever Going into it Um you know the family of their Generational Family Farm the counseling The The doing the writing of the books and Being a mentor and you know being a Preceptor and you know and and now you Know I'll finally you know after years Of this there are people that want that From me and I just got nothing left Right like you know You know it's a little bit sad but you Know It is what it is all right I think I'm Gonna do another voiceover tomorrow I Might wrap this up here you'll I'll come Back and do one of the two Okay so I'm gonna wrap this one up here I just want to read two Whispers

Messages and then talk about Um a little bit more about what I was Saying yesterday Which I think is a very important voice Over The first one is Monday September 13th 1999. 8 A.M yes my dear yes my daughter Your life will change in some way these Two dark years were fruitful for you Much more than you imagined you see it's All relatives these poor human Tribulations are necessary to one's Evolutions uh evolution Properly utilized they are precious and Constitute your capital You keep your love and gratitude for us Intact never change stay in this Frame Of Mind Always gives thanks for what you get What you get to experience timeline Earth seems long to all of you when the Face of Eternity is only a breath of the Breath of the earth which is to say not Much timeline nurse is illusary notion You are under dot you're under its Domination where it's a mere vibration a Vibratory mechanism On which your vibrations tune themselves And make you give it importance on this Planet it must be so it is the rule of The game Other discoveries await you you will Make them in your future lives be

Content with the current exploration Everything in its time encouraged you All Babaji you know this idea of um Where he says time on Earth is a loseri Notion You are all under its domination whereas A mere vibratory mechanism in which your Vibrations tune themselves and make you Give it importance this idea of time you Know time is Of the essence right time is Dominating our existences we're marching Towards death And it all seems very important to us Right Um you know the clock is ticking you Know like all these sayings and things And so um You know it's a kind of a neat thing to Hear There are all these Dimensions time is The fourth dimension and then there's Dimensions That um you know supersede time And to Babaji you know given these Messages time isn't a factor because He's um you know not in a physical body And so um that's one of the you know Kind of interesting things about the Messages And then this one Thursday September 16 1999 ADM For your mind come into your bubble Otherwise we won't be able to

Communicate Is that what you want you see how hard It is on a certain days to free one's Mind Make better use of the key I've given all of you With more conviction It is towards this aspect that all your Efforts must be directed sitting back And saying the master does everything That's a bit Limited in reserved for Beginners you all have to act and also Take the spiritual Destiny in hand You've come far enough to understand That the master can only act with your Consent and your personal work let us Unite our efforts to reach the goal Be both completely surrendered and Active in the way we mean it you all Must collaborate while being malleable Malleable Do your practice exactly as we ask you To But with this additional something The symbol which you all know to help Kick off your concentration This is not a gimmick really try to Persevere and you will see the results Starting with the simple element one Could go far scientists who have marked The history of mankind demonstrate the Reality of this assertion Get to work with all our blessings 10 A.M

He comes back at 10 A.M it's been a good Contact at 8am we'll not add anything We're getting strengths for the day What which is busy because of your Health condition good meditation So we're just going to give her a Message at 10 but he just Said that so this is another Uh esoteric star symbol message Which I'll make a separate video about That But the part that I want to talk about Here is where he says the master does Everything that's a bit limited and Reserved for beginners Um So I was thinking about this And you know last night before this Message came out this message came out Later and sometimes I don't get the Message to the messages For a couple days like I might be a day Or two behind but this one came out and I glanced at it because I was going to Read the other one and I just happened To see that line about the The master doing everything and I was Already like you know this was you know One of those things where it's Uh synchronicity and I was already going To talk about that And so You know there's an element to the Scishmark system that I've become aware

Of specifically to do with dodgy sucky And that is that the Masters themselves As great as they were like Babaji put in Phenomenal amount of work and you know He was a his past life physiology But not only did he work really hard on His spiritual Achievements He didn't Do things to screw it up like you didn't Have Material you know whatever it was Uh where he would wander around on the Material world He was singularly focused on his Spiritual life and you know like he Would have his material moments where he Would just dive into what was going on In his life and on the physical plane You know at least as far as I know You know I'm sure he had some things but Not like we all do right where we get Distracted like he was single focused on His spiritual achievement And you know charge you talked about how Because of that Bob's your head The greatest life uh your greatest Spiritual life like he said if there was A a life we want to emulate it it's his Condition you know he just went through These various things it was a preceptor Talks like you know that we should all Model ourselves after the way Babaji did It and like it almost just to extent his

Perfection And Bobby talks about how he didn't Deserve everything he got from loology Because nobody does like you you don't Deserve a million years of spiritual Evolution even though he was potentially In a past life he was you know he had a Great life this life And he had done things to earn spiritual Capital And he was you know I I mean hand-picked As a soul to To create you know scish Mark as a Method And he's you know now in charge of the Universe He didn't deserve what he got like he Was you know nobody deserves a million Uh Years of spiritual evolution in one Lifetime it's over a million to which You know whatever it is You know by self-effort Um nobody deserves it and you know it's Not a reason not to take it like oh I Mean I don't deserve this I shouldn't Take it because It's being given right And it's being given for a reason Because Us receiving it Is going to elevate this world right Anybody receives whatever we get from Scishmark

From the practice you know as much as It's gifted we have to put in our effort On our side And the more we we attend to it the more We are focused on that and the more we Do it the more we contribute to Elevating this planet and the you know The human condition on it and which is a Necessary goal it has to happen and so We're contributing to God's work and It's not easy doing that here so we're Given you know extra help and this Hail Mary too You know reverse the trend that you know This desperation time And it's a it's a window for this rare Opportunity Uh that you know many souls are Incarnating here To take advantage of because of just the The need of the time And the acceleration of our spiritual Yatra and journey and what I was Thinking about yesterday along with this Is that when you go see the master of The system There's an energy there like a he has This presence Um and I don't you don't know how much Dodgy has it or not it's certainly Dissipating Whatever he had you know like whatever They would do for him Just to uh even though he sucks

But not fun for his sake but for the People coming to see him But I don't know if they're even doing That because it was failure like I don't Know like I haven't seen him and I don't Know What it's like when we walked into the Room you know there's a gathering I Attended with a you know a woman who was New to the practice brand new new almost Nothing about it only what I had told Her about it And when dodgy walked into the broom From you know we were sitting facing you Know one way and he walked in behind and Then walked up the main aisle between Everybody She turned around and felt his energy She said afterwards she goes wow he has Amazing energy she was kind of shocked By it You know so Like this was somebody who was sensitive To it But those of us who experience like some People would meet the master Like there was a time I was um You know in India and this Indian kid Came and sat next to me is really Westernized You know kind of in an Indian way he's Smoking a cigarette and he goes who is This some celebrity Because all these people are sitting at

The airport uh you know in front of Charity Charge he was sitting there we were all Gathered around him You know probably like you know 50 to 100 people And I go no it's a spiritual Master the Guy oh this and he goes oh yeah one of Those scams You know he he made he made fun of it For a little bit and then he walked away And I you know the guy couldn't feel Anything right and so Um and for whatever reason so not Everybody would feel it but those of us Who did in his presence in the energy But then I realized sharji himself Didn't feel it because he feels like This all the time And so like he would only understand it When people gave him feedback about it Like what it was like to be around him Like for For all of us you know he knew it from When he went to see Babaji and going to Gatherings and feeling the condition but Now that's it that was his permanent Condition he always felt like that And so if he had a like a great amazing Sitting He'd be like oh like he would take him To another level You know if you'd give us City and a SAT Sun or something

But it was important to know that the Condition was Not necessarily his like it was Something that he had achieved and you Know again was also gifted but it was Because he was fulfilling this role as Master And the energy just went with him and we Would draw the energy out so the more You deserved it or the more you worked At it the more that you were craving it You would pull from him whatever we call The master And people would pull from him You know whatever their internal world You know whatever way you related to God If you loved God and you were a God you Know a devotee someone who was full of Devotion a Heart full of love and Devotion And face and things like this you would Pull this out of them And somebody who was scared of God would See charges intimidating and you know All these things Right whatever we had in our conception Are conceived of God Okay you know conception of God And so it's easy for People to mistake the Divine energy That's been There for them As coming from the master and even cases The preceptor or or other people like

The politician you know sometimes God blesses somebody or you know God Uses somebody to whatever way you want To look at to do some work to act as a Conduit And you know you don't Worship the faucet because it's giving You water You know like Um which is important thing important Distinction right you know you respect And are grateful for The work that's being done and people Who are doing it because they're serving God and serving you But it's not it's God that you are You know it's the Divinity that you're Responding to And you know Divinity can pass through People like you know someone can Sort of Channel I mean not sort of Channel like a musician or a writer or Somebody You know can something Divine can pass Through them And they'll put out epic work Any musician or writer or athlete or Anybody who's connected to God and let God flow through them And let God Elevate their craft their Art Will produce amazing work But you know it's a combination of You know them and God right like I'm

Very aware of That You know I am a low functioning person Without massage Mark system Like I'm you know I was I think about it Quite often you know that you know I can Do what I do here in terms of these Videos which I I think there's you know high levels of At least some people can see the high Level of energy and Information that I put out you know even Some of the comedy stuff That's easy for me to get into the flow Of things And produce you know Wonderful videos Because of the scishmark method the Cleaning and the transmission And anything that I do You know there's an element of that that Is You know I'm aware because of how low Function it was before I'm very limited and you know barely Competent As a human being without it And you know that's why when I talk About the gratefulness meditation and Things and people want me to be a mentor Or whatever to them and they're Responding to the Energy and the information and things You know I I know it's like it's not a Truthful thing it's not for me to

To embrace that Because you know it's just Whatever is there it comes through me Like comes through and he's videos is You know enhanced uh substantially by The Divine process And those people it's just a handful of Viewers that feel it Um you know a handful I mean some Thousands given all the people that have Come through my channel The majority of them well let's say 50 000 felt something and You know saw something in me or Experienced something that came through Me And where you know maybe impressed by it Or something let's say 50 000. Which is a lot out of millions of Millions of views It's like you know um 100 million views I've had here And I don't know how many different People have experienced you know Have watched my videos individual people Because you know people watch videos Over and over again so I don't know You know repeat viewers But let's say 10 million 20 million People have watched Some of my videos at one point or Another Of course you're not going to get that From a you know a short Brittany video

Or something but Whatever right Um You know only a handful of them have Felt what some people are able to feel And you know see so things that Those people are able to feel and they Those people might attribute to me It's very easy to be a cult leader and To Lose Yourself And start thinking you're the Doer But you always have to remember that you Know that you're not like you're Enhanced and you're as acting as a Conduit And you're being blessed to do this work But you always want to guide people back To the divide and the Divinity within Them because everybody can do What I'm doing Not specifically with the videos but You know their version of that everyone Can Work with you know Divinity connect with The Divinity within and let that flow Through them And you know you're learning about that In this case you know you guys will Learn about size marks through me Because you don't have any other Reference points but those of you guys Who met preceptors You'll see you know some of you guys had The experience of great preceptors

And as long as they remember This you know essential Factor You know you have this thought when You're giving the city that the Divine Masters giving the city to not you And that's what you know that's the First thing it says in the preceptor Book you know that remember that Because you know without that you you're Lost And the sittings and the work will fail And Dodgers forgotten that whatever he's Whatever is happening with him he's Either lost faith or You know he's thinking he's the doer or Whatever he's doing That's what caused his failure you know That losing you know sight of that thing That is not about him and his ego And that you're you know a placeholder You're a steward I watched the Lord of the Rings and There's that guy I think his name is Jennifer or Something and it's played by the guy who Plays uh The character in that show The Fringe With my wife and I just watched and Enjoyed The Walter character And he um is the steward of Gondor but Aragon's the real king And he loses his mind and he doesn't Want to give up his throne and even

Though it isn't his throne like his Stories He's waiting for the king to return Right And like if you think about it that way That you know that no matter how great You might become because of the Scishmark system Or connecting to Divinity and some other Method It's always God that is Uh you know the real the real uh talent In the partnership right God's the true Talent God's the true uh you know the True master in the in the relationship Like you have a partnership That you're entering into where you and God collaborate to do some sort of work And God is the you know the real The Good the good partner like you're the You're the lucky partner God's the good Partner God's the the great partner Right in in the relationship like you Know I am very aware of that you know in Terms of any kind of blessings I've Experienced in my life Um you know oftentimes like you think That you're the doer and that's you know That's Um like Kryptonite to your you know your Spiritual yatra like it's starting to Think that you're doing it And you know it's people compliment me All the time

Here And they say I've changed their lives And you know whatever They say you know the way that my videos Have helped them And they you know mistake the the work I'm doing in conjunction and Collaboration with God here As coming from me And you know I know the difference and I mean it's good to hear from the fact That they're benefiting And that speaks to them and their Sensitivity and their ability to you Know be on a higher level than the Majority of people who just would watch My videos and not feel or see anything And see anything different And so you know that's I mean good on Them good on you As they say in Australia But in terms of You know The truth of the thing is That I am working as a conduit like so Many people are Not just people in the sci smart system But people in the world Are either either sometimes you're not Even conscious of being In a partnership with God and you know Channeling information and you know Presenting stuff on that's on a higher Level content and whatever it is music

Art whatever But like I am aware of it and so and It's a good thing like it's a good thing To be aware of it even if I Forget about it but like you could Easily start believing People's reaction and then see yourself As You know some God yourself or whatever And that's you know Like the worst thing that can happen to You you can't forget about you know you Dance with the one that brought you And you know it's God so um You know on that note like I was talking About people wanting to Mentor these Things well part of the problem is People see me in a way That I'm not and you know people also Would hang around with the master of the System spend time with the master Charging biology and they see him as a Human being like they start seeing his Problems and you know arguments he's Having with his wife and you know the Human side and then they will lose sight Of the Divinity right and you know that Was also a problem then they start Saying well this guy's not really any You know he's got the same kind of Problems I have and he's got these Issues and you know he gets angry Sometimes he's got flaws And so like it's you know it's something

Where people have to mature Okay Bob as you said you just can't sit Back as a new person say the Master's Going to do everything You can think about that as the Divide Master But not as the human master and that's What happened in the past People didn't do the work they needed to Do You know just with the idea that if you Make just a little effort The amount of uh you know like you're Taking one step towards God he's taking One step towards you You know but God steps is from one side Of the universe to the other right like His if you're just doing a you know Whatever effort that you're doing Is magnified substantially by The Divinity within you and the in in Divinity in itself And you know that's what was meant by The Divine master Anyways I'm going to wrap this one up Here but uh you know kind of important Video especially the end of it here These last couple of voiceovers only Spirituality will save this world as Paul ravado definitely appointed from The Apocalypse And the Ascension everyone have a Blessed day Yeah be grateful

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