Journey 116

Journey 116

Greetings brothers and sisters so this Is Monday August 14th It's 10 37 here at night usually I don't Do voiceovers or anything uh You know passes are now I'm usually too Tired but I had some thoughts and I forgot Something that I was going to say Yesterday It came back to me in the nine o'clock Prayer and it's more important that I Waited a day anyway because of things Unfolding today this is the 116th Version of that Journey series by the way And so the thoughts I had the other day Like it just occurred to me during Meditation Is that all these people practice Mark For years Many of them you know just love seeing Master charge you like there was two Kinds of Abiasis I want to see two kinds because There's probably a lot more than that But in terms of the people who are Really devoted Some people love the practice and the Gathering And you know being at the ashram the Energy the transmission And some people just want to be around Master charging

They were you know people who Did the meditation did everything else But the real goal was to spend as much Time with it as possible To be around the master and I don't Think there's that many people dodgy People who are like that But what occurred to me um well let me Just describe these two different groups Of people the the ones who like to be Around the master some of them were very Sincere and they just Loved being you know everyone loved Being around the master because the Energy he admitted but you know Uh There was issues in terms of cleaning or Sometimes it was like scary to go see Him like he uh you know he he was like a Like a Oracle of Truth And You know for for some people Or for everybody at one time or another Sometimes being around him wasn't so Great in terms of Things getting pulled out and you know The stuff I've talked about before the Cleaning process and Things that you really realize about Yourself and he you he could see things In you that maybe you didn't want to see And that you would be aware of them Because you'd be seeing them right So you know there's all of that

But then there are people who just love The practice and loved The energy they Like also like being around the master But it was all of it right But either way there's these people who Are really into scishmart And They're not paying attention to anything Dodgy's doing they're not watching the YouTube videos they're not doing any of These these various uh Activities are not involved in any way Like they used to be And what occurred to me is They've just gone into denial You know they uh I'm not shocked about the human mind Being able to do this because somebody Wrote me a question about all these People suffering young people suffering From heart attacks younger athletes and Uh that people just or battalions Doesn't happen and it's because you know I talked about confirmation bias in an Earlier video a recent video on My epoxy of this channel here epoxy the Future or maybe the other channel I Don't know but how it was this channel But how important or how it how Prevalent confirmation biases and people Just looking for An answer that suits them And with all these obiasis They you know I don't know what exactly

Is happening inside their internal Worlds but they're just chose to ignore What's going on like they don't want to Quit or they don't want to deal with the Pain of of watching what's happened Because none of us could have predicted This In terms of Uh doji being so bad like being Horrifically bad like no one could have Predicted it like that's not something We would have thought We would have all thought that people Would have rejected him like happen with Chargie and Babaji that people would Have turned on him and that there would Have been Groups like spin-off groups and things Like happen in the past And we might have thought well he won't Be as good as chargie Or it'll be different right it won't be The same but no one had thought he would Be completely incompetent worse than he Was before like as a preceptor is better Than he is as a master I mean in terms Of He was better like he's better than he Is right now And so nobody could have predicted this And what it meant like you know what Would it mean that he that he you know Person who was endorsed by chargie and Babaji and The Whispers of the brighter

World messages Who was given the training it was the Actual president of the system Would just uh destroy the system and be Horrible and stupid and unwatchable and All these things and that's pretty Painful I think for most people it's Painful for me And so their inability to deal with that Just used to ignore it Is you know I would say remarkable but I See it every day And the other things that I cover But it's interesting they've chosen that You know that path to just not Acknowledge what's going on And think it's you know whatever they do Whatever their way of reconciling or Rationalizing what's going on It's to just basically pretend that he Doesn't suck that bad or just ignore it Like it's not even happening like it Doesn't exist And if you don't pay attention to it Then you're not aware and I guess I Understand that because I you know was pretty happy the last Couple of weeks not tuning into the Heartfulness Channel I should say I had an aura like I get these headaches when I first got a Migraine years ago I was walking through my high school my Sophomore year my freshman year I fell

Out of a tree and hit my head and had a Concussion and about a year later I was walking through my high school and I couldn't see like my eyes were like There's flashing lights in my eyes and I Felt kind of nauseous and dizzy I just Sat down the middle of the hall at High School Which is something you know you wouldn't Do and eventually I made it to the Nurse's office and I went home and later I found out I had migraine and for a Number of years I would always get these Things called an aura where you see Flashing lights and then my migraine Sort of changed and I haven't really Been getting it very much at all since I've quit caffeine and chocolate and all That stuff But once in a while I get an aura And like I haven't had one I don't Remember the last time I had one I think I mentioned it in the video But now when I get an aura I don't Really get much of a headache at all Like I don't care what I consider a Migraine it's very minor my dad got the Auras but he said he didn't feel any Headaches it's like these it's like Looking into a light and you look away And you see the light it reflected you Know in your eye you see it for a little Bit it's a little blind spot But it's more organized and there's

Moving lines and things like that but Getting back to what I was saying I was Um Pretty happy not talking about Heartfulness really at all in the last Journey series that much you know I Wasn't thinking about it and I didn't go To the YouTube channel and the dodgy Truther didn't send me anything for About a week or two And something came to my mind it was Bugging me a little bit I think I Mentioned it to you and the last journey Series That there was this uh big celebration They were supposed to have at Kana Swami Vivekananda was a famous saint That Was a disciple of RAM ramakrishna Who was very influential in Intercommuting with Babaji he lived in The time of lology and Babaji I think he Died Maybe when Babaji was young and he was Around he didn't live very long and you Know he was a highly developed spiritual Practitioner And he didn't do size Mark but he's been A PR he's been a part of it Babaji and I Came in with him a lot and he inter Communes with the Whispers of the Brighter World lady so he's involved in Scishmark practice and dodgy has a thing For him and read his books you know red

Is complete works of Swami Vivekananda Is a young person before he did Scishmart And so there's a time he came to America And there was a woman I forget her name Now but you know it's chargie talked About she was a you know an American Woman and she found Swami Vivekananda Who was basically came to from India With not really much money ran out of Money He was sleeping on the streets and she Brought him to her home and cleaned him Up and there was a big World's Fair Going on in Chicago Where they were where he came to give a Speech on uh there's a conference about World religion and Kiva was considered An epic speech it seemed to be about Hinduism I listened to it and you know I I just started maybe it gets better as It goes along but it wasn't yeah it was Okay Um not like sagemarg level but you know Um whatever But it's considered an epic speech and Maybe for the time it was really Important and the 130th anniversary is Coming up in dodgy announced and I'll Show you the video uh that there was Going to be a huge Gather in Akana they Were supposed to have Like lots of people I think like a Hundred thousand people he talked about

Something like that And Modi was going to come here come there The president they've been trying to get Modi there a number of times And so the reason I remembered it being Around this time was that his actual Speech took place like October 10th or Something his anniversary but they were Doing it in August And that was when they were going to Cancel charges birthday celebration Altogether but at the last minute he was Forced to give it You know but if they did it in August It'd be closer to his if they did in October it'd be closer to Thomas's birthday in September and so They made the date closer to charges You know and that was kind of bogus Right and so I was wondering what Happened to it like I was like did they Not have it you know because it should Have already happened And I wasn't tuned into the tireless YouTube channel and I was just kind of Wondering because you know it was just Like I was interested in it and so I Went back to the heartless Channel and I Looked And there was a video entitled Um let me get on the right Browser here There's a video entitled that just come

Up How to get enlightened Pont Angeles Astanda yoga explained now sash Mark has Nothing to do with Enlightenment there's No stage called Enlightenment I mean There might be a stage called Enlightenment but it's not something we Pay attention to it's not taught or Talked about It might be something you pass through One of the yatra points there's a thing That would be Enlightenment but it's not Really even you know I've never heard it Mentioned and here it's being talked About and I looked at it on like uh Like if I watch this I'm gonna have to Talk about it And so the other part is He's talking about pontometer he's Starting to extanga yoga and babji was Pantangeline in a past life And in this life Buzz Babaji he evolves Away more when he died his pranjali he Still is at point one this yatra's Soul Hadn't begun so there's nothing special So I was like uh Can't watch that But then I went to my Facebook messages And the dodgy truther sent me the video He said you know what's up with this Because you know he had probably a Similar reaction And I watched a little bit and it's Horrible and I'm going to show you the

Video tomorrow But I just want to do this introduction And then I asked the guy and so this was Interesting because I looked at this Video and I chose not to watch it but Then You know he was saying you got to watch This and so Um like it's interesting that happened Because I hadn't looked at the Heartfulness channel you know I looked The other day for the reason I just said For the the un thing but I don't really Have time and and so that was like three Or four days ago and it was on my mind To you know look into it but I've been Busy And so um And then I asked him about the Gathering And he said the whole thing was canceled To Sham and I'll read what his response Is so I'll do all that tomorrow I want To wrap up this voiceover I just want to Get this in before I forgot But it's a disaster over there like it's So bad And it's I mean you know and when I Describe all this stuff and I show the Video it's You know it's it's worse than it's Always worse than I actually thought The you know the level of degradation in The system but anyways I gotta wrap this One up here and I'll start off tomorrow

Showing you the video Okay so it's um Tuesday August 15th I'm Going to continue here all right A little bit of a migraine last night From the aura And I had some meditation time and I had Lots of thoughts about this How to get enlightened pentagles Stanga Yoga explained Also in his wisdom recommended Recommended to start This you give practice with Yama and Yama all the steps are there But chose that let's begin with dalana And samadhi so what we do is not a Stagger yoga it's called Raja yoga and It existed Separately From pontanjali's astaga yoga before Sashmark Now it's been talked about how the eight Steps of astangi yoga the limbs of stage Yoga Are you know we start at the sixth point Which is concentration meditation and Samadhi so we do the last three Uh legs upon tanjali's eight limbs of uh Astanga yoga but it's already misleading Right Then he says this I think If he was around today perhaps he would Know Or Nobel Prize if people had understood

What he had in his times Created a masterpiece Okay so there's a lot there The first part is the award part because This guy you know That he would get a Noble Peace Prize Maybe he'd even get the parabusham award Right The busham Padma award whatever dodgy's Gotten Because Pontanjali who was Babaji in a past life I had no concern over awards from Inferior organizations political Organizations That means nothing right Those Awards mean absolutely nothing It means something in the public eye it Means something to other people But you yourself know like when they Gave Barack Obama a Nobel Peace Prize When he you know was involved in all These illegal Wars and Uh drawing kids and all these things I Mean horrible you know he had done Horrible things To create you know the Military-industrial complex and all the Rest of it to give him a Noble Peace Prize is ridiculous right And so it means nothing and their Inferior organizations and inferior you Know it's on a different level like I Was saying in my regular channel that

Chargi Master charge you had said it's Important to know that the lowest part Of the hire which is the spiritual is Still higher than the highest part of The lower which is material So in the material world you can get the Highest level of the material world but You're still lower than the you know a Newbie on the spiritual path A person who's just entering into their Spiritual life is ascended past all the Great people Who have accomplished things on the Material plane of existence and so these Awards mean nothing dodgy is all he has You know the the uh you know the goal For Babaji and Phantogly is to serve God and help People Develop the capacity to evolve Spiritually and that's you know that is You know whatever it is whatever they Created in terms of their systems Whatever they created in terms of their Own accomplishments Is what it is it is they are wherever They are the spiritual world don't lie Right the spiritual World your spiritual Success your spiritual journey you are Wherever you are in your spiritual Journey there's no BS in it there's no Embellishing it there's no hyping it There's no Propagandizing it right and giving

Awards is means nothing the award means Nothing because you are where you are in Your relationship with the divine But the second thing is Babaji you know when he was phantogly in A past life Was still at point one in his spiritual Yacha Bobby G started off at point one and he Moved through the various spiritual Points and so as great as pontanjali Might have been He was nothing compared to what Babaji Became Babaji reached the central region and Then created a system where other people Could reach the central region which Blew away anything that ponjoli had done Babaji's life is Babaji was you know Extraordinarily better than his life is Patanjali and he didn't want people Doing yoga because he'd come up with Something better So dodgy calling what patanjali did in The eight limbs of astaga yoga a Masterpiece well maybe for its time sure But the system that he has this guy who Has had no spiritual success who's a Complete you know Bozo on every level Has destroyed something that has been Great for so many of us and it's just uh It just everything he says is like Venom Like it's like you know evil compared to What he should be saying like he's just

Degrading this whole system So the rest of the video he's talking About how Babaji uh how great the eight Limbs upon tanjali yogas is but Babaji Um made it even better by Starting with the uh the last three or Just paying attention to the last three Limbs and then he wraps it up here To inward And the last three steps are from the Center the court of our being to outward And the entire part Becomes very clear The whole thing gets enlightened the Entire being gets enlightened there is No more path now Everything becomes the destination which Really doesn't make much sense right but It's not Um the title of the thing is how to get Enlightened and you know it's like a Lure to people Outside the system but again it's got Under six thousand views and Over a 24-hour period so it's a it's Another fail And it is just you know he's been Pushing this idea of The Hatha Yoga and the other forms of Yoga and then he comes in talks about How Babaji made it simply about the last Three steps which is rajioga Which is yoga the mind or the king of Yogas

And it's simply about spirituality where The rest of it is about You know building character and the Material life becoming a person that can Become spiritual and then doing the Things physically with the poses and the Uh you know asanas and the pranayama the Breathing and things that are physical And he goes through all these steps Character building and you know right Livelihood to the first two limbs of Pontanjali's yoga and you know people Aren't interested in pontanjali And you know they are to some extent But to bring fontanjali's yoga up When he's got babaji's Revolutionary system That he should be bringing people's Attention to and focusing on that it's Just everything that's wrong with dodgy And his whole whatever it is Okay so I want to get back into this Conclave thing and the Swami favorite Kanata thing that never happened But first let's do this because one of My viewers uh who does the sashmarg or Does I think gratefulness now Is still on the mailing list and Received this so today is Tuesday August 15th And dodgy's birthday is Um September 28th And you'll remember there was no Announcement for Babaji they didn't

Really have a gathering for Babaji and He was forced to have a gathering for Chargie And so four days before chargie's Birthday He announced that there would be a Gathering nothing like this Um And because people are coming into the Kana and he couldn't control it so they Had to do something because he was Trying to cancel Chargie's birthday and he was going to Have this conclave Uh you know early in August And so you couldn't do both things But this is how they're treating dodgy's Birthday 68th birthday of beloved dodgy September 23rd Uh September 2023. dear ones I'm Delighted to invite you to join the Celebrations for the 60th birthday of Our beloved In September of 2023 at the Khan Ashanti Vanum you also start planning any local Celebrations at your centers the Celebrations and Kana will be held in Two batches to accommodate as many People as possible And so two batches mean they think There's going to be more Than 80 90 000 at each of them right Because they can accommodate very easily

Sixty seventy thousand people And so two batches means they they're Breaking that up And you know the hall itself sits the Big Hall still it's like sixty thousand Forty fifty sixty thousand the whole all Of the auxiliary buildings of the big Hall seat over a hundred thousand and so I don't understand why they have two Batches and they didn't even want to do Anything for Babaji in charge right and So um it says here there are the batches September 22nd so They're still before this first event They're over a month and a half out like A month in a week out In terms of this announcement to give People time to plan and get down there Right where they did nothing for Charging until four days beforehand with Please begin both your internal and External preparations for the suspicious Occasion you may make your travel Combination reservations as to arrive One day before and leave one day after Your after your batch dates all abiasis Worldwide are invited to join any one Batch volunteers abiasis travel overseas And those who can make their own Accommodation arrangements are permitted To 10 both batches this is here to Register accommodation Changes Transportation all these things Medical

So it's comprehensive on all levels Right Now you know the thing about this is Even kamlesh knew when he first became Master of the system he didn't want to Celebrate his own birthday You know in charge and Babaji downplayed Their own birthdays and we're always Putting more attention on their their Master's birthdays Lology for Babaji and for charge Eulology and Babaji and charge you Minimized his own birthday celebration But people wanted to celebrate his Birthday because they loved them and Same thing with Babaji but he minimized That And he certainly wouldn't have canceled Babaji's and then uh you know or Minimize babaji's and put all this Effort into his own birthday like that's Completely narcissistic and Embarrassingly Transparent like it's so bad And dodgy knew better when he became Master like he didn't want to even like I said celebrate his own birthday now He's diminished the all the other Masters birthdays and is making him Something special and having two batches When you know they couldn't keep people Away from charges like they tried to Stop people coming for charges and they Couldn't

And so all that is you know very Telly Okay so I'm in the editing portion I Just want to add this we're going to get Into this complete fail and debacle Of this um Swami Vivekananda event that Never happened And how embarrassing it is But First I just want to say this That the Indian culture a big part of it Is Saving Face In fact I got a comment from a woman in Australia who dated an Indian man And she said the culture is so uh you Know so centered around Saving Face That she was in this relationship and it Was a disaster because the guy could Never admit to anything or just be Truthful or honest about whatever was Going on like this whole thing was about Saving face and not bringing shame on The family and these Cultural issues and I talked about this With dodgy for a long time Not being able to admit that he failed On any of these occasions especially With the brighter Minds program But some of the stuff he's doing he's Just doing it and he must either know People are ignoring him he isn't being Seen by former practitioners aviasis or You know the ones that were pre-existing Before he became Master the system Charging people

Because he's doing these things and They're embarrassing one after another They're so transparent and there's so Much failure here And he makes these proclamations and Announcements he comes in big And then just fails and then it's just Like either lie about the failure or Pretend it never happened ignore it like It never existed You know it's really bad I mean it's It's hard to understand it must be Almost like a mental deterioration on His part and the people around him like I know that Mr s is like so stupid and So clueless because you have to be that Way it's so oblivious to the way other People are going to perceive you And so they're saving grace that people Have chose to ignore all this and just You know just not pay attention to it Not watch any of it that's the only Thing that's happened you know I don't Watch that much of this stuff I still Watch a lot more than people who are Saying they do heartfulness who are Still loyal to dodgy and doing this Thing they're not watching them at all Like they can't watch any of this stuff And And not feel uh you know of a certain Kind of way about it or anything it's You know when he tried to cancel the two Masters birthdays and then he had to uh

You know really tried to push this thing I'm going to show you out there and the Way he's running his own birthday and How he's I mean just dismissed charges all Together and you try to do it with Bobby As well it's just so bad you know It's embarrassing and it's like the elf In the room that no one wants to talk About this was the original video I Watched it and I presented it in A journey series probably like 10 Journey series ago And Um He first gets into their success of Going to The north western part of India and Going to the rural Villages and starting A bunch of people with heartfulness Which we know you know was I mean we saw Some of the the footage of a guy with a He had a camera a microphone and he was Out the in some rural Village and he was Talking away and everyone was ignoring Him and the only people the only beans Listen to him were the cows and the Goats Like I showed you a clip of that and so They said that they brought in millions Of people or something And that was their goal and of course They didn't It's ridiculous right and the people

They brought in you know they might have Tried To meditate once or whatever But they're not you know the cream of The crop in terms of abiasis and just it Was a fail like everything dodgy does to Fail so we talked about that for the First Three minutes the success that they had And you know he exaggerated it because That's what he does But then after doing that he gets into The whole um You know this conclave thing I don't know how many of you are aware Commemorating 130 years Of Swami vivekananda's participation at World religious conference At Chicago in 1893 we will be Hosting a similar event here Under the Direct support Of Ministry of culture India It'll be a great thing Instead of we calling it as a religious Congress We will call it as World spiritual Conclave Almost 300 Various spiritual come forward and Registered themselves that they would be Coming here We expect At least two lakhs

Individuals To come to our ashram and witness the Program So he's saying they had 300 other Highest you know successful spiritual Gurus Real fake or whatever that were Registered to come any expected 200 000 People to come to The auction 200 000 people would be the Biggest gathering in seismark history The largest gathering and so that's you Know what he's talking about here that's His goal here and this big event that's Going to happen And it never did The event will be inaugurated by Honorable prime minister of India And many other dignitaries will also be Present Big event full of political royalty Celebrities My request to all the kanha residents See when we have 300 Representative from various Organizations we don't have 300 Rooms hotel rooms So I would recommend people can at least Volunteer at this one bedroom two Bedroom all the entire apartment if they Can Give your whole apartment to these Dignitaries that are never going to come You don't mean anything you guys can

Stay in some cod in the ashram Or go to a hotel outside 45 minutes away For this event But give up your house to these other Spiritual dignitaries Who have nothing to do with seismarck or The work of Babaji array the rest of it So that we can Grant Hospitality offered To all these visitors No apartment should be empty And when we do host Well yes gurus or leaders Or directors of various organizations And help them in our residents Will give us the chance of sharing Who We Are It will give us chance to share with us Our philosophies our practice and who Knows They might even start Yeah or they might not come at all when I just you know cancel it without Telling anybody And this is how I feel It may play a major role In bringing all Sorts of spiritual system With various philosophies to come Together And we can thus fulfill The dreams the vision of babuji Maharaja So this is in papiji maharaja's vision

And you know this whole thing was Patanjali and all this and taking a step Backwards and bringing in Hatha Yoga and Uh you know what people consider yoga to Try to lure people into this thing And going out to villages with a Microphone and a speaker And you know just trying to recruit People on the street was never done Never conceived of never I mean it was it was actually said don't Do things like that It was very clear they didn't Advertising Go out and do these types of things Right But this is two failures back to back For him here So he said that they were going to get Something like 12 million people in Northern India They didn't get any they probably had You know 5 000 maybe people who tried it Maybe a few more And no people are going to stay so it's A failure like probably no actual gain Was done Um and he made all these people spend Their own money and buy equipment and go To these Villages and take time off and Travel all the way there and all the Rest of it Which is an epic fail at his part Which is you know very consistent with

What he does he followed it by you know Boasting about this Gathering that was Going to be the biggest spiritual Gathering in seismmark history and maybe Even in India with that size turnout Because There isn't probably another place that Can sit this many people it's the Biggest meditation Hall in the world And so it would have been an epic Gathering with people from other Religions coming and then Modi the President you know prime minister of the Country And all these other dignitaries and it Would have been an epic event that he Was talking about here And it didn't happen right and I'll get Into that in a moment like he you know Like it's an epic you know swing in a Miss right Those who are Reading Whispers on a daily basis or Regularly They would know That babuji is saying that all the World's religious spiritual movements Will come together under one umbrella And sahaja will be at the center of it Never said that that I've read all the Whispers messages I don't know what he's talking about Here But that was never said

It eventually said these other Organizations would fail you know Whatever it was right Um Or would just disappear like he doesn't Even get into that he talked about Religions Basically disappearing in his uh my Vision chapter in reality at dawn And then in um Whispers The Vision is Very clear That the current system has to come down The system that gives you Nobel prizes Right That that system has to collapse and It's going to collapse it's Nature's Work and then out of the you know the Horrors that that systemic collapse is Gonna you know the the harsh lifestyle That everyone's gonna have to endure When the world collapses From the pain and suffering of the Post-apocalyptic world They will become a spiritual awakening And so babaji's not only against Nobel Peace Prize but he's Pro destroying the System and work towards on a spiritual Level to destroy the system that gives Out Nobel Peace Prize at the bottom Prusam award and these governments and All these things The U.N and the rest of it he's against Those things says it very clearly and Whispers right

I feel this is just the beginning of it We have a major role to play In uniting all the systems And thus Uniting the humanity we have a greater Role If you miss this moment I don't know I Don't say that it may not repeat But it will be nice if we can have it Under our wings during our lifetime He's saying that this is a rare Spiritual opportunity which you know Babaji there was a time where Babaji Gave all the people at his house Like some spiritual you know gifts some Spiritual condition Uh you know some spiritual approach And he lined over you up everybody up in Like batches of like seven or eight People and they would sit in the front Row and he would transmit to them and More people would come in And master charger was there and his dad Wasn't his dad showed up like right After it happened And his dad was bummed you know that he Didn't get to experience it and Bob's he Was like well you weren't here you know Like it was just you know you weren't Here for this but it was a spontaneous Moment where Babaji gifted all these People with a spiritual Uh you know some spiritual blessing Whatever spiritual approach and that's

What dodgy is referencing here about This event that he's he's going to host And that you miss out on this event You're missing out on some big you know It may not repeat itself you might not Ever get enough another opportunity to Be here And then he just let this thing not Happen No announcement as far as I know nothing That I saw Nothing that you know was best public as This after making this Proclamation so This is such a big giant failure like He's he's very consistent with what he Does Those who have read voice real Babaji Maharaja says it will be nice If some of you can progress during my Lifetime to the highest level It is not That there will not be future Masters in The system But it will be my pleasure That you all grow during my lifetime And I like to see They will not only grow but we help Others also grow and unite the humanity And change the course For a better Humanity better go better Future for our children So if you read The Whispers of the Brighter world and I've read you guys The prophecies and some of these other

Things That there was none of that in there Right there's none of the bringing all The world together and singing Kumbaya That things are going to get rough There's going to be Nuclear war there's going to be these Upheavals as Bobby called them And the system in the world that we know Is going to be transformed to such an Extent that they're gonna have to Rearrange the maps because of the the Teutonic plate shifting in the The continent shifting that the world's Going to actually physically look Different After we go through this 200 year Whatever it is period Bobby's very clear on all this Um So him saying this you know this you're Not even a Humanity it's not going to Happen it goes against babaji's plan It goes against everything he's talked About it goes against everything that we See happening in the world And it goes against dodgy's you know Failure after failure like this guy Isn't going to unite anything He sucks he's he's a duh he's a bum Right like he's uh he's like an Anti-master He's an absolute feeling a failure that Puts himself ahead at a Chrysler and

Grandize himself and minimize the Accomplishments of the Masters that Helped him uh you know gain anything That he developed in the spiritual world And when he was doing better Was you know when chargie was alive like He was better obviously than he is now Before he became master I think we can all come together and Extend Grant very impressive hospitality With more forward more enthusiasm With great discipline great cleanliness Whenever people come here they are Impressed with Greenery the cleanliness and so many Things of that nature When you think Two legs people will be you know having Walking during these three days It's not like our people coming here and Staying for three days which is only Forty thousand thirty thousand Imagine the numbers of cars coming And going She's really going big here for Something that Did not happen at all like I just want To emphasize This didn't happen like it you know I Heard this I was like all right I have To check this out Because it's going to be bad and it's Going to be you know it's just another

Way of diluting the system And just you know all of it Um but like to think he went in this big He's talking about this is a you know an Epic thing And all it is is an epic you know Non-event it absolutely didn't happen on Any level none of these things happened There was nothing there was Zero this Big event that he's talking about Didn't happen at all like it didn't Exist like you know there was this Proclamation here You know a call to action On an average three to four persons in a Car means A lot of parking area will be required Easily 60 Between 50 to 60 000 cars will be around So more cars than they usually would Have a normal Gathering and we don't Have so much of parking I do see some chaos at that level of Transportation and we are trying to Solve How we can solve the issues if you come Brainstorm and give the idea to our Captain an hour it will be very nice Or you could have not you could have it Not at all you just pretend it did you Never said these things And not do any of it right and the first Week of August is close to The 24th of July the 25th of July is

When charges birthday celebration would End And so he was planning to do nothing for Charging and the following week they Would have to be getting ready during Charge's birthday For this Gathering For the first week of August And so they were choosing he was Choosing Modi and Suave Vivekananda over Charging his master the one that Spent 30 years he spent 30 years Absorbing and being Elevated by charging And Georgie did a good job I saw the you Know the work that was done he was Clearly had all of what he needed to Become a master when charger passed away And he failed he you know he dropped the Ball on his end like complete failure a Big part of that is cutting himself off And thinking he was better than charging Or dismissing charge and all these Things But it's important to understand that he Was Crapping all over chargie's birthday by Having this Gathering and not having Anything for charging and so instead of Celebrating charge he was a much bigger Person than Modi you're a much greater Person than any of these people all These religious functionaries and Gurus and you know diaper Babas and the

Like all of it um he's you know He's much better he's much greater he's Uh On a whole different level Instead of celebrating charging he's Trying to celebrate Modi and this whole Thing and Swami Vivekananda and it Wasn't even the date of Swami Vivekananda's speech it was something Like October 10th which is closer to Dodgy's birthday and so they'd have to Minimize dodgy's birthday celebration to Actually honor Swami vivekananda's Speech on its true anniversary And so the whole thing was a scam and it Wasn't supported by Divinity because He talked a big game here he came in Hard and big and it failed epically We'll be feeding them also we'll be Providing them various deserts or Regular meals And I propose to have it where we used To have our bandaras you know where Children are playing football these days We'll have to create we have to erect Samyana there Facilities can be erected but we'll be Needing so many volunteers To serve To cook See when chargie did something like this He would if he announced it it would Happen I don't remember anything that he

Planned to do that didn't happen I don't remember anything being a Failure It might have been delayed it might have Been whatever it was but it was never Not done at all and not addressed like In dodgy's constantly doing this where He you know and I saw this way back when When he said Um you know you guys saw this when I Started to cover this stuff and uh He said in was it 2001 that we needed to It was either two thousand two thousand Uh 2020 or 2021. We said that we need to bring in more People in America It was a comprehensive program that they Were going to learn how to do Here in America and then they were going To take what we what they learned here And do it over the rest of the world And he wanted to bring in like millions Of Americans And it was this you know Uh he gave this you know epic talk about He said talked about how there's a big Event that's going to happen 2025 and 26 The first time I heard that addressed it All you know events that were in The Whispers prophecies that I've talked About here And so he came in and said this was this Epic program and they did one follow-up And he put all The Usual Suspects who

Were Indian businessmen who always had a Trouble connecting with Americans In charge of it and they failed and I Gave them a bunch of recommendations I'm The only person that had any sort of Success with this Through my YouTube channel And they didn't take my recommendations The only they took only one that suited Them which was As many people as possible become social Media stars and they all tried to do That and they failed because they're not Interesting and no one wants to hear What they have to say dodgy included and So it was an epic fail and I was shocked At how bad it failed Like that's when I kind of realized he's A dud like he he made this big Proclamation and he just came up Completely short and they never really Never got off the ground it was Embarrassing Just like their YouTube channel and Everything else his failures have I mean He just fails time and time again And he comes in with this so this is Going to be great and then the thing Fails and you know he's failed with this Idea of getting rid of charges in Babaji's birthday Like he failed with that he was pouty And whiny and you know marching around You didn't say a word the whole Gallery

Didn't give one speech and he was forced To give you know that Gathering and this Gathering failed like he came out and Said hey this is going to be big and Then you know imagine like a dad coming Home and saying oh we're gonna go on This epic vacation to Disney World and The kids start planning for it to get Their hopes up and it's like yo this is Going to be epic and then he just Doesn't do it and doesn't say anything About it like you know like making Promises and talking about something big That's going to happen and it doesn't Happen and then never addressing it and Talk about why it didn't happen publicly And say you know all these people are Getting ready and who are going to give Up their apartments and you know people Are going to volunteer and all the People are going to come here guess what This didn't happen and this is why he Just pretends that he never said all These things and they're stupid not to Erase this whole thing here And all related items associated with it So Not in Hustle bustle but it's a peaceful Mind centered heart No need to run around Sir silently And that will create A kind of energy around all of us Individually

When you walk silently Centered within yourself in remembrance Of the master Being absorbed At the same time smile on your face And serve that creates atmosphere and When many of us Have that image in khanna's atmosphere Is already radiating so much of energy People feel that as soon as they enter The ashram they do feel that yeah it's Not well I mean I think it's worse That's what I'm hearing That they're going to Sasson people Don't feel things And whatever energy was there has been Wrecked and it was never as good as the Other ashrams and so like this is why The dodgy truther said to me that he's Closing down he showed me that he's Closing down all the other ashrams the One inside call they're not using and What they're using these things for is Non-seize my related events the one in Chennai these other ashrams because Dodgy doesn't want you to feel the Energy at these other ashrams so he's Doing things in those ashrams to get rid Of the condition And you know so you can't feel the Difference of how he's failed at Khanna I mean he's just like a blight on this System I guess it's a not you know it's Like a one of the The Four Horsemen of

The pocket last for this uh system of Size mark Yeah to go to the next level Atmosphere here should surpass the times Of Lord Krishna We are not as ignorant as people of Those days We're way worse like it's not even a Comparison that was another Yuga People's if you understand what people Were Some of the capabilities that are Described in the Ma burata and these People live for thousands of years And so to compare those people and say That they're ignorant The people now are much more evolved It's ridiculous right We are quite awakened our people are Quite charged up and spiritually evolved And I am sure it is time To display the inner beauty Thank you so I asked the dodgy truther About this I hadn't watched re-watched That video I didn't know it was that bad Or he went in that big but I remembered It and I covered it here and you know I Was I mean he made a big proclamation of how Big it was going to be And so I asked the dodgy truther about It like what happened And I said did they cancel that conclave With the with Modi or for Swami

Vivekananda's speech anniversary at Kana And he wrote the whole thing was a sham They did it only and only because KDP accomplished desperately wants to Get PM physically But if not at least remotely That's Modi he knows PM is high highly Popular as a politician and elections Are coming so more and more campaigns And so he wants to leverage on that as If they churned out the old videos and Used as PR for him So this event did not happen ypm Goodnight spare time so the estimated 30k who were to assemble was really 200 000. like he forgets he's even Forgetting how big dodgy went in on this The 30k were assembled can go to hell so You can cannotic and wait another year All because kamlish had only one goal in Human life to get the PM Which didn't happen so they postponed But who knows Um you know postpone that thing right Postponed it like It's an absolute like embarrassment that He came in because it's an anniversary Day you don't postpone an anniversary Just like you don't postpone a birthday Celebration And Swami Vivekananda is a central part To the system and so there's a image Here That I'm showing you and

Um he sent me that underneath it that There now is a sash Mark magazine And there is a heartfulness magazine now The heartfulness magazine failed dodgy Was whining this is early on before People really I mean they have abandoned Him you can see They're ignoring him completely but he Whined that people weren't opening them Up they had you know spy data to know if You opened up when you got the email for This heartfulness magazine If you opened it up or not and um They didn't and Dodge was saying you Guys we work so hard on these magazines And the magazines suck it's very new age They featured quotes of Oprah Winfrey I Showed you it's a bad magazine And it's certainly not resonating with Sage Morgan Uh you know charges and babaji's Teachings And people didn't like it they only had A lot of input from other people like You know Deepak Chopra and these other Clowns and all these other people And it wasn't good it's not a good Magazine And it's just every time I looked at it I was like looking at it just for You know the idea of you're watching a Train wreck and it was nicely done it's Professionally done but it's the content Sucks just like all the rest of it

And so dodgy whined about people getting The emails but not even looking and Opening up the magazine He's like well most people aren't doing That like he was you know pissed about It And how hard he and the other people are Working on it and then he's now doubling Down and having a second magazine You know that so they can suck doubly as Much And so it's interesting it was no Coincidence that this guy sent me that Video where he's saying patanjali should Get a Nobel Peace of prize you know it's Just against the whole Spirit of the Thing and just everything that he's Trying to do And that this practitioner the system Would send me this um announcement of His birthday which they are in Grandizing and the dodgy would just have Another swing in the midst of having This conclave because they couldn't get Modi and they're sending a centering Around politics and a famous politician Which is something that sagemarg was Never supposed to be It was never supposed to be political It was never supposed to get involved With politics or anything that was Polarizing because it was for everybody To connect to God regardless of your Political leanings in these things and

All these liberals and you know these New age people that do uh so I did the Heartfulness now like the couple that Lives close to me you know all these Failures of preceptors who have become Politicized and they hate Trump and then There's You know the right-wing people and the You know getting involved with the RSS And these other organizations and and Diaper Baba is very political Politically involved and getting into Politics and it's failed they're not Bringing in people It's still not expanding it's Contracting the people who are charging People have stuck their heads in the Sand they're pretending that they don't See what's going on and they're just you Know like they've gone completely uh See No Evil here no evil speak no evil And like the whole system has imploded It's it gets worse and worse every time I check in with it and he's just an Embarrassment it's embarrassing to come Out and say that this is a an epic event That we're going to be involved in and 200 000 people are going to show up and Then just cancel it and then have to do A charging birthday gathering because That's what people really want even Though he you know with trying to cancel That and and slap that together five Days before because people are

Descending on the ashram when he was Trying to get rid of those holidays Altogether I mean he's just like a failure on so Many different levels you know the guy Is Just failing all over the place and I Only know probably a fraction of the Failures Of things that he's doing that you know He tries on his own And They don't do they don't work they don't Succeed either they and sometimes they Don't even get off the ground you try Something and it you know it's always Falling short and they come in they Fudge the numbers and they claim it was A success or They say all right we'll probably we'll Postpone this thing and they'll never do It you know it just that thing sailed So this conclave that he wanted to do There's a number of things like this That he wanted to do and never happened And he pretends they're You know they're postponed or whatever And you know we're going to do it we'll Finally do it you know like somebody who Has these goals that they never achieve And they constantly are saying things That making big proclamations you know Like the the kid that's a constant Failure who comes home like his brothers

And sisters are all successes and he Comes home he's kind of a flim-flam man A con man and you know always uh maybe a Drug addict as well and a gambler or Whatever it is you know going through Marriages and substance abuse and comes Home and talks about this big thing he's Getting going and he asks for everyone To support and give him money and the Family knows he's going to fail but they Don't want to embarrass them so they all Say they're going to support them or Whatever and then the thing never pans Out right it's like he's that guy right He's that failure and the system has Been run into the ground and all the People who are you know still doing this Are sticking their head in the sand and Pretending that they're not seeing what They're seeing or they're just ignoring It so they don't have to deal with the Failure that they all know is there but They don't want to acknowledge So it's pretty roughly it gets pretty Rough and rough right Um but you know like when I thought About that and I was like wait there's Nothing here I was even shocked that They didn't do it like I was surprised That they didn't have something And he talked about so much of course I Don't tune into the you know what's Going on so I didn't know it was Happening I'm not there and I'm not

Talking to anybody but I just assumed They had something and they had Modi Involved I believe if they didn't have Modi they Would have had you know something right The way he was talking about here I mean He really went in big on this thing and Then to come up empty completely empty Like that even throw something out there And instead having to do charges Birthday because people were coming Even though he asked them not to they Were just ignoring him because he's just Being ignored like people don't even Think about dodgy as the master is a a Person in their life they don't tune Into his YouTube they don't watch his Videos they don't even meditate with him He gives a meditation every Sunday And it gets like under 10 000 views I mean every Sunday there's less than 10 000 people that want to be involved with Him and you know not you know any Whatever he's saying whatever he's doing They're not listening to him he's just The you know ignored Master of the System and president and he keeps on Going out there and talking to an like An empty audience like CNN or MSNBC Where they pretend that they're Delivering the news and it's just a Bunch of old people who are half dead Half skill conscious watching it right I Mean it's just that bad like he's failed

That much and he's just embarrassing Himself every time he goes out there It's like he's playing dress-up like He's dressing up and playing The role of a master when he's like Nobody's listening to him like they've Completely tuned him out Anyways um so that's the beginning of The 116th Version of The Journey series it was Nice to you know be away from this but I Can get into more stuff now than We got this out of the way Okay so this is a video that was Released I saw right after how to get Enlightened pontanjaliers Estonia yoga Which I covered earlier in this video And Um The reason I looked at this And anytime I look at something I'm like You know bummed like or just I don't Want to say bum because I don't have an Emotional reaction anymore to all this Um You know because they're doing the Gratefulness and all the rest of it but It is just another head scratching video Not about seismish Mark On the heartfulness YouTube channel And this says vandi mind from a tribute To the land that was always nurtured Seekers of the truth and Seekers of the Truth

Is what caught my eye Because in India And this is their talk about the land of India now secrets of the truth beings In this context finding God and being a Spiritual person because you know Truthers in the truth Community which I Covered You know done videos on my you know my Both my channels and all these things Isn't real truth right it's You know it's uncovering the lives of A Dysfunctional system But the stuff that's going on with the With the heartfulness organization and All these people put together this video Aren't seeking truth spiritually or Dealing with the truth of dodgy Folly Right they're just in denial which is What this video seems to be about The people who are unwilling to see What's so obvious to see with dodgy And you know it's Stunning like I've been able to witness This Uh sheepleness And you know So many people and so much uh structural Social structure and governmental Structure and the ability to deny Reality to not confront the abusive and Uh scary circumstances Of the people running your system Is something I've been watching now for

Years how people will just deny Something that's so obvious to see you Know the emperor has no clothes kind of Thing And it's happening right now in Heartfulness in a huge way but it Happens in India a lot Because the truth Community has never Been accepted there you know remember I Told you that I wanted to do something In India like start a truth movement There And of course with the um I just covered My you know time in the flood on a video Yesterday And how the government because what's Going on in Hawaii with the fires right Now It's Wednesday August 15th and there's These fires and wildfires and Fires that were intentionally uh created By uh you know some governmental Corporate system To take land away from the indigenous People You know Prime uh Hawaiian land that was Done in Chennai in the flood years and Years ago they opened the floodgates and They flooded out the river area they Flooded the whole city but a river area While these poor people were living and They evicted the poor people After the Flood and they built corporate Structures around this valuable real

Estate And it's obviously done intentionally I Mean they opened the floodgates At like you know four or five in the Morning And before anybody could you know do Anything about it they didn't warn Anybody And four fists of the city was Underwater and you know the whole thing Uh well you know went South from there And so I was talking about the flood That I you know that I experienced in India my other channel Because I was covered in the Hawaiian Fires but you know truth is not Something in India You know the just the culture itself And there's just a level of denial In general and you know the whole Saving Face thing And so when I saw this title I'm like You know how if you're going to face Truth you have to face this thing about Dodgy This person Pride to be an Indian Avayasi there are a number of real Comments here So this is a video that's getting real Love From massage my community it's being Shared Look at all these comments like this is What I was talking about with the other

Videos so this is a video that's popular And all these comments are like real Comments from real people there's 139 Comments the video has 14 000 views so You know this is how it should be this Shows you how much they're faking things With dodgy because this is what it could Be and this video is not a heartfulness Or scishmark video And so it says Vonda Mantra I praise you My motherland is the national song of India By barkham Chandra just this person in The 1870s on this occasion The Indian Independence day in 2023. I guess that's August 14th one of my viewers pointed Out that lology Um lologies Maha samadhi day that means The day he died he left his planet was I Think August um I forget what the person said but it was A comment where a recent comment um is August 14th so um the person Was the someone that I think found Sage Mark uh you know gratefulness through me I don't know if the person was doing it Ahead of time or They're just reading all the books on Their own right Someone who's diving into the culture And the literature And you know he points out that August 14th

Islology's ma samadhi day which is a big Day like that's you know that they Celebrate the births of the Masters But the Masters big day is their death Day when they leave this planet and they Go enjoy the fruits of their success Because they live stressful miserable Lives Material lives but when they die they Have you know benefits of all the work They've done spiritually and it's a Relief day for them right their Birthdays are celebrated by all the People who benefit from their birth but Their the day they die is you know the Day that's More for them right for their it marks Their achievement and being free from They're liberated from their bondage Here on planet Earth And so biological day is the same day That they're Putting out this video so It says here a presentation by Volunteers of the global heartfulness Community And so the video features women's Singing and one of the women I recognize She got divorced Which just doesn't happen in scishmore And so I'll talk about that in a bit but Here's the The land has always nurtured Seekers of Truth

Well Seekers of God not Seekers of truth Because it's a very There's a lot of light and manipulation In the culture There's a lot of built-in lying that People do You just you know I I've documented it And it's obviously there with all the Rest of this Lying to themselves Um So They start talking about There are just a few of the many Seekers Who were in India and they start off With Buddha you know dodgy has a thing About Buddha Buddha is I don't want us you know Of all the people Bob Gia took commune With Buddha was the most difficult And was more into selling his own thing That he did whatever the Nirvana thing Whereas all these other Saints and souls Were supportive Of babaji's achievements um and then They show you Kabir who Babaji talks about quite a bit he's a Poet at somebody he reached a high level Of Spiritual attainment okay so I'm editing And I actually was um I got through all My comments and I was listening to this But I was

Just scrolling through Facebook and Somebody posted something about computer And I conflate or I confuse Kabir with Rumi here In this video so I just want to point it Out and I'm going to talk about later Again I'm in the editing portion so Somewhere in a voice art I talk about Kabir And when I'm talking about Kabir I'm Really talking about roomy that's who I Thought Could be or was at that moment but in Terms of what Babaji said Kabir was the Most elevated in terms of yatra the Soul Saying Outside of the seismarck system I think He was at like Point 11 you know there's 13 points he was at point 10 or 11 or Something like that Uh so one of the few that was able to Achieve high levels of The spiritual yatra and Again when I'm referring to him later I'm thinking he was roomie who's the Poet where Kabir was the highest person Outside the scishmark system So I'm going to go back to it here so Whatever I say that that's you know just To avoid confusion I'm not going to listen to the audio and Amend it here I think it's coming up Unless it's part of this you know this Um

Part I'm editing here this is a yes I'm Using the screenflow but my uh my audio I don't know where it is and I just want To get this video out but I you know I'm Talking about Kabir but I'm thinking It's uh roomy just to make that clear Mirabai Mirabeiss talked about inside smart Which doesn't really have any Role to play and there's these different People singing here They're singing this song this Indian Song Guru nanak I've heard of not really Involved in scishmart you're just an Indian saint Rama commissioner para hamsa this is Suave vivekadandas spiritual Guru and After that they get Um Swami Vivekananda so they have uh from The ramkrishna organization which was Around the same time I believe that Robert Christian was Alive when lology was alive so they Skippedology so that's the first part Lology is you know the maybe the Greatest Indian true Seeker who Who opened up the possibility of all These things and there was a line of Saints there are people who ology learn From him in his village Who were sufis and they were in India

And you know they I mean logy at least Should be here and maybe some of those People right Um but they're not well known And so they skippedalology And they went with some of his Contemporaries Swami Vivekananda is the only person Here that's really involved with the Scishmark system Who intercommune with Babaji multiple Times right Um and gave him orders and as a part of This system And then there's par hops of Yogananda Again a person who Um Is uh like a contemporary of babaji's And his yoga was more traditional yoga And then this is Not sure who she is ma Um This might be amoji Um And I'm not sure but this is they think They just put in one woman there's been Plenty of women Saints there but they Had to get somebody in there And then um Babaji and that's it no lology no Charging and even no dodgy which is kind Of surprising That they got this thing up without you Know because this was made by an

Independent group of of aviasis but they Don't have Any of the other Masters just Babaji Um was the true Seeker And that's their list of true Seekers They've got a lot of support a lot of People Liking this video commenting and it's a Video that I think got legitimately 14 000 views it features a patriotic song Towards India And a bunch of spiritual people that Have nothing to do with size marker what They now call heartfulness okay so Moving over the voiceover part and There's a lot here to unpack so why does This video exist It doesn't tell you anything about the Practice Or why scishmark is good it tells you Why India is great India has had a Number of has had more Saints and Spiritual Seekers and spiritual Masters And more spiritual success than ever any Country on the planet and Babaji said that at some point in the Future India will lead the world again But it's not now India is a mess it's a material mess It's corrupt mess it's overpopulated It's filthy it's one of the dirtiest Places there's a great Ted Talk by an Indian guy And he talks about pollution that's not

The pollution the trash And you know there's there was empty Lots Around the ashram area this is valuable Real estate You know charge you built the ash from In this place and people told them oh It's horrible and you know it's not good Land what are you doing it's garbage Land It was you know some of the land that he Could afford he got 20 acres of land You know that was a lot for that City it Was expensive and it was land that was Below the flood plain which sucked when The flood hit you know that's a Legitimate criticism But it became a paradise for you know The rest of the time you know it flooded Occasionally But that whole area monopokum There's now giant call Center buildings And charge you also eventually built That school down the road lousy Memorial Mega School And there's it's a hub for Uh corporate like this you know Corp Beautiful corporate buildings It's some of the most valuable real Estate now in Chennai And chargie you know got in on it and The ground floor right when he he was There was nothing out there when he Bought the land

And it's you know relatively close to The airport and and it's now like a Sacred land and when I used to walk from Some of these beautiful houses they Built around the area and there was all These nice houses That rich people who did size Mark built Or or people built there and sold to Rich people Nice apartment buildings beautiful Places it's one of the nicer places Neighborhood wise in Chennai City And there would be empty lots and people Just dumped their trash neighbors Whatever it is Walkers by would just Throw trash into these slots And it's part of the culture to do that Just to throw trash on the street And these lots that people you know People own this property before they Built something they'd have to go into This massive cleanup of all this garbage And you know broken glass and wire and I Mean not you know Bad garbage right when the flood hit we Had a you know land behind our flat they Had to build up the land You know the some of the land and the Auction was like 20 feet under water Which was across the street it was down A hill And the place where my you know the flat I was like me and my family are living In who had three feet of water but the

Place behind our house the flat had a 10-foot drop off so they had it had 13 Feet of water And there were trees and things in there It was like they had built some other Apartments they were building an Apartment uh in this you know this lot Area there was a road that the ashram Was on And our flat was set back you know Behind the road And Um this you know this empty lot was uh Hadn't you know they had to bring in Topsoil to build the area up to keep the Places from flooding Uh you know because of the being in a Sort of a swamp area And so um This area had 13 14 feet of water There's lots of little trees and shrubs And when the when the water drained all These trees and shrubs had plastic bags And trash they looked like you know Christmas trees from hell you know this Trash was decorating these trees and This guy gave a TED Talk and he talked About this problem the trash in India Like it doesn't exist in other countries Around the world And he talked about like the shame of it And he said there's a neighborhood in Singapore now I went to the Singapore Airport

You know there was a famous Um American kid through gum on the Street and his punishment was they took A bamboo cane and they beat his bottom They call it caning and you know they Don't they don't want to tolerate you Throwing gum on the street right so Singapore is a very tough place Beautiful place But they're not you know into people Being disrespectful and polluting and Things like that Um so He showed you he showed all the Neighborhoods in Singapore these Beautiful clean neighborhoods this guy In this Ted Talk and they showed you the Indian neighborhood and there was trash All over the street You know it is a like it's a not a great Place right now So much corruption so much Uh just not good stuff But this spiritual achievement is still There in the bones of the country and Babaji said someday it would turn it Around right but there's going to have To be population reduction and you know That's going to take upheavals at a Whole change in Yuga India seems to Suffer during the Kali Yuga more than Any other country or place in the world So you know it's Babaji says it's going To turn it's be turned around and you

Know I believe that will happen and you Know could happen but right now that's Not the case India is a mess And they're selling India For no reason because they already have A lot of Indian people that do such Mark They're doing the Indian national anthem But they're not doing anything that's Going to promote the size Mark system And they're putting these other Spiritual truth Seekers On the same level of Babaji and above Chargie and I mean same level as uh yeah Babaji and above charge analogy they Didn't even include Babaji charging Lology and a lot of these people Were charging people there's a woman Here the one person I knew And she was an Indian woman who um Was I was friends with on Facebook and She was like a a world-class singer and The song is a little bit better like It's a little bit better than some like I don't like the music but it's you know The song's well done But she um They just don't get divorced in India This might have been a marriage that Charge you was involved in I'm not sure They were a younger couple And my ex's daughter studied with this Woman musically you know there's some Sort of relationship there

With our family and there's kind of a Shock around the mission this was like a Famous You know someone who was a you know the Like a professional singer And her husband I was friends with him I Think maybe I met him and talked to him He seemed like a nice guy But the woman was career oriented and Whatever right Um but you know the and there's another Thing that happened Uh yesterday there was a nice couple That I received sittings from when I was In you know the last uh six months or so As in India has gone through that Epic Cleaning I've talked about so much In the journey series and next to me There was this French woman who was Great you know she had kids around my Kids age and I got sittings from her And there was a couple that lived above Her The woman who was I believe Japanese And the husband was Indian And the nicest people and I got cities From I was getting like three sittings a Week and they lived right next door so There's these two precepts three three Preceptors they got sittings from the Guy a couple of times the guy seemed Like just like the nicest person And they seem like the nicest couple and They had young kids you know toddler age

Kids who seemed really sweet like just Nice sweet people like just you know the People that you feel really good about Who do the system like just examples of What size Mark can do for you you know Basking in the the energy or whatever Um and so Facebook once in a while a Person comes up that I know and haven't Seen for a while And I've been for the past year checking Out their their feed to see if they're Posting projogy stuff because I Unfriended a lot of people Just because they did heartfulness some Of them posted heartfulness stuff and I Just you know I don't have anything in Common with these people and and you Know now I'm probably pretty Infamous in The system and whatever uh given all the Things that happened you know what this Journey series and the rest of it and my Openly you know slamming dodgy I'd be in A piece of Boop you know Piece of poop Um So when people come up now I actually Look at there Timeline before I unfriend them And this person I would not unfriend Anyway was this you know woman she gave Me cities she probably gave me Maybe 10 sittings over a year And so I saw her profile came up and there

Wasn't she hasn't posted much on Facebook But I didn't see anything with her Husband in it and I thought I was Friends with her husband but I had to Find him And I found him and he didn't have Anything with her in it they didn't say They were single in there or whatever But I'm like they got divorced And on his profile he had just his Pictures Nothing with his family seems like a Really nice guy Really really nice guy But no pictures with his kids like you Know and they they weren't posting a lot Of things on Facebook But I'm like wow they got divorced and There's been a lot of people getting Divorced Under the Commerce you know during Commish time That woman who was a singer got divorced During charge you but that's what's more Of a kind of a scandal But there's a lot of people getting Divorced That are you know are now under dodgy And I'm like the whole mission is like Falling apart morally and they just People have lost their way like that Video Why would you pop make that video like

You know to talk about how great Indie Is Is that what you need like all you have Is Indian people doing Size Mark and it's you know very I don't say it's religious but it is Kind of religious I mean they did have Buddha in there And they omitted chargie who most of These people You know were charging people which is Kind of Blasphemous but you can't admit The founderology And put in both ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda who have nothing to do with This system like you're not selling You're selling India in the in the video For no good reason right just it doesn't Make any sense and then on top of it Like there's this other video that um The dodgy truther just wrote me this Morning that his theory is The reason you know that he's Accomplish is talking about uh Pantanjali And Enlightenment you know that even um A diaper Baba has a as a company named Pont Angeles And diaper Baba admitted that Babaji who Is patanjali in a you know is uh Montanjali was a past life of his Improved on pontanjali's system Even diaper Baba who's a Big Yoga guy He's a big into pontanjali's eight limbs

Of yoga does astanga yoga Said that this is an improvement system Like he admitted to this this is what This guy wrote To Me and he thinks that Dodgy is embracing pontanjali this idea Of Enlightenment so they can Partner with diaper Bob and do all this Yoga stuff But they're all they're taking steps Backwards in every possible way like They don't Make videos about the great what Separates the size Mark system but in The teachings of the seismarck system You know there's 13 yatra points where Your soul passes through which I've Explained in videos here in the journey Series and you know on on the my new Channel the gratefulness meditation Channel I have a video that explains the the Sort of basic philosophy of scishmart And you know these yatra points Your soul moves from point one to two to Three to four you know to fives to six There's kind of skipped quickly through Because they're power points and then Into the Mind region And then the central region and Babaji Said That there was a few Saints there's one Saint uh it's not Kabir but it is Kabir Is a poet and I think his name began With K I just looked up Indian Saints

And Wikipedia Of Hindu Saints um this guy Babaji Mentioned in his books and I think he Was from Northern India And he wanted to be Um Uh you wanted to follow a guru and the Guru wouldn't accept him But he slept in the guru's front porch And his Guru Came out and accidentally tripped over Him and said ROM Which is of course for Rama uh you know The Hindu God or the Hindu uh Incarnation of Vishnu Rama who came Before Krishna both Rama and Krishna are Incarnations of the you know the cosmic Function and functionary Vishnu and he Took Ram as when his Guru said Rob he Took Ram as his mantra But uh Babaji mentions this guy by name And he I think he was in point 11. Um which is extraordinary And this guy isn't even on this list of Saints right he's but you know people Know know of him And the majority of other people Including himself Babaji when babji Incarnated from being pantanjali was at Point one And the majority of saints had made it To 0.2 including like Jesus and some of These other Saints and in a well-known spiritual

Masters they just made it to point two Which you know I went through that as a Preceptor Babaji raised me up to this Little level all the preceptors and it Was extraordinary spiritual experience You know and it's different for all of Us who are gifted this Whereas these Saints and spiritual Masters had to work hard for it Independently they didn't have The seismic system of cleaning and the And the yatra process and all these Things That Babaji and lology really broke you Know broke the Broke through this you know this Limitation and opened up this process And so there is You know like everybody else there's the Masters the three masters of the seismic System and everybody else right Because of this breakthrough and I'm Going to talk about the cleaning process In a video on my other you know my other Video on this channel but uh you know do With Robert Kennedy Jr and uh you know His sexual addiction and things and the Cleaning process I'm going to talk Extensively about that today and Another video but the cleaning process Is amazing in the seismic system the Transmission is a part of that and the Transmission its own miracle But the cleaning process is essential

Because people are so freaking gross and They have so many Tendencies deviant Tendencies From past lives and living in a degraded Time That you can't even start being a Spiritual person without the cleaning Process like I think that my spiritual Practice I mean after two years and I was made a Preceptor I got deep cleaning sittings For being made a preceptor and then What I went through in terms of that Cleaning where I had the resentment Towards God and that deep cleaning and All those preceptors sittings I got it I Talked about Where it's just so miserable and I could Barely function And I was going through you know the Divorce process and all that And you know it was just An uncertain time for my family you know This YouTube channel was taken off you Know all these things And the cleaning I went through You know I can't even put into words the Differences between what I was inside Before and after Those cities just you know it's a Miracle it's a it's miraculous And you know without the cleaning Spiritual Evolution doesn't happen And these were things that were

Introduced by Babaji and you know Bobby Perfected the system biology was The Catalyst for it all and then charge He brought it out and really was the Perfect example Of what the system could do for a person Both in this material success In his spiritual success And they you know together they built This system That is you know Second To None I don't Even call it like you can compare it Because it's a whole new Spiritual system And the people doing size Mark in India And who are making videos and people who Are following dodgy And they don't know this like I can't Believe they don't know like they don't Know how great the system is And I don't even know that much about Spirituality or The you know the the ancient cultures And the things there but they're still Doing their rituals and Dodges embracing Hinduism and they're taking a step Backwards and they're doing Hatha Yoga And like they're just degrading the System When and dodgy knew how great the system Was in the beginning because he was He was focusing on the transmission as a A selling point but in this video I'm Talking about they're out there selling

India like you know why are you selling India like you know people don't want to Buy India and why would they like you Know from outside it's such a different Culture And it's so degraded it's so you know Not I mean yeah it has the ancient Spiritual Traditions but it's not doing Well now And you know what made India great for Me was the ashrams And the master And the people who were devoted to the System And there are some wonderful people Saintly people But I you know America is much better Like it doesn't have the spirituality The spirituality that that India does I Mean doesn't have you know spirituality Uh almost at all I mean we're not a spiritual people We're materialistic it's very aggressive Here And hostile but it's much easier to live Even kamlish said why do you want to Live in India when you can live in America like he he preferred America Because of uh and you know charges said In 200 years America Could equal India in its spiritual Achievements or at least in terms of its Level And commerce had said Americans just

Seem to do better with the system even Though it's not a spiritual place And so you know but in terms of material Life it's better in terms of Spirituality yeah idea is a better place But you have to suffer through the Material uh you know the overpopulation The filth and the corruption and the And uh you know just the like the Difficulty the heaviness of the the Culture and the you know a measurement Of the family I mean all these things Right Uh and so there's no reason to sell India because seismic isn't just about India it's a worldwide system and it Said in the beginning you know this was Uh a group that said um let me go back To the beginning of that video I gotta fight it here um It said uh a presentation by volunteers Of the global hearthless community And you're selling India you're talking About how India is this great place and Has all these saints that have you know They're they're nothing in terms of Their spiritual achievement compared to The Three masters of the heartfulness of the Sargemark system And then dodgy with heartfulness he was Put in the central region he just Fellered he just you know crapped out That's whatever that is like that's a

Bummer uh but you know the whole thing Is just an absolute Is an absolute embarrassment right Like all of it that they're doing like There's just no truth and to call this Thing The as always nurtured Seekers of Truth Yeah it's a India is one of the few Places where Saints gets celebrated And not crucified And that's you know something to brag About because that's a good thing where Your Saints are celebrated It's one of the few places really the Only place in the world That Saints are you know are not Considered troublemakers And torn down because they threaten the Power structure in the system That Saints are supported in their Country It's like I said the really only place In the world that That truly does this But you know what size marks is is a Global system like they said and they Should focus on the cleaning and the Transmission and the benefits of the System of course they don't have that Anymore because their Master is fallen And so that's if you want to start off Being a truthful person That's where you would start Deal with what just happened with dodgy

Deal with what dodgy has done to your You know your spiritual Master charging The guy who's that you claim to love so Much that started the system And deal with that like just be honest And say It's no longer the same thing You know that you have to admit that you Know that's like the hard truth that This you know what's ever happened that Dodgy has disrespected charging at every Turn and then they disrespect charging Again in this video Because charging more than any other Master you can say Babaji was a truther But Babaji was you know like an innocent Child Analogy you know was I mean he was a Truther in the sense that he was before The era he lived in rural India In uh you know where there was lots of Knowledge about spirituality and yoga And you know being a spiritual person That he grew up with which was A less degraded time There was more You know more of an ancient culture Where he lives still The ancient Indian culture was still There Even though it was the northern part of India he lived in an area that was not Invalided by the materialistic Globalization that we all knew world

Order stuff that we all deal with But chargey was somebody who was I would Consider like had a truther personality He was a true seeker and you know he saw Through things and he was a you know a Great mind and so and he was clearly a True Seeker he was somebody who was well Educated well read And he had a curious mind and he was Interested in you know not only Spirituality but science and he spoke so Many different languages and you know Fully functional person Who had uh you know just was brilliant And to leave him off this video You know like if you're gonna put Swami Vivekananda and ramakrishna in that Means you're not like Brahma Krishna was The founder of the uh ramakrishna Institute or whatever it's called And Swami Vivekananda was his disciple Who Swami vivekanada went to higher Heights you know he was he was somebody That ramakrishna saw there was like These seven Heavenly rishis These Divine Souls that you know manage Some uh they're gonna have some Cosmic Function in the universe and one of them Fell to Earth And it was it was Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna saw this and waited for Swami Vivekananda to come to him it was Like his disciple

But you know again what they had and What they did is nothing compared to What size margas in terms of a system That to help everybody connect to God It is unique and then a whole different Level in stratosphere To the rest of these systems I mean That's according to the scishmark system You can believe it or not like I believe It you have to figure it out for Yourself right those of you who are Trying it those of you are interested in It you know you can believe it take it Or leave it well it doesn't matter But to those of us who do it that's what We believe either that or Babaji is a Liar right you know Babaji said all These things in a non-braggadocious way He didn't you know brag or say it in a Narcissistic way they were saying said To very innocent way people ask them Questions and he talked about the system But he knew it was revolutionary and According to the system You know according to babaji's Diaries That Krishna was in charge of the Material Universe his soul you know Vishnu's Soul like there's a soul in Charge of the sun there's a soul in Charge of the earth there's a soul in Charge of the weather you know that you Have these these Cosmic functionaries That there's you know they're they're There to see you know to execute what

God wants in terms of all these powerful Elements in the material world And uh Vishnu was in charge of the Material Universe This Plane of Existence Not just like life on Earth but all the You know the material Universe the vast Material universe And he turned that responsibility over To Babaji you know and some you know 19 Something or other right You know 19 you know 60 or whatever it Was And Bob would you documented this in his Diary and it's been documented in The Whispers of the brighter world that Babaji is the soul in charge of all this Right You know and still he's you know his Master islology I mean so you know it's A little bit more complex than that But that's what's said right and either Either it's true or it's not Either you believe it or you don't you Know whether you believe it or not it's Either true or not and Babaji is Executing a plan that he was given to Bring down the current materialistic System and create a new spiritual world With spirituality as base this is You know with the seismic teachings are And if you're a practitioner of the System again if you're a new person it's Got to prove it to you

Doesn't matter that I say it or Babaji Said it you have to be proven it has to You have to you know you have to have Some experience of the efficacy of the System And it has to prove to you like you know And I don't care about all that stuff Like what I care about is What I know is in terms of the Transformation I've gone through because Of the system You know I believe that stuff because of The stuff I've experienced and the stuff That's happened to me in the system and You know what I don't have Reverence for I'm not a teachable person I had an opportunity to play college Basketball and the coach didn't think I Was coachable like I'm irreverent I'm Disrespectful I you know I don't you Know that's why I've been able to say Things and do things in in this journey Series and just say truth and ways that Somebody coming from India wouldn't be Able to do Somebody growing up in the culture the Master culture they wouldn't be able to Say the things I've said about dodgy and You know all these things and take this Attitude because It's it's culturally just not done Um I mean someone might get angry and Yell something and you know get all you Know I mean when people are calling for

My assassination right like that you Know people say stupid stuff there But in terms of giving thoughtful Analysis and Being able to dissect what's going on Here it's culturally difficult and you Know in a socially unacceptable in India And I just don't care about it I don't Care about the you know Master disciple Relationship all these things I was Never good at it it was always a Struggle for me You know it was never something that was Uh natural for me to do and just coming From America and then my personality Type you know I learned from experience And my own you know my own process I Don't do well as teachers and you know From external authority figures and Things and just socially you know my Brother and I talked about how We would say things that were like Horrible like just Um you know just and and probably just Socially incompetent and we talked about My dad and just you know my brother and I hell socially incompetent and weird Uncomfortable situations Would Ensue when we talked to people right we Had social interactions we just aren't Good at it and genetically and socially From our family or whatever And like we would walk away from

Conversations going why did I say that Like just all the time And so there's that being blunt and Being you know but just also You know just not trained well in just All this stuff And like there's a lot there And so when people are worse socially Than me which I don't even understand it but there's Lots of them in the scishmart system That in terms of like I don't care about Etiquette I would never take etiquette Training and etiquette's a big part of The Indian culture And in that I would never disrespect Charging the way they did right like I Would bother me Um you know the times I did things that Were like I were like regretful things You know I still think about And you know I don't want it to be some Big impression you know I don't want to Put much weight into it but You know the way that dodgies Disrespected charging just absolutely Publicly and that all these people have Gone along with it they're complicit in It It's astounding to me like I again I Don't even have what they have in terms Of their training in there you know Their Guru culture And their Guru cultures what's keeping

Them bound to dodgy even though they Don't listen to him they don't like him They don't respect him they're not fans Of his they don't you know consider him Anything like they consider charging And yet they've seen him disrespect Charging but they can't break free of Themselves and admit the truth it's just You know astounding like that level of Incompetence as human beings they can't Admit what they're seeing here they Can't like say all right this is bad and It's horrible and it's like this can't This can't be we can't allow this to Happen They can't do that they just can't do it They can't do it and this video like I Just described in these other videos I Mean everything that taji's doing is Goes against all the teachings like some Of these people read the books Like some of us read all the books and We've heard all the talks and we've read All the Whispers and we've you know it's Maybe a you know a couple thousand I Don't know But people who are size Mark nerds that We've read everything that we've been Able to read and we know about things And we talked about this constantly With other people you know the system And we go to India and you just had Nothing to do like there was no you go To Andrea and you hang out in ashram and

All you do is talk to people Like you would socialize I'm not good at It but that's what you had to do right You just and you would ask about sash Mark and people knew things right And you know you'd hear other stories And other things and you know so there Are people who just know lots about this Like people who are into Star Trek or You know and Lord of the Rings or you Know one of these uh uh or whatever it Is motorcycles I mean people who are Into something Baseball sports you know Football Basketball whatever you just know things Right you know things other people who Aren't into that thing don't know And there's lots of us maybe five Thousand even ten thousand who knew all This stuff and they understand the Philosophy and the and the dogma of the Seismmark system And what does done is violate all of Those rules and his own cultural rules With a you know see being surpassing the Guru where he's having a you know two Two days two uh session seminar for his Birthday but he's getting rid of Babaji's birthday and chargie's birthday For no apparent reason like just like a Child could see through his you know Claim that well we don't want to have 400 gurus in the future you have four Now

No reason to panic You'd have five the next guy let the Fifth guy start thinking about this you Have won every season which is what Bobby said he wanted but he wanted to Get rid of chargie's birthday because he Doesn't you know measure up even though They're calling Babaji the one of the True Seekers that are not including Accomplisher In this video You know they wanted to get a rid of Babaji's birthday and he seemed to be Like the key guy in many ways the person Who develop the method And you know there's a statue of Babaji A 40-foot statue nothing to charge you The actual And yet they're going to get rid of Charge babaji's birthday right like he's Just you know ridiculous stuff and all These people are just complicit and Going along with it Not complaining not pressuring dodgy so Like they should all be like what are You doing like you know and questioning Him like he should be getting pushed Back and it should be people posting Things on social media and Like there should be a vote of no Confidence If you want to be true Seekers then Don't make a video about true Seekers And then live this lie that you guys are

Living this embarrassing lie that a Child should be able to see through like Dodgy is an incompetent bozo Is just you know a failure on every Level like it's hard to Even think of his level of Self-destruction and destruction of the Mission that he's exhibited and the Criminal stuff and just you know a total Ass clown I mean like just unbelievable Like a putz like somebody just stumbling Through and like just saying stupid Things and making bad decisions and Failing failing failing and Disrespecting his master and the Hierarchy of the system and all these Things that are a part of the Indian Culture that I don't care about and I'm Offended right like this is I don't get Offended I don't care about but I'm Offended but by what dodgy did not Personally I'm offended for charging in The you know the system itself like the Disrespect to The system that elevated him to such a High level Which he fell from and dropped like a Freaking Stone Like a bucket of poop out of rope Somebody left a comment and not not in My videos but some other forum and it Was talking about like some like Somebody you know tried to put some kind Of hit piece out and he said it was you

Know it was Falling like a a bucket of poop on a Rope right and so um yeah I'll leave you With that so I'll continue on as we move Forward here Okay I'm continuing on here this video Has a specific theme About the People who did sagemarg and were you Know really committed people that was Their main thing the most important Thing And how they failed on on dodgy And so the first part of this is Just based on my experience it's hard For me to make a case to save Humanity You know I've met lots of good people Saintly people And you know people who are I would say positive and Make the world a better place but that's A fraction of the overall population Here And I don't know what the exact ratio is But let's be generous and say it's 25 Percent One out of four people I think that's High but let's just call it that And 70 that means 75 percent of people Are making the Earth the worst place and In terms of this you know Babaji saying At the bare minimum as a human being You're you know one of your goals should Be leave the place

As good as you found it or and hopefully Better That you shouldn't leave the Earth Making it a worse place And the majority of people are failing In that regard I'm talking about like spiritual energy Leaving The Earth's worse spiritually than it Was before With your actions and your negativity Whatever but in terms of leaving the Earth the worst place materially I think that's a much higher rate like 90 percent 99 of people are making the World worse on a material Level so you Know there's a a double failing there A failing grade right a majority uh you Know large majority of people are Leaving the place Worse than what they found it and that 25 is generous so I don't even know like There's no way for me to calculate it And then there's my other experiences Working as a counselor with Teenage sex offenders and treatment Centers also in outpatient clinics And all of that horrific experience I Had Of the degradation of humanity and then What I do now in in terms of covering The Slime of you know the the lying the Cheating the governmental systemic uh Abuse and all of it right the negativity

That I cover About all the Doings of the controlling system and you Know what you see with people now What I see in the comments section what I see on the internet There isn't a lot there isn't a great Case to save Humanity we're not making a great case For the future of our species we're you Know failing on multiple levels But I can reconcile that with the idea That this is what Babaji said was going To happen you know I just read a couple Of Whispers On my other channel Someone asked me uh someone uh noticed The Whispers that was About how There were these cosmonauts right let me Just I'll go ahead and read the message Here again Year after find it here And make it bigger Um But this was a message that a viewer Talked about in a comment a lot of Extraterrestrial activities going on Around the world Sunday November 29 1998 10 20 A.M the Hypothesis the hypothesis formulated by These authors is right There were cosmonauts and they were Cosmonauts and not gods

Became in ancient times and manifested Themselves to Abraham then to Moses to Help the earthlings and make them Advance But progress happened slowly on Earth Some extraterrestrial civilizations are Are developed to a point such as you Cannot even imagine 20 000 years ago when More Humans Saw such highly evolved beings could Only think of them as gods In the coming Century there were turning Great numbers to calm the fury of human Beings capable of blowing up the planet With means that they control so badly It'll be necessary to calm things down And admit that a superior people will Have to take the lead to restore over Time peace on Earth Then Harmony will prevail among humans And Foster their spiritual evolution They will finally understand that Religions Were lures that they accepted for one of Anything better As a revolution did not allow them to Distinguish truth from falsehood Everything in his time great uphills are Necessary to make things more move Forward There will be tragedies one will have to Be strong to survive But God will Enlighten people This these Whispers like they they break

Um God won't like people of Good Will the Golden age will not come overnight it is The law And um And then it goes to the second part of Evolution is the law of evolution that Deals there's a break in the page there Of evolution that deals rigorous Rigorously on Earth as elsewhere Don't worry pursue your path as well as Possible in purity of heart Such as their true wealth what will be Must what must be will be pray unite Yourselves in love and Brotherhood Meditate on this well Babaji you know so There's a lot there in The Whispers Messages there's multiple Uh you know Bobby talks about there Having to be an invasion In the future And you know people aren't going to deal With it well and you know there's going To be probably a coming together of Humans on Earth to fight off a an alien Invasion and all these things There's lots of evidence out there that I found aside from The writings and teachings of Babaji and You know things that Master charge you Said that support that we're test tube Babies as Babaji called us That we were creating a test tube Genetically modified

Like a mixing alien DNA With like chimpanzees or something for a Slave race And they took off and left us here And there's you know it's a as the Geneticist Lloyd pie Who covered this uh In multiple talks talks about how they Had to fuse the second and third Chromosome And that it was a sloppy job if you're Going to make a slave you don't have to Do a great job Genetically modified your slave Population because you're not doing it For You know whatever it is Um so there's that right And with all of that and the idea that Things are going to get better and we're In the Kali Yuga I can dismiss what I See here that this is what the end of a Dysfunctional economic system I just Covered that on my other on this channel Today The uh I made a video called too big to Fail about the nature of the debt based System and the criminal organization That is our system our overall you know The beastly system so I can dismiss all Of the depravity Because we're in a transitionary period And things are ending badly and there's Going to be a spiritual awakening on the

Other side and it's happening just the Way Babaji said it was gonna so all Right you know this is understandable I Don't have to You know there's no judgment here You can't judge Humanity on what's going On right now Our full potential and you know it's the End of something right it's a a bad time For us but then there's a solution which Is size you know the meditative practice Of transmission and cleaning the method That's been given to uh uh enable us to Move to that higher level And it's a big leap it's a lot of Spiritual uh if you understand the Teachings Of Babaji The yatra the soul is something that's Would by a natural evolutionary process Take Uh you know millions of years On planet Earth so you would have to Live a million years of human life To rise up to these levels and There's people who have lived hundreds Of thousands of years already Or even longer who knows And have it You know evolved in that way right you Know you understand this that there's All these people who Have souls that have incarnated over and Over again and haven't even made it out

Of 0.1 so you know that doesn't speak Well for us but now we have this system And you know it's it's going to be a Struggle it's a lot to digest Spiritually And I understand that as much as anybody In terms of My personal experience in seeing that in Others and you know so the behavior of These people who are higher developed Souls who have had past lives as Spiritual people or mature and able to Move into this higher realm of spiritual Evolution and do the seismarck system There's you know the cream of the crop So to speak right people who have the Potential to Do something that lots of people can't And you know there are some great people There are some saintly wonderful people Devoted number of them people who I Don't see you know the people who are Always drawing attention to themselves Will stand out because they're you know They have they're ambitious and they're You know everybody look at me kind of People right so Um you know that's a another factor and They're going to rise up and they're Going to need positions in the system And they're going to need to you know be Important because of their ego so There's that people around Mastercharge you know they're gonna like

I said stand out But in all that we have an epic failure By dodgy which doesn't speak well to the System because He was given higher level work and all The stuff that was done to him you know The stuff that he will receive the gifts Of irritable gifts to become the the Master of the system and you know it is Work that was done by Babaji and charity And you know within I guess to some Extent analogy And he has failed in an epic way and That you know Is not only a blemish for him but also The Masters the previous masters of the System and I can explain that away Because it's uh You know that's part of a plan like this Is just supposed to happen it was Unavoidable all right that's and the Times sure whatever I can reconcile that with that the Problem that I'm having is that the People who Know better the people who have read the Literature and know that what daiji's Saying is horse poop like it's just Wrong like it's Completely against the scishmark system That the things you say in our lies and He does it so badly And I know they know because they're not Supporting him there's no enthusiasm

There's basically a vote of no Confidence without actually coming out And saying that That there's still confidence Because you can see it they're not Behind him there's no enthusiasm in his YouTube channel and videos or his His you know proposals and things he's Doing nobody's you know putting their Stuff up on social media for him small Fraction of people and if they do it's Once in a while And you know they're not out and out Quitting which kind of sucks because They they know like they know They know that dodgy is a failure and They're just not dealing with it they're Choosing just not to to deal with it And the ones that are are just you know Doing the same old thing And I guess that would be okay If the transmission and the sittings Were still working but so many people Now who are doing gratefulness here Uh Know that you know have experienced the Gratefulness without dodgy just removing Dodgy and his organization the Heartfulness organization from the Equation Has made the energy flow That we're receiving better transmission Better sittings more connectivity Through doing the practice without dodgy

Just saying we're not you know dodging We're just calling it what it is dodgy Is not you know he's failed he's a Fallen you know spiritual person fall Insane Fallen Master whatever And he's not functioning and there's no Transmission or the transmission is Perverted in some way And just by cutting him out of the Equation it's better like we know that And as far as I know no one else is Doing that At least no one's who's contacted me And they're not doing it publicly if They are At least in a way that I've found out About And so you know it's Almost like stunning that that's Happened because it's so obvious that Dodgy doesn't have it and Even if they don't know that much about It they don't know about brighter minds Or any of these other things They can still see it that he's just Floundering but more importantly they Must know that there's Less transmission that the sittings Aren't as good and it's an experiential System like it's supposed to You're supposed to have experiences You're supposed to see the results maybe Not all of them you might not understand The results

But you experience growth spiritual Growth you notice That you're a better person And how you feel after these sittings And some of them are phenomenal and the Gatherings that he's I mean he's you Know done it in public where he said I'm Canceling babaji's in charge he's Birthday celebrations Because Bobby gave me a message and it You know he looked like a little kid Lying Like he's stupid he's not competent like Mentally it's whatever she's broken down Mentally or something And he's so transparent and they could See this But they also can feel it the lack of Energy that's there And they're doing nothing they're doing Nothing too To deal with this reality and you have To do something Because the transmission is everything And you know some of those people have Come and watched my videos he's Journey Serious and you know they know about Gratefulness or whatever it is And you know they could do that Themselves they don't have to do what We're doing they'll have to do what We're calling gratefulness but they Could do the same thing On their own terms you know they can you

Know just connect directly And make it public and say like we're Not supporting this guy And there should be some pushback to People who have positions in the mission Preceptors And people with titles in terms of you Know people who are in charge of things And Long-standing people should be calling Uh dodgy out and maybe they're doing it In letters I don't know maybe there's Some kind of pushback But to let him just wreck the system It's like astounding like it's a real It's a real bummer and they're complicit Right and maybe they're saying we'll Charge you endorsed him so We don't want to go against the charge He said he's crapped Oliver charging He's completely stabbed charging the Etheric back He has you know everything that he's Done to scrub charge you for the mission And I guess Bobby to a certain extent to Glorify himself I mean he's not you know whatever Endorsement he had is no longer there Someone who will stab some like what He's done with um charging somebody Who's stabbing their master in the back And someone who's benefited so much from Him as taji did Charge he gave dodgy everything

And for him to stab in the back like This is a bad a crime as you can commit He's just you know the criminal stuff He's doing Including the properties and betraying The trust of the mission and the Masters That's all horrible but stabbing Charging in the back Is much worse and so such a person can't Be trusted or you know can't I mean it's It's a bad person horrible person Ungrateful person The sin of ungratitude which charge you Said is like the only one To be ungrateful it's like the only sin In scishmart And Dodges ungrateful as you could be And because of that You know there has to be some Calling out or some movement within the The people that are you know that have Some Some pull the bigger you know the bigger Uh you know more important and Influential people Should be calling him out or doing Something there should be something you Got to do something whatever it is Personally You got to do it and then you have to Seek Direct connection because he's blocking Or he's contaminating the connection And whereas the master the system's

Supposed to enhance it And the fact that they're doing nothing Is you know I've talked about this Before but this is a video about it like The whole this whole video up to this Point has been about that That there has to be something more done By them And again you have to figure out what That is personally But not saying anything And just pretending that this is okay And it's normal And it's just and when you know it's not And just going along and keeping your Mouth shut and Taking cities that have no effect and You know going through the motions of a You know a dead system without the Transmission without the the dynamic Nature of the sage Mark practice It's just um you know mind-blowing that Now again it's not it's almost everybody I know there's a group of people there's A dodgy truth they're contacting me this May be 7 000 people there in India I Don't know some some amount of people There I can't say How many it is And there's people who are suspicious or They know you know they They know what we know or they're just Sitting on their hands And you know that's the majority of them

There's some people just won't even deal With it they won't even You know think about what they're seeing Here And just make some like realization About they just you know sticking their Heads in the sand even that they know That this is this is bad And it's a complete failure and the Biggest part of this is preserving What's there Preserving the literature preserving What charge you did beforehand so That's things of the future like people Can connect directly To Babaji or the Divine hierarchy Hierarchy Um In the future like they don't need Disorganization They can do what Babaji did and you know If it'll be more spiritual time But all the literature all the work all The stuff there explaining the system And again I guess they could get that Etherically If they were all on a you know high Level mediums And so that you know might be the Solution there Um but I think something should be Preserved certainly the ashrams and the Bobs you said these ashrams were going To be safe havens

I mean I don't think this organization Organization just should be tossed away I don't think the properties and the Infrastructure and the know-how The charge you created you know in terms Of Big gatherings and you know making Presets all these things that were you Know essential to the building of this Mission I don't think the whole thing should Just disappear and then come back in Some other form I think there should be some of it Should be retained And it's worth fighting for at least And they're not fighting they're just Surrender monkeys right they're just Giving up They're just you know Turning their bellies to the Uh you know laying on their backs and You know exposing their bellies and like A scared dog you're urinating itself a Little bit right because Is so scared of showing its belly for What right for no reason Just because uh You know some cultural beliefs or some You know Master disciple things he's Already you know once he crapped all Over charging that means this idea that He's the master he does everything right Like you know either chargie was not a

Good master Which even if he wasn't He wouldn't be treated this way you know Daiji would still have to do it in a More respectful way But you know the way he's done is so Disrespectful and so childish and like a Little you know did you see the guy all The time moping and you know Pouting and just a little you know Lord Fauntleroy right you know like just a uh You know a Punky attitude he has But that all goes out the window when he Disses his own Master because if he's Not disrespecting charging we don't have To respect him right there's he's broken That you know sacred Master disciple Bond thing that you're not supposed to Question the master you know the Masters Operating on a higher level That's not the case you can see it he's Not he's he's foul and like he's and you Know he's given up all that you know Good will that he had and the Endorsement of Charity and Babaji when He cut charge you out he started cutting Charging out and now cutting Babaji out And grandizing himself and then just uh Going off script and warping the Teachings and making up things about the Teachings and saying things that are out And out not true he's lost any sort of Uh grace period that he would have By his actions and it's all there to see

And they just won't see it but anyways Um Maybe I'm done with this part and I'll Continue on more with uh whatever in the Next couple days Okay so I'm going to insert a video here That I made on my uh gratefulness Channel it's um You're going to see the change in uh The image here and when that image is Gone Then that part of the video is over it's About 45 minutes long it's talking about Potential gatherings For uh Gratefulness Gatherings and the videos Self-explanatory and then I'll comment More On the other side and I'll wrap this Video up greetings brothers and sisters So I'm just going to do a little video Here also include This um This is for the gratefulness meditation Channel also include this On my journey Series 116. so there's um One long time viewer this channel who Started uh I don't know it's heartfulness I guess It was then Six five six years ago And she attended a gathering in um In India the one my family and I Attended we saw her there she's a a

Person that heard about the seismarck Powerfulness back then Uh system from my YouTube channel And she wrote to me talking about the Need for Gatherings how much she got From that Gathering and Wanting to have Gatherings of the future She had a few different ideas and Proposals of how to make that happen Including going to her Uh you know her land that she had which Is in a far away one of the hardest States to get to Um and I was going to address this with Her personally but I was going to have to talk about this With everybody as well so I thought I'd Just do it here As a way to save some time for me And my voice Um So in terms of gatherings I think their necessary part And you know a very important part of The scishmark system And what we're doing is gratefulness is Just A continuation of such Mark I've thought About them For a while my wife and I were talking About this after She sent me the the email This woman sent me the email but I don't Really know how to make them happen

I personally am at this point unwilling To travel And you know I the way that I would Attend Gatherings before The Molina ashram had nothing really They had A building that was not a nice building And I loved the millennial ashram and I Loved going to Gatherings there and I Look forward to it What they didn't have really Uh any sort of um Accommodations the building was not Great There was mold in the building They had these big rooms you could sleep In people would be snoring and I mean it Was the airflow would move and The rooms themselves were Not great and when they had big Gatherings with Master charging they Would have people who were Older those rooms were spoken for So you had the option of going to a Hotel Or sleeping In the big tent one of the big tents or Then you know bringing a personal Attempt And they had foamies like foam Mattresses That you could sleep on and they were All right but you know they were I mean My hips would hurt in the morning kind

Of thing My days of camping are over like you Know I just uh Yeah I can't imagine doing that Especially in the context of a gathering And You know I would have more Responsibilities than I used to have um And so the other Gatherings there would Be places you could go they would have Them at hotels Or they would have an ashram that didn't Have places to sleep so you'd have to Stay at a hotel So the Gatherings that were at hotels And conference rooms It just wasn't as good As the ashram Gatherings There are Gatherings at people's houses And then you'd have to Stay somewhere um And so there's you know all these Accommodations and things that people Have to Think about and really it's it's not What I do like I don't Um I'm not somebody who's like a an Event plan I'm like the opposite of an Event planner there's you know a couple Of problems like there's ways that I Could have some sort of gathering at my Farm We have acreage we have a barn We could get some Porta bodies and you

Know my house isn't big enough it Doesn't have Any any way to really accommodate people In it it's not a you know we don't have A large living room or you know places Where people sit to meditate And you know it's Very limited like and the thing about Gatherings are There's a lot of down time There's the three cities And then there's what you do in between The cities And when you go to the ashram there was A snack bar And when you went to the Ashland India There's people that you would meet from All around the world And you would talk about size Mark or Maybe some other things but it was Mostly social You know a social kind of situation you Could do volunteer work At the ashram and Molina and you would See people that you met there the Previous year and then each year you Would build friendships and you would See people like twice a year People who shared something you really Loved in scishmark and you would talk to Them and then there was these talks that Went on where people would give Talks in the big Ted And that was about it they had some

Maybe other programs But when you weren't doing the Meditation there was a lot of down time And you know you had to and the Molina You would do volunteer jobs and things But that's one of the issues like you Know what do people do when there isn't Sittings and we don't really have an Ashram and there isn't very many people Right And the expectation would be that I Would somehow entertain everybody And that's a bad expectation Like it just would be there without People knowing it like I would have to Somehow carry the You know whatever's going on socially And I'm just Uh you know I'm just not into that and I Don't do well Um In that kind of environment where I'm You know Like always was sort of the outsider When I started You know why do anything I've always Sort of on the periphery on the outside Or I'm not the center of the You know if I go to a party I go to a You know wherever it is I am like you know basically a A rumor there like I'm not there to be Noticed or You know people aren't going to know I'm

There I'm not the center of the activity That's back when I went to things like That and so there's issues there like What we have is People who don't know the value of a Gathering And have never been to one when you come Into an organization you've been trained To go to Events where you're a customer right And there's accommodations for you As a customer like if you travel Somewhere And you feel like you know if you go to A trip to some place or another you go Through a I don't know like whatever the stay at The hotel like the hotels there and the You know if you go on some sort of like I don't know Cruise or something I don't Know what it would be Wherever you're you're traveling on your Vacation There's an expectation that you're a Wanted customer And that they're going to take care of You And they're going to make sure you're Feeling good and you're having a good Time and you'll come back again right And when you don't is your vacation time Your vacation money and your you know Your whole life here you're living in You'll have a slave job or you're you

Know whatever you go through your own Personal Hell is a you know selling your time for Money and then you have all your other Stressors and you know daily life and Getting the kids to school whatever Your you know you're you're miserable You know the the misery of American Life Is Right And then you have your free time you Have your vacation time And when you go to one of these Gatherings the kind of expectation is Like a vacation you're taking during Vacation time You're taking your money to travel Somewhere And you expect that you're going to have Some kind of a vacation-like experience And Gatherings are not vacations in fact They're almost the opposite like you Usually have worse living circumstances Than you do When you're um At home like the accommodations at an Awesome are not as good As they are at your house like you're Not as good as they are at hotel And there isn't a lot of material Entertainment That goes with a gathering and on top of That you often are going to get sick or You're going to go through some kind of Emotional

Issues In the travel and like getting sick when You're you know traveling you're in India or someplace like that and you're Not in a comfortable place To sleep it off and you know feel Good or whatever Um and so you know it's something where There is some negativity on a physical Level Used to say uh minimum physical comforts Maximum spiritual benefit And people went to his house in China For it was you know the whole area was Dirty you know like it was There's just dust and dirt there like One Gaia There was a Canadian preceptor who said You know one day uh Babaji built this Building For foreigners for people from overseas And it was not a nice building by American you know Canadian European Standards But Bobby was very proud of it because It was You know But it was just uh you know a poor Village in India and the dust would blow And there was the windows were open and There was always like You know it was not clean like it was You know like a like a open Like if you had an open building with no

Windows You know imagine like what it would be Like in a place where there's a lot of You know there's areas in India where They have They don't have a lot of rain and they Just have Open Fields for crops and you Know things you know dust blows and Things like this right Uh topsoil or whatever And he said one day we decided to clean It him and some other people from Whatever countries and he said we Cleaned it and made as nice as we could And then a half hour later there's a Strong wind it was covered in dirt again Like he was just You know and there was no Bathrooms like we consider bathrooms Like there was just you know in India They have these holes in the ground they Don't have Western toilets and you know back then Especially And you know they don't have showers Like we have in facilities and they're Concrete and they're you know Uh I mean they're just not nice They're nothing like reconsidering you Have to walk to the bathrooms they're Not like they're uh You know in your room or whatever it is Like in the like Hotel type of thing Situation you know there's a woman Mrs B

Who you know was she had a lot of fear And a lot of Maybe a heavy situation grossness And she traveled with her husband to go To India for the first time And she was in shock value like going Back to Babaji Shah Jahan ports a a Rural area there's lots of what he Called what they call decoys which are Thieves there You know just not a nice place Like kind of a horrible place In Northern India And when you go on these trains it's a Real trip like it's you know Third World Stuff And you go through areas and there People came out like there would be There was these Beggars that would walk Through the first time when I trained There's these Beggars and I had like a Aisle seat and this beggar would come by And it was you know they would break a Kid's arm and maim the kids so he could Beg They would maim people purposely And so a kid came down with a you know With some kind of a maimed hand And then another beggar came through It was even worse Um There was uh You know and I looked up and there was a Guy

Uh who was like the beggar pimp who was Sending these through guys through the Passenger trained begging for money and You'd be going you know looking out to Your train window and there be you know People pooping in the streets and I mean Just uh you know in the fields and I Mean like it'd be the morning it you Know it's a different experience is what I'm saying And this woman was kind of horrified By what she was seeing And she was like I want to go back home Which is a you know something that I saw her do another gathering even Years later in a local town like she was Just one of those people but She was telling me the story and then You know they got off and Shah Jahan Poor and the place just doesn't look Like anything India's like that in general but this Place particularly that was that Resembles Western life And She got off and walked into they you Know they got to babaji's take off the Train and she just wanted to go home the Whole time she's freaked out And they got into babaji's house And she felt like she walked through a Screen Like something was not something some Part of her wasn't allowed in

To babaji's house Like she turned around and looked at it Because she thought they were going to See something physical had been removed From her like she walked through like a You know a sieve like a you know like a Screen like a screen that you pour You know your pasta into and and Something was left behind like she You know only the the subtle parts of Her was allowed in you know so she said Wow there must be something to this Right Uh but she struggled all the time going To Gatherings very fear-based Struggled going to India and you know She had issues Um but what would happen at a gathering Was so special internally on a spiritual Level That you would tolerate the lack of Comforts and you know the The stuff to do with um going to India Particularly but even gatherings in America That you would go through being sick you Would go through a tough trip sometimes There's just tough trips that are you Know because there's cleaning And it's hard to explain that to people And you would go and like my first time I've talked about my first time going to A gathering and you know that's Stands out in my mind because I got

Really sick and just wanted to go home The whole time I'm sleeping in a tent And I'm miserable and when people feel That way and they're they're going on Their vacation time And maybe you know you go and you bring Somebody who's not into it or doesn't You know Like you might be more into it than your Wife or your husband or you know your Certainly your kids and you know these Gatherings kids would have nothing to do And would be bored and you know all of It right Um like there wasn't activities for kids And they were just walking around the Auction there was other kids to talk to But they didn't have things to do and it Was a you know big problem and a lot of Those kids most of them ended up not Even starting or not even staying with Doing The system and I thought they were all Second generation kids that would be Into it And so um There's that aspect of it and I'm not Going to entertain people and I don't Have a solution for it I don't you know I don't know what to do With the downtime If people came to these gatherings and Also you know the expectations people Have

And you know whatever expectations they Have would have for meeting me or these Things You know I mean it's going to disappoint Them right like Um and you know It's like when you're a parent Uh when you become a parent you start Realizing Stuff about your own parents like the The stuff they did for you That you take for granted like you know Parents just cook food and do everything And you just expect them to do all that Work and pay for everything and you know Do all the things that parents do and You never you ever think about it when You're a kid you just once in a while You might have a like oh I appreciate That or you realize all the things that Your parents do for you in other Countries it's stressed and talked about But in America you just feel entitled Americans are entitled and the idea Would be that gratefulness is somehow my Thing And you know you're doing me a favor by Coming to a gathering And it's my job to make sure you have a Good time like that's just the the way That we think about our free time and You know you travel so far and you spend So much money to travel and you're not Having a good time or you're going

Through cleaning and you know and it's Somehow my responsibility to make that Go away right like I'm the concierge and I'm not like that's the opposite of what I would do right I'm not a I'm not the Host of a party or not doing me a favor By coming It's not something that's for me it's For you right all these things that I do Here In terms of gratefulness they're for you Like they're you know they're my Responsibility that I've been given and You know I have to Discharge my duties but you know I'm not You're not doing it for me you're not Doing the meditation for me it's not you Know and I wouldn't want that like I Wouldn't want You know you need to do it for your own Reasons right you have to benefit from It like I don't want people just doing This because oh they wanna Make me happy or something because it Does it you know like I'd be fine just Doing gratefulness on my own what we Call gratefulness and you know it's Something where I told people about Heartfulness and people did heartfulness And they liked it but then you know the Reality of dodgy sucking came into it And then I started doing this thing on My own and I realized it could be done On my you know we can be done on your

Own each person can do this But I was like well you know there's no Support system for all these new people So you know I created the gratefulness Thing Being led internally but it's it's stuff For you like it's not you know I would Benefit certainly from having a Gathering and I would like it for Whatever you know it was Uh you know real Gathering is something Great to go to your participation in it Is Um you know for you and when you go to a Gathering and people work for their own You know they want to contribute people Love doing jobs for size Mark Volunteering their time And master charging was all about work His work ethic and the amount of work he Did And you know people who worked For the system for themselves right Volunteering for themselves getting Spiritual benefit from it would Forefallow in his example right like he You know he was a extraordinary worker And volunteer himself right and so People would step up and do this work But it took him a while you're not going To do that in your first Gathering You're just feeling the doubt you're Just feeling the system out and so you Have to go to a gathering so it can

Prove itself to you but there's all this Work that has to be done And I'm not going to do it and I you Know my wife and I aren't going to do it I talk to her she's kind of she's into It but you know having a gathering here Or something like that but you know Other people have to step up and so There's a you know an issue there Because it's all new people who would be Going to their first Gathering and They're going to go through and have Their experience and And all of it right and it's so Different than you know your American Idea of like I said Vacations or American idea of you know enjoyment and Things And you know internalizing something and It's not you know the ashrams can be Nice on the they've done a nice job in Kind of making the place nice physically And Chennai was like a you know Botanical Gardens But it wasn't like that in the beginning I was there when it was just a couple of Buildings in a field but they're not Resorts right you're not going to a Resort and so you know people thinking That like you just go to a gathering and Your first couple gatherings You know you you were asked to do a Volunteer job in Molina in India they Didn't want you to volunteer they didn't

Want westerners really doing work Because They do it away you know it's done a Different way in India different kind of Tools and They had um you know it was just It wasn't a situation where there was You were going to be much help in the Work that you were doing And you were there also to enjoy your You know to reflect and go into some Kind of spiritual Retreat and benefit Internally as much as possible And then go back to your your home and Spread the you know energy maybe you Ever made a precept or something or Whatever it was and you could you know Help grow the system and bring something Back to America or whatever country you're Coming from But what people don't understand is it's A volunteer organization that this isn't A resort it isn't something that you Know you're you're blessing people like When people say I'm unsubscribing right You know like you're blessing The scishmark system by coming to the Gathering like you you know some of of Your stature You know like a customer mentality right You know that you're you're somehow Doing everybody a favor by going there And they're not you know accommodating

You the way that you want right you're Not having the standard of living that You're used to right You know when I was in India uh They would do announcements they would Do announcements in English and then in Tamil And then maybe in a third language if There was a Specific Gathering going on for some Part in India Some like you know uh like they'd have Local Uh Regional gatherings in the Chennai Ashram from different Indian centers and Indian States and They would speak that language during That time and the Gathering would go on But other people would be using the Ashram at the same time the locals And they did that with America they did With these various countries from Europe And so whatever language people spoke They would do announcements in that Language And usually Tamil because that was the Local language in English because that Was Kind of the universal language for The you know the whatever's going on There and I noticed that when they would Be giving the announcements they would Be speaking and you know I wouldn't Recognize any words you know it sounded

Like gibberish to me But if they were asking for volunteers Or they're saying there's volunteer Posts available They would say the word volunteer and I Was like oh that's kind of interesting That there's No word in their language for volunteer And I thought about this quite a bit Because Volunteers are very American Western Concept because we work for money And any work that we do that we're not Compensated for We look as you know as being like well Why would I do that right And you know in a village-based Um Uh you know Village based type situation Tribal situation Doing more work is valuable like you the More work you do the more valuable you Are to community and you want to serve Your community you want to serve God Whatever there's no thought about reward You know there's no thought about praise Or being patted on the back The master charger used to say The reward for work is more work higher Level work and better work Where um You know you think about the reward for Work is pay and vacation and time off And

You know like I did hard I did I'm Working hard I get to have a I get to go Party you know these things right I'm working hard now I get my free time And so you know you think about work Being The reward for work is the money and the Things you can buy with it and also the Time off that you have And the vacations like that's how we View work like if you work is something Unpleasant you get to and you pay for Your free time and your you know your Lifestyle with that you know unpleasant Thing that you do But in the scishmark system the reward For work is that you get more work you Go you did a good job good here I'll Give you more responsibility And you're doing that to work off your You know Your spiritual debts and these things And and connect to God on a deeper level And master charging was the ultimate Example of that where he came in and Started just take on responsibilities That Bob as you couldn't do And wasn't good at you know Babaji was You know maybe it would was dyslexic or Something and and he was so far gone in Terms of his You know connection to the internal World and he was in a businessman and Charged you to start to run everything

And the more he did the more Babaji gave Him to do and you know he just ended up Being you know I mean this capacity to work just kept On uh you know growing and his you know Abilities to do things and learning to Do them and just executing those Tasks to where he was working You know almost 18 hours a day Volunteering for the mission As he eventually became the master of The system and he developed uh you know There's they developed templates of how To pull off a big gathering in India and Then other places in the world and you Know the Indian culture itself has a lot Of hospitality and these things built Into their system like hospitality is Uh you know a huge part of the Indian Culture And so people would naturally do things In these gatherings and you wouldn't Appreciate them because you think you're Going on vacation or you're going to Like a resort you're not and these are All volunteer people who are doing the The work and that's what you would come Into as a a new person that's how you Should come into it Because you have to you know the Gathering has to be proved that it's Going to be valuable You're not gonna you know You're not good I mean you might

Anticipate it you might feel it coming But until you experience a gathering and Like I said every day I was just you Know dreaming about going home and Laying in my own bed and And you know being able to recover from Being sick I was miserable I was like Shivering I was cold I didn't have Enough you know I'd have a sleeping bag It was cold and even though it was like August in in Georgia the nights were Cold and I was just you know kind of Miserable Um and that was just the cleaning that Happens it always happens and emotional Things come up and all these things And you know it takes a while for you to Be able to be mature and just you know Not react to them just you feel them but You just don't attend to them and you go Deeper into the meditation the cleaning Eventually at the end you feel great and You want to come back for more Uh and then maybe you want to take on Some work and responsibility in the Future but until that time there's like A stop Gap type of situation you know A loss of people who did that and I Never ran a gathering before I'm not a Social person you know even on this YouTube channel Or these YouTube channels it's kind of Like um hosting a party on the internet Right

Especially if you had a live show which I wouldn't do because I'm not a a party Host And you know it's It's not in my nature I've never thrown A party like I'm not you know And I don't want to be the center of Attention in these things And I certainly don't want to feel like I have to go around make everybody feel Welcome and Um you know I mean I guess you know that That would be what I should do you know But Um make everybody feel like you know I'm Taking care of them because I just it's Not in my personality And so you know you guys haven't had the Ability to go to a gallery before To where you see value in it and you're Willing to volunteer and do work and Execute it and make it happen right and So like that's the issue like I don't You know I don't know where that would Come from where Like the people who ran the gatherings In America are now old There are boomers mostly hippie Boomers And you know there's people who are Um you know of course Indians and Americans And There isn't a new generation I don't Think it's a generation of young people

And they're all older than me And you know they're not going to do Gratefulness with us I mean there's no You know and I I don't really want them Here for whatever my personal reasons Are they're welcome to come And do the whatever's going on here but You know they should a lot of them are Preceptors and they should be Figuring this thing out for themselves And you know the post-digy world and you Know I don't know how many people are Gonna Actually leave they'll just fade away They'll quit but they won't like you Know continue the side without The benefit of the scishmark system so I You know I don't even know what's going To happen with all those people but it's A loss of knowledge and experience Of running these gatherings and there's Lots of things that go into them you got You got to feed everybody And I'm not you know gonna cook for like 20 people For three days straight you know I mean The expectations of me stepping up and Doing more than already doing you know I Have realized now and especially post Covet because I have weird idiosyncratic Health and I get headaches when my wife And I you know drive somewhere or Something we go on a trip Um I just get headaches now and I I'm

Not really willing to fly in a plane Again Um given everything you know there's Talk about another lockdown in masks and All that stuff coming back around this Fall and All of it right The new new covid area my wife was just Talking about that this morning And I just you know Um I'm kind of Zapped and What makes me function here is that I Stay in routine And when I Stray From routine I just Don't have the energy like I used to Recover I used to be able to travel and Take whatever came my way and you know It was Go to India or whatever gets sick and I Was just young enough to deal with it But now I just you know I don't have it In me and I've lost my enthusiasm for Some of this stuff And so you know I'm just not willing to Um get out of routine in some way and Just be wiped out and all the stuff That's gone with it right You know I just don't have the energy For it anymore and the whole thing with Dodgy and the whole thing of the way This went down it's You know my enthusiasms there for Gratefulness for whatever it is but it's Not like it used to be right you know

Things take their toll uh just on a An ego level and just you know as you Get older they you just don't have it Like in you know the same way as you did Uh the enthusiasm I had for scishmore When it originally started and you know All the things that have transpired and The stuff with my divorce and the stuff With the organization the mission the Other people and then Dodgies you know whatever the hell that Is right and so Um I guess what I'm saying here is you know I see the need for Gatherings uh but I Don't know how that will come about and There can't be this expectation that I'm Going to somehow Step Up And fill all the gaps And make the things happen because it's Not uh you know people can have their Own Gatherings they can you know I'm not Like I said I'm not going to travel This is something where you're Connecting to God as it stands now there Is uh You know not that there's not really an Organization here there's no Gratefulness organization There's a YouTube channel and it's a way Of conveying information and you know I Do this at a duty you know like look at My All my my life here on YouTube

And I think I have two primary duties One to talk about massagemark system Because I believe that's the solution To all the other stuff I talk about here And the other one is to talk about you Know things and just raise an awareness About certainly ways and awareness about God within which is a part of the the First thing the scishmark thing but the Second thing is Raising awareness that Things are Going south and you know we all have to Prepare for this Inevitability inevitability of the Collapse of our system or the reduction Of our lifestyle or whatever That things are going to change in our Our life circumstances that everything Goes with it is going to change all the Stuff that we've been indoctrinated into And what we believe is and we're Entitled to is going to be taken away in Some degree or another And so those are my two primary duties Here like in terms of why I think I Have a microphone in front of me what God wants me to do and I'm you know good At this but I'm not good at being a Social planner you know someone who and Like I said I'm not going to cook for Everybody I'm not going to entertain Everybody I'm not going to do these Things it's not I don't have it in me I Don't have the energy for it and you

Know I can't I can't uh summing up Something I don't have and you know I Don't want to end up feeling resentful Or you know I'm just not gonna make the Mistakes of you know what people did in The past so if Gatherings are going to Happen other people are gonna have to Step up and I don't see that happening Because People who haven't experienced the Gathering or just you know are putting a Toe in the water of seismarck or Gratefulness And trying to experience it and you know Make a decision about it their Commitment to it and their enthusiasm For it are Um you know they're just not there And so you know as far as I'm concerned You know I put the idea out there I've Communicated this And if people want to step up and want To experience a gathering they're going To have to do it like they're gonna have To arrange for work and coordinate Volunteers and you know coordinate the Meals and it would have to be you know If there was a gathering that was going To take place At my farm our farm here It would have to be people stay at Hotels and then you know I and we could Rent a tent or something a Big Ten we Have a field

Uh babaji's birthday probably out of the Question because we have flooding in the Spring in the field Uh by our barn and probably Um The only one would be Master chargie's Birthday in July and be hot And there would be no air conditioning And you know people would have to figure Out what to do during their downtime We could clear out room in our barn but You know I don't even know we could do That by next year I mean I don't know What's going to happen Uh but if there was an initiative and People Were doing this on their own and Organizing it and again you know it Doesn't have to include me like you guys Can have your own Gatherings without me Like so I'm not upset by that my Feelings wouldn't be hurt I'd be you know happy for you to do that Right And then people could get the Experiences of coming together and Benefiting spiritually and then seeing The benefit of these gatherings and Getting their own enthusiasm to do more Work and and to make these things happen So you know I'm all for it but you know I'm aware of my own limitations and what I'm willing to contribute and it's you Know it's minimal uh you know it's not

Minimal it's you know like what I can do And if we had a gathering here people Would have to sign some sort of a white Waiver and things would have to be Organized and you know there just can't Be people showing up and anybody who Wants to and you know there have to be Some communication ahead of time and you Know some I don't want to say screening But people would have to understand the Kind of you know what the situation Would be That they're not coming to a resort or Vacation and I'm not you know it's not a You know uh like a You know some kind of Cameo thing you Know your your time with me like it's Like uh you know time with Paulie or Something like it's not you know I'm not A social person and I probably would be Just uh Somewhat stressed out and uncomfortable Right it's not like you know it would be Extension of these videos where I can Relax and You know I'm just here by myself and I Can Uh be in a good space and communicate Things in a way that I you know wouldn't Be able to do in a social situation And so you know that's my feelings about Gatherings and and in fact Gatherings Are going to happen it's going to have To come from other people like

Everyone's gonna have to pitch in and Make them happen and if you know there's There's no interest in it that's fine Okay so um I put that video up yesterday And it got I believe Um let me see let's go to that thing Here It's got 112 views and 10 comments And some of those comments were Repetitive where there's a conversation So it got really seven different people Commenting I think I'll look at it here Um There's one two Three Four Five Six Different people comment so six people Said they'll be interested in Gatherings One person said They didn't think they could travel so Five people Are interested in having gatherings In terms of the people who watched it You know 172 people Nobody else bothered to comment so I'm Not bummed about it I'm just saying that That's that and feedback you know I'm Not gonna Put up more effort and you know whatever It is to do something when There isn't enough even enthusiasm in

The comment section you know like so I mean this is how I felt about all Along People don't really want to go to Gatherings or not interested in it you Know just what they're doing uh in terms Of the the meditation is fine for them And they don't have anything really to Provide in terms of Um you know the The support that needs to create a Gather the work that needs to be done You know I was never an administrator in General I'm not a good administrator I Guess it's a a dad to some extent I'm not an event planner and when I Worked at the Gatherings it was always You know I I made coffee I did security And that's about it like I've done other Jobs where I would help move things Around you know help lay betting down Help potentials together help you know Do other things right but I wasn't Instrumental in the food process The Ordering of food the meal planning I was in instrumental in registration And organization and things like this And so there's a lot of work that goes Into a gathering that I know nothing About And those were the gatherings in small Gatherings and Georgia the big Gatherings in India you know I saw how They worked I got a sense of it you know

The the things that needed to be done But I was never involved in it so I Never was you know I'm not like a person Who knows how to pull off a good Gathering and then there's a spiritual Work that goes into it and I have a Sense of that some of it but I don't Know how to do it I was entrained in it And so there's a lot there that would Have to be figured out and I can't Figure it out myself certainly I'm not Good at a lot of the you know I'm not Suited for a lot of the work that has to Be done And so um you know I have accepted that There may never be a gracefulness Gathering I'd like the idea of it but I You know I'm also Uh aware of like my own limitations and Not putting myself in a position of Being frustrated or being resentful or These other things I had a like a migraine headache Yesterday you don't need to say anything I always say this you know by the time This is made public it'll be days this Is uh August Sunday August 20th I Released my last journey Series Yesterday on my other channel oh also I Should say this that one person Commented that they wanted to have Uh Gatherings or weekly meditation in San Antonio and they'd open up their house

For people to come And meditate in that City you can read The comment on that channel My other channel it's a video about Gatherings it should be the The newest one depending on you know When you see this journey series And if you're in the San Antonio area There is a A ashram used to be there they sold it And robbed the preceptor said he was Almost ready to quit over that it was a Uh it was a you know a retreat center That you would go and like basically Take a vowel of silence and go there and Meditate for two or three days and People who had went there so they Benefited tremendously From the peace and the quiet and you Know getting away from the The noisy world There's another Retreat Center in uh in The Himalayas I only know of those two And they sold the one But there was a vibrant Center there and There was a lot of obvious in Texas so I Don't I don't know if this person again Um you know I don't I don't really know Most of the people that are doing Gratefulness And I don't know if there's people Around that person but I'm completely Open to that idea that people are doing Things

Again gratefulness is an organization It's just Grassroots it's what I call The channel here just to give it some Framework And um You know I can't call it scishmark and Obviously You know whatever because it you know We're doing a scish mark but we're not Official scishmark organization And so Um I'm just calling it that but it's Grassroots and if people want to use the Videos to communicate with other people And connect with other people and people Exchange information and you know do all That kind of stuff you know that would Be great like I'm not you know unless it Gets Goofy and that's up to you to Prevent it from being goofy you know Like I I'm not getting involved in that But I'm not responsible for any of it Either it's just It's stuff that you guys do and you Connect with other people and if you Guys want to come together and meditate You want to have small local Gatherings You know whatever that is I mean in terms of of not endorsing it It has nothing to do with me But I you know it has my blessings to do It like I you know in whatever way that Means I don't even know what that means Right

Uh that I you know I think that's a good Thing for people to do If they want to use the comment section And you know any of the videos you know People should watch all those videos and There should be a a vibrant dialogue in The comments section for people to help Each other out and ask questions and you Know everything that the gratefulness um When I release a new gratefulness video You can ask questions about something Outside the video when you either I'll Respond to other people will and you Know people should be able to you know Build a community of sorts of people who Are doing the gracefulness meditation So all that stuff would be you know Desirable I'm just not going to run it I'm not going to you know I'll monitor The comment section to whatever extent You know that means you know I mean in Terms of keeping it uh focused on just The meditation and you know things Related to it you know whatever Logistical things and things that are Needed what people can share you know How to find books and I mean have all That information in the videos there Everybody who's doing gratefulness Should watch every gratefulness video And try all the different cities And there's just hasn't been a lot of Feedback in the comments section And so for me it means like uh you know

Well I'm not going to bother You know there wasn't that much feedback From the the sittings I gave on the You know in the in the video like I said People should leave like if people have Done the cities when I first released Them And occasionally someone will comment And say yeah I just did the initial Three cities or whatever What people aren't commenting and saying They're doing them so I don't even know If people are using the cities I'm not monitoring The View count Because I don't have time for that But even if I did I wouldn't you know Whatever I wouldn't know And so as much as people you know maybe They don't want to bother me or whatever But there isn't a lot of enthusiasm in The comments section And so all of those things like I'm fine With it you know but it just means I'm Not going to put my more energy and Effort into it like it's going to have To be An energized uh community That makes these things happen because Like I just I just don't have the Enthusiasm for it for it anymore the Energy and I'm just going to do what I Can do you know more and more I become Disillusioned with the whole Planet and the planet of you not to plan

Itself but the humans that are on it and You know I just feel like we're all just Waiting for the The big events to unfold and you know They're starting to it's we're in like a Quickening phase And that there'll be some Uh you know there has to be a systemic Collapse and depopulation and things That happen For any real change to happen And you know be nice to have some sort Of infrastructure and connectivity for People So they could find some uh You know something that would Elevate Them which is what the scishmark system Is all about the meditation the Transformation the cleaning is to help People evolve in a post-apocalyptic World as a system they're 100 dependent On collapses and so that's what it's There for and if people don't know about It or can't access it and you know and Dodge is pretty much destroy that you Know that level that that one that big Access point by making the thing into a Joke And so you know all the other people I Mean again these are older people in America Than you know non-indians are and the Indians themselves mostly are older Because their kids aren't doing it and

So you know it's an old system People who do uh Meditation are older than me the the Medium age Of the people American people that did It in you know the Indians that are here In America probably also Is in their 60s and 70s and 80s like It's a it's a die now like the people Who did it the preceptors the people who Ran the Gatherings they're all older Than me when I came into it they were Already established their positions and They did most of the work and there Wasn't a Young Generation I was always One of the youngest people Who was doing cyshmark like there was Very few people younger than me and any Gathering in Georgia there were some People who were you know kids of uh the You know the the existing members but There wasn't very many young people There weren't very many people my age And so Um as it's just started to age out in The last American Gathering was in like 2011 was not even that 2008 maybe charge Each last trip to America There was a gathering in India 2012 And there hasn't been a national Gathering since daji came here twice for Two small Gatherings one in Los Angeles Probably three four hundred people And another one maybe 500 most and

Another one in New York and I didn't go To that but it was in a hotel it looked Like It was about the same so they haven't Really brought in a new group of people And ones that have been to Gatherings And I just you know I just don't think There's very many people active in the System now in America so it's kind of Dead here I think there's probably more people Doing gratefulness than there are well I Don't know I want to say that because There are people still doing the Heartfulness meditation but not that Many and they're all older they're all You know dying generation who people can Do less and less Really probably don't have the Enthusiasm now because of what's Happened with dodgy And you know all of it like this is what I was covering here And so again people can get this Etherically like people can start Meditating And they can get you know whatever Connectivity in a post-apocalyptic world Without any of the literature and Organization And maybe that's a good thing maybe it's Not I don't know Where people just connect on their own They don't you know there's not going to

Be any sort of organization or any Connection with the past in terms of I mean you know that's not what it's Said in the you know Bob as you said The Whispers messages that the ashrams would Be safe havens and from the The you know apocalyptic Cataclysms and upheavals and things like That so you know I guess it'll in India It'll be something like India there's Lots of ashrams and lots of people And they have infrastructure and you Know people will Maybe recover from the dodgy debacle I Don't know but the rest of the world It's older hippie generation people who Started seismog years and years ago and They're dying out without much of Anything Really very few ashrams outside of India And very few people in those countries And I don't know you know what how the Organization will carry on in a a Post-apocalyptic way but it's not really My problem right I just Do what I'm doing here like I could Think about it but it's not Something I can solve and something that Can be You know even calculated until these Things happen But you know I don't know how it's going To go And right now it's just um sort of

Teetering on an edge and you know There's people who are doing Gratefulness and that's great and at Least on a soul level your soul will Come back down and hopefully be able to Find it I don't know I mean it just it seems really like It's hard to believe and have hope in it Right now Just the way things are going dodgy Really just snuffed all hope out of the You know whatever and it wasn't great Before I mean there was maybe a hundred Thousand people probably about fifty Thousand devoted practitioners to the System I mean if we're going to be you know Honest about the you know the enthusiasm Level it depends on what you call a and Abiasi right a practitioner a spiritual Seeker that uh does size mark And is it the person who had all three Original cities a person who practices Regularly a person goes to gatherings And what does the person think of Themselves right are they doing other Religions and other forms of yoga and Spiritual practice and this is just one Thing they dabble in or that they used To do or whatever so if you're going to Talk about people who This is a significant part of their life The scishmark practice and they're Really into it and they're

You know going to Gatherings and Participating in a regular in their Practice and maybe even preceptors you Know it's probably about thirty thousand Maybe less and now with dodgy who knows How how much it shrunken so it isn't a Lot of people globally And it hasn't grown it's shrunk since Dodgy's taken over and you know watered Down the system in all of it and you Know there's just uh again an older Generation just like with the mainstream Media it's not young people who are Doing it and you know I I believe in the System obviously or I would be Still doing this I mean it's the one Thing I believe in is a solution And there's a lot of data we don't have Yet But going into the collapse it doesn't Look good right I mean it looks pretty Dismal and there's a lot of things that Could happen on an internal level and You know what we don't know and when They reduce the population significantly And there's less noise less real Wi-Fi Less everything and people are desperate And wanting to connect to God and you Have a higher level of soul In terms of losing all the you know the The people with the inability for Abstract thought and just you know the Animalistic level of human life where There's

Billions of people that just don't have The ability to be spiritual because They're not evolved that that evolved Yet And so there are a lot of things that Can go our way of course the change in Yugos and just change a condition on Earth where Meditating and being connected to God is Easier and better And stronger so there's a lot of things That could go in a way that we can't Perceive now because it hasn't happened Yet And so that's what I'm counting on and You know all of it so right now I'm just Sort of You know plugging away and doing what I What I'm assigned to do but you know I Just in terms of what's going on right Now there's not a lot of Hope For Humanity or for the system or Anything I mean like that's what it Looks like and doesn't mean that there Isn't but it's if it is it's hidden Right it's You know the the potential uh Upswing and evolution of the human Species on a spiritual level Is there the opportunities there And we'll see what people do like There's still the element of freedom of Choice and what people are going to do In the future

And you know we'll see how all that Plays out But anyways in terms of gatherings People are going to have to show like Enthusiasm and And some effort and you know come Together because Um like I just you know I am where I am With all of it And I'm willing to participate on a you Know limited level But I'm not going to do everything and Make it all happen because that's not What gratefulness is gratefulness isn't You know in the past all the three Masters of the system lamented The lack of effort from the the group And we don't have a master in Gratefulness to do everything And you know people think of me that way It's a mistake and I've said that before And my commitment level is you know that Of a you know a fairly devoted Practitioner who believes in the system Is important to them But that's about it it's not on the Level of feeling responsibly responsible Personally for You know other people or the system Itself like I I'm doing what I can do I'm playing my part that's about all I Have to do and all I can do So anyways um we'll continue on here Only spirituality will save this world

This Fall River definitely going for the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day And be grateful

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