Journey 115

Journey 115

Okay greetings brothers and sisters this Is the 115th version Or edition of The Journey series Um everything after like when I got into The 90s Every time I start a new one I'm amazed That this is still going on Um You know I was just gonna tell my story My initial story and then Stuff to do with what was going on with Me and my relationship with the mission At the current time Which was not good the organization Dodgy and heartfulness there was no Relationship at all And um You know the struggles I'd had just Because People think of a spiritual journey as Something That's full of epiphanies and Uh what do they call Enlightenment and Things like this But really it's uh Like a a long slog through a difficult Life experiences And then you um You know die at some point and they're Relieved from The burden of being a captive here on Your soul having to be Captive here and Incarnation after Incarnation

Where you're free to come and go as you Please Or never return again In the form of Liberation or God Realization or whatever You're able to achieve You know it's not a a blissed out Experience like people think there's Wonderful Well I mean I feel better all the time Like I feel better waking up and I just feel you know I don't want to say the word happy but I Feel better so there's that there's that Aspect to it It's uh your internal condition gets Better but But as you evolve spiritually It's not as you know life isn't as good Like a lot of material life isn't as Good In the sense that you want to return to Your spiritual Source or Center whenever I've had Really deep spiritual experiences I don't want to come back out like I Don't want to leave that place and that Condition And so it's uh you know it's different Than what people think like when people Imagine what it's like to have a Spiritual life as you know be a a Spiritual person they think it's Spiritual experiences and then maybe

You know you become some sort of a guru And they think about how that is from a Materials perspective Especially in India where there's this Celebrity status That is attributed that is goes with Being a guru it's a you know an honor You know a you're held in high esteem or Whatever A Mahatma but a real spiritual person a Real Guru they see that that's all traps You start thinking to yourself as having These perks or privileges It's just another way you can fall like There's so many ways and so they're all Become a You know they're not benefits they're Not you know privileges they're Potential curses or their potential Downfall And so anyways um it's August 4th I Forgot all about my anniversary day my First sitting was August 3rd And my fifth sitting tomorrow was August 5th when you you get your first three Sittings the fifth sittings when you're Actually become an abbeyasi but my first Sitting was so Important you know so uh it's such a big Experience the first three sitting Tour All that and it rained it isn't raining Now but it rained Years and years ago in 1993 when I Started I forgot all about it I saw in

August I saw it was August 2nd The day before and I'm like oh Tomorrow's my sort of anniversary day Birthday what do you want to call it in The Spiritual realm since doing such mark And you know that was significant um in Terms of the gratefulness Settings and the gratefulness stuff I Just was looking at the Go back to the page here I have to open A separate browser here for that But if you're doing gratefulness Meditation please like the video it's Got 271 views And 126 likes so that means that 126 People if they all did it accurately and If everybody was doing it saw the video Uh are doing gratefulness so it's around 100 20 some odd people certainly over a Hundred Which is uh you know inspiring it's good News The gratefulness charging birthday Gathering has gotten A 518 Views Another one's gotten 538 The other one's got 541 more than I Would expect on this channel Uh some of these other videos got 300 Views I'm not getting a lot of comments

Of people using the sittings there's Individual sittings there that people Can Can partake of and um There's the individual sitting playlist And then there's the Um you know there's two different Settings there than there's the Introductory settings and then there's The Intensive I don't know if people are Doing these things or not Um no one's leaving comments And the video that says everything you Need to Know to get started doing gratefulness Has gotten 433 views And 50 likes and it's 95.90 Percent so one dislike The rest are just all 100 likes um Uh you know the um I'm doing what is considered preceptor Work and I'm kind of just feeling all That out figuring out What I'm going to do in the future I Might open it up so that people can Request settings Through the comment section or through Messages And within a day or so I'll do a sitting You know they can just meditate whenever Um You know people who are in particular

Need But I'm gonna wait to figure out how to Do that like just um I don't know uh The thing is I started doing that work On Bobby Kennedy RFK Jr And you know I got that sort of stomach Thing that I associate with Gatherings Really cleaned me out like a good solid Spiritual work was being done I did the Following night And last night I was kind of tired so I Dozed off but I woke up and I was awake So I did it a third night and there's a Lot of energy going there and I don't Know If it has to do with him specifically Or you know the whole movement Um for whatever reason They apparently want me to take up his Case as Bobby would put it and so like I'm not all that sure like I really kind Of know what I'm doing uh yeah I got Some books to read and I gotta reinvest in all that um you know So I feel the energy going through me It's a little bit difficult to do it Without Some Authority Um You know I had the dream which is Significant which I talked about in the You know what was it 109th

8th and 9th version of The Journey Series And so um You know there's that like I have to You know go on my internal experience And the fact that it's working Uh but I just um Not sure you know what to do with it in Terms of Movement forward huh You know into the Future and also Gatherings of people Meeting collectively If this continues to grow if there's Some Hundreds of people and people are Willing to travel or they're into it Enough to To go to Gatherings doing that like I'm Not an organizational person and you Know I I went to Gatherings but I didn't run Them And so none of you guys have ever Run a gathering and maybe there'll be Somebody who knows how to run uh events So to speak But it's quite a The logistical aspects of it and You know getting everyone to do Volunteer jobs and everyone Contribute in one way or another and Pull the thing off it's kind of amazing That part of it

Getting everybody fed getting everyone You know places to sleep and all those Things And that's very overwhelming to me I Don't you know I don't have the ability My wife is Probably much better at something like That but she hasn't done that specific Kind of work And so uh you know it would have to be Other people That uh moving forward you know and uh You know and I'd have to find out the Legality of providing a venue and you Know there's certain places that people Can you know that I have neighbors and Things like that if so if it was To be done in you know my Homestead or Whatever and so You know I'm just so overwhelmed by all That kind of stuff right just Like it's beyond my uh You know something I thought I would Have to do I loved the ability to show Up at a gathering and just have some Simple tasks So volunteer works are doing India you Don't have to do anything because it's So many people there and westerners were Just getting away because you know the Indians out there their ways of doing Things and so just being able to go to The Gathering and and participate but Having to manage it and all the stuff

That goes with that right Um so you know that all has to Evolve at some point like I don't have Any real desire to do that like I don't Want to do that Um but it's there to do like I know You know I have some acreages and you Know There's there's land available and There's You know the condition would be great You know there's just a gather it's a Great thing And so like some part of me you know Wants to have Gatherings again but To be responsible for it I'm not really All that into it so that's where I kind Of am with all of this stuff here There was at least one whisper to The Brighter world I want to read um This is Sunday August 29th 1999. Don't think of the future by child You have enough enough to do with the Present For as long as the world has existed Humans have adapted themselves as best As possible to the great mutations of Earth To the great upheavals caused by Cataclysms dividing territories creating Continents Islands climate changes Mountains where there were none the Earth has been torn apart ill-treated Battered shaken and that is not over but

Don't worry yourselves about all that The Earth's life follows its course as As yours goes its way You are all passing through here below The Earth is not its time is not Fleeting like yours it will still have Much to undergo humans themselves do not Spare it that's the saddest part of the Story Babaji um You know Speaks for itself And uh The fact that he said that humans will Adapt themselves Which is going to have to happen and It's harder for older people to do that The older you get the harder it is for You to adapt You just uh you know your life has been A certain way And so when you're talking about Systemic collapse And having to rewrite everything You know it's very difficult and so Those of us who are older will do our Best but you know it's really for the Youth To do that of course the youth is so you Know pathetic right now But you know Babaji says it's going to Happen And you know there's going to be a Collapse in that some people survive it

And you know that's the only thing we Can Sort of like hope Force you know put Some Uh some Future plans that has to be that there's Going to be one generation Or a couple Generations that bite the Bullet and are able to make lemonade out Of lemons Okay so there are a few more Whispers uh Messages that pertain to what's going on Here that I know normally would read These ones but it's just what I was Talking about I hadn't read this before Today I just had a bunch of sneezes and I Read these Whispers but this one he says Monday August 30th 1999 10 a.m do not forget that the Stream can come become a reality in Another form than a physical one and you Know it's interesting I was just talking About the dream thing And she says yes I see Babaji but this But for me this physical form Would be a joy at my small level it Would suit me it is as you wish what Matters is to be What you deem good for us for me my Beloved Um and just short messages there But you know I was talking about the Dream thing

My dear child you are a son for my heart A relationship is very special Do you realize it the medium my love is Completely selfless Is is it is it due to that It is one of the reasons but there are Others the bonds of the heart cannot be Explained they are subtle and by Beyond Form formalities Bob do you wear a thousand sons and me Where I can take refuge when the world Upsets me and my body becomes Difficult to inhabit you know she's Having these physical issues You know I have a connection with the Sun that's why I you know those two Things were I don't know like I could be directed at Uh you know I mean I read them in a Timely fashion this condition where you Read something And it speaks to you directly there's Things that I read here And people feel like it's directed at Them every group meditation there be a Number there would be a reading after The SATs on every Sunday And then that reading would often speak To people who were there especially People who didn't read the literature Well I guess everybody but you know if You didn't read the literature that Would be your your one chance to hear Something

But oftentimes whatever was read uh Would you know just resonate with Certain people that were there that day Maybe multiple people at least one or Two you know so that's Uh how it goes sometimes especially with These Whispers messages You know that's talking about the dream Thing and him saying that you know a Dream can become reality And it has in my case with that you know Dream that chargie made me a preceptor Again you know the stuff with the Gathering with charging uh which I Talked about in the last um You know the last edition of The Journey Series And dodgies whatever it is like it's Over whatever I was feeling about it is Over like it's It takes about you know I guess it's uh August 4th so it's been I don't know 10 Days or so Since the maybe uh maybe two weeks Probably about two weeks I don't know whatever bad days it's been Since the end of the Gathering which was The 25th so about 10 days And you know the I don't want to say I Was upset because it's More than that but just The blatant disrespect that he had for Charity at the birthday it lasted for About 10 days you know the

Where I you know don't think about it or Hilarious and uh You know up for me um I look forward to It's a time where dodgy and heartfulness Or distant memory whatever that means Either I I don't pay attention to it or Or not aware of it or um you know There's some sort of resolution to that Story And I don't know what that'll be like That's going to be Uh you know um A poop show for a very long time It's going to be uh A mess the organization Dodges created a mess even after he Leaves it he leaves the world or Whatever happens That'll be an absolute mess And so you know there's that but The gratefulness meditation that we're Doing Can stand on its own right it's not you Know it's a reactionary But isn't a choice based thing right it Wasn't something I Chose to do or you guys chose to do And when we chose it but we didn't Choose to create it or the need for it Right it just happened it just evolved Out of you know an organic process But it can stand on its own at some Point like it you know

And maybe there'll be other movements Like it or whatever I don't know how it All worked out Babaji had said somewhere And I can't find the It's a message but I read it in one of These Journey series if anybody comes Across it Please let me know it's where he says Something to the fact that one day They'll have to be psyche mode will have To be United again Like it's going to be fractured into Different some organizations and they'll Have to be United again which will be You know A positive thing but as long as there's Some uh you know designs of Transmissions flowing in one capacity or Another another they'll be you know uh It's a positive thing it stays alive Right Uh you know but anyways there's There's all that but like I said you Know there's just something about the Way that dodgy tree to charge you every Charge his birthday is going to come out Right because Charges should be respected and honored On his birthday And you know that's not happening And you know he's actually being Disrespected and Dishonored right and so Um like I've felt a certain sort of way

About it ever Since about 2017 when I saw what Direction this was trending towards And dodgy was not you know being The way charge he was for Babaji or Lology or La Babaji was philology he was Competing instead of honoring right you Know and moving forward with Gratefulness there has to be that Element where you you know assume a role You find your role And you perform that you know whatever It is your Soul's purpose and you Contribute what you have to contribute Right Um Anyways we'll you know we'll talk about That more in the future I'm going to wrap this up for today and I'll continue on in the next couple of Days okay so I got a comment continuing On here Um this is Saturday up morning August 5th I started This uh Journey Edition on the fourth And so Um Somebody left me a comment here I am listening to the journey daily I Started from back to front and went And went back This time in the in this time in this Journey Where you notice this is a journey

Series part 13. So I guess this person is starting over Um Which you know if there's people who Have listened to it more than once um Which is kind of astounding given the Amount of time and effort that takes but Uh this is the time of the journey where You notice a shift With doji And you're so discreet and intelligent With your assessment I am really enjoying your videos thank You Paul Um You know I thought that was interesting And it's good the person wrote that Comment because That's going all the way back to the 13th Journey series whereas Starting to just see um Well I'd always seen them because I had Experiences with dodgy With accomplish From the time where he was Nominated right Um You know they were just character flaws But we all have them and whoever was Going to be the next Master is going to Have like I knew this ahead of time Was going to have things and you're like Hey that guy did this or this guy did This because

At the time they were you know becoming The master of the system And she really wasn't fair to compare Him to charge you And so it's the The stuff where he's much worse than he Was like he's gotten worse and his Decision-making things Have gotten worse since that time You know that was the kicker for me Where there was a fall-off of You know even though he had some Character flaws and he did some stupid Stuff beforehand in the beginning and The dissing of Charity and then of Course all the really bad decisions It was clear that the guy has fallen but The big thing of course was the you know The lack of transmission In the system and I was thinking about This transmission stuff um You know the um The greatest thing that's ever happened To humankind is transmission like better Than like the wheel or You know any material thing that's ever Happened Any invention you know anything that Humans have done in terms of improving Our material lives because transmission That's given In the size Mark system and again it's Existed in other forms not as Uh prevalent and not as available

As it has inside smart and it's been you Know perfected by Babaji but whatever This you know whatever this started Whatever You know it's been there in the past It's the greatest thing because God's Love Is the fundamental building block of all Things you know there's nutritional what I'm finding out now as I've been taking Supplements and things There's nutritional uh things out there You know natural things that do so much Like there are things that have like Pine pollen has like almost all of the B Vitamins and then other things like There are things that are You know that fix so many different Things in your body there's all these Different Natural components that Helps you uh Enhance and Fortify your physical system And of course oxygen is a big one as Well oxygen is like so important we Don't think about it When you have more oxygen in your body's Processing the oxygen and you're fully Oxygenated it's a whole different thing You know the lack of oxygen is Uh you know hard on all kinds of Different parts of your body I mean There's all these things that are of

Course water is a part of that You know water is part oxygen and water Is so essential for your system And you take it for granted because it's Available and you have it But transmission is the most important Thing because it's God's love which is The most important thing And God's love is in everything it's the Basis of everything So it's the fundamental building block It's the one thing that you know it's The media of your physical and spiritual System it's pervasive in the universe And the transmission that's given in the Sash Mark system is beyond You know anything that's else out there As a gift and you know I can say that Just experientially What the transmission does and what I Can recognize it does and then all the Other things it does that I don't even Know And it's filling something up it's you Know it's fortifying something The love that's in your system because We all have to have love in our system God's love You know it's in love in its purest form To exist and you know not just here but On a spiritual level You know Souls come from Disembodied Souls come from higher Developers of body Souls come from

You know other parts of the etheric Universe To receive the transmission charge you Said yeah there's all these disembodied Souls that come here all the time for Group meditation right so they're there Because they recognize the value of Uh you know what's being given here And you know with that There's 126 people that are saying they Do gratefulness meditation so you know I'm not bummed about it I'm just you Know staging facts right So there's so many people here who Listen to Journey series but it's not You know as popular as my other videos In terms of viewership I'll go Look at the um yeah let me look at my Latest one Um And so you know it's I don't know two Three thousand people Which is not nothing but it's you know It's not as big as something that's um I mean something of a much lower level And so um You know there's that and then the last Journey series got 2600 views but it Goes up over time people have you know Some especially these long videos you Know I'm surprised it gets that many But you know everyone is listening to Journey series And listens to my videos have benefited

From the information and whatever it is The energy that's in them and things That are there and you know I've had Millions upon millions of views I don't Know how many people over a million Different people have come across my Channel And you know there's maybe ten thousand Twenty thousand regular viewers people Who have you know some people have fade Away that were really into this You know they're not you know they just Faded away but they're not negative Towards me or the channel or whatever And in all that there's a hundred and Twenty six people who are benefiting From the greatest gift Of you know all time right in terms of God's love like there's nothing better Than that there's never going to be Anything better than The transmission that's given here In the gratefulness meditation and the Scishmark system And so you know I I don't know what to Say about it right uh you know Master Charge he had said Um that you know you can Take a pot of honey and Uh run it off a rope in the middle of a Ceiling like have it hanging from the Ceiling in the middle of a rope And ants will you know ants who are very Primitive in their

Developmental capacity in there Cognitive abilities will Figure out where the where the honey is And they'll walk up a wall Over the ceiling down the Rope into the Honey and then back to the Ant hill right and so Like ants could find it but humans Can't find you know what's good for them Like humans have a you know they can Find alcohol they can find Gambling they can find drugs they can Fight You know prostitutes I mean they can Find Criminal Behavior they can find All these things that are negative but They you know human beings have a Tendency to stay away with from what's Good for them what's nurturing to them They'll eat you know the garbage food And whatever it might be But they won't you know eat what's good For them they won't do what's good for Them I mean that's You know there's a self-sabotaging slave Mentality Self-hatred and you know Doing things that are of course you know Those things are Pleasurable exciting and there's reasons Why people Do things that are bad for them but you Know when they tend to not Do what's good for them and you know do

What's uh you know best for them Um And so you know in that you know there's A lot of people here who Who uh you know one way or another Benefit from my doing Scishmart like all of you who listen to My videos and benefit from the videos Benefit from The fact that I do scishmore because That's What makes my channel kind of great and You know whatever is good in these Videos come from my Uh connection to the system and Receiving transmission it's enhanced me As a person and there's people here who Value what I have to say and look to me As a you know person with wisdom and Again that all comes from The size Mark system I was a low Functioning person before I Receive transmission it's enhanced me And you know I can't say enough good Things about it But again there's just you know 126 is Great in some ways and You're very sad in others Um And then there's What's happened with dodgy and the inner Circle now these guys were around Charging and they received more than Anybody like you know there's

A famous story where um Babaji was giving a special condition to Everybody Who was with them at a certain time And sharji's father showed up just after He gave that out to everybody And you know and it was like well you Weren't here like Um you know sharji wrote this in his Diary and so being around the master of The system when you know things just Happened to To be uh Distributed and some people just lucked Out and they were just there in that day Or whatever it was right And so these guys were there all the Time With chargie and he was always you know Working on them they're benefiting from Him And you know they've just torpedoed the System to where There's no transmission coming out and Dodgy and of course being the central Figure here You know but it's the greatest gift and Dodgy knew this like he When he first started being Master the System he had people Meditate with and without transmission Making transmission the the selling Point and now he's doing whatever the f He's doing right

Which is just um You know pathetic and You know a total loss of his uh his with The way of the system and all these Things And so you know it's something that's Available and most people don't want it Or even want to try it or even want to You know experience it then there are People who have had it and you know they Benefit from it and they've quit Like they just you know they know how Great it is and they've walked away from It lots of people Um You know so I mean it's a sad State of Affairs given everything that's happened In the world and there's something that Can just enhance and make you know Everything uh You have your things that are in your System that are Fundamental to your system like I said Oxygen water of course You know then there's these all these Supplements and things that you have Vitamin D all these different Things your body needs minerals and Vitamins and all this stuff and beyond All that transmission God's love is the Most important thing And people having energy in their love Bank and You know it's just without it there's

Nothing there's like you know sunlight And You know air oxygen all these things Pale in comparison And you know you need it and people have It But this is you know getting uh big Doses of it and You know it's just not valued and nobody Really I mean it's a you know It's not something that people are Gravitating to There's an opportunity Here and it's been available for a while And Um you know in my experience uh it's Just even when I worked as a preceptor Before You know I started maybe 100 different People And two of them stayed and they're not Great you know they're one's a preceptor I don't know if she's even Working anymore doing what you know and She had a good spiritual condition Coming in And the other guy I think he's kind of Still doing it but You know he got um Mary he contacted me and his wife was Cheating on him Um You know my family and I had visited Them and you know she was a long time Practitioner

And they met at the Molina ashram And she was going through a divorce and She had a kid and they got together and Um we went to where they lived in St Louis and Uh he uh You know I knew him from he started with Me and you know we I didn't really know The woman that much but she uh Maybe knew my ex a little bit but we had A good time with them they had just had Another baby And they had a nice little Center there The woman was a preceptor And you know I um They were kind of people that might have Done Farming and things like they might have Been people that we were in community With later on But when I got back from India and I was Going through my divorce He contacted me and said they split off She cheated on them and They're both friends of mine on Facebook I saw that she was with this other guy On Facebook you know whatever Um You know so but I'm just saying like I Don't know if he's still practicing but You know it's just he had quit for a While early on then came back to it so The you know people that I started for The most part you know started with me I

Didn't start them you know whatever you Want to look at it And you know it was a small ratio of Retention It was like one out of 40 one out of 35 Something like that Of people who start the system and stay With it And then I don't know even you know People leave it after 20 years and Quitting or whatever and so You know I don't understand it like the Transmission is Once you have it you know it's very Subtle and I can see why people don't Value it forget about it But once you don't have it like it's a It's like you know God's love is missing Like you know you I don't understand how You could walk away I I quit like for Three days a couple of times you know I Just Um Getting kicked out of that Gathering and Things I've talked about that And so you know it was really things to Do with dodgy Um in the U.N like it was the UN things And dodgy and Two things with dodgy and so of course You know But then I realized why should I quit Because other people suck Especially dodgy right and so you know

It's I just don't understand it like just From my experience with transmission of Course I was so low functioning Before the before and after for me was So profound The things I'm able to do the things I'm Able to accomplish You know just who I am as a person is so Improved with transmission You know it's been a real benefit for me That I like suck so bad before it that You know like I noticed a difference That I'm dependent on it to function And so you know it hasn't been really That hard for me so I don't know Uh but like I just you know I can't not Have it I mean if it disappeared from The Earth it'd be whatever it is and you Know I've gotten better you know those Things I would lose Uh now even if I couldn't receive Transmission just because You know I have them now but I got them Through the transmission process And the you know practice massage mark You know so it's um Interest to me that interested in me the Failure of Humanity because it's there It's the answer it could help everyone Evolve and become saintly and go to the Next level And people are choosing not to have it

Like most people never even come in Contact with it And those that do very few people uh Stick with it and those people aren't Necessarily great Like dodgy more than anybody else he's Had more Of this work done and the people around Them like they're all at higher levels Of spirituality and they're around the Master the system they had all these Opportunities And they never took advantage of it You know it's like It's kind of stunning but you know not Really It's you know it's very predictable Human beings have this Self-destructive tendency and it's you Know the reason why this is being Offered I think is because of the You know the the lower nature of human Beings And I believe it's because of the You know being made as slaves as being a Slave racing not coming from a you know Natural You know I don't know there's just this Victim Consciousness slave mentality in The human race and Self-hatred That um you know creates all the things That we see here The negativity and the you know bad

Decision making Anyhow just a little cheery thought this Morning But you know it's like I'm not I'm not Bummed to buy it like right now like I've bombed in the past but you know It's It's just I've accepted as being the way It is but you know what I cover the Depraved In our world right now and you know the Lack of Uh you know a higher nature that's there We all have a higher nature Very few people embrace it or even Thinking about it and You know and it's um It's it's not going in the right Direction Anyways I'll continue on tomorrow or the Next day Okay so um yesterday I was gonna do a Voiceover here But I made a three and a half video an Hour video About Kennedy's um atrocious or Egregious position on the Palestinian Israeli conflict and you know as I was Thinking about it I was doing Spiritual work on him and the idea came To me You know like uh Suggestion in some way that was Not something I would have thought about

Myself Um Like I was awake that night And Um This stuff came to a head Uh on that day like I finished The spiritual work on my anniversary day Or the day before and then on my Anniversary day August 3rd There was the my first city There was a bunch of things that Happened kind of exposing Kennedy's Flawed position Which I take is you know when you Transmit to something And you Read the condition or you just Concentrate on something you read the Condition Energy comes back and In this case it was you know his Uh I don't even understand how he came Up with the The you know the degraded position on The Palestinian people but there was a Spiritual context here And you know I was thinking about this This morning Um a little bit last night You know in terms of Like it always the information always Comes back I mean that's how the scishmark system

Works if you concentrate on something You know when people Told me about The um the stuff to do with dodgy The um You know the brighter mind scam And that just brought what he was doing To another level like it was You know criminal you know like and When I started to open up to that Possibility and you know read the Situation It became obvious you know you can go Into denial Or not look for something because you Don't think it exists you're not even Aware of it existing Okay some experiences with dodgy that Were head scratching But then when I you know heard about Some of these other things a brighter Mind scam and some other stuff with the RSS and you know all these other things That he was doing I started looking at him in a different Way like you know it was possible for Him to Be corrupted and you know be a slow Person much lower than I would have Thought like you know usually it's like And I guess maybe it started with Bitterness and jealousy for him And that brought him down to the level Of doing scams and

You know all the stuff he's doing now But You know in terms of what I would have Thought You know a fall for him was It wouldn't be as stupid or as low as The brighter minds thing And that's not the worst thing he did It's the worst thing he did was Disrespecting charging but you know once You break that connection then You're just out there in deviant land And you could have some You know whatever it is like you can Once you're a fallen soul And you delve into these you know lower Levels of Behavior Um Who knows how that's gonna How that's gonna like incubate and you Know what that's going to turn into like It's going to turn into something And so it's like you're losing your way Once you lose your way You don't know where you're going to end Up like you're you know you're lost And then you go into one of these Levels of deviant behaviors and things But the size Mark system always works in Terms of reading The information will come back to you if You're concentrating on something It'll come back if you go to read

Something You know you go to assess something in Your Gathering information on a spiritual Level the information will come back to You in one way or another And that happened with the Kennedy thing You know I wanted to make a voiceover Yesterday because I had a dream The previous night so two nights ago And then yesterday morning I woke up and I guess it was you know yesterday Morning was waking up I had the stream And I was at a gathering and there was Some of it I forgot but the key part That I want to talk about was I guess I was eating food we were Waiting for I guess whoever was the master of the System And we were eating food and I was in the back corner like I was in Uh the seat farthest to one corner in The back And I was looking up and there's all These open seats Closer to the stage But there are still people there like You know you I would have been sitting a Lot with a lot of other people And I want to get up to move closer and I'm like why do you have to move closer Transmission will you get the Transmission anywhere you are

And now you'll be the first to be able To get out of here Before all the crowd leaves you know Like at a concert or a football game And then I woke up and so that was Interesting Uh given what's happened here Um In terms of all this stuff and me you Know realizing that Harmfulness system is no longer Uh you know viable spiritual path and Consisting of the transmission and the You know levels of character development And things that are available It's you know look at all the things That you already know So the last part I'm going to um Read a A message that talks about what Bob G Called the esoteric symbol And I went I have a folder on it and it Has a couple of the symbols That people have drawn You know they're not the official symbol And it's got maybe 10 messages about it Or more And so I'm going to do a voiceover Um for that I'm going to put here but Also on my uh on the uh gratefulness Meditation Channel because it's a part Of the massage Mark practice And it came up So let me switch over to a new voice

Over here And then I'm going to do a little uh Video clip And then um yeah And I'll put that out and then I'll be Part of this um Whole thing uh here and also On the other channel Greetings brothers and sisters Um this is a video I'm also going to put Out my journey series the whole video I make it for the gratefulness Meditation it's about the esoteric Symbol Because Babaji left a Whispers message Here And it's uh Thursday September 2nd 1999. We know that you are doubt personified But perhaps that it's not such a bad Thing it keeps you safe from undesirable Egotistical egotistic reactions We were in trouble as far as you are Concerned You give us enough worries For other reasons You have correctly understood the deep Meaning of this symbol share it with Your friends they will be able to Integrate it and learn how to see it as You do all your life you have dreamed of A great Voyage you have made some of Them but but the most beautiful one Your life had in store for you is the Inner Voyage which you're

Immobility increasingly obliges you to Complete Babaji um So this is the what Bob do you end up Calling the esoteric symbol and I'm Going to switch over to A you know my other app and show you the Symbol And show you some of the drawings that People did About it and then I'll talk about it um Then I'll you know read this one message There And then I'll um Come back to you know this thing and I'll do more voice over and read a bunch Of other messages about it Okay so this is a message Um And it's not dated here Um I'll see if there's another message That this came with this might be the Second page of the message Let me see if this is uh page Uh two or three here Well it's not I'm editing and I do a Long voice over almost an hour voice Over and I'm you know it's going to be a Little bit disjointed because I'm kind Of trying to remember things and figure Out you know what I I've saved all this Stuff in a folder But this message was given without a Date which I find out later you'll hear

That in the voiceover towards the end But I went through a whole sort of kind Of remembering Uh everything you know I saved all these Messages and things but the Information's there it's a little bit You know less focused because I'm trying To figure things out while making the Voice over Uh but Um Let's go back to the the original video Here So let's start here the vacuum of the Heart of the cells is like a light Where thousands of stars are reflected Esoteric symbol showing the physical Heart And a spiritual heart with a central Region In the center The core of divine energy and physics The core is the central part of the atom Made up the protons and neutrons there's A vacuum in its Center Known for Centuries by Mystics and Finally detected by scientists Who haven't really identified it Heart to Heart being the third series of Messages given by Babaji Maharaj To his scribe So um This was given in the Second revelation

And I'll go check the books now That this is the symbol here And I got a variety of symbols I'll show You And then um I'll read all the other Messages it's a bunch of them About it and um You know it's interesting In a lot of ways Um You know I just put all the star symbols I have in the video There's a bunch in the folder so I Haven't thought about this in a while But I thought it might be important to Include because Babaji just mentioned it In a Whispers messages and it's the First Whispers message He ever mentioned the esoteric symbol at Least in Forest the ones that are Published that we know about And so um Let's get back to that here Okay so it's interesting um it says it's From the second revelation And it's there's no page number for that Um what I showed you there there's no um There's no date and I don't know if that Was a second of A you know there's a a bunch of Whispers messages I'm going to read you But I don't know if that was that was Part of a longer message

But you see the star symbol I'll show You the various other images I took like Different images Of it maybe it uh I don't know where I got you know There's all these different images And some of them are Abiasis made color Renditions and They're kind of neat looking they're Unofficial And I don't know if there's something That you would meditate on but I'm just Going to read these Uh and maybe it'll tell me the page Number or the messages I can't find this One message Which is kind of odd uh this is um in my Folder I have It says Star PDF And then it says star to PDF and I Haven't been able to find it in the book Which is kind of weird and I've kind of Scrolled through the book but I haven't Been able to find this message there And maybe I'll be able to figure it out Later I don't know Uh so that's all weird but this is from Thursday December 23rd 1999. And it says second Revelation on it 8 am But I can't find that in the book it Only goes up to October 1999. and it Might be another section I haven't found I don't know

Um so it's all kind of a mystery okay so I just might as well read this one and Then just read the rest of them and see What happens So I gotta make this bigger here We welcome back we welcome we we will Come back to the definition of the Esoteric symbol of the heart This heart is big and it meanders on Many It meanders on many I'm not sure what That means one can only use a sketch to Give the idea of what it really Represents the idea of a vacuum in the Center of the atom is good and right is Extremely complex part we have to Elaborate on this issue in our books Without being able to satisfy your Curiosity The symbol can give free reign to your Imagination With the passing time as as your Comprehension increases Owing to the work which is being done on You which is owing to the work which is Being done on you you understand it Differently These Mysteries that cannot be revealed From the onset you will gradually gain Insight into them Starting from a simple idea the Foundations are laid It's up to you to build the knowledge And structure while advancing step by

Step towards the supreme goal May this Divine energy contain in the Heart of the atom vibrating and you Intensely Babaji so that's um One of the first ones and I'm just going To read the rest of them in no Particular order It's a lot of them to get through And you know this symbol was given in The second revelation And some of us meditated on it because He suggested to do that And I had interesting results which I Can't remember And it was something that I went away From But it's there as a part of the practice You know there's no symbology and I mean There had been no symbology And um In the search Mark system And you know symbols are You don't want to lose your way from the Idea of the abstract idea of Divinity and the transmission and the You know where people solidify them into Symbols and symbology So this wasn't supposed to replace the Idea of the abstract idea of Divine Light in the heart or eventually the Meditating on the inner master Um there's other aspects to the practice And so

I meditated on it like I said and I Remember having really good results Using it as the The idea that you were meditating on This the center point in the the symbol Like let's just read these things Because I don't really remember it all That well It's from a while back And I forgot all about it until I saw The message so this is Thursday September 16th 1999. free your mind and come into the Bubble otherwise you will not be able to Communicate is that what you want you See how hard it is to to in certain days To free one's mind You should use the key I I give you I Gave you better With more conviction In it towards this aspect that your Efforts must be directed sitting down And saying the master does everything That's a little restrictive reserved for Beginners you must act you also take Your spiritual you you and also take Your spiritual Destiny in hand You have traveled a long enough journey To understand that the master can act Only when you consent in support of your Personal work Let your efforts join to go towards the Goal be at the same time completely Surrendered and active

The way we understand it you must Collaborate While being malleable Do your practice exactly do your Practice exactly as we ask you to do But this uh but with this additional Something the symbol Which you know to help you help you kick Off your concentrations That is not a gimmick you should really Try and Preserve To you should really try and persevere You will see the results starting with a Simple element one can go far the Scientists who marks the history of Humanity testify To the reality of this assertion Get down to the work with all blessings It says here it's been a good contact Today am Will not add anything else regain your Strengths for the day Whose schedule is busy of your health Condition good meditation Babaji And so um The Whispers message that I read before That was from December 23 1999 this one was I just Clicked out of it Um So let me so that came from September 16th So the symbol I don't think had been Given that in the in the book yet where

You get to see it So I think they're releasing The Whispers In order now And so that was from September 2nd the One I just read to you And then um I don't know if there's any other ones Here That are the one I read from from Whisper a day Originally in the original part of this Video And so um The next two messages that are available Now Are from September 5th And they don't have anything to do with The symbol I'm just looking at those now And so as far as I know the next one was The one I just read to you The first one I read to you in the Voiceover and then I showed you the Picture of that one These were in September of 1999 and in Terms of the book They were not given Um The symbol was not given yet And it was given December which I can't Find in the book which is weird because It said second Revelation on it Um So that is a little bit of a mystery and

It's hard to like put this stuff back Together Um there was the Original message that was given with no Date And I don't know if there's It's just like a you know like I showed You that one But it says second Revelation on it And then there was The one given uh On December that says December 23rd and That has I saved it as star two I saved the first one is star PDF I Saved the second one is star two You know so Um I didn't really count on any of this Happening you know I saved this because It was a new part of the practice And I meditated on the star and had good Results and then so from Star Um four I saved something as star four And it's um that was the one that Thursday September 16th that I read to You And here is star five and it seems like The rest of the ones are are outside of These are all in the second revelation And so this is from someone called the Venerable I don't know if I've ever read a Venerable message in the Journey series Or here But venerable is one of the people I'm

Not sure who venerable is who he was in A You know in terms of his life on planet Earth or her life Uh some somebody famous But it says here Saturday June 4th Saturday June 24th 2000 this is from a second revelation Think you are not fastened to your Physical body And that you make forays on to other Planes even if this activity is not Conscious our contacts is stead our Consciously established through these Messages Which serve as a link between the two Worlds For the time being stop wondering you're Set you are you have set up for Long-haul Journey that must lead to its Home point Let yourself be driven by the events Rather trying to rationalize Your model yourself on the sages of the Past Their sages also in the present who Accept without trying to understand Why they are different from others Generally ignored misunderstood They follow their star Without battling without batting an Eyelid and they rely on God for all Divest yourself as the useless aspects Don't be disturbed unseasonably by the

Events of Every Day Life They are of no importance may your boat Glide over the water Guided only by the Divine Master the Venerable that other message this is an Interesting message and it's uh you can Tell there's like a little bit different Of a voice here Than what you would would you get from Babaji That other message I read before that There was a person who asked me A question that I'll answer In my journey series and my next um Voice over I'm not going to do it here Because it's not directly related to This esoteric symbol it's about you know The role of the master because You know I'm talking about how you are Connected to divinity Uh directly but also the role of the Master is so important And so it's a it's a like a quote from Babaji and the person was confused about It I'm gonna hopefully remember to do a Voiceover tomorrow And that message I just um read you or Babaji says you know you can't just rely Totally on the master you got to do your Own work and you have to you know agree To things and you know give You know permission or whatever it is Right you have to comply but you also Have to you know do your own work and so

Those were all the messages I think from The fifth revelation Because I have a number of other Messages That were there's something here from a Hopi prophecy I'm not sure what that is I had these saved Okay this is just a Hopi popsy I don't Know if That has something to do with uh A star We'll see if that's message I have that Here if it didn't want the messages You know so um like I said it's a little Bit confusing Um So I'm going to go through these in Order Uh this is the esoteric symbol From November uh This Is 2020 let me Read this you know that's the next one I Think I'm going to try to find these in order It's a little bit confusing as I look Through them But this is one from November 20th 2002 This is from a third revelation It would be good to come back to the Symbol and draw it up It will take on full meaning in the Future Big esoteric movements have their own

Have their own Uh geometric geometrical figure Representing their occult action Time will make it possible to highlight The characteristics characteristics of Ours We inspired it and you well in advance Because we have had to do it in the Frame framework of the special teaching One day it will be read differently as Minds will have evolved favorably to Understand the subtleties The consciousness of this world must Rise and become receptive to Universal Realities An enormous work needs to be achieved to That end A new cycle is starting which should Make it possible to foster a bright Broad-mindedness which this world could Benefit from Is high time for a radical change to Occur in people's thoughts and behaviors Man's molecular structure will have will Need to change A related mutation will would allow him To approach facts in a more esoteric way We can only progress in terms of Knowledge by den of it this mutation Will be painful but is necessary for the Future of the entire Humanity It cannot continue in this escalation Which leads it towards its destruction Rather than towards salvation

You who are on the path may your Thoughts be positive concerning the Future of the world Be missioned once convinced of his Future upliftment We are working towards that end yeah so You know I remember this being a big Part of it that the symbol was supposed To Be more understood later Um And then there was a message here from Saturday January 5th 2005 8 A.M The five-point is star symbol which was Given to you represents the mission In its expansion into the future And so um There was that now I don't know if Dodgy's doing anything with this in Heartfulness and you know this stuff Came up and was talked about they Released the second Revelation in like 2006 or seven and Um I think it was in that one I have the Book it was the only book I didn't have But I got it on I got it on like uh Amazon or something you guys will Remember if I talked about it didn't The journey series And the rest of these messages are ones That were given in real time so there Was a point where the medium started to Give messages like in 2013 And they would do a like a you know

Translate them and get them out In a couple of days or a week or so And so then they were always publishing The old messages in a whisper a day But every once in a while they put out a New message that was in real time And these I have some of these bookmarks And it says here you gaze at the center Point of the symbol and you join us in Spirit this is from Saturday February 16 2013. You you gave the center point of the Symbol and join us in spirit you have Internalized this principle one day I'll Become more widely understood and used By all our aspirates It takes a lot of time in this world for That it takes a lot of time in this World For that reality to be perceived humanly The objective will take on its true Meaning in the future When another level of Consciousness is Achieved we cannot enforce anything we Cannot enforce anything We propose in every one disposes at Their own everyone deposes at their own Convenience What matters is that all our brothers And sisters be on this on their way and Assimilate as best as possible What we propose In a way such as ours this psychic Centers of the being are refined they

Also become stronger through the need to Develop within them that which is Important in in an active spiritual Process that is responsive to the call Of the Divide We strive to ensure that the aspirants The aspirations of all are met A new era is dotting on the horizon of This evolutionary process as far as we Are concerned everything will be Implemented in a timely manner to meet All spiritual needs we do not have a Magic key what we propose is not a dream Or impossible we only propose what is Important for you all who are eager to For your eager for a real journey in This area We remain optimistic in a face of Increasingly material increasing Material difficulties Tomorrow's Humanity can only grow and Open up to a higher reality These messages are designed to take one Further into the method we propose They provide the same elements To Aid the abiasi in understanding Phenomena May all our brothers and sisters grow And free themselves as much as possible From the myosmos of the material world Blessings to all Babaji you know I don't Know what people should do with this or Not but it came up because I read that First message a couple days ago and I'm

Like oh this is about the star symbol Which I had forgotten about almost Completely when I was going through some Of my Whispers messages I saw I had the Folder and I looked at the folder Briefly And you know I say I'd revisit this at Some point but I did meditate on the Star symbol and you know there was um The description you know which we go Through here as I read there's probably About six more messages here And I don't know if I have all of them And this one message that um I read today Was from Whispers of the brighter world the first Book And so um the one that said September 2nd 1999. or maybe it's not from a book At all in terms of they're releasing These messages without They used to say this is from the first Revelation or the second Revelation or Whatever And so they might just be releasing this Without them Being stated which book they were Published in They're now releasing them just in order But I don't have this one in there In this folder so Um I don't know when it was released and Whether it was ever released before

So there might be some more out there is What I'm saying But again you know You can do with one of these what you Will Um so that was that one So this is this one this is from it's uh This is actually Tuesday September 11 2012. And so this was before the what I just Read but I don't have these bookmarked In uh chronological order so I'm just Going to read them That esoteric symbol of the future as Proposed for our mission is all all We're already helping And we'll be greatly and we'll greatly Help our abiasis in the future They will then understand the true Meaning of it s vibrations It's vibration which is not negligible Will facilitate their interiorization This is not is only possibility Let time do its work it will help Everyone understand the matter In this area elsewhere humans need to Adapt to new principles Spirituality does not exclude this Established fact What matters is to forge ahead and help Our brothers and sisters who are on the Path in any possible way many are now Advancing their Interstate contributes To the situation

Whereby acceleration occurs and Transforms Their approach to the divine We are doing everything for this to Happen Nothing nothing should be overlooked in Such a matter It's a spirit in it isn't spirituality The noblest pursuit in life The achievement is long lasting once Again This has to be emphasized Remember what remains of the material Plane beautiful things can be created Here below Including those that help humans or Delight them But the essential thing Is it not that which is great beautiful And durable and is created in the ascent Of the Soul The soul follows its path beyond the Material world an Incarnation is indeed A step and it marks an interval in the Grand framework for the evolution of of Each one may all human beings rise more And more towards the noblest goals such As our wish and the purpose of our work Here and elsewhere That is how it is Babaji Maharaja And as I show these pictures I'm just Going to put these pictures in a loop And just show them repeatedly like I Said some of them are official some of

Them aren't official This became a thing for a while The book was released people read it They meditated on the symbol they asked Charge you about it And then some time went by and then These messages were given in real time And so there may be some messages out There I'm sure there are like I don't You know no because I don't have them in This folder And maybe I didn't even pay attention to Them when they were released And so Um you know I might have missed some And you know there's that guy Rob the Preceptor some of you guys went to him I Don't know if you guys are still going To him and you know I don't know if They're you know there's some people Going to him he was giving me Sunday Meditations and he was a big whisper sky And he might have some more information About the star esoteric symbol And a bunch of us meditated on it and Experimented with it And we had good results That's why I'm including it here and it Needs to be safe for prosperity Uh you know people can write these down And bookmark these places they can find The the messages on the whisper a day Search function And all of it right it might even have a

Separate place for the esoteric symbol Let me just look at that real quick here Yeah so um the page there the the main Page of oh what if you look up a whisper A day And then you can sign up for the whisper A Day messages if you haven't done that Already And there's one every day these are These messages given to this French woman who's you know since uh Passed on she died in 2018 and then they Translated these messages she was a Wonderful medium And it says here read about the Scribe By dodgy and that was you know And this is here from there click here To read the introduction by charity And then below this is click here for The Whispers archive And this is the esoteric symbol This is the esoteric symbol shows the Physical heart and the spiritual heart Of the central region an individual rays In each of the six groupings represented The five elements hair earth water fire And ether the center of the esoteric Symbol is a vacuum Where the life force is located And that's what you're meditating on Right so that's the symbol itself And that shows you the picture of the Symbol And you click on that and it goes to

That whisper That says esoteric symbol the vacuum of The heart the cell is like a well of Light where thousands of stars are Reflected And the esoteric symbol showing the Physical heart and the spiritual heart An essential region and maybe this Wasn't in the book The core of divine energy this is what I Read uh you know initially Maybe it's not in a book maybe it was Just put out in a whisper a day Um and then there's these other messages So Um you know not sure because my memory Isn't great about this Um you know so let's just keep on going With the messages here Monday January 28 2013. this is again This is one of the The real-time messages that they put out And it says here as you already know the Bright dot at the center of the esoteric Symbol represents the divine energy That which is the core of every cell of The human being Hence the graphic representation It will increasingly become a spiritual Reality By the effects it can generate in the Context of sadhna that's your spiritual Practice This sadness your spiritual practice

This symbol has not been given in vain And the time will come when it will be Naturally integrated into the practice Of many Over time many of our abiasis will Discover its powerful effect Some of them already know it and they Use the symbol quite naturally they do It by their own choice and we give them All the wheel away so that they can Benefit from it Time does its work as always in our Mission and elsewhere Abiasis make their own choices we Propose things and they adapt themselves In their own manner to what they think Is feasible for them We cannot force anything everyone Progresses as they see fit and for their Own good We see the benefits beneficial effects Of the practice In which this symbol takes its place Each one gives a symbol a place that Suits them Which gradually helps them to include it In their daily ritual This would be your meditation minds are Opening up to this new approach marking A milestone in this the discovery and Ownership of this important asset go Deeper and deeper into oneself in the Hard silence and very subtle vibration The goal to be achieved

We propose means that are accessible to All They will make their progress in this Habit Will make its rightful place over time Everyone our mission is moving on the Path According to their potential and Understanding We are working towards the Awakening of All with a view to achieving the Ultimate goal The overall results the overall result Is very good We can only be delighted by it and Accelerate the process in terms of the Collective and deciphers decisive Advancement for the future of this Beautiful Mission sahaj Marg Babaji Maharaja Um So that's a really good one and so this Was by the time that this came out People had known about this symbol I Don't know when it was released I don't Know if it came out in a book or a Whisper a day But it came out I think by 2007 or eight And this timeline is when I was waking Up in terms of the the stuff I do on Pockets of future or my other you know My uh truther videos Because of this and like I said I did Meditate on this and had some results it

Like appeared somewhat naturally you Know you can look at the symbol and then You have this idea but meditate on the Center point Which is the central region I'll work on That again in my own meditations and you Guys can experiment if you like on this Thing or whatever Um Let's keep on reading here And it says Here is peace and harmony And this is this not what your heart Yearns for They're permeable this is from Tuesday January 29 2013 10 A.M And so again these are messages given in Real time Years after people had known about the Esoteric symbol and so it would come up From time to time Here is peace and harmony Is this not what your heart yearns for This Preamble leads into Serenity and That is suitable here in the sacred Ritual Where our souls are attentive to your Souls and Infuse through these writings A vibration into your hearts many of Your faithful readers feel that Vibration and they enjoy it fully these Messages have multiple effects And the more refined of being the more He benefits from them nothing in our

Mission is done without reason Over time some aspects of the practice Will be highlighted as we have done in The previous message concerning the Possibilities offered by the new symbol Each one should be left to their own Understanding of things We propose an arabiasi's experiment and Practice in their own way in the Framework of our teaching The teaching may seem simple But steadfast practice Steadfast practice conducted with the Greatest keenness As well as with a fervent heart Leads to a being Lisa being to the Biggest best results For many of our brothers and sisters These commitments Has in some ways changed their lives Subtly develops in them gradually but Surely this is a major advantage in a Process like this Going Beyond appearances going somehow Beyond one's human potential That which is given to a man in this Current Incarnation testifies to the Aspiration Of the subtle being towards Self-realization How many people follow such a process And aware of what characterized them Beyond physical appearances Not many in reality compared to the

Current number of human beings that Happening this planet our abiasis are Somehow privileged they are aware of What is offered they are aware of what Is offered to them and they feed on it According to their own needs the call of The fervent heart is always Is always heard We do not remain insensitive to its Impulses towards us all according to Their longing benefit from the attention The light is at the end of the road a Day will come to our Delight a day will Come when to our Delight each one of Them will Discover it many of our Aspirants motivate themselves towards This Prospect driven by our love towards Them this is how it is Babaji Maharaja So I'm glad to make this video because It bringing it back to me I'm gonna Revisit the esoteric symbol and meditate It on the star thing like I said I did It for a while and you know you get busy And you know things fade away or there Was a time when people were doing it I Don't know how many people are doing it Now you know with everything that's Happened with the Heartfulness organization you have an Object of your meditation which is the Sub the idea of Divine Light in the Heart Uh but that can be you know some people Are meditating on the form of the master

You know things evolve and it's you know The meditation's the same Because you're meditating on the Abstract idea of God in your heart the Form of the master meditation Would be when it appeared naturally in Your heart it wasn't something you would Force And it would just be there and that was You were meditating I guess on the Master's Soul the Divine master But you know you started off with what Babaji said Was The object of meditation was the Supposition of Divine Light And he gave that because people at that Time or when he was you know doing this Practice Was saying that people couldn't meditate On the abstract idea of God like they Just didn't have This ability The majority of people so he gave this You know this idea of Divine Light in The heart it wasn't something that was Permanent Because as you meditated you went Through these various regions The object of your meditation would Change And become more subtle and become more Of a Feeling And the feeling of God's love in your

Heart and in these various other Spiritual regions and so there was the Form of the master which would appear Naturally and then There's some idea that women Should meditate on the form of the Master because it could become physical It was the whole thing Which I'm not going to cover here I'm Just saying that there's you know an Evolution of your the object of Meditation your heart should become more Clearer and change over time And then he gave this star symbol which Was to meditate on the center point of Your Creative existence whatever was said There In the page where it says um That it is um It says here in the physical the court Is the central part of the atom made up Of the protons and neutrons there's a Vacuum in the center known for Centuries By Mystics and finally detected By spiritual scientists It says here um That the esoteric symbol shows a Physical heart the spiritual heart with The central region And um You know there's this idea of the Uh these whatever it was there that I Said before

This is from the Whisperer day and I'll Photograph this and put it in the um This folder I have The esoteric symbol shows the physical Heart of the spiritual heart with the Central region the individual rays and Each of the six groupings represent the Five elements earth air water and fire The Earth their earth water fire and Ether The center of the esoteric symbol is a Vacuum Where the life force is located Um so yeah there's that so let's go back To reading these things Um this is Monday February 18 2013. so a lot of these came In 2013 . again these were the real-time Messages Trying to make this bigger here here it Is Um It says there this it says here The heart is the essential organ for the Life of the physical body But more than that it is a seed of the Soul and determines the identity The identity of the being as a whole It is unique and holds the key to the Whole person It is for many reasons the symbol of our Mission In its current and future expression

Whereby the mission will make his spark On people's minds on these on this Earth Through a comprehensive approach to the Divine This approach will be defined over time It will correspond to A development that is global and crucial For Humanity Many events will contribute to it We cannot anticipate but only prepare People The new symbol is making its own its way Into the hearts of those obvious who are Open to the principles we offer Everything is slow here below it happens In a timely way The various elements of the symbol are Simple There's nothing special just a few Essential aspects of Life on this Earth That have as a center point to Divine Energy Existed in the heart of each cell if Each human cell This one this Remains The Hidden Side As one might call it hidden from the Eyes of men From the multitude who do not care for Such singularities In truth everything is simple These elements are purposefully Assembled here in our designed as such To define the new symbol of our mission This is that is its appropriate name

Without any other spiritual Consideration May all our brothers and sisters one day Benefit from its many advantages Such as the spiritual objective and the Final Hallmark of our way and it's Current and future development That is how it goes may all be blessed And open to what we offer them to guide Them on the path to truth and the Expansion of the Soul Babaji Maharaja Again the idea of the picture Of the symbol Is You know it's got to be something that You see yourself It's going to transform as you if you Meditate on it and again your experience Is going to be your experience but it's You know it's a jumping off point Just being able to see it but it's the Idea of it right And um You know And so this is March 3rd 2013 so these were I kind of Got these going in order here By how I save them But here let me make this bigger um There we go a new chapter is being Opened here What will what will you write Which comments will be will we Inspire

In you The feedback about the symbol is very Positive and we appreciate it these Young abiasis have understood was Essential in the relevant framework They're advancing in the knowledge we Offer here to each and everyone According with recording according with In accordance with Their personal commitment The possibility of this Mission are very Great much greater than it would seem Only an adequate degree of Open-mindedness allows one to grasp the Full extent of it our brothers and Sisters discover the possibilities Through their personal advancement According to their own resources in this Area We are not forcing anything Anyone progresses at their own pace and A fever and call is always heard Witnessing the change of a being's Condition along with his Vibra his Vibratory elevation In this world One that is polluted at all levels is Reassuring Therefore at the present stage of Alarming distress in the world There is a means to help people grow to Overcome the current limitations without Undue constraints we ask nothing very Demanding many we ask nothing very

Demanding many people spend more time in In the front of high-tech devices than In the daily repetition of rituals we Propose just what is needed while Leading a normal life in which Spirituality is granted in its rightful Place That is to say the most important one Everything else is a consequence of this Material world and is far from the Essential access of life That which continues beyond the current Life A time will come when the majority of People will truly become aware of this Fundamental reality Let us all work accordingly by showing In our own manner another path to Eternal life Eternal life is not an idol expression It it actually exists beyond the world Of matter Many may all incarnate beings become Aware of it and not neglect which Contributes to their personal elevation Let us all work towards it let's all let Us all work towards it such is the goal Babaji Maharaj Um I'm glad I'm doing this there's one Message left and I'm glad I'm glad I'm doing this because I don't think anybody's ever done this I Don't know how much Master charge you Actually talked about the esoteric

Symbol I think he did and I don't know Where the talks are And so this is in a comprehensive Idea of all the information that's out There but it's pretty good Because these were all the messages that Were available that I bookmarked And then some will come up now in the Whisper a day over years And I'll add those and I'll read those Uh here And I'll add those I'll make a playlist And I'll add future videos But you know I think this is really Important Because without uh like a living Master To You know what we're doing here in the Gratefulness meditation The esoteric symbol I think is going to Be important And I'm glad that this is happening I You know it's happening for a reason Let me read the last um Whispers message here And so um you know clear this in the Journey series as well like I said And then I'll um follow up with any Future information or any thoughts I Have about this symbol I'm going to you Know focus on again in my meditations The idea of this symbol this is Sunday March 10 2013. The idea of this this symbol is making

Its way The time has now come everything I nurse Moves slowly that is how it is the Symbol provides some basic elements and Anyone can include in their practice According to their beliefs and how Important they deem the size Mark way This way will unfold in time and it will In due course reveal all the subtleties That characterize it as well as the Importance for human evolution Nothing is useless in this area Everyone sees things his own way But the basic structure is fixed it does Not require any addition to what has Been given so far The living Master is the guide and Through his actions on the human plane He proves that he proves the power of The United ambassadors They form the solid core involved in This action that is rapidly expanding Starting from a basis that has been Developed over a long period of time for The good of humanity At such a level everything is done According to the Divine laws with full Respect to the traditions in this area Is important to provide today's men with What is required to Enlighten and guide Them on the path of evolution Our faithful our faithful obvious are Well aware of it Simplicity does not Mean a lack of Effectiveness as it is

Evident from the results obtained by Many peoples in this context commitment Is not very demanding although is Required at all levels in these So-called modern times The wise man manages to secure moments Of interiorization with his subtle being Can be nourished according to his inner Call Then peace can be established in him and Manifests his self in all his subtly May may all be able to put things into Perspectives and not neglect the Innermost call emanating from the soul Which so many human beings want to Ignore Blessings Babaji Maharaja Um So I got through all of them that's Quite a number of them And I'm glad I looked at the one on the Website because that says something Different here about the the five Elements And um You know all of it So I'm gonna go eat my breakfast and I'll I'll finish up this thing I'm kind Of white this is 45 minutes and a lot of This is a lot more this took a lot more Energy than a normal voice over But I'll be back here in a second Okay well um Some things happen I ate breakfast and

I um was looking through the other Whispers books and the fourth Whispers Had a lot of um there's five Whispers Books that charge you produce And there's a sixth one that dodgy Produced that was so cheap You know cost like 50 bucks or something And it's big like it's like a table like A a book you would put on like a You know a picture book you put on a Tabletop or something like your coffee Table book And it's hard to read because it's so Big I never got through it which is weird I Read all the other ones I think more Than once I read some of them Like a couple of times and of course the Whispers a day You know what I was busy and we were Traveling back and forth from it was Going uh whether we were coming back From India but I was never able to Complete the Dodge E6 version Uh because of the any other Pages came Out like it was cheap like if the Binding wasn't good Um just sloppily done the other books Were You know these uh works of art each one Of them is designed very Uh whatever it is but Uh I looked at Whispers four and it Jumped over that message

That was from December 23 Um On 1999. and so I said all right that's Got to be in the second edition And then I looked at it and I found the Message and right next to it is on the Other side before it is the esoteric Symbol and before that there's no date On that like I showed you When you saw that message And before that there was September 7th 2000 1999. so there's a big jump From September it jumps completely over October there's no messages from October There are in Whispers four Whispers 3 has ones from 2002. And you know so they're they jump around The first Whispers has messages from you Know 19 whatever it was I mean they they Have all these devarious messages the Second one has a lot of the The early messages when she first Started And so the second one in the first one Are leather bound And I again I lost The um I had to give the second one up In the divorce but I found one on I Think Amazon Which was a great find and I don't know If somebody sent me that or whatever but It was available And so it's like a brand new copy I Don't think the person even read it who

Owned it It doesn't look like it's uh whatever it Is but I now have that bookmark so I was Looking for a bookmark and there's these Fancy gold bookmarks That came with these books And each one has a specific bookmark or Something right and the other books are Ones like a like a neat shade of pink And second one's yellow And um I forget what the third the fifth One is I can't see it from here But the the first two were leather belt And I was like I thought I put the Bookmark on the bed next to me I couldn't find it I looked under the Covers and I was like oh Our bed is extraordinarily heavy And behind the bed is A you know like a danger zone of dostium I have issues with dust and it's hard to Move the bed out to vacuum behind it And I moved the mattress back and Between the mattress and the headboard The Bookmark must have been there and When I moved it back it fell into the The no man's land So I had to take the drawers out of the Bed I could barely move it I got the bookmark and then I got the Little vacuum out and you know I always Want to clean behind there but it's just So hard to get behind it because right By our heads when we're sleeping and all

This you know there's a big heavy Headboard and a uh you know a bed with Drawers in it and it's just on a rug so It doesn't slide it's a disaster And I ended up moving it and I got a Vacuum I'm vacuuming and I realized The significance the material Significance there's a tie into The idea of the vacuum in the center of The The esoteric symbol the star symbols I've called it over the years And so I'm going to leave it here I'm going to do follow-ups In the future so this will be on a Playlist the playlist will be basically The title of this video here And on that playlist will be the 115th version of The Journey series Which I'm now going to add this video to If I have some more thoughts tomorrow or The next day before I put that out It'll have extra information I'm sure There will be And I'm going to start on Meditating on the esoteric symbol again Because I had gotten away from it but I Had good results And I think this is Meant to happen for a reason obviously And without the presence of a living Master in our system here We have you know This thing that we can do and it you

Know you guys can experiment with it Like it says you can find those Whispers Yourself I gave all the dates And you can find them and save them or Bookmark them or do whatever you you can On the a whisper a day Um archive part of the you know there's A if you search size Mark a whisper a Day and you can get those daily messages And there's also a way to look up Messages by date And you can find those messages that I I Read here And eventually I'll put all these Messages into some sort of file a PDF or Something I'm going to wait till I go through you Know I think there's going to be a lot Of messages coming out about the star Symbol That haven't been released before In the next couple of years so I'll Bookmark those and I'll add that to that File And if this thing keeps on going and I Keep on using it you know like I forgot About for a while but if I come around To it and other people are using it it Can be a big part of the gratefulness Meditation that we're doing here I'm Going to text Rob and Um see if he has any more information Himself on the Esoteric symbol he was the big Whispers

Guy he had a whole Program that where they would read Whispers messages for eight hours and They would get into a sort of a state And you know I don't I don't know he Sent me the program but he never had Time to go through it now see if I still Have that somewhere But he had a whole um you know like a Exercise kind of based thing that you do With the Whispers messages some of you Guys went to him as a preceptor I think You guys are doing the gratefulness now I believe he moved his wife was having Health issues you know he's older so I'll write him about that and um Yeah so you know It's been a busy day like I had a like This long video I made yesterday So I've been using my voice quite a bit The last couple of days you know more Than usual and I talk all the time I've Been taking Goldenseal and echinacea Spray with some propolis or something it Tastes got awful and I found this Like uh acupressure sort of a size thing You do and You know I've had issues with my voice Just because I'm using it all the time And I've always had issues with swollen Uh tonsils for some reason But anyways um Not really all that relevant but uh like I said I'll end this one here and

There'll be a continuation of any more Messages that I find And I'll you know I'll add to this um And I'll also probably included in the Journey series as we go through it uh But I'm glad to remember this and bring This forward in the gratefulness Meditation because I think it can be Helpful to people Greetings brothers and sisters so this Will be the second Uh video about the esoteric symbol And it's the following day today's Wednesday August 8th 9th Um The star symbol And I'm going to also include this on my Journey series as well And so I meditated on the star symbol And the center point like I don't see The whole star symbol and I'm going to Show you the star symbol I think is the Best one To sort of remember which is The one on the Whispers of the brighter World website The size Mark Whispers The Brighter World website This was put up there years or Years Ago By chargie Uh this is uh you know been there for a While But this photo with the description of It

Uh is probably the clearest you know I Put the other photos in there Some of them were artistic and you know That's they're interesting but the one To meditate on Or just sort of remember would be this One It was drawn by the medium she was Shown this star symbol the esoteric Symbol And I um Meditated on the to always meditate on The center point which is the way you do It because that's the central region Always go the center in size mark And you know I vaguely have the the idea Of the other parts of the symbol Again but you're not concentrating on That because that's the periphery of the Civil and we're always Going to the center The idea the rest of the symbol is there You know I don't see it uh In my with my eyes closed you know Internally like I would looking at the Picture but focusing on the center point And there's tremendous power in it like I don't Uh you know there's no power in the Search Mark system so like a lot of Energy a very a lot of uh you know Connectivity very strong current right Which is what we want and whenever I've Meditated on it it's been very effective

And so I'm going to use that and you Know also with the idea of the Divine Light but both the idea of the Supposition of Divine Light and the Image of the star symbol and you know The which ultimately becomes a feeling Of God's love Is something you start off with in your Meditations Whether you're taking the sitting Whether you're taking a you know your Morning meditation or anything like that It is where you start off with and You know the idea of this being Connected to the central region the goal Of the um the uh You know the Sizemore goal of uh Your spiritual yachtra the Journey of Your soul through these various Spiritual points And it's the meditate of the central Region but you're meditating on the Central region your heart Your heart is where you start off and The central region where you finish And somehow I've had this experience a Few times That the central region and the heart Are Like in the same place are there you Know connected like the hearts in the Central region the central regions at The heart it's like a uh you know I Really can't describe it other than that

But it gives you something to start off With in your meditation The idea the supposition of Divine Light To Image of the esoteric star symbol and Then the feeling of God's love and then It becomes something else like it's just That's where you It gives your mind something you know Solid to focus on Away from your thoughts away from your You know your problem problems things Going on in your life that you're Thinking about right some kind of song That was playing into your head anything Like that right Things repetitive thoughts or your mind Wanders and things and it gives you a Way to go back you know to Center back Into your meditation When your mind wanders and goes to Wherever it goes and it's very effective And so I'm really glad about this uh you Know I forgot all about it like I you Know once in a while I'd see the the Folder you know I save all these Whispers of the brighter world I had a Whole folder for it I'm like oh yeah yeah I gotta look at That again you know like Uh but I got away from it and you know I'm glad it came back in especially now Because You know we need more in the

Gratefulness meditation because of the Lack of a living Master you know the Materials are there but it's hard to you Know the you know the charging books and Are not uh you know as prevalent anymore And you know he used to give talks all The time Videos would come out and you know they Had these ways that you would Connect with him and you could go see Him he would travel and then eventually You would travel to see him in India but He couldn't travel anymore But he was there and he was present Being very masterly and being you know Somebody who was a good example of the System and then what you know dodgy Doing what he did And then all the you know other aspects All the you know they're just bringing In so many things that are polluting the System you know doing yoga and doing all These you know even the force stuff Which is great You know I have no problem with the Forest and you know the beautiful ashram They've built but you know it's a Distraction from the the true essence of The system like they've lost if the Meditation was strong And you know the focus and these are Things would be fine but they're not so There's all this uh there's just a lot Of other junk in there now and it's

Sometimes it's good stuff sometimes it's You know bad stuff but it's all Distractions of videos and all the stuff That they put out all this content They've put out Is pulling you away from the center of It of course we're not doing it we're Not you know part of that anymore what I'm saying like we don't have what we Used to have Which is a clear focus on the goal and The you know the primary reason for the System and that's to connect to God and That was there under Baba dealology and Charging But it's not there now so there you know There's uh without that without having a You know a figure a person who was Completely focused on that and I'm not You know I'm not Focus like charging and Babaji and you Know all these other Masters were Uh Charging Bobby geologie and then other People there was more of a you know Because of having charging being hyper Focused on it And you know holding it you know holding The energy around that Then all these other people were around Him were much better all the preceptors You would go to a gathering you'd come Back and you'd be Really into it right but you don't have

Those you know booths of energy and you Know boosts of enthusiasm Because the systems you know these Gatherings they just make you upset Because they're they're so much not what They used to be and it wasn't just the Master the system is going to a Preceptor's house or going to SATs on Sunday And you would get these boosts Like I would you know remember or I Would it would deepen my practice You know you would get weak in your Practice you would not be as Um as disciplined in it as you would Either The meditations weren't as good or you Just wouldn't meditate at all you Wouldn't do your cleaning things like This And people would you know do that like And then they would come and get a good Sitting and it would give them uh Renewed uh enthusiasm to do their Practice and all that is disappeared Because of what dodgy's done and the People around them The whole heartfulness failure and so I Can't replace that for you all or for Myself But having this esoteric symbol is Something that's good like it makes the Meditations better And whatever there's just like I said

Energy in it power whatever strength Of the Divine current and it just helps Make your practice more Dynamic so I Just wanted to throw that in there Uh you know doing the meditation again And I'm just going to stick with it Now that I you know remember how how Good it was and and some time has passed For me too like sometimes you try Something And it's great but you it fades away and Then you come back to it and you you Have uh evolves and you know like I feel Like my meditations on the esoteric Symbol What I did yesterday and this morning Doing that meditation and then what I Used to do when I first experimented With it I don't know 2006 or seven Whatever came out And then I think and then I came back to It for a little bit At different times It's better now like I you know I'm more Evolved now and more you know it's more Uh you know it's more something I can Stick with And continue using it and so um again I'll post more videos of this and I Think they're going to be a lot more Whispers message about this symbol As we move forward and read them and uh So I'll read those messages when they Come up and I'll revisit that here on

The gratefulness meditation Channel and Put it in this playlist And it's something for everybody who's Doing gratefulness meditation to at Least try and see how they like it And see if it makes a difference I see There's a lot of views and there's Already a lot of comments of people Who who the symbol resonates with so That's all you know Positive feedback and then it's Something to uh you know focus on the Future And it'll help fill out some of the some Of the holes that are there for not Having Face-to-face contact with preceptors and Spiritual Gatherings with the master of The system and things that used to be There so it's a you know I think it's a Great thing and I'm glad it came up Again like I just have to read about it In that Whispers I'm like oh yeah I should probably mention this to people Because it can benefit from it You know not everybody might but you Know people will some will because it it Works And there's already you know and so um It's the only thing like this that's the Only real symbol that's in there you Know Bobby just showed the diagram he Really did diagrams and of course There's the emblem

Of the mission you know it has a reverse Swastika which is Problematic you know in India means Something different than people in Europe so But the emblem I've talked about in the Past and that's Interesting but it's not to be meditated It's not anything to do with one's Meditation so The only symbol they have is this The idea of the you know the esoteric Symbol and meditating on the center Point central region is the only thing That they have like this and this just Came out In 2006 or seven whenever they released The second Whispers of the brighter worlds his five Released in Uh 2006 but yeah not everybody read to That point right And so you know people got the book but Didn't read it you know people were Supposed to read from the beginning to The end and it's Kind of towards the end of that book These books are big thick books with Three or four hundred Pages edit Messages And so it took a while for people to Reach it and then it came out again When it was released in a whisper a day And charge you I think talked about it I

Wish I could Find those talks and things um Again I have to message that guy Rob See if he has any more information on I Didn't do that yesterday But hopefully I'll remember today but Anyways um You know It's there for people to try and Experiment with and see if it works for You okay so I'm glad to uh have included The esoteric symbol here In the journey series and on the Gratefulness meditation Channel And there was a comment I think there's a couple comments here That I'd saved hopefully I saved them All Um Let me see what I got here And so a person writes uh It's not it there I can't find the comment but the comment Was a quote from Babaji Talking about the significance of the Master and how you can't Do anything without the master or Something like this And the person's um Question or comment Was about how there seems to be a Contradiction to what I'm saying about And the method connects you directly to God and that the master is not some sort

Of middleman like I describe in Religions The difference between The role of the master in size Mark and What religions do as being a middle band Between you and God and I think it also Had something about the importance then Of a living master I got another comment I think about that that says it over and Over again the importance of the living Master and we don't have one And so I thought I would address these Things here In terms of the gratefulness meditation That we're doing and so the first part Is You do connect directly to God through The transmission you can feel it you can Feel it when you're in the transmission When you're receiving the transmission And you're meditating you're connected Directly to God and then in your own Personal meditations are better And you can connect directly to God just Through that without the the benefit of Us sitting when you have to do your Morning meditations or you do the Cleaning and you'll or the nine o'clock Prayer in your field God's love or the prayer before you go To bed you can connect to God Directly without the you know the Go-between or the Um the uh you know gatekeeper that you

Have in religion in fact religion you Don't get those feelings if you do Religion you won't get These deeper feelings you get doing the Seismish mark practice you might get Some feeling of God and God's love But it'll be less intense than with the Transmission the practice of the system Because it's you know you would have When Jesus was alive You would get a deeper sense of it or When you know Krishna one of these Masters were alive it would be different The religious practice was more Dynamic It's not so much uh the master being uh You know a gatekeeper a go between even Though the transmission is coming from The Divine master and there's a human Being that has to Be the Catalyst or the central uh Conduit for it but your ability to Connect to God is 100 on you whether You're in a religion Whether you're doing nothing whether You're an atheist whether you're Doing the seismish mark practice or Whatever it is you have to put in the Effort you have to Actually want to connect to God and most People don't Most people are scared of God Because God's gonna say and show you Things that's going to make you know That you have to give things up and do

Things uh you know not do things that You want to do or whatever Most people are scared of God for a Variety of reasons even people who do Spiritual practice Babaji found There was a guy who came to him who was Doing a mantra And the Mantra was Asking God to come to him And he would say the words it's Basically saying God please come to me God please come to me but God please Come to me And Bobby said look at this fool you Know like it was God keeps on coming Into you every time you say God please Come to me God comes to you and then you Say it again right it's like somebody They'll say you you're talking to your Wife or your husband or your You'll see a loved one and you say Please you know come to me and the Person comes to you and sitting right You know standing there and you keep on Saying it over and over again And they're like you're a crazy person Because some here I'm right here And so you know the idea of connecting To God is just as simple as just having The idea you know God please show me What I need to see God you know you know Whatever it is whatever you're asking God for you know God I want to be with You or whatever

And when you're with God Things you know you have to face up to Things that you don't want to see and Hear it you don't want to and you don't Want to know like things that you're Denying God uh you know brings you out of denial And God is truth you know most people Don't want the truth And all of us from time to time don't Want the truth right like so even the Most spiritual people Who are willing to connect to God you Have your moments where you're like I Don't like just don't you know just Don't right there's the famous story of The ma burrata uh the battle right Before the battle Where Krishna who is vishnu's soul And Arjuna whose vishnu's ego so they're Connected there you know they're Constant companions the the soul of the Ego right are together on the Battlefield and Vishnu and Krishna shows A Arjuna his true self Arjun his true Self and and krishna's true self And it's scarce the crap out of Arjuna He's like Arjuna didn't want to fight And kill his beloved relatives but he's Like you know what I'll fight just don't Ever show me that again And so like there's that element that People The the information's there people just

Don't want to have it and even spiritual People even Saints But you can connect to God directly and Such Mark really facilitates that Connection But to go to the higher levels that are Available because there's You know in need of the time and the Transmission and the the yatra points You just can't do that without the you Know the master and we don't have a A living Master now but you have the Divine master And there's Divine beings that are there And God is without a mind And without an ego and without intention So you really can't go talk to God Like God is on a different level of Being god is perfect because God doesn't have an ego where God can Make decisions like you see in the Old Testament Where God is presented as a narcissist And a you know a selfish person and an Egotistical You know person whose feelings get hurt God doesn't have any of that you can't Hurt God's feelings you can't piss God Off You can't do anything that's You know I'm going to create a Human-like emotion God has we have Similarities between us and God In our thought Force but God only has

Like one thought and it's the thought of Creation and you know all of the Manifestation of everything but there's Only one thought like a continuous Thought of Perfection where we have you Know God can't make a mistake God can't Make a wrong choice And so connecting to you know having a Conversation with god is Like impossible that way like on a human Level So there are Divine beings who have a Consciousness and egos That work for God that are already in Higher levels than we are You know of angels is what people would Call them or whatever it is theoretic Beings That are here helping to guide us all we All have a spiritual support system and Then something like Babaji who's you Know there's different levels and of of This type of being that are there to Help And that's the role of a a living Master Would be someone who has that type of Level of uh you know level of spiritual Uh approach What is in the human form And there are techniques given in the Scishmark system that help to expedite Your spiritual progress you know I told You about this talk that charger gave That Babaji said there was a saint who

Meditated to a whole Yuga Ten Thousand Years came down you know Just meditated consistently Or ten thousand year of period like That's barely keeping itself keeping Yourself alive to Minimum substance substances sustenance And um you know most of the time he's Meditating and he said you know there's In charge you talk about people who used To meditate 18 hours a day And they didn't even get Liberation Which is easily given in the seismic System And so there's ways that the master of The system Is integral to the higher levels And you know it's explained over and Over again in the literature if you go Find it but it's not something to focus On like you can be grateful to the Master and realize you know Babaji put Casey varachary ahead of himself in the Central region Casey varachary was one Of his disciples who was a a brilliant Uh like he was a professor of uh of you Know Theology of of God like he you know For the whatever it is for Uh you know Hindu people but he knew About all religions and he knew about All religious teachings he trained Charging charge he went to him as a Preceptor and you know he was charges Preceptor and Babaji put him ahead of

Himself he was further along in his uh The central region and Dr Casey Varachary had a you start thinking of Himself as better than Babaji or Whatever Um he lost sight and he fell and dropped Like a stone And you know he had a kind of an ego Issue but he was in the central region And Babaji was able to place him ahead Of him but you know He lost uh the Gratitude and you know go With the one dance with the one who Brought you there and the master Disciple relationship in the seismic System there's the the way it is in India which is not you know healthy Relationship because there's so many Shamgurus so you know there's a complex Answer to this question You are put in direct connection with God and you have to work on that Connection I just read The Whispers I Think I did I did read your Whispers Earlier here about that Talks about you have to do the work You know you can't just be saying the Master will do this the master do that Babaji Austin lamented how much The people would put on him and they Wouldn't do their own work And so you have your responsibility And the benefit of the relationship but It has to be a master of caliber it has

To be one that's a higher level in the Higher regions you know Jesus just some Of these other Masters weren't all of Them weren't in these higher regions They weren't in the mine region or the Central region and so they were Saints They were higher developed Souls that Were higher than the average person but They couldn't Pull people up to the higher regions Because they hadn't accessed those Regions themselves and so there's a lot Of different things about it you just Have to You know do the practice and it's not Something to focus it's very mental like That's a very mental part of the Practice which doesn't need to be there There's a flow to it you know a heart You know there's a flow of the heart to It and you just move along and you know You remember the I mean connecting with The master through the books and Understanding who they were as people The examples and you know stories people Have of you know interacting with them And things like that You know that's going to be imperative But also you might have great preceptors And things like that of course that's Not again a part of the gratefulness Meditation But all those things were there to set An example

But it's there for people like it's not You know It's something for people to figure out Themselves like any question you might Have You should first attempt to answer it Yourself And you can ask me if not it can ask me And it's good for the content of these Videos but you can come up with your own Answer right uh and and should right Because it's you know you're connected To God and God's given you the answer Right so so that proof of being directly Connected to God is you're able to put Things in front of God and you know I Didn't do it so well in the beginning Like you have to learn to do it you know It's not something that you're going to Be an expert at the beginning You have a heart now and the heart is Where you intercommune with God in the Divinity And the answers come to you you know People's People have egotistical voices and you Have crazy people who You know we'll start imagining things And believing things that aren't real And there's always a chance of Connecting with a negative Soul so you Have to be disciplined and say Yes I Want to connect directly to God and you Know not waver in that like just not you

Know have some part of you that doesn't Want to you know you have to really want To And need to connect to God And you have to like go through all the All the the noise all the etheric noise And the theory you know whatever it is And your egotistical stuff and and you Know be cleaned out So that you can make that that direct Connection and the seismic system helps You with all that with the cleaning and The removal of some scars and then The you know Divine current that's there In connection to God and then getting The answers to the questions you need And it just comes to you like you can See how it comes to me in these videos Whether I'm making a video here or On my Channel or you know about any Number of things The truth comes right you and I worked On Bobby Kennedy and then he had that Horrible uh You know take that he had about the Palestinian people and just you know Just being completely wrong and I mean Just in a way that's uh you know Egregious like so you know the reading Happens right I could you know I Transmitted and there was this is what I Got back and so Uh you know all these things are you Know just there for a person to develop

The skills are there and you have to put In the time you have to meditate you Have to read the literature you know I'm Having people Ask me questions that I have answered Three or four different times in the Gratefulness meditation uh you know I've Explanation videos to the playlist And uh the original video I made that's The Channel video And so I've answered all these things if You had watched the content and I say You got to watch it before doing Gratefulness you need to watch all these Videos Because the videos will either answer Your questions or they'll explain things Or it'll connect you also with You can find the online literature that You can read That's from uh you know my master and The complete works of ram Chandra and These things So some of the initial books and you can Find content out there charging talks Charges talks are up on the internet all Over the place And so there's a lot of information out There that you can gather And get in contact with and you can buy Some of the books that are still Available Bookstore that still has some of those Things and also they're available on

Amazon and these other places You know people are dying who you know Their relatives or they're quitting and They have all these books and they put Them up for sale they end up in You know on Amazon or one of these Things right And you can get all those books and you Know you can there's information out There And you know the journey series and Things that I answer questions and then There's just your own experience and What you do with that when you read the Books and you look I would read a like You know a section of one of the books And then I would You know meditate on it or I would you Know think about it right what did I Just read and information would just Flow in and you could feel the Difference in the connection with the Divine master in your soul and these Things so it's um you know it's just a Matter of time and effort and developing These skills and you're not going to get Them right off the bat But if you feel the energy and you stick With your practice and you know ideas Will just start coming to you Epiphanies and realization about the Bigger things because you know Babaji Deals with these things and charges you In the books and the talks

But also you know the smaller things in Your life like you see Clarity in your You know whatever's going on with you Personally in your relationships And God's with you and you start seeing Things in a different way Because of that connection that you have With your soul and God and these things And so all these things are you know you Can you can do by experience like you Can't get them the first day You're not going to get all the answers The first day Although I did have that wonderful Experience at my first initial three Sittings that you know I've often Thought was The experience of the central region That I had was given in my first sitting Just as a like Taste of you know what's Available Um It's hard to say but it was a definitely A You know a deep experience and so You know but like that's a memory now Like I have to like I don't have that on A daily basis right I don't think I'm In the central region now and if I am It's I'm not You know I'm not doing enough to Uh connect with it on a you know Moment-to-moment basis so it's all you Know a lot of work on one one side yeah

On your side and then you know having Faith at the the system as is proven to You as the master of the system Prove itself to you that it works and It's you know efficient and it's doing What it says it's going to do there's a Lot of systems promise things that they Don't deliver And so that's for you to experience and That's the beauty of the system you Can't take their word for it you have to Do the system And put the effort into it like I said People don't want to watch you know my Explanation videos Of what size Mark basic seismarck Practices and you have to have that you Have to have a basic understanding And you get it through you know the Books but I've put you know the Information in a simple Explanation form on the videos And people aren't watching them and then Doing the videos doing the sittings and You know sticking with it right doing Them on a regular basis and doing your Own meditation You have to be disciplined in your Practice you can't expect to get results Unless you do some sort of work work Right you know things are given easily Are cheapened right you have to work for Things like that's Everybody knows that if something's

Worth having you have to work for you Have a goal you have to achieve that Goal and you go through difficult Periods you go through challenges and Obstacles and you know that's anything And that's going to happen here more Than anywhere else And so to achieve stuff you have to push Through all that And you know keep on working at it right And people don't do it they eventually Quit or they fade away or whatever And it's easy to do that in the internal World and it's because it's not material Things that you're working through like It's not I mean you do have experiences And obstacles that are thrown up in Front of you in your material life that Distract you and pull you away from your Your spiritual work and you know that's Something you have to you know fight Against and things like this Anyway so I'll continue on I'll wrap This thing up I don't know pretty soon next voice over The one after or something Okay so I made two more videos on the Esoteric symbol which I will include Here And then I have some more things to say About it and wrap this one up Greetings brothers and sisters so this Is the original Whispers of the brighter World message

With the esoteric symbol And I just want to read this and I'll Talk about it on the other side And it says Tuesday September 7th 1999 10 A.M The median Babaji make it so they can Continue serving you as you want as you See fit even if that's not to my liking The the essential for me is to have your Love Rest assured you are not torched we are Not torturers We will not ask you to become like Atlas We also want you to we want your Well-being so that you can give your Best My child let us not get carried away There's a lot for today Fortunately your team of scribes is busy Working thank them all May they be blessed And then it says here the vacuum at the Core of the cell Is a well of light Where thousands of stars are reflected Esoteric symbol showing the physical Heart and the spiritual heart with the Central region Which is the center point Which is the key to what is the center Point because that's you know it's Always a center And Um

It says here nucleus of divine energy in Physics and nucleus is essential part of The atom Made up of protons and neutrons there's A vacuum in its Center Known for Centuries by Mystics and Finally detected by scientists Who haven't really identified it So that was the original message I want To add something to this Um There's no symbols inside spark up until This point when this was released uh Well first let me say this That The Whispers of the brighter World Books The first book had Uh like a bunch of different threads in It And they jumped all over the place Because it came out in 2005. And it didn't have the messages in Chronological order It did whatever with every uh you know Different threat like Babaji would give The Scribe uh a name for the messages And the messages would be All of a certain type like the Prophecies ones There was a bunch of prophecies given That were given between uh 1998 or nine and like 2001 or two But there was other messages that should Be in that prophecies

That came later he gave messages all the Way in 2013 and 14 whatever And so they would put these these things Together that were all a part of like a Teaching or something And they had different themes and so When he when they did the books that's How they did the messages so the Messages didn't go in chronological Order which they're coming out now in The Whispers of the brighter world And so in The Whispers too They put this message in this partial Message they didn't have the date this One I just read you they only put some Of it in the book there's no date on it They just showed you the esoteric symbol And I don't know if the message that was There previously to it where you talked About This symbol so it was given in 1999 But it didn't make it into the first Book and then was just sort of hanging There in the second book And maybe there was another message or Two in that book And then over time we were receiving the Messages in order or they were doing it By book at first And it came out again probably in 2008 Or nine or whatever Uh is that right Um yeah 2008 or nine And there was the people who read the

Book and saw it and talked about it Became a thing for a while And people experimented with it and then There was when it came out in a whisper Day and that was probably only once It's come out before And it came out in book form this Message was probably never released At least um you know Rob sent to me this Preceptor so he had it so I don't know Like he might have bookmarked it so the Way they're releasing them now in Chronological order It's every message that's ever been Given unless they're hiding some For whatever reason I don't know why They would and so Um it's it's a good thing even though They're not you know there used to be These themes and messages and like he Might be giving her messages that were Part of a theme On uh like uh for a three or month Period or even a year-long period and Then he'd have other messages with other Themes that were you know that you say Put this under the title of this And Bobby would you know put them in Categories And so you know it's good and it's bad Like but I'm glad that they're finally Doing this we're releasing all the Messages in order And so the bad thing about that is

If there's a message per day And the messages went all the way till 2017. we're never gonna get through them Like the world will probably collapse Before all the messages come out and That's the bad thing because they're Right now just going through 1999 and You know in the beginning They were sporadic she didn't give Messages every day but sometimes there Are two messages a day so you know it's Going to be slow going and that's the The bad part about it but I have Bookmarked I think as many as I saw And I think I saw all of them but I you Know I might have missed one or two Of all the messages that had to do with The esoteric symbol now going back to I Say in the beginning of this thing that The symbol there was no symbology in Scishmart They were getting away from mantras and You know rituals and symbols and things You know the cross being the symbol and Christianity and you know all these Different symbols and then multiple Symbols you find in even Christianity All this like Stuff that you would see in uh uh Dan Brown's books right The Da Vinci Code And all the rest of them there's so much Symbology and religion and Freemasonry And all these things But there was nothing

They had the emblem which was like you'd Wear the emblem uh if you are traveling But for people who are in the west Because it had a reverse swastika which Is originally an Indian symbol and in The emblem it means the starting point Of your journey the emblem the emblem Life which I've talked about before Shows a path through like dark mountains And and then that there's a sun but the Goal is beyond the sun is beyond light And there's this you know description of It But it's you know something you'd have To understand that you'd have to read The description Or you have to understand this type of Uh Ancient Ancient yogic and even that It's not like a symbol that existed it's Not a symbol it's a you know an emblem That represents the The pathicidesh Mark was given to Babaji In uh like Divine you know when he was In a deep meditative State and he was Ordered to You know make the assembly and that you Know wasn't really a symbol you weren't Supposed to meditate on it or anything Like that So they came out with this symbol here And you know I was so blown away by The Whispers messages I didn't question it But it was something That was away from the normal

Sashmark stuff But when I meditated on it there's so Much energy And I've been doing it now again and Just immediately as soon as I think of That Center Point It's just a lot of energy it's very Strong connection And it actually works and I think the Cleaning process in terms of You know it helps clean your system not That it should enter into the the Nightly cleaning but just when you Meditate on it it seems to just push Away grossness and like you just it's Almost like locking into the the Meditation on it you know where you lock It on a deeper level And so it's been very effective like you Know just with anything else with Everything else in seismish mark It's got to be practical it has to have Practical results Because you won't do it otherwise the Seismic practice is based in You feeling something or you Experiencing benefit And that's the only way they can keep People because There's not a really you know good Organization and you know now certainly With the gratefulness There's no organization at all right It's just me making videos and

Describing things and and you doing the Practice in either Benefiting from it or not those people Who benefit from it will stay most of The time like at least for a bit But those who don't will certainly leave Because if you're meditating isn't great And so if you're not getting benefit why Would you do it right even if people People getting benefit they tend to you Know not stick with it even if they Don't out now quit they just it falls Off like you know what happened with me In this Esoteric symbol I meditated on it got Benefit And it fell out of my practice and you Know I still was doing the practice but I mostly forgot about and I saw it a few Times every once in a while I would see The folder When I'd be searching for a Whispers Message that I'd be reading here And I still didn't you know capitalize On it and say oh yeah I should start Doing that again I would think about it Like oh yeah That was cool I got to revisit that but It came up here and I thought it was Kind of my Duty to share it with you guys and then I Reinvest reinvested in it and now it's I Think it's a central point like now

There's this Um you know stuff going on here With the uh you know the videos in the Playlist and eventually uh what I'll do Is uh I'll save all the messages and the Images into some like Uh you know some cyber book some Whatever they call it ebook and I'll put It on you know hopefully I'll have a Website at some point my I got to get my Websites back up I gotta find a web person you know I I'm Eventually going to do that and then I'll do a little gratefulness something Or I'll find a way to share the ebook like That's just it's not gonna happen Tomorrow but down the road this guy Rob Who's a preceptor that's really you know Categorized The Whispers as well there's A bunch of us who did it who saved The Whispers I have like a thousand of them Saved And you know finding them and all these Things and like how many can I read Again like at some point I should print Them all out and have them in a you know Some sort of like you know get them Bounded uh Staples or something But anyways like some of us categorized And saved the messages and I got a lot Of them had had to do with the collapse And Prophecy type stuff and electromagnetic

You know all the stuff I cover on my Other channels uh so you know I have A certain type of Whispers I would save Other ones had the more loving ones you Know like Um but this guy had uh one of his We've got one of the people who watched My videos and found A massage Mark through uh through me and This channel Ended up going to uh I think there was a Two or three people maybe the guy and His wife and somebody else We're getting uh sittings from Rob This preceptor who you know reached out To me during the When dodgy and all these guys wanted to Contact me because they were bummed About what I was saying and you know There's a whole thing there And um Rob uh this this guy said that Rob had a Whole Booklet of stuff to do with the esoteric Symbol And he said he was going to send it to Me but I you know I have a lot of the Stuff already And so I don't know if it's necessary Rob I contacted Rob and he's gonna I don't know send me so I don't know What he's gonna do Um but you know I think I have most of The stuff here

And I think it's like all the messages I Read there might be a few messages Missing and I don't know If they're really necessary because you Have to just you know practice using it And the idea is you're just meditating On the symbol and the centerpiece the Center point is like all that like I Need the one I do it like I don't need To think about the rest of the symbol I Just thinking about that Center Point And Maybe it's just a way of meditating on The central region But it's really effective it improves my Meditation significantly And so um you know that's good and you Know there'll be more messages coming Uh about it over the you know course or Whatever and I'll read those messages And add to this playlist Just to keep people you know once in a While I might just say something about It to keep people uh aware of it or new People are trying it I want to keep the Content on this channel to a minimum So that people can watch all the videos When they start doing uh gratefulness Because it's you know They're all informative and then they Can go out and they can subscribe to a Whisper a day and they can buy some Literature and they can Find Talks by Charlie and Babaji on the

Internet and things like this Uh you know there you have to search for That stuff but people have found it it's Not that hard to find you can search the Term size Mark you can search the you Know Babaji ba B u j i and charge e c h a r Uh i g i And you know you search these things and There's lots of videos On the internet with them in them And then you know they saw the content You can still buy The bookstore and then there's a Online uh ebooks that are free PDFs that You can Read and things on the online The you know may I master by charge you Which is a great book to read and then The five books by Bobby the complete Works of ram Chandra so those are all The things that are available and I've You know talked about these things and Other videos and there's links in you Know all the playlists with them on I'll Put it in This playlist as well um There's a you know in the description of This playlist There'll be the links and there'll be The the Mission Prayer and all that Um you know link to the the videos uh to The you know to the resources that you Can get all the stuff in scishmart

And so um I still you know have to Remind people of that too And I do to that in the other playlist But again I want to keep the content to A minimum for that reason anyway so you Know this is kind of interesting and People are reporting that they're having A positive effect Using the symbol this guy also who went To rob the preceptor said that he could Use it and he found it very effective Anyways Okay greetings brothers and sisters so The Rob the preceptors sent me this Uh uh yesterday The esoteric symbol this is from A preceptor in France And um I'm not sure he calls himself theophile I guess the Elder I don't know what Theophile is And there's a theophile of the younger And he explains The esoteric symbol and I'm not This is not like official like this guy Has a website He's got some things here it's an Old-time preceptor who I believe new uh Babaji So I'll leave a link to this I'm not You know endorsing it I read the Beginning of it I didn't get through it All of it

But you know it's something just for People to think about not like this is Official Doctrine coming from Babaji or something Like this And you know he talks about the center The center is the key to the symbol the Symbol though he when he looks uh When he puts the symbol up here he Doesn't have the whole symbol which is Not so great Um and it's not a great picture of it So uh you know you can take it for what It's worth but he has other things here About uh size mark That you might find you know informative Like I know the guy's name that it's Patrick Fleury I believe I never met him but uh it's there You know he's an old-time preceptor from France and you know Uh he has some stuff up there for people To to take a look at it see if you can Uh you know Assess it for yourself and it's just Taken with a great assault so um You know anything that's not official It might be great it might you know be Good it might be okay you know might Have some little information that's not True in it or misinterpreted stuff so You just yeah you don't look at anything That's being like factual Only the stuff that comes from

In this case would be Babaji and The Whispers message isn't charging Commenting on these things everything Else now especially in the post uh you Know the dodgy era has to be uh taken With a grain of salt and you know it's Not all that important Because what he says here this on this Website is you know the center is the Most important Part of the symbol and if you see the Whole symbol it's always good to focus On the center because that's The goal and I use the symbol last night In meditating On the Friday night prayer Friday night I'm sorry Friday night sitting that We've been doing And it had phenomenal results very great I was very happy with the Uh you know using the prayer as A focal point because Abstract idea of divine line the heart Is great for Certain levels of people but having Something that's more an Osa concrete is Uh to be the object of meditation Because it's the same thing like it's The idea of Divine Light and the the Star symbol the esoteric symbol Is the same thing especially if you're Meditating on the center point but There's just a lot of energy in it I've always been impressed by the energy

In it and people are experiencing the Same thing so You know feeling like it's a good it's Good that's come out come about I've had several people ask me where you Can get the books For the um Whispers of the brighter World they're all out of print they were Special books the first two were Pre-ordered so you had to pay in advance The first one was 250 bucks And charger said he had a special book Coming out and he wasn't going to tell What was in it And he wrote an introduction he had Trouble accepting that this woman was Uh you know channeling Babaji in the Beginning this French woman took him a While to Get on board with it because Babaji had Opened his inner communion point you Know Bob used to inter commune with Lology and all kinds of various Souls like he probably would be sitting There in his Courtyard smoking his Hookah And um He would you know all of a sudden just Start basically talking to somebody or Internalize talking to somebody he'd be Giving a city and he'd get speed flopped Down from his chair and get on the floor And and uh he's after the city you say Allowed you came in and gave the city

Um so Bobby was like uh was the best Medium The books the recent orange books that Are The newest volumes of The Whispers Are All uh babaji's messages From Divine beings so there's The Whispers of the Bride world when Babaji Was that were pulled from babaji's Diaries and interactions he's had With uh Divine beings so there was These four volumes of uh you know Babaji's uh Whispers And they are you Know Again not the madama Lynn Whispers from The French lady those were one through Six I don't know if any of them are still Available they're expensive books The um The uh you know the second book was like 200 and both of those were leather bound And then they start to come down in Price like they were like not as nice But still nice and not as expensive to Print you know a charge you went all out Imprinting them they were like uh really Special books the first one had all These cool transparent pictures in them And you know very um You put a lot of energy and effort in it Like you wanted them to be special And the um You know the last three volumes the last

Four there might be some copies in Bookstores I got the second volume on uh Amazon Someone told me about it I think one of My viewers There was one for sale And You know these things could be high Priced or whatever I don't even know Uh you know there's a lot of books there That are floating around At used bookstores or online bookstores And things They have people who like let's say they Quit Doing seismarck or they Um You know somebody died and uh They had a bunch of books and the family Sells them you know whatever They end up on a like some sort of Amazon or There's all these um online book use Bookstores and so some of these things Will come become available Babaji's family who you know quit and You know they were in a legal battle With chargie and they started their own Mission They showed it up at the Molina ashram and we're looking for a Copy of the book you know years ago but They're just rare the thought was they Were going to be reprinted

And you know in a much more cheaper Format right just a regular book format Not these special books Um I'll take a picture of them sometime Earl you know I have to dust them off And all these things but they came in Like you know these boxes some of them But they're just all you know they're Out of print some of them are you can Still find I could still find them in India But they're just um You know And we'll never we'll see what happens With them the whisper a day A good good idea to save those the ones That you know we've been there's lots of Us who've been saving them for years And you know I'm kind of categorizing These ones I think I've saved all or most of the Ones to do with the esoteric symbol And maybe I'll put it together in a you Know and some sort of PDF formatted People can you know read all those Whispers but I I read all of the ones I Have In the first video in this series so you Have it on on video and you can look up The you know I give the dates of the The messages so you can look that up In the prophecies I mean uh The Whispers Um Search function on the you know whisper

A day there's a there's a thing called a Whisper a day if you're if you're not Aware of that where you get a message Every day and now they're coming out in Order It's going to take a while to get them All go get through them and some of the Messages were never printed in a book All the messages after like 2012 they Were new messages they never made it Into a book they just were on this a Whisper day so Um you know that's like how it's going To go you can either find the books Somewhere Uh or you know And as people As these books enter into the this like The marketplace these used books I doubt dodgy is going to reprint them Because of um He just uh like he's just doing his Stuff All the books he's putting out like the Once in a while he puts out a loology or A Bobby G book but nothing from chargie And he was into Whispers dodgy so he Might print them I don't know reprint them at some point I don't know if you know what they're I mean I just don't know it's such a Messed up situation there And so you know it's I mean these books Are going to be precious into the future

But right now you could save all the Whispers you know as long as the Internet is still up and they're putting These out And you can print out your own volumes You know privately I mean this is you Know copyright if you can't sell them or Anything like that Uh somebody asked me to put a The esoteric symbol on a T-shirt and Again this is Something that is um You know the property of seismarck Organization I can't use it and print it And it shouldn't be on a t-shirt Babaji Uh charge you one time was at a Gathering and somebody showed up as a T-shirt with the emblem printed on it And he said yeah don't do that you know Don't it's kind of disrespectful so Um like it's not you know The emblem is a sacred or whatever the The symbol so he was against that kind Of thing and really it isn't um You know it isn't for that like it's a It's kind of a private situation where You look at the pictures and you could Print out a picture and put it on your Wall people have done that again you Know looking at it enough and looking at Every once in a while you just have like A mental uh you know impression of it But really you're just meditating on the Idea of it and it's it's something where

You're meditating on the central region The center And like I said the experiences of my Meditations have just gotten better Using it in the past and now you know Most recently And so I'm glad it's come up again there Is Mission literature In the uh you know there's a I have it All bookmarked you know people again if You haven't read all the introductions To the playlist and watched all the Videos Again you have to watch the sitting Videos But the ones where I explain things on This YouTube channel then you're you Don't have all the information because People are asking me questions quite Often that I've covered in the videos Which I've explained in the videos And so that means you're not getting the Knowledge that you need before doing the Sittings which is in the playlist There is links to all these resources In many and in the you know there's a There's a description box on every Playlist And there's uh the the mission prayer That you need to say before doing the Meditation and there's Links and things there And then there's some of these books That are online

You know the the um original books but In terms of The Whispers of the brighter World and a lot of these charging books Some of them are available In the um you know online where people Have used bookstores and maybe there Might be a few copies of one book or Another floating around at a you know at Various uh like bookstores that the ash Homes usually have a bookstore And then whatever is on the you know the California one the online bookstore That's in California but other than that They're out of print and there's a lot Of books that are out of print and you Know finding them it'd be great if People doing gratefulness Found these books I you know every once In a while look at them and I'll buy Some Uh but you know I I have a lot of them But not all the ones I had you know when I came back to India my books were in Storage with my ex And she didn't return most of them to me So Um there was that like there's other Things like family photo albums that you Know like just things I had to well I Just you know those things are gone Forever Um you know my childhood pictures and Things And so um

Like it was just the the storage unit And the stuff that was said to me Smelled moldy so that was not great Uh so whatever I've bought some of the Books I don't read like I used to and so I have some of the good copies of books And then moving forward with the Gratefulness whatever Becomes of what We're doing here it'd be great if the Full collection of books was there there Was a period where dodgy was printing All these books In uh on paper that was um I think they Called it archival paper And these books were supposed to hold up For hundreds of years and he was doing That because of the prophecies and The Whispers of the brighter world so you Start selling these books but they were Big they were like really big and hard To read like I don't know what he was Thinking you know they were like the Kind of books you see um And coffee table books huge books and he Has a thing about big bucks and he Printed the whisper six is a big book it Was really hard to read and it was so Cheaply done that the pages were coming Out I mean he has just all these Failures But the archival paper was a good idea So that these things could be preserved In a post-apocalyptic kind of situation Because it'd be ashamed if these things

Were all lost But there's a lot of them floating Around I contacted my old preceptor I Tried to on Facebook that's the only Place that I have any access to them I Don't know if he's still alive or he was Having mental issues I don't know if He's divorced or not I really didn't Know his wife all that well But he has all these books and I don't Think his wife or his kid is practicing I think they'll probably sell them and I Would love to get all of his books just You know for sentimental value and he Had all these books that would be Essential uh but you know it's something I've been it's been on my mind to to be Aware of these books and and search for Them every once in a while books that I You know would like to to get their Books that are to me have particular Value in my practice and I think I have All the in the footsteps books now all The Diaries of chargie and all the Complete works I think I have you know a Good portion of the books and like I Said you can you can look online and Just be aware of them But in terms of them coming out again I Don't know if there's any Any desire for them to print them the Mission's such a mess now And dodgy is such a you know I mean Wherever he is

It's um you know like you just can't Count on them for doing anything that Would be Uh good for everybody and then in the Post-dodgy era we'll see what happens But they might abandon The Whispers Message us all together Like there are some people who don't Like them The dodgy truther doesn't like them so There's you know people who don't like The Whispers messages Uh who don't believe in it and so There's that as well um but you know the Books are there there were so many Printed and As people have them and you know they'll Probably be a part of some estate sales And end up on on the internet at some Point And then you can you know pick them up But it's It's not a you know something that you'd Have to be uh Vigilant and just you know Focus on and search every Couple of weeks or whatever and just um Like I guess somebody told me there's a Whispers of brighter World on On Amazon And it was the one I was missing like I Was you know so it's meant to be and It's the one that has the esoteric civil So I've used it here Um so anyways so that's the info on all

That stuff and again it's more of like What's going to happen in our Civilization you know there's a A sort of a truther guy Who was uh like you know uh One of the original Survivalist type people And he said that the wealth in the Future will be The man's wealth in the future will be Measured by the size of his junk pile And there'll be a time where everything Isn't being produced And we're just looking through scraps Too Maintain whatever lifestyle we have I Mean that's you know one Theory And I would look at the size Mark Literature like that that there was a Time where charging was printing new Books three or four new books every year And you know books that were printed in English he was printing them in Different languages and you know all These books and there was DVDs coming Out and There was a wealth of literature and And content and you know now they've Done a lot of stuff on YouTube and their Videos suck but you guys all know But they're not doing that they're not Reprinting these books and so they're Just you know whatever's been printed is Is there that everything else is

You know like it's it's going to Disappear That's the latest update we had a Lightning strike last night I'll talk About that on probably the journey Series um and also on a video today it Didn't hit the house or anything but it Was like woke us up it was close to the House you know even I were it was loud Like a bomb went off uh so that was you Know that's the fourth lightning strike I've experienced I'm going to talk about That in the uh Journey series and then On another um My video on my other channel but anyways Let me wrap this one up so I guess I'll Talk about the lightning strike first um It sounded like it was right over our Head and then it went off like you know Like a bomb And there was residual Like explosions I guess it would be the Thunder that we Were hearing And it was very close to the house but I Went outside the morning and I couldn't See anything that was hit trees Or anything like that Uh the house didn't seem to be hit but There's a salt lamp we have That has a very sensitive uh you know You You touch this the switch and it turns On

It's not like a regular light switch but You just touch it And you know these salt lamps are Supposed to I think add negative ions like you get With a rainstorm and uh Anyways uh you know sometimes we put it On but not infrequently but that was on And the DirecTV uh uh to DirecTV box was On the TV itself wasn't on but the box Was on and then I turned that off before I went to bed And the um Uh Uh the stove had was showed that the Clock you know the power had went off For for a bit there was a circuit Breaker tripped outside That we use for uh A couple of things it was uh not running So we had to flip that back on So that was the only evidence of the Lightning strike My son slept through it I don't know how It was a loud boom I was in the deep Sleep so was my wife And it was um you know I thought it was It sounded like an explosion it sounded Like there's a quarry near us and they Blow up Rock Um but it wasn't even you know was it's Never as loud as this it's you know a Couple miles away from us as a crow Flies

Maybe three four five miles away But we hear the explosions there Occasionally uh But this was really loud and you know There had been three um lightning Strikes while I was at a treatment Center with kids who were sex offenders And some of them were gay kids and from New York City And there was a like a cottage where They called the cottage a unit Where the kids were you know it's kind Of like almost like a prison unit But not as uh you know not as Uncomfortable And there was a living area where Everyone could go and you know be out in The Uh you know like a sort of a living room Area it's where we held our group uh Therapy sessions I I usually wasn't in The cottage I had an office In a different building I would go there During the week uh to held these uh you Know group therapy sessions and and Occasionally I go there just to check in On you know one of the kids was on my Caseload and you know very for Infrequently so I was almost never there But I was in the the room and you know This big living room area And there was a a big window it was a Very you know it was out in the country This was a in the country in

Massachusetts and there was a huge Explosion and A few of us were looking Right outside when it hit and then smoke Came up from like this rock that was About 20 feet away from the building and It was You know I mean when the Thunder and the Lightning come together It's the the Thunders you know quite Loud And You know there's a flash but it didn't We didn't see it as Lightning like you Would see it from a distance Just a flash of light And we weren't sure what it was and one Kid said Al Qaeda is attacking us which Was You know something that was not that First 2003 so it wasn't that far off the The big event And we went outside and there was you Know some smoke there but it's not much Evidence of the lightning but it was Clearly lightning that hit this Stone And then A few years later when my family and I Moved To Virginia There was uh you know where we were Living The lightning hit a tree and the tree

Caught on fire a little bit up top of Smoking And it was back when we had dial-up Modems And our modem blew out like it just was Fried We had to get a new motor for the Computer everything else was fine but After a lightning strike you could feel The energy it was like all this Electro Electro electric electric energy it was You know just very palpable and my heart Felt really good like I felt happy like I felt recharged it was a A weird feeling And then maybe A few months later Another tree was hidden this was in the Woods both were about 30 feet from the House 40 feet from the house This one was we had a little bit of a Woods it was like three acres of land And there was a fence that was embedded In the tree like the tree had grown into It and so it'd been there for years Probably and I don't even know why a Fence was out there in the woods it Wasn't near the boundary or the border Of the land so it was kind of weird that Way And the Um the lightning went down the tree it Split the tree the bark And then shorted out in the fence it was

Kind of neat to look at it you could see That where the lightning had traveled In a you know what not a directly Straight path but a sort of wound around Back and forth to the down the tree Splitting the bark and then it went down Into the ground And shorted out and the tree survived Also he survived But when that lightning hit I got Depressed like I felt bummed like Drained so it's kind of the lighting's The two lightning strikes had different Effects on my body both times it shorted Out the modem in the house And then we were in a house that had uh Lightning rods in the house on top of The roof and they you know they went Down there's a wire that went down into The ground And we felt like that house got struck Up a few times Where we were there but it wasn't as bad Because it had a system set up so the Lightning would ground out into the Into the Earth um But you know very interesting phenomena Lightning because it's Uh and what it does to electricity Because you know you think uh you know Things that are are wired for Electricity The energy runs through it and it's too Much energy such a powerful surge

It you know shorts things out Burns Things out flips circuit breakers and Things like that and we take electricity For granted like it seems like it's Harmless But we're made of water and we can work And do conductors of electricity And I experienced that with the Lightning strikes so if you get a lot of It You know you um it's just like with Microwaves we're getting microwaved Every day by Uh smart beaters and all kinds of things You know they had even smart meters in India when I was there And those are microwave pigs and 4G is Microwaves and now five millimeter waves And You know we're all conductors of such Things and they have an effect on us But it's low doses so we don't really Notice and there's been a decline of Insects my wife and I watched that um Whatever that guy's name Clarkston Jeremy Clarkston show in England when he Became a farmer I I never heard of them before be some Famous guy and he had a couple of Seasons of a farm show he's got a third Season coming up But the government paid him to grow Of just uh natural Fields with bile Flowers

And then cut it once a year To keep the trees down And it becomes uh you know the place Where insects can grow and he said the Insect's population is really low there In England and you know I guess globally And we've been noticing that just a lack Of butterflies and lacks of of other Flying insects and I mean just a lot less insects which You know life depends on insects I mean Animal life does and it's the beginning Of the food chain and so um You know there's that that's happening So the esoteric symbol uh meditations Have gone great Friday night was Spectacular Uh you know just uh I wanted to just it Enhances the meditation and I'm glad Because of the The lack of a you know a living master In our system Of gratefulness it's imperative that There's something And the star symbol is really uh I think it's you know it's being Enhanced And it's just come around in a kind of a Neat way with the Whispers messages Coming around again And I'm you know grateful for it for a Lot of reasons because it I think it Fills a lot of the holes that's left by Not having a living master

And the meditation this morning was Enhanced by it uh but even if I just Think about it during the day Um You know randomly I can feel connected And I think that this is Going to help people you know I feel Like the gratefulness Meditation YouTube Channel and I'm going to have to Post videos regularly just to keep People apprised And you know keep the channel relevant To remind people of the channel so they Get notified or whatever But it's I think fairly complete I mean I wasn't recognizing the the omission of The esoteric symbol because I didn't Even cross my mind to include that Has a number of different kinds of Sittings and I'll probably do some sort of sitting Today or maybe once a week but I don't Want to have too much content there But in the playlist There's a description and you know There's links in the description box in The playlist themselves and then the There's an introductory video for each Playlist and there's another video for The channel Which I don't think uh everybody who's Well I guess it's got 400 views and There's about 120 some people doing Gratefulness so

Um I hope everyone's watched that video But there's all these uh videos and the You know links in these videos and Descriptions of what you need to do and Where to get information how to connect With the literature and all these things And so I feel like at least as far as Right now goes is where we are now That everyone can do gratefulness And have as much of the information as I Can provide here you know there's not The benefits of going to a preceptor and There's not some of these other things But You know it's pretty comprehensive and The cities are there You know people can do gratefulness if They really want to they just have to Put a little effort into it you know an Effort is the key it's gratefulness is You know the effort has to be more than When people did scish Mark or Heartfulness Uh you know it is SARS Mark but it's Size Mark where you have to put more Effort in and you know still limited Amount of effort but you have to put Maureen I think that's always been Lacking I think that the abiasis have always Lacked effort and as expected the master To do everything and all these things Which I read about in one of the The Whispers messages

But anyways things are going great and You know I haven't mentioned Heartfulness I don't think this whole Video and maybe even the last one I haven't seen anything from Heartfulness The dodgy truther hasn't sent me Anything in like a week and a half two Weeks or something And you know I haven't been thinking About it and I know that there's a and I Think it already happened there was this Swami Vivekananda celebration they were Going to do And you know I'd probably go check that Out maybe today probably Not but I'm I'm grateful not to Be in contact with heartfulness you know It's part of the story here and I You know I'm obliged to continue you Know Checking in every once in a while or I mean there's not much I don't think Anything new is going to happen there Until there's real collapse I did notice that um I got some you know YouTube uh Facebook Puts up recommended People to be friends with And I saw some people who Do size Mario do heartfulness And I clicked on their profiles people Like you know knew a little bit And you know I've done this before where

I just start looking at These various people's profiles who Do uh You know do are doing heartfulness now Did scishmart and I looked at I don't Know about 15 or 20 just quickly And you know since and I've done that Maybe two or three times Just to get a sense of If they're buying into Dodges BS or not Because at first I thought everybody was But now I realize you know of course I Knew all along that no one was watching The YouTube channel and I have not seen In years Anybody who's you know because I still Have some friends who do heartfulness on Facebook And I don't see any video I haven't seen Any video And I'm not friends with Mr s but even Mr acid was in charge of the YouTube Channel he wouldn't post Ness YouTube videos on his Facebook feed And he posts like lots of pictures to Him and diaper Bob I mean I post a lot Of stuff like that but nothing from the YouTube channel that he's in charge of Right and so nobody's watching that YouTube channel so it's and that's their Main thing And you know I don't think they go to Anything with dodgy once in a while They'll do an announcement of like

International Peace Day And somebody posted something about a A book you know dodgy's newest crappy Book being released But they just they're not into them like It's there's like a vote of no Confidence in The fact that they should all be sharing Heartfulness content On their you know on their uh personal You know uh Facebook platforms And they're simply not and those are the People who are still doing it And some of them are you know Pro dodgy You know people I know who are pro dodgy But whenever I look at any of these Things or it comes up in my feed I never see anything from The you know official heartfulness stuff So they're not there's no enthusiasm for Dodgy or crappy stuff he's doing His books or any of these other things And if they're you know if they're out There Posting them on social media I doubt They're reading them And so like it's already collapsed it's Whatever it's been Done there is just The momentum that was given by charge And you know like I said every year when Chargie's birthday comes up I'm gonna Look at the you know the the Heartfulness stuff because

I just you know there's just something I Feel about it you know negative feeling About dodgy dissing charging because Everything else he did he could Conceivably Be forgiven for Uh or redeem himself but If he's Negative towards charging you just can't Like he's never going to connect Back with the system like you can't have A there has to be a positive Relationship between Master disciple for the whole transition And you know he's charging spiritual Representative His charges successor and you can't be You know negative and hateful towards Charging And carry that off he's disconnected Himself From the you know Divine hierarchy so Like there's no redeeming heartfulness Or dodgy because of that like you could You know beg for forgiveness but he'll Never be a master he'll never be A quality leader like that was his test And he failed like it was it's something You just can't do there's no There's no fixing that right And it's hard to watch and that every Year it's going to bum me out but like Yeah I gotta I get over it after about a You know a couple days a week after that

You know I see whatever's going on there But I can see that there's just no Enthusiasm and you know charge you less You know the people who were into a size Mark and accept a dodgy and they just Don't have it in them to confront the You know the hypocrisy and the collapse Of the system But they're not into it they're not Enthusiastic about it so there's a Collapse there And there needs to be you know this Thing is working so well gratefulness They need to you know they have to do it With us but they can do it with them you Know make up their own little group and Do something similar And you know we've done something good Here I mean me personally and then all Of you who've Done it as well to you know make it into Something Because we've created a template of what You could do at a when something like This happens you know when the master The you know the leader the the proposed Master fails then this can be done and It works and it's uh You know and there is enthusiasm there There's like energy is dynamic And you know it's a good thing and other People can do it Other practitioners they can do the Exact same thing they don't have to do

With us but It's there for people and new people can Come along and Go to the gratefulness uh YouTube Channel and Find out everything you know about doing Size Mark and do it and effectively and You know So there it's it's living on right so I'm happy about that That size Mark is living on through This system you know the gratefulness Meditation that we're doing And you know it can it can survive the The Scourge that's dodgy anyways I'm Going to wrap this one up but Um you know it's you know I feel you Know really positive about it Only spiritual value will save this World it's Paul revado definitely Important for the apocalypse and the Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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