Journey 114

Journey 114

Greetings brothers and sisters this is The 114th edition of The Journey series And I was just going to take some time Off I want to say some more that it rained Again last night at the end of the Gathering here We got a lot of rain And um Rain on our way home I mean I just There's just rain Which is great as the auspicious and My condition I just feel like you know The Uh just trouble engaging back with the Worlds after The Gathering which is always a good Site so you know I was feeling pretty Good about it and you know I've opened Up a third browser For my gratefulness meditation so I Could answer comments there and instead Of closing out of one account I mean That's the problem with having lots of YouTube accounts that are active and you Know whatever so I had some gratefulness Meditation stuff up there not Gratefulness heartfulness And I was going to x out of it Because the gathering's over and you Know dodgy failed and all these things And I saw some things That were there and then the dodgy Truther sent me something else and I'm

Like you know I can't get a break from The I mean it's just you know I wasn't Looking for it I just wanted to you know Focus on getting back to you know doing The things they need to do here for my Regular YouTube channels and getting the Farm back in order and all these things Right I'm completing uh you know a Like a waterfall for our small pond in Front it's got a huge um I actually want To make a video about this but we Planted some wildflowers there and you Know we have these Wildflower paths that We walk in and I got some video footage Of all that I want to Put that out there and it's just all These things but you know I had to do This sooner than later Just because it lingers um So I'm gonna you know let's switch over To the my other app here Okay so I had this um open on my I have A third browser now for gratefulness Meditation That I'm keeping open so I can answer Comments you know I have three browsers For my various YouTube channels instead Of having to sign in and sign out all The time And it makes it easier for me to um Get to everything but you know I had Some heartfulness stuff open there And I want to close it up after the Gathering you know the stuff I was going

To cover was over with the city and said You know I could make a video or I could Uh talk about every video on the Heartfulness YouTube channel Because they're just all so effed up Right And so I just wanted to get away from it You know the Uh the dodgy truth or guy will send me Stuff maybe you know two three times a Week And I'll look at it sometimes I don't Say anything about it sometimes I report It here But there's just so much effed up stuff Going on there like I could You know I mean I can make a whole Channel about powerfulness Channel and How it's not besidesh Mark all this Stuff you know the evidence is pretty Much There all the time and you know it's Part of the story but I can't let it dominate my existence Which you could easily do given how how Messed up it is So I did this video last night but Somehow I didn't render it or I didn't Uh I don't know if maybe I'd have the the Button on I don't know It was later last night So I'm having a redo it this morning And what I saw to reopen these tabs like

Is what I'm saying so I closed all the Tabs down after I made the video so I Would be you know get a break from Heartfulness And I saw this the purpose of Celebrations connect with the master Spiritual progress and they get a Picture of charging And they also had this thing here this Is the thing that they ran Before the you know uh before the Meditations and you know what I Believe has happened And I mean all the evidence points to This Is that people are going to come to the Ashram anyway And dodgy was going to be in the Position of closing it to them and Turning them away Uh in two different ways That was going to happen the first one Was that they were just all coming And so people probably said to him you Either I'm gonna have to throw these People out Or you're gonna have to have them come In here and have a gathering like he was Made to have a gathering for charging That they were ignoring whatever he said Maybe people didn't even get the I didn't watch the video or didn't know About it That he said that you know he made this

Proclamation people don't watch this Stuff anymore right You know we can see it here From the live stuff here Um you know there was only Hundreds of people who are watching this Live And I was pretty stunned by that because You know on Indian time and they were They would all be watching it a lot of People of course were at the Gathering Um and then it got up to about five Thousand now they're up to 40. I can't Say it's these these uh views are Accurate or not not because you know I Don't think they they want you to know That there was 40 000 people there and then another 40 000 people were at Watching on the internet that's 80 000 People for charge right A gathering that dodgy wanted to cancel Uh you know dodgy's uh thing right here His own meditation Is only getting nine thousand views and Then there's almost nobody there at the Auction It seems to be under a thousand is what I've heard But even if it's under five thousand It's less it's a bigger awesome So there's that right But I watched this one video here so I Have to edit out the audio because I use

A stupid song which I'll talk about in a Second here but he's talking about how You go to these gatherings to focus your Total attention on the master and he Means the inner Mastery later is going To say the inner master And I was thinking that dodgy was using This says um A way to uh You know glorify himself Our great monsters So This is interesting in a lot of ways They're using charges voice and they Just haven't done that They haven't included charge in the Videos And I think something must have happened Here Dodgy was just very pouty like he was in A position like I said he was forced to Do that that Gathering he gave sittings But he didn't give a talk he didn't They didn't give him any Applause I mean There's a lot of people there no Applause for Releasing the Bucks And you know he just was up there Pouting and in and out as quick as he Could Mean very short cities if there are Cities at all I don't even know Uh like I don't know how you could be Like that kind of an attitude and the

Machines would have to just come through Without him doing anything like him Resisting it And just you know whatever Like I don't even know what's going on With all that like I'm not there so I Can't feel it and it felt weird in the Videos like it's been feeling off Um like maybe there's something like Transmission but it's Very gross I don't know like you had to Phrase it you know it was just I just Want to turn it off and if it was real Transmission I'd want to leave the video on despite My feelings about dodgy all these things Right There's just something like that just Isn't there Or something extra that's there that Shouldn't be In the transmission so I like it's hard For me to describe Um but for them to come in and say That the purpose of these celebrations Are to connect with the master You know Charlie was talking about the Divine Master Within and maybe Babaji You know analology he wasn't talking About himself And it seems like they're used to charge These words and they put music over Charge he doesn't need it because he had So much energy

He was transmitted when he was talking So It was completely uh Um you know Like he didn't he didn't need to be Enhanced like they do with dodgy and the Music doesn't help Dodge either it's Off-putting like you just putting music Behind people like that's you're Appealing to people who have such a low Attention spans they can't listen to Somebody speak And you get a lot more out of listening To someone to speak When there isn't a distraction It's like they got to be distracted with Music you know it's like they can't Just listen to Somebody talk like that's How bad the condition here is on your Planet Earth right but here it is They're not meant as a festival even Though there is a little bit of Celebration they have not been for Enjoyment so You know I was like what See dodgy is the one who brought in These concerts right Now chargi had I think it was his 75th Or 80th birthday celebration And there was I'm pretty sure it's 75th Because I don't think his health was that good For 80 I'm not sure But they had a gathering that it was 80

000 people And the normal Gathering got 10 20 30 40 000 people depending on The Gatherings but Uh and people would come five thousand To Jedi To meditate with him on a regular weekly Sets on Sunday meditation And nobody expected it to be Entertainment No one expected anything but Meditation and you know pretty basic Meals There wasn't like this physical Enjoyment you have with other Celebrations there wasn't gifts it Wasn't Fireworks it wasn't you know a concert Or any of these things Dodgers would have brought in concerts And people are already coming to the Gallery there was one thing they had People would come to the Gatherings Four times a year And even for dodgies and so there's no Reason of being in a concert like you Know after the Gathering was over Sometimes it would be plays You know it was like the last day of the Gathering charge you would come out Sometimes it was local obvious he's Doing like dances or writing their own Music or something like it was quality I saw Joshua Pollock and that time he

Was in a gathering but he played the Violin and he was really good at it like He had a moment I didn't know he was then I was like wow That was really good I talked to him Afterwards like it was you know it was Heartfelt like you know he was really he Did some sort of solo violin thing I Think it was violent I don't know yeah Violin Um you know but there were just things That performances that were there But it was local people people within The system They didn't bring in you know Occasionally maybe there'd be Professional people but they're Professional singers who did scishmart Professional Indian singers and things But it wasn't a concert it was like a Part of the Gathering and there's a lot Of time at a gathering in a lot of you Know whatever it is that a lot of times There'd be talks you go into meditation Hall and people would give and be given Talks about their practice and you know What they've learned from sash Mark and Their time with the master And so there are things like that Um and that was some of that was just to Keep your mind focused on The Gathering you know that was social Media things you know people getting Into their phones and you know whatever

And before that people would sit around Gossip and things So they created programs for uh you know To keep you focused on whatever Um But nobody thought that you were there For the entertainment You know it was a physically hard travel For people on the train some people Coming Like 14 hours 20 hours on trains from You know Northern India places that far Away from Chennai wherever they have in The Gathering and then um You know it was bare minimum Comforts it Wasn't a hotel You're often sleeping outside big tents You know even in America there was some Level of discomfort in fact a lot in the A lot in the Molina ashram it was dodgy Who brought in This idea of uh a concert it's like he Tried to make chargie's birthday last Year and not just a concert but Harry Prasad is an internationally known Singer you have these people who are Famous and you know they're um They're Big Time Professional Superstars right And they're bringing these people in They brought those people in to sell and And you know for brighter mind scam you Know they're bringing in uh you know Important people

Who were supposed to draw people in by Themselves like people coming for the Concert And then they would also do some Meditation The meditation alone wasn't you know They wouldn't come for that right but That's all been brought in by dodgy that Had nothing to do with anything before Dodgy and now they're lecturing you know The word celebration isn't even correct Right these aren't celebrations they're Gatherings they're spiritual Gatherings They're not holidays They're you know a time to focus Internally And minimum and Bobby used to say Minimum Comforts maximum spiritual Benefit everybody knew that before dodgy Dodgy's the one who's you know perverted The system with these you know the Concerts were like you know an Abomination and he just does things he Just fails time and time again Which I'll get into And everyone's supposed to pretend like It didn't happen I need there's no Acknowledgment of the failure no Acknowledgment that he tried something Yet again and it didn't take and it Failed it wasn't working and he just has These bad ideas and he you know from the Very beginning when he when he said no Kids can come to the Gatherings right

Like he's the one who hates the Gatherings he's been trying to get rid Of the Gatherings ever since I mean even Think before he was Master He doesn't like doing them he just isn't Into him everyone else does he just Doesn't want to do them especially now More than ever he wants to erase charge You from the mission Okay so I put this video up and it got Copyrighted some kind of weird Revenue Sharing thing they have now Because powerfulness keeps on using These goofy songs and it is a Distraction they're annoying songs I Don't know if they're paying for them They're probably paying for them Or either that or they're just lifting Them because they're not monetizing Their videos And they put them on these uh you know The when the Master's speaking they put It in the background But charge is basically saying here as You go to these spiritual Gatherings for Spiritual upliftment not Joy or Happiness or vacation or any of these Things it's for your spiritual Advancement which is you know was well Known before dodgy brought in the Concerts So anyways I had to edit out most of the Music part there's a little part you can Hear there in the beginning with charge

You speaking Um I put I'm putting the full video up Uh the one I already uploaded on the Membership Channel but it's uh you can Watch the video on the heartfulness you Know it's not worth watching It's just that they're Now um you know they're switching Everything up they reverse themselves Constantly now all of a sudden they're Using chargey and they're talking about How The Gatherings are for Spiritual liftment instead of concerts Or whatever but anyway back to the Original audio here So then they have this ad for the next Video and it's blocking out babaji's Face I should have said in the beginning It seemed like they were trying to say Focus on dodgy I mean I think they're trying to use Charging words together I want to focus On the living Master Dodges had a whole Talk where he said you guys got to focus On the living Master the other Masters Can't do anything for you Only the living master and which is him You know which he was you know bummed Because people weren't focusing on him Right So it's just a weird video right all of A sudden they're using charge you which They haven't used before

They're talking about these gatherings Needing to be more spiritual And focus in on the master of a charge Event the inner master and you know the Previous Masters he wasn't talking about Himself And so that was you know weird and then Dodge used to want to turn these things Into a festival Into a concert like the whole thing Right just bizarre like what are you Talking about like everyone knew this Before Nobody thought it was going to come and There was going to be a a vacation or Entertainment I mean for some people it Was an upgrade for some of the poor People Going to a gathering was actually better Materially better food better Accommodation right when people started Coming four people just started coming Because for them was like a vacation They go to these you know beautiful Ashrams and things You know when they live in huts and Things like that right so for them it Was an upgrade but for everybody else They knew there was going to be some Level of material discomfort and they Were going for the spiritual energy you Know not everybody focuses like they Should but you know people don't dive Into it the level that Babaji would or

You know I mean it's there's different Levels of people's capacity to get into It but you know it's not a vacation I Mean they have these beautiful ashrams There you know dodgy put in a five-star Hotel which I didn't get to stay in but I would be open to doing that As I got older right just that the Travel itself is rough It's a 20-hour flight from America You know so I was happy to see some of The accommodations they had a little Italian restaurant they they put Together was pretty good the food was You know not great but it was you know For Indian Italian food You know something uh other than just The Indian food that me and my kids just Got sick of You know when we were there in India it Just wasn't you know it doesn't suit our Physical makeup right it's uh you know If you're if you're living there and You're born and raised but we needed More traditional food you know food's Often spicy And so you're gonna have these uh Little physical Comforts was great and Dodgy was making that place into a you Know a more comfortable place in any of The other ashrams which I didn't have a Problem with except that without the Spiritual energy That doesn't matter right because it's

Still not a vacation you know it's a Long trip you know no matter how Beautiful the ashram is it's not like You know the ocean it's not like I want To you know some Tropical Paradise or I Guess the Himalayas is a beautiful place From there but these aren't vacations Right you could you know you can go find Better deals and better places I mean so Many great places to vacation in America Alone we don't have an arduous Flight across you know A couple of oceans you know a couple Continents I mean so You know there's um I mean we have Hawaii and Florida and we have all these Beautiful places in the in the west I Mean the whole country is beautiful so Again it's not vacations and I don't Think anybody thought that they were It's dodgy was trying to turn that into It because the spiritual energy is Lacking so they've had to turn it into Something else right And so along with that this uh there's This other thing here Luther sent me This um It's a five-part video series by Somebody who does this yo gotta satsang Society of India yss founded in 1917 By parahamsa Yogananda an author of Autobiography of a yogi had arranged an Event at Connie shantivanam Hyderabad it Is the world's largest Meditation Center

Spread over 14 000 acre campus With a capacity to accommodate one lakh Meditators and so they're renting this Thing out this is like a young woman who Does this yoga Nanda stuff Yogananda was A famous Uh like Indian Guru uh yoga Guru I Believe it's Hatha Yoga and I think what They do now is Hatha Yoga the the Meditative poses you know the What people consider yoga And you know he was very famous Um didn't leave I don't think any sort Of a disciple And now there's this yogada Society And it's not scishmart he's not Associated with seismograph he was you Know at the same time as Babaji and they Don't think they ever had any Interactions or anything like this And you know everybody wants to be a Part of this uh ashram because it's so Big like it's a concert hall And there's this you know main building She's I believe Sixty thousand these other buildings see You know Um five thousand each or something Whatever it is and there's an Air-conditioned building where you can Also meditate and there's video screens So you can see what's going on at the Big Hall And so you know these this is a lot of

Money you can make And just rent out the Sasha And so that's there's a lot of these Corporate events they're trying to have Here And it goes against everything that Scishmark stands for because it wrecks The The energetic condition which is Probably already you know given Everything that's happened it's probably Already pretty sucky there right You know she goes on a tour here like it Goes to the various things there's the The mission emblem right which is just Not Focused on anymore like this is old Seishmark SRI ramchandra Mission stuff She goes to the various places here and Then there's A bookstore where they're Hawking this Merch the bhagavida This is uh Yogananda books here Various Yogananda books here Um there's stuff with other Saints And they're bringing the you know the Organization brings their merch in here There's Jesus and Yogananda and other Saints here Um they have all these like there's a Krishna there is a couple of that stuff Or one of the Um krishna's there

So they bring in their own merch And harmfulness is going to get a piece Of it right Um like you know this is They're making money but it's it goes Against the whole idea of keeping the Meditative condition there pure because Hatha Yoga has a different energy You know Babaji you know recommended Against doing Hatha Yoga because it Would negatively affect your practice She's got the picture here of the The peacock and then there's some Heartfulness books here as well Um Like this is Babaji section here See that they have all these Babaji Books and Babaji wrote you know least Amount of books And then um There's uh let me see the other stuff Here There's all this Babaji stuff right Like there's a wall full of Babaji stuff And then um You know there's these pictures and Stuff here lots of pictures of dodgy Here There's Buddha for some reason Buddha Has nothing to do with this it's another Picture here of Babaji Buddha here right I mean a wise Buddha There taji has a thing about Buddha and Buddha had only like one or two

Interactions with dodgy uh with Char uh With uh With Babaji when Babaji was you know Chandling Bobby had a number of Interactions with Jesus and Jesus Blessed the mission and he was Um he gave Babaji he put Babaji in Charge of Christianity The organization and everything like on A spiritual level Like he asked Babaji to take over Christianity because the you know had Gone South so bad so you know I'm not Sure what that even meant Buddha wasn't that great in the Interactions right like Buddha was sort Of bragging about Nirvana and you know How it was a superior you know I can't Remember exactly what he said I think It's in The Whispers books Uh you know the Babaji Whispers books Where it's about his diary Buddha didn't really contribute to sash Mark like he's not a part of it Uh Babaji intercommune with him but that Was about it they weren't he wasn't Supportive of it he didn't bless it you Know these things right Swami Vivekananda Krishna Jesus some of these Other Highly developed Saints are active in Their participation in the scishmark System Buddha is it and dodgy's got a Fascination with Buddha

He had offices that he built um when Charging was still alive Dodgy set up some offices because you Know chargie was just not in good health So dodgy was pretty much doing Everything And there was an Administration Building Had some offices somewhere else but he Decided to you know take some of the Space in the administration building And he did these really nice offices I Mean they were you know decorated like Fancy like you know wealthy stuff and You know these um These windows that are They have like frosted glass imagery and He had all this Buddhist stuff Everywhere in this office Like Buddha was everywhere and it was a Very Eastern like it almost a Asian uh You know like uh you know like Japanese Or Or something Chinese type of uh Uh Decor like you it kind of was like a Fancy asian restaurant kind of thing And Buddha was like very prevalent and We see the Buddha statue that he has Around his office now in his house and He just has some kind of connection to Buddha which is strange because You know you leave that stuff behind Like Krishna plays a part in zeismark But not like that you know there's some

Statues and things around and you know There's Uh stories and Jesus's you know charge You went to Christian School And you know learned and read the Bible And quotes the Bible and has a Connection with Saint Paul right she was Saint Paul Really the person that saves Christianity From being absorbed into Judaism Uh you know that's what charging himself Said And so you know his fascination with Buddha Uh dodgy now like and before I didn't Care because he seemed like he was on The right track to Become a good you know master But now there's you know some kind of Weird thing there I mean there's more Buddha statues than there are then there Is a charging I was told by the dodgy Truth there's no anything of Charity Like charging was this was you know Chargie dedicated his ashram It's called the SRI ramchandra Memorial Ashram or maybe the Babaji Memorial 's babaji's name uh so either way it's I Think it's the Babaji Memorial ashram But he dedicated it to Babaji and I Thought that this Hyderabad ashram would Be dedicated to charging since he

Purchased the land you know most of the Prep Preparatory work was done by chargi And the template to build ashrams was Also done by you but you know dodgy has Always been competitive once to one up On wants to show that he can do better Whatever there's roads like Swami Vivekananda way now Swami Vivekananda Gave some a lot of messages to the To the medium of Whispers In The Brighter world and also intercommune With babajid quite a bit Swami Vivekananda is very active in scishmart And yet he's not charged he wasn't one Of the Masters And dodgy has a fascination with Swami Vivekananda and they're about to Celebrate his talk in October and modi's Supposed to show up right I mean it's in August this month And you know he's a part of seismvard But he's not nearly I mean chargie built The mission chargie built everything he Made dodgy into whatever he is today Which is you know no Bragging right but You know that's he gave dodgy the Opportunity because dodgy certainly had The work done I saw the work and he had Every potential you know charging set Him up for success To be the next master and he's you know Failed or whatever right uh but in terms Of um You know no roads named after charging

No statues no anything There's nothing there you should be able To go and reflect you know babaji has a 40-foot statue right like and so and Even that I think um you know dodgy Wants to downplay now because he's Nobody loves him nobody there's not Dodgy people And you know it's obviously bothers him Quite a a great deal but he has this Weird obsession with Buddha and you know This um I just looked it up I'm in the Editing process and this yoganda Uh uh you know this um Institute Does kriya yoga and it's a different Form of meditation what we do is Raja Yoga right it's you know Raja means king The king of yogas and you know Babaji Was pontanjali and he was Um you know he was the sort of father of Bringing these yogas together what she Called astaga yoga And then he lives upon timeslease yoga But Raja yoga is something that's been Done for a while and the transmission is Very specifically honed and perfected Under this system and the transmission You know represents You know something that's um Unique like it's why I do it right Without the transmission It's just like everything else the Transmission is what makes it stand Apart

And you know there's other forms of yoga And Babaji was very clear on this That you shouldn't mix and match you Shouldn't do Smorgasbord type stuff Which people new age Movement like to do you want to sample This you want to sample that you want to You know it's a very Western American Approach you know moderate approach to Doing all these different things and It's just like different types of Medicines They cancel each other out or maybe they Have an adverse effect if you start Throwing in extra ingredients and things Like this You know there's um you know there's an Ancient wisdom in things And there's a purity in them and so Doing different forms of yoga And especially meditation And you know they meditate on similar Things but it's different It has a different energy And the ashram is built for the size Mark practice the meditation Hall is Resonating with the transmission but if You're in such desperate monetary states That you have to rent out the place the Corporations and other You know other Yoga practices it's going To contaminate the condition and the Condition is probably already pretty bad There you know it was good when we went

There in the main meditation Hall You know that's before it's like the you Know the the Boop hit the the Boop hit The fan right like I mean it's been you Know pretty bad there but anyways I Think his connection to to Buddha has Also hurt dodgy huh It's you know has been a disaster for Him There's all the products here and stuff You know talk with all the you know These these lion handbags you know Charging was known as a lion and then Here Is charges section Right Now they have more books than they did Before uh but like there's just empty Shells right this is you know the Timeless wisdom of Charity Maharaji put out more material Chargie has had about you know 30 to 40 Bucks and multiple DVDs and things that Were for sale And you know there was just so much Material content he created He gave these epic talks That people wanted to listen to that Would they that they turned into books And audio tapes and and eventually video And things like this Um and so you know compared to all this Stuff that they have of Babaji here Like this is Babaji section

That Babaji only had a few books right Bob and she had you know barely anything And you know Um and this is stuff that is inside Smart this is stuff that here is that Isn't seismark and they have full Shelves of babaji's books and things Bobby wrote Five Short books that were All put into one book called complete Works of ram Chandra and then he had Letters that they took and uh you know Took it made into books The second version called uh You know he had this thing called voice Real things that he had written to People and stuff like that and then There was my master my charger that was You know about Babaji but you know for The for the most part You know he didn't have that much Content charges would have created the Content charge you wrote several books That he had all this other Material he created Epic talks and trainings and things and It's been you know scrubbed from the Mission which I've talked about So I had to remake this George you just Watched this morning and Um uploading I'm uploading the 110 13th Version and I wanted a break like just a Break from the journey series Um you know and I put out this like six Hours of content

But then I was watching this TV show And it's a you know a TV show on Apple TV it's about a hijacked plane And they're sort of a comedic character An English woman who's with her kid and She says something to the kid she says The word here I'll show you the second Type she says it Um and I ignored it the first time uh She says dodgy which uh I'll show you in A moment here But it's like a new meme thing that I'm Going to have going here so let me just Show you the beam Something smells dodgy Something smells dodgy right so Uh she was saying to her kid in the car He was saying something about I wasn't Really kind of honed in on it um and I Didn't replay it Uh you know like sometimes I just space Out and whatever But the kid said that he had his Appendix out he said if you have to have Say it twice it's It's dodgy right and she goes yeah it's Dodgy And you know I don't really ever hear that word used And People were saying to me all the time About dodgy kamlesh dodgy That you know he's dodgy right and these Are British people maybe to some extent

Or people who recognize the terms but I You know I don't hear people who use it And you know use it in this way But they do in Britain and I think they Might even in India right India and Britain have a you know a a strong bond For obvious reasons And people who grew up in India know About the British involvement people Speaking English And so You know I'm surprised at dodgy had Never heard and he grew up he was living In America right And so you know he traveled quite a bit That he never was exposed to this idea Of the word dodgy and maybe he was maybe It wasn't doesn't matter But he just gets things wrong all the Time Because he is dodgy you know he is dog Uh ey is that how you spell it D-o-d-g-u-y You know he will see spells a d-a-a j i You know in India they have this G thing They add Mama G Papa G right Babaji Lology Babaji was a Baboo He worked as a Baboo or a clerk you know Babu was kind of a you know famous kind Of word that people maybe are not sure What it means but he worked as a clerk In a courtroom I'm not sure where lology Came from But these were terms of reverence right

You get the G when you get older you Know J.I at the end of your name one Time charging jokes and call me Romano G Right My brother and I used to call each other PDG and apology right just as a as a Joke but it's a a sign of reverence a Sign of you know somebody who's You know older and wise and things like This and you know in an affectionate Term and kamlesh Jesus doesn't sound Good so dodgy gave himself a name which Was dodgy But you know there's this other Connotation and now with the brighter Mind scam and all the crap that he's Pulled He's dodgy like he is dodgy And you know he just fails so much Like I was thinking about this this Recent video where he's saying you know Gatherings are for Spiritual uh to focus In on your spiritual internal world They're not for pleasure and celebration And he brought that into it right and You know he came out and said Babaji uh It gave him a message in order to Abandon charge you and babaji's birthday Gatherings which everyone kind of Probably knows is a lie I don't know um Some person wrote to me I'll cover that In a moment And you know um He

Like it was bad decision making which I Covered in my last video He just makes these bad decisions he's Done it for you know a long time now Going to back to when he said kids Couldn't come to the Gathering he just Fails in these decisions he's made these Bad decisions And then like he makes a mistake and Then it just goes away like he makes a Rule and then the rule falls apart and He just gets rid of the rule like it Never happened And you know there must be some sense Around him they should be that he's just A failure he's constantly failing like He just you know he's always failing and I mean I don't know what else there's no Other way to describe it he's just a Failure On every level he keeps on making bad Decisions and you know trying to force Something that doesn't work And everybody and then people don't Adopt it or it fails he tries projects And they lie about they embellish the Numbers Like there must be some you know when You do things like that you know it Yourself That you're not a master he has no faith In himself and then No faith in charge you and Babaji in the System

Like he just is you know he's a a wrong Way Charlie right Constantly doing that and so then this Morning somebody wrote me a an Incoherent comment Um I guess it was because I used on my Gratefulness meditation I used pictures Of charity Uh you know because I want to honor him Like I don't like doing that For various reasons I usually do you Know you know the kind of pictures I use Like the one you're looking at now Pictures that I've taken or whatever Uh but you know they didn't want people Posting pictures but all those things But he said something almost like you Know you're doing this and it's makes it Sound like you're doing such Mark and It's not legitimate or heartfulness or Whatever you said incoherent comment not Well written You know dear brother this kind of thing But you know I'm like how can you not See There's problems with dodgy like how can You not see that this is I mean there's A it might have been the same person That wrote before but I thought I'd Banned that person but I don't know you Know I asked people to like a video to See how many people are doing Gratefulness And one person wrote he didn't have the

Time which you know there's a famous Babaji story where Busy man came to see Babaji and he said I don't have the time to meditate Babaji Said Well do you know anybody busier than you He's like well the the you know prime Minister of India goes no but anybody Like you know someone you know more more Like locals you know like someone you Know that you know right you know my Boss is busier than I am and Bobby said Well subtract your business from his Busyness You know your day from his day And whatever time's left over do the Meditation and the guy got pissed and Left right but it's been a brilliant Response you know but you have to you Know this is your relationship to God And you have to carve out some time to To do it right it just you know if you Wanted to do it you got it you know like Anything else you have to find a way to Find the time to do it right everyone Has some time Everybody wastes time in the internet or Watches TV or does things that you know Whatever I mean certainly when you're Busy with young kids it's difficult if You're working and have young kids but You know Aside from that I mean even then you Know there's you know moms were giving

Permission not to meditate if they Didn't have the time Um you know back in the day but it is Whatever it is but right now there's 90 People that have liked the video 90 Something so it's almost 100 people Maybe more are doing that meditation The gratefulness but it's small like That's great and I'm not you know I Don't care about the numbers because You know it's I just got to do what I'm Ordered to do right I'm not doing it for People or the numbers I'm doing because It has to You know it has to happen And You know I would much rather have Dodgy be good I would much rather have Dodgy you know be A legitimate master I mean this is a little bit of I'm happy To do it and you know I'm grateful for It but it's you know it's in some ways Burdensome and you know it's Missy has Got holes in it and things You know I'm not like I talked about This in my last video It'd be so much better if dodgy was a Pastor It would so be so much better for me and Everyone else But he isn't and that's the reality that We have And the people can't see it you know you

Know God bless you you know I mean I Don't know what to say about it right Um you know there's some you know I want To move out here I had a weird Health Thing last night my wife and I had a Weird night Um I get like dizzy when I lay down Sometimes since covid it hasn't happened To me for like six months my heart's Great I've lost weight my health is good But sometimes when I like I tip my head Down to do work like if I'm working on The ground And I bend over and I you know I feel Weird and then other times when I um lay Down I you know the room spins I don't Want to call it like vertigo or Um I don't want to call it like fainting But it's like I get dizzy you know and It's unpleasant and I thought it had to Do with my heart but I felt my pulse Last night and my pulse was fine I was just you know I was seeing if my Neck was still out from the accident but Um you know I've had this you know some Weird stuff since coving you know let's Just put it that way Um but you know I just uh you know just whatever post Gathering stuff But I want to like move away from the Heartfulness stuff I don't want to talk About for the rest of this video Hopefully nothing comes up which you

Know I can't stop it if it does but I've X doubted the heartfulness Uh you know YouTube channel and you know We all know like it's interesting and The story is going to play out and I'll Definitely take a look at the Pivikananda Gathering uh when that Happens you know but I don't want to Spend much time on it you know we know About unless there's something you know I mean he's committing the same similar Egregious crimes or behaviors over and Over isn't like he's doing something new And he's just and he has an idea try Something and then he fails and he they Pretend like he never failed like it Never happened There's no like oh yeah that was a Mistake or You know no admission and internally you Got to be like well why don't like Charging just was always right he was Always whatever he said was you know Accurate and true oh there's one thing I Wanted to read here This was The Whispers of the brighter World From yesterday And it says Thursday August 26 1999. Humanity is going to take a big step Forward in the coming decade It won't 8 A.M It won't be all smooth sailing but Discoveries will be made in the fight

Against certain diseases Less polluting energies will be used Leading to a general betterment Obscurantism will subside in certain Parts of the world and many Souls will Awaken Babaji well we know that that happened Because of the truth Community like he's Saying the next decades if he was Talking from 2000 on and we know what Happened that obscurantism definitely Took a hit because of the truth Community and the internet And it's still taking a hit I don't know About the diseases and the energy stuff Because there are a lot of things that Are happening I don't know about in the World so I can't comment on that but we Do know that obscurantism which is you Know the powers that be putting out a False reality That people um you know an illusion and We know that Bobby uses this word quite A bit the obscurantism that the leaders That you know the powers that be here Uh you know using to deceive the masses And him saying that it's going to take a Hit well we know this right we know that That happened the truth Community began Really in 2001. and took off on the Internet And so uh you know There's a prediction we know that Bobby Said it was right

But anyways I gotta move on here Okay so in terms of um this is uh July 28th um just add a few more Thoughts From what I was covering Yesterday It's pouring today it was really hot out Yesterday and I was working You know I'm uh I have a pond that um That I've been uh we had for a long time The cows wrecked it because we had the Cows in the yard Now that the cows are gone I fixed the pond up and now we're Turning into like a waterfall making it Nicer Uh and the eventuality that we're Probably going to sell this place Making it uh you know more valuable and Uh the pond looks really good and I just Um was working yesterday was lifting These heavy rocks and it was 100 degrees you know and hot like hotter Than I remember it being in India you know of Course I didn't do much work like this When it was so hot in India 110 degrees But you know living in other hot places So kind of remind me of that but it's Raining today it rained a little bit Yesterday And it rained when we got back from our Trip from our you know the accident all Those things and it rained where we were When the Gathering was starting so we

Had almost like a week of rain here Almost every day it rained or if it was Like if it didn't rain it rained the Night before when I brought the dogs out It was wet in the morning it was still Like that you know the negative ions and All the aspects of that so it was a Really big Gathering like I feel like it Was very profound For me personally um You know that uh comment I got from that Person that was kind of incoherent but Basically it was a heartfulness person Telling me Like I'm not legitimate don't use the Pictures of the master but you know um It's because Georgie was disrespected Right he's not being celebrated In you know in heartfulness and by dodgy You know there's a lot more to that Story than we'll ever know like we might Get leaks from people maybe people Around the situation Like who's to say but first of all They're not admitting that Dodgy has failed and you know I was Thinking yesterday the only thing he has Is the endorsement of charge you and Babaji he's the legitimate legal Master of the SRI Ram Chandra Mission President of the SRI Ram Chandra mission In the you know whatever it is like you Know the titles that go with that right Being a master you have to be a master

But everything else he has He was endorsed by charge he and Bobby From The Whispers of the brighter world So he has the you know blessings of the You know he was the Masters chosen Person Whatever you know was come of that Um like that's legitimate then Everything else has been sucky right He's you know he built the action on the Ashram is a you know as an achievement But again started by charge charge you Had the infrastructure to build ashrams They had built and you know created so Many auctions there's probably Maybe like 50 ashrams in the whole Mission and there was you know knowledge And experience and efficiency that went With that right and all the people Around there you know it was uh you know Something that Sage Mark has already Solved But he built this big auction you know He was part of it dodgy didn't screw it Up he has that cool Forest You know in the ashram so that's you Know part of that as well He had the um the original videos that He made which I thought were quite good The introductory videos you know early On in this you know the system And then he had you know a few other Signature Accomplishments but everything else

Since then you know the brighter mind Scam the joining with the all these Things that he's done the sucking us the YouTube channel the inefficiency of the System the lack of Interest enthusiasm Trying all kinds of things from Partnering with questionable Organizations and people bringing in Celebrities renting out the ashram uh You know disparaging the previous Masters his talks are atrocious most of Them are are really bad videos is Presentation the way he handled covid I Mean just going down the list It's all failure it's complete Unmasterly failure and it's you know Almost to a t everything he's done is Anti-sage Mart it goes against the Principles and teachings of the previous Masters of the system goes against Babaji's original rules and things like That he's changed things like the maxims And made him worse I mean it's just you Know who's been a a wrecking crew of Suck and he just comes out he looks you Know he's looks mopey and you know he's Got that award and he's got a few Superficial things that they use as a Way of saying oh he's doing a great job But everybody should know and the Transmission isn't there right and you Know this idea that you sit there and You say the master is giving this Sinning and not me

As soon as you have that thought it's Successful right he's like I mean he Says in the you know preceptor book Which I remember now You know seeing it again that that's the First step is to make sure that it's not You and the Masters giving the system The city the internal Masters Divine Master Even the living Master whatever it might Be it's not you like it's you're not It's not your ego it's not you as a Person And therefore you can do things you know Things can pass through you you're a Conduit right To something better and dodgy's Forgotten that that even charge you as Great as he was was limited To his human potential But when you release your human Potential and you say it's you know you Practice constant remembrance and it's The master and not me that's having this Experience You are now have ultimate potential you Have unlimited potential your soul has Unlimited potential right and so you're Releasing your ego and no matter how Smart you are how strong you are you are How efficient you are you're limited to Your human qualities and abilities But if you release all of that to the Divine and then your human qualities and

Abilities can be enhanced and you can do Remarkable things And dodgy's clearly forgotten that like He's not operating with this idea that's The master not him And you know he's mopey and you know sad You know all these things are just going Through emotionally but the key thing Here is You know that he's forgotten the the Primary tenet of being a good preceptor And certainly being the Master System That you're getting out of the way and Allowing the Divinity to do the work and Flow through you and the best possible Thing you can do is become zero as Bobby Said like you you negate yourself And you know that's a big part of the Seishmark system and whatever our Success I've had here with this YouTube Channel and the other things that I do In my life you know when I remember to Bring in the Divine when I remember to You know partner with God in my Activities they just go better and you Know it's it's like you know when you're Trying to accomplish something and you Get to a point where you fail and fail And fail and fail again and you're like Crying or breaking down you're Frustrated and you want to give up and You release yourself and you pray to God In a way with tears in your eyes and you Know and and you bring God into the

Situation all of a sudden everything Works and everything you know is Efficient everything goes smoothly and That happens you know for people who Experience that in their lives but People just don't go back to it right Because be when you can do it on your Own you do it on your own it's just when You become overwhelmed that you need God But if you you know bringing God to Every aspect of everything you're doing It changes everything And dodgy and the people of heartfulness Had forgotten about that right dodgy by Not honoring the previous Masters who We're able to achieve magnificent Magnificent feats great feats because They were able to Um you know get go beyond themselves And negate themselves and allow Divinity To do its work and dodgy just doesn't do That he's just a blundering idiot who Makes one bad decision and choice after Another And like it seems to be confused and Never takes responsibility and there's Just this Emperor has no clothes thing Going on there and it's really really Bewildering and it comes up every charge Each birthday the first time I Recognized he had a problem with Charity Was in 2017 my kids and I went to A gathering charge your birthday Gathering at the ashram in California

And if something was off about the place You know we were as far as anybody knew Knew people nobody knew who we were And we were just allowed to sit there no One came and approached us and You know try to find out who we are or You know just you know be welcoming I Mean the the Indian people hospitality Is you know one of their big things Whether they're you know strong you know Pillars of their society hospitality is Such a big part of their culture and you Know it's like almost inhospitable and Then you know I think Krishna gave a Talk he did give a talk uh chargie's son Or maybe he was outed something happened With him I think my brother said that he Had you know held some positions and Dodgy fired him which I think he Probably wanted to do all along Because he wanted to erase charging like He was already in the process of racing Him according to the dodgy truther that He had called people up and told them to Destroy charges books And so you know after the flood that Weren't wrecked And dead boring bookstores that were Perfectly fine they weren't even Involved they weren't even in Chennai so If that's true and I think he just had Some issue with charging even in the Beginning Um

But whatever that is and you know in 2017 at charges birthday I'm like He's just not you know he's not into Charity like he's not Like charging was always into Babaji and Babaji was all he ever talked about was Alology right so like you know the Gratitude and the wanting to you know Carry on and do good work to you know to To um Please you know your teacher your Guru Your master whatever you want to think About it I mean that's um a you know a Big part of the massage Mark system in Terms of the the culture of mastery For me I know I'm so much better off Because of the system like I just the Gratitude is built in because I Recognize all the time that I'm so much Better And I'm improved just the way I do my Work and do things I'm just a more Efficient so low functioning before And so many people have that like they They realize the gift it is to be at Abiasi and the work that the master does To help you and there's a lot of it and So there's just natural gratitude that You feel when somebody serves you And helps you in this sort of way and You wanna you know honor them and you Know give back and please them and do do Right by them in all those things and Dodgy the master of the system even more

So so You know in 2017 I was like wow he's not Into him and then maybe it was 2018 I'm Not sure when he gave that talk maybe 2019. it was December 1st and dodgy Tried to address it and you know I I Missed a lot of what I saw afterwards Which I've covered here The inconsistency in where he crapped All over charges and said Babaji Was Preparing him behind charges back so I Missed that but he said that you know he Was he just made him miserable to talk About charging because The Charities life was full of Misery we Told that's all stupid because You know misery and Mastery and Spiritual life is a part of it right Misery is divine blessings And so um charging was you know often Happy laughing you know all these things Um so dodgy um Was you know Like he kind of addressed it I felt Better about it at the time but now when I looked back on it I I see that he was Really crapping all over him and and the Context of the you know he was um You know he was talking about charges Final resting place and like he just Didn't um when they did end up they had Like his gazebo but they go where they Call him right and they put charging in A like certain obscure part of the

Babaji Memorial last one we're charging You know that was where charging that Was his central place that was the Center of the the system right but he um You know he um He didn't do anything for him in uh Hyderabad no resting place no place to Honor him there which is where all the Gatherings are going to be so people Aren't even going to go to Chennai Anymore foreigners and you know people Who don't live in the area And so you know he kind of and he didn't Even show up for the final ceremony And so like it was just there he had an Issue with him but I first recognized it At his birthday And then last year 2022 when he had the Concert you know of course he canceled The birthday celebrations during covid And the first one back he you know he Barely talked about charge and it was so Bad so disrespectful and all the other Things that he'd done to disrespect him Leaving him off the name of of Masters In the hierarchy I mean he was just you Know an absolute you know Punk about all Those things and it came up around his Birthday and now it's here again And every year when chargie's birthday He tried to get rid of Charlie's Birthday and then you know again I think The people were just you know marching On on on the ashram were going to show

Up anyway he was forced to do a Gathering and then he pouted the whole Time Didn't say a word about charge he didn't Do anything there wasn't anything like They played some pictures of charge and Stuff like that where you know things That like they have to do right but not The bare minimum just to You know just so they can pretend that They He doesn't have a problem with them and As I said last year In 2022 when you cut yourself off from The master the master inside of dodgy is Charging Again somebody asked me you know all the Masters Merged into you know one after the other And does that mean the Masters have Fallen along with dodgy and that's not The case because the Masters are Wherever they are in the brighter world You know the idea is um You know everyone can merge into the Ocean You know if we're all single drops of Water merging into Divine Source that's Our Reaching our goal but as a master the Ocean merges into you Badaji isn't a master and whether you Know they attempted to merge in him and He rejected it or he's just you know

Disconnected from it that's his ego and He's his failure And again you know I mean do they pick The wrong guy or do they you know not Whatever Responsibility is for the teacher Charging Bobs you certainly have some Responsibility For dodgy's failure But maybe that's the best Humanity could Do or this was going to happen right I Mean there was a time that you know Babaji was doing all this work To try to save charging from some of the The pushback he was going to get and he Came out there's a number of people There he said it's God's will there's Going to be you know legal action And of course you know years after Bob a Few years after Babaji died there was Years and years of litigation to try to Get chargedy to have the property access To the Babaji Us ashram in charge of Onport and all these things another time That Bobby painstakingly tried to fix Charges migraines and he get he got what He considered the best healer in the World and then he did the spiritual work He said between the two of us If this can't be cured by us it can't be Cured And you know they did everything they Could and charged you still with Suffering from migraines and Bobs you

Said this is God's will I can't do Anything about it and so there are times That things are just like have to happen Like that Babaji had to you know he Could have saved his kids from suicide But was prevented from doing so every Time he thought it thought to do it he Would quickly forget about it and you Know things like this And lousy who's later said that if I let You save your kids then we'd have to Save everybody's kids right that there's Going to be suicides and and some of us We're going to have to suffer that and You know you can't say oh well why do I Have to suffer this when you guys saved Babaji from this pain and suffering Right And so there are things that just have To happen and you know this probably one Of them I mean I can't imagine any other Explanation so You know it's just something we have to Accept and We're scrambling to Keep the thing going and you know the Gratefulness thing is off to a good Start and I don't know where it'll end Up and I don't know what's going to Happen with dodgy eventually but you Know I don't think there's any way to Get rid of them and even if they did Like I always say Who are they going to make the master

And how would that how would they do That right There's a president because You know takes a master to make a master So I don't know we'll see Um but right now it's you know We're just dealing with the aftermath All right well that's it for today I'll Continue on Tomorrow or the next day Okay Um Kind of an interesting post today doing This first thing It's actually late I went back to sleep After SATs on today's Sunday July 30th a week after the Gathering Um well let me start here the dodgy Tuesday wrote this to me And then I got another comment and um I was thinking about this this morning There's a guy named sarnard sarnad Sarnard Cyanide G I guess Who was um A you know a very slight person very Similar in body type to Babaji And he was Secretary of the mission Under charging for a long time I saw him once at my first Gathering Into India And he was walking one way and Chargers Walking the other and they came and they Greeted each other but he was someone in

The central region He was supportive of Charity when Charger was nominated he was I think Told by Babaji not nominated when Chargium Was uh made the master of the system Right Uh right off the bat most people weren't Supportive of them but sarnard was Cyanide was he was someone with that um Pigment you know the pigment uh illness Where the loose pigment and Michael Jackson said he had it I don't know if He had it or not but I've seen a lot of the few people the Indian people on preceptor has this Condition where they lose there The pigment of their skin and you know Sort of blotches or whatever and the Dodgy truth set me a conversation he had With sardods uh son or grandson or Something like this Who is I guess bummed out about dodgy So this is kind of the context of the Letter So this was from There should be a date here somewhere Um Here's the original letter typed up And it says uh 27th June 2000. So this is um One of his later letters uh well you Know Midway a little bit of

You served for 30 years he passed away In 2014 so sort of Midway through him being Mastered the system I had been Practicing for seven years when this Happened so I was um you know By that time like this is the same Period of time when uh you know I found Out we weren't preceptors around that Time Uh so that's interesting I guess Respected brother I received your letter regarding Seismish Mark growth issues I basically Agree with you of course and very Naturally too since we have grown up Under the same guidance and discipline The organization has to continue to be Alert to find new ideas creeping into The mission purely on crowns of Modernness or efficiency Or efficacy Efficiency Because in spirituality there's no such Thing as efficiency Nevertheless there is the clamor and the Occasional tidal flow to the shore Which has to be somehow contained And this has been my effort How far into the future will I be able To manage the mission Is something that is a matter of concern To me

But it seems to hardly affect the others Who surround me and pester me with their Advice This is this Inner Circle that he talked About And now much later video I showed you That clip over and over again So I'm not going to show it here but he Was talking about his Inner Circle is a disaster and a Nightmare for him you may kindly pray For the future of the mission Should be as beloved master-wide it to Be As for the socio-religious functions There is always a danger that when Arishi stops meditation there is a manka Waiting for him Mean me nanka waiting for him But I uh but I also I I don't know what That is so I'll have to look that up but I I believe also that it is the essence Of the spiritual strength to be able to Tolerate Purely cuss social Customs understanding That preventing some Indulgence For the Youth to use their energy Channel and channelize it into useful Channels it's also a way to it's also a Way to con it's also a way conducive to Their growth Um And it says what's yours with love and Masters blessings yours affectionately

Um So I have a menanka here I've looked it Up It says here a Sort of a seductress uh You know uh it says here uh Wikipedia I'm not sure if this is good or bad this Is just the Wikipedia Uh menanka was born during the churning Of the ocean by the Davis and the asuras The Osiris are the Demonic Kings she is One of the most mesmerizing Aspers Celestial nymphs in the three Worlds with click intelligence innate Talent but desired But a desired a family So I guess um This is some woman the goddess that's uh He's saying that you know just waiting For these rishis I'm not sure Um the contents of that but I want to Get to the part that's kind of important And that is that chargi felt Like he was Pushing back against all the stuff That's happening with dodgy and that his Inner circle was it concerned about how Long he was able to run the mission He says here um He says that uh look what he says Um You know that he's uh that he has Somehow contained he said nevertheless It's a glamor of the occasional title

Flow off to the shore which has to Somehow be contained And this has been my F this has been my Effort to stop The system from getting Away from the scishmark principles and What it represents so all the stuff That's happened under dodgy Charge you had to push back against it And there was lots of people Pushing for this and you know you got to Remember that There are preceptors and people all over The world Who were doing their own thing right They were you know they were doing their Own version of Seismish Mark most of them were doing it Based on what they hoped was correct Right some of them are probably just Egotistically doing their own thing but Most of them are you know fairly Obedient But charge you had to make sure that That stuff you know didn't uh Proliferate and that people kept to the Seismic principles and didn't bring in Other things and try other methods To bring in people like just just for Growth To you know to dumb down the system Which is what's happened at dodgy so This movement was already happening in 2000

And charge you was concerned about it it Was having a fight back against it And then when he said um you know how Far into the future will I be able to Manage the mission is something that is A matter of concern to me which seems to Hardly affect the others who surround me And pester me with their advice so all These people around him were pushing him To do these things and it sounds like He's almost saying they can't wait for Me to get out of the way so they can Wreck the mission Which is what happened like all these Guys who are You know Sarah kings in the past they Had demonic Tendencies and they were Trying to force their way and so I don't know how many years later Um it was around 2012 2010-11 I could look at the date of the letters But you know around there 2009 and you Know through 20012 was really 2012. That we went to a gathering In India with Charity but as American Gathering And the title of the Gathering like There was always sometimes there was a Theme to The Gathering Like if they put out oh this is the Theme for the Gathering And it seems from the Gathering was a Phrase they got from the U.N

And I was just learning about the U.N And so um You know all the negative things so it Was like a kind of a shocker to me That with all the creative potential That was there and all the great scenes And lines and things that are you know There's a whole Uh there was like this email thread I Don't know if they do it anymore I don't think they do my wife used to Uh get them I'll ask her but uh It was like a quote a day a quote from One of the Masters and there's so many Of them so many brilliant quotes Again I'm pretty sure Dodge's got rid of That but you know there was all these Things that were quotables there was Diaries that had quotes for the Masters And there were unique principles And ideas that were exclusive to Scishmark And for some reason they were using the U.N to come up with a Uh you know a thing from uh The um you know uh for the theme for the Gathering and then I found out some of The educational programs they were Getting their navaratnas which was these You know nine uh principles on like Ethics and you know and things like that They were getting it from the U.N I'm Like this one's a CD organization you Can't come up with

Your own principles first this is for The lology memorial Mega School So I wrote to charge you and he said I'm Not in charge of that And then I went through this difficult Process which I almost quit over there You know and I realized they suck and it Was my why should I quit Which has always been my thing right why Should I quit because other people suck And They had moved the mission towards the U.N which is you know to me it obviously It hasn't done anything and they all Know it I think and now they're Embracing it under dodgy where they're Celebrating the U.N holidays That's when it became a you know NGO and Charging was you know this was when he Was just for health And so like he didn't even want to deal With my letter because he probably knew Because there was a speech I found where U.N representative came out And they only put up part of the speech Which sucks They put up the part where the U.N Representative talked and then they put Up the part where chargie was like You could tell he was kind of defensive And pissed that the guy was selling his Millennium development goals at a Gathering And like I was like oh he's not in board

With this at all And so um you know dodgy embraced it and At first I heard dodgy was not into the U.N but then accomplished but then you Know that all changed and that was just One of the you know that was the first You know sort of uh straw you know it Was the first You know straw the camel's back that They started to Embrace all these things that weren't Sash Mark friendly related and they were Contaminating and polluting the system In order to bring in people which they Never did You know because they're not sincere About being whatever they're doing if You're just doing things um To um You know do them Then um You know if you're if you're only doing Things to bring people in I don't know Why I don't want to say it if you're Doing things to do them Um that doesn't make any sense at all it Makes sense it's like obvious sense but If you're doing things to bring people In that isn't what your organization's About right like if you are selling Whatever it is And you make a commercial that doesn't Talk about your product but has you know A bunch of scantily clad women and you

Know rap music or something and you're Selling you know like inserts to shoes Or something like that has nothing to do Like you know you you take something Uh you know bait and switch something To get people into it they're not going To be happy when they get there because They find out something else right And you know it was never about pleasure Or ego or or Community like all the Cults when you come in people are wicked Nice to you he's like oh my God you're So special you know they they train People to You know make you feel part of the group To where you're getting something that You didn't get somewhere else In your life maybe ever and they create A family-like environment and You know they just um You know they butter you up there's a Guy who a young guy who was just trying Out seismard American guy and he came to a gathering In Molina And I was talking to him like what do You think about it right so I'm maybe I Mean like this is like 1996 or so you know I've only been doing It for a couple years And maybe it's my set maybe my second Gathering maybe I'd only been doing a Year or so Uh well two years was when I went to my

First Gathering I went to my first Gathering at the end of my first year so Whatever it was but this guy and I were Talking And I said what do you think about this And he said You know I went to this place and it's Very culty and everyone came up it was Really nice you know how are you oh You're so special you said it was kind Of weird And you guys don't do that here and he Goes it's refreshing because like You know it's based in the merits of the You know the cities and the meditation And like that's you know it doesn't uh You know try to you know win you over in Some artificial way right Sometimes people are like that in Seismmark but in a sincere way They're really you know Uh in a very loving way accomplish talks About his preceptor being that way to Him but not in a artificial culty type Of way And so you know if you advertise you if You venture into these uh These you know whatever it is Then um you know it doesn't work and I Was thinking about this video one of the First videos that I was like oh my God The YouTube channel sucks for Heartfulness so bad And it was called so the they were the

Star of the thing was the character main Character You know let's call him Bobby Bobby's Folly or something like that I don't Know if that was I think it was the name Of the video I don't know And you know Follies are you or your Word uses in India quite a bit Lisa I've never heard it anywhere else But it was a guy who was a womanizer He's going to bars And Um You know he Was hitting on these women really bad They hired actors but it was in their Better production values than their Normal Videos but it was really bad It's poorly scripted contrived he's Sitting on women and then one of them Grabs him his hand And he has like she's a witch or Something like she's got spiritual Abilities like a psychic and she shows Them Like you know I don't know some kind of I can't remember his specifics but he Has this you know Moment Like A come to Jesus moment kind of thing and and then I think she ODS at the end of it or Something happens right Um she's attacked I don't know something And the guy learns the area of his ways

That looking into the material world for Pleasure isn't his goal and he needs to Meditate right something like that Really poorly done I mocked the crap out Of the video just a horrible video and You know it wasn't gonna work It wasn't going to bring anybody in and That that video like came to my mind This morning when I woke up for Meditation maybe I had a dream about or Something like this but you know the Idea here is that charge you was pushing Back against something And his inner circle was pushing for Something And as soon as he was gone they have Contaminated the mission and it's failed Miserably they're not bringing more People in And you know they failed And so this was something he was Fighting back against Um and I'll come back to this because I Want to talk about all three Masters in A moment But then um this morning and I'm not I Had a kind of a I don't want to say Negative uh that was an intest SATs on This morning I didn't you know Beforehand But then this other guy just wrote me This this morning Paul I have a question about spiritual Masters as you understand them and

Gratefulness there's no living Master But there are etheric Masters here doing The same work Can there be other living Masters out in The world right now doing massage what I Was doing I was wondering because Bobby Really emphasized the role of the living Masters we don't have a living master Do you think another liberated Master Could come and do the same work But without a body I think about this a Lot Well you shouldn't um I mean you should Think about it but not a lot right And so Um that I don't have an explanation for This It goes against the uh you know I mean I Know that dodgy had the work done to him So I thought maybe on a theory level Stuff was going through him but I don't Think that's the case Uh because he was brought up to that Level but now he just seems like he's Fallen He's kind of a disaster which we know And so um I'm gonna go eat breakfast because it's Late and then I'm gonna come back and Finish this Voiceover up Okay so I had my breakfast and it's late Which I'll explain in a moment And so um I'm gonna go for a walk with

My wife and my puppers in a moment too I Don't know if I'm gonna break this up Into thirds well it doesn't matter to You guys but it actually Changes the whatever it is the first Thing I want to say is that What I do and what you know everybody Also can do is make your You're I don't want to say body because It's not your physical body but make Yourself available For energy to pass through you like just Be open to be in a conduit whenever that Happens that's what we do when we do the 9 pm prayer because The lack of a um The lack of uh living master Means that the energy has to come from All of us right collectively and If we are able to make it into the Higher regions Are brought up to the higher regions Um you know then that's that like There's been an example where there was No living master When Babaji was being made a master and I'll talk about that In a bit and so um Again this is what we have so We can all do more and you know just be There for I mean there's things that Take a human being to You know to someone who's living in a Body

Some of the work has to be done by it Like that a level of uh You know on that level and so Without a living Master we have to be More available and more you know our Systems have to be pure and whatever it Is and you know that's uh something that I think about quite a bit in terms of You know just being available and open To allow the energy to flow through even If I don't know what it is Even though I don't know what's going on Or I can't you know perceive it because I could if I you know I mean it always Can be perceived you can always You know find out what the work is You know over time what people are able To understand about the sittings they Receive Uh you know towards the you know later Part of your abias you should be able to More and more say oh this is the work on This point and that point and You know just uh have a knowledge of What work is happening Even though it's happening sort of Abstractly and etherically Almost done an imagination type of level So it's harder to perceive right because It's not happening in physical life with Physical Principles and the laws of physics and Things like that where you can touch Taste you can't perceive it with your

Senses right And so there's that element of it right You can you contribute that way by being Open to Be in a conduit whenever you know Whenever it's possible for you to do so The next thing is this so I you know Didn't feel like giving the city this Morning Um like today was the Sunday morning Meditation And I just was fatigued So I had trouble sleeping my wife and I Slept in To like 9 30 yesterday which is very Rare like we would never We're usually up by Um You know seven whatever it is like I Don't usually wake up at dawn anymore I Used to wake up Before Dawn and meditate But that just doesn't happen but I wake Up early and Uh you know before seven seven thirty is Like common time for us to wake up Depending on you know my wife might have Some sort of scheduled thing for her Work or whatever But it's you know we very seldom with Sleep past eight but we slept till 9 30 And we went to bed I think kind of early Night before I'm not sure maybe a little Bit late And even with that I was tired and took

A nap and some days I just can't get Through my videos Especially when I'm editing I get so Tired I took a nap and I fell asleep a Little bit while we were watching TV so When it came to go time to go to bed I Just was off and I couldn't go to sleep And so I was up till probably one or two And I woke up at 6 30 and you know I I Knew if I went back to sleep it would be Like giving the sitting late and I'd be Groggy and you know so I need to do the Sitting um Around 6 30 whatever it was Um And I just didn't feel it I was tired I Let the dogs out to go to the you know Bathroom and Um and they I was able to get them back In their beds and they went back to Sleep and I did the sitting and Um we went back to sleep and I slept Again into the nine something And while I was doing the sitting and Before the city I just I was so you know When I'm fatigued Uh like I'm fatigued and tired there's Two different things And you know I feel like I'm fatigued a Lot lately even though I feel good and Have a lot of physical energy to do work Uh but miss maybe more mental fatigue And I was really tired and I you know Didn't feel great

And didn't want to do the sitting and You know all the negatives about being a Preceptor which I'm not now because it's A preceptorless system but you know the Idea of doing preceptor work Which is you know the same thing right And how many people come over your house And you had to keep your house a certain Level of you know presentability for People to come in and you know good Preceptors are Giving cities pretty much every night And then you know doing the SAT signs And giving all these settings and you Know there's Um You know I'm just It's harder for me to do when I did that Before It was based in the idea that the system The organization was working and I was So much more enthusiastic about it But since the fall of the system And you know Humanity see I covered this Every day on my you know my regular Channels right uh you know my You know my regular videos That how bad Humanity has fallen like It's uh you know Humanity's like a Mistake like a you know experiment gone Awry And I see it more and more not that There isn't some good people but you Know what does that even mean right

Does that mean the people are doing what They're supposed to do in terms of Connecting with their soul and finding Their Soul's path I mean what percentage Of people you think have found their Soul's path right And those that have like in all the People who do scishmark How many people are really working Assiduously Where the charge he was used for me you Know he said I hope you work on your Character assiduously because I talked About a character or the letter right And so you know and I I don't think I've Ever done anything assiduously right he Did so I mean in terms of like all the People I know in size Mark who have Found a gateway to their Soul's path how Many actually accept it and work on it Like I've you know right now it's just a Complete bummer for me Like size Mark failing because I always Had that like I had some example of Something that was Going in the right direction as bad as The world was as bad as people were There was this counter movement that was Happy inside smart But when dodgy corrupted it and sashmark Fell you know heartfulness fell It was like a huge blow to my you know Any sort of positive feelings I have About humanity and you know any of it

Right And you know I knew there was always Problem child's children you know There's always difficult people in the Mission there's always people who act Out there's you know And it's like the good people that you Don't notice as much because the ones Acting out get all the attention That kind of thing but overall the Sagemarg mission functioned well And there was you know charge you doing The work and overseeing and making sure That everything ran smoothly And there was people who just did their Job selflessly without any drawing any Attention to themselves And these gatherings and these things Got pulled off and so many of them you Know were great you know they were great People just wonderful people that I Experienced and I saw that these people Were You know no name people just doing the Work necessary out of the goodness of Their hearts and I can think of you know Right now I mean some of these people Are just flashing through my mind some Of the people experienced Doing a great job right those people Aren't the kind of people who are gonna You know rebel against what doji's doing And you know they shouldn't they're just Good solid people that do their job and

They don't you know speak up and they Don't they always take it on themselves They always blame themselves rather than Blame somebody else and they just don't Have it in them To verbalize what's going on with dodgy And the system They're not going to quit heartfulness Or dodgy and you know I can't blame them You know I I mean they're just that's What the way they're built right so I Don't mind that Um but they're being squandered and Wasted and they're actually enabling him And supporting the system By still doing the work and You know whatever that is And so you know it's a real blow to my Uh you know whatever like I you know I The way that that's failed Again Um It's hard to imagine success right Because the way to success was That there would be a living master and The living Master would make a Representative The issue is that only happened one time Successfully Without a gap solology Was trained by Sufi Masters and some Other you know and they're they're not Called Masters because they got rid of Masters because of all the things that

Are happening with dodgy And one of my viewers you know wrote a Long comment explaining that and that They would you know they turn it over to Their kids who socked or whatever it was So you had lology enlology May or may not have had a master that's Debated Bobby was very insistent that Lology didn't have a master but he was Trained by these you know Bobby said It's that's not possible like technology Having a master is impossible so maybe He was saying lology was actually God I Don't know but biology was trained by Some people And he learned some of these things that Um later became scishmark and then for 13 years there was no master There was no successor and there was no Organization people used to come to Lology's house no official totally Unofficial no organization And then 13 years after Biology's death Babaji was announced by babaji's Preceptor as lology's representative And in charge of lology's work now there Was no ashrams there was no uh Organization of any sort But you can see from babaji's Diary You know the one that um these latest Whispers books if you have them the Orange Whispers books that are of Babaji's interactions when he was alive

With higher developed Souls and you know If you Get a hold of the the Yana Bridge see Charging when he published babaji's Diaries He took a lot out because Babaji was Ordered to destroy all kinds of things Start World War II Destroy Souls destroy I mean people who Are challenging them obviously just Ordered like a lot of it was like that And people read it said they were very Confused and you know so charge you Edited out a lot of that stuff And babaji's kids put out the official Diary And I went over this guy's house you Know somebody was prominent now under Dodgy you know we stayed at this guy's House on a trip to India And this guy had these like a case full Of special books Like there were books that nobody else Had And he had a book it was beautifully Done and it was handwritten Um I believe it was handwritten bobsy's Actually his actual diary entry it's Just a big book his complete unabridged Diary And beautifully done And the guy had donated ten thousand Dollars and this guy had donated a lot More than that

I saw him donate like forty thousand Dollars one time At a gathering so um You know just ripped it whipped out his Chest checks book or he had like you Know multi-millionaire But he'd um He a bunch of people donated ten Thousand dollars and they were given This book right And if you donated a lot like this was Like special things you would get Which you know I felt kind of weird About but it was what it was and I Realized the guy had never read the book Like we were talking you had it on Display like his basement you know where People would sleep was Um you know a Meditation Hall like it was they could Sit like 150 200 people there and there Was it was nicely finished you know but It had a These cool bookcases and things And the books were there on display but He didn't read them But anyway some of these things are Published Now by dodgy in the form of These four Whispers books That um have you know uh Who has babaji's you know intercommuning With these other Souls And a lot of it has lology saying Bob's He has to destroy Mr a and Mr whatever

It is and these were people who Wanted Bobby G's powers They saw that lology had made this guy Into something special these were local People in Northern India who were like Serious yogis that were you know Spiritually developed people that loud You had brought up to high levels they Were jealous of Babaji and they were Trying to get him they tried to poison Him they tried to take over And he didn't yeah there was no Mission Yet there's no properties there's no Material benefit they just wanted his Powers and Bobby had to get rid of these Guys you know because uh whatever they Had to be like punished and destroyed And you know whatever it was and you can Hear you can see the entries And you know so there was a 13-year gap Between lology and Babaji then Babaji May charge you and there was an exchange Between You know a real-time exchange where Chargie just took over he was running The mission anyway for years Bobby was You know less and less uh some of the Stuff Bobby couldn't do anyway charge he Was doing it from the beginning He was running like the business side And there was no Gap in time but people Didn't accept charge they tried to kill Him and they tried to take over the Mission and charity was involved with

Years and years of lawsuits and in Misery right and so that was the only Successful exchange where there was no Gap in time between the third master and The the second master the third master And they tried to do that with dodgy a Dodgy fell so there's only been one Successful You know if you look at it transition That happened where the mission was you Know there was a living master Um you know there was whatever was going On with Babaji he was still evolving he Was still young and evolving After allergy died and so you know the This idea that we all had that there Would be somebody nominated by charity And he would become master and he would Nominate somebody and that would that Person become master And you know that fell apart after You know only one time that actually Happened And each time there was people who were Going after the crown like they were Going after the the master and the power And the monies and all these things and So it's been a disaster right human Beings have wrecked this thing made it Difficult for Babaji and chargi where They had to you know fight back against These people Babaji on a spiritual level charge you On a spiritual level but also legally

And you know with all these other things That he had to go through But at least the mission was great for That time when chargie was running Everything and pushing back against These you know sucky people and this Sucky people just wreck everything and They're always there And now that the sucky people have taken Over and Dodges part of that It's a bummer it's a real bummer Like if I think about it I get bummed Out and you know if I think about you Know because I cover it every day the Collapse of humanity and you know with The people who are against dodgy just Like in the truth community Bringing awareness doesn't solve Anything You know it just doesn't and you know People think that's all you have to do And that's something that's happened in The truth Community that's happened with These people who are you know against Dodgy But you also have to have a solution And you know a solution has been given To me through the gratefulness Meditation Which is you know I mean I'm happy with It and there's now I think let me look At the There's over a hundred people that are Doing the thing here right let me see

The thing here um Let me go to the video There is I asked for people to like the Video there's 122 likes so 122 people I Said whoever liked the video if you if You're doing gratefulness Uh like the video it was just that was All the video you know that's all the Content videos Omitted in 14 seconds long and I say You'll adjust that if you Are doing great gratefulness you're Participating in the Gathering whatever You might be doing you're doing you know You're into what you're interested in it Please just uh hit the like button and So it's over 100 people which I thought It had dwindles because I'm getting less Comments and things Well there's actually probably more than The last time I asked I think there's about 90 people And so you know it's I don't want to say It's growing but it's there but 100 People's 100 people now that's great you Know it's more than I would expect but You know less than I mean you would need to You know build an organization you know It's a start to something And I just went for a walk so um Probably pop herself my wife was out Harvesting She probably had a bunch of garlic but

It turned out to be mostly shallots Which is interesting Because we didn't get a lot of escapes You know escapes are um Like better than the garlic huh In terms of the food garlic has healing Properties but anyways She did a good job of getting these Growing escapes We went for a walk and we have some Area out there we've planted these Natural wild flowers and we got all this Echinacea growing my wife's Things you put in making tinctures and Things um You know there's always like a silver Lining If you look for it uh You know there's a time where like um When the third uh The third Star Wars movie which is the Only good one the one where did Darth Vader Anakin Skywalker would call him Darth Vader And Yoda fights the uh The future Emperor and loses And you know I don't really like Star Wars but that's by far the best movie And the Jedi Jedi had to go into hiding Which is what's the case when the movie Starred in the middle like they start With the the fourth movie The New Hope Or whatever it's called And you know that's the period that sash

Mark is in Because you know Dodges wrecked The official organization and the people Around him you can't forget their Contribution and that's a bummer and Like I said it's always going to be a Bummer and you know because something That was great and the Glory Days when Chargedy was you know running in it was Expanding and You know they were doing so many Wonderful things building ashrams and Opening up new countries and new places And people from all over the world going To the The Gatherings and just all of it um You're going to the ashramamine people From like a Madagascar you know like it Was it was just a wonderful you know Time period And I thought it was just Going to get better but it didn't and so At the same time my knowledge of the World and what's going on with the world Is you know it's dismal and I cover that Every day and like I said if I focused In on all that You know I wouldn't be able to do Anything and I was you know tired Fatigue this morning And I didn't want to do the sitting and You know I was thinking about the The negative aspects the human aspects Of being a you know doing preceptor work But I did right you know I I you know I

Just pushed through it and I'm saying That because that's what you have to do You're going to have these moments Of negativity moments you know when It seems gloomy and hopeless and as Things implode around us in the in the Physical world and you have to You know triple down and you know Double Down triple down and just go deeper into The you know what you believe and just You know even though this is a bad time And a bad thing that's happened You know most of you didn't experience The good time so it doesn't really Matter to you And so you just you know enjoy the Benefits of gratefulness and then You know understand that there has to be Deeper level of commitment Um but again you didn't you know Experience the level of commitment that Was there before Babaji said that if There wasn't a master leading the system There'd be somebody you know uh of a High caliber central region whatever it Is but this person's question about People outside the mission Might have been elevated to that level I don't believe that's the case because It's specific to doing the you know There could be people in the mission who I mean there are probably many people in The mission At least I know there's lots of them in

The mind region And Bob just said to be a you know good Trainer you have to be in the mine Region And you know maybe in the central region There's A handful of people or whatever so I Don't even know Uh and so you know they can be utilized Their spiritual essence to continue on The work and you know I don't know where I am in terms of the yatra the soul But the transmission's still flowing and That's all we need to really concern Ourselves with You know we still have a puncher's Chance as long as the transmission's Still flowing and so um you know let's Leave that here Um I'll continue on maybe with this but Uh you know you don't you don't have to Worry about anything as long as the Transmission is going then your you know Your job is To keep on making yourself available to Receive it and distribute it and you Just have the thought that you know I'm Open to be in of use and service and Whatever it might be praying for people Or praying for you know just connecting To God when you're out in the world and You're doing whatever you're doing And make yourself available and you know The energy will continuously flow

And you know that's a true blessing Anyways I'll continue on you know Tomorrow or the next day or whatever Okay so um I got a limited amount of time to get This done here it's later in the day I've been doing a lot of Different kinds of work but Um The first thing I want to say is You know this Holdover for master Charity's birthday He had a hard life He had a really hard life his mom died When he was five and after Childbirth he had a two-year-old sister And she was sick Um he had I think two brothers He was the oldest I'm not sure Um Did he have one brother two brothers I Think he had two brothers maybe it was One brother and one sister but the Sister died and the mom died when he was Five And then his maternal side of the family Had always looked at His mom as a blessing she was the the Lakshmi of the family the you know she Prosperous goddess the goddess of like Prosperity and whatever else Uh you can look up Lakshmi but she was Like the good luck job and after she Died his whole maternal side of the

Family Went to crap they just fell apart like They thought they were cursed after that If she did um A bathing ritual a religious ritual With cold water I think in Northern India she was maybe from South India I'm Not sure about all the The um You know whatever it was but either way She your master charity felt that the Cold water bath Directly after giving childbirth and Being all worn out it was a purification Ritual Uh caused her to get sick and then she Just never recovered And you know then his father lost his Eye his father never remarried because He didn't want you know the Stepmom to Be prejudicial to his his sons And His family just started to die off And the person that was supposed to Light the funeral pyre Was usually not was not there for like 12 or 15 times And charging his down memory lane book Had to you know he talks about having to Light the fire so many different times Because somebody wasn't there or Something happened or was his duty you Know whatever it was And so he had a very difficult life even

Though he was very successful materially He had one son himself and then um You know he had a successful business Career and he was a great disciple for Babaji but after Babaji died he was Tortured by babaji's family and so many People in the mission sued poisoned you Know guys show up with guns to try to Kill him and just um You know trying to battle out and and When um The thing over right when when back the Mission And you know it was totally disrespected And so many different things right And then he had numerous Health ailments Constant migraines like you know Migraines were Debilitating migraines And then um Through the back end of his life he had Prostate and bone cancer he had Excruciating pain in his legs he was I Think Spartacus in a past life and he Was a slave in Chains and that left an Impression where he had leg pain that Accomplish dodgy said was unbearable Like no other person he knew could bear The the pain charge he was in just from You know so so many different ailments He was basically blind the last couple Years of his life often hooked up to a Respirator And so he had this difficult health

Problems you know so he suffered a lot In his life and you know that all is I Mean his certainly God was taking care Of him and he had his his own thing Right you know I'm not going to say it's Unfair was wrong because you know he Reached the highest levels of spiritual Attainment but those of us who cared for Him You know it's I mean it's hard to see What he went through and you know that Books I read when he became master I Mean the the torture he went through I Had no idea how bad it was I've you know I'll never read those books again I felt It like I felt it for like three months And I you know it was painful just to go Through Uh you know by the empathetic uh Response to what he went through you Know and I usually don't I mean like it Has to be pretty bad for me to say yeah I'll never sit through something like That again that's you know very uh There's a lot of great information and You know it's learning uh process in That and so when he died I thought at Least In his you know his Post um Masterly Earthly masterly period that he Would finally you know go up to The Brighter World be with Babaji and you Know be

Um I mean so many people loved him and Owed him you know I mean felt indebted To him for the work he did for them and All this stuff And so I thought it would be at least You know he'd be free from this seeing Him those last couple years You know I I didn't want him to go but I Felt like You know just for his sake and he had Wanted to go for years he wanted to you Know leave for the he was already set Spiritually So um You know he made sure that dodgy didn't Suffer what he suffered he made sure to Everybody in every center around the Country uh was you know on board around The world he sent a guy out to talk to Everybody make sure they understood that They had to accept kamlish and that he Was Commerce wasn't going to suffer what He suffered and commerce is whined about It may have been better he suffered but Would charge he suffered because people Would have had to test him and he could Have showed him how great he was right I Showed you that talk in one of my Earlier videos but you know Commerce Didn't get any of the the pushback like Uh you know Babaji had threats on his Life and and charge you a threat to his Life and so you know it's real difficult For me to see

The disrespect the Dodges giving to Charity because even in death charges Being you know like I could understand He had to go through a hard life but the Fact that you know dodgies come out and Said charge he isn't in the brighter World that chargi was sent off to do Some work immediately after returning And I don't even understand what that Means but you know he was doing it to be Disrespectful like somehow charge you Didn't earn the brighter world and then To scrub all his work and just totally Diss him and do all these things you Know I don't know like I don't know Um You know there is some uh people that Thought you know charging was Saint Paul In the past life And some people thought that the next Bastard would be Saint Peter so maybe There's some jealousy there I don't know You know what happened with that Um but I do know that you know from my An interaction with charge with dodgy And then I saw something else And I thought about this yesterday Maybe last night when I was meditating Whatever it was And you know after I had that Interaction where he chewed me and my Family out for homesteading Inappropriately it was like so poorly Handled it was so wrong

You know but I got over it and you know He was being prepared to be the next Master and I was happy that there'd be a Master to keep the system going and that Was the big thing regardless of my Personal feelings and when he would come Into satsun whatever Master charge you Walked into SATs on and even when I you Know preceptor did and came in to sit Down my heart would light up certainly More when chargie did it but when the Preceptors did you know like it was just This thing I'd feel like this you know This loving energy in my heart just Seeing the the master walk in and you Know lesser so so for the preceptor but You know every before every SATs on I Felt that and I like to get there early On the days that uh chargi was given the Sitting so I could see him come into the Ashram because that was part of the Experience the anticipation and the Feeling I had in my heart and when dodgy Started to be trained to be the master And charge he was too sick to give the Sunday weekly settings Dodgy would come in and I would feel That in my heart so one day my action And I were up at the administration Building and dodgy was about to go into His office so we saw each other he said Hi to me you know I said you know I I Get this positive feeling When um

You you know when you walk into the Ashram like you know it's a the line of Succession is going to continue I said What I you know what I just said and That you know my heart lights up and There's a few people around usually I Would say something like that personal Like that but it just came out you know And I was happy to do it and Dodge he Got so excited he put me in charge of The container gardens outside some guy Had started these container guards but Walked away from it that's why I started Going to Tulsi that dodgy was impressed By and he said that he had an organic Garden next to the lology memorial Mega School he wanted me to go over there and You know see what we could do as a Family to any ideas we had for it or Whatever it was you know so he was Supporting the the farming he was just So happy like I said this thing to him Right this nice thing And you know I didn't think much of it Then but there was a time after that That Krishna Master charges son Krishna Gave a talk and there had been some Issues and eventually dodgy had sort of Fired him or something I don't know Exactly what happened but Christian was giving a talk and he said That my dad was you know he talked about How you know that Babaji was like a Grandfather and of course his dad was

His dad and commerce was a brother and He said I've now experienced Master as Grandfather Master as father and master His brother which is kind of interesting Specific to his situation And he said my father was a great man But you know Commerce will be a greater Man and Thomas got all happy I saw him On stage and you know almost in a Trump-like way you know a trump type Person who you know it's the most Important thing is that you adore him or You treat him nicely whatever it is Right And I can understand why he doesn't like Criticism and pushback but as a master You know false flattery or having yes Men around you or anything like that you Know I can't stomach that like you know You know how I deal with criticism here Like I say you there's it's not Tolerated But you know when people are sincere and Heartfelt and say that I've helped them You know that's great because that's you Know them expressing something they need To express and it gives me um you know Motivation to continue on and do what I'm doing but false flattery and you Know whatever it is Um and you know I think that's a big Part of dodgy's issue that he you know Especially hearing that from Charity's Son he wants to be greater than him and

Even my brother who you know was very Loyal to dodgy You know he was always saying that There's no way he's going to be as great As charging in terms of you know we Charge his capacity to work and do all These things like nobody could nobody Could follow charging in terms of the Level of work he did and you know the Efficiency and charge it was a Perfectionist and no matter who it was They were going to suffer because you Know what they started off with as a Newbie as a master like you know Entry-level on their first couple years Of the job they were going against the Memory of chargeie at the Pinnacle of His Mastery and so there's no way that That person was gonna you know I mean Any person coming in that's what they Have to to deal with and charge you was I mean he's you know just a hard act to Follow And you know I think that's what's Crushed dodgy here because it's you know There's just a weakness of character There and you know uh it just is ego Like just the ego where there shouldn't Be um anyways I thought I would just add That to whatever's going on here I gotta Go do something else now Uh but I'll continue on as we move Forward here Okay I have a couple of uh

Points here to make in the final voice Over to this uh I think it's the 114th Edition of The Journey series Source 115th I don't know 114th I think Um I had a Bad night in terms of sleep And um What happened was I was kind of awake and I was awake but it was late and I Watched a movie my wife went to bed Earlier I just didn't think I was going To go to sleep we had a Chiropractic appointment this morning For our you know Um Once in a while we have one anyway but This specifically to do with the car Accident which is been kind of mostly I Feel like a blessing and A spiritual You know cleaning some scar type of Thing But you know there's some residual like We weren't really hurt I was in her Directly after the accident but there's Clicking in my neck and soreness and Some areas of my back and neck that were Already sore sore Um And I've been working on my throat like I've had sore throats and Swollen tonsils now for a couple years

Um It's a constant because I'm you know Talking every day and you know I've been Uh wanting to really put some effort Into it I've been gargling like you know Multiple times during the day you know 10 15 20 times a day and uh Found some acupressure stuff to do and It's been working but you know it's like A whole thing So I was About to go to bed and I had done some Reporting on how um yesterday on my main Channel uh RFK Jr The uh you know presidential candidate Is um You know being accused of anti-Semitism Because he used the numbers 14 and 88. Uh based in he asked for Secret Service Protection Based in a rule that came about because His father was assassinated Again like by the CIA his claim is by The CIA Bobby Kennedy While he was campaigning for president And so uh it's the Kennedy rule And he asked Biden for Secret Service Protection by denied it because Biden's Gone like full evil Instead of addressing that which is A big deal the accused of anti-Semitism You know which is A common case and he wrote a tweet last

Night That my wife sent me and I uh Looked at it and I said you know I Was wondering if I should do some Spiritual work on them It's something that you know Babaji Would do occasionally uh You know he did it on like astronauts For one of the Apollo you know the Apollo mission that was uh A failure and like politicians and Famous people of charging Held the minds see charging him out one Day from his Cottage and started talking To the one of the regular people there And said he was holding all the minds of The uh Leaders Um To uh prevent nuclear war like all the People we all the Russia and America and China and these countries India all the Countries that have world leaders that Have a finger on nuclear weapons He said they had to hold their minds and Keep them You know steady For not plenty of Plumbing into madness And depression or whatever it might be That would bring about World War III and Nuclear war For whatever reason he was instructed to Do that to prevent that from happening Right

And it's not uncommon to do work on People that you're connected to or that Are you know whatever it is Uh but I I don't you know I really never Got into that so much because I was just A you know sort of a newbie as a Preceptor years ago and I've been doing The preceptor work in the middle of the Night sometimes It's been hit and miss you know because I mean part of me wish it would go back To When we were just doing the meditation Through connecting directly to the Source and the master The Divine Master of the system the Gratefulness meditation Um but you know uh as Bobby would put it I'm taking up his case right or I took Up somebody's case and this would be Doing work in absenta where where you're Not You know doing work and somebody's come To you or whatever and sometimes you do Work on Humanity or an area you know you You can clean an area before a gathering If Bobby was coming to like the United States or Europe He would clean the you know area with a Venue the place where the gather is Going to take place and then all the People that were going to be there and You know the whole country And so there's you know ways that

Spiritual work is done That people have no idea that's Happening and you know I thought that I Was being worked on Oh I kind of know that I was being Worked on for at least a year You know probably my whole life but at Least a year Before I got my initial sittings and Today is August 2nd tomorrow's my Anniversary day of my first city Uh you know Tuesday 1993. And you know I um completed my you know First few sittings on Thursday August 5th so it's kind of a special Time I always Am very aware of it spiritually so That's interesting So I started doing the work and I felt a Little bit like Uh you know heavy gross you know where I didn't feel connected and you know the Idea was just to Do some cleaning and you know whatever You can put up sort of a A protective You know Bubble around people there's things you Can do to help At least protect them spiritually and You know and minimize material events You know their things are going to Happen they're going to happen But you know Kennedy has represented

You know I've covered this in my other Videos And he's being treated like all of us in The truth Community are treated on a Daily basis and you know collectively Through Just the mainstream way of uh denying Our reality and also that's how they've Decided to deal with The people who are you know dodgy and His crew are decided to deal with Uh people who are calling out his Failure and uh You know who's falling and all these Things you know the gaslighting and the You know all the stuff that they do so Kennedy represents somebody who's Born into You know American political Royal Royalty The number one Democratic family and the Way the Democrats are treating him and How far they've gone and into madness All these things right so but anyways It's sitting all of a sudden there's a Lot of energy there And I felt a heart expansion and I felt Myself being like cleaned out Um very powerful Uh sitting like very powerful connection Which I felt uh you know was interesting And um that was surprising to me you Know and so Israel One o'clock in the morning

And then I was and it was went on for a While And that was sort of wide awake and I Had to go to the bathroom Which um like I ended up having a Stomach issue like a some sort of a like Thing I would get in Indy all of a Sudden you'd get a non-set of diarrhea You know there's An old Obviously there and uh You know uh who had been there for years And years ago that he met Babaji whose Name is also Paul somebody always liked Talking to and uh like he went to his LSD drug use and things like that during His One of the older hippie people Um but that was there together I was There in India and I Gathering I was There in India with them And he was like you know I got the shits Right like it was just this thing you Know the way he said it uh kind of an Old like my my brother's generation Never to call it that's what my brother Would say right But you would get like the opposite of Like diarrhea I had a number of times When I went to India I had one I was Going to get to I was going to get an individual sitting From accomplish and I talked about that Earlier in one of my videos

Where I had I started getting like you Know I read sick at like one in the Morning I was supposed to see him at six The next morning And I just have to keep on going back to The bathroom Which was quite a walk In that real the bathroom started a real Treat there and you know the ashram You're not in a hotel level kind of um You know there's someone who just holds The ground and other things right so But I got sicker and sicker that night The accomplished got us uh you know got Me a a room in the dorms because we were Sleeping under the meditation Hall which Is You know higher level of comfort and you Know when he found and they sent pills And things back when he was You know becoming master and he was a Preceptor and he was like You know somebody that was a human being Or whatever he was back then right Um so I've had this experience before And I didn't go to sleep I went to the Bathroom and then she's like it's really Dry heaving my stomach was just a mess And I got kind of cold From getting up and down I don't know Like like it was just uh And I'd felt hard expansion like my Heart opening up and really cleaned out Like I felt you know

Uh it was like doing a fast You know fasting really during the times I fasted or you know has had one of These sort of clean out things It really helps enhance my meditation But I just become really weak and Physically weak So that was uh like I felt like all Spiritual Uh experience I didn't go to sleep until Four something I woke up around Uh it's uh 901 so probably like close to eight O'clock which you know Is late for me to wake up and I'm just Totally drained and wiped out But the other thing I want to say you Know I had this um People have this idea that if they could Go back in time You know sometimes I've thought about This myself or whatever Knowing what you know now right like Making the decisions and you know just Living life with the ability of Hindsight right the different choices You would make and you know it was just Consciousness that I now have That would have benefited me when I was Younger right or you know previous time Periods even Two weeks ago like uh hindsight type of You know But I always come back to this and the

First part is I'm happy with the way things turned out Like I wouldn't want things to go any Other way and if you go back and you Mess with Any part of your history you change Outcomes right like maybe I would have Never started scishmark had you know Number of things happened or not be done Differently of course you I would make Different decisions and do different Things make with different choices and You know whatever it is Um but the more important piece to it And that's that's a huge piece because Like that's You know the way things are is the way I'm glad they turned out this way Uh specifically now you know with my Wife and you know everything But the other thing that's kind of I Don't see more important but Like even more uh what I want to talk About here The Consciousness I now have The level that I am as a person and what I know and what I You know can tolerate experience It would be impossible for me to say sit Through Days you know maybe I could do one day But let's say I could go back with my Consciousness right now To when I was in elementary school or

Junior high or high school or even College Sitting through Those you know that day at school would Be impossible Right like I just couldn't do it Uh like I couldn't tolerate that I Couldn't live in my parents house like When I was I don't know what it was I was in my 30s When my dad died And the year before two years before he Died I took my kids down to Florida And they had you know was it was like 80 Degrees at you know outside Florida During the It was like close to the summer You know was that a it was maybe even in The summer And my parents had the heat on To 90 degrees they had the house they're Sleeping in 90 degree Heat In terms of the house they're turning The air conditioner on In the summer The other heat set at 90. like it was Like you know and not just was Indicative of everything I knew about my Parents You know and so it was torture for me my Kids had no problem they were like Enjoying Florida and you know they Didn't have any problems but just

You know sitting at the table with my Parents talking to them Instead and spending you know that much Time in their house Was torture And it wasn't nearly as bad as when I Was a kid and You know I couldn't do it like I Couldn't live in my parents house You know with the Consciousness I now Have you know you know I I was in a a Body of myself in high school or even Younger So that's something like I couldn't go Back and do I couldn't wait tables you Know I waited tables for years All the odd jobs I had you know things Like that And going through graduate school I Couldn't do that again I couldn't go through my marriage again You know my first marriage I couldn't Have tolerated that my kids wouldn't Exist because I could you know and of Course when accomplish was I mean I Would know what accomplished did And so you know all those things Wouldn't have happened like all those Events that led me to this I couldn't do Them I couldn't go through them again Because sometimes you need a lower level Of consciousness Not sometimes as a kid you have to be Oblivious to a lot you know as a kid you

Have to be Oblivious to how left up your family is Right But I had to deal with that when I was My first marriage I had to be in denial Or I couldn't be conscious of you know As an adult as somebody was you know I Was a awakened through the scishmark System A Spiritual Awakening and they Had the you know being awakened as a Truther But I had to endure that like I couldn't Leave like I couldn't get out so I had To you know basically ignore and deny You know things I don't have to like I You know when I was free of that Situation I was like I'll never be in a Situation like that again there's just You know I'm never going to be Manipulated that way I'm never going to Be you know in a situation where it's so Uh You know like it's madly like insane Situation right And so what I'm saying here is I Couldn't have lived my life knowing what I know now I couldn't have I couldn't do it again you know with Consciousness with wisdom They come at a price and it's your Prana Your Life Energy And I just don't have it like I just Can't tolerate and do the things I used To do a more tolerant and more

You know peaceful more uh Reserves less emotional Now when I go through my life I don't React the same way But those situations I couldn't be in Again right we You know it would be torture like those Events that I don't feel like I was a Victim or I was tortured When I went through them the first time But I would be Definitely tortured and a victim like if I had to go through them again right Like it's I would say I would be a Victim but I just couldn't do it I just Couldn't I couldn't do it and you know it is a It's an interesting phenomenon because Like I would do it better now but I Couldn't do it now Knowing what I know now in the process Of you go through your life and you have These Epiphanies and you get more and more Understanding what's going on in the World and around you you know lots of People just Just die they give up they don't have Any You know they die inside But those people who are conscious you Know they go through whatever And uh you know Um

I found the whole thing you know kind of Interesting to think about that Your life is making you into something That Wouldn't you wouldn't be able to Tolerate all the things that you went Through to make you into that thing And the Consciousness when people have a Different level of consciousness Your ability to Deal with stupidity and deal with Dysfunction and deal with all the things That are going on in the world Is um You know becomes less and less because It's just you can see through it Especially as you wake up to what's Going on right all the BS that happens You know All the things that happened in the You know the world now the way that We're being treated as basically like Terrorists as truthers you know anybody Question the official story And all the things that we do on you Know on my regular channel like I'm not Going to go to a FEMA camp just to Survive like things like that like Whatever happens is you know it's Getting more and more in our face Which I've been covering in my other Videos and the RFK Jr thing has pulled It out because If they'll treat him like that and

They're treating Elon Musk to some Extent you know Joe Rogan People who are you know famous people With a huge platforms and all of it They're treating those people like they Treat all of us truthers And the stuff with dodgy and his group And you know just the The evil and the dysfunction and the way That they You know go about denying reality to People when clearly they're They're doing this right they're You know the gaslighting and the denial Of their wrongdoings and no no one ever Owning anything owning an update thing Um and the just total lack of Truth right it's just just denying Reality Uh the powers that be as we go into a Collapsing system right a A systemic failure And uh you know what that all means to All of us And so um You know like there's very little I Could tolerate and my wife is you know Going through something where she was Talking to somebody About you know some of these truther Things And I always say you can't talk to Normies about it Like you just can't like it's so

Frustrating you're not gonna wake him up And you know it's just of They're always going to be like it's Going to break the relationship like you Know the way that they're demonizing us And treating us like we're a plague Because we're You know seeing a truth that they don't Want us to see You know it's a it's a hard thing and You know now it's pretty much pervasive In my life and You know the RFK thing has brought a lot Of that up because of the The issues with you know his uncle the Former president and his dad the senator And the way that they were assassinated For going against the CIA and you know This RFK Jr is very clear about what Really happened with this Family Um And I saw this politician you know George Bush's Karl Rove Denying these realities And calling them crazy conspiracy Theories right But they get to have them they can say That RFK is anti-Semitic because he used The numbers 14 and 88. And they know it's not true and they're Just saying that because They won't admit to the truth like that They you know they're breaking laws and

They're you know rigging elections and They're doing bad things Uh the controlling system And so you know all that's what's very Interesting to me this idea that um You know that I'd be doing a better job Living my life over again but I couldn't Live it over again Like I couldn't live my life over again Um You know and I don't know so I wanted to you know Wrap this one up to 114th version Of the fraternity series With this voiceover you know I Um feel a little bit weak from now I've Got to eat something and see if I can You know my stomach is better but I went Through just this cleaning out of a You know physical cleaning out of uh Like a like a spiritual movement and Moment and Um I'm wondering how it's gonna Play out now like I feel like there's Something You know that was revealed to me of Something of importance With whatever this political situation Is and You know taking up rfk's case and the Spiritual level Uh which you know I've been hesitant to Do like I've been uh my you know my

Feeling is to do less and not more but There's of course spiritual grossness And I'm you know just out here without any Real instructions or anything official And You know I'm kind of burnt out about the Whole thing Um even though you know gratefulness is Necessary and I'm happy that people are Doing it and all that You know I'm just um You know the heartfulness thing has Drained me and it's You know I mean for obvious reasons Anyways I'm gonna wrap this one up here And I'll continue on with the 115th the next couple of days or Whatever Only spirituality will save this world Is definitely important for the Apocalypse And the Ascension everyone have a Blessed day And be grateful

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