Journey 113

Journey 113

Okay greetings brothers and sisters this Is the 113th Edition of The Journey series every you Know one that I made after about 80. I'm Pretty surprised that this thing's still Going Um but you know I've actually kind of More to talk about because I just Finished a four hour video and wish I Had to add things I rendered it which Many of you guys know if you watch the Video And then when I was done with it like I You know there's stuff sent to me and I Found other things and it's the same day It's the 18th of July And I am already starting the new one Because I checked out the YouTube Channel and I just got to do crappy book Out So let me go to that first um you know Apparently I'm going to be covering These gatherings I don't know why Um You know what I have personal interest In it so And I think it makes good content it's Like what not to do kind of stuff I Don't know But like I feel like it's still my Responsibility to To you know talk about these things I

Don't pay much attention to heartfulness I'm not any I'm not on any of their list I don't go to their YouTube channel very Much maybe once or twice a month or Whatever But I'm interested in seeing how you Know he went from having no Gathering to Having a gathering And so you know I'll be doing that in This video as we move through it and you Know coming on the 23rd Um which will be the 22nd really here so It's coming a lot quicker It's just four days away And are they going to do a concert and You know he's releasing another one of His crappy books is he going to publish Republish anything at charges And you know anything he does is just Purely out of pressure It's not because he wants to And so um you know Let's go to the video here Okay so I was looking Um At uh The heartfulness YouTube channel which I Haven't looked at maybe a month I don't Know maybe not that long but I don't see it very much anymore I only Go looking for specific Reasons and this one was I wanted to see If they were going to announce anything About charges upcoming Gathering

So this is from July 17th Seven days before charges birth Gathering birthday celebration Which dodgy has now caved and had to Allow it to happen Here's Deepak Chopra how short is that Guy Because dodgy is probably like five Seven Um taji's not tall And so uh he's got to be five five or Something And here they are presenting dodgy's new Book Now I don't know if they pay deep pot Joe but there's some sort of exchange of Something right Access to the property I mean there's Some kind of deal here This this guy doesn't do stuff like this Just for free but it starts off here Thank you for giving me the privilege to Inaugurated wonderful book he Inaugurated his book Deepak Chopra inaugurated the poop out Of Out of his bug Had a chance to read on my travels We have understood so far Mentally though that we all have so this Is a constant problem here as bad as Taji sucks and as horrible as this thing Has tanked and gone downhill the Utah The YouTube channel I mean of all the

Things that suck About heartfulness YouTube channels to Me Remains the worst part Because this isn't great speech by dodgy It doesn't get any better by playing This Forest Bueller uh music behind him Which is like a thin film of water Dodgy's audio is too low You can barely hear him and they got the Most annoying music that's fast paced It's the kind of music that you know Doesn't calm you down relax you Sandwich between two giant emotions it's Like Broadband Okay so this song got copyrighted this Annoying song So I'm having to edit some of this out But you know it sucks so just take my Word for it the anatomy you have given Through the chakras 16 chakras so I Don't know where he gets 16. Um I don't know if that's Deepak Chopper Talking about his own thing Or doji talking about his thing we'll Look at the book in a second but this is So not Sage Morgan I'll get into that in A moment So thank you for giving us the anatomy Thanks dodgy Unveiling of the book spiritual Anatomy Available October 24th the U.S and Canada And there's this wonderful book So there's already a spiritual Anatomy

Realizing the body and soul That's um That's the name of the book so this is What is going to unless they pay Amazon Or somehow they can steal this person's You know the top spot away from her Jenny Nadler Now and this is explore your dimension Spiritual Anatomy Project starts with you from where you Are in life the spiritual Anatomy Project starts with you From where you are in life It says author of international Bestseller the heartfulness way that is Not true The heartfulness way Is written by Joshua Pollock this has Bugged me for a while because you know I Wrote books and I'm not all you know Crazy rule-based person as you guys know I'm pretty relaxed But Joshua Pollock Went to um and it says here Joshua Patel they got it wrong look Joshua Patel and kamlesh D Pollock They switched their last names here like They didn't even get this right on Amazon right Um but Josh Josh Patel Josh uh Pollock I talked to him you know he lived in a Flat near mine my kids liked a very

Likable guy in good conversations with Him And he worked for dodgy each Accomplished at his Pharmacy and he had Nothing but good things to say for him And he was one of you know accomplish His sort of inner circle guys And he used to go to accomplish as a Preceptor I think accomplish might even Started him But either way Joshua who was you know Now a preceptor when I was talking to Him Had got a lot of training from commless She was a preceptor and he took notes of Everything the accomplish had said to Him and this is long before accomplished Was the master of the system like this Is me talking to Joshua in 2012 and I Don't know how long these conversations You know if he was still ongoing when we Talked but he took notes and commerce Explained all these things to do a size Mark and you know back then people told Me he was good at it but I don't know if That's you know I I thought he was in The beginning as a master of the system When he took over and right before that He seemed to know a lot about scishmart Like he was a size Mark nerd somebody Really is into it But now he sucks at it but the book Isn't uh written by kamlish it's written By Josh accomplish is the subject right

It'd be like a person it wasn't a ghost Writing book it was Josh asking Accomplish questions and kamlish Answering them there was a book written By Clark Powell That was called um Whatever it was not important and Um it was sort of an introductory book Clark was from Alabama you know Interesting guy you know I've talked About him before He's got some issues I don't know if He's still practicing but he wrote a Book That um he interviewed chargie And It was um You know like uh the sashimar companion I think it was called And it was he was the author even though Chargie provided much of the content he Would ask a question charge you would Answer and then he would write it up and He you know submitted in the book form And you know Clark was the the author of The book right Because he was the one who wrote it and Joshua Pollock wrote this book and so to Call accomplished they can't be Co-authors right they didn't co-author This you know they didn't write it Together And so this is not like it's just so Subpar

And kamishes wants to be known as an Author right Um He wants to be known as an author And You know he's got all these book and They all suck right we all know about They have all the the different ones Here I don't know if they don't have the The Um the wisdom Bridge here And so he's just cranking out these Books and I don't think he's writing Them he doesn't seem to have a grasp of He's not very good at talking anymore or Saying things that are you know whatever They are this is the heartfulness YouTube page Okay I meant to read this it's probably Better I do it here that's why I don't Have to Edit it but here's the um pre-ordered Price guarantee they're not going to Raise the price it's 24 bucks for this Piece of crap and I know they're trying To get as many Aviation stores to order As many copies as possible because They're extorting the abiasis and I Don't think the money goes into Heartfulness I think this money goes Dodgy personally whereas the other Masters when they published a book the Money went back into the system they Didn't get any money from the books they

Wrote And so it says here from the Internationally best-selling author of Heartfulness way which is a lie he Didn't author that book Comes The Journey to the Center of our Consciousness mapping a path for readers To connect to the highest self through Heartfulness meditation and guided Chakra practices We think of well-being we often think of Our physical and mental health Tending to our bodies and Minds to find Peace purpose and connection in our Lives but as kamlesh D Patel Affectionately known as dodgy spiritual Leader of the heartfulness organization And fourth in the line to the Raja yogic Tradition Illuminates That illuminates There is a third system we too often Overlay Overlook over like the spiritual Anatomy he's definitely overlooking the Thing Um it's just an absolute joke right but If there's a fourth in line to the Raja Yoga tradition they don't mention Sagemarg or sriram time to Mission So there was only harmfulness as a new Dodgy thing acting as sort of an atlas For the super Consciousness the chakras The centers of spiritual energy that Comprise our spiritual Anatomy lead us

Back to our harsh ourselves in the Sustainable Happiness and meaning We crave Along the way readers will learn the Role of the importance of chakras what Blocks our chakras and how to clean them Meditation techniques that bring you Closer to the Heart Center how Connecting deeply with our chakras could Open our hearts minds and souls As grounding as as grounding as it is Groundbreaking Spiritual Anatomy is a must read for Seekers meditators and anyone who wants To cultivate joy in their life So the issue here is That this was already written by Babaji In a book called towards Infinity where He talked about the chakra system which I uh not the chakra system what he Called the knots right The seven points of the Journey of the Yatra of the Soul And Deepak Chopra said that there were 16 Points and I don't know if dodgy's added Points but this was something that Babaji was a spiritual scientist and Everything that dodgy Learned was from Babaji unless he's bringing in other Crap from other traditions and that's Not sash Mark stands by itself And all the things that Babaji brought In most of them were new discoveries

Things he didn't know as pontanjali Things that were known at all throughout Any other system Bob G made spiritual Discoveries and they were his you know And they weren't his because lalji Brought him through it but they weren't Stuff you could claim on your own like There's a lot of people who just rip off Information and then write a book and Then you know don't give credit or Whatever like that happens all over the Place but it happens in the spiritual World but it shouldn't happen in the Heartfulness seismic system It should happen in sahaj Mark charge You always gave credit to Babaji and he Talked about his training in charge you Wouldn't have rewrote these books Wouldn't wrote books you know charge he Was good at disseminating babaji's books He was good at explaining them in his Talks and the things that he did he was Great at doing that and that was Necessary right but you know dodgy isn't Good at that he sucks it his book suck His talk suck he doesn't make things Clearer he has a heavier accent to Charge he he's not as articulate he's Not as bright he's not as smart he's not As you know in the flow he's just not a Good public speaker He's off-putting and you know someone Just wrote a comment pretty harsh Comment to my last journey series

About this right how they you know this Person said it was easy to start it Wasn't easy to start size Mark as a Westerner under charity But certainly they wouldn't have Survived this person would have survived If they had to start under dodgy because He's just you know sucks And so if dodgy's introducing new Information or he's plagiarizing Babaji Stuff and dumbing it down or mixing it With other things all those things are Blasphemy right because Babaji wrote Five books that were simple enough and Then charge you expand on those books we Don't need a book like this from dodgy Like people aren't going to read this Book people aren't gonna you know people Who have been a part of the system they Know that this his books suck compared To charges and all these other you know People Um you know Babaji I mean babji Analology but dodgy so much wants to Stand out on his own and he wants to Show people he's you know got his own Stuff but his stuff is just he learned Everything from them right I learned Everything from them Like they you know the stuff I know About spirituality And you know we all did right especially Bob you made these breakthroughs and so If he's trying to claim this stuff as

His own and he's not giving credit where Credit is due and not in some haphazard Way and it's not even you know like the True stuff it's like if it's been Deluded or anything and they're going to Be talking about this during charge's Birthday they're going to be pimping out This book it's just being released and Then they have that other thing that's Going to happen And you know or August or whatever it is For Swami Vivekananda that should be Happening that it's an anniversary of Swami vivekananda's talk in Chicago Years and years ago and it should the Date is actually October 10th which is Close to accomplish's birthday but they Didn't want to crap over his birthday Right Um you know so he's just a punk he's Just taken all this stuff he's just you Know like he's not respectful I've been Through this before And whatever these books are I know they Suck I know it's going to be awful to Read I know that he's you know not Giving the proper credit where credit is Due and probably it's a good thing Because And when people hear this guy like he's Just embarrassing you know and so they'd Be like who who was your master because He did a horrible job Like if you're uh you know uh if you're

Um you know the ideal candidate or the The best possible outcome of a person's Spiritual obvious and you're like this Then how bad are the other people like Um and so it's just embarrassing but It's not you know it's just another way This isn't size mark And he's just you know doing things that He shouldn't be doing all right that's Enough for today I'll I'll start again Hopefully in a couple days Okay I'm in the editing process and I Just want to say this right Thomas wants To be a serious author and they when He's introduced they say he's an author And they keep on talking about now his Award and also his best-selling books Way to sell him as some you know he's Got street cred right Spiritual Street crit and before he was The master of the system and we could Transmit and that was way better than This artificial you know I got he got an Award or he's you know He's gotten a best-selling book because His books aren't good And the award they paid for like this is All manufactured stuff But in the literary world and I'm not a Rules person like you guys probably know I'm more of a Jessica just get it done Kind of person but if you want to Publish a book which I did I Self-published it you need an IBN number

You need you know there's formatting and There's a whole Um I forget what the The name of the software is but I have It in I have like the Adobe package And when I self-publish the book you Have to use this certain type of Formatting you have to leave a blank Page between you know the first page and The title page I mean there's all this Stuff that you're supposed to do To make it a legitimate book A book that They could put in a library right and There are rules and they're violating Those rules and again I don't like the Rules I'm oppressed by those rules like I you know I much more you know a sort Of a Um just let it flow kind of person right I don't like being constrained but I Understand that that's how it works in a Literary world and so when he published This book and I asked this you know one Person has been practicing Who got the book and I said you know did Did kamlish write and she said no she Told this stuff to to Josh Powell and Josh Powell wrote it now it's you know Accomplish his words accomplishes you Know explanation of the seismic system But Josh is the one who wrote it all Down And he wasn't a ghost writer it wasn't Like he hired Josh he told Josh's story

And Josh go and Josh ghost wrote it for Him which I believe they're doing now With all these other books where you Know accomplish is really poor health And I think they need to you know be Handled in some way but the books are You know when I asked the the um the Doctor guy who exposed the brighter mind Scam and he said he the book is really Remedial the wisdom bridge and he didn't Even think dodgy wrote it right so as Far as I know dodgy hasn't really Authored any of his books Sid sat down and wrote a book himself And certainly the Josh Pal book was in a Ghost writing type of situation it was Conversations they had And Josh wrote the conversations down He's technically the author right all of Babaji's books Babaji went into a super Conscious State and channeled them And you know they came from a Divine Source But Babaji is the author of those books You know in material life he's the one Who wrote them down right we all get Inspiration we all get information but Someone who puts the information Together is the author and you can Credit people and you can say different Things and there's ways of going about It but they want to put commish's name On a book and so they bent the rules They broke the rules the literary rules

And the book sucks like all this book Sucks they're not you know like the sash Mark books this is the heartfulness way Really it's just his way of you know he Wanted to do something for himself right He wanted to to be somebody he wanted to You know put his own spin on it all of Us who do sagemarg have epiphanies Anybody who's done sagemarg for any Length of time we're going to have Epiphanies right we're going to have Breakthroughs we're going to have Insights to stuff you know I remember Reading my master in reality at dawn and I realized I couldn't I wouldn't have been able to understand The book if I hadn't been transmitted to Because it like raised my level of Awareness and consciousness But you know I knew because I was so low Functioning before I decidesh Mark like I was just a total Underachiever and you know I just was Under functioning I was a Low-functioning person And the difference when I started Receiving the transmission and doing the Practice and it brought so many Qualities and things that I possessed And I was really able to put it together It improved in every aspect of my life Playing basketball things like that you Know things I'd done for years I'd Slowed down and I was you know less

Emotional about things I mean it just Improved my ability to do things and I'm Very aware of that and most people who Do this maybe they start thinking it's Them and they start patting themselves On the back because you know it's a you Know it's a very subtle energy that Flows to you from the source and you Start thinking about yourself being one Of this great people or whatever and Every preceptor has not every preceptor But lots of preceptors have a desire to Talk about size Mark like I like talking About it here I've learned so much about it and I have Enthusiasm behind it and you know There's insights that I have to things And I enjoy sharing those there's a lot Of energy in that positive energy and it Feels good to share that stuff and you Know that's why I've done the journey Series and all this stuff and I've had You know realizations myself and you Know I have some you know maybe even Some brilliant stuff here That's what people say at least But I'm very aware that none of this Would have happened without the Transmission and the Masters of the System and the in the information that Was given it was discovered by Babaji And guestliology to some extent you know Before him And babaji's you know very meticulous

Spiritual journey where he documented Everything and he documented and created A new sort of spiritual science he Didn't create the science itself but the Understanding of it that was never you Know discovered before it was a Breakthrough And you know he gets all the credit for That and you know whatever charge he did To help them disseminate the information To make it more understandable to people And all these things they all have a Role to play but dodgy wants to be a Founder he wants to stand on his own he Wants to claim you know Brilliance and He's just not brilliant he's stupid he's Not like I'm going to show you this Other video clip here you know so I saw This other thing today And I'm like I can't believe how like Remedial his thought processes Okay so this is July 19th The following day for when I posted the Earlier clip and I went back and this Has been videos been up for two days It only has 3 000 views usually they You know they pad maybe they'll do that Later But now they're getting back 3 700 or 700 views They're getting back to like realistic Numbers On the reviews Um like I don't think they got 8 000 on

This one But even then that's just so little Amount Given all these things right Um you know this one here How to make meditation a daily habit 51 000 that's inflated Um You can see here by the comments I Haven't looked at this yet So this one has 51 000 views And only 14 comments Um excellent your channel is such a Great resource for me Something intelligani And then a bunch of just emojis right These are just not there's no substance In these comments right And so um So this is uh here some political one This is leadership quality and power is Matter Without any technical degree of of our PM UPI is a big achievement so there's So many So many to suggest about the work about AI but to drive people emotion to the Nationalism and dutifulness Can't be possible with AI only Um So that doesn't make any sense so those Are the comments right in this other Video here Um this is 8 000 views 11 comments right

Same kind of stuff And so these aren't you know there's no I mean there isn't one good comment in These videos right words of wisdom Especially useful today thank you for Helping us discern between Duty and Desire that's like a bot like comment Right Um but here's what I want to show you so I looked at this thing Here how can we stop pollution And so This is um This is like so remedial and then so Hypocritical but there's this music Playing behind what you see Who pollutes that Industrialist by and large For what There is no other alternative so they go On in that direction The main purpose is More and more money wait this is about Money pollution industrialism money wow What a breakthrough How brilliant this is wow like this Ability just to to cut to the core of it Where does the pollution come from air Pollution industrialists Why they do it more money How do we stop it what he's going to get To that at a moment but he just boom Boom boom boom he's just getting it done Second thing water pollution water

Pollution where does that come from Many in the Stillness again that this Says the sewer Into the borewells Of course our country is taking serious Decision okay so then these Industrialists they're the problem you Know these business people And then um Then he says this Um And underground Waters remains polluted Then again the purpose is more and more Money money it's money it's about money Erosion of soil It's ignorance ignorance that's the Erosion of soil they're ignorant We don't know how to maintain that see Even during one of the Intercommunication of my guruji with Lord Krishna Okay so he means Babaji in our communion With Lord Krishna he doesn't mean Charity who was his real master So um Lord Krishna tells Babaji that Cows used to yield more milk and crops Used to yield more food During his time right Um you know so he gets into that But then here's where I want to get to The end of it like uh Um So um He talks about the stuff here

What can they do about Um The problem here So how are you ever going to attain the Ultimate wisdom that's number one number Two part of it So as he said the the problem was money Number one And so how do you detain multi ultimate Wisdom when you talk of pollution and we Have concluded that it is the ignorance Of an individual How to dispel this ignorance Unless and until I am so awakened from Within I am so alert from within where My conscience is so sharpened You get a better conscience from Meditation And how can that happen again the answer We find in Gita and in my little life That I have been observing through Meditation in every field Be it research education cooking [Music] We have found that it is Through meditation only That I can calm my heart Make my mind as blanket okay so he's he Says it a couple different ways here The whole last half of this five-minute Segments about how meditation and Krishna said this Nagita said this right So this is all religious stuff he's Talking to

A religious audience here And how to solve the problem of Pollution through meditation But the issue here is that If you get a better conscience and a Clear you know sense of purpose and all The things that he says like some of it I cut out and it's very simple very Remedial right he's he's not appealing To smart people or hire developed people And I don't know if he even can Because he just doesn't have it himself He's lost something Like his talks used to be better He's lost connection he's lost Intelligent he's just flopping around Flounder and floundering and he's got a Dumbed down audience a dumbed down Message for a dumb-down audience But him saying that you're going to get A conscience from meditation then why Are you doing the brighter mind scam Why are you disincharging like why are You doing all these things See that's the problem with all this and It's going to bug me You know because He was given levels of spiritual Attainment which I witnessed in him You could see the growth in what he was Given right after you know I mean during That time a master charges last year on The planet And afterwards when he first became

Master himself dodgy He had it like he had it he was given These qualities and he was given the Yatra the soul he was given all this Stuff Um you know I want to say something more About the The Um chakras thing that was happened in That other video I had some more thoughts last night but Let me finish this point first and so You know with all that he's behaved Abysmally He has been corrupt they lie they cheat They Embrace shortcuts and they fail Over and over again never take Responsibility for their failure they Never learn from their failure never Learn from their mistakes they never Admit to anything they never own Anything They never do a better job And so It's a condemnation of the seismic System Because daji was around Master charging All the time and so are these other People in charge you worked on them and Gave them high levels of spiritual Attainment some of them have Abilities they came in I mean I think All of them had something coming in And they had the ability to you know

From past life work they did And Sasha Mark has been transformational For so many people but the failure here Is epic and it's hard to you know Explain away it's a real bummer for all Of us it's you know it creates doubt in The system not in the system itself but In human ability human beings abilities Because this guy is preaching How great meditation could be for Industrialists who are ignorant and or Greedy and they just don't know what to Do He says all this stuff in the thing and If they just meditate it would work and I'm like well why are you corrupt then You know like you've meditated I mean He's you know he was a better abiasi Than I was at least as far as I could Tell he was a good preceptor and maybe Even a great preceptor and he was really Into this and his failure here is Is stunning and it's a real bummer like That's you know I can't you know I mean That's just a it's always going to be a Thing how did he fail so epically and Some of his failures sharji and Baba Juice and the you know the the beings Out there I mean they you know they have To work with human beings so that's I Mean there's excuse there And you know this is maybe the best I Don't know like maybe it's supposed to Happen I mean I guess that's Holly

Can say about it But it's a real bummer it's a bummer for Me and Everybody else because like when you see The people who have been doing this and Been exposed to the highest levels of This Spent so much time at these gatherings Has received so many of these sittings And Got so much work done by the master and You know even the Babaji people the way They acted and the lology people the way They acted you know the corrupt ones the People that challenged charging babaji's You know people that his kids and other People and they were around Babaji his Whole life And so you know the human element here Is I mean the human desire for lowness And failure is You know can't be denied and Like that's a part of this and you know Him posted this video about having a Conscience and just doing the stuff he's Doing right now and the way he's Stepping all over charging babaji's Teachings and all these things like you Know he failed he's a failed uh you know He's A failed master so at the highest level Of scishmark system there's Now this epic failure there just you Know

It's it's hard to see In terms of him in the chakras you know I Have covered this recently on the Gratefulness meditation channel the the Video all you need to know about Gratefulness meditation which is all you Need to know about scishmark and I Covered the yacha points what I know About them and you know these different Spiritual points and him bringing up Chakras Which were clearly you know two of the Chakras The fifth and sixth point We're supposed to be you know in the Seismog 13 point yatra system The knots as Bob as you called them Knots to be opened up here because so Your soul could flow cleanly through Them Those were PowerPoints that are about The chakra system Especially the third eye That was supposed to be passed through Quickly and in most cases more or less Ignored as a person might get power Corruption and you know lose their way Only the Masters and higher level people Had the the third eye you know opened up Or charged or whatever only people have Immense discipline and devotion And so you know him pushing the chakra System and bringing out Deepak Chopra

When we have these 13 yatra points and Again I don't know what's in his crappy Buck but it's not going to be as good as Babaji's books or charges explanation of Babaji's books Because he isn't good at it and he used To be you know knowledgeable at least But he's lost something his Consciousness And so that book is gonna you know he Doesn't want his book competing with Babaji's books or chatterjee's Explanation of babaji's teachings and he Wants to be a Founder he wants to be Somebody who initiated a process which Is heartfulness And so he has to race charge you and Babaji and he's talking you know these Videos are for dumb people And so it's just epic failure and just a Disrespect and I mean it's like you know it's it's hard To see you know it's really bad you know This is why I Ignore Dodge as much as possible you Know the dodgy truther sends me stuff Once in a while you went to you guys Sends me stuff And then something like this Gathering Comes up and I look at the channel Because every time I've looked at the YouTube channel The past three years four years whatever Just started

Like two yet maybe three I don't know Two or three years And it's been bad for a while I mean Before that but when I you know started To know about the brighter mind scam That's probably like two years ago and Then you know all the other things Um you know I I get bummed out like it's you know it's Not a good thing And I'm glad the transmission's still Flowing I'm glad that we have something Here and you know so it's a warning Against the The negative Tendencies of human beings And you know I mean if it's a new if It's a new uh era because of course now It's the Kali Yuga and we have a turning Point we get rid of you know a lot of The the you know sort of negative Population I mean we don't get rid of them but Nature does right and they you know They're gone it might be different like We come you know the system today is Taken down and we're more connected to Nature and we can it's easier to Meditate I don't know in the future like Um you know that's what I'm Hoping for or believe that's possible Not just hope but it's you know it's a Realistic belief But seeing the failure that is dodgy and His people around them and the YouTube

Channel Expresses it more than anything else The lying the cheating the you know Fudging the numbers the You know the music that they play behind Them and like you can't even understand What he's saying and If he did have vibrations the music Would wreck it because it's you know Music is vibration as well and It's off-putting and then just the Failure of the his ability to speak and You know his his own failure personally And you know in terms of the the role of The president of the system Uh it's just a real bummer like that's Why I really can't tune into it because You know again I'm going to cover it for This Gathering But I don't want to wreck my gathering Right like I don't want to to bring me Down like I have to kind of document Him you know I'm gonna get into what he Released he'll do a book release and There might be a concert and You know maybe he'll come around and Talk about charging just because He's feeling the heat but it won't be Sincere Because if it was sincere we wouldn't Have waited till five days ago to Reverse his position he won't come out And claim he's got why he had to reverse His position

Like he out now just got caught Because if Babaji intercoming with him And gave him orders to get rid of the Two Bandara said Bob you wouldn't do that It's stupid like nobody believes that You're a liar so you lied about Bob's Your community with you which is a Biggest that's the worst thing To come out and say Babaji said Something to me when you know he didn't Just lie to the the people like you're Done like you're just a horrible human Being you're the worst Like that's the worst thing you could do There's nothing worse than that none of These corruption scams none of these Things lying on your your master And just because you don't want to have Gatherings and then getting rid of two Of their holidays and pretending you Received a message and then immediately Reversing it because you got pressured By people and there's going to be a now Crying and people aren't gonna I'm gonna Start leaving the system in droves and There's things like my you know our our Thing we're doing here with the my YouTube channel the gratefulness Meditation jumping up popping up Right and they realizing oh my God we Could lose you know more people and We're not gaining more people You know they've been failing left and

Right they know financially they must be Hurting they don't have the money to Generate you know the other thing is That's a whale of uh you know it's a a Thousand square foot ashram and it's Empty like you know there's I mean just whatever the the power bill And the you know all the people there That are they have all these things People called inmates they got to feed Everybody And so you know they don't have money Coming in like we know what happened With the American Gathering and so Getting people to come there and donate Money is imperative and they have like All this you know they have a five-star Hotel they've got all these things They're sitting open that are staffed I Mean they got to pay people They got a huge overhead now And you know they don't have the money To do it dodgy's broke from his business Failing and all these other things so Why would you get rid of two of The Gatherings that are money makers you get Thirty thousand even ten thousand people That's you know like having a concert All those people don't need any money Bringing you know some uh you need four Of those a year you can keep the ox room Going just on that And so you know him canceling the thing And lying about Babaji

Is so an epic fail Anyways um let's move forward here okay So I just want to say this I'm about to Make dinner So I gotta you know so it's later in the Afternoon But I'm working on this editing this Video and I you know had this thought This morning I think of meditation or Something like this And one of the mistakes that I made Over the years in size Marg is to think That all the people who did the system Were into it like I was And they had some sort of Transformational experiences Or you know just whatever uh time with The master of the system Particularly the people from India And that they understood that size Mark Was special And something that you know you Basically couldn't live without That once you experienced it It would be hard to ever go without it And you know in any capacity You know I'm dependent on the system to Function like I've you know have been Since I started now there are people who Are more into it there are people who Got closer to the master There are people who are You know just better people better you Know whatever they are right nicer

Kinder better character qualities more Dedicated you know less lazy more you Know into the work you know more giving With their time and there's they Couldn't do what I do here like I have Some gifts that they don't have but There are people who are into it more And I always thought dodgy was one of Those people And he clearly isn't and neither are the People around him have participated in This you know debacle there's lots of People who you know maybe they felt some Benefit but whatever they weren't as Into it as I was and they easily quit You know they moved on and there are Lots of people like that who are Surprised you know people used to go to India all the time spend time with Chargie and all these things and they Just whatever happened with them they Just didn't you know have Uh like you know a true sense of what This is what a gift it is and how Important it is to participate in and to Continue on And you know for those people they are You know that's that's I mean that's not A knock on them I don't know what's up With them I can't really interpret their Internal world you know but this thing Is sacred and I'm a irreverent person a Disrespectful person you guys can hear That and you know things I say

And you know if and I'm not I mean this Is me with like a filter And so I mean I'm nicer or better on the YouTube channel than I am sometimes and You know my inner world and thoughts you Know Um you know this is like the you know Maybe best version of me in terms of That stuff You know that's still pretty raw and Rough at times and you know whatever and I'm not I just don't have I'm not a respectful person But there's something there's things Sacred it's just this And to see it violated the way dodgy and These people these these were guys who Hung around charging and got so much for Him from him these are people who spend You know months of the year going to Just sit and charge these feet and be Around him and they've destroyed this System I mean they've you know everything that Was size Mark is gone and dodgy is like Being such a punk in this thing it's Stunning and you know I saw dodgy as a Accomplished as a preceptor as an aviase And I you know would have said that he Was much better than me if they came to Me and say look it's a choice between You and kamlish to be master Who do you think it should it be and I Would say accomplish right

I mean there wouldn't even be a Hesitation and probably all these people Around Um charity These preceptors and you know people Because I knew that they had more Training and they had you know better Skills like so all of these people you Know again I didn't know them as well Some of them But I would assume they would do a Better job than me knowing my Liabilities and things right But I wouldn't have done this right like I definitely would have prevented this From happening you know this is Something to fight for I would have Prevented the bastardization of this System And the corruption of the system that Taji's led hit and so you know and I and All these people that have gone along With it and been complicit and again These are people who they put time and Effort into this system that I never did These are people who get three four Sittings a day People who travel hours a day and give Sittings to people and you know I mean So many great things and you know travel And donate money and the effort they've Put into this Is a lot more than I have And the effort they've put into other

People and you know all the work that They've done some people have done you Know so much work you know I've done Work here and I've done some things but Nothing like they have right Um and for the organization And these people claim to love charging In ways that you know I could never Claim right I didn't know him that well Personally I mean there's a you know there's a Spiritual love there But it's not like you know I I have Access to it the way these people had Personal relationships with him some of Them had personal relationships with Papaji and they've just let this system Be destroyed and it's unbelievable I you know I can't imagine How they could do that like I don't Understand how this could possibly Happen But it has right and you know It is what it is but it's a shocker in This sense because nobody who loved the System and understood what the system is For I mean it believed when babaji's Teachings that this is about a Transformational process that's here to Uplift Humanity would allow dodgy and be A part of this you know dodgy debacle All right I gotta end here I'm gonna go Make dinner but you know it's effed up So today's July 20th um

Basically three days not basically three Days before the Charger Gathering I watched um An Indian movie called the white tiger Which I found excellent uh it was a Well-made movie I really can't watch Bollywood movies I've been talking about uh A right-wing movie that's targeted at People in the Q movement uh a lot and Lately in my videos Called the sound of Freedom that's just All patriotic and You know there's certain types of movies That unless they're really well made I can't watch them In terms of different genres of movies Or different movies are targeted at Certain audiences There's three Indian movies that I found really great one's called The Lunchbox which is Just uh you know a very subtle Masterpiece of a movie It covers the In India they have a system where It's in one of the cities and like Harvard Business School has studied it It's like some Miraculous system Where um A wife gives their lunchbox to This organization and it delivers it to Her husband

And they've never had one time where It didn't go to the right place and this Movie covers the like the idea that when This happened that uh lunchbox went to The wrong person And it's just a really great movie and The other one's still God which I've Talked about the past And even the singing like I don't like Musicals of the Bollywood you know just The Bollywood singing and dancing things That they do It's hard to you know but Um Well God is just excellent movie even Though it's like three hours long But this movie The White Tiger dealt With the caste system And given everything that's happened You know ancient India is And and the Indian people are wired for Spirituality it is the you know Holy Land And right now it's a material pit You know it's overpopulated it's Polluted It's degraded and You know India has fallen on Hard Times There was times in the you know history Of humanity That India was The epicenter was like America is now And but not you know like America but in Terms of being the the sort of I don't

Want to say dominant but prominent uh World leader Country and Babaji said that the Deccan Plateau was The first Land to emerge from the ocean Uh so when this was once a An ocean plant and there was no land on It the Deccan Plateau was the first This was once I guess a water planet and So That's where the ashram is in Hyderabad And You know that was all supposed to be Like a you know the ash from being there And all that stuff the ashram Contaminated now and all those things And so There's wonderful things about India and The Indian people And I you know know some people who are Just so saintly Like the best people That I know come from have you know the Greatest Spiritual people in terms of service and Commitment and there's lots of them like You know I I couldn't remember them all offhand People that do scish Mark just People are like just great And you know they represent what size Mark is about and what spirituality and God are about There's just a you know a deep bones in

India that are of a spiritual nature but There's all this not good stuff there Now Like I said it's a polluted pit it's Degraded And it's um It's just really bad it's lots of ways Corrupt and you know just I mean all of It and all the little life nature of it And the white tiger and it's really Isn't so much of a spoiler alert because He showed you in the trailers and The guy basically says in the beginning There was a The lead character is born in a low cast But he's telling his story how he Elevated himself Out of the cast and he's was once told That he was a white tiger By one of his teachers That he could be one of those rare People who elevated himself Out of the caste system Which is something that charge you Wanted to destroy in the at least in Size Morgan he wanted everybody to Change their names Their cast names and I don't really Understand how it works You know they pass on this name You know whatever it has to do with Their cast It's kind of their last name and I you Know I again

It's it's um You know passed on and I don't know I Don't understand it I guess it's the Last last name but he wanted everybody To drop their cast names And not be a part of the caste system And 11 people did and 10 of them were Untouchables and so only one person Really did because to The Untouchables Of every reason To drop their name But this family dealt with the Ritualistic duty bound stuff of every Person in the system and how they will Just not break free From the heaviness the enmeshment of the Family and needing to send your money Back to your family Um which was you know And the way the family and was Using them right like this kid and how They treat these servants there Like everyone has servants like we had a Maid which I was never all that Comfortable with for obvious reasons But we had it made when my ex left And she came in made a meal and did Cleaning the house and you know my kids Had always done chores and so I was not feeling great about it but Like it was just great to have someone Come and cook a meal when You know we were going through chaos and Only cost 70 dollars a month

And like we were overpaid you know so it Was But I felt weird about the whole time For obvious reasons And You know the movie they just mistreat These Um you know they're basically slaves And you know I had these experiences When I was India two of them And one of them was with um This guy Who was like just one of the sweetest Nicest Young people And he had a brother and you know we had Gone to Chicago and he helped get us a Place to stay And then we flew into India And he was just really nice every time I Saw him Very pleasant voice just a nice manner One of those really nice people And I saw him one time we were talking At the snack bar You know the snack bar had these Volunteers And he started yelling at this person in Such a disrespectful way You know and I'm not a nice person that I you know I mean like I could You know be kind or whatever but I'm Just not it's not my nature

And I'm kind of just you know naturally You know disrespectful or whatever it is I don't respect traditions and all these Types of things and Uh and I was uncomfortable with the way This guy was talking to this person Like I you know like I Come from a place where you know I mean I mock people in my videos and You know I mean I'm just not You know whatever it is but like the way That he was talking to this You know this lower caste person I just couldn't imagine right and this Person like was you know way nicer than Me And it was like kind of stunned like I Mean I'm telling you now because I Remember it right And then there was a guy who was the Original nominee Of uh you know he was going to be the Successor to charge you And one day I missed morning meditation But I went You know I got maybe up too late you Know this is when maybe I was A little bit sick and dragging or Whatever I had that you know long My son had Dengue I had like some kind Of Lingering you know whatever it was Uh but I don't know what it was but There was like three meditations a day

And I usually went to all three just Because I needed them But somehow I missed this one And I was waiting for the snack bar to Open to get some breakfast And There was this really nice guy and he Was well dressed I felt like he was Probably a Brahman From a higher class Um He's just nice and he he dealt with you Know all he was ahead of the snack bar And like I think he usually wore a nice Shirt and tie so it's like somebody who You know was like he just looked like he Had you know he was the people who are Rich or have a higher position You know you can see the difference they Have a like You know they have a level of Sophistication and they're you know they They dress really well in there whatever So I don't know what I assume he was a Brahman because he was from South India Which is a high cast But the guy who was succeeding you know Who withdrew Started yelling at the guy like I don't Like he didn't have his food ready or Something I don't know what it was And he was talking in such a Disrespectful way You know you know I knew kamlish was

A good obviously and I I was happy Carla Should have been nominated I never knew This guy But it made sense to me at the time I Was like well that's why you know this Guy just kind of a I mean just not good Guy like he was just you know it was Upsetting listening it was just the Three of us That he would be talking to the this guy Was volunteer at his time and He was just a nice person I saw there Every day Um you know it could get chaotic there Right there you know some days it would Be you know a thousand people that would Come in and watch you know some sort of Breakfast or something there And you know they they dealt with it It's hot you know so Um you know I I was taken aback by it But we've been watching this movie last Night I realized there was a couple of issues That has happened with the dodgy fault And you know India has to break free From A tradition and Duty and Dharma you know Dharma is Duty and they're you know They're just way of being in there Um the guru culture and the master Culture there You know the way that people are they'll Look up to somebody of a mahatma's

Higher born people And the level of corruption and things You know things I saw in the country was There Has everything to do with way dodgy and His you know cronies are destroying Heartfulness uh destroying size remark With this Parasite organization called Heartfulness And you know it makes sense how they all Reacted to my videos You know when I was you know it's the Only called Audi some names and these Other things And they wanted my assassination all These things right It's how they tolerate corruption and You know the hierarchy of Nature and Just you know going along with things That they know to be wrong you know this Size Mark was the aberration Was the you know anomaly seismarck was The You know the beacon of light to a you Know a dysfunctional system That they just can't see like most of Them They don't want to change it you know Especially the ones who are I mean They're all invest in their roles And they can't you know free themselves You know would charge you Master charge You when it came to America he said this

Is a great system because it rewards for Merit It must be most people in America Would you know not agree with that they Wouldn't understand it they think the System's rigged against them You know we talk about the system being Rigged All the time And we have no idea how like other People in other countries are you're Born in a cast in a in uh you know in India or wherever it is in in your Country You know the ethnic cleansing places Where there'll be minority population And how disrespected they are right they Are and you know this the there's Slavery all over the world And human trafficking things like this Um And you know with all of that You know we don't understand how good we Got it and as bad as America is As far as a system of you know of Rewarding for merit where your hard work If you work hard and you get educated You or you do whatever You can Ascend to a much higher level Economically And your standard of living and you know All these things That people at the bottom can rise up to The top and that's just not possible

In other countries right and so You know we have a level of You know we're not aware of how bad it Is because we complain in America People complain about it you know The corruption and all these things and It's nothing like You know as bad as America is because It's not great There's levels here that you know other People And this is why people from India come Here People from other countries To ascend in the economic system we say Well we have the greatest economy sure But we also have You know where you work and you do a Good job you get rewarded for it you Know no matter You know how bad no matter what all the Things that go with that You can Ascend higher levels and it's Just you know what can be done And you know I don't think we appreciate That enough But also we get to talk we get to Verbalize our opinion and we get to talk Truth to power as much censorship that We have to deal with and all the things That we're You know bumming about or complaining About here in the truth community We wouldn't be able to do this in other

Countries right like look at how They reacted such Mark people reacted a Heartfulness not seismic people reacted To my videos and I was just talking Truth right it's obvious that brighter Minds is scam It's obvious that dodgy's making stuff Up about channeling people he's not It's obvious he's making connections and Things like even that person who just Left those comments I covered in my last Video and the person said that dodgy was Just honoring charge you by having a Harry Prasad a flutis that is That his birthday celebration and you Know the it's so obvious that he's Disrespected charging he's not treating Him the way charge he treated Babaji or Babaji treatedlology or you know any Disciple treats a master and this he's Bucking the system But they're all like you know like he's The one who's breaking etiquette But they're all you know they're afraid To criticize them it's all embedded in Their system that you know the master Can do no wrong and And all these things and you know they Couldn't handle the the way that American would deal with it like me you Know like the way I dealt with it And just said hey this is the way it is Right they you know I was told I was like looking to get a truther

Thing going In India And I was told you I was sitting with Some people young people some of them Were you know sort of you know they're Trying to be truth or to whatever it was And the person said oh you'll be killed Right If you you know talk about things away I was talking you know they didn't Understand the truth Community but I was Just telling them You just can't do that right you can't Go and expose These things there and there's all this You know outrageous it's a very gentle Country like they're the people there Are much more passive and you know They're not There's an aggression in America that we Live with That you don't feel in India I used to Just breathe a sigh of relief when I got To India because there's You know like a softness and a maturity There that isn't in America America is very you know hostile very You know Everyone's ready to go I mean they have You know levels of I mean another country we don't they Don't talk to people like we talk to Each other here And there's just uh

You know there's a Savage nature to America because of the You know this heightened aggression Because our you know military industrial Complex and all of our You know we're the world's military Descents right at least For Europe and these other countries and So you know we're the dominant military And there's just all that stuff Aggression in our In everything that we do here And so even with that like you can get To say things here Talk truth to power And as much censorship as there is here It's much worse in other places in India You know there's just some levels of Things you just don't get to do And they the way they treat people there There's so many of them so there's no uh You know like they could just get rid of People there's nobody says anything About it right and you know in charge he Was around you know Babaji certainly Started this but chargi was a man to the Man of the world he Um I forget which country it is it's Like a It's not the Ukraine it's not Russia but It's in his Diaries his uh there's a Down memory lane books But he went to school in one of these uh Eastern European uh country so he

It was like almost like he did an Internship or he did something there And he had you know a couple maybe a Long chapter a couple chapters about That And he was well traveled and he spoke so Many different languages and he was Aware of the world cultures like he Would just nail You know like he would say things about The country he was in And he would just say things there was Like oh yeah that's totally true Like his observational skills and his His ability to understand The social dynamics of a country and Whatever And you know he was a man of the the World and it was a global organization And he traveled Like 200 days of the year And he went to all these different Countries from you know the countries in The in the East and the countries in the West you know the you know on Western Tours where he'd go to Europe and America He involved you went to Africa above you Went to Africa a couple times Um I think charging went you know Multiple times after that Australia and Then all these other countries In the East like they've he went to you Know Singapore I believe he went to some

Of these other Asian countries And Um You know there was a global organization And you'd go to the ashram and Chennai Which I don't believe is the case Anymore in Hyderabad Um You know based in what I'm seeing and Hearing Is that it was an international group of People there There would be people coming from I mean There'd be always like one or two Americans there That were you know certainly at the end When charging was Um I mean this was before charging when Charger was traveling it was a little Different But still you would go to India like Most Americans who are really into Seismard Went to India Once a year and then would visit chargie You know would go the Gathering when Charlie came to America And then there was these Garden Of Hearts condos that You know several different Americans Probably about 15 or 20 Americans I'm talking about the not in the Non-indian ones but uh you know people

Were born in America But there's the Indian ones a lot of Them owned some of these you know the Rich people that owned Uh you know like a a condo near the Ashram So they had a house like a second house Or like a time share Some of them went in and bought it Together And they go to India At some point during the year You know usually between like August Like September started cool down September in Chennai was bearable You know the 80s I mean never got really Below like I said the entire three years I was there I monitored the temperature And it never got below 74. At night And it would get up to close to a Hundred it was not as bad as some of the Other places that got up to 110. but it Was always humid because it's close to The ocean And so it's like where Florida is it's Like Chennai is kind of like Florida Of India where it's warm all year round Uh it doesn't get too hot though Like not like the you know desert like There's places that have Winters here in America Like Arizona and you know uh Utah places Like that Vegas where it gets 120

Degrees in the summer But they have snow and it gets pretty Cold in the winter And cheddy was like Florida where it's Warm all the time And so people would come in September And usually by March the mosquitoes set In in March and they were bad And then it would get April it was just Too hot And you know by then the mosquitoes Would go away because they're so hot Like So there was a period time their brains Would come In December you know so as monsoon Season In November December I guess some in October it just depends on the year it Was just rain a ton and then the Mosquitoes would start coming in and Late February and March and so you know People would be there that's when they Would be there right they would go Unless they went to one of the big Gatherings which was in April and of Course the one in July Um You know but there was always people There from all these countries It was a you know International Organization And when charged he gave talks you would Give specific talks to Indians and

Specific talks to you know Europeans and Americans in these different places And the talks were more like there was The heart to heart series which was Talks to Americans and uh there was like You know 15 I don't know 10 bucks There's another bunch of books called Heart speak and they were targeted to People in the west and people in the West like books they're more into books The Indians liked the books but didn't Read them but the you know Americans had Intellectual curiosity in in European so There's these heart to heart and heart Speak books and for the Indians he had These things called principles Of sashmark And they were talks that were given in India where the other ones were talks That were given in Europe and America And you know other Western places And so you know they could do that back Then they could have sort of two threads Uh you know one that was more International And of course charging traveled and they Could have a second thread that was more Traditional in Indian And you know that was do you talk about More stuff to do with them You know like dodgy does all the time Now dodgy instead of embracing this he Tried to do it maybe in the beginning And even though dodgy talked about he

Wanted people Originally accomplished said He didn't want everybody's being in India because everyone you know there's So many people that were sending their Kids to the lology Memorial Mega School The charge he built and they were Working and living basically in India And they were from all over the world And when daji became Master he sent Everybody back And he said you know why do you want to Live in India he said this to me Personally He said why do you want to live in India When it's so much better in America so Dodgy preferred America like he was Clearly about that That India was harder to live in and There was this one guy really nice guy Who was from City lived in uh the Western part of India and Kerala But he was living in the western part of America in the Silicon Valley And he wanted to move back to Kerala and Daji said no You know in the Indian aviasis like they Would get their marriages arranged by Charity And they would you know why if they were Like looking for a job or they were they Had two offers job offers they go to Charging and say which one should I do Which one should I pick

And charge you would you know advise Them where he wouldn't do that with Western people because you know it was Different cultures And when dodgy first began he seemed to Want to shed a lot of that stuff He wanted to get rid of a lot of the Indian stuff a lot of the Hindu stuff And charging it given that talk about How this wasn't an extension of Hinduism And all the rest of it which I've talked About here you know substantially Um so I don't know what's happened like There's been a complete reversal of that And now there's none of the Appealing to westerners like dodgy Doesn't travel out of side of India he Barely travels in India and everything He talks about he's like this this video I just showed you There's a section in there Where he talks about when Krishna showed Arjuna his Divine self You know and Krishna and Arjuna were um Like Paul Souls both a part of Vishnu Arjuna was vishudu's human nature his Ego and Krishna was his uh Vishnu that You know the The cosmic functionary of Preservation And they are always together and when Christiana incarnates when when Vishnu Incarnates

He also uh you know he there's you know Talked about Nara and Ariana Um Nara is the ego and Ariana is he A Divine Essence of Vishnu so anyways Dodgy's talking about when Krishna shows Arjuna you know the Divine aspect shows The ego tisseral aspect his true nature And the story is that it was told where I read the mabarata and his charge he Told it Um Arjuna was freaked out Ricky Carter was Like don't show me that again he goes I'll fight because Arjun didn't want to Fight his family members Arjuna didn't want to have to kill His teachers his beloved teachers his Beloved Uncle like all these people And because there's some Heroes on both Sides of the ma burrata out of Duty Right they had to fight for the the evil You know even though they knew that uh Pandavas were the Were the good guys these you know Elders Had to fight just out of dharmon Duty And all these things And so he Arjun had to kill all these Guys And he didn't want to do it so he threw Down his bow and Krishna showed him his Divine form And then Arjuna said look I'll go kill All these guys I don't care just don't Ever show me that again right like it

Was he was freaked out and charge you Talked about that a number of times That even Arjuna who was connected to Vishnu his ego couldn't handle his Divine nature which is interesting in a Lot of ways What accomplish was telling the story In this video yesterday that's showing You about what to do about pollution And you know he was obviously speaking To an Indian audience because he brought Up Krishna multiple times he mentioned His guruji once But then he brought up you know Hindu Teaching and he said that Arjuna was Like oh my God this is so wonderful And how you know I I was so close to you You showed me this but how would A normal person get the same You know darshan gets the same blessing And be able to see you the way that That I have And Krishna says through meditation Because he's Char uh accomplish is Trying to sell meditation right But the way he talks about you know These you know the way he's it has a Hindu teachings and his thoughts you Know chargie would mention Hinduism but He also mentioned Christianity because charge you went to A Catholic school or a Christian School And he read the Bible so charge you knew All these various religions and of

Course Live very close to where all these Muslim people were and there was a Connection to Sufism with lology and Babaji and so they you know they had These religions uh you know world Religions and they would talk about him Like he would charge he would tell Stories from You know he'd quote the Bible he would Quote all these things But doji's Gone full Hindu here And you can see the difference right and Like all this stuff is you know the Culture is just embedded in this Collapse The Indian culture and the you know Everything about it like it's Allowing for this to happen right It is you know just Protecting him from The you know the outrage and the Consequences for Destroying a system And all these people rearranging reality To accept something they shouldn't be Accepting Um you know it's like it's very clear to Me like just watching the movie I just put all these pieces together The cultural aspect of what dodgy is Doing Because like he's not trying he's not Pulling this stuff he's just basically

Ignoring The Europeans and the Americans and whatever and if they quit They quit and it's better that they do Because they all they know the Difference and they're more aware of it Like when they saw a diaper Baba Everyone was freaked out And he's just shoving it right in their Faces he's he's basically wanting them To quit Like he's pushing the you know he wants A dumb top population you like that Remedial Analysis of pollution And corporate pollution You know he's talking to really dumb Uneducated you know low low Consciousness people And that's what his books are for Because you know a smart person can read Them and all of us who have read charges Books and heard charges talks have been Around charging and read babaji's books And read The Whispers The Brighter world And these other things You know we're not like I mean there's No way we would look at dodgy's stuff And say it's on the same level And dodgy wants to be a Foundry wants to Be you know a big man he wants to stand On his own And so you know he can't have all of us Because

We know that he's not as good like he Just isn't right he's you know he's not As smart he's not as He's just not I mean on every level he's Not as good and he knows it and won't Accept it like we'll know You know I mean he knows And so like most people would if you Were really spiritual You would just promote the higher You would just say you know what I say Here that you know these My master charity was a higher developed And more disciplined and more committed Person to size more than I was right you Would you know acknowledge that to Yourself and you acknowledge it publicly And it would be good for you because it Would be You know the truth and Dodge you can't do that like he knows But he he wants to hide it and so this Is the mass deception that's going on Here With all this stuff he's desperately Trying to scrub chargie But you know I mean and Babaji now but let me charge You all along because Bobby most people Didn't meet and yet it was whatever he Was so he could use Babaji to say oh Babaji told me this and intercommune With me and these are babaji's teachings But those of us uh who read the books is

Always full of you know what like he's Not you know he's bsing we know that That's not you know he's not quoting the Teachings correctly Like he's in fact doing the opposite of The teachings But to people who don't know You know they always have to have an Authority So he has to have a guru they all have Him my guruji so that's his authority You know this guy this guy's outside of Me oh here at my guruju and intercommune With me and told me what to do what am I Going to do he told me to cancel his Birthday and the last guy's birthday and I you know what am I going to do about It I'm just following orders And so they have that but you know it's Just a made-up version of Babaji That you know we those of us who knew The accurate version of Charity and Babaji we know that this stuff doesn't Fly and doji is just you know Running into a ground but anyways kind Of interesting Um I'll move forward again this won't be Out for probably I'll release this During the Gathering I'm not sure how It'll go But uh I'll continue on tomorrow or the Next day or whatever okay so continuing On um It was interesting the dodgy truther guy

And I know many of you are following him Or like connected to him on Facebook he Posts a lot of stuff now Um people are sending me things that They're Finding the guy Um But he um Send me this Two days ago I think or yesterday forgot To mention it Well what he said there was Let me see if I can find his original Post sends me a lot of stuff here on Uh well there's a deep Oak Chopra scam And but he said for the first time in Life when the co-author's name gets Dropped in translation And so they're putting out dear friends The heartfulness Institute is delighted To share The release of the publication of some Of dodgy's best sellers In Indian languages these bodies are These books are perfect means to share The message of heartfulness With our friends and relatives let's use The opportunity to order these books for Yourselves Give them to your loved ones The heartless way part-based meditation Spiritual transmission Transformation Hindi By Thomas Patel and Joshua Pollock and

Then the next one heartfulness way Heart-based meditation for Spiritual Transformation maharathi By kamlesh D Patel so they didn't even Put Joshua Pollock's name he's the true Author Of the book and I was just saying this Like he sent it to me After I did that voice over You heard earlier in this video about This whole thing you know it's always Bugged me Because you know it's a book written by Joshua Powell It's either one or the other because It's not a ghost written book And if you use a Ghostwriter you have to Say so like it's got to be Said that this is a ghost ridden book You know there's rules about this Literary rules And you know you have to follow those as An organization And as a to be a legitimate person right Uh and you know dodgy is just not Legitimate he's just not legit He's uh And then um the dodgy truth it sent me This these posted this on his Uh page And I remember this quote I remember Hearing this talk It was at the end of charges uh this was From uh October

2014. It was a worldwide Cast uh Here not just a muscle Maybe I'll play this I guess they took It down Um It's no longer up there in size mark Website Maybe because of this stuff being Published here But it says this um It started you said this The guru is the guru and the disciple is Always a disciple he can never transcend The guru that is one of the spiritual Laws so to think that you have become a Superior to your Guru is I won't say it Is a sin because in seismic we have only One sin that is of ingratitude Is the first step to your downfall And we see that with dodgy and so I Didn't know who he was talking about I didn't think it was kamlish At the time but I couldn't imagine it Who we would be talking about And why charge you would have said that So it's become obvious What's happened to you because Dodgy clearly thinks he's Superior to Charity that's been evident you know Slowly trickling out it was in the Beginning he was Master this master that Talked about charging and I showed you

Some of those older videos And so he was you know he didn't want to Come in he couldn't come in like he is Now at the beginning he had to establish Himself he had to have some success he You know built that ashram again that Was already started by chargey And then he started meeting these world Leaders and changing things it took a Couple years you know everyone had to Grieve Charges loss But he was clearly you know on this path Something happened or whatever it was You know he started to say these other Things that he was you know Uh he was made the master by Babaji and That charged you and charged you what Was unaware of the work that was going On behind the scenes all these things And then he came out and said well only A living Master can do anything to for The brighter World they can't do Anything so it was Contradicting himself but also Bolstering his street cred or whatever But he's a joke right because those Books aren't going to become good you Know like it doesn't become better as Time goes on People's Consciousness might be elevated Like in a Babaji book or whatever Uh where you more and more people could Understand it then could understand it

Before but that's not the case with Dodgy's books right they're for remedial People like people who are you know have A lower level of consciousness And so he's not getting better like he's Not you know gonna age well like a fine Wine Like his low-level stuff and he's taken The system And he's like almost anti Charges teachings and maybe Babaji to Whatever extent And so he's saying things that Contradict what their teachings were And their teachings were for you know From the source And there was energy and you know all These things from it and they were Transformational And so his stuff is just going to fall Flat because he's not smart he's losing Whatever and he used to be better like He used to give really good talks And he used to do you know quality work And it slipped because he's disconnected From the source and he's not you know Gifted naturally himself And so he's trying to stand out on his Own And he's whatever he's doing with the Chakra stuff or whatever that's going on With him I don't know what the book is about in Terms of

We don't mess with the power chakras If he's bringing that into it that's not Sagemarg Like he's just so many things like that And you know it's not working like he's Not resonating with people you can see It just with a the YouTube channel the Views and the comments and The people don't care you know they Don't love him like they love chargie I mean there's you know a video he puts Up where he thinks he says something Profound and there's like 10 comments And there's no substance in the comments It's just um like embarrassing right Like I get hundreds of comments per Video yeah like and there are profound Comments I mean there's people saying You know this thing is uh affected me Positively or even negative comments There's passion there But there's no passion in this comment Section He just doesn't have a following And you know I think he's losing more And more as he goes on In terms of like even if people are Still there they're less and less into Him And they're less and less into the System And so um you know he's just not good at It like he's not good He doesn't have the he doesn't have it

In them right you know it's like when They have a You know a pitcher and his pitcher is Getting You know it doesn't have control like a You know baseball pitcher doesn't have Control of the ball and is throwing a Lot of Bill's ball walking a lot of you Know players and get again uh you know Getting a lot of hits against him And and the coach comes out and says You don't have your you know you don't Have the good stuff tonight you don't Have it and that's every day for dodgy Like he just doesn't have it right uh And so it's uh you know it's falling Apart and I you know we're gonna see What happens with the Gathering starts In like a day now today's the 21st so There's you know one more day before the Gathering and it's going to start Tomorrow really for uh in India It's already you know 12 hours ahead in India so it'll start tomorrow sometime Tomorrow night I guess and Um you know they have this thing with Modi coming in in August And so Um you know that's to celebrate Vivekananda who Vivekananda there was a A ram Chand a marama Krishna mission And I'm not sure where it was located it Kind of featured Something sort of similar Roger yoga the

Way that we do it is not done anywhere Else where there's lots of transmission But there was something in the Rama Krishna movement And a lot of the people who Were around chargi you know were Were like pillars of the seismarck Community some of his inner circle Were involved in ramakrishna and he had A disciple name Swami Vivekananda Who came to America in the you know the Early 1900s so this sort of overlapped with Lology And you know Babaji was probably a young Man when Uh Bobby was definitely a young man when So Babaji was um let me just do the Dates here Babaji was born in 1899. And Swami vivekananda's speech was in 1990 1893. And so that was um Uh six years before Babaji was born Swami Vivekananda died And and uh he died in 1902. so Bobby was Two years old when Swami Vivekananda Died now Babaji had multiple in uh Intercommune intercommune with um Intercommunications With Swami Vivekananda In babaji's diary and he complained About Swami Vivekananda Always trying to take work from him that

Was babaji's way of saying these Saints Would show up And ask Babaji to do something like on This material plane Jesus did Jesus wanted Babaji to take Over Responsibility for his church and things And he complained about Swami Vivekananda Um he was a little bit like a tougher Guy so I maybe Cananda And he went to Chicago and had this epic Speech with her celebrating Here but he's connected to size Mark and He gave a number of messages To the uh medium The French woman And uh you know Whispers of the brighter World And so he's connected to sashmark like a Little bit more than some of the other Saints And Swami Vivekananda ramakrishna Said that he was praying for a disciple And there was these seven heavenly Rishis That were like stars and he had a vision One of the Stars fell to Earth And it was Swami Vivekananda and Swami Vivekananda Came to meet ramakrishna and ramakrishna Goes up is like hugging in and kissing Him and saying you're finally here And Swami vivekanas like freaked out

He's like what was this guy And he like leaves and then comes back Later And then he was uh he was ramakrishna's Disciple And they did something kind of similar To what we do here In terms of the you know transmission But dot you know Babaji opened it up in Different ways to make it more Accessible But Swami River Canada has been a part Of Sai schmarg and he was friends with Tesla he was more of a world figure And he gave it like a great speech on I Don't know if the speech exists in some Format you probably read it somewhere But dodgy had an association with Swami Vivekananda talks about him all the time And he read him before He became part of scishmark And so they're celebrating Swami Vivekananda's speech in August sometime But it happened in October And so it was the speech was given in October And uh It is um You know being celebrated because it's Like so many years I don't know It was given in 19 uh Um 90 1893 so I don't know I was like nada

You know It's not like a hundredth year Anniversary because that was 1993. I guess um It's been a 130 years which I don't understand is Significant significance of Maybe it's 125 years is that what it is I don't know No it's 100 and uh It's 130 years so Um You know Anyways they're celebrating it and dodgy Put it To sort of replace charges birthday Celebration and making it a big Gathering and now he's been pressured Into having something for charity But it's not a real Gathering they just Announced it four days ahead of time And people are pissed about it we saw That a comment That um somebody sent me a message on Facebook who You know this person's watching my Videos apparently someone I met a few Times from Canada And she was contacted from a woman in Germany looking for my email address so You know and she was also watching these Other videos that are being put up there You can find charges videos all over YouTube

There's various um If you if you search for mastercharge You can hear some of his talks and You know there's some videos of Babaji Out there as well The ones with charger are you know more Capture him and you know Babaji videos Harness Quality Um You know from from that time period But the charge videos are quite uh Prevalent and you know of a higher Quality and he was you know A Gifted Speaker You can hear these things and you know If you want to listen to them during the The Gathering that's uh you know that's A good idea some of his speeches are Are epic he just had a better way of Presenting himself he was masterly right And You know he's throwing together this Thing at the last minute But I don't know if there's going to be A concert one of my viewers said that They contacted us she contacted the Dodgy truther and he doesn't think There's a concert and they don't know What it is like they're just putting it Together like there's going to be some Sittings But it's only because Like there's probably going to be a mass

Rebellion And I think he wants to lose people but I don't you know he's like like I said He doesn't anybody who was who Matt Chargie is gonna See that dodgy sucks and by comparison Anybody who knew chargie uh you know in Any real way who had you know some Level of of understanding of charges Divinity People are not going to be impressed With with college and he's getting worse He's falling apart he's disconnected From the source and He's making bad decisions and so it's Not going to go anywhere Like it's not going to turn around like I think he maybe thinks it's going to Turn around Or the people around him or they keep on Lying to themselves they're probably so Insulated and isolated You know they're circling the wagons And they just keep on saying this is Great but it's not and then they look at Something like the the Buddha pashem Award you know the award or the you know The best-selling books my brother told Me That preceptors had to buy 10 000 copies Of dodgy's book 10 000 copies like where Are those copies and what are they going To do with it right and they say it's a Bestseller but it's not really

It's like Amazon has these different Categories And so you want to get your book in the Right categories and it's hard to do It's you know but like my friend within Which is a book about you know it's a It's a children's book that I've written And getting it in the right category was Hard And there really wasn't a necessarily Categories for its spiritual book for You know it's a board book like it's not It's not a board book but it should be Like I you know Amazon doesn't print that doesn't make Board books like that so maybe they do Now but they're one back when I had it Printed but it's like a kind of a board Book for toddlers about how God is Within them right Gods and everything And especially in you right so that's And you know getting it in the right Categories But there are so many abstract Categories that there aren't a lot of Books in that category so it's very easy To be a you know a top seller To break in the top ten or even the top Spot in an abstract obscure category And that's what they did with uh doji's Books and so they can say it's a Bestseller but they know deep down that They've pressured preceptors to buy an

Exorbitant amount of copies Like they pressure them to buy ten Thousand copies Like who has the money for that right And where are you going to put them like Imagine having 10 000 books shipped to Your house books that nobody wants to Read you're not going to give away 10 000 books I mean you know they're just there And so I mean I was stunned and I was Like who who was able to do that so my Brother said they oppression all the Pressuring all the preceptors to buy Dodgy's books So that they would make it up the charts In the Amazon they failed it didn't do It and the book sucks so ultimately you Know the book has to be worth reading But they can call him a best-selling Author now because they're in some Category it was the best-selling in that Category And you know that's their thing like Artificially inflating dodgy with awards That they purchased You know he got an award and he doesn't Deserve one because he sucks he's run The mission into the ground And he's got this award and they could Say he's Award winner But they more than likely purchased it But even if they didn't they you know in Some way based in influence based in

Money they bought the award and so now They have he has an award and they can Call him a best-selling author but it's Not true his books suck and he's not Compelling you know and he just does These scams and whatever Um and so it's just he's being Artificially propped up and they can all Claim yeah there's you know they're Definitely using Bots to enhance the View count of the videos and even that It's dismal like you know they have 500 000 subscribers and he's getting 3 000 Views that video with him and Deepak Chopra and the dodgy truth would send me All this stuff about Deepak Chopra be Involved in Scams and things and controversies in India so it's like he's not even a it's Not even clean but the thing is the main Point of this is When you met master chargie and he wrote To you and he you know put his attention On you or you went to a gathering you Know you're around him you met him He delivered when he got up to give a Talk He and he impressed right he He you know he Um he went beyond your expectations he Exceeded your expectations the Gathering Exceeded your expectations right so I Brought my wife and kids to India uh and My wife had never gone to a gathering

She went to the ashram in Molina and we Had a great time there And it was for like babaji's birthday And I had been back to the ashram and You know since the divorce I you know Saw my brother And we had a phenomenal time and the Energy was great there And you know that was probably 1999. Um and so I thought she would and my Kids who had you know had been to the Asha many times but now they were adults And they were yeah they were given their Cities and we went to the Epic so we'll Supposedly the Epic Gathering The 100th anniversary of Babaji I mean The 75th anniversary of Babaji creating Seismarck uh you know making it an Organization Legally in India in 1945 when it became An official organization And the option was being inaugurated and It was lology's birthday And so it was a big epic Gathering it Was the first time they were opening up The ashram for a big Gathering like this You know the ocean was finally you know Not completed but almost completed it Was you know it was up and running It had been under construction for so Long And then he he rolled out diaper Baba And there was you know these dignitaries And they brought in soldiers there's

Like a hundred soldiers walking around With machine guns as they brought in the You know the vice president or the President of India like the second in Command who's a long time practitioner Of seismard And so he was the least good you know I Liked him but you had to give up your Cell phones Like you couldn't have cell phones in There and you know all these things and The you know they closed up the ashram The meditation Hall remember we got Kicked out I told you about that because We had chairs and there was just they Made it sucky and it wasn't as good it Was the first time I ever went to a Gathering and I was disappointed it Underperformed And since that time dodgies Underperformed and disappointed me every Time he's been on masterly other than The udemy course which was great uh Which he did and the ashram was nice you Know they did a nice job on it uh but You know it was in terms of what we go There for which is connect to God He sucks at it like he's and he's Getting worse And so he's lost his connection so he Can't connect you and that ain't getting Better like he's not going to turn it Around he's lost his connection And his connection was you know his duty

Was to his previous master Who he has you know been ungrateful for And you know now that's turned around to Bite him in the You know what right so That's what's happening and so this Whole You know performative Gathering that He's got to do because People still love charging more than him And he can't create his own new group of People Like replacement aviasis because nobody Really likes them And like I said he's caught between this You know the area that he's from Again you can you know gain some Popularity and with social media You could gain that but the area he's From people aren't spiritual they're Business And so his people his cast and his People aren't really into gurus they're Into money and so he doesn't have a Group of people like chargie was a Brahman and he was a you know a good one And he appealed to the province and so There was a huge following he had you Know twenty thousand devoted Brahman Followers In you know Southern India and then People all over the rest of India and Then people from all these countries Which he traveled to

And cultivated relationships and won These people over with his performance And dodgy's done none of that right he's Incapable And so it's very interesting going into This pseudo-gathering and Then followed By the up by this Swami Vivekananda Thing and then there'll be doji's Birthday which will be you know I mean I'm not celebrating that and that'll be You know whatever I mean I'll cover all These things just because it needs to be You know there used to be some Resolution but it's just tanking it's Just so bad And you know they're just refuse to Admit it But they must know you know on a you Know hard level you can't you can't run From this stuff right Like you must plague him he must you Know not be sleeping and his house Falling apart and it's kids lives you Know because kids aren't being taken Care of because He's failed and you know all this stuff He's cut himself off from the source and You know he's just in free fall And the people around him are you know These business You know old Asura Kings demonic Kings And past lives that's what they said Charge he had a lot of people who were You know powerful maybe Saints but also

Had bad past lives and he kept these People close to keep them from doing What they're doing now And Dodges let them run amok and they're Just sucky So it's a mess anyways I gotta go do Some other stuff but I'll Wrap this video up in the next day or so And then I'll Start fresh and start covering the Gathering With dodgy um You know like just it's gonna be hard For you to watch like it gets harder Each year but I guess it'll be easier Than last year because Last year I was still you know A part of it like now I'm not a part of The this this funk dysfunctional Organization so Probably be easier than last year Anyways I'll continue on okay it's um Saturday July 22nd our gathering begins tomorrow The size the heartfulness Gathering Begins tonight One of my viewers said that The heartfulness page and they didn't The person wasn't specific so I didn't Know what they were talking about I Thought they meant Facebook Then I thought they meant Instagram Um and now I think they mean this But here it says well this is the

Heartfulness live Um powerfulness live The 96th birth anniversary of Puja SRI Charji Maharaja Notify me waiting I'll turn on the Notifications here Um Even though I don't want to see these Because it's going to take away from my It's not going to take away because I Don't care but you know Um I want to focus mostly on what we're Doing with Gratefulness meditation But You know this is six sittings they're Doing two sittings every day And we already know that dodgy has Canceled charging babaji's birthday And he didn't have anything for Babaji There's no mention of a concert here and So all of a sudden they're celebrating Chargie's birthday Because of the pushback they got from Everybody but that means he's just a Complete bozo So first of all it means that he is Ignoring and going against being Disobedient to babaji's order he said The inner commune with Babaji and Babaji Told him to cancel charges and babaji's Birthday gatherings And now he did that with Char he did That with Babaji but now he's

Celebrating charging and last year he Had a concert on charge's birthday And so there must have been such a Revolt and a a cry of outrage that he Caved and that means he's admitting that He's a piece of poop that um you know Lied about in her community with Babaji Because he has to address that somewhere And say okay Babaji reversed it and now He says celebrate the Gathering and so It seems like he just tries to get away With as much as he can And then there's pushback so that's Number one Like that's effed up that he's Celebrating chargie's birthday and he Didn't do this last year And people are just um You know like I said there must be some Sort of Revolt there So I was looking for all the charging Stuff so I went to like I said Facebook First Then I went to char the car fullness Instagram page You see this this is his Um you know here he is with these famous People and just a really unsage Mark Spiritual Anatomy book launch But here he has charity And this was for Guru purnima day which Is a a day you're supposed to spend with Your Guru the grace bestowed upon us by The guise of heartfulness charging was a

Master he wasn't a guide so um it says Here As we celebrate the auspicious occasion Of Guru purnima The grace bestowed upon us by the guise Of heartfulness is an internal presence In our lives as we celebrate the Auspicious occasion of Guru purnima let Us renew our commitment to pursue our Goals and ensure that the Legacy created By our gurus is utilized to the fullest Potential heartfulness dodgy Guru panima Guru guides and heartfulness right Nothing to say anything about um size Mark or charji or Babaji just calling Them guys you know they were spiritual Masters which you know we know the Charge that dodgy bowed before charging This is their official page again Okay so um Inauguration ceremony of the y-20 summit 2023 Today is the 22nd of July and 10 hours ago He posted this video And the dodgy truth are saying to me They're doing the blindfold scam again Um anyone interested Please come to the stage two of you One is here so he's still pushes this Scam It's green he did he smelled that color He smelled it You know if you need if used intuition

You don't have to use your other senses Yeah I mean you know this is a scam we Did it This guy Smell it you gotta rub against you there You go you can feel it on your arm you Know close to here tap it a few times Tap it yeah they'll tell you smell it They hold it right there they both they Both put it right here underneath their Lights they can see it he now knows what It is but he's still playing here It's orange color Orange Kaboom he did it he if it did it Yes he got it well I don't know they're One they're two for two All right so this is dodgy There they go let's feel it around there You go he's got he's got he's got it Brown color square shape It's brown with the square you did it Pink color diamond shape she did it the Diamond shape Well how they do that how do you do that The brighter mind scam isn't a big deal At this point because of all the other Stuff he's done But it's just so incompetent right like He they just make bad decision after bad Decision they follow a bad decision with Another worse decision You know like he comes in he lies about Bob's in our community with him and Canceling the birthday gathering what

Are we going to do when there's 400 Masters I don't know While we wait till there's five right And really there's a fourth one because There isn't really a fourth one now And so why don't we wait till we have Four and then we'll start worrying about 400. But he said Babaji gave me the answer You know I showed you the clip And why don't we play the clip I have a A copy of it here I got a meme of it This Is Called to accept if I'm willing to Accept this award It was a surprise for me And I say I do accept it on behalf of The hierarchy of Masters and Organization Important announcement We have been celebrating it For years That means You're easily spending 45 days If you have to attend On top of that make additional visits Come and then It is a bit too much I had been pondering over it During lifetime of course I would request her to communicate to Babuji Maharaja and say what to do There will be hundreds of Masters let me

Celebrate 100 birthdays separately 400 Days and you don't have 400 days in A year Took long time I'm sitting in He answered that he will get the answers At the right time And the answer did came a few weeks back It says divide the year into two Six months From January To June 30th And from first July 31st or 30th of December Whoever is born before 30th this master Will celebrate Combined birthdays of all those Masters Before 13 from foreign Between 1st July And end of the year 28 September I Remarked to Babaji Maharaja Why not later on if the living Master is Then in this segment It will be appropriate He said no there are many reasons which You will understand That these two dates are important Person in 28 September I didn't argue it's not in my Habit to Worry you So I said yes babuji it will be done So This is what I wanted to share with you

Please follow him That doesn't mean that we will not Celebrate individuals Masters birthdays It's celebrated at home in your hearts These two Will be the tradition going forward Thank you I cut off some of that compilation I did An introduction then I show you the took It took to G thing and a pattern of line But I showed you a couple videos ago but I have it there I might play it again And I might do the whole compilation in The next Journey series but Uh suffice is to say he got an order From Babaji and now without as far as I Know explaining himself explaining why He's disobeying that order They're having a full-on charge a Birthday Gallery but they waited to five Days before his birthday to announce it It's only for local people The rest of us can celebrate on the Internet even though they need money and He's always begging people to come to Ghana So he's a walking like he's just a Walking Gap and he's such a putts and Incompetent it's hard to really watch This stuff right I watch the stupidity of humans all the Time like and I make fun of it Market Laugh at it but this is something Different like this is personal to me

Like it's a really you know like it's a Real bummer but you know I've already You know gotten over it I've accepted That dodgy sucks but anyways I you know I've done a few few short videos I'm Going to get up on this um my other two Channels this Channel and the Gratefulness meditation And I made a long video that's You know up there the journey series Before this is going to be released To the general public it's on members Only channel for now but then I'm gonna Upgrade it or release it to the general Population Yeah The GP and then um this one's going to Come up I wrapping this up I think I'll Do one more voiceover tomorrow Then I'll start covering the dodgy stuff When I have time You don't have to get through his videos And all that stuff To see you know if you I mean that just Sucks like because now I have to look to See if there's anything he says about What happened with you know I guess I'll Just give a few talks it won't be that Bad But you know like all of a sudden he's Into charging like it's a whole thing And it's um you know it's just Embarrassing But I'll continue on uh tomorrow and

Then I'll wrap this up and I'll um you know get this one up there On the internets okay so I've made some Decisions here the first day of the Gathering first of all um Some things I just need to say right off The bat and Number one Um The accident that we had Was Um You know of complete blessing and Sometimes you can't tell for a while After something happens If it's a blessing or not and Um It's uh You know uh like if things will happen That you know that are that wouldn't Have happened if something bad or Something that's perceived as bad didn't Happen Like there's been benefits because of The accident And some of them are material some of Them are spiritual and the Gathering it Rained here The last you know the last two days And some real severe rain my wife and I Were walking and we got caught out in a Rain which is a place of sort of a Cleansing type of thing And just everything's building around

The energy To the Gathering And so there's that um And that's all very you know interesting The other piece to this is um The meditation went incredible this Morning just I went into samadhi for About 15 minutes Deep there's a flow to it like just the Energy was just there you know the whole Time Um you know so it's just Like that's you know it's just Auspicious and then Um there's stuff going on with the Heartfulness which I'll say in a moment But I was going to release this On Bob and Charlie's birthday but like I Made a three hour video on my other Channel about the Kennedy hearings I gotta do something on my uh my other Other channel you know my on my Apocalypse Now Channel about The stuff to do with um Jamie Foxx Because they've been covering that and He just made an announcement so like I Just have to cover that otherwise I was Just kind of not going to do a video There today But I uh have a you know I it all came Into you know just sort of flowed what I'm gonna do there today I'm gonna do a Small video with a lot of voice over Um so that's interesting

Because that's part of the Gathering as Well And I'm going to get to the stuff with Dodgy here at a moment and the um You know they're just a it's just Embarrassing over there at this point They slapped together a gathering they You know the woman mentioned being Grateful for charity And all the Masters and what they've Done for you Like be mindful to do that like whatever She said you'll see it I'll show you in A moment and you know it's Like I don't know if they're aware I Know they must be aware of somewhat of What we're doing with gratefulness and For them to react to that You know if you're doing what you're Supposed to be doing You wouldn't React to what we're doing Here right like if we were the problem And they were the solution And we were disgruntled people who are Leaving You would ignore you know it would just Be like oh it's sad but you know what Can we do that's what charge he did When there was splint organizations And that's what you would do right like When people leave my YouTube channel Whatever it is I'm like you know you're Free to go like it's no Obligation you're not obligated to

Listen to me you know Right so I mean I it's not a big deal And I don't know if they're reacting or I'm sure that they're aware of it Because they've watched my videos in the Past But when you're failing and you're doing The wrong thing You just start reacting to everything That's happening and that's what they're Doing here you can see that just dodge Yet I'll show you I'll narrate the clip When they're releasing the books dodgy Doesn't want to be there like he's Really got something against charging And You know in the the guru disciple Tradition You you know your Mastery with your turn To be a master is all about The Gratitude and the you know wanting To please and and to I mean this is what Charge you wrote over and over again and Dodgy was aware about because he was Editing these books and he was going Through it like charges In his footsteps his Diaries were called In his footsteps and his in his one Footsteps Diaries from 19 79 to to 1980. For whatever it was You know Babaji died in 83 and those Last years With Babaji it was I I'll never read

That book again I mean it was painful and while I was Reading that book there was I had access To another book that was never published There was this book called spider web And my ex worked out And there was a threat of uh letters These were letters that charge you wrote To people Very personal letters And a lot of them were around this time Period And They were very like just I read it the First time and I like you know My ex was editing the books it was like A secret hush-hush thing and some things And it was personal to people You know these letters the charger was Writing to like just different Individuals And it really humanized charging and Made me feel compassion for him and Empathy And changed my obviousness which years Ago so I read it again And I'll never read that again Because the second time I read it was so Painful and it was right at the time of The the Diaries Babaji was incapacitated For like six months before he died He came out of a coma briefly and really Wasn't coherent And he had all these tubes sticking out

Of him and charging his wife went to sit By his bed Every day for like you know I mean in Charge of us working so he had you know He had a limited time but it's like he Was there a month or two Maybe even longer and they were all Starting to be conniving And trying to cut up biologies Empire His kids All these other people trying to Undermine charge you as a successor And before that charge you you know Babaji was in and out of Consciousness He just wasn't Really with it you know he's really old You know they don't see a dementia but It's like that Whatever he was going through And Charlie got the idea that Babaji was Mad at him because all these people were Basically saying that to him and they're So there's these you know these wolves That were out there trying to steal the Mission from charity In all of it and you know whatever was Going on it was really slimy And they didn't accept charge you right Off the bat lots of people like just Even good good solid obvious George you Had to win them over and accomplish said Very emotionally Like this is why I thought he was just Really you know

He was defending charge you because all These people were over his house when he Was you know in the state himself and You know he said that ninety percent of People didn't accept charge and had to Go door to door come over these people's Houses they were hostile to them and Rude and win them over like that's what He had to do at the beginning of his As being master And in these letters they're just I mean Charging appear to be so strong and like I'll be very vulnerable in the letters And just kind of I want to say confused But just depressed and Um you know and his son gave a talk Right when chargie was you know at the End of his life His son Christian he said one day his Dad just fell on the ground was like Weeping And he got up and said you know to be a Master your heart has to break thousands Of times And like you know just uh The suffering he went through And he kept a couple of times he wrote To people Maybe five or six I don't know where I Read it I don't know if it was also in His diary like it was but it was a a Statement he made that he just wanted to When he died wanted a pat on his back From Babaji saying job well done that

Was his whole motivation and he did an Epic amount of work Just to please Babaji and so there was Never a thought that he would not Celebrate babaji's birthday Like it was you know his whole reason to Exist was to pay back Babaji and the Gratitude he had for what he was given And everybody really knows anything About size Mark knows that You don't deserve what you get like you Get a lot more than you deserve of good Stuff you know it's There's nobody even you know like you Can make a case even Babaji Who deserved the level of Spiritual you know attainment that's Available like Bobby gave a talk where He said people used to meditate from one Yuga To the next five thousand years or ten Thousand years however long Aug is in Fact when people lived that long these Were involves people much More evolved and intelligent and humans Of today You know there's a different kind of Human that's come in recently But these were you know ancient uh you Know maybe from whatever it was from you Know an off planet people or whatever These were more evolved people more you Know evolved race of humans that lived Much longer lives like substantially

Longer you know this is back when there Were giants and things yeah I mean there Was a whole different level of life here On planet Earth Um You know we're a slave Laurice created Out of test tubes like that's What's happened to the you know the Humanity that's here now Um but anyways but Bobby said people Used to meditate from One Yoga to the Next and there was high developed Saints And they didn't even get Liberation they Didn't even get what Babaji said you Could get in a few sittings from Scishmart And so what you get here You get from him or get from the you Know Divine master in this system but Human beings are now getting is like They're they're higher developed Souls That come down to receive the Transmission And I know this all to be true like Personally through my own experience And so We don't get we get more than what we Deserve and the Masters of the system Get way more because they you know they Go all the central region I mean they Have You know higher levels of spiritual Attainment And dodgy got that like he got he was

Close to charging he got way more than He deserved and he wants to be his own Man he wants to do this on his own and Cut the Masters out and that you know You can't do that like you can see it And now he's being pressured because he Can't win over an audience like if he Wasn't given this mission He could never be a guru on his own the Only reason he can be a guru here you're There and heartfulness What used to be Sasha Marcus because he Was given what was created by the other Great men that created the system Divine Beings not a great man Masters right And so He wouldn't be able to do that on his Own He wouldn't be able to create his own Following he's not doesn't have the Charisma and the he he can't even be a Fake Guru and so he was given something And you know he's struggled because he Wants to be seen as good or better or Whatever Whatever his ego is doing to him and Whatever the people around him he wants To stand on his own he wants to race Charge he and Babaji and all these Teachings And do his own thing but he can't do That because he's not appealing he can't Even win over a YouTube audience Like he's not as charismatic or as

Compelling as I am like I I won over a YouTube audience on my own And some of those are you know spiritual People that you know people of higher Developed consciousness That have ended up you know doing what We call gratefulness now And you know That's it I'm not a company I'm not a Nice person a networker right I'm Certainly smarter than dodgy and this Isn't a competition obviously but I'm Just saying that you know he can't even Do what I'm doing here like he can Create the kind of content that people Want to see And he's got a captive audience he can't Win them over and he hasn't won over the People for charging people and at some Point you know I think he I think Originally he was like all right you Guys just leave and I'll create my own People my own group But he's not doing that and they're on Hard times I don't think they have the Money And so you're going to see this sad Gathering like he doesn't want to Celebrate chargie he doesn't want to do This But he has to like he has to do it he's Being forced and you know it's pathetic Because it shouldn't be she should just Be beaming with gratefulness for

You know for gratitude for charity Because of all charge he did for him He's around charging all the time charge You did all the spiritual work on him You know in all of us and and more so Like she got more than anybody And we're all grateful for whatever we Got from chargie And whatever he was able to do for us And he did way more for taji And Dodge you can't muster up enough Thanks and gratitude to you know and Celebrate charges Brilliance he's not a Fan of charge he's not like he's never Talked about any charges books and what They did for him and never the you know Any of the things that charge he did That helped him evolve He doesn't have any Star you know charge You told Babaji stories all the time Of their time together and they traveled You know all this time They travel to the to the west to America and Europe and Africa and Different places around the world they Traveled in the time he spent meeting You know he wrote a whole book of his Interactions with With charge right And so dodgy just doesn't have anything Like that he just Um you know he did in the beginning he Told charging stories Within charge he died and he told a few

After that and then he just like well he Was pissed at him He was angry or whatever and like I Think he'd been concealing it And he was just getting this thing that He thought he wanted Or you know again like this is just my Well you know basic understanding of What I see but it's hard to imagine Somebody doing that to somebody who's Done so much for you And so the Gathering whether he has one Or not isn't the point it's whether he Actually feels grateful for charging and Now he's like being pressured to come up With some you know to basically say he Is and you know he's I mean I don't know He I've only seen the first Gathering Last night And then there was another first sitting Last night but you know I don't know if He's gonna there was a message he gave And I'm not going to get out I don't Have access to that Um I don't know if somebody will send it To me or not but other than that I don't I'm not going to go look for it but I Would assume it's not really about Charging and if it is he's just doing it To try to win people back because People are leaving because of his Disrespect for charge and you can't undo That you can't undo in gratitude You know gratitude has to be there and

If it's not And you have ingratitude you can't I Mean you can somehow come around to Being grateful But the ship is sales for all of us who See what he did like he can't win us Back by suddenly you know creating Gratitude for charge you that should Have been there the whole time All right with that in mind let's get to The the video clips here So here is the first sitting I'm just Gonna go through it I haven't looked at This yet um It's a 20 second here but the 23rd in India And they have a bunch of pictures of Chargie A lot of pictures with chargie and Bobby Together A lot of old pictures they put together This reel So they're actually celebrating charge You a little bit And this woman comes out here Okay get right here There we go ready we're ready And of course the mic doesn't work Because You know they were incompetent That was happening give it a cough It might actually got nothing here All brothers and sisters are requested To please make sure to turn off your

Mobile phones She's like thanks Here Comes stodgy Where is he he come out yet no It's got to come back out here Talk a little bit more in Hindi Please prepare for meditation Here Comes dodgy no mask He's finally abandoned the mask It's coming out He's a good thing Sitting down He's getting ready for the big bow video You know he's staring like a bitter man Into the Like what I gotta be here well we gotta Celebrate chargie's birthday And we're getting all pouty Dude Get ready I don't feel nothing There's no transmission here Um You know maybe there's something for the People who are Still doing harmfulness Um The meditation in progress so I don't Know if they'll cut dodgy off or dodgio Cut himself off or They'll stop transmitting to the people That are there who You know are connected to charge you Directly you know there's no way for me To evaluate on a case-by-case basis

Or know what people are experiencing or Not The dodgy truther said there's less and Less Transmission in the You know whatever's going on there like You can barely feel it You know that's what I experienced um So maybe there's other people you know I Don't know what each person's specific Case is because they can transmit to you Despite you know Uh dodgy they can go around them or You know so the ones that deserve the Transmission I guess you don't know I I Don't like that isn't even a correct way Of saying this because it's so weird This little thing is weird Um You know so I don't know But I do know that some people weren't a Lot of you and this guy dodgy truth or And other people aren't feeling it and We didn't feel we went to India And you know they don't feel it in his Videos and things Certainly not like it was Um I then got the end of the you know The Gathering I I did a video my wife and I watched it And then I Recorded it I didn't say anything so I'm Just going to do a running commentary But I want to say it I turned on TV to Eat breakfast

And Mike Pence the former vice president For Trump who's like a dial tone has no Charisma Has no chance of winning the presence He's running for president Him and Trump had a you know Trump Turned on him like Trump turns on Everyone And Mike Pence is running and you know My wife and I are like just what a waste Of money and time and energy He might get something out of it from an Endorsement But Mike Pence is in you know he just Doesn't have a chance of winning he has Zero Charisma he just doesn't have it Right and I was thinking about this with Dodgy right dodgy just doesn't have it You know he could be a steward like a Steward until somebody A great man came along right Um you know like in The Lord of the Rings where the there was a sword Keeping you know Gondor for the Nev for The Return of the King Who was Aragon you know Strider in the Lord of the Rings movies And you know the story didn't want to Give it up again when Eragon finally Came back He was like gondorg doesn't need a king Gondor doesn't want a king so he didn't You know he ended up going crazy and Going to the dark side

Because he was a steward who wanted to Be king he forgot that he was just a Steward right he was someone there a Placeholder there's nothing wrong with Being a placehold there's nothing wrong With being a role player There's nothing wrong this way if that's What your destiny is then you do it But dodgy is unwilling to do it here so They unveiled the books and again There was no time they announced this Gathering four or five days before It um You know it was uh You know before this first city like Three days even I don't remember when The announcement was but I was like oh My God they're you know They're doing at the last minute and They did it only for local people so There isn't probably as many charging People in the area In Hyderabad area so all the people that Would have come from Chennai all the Real hard charges devotees people that Were around him you know brahmanas they Have to watch the you know they have to Watch from the internet and oh there's Um Let me show you the screenshot here There is um well I'll just put the Screenshot for this whole voiceover There is um Like only 5 000 people watched

Which was stunning there was only 5 000 People watching live I don't know what They're going to do with the numbers This morning They might boost it in some way But 5 000 people were watching chargie's Birthday so I mean what's happened like they're Having their own private gatherings in There Ignoring dodgy I mean there's all those Things and the sitting was only 36 minutes which is longer than some of His 19 minute sittings he gave At the last lology Gathering but you Know he's not able to give long sittings Anymore And so you know it needs to be longer There's substantial cleaning are sitting The first one Was almost an hour And so you know it's just I mean it's Bad like it's it's collapsing around Them so let's get into it here So I'm just gonna do a running Commentary dodgy is um Writing in his diary there um You know like dodgy do Um and short sitting and he just seems Bob looking's miserable Like I don't want to be he feels like He's forced to be there greetings to all To your brothers and sisters Present here at kanha shantivada

And those joining us live from around The world As We Gather To commemorate the 96th birth Anniversary of our beloved puji SRI Charity Maharaj It was completely bombed Okay to remember with gratitude all that We have received from him And offer our tributes to him with Hearts immersed in silence It is with great joy that we announce Today The new book releases for this so they Didn't have any time to produce any Books for this Gathering because There was no real new books here Languages and so this is all just all Books International Language Chinese book Right Ought to Avail this opportunity of being Present here and collect their copies of The new releases from books and more so You can see there really isn't anything New this will also be available to order From these are all only Books that have been translated into Other countries and messages of our Masters enshrined in this literary Treasures Gifted To Us by them and read these Books with loving gratitude So this is a joke we have first being

Released today the We requests please We just you know not okay why am I here The first book Is complete works of ram Chandra lalaji Maharaja Volume 2 in Telugu Apologies books are hard to read Of five out of the Dozen books written By Lalaji Maharaj let me pause this real Quick so lology wrote essays they Weren't intended to be books And their high level yogic stuff like I I don't know how much I would understand Now If I reread truth Eternal which is the One book we had which is a series of his Essays but it's for advanced yogic I Mean the people that lived there that Time I mean it's you know hard to understand Very abstract very you know you need a Lot of you know it's like trying to read Uh you know a high level book and a Specific field this is the field of Spiritual science When you're a newbie right it's coming From the West coming from no yogic Training it was hard to read but for Most people it's hard to read And some of you guys are trying to read It and I read it three times and I you Know understand a little bit of it and This is even after understanding

And a lot of the seismard stuffed a lot Of the method Was developed by Babaji so lology was He'd prescribed mantras and do other Things Badaji wants to erase charge in Babaji Because lology stuff is beyond people And lology is a Founder you know he Needs gurus just because every everybody Has one every every Master talks about Their Guru every Guru talks about their Guru in India so there's a guru culture You can't ignore you know all the people That were there knew that he was charges Decisive disciple so-called so he has to You know still play along at that game Minimally which is what he does barely Mention them he'll talk about it oh my Guru this my Guru that the guru is the Authority and the only reason he's the Masters because He was endorsed by Babaji and charge you To be the master he's a legitimate Master and president but he hasn't lived Up to it right he's failed he's fallen And so lology represents the safest one Because if you read Babaji and sharji You're like well dodgy isn't doing any Of this right if you read any of the Official literature You realize that dodgy is not doing what Is in the books right like those of us Who know the books and know the Philosophy and know the the method we

Easily see it And so he's publishing these lology Books all over the place but no one's Going to understand them He's not publishing chargie books and Charge he had the easily the most Accessible easy to understand books Charge you made it easy for people to Understand what size Mark was about Babaji some of his stuff is too abstract And you know Babaji was not as good of a Speaker's charge he's charging was International man who was you know Westernized to some extent and he Understood all the different cultures And he could articulate babaji's Teachings in a way that we could Understand And charges books had a tremendous Effect on so many of us his books were Transformational And babaji's five books were Transformational as well reality at dawn And things like this I mean wonderful Books but babaji has these five books And then they have like some of babaji's Letters they have some of his messages Some of these things but not a lot of Content and so charge you had you know The the vastus amount of books But I was told by the dodgy truth or That After the flood that happened you know When chargie was passed away

The dodgy got rid of told people to Throw out charging books that were not Even damaged he wanted to scrub charges Literature he barely talks about my Master And then they haven't re-released any of His old books And talks and they were epic he's you Know they're erasing these things from The From the sage Mark website and that's The other but they're up there on YouTube and things But he should be re-releasing a chargie Book that's what you would do they have All this stuff to re-release but dodgy's Got his own crappy books that are not Nearly as good so he's not going to do That and like that's fairly obvious like He's you know he doesn't want to compete With real pastors right In the devanagri script These writings include his letters to His associates The philosophy of sant mat started by Him Which is now modified to sahaja mark The first volume of this Series has been Published as truth Eternal in Hindi There's no applause like I don't know if Anybody's even there I was stunned that there was zero plus Because they always applaud the books Now they're just and these are books in

Languages there's no one being released Today Is complete works of ram Chandra Volume 4 in Tamil and Telugu now Telugu There are people from Telugu there Maharaja On daily sadhana Behavior to be adopted in our Interactions with others in daily life Principles of conversation and much more For the benefit of practitioners of this Time see there's no people from Tamil Who aspires for Spiritual progress must Read this book to benefit from it There is no um people from Tamil that's Charges those are the promise Volume Charges autobiography Covering the years so they've released One of babaji's books In a language I think is a from the I Don't know what state that's from There's probably no people there for That language messages Formal talks given from the years 1957 To 1982. So um you know this is so bizarre So this is a book that's written by Someone either it's not a master of the System I don't know who wrote This Book But it's about yoga And so on charge his birthday there's no Books from charges they're not releasing Anything the charge you did re-releasing

It You know I knew this was going to be the Case this Is loading a new chapter on the next Evolution of spiritual practices so this Is stuff that Dodges in favor of You know this is books that he's Released before None of these are new books they're just Being released in other languages so They have nothing new This is what I was talking about earlier That this was written by Joshua Powell I Mean Joshua uh Whatever his name is Joshua something Um it was Clark Powell that wrote the Other book but Uh Clark Powell wrote seismarck Companion it was the same kind of thing Clark Powell interviewed chargie chargie Gave him answers Clark Powell compiled it into a book And so this is the same thing that um Josh did And Josh is he's just is it also Are they both named pal that's weird It might be Joshua Powell too I don't Know they're not related though anyway Josh is the author of this book but They're saying dodgy is the author which Is just you know you got to follow the Rules like this is their literary rules Here But they're published this in Chinese I

Don't know if there's any there are very Few practitioners you know it's illegal To believe in God in China I mean I Don't know if you know what's going on There But these are just you know books that Already exist that they're publishing in Different languages the whole thing's Bizarre it's just so bizarre The 20th language in which this book has Now been translated There's no supplies there's no Celebrations The wisdom Bridge Bible in the language Marathi Marathi I think is where he they try to Get all those people for the villages To live a life that inspires our Children and loved ones so he's trying To put his crappy books out there all to Pick up their copies today itself from Books and more and immerse ourselves in The guidance of the Masters No it's just basically dodgy and some More books we would like to share with All We have A few more books being released today Which are available for pre-booking only At the moment pre-working she's going to release these on His on his birthday This contains messages by belavedaji Given during the bhandaras you know he

Gives these crappy messages Trying to get as much content out of him You know he's trying to compete with all The content charge you created you also Have with his content is horrible In the language Malayalam Again so these are just Books that are already out there that They're just releasing different Languages This kid's got the book upside down I Think that's dodgy's grandkid I mean it's just like it's such a mass Dodgy is miserable but he's so Ungrateful Just unbelievable like like yeah it Sounds bad Pre-ordering his crappy books in Different languages This is what happens when you um They have Whispers of the brighter world The volumes that he released that are Babaji's books his Diaries and the Excerpts there's inner Community Uh but there's nothing in English There's nothing about charging here Like it's just um You know disaster like this is a Disaster right this is Like him having to be pressured This is a message he gave a charge so It's it's dodgy's message he may or may Not even mention charging in there I Mean he might because he has to

Um but he's clearly not into this Like this is so forced They have a self-learning course this Heartful communication you know they Were doing this this was uh non-violent Communication that an English woman was Working on for the lology memorial Mega School and she was a nice person but They were they were trying to do this Non-violence of a kind of new agey thing I think that's what this is Nothing to do with such mark Me website Everyone can register you know when he Did that right before the Gathering he Rolled out another he doubled tripled Quadrupled down on the brighter mind Scam let him and so this whole thing is Just so bad I mean he's just So this is not you know the sage Mark Stuff here Total communication So um We are also happy to share with everyone That the Inner Peace Museum Is open now during the bhandara in her Peace Museum They got an inner peace Museum the Timings at which we can make use of this Opportunity to visit the Inner Peace Museum are 10 30 a.m to 12 30 pm and 4 Pm to 6 PM each day So she looks at doji here

Like can you do something um I got nothing more And he you know he gets up and leaves Um weird like it's just getting so weird He doesn't want to be there And he's forced to be there I kind of I don't know what he's doing His grandson there and he gets up Um I don't know if there's even anybody There like this there's no pause there's No anything There's no audience they don't show you The audience And just um Like it's just a a circus it's a clown Show So after dodgy leaves um I just noticed This I turned it off last night but they Here's the harmful communication here's Some radiant skin face wash hearty Culture Um come on There's some uh some more products you Know he's essential oils this is all Stuff he's learning from pontanjali you Know diaper Baba he's they're trying to Merch out here Which I wouldn't have a problem with if They were running a legitimate Organization here but they're not Um some health stuff here face serum You know this is all their merch right

Uh running ads and stuff here dodgies Left um the art of facilitation all These people are paying money to have Their ads out here You know everyone's tuned turn this off By now there's all those books that are Just in different languages right Pre-existing books that have been Translated to other languages which Isn't a problem but those aren't Releases of books As they have an activity book in Tamil And you know they there's nothing here Like they They're bankrupt like they're Hemorrhaging money and they've lost Support and it's a disaster so then this Happens so this is 96th birth Anniversary of charge you my Raj this Was at 7 30 A.M But they had normal Sunday group Meditation Right and this has 6 000 views this one Now has 31 000 views but last night it Only had five thousand So I think they just put up artificial Views they didn't allow people to Comment you go back here later and Refresh it'll have 30 000 views all of a Sudden right Um maybe those are legitimate views but I don't think so There's no way to say because they did Not lay on people to comment but this

Isn't a chargey birthday thing right so Um this is him speaking in Hindi it's All Hindi this is normal Sunday Meditation Or thermodynamics is [Music] So he gave a regular SATs on on Sunday Even though it's chargie's birthday Two hours after the charge you SATs on And this is going to be really confusing To people So this is Sunday SATs on so when they Give a gathering there's a series of Sittings just like the introductory Settings are a series of sittings and Spiritual work is done there's intention And certain type of cleaning and certain You know each thing has a specific um Purpose right There are some Gatherings where people Are moved to points And Um you know there's there's a flow to it And you wouldn't have like a gathering You wouldn't have a separate SATs on a Group meditation For um you know all the people there Right so this is um he starts the Meditation here Um and so I guess I don't know what's Coming up here Please begin meditation They have this some pictures here And then they have

This here so it begins here at 16 15 you know 15 something And it ends at Um at well here they got the merch stuff It ends here at 29 so it's not even 15 minutes so he Gave a 15 minute sat sign In the middle of a chargey birthday Gathering Like I I don't I mean I guess he's Senile right or Well you know I don't know it's like It's none of this makes sense so this is The heartfulness YouTube channel live Here's chargie's birthday The first one there's meditate with Dodgy which is a half hour Um most of it's a talk it's a half of a 15 minutes of talk at 15 minutes of a City of a sitting and then seven hours Later or whatever it was It's back to charity right for the Second sitting these are all happening On July 23rd In India like on Sunday there Um just bizarre And so they do the same thing here Turn the volume off there's more Pictures of chargie coming in there's This thing here Again Dodgy being forced to do this this isn't It he's not grateful to charge e he's Competing with him you know these are

Gatherings of I mean this is in Hyderabad I don't know If that's this day now these are old Pictures Um that might be another venue here's Charge you playing ping pong so you got These old things here They're waiting for dodgy to come out Here Again there's 17 minutes Into this thing prepare for meditation He comes out Um And so he's you know It's going to come up here sit down It's going to start meditation or 18 Minutes into this thing And they start meditation at 19 minutes In And then it goes to the meditation And Um This is The city Ends here At 49 Minutes in so Um it's basically another half hour Sitting here So he's only given half hour sat songs There are times charging gave an hour And 10 minute hour 20 minute Usually it wasn't supposed to go over an Hour

But at Gatherings the sassons were I Mean almost never less than 45 minutes Because it takes that long to do the Work You know and his sad songs are getting Shorter and shorter there was like 15 minutes sassons At uh you know he just like he's not Into giving these meditations comes in Looking sad Looking bummed Rice in his diary And then she's going to do some Announcements here To the auspicious beginning of the 96th Birth anniversary celebrations of Beloved buddhistri charity Maharaj It is a very special time for all of us Charge you used to give probably a talk A day Is not going to do that As we remember with deep gratitude The blessings of beauty charity Maharaja So another gratitude this is twice They've mentioned gratitude Two sittings The Gratitude is you know there's this Thing called gratefulness meditation now Um but you know that I very Uncomfortable And the days and moments spent with him Let us spend these days of the bandara In silent and prayerful remembrance Celebrating the joy in our hearts so

That's um Like why not a concert right you know Like just they slapped this thing Together And there might be like 10 people out There we don't even know I mean they Normally get you know like 400 people For SATs on they're not turning the Camera around like they do at most Gatherings So this is like an empty Hall They're performing for YouTube And you know the whole thing you know That the hall there The hall there said 60 000 people or More and it's just gonna Move over to this And we have this they go back to this And lesson plans That is going to hold up these things Here we urge all our It's holding up these things again these Are for kids Um You know and I mean They've lost it like he's lost the thing Like he's just a Broken Man up here Right Like what's happened it's just you know It was totally unnecessary Like it's just I I don't know what he Was thinking Let me switch over the voiceover just Talk about that briefly

But uh you know the the delusion here See I don't know what dodgy thought was Going to happen That they would be so overwhelmed by his Greatness or there'd be so many more new People Because the original plan was that there Would be Millions upon millions of new People That you know when chargie passed away There might have been 200 000 you know It's how you're going to categorize Obvious right like how devoted they are You know so what makes uh you know how Would you count a member of the system Somebody who took their first initial Three sittings Well then there's millions of people Maybe a million people who did it right Or you know people who come regularly Week to weekly sets on like how do you Count The amount of people who are doing the System And I would count it by view count On YouTube who regularly watch dodgy's Videos And it's about really under 10 000 People and I think some of those views I Mean I think it's probably Just a handful of people thousands a Couple thousand people At the big meditation Hall there you

Know it's there's a big meditation Hall That sits 60 to 70 000 people And there's all zero auxiliary buildings That collectively said you know the Whole the whole thing the whole Meditation Center Uh the whole meditation building is over A hundred thousand people And they haven't filled that yet and They're not going to They came close During the Gathering me and my family Went to and it's dwindled ever since Covid and all this stuff And so They don't have new people In the kind of numbers right so when Dodgy tried to bring in the took to G People That was 250 000 people if they all Merged into Heartfulness that would double the Amount of people that charge you had Right And so dodgy was thinking he was going To get millions of people And the new people would all be dodgy People they would have never met chargie They wouldn't have known what it was Before But that hasn't happened he hasn't Brought in really anybody as far as I Can tell not real devoted people He doesn't have a following he doesn't

Have a like a fan base like charge he Had chargie had like 20 000 people just In Chennai alone In charge you had won all these people Over And so I think dodgy was thinking that He was gonna Bring in a bunch of new people and the Old people would have to Love it or leave it right they would Have to accept that there was this new You know way of doing things And if they didn't like it they could Leave And he probably preferred that and he Could just replace Any kind of administrative people and People who did the work with his own Preceptor's own people the charging People just go to hell right But that hasn't happened And their hemorrhaging money his Business is crumbled in America you know He had multiple properties in India he Owned at least one house in you know Staten Island and you probably own more Property there in New York he owned Seven pharmacies And he was able to buy a house and Donate it to the mission in New York for A national And now he's you know I think his whole Family's financial situation is Completely effed unless they embezzled a

Bunch of money from their own company or Whatever it was right a company that Went bankrupt and now we're trying to Start something up in India like the Dodgy truther things But either way he's family isn't doing Well The mission is not doing well it's not Raising money the numbers are dwindling And people are starting to leave And so he thought he was going to pull a Fast one And get rid of he thought maybe after he Won that award like that board was Validation like he I just don't think he Understands reality and where he is in The in the you know in people's Assessment of him right like I Understand that the majority of people Who listen to me on YouTube Don't like me like it's 10 or 100 to one it's one out of a Hundred People come to my channel and want to Stay I mean it's a very low percentage And I've accepted that I'm not going to Appeal to a massive audience You know I have a bunch of people who Love me or you know really benefit from What I do here they get me and majority Of people aren't And I already knew that probably going Into it

But it you know it wasn't something that Shocked me I don't think dodgy understands like Mike Pence that he isn't that guy like He isn't like a star person he isn't you Know near near the the man to charge you Obama's Urology was And he's just not smart he's dull he's Not You know and he's gotten worse he used To be a better speaker and he's gotten Worse he's hard to understand he's you Know he just isn't you know got it Um and so You know he thought he would create more Of a a following and now that he's Gotten this award and he's rubbing Elbows with Rich and Famous you know Celebrities and politicians and Important people he got this big ash From and he's made these connections You know I thought he thought he could Roll out this idea that Babaji Tran uh You know um Uh ordered him to get rid of these Gatherings and people would buy it but They didn't and that's the huge elephant In the room here and it's going to be There and every one of these gatherings Because you said you got an order from Babaji Babaji didn't doesn't make Mistakes from the brighter world To get rid of to charge you and Babaji Uh gatherings

And you know within six months you're Reversing that And the only reason could be public Pressure Because you haven't created your own Following and you need the charging People And he's not you know he looks miserable Like he's forced to do this he gets all Pouty you know he gets these very You know he's um you know entitled and Very sort of He's kind of a prima donna And so this thing is I mean the way this Is played out like I was thinking okay At what point is he going to be forced To reverse this because I knew this was Going to happen I think I said it like I Can't imagine the people are gonna There's so many charging people and they Love them And him canceling his Gathering and now Disobeying babaji's order You know he hasn't given any explanation To how wide he reversed himself Um and this is just bad And giving half hour sassons you know Like I said there's a assess on a group Meditation every Sunday And dodgy gives one in Hindi every Sunday I used to give it for the world But you know he finally just decided to Give it to you know people in India And at the ashrams or in local centers

Many of you have practiced you'd go Sunday morning to a preceptor's house And you do group meditation SATs on And if there's a gathering going on SATs on wouldn't take place You have a gathering sitting instead of SATs on But dodgy bizarrely had this regular Weekly SATs on And he only gave it for 15 minutes And then he's you know going back and Doing the Second City That City's bizarre like I showed you Just showed you that Um and you know It's all because it's forced and it Doesn't you know if something's forced If he doesn't have gratitude for Charging if he doesn't have love for Chargey then this thing isn't going to Make it better Like there's nothing here like there's No gratitude there's no appreciation There's no you know this was the man That you know changed my life in some Way this great teacher you know this Great Guru there's none of that and so You know it's pointless for him to go Out there and just pout I mean they just don't get it like There's no There's no adults in the room there like No one's I mean just a disaster anyways I gotta move on to other stuff so

Um but yeah it's bad like it's pretty Bad over there All right I'll continue on as there's Another sitting tonight and I'll cover This I guess tomorrow Okay this is um the dodgy truth or sent Me this Here is um Here is um Dodgy and this clown here Um I should there I can't get rid of the Music Which is oh here it is I can So um It's a weird video here here we go So look he puts his he does the Namaste Pranams spreads his arms a girl Spreading her arms look at this look at This extraordinary demonstration of Extra extra accessory perception during My privilege Um this guy's solving the Rubik's Cube Here's dodgy the fraud and Deepak Chopra Getting roped into this and um You know He's doing it he's showing a thing A demonstration of brighter Minds shown To me by students at Connie Shante vanum They misspelled it so Deepak Tropius Shared this video Of the scammer dodgy and he's writing Things down here

[Laughter] Deepak Chopra getting roped into the Brighter mind scam You know how much money is in this thing That they keep on pushing it like how Much money are they making off this Thing Um here you go we solved it here But this is from nariana nyank Who is um I have mailed the Ethics Committee of American Medical Association AMA about the promotion of Quackery by Quantum quack Deepak Chopra do not know whether it is As useless as IMA because they have done Nothing about this scam despite my many Complaints that's IMA in India I dear sirs I am nariana and I yank I Know I'm not pronouncing that right a Medical biochemist pie profession now Retired from academics in 2006 after Teaching three decades At this school Besides you can Google to find out about The various scams evolving claims of Supernatural powers that I have exposed This is a scam called midbrain Activation Claims that children can see blindfold Without light from object being visible But being visualized falling on the Retina Which he talks about quite a lot here And this is um that one of your members

In the states of the U.S Is Deepak Chopra He's promoting quite a bit of quackery Under His names like ayurveda and Quantum Healing Etc okay so he you know sent This out to America tried to shut this Down with Deepak Chopra he's gone up Against dodgy look at Dodge you I'm so Humble I don't know it's crazy you know Uh And so I guess that was going on last a Couple weeks ago Um the whole thing so um I just did the Meditation our second SATs on here in America And phenomenal And I'll get into that in a moment uh The voiceover But I um Saw this I haven't really looked at this Yet but this is A picture of dodgy you know he was You know just Looks a lot better back then Um And here he is with chargie And you know um Dodgy isn't doing this like he might Have approved this um based on a need or Whatever based on pressure but But you know he was close to charge you There's a a time where he put his head On charge his shoulder

In some video I haven't seen the video In years but when they your first was Made master These are all pictures of charge you and You know there's dodgy coming out no Mask well saddy looks and just Physically worn down you just I mean He's not aged well and you know this Disaster of a mission thing that's Happening Um So sitting starts here at uh 42 10 or I guess in a A little bit here um You know 41 43 41. About 41 minutes Left in it this is a live thing So um He gives us sitting all the way I guess It's Here to Again so this was a a 36 minute sitting Um 35 minute This is where he ends the city here The diary thing out And um He walks off that was it no announcement No Appraiser charges it's charges birthday July 24th This is the morning sitting He doesn't say a word no talk no Anything about charging

Um Like just you know I hope he gives a Talk later tonight or whatever I don't Hope because like it sucks anyway it's All fake Uh but just you know It's a disaster embarrassing I mean all these things Um Just absolutely brutal so I want to talk About this on the other side here Okay so I want to talk about the Gratefulness meditation because that's Much more important Uh you know I threw in that clip because Of the dodgy truth they're sent it to me About Deepak Joe Pratt and dodgy double Doubling down on the scam But I had these thoughts when I saw that Picture of dodgy and and uh master Chargie you know dodgy spent his last Charges last seven years In Indian high in Chennai And He followed him around and traveled with Him and you know he was with him almost All the time right And you know if you if heard him talk He'd say master this master that and Clearly was um You know was and we saw what happened When he was not when he was when Charging announced him to be the

Successor and he bowed before charge and And cried and all these things um And Something's Happened and Dodgy isn't talking about it I have not Heard anybody knows what happened You know part of it is he wants to stay In his own feet or he's he's bummed that People don't love him like they did Charge you know there's jealousy there But there was a story told and the story Was you know this was when chargie was Um This was like one of the few times he Was talking about charging and people Were wondering why he never talked about Him the way charge you talked about Babaji and Babaji talked about Volology and there was a reverence there And just You know I mean just a divine Love I just uh you know a uh so much Gratitude and uh so you know just trying To please the You know their like their coach their You know their Mentor their Their teacher their guide right someone Who would 've done so much for them Right you know there's a a bond between The teacher and the student I was just Watching uh Steph Curry Steph Curry's Documentary And you know with Kyrie Irving doing What he did with the vaccine I mean he Is you know elevated himself in my uh

You know my whatever it is in terms of Basketball players but Steph Curry and The in the Warriors for a while have Been my favorite team just the way that They play Steph Curry as a you know just Um I like the way they play basketball Uh and you know Kyrie Irving has all These uh you know he has like a Tremendous amount of skill level and he Stood up for something he believed in so There's that as well But in terms of Steph Curry he's got a Very interesting story and I remember Seeing him in college And he was you know he looked like a Like he was 14 15 year old kid And he was hitting these crazy shots And I knew that his dad played for the NBA like I I didn't really it was first Time I ever heard of him and the Documentary gets into this and nobody Wanted the guy it's called underrated Even though his dad playing the NBA he Was you know he used to play one-on-one Against his dad's um teammates and Things you know he'd be at these NBA Games he's around basketball his whole Life And nobody wanted him like they had him You know they had um different coaches Mics or chefsky The famous coach from duke said it was Praising curry in in this school

Davidson this small school 2 000 people He went to And this one coach just saw it Like he just knew Steph Curry was going To be something special And there was a bond there like there Was that he was there was Steph Curry Broke the record for three-pointers and You know and he was Steph Curry Graduated there's a whole thing of the Documentary But just the love between the coach of The and the player this coach changed Steph Curry's life Steph Curry changed The coach's life And you know there's tears they're like Crying and stuff right and you see that Right that's you know that's a Representation of you know a material Representation of something that's even Deeper and more profound in terms of the Guru and disciple relationship And you know chargie and and Babaji had It and Babaji and lology had it and for Whatever reason doji doesn't have it for Charging and he told this story you know This was him um talking about charges Final resting place in terms of Building him uh you know This is the video in which he was he was Saying this And he was saying that everyone's saying Well he's going to talk about chargie And you know he doesn't

You know why is he not talking about Charging and he told this story in which Charge he wrote down somebody's name and It you know he he was basically saying It was his name On a piece of paper to be the next Master But charge he second-guessed himself and Crumpled up the paper and threw it away And kamlish said he was lamenting you Know how different it would have been Because you know in 2011 Charger nominated kamlish and and charge You went into a coma like right before That and I mean he was on his deathbed And there was no successor and the guy That he was preparing quit and withdrew His name you know with what drew his uh You know himself out of the process and You know people were freaked out I was Like you know wow this might end right Here right it ended anyway you know but I mean that's what we were thinking and So we only had three years to prepare Accomplish but Thomas had been around Him And for years and he had you know he was Already in the central region years Before then or he was on a higher level So you know there wasn't I mean there Was that already But you know he had three years after Announcing this guy as a representative And you know someone told us told me

That it was kind of a rush job that he Was having to do a lot of work Put a lot of spiritual power into Accomplish in a short period of time and Commerce said he was lamenting that like How different it would have been that Charging it was basically criticism Charge reefer not seeing how great Accomplish was and nominating him Earlier Um You know which is an effed-up thing to Do publicly and I don't know if Communists were upset he wasn't the First choice I don't know if he was I Don't know like I don't know and you Know I I care in the sense I'd like to Know you know what happened there but Even before this because I was talking To this you know this other guy who was About my age it was someone who was I Was kind of friends with for you know a Few years there He went through a divorce um He got married at a gallery and got Pressured into me had married at a Gathering to somebody who wasn't really Into this and he wasn't in love with The girlfriend he was living with he was He wasn't really into her you know but There was like pressure in the Gathering Get married and got married But they never got legally married And you know it was a mess and you know

We became friends at that time And you know we talked quite often and You know he was saying there seemed to Be this was for charge he went through With he went through it at the end of His life but you know he said that there Seems to be a you know period of time Where The you know near the end The the master appears to turn on the Disciple there's almost like a break you Know and sharji for the last few years He thought Babaji was mad at him they Weren't talking you know he didn't know If he was still his representative There's some talk about some 18 year old Kid Be replacing him as the representative And you know I don't know if accomplish Was that the accomplished was young at That time I don't know if they were Talking about him or somebody else the Family was trying to stick in there so They could recain control over there Some puppet they could use to gain Control the properties you know Bobby's Kids were like an absolute mess one of You know a couple of them died and the Rest were pretty horrible They used to beat their kids and wives You know they go people go to their House and Bobby's son Bobby's son was Like Hunter bite or something you know Like it was like beating his kids and

You know yeah having fights with his Wife your brutal stuff like he's all These European hippies and people were Were watching this right uh you know Didn't understand it and so um you know My my preceptor Fred said they're Talking about Krishna maybe being the Successor to charge you And Um Fred said yeah like no one thought Babaji's kids whatever you know like They were just not spiritual and you Know whatever they were but you know it Seemed like Babaji who was having mental Issues and physical issues had cut Charging off and charge you was kind of Hurt by that right But even with that and you know charge You once said uh you know I'm not gonna I'm not gonna leave my successor the Mess that I was left with In terms of Babaji you know basically Allowing people to think that they were Going to be his successor because they Were progressing spiritually they didn't Want to stop that so he didn't dispel Them of that illusion that he had Already had chosen somebody to be the Successor And that amongst other things caused Charging lots of problems There was a lot of things that babji did That left charges sort of set up for Uh complete you know I mean people

Trying to kill him and poison him and You know the same thing happened to Babaji there's people not only poisoning Him but trying to use psychic powers You know these were higher developed Yogis to try to will Babaji to death and Steal his powers And you know there was all of that right And there's some issues there and you Know there are times that lology was Harsh with Babaji and you know there's I Mean any coach and Mentor you know this Things have to happen But even with that these guys you know Just never wavered in their faith in the In the system and the master and they Just you know they didn't hold the Grudge certainly they were you know just Trying to work hard and please and live Up to it like charges biggest issue was Like he was he was depressed because he Thought that he somehow failed Babaji And babji was cutting them off or Whatever right or whatever it might be Like he took he blamed himself I But dodgy didn't do that and you know it Just shows an overall weakness and maybe That's why chargie crumbled up his name Because You know some part of them knew that Dodgy just didn't have it in him you Know so to contrast that my wife and I Are just telling this and uh I did a Voiceover on my other channel

About you know that today and you know My wife and I went for a walk I thought It was going to rain it's been raining Last night we didn't get to go to for a Walk there was a thunderstorm came out Of nowhere right we should do a walk After dinner and you know I said I think The rain's coming again So we should go for a walk and we were Walking it was thundering a little bit But we got back into the it went for Walking we came back in we ate dinner we Went for custard And we were coming back and um It was starting to rain And then you know we about 10 minutes Later we meditated we did the you know I Gave the sitting or whatever And the rain was pouring I left the Windows open a little bit so we could Hear it and you know is it intense being Into the City and then I went out for About 15 minutes and then a very deep Cleaning and you know the cities that Are in the the beginning part of the Gathering are mostly cleaning settings And the idea was that the cleaning for Each person would go as far as it could Go You know deep cleaning for a lot of Power in the cleaning ladder a will Force you know where these sort of Preceptor-like cleanings you know I had This these cleanings with senior

Preceptors and then this elasticity with You know I had three sittings with Charge and the last one was Really intense I mean in terms of the Power that was it was being pulled out Of me And um you know it was just you know Amazing uh Kind of you know felt like that And so um you know afterwards I felt Like light and good positive and I did a Little voice over and I came and checked Out this uh this video clip I just Showed you and you know the difference Between What we're doing here and dodgy just Being bitter and jealous and angry and Trying to do his own thing and you know Disrespect to charge you and Babaji and All of these things it's just so petty And small and the incompetence and it's Just a failure it's failing and you know It's just he walks out there he just Like you know you can smell the failure On him right and it's you know sad Because it didn't have to be that way Maybe it did I don't know maybe it was Inevitable that this would end up like This but you know it's hard to see Because what we're doing here And this is a masterless system Now and you know for most of the people Doing it new people they're having good Experiences and you know we missed out

On two years of I mean I you know I I was able to I could only Leave the system when I knew that I wasn't when I had that Transmission given to me randomly by By you know ideology's birthday and I Had an amazing City I'm like having a Sitting like this in years And I you know said I'm just going to do It on my own I'm done with heartfulness As soon as I did that my meditations got Better everything became Dynamic again And yet only then when I had the proof That the transmission wasn't there Could I really leave this system right Because I you know no matter how bad it Sucked if it still was delivering Transmission I would you know I'd be Bound to do it because Transmissions That special and why should I quit Because dodgy and his people suck But now you know though I've left and We're doing this other thing you know I've left harmfulness but not size mark I might practice and everything's more Dynamic and better And you know it's phenomenal and it's so Easy like it's just so easy for us And you know what dodgy is doing is you Have to work hard to screw something Like this up right you've got to put Effort into it a lot of bitterness a lot Of weakness a lot of you know like I Said jealousy and you know Envy I mean

All the all the sins all like the the Major sense anyways my voices started to Go here I just want to wrap this up but It's human nature at its worst Okay so charges uh birthday today uh July 24th woke up early uh It was raining still it was uh it had Rained during the night And you know nice peaceful morning There was uh evidence of a skunk Uh there was a skunk on The smell of a skunk like something got Skunked Um Which was interesting uh like some Predator you know skunks just sort of Walk around Without much of a care in the world and A coyote a raccoon or something which is The primary Predators around here would Mess with them they would Spray the skunk or a dog or something And the skunk would spray the the Predator and that's what it smelled like Somewhere around our property not an Overwhelmingly strong smell because of The rain You know just a little bit of a hint of Skunk Um and then meditation this morning was Sublime transmission throughout the Whole City not as much well I guess There was cleaning with the transmission But

Where the previous sitting was a very Intense cleaning this one Was a very pleasant subtle City uh Transmission throughout And I just felt very you know peaceful And happy Um very blissed out And you know another auspicious uh Gathering here so That's wonderful Um you guys can leave your feedback here And whatever you Experiences of our the settings and Things but I just um you know I knew this was going To be a special Gathering I guess they're all special But you know special in the way that Would be like a milestone insignificant In some way And it's turned out to be that Um already and then you know it's a Three remainder three remaining cities We're halfway through this thing Very peaceful very uh you know just uh Rich with uh you know spiritual energy And spiritual You know Divine love or whatever it is Um And you know I'm gonna put this up on Both my journey series uh 113 and I'm also gonna put this on a The video for um The um

The gratefulness meditation uh you know With a city and you never know what You're going to get and that's always Interested in interested me fascinated Me You know it's like fishing or something Like you know Uh something like that where you know Fishing is interesting when you cast Your line especially like into the ocean Or something And you can't see the fish or whatever And the transmission and the settings Are very much like that Where you're just opening up to Something you're You know you're maybe anticipating Something or You are creating the conditions on your End To receive Like putting on the proper bait in the Case of You know fishing going to the proper Place you know in the in size Mark what You're doing is you're opening up you're Making sure that you have a you know Your clean internal world doing your Cleaning and you have good positive Attitude about everything that's going On you know having a heart full of uh Gratitude and then you just wait and God Comes or God doesn't I mean this is you Know not just with transmission but any

Spiritual life You open yourself for the possibility of God coming Or connecting with God and you wait Right it's uh and God shows up when God Shows up and you know like that's just How it goes and with the transmission It's you know more profound and more Experiential a deeper experience uh and This is you know we uh Collectively in the gratefulness Meditation we're working to create the Conditions for the Sevilla you know a Great Gathering I talked about this like A month ago three weeks ago us preparing You know the the framework and the Condition of the place as opposed to What happened in Harmfulness where dodgy announced five Days ago that they were going to have Some sort of a gathering and slapped Together and all these things and so you Know all those things make a difference In tension and And you know just um You know craving and uh creating a Vacuum to where God you know Masters the Pastors are coming to you in this sense Uh and you know it has a profound Difference in the experience Of the you know the the person the Practitioner How much they put into it how much Preparatory work they put into it and

Making the setting up the right Conditions so You can receive Divinity Um okay so my wife and I were traveling I did the Force sitting in the car And uh just because they're so late and Just we had such a tough trip with all The you know I mean we got through it And you know We're physically doing okay after the Accident and you know it just seemed Like the right thing happened um You know I feel like it was tied to the Gathering you know it's whatever it is But uh you know it's just something that Was meant to be event to happen it was Just tough You know good and tough right there's Good things about it Good outcomes and things but anyways The Forest City was great you know the Third setting Just um charges birthday just feeling The you know The transmission really was very Prevalent in both cities and then Throughout the day and it's just going Successfully and you don't have to say a Lot about it you guys are experiencing Or experiencing it and everyone else you Know really doesn't matter right You know it's a personal thing I've had tough Gatherings that were

Great afterwards like there was a you Know big jump evolutionary I've gone Through things that are hard Restless Meditations And those have led to good you know Outcomes later on I've had Blissful you Know experiences It's very personal like everyone has Their own thing like some people aren't Going to have as good a thing as other People And you know I'll talk about that um Whenever tomorrow Because we wrap this thing up uh or the Next day probably because tomorrow There's two more sittings and so you Know gratefulness is going well and you Know it's always a little bit iffy for Me because you know it's I mean I'm I'm Not doing something that is really Legitimate like it just came from a Dream and a need You know have someone be you know Uh the Catalyst or the the conduit but You know I'm I'm just kind of like I don't want to Say of Doubt but I just you know the Whole thing is Uh overwhelming is one way of looking at It I don't know whatever the whole thing With the cities and everything and Not having an organization and really Trying to figure things out and

You know we don't have any resources and You know you guys haven't really been to For the most part gatherings And so I don't know how to put on a Gathering and I don't you know I'm not An organizational person I'm a Networking person I'm good at making videos and that's About it And you know this thing is um You know I don't know where it can go And you know I'm doing so many other Things and you know we got a lot of Stuff going on In our lives my wife and I and you know Family stuff and we just everything's Got to be You know and of course just doing the YouTube videos on a daily basis Building a homestead you know and I'm Just I'm older now and like it's just I Can't do as much as I used to any if I Could I can't um You know manifest all this stuff on my Own or whatever And so um you know like it's just As simple as it is now and it's easy for Us all to meditate the Transmissions There and then you guys have to you know Figure it out for yourselves You know I really can't help you like I You know I mean having a precept or an

Organization and You know even the books that have Disappeared and things and so You know it's just gonna have to be what It is right it's like there's it's going To be holes in it and that kind of sucks Um But then I was looking at the last two Videos I've already done the I've already um Done the screenflow thing with these two Videos The last two settings dodgy has we had a Total of five sittings And I'll show you those things in a Moment big crowd which I think dodgy is Pretty pissed about he's mopey he's Grumpy he's and he didn't say a word the Whole thing He didn't say one word about charging no Pictures of charge you no bucks don't You know I'll say these things again in A you know I just you know did the video Or whatever And there's just no charge you there It's just it's just dodgy giving Imaginary sitting pseudo sittings You know he told this lie that Bob as You intercommune with him in order to Give up you know to stop doing Bobby and Charges Gatherings and people like no We're doing it and he told people not to Come and they came anyway He's lost faith he's lost face he's lost

His business his health is failing and He's doing more and more of the scam and You know the dodgy truther sent me Another article that they're writing About this guy um Whatever his name naranjan rank you know I just you know I'm too tired To even try to pronounce it right but The guy who's a rationalist and there's Articles about him trying to expose Deepak Chopra And the AMA thing but you know it's just Not going to go anywhere People don't care and you know there's Just scams and Corruptions all over The world and certainly in India but I Just want to say this this is you know I'm tired and I gotta I'll put this Stuff together tomorrow a little bit And then you know I got other things to Do and just Recovering from the trip or whatever Um you know uh That I've made a video about lology Babaji achargee And I was gonna make a video about dodgy And maybe I did for his birthday Just so you guys would get a sense of These people And it's important because This is a human accomplishment The accomplishment that Babaji and Lology and charge you have made And you know the central region stuff

The charge I'm sorry that uh you know lology is Kind of discovered and Babaji perfected And charity disseminated and taught to Everybody And it raised like it's you know that Guy Roger Bannister ran a four-minute Mile And he broke the you know something that People thought no one could ever do And then all of a sudden all these other People were doing it right and it was an Accomplishment and then all kinds of Other people there's this hundredth Monkey syndrome and you know 100 monkeys Do something then then all the same Monkeys in that species can do it right Some you know Collective Consciousness Type of thing and you know these Breakthroughs were about humans who Right Rose to a high level And we're very loving and caring and Devoted and you know they just um Helps everybody else out like they you Know they were just you know helping People connect to God and you know doing These things that made them great men Right and you know in terms of rising to High levels of spiritual uh attainment And you know the people who benefited From it the most were their successors Their disciples people were around them And you know charge used to present Babaji he wrote my master a book about

Him Bobby was always talking about Loology this lology that and teaching Them about this great man who taught him Something And the love and devotion respect right And you know there's been people who Wrote books about charging you know Charges featured in a chapter a Character based on charges featured in My book aggregor is a sequel to the Choice there's a you know character Charge yeah and it's just you know tears Weld up in my eyes when I was writing it And I made the video about it the Greatest man I ever knew this video you Know how much he helps me you know just The kind of person he was the essence he Had to the you know devotion and the you Know the work ethic and the just uh you Know masterful person And you know there's like three other Books about charging by various Disciples and lots of books about Babaji From disciples and people people's Telling stories about it I heard stories About Babaji and charge you from all These senior people And dodgy doesn't say anything You know he did in the beginning he did One charge he was alive and after charge He passed away but he hasn't done it Since and that's his duty it's his duty To you know tell these people how great Charge he was and all the ways charge

You benefit him and he just won't do it Right he's just such a punk like just Whatever's going on there pouty little Punk right Um but anyways you know I I'll get more into this later but he Didn't you know he just had this Gathering and charge he wasn't you know There's a gallery on charged birthday There's no charging right there's no Pictures of him no anything there's no Videos so I mean they have the pictures In the video itself but not there at the Ashram of the Gathering and you know who Knows what's in the even in the Bookstore or they've scrubbed his works And he's tried to disappear him and he Just can't do it and he can't build his Own thing right so let's um get into These things I'm going to edit these Things tomorrow Um and I'll share these videos and I'll You know I'll I'll re I'll State this Again in a different way I'll give me More detail tomorrow but I just want to Talk about that a little now so this is The 24th of July night time sitting they Have some sort of thing in Hindi with The masks I mean maybe it starts here in English I don't know Um I guess it's just Switch off mobile phones Put on a mask Please put on your mask like they're

Still doing that jaji's not even wearing One He's the biggest massacre in the planet Please prepare for meditation He comes in no mask Sits down Looking really sad and bummed to be There Meditation starts here So this sitting lasts for about 35 or 36 minutes get another short stats On Dodgy has his neck thing on but no Longer wearing a mask Um some sort of announcement here They're the people that are attending Um So I don't know why they weren't Applauding that's almost a a full Meditation Hall of course there's lots Of spacing here with the With the stuff to do with um covid Especially on the men's side We're crowded on the woman's side And You know they were not applauding for The books they always do that Um here she is give an announcement here Okay so let me just break in here it's Tuesday July 25th and Um You know we returned home and I um Had a lot of uh realizations one more Sitting to go for us

Tonight who those of us doing Gratefulness And this gathering with dodgy's over I've already got the clip to show you in A moment and I had you know when I first Saw the people there was kind of Surprised at the numbers because it First struck me That they were turning out for dodgy But then I realized they weren't there For him right they were there for Charging and That's killing dodgy and I'll you know I Want to talk about this more Let me show you the the rest of these Two uh Clips here but what I was Referencing here was that when the first Day when they released the books there's No applause and there was always Applause to The master they would make announcement About a book being released and the Master would hold up the book And everyone would apply it's happened You know every time that I've ever seen This happen happen with dodgy And YouTube happened in in real life With chargie when I was there at the Gatherings or saw the Gatherings uh with Video or whatever but there was always Applause when these things any sort of Accomplishment anything that's being Done any announcement about like oh the Ashram's completed there'd be Applause

It's just the way the you know the Indians are about things like this And you know in general I think even Americans and other You know groups of people but certainly In India And so there were announcements of Success Like we you know we did this we got this Book release whatever it is Something you know being accomplished And there's always a plus And there's none for dodgy's books There's none And I was pretty stunned by that there Like they thought maybe they had a you Know a mic that was um You know noise canceling but that isn't You know there was some backroad noise Being picked up they would have heard a Lot of Applause and I thought well maybe There's only so many few people there You can't hear them You know because dodgy had limited this To um you know To uh just the surrounding areas by the Actual But then when I saw that there's at Least 20 000 people there And probably around 40 to 60. Um again like the whole Hall seats Around 60 so it's less than 60 but I Think it's more than 40. but either way Even if it's 20

. on four days notice right which I'm Going to come back to And like I'm trying to process Everything like there's things that We're doing and you know there's stuff I Have to do outside that you know things Got got went South they're just you know On the farm and like just it's all this Stuff is when we're sitting to go I mean There's all these things I'll talk about This more in the voiceover let me just Show you these Um these clips of the heartfulness Gathering but it has everything to do With us doing gratefulness or anybody Doing such mark this is You know very telling what's happened Here it's important 96th birthday anniversary celebrations Of brute Maharaj On this joyous occasion is And what our masters would like to see In the world As you start talking some products here The white new range of personal care Products personal care products here So this guy comes out sporting a Baseball cap and he starts singing here And photo Masters So the first Life [Music] He's really going for it He's really going for it and um

There's a neat moment here she goes and Bows before Strategy here This Woman's announcing stuff Charges not charged he bows before dodgy And um There's no pictures of charging nothing To indicate this is gathering because They just you know decided to do this Last minute this guy's praising Dodgy And so um He uh He's gonna leave here in a second So he bows and leaves it's gonna get out Of here and um you know he's saying his Song He's He went for it there's a dodgy and his Granddaughter he's looking really this Way he's trying to get out here like Shifting in his sheet and these guys are Hugging back here the guy was saying and His you know buddy there and then she Starts talking about hearty culture here It was a wonderful Wonderfulness And what our masters would like to see In the world And so she Hearty culture has introduced and she Starts talking these products the heart Of culture stuff which I'll show you in A second And then she's gonna look over at dodgy

Because she doesn't know whether he's Going to give a talk or what he's going To do because there's no coordination Here Um so she's like wrapping this thing up Is at the Ghana departmental store And to order so they're Hawking some Arch here showing you this stuff here And then She goes looks over dodgy and she's like What's going to happen with him she's in Now sky He's like all right you give a talk it's Chargie's birthday you haven't given one Talk this is the fourth sitting this is His last sitting on his birthday there's A sitting tomorrow he's not going to Give a talk there he might even show up For that City so he absconds takes off With his granddaughter And that's it like there's nothing he Gave uh you know four sittings under 40 Minutes And then they show the venue here you Know I don't know how many people that Is this thing I think holds sixty Thousand Um but they're showing up for Charlie's Birthday And they were told it was only two States it was a local area the places Surrounding uh you know the the ashram And these people must have showed up From Chennai

In droves right they're showing up here And you know dodgy wasn't you know he Must be bummed because they've turned it Out for charge even though he tried to Stop them and all that stuff then They'll start Hocking some merch here Stop talking some hand lotion some job Openings that kind of you know all these Things right and so um this guy this Guy's got an advertisement here so what A disgrace right absolutely absolute Disgrace Okay so here's um The last sitting of five that dodgy gave The pseudo cities he's giving Only 135 people were watching When it was alive Um I was one of them I wasn't watching It I You know had to cover it here And so here's the Streamed one hour ago five thousand Seven hundred people are watching A number of people showed up Which I think dodgy is really bummed at Because and I'll I'll talk about this Later it's late so I just wanna Get this so uh done and I have a voice Over But I'll show you you know it was only Two like basically States In the area that dodgy said could come To this Gathering but people came anyway Disobeying him because he's lost all you

Know they've lost all faith in him And so it's an hour and 13 minute um Thing here and so it starts off They have all this stuff right wear a Mask All this stuff here's now some of the Rules So get into it prepare for meditation And then um Some guy sitting here with him they're 24 minutes into it and then the Meditation starts here 25 minutes into it it ends here um So it was a Longer sitting You know it was almost 45 minutes about 40 minutes so that was the longest city He gave maybe he fell asleep I don't Know He looks a little bit groggy so maybe That's what happened but he's been Giving really short you know these are Group meditations Where there's lots of people there you Know there's all these People Um then this woman is going to give Announcement here We'll play that There's all the people right so I Covered this the last City they started To show the people So that's maybe 30 40 000 people this Thing holds 60 when it wasn't there's

Lots of spacing here Um you know so maybe they packed Everyone together on this side for the Women but there's a little bit more Spacing than normal So maybe let's say it's even 20. And dodgy is really bummed by this and I'll talk about that when I edit these Videos I'll come back and you know But I I think that he realizes and they Didn't clap when he was holding up the Books right because I think everyone's Pissed at him I mean I'll know you know People are sheeple so it is what it is Right But he's you know I think he's lost Control of the mission So this woman comes up and I got all the people here and He goes to pronums Um just looking sad it's not looking Healthy as this auspicious Vendetta Comes to a close Let us home spend Quiet Moments of Reflection within ourselves To assimilate all that has been gifted To us Remaining ever grateful For the great so they're using grateful Quite a bit now and I don't remember Them ever using it this is the theme of This Gatherings grateful And you know they must know about the

Gratefulness thing Which is ridiculous because it's a Hundred people As people they didn't want anyway it's You know people who I asked for help you Know all of you are doing heartfulness I Asked for help so that you guys could Integrate and have connections with People They you know they ignored me and you Know I mean they didn't want me they Didn't want you you know whatever And so we're doing our own thing here in America which dodgy has written off Anyway they've given up on these Countries I mean India itself is a lost Cause And so and they're going full you know Indian stuff they're going just all the Stuff is culturally Indian They're not even trying to bring in Westerners and and you know people from Other countries and and in India's you Know they're failing there But they keep on doing this great full Thing right He's endlessly bestowed upon us by our Masters Let us prayerfully allow our condition To expand Coming back with transformed selves for The next Pandora May our heads remain ever bowed in Eternal gratitude to our masters

She looks over dodgy Thank you thank you And he gets up No talks so this was Five sittings zero talks Zero really anything There was no charge at all the unplay Charging video they didn't release a Charge you book They didn't do anything for charging I mean just um I would say it's stunning but it's not Like he looked pouty and bitter and so He was pressured to throw this thing Together And we threw it together They still ended up getting All these people Like it was just supposed to be local People That aren't there's not huge centers in That area they haven't been able to Develop a good Center in Hyderabad Most of these people probably came from Chennai But you know lots of them came from all Over India and they weren't supposed to But they did anyway because they left Charge you so much And they've lost any respect for dodgy Whether they say it or not Like this is a like you know them saying Hey you know you can't just cancel these Gatherings and pretend you channeled

Babaji and the ridiculous message he got And he had to reverse himself so he's He's completely lost face he's lost Control of his mission he's got all These business thugs pushing him in One Direction or another I mean it's just you know it's gone South in the guy man and you know the Way he's disrespected charging I mean he Deserves everything he gets because you Know he sucks and he shouldn't have you Know treated him like that Okay so I'm back to uh Tuesday 25th or Forward that was from last night I did That voice over some of the stuff might Be repetitive because they're so tired And it's been so disjointed Small parts of it But this is as Epic A journey series as there's ever been Um New Revelations new everything So to start off with I got all these Things I got like stuffed I've got stuff To bookmarked and old letters from Charging that I received to read like I Got all these things talking about being A preceptor all these things new Developments And just the stunning thing that Happened here Even though I knew it was coming and I Kind of figured it would go this way It still kind of shocked me So all there's there's all that right

Um but let's um Let's go to The first announcement first Announcement where he says he was Intercommuting with Babaji and Babaji Told him to get rid of babaji's in Charge's birthday gathered And then the reversal And those are just some you know Documentation I gotta do and they're Gonna do this what I consider an epic Voice over Weaving in the story and past things and All these things the kind of are Swirling around and coming together here Yesterday we know it's called to accept If I'm willing to accept this It was a surprise for me And I say I do accept it on behalf of The hierarchy of Masters in the Organization Important announcement We have been celebrating it for bandaras Per year That means You're easily spending 45 days If you have to attend On top of that make additional visits Come and learn to come It pays a bit too much I had been pondering over it During lifetime of our sister Ellen Perez I would request her to communicate to

Babuja Maharaja and say what to do There will be hundreds of Masters to be Celebrate 100 birthdays separately 400 Days and you don't have 400 days in A year So what was it took long time answering In He answered that he will get the answer At the right time And the answer did came a few weeks back He says divide the year into two Six months From January To June 30th And from 1st July The 31st or 30th of December Whoever is born before 30th this master Will celebrate Combined birthdays of all those Masters Before 13th of June one person punch me And later he had a whoever is born Between first July And end of the year 28 September I Remarked to babuji Maharaja Why not later on if the living Master is Then in this segment It will be appropriate He said no there are many reasons which You will understand That these two dates are important Person in 28th September I didn't argue it's not in my Habit to

Worry you It will be done So This is what I wanted to share with you Please follow him That doesn't mean that we will not Celebrate individuals Masters birthdays Get celebrated at home in your heart These two Will be the tradition going forward Thank you Okay so let me get this other thing out Of the way here this is um The This was released um On uh July 18th is when I got it the Original message came in July 18th so That's um Five days before the first sitting right Was July 18th in America so really four Days four and a half You know less than five days There was a reversal of this uh You know Babaji intercommunity Uh with dodgy order that he was given And it says here um As per the invitation of beloved dodgy All abiasis from telugani and Andhra Pradesh Are requested to attend upcoming Celebration of pujesh SRI charji Maharaj 96 first anniversary in person Akana shantivanum from 23rd July 2023 To 25th July 2023.

Well everyone else may join virtually From nearby ashrams and centers nearby Ashrams and centers and so This is Um You know I read this before And Um The telegani area is where uh These two places I'm going to look them Up on a map so here is um Hyderabad Talagani and here's Andhra Pradesh right I'll show you this on Google Maps Andhra Pradesh telligani here's Hyderabad where the ashram is And down here is where Chennai is and This is Tamil Nadu right so this is Where the majority of obvious are See this pondicherry this is a place Where there's French-speaking people is French Sort of colony in India beautiful places Here in Kerala this is Sri Lanka Where I used to go get you know to get He's just renewed and things which is Like the Cuba right this is like Basically Florida here Cuba very close Here like a It's like a 50 mile distance two Different countries so Sri Lanka has its Own Separate you know it's Indian people the Same sort of Genetic people but different right

But this is the two small places here There's not such a large amount of People in Hyderabad I would say You know maybe six thousand you know do You depends on how you count them right And then not so many in Um Andrea Andhra Pradesh here Um But this is where you were supposed to Come from There's all these people in Chennai and Then there's some big centers like over Here where Calcutta is where it used to be called Calcutta and then some of these other Places where Um this course Bombay and these other Places Palm Bay these places right Gujarati that's where accomplish is from And there's those business oriented Places but there's you know the the Biggest population abiasis was right Here because they're brahmanas and they Were won over by charge And there could be as many as forty Thousand you know abiasis there you know Fairly strong abiasis so to understand The numbers people are just coming like What probably happened Is what definitely happened to some Extent what probably happened

To a larger extent Is that people are going to show up the Ashram anyway From Chennai from from Tamil Nadu you're Not that far from Hyderabad and other Devoted people and even people from Overseas They were going to show up For Charity's birthday even though dodgy Canceled it like they were just ignoring That whole Goofy thing he did right Either they don't believe it or they Don't care or they don't you know Whatever but they're going to basically Show up and disobey by uh dodgy And so dodgy had to do some sort of Gathering right And like he's losing face And a big part of the whole culture There and I talked about this right one Of my viewers said that she dated an Indian guy and she was in Australia and She said that the you know they so don't Want to lose face which I you know kind Of knew about but really didn't think About it or articulate it that way You know no one likes to lose face but In America you can be disgraced and you Can come out and cry and even pastors People who have engaged in criminal Activity and weird deviant behaviors Pastors can cry before the congregation These big money pastors that make you Know Bank on uh you know these tele

Evangelists and things we've all seen it You know they get disgraced and they cry And they apologize and they talk about Being a sinner and they they're forgiven But like in India with your family I Mean you disgrace your whole family you Disgrace your country the pressure is Completely different And to lose face is a big deal You know and the Dodgers lost face here Because he came out you know he he Mentioned that award Getting that award and then he said you Know by the way Babaji intercommune with Me and you know I have a longer clip That's a part of a longer clip where You know he lied about the took the G Thing and you know took to G merging in Him nobody's buying this stuff I mean Very few people Either they're not listening to it or They just don't care or they don't you Know or they just are calling BS like a Lot of us like I am doing here And so He made this pronouncement and he's been Wanting to get rid of gatherings like For a while like this picture is very Telling I you know did a screenshot of My on my Premiere Pro and it just Happened to be when there's a transition Between dodgy and these people here and There's around 40 000 let's call it Forty thousand people there

Probably a little bit more And they showed up even though dodgy had Canceled this Six months earlier And they were going to show up and then Dodgy had to you know reverse this and You know it would appears to be a four Day period They packed up their stuff but a lot of Them probably come in anyway And they came and then dodgy said oh It's only for these two states But a lot of people came from China and They're not dodgy fans Dodgy doesn't go back to Chennai he has Issues there they never really liked him He's not a brahmana they're not Accepting him And so you know there's all of that and They love chargie and they were you know You know they were charging people And so there's one person here there's All these 40 000 people and all of us Who really want to celebrate chargie's Birthday All of us who are doing gratefulness all These people around the the world and People in India specifically they want These pandaras and the previous Masters Want them in DARS They're something that's special and It's talked about Over and over again the level of Transmission how special it is how much

Spiritual benefit people get at these Gatherings and those of us who have Attended them in one form or another I've meditated on these guys in these Holidays right For a number of years You know 30 years and whether I'm here In America whether I'm doing it in my House or I go to an ashram they're Special like some you know it's more Special maybe if you go there or Whatever Gathering but those of you who Are experiencing the gratefulness know How special it is it's just a different Time you reach Deeper levels of spiritual connectivity And it's just they're all they're you Know they're Indescribable and everybody Who's into Sage Mark and what was called Heartfulness you know briefly everyone Was doing it they want these gatherings They want to go they want to participate They want to meditate you look forward To them all year round And that's you know thousands of people And dodgy isn't one of them he's tried To cancel these things from the Beginning At first it was the auction wasn't Finished You know he was doing these gatherings And he just wasn't into it like he just Didn't like it He talks about it he changed the rules

He wouldn't allow you to bring kids He made these rules like you know that Screwed me over and other people Arbitrarily and then had to reverse the Rule which made him look bad because it Was a horrible rule Complete failure on his part like he was A bonehead right and he just kept on um You know trying to get rid of the Gatherings minimizing them And undermining them and saying you know Let's just do you tried to make them Localized instead of the big gatherings In India and he just isn't into them Right Um you know he seems to be into the ones Where he has celebrities there or he Shares the stage with diaper Baba or you Know he's got Modi coming to this Suave Vivekananda one but he didn't seem to Like to celebrate the other Masters and Particularly Charity's birthday he was Undermining charges birthday celebration He didn't do a big Gathering in uh 2016. There was the one in 2015 that they had That was already basically planned and He couldn't stop that one that was the One where it rained and all those things The pizza story I had where you know We're driving home if you guys listen to My journey series still had Gathering And the following year he didn't have One He was traveling it was like not a

Specific Gathering and then you know He's undermined the Gatherings ever Since You know my family and I went to Celebrate at the ashram In um in California and it was it was Clear that he was not that was when he Was more obviously backing away That was 2006 17. 16 and 17. you know he came to America In June of 2000 and 2016 and I don't Know when he returned to India but they Minimized the charge you're Gathering Like it was not localized 2017 when I Noticed I'm like we seems to have a Problem with charging He gave a talk and it was like broadcast And charge your son Christian was there And I'm like there's something going on Then Krishna seemed to quit the mission Was withdraw was fired from several Posts and it just seemed like he was uh You know getting ready to charging stuff Right But everyone else was into chargie's Birthday and all these charging people You know there's not so many Babaji People left people who met Babaji and You know and most of those people are uh You know they only met him Um Once or twice later on in his life And so most of the people now are Charging people

In the mission dodgy hasn't been able to Bring in new people and the ones he Bring was brought in stock right they're Not you know for the most part the ones That are dodgy people there's not really Dodgy fans and dodgy people right So he's you know the rest of us all want To celebrate these Gatherings that he's Trying to undermine them then there was There was kovid which barely affected India right it just didn't affect the Indian people and the population there And Um compared to all the other diseases All the health issues they have It was you know non-event but he kept The ashrams closed for two years And then when he came back he had this Gathering last year With charge you and he made it into a Concert so he's been trying to get rid Of charges birthday gathering and Bobby To some extent because charging Babaji There's content from that from them and Teachings and you know all this stuff That undermine what he's doing because He's doing stuff that is you know again This guy the dodgy truth there is always Finding stuff that contradicts the stuff That dodgy says and anybody who's read The books it's not a lot of people but It's you know 10 000 people maybe Who've read the books and understand the Philosophy understand how this is

Different they look at what dodgy's Doing they know immediately This is not seized Mark people who know The method you know maybe it's 20 000 I Don't know And it's you know different levels but Anybody who's watching And knows the system knows that what He's doing is not right It's just not something that's supposed To be done And so um You know it's it's pretty bad you know It's really bad and uh and so here he is The legitimate Master of the system who Was close to charge you for years it Interactions with Babaji over 30 years Spent lots of time with charging He was you know when I had that Spiritual experience with him in the Airport in like 1998 I want to say Um 1997-98 That might be maybe 1996 even Around that time where we were in Texas And he offered me popcorn I looked at Him like oh he's in the central region Right either spiritual experience of his Divinity And that was one of the reasons I stuck With him When he started to be like a you know Just a complete Um you know he was a jerk to me he was

Like incompetent like there's things That there's lots of red flags but I had The experience of his divinity and then Years later after chargie died you know For the months leading up to charges to Death I would see him and I could see Him becoming more and more of the master The work was being done right And so he was already in the central Region for quite some time he was in a Higher level of spiritual consciousness He had been a great preceptor for the People who went to him said he was a Really great preceptor and he was some Of the other preceptors went to ask Questions he was well read He understood the teachings he had Access to different levels of books and He was one of the people who's really Into seismish Mark he was a sash Mark Like nerd you know like a scholar Somebody who you know it's like a you Know like a person a star a star like a Trekkie someone's into Star Trek that Speaks Klingon like that level of you Know I'm into Sage Mark I'm you know It's like one of my you know it's my Favorite thing in a way you know the It's the reason for my existence in a Sense you know the at least the method In terms of the goal to reach the source And I you know I'm really into it you Guys know how into it I am and I'm I'm Nowhere near as Intuit as he was right

Like I you know um I'm okay you know but I'm not like Really that into it like you know some Of these people And he was one of them so he was really You know he knew all these things and he He knows them more than anybody he knows The importance of the Gatherings he Knows these other things you know but He's just such a pouty little poop but He's just There was a thing that happened in 2016 at the Gathering Um It was up on the big screen there's a Gathering that we went to in Hyderabad Right before we left And there was this woman she was like You know dodgy has this woman you just Saw who made these announcements dodgies Burned through about four or five of Them if you've been watching There has been different women who do That job You know Charlie had the same people Around him and you know dodgy just keeps On burning through people I think you Know they They get sick of them but there was this Woman who Um all these people wanted me to meet Uh when I was in India she married a French guy and she they wanted me to Meet her husband and her

But she married a french guy it was Really nice I talked to him a little bit And they had an organic farm In India one of the few people like that Was into the stuff we were into like of My family And so people were like oh you got to Meet them and so I met her you know the I like the guy better the French guy But you know I wasn't farming at the Time and I was just doing it because People kept unplugging me There was a few people they wanted me to Beat Because of people knew what I was into You know the farming and things but I Was you know just trying to hold my Family together we're going through a The divorce was kicking in all these Things And so you know I um met them and the Woman was you know she had one of those She could have been like uh you know uh Entertainment Tonight host or you know One of those people right sort of like Model-esque features And she was dodgy's first announcer like Person that does these announcing things And you know she's a dodgy person But like there was a time where they Were releasing books And Um You know at this Gathering and

Everyone's clapping right they released The books and one of the books wasn't Supposed to be released to the summer And I think it was a chargey book that Was you know I think it was the in his Footsteps volume four I'm not sure of it Um or something it was you know a book That wasn't supposed to be released till The summer And someone gave dodgy the book this Woman gave dodgy the book or whatever She was just doing the announcing And they handed someone else gave him The book and he got pissed And he called her over and you can see Him saying this wasn't supposed to be Released He's saying like across the stage To her and he's just glaring at her And she's like I don't know anything About it she's putting her hands up Because she's just you know reading These announcements she's not a part of The publication team she's just reading The things that what she was told she Didn't pull them out there but his anger Hit towards her in the you know whatever Was going on there Um and she was like you know putting her Hands up like you know like submitting Like please you know like wasn't my Fault I don't know anything about it and Then he just kind of stormed off the Stage he got all pouty

He got angry as I was like oh he's Listening a little I mean you know his Reaction is just illogical as well anger And just stuff that shouldn't be in the Master of the system you know and I Chalked it up to him just starting like I wasn't around when charger was first Mastered you know I don't know what else Was going on you know he's going through Maybe his own cleaning whatever right But since that time you've seen it gets Pouty quite a bit right And here he is pouting because you know He's he tried to pull something off And you know he couldn't like he didn't Work out for him like he tried to pull This thing off And the people are just like no the Obviously like no we're celebrating Chargie's birthday This is our ashram too this is you know Our system You're not canceling this thing and you Know so first you try to cancel it then He tried to exclude it just to local People And they just all ignored him they Showed up anyway you know I mean if they They were probably heading there a lot Of them anyway but then you know they Only had four days notice and they still Showed up Even more so for charges than any of These other things and they wanted to

Straight up gather it And you know I was thinking there's two Things I want to talk about the Difference between Gratefulness sittings in his cities But First you know I was mentioned as like Working my way to that but let me just Say this Thing that's you know that's a head Scratcher is how stupid he thinks people Are and the stuff he's tried to get away With The brighter mind scam You know is just um it's mind-blowing he Could try to get away with then that Joining with the RSS and you know these Other things that he's done Like just you know people who are you Know got any sort of critical thinking Skills and I mean it might play in India But he lived in America for a while and He knows and even in India he's trying To do these things and he thinks he's Going to be successful You know telling the turkey people that Took to G merge in him when you know Nobody believes that right I mean just a Handful I don't know who would believe It and then saying Bobby told them to Cancel the Gathering so it goes against Everybody everything Babaji said and Charging you know making the stupid Excuse that there'll be too many Masters At some point to celebrate all the

Birthdays there's four and they're each In a season It actually works out right there's you Get a boost each season These these you know all these um Gatherings give you you know a big dose Of transmission and they they're special Times right And you know it's like A guy coming in To the pope it's like the pope coming in And trying to cancel Christmas right you Know like and it's even more profound Than that because Christmas has become Materialistic but The spiritual energy at these gatherings And you know to disrespect I mean it'll Be like a pope saying oh forget about Jesus and let's focus on me and my Birthday right like that's you know and And that's not even the equivalent of What's going on because it's still a Living system I mean that's you know that's less Egregious than what dodgy's doing here Um so You know people aren't going to buy it And of course they weren't like I've Been waiting for this you know when we First made that announcement I don't Know how many times I've said this to You guys but I have been at first I Waited for the Babaji Gathering I was Waiting for him to reverse this or see

How people are going to react Because you know there's the part of me That's you know spiritual and you know I Mean that's just you know this is Something I need to be aware of and see What happens and then you know Gratefulness came out of that you know Gratefulness was born From him saying him canceling the Gatherings Like that just was it for me like that Was I'm disconnecting from him there's Nothing there anymore that I don't feel A transmission It's over right and then I had that my Own experience with this the Transmission that just randomly came to Me during that Gathering and so Gratefulness has come completely out of His decision like that's his permission You know that's him Um you know basically quitting on Everybody When he quit on the Gatherings and so uh You know I've been waiting to see what Would happen At the Babaji and charging and like you Know I they got away with the Babaji When they had a sitting in a concert Um and I don't know how much you know People still showed up for it But you know and maybe it's just who Knows what the Dynamics and interactions Are

But he reversed it and you know in doing So he is basically admitting he lied About Babaji giving them an order because why Would you gave him an order you're going To file the order And you know like everyone knows that so By conceding and having this charge you Gathering I don't know if the people Around him say no you got to do this you Can't you know they're coming here And I think he's the only guy that Doesn't want to have the Gatherings I Don't think any of his You know people there unless they really Some of them really had a grudge against Charging some you know like Um that was that guy's name Worm tongue In The Lord of the Rings whispering and See her I don't know But I think almost all the other people I mean everybody pretty much wants to Have these gatherings and no one's Against them because if you don't go at Least other people could enjoy them Right And so he's the only one there he's Pouty he's up there on the stage and He's got all the spiritual work that's Done at him right he's got all the you Know the time he spent with charge Either the training the preceptors Training he got and then charge you Train him to be the master

Charge you train him how to make Preceptors All the things that he had you know the The years in experience and he has Legitimate backing in writing by both Charity and public you know a video of Chargie and he was announced as the Official he's the official guy he's the Official president He's the official Master of the system He had all that right and he's got a Collection of people in ashram that you Know should have a good spiritual charge In it even you know if it doesn't And you know he has a venue And his sitting suck You know the sitting said we've been Getting here gratefulness the ones that You can I can feel the energy and it's Just not good And you know I'm not legitimately Anything right I didn't get the training I didn't get the special You know time with charge you know I'm Not lamenting that I'm just this is fact Like I don't you know and you know I Went and looked these things up so Um there's two things let me read this One first so at the same time we Returned yesterday And I woke up this morning and I Received some preceptor stuff here You know like somebody told me about These and it's not the you know the old

Charging thing that I had Um but the first thing it says before Giving a city When you begin any sitting the most Important thing is you think that the Master is sinning in your place at the Sitting is and that he is giving the City You must try to have this thought and Then you know try is not a good word Make this suggestion at the beginning of Each sitting with this thought the job Is half done You may also make the suggestion that Masterwork is already completed okay so Um Here's the thing about that your ego Could never have the thought that you're Giving the sitting because it Immediately Torpedoes the city The best you could ever be is a conduit And the Divinity flows through you and Dodgy used to know my brother told me This story so There was a contingent of South African People And there was the Secretary of the Mission Mr okay I'm going to refer to Him later too because he's you know Important all this right and Um You know dodgy and him went to South Africa And there was like these gangster guys

And my brother said you know this Mr K Was telling him a story he said Um you know the accomplish these that They were kind of scared of these guys They were like you know Like criminal type people like in South Africa right and there's a lot of Indians of South Africa remember Gandhi Was there When he was young and there's a lot of Indians they're very prejudiced against The African people they're sort a little Bit racist you know there's some stuff There but they went there to the Gathering and the sitting sucked there's A preceptor was in charge and he was Given the city and SATs on and they Approached him and comments are like you Know what what are you doing when you do The sitting and the guy says well I have A thought that I'm giving this city he Goes well you don't have a thought that The Master's given the city And he goes no it's me giving the city And then I you know I don't have that Thought And they're like no that's what you're Supposed to do a guy goes no I'm you Know I'm the guy right And so comma said all right let's do This I'll sit on the side And I'll have a thought that Masters Transmitting and not me

And you do your thing And you know so they did that and Everyone went out like it was everyone's Talking about how a great sittiness the Guy comes up to him and says oh my God That was so much better you're totally Right I'll start doing it the right way And so accomplish knew this right he had To teach somebody else this he was on an Official kind of you know he was Traveling officially representing you Know charging this is before he was Nominated this is some years before that But he was traveling to you know do work For the mission right and he knew that And everyone knows that right he does a Preceptor you're you know the thought That you're giving the sitting should Never be there The idea is the master Divine Master you Know and I've gone one better and I've Like I'm saying you know with permission As a Divine Master also Like asking permission to do this every Time because of the circumstances around What I'm doing here right and so you Know for me Um I was made a preceptor and 1996. And then um Here is um You know there was a time where chargie Asked for people's preceptors preceptor

Certificates back And Um For an evaluation and he was going to Look at your certificate and meditate it And figure out whether you you're Allowed to continue giving sitting this Was in America And Um My ex and I both have been preceptors And they they was a request that we turn Ours in and I was kind of bummed because I'm like Wow um you know I didn't do anything Wrong like I didn't think I did anything Wrong Uh the only thing that happened Was my my brother went to me charging And um Chargie said to him You you're the guy who doesn't want to Give so and so and he said my My X is X name right you don't want to Give him sittings and then my brother Told me that because he knew he was Talking about me And you know I was like Well Um and my brother said you know he knew He was charging knew the difference Between me and my brother you know my Brother wasn't the guy but you know my Brother would come back and say this to

Me right And so what happened was You know my ex's ex I was his preceptor For a while And you know we got along Good like there was no problem between Us Um You know but he wasn't into Sage Mark And I was their preceptor as a couple And you know I could tell their marriage Wasn't doing well and you know and my ex Had sort of confided to me that you know This guy just didn't take sashmark Seriously and she really did you know This stuff and so she had encouraged him For two years to do The meditation he didn't do it And you know I was trying to get him to Do it and he had a position like he was He was given a position a zonal person Or whatever And so um you know and I went through a Lot of frustration with that with him And she had gone through frustration With him And you know he just wouldn't do it Right he just wasn't into it Um he's quit he doesn't you know he Doesn't do it now as far as I know I Think he's Doing something else like I think he Married a Jewish person they do Judaism Or something

And so like he you know he never really Was into it he never did things Legitimately charged he made efforts to Get him to do things even charging Worked at him right and you know he made You know gave him attention trying to Get him to get into it he never did And so he got this diagnosis Which you know started a divorce process And much of the diagnosis is stuff my ex Also has right so it's weird so there's There's both things that were you know They're psychological Big Time Psychological issues between both of Them right which I didn't understand in The beginning because it appeared he was The problem my ex did a good job of you Know being able to blame her you know Like she did the same thing with me Right she was able to you know demonize People And you know create these narratives That were very compelling that she was a Victim and needed to be rescued right Um so they went through a very nasty Divorce Um and it was just you know as like a Really bad divorce And it was all consuming it was a drag On everybody And at some point he requested sittings From us he was trying to get into the House like one of the first things he Did was give like a a picture that was

On like a you know was a like a magnet You know like a picture of him and a Little uh you know frame and he wanted To put it on on the fridge so like we Woke in the morning the guy would be There right like his you know he gave it To his kids to put on the fridge so you Know and then another time um yes you Know came to pick up the kids he has to Use the bathroom and he urinated with The the door open right just like you Know Just bound like just pushing boundaries And just one of those people that part Of his you know psychological makeup and Things that you know we already knew About And so he requested a sitting which Nobody really believed he really wanted You know because for years he hadn't Done anything And my ex was freaked out but I'm like You know what are you freaked out he Comes in I'll give him a sitting and Nothing will happen like he'll just Leave well what's gonna happen right He's pushing boundaries but you know He's doing it if he's using seismog There'll be consequences Let's just give him the city like it Just you know it's what you're supposed To do but my ex was having like you know She had such psychological issues she Started to freak out and her daughter

Her biological daughter was caught up in This whole you know thing with visiting It was just you know he was having her Own issues with him she's you know They're freaking out right And so it was you know my duty to Protect the family and my you know my Um My ex always had a way of getting me the Right to charge you with things that you Know that maybe I didn't have an issue With but she didn't want to you know she Wanted to you know make me her Shield Right and so I ended up having the right To charge And explain the situation And charge you wrote back and said You know I have no problem With you giving him sittings right Um which you know freaked out my accent But it made me look bad right because I'm saying as a preceptor I don't want To give this guy a city Um you know and I they try to explain The situation but you know you had to Write these it's just difficult and so I End up looking bad right Um You know so Um I said all right look he said this we Have to do it and so the guy came over And I gave him a sitting and I did Exactly what you're supposed to do you

Know had this idea of Masters there or Whatever And no transmission came out nothing Happened we just sat there for a half Hour uncomfortably It was weird right and my my ex and her Daughter in the other room weeping like They're freaking out and like all upset And crying and then a week later the Guardian ad litem who was this you know Someone being in charge of a contentious Divorce Ruled that there's no way he should be Coming into the house it was completely Inappropriate So legally he was barred from Going in there we didn't do anything it Was just she found out about it and she Was like this is inappropriate she knew He was always pushing boundaries right So it took care of itself right but you Know I was on the hook for writing this Letter And it was the only thing I know of You know when chargie said you know You're the guy who doesn't want to give This guy a sitting to my brother you Know which you know like it made me look Bad I don't know what charging knew I Didn't do when I you know I always Thought he was you know certainly had a Uh like omniscience you know he just had You know knowledge and perceptive Abilities beyond what most humans could

Even conceive of right and so I didn't Know how much he knew or didn't know but He also had a human side And so you know a short time after that We were asked to give our preceptorship Certificates back so that's what I think Happened right something to do with that And I you know I don't know what what Was going on I don't know how much he Knew about my ex how much he knew about All of it right Um and so you know it's kind of a weird Thing so some time went by and we wrote To the Secretary of the mission we wrote To charge even charging was you know he Wasn't receiving letters his son was Blocking letters there's things going on So he went to the Secretary of the Mission he was a guy who lives in America but you know Indian he was a guy Who went with dodgy to the um To South Africa and told my brother that Story And he um Wrote back and said um no I saw him at a Gathering and I wanted to talk to Charity about the preceptor stuff so I Went and talked to charge you know this Is what happened I want to talk to charge you about it so My ex was like eight or eight months Pregnant so couldn't travel to the Gathering and a lot of circumstances Happened where

Um You know I think chargie wrote me a Letter saying when I'm in Molina next Um I'll talk to you about this stuff and I Don't know what it was like I don't Think it had to do with the preceptor Stuff so much but other things And so I knew I needed to talk to him Because he said that right normally and It didn't look like I was going to go And I just took my son and there was This um you know like a whole thing Right Um And so I went to him and I said well What do we need to do better to be Preceptors but he came in he was in a Foul mood I never seen him like this Chargie was just miserable like he was Angry sort of whatever and his son was There and there was this woman and she Was like later on I found out to be Completely obnoxious an Indian woman and She married this other guy who was kind Of obnoxious or himself but not as Obnoxious as horseshoe had a reputation Of being kind of a prima donna And I kind of knew a little bit of it But not that much and I think she's quit Since then but you know she was like uh You know she had you know an ego maybe Had to be taken down

And she came in and she said something And Christian just insulted her like Just you know and I don't know what's Going on there and she said um You know Master this is your son Master He has a tongue that cuts like knives Like he's like right Um you know and uh You know so he's like in charge he's Like what you're you're in you're you Think you're in pieces now like you know What are you talking about like you're You know you're perfectly fine right Um like she was being a little bit Obnoxious there And Krishna got into her and like you Know and maybe he's just trying to Protect his dad you know I just like it Was uncomfortable Like the energy was uncomfortable in the Room and charge you said something like You know these people they're always Shoving their babies at me like you know I like kids when I like kids you know You know like you want to you know People are always bringing their kids in And you know like you have to have a Certain mode to be around kids right you Know like kid time you know where you're You know because kids are different you Have to talk to them differently and you Know he's saying these people always Forcing their kids on me and you know You know so I mean he's tired or he's

Just coming in for a trip and look at my Son you know like whatever it is right Um but I'm like oh he's in a bad mood And I was given a letter From my ex And I didn't get to read the letter ahead of Time because she wouldn't show me her Like she would read mine but it wouldn't Show me hers You know so that's just typical stuff That she did and I handled the letter And I don't know what's in it but he Talked about me making Mike so we're Struggling financially right because I Was in graduate school I was doing an Internship and I was working full time And I was cooking meals and you know Taking care of you know my ex was I mean Just all these things right like it Wasn't like I was some slacker I mean I Am a slacker but I was you know Operating on maximum capacity And I've had part-time jobs and was Going to school and had an internship in These things right like I was in there And just all the stuff with the family And the you know psychological issues With my accident or breakdowns and all These things like I was just like you Know at my wits end and no you know Familial support right Like no health no no uh support system

And just you know and then still going Through that divorce stuff right I mean That was still part of it and we just Moved to Idaho and you know there's a Whole thing there Um yeah we're there's a psychological Evaluation and we're allowed to take the Kids out of state but that caused all Kinds of problems and you know it's just All these issues right and she sold me Out in this letter made me sound like I Was a bad provider and you know all These things because that's what you did Um and so I said well you know we were And I brought up the preceptor thing With charging and um He said well You need to Know the literature better And you know that was my strong suit Like you know I'm not a great person I'm Not a people person you know I'm uh I'm Not caring in in lots of ways you know Things that you need is a preceptor like I I know my limitations when I read the Preceptor books and some of the things That I either don't possess or don't put Much stock into and just efforts to to Help people and things and you know to Put you know whatever Um you know there are things that I have That are that are character issues that Are you know that are uh make it Difficult to be a good preceptor right

But I do know the material which you Guys can all see I read all the books And I understand these things and of Course Some of this came back to that exchange Where I wrote to him and said I want to Get this guy sitting you know I didn't Say that I explained the situation But that's the way charge you know Remembered it at least he put it to my Brother like I just didn't want to give The guy sitting and that wasn't true at All You know my ex didn't want him in the House and I was caught in the middle Right and you know of doing my duty to Protect my you know family and also you Know doing my duty as a preceptor and These things and ultimately you know the Divine forces took care of it through The guardian ad litem right And you know the whole thing was and you Know he was just manipulating the Situation to get into how all these Things right I mean there's just all these you know This aspect to it you know I was in a Really difficult situation With a crazy person and like you know I I did what I could do like and Ultimately I gave the city and you know These things um You know like and I I knew understood Because I said to my ex we got to let

Him in if you ask for a city we can't Deny him it's not you know there's no Prejudice in this system right you know Just let the Divine forces work like he Wants to play around with that let him Suffer the consequences you know it's You know if you have faith the other Thing this will work out right and I Said that but you wouldn't accept that Because she's flipped out in a Perpetual Victim and you know all these things Right Um you know the stuff that you suffered Whatever abuse you suffered from her Family I mean it's just like you know no One knows with her Um but that's you know it was her stuff And I'm caught in the middle of it And So he says to me You have to Um Like know the system better and I'm like Well that's my strong suit right So that was weird Um And like I didn't like that and it's Almost like he didn't know what I was Talking about And so he's just saying stuff like and You know Um he wasn't being the kind of on the Kind of level that I would usually see From him in all my other experiences

With him It was it was like you know a CEO a boss And you ask the boss something the boss Doesn't know what you're talking about But he just lays into you and blames you For something that's You know he's not even really he doesn't Know the issue and just you know I'm I'm In charge and you're not that's what it Felt like and so I was my ex have to do And he said She needs to work harder and I you know Up to that point I thought she was a Good worker but she had an issue before Where she was very close to charging and They had these exchange of letters Very personal letters very you know Charging very loving in them and you Know she really opened up and you know How much she was dying just really These you know the exchange of letters And they were very close and she had Spent some time with them and then um She was up in a city you know a a Western City and that's where she ended Up moving from Uh and then you know moved into where we Lived where I live And you know she um There was a preceptor there who was Moving back to India and there's about 15 or so people there And you know she was going to be their Preceptor

And you know she just came on too strong Like she always does one guy said your Devotion scares us right like you know And so She scared the people away they all quit And Mr W who's like a chucklehead I've Talked about him before He's an american guy you know California and just an absolute he's a Guy that was instrumental in me becoming A preceptor but he ended up being like You know I've talked about him in my Earlier videos He um lit into her like you know and They had a problem already There were some issues there and Charlie Seemed to like sort of shut shut her you Know like cut her off a little bit Um so there was that already And so you know I don't know about all That stuff and like I only had her side Of the story and I don't know you know Later on I figured out you know basted Everything I knew what really happened Right Like she just freaks people out with her Craziness But so there was all that but you know Up at that point I always thought she Was a good worker now I have a different Opinion but you know those seem to be Our strong suits and he was saying these Things right And it was very upsetting to me you know

Like I was just Um like just I was upset because That um It was so like this was a moment where Charging wasn't being masterly to me Like you know I've had these things with Dodgy and you know it was very Dissatisfying It was a bad interaction And I you know left in Um this guy Mr K came up and was talking To me about it right And he said you know just work real hard And Um You know continued and we were still Giving cities like we we weren't because He said you're still doing precept work I said yeah you know so he said just Work real hard do the preceptor stuff And You know and you'll get your Certificates back in a month or two so This is this he was the Secretary of the Mission Right you said you just have to you know Just plow through it right And like you know like burst in a Tears Like I'm just sitting there around the Gathering it like never happens like I Don't even know why I could just like I Was overwhelmed with like grief right And there was this time to charge you

Had taken away preceptor certificates In um in uh France and in Europe And these are senior people people that Were kind of famous And he got up and I saw the you know Video and he said I have to chop some Heads but if they take it the right way They'll be beautiful heads Which meant that you know this was Something that there was a test for them To something they needed to clean Themselves out and they're you know you Go in arrogance their time preceptors Just got goofy you know and they got Bigger you know whatever it was and so You know I was like all right you know But I was still upset so I went to to Bed and I was like couldn't sleep and You know we're outside and a tent and You know and my I was with my Two-year-old son we were just traveling Together my oldest son that you know I Haven't talked to now in years right We're very You know very close and you know he was My firstborn and you know all these Things Um you know in terms of my kids And you know Uh my ex had a couple of you know kids Already so you know there's just you Know whatever it was and I realized in The middle of the night you know I Thought about charging and I everything

That I knew about him and you know from His books from his life from his stories From stories about him from my Interactions And his capacity to work and and you Know do a good job and my relationship With him and the one thing I knew You know I was like well you know what Do you know about this like you know I'm In a like internal state right and like Almost meditating but you know lying Awake there Um and you know I said well you know I To myself I'm thinking to myself He only wants what's best for me he's Not trying to get me like he's not Trying to to hurt me he's not trying to You know be a you know jerk to me he's Not you know taking revenge on me he's Not a selfish thing that he's you know Even if he you know whatever happened Here He just wants what's best for me You know that's you know I and I knew That like for everybody that's what he Wants he wants to bring us closer to God And I you know and I and I've been aware Like I've been aware you know sort of Mentally over the years that he was more Into me being connected to God than I Was myself like he was more committed From his end in helping me connect to God than I was to being connected to God Right like I was you know into it but

Not as much as he was his level of Service to me his commitment his energy His it was purer and you know more Intense than mine right and those Experiences of you know giving me the Settings the cleaning I've received from Him was made a preceptor and that he Wanted me to succeed You know he wasn't you know trying to Keep me down because he was you know he Didn't want me to Eclipse him or he Wasn't jealous of me or you know Sometimes you know teachers and mentors And people parents will be like that Right but I knew he just really wanted Me to succeed and I just felt better Like I you know I realized this like you Know this was reality whatever I might Have imagined or you know the Unpleasantness of the interaction I was Like you know the guy wants me to do you Know to do do good he wants me to Succeed as an abiasi and as a person Right he's He wants me to be successful right like What he said to me everyone here makes Money you make money You know like that was from the response To the letter from my ex and I'm like Well that's a blessing right you know Because you know he's giving me Permission to be successful and Financially And then the other stuff with the you

Know and I'm like all right you know I'm Okay with it and the other guy said just Wait a couple of months and you'll get Your certificate back and you know so it Was like he was basically saying what's Going to happen And so during that time you know what Happened was we we met in New Mexico And Um I need to do an internship and There's so many counselors and people There's a number of schools that got out It was a Master Level program and you Had to do a a year internship before you Know it's a it's a two-year program a Master's level counseling program but They also had to do a year internship And work as a counselor with supervision And all these things right And you know this place around us were Saturated and we didn't even want to Live there given all the difficulties And the issues with divorce so you know We found we looked around and somehow I Found a place in Idaho That was doing internships and it was You know when the schools were Um This you know that I found it like a a Counseling program they had lots of uh You know interns that came through there Um so and the woman was pregnant and we Just hit it off she was going to be my Supervisor and we had like a lot in

Common and she was just a nice woman and A good counselor I'm like you know this Was a good person for me to the kind of Personality that you know I can work With and I you know I'm tough you know To I don't get along with people so Um and you know my ex wanted to move There was this whole thing and so we got Permission to take the kids out of state Or her kids because there's custody Stuff right and you know we drove out And there was this kind of moment where You know I drove to Um uh New Mexico from Massachusetts so It's practically across the state from North to south and from east to west Right you know almost like a complete One corner like one corner would be Maine to Texas Right so this was almost you know from Massachusetts isn't that far from Maine And New Mexico isn't that far from the Border Um to the ocean right like the corner of California or Texas Like it's I guess it's California where Where uh you know you go to the Southernmost so the southernmost western Part of the the country from the Easternmost uh northern part but it's Almost across the whole country you guys Get it and it was a long trip five days Or whatever it took me to drive four Days and you know I drove through all

These states a place I'd never been to Before And I drove in a Toyota Tercel that I Got it was my first you know car Purchase that was um You know like uh like I had another like A used car but this was like going Through a dealership And you know it had no air conditioning So it was the middle of summer I'm Driving Across the country Um it was like in August And I got there and all my belongings Fit in this Toyota Tercel I sold everything that was big and you Know I got to New Mexico And here I'm leaving New Mexico And I'm driving a minivan And behind me Is you know I'm my ex is driving a Minivan she didn't even really drive so Like she was couldn't even drive like She had you know she got hit in the head By an elevator door so I have to say This And you know but she was she was forced To drive the minivan with the kids and I Was driving ahead In one of these rental trucks there was A 26 foot truck And I'm and I could feel the weight like The weight of the family and the Possessions and I'm thinking back to

Like when I got there and I got there in A Toyota cell and I was just being a Preceptor like I I drove across the Country I put the Toyota and my stuff in A Um in a storage unit I rented an Apartment that I wouldn't move into for Two months and I went to India and I Came back and I started a new chapter in My life I was a previous service when I Was made a preceptor And they're you know starting to do that Work and learning that and just all of It right I'd end up being married and Within like a you know a year or two and All these things and so you know I'm Thinking about this and I'm driving We're driving you know to To Idaho right so you know the woman had Complications with her pregnancy And so she wouldn't be my uh my Um My supervisor and the woman who was my Supervisor wasn't great Um and so that kind of the internship Ended up falling apart and I didn't do The full year there and then we had to Move to you know this is near Boise and Then we moved to the Panhandle so I was Kind of aware of this these western States and We traveled over to Washington State Um it's like right there on the border We lived right between um

The University of Washington and Idaho State University There's these two colleges up there In a kind of interesting place right But once the internship I created my own Internship at a a school like there was A school that needed an internship Program A charter school and that that thing Fell apart it was just started it was a Mess But the internship was good right like I Created this thing at the school or Whatever And from that um There's a job opening back in Massachusetts so Um you know we drove across the country Again Back to Massachusetts where I started Scishmark And all the preceptors that were there One of them quit and the other ones all Were moving out and they you know they Built this meditation Hall there And there was going to be no preceptors So it looked like You know my ex and I were going to take Over for the center it was a good Center Of devoted practitioners that needed a Preceptor but they were completely Unwelcoming The the you know the Mr and Mrs B never Really liked me we never got along I

Mean I didn't have any issues but they Had issues with Fred my preceptor And you know Fred said that charge he Had visited them and he saw chargie Doing work and all the preceptors like He was dispersing them like Charlie like Fred said he had this you know he just When charges given the city this Experience he had and like he was and Then all these people had you know their Jobs changed and all these things happen They all had to move And so you know I was like these guys And we tried to talk to them About making a smooth transition So that you know we would be the new Preceptors in charge of the you know This this um place right because it just You know that's what was happening so When I was a abiasi there I knew there Was tension between Fred and Mr and Mrs B and there's a lot of drama and Dynamics and it still always was stuff Like that and I ignored it because I was Just so enthusiastic and so happy But coming back and you know everything I had dealt with up to that point I was more jaded and you know I'd seen Some things of the mission and you know And I was like this is completely left Right you know I saw through the people I mean now I just have to face all this You know stuff and tension that was There

And you know there was that And then one day you know so we were Working as preceptors transmitting all This stuff And we had forgotten about The whole preceptor certificate Because like you know there had been so Much that had happened moving and you Know there's all this drama the divorce And all this stuff you know all these Things that had happened Um and you know we were always like just On the the edge of you know I mean Financial in poverty and just you know All these things like you know with the Psychological meltdowns my ex had and All these you know issues and drama and There was just all this stuff there was Always something right you know my ex Was working on the publication team of Some of these books And she was getting cut out of the Process and you know it seemed unfair She was always able to display herself As a victim but I now know better you Know having to deal with or what Actually happened which was She was a nightmare she was always a Nightmare you know but back then I Didn't realize that but like that was Just one of my many things there was Always this drama and always this Stuff with her and you know like chaos And so one day um

There's these other preceptors and they Were long time abiasis who had just been Made preceptors a couple And they were like you you know what's Going on with chargie and Chennai I'm Like no what's happening and she said Well that there was this guy Who was a senior preceptor and he Brought a few other senior preceptors Over And he demanded charge you show them The Deeds to the ashram and all these Things Because they said that he would put him In krishna's name his son's name The charge he was trying to steal these Things for his family Things that he had built right And charity was like like like livid Like he um You know and later there was Whispers of The brighter World messages that I would Read Maybe Seven or eight years later You know Whispers wasn't out for another Four years where Bobby was like you know Take hold of yourself like you know Because charging just went to a he Got depressed and he was miserable like He couldn't believe people were Questioning his Integrity after all the Work he did he was deeply hurt Um and there was Dynamics there in in uh Um in um in Chennai right and so he took

Half the percent he took all of the Preceptor certificates only gave half of Them back And I was like wow that's something I Went hey wait a minute I never got we might we never got our Certificates back right And I was like When we've been working as preceptors And so I wrote to charge you about it or maybe The secretary I don't know the secretary Got involved this guy who you know it Said that we were going to get our Certificates back right Um and You know but no one ever stopped us from Working which the other thing that Bothered me is That The permission to give cities like there Are people who quit and left the mission And Um started their own thing Dr Casey varayachary's son he does his Own thing babaji's kids started their Own thing and there are preceptors that Um went over there and was doing that And people ask charging can they still Give sittings and charge he said well They can still transmit But there's no longer like a back door Open like a Divine connection You know this idea that the Master's

Giving the city and And so what they end up doing is Transmitting out their own Prana The whatever energy they've built up From doing the system and they drain Themselves at the love energy You know the transmission and then they Don't have anything left right And so you know that's something I Wouldn't want to do right And I'm like well this was sloppily Handled And charge you was just so competent With everything like he was just Meticulous he's a perfectionist and I'm You know I do sloppy work But this was sloppy and I was like you Know kind of bummed Um you know and because Um well so first this is the response Let me say this this is the response we Got back Okay so I'm trying to read this I took a Picture of it on my phone Uh so Charge you wrote to um Mr K And wrote um Dear s Dear Mr K The non-returner certificates means the Person's concerned are no longer Permitted to work as prefects of the Mission Not to forget not to not permitted to Give individual

Or group settings And so that really kind of stressed me Out because At what point you know It was a probationary period so first we Are told He's going to take everyone's Certificates and he's going to give them Back Or whatever somebody won't give back Whatever it was unclear and then I was Told by The secretary of the mission That you know just work for whatever Amount of time And you'll get them back And you know in a few four months or Something like this it's probably been You know over a year now maybe a year And a half because so many things had Happened we forgot all about it And we're just working as preceptors and During that time a decision was made not To give our certificates back But we were never told And you know it was just sloppy Something I don't expect from charge you Certainly somebody who's much more Competent about such things as very Organized and detailed and Perfectionistic right You know just somebody who meticulous in His work And you know of course he was older but

But when we were on probation we were Able to give sittings without the Certificates but at some point that Changed and it was never said why right There was that thing my brother told me But that was you know that was Inconclusive right didn't have anything To do directly I mean had something to Do with this but not with the official Saying we couldn't do sittings or Whatever And so it really bothered me because you Know more than anything else it was what Was happening were we you know giving Away our own Prana during that time you Know like when we didn't have permission And You know just not handled well and so I Wrote to him I don't know exactly I'll Have I might have my letter somewhere I'm not going to read it anyway but you Know that's Whatever it is but then he wrote back to Me here's the Um the response so this was In 2003 Um So I think You know might have been all the way Back in 2000 And one or before that I don't even Remember The date of the other stuff And so he wrote this dear Paul whatever

You have heard about the happenings in Monopocom is true And I have had to prune the number of Prefects down to a workable number This was essential and had to be done Sooner rather than later So um you know there's issues there And I addressed this I told the story of What happened Like because I was perplexed about the Story right You know of like sort of the like level Of incompetence here And how this developed Um so you know again I I'm not going to Go look for my letter and all this stuff It's not on my computer it's years and Years ago Um you know so I think I have it printed Out here somewhere but I have his here But basically what I was saying was a Story and he said that thing that Happened man apocal the way I heard it Is true He said I am I am I too am sorry that Pruning is necessary But that is the way of nature wants it And I have to obey the orders of my Master Why should you be sad or mad all that Happens is good More for the individual than anyone else Please accept these things with love and Understanding love to all with love and

Master's blessing blessings Affectionately Parts Authority Roger gopalachari So um That happened and You know I Was over it by that time already I would Ever see this letter as already you know Just a way to move on and life was so Overwhelming And there were things that needed to be Done That I you know I was bummed not to be a Preceptor but Like I understood that there were Benefits to it right and some of the Benefits was when I started this YouTube Channel and some of the other things You know I was grateful that I didn't Have to always worry about doing Something or saying something especially When I start mocking people and doing Things like that Where it would reflect the organization Right You know behave in a way that you know Would would people watched it would say Oh this is a preceptor in the mission or You know your behavior was monitored and All the Indian stuff and all this stuff And you know just with the travel and The divorce and these things It really would have been hard to work As a preceptor

And the chaos that ends up being you Know my marriage all these things so I Accepted it being you know for the best And part of the flow of things but some Part of me you know was working hard to Be a good preceptor so I was um Trying to get that narrative wrapped up And my wife let me know that we were Late for the chiropractors you know we Came back From being out of town where we had an Accident our car got wrecked which I Talked about earlier in the You know two videos ago [Music] You know we're fine now Much better we've gotten better every Day but Um you know we had a chiropractor where We were who sought Who suggested I had arthritis in my back Which was just stupid Thing to say but Um we had to go to this chiropractor And I was telling my wife about this Preceptor stuff and I have a few more details I can remember That I told her that I didn't talk about The narrative so I'm going to revisit That and then get into the other part About kamlish And his part in that the preceptor thing But um First uh

You know we were um Going to the chiropractor and I've never Had a chiropractic visit like that he Popped my back multiple times guys um You know my wife had gone to him a Couple times and she said well I think You should go to him but she didn't know If I could take his she's like one of those People with high energy And he repeats himself over and over Again he'll talk about like stuff about The weather for like five minutes or Something And then um You know like just really amped up he's Really good chiropractor And at some point We got discussing sort of Truth or stuff And I think he's a little bit Republican But he's definitely got some truth Around him so he gets excited to talk to Us about that You know at the beginning he didn't know So he was like you know Um but He did a great job he probably knock him Back and like I just Felt so better looking like a lot better And Um I had said these things to my wife that I was going to put in here and I Completely forgot them

Like I was that much of a like sort of a Intense experience and then like where We were out Ronnie James LeBron James Son had a cardiac arrest and I recovered This on my other channel the Apocalypse Now with the Hollywood celebrities Dropping like flies all the stuff that's Had to do with that You know what in a medical intervention And You know they just accused Kennedy just As a time frame In these hearings of racism because he Was persuading African they thought they Said he was persuading he said you know He never told anybody not to get the the You know what but they said that he was Putting their lives at risk By persuading them not to get the you Know it right so Um yeah I'm covering all that so I had To rush home and we had to get that Video out so I couldn't finish this Voiceover And then um You know my son takes care of the house When we're gone and we're only supposed To be gone for about a week or eight or Nine days At the most but you know with the Accident went longer and you know we Live in a lush area and so he takes he Does some of the lawn mowing but some of The stuff is more intricate that I only

Can do and you know we have this Barn And um We had just cleaned it out because There's a raccoon that got into the bun We used to leave it open And we have these cupola's in the barn And we have an upstairs sort of Loft And there was raccoons got up there and They pooped all over the place and the Birds pooped all over the place and they Messed things up and so we cleaned it up And then we said all right we got to Keep it closed from now on And my son got the lawnmower out and Left the door open and so there's Raccoon poop all over the place up there You know I'm just sort of kind of easing Back into all these things I got a bunch Of other things to get to around you Know just all this stuff happened And there's um you know we have a pond And a waterfall kind of thing that I Need to finish and you're trying to Upgrade the value of the place as well You know we We're going to see about at some point We're probably going to sell this place And Um you know or whatever it is um we'll See what happens but So there's um all that stuff that's like I'm just like dude you know like And so you know and I went to cut the Lawn and you know I had to cut the

Various parts of it I was out in the Pasture area where we have a path and I Was cutting out there and something Started buzzing me and like grabbing Onto my head you know get in my hair and Get short hair and I've swatting it away And I swatted away and I figured it was Like all these grasshoppers were landing On me I thought it was something like That but then it came back and it was a B because we have we have beehives I Swatted away and it stung my hand and It's like So I've had all this kind of Adventure But I'm hoping to remember the charging Stuff and maybe I'll have to add it as We as I talk about it maybe it'll come Back to me but one of the things was you Know my ex sent this letter to chargie And you know when I'm handing it to him And charge you was in a bad mood and you Know she had this way I realized um when I got access we had sent some joint Letters Where she sent letters and then I Followed them up you know it was a Thread of letters to charge you and you Know the people that were There it was about moving to India and Things like this And when I went through the thread You know I wasn't going for her specific Letters but I was reading through all The stuff that was said

And um I realized she was subtly selling me out Without actually saying things or Complaining about me but You know like saying things like I'm Doing all I can do and you know like you Know like make it sound like she was Killing herself and doing all the work And I wasn't doing anything and you know How we were in poverty and stuff like That and she'll you know the kind of Layer that she sent to him You know that I was carrying to him Would have stuff like that I didn't read The letter But given his reaction I know that he Was you know saying she had said Something to me about not being able to So you know undermining me as a a Provider but I had gone to graduate School we got married and I had jobs at Starbucks I worked a a summer camp kind Of as a counselor thing while working at Starbucks I had like multiple jobs at The same time I was taking out student Loans and I was going to school Full-time it's a master's program and we Had you know two kids Um each of the years I went to graduate School and another kid the year that we Went to I went to be an intern right and During that time I was taking care of The kids cooking meals I mean I was Working really hard the harder than I've

Ever worked in my life and dealing with My ex's psychological issues and she Didn't say anything that like that right She didn't say you know of course I Couldn't quit my internship and the Whole reason I was doing that is to make Better money and you know get better Jobs right I mean you know I was trying To Maximize my earning potential by going Back and getting a higher education and She didn't mention that like oh you know He's she just said oh my God we're Poverty and all this stuff And I saw another letter about this kind Of thing and you know it wouldn't go Just to charge you it would go around to Various people and without like really Openly criticizing me she was like Completely like cutting my throat to him I just like a complete dick move right Um you know soiling my reputation and You know not giving all the details that You know that I got into a relationship With her because of her basically you Know Being in a dysfunctional marriage and Bailing you know and her claiming to be Needed to be rescued and be you know Feeling like I just couldn't you know I Mean there was all these emotionally You know uh manipulative practices on Her part roping me into this situation And me having to you know I mean the job

I was working at couldn't support the Family I now had right so I had to go to School and do these things and I was you Know working really hard to do them And you know not mentioning any of that Stuff right not trying to build me up or You know make me look you know good in Front of the master but just try to Undermine the whole thing things you Used to say about Iraq's right so she Also created these circumstances and you Know selling me out and you know she did This over a number of years but anyway So you know with all the the craziness In my life and all the stuff was going On and you know moving and doing the Farm and eventually doing the YouTube Channel I thought well there's at least An argument to me made I mean I you know Not an argument but there was definitely Benefits to me not being a preceptor not Having enough time not having enough Energy you know having I mean all the Things right and so you know when I was A preceptor I made that like the central Part Of my existence right being able to do The work it was important To you know have all the things I'll get Into that in a bit right so you know but Part of me always thought at some point I would do the work again because I Really enjoyed it and really wanted to

Maximize You know my connection to help me be More connected to the system and do more Work and be more a part of it people With preceptors just it's another way to Connect to the energy and do work for God and things like this right and People are into it and know how to talk About it explain the system and You know you can just evolve and hone Your craft and skill as a preceptor it's Internal work and there's a lot of Things that you can get better at and so I always thought that would you know Come back around And so um You know and I felt some like I said Freedom I don't know if I said this Already in the other one to be able to Say what I want to say and be what I Wanted to you know be my natural self More natural and you know I could be Rude or in other things here in the Internet you know internet's you know Bare knuckle brawling and it's hard to Be you know Kind in these things you know like I mean it's you know just and I'm not Doesn't come to me naturally or the rest Of it so you know it was I wasn't Looking I wasn't going to negatively Reflect on the system and have other People saying well how can you act like This and be appreciated all these things

That you know gossipy spiritual Organization would End up you know wanting to control my Behavior and then get into you know my Content here and want to say anything Like that so Um which I know would have happened Given all the things that have happened Since then and so I was you know at Peace with it right I felt like Regardless of why charge you did that or You know what it looked on the surface You know it was just the right thing to Have happen And you know I was okay with it for Um you know whatever period of time But when my family and I returned From Um India I found out my ex was made a Preceptor Again by dodgy and her new man Was also made a preceptor even though he Had quit I think Maybe he had some problems with charge He had quit a number of years My you know I it came back to me that They um you know charged uh dodgy really Loved them And particularly the guy but you know he Was very positive with them and he Offered her the preceptorship I don't Know You know at least that's what I was told Like he said well why not you know make You a preceptor again

And so I don't know if she actually said Something about it or whatever And also her daughter who you know both Of them were very emotional about Uh her action uh the girl's dad coming In getting sittings and like I had to You know take one for the team for them And I felt like that was I mean positive that was that the basis For me being suspended in the first Place right And so now they're preceptors and You know I um Would later find out I didn't know at The time That my ex didn't have a center like if You're a preceptor you're supposed to Give Sunday SATs on and start Individuals that you have to post you Used to post flyers and there's also the App which you could give sittings and so You're supposed to give like a couple Sittings a day you know do at least at Hours work a day I mean India it's much More four or five hours giving four or Five Uh sittings a day you know sad songs During the week you know like you're Really involved you're supposed to Make yourself available and your free Time is given to that But then you know there's this thing That happened where You know I've told the story multiple

Times at this preceptor was really you Know one of the best guys one of the Nicest people in the system always saves A good person You know and I guess in some ways he is But the way that he acted here was you Know abysmal And him and his wife you know who I I Knew long before my ex knew them And you know they lived near Um where my now wife lives And you know I'd known them for a number Of years and you know my kids were just Starting and my wife started with with a Guy preceptor And so I thought we would start going There and go to regular sets on and I Haven't been around a preceptor since we Left India so this is about three years And my you know kids hadn't really Experienced it and you know my wife was New to the practice so I was hoping to Go over there weekly on Sunday and you Know other you know do regular Meditations and be a part of the center Right and they had this yoga thing and Um you know I've told this story so much Here and Josh uh Powell or whatever his Name is uh Am I getting that right I think so Joshua Powell was coming to sell the Book that he wrote you know at this uh Seminar and they needed help and I said I would volunteer and you know help set

Up like they had a booth or something And and so the guy comes out and he sits Me down at first he had he tried to get Information from me About a shooting and finding out where I Would live and that's why I knew later That he was spying on me which was Completely effed up But he tells he says that my ex And her husband are coming down to film This event And so they had obviously talked to them And they didn't want me to come And you know I mean it was he said this is And then my ex told my kids that she Considered this place her Center even Though it was four hours away and she Lives in a town and her and her husband Are preceptors and they're supposed to Start a center in that town it's a College town And I don't think my you know her Daughter Was doing any Spirit of preceptor work Either like I don't think my ex ever Does any sittings any precept or things Like this And she can't drive in the car she can't Be in a car like you know if they come Pick up my son or they they have to Drive my ex doesn't come and so like I Don't know how she would consider a Place four hours away from her and she

Can't even drive you know be in a car Her Center when she's a preceptor it Makes no sense it's just not how it Works right But before I knew all that back in 2016 I um you know I I was here I was a back in America and I Was in Vegas uh close to Vegas and There was a preceptor who came from California somebody I've known for a While and you come to Vegas every once In a while and give a group meditation And he wouldn't do when he wasn't there Was a young guy American guy who um Would have meditation over his house And when I went over there there's three People but they said There was many as six or seven people Who were regular abiasis that were there And I was dating a woman who eventually Would go to a gathering and and feel the Energy who was interested in starting And there was another guy who listens to My videos used to listen to my videos Fairly regularly once in a while he Comments now who I met and he was in Vegas and he had started so he was doing The meditation there Uh and so there was you know six or Seven people plus my kids was four kids And then one time I was walking with my Kids in this there's these Parks you Know there's these are rurals where Water flows through

And there's a little bit more Lush There'll be trees and there's like a Green strip you'll see these things in The desert and a nice park there was a Bike path that went along this sort of Aurora and you know I used to ride the Bike path but we're just walking And this you know woman Drives By Me and Looks at me like she knows me right And you know I things thought I Recognize her from like a one of the Persons who used to regularly comment on My YouTube videos and she um Would later call me right around that Time and said that she was kind of Interested in starting but she was Having you know issues with her husband Things like this and Um you know whatever And so but she was interested in doing The harmfulness you know stage Park Meditation So that was 11 12 people right there That's a that's a good size center right Off the bat with a lot of potential for Growth And so you know I thought about it and People were starting to hear about it Through my YouTube channel And it occurred to me that it was time You know with dodgy making my ex a Preceptor again that you know whatever Issues that were there had passed right So I wrote to him about you know

Volunteering to be a preceptor and That's when they were making anybody a Preceptor right Um like just dodgy was just cranking him Out I don't think he was doing the Proper work But you know it was what it was and He didn't write back at all crickets No acknowledgment as an email or Anything like that And so um you know then I went to the Gathering there in in Los Angeles and he Cold shouldered me and all the people Ostracized me so I could figure out what Happened And so I was like kind of relieved a Little bit even about the preceptor Stuff because I was just overwhelmed With the kids you know four kids my Daughter was Anna was there she was Cutting herself all that stuff and Um you know I mean just It was it was already overwhelmed so I Was like all right you know I volunteer His fight but understanding this story And as I you know after the marriage Collapsed and I got more information I Revisited some of the things that Happened I saw that she was bespirching Me right Saying all these things undermining my Um You know my reputation in the mission Things like this and you know dodgy went

For it whatever it was and you know and I was like you know I don't care like at That point I was like I don't care about These people anyway I don't really like A lot of them and you know probably most Of them and you know And I'm fine with it but at one point Um you know I Being a preceptor was like my number one Thing you know and that's something I Wanted to do in the in the future and Learn and grow and it was like a craft Or an art to give sittings and you know You develop and you get better at it and Expand in the work that you're doing and You can do higher and higher levels of Work and I thought that was going to Happen But that was like you know if it doesn't Happen I'm fine just doing the videos And doing what I'm doing here uh you Know and Whenever I would move or whatever it was You'd have to set up a separate area To you know meditate and you create a Field there you know the first maxim of The size Mark system let me read the Maxim Um rise Before Dawn offered your prayer And meditation a fixed hour preferably Completely completing them Before Sunrise I have a separate place and seat For meditation this is Dodges crappy ones I have to find them

I have to find the um The original ones here He um You know he just he changed all these Things Dodgy did horrible like things that he Did to him Um And so let me see if this is Uh No those are Ones been changed I mean dodgy is such a cancer like Everywhere you go is his you know Disastrous touch on everything but I Found the for the book commentary on the 10 Max of Massage Park Rise Before Dawn offer your prayer and Puja At the fixed hour preferably Before Sunrise puja's meditation Sitting in one in the same pose have a Separate place and seat for worship Purity of mind and body should be Especially adhered to and then the Explanation to this Babadook would talk about how That um you know you create a field if You do at the same time and you're the Same place the energy just builds there And then as a preceptor you know these Preceptors had the same seats You know they would give meditations to The same chair or same seat or you know My preceptor Fred had a a chair that

He'd give group meditation at when People came to his house he had grew Meditation there on Wednesday nights and Then um you know he would uh You know he would also give individual Sittings there and then do his practice Sitting in the same seat meditate and The field builds and you know I really Haven't had the ability to do that Um certainly not you know as a preceptor Because I wasn't one and then all the Other aspects of it but it's something That I I've recognize the value of it And you build the energy And meditating at the ashram is quite Significant right Um you know it's Dodgy has a seat there and a seat in the You know meditation Hall it had good Energy when we visited I don't know if The energy has dissipated it's probably Not as good as it was because he's used That stage for other things that's why You don't have concerts and things with Vibrations People talking about things that aren't Spiritual uh conferences like you know They have these business conferences and Things and so it ends up you know Dissipating and ruining the energy There's a ashram in Ohio and the woman That sort of is in charge of has been a Nightmare she had a pancake breakfast You know for the mayor

Like just trying to be a big wig an Important person And he um You know in the meditation all the Energy was wrecked I went there and I Was like what's wrong with this place it It had the meditation but the energy but It was like You know something like it was like Ward Orange like it was twisted in some way Right it wasn't pure in the way it Should be But anyways dodgy has all these Advantages and he was around charging And when you're around charging you're a Preceptor and you travel with them he's Going to give you sittings and explain Techniques and do all these things to Help you Be a better preceptor the people around Him certainly dodgy them being nominated As a successor And he had access to books and things And trainings that aren't you know Available to everybody And so you know and just the time alone That he spent with them and then of Course being made the successor of Charity and you know having deeper Levels of cleaning and you charge you Trained him on how to make preceptors And these are things that other precepts The other preceptors don't learn to do And so you know dodgy is in the best

Position to give These you know better sittings right There was a time that I was with two Senior preceptors this guy Don sovereign And this other guy who was uh he was Dodgy's one of dodgy's preceptors Roger kapalan these both guys both gave Me sittings when I was being made a Preceptor and they were staying back and Charge he was traveling I was with Charging and Don said who gives Obsidians when you're gone And uh charge you pointed to Roger Gopalan now both died and Roger kopalan Were in higher regions and they were Evolved I know Dom was at least in the Mind region he was from Canada But Roger gopalan had Superior spiritual Approach And Don asked because I think he you Know he didn't want any controversy with Other people so a strategy indicated but The idea was the person who was the Highest and the you know the best Preceptors the one who was you know the Highest uh spiritual approach closer in Terms of the yatra points would give the Sittings that's how it always worked Right And when charger wasn't there and Sometimes charge you would hand pick Somebody who was a newbie just so the Person could get some experience and Things like this but you know in in

General the highest well the highest Evolved the highest uh the person with The highest spiritual approach Would give the sittings right so that's You know what's important here you Understand that dodgy is the the best Person because he's been given all this Spiritual energy and he's had all these Things done to him and he's had this Training And so I'm saying all this because you Know I was in a difficult situation we Were traveling when I was giving the Cities and I mean not even be able to Give them at home and help you know they Help create the atmosphere here and you Know all these things one of the things I had to give in a car and I gave the Second to last sitting sitting the fifth Sitting I'm gonna give the last sitting Tonight and you know there's some like Illegitimacy to my doing this right Because it's only because I had that one Dream of charging was making me a Preceptor and you know I I have the Dream I've even you know I don't have it I can't remember exactly the whole thing You know but I documented it in a few Videos uh you know some videos ago Um I think it's in the 109th version 108th and 9th And I you know talk about the dream and This stuff like this and that's all I Have to go on and then giving internet

Sitting it's like I'm gonna stop ready To to give individual cities and have People come to my house I mean like That's all part of it and so I just I Don't have it like it's just not it's Beyond what I can do right now in terms Of all the stuff and just dealing with The gratefulness stuff and the Gatherings and the Gathering thing was a Little bit overwhelmed and whelming and My wife and I went through it right And so this morning I went to give the City and You know um It was early in the morning and Uh you know it's just we have the dogs And we let them the dogs don't sleep With us but they you know if they're up Uh before if we sleep in it'll sleep Late or something the dogs will pee Everywhere and You know so I let the dogs outside right It's You know pretty early in the morning and My wife and I were just coming back from The trip and she's tired and you know I Just Um let the dogs outside so they go to The bathroom and I brought them in Because if I leave them out outside the Door and give the sitting They'll probably inevitably bark they'll Hear some noise or something And which you know isn't the best so I

Brought him in the bed and my wife was Just waking up and I said I'm gonna do The Sasson And you know this is not ideal Conditions right like it's not it's Certainly not what dodgy has at the the Gathering you know he has all these People there and you know I start doing The sitting and one of the dogs starts Moving around I open my eyes and I see That you know there's Dog poop on the bed the bedspread the Comforter Which um You know it's a comforter that you can Machine wash but it's down and you're Supposed to dry clean it and so there's Limited washes and it's a really good Comforter and we're very happy with it And I just washed it before we traveled And you know the dog once in a while This kind of thing happens which sucks Because the dog sit on the bed when I'm You know and they'll or they'll track Something in and Um you know on there it's just a you Know it's just a bummer and that's like You know so I'm trying to you know I'm Giving them the stats on And I'm trying not to think about you Know because I just want to take the Comforter off and Clean up the dog and you know Wash the comforter you know I mean like

Now I have all that to deal with plus I Would this video that I was already Going to make and a lot of the ideas and Things are there I want to you know do This voiceover and you know so it's it's Hard for me to shut all that off but I Did right Like I just let it go and I said it's Fine you know you'll do it I let the sitting flow through me right And just you know always with the idea That it's the Divine Master you know the That's permitting me to do this and you Know because I'm at risk of giving away My own Prana and these things if you Know if the dream isn't that isn't you Know or isn't permission because I'm Taking the dream as permission and it's Been on my mind and you know it's Something that I think that is necessary And a lot of you guys are benefiting From it but you know I mean it's like I'm not I don't want to Sacrifice my own spiritual energy For you know that you know I mean you Know you guys are great in a little bit And so you know it's not it's um it's Just not very legitimate and yet it's Very clear to me that the sittings that Are being that are happening here are Superior in every possible way to these Half hour you know I don't think dodgies Bother doing the things I think he's Just closing his eyes and you know just

Taking a little snooze or something and I don't think he's even trying anymore To give sittings he certainly was pouty And he didn't want to be there right and Only because he got you know Um exposed for being a liar and a fraud In these things and so the contrast is You know he is in a much better position He's had a higher spiritual approach he Has you know more knowledge and training And and years of experience being a Preceptor and he's the The Chosen One The master and the president of the System and he's got a venue where There's 40 000 people and you know They're all longing for this energy and The transmission and it's his job to let It flow through him and he didn't even Want to do the Gathering and like we all Do you know where I'm like as Illegitimate as it could be And I'm you know just struggling with This whole thing and trying to figure Things out and You know all of it and even with that These settings are Far superior like there's just no you Know anybody who's experience one here Or one with dodgy there's no comparison Right Um you know what a disaster like You see it's stunning like if I just Think about it in those terms It's really hard to believe like it's

Hard to believe how bad he's You know the damage that he's done And you know how Well this gratefulness thing is doing Which is just I mean it's not um You know it's there's no legitimacy to It at all like it's just I never met Most of you and you know I mean it's Like it's Almost imagining it's almost like an Imaginary thing but the energy is there And you know I've had you know I don't Really have doubts about it but I have You know I I mean it's it's hard for me To to take it seriously and be real About it right But you know when it comes around these Two Gatherings have been the best Gatherings I've experienced Since charity was alive Um You know the ones without dodgy getting In the way and you know all the rest of It right I mean he's he's been a Disaster and selfish at every possible Level the selfishness of it right Because there's 40 000 people who want To have chargie's birthday And it was clearly his job too to give Them that and the Divine hierarchy is Masters wanted him to give these Bandaras And even with that you know he's so Selfish that he's trying to cancel him

In ways that are so immature and Legitimate that child could see through It the lies and deception is just It's really bad right it's just you know Embarrassingly bad so that's quite a Tale Um I gotta you know stuff to do I'm gonna Have to make dinner in a little bit and Do some a little bit more outdoor work And the bee stings fine and put some Honey in them charcoal on it that's what We use and we have this thing called the I think it's called that bug thing or Something It's a you know something that it's like A little suction cup and you draw the The Venom back out right on whatever it Is but my hand's not swelling up and I Actually feel good I think it had maybe Some you know sometimes bee stings could Have you know some people are allergic To them so there's that but you know People use it for arthritis and other Things and Um you know there's medicinal benefits To it so Anyways um one more sitting I'll wrap This thing up tomorrow And I'll get it up for the members and Then you know maybe this weekend I'll Publish it for the rest of the people And Um you know it's kind of an epic it's

Like you know this is where the rubber Meets the road you know with dodgy Canceling Babaji and chargie's birthday And then reinstating all the things that Have happened here Like there's a vote of no confidence Like he's lost A street kid like you know people aren't You know they just clearly don't Um value him and think of him like he Wishes they did and he can't build his Own His own group and he's you know Desperately trying to to do something You know the the just the decision Making that that he would come out and Think he could say that and cancel Bob G's in charge he's birthday and it Would fly like he just there's no common Sense I mean I knew it I said it like I Just we'll see how this goes right And it went you know very predictably Like something he should have been able To predict but you know he just sucks so Bad Anyways I'll wrap this thing up tomorrow Okay so the Gathering has ended the Final sitting was tonight um Here and you know whatever it was for You guys when you decide to meditate um And it was a another great sitting uh The sitting previous sitting there was I Felt some pleasant vibrations in the Base of my skull with them

Central region is this was a just a you Know very uplifting uh Um transmission like very a lot of Energy Whatever that means you know in terms of The transmission because it's the Forceless force but it was Substantial uh I'm gonna put this in Both my journey series 113 And um I'll post this also tomorrow on my uh On my um gratefulness meditation Channel As the final this will be the final um You know entry into people Posting their feedback and you know me Just talking about a little bit of my Experiences but the this journey series Video is uh This episode is probably to me like the Pinnacle At least up to this point Maybe the whole reason the journey Series exists Coming around full circle from where I Just started talking about some of the Stories and You know I was just uh you know opening Up and just saying things that You know like I told my wife and that Was about it Um no one really knew the story or my Side of the story or things like this That

Things that I experienced the good bad And ugly of My spiritual journey And Um The reason this is like the Pinnacles Because where this ended up right where Um shocked to see dodgy just going Through the motions and sulking and Being You know pouting about a The Gathering there for the heartfulness For his you know spiritual Master Achargey which I cover quite extensively In the journey series 113. and what I wanted to share in both Videos Uh you know this small excerpt that's Going into the The um you know final edition of the Gratefulness meditation and then The you know that's going to be the end Of the 113th Journey series The Last this is the Second to last voiceover I'll wrap it up Tomorrow But when you Experience a city And you guys are having to learn how to Learn this you guys are doing Gratefulness meditation Is understanding when the sitting ends When you're a preceptor you have to Understand when the sitting ends

But now that we're doing something here Where You're meditating And You have to figure out when the sitting Is And as a preceptor You know there are times that the Transmission comes in waves Like in a group meditation you'll Transmit and you'll read the condition Of the the group or you read the Condition and the individual is an Individual City and then you start Cleaning this there's a cleaning there You know the idea that the Divine Masters doing this work is to say it's You it's not correct and then they're Trans the transmission comes through Again You know it's a lot like fishing where You toss your line into the in the water And you hope right you know like it's Waiting for the Great Pumpkin or Whatever it is right The transmission comes and it comes in Whatever form and it has a life to its Own And sometimes The transmission comes In waves like you think the sitting's Over it fades out you're like oh the Sitting's over And then if you wait a little bit more

Transmission comes And you know you don't have control over It just you know you you allow it to Flow through and it either shows up or Doesn't and you know it always shows up But you know in whatever capacity And in these gatherings it's Uh it's easier to experience and You know and then sometimes the Transmission becomes so subtle it's hard To even perceive or feel That's why people don't feel the Transmission at all because it's very Subtle and if you have a lot of you know Or just blockages in your system it's Hard to feel the transmission you don't Feel the transmission you feel its Effects on you Because the transmission itself is not Something that you can perceive it's not Something you perceive it's your senses Your heart can feel its effects And you're in your soul your spiritual Essence And so um You know this idea that dodgy was given These very short sittings under half Hour sittings you know it's just I don't Even know if he's making any attempt at All right because I was you know I mean That's just not how these things go And I first experienced this I went to My first Uh passant Gathering

And this was um You know there's we went to This Woman's House the the main preceptors were out Of town and my preceptor Fred was there And there was a a new preceptor who uh You know had some experience with him Uh and his wife was uh was found out About seismishmark for my ex this was But this was long before I you know any Of that happened this was long before I Met my ex it's the very beginning Of my spiritual journey And he had just gone to India a number Of times and His wife was also a practitioner in Abiasi but she wasn't into it as much as He was And he um was giving one of his first SATs on so he had just been made a Preceptor And he was given the SATs on and I he Was in a hurry to go home to see his Wife she was you know he's just gone to India maybe she was you know not when he Was not wanting to she didn't want to go To this group meditation which was odd You know was passant it was a you know It was biology's birthday celebration And he ended the sitting before the Scene was over it was still like I could Feel a transmission And my preceptor Fred would say next to Me the guy says that's all And I opened my eyes and I could still

Feel the transmission the guy was gone Right and Fred goes it's still going on It's still transmission And then we all meditate and others like 10 or 15 minutes right but the guy had You know he was pressured and he was you Know thinking about his his wife was Going to be mad and whatever Uh It's oddly enough he quit years later He had so many problems you know he Loved charging but he had problems with Things that that happened in the mission And he had problems with the other People And some of the people in India took Advantage of him he was a you know he Had his own business he had some money Um you know he I heard about his list of Complaints and he kind of got bitter and And his wife who wasn't as into it as he Was I think she's still practicing We saw I saw her in India some time ago But anyways this is you know this is how Sittings go sometimes you know they they Start up again and being able to tell When it's over is really a an art right Because the sitting is You know there's it's it's an abstract Thing And each one is different and unique and Has specific spiritual work that happens And figuring out what that work is Is important as well there are aviasis Who you'd ask them what they experienced

You know senior abiasis and wouldn't Have been practicing sensitive ones and They could tell you exactly what the Work that was happening which points Were being cleaned where they Experienced the energy and then other People would just make up these wild Imaginative imaginative stories right so There's these you know and some people Wouldn't feel anything So there's this spectrum of sensitivity And things like that but it's something Everyone needs to who does this practice Has to hone in and You know understand and work towards Okay so continuing on from where I left Off last night The reason I was talking about this and I was talking about you know my journey As a a preceptor and things um You know dodgy Has the Uh I'm happy with the gratefulness thing Like I'm not complaining here or um You know lamenting anything or whatever Uh just You know this is something that just Came to my attention right That through this process of doing a Gathering You know watching those 40 000 people Show up Despite dodgy making up some interaction He had with Bobby that he Bobby gave him

A message that he didn't And canceling Gatherings that You know everybody wants but dodgy and Maybe some of his cronies right the People around him and you know them not Getting I mean they might get it Directly But not from dodgy in his 30-minute Sittings That he's begrudgingly withholding you Know whatever's going on there like you Have to have a heart full of gratitude And be open and whining you know he's Angry at these people For not listening to him right like he Said something to them as their master That this was a new thing that was going To happen And it hasn't happened right You know they just didn't ignore what he Was saying And as a leader that would suck for Anybody right if you You know like when you say things to People and they'll listen right I mean I Do this all the time here Not that I'm a leader but you know just In terms of the YouTube channel And make rules and people ignore the Rules you know I say I don't have a Complaint department but people complain All the time you know not not just Random new people but people have been Around

For a few years benefited enjoy what I Do here And then they you know something bothers Them and they complain and they'll say I Know you don't listen to complaints and The comment itself right Like that's you know Annoying at the very least and that's And that's nothing because this is just A YouTube channel he's a spiritual Leader of a spiritual organization where There should be discipline and You know desire to please him and all These things And so like I know he's angry at this Thing because he's you know he got Exposed as a liar and you know all this Stuff Um which is a whole nother thing but Like he wasn't Into the Gathering you could see it from His body language he didn't he doesn't Have love and gratitude for charity Which you need to have to carry this Thing off you'd have to be you know I Mean charge you did everything to make Babaji happy and you know Babaji is so Happy You know that he uh left the mission in Good hands And Babaji did the same thing philology As part of the you know somebody does Something you have a teacher you have a A parent you have an elder that goes

Above and beyond it helps you achieve Something Helps you you know Reach the Pinnacle of your existence You're gonna you know feel grateful to Them you're going to want to pass it on Pay it forward and And Dodge just doesn't have that Thomas Doesn't have that and without that you Got nothing you can't do it without that And spirituality without gratitude You don't have anything he's not Grateful he's not grateful for the Opportunity but what I observed here you Know and talking to you about my Training so I gave sittings for five Years You know and it was limited because I Didn't have as many you know I didn't Have an existing Center I started off in New Mexico there's no People there And then There were a few people that actually There were some people when I got off The plane There was a young guy Who still practices today he's a Preceptor himself I think He was uh you know Indian guy who was in College And Um he had started seismish Mark Somewhere else and he was really into it

So he was you know he was a good person To have there And Um There were I put an ad out in the paper And seven people just started Like all at once All of them quit and the guy moved away After three months so you know that was I was able to do some work as a Preceptor But that was it and then People came and went Um You know uh There was a guy who started with his Girlfriend And he um Was from like the Midwest his parents Had money he had you know drug issues And he I had two people had drug issues One guy was using like heroin or Whatever But he started with his girlfriend I Think they were both using drugs uh Whatever and he um stayed for a while And I think he quit uh he definitely Quit but he came back They married uh he met some woman at the Ashram And um She um You know uh She was a long time practitioner she had

A you know a kid already and she had Been one of the there's a lot of young People that started at home with uh You know this guy Clark pal and uh Mobile Alabama A lot of young sort of hippie-ish people And they got married and my family and I Visited them and stayed at their house For a bit Going across the country And He just had written me at Facebook that His wife ended up cheating on him and Going with some other guy and You know this family fell apart but he Was like he's the one guy Who I started who um Kept on going and then you know when my Ex and I got together there was a center There in Santa Fe and one woman is a Preceptor now that started with us And then some other um People you know were A few people who stick with size Mark Like one or two people So like as a preceptor I started two People that stayed As obvious so it wasn't you know A lot of success in terms of that you Know I mean is whatever it is Of course my brother and my Parents are people I told them outside My mom you know did it for a while my Brothers I assume still doing it

Um so you know there's been some You know work that I've done Along those lines and then we moved back And I gave some settings you know when We were actually not supposed to give Them so you know I have experience Giving settings Intermittent intermittently For about five years You know when you get better at that as You go like anything else it's a Practice But then you know having thought about It and you know wasn't doing much of it In terms of anything like that Which is you know important to know Because I wasn't furthering my you know Training and things like this You know um Babaji uh was it ever made a Preceptor of biology when Urology was Alive And you know Babaji was working on him While he was working on him and Bobby Intercommune with them and things like This And 13 years after Bobby G's death of Lology's death Babaji uh was and was Told to announce that he was the Bology's representative and he'd be Carrying ideology's work And there were about five people that Believed him you know out of maybe 200. Depressed we're jealous trying to kill Him and take his powers and you know

Whatever maybe they believed him but They were You know bummed about it but five Accepted it and then Babaji eventually Built this Mission so his training came From Apology most of it What analogy had Passed away right after logic's death so It was you know for the brighter World Type of situation You know so there's you know reference Points too Like things have the woman Madame Lynn Getting most of her training Getting all of her training really from Babaji in a etheric form so there's ways To get that but you know I didn't have It in terms of continuing on doing the Work and I was you know in a chaotic Situation was focused on other things And then Of course the YouTube channel right you Know so I I made that like you know I Told that part of the story so people Would understand Where I'm at in terms of what we're Doing here right Whereas uh you know whereas kamlish has You know there's And the other part is Gatherings right And none of you have really experienced You know a gathering maybe a few of you Went to gatherings Never really experienced an American

Gathering probably Even a local one so like there'd be a Gathering where you might have it at Somebody's house There's a time where we were in Virginia Uh and um There was uh you know a center in Richmond and charity said he was going To go to the preceptor's house The preceptor had lost his dad and his Wife had lost her parent to her dad And they were really bummed like they Both really they took it hard they Couldn't really His wife ended up quitting I think over It And then they lost their son they had One son and he died Later on the guy just was wrecked he was Psychologically like broken Like I saw him at the funeral he was Just you couldn't even they were Carrying the guy But charging before that happened went To the guy's house And you know they have to do certain Things and you know there's maybe 200 People show up this guy's house he had a Nice house you know you know He was making money and he had a house In the like a kind of a Cold Case Cul-de-sac type of you know Suburban Neighborhood and you know we were a part Of that my family and I and preparing

For it and you know Um but the Indians are just great at That kind of stuff And you know local Gatherings where People would have something as house but Also ashram Gatherings you know Babaji Birthday gathering Evelina there'd be 200 people or when charges showed up There would be five five hundred to a Thousand people And you know everyone had to be fed and There had to be accommodations and you Know I helped like I would show up early Or leave late or both To the Gatherings I went and I'd help Set up you know they had these big tents They would rent tents from like a you Know some place that rented tents in in Georgia And they would set up the You know the you know there's like they Had like a uh whatever they call those Truck containers like with those you Know containers they put on the back of You know large um You know 18 wheeler trucks codexes I Think they call them and they had a Couple of those filled with Phone foam rubber mattresses right that Are um You know they would lay out in these big Tents they would get a big tent For the meditation Hall which would seat You know maybe a thousand fifteen

Hundred two thousand people you know There was always under about a thousand That would show up For the Gathering Um you know there'd be a You know three tents they would get and You know charge you would say um like Sometimes there'd be less people because It would be a you know whatever it was Um like and you know charging it said Before that less people would show up For A birthday bhindara if it was in the Middle of the week like it was like Tuesday Wednesday Thursday right uh we Started like good days because those are The days I got my first three sittings But you know he said I'm sorry I can't Make every bandara every birthday Fall on a weekend right because you know That's kind of interesting now because That's what happened with charge his Birthday Uh fell on uh a uh on Monday but there Was Sunday it started all those things Right and dodgies tried to sneak in his Normal sitting there You know in the middle of the Gathering Because you know he's just uh Petty and You know like a fool or whatever Uh because you know you just wouldn't do That um and I was talking about that Earlier in this video Bizarre thing that he did but you know

They had these three big tents they had Two big tents at the bottom one for Women one for men And you could also put up your personal Tent in various areas there was a bottom I mean there was a hill the ashram's on A hill in Molina and they built Everything on the top of the hill Because they had a nice stack and hit it Out of view over the mountain there was A top of a 400 foot Mountain you know Sort of Foothills Off of the Appalachian Blue Ridge Mountains I believe You know where the Appalachian Trail Sort of starts there In Georgia Um It had a nice view they built some deck Up there so you could see But it was a mistake to build on the top Like you always build there's a lot more Flat area On the bottom of the auctionum right so There was um so they had the courtyard And then they have this you know just The top of the hill and then there was a Nice flat area where they'd pitched the Tent And there was some parking up there And then at the bottom of the hill they Would have these big tents set up for People to sleep in And that's where we stayed my brother

And I in the beginning and I used and I Started bringing my own personal tent Because it just you know it's hard to Sleep with all those people in the town People snoring and you know all the rest Of it Um and just the personal intent was Better you had your own sort of space Uh but you know that was the the Gathering and you know I first my first Volunteer job as I got up and made Coffee And I helped with maintenance things but Like I would get there early and I'd Help put the mattresses out right you Know people just you know it was Exciting to participate in the work it's All volunteer right Um and you know the big thing was the Food Because the Indians wouldn't eat Anything but Indian food and they all Have you know they're from different Parts of the country so they had their Own specialty kind of foods they would Cook And people had donated it was a State-of-the-art like restaurant type Kitchen With a dishwashing you know one of those Things where you lift the the lid and You slide the trays in like at a Restaurant I worked as a dishwasher Version years ago and I also helped

Doing that sometimes like I would do Whatever you know odd jobs that they Were there But the kitchen was like people would Donate their old pots and pants things They didn't want anymore so it wasn't Like they had good stuff And the Americans would cook American Food sometimes And the Indians cooked always cooked Indian food so you have a choice between These two things sometimes the India Food was too spicy you know and it was Chaotic because there are two groups of People sharing the kitchen and there was You know a lot of drama a lot of you Know hostility like whatever and You know there's a a word for when you Go through cleaning called Boga That Babaji talked about b-h-o-g-a Where you would like you know Um You would just there would be drama and Cleaning and anger you know things that Would come out during what's called You're going through a cleaning right And uh which I've talked about before And there's a guy who nicknamed the Kitchen his wife worked there the Boga Dead because it was just you know they Were trying to crank out all this food And you know there's a lot of issues but In India they cook for 10 000 people So and you know and this is at least

They were air-conditioned In the you know it's maybe hot in the Kitchen because it gets hot you know it Is in restaurants but you know there'd Be people cooking outside You know I went to one Gathering where They had an outdoor kitchen they had Like a Clay Oven And it must have been like 110 degrees Out and then another 10 15 degrees where They were cooking And they had a couple of like you know Gas burner things And they were cranking out enough food For 10 000 people you know just crazy Amounts I mean I've been to all these Different Gatherings with different Amounts of people and every Sunday There'd be 5 000 people show up at Chennai and they would feed them right And you know when the flood hit in Chennai Um there was an eye Doctor Who Him and his wife they both were eye Doctors and I became very close with him You know and his wife to some extent but The sky more Um and he was up on the roof And we were watching the flood and you Know the the stuff going on and I was Videoing videoing it he said go document This right And he was in the naviasi but he lived In this area where there's all these

Abiasis he was across the street from The ashram he said you know I was amazed By your organization He had went out and he had gone to this Like apartment building where there's All these Um abiasis there and they were just Feeding You know thousands of people like just You know because they had the skill to Do that because of these gatherings Right he said you guys are organized and You know he was I was impressed by the Work that you you know your organization Was doing And it's because it you know they Learned how to do this they learned how To build doshams and they learned how to Feed people And they learned how to you know create Temporary housing Tents and things and pull off a Gathering right and you know some of the Places were spectacularly decorated with Flowers and they do this these amazing Things with flower art and things And so you know Kamlish announced as far as I know he Announced four days ahead of time I mean that's the only announcement I Saw That there would be a charge you're Gathering after canceling it it takes Months to prepare

And all these people showed up and he Said only from two local area Because they weren't prepared for the You know to house all those people I Mean I I think at least 40 000 people Were there even if it was thirty Thousand or Twenty Thousand that's a lot Of people to send on a place if you're Not ready to have them But I'm sure they all got fed You know because they know how to do it There And they've you know this is stuff that Chargie you know he was an Organizational like you know meticulous Uh CEO leader of a he worked as a Company CEO And he ran the You know the the mission like an Efficient business of volunteers it was Like this is probably the number one Volunteer organization in the world Where people show up and do volunteer Jobs And cook and clean and do things you Know just because They have a Devotion to God like many of Them don't even feel the transmission Like I do or many of you know like They're they might not even know Sage Mark is special But India they have a tolerance for pain And suffering like you know this is some Of the better things about being in

India Like they have you know uh tolerance for Levels of discomfort that Like for Americans we just don't have Because of the you know the quality of Life there like when they build an Ashram they would say something like how Many you know or one of these meditation Buildings They'd have these like little meditation Halls that were really ashrams like the Basement one in Sunderland Massachusetts That That I went to you know the guy had his Computer shop and he donated the Basement right and you know would see 200 people Would they go and see 200 Americans and 400 Indians like it was just the Indians Would pack together and they have a Whole different idea of personal space And if you were sitting on the floor you Would be touched you know people would Be touching you on either side Your knees would be you know on other People's knees you know like stuff like That You know you would just be cramped Together and they would just if there's More people they would just cramped Together even more like they you know They have a tolerance for this and they Were just you know pull the Gathering Off and it often seemed chaotic there's

Something about India like I've seen Something that was nothing to do with Seismard we've had to do with some some British person And he's saying that they'll just pull It off like it looks like it's chaotic It looks like everything's going to You know going to crap and somehow the They'll pull it off right just you know They make they find a way to organize Things out of the chaos Um and so it's just you know they're Good at it and there's things that they Do that you know Americans won't do like The range of marriages they'll just make It work and charge you arranged Marriages where the families Both sides of the families were trying To get guns or had guns and we're going After the other family right because They didn't want their kids married And they weren't doing size Mark they Didn't recognize charge you as a source You know as a as a you know authority Figure And you know the kids and the kids still They made the marriage work different People from different Parts of India that you know different Cultures in India because they they Believe that the marriage had been Arranged by God through charging like Charging there were times he would be Sitting there

And somebody say you know my daughter Needs a husband and charge you would Look in the audience and go this guy Right here right like You know you can imagine that and they Get up and they'd be married you know They'd be married like a month later And you know and they were almost all Successful marriages but what the Western ones people from Europe and America never worked out Because they didn't have this you know You you just it's foreign to you you Wouldn't believe in the system right you Want to be a part of the choosing Process You don't want somebody to say hey this Is your husband or wife or whatever And accept it they just didn't have you Know Americans didn't have the faith you Know when the Indian preceptors would Travel like the you know my family and I Lived in Virginia uh and now we were in The western part of Virginia near uh Near Blacksburg And there's preceptors one would travel From Washington once a month so 12 times A year you know he did work in DC you Know he had a job and he probably worked 60 hours there And then you know whatever I mean at Least 40 hours a week and then one Weekend a month he would drive down five Hours from DC

To give people sittings and you do this Over the weekend give everyone Individual settings and then give a Group meditation And they had a rented uh haul of you Know a room in the Virginia Tech thing And then it was moved to somebody's House or something When the kid graduated or moved away From there's a student from the Virginia Attack from India that was on abiasi and Then there were two people two Preceptors that would come out maybe Three four times a year each Uh from North Carolina and these guys Had families and one time the guy Brought his family which was nice Over there comma to our house and they'd Give uh SATs on then they would go you Know they usually stayed at other Indian People's houses because you know they're More comfortable there we didn't have Room in our house anyways but you know They would come out and they would do This they would drive hours you know Some of the the capacity for work that These preceptors do in India giving 200 Cities you know like a given you know Giving cities to like 200 people in over A week and stuff like that one preceptor For 200 people where in America it'd be Like one preceptor to four and four or Five people like you know it's just Different but the Indians were built

Differently because of their faith and Their capacity to do work for God and Volunteer and do this stuff was you know Phenomenal it was amazing Um you know something that is it's hard To describe so what I'm saying here you Know is dodgy was trained as a master He was trained as a preceptor and you Know he'd been around these things He went to all these big gatherings he Was in India for seven years he started Giving the sad songs when chargie was Too ill so dodgy ran the Gatherings the Last couple of years The three Gatherings for the lology Bobby and charged your birthday And he was giving all the satsons Trained him how to do that you know he Was trained how to make preceptors And he was a preceptor for like 30 years And he has an organization that knows How to manage these big gatherings There's an infrastructure there's you Know charge he was so efficient he built A system And it was very functional So much so they pulled off this Gathering with an unwilling Master with The master who didn't want to transmit With the master who didn't want to Participate a master was trying to you Know snuff out the Gathering the Organization still carries on and they Were able to have you know whatever it

Is I think it's 40 000 People based on What I was seeing there at least maybe 30. because I think there was you know Like I said 60 000 people can fit in That building and it looked like it was Almost full with spacing Um you know so Uh I would say 40 000 is probably a good Estimate and they showed up despite him Not wiring them there like they came you Know disobeying his orders and just were Carrying on with what they've been Trained to do right and all the people Volunteering and you know the food and The things that were there The accommodations you know and I don't Have any of that like I I volunteered I Made coffee I did a little maintenance you know but I don't know how to you know front a Kitchen for For you know a thousand people say or Even a couple hundred none of you guys You know people who are here for the Most part Have experienced that you know at least Not here you haven't experienced a size Mark Gathering you know people you know Coming together and volunteering and Doing all the work to set up for Something like that You know and I don't have the experience As a preceptor I can't make other

Preceptors Like I don't know how to do that and you Know I'm almost the best I can do And certainly you know I only gave SATs On for you know local you know people And sometimes at the ashram or the Meditation on in Sunderland maybe There's you know 40th people 50 people But I didn't give sitting you know sat Songs to a gathering right of thousands Of people right so these are all just Things that I don't know how to do now Of course I can learn them like Babaji Did Just work by doing and working on the Etheric world but there's only one Babaji like it's not you know I'm not That great of a meditator I'm not Somebody who Channels and had conversations with the Masters and the Divine views like a Information flows through me I'm good at What I do here right I'm good at you're Picking up a microphone and allowing Information to flow through And you know I'm good at doing the 9 pm Prayer I've done that for 30 years which Is getting a little bit similar to Sittings but you know just making myself Available and letting with a Divine Master do the work that's necessary for People that's the best I can do and you Know that's okay that's good and Whatever you experienced

You know either if I'm doing that or It's coming directly from the source You know it's it's good it's good you Know I mean it's it's still going and There's nothing wrong with that and it's Positive You know but like this other Organization that dodgy has and the Trainee has a preceptor You know it's it's on a different level And you know we don't have that we don't Have a facility and we don't have you Know and I just all that stuff Overwhelms me right I'm a private person and you know I'm Just I have limited amounts of physical Energy and things You know and I'd like to see this grow The gratefulness thing grow and you know It will and it's you know whatever it Might change and maybe we'll have you Know actual Gatherings but that means People have to travel and it's difficult To travel now with a You know it's I mean it'll be difficult In the future With all this bogus you know disease Stuff they're doing all these you know Pandemics that they're going to do and All the changes in the you know as Things implode and the system implodes And we get into the Apocalypse You know there's going to be I mean it's Going to be harder and harder to to

Travel and maybe people don't have the Money and commitment you know you guys Are really not I mean you're just all Newbies in a sense You know so it's it's limited like it's You know and and for what it is it's Great and people are experiencing the Transmission I'm happy about that you Know but you see what one selfish person You know can wreck years and years of You know going back to lology days where Elology had 200 people at his house And they would come as long as you Didn't have any money and you know how Well you could even feed people You know lology was relatively poor And you know people came to babaji's House and Bobby would give them this Thin doll He was uh you know he had like a small You know uh pension we'd get like you Know I don't know 50 bucks a month I mean you know back Then or whatever like the equivalent to Fifty dollars you know whatever You know probably like it would be you Know I mean I don't know what it would be now And you know maybe a couple hundred Thousand dollars a month and he would Have a household of people he had five Kids And he would feed whoever came to his House he didn't take donations

You know but they had like you know thin Doll Dazzle lentil you know and and some Chapati some you know Some bread but they didn't have much of Anything Feed people and people would stay at his House and he would get transmission from Them and you know was basically like They were fasting and sleeping on dirty Concrete floors and you know and then They were getting amazing spiritual Benefit right It was uncomfortable for them but they Would come even the hippies and stuff And they were you know they were uh you Know devoted people And then the mission Grew From there They started having Gatherings and Babaji was you know great at the Spiritual stuff but he wasn't you know It was a good businessman or anything Like that so he got charging who ran all That the charge you figured things out And he was efficient and he was you know Really smart and he was able to you know Run the business side of the thing and Create an infrastructure and a volunteer Organization that just grew and grew and Learned and you know evolved and were Able to pull off you know Gatherings of 80 000 people that wanted charges Birthday celebrations like crazy amounts Of People In the Heat of India and You know all of it no air conditioning

You know Um For most people and just sleeping Outside in 110 degree daytime heat you Know 100 degree at night and just um With all the you know if there was Mosquitoes or whatever it might be you Know the The issues there of course when it was That hot there wouldn't be mosquitoes But well whatever it was you know like People just learned to tough it out and Benefit from the energy and do the Volunteer work and and these gatherings Were amazing and even just experiencing You know being connected to that like Going to the Molina ashram you know There's a big gathering in India and Then there are still small Gatherings of Preceptors I mean the preceptors houses And I'd like you know small ashrams like Melina ashram and things like this right And just you know and people learned how To do it there's an organization there And unfortunately that organization Still exists but they have an unwilling Master an incapable Master an incapable Person who's You know as far as I can tell isn't Transmitting and if he is it's not good Like it's whatever he's it's Contaminated and it's not you know I Mean you guys who have experienced that And you know what makes the Indians

Great Their Devotion to God their willingness To work and their you know not wanting To bring shame on their family I mean Some of the negative things but that you Know the pressure they have on a Familial level into the community And even to the country though you know The stuff that they have That makes them pull off these Gatherings and sacrifice sacrifice and Suffer and you know go through all these Things It's very hard for them to do what we do Here like you know uh not uh you know And not my regular channel you know what I cover uh truther stuff it's hard for Them to be truthers there's not really a A truth or organization there and you Know I talked about starting something On the Internet you know they're a Truther type of situation because it's All over the world and people are like Oh They'll kill you right in the Government even though it's it's softer There and they're more passive Um you know there's levels of Corruptions and violence there that are You know even in a country that's not as Aggressive and not as predatory as America is like you can feel the Difference in the in the condition there The softness there You know there's a lot of stupidity and

Hot-headed emotions and you know Lawlessness and you know whatever and a Lack of Um you know disregard for human life That they have there in their own way Like America has it militarily they have It like you know just there's so many People that the corruption or whatever Um but they just can't you know break Away even though that they know dodgy is Full of whatever and you know they don't Have the capacity I don't think you know Very few of them and so they're just Going to go along with it stick in the Organization And not get transmission and never You know break away from an abusive Situation I mean no matter what you know happens They can't quit or you know they can't See that dodgy's taking the thing in a Different direction and they're not Quitting On charges Mission or you know this They're not quitting on They're not quitting on Bobby analogy They're leaving a dysfunctional corrupt Cult that dodgy is trying to create That's not even a good cult because he Doesn't have any Charisma and he's just A powder and a you know whiner and they All 70s feel sorry for himself just a Selfish person Who you know even if he just got out of

The way the thing would carry on if he Just sat there and because he's had all His spiritual points charged right you Know to make a preceptor you have to do Deep cleaning which you know I was never Given the techniques to do that like I Think that I could you know kind of Figure that out but you know charging of The points and allowing the energy to go In and those things are specific You know and there needs to be some Training for that So you know like it's limited because You know I'm only limited as my ability As a preceptor and of course I can grow By doing it again there's no preceptors Of this but just by a person that the Energy is you know being a conduit right Is a better way to look at it here in Gratefulness But you know I'm limited to what I can Do and I can learn from you know doing And you know we'll see what happens but You know there there isn't much of a Future you know in terms of we're Starting from scratch here and you know It's going to be what it is it's going To be whatever it is and you know at Some point it would just it's going to Be local and I don't there's no local People here That are you know Willing to to do this or not even know About it

And so you know the internet's great but It's not going to be here forever And so you know during this time period Like I'm saying we're starting all the Stuff that charge you had accomplished And you know we have the advantage of Okay we know what this was like But I don't know all the intricacies Like I would just show up it's like if You show up at a hotel That doesn't make you have the ability To run a hotel if you show up at a Concert doesn't mean you can run a Concert You know all the logistics all the Organizational things And so you know I knew that it could be Pulled off but like I'm not That person like I'm not you know I Don't have those I have these abilities This is what I'm good at doing these Videos right so that's you know what I'm Saying is that a lot has been lost And you know the organization was Supposed to be growing now at least That's what I thought was part of the Plan again I don't know if Dodges you know failure is part of the Plan I don't know whatever The need to correct connect directly I Don't know if it's as much of a failure Of dodgy or a failure of a failure of Humanity it's a failure because it's Gotten worse and not better you know

Maybe better in the sense what what's Better about gratefulness is that There's more pressure on the person the Abiasi to connect to God and less Dependence on the master because there Is none right so and there's no real Preceptor right I'm you know a conduit For this you know that's the the way I'm Gonna put it that you know be in a Conduit and not you know not even an Official preceptor kind of thing And you know and whatever that is so Um but this is what we have these are The you know this is the the hand that We've been dealt Um and you know this generation and you Know the transmission's still flowing as Long as that's the case there's You know you have a puncher's chance Right you have a You know as long as there's transmission We have a shot As a you know as a Humanity once the Transmission goes then it's You know night night you know it's like Over four Everybody Um You know I I watched a This um documentary a masterful Documentary I'm sure it'll win some sort Of awards Called underrated on Apple TV I watched it and then

Um I was like well my wife would enjoy It and she loved it and she's not really Into basketball she's a little bit more Into football probably talk about this On my other channel today as well But I watched it twice within a week And I knew about it like I knew about Steph Curry he had this he went to the School Davidson And his dad was an NBA player And he was considered skinny and Underweight and you know too uh Unathletic Not a great leaper not a great you know Not someone who was great speed That he didn't have the quality of Athletic ability To be a great basketball player on a College level never mind in the NBA And all these colleges passed on them But the coach from Davison saw greatness And they really recruited him And you know they went to the tournament The NCAA tournament and I've watched Steph Curry As a sophomore Score 30 points a game for like three or Four games And you know they documented this and I Then I didn't have a TV like I you know I I had different times I had TV and Sometimes I'd watch the tournament Sometimes I didn't but I saw the The Davidson games and they became a you

Know this Um You know like a Cinderella Story But what I what they documented in the You know then Steph Curry ends up going To the NBA where Getty was sort of Undervalued and then he became you know A top 10 top you know he's the most Skilled basketball player ever In terms of shooting and ball handling You know he's just um You know like I think Kyrie Irving is The greatest ball handler you know what They call having handles being able to Dribble and Steph Curry's probably Second or so you know he's He's definitely top five or ten or Whatever and Steph Curry's the best Shooter ever so you know he has great Hand-eye coordination these things And uh you know like a different kind of An athlete like he's not faster you Can't jump but he's got like other kind Of skills and his ability to to shoot And dribble and you know have like Basketball skills he's You know the greatest player in that in That sense Um you know he's undersized or whatever But you know they had this great run and Then Steph played in his junior year and I didn't really see that I don't think And you know the sophomore year they had This great run and you know became a

You know national attention And you know what he's and then they Graduated four seniors the guys who were You know not great recruited talents They all went to Davidson Stevenson's a School of 2000 people and he had a great Coach that saw greatness in him if Steph Curry had gone to a like a better school He probably you know he wouldn't be what He is like he this coach allowed him to To get the green light to shoot from Anywhere anytime you know these things Because it's coach saw greatness in them And you know they had this very touching Relationship right You know there was you know they've They've been they've had a relationship Ever since And you know it's like teacher student Relationship and and Steph Curry said You know you don't do this by yourself He was talking about the seniors and his Coach you know his teammates had Graduated when he was a sophomore And he said these guys gave me Confidence these guys who were you know Not great players but you know Steph was Able to go out and be a star And when they graduated they weren't as Good they didn't have the You know they had Steph Curry still but They didn't have The Supporting Cast and you know he's Had that around him in Golden State

These things you know and you need that You need a quality group of people and You need a great teacher and that's You know what sahaja Marcus had over the Years It was a great team But now it has a team without a star You know without a master a guiding Principle and a garden you know without A teacher And so they have heartfulness which is a Dying corrupt organization And then there's splint organizations And things like we can create But we're starting from scratch right we Don't have you know and I know it can be Done because I've seen it like so There's that But I can't do it like I know you know I'm not built for it right Um you know some of this stuff maybe I Can do better than others and you know Making these videos um you know there's I'm second to none you know this is a Better Uh than any other ABIA creating this Kind of content and understanding you Know the journey series is You know to me a work of art Um you know so this is great what I'm Doing here but it's you know It's not going to feed people right it's Not gonna Organ you know these things

Um And so you know one selfish person is Thrown all that way years and years to Establish And build these things and you know it's Like it's a metaphor for all the skills That have been lost you know when the Civilization collapses People don't know how to grow food and Make clothes and do the primary you know Things that they were you know I mean all these things and so it's a You know it's it's all of that you know So basically the idea here started from Scratch And I can feel that and you know see it I'm happy with what gratefulness is People are experiencing the cities and You know there's great comments about That but you know it's about 10 people I mean I don't even know like I think 100 people started gratefulness at least In terms of people willing to comment And saying they're doing it Um I'll make a short video on my you Know regular channel probably tonight Asking people how many attended the Gathering Um and just um I'll post it maybe on Both channels I mean I'll I'll say Something on every channel Um and then I'll post it on one channel And um You know like that'll be that and we'll

Get a headcount enough people who did it But it's probably at this point maybe 20 50 you know under 50 people I don't know I I can't tell because it's just what I'm talking about the people have Commented So you know I mean which is a great Thing it's you know that's not even if It's one other person It would be great Um you know I mean it would be a Positive thing But you know it certainly isn't you know It's just uh a drop in the bucket but You got to start somewhere only Spirituality will save this world it's Definitely important for the apocalypse And the Ascension everyone have a Blessed day And be grateful

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