Journey 112

Journey 112

Greetings brothers and sisters this is The 112th edition of The Journey series Um I Wanted to read of this Whispers messages Should be read every day now Like there's ones that are Um I don't want to say some are like not Worth reading at all but You know there's only one a day so It's easy to re-ed them it takes like a Minute or so Some of them are he's just talking to The The medium and they're you know maybe Less interest to some people whatever In them but they have good energy anyway But the ones lately there had been the Uh The prophecy ones and there's what I'm Not going to read here that he said yeah I know you're freaked out by this but You got to talk about it you know the The prophecies Um And you know so those are interesting Always And then there's the ones to do with the Practice and You know just um Keeping with it and they just seem to be A string of you know longer More in-depth messages the medium was You know had bad health so someday she

Couldn't Take down as big a messages or whatever It was so But there are strings and there's Threads of Threads not strings there's threads of You know messages that are together and This is a good time to do it and it's Just um In terms of the gratefulness meditation It's you know one of the ways to stay Connected You know it's uh There has to be more effort on Everybody's part to stay connected Because of the lack of everything uh I want to remind people That you know babaji's birthday gather Is coming up so this is July 11th today And um You know I'm gonna probably release this Towards the End of this week or whenever it is so Um or you know sometimes next week so um It's important for everybody to To be connected and you know to be Focusing and setting some intentions if You're you know doing a meditation Just think about the upcoming Gathering And You know have the idea that you're being Prepared and being cleaned out and Getting ready for the Gathering uh and That you know energy is being moved

Either through you or whatever it is uh So that there's a collective Participation in A cleaning process or you know the Cleaning process and Preparatory process at the Gathering Like if everyone could be uh You know aware of that and have those Ideas and suggestions And just you know whatever ideas come to You about the Gathering So that you're focused on it you know That you're aware that it's coming and That you're special and it's important And You know it's um you know all these Things because there won't be another One Until Um The winter you know we had this thing When dodgy was made master that he would Be the fall Gathering It's interesting in the fall season The word fall is associated with his Birthday in him But you know now there's this Gap From July until February uh And so um You know and it's important that this is You know Uh whatever it is like you could always Make an impromptu Gathering But you know that is whatever it is

So um let's get to The Whispers messages So there are two that were um That I thought were important Thursday August 5th 1999 10 A.M We will continue in the same vein how Can we come how how how can we not come Back time and time again to the same Topic your evolution You all entered seismish Mark to follow A spiritual way Some may have come to see and test Which is normal if they have stayed it Means that they like the formula and They have understand and they've Understood the true objectives of this Process the results cannot be obtained Without work Without consistently without without Constantly renewed efforts Is about really knowing what you want And when and then choosing the speed and Pace That's the most appropriate for what you Expect of this way No path is easy it's hoshmark like Elsewhere if you want to advance you Should really go ahead and put your Heart into the work is about the heart Precisely it's about this about the Heart precisely This much sighted Oregon A person is kind-hearted another is Really heartless another has a heavy Heart Etc

The heart referred to herein is the Vibratory heart We'll call we will call it that to Differentiate it from the physical organ The spiritual heart which has its own Life it has nothing to do with the Heartless The heartbeats the heartbeats that keep You alive This Divine heart conceals Treasures Doors to be opened progressively as you Advance Points as we call them It is the guardian of the inner Temple It is necessary to show one's Credentials to enter it And it is necessary to show one's Financials to enter it the temple is Imposing without a good guide You could get you could be lost and Sighted Don't Be Afraid all these Colorful comments are meant only to Sensitize you to our work to open up the Prospects for you that motivate you to Advance your quest will succeed only With on your part a true will to act we File your efforts and we bless you Babaji Um very interesting one Speaking of the Etheric heart itself like I've been Thinking about the heart a lot because You know I've had some Weird heartbeat since having covid uh Physical heartbeat and I'd be more aware

Of my heart and you know I've had all These glitch out type of um you know Physical issues that like come and go Inexplicably inexplicably I feel better And stronger than I have in years I'm Doing more work I'm shooting the basketball now the past Three or four days Going on you know longer more intense Walks at times And you know it was just more active Than I have been I think I might be Losing some weight either way I'm losing Belly fat so I'm You know physically trimming down in These things and you know I just don't Like to put much attention into my Health For a variety of reasons like I just Like to Do the bare minimum but I've been you Know taking supplements now and My wife is um learning to make a Herbal tinctures which you know we've Benefited from already Um And so there's just you know Emphasis on those kind of things and I Was been thinking about the heart Because I you know I've been reading About it and it you know it beats For 100 years or 80 years or whatever it Is right Like your heart is constantly working

When you're asleep when you're awake I mean the physical heart is You know I guess the brain is always Working as well I mean I guess you have Dreams and stuff but You go and your brain has different Stage States and you know of course Samadhi and Um All these things and you lose Consciousness you know I've talked about I was going to do a video on sleep I did some research on and they don't Know what happens when you're like they Don't know what the physical process is When you fall asleep Like the difference between that moment Where you're awake you're really sleepy You know like you could be driving and Being getting sleepy right you got to Force yourself to stay awake and You know you could doze off for a second You're like oh my God I almost you know And so you gotta pull over the side of The road or whatever And the night you can't sleep like when You're laying there And you're really tired but you just Can't you know that switch is thrown That physical whatever happens and they Don't know what happens what happens the Moment when you lose consciousness You know but your heart is going all That time right it's always working

Um it needs to you know be It needs to have every once in a while You know exercise during the day it has To have You know there's good things about it But you know your blood pressure and all These things right Um And you know people are dying dropping Like flies which I cover in my other Channel These people who are just young people Are now just having Cardiac Arrest the Heart's just stopping And so I've been thinking about that and Then you know now that to do with the Theory card you know all your spiritual Points are there And how important it is Um Charger used to say that the Practice that we do here is the great Best thing for the heart And of course it reduces your blood Pressure and your stress level but You said the transmission receiving it You know is You know food even for your physical Heart Anyways um you know like it's something To to think about Friday August 6 1999. If you were in good health you would not Have these reactions

Is not our contacts and these messages That tire you most But the shortcomings that you approach Yourself for Reproach yourself for Spelling is important but please For the occasion it's not essential There are proofreaders who also get Corrected Don't Fritter your energies away with These kinds of reactions You receive these messages you produce Them it is great it is a Grace you Should be content with it Who can imagine the energy this requires Of you When your reserves are not flourishing This has to do with the media it seems To be somebody who Beats herself up a lot No we will not refer to August 11th you Need to go beyond this event See the future and what it will look Like What what should one do to improve Oneself on all levels To make the most of experiences that Arise and how to react in the face of Life's difficulties Is a program of great richness at the Human level A difficult situation gives all of you The opportunity to see who you really Are

Your behavior at all occasions enables You to Be the lookout for your weaknesses A sustained attention must give you good Results If you question yourselves and really Manage to change your behavior Some of your reactions are very strong And the seed that causes them is deeply Embedded in you rooted out grow into new Beings You appreciate what you become I imagine yourself in front of the Mirror imagine yourself in front of a Mirror that does not let you turn a Blind eye to your failings of your Person This very objective mirror use it Mentally to see the least Workings of your characters weaknesses And its concealments you'll no longer be Able for the sake of convenience to Disregard unsatisfy unsatisfactory Aspects of your personality When this unwavering soul-searching Bears fruit You will feel reborn your inner life Will be enriched Babaji you know and I Picked this message when I read it Yesterday or you know for that last part Um You know I don't you know I get some Value out of his Uh talking to her but you know that's

Their relationship which is interesting And that's the whole thing I'm not such A relationship person But this idea that there's a mirror that Would tell you the truth right Because everybody does things and says Things sometimes you build yourself up Sometimes you tear yourself down And usually it's an overreaction either Way You know when you have so-called Positive self-talk It's usually an overreaction Um But if you you know have negative Self-talk in your town on yourself it's You know always a negative reaction and Oftentimes worse because most people are Spiritual They do the second one And um You know it's just not necessary like It's not good for you To be that way it's not good for you to To do that because You know you have to like keep on going And it's a it's a you know it's a a a a A boob show down here Um it's just a mess especially right now And you know whenever you do that's Wrong whatever you think whatever your Attitude is whatever selfishness you Have whatever Negativity it's just important that you

Keep on going with the spiritual path Regardless of that you know you can see Yourself which is great you know not Denying your shortcomings but not you Know and working on them to your best to Your ability But you know it's each person has to Assess like can you do better can you Really eradicate something Do you have the energy to do it you know And if you do or you know maybe you've Put it off till later or whatever it is You're acknowledging things or whatever But You know just keep on going no matter What like people quit the spiritual Way of life and you know just accept the Bad things that are happening You know just think about your Shortcomings and Things that you might have done in the Past in the past existence When you know something negative happens Something that you feel is unacceptable Or just wrong or you know why did God Let that happen or you know this doesn't Seem fair or whatever you know like just The victim Consciousness and the you Know that's where the shortcomings and The knowledge self-knowledge of your Humanness will allow you to Accept some of the trials and Tribulations of life So yeah I'm gonna you know stop here but

Um there's probably some more messages I'll read next couple days I haven't Read the up ahead of this But yeah I'll continue on later so Continuing on with um My uh you know whatever the second Edition second voice over to the 100th And 12th edition to the journey series Um you know they just keep on piling up But You know I was up a little bit last Night Um And I was having like a good sort of Meditation I like you know did some Transmitting about the Gathering and Preparing the Gathering for you know the Venue or not the venue because we're not Going anywhere but You know people's individual locations Of people who Want to do the Gathering and The dodgy truther guy had sent me a Video that I think he had already sent Me I had seen it already In which dodgy was talking about how They You know they got millions of people in Those Villages and that one uh A state in India you know just lying About the numbers And then talking about how they're going To celebrate this Holiday of

This upcoming celebration of Swami Vivekananda some anniversary to do with Him you know his epic speech in Chicago Which actually happened closer to his Birthday In October The actual date is the Around dodgy's birthday but they're Celebrating it in August And you know the guy was pointing out That they still haven't said anything About Uh Master chargie's birthday which you Know is stunning and I just thought last Night You know it's like the middle of the Night I got angry at him dodgy for That he's depriving people I mean as much as he um owes charge Because we all saw him let's charge you All the time he spent seven years in India the last seven years to charge his Life and he was in the cottage with him All the time And charge you prepared him whether he Wants to admit that or not he wants to Say that Babaji did it you don't have That one uh You know those clips that uh he says you Know at one point he says that he was Prepared in secret and then on another Talk he says The living Master it has to do Everything from the you know brighter

World the the previous pastors can do Nothing And so he contradicts himself You know I've showed that Meme a bunch Of times So I'm not going to show it here um I might stick it at the end of this Voiceover or whatever if I You'll remember but you know it's not That important but he contradicts Himself is the thing And so him doing that um You know crapping all over sharji's work On him and his you know he used to say Uh you know greetings respected elders And brothers and sisters or whatever He talked about respected elders and They have just this thing about You know respecting the older people in India it's a whole different Level of reverence and certainly for Gurus and anybody who teaches you Something And the way he fond all over Harry Prasad Called them a master and vowed before Him When he performed a Master charge his Birthday last year which was really what Set me off about dodgy like really Pissed me off because like I don't have That like I don't have the whole you Know I have a resistance to Authority And I

Um you know I always struggled with the Whole Idea of just saying Ambassador in these Things you know just whatever I mean I Didn't really struggle with it because It it was you know I understood it and Felt it Uh you know the master charger was on This different level and You know the benefit I was receiving From his You know work that he was doing on me Right so it's a different kind of a you Know on an internal level and a hard Level I could feel it but you know I'm Just not a an authority you know I don't I'm just a American like Americans have Resistant Authority and I'm a you know Whatever I am right I always do better Self learning and things like this And so I don't even have that like I Don't have that in me a desire to have a A mentor or a teacher like I didn't have The stuff that is embedded in their Culture and yet you know I would never Disrespect charging for what he's done For all of us right and his massive Amount of work on the mission and then Also me personally so first of all daiji Has you know discharged you who you know Brought him up to where he was you know He bowed before him I showed that video Of him bowing before him getting on his Knees and bowing uh you know I have

Those clips over and you know he was Nominated as charging successor and now He's Not even selling it celebrating his Birthday so that's Just to scum he's like the worst person In the world like just to me what he's Done to you know heartfulness is to Abomination you know the his bitter Little hate child of uh sash Mark that He's created And then you know that's bad And not celebrating chargie's birthday And scrubbing his his epic work and Teachings and trying to just erase him Like people only remember charging I mean I can't believe so he's this bad Of a person But then you know that's one thing But then there's the selfishness of all The people who love chargie All the people who you know still want To receive all these uh charging people That he changed their lives and those People are not being able to celebrate His birthday and all these things the Ones who are still staying with dodgy And we're having to quit the mission Because of after doing work and donating Money and doing volunteer work and you Know putting their hearts into this Mission It's just a sucky just a scum like just A horrible person like there's no no

Worse person in the world to me because You're supposed to be spiritual all the Stuff that he was given and he's just The absolute scum of the earth like just I you know I can't you know say anything More about it that's like I can't Believe how bad he is that he would do Something like this right Um and they're you know there's no Mention of chargie's birthday I guess they're gonna have a concert he Has to do like the minimal like there'll Be a one day thing um And so for us you know it'll start on The 23rd with two cities The 24th with two cities and The 25th was two sittings Um you know that would be the I think The way to do it sometimes it'd be the 25th would have one city Um You know so I'll you know I'll think About that but I'll if I change it I'll Still say something I'm gonna make an announcement of it uh You had my uh I'm gonna make an Announcement on my the gratefulness Meditation Channel And then um I'll uh I'll mention it you Know in my pocket future Channel as well but he's just the scum Of the earth and so to add with that the Dodgy truther sent me this today Is some pictures and stuff well here's

What it says On the 12th on Wednesday the 12th July Dodgy was awarded the prestigious UK India Triumph award by the House of Lords and United Kingdom so he's the House of Lords is you know connected to the Royal Family The awards were were hosted by Lord Raj Lumba CBD and C.B Patel founder of the Initiative This is a person with also named Patel Editor of the gujar shamakhar and Asian Voice which are two of the largest Indian Publications in the United Kingdom so these are people who are in England Connected to the royal family through The House of Lords right the um House of Lords is a part of parliament so I think They have two they have two houses Like uh you know uh we have uh Congress In the Senate Um I'm not you know I don't know that Much about British politics but British Government which has been devastating You know the British did a number on India and it was good for me and you Know all of you who have benefited from Such Marg because they speak English Because of it but other than that you Know it was I mean the Britain did a number on India

And it was pretty bad there and of Course we know all about England and the You know the royal family and this stuff Right And we know about Awards and they're Really putting dodgy out there Dodgy was ironed specifically for Telling a spiritual for being a Spiritual Catalyst for heart-centered Approach to world to life worldwide To life worldwide Well I was not able to attend the awards Ceremony person dodgy Kylie said a video Message sidaji doesn't travel Like he just is held up there I think he's scared you know I don't Know he barely travels in India I wish You talked about the mutual work of Heartfulness in the house of Lord is Doing to bring awareness to mental Mental Wellness tell us of Lords is Doing Great work and they're working together Right this is the joint you know this is One step further into the UN stuff I Mean partnering with the British royal You know govern the government is Connected to the evil royal family and All these things Um And when she talked about the mutual Work with both heartfulness and the House of Lords is doing to bring Awareness to the mental Wellness about

Heartfulness Ways supports a more natural and Authentic life and about the support the Heartfulness UK team Could provide the House of Lords for all Future collaborations Two members of the heartfulness UK and Europe Community tied to wrath album and Alan disavenge Accepted the trophy and certificate on Dodge's behalf Dodgy also attended a warm invitation to The audience Extended a warm intimidation to the Audience to visit Connor shantevara in Hopes that they could collaborate work With the House of Lords Lord lumba and C.B Patel 50 copies of wisdom breach boxes were Handed out over the event Lobby as gift Bags for the attentees after listening To dodgy speak Attendees weren't able to Get a gift bag we're eager to learn About the harmfulness and about how to Good addition additional copies of the Book Throughout this award ceremony CB you Tell CB Patel Express his enthusiasm is Both heartfulness UK team and guess About the work dodgy was doing in this Excitement to continue to collaborate With heartfulness this collaborators Photos of the short clip of the speech

Are attached please share with your Centers and social media so this was Sent out to all the preceptors right Um he's just an absolute piece of Boop Like just a horrible person Piece of Boop he's just horrible Like I mean the stuff he's done to Charge And you know to charging people because There's just lots of them And you know I I can't imagine All the charge of people I'm going to Send a message out on my Gratefulness meditation channel right After I'm done with this I'm talking about how you know I mean you gotta like do something like You can't disrespect charging by Celebrating that crappy Gathering is Going to have it's going to be a concert That You know just um Totally uh you know The gates all the charges done for Everybody It's just so bad Um somebody read a Whispers of the Brighter World here uh I think it's the one I want to read Sunday Saturday June 7th it's August 7th 1999 80 am Yes m j will leave such is their Destiny No matter the distances you will always Be connected one way or another you will

Reunite it is written such is life some Are born and die in their village Village without having left it others Roam the world each has their life their Mission their karma which must be Fulfilled at all costs imagine all of You that you stay on Earth is in it that That your stay on Earth is an issue Initiative initiate initiatory Initiatory I don't know Earth is initiatory Journey and that one Day you will return to your Fatherland Enriched by all your experiences you Will take stock of all that and realize What has really brought what it has Really brought you There are birds that live in cages and Migratory Birds Which ones have a more enriching life Which ones have a more enriching Life Enrichment takes place inside and not Through traveled memories Which of the two species is privileged Or privileged not necessarily that which One that which one would imagine you all Tend to think that only travels and Great epics can develop your mind as Well as qualities of strength and Courage so this is uh him talking about How she's you know she's stuck sort of a Shut-in you know the median just longed To travel into course she couldn't do That the monkul is a cloistered life in His Monastery without ever going out can

Acquire great inner riches and feel the Joys that great Travelers do not Necessarily experience having sometimes Only superficial view of things Each one has what is necessary for them Do not believe that do you do not Believe that only the greatest Adventures Foster a faster Evolution Seeing now seeing knowing or not enough To give you a such quality as student Unite you with the inner master This is also important to us Um that uh you know that we have what we Have now In terms of the Gatherings disappearing All is possible and can be achieved in Any circumstance there are no specific Criteria to reach the goal more quickly Only what is already inside you can Thrive whatever You are wherever you are if you wanted To especially with the Master's help Babaji So I felt that to be a you know an Interesting one There's another message here that Involves charging You see my daughter this is Saturday August the 7th uh 1999 10 A.M You see my daughter there are generous Souls around you f has a good intentious She does what she can to help you think Thank her Thank her you are alone to face things

That's a fact but there is but there is Good Will and also love around you it's True that your personality and strong Vibrations Attract It's true that your personality and your Strong vibrations attract or repel and You cannot do anything about it the Assessment of your life in a way is very Positive You have helped and still help a lot Life is far from being useless as you Think in moments of doubt who doesn't Doubt great beings themselves go through Terrible moments which can even reach Despair in which they cannot Escape it's Inevitable This inherent this is inherent to human Beings whatever their life their Profound nature they must experience That state sooner or later It belongs to the range of emotions that Must they must feel With regard to housekeeping problems we Will find solution Indoor appreciate what you have and even Is not satisfaction satisfactory Be strong and cheerful for us who love And perceive what your heart feels in Terms of the heavy and trying aspects my Son is also very tired this is uh Pastor Charging He must cope with so many problems he Does not have the support he needs for

The whole of the vision You would need he would need a true Rescue Squad around him his health is Not good he goes through moments of Great discouragement He is both happy with the growth of the Mission and overwhelmed by the extent of Responsibilities that fall on him Think of that help him in your heart and Send a lot of love be blessed Babaji It's either putting out these just a Whisper today you know they mail these Out every uh day and so that came out a Couple days ago you know and he talks About charging all the time in glowing Terms Of course charging was he did all this Epic work And you know even if um Dodgy was doing a good job these awards Are like they would bother me and lots Of people The awards he's getting I don't know the The Indian one but certainly the harsh House of Lords is uh being this you know With the British government which is has A long history of abuse and all the rest Of it But as he disrespects his master You know at his upcoming birthday and You know how people will say like even Athletes will point to the heaven point To heaven after they score a big Touchdown or basket or something

And say all the Glorious you know They'll be interviewed after the game And I give all glory to God You know people who are you know Religious oriented and that's a Worldwide kind of phenomenon people who You know don't talk about it being Themselves and They always you know think they're I Mean you know everything that charge you Did was based in Babaji and if he didn't Say it you knew he was you know that's How he felt and you don't ever get that Sense From dodgy because it just dodgy Has Fallen And so you know this Awards would be bad If dodgy was doing a good job There's just something about them and if You watch out I've talked about this Athletes who get Awards will often play Poorly or get bad luck or get injured or Whatever you know awards are a bad thing Like you just don't want them you know Like there's Milestones of Accomplishment that's one thing but Awards or medals that you get or Anything like that It's just you know It's a way to say oh look I'm not a Piece of Boop I'm not a piece of Boop You know I got this award right it just You know and so all these things and the Way that he's run the mission into the

Crowd he's heard so many people and it Always going to come up for me on charge Each birthday This is what I called him a little uh You know Boop last time In that long video and You know I am feeling the same way about It maybe even worse Um negativity towards them like you know I don't want to fall into hatred And it could easily do that because of What he's done here but he's just a bad Person you know and again maybe he's Doing God's work maybe this is supposed To happen You know I don't know but um Aside from that like he's just a Either way he's just you know he's a Villain Like You know whether he's Playing the role of a villain doing God's work or he's just a villain within Himself I mean to me he's the worst Villain in the world Because this was something epic and Something pure and so charging Blessed us with so much you know Incredible work in him coming in and Doing this And just dissing him the way he has and You know it's like I said it's one thing For his own selfishness But all the other people that You know feel love and gratitude towards Charge you suffer now

And you know I mean they can leave and Do what we're doing you know Point that out and they should you know They should just all bail on this Abomination this Titanic of a Abomination of the seismic system Of course there needs to be you know the The idea of the the properties is there Because you know Dodgers shouldn't get these properties They're not his and he didn't earn them And you know obviously they're Collectively owned and you know all of It even Kana you know the land was Purchased In charges lifetime for Kata like dodgy Had whatever he had to do with it but You know charging was his thing And you know even that ashram that's his You know that he feels like he built and You know he's scrubbed there's no charge There right there's nothing there to Charge you know statue no No Road named after him there's Swami Vivekananda lane or whatever Kind of so big that uh It has nay you know it's been uh it's Got roads names like it's got named Roads right it's a huge complex You know it's got miles of of Roads And charging all the money that came in To buy that land Was based in charging people In the mission charge you built right

Charging you know with the you know the The energies and powers that Babaji gave Him And babaji's blessings and so charge you Left that ashram you know taji was Was a part of completing it Of a charger it was his idea at his you Know he did this thing And you know why not have anything you Know there's a giant statue of Babaji And there's You know these roads named after various Religious figures and nothing to do with Chargey right there's something that the Dodgy truth or always points out and you Know just there was just nothing there Of charging he had a little side part of The you know like in the bookstore you Know that guy who the doctor you know The guy who Um he exposed dodgy spider mind thing And he contacted me And we had a conversation right uh And he went there and you know we I Talked about how there's there's no Charge he was like no there's a whole Section in the bookstore and some photos Of him and I was like well they weren't There when I was there but even if they Are it's still he's scrubbed you know Like they scrubbed him for the mission Anybody can see it this guy who knew That dodgy lied and dodgy kind of turned On him and the mission turned on him

When he didn't deliver the you know what He exposed because he put by patches on The kids and they couldn't do their Thing Um like he exposed it for being a fraud And daiji gave him special attention and All these things Um you know he lives in America this guy But he was denying what could easily be Seen you know you know I was like all Right whatever You know like that's what he wanted to Go with this it's fine I don't care But you know anybody can see it um And it's just a bad thing like and I Could feel it last night and you know Just the disrespect and Um like it's just you know It's like a spiritual crime like a Spiritual felony or something really A horrible thing that he's done Uh but whatever you know we can still Celebrate chargie's birthday And we could all start working to Prepare for the Gathering Collectively and you know moments of Meditation just think about it when You're praying let prayer doing it for Whatever you are you're reflecting it Just have the idea that you're being Prepared and the Gathering is being Prepared You know it's starting to the work is Already starting to commence to have a

Successful Gathering and by Participating in it you know internally More will benefit from it Um so anyways I'm gonna do a little Voice over for my other You know my other channel now and then Um come back to this uh you know Tomorrow whatever it is Okay so I made a video about this on my Gratefulness meditation Channel Um about charges upcoming birthday Celebration got a couple clips of this Dodgy thing and I'm just going to put it here if you've Seen it already You just have to skip past so you see This picture of the The path and the sunset um You can um You know Depends if you've seen it already or Whatever So here's that video Okay greetings brothers and sisters um This is Thursday July 13th and master charges Birthday is coming up if it's been on my Mind and I've been talking to you all About Preparing for it to do the work that a Master used to do And last night I woke up I was Meditating and I was you know setting Some intentions for the Gathering

The upcoming Gathering and I just got Really angry at dodgy which I you know I Worked to not get angry in these things And try to accept that this is all part Of a plan and all these ways of viewing What's going on being grateful you know Talking about Gratitude finding gratitude in anything Misery's divine blessing Maxim five for The scishmark system But I got upset because you know the Ideas were there And how upset I got last year when Dodgy uh Completely disrespected master chargy By having a gathering where he Celebrated this um this flutist this This musician Harry Prasad And chargi wasn't a part of the Gathering like he mentioned maybe a Couple of times Just because the audience was there for The Gathering but it was all about him Fawning all over Harry Prasad bowing Before him calling her a Prasad a master And like I got really upset I made a Video and I you know call dodgy some Names I mean it was like really a bummer And how how much disrespect he had for Uh charging and what I thought last Night was you know he's done this where He's worked a scrub master chargie from The mission where he's you know Disrespecting Master charity and you

Know he bowed before mastercharge you And master charging made him his Successor and you know it's stunning Because dodgy for a long time Would used to say respected elders and He has this reverence for elders which We just don't have in America America We're disrespectful people And it's hard for Americans to accept The idea of a master A teacher you know where we like to be Self-made all these things And coming into the system there's a lot Of you know things in the Indian culture That are foreign to us And the master disciple relationship is One of them And I've always been kind of not as such A respectful irreverent person But the work the master charged the Transformation that Master charge you Had on my life His works his books my interactions with Him Just all of it like I you know I mean He's just at a wonderful effect for me And so many other people I feel you know just tremendous Gratitude towards him And you know Dodge even more so dodgy Spent those last seven years with Charging but was around him all the time He was one of the people could just walk In and be a part of

Charge he's Entourage she was You know doing all kinds of work for Charity and He was with them and in charge he you Know did all the spiritual work on him And dodgy has now come out and said I'll Show you that uh in a bit a clip of this I made a compilation which I'll show you In a moment but also this clip of uh Dodgy um Just completely uh You know disrespecting charging and Saying that sharji was unaware of the Work Babaji was doing on him to prepare Him to be master Which was you know kind of Blasphemous At the time but then in another video he Says only a living Master can do work From the brighter World they can do Nothing and so he contradicts himself Like he often does right But he has you know he should have Nothing but immense gratitude for Charging But there's a you know he's pissed about Something he's very jealous Or he you know one time he said in a a Talk that um He's upset that people didn't test him That they just accepted him because Chargie had endorsed him as Representative and Babaji had endorsed Him in The Whispers messages and so People didn't even challenge that and

Try to you know vet him and test him and He lamented this as being a problem Right Um so maybe that's it you know I know There's some jealousy there but the way That he's trying to scrub or has Scrubbed charges teachings and works for The mission and he doesn't talk about Them and just you know he's there's Nothing in the kind of ashram forum all These things It's stunning and now charges birthday Is coming up again And it's one thing for him to disrespect Chargie his master in the way he's doing It But also there's all the people who love Chargie and the benefit that we're all Supposed to get from these bhandaras Like I've documented this in my journey Series videos how many times that Babaji Talked about and Whispers of the Brighter World in other places Charge you wrote about in my master in These other places and talks about Himself the importance of these birthday Gatherings And that there's these four cardinal Points and each one of them was um Important to the you know you would have A one in each season One of these gatherings to boost your Spiritual energy they would give you a Boost right they would give you a

Motivation and you know they were they Had a major effect and dodgies canceled Them right and so um You know I was thinking about all these Aviasis some of them might be struggling Some of them you know they just really Can't break free from the organization They're worried or whatever They can't you know face the truth but They're going to miss out on chargie's Birthday babaji's birthday bhandaris and You know the rest of them because Daiji's turned these things into Concerts anyway and there's no Transmission And so I thought I would make this video I'm going to put uh chargie's name in The title And his you know birthday gathering and There's a different way And so first let me show you this Compilation I put together Followed by Dodgy's um you know him contradicting Himself about The work that was done on him with Chargie And then I'll um explain two people who Are you know you you guys who are Regular gratefulness meditators but even Abiasis that you know preceptors and Abiasis who are seeing the writing on The wall with dodgy and and still want To continue

The seismic practice what you can do To make these gatherings you know the Way they used to be and not these bogus Concerts with no transmission that dodgy Is putting on so here's the compilation Okay so um this is a little compilation Of Uh this new dodgy deception you know He's lied about the Brighter World The Brighter mind scam Where he says kids can smell colors he's Partnered with the RSS a paramilitary Anti-muslim you know sort of a racist uh Far right wing uh organization and he's Done a number of other things that are Deceptive or just out and outlying but One of the things he's learned to do now Is to lie about Getting messages or merging with other Saints and there's two examples that I Have here The first one is he claims Babaji gave Him a message To scrub Master charges and babaji's Birthday celebrations and only have two Pandaras a year One at uh passant on lalaji's birthday And one on his birthday and you'll see That his excuse is that at some point There'll be 400 Masters and there's not 400 days in a year which is a problem That doesn't exist for certainly not his Lifetime right there's only four Masters Babaji made it clear when he said there

Are four cardinal points And that there would be a badara a Gathering in each of the seasons Right that's how it worked out or you Know intentionally worked out that way And babji and chargie have talked about The importance of these gatherings Bobby G lots of them at The Whispers of the Brighter world And so these are you know the Gatherings Are very substantial dodgy has wanted to Um scrub charging particularly from the System and so now what he has is what he Considers the two Founders lodgy who Found sash Mark and dodgy who found Heartfulness they're now talking about Dodgy being a Founder which is a you Know which is a big thing nowadays to Call somebody a founder and you know he Has Disrespected and scrubbed master chargie As much as possible in 2022 the master Charger uh birthday celebration on July 24th he barely mentioned Master charity At all and he bowed before Harry Prasad The the famous flute player and he Started to make these gatherings into Concerts and the transmission suffered The Gatherings were a joke and he wasn't Focusing on the previous Masters at all And now he's scrubbed their birthday Celebrations as well as scrubbing the Literature and charges you know just Doesn't exist anymore you can't find his

Books you know they have some of his Books left over But when those sell out they'll pretty Much disappear from the bookstore And he'll be erased from the mission Which is really uh stunning so let's go To the the announcement here Yesterday we know it's called to accept If I'm willing to accept this award Award it was a surprise for me And I say I do accept it on behalf of The hierarchy of Masters in the Organization Important announcement We have been celebrating That means You're easily spending 45 days If you have to attend Four one dollars and on top of that make Additional visits coming there to kind Of It is a bit too much I had been pondering over it During lifetime of course sister Ellen Perry Question to communicate to Babaji Maharaja and saying what to do There will be hundreds of Masters when We celebrate 100 birthdays separately 400 Days and you don't have 400 days in A year So babuji took long time answering in He answered that he will get the answers At the right time

And the answer did came a few weeks back He says divide the year into two Six months From January To June 30th And from first July The 31st or 30th of December Whoever is born before 38 this master Celebrate Combined birthdays of all those Masters Before 13th of June one person punch me And later he added whoever is born Between 1st July And end of the year 28 September I Remote Why not later on if the living Master is Then in this segment It will be appropriate He said no there are many reasons which You will understand That these two dates are important Person in 28 September I didn't argue it's not in my habitual So I said yes Babaji it will be done So This is what I wanted to share with you Please follow him That doesn't mean that we will not Celebrate individual's Masters birthdays Get celebrated at home in your hearts These two Will be the tradition going forward

Thank you So the other thing he's done is this um There's this guy took doji That is um A saint in the uh Area close to the ashram In telugani it seems to be a couple Hours away from the Kana ashram and Here's dodgy working with these people This is from three years ago speaking in Their uh and here is talking about Speaking in Hindi but they're Translating this into telugani he's Wearing the orange cap right this is The Hindu color so he's making this into A a religion which is something that you Know sajma was Babaji warned against it Becoming he's also making into into a Religious cult and he was trying to Recruit the 250 members of the took a Gifology followers he's been dead for a Number of years I think in uh I don't Know uh the 70s or 60s or something So this was the 51st that third I guess This is his uh his death but he was a Sort of a saintly figure that was more Of a social reformer Who stood up for the local farmers And he has a following again close to The ashram dodgy hasn't been able to Secure his own following sharji had all The people in Chennai all the brahmanas He had a natural following and a Spiritual you know religious uh part of

The country Dodgy comes from Gujarat which is a you Know in the northern uh part of the Country that's known for business right And doesn't have a strong spiritual Following so dodgy hasn't been able to Bring anybody in on his own any group of People so he was trying to bring this Group in they took JiJi people And here's another video more important One Unity Heartfulness And uh you know I can't pronounce any of These words But this is at the G um Ashram Early morning October 18 2019. Devotees from all over the area are Gathering towards the gurukunj ashram Near amravati the home of the spiritual And Social Development movement that was Established by rashtra Sant SRI tukroji Maharaj Social Development so this is More like a Gandhi and Babaji was very Clear about this There Are Spiritual People that work just spiritual Spiritually and then there's social Reformers who may be a little bit Spiritual that you know or godly people But they're mostly working on society And this is what took GG was and he won A lot of followers because he stood up For the poor farmers in his region Nothing wrong with the guy as far as I

Can tell But he uh you know really doesn't have Anything to do with Sahaj Mark wasn't connected you know he Was alive when chargi and Babaji were Alive right he was Um you know certainly was uh was alive When Babaji was Master And so he could have you know been a Part of the system but he wasn't My brother talked to me about this Probably in 2019 and said there's 250 a Group of 250 people just joined With heartfulness and I was like oh That's great and so I didn't understand What was really going on here and it's Pretty shady right so dodgy and a bunch Of preceptors started to go up And interact with these people Off late there has been an increasing Collaboration between SRI tukroji's Movement and the SRI ramchand missions Heartfulness movement led by SRI Kamleshdi Patel affectionately called Taji Members of both organizations have been Visiting each other at gurukunjashram And at Ghana shantivanam near Hyderabad So right now it doesn't look Shady You're saying all right well this is not Such a bad thing like these guys are Getting sittings from preceptors here And so there's you know starting to be Some connection between these two

Organizations and maybe they can merge Together but the way that dodgy does it Is so uh scummy These two organizations are now merging And showing the world that when the goal Is of the highest order differences Don't matter Unity among all is the answer And so this failed and I'll tell you why It failed in a moment but Um you know there's there's just um it Didn't take right it was something dodgy Tried another one of dodgy's failures The ease with which these two Organizations are merging is a great Example of Union for all to experience On the day of October 19th at 4 pm daji Stated that rushed Sant tukloji Maharaj Had spiritually merged with him and Become part of the hierarchy of Masters So this gets even scummier so dodgy has Now developed this um scam technique Where he can say Babaji gave him a Message and is canceling babaji's Charges Gatherings and before that he Goes to these people and says to G Merged in him therefore you should Follow me And no one can dispute him right nobody Can say Hey you know this is This is BS right they can't you know Dispute this You know because it's out internal and He's supposed to be the master

And it's really scummy right to use This level of um you know I'm Intercommuning with these souls and They're telling me you know it's not to Me it's them I you know I am just I'm Just doing what they want I don't know You know Like it's just so scummy right And that both organizations are now Working towards the same goal spiritual Upliftment of humankind The enthusiasm and love that daji and His Entourage of brothers and sisters Received at the event made it clear that We are all United and that this feeling Of unity will spread to more and more Organizations worldwide So he's just going to claim all these Guys merged in him except this failed Miserably but to add to it it gets even Worse here this is the real this is the Real hard thing to swallow so this is a Letter Dodgy wrote about Um merging in him and he put it up on Social media and there was such a an Outrage from devoted abiasis and there He omitted charging from the Divine Hierarchy I'll read in a second yeah That actually happened Um he's long been you know against Chargie And so this is what he said so one of These um preceptors put this out so

Everyone could read it and he wrote I Wonder why Reverend P Roger or Roger Kapolchari Master charge is the only one Missing from the rather long list of Sage Mark hierarchy So as per this tuktuji has merged in Dodgy on 19th October 2019 at 4 pm and SATs on becoming part Of the hierarchy of Masters starting With Lord Krishna lology Babaji Swami Vivekananda para hamsa SRI Ram Krishna I Don't know how to pronounce Maha Prabhu Kabir sahib Buddhiji Buddha who really Um you know if you if you read babaji's Diaries He intercommute with Buddha a Couple times and you know uh taji had to Think about Buddhism Uh nank sahib Uh now dodgy and where's daji's Master Reverend charge so he admitted charging Altogether From this list right this is dodgy's Signed letter here And so um This is you know really scummy So here it is Um this is you know Doji's signature here Um He said uh That I'm delighted to see Reverend Turkey G become part of the hierarchy of Masters Lord Krishna lology Babaji Swami

Vivekananda barah hamsa SRI Ram Krishna This guy here Um and no charge he left charging off This list I mean it's it's hard to even You know it's a horrible thing here Right So what hilariously happened I mean you Couldn't like make this stuff up I had To just go check it again Uh because I you know I knew it to be True Um But Uh well let's just say it here so talk To G Was born on April 30th the same birthday As Babaji so now you had two people in The hierarchy One with 250 followers that dodgy and His cronies were trying to fold into Heartfulness To give dodgy some sort of following But they had the same birthday yeah same Birthday as Babaji And so They celebrate took the G's birthday And I'm looking at a picture here he has A stamp Uh but turkey was um He was born April 30th 1909 and died in 1968 so Babaji was Master and they could Have interacted but this guy's a social Reformer

And so um they have an ash from there And it's their tradition so since 1968 or even before that I don't know When they built the ashram They have been celebrating his birth and His death at this place right and they Have these big celebrations and it's all These local people and they eat the Local food and they come together And they've been doing this and they Want no part of heartfulness maybe a few Of them are taking sittings but they're Not going to go to Kana on babaji's Birthday when they've been used to going To tuktuji right that this is the guy That they worship this is their master And they didn't fold into heartfulness And dodgy quit on this thing just like He quits on everything else right Um he just you know like it never Happened like they don't even talk about Anymore I don't think at least as far as I can tell And so so this is something where he Said this guy merged in him And then the scam didn't work and the People didn't Buy into it because you know they have Their own thing and so he just gave up On it like he just you know he quit like He just does this they just move on and They pretend it was never happened even Though it's a massive failure a massive Deception

Throwing chargie under the bus Disrespecting chargie all these things And he's done this consistently and Saying that this guy merged in him if This guy merged in him he would have to Go his whole life Trying to win these people over right Because took to G would be in him and These people are worshiping Would compel him to go and keep on Trying to bring these people in But it failed and it's going to fail Right and the seismographic people would Never accept took to G's birthday being Celebrated on babaji's birthday And so it's a disaster right it's an Embarrassment like they should have Looked into this beforehand and realized Well this is a huge conflict of interest This guy's birthday is on babaji's but Now he's not celebrating babaji's Birthday because of all the you know Scumbaggery they want to you know he Doesn't even talk about Bob is he in Charge hardly at all now I guess and he Just is selling his own crappy books and All these things but it's a complete Embarrassment like it's a it's just and Here is the little compilation I put Together of I think it has um Accomplished bowing before chargie and Then him saying chargie was left out of Babaji prepared him to be master Behind charges back and then he

Contradicts that by saying only a living Master can do anything Only living Master can help us This is a place where I was nurtured Spiritually Where the entire hierarchy then even Master Charlie ji was not even aware From there from the brighter world They can do nothing that even Master Charlie ji was not even aware and the Source is always the living Master this Is a place where I was nurtured Spiritually Where the entire hierarchy Little by little little by little and Babuji Maharaj as she puts it In secrecy Total secrecy to the extent then even Master sareji was not even aware Think of babuji and I get transmission Think before you speak From there from the brighter world They can do nothing don't plan based on My presence In it don't have me for transmission I don't have to be present they all can Transmit Okay The Europe America is in rest of the World need not depend on India Did not depend on him in in another Words He has created many able persons who can Do similar spiritual work what we like

Is courage and confidence We are all we have all been enabled by The Great Master So let's have that confidence and work With that confidence And see the results yourself you just Have to be Taken at face value This is a growing phase it will last for I don't know how long It depends on the divine plan So the person I'm naming as my success Is Mr kamlesh Patel Property Law requires now So he says pranams for Master charge and He bows down In front of him right so this is him Bowing down to his master The one that he neglects now that he you Know basically denies and is trying to Scrub from the system So for those of you who are struggling With digi's failure and are upset by These gatherings and want to experience Them for yourselves You know there's something that we've Been doing here at gratefulness and you Can do on your own which is connected Directly to the To the Divine hierarchy of the master The Divine Master whatever you want to Call it Through the sashmark practice I was Given all this information there's a

Number of people In the mission Who are upset there's one preceptor in Particularly who reached out to me but There are a number of people who I've Talked to A doctor who exposed the Brighter mind scam and you know he did The testing on these kids who were you Know being encouraged to lie and pretend That they could See colors with their snow with smell Colors and to read with their eyes Closed with blindfold on it was just a Scam That had been uh you know a scam that Was used That dodgy didn't even invent the scam It was around for a while a number of Spiritual organizations used the scam And dodgy got in on it you know for Whatever reason And refuses to admit that it's a scam Even though It's been you know well documented that It is And there's a number of things that Dodgy has done the RSS and some of these Other things And just as disrespect to charge you and Then the bhandaras and The poor quality of the YouTube channel And the many failures he's had and his You know his sons his pharmaceutical

Business Going out of business going bankrupt and So many issues and you know those of you Who don't know all these things there's Just a long list of them And I was struggling on what to do and I Was you know isolated I was using the app for settings but I Wasn't really feeling the transmission Like the transmission was weak or Non-existent and I noticed I did some Research into it and found that Many of the names of the people Who were um Supposedly preceptors giving sittings on The app Didn't appear to exist at least not on Social media And so there's all these preceptors you Know in India there's a big push for Social media everybody's on it and they Just didn't have a presence some some of Them didn't even have a their name Wasn't even on the internet right and so It seemed like there was all these Preceptors that were just names Of course they uh you know I also Discovered that they're using Bots to Enhance the views on YouTube that They're not getting as many views they Have hundreds of thousands of views in Some cases and only 10 comments and so There's just all these things that Fraudulent aspect of the system

And I was struggling about what to do Because I didn't want to lose out on Transmission Which has been transformative in my life And quit The organization just because dodgy Sucks like why should I quit and suffer Because of dodgy so I was hanging in There But this passant where dodgy came out And said that he's canceling babaji's in Charges birthday celebrations I had this experience where I received Transmission At like around dinner time when there Was no uh meditation going on no SATs on With dodgy and then satsun with dodgies There was just no transmission in it I Couldn't feel anything and I had this Wonderful sitting and transmission Directly from the source I said all Right that's it I'm quitting the Heartfulness you know heartfulness is Not SCI smart Phone is something that Dodge has Created That's his thing his organization and he Has built it on the the work that Charging Babaji did he has all the Properties and things and he has the Endorsement he's the official master You know and I saw him be made the Master I was there in India that was the Other thing that was making it hard for

Me to to leave him and you know there Was times that he was I would say he did Work on me he was good to me in some Ways I felt some loyalty towards him but He's just you know he's just done such a Horrible thing here And so I started to meditate on my own And some of my viewers I had told about Heartfulness and they were struggling as Well with all these things and I said Well we can all meditate together this Is a preceptorless masterless system but We're using Sage Mark techniques and Celebrating the bandaras together and Doing Sunday meditation together And there are a few sittings and things That have been given That have come through me on the in the Videos of this channel And it's been phenomenal and those of You who are wanting to join us who are You know abiasis who are longing to Celebrate chargie's birthday you can Experience it for yourself or you don't Need me or this Channel or any of us you Can do that on your own Each person can just connect directly But you have to acknowledge at least Internally that dodgy and heartfulness Is defunct because that was you know I Was going back and forth between wanting To see if I could connect directly on my Own Or to uh you know to quit all together

The heartfulness organization you know This was I was going back and forth but As long as I was once I made that Commitment and I just said yeah dodgy is A fraud and he's run this organization Into the ground and I'm not feeling Transmission Once I made that commitment everything Opened up and everything's been better Since my abios is more vibrant my Meditations are better And all of it uh and you know Unfortunately he has control of all These properties and he's the legal Master of the seismic system The former organization but he is Acting like you know a complete criminal Type of fraud so we have to go just do Our own thing that's how I've Experienced it and I'm you know saying It works for me you can try it for Yourself those of you who want to Experience the sittings I have played This year You can do that but in terms of the Gathering the upcoming Gathering we're Going to do two sittings on The 23rd two seasons on the 24th and Either one or two sittings probably two Sittings on the 25th Uh either way I'll let people know Well let's just call it let's just do With the two two sittings on each day And you can experience the benefits of

These sittings here or do it on your own You don't need me or this you know YouTube channel you can connect directly And this is what needs to happen to Preserve this wonderful system Because dodgies failed us So for those of you who want to Contribute or participate in this You can start doing the work and setting Up the system the setting up the Gathering internally making intentions And offering your you know your Spiritual energy and your whatever the Divine hierarchy wants to use your Spiritual centers to help enhance this Gathering the work that the master used To do you know the masters of the system Had to prepare the venue and start Cleaning the abiasis months in advance Or at least some time in advance So that they would benefit uh they'd get More benefit out of the Gathering and Now that work falls on us we have to do More we have to be more assertive we Have to be better And more diligent and more connected Because there's no longer a master doing Everything like charging and Babaji did In the past but that's an opportunity For all of us And so you know all of those who are Interested that's great and for the rest Of the people who are doing this with The gratefulness meditation you can you

Know help contribute as well everyone Can contribute to making this a better Gathering just by you know when you're Praying or you're doing a 9 pm prayer or You're doing your meditation just have The thought that you know you're being Prepared and you're you're willing to Help others be prepared and the Environment be prepared and you make This Gathering as good as it possibly Can be and that you're willing to Participate internally and allowing the You know the energy to flow through you Um so I'll do some follow-ups to this um You know obviously before that Gathering And on you know both of my channels and I'll be talking about in The Journey Series as well I'll include this video In the journey series So there's no way to fully explain this Because you have to See it and experience it Um This is uh Friday July 14th Um In the scishmark tradition It's not really called a disciple Or a successor I mean sometimes these Words are used When you know the successor of the Pastor It's called his spiritual representative And that's because

The previous Master merges completely in The successor in his uh spiritual Representative right And so lology emerged into Babaji and Lology's Essence then becomes What everybody refers to when they call Babaji the master And so everything that lology Accomplished on the spiritual plane Is then passed on to Babaji and so it's Like uh like a like part of us like a so It's like a Having a twin soul in a sense right Bob G's soul and spiritual Essence is now in Charity or in lology spiritual Essence Is now in Babaji and then Babaji when he Thinks about the master it's the master Within And his soul now is you know merged with Apology soul And they have you know he has everything That lology has in him right like Everything in the lodgy accomplished in This eternal Journey a spiritual journey And so when Babaji emerged into charge He was the same thing but now you know There's like basically whatever the Merge Soul the philology and Babaji is Then charge you right and there was this Famous sitting that uh charge you Recorded in his diary where Babaji asked Him to sit and meditation in the Danish Airport in Copenhagen And they it was sitting the last like a

Minute and 40 seconds or something like That small you know just a short sitting But George is like wow what was that Right and Bobby said Bobby said I just Submerged into you And now um You know I'll never give this city to Anybody else this is a one-time thing And now you're my representative so all The legal stuff all the other things Didn't really matter was what happened In that sitting right the emergence Of the master into the disciple And now charging was babaji's spiritual Representative his spiritual lessons Would carry on right and then charging You know there was this Period I went through where I was Reading this book The an unpublished Book and it had these letters From charge you of his you know a lot of Them were at the time when Bobby passed Away right afterwards and then they Published his Diaries from that time And so I was reading both of these Things at the same time it's one of the Last times I really dove into the Literature and it was depressing it was Hard You know um Dodgy was struggling when he read these Diaries Like he was editing these things when Charging was in his last years

And you know I think it just affected Him the same way and he was you know Closer to charity because he was around Him all the time And he had a couple of you know I would Say meltdowns but you know where he Was chastising people for you know Everything that they were doing would Charge you being sickly and how selfish People were being or whatever But it really affected me like I'd never Do that again I never read these books Again they just Weighed me down right Um But in these These letters and in the diary it says It over and over the letters Charging was He said the only thing that's keeping me Going is I want to you know when I die I want to You know go to The Brighter world and Bob would you say Job well done like everything that he Was doing was To please papaji and to You know be a good spiritual son to him Right Spiritual you know representative too You know To carry the torch for Babaji and do the Work that Babaji left him to do and do It you know do a competent job do a a

Good job and continue what he's doing And all his whole motivation was To please Babaji so you know disembodied Soul And You know was it struck me because I saw The work that he did do And he worked tirelessly like he was Known for his work ethic And so when you understand that right This you know the emergence of the Master into the disciple And this being the spiritual Representative And the Gratitude and you know this idea Of You've been given all this wonderful Spiritual Equity and that you've been brought up To this higher level And because of that I mean I feel gratitude all the time for What they've done for me like and it's Not my nature like I you know I had to Learn to to be grateful You know I had to learn to look at the Bright side of things and look at you Know just be Great work towards gratitude like it Didn't come You know I mean sometimes I just feel Grateful and gratitude would be in me And I even said that to master charity Right

And whatever I do here is you know part Of that is the Gratitude or you know the Motivation is On larger and most of the biggest Motivator is a gratitude I feel for the You know everything that I've gotten From the master of the system Charge you said there's only one sin in Size Mark and that's in gratitude Right and so if you understand the Motivation of Charity that every Bit of his life once he became the Master was Stu please Babaji and do Right by Babaji and do the work the way Babaji would have wanted him to do it And you know be successful for Babaji Because of all that Babaji had done for Him and this idea of mergence You know the souls merged together Um and the spiritual representative You understand the level of depravity And how low dodgy has sunk like his When you put it in that context right It's going to come up every year for me On charge's birthday Because there's something just wrong About it and as much as I don't Care about it as much as I don't You know I'm a I'm an American who Doesn't it's not such a big deal the Master disciple relationship like on a Heart level And on everything I know about sagemarg Him dissing his master on his birthday

Every year And you know and all the people who want To celebrate chargie's birthday because They loved him so much It's just going to be sucky like you Know no matter what it is And you know and I'm not even trying I'm Not even paying attention to what They're doing over there I mean I am in the sense that you know Gratefulness is born from Dodgy's failure what we're doing here in Terms of the gratefulness meditation Is born out of dodgy's failure if dodgy Was successful there'd be no reason for Us to be doing gratefulness those of us Who are doing it and me personally so You know I'm aware of dodgy's failure It's a you know reminder of the need to Do something different right and you Know he's just done everything the Opposite way Than as the teachings of the scish Mark He's like the anti-master Like everything he's done from the scams To the people he's put in positions to The trying things time time again and Failing and then lying about it and Pretending it's a success or ignoring it And pretending you never did it and just You know one bad Decision one bad action you know patting Uh the Youtube video you know the the View count and things like trying to you

Know fake things getting these awards From you know organizations that you Should be you know that are like Basically the establishment the evil Establishment all the truthers who watch This video know about right the UN and You know now the British Lords all this Stuff right it's just the opposite of What he should be doing like it's just Trying to get validation From external authorities that are Corrupt and don't have the ability to View your success and try instead of Trying to please or not try and working Towards pleasing charity and doing Everything for charging and you know in In all of it right instead of trying to You know be your own man and do your own Thing and whatever Build upon what you Um you know what you were given and the Reason transmission isn't working Because I don't know if charging ever Emerged in him I don't know if this You know I don't know what happened but If he did then Dodgy has ignored it and if he didn't Then you know that pretty much makes Sense of what's Happening Here But for him to continue on it would be The line of Masters right chargie you Know Babaji lology emerging Babaji and Papaji merge and charging you know There's these

Dreams that charge he had that biology And lology were won and so It would be the same thing that Baba Geology and charge you would be one Merging into dodgy and he would have the The three Masters there and you know Would be this That's what would be the essence the Compelling Essence to do the work and so I don't know what's happened there dodgy Never talked about the sitting That he got that were charging merged in Him and I don't even know Dodges Basically said Babaji is the one who Prepared him You know and he bypass charge your Charge he wasn't even aware you know you Saw that in the clips but I mean he's Talked about took to G merging in him Right he's like you know he's talked About Babaji communing with him but he hasn't Talked about the sitting he's not Published his Diaries you know all these Things he's got these goofy books that He's got I mean writes really immature Childish books that aren't selling and Nobody reads and they're not good books Not on the level of the other literature But if you know If you if you're the master of the System and you're not working Because you're you know grateful to your Previous Master to your master it's

Doomed for failure you just it's not Going to work it can work It's not you know your whatever you're Doing is doomed because this can only You can only do this work and tolerate All that you have to tolerate If if you're working for the master Because if you're working for the people The people are going to disappoint you Like charity and Babaji had their Moments Many of them some of them I know about Probably Lots I don't Where the people just disappointed them The people that do the the system You know there was different times that Charge you lamented you know what Babaji Was lamenting You know the lack of um you know just The you know when you you have somebody That Does something And it's so such a bummer It like sucks the life out of you for That day or whatever there are multiple Days you know charge you went through This thing where One of the like higher ranking so not Ranking but senior preceptors in his City of Chennai Accused him of giving all of the Properties to his son Krishna and turning over Mission Properties to his son you know stuff

That Bobby's kids tried to pull And now it looks like dodgy is going to Do the same thing Well do the thing that hasn't been done Before which is try to turn it over to His kids You know babaji's kids sued and tried to Retain the properties and Shah Jahan for Right and you know babaji's house of Course they own but You know the other stuff And um You know he accused charge you doing This and charger he got so depressed and He's even in The Whispers messages where Obviously saying to him Snap out of it you got it you know it Was like five days or stuff where he was You know he couldn't work and he was Just really bummed and he took all the Preceptor certificates In the city and he only gave back half Of them And he was just you know Really upset Um Because he worked so hard and did all This you know work and that he would be Accused of such a thing That he would never even think about Right And so you know there's this element That people just disappoint you and so If you're working for the people as a

Spiritual Uh you know Master Saint or anybody Who's been spiritual Has reached high levels and gets a Following The people your disciples your followers Are going to disappoint you and often Turn on you And so if you do it for them I mean look At what happened to Jesus as an example And Jesus's Jesus's disciples You know if if you're doing it for the People You're going to be bitter and you should Never do it like you're working for God That's what makes you you know rise up To a high level so as soon as you forget About God and people have done this Saints have done this Jesus did this Where they forget about God and they Start working for the people And then they just fall because the People are like below you right you have To you know it's like these um Uh Jane Goodall and um Whatever that woman's names Gorillas in The Mist there's a couple of women English women who went out and worked With chimpanzees one of them and apes Another one you know the crocodile Hunter Australian guy And animals are great but when you love Animals like that and you You know you're loving something that's

Less evolved and the tendency is for you To de-evolve and maybe reincarnate as an Animal right because You know people are higher even though That we you know are like not as cool or Not as Innocent or not as pure as animals we've Reached a higher level right so whatever You love you become And so You know you you want to reach up to the Higher that's why there's the love of The master and the higher level Consciousness and things Is stressed in the scishmark system And so when you start doing it for like In Dodge's case he seems to love the Fame and I don't even know if he loves It because he's an introvert you know He's a loner or whatever You know I don't know what he's getting Out of this egotistically But he's you know embracing the the fake Guru you know using all these you know Um scandalous methods writes to uh Embolden him and make his prayers Building a brand Instead of building uh you know a Spiritual resume Based in his desire and gratitude Towards his master And so that lacking and him dissing Charge you every year and his birthday Becomes more evident and charge you

Being disrespected you know the love and The you know the the enthusiasm that Everybody celebrated lology and babaji's Birthdays would charge you the master Biology and Babaji receiving all that Love and appreciation on their birthdays In the brighter world And sharji had such a hard life with his Mom died when he was five and he you Know he had to in the Indian tradition You would have to light the pyre to burn The body Like this is what charge you grew up With and all of his older relatives In his mom's family and his dad's family Died and for whatever reason the people That were responsible in some cases to Light the pyre weren't there And so we had to light the fire on on Multiple deaths like nine of them like He had to you know Set Fire to the by Like it's a you know like and he you Know he's in this down memory lane books If you can get a hold of them some of Them are available And it's really touching and really Interesting and really understanding That The you know the Indian uh tradition and Stuff and the you know the the world to Charge you grew up in But he had all these um You know tragedies in his life and Disappointments and then what he went

Through when Babaji Made him successor and everybody turning On him it was the worst transition What Bobby's you left charged you with And what he went through And all of it and then His success or disses him so he got it On both ends right You know Babaji you know when he had to Go through whatever he had to go through To become master But it was really tough and like I you Know reading what he went through and How hard it was when most people Rejected him and You know who's turned on no they didn't Accept him and you know the Babaji People And all of it and then to become what he Became and then you know struggled Making a success for himself the one guy Quitting appointing dodgy who's turned Out to be a piece of you know poop you Know like just A horrible person And and then getting dis now and you Know in the brighter world where his Birthday's been You know and all of it his works are Being like I mean everything that he did Everything he left behind Is being disappeared and you know and These things and so you know it's really A horrible thing

Like to me it's the worst thing like all The bad things in the world I cover this Is the worst thing and it comes up every Year on chargie's birthday And so um I'm gonna re-release I did it for Members but now I'm gonna make it public The The greatest man I ever I've ever known Video I made about charging I'll do that Today and I'll you know mention it Um but you know It's just something Like it's just uh Like this what did you start here it's Like on you know it's just Unconscionable And it's so like anti-spiritual anti-god And just so egotistical Low it's just so the lowest slimiest Thing Um but you know It's just what it is so uh continue on In the next couple of days Okay so I was um In a car accident my with my wife and Everybody's fine which I'll get into in A moment And I was going to make a video about The accident and just put it up on YouTube but I thought well I want to put This in the journey series And so um I didn't make a separate video And so here's there's three narratives

About that and then I guess all the narratives we'll talk About that a little bit because it took A while to get everything back you know On track or whatever But here's the the narratives about the The car accident okay greetings brothers And sisters um Everybody's okay I want to say that Right off the bat and always seriously Hurt My wife my dogs Um The people in the other car but my wife And I had a pretty severe Highway Accident where our car is now totaled Our minivan I believe I took a picture of it I you Know I'm kind of out of it but it's a Really weird story On lots of levels Um Not just the accent itself but what Happened afterwards And You know I mean it kind of a big story I'm in a State of Shock like I'm just Like sort of out of my body kind of a Thing um So I want to capture You know all that here And I don't use the word surreal like I Don't remember ever using the word Surreal

On this channel maybe I've done it a few Times But what happened after the accident From the time we got into the accident Until we settled in you know we still Have to we're traveling so we still have To go home but at least we're You know out of the you know wherever we Were dealing with the Fallout from the Accident And so my wife was driving you know I've Talked about this before My previous and my previous marriage my Ex really didn't ever drive she drove Occasionally Um she hadn't driven up to the time That we got together but I helped her Learn how to drive a little bit she had A head injury She had an elevator door closed on her Head Don't ask me about it because I can't Explain it And she had a head injury and Never really drove anyway we lived in Cities and Whatever so um She didn't drive and I drove all the Time where my current wife gets car sick When she doesn't drive And you know I've been kind of falling Asleep like getting tired and not Falling asleep but when I drive Especially long distances

I've you know last I don't know three Four years it didn't happen to me before I get really sleepy um So you know and I'm a little bit out of The habit of driving now I mean I still Drive you know when when I'm doing Things on my own but that's very seldom And so I'm not in the habit of driving as much And so it's kind of a weird thing I've Talked about before I don't care either Way You know I'm happy to drive and also Happy to be a passenger My wife was driving And we were coming back from a trip we Were traveling You know and I just have talked about my Dog Tulsi who has gotten like 100 better In a few days she had a a tick that the Vet tried to sell as a a ligament tear Which is really just a tick that got Embedded under her inner leg that nobody Saw it and showed up on the X-ray It really buried itself in there she Ripped it out and You know I talked about this but Tulsi Is like 100 better No limp no anything Um And so uh You know so we just had that to deal With and we were Again traveling and you know all these

Things so We were driving into a city it's a sort Of a you know small City but you know Maybe a I don't know a couple hundred thousand People In a mountainous area where there's a Lot of road construction And The car up in front of it and I didn't Really get much sleep last night Because that's going to factor in And the car in front of us like it Wasn't really stop and go But this the car in front of us stopped And my wife you know sometimes when You're driving and you're on the highway And people touch their brake lights and You slow down but you don't realize They're stopped my wife um You know was uh we talked about she Wasn't really sure what happened But I was like going to sleep like I was Falling asleep I was like kinda zoned Out like you just you know not just Because I was tired but it's just In a sort of withdrawn mood Usually I you know I participate in look Out and have my eyes you know On the road and you know help with Navigating and whatever it is right But I was gone like I just was there but Something snapped me out of it I looked Up and we were heading for the you know

The back end of this car And I yelled stop or whatever it was and My wife slammed on the brakes and we got About A couple of seconds when she slammed on The brakes You know I knew we were going to hit Like when I yelled at her I said stop I Knew we were going to hit there was no Chance we were going to stop in that Amount of time And we hit the airbags went off And Um And I didn't know at the time but if if The picture came out you can see that When my wife hit the brakes it must have Uh or the other car we were tilted a Little bit but the majority of the Damages on the passenger side of the car Where I was sitting and so the airbags Head And the car filled with smoke Which you know I smelled Cooling and There was coolant leaking out of the car The coolant hit the engine And you know there's the smell of Coolant which is poisonous And I also thought about how dogs drink Coolant and die you know and there was Smoke in there my wife looked and I Looked at each other we were like we're Both okay And I'm like I gotta get the dogs out

And everyone was stopped because there Was an accident ahead of us which we Didn't know about Yet And so Again on a highway and there's no Shoulder there's no anything And so um I get out of the car and my door's all Left up And there's cooling all over the road And you know I can see the cars totaled And um Because I was just thinking I could get The dogs out of the car I don't know if The car is going to go on good and fire Or whatever but we gotta get them out Like that's the first stop And have to find their leashes in the Back and I'm just out of it and I get The dogs over the side of the road And you know I'm just standing with the Dogs it stinks the car stinks and our Horn's blaring like it just won't stop Won't shut off the Horn's blaring and I'm like kind of stunned now I You know I have a little bit of a sore Neck You know my wife's been um I I you know I've been working on my uh Was it rhomboid muscles but my upper Back going up to up by going by my Shoulder blades up to my neck has been Causing me problems I think that's some

Of where the chest pains were coming From I've been stretching and doing Things And then my wife I had her um dig her Like elbows into my back And you know deep like tissue stuff and It's been really helpful so that's been Going on for about five days which I Think has been great um But you know my backs hurt and I looked Down there's You know there's air bags on my feet and I don't know what happened there But um The you know the There's a like a bruise on my leg but I'm like you know I think I'm okay like I'm you know I'm not I'm not severely Hurt No hospital thing So I get the dogs out with the guy who Towed our truck said later was that when The airbags go off they release a smoke Or something And it smells bad and all this stuff And so um We're just sitting there and I start Getting like my computer my wife's Computer not the car because I'm like We're definitely going to need those Because I know that we're gonna have to You know the car is going to get go be Dragged to some Some um Junkyard somewhere we're gonna have to

Drive up in a rental car and get Everything out it's substantial because We put a lot of stuff in there from our Trip and then other stuff that's there In the car you know I'm trying to you Know and I realized I want my glasses Um well the airbag hit my glasses must Have went flying off And the Miracle of all miracles and they Weren't they weren't broken and I have Like regular glasses and clip-on Sunglasses and none of them had a smudge On them Um so my wife goes up to the other car And they're fine like they have minimal Damage And they say they're not heard they're They're fine like it was probably a Shock to them but for whatever reason it Didn't affect them as much But our cars wrecked and like I feel Like I don't know like maybe the energy Went into my chest region but I'm just Out of it like I'm gone like I'm sort of You know I'm gonna Like you know I'm not in my body kind of Thing right Which is going to come to play later on So the guys come up these fire guys and Other guys and they're talking to us I'm Sort of in The Daze and they're like Well we're just gonna tow the car out of There which made sense because there's No way that you know they're going to

Leave us on the side of the road with no Shoulder And a couple of dogs that they're gonna Um tow the car on a flatbed which you Know you're not supposed to sit in the Car right Uh when you're on it when you're towing But I guess in a highway they make an Exception And you know I don't think I've ever Been on I I know I haven't been on an Accident like this on the highway And so we get in the car And it stinks and the Horn's still Blaring It smells like antifreeze and it's hot It's like you know 90s and Sun's baking Right through the window we have to Leave the windows open there's no AC And We get pulled on the flatbed and we're Just sitting on the flatbed and then There's another accident ahead of us So this traffic is just stopped and we Can see the The off ramp it's not that far but like We're just sitting there we sit there For about I don't know 40 minutes Half hour I don't know and I almost Having a panic attack because I'm like Having trouble breathing it's hot and it Stinks and they smell the antifreeze Everywhere And

Um finally they go in and They Um And somebody comes by and says that's Not this isn't a good place to park Right And the guy goes yeah there's idiots Like this all the time throwing our car And we get towed to a parking lot and There are four cars there the other Accident maybe five cars for every three Cars were involved in that but it's a Parking lot by the airport of this Mid-sized City Small City or whatever And you know we get the dogs out other Guy says we can get out now it kind of Lowers the the you know the flatbed but It's still there's cooling spilled Everywhere my wife gets out she slips it Hurts her leg you know so it's like you Know now it's you know That was just you know unnecessary that There wasn't the guy didn't warn us like Ahead of time But I get the dogs out we're trying to Get everything out that we need Immediately And then figure out how to get a rental Car or the cops come and you know we're Being asked about it and I'm just like You know in a weird State like I'm Having trouble like You know uh

You know just dealing with what was Going on right Like I'm in a State of Shock or whatever Okay so my wife and I went to pick up Pizza we watched a little bit of TV Um And it's a little bit before nine O'clock prayers when I get this in I got about seven minutes um I just want To go back a little bit here because It's important to the story I wanted to Be as detailed as possible Um So when I um was shook out of my stupor And I looked up and saw that we can hit The car and I yelled stop And my wife hit the brakes It wasn't me right that wasn't something That I Generated myself and I've you know Talked about this So much and I don't want to call it Channeling but something Some you know I don't want to say External force or internal Force Some other you know being or whatever it Is and I don't want to say made me but Directed my attention to what was Happening like I was gone you know I was Sleepy I was you know groggy I was out Of it and um I wasn't paying attention What's going on which happens to be Quite a bit right And so something snapped me out of it

And I looked up and I said Stop and you know my wife slammed on the Brakes and whatever The brakes did Saved us from maybe the dogs dying or Severe life-altering injuries or Whatever Like that's how close it was to us Having something severe right the Airbags did their job like we were very Happy with the performance of the safety Features we had a Honda Odyssey Um You know and Tulsa was a brand new car We got about Three or four months ago my wife had Driven a Honda Odyssey for years if it Was using it for work She had one I don't know for like 10 Years and I had um A whatever that that van was a Grand Caravan Dodge Grand Caravan my son wrecked it When we were vacationing And he um you know took I told you about That story but there was something Spiritual that happened right we were on The beach and my dog Tulsi found a golf Ball And she you know we ended up throwing it She brought it back and she loves it I Should find a video of her I got a Couple of them but we pick up the golf

Ball she spins around crazy she's I mean She's Italian dog she chases her tail Right she does things like that And she loves the golf it's her favorite Thing as soon as we get down the beach She has this expression You know she wants us to pull out a golf Ball and throw it and eventually we Train buddy to fetch a Super Ball We try to switch Tulsi over super boss Because the golf ball we thought was Going to hurt her teeth or whatever it's Kind of big for her but she she wouldn't Have any of it she loves a golf ball And eventually he chose trained buddy to Fetch a Super Ball we go to the beach And we I throw him as far as I can and They just go chasing them down they're Really fast papillons are really Athletic dogs one day we are throwing The uh I threw the golf ball up ahead And there was a family and they had a Big giant couple of dogs that were on Heavy duty harnesses And one of them Broke Free When the Dog Saw Tulsi running And Tulsi and Buddy outrun most dogs Just because it's happened a few times They just either they out quick them or They outrun them And the dogs aren't really trying to Bite him but Tulsi and Buddy are so Small they just you know they run away But Tulsi was kind of caught between the

Ocean And was pinned and didn't really see the Dog coming and so she sort of was turned And started to run away but then she was Running straight towards the ocean she Stopped And I was running towards the dogs and I Yelled no as loud as I possibly could Just as the dog had its jaws opened and Like was inches away from Tulsi right And the note came from some you know I Don't know like some Whatever place And the dog just stopped And ran away And when I yelled no and the owner came And the dog had this like they had like A four foot stake and a full-on harness I don't know what kind of dog it was but It was big it was you know like a I mean Not a like a Like a a Great Dane but that kind of you Know that kind of size like some you Know like like an Irish Wolfhound but a Little bit smaller than that and you Know it's running down the beach with a A harness and this huge steak like he's Bouncing around right and the owner's Trying to get it And the good thing about that was Tulsi Was always a little bit Wild And she kind of realized Well the only thing that's keeping me Alive is these guys right

Like you know and she calmed down she Started to be more attentive she you Know she wouldn't wander off as much she Stayed starting to stay close if you Still chased the golf ball Uh but you know she was more aware that You know like she's just a a huge Papillon but she's a very small dog And you know there was a kind of a Learning from it right but anyways there Was this sense that I was you know like Just Divinity saved us and in a variety of Ways because we realized that We were pretty happy with that the way That everything played out from that Point on like we felt taken care of my Wife said you know thank God a few times It was just a a sense that um you know This was as good as it could get right And in the seismog system Babaji the Second master of the system Said that samskaras you know these are Things that you come into Earth and have To experience They are things from past lives or Whatever it is right things your soul Has either got to work off from Your your ego making a mistake in a Previous existence or you know these Deep Impressions and they're going to Happen there are things in your life That are going to happen Some of them tragic some of them

Glorious some of them great some of them Not so great but they're you know They're they're part of your overall Script some of these things you can Change but some of them you have to Endure And you know he said in terms of his Capacity to minimize us some Scara he Said well let's say someone had a Samskara that they got stabbed Then I would turn it into a pit right And so I turned a knife into a pit And so that was like a good way of Looking at what happened to us today Like there was and a few other things Happen intense things you know in the Story that Um you know and I wanted like I said Include every detail But we definitely both felt like you Know a knife was turned into a pit like If this was something that we had to Experience and you know some some scary You know reason we had to go through This accident It was you know minimal damage right And so the other thing I wanted to talk About when I we were on the um The flatbed truck and you know the the Car wreaked of uh Of um you know whatever just bad stuff Like the The coolant which is poisonous and you Know you got all these poisons in your

Car Of course gasoline all these things These smells And you know we were also smelling the Exhaust of the being in a traffic jam I need all the exhaust of the cars and It was hot right so you know and I was My chest was feeling a little bit weird To go Shot there maybe I absorbed the energy Of this this clock the crash to my CH I Don't know what it was And I was just like panicked and I just Wanted to Get out right and uh You know I was like having a I don't know whatever it was right I was practicing the constant Remembrance of We have this idea that God is Experiencing you know it's not you Experiencing something that's God or Through the you know Sage Mark system And and my level of tolerance for Discomfort And you know I get Restless when I'm Bored or you know I don't want to be be Somewhere or something like this My tolerance for pain and these things Has grown like astronomically since Doing the sage Mark system there's just A connectivity there when you work on it And you're cultivated and I don't know You know I know there's people who are

Certainly better at it than I am but It's something I've worked at and Everybody has it you know there was a Comment I saw in my phone And I was mentioned in my last video About how I Had this idea of what it was like for The Kennedys to grow up like what kind Of family they had right You know they would debate at the dinner Table and all these things And I said this to my wife and then Um you know I mentioned it on a video And then we listened to um you know that Was like a week before he did the Interview with Piers Morgan and then They were talking about that and he said Verbatim what I said Kennedy did about his family and this Person said your correctness about the Kennedy family reminds me of how you Were spot on about the healthy Disturbing dynamics of the 2016 team U.S Gymnastics before abuse Scandal broke Which I don't remember And second critical of violin letting His daughter go to work for Harvey Weinstein yeah I um did do that I Remember For those before Harvey weitze did you Know Hollywood before me T me too broke Reminds me also of what Digger Dick Gregory calls the godsends thanks for All you do now

You know it isn't really anything to do With me right and everybody does this Everyone can cultivate these skills And in the future I would expect everyone to be much Better at it than I am right like I sort Of maybe dabbled I mean it's just You know it's a lot for me But in the future it's something that Everyone's going to need to do Is connect to God and see the world Through God's lens and you know receive The information that's there and then be A part of the You know the you're just You know taken care of or whatever But anyways getting back to the accident Thing so the flatbed pulls up and There's four other there's like four Other accidents there right it's a it's Close to the airport there's all this Traffic and you know there's just this Road construction and they you know it's One of those things where the road has Outgrown the highway has outgrown the City the guy tells the flatbed truck Back you know the you know the Making the you know us be able to like Walk down the ramp And you know we have to walk down the Ramp get out get the dogs out and get Whatever we can out of the car And there's antifreeze all over the Cooling all over the ramp and my wife

Slips and hits her foot she hurts her Foot like you know the guy was he was You know we were very happy with the People they were very You know they were just conscientious And they're supportive of the you know State we were in but you know it's like What are those deals where there's no Way you should be walking down a ramp Where we're okay we're in a State of Shock or whatever So get the dogs out and we get the stuff Out I get the Um My backpack and my wife's backpack she Gets the water for the dogs and And then um you know the cops are there They're taking our information And there's an old guy sitting there at A pickup truck and uh And he's you know this Nice Guy's Talking to us Um we sit in the shade and we thought he Was like you know like a retired cop or Something But he you know he knews the cops so so I don't know what was that about but he Knew him And he was very helpful and and the Other thing was like Our phones are dying you know like I Keep my phone pretty much charged I Don't use it very much but when we're Driving

I have a playlist of songs we play and We were also looking at listening to Some of the Kennedy uh debates and you Know whatever interviews and things But we like hit a part where the My phone wasn't connected to the Internet so you know I was able to Connect with my data or whatever it's Called and sort of listening to some Music when we got to the the accident But uh you know I have a problem with my Phone My iPhones And I think I've had this thing for About a year and a half two years I think it's a 13 I'm not sure I think There were up to 14s and of course I use The camera you guys see the pictures I Take all the time And so I use the camera and that's about It like I get a lot of texts from my Wife And I have you know about 20 people in My contacts And my phone is you know camera and You know and uh a place to listen to Music when I am driving or whatever it Is one more You know very seldom do I use the phone For anything else so the other batteries Usually charged but I've had this Problem with the port You know wherever whatever they call That where you stick it into the phone

And the cord into the phone The port is always like you know in the Beginning it works well And I'm very gentle with it like I've Consciously gentle with it I don't know If I Get dirt in it when I'm working outside Or you know what happens to it but like It starts working less and less good To where it's not working you know very Much like it's not working consistently And then you know it'll say that it's Charging when I stick the The cord in it but I put it down and it Won't have to double check it and right Before we leave it I was packing up the Car and I plugged my phone in but it Didn't charge and it was time to leave So I said I'll charge you the car but my Wife's phone was dead so she had to Charge hers and she had the directions And stuff on hers And then you know mine was about a 30 Percent But then when we had the accident we Both had phones that were you know what 15 or 20 percent we need to call Ubers And do all these things right We really needed the phone like it was Like one of those times you really need It like it's a life certificate Kind of thing or whatever and so Um so we're doing all that stuff we're In the parking lot and you know what I'm

Just kind of in a like a like an outer Having like an outer body experience And my wife goes and there's a hotel Right near where we were parked and my Wife goes and goes you know use the Restroom there and then she comes back And I'm walking there and it's hot it's Hot like I'm sweating like I don't sweat Like I'm sweating And I walk into the hotel And it's like there's no air Conditioning like the air conditioning's Broken there it's like hotter in there I Can't believe they have fans on and I Mean it's like I don't know what it was Marriott it's almost like it wasn't a Like a you know a hotel six or something It was like you know what You know three or half a four-star hotel And I go in the bathroom and I'm like I go and look in the mirror and I don't Usually do that but I wanted to see if I Had a concussion I want to see if my pupils were dilated And I looked in the mirror and I was Like You know I was like I didn't recognize Myself it's a weird kind of and I don't Know if it was the The toxic fumes I was breathing or just The me being a State of Shock it was a Part of it And like I don't know if it happened Right there or when we we got to we had

To go to the airport to rent a car And that's when like our Venture starts Getting weird And I'm like maybe we died like maybe we Were all dead so like you know like we Were just acting it out like you know uh Jacob's Ladder or the way that they try To end the lost where You know the the plane actually crashed And killed everybody and then their Whole Souls were processing their death And they were going on to something else Like maybe I'm not even alive like maybe Maybe we just died in a car accident Like you know And I'm only 90 sure that's not true like even now Have a little bit suspicious that I Actually just we all just thought you Know so I'm not actually joking like it's like It's I think that's how I felt like it Was it was just wandering around like I Was you know no longer in my body but I Get a feel pain and I can feel the You know when time hasn't jumped around Like time's gone You know you know a linear fashion So my wife's calling and trying to get Us a rent a car and this old guy decides To you know he's going to pick up his Family or something at the airport and That's he's waiting everyone else clears Out the cops clear out it

The guy brings our car to the You know to the whatever it is a Junkyard and And we're all just you know we're like The last to leave and we head over to we We talked to the family that Um you know we want to make sure they Were all right because it was a they had A couple of kids and they didn't have Much damage and they were there were two States over they were going to drive There she was going to meet her husband And in the next stayed over then they're Going to drive home together the car was Drivable Um just some damage to the bumper and Stuff and they were weren't physically Hurt so that was good my wife's just Really feels bad about you as Apologizing and I was like you know I mean I kind of felt like this was Almost meant to happen like it just was A Subscoric thing the more that the things Developed it seemed like that right but It was also I'm like yo it's a wake-up Call that maybe we have to you know slow Down like there's a bumper sticker we Saw Right before and I read it and it was a Truck in the right lane that we passed And the person said Wrote slow down and grow up right And there's a lot of traffic I was

Talking to the old guy about hell you Know that people keep on speeding And they catch up to the slower cars and That causes all the traffic jams you Know if everyone drove at a you know I Took away I took my driver's ad there Was some old you know kind of corny Films about it But if you guess you know have a nice Pocket of cars or You're out by yourself on the highway And you go at a good pace and You know just you know because when you Speed you can catch up to the cars and They just you know forms these traffic Jams and everything goes slower but if There's a flow to it right And they you know they study this with Traffic patterns I felt like the whole Thing was you know part of a plan you Know so Um we head over we get dropped off at The airport And I'm carrying the bags my wife has The dogs And I'm just not feeling you know good That you know it's a little bit hard on My backpacks got my computer my wife's Computer she has a like a lighter Backpack and we had like a Cooler full of like a you know salsa Water sodas that we drink Um that we drink when we're driving you Know there

You know they take with us on our trips And you know we needed water and you Know dogs it was hot so those are the Three things we grabbed And Um I'm just sitting there the dogs are There the dogs are really cute you know Papillons are a little you know we call Them the puppers and they're just Cute little dogs and people are kind of You know talking about the dye and I Just don't want to I'm just not into it Like I'm just Sitting there in a daze like having some Kind of Outer body experience and I'm just you Know I'm a little bit tired too And you know there's a woman she walks By and she goes I guess you have a Little girl with her and like she you Know I didn't really noticed so much she Says oh my gosh she's talking to me crap You know like And she goes you know uh your dog is That dog is just like My sister's dog in terms of how much it Lightly likes kids because my dog buddy Is very scared of kids and then even Tulsi is you know she Tulsi is a much More people uh you know Tulsi was but he Was brought up in a with 13 other dogs And I think he was like you know he was Small I think he got bullied maybe a

Little bit The people were old that I don't think They paid attention to that they had too Many dogs And it was during covid they didn't go Out and socialize much and but he's got A lot better but he's still like you Know a little apprehensive of kids and Then the woman's walking away and she's Like yeah my daughter has a Papillon and They're the only part of kids I'm like Yeah because kids are come running up Like that You know that you know braces that Grace Redhead girl You know in that um Uh Finding Nemo movie that you know like Those kids that love a pet to death Right they're all violin and you know Mall in the thing and I'm just sort of Watching everyone go by it's just like This we haven't been in the airport in Like five years you know we've it was Probably not five years since covet hit I guess the last time I went on a flight Was When we came back from India and uh you Know to be in 2020 but I you know and I Hadn't flown that much before that so I You know I haven't experienced the Airports very much lately And we're not there for a flight we're There to rent a car right And there was a family and they were

Gathering together there to my left And it was the direction my wife walked So I kept on looking back there and They're kind of loud and I could you Know just by what they're saying they're They're on vacation they're having a big Family event And they're trying to get cars and every Car in the city is booked and they're on The phone and like someone goes I got a Minivan you know they're like they're Trying to you know get all the cars Together so they and I don't know why They didn't plan ahead of time but it's Somebody goes it's 80 people going to This it's like 80 maybe it's a wedding I Don't know Whatever it is but they don't there's at Least 20 or 30 of them were gathered and They were making a big deal in like Expect they'll call themselves and like You mean there's no cars there's no Rental cars because we like need one You know now it's like probably around One o'clock in the afternoon and you Know we have to get back to the other Car and then we have to figure out how To get back home right and you know all These things so my wife says finally she Comes back she goes there's one car left In the city She's called everybody nothing at the Airport And they have a Kia you know we have a

Van full of stuff right and like your Kia right and I'm like well that doesn't Sound promising but it's the only thing We get so my wife called gets an Uber And we go out we're walking through the The parking lot you know I'm carrying The backpack and my back hurts yeah I Love it you know the pain is more there Now that I'm having to do stuff right And oh man I'm staggering along with the Dogs like I said it's really hot out and This Uber guy picks us up right And he said you know I guess my wife had Told them or something Somehow he's like oh you guys were in Accident he's like wow that's so bad and We kind of described what happened he's Like He starts like he's and he's just he's Got a couple of dogs himself and he's Like oh I'm praying for you guys I'm Going to pray for you guys your day Turns around yeah you know you swear and He's saying the word f word a lot but He's You know some sort of a Christian right We're like appreciative of the thing And you know we have some thing I Mentioned the tick thing with our dog Because I wanted him to know about it Because You know that Um okay I think there's a scam going you Know this is a veteran veterinarian scam

With the uh you know the torn uh ACL and Dogs or whatever And that the tick thing is you know uh Um I mean it's also is so much better After just getting that tick removed and You know really didn't need the vet at All that stuff but the guy's very Talkative you know I asked him because He had a lift thing and an Uber thing And asked him what was the difference And how it worked and things and you Know like I I don't I haven't been in like a cab since we Were in India so that's 2016-15 or whatever it is Um you know maybe we got back to him the Airport but you know I Like it's just not something I do I Haven't really experienced an Uber in America like I I took an Uber we used to Take Ubers and in India I don't know if It's called Dube or something else but Um you know but I you know like I've I've done in a long time And then the guy says You know as a young guy so he's in his 20s or you know early 30s And he said um You know he was driving these people to A college like one stayed over And he gets a call from his wife That she needs a triple bypass right She's a young woman and You know he says that her cholesterol is

Like 200 something or you know something Was like high like that I think it's a Cholesterol and so she had the surgery But he's like freaked out about it I'm Saying you know like I've had some Issues With an irregular heartbeat since coven You know we started talking about some Of the supplements and you know I think He was just getting overwhelmed But I'm saying if you look into it there Are things out there that'll That'll help her like you know Allopathic medicine doesn't do Prevention and there's always side Effects but like you know was thinking About this guy's wife and this guy you Know he's He's in his early you know I mean these Are young people And I mean she's had there's condition Hard condition to her family of course You know I cover this with a Hollywood Celebrity dropping like flies I'm like wow this is kind of effed up Right And we're driving the guy's real Talkative he's talking about all these Other things and you know and it's like I'm like you know it's the kind of thing That you're trapped you know like the Guy was great he was nice but you know It was kind of a lot you know And you're kind of a you know you're in

There in there you're sort of a captive Audience right Um but he drops us off and it took us a While to get to this car place and it is Not nice you know it's like Samford and So I mean it's like some sort of you Know the car plays like a fly-by night Just local you know no no name brand Thing and they got a bunch of cars that Are in the parking lot are just not in In good shape And you know it's like something you see In a movie like some you ever see the Movie used cars or whatever just And the guy is preparing our Kia for us And I'm just wiped out now like after That like you know I had to uh carry out A conversation with this guy at the Uber And all this stuff and you know we my Wife goes in to get the car and I'm just Sitting out there I got the dogs on the Leash trying to give him water and they Drink a little water but they're kind of Just curious at the guy washed in the Car and then you know my wife going in And getting the you know doing the Paperwork for the cars it's just hot I'm Standing in the Sun Like I'm just gone now the guy's kind of Trying to talk to me and you know it Took me a while to realize she's Scrubbing our car and I'm like for the Love of God We just need to get home like you know

We don't need to be nice so I hope he Doesn't spray some like internal spray With some false you know some of those You know rare fashion or things they got That just stink or whatever Uh but then my wife comes out and we go To get in the car and the guy's just Still scrubbing I'm like dude we don't We don't need we don't need that right And the car is just absolutely tiny and Then you know there's another guy there And he's like you know there's a we just Replaced the the fan for the air Conditioning it's got a buzz it's got a Sort of annoying sound Yeah but it works right and I'm like Yeah it's a box you know my brother Was like uh I don't know if you guys Remember I tell you the story but me and Him are watching TV and I don't know What's happened like maybe he's at work And there was like a small little TV at It he had on and there was a a car Commercial and he goes I like watching These new car commercials so I can see What my box is going to look like In 20 years right And so we got this Kia and we get in and I'm like there's a Chipotle that we Passed you know and I feel like they Have semi-healthy food and it's three O'clock in the afternoon and like you Know my wife hasn't eaten anything she Has any breakfast and um you know

And I'm not hungry but I'm like I I Maybe they'll pull me back into my body Like the you know engaging in some life Things and you know if I don't eat I you Know lose my energy so We start driving I'm like it seems like You're instead of air conditioning Coming out it's like It's either cool or warm is like warm Air so the air conditioner is not Working so I we're going to Chipotle and the car's In there the dogs are in it you know I'm Gonna get a bowl and my wife says you Know I just order me a quesadilla And you know she goes back to the car to Be with the dogs And they don't do quesadillas there And there's an old guy looks kind of um Like he's had a rough life and you know He's really slow He's the first person there that you Have to deal with it's Chipotle And the guy's like yep you know well People making a lot more money than us Or making those kind of calls right Yeah so I get my wife a burrito like but She ended up not eating because it's Like she was kind of you know she was a Kind of you know just not feeling great About the accident and she didn't like The food and I only ate some of the food But like she I get back in the car and She goes

They have a van Force right She called she called the place up and They said bring the car back because the Air conditioner isn't working Oh before the uh the one thing I was Going to say is my my wife and I are Watching The show freak is Freaks and Geeks which I saw years and years ago I think I saw It on network TV it was made in 1999 it Was about the 80s When my wife and I went to high school And she had never seen the show If you're not familiar with the show the Guy Judd Apatow who's made a lot of you Know some funny movies some not so Crappy movies but Um he features a lot of these people Like Seth Rogen And um James Franco and these other People who became famous from this Freaks and geek show right Uh the guy Jason Siegel and a bunch of There's the girl who stars and she was In like er or something she was she was In a show that my wife and I and I saw That we didn't really like it and I'm Kind of going south about the The Florida Keys and pretty much Everyone was in that show And you know had careers that they Probably shouldn't have had right Like not based in their looks or maybe Even Talent or whatever

But they've all had successful careers But they've also they also had like Guest stars like Shia LaBeouf when he Was a kid I we saw him there I go I Think it was Shia LaBeouf 12 years old in the thing right But they were playing um Free Bird And I remembered Freebird being such a Big thing Play Freebird you know it was Like a big thing You know when I was in high school And you know the whole Rock thing we Weren't supposed to listen to like rap Or pop music you know Suburban you know the the different the Classes the different you know the jocks And the preppies and the burnouts and The you know whatever the keys the Nerds Whatever And you know I was like saying to my Wife well Freebird socks if we listen to It you know has this long guitar solo Which you know I'm over those things you May when I was young I used to enjoy Them or put my smoking pot or something But like now I just don't like I can't Sick and I was like yeah those you know A lot of those bands suck right And um the episode was they were Going to one of these light shows And when I was a little kid I we had This Planetarium In West Hartford then I later moved to

Simsbury with my you know my parents of Course And West Hartford had a planetarium that I went to we could walk to and I loved As a kid there's a like a children's Museum there with all kinds of cool Stuff and me and my friends used to walk There all the time went there with my Parents And then I hadn't been back in years And my friends were like oh there's a Pink Floyd Light Show like laser show And I was like oh cool they're like you Know and it's in a planetarium but they Didn't say where and so I went back There like you know years and years Later when I after I experienced as a Kid and I saw this Pink Floyd laser show And this episode of Freaks and Geeks They had this Uh like a laser show it was supposed to Be Pink Floyd but it turned out to be Southern rock Which you know was equally as popular During that time And they were playing free bird and you Know Leonard Skinner and so this Uber Driver goes yeah I really love Lynyrd Skynyrd you know we just watched this Show last night My wife and I look at each other I'm Like wow that's you know one of these Things that just comes back around right Which to me meant this was like part of

A plan like everything was just falling Into place with these different people That we interacted with like we were you Know this old guy drove us to the Airport we interacted with a guy who Towed our truck and my wife was Interacting with the the other people in The in the accident like there's all These things that are you know Developing this story right And so we you know so we go back we got The Kia we go get this it's like a Toyota Sienna which is very kind of Similar to the you know I think it's a Little bit more money to get a Toyota Sienna than a than a Honda Odyssey but Very similar in its you know Um whatever it is right and You know so like psyched we can get Everything out of the old car so we Don't have to come back twice and it's a Game changer and so we you know we have To you have to go out and turn around And you know it's like a kind of busy Road and Um there's a lot of like weird people That were at the Chipotle where I was in There like you know it's a you know it's An odd City And so my wife and I are driving by the Chipotle again after you know now I'm Eating my food whatever and we're Heading to the place where we have to Pick up the you know the stuff in the

Car the you know the The junkyard And I look up and there's like in like a Couple of guys working on a dude in a Bus stop And a guy who looks like some kind of Official Health guy like an EMT who's got a car Pulls up next to the phone booth I'm like I think there's a dead guy in There to my wife right After all this I don't even think There's a dead guy like they're like Going to town other guy right and I and I And you know we drive by and I'm about To pull out my phone and tape it and Thank God I didn't because You know the reason I was is because I Knew I was gonna tell this story like The whole thing seemed surreal right Um but you know then there was this and So we drive by and we have to go around The car now that's sort of it's parked The wrong way it's you know it's in the Wrong lane facing traffic And there's four guys in there and we Drive by and I'm like you know I'm gonna Tell this story I should I should video This and I'm like I just can't you know Like It's kind of sick to do that and I'm Really glad I didn't But it popped into my mind for a second

And then we drive by and I you know I Get up I'm like Four feet five feet away from The what's going on there and there's One of these sort of bus stop you know With the plastic and they're on the Bench and the guy's shirt is ripped open And he looks like a young guy You know from what I could tell but he Had like Platinum here and I couldn't Tell if it was gray and whatever but my Wife and I were like oh my god oh deed Right And they're just out there and there's Like you know it's kind of a busy Intersection there's people driving and People walking and they're just pounding On this guy's chest and his mouth is Open And he's like you know he's his heart Stopped he's like Dad he said Cardiac Arrest right you know I cover all this Stuff with Um Hollywood celebrities dropping like Flies but I'm like holy you know holy Poop and I'm just like you know Like everything the way I feel and the Way the thing's gone and you know the Guy was talking about his wife having The triple bypass and we're like Watching this this corpse and these People trying to revive this corpse was You know I mean I don't know what he's OD'd on or

What's happening with him or some other You know who knows what's going on there Right And like it's like what's happened like You know We were like on our way home and you Know everything was was going great and Then we got thrust into this you know Other reality where we had all these Things now to figure out and Logistically in these things And so then we go to the junkyard and You know that's a whole thing And you know we want to make sure we get Everything out of the car and you know We just had the scarf Three or four months you know it's a 2019 uh car you know but it's kind of New and it's great we loved it and it's Such an upgrade from what You know we had been driven driving in The past you know when I got back from India I um we didn't have a car And I had about five thousand dollars And no credit because if we hadn't used Credit cards for years and we didn't Believe in it and we were you know we Were getting away from all that stuff Which was great but then you know coming Back to India after the toll Situation with my marriage blew up and All this stuff You know I needed credit and

You know we went to this Gathering and And you know a spiritual gathering for The size Mark system and you know Heartfulness back when you know Heartfulness was a was you know Reasonable before dodgy crapped it out Right And we went to LA and you know I was Dating this woman that was that wasn't Good I mean I knew that wasn't going to End well and you know I got this Toyota Old Toyota van Before they had siennas or any of these Things the fan was called you know it Was really old like a 90 something or Whatever And it was you know was didn't run great And like you know whatever money I spent On it it wasn't going to last And my two kids went to go visit my Action and they ended up staying there My two older kids and so then my two Younger kids were going And like I you know the van kept on Breaking down and I finally brought it I Brought I found a good mechanic and he Was like Yo your engine's warped and it's going To cost you like two grand to or more to Put a new engine he's like you know this Is it's just not worth it so you know I Needed a car and we were in uh Nevada I'm sorry if I said New Mexico we're in Nevada

You know near Vegas and it gets 120 Degrees 110 degrees in the summer and You know you can't be walking around I Mean there's no like I needed a car and There was this um 2000 and I guess it Was nine so it was I guess in 2016. Um when we got back but the car was 2009 It was a Grand Caravan it was loaded it was like They're maxed up you know it had Everything in it like You know four seed heaters all these Things And it was like the only car they were Going to give it give to me and I had Like you know Horrible credit my credit was like 400 Or something because I had no credit for Years I got a crappy deal on it and but the Car was like you know spaceship compared To you know I think I had driven before And you know we really didn't drive it All that much when I got remarried and Um you know my my wife's car my her van Worked better for what we were Doing in terms of the bench seat like The other car that had bucket seats so It couldn't fit us you know with the Dogs and everything And so you know I we drive it Occasionally my wife and I were gone and You know our daughter was about to leave The house and it was kind of getting

Tense with her and she was you know I Mean she whatever she kind of turned on Us in these things and Um my son took the car without my Permission and he you know he wrecked it And it was a whole thing and I told the Story of my journey series videos And you know um We were talking to him and he had to Drive back out With my daughter and I was like get Everything like there's stuff in that Car sentimental stuff whatever it might Be make sure you go through it and get It now now we're doing that thing and I Was talking to my son about how you know When you're driving out of state when You're far away from your home You really can't get into an accident Like you got to do everything possible Not to get into like this it just sucks Right because then you know how do you Get home and we had a car that you know That that car that Toyota car when we Brought to the Gathering that minivan Broke down When we were in the Gathering in La it Was four hours from Vegas and you know And you rent a car then you have to Drive a car rent a car back out and pick Up the car and you know it's just a Hassle ends up costing a fortune plus You don't know the mechanics and They're more likely to rip you off I

Mean it's just everything sucks about Because you're in a desperate state Right And you know it's just a bad situation And that's you know the situation we're In right so we have to get everything Out of the car and then it's clearly Totaled I asked the guy you know that The guy who put it on his uh the tow Truck guy and you know he was like yeah It's totals which is great because you Know getting it fixed and having a I Mean it would have been a disaster if we Could you know Have to go retrieve it after a couple Weeks of body work or whatever they have To do and the frame was bent because my Door wouldn't really open Um you know it would open but it Wouldn't open all the way and then it Would kind of close it wouldn't stay Open and you know it's clearly the frame Was not it was not a You know it's totaled And so we drive to the junkyard after All this stuff and you know we just have Gone and it's like a Alice in Wonderland I don't like Victory Tour and we get There and the guy recognizes us because He was at the Sea of the accident And um He's and I don't know if the guy works For him the the hydrosa the tow truck But uh you know he's really helpful and

He's like you know he's And we don't have to hassle of like Trying to prove us our car because he Was there and he saw us With the car and all these things And we started unloading you know my Back's hurting a little bit I'm hot and Just You know whatever it is well you get Like everything out we're just going Through and there's just you know things In it like you know even though we've Only had the car for a little bit that You know I was like I didn't even know What you're there I'm trying to pack it All up and There's we have we take these crates That fold you know into pretty much flat Um but then they you know you can unfold Them and they become good sturdy boxes And they stack on top of each other and We had two of these crates and I go to Grab one and it's just been wrecked and Our cooler we had you know cooler full Of food and you know there's things that We take on the trip you know I get sick And we try to eat as much of food that We can bring instead of stopping at Restaurants and things But the cooler the the top is just Broken off And like everything's been cast around So it was a pretty you know strong Impact in the car right and we finally

Get through all these steps but you know There it's Sunday and you know it's a a Place where um A lot of the businesses close on Sunday And you know we're trying to rent a car Now and you know the thing happened on Saturday so tomorrow Sunday That's a whole nother thing because sat Suns tomorrow morning and group Meditation and you know this is what I Would consider a cleaning you know it's What we call cleaning and sagemart Um but you know that's what happened That's the story so far we have to rent A big car You know drive it home and Like get as much of the stuff as we have And you know by something that could fit Most of the stuff or elevated I mean it's just become sort of a crisis Situation my wife has things scheduled You know early next week and so There's a time crunch and you know I'm Just uh you know I'm like kind of Feeling a little bit better Than I did like the the main thing for Me was just I felt out of it like I it Was like I you know you get these things That ring your bell I've gotten the wind knocked out of me Twice in my life I'm not going to tell those stories but Uh you know they're kind of interesting Well tell the one story so as I think

Around six or seven years old And we had a back porch a big house big Old you know house that uh it used to be Like maybe where rich people lived but My dad was a guidance counselor and you Know the the neighborhood had sort of Deteriorated A little bit was a big house had three Floors on it and we had like a sort of a A back porch area where there's a Laundry line and a window where you Could you know sit there and Um the the laundry line was on Wheels And you could You know my mom had put the clothes on The line and put the clothespins on the Clothes and then spin the wheel right And the clothes would move down as you Did it And this window I decided I want to climb up and we had Had a patio that my dad did himself and It was such a a horrible job He had just taken cement and then he got Some random stones And he put him in the cement but they Were like You know like so far apart It didn't look like anything right it Was just looked like a a portable Homemade cement job right But I was Um Climbing up the side of the wall you

Know that the wall And Um With a rope and my dad was holding the Rope and you know there's a time where His little kid he dropped me in a pond So I don't even know why I trusted them Here but he's holding the rope and I'm Like you know I'm horizontal Like I'm like scaling this well I was Probably about 10 feet high And I get up there and the rope breaks I Think it breaks maybe they dropped it I Don't know but I think the Rope was Frayed and was breaking because the Bible said you know it was a rope that No adult should allowed me to use and I Go straight flat down on my back And you know knocked the wind out of me It was such a shock I thought I broke my Back and I was running around crying Going I broke my back I broke my back And my you know family's laughing at me Because You know like we were you know all you Know not great people Um you know but I've had the wind Knocked out of me a couple times and There's a few times I've gotten you know I've taken some shots or whatever it is Where I've been stunned like where you Have a you know where you like you get Like you know I mean I always can cost One time I fell out of a office a zip

Line I've told that story on my journey Series And you know it was felt like one of Those things where you know you're just Waiting for the cobwebs to feel to clear But it was more than that was like a you Know it was a little bit um You know I'm still feeling it even now But anyways that's my story there's no Reason for anybody to the bad part's Over I should have said this at the Beginning I think I did everyone's fine My dogs are fine you know it's I mean I Feel you know protected or at least Taken care of by the Divine forces which I always feel like You know it's just one of those things You go through and kind of interesting Um but anyways only spiritual value will Save this world is definitely important To the Apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day And be grateful okay so continuing from Where I left off yesterday Um I want to add some things because you Know there's Uh there's information that wouldn't be Available yesterday In terms of I was worried that you know My neck was going to lock up When I went to sleep right uh you know We had the accent adrenaline some You know pumping but it's the next day

That's like the tail of the tape I Actually feel better today I had a good Night's sleep I usually have some Discomfort You know lying down and sleeping on my Side you know wake up my throat will be Dry or you know like my nipple hurt or You know sometimes my shoulders are Uncomfortable you know just As you get older even like laying down Can Hurt Like You Know And so I actually had a pretty good Night Um like it still hurts to move my neck And I'm not like 100 and you know There's some issues there My wife woke up her neck was really Stiff which was interesting because She you know had more range and movement On her neck and You know she had the foot thing but For the most part she wasn't you know in Pain or you know not really Uh like she was better off than I was After the accident but now her next kind Of stiffened up which is going to affect The way that we You know handle the return to you know Come back home and all these things so There was that and that was all You know like this is day two and that Was important I thought to include in This story I'm going to put this in my Journey series as well I'll put the

Whole video in there When I'm done with this Um Some other interesting things about it You know I wanted to talk a little bit About Intention because like I said I felt Like this was supposed to happen You know there are things that you just Have to go through And you know we need to go through an Accident for whatever reason You know you're going to have bad things That happen cleaning you know it's Before a gathering this charging thing I Mean there's always going to be stuff And my wife and I both You know not focused right before the Accident which is interesting as well You know there's Babaji the second master of the seismish Mark system He um He had two children that died one death Definitely was by Suicide And he saw that some scars in his son And I'm not sure if they both die by Suicide but like there was a you know One definitely and he saw these some Scars and he was going to clean them he Was going to prevent his son's death And he kept on you know forgetting to do It Um and he would he would see the simscar

Again it would remind him To do it and he would he would forget to Do it again and then um The son died by Suicide Lodge he said to Him You know this had to happen because it Was his destiny and If we allowed you to save your son from Suicide that means that everybody Who had similar situations you know Every parent that had a child was Suicidal some scars they'd have to They'd have to save them you know they'd Have to prevent that from happening Right anything that the master was Spared all the decide all the you know Practitioners would have to be spared as Well And so you know even though Babaji saw It and he could fix it he was prevented From doing that right And I want to say a little bit more About getting the Toyota Sienna or Whatever it is you know that um Kia was Not only you know Um uncomfortable because they'd have AC But having to take two trips or more to Get all the stuff out of our car some of The stuff might not even fit it in the You know the small trunk of the Kia you Know it was um Like just not doable And my wife and I um You know my wife calling the

The place up and them getting this van Like just they just got it in and were Able to turn it over to us Almost immediately You know was about a half hour after we Left And then getting the van and that's Suited us and it was some felt so much Better and it was you know what my wife Was used to driving and the Kia was Quite a you know like a you know just a Different vehicle I mean it's a smaller You know whatever it is And then uh see in the sky just you know Getting his heart compressed on the side Of the road You know and I was talking about how Like you get warning sites and you know So there was the Element of this accident that was um You know just it was meant to be right And me and my wife talked about this you Know you can be a good driver and a safe Driver but you might be somebody who um You know when you're driving you can Drive a couple of different ways there Are times that safety is you know it Could happen for every person safety is The most important thing where you just Drive safe and you know the way to do That is just give the cars ahead of you You know a huge amount of space Gap in Front of them you're going to set you Know moderate speed limit

You maybe be in the right lane until you Come across a car that's really slow and You pass that car and you get back in The lane you avoid big pockets of you Know traffic and things like this And you know you put yourself in a Position where you don't have a lot of Cars around you especially on a long Journey because you know people are on Their phones now and you know just a lot Of risk of it right or you could be you Know driving in a way where you're You're late or you're you know you just Want to get the trip over and you're Speeding and you're the focus is on Getting there the quickest right getting There faster And you're taking a little a little bit More risks and you're putting yourself In more you know risky situations And you know the focus is in safety Right the primary focus is to get there As soon as possible you know doing Speeding or you know just weaving in and Out of cars and things like that you Know but I I figured it out I calculated It you know I mean just basically in my head but Let's say you're the speed limit is 770 70 75 say and you're going 80. so it's Five miles every hour so instead of Going 75 miles every hour you go 85 80 Miles every hour So you get a bonus of five miles unless

You're taking an eight-hour trip that Would be 40 miles that you would end up Saving that you you get there 40 miles Faster which is a half an hour right You're going 80 miles an hour so it Takes you half an hour to go 40 miles And so You know if you could keep up that pace Of 80 miles it's only saving you a half Hour right But invariably you run into traffic And things you're gonna you know you're Speeding and you're gonna find cars that Are going slower or You get traffic here and then so you're Not even going to get that amount of you Know you you lose that right cars that Are farther behind you catch up and cars That are going You know at a better Pace you know Slower sort of Pace end up catching you Anyway right and so you know it's just Not really worth it right and if you go 10 miles faster an hour you know it's a Whole thing And you know us we're you know we're Talking about this guy like how many Warning signs did this guy get this drug Addict That was laying at the side of the road You know being I mean he's dying he died in a like one Of those Bus stops right

Just laying there you know I mean Getting it's you know just dead bodies Steal their pounding away at his chest And just you know how many warning sides Does a guy have To stop what he was doing right to Reverse this course you know how many Years ago was you know the last you know Where there'd be a chance of him Turning things around or whatever right Uh you know just wasting your life and So you get these kind of things that Make you reflect and the accidents are Good at that because When you're driving You lose perspective of how fast you're Going So I owned a dirt bike motorcycle a TM 75 and got more out so it was like a Tm-80 They have now RMS I think a Suzuki They have RMS now but they used to have TMS you know back when I was younger it Was a used bike And I went over the handlebars once Um you know like I was I was driving the Motorcycle in the I hit a bump and the Front wheel just started to go back and Forth like I couldn't I didn't have the Strength to stop it Like it was just going back and forth Like I've lost control of the thing and I just stopped and I went over it my Knees at the handlebars you know I had

Helm and I went flying it was it was Soft to rain but you know it was I got Banged up a little bit nothing serious But when I was driving I was like oh my God I'm going really fast before it Didn't seem like that right like when You get into an accident and or like This case we were rushing towards the Car ahead of us And I don't know what kind of speeds we Were doing You know maybe 60 I don't know maybe Less You know because there was some try that I'm not sure like you know I was a Little bit out of it before what Happened And you know the speed becomes oh my God This is really fast right Because 20 miles an hour the fastest Humans run like 20 miles an hour And when you're running as fast as you Can that's fast you're on a bike you Know I went over the handlebars of my Bike Going down the hill I popped a wheelie And you know the wheel fell off you know Like so I've had a couple times another Time I was on a a 10 speed And um you know that happened too And so um You know I you know that was I had a Football jammed between the the two bars Like the you know the the bars of the 10

Speed right Um And I try to stop the football and my Foot got caught between the wheel and The frame of the bike the football fell Out and you know I Just instead just reflexively tried to Kick it right which you know I I mean I Was gonna have to stop the bike to pick It up anyway But it was just something I did Um and my you know my foot got conto I Went over the For the whole thing right didn't get her You know all these things were minor Scrapes and things maybe a little bit of Bleeding or whatever But nothing severe But you know I've recognized how fast Like you're the illusion of you're just Driving the safety of your car and you Know you haven't been an accident in a While or you get into a near accident And you realize oh my God we just almost Died right so You know it's a it's just a sort of Wake-up call And just the reality of things and you Know my wife and I told this story We were driving to a park with our dogs And there's a nearby park that has some Great like trails and things that we Walk Uh yeah we used to go a lot more than we

Do now And we were driving and there's you know It's a country road and there's like These main roads that you go 45.50 on And we're driving to the park and There's a road coming off you know a Road coming you know onto our road where There's a stop sign for that road it was A you know a smaller Road Like a residential area And it's coming down a hill and there's A box car as soon it was like a Teenager or something You know somebody young and they were Driving down the hill and they didn't See the stop sign And I see them barreling towards us as we Drive by that street And They you know they're right behind us I think it's behind us And we they just miss us and you know They're screeching and I can't even you Know they're coming to A an intersection Where there's actually like trees in Front of them And they had to make that turn And they must have been up on two wheels And they made the turn and there's a car Behind us and they just happened to go Through in between the two cars but they Would have T-boned us if it was like a You know five seconds if we were going

Five seconds slower I'd be dead like it Would have slammed right into me it Would you know There was not there was nothing there no Airbags I mean we've been crushed and You know it was just uh I mean just the luck of the draw that Like you know whatever being protected And things But you know it was a moment I was like Wow we just almost died right and had Nothing to do with anything we could do On our end this person just was driving Recklessly they were speeding obviously And they missed A stop sign onto a you know not a busy Road but a road that and even if the Road was you know there was no one on The road and you know they got through Like they did they still had to turn Like you know they I mean they're going 40 miles an hour and they have to do a You know a sharp left turn like where They had to you know and whatever and Maybe they could have even rolled their Car or whatever happened right Um but you know there are things like That happen there's times you can't do Anything about like the people in front Of us and you know they're just waiting For a You know um The cars to move they're in a traffic Jam and someone you know comes up and

Rear ends them like that happened to us Years ago my you know my first family we Were New Mexico and there was an 18 year old Girl was just when cell phones came out This is you know cell phones weren't Very prevalent this girl was on her cell Phone And she you know didn't see our car Stopped and she said that we slammed on Our brakes and I'm like we were already Stopped at the stop at the stoplight You know there was there was just no You know she just made something up Right lied about it and there were four Kids in the car and she just lied like Her family came out and they were Looking at us like we were the villains And I'm like you know take that cell Phone away like I didn't know anything About cell phones back then of course It's much more prevalent now you know so There are things that you just have to Even if you just are intending to be Safe make the commitment to be safe Right and you know not stress out about The trip and think you're making good Time or bad time you know go at a Reasonable Pace right And you know Drive in a way that puts Yourself in the best position to not get Into an accident because they suck right And not only can you die but it's just All the inconvenience to go with it that

Goes with it and these things you know Was you know something like a you know a Different orientation to how we take You know trips like this and things just To think about differently because You know we had been in an accident a While all these things You know I was saying to my wife that um Like we've invested each other in each Other for the end of our lives right We're you know really compatible my Wife's a you know just a you know a gift From God a real blessing and you know we Work together well and we both have You know abilities that you know the Other one can't do or doesn't do as well So you know we complement each other and You know our we're at it ending our Lives together right this is You know my wife will retire in so many Years and you know I could buy making Videos but we'll move to a more you know Retired farming type of situation and You know we'll We have those you know whatever they Call the golden years or whatever it is Right but we both have like the things That we take care of in Terms of the Outdoors the farm and the house and the You know the things I'll do a lot of Cooking my wife does a lot of cleanup Like that's that sort of thing right you Know so we have the The Joint work that We do together and all those things

Things that we do for each other and Then there's you know the The emotional connection the feeling Connection the hard you know the love Connection things which is even more Important and like this is you know I Went through this when my family Collapsed before and Um And having to reinvent myself like and Then reinvent my family and you know What we were going to do and my kids you Know all chose to you know pursue a Different path and you know that part of My life ended and you know having to do That in my 50s Was a big deal and then you know Ultimately this YouTube channel took off And you know I remarried and you know my Wife and I built a life together you Know very you know compatible life in These things but without her it would be You know meaningless right my material Life would be you know pretty dismal and You know just all of it I wouldn't be Able to to keep all these things going By myself like our plans and what we're Doing and our you know shared goals and Things you know she you know feels the Same way so there's a you know Commitment right when I you know was Having the health issues with covid I Just you know in part where was uh you Know a big part of my motivation was I

Needed to be there for my wife and these Things and and I always had a you know a Little bit of a worry you know she Drives uh you know pretty frequently and You know that there would be a chance of Something like this happening in Accident or something and you know that Would be if she'd be taken from me and That'd be a real bummer you know and so Any sense of commitment to you know just Being more conscious about it or mindful Or whatever Of safety in these things it's like an Imperative because a you know like it's Life is so fragile and you know it's I Mean it would be a complete bummer for Me it would be like a you know a Knockout blow something I wouldn't Recover from right like this is it for Me right I just can't reinvent myself Again like at this age you know I mean Just constantly you know all these Things I mean there's just um There's just so much you have in your Tank for it it was like draining at 50 You know that was the big issue in my Last relationship where you know that um Like it was um Divorce was a blessing but I put so much Into you know having an Intergenerational Family Farm and all These things and when it fell apart it's Like you know I wasted all my energy on

Something that failed massively right Like Um so there was all that so I'm going to Stop here I'm probably going to add a Little bit more tomorrow maybe and then Get this video out there but uh Yeah Oh yeah and I want to add something so Last time I got home And you know we're still wrapped from The accident I was out of it And I opened on my computer and there Was an email from somebody That I um let me see if it's still here I Don't know if I'd banned the person yet Um Uh And the subject was comment video And this was the person who um I I guess I saw this on my phone But This was um The comment where the person accused me Of being racially biased or whatever it Was And You know I banned the person there and I You know the person should watch stop Watching my videos this is not a person Who I recognize or you know that I Believe has ever commented before And went against some of the boundaries I've established I don't have a

Complaint department You know these things are false Accusations and things like this And the person said thank you for Replying to my comment they left that You know it's the beginning of their Their email you know and I will read a Little bit more just and it was clear it Was this person Because they you know Um think that this is a dialogue right And you know the Um I'm putting this in here just because It you know has context in terms of what Happened with the accident Um you know but the person violated Boundaries and is forcing themself on me Right when I've said you know this is Stuff I don't tolerate and whether you Agree with it or not it's the rules of My YouTube channel like this is The rules that I've established for Commenting and what is best for me to Keep on producing content and if you Break those rules you're selfish right The first time I commented on this Person it was about people who just get It wrong Who don't see things correctly they make Things up and they put it on somebody Else Either they want to see something Whatever's distorted in their lens in Which they view reality

You know I can't remember everything I Said but that's was the you know the the Point of view but this is talking about Selfishness right That this person wrote me a long email You know that I'm not going to read and You know I've made it perfectly clear Originally before the person commented In the first place That this is not helpful these kind of Things and false accusations are always A negative thing right deal with your Stuff yourself That you see something that isn't there And then you accuse somebody of Something that they don't have right and I'm not even like claiming to be a great Person a perfect person or any of these Things I don't think of myself that way But I'm not dialoguing with people and I Wasn't dialoguing with this person then And I'm not dialoguing with this person Now because I've said before you know There's Millions upon millions of people I think It's over 112 million views not Including all the videos I've deleted You know some of them like there was a Video I had that I've deleted that too Many interviews right And so there's Millions upon millions of Views That I get over hundreds of millions of Views and millions of people who have

Watched my content And out of those millions of people There's about 10 to 20 000 people Who you know who are regulars And watch my my videos not all of them But some of them there's maybe four or Five thousand who watch everything that I produce And then there's all these people who Don't like it they don't like me they Don't like the content they kind of like It they watch a few videos they leave Not really for them or you know they Maybe come back or whatever watch Occasional video if it's something that They're interested based on the subject Matter but they're not a you know like a True fan of this Channel or me or any of These things Which is cool like you know I'm happy With all that right Um but those people who get something From me And watch my videos and this person's Watched a number of them at least three As far as I could tell from the comment So they're watching this you know she's Watching this based in the name Person The email it seems like it's a white Girl you like maybe a young younger 20s You know 30 you know whatever It's not someone who's Muslim or Indian And again like I don't know they could Just be a troll or whatever I don't know

But based in the name of the person on The email it seems like it's a white Girl or at least an American Girl And so even though there was like victim Consciousness in the in the letter the Person's not personally offended right Like they made something up about me Being anti-muslim and anti-indian or Whatever which I could easily dispel Based in life experience and you know All the rest of it Um which isn't you know I don't care Like I don't care what you think I just Don't want to hear it you know like you Can think I'm a racist or you know you Can think I'm a horrible person or Whatever that's your you know your Prerogative I don't you know just don't Tell me about it like don't drag me into It don't drag me into your delusion or You know whatever and like you know I'm Not I'm not into it and you know you're Banned for that reason but like this Idea that you know you can get something From my channel this person's obviously Getting something from my channel And those of you who receive something From my channel You know feel like it's a blessing many People people who have end up doing the Gratefulness meditation size Mark and Their people benefit in one way or Another there's lots of people who have Benefited some have come and some have

Gone their people are suicidal and you Know I talked about some scars and Suicide and things in the past and you Know why it's something that you know When you do it it's a pattern of Behavior and you have to deal with it Again in your next life and all these Things right and you know there are People who wrote and said you know I've Been feeling this way but this really Helped me and be able to look at it Differently So even then like people have said that I've benefited them in some way right Um but there are people who enjoy what I Do here and get something out of it and They're grateful and the way you Approach somebody is for gratitude not Through False accusations or just the Selfishness of making things Worse right making it harder for me That's why I make these rules And you're welcome to leave in any time In fact I encourage it right if you're Not you know digging what I say or you Know like you don't need to to say Anything like we don't have a Relationship I'm not interested in your Opinion I'm not interested in debating People I'm not interested in having Dialogue those are all things that will Drain me and people who want that it's a Selfish thing because my time is limited

And you know I can make videos here for Everybody or I could have personal Interactions with people who are you Know what whatever needy and you know Whatever like they need to be fed like I Have to give them more of my energy and Time right but this thing was selfish And then to write me a you know a long Email it looks like it's on the phone it Looked like it was went on forever I'm Like oh my God You know look it was just scrolling down And I you know I read the first three Lines and I'm like you know why would You think this is a good idea right I Mean it's just selfish like you violated The rules and boundaries you're forcing Yourself on me like I I don't want to Have a relationship with you I'm not you Know I'm not that's not what I do here And I made these policies which you Violated in the beginning You know and a number of them and then You're doubling down and trying to take More of my time and energy away from me Like this and it's coming you know just As like we are sort of processing the Accent I'm like geez this is selfishness You see it all the time you know the you Know people who you know want to be Heard or seen or whatever like I'm not Interested in you I'm not I don't wanna You know you don't have to listen to me I don't care if you do like if you if

You find something in these videos that Is off-putting you don't like something About me you don't like me personally You don't like the way I think about Things whatever things hurt your Feelings it's a myriad of reasons not to Watch my videos And again like I'm I'm fine with that Doesn't bother me at all like I don't Expect every person in the world to sit Around and watch hours of me listen to Hours of me talking Like you know I don't even you know I Mean it's a it's kind of a I almost feel Like oh wow it's a surprising that People want to do that right But what I'm doing here is just talking To myself and you know there's this Divinity aspect of it and there's you Know a flow to it and you know they're Funny jokes and there are things in it You know you know it's entertaining I Guess you know I think I understand the Entertainment value and the reason why People watch the videos but I also see The reason why people wouldn't And if I say something that you know Pushes you away or goes against your Belief system You're welcome to leave and I say it Over and over again just don't tell me About it like it's selfish to tell me About when I said don't tell me about it You do anyway

You know I I'm not gonna unless I Address something in a comment video I Don't even read the comments I just ban You know now I'm going to block this Person on You know the email as well and just you Know but I I mean it's All these people like this person saying That I have a you know like a racial Bias but has no uh you know no problem With her own behavior forcing herself on Me right like for like you know forcing An interaction like if I was walking Down the street and she's trying to talk To me and I said please leave me alone And you just sit there blabbing you know Behind me and I've already made a clear I don't I'm not interested in in talking To you and as a woman like if there was The opposite way if a man is talking to You and you know wants to have a Relationship with you in some level and You're like please leave me alone and he Just keeps on stalking you Like you should you should know better Right like you know as women you should Be more sensitive to that kind of thing When somebody puts a boundary up you're Like okay there's a boundary here you Know like you should appreciate that Right given well you know what women Endure in terms of you know Uninvited Intention attention from men that they Don't want anything to do with right

You know no means no right like I'm Saying no and you're doing it anyway Right like I'm not you know again this Is a public you know a public expression Of what I you know feel and think about Things and people can you know do Whatever they want in terms of you know Watching it or not watching it you don't Have to watch it I'm not you know Stalking you with this stuff I'm just Making these you know people write Comments saying you know that YouTube is Recommending my videos which almost Never happens anymore So I don't even know why they're Complaining about that because YouTube Just doesn't recommend my stuff Uh because you know all these things I've talked about in other videos And they're like you know offended Because they clicked on the video and They feel like I've wasted their time You know you made a choice right and you Can make the choice not to watch and I Encourage it especially you know when People come with ingratitude then you Know I don't want them here like you Either be grateful or not like you know If you're not that's fine you can move On Anyways I'll probably wrap this thing up Tomorrow Okay so um I've decided that I'm gonna Um

Instead of making a separate video about The accident I'm just going to include it in a Journey series video because it's you Know In lots of ways it's part of the journey And certainly I feel like it it's tied to the Upcoming charity Gathering and all these Things Um So it's the second morning after the Accident and Um You know we had Gone to uh we had gotten some tinctures My wife has been you know making Tinctures and we're more into tinctures In terms of Our health care and um We got a tincture that has some valerian Root in it valerian root is something I Have around we have around In capsule form but we didn't have any With us In our travels and you know it's a Muscle real relaxing and And this stuff has uh other things in it For deep sleep that are in um melatonin Which is Its own separate thing my wife and I had Come to the same conclusion you know as You get older If you sleep wrong

You know like you could be in a bad Position and like if you take sometimes I take melatonin or something like that That'll happen I'll wake up sore because I just you know I'm in such a deep sleep that I'll uh You'll sleep in my arm I'll get pins and Needles or something like that right Um And I didn't like that was how I Definitely felt the first night like I Wanted to make sure that I was in A good comfortable positions because it Was my arms and my shoulders and you Know everything to do with my That area right around my neck area Um but you know it was fine and I you Know I've relaxed my wife seems to think That she's gotten Better it's a better you know it's a Muscular thing And we were talking about yesterday like Just the way something's a blessing like You can tell by the way it goes down Even if it's undesirable That it could be so much worse because Had one of us needed to go to the Hospital It was a nightmare situation that would Have left the other person with two dogs No car and there was only one rental car Available which we wouldn't have gotten Because we would have been focused on The hospital and you know what do you do

With the dogs why You know when you're in hospitals I mean Going to a hospital now for us would Mean constant scrutiny of what's going On you know I mean if someone's Unconscious you'd have to be there to Fight off the you know because alopathic Medicine is just to us not trustworthy Like everything that we know about it Now and experienced and You know so there would be the dogs and Then you know just Getting that person settled in and Whatever they were going through in the Hospital Um and the other person trying to do Everything else there'd be no going to The van and getting everything out of it You know there would be no you know Having our suitcases our luggage or Whatever Um like it would be just you know Dealing with the hospital thing that we Don't have a support system there and Some You know basically like a foreign city If we both had to go to the hospital I mean that would have been a deal where Would the dogs be like what would happen With the dogs you know we wouldn't be There to help each other out with the You know fighting off the The you know the the bad part of the Allopathic medicine process and all

These other things wouldn't be getting Done right and it would just be You know like a disaster where the dogs Got hurt you know any of these things I mean there was just It was hard enough as it was right it Was You know like it was just um What we could do you know we drove out In the van after having the you know the Kia with no air conditioning And we had all our stuff in the car I Said well this is a miracle like we you Know We at least started you know so much Better off when we first We're in this road again the road had no Shoulder on it So we were you know blocking off one Complete Lane And just um It was bad right you know just and I was Saying you know when you're in our car We're on a pipeline at home And we decide where we're going to stop Or you know to go to the bathroom and Get food And what we're gonna do and you know We're You know the destination is there right And just like it's a metaphor for like The journey series But if you get into an accident it'll Break down

And your choices are dictated to you Right like you don't like you have to Choose things like you have to find a Hotel that you know with us it's having The dogs is an issue the car you know It's not totaled or there's a breakdown In the car You know you have to go to wherever the Garages that available like it doesn't Matter whether like you can't find you Know you're trusted if you have a trust Mechanic or something like that Dealerships are rip off and you know It's just and you don't have a car to You know go to restaurants or do Anything you're stuck in a hotel and all These things right and you have to find A You know like a maybe a rental car or Whatever and you know then you're maybe Gonna have to drive home in that or you Know find some way other way to get home I mean whatever way you get home from The experience and you have to go back And pick up your car or whatever like It's just Its costs going to cost way more money Than your car breaking down and around Your house or something like this You know where you can have you know People can help you and whatever your Friends family whatever it is Um so it's really you know like The way it went down in terms of us

Getting a car that you know we could Hold all our stuff and You know getting to know that part of This process over with and You know all these things and now we're Just Um you know able to recover a little bit So what I'm saying here is that uh You Know It uh it was like a best case Scenario and I was saying that all along My wife and I were you know really Grateful for how well it went like how You know I mean it could have been so much worse And so there's that Um you know the Gatherings coming up and You know that's I feel like a part of it And Um we've had some things already some Other things you know that are Just um like things I associate with Before a gathering And often with a gathering there's Things that happen And you're pushed to the edge Like whatever it is like this accident's A good example of it but sometimes you Know your health or something And you recover you know when a child With dodgy was first Master of the System There was a young doctor arrogant guy Who took care of a charge he had The guy talked about you know I my

Family had some interactions with him And he told us a story of how charged You should just tease him and provoke Him and provoke anger in them and he Said I was you know that was so arrogant And You know and he you know adopted like a You end up Doing past life regressions to do with Health You know he was an Indian Doctor Who was Like a you know a very successful in you Know academic level Uh in all these things and just it would Be like a celebrity something that's a You know that people would look up to in The culture You know he was in India a young guy Just like you know someone who was top Of his class kind of thing And so we had a lot of arrogance he said You know I I thought he was arrogant What I was talking to him so God knows how he was before But he talked about he gave a talk when Uh right before me and my kids left India And he said that Dodgy would was getting sick before the Gathering Uh it was babaji's birthday And he talked about how charity would be Really sick And it got like almost worse it got

Worse with each Gathering as he got Older For about like two weeks in before the Gathering Like just so bad that no one thought he Would possibly recover And then the day before the Gathering he Would be perfectly fine to get up and You know the Gathering would go on Would that be him being SEC was what it Was taking out of him To do all the cleaning and prepare Everybody to get everybody to the Gathering and all these things right so You know it's something that's Uh and they said that that was happy With dodgy and that's maybe why dodgy is Stopped doing these two Gatherings like He was he was anti-gathering like even Then he was pushing back against these Things Trying to cancel that he had already Canceled the The charging one because they're really Saying that we have to build the ashram So he was you know not loving these Gatherings and obviously he had been Trying to get rid of him ever since he Was Master Which is you know goes against Everything that's in the teachings you Know everything that he does I mean these concerts and things They're going they go against the

Teachings of the system And this is why he wants to scrub All the books because if you read the Books you know one of my viewers sent me A An excerpt at a yatra and this person Has sent me Book expert excerpts I read one of them In the journey series I haven't got time to look at this one But you know I have now people who have Heard about scishmark from me and Because you know I'm talking openly About taji being a failure They're you know they're open to this Idea and so they will go read the Literature and they see what dodgy is Doing they're aware of what dodgy's Doing in here because I cover it here And then they find things in the Literature That go along with that right and They're sending it to me or they're Commenting on it or you know they're Finding videos out there like that one Person That found that video of charity Talking about his inner circle and how They are like horrible people and They're the worst of the worst and you Know dodgy was a part of that inner Circle And so there's these things out there in The literature that you know dispel

Everything that you know Dodges doing The guy who's the the dodgy truth or um You know he's always posting things he's Got some Groups online some of my you know my Viewers here Are joining his groups are friending him On On Facebook and um You know there's um All of this kind of stuff happening Where people are using the literature to Dispel all these things that you says And even when I showed you these These different things that he's saying That are being you know like I showed You in that video I made it from other Channel Where he says on one hand only the Living Master didn't do anything and Then he says on the other hand He was prepared to be the master behind Charges back right like Both things can't be true right you're Making a one statement of like a You know a statement that's exclusionary That only the living mask can do Anything well that means in all cases And then he says oh yeah but in my case You know It wasn't the living Master it was Poverty you know and then now he's Dropped Babaji so he's just you know he Has to scrub the literature

And the people who are just going along With this who are charging people who Read the books You know like shame on them right like So whatever But like you can't have new people read The books because they'll he's created Something that's not anything like Scishmart It's in many ways the opposite All right so um I'm gonna wrap this thing up I think Tomorrow and see what I you know If I have any more thoughts or then I'll Either that I'll come back and end this One here And then um you know All of the above okay so this is going To be the last Narrative of this one I Guess 112th Edition the journey series uh took a Little bit of a different turn here Because of the car accident the other Video I posted on my other Channel I included here it's very long Already it's going to be four hours with This one So um I'm gonna just stop it here and Then continue it'll just You know um the car accident is Basically Dealt with we've sort of Uh you know you when you have something Like that

You go through a series of steps to Fix everything right Um And my wife is still sore she has a You know her muscles around her neck She's having trouble moving her neck I I Have to like Uh my neck isn't as bad my neck and Shoulders but it's like once in a while I turn my head and there's a shooting Pain things like that Um hopefully we'll get to see a chirop Actor Uh you know we're in the process of you Know Returning home and what everything got Delayed but by the time you hear this Will be home so that'll be that you know My wife and I were talking about Yesterday like I just kind of Understood either had a memory Understood like exactly what happened We had we retraced the Um we had to bring the rental car back We had to retrace The steps of you know we drove by where We had sort of way around where we got The accident And there's so much Construction And the cops left And said that there's another accident There there's one before us So there's two that there was three in a You know within an hour period at that

Section Because it was all stop and go And they're trying to expand the road to Have him for a while Like the highway and and somebody said They're going to expand it like like six Mile six Lanes on one side and Eight in The other it's a place where you know a City where I've driven through Uh was connected to years ago like 10 Years ago I was like oh man huh This place is the traffic's really bad Here it's one of these places where I Was moving to From California in that area I know it's Saturated with Um Blue State people California people And New York people moving there And we talked to this guy at a like a BNB restaurant who was very liberal And he said yeah people are flooding out Of those States and coming here The property values are really high you Know it's a A red state or like a you know purple State whatever And there was an accident while we were Driving so like it's a there's a stop And go And what had happened was we were behind The car and you know this car that we Hit and it was it stopped and then Started going and my wife had

Um you know started go thinking that you Know the traffic was finally moving and You know like it's like all of a sudden The the traffic all starts moving faster And faster And um You know she thought they were moving And there was the car stopped and she Didn't realize it And so uh Which is very common or whatever it is And so Like I said it was out of it but I could See it on the other side and there was All these traffic you know Accidents that were happening because of That So it's just a weird kind of a A situation where you know Something that we've experienced the Construction has been This area for a while Um And we've traveled you know on this road You know numerous times and Uh it just was like a you know Our turn I guess you know Um but the cops were like despondent Because they talked to Are the guy was driving us to the To the airport it's been a year since my Wife and I have been in an accident and You forget about like you forget about The speed because you know it seemed

Like we were going so fast but we Weren't Because we had you know been stopped So you know maybe 40 or 50 I don't know But even that was a you know enough to Cause the damage in the car and You know a lot of things happen that um You know I happen to look up and yell Stop like just a few things that you Know and from that point we went back to The The rental car place and it was just um A mess you know we had just it was a a Temporary rental car like it was just a Bad situation You know that was where the we saw the Dead Guy and And we went back to that whole area And this is kind of a progressive City But I'm like oh man there's such a drug Problem here you can just tell In this area and it's just a mess A lot of traffic on this road And just the businesses and the the Place where we went to the car I knew Was kind of I mean it's like a almost like a trailer And they're just in the middle of Nowhere And the guy was like kind of odd like It's some kind of like Really CD like you know not clean You know there's just one guy outside He's washing cars all the time

The entire time we've been spent there The guy was washing cars we showed up he Was watching more cars they had returned All their cars they had a lot more cars In the parking lot and we had trouble Getting out of the parking lot after we Dropped off our car And it's like the lowest level Of car rental place like that's You know and they had one car left And then that car sucked and then Another car came in like it was just The timing of it and the guy said he had Eight calls Since then from the airport like after We rented it But just um You know a bad part of the city and just Depressed and You know lots of you could just tell It's a big drug problem in there we saw That guy Who they were working on um who was you Know dead basically and I was like so Out of it after the accident like I said It was surreal and then you experienced This a lot Before a gathering like I've had some Anger come up already some You know not associated with this Okay just you know maybe a couple days Before I've had some restlessness and I've had Some physical either allergies

And things and you know that's always a Good sign for a gathering When it's kind of a rough ride Before the Gathering and there's always Issues with traveling And so um like I feel it more intensely And I haven't felt that in years because It's been Crappy Gatherings and it was you know a Year ago That I was slamming dodgy and I called Him a name Really upset at him and then he you know Turned the Master charges uh gathering Over to Harry Prasad you know they made It to a concert and he was groveling to Harry Prasad it was a you know famous Musician And ignoring charge and it was just so Bad And all those things that you saw And the clips and the things there's Inconsistencies from my other video on My Gratefulness meditation Channel And so um like as far as I know even now They're not even talking about charges Birthday But there's so many practitioners of the System Who you know they were charging people They never met Babaji and they came in And they had wonderful experiences Transformational experiences with

Charging And that's who they knew as the master And they really can't have much of a of Anything with dodgy like they have to be In complete denial to To think he's like anything like chargie Or any of the other previous Masters And you know those people are bumming Like they should be Because celebrating charges birth is a You know a big deal and it should be a Big deal and for them you know you're Celebrating The birth of somebody who Was transformative in your life right You're Really happy they were born because of The effects they had on you and you know Ultimately the world that's why you Celebrate and there were a number of Gatherings Where charges said either logy came back Or Babaji came back you know uh had said It before Lodgy would sometimes come back and Transmit on his in the bhandara And now you know like and I mean that Was just an added bonus because they Were already spectacular And but and charge you said that you Know they were present the Ambassador Lology and Bob do you always president Their birthday celebrations And now they've clouded that with these

Concerts in dodgy scrubbing them from The mission and barely even mentioning Them at their own birthday celebration And he just has to do this like he has To have these celebrations I'm sure Economically because the mission must be Hurting Like economically like they have all These big important people that they're Not raising money They don't have all these American money Like I said they had the fundraiser with Only Three thousand dollars when it used to Be hundreds of thousands of dollars And charge you used to travel and go to These places and you know there was Ultimately like donations and money that Was Was given in things the charge he was Just good at doing that Um dodgy sucks at it and people don't Like him as much you're not inspired He's not out there with the people he's Not making himself available Charging was very available And so um You know it's an absolute mess is what I'm saying and going into this birthday Celebration it's always going to bother Me it's always going to bug me a little Bit but this year it feels like a real Gathering because we're doing it with Gratefulness

Is substantially better like I can feel To feel it building And you know being able to do this on Our own and you know the obstruction That it's heartfulness dodgy and his Cronies and all that stuff To the flow of the energy and the the Connection with the you know the the Previous master and all those things So my wife and I anniversary today I Just realized I looked at the date and so I'm gonna go Wish her happy anniversary and it's our Fifth year of being married Um but anyways I you know The gathering's coming up now Um And it's building you know the energy And stuff and uh Like I said I always you always benefit More by the The level of discomfort before the Gathering so We've had some of that you know not just The actions but number of things And um you know I'm looking forward to It like just You know there was I mean I didn't have A guy to I was closer in a sense with Dodgy Was accomplished like I had more of a Human relationship with him We knew each other a little bit you know We had multiple interactions

And you know I had some interactions With charging You know but I wasn't close with him Like we didn't have You know I always was uncomfortable Because the amount of people he had Around them I always felt a little bit Nervous and you know he had just this Presence is spiritual presence And so um You know but I was grateful for Everything he did and I knew so much About him through his books and his Talks and things like this you know I mean it's um You know the kind of relationship you Guys might feel with you know through my Journey Series right like I read his you Know his down memory lane and his Diaries you know like we published his Diaries And so like the journey series is you Know again I'm not you know it's not This I'm not saying that I'm a master or Anything like that that's not just in Terms of the information you know that's There with the journey series People have um you know some insight Into Who I am and what you know what I've Gone through and things like that you Know that's how he charging and you know His energy you know the energy that he Exude and the energy that passed through

Him and so like it's not you know this Obviously the same thing but like it's You know the similar type of Relationship And you know I Recognize it now more than ever Um Because of how bad dodgy has been And what it took for charity to fight All these people off and fight all this Stuff off and Keeps the system pure and do all the Work himself because he couldn't trust People to To do it for themselves because they Suck and all these things The complete burden that he has is a Person The stress he was under on a day-to-day Basis to Keep the organization going and how Quickly it folded without him And so my appreciation for him is you Know Grown substantially And I just feel it like at his birthday The disrespect On his birthday when he was you know Somebody to be celebrated his uh Accomplishments and What he did for all of us who benefit From the scishmark system now the Gratefulness stuff that people do same Thing you know it's just

A continuation of that energy And you know I'm always going to be Bummed when he's disrespected By a guy that owes him everything right That you know he uh I mean commerce was much more was much Closer to him And benefit more than anybody because of The the levels he was brought to high Levels of spirituality By charity and charge his Mastery for Him to be Like such a punk about it it's you know It's really bad Um so yeah there's that You know but now we have the you know Direct connection through the Gratefulness meditation which I'm happy You know is Like they are at least as a you know an Avenue for this energy and work to Continue All right so I'm going to wrap this one Up here and I'll continue I guess around the time of the Gathering Will be the next one or after the Gathering I'm not sure People can prepare and hopefully your You know going through whatever you're Going through to so you get the maximum Benefit out of the Gathering for those Of you gonna Meditate and do the sitting so like I Said there'll be three settings one on

23rd one on the 24th I mean 223rd two on The 24th and two on the uh the 25th Okay so I completed the video right Rendered it ready to go about to be Uploaded And one of my viewers who've been doing Massagemark for a while sent me this Which is um And I very seldom Will scrap a video and add something on To it like it has to be something really Big 96th birth anniversary of Puja SRI Charging my Raj July 23rd July 2023. It is also 23rd dear ones as per the Invitation of beloved dodgy all abiasis From the telegane and Andhra Pradesh are Requested to attend upcoming celebration Of pujit Sri charji Maharaj 96th birth Anniversary in person at Connie Shantae Van damash from 23rd July 2023 to 25th July 2023 while everyone else may join Virtually from nearby ashrams and Centers and so all of a sudden they're Going to do a chargey birthday so they Didn't do babaji's And which is you know always been kind Of the big one they're all important Babaji's was a little bit more so it's Not all the time sometimes you know Charge you with significant uh you know Whatever Um

So it says here we're glad to open up Registrations This is this is coming up five days This is 18th of July so it's five days In advance Of um The Gathering right There's a web link here And you can attend it on YouTube Once you register accommodation booking And transportation options will become Available on my registration The accommodation is Connie Shante vanum And all these things Transport medical all these other things Right These phone numbers and all this other Stuff okay Um so let's take a look at this thing Here This is um please log in to register I'm No longer logged in here I'm not you Know Um so there's going to be one sitting on July 23rd two sittings on the 24th and One on the 25th instead of one sitting Which they gave for Babaji and a concert And so there'll probably be a concert They're not mentioned in here we'll see But this seems to be coming together as Damage control I'll show you the the clip again the Meme in a second this is heartfulness Live they don't have any links yet it'll

Be open pretty soon this is the Tana Thing Um But eventually they'll have these things Connecting for peace An individual transformation Um let me go over to the let me show you The the meme again just in case you Forgot I showed it earlier this video So dodgy said that he intercommune with Babaji and there was this problem of too Many Gatherings which there's only four And they'll only be four till he dies And then it'll be five or it'll be four And the fifth guy won't celebrate his Own birthday You know this and if it was legitimate Which it isn't right like it ends with Dodgy dodgy's wrecked this thing and you Know it would be six it would be six it Would be seven it'd be seven you know There can be seven holidays so that's Three generations from now eight Holidays there's probably 20 holidays I Mean there's There's different holidays that are Locally celebrated in India but if you Think about the amount of holidays that We have here Right we have you know the big ones like Of course Christmas being the biggest One There's the Easter holiday and the Chris The Christian tradition which is

Celebrated right then we have Thanksgiving which is a huge one so That's three fourth of July another big One that's Valentine's Day and Halloween Are big ones that are celebrated and Then there's days like Martin Luther King day and Memorial Day and President's Day whatever they are the Different days that are celebrated where There's a Monday you get off And so there's numerous holidays in Other countries they have even more Holidays are a big thing And so having four is not too much it's One in every it's that one in every Season So it's not a dodgy problem he didn't Have to deal with this problem it's a Lie He didn't like these gatherings and he Tried to get rid of charge he was like Last year where he really got bummed When he turned into a concert and all That stuff The way he disrespected charging and I You know documented this in videos from A year ago in this journey series And so he came out and said Babaji Says we should just celebrate to a year Right and it's not me I'm just following Orders we have this problem and biology Is intercommune what can I do he told me He intercommute and now he's reversing He's not he's going against babaji's

Orders Because of people what saying Oh we must Celebrate Charlie's birthday And so he's a liar this is him being Caught in a lie like biology didn't come Back and say oh I made a mistake Like why would Babaji say something like This to only reverse it After you know dissing his own birthday And all these things because he there's People pressuring him saying you can't Do this You're going to have a you know people Are going to show up at the ashram Anyway They love charging they you know they're Charging people oh okay oh you know it Was a little whiny little he's such a Piece of Boop right he's just a horrible Person what a liar what an absolute Fraud You know for him to now reverse it Now he's reversing it without any sort Of oh guess what Babaji said something different why Would Babaji change his mind after one Holiday after one bhandara when for Years all he said was how valuable these Gatherings were And so he's being played right he's Being you know I mean what I'm doing Here and other people obviously dodgy Truther guy and these other people Are getting the word out and people are

Upset on their own and they're calling BS so now you know it's Blasphemous to Claim Babaji said something what he Didn't And to say it's coming from Babaji when It didn't Like that's as bad a thing as you can do As a spiritual person to pretend God Says something That you're being manipulative and Self-serving because you don't want to Celebrate charges holiday because you're A little Boop you're crying little whiny Little Boop right Um you know just a pathetic disgrace of A human being like it's worse that he's He's turning this around but he didn't Give enough people enough time to get There and When you see him talking to people in Other countries or wherever it is he Says come to Kata he's there the place Is empty most of the time they have Barely enough people I mean they have Less people at SATs on that they have You know they can seat 120 000. and what I'm told is he has less than a couple Thousand on Sunday even under a thousand Sometimes If there's no like Gathering going on no You know special thing going on they Can't even get a thousand people for him Charger you got 5 000 in Chennai alone In an ashram that only held five

Thousand In a meditation Hall that only felt five Thousand he would get five thousand Almost every Sunday even dodgy got over Three thousand when chargie was sick at The end of his life and now he can't Even get you know a third of that a Fifth of that in his own big action so He invites people to Kana all the time He says come to Khan he says it all the Time you can hear him well you guys Should come to Canada we have a Wonderful place He's constantly trying to you know get People to come to Kana and then an event They would have come people would have Come from all over the world that's how It used to be If he told people in advance if he Didn't cancel it but now he waits to the Last minute right he doesn't say oh Babaji changed his mind oh you know this Was uh we reversed this policy Babaji Made a declaration that she read on Lalaji's birthday right which thank God He did because we're doing gratefulness Now I'm doing it because of it and You're doing it because of that because I had this experience and when he Canceled babaji's and charges that was It Like we're supposed to celebrate these Gatherings and that was you know and I Read the different I mean in the journey

Series I've read a number of Whispers Passages and in other places that these Gatherings were essential and important And accomplished canceled two of them Because he's trying to purge charge and Babaji to some extent now from the you Know and lology isn't much of anything He doesn't have much works or much Anything you could read lology and you Know you just it's hard to understand Lalaji's teachings and when you read Them it's not going to make dodgy look Bad because dodgy is going against Everything that Babaji and charge you Talked about so when you read Babaji in Charge you particularly chargie that's You know more ex more explanatory you Understand what doji's done to go Against everything that seismishmark Stands for but he's a weak Master he Doesn't have support people don't love Him they left charging more and they Weren't having this and so like he Waited to the last minute and then he's Saying oh just local people and everyone Else can watch it online why When all you ever do is want to bring People to the ashram you need the money You need everything about it you just You know you just suck so bad like he Just sucks so bad but again if he didn't Do this Gratefulness wouldn't have started And all these things that have happened

Since then and we're going to have like A real Gathering where he's going to Have some fake BS thing maybe a concert Maybe who knows what he does we'll see You know it's interesting from uh when You're you know looking at a car crash From the road or whatever you'll see Watching some tragedy on the news you Know from just uh you know whatever like Some desensitized view of it but I mean He's a joke like it's an absolute joke Like it's so embarrassing like you can't Do this you know we saw it we heard it You said Babaji communicated came down From the heavens and gave you a message Gave you an order and told you to Celebrate your birthday and lologies and Not the other two and the other two are Going to be celebrated on your birthday You're going to celebrate yours and Charges on the same day but not really Charges it's just the idea and Everything was going to be localized and You did that once with Babaji and now You've had to reverse it not just six Months later And you look like a complete tool like It's embarrassing what a what a you know Absolute horrible person and just a liar A deceiver a fraud you're such a fraud Like what a fraud you are like Unbelievable that you would do these Things to your master you would do these Things to somebody who did so much for

You It's embarrassing what a horrible person I mean just like the worst person in the World and just you know when Everything's about saving face and Looking good and getting Awards and Pretending you're something you're not And you just do something like this oh Yeah you intercommune with me told me Get rid of these gatherings I don't know I I want to keep them but you know There's this problem that someday There'll be 400 Masters and you know It'll be a problem so let's let's change It now let's get rid of the the two guys That have the most body of work and Teachings and did the most to build this Mission let's get rid of their birthdays We'll celebrate mine I don't know why Just he said it I it wasn't for me but You know I would have said no not me I Don't want me I'm too humble for that Kind of thing you know what a horrible Person okay there's been a few more Developments here so I guess I'm glad I Opened this video back up I was Finishing my other video And there's a woman I know from Canada I've met her a few times We already gathering in India we're at a Not a gathering but we both were in India at the same time And I interact with her years and years Ago like we're friends on Facebook but

I see that she's Um comments a lot with the dodgy truther So she's somebody who's Upset about these things And she wrote to me hey Paul hope you Are well can you please send me your Email address An issue here at my computer here Let me get back to that page I'm rendering a video and it popped up And whatever Not sure I have the current one shared The email From a sister in Germany dear uh this Person Do I remember rightly that you know the Owner of the YouTube channel the Sagemarg If if you do Maybe you can let him know that that out There there are people like me who are Grateful to his videos released during The weekend before chargie's birthday It seems his email address on the Website is no More available It seems that there are more obvious who Are not comfortable with abandoning of The July bandara less than 10 years After charge you left do you know this Person in the U.S And there's a link to my video The upcoming gratefulness meditation Do you know a small book written by

Babaji if you do please let me know hope You hope you are well wish you the best There's a sign so this person is You know happy about the size Mark Person putting out somebody different Putting out a charging videos and There's growing number of people in Europe who are bummed about All these things to do with uh You know dodgy canceling the you know so This is happening right there's A collapse and you know I I thought that He intentionally Did all that But then There is this so I went to my Gratefulness channel to answer comments There's a guy there this is this guy is An offensive I banned him just because I Don't Need to hear from abiasis but he wrote a Comment first he said That the reason dodgy put a flutist in On chargie's birthday as chargie loved The flute And you know it's such a rationalization Of what's Happening That um and I I delete I ban the person So that's comments gone but that's Basically what he said And you know it's delusional because he Didn't talk about charging at all he Celebrated Harry Prasad at one point he Said charge you love the flute

But that was like nothing you know that Was just a to appease the charging People it wasn't like you know if you Can't see that he's disencharged you at Every turn I mean it was infuriating I documented This in a journey series video How much he was ignoring charge and how Much you know all the stuff he's done With charging but these guys are going To rationalize anything But that's not why you know he's done Concerts at all the Gatherings and it Wrecks the vibration of the you know Concert is fine after The meditation And if it's you know one day but not to Have a whole concert with some Meditation sprinkled in I mean we all Know this But then this guy said during this day I Was at Kana and the transmission was Something I can remember for a lifetime There are lots of sex in India another Comment there are lots of sex in India He addressed me as dear brothers so it Isn't like hostile Um but you know I just I don't want this here right you Know I don't I'm not here to debate These guys you know they you have your Thing stay away from my thing There are lots of sex in India one major Was tokeji Maharaja took to G

To go d I don't know how he spelled it here this Is a guy I showed you in the video one Of the great Saints of India now the Responsibility of Masters is to unite Different sects as per the guidance of The brighter world as Saints merge up to The Brighter world with seismar you can Easily see it in Whispers volume one India is going in is undergoing the Transformation of unity I'm not sure what that means it's just Whatever you know just you get the idea But then the last comment on your RSS Comma I just wanted to say that Indians Celebrate All paths and know that all Past lead to the same goal that's a Hundred percent not size Mark teaching That's the opposite Why would they have Saj Mark why would Babaji have done this if all pass if his Life is pontanjali which led a path of Spirituality or you know all the Religions they don't lead to the same Path you can celebrate the beauty of These teachings the Beauties are similar But there is a technique or a method Right And you are moving towards uh you know a Destination so you could say a train Could take you from one part of America To Another part but you can't say it'll Take you to India unless you're Joe

Biden who's building It was built in a train line Across the Indian Ocean Um you know a train or a car won't take You there right you can only go by plane Or boat in a series of other various Vehicles but lots of lots of things Won't take you there are lots of methods That won't take you to the goal so There's different kinds of offenses and Defenses in say the NFL or the NBA or Any of these you know various Sports Let's say the NFL And There are offenses that will never win a Super Bowl And there are defenses that would never Win a Super Bowl the scheme the system You're using the coaches And so there were teams that will never Win because of the the method they're Using they have to switch their method And their personnel and their coaches Right they need people who are capable Of winning And so they're not all the same not all Not all spiritual movements are the same That's the whole reason for sash Mark That's the reason for the transmission And the RSS isn't a spiritual movement It is a religious group that is you know Targeting and being accused of abusing And Nationalism against Muslims which I

Talked about you know so many videos but We all know what it is and it also is Turning off people from Europe So it's very selfish for All the people in India that already Have such a major advantage all the Hindus who to want to retain their Religion and retain their rituals and Dodgy joining with these organizations If it's going to turn off people from Other countries this isn't your thing it Doesn't belong to India and Indians it Belongs to the world And so it's selfish this is a selfish Comment and a selfish attitude this is You know there's great things about India That we all need to learn to embrace Especially ancient India but there's Also great things about all these other People and places and you know charging Them said often Babaji said the same Thing that they wanted people with Eastern hearts and Western Minds Western Minds and Eastern Hearts but more Importantly the video even though it's On a small channel it's only got a Couple hundred views Upcoming gratefulness meditation Gathering for Ambassador charges Birthday July 24th 2023. I believe this must have gotten Back to Dodgy or at least his people

And then to him And they realized that there is now a Counter movement and they already know About my videos And you know they decide to celebrate Their own thing Because people are you know in part of What we're doing here Which there's no way That his massive organization Which is the organization I wish wasn't Corrupt like I you know I don't say wish But I'd be happy if there's no such thing as Gratefulness And that things were going so well with Heartfulness or you know that we didn't Need it right I'd be grateful for that Like you know that's what I wanted in The first place And so for him to be going against this This transmitted message that he Allegedly got from Babaji And you know to do that because people Are saying you know This is BS and we Want to celebrate chargie's birthday and If it does have anything to do with this Little thing that we're doing it's less Than 100 people Here in America It's no threat obviously To the organization like it's not Supposed to be that it's an alternative For people who want to experience the

Transmission But if he's going against a mandate he Got from Babaji in the brighter world You know like the brighter World Communicated with him you know from a You know a plane of existence And he's not admitting Babaji made a Mistake Which you know Babaji wouldn't because he's coming from The brighter World he's not he's not a Person to make a mistake that this was Him just bsing that's the only Explanation Babaji didn't get him wrong dodgy's Lying right Um and so for him to reverse this and if It does have to do with our you know Little thing we're doing here like how Pathetic is that I mean I'm sure it's Not just that but you know people are Going to come and they're going to enjoy The the meditations I'm not doing videos I'm not doing live videos I'm not going To put up any videos I'll do the Settings Uh but you know you're gonna sit Whenever it's it's a worldwide thing you Can sit whenever you sit The rest of the services are here it's All playlisted it's all you know I mean I have it all here on this Channel you have everything that's Explained here

But this is um you know and experience a Transmission or not right if you don't Feel transmission then don't do this Here Or go do it on your own you don't need Me you don't need this You can connect directly that's what I Did And you can too so I you know this is Not even really a movement it's making It easier for new people and other People and people who are associated With me and my YouTube channel to do This practice To do a size Mark practice and calling It gratefulness because I can't call it Size Marg or you know it's not I'm not The official I'm not official this is Not official Whatever that means I mean I got my Backing from the Divinity within right And you know I believe in But anyways that's what's up so there's These additions that needed to go here And you know here they are Um only spiritual valuable save this World this Paramount I'll definitely Important for the apocalypse and the Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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