JoJo calls trump sitting president + other big doings & Heartfulness comments

JoJo calls trump sitting president  + other big doings & Heartfulness comments

Greetings brothers and sisters um I'm Going to at least start off with some News here I haven't done that in a while And I don't know what I'm going to do at The end of the video Depending on time But let's start off here Joe Joe magu Made another epic GFF here that American Consumers are facing real confidence in Their economy we're building let me tell You who else is noticing that Donald Trump did you see what he recently said About that wants he wants to see the Crash this Year sitting President as they say in my facei bless Me Father bless me Father for I have said He said this wants he wants to see the Economy crash this Year sitting president the sitting President you're the sitting president Bro the former president sure he's he Thinks Donald Trump is president he's Back uh in 2019 or 2020 he doesn't realize he's president I Mean this is kind of an epic gap for him Even for him and the whole thing like He's confused nothing about what he's Presenting here is mental competence Right and the abil the ability to speak Which is a a big part of being president Is public speaking and he's gone he Can't do it like he's really you know Scile and Trump is showing signs of

Sinil as well we have two 80y old guys Who nobody really wants to see both of Them run there are some people who want To see Biden run not that many and then There of course the stupid trumpers who You know Won't won't realize that Trump is jumped To shark but nobody wants to see both of Them in the race together right they Want something new and they're not Getting getting it and they got one guy Who's really scile and another guy who Showing signs of cility but it's so bad That even the shills this is Joy Reed This is one of the MSNBC uh shills and She is talking about them starting Another War because Something's Happened With um Iran right and all this stuff Was happening with Iran and uh you know Recently the last couple of days and This happened on her show over the Weekend President Biden said he's ready To take action if Congress is serious About solving the Border ISS Isue if that bill were the law today I'd Shut down the border right now and fix It quickly and Congress needs to get it Done starting another War so she said started another effing War now I'm not sure if somebody dubbed This in or not or if this actually Happened um but well I can search real Quick Joy Reed apologize for cursing on Hot mik Joy Reed

Apologizes for um Hot Mike it says Joy Reed drops fbon and Hot Mike moment seemingly blasting Biden For stopping it starting another War so This is a real thing that happened it Could have been dubbed in but it wasn't And so Joy Reed is um starting another Effing war and that was a war on the Borders Biden's response to Jordan Attack is likely to be powerful Biden Features treacherous poit political Choices in answering deadly attack Biden Facing growing pressure on response to Iran over deadly drone attack and so They are moving towards World War III we Hear we see all these things where Europe and these countries in Europe are Preparing for World War III with Russia America is taking more aggressive acts Towards Iran the stuff that happened in Israel and this was the big news story Yesterday today's Tuesday January 30th So yesterday on the 29th and the day Before they were talking about this and Now it's um you know we're edging closer And closer to World War I and then this Happened a few days ago we're coming on The air with breaking news a jury has Just reached a verdict a ruling in the Federal defamation trial against former President Donald Trump that was brought By the writer eene Carroll the former President ordered to pay 83.3 million in Damages for the case it

Comes months after Mr Trump was already Found okay so this is a defamation case He was accused of aring her right and so He wasn't convicted of that of that Crime and she said he did it and he said He didn't but in terms of him defaming Her and saying negative things about her That's worth $83 million now in terms of Suing somebody after you've been Hard usually you get a million dollars Maybe a little bit more maybe a little Bit less you don't get $83 million for Murder and wrongful death suits and Killing people you don't get $83 million I've talked about this before but him Saying negative things about her Insulting things about her maybe some Untrue things about her in the media That's worth $83 Million right but killing somebody is Worth maybe a million too whatever I Mean usually it's under a million so you Can kill somebody and the you know then The loved ones can sue you and that's Only worth you know less than a million Dollars but him mocking her saying mean Things about her on the internet's worth 83 is just ridiculous right these are These inflated judgments where they're Saying if you're saying things on the Internet that we deem aren't true the Official story They may even be true what you're saying You can be Su they do this with Rudy

Gulani and they did this with Alex Jones Now I don't like Alex Jones Rudy gulati Or Trump they're to me they're all Shills and part of the problem they're Part of the Beast I don't see them as You know independent people I'm not a Republican but these inflated judgments Right for so-called defamation what They're trying to say is you can only Say what's the official story on the Internet there's more and more Censorship and then these things that They're doing and there's they're saying That saying words about people that Aren't true and possibly defaming those People is worse than is worse than Murder or rape or you know any kind of Abuse much more worse many times wor More worse many times more worser found Liable for sexually abusing and defaming Carol who Trump mocked while he was President after she made a sexual Assault claim against him it also comes After Trump stormed out of the courtroom During closing arguments earlier today After Carol's attorney told the jury That he's a liar and thinks quote the Rules don't apply to him for more on This let's bring an NBC News legal Analyst Danny Sallis break it down for Us I said what's up Danny the the the Larger sum is 83.3 million how's that Split up yeah it split up at 7.3 million Compensatory damages other than the

Reputation repair program remember the Plane of called in and EXP ER to say This is what it would cost if we started A campaign to repair Jean Carroll's Reputation oh reputations worth $83 Million EG Carol's reputation is worth $83 million and that's what it's going To cost to repair it right so they Separated that out the compensatory was Basically pain and suffering that was 7.3 million she suffered $7.3 million For the things that Trump said about her These things are said to all all of us On the internet every day things that Are worse than what Trump said we all Experience you know people saying things In comment sections and interactions you Have on the internet any person who has A social media presence has these types Of things said about them and it's worth Seven you're going to suffer $7 million Worth of of pain and suffering for the Things that are said right like it's Ridiculous like nobody believes that This is worth $83 million I mean Trumpter sure but that means that you Know this is any famous person that says Things like this could be on the hook For it's like you can't you know speak Out and speak truth to power whatever it Is right this is EEG Carroll's lawyer uh We are very happy with the p of Damages Award why do you think they were so of Course you were they're they're

Extraordinary they're you know they're Unfair because of his behavior yeah Because under the P the law of punitive Damage I and I think that Trump probably And I'm not familiar with what he said But you can make a case for him losing Some money under a million like he you Know it could be under a million dollars Worth of damage here you I would assume That that would be high also that's Based in his claiming to be a Billionaire right but you know him being A former president but still you know That's even questionable but $83 million That's just you know you're wrecking the System as a lawyer you can't do these Kind of things it's you know I Alex Jones it's almost a billion dollars in Defamation it's just you know it's Ridiculous it becomes just a you know Like a um and these are shills I don't Believe that these are real judgments You know they can do it because these Are people who are handled controlled And part of the Beast Alex Jones Rudy Gulani and Trump are all part of the you Know the system they're all you know in On it to whatever extent so You know they're not going to mount a Real defense it's just a way to say that When you say bad words about someone on The Internet it's worse than r or it's Worse than murder or it's worse than you Know criminal physical activities which

Is a jury is allowed to and actually Should consider what it will take what Monetary amount it will take to get the Person to stop that that's so the idea With the jury was it's going to take a Big number to get this guy to stop Exactly that all he really understands Is money and so you should award an Amount of money that will make him stop Whether that will succeed I don't know I Sure hope it will if he continues it's Just you know stupid and how you going To recover that money like Rudy gulani Whatever he paid he doesn't have that Money he's Hawking supplements on a Podcast that gets less views than I do Right really gani is is begging for Money he's he's got extraordinary legal Bills Trump didn't pay him and he's run He's broke right Ry guani is a Broken Man his face melted you know he doesn't Have the money and Trump isn't going to Pay this like it's just becomes stupid Right okay so I ate lunch I talked to my Wife about this we had lunch together And I um you know I was thinking more About this and there's a few uh more Points that need to be made so egene Carol is 80 years old and she lives in New York and she's part of high society The fashion industry whatever it is Right but she's older you know retired And you know 80 and the people that would believe

Donald Trump all the negative things he Said about her are not her group they're Not her crowd they're not a lot of Trumpers in New York City there's not a Lot of pro trumpers you know nationally There's these trumpers but EG Carol Wouldn't look at those as her peers and The mainstream media is on her side so When you're calculating defamation it Isn't like everybody believed Trump and That you know she's somehow being um in Some way affected in her day-to-day life The majority of people probably come up And support her in New York City I bet She gets a lot of support from the Celebrity crowd she's gotten a lot of Support from the media and so to say That she's been defamed you'd have to Calculate that in right that she's an Older person probably doesn't you know Care as much about what people say say Right and it isn't something she's got To listen to over and over again from People around her isn't like her you Know her Inner Circle her Outer Circle Or her so her Social Circle is kicking Her out because of what Trump said They're embracing her they're making her A hero like that's one of the reasons to Do this she boosted her profile I've Never heard about her before she's a National figure she's famous now right So in terms of what people think about Her and just name recognition and brand

Identification Trump has actually helped Her out in a lot of these battles that You see where somebody you know two People get into some kind of rap Feud or Something they do this on purpose so That they can bolster their you know Their profile right you know it's Usually a good thing when somebody Famous uses your name in terms of making You more famous and that's what most People want and she seems to want that Right she's somebody who is you know W To booster bolster her her brand boost Her brand all these things and so you Got to factor that in right the second Thing is that this woman saying this Lawyer saying that they're ruling to do Enough economic damage to the person so They'll stop saying negative things About her client and that's what the Jury ruled and you know that's not their Job right you know you have to price Economic value on the impact which what I said earlier which is probably very Little to her I'm saying what he's Saying probably just made her more of a Hero it made and so you have to Calculate all that into it and if you Want to control people's behavior that's Something different but if you're going To make things you know astronomical Amounts of money it's stupid like you're Saying we're forcing you not to do this Like it's something you can do I mean

There's celebrities what that'll do this And they know that they have to pay a Certain amount of money and they'll just Pay the money right it's like you know Companies that know that there's a fine For a crime and they'll do the crime but This is something much less than that Right the other thing is this is all About Trump being president and being Highly Unpopular and so um she's EEG Carol's an American journalist author an advice Columnist ask egene colum right which is All things that she's not losing her job She's not and if anything she's probably Got promoted and getting paid more and She's you you know everything's going Better for her cuz she's confronted Trump right now this um case of sexual Assault there was no real evidence it Says that um a psychologist testimony Bolstered Carol's allegations about Digital penetration the psychologist Described Carol squirming as she Remembered Trump's fingers poop uh her Uh the story of other women Also may Have played a role two women testified That They too had been assaulted by Trump and so this was just he said she Said and there were a few other women That came forward of course there's all These other women that said that doesn't Make it true right I kind of don't Believe it but could believe it the one

Thing that Trump did to hurt himself was You know in a private conversation say He could just go up to women and grab Them by the Boop and that was you know That didn't help him out at all like That's Trump saying something stupid Bragging to a to a dope and then paying For it later right the other thing about It is though she never accused Trump Until 2018 19 and it happened in 1995 and so this is um over 24 years ago She waited 24 years to accuse him only After he was President right and so that Doesn't bode well for her she didn't Have any like any sort of um proof There's no video proof there was nothing That she had that proved Trump did it Just that people disliked Trump in New York City and Trump Was His Own Worst Enemy and he made things worse and the Jury was probably prejudiced against him So they ruled in his favor but R ruled In her favor but he didn't he's not Going to jail like he's not being Punished for this crime and so you know It's just now become something where she Has a like a jury that ruled in her Favor and he said she said With little to no evidence I mean really No evidence so other than a a New York Jury ruling against Trump which is Probably the you know the most Predictable outcome and again I'm not Saying he didn't do it there's no way to

Tell but if he didn't do it then She's Accused him of being a pedo or sexual Pervert or whatever it is a criminal and That's you know also slander right Like She's accused him of something that um You know he didn't do so either he did It or didn't do it and you know they're Both saying negative things about the Other person right and so this idea that Something that is you know not a slam Dunk like it isn't you know proof that This actually happened and you know Trump said negative things about her and Somehow that's worth $86 million is just A joke right I mean it's you're making a Joke out of the system like one bad Thing about the me to movement is that The victim was always the alleged victim Is always supposed to be believed and That gives a lot of power to any you Know woman or man who's willing to say That they were Victimized and in a way you know to a Powerful person and you know I like so Dislike Trump now you I want to just see Him go away like I'm just tired of Hearing about him I'm tired of all this Stuff you know he has done things Whatever he whatever happens he's been a You know a negative person I mean I Certainly want to see Biden go away as Well I want to see the whole I mean you Know the whole political process other Than it gives me you know things to

Cover and mock here it's just um it's Kind of painful to watch right in terms Of how low human beings have have sunk Into the you know the news media and the Political you know establishment the Rest of it but you know this is just Getting goofy like this is unfair right Even to Donald Trump so here it is three US troops killed in drone track and Jordan more more than 30 injured that Was from you know days ago and now we See the results which I showed you in Pending War the head of the UN agency Denounces shocking funding Cuts amid Allegations staffers were involved in Hamas attacks on Israel and so this is From Forbes Magazine and what they're Saying is that the UN had a you know Staffers that were involved with Hamas The head of the United Nations Agy Providing humanarian humanitarian Aid to Palestine refugees on Saturday denounced a move by growing Number of countries to pull funding for The agency following allegations by Israel and so this is you know Israel Going after the UN and saying they were Part of the Hamas Attacks so a video for Robert F Kennedy Jr came up on my uh feed the other day And it was dismal he was in Alabama and he has I mean look at the Views here he has uh 7 7.5 th000 views 4,000 views 5,000 views 5,000 views

10,000 views 8,000 views I mean he's Getting nothing here right there's a guy Running for president and he's he's you Know but after his horrific take on Israel cther awson fits on how JFK Jr Takes transparency to a whole new level Um she's kind of a truther but like he's Lost every Body by his position on Israel right and you know he's become a Joke like even his Twitter page which he Has more followers he has 2.6 million Followers but he's getting no you know Some retweets 500 retweets he has 300,000 views but only 2,000 retweets And only 6,000 Hearts so these are Inflated view count right he's got 400 Comments and so this has 77,000 views Only 153,000 rets only 106 comments only 1,000 likes so they're they're buying You know views here or or whatever it is You know views um but you know he's his Candidacy is basically Dead Netanyahu lied about backing Two-state solution former US envoice Says Netanyahu was finally come out and Says that he doesn't believe in a Two-state solution which is what he Always believed because I've showed you This before this is the greater Israeli Area and they believe the people who are Zionists believe that God promised them This is the promised land and this is What Israel looked like when the promise Was made it's part of Egypt it's part of

Saudi Arabia it's part of Syria it's Part of Iraq I mean almost half of Iraq And turkey and a lot of these places Where they have um you know would be oil Oil riched areas right they would have Land here on the Persian Gulf and they Would have some of the Persian Gulf here They'd be bordered up against Iran here Saudi Arabia where there's oil Iraq Where there's oil Syria and Lebanon all Of Lebanon right they'd have all this Beachfront property on the Mediterranean Sea Rich Coastal area they'd even be up Into turkey so that's one Two three four five six countries That would have to give up land to give Israel what was promised to them by God And so certainly they're not going to Give Palestinian land back when they Believe that you know this is right here This area right in here right it's Israel is just a small sliver they think All this land is promised to them by God That's a part of their religious beliefs Not all Jews believe this but the ones Who are zionists do and then yahu does Right so of of course they're not going To believe in a two-state solution un Court acknowledges genocide risk in Gaza Dealing historic blow to Israel and the US keeping South Africa's case against Israel usback offensive alive the International court of justice or did Israel take six big steps to prevent

Further human rights Violations um this is you know going to Show you that the UN has no teeth right You know the un's always been corrupt uh You know it's just like they'll say this But nothing's going to happen and Israel Is going to ignore them in fact now There are these accusations by Israel That un supported these attacks by Hamas Right-wing Israeli ministers joined Thousands as at an event calling for Resettlement of Gaza sever ministers With prime minister Ben Benjamin Netanyahu right-wing government were Among conference and attendees with two Day delivering key with two delivering Keynote speeches what's kind of funny About this is like they have incredible Dancers here Um Like look at these guys go look at the Rhythm here a lot of bouncing a lot of Bouncing Here um these are people who want these Illegal sediments that were created by Israel to encroach on Gaza to be Resettled and ultimately um resettle all Gaza with Israeli People and it's got quite a turnout here Of course there's lots of liberal people In Israel that are you know against the Treatment of the Palestinian people you Know it's a divided country like Everything else Nikki haly taunts Trump

Over temper tantrum after he won the New Hampshire election Primary um so we got out there and we Did our thing and we said what we had to Say and then Donald Donald Trump got out There and just threw a temper [Applause] Tantrum he pitched a fit he was he was Insulting he was doing what he does but I know that's what he does when he's Insecure I know that's what he does when He's is threat okay she's not threatened Because she has no chance of winning She's in her home state of South Carolina and she's going to get thumped There if you can't win your home state You know Donald Trump sucks and the Trumper suck because you know everyone Should have moved on from this guy after The way he handled the 2020 pre and post election he was a Complete boob a shill he got worked and They did so many things pushed so much Of their agenda through because of him Right Donald Trump is the center of the Democratic party agenda and the news Media liberal news media Agenda and Nelly hickey is you know She's sucks they all suck there's no Solution here there's no political Solution but she has no real chance of Winning but Donald Trump may end up in Jail and if if they do if he does it's Going to be a mess because it isn't like

They're just going to hand it to her They're going to have to do some sort of Uh I mean they're going to have to do Some convention brokering and get the Delegates to vote one way or another but It's just an absolute mess right Biden Administration discussing slowing some Weaponry deliveries to Israel to Pressure Netanyahu again they're not going to Stop Israel's not going to stop and so Whatever the UN says or the US does Israel is going to continue doing what They're doing right first of his kind Fundraiser in the works for Bill Clinton Barack Obama and Biden there's lots of Republicans that are saying that they're Going to roll in Michelle Obama to Replace Biden and that's possible but It's highly unlikely but there are these Narratives this fake news narratives That are generated by Republican fears And hate anything to do with Hillary Clinton anything to do with in this case Michelle Obama things like this they Just you know they swirl around the Right-wing QB you know media um or Whatever you want to call it right Disinformation networks but it's you Know there's no there's no evidence to Support it right it's possible but ply Unlikely Nikki Haley says RNC is clearly Not an honest broker after calls to Unify around Trump and

Primary Dakota Johnson uses powerful Taylor Swift to take swipe at Trump in SNL Monologue so you would think um that This would be a better joke than it is Right and so this is Dakota Johnson and The audience of um you know uh CNL or Something And here is uh Sarah Palin and uh Derek Jeter Taylor Swift and Spielberg and Other famous people the guy from George Lucas uh other famous people here right Loaded with famous people and so uh this Happened look at this collection of People Sarah Palin George Lucas Steven Spielberg and look who's sitting right Behind Me So why why a laugh track there like why Is that funny it's Trump it's just crazy To be standing so close to someone who Would become the most powerful person in America now I understand why they did That joke but it sucks it's not a good Joke okay so I want to get to some Comments some on uh my spiritual Channel Which I'll get to in just a moment the Gratefulness meditation Channel there's Some epic comments there but I made a Video um entitled just got to look it up Here the internet's the hypocrisy of the Prif movement and typically I got a lot Of comments where people didn't watch The video which defeats the whole Purpose because if I say something like

This that doesn't mean I'm saying that I'm a pro-choice Person and I got another comments like People are saying oh so you're Pro-choice then one person had a lengthy Comment I thought I saved and I kind of You know regret not saving it because It's kind of funny and whatever it was But it was basically going on that I'm Not taking one position or another and There therefore failing and the thing I Know about my channel is I don't take Conventional positions I don't take Right left Paradigm positions sometimes I support a left leaning position some Sometimes I support a right leaning Position but I'm not supporting the left Or the right I'm just saying what I Believe to be true and often times what We're covering here is just an illusion And it's not real anyway and life on Planet Earth you can make an a a case a Strong case that life on planet Earth is An illusion when you think about it that Our true Essence is a soul that doesn't Have physical form then our bodies and Our life here is illusionary it's a Temporary video game or simulation that We're in that's you know third Dimensional it feels real but if you Believe in a soul then you know it's Illusionary and so my positions here More than likely are something outside Of any mainstream narrative when I take

A position and people should know that And so if you're going to comment on the Title then like why would you do that This is stupid you know the title really Triggered me it's a title to a video Right and to have all these people Accuse me of being being pro-choice Because of the title without looking Into my position when I've said over and Over again that I believe abortion is Murder because life begins at Conception but it's more intricate than That and I went into all these details And personal stories and things on the Video it's kind of an epic video from my Point of view and my point of view is Usually different than anything else out There on the internet I mean maybe some Few people share something similar or Some of the viewers do but it's usually Something you haven't heard before Because they construct the battle Between abortion or the battle between Um you know Trump or Biden Democrats Republican any of these things right uh Religious people versus atheist all These things are constructed in a way That I don't agree with and they try to Put us in boxes and we're supposed to go Along with this group of people or this Group of people and I don't like those Groups of people I don't identify with Those those groups of people I like to Have my own point of view about it and

It's you know much more intricate and Sophisticated than the the narratives That the mainstream media constructs and They leave out lots of information and It's all about taglines and appealing to People's lower emotions and and their Base level instincts and things and not To their higher nature and so what you Get here is something different right You know something you might not agree With it but it's you know thoughtful and It's you know it's of a higher like Vibratory nature because of what I do in Terms of meditation and just you know The mundane uh brute level dumb down Idiocracy that these narratives are Constructed on right they're constructed For the lowest level of society the Masses and they're not for people who Use critical thinking skills or any of These other things and if you're a truth Seeker you should have your own opinion About any of these political issues in My opin opinion about abortion which you Know I I mean just to simplify it was That yeah I believe abortion is murder That life begins a conception but it Only addresses a bigger symptom and it's Not the real problem and the real Problem is as much a right-wing problem As it is a leftwing problem as much as a Economic problem as it is a social Problem it's as much of a science Problem as it is a spiritual religious

Problem and so you know it's much more Sophisticated than that right that it's A symptom of a degraded system and that Everybody wants to take from the system What they think is good and throw away The other side or the other point of View or the other aspect but the whole System is degraded it's a system that Goes against the will of God it's Materialistic and it creates demon-like Egos egos that become demons and a Disconnect of the soul the family the Breakdown of the family and all these Things it's not liberal don't blame the Liberals you you right Wing people and Religious people did just as much to to Get us here as the left did right when You were in power you didn't do a good Enough job the religious right of being Fair Equitable and being truthful it was Dishonesty the religious dishonesty the Right-wing dishonesty and the proar Dishonesty and the abuse and you know Victimization and colonialization and Things like this and the suppressing of Other points of view that has created The monster that is the liberal media I Mean the liberal movement the Hollywood Morality that is you know R running Ramshack over the whole country and World at this point right but if the Rightwing had done a good job this Wouldn't have happened you planted the Seeds and you created the the patterns

And templates and the power structure For the left to do what it's doing now Okay so let's get into these other Comments here so I got some negative Comments here from my gratefulness Meditation Channel and I want to address Them here as a opposed to on my Gracefulness meditation Channel because I want most of the videos there or all The videos there to do with the the Meditation and uh you know I want to Keep the number of videos down so people Can find the sittings and things like That and so the majority of my videos Get um this is 100% likes 98% likes 100% Likes 100% likes 100% likes 97 98 100% because um and I don't check these Things I don't care it's a very small Channel and most of the people who come There are people who do gratefulness Meditation right they do the sittings And things but you can see the majority Of the Videos have 100% likes and if not 198 or Whatever it is but there's one video That has only 82% likes preserving the Sark system from the dodgy and Heartfulness cancer and that has the Most views 2,000 views so I'm s starting To get Abiosis uh or whatever they're called Now heartfulness uh you know cult Members coming over here they're Disliking the video but they're not

Really watching it and certainly not Digesting it but they're for the most Part not commenting but I had a few Comments here I want to address so the Video is about Documenting how bad I sucks and it's not Debatable it's him failing at every Possible level and I made a follow-up Video to it already and then I'm going To make like a greatest hits like what I Do with um you know Joe Biden and Putting together a bunch of his his Gaffs and things like that and I'm going To do that with dodgy right and most Recently he said and a you know these Are some of the things I'm going to put On that video he said that um you know Kids can read by smelling the words on Uh on the book closing their eyes Putting on a blindfold and smelling the Words on the book and reading he said That a man of science as a man of Spirituality he said that if you reach The point of Liberation that your soul will leave From a certain point when you die in Your you know the Mind region a higher Level of uh spiritual attainment but if You don't re reach the point of Liberation which is you know the You don't you no longer have to Incarnate on Earth if you don't reach That then your soul just leaves out of Any orifice and you can defecate out

Your soul or poop out your soul when you Die like I say you die and you and you Poop when you die you're pooping out Your soul like this is some of dody's Greatest hits right he just says stupid Stuff and of course he blame p pangle in For Co and a number of goofy things he Says and it's not just what he says but It's how he says it and so the guy is Clearly gone and he's made a lot of Decisions that are against the um the Teachings of the previous Masters and The basic basic fundamental building Blocks of this simple meditative Practice and he's monetized it and all These other things and so um let's get To the first comment here and so he says Um some person writes what is what is There in these feudal conversations Instead prepare for L's birthday Celebration take more sittings if you Are not feeling transmission and also For celebrations you can take more than One sittings every day till the Celebration you will become receptive And you will feel the transmission again You have this one life now that you are Aware of it make use of it this person's Trying to advise me and The first part about this is it isn't L's birthday celebration so ly was born On February 2nd bant uh spring holiday The beginning of Spring in India you Know they have the rainy season in India

It's really basically kind of like a a Two season in India but they call it the Spring after the rain where things begin To grow and then from February to April That's kind of your best time of year And then it gets really hot starts Getting hot in April May June and then You know then they might get some rains A little bit of rains in July but mostly August September and then the big rains Come in uh October November December and So anyway this is a spring holiday but It's also when lji was born but Dody who Is like just just makes things up right He just has done all these things where He makes something up that is completely You know it's not Believable and last year during this Bant holiday he said he interc commmun With babaj G and babaj told him to Cancel his own birthday Baba's birthday In April and Char's birthday in in July I mean Commish said it was his Kish said First that he' been thinking about that We can't be celebrating all these Birthdays four birthdays a year right You know they're having Gatherings and He's pimping out this asham he's renting This asham out to other people he's Bringing in politicians and celebrities And corporations and things but he says That you know having four Gatherings is Too much and it's one in every American Season there's one in the winter and

February one in the spring and April one In the summer in July and one on kish's Birthday was September so there was four Seasons and you would have one of these Gatherings where you get it like Spiritual boost but he said you know This would be too many uh in the future There' be 400 masters of the system and So we got to get rid of a couple of the Birthdays now because we can't be Celebrating birthdays all every day Right just ridiculous stuff and he Interc commmun with Boby and Bob G said Get rid of charies and Bob's birthday And celebrate them as joint birthdays Which you know if you have um like I had Kids born on consecutive Mo consecutive Mother's Days one year apart so they Called Irish twins and their birthdays Were uh May 9th and May 10th and we Celeb them on different days because why Would you celebrate two birthdays in one Day right like that sucks for the kid Just like what kid was born on Christmas Or Born on Halloween or Easter or some Of these holidays you know it sucks Because your your birthday gets Minimized and on a spiritual level you Want to celebrate that day of course we Know what happened with Chris ity that They changed the birthdays to go along With the pagan holidays and solstices And equinoxes and things and so Jesus's Birthday and his death day have been you

Know Christmas and Easter are not on his Actual birthday and you don't want to do That the birthday is significant and it Said that over and over again sjar but DOI made up this lie and so this guy is Telling me I should prepare for L's Birthday but this year is Baba's 125th Anniversary of his birth And so they're going to do a big Celebration on L's birthday for Babaji Which is wrong and this guy should know It plus people not only myself but other People are have experienced when we cut Ourselves off free from dodgy we were Experiencing the transmission that's Given in the the system uh in a deeper Way and so um that's comment number one The next comment is here and the person Says respectfully it's observed and Damaging to suggest that Comm commes Successfully applied pressure in any way To Boby from another plane of existence It is of course very possible that he Managed to bully and press Madame mein But bobaji come on that could should be Physically mentally and spiritually Impossible even if Babaji was with him Physically within his physical reach it Would surely be POS impossible to Manipulate or pressure him if such a Great man and doubtedly is possible if He's not even here on Earth if it was Possible that would be totally ruined Bob's credibility for all time um now

This is a person who's not a Practitioner of heartfulness but is Commenting on one small segment of the Video she didn't agree with which is Always a problem right because I feel Like the video came out great if you Don't agree with one part of it but you Like the rest of it and you just point Out that one part you suck right like I've said this before but what she's Referring to here and I believe this is A she I'm not sure is that Dody ran this Scam the brighter mind scam where he Said kids can smell colors like I said Before and he took a bunch of these kids To see this woman who was channeling Bobbyy this French woman who is somebody Who is physically Impaired and he pressured her and babaj G through her to endorse his brighter Mind scam and get some kind of message That's you know that endorsed his scam And this woman saying that since Babaji Is no longer in a physical body the Dodgy couldn't pressure him but that's Totally wrong because when The successor of the master is made that Person has total power in the sa Marg And now the heartfulness system and so It's a good thing because you know de Democracies and um And these types of things you know Democracies and different forms of Government collaborative forms of

Government we know they don't work very Well you know the checks and balances Are a good idea and things like this but Ideally you would have one leader who is Connected to God I mean especially you Know this would be for a spiritual Organization not so much you know a Little bit for a government but it's a Little bit different for a government But in terms of a spiritual organization You would have one person who's Connected to God and answers to God and Answers to higher developed beings and Therefore there that's where the checks And balances are that the person is just Surrendered to God's Will and can only Do God's bidding and can't make mistakes Like We'll always do the right thing and As you become a spiritual person you Know when you have to make these big Decisions and this is what's happened in My life and you develop your heart as an Instrument to connect it to the the Divine within you God and your soul tell You what to do and of often times you Don't want to hear it but you can't deny It and if you're you know a good Spiritual practitioner you learn just to Obey the you know Divinity and within You and you know the the soul within you And things which is what a spiritual Master should do but in terms of the Sjar organization now this you know Debot organization of heartfulness that

Doi's created this parasitic Organization that the successor in this Case kamish Batel DOI was Chari Successor And once chargie passed away DOI had all The power in the system as president He's you know in charge of the asham He's in charge of all the you know all The the dogma and all the you know the Everything that's created and it's a Oneman show right it's you know it's Just what he does right it's he makes All the decisions he holds all the power And so Babaji who's communicating with DOI and DOI is very defensive and he's Very fragile he's very insecure you know These other qualities that he has Negative qualities and so so he was Hanging by a threat he was already going South and he was looking for validation For a scam that he knew was a scam Because it would always it already been Fleshed out as a scam if bobi came in And said oh look you piece of crap this Is a scam and you know it's a scam try To stop you know doing this behave like The master that we need you to be you Know dodgy would have stormed off and Pouted because that's what he does I Mean we've seen this over and over again And so Babaji was put in a position as Was this woman to to basically um you Know pamper him or humor him or Patronize him right because you know

When you're an older person you find This situation all the time where there Might be someone who's ready to go off The deep end right and you know they Might have a family at home or they Might be whatever it is or they you you Have a chance of losing them but you're A mentor to this person the person looks Up to you if you confront a person about Their their difficult behaviors you're Going to lose them and then that Person's out on their own and even you Know now they're triggered and fragile Whatever it is so you have to kind of re Them in and that was the position bobaji Was in even from the brighter world he Couldn't be honest with Dody because God Dody couldn't take it and Dody didn't Want honesty and dodgy was manipulating The situation because he already knew The thing was a scam like he went in Knowing it was a scam and he was looking For bobbyy and Madame Alin to endorse The scam and once he got a Whispers Message Mage that seemed to support him They used it as a weapon to anybody in The mission who disagreed with it and Pointed out was a scam right so it's all Criminal you know manipulative bullying Techniques right but anyways the person Who wrote the comment didn't think about These things and you know wasted my time And Whatever um this person you are against

Nature I am in sahaj Mark for more than 20 years heartfulness and S Mark is one You have to evolve the system is still Here here and the SAT song philosophy is Open to all um yeah you know like stick Your head in the S sand you cold Follower right you know this is a kind Of cult-like behavior that I was talking About with the thumbs down because you Know there's real questions here about Dodgy whether you want to say he's Legitimate master I mean he is the legal Master but he's legitimate Master Because he's earned it he's reached that Level and that he's things are doing are Divine and we shouldn't question him Well that's you know that's what cult Leaders say but in the system itself the Previous Master said you should always Question every spiritual Guru and master And they should prove that they are at That level and if you look at it that Way Dody can't possibly prove it because He's stupid and he makes bad decisions And he's he gets angry and he's Emotionally unstable and he has all These he makes one bad decision after Another and he's corrupting and Contaminating the purity of the system And there's no doubt about it once you Get over the cult-like hump that you Aren't allowed to question the master Then you're you know um it's easy to Figure out anyways I'm going to wrap

This one up here only spirituality will Save this world is Pano definely Reporting from the Apocalypse in the Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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