It’s not the Illuminati or Anton Lavey that mkae Taylor Swift $uck

It's not the Illuminati or Anton Lavey that mkae Taylor Swift $uck

Okay greetings brothers and Sisters so Um my wife and I were talked about Taylor Swift she had seen this these Posts about her on Reddit and how she's Um you know uh there's just all these Things about her being evil there's this Rumor about her being anti L's uh the Grand poopa the you know president or Whatever of the Church of Satan her uh Look Alik to her to his daughter Possibly his granddaughter and all these Other things about her that always exist In the truth Community but there are Things that are provable like there's Things that they just you know could be True that you know are um there's some Evidence that backs these things and Then there are things that we know about Her as a horrible person and a like a Cult leader and a you know the swifties The the dim witties and the uh you know Being a cult leader and also being just A bad person and those things are Tangible and Provable so um let me just go through The this stuff here and so this is from IMBD um it's a uh lookalikes this guy Anton La they covered in here on Puffington post Um kind of not so much almost sort of Mocking the people who believe it but Here's the evidence this is Anton L's granddaughter and Taylor Swift you

Just for this picture say oh it looks Kind of like Taylor Swift Here um so Taylor Swift looks like Anton LA's Daughter and here she is here Anton Le's Daughter with Devil's horns Taylor Swift And you know they have very similar bone Feature but Taylor Swift is not a unique Looking person because she also looks Here she is here um as a Satanist in her Previous life Zena Le she also looks Like Napoleon Dynamite and so um there's that aspect Of this thing here um you know so Napoleon Dynamite also a say this or a Lot of people look like Taylor Swift she Has those like cat eyes Um you know Taylor Swift look alikes are Everywhere and so that might be true Like it's you know it's possible um but You know with the truth community and People on the internet they always want Sensationalistic things and this is s Sensationalistic the whole Taylor Swift Being you know a Satanist she may or may Not be a Satanist she may or may not be Related to Anton LA but we do know she's A bad person and I'll get into that in a Bit um you know somebody who is like uh The things I'm going to talk about are Being Opposer and victim Consciousness all Things that Tor Swift represents to her Her cult followers this is something

From Vigilant C citizen I read years ago This was a 2009 uh MTV Music Awards Video Music Awards this is the time that kind West Snatched the microphone from Taylor Swift and Vigilant Citizen who is a Person claiming to be in the record Industry and talks about these Illuminati and C oul rituals says that This thing was um a you know a uh like Some kind of a illuminati freemasonic Ritual it starts off with Madonna doing A sort of tribute to Michael Jackson Even though they weren't friends or Close And she got up as the high priestess Words of wisdom something you can read From she's a you know doing the C she's A part of the cabala kind of things here And then there's the Taylor Swift Initiation and you know he talk he talks About how she was wearing white and Kanye came out and snatched the mic from Her and then um Jack Black gets up and He gets everyone to hold up the devil's Horns and do a prayer to Satan you can See that that Um who wants to pray to the devil with Me who's in with me come on hey so he Wants you know comes out and says he Wants to pray to the devil let me see Those horns let me see those horns met He gets the audience to hold up Devil's Horns and then he's going to say a

Prayer to Satan here dear dark lord Satan hope everything's good with you so That's um so that happened a prayer to The Devil the next thing was H the blood Sacrifice and this is Lady Gaga she's singing some kind of thing With blood all over her um you know this Is in her having this satanic kind of Gaga moment and these dudes dancing Behind her Um and the thing you know there's the Pillars the Boaz and jaim the pillars of Uh the free uh freemasonic pillars that Are in every freemasonic Temple of Course the the red color was a big theme Here um and she gets covered at blood in The end here um they hoist her up on This you know this thing here with her Being bloody and all these things and so You know it's not nothing right I mean It has there's definitely ritualistic Aspects to this thing um and then um so There's the pillars there all the things There Guy points out her doing this thing and Then I guess she came is this the one She came out covered in meat as Well and um then there was pink who came Out with the Freemasonic you know this is the outfit I don't know if he has a picture here There this guy here so when they do the Freemasonic ritual you come and you they

Put this in this outfit that's like Never washed and one leg and one arm Exposed and your your your left breast Is Exposed and they put out a blindfold and You go in this kind of a humiliation Ritual wearing these dirty clothes as You come into the and she's wearing you Know she's got the the pants have the Freemasonic um pattern on them she's Wearing a blindfold the whole thing and So like that's you know initiation Ritual type of thing um and then um she Was you know originally dressed in white Uh Taylor Swift when she came out right As a like a a newbie as an initiate and Then at the end of it she is um here she Is Uh she's dressed in red as Beyonce who Sort of the queen of this thing gives Her time to come up and give her speech As her sort of uh after her humiliation The whole kind of thing and so you know I believe that that is more than likely True to whatever extent they pull this Kind of stuff at MTV um but you know it is what it is not Really provable you know you tell people About it and like people are um you know Sheeple or whatever it is but it's there Right it's something the other thing is Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriends now I cover Celebrities on my YouTube channel but I Have no interest in them like on a

Personal level I only look at celebrity Culture when I cover that here when I Make videos about it and so Ive done Very few videos of Taylor Swift I've Talked about her victim Consciousness And their posing you know the stuff with The football which we'll get into and Years ago I made a few videos here and There maybe some Illuminati stuff when I Has to cover that but I have no interest In her love life and I know about it now I do look at celebrity stuff in page six On a daily basis but she has had an Endless string of Boyfriends many of them are famous People Here um Tom Heston I knew about Harry Styles Calvin Harris Conor Kennedy Jake Gyllenhaal Adam Young not an X John Meyer beer Taylor lner Joe Jonas some of These other people and she's had 15 of These guys and now of course Travis Kelce here are some of these guys here Um she's 34 years old old and some of These relationships I think were like Maybe over a year and so this is an Endless stream of celebrity boyfriends Who she breaks up with and then makes an Album about and trashes them in some way To be a victim and you know some it's a You know pattern of behavior right There's all these people here that are Listed somehow connected to her I'm not Sure how but this is a big part of who

She is Unable to sustain a Relationship and then slamming the guys After they um you know after they've Broken up with her so her most recent Guy is uh Travis Kelce and if you watch Football and I saw a number of Kansas City chief games she became a feature of The NFL trying to recruit as many Swifties as possible of course the Kansas City Chiefs w a Super Bowl this Year and you could say there was things That out there that made it look like They were rigged and she was seen posing At these games like she knew every time There was a timeout potentially there She is with Travis Kel's mom she was Going to be caught on camera and she's Really renowned for doing these Poses um there she is with Britney Holmes and you Know that duo of um like horrible women There and she's always there posing and Doing things so the camera catches her Her she's going to be talked about like It's a constant thing that she does um She's just a poser and you just see There was all these things and um again They kept on cutting away to her and the Whole thing with all of it you know the The the Arc of the relationship and then You know all the other aspects of it and She's just somebody always constantly Posing everything about everything she

Does is to do these types of uh you know To be caught in poses right I'm sure she You know she does this throughout her Show um she's just you know one of the Biggest posers on multiple levels I'll Come back to that as I go go into my Voiceover my last thing that you know Was my wife was telling me that tlor Swift releases these variants and I've Heard about this I've heard the term Variant I wasn't even sure what it was Um which is just additional versions of The true poet uh Department uh the tor The tortured poets Department again the Tortured aspect being her being a victim And the victim Consciousness which we'll Cover in a moment but when other artists Release albums Taylor swith would Release a variant so she would stay a Number one and minimize their chance of Um you know gaining the spotlight which Is a complete dick move but classic kind Of stuff that she would do um and you Know shows her as a bad person J Swift Antics against Charlie XTC XC X CX show Her Insecurities and you know all the ways That she um uh you know gets into this Uh we'll get into it as I I switch over To a voice over here okay so you you Know when you become a fan of somebody And if you think about some person I Mean if you connect with a celebrity or A politician or somebody famous like

This and your world revolves around them Like it could be a TV show like you have You join a club a fan club and you're You know part of a group of people who The centerpiece of that you know your Relationship is based in a celebrity Right it's a bad thing because the Celebrities are horrible people like Just their very nature of needing to be Fed by you know the crowd being fed by External uh stim Uli right people who uh Ascend to a higher level as spiritual Level people who are worth Emulating get sustained from within they Connect to the Divinity with inside of Them in a not an egotistical way is Minimized and they end up serving a Higher power they end up serving God and Other people through this you know uh Evolution of their their soul being Pulled forward but celebrities are the Exact opposite and you know with the World being the way it is on the Internet celebrity culture is now for Everybody because you can become Internet famous and fame is you know Something that is regarded uh highly in Our culture and it it's not doesn't make Things better you know I've had limited I don't know what you would call it Fame As a you know as a successful YouTuber Or whatever it is and get lots of External approval thousands of views on My videos millions of views on my videos

Hundreds of millions of views on my Videos and so many thumbs up and Positive comments and you know likes and Things that you get on social media and Maybe in the beginning it felt good you Know it was a good thing but now it's Just whatever it is right it's good that My work is you know has some um positive You know people who enjoy my work that's Always good but it doesn't make you feel Like you know if you feel like a piece Of [ __ ] you going and getting a bunch of Likes or thumbs UPS isn't going to make You feel better if you're not happy with Yourself if you're not happy with your You know you feel guilty about something You feel bad about something or you feel Insecure you feel whatever it is getting Lots of Thumbs Up and likes and parts And whatever it is on the internet Positive feedback from strangers doesn't Fill that void like if you feel like a Bad person you know for most people it Doesn't fill that void but for some People you know I heard Madonna years And years ago I have it on one of my Older videos I went and found the clip And she was talking about uh she was on Oprah Winfrey and talking about needing To be fed like needing to receive from The crowd you know see of somebody who Hasn't been able to just go off into the Sunset and you know enjoy her wealth and Her previous Fame her Smith is another

Person um some people who you know were At the high the highest levels of Celebrity culture they were a number one Celebrity in various categories and Talked about constantly and then with Anything their career Arc their career Arc Fades and this is why I call Madame Uh Madonna Madame expiration date Because she can't accept like just Becoming an old person she's dating 20 Sixy olds and still trying to you know Have concerts and go out there with her You know all of her um her body part Sagging and things like this you know so She's um you know a disaster and so People who need to be fed by like a a Group of people who are feeding off of a Group of people to sustain their energy Level you know are bad people on the Inside right the bigger the front the Bigger the back you know something That's um Inside of them is lacking and so they Need external validation because they Can't fix what's inside of them they Can't you know generate enough positive Feelings and enough you know joy and Happiness so they have to suck energy Off of other people a crowd and in Relationships and Taylor Swift is like The epitome of this right so let's talk About her as a poser she needs external Validation and she needs as much Attention as possible and she needs to

Be you know told and loved by the world She's one of these people that has the Positive narrative like she's known as Somebody who's you know good to her fans And all these things I mean this the Stuff that she's created to have this Image or brand you know Tom Hanks had This brand um uh Will Smith had this Brand and uh Ellen degenerous had this Brand of being one of the good people One of the nice people right even though There's nothing nice about her if you Look into what she does somebody who's You know uh politically correct in Pushing things like climate change you Know chastising you for climate change And then flying her private jet Extraordinarily around I mean in ways That seem like over the top two private Jets and then um you know they pass a Law some kind of a law I covered this Recently where they can't track people's Private Jets because they don't want to be Caught out as a hypocrite right now she Believes in climate change and she Actually believes in it that's great for Her whatever I mean I'm against Pollution right you know I'm not a I Don't believe in the the climate change Narrative per se as it's presented to us By the powers that be but if she wants To reduce her footprint like we all are Polluters then do that right but if

You're going to preach other people and Then you're going to indulge in private Jets and whatever else there is right You know Bill Gates and these other People you know you're preaching one Thing but you're not reducing your Footprint you have a a large footprint Multiple houses big houses that are Unnecessarily big where you're you know Using up more than your fair share of Resources and absorbing these things From planet Earth and then you know Telling your your people to you know to Um uh be you know Frugal and be uh aware Of their footprint and these things and So there's the the posing aspect you're You're presenting one thing on the Outside for approval you're something Else on the inside right there was Speculation that Taylor Swift and this Wasn't just from like truthers this was From Main Street Media that when Taylor Swift first started to date Travis Kelce He was the Kansas City Chiefs was Playing the New York Jets I believe in New York and so she went to that game And before that when you search tayor Swift and jets there would be uh her you Know private plane there would be Articles about about her hypocrisy but Now when you search Taylor Swift and Jets it would come up the Jets game that She attended and so they effectively Squashed that Narrative of the private

Plane by her attending a Jets football Game and making it a big deal and they Made that one a big deal like the game I Think was on Monday night it was a whole Thing um but whatever it was it Effectively you know her publicity team Killed a negative narrative about her When she was having this you know this Epic concert tour her that her cold Followers were indulging in but that you Know also brings us to her boyfriends Right so this element of posing where You know she's what is it 34 years old 32 years old whatever I said if she was A down woman um you know like a normal Person she could easily get married Right like if she wanted to get married She could easily get married she could Find millions of different guys that Would marry her right she could even Find a celebrity that would marry her so This would be you know an easy task you Know marriage is a hard thing nowadays Um half the marriages end in divorce but Half the marriages are you know don't End in divorce and there are successful Marriages out there and there are women Who can you know who want to be married Who are good wives and good Mothers and They hold the family together right um But not celebrity women you know you Have these various variants of um these Women women who are looked up to Kim Kardashian that Taylor Swift had a you

Know just a [ __ ] on recently with a song Um because of the the Kanye West Feud Thing whatever happen um you know Kim Kardashian is perpetually single and she Rep represents these Babylonian hoes you Know um Nicki Minaj and uh uh cardi B And these you know women who are using You know plastic surgery and silicone And they look like human brat Styles and They're really stupid and you know Really Superficial and they for the most part Are single and young women and you know Little girls watch these shows and look Up to these These are their Idols these Are the people that they emulate right Going back to this cult mentality and so You have these groups of people who are Really uh you know the the fans the Fanatics the the cult followers so these Various celebrities right and when you Have Heroes and idols and people that You worship that are you know horrible People it affects the decisions because You be you want to be like them you know These young women want to be like them And so it's women who are you know Living their lives by you know faking And posing I think the Kardashians is a Good example of posing constantly posing And you know trying to be something You're not creating these false brands And being very superficial right and Living your life out in the public in

Some way now celebrities for the most Part are horrible people because of all The things I've said right they they are You know under the delusion that Fame And wealth and fame and fortune and Selling your soul one way or another to The music industry or Hollywood or Whatever it is is you know an okay Tradeoff for something that leaves you Being a hollow shell of a person and and Clearly isn't making people better Wealth and fame and fame and fortune Don't make people better and so they Have these fake celebrity marriages Which has been going on for a very long Time fake celebrity relationships and Marriages that both celebrities use it To boost their you know their profile I Mean celebrities are always looking for Ways to be talked about ways to be you Know brought out and um given more Fame And given more you know whatever it Might be they have these you know like Rap battles and feuds and things tiller Swift gets into that tiller Swift has Her feuds with people she has her Celebrity relationships and breakups all Things that make you talk about her they Constantly want to be talked about and Be you know thought about by people Somebody who wants to constant attention Right tellor swith could find some Compatible guy you know she has I mean Doesn't ever have to worry about money

Or finances which is always the number One stress her in a modern-day Relationship and she could have some guy Who's supportive to her I mean if you're A celebrity marrying another celebrity Is like a recipe for disaster because You're you know these two vampirish Ghoul life sucking people that need to Be constantly the center of attention And so there celebrities are always Going to compete with each other it's The worst type of person to get married To because they're both attenion horse And you know they're you know that just Does doesn't work out so Taylor Swift Could marry some you know normal guy you Know there's celebrities that do this Right how many celebrities out there That are married and have families that You don't even know the name of their Spouse right that they have you know They protect that aspect of their life And you know they celebrity the culture Is not as big a deal for them they get Married they have kids and they have Successful marriages right it's easy to Do if you aren't looking for public and You aren't looking for something else Right but she dates these famous guys One after the other parade of them and Each one of those relationships then Become like this you know something from Teen Magazine or Tiger Beat or whatever The hell they call those things you know

When I grew up and these things that you Know People magazine or whatever it is So that and of course now the internet Which is you know whole thing in itself And she can do her posing and have her Attention and be the spotlight like she Just do nin the NFL like she want like The being the number one music artist And having the biggest concert in like You know history or whatever it is being The number one you know one one of the Top celebrities and that wasn't enough She wanted to also have football right You know you see this like recently in The um the NBA Finals where the two Teams of Dallas bag and the Boston Celtics of course the Boston Celtics and The Lakers have had rivalry and the Boston Celtics were just going to pass The Lakers for the number of NBA Championships and the Lakers decide to Hire a coach and fire a coach during That period of time so that they could Be talked about so that the Lakers would Be talked about why these other two Teams are competing for the championship There's all this pettiness in you know This type of Fame and Fortune like People with you know famous people are Petty and will do anything for you know A moment in the spotlight another moment In the spotlight and Taylor for her That's been these relationships Relationships doomed to failure you

Should always realize that the celebrity Relationships are going nowhere fast Right that they you know they're doomed Because of everything I just said and They're not real like they're you know They have their managers and handlers Work out the details and they're all Performative and posing and things like This and so she has these relationships That are doing to fail at the end of Relationship she's going to act like a Victim and then write these songs about Her previous lovers or people have Wronged her in one way or another and Her fans eat it up you know she did this About Kim Kardashian who lost 100,000 Followers the day that the song was Released she put Kim's name she put the Whatever the name of the song was she Spelled out the name Kim in capitals and The rest of the letters in the song were Um you know uh were small lowercase and So it was clear she was talking about Kim Kardashian And you know this whole thing like just Pettiness and you know something that Happened years and years ago and you Know after 15 of these relationships and Being 34 years old you know she had a Song where it's she said it's me said I'm the problem it's me which you know Was a good mission for her but something That she just flirted with in a song It's clearly her right I mean the rest

Of these celebrity guys or whatever she Dates are you know horrible people as Well but it's her like she has a pattern Of behavior and she acts like a victim And constantly being act like a victim You know this thing with scooter Brum Who bought her you know her um her Original you know whatever it was their Master copies of her music and he had Once you know said things about her People have slighted her in some way the Whole thing with Kanye and all the way Up where she acts like a victim which is The worst thing that she does because Victim Consciousness I talk about this All the time is so prevalent in our Society and acting like a victim acting Being victimized and constantly saying That she's been wronged in her music and Then her you know her social media Profile and her you know fans coming to Her side and attacking people and going After people online because they've Somehow you know wrong Taylor Swift Who's just this nice innocent girl with A you know great personality who's not Evil and selfish and Petty and you know All the things that celebrities are and She she clearly is I he's just a Horrible person and the victim Consciousness is you know the worst Thing because it is you know when a Sense a form of devil devil worship and I talk about this you know quite a bit

Where you know people who believe in God Believe that there's a plan you know I Talk about the uh the Sanskrit word Sam Scaras which is these Impressions that You have that you carry from life to Life you know addictions could be Something right if you were addict if You were an addict in a past life and You haven't mat mastered that if you Didn't if you died an addict then you Have that that some scari you bring into Your next life you know things patterns Of behavior it's what you take from life To life right and this idea of um you Know these um these tendencies that you Have to overcome things that you have to Graduate from and so you have miseries You have difficulties that arise from Your whatever your sscar makeup these Things that you you bring into your Existence and when you overcome those Things as a spiritual person you know You look at these problems and these Miseries as Divine blessings right Because there are things that your soul You know things that you if if there's a God then God there's a plan right the Difference between believing in a God And believing in so-called science the Modern day science where there's a Chaos Theory where everything's chaotic Everything's random and you there's no Soul there's no you know is there a soul That animates Your Existence and most

People believe in a soul because you Know there is one right you know when I Saw my grandfather dead when I was 10 Years old and I looked at him and you Know he was this tough guy fought in a Couple world wars was a fireman Professional football player and they Slapped him lipstick on him right but I Just looked at his corpse and I said That's not him his body wasn't him you Know your body isn't you it's the Essence that the person has their energy That you know they you can feel their Energy when you're around them and no Matter you know how much you try to Cover it up as a celebrity cuz most Celebrities have bad energy like they Have you know maybe in the beginning They had something they were you know They had some you know part of them that Was you know creative and you know they Giving energy there's people that Radiate love there's people radiate Kindness you know the essence of their Soul but then there are people who There's just they're you know soul Sucking vampires and all celebrities all Politicians All people who end up pursuing those Types of Pursuits those uh you know Those those Works those roles end up Being soul sucking ghoulish vampires who Suck the energy off of other people and You know hurt other people right they're

Just constantly hurting other people and So when you have victim Consciousness Perpetual victim Consciousness you're Denying that there's a plan right you're Denying that there's um there's some Kind of uh you know that there's Something at the basis of everything That's happening there's this quote I Often read the victim St is a powerful The victim is always morally right Neither responsible nor accountable and Forever entitled to sympathy and when I Worked as a counselor I have a master's Degree in counseling and I worked for a Number of years in treatment centers um And there was um you know uh the Treatment centers were for teenage sex Offenders and the assault cycle this was A pattern of behavior that they would go Through with these various stages and All these stages were fueled by a victim Stance or a victim statement these were Kids who are usually sexually abused and Then in turn abused other people but you Could talk about any kind of person That's a you know like a like a hateful Person a negative person or people who Just you know every once in a while go Into a you know some sort of a depressed Um self-pity in time period a victim you Know they go into a victim cycle and at The center of it of course is a victim Statement poor me and it is where a Person a predator or you know criminal

Or just a a negative person gives Themselves permission to do bad things Because they've been hurt in the past They've been wrong somehow and because They're a victim they get to hurt other People and they get to engage in bad Behaviors and their behaviors are Completely Excusable because they are a victim and This is Taylor Swift's you know uh her Classic you know her victim stance her You know what she does as a person she's Constantly in a victim cycle where she's You know gives a victim statement and Then she writes a song or she produces Content based in that Victimization and plays it out in front Of the media and everybody else as some You know like she should be forever Entitled to sympathy despite her Behavior and she's you know putting out This example for her young cult Followers right because you know as Young women how many good women out There in the celebrity culture or Anywhere else that are good examples of Being a positive role model because at The center of every you know whatever it Is the center of every um you know Person's life there's their life's work And The essential life's work for a woman is Going to be motherhood even though it's Minimized by our society

Because more people like even though People suck right now and we're in a Downward spiral the pr proliferation of Your species the mother is pretty much The most important role right the Motherhood you know motherhood in any Species in terms of being able to Produce more of the you know Offspring And nurture them in many cases you know Many different animals mammals nurture Their you know their offspring and The Offspring feel loved and you know have Affection from their mom and feel Protected and things like this right and Certainly in The Human Condition and you Know the psychological benefits it is to Have a positive mother a mother who's Connected to God a mother's connected to Nature a mother who Embraces you know The her higher nature is selfless and Sacrifices for children those children End up being much better off in every Possible way certainly having a dad There as well is important but the role Of the mother is even more important and It's completely minimized in our society You know you can find the term just a Mom like you know women have to be a mom Plus something else and being a mom is a Hard enough job as it is but also have To you know do work and you know Full-time jobs and these other things Have a career and be successful and then You know be people who are celebrated on

You know some kind of social media app And being fed and being whatever it is Right posing for those things and you Know needing some Narcissistic um you know fuel because Most women don't have it in them to just Be a mom you know to be a good mom Because that comes from being internally Fed and having a you know enough love in Their system to be able to love their You know their spouses and love their Kids and you know be a beacon of love The centerpiece of the family and so That's you know the ex the the best Model for a su a successful Society is Women being supported in that role as a Like the lchi of the family and Indian Term you know the the Divine mother Who's there and the whole family Revolves around the mother's love right And so it's you know essential in Finding a good woman who's capable of of Loving and things like this for a man is A you know true blessing and then the Kids and everybody benefits from it Right where the woman's connected to God And nature and receive sustance Sustenance from sustenance from within Is able to sustain the this role through That you know process right and so these You know celebrity Babylonian hoes that Are out there as examples for young Women and then the insts and these you Know uh all it's about superficiality

And appearance and you know being like Uh you know whatever it is like some Kind of super model or instol model or Whatever you know these various levels Of that being some sort of trophy wife Or whatever whatever they you know this Kind of model that young women are Growing up with with the Kardashians and The brat these human brat stalls and all These other things and then there's the Taylor Swifts and you know the Lady Gaga And the Katy Perry's and the madonas and Then you know an opposite you know kind Of a a similar version to this that There's a you know a musical talent that Is uh that is eclipsed by the Demonic Rituals and attention seeking behaviors You know Madonna did this in the Beginning where she would do things that Were outrageous she wasn't a really good Singer or dancer but she would do things That would cause attention cause Controversy and she was constantly uh Sucking up the energy in the headlines And then all these other artists Followed these female artists followed Doing dramatic things and being at the Center of you know demonic rituals or Whatever it might be that they put up There that were controversial right Taking controversial stances and saying Things to you know it's all about look At me everybody look at me right don't Look over there look at me don't look at

Her look at me right and that you know Is a Taylor Swift Mantra and this is all Stuff we see playing out on a daily Basis right this is you know Taylor Swift um like this is her you know what She is as a person and so yeah maybe She's Anton LA's granddaughter maybe she Does Satanic rituals who knows what she Does in her private you know behind Closed doors I mean you see this with These celebrities they they engage in These ey Wise Eyes Wide Shut type of Parties and all this stuff right so who Knows what she you know is or believes And what she worships or what she's into But the stuff we do know is bad enough Like it doesn't have to be something Sensational some Illuminati stuff some Whatever it is it has to do with you Know it has to be something else right Like she's just a bad person and a bad Example for her followers and she's Living a a superficial ghoulish you know Vampirish life where she's sucking Energy off of her Collective and you Know being a like a what she is on the Inside what is she on the inside and It's not good and the example that she Sets for young women and you know whole Generation of people and she's like Maybe the number one celebrity right now And all the posing and all the victim Consciousness and things swirl around to Make a very bad person only spirituality

Will save this world as Paul Rano Definitely apped for the apocalypse and The Ascension it would have a blessed Day and be grateful

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