It’s Finally Happening

It's Finally Happening

Greetings brothers and sisters so this Video was originally going to start off As being about JoJo MCU having more of His epic gffs and then Hillary Clinton Defending his Age which is hilarious but as it turned Out you know I was going to include some Update on Israel and Palestine but as it Turned out lots of different things Happened in terms of that story and then I got busy doing uh farming stuff so This is going to be like a three video It starts off about Hillary and JoJo Meo And then Morse into all the stuff to do With um this uh you know this this World War II and them basically going for it Now uh so let's get into it here Greetings brothers and sisters um let's Start here with a few JoJo Mago gaffs And Hillary Clinton endorsing him Anyway and we got some more Israel Palestinian stuff to get to as well and Some other things let's start here my Administration including Secretary of State blinkin as the G20 we at the G20 There was sufficient agreement in the Room on the need for just for adjust and Lasting peace uh and I hope that uh I Think that Uh prime minister she I mean she has Some uh uh some difficulties right now Um Um okay increase the third world the Third world the the uh Global South's

Capacity to grow if everybody in the World had a job they got up in the Morning and wanted to go to and thought They and they could put three squares on The table for their family no matter Where they live the whole world be Better Off uh sorry if if they're in fact able To generate Significant capacity to absorb uh to Prevent carbon from being released in The air that that uh um uh pipeline that Railroad we're talking about going Across from the mid from India Throughout the Middle East so I have not I have not given up at all on the notion That we're going to be able to uh you Know how can I say it uh I I think for Example the consequence of what we've Done we we have the mo we have the most E we have the strongest economy in the World today right now today the United States of America has the strongest Economy in the World in the world and there's a my my Brother loves having there's famous Lines from movies that he always quotes You know is and one one one of them is There's there's a movie about John Wayne He's an Indian Scout and they're trying To get the I think it was a patch one of The great Tribe and the Indian Scout the Indian Looks at John Wayne and points to the

Union so says he's a lion dog-faced pony Soldier I See he um he still does That this is brutal this is just Highlights of the speech I'm just Following my orders Here yeah you Are the yours were to babble and Jewel On yourself and poop your pants and suck And make one Gaff after another uh I met With his number two person here in in uh Excuse me in uh um India uh today um uh I don't uh anyway I I just think that There other things on leaders minds and They respond to what's needed the time And look Nobody Likes having but I tell you what I don't Know about you but I'm going to to go to Bed I guess he was in Hanoi which is um I believe Vietnam okay so here comes uh JoJo magu Right um Here Comes JoJo M they're Playing the tail to the Chief he's going to do this fake run Like he does his fake run this old guy Run does it a couple times this is his Thing to show that he's fit but he takes These little baby steps cuz he's like so Old he can't even move and so he takes These little baby steps when he runs Look boom boom boom boom boom here we go My run see I'm not I'm not old look at Me look at him I'm high energy May smile

My little run again boom boom boom Little small steps there he comes in Where am I okay I'm going where do I go Shake this guy's hands there there's Actually somebody there okay good let Going let's go up the stairs here we go Going up the stairs again one 2 3 oh What there oh there there we go again he Hey looky look at everybody hey hey I Did it Hey comes off hello Everybody it's good to be almost Home hey guys I live in Delaware Okay and by the way I'm a big Pennsylvania guy but you have an Advantage in Philly one I married a Philly girl I'm married a Philly girl Two you're between Scranton and Wilmington You know SP you guys have no sense of Humor Man that's your fault and so that's Joe Biden right he's a walking Gaff a Complete disaster he's old he's way past I mean he wasn't mentally competent when He took the job and after four years of Being president you age more quickly but He was showing signs of dementia in 2019 When he ran for president which I Documented so many other people did as Well but it's got got worse it's gotten To the point where where you know I mean Democrats have who are voting for him And even the Democrats say they want

Somebody else they're voting for him are Like well you know he Um he's better than Trump or whatever it Is right they've learned to accept this Or say it's okay to see a guy who Obviously isn't mentally competent like It's just obvious it was obvious in 2019 and the media and everyone else has Covered this up for the last three years People are kind of coming around but the Democrats are still willing to vote for This guy he still has some level of People willing to vote for him and it's Just bizarre and then Hillary Clinton Weighs in on this Thing his age are legitimate well the Question is legitimate but the Conclusion that people draw is I think Off base uh look I am supporting President Biden and vice president Harris because of what they've gotten Accomplished I'm kind of oldfashioned That way I like to see people you know As I said tackle big problems bring People together and try to forge Solutions and I don't know about anybody Else but I'm kind of happy that we're Fixing our bridges and our roads and the Rest of our infrastructure and I'm Thrilled that we are going to compete With China on Advanced manufacturing and That we're going to make the transition To clean energy uh as quickly as we Possibly can plus bring down drug prices

And I could go on and on so when people Say to me well well he's old yeah that's Right but look at what he's gotten done And then if that's not enough for you Look at the Alternative of course she would say that Because she was so old like watch um This thing right here there are hugs Where you just throw up your arms and go For it and then there are hugs that keep Going and going and going Joe Biden Wouldn't let Hillary go as they met on The tarmac at Scranton airport about Okay so wow she was doing it back in CNN Days but then there was this um Hillary Clinton won the nomination remember This and then she's hugging bill this Woman's coming out give it a kiss to That Guy um Tim Kane and then she's up here Whoa Whoa there's multiple angles of that and She completely like cwed out it out now They have the the bad angle here I Couldn't find the good angle somehow This thing's been scrubbed I mean Somewhere you can obviously find it but I couldn't find it but you can even see From this Angle did you talk about Vice presential Possibilities she's just like so weird Um so those those were some of her Idiosyncratic head movements but there Was more problematic issues here so here

She is getting into the car Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stumbling as she even when he Was young he was so Droopy Dog he left The 911 commemoration in New York City Statement from Clinton's campaign says She felt overheated and she went to her Daughter's apartment uh to get her Bearings let's watch this see they're Propping her up This Woman's holding her Up right now video for a second she's Passing out like stumbling supposed to Be running for president you're getting There she look like a freaking ragd doll See her apparently she stumbling there Almost falling but captured caught and So Hillary Clinton she passed out like Seven times that we know of one time she Broke her arm I think in our time she She got a concussion like she just Passed out and she was and some of them Were caught on camera and some of them Weren't but this was before the election In 2016 with Trump right and you know She I mean she was a mess and then she Went on Zack Alan afca said I'm not Going to show you that but she was Totally out of it and trying to sh do Damage control but she wasn't up for This physically like just running for President never mind being President here she is at a church and Look she's got two people holding her Hands propping her up getting her up the

Stairs right like she needed people to Drag her up the stairs so here she is um Stronger together with this weirdo Tim Kane and she can't stop coughing B we All said let's go to Cleveland C and I want to thank congresswoman Mara Fudge for hosting Us oh there you Go oh go she's going to vomit she's Going to vomit ts are coming out okay Let's Okay drink like a weirdo look how She swallows and Drinks I've been talking so so bad Somebody help Her Every time I think about Trump I get Allergic look at Tim Kan W that was so Funny wo you get allergic is that what's Making you cough sounds it looks like You're not going to make It there you go cough boy we have 63 Days to go okay it's not Happening you thought it was going to Happen this 63 days before you get a Complete ass kicking there you go point Point at the audience woo Hillary Hillary there they go drink a little bit More Water you got It you go girl get a lozen got a lozen Give her give that woman a lozen well Get that Loz there you go you oh you're Welcome get in there here feel if you

Have a heart do you have a heart there Is your Beating Heart Is it beating There you go more Water yeah she's going to get this time She's got it she's she she's rounding The corner here there you go more coffin Well you just heard the next vice President didn't you no you didn't d k He's so Weird in in addition to thanking Mara Fudge and we also thank your great Senator she's going to die right there On stage you're getting concerned got to Call an ambulance is going to be all Right he's got a lense look at Tim Kane Everyone's good L out excuse Also two other great members of Congress It barely made it there right so Sometimes this happens right it's just You know you I mean I cough when I'm Talking here you know not every day is Going to be a great voice day maybe you Have a little cold something she made a Career of it I mean this is just two of The many times has happened to Her excuse me little water Get the Water watch how she drink she drink so Weird she can't even drink Normal too much to say she's got too Much to say that's making her it's too Much to Say point to the heavens not going to Save you get another Loz it's a good

Thing they have Lozes H That's Been Well thank you Hazel thank you Hazel that's been part of my Mission Representing poor people through illegal Services corpor operation gu she's going To die here it was about making People's okay lives better it's okay Hillary and it taught me that e even if You're Young and you don't have a powerful Job if you work at it you stick with It you can lose an election to Trump you Can make a Difference This happened quite regularly she Couldn't do it of course she thinks good Jojan M go is fine because she was Fallen Apart Her old campaign she aged Poorly she is much older than Bill she's Aged faster she might be an alcoholic She might have some other diseases There's lots of speculation she's seen Drinking quite a bit there's lots of um Images and videos of her getting drunk Doing shots she seemed to be you you Know she talked about her dad maybe Being alcoholic I don't know so there Could be that it could be something else But she's aged poorly and she wasn't

Competent certainly couldn't even walk Up a flight of stairs and had all these Various issues passing out and she Thought she was good enough or well Enough to run for president and now She's endorsing Biden and Trump is Falling apart as well Trump is Struggling like Trump is actually not Doing well either and you know it's not That like I said you can be Um you can be young at an old age some People age better than others but it's In a general rule it's not such a good Idea for someone to take on such a hard Job even the performance aspect of it And the fact you're supposed to be Creating confidence in the public and JoJo m is just I mean he's so bad like He's just not even conscious anymore so One of my viewer sent me This um I wanted to address this Historical um well let's just let it Play here how Palestine which is Depicted in green had territory in 1917 And as we move through history that Green becomes smaller and smaller this Diagram is completely bogus I'll bring You up to speed make sure to follow me Here for more let's go back to 110 ad Hadrian's Roman Empire took control of Israel the Jews living in Jerusalem Revolted against the Romans this caused The Romans to burn the city and expel The Jews from their Homeland afterwards

Hran renamed the land Syria um so him Saying expell the Jews from their Homeland right um like if you're Thinking that way and you're an American And give up your land back to the Native Americans right because this is what Happens in the world that a group of More powerful people a more powerful Army comes and takes the land that used To belong to somebody else because There's no property rights in the Divine World in nature right animals don't have Property rights you know they have Territorial rights that they have to Fight to keep you see it all the time if You watch squirrels squirrels are always Beating the crap out of each other we Have a a hummingbird feeder and I put a Fence around our our like whatever air Conditioner unit that's outside cuz our Cows kept on knocking it off knocking it Over and rubbing up against it which you Know could have been a disaster so I put A fence around it and the fence is about 5T away from the hummingbird feed you And sometimes we'd have three female Hummingbirds sitting on the fence and One would be there just to chase the Other two away because she felt like it Was her hummingbird feeder you know it's Full of whatever sugar water you know It's like you know whatever it is right But animals have territorial rights that They fight for on a daily basis to keep

Their territory that's why dogs are Always marking their territory and all These things you know there's a ter Territorial aspect to uh biological life On planet Earth and governments are just Some imaginary Construct and so again I'm not saying This is good or right or any of these Things but when people talk about Colonizers well all the peoples I you Had Wars within the Native American Tribes you had Wars with the African Tribes both of them kept slaves like Both of them had slaves Native Americans And uh African people before the slavery And the whatever happened with the Europeans and so you know there's always Something like that right but him saying Kick them out of their Homeland well It's not their Homeland like God doesn't Promise you anything so this is the myth That God their God promised them that Land it isn't a you know I'll get into The god part at the end I got an epic Comment that I got to destroy about the Old Testament so I'll get into that at The end of the video and you know that's A whole part of this right and so you Know what's happening now with Israel Taking over Palestine is just what Happens all the time and I'll get into That in a bit let's watch the rest of This Palestina after the Jews sworn Enemies the Assyrians and the extinct

Philistines who came from Greece and Were not Arab skip ahead throughout the Years many other Empires would conquer This land many of them being Arab Naturally Arab people moved in not only From those Empires but from Arab empires That preceded them in the late 1800s Jewish zionists decided to start moving Back to their ancestral Homeland again It's not their ancestral Homeland they Weren't there they weren't the original People there they were Arabs in that Area as well and they were all the same People they all came from the same Genetics right the sematic people you Know this stuff to do with um uh ishmail And Isaac right there was you know these Were all the same sort of people right They were all the same basic biological Makeup and that's where they lived they Lived in this area and they broke up Into groups not based in you know racial Differences but religious differences And they had these disputes and now you Know there's all the rest of this right 1300 to 1923 the Ottoman Empire had Control of this region but it was a Non-defined region with no Self-governance or border subject to the Laws and rules of the larger Empire that Controlled it there was no national Identity because there was never a Palestinian State okay so that's another Thing there's no national identity

Because there is no Palestinian State as Like a registered government government Right like this is the issue where They're saying it wasn't a legitimate Government like just they saying that The Native Americans didn't have a Legitimate government there was no state Of the Cherokee there was no state of The Apache and so they didn't have a Right or claim to that land because they Never formed a government they never Formed claim they didn't have lawyers And legal documents and laws like this Is the this is the way the guy's going About this right he's claiming that this Is their ancestrial land and yet there Were Arabs there the whole time there Were both peoples living there there's What's now called Palestinians and then You know There's God doesn't promise anything Like you don't own God doesn't say you This your land Forever like it's just it's stupid the Earth is you know billions of years old And so it was just a region like the Rocky mountain region in America the Ottoman Empire collapsed after World War I leaving control over the region in the Hands of the British this started the British Mandate of Palestine again had That name because of the Romans lots of Infighting started happening zionists Proclaimed they'd be happy if they had

One square foot to call Israel and the British wanted hands off after one Square foot they wouldn't be happy That's a complete lie the Holocaust Jewish refugees fled to Israel in 1947 The UN partitioned the land a state for The Arabs and a state for the Jews the Arab state for Palestine would have the West Bank Jerusalem Gaza heon and Several other cities while the Jews Would have Tel Aviv and the land to the South of the West Bank which was mostly Desert as well as small small portions To the north the Jews were given more Land despite having less people but the Arabs would get the majority of the Cities on the land and Jerusalem which Was the holiest site and all because They lived there those they lived in These areas they lived in some of the Best areas the Palestinians were doing Well financially there was you know Business uh you know they many of them Were upper middle class that now live in Poverty right Judaism in the third Holiest site in Islam after the Partition Israel declared independence And the Arabs declared war the Transjordanian Arab Legion assisted Slaughtering Jews in the old Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem and okay so this is Not accurate this was all a This was um The Israel was the aggressor which we Know from what happened with the USS

Liberty they didn't there was a Six Day War there's these various Wars that went On where Israel was the aggressor and They always took more land leveling the Oldest synagogue in the city the result Of this war these borders except the Portions they would have you believe are Palestine aren't Egypt took control of Gaza and Jordan an nexted the West Bank No Palestine in 1967 Another War ensued Israel fought a three-r war against Egypt Syria and Jordan defeating all of Them in only six days Israel made Massive land claims these were the new Borders they took the Golan Heights yeah So this is you know they kept on doing This because they want all the land and They believe it to be there it's their Ancestrial land is this guy's calling it It's not their ancestrial land only if You're a Christian or you're a Jewish And you believe in what is Not a good book the Old Testament it's Not it's not a Rel it's not a book about God you can say it's a good book in Terms of stories and fables I preferred The Old Testament when I heard it as a Kid because it had stories and fables Right whereas the New Testament is more Abstract and more about the way you Think about God but it's much more Mature book and it's much more accurate And it's about Jesus who was somebody Who had transcended his religion and

Became a spiritual person so it's a much Better book About God and it is about God the the Old Testament isn't about God right now The New Testament has been warped and It's been edited and it's been Manipulated but it was about God you Know originally when Jesus was speaking About because Jesus had a spiritual Experiences again he wasn't the only son Of God but he he moved towards being a Spiritual person and so this is you know Some of the um like more accurate idea Of what happened with the Bible and what Happened before it but the old Testament Is not about God and I'll get into that At the end of the um at the end of the Video the only problem I have with all This stuff that I cover here is the Lying about it because I believe all This is God's plan not God's plan Because of some religious you know Rel The god of religion the god of Christians or Muslims or Jews or Hindus Or any of these religions but what Divinity really is and I'll get into That at the end of the video like I said That's something different I want to Cover but in in terms of what's Happening Now I believe it's part of God's plan it's the line about it that I Discuss here because you know there's a Great um hopefully I can remember to put That clip in here uh let me just um stop

This voice over here and then I'll put The clip in but make no mistake about it What we're about to do is Criminal we do Not have the flag on our shoulders and No amount of [ __ ] that we tell Ourselves is going to change that if we Do our job right we will be committing One murder and one armed robbery okay I Left a gap in here to put the clip in Hopefully I remember so if there's a Long Gap I forgot but it's a clip of uh A Netflix um movie I forget the name of It but Ben Affleck plays this Commander Kind of on hard times and they're going To Rob and steal from a drug lord and He's being honest about what they're Going to do right and you know be honest About what you're going to do like stop Making up these victim stories and Creating all these narratives so you can Justify your evil actions like you you Think that other people just don't Understand your point of view like this Goes for every country that uses these Kind of Nefarious and uh you know these Um psychological operations to make Themselves the victims and then go out And do something bad you're going in There to take their land take their land And just admit what you're doing say why Tell the world and you know be honest About Yourself and you know just live with the Consequences but don't come up with this

Victim conscious and all these other Things like I said whatever happens is Meant to happen it's part of the divine Plan it's about bringing down the system So something else something better can Take its place because we're not doing Well and our systems are demonic our Economic system our religious systems All of them all the systems that govern Our lives are ego based and material Based and they're not balanced with our Soul and our Soul's purpose and God the Energy you know we need to have a Material life but we also have to Balance that with our life of our soul And we've gotten away from that and the Perspective that I'm going with that I Have is based in that idea that there is A spiritual movement that is you know That this ending of our con you know Whatever we've gone through here our Collective material ego Pursuit for the Last 5,000 years during the cuga it's Coming to an end it's an end of a phase And it's a bad phase you you see this in Your own life when you especially when You get into your late teens and early 20s and you start becoming like an adult Like an adult and you're you know maybe You're in college or you have whatever You're doing and you're partying and You're on your own and you get away from I mean if you grew up with any kind of a Mor moral code and religion and things

Like this not that religion's good but It's good in the sense of morality like There's good things about religion but You have to graduate it and move to Something better but most people move to Something worse so you grow up in a Religion and then you don't think about God or you become an atheist or you you Go even in a you know you go in the Wrong direction you you go from Something that's kindergarten in Religion and you go to something worse That is no relationship with God uh Whatsoever and you live in the the you Know the world of the ego and the ego Alone with no idea of uh Divinity and That's where most people are but from my Perspective doing the SJ Mar meditation You know gracefulness meditation I've Done for years and the philosophy and The Prophecies of it and the idea of a You know a deepening connection Internally to God across the board Everyone having this in the future but To have that in the future you have to Get rid of what's here in the present And that has to be erased and not that We have to do anything it's happening on Its own and this is a part of it we're Seeing in Israel and Palestine and these Other places so when I cover something Like this you know I'm not going to get Into the whole history because history Is always debatable like I don't know

Much about history and I don't know all That much about the religion Christian Religion the Bible I read it when I was Younger and you know there are things That come up that people say to me and Then I look at them and then I give them A different perspective and Interpretation based on my own spiritual Pursuit right I didn't understand Jesus Or his life until I started doing Saj Mar and I made that jump myself from Being a materialistic egot egocentric Person to being on the spiritual path And connecting to God internally and When you do that even a little bit your Whole and you think about it like you Ruminate over it you meditate over it You think about what's you the changes That are happening to you and your Perspective changes in the world you Start understanding Saints and higher Developed souls and their lives and Because you experience something even if It's not nearly as good as what they did In terms of your Accomplishment it's you know it's still You you you understand it because you're I mean you can start playing the piano And then kind of get a sense of how good You know I don't know like uh Beethoven Is or something right like if you don't Know it at all it's just all like you Know that's just music you don't like You don't have any sense of what it

Takes to to write music but then you Start writing music and you see how Great other musicians are even if you're Not that great yourself you have a sense Of it right and that's what happens to You if you be if you're on a spiritual Path of your own for a while and most People aren't they never they never get Connected with their soul and these Other things right so they never get any Sort of insight into some of these Religions and other things because they Just go along with it and accept Whatever they're told same thing like When you're a truther and you start Researching things you realize you know The depths the the depths of that you Have to plunge down the rabbit hole to Come up with something that resembles The truth and and then eventually Realize why they call it a rabbit hole Because you'll never get the truth going To the bottom of it because it's just Lies deeper and deeper digging through The lies and deception instead of Finding the truth in another Direction But in terms of what happened with Israel and Palestine there was Palestinian people living there and There were more of them than there was Uh Jews there and the Jews took more and More of their land they developed a Better military they developed a you Know a victim statement and the whole

Stuff of the Holocaust was was a very Moving you know something that moved People and they had America America had Their back and America was backing them They won America over they lobbied their Politicians and so they developed their Power just like the you know the Arabs Were able to find oil in their country And they had power money power oil power So that's been the battle there and I Get into that in my last video but right Now Israel's making a massive land grab And they've done something here either They created themselves or they they Provoked it or whatever happened Whatever the cause there was there the Effect is that they're going to grab More land anything that happens they're Going to use as excuse to grab land Whether the thing happened organically Or not there's another piece of this There's a comment here a person left and This was what my reference to ishmail And and Abraham in the Bible ishmail Sent Away by Abraham with his mother Where they settled in Mecca Islam Operates from the knowledge of God up to That point God told abriam to Abraham to Focus on Isaac because the covenants Would continue through them God said Ishmael would have a large Nation but be A wild man basically always at War the Symbolism is what has always occurred is More relevant now that's like an

Unbelievably subjective view right Because you're a Christian that you buy Into that Boop right because it's not True at all I mean I don't know anything About ish and and Isaac and Abraham and Sarah and uh Hagar like I just learned About them last week so I'm not some Expert about the Bible but I do know That the Old Testament is not about God And that's what I'm going to get into at The end of the video in the voiceover Which I've talked about before because Another great comment I would cover it Here but I want to get into other stuff So this is a very subjective view that They would have a larger Nation cuz I Said that there's two billi I Muslims And only 16 million Jews and one person Wrote to me that being the chosen ones They were chosen to spread the word of God but it's not the word of God it's a Bad book it's not God that's presented In the book it is a you know demonic Narcissistic and you know all the things I've said in the past and I'll cover at The end of the video and so with all This you know that's going on be honest About what it is throw out your two Religions throw out your religious Beliefs this is about people who want Land people who want to dominate land Like you know we see a nature there's Animals fighting for dominance and Territory that's all this is and there's

No historical connection I mean there's His history there but it's not based in Divinity your people live there both Peoples live there there's Arabs and Jews living there before and now Christians and they all have claim in This SL because you know it's where Jesus was born and there's all these Things this historical aspect of it you Know Master charg you third Master of The system went to the Wailing Wall you Know this you know this weird thing Where Jewish people hump this wall like You humping the wall hump the you can Find it right like you can find videos About it and i' you know there's an Explanation I don't know what is but he Went to the wall and he said there's no Spiritual energy here people wanted him To go see it like he was in that area And he said there he didn't feel any Spiritual energy there's nothing there Like sometimes those temples and things Are charged from past Saints with Pranoti spiritual energy not pranoti That's the transmission that's given in The sjar system but you know some Churches you'll go to some religious um You know temples and and churches and Synagogues and mosques or whatever you Can feel and you know peace pagodas There's a great peota in Massachusetts I Used to go to and you can feel the Spiritual energy it's much like the

Ashrams that are the Sark system and Some people you go to their house and You can just feel the spiritual energy Radiating there because somebody satly Lives in the house and those are the Things that you can experience and There's a spiritual condition and Atmosphere like a bubble in those areas But there are lots of places that are Called holy that aren't holy at all There's no spiritual energy there Anyways let's get back into it I'll I'll Cover this more at the end of the video To Hezbollah and its backer Iran don't Don't don't don't don't come across the Border don't escalate this war that's Right is Iran behind the Gaza War I Don't want to get into classified Information but to be very blunt with You there is no clear evidence of That President Biden yesterday on 60 Minutes doubling down on a warning to Others in the Middle East okay so it's Thursday today this must have been Monday morning I went to eat breakfast And I was doing a lot of we were doing a Lot of farm work which I get into it a Bit and so this video's been you know I've been making this for a while now And you see Gumby Joe and his and his Pal uh his his dude there MAA who asked Hillary Clinton about Biden's age mik's Had a number of they've had a number of Guests on there talking about how Biden

Just isn't you know it's he shouldn't Run anymore and M won't accept it or Whatever her you know her dad was a big Part of the CFR and all these things counsil on Foreign Relations but JoJo Biden just The way he was in that one little clip And I'm going to show you more Clips I Have a better um Source one of the Videos that's up on YouTube about the 60-minute interview and he's just gone Like he's gone like here there's nobody Home right comes as the US military is Increasing its presence in the region Amid a threat from Iran and Hezbollah And US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkin back in Israel this morning to Continue diplomatic talks after a Weekend of meetings with leaders in the Middle East meanwhile in Gaza Palestinian civilians are in dire need Of humanitarian Aid we'll go live to Israel Gaza border for the very latest On all of that in just a moment so let's Segue into General betray us uh he was On Morning Joe like a couple days later Here who is um you know he's was a hero In the Iraq war that we all know now is Completely bogus so this guy should have Lost all credibility but apparently he's Written another book and they thought he Might even run for president but you Know we know that the Iraq War was a Sham right uh and so this guy's going to

Admit to here as he goes through and he Speaks well he's you know he's he's Articulate uh but he's full of the Deception the neocon he's a neocon right Hopefully I'll remember to put the Morning Joe pie in that I uh that I took Off the TV last night and if I didn't This will remind me to do that uh but I'll put that in before this piece Because that's going to be essential to Talking about these things I'm going to Show you twice where Biden is I mean the 60 Minutes interview Biden's just not There he's like nobody's home even more Even more than usual difficult task is It not it is it's it's Fishlyn Why are you bringing up fiends into this You imagine my great co-author the great Baron Roberts of Bel gra and Roberts uh And I sat down the other day and we Can't think of a time that you I think There's going to have to be a year of The fiend hopefully I'll remember to do That not this year but I think that'll Be coming up at some point just s saying The word fiend struck me saw a more Difficult mission for a military Organization than what they face going Into Gaza again if you really destroy Hamash you have to go into every Building these are highrises clear every Floor every room every Cellar every uh Tunnel and there's a huge tunnel system

There'll be improvised explosive devices Suicide bombers all of this and the real Issue I think is not just that it's then What and I'm sure I am very confident I Know the IDF leadership uh very well Respect them highly and I'm sure they're Sitting down with the Prime Minister and Now their former IDF chief of staff Benny gance who's joined the Coalition Uh and asking okay after we clear and Hold these areas then what and I think They already know what do you mean they They're they're just planning this now We know what the then what if I know What the then what is you know what the Then what is so again it's the issue That you know vengeance is not enough It's also what are the other components Of a comprehensive approach what Richard Hos rightly was emphasizing the need for What are you doing the day after what is Richard hos is a big CF CFR guy Council On Foreign Relations and you know They're all neocons right and they know What they're they're you know their What's next is is Israel takes Gaza Strip and then the rest of what used to Be Palestine what's the vision for the Palestinians uh in Gaza after you remove Or severely damage Hamas and I don't Think you can leave them there uh if They are left in charge after they pull Out Um they'll just come back so yeah I was

Going to ask you that prime minister Netanyahu so you know he's saying that They're going to have to occupy it in Forever just take it they can't leave The Palestinians in charge because Hamas Will just come back in so I mean it's Just right there they all know it like There's this is what they have to do Biden's going to deny this coming up I'll show you that clip he's saying he Denying it publicly but that's what Israel has to do like this is what they Have to do based on their narrative Based on who they are based on what they Believe the land their entitlement to The land is the biblically prophesied Promise you know it's the promised land That in terms of what God wants for them It's the promised Land said the mission is to completely Destroy Hamas destroy their capability To do again what they did on October 7th And that every member of Hamas is quote A dead man is that the right objective To begin with and then obviously what Comes next is maybe even even the harder Question the what comes next is even Harder but this would be a very very Substantial task keep in mind that it Took the Iraqi Security Forces supported By the Americans and a coalition nine Months to clear a city that's roughly The size of Gaza City mosul in Northern Iraq where I was as a two star in the

First year uh you know he's talking About going door Todo kicking down doors You had all these memes um if I remember To put one in I will but it's like on Knock knock I had three memes that say The same thing it was different pictures But it's American soldiers kicking Indoors knock knock it's democracy right And they would go into these people's Homes so the majority of people don't Have any weapons imagine somebody coming To your city or town that's about the Size of Gaza right most cities and you Know most Suburban places are the size Of Gaza right and so something that's You know 20 miles by whatever miles it Is come to your town and go to every one Of the houses you know they did this in With the Boston Marathon thing that you Know that weird thing you know that that Boop thing that happened years ago um But they went house to house door to Door and kicking in the door and you Know going through pointing the guns at You and your family your kids and then Going through all your private stuff Dumping everything on the floor like You're some sort of criminal even though You haven't done anything I mean just I Was watching that movie um about that uh The sniper American Sniper whatever it Is um whatever that guy's name is I Don't can't remember right now it's not Important but he was murdered Kyle um

Chris Kyle and you know it's an Interesting movie I saw it on a Different level the first time I saw it Years ago I didn't like it because it Was you know he had punched Jessie Ventura because of Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy theories but then turned out He didn't Jessie Jessie Ventura when a Lost it was weird thing but he was dead At the time so he got the money from the Widow was just kind of a mess but but You know there's um even in that movie It showed them going in and displacing People innocent people all the time you Know they're like NPCs where the Combatants you know it's like you see You know with the Avengers movie or you Know the um any sort of action movie There's all these consequential actions When cops are just letting bullets fly And you know I mean there's straight There's Friendly Fire you know whatever It is Criminal fire and in car chases Things where NPCs are getting killed Because these other people think they're More important and this is what I'm Talking about here going house to house Door to door and all the innocent people That have nothing to do with this being Subjected to this kind of horror and Then afterwards they're going to have to Be occupied in some way and live under Suspicion that means every person There's a potential terrorist and that's

What they're trying to do to people in The truth community and this is coming To a you know an internet Dru this is Eventually how they want to treat all of Us who question the official story so The challenges just of the Tactical Mission are very very substantial but The bigger issue is what is the strategy Again once they have you know I remember Taking the 1001st Airborne Division we Took the first large city uh during the Fight to Baghdad and I called my boss And I said hey good news and bad news The good news is we own naith he asked What's the bad news I said we own Nai What do you want us to do with it uh and So there needs to be what do you want to Do with Gaza City and really the entire Ter Rory they want to keep it it's they Want to Annex it and they want to Displace as many Palestinians as Possible I mean they're trying to push Him out of the country we see this you Know the these borders they want they Want these Palestinians to flood into These other countries and never come Back and they want to decrease the Amount of population there get them Humanitarian sort of you know whatever It Is okay so I wanted to start the voice Over um today's uh Thursday October 19th I've released two um Journey series Videos mistakenly because I had three

That need to be released I thought there Was two so I released the um the the uh 122 version which is kind of a big deal Because of the um stuff to do with the Most recent celebration with the the Heartfulness debacle with Dodgy uh and then someone pointed out That I had never released 121 And I Think that was 4 hours the other one's 5 Hours so I just released 9 hours of Content to people who watch my journey Series videos and I mean that's going to Be days worth of watching if they want To watch the whole thing so I've been Wanting to do less um content and I've Just did a whole thing on uh well I'll Talk about this more in the voiceover uh My wife and I were doing some farm work And things but anyways something Happened that I should put in this video Which was there was a hospital that was Bombed in Gaza and the Muslims are Saying it's the Jews and the Jews are Saying it's the Muslims basically and There's protest worldwide outrage at Israel from the Muslim Community and a Lot of Denial from Israel and America that it Was not Israel and it's a bunch of liars who you Know both sides and so people can't Believe any anything anymore because of The the lies of the media and the lies Of governments and the lies of people

And people are going to believe what They're going to believe but here is a Great video Title Madow this is mattow here and this is This dude here mattow on the Gaza Hospital bombing we as humans have to Believe that truth Matters from MSNBC we have to believe That truth truth matters does truth Matter look at look at this grumpy dude Here all right so let's start off with Her with this uh witch likee creature I Wish you were sitting here not me um It's so fra it's so um oh my God I wish Neither one of you were sitting there Right no I'm glad you did do because it Makes my job easier it's so Heartbreaking um it's heartbreaking you Think about everything that you here I I Take Mary E's Point um I think she's Still with us that um these are the Images that a terrorist Nation wants out There um I take John Hudson and and Rap's point what do you mean a terrorist Nation they want victim Consciousness See this is about victim Consciousness Right because Israel had it Israel had These attacks from Hamas they had it and They've worked it they're good at doing It it's part of their whole you know Their battle their war was I said that The that the you know the the Muslims Have

Oil and the power that goes with that And Israel has the you know the victim Consciousness and the Holocaust and These things that they're talking about In uh you know thousands of years of Persecution and things that they've Perpetrated in these you know various Media outlets and and all of it and they Had it going into what was happening but Now the Muslims and Palestinians are Claiming victim Consciousness that they You know victim stance that they've been Wronged in some way this is a battle of That right and this is an emotional 3,000 year old Battle of this kind of Thing right these kind of back and Forth um and I'm going to get into this In the voiceover because I I didn't know As much as I know now like I never Thought about this but the evid Inevitability of this thing um here Let's uh get back to these guys that um I mean to John Hudson's reporting that 6,000 bombs have been dropped on a teeny Teeny um space tons of civilians there In Harm's Way put In Harm's Way by Hamas Um and I and I wonder what your sort of Thoughts are about how we sift through This well I think if you look at what's Happened at that hospital there is Nobody in in there's nobody Among Us There's nobody in the Civilized world Who would want um to happen what Happened to that hospital um no one want

Hospital get hit by a bomb it's just Let's we all in agreement let's get Let's get together no bombing or Hospitals right we're not into that to Have people to have a a place where it's An operating operating hospital this is A place where there's there's patients There there's wounded people there in Addition to people Sheltering there now Why did that happen at that hospital we Don't know and I think it's we can't Underscore that enough we have a clear Assertion from the Israeli side we do Not categorically Target hospitals and We have a counter explanation as to what The strike could have what could have Caused that strike they're saying it's Palestinian Islamic Jihad um a misfired Rocket essentially that was targeted Israel and and somehow hit that hospital Instead on the other side we've got Palestinian authori saying No this was An Israeli air strike we cannot lose Sight of the fact that in the Gaza Strip The government is Hamas there isn't you Can't lose sight of that we got to Remember that that Israel has a quality Government that's endorsed by Israel and The people of Israel whereas Hamas is a Terrorist organization and so you know Let's not lose sight of that let's you Know cuz I mean who are you going to Believe here Israel or a Hamas terrorist Organization who are you going to

Believe a governing Authority that we're Able to appeal to here that may have a More neutral understanding of this than The entity that launched those terrorist Attacks in Israel last weekend and that Is at war with Israel right now and so I Mean that's why I asked Raph that Question about whether see and I'm I'm Going to get into this cuz I have this Epic Comet to get to that you know is Really going to be I had a realization Like Epiphany about all this uh early This morning I did a meditation is Sitting and you know I just realized That we're like this is finally Happening um you know the this is the Again it has this has been going on for A very long time but it is go through Phases right and things have to Eventually be resolved and there's only One way this is going to be resolved and This is like destruction of both sides Right and so I'm going to get into that In the voice over but the reason I mock The news and mock news people like this Is because they have a predetermined Storyline that's fed to them by the Powers that be right they have this is What this is our take on this and the Take from American News is going to be This is not Israel like that's you know Like she they don't kind of know now When they're talking about this then I'm Going to show you where they now think

They do know and they have the evidence To support it but it's a predetermined Story and we saw this back in the big Event in 2001 that's really you know I mean it's Been it's been for a while but that was When it became obvious that they Couldn't look at any other Possibilities they couldn't look at any Other narratives and that's why the Truth Community exists because they have A Predetermined opinion or uh storyline That's fed to them by usually the Government or corporations or you know Fizer or whatever it is right and Whatever evidence That's goes against That Predetermined uh storyline they don't Look at it or cover it and that's why They get mocked that's why why we exist Because they won't look at anything else Like you're saying the truth matters Come on like you're MSNBC you're told What to believe you're told what's Happening and you stick to those Storylines they don't even entertain the Possibility like right now the storyline Is that this was done by Hamas and they Don't know like they don't even have any Evidence yet and Israel's bombing the Crap out of it is you know we just saw With them Jake Tapper that in Israel's Dropping bombs everywhere and they're

Doing air Strikes and you know there's two Possibilities here and you know that This was done and whatever reason Whatever motivation the two sides they Don't know they don't know anything yet They don't have any evidence and they're Already starting to get that storyline Across well you got to remember who's Who the two people here are two groups One's M and one's Israel so who are you Going to believe right or not us Intelligence has anything substantive to Add to the factual understanding here When you look at protests breaking out In the West Bank and outside the Israeli Embassy in in Aman as um our last guest Was just telling us and indeed in in Lots of places in the region right now Those protests are breaking out because Of the perception that this was a Deliberate Israeli air strike targeting That hospital on purpose you have to Believe we as humans have to to believe That the truth matters we do not want Okay so that's you know we have to Believe the truth matters now you know There's stuff going on with leban Lebanon as well and there's Lebanon Protests and Lebanon uh you know uh Biden has allowed people who are in the Embassy to leave just in case the Embassy gets overrun and he's advising They're advising people not to travel to

Lebanon and so this is going to escalate So YouTube uh recommended this video This morning protests around the world Over Gaza Hospital blast don't about This blast I want to bring in CNN Military analyst retired lieutenant General Mark hurtling here uh General Hling your name is hurtling and you're a General look I we have some video it's Hurtling hurtling will get to the bottom Of the story here and I want you to just Take a look at this this they got the Magic board here is um some footage that Seems to show a rocket going up here There it is and then there something Happens that's pretty catastrophic when You see This what do you see I see a flame out Of a rocket uh and we've been talking About this all day La uh you know and It's a okay so they see a flame out of a Rocket so what they're saying here is There was a rocket and it flamed out Right it was supposed to go with Probably to Israel we assume I see a Flame out of a rocket uh and we've been I see lots of Flameout talking about this all day last Lots of flams i' see it in come on uh You know and it's a result of what Happened yesterday but when you see that Rocket going forward this happens a lot With these kind of rockets that are Supplied by Iran Abby it it it's Iran

Iran did it come on Iran's responsible For their for their Hospital killing Their Hospital bombing Rockets is a Rocket motor that doesn't work it gets a Certain distance and then it just Flames Out and a rocket has a trajectory of a Brick once it does doesn't have a force Behind it so it immediately drops is it Very convenient they have this footage Of this Thing so you see it Right this is a slow motion of that Video flame out yeah so it loses its Rocket motor and then it just drops down But what you also have when that happens Is the fuel that's part of the rocket That hasn't burned so when it hits the Ground we'll see next here's here's the Video of an explosion from a viewpoint Okay so totally different footage like That could have happened the flame out Of the rocket could happened 10 years Ago like there's it's not a this is not Consecutive footage right right from the Ground yeah now this isn't a very big Piece of ordinance it's a relatively Small ordinance so the the the actual uh Uh explosive isn't that big but what is Big is the fuel that it hasn't used that Caused a lot of cars in that parking lot To burn we see the after effects of that We see a very small crater if it had Been a okay so that's the you know this Is the Israeli story and they're not

Believable they have mad and they have All the stuff they said before remember What they did to the you know the Six Day War when they bombed the American uh The American information ship an Information gathering ship that wasn't Even armed they bombed uh the USS Liberty and then that whole scam that Whole thing that happened I mean you can Go look up that that's you know um but That was so greasy because they didn't Want Americans knowing what was really Going on in the war and so there's a History here I'm both sides you know I'm Not you know I don't have a a horse in This race in terms of I think one sides Like I'm not rooting for one side over The other right I don't you know this is A disaster for all of us which I'll get Into as we uh start the as I start the Voice over all right so I'm going to Cover the um the comment the comment About uh the Old Testament later Actually probably tomorrow I don't know I'm going to relase this on the the 19th Or um the 20th we'll see I just released A journey Series today so whatever but Uh I'll probably do the voiceover Tomorrow about that but briefly to say Here that and you know this just going To come next for you so I don't why I'm Saying that but um but what I've Realized about this you know I haven't Covered pal and Israel very much um I'm

Surprised that YouTube is monetizing videos because People have comments because I said when I made my first two videos I said They're probably not going to monetize This and there's maybe a few different Reasons because during the political Season where there's political elections You know not as much now but it's just Heading into Christmas as well YouTube Makes a lot more of their money so this Is their you know they're lot more Lenient during this period of time During the the fall and winter months People watch a lot more content during The you know the the the um cold weather And so you see a lot their ad revenues Go up and so that might be part of it The other part who knows what like Sometimes they allow people to say Things like they did with the you know The BL and then they come down hard and Everybody I don't know um so we'll see What they're doing in here but they are Allowing people to post things about This that aren't agreeing with the Official story which is a lot of what's Going on as well in terms of young People not buying into it like their uh You know their parents and Grandparents but in terms of what I've Realized you know these last couple of Videos is that the original idea to Stick Israel stick you know this uh

These people this group of people in With these other groups of people with This other group of people actually a Couple different groups of people in Terms of the the Shiite and the Sunni Was a you know was doomed to failure Making Israel a state was doomed to Failure because nation building never Works and they were talking about betrus Is talking about nation building I've Never seen an example of nation building Ever working the governments that America installed in Afghanistan and Iraq have collapsed and whatever is left Of them isn't what America intended Puppet governments when you go and Invade a country and you do regime Change and then you install a puppet Government it simply doesn't work we Know that it doesn't work and then doing Something like they did here which is Even more uh you know audacious Audacious audacious egregious I don't You're going into a place that has Biblical conflict that has you know Old Testament level conflict for 3,000 years Groups of people and you know it's not Going to ever get better it's not They're not going to come back together And sing kumaya like they're their you Know their cultures have to be wiped out For any kind of peace to be there There's never going to be a peace and so To stick um you know in a very coveted

Land because of it also is the Christians you know it's three religions There cuz we're talking about Jerusalem We're talking about You know holy lands for three different People and you're going to stick you Know uh the Israelis into this country Andow them and it's going to be led by England who is you know in terms of the Muslims and like they haven't forgotten The Crusades and the the stuff to do With you know these European countries England Particularly and so you know all these Religious conflicts there are three Different religions there's religious Wars the judeo-christian and the Christian and the the Jews and the Muslims and all these different levels Of conflict and bad feelings and bad Blood and no one likes to be forced To take something or accept something That they don't want and so there's Never going to be peace there like peace In the Middle East is not it'll never Happen and part of that is cuz Iran like Iran when they had mosad it was possible But the CIA went in and destabilized That region they've constantly Destabilize the region mosad was uh you Know was a moderate a modern person who Ran Iran and now it's you know this uh I Mean this you know this theocracy that's Backward in many ways and the CIA did

That right and so they keep on meddling With this area and it always has bad Consequences because you have to allow People to find their own way when you Try to force people to do what you want Them to do as a nation like what America Wants Iran to do or the region to do you Know whenever you use Force there's Always a counter Force there's always a Rebound like you bounce a ball and it Has a rebound right you th you know Youve pushed some Force into something And then the force is uh is thrown back At you and they're trying to force this And it you know uh worse than all these Other things that they've done it's just A bad idea was never going to work it Was just like all right let's do this And it'll be some it'll the problem will Be moved somewhere else and so I don't Know how this is going to shake out but I know it's not going to end well Because it's just you can't do this this Doesn't work it's proven it doesn't work And maybe it's they wanted to stabilize The region I mean that could be the only You know the goal that I see you know The people who are are just normal Jewish people who thought that they Could go back to what they think is Their Homeland you know it's not that They're Innocent but like they just you Know they're trusting people who don't Have their best interests at heart right

And their long you know longterm plan And then all the people in that region Who are you I they all have their issues They all everyone has a share of the Blame but the people who control the System the people who make these Decisions and are manipulating the System you know they're playing a Different game and they know things they Have information that other people don't Have but now with the internet that Information's coming out and because of That like it's even doomed to failure Even more and you really can't you know You don't have an excuse anymore for Ignorance like you you know you just Don't have an excuse anymore for Ignorance like that's just the way it is Right there's no longer anything like That there's no you can't say all right I didn't know I didn't understand Because the information is available to You and that's about America that's About you know everybody you no longer Can claim ignorance it's just that you Want to be ignorant because it's you Know there for you to to see I there's Plenty of people in Israel who are Appalled by the way that Palestinian People are being treated but the whole Concept of Israel the whole concept of Having a a Jewish state in the middle of This hostile region with so much money You know oil money and all the rest of

It and you know all of that like just The biblical historical aspect of it Than just human nature it's it's doomed To failure so I've had kind of a disc Connect from my YouTube channel cuz I Was um I had some uh little bit of a Like a lingering migraine like not Really a headache but just kind of Feeling the migraine once in a while There'd be some little minor pain but it Went for like 3 days which usually Doesn't happen my wife and I Planted 38 trees um you know was a kind Of a big some of them were bigger than Others so it was a whole thing um And was doing other work so we did a lot Of intensive like farm work and I just Wasn't able to um attend to my channel Like I haven't answered or looked at Comments read comments in like two days And um you know I was able to make a Video but just like in between doing the Other stuff and so you know I had Um uh disconnect from the news as well Like I was not even looking at stuff Like I usually do of course there was This big event that happened at the Hospital and you know all the things to Do with this Israeli Palestinian Conflict but when I'm covering something I'm usually looking into it every day And thinking about it but I just wasn't And I wasn't thinking about the YouTube Channel and these other things and I

Think I think that was positive because I had this kind of Revelation about What's Happening Here on uh you know This beginning or the end of our Economic system and our you know our our Way of life you know the what we Consider modern day way of life my wife Said something a couple days ago where We were talking about this um I don't Know itbe was like three days ago when Some stuff was happening and the death Tole is starting to rise in uh in Palestine and she was like you know and This is the way they were leaving the Having to forced out of their country And you know what's going to happen Afterwards and she's like you know Imagine if we were born there like you Know you know lucky we are to live in America where we've never been occupied In a way that we you know of course we Are in different way you know we are you Know under a sort of a totalitarian System but we're not aware of it because Of our lifestyle and the other things But we have a a certain level of Material Freedom material uh you know rights and Things that are illusionary but they're There like in terms of we don't we're Not aware of the oppression that we live Under but still it's better life we have A better life we have more accessibility We don't have to you know worry about

The kind of things that these people in Other countries are are worrying about On a daily basis right in their face Right grow grew up with it live it live With it and I've been aware of just the The poverty you know when I was in India And I saw the poverty there poverty like We don't see here in America and you know people who just Will never get enough protein they'll be You know four four to 5T tall maybe a Little bit over 5T tall and they'll Always be you know underdeveloped brains And underdeveloped physical you know They just don't get enough proper Nutrition their lack of nutrition and is Like palpable and that's you know all Over the world there's almost half the Population has that lives with stuff Like that right where they're Malnourished and they're underdeveloped They're never going to have a an Abstract thought they're never going to Have the kind of ious and you know it's Time to reflect and and you know Meditate and you know these things and Think about things on a like a you know A philosophical level they're just you Know going to have short hard lives of Living almost like animals right we're Just momentto moment survival as a part Of their existence and we haven't had That here in America like we haven't had That kind of and we have poverty and we

Have you know tough times and we have People live in you know dangerous areas In terms of you know gang Warfare Whatever it is right but we don't have Like what other people have in terms of I mean you'll just see it like when you See it in another country you're like oh Like there's bad stuff in America but Not to this level and this depth of Depravity and just you know um and Unnatural like just people living in Ways that just that shouldn't be right But after the British left and you know There hasn't really been an an invasion Or a you know much of anything and of Course there's a Civil War which is Pretty brutal and you know maybe the People in the South think that they've Been occupied ever since I've talked About that with all the military bases In the South and all this stuff but you Know in the um the the sort of the the Overall view of America we haven't been Invaded and occupied like we have done To other countries and eventually it's Going to come back to America America's Going to fall and America's falling we See that with each generation that you Know what's going to happen but Something that I really didn't Understand cuz I didn't think about it Cover it or care about it is the central Aspect of the Middle East in this area In the Middle East where so these

Religions were all born that these major Religions were all born because there is Two billion Muslims in the world right And there is 2.38 billion Christians and so and there's what I say 16 million Jewish people Jews so you Know there's I mean that's not a Significant number but that was kind of The original religion and as I get into This comment I'm going to describe how It's really it starts off with demon Worship it's not God so they you know There's this idea of the one true God There but these major religions that Make up over half the population the Basis of it is ungodly is demonic right So and I'll describe this and it's easy For you to prove for yourself by reading The Old Testament right like you could Do it and I'll talk about that in just a Bit I want to get into this you know Really bad comment but this Central Area Because it's right in the middle of Things it is in the middle area it's Right between there's a large land mass There right so it's right in the center Of that large land mass because you Think about America and Australia to Some extent and you know South americ America that's like one land mass and There's a bigger land mass that involves Um the Middle East and you know it's Right near next to Africa where there's Whatever billions you know large

Population there and all the European Countries and then of course Russia India with a large population and China The majority of the people live in that Region or on that those land mass and in The center of it is is the Middle East So the amount of people I'm going to go Through some statistics here first uh There's in North America it's 579 Million people in Canada and in Mexico And in uh you know the Americas and then in South America is 4 4,222 uh so 400 mil 222 and so that's basically a billion People in North and South America there's 200,000 in Central America and then there's some islands And things around but for the most part There's not that much population maybe 1.2 billion which is a lot of people but Not considering there's almost 8 billion People in the world the rest of them for The majority of them live in this you Know these lands that surround the Middle East and so there's a few more Demographics I want to get to here um There are 470 billion Buddhists in the World so almost half a billion there is 1.2 billion Hindus of course most of Them are in India or the surrounding Countries Bangladesh you know same They're um people of the same biological Uh makeup they're not you know Hinduism

Hasn't spread throughout the globe it's Very centralized to the IND Indian Region uh there are um I was trying to Find out how many Communist people there are in the world They don't have a people but they have Its Onethird of the world's population lives Under Communist governments and some of Those people are religious they're not You know they have to hide their Religion because you know communism is Anti-god and so um but that's um you Know another 2.5 almost uh yeah 2.5 something billion People people live under communist type Of rule and then um and so if you think About those numbers right you have the Muslims Christians and Jews who come From one Central religion and that Religion which I'll get into in a bit is Demonic in nature right and you know It's not God it's not really God that is At the basis of that religion of course What Jesus did was something different He transcended that religion but it has Been linked together now because instead Of starting something new they just Added a new testament to a demonic book And that's problematic and you know Anybody who looks at it with a you know With critical thinking skills and an Open mind can see what I'm talking about And I'll explain more in a bit you have

The Buddhists that make up half a Billion people who don't believe in God And all they believe they don't believe In God at all they believe in past lives But they don't believe that there's Divinity of course all the Communists And you know there's a third of the World is Communists they don't believe In God right so these are the the Players in all this right and there's People in Russia who you know used to be Christian for the most part now live Under communist Rule and they're you Know bitter about World War II and you know America prospered from World War II and and Russia suffered From the uh you know what happened with World War II and you know the the Victory was won through what happened at The Russian front with the Germans and Hitler and all these things and of Course China has been really upset about The Opium Wars when Britain got them Addicted to Opium and you know the British colonialism I mean there's lots Of countries and people around the world Are are bitter about what the British Did Andor Americans and the Empire and There's hate and anger there right you Know recent in recent ways but they all Have these feelings of victim Consciousness and you know unfair Treatment and you know the animosity That's exists between these major

Parties uh powers of America China and Russia and then you have this ancient Fight between the Israelis the Jews and The Muslims and like I said the power Now that exists within the you know Muslim Community Which is oil power but I forgot that you Know they have people power two billion People and it's now spread Beyond these Various regions these various countries That surround Israel where there's all These Muslims now in Europe in Europe Islam is the fastest growing religion Because people are immigrating there and They're having lots of kids white people Don't have kids especially Europeans but Also in America you know white people Are are choosing extinction by having Less and less kids and you know being Overwhelmed by other populations that Are producing more kids like there's Just a whole thing with birth rates Which not really going to cover here but That's happening right this is the end Of a you know an era where white people Had dominance like had you know since The British rule the European Rule and Then what America has done since in the Last so many hundreds of years there has Been a you know a white dominance of the Of the world's structure the economy and The military but that's coming to an end Right that's something that so I wanted To just to cover this kind of uh this is

Part of my realization about what's Going on now the the sons of uh Ishmael And Isaac which is the conflict here and You could say that Christians are also Sons of Isaac and you have these two Religions came from this idea of God the Story of you know the the Old Testament Story and I don't know how much of the Stories are true how much have been Embellished how much the stories have Been you know changed or manipulated but We do know they began somewhere right That they were you know this is where There was a beginning of this right this Is where all the conflict started and These ideas that people had about what The nature of God and So our conception of what God is and the Nature of God what's you know God like What's God's essence you know how does God interact with people what's God want For us you know what is our you know Reason for existing what's God's exp What's God's expectation what kind of Relationship do we have with God right Would God had something from us we want Something from God so people want Material things from God oh God Can I Have this oh God can you take away the Suffering oh God can you have you know Any of these things right um and you Take away pain and suffering and give me Happiness and pleasure that's the Majority of people's relationship to God

What does God want what's God's nature What's God you know what's God all about Right you know in terms of this Relationship and what we've entered into Is a time of pain you know I'm going to Include this in my journey series The 124th Edition because it's this sort of Segways between that this is a Materialistic apocalyptic And spiritual uh voice over and Epiphanies in all of those areas in Doing the sjar meditation over the years Master chargie the third Master of the System used to travel to America and When he came to America in Europe he Said it over and over again he said the Same thing over and over again in talks That I listened to I was there when he Was giving the talk and then also things That he he said before I started doing Sa Mar uh doing the you know the the Meditation and he say the same thing Over and over again that there are two Sides of the coin Pleasure and Pain he Say it all the time to Americans and Europe Europeans and I didn't really you Know get it at first and I'm like well He's repeating this a lot like I Understood it I understood what it meant You know if you're going to have Pleasure you're going to have to have Pain and so you know there's these all These binaries that are talked about in The sa Mark system the the need for a

Material wing and a spiritual Wing you Can just a materialistic person and not Have a relationship with God but you Can't be somebody who goes off into the To the woods and meditates and prays and You know doesn't attend to their Material needs and material obligations Right you need to be both you have a Body you're physical and you need to Have a material life but you also have a Soul and that needs to have a spiritual Life and you need to blend those two Things perfectly to fly you know bird Needs two wings to fly but then there's All these other opposites that are there Like pain and and uh pain and pleasure Happiness and sadness right and to have One you have to have the other because You have the you know the idea of pain Is there or the idea of pleasure is There only because you have pain when You have pain and Miseries then you can experience Pleasure because you need something that Isn't the condition if you had pleasure All the time you wouldn't feel anything New or different it would be one thing Right if you were happy all the time you Wouldn't understand that you were happy Right you were you would understand that There's something else called Sadness and there's a contrast you need Contrast to experience the condition and There's all these things that you have

In life that are they're based in you Know being healthy or unhealthy right When you're healthy you take it for Granted until you're unhealthy and being Unhealthy makes you appreciate your Health and so it's the two conditions The binary conditions that make one Thing you know more appealing but in one Talk charie talked about how there was a Bank of pain that everybody has in their Life that you know they you go through Life wanting Pleasures wanting Comforts Wanting ease of Life wanting good things To happen and with that comes pain They're just there suffering a lot of These things are born out of suffering You know overcoming obstacles and Challenges and whatever it might be and You know people who end up finding ways To nullify the pain which we have in the West through medications through you Know distractions like TV whatever the Internet now whatever it is and they Don't you don't experience the pain like You have doses of pain and there's the Ultimate pain and that is the pain of Love of being separated from God like Within everybody's Soul everybody's soul Loves God and wants to return to the Source there is a innate love of God Which you know I'll cover more when I Get into the nature of God and my Understanding of it in terms of this Like really stupid comment but inside

You there is a craving to return to the Source and it's a a pain of Separation Like when you lose a loved one when you Sep or you're just separated from your Beloved somebody that you love when You're separated there's a longing like A you know innate longing to be reunited You know mothers with their children you Know uh husband and wies husband wives That love each other you know family Members and when somebody dies the loved One dies there's the pain of separation From that loved one on a material Level Certainly you can connect with them on a Soul level but the pain of no longer Having them in your life and the the Most intense pain is the separation we All have from God and I went through an Experience I think it lasts either one To three months where I felt this pain Every day like being separate from God And I couldn't function it was you know I mean nothing really mattered Everything you know food tasted Bland And like just nothing really you know it Wasn't a bad thing it just was you know I couldn't function in my material life And the Pain's still there I just don't You know attend to it like if I you once In a while experience it but it's a Longing to go back to God in which Everybody's Soul has in them and this Pain that we end up suffering you know The the pain of separation the pain of

You know you know being separated from The object of our love is you know like I said the ultimate pain on a like a you Know an emotional level and you know we Have other little bits of pain that we Learn to deal with in our life and in Small doses you get used to being able To tolerate more and more pain like I Can work through migraine headaches I Used to just have to lay down and I Couldn't take them but now I can work Through them uh but with every little Bit of pleasure there's always going to Be you know a hangover a little bit of Pain but our you know developing all These pain medications and ways to avoid Pain pain management pain relief we have All this Bank of pain that we're Supposed to experience that we don't and So it gets dumped on a person like at The end of their life the amount of you Know pain that's there the debt of pain That you need to to uh experience from All the pleasure that you've had and if You don't get little doses of it little Inconveniences miseries little you know Problems here and there then you end up Experiencing it all at once and it's Overwhelming because you haven't learned How to deal with it right you haven't Gotten little doses of it and now that Pain is coming to around you know we can See it's coming and this war in the Middle East is a big part of that so

That's kind of the introduction to this Comment because it's you know there's a Profound uh like you know response that I want to give to it here okay so I went And ate breakfast and I had CN on CNN on Briefly and they were talking about how The IDF had said that they just did Hundreds of air strikes in Gaza right Like they just bombed the crap out of it And so this is you know in the heels of This um controversy Over who did the hospital and it doesn't Matter who like this thing that Rachel Mattal said about the truth matters it Doesn't matter because this kind of Thing is about victim Consciousness and People are going to believe what they Want to believe and the you know IDF and The israels believing they victims of Homas I mean those the people in America And Elder generation particularly watch The news and you know wherever else They're getting sympathy and the people In the Muslim Community believe Something else but I want to get into This comment because it kind of ties all This stuff together I was just thinking Hopefully I saved it like like what if I Didn't save this comment I've been um The whole video is based on this comment But here it is I found it the comment Here um the person writes Paul are you Saying that God is toothless fairy who Doesn't discipline his children this is

JoJo mcu's most egregious egregious Gaff Yet Paul are you saying that God is a Toothless fairy who doesn't discipline His children When you look at animals like lions Wolves eating other animals do you get An image of God like a plush toy Incapable of righteous judgment or Discipline yeah I'm not saying that at All like this person's incapable of Understanding my point of view you know When I mock people like I was saying Earlier whether it be news people or you Know celebrities or anybody it's uh I Understand their point of view I Understand their worldview I actually Look at it with an open mind and Understand their point of view and it's That point of view that I'm mocking Their actual point of view I might Exaggerate some things just as jokes or Whatever but it's you know based in the Person's actual point of view and the Person who left this comment has no idea About my point of view and so they can't Conceive of what I'm saying because they Can't even conceive of the way I think About it the way that I um believe in What I believe about the nature of God And so him saying Paul you saying that God is a toothless fairy who doesn't Discipline his children where did you Get that I didn't say anything about God Disciplining children or not and you're

Characterizing the petty God that's Presented the demon that's presented in The Old Testament well first of all the Person says his children you mean his One child or all his children what is it It right but I made no comment about Discipline because it isn't discipline If you read the Old Testament with an Open mind like you're reading it for the First time and that's what I did you Know when I was a a little little kid I Went and you know went to catechism Which is some you know Catholic Religious whatever it is and we were Reading the Old Testament and it had Fables in it and the New Testament is Very abstract you know it's Jesus Teachings about God and the Old Testament Is not that it is you know stories and Fables and you know whatever it's actual Like it's a book of a you know the the Generations of Jewish people and their Relationship to God you know Abraham Isaac all these things and it's in story Form and you know I like the story of Noah like I would you know if I was Someone in the Old Testament I would you Know be Noah or at least Noah like right Noah adjacent you know that's kind of in A sense what pacet of the future is in a Way way building an arc for the Apocalypse building you know multiple Arcs it's the idea of that um and so I

Like the Old Testament at least I Thought I did and my kids when you know My kids were young my ex and I realized How crappy kids entertainment was most Movies and TV shows and my ex had Contact with Christians and you know Christian moms and she's a part of some Groups and she um you know found out About the Veggie Tales which you know I Have mixed feelings about I think Christians do as well but the Veggie Tales is a cartoon with vegetables Playing biblical figures for young kids And my kids watch some of those things And you know so as far as I was Concerned the Old Testament was Interesting and you know it was it was a Good um it was good for kids like in Terms of its being in story form as as Opposed to abstract teachings about God In terms of the Old Testament versus the New Testament but in homeschooling my Kids you know initially homeschooling Was going good there was a study of Religions because a big part of the Homeschooling was talking about sjar and Understanding the religions which sajar Is uh you know the what I do as a Meditation the the good things that are In all religions are part of it like They're all part of a spiritual movement And there are you know Souls that are Working in different eras and yugas that Come down and help Humanity grow grow

Spiritually so it's all part of the same Thing right the world religions in terms Of the stuff that's good these beings Have interc commmun with the the masters Of the system and and things like this Things of that nature so my ex was going To read the Old Testament to my kids and I sat in with them and as we heard the Old Testament my kids who had you know Been brought up to understand God in a Different way couldn't believe what a Little Boop God was right he was Narcissistic little brat and you know What this person is characterizing as um Discipline you know you can discipline Because the kid needs it or you can Discipline because you're pissed off at The kid right the kid is getting on your Nerves there's two kinds of discipline One where you're you know thinking about The the kid's um overall character and The shape of the person they're going to Become and you have to impose discipline Out of love You know not that you want to discipline The kid but you have to shape the kid Because the kid's turned into a little Nightmare or you get parents who just Are unattentive to their kids their kids End up you know they feed them sugar and They're all hyper and they discipline The kids just to punish them because They're they have the power to do it Right and there's two kinds of

Discipline and the discipline that the Old the god of the Old Testament does is He's pissed off at the the Jews and Other people in the book and he's being A little big about it and he's you know Imposing this discipline and if you read The book objectively you'll see this He's narcissistic you know he wants I Mean he messes with people he wants them To prove themselves to him he wants Abraham to sacrifice Isaac after the Whole you know debacle with ishma and That conflict that's led to whatever is Going on now and he wants uh him to Sacrifice his kid he's like just kidding I'll sacrifice kill a sheep instead and There's slavery and there's and there's R and there's you know incest and There's you know sacrifices and all These things in the Old Testament and God's endorsing these things and wars And and God's you know punishing people Just based in like things just bothered Him like he got you know he's jealous of Polytheism and the worship of other gods And punishing these people who are you Know worship multiple gods because You're not worshiping me the one true God right I mean that's how God comes Across and it's not God it's a a demon It's a it's an ego and there's no other Way to read it it's not discipline it's Not you know God's really there for them Or whatever it is right and God's

Thinking about the overall God's just a Baby he's narcissistic he's you know Petty he's jealous all these things and Isn't like God lays down a series of Rules like there are things people are Doing or have been growing up doing Their whole lives and God gets pissed at Them for doing it without you know any Sort of Grace and thought of oh well This is the best they can do because This is what they've been trained to do He doesn't he's not a teacher you he Just these these people you know Moses And his followers are walking around the Desert just destroying other groups of People on God's orders and then pissing Off God and getting punished themselves And being forced to March around the Desert more and you know it's just like 140 years of just pain and suffering for Him and Moses is like you know done all This work for God and God like curses Him and whatever it is right and it's Just like what I was saying about the News if you come in with the perspective That this is the word of God and it has To be Beyond any reproach or any Criticism or any you you challenging any Of the ideas of it well of course you're Not going to see what I'm saying right Oh it's the Bible you know just you're Accept it it's the Bible it's just you Know it's beyond us it's not Beyond us It's a remedial book the Old Testament

Is particularly bad but it's not the Word of God it isn't you know some I Mean it's it's an okay book The the New Testament has some good stuff in it the Old Testament whatever that being that They're representing isn't God and so The religions that came are born out of That this idea of God being a wrathful Punishing god with a big ego and you Know a mind and all these things and the Nature of human that you're born a Sinner and you'll never be anything else Which is a bad teaching so these Religions that have that That's the Basis of their teaching that you're a Sinner and you can't aspire to be Anything else you're you're a sinner but You're also a soul you're also a Potential Saint you're a potential demon As an ego and you're a potential Saint As a soul your Saint will will guide you Towards God your ego will guide you away Guide you away from God right and that's What everybody struggles with and that's The the nature of human beings and you Know if you can't understand that you Can't understand it it's not my problem But there teachings that are the basis Of these three religions are not sound They're not an actual actual Representation of God and our Relationship to God and so there are two Things here in terms of the person Saying you know this idea here we go

Back to the comment the person saying Paul you saying God is toothless fairy Who doesn't discipline his children when You look at animals like lions wolves Eating other animals you get an image of God like a plush toy incapable of Righteous judgment or discipline none of Those things to toothless fairy or a um You know a plush toy that's not a you Know where would anybody get that idea From what I've saying and so the first Part about this in the SJ Mark system You experience God's love that's the Transmission the cleaning that's the the Basis of the system is you experiencing God's love and cleaning away the things That prevent you from experience God's Love but God's love is there for Everybody and the exper ER is the more Important part but there's also Teachings about the nature of God which Are mental the experience of God is Through your heart which is you know a Profound uh you know the the instrument Of the heart is the only the only tool You have to experience love and God's Love and to know God as a you know as a Being right know God's essence or know Anybody's Essence your mind is you know Is in analytical it's Unfeeling and so you can try to Understand God mentally but you never Will because God is you know in Everything and is everything and so it's

Beyond anybody's capability to Understand mentally but my understanding Mentally the things that I explain here Mentally in terms of the the teachings Of the Sark system and things that I've Experienced that have shown me that These teachings are correct because it's Not just the teachings themselves but You get to experience the philosophy On a you know on a spiritual journey Type of situation so it's a you know There a much higher and more efficient System to connect people to God right And so this person saying that do you Think God doesn't punish his children Well God doesn't punish we punish Ourselves we have the ability to do the Right thing we have the right choice There's one right choice in every Situation we have one right choice the Choice that our soul wants us to make The choice that leads us to God And there's infinite amount of wrong Choices that are available to our ego And our imagination and our you know Ability to try to scam the system or Rationalize our behavior and we know What the wrong choices are everybody Does on some level like some level you Know it's a wrong choice you might Rationalize it you might tell yourself Why it's the right choice but it's the Wrong choice right and let's say you Make the choice to become an alcoholic

Again you have these Saras which is Another problem you have you know past Lives with addiction so you come in with A predis pre predisposition towards some Sort of an addiction what's the Punishment for an alcoholic well Therosis of the liver losing your family Losing your job uh you know becoming a Toxic person uh the other effects Getting stupider and all the other Health effects and so God isn't Punishing you you chose to be an Alcoholic right and there's consequences That come with it and everything that's Done in the world that's wrong that's Taking you away from God has a Consequence to it anything that you're Doing that's uh in terms of um Overindulging in terms of you know doing Things you're not supposed to be doing There's consequences to those things and God isn't punishing you you're punishing Yourself for making the wrong choice God Isn't making you choose God but anytime You choose anything but God there is Consequences God would give you freedom Of choice just to punish you right it's Like it's stupid right it's just like Why would you even think that why would Guys say all right I'm going to give you Freedom of choice but you know I'm going To punish you like a little you know Narcissistic [ __ ] every time you do Something that I don't like so why would

God do that why would guy give you Freedom of choice just to to somehow Strongarm you into you know behaving the Way that he wants it's it's something You have to learn you have to make Mistakes and learn from the M mistakes Indulge in things you shouldn't do Things you shouldn't and then suffer the Consequences then realize you have a you Know higher calling that you're not here For this overindulgence of your senses And you know physical pleasures and you Know all the things that go with it that You have a you know you have a soul and You have a purpose here making mistakes Is part of it and the and the Corrections are gentle in the beginning And the more you make the same mistake The worse the corrections are right like You know you have a you know what you Almost you have an accident you're Driving you almost you get you get a DWI Whatever and it's like all right I got To stop drinking right it's a problem But you know you keep on doing it then You get you know therosis of liver you Might die you know whatever you might Kill somebody driving drunk or whoever It is right yourself and I mean who who Knows what the consequences are but There's always warnings you you look at People and they say yeah you know you Look at people who go on a disastrous Path and they got warnings and maybe

They you know they they received the Warning and they received the correction And they said okay I'm going to do a Little bit better you know I'm going to Change what I'm doing they get into Rehab whatever it might be and then they Will relapse because that's what happens Right but the problem with this person's Conception let me read their comment Here again the problem with their Conception and the level that they're on Here is Paul are you saying the guy's a Toothless fairy who doesn't discipline His children when you look at animals Like lions and wolves eating other Animals do you get the image of God like A plush toy incapable of righteous Judgment or discipline the idea is that God it has an ego and one of the Brilliant teachings of the Sark system Is God can't have an ego if God had an Ego that would separate you from Everything else your ego is your Identity your ego is your individuality It's you having your Sovereign you know Aspect your little you know piece of Your own Consciousness right your own Private experience as a human being as a And as a soul on a different level you Can look at other people and say I'm me And and you're you right like you know I'm I'm I'm separate from you and with That is the mind or the ma Manus the you Know the Manis M an S which is uh one of

The subtle bodies you have chit con Consciousness and you have monus the Mind and you have these things that are Your ego you have your soul which is Called the the causal body your soul is What caus is your is uh creates your Physical body but it also has these Other elements which are the mind the Consciousness and the ego and these Things are your identity and who you are As a person and you know I think Therefore I am right I am I do I am I do Right God doesn't have an eye there's no I eye in God God doesn't say I did this And I did that and I you know the god in The Old Testament does and that's cuz It's not God because God doesn't have a Mind or an ego because if you have a Mind and an ego you're going to make Mistakes you're going to have Individuality and you're going to be Separate from the whole and so God can't Say I am right and when Jesus said I am That I am is not a you know it's the eye Shouldn't be there that's a like not a Good mature spiritual statement right It's one of his not good teachings just One of his you know whatever it is I am That I am that shouldn't be said right As a spiritual person because at best You can be a conduit God can work Through you there's no eye in working For God it's God working through you and You being blessed and being grateful for

The opportunity to serve God that's the Position that we take but this idea that God's separate from you judging you and Say no you piece of [ __ ] you like I'm Going to punish you you you wronged me I Told you not to do this and you did it And now I'm going to punish you cuz I'm God and you you're P piece of [ __ ] right That's just that's the Old Testament it Doesn't work it's not that's not the Nature of God the punishment is built Into the system you have the freedom of Choice the freedom to do wrong but when You do wrong there are consequences and It's built in whether it be cancer Whether it be you know whatever it might Be like God you know isn't punishing you When you die and that's what everybody Kind of feels like you know the death is A punishment when when a when a child Dies you know in in a young age you're Like oh my God what what you know why Would God allow this to happen all the Tragedies and things because death isn't A punishment to God death is you know a Liberation for you I mean in terms of Your soul it's a Liberation from your Physical existence if you live the right Way then you don't have to come back Down to earth and experience the Physical you know traumas that go along With physical life with physical human Life right there's always pain and Suffering that are involved in every

Life no matter how rich you are how Famous you are you suffer in this life You you enjoy you suffer but there's Something on a you know much more Etheric and a higher level that you can Experience as a soul and you get that Through the Sark system of meditation a Connection to your etheric side and then You can see the benefits that you're Receiving from the suffering that you're That's happening here on Earth so There's an easy way to understand this And verify it and that is that there's Lots of people who are just making Mistakes and doing bad things and Suffering from them In one way or another but some of those People are rewarded people in power are Rewarded for being sociopaths for being Bad people and you say God how can you Reward people who are you know what I Call the controllers whatever you think Whatever group of people that are in Power like just all these politicians And celebrities who are the worst people With the worst characters they're Disconnected from God and they seem to Be rewarded with material wealth so Material wealth isn't a reward then Right because you have saints higher Developed Souls who suffer more than Anybody people who are saintly and they Suffer internally because they're more Sensitive and they're more compassionate

And they're more empathetic and they Understand people more and they feel More than other people so they're Suffering even if we don't know they're Suffering there's of course the physical Suffering and there's the crucifixions And the you know the Christian tradition You know there's a lot of blood and and Violence in all three of these religions That make up uh over half the population Right make up more than uh 4 billion People more than four know almost five Billion people like 4.5 something Billion people right so more than half Of the people are connected to these Religions you know these Christian Judaism and Islam right and there's just So much violence in these religions and It's based in this idea that God is a Punishing god with an ego and he's kind Of a dick and you're a sinner piece of Crap and you know that's just all it is Right and so all those things are you Know a bad recipe like this is what's Coming to ahead then you have half a Billion people who are Buddhists who Don't believe in God at all and then you Have the Hindus who have in some ways The best religion but there's a lot of Polytheism in there and a lot of just Depravity and it's isolated to one group Of people that's it's almost like an Island in a religion in terms of its you Know world view is insulated

And it's so degraded there materially in India and so there's some ways like the Hindu religion is good but there's other Ways that it's so degraded now and lost You know it's it's ancient aspect and it It's uh you know some of the initial Discoveries about the nature of God that Are much higher than the ones that are Being perpetrated in these other Religions that hijack the teaching of The soul the soul discovery of the Soul Happened in India like 200,000 years ago And you know there's all these I mean You can document it through the the Various you know the vadas and these Various texts that existed for a long Period of time this was when people were Of a higher nature before the Caluga but now that teaching of a soul Has been degraded in these other Religions and are misusing it and Teaching you know bad things and so There's no real worship of God is what I'm saying God has been lost on Humanity Then you have communism and Atheism and All these things and so God Is Lost There's no God here like God has been Misrepresented and people go to God and Beg God for materialistic things and you Know God's like a Santa Claus figure I Mean more people worship Santa Claus Than they do worship Jesus you know they Celebrate Santa Claus not Jesus on on a Day that's not even Jesus's birthday

Jesus wasn't born on the winter solstice Right so I mean the whole thing has been Lost there's just you know these Religions have taken people away from God and turned it into material Materialisms and you know their power Structures and they're about control They're about anger they're about Violence you know these religious Organizations used to have armies and All these other things and what I you Know know that these other but this like This questioner doesn't know because This questioner isn't willing to look at The Old Testament and hear what I'm Saying and reread it with an open mind Like you you know nothing about like you Just found this book you haven't been Told that the only book of God and any Other book of God is dangerous and every Book is blasphemy like you know you're Not told as a little kid you're not been Indoctrinated by that you know that Garbage and you read it and you you know You just start writing down this Character that's in it that's supposed To be called God this wrathful character And read and just write down the Qualities as you read the different Stories read down the pettiness read you Know write down the pettiness the the Narcissism the you know I mean all of it Like just just being a little [ __ ] Right just not it's not God it's

Something else it's it sounds like a bad Person like a narcissistic demonic Person that you know a bad King a bad Person you know somebody who's abusing Their power it's not somebody that you Would worship and think of you know the Only thing that you would say is God's Powerful and don't piss God off because God will punish the [ __ ] out of you like That's that's what you would learn from The Old Testament and so it's a remedial Book of God and this person if that's All they can do that's all they can do Right with anything else there are Levels and I realize that like let's say I have to fix something I have to fix a Car or tractor around you know whatever It might be there's a problem with Something right and I have to figure it Out like the other day my tractor I put The back hle attachment on it and you Know it was a whole thing and I didn't Put it on right and I figured out you Know the the pin was slipping out and The pin was kind of important because it Holds the thing on and you know I Realized oh I I looked it over and I Figured out where it went or I can watch A video and find out somebody who knows More than I do but I'm you know okay at Those things right I'm okay at being a Farmer but I recognize there's people Who are just better at it than me either They have more natural Talent or they're

Just they grew up with it or whatever You know there's things that I do in Life where I realize there's people who Are better suited to do those things Like I can do them a little bit I'm okay At those things but there are experts at It there's people with more Talent than Me in certain areas whatever lots of Areas in terms of socialization right in Terms of social interactions my wife is Much better than I am like you know it's Just anybody's better than me like I'm Just not anybody CU sadly there are People that are worse but I recognize I'm limited in that area I'm not a good Networker I'm not you know good at Certain things and so allowing somebody Who's better at something and higher at At something than you is you know is Just being honest and there's lots of Things I know that I'm not that good at And so if I you know have to do them I Do them but if I don't if someone else Is there to do them I you know I allow That person I'll be a follower right I'll be a support person right because I'm not as good at it and you have to Recognize that and some people have more Spiritual Talent they have more Abilities in the spiritual realm and Those people find a spiritual way of Being there's people who there's lots of Christians and those Christians are um You know they're different levels of

Their interpretation and their ability To connect with the Bible there's really Remedial Christians and there's people Who are are better at connecting with The Bible right and those people you Know excel in some way or another right They're just better at being Christians And the ones who are the best will leave The religion altoe and become a Spiritual person they'll become a saint On their own not on their own because They need God but not with the religion Religion because a religion is blocking Their progress because a religion is Limited it's on a lower level and I'm on A higher level than this person in that In this realm like it's not an Egotistical thing like I can see it Right this person's back in you know in God is strong God is powerful God is you Know whatever God is mean I can't Question God you know these things you Know I can't question the the religious Authority there's no reason to question God because God doesn't have a mind and Doesn't have an ego right God's perfect Because God can't fail God can't make Mistakes because he doesn't have a mind He doesn't think his way into making a Mistake he doesn't have choices God has One choice it's to be God and to be in Everything and to be a part of Everything and be the Catalyst for Everything and so he has to God has to

Be perfect therefore God can't have a Mind or an ego and this person would Never be able to understand that right They don't have the level of Consciousness at least as far as I can Tell based in the comment G understand This that their concepts of God is God As a man right the most they can Consider God as a man Jesus being a man And this idea of God is being some Wrathful father punishing father right Some you know the pictures of the of God Uh you know the god of the Old Testament God is a king right Jesus is referred to As a king and God is referred to as a King this idea of you know being a king Is considered a good thing in that time Period so there's no sense of God being Some sort of abstract essence you know Anthropomorphized is to uh attribute Human-like characteristics to animals or God or something that isn't human this Idea that God made Man In His Image so People think that we're based in God Like God is the template for what a Human being looks like and there's some You know etheric beings and maybe this Had to do with higher developed Souls EXT terrestrial who did some sort of Genetic U genetic manipulation I mean Whatever that came from which is you Know fairly accurate to some extent like That happened test tube babies these Kind of things slaves being made out of

Uh the combination of some sort of uh Higher developed humanoid beam and some Sort of a chimpanzee or something like This right there are people who are Limited to their their ability to Conceive of God in terms of human form And then human attributes like God must Have an ego God must have a a temper God Must have fears God Must Have you know Jealousy and these other things because What humans possess God possesses Because we're based in what God is it's Really God's thought force and the Essence of God our souls is what you Know we're then that way we're we're Part of the Divinity right but that's Something that most people can't Conceive of and if that's the best you Can do that's fine right you know There's no shame in that that's you're Doing your best at least you're working Towards having some sort of relationship With God and you're limited in your Ability to conceive of God like we all Have our like I said talents we all have Our abilities but don't degrade the Higher right don't mock the higher if You can't reach up to the higher level Of of Consciousness a higher level of Consciousness then don't mock it like Don't degrade something that's beyond You because you're aspiring to that like You say all right these people are Better at this than I am this person

Knows more than I do because they're on A higher level of consciousness of this Thing this one Talent they have more Spiritual Talent than I do whatever it Is and I'm doing my best at my level but There are higher levels but the problem Is these religions teach that they're The end all and they're simply not so There's two more things I want to close Up with the stuff going back to this Conflict between the the Hebrews and the Muslims but I want to say one more thing About this so knowing that this is Higher like my experience of doing the Sa Mark system meditation and moving up To a higher level and then seeing that There are Saints higher developed Souls That are even more into it than I am They're more devotional and have more Talent I mean KES was one of these People the current Master of the system He was more into it he was at least as Far as I can tell better at it than I Was you know before all this stuff Happened with him being nominated as Chargie successor for those of you guys Who don't know this he was is the fourth Master of the system and he's imploded He's been corrupted he's been he's just Stupid like he's just bad at it it's Like a he's embarrassed himself in the System and it's been a fall in the System and it's fairly obvious I you Don't have to be a rocket scientist to

Figure it out I mean the you know Blatant stuff and I covered this extens In my journey series but there are these Higher developed Souls good people who Are all about serving God and their Commitment and their you know judging it From the outside far exceeds mine like I'm into it you know I do the meditation I pray for people at 9:00 to find God And I mean I do some you know whatever I' done the gratefulness meditation Channel and I talk about it here and you Know I have my uh interest in it I've Studied the the text and you know I know The the philosophy you know I'm good at It like I I put effort into I give Myself maybe a solid B for effort I Could be better I don't know C+ I don't Know whatever but I could be better Everyone could but I could certainly do A better job and there's people that I View it as doing a much better job and These people have failed the the dodgy Challenge like they failed it you know As far as I can tell again I'm limited In the information I cover this much More extensively on the journey series And what I'm saying is you know this Dumbass that left left the comment Talking about a punishing God and you Know not being able to extricate Themselves from their own indoctrination Into a religious theology that is very Limited right not able to rise up to a

Higher level or even understand other People's point of view and demeaning and Mocking people doing something that's Beyond their capacity and these dumb Asses who are just doing a religion and You know they're locked into the Violence and the hatred and the binary Thinking and all the stuff we see in and Out of the truth community and that's Prevalent in this conflict between Israel and and uh you know in the Arab Nations and so um you know those people Suck right but I know people who are Saints and who are you know they have Spiritual talent and they you know they Had lives where they meditated for 18 Hours a day and they really committed to Their you know their um their spiritual Journey and all these things and they're Failing like I mean the way that they Failed you know would be really Depressing if I thought about like that All the time right like I know people on A higher level and you know there's Still always something to learn there's Always some you know there's always more To the journey there's always more to Understand into experience in terms of Divinity but just sort of wrap this Thing up get to the you know the point Of what's happened here there is a bad Father in you know what people conceive Of God in the Old Testament and the Basis of three ma major religions and

More than half the population is Centered around a small area of land you Know Bethlehem region where the Jews the Muslims and the Christians all have Claim to holy sites in that area right They all visit it and there's all you Know they all feel like there's some Ownership to that one SP small area and The conflict between these three groups This conflict between you know the Muslims which makes up 2 billion people And the oil power and the backing of the Soviet Union and ultimately China and The um you know Jewish people in Israel That have the backing of America and to Some extent Europe it all stems for this Dispute that happened between Abraham And his two sons right one was a slave Slave girl an Arab slave girl and Another his um Barren wife that had a Miracled baby and the Divine father that Isn't like the the god that isn't right And the hatred like you have a Dysfunctional family where two brothers Hate each other and they're hellbent on Their destruction and this grows into Major religions and major you know Movements and hatred between these People of course there's good people on Either side and there's you know people Who want peace and there's you know People of a higher nature but the the Anger and the hatred are you know there And then the things that are done

Between each side that makes the other Side hate each other more and it's one Thing if it's a couple of Brothers who Hate each other and have a battle have a Feud you know some kind of you know Family Feud or whatever it is but when This thing manifests into thousands of Years and then a global population and Billions of people uh it's it's a lot Different and weapons of mass Destruction and that's where they're at Right and there's no you know for the People who are in it there's only death To the other people there's only the Annihilation of the other people there's No Kumbaya moment there's no coming Together and this is where they're at Right and it's you know the center of The you know I mean this Asia European African you know World there this one Little Middle Eastern place there where There is this conflict and it's playing Out and you know if America pushes too Hard and backs Israel too much they run The risk of losing Saudi Arabia and These other you know Partners in in Crime for the you know the petrol dollar And the collapse of the economy and There's you know nuclear power involved Iran gets involved all these things and I don't know if it's going to play out Really quickly that way but it's heading In that direction there might be a brief Respit but it's you know it's coming

It's it's inevitable right you know There's a Star Trek episode where There's a group of people they find a Planet and there's two guys left all the Other people are dead and there's one Guy who has black on one side of his Face and white on the other another guy Who has white on on the original side of His face and black on the other he has One guy has black on the right side of His face and white on the left side and The other guy has white on the right Side and black on the left side and they Can't even figure this out the Difference between these two people Right and these guys are still trying to Kill each other like everyone else is Dead because they've you know the Prejudice and hatred and they end up Getting locked in some sort of cosmic Vortex where they're fighting each other Both you know of equal strength neither One can kill the other one and that's How they're locked until eternity right Till the End of the Universe I mean That's how the spoiler Alert that's how the episode ends and That's what we have have here like There's just you know the hatred and the You know the bad blood and it goes on For thousands of years right and when Hatred manifests itself and you know Again it's hatred among amongst brothers And religion is involved in God and the

Word of God and what God wants and God's Prophecies you know these I mean Remember when the um there was um a Paper in uh you know whatever it was Called in France that um they did a Depiction of Muhammad you're not Supposed to paint uh images of Muhammad He did a cartoon it was a disrespectful Cartoon and there was some sort of event That happened because of that they acted Out whatever and there's just this you Know level of you know this primitive Nature of the understanding of God which I've documented before here in this Video and all they care about is their Obsession with destroying their enemy And this is you know beyond just I mean There's other groups involved the Chinese and the and the Russians and as This you know it escalates like oh you Did this to me I'm going to do this to You this kind of things right I mean as These wars Escalate and there's a you know people Are consumed by their hatred I mean this Is how destruction works and Depopulation works and they don't care Who it affects or what it affects or They destroy everyone in the world as Long as they get their enemy and that's The idea behind building nuclear bombs And all these other things and they've Done it right they've created this Scenario and now it's you know Global

With these you know these weapons of Mass destruction and you know they're Heading towards it right this is where We're headed and there isn't you know I Mean anything out there that's going to Stop it there's no you know reasonable People all the leaders all the Politicians are crazy all the people of Money and power are crazy and you know There's a level of just um surrender to Something that eventually had to happen There was going to have to be an allout Destructive War between these two groups And they're you know dragging everybody Else into it they've secured powerful Allies and they've made alliances and You know they've structured this in such A way that this would ultimately lead to You know massive destruction and an Extinction level type of event and That's where we're going like it's you Know now now become clear like I had no Idea about a lot of this stuff didn't Care about it but you know that now They've looked into it you can see you Know I knew that was coming I just Didn't know in what form and this is the Form the hatred and the you know the Stuff to do with the Bible and the the Remedial nature of that religion and all The rest of it okay so I'm going to wrap This one up here only spirituality will Save this world it's parano Del point From the apocalypse and the Ascension

Everyone have a blessed day and be Grateful

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