‘It’s a Dude’ Revisting my old Michele Obama video & A List Hollywood Actors Wearing Dresses

'It's a Dude' Revisting my old Michele Obama video & A List Hollywood Actors Wearing Dresses

Okay greetings brothers and sisters so I Want to revisit something here that I Covered years and years ago it was the Videos that made my channel Relevant Michelle Obama one was called 95% Michelle Obama is a Dude um which I'll talk about that video In a bit and the follow-up video that I Made was called aist Celebrities who had to put on a Dress and this is back in 2014 the end of you know December 2014 Beginning of 2015 and my channel just Took off after that and you know I would Remake those videos if I could for a Couple of reasons one you know I I make Better videos now and I'm a better Person in terms of my not only what I do Here but my my understanding of what's Going On but also there things that have Changed right um in our society that Back at least in some ways maybe not Totally validate my original videos but Certainly makes this a stronger case That I was right about these things at Least in terms of my you know Understanding of them so this is Martha Washington now Marshall looks kind of Like a dude there right I mean I'm not Saying she Is but kind of right And it's just not that picture this Picture here these portraits right that

Looks kind of like a dude um and these Are you know these were paintings and I Don't know how much the emphasis they Put on Accuracy but they probably made Martha Look a little bit more feminine than she Actually did right these paintings Weren't you know hit hit jobs they were You know they were painters they hire to Present a likeness I mean you know they Kind of probably knew that she was going To be this was going to be something That was going to be around for a while George Washington being the first President of the United States right and So you know Martha looks kind of Dosh And years later after I made those Videos there's a movie that came out Called Filth and it St James McAvoy as a Scottish policeman who was a big part of The movie was Freemasonic um you know freemasonic Rituals the Scottish right of the free Freemasons and Freemasonry and and this Character were woven together and he Dressed up like a woman and several Occasions and this was a part of it and You know I have come to learn since that Time that the Freemasons this is part of their thing Right dressing up like women of course George Washington was a Freemason and I'm not saying this is just about

Freemasonry but but there's a link there So um what happened was I got these Pictures all these old pictures of Michelle Obama and I'll get to Jennifer Aniston as well and So Um there was a video put out by a Couple and one of the couple claimed That maybe the husband was a part of a Forensics team or something to do with Them you know uh was a police was was Involved with the police maybe the wife Was and they had criteria for Identifying men and women and I can't You know remember the specifics about it But they put out this video Demonstrating that they thought Michelle Obama was a man and I watched the movie As I watched the video as a goof this Goes back to 2000 and 14 right and I watched it as a Goof and you know it was some of the Things were based in so-called science One of them was that the ring finger in Women in men was longer than the um the Index finger I think it was and you know I looked into it and there was at least One study done with rats and these Things about the length of the index Finger and there was some you know There's some relevance to it being uh You know there was the study was about People as well you I and again I don't Remember the specifics about but there

Was some science backing this right the Difference between men and women how you Could tell um but you know those things Didn't prove to be as conclusive as I Thought back then you know but I Investigated this myself and I found That there was um you know whatever it Was like 95% of the cases in this one Study where the where the index finger Was longer but I had lots of women Commenting who were biological women Saying that their index finger was Longer the ring finger was longer than Their index finger whatever it was right You know I can't you know and so that Wasn't Actually as far as I could tell accurate Right and then there was like a young Woman who was like you know she had Broad shoulders and she had a index Finger and she was always you know she Was always um you know ashamed of the Way that she looked and she thought she Looked manly and then you know the video Didn't help her and whatever it was Right you know it was I mean one of my First videos about this kind of thing And it certainly wasn't my best work and I you know one of the things I realized Was that when I was looking through Through pictures of Michelle Obama and I'll you know I found the folder of Those pictures and I'll show you those Pictures in a moment and I realized

Afterwards when I thought about it that I took pictures that made her look manly Right there were pictures that she Didn't look as manly in and I didn't Show those pictures I favored the ones That supported my video which you know Was fundamentally at least you know at Least in some ways dishonest right Because you're gaming the evidence to Make your point and that's you know what The mainstream media does and so I Wasn't really all that happy with that Video but it took off and because it was You know it was not as good as some of My other stuff and as as balanced I mean Ended up getting like 2 million views or Something like that and my channel took Off from there and you know it had some Accurate information in there and of Course the way things have played out Back this but then there was a guy that Came out and he made crappy videos I Think the guy's name Mr E or something I Don't know if he's still around but he Made crappy videos it's a dude it's a You know just whatever and I kind of Regretted my participation in this Because like all things in the truth Community it gets Goofy and the stupid People come in and then they you know They make dumb down videos and they get Lots of views but it isn't you know it Isn't I mean it's just subpar it's just Poor quality but there is some truth to

It and the second thing was you know When I was you know the the manh hands Thing was part of it and I remember There was a movie that Jennifer Aniston Made called the P picture perfect and I It featured her wearing a skull ring That was very prominent in the movie and It was weird for her Character and you know this is back when She was young and when they when I Looked at it you know and I it was the Only video I had made because my ex and I had watched this movie years and years Ago and I was looking at him I'm like Wow there's a skull ring it looks kind Of it's an odd movie and there was all This other stuff in the movie that was Like Illuminati stuff you know just a Goofy romantic comedy you know Jennifer Anon movie but I remember she had Man Hands and when I started doing the Michelle Obama video so I was like well You know I remember this thing with Jennifer Aniston and like she did have These kind of man hands and whatever it Was but like I said you Know um it's Inconclusive and then also Serena Williams who I think is either you know Born a biological male or taken steroids Or something and I don't know how she's Gotten away with it given you know the What they do in international Competition but her just her physique in

Her muscle mass and things and so I Covered this in a video and again like I Said you know it wasn't my best work and I don't know if any of the three of them Are actually men and you know I I I Don't know and I don't at this point Don't care but if you go back and think Well if Mara Washington was a dude right You know and based of the pictures That's at least a a possibility I mean The portraits these paintings and this Is a thing you know a lot of these People were Freemasons a lot of these You know uh historical figures and There's a element of dressing up like Women in Freemasonry of course the old Acting all the actors in England were You know the Shakespearean actors were Men in Drag and there's a manly element To this thing you know either the first Lady you know being actually a man like Some historical references to this and Let's look at this one video clip of um Of Michelle Obama with uh LeBron James In the White House hi everyone I'm Eric spoler of the Miami Heat and a member of the NBA fit Te I'm here today at the White House to Find out why eating healthy can help you Perform Like A Champion well I eat fruit Some Best so um there's LeBron James who um Show you FL Bron in a moment if we're Going to do this switch we got to do it

All the way FL Bron ready are you I Think so you think so or you know so I Think I know so or you know you think What was I saying did you start the Conversation I think so good talk Flon FL Bron so um you Know that's what it he was had to do for Progressive Insurance Progressive Insurance but this is when the Miami he Were winning championships and Michelle Obama was a vice was the first Lady in air quotes um Allegedly um and they had this campaign Called let's move to get kids more Active which you know positive thing Especially now as we know with kids Being on the screen so much was every Day because it gives me the energy I Need to perform at the top of my game Thanks Dwayne what about you Ray Drinking water is an important part of My pregame routine so I can stay F this Chris BOS thing is cringeworthy FOC and Refreshed and you could take it from me Eating right foods can help make you a Better athlete Oh Oh and so Um there is some images you've already Seen which I forgot about and there was Some video leaked of in some Hotel of Barack Obama working out and the video you know

He was like in a hotel fit Room and there was cameras there and the Secret Service and his you know he had a You know a Topnotch uh publicity publicity Team And this thing here right let's watch That Again she goes oh right what's that here She dunks on the Thing so um you know being very Masculine there right And the video was leaked at the same Time there was some images put out of Michelle Obama playing football Kickboxing and doing other things and Barack Obama was yawning and Disinterested using lightweights I mean The videoos even more damaging than the I just had the images because I wasn't I I was technologically didn't have the Ability to screen grab things like that But the video was pretty embarrassing Right So here he is I got it now it's the There he is like with these lightweights And walking around disinterested doing Some Lunes right um yawning and just Looking disinterested he had this TR Topnotch um you know publicists and you Know his brand and all these things and I found it very suspicious they leaked This tape right um that this was allowed To happen and it doesn't seem like he's

Got Secret service around I don't know Who that guy is who's working out there And you know it makes him look not great Right at the same time this was released For Michelle Obama who's using bigger weights she's Boxing and doing this right Um all of this stuff right this gim me Five thing that she had going on and She's um you know it seemed like they Were almost intentionally trying toas Escalate the guy she often R ran him Down in public said things about him and You know and it was like she was Um again the more masculine of the two Of them like that's something that they Seem to be doing intentionally you know I cover this all the time with a Feminist agenda and where women are Beating up men regularly in action Movies now superheroes secret agents Often times they're models you know they Weigh 30 120 lbs whatever skinny you Know Unathletic and they beat up guys that Weigh 1 lbs more than them and they men With you know more dense bone structure All the rest of it and they have this Thing now with this Amazonian type of Situation where women are more Physically dominant than men and that's Been agenda for a while and they push This agenda with the Obamas and they can Say whatever they want you know whatever

Reason it was done this was not just a Like one off where there was there was a Few things that happened they pushed Michelle Obama as like a warrior woman Throughout the presidency and they're Still doing it now the other thing was They featured Michelle Obama's arms her Arms were constantly being talked about What great arms she has and she was Often flexing and doing that stuff right So it was like a thing but then when This sort of um Idea was put out there that she might Actually be a dude there was all this Push back something that they promoted Themselves right and again I'm not Saying anything like I like I don't care At this point but you know people are Going to believe what they want to Believe and there's no you know there's Some evidence some bulging and different Things and this you know stuff but they Promoted her as being kickass physical Strong and masculine right she comes Across as masculine quite often and so Um you know this is something that they Did this was part of their publicity and What they were pushing out there because Of this me covering and making this Video um about Michelle Obama and uh Jennifer Anderson and uh Serena Williams this came up somebody sent me This I don't know how it did but Dave Chappelle said this right I mean I'm a

Conspiracy terorist to a degree like When I I connect dots that maybe Shouldn't be connected I don't know but Certain dots like when I see that they Put every black man and the movies and The dress at some point in their career I'd be connecting D like why all these Brothers got wear dress that's happened To me I'm doing a movie with Martin yeah So Um this um kicked off like well I'm Going to talk about this in terms of Alen R Rickon the guy who plays Um uh Reacher he said that he was in a photo Shoot and he got sexually Pooped by a photographer and was set up And you know he was groomed and and he He worked as a male model for years and It was a constant whatever's going on Right and recently Cat Williams said in His interview with uh Shannon sharp that All these guys in Hollywood have to Perform sexual acts to get you know Where they are right um it goes far Beyond the black community and you know I covered this before so I'm revisiting This now because you know it's it's There's some validation of this right The movie's going good so I walk in the Trailer I'm like man this must be the Wrong trailer cuz there's a dress in Here Oprah they come in the writer comes

In I think he's the writer he's like Dave listen we got this hilarious scene Where Martin's sneaking out of jail so He disguises you as a Prostitute he put this dress on and huh What prostitute no I'm not doing that I Don't feel comfortable with That that should have and so um he says He wouldn't do That but he already had right there was This um Robin Hood man in Men in Tights And there he is wearing a dress in that Movie these guys are all dressing up Like like women um so we already done it Right they already got them been in a Discussion what you don't feel Comfortable with it I mean it's a Hilarious bit all the greats have done It so well if all the greats have done It it's kind of hacky right you're right So why don't we just not do it cuz I Don't feel comfortable wearing a dress Oh Come On Dave listen we we got it all Set up we're supposed to shoot every Every minute your waste cost this much Money you know the pressure comes in h He and I'm now I'm not wearing no dress Man I'm funnier than a dress just give Me something funny to say so um again he Already did it right I don't need wear No dress to be funny about Milton burrow You know we going like this and then Finally mil burrow was an Old um white Jewish comedian and he

Often dressed up in drag there was this Guy Flip Wilson black comedian you know When I grew up and this had already been Done right there's a picture of John Wayne I'll show you John Wayne putting On you know I mean there's all these Aess celebrities that had to do this Right it's like a write a passage he's Like ah and he leaves and then like the The director comes Dave it really would Be great if you wear the dress what is Wrong what is this Brokeback Mountain in Here So so Then where the wear the dress I don't Want to wear the I want to wear this Dress you know I mean this oh gosh gu so Difficult all right so um he says he Didn't do it but we know he already did Then Kevin Hart said that he would never Put up to dress and we talked about this This theme going around in the black Community about black comedians wearing Dresses you you went on SNL and did the So he had said before he would never do That 9-year-old Oscar Nomine convention Wallace Wow and Saturday Night Live always gets These guys right they've gotten Robert Toiro people like that and then you know A thetes and often times they have an Athlete on think they did with Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal and they You know they just get them if they if

They can't get him in a movie they'll Get him on Saturday Night Live in a Sketch so um this is from will ferals This is um Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show but They always get these guys at Saturday Night life so many men have had to put On dresses to do a sketch and Saturday Night Live it's like you know it's like A it's a thing Right So this is interesting you have two men Wearing dresses and Michelle Obama so here it is with Will I Am and they Are putting on dresses together here Here he is with John here he is with John Cena Okay no what you're the smartest and Super Co SM E e he totally likes you really yeah not Funny right and they got John Cena they got Channing Tatum they got Janny Tatum good right And so this is a ongoing theme so Anyways you know I ended up looking into Not just African-American Comedians and actors But also A-list actors in general and I Saw over and over again pretty much Every one of them I think there was like Jack Nicholson you know he played the Devil and I think Tom Cruz were the two I couldn't find images of them dressing Up like women but I think Tom Cruz also

Played the devil maybe alpacino too that Was and he played the devil so it's like You know he either had to play the devil Or dress up like a woman or both in the Case of Will Smith because he did both Will Smith they got really great you Know they got him a lot um he had he had A scene in Wild Wild West where he did a You know he was grinding on Kevin Klein And the guy who was playing the President at the time and he was wearing A like a belly dancing outfit Will Smith They got a number of times of course we Know about Will Smith and all these Rumors about him I've covered on various Channels you know about them being uh With um a long-term relationship with His friend there whatever his name is And then his recent um his former Assistant came out and said that they Were you know I covered this before that He was being murdered from behind by This guy with Dwayne Martin you know but Anyways I have these pictures here that I just came up with today I had a whole Folder of these things but there was all These a celebrities that had to put on a Dress and that is documentable right Michelle Obama being a man or any of These other you know these um famous Women again history of uh you know men Dressing up like women in The Shakespearean times and the stuff to do With free Freemasonry and you know

There's something there but it got goofy Like they were just you know it's a man It's a dude you know there's just it's Man like it was a whole thing and I Regretted my participation in this Um you know I was one of the founders of This thing right in terms of like Somebody made a video about this and Then I made a that video was ended up Being banned or deleted early on when Such things weren't happening right like There wasn't so much Community Guidelines things back in 2014 or 15 so my video was you know the Second video of this type about Michelle Obama and then this other thing that was Going on and that got like I said 2 Million views and and it was you know Again not my best work but there's Something there but it isn't you know What people have made it into but there Is something because we now know in Terms of this pushing of a you know There's such Pro transgender Transgender agenda here where they're Pushing this and pushing for Trans Rights and they're saying all kinds of Things about this that you know would Lead you to believe that they've I mean There's a Hollywood morality That's been around like an elitist Morality that the average people the you Know people in the mob would be you know Disgusted by and rebell against right

And it's taken a while but now with the Internet and with the just the pushing Of these things and the degradation of Our system this Holly morality is now Being pushed on all levels and it stems From the you know Hollywood and the the Modeling industry the acting world and These things and it kind of confirms at Least to some degree that this stuff Exists right and you have celebrities Coming out and talking about Alan rickon Saying that he was basically sexually Abused not only by a male photographer But by some woman that he was partnering With you know he's a married man and she Said if he didn't um you know have sex With her she was going to meet to him And say that he abused her and so he Tried to commit suicide hang himself Like I just covered this on my other Channel and so this this kind of brought All this stuff back up and we've heard What um you know Dave Chappelle had to Say and I you know I covered Cat Williams talking about this throughout That Interview about you know what have what These guys have to do to get their Fame and you know there's always talk About the you know the me too stuff with Um Harvey Weinstein and this idea of a Casting couch and you know I said this Before and I just talked about this in My other video that there is these

Really rich rich people people who many Of whom have deviant type of sexual Behaviors and desires and things but They didn't have access to young women Or men or children and so that you know This Hollywood creation where they would Be The Gatekeepers between something That they had you know access to which Was their money and stardom and fame and What these children and you know young Men and young women wanted to have And they put themselves in position to Where they could leverage this you know Dream of being a celebrity to extract Whatever kind of sexual behavior they Could out of these people and we know This with it's been well documented in Amy Berg's an Open Secret which I've Talked about you know there was a Documentary about kids being abused in Hollywood we know this has happened That's pretty obviously happened and I've covered this with the stuff with Full house and then of of course all the Young women that were that came out that Harvey Weinstein and this stuff that was Happening in the Hollywood Casting Couch Which is well known but there are a lot More you know in terms of men in the Hollywood and modeling industry that are Gay or are attracted to you know man or Whatever it is boys there're a lot more Of them than there are Harvey Weinstein And so you know all these aess male

Celebrities they are you know put in the Same position right and at least we know They have to wear dresses because you See it over and over again you think of Any celebrity and you'll find that There's their time in they had to put on A dress and like I said this agenda has Moved forward since I covered this back In 2015 you know 2015 is when they started To come out you know with Caitlyn Jenner And these things and then all of a Sudden gender is up and they're talking About gender in a different way and this Is you know anything that's critical of This is considered hate speech and so You know you've seen what's happened Here right like there's been a movement Towards that and that's undeniable as Well and so you know there's obviously An agenda here like you know the details Aren't important like is every female Actress a man well you know probably not Right but are they manly manly yes like They're when they you know this is this Whole idea with superhero women and you Know getting women who are more Physically buff and more masculine They're pushing that are they pushing For me to men to be more feminite Certainly that's there as well right so Whatever it is you know whatever the Truth is clearly there's an agenda here I mean it just comes up over and over

Again you know like I said I I mean I I Grew it grew distasteful because Everything the truth Community ends up Going towards a a more stupid or dumb Down Direction and in terms of my Understanding and my video making I Became smart harder and more Sophisticated and more you know I mean I Just you have to hold yourself to a Certain standard of what kind of content You're going to put out like at some Point you you realize you don't want to Be like mainstream media and just be Click baiting and being sensationalistic And things like this just to get views And making false claims and exaggerating Things which is what the QBs did and What the it's the man people did and it Wrecked the truth community and it you Know it gave them um the The people who run the system some you Know ability to downgrade and degrade What that was happening in the truth Community by saying you know look at all These fake false claims that are being Put up there right and so you know like Sensationalizing something that doesn't Need to be sensationalized because There's a an agenda here and it isn't a Good one right and like I talk about Spirituality and connecting people to God and the natural you know sort of Human behaviors and things that go with That right and the morality and the you

Know the sacrifice and the and the you Know the I mean this is big ego stuff Right all these things are to do with The ego celebrity culture is to do with The ego and then all these perversions Of the ego and you know perverted Desires of the ego that pushes these Kind of agendas and these kind of you Know movements when there's a Simplicity And a naturalness that goes with being Connected to God you know an innocence And a purity that they're trampling all Over um and so this is you know Obviously you could call this demonic or Devil worshiping as well and you know They're able to push it through now and Silence people who talk about it and so There's something there right there's a Reason for it like whatever it is right And you know you have people who like I Said Christians and people in the right Wing who just get stupid about it and Don't realize that you don't have to be Over the top and try to you know I mean These people want to throw stuff in the Their faces of other people you know put Like dramatic things in there and Sometimes make up things and try to Sensationalize stuff that doesn't need To be sensationalized because you know It's pretty bad right like this is if You think about you know I've talked About our stories being so important People's Stories the stories of humanity

Being Important and you know it's in every Culture your stories make up your Internal world like sitting around the Campfire in some original tribal Situation and learning about myths and Legends and it teaches you and creates Your internal World your your kids Playing and imagining things and things And what's inside your internal World Being imperative that it be aligned with The Divine um you know your your Soul's Goals and your Soul's energy and your Soul's purpose and things here and That's not what's happening the stories That we have from Hollywood and now just Has gotten worse and more dep caved and You know more twisted and pushing all These woke agenda stuff or you know Trans agenda stuff or agenda to do with Feminism and things and it ends up Warping people and this young people are Growing up with this and they see things On social media and you know they're and They don't know what's what right They're not being they don't have a Family they don't have any guiding Principles I mean religion isn't great And I've talked about the problems with Religion but at least there are some Good things in religion that help build Your character and morality but they Don't know about you know there's no Right and wrong anymore right they've

Blurred the lines and there's just People lost and depressed and with the Inability to understand what you know What's their purpose here in life and You know and they don't really have it I Mean back when it was Hedonism and and You know your economic prowess and Getting a an education so you could make More money that wasn't great but now It's even worse and these kids are just Growing up in these cyber worlds and It's blurred between what you know in The real world and what's going on their Cyber life and you know all this stuff Right it's a a degradation of the human System and when you think about it all This way then when I talk about there Needs to be a a collapse of the Civilization to give give a you know an Opportunity for a spiritual upliftment You know this meditation that I do that Connecting the Divinity within you is Imperative in terms of you know Rebuilding all these things but anyways Only spirituality will save this world It's Paul Romano definitely app for the Apocalypse and the you know I just want To add one thing I did some other you Know whatever activities and coming back To this just add a few more thoughts to Add to this you know in retrospect right This is a retrospective of something I Covered years ago and I moved away from And you know really don't want much of a

Part of it's a a movement that kind of Got real popular and then got stupid and Then got annoying and then died out but As soon as they started to push this Agenda again you know right right after I started covering this and you know I Was I don't want to say one of the one Of the first people to to do this you Know cover this you know whatever this Is right they really pushed trans rights And if you look at the LBGTQ the trans people have gained the Most support you know a um a demographic In the gay community that was never Really talked about right I don't you Know was not very prevalent not very Much represented I mean when they talked About gay rights it was nothing to do With this right and now that's the Number one most um you know supported Group and so the powers that be have Jumped over like women like biological Women Have jumped over various peoples of Colors you know all these groups that Are a part of you know these Disenfranchised groups groups that are You know claimed to be marginalized and You know are marginalized to whatever Extent jumped over the other letters in The LBGTQ jumped over all them and now is Getting more support than anybody right This is something Dave Chappelle said in

His comedy routine you know that he Wished that blacks were getting this Kind of support that the transgender People were so you know the powers that Be are pushing this whatever reason it Is right but it seems like something They've been Into now for maybe hundreds of years Part of the freemasonic order whatever I Don't know you know all these things I've showed you here and again like I Just don't really care that much about It but this alen rton came thing came up You know where he said he was basically Ared by a photographer alen rickon you Can see my other video on my other Channel that led to this but he went to A photo shoot photo shoot the guy's like 65 you know 250 you know musclebound guy That's huge in the you know big physical Violent in the Reacher series and he let This photographer have his way with him And it caused so much psychological Damage he recently tried to hang himself And he's got a wife and three kids and Now he's successful actor right I mean That you know reer Reacher 2 was horri But aside from that you know he's Successful now and he um you know and All these guys have to pay this price it Just makes sense so a area that's very Deviant deviant sexually and has this Morality you know all these things that People bring up that there's these ideas

Oh everyone's you know everyone's a dude This a dude it's a dude it's a guy right Or you know this thing that happened all These things you know they've gotten Ridiculous in the truth community and The truth Community always goes and like I said something gets it starts off with Some legitimacy and then becomes stupid And then just is annoying but they can't Say that there's no evidence Supporting all of these things right I'm Not saying you know what's true and What's not true because I you know I Don't care and I'm not going to get to The bottom of the rabbit hole and I Don't cover this stuff anymore the whole Civilization is collapsing around us Which I talk about you know quite a bit And only spirituality will save us right I mean that's what I you know that Connecting to God internally is the only Way for Humanity to redeem itself and Pull itself out of this this freef fall Of you know everything stupidity and Idiocracy and immorality and just Selfishness and entitlement and just all These low egotistical behaviors the only The only way to get through this is to Create Saints right to have saintly Behavior and it's a solution that I Believe is you know is readily possible If people have to choose it and that's Pretty unlikely at this point but what I'm saying here is and I say this about

The so-called conspiracies that are out There and these things that are out There that um you know accusations Against the the people that run the System they're all believable because They give us lots of evidence to show That at least these things are possible As crazy as they may sound at least They're possible right because they're The ones who are you know engaging in These types of behaviors and attitudes And they have these kind of morals and Ethics and these are their beliefs and When you say something about their Beliefs they're like no that's not true Because if you look at the Christian you Know you look at right-wing Christians Who were anti-gay right and you have Some of these Christian families bring Their gay kids to these reprogramming Centers or whatever they were called Right and they would um they would try To turn the kids straight right and the The the rallying call by the great the Gay community was born this way that They couldn't help if they were just Born this way which I believe to some Extent because of what I believe in Terms of some scaras Impressions from a Past life I believe that that's you know Part of it but sexual abuse also plays a Role in this you know I worked with Teenage sex offenders and they um you Know many of them had been sexually

Abused as kids and like there was one Client I had who said that he was Sexually abused by men and he was Wondering why you know if that was why He was attracted to men right because of His abuse and you know I don't I don't No one else really knows the answer to All these things right but there is a Complex you know often abuse is a part Of the childhoods of people with these Types of you know whatever these types Of personalities but they said they were Born this way and like I said you know I Believe in some scarus so I believe that That's you know and I've whatever I've Seen often times you see kids who are a Feminine at a very young age so I I Believe they're born this way is you Know partially true but now they're Saying everyone's a little bit gay it's Normal to be gay and it being cisgender And being heterosexual is abnormal and It's abnormal to be um in a monogamous Relationship these are things that are Coming out right these are the new Beliefs that are out there and so they Went from saying born this way to Everybody's like this and everyone's Just been suppressing their true nature That people are naturally polyamorous or You know whatever it is right that's What they're saying like there's various You know scientific studies backing this And you know so you take these

Conservative Christians who said you're Just trying to push this on everybody And they were told no no don't worry About we're just saying you know that we Were born this way and we want to have Our own little communities we just want To be respected we just want everyone to Treat us like human beings and you know Just you know allow this to happen and You know you'll see that we're not we're Not a threat to you but now you're Seeing they're pushing this agenda on Their kids right many of these Conservative Christian kids are getting Uh indoctrinated to this you know way of Thinking on YouTube and these other Places and it's you know not cool to say One thing and say no this is what we What we really believe and then you know It's like a bait and switch right and That's a part of it like and you know It's not affecting me like I I don't you Know whatever but I see it happening and I've seen it happening and you know it's Driving conservatives and people Crazy and part of it's because it's you Know it's now being forced on their kids And everyone else right they're trying To force all this stuff on us with Whether it be the pronouns or any of These other things they want us to Participate isn't just like they're Saying you know we have different Beliefs than you yours and we can just

Respect our beliefs they want us to Change our behaviors and change what we Believe and what we see Internally like if we see a person that We would call he him or her we're Supposed to change that internally you Know what we believe they are based on What they're saying they believe they Are right and you know that's not cool They're changing language they're Changing all these things it's you know And it's I mean it's the same thing they Complained about it's oppressive right They're saying you know we want to be Able to believe what we believe about Ourselves and our identities and these Things but we also want to have you Believe you know believe those things Too or make you believe those things or Just force you to go along with it and You know in some um and you know if you Don't go along with it you're going to Call you names and whatever it is right And that's just you know I mean that's The same thing they've been complaining About for years in terms of being Oppressed by heterosexual people right And so um you know there's that you know My wife and I watching a reality TV show I think it was this um it's kind of a Murder thing like a Survivor does murder In a castle I don't know don't you know It was kind of interesting a different Way but there was a character on there

Who was Nonbinary and the character themselves Call themselves you know me and her I Used regular pronouns right but the Other cast members addressed it address This person as they them when they were Talking about the person because when They're talking to the person they call The person their name right and so the Pronouns are for you to use when that Person isn't there right when someone Says I want you to use they them Pronouns well you're not going to say They them to them and it's confusing Right it's it's not how language they Want to rearrange language and change The way that we use language which is a Big deal and we're not getting to say or Vote on it right but they want you when When the person's not there if you're Having a conversation about that person To use they them and you know Demi Lavado went back on her pronouns they Want to be able to change their pronouns Whenever they feel like it which is a Disaster right you know I've talked About this you know with with women that Every man has probably experienced this With at least one woman in his life Where a woman will tell you the way they Want you to do something right and I'm Sure men do this as well like you know But it's something I associate more with Women and men know what I'm talking

About here and women probably do too and The woman is very specific about Training the man to do something a Certain way but something happens Internally with the woman woman and she Doesn't want you to do that anymore Whatever it is right or she doesn't want You to say something a certain way or Doesn't want you she wants you to you Know she don't no longer wants you to do What she's told you she wanted to do but She doesn't tell you that and so you go On like you know because you just need Men are stupid and just want to be Trained you know just just tell us what To do right and not all men are Cooperative but like smart men are Right you learn that you most of the Things you don't even care about so you Might as well do the things the way You're you know the women in your life Want you to do them why not do that Because it's not that you know it's not Any extra effort it's certainly less Effort than dealing with trama and these Things so you you're told to do certain Thing a certain way but the woman you Know in your life especially if it's Your spouse or something has changed her Mind and she hasn't told you and then Gets mad at you for doing something that She's told you I wanted you to do it a Certain way my ex I had to deal with This all the time and they get mad at

You cuz you haven't figured out what's Going on inside of them and adjusted This you know within yourself and you're Like yeah we do not have the I don't Have the capability to do that right you Know that men don't have the Capability you know I mean we can be Intuitive but nothing like that right And so that's the same type of thing That's being asked of people now that They use the the the they them pronouns When the person isn't even there and so That person saying I want you to you Know you know to accommodate me even When I'm not even in your presence right Even if you don't agree with it or don't Believe it or don't share the same Beliefs about you know all these types Of things right about what's going on Internally with other people and so you Know it's really messed up and it's just Going to get more like this isn't going Back this isn't going back in the bottle And there's just always going to be more And more push back and more and more Anger on the other side and it's you Know very volatile like so many other Things there's so much division right Now and they're pushing for that we know The powers that be are doing this Purposefully that you know when things Go south you know people are already so Wound up and disliking other Demographics that you know there's not

Going to be any chance of cooperation to Deal with the apocalyptic collapse of Our system you know it's just I mean That's becoming more and more obvious Right and these things are all signs of That you know the apocalypse any old who Only spiritual value will save this World is par definitely point for the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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