It was Inevitable + JoJo says uncle was eaten by Cannibles + Lemons & Degrase Tyson anti truth

It was Inevitable + JoJo says uncle was eaten by Cannibles + Lemons & Degrase Tyson anti truth

Okay greetings brothers and Sisters um this is the n National dead Clock so I got a bunch of things to Cover of course World War II and pending World War I but I want to talk about This um collapse of our Civilization on a different a lot of Different levels you know I've been Aware of this for pretty much my whole Life the end of our current way of life It was just something I was in tune with And so it's made me EAS it's made it Easier for me to understand it's part of My um spiritual belief system as well That came in later you know my brother Was a truther which I was aware of some Of these narratives early on but you Know growing up as an American kid I was Aware that at some level like I couldn't Articulate it but I knew what was going To happen here um you know it's not like Some Talent OR something that I'm you Know it's going to be financially Beneficial to me but it's something that It makes it easier for me to explain and Accept and understand so here's the National debt I cover this quite often Right this is um you know it's when I First started looking at this it was at 26 I guess trillion dollars I have an Old um let me see if I can find that Here so here is the video that I Published in 2014 nine years

Ago and it was entitled the economic Collapse of 2019 and I've explained this I just made this available for members It was a privatized Video um you know with Co and all these Things But I Um you know when I was looking at the National debt Clock there was 16 almost 17 trillion so that's 2014 9 years ago So 10 years ago would have been some Trillions less so we've doubled the National debt since I've covered this Right so it was um you know 200 uh um You know 2014 since that time we're up Well beyond you know doubling this debt I be more doubling the debt right it's 34 so that would have been 32 we doubled It at 32 so in the past 9 years this Debt has doubled and it's just going to Continue right there's no relief in Sight um total amount of debt here is um Supposedly hundred trillion doll you Know our the amount of taxes we get per Year is you know they're saying it's up To 4 trillion up to this point it was Below 4 trillion was 3 trillion and Something 3 trillion 5 3 trillion 6 so That's the amount of tax revenue that They're cre creating so this is not Going to pay off this certainly isn't Going to pay off this our gross national Product is less than uh $20 trillion Globally this is the unfunded

Liabilities is up to $214 trillion Medicare $41 trillion Social Security $26 trillion there's no there's not Enough money you can't fake it you can't Fake the fudge the numbers enough to pay This right so let me move over to a Voice over here so I was thinking about This yesterday um wife and I were coming Back from a trip and I want to get this In you know this is um I don't think I've discussed this before or even had These thoughts before but maybe I have But you know it's been a while and like I was saying I'm just Geared for this You know it's something like I was made For this right like it's part of my DNA And my spiritual makeup and I've been Around civilizations collapsing before It's for familiar to me and I you know Have a sense of it ever since I was a Young kid and then all the things that Are congruent with this in my life and In my spiritual life and things and what We're seeing now and it's you know more Difficult for other people to accept and So that's why I make these videos you Know what we're seeing now with these Wars and all the things that you're Seeing out there and the you know the The division and the hatred between Groups and all the things that are Happening is that they can't guarantee Your lifestyle and I've talked about That before when people are used to

Something and are entitled to it they Feel entitled to it it's A Hard Sell to Get them to cut back you know when they Want to reduce your pay at work because The com company suffering and they're Going to say you're going to do the same Job and get paid less that's hard for People to accept right I mean it's it Becomes a prideful thing and just Something about dignity or whatever it Is and you know the question of fairness And so when you've been grow when you Grow up in America there's this you know Promise this unspoken promise and you Know spoken promise that things are only Going to get better that the economy I Mean when we first left the farm you Know when they lured our ancestors off The farm or forced them off the farm There was this idea that this economy You know if they gave up all their Intergenerational homesteading skills And their tribal skills and the things That had kept them alive for thousands Of years and what it was like to be a Real person and they gave that up for 8 Hour you know specific labor specified Labor where you had one specific skill And that's all you needed and then Everyone else would do their specific Skill and we'd work together in these Big cities like a you know colony which We're not designed to you know we Multi-functional and it's hurt us as in

Terms of developing completely as human Beings but we've you know we gave all Those things up with a promise that you Wouldn't have to reclaim those things Later on and figure out how to live Without the system that the system would Always be here for you you know it's the It's the real big lie that this idea That the system was indestructible it Was too big to fail and as long as you Know people participated willingly in The system it would continue on and it's Just not possible because you see it's a Debt-based system it's a scam you know It's a flimflam scam and they can't you Know even fudge the numbers enough to Keep it going it should have collapsed Years ago you see the debt Rising the National debts nothing to the collective Debt you know the derivatives Market Which I show you is like around $7 Trillion 700 Trillion and that's just for America so We have this um you know it's over Quadrillion dollars of debt just for America worldwide it's like2 quadrillion Dollar in the itself isn't even worth That there's not potential resources to Ever balance out that debt that's what Happens to a Usery system at debt based System it usually doesn't get this big And last this long but it's you know Inevitably the debt just doesn't make Sense anymore you can't lie about it I

Mean at least the people who know the System know that there's no way for the System to keep on going the way it is And there's always these depressions and Economic recessions that hit people Because of that Because of false promises and the you Know the fact that this isn't a real System right it's not based in God and Then there's the spiritual problem which Is more profound that whenever you do Something that doesn't align with your Soul and religion is part of that Because religion are not you know that The religion doesn't cultivate a Relationship between you and your soul It blocks it so religion suck and it's Religions are anti-god even more so Because they pretend to be you know Godly in nature but they're really Disconnecting you from God but whenever You go against your Soul's path and the Divine will then there is immediate Reaction that's given to bring you back Right to make you you know create the Opposition to your bad decision right to Your your mistake there's always Consequences they're there to push you Back in the right direction if you keep On ignoring those things which you see People doing throughout their lives and Some people are you know almost criminal About it they're you know they're like Hating God and they're you know they're

They're doing it willfully where other People just pretend not to understand or You know they're too dense to figure it Out but they're being told all the time To reverse their course because they're Going away from their Soul's path and They're creating more misery and more Difficulties in the future and so when a System goes against the will of God like Our debt BAS system then it immediately Is aligned against against any sort of I Mean it's not sustainable you have to Align with the Divine forces and you Have to accept what God gives you and You have to ride the waves the good the Bad the you know the I mean things Change and you can't keep things Consistently that's the other part where They've you know tried to promise us Like climate in our houses and you know Water flowing to our uh you know to our To our sinks and our bathrooms and all These things and the lifestyle that you Know isn't isn't sustainable right and Infrastructure breaks down and you Moving vehicles and the travel and all The things that we have they just can't Last forever and nothing does and Civilizations collapse it's inevitable Everything dies especially when Something goes against the will of God So they can't tell you what I'm telling You right they can't tell you oh this is A bad system it's been bad all along

Because that would cause Panic an Immediate collapse people are too weak To to deal with that can't level with You and say look you know you're going To have to go back to living more Primitive lives or you have to do this You have to do that you know people AR Aren't CH won't change and they you know Again loss of faith in the government And outrage and blame and they turn into Wild mob and you know people suck and The leadership sucks more and the people Suck and you know there's no way of Reasoning with people and getting them To accept the truth you know this when You talk to your your sheeple relatives Like people just don't want to hear the Truth and when they are forced to they Get angry right and they blame and they Do whatever and you know they want to I Mean they just can't accept it and the People who live in a even evil empire Like ours and this has gone on for you Know thousands upon thousands of years They have to you know there has to be Shock value they have to be Shook and Rattled and you know some people just Check out and give up but you know There's a process Historically on how to deal with people Who have a certain lifestyle that they Feel entitled to I mean the you know the Ultra wealthy classes all these people Right and you see it like even the royal

Families these um dukes and desses and All these people these types of um you Know relatives of the royal family when Things went South on them and they Couldn't sustain their Royal lifestyle Anymore you know they were just left to Go I mean some of them were just left to Be thrown under the bus right as the E Economy changed and people who were Wealthy lost money they were impr Parish They went from riches to rags right this Has happened in masses in whole Countries and whole Empires and people Get soft and entitled and mentally ill And you all the things that we see going On now all the stuff to do with these Young kids growing up addicted to the Internet dysfunctional no work ethic no Fight in them no dog in them no ambition And things like this and so this is all Inevitable that there's a collapse so How does it happen you know you can't Just tell people hey it's over you had a Nice run and now you have to you know go Back to uh a lower standard of living You just can't do that they just you Know like I said they won't accept it And so that has to be introduced in one Way or another and of a lot of what We're seeing now is not just for America But it's for All Peoples around the World and you know this idea that you'll Own nothing and like it and you know Five six years I mean this is you know

Part of their plan because they know They can't be sustained the population Numbers can't be sustained there has to Be population reduction I mean they know All this right and they're executing a Plan but on a bigger level there's the Divine mandate that they're not aligned With that says this system is is you Know it's demonic there are people who Control the system that are wanting to Reduce the lifestyle for the masses but Still retain their control and their Power and then there's the Divine forces Which want a whole reset right whole Something you know the the people who Run the system the controllers want a a Partial reset where they still retain Power but everyone else loses their Privileges and the Divine forces want The you know the leadership and the the Whole system taken down and something More spiritual to replace it and that's What's going to win out event eventually Because you know the system can't Sustain itself it's a demonic system and So all this stuff that you see playing Out you know all the details they don't Really matter because if it isn't this It's going to be that right if isn't Cancer it's going to be a heart attack Right if it isn't War it's going to be a Plague if it isn't you know a plague It's going to you know whatever it is Right Mass mental illness or famine or

You know Invasion or alen invasion you Know whatever it is right there's going To be something that's going to take the System down and people who can't accept That can't accept that but the people Who can they can prepare themselves one Way or another whether they decide that It's just too much for them and the Older people like I've known about this For a long time and I have better skills Than most people in terms of farming and Things like that and just you know In general I mean I'm not an expert but I you know I'm better off than probably 90% of the people but you know I mean I'm older and I don't know how much of This change I can endure I mean you Become more set in your ways and it's Harder to change when you get older you Don't have it physically and you just Don't care about it as much right life Doesn't seem you know worth living I Mean you know it's going to be a Situational uh something but at least You can prepare spiritually for what's Happening and accept it it's for the Greater good right I mean whatever you Want to attribute to the controllers That's one of the big problems with the Truth Community they think the Controllers the so-called Elite are all Powerful and they're not they're they're The least power most powerful because They're not you know they're um they

Don't have creative Force anymore and They're disconnected from God they have They're the least they they need other People's will force to manifest things Because they can't manifest it Themselves you know I've talked about That in the past but in terms of all This you know there's a story at the end Of the Maata you know Krishna had built this All powerful Army and he was a Divine Being you know a he was the god or the Cosmic Cosmic functionary Vishnu of Preservation and he had built this you Know he had a kingdom he had an army and He knew it was time for him to die you He was shot in the the toe by an arrow And that killed him you know bizarrely Enough like that kind of thing but he Was you know ready to leave and he knew He couldn't leave this Army because Whoever took control of the army would Destroy you would be in control of the World and it would be somebody probably Bad so he need he needed this Army who You know he loved and trained and you Know was part of his whole thing but he Needed them to be destroyed and they Went you know there's a war with Themselves it was a whole thing right That happened like they just you know They went to this frenzy this Killing Frenzy and they destroyed themselves Right but it had to happen because you

Know some there's things that won't make It through the Transition and America is one of those Things right and America is in that same Process of destroying itself you know There's America as powerful as is and as You know as dominant as has been over These last so many years and it's a big Part of the British extension of the British Empire it's now destroying Itself you know the kids growing up Today are Self-destructive you know suicidal Depressed and you know want no part of Material life in the real world and you Know all the division that's happening With everybody else you know becomes a Snake eating its own tail right that's You know America has to go down and it Sucks when you live here you know and You know and you're used to a certain Kind of what America has been but it's Not going to be that anymore and you Know it's for the greater good anyways Let's um cover some of these other Topics here okay so let's start here so Israel did something Iran I don't know What it was really wasn't paying Attention And then Iran sent 300 drones with Missiles um but they Were Um the very few little damage was Done in in its overnight attack Iran

Sent more than 300 drones and missiles Towards Israel but did not cause major Damage or injuries because the us-led Coalition destroyed most of the Projectiles so there really wasn't much Of anything done there they're saying Iran said it gave warning before Attacking Israel us says that's not True and then Iran's attacks on Israel Raise fear of a wider War but all sides Have also scored Gains Um and then the latest Israel says it Will Spa Iran's attacks as the world Leaders urge restraint because not that Much damage was Done and um this was Something um moment Britain's uh $140 Million laser or pound Laser uh whatever it was weapon dub Dragon fire blows drone out of the sky An incredible classified footage let's Watch it because it's Classified um and if it's classified but We get to watch it Apparently boom there it Is the British Ministry of Defense has Released the first footage of its new Dragonfire laser gun shooting down a Drone in the go boom laser gun dragon Fire PR's got It Allan reach Richins scathing takedown Of trump is the best thing we've read All

Day um this was a report I'm a Christian Quite simply because of what Jesus Called us all to do love other people Until a death it doesn't mean we're all To be hung on a cross but how can I Suffer for you this is a beautiful thing Christians today have become the most Vitriolic tribe is so anthetic to what Jesus was calling us to do to be and to Do Trump is a Blankest and a con man and yet entire Christian church seems to be treat him Like he's a poster child and it's is Unreal I don't understand this was this Guy right highs and lows of alen Rick And he's a guy who was was a model and Apparently was um hard here is on his Motorcycle he was um multiple times Sexually assaulted by photographers even Though he's 6'5 and 250 lbs tried to Hang himself recently and then he made That horrible second season of Reacher And now he's slamming Trump which is so You know I mean who in Hollywood does That Google staffers arrested placed on Leave after 10-hour protest over $1.2 Billion Israeli Contract um so Google's having its Problems and then we have Don Lemons who In his one of his recent shows don't Miss going live on my YouTube at 7 pm Eastern Trump's trial Israel OJ Simpson Nothing is off Limits nothing's off limits for

Don so this got 33,000 views which is Probably a more accurate assessment of His 625 Comments um you know so almost no I for A guy who's famous and was on TV and you Know access to millions of people he's Got almost no response Here you know almost no audience but Here he is low Tech with the Don Lemon Show behind Him all righty I think we are Live do you know Don or you think and There are people here asking already wow I didn't think you guys would be here Already so I hope that you can hear me Hello everyone so I'm so happy to be Back here I hope your Sunday is going Great I hope you had a great weekend uh I'm happy to be back because I did a Live on Friday tell say hello if you um If you can hear me um I did a live on Friday and it went really well I love Taking your questions I love just Talking to you guys I wish that I could See you on the screen or that we could Speak um but we can't so I'm so happy You're here let me know if you can um if You can hear me so thank you so much for Joining really okay Don let's get to it Really appreciate it we have a lot to Talk about we were talking about what Happened over the weekend um in Israel As it relates to Israel and Iran Iran Fired some 300 drones and missiles uh

Toward Israel this weekend luckily Nobody was killed um so was a nonevent Then right and 12 people were injured But luckily nobody was killed Participating in intercepting those Missiles and drones the United States Britain Jordan France all helping out uh How did they help out intercepting those Drones what was their capabilities in That region you're saying they're saying All four of these places had some kind Of Technology there lasers or Anti-aircraft or whatever it is that you That they're all sitting their way to Intercept drones toward Israel this Weekend luckily nobody was killed um and I 12 people were injured but luckily Nobody was killed participating in Intercepting those missiles and drones The United States Britain Jordan France All helping out uh to intercept again Nobody died but 12 people were injured The the talk for me this weekend and Everybody I was speaking to said they Were wondering we're going to get Dragged into a World War III I don't Know if we're going to go that far do we Want to call it it's just a matter of Time DME Don you know um an escalated World War I'm not sure about that also Um not sure but I nothing's off limits As I said we're going to talk about the Trump trial that's coming up on Monday Tri jury selection happens on Monday

Which is going to be really really Really interesting we want to talk about That also OJ Simpson what happened with OJ are you Surprised that OJ Simpson is getting This story is getting so much attention You know OJ Simpson died he was Suffering from prostate cancer I didn't Know about it I don't think it was Widely known you didn't know about his Prostate you weren't in you weren't Getting news alerts about OJ Simpson's Prostate but it it has been my timeline I shouldn't say my timeline my text Messages have really been going crazy With people asking do you think OJ is Guilty or innocent what do you think is He guilty or innocent um and you Know obviously for the Goldman family And for the brown family it's awful and You feel awful for them but as I been Telling people this trial wasn't really Um at least when the public in the Public sphere it wasn't about guilt or Innocence it was really about um race no Come on Bro coming off the heels of Rodney King I just rewatched I don't know a really Great um 30 for 30 on ESPN it's called OJ made in the USA or OJ Simpson made in the USA so so Good you know the trial itself was Whatever it was it had took place in California and I mean whatever

Corruption was there whatever happened There but they had a jury and they found Him innocent right and you know people's Opinion on it but it seemed like the the Evidence was kind of overwhelming that He did it you know I I don't you know Whatever right um but somebody in his Position like go out in a limb and say One thing or the other right don't just Say it was race related say what you Think you think it was guilty or Innocent just say it Don good and Explains everything what happened coming Off of uh Rodney King and also the um Killing of a young lady at a at a Delhi In um in California and a couple of Other related issues but so let's Discuss these things and if you want to We can talk about my wedding I would Love to talk about that we've been Married a officially now for a week Tim Is in the room we saw you jump a broom And you got like crazy hops along with You and Tim Tim was a you know he he Jumped up you know I you guys the way You guys cleared that broom three dogs Our little family you see all of our Little our family portraits up on the Mantle with some of the leftover flowers From the wedding and the reception are You giving us a finger wait it's got a Weirdly shaped hand like what is that Like it's Like see those we had much more the

Other night and we had them like oh There's some right here too oh they There where are they over there yeah we Just sort of keep them here until they Die out but I'm so happy that you could Join us and I'm going to answer some of Your questions so ask me anything please Be respectful I'm here because I'm Trying to grow a community I'm trying to Get people um to you know have Conversations and I would love people Who who have differing opinions to be Able to come uh to our Network and our Channel and have these conversations you Don't have a network you have you're on Twitter and you're here and you have no Audience and as far as I can tell you Have no sponsorship so you're doing a Free show and you're not running ads You're getting 30,000 view on YouTube and you know whatever else I Mean I don't know if you're taking Donations um and you know Twitter isn't Really happy with you anyway so thank You for joining let's get into the Questions shall we so I see there are Some folks from Canada here uh thank you From Canada Hooked by Don and ALS so Kylie Karma thank you so much they doing Great Don LoveIt wait what does Kylie Karma say show uh from Canada I really Appreciate that Austin's art says hello Don hello Don read the comments every One of them go from the beginning to the

End just read them all congratulations On your wedding from Alexa power Blue Jay says your husband going to join you On air sometime can you show your face Or no he's right here he doesn't really Want to show his face he's in the room With you he will in a little bit Yeah maybe you can hear him he says yeah Maybe um So uh Beth H saysi am in Orchard Park New York home of the bills I was a kid In the 1970s um but everybody loved OJ was a Great guy and phenomenal athlete but he Went crazy over a woman uh so Unfortunately yes he did it everyone has Their opinions about it I think the Consensus from a lot of people is that He did it but I would urge you I would urge you to watch that Documentary if you can it's on Netflix And I think it's on um it's also on ESPN But uh you have to pay for it if you can Find it it's on it's a ESPN 30 for30 and It's called OJ made in the USA or OJ Simpson made in the USA and as I was Watching it it kept he watching he Realized wow this is what real Journalism looks Like bringing me back to that time when Um the prosecution and the defense were Going at it the prosecution really put On a weak case had amazing amazing Evidence but they screwed up the police

Department screwed up as well the police Department mishandled um evidence um it Just well how you saying it's about race Then it sounds more like it's about Incompetence that the prosecution had All the evidence and didn't put it Together and so you're saying that they Sabotaged it on per purpose for racial Tensions or what are you saying here it Was they were said to have police were Said to have planted evidence um Uh Mark Ferman did not help out with his Racist tapes and using the n-word and I Mean it was just Ferman Nightmare and Then come on Ferman when Chris Darden had OJ Simpson try on those Gloves in the courtroom that was really The end of the story so they did have Great evidence you know why because if They don't Fit you have to let them go but it was Amazing to see how the defense really Screwed up and I mean the prosecution Really screwed up in the defense they Were amazing I mean Johnny Cochran and All the attorneys um Barry she fantastic Attorneys um and even I forget the other Guy's name Kardashian you forgot the Kardashian guy but also really really Great attorney where are the wedding Photos there are some wedding photos uh On my social media you can look at them I'll share a little bit more with you um

Donald Albert says uh OJ wet glove gets Much smaller after drying in my mind he Was guilty okay great yes but you know What the old wet glove Theory this is Riveting content on you got some really Brainiacs asking it's making uh really Intelligent statements and asking great Questions about wedding photos and Shrinking gloves you shouldn't have Someone try on a glove that doesn't fit In a courtroom and if you didn't know it Was going to fit as uh one of the people In the documentary said said um never Ask a question I think it was actually Jeffrey tubin who's going to be on my Show this week says never as an attorney Never ask a question that you don't know The answer to exactly and we've heard That a million times didn't know if that Glove was going to fit and they put it On and in front of the jury in the world They didn't fit and then Johnny Cochran And his team came up with that if it Doesn't fit you must equit and as we Know that was brilliant I me Cochran Come on the guy was a genius so that is What happened uh don off the subject This is from Honey Love 6855 okay honey love now we're getting To it the subject your skin is Flawless Thank you very much I appreciate your Skin is Flawless right we're gonna end with that Let's go back and listen to Honey Love's

Comment here they didn't fit and then Johnny Cochran and his team came up with That if it doesn't fit you must acit and As we know that is what happened uh don Off the subject this is from Honey Love 6855 Don after the subject your skin is Flawless thank you very much I Appreciate I also did just a little bit Just to be honest not powder but just a Little thing to take the Shine Off he's got it right there in front of Him it's a little sponge and I he's got A sponge there wipe myself down with a Paper towel go Don that I'm actually using as a coaster For my Coca-Cola she got going on there he's Got quite the setup appreciate it um Thank you I love that lifestyle brow Said said I love your interview with Elon I really appreciate that um so Leave these are the comments it's not You don't read comments like that right Like there's not very many people Comment if you can read everyone you got To read the ones that are actually going To move the still forward um but you Know he's just so Dopey Okay so yesterday I was trying to Upload this video about the movie Ava to My Apocalypse Now Channel I started to Put it up here uh um but they kept on Copyright and I just got to stop making Videos like that it's unfortunate that's

Like commentary videos are bad movies I Enjoy making those videos people find it Funny but it's just too much copyright Stuff so I'm putting it up uh today just For members on my um you know I go Through show clips of it and it may or May not be viewed in some areas it's That kind of a thing uh but I'll you Know that's the last time I'll make a Movie like that because I spent all day Yesterday trying to tweak it and it just Didn't Work Um so just some more stuff here with Don Lemons he had Neil Degrassi Tyson on Yesterday I started this video yesterday Um you see he's got 2.1 uh 2100 views 22,000 views 29,000 um and these may or may not be Legitimate Numbers um you know he's not he doesn't Have an audience right for a famous Person and he doesn't have an audience And he had a big social media following On you know instag and whatever it was Um and Twitter and he doesn't you know There's not much there um here it is on X um is still you know and so like this Crying about Elon not wanting to pay him Like there's you got to generate money With views and also not just like people Clicking on watching a couple minutes of It Um and so uh here we can go the ne old

AC crossy Tyson thing here well catas Are coming this there's going to be a Trillion wa cicada sakata tomato tomato I I'm from Louisiana I say cicada I'll Go with you cicas are coming yeah okay No one say sadus and that's this summer This the first time I ever heard anybody Say sadus the next few months I I have a Podcast we did a whole episode on this We have a colleague of mine who's a Specialist in just that form of Invertebrate insect you know when I knew It was time to go home what when I would Hear the cicas we would call them Crickets we and I'm sure they're not Crickets but that was we were they're Not the same I know that's Cricket is a Cricket and a cic but we would hear you Would hear them for some reason they Would seem to get louder around dusk I Don't know why yeah they're trying to Find a mate is that what's happening Yeah that's what I'm told yeah Yeah but seriously where where are we Now because we did have an earthquake in New York which is rare yes rare at that Magnitude it was okay so this uh nobody Likes this guy right I mean does he have A following like he shows up his his Worst don don lemon's worst rated shows Were was was this guy's interview you Know it's a huge drop off from Elon Musk But here he talks about AI let's just Watch this and then move on you have

Said you have talked about AI which You've called it a nail in the coffin uh Because of the rise of AO because of the Rise of deep fakes and so on why why do You say it's a nail in the coffin do you Really think AI is that dangerous where And where is it on your list oh yeah I Don't know what coffin you're talking Did I say nail in the coffin yeah you Said that sounds like quote nail in the Coffin you said artificial intelligence Is a nail in the coffin okay but Actually you don't have to read that Because I'm sitting here right next to No I'm just saying I know I want to make Sure oh my God can actually no I want to Make sure I have the quote speak forget The quote I don't care to quot it I am Here in person no I about AI but you Just you just said did I say that and I Wanted to get the reference to where you Said it because I want to be accurate Okay yeah that's cuz you're known for That you're known for your journalistic Integrity so it was something J you Coming out that's that that was you Tweeted that you said prophecy when AI Perfects deep fakes of people blah blah Blah blah blah and that's when you went On to say that blah blah blah blah Blah and so um he's talking about the Internet there's no nail in the coffin Here There was no nail in the coffin you got

Completely wrong when AI there's no blah Blah blah when AI perfects defects of People placing things no news will be Trusted even those previously believe Fake news will think fake news is faked At the moment a terror in the SpaceTime Continue will open and swallow the Social media media from the internet Well um you could also be used for Mainstream media like they really want To get rid of this is whole this is his Whole show a guy who's fired and been Completely dissed by mainstream media in Don Lemons his whole show is about Getting rid of alternative media and Truthers and anything that isn't what he Was fired from right what he was Disgraced from and they you know and so I mean like the Guy you know like he's kind of I mean he Isn't one of us but he's one of us right Like he's not a he's not allowed on Mainstream media and I said nail on the Coffin yeah I think he said nail yeah he Didn't say nail on the coffin it's not There deep fakes believe that deep fakes Were already news is faked see you made That up in your mind D you said nail in The coffin blah blah blah but there is Yeah coffin for the internet cofin for The internet yeah so you didn't say it We just saw the so you weren't accurate Like it's just your mind doesn't work Well done you did not say nail on the

Coffin we just read it right now there's No words here there is no coffin can see We just I just read the thing there's no Coffin there's no nail in the coffin There's none there's none of that right And open swallow all social media from The internet that's what he said he said At the moment a tear in A Spacetime Continuum will open up because now in The coffin is not something he would say This is something he would say at the Moment a tear and SpaceTime continue Will open up open and swallow all social Media from the internet Um so let's watch this exchange again Deep fakes of people blah blah blah blah Blah and that's when you went on to say That and I said nail on CER yeah I think You said nail yeah deep fakes believe That deep fakes were already news is Faked blah blah blah but there is yeah Blah blah blah that's not journalism Blah blah blah is not journalism that's You D you're blah blah blah for the Internet conf for the internet yeah so Right Now there is I mean who would have Guessed this 20 years ago right now There's content on the internet that is True yeah and content that is Purposefully false right oh look at him Cracking the code cracking the C this is His whole thing and his whole thing as Well right the people who used to be the

Knowers and the Sayers he's a knower and Don Lem is a Sayer a newsreader right And so you used to have the news readers And used to have the knowers who were The Experts and the knowers and the Sayers Are upset because now people who have a You know they had a narrow width of Reality you know constructed Reality that was mainstream Endor that They were allowed to talk about and they Had handlers and they had rules and they Had a community and they were the Arbiters of the truth you know back in Um The Early times of Christian There was Luther ISM where there was This guy Martin Luther who wanted Average people to be able to read the Bible and at that time the Bible was Written in Latin and was only to be Owned and read by clergy whatever it was The Catholic church or whatever it was And the powers that be I don't think the Protestant had become a thing yet you Know the um you know the Protestant uh The the deviation from the Catholic Church that end up being Protestant Protestant uh religions and so you Couldn't own a Bible and you couldn't Interpret it for yourself you had to a Priest do that and so like that was the Word of God this is how it was Controlled and now it's science you have To have people like fouchy tell you what

The science says but Fouch is owned by Big Pharma and so you know everything That they do is around big Pharma and What big Pharma wants and they tell him What the truth is and then he Manipulates the science to say what they Want want want him to say right so you Know this is what the control system is But with the internet people were able To do their own research and experts and People who were not willing to go along With that Paradigm started to speak up And now these guys had lost their Control and the centerpiece of Don's Life you know there's this other guy Donio Sullivan who had this you know That guy the Fired Guy U Brian stalzer Had that show reliable sources you know They had this whole wing of CNN devoted To undermining the truth community and People outside of that controlled system Right and here Neil de crossy Tyson is Trying to do it again all Right I have I think a good way to Assess what is true and what is false First you check your bias at the door Look at sources look at yeah your bias Your bias andil verification of sources Make sure the sources are not just Repeated multiple times so you have 10 Different websites but they all quoting The same same information the source of Information So you guys are going to do it you guys

Are cracking the code of the internet You just got It source of information so the fact That there's 10 websites doesn't make it 10 times as true so you have to you have To buffer against all oh yeah I get it Oh oh oh yeah oh I see oh thanks oh Thanks for explaining that to me this All right right see he couldn't even Come out and say he made a mistake by Saying nail in the coffin that's Something that Don Lemon would say but He would say the SpaceTime continuum Thing because he's you know pretentious And you know all these things um but you Know these are two people who have been Maligned by the truth Community I mean All these mainstream people are but These guys specifically Neil to Grassi Tyson because of his association with NASA and being just a blow hard and Don Lemon being just a dope um but they're Both you know shills for the mainstream Media but you know anybody watching Don Lemons doesn't have the capacity to be a Truther they don't if you think Don Lemons is quality I mean any of these People you know none of them are really Good that are on the you know mainstream Media like I can't think of anybody Who's convincing and authentic as a Mainstream media personality somebody Who's you know can convince Their Audience but some are better than others

You know and and they uh you know for Those people who have that bias like Liberal bias anti-trump bias whatever You know some people who are um might be Able to be truthers who watch some of These other people but not Don Lemons Cuz his stuff is so bad they fired him For being a dope basically they fired Him for being clueless and not being Able to bring in an audience Neil Degrassi Tyson the same thing like he's Pseudo science you know and I don't know What kind of a fan base he has but it's Not a lot right it's not you know they Bring him on here because he'll shill For NASA and these other whatever it is The the mainstream science story he'll Just go along with it and he'll Undermine people on the internet like He's predicting something that will Never happen because we're never going Back to the official story you guys have Lost our trust right there's you know we We all know it's BS like as as much BS Is on the internet as much BS as there Is in the truth Community you guys are Worse right the mainstream media it's Just unwatchable it's not only just lies It's bad content it's remedial lies Right it's you know the TV shows that Are unwatchable because they're so Bad until now There are people who believed the fake News as

True until oh don't know well people Still do hold on okay until the near Future there are people who believe fake News as true right yes the Democrats are Eating babies in the basement of the Pizza shop right in Washington DC okay So that's not an accurate description of That issue when AI becomes so good at Creating deep Fakes even the people who believe the Fake news will no longer believe that The fake news is true right because the Risk of this fake news being okay so um I know this to be BS like this guy you Know this scientific blow heart because There's actual scientific data the Social psychological scientific data out There because I know that there are Things out there that have been proven To be fake and we all know it before This it already exists where people will Make things up and it could be you know The whole Q movement for example that TR Turned out to be fake and Wrong and the people who who eat this Stuff up who are not really truthers and Don't have the capacity for it but all Of us have thought something was real And then later found out it was edited In a way to make it you know before deep Fakes even were available And it hasn't killed the truth Community Because we know the truth Community as Flawed as it is is at least potentially

Better than the mainstream media the Mainstream media's lost you guys like They're trying to figure out a way that They can win things back like he's it's Like he's bought a a lotto ticket or you Know Charlie in the Chocolate Chocolate Factory he's got the golden ticket with AI and they'll come back and all the People who are truthers are going to Come back to you it's not happening Because the ones who are you know just You know the QB and the flat earthers And the you know all the you know bogus Truth movements I mean they're never you Know you can convince them just like With Chapel they're never going to Abandon their belief system just like Mainstream media sheeple like they don't Do it people don't do it and they've Been lied to like the way that he's Saying the truth Community is going to Be exposed by AI the mainstream media Has been exposed by Ai and there all These people all these she people out There who still believe in it the Mainstream media has been caught lying Again and again and again and you Present the evidence to the people and They don't care and same thing with the Truth Community because the majority of People aren't seeking the truth right And you're not going to find it on the Internet or in the mainstream you know Whether you're a truther or not or any

Of these things that's not the truth Right knowing that these guys the Mainstream media is all lies is not the Truth it's you know uh you're finding Out something that's happened to you the Deception that's happened to you but That still isn't the truth you're Finding out the original story is a lie But what is the truth right and the Truth will never be you know at least in This way of going about it will never be Found right you're never going to find The truth in a sea of Lies Fate is so High that the entire internet will lose Its integrity and it will be buried Under the weight of its own wow of of Its own um falsities of its own and Then you guys like just I mean know it's So bad so like watching this thing like They're breaking like he's cracked the Code like you this isn't science you Know this guy's supposed to be I think An Astrophysicist so he's just bullshitting Here he's just Pontificating about what he thinks might Happen with AI you know he has to Account for what people are going to do When the AI the ai ai takes over and Saturates um the internet with all these You know fake events that didn't really Happen and you know he's putting stock In the fact that people on the internet

Are going to listen to so-called fact Checkers or people like Don Lemons and They're not because they're already They're untrusted sources you know They're not going to go back to CNN They're not going to go back to NBC and So he's saying the whole internet you Know will be buried under no people will Either believe it or not and it's Already like that the internet and Everything's a lie now like you can't Trust anything people are deceivers and There's whole teams of people in the Government that work to put out Deceptive information we know all that Right I mean but this is just like he Thinks he's got something here it's got Nothing right ability to check itself And to correct correct because there People just putting fake information on There because AI can do it AI can do it Like this at first it was fake voice and A fake image fake video and some so You're you're thinking that people are Going to go back and Trust CNN because CNN is trustworthy no they're not Because CNN can do the same thing you're Saying the whole internet is wrecked but You know all media is wrecked because Everything will be able to be faked you Won't be able to trust anything which is The design of the government because if You can't trust anything you'll just Keep on going along with the system

Right because you can't figure out the Truth like what they've done has made The truth impossible to find via the Internet that's why I talk about Connecting to God and and you know Having a internal compass and finding The truth within right that's always Been the answer the Internet isn't the Place for truth it never has been Because for one it's Anonymous I mean All of it you know external newsp papers Is it a you know it's trying to give an Official Story people who own and control these Papers and you know news agencies make Something official and make it Trustworthy to people and that's been Lost the only way newspapers I mean Newspapers are going under they can't Compete because they're not trustworthy People don't trust them anymore they Don't trust the you know the guy sitting There in a suit telling you what Happened during the day so there's been No trust in on level which isn't a bad Thing for the people control the system Because you know you don't believe their Lies anymore at least some people don't That she do but you also um you know you Don't believe the other stuff as well Right someone sampled two minutes of my Voice and wrote it to say something Sounded just like me However I'm I'm way more literate than

What that person wrote to have ai Speak I'm and so I knew it wasn't me you Knew it wasn't you so so so you thought It was you just like Don Lemon like he Just tried to do it's amazing that this Just happened because Don Lemon tried to Put words in his mouth and nail the Coffin you might need other because all I was doing is sampling my voice not my Literacy not my education level okay but Then what do we do then because most People this the end of the internet Tombstone internet you think so 1992 to 2026 people love illusions the whole Thing's illusion life on planet Earth That is illusion your physical reality Is an illusion and then there's just all The lies that are part of it now it's an Illusionary world and people have made It more illusionary by lying if people Didn't lie it's an illusion because your Soul is something else your physical Three 3D dimensional life is like you're In a video game that's illusionary right It's not what you true are truly are Your true essence of your soul that's Eternal and your your short-lived life On planet Earth is you know you could Look at it as a a simulation or whatever It is right but people love The Illusion Like people love the Matrix you think Because there's deep fake I mean the Lies already exist everywhere it's just The capacity to lie has gotten it's it's

Clearer now like you can you know Instead of doing some remedial cartoon Of these two clowns you can actually do An AI version of it right where you you Know turn them into Characters and make them say whatever You want them to say through AI instead Of making a cartoon but the cartoon Would still be funny and people would Watch it right whatever something like South Park or something and so like this Guys he doesn't know anything he doesn't Know anything about people he doesn't Know anything about reality and this Guy's like you know just oh my God You're just so brilliant It's the end of the internet then where Does information and facts come from Because everyone everyone we're going Back to books Maybe so maybe so he know you know the Internet's coming to an end but you Don't know where people are going to get Their information and this isn't about Books the information that you're going To get see Neil Degrassi's Tyson is About you know the moonlanding being Fake and he can't you know he can't Produce science they can't produce the The um he can't produce the Telemetry Data that they lost from the Moonlandings and he can't you know prove That they ever made it through the Van Allen radiation bait belt those are the

Two big ones and all the other little Minor lies but books would tell people That that actually happen but what we're Talking about is current events and Politics and everything else you know People are interested in what's Happening right now and with deep fake You can pretty much manipulate anything And make it look like something else Happened that actually happened And so video is no longer to be trusted And people aren't going to go back to Reading when they have you know their Minds have been dumbed down by emojis And texting and things like this but Books aren't the answer because books Don't cover current events and so There's going to be no trust I mean That's what you're going to have no Trust in the official story or people Just submit to it because there's just Like oh let's just go with the lies Let's just you know embrace the lies Which is the other inevitable outcome Which is already happening on some level People then have their own subjective Reality and they they go with the lies That fit with that right but either way None of this stuff can last right people Have been dumbed down so so much that It's the end let's wrap these up these Two everyone turns to the internet for Information you want information you Just put it a Google search or people

Will Recover in the timeline of knowledge They will recover the true value of an Expert really boom there it is the true Value of an expert you know these these Blow hearts these pontificators that Come on these pundits they're guests and He talking about himself like he's just So arrogant he's just i' been dimin Making fun of me all the Time don't TR I'm an expert you guys you Guys I'm an expert you just put it a Google search or people Will Recover in the look at how arrogant he Is timeline of knowledge they will Recover the true value of an expert Really and there it is the true value of An expert he's the expert and they'll They'll realize I'm so great and I used I used to think I was great now I'm a Joke because of the internet but now They they'll discover that we hey you Guys we were right all like this is just Wishful thinking bro the true value of An expert that's just wonderful all Right I got some other things to cover Here okay so I'm editing I just went Through this thing very clean this voice Over um which was great for me but um You know I didn't really have a lot of Things toit out mistakes or whatever it Was some glitches with the internet but Anyways who

Cares you know I've with was thinking About this so I'm going to put it here Um I'm going respond to his Neil Degrassi Tyson saying you know the the Um recovering the the value of an expert Right see what's happened here in the So-called truth community in the Internet is critical thinking has taken Off and it's not an all of it's not all Great because a lot of people don't have The real capacity for critical thinking Their minds aren't trained they don't Have the You know the the ability for abstract Thought so there are a lot of people out There who now are thinking for Themselves and probably Shouldn't because they're not good at it But it's a step in the right direction Either way and that's the one Evolutionary aspect about technology and The internet everything else is De Evolved people it's made people weaker It's gotten people away from the real World but people now are able to verb Ize their own opinions there's a Platform for you to say what you think And you know you could do it to your Neighbors or you know to your family but They don't want to listen to you anyway Right but now you can go out there and Uh get an audience and there are a lot Of people who have an audience that Shouldn't but the audience is you know

Dumb people like them and they all you Know gravitate to it you know the Q Movement these other movements and Things like this you know in this line I'm going to do my own research or you Should do your own research it's so so Much overused it's annoying but that's Actually happened people will do their Own research which again isn't being Done great but at least people are on The right path because everything else Was you were told what to think and Neil Negi Tyson and Don Lemons and CNN and All these you know Gatekeepers want to Bring back that time where people just You know were told what to think and They didn't think for themselves I mean That's what they want and and they're Desperate about it and it's silly Because it's never going to happen Because you know to figure out that Everything's a lie is a part of that Like I don't believe anything you know I Was saying this to my chiropractor he Said you know what about those 300 drone Strikes they go yeah you know but what If it's not true you know because if It's being told to me and I don't see it In real life then you know I I don't Distrust everything in some paranoid way It's just that I don't take anything as Fact like I call this thing the show and This is an illusionary World which I Referenced before the idea of the Earth

Being a Maya right illusion it's Illusionary because third dimensional Reality is illusionary it's not what we Truly are as a soul so everything is you Know I take with a grain of salt and People need to do that you know lighten Up about everything because you know It's all maybe it's either there's a Plan or there's not if there's a plan if There's a God there's a plan and then There's all you know part of it you know Go along for a ride like you're in a Movie or you're in a you know some sort Of an illusionary thing it's not you Know nothing's that big a deal but your Behavior and attitude you know staying Grateful to God and you know focusing on The bigger picture and what you can Control in your own system your own you Internal system your own decisions your Own character qualities and things That's the only thing that needs to be Taken seriously right but in terms of What he's saying you know that ship is Sailed this idea that people are going To go back to listening to people like Him so-called experts or pundits and the Networks that put them on there that's Over like it's it aside from anything Else it's just bad content like he isn't You know nobody wants to listen to that Right the people who do are not you know They're they have very little value Because they're you know they're they're

Barely conscious right and one of the Reason I covered Don Lemons like I got This you know kind of obnoxious comment Saying with all the things to cover why Are you covering Don Lemons right and You know why don't you think about it Because you know there's certain things I cover here over and over again and one Of those is the battle between the Mainstream media and the so-called truth Community and alternative media and you Know we've lost in some ways you know Because I was this is what I was Thinking about this morning my phone Doesn't when I go on YouTube it doesn't Recommend any truther videos now I don't Watch other people people's truther Videos but when I did it used to Recommend them all the time like all I Got was truther videos and now even when You search for it they don't recommend It they recommend people debunking Truther videos they recommend you know Mainstream uh what they call Authoritarian news sources like CNN and MSNBC and fox and the rest of it but They don't recommend Truthers and you know for for that Reason it's harder to find and people Don't work at finding it and and you Know people don't even bookmark things People are like oh I I haven't seen your Your content in years I you know I'm Like well yeah you got to bookmark it

Right you got to show up here every day And or at least you know regularly and You know I mean you got to pick put some Effort into it you know it's they're They're hiding it right they're Shadowbanning truth or content so for That reason there's been a loss in in The truth of world and then there's just A lot of dopes and a lot of people just Not growing and evolving and the you Know QB and Flat Earth stuff and all That stuff you know so it's you know There's some damage that's been done to The truth Community but you as an Individual can still seek the truth and The first part is you can't believe Anything right it's all an illusion and You know it's I mean you can't put any Real stock into anything really can't Get upset about things until you see Them and it plays out in some real way Right but even then it's illusionary Sense that you're a soul and not get Sucked in as much and take it light you Know that's that's the evolutionary step And so AI deep fake stuff is well yeah We just don't believe in that as well as Everything else right but certainly We're not going back to trust the So-called experts because they've been Knocked off their pedestal because They're almost always wrong you know Financial experts and scientific experts And you know all of it like political

Experts they're almost always wrong they They get it wrong over and over again Because they say things that they're Told to say and a lot of it's wishful Thinking and the world isn't going in That direction right and so they make These claims and they you know they Carry the water for people who end up Sucking and you know they betray Themselves by I'm we getting into Joe Biden here in a second like he says his Uncle was eaten by cannibals and you Know it's just so ridiculous right Anyways let's get into the Joe Biden Thing Biden says his uncle may have been Eaten by cannibals um the next day my Mother's Four Brothers all went down Recruiting station and joined the Military every one of them Volunteered and my uncle they called him Ambrose brosie they called him bie Uncle Bie his uncle Boosey it's a Hellen Athlete they tell he was one great Athlete when he was a kid and he became An army aircore before the Air Force Came along he flew those single engine Planes as reconnaissance over War zones They got shot down in New Guinea and uh They never found the body because there Used to be there a lot of cannibals for Real in that part of the Guinea are you Serious are You no for reals there was cannibals

There like I mean Neil Degrassi Tyson And all these other people like he's you Know an astrophysicist but it doesn't Take somebody who's uh you specifically Knows about dementia to see this guy has Had dementia for for a while right and They keep on carrying water for him and Demeaning Trump him and Trump are very Similar and it's hard for trumpers to See this as well but Trump and Biden Have very they're you know they're Almost the same age bid's a little bit Older and they have a lot of things in Common in terms of their characters and They're very Similar and you know they have different Political views based on what they're Saying but they're very you know in Terms of who they are as a person They're very similar and all these Liberals who've not called JoJo out for Being scile especially now you've lost All credibility because a guy's always Been a dope a plagiarizer a groper a Sniffler a snoozer a lifelong politician He's corrupt and crooked Just As Trump Is he's just like Trump and you got have Tried to say he isn't and now he's just So senile and you're pretending he's not So any idea that the Deep fake things Are going to take down the internet you Guys have already been taken down right You've taken yourself down you've guys Lost all credibility and it's not coming

Back so this was this Emoji here this Mem while the West is focused on Condemning Iran Israel struck a Playground and killed 11 Children today the West has remain Completely silent why because to them The threat of single Israel single Israeli being killed is worth more than 30,000 dead Palestinians and another one here the West doesn't condemn Israel even after It's killed over 30,000 Palestinians but Condemns Iran despite there were zero Israeli casualties Western hypocrisy is On Full display for the world to see you Know people are I mean yeah but there's Nothing that's going to come of this Because all of that um one of my viewers Sent me this Um it's down here Maybe uh here it Is so this is the different world cast Right Except this is um from Hillman to Howard It's a different world Hillman is the Fictitional School the U black college that um these Guys went from to for the show the Different world was was from Cosby right Was a spin-off of the Bill Cosby Show And there's something interesting Here so this was the introduction to the Show and they're re you they're doing it Over again um you

Know you got KLA Harris there she is we're bringing They're all together here they're coming To meet her these fictitional C of the The Show um and she went to Howard University which is an all black college But she's Indian and Jamaican right she Has got different Ethnicities but more importantly it's Fraudulent because there's a key Character missing from this uh from you Know this your Reunion the real reason Lisa Benet was Fired from A Different World Lisa Benet Was the star and these other characters You see there had to be elevated some of Them are like you know the when they Have a comedy they have like the Legitimate characters the ones that are You know the protagonist and they have Goofy Sidekicks and you know crazy Uncles and people and they had to Rewrite that show to make some of the Characters who were you know Goofy and Un uh you know they weren't the Protagonist and they had to make him Into the protagonist but she was fired Because the official story was she made A movie um I forget the name of the Movie maybe it's here in the Thing she was in this movie called Angel Heart that starred Mickey roor and Robert dairo Robert dairo played uh Luci

Cypher the devil and Mickey War had sold His soul and he was already dead and They had like graphic demonic sex scenes And she was fired that was the official Story of course Bill Cosby had his own Issues sexually and he was great palace With the human Trafficker U Hefner and so you know Playboy guy and so you know it's all a Big lie but K doesn't care about that The same reason she doesn't care about This nobody should have to go to jail For smoking weed as an administrator so When she was district attorney the District attorney I mean that you Serious like she has the worst record on This when she was district attorney she Put all these people mostly black people In jail for smoking weed right it was a Big problem for her when she ran for the Democratic nomination but now she's on The opposite side of this issue and Trying to erase her past we have Pardoned tens of thousands of people With Federal convictions for simple Marijuana possession I saw these two Words that said you're forgiven and I Started Crying it meant the world to me that my Life Just so bad R is just full of stuff like This says KLA Harris despite NE the Grassy Ty's belief that you'll you learn To trust the value of an expert here's a

Deep fake that shows it's just the Opposite and also known as the worst President in United States history loves Ice cream lounging on beaches and Sniffing Children Joe uh who is me wait where am I this man That's the value of the deep fake okay Let's wrap this one up here long video Today you know I whatever um had that Wasted my time on that other thing the Um Eva movie but that's up for like 133% Of my Audience it's blocked for 87% of my Audience But you know you live you learn only Spiritual value will save this world It's Faro definitely point for the Apocalypse in the Ascension everyone to Have a blessed day and be grateful

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