Info on my channels and journey series update

Info on my channels and journey series update

Okay greetings brothers and sisters so I Got a couple comments that um one Particular comment that bumped me out Yesterday about the journey Series so I Thought I would talk about this because There seems to be some confusion at Least for some people I don't know how Many people are confused with what's Going on you know in terms of me having To delete the whole series and so first Of all I just want to talk about what's Going on with me and the channel in General and so I made I had a horrible Month probably the worst money month Financial month uh in years in February Like I made less than $2,000 for the Whole month you know my minimum my Minimum amount is $100 a day or you know $3,000 a month because you know that's Me working every day and the minimum cut Off of what I consider this being a Financially viable able job is that Amount of money and that's with Donations and all the you know the Membership I mean so without the Membership I don't know what I would Have made well under $2,000 so that's a Real bummer now part of that is I made a Lot of free content like the content I Put on the gratefulness meditation Channel about uh heartfulness and dodgy You know the gratefulness meditation Channel I think there was one day I made Over $20 on that day the rest was like

Under 10 and so you know even though That channel was monetized it didn't Make very much money I think for the Whole month it made um like $105 so it Really wasn't in any way you know I mean It's good that I got monetized so I can Demonetize the meditation videos but and As far as a backup channel the new Channel the the Channel that I have on a A different you know email that's now About um you know the uh the Heartfulness dodgy cult channel is not Monetized and I have to go through that Whole process and it's 500 subscribers Short and about 3,000 views short of Being monetized so even if after it is Monetized it's only getting 200 or so Views so it's you know B basically a you Know under $100 a month so you know Anything I post there is basically me Doing pro bono work like making content For free you know I felt like I had to Do that and it wasn't going to be a Great month anyway because the first Couple months of the year You know after the Christmas budget you Know now it'll pick up a little bit Because they're going into a national Campaign this is usually a big year Financially but I'm not sure how YouTube's doing the it seems like They're cutting the rate a lot of people Not just truthers are you being uh Starved by the monetization process and

They're not YouTube isn't paying them For the ads I don't know they're running Cheaper ads I'm not sure how they're Doing it now but we're all making less Money And so you know in terms of this moving Forward I'm not making enough from the Membership program to continue and I'm Not making very much from the Monetization program and again it's it Was already kind of a bad month and I Accepted that there was going to be a The decline because of the the making The videos about dodgy and and Heartfulness cult which had to be made Like I just felt like all right this is The time to do it of course there was a Lot of Hassle and having to to start a New Channel and delete all the videos on The gracefulness meditation all the Things that I had to do right at the Same time I'm having spotty internet for The past six weeks not great internet The internet like sometimes it's fast Sometimes it's slow but it's getting a Lot of um you know where it shuts off For a little bit right where it's it's Like a dropped call you know it's not um Reception isn't good and so like there's That slow ping numbers and things and my Computer is wearing out it's four years Old and it's having glitches the other Day I couldn't open Premier Pro I guess It was Friday Thursday or Friday and I

Thought it was computer was done and I Couldn't use Premiere Pro as what I use To make videos and I couldn't open it it Wouldn't stay open it wouldn't work when It did open up I've had some issues with It before but it's just you know there's Been lots of glitchy things with the Computer and so to get a new computer You know the um computer you can sort of Um connect it through a like a Thunderbolt you have apple I have MacBook Pros and you can migrate the Stuff that way or you can use the Internet now the internet's going to be Slow for me but in some ways it's better Because everything's stored on the ICloud and you know I need to get data Off this computer and erase various Folders I've already kind of kept up With that but I have um all the way back To July 2023 you know I have terabytes Of of data on old computers and flash Drives uh you know external hard drives I have I think four 5 tbte external hard Drives and they're full of my videos you Know videos take up a lot of data in Room and so I started to migrate things Over yesterday and it was very Frustrating I actually started Friday Night trying to get things moved over And I have a folder for each month of The year and It's going to have you know 30 or so Videos on it and the problem is that the

Computer will um download the the the Folder you the the uh the video but Later on if I don't access that video It's not being used it'll delete it and It'll just be up on the iCloud so I have To download it again and takes you know For like a journey series video it might Take 2 3 hours right just like it takes For me to upload a video it takes you Know these 3 4 Hour videos can take like Half a day depending on how slow the Internet in is and all these things Right and so even my hourong videos will Take a couple hours to upload you know I Have minimal upload speeds sometimes It's good sometimes it's bad like I said So I took me a while to understand how Apple worked with their memory and I you Know would save these things to flash You know to hard drives and I've lost Some folders some documents some of my Books and things you know I have them on Other older computers and older flash Drives but it's paining the ass so Finding all these things you know and I Mean I just and moving forward with it And you know it's expensive for me to Get a computer because on top of it Being a you know a expensive Apple you Know iMac MacBook Pro um there's the Issue I I get extra terabytes of data so I have four terabytes of data on my Computers and then you know I can do About 6 months of of of videos or so

Before I have to start um deleting Things like it saves all these files and Things and the rendering of videos and The you know this the screen flow you Know I do a screen flow uh uh there's All these you know small video files From that that build up and add up to You know various levels of taking up Terabytes of data so I probably produce Around two terabytes of content every Year so I probably have 30 or more maybe Even 40 terab B the data at various Places right and all these various you Know flash driv hard drives and you know Old computers and things and so you know I want to preserve all my work but you Know it's it's a pay in the ass and like I don't have access to it if I wanted to Bring something back you know it's I Have to you know all the stuff that goes With it and so I was you know trying to Uh upload these download these folders To so I could move them and delete them Off of the old computer and I was having Extraordinary trouble because Because The Internet and the computer just Doesn't work very well and finally Premiere Pro opened back up and it's Working but it like it's shut down in Anytime it's very glitchy I'm having Other issues glitch glitchy out issues And things so I have to migrate all These things to a new computer and Buying a new computer you know like a

$4,000 computer when I only made $2,000 Last month is not you know great you Know obviously there's some Financial Issues going on with my channel after Addess and things like this so yesterday I was on the phone with in for 40 Minutes trying to figure out the Internet issues and get the internet up To speed and finding out that my options Are limited and maybe we go back to our Old internet that we had like you know We've migrated over Verizon because it Was cheaper and it seemed like it was Faster but it isn't you know it's it's Spotty um so like there's just all that Stuff and I you know I don't like Dealing with this kind of things right Luckily for most of these types of Things my wife deals with and I don't do Well I don't do well when I'm on the Phone like they cut us a deal Verizon Did I got got called back from the Supervisor and the woman I was talking To was very apologetic you know I think They were uh you know they seem to have A Hispanic accent or something and I'm Like no this is just who I am I'm not Like mad at you like she's like don't Hold against me because you're you know She said it a nice way I'm like well you Know it's just that I'm frustrated right And we would watch that stupid uh Documentary yesterday that left me you Know really kind of bummed out about the

Way Netflix manipulated and you know was Trying to you know take a shot at people Who are you know looking for the truth Right um you know so it was like a weird Day yesterday it was cold out and I was Kind of low energy my wife and I started Watch the TV earlier than we usually do It's Saturday um just to take a break From you know we're both tired and so You know I dealt with the Verizon thing After we watched the documentary around 4:00 3:00 I had to make you know a salad You know for to go with our we ordered Pizza or whatever um and while I was Doing that I you know I called um apple Right after after I was done with that I Called apple and I was trying to get Them to tell me a way that I could make It so it would stop forgetting files That my computer would just keep them on There because you know it just be a lot Better for me and you know they have These people they call Geniuses Right you you go to the store and they Have these tech people they call Geniuses they got a whole store full of Geniuses and there was no way they that They you know I talked to this Tech Person that I could you know stop my Computer from Forgetting folders even Though I have a terabyte left of Available space I used to think it was Just because you know when I got kind of Close to being maxed out my computer

Would forget files to keep you know to Keep it under the four Terabytes um but you know I'm getting Messages that way I don't have enough Space to save longer video files which I Do so you know it's just the computer's Run out I have to get a new one and you Know I was going through all those Things it really frustrated irritate Irritated me I I was talking to Apple And they called me back from Verizon and They wanted to take money off the you Know the monthly bill or whatever cuz of We've had bad internet for the last Couple months and I just you know Finally got around to calling them so It's all these things right stuff I Don't like to deal with and so I that Was going on and I wanted to you know Cover we ended up watching Oppenheimer Which sucked too it's like worse than Bobby Barbie I've already putting up a Video which you'll probably see before This one unless it gets there's some Kind of issue with that right like a you Know like demonetization or something Which I can't imagine it will be but Anyways I was kind of in a mood which You kind of hear in that video I was Just more frustrated than I normally am And I like I'm been leaving my computer On trying to deal with all these things Um you know migrating these folders over So it can make a a speedy transition

Because the new computer you know it Takes some while a while for it to Integrate all these things and you know It's just all of it um and again not Feeling great about all that because of The You know I'm just not making the kind of Money that I need to to call this you Know a job right it's not you know I I Need to to make more money here and of Course this is supposed to be a great Year the 2020 was my best year ever Because of the the ads the political ads They're being run on YouTube and then They charge more for their rates and Then everyone makes more money so you Know but already it's not off to a good Start so I got this comment and it Follow was it was a second comment that One of my longtime viewers Wrote um so my long-term viewer the First comment was I don't know um some Time ago um well I guess this is the let Me read the first comment so this is From like five days Ago and so uh it's great to see that see This up here I I put the journey uh a New beginning I think maybe for four Journey series videos the only channel Members I've seen are 136 130 that only The channel members have seen 136 137 138 139 non-members would probably want To see those Especially and you know I blew off to

The comment I didn't say anything but It's the person was obvious this is Somebody that's been here for a long Time and I've met so this is like a you Know somebody who's more of a known Entity and then there was this comment Here today yesterday and it happened When I was in the frustrating time Trying to deal with all my computer Issues thanks for keeping this going Paul still love to finish watching 136 137 138 and 139 I only had time to watch 30 minutes or so at a time but then they Were gone these are also the ones missed By Non-members um you know and I was like Do you not understand what I said about The issue because this is a channel Surviving move like I had to delete These things because I gotta I got a Copyright strike and a couple of Copyright strikes three strikes and the Channel gets taken down and that's all Of it right and so you know my whole all The content that I have there and then Having to start over which I just don't Think I would you know it's it would be A really deflating type of situation That's why I had to take such a drastic Move because they copyright one of my Journey Series so there's not an option Of me uploading them you know um Rumble Has its own copyright policy as do all These other platforms and you know every

Time I had to upload one of these videos It takes me hours upon hours and that's Me making content every you know it's Just adding extra work that I'm not Ready to do but what irritated me about This is It's just asking more of me like That's you know always the wrong Approach asking me to do more like it's Never you know I don't know how many Times I have to say it like you're Asking me to do whatever add links when People do that I mean it's an auto it's An auto ban like you know that's not my Problem you know I make my videos and I Spend a lot of time doing this and it's You know a job but it's also a service And you know whatever I energy and time I put into this but asking me to do more For you all and like I'm not giving you Guys enough is always an issue Especially when I'm frustrated and going Through you know the things that I do Every day that just to keep this thing Going right the things that are nuts and Bolts you know dealing with Technological issues dealing with Internet problems Dealing with the everchanging you know Policies of YouTube and then you know The Hostile you know kind of um Aggressive uh heartfulness um going After you know they didn't have to go After the journey series and I don't Care because I'm not you know they're

Low lives like I'm not saying that you Know I don't expect anything good from Them because they're lowlife people They're stupid people that make stupid Decisions and they're you know criminal And their aspect and they're bad people So you know I don't expect that they'll Do the right thing right they're also Very fear-based hand ringers and Worriers so that's why they didn't do it Earlier like they could have done this Years ago they could have copyrighted Some of the earlier videos but I've been Using content from heartfulness you know Their clips from their Channel and so You know and I could fight the copyright Strikes too because there's things that They're doing that are you know it's There's it's editorial and there's you Know whatever that is but I I mean just In terms of the overall time related Issues I couldn't let it risk losing the Channel like I know you know it's very Arbitrary how they do with the copyright You know fights and things like I could Have got the strike repealed but you Know again I have limited time and Resources and if it didn't go my way Then the channel goes down right which Would be you know all the content and That's you know all the everything it's Me having to start over so uploading the Videos because you didn't see them you Know the videos were up some of them

Were up for like 2 months or longer they Were up in January like these early ones The ones that this person listed have Been up for over a month right um so and Some of them for like two months so like They're obviously not a priority for you To watch right so like why do you want Extra from me like I got to figure out Some issue you know some workaround Because I can't upload these on YouTube They'll be copyrighted wherever I upload Them so what what should I do go to some Third party platform like I said they All have their own you know I I have to Relearn those things for something that You know I'm doing for free right like It's not compensating me for my time and Effort and I'm you know dealing with This new channel which is a hard thing Now I have four channels I have to kind Of you know keep a prize at why I'm Going through a transitionary period With all these other things so I'm just Saying you know this is the kind of Thing where I've made it kind of clear Asking me for more things or complaining Or you know whatever it is is never a Good thing because you don't know what's Going on my end especially yesterday if I made this audio yesterday yesterday it Would have been a lot more brutal you Know I did SATs on this morning and you Know I'm kind of uh I'm not feeling the Frustration I was feeling yesterday it

Doesn't matter whether a video is Private or not like if if it's on a Members only or whatever it is it Doesn't matter that's why I deleted I Could have moved everything over to just The members but there's a tool out there That I have access to I can look up all The people who are using my my um my Videos and you know I've done this in The past I don't have much time to do it But YouTube's developed a tool for you To find out who's using your copyrighted Material and even if it's on a private Video or a you know any kind of a video They can find it and so um you know That's what's up so the same things for Community guidelines strikes and the Rest of it their Bots find things that Are privatized and so um all of those Things and uh you know it prevents Somebody from seeing something and Whatever and then reporting it but in Terms of the it can still be you can Still be penalized for a video that's Private or members only so there's no Options for me like again I don't have The time and and desire to figure that Out right now I just have other things To deal with like I said you know Preserving the channel and keeping it Going is a whole thing right takes a lot Of effort given the way YouTube has Changed its policies towards I mean not Just only truthers but creators in

General and it's not you know it's not a It's it's getting worse and it's harder To make money and it's harder to to Navigate the everchanging community Guidelines and it's almost like they Want to get rid of as many channels as Possible it's almost like the opposite Of growing they're just trying to Whatever uh you know just to get the Channels kind of channels that they want Right they're being more prejudicial and And the rest of those things and then Dealing with the the heartfulness stuff Or whatever like I just have to stop Making content on those other channels And focus on my t main channels those Channels that make money and get back to Um you know making this uh you know a Financially viable job right now it Isn't I'm making you know less money Than I I need to make like I'm making Less than the bare minimum I've gone Below the bare minimum like I said of $100 a day so again I don't have to go Through that again so just so everybody Knows I made a decision that how there Was the only decision I had which is to Delete all the journey series and what I Do with those in the future like I have Them And I think they're you know worth Preserving and putting out there in some Way but I have to figure out a way to do That and you know it's not going to be

Anytime soon right like it's just going To have to be that if you miss the Videos you miss the videos that's just The way it is like it's you know I can't Risk the whole Channel because people Didn't get to watch the videos like you Guys could be members if you're not Members then you know you're not Supporting the channel and that's Whatever that is right I mean it's just A couple dollars a month is the cheapest Form of membership and you can you know Get would have access to the videos that Got deleted and those members who didn't Choose to watch them for months like That's you know how you budget your time That's you know it's on you I don't get Into that I don't you know I me if you Don't get I put out a lot of content I Know it's hard for people to watch all The content your time is your time but The videos were up there for months Right the opportunity to watch them were There and you chose not to so that's you Know you missed them right like like I Don't you know feel bad about you're not Watching them but I can't you know I Can't uh change what I'm doing because You didn't prioritize you know I mean it Wasn't that important for you to watch Them right but in terms of this Relationship I'm doing whatever I can to Keep the channel going and you know I'm Producing quality content and doing what

I'm you know I can't do anything more And it's a downtime you know I've Connecting with the heartfulness Meditation you know the dodgy and his Cronies and you know just every time I I Go to a deeper level of how bad they Suck because they always it's always Worse than you think with them And that's just a bummer and than people In general like I don't have a a lot of Faith in humanity right now it's like It's a downtime it's a time where people Are angry and things are coming up and We're reaching the end of the you know The whole thing right it's we've reached The you know a new stage of I think Everybody realizing it's it's kind of Over with the you know things aren't Going to change drastically for the Worst at least on a material Level and Everyone's kind of dealing with that and I just you know I'm not I mean I'll do What I I'll do my duty and whatever you Know I think that I'm obliged to do and Pay it forward all the the great things I got from SJ margan things but on a Limited basis based on you know people Have to step up you know people have to Help out right whatever it is they have To you know spiritually certainly and Then like something with my Channel or Whatever like I'm not you know don't ask Me for more like that should be the you Know if you're in a situation where

You're something's going to come off as Critical or you're asking me for more You want me to do more and you didn't Spend the time to you know I made it Perfectly clear what was at stake here The reason why I had to Del lead to Journey series I said it over and over Again if you didn't understand it then Go watch the videos I put it in about Three or four different videos and Explained it and so you know I I Wouldn't have just deleted the series Because I felt like at a whim because it Was you know it was the only thing I Could do because you know the channel Was at risk right I can't use any Heartfulness material you know Regardless of you know it needing to be Used that's their copyright material and You know whatever like I just can't use It because of the the issues and don't Really want to because I like they just Suck so bad I'm tired and the obvio is Like I'm not you know I'm not getting Any sort of um material reward for doing The videos that I did like it's a Thankless job two people came forward Who are kind of on the fence few other People have left comments you know one Person is an obasi or his father is he Showed the videos to his father but There's a handful of people that have Come forward and said that those videos Were helpful for everyone else we know

Heartfulness sucks already we know dodgy Sucks we don't need more information About it you know was something that I Did because I felt like I had to do but You know I want to move on from it Because the you know it's it's not just The organization sucks it's the people Who are in it who have failed right They've failed to uh do anything and Fight back against what is the Destruction of the Sark system that they Claim to love and the dispar the Disparaging of the former master chargie Who they claim to love and the fact that They've just sat on their hands and Allow that to happen they're disgusting People to me right I don't have any you Know and some of them are sanly and Great people but I have no respect for Him right that they would just you know Sit there and go along with something And actually contribute to something That's destroying somebody who Destroying you know the legacy of Somebody who had done so much for them And the work that had helped so many of Us That's disappeared his talks and videos And things I mean it's just like an Atrocity and they're just sitting on Their hands or even Cooperating and helping dodgy do that Right and they all know dodgy sucks we All do like there's no you know he sucks

Right he's not he's not a he's a dope And he makes bad decisions and he's you Know he's just hard to listen to he's Arrogant he's just obviously not a a Spiritual person anymore he's a fallen You know he was a fallen Master which is You know a demon right like somebody who Falls that way you know when an ordinary Person falls they don't have that far Far to fall and they don't have that Much power or whatever but a person Who's spiritually elevated when they Turn and they fall like they become a Demon right they become a devil like the The Devil is a you know an angel right It's a fallen angel and so you know it's Worse for somebody who's spiritual and Had all these has as every reason to be Grateful to God and turns on God and Turns on the you know the the their Teachers or gurus or Masters or whatever And that's what dod's done and so the Whole thing is just you know I want no Part of it or the people who do it right To me these are the worst people in the World because they know how great sjb is And they've allowed it to be ruined and So you know and I'm not saying they Could have done anything to stop it but Don't go along with it right don't sit There passively at least Express Something about it and you know lurkers And people who are lurking and watching It and you know they agree with me they

Don't want to say anything public even In a Anonymous form I mean it's just Weak pathetic people and so that's where I'm kind of at right now it's not a good Time you know like you know so just so Everybody knows only spirituality will Save this world is pado Def point for The apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day and be Grateful

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