How the Controllers mad the Truth Community Disappear

How the Controllers mad the Truth Community Disappear

Okay greetings brothers and sisters got A bunch of stuff to get to about Israel JoJo magu making a statement kind of um I haven't seen it yet but you Know and it's all that stuff um some Election stuff I've got a lot of things I've been building up because I've been Doing voiceovers about you know various Meta things and I also was going to lead With um something that's different Happening with one of my channels and so Uh All of that but last night I had a what I consider the thing that's most Important Here uh you know I just right before I Went to sleep it just came to me about This thing and it has to do with my last Video about how they've closed the door Right and they've been closing the door Now since 2015 on the internet the free Exchange of Information And one of the thing what I thought last Night was you know when I first came in To the truth community and I dabbled With it there was things you know I was Aware of um from my brother and from my Ex and different you know little things Like people have their little things That they don't trust the government on You know Health Care the you know I was Um given anti- poop information by my ex And uh ant you know my brother was a

Vietnam veteran who had been one of the Sort of original truthers with the stuff That they you know the Vietnam War and The things that happened after that you Know that was when there was no internet And there was just a very Fringe amount Of people that had you know knowledge About the Federal Reserve and these Truther narratives that were out there But very few people knew about them you Know some of the things that you you Learn about when you come into this Thing but there was those of us who came In with the big event in 2001 and whatever you come in with you Know some people came in with a pizza Thing some people came in with you know The stuff that was going on with the Schools you know these events and you Know some of these other things that Have happened um you know people came in Because of whatever you know these big Things that have happened the election Stuff right and whatever you come in With it's just always there it's like a Like kind of a wound that you have like You know um it's just like a a sensitive Subject to you but when I came in there Were so many videos about the big event So this is back when the when YouTube Was like the wild west when there was Virtually no censorship I mean just you Know had to be uh like I never heard of Anybody getting commuting guidelines

Strike I don't even know if they had Them but they would take down videos Occasionally but for the most part not You know like I videos were almost never Taken down and they promoted it their Algorithms promoted the things because People wanted to see them and there are So many videos about the big event 2001 now I made a series of three and I Would say you know I have my favorites Of as a viewer and there's a lot that Were like kind of good but they really Didn't get to the the heart of the Matter they pushed this bogus thermite Uh you know whatever it was a thermite Narrative and some of these other things Of course people have this idea of a Laser U but there was a a video she Who's that guy's name the Corbin report I just had to go look it up it's called Uh the big event and you know it's not That like it's you know that's what I Call it right a conspiracy theory and he Did a really good job with that one There's some other ones I really liked Over the years can't remember them There's a guy named Dimitri Hof who was A you know a Russian nuclear kind of a Gun Smuggler and like sort of a International criminal guy was the whole Thing kind of interesting but he Presented a theory that I now believe to Be the the right one which is they have These mini nukes that can take down

Buildings and that's why they called it Ground Zero these things right and so I Covered that like I debunked the whole Thermite thing and the um you know and All the stuff to do with Chernobyl like All the First Responders that got Thyroid cancer and so my video videos Were um like I don't say my favorite cuz I don't you know my own content but it Had information in there that was just Better but my came to the party late When I made him like I was already Established I mean the the you know no One cared about this anymore but I still Did right so I made these videos three Of them I don't know they're on a Someplace I don't know where I could put Them up um but you know also the idea That possibly Israel was involved and so I put these things out there um the you Know but the mini nukes was something I Was pretty you know sure upon like Everyone has their different things and I you know but either way this is what I End up thinking last night that all Those videos are gone and there was Videos that had Millions upon millions Of views some of them were bogus some of Them had some you know partially disinfo But either way there was lots of them And they were a body of information Plus all the little clips that people Took from that day that disappeared like They just disappeared they started to

Erasing those clips that showed things That weren't consistent with the Official story and so there's so much Information that's just gone and you Guys who C came into the truth Community Late or later like you didn't get to see Them like you might go you know maybe Some of them are up on rumble or some Place but you know that for the most Part that body of work is gone of course People have lost interest in it but it's Really the biggest one and most Important one but either way then there Was these other things that came after And I watched all these things and you Know eventually covered them myself you Know I was just doing homesteading Videos that I wasn't I talk about things Occasionally but I wasn't making content About some of those things in the early Days but you know all the the things That were covered by me and other people You know over the years and you know Before the you know that that big van Time they're all gone right I mean They're not on the internet like not Just even you know they don't I mean People might even they might no one has Them right like I don't know how people I mean how many have them been copied or People have them on the computer you Know people throw away their old Computers or the data gets lost and you Know I mean I just I've learned that

Apple if you don't use a file they'll Just tend to forget it like just pretend This doesn't exist and keep it up in the Cloud and then you you know then that go You know whatever happens to it right um Which is kind of like I was kind of Stunned by that but these things aren't Around right you know I've saved Everything that I made on uh these you Know these um whatever they are you know The external hard D drives but you know I've made 20 terabytes of of data and These things right so it's hard for me To you know remember all my videos and All those videos that are no longer on My channel for a variety of reasons you Know they're pretty much gone right Those things and that's just me and so You know what was neat about the Internet is That there was new information that was Being allowed to be talked about and so The truth Community Grew From less than 1% to about 30 to 50% right depending on How you're going to quantify the Truthers or qualify the truthers you Know people who are dabbling at least And believe in some of these Conspiracies but the other piece was you Can't really do justice to some of these Things necessarily in a Podcast or a you know a written work or Books and things I mean they're all good People don't read books and you know

These whatever it is written word and You know articles and things news Articles videos you know are the way to Go like videos are the best because you Can show things you can show clips of Things and you can I mean there's just The videos are the best way to Disseminate this information because I Can remember things that were in these Videos but I don't remember everything That was in them even my own videos Right and I could tell people about it But if you know I um show you you know Make a video with Clips in it and things Like that and then you can rewatch it You know which people do and so these Things are gone now like all that Stuff's gone and people have remember it And they kind of understand it but they Can't explain it and now following Generations don't have access to that And so how quickly the internet you know Exposed all these things and how quickly They shut it down you know The Gatekeepers came in and now there's like Virtually no truth channels and it's Just access to these things like you Can't find the truthers anymore even if They're still there people can't find my Channel and I got all these channels and Then they find my you know apocaps now Channel and they think that's my main One they they can't find my main Channel Anymore and so even though there's still

Some Subscribed and so this you know Shadow Banning and all the things that they've Done effectively wiping out this whole You know I mean uh millions of terabytes Of information that was out there that Was exposing these things and you know They've effectively scrubbed it from the Internet right so um very interesting How it's gone and those of us who Remember and know it's you know it's There but it's not the same right it's Easy for things to fade and people don't Have an interest in things and they Forget about whatever and so then you Know maybe so many years from now They'll admit to it probably not but That big event 2001 is really the the Sort of watershed event because of a Self-inflicted you know false flaggy Type of thing is a big deal because like That shows you everything you need to Know about how they you know not just Lying to you but you know just um you Doing things to you know like Victimizing people because victim Consciousness is the what's created in These events if you look at every one of These events that have happened the Victim Consciousness you know like the The big event the victim Consciousness That allows you to start taking away People's freedoms taking away people's Rights you know that's I mean the whole

Victim Consciousness around somehow you Know the the Russia cheated in the Election and just all the other things That have happened the victim Consciousness surrounding the these um You know these various stories that came Out right suing Alex Jones I mean these Things right you know he's the Controlled opposition all the stuff That's up with that you know the Deplatforming people has come because of Victim Consciousness or we've been Victimized and you guys are the bad guys And conspiracy theorists for you know Sharing this information and therefore We get get to deplatform you there Therefore you you're a threat to us with Because of the Boop right cuz you're not Taking the Boop you're anti Boop or Right so you're a threat to everybody Everyone's going to die of Co because of You and we're going to you know Deplatform you and you know censor you And ostracize you and you know all these Things because you know giving yourself Permission to treat people badly because Of a perceived victim they've perceived You know victimization on at their hands When you're really the victimizer Yourself you're the abuser but you know The window was open the door was open For a while and you know people can Still find it now in these other Platforms um but you know it's not going

To ever be like it was but the door was Open and people's Consciousness have Shifted and there's going to be things That happen now like everything that Happens now there's lots of people who Doubt it and it's more people than they Let you know they pretend it's only a Fringe group of people but it's you know It's it's a demographic it's you know More than onethird of the population you Will doubt one thing or another right I Me even Dick Van djk I covered yesterday His was about Trump he had a conspiracy Theory about Trump in the Supreme Court So he's goofy about it but I covered it On my other channel I mean today's Monday May 6 I just released that Video um today and tomorrow this will be Up but you know like it's something to Think about right and so you know I've Made this change on my you know segue Into this um I had a channel called um Exposing the heartfulness fraud dodgy Truth and you know I was just doing too Much um well a couple things happen Because I want to show you the Demonetization thing in a moment because It's kind of interesting that how they Not they didn't monetize it but you know What happened was you know I saw the SAR uh meditation that I do that's to me The answer to the you know the problem Of human beings have to change and the H Mar system helps people change in in no

In a way that no no other system does by Facilitating for Willing practitioners The connection between them and the Divinity within them it's the sole Reason for the system and it had helped Me transform my you know Condition and I mean so many different Ways and so it is you know to me that's The solution that's only spirituality Will save this world that's why I say That it's a saying from you know this The second master of the system but it's You know for me something that I believe In wholeheartedly that only people Becoming Saintly and and you know connecting to The Divinity within them is going to Change this thing because we create our Systems we create the the world around Us and it's our orientation and our egos That have run a muck ego we have a Problem of human ego and the Sark system Helps the ego to accept the path of the Soul in in in a way that it's just built For it there's a transmission you divine Energy where you get to experience the Higher levels of spiritual attainment And then there's also the cleaning the Clean away the the subsc scaras and Impressions that you know fortify the Egos hijacking your Soul's purpose right The E human ego hijacking your your real You know Soul Journey the Soul's Journey Back to to God to the source and so you

Know I I've done this system for so many Years and I was you know friendly with This new master dodgy the you know the Guy who was the third Master successor Successor you know president of the System and I watched him turn this thing Into you know a a cult and I just goofy Stuff like stupid stuff and turn it into A you know material religious uh cult From a spiritual Organization and you know I had a front Row seat and of course I'm a you know I Make videos so I you know have a way of Disseminate the information and I made This thing called The Journey series you Know people weren't interested in this And it's a shame because you know the Problem is they don't understand the Value of what's been lost there's a System in place that was the solution to The problem of you know the ego problem Of humanity but people don't get it and Don't want it and whatever not Interested in it so they don't know What's been lost here what potentially Has been lost but I do and you know Because of My uh relationships within this the Organization and you know just all of it And the information that was given me I Do given to me I documented all these Things and eventually I felt like you Know beg begrudgingly Because you know the people who are in

The system they should have seen the Same thing I did and if they did and They decid just to sit on their hands And pretend it didn't happen which is What most of them did now what a fallof It was from the previous you know Master Of the system was a service oriented Person who you know burns his personal Resources to serve God and other people And the new guy who just is a you know Like an absolute dope and just you know Embarrassing And so I documented this stuff and I Eventually made some videos that I put Out there and they the organization Copyrighted the videos which you know The embarrassing clips and the clips That were pretty much um you know where Slam dunk that I put together like I Would do you know making these types of Videos I couldn't use anymore and so I Got three copyright stripes on three Different channels so I you know was Crea this other channel but Um the people in the organization aren't Really interested and you guys don't Care you know for the most part um like Some of you do but like it's a you know You guys already know some people have Done the are doing gratefulness Meditation which is you know the old sa Mar meditation but anyways I created This Channel and you know it was Effectively censored because of the you

Know the I couldn't use the evidence That I needed to show people in videos But but even if I did no one was really Interested in watching the videos it Wasn't going to affect people new people Aren't going to fall for the Heartfulness scam for the most part like People who are you know who would watch My videos and you know people in the Organization have just folded like just In an embarrassing way you know and I Felt like it was my duty to put the Information out there some of the people Have helped me over the years and the Organization the organization itself has Helped me and I felt like it was you Know I beg begrudgingly put these videos Out there cuz I knew that no one cared About there was there wasn't going to be A people aren't going to watch them and They weren't going to be open to them And you know my normal audience already Was you know with me about the whole Thing and so really it was just a you Know an exercise in futility which I Knew it would be but I had to do it Because sometimes you just got to you Know do things because they need to be Done you got to give people the Opportunity to reject something you put Something out there and if they don't Like it they like it but at least you Told them right because you just have to Um but you know I was just doing I have

Four channels now and it's just too many Like the gratefulness meditation doesn't Take much you know I've already built That to whatever it is so people can do The SJ Mark system the way it used to be Done and that's you know like a Community service thing and it's there For people but I don't spend much time On that but just the two channels is a Lot for me and then having this other One that's about some other stuff and And there was drama with the channel and Then I these people showed up and left Dopey comments and you know it's the Kind of people I don't really want to Connect with there people I don't really Like I mean to me they're the worst People in the world the people who are You know did the Sark system and bailed On there you know these people Supposedly love the the former Master of The system and they just watch the guy's Reputation and be just completely erased From the system and there's a loss of Work there the same thing that I'm Talking about on the internet has Happened in the SJ Mark system where There was all these books and videos That were helpful you know because they Were you know they were they were true To the system are being erased by this Guy dodgy like I've been told that um he Ordered people at these bookstores to Destroy books right after his you know

Supposedly his master the his you know He was dis charge his disciple he after He died he just started to purge the guy From the mission Which is really screwed up like it's a Really effed up thing to do but anyways Like I just you know I I knew it was Going to be a relief for me to get rid Of that channel and now it's a backup Channel let me switch over to my other App and I'll show you what I'm talking About here okay so here's the channel Pox of the future backup Channel if you Go to any of the new videos the videos That I'm going to put up Henceforth I've changed the upload Default so that this will be there for Those of you want to subscribe to this Um this is on a different account Different email account and so you know If something happened to my whole Account or something you could still Find me and you know over Here one of the ways that they centor You is to not monetize your videos right So organizations that are making money News organizations or other YouTube Channels or you know the official story Stuff all can make money right they all Have a you know a revenue path but YouTube is strangling the revenue path For independent voices so I'm in the Editing process I just want to add this It's important but over the years I got

It used to be you'd have these purest Truthers that would show up that I Thought were disinformation agents or Whatever or they're just that stupid or That hostile or whatever but they would Accuse me of Not being a like a pure truther because I was getting financially compensated Right for my work and it's a stupidest Thing ever because you have to Understand that there are news Agencies and people in the CIA and People you know and I mean all these Corporate shills out there all these People on social Media government right who get paid just To get out there and put out Disinformation or get paid as news Journalists to put out Disinformation and so they have the Backing not only of you know Financial Backing but backing of legitimacy Backing of they get Preference they get Better treatment on the social media Platforms so they already have an unfair Advantage they have access to all these You know various levels of uh resources That we don't have in the truth So even if YouTube was paying me the Premium rate and I had you know good Merch and I had all the money I was Making a ton of money on YouTube I still Wouldn't have I would still be at a Disadvantage even if they were leveling

The plane field so they didn't give a Preference to authoritative voices Truther would still be at a disadvantage But now when they strangle you Financially and make it so that you have To do this as a hobby you have to work a Job to support your truth or habit well Then it's going to be inferior work And you're just going to give up because It's going to be too much right like You're just going to get tired of Fighting against the Beast for what like You're not you know you're just um so They just so they can shrink your Audience and you know Shadow ban you and Things like this you know so financial Compensation or the lack of it for your Time and your work is really the biggest Thing they do I mean all the other Things you know you might fight against A community guideline strike or you can Go to another platform there ways that You might get around all the other forms Of censorship but not allowing people to Get compensated for their time and work And their effort is the biggest one it's How they've just basically erased Everybody uh inevitably from the you Know the TR the truth community and so It says here um we have reviewed your Appeal so I had to get 4,000 views and 1,500 subscribers I think it was before They would consider monetizing my Channel and that used to not be the case

You just have to get a YouTube channel And you could apply for monetization Right off the bat and during that period Of time YouTube has changed their Policies and they run ads on your Channel anyway and they get the full Amount of Revenue and so you know Depending on how they whatever they're Doing with your channel if they deem it You know ad friendly or whatever and so I waited forever they withheld the you Know I had 13 th000 views but they were Only counting 4,000 or under 4,000 and They just slow walked the whole process Took months so months for after I had Already got all the things that I needed I mean like it it would took another Month after I already had more than Enough subscribers and this was an extra Channel now the most I would have made Was like $5 a day on my videos and I'd Create all kinds of content and then you Know I got cop copyrighted so I couldn't Use that Content and you know if they really knew What heartfulness was they would be Against it I mean they don't care you Know YouTube but they you know with the Brigher Mind scam and all the things That go with it but they're not you know Their algorithms and they're they bot Learning or maybe they don't I don't Know who cares but they're preventing me From putting out

Information about a cult basically right Which was being promoted on their Platform and you know I was doing a Service for the whole for all of it Right but they slow walk the process and This was an extra channel that I'm doing Basically on my free time and basically Volunteering because I'm the best person To do it for an audience that I don't Even like the my former you know people That did the S Mark system that now have Fallen for the do the heartfulness cult People I don't really like and who kind Of ostracize me and they're like the Ultimate sheeple and so I mean that's The process going on here and then YouTube is making it as hard as possible To get monetized and then when I Complete all the necessary um parts of It they deny me monetization for no good Reason right I'm saying this you know I'm in the editing process I'm adding This here just so you have a sense of Like this is not just about me this is About anybody like this is how they Demoralize you and keep you from posting The truth whatever it might be or just Po it on YouTube it's like they're Getting rid of all their people like They're trying to sabotage their own Platform I applied for it and they Rejected it right and so then I made a Video saying well this is what my Channel is about there's no reason for

Them to reject the Monetization right um so they say here Your channel violates other policies you Can learn more here and reviewers found That your channel doesn't follow all YouTube's monetization policies and so That brings you to this page and like They say some new things here and none Of these things apply to my channel but You're supposed to figure out what They're seeing in your channel they Don't even tell you this is what you Have to do like one my I did the Gratefulness meditation Channel um they Said I was using too much of other third Party content and that wasn't the case It was because I had some videos up There about dodgy and and Heartfulness and so they look into this Thing here and there's nothing there That would indicate why they flagged my Channel right and the other thing goes To the exact same place here and so um You know both links lead you to this and They don't inform you this is what we Saw this is what you need to change to Get monetized and when none of these Things apply then you're left without Any sort of um guidance on how you could Get your Channel monetized Again they're running um ad here and um You know they're they're making money Off the videos so I'm uploading this Video from my other channel I already

Uploaded it to my other channel just to Show you monetization policies right They make you you know check these boxes Or not check them about the things that Are in your video that might be um Similar to something that's not Monetizable right they have these Different categories appropriate Language and they show you these things Right what's allowed and what isn't Allowed adult content right these things So there was no really I didn't swear on On my you know that other channel There's no adult content there's no Violence any graphic images and this Could be something you're like I could Be showing you a clip of CNN and some of You guys you know understand this that I Have to edit out they're showing you What's going on with the Israeli War and There could be a couple guys is talking And they're showing a video of the Israeli War and YouTube will flag that Right they'll allow CNN to put it up There shocking content um again you know My videos don't have this stuff in it Harmful acts if you talk about any sort Of stunts and things like this even if You mention them they'll demonetize your Video uh drug content Right uh enabling dishonest Behavior and so um that's kind of of Truth or stuff right against uh that Kind of thing hateful I guess that's

Criminal Behavior there and then hateful Derogatory content hate speech Firearms They don't like you talk about Firearms Sensitive events things that are you Know have to do with whatever's going on In the world that might be sensitive to People controversial issues and so my Other CH didn't have any of this you Know these other chils that I have I Have to sort of Walk the Line with these Things But you know with all those things they Can pretty much regulate everything I Just showed you everything that's on YouTube and demonetize it and then You're making you're working for free so That's how they effectively and we're Not even getting into the community Guidelines strikes you know medical Misinformation talking about the bloop All that stuff and you know and they're Bots flagging you just using these words And demonetizing your videos but also They flag your videos and they just Won't recommend them they won't send Them out to your uh you know they won't Send notifications out to your Subscribers they won't put them out There you know to compete against other Videos like yours and so this is another Way that they've gotten rid of all this Information they've effectively hidden The truth Community okay so I want to Get into the Biden stuff here in a

Moment um I just want to wrap this thing Up about the big event 200 and one and All this stuff about them just erasing All this you know valuable data now There's a couple things about this one Problem is there's too much information Out there there just is and there's all This disinformation out there so you Know it's it that was one of the ways That they censored or um watered down Everything by just putting out all this Information and so many people just Putting out their own crap and you know Without really I mean knowing what's Going on and like a lot of just you know Bogus truther kind of stuff that's you Know people are stupid or they're just Not you know it's not disinformation but It's worthless and sometimes people are Just lying on purpose to get views and Then there's the disinformation agents That are you know working for the Government or whatever and it's just so Much information so like that's part of The problem and then this other way that They're censoring and picking winners And losers promoting things you know They moded the QB stuff I mean I there Was videos about the QB stuff Alex Jones Had a video out and this woman who was Like a nightmare like just um I forget What her name is but she um uh YouTube Had their trending videos and they put Those up on Trend YouTube trends so they

Were actually promoting that bogus QB Stuff and so that's like you know part Of it that's like part of what they do You know flooding with information and Promoting the stuff that's bogus and you Know stuff that they can mock later on Stuff that they can Demonize and you know the stuff that's Disinformation by the you know whatever It is the agencies three-letter agencies But then there's the you know the Strangling of real truther channels and Then you know demonetization and Shadow Banning and things and then you know It's just this is where we are and plus Everybody doubts everything now You went from where people just believed In the official story where everybody Doubts everything including the stuff on The internet rightfully so because There's a lot of stuff that isn't Accurate and so when the big event Happened they pushed this idea of Thermite which I found out to be Completely bogus this is why my videos Were important on this subject because Years later I found out that thermite Was never really used in control Demolition because you have to apply it Directly on the metal girders many Buildings including those ones you know The the you know the the the pig ofan Buildings in case their gerss in cement So that mean thermite was not to be used

But what they use is in control Demolitions the biggest ones that were Taken down were taken down using charges And things like this but then I found Out about these micro nukes and that Went along with the fact that all these First Responders were getting thyroid Cancer more thyroid cancer happened in The with the First Responders that Happened with um Chernobyl and think About that right and so there's a higher Rate and so like that was another Indication and what Micron nukes do is They Powderize you know when they take down a Building with a micron nuke and then the Radiation Fallout that's there so it's All you know that was unique in my Videos right some of these discoveries I Made and with all the information plus It you know was I was late to the party Like I you know talked about some of These things but I didn't make official Videos till everybody had moved on to You was it was past like it was like the Pizza time kind of thing and nobody Cared about anymore and they quickly Censored it they demonetize the videos And then the rest of it and so um you Know like this is a lot of faulty Information has been accepted by people Who you know cared about this thing when You know whatever it was back when it Was the big thing and a lot of

Disinformation was put out there and Then people you know gravitated to this Disinformation and that became the the Sort of the the backup narrative to the Mainstream narrative thermite being a Part of it right and so this is how They've done it like they've just and Some of it was self-inflicted by people Who really didn't you know weren't ready To talk about things because they Weren't clear in their own you know Ability to perceive what's going on Their own inability to you know people Inability to have like abstract thought And people who couldn't really become Truthers a lot of people who want to be Truthers but they can't they just don't Have the mental capacity for critical Thinking skills and you know they just Don't get it like they just it's beyond Them right and they're putting out Content and so it's just all that stuff And so that's where we are where we are Today the you know the internet has been Compromised right they've slammed the Door like I was saying in my last video And so let's get into this other stuff Here okay so um I went for a walk and I Just you know this very important piece Here what's happened uh in social media And on the internet so back in 2000 you Know the 1990s I don't know when YouTube Became a thing 2004 2005 whatever it was When YouTube sort of you know started to

Take off and Facebook came in whatever That was and for those entities the Biggest thing was growth getting as many People on their platform using their Platforms as much as possible in fact Netflix did a documentary I forget what It's called you know back when the fake News thing narative was taken off and They demonstrated how these social media Groups would just feed people so-called Conspiracy theories and undesirable Content they would promote it without Any discretion even when they were Starting to this is when they were Already starting to censor so it was a Documentary trying to demonize these Social media platforms for looking at All of us all of their users from a Business perspective and from a business Perspective this business model Usage and growth were the most important Things and so they catered to so-called Conspiracy theorist because we were one Of the biggest demographics out there And people would go down the rabbit hole And watch one video after another and so They pushed these things right because They didn't care what you believed they Just catered to you as a customer they Looked at you from a business Perspective right and the results were That mainstream media lost and Traditional content lost and independent You know truther and just independent

People out there making content Newsworthy you know about the news Whatever it might have been was out Competing all these traditional systems Of power and control and so you know the Hillary Clinton election debacle Happened fake news narrative came about And conspiracy theorists you know they Took it to another level and now they no Longer looked at you as from the Economic standpoint which was it was Best for them to give the people what They wanted to give people what they Wanted to see which was truther videos But then they profiled all of us and we Were considered now an undesirable right A danger to society and Bad actors bad People even though most of us had never Done anything criminal and certainly What we were putting up on the internet Was within our constitutional rights of Free speech we all viewed as negative Right undesirable people bad people and This is a kind of profiling and Censorship I already shot the clips You're about to see and Joe Biden says That you know we he talks about Democracy and freedom of speech but he's Somebody who's in the people in the Democratic party been have some of the Worst the Republicans are just as bad in Different ways of suppressing these Things and categorizing people as Undesirable which is basically another

Form of racism right another form of Homophobia where based in people's Beliefs you are demonized and our Beliefs are nearly identical like our Beliefs you know there's liberal people Who are truthers who come to the truth Community there's conservatives that Come to the truth Community there's People who are independent and we all Have our different views and narratives That we subscribe to and believe in so Our beliefs don't even line up you know We're not a religious group you know We're not a religion we're not a ethnic Group right we're not a you know sexual Like we're not one sexual orientation or Another right I mean there's different There's gay people who are truthers Right there's all these different Demographics that you know the Demographics they usually divide you Under don't exist in the truth Community We are clearly a diverse group we are You know one of the most diverse group If not the most diverse group in America Because we all share something you know Whether we used to vote Democrat or used To vote Republican or didn't vote at all And we were religious or we atheists or Whatever it is right whatever those Things that people put the boxes that People check when you fill out a form You know some sort of you know form Where they ask you about your the groups

You identify with the groups that you're You know you're part of we belong to all Those groups like there people in every One of those demographics that's part of The truth community and so what is our Crime right what is our you know what is Our um the one thing that we share That's so horrible we don't believe in The official Story we don't believe in the official Freaking story like that's our crime and The official story is put up there by Proven liars and deceivers corporate Liars media Liars Pol political Liars Scientific Liars religious Liars like Whatever it is these organizations that Uh uphold the official story are all Proven fraudulent and liars and they're Full of conspir conspiratorial type of Behavior criminal type of behavor Behavior Sociopathic type of behavior they're Murderers they you know murder people in Different ways they supress people they You know they suppress you know truth And you know history and I mean Everything that they do is hurts the Collective right it hurts all of us These are you know Bad actors they're The real problem and so if our crime is That we don't believe in the official Story then we're not terrorists we're Not criminals we're not aggressive you Know most of us are all we are doing is

Talking and giving our opinion about Things many of us aren't involved in any Sort of a movement we don't even protest Right we don't boycott we don't do Anything that's aggressive other than Say things that we believe to be the Truth and call out lies right and so What's the threat then well the threat Is that when you have a system based in Lies the truth can take that system down The truth is dangerous right you Speaking the truth can take the system Down because the system is you know I've Said this over and over again it is you Know it feeds off of lies and evil and So the truth would you know the truth About our system if people realized I Mean just the just in terms of the Currency alone if you realize a currency Has no value and the economy is Completely you know fabricated it's a It's a you know deception well that Knowledge alone could bring the system Down a loss of faith in a system that's Built on lies it's the deception and the Perception that people have that the System is strong that keeps it going Because if people knew the truth then The system would crumble and fall apart I've said that before like I'm not even That big on everybody being a truther Because if that happened the system were 100% dependent on would collapse Immediately and that would be good but

Also bad right it would be good for the Right for the more important reasons but It would be bad for you know our Immediate survival and our immediate Comforts and things right when the System collapses it's going to be hard Because we're all habituated to the System and dependent on it and so you Know it would be good when it collapses Because it should it's a bad system it's Evil and someone's going to have to bite The bullet and take some generation Going to have to suck it up because it Needs to happen like it has to happen It's going to happen it's happening Right so and you know suppressing the Truth isn't going to you know stop it From happening but how does that play Out how does everything I just say play Out in the Practical terms so you know Back when my channel was popping I would Put a you know the title of the video And I could use the terms right I didn't Have to say the big event in 2001 I Didn't have to say you know the big Event in January I didn't have to say The bloop right like I I could actually Say those words but now their computer You know learning stuff first they take Your channel and you as a person and They put you in a category of Undesirable channels right that you're Not a you know you're the opposite of The authoritative news and these things

And you're put in these truth or Categories or whatever it is and you're Now given a different treatment you're Treated as an undesirable and they're Going to try to hide you like you're you Know the crazy uncle that no one wants To invite to the dinner party right like They're they want to hide you away and So then everything that you do is going To be scrutinized differently so if you Use a term that's a current event like If I I can't put the word Israel in my Videos or some of these other things and It's there's high risk that they're Going to demonetize it just on the title Alone so I have to choose my titles Carefully right I have to choose my Words within the video context you know The narrative I have to choose those Carefully because they'll flag it and Demonetize it first of all And then you know they're not going to Promote it they're not going to send it Out there if they say all right this is This kind of video and so you have to You know navigate that whole system I Mean this is what happens when people Are prejudice against right when there's Racism or homophobia or what all these Things that they cry about and they say How horrible it is they're doing it to The people in TR Community all the time They are you know treating us like less Than treating us like we you know don't

You know deserve the same kind of Rights And and things for just the simple fact That we don't believe in the official Story we're doing nothing else when There's people doing criminal activity Everywhere and they're not flagging Those people on any of these platforms And so you know it's the downfall of America is right there not because you Know whatever we would do or not do as Truthers it's the way they're treating Us and the way that they have demonized Us inappropriately and unfairly is the End of America you know the belief of America is a democracy and there's Freedoms because there's clearly not it Is a system where you know awards for Merit the based on your work it used to Be that way the third Master of the Sark System used to come to America and he'd Say you know it's a wonderful system Because it awards for merit because he Comes from India where there's a cast System where there's people who are born Into a ceiling you know they all have Their ceilings and even the prefer Cast their jobs they can't do and their Marriages are arranged and things like This where America people come here poor Immigrants right who were you know come To America with nothing and become Billionaires I mean not even Millionaires but some of them become Billionaires and so the system used to

Award for work and Merit but now it's Become something else right they no Longer the customer is no longer right And businesses and again I'm not a big Capitalist person or an economic person But this is you know you know the Downfall of all that so I can tell you Every word I say everything I put in the Title in my videos the way I express Myself every photo every clip is Scrutinized and I'm already targeted and As an undesirable and you know these Things and I can feel it all of us who Do truth or videos feel it and so that's How you know they wreck the internet Like that's how they and they betrayed What they believe in you know Google Saying don't be evil and you know Democrats supposed to be being about Democracy and you know all of it they've Played themselves right the way that They you know especially these liberals That are supposed to be about you know Defending I YouTube has a whole category Of not attacking protected groups but You can say anything about an antivaxer You can say anything about a conspiracy Theorist but you UT a war you utter a Word that sounds like it's homophobic or Racist or anti-is or anti- that or Whatever it is then you know you'll be Immediately demonized and censored or Whatever it is right deplatformed I mean It's just even if you you you know was

Misinterpreted what you said and so There's protected groups out there but The behavior is still ongoing you know Racist Behavior hate hateful Behavior Demonizing Behavior saying hey these People are stupid I mean just the way They treat Trump supporters and I don't Like Trump supporters like Trump Supporters are a nightmare like not all Of them but you know a good number of Them I don't like cubes they're Certainly certainly not worse than Liberals and Democrats who think they're So intelligent think they're so Progressive I mean you know and they Have more power the Liberals and the Democrats and they're clearly not any Better right and the behaviors that are You know completely tolerated against Trumpers you know the people who you Know people who had voted for Trump are Somehow not even human beings anymore Right they're just evil like they're you Know whatever they're they're supporting This guy who wants to be a dictator and A racist but like look at what we got Now and we're look at the censorship and The control and so you know this is What's happened and it's happened very Quickly right you know people ask me are You scared about your life you know when I was becoming a popular truther and I'm Like no because the stuff that they're Doing now is going to happen first right

You know there's going to be levels of It like they don't they don't go for the Jugular right away they they try Different things first to silence people You know they don't have to kill you When they can just um deplatform you and Demonize you and actually use you as an Example for other people right and so Like that's you know that wasn't Happening years and years ago but in 2016 it started 15 16 17 you know really 2017 and was already the ideas are being Floated out there and then look at how Bad it's gotten and so they've erased All of this they've erased this whole Movement and you know you can find it But it's in it's now a fringe movement And the majority of people don't have Access to it and don't work for it and Even people who are into it can't find Stuff anymore and so they've disappeared The whole movement right so this is our Part of our history it's a blemish and You know it shows you that the system is Going to collapse because the only Reason to do it is because the truth you Know anything that goes against the Official story is a threat to the system That's what they're saying you're a Threat to the system so that must mean The system's based in lies if a truth or Just a differing of opinions if you just Have a difference of opinion because It's not even like it's a movement like

Are we're proposing we should do this or This we're just mostly calling out the Lies I mean that's the number one thing Of the truth Community calling out the Hypocrisy calling out the lies and That's a threat to the system well then The system is a deception right that's The only answer like anybody who argues That is just I mean being fundamentally Dishonest because again there's no real Threat here other than people no longer Believe in the official story and so They're saying if people don't believe In the official story the system will Come down and why can't the official Story compete right why can't the Official story compete with individual People giving a different opinion GI Giving a different interpretation or Giving different you know set of like Facts that are more based in reality Right why why would that be a threat to The system if the official story is the Right one then why wouldn't it be easier To accept right I mean if it was a Truthful one why would the majority of People accept it and so you know there It is anyways let me get back to it here Okay one more thing I want to add I'm Editing this and I just thought this is An important piece a lot of you guys Know some of this or at least you know Know overall what's happening I think Most people understand what's happening

Some people would say it's a good thing And Truth should be censored you know All these people agree with it whatever It is right and so it isn't exactly Anything new I mean there's things that I'm saying in a different way probably Than you've heard before probably than I've thought about it before one of the Reasons I've been talking about this Lately it's really effed up like it Shows you a society that can't withstand Differing Opinions and challenging to challenges To the official story is a is a system Or a government in this case both that's On the the verge of collapse right let's Say they looked at us as being viruses People in the truth Community right that Were you know poisonous or viruses if They had a strong immune system it Wouldn't matter you know there are times Where I mean if everybody's happy in Your society and everybody's fulfilled And everybody's competent and Functioning well there are no worries Right people who are you know Oppositional it's like why can't you be Happy you know what's wrong with you if You're align with the Divine principles And you're align with God then you can Allow differing viewpoints you can allow All these things to flow and you know It's just something that's there right Like it's just it's it's not really a

Threat because your Society your your Your everything is so strong Relationships are so strong right but When you're in a fragile type of Situation where you're hanging on a Thread Hanging On by a thread you know I Was in a a situation like that in my First Mar marriage where the family was Just about go to go over the cliff and It couldn't handle things right we Couldn't handle one more thing like People have been in this situation where You're just you know depressed or you're Miserable and you're just you're hanging On by a thread and you know one more Thing will put you over the cliff right Like you just can't take another thing And so a strong you know strong system Isn't worried about something like Differing opinions and if people are Happy and people are functioning well They they don't they're not at risk of Falling For You know if they're saying That we're evil and our ideas are evil Well then you know this the system Wouldn't be falling apart and being you Know divided in such a way right and so These are all signs that our that our Empire is collapsing I mean it's it's Always like this if there if it's that Fragile that they have to censor Everybody and do it in such a diabolical Way in a corporate way then for one They're admitting that we're you know we

Have something to offer and two they're Admitting they're on the wrong side of Everything because that's the kind of Things that tyrants and dictators and Evil people do is they silence you know Criticism you know they Crush dissension And that's what's happening right now Like we've reached a new level and this Is you know we're we're that much closer To our our system our you know our Civilization our government our you know All of it our economy collapsing like It's just for right there and one of the Things that we're supposed to do is Witness like we don't have the power to Change things but witnessing is seeing Something and first of all connecting to The Divinity within you so it goes back To the source and so that's like when People are Are Spiritual people and they Get closer and closer to their Interconnection to the Divine then the Feedback loop in terms of you know they Say the wheels of God turn slowly but Everything is is eventually dealt with And like you know for me I feel like you Know I don't need to do anything because The Divine system will right I mean Inevitably brings everything back that's An you know an aberration an Abomination Back to its original Source right it Cleanses deception it cleanses evil it Cleanses things that are anti- good and Anti- nature they eventually come back

To the source right everything gets Writed it might take a long time but all Of our freedom of choice all of our Egotistical Freedom of Choice eventually Will be you know dealt with in one way Or another I have full faith in that and So when you have full faith in it like You can you know allow people I mean Just inside yourself to have the wrong Beliefs because you know you know that In your life when you've been on the Wrong side of things you eventually wred The ship through the Divine process or Hopefully that's happened in your life And so you can see it in the lives of Others that eventually Things will go back to the way they Should be just because there's Contingencies and if you go against the Divine will you immediately are going to Get consequences and things that are Going to bring you back to your you know Your Soul's path and what you're Supposed to be doing here and by doing That you know by being aware of this and And you know saying these things or you Know feeling these things you're Witnessing and it's going back to you Know the system of checks and balances That exist in the div the divine system Everywhere but the other thing is just To name what's going on and I feel like It's time for me to do this on a regular Basis to name it because you know I

Turned on the news for lunch and I Haven't been watching the news at all You know fox has real no value for me Because I'm not going to cover it here So I watch CNN and MSNBC because they Always provide good content for me but I I don't watch it anymore because it's Anti-trump full-time it's just the same Old stuff there's nothing to say about It like put him in jail or not like Either put him in jail or like let him Run as a legitimate candidate and I Don't want Trump I don't want Trump any More than Biden I don't want either one Of them doesn't matter I want both or Either I don't care it doesn't matter Nothing's going to change the the the Path that we're on the election is Irrelevant to me in every possible way But it's annoying to see them you know Constantly talk about how evil Trump is And then just put him in jail right Either you have something on him they Can put him in jail anytime they want Whether he's done anything or not but Their world revolves around Trump so Much that they talk about him that's all They talk about every time I turn on CNN And MSE there's something about Trump of Course there's a trial going on it's Going to be that way all the the way to The election it's everything that we've Heard it's nothing new and it's just the Same old story being regurgitated over

And over again and I'm sure their Viewers are tuning it out because you Know they're they're over Biden like They don't you know they they have a Biden problem like deal with your Biden Problem but anyways this thing is really Screwed up what they're doing like it's Next level of evil and it's definitely You know it's it's reached its you know Like its Epoch right it's just like it's Full manifestation anyway let's get into The other stuff here okay so this is Biden a couple days ago you know I want To get to the White House Press Conference thing um whatever that Thing's called not the press conference The you know the uh the dinner for the Press That's supposed to be funny um I Have that up I haven't looked at that Yet my internet sucks and so I'm getting Going back to my old internet that they Had a big issue they were they they were Down for like a week and that's why I Switched to Verizon and you know I have A whole story about that which I'll get To um so just you know I'm really just Struggling Here um lately with all this stuff you Know this censorship and the the Internet anyways here's um JoJo magu Addressing the Protests we've all seen Images and they put to the test two Fundamental American principles excuse

Me the first is the right to free speech And for people to peacefully assemble And make their voices heard the second Is the rule of law both must be upheld We are not an authoritarian Nation where We silence people or squash descent the American people are okay so that's not True um it's not true in historically But specifically with JoJo magu like Jojo magu threatened social media like He's part of the reason for censorship He threatened to take away you know Whatever their you know their special Privileges title whatever it's called Which allows them to have content put Out by individual people but not be Liable for that content if they take That away from the social media Giants Then they couldn't conduct business Right they couldn't you know they'd have To scrutinize everything that's put up And so he threatened his administration Threatened to take that away from Facebook and YouTube and all these Places and so um you know he was Centering like they're they're the worst And Obama was one of the hardest and Worst people on whistleblowers right um Heard in fact peaceful protest is the Best tradition of how Americans respond To consequential issues but Consequential issues but neither are we A lawless country we are a civil society And Order must Prevail so again they got

Killed on the defund the police that Defund the police protest was the only Thing that's playing well for Trump in Last election people are freaked out by What the Liberals were doing remember They took over cities and that thing Called Che and Portland and that whole Thing right they made a you know they Were just handing over the I mean it was It was bad and nobody wanted that right He like defund the police and the Democrats are having to walk back all Those things that are now coming back Around also the closing down of the Businesses that they push for under Trump throughout our history we've often Faced moments like this because we are a Big diverse freethinking and freedom Loving nation and moments like this are Always those who rush into to score Political points oh yeah like you never Do so she's above that kind of Thing but this isn't a moment for Politics yeah exactly it is moment for Clarity so let me be clear peaceful Protest in America violent protest is Not protected peaceful protest is okay Let's be clear the peaceful protests are Protected violent press protests are def Dick Van djk was saying these protests Are a distraction from the Supreme Court Rigging the election for Trump to win by Not stopping him from winning legally You by blocking the ability of the uh

You know the other whatever it is to um You know prosecute him and so that That's Dick Van dijk's level of being a Conspiracy theorist or a truther you Know it's the whole thing's kind of Interesting I got more to cover on this We'll go through this thing here first It's against the law violence occurs Destroying property is not a peaceful Protest it's against the law against the Law vandalism trespassing breaking Windows shutting down campuses forcing The cancellation of classes and Graduations none of this is a peaceful Protest he's getting hammered on this He's pulling at 42% Trump at 49 Trump Can't get much Trump can't get over 50 So they need a third party candidate for Trump to get elected or people just Aren't going to vote whatever it is Right but the majority of Americans will Just never vote for Trump but Biden is Seen as worse and he's going scile and So like Israel is a disaster for him Because the youth is the only thing he's Got like a sort of an advantage and the Youth is just over this guy right Especially with the Israel thing Threatening people intimidating people Instilling fearing people is not Peaceful protest it's against the law Against the law Descent is essential to democracy it's Essential descent must never lead to

Disorder or to denying the rights of Others so students can finish the Semester and their college education Look it's basically a matter of fairness It's a matter of what's right there's The right so if descent worked and he Values young people's vote why has he Not come out against Israel's genocide They've killed something like 30,000 or More people now now half of those kids 45% of those people are kids and you Know he murdered kids with drones and no One seemed to care about that he killed Eight kids in Afghanistan um you know he's a child Murderer right and so you know all this Stuff Is useless because like he more than Anybody supposedly needs young people's Votes and he's not pandering to them and He's a panderer right right to protest But not the right to cause chaos okay so That's show J go uh the Israeli Government decision to close down the AL Jazer uh TV channel uh in Israel this Has been happening throughout the day And Sebastian Usher is our Middle East Analyst at the BBC World Service and We've had so Israel has going against Freedom of press they talk about how you Know Kennedy said how much how how how There's much more freedom in Israel than Any in America freedom of the press Freedom for the um the minority

Populations to express themselves and Al Jaaz is clearly not you know that Radical a you know a news organization And Israel is censoring them right um While the genocide is going on and so Why not comment on that why aren't the Republicans and you know I mean Trump Because Trump is giving Israel Everything they want Trump will send in Troops I'm sure he'll give him military Support and so you know that's bad then The Democrats you know they kind of like Don't want to piss off their base but They're back in Israel had some some News in um just in the last half an hour Or so Sebastian from Frank Gardner our Security correspondent in Jerusalem who Says that Israeli police have already Raided the offices of the Qatar based uh Channel so they're raiding them places Right so they they're they're going in There and you know this is news Organization with armed guards for what You know with armed military armed Police and you know um and that was just Within hours wasn't it of of that Decision so that happened so we'll get Back to the Israeli thing in a bit uh President Biden forgets date of January Boop Capital riots at glitzy fundraiser Hosted by Michael Douglas Biden's Hollywood support is Coming to his defense over concerns over His age and mental Fitness the people

That I've talked to and everybody that I I have uh say he's he the sharpest Attack he's fineing we all have an issue With memories as we get older we forget Names uh something he's overcome a Stutter u in his life and Some yeah that's not it bro you Ste I Mean that you know yeah and everyone you Talk to is a Democrat or Democratic Supporter or Biden supporter so that Doesn't count plus you're you're a paid Act you you're a guy who gets paid to Lie you pretend to be other people or Used to now you just kind of suck at it Given that performance in Benjamin Franklin you've always sucked but now You're worse because you're Cena you Know times he might but um let's just Say that his his entire cabinet um Including his vice president everybody's In his cabinet would be more than happy To work with him again in the next term Boom you so you're slurring your speech There too bro President Joe Biden Suffered yet another Gap Thursday as he Mixed up the date of his January 6th During a glitzy fund Raider hosted by Michael douas and kather Jones He said we'll never forget the Dark days of June uh January June 6 January 6 Excuse me so he said June 6 because of Maybe juneth who knows what's going on With this guy um but that happened

Monica Lewinsky joins Taylor Swift's Asylum Trend with savage mean poking fun At Bill Clinton affair and so there's Monica winsky now um Lewinsky and there's Taylor Swift and Here's the meme you you wouldn't last an Hour in the Asylum where they raised me Which I guess is a reference she's got Her pronouns here U Monica winsky is Just getting it Done you should identify as a fourth Grader and learn what a pronoun is Donald J Trump Jr identify as a Conspiracy theorist my pronouns are I Told you so um Donald tra Donald Trump Jr is a total tool he's just like all The bad stuff that Trump has without any Sense of like ability or any of the like He's the worst of Donald Trump and you Know Big Game Hunter and things like That killing animals just for sport um Like that's just you know I one of the Many things but he's just an idiot and He's not a truther Right um but you know everybody wants to Be now like in their different way I Showed you this guy Joe Kennedy Jr or Whatever it is saying he wants to Suspend the Constitution so he can go After his enemies after his critics After the Press he is running to use his Power to punish his enemies silence his Opponents and inight more okay so I Thought this was a picture at first with

With Audio come to find out you really Standing behind this woman Just just just biking no oxygen while on National TV who's in charge of the image who who Was the image consultant who was the Person that's in charge of saying hey um Ronnie can can can can you come sit down Come sit down no no no not in front of The camera behind the camera come sit With us come sit with Us somebody go get him so um you know The guy's just so weird looking Ked like That genetic inbred family right that's A cousin that's a producer of cousin Marriage right there Is a product of cousin marriage Joe Bayen orders doomsday planes that can Surve nuclear fallout in 13 billion Contract um because it's getting real Right they're pushing for this they have Been for a While so this was disturbing on a lot of Levels Welcome All You soggy people did She actually just go soggy people look At that one more time Welcome All You Soggy people soggy people you soggy People you soggy people you soggy people Susan Sarandon's become a Nazi classic Susan Napoleon said Napoleon bonapart Not the Napoleon Dynamite oh movie Reference from 2004 good one Susan war Is when the government tells you who

Your enemy is Revolution is when you figure it out for Yourself in Israel everyone would want To make you a salad and be your best Friend in Gaza they would chop your [ __ ] head off and ra you and Dismember you and then all your Dismembered organs who do you think your Enemy is Susan our enemy is hate you Seem like really loving people chanting For the genocide of Jews nonstop so this Guy da Daniel Ryan Spalding standup comedian TV writer Influencer power gay based in New York City Cameo greetings you can get a cameo Message my boy Boy um here's a Susan sandon video which He's pinned because um you know all of It and you can see here there's no Comments see Right oh my God da and so he's got Plenty of comments Here um and so um there's you know that But he did he's turned off the comments Here that's everything you need to no Okay so first let's cover the Susan Sandon part you know Susan sandon is a Very hyper liberal she was against Joe Biden you know she was kind of a Bernie Sanders person and she didn't vote for Joe Biden they slammed her because they Were like what do you want Trump and she Was like there's no difference so she Sticks to her guns as being a liberal

Person there are a lot of things that She believes in you know I don't get Into the whole belief thing right like There are people who are unconscious Sheeple who was impossible to have a Conversation with and then there are Other people who you know semi- agree With some of your points of view and you Can have a reasonable conversation with And there's people who just there's Things that they believe in and you just Don't talk about those things right but It's not like I get along or like truth Or better you know I believe we have More of the same shared beliefs but that Doesn't mean you know there's any sort Of you know connection there right and So to me none of this stuff beliefs just Don't matter anymore but Susan Sarandon At least is consistent with what she Believes in and for this guy to call her A Nazi because she made a hand movement Is ridiculous right like it's just Stupid she didn't she's not doing that Like Susan sandon is very hyper liberal And human rights oriented she was Probably po pro Palestine for years but Wasn't a major issue she hasn't been Slamming Israel in public Until this latest genocide and so many Other people in Hollywood John kusac and These other celebrities who have been You know Pro you know they have Relationships with Jewish people in

Hollywood Hollywood has a lot of Jewish People in there in power positions in The entertainment world and so they're Not anti-jewish they're not you know Calling for naism they're calling for The end of this abomination in Palestine Right and the fact this guy turned off His comments it wasn't well received Right like I'm sure there's you know you Can't be this far gone I mean it was Racist what he said about the the Palestinian people and the difference Between you know they'll make you a Salad and you know do all these nice Things for you in Israel and in Palestine there are these horrible People and he keeps on doubl and Tripling down here as he moves forward Our enemy is racism Israel is a Jewish Nation but it's also a multi-racial Multicultural Society where all of its Citizens have equal rights including Arab Muslims Arab Christians Drews People and beduins and Greek Orthodox People in the West Bank and Gaza their Leadership are terrorists and they Basically live under Sharia law and Black people in Gaza by the way are Ghettoized into this community which is Called Al Abid which literally Translates to the slave I I have belong To a couple of groups on Facebook And I don't see that much anymore maybe Facebook is censoring them one of them

Was like Jews that live in Israel that are pro palestin P Pro Palestine I forget what it's called Jews For the freedom of Palestine but these Are Jewish people and they post a ton of Videos that come from Israel and Sometimes from Jewish people some times From Palestinians of the police or Jewish people abusing the Palestinian People in uh in Israel as well as videos About them abusing Christians and other People or black Jews like it's there There is a you know there's a lot of Ugliness and then these protests that Are very bad like you know some of the Things that they're saying and so you Know it's not like Palestine is some Perfect place and the Arab world is you Know doesn't I mean they both have they Both suck and and just like everybody Else sucks right but to pretend one side Is so much better than the other And that side's the one with the bigger Army and a history of stealing the land Of the other side right you know it's Just silly right this guy is like Ridiculous I mean no wonder he had turn His comets off our enemy is Colonization Israel is the only example In the world of successful Decolonization Zionism is an indigenous Rights movement because Jews are from Judea Arabs are from Arabia Israel is the indigenous homeland

Of the Jewish people it's the opposite Of Colonialism like this was some of the Dumbest crap I've ever the guy's talking Like he knows something and he knows Absolutely nothing so this is the story From the Jewish Bible the Old Testament Right this is the their story Abraham is This is from Wikipedia by the way Abraham is he could have looked this up Abraham is known as the patriarch of the Israelite people through Isaac the son Born to him and Sarah Sarah in their old Age his wife Sarah who was Barren and The patriarch of Arabs through his son Ishmail born to Abram and Hagar Sarah is Egyptian servant so these people were You know they're the same people right The Arabs and and the Jews come from the Same Bloodlines and the same original People and Israel did not get conquered I mean the the Jews did not get Conquered in Israel you know it wasn't That they were colonized by Arabs They've been beefing since that time Whatever that was 3,000 years ago or Something it was before Jesus it's Somewhere between five and uh 2,000 and 5,000 2,000 years ago And so you know whatever that was it's a Long time ago and the they've been Beefing ever since the difference here Is Israel has the backing of America and It has an army an Air Force a navy and

The Palestinian people have rocks and so They've been taking their land and the Country was called Palestine and most of The Jews were out of there and he's Saying that Jews live in Israel that's Their land as decolonization but there Are Jews all throughout Europe there's Jews in America right are they all Supposed to go back to Israel is that What you're saying they belong there and The Arabs should leave America and in Europe the whole thing about Colonization or not is silly because in Nature you don't have territory it's not Given to you by God you got to fight for It you got to fight for your territory Like every bird I watch it all the time I'm I watching nature all the time There's hummingbirds little cute little Hummingbirds and they're really dickish About our huming hummingbird feeder and You see territorial behavior all over The place like it's just the frogs who Are looking to M and we have Redwing Blackbirds chasing each other off and You know they're all um you know calling To try to attract a female they flap Their wings I mean there's all this Stuff right now going on in the spring There's all this territorial behavior And it's aggression aggression is there I'm not saying it's a good thing but it Is the way it is and so it's what you Get to you know it's what you have based

In Your ability to claim it right and for That reason you know them going doing What the they're doing to the Palestinian people is you know there's Some natural order of things to that but The problem with it is they're Pretending to be the heroes and the Victims you know Israeli people Jewish People are big on victim Consciousness And they're trying to claim they're the Victims and they're certainly not they Came into that country it was called Palestine and again you can say it's Promised to them by the Bible but then So were all these other lands that are Now occupied by other people it's the Same people genetically they're very Similar right and there's a mixed of so Many genetics there's Caucasian people There people from the caucus mountains Russian people and people from Europe And all these people around that area African people there's all these Different you know types of people that Are you if they took their DNA they Would find there very similar DNA makeup Between Muslim And Jews right and so like this this Thing he's saying is just silly it's a Genocide like they're doing a genocide And pretending to be the victims and They're being backed by America and the Americans aren't into it Americans don't

Want to pay our economy struggling most Americans don't want to pay for this war And don't want to pay you know the the Support that we give to Israel and the Influence that Israel has on our Politics and some of these other things In terms of our lobbying group most Americans that know about it are not Into it and if they did know about they Wouldn't be into it right so that's what This is about none of these things this Guy's saying it's just silly right I What he's saying here is just absolutely Ridiculous our enemy is greed greed as In the greedy Jews you don't sound Anti-semitic at all Su she didn't say Greedy Jews and she didn't imply greedy Jews Like that's you know that's a That's a horrible thing to say you know Somebody who's probably pretty big about Being into being in a productive group Themselves and he's you know saying Something like this right you know he's Saying like she's saying something that She isn't that could get her cancelled Like the same stuff with Kanye when he Said defc 4 and it was purposely Misinterpreted you know Kanye shouldn't Have said it but what he said was that He was going to go death comom 4 on Jewish people and social media which is A big difference between them saying it Was something else like that this guy's Doing here like that's just evil what

He's doing right you disagree with what She's saying but you're twisting her her Words purposefully for your own you know Your own whatever it is right your own Silly little inst post and our enemy is Silence your enemy is not silence girl You are loud you are very very loud The Silence of those who look away why is a War happening Susan who started the war You know this is a 3,000 year old 5,000 Year old beef whatever it started you Know with with Abraham right Abraham God Instructed him to sacrifice his only son Or his you know his other son his first You know his son with his wife and you Know because God's a real dick in the Old Testament right you know this whole Thing is a joke right this I mean Speaking inconvenient Truths can lose you your livelihood good No supporting an islamist terrorist Movement that wants to destroy America And the Western world that will make you Lose your livelihood Susan Sarandon it can lose you Friends it may lose you family Are you Seriously encouraging people and Empowering people to end friendships and Relationships with family members to Support a terrorist movement right now Susan Okay so What's up with the giant polo shirt what She was saying is that there is a lot of Money power and P power behind Israel

And Jewish people in positions of power And that if you speak out against this You might lose friends you might lose Job opportunities you might be cancelled Even that's what he was saying he wasn't She wasn't saying she wasn't encouraging People to you she was saying that's Might happen you're taking some risk to Do it which not really because you know She's doing it right like you know this Is I mean what we experien in the truth Community is much different than she Experiences in terms of these celebrity Movements this is one that's a little Bit more Controversial because of the different Demographics involved in Hollywood but You know the whole thing like just an Absolute mess one more segment to go Here Alex J Baldwin reflects on 40 Years Of sobriety admits he does miss Drinking um there's China Phillips we Saw her Before remember it's on my other channel Anyway that's all Alec uh Robert Craft Campus leaders must show courage and Stop radical protests from poisoning the Young mindes Robert Craft the owner of The Patriots in the craft you know Craft Products he brings NFL players to Israel All the time to show them how great it Is over There Um there's Trump here Trump's criminal

Charges in Biden's age rank as the Voter's top worries about the Candidates well they're either going to Put look they're just too old look at These guys Trump is really aged he just Doesn't look good like whatever's going On with his skin and you know his hair And they're just too old like these guys Are just too old right these are the Oldest candidates ever and they were the Oldest candidates last time they ran the Two oldest candidates to run against Each other they own that record last Time and now again right um and they Look alike right they're the same guy Same Expressions you know just all of it Um again here David pecker testimony at Trump trial reveals the Seedy underbelly Of this tabloid Journalism um David pecker is works for The national Inquirer I've covered him Before and David pecker has got an Interesting Name this is completely name related Biden Administration faces pressure to Step up its response to anti-semetic Incidences on college campuses and yet They're losing the youth and so um you Know like this is going south Quickly irs's audits are about to Surge Here's most at risk and it is bib Cor Corporations with upwards of $25 million Worth of Assets in the year 2026 and so they are going after

Corporations that'll just leave this Country I mean they want to you know and Again I'm not you know whatever the Corporations do to cheat taxes and all These things right but when you heavily Tax corporations they go to other Countries I mean that's just what Happens if they're you know they're Going after them this is a way of them Saying Oh we want to bankrupt the you Know the American economy you know and Make it you know be an excuse who were The Outsiders at Columbia University's Hamilton Hall you know they're saying That there's agitators at these protest But at the you know the protests that Happened in the big event in January and Then the protests that happened before That with the black lives matter there Was total agitators and there was a Clearly a like a CIA connection FBI Connection there but they didn't call That out right but they're calling this Out you know dick fan dijke went in on This as well Gusto Administration Trump Likens Biden's White House to Naz Nazis In Wild Attack okay what a marathon Marathon That Was I just went through and edited this And wow um and just you know there'll be More in two days you know and More in my Other channel and stuff I can't cover I Mean it's just you know the Deluge of

Information that's apocalyptic in nature Apocalyptic latic only spiritual valy Will save this world its par model Definitely pour from the apocalypse and The Ascension everyone have a blessed Day and be grateful

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