Hollywood Celebs Droppin like flies More Neil Degrasse Tyson & Lisa Marie Pressly + Release Kraken

Hollywood Celebs Droppin like flies More Neil Degrasse Tyson & Lisa Marie Pressly + Release Kraken

Greetings brothers and sisters another Hollywood celebrities dropping like Flies They’re dropping like flies listen People are dropping like flies out there We’re dropping like flies around here We’re dropping like flies here Jeez sir two more just went down Dropping like flies Two people around here been dropping Like flies already and where’s that Getting us huh nowhere fast bite is Being a popular a cup of mine is being Extremist so got a few things on Lisa Marie Presley her last schoolish Interview with That bush guy Entertainment Tonight bush You know the Trump guy and Neil Degrassi Tyson owns himself again I mean just Brutal like he’s just such a tool you Get into that because that uh you know That gets it keeps on getting worse for That guy I just want to cover this first and I’m Going to do a narration introduction I got a great covid comment I have to Get to Um kovid vax comment Just ridiculously bad And a couple people ask me questions Personal message stuff that I want to Address here one was about the law so I’ll get into that in just a moment

Um But my wife sent me this and this is a Good place to start because it’s going To tie into the first comment it says Here from Snopes this is shinobs No evidence Lisa Marie Presley’s cause Of death was covet vaccine yeah of Course there’s no evidence right the People who are responsible for providing The evidence Are the vaccine companies themselves The FDA the government and the media and They’re going to do everything that they Can do To make sure that this will never be Tied to the vaccines right I mean They’re going to delay it as long as Possible I’ll get into all that in a Moment But there is no scientific evidence from The standpoint of Testing the vaccines and having anything Other than a correlation right where you Get the vaccine you’re in good health And then you are in bad health and it’s You know circumstantial it’s not proven Scientifically that’s what Neil Degrassi Tyson was saying and I covered in my Last video Um you know this idea apparently he’s You know I’m going to try to find that Uh he got rolled on Bill Maher’s as well You know for being you know whatever but Um you know for still Shilling for this

Thing But you’re not going to have the Evidence to say that there’s no evidence Well we don’t know whether she got the Vaccine or not so that’s that’s no Evidence but if she did get the vaccine There has been a string of deaths quite A number of them Thousands of them That people who were vaccinated had Peculiar Cardiac arrests 16 year old kids 18 year Old kids athletes I mean what we know About then there’s all the people we Don’t know about And they had the vacs and then they had This thing and so there is evidence There’s a correlation There is a set of people who have had The vax and then had cardiac arrest Before you know there’s a higher rate of Cardiac arrest Again you know just what we see in the News and there’s a correlation there but Yeah we’re just not going to be able to Scientifically prove it right I mean that’s you know because we don’t Have the the authority and the power to Do that we don’t have science is not on Our side right But here the person who wrote this Jordan Lyles if you remove the yell it Says Jordan lies And Snopes um the guy who found his

Snopes with this woman who eventually Married he cheated on her with like a Stripper or prostitute from Vegas And then they had to split Snopes up so You know snopes is lacks credibility Just based in the character Of the people right and you know I’ve Talked about Snopes before On January 12 2023 news sites reported That Lisa Marie Presley the only child Of famed musician Elvis Presley had died In the hours following the news some Conspiratorial Twitter users began to Speculate that the cause of Presley’s Death at age 54 was covid-19 vaccine or Booster shot however these rumors were Completely baseless as there was no as There was absolutely no credible Evidence to support these claims but What do you mean by credible evidence Right I mean the evidence is a Correlation between Vaccine and Um Dying from cardiac arrest and other Things that’s the correlation Is it proven no But it’s certainly evidence right so we Don’t know whether she even got the Vex So she might have just had a you know Some sort of heart issue we don’t know Like I like I said or dad I don’t know What he died from but he died young I mean he’s using a lot of drugs and

Things I guess this was an overdose But you know I mean he was in 42 or Something so we don’t know right but if She did have the vax there’s a lot of Other people who have had the vaccine Died suddenly right just 36 minutes After the associate press had published A tweeter Published on Twitter the news of Presley’s death conservative commentator Tommy Lauren Tweeted a lot of heartbreaking sudden Deaths from heart issues lately I wonder If it could possibly I wonder what it could possibly be Perhaps Should investigate this trend Only Twitter users notice the timing of Lawrence tweet and she appeared to be Referring to the news of Presley’s death Other Twitter users noticed the timing Of Lauren’s tweet and she appeared to be Referring to the news of Presley’s death You are disgusting person pushing your Coveted agenda with zero evidence of Anything Ryan pinesworth I’m sure it had Nothing to do with her grief and other Circumstances Go check her last three Twitter posts Lawrence tweet played into the die Suddenly conspiracy theory where falsely Which falsely claims covid vaccines Had been causing sudden deaths other Twitter users promoted the same

Unsupported Claim about Presley’s death Unfounded Right at least let me Presley died Suddenly after suffering a heart attack She said she had no regrets after taking The covet vaccine and even recommended To others Um that is not you know we haven’t that Isn’t proven right that was something That somebody shared from somebody else I talked about that there’s no evidence She took the vax nothing that I’ve seen We debunk two rumors about died suddenly Claims of the past as did Reuters AP the Fact check org USA Today PolitiFact and AFP just to name a few There’s a correlation right they’re Investigating this Pfizer is Investigating whether Pfizer modern or Whether the the um the shot the Mr mRNA Vaccines Have heart issues and of course the Blood clot issues that we know about That create you know that create Myocarditis and other things right and So Um these are being investigated by the FDA and these drug companies Plus modernist come out with a shot That’s supposed to heal heart damage They have two products one that’s They’re investigating to see if it Causes heart damage another one that’s Supposedly fixed hard damage and so to

Say there’s there’s nothing here right At least one Twitter user responds to The conspiracy conspiracy theory by Using a little bit of humor Lisa Marie Presley died from covet vaccine just Like her father way to go Tim Hannan There’s some there’s this guy’s funny he Just gets it And so that’s it like they don’t get Anything into the um Um whether she had a vaccine because you Know that’s important it doesn’t say She’s had a vaccine or not but let’s Assume she did because she probably did And you know she then had a heart attack So that in itself you have to look at That as being a cause especially if Other people have had the same Experience if there’s a link between If there’s a you know a correlation Between People getting vaccines and then having A cardiac arrest Afterwards like you know shortly Afterwards or even you know months Afterwards let’s start off with a Comment here So this was to my last video Um this is from the Neil de crossy Tyson Video so not my last one this is the one Before Um The Lisa Marie Presley Video

I think you are mistakenly I think you Are mistaking what is meant by natural Immunity Paul always a bad way to start Off a copy Telling me I’m mistaken about something And you don’t know right and it turns Out I’m not the one who’s mistaken so That’s a real bummer for him Um I think you are mistaking what is Meant by natural immunity Paul Natural immunity is what you get after You have contracted the virus yes if you Catch covet and recover your body is Better prepared to fight it off the next Time Than if you never had had it or you’ve Never caught it But it had been but had been vaccinated Yeah I know that right I know that there Is a natural immune response When you have covid and then your body Creates a natural immune response like I Know that why do you think I don’t know That because I actually said it in the Video See everything this person is going to Say here I covered in the video and some Of that covered also in the next video And so there’s no reason for this Comment right But then the person goes on to say this This is the the big piece here The person says Um

However the critical point that you miss Is that you have to survive covet to Acquire natural immunity I didn’t say You didn’t Many people who were unvaccinated Uncontracted coveted covet didn’t Survive And they would have And they would had they been vaccinated That’s not scientifically proven or Anything I’ll get into that in a moment Right We were talking about hundreds of Thousands of deaths unvaccinated people In the U.S alone So the vaccines probably saved hundreds Of thousands if not millions of lives in The U.S alone be grateful Um Now I don’t know how this person even Would know my name And be watching my videos right because They are opposed to my viewpoint on Pretty much everything by their you know Be grateful for the vaccine is what they Were insane but the problem is in the Video I covered this right now The people who died from covid had Compromised immune systems they couldn’t Generate an immune response to covet Which is what the official story said See this person doesn’t even know their Official story The official story was this

That people who were likely to die from Covid Wouldn’t benefit from the vaccine Because their immune systems suck They’re you know they’re compromised and So if they got the vax or they got Covered their body wouldn’t generate an Appropriate immune response so they Wouldn’t be saved from the vex I mean That’s the official story so then the Story was Because these people have sucky immune Systems you were supposed to take the Jab Even young kids everyone’s supposed to Take it for the people who couldn’t take It and you were supposed to build up an Immune response that prevented you from Getting covered so you wouldn’t have to Infect your grandparents or your sick Uncle or you know your your sick parents Or sick child who didn’t have a an Immune system And so you were being selfish by not Taking the job and preventing yourself From getting coveted so that you could Prevent the people in your life and the People that you work with who have Compromised immune systems who couldn’t Protect themselves So this you know person doesn’t even Understand the official story and says I Don’t understand right it’s always a Problem when somebody understands things

Better than you and you think you know More in your cite to comment it happens Quite often right the person didn’t Watch what I had to say on this because I showed you The CDC statistics That kids Would not die from covet they’re only 1500 kids a little over 1500 kids died From covet and all of them had Compromised immune systems And so this is up to age 18 and there Was like 40 000 from 18 to like whatever It was 40 or whatever it was right so There’s like 40 41 500 deaths from the age of whatever it Is 40 to zero and so young people Weren’t dying from this I mean medical Errors killed 250 000 right you know Accidents kill like something like 45 000 people every year and so covet Wasn’t killing young people and all Those people Who died had compromised immune systems Their bodies couldn’t generate an immune System and they had comorbidities They had you know 95 percent of the People had four or more comorbidities so They were already sick with something Pretty severe And so all of those people were you know Unhealthy and they were incapable of Generating an immune response whether They had vacs been vaccinated or not so

The vaccine wasn’t going to save their Lives if they took it and so that you Know the theory was what was said was You get the VAC so you don’t get covid And you don’t spread it to these people And that was blown up when there was This you know and I showed the clip I’m Not going to show it here because I’m Doing a narrative It’s hard for me to you know pinpoint The the part of it but I showed it in my Video of my last video and most of you Have seen it right that um Pfizer when the this woman a spokeswoman Was grilled by the European union union And the guy asked her do you have any um Do you have any you know evidence that The did you guys do any tests to prove That taking your vaccine would prevent You from getting coveted And the woman said no And so Pfizer had no tests I mean I’ll Just insert the clip here here’s the Clip plus the Pfizer covet vaccine Tested on stopping the transmission of The virus before it entered the market But please Say it clearly if yes are you willing to Share the data with this committee and I Really want a straight answer yes or no And I’m looking forward to it thank you Very much Regarding the question around Um did we know about stop and

Humanization before it’s entered the Market no these Um you know we had to really move at the Speed of science to really understand What is taking place in the market you Have to move at the speed of science And so When Neil Degrassi Tyson And this clown who left this comment And all the other people said you need To take the vax because it’s going to Prevent you from getting covered then You won’t give it to somebody who has a Compromised immune system that was false But it’s still things that people Believe like weapons of mass destruction Were in Iraq and it was said over and Over again and that was the reason that America went to war That there was these you know Colin Powell went to the U.N and presented False evidence that was pushed for by Dick Cheney to the CIA pressed them to Give him evidence that wasn’t really There to say Sodom Hussain had weapons Of mass destruction And America went in and killed a million People mostly civilians in Iraq based on That faulty information and lots of People still believe it lots of people Still believe that Saddam Hussein had a Connection to The big event in 2001 right and a lot of People still think that the coveted

Vaccine was tested for That would prevent you from getting Covered and I showed you the clip I’m Not going to do it but I showed the clip In this video I’m not going to show it Here Of all the people JoJo magu saying you Had a 98 chance of not getting kovich Took the vaccine there was based in no Science at all right all these people Claiming it was based in science or Lying And there was no testing done and so Covet vaccine didn’t prevent covet at All we know that now and now covet has Morphed into various different forms and So there’s a new you know variant out There now And people with compromised immune Systems Would have gotten it anyway And so it didn’t save any lives because It wasn’t going to help the people that It was going to kill The people who had compromised immune Systems you could give them a vax you Could give them covet you could give Them anything their bodies can’t produce An immune response you dope right like Why are you commenting like you know When you don’t know Oh Paul you don’t understand no you Don’t understand you don’t understand Your own official story and how you were

Lied to about how covet did not prevent Transmission they never even tested for It And so all as they were doing is trying To create an immune response and then he Came out they said well you’d have a Lesser form or you wouldn’t get Hospitalized but if you got coveted in Any form you were contagious and likely To spread it and everyone was going to Get it like pretty much everyone got They say I think it’s 80 percent of People got it you know I had it three Times I wasn’t tested once And so Um nobody knows I had coveted officially My wife as well there’s lots of people Who got coveted and were never tested so Everyone’s had it it swept through the The population In one form or another whether you had a Light dose of it you were in contact With it I mean unless somebody’s you Know living out in the woods somewhere It just swept through our society Especially Omicron which is very highly Contagious And so the people with compromised Immune systems they were effed from the Beginning They you know they were gonna have a Rough ride Anybody whose immune system IV immune System wasn’t functioning very well when

I got it And so you know The immune response it was there like I I wasn’t at risk of dying but I got a Worse case of it and so that’s how it Worked and so the vaccine didn’t do Anything to prevent any of that and That’s their official story it’s not my Story It’s their story they didn’t test for it It wasn’t ever there to prevent you from Getting it they said it later on That you were you know you’re gonna get It just like everybody else It was supposed to prevent it from being More severe because you would already Have an existing immune response but the People who are going to die weren’t Going to have an existing immune Response because their immune system Sucks right and so it didn’t save any Lives so tell me be grateful for the Vaccine like you out of your mind I should be grateful for it what like I Didn’t take it and I didn’t you know I Didn’t die from covet and now all those People especially young people who had a Very uh all the healthy young people had No chance of dying and even getting it Severely like lots of young people Barely even got it but now they have the Vax in their system and some of those People who have the vacs in their system Have had cardiac arrest

And whether they ever admit to it or not Because they can control the science Like I was saying earlier there seems to Be a correlation and they’re even Testing for it and there’s more evidence I’m going to present today and Dr Leanna Nguyen is continuing her her balathon on Her original rigid stance about everyone Should get the facts I wish you do this Now she’s completely reversing her Position More and more another you know another Example I have to show you today but I Presented the evidence in the you know Most of the evidence I presented in the Video and this person still didn’t get It you don’t understand Paul yeah I Understand did you get the facts and are You worried like I would be I would be Worried bro like you know be grateful For it when you’re you know you you Start having heart issues or you know People around you which brings me to the Two comments Um There was a comment both of them on Instagram and I don’t read you know Personal comments here But one person wrote Um Let me see I’m just gonna Well the first person she wrote Something about she has uh one of her Daughter’s friends who’s 20 years old

Has um Cancer diagnosis Um You know that just happened I guess she Didn’t say she got the vaccine but I Assume she did But there’s an uptick also in cancer Diagnosis And then someone else wrote They were 30 years old And parents their parents the parents It’s a guy I think Yeah it’s a guy you know foreign name Parents are getting older And they’re both in bad shape and how Does he deal with their suffering and I I don’t have anything I mean you know everyone has to learn to Process grief themselves right I mean I you know it wasn’t a tragedy my Parents were both in their 90s and you Know it’s always a shock or whatever When your parents die you know there’s a Thing right it’s a you know there’s a Phase of life When your parents are dead That you enter into there your parents Are no longer there right if you have Good parents it sucks because they no Longer can go to them for advice and Help and support and love if you have if Crappy parents it’s a relief but still It’s like You know now you’re you’re uh I mean you

Know when all my older brothers and Sisters die You know they’re all in their their 70s Now When they all die Um You know I’ll be the oldest member of my Family right Which is weird because I was always the Youngest I don’t I’m not in contact with Any of them so it’s a little bit Different but you know grief is Something each person has to process for Themselves I don’t have any you know I Mean the the heartful massage Mark System I mean I’m struggling with the Organization I’m just released another Journey series video but The cleaning helps people prepare for And deal with grief right it lessens the Impression right the impression from Grief Can be you know something so deep The pain of separation The pain of losing a loved one can be so Deep it just you know it kills your Spirit right you just You don’t want to be alive yourself You’re going to lose the will to live in That you know this massage Mark system Helps you know mitigate those Circumstances but you know if you love Your parents it’s going to suck and you

Know even if you don’t there’s Something to it right but I’m getting More and more messages and comments from People who are having loved ones with Compromised Health now And I don’t know if it’s just the Vaccine but it could be a number of Things right it’s not always the vaccine Like I’ve suffered from covet I had you Know heart issues myself a regular Heartbeat which is Been dealt with I talk about that again In my video on my other channel Yesterday and one more thing before we Get into the The headlines My wife and I watched two things Uh we started watching this place rules On HBO you know that was the there was a Meme I got from Don Lemons when he said CNN isn’t fake news he had this guy on Andrew Callahan apparently is his name And we watched the first half on Friday And the second half last night and then We also had watched the movie The Menu Now I don’t recommend things and both These things are In some ways depressing But to me they were you know worth Watching Once like I would never watch Them again right Um the menu and both of these things but The menu particularly Personifies the year of the poop it

Right the year of effort In ways that I can’t even express the Menu is a very dark comedy Um which is kind of you know it’s it’s Got a hint of The Purge in it uh you Know but it’s you know it’s pretty Twisted and it’s not going to make you Feel good but Um we found it interesting compelling And it really signifies the year of of Effort and this place rules is a I guess A former YouTuber that was making a Documentary and you know he does he’s a Mainstreamer he doesn’t you know he’s Not a conspiracy theorist but he’s not You know he doesn’t editorialize so much About his opinion of things But it’s a good example for people it’s You know it’s very um Jerry springer-esque and this guy you Know he covers you know low Consciousness people apparently I’d you Know YouTube or some you know other Platform and he did it well enough and Became famous enough that HBO gave him a Documentary there’s a great scene with Him and Alex Jones drinking whiskey Shirtless and working out pretty like There’s some funny stuff in there Um which you know which when I heard About some of the funny stuff I decided You know would take a look at it we we Laughed out loud a number of times the Way that you would laugh out loud if you

Watched Jerry Springer But you know when it gets into the left The craziness of the left too but it’s Mostly about cubies and the right and it Gives you a good example how normies Perceived the truth community And so you should be aware of it like it Just you know in a way that the guy Isn’t you know he isn’t a mainstreamer In the sense of the the you know the Story is he’s he’s giving reasons for People being exploited you know Alex Jones I mean the guy from The Proud boys Alex Jones and um Somebody else I can’t you know some Other guy I can’t remember who all out Themselves as Profiteering off of the stupidity of Other people Alex Jones calls him the Proletarian of course Alex Jones agent Said that he what he does is performance Art right that he’s you know that was What happened when he was getting you Know his divorce Some of the divorce stuff went public But it’s a good example for people Understand the damage the cubies have Done and the stupidity that’s been there You know where they’ve taken legitimate Arguments and things that have factual Or at least a reasonable a reasonable Narration with some evidence and they’ve Made them just crazy and then that’s you Know the people that the you know the

People who don’t want to believe it find Those people so they can dismiss the Argument right either the powers that be Or the sheeple they’ll find the craziest Amongst the so-called truth community So-called conspiracy theorists and they Dismissed the whole thing because you Know they can’t really articulate in a You know in a in a sane way The point of view that so many of us Have so you know for those reasons these Shows are I mean for me they’re worth watching but They’re not like feel-good movies or Whatever Okay so let’s move on to the the news Stuff So this is a clip that people are Telling me about they said it happened Recently But I think it happened a couple of Months ago that’s Samir Khan ish From MSNBC or CNN I think it’s smear connish it’s one of The two Um there’s two bald guys that are on CNN And MSNBC on Saturday The other guy is Peter velshi But this is he gets rolled by Bill Maher Here uh what you don’t have is the Benefit of the alternative scenarios to See how they would have come out Okay So I hear you

You’re saying that well let’s let him Finish you to be able to judge whether What did happen was a lesser evil than Other options that would have unfolded And so so suppose And so he’s getting Applause here Actually But then Bill Maher says actually we do Biggest other countries handled it Differently Sweden didn’t handle it Differently some of the places with the Lowest vaccination rates turned out to Have the best results with really low Population densities okay so then he Gives a caveat Because he says we don’t have any Example but low population density again They still have big cities so that’s not An argument Like they still have cities of lots and Lots of people let’s just look it up Here so this is Sweden’s largest Population areas Stockholm has 1.6 million people almost 2 million People Uh gothberg almost has Um Six uh 600 000 people right these are Lots of people in dense areas because These are small countries That are you know like all the rest of The European countries they have you Know big cities they’re not living out In the you know they’re not living out

In farmland So you look Here’s Stockholm Most of Sweden’s cities are here by the Ocean most people live You know by the ocean right like that’s How it is and so they have dense Population just like every other country Certainly in Europe and other places so For him to say population density Well they have it right I mean this is Stockholm right look at these buildings Piled on top of each other Right big you know Nice looking place but that’s population Density there Dude that’s what population looks like That’s what population density looks Like right these are the you know the Buildings and the places here you know There’s population density people are Living In areas where and it’s winter there Quite a bit it’s cold there quite a bit So they would be at high risk for covet They didn’t have a lot of vaccines and So that’s how science Works Neil Is that you take a sample a test size in Fact you said it yourself you said you Know in your in the other thing I showed You the other interview where you got Rolled he said um That maybe the test samples weren’t a Lot of people

When they tested it on people he goes You can only test it on so many people You say if you tested on some thousands The vaccine manufacturers you said but You know you still they tested it and so Here’s a country with a city of close to Two million people That is a you know that’s science right They they had the you know the whole um You know covet thing happened there and They had low vaccination rates and they You know did relatively well And so he’s saying we don’t know what Would happen if we didn’t do it well This is science Neil that let me Introduce you to to science this is a Scientific experiment that was conducted In Sweden with some big cities and it Didn’t work out it wasn’t a disaster Like you’re claiming it was well yeah I Mean yes there are different factors There are yes that matters yes of course Again or you could just admit you’re Wrong Neil you can just admit you’re Wrong Okay okay And so that’s what it is right Um You know like I said the majority of People have gotten coveted and how many People got it and didn’t know they had It or didn’t report it And so you know like this is Um

What are you saying and we now know Neil We just saw the clip Neil We just saw the clip That Pfizer admitted that they didn’t Have any evidence that their vaccine Stopped people from getting coveted and So that evidence well your whole Argument that it would have helped People you know you know this was a Whole thing I I spent uh two videos Again ago I spent a ton of time on this Right you just You just drenched because An alternative Universe where America Handled it differently but I’m saying Other places handled it differently that Does matter it all right go boom it’s a Legitimate I think it’s a legitimate Conversation to have Okay Um so he gets rolled again like that’s The the moral of the story spoiler alert Neil Degrassi Dyson’s getting rolled he Doesn’t know when to you know fold like This is time to cash in your chips and Fold or you know disappear Do a Jimmy Kimmel’s Or do a Dr Leanna Nguyen Jimmy Kimmel’s Just hid Dr Leanna Nguyen is reversing Her position we’ll get to that in a Moment So I’m editing this thing and Uh more information that makes Neil DeGrasse Dyson Position look ridiculous and I was

Talking to my wife about it I’m glad I Did because she reminded me or she’s Been talking about Haiti Haiti today only 1.9 of Haitian Population has received the first dose The first two doses of the covid vaccine Um so they are epically low In vaccinations right One of the world’s poorest countries has One of the lowest coveted death rates And it’s Haiti Haiti has one of the Lowest death rates from covid in the World And so they are um you know They’re not getting vaccinated they Haven’t got vaccinated there And they are in um dying either and Again it’s a very poor country and they Have um you know pack together houses I Mean look at this So Neil Degrassi Tyson saying population Density right And Haiti One of the lowest in vaccinations and Some of the highest poverty rates and Population density and some of the Lowest death rates but it gets even Worse for Neil Covid fears return Vaccination rates still low in India About 50 percent of people over 60 Years of age are fully vaccinated Vaccinations significantly lower for the Rest of the country

And so this is um this past December 26th day after Christmas in 2022 right And so how did India do the it’s going To be the most populated country By the end of the year it’s going to Surpass China At least that’s what The Economist Magazine said is going to be a very big Story so it’s like 1.3 billion people There And so they have one billion more people Than America And it’s a country about half the size I’ve been there and the cities are crazy Populated right it’s one of the most Populated areas I mean you can’t really Imagine the population density there This is in every city they have cities Of 40 million and you know 30 million 20 Million I mean just there’s so much Bigger cities population wise Than ours and they’re just you know in Poverty living in these shacks and Things and I’ve seen all of this stuff Right it’s crazy there And so how are they doing compared to America In terms of coronavirus deaths Well America has a million deaths right This is for America it’s a World Health Organization statistics of course now um Later on spoiler alert Um Dr Leanna Nguyen is saying that there Is um

You know This has been exaggerated we’ll get into That in a bit just so you know what’s Coming here India Has 500 000 deaths so they have half the Amount of deaths And a billion more people in a much more Intensely populated area Where there’s poverty and all these Things poor sanitary conditions I mean It’s a place where diseases run wild Every time I go there I get sick Of course there are different diseases There but open sewers and you know Things that are I mean garbage strewn About the place and all of it right it’s A very dirty country in terms of the Cities And you know with all of that they still Have half the deaths so Neil Degrassi Tyson doesn’t know anything about Science We know that there are countries that Are less vaccinated that have worse Conditions and worse population Densities And they’re not dying there Nearly as much as Americans are death Rate and the overall deaths are smaller And so he doesn’t know anything really You know Okay so let’s play those clips again Because it’s epic like let’s just not

Forget what he said here uh what you Don’t have is the benefit of the Alternative scenarios to see how they Would have come out to be able to judge Whether what did happen was a lesser Evil than other options that would have Unfolded and then Bill Maher points out Hey There’s Sweden right And Neil Degrassi’s scientific answer is Because other countries handled it Differently Sweden didn’t handle it Differently some of the places with the Lowest vaccination rates turned out to Have the best results with really low Population densities And that turned out not to be true Because I was brought up Haiti and India Right and Sweden is a northern country Where it called a lot and covet does Better in the cold right and India and Haiti are very poor countries where very Bad sanitary conditions lots of health Issues And huge population density worse than The United States and those are just Three I mean those are three I know About there could be so many more so as A scientific person he gets just on There and blathers and it’s like makes a Complete idiot of himself And with no real uh well maybe I better Know what I’m talking about here because There are these are all experiments

America is an experiment with covid Hades and experiment experiment with Cove in Sweden and India are experiments With kovid and the path that each Country took is you know related to all Of these other things that ended up Happening right there was um different Paths that were taken and he’s saying Well we don’t know first he says we Don’t know because we don’t have any Other place to compare it to well yeah We do we do have that we have multiple Places to compare to where different Things were done so you don’t know You’re talking about there And then when he’s when that’s pointed Out he says population density And like I said Sweden’s most countries Most people live by some body of water It’s like 80 percent of people live Close to a coastal area whether it be a River or a lake or or the ocean And in Sweden it’s by the ocean the Majority of people and they have big They have big cities and India even more You know even bigger cities Haiti you Know they have these you know these um Apartheid type housing Huts in both Places And they didn’t have nearly as many Deaths and percentage or the amount of Deaths right percentage per population Is way higher in America and now we have All the died suddenly deaths and he’s

Got nothing but just you know and then He gets all butt hurt and he goes well Yeah and yes there are different factors There are uh yes that matters yes of Course so that’s not science at all Because he made a claim that has no Scientific backing No backing in reality it’s like just a Lie there are other places That did things differently like he said Well we can’t you know simulate some Other situation where and he’s like well It matters he spouses out at the end Right But sure there’s going to be differences But you know we’re very clear on it now And now we have the dropping like flies Factor and so like the guy just uh he Just didn’t get the memo because Everyone else is bailing you know on the Whole thing they’re all trying to you Know they’re getting ready to point Fingers right they’re getting ready to They’re starting to point fingers Already we’re in the finger pointing Part where they start you know I don’t Know you know I trusted this guy over Here I told them oh damn we touched Pfizer out well I don’t know and then That’s where we are right now Neil’s Still he’s like the year behind Everybody else right he’s still you know Pushing the backs in the back It’s science

A new covet variant is spreading rapidly Throughout the world there it is varying Xbb 1.5 what did it say there I missed That last part Also known as the Kraken the Kraken is Spreading And It’s the most transmissible of the Omicron variants Um What do we need to know Well This guy’s got something to say well the Xbb 1.5 is really interesting because It’s uh the daughter of a mixture of Different viruses that are pretty Psyched about it bro been circulating uh In humans in the last few months so it’s Actually what we call a recombinant And it’s had another couple of mutations Added on top of it and uh the reason It’s interesting is because it’s Acquired a mutation that both enhances Its ability to avoid the immune system But also to latch on more tightly to Ace2 which is the receptor on our lung Cells and our cells and our nose and Throats that allows infection so good It’s you know They’re competing they’re you know They’re still working it out kovitz They’re still competing for who’s going To be dominant I’m in the editing process here and I

Just want to add one thing calling it The Kraken the Kraken is something That’s released right release the Kraken Is the line from the um Whatever that movie was Clash of the Titans I saw when I was a kid release The Kraken it’s something that’s Released so if you guys release the Kraken as that’s what’s is that what’s Really happened here a decades-long Broken economy screwed over Millennials And their decision to delay having kids Is fueling America’s historically low Birth rate now I usually cover the Economic collapse on my other channel Even though it has everything to do with Covid and people dropping like flies But the idea that they’re not having Kids and now there’s issues that related To whatever the vax or covet or you know There’s these Um blood issues you know menstrual cycle Issues and Men having erectile dysfunction and low Sperm counts and all these things so There’s going to be less bursts and more Deaths And we’re getting close to that point we Might already have hit it where there’s Going to be more deaths than bursts and It’s going to be the first time in 500 Years That we had you know globally and Certainly on country by country basis

Where there’s more deaths than bursts There’s some countries that have that But you know most countries they’re Having more kids more you know more Babies are being born the people are Dying there’s an increase in population But there’s going to be a point where We’re decreasing and everything’s going To change at that point It’s going to be a whole different New Era where we’re declining and not Growing and it’s going to affect all of Our you know everything in our lives Because we’re going to be on the decline And the U.S Freedom Flyers Josh Yoda He’s the head President of the U.S Freedom flies he said they’re getting Calls now from wealthy business and Companies to fly their Executives around On business jets with unvaccinated Crews Now they get the luxury of being able to Choose because there are still a large Amount of crew available in the United States who are not vaccinated so this Guy is a former pilot I guess from Australia And he’s saying there’s an American Pilot saying that you know these wealthy People and their private jets they want Unvaccinated Pilots the wealthy people Do they must know something because the Companies they work for didn’t mandate It these wealthy businessmen are Requiring on the vaccinated crew on

Their business now passengers of an Airline on an airline spot ticket don’t Have that luxury exactly you you have a Vaccinated pilot on your flying airplane In a vaccinated co-pilot they might just Have an unrelated uh you know Coincidental cardiac arrest and what do You guys one of your passengers better Know how to fly a plane And you know maybe he’ll have a cardiac Arrest too or she will Robbie Bachman of Bachman Turner overdrive dies at 69. Um They had this song called taking care of Business And you ain’t seen nothing yet Um baby He’s dead at 69. this is funny here Um Of the night Good night He did What happened oh good Yeah he did I’m dead you ain’t know your Daddy So one of my viewers sent me that the Thump is great the thump of the bird And they’re like you didn’t know he was Dead when you were holding him And so um That happened CDC and FDA say they are investigating Possible link between pfizers By valent covid booster

And strokes in seniors over 60 age of 65. but officials have no concerns at This time yeah of course they don’t they You know Um they don’t care you know no concern But you know you might die of a stroke If you’re over 65 is all this from CNN FDA vaccine advisors disappointed and Angry that the early data about new Covid-19 booster shot wasn’t presented For a review last year see they’re all Starting to bail at them right they’re Bailing on each other Some vaccine advisors to the federal Government say they’re disappointed and Angry that the government scientists in The pharmaceutical companies company Moderna didn’t present a set of Infection data and the company’s new Covid-19 booster during the meeting last Year when the advisors discussed whether The shot should be authorized and made Available to the public so now they’re Trying to walk it back and say well we Didn’t get all the data I think I Covered this before but now it’s being Covered by CNN Fisher Price reminds Customers of sleeper recall after More reported infant deaths there’s a Variety of infant deaths here I think It’s a hundred or so One of my viewers sent me this Um I think it’s a total of a hundred have

Died And so um you know this is killing kids Babies Turkey reportedly puts three uh 530 000 Bounty on former NBA player Enos Cantor You know he taught he spoke up about the Country And they threatened his parents and Things like this his name now is um Freedom Enos Canter Freedom or Freedom Enes Kanter I think freedom is his first Name CNN and Washington Post covet experts Claims number of pandemic deaths has Been over counted and that many people Died while sick with the virus not of it Dr Leanna Nguyen says the number of Deaths attributed to covid-19 may be Greater than the number of people Actually dying from the virus it’s what I said a long time ago and so many of us Said when they came out I mean even Before that you know it’s the United States wanted more coveted deaths other Countries were under counting them right Like China And so um She wrote this in the Washington Post in An opinion piece entitled we’re over Counting covet deaths and Hospitalization that’s a problem when Site sources that claim that most Patients diagnosed with covet are Actually in the hospital for some other

Illness Again there has been a gaming of the Statistics Neil Degrassi Tyson this Isn’t science when you are not honest About the data according to the centers Of Disease Control and prevention the United States is experiencing around 400 Covet deaths every day at that rate There will be nearly 150 000 deaths a Year But are these Americans dying from covid Or with covid Understanding this distinction is Crucial into putting the counting toll Of the coronavirus into perspective Determining How likely it is it is an Infection that will result in Hospitalization or death helps people Weigh their own risk She’s completely bailing on her original Story what she’s citing here is this guy Is estimating that it is his Hospital 90 Of the patients diagnosed with covid-19 Are actually in the hospital for some Other illness And so you know they’re doing that and They incentivize this remember they are Paying off hospitals for covet deaths And so many of these people had Comorbidities and we already know this Right but she continues her balathon on Her original Um position New government-funded food pyramids says

Lucky Charms are healthier than steak Um I just have this meme I don’t know if It’s true or not But you know Lucky Charms aren’t very Healthy One of my viewers sent me this another Uh example of year the effort they’re Playing some kind of um Game here Okay so a few more things on my other Toolbar the Lisa pro wrestling Presley Last interview I’ll get to in a moment We are sad to announce that skep doc Harriet Hall has passed away I don’t know if she was skeptical of Um But she was a reader’s at Harriet Hall Passed away unexpectedly last night Suddenly and unexpectedly So here is um Harriet Hall vaccine refusers are not Stupid She wrote this here We now have several vaccines covid-19 They have been adequately tested they Are safe and effective and as more People have gotten vaccinated infection Rates Hospital rates and death rates Have fallen herd immunity may be in Sight getting vaccinated seems like a No-brainer but there are still a lot of People who are refusing to get vaccines A member of my only family said I don’t Understand why anyone refused to get a

Vaccine I think I do understand I think It would be a mistake to write those People off as stupid or call them idiots Um but she is one who did get the Vaccine She was maybe sympathetic to Anti-vaxxers But she believed all these things even Though she was the so-called skept doc Um they don’t say how she died but it Was unexpectedly passed away And she did alternative medicines but She took the vex My wife sent me this and then someone Else sent me this Martin Luther King Statue unveiled in Boston results are Bizarre And so that’s what it looks like from Underneath Here’s the picture There’s no heads involved MLK and Coretta Scott statue the Embrace Gets mixed reactions online Well here’s the picture of the this is Um him embracing Coretta Scott King his Wife And so the statue is based in that but He didn’t put their heads in Nick right It’s disembodied you’re only taking body Parts Like what’s happening look this Dmc’s running jockey ads here Um you know like they wouldn’t you make A statue like this and not like that

Like it’s just so bizarre why would you Even do that it’s insulting to them Um The yard piece or piece of something I Mean just bad comedian Andy Dick accused Of public intoxication failing to Register as a poop offender Um you know It’s all of those things for this guy Californians urge to stay vigilant among More storm warnings so if it isn’t if They’re not burning up they’re flooding Like Billy Bush feels awful about Lisa Marie Presley interview Thought something was off And here it is um Like she’s just well let’s just show you A little bit of this thing here it will Be a wonderful night for Elvis I hope so and have you gotten to know Austin Butler a little bit yeah I’m Gonna grab your arm yes Um a lot a lot actually so she wanted to Grab his arm She said let me grab your arms she’s Having problems standing maybe she was In heels but she looks so ghoulish and Just It’s not doing very well She had to offer to grab his arm Billy Bush is you know the guy who Trump said Grab him by the poop and so um You know all of those things

World Health Organization appeals to Trying to release the Kraken I mean more Covid-19 information Epidemiologists are seeking well I Nailed it epidemic epidemiologists are Seeking more details of developing Infections that killed 60 000 earlier in December Um you know It just keeps on flooding in you know I’m really tired after this one um I guess that they’re just getting more And more I don’t know It’s getting like I’m it’s more blending People actually you know dropping like Flies with The Um you know there’s a part of a scam Let’s say They create a scam and it’s a problem Reaction Solutions so they create a Problem And they get you all panicked and they Bring in you have your reaction and they Bring in the solution which they did With covid and then there’s the Aftermath where It’s pretty obvious that people made Lots of money And there’s a big time scam right and You know people misled other people and The way that officials handle it wasn’t Right and you know all these things And there’s a finger pointing

Cover-up delay of information You know dropping the information on Weekends when other things happen That will distract you from the Information And it sort of leaks out and maybe you Know some people still believe the Original story and some people are you Know on the far end of sort of Truth or Knowledge and then there’s everything in Between and the story is all sort of Mucked up and I mean you know they’ll do It again right so the pharmaceutical Industry big Pharma pushed out Oxycontin And then you know they create Fentanyl And and there’s a crisis going on with That and even though they had screwed That up and just I mean people had a bad Opinion about big Pharma they still Rolled this thing out and they’ll roll Another one out you know in a couple Years or even if you know they’ve Released the Kraken and so this is how It always goes they’re now in the well You know I hope we don’t get caught I Mean the you know I showed you the Assault cycle it goes through these Various steps like a sex offender goes Through and then there’s the End Cycle Which is the you know selfish guilt and Reframing And there’s a like restructuring in Their minds of you know creating some Sort of an offense and you know they

They have selfish guilt like they’re Worried about getting caught and you Know they’re all doing damage control Like rats leaving a sinking ship no one Told Neil Degrassi Tyson who’s still out There Shilling you know and the Information has changed you know they’ve Opened everything up they’ve got ridden Most of the restrictions and the stuff That used to get you you know these um Community guidelines strike all these Things they they’ve gotten rid of those Like everything’s loosened up because People know the scam happened and they Got as many people of action as they Could and and we’re now seeing what the Results are going to be we’re just you Know all waiting for that and even if You didn’t get vacs you you know you Might have had covid you more than Likely have covid and there’s effects With that and then you know whatever’s Happening with everything else because There’s a psychological damage that’s Happened it’s people freaking out and Then there’s just you know all the other Layers of everything’s going on and if a Lot of people die off how will that Affect society so we’re just sort of Waiting for this thing to even out and We’re waiting to get the bell and see You know what we lost in terms of our Lifestyle right Um and that’s how it all goes you know

And they never acknowledge that we were Right like you would start listening to Us not because we’re smarter or you know I mean it’s a lot of stupidity in the Truth Community Um you know just I was talking to my Wife about that you know that TV show The Um this place rules right the whole and You know there’s QB’s in there They showed a QB family and they you Know they started bailing on their Beliefs at the end of the documentary And they’re feeding their kids like you Know Coca-Cola and just crappy food and The whole family looks sick and You know you don’t believe in the system And you believe that they’re all evil You know the kids were regurgitating These QB theories right And yet you feed your kids the poison I mean you got to question everything Right like it’s not just one thing like Why eat their poison And just and then talk about how evil You know just they don’t you know people Just don’t get it right But the ones that do the ones who have Like more insight and there’s legitimate Truthers out there and theories out There and that are right and predictive And we say all right this is how it’s Going to go we’ve seen this before And you know the people in general don’t

Listen to us and then certainly the System and the powers that be don’t and They keep on listening to the people That cause the problem in the first Place right when they had the economic Collapse they put the bankers who caused The collapse in charge of fixing it and That’s you know what they’re doing now With the medical community and you know They release the virus or their their Virus got you know out to the public That’s the official story and now They’re in charge of fixing it right Um raise the Kraken only spirituality Will save this world it’s Paul Romano Definitely pointing from the apocalypse And the Ascension and we’ll have a Blessed day And be grateful

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