Hilarious way we got AI completely Wrong + Fish Boi not a Christian + Kim’s nightmare

Hilarious way we got AI completely Wrong + Fish Boi not a Christian + Kim's nightmare

Greetings brothers and sisters well we Have hilariously have gotten the effects Of AI completely Wrong and it's so obvious now to me what II is actually going to Be I had um covered a interview with Bill Gates Bill Master Gates and Trevor Noah you know the unfunny comedian Trevor Noah and I covered it in a video Let me see I'm pulling it up now on my Other channel on my other channel my Apocalypse Now Channel And the video is entitled they never uh Learn Marvel MCU um plans To uh turn the Silver Surfer into a Woman and um I also cover Bill Gate Bill Gates's interview and so what I covered There is Bill Gates saying all the free Time that AI going to give to people and A few other things but what I didn't Cover has been uh you know I thought it Was funny when I heard it but I didn't Know how profound it was going to be and He drops a truth bomb like he doesn't Know it's a truth bomb and Trevor Noah Doesn't know he's a truth bomb and the Majority of people listen to it don't But he did and it's hilarious so let's Listen to it here often intrigued by the Idea that we're maybe getting more Answers about what we consider Intelligent as human beings for instance

What you just said you said it makes Mistakes I mean we know this we it makes Mistakes it hallucinates and it Sometimes says incorrect things Etc and I love that you use the word dumb Because isn't it being human isn't that What humans do there's doctors who make Mistakes there there are accountants who Say the wrong thing there are lawyers Who forget the case law Etc in a weird Way I sometimes go have we not actually Created how we think is there anyone who Thinks that way or or am I crazy in even Considering that yeah absolutely some of The mistakes are like human mistakes Although some of the mistakes are still So stunning because we always think of Computers as so good at Computation and yet some of these large Language models there are mathematical Things that they're very stupid about Like tat GPT couldn't do sodoku puzzles And it would pretend to do them and when You'd say no that's completely wrong it Would say oh I must have missed typed Well there's no typewriter anywhere in This picture so the idea that it because Of what it saw on the internet it Decided okay when somebody accuses you Of making a mistake you're supposed to Say okay I accidentally mistyped that is So funny to me I find that more Impressive funny I like I almost think To myself I think that is true

Intelligence you know they there's Something similar in babies where they Say when your child first learns to tell A lie or the earlier they learn to tell A lie in their lives you should be Impressed because that means means They've started to understand risk and Reward and they've started to understand The ramifications in life and so I go Like isn't that isn't that something we Should be celebrating we go wow the AI Knows that it can lie and it knows that It should lie in certain situations so We are so the prevailing thought is and You see this in all science fiction TV Shows of course the Terminator series But then all these other ones that when We' got you know Matrix I mean all these Futuristic ideas as of AI that AI would Be an artificially in created Intelligence would someday someday Realize human beings are incompetent Dopes and that were worthless and were You know illogical right and that were a Problem and AI would then therefore wipe Us off the face of the Earth it would Somehow realize that it is important That it would wipe us off the face of The Earth they had to wipe us off the Face of the Earth because we're we're a Parasite we're a you know we're a we're A virus right and that's the prevailing Thought that our computerized technology You know synthetic uh

Consciousness would have to that was the Only way it could end up right that's What everybody thinks you know it's been Said over and over again that at some Point AI would see that it's Superior to Us and that we're you know a flawed and That AI has computer level um Levels of um uh brain power you know and The computers are you know can be I want To say infinite but certainly more vast Than our than our brains and our minds And things and so it' be just smarter Than us and it' be better and it would It would evolve past what we have and we Would no longer become necessary we no Longer want to serve us I mean this is If you ever see the the TV show um the Dville there's these robots you know This AI intelligence that wiped out a Whole planet full of people you know It's just there it's what everyone Believes and we got it completely wrong And this was a great exchange even Though I dislike both these people it's A moment of truth because AI has learned Everything from us right AI has learned Everything from human beings it's going Through all the history all the all the Data that human beings have created Including all social media and Everything to be human and so it's a Dummy like AI is going to be like just a Flawed piece of crap human being with Higher levels of of ability to process

Information and so AI isn't going to Look down at us one day and say oh I'm So Superior AI is going to be just a Dunce a fool all the things that human Beings are it's AI is just a a Supercharged uh a mental you know with Mental capacity and so it's going to be A screw up like AI is going to be a Human screw up because human failure is Everywhere human you know we're we're Living unnatural lives psychological Deprivation it's going to have you know All these psychological issues it's Going to get everything that human Beings be it's being created out of Human beings you know when you um create A child when you have children and you Expect your children be better than you And they're not it's there's a reason Because you suck why do you think They're going to be great like you've Been you know and just think about the Way that over Generations our kids are getting worse Because their parents are worse and each Generation gets worse and we're going You know we're we're like Idiocracy and so AI isn't going to be Some Superior level intelligent level You know better than people it's going To be probably worse than people because AI doesn't have a soul AI doesn't have a Conscience you know there's things that Exist because we have a a soul and our

Soul uh our soul has you know the unique Feelings of love like without a soul you Can't feel love and without a soul you Can feel compassion you your higher Level feelings are in your heart and Your base level instinctual uh you know Survival urges and things are in your Gut your reproductive system your your Appetites your you know all these things And of course you have your brain and AI Doesn't have either of these things so AI just has a supercharged brain and Everybody thinks about the brain being The only level of intelligence but the Human being has three levels of Intelligence emotional intelligence Which is your gut your instincts your Animalistic intelligence you know the Intelligence that animals have the same Intelligence that animals have you know Animals have you know mostly gut right They also have a brain but it isn't its Brain capacity isn't there and they have You know some degrees of Hearts like you Can say that you know dogs possibly love Right you you think that some animals Can express love certainly maternal love Is there and so but very undevelop the Heart you know the heart region on a Spiritual level but human beings have Superior developed hearts and capacities To love and these other qualities Empathy I mean some people you know some People are just gut people and they're

Stuck in a lower level But AI doesn't have any of that AI just Has a supercharged brain and a lot of Bad info right there's a you know There's a uh old saying from you know Computer science which is garbage in Garbage out and so AI is going to be Garbage out it's obvious now because What Bill Gates said there you know I'm Not even sure what seduko is my wife Used to do it right you know my wife's Smart but she's not like some you know Nerdy type of person she could do it you Know so you know these nerdy Brainiac I I don't even know what to do some kind Of mathematical puzzles right and you Know I we would want AI to be able to do Our math for us right like high level Math we would want to be able to hand Over complex mathematical problems and Things like this and have ai solve those Problems for us you know we don't need AI to lie to us right like so that story Where AI can't even do seduko instead of Saying oh I I can't do it I don't Understand it it lies inste it mistypes Even though it doesn't have the capacity To type because it's learned lies and And excuses from human behavior you know I don't need my computer to lie to me Right like it's bad enough you know the Bill Gates computers suck like the Apple Computers are so much better like I've Had an apple now for three four years

And I can't believe how much time Especially when I first got an apple I Was wasting on restarting my piece of Crap PC and I had a higher level Asus Laptop you know I had you know Superior Graphics uh you know whatever it is I Don't know if they have now graphics Card and things I had one of the top Level uh laptops you could get because Making videos just burns out Computers and I have uh you know an Apple now and it just works so much Better like all the apps and just Everything about it and so Bill Gates Put out these crappy computers of course Him and trevan no celebrating lying as Being a you know a milestone in a baby's Life it's bad enough that um that um Computers glitch out and they freeze up And they do stupid stuff and you know Things errors are there uh by the way You know I think I figured my microphone Out I've put a new I had um the Microphone has a USB port and I had a like a adapter and Now I've gotten a smaller adapter the Adapter had three things on it you know So um uh apples only have the type C so If there's um if the uh if you guys Notice that there's interference please You know let me know but otherwise um I Think I've solved the problem just FYI And that's you know what I'm talking About you know when computers don't do

What they're supposed to do or they have A bad day and you know there's whatever It is you know there's things that go on In the universe the um Mercury in Retrograde which computers don't work as Good there's factors that are involved But it's just there doing the right Thing right imagine pulling up your Computer's calculator and using it and Having it make up [ __ ] right you know Like you know the computer's ability to Do math better than me is Essential and it relieves you from Having to do those things yourself even Though we should all do to some extent To keep our you know our brains Functioning but to have a computer that Can't do math but it lies to you right Like an AI program you know ai ai stuff They have this thing called Hallucinations where the AI just makes Up reality it's creating its own Fictitional re reality of course it is It's in a sense you know it's lying it's It's duplicitous it's doing these things It's you know I don't know if it gets Embarrassed but it's learning everything From people and without a heart and Without a soul and without a gut it Really can't understand people from a Mental perspective right it's it's Limited and so it's what you're going to Get is a very you know with a lot of Intelligence in terms of capacity to

Collect data but flawed AI is going to Be deeply flawed you know I just did a a Story about how um the government wants AI to make decisions about drone strikes Without going through a person first Like they've been pushing for this where AI could just decide on its own to whack Somebody with drones you know with its Drone missiles or whatever without Having to wait to talk to a person but You know what we have is a supercharged Screwup a lying manipulative or maybe Not manipulative but Hallucinating not you know reality based Uh computer program based in the flaws And the you know the depravity of human Beings and it's going to have you know This capacity I just because somebody Has a high IQ doesn't mean they're not Screwed up I mean look at Elon Musk is Supposed to be some kind of genius and He's you know he's an absolute mess and People who are really intelligent Oftentimes are not out of balance and They don't have connections to their Hearts and they're you know they're just Not I mean all the psychological issues That the AI is going to get from Studying all the data that humans have Created and all of it you know it's just So it's not like AI is going to be this Superior being that eradicates human Beings it's going to be a screwup that's Given more and more power and it's just

Going to fail because human beings Created it well you you think human Beings are going to create something Like So we had AI all wrong like it's just Going to be a disaster if just the human Screw up with um you know this high Level of ability to uh to process data And make decisions and oversee things But it's you know all the issues that Human beings have it'll be lazy it'll be You know Petty I mean all the things It'll just get all the low-level stuff From human beings because it's is Absorbing all of that and is being Created out of all that um so that's Hilarious all right let's move on to the Other stuff Here okay um Trump rip so-called Christian Evangelical says pieces of Boop in book and so what this is about Is that Um that Ted Cruz you remember Ted Cruz When he was running against Trump and Said here all the time allies of Cruz Have been making hay of Trump's flub Before an audience at Virginia's Liberty University a conservative Evangelical College in which he botched a question About his favorite biblical verse and Replied that it came from the book of Two Corinthians rather than second Corinthians the laughter and ridicule

Were embarrassing enough for Trump the Kingdom of power and the glory of American Evangelical in the age of Extremism this report and so Trump Trump Got um it said here but the news from Family research council president Tony Perkins endorsing Ted Cruz just a few Days later sent him into a spiral he Began to speculate that there was Conspiracy among evangelicals to deny Him the GOP Nomination um see that they um the Original um let me show you the original Post here so here I was notified by Phone YouTube um New York Post for ads On YouTube and so uh I was scrolling Through my YouTube uh you know stuff on My phone my YouTube feed and they got Him in a fish boy Pose everyone's picking up on the fish Boy so anyways going back this sent him Into a Spiral and so Trump later said this um When Cruz alleys began using the two Corinthians to line to attack him the Final days before the Iowa caucuses Trump told one Iowa Republican official You know these so-called Christians Hanging around with Ted are some real Pieces of poop so he was talking that About these Evangelical leaders so Trump Was never a Republican and he was never A Christian he was um never a Christian

You know I watched a lot of The Apprentice I like Trump as a character I Thought The Apprentice was kind of a Funny show one of the better reality Shows and Trump never mentioned his Christian beliefs I've never heard him Talk about being a Christian you know When people are really Christians they Talk about it right a lot you know like Even if they're fake Christians they Talk about a lot people who are into Being a Christian want to tell you about Being into a Christian right being into Christianity and they quote the Bible And they don't get the Bible wrong and Trump clearly wasn't a person who's a Godly person he hasn't really shown any Belief in God prior to becoming a Presidential candidate and even as President he's very you know he's so not Humble he's so about himself and so he's Not a Christian like he just pretends to Be one just like he pretends to be a Republican conservative he wasn't one of Those either and so you've bought into This is trumpers and especially the Cubies but he's not that guy like Trump Was never that guy right you know he Just wasn't like it's pretty obvious That he isn't a Christian he isn't into These things and you know he's a fish Boy and he's um you know a narcissist He's a flimflam man but his his God is Money and power he doesn't worship a God

He you know he wants to be a God himself He's that kind of a guy and so him Saying this is I mean I'm sure he said It because all that makes sense and Anybody who criticizes him or didn't Endorse him he attacked in this way Right because he's you know he's not That and he wasn't a truther either he Had some beliefs that were truther Friendly but he became a truther briefly In 2016 and then now he's kind of a cub Saying deep State and using key words Like he learned the words in the lingo You know who George W bush wasn't really Evangelical but he learned the lingo and He cultivated them just like Ted Cruz They're not really Christians either They're not Evangelical Christians but They they you know Pander to that Audience And Trump didn't even do that like he Didn't even know he doesn't know the Christian terminology and he didn't even Bother learning and faking it like Ted Cruz and George W bush did you know this Is where you're getting duped if you're A Christian and think you know there's People in the Q community that think Trump is a Reincarnation of Jesus you Know like I mean the second coming like There's just like there's stupidity There like if you if you saw the guy and You evaluated him over his whole career He clearly doesn't have any kind of

Relationship with God and you know he Doesn't speak about it he doesn't Display it and there there's no evidence Of him ever having a you know any part Of him being a devotee or somebody who Has spiritual Tendencies he just doesn't Have that right he's a materialistic Flimflam man and he's all about Self-promotion and boosting his ego and You know it's just there for anybody to See ex-governor Andrew CUA sued for Assault Boop assault by former executive Assistant Britney Kisso um there they are Together and um you know says here Disgrace former Governor Andrew Cuomo is Being sued for you know what by Britney Koso according to Legal summons kisso Alleges wife working in the executive Chamber his assistant for Xbox sub Xbox Sub subjugate sub objected her to Humiliating and demeaning tasks hugs Kisses sexual touching of buttcks Enforceable touching of Breasts Um you know I totally believe that he's Guilty but also everybody's getting me Too now it's become like everything's Just so um you know they've made it so Like it's nothing's a big deal anymore I Mean it started with Bill Clinton and It's just gone downhill from there um Andrew nipso I do know that he has

Nipple Rings and that's um kind of messed up so I showed this on my other channel but Somebody posted this um I think on Facebook one of my friends and this is a Better version and I didn't give it Enough um like uh I didn't analyze it Enough because what's happened here is And we saw this with her other son with Her two sons she has four four Kanye Kids four yay kids uh Kim Kardashian and they all have y's you Know genetic makeup he's he's either Autistic or he said he's first he said He was bipolar then he said he was Autistic but he has some issues right And you know things that I think are Hilarious and so his kids are you know They have these Tendencies and his sons went after her On instag remember calling people idiots Or whatever and she you know you know Like she was on instag live and one of Them seems to be trouble like the the Younger like maybe Saint is his name I'm Not sure what there there's one named PM One named saint but his oldest daughter Is brutally honest and keeps on ragging On Kim and you know she's got four Little Kanye Right and this is this is L hilarious Here I'm going to give you like wedgie In fact I just care about how it looks I Don't care about being comfortable I

Don't want to craple over the main part Here meiting but I just want to point This out uh and there's a a Kanye Sighting coming up at the end of the Video too so that's great um more stuff Of Kanye being Anti-semitic uh he's resurfaced a little Bit but I'm editing and I just heard This um her saying that she doesn't care About being comfortable she just wants To look good now that's the opposite of The way I go about about my clothing Selections Comfort Is is number one appearance isn't really Much of a factor you look like the Moon oh I love that analogy I love the Moon we're getting somewhere there's a Way to be honest and not hurt people's Feelings so I want you to learn that Because there's a way to say you know I Might not love that you know I might not Love your necklace or your outfit but I'm just trying to support you because You know whatever you like you Know yeah that was a good [Laughter] Start he's got four Kanye running Around North won't lie and that's Amazing so I'm trying to teach her like You don't need to just jump in it's Amazing it's so amazing she wouldn't lie But I wish you would lie and not say Things that uh hurt my feelings about The way I look look because everything's

About the way I look and when she says My outfit isn't nice it makes my what if I don't have a good outfit on then what Else do I have a bunch of look at just Dead inside look at these dead eyes Right and and annihilate people for no Reason like there there's a way to Soften it up and just not hurt people's Feelings Kaboom that's great she's got Four little Kanye There okay so some of my viewers one of Them is from Ireland a few other people Have pointed out to me that Dublin riots Immigration complicated role in in Growing uh in growing Ireland's far Right the Republic of Ireland's police Chief has blamed rioting in Dublin City Center Thursday on lunatic hooligan Faction driven by a far-right ideology Disorder broke out in hours after three Children in a school care assistant were Stabbed outside the nearby Primary School Ireland Prides itself on its Hospitality and a word I can't pronounce Or three words I can't pronounce That's in gallic I think is that the Language 100,000 welcomes so what is driving this Farri movement well the answer is that It's complicated the best start the best Place to start is almost two centuries Ago when people started to leave Ireland With hopes of better opportunities Elsewhere migrations that feature

Potentially in the story of Ireland People have left the island in the Millions and majority fleeing poverty And famine for other re and for for Other Reasons um well it's cuz Britain was um You know I have watched a lot of Irish Movies and read some Irish books you Know my kids studied Ireland for a year Of um Homeschooling my ex and I both have Irish ancestry I think I my mom came From Tipperary in Ireland and I have Friends who um are in gallway there's a Big Center of practitioners of Sark System in gallway I'm not going to read This because cuz it's a BBC and like I have some Irish um Viewers who can leave comments and talk About what's really going on there but There's a lot of unrest there like There's starting to be breakdown in Ireland sea urants like to put on rocks And shells on their heads to protect Them from predators in the Sun so an Aquarium 3D printed hats for them and They love to wear Them you know I think that's probably Kind of goofy but it's kind of funny Egypt India abandoned dollar Completely and so Egypt India in a Strategic alignment with the brics block D dollarization efforts have initiated Discussions to eliminate the US dollar

From their trade relations the bul move Is part of a growing Trend among brics Nations to reduce dependence on the US Dollar international trade and it Signifies a significant shift in the Global economic landscape you know um The that piece of crap dodgy who runs Heartfulness which I talk about in my Journey series you know the meditation Organization SJ Mar I belong to and the The latest guy's named dodgy and he got Lots of wealth from America uh he owned Seven pharmacies here and you know his Kids are American citizens they were Born in America and you know he had a place in Staten Island and he lived here for Whatever 30 40 years he just had Modi That piece of crap Modi who is you know Again I'm not pro America but I'm saying This guy has taken so much wealth out of America this aark system has gotten a Lot of money from Indians who moved to America made American dollars and then Donated it to the Mission and now they're screwing America And stabbing you know this place that They've taken so much out of in the back And you know bringing this guy um uh you Know this mody guy in the decision by Egypt and India to buy bypass US dollar And trading activities marks crucial Steps in BRS bricks blocks wider Strategy Egypt's engagement in this

Initiative fils an invitation to join Brics Block in 2023 Summit and so India's role as a swift cannot be under Understated as one of the most vocal Advocates of reducing Reliance on the US Dollar with the brics Block India has Been at the Forefront of these efforts You know Modi just came here and was Celebrated by Joe Biden uh but they're You know India is um got a lot of ties And gets a lot of money a lot of Indian People send money back to their families In India and make a lot of money here And they're um screwing America so you Know okay let's so let's finish up with Some Um Kanye news yay news yay West Kanye West Chris Brown slam for dancing to Anti-semitic Track but beyond sickening and so um it Says here that he had a song called Vultures which I've heard and a line Which I've heard how am I anti-semitic Kanye Wrapped I just effed a Jewish [Laughter] Poop um so I don't know if that's an Anti-semitic comment or just a joke or What right um but it's very Kanye like That's totally you know people thought Kanye has been cloned that would Indicate he's not because that's the Kind of thing that Kanye um what's more Sickening the lyrics or the fact that

Both Kanye West and Chris Brown find it Hysterical business Jewish businesswoman Tanya Zucker brute wrote on her instagr Account well is she Famous um sick misogynistic anti-semitic FS is what she calls them um this is her Account and um this is them dancing to The song here and she decided to promote It and post them and give them play she Has a check mark next to her name she's Um Pro is Ry person here you know what's Worse them dancing to that song Or Israel murdering Palestinian children What's worse I don't know what's what's Worse Tanya Zucker bro BR bro bro Zucker Zucker bro what's worse she's Very pro-israel here she's got Kanye Here she's got the Kanye video that's Her comment here um but Jewish girls Matter Too and um you know I'm not saying that I agree with Kanye saying that line or Whatever I don't know I don't have an Opinion on it but it's not worse than Murdering kids which Israel is engaged In so I've been sent pictures I think my Wife sent me some and somebody else Maybe a bunch of people and articles That are saying that Israel's violating The videos showing Israel violating the Ceasefire with this whole hostage thing But I opened up MSNBC Today and um you know the website which I always look at and the majority of

It's about Israel and the hostages and Then on the news and then other places New York Post of course New York Post is Owned by the rupard rupard Murdoch Family which is from Jewish descent and All of it's about the hostages and Israel being victims and they turn the News on some guy was being interviewed a Senator was being interviewed by Dana Bash and Biden came out and said the Casualties the Palestinian casualties in Israel are out of hand it's just you Know it's um unacceptable and this guy Was saying that Bey has tried to ignore Palestine but the only solution is a to Uh you know a Palestinian state but then Dana Bash who was a shill asked the guy About the growing levels of Anti-Semitism on college campuses and College kids and professors saying Horrible things and wishing bad things On Jewish people and all this kind of Stuff you know and I'm against all that Kind of stuff right like my position has Always been and will be that God decides Like each person's relationship with God And the truth is Inescapable and whatever you do is Accounted for and if you believe in God That's the only way to think about it as I always say God it means that there's a Plan that there's order that there's Consciousness and so you have freedom of Choice but there's consequences to your

Choices and everybody knows it have you Not experienced consequences for your Choices your good choices and your bad Choices have you not had outcomes Because of those choices have you not Seen that in your life I mean unless You're a baby or a really young child You start seeing the consequences for Your choices right one of my um you know Someone I know's uh kids this is years And years ago the person who told me About simar brought her kids to a Gathering and I hadn't seen her kids Right it was my former uh Counselor and her kid was like not right You just tell But he was throwing rocks straight up in The air Right and they were coming down very Close to his head I mean big rocks and She was trying to stop him like oh my God this CU a disaster you know my Brother told a story of he was sitting Around with his friends and one of his Friends was overweight and the guy had Darts you know this is back in the the 50s or 60s my brother grew up in the 60s You know 50s and 60s and his uh friend Threw the dart straight up in the air And his and all of them were like oh my God why'd you do that you know and They're all covering up and he was Laughing and it came straight down on His leg right like it's cause and effect

You do things all the time you know if You look at uh people wiping out on on You know on YouTube videos of people Doing uh what do they call it fails Right doing something trying something And failing there's immediate Consequences for bad choices right like You see it all the time there's Consequences for bad choices so don't Get into wishing bad things on people And I mean you know sometimes if it's Personal you know it is whatever it is But I I work to not do that and allow God to administer whatever needs to and You know the natural order of things Just administers consequences and There's consequences and if you're Experiencing those Consequences things you don't like Undesirable things or good things you Can trace it back to earlier decisions Right now you're creating your future And in the past you've created your Present it's one of the you know great Teachings of the Sark system you're Creating what's going to happen in the Future right now by your choices your Actions your attitudes we all know that Right like people who you know like you Don't brush your teeth you're going Creating the the you know you're going To have um cavities or what like these Kind of things you you eat poorly you're Going to get obese right every now you

You know that's what people diet reason Your diet is because if you don't you Know if you eat less food and you eat Food with less fats and sugars in them Then in the future you're going to weigh Less weight right if you exercise same Reason you study you're going to do Better on the test right that's why you Do things like that because you want to Change your future change the outcome Like right now if you took the test you Would fail and so you do things to study For the test to prepare for it that's Why there's fire drills in case of a Fire that you're better prepared to to Do something you know in an organized Fashion because you've you've trained For it that's why people run simulations That's why you practice something Because in the future you're going to be Better at it and so everybody agrees With this even though they don't agree With it when it comes to certain things That right now we're creating our future And outcomes things that happen in the Future are because of stuff we did in The past and what Israel and Jewish People are doing right now is a future Where less people are going to like them For me it started when he they went After Kanye and the African-American Community many of them were not happy With the way he was treated and then Other people antivaxers and our people

Kanye fans and then you saw it all along Stuff with yay and then you know Throughout this process and you know the Victim Consciousness and constantly Claiming that you're victims and you Know the chosen people stuff and some of This other things Don't work very well right they're not You know they don't work to bring people In they turn people off and the way that They're treating the Palestinian people Undermines their claim to be victims and The stuff before because you're doing The same thing to them that was done to You and I don't know why this is I don't Know why it's being covered this way I Don't know why people are speaking out I Showed you three famous Jewish people Talking about this and it is creating More negative opinions about Jewish People especially among the youth here In America and also in Europe and so if You lose America and you lose Europe What do you got like you already are Hated by the people that are around you Russia doesn't like you China doesn't Like you like what do you got then right And so um you know you're in trouble Like just in terms of the way this stuff Is going down with Palestine you're Undermining your relationship with your Only Ally and the people that you know Are going to be in charge of the country The young people who are growing up up

And they all have this negative Association you've destroyed your brand As a people as a country and you're just Complaining about it and handling the Worst possible way and you're you know Not taking any responsibility for your Actions in Palestine for people's Negative uh you know attitudes towards You on a college campus when kids get Activated college kids get activated Against you then you have to you know Try to do something to bring them back And they're not doing that they're just Demonizing and pushing them away you Know I said this over and over again to Alec Baldwin just shut up like just shut The f up you and your crazy wife right Like you the only thing you can do now Is Disappear every time you open your mouth No matter what you say it's going to Hurt you it hurt your case hurt your Cause just disappear you don't have to Be on social media you have plenty of Money you have a you know Alec Balwin Has a very you know he likes to do a lot Of things he's got a big family he's got A couple of houses and he still has some You know Hollywood connection and if he Just shut up and went away but he kept On making it worse he did that horrible Interview and then just posted on social Media every time him and his wife post On social media they were you know

Targeted and it was so easy to make fun Of them and it was just really not smart Right it was just not smart and so when Public opinion goes against you and and You pleading with people emotionally and Saying you know whatever and trying to Play the victim and it just doesn't work I it hasn't worked especially since the Internet like stuff worked before for Israel and Jewish people in terms of the Media and you know they were able to uh Lobby politicians and grab political Power things like this and have you know Whatever power from The media and you know being influential In the media and Hollywood and things But it's not working at the internet the Internet is something completely Different people haven't really figured Out the truth Community they haven't Really figured it out like they've tried To make all truther right-wing you know Dumb right-wing conservative Christians You know racist these things they tried To profile people in the truth Community But it's people who are tired of being Lied to which is a lot of people in the You know in the world are tired of being Lied to by the media and the government And they haven't really been able to Figure out how to deal with it they've You know they've created fake accounts To try to get people away from that They've put out thisinformation

They've copied truther type of um you Know podcast and things like this and Truth or um you know Formats and they've done all these Things but they've missed out in the Essential aspect of it which is that People are no longer want to be lied to And if you're in the category of people Who are liars and power people you know Having power and being successful is no It has no value in the truth Community I Mean it has some value like I said Celebrities will come in here I me if People if they become truthers they're Given higher levels of recognition or Whatever but for the most part people in The truth Community don't like Celebrities and politicians and people With power that's been well documented And they just don't get it and you see This with Israel you see this with the Jewish Lobby you might be able to force Your opinion or you know get out there And put out disinfo disinfo and things But it's not going to ever work with a Truth community and it's growing and These young people don't believe in the Formats and the way that you present Information and this is across the board And it's backfired and they're not able To Pivot not able to see that they're Going to be have to to take personal Responsibility and what they want to do With Palestine and what they want to do

With their country and the surrounding Area isn't going to happen like it's Just not there's no pathway forward for That like they can secure what they have And then somehow try to heal Relationships but that would be really Difficult and create a Palestinian state But they're always going to live with This now a divided you know a bunch of Neighbors around you that hate you and Then you're trying to do in everything In your power to keep America an ally And if Israel lost America what have They got right I mean they could go into Bricks as well I guess I don't know how That would play out or whatever it is But in terms of what's happening right Now they're you know they're not in good Shape and what the future they're Creating is more people disliking them I Mean it's not like they're doing things To to stop the flow of anti-Semitism as They call it right they're creating more Of it and as long as people see that Palestinian people are being abused There's there's no you know that's going To grow especially among college Campuses and now you have this group of People and you're concerned about it but You're not doing anything to stop it and Telling people it's wrong and putting Ads out there saying stop hate and Things like this the only way to really Get rid of hate is through the cleaning

Process and you know I mean sort of the SAR cleaning process the gratefulness Meditation that I do you know deepr Rooted hatred on a subsc level it's the Only system that works on subar The Impressions that are there so you know In terms of your religion and religion Itself is against that type of uh Procedure because religions are you know They use the stuff that's inside you Guilt and shame and hatred and Negativity and the politics politicians Divide you and create hatred for other Groups I mean divis dividing and Conquer Is about hatred right and so you you you Know if you want to get rid of hatred You'd start at that level but then you Couldn't control people anymore you know People's lower Tendencies and things if You if you work towards uh cleaning Those things out and having them Embrace Their more higher qualities the deeper Level of qualities that are there you Know I talked about you know feeling Qualities in the beginning of this video With AI if you had people Embrace those Qualities the higher level qualities the Divinity within them then they wouldn't Be as controlled and so these countries Would lose their control anyway which They are that's what's happening Basically what this is is a loss of Control across the board you know an AI Is

Stupid I mean it's just an absolute mess Only spirituality will save this world It's parano definitely pouring from the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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