Hilarious Morning Joe slam Kristi Noem over Dog thing

Hilarious Morning Joe slam Kristi Noem over Dog thing

Greetings brothers and sisters so um I Watched this movie last night called Goodbye World and not recommending it certainly It's not a good movie entertainment wise It stars the guy from um you know the Actor the guy who played the the actor In Entourage and a bunch of other people Some of whom um I don't think were in Any other movies you know was low budget And it's about a bunch of pretentious Liberals one of whom kind of realized The world was going to Collapse at some point and he and his Wife have a Farm in uh you know California and the Hills and all his former co-workers and College you know people that they this Click of sort of liberal people in College are there you you know end up Going there as there is a a Cyber Attack and again not a good movie you Know not well done but there are Interesting Parts about it and also it Coming some from sort of a liberal Perspective of a doomday Scenario uh but you know very hard to Watch because of the it's very um Relationship oriented and let's it's Just slow budget it's not you know well Done the acting is pretty poor and it's Just um you know it is what it is but it Definitely is the inspiration for the

HBO movie Leave the World Behind there's A lot of Similarities from the Cyber attack to um You know the personalities medicines Become an issue as they did in in the Other movie uh but very similar like the You know Leave the World Behind is Certainly the the based some of it on This other movie you see this a lot There was the movie The Big Chill that Was a remake of a lowbudget movie called The Return of the s sakas 7 and both of Them featured sort of college um level Uh you know uh people who knew each Other at a younger age and then are Older now and then come back together Sort of these reunion movies and very Similar to those movies you know in the Same way that that the um Big Chill Ripped off this other movie Leave the World Behind sort of rips off this other Kind of movie you know where people are Suffering the Apocalypse in a shared House and they have you know their own Interpersonal Issues but I found some parts of it Interesting from a perspective of you Know the apocalypse is uh is upon us Right so this movie is from 2013 and there's a segment at the end of The movie where again spoiler alert I'm Not you know it's not as much of a uh Like a like a movie that's got a lot of Intrigue but you know there bits and

Pieces that are interesting and there's A woman who worked for a senator just Like the uh Marcela Ali character worked With some guy who was an Insider and there's a message that They're getting on like old you know Again this is 2013 so everything's just Kind of going digital and you know it's The people still have like blackberries And things you know like it's not um you Know it was probably made in 2010 2011 and so they're watching the President give a message and this woman You know they're like well that message Is a is a loop right it's a repetitive And she said yeah and she said there are Certain things that he's saying because Her Congressman she worked with was on Um you know the NSA you know sort of Security Council and the president it's A pre-recorded message that's telling Everybody it's about to go to martial Law and there were things that marel Al Lea found out in this other movie Leave The World Behind at the end that said That this is you know it's an indication That it's over right that they're it's Much worse than they're saying and There's some other things in there They're kind of interesting um in terms Of you know this how the collapse plays Out and the you know they're liberal so They don't believe in Firearms but That's an issue because a you know

People just going nuts and how you know The sheriff is getting chased out of Town and you know people are just taking Advantage of the situation right with Their you know bullies end up stepping Up and you know being uh you know all These things and having to deal with all That but both of these movies and pretty Much every apocalyptic movie and just Every movie in general and everything is In the mainstream Media and you know just everyday life Dealing with other Americans you see the reason why there Needs to be a Collapse and again the caus is in the Effect right the effect is in the cause Like there's cause and effect right the Future is in the past and the past is in The future like the reason for the Collapse is as important as the collapse Itself because you know there's things That happen in your personal life and Where when you're living a bad life and You're disconnected from your soul You're disconnected from your true Purpose things start to unravel you see It all the time like I look at my period Of life before I was you know became Focused again on my spiritual side and That was you know I was age 29 and I was A little bit when I was younger and then I got off of that and I was you know Completely unaware of God or thinking

About God and those were my dark years Those were my difficult ult years from The time I was about you know 14 to the Time I was 28 29 right and then I found The Sark system and you know the Practice and the goal that you know to Merge back into the source and all these Things and my life changed significantly For the better you know I had still had Problems and issues and still have them But but it's different when you have a Goal and a spiritual goal and you have a Spiritual philosophy and you can Understand the need for miseries as a Way to you know help you uh achieve your Goals obstacles and things and so people Who Are away from that who are disconnected From The Source inevitably make bad Decisions there's that one bad decision And there's all these decisions that Follow right and when that's the Case then there needs to be some sort of I mean if there is a God and there is a Plan then there needs to be some sort of Corrective measure and and when it's Collective when everybody's so Disconnected from what their true Purpose is and the system itself is Against the Divine system and divine Laws and if such things exist right like I believe they exist then there has to Be a correction and so if you believe in God then there needs to be a

Correction right like you can see it all Around you and the correction can't be Fixing what already exists because it's The people that are you know across the Board you know if you say all right it's Just the Democrats and the Liberals yeah You know that's not true you know like The Republicans in the rightwing have Always sucked and sucked just as bad as The Democrats they just don't have as Much power now or if you're a Democrat And you believe it's they liberal and You believe it's just the conservatives Or the Republicans you know there's no Sense of you realizing your what you Have to change right it's just like Being in a divorce you you have to Figure out what you did wrong you why Why did you end up being in this Situation you have to remove whatever is Inside you that created this Dysfunctional situation and maybe the Other person sucks and is a nightmare And you could never be successful in a Marriage with them but why are you with Them right like why did you choose to be With them why do you in that situation Why is that part of your destiny and so Whatever you the situation is if you're Not willing to change and people aren't Willing to change and I can say that From being a counselor from being a Preceptor from living life you know Doing what I do here the majority of

People are incapable of making any major Changes to themselves and even looking At the problems they have and as being You know their own responsibility I mean Majority people just don't have that in Them and the wide sweeping changes that Need to be made to save the Civilization I mean people aren't just It even the people who are willing to Change aren't willing to make those kind Of WID sweeping you know The kind of changes in terms of their Lifestyle terms of their attitude in Terms of their thoughts in terms of Their you know I mean we get down to a You know changing the way you think About your life and you know what you Think life is about and changing the way That you you know just think about Everything most people like that's Really difficult to do and most people Don't even you know have an inkling of Of whing to do that and you know even if They were shown the the reason for you Needing to change your thoughts they Just couldn't do it and so there has to Be a a systemic collapse it has to shock People and Shake people up and there Needs to be a lot of people who are just Incapable of any sort of change that Have to be removed from the equation Because they're you know they're always Going to be a block to humanity evolving Right people in power people you know

Whatever it is so if you believe in God And you believe there a plan there has To be contingencies and the Contingencies have to eradicate this System that's taking everybody in the Wrong direction the system is making Human beings worse and if you don't Think there's a plan you think it's just Chaos then you know inevitably I mean Chaos wins then there isn't a the system Isn't even you know an organized system Can't withstand the nature of chaos Right like if there's no plan or no Order and you see how everyone's Breaking down then chaos is going to Ensue and so either way whether you Believe in God or not there's there's no Way to to logically I mean unless you're Just in terms of Wishful Thinking way to Save this system and that's why there's So many movies about this and it's being Talked about so much because and just Historically empires have all Collapsed and this one is now a global Empire and it's you know it's on the Verge of collapsing and whatever that Means and how that'll play out you know Again that's you know that's just for Whatever you know that's that's to be Determined or to be Experienced but you know it's going to End soon because it's just up for Everybody anyways let's get into the Other stuff

Here I have a voice over I did yesterday I'm going to put in here about a sort of A health scare I had I got dizzy today's Uh Tuesday April 30th uh but Um which is Baba's Birthday Um anyways um I gotta do something about That I just realized um so uh yeah Um the um the second master of the S Mark system but anyways I had a little Bit of a health scare fine today it was Fine yesterday it was the day before not A health scare just you know something That kind of repetitive not some big Deal but I want to get into the Christy Gome dog thing and then some of the Other stuff stuff today um but anyways I Got to go deal with this Boby thing okay Today's Monday April 29th and um you Know I've um and I'll talk about this I Guess on my other channel as well or Maybe I'll do this part um on both I Guess I'll put this up on my regular Video and then also my journey series But you know I um ever since I had Covid and I guess I had some issues Before before that um every once while My body just glitches out and I've had People say things to me about what I Should take or not or what it is and I've tried all these things um people Have said I think I I'm low in potassium I think is one of the things and um of

Course there's these other various Supplements I'm taking like lots of them And you know I really was doing well Um this past so many months and I Started doing this Exercise um you know this thing I got From uh Jesus Marcola Jesus Marcola this guy Marcola Who's a you know one the leading natural Uh sort of medicine guys out there but He's now gone a little bit crazy and Says that he's Jesus or the Incarnation Of Jesus or something uh he had a you Know meltdown I haven't looked back into That but anyways um um but I was doing This exercise I've been working on Create uh doing things that um boost my Nitric oxide which has been a great Thing there's a breathing exercise that I've learned my energy level really went Up I lost weight and um and I was doing This exercise and I can only do it's Basically four rapid movements where You're doing squats and then doing uh Three different arm Movements and you know I found it to be A really good exercise where you know I Other than the fact my I hurt my Shoulder not doing the exercise I just Slept wrong and I woke up my shoulder Was hurt and it's been hurt for a while I still was able to do the Exercise and you know the squatting Thing helped me my lower back so I was

Very happy with it and I only could do Two rounds you were supposed to do four But then I got up to four and then I Started doing it better you know I I did It at four but just you know just trying To get through it and now I I was Learning to do it better and I was Feeling really strong and Um you know I've been in better shape And my energy levels picked up and then Over the last I don't know how many days 3 4 days every time I've done the Exercise I've gotten Dizzy and you know I don't think it's a Hard thing I haven't had any chest pains Or any hard issues um but you know my Cardio was getting better and it you Know the whole thing seemed to be Working and I just started getting dizzy But you know I just slow down and I Would finish the exercise and I'd get Through it but you know wasn't I wasn't Psyched about it like I had been um And then last night I did the Exercise and I was okay you know I got a Little bit dizzy but I was fine and then I got uh maybe about half an hour later I just got really dizzy and then I ended Up going to bed and um just Um felt weird like it just you know Whatever it was and I um ended up I was Really tired but I ended up you know Doing my cleaning and then meditating And that made it better a little bit you

Know and then I fell asleep and you know When you fall asleep you think it's just Going to get better and you're going to Reset your body is just going to reset But I woke up I felt worse I felt just Like disoriented and uh just um like Sort of brain fog you know this used to Happen when I had covid like I would lay Down I'd be fine until I laid down and Then I would get this sort of you know Um dizzy feeling and then it just you Know I'd have a bad night and you know If I knew what was C in it and I knew What you know I mean whatever it was it Would be different like you know I mean I thought about how when I drank alcohol And use drugs I would be much more Impaired than I was like it's just a Small subtle thing compared to when I Was younger but I knew it was causing That right if I felt weird because you Know I put in some sort of you know um Mind altering substance conscious Altering substance in my body it' be one Thing But I don't think there was anything I Could trace back to eating anything or You know it's just I mean basically Doing this Exercise and you know it's been a bummer For me because I've I've consistently Got stronger and in better shape since You know the co debacle and you know I Wasn't in great shape before that but

Then you know things like this happen This glitch out thing and so I finally Ended up meditating again and I I did a Sitting from the gratefulness meditation Channel and I um felt better after that But Um you know I still feel a little bit Weird um like I just stopped myself Today and so you know I don't know what To say I slept a lot like I got had Trouble sleeping any but I slept late And I don't know like I feel a bit uh Disoriented or something like that and So yeah that's just what's going on with Me and my wife said well you know you Going to you know look up it look look Into this and I'm like I just I can't I Don't even I I don't even know what to Call the symptoms like I get sort of Laded and I feel faint when I'm doing The Exercise um and I don't know if like It's I mean I don't feel like it's a a Cardiovascular or a heart issue I used To think it was that my gut felt a Little bit weird um last night I've been Eating like um kimchi and sauerkraut Before I go to bed that's been really Helping my gut I had some migraines you Know whatever um but you know I have This thing where I just sort of glitched Out it's happened to me first at the Grand Canyon you know people are saying I was dehydrated and you know and people

Are saying low potassium and some other Things that were out there I can't Remember all of them you know and I've Tried to boost all those things um and I Don't know what it is um you know I cut Back I was taking torine and vitamin E And I cut back on some of that because I Just taken too many supplements and then I'm like well maybe some of the Supplements like I have too much of them In my system and maybe that's the issue And that's a problem when you don't have You know professionals you can trust Like who can you know gauge what you're Doing I mean the supplement things I Mean I can go and get they have this Kind of test that that my chiropractor Had this machine that would test whether Something you know it's similar to doing Muscle Testing um so maybe I can look into that As I move forward here but you know Maybe it's just cleaning like that's What I was thinking about cuz I was Having I had actually a good Meditation last night like a really good And once I sort of settled down and um You know I pushed through the the Dizziness a little bit and I was like Well this actually feels like maybe it's Cleaning I don't know like it's part of The spiritual thing I have just have to Go through you know as you get older Things just don't work right your body

Just doesn't work right it wasn't like I You know I was in necessarily crisis but I was just feeling strong for doing Things outside in the summer and you Know getting things done and now I'm Like you know I got to I you know what Happened when we were doing the fencing It seems whenever I tip my head forward I get you know was getting dizzy it just Wasn't being dizzy I just felt like bad Like it was like my body shut down um You know when we were doing the fencing We had to nail the fence to the to the Wooden post and you know you have to put Nails at the bottom of the post and when I bent over I would feel bad um and part Of it would be be dizziness I don't know So again it's not really helpful when People just throw out random things Because like I don't know if people you Know if someone has something the exact Same symptoms um like again I don't want To call it dizziness I just felt like Weird you know like um I don't know Anyway let's just move on with other Stuff here you know I just don't trust The allopathic medicine and I don't have An Alternative practitioner that would be Helpful um you know so that's the I got To figure out things myself and I'm not Really you know necessarily A Healer or Whatever it is you know I don't have These you know I can do research and

Figure things out and like find out About supplements and whatever it might Be and maybe you know it's it's just It's difficult given the the current State of our you know medical model but Anyways let's move on to other stuff Here okay so I want to get to the Christine gnome thing and uh MSNBC Marty And Joe has a whole it's kind of funny Um she you know killed one of her Dogs it's not funny she killed her dog But Obviously I'm a dog lover right um you Know the um I just realized it was Boba's birthday so those of you who do Gratefulness meditation I have um a Video up there about the the sittings And the the group meditations I just Completed one it's a good one it's kind Of explains my Health crisis because There as often times a I go through a Cleaning or everyone goes through a Cleaning before the Gathering um so all That kind of has resolved itself you Know it's amazing I just kind of spaced On the whole thing um but I'm out in Touch with the heartfulness debacle Anymore and I don't interact with people Who do gratefulness you know so um other Than you know on the internet very you Know through comments and things like This casional message and so you know I'm not Um I'm sort of not consciously aware of

The whole the Gathering thing you know Every April July uh and um February there's these Gatherings anyways those of you guys who Are interested go to the gratefulness Meditation Channel but let's get into The other stuff Here okay so the news broke yesterday Okay today's Tuesday April 30th Yesterday was the 29th Monday that Christine n wrote a book in which she Talked about putting down one of her Hunting dogs that was Misbehaving and you know the mainstream Media the left mainstream media jumped All over this you know know I mean I'm Not certainly endorsing her doing this Like I I'll have my own opinion about it Right like everything Else um you know I'm a big dog person Like there's um I'll show you a picture Of me as a little kid my sister my Hippie sister brought home she had a dog Called Libby that was it's full his full Name was Liberation he was like a hippie Dog that had been abused and he was very You know he didn't have a lot of um I Don't know if I have a picture of uh you Know he was some kind of a I don't know Kind of a mut that maybe was sort of a a Benjy looking dog with more hair he was Like a medium-sized dog and he was a Nice dog but didn't like wouldn't play Wouldn't fetch balls wouldn't you know

Was just maybe kind of an older dog who Came to live with us but when I was Really young my sister brought home a Puppy without my parents' the knowledge Or Permission which I named Fluffy And um there's a caption on the photo That's there that um fluffy was a a Female Dog and I I don't know whether I knew That at the time but I said my parents Quoted me as saying I think I think she She loves me you know because I couldn't Speak properly and so there was no Chance of my parents getting rid of the Dog even though they didn't want to have The dog um but um you know I really love That dog and then you know they were Supposedly trying to train it and they Made up the lie later on I figured out It was a lie the dog was deaf and was Untrainable and so they got rid of it Gave it away you know because my sister Brought home a dog that I didn't um Didn't she didn't have permission to you Know my parents didn't want the dog we Had a cat for a while we had another Puppy for some reason gave that away When I was a little bit you know older I Don't remember the specifics behind that But you know we would get a a working Dog named Lucy we went to this um I had A like a you know a thing I was doing This is a picture of Lucy here Lucy was

Just a you know like a an angel of a dog And Lucy was a dog that they were going To put down you know they had this um it Was back when I was doing a c counseling The first part of pockets of the future Was shuti counseling Which I you know was my first Introduction to the internet I did a PowerPoint presentation I wrote a a book About transforming abuse and I did Seminars not seminars I went to these You know these um Wellness type of you Know new age kind of things and was Talking about the you know it was a Counseling Program and I set up boosts and things And you know I didn't take cuz you know People kind of um are I I don't want to Say I revolted yeah I know uh revolted By me you know they feel une you people I'm not Approachable which I've talked about in The past but at one of these um you know My family went to one of these sort of Wellness like uh you know was like a Bunch of booze and they brought dogs There rescue dogs and We Came Upon This Dog Lucy our board bolic she was named Blair at the time and you know wasn't a Good name for her you know Lucy means Light and you know I later included in My book my friend within um but Lucy was A wonderful dog you know half border Collie half something else she's big for

A border collie a little bit skinny and You know and longer but she was just a Wonderful dog and um you know at that Time I just you know we were doing uh Kids stuff like um I was doing Activities for kids that are spiritual Gathering and dogs you know God spelled Backwards and I realized that you know The way Lucy was in terms of a working Dog in a border collie she always looked At me like you know in an obedient way You know like I was you know God or Whatever to her and like being a like a Disciple you know she had this put me in Coach type attitude these working dogs Border colleagues are amazing dogs and They just naturally heard and you know And she was always looking at me for Instructions and and I realized like if I was as good as a Disciple if I was as good as a you know Spiritual aspirant as she was as a dog You know with me right if I was in my Relationship with God I was like her I'd Be liked way better you know like like She was just so devotional and so you Know I mean I can't even you know talk About it and describe it uh but I felt Like you know I she was a good example For me of you know devotion and being You know a a good spiritual aspirant you Know on a on a dog level just the way She was naturally and the you know Training that was in that breed of dogs

But I've always been someone who you Know loves dogs and you dogs become part Of the family I mean it's just the way That dogs relate to people you know I Like cats but I mean dogs are so totally Different you know are um they're Happier and they're just you know the Papion we have they just the way they Walk and the way they do everything they Exude happiness and and joy and Enthusiasm but they're also they can be Really chill and you know they're not They're not little yappers or anything Like that you know but we had this dog Farley who was really cute we love Farley Farley's amazing dog and you know Farley got old and she was or she was Losing all of her teeth you know she was Like 15 years old they papion live kind Of a long time you know and she just Peed all over the place and you know she Couldn't really see she was blind Sometimes we like be walking you know if We were walking in a place like a beach Or we're walking somewhere where there's Other people like at a park or something She sometimes got confused she papon's Naturally heal and they'll walk really You know silently behind you and you Look for them you turn around and They're there walking behind you and Sometimes you don't see them you know You go to call them and she would just Walk behind us even at an older age but

Sometimes she'd get confused and start Following other people People and you know she was um I mean I Don't know if she was in much physical Pain but she was getting old and the Thought of putting her down I mean you Know it's a hard thing to do um and you Know it happened naturally she wandered Off we were going for a walk and she Wandered off and she went into the road Got hit by a car and so um you know it Was sad and my wife was really kind of Devastated by it but it was good timing Cuz we got the other two dogs because of It and it just you know she was she was At just that time where she was you know Um she was beginning to suffer and so You know I don't know about putting down Dogs but sometimes if you have a dog That's obviously has rabies or you know Watch that movie Old Le when I was a kid And you know it really made me sad or Whatever but there's reasons to put down Dogs like it isn't something you know I Mean there's 70 million dogs in the Country and there's you know all these Dogs that are um unwanted dogs dogs that Are in the loose packs of wild dogs are Very dangerous right and so you know it Isn't like that's something that's out Of the the question like I don't know Christine n's specific story I didn't Read the the section of her book and They're going to present it here on

MSNBC and so you know I have mixed Feelings about it is what I'm saying Right like I don't like Christine Nome I Think she's you know I don't like these Republicans any more than the Democrats But the Democrats are so much worse Because they have more power right now And so it's hard for me to say how I Feel about this you know act but the way That they present it here on Morning Joe Is just despicable right it's Self-serving like using this as a way to You know another way to demonize Trump And you know the whole thing so let's Get into it here South Dakota governor Christine Nomes is defending her Decision to kill her 14-month-old female Dog Cricket it's a puppy actually K Puppy yeah gnome who's considered a Contender to become Donald Trump's vice Presidential running mate received back Like it almost like M cried there Clash From both sides of the aisle after a Passage in her upcoming Memoir revealed A startling anecdote where she admitted To murdering her dog according to an Okay so murdering is for people who are Pro-abortion who are pro-choice You don't want to bring the word murder Up where you know in this connotation For people who eat meat they're meaters Right um You don't want to bring up the Word murder like the hypocrisy here like I you know again I don't like this

Person Christine ome you know I mean to Me these people are all opposers and Different whatever and the Republicans Are sucky they just are and she's trying To appeal to a you know she wrote this Book as a way to appeal to people of a Certain you know mind set right um but Anyways let's get back to it here Excerpt from the guardian gnome took Cricket that's the little girl puppy's Name puppy on a pheasant hunt with older Dogs okay so you know the the thing is That it isn't a puppy right a dog that Old isn't considered a puppy you know The official story is that dogs become Adults between one and two and she was 18 months old or 14 months a year and Two months but is full grown dogs are Full grown when they're a year old right I mean they might get bigger you know They're I mean it's they're basically You know adolescence that you would say Maybe it was like an adolescent dog or Something or whatever it was but to say That it's a puppy you puppy is something Different right like this is you know They're I mean they're using this dog For political gain like they're Pretending they're caring and like such A she's such a horrible person but if This was Hunter Biden that did it they'd Be talking about it completely different Right they wouldn't be talking about it Like they wouldn't even cover this thing

If it was one of the Biden family or Something like that or Joe Biden you Know Joe Biden had a dog that was biting Secret Service and should have been put Down like Joe Biden there's a dog story That they should cover with Joe Biden Having a dog that bit multiple Secret Service agents and was poorly trained You know there scile guy um like there's Always a Biden story when they cover a Trump story like there's always a trump Story when they cover a Biden story Right there's always because these are The same guys they have parallel Lives that the young pup ruined the hunt After Chasing the birds and going out of Her mind God she going to do she had a Bad morning so the dog was bounding Around with excitement and so happy so She said too happy gome describes Calling Cricket cricet then using an Electronic collar to attempt to bring Her under control one of those shock Collars you know nothing worked to stop Cricket from running around with joy Then on the way home after the hunt as Gnome stopped talked to a local family Cricket escaped gnome's truck and Attacked the family's chickens grabbing One chicken at a time crunching it to Death with one bite and then dropping it To attack this happens the question is Like how govern terrible moment how can A governor not keep I've been there a

Dog under control well it happens put it On a leash well how can a president not Keep a dog under control how can a President keep a dog from biting people Government employees are there to Protect them right I mean this happened Like Biden has a dog here it is Commander jumped at me and bit me on the Left arm I suain two puncture marks and The skin was broken with blood present This from CNN What kind of a dick who's President Names his dog Commander Right what kind of dick you got to be You know commander and chief to name Your dog Commander Biden's Dog secret Bit Secret Service agents at least 24 Times 24 times so you only allow it to Do it once and there's a dog that should Be put down right and it's a German Shepherd German Shepherds are great dogs And you know usually it's an owner Related Issue but uh um you know it's something Where there are times you have to put a Dog down there's dogs with hips dis Displeasure you know and I'll get into That in a bit right there's reasons why Dogs act out some of them in abuse some Of in wrecked some of them whatever they Could be wild whatever it might be on The way home after the hunt as gnome Stopped to talked to a local family Cricket escaped gnome's truck and

Attacked the family's chickens grabbing One chicken at a time crunch in it to Death with one bite and then dropping it To attack this happens the question is Like how can the governor terrible Moment how can a governor not keep I've Been there a dog under control well it Happens put it on a leash or or whatever She's blaming the dog this is the part I Don't breaking out of the truck I hated That dog gnome writes adding that Cricket had proved herself Cricket Untrainable Cricket so this is in great This part is the part I you know she Wrote this in a book I hated that dog It's criet dangerous to anyone she came In contact Cricket not her and less Worth worthless as a hunting dog Cricket At that moment gome said see they Paraphrased that I Realized I had to put down it was not a Pleasant job she writes but it had to be Done took the puppy to a gravel pit Again the puppy now these are people who Are pro abortion right and they're Making it sound that a puppy killing Something that's younger is worse than Killing something that's older right and So if you kill a puppy it's worse than Killing an adult dog that's what they're Saying of course it is puppies are so Cute and lovable you know I mean it's Hard to even imagine killing a puppy so They're making it you know sound like

It's worse than it is by saying the word Puppy and yet they're totally on board With murdering a fetus you know Right and so I mean this is where the Hypocrisy is off the charts and and After gnome story caused controversy the Governor doubled down and tried to paint The story as one of the necessary dark Sides of Farm Life writing on X the fact Is South Dakota law states that dogs who Attack and kill livestock can be put Down given that Cricut had shown Aggressive behavior toward people by Biting them I decide the dog tried to Bite her I decided what I did I followed The law shooting in responsible all Right being responsible go we've done Enough of this so hold on she so um They're getting into it a little bit Here then she then revealed that she Killed the family goat okay so the idea That they the dog was aggressive and Bites people is a real thing you have to Deal with and I'll get into this in a Moment right because it was gross and it Let's go back here a little bit she Killed the family goat because it was [Music] Gross and it knocked down her kid goats Do that goats can be a little gross yeah She killed it in the Gravel Pit no way The Gravel Pit along with the puppy the Puppy right again with the puppy let's Bring in right now former White House

Director of communications of President Obama Jen PA she's co-host of MSNBC Podcast how to win 2024 and survive your Gout and MSNBC contributor and author of The book held the right lost its mind And started killing puppies and gravel Pits kind of a strange title for a book But I guess he saw this coming Charlie Sykes Charlie okay we we could talk About the tragedy of cricket and this The tragedy poor guy like Joe Biden Droned um eight kids I just covered this And civilians recently in Afghanistan so Did Obama you know and then the wars That they voted for I mean how many Animals were killed and how many you Know puppies were I mean there's all These tragedies that go along with war In terms of animal life right and but Biden droning kids and they didn't even Cover that and they didn't even mention It right and like at least you know in Any way like this condemning the guy and He did it as political posturing the Same way that Christine is ing here F or Whatever it is it's more what's going Through her mind that makes her think She should murder her puppy in Cold Blood immediately after getting angry no Well like they're disputing this thing Look look at her look how crazy she Is you can do that but it's the Confessional aspect Charlie the Confessional aspect was done as a

Political pose I'm tough I'm mean Mur I'm an so be I'll even kill a little Puppy if yeah that's not you know it Gets in my way I mean I think that's the Sickest part of this that Donald Trump's Republican party and and and the Grotesque the grotesqueness of the Concern these are all meat eaters right I assume none of these people are Vegetarian and So they're having animals and the the Cruelty that goes into factory farms I Don't know whether they eat you probably Eat grass-fed meat and you know whatever They eat that normal people don't can't Afford and things like this the average People can't but you know they're Outsourcing this kind of things you know That um I bet this guy posed as a hunter You know he was once a Republican Senator whatever it was and so I'm sure He posed with guns and all these things Um you know uh either way he's a Mediator these people are all Outsourcing their you know ANL animal Cruelty to these factory farms or Whatever conservative Movement vient let me finish please Violent let me finish please look at M She's going to take you to the Gravel Pit Jo Wayne this is where they go this is Virtue signaling for Republicans this is

Virtue signaling I shot in Cold Blood a Puppy and a gravel Pit I I think that is the most Extraordinary part about all of this That she thought that this would be a Plus for her look this book is a Campaign book it is a resume to be Donald Trump's vice president and she Thought it was a good idea let's include This story let's tell this story about Myself how I took this puppy and shot Him in the Gravel Pit so again with the Puppy now that's true like she wrote This book as a way to promote herself And appeal to certain Demographics about you know people who Live on farms people live in rural areas People know about these things and let Me switch over to my voice over here so I want to talk about this a little bit So if you have a farm you have livestock Obviously if you have you know meat Animals or whatever it might be you Inevitably are going to have to put Animals down and I'll get into that in a Moment but you know the homestead I have Here we have here you know we have um Some of our acres are are there For you know just pasture Acres that We're not using right now and we don't Hay it and it's created a sanctuary for Animals and birds we have right now Redwing Blackbirds

Nesting um we have uh you know in the Field we have um Meadow Larks which are Cool as well you know both beautiful Birds they're nesting there we have some Ponds that have you know give life to Frogs and turtles and things like this And of course we have some honeybees and We have all the these you know flowers And things we plant and things that grow Naturally we have like a crop of um Golden Rod that comes up at the end of The summer and all these you know Animals that do these uh birds and um These uh you know bees and all these Different forms of natural pollinators Come to our place and we provide you Know like a Haven for them right and we You know my wife and I love walking and Seeing different animals we have all Kinds of cool spiders and um like Praying mantises and like there's an Ecosystem here right and we have a Couple of uh we have three areas where There's water we have a I made a little Water garden and we had in that water Garden we had these nymphs for Dragonflies which were cool I was Studying them for a while like I spent All this time looking at these things Tadpoles are always being hatched out Toads we have all these baby toads that We see at a certain time in the summer You know like thousands of them and only You know so many make them make it and

There's Predator animals come and eat Them and and so we have like just you Know abundance of wildlife here and then We have you know we've had cows which You know they ended up being meat cows We no longer have them they were Processed and you know we have um Birds We have uh you know we have chickens and You have to protect your birds from Predators and sometimes you need to put Them down and you know even the Birds Themselves they don't lay eggs anymore And they get old and they're not you Know functioning and if you're being Being a good farmer which we're not Doing that right now you have to get rid Of your you have to call your your flock As they stop laying and you know because It's no longer cost effective right You're spending like based in chicken Feed and everything else you're spending Um you know like $20 for for to have Eggs you like see what I'm saying it's You can buy eggs cheaper at the store And to be a good farmer to be someone You who would farming in an efficient Way yeah that's something you had to do It's something that I had to do in the Past it's very unpleasant right like I I You know there's people who get joy out Of killing things but I'm not one of Them and certainly a family pet is a Whole another thing right but if you Have dogs that bite and kill livestock

You know anything on the farm that's Aggressive you have to put down I mean It's just what you're supposed to do and Sometimes you get animals that show up That have rabies you know there was a Story I was reading or you know maybe There was a video I was watching this is Years and years ago where someone was Describing how they were with their Grandfather and they were driving in his You know truck and there was a fox out In the middle of the day and it was just Staring at him right which is unusual Behavior I mean how many times have you Seen foxes in your life right like I've Seen a fox like a like three times you Know like I think I've seen foxes in the Wild like three times in my life two two I can remember and so at least two and They were one of them was walking down The road and that one probably had Rabies right and so the guy says the the Kid the person telling the story says His grandfather pulled out his rifle and And shot the the fox and he said that Thing had rabies because it's you know The way it was behaving if you see Something like that you have to put the Animal down for your own animals and Then you know whatever else people and And whatever it is right it's a danger To other animals right something as Rabies and things like this um but you Know it's something that a farm you have

To deal with and there's so many people That eat meat that don't you know could Never kill an animal which I mentioned In a video a while back like a long time Ago and I said everybody who eats meat Should at least at some point have a you Know have the experience of killing an Animal that they're eating you know just Because you're doing it you know you're Outsourcing your you know the unpleasant Part of eating meat right and a vegan Said That he hoped somebody shot Me a vegan said that like showed up my Channel and so it's just um there is This element of that right now here's um I'll show you this picture of my my dog Angel that we had for a short period of Time an angel was a menace we wanted a Great Pyrenees dog they're wonderful Dogs that you know you raise from a Puppy with your with your herd and they Identify with the herd and they protect The herd they're like you know I mean Coyotes run from them like they'll Chase Coyotes like two or three miles they Chase anything with pointy ears they've Been bred to do this and they're just Wonderful dogs we saw one that was we Got our goats we bought our goats um our Nigerian dwarf goats from this woman who Had a pacas you know pacas are very Expensive animals they can be up to 20 Grand or even more than that and they

Have a long gestation period it's like 16 14 16 months or something you know Humans have N9 months right they have 14 Month they carry their babies for over a Year and they had the goat um because Goat milk and alpaca milk is very Similar in case one of the babies that Was rejected by the mom and wasn't being Nursed or something and they had these Great Pyrenees dogs in with the goats And the alpacas and they were just Really neat so we found one that was on Craigslist but the dog had been always On a chain and so I put her in our Pasture and she got out and chased our Neighbor horses my neighbor got pissed At me you know they ran around the Neighborhood and I kept on fixing the Fence where she was getting out she was A huge dog but she found a way to push Through you know very small holes I was Crazy and at one point um we you know The dog was um running chasing my Neighbor's horses and my neighbor called Me and I went and got her and she was Covered in horse poop and I clipped her Leash to the bed of the truck you know And she um and I'm driving and I look Out the rearview mirror and she's out of The truck choking to death so I have to Pull over the truck and I have to pick Her up and I get you know horse crap all Over me it was like a nightmare and I'm Like this dog is a disaster right and

She's a sweet dog Lucy didn't like her You know other dog and I put her on Craigs Craigslist and people came and Got her someone else you know she became Somebody else's problem but she was a Dog that was going to have to remain on A leash which is not how that kind of Dog is sprad right you know somebody got The dog and she was on a little bit of a Run like the leash had a you know was One of those leashes that was on a Longer cable but you know dogs like that Are supposed to be roaming around the Pasture and you know the person had a Number of these great panies and they Just weren't you know it wasn't handling Them very well but there was a person That bought one of our Cows and there was a family and they had Um you know a big farm and like a lot of You know different animals they get all Kinds of animals like it was like almost Like a zoo there and they got some great Pyrenees dogs and one of their dogs who Was you know a puppy got out and killed The neighbors um birds and you know it Run like a mile and a half away from the House and the they ordered that the dog Be put down and this woman was really She I think that she just had a Miscarriage so she was already like Grieving and she was crying in front of The judge she told us a story that she Was crying in front of the judge begging

That they would give the dog away to Somebody else but the judge said no we Got to put her down you know this is a An area in Virginia that has a lot of Farms and things and it just had killed Some birds it didn't bit bite anybody or Anything like that right and so there's You know this is a real thing like People live in farming areas and they Have you know some dog comes into your Neighborhood uh comes into your farm and Kills your livestock it's a you know you Want that dog put down right we were Walking our our dogs on the beach or we Were with our dogs on the beach and I Throw the dogs um I throw uh tulsy a Golf ball and Buddy a Super Bowl and I Throw on tulsy the ball sometimes buddy Does isn't into it and she was going to Get it and a dog that was on the beach That was Chained and they had stake the Dog to the beach a big giant dog Broke Free of its stake and started running Towards Tulsi and Tulsi was you know usually our Dogs are so fast and Nimble that they Can out you know they just their other Dogs have tased them playfully and they Just outrun them um but the this dog had To kind of pinned between the ocean and Tulsy had nowhere to go and the dog was Just about to clamp down I mean the Dog's mouth was wide open it was inches Away from Tulsi and I yelled no like

Really loud like as loud as I could and The dog stopped and ran away and the and The people chased it right but if that Dog had killed Tulsi I would want that Dog you know put down and really it's The people that are you know they Shouldn't bring a dog like that to the Beach right like you don't bring a dog That's aggressive like that and you know Out of control and you know it comes Down to the people as well and so you Know it's a whole thing right like it's Not as simple as these two clowns were Making out to be okay so I had to make Lunch and I went out did a bunch of work Outside beautiful day today so you know The first day of a gathering and a good Sitting really nice day today feel Better physically I was working hard and You know that whole thing seemed to pass Me buy or whatever which is good you Know so I just want to wrap this up one Of my old roommates got an old rot Wilder the guy wanted to get into Security kind of lost it right he went Into you know whatever but he got this Rott Wilder And um it had been locked up in a Basement it was just a messed up dog and It was just it would walk around the Apartment it was totally dangerous and Smelled bad and you know it was just um You know kind of a scary dog it probably Weighed you know this big really big

Rott Wilder and it just hadn't been Trained and loved and had no sense of Any kind of thing he dated some girl who Was um a dog groomer in a dog trainer And she tried to work with it and and You know tried to bite her and she Figured out a hip dysplasia and had to Be put down and so there are things like That that happen any dog that gets Aggressive you know I've seen this Before then you have animals that Predatory animals that come after your Chickens and things like this and your Livestock and whether you like those Type of animals or not you know the Livestock is there in a sense under your Protection just like your farm is and so You have to deal with things like this But going back to this Nature Reserve if You go to any pasture raised animals you See people who have pastures and they're Keeping horses and you know there's Vegans who don't want you to to ride a Horse there's this woman I talked to Years and years ago you used to watch This YouTube channel she had a vegan she Had a farm for um animals like rescued Animals and she was a vegan and she had A lot of vegan support but she had Rescued horses that she would ride and All the vegans would turn on her you Know it's just like this whole thing but Um what I want to say about is when you Have pastures there's so much life in

The pastures like all these people claim To be animal lovers but if these people Who you know who are vegetarian or vegan The way that they do farming is they Destroy all the natural habitats for These various animals and you know they Get animals coming in you know that are Eating the vegetables but they they have Have to deal with those animals right Like how many um animals have to die for An acre of vegetables right they always Talk about how cows are you know um Creating so much CO2 but there's a lot More oxygen coming from the grass and The the pastures and it is some um you Know tilled Farm soil and so there's Death of animals and death of plants and All these things right like when you Live as an organic life form unless you Somehow evolve out of eating You can somehow you know sustain Yourself without eating but even then You're breathing in microbes and things From the air that die in your body or Whatever right and so you know life Takes life and you know sometimes Population reduction is necessary I mean I don't mean just in terms of the human Population but any species and so There's a you know death is a part of Life predators are necessary and animals Like vultures and possums who clean up The the carcasses I mean all these Things are necessary and the you know

The nutrition of the the dead carcass Goes into the soil and all these things And there's you know like this cycle of Life type of thing and so people who are Living in suburbs and scared of animals Scared of insects right you know vegan Because they don't want to hurt any Animals but they still I could tell you All the different ways of you dissected That person's life that animals are Harmed by their lifestyle without them Knowing it right right they're Supporting animal torture in one way or Another even though they're not eating Meat they're doing other things that Creates you know like I said when you Plow a field when you cut a field down With you know like a when I go bush hog Or field and I keep it on high I'll see All these animals scurrying I see rats And mice every time sometimes other Animals there's you know rabbits Sometimes nesting there you could expose A baby you know some baby rabbits or Whatever and then when you go tell the Soil there's all this stuff that runs Out of the soil frogs and you know some Things don't make it right and so you Know and that habitat is now gone you Know we got about four acres and so in Pastor out there and then you know in Our yard we have rabbits we have all Kinds of different mice and rodents Raccoons come through there and then all

The various you know reptile type things Probably five six seven different spe More than that probably about 15 or 20 Species of frogs and toads and you know Just these are things I've just seen Things that that we haven't seen there's So many moles and other things like that I mean it's teeming with life and then You get into all the insects and things Like that organic farms are at war with Insects just like all these other Farms Are right and you know there's a way to Do it like we have fruit trees and Things and we plant enough that animals Can eat some of it like we we saw this Guy guy had a you know we we've taken These we've watched these educational Video series and this guy's got a sort Of permaculture food for us type thing And he says you know he do devotes about 5 or 10% to his crop that animals can Come eat which is you know kind of a Good way to do it you're you're actually Attracting these animals that you want To interact with deer and these other Things of course you don't want them Eating the bark of the trees but you can Find ways around all that stuff right But if you're eating corporate sustained Food big farm big you know big factory Farm type food even if it's organic They're destroying a lot of habitat They're killing a lot of animals they're Killing a lot of insects and you know

You're supporting that right you know It's just like everybody wants to Demonize the other side but our Civilization has done a lot of damage to Nature and some cases supported nature There's species that are flourishing you Know deer really like you know suburbs I You see deer in the various places Outside the cities because they um they Like the underbrush they don't do as Well in Forest they like the the lowle Level sort of underbrush that grows you Know around yards and things like this But anyways you know people have Decimated the the ecosystem wherever People live especially in the cities and You're a city living person and then You're like oh I'm an animal lover well You're not really right I mean you're Supporting the destruction of animal Habitat anyways I want to wrap this one Up only spiritual value will save this World it's par mod definitely important For the Apocalypse in the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day and be Grateful

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