Hikki Naily backs trumps & Morning Joe loses it + Don Lemons & the View gals + Israeli Surprise

Hikki Naily backs trumps & Morning Joe loses it + Don Lemons & the View gals + Israeli Surprise

Okay greetings brothers and sisters I Got a little bit to get into in terms of Uh this thing with Nikki haly here uh uh What did I call her hickey Nelly with hickey NY and um her why Saying now say she voting for Trump and The Morning Joe people are so upset um And I got a few things to make fun of Don Lemon about and I want to talk a Little bit more about Israel Um and the end of the world you know Just Pleasant stuff but let's start here Because this just happened um I haven't Seen this look at this dude right Here you okay bro bro you all right you All right bro what's up Bro if he decides that he's going to run Would that preclude any sort of run that You would possibly make yourself I would Not run as president Trump r i don't put Up with bullies and when you kick back It hurts them more if you're weing in Heels so um she's hickey and NY you know Like these set lines that they do right Like they have people you know they have Their publicity team and they talk about This it hurts wor if you're wearing Heels she's standing up to bullies right And you know they're all nightmares They're all fake they're all frauds They're all Posers and they do what's ever best for Them politically they have decisions to Make they don't like to make decisions

They don't like to vote on something They don't like to do anything that They're going to be held accountable for Later right they would avoid voting on Anything you know as a senator as a you Know Governor whatever it is making any Kind of Decisions because you know it's going to One of them's going to bite him in the Ass later on right something they said Before they're going to have to reverse Themselves because that's what po Politicians do and her you know what She's got to um do now is vote for Trump Which of course she doesn't want to she Doesn't like Trump or whatever is going On there and she ran against him in a Very you know if she went after the guy I'm Nikki Haley and I'm running for President times change and so has Trump He's gotten more unstable and unhinged Biden has been a Catastrophe so I will be voting for Trump So first she [Laughter] Would is she wearing a wig what's up or Not run against him then she did three Months ago hold on hold on I'm I'm so Shocked I'm so shocked oh we want to Hear your list yeah it's a list likeing I'm checking it off so she just do your List you're interrupted or she's going To slap you around later with a

Dildo against him then she did three Months ago he was too unhinged to get a Driver's license and now Nikki yeah now Nikki Hy will vote for Donald Trump for President of the United States Willie this is one this is one of Those I'm shocked shocked mean she's Done this over and over again right yeah And and I was every politician does this Over and over again because of what I Just said they have to make a decision And they you know she need to vote for Somebody but That you should be embarrassed for Voting for Trump or for Biden at this Point you should be embarrassed to vote Like either one like you think you have To but you don't you think that it's Going to make a difference and it won't And there's no stopping what's going to Happen to America because these are your Candidates and they're horrible they're Both horrible they're both too old but Even you know they're just that is That's only like the I mean that's part Of it I mean they're too old in terms of Of who they are at their age they're Both you know entering into mental Incompetence not because you know there Couldn't be an 80-year-old out there That's sharper than them but you know It's not a job for somebody who's in the You know the Death part of there you Know they should be preparing for death

And they shouldn't be running for President because it's not you know Appropriate right it's a you know it's An you need energy and you know some Youthful energy you know in your 60s Maybe but you know 50s 60s you know you Know but not like once you get in your 70s you're not you don't have the energy For it it sucks the life out of you you See these politicians age dramatically When they're there but they're both Horrible people and they're both corrupt And they're just you know neither one of Them inspires any sort of confidence Right in terms of their ability to do The job so really there should be no Discussion about this everybody's got to Hold their nose and vote if they're Going to vote if you feel like you have To vote but it you don't have to because It doesn't make it difference will say That let's just say right off the top This happens in politics I mean you know Uh people say nasty things about other People when they're running against for President and then and then they then They come together I do think though Everybody has to make a choice and in 2024 you know Nikki Haley could have Made the choice that a lot of Conservative Republicans have made I'm Gonna be talking to Charlie syes about That in a little bit and that is you Know what

Stay conservative and don't go along With the authoritarian don't go along With the guy that wants to amass more Power in the White House and more power In Washington DC he had no power he had No power his first term he'd have even Less than second this idea that he's Going to be a tyrant is stupid like it's Just you know Gumby Joe he see that any President in American history look at Ma he's got to wake up and look at that Every Morning I he sucks he's a a dope but That's just like you know like she if She was cast in a like a movie she'd be Like you know the the step the Stepmother Queen who was it Snow White That gave her the poison apple mirr me Around the wall like she's she's got That kind of uh of course you know she's Not the fairest of them all she's not The second fairest of them all kind of Doish but she's got that evil like she'd Be cast as a witch or something right um So her choice is is support an Authoritarian and the guy who's promised He's going to be an authoritarian and I Could go down the list but he's Promising it every day vote for me Donald Trump says and I will be a Menace to American democracy and of Course Nikki Haley basically hinted at That and uh and and also called him a Bully said he was unstable said he was

Unhinged too unhinged to get a driver's License as M said and now it's like oh Biden he's a Disaster I love when they start talking About how Biden's a disaster and they Really can't name anything they go oh Student loans it's so horrible and they Compare student loans with people every Time he opens his mouth he's a disaster He's senile and he's a he's a dope Instead yeah I mean like he he was a Disaster before he ran you know CNN did A hit piece on him because they wanted Clinton I showed you the video a couple Videos ago where they named his groping His snoozin and his just you know Weirdness which still exist a Plagiarizer a li a career politician I Mean he's a he's a disaster and they're Both disasters like neither one of them Is a good leader neither one of them you Know self Trump is selfish and Narcissistic and he got worked on you Know the operation uh warp speed or Whatever was called and so like to Pretend your guy is not that like he's Seen now everyone knows he is like you Know you got your viewers but he's in He's getting killed on Israel and that's Going to determine you know like I said In my last video he's getting killed on Israel because he needs young people to Pull off even a fraudulent win they have To pretend there's lots of young people

And the young people aren't going to Support him this time neither are the Hyper liberals some of these celebrity Folks and so they might come out say Well I'm going to vote for Biden anyway But whatever you know I mean his Is at least better than Trump on Israel Trying to overthrow American democracy Understanding how don't not Understanding just how out of it and how Stupid they feel then they'll call Joe Biden a socialist or a Marxist or a Communist with the Dow over 40,000 with The economy stronger than it's ever been And again I'm not realizing just how Stupid they sound but you know everybody Uh everybody's CU they they come in and They're like the most Pro Biden I mean Everyone else acknowledges his age and They did for a little bit is you know His breaking down mentally tripping over Bags the guy can't you know guy's Tripping and you can't I Mean anyways so that's Morning Joe let Me just add this here um in the editing Process here Um you know it's so predictable like When she said she wasn't going to vote For Trump she was gonna have to vote for Trump you know Lindsey Graham and Trump Had a contentious Primary you know I showed you lindsy Graham and either this Channel or my

Other Channel uh destroying his cell phone Because Trump gave out his personal Number uh and they had you know uh Really contentious primary and there's No bigger supportive of trump than Lindsey Graham and so there's just Predictability in all of this right it's Predictable that dicki Haley reversed Herself and said she was going to vote For Trump it's predictable you know she Wants to have a a political future in The Republican party because she could Possibly run for president in four years I mean she can run for president in four Years and I don't know if Trump will be Able to you know he's he would have had Two terms then and so she came in second To Trump here and so in four years she Could be positioned to run for president And I don't know how old she is but even In 8 years and whatever else she wants To do do politically so to stay relevant She has to endorse Trump to be able to You know she can't win the nomination And not support the Republican Dominate And so this was going to happen and you Know as much as she claims that Trump Was a whatever he was that she um you Know she was going to do this she was Going to have to come back and Endor it Because she's fake imposing they're all Posers and The Morning Joe that ran her Sound bites of her criticizing Trump

Because that's all they do is talk about Trump in a derogatory way they were Going to come after her like it's just Typical we've seen this over and over Again there's nothing new here I mean Pretty much everything that happens Especially for people in the truth Community you like yeah of course that Was going to Happ pandemic yeah that's Going to happen oh World War II yeah you Know just they're just going in a you Know it's not just a pattern it's just Repetitive behaviors same eyes you know The the left media is going to say the Same things it's all scripted even if They're not given a script they just Know what to do and they do it they're All like trained monkeys like or Whatever it is so you know AI Bots right They just there's no originality there's Nothing new they all have the same takes The same you see even that in the truth Community where people will say the same Things over and over again right it just All becomes repetitive like it's just Totally predictable the one thing that's Kind kind of not predictable is what's Happening with Israel and you know not Just not with Israel in the Gaza Strip Because that was going to happen what's Happening with Israel and America right Because that's something new and like It's you know maybe there's a a Nefarious reason it's part of a

Controlled operation or maybe it's you Know just an inevitable break of the Relationship but that's something Different right and it means something And I'll get into that at the end of the Video let's go to Don Lemons Here okay so um Don Lemons continues to Be a joke I wanted to check you know in On him it was a while because he's such A dope and you know he's still a dope But now he's pushing his YouTube channel So he's abandoned he had this interview With whoopy Goldberg up whoopy Goldberg Whoopy Goldberg up a couple of days ago But he's realizing you can't make any Money and I don't know if he's making Money on YouTube but he's decided to go On just YouTube and then use his Twitter To drive traffic over to YouTube um like he didn't have a you Know a clear idea of what to do like he Asked for $5 million in equity $8 Million salary like just didn't have any Sense of you know how much money he Could make for Twitter and then he did a Horrible interviewed where Elon Musk Realized this guy's a complete dope um I Want to show you this one this I this Goes back to my other video I covered This on my I think my other Channel with Um the um the Margery tayor green thing Where they called her This what's the Password

Nipples nope bleach blonde bad buil Butch Body bleach blonde bad built Butch body BL badil Body badil body which they're you're Willing to the whole thing is they were Outraged CU she was being trailer you She she went all sort of white trash um Margie Taylor green and then the woman Came back with an insult from the Democratic side and they're celebrating Her in the Insult you know um so there's that and This one last time I saw Alice she Brought her beloved Sammy to see me at Work this is the woman who died most Likely of the Boop we texted often her last text to me Was to thank me for something I said to Her she complimented me on my wardrobe And I was touched when she gifted me a Pair of her dad's Cufflinks um in a tie holder we shared The love of dogs did you you both love Dogs we argued on TV but never in real Life she was always had a soft heart and Kind words every time we connected I'll Miss you along with many others who Lived you touch rest in peace but Remember when you said this Don Lemons I think we have to stop coddling People when it comes to this and the Vaccine saying oh you can't shame them You can't call them stupid you can't

Call them silly yes they are the people Who ate and eded Trump are stupid Because they believed his big lie the People who are not getting vaccines who Are believing the lies on the internet Instead of science it's time to start Shaming them what else or leave them Behind be because they are keeping the Majority of Americans Behind so this is Don lemon's YouTube Channel and YouTube has in Itself they have screwed everything up So bad I'm going to talk about that in a Separate video you know Standalone video Maybe I'll put it on my other channel um But he um You know YouTube is like you get 4 4,000 Views here 60,000 views there and 4,000 Views most of his 1,000 views right 35,000 views it's hard to amass lots of Views on YouTube anymore just by the way That their algorithms and their there Machine learning has screwed everything Up but it doesn't really have much of a Following so it's only based on like This is a big one with whoopy Goldberg And I don't know if they're you know They could be using bot views I don't Know how they're doing this right but he Doesn't really have a career here for a Guy who's you know wants to make $8 Million and used to be you know I mean He he had the CNN gets you know hundreds Of thousands of views just because it's

CNN it's all over the place it should Get many more but you need Millions Right and you know he gets I mean he's Got a team of people he's got to pay He's got you know people who are running This YouTube channel he might have 10 People working for him to make this show Right even if he has three or four then He's not making enough money to even pay Them and so um this is um you know let's Go look at this one too I got a few a Few of these things to look at Um so he's just a dope like he just Didn't figure this out like he was Asking for so much money Didn't realize he doesn't have an Audience right um and so these are this Is Don Lemon like just um sorry Mama Lemon this is uh Sunny hon let's look a Few of his just go through some of the Clips here so I think you're really Going to enjoy the show today because The internet and Technology are Influencing even shaping every aspect of Our Lives from politics to war to music To entertainment and culture and my next Two guests today that's why I think You're going to like this program They're experts in all of this so boom Look at these experts look at these two Experts talk to Taylor Loren a Washington Post columnist who covers Internet culture a Washington Post Columnist an expert and also Dr Jen

Goldbeck a professor at the University Of Maryland an AI expert she's an expert Jen Gold's an expert Dr Jen goldbook an Expert in AI publisher of the Maga Report Maga report thank you both so Much for joining the Maga report that Doesn't sound like she's anything to do With AI yes thanks thanks for having me Thank you listen we could not have done This a timing it's you know I hate What's going on in the country Especially as it relates to these Protests and the war of course in Gaza In Israel but it's a very it's very Timely to have you on I want to start With with what's happening on college Campuses all across America this massive Wave of unrest Dr gobec you've wrote Just this morning that uh in right-wing Discussions that you have been Monitoring many are arguing that Gaza Protest or an opportunity to split the Democratic electorate can you tell us More about that please it's a scam but It's the right-wing scam by Trump and His his you know his AI Bots yeah you know on one hand I think We're seeing this in in public Statements from a lot of communities Especially the Muslim Community is Saying they're having a hard time Feeling like they want to support Biden In the upcoming election given the Policy that's going on with Israel um

But interesting you know yeah Muslims And youth and the youth is enough to Take B Biden down not having Muslim Support which you know they don't want To support Republicans and so to win as A Democrat you got to turn out like a Lot of vote you know the Republicans Want to Tamp down the vote because Republicans have a you know a lower Amount of like total vote they can get They want to have less people vote and The Democrats want to have more and they Want to have people that don't usually Vote and that's young people like young People you know tend not to care and you Know whatever but because of this thing With Israel Biden has lost even though He's much better on Israel than than Trump Biden sucks on Israel but he's Better than Trump and Kennedy he's you Know he's caught between a rock and a Hard place right you know if we look at The far right we look back to 2016 and Kitica the Russian influence operations You know they were posting a lot in like Black lives matter community and it's Not that they were going to get those People to vote for Trump they just Wanted to get them not to go vote for Clinton and to kind of push on these Divisive issues within remember that Remember that time that fake news when Clinton should have won and she didn't Left and now what I see looking at these

Far-right forums that I monitor is that They're going like hey the Democrats are Mad at each other and if we can push on This it may bring down the Democratic Vote or get them to go for a third party Candidate and that's the way that we can Get Trump reelected so that's that third Party candidate is the worst on Israel Of all the people Kennedy is by far the Worst that's the goal then so you don't None of this I don't know if none of it So you think that this is organic or It's being stirred up by a certain group Taylor go ahead Taylor what do you got To say I know looks like you want to Jump in it is of course organic and if The Democratic Leadership is so wildly Out of line with young people and issues That they care about they are because They're they're traditional they're out Of line with young people because they Voted with they they picked the the sort Of most conservative Democrat they had Which was which was Biden Republicans Liked Biden they liked him a lot more Than they liked Hillary Biden is you Know a Centrist at at best he wasn't a Liberal and so the first big issue where Liberals were going to be pissed off you Know the Liberals were pissed off you Know that that they rigged the election Against Bernie Sanders this was going to Come back to bite him and now that Israel is just thumbing their nose at

American Authority and Joe Biden and Saying we don't care what you guys want Or we don't care about the Democratic Party we don't care about any of these Things we're going to just can you know Do our thing we're going because they Have to they got to go for it you know So um everything's great about this Today that's not yes of course Republicans are going to seize on that But that is not driven these protests Are not driven by Republican trolls in Fact evening just last night at the UCLA Encampment you know you constantly see These right-wing content creators and Influencers trying to show up to these Protests and Co-op these movements and They have been wildly unsuccessful in Doing those in person at least I I you Know of course they're going to do it Online but I don't want I just don't Want to look at look at Them so that these three dopes now we Have sunny hoiston from The View 150 Pounds she did you lost what like 30 I Lost about 35 pounds what are y'all Doing over there at the view what are You doing at the view former prosecutor I see things in a courtroom other people Can't see that's why I'm asking you this Right Donald Trump was just got all the These are the previews knew and I came Back a much larger person my wardrobe Didn't fit and um you know I'm over 50

And I was doing all the things Intermittent fasting and I got that from You eat after 12 you got that from him So you were following Don Lemons on Weight loss and your for your health I Lost the intermittent fasting I I did The intermittent fasting it worked a Little bit and then I heard about the Shot and I was just like you know I I'm Like Perry menopausal I'm over 50 I've Had two children I am not going to lose 40 lbs like I I could work out as much As I wanted and within 6 months it was Gone and and and I think for me what's No way she took the shot so great is Like I'm not a big eater like I eat to Live I don't live they they're big into Taking the shot in more ways than one And now they're losing weight but They're going to lose a lot more because Those things have side effects but then There was this guy in Israel as well What about October 7th Israel has a Right to defend itself it maybe it was Valid in the first 2 3 days oh what's The proportionate response but like 40,000 people so what what is your Number in that is 50,000 enough Everything that Israel has been accusing The Palestinians of doing they have been Doing in themselves and nobody seems to Give a boom this guy's throwing F Bombs commitment to the safety of the Jewish people the security of Israel

This is the music this is Don lemon's Interview trying to get you to watch his Crap and it's right to exist as an Independent Jewish state is Ironclad Even when we disagree it's like are we Talking about what is the right thing to Do or what is the the thing That you should do to be reelected Because these are two different Questions you guys are talking about Hamas and Hamas has been boltered and Being financed under the eyes and nose Of n so I don't even know what kind of Conversation we're having I don't I Don't know if listen listen Bas couldn't The people say the same thing about you And about those who support Palestine boom couldn't they say the Same thing it's a genocide right because Now what is it up he said 40,000 people It's up to 40,000 people um and so you Know like Don lemon's trying to be in The middle of these things but it's 40,000 people versus whatever amount of They were claiming in the beginning and They've been doing this they've been Encroaching on Gaza land the Palestinians haven't been adding Israel To their land they've been losing their Land to Israel Right look at him go look at him Go yeah there you go hello everyone Welcome to the Don Lemon show I have so He doesn't realize he's operating at a

You know at a loss right he can't make This thing profitable he thinks he's Going to get he's going to get more and More viewers he's going to get less and Less right he's got to pay people for All the things that are happening he's Not doing the technical things here and So he's not you know I mean I don't know How much he's involved with reaching out And getting guests and things like this But he's got a team of people that put This thing together he's got to pay them And you know they're not probably cheap And he's got to you know he's got to Come up with enough money to to make This profitable you know YouTube ads Don't don't work anymore it's not they Don't pay you enough I don't know if He's I've got a you know whatever YouTube premium which I'm going to get Rid of soon and get rid of all that Stuff um like YouTube is becoming less And less you know whatever um but like The ads don't pay him enough and it's Just not worth it to do ads unless you Get so many millions of views and so he Either have to get merch he has to get Advertisers he's got to get he's got to Plug advertisers which is always hard When you're pretending to be a news you Know Journalist and so now he's just Basically doing these shows as a at a Loss right like where he's got to making

No money and pay more money to salary People and things like this this is the Whoopy Goldberg show and all the movies That you've been in you had such success Do you think and the Losses did that did that helped to Contribute to the drug use what was oh Honey those are those are hundreds of Miles apart really yeah hundreds of Miles apart that's like 25 30 years ago And I included it in there just to talk About where I was headed what the stuff That happened to you as a kid like your Mom had none of that stuff no I I got High cuz I wanted to because I wanted to I was interested in all those things I'm glad you said that cuz people will Say you know I had this trauma I had That trauma maybe it's real but you just Say I got hobby because I wanted to I Well that was that that's but you had You asked that other question D was me That has always been the case and that Will probably always be the case if I Can figure out how to get high again cuz My lungs don't let me smoke you can't Smoke you no and you won't how Long did you have you said you had an Issue specifically and you right about It so I'm not asking her something Anything that she has years you did I Had a I had issues 30 years ago because At 35 now but for so Fascinating why'd you get high Whoopi

Because I wanted To he you heard it first here on Don Lemons Whoopi wanted to get high and she Can't anymore cuz her lungs are effed And you know they've lost weight because Of the boooop so this is how she lost Weight lost a a uh a poop load of weight A human being Two or one and a two one and a half Human beings yeah I had issues with my Lower Back couple years ago and it got worse It progressively worse and then they Gave me all these uh they they did an Operation they they fixed it but it just Wasn't doing what I needed it to do so They started giving me steroids and over The course sounds like you were out of You know a great health care plan so Almost 2 years I was probably weighed 300 close 300 lb and I did till yeah Three bills oh my God yeah oh my gosh That's so big you were so fat whoopy oh My gosh whoopy that's so fat whoopy and Then you said you've lost it and you're Not ashamed of the way no Mararo it never would have happened Without that really yeah yeah people Shouldn't be she took the shot shaming People who do mararo or OIC or any Weight loss list people do what shaming There's side effects right so you guys Are all taking theop in the first place And your health is going to be screwed

It just it is if depending on what bats You got whatever but now you're taking These other things there's side effects And so they're like you can't lose Weight without it that's what Sunny H Twiston was saying would be saying the Same thing you can't lose all this Weight without these things and that's What people you know people will put Their physical health at risk Especially you know younger people you Know younger Dopey people and people in General they don't think about the side Effects Right what they need to do right so I Have to you know stay out of people's Business let them do what they need to Do for what they need I asked my doctor About it and you need to say you ask Your doctor about you need to say what The side effects are like you're pushing Out everyone wants to lose weight as Joy Bear said as you get older people are Majority Americans are overweight and Want to lose weight and so when you Float the idea that they can lose weight With just a shot and they don't really Have to change their diet or exercise That appeals to lots of people so you Got to give them well why is that a bad Idea and my doctor said it's not a a new Drug it's an old drug yeah that we found Out has you know side effects positive Side effects for things that right

That's that's how they it out Viagra was Meant for something else right clearly And that that's worked out great [Laughter] Too so here are some of the serious side Effects sudden pancreatitis inflammation Of the pancreas serious digestive Problems such as severe diarrhea nausea Or vomiting low hypoglycemia blow blood Sugar shortterm or sudden gallbladder Disease so this is attacking your Digestive system risk of thyroid cancer Severe allergic reaction these things Are are are completely screwing over People's digestive systems right like These OIC it's like permanent damage and So you know you're losing the weight but Then your digestion isn't working your Digestion is pretty important this is a Drug that treats um type 2 diabetes you Know I I was doing a Um I I take a beavering and again I Don't recommend things Um but Bine is has this same kind of Effect of regulating glucose in a Natural way um you know you can look That up you know again I'm not I don't Recommend things cuz I don't know what You you know I'm not a medical person I Pass on information things work for me But each person has to you know the World we live in you have to read the Ingredients and figure things out for Yourself right I'm no expert on any of

This stuff and I don't really even want To know that that much about it it's Just that given the world we live in we Have to we have to figure out we just Can't you know I mean at least for me I Just can't listen to the authority and Trust them because I don't the trust has Been broken and I don't trust their Worldview and their medicines and you Know I believe it's all you know and it Doesn't work for me so I have to find Something else you know you know so I Started taking this Bieber um I lost a bunch of weight like You know 12 pounds when I started taking It but more importantly you know I I Think I was pre-diabetic I was Pre-diabetic um when I was right after Having Covid and the second time it got worse And I couldn't process you know I don't Eat a lot of sugary things I don't eat a Lot of desserts almost never but even Drinking like some kind of fruit juice Or anything like that I couldn't process It right it affected my eyesight I was You know pretty close to being diabetic And you know I got better and and and Beine helped regulate the glucose in a Natural way um my wife is taking as well You know we haven't had any issues I Don't know how many side effects there Is I don't know what it is but it's a a Supplement right but this works by

Mimicking the hormones of this these Things you know peptide has issues with Helping you digest your food like you Have your your gut is made up of you Know stomach acid and these other things To help process your food foods and These things mess around with it and you Know it's messing around with your Gallbladder and your pancreas and your Thyroid as side effects right and so you Might lose the weight but then you have These other side effects to these other Things and then what happens when you Can't take it anymore um so they're Trying to lower blood sugar by using Some you know chemical compound here but It's blocking Things and there are real side effects To it right so it's a diabetes drug okay So I just want to add one thing to this And that is Um I looked it up my wife was saying to Me that Um it says here weight loss occurs that The you have to take these things like For the rest of your life or whatever it Is right but it says weight loss occurs Within a few weeks of Tak in Muro more Significant weight loss comes as the Doses increases dosage increases in the Patient makes Lifestyle Changes such as Regular exercise and eating healthy diet One study show a patient lost the most Weight after 72

Weeks and so that's over a year they're Taking multiple shots and the same thing With OIC and then they're going to gain The weight back and go back on it right And you know we the model that they have The for-profit medical model is you take Medicines that you know often times Inhibit something or block a natural Function in your body and that process Causes side effects because it's you Know like I said allopathic medicine is A sledgehammer right and so you take These Sledgehammer Medications and they have side effects Because they're not subtle they're not Preventative right it's is things you Take after you have a problem you know We are just you know an ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of of cure Right because Prevention is much easier than curing Something and so I'm into preventative Medicine and preventative lifestyle but People engage in toxic behaviors or Toxic you know whatever it might be and Then they have these medications and These allopathic you know Mainstream um whether it's mainstream Diet mainstream medicine mainstream you Know Pharmaceuticals whatever it might Be and then they start having side Effects mainstream lifestyle right Stress and things And then instead of figuring out how to

Live more Naturally they take things to fix the Symptoms which causes more symptoms Right and so you're a lifelong patient And the women at the view are big on This you know they are big at pushing The BL and now they're big on pushing These weight loss drugs which inevitably Are going to cause issues that you're Going to go get more Pharmaceuticals to Fix those other you know chronic Illnesses and then you're just you know You're custo customer for that you're Living to just uh support their you know Their their uh economic model of For-profit medicine you know we've seen This over and over again anyways let's Get into this other stuff here so one of My viewers sent me a video it was not a Well-made video but it um you know it Talked about this song California and it says this is from I'm Not sure when this was but 1999 and you know I don't like the Red Hot Chili Peppers you know it's just What ever but psychic spies from China Try to steal your mind's Elation now I mean this could be a Reference to Tik Tock and other things Of course with China again this is 1999 and little girls from Sweden dream Of Silver Screen Quotation now why would they be talking About little girls from Sweden and I'm

Not sure what um you know that [Music] You going make you C going to say Goodbye Tell how dare [Applause] You you just got G Red I don't know where grea from is from Uh the edge of the world and all Western Civilization the sun may rise in the East at least it's settled in a final Location um this could be referenced to The pole shifts that are taking place um And then there might be a some kind of a Uh like a a pivot on the the Earth's Access like one of the things that They've uh they've wanted to do as Possibility is use nuclear weapons to Change the tilt of the earth which would Change you know how all the the way the Sun hit at the Earth and then the way You know you might live in a place That's hot and instead it'll be you know Um it'll be like the North Pole right so Let me expand on that so one of the Reasons the Flat Earth models don't work Is because the Earth is in terms of its Rotation It's spinning on an angle its access Isn't straight up and down in terms of Its relationship to the sun right and so The north is tilted Away by 23° and you know that works in terms of The round earth model in terms of the

Seasons in terms of all of it as it Rotates around the sun it's also Spinning around but its access isn't Straight up and down vertically it's Tilted which brings in all these other Factors in terms of the seasons and some Of these other things in terms of the Amount of light that we get right Throughout the year if it was straight Up and down it would be the same all Year round and so that could change Because it at some point was spinning Around the uh the sun with an access you Know there's a rotation around the Sun And then there's a rotation where the Earth spends 24 hours a day right and so It takes 20 4 hours to spin around a Full rotation and that you know makes Sense because the the sun is disappears At night right but also there's the you Know the seasons in terms of you get More and more sun As you move closer and Closer to the the summer Solstice and then the the winter Solstice you lose more and more sunlight Right and this is like it's like a Minute and a half a day you know I Studied this when I was sungazing years Years ago and so there's all those Factors right but if the Earth was once Straight up and down in terms it's Relationship with the sun then something Knocked it off its axis and it could be Happen again and that would change

Everything right it would change Everything in terms of where you're Going to get your sunlight like how how Much sunlight you get your position in Terms of you know in terms of the the Angle of the earth and like it's Everything would change right con Contin That are hot will be cold and continents That are cold will be hot I mean all These things could happen imagine if it Was spinning and it was the access was Horizontal instead of vertical and what That would do right so you'd have one Side of the earth that would get all the Sun the other part would be like the Moon it wouldn't get any sun right and So um you know like this is you know Partially referenced in this song Here Pay Your surgeon very well to break The spell of Aging Celebrity Skin is is This your chin or is this the war you're Waging the firstborn unicorn hardcore Soft porn dream of California marry me my girl be my fairy In the World be my own constellation a teenage Bride with a baby inside getting high on Information and some pedo stuff and buy Me a star on of art is California space may be the final Frontier but it's made in a Hollywood Basement so again this is before people Are talking about the moonlanding being Fake and all these other things of

Course the you know the Van Allen Radiation belt Born and Raised by those Who praise control of population Destruction leads to a very rough road But it but it also breeds creation and Earthquakes are to a girl's guitar They're just another Good Vibration and Tidal waves couldn't be couldn't save The world from California cation and so Um you know just the whole thing There so this Is so this is in reference this is MDC News the parent company of MSNBC right Um which is where Moran Joe is buying a Home is getting more difficult and it Isn't just because of the Price um it's because There's overwhelming inflation and They're doing everything they can to Push back against Rising real estate Prices because real estate is a true Indicator of inflation and so the Inflation is not just because of Biden But because of trump and because of the The nature of the economy but it you Know since the beginning of covid it's Probably doubled or tripled meaning the Dollar is only uh worth You know is is worth less than 200% of What it originally was right so Everything costs two or three times more At the very least I mean that would be Conservative es estimates of the true Nature of inflation and so they have to

Push back against that because if you're Paying twice as much or three times as Much for the same things Commodities you Know real stuff then you know there'd be Overwhelming panic and economic Collapse um and that's you you know it's It's because of all the the bailouts and The Looting of the economy viral kids Creator Miss Rachel says she's Experiencing bullying after fundraising For children in Gaza Miss Rachel and Then um Israeli War Cabinet member says He'll resign unless there's a new war Plan by June 8th Norway and Ireland and Spain formerly recognize a Palestinian State the US said opposed to unilateral Recognition while close Ally Israel Immediately recalled its ambassador to Oslo Dublin and Madrid and protest so That's what's up right the these other Countries are bailing on Israel but this Has always been the problem for Israel Which I've said before I didn't know This coming into this um this is Something was kind of a new revelation But the greater this is greater Israel So the Israel that's referred to as the Promised land in the Bible is part of Saudi Arabia it's part of Egypt it's Part of Syria it's all of Lebanon it's Part of Iraq and then you know this part Of the Persian Gulf which is right here On Iran right Iran is not at all Connected to Israel there's there's

Various countries between Iran and Israel but they would be on sharing the Same ocean as Iran right and all these Other countries a little bit of Turkey Right all these countries aren't going To give up real estate so Israel can get Their Promised Land back and so if they Truly believe that God promised them This land they got to go and get this And they got to go get it now this is The time to get it before America Collapses you know and um well let me Just get into it here in a voice over Okay so first of all I talked about this Before but think about this you know I'm Gonna say I think differently now I'm Not sure I can't remember everything but If you know we're talking about Divine Destiny Divine Providence and so if you believe God Promised you something not only that God Promised you something that you know it Is something that is going to happen in The Future and you have to make it happen Like in this case because those Countries aren't just going to give Israel back to the the Jewish people Right so if you actually believe that Not just as Jews but Christians because It's in the Jewish Bible and it's in the It's in the you know Christian Bible That God promised Israel to the Jews so You're going to make a liar out of God

Based in your belief system now I know It's all Bs because God doesn't promise Anything certainly in terms of land god Only promises himself right there and It's not really a promise it's a you Know guarantee that God's always there For you there's always a Divine choice God's always there for you when you want To choose God but you don't God doesn't Choose You you choose God on a moment to Moment basis so this whole thing is just A joke but they believe in it like it's Just a madeup construct but they believe In it right in the modern day Civilization and the way the borders are Drawn and we have a global civilization Not just some local type of situation Where you know they can just go in as Tribes and take over some land They have to now redraw borders and all The rest of this but the only reason to Give Israel to the Jews is the Bible Because there wasn't you know there's Just not enough of them compared to the Muslims there's over a billion Muslims And only 16 million Jews right and so You know you have to believe in that Prophecy you have to believe in that Part of the Bible to justify any of this Right that this is their land God gave Them this Otherwise you know America is backing Israel for political reasons for Strategic reasons because of the

Influence of uh the Israeli Lobby right Jewish Lobby and the you know the you Know whatever influence the Jews have in The the world of media and you know Entertainment things like this but in Terms of what's fair or not and based in Just Flatout numbers if America doesn't Back Israel for all these years Israel Would have been gone right if the UN and England and Europe and mostly America Didn't back Israel in terms of its Creation you know modern day Israel Where it was a you know was a a a Country a vague country called Palestine That really wasn't you know much of a Country and it was basically owned it Was a British colony and they decided to Split it up and turn it into some Israel And some Palestine and Israel got all The good parts the the Waterfront Parts The part with with water you know the You know the the ocean front all these Things and you know the the Palestinians Got one piece of good land called Gaza Strip and there was more Palestinian People many more Palestinian people Arab People living in there than there was Jews but I've still I've talked about This beef all the way going back to the The two sons of Abraham right ishmail And Isaac and there's been beef between The so-called Jews and you know the Muslims the Arabs for you know 5,000 Years or whatever it is right for four

You know 3 4,000 years and so you know The Muslim people would wipe out the Jews if there wasn't Western Intervention from America and the UN and These other countries and the you know Israel complains about the UN but the UN Has you know gave the land to them and They gave away somebody else's land Right there were Palestinian people that Had to leave their there their part of The country there's more people living There from Palestine than Jews and they Had to leave their nice houses you know Imagine if you lived on the border of Mexico and the UN gave Mexico part of America and you had Mexican people Moving into your you know luxury houses And you had to go live in some you know Trailer park somewhere or you know Tenement housing or something right then That's what happened to all these people And so the only difference is is in Terms of what's going on on now or what Could go on is America's support of Israel America being the number one Economy and the biggest military in the World and so that's what kept Israel Float otherwise the Arab countries the Muslim countries would overwhelm Israel And it would disappear right and so them Going for it is inevitable if they Really believe in this prophecy and they Want to survive in this area they have To expand their their land mass and gain

More resources and if they know America Is going to collapse well then of course This is what they're going to do right And that's why they're saying F you to Biden and they'll get whatever they get You know they'll get whatever they want From uh you know they get a blank check From Trump or or Kennedy and so they Have every reason to torpedo Biden and Disrespect him and you know Biden has to Walk the line of supporting Israel but Also appealing to the youthful vote and You know nobody saw this coming Like it makes sense that they have to go For it given the opportunity because This is it you know America won't be in A position of strength for very long it Won't be the strongest country in the World and China and Russia don't have Great relationships with Israel and they Don't believe in the Bible they don't Have Evangelical people there who are Pushing for support of Israel right Which is what the right-wing Evangelicals are doing and so they don't Care about Israel they they'll get oil From whoever right and so if the Arabs Just wipe Israel out and reclaim it They'll be you know I mean they'll be in Support of that and so Israel has to Make itself into like a superpower and Has to show everybody that they own America I mean this is you know my only Interpretation what's going on at least

One you know view of it and you know Just disrespecting a president who's Saying you know stop doing this stuff Right and you know just and they're like Shut up and just give us the weapons and Money you owe us you know bro you know And so I mean that's what's up and the Youthful you know this youthful Generation they're not getting over this Right they'll just there's this there's Things that are unfair you know I talk About what makes you come into the truth Community there's often one issue that Wakes people up you know for some people Was the big event 2001 some people was You know the shootings some people was The economy some people was the pizza Stuff you know some people was you know Like the Trump stuff whatever but things That wake you up they just bother you And you just want them to be resolved Right it's just always a little bit of a Wound and young people who get inspired To you know get involved in World Politics or whatever they're doing these Protests they're always going to have a Negative attitude towards Israel and the Way that would the gazin were treated And the way they were treated and it's You know cemented that the youthful Generation is going to be Anti-israel as they get into power power And they become you know that this is What happened with the hippie movement

They're not forgetting this right and With all the control that Israel has had And influence over American politics and American Media American Media it seems Strange like you know it's I mean only My only thought is that they don't care About America in the future that by the Time these kids are you know older and Have more power America will be Disempowered itself and won't even you Know it won't even matter what America Thinks right because they know America Days are numbered and so they're going Off on their own and just doing their Own thing and again like they have to go For it now and so all of that plays bad For Biden because he needs Arab votes he Needs Muslim votes he needs youthful Votes to even make it look like you know He has a chance to win you know Trump is Capped off at about 49% like he can't get more than 48 or 49% of the vote but but if they depress The vote and they don't get as much vote Turnout then that 48% becomes 52% because there's less people voting Right like Trump has just a certain Number of people that are willing to Vote for him and he's pretty much Maximized his vote right like he'll get You know he'll get pretty much everyone To vote for him some people are pissed About things he did but not as much as Biden is and so they're not going to get

The numbers I mean at least there's you Know more people or whatever it is uh But in terms of the the swing states That are you know decided by 1% of the Population and that could be Muslims That could be you know any of these you You know college kids or whatever and There's various groups of people that Make up about 1% of the vote that aren't Going to vote for Biden because of this Thing with Israel and so you know They're screwed and like there's no way For Biden and the people that handle him To get out of it right because you know He can't say what Trump is saying Because because he's trying to get these People to vote for him the youthful People it's kind of interesting the way It's played out it's been been sort of a Surprise you know it's been something That you wouldn't think would happen America and Israel sort of turning on Each other right or Israel just ignoring An American president and just going for It and now you know not just American President but countries significant Countries you know Ireland these other Countries that are now you know Norway These countries are saying we're not Supporting you we're recognizing Palestine as a state That's a big thing right and so um you Know like I said it's interesting only Spirituality will save this world it's

Part of how death reporting from the Apocalypse in the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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