Hawaii Disbelief + Trump MSN fail + RFK jr2

Hawaii Disbelief + Trump MSN  fail + RFK jr2

Greetings brothers and sisters um You know I probably not going to hear This from anybody else it's just a brief Introduction Um of what's Happening Here most of you Are you know Left Right Paradigm people Who don't Most of my viewers I think here are People who don't Really buy into the system but I get Occasional Right-wing people Um you know not occasional regular but Just small Amounts of comments and then once in a While a liberal will find their way to Buy videos A Democrat right and I dealt with this In a recent video where you know people Call me black pill because I say the system Needs to be destroyed Not By Us by God Right like it's already You know there's Um you know a corrective measure already In place A Divine corrective measure that takes Demonic systems and And takes all systems because there's a Death process to everything everything Has its life every system every Uh you know being every Everything Has Its you know evolutionary process and You have uh you know it's a finite time

As a human being as a system as a world Is everything Everything is in this constant state of Changing and death and destruction and Creation and the cycle of Destruction Creation are always are always present But what's happened here in the Political process And I've talked about this with the Democrats but I haven't really said as Much about the Republicans but it's There You know when you have a binary system a Right and a left a a Democrat and Republican or whatever You're going to have a situation where The animosity and hatred grows so much And the disdain for the other group Grows so much like a really bad divorce Where both people claim that the other Person's evil Both parties claim that the other party Is evil You know what the Democratic party said Was that Trump is such a horrible person And president and everyone who voted for Him The mag of Republicans is Biden calls Them are horrible people and shouldn't Have the right to vote And even if he wins they can't let him Win like he can't win he can't win a Second term That is evil taking over like some kind

Of Middle Earth Mordor this is like the Dark lord Sauron winning and whatever You do to make sure that doesn't happen Whether you cheat you lie you rig the Assist the system you you have a you Know psychological operation covid Whatever you got to roll out to make Sure that doesn't happen Then um you do that right It just you know that was the position Democrats took that Trump can't win but The Republicans the same way when Trump When uh Biden won They were saying not my president Because he's evil and the Democrats are Evil And so there's this you know and Trump Fed into that from the very beginning He said everyone who was against him was Evil you know Trump is like that anyway Anybody who doesn't like him has got to Be evil because he's so narcissistic and So both sides have taken this position That the other side is evil That you know the other side no matter What you know whether they win fair and Square whatever they cheat whatever that Happens That they are doing evil and will do Evil and whatever you have to do on your Side to disempower them and not let them Create uh you know whatever evil evil Empire is okay so that's what's you know Most Democrats and Republicans think

That if you cheat you lie you you know You whatever you have to do There's no limits to the evil that you Can the you know the negative evil like Uh Behaviors you can do to stop the evil That is the other party And so both are embracing evil right and There's this element in the truth Community You know talking about how evil the Democrats are how evil the controllers Are or how evil everyone else is N't going to change the system It's just going to make it more evil You're focusing on evil you met it you Get whatever you meditate on it's one of The teachings of the seismic system Meditation is receiving You know Babaji the second master the System said praying is begging and Meditation is receiving praying is Begging a God you know most people pray In a way like not everybody But most people praying away begging God To Change something On a material Level To make something happen on a material Level Through prayer something desirable Okay so you're begging God oh please Make this thing happen please stop you Know my husband from dying from cancer

Please you know bring my kids back Whatever it is right You're you're begging God to change Something on a material Level There's other people who just pray for Spiritual like the the strength to Endure you know those people at a Different level but meditation is Receiving you meditate on something and You're calling it to you And if you spend all your days Meditating on how evil the Democrats are You'll just get more and more of that Or meditating on how evil Trump is like The you know the left-wing media that's All you're going to get right now I've Made it clear that I believe the system Is evil in its nature demonic and you Know it isn't based in Divine principles So Uh it needs to go for us to be better And it's having a negative effect on us But in that you know we still have to do Our Duty right we have to you know I People say I'm black build but the That's not accurate at all because What I'm saying is this is the problem The problem that the system is you know This evil system the Demonic system And once it is destroyed and you know We're all be screwed materially for a Bit but it opens the door for change it Opens the door for evolution And for us to you know rise up to

Another level of human consciousness and Human expression And so that's different than being black Belt I explained this in a video But up until that point When it's destroyed We still have to participate in the System And do our best to be better you know if You're saying all the time well the Dems Are evil and that's all I want to talk About or think about Then you know not only are you part of The problem but you're not seeing The real issue right let's say you're in A marriage and your ex is evil And you're getting it or your soon to be Ex is evil and you're getting a divorce And if your partner is really evil and a Bad person That means you're gonna have to be twice As good for the sake of your kids right You can't just dwell on how evil the Other person is and say well at least I'm better than them the kids need you Know you to be like now both parents and You have to be even better and if the You know opposition party is as evil as You think it is then you you need to Focus on you then you need to become a Saint right If the Democrats are demons and the Republicans should become Saints and Stop focusing on them and be better you

Know we're focused on you becoming a Better person doing Higher level work I mean that's what Needs to be done If you really want to save the system Then you're going to have to be twice as Good You're gonna have to elevate yourself to A higher level to compensate for the Evil that's coming from the other side There's a movie I think it was like Finding a friend um at the end of the World it was Steve Carell And um You know that English girl I don't Remember her name but you know it is Don't care don't tell me don't need to Know and like a meteor was going to hit And I've seen a few movies like this Where The end of the Earth was inevitable There's a movie from Australia I saw I Don't know the name of it Where every you know the rest of the World had been destroyed and you know They had a day left or whatever half a Day between Their destruction and like what are you Going to do during that time You know but if you know that the World's going to be destroyed and these People were behaving and you know they Were partying and are committing suicide Or you know whatever it is and the

Society broke down But what you should really do I mean in Terms of being a Godly person Is you fulfill your responsibilities you Keep on doing your job Because you know Society should just Keep on going You know death is waiting for all of us We're all going to die we all know we Know they're going to die that doesn't Mean you stop you know living right you You know you work your you work and do What you're supposed to do until you die Right And if the system is going to collapse Yeah okay you know I believe Wholeheartedly it will but until that Time we you know we go forward and of Course we can prepare spend some of our Time and energy preparing and developing Skills and having a backup plan you know That's great and connecting a guy is Something we should always do Which will help with that connecting to God internally But you you know keep on doing what You're doing in the system right you Don't get to just You know call in sick for the rest of Your life because the Democrats are Going to destroy the world or the Trump Is going to destroy the world or Whatever You know but the important thing to take

Away from this is the Democrats say that The Republicans suck and the Republicans Say the Democrats suck and I can say you Both suck right Um from you know where we're sitting all Of us who can just see it you guys both Suck And you can say well the other side Sucks worse whatever what difference Does that make right I mean the system is Collapsing right it's you know It's imploding and Dwelling on how bad the people suck or Blaming their Democrats or blaming the Republicans or the Deep state or the Conspiracy theorists or whatever people Want to do Doesn't help at all right I mean it's just you know it's the Weakest and most pathetic way to deal With what's going on It's just a lack of personal Accountability like okay but what are You gonna do like everyone else sucks But what are you gonna do right I can Agree with you people suck So what are you going to do to you know Elevate yourself what are you going to Do to to get yourself out of that Collective suckiness So step above the the common suckiness Of the average person And the binary system and like that's

You know something for everyone to think About You know the truth Community has become Almost just like gossip like oh do you See what they did in Hawaii do you see What those guys you see what they did in Hawaii you know like you know it's just Oh you know what they're doing you see What they're doing with the election You'll just all this stuff right oh my God they're sensory us you know just Constantly dwelling on the evils of Others people And you're as much you know you're You're thinking more about their evil And they're thinking about their evil Themselves you're forming a deeper Impression of their evil than they are Of their you know they're the ones who Are committing the evil Acts And so like what are you gonna do like What are you gonna do to separate Yourself for Distance yourself from the depraved Masses from the depraved Humanity It's just not enough to sit on the Internet and you know complain about it And you know dwell on this stuff because You know it's probably even worse you're Probably I just added more Energy and power to this you know Demonic Acts Anyways that's the you know introduction Let me uh move on to the other stuff

Here Okay Um I'm gonna cover the Maui stuff first And then I could get a little bit into The Trump indictment just the media's Coverage because it's so funny Rachel maddowell said something that's So hilarious and so absolutely you know No ability to self-perceive And then I want to do a little bit on Kennedy and then um I don't know if there's anything else But here's the Simpsons predicting Maui You know like of course they always do So they have a direct energy weapon of Course this isn't Maui at Springfield But um They start setting fire to all the Buildings [Music] So um there Springfield looks a lot like Maui The area that burned down there I mean so you know there's a a lot of This you see in How many times have the Simpsons Predicted something Um we'll come back to this Catholic Church miraculously standing After fires reduce Lahaina to ashes God Doesn't abandon his people Is what somebody said Liam just reported the city of Lahaina

Was just about reduced to Rubble among The rule Ruria Catholic Church managed to withstand the Flames okay so Lahaina and then they Bring this priests in here yeah the Church is still standing for us it's a Real Miracle Um it's a miracle A miracle God protected the church from To direct energy weapons You know there's a mirror Factory there In front of the church and everything Else got eviscerated it's a miracle uh You know this is just for us a wonderful Sign that God doesn't abandon his people So we're very grateful he abandoned the Rest of the people who died sure But not the Catholics in their Church God doesn't abandon Catholics but Everyone else he you know he fried those Other people You know those heathens those other Islanders those heathens that don't Believe in the Catholic Church you know I had a wonderful experience with the Catholic Church My mom used to have prayer meetings with Nuns I didn't have any creepy priests You know I had a good upbringing I value My um My early life as a Catholic in terms of You know giving me enough religious Training that I could eventually

Transcend my religion and do The you know gratefulness meditation Augmentation I'm doing now So I have no problems with the Catholic Church personally but you know we all Know people who have like I know many of Them people in Ireland women who are Abused by priests you know as girls you Know these things Um so you know To categorize it that somehow your your Church was saved by God but all these Other people fried right Um you know did you paint it Blue by Maui residents who disobeyed barricade Survived fires Those who dissipated the barricade road Closures during the fires survived the Disasters why many of those who heeded The orders to turn around perished in Their cars and homes with no way out So um you know this is mainstream news Yahoo news here So this is an old report from ABC News Weather modification or cloud seating we Can't create the cloud there has to be An existing storm system we just give it A bump yeah Garrett kamins heads up one Of the largest cloud seeding companies In the U.S has the desperation in the Mega drought made the interest in cloud Seeding Skyrocket oh definitely there Are currently okay so we know that this Is be this is done when I was a kid

There was a baseball movie I was Watching And Um I think it was the Yankees like it Was an old-time movie about baseball and The Yankees needed the game to get Canceled so the owner paid somebody to See the clouds and it rained and the Game was a rain out which is you know Cheating right but I saw that in movies You know this was an old movie when I Was a kid so it was like a you know real Old time movie okay so I want to talk About the Lahaina thing again in a Moment here Hawaii But first they're talking about Uh you know there's rumors that they're Gonna go back to the lockdowns and Mask mandates and things coming to the You know end of the summer here I don't know how much of this is right Wing you know truth or propaganda or Fear mongering or How much legitimate legitimacy there is Here But there are these rumors out there And to go with the thing in Hawaii You know I would Wonder how well this would be received This time around all the mandate stuff But more importantly There are a lot of Uh companies you know small businesses And

Uh I mean the economy couldn't handle Another shutdown I mean you know if you see the way that There are companies and businesses that Have been hanging in there I went to a restaurant the other day a Mose And Um it was closed And it just opened like a year ago so There's you know various places I know There's Italian meatball place um My family and I have gone to they've Closed two of their locations they only Had three you know there's just all These restaurants and small businesses Closing all over the place One of them was in a mall you know like A food court where The place is just emptied out so we know That we've all seen it we saw it happen In San Francisco recently I've been Covering that on my other channel And there are a lot of businesses that Just won't survive Another you know lockdown And we we know this like it would just Destroy the the economy and you know There's a huge amount of money that Flowed to the Upper upper one percent you know the Billionaires the ultra wealthy During this period and then of course Commercial land real estates being

Bought up at a fraction of the rate and Places like San Francisco and other Places and and just you know this thing Would devastate uh the system if this is True I don't know if it is or not we'll See what happens And with this thing in Hawaii you know There are certain events that You know they stand the test of time More than other ones in the truth Community And this one is This Hawaii fire is setting you know People are just across the board you see It in the world Community you see it in Of course the like cubies or the the Truth Community just across the board People are very highly suspicious of This thing in Hawaii so much so you know Again I covered this on my other channel Or maybe it was here I don't know Where the governor came out and said Social media media influencer sock and You shouldn't be listening to them just Listen to the official story so the Official story isn't playing well and we We know this right it's just not um You know it's not being accepted by many More people And there's a level of awareness now That I think it probably disturbs the Controllers you know not that anything That's going to be done but you know you Can't

Do certain things if the people don't Believe in you and when the more more People that don't believe or have faith In the official story The more the illusionary debt-based Economic system and the rest of it are a Threat of collapsing and we're pretty Close to that like you know where There's the majority of people just are Like no we don't believe this And you know it's Crossing The demographics it's Crossing between The the left and the right the the Dems And Republicans the different racial Demographics and you know these other um You know groups that people are finding Themselves in a lot of people in all Those groups are calling BS all the time You know bull Boop all the time And so um You know things have changed like it's That song is probably going to be the Number one song Richmond from Richmond North of Richmond Um you know Washington DC oh you could Have just said watch it That song is crossing the lines of uh You know lots of working-class peoples Of all demographics it's an indicator That people have had enough and you know Whatever that means I don't know what That means uh but you know people are Definitely becoming more and more aware Some of these events where the official

Story is being questioned and it's all The time now in the truth community But some of them have a staying period And they just rub More people the wrong way Um and that's the Hawaii thing Falls in That category there are certain ones That just stand out And people just don't believe this is uh I mean they you know everyone pretty Much is Getting the idea this is a land grab I Mean this is you know just normal people Are seeing that and then all the other Aspects of it whether you believe in the Direct Energy stuff or any of these Other different narratives and none of Those things matter it just matters that Even if this was an organic event and it Happened naturally Or you know just without governmental And intelligence Community interference And planning it was just something that Organically you know it happened Organically you can see there being you Know taken advantage of Even that priest you know going back to That priest who seems to be from Hawaii And descent you know he represents the Invasion of those indigenous people on Hawaii you know very you know I mean all These various um places that were taken By force and military occupation and Takeover and sub subject subjugation of

The people they're all brutal stories And the religion played a big part of This And the Catholic church and to say that The church was saved but the Houses of these indigenous people that Are now being you know taken from them Land that they've owned for thousands of Years you know just uh I mean it just sits wrong sits in a you Know the wrong way with lots of people So let's get back to the Trump and Rachel Maddow stuff here so before we um Get to the horrible funny the really Clueless thing that atrial Rachel Maddow Said I turned on the news I was flipping Through the channels at lunch And this clown who's a trump hater now He's supposed to be a presidentialist Story and forget its name doesn't matter But in the corner here They have this thing indictment special You know today is Thursday August 24th You'll see this tomorrow on the 25th So this would have already happened last Night but Trump's going to turn himself In tonight it's the indictment special And look at this power studded Star-studded lineup These ghoulish dudes here right Um This is uh Joy whatever last name is Very joyless person

And she's really unwatchable like your Show is really bad The way she conceptualizes things the Way she covers them Um you know Ultra liberal but that's not The biggest part of the issue it's just Really unwatchable Rachel Maddow we all know how bad she Sucks And Marsha Wallace who used to be a Republican who was you know a part of John McCain's campaign Is now this trump-hating liberal and you Know that this would be these well you Got to see this look at this look at These Heavy Hitters are Look at these Heavy Hitters these stars That will be on this is busy TV Them talking about Trump's fourth Indictment you know at what point do you Think people are going to be like yeah Like I don't care about this after the Second indictment or the third Indictment the fourth or the seventh at What point is it just just another Indictment like the first one wasn't Well received you know they ended up Showing Trump on this network of CNN on Tucker Carlson and he was saying BS and How much support he's getting you know The whole thing But this is the hilarious thing I want To show you

The dog that didn't bark the the dog That didn't bark Trump's call for Massive protests go unanswered woof Woof Rachel woof Leader does not snap his fingers and Command a nationwide crippling Uprising In his or her name I mean even in our Country where he promised he would or he Promised that would happen where he Overtly publicly tried to make it happen It failed he failed he wanted that he Promised it he was counting on it and Therefore a lot of the country was Counting on that being a consequence of This part of the process it hasn't Happened the dog did not bark and so That so this is how clueless she is Right That she's saying that Trump doesn't Have the ability to Get his supporters and fans To Rally behind him and and protests and And gather and things like that This is a Biden supporter really a Hillary supporter more than even Biden She's still exhumes that corpse of Hillary Clinton every once in a while in The show And you know Biden and Hillary can't Generate any kind of enthusiasm You know Biden was having these lockdown Uh you know these these um events where He was having people sit in their cars And honk instead of applauding and the

Cars were like spaced out you know like They were social distance even though People were in their cars remember those I covered that in the election he Couldn't generate any enthusiasm support Hillary Clinton probably even much worse I mean hers was bad uh bidens was bad But hers was worse they couldn't Generate a crowd and so for her to be Mocking Trump when she's on MSNBC which Is always second to Fox and people are You know the desired group is no longer Watching mainstream news Fox Fox MSNBC Or CNN and so for her to be mocking Trump for not being able to draw a crowd Or get the crowd to Enthusiastically support him I mean he's Got a much stronger enthusiastic base Than any of these clowns it's just Completely clueless right Does sort of settle one big part of this This existential question For us at this crime scene Right this this existential question for Our country and our democracy for our Form of government will we be able to Survive bringing criminal charges Against this particular alleged criminal Given his political power and his hold On his followers again just an absolute Liar here because I don't think people Are going to protest because they didn't Protest Joe Biden's you know people are On the edge like I was talking about

Evil Where the left is considered Evil by the Right and the right is considered evil And that doing anything to stop it I Mean what the Democrats did was they Said you're just wrong democracy doesn't Work We got to do anything in our power to Make sure Trump doesn't win And you know that's what they did and Now it's coming back on them And Republicans are you know saying the Same thing with Biden the second term All these things And so it makes for an interesting Showdown But what she's not saying here Is that the country Will Survive Trump Going to jail But her network won't Like her CNN and MSNBC Will have nothing to talk about once Trump goes to jail I mean they've focused on Trump now Since 2015. that's eight years Of being centered around Trump You know it started more in 2016 but Again you know was starting in 2015. They have had a business model where Trump is the center of all their BS And they're unwilling to admit it that They're you know they're very survival As a a media Outlet depends on Trump Being there for them to Mock and JoJo

Magoo's candidacy because if Trump goes To jail And Biden is re-elected They'll have no cover They'll have no more excuses And unless they constantly have a like a Live jail Cam and they have some sort of Big brother-like Show in prison Where they're still trying to keep Trump Alive If he just disappears and goes to jail They'll have nothing they'll be a huge Void in their life they're so obsessed With him So this is um the experiment by RFK Running on the truth we're gonna do a Mass experiment a new kind of mass Experiment and what happens when you Tell people the truth so I you know have An issue with um His you know his addictions His lust demon and his you know his Addictions to substances And then of course his horrific take on Palestine which apparently he's going to Have to deal with when he gets Interviewed by Max Blumenthal we'll see If he moderates that position Um but You know even the people that hate him And think he's a shell or whatever Even if he's saying this as a Performance this is not sincere he's Performing this way

This is the first time we've in history We've ever seen a candidate do this and It's because of the truth community and The internet And he is again You know not exactly like what we are as Truthers so if he has his issues or Whatever he has his Different way of being that And whether it's sincere or a complete Fake we've never seen this before He's going out and talking about his Addictions and his other issues and Talking about things that other Candidates don't In a more honest way And just telling the truth at least Whatever his version of it and again he Might be a shell he might be a set up You know you can view that none of that Really matters Because it's just that this is being Done in the show in what I call the show This is a time to bring America back Together we have been torn apart and if Anyone can bring it back together it's The Kennedys why why why would you say That Like if anybody is a Kennedy That just doesn't make any sense at all I hope that what he can do is to break Through by just being himself being his Honest uh self very selfless very Focused on doing the right thing and

Hopefully people will be able to see That but we are absolutely up against a Major major media wall Okay so um You know I want to say something let me Switch over to the voice over here the One thing I want to say about Kennedy And I'm not re-endorsing him you know I've made my position I guess somewhat Clear on this I like the way that he's affecting the Show But one thing none of us can deny in the Truth community Is if Kennedy became president if Kennedy actually won the election and Regardless if he's a shill or Disinformation agent or he's not sincere In what he's doing or whatever his Motivation is if he won it would be a Validation of the trisk community What I was saying about Hawaii it would Mean that the majority of people Are no longer trusting the mainstream Narratives and media and they're not Accepting the normal candidates because That would be Trump and Biden you know Trump was a little bit more of his Authentic self Trump did this a little Bit Except he wasn't a real truth or he Didn't talk about things like he didn't Know the truth or stuff Like he was fed some of the the

Narratives but he never really was a Truther in terms of you know Understanding that the ideology and the You know the framework and the Narratives and the you know the whole Aggregor of the truth Community like he Just flirted with it for his own Purposes And you know Kennedy knows his stuff Whether he should see her or not whether He believes in it or not you can debate That But you can't debate that if he wins He'll be running on a somewhat truther Platform And running as a different sort of Candidate and that would mean that the Old Parable dime is dead and the old News media's effect Would be you know I mean non-existent It would be a huge win for all of us a Validation of anybody who's Questioning the official story in a in a Way different than the normal people Used to I mean we're just out now calling them Liars and disinformation agents and You know part of uh you know a global Cabal or whatever And lots more people are believing that And that would mean that over half the People at least the ones that vote no Longer have any faith in the system And it would be you know a huge

Statement regardless if anything else Happens That would be a big you know a win you Know to mean that the mainstream media And the political parties are so limptic And impotent That they have no hold on the American Populace anymore The people have moved past believing in The media median narratives and their Ability to influence what people think And say regardless of how much Censorship they do or how much of Anything they've done it would mean that You know people ignored all of that in The pushback and elected him even if he Comes close like even if he gets 40 Percent of the vote or he you know Flirts with Winnie even if he almost Beats Joe Biden against a rigged system That the DNC is rigging against him I mean even if he you know comes within Uh you know I mean anything he does that Would be considered legitimate candidate If he was a legitimate truth or Candidate that would be a win for us Right and we would be um You know again it doesn't matter whether He's a legitimate truth or not it Matters that the support behind him and The lack of support behind the the you Know the old Functional candidates is extraordinarily Slim and non-existent and it would mean

That there's been a transformation Towards a more truthful way of viewing What's going on now what I said over and Over again is the system isn't you know Can't be saved and shouldn't be saved And so that's not what I'm concerned About and who's president or not any of These things But in terms of the show in terms of Understanding the power dynamics any Success that Kennedy has is a win for The the truth community And you know sometimes like look what Howard Dean did Howard Dean failed To win the Democratic nomination if you Don't know who Howard Dean is he's a guy Who Um Use the internet and almost won the Democratic nomination he was like a Governor of Maine or New Hampshire or Something like that He was the first candidate to use the Internet and it changed the way politics Have been you know run forever And you know if they had to acknowledge The truth Community as a demographic I Mean unless they're just going to out And out like totally rig it and and Doing ways that you know not even Pretending to count the votes or I mean It just openly rigging the system if They have to do that then it's you know They're collapsing the system anyway

That's a moment of truth in itself and They're already doing that they did it With against Bernie Sanders twice in the DNC And against Um already against RFK Jr and so all These things are wins for us I got a few Comments to get to so let me get to These things here Okay so um I said something about a come to Jesus Moment for RFK Jr but I said you know Not the way Christians think about it You know coming to God moment or coming To truth And a person wrote this Not all of us poo poo the idea of coming To Jesus moment Your decision is palpable Well I didn't have disdain What I was talking about is a spiritual Awakening Is deeper and more profound than Um A religious you know having a religious Awakening right being a religious person Is a stepping stone it's like being in Kindergarten But going to first grade where you learn To read Is you know higher than kindergarten Which I said that before And so um You know I got a number of people who

Reacted to some of the things I said That way but You know there's nothing wrong with Religion I don't want to criticize Religion if it's all you can do if you Don't have the capacity to move to the Next level and this isn't talking down To you or ridiculing you or whatever and That's for you to decide if you can't Reach up and become a spiritual person And all you could do is religion you Don't have the capability for abstract Thought And you know most people like that would Be watching me anyway but uh you know It's do your do what you can do and you Know it's part of the sashmark system And meditation that you're not supposed To criticize religion people's religion Because it might be all that they can do And so I don't criticize it the way the People think But what I do say is you know I was Talking about master charges saying the Lowest part of the higher which is Spirituality Is higher than the lowest part Of the highest part of the lower which Is the materialistic world and you know With religion being a part of that Materialism if you live just a Materialistic life You're on a lower level than someone who Starts to even flirt with the idea that

God's inside of them and starts to do Work to connect with God even if it's Just a small movement It's on a higher level And there are higher levels everywhere Like people get upset When you say the WNBA sucks People usually who don't watch the WNBA But are just liberal feminists or Whatever But the WNBA is not as good as the MBA As the you know NBA professional You know minor leagues right the various Leagues that exist European leagues And then college basketball And some high school teams I don't know if there's probably lots of High school teams that WNBA teams Couldn't beat right and so it's Substantially you know not as good and That isn't being sexist or Misogynistic that's just a fact That the women in these NBA team WNBA Teams Couldn't beat any of these you know even Some of these Drew League I mean a lot Of these various summer leagues and you Know there's a lot of men Who would be the best player there's Probably a million men in America maybe Even more maybe no probably like 10 Million 20 million men who if they were Able to play in the WNBA they would be

The best player In the WNBA right Um and so you know That's the same thing I'm talking about That it's a fact that spirituality Connecting to God internally as opposed To having a religion or being a Materialistic person or having a Religion where there's a middle man Between you and God That being a spiritual person is higher You run a higher level than that And everyone should know that admit that Right if you're if all you can do is a Religion or if you don't you know have The energy and the effort to work Towards connecting with God Um you know that's fine that's your Choice but realize that there's a higher Level of existence that you're not Accessing to you know you're not Accessing uh when I you know started Doing meditation started doing the Massage Mark practice I realized that I Was functioning on a much higher level Like I was a low functioning person And now I was able to do things I was Able to tolerate boredom and monotony And you know all kinds of things hold The job sustain relationships all things I couldn't do before Because it's a higher level of Functioning and it's a choice it's an Effort that you have to make

Um so there's that and then I got a Bunch of people that's not Britney Spears I can't believe people haven't Figured this out yet Right and then um a second one from the Same person that's a boy emoji with a Smiley some kind of weirdo emoji male Not female Sad you all can't see it this is all About Brittany in the short video I made About Brittany dancing You know Brittany might have been Replaced I don't know because I didn't Know anything I didn't know I missed the Whole Britney's thing Like I heard a few songs of Brittany's On the radio But maybe once or twice You know I didn't like him And you know I didn't have a TV and I Didn't have cable During the whole Britney Spears thing That was going on So I pretty much missed the whole thing So I wouldn't have even recognized her Um like I kind of know what she looked Like but but like she wasn't like Madonna or some of these other Celebrities that you know I would Recognize their picture if you show me a Picture of Britney Spears during that Time I've been like is that you know is That her I would have been doubtful About whether it was her or not

And so I don't know like it could be Somebody different Uh you know I don't have the ability to Judge I don't think it is because You know I mean whatever I don't think they get anything by Keeping Brittany going like other than Distractions Because Brittany You know doesn't have any real influence Over anybody but dopes All she could be used as is for a Distraction they got plenty of Celebrities for that why why replace Britney Spears what's the Reason for doing that But let's say they did okay whatever it Means nothing And they replaced it with a dude I don't Know why but they did it Um you know I guess I would know why but You know You know or maybe you know they're Saying she was a dude all along I don't Know But none of it matters right Brittany's Influencing Only thing that she could be used as Like I say as a distraction what else Can Brittany do in terms of Changing what's going on right I mean There's a degradation happening that's Happening outside of Just Brittany and

You know sure fans are mostly Dopey People and you know whatever She's not getting them to accept them to Do something that they wouldn't are Ordinarily do on their own And so um you know see the whole thing Seems relatively silly but anyways my Voice is going a little bit so I'm going To end this one here only spiritual Valley will save this world It's Paul Romano definitely important For the Apocalypse and the Ascension I Would have a blessed day And be grateful

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