Have you had you’re Hopium Today?

Have you had you're Hopium Today?

Greetings brothers and sisters um You know I Have been aware lately in terms of what We call the truth community That there's just a lot of holier than Thou type of stuff there right it's an Attitude that I'm very conscious of Where truthers feel like they're so much Better than the sheeple and Everybody else and it's just not the Case like and I'm not saying that in Some way that I'm better than them or Better than you it's not like that Just stuff that I'm observing And you know what I've seen is that People in the truth community If they were in the same position as the People control the system and I'm not Saying everybody because that's You know a lot of them desire power a Lot of people want a huge audience a lot Of people want their own sort of cult Following they want people hanging on Their every word they want to hold Court They want people to worship them and you Know or whatever it is right there's a There's sort of a desperation and need There that the same kind of need that The controllers have You know and I just don't have that and I'm not saying that in a way to brag Because like I said about drugs and Alcohol Like it wasn't something that I would

Ever have a real problem with Like I I you know regret doing as much Drugs and alcohol as I did because I Didn't really enjoy it And it you know it's probably hurting me Definitely hurting me now physically And so you know those types of things But I was never going to become an Addict because it just isn't you know I Don't have some scars for it right I Just it's not a possibility in my case Right because of the you know whatever It is so some people don't have that Like there's just not much of a chance Of you becoming an alcoholic maybe You've had that in the past and you've Uh you know you've ascended past that Possibility or it just isn't something That your soul is You know it's not part of your program Your script your you know your time here On planet Earth but for me personally I Just don't get very much out of being Validated by other people You know a little bit maybe in the Beginning when my YouTube channel took Off That made me feel good Um you know the validation and Appreciation it was because I had a lot Of failure up to that point You know and you know I've always been a Underachiever but you know at this point I just

It doesn't do very much for me right Because you know I know what I am like I'm not you know when you meditate and You have a sense of yourself and I you Know I know the The the limitations of my personality And you know my commitment to other People and to God and you know the Things that I could do better and you Know like I'm okay right I'm okay like I Give myself a solid C B minus whatever Um but you know I could do a lot better So you know C plus maybe I don't know C Minus Whatever it is like you know but it's I'm not that great like so no matter how Many people say you're great like I know I'm not like I know that you know Whatever They see in me Is you know there's of course the Divinity that comes through me because Of being a willing conduit for You know the Divine which is something That you know I've been trained to do During doing the massage Mark system And people might think I'm better than I Am because of that right but I know like I you know you can't BS yourself like You can't lie to yourself like I don't Have that kind of Talk that I used to have pumping myself Up and you know positive self-talk and Affirmations like I don't I don't need

That right You know I've accepted my you know my Role here And so for me I just don't it's not a Big deal and I you know the more people That I mean I'd like more viewers for Other reasons you know I think a growing Audience is essential At the same time I self-sabotage that by Saying things and not you know I don't Think it's sabotaging the sense of uh You know that you can't be always you Can't be true to yourself and sell out At the same time if you're going to be True to yourself and true to your you Know audience you can't sell out like You you have to be honest and you know Given the circumstances with YouTube Restrictions and all these things you Have to you know you're already walking On eggshells or whatever But you know I could say I could you Know just not say negative things about Trump for example There's things I could do to not piss Off your huge sections of the population In the truth Community huge demographics You know I could talk like I was to Pretend I was a Christian and talk about How great the Bible is and you know but That's not why I'm here right I'm here To say things that you know I see things Differently And you know say those things whether

I'm right or wrong they're you know They're honest they come from a sincere Place right and if it you know makes me Less popular then that's just the you Know that's the side effects or the you Know consequences but it's not the Purpose here you know it's just that I'm Supposed to do what I'm supposed to do I Look at something and I describe it you Know that's how I see it that's how I See to see the world And you know there's things that I know And experiences that I have that make my Opinion different you know being Dyslexic and these other things right uh And really I didn't want to make this About me But I'm just saying that you know There's an element in the truth Community there are people who are Wanting Fame and Fortune and these other things As their primary reason for doing Whatever they're doing right Again you know like you can make money If The money has a means to the it's a Means to the ends Like if you have something you need Money for and it's legitimate Then you know making the money is Legitimate you do it in an honest way And you have a reason you know a Divine Reason

The part of your path that you need Money to do something And you know you need you know whatever It is You know a bunch of people to do it with You and you know there's all those Things are great Community is a great Thing You know if you're doing it for the Right reasons if you're doing it to Serve God and it's part of your Soul's Path and you're doing what you're Supposed to do the most important thing Is something's part of your Soul's path But if your ego is hijacking the process And is looking to aggrandize itself and That happens people start off with the Right intentions and then their ego gets In the way and that's happening all over The truth Community is what I'm saying And people bring it to my attention they Expect me to point it out but you know I Don't you know it's not my job right It's not my job to point out things You know even people who themselves Watch my videos I'm not you know here to You know do that I mean at least not on The level of the truth community I'd rather not right because you know It's bad enough with the people who have Power are doing And I can't keep up with all of those Things And really don't you know at this point

Don't need to It's not my job to keep the truth Community pure and be some sort of judge And jury for these other truthers and Other people because you know you all Have a relationship with God and you all Have a relationship with your soul and You have to find your own path and I Can't control that and you know wherever I mean sometimes people get off track And then they find their way back and You know that's for each person to Decide right But I'm saying that that's when you Start thinking you're so much better Than the Liberals and so much better Than the controllers You know you're not that's it's just not The way to be right you're not like you You have a different level of perception About some things and maybe you want to Blame somebody or get angry or you know Categorize yourself as somebody Different but we're all contributing to This dysfunctional system and we all Have our character flaws and things we Need to work on personally and that's All we can control and that's all we can Do right And like I'm just tired of hearing the Comments and the people who are so upset At Biden or in some cases Trump or you Know there's all these people in the Truth Community who

They you know their way of dealing with Everything is to just assume That everything is everybody's a shill And part of some plan by the controllers And everybody's a controlled opposition And they do this because they you know When they when the person turns out to Be they're on the right side of it and They can hey look I was right you know But you you know if you call everything A duck right Um You know and eventually you'll you'll See a doc and you'll be like that's Right it's a duck yeah but you were Wrong all these other times right like Just because you've taken a position Where oh my God everything I'm Not Gonna Get Fooled Again I'm not gonna get Sucked in again that guy's a shield like You know all that stuff yeah I know yeah Hey let's just like there's just a lot Of this goofiness and stupidity in the Truth Community right there's a there's A episode of the show wings I didn't Really watch that show But I did see that one episode there's That guy he was in the movie Sideways It's kind of a deep voice he's Kind of funny he was the like mechanic Character and they're playing a game of Trivial Pursuit And he keeps on saying and Margaret Because he knows that one of the answers

Is Anne Margaret And eventually the the uh there's a Question there about Ed Margaret you Know he's right but you know you know Like there's no you know that just being Uh taking a like a attack that I don't Trust anybody and everybody's a shell And everyone's out to screw me is the Wrong idea like you know everyone has a Level of complicitness in the system we All are complicit to some level In the system we all are engaging with The system we're all you know part of The Beast You know there's people who are you know Part of the whole program but those are Very few people Because the people who are in the know They're not going to share information More information Than they need all they need to know is How to buy a person How to buy an Anderson Cooper how to buy A you know uh you know a Donald Trump How to you know how to and even if They're not buying him how do they you Know use threats and bribes Without you know ever being accountable With plausible deniability to manipulate Somebody to do what they want them to do And then all the Masters how do they get You to do what they want you to do not Even being conscious of you as a human Being

But within the framework of the system They are you know through fear of you Know starvation and fear of uh you know Uh alienation from your family and Friends and you know ostracization or Whatever it is your personal fears and Your personal desires are woven into the System and they get you to go along with It and be complicit you know your Personal weaknesses or they just wear You down And they make you you know be a part of The system so we're all complicit to Some way because If we're not surviving 100 Off the Grid Then we're you know depending on the System They say you know like I talked about This with my wife like she you know There's certain restaurants that are Like you know Subway has their Relationship with that guy Jared which Is you know the real creep and there's You know restaurants that are owned by Known you know well that's owned by Soros or something like that yeah but They're all you know you know you might As well go and enjoy what there is to Enjoy And not worry about how scummy everybody Is or how some restaurants are more Scummy or more some businesses are owned By this or Disney or any of these things Right because it's all you know it's all

Corrupted the whole system is corrupted The whole system is dysfunctional try to Say all right there's a deep state but There's some good guys in there well That's just childish right like all These people are intertwined and enter You know there's a play between them the Left and the right and the Liberals and The Democrats and the truth community And all these things it's all swirling Around to make up a you know a culture We're all part of that culture and just Because you're the angry guy and you're The guy saying hey yeah this system's Corrupt and then what are you going to Do I'm gonna go have a smoothie right You know What are you gonna do next after you After this protest I think I'll go have A smoothie You know like you just you're a part of It like you know stop thinking you're so Much better and you're so much you know Like you know yeah your more Consciousness Consciousness sheeple But are you really any better than the Sheep like you know that I mean that's Most people that choose Community are They're just a different form of people And as soon as you tell them something They can't handle they you know implode And so you know I'm trying to get to Something here and that's overpopulation Right

You know that Something that I say and I'm not sure Other people say it but in the truth Community Uh you know but some of us know the World is overpopulated the truth Community there was a stupid narrative Out there that everybody could fit in Texas and there's so much more space in The world but you can see the effects of Overpopulation and if you believe in That please don't comment because I know What you believe in and you're wrong and You know there's plenty other people Saying what you're saying and you don't Get it and that's not my problem but I Don't need to hear your stupid Theory Because it doesn't work It doesn't work because you haven't gone To places like India but you can go Places like that in America any City and People don't do well in cities Whereas all the depravities coming out Of All these things all this stuff where You know people are seeing uh Um you know there's that song small town Which is stupid sucked but you know when You go to the cities that's where the Depravity centralizes people go insane In cities we're not colony-based people We need you know a species we need space We need you know relationship with the Land we need you know some uh you know

We we have you know it's like when you Have a cow The cows need based in the level of Grass and you know forage whatever that They eat whether it's goats or cows or Any kind of livestock even chickens you Need like so many acres per cow In Lush areas it can be one acre per cow There Are Places you know like Ireland Obviously but there's places like You know that are like Kentucky's a Great place and you know that gets a lot Of rain I mean there's these places Where Grass goes well grows well Kentucky Bluegrass right not just that I mean you Know West Virginia and all these states Some of them are have a longer growing Season right and then you go out west Where they you know they have all the You know the old Western Cattle they Have BML BLM land that people would rent And the BLM land was um You know government-owned land that Private ranchers would get access to and You might need 20 acres per cow because Of the drought you know place in New Mexico and some of these places To find grass and to find suitable food For the cattle and you'll see the places Where the cattle are you know they rate The they rate cows from one to five Of five being the best and a five cow Will have you won't see any ribs showing

The back is flat like there's no you Won't see the spine I mean there's all This you know fat on the cow is really Important and any livestock that's where The flavor comes that's where the Tenderness is you know these things And so um You know you have to have so much grass So many acres for you know depending on Where you live and you do the same thing For crops right And you should need the same thing for You know territorial animals like how Many acres does a tiger get right Where's the Tigers where's the the range Crossover with the next Tiger Where they'll have a fight where There'll be territorial You know each animal trying to stake out Its territory like we have a hummingbird Feeder and there are three hummingbirds That come to it and there's one that you Know thinks they own the hummingbird and I've put up a fence there because our Cows used to uh you know rub themselves Against our air conditioning unit and You know they could not have a fortune You're looking a lot of damage so I put A fence around there You know people are commenting because I Didn't put all like Clips on it because It's temporary But it's still there now even after the Cows

Um you know but I made it like just Enough so to keep the cows off without Having to make it permanent like I Didn't drive the the metal post and so Whatever it is but the plumbing birds Sit on the fence the one does sometimes Three of them do and and every time one Would approach the hummingbird fever the Other ones would try to chase it away it Was like a whole thing You know they're Territorial and there's A pecking order and things like this These things exist You know being bullied by cows you see This when you have livestocks there's a You know there's a hierarchy but you Know each person needs so many acres of Land is what I'm saying and in a city You don't have that and these you know Agenda 21 31 housing there's even less It's not the way people are designed to Live we're not designed like bees to Live in a hive like Colony or like an Ant colony we're not you know that's not What we are as a species we need space And room we need fresh air we need you Know relationship with the land and People crave it and when you don't have It you go insane and that's what's Happening in cities where all the Overpopulation is happening And so there is over a population it's Localized and it's Global and you know That has to be reduced and every

Population every every group has a you Know it has a like an arc where your Population is growing growing growing Growing it reaches maximum density And then it implodes and then and it Goes down to almost being extinct After a population of any species it Goes from overpopulated to Under populated like drastically Underpopulated where there's the threat Of Extinction and we're about to Be in that time where human beings are In a threat of Extinction and they've Done studies on mice and rats and things Like this where there's overpopulation And there's Insanity of course they Start eating their own young and you Know all these destructive behaviors and Addictive behaviors and self-destructive Behaviors almost like suicidal behaviors They start taking more risks and you see This with overpopulation where the Animals start going insane and of course There's weakness that enters into the The into the species where weak animals And humans you can see it clearly where There's a lot of weak people that Wouldn't be able to exist if they Weren't being carried by the society and Other people in the economy they can't Function they can't contribute there's So many non-contributing people we're Barely contributing people that are Sucking off the system and they don't

Have very much to contribute right And so there's needs to be population Reduction And the controllers are never going to Say that because they can't And you know it would create Panic among The masses because lots of people would Realize the you know if you're talking About 7 8 of this system seven eight you know Seven out of eight people being called You know whether it's by the controllers Themselves or it's by natural causes That would scare the crap out of people Right When you realize that if it isn't you It's going to be your family members and Friends right that you know that that Many people seven Ace of the population There's lots of four people you know you See people themselves like you go into Walmart you look at these people who Have a you know a grocery Carriage a Grocery card full of cancer and you look At them and you're like you know they're Willfully and poisoning themselves you Know they're eating poison They're feeding their family poison it's Like when you throw uh if you throw Poison on a like an ant mound or you Throw you know poisonous food out to Rats rat pellets and they go and eat Them and they bring them back to their Kids like that's what's being done like

People are walking into Walmart and Filling their cart full of poison and There's more than enough information out There for them to realize that it's Poison And they keep on doing it and all the Other ways that people you know are Engaging in suicidal and Self-destructive behaviors and yet They're you know they don't they don't Realize they've been marked for Extinction they've been marked for Elimination they're participating in the Colleen right and they're trying to wipe Out genetic lines of people Because of the you know the weakness That's coming to the the system of Course the people making the decisions Are the first ones that should go the People who are controlling the system They're like the worst of the worst the Controllers of course they're trying to Preserve their their you know their Group and their culture and their you Know what they know as a human life Everyone wants to preserve what's you Know sacred and what's uh you know Special to them But that's not the way it's going to go Down like it's going to go down it's Going to be comprehensive there's going To be massive population reduction And you know I think it's already Started you know we're starting a

Downward Trend and everything's going to Change after that and you know nothing Really Else Matters all this stuff about You know what Biden did here I'm going To show you stuff some stuff here Probably maybe not I'll just do the Voiceover and I'll do that as a a Separate video later Um but you know this is probably just a Standalone video I'll just do this Overpopulation thing But this key information that we've Reached Peak population our civilization Has grown you know you need more and More people to continue growing a Civilization And it's grown as much as it can grow You know in terms of technology in terms Of you know all these things You know there might be some pockets of It left over and there might be you know Whatever Is um I you know I I don't know these Specifics but in terms of the world Expanding human population expanding in Human domination of the the world Expanding all those things it's come to An end it's come to an end because People are so disconnected from God and They're so not what they're supposed to Be in terms of what a natural human Being is and are so lost and so depraved And so you know messed up our species is Like the worst one on earth

You know the the humans are doing worse As humans than any other species is Doing like as as little like a you know As a hummingbird's doing or you know You know a cockroach is doing like you Know they're doing better at being a Cockroach than we're then we're doing it Being humans every other species is Doing better at being what they are even Though that we're proliferating and We're dominating all of it We are you know failing on every level And eventually that's you know going to Come full circle and there's going to be Massive die off and the destruction of Everything that we know and all these You know things that you're seeing are Just a part of that They're part of the self-destructive Behavior they're part of the deviance They're part of the the mental illness From you know living in cities and all The depravity and being disconnected From God and nature and you know all These things they're symptoms of Unnatural in unuman behavior and Disconnecting people from God and their Families And not religious God not the god of Religion your religion sucks and you Know if you're not going to come to Terms with that it's not my problem Your religion sucks they all do Uh they start off good and then they

Become a religion and then they become Materialistic and now they're a Middleman and they've monetized they've Turned God into a currency and they say They hold the keys the religion holds The keys to your connection to Divinity Usually in some afterlife because They're not going to promise something That you can experience now because then You realize God's inside of you and you Don't need the religion And you know the religion might have Some things to offer but it's you know Keeping you down it's oppressing you on A Divine level And so you know it all sucks but you Know in terms of what I was saying People are disconnected from the Divinity within them they're not doing What their soul wants them to do in most Cases unless your soul wants you to be a Villain then great I don't think they That's convenient for you you know Because it's easier to be a villain it's Easier to be a sociopath in this Society But everything I you know cover here That's not about Divinity I just about Show Whether it's politics whether it's you Know any of these things they're going On in Celebrity culture or movies and You know all the all the various topics You know it's fun to watch the Destruction for some of us like I you

Know that's why I call it the Apocalypse Um I'm geared to find humor in these Things And you know it's interesting in terms Of a story But the bottom line this to reduce it to The simplest terms Is that our civilization has grown in Its dysfunction and it's Demonization of uh you know the Divine Process and in terms of the ego growing As an ego growing selfishness and Entitled and people are failing like the Product of our system is how the system Affects the people like let's say you Want to lose weight and you go into some System That is supposed to help you lose weight And the product is whether you lose Weight or not and what other side Effects are there if you're taking Medication or what are the side effects Of the diet What are the side effects of the Exercise right and so did the system Deliver in you losing weight and also Did deliver in helping you become a Better person Because if you're if you've lost weight But you're somehow you know more toxic Because you're taking Medications that have side effects or You know whatever it is right Like that whatever that medication is

Don't care don't tell me don't need to Know all these celebrities are taken now You know you're losing weight but you're You know destroying your liver say or Whatever Becoming a toxic person and you're going To end up in the hospital so you know That's a system you know there's a System you have for everything you have A a system of you know how you get food Like what's your dietary system A mixture of food that you make at home A mixture of like going out to eat and These things But you have a system and how you uh you You absorb nutrients through food and You know and that affects you like what Are the side effects of your system if You if you don't really have a planned Thought out system and you're just doing What the you know you're looking at the Food pyramid or you're just you're not Even doing that you're just you know Accepting whatever you're given and you Go to McDonald's and you're eating you Know whatever's there and you haven't Done any research of and figure things Out for yourself they're trying to Poison you that has an effect right you Have a system of you know how you shop For clothes and how you you know manage Your life everyone has systems in their Lives That are governing your everyday you

Know whatever it might be and then we Have our overall system and those Systems affect you they affect the way You turn out as a person what kind of Person you are what kind of character Qualities they pull things out of you And our current system you you do well If you're selfish you do well if you Have a Killer Instinct you do well if You're a sociopath or sociopathic Tendencies of course you know if you go Too far then you run into the the Criminal justice system in some cases Some sociopaths end up being above that Right but you know in terms of financial Rewards in terms of you know Fame and Fortune and things like this being Selfish being a you know a killer being Somebody with you know ambition and you Know are competitive in these things you Do well I mean qualities that don't Serve you as a spiritual being aren't a Reflection of your soul Being somebody disconnected from God not Having a conscious not having empathy Right because when you start becoming Successful You realize you're doing some raw stuff Some horrible stuff And then your conscience kicks in and You start sabotaging or wanting to get Out or you want to give up your success Because you feel so guilty you can't Sleep so if you don't have a conscience

You can do all the bad stuff and you Know You know you're not affected so having a Conscious having uh conscience having uh Empathy having compassion those are bad Things right and so the system is Creating horrible people Either they're sheeple you know people Who are just going along they're Miserable they have a crappy job they're Just cogs in the wheel they've gone Unconscious they're walking zombies Walking ghouls they're not you know Enlivened in any way And you know there's that element and Then there's the people who are running Them who are exploiting them enslaving Them and you know part of the Controlling aspect of the system but Good people are suffering and the system Is trying to beat the goodness out of You beat the saint out of you and create You as a selfish person either a you Know corrupt uh leader or a you know a Dumbed down unconscious follower and so This is the kind of people this system Creates Where we could be better at a different System A system that pulls out the best In us and so therefore this system has To collapse because The people is producing are you know Self-destructive and you know it's it's Destroying ourselves physically and

Mentally and emotionally and spiritually Taking us in the wrong direction It goes against the natural Order of Things and all systems collapse with This one is collapsing for from its own Depravity the weight of its depravity is Pulling it down And the overpopulation aspect and the The degradation of the people are all Things that are symptoms of the you know The the impending collapse of our system A system that is you know enslaving all Of us and yet we're all addicted and Dependent on it to some extent so we're You know scared of it collapsing but we Know deep down that it's for the best so In terms of the truth Community it's That that people have to come around to And most people aren't going to get There Because it's just too scary to think That this system that you're 100 Dependent on isn't something you can Redeem or fix and you're just going to Chase people who give you false hope and You know have you taken your hopium Today right As your opium helped you today are you Continuing on with your opium because You need it to function in the system Because people have a hard time Becoming comfortable with Understanding that the system's Collapsing and that's going to happen

Whatever it does And whatever you see is just no matter How appalling it is or how you know Sucky it is it's you've seen the reason Why the system has to collapse making it Easier for you to accept And then spending your time preparing if You You know you want to be somebody who Maybe sees the other side of the Apocalypse you know is you know going to Be one of those one out of you know Eight people that makes it when the Population is reduced You feel like you have something to Offer on the other side of course Younger people And that you're willing to endure some Of the difficulties Or you're just going to be somebody who You know Goes out with the rest of the people and So there's no reason I mean I guess it's always good to move Forward in some way and start retraining Yourself because we've lost years and Years of ancestral not years generations Of ancestral knowledge That you know people used to use before This system which is an anomaly it's a You know it's a defunct defrost you know Fraudulent economic system that lured People away from the Farms with this False promise that you could give up

Your ancestral knowledge and your Abilities as Villages and tribal people And you know homesteaders and you know All these things you're living off the Land type people you could give up all Those skills and you were a much more Highly functioning person Back then the people then because they Had so many more skills than the people Get a specialized job and you only work Eight hours you know eight to you know 16 hours or whatever it is right and Then you get money and buy everything Else And you do one mundane task you don't Have all the responsibility and all the Work that you did on the farm And so like that was a promise that you Wouldn't need those skills again That the system would always be here to Take care of you and if you just gave up You know What you did before your lifestyle Before which people didn't want to do But they were forced off the Farms they Came to the cities and they started Working through the you know the the System itself they found a role in the System to Become gainfully employed with the you Know with the um Idea with the you know promise that the System would never let them down and Leave them stranded without those skills

That they used to need you know for Generations and now of course that Promise is broken and people are going To need those skills right so you know Doing that it's doing something along Those lines even if you're not going to Be one of the ones who make it you're Moving forward in a you know in terms of Your next life in a positive direction And the most important thing is to Connect to God internally Because that's the the broken you know That's the first thing that they did They broke people's connection to God And nature and the family First God And then the family and then nature And so that people would accept this Abomination of a lifestyle and a culture That's so unnatural for them They have to break you of that like if You break a wild animal of its natural Tendencies you throw it in a zoo Somewhere like that's what they did to You you're all zoo animals they're all Zoo animals And so you know there's where the the Opium comes in place because you know You have this idea that you could be a Zoo animal and still Have you know fulfillment as a human Being and you're not going to have that Unless you become connected to God and And you start reclaiming your natural

Tendencies and your natural You know your your natural uh the best Part of you The ultimate you know version of Yourself the soul the the full Soul Expression of your of your humanness Your soul manifesting as a human being Instead of this egotistical selfish People crap that you are now right a Opium addict but you can be comfortable With this knowledge Knowing that you know death is Inevitable and the end of the system is Inevitable but it's not Evil it's not bad it's just what needs To happen and either you're going to be Somebody that is able to help out in a Post-apocalyptic world and rebuilding Something that would be a you know a Reflection of the Divinity with you and Within you and you know within other People That people are going to build a better System that aligns with What it is to be a natural Soul Functioning human being a soul-driven Existence And throw away this egotistical selfish Narcissist narcissistic demonic system And move forward to something better And so you're either going to be one of Those people you're not And what are you going to do with the Time you have left

And if it's to you know go to Walmart And stuff your face with carcinogens Well then you know You know you I mean you've already Selected your role in this in the in a Deep population process right you're Already self-selecting to be one of the People that just gets called because You're calling yourself right you're Literally committing suicide And uh you know and not just a a suicide Where there's you know the death but There's you're committing a you know uh Like we're gonna be unhealthy and toxic And you know just not able to function You can't have clear thoughts eating Poisoned food And just absorbing toxins and poison From the system You can't be a clear thinker and you Can't have a good life When your whole body's filled with Toxins and poisons and and Self-medicating and you know addictions To gambling and all these things and sex Addictions and all the rest of it you Can't be a fully functioning person Because of that You're not going to function fully Because you're being impaired by all the Poisons that you're ingesting and most People are so toxic that they you know Their life force their Prana has been Absorbed and they're walking around like

Zools zuuls Ghouls and zombies you know The living dead that's what it means and That's you know the metaphor here That's what zombies you see these you Know these zombies but it's just a Metaphor for people Who have basically died but they're Still animated in some way you know but There's some time left before The apocalypse the calling you know your Own personal demise your death or Whatever you have so much time left and What are you going to do with that time How are you going to apply that time to Something That is going to move you forward and Grow more of a connection between you And your soul develop your heart you Know the meditation that I do the Grateful expectation that I do and some Of the people here do but whatever it is That you choose to you know facilitate This connection with the Divinity within You and move forward with becoming what You were meant to become Before the system hijacked your life Before the system destroyed your life And said you in the wrong direction Right before it lured you offer your Soul's path and so you know that's what Waking up would do ultimately you would Wake up and you would change what you're Doing All these people claim to be woke or

Awakened or yeah you know I woke up well Did you what are you doing differently Right you know I see you're eating a Twinkie you know so how awake can you be You know I mean I just You know you have to something has to Change right you have to change the Trajectory of your life in some way And do something differently and it's Taking personal responsibility and Focusing on the people that are running The system and blaming them for Everything or blaming some group The Liberals or the trumpers or whoever it Is right isn't going to get it done like That's not you know that's not being Awakened that's just shifting the blame And taking no responsibility for your Part and role in this thing and what are You going to do with the time you have Left when you realize the system itself Is a dysfunctional system And it's taking you in the wrong Direction Then what do you do to find the right Direction How do you you know find something to to Lead you how do you find the answers Asking yourself you know I covered this In a maybe my last video here asking Yourself why am I here You know why am I here what am I doing Here what's my purpose here And if you don't you know ask yourself

That And if you don't come up with the right Answer You don't figure out why you're here Then you know what what difference does It make your life is a waste if you're Not here is a you'll have a purpose you Don't find Your Divine Purpose you don't Have to find your reason for existing Then it's a you know it's a mistake in Life you're just wandering around lost And you know chasing waterfalls Don't go chasing waterfalls you know You're just uh it's not waterfalls Either it's you know Strippers and you know You know uh drug addict and you know all These things you're a hunter Biden here Somebody just you know going through Life and a desire-based person and you Know getting these rewards like a you Know a rat hitting the buzzer and Getting a shot of Coke you know whatever It gets you know a little dose of some Sort of opium Just to keep yourself going and you're Not really a purposefully you know a Soul-driven existence You're not living a soldier of an Existence where you have a purpose and You have you know a reason for being Here that there's some you know work That you have to you have to do some Tasks you have to achieve some obstacles

You have to overcome and something to Accomplish here And you know most people don't have that And it's you know sad But that's why you know when you Disappear 7 8 of the population it's not Going to be a tragedy it's just people Going in the wrong direction who are Lost and can't extricate themselves out Of their circumstances And you know that's really all of us to Some extent and so there needs to be a You know like a a cleansing and a Purification of The Human Condition and It starts with depopulation and systemic Collapse and then uh you know Redemptive Movement can begin Only spirituality will save this world It's Paul revado definitely reporting For the apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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