Hard times for Alec & the Baldwinitos + Celine goes fullghoul + Britney

Hard times for Alec & the Baldwinitos + Celine goes fullghoul + Britney

Okay greetings brothers and sisters I Don't know which channel to cover this On I'm going to cover it on my main Channel um Alec and H Hilaria are pretty Desperate you know Alec is probably a Little bit more desperate you know he Doesn't have any movie off verse her Yoga instructing uh isn't you know Bringing in the kind of dough they Need she's a yoga Instructor and so they are going on TLC And having their reality TV show um Which so many people have told me about Let's get into the announcement Here CU otherwise I'm going to look like I'm taller than you you already said I Was short hi I'm Al and I'm Aria Balden And you are Short okay you're short she's like 5'2 you he already told her she was Short like you just stand next to him or Even your kids you look like a little Kid from from Boston Spain we have an Announ let me hi I'm Aria Baldwin and I'm Al Baldwin and we have an Announcement to make good God now no Definitely not we're done having Kids this is about our show we're Inviting you into our own to experience The ups and downs the good the bad the Wild and the Crazy it's going to be called hard times At the bald wios all time hard times With the bald wios they haven't figured

Out whether it's going to be a comedy a Drama a foreign film you know shot in Boston Spain a murder Mystery a tragedy or you know all the Above home is the place we love to be Most you say we are the B we are the Bald no we are the baldwi we all got to 1 2 3 are the I'm a coming to TLC help You wow boy that was poor desperate than I thought and the kids are a Nightmare you can't have that many kids And two narcissistic parents and some Nannies and stuff um but they are you Know the Ballwin are in some hard times And you know they need he needs attent They both need attention she probably Needs more attention um you know the Whole thing about her coming from Boston Spain having two very white English Parents and then her claiming that she Is I mean putting on an accent because They like a vacation in Spain is you know was wonderful but then He shot a Coworker so um you Know I'll uh I guess I have to tune into This now I thought I was kind of getting Done with the Al Al aldwin sag I started Covering him years ago for his bogus Trump impression but you know all right Well speaking of um misbehaving kids This kid right

Here uh starts making faces behind his Dad one of the you know I me for Congress this is like epic we'd be well Served to remember the long and Cherished tradition Mr Speaker I rise Today to address the terrible precedent Set in our country four days ago Is this about Donald Trump's using the Justice system to engage in a you know This kid's going to be trouble he Realizes there's a camera on him Politically driven prosecution and now Conviction of a major political party Nominee how old this guy this gu like Got to be something like you know in his 60s right we're going to have to Investigate this cuz he's probably Married some young woman divorced his Third wife I mean I'm just I have I I Don't know who this is I'm just Speculating divorced his third wife Married some young woman who want to Have a kid and now he's got this little Ginger kid over here running for President especially kid just he's going He's the charges brought against Donald Trump should Gravely concern every Member of this body as well as every American across our country whether they Be Republican or Democrat for Donald Trump or against all right so he's Smiling now but he's like all right what Else can I do him regardless of one's Opinion of the current Republican

Nominee we'd be well served to remember Boom there it goes there we are the long And Cherished Yes do it tradition we have in this Country of settling our political Differences at The Ballot Box for nearly Two and a half centuries our nation's Elected leaders have that gets like a Freaking that gets trouble right there Properly resisted he's just undermined Everything his dad saying the temptation To oppose their political Rivals through The weaponization of our justice system Equal justice for all and an overall Trust in our justice system is Fundamental to who we are as Americans And those who would destroy that Hard-earned trust just to score cheap Political points should be held Accountable all right so that was that Um when I was a little kid had some like Mental and psychological evaluation Because I was Dyslexic which I didn't find out till I Was in my 30s and I went to the Yale University which I was lucky because They had all kinds of weird programs There and um they put me behind I was Sitting in a room by myself and they Were observing me and my dad was in There my dad used to always embarrass me Like purposefully he was kind of loud And you know didn't have the

Embarrassment Jean um and like even when I was a Little little kid and I knew that he was Behind I knew there's this mirror was There like he was watching me like I Knew he was behind there somehow and I Went up I started giving him the finger And there's like a room full of people Right my dad encouraged me to swear um Brought me to Mel Brooks movies and Things and swore so that um you know my Mom wasn't happy about that but that's Why he ended up getting the finger Because you know like he taught me to do That stuff okay so there it is right Here right here he is with um his Wife um this is you know there's a Little kid there little ginger kid she's Got red hair and she's significantly Younger than him which is exactly the Problem um you know she's Um little do they know that the silly Six-year-old making faces behind the Congressman floor speech was 59-year-old Rose Son by his wife who was 25 years as Junior so that guy's the Same age as me and looks way worse like Way older than I do um I don't you know I can't evaluate it but I know that I Look younger than him Rose and his wife Chelsea seemingly met when she was in High school and he was 42 And cross path at a caring uh a farming Convention and so um how did he make his

Money you know this stuff he's a rich Dude that decided to go into Politics um the age difference between The two was 25 years so he's had to Pony Up a a young kid who he brought to the Congress and you know there's all that Um well this is his first wife so um I Don't know when they got married but he Didn't marry till her so it's not his Third wife like I speculated but it Still isn't Better it's still not better there's a 25 age 25 year uh age Gap there and he's Got a bunch of young kids and you know I Can say I mean they must have help cuz He's a rich guy um but like you know When you're that age when you're you Know he's my age when you're my age Having kids is just you know you don't Have the energy for it right Toddlers And all that stuff you know he has Nannies and you know whatever it is but The whole thing seems pretty creepy There they are there the Fam congressman from Tennessee from Tennesse um there's that story there Something became a viral Sensation there they are the happy Couple Okay so I haven't um talked about this School in a while and she apparently has A TV show on Prime video Ready what a vocal Powerhouse is the Sound man

Okay okay so she has always been Weird it's Vegas My Voice is the conductor of my life boom She just got full ghou so you know years Ago I don't know 2017 16 17 18 something Like that I noticed it must have been Like 18 2018 now I hadn't used the word ghoul Probably in my whole life like it wasn't Something I called people it wasn't Something I thought about I talked about People being vampires and zombies but Not ghouls right and then I saw her and Pete Davidson and the word ghoul popped Into my you know my mind like that was The distinction and she had lost weight Remember she had this new new new new Very ghoulish fabric line and she was Just a nightmare like she just looked Horrible and she's always been weird She's always been really weird and very Narcissistic when your voice brings you Joy I can't Wait did she say she say when your voice Brings you Joy you mean your own voice Brings you Joy you're the best of Yourself I need my Instrument she needs her Instrument 911 what's your Emergency have been noosed with a very Rare neurological disorder and I wasn't Called stiff person syndrome otherwise

She's been diagnosed as a ghoul she's a Stiff wasn't ready to say anything Before but I'm ready now she's ready now So I'm ready now I'm ready Now sing it Salon Seline Salon what did I call her salain that's the G thing Right there that's the she's goinging it Up I see my life and I love every piece Of it takes every little piece of her Life when a girl loves her shoes she Always make okay so this way look at her Do this thing here watch your go always Make them playing the guitar fit from 6 To 10 give it to me I love them 6 to 10 She'll take it if it's 6 to 10 she'll Take it give it to her I think she means her shoes though so Those are all of her shoes behind her Right and she says if it's 6 to 10 so Really she's a she's a 10 or a nine Right and I don't know why they don't It's probably they don't make her shoes In in that size because she obviously Has big feet for a woman um I think a Nine is that big I don't know but Anyways you know like why can't she find Shoes that fit I mean look at all the Shoes behind her and it's probably that She's wearing shoes that are too small For because it's hard to wear shoes that Are too big because they fall off Right but she's saying she squeeze it Into these shoes maybe that's what Create created the the ghoul

Syndrome here we go cry that was weird She's just so weird Like C I mean she was weird before and Then she just went full Ghoul look at her girl look at play Guitar look at her do look at her Swagger and you record it sounds great But when you go on stage it will be Greater I it even greater when it's on Stage look at these people we did create Our own Magic boom look at these people how Could these people be that psych to see Saline Seline saline Salone it's not hard to do a show you Know Boom it's hard to cancel a show it's Hard to cancel a show it's easy to do The show I'm working a hard hard every Day but I have to admit it's been a Struggle it's it's not easy being a goal Just you know I want should be like you Should have that bumper sticker it's not Easy being a ghoul I miss it so much Boom underneath like she can't do Anything without showing off there it is There watch I miss it boom under the leg She has to throw a thing between her Legs even though like the kids here she Doesn't have a glove on so it's not Really a game of catch he's just there He got all dressed up for this one SE This one little moment where she comes Out for this trailer throws the ball

Into her leg probably take a few takes He's just a prop and she's not really Having a catch because he's not throwing It back to her because she can't catch It CU she's a ghoul and she does have a Baseball Mitt like look at her Hair I miss it so much oh she does have A mitt People boom there it is like just Ghouling It Up full ghoul Very dotish too if I can't run I'll walk If I can't walk I'll crawl she'll crawl She'll be on the stage like fling face Down flat with her face on the side with A microne placed next to her mouth and She'll be belting out show [Applause] Tunes I won't stop she won't stop she Can't stop she won't stop [Music] It's yeah it's not I am Sal I am Seline I had a funny name what was it Seline Salon Salon whatever it is she Has that map reveals best places to live In the US if nuclear war breaks out Fears of nuclear Apocalypse in World War III abound this is Microsoft some Prospective home rers in the US want to Reconsider the locations they're looking For property real estate experts have Concluded that the places in America That are best suited for nuclear war Survival are remote in rural areas with

Warm climate and access to water and Farmland um it's coming because people Believe it's coming and it's always been Coming Biden's campaign is hiring a me Manager but you have to move to Delaware um well that's uh you know I Tolded you his Tik Tock sh I'm going to Go back to his Tik Tok would have time Apparently they got rid of the link but It used to be there um Biden's campaign Is seeking recruit of Savvy net nzen to help whip out memes And bolster its internet strategy as a Partner manager on his digital Partnership Team um they need more Memes that aren't ones that are making Fun of Them okay not to be Outdone here is RFK Jr you know I don't believe that there's A genocide going on and I don't think Israel's intention is genocide oh come On bro come on like it's just you can't Be this much of a Shill I don't believe there's any Evidence of genocide you know 40,000 People dead and most of those kids like 45% of those kids there is genocide Going on in the midd East but it's a Genocide of je and it's oh yeah it's the Opposite genocide of Christians and Nobody's complaining about it for some Reason okay so you know Muslims got and

I'm not defending Muslims obviously you Know the all the religions are corrupt And all these things but Muslim people After the big event 2001 and before that were they became The enemy when I grew up the Russians Were the enemy like you'd watch a Arnold Schwarzeneger movie or something like That and the Russian were the enemy and Then somewhere along the line they made Muslims the enemy and they were Muslim Terrorists and then homegrown terrorists Right like you see that a lot of times Now whereas truthers are right-wing Trump type people are the enemy like That's the villains Hollywood is say These are the bad guys these are the Villains and the Muslims were almost Always it I've never seen Jews be the Villains in movies and covered in that Way in terms of the the media right and So Muslim there's a lot of anti-muslim Sentiment in the world in Europe Certainly in America and so for him to Say that that's just now and out lie Right and there are much worse Wars than What's happening in Gaza right now but Some but for some reason people don't Want to complain unless it's Jews who Are who can be blamed no people like to Complain about every yeah people only Complain about Jews no they complain About everything they do complain about Jews sure but they complain about

Everything people complain about every Racial group you're saying that they Don't complain about other demographics Like gay people don't complain about Straight people and and homophobia and Black people don't complain about white People and white people don't complain About black people and Hispanics right Like it's every group's complain about Somebody women don't complain about men Men don't complain about women no Everyone just complains about Jews no One complains about Muslims like what Are you talking about bro idea of saying That there's a genocide going on in Israel because you know people die in War and the yeah not kids they're Getting killed you just look at the guy He's just messed up like he's look at it Um and you know that in every war that's Going on in the world today there are Civilians dying and the Average death rate civilian to combatant Death rate according to the according to The United Nations and to the uh Institute for the study of urban Warfare It West point is about 9 to One in is in Gaza it's about 1 to one You mean that out of 40,000 people 20,000 people are Hamas come on bro come On like just it's silly like you're just A you've made a you like made yourself Into like a caricature like you're the Biggest shill for Israel out there but

They've achieved a better they protected In the most challenging conditions the Israeli government had the IDF Has protected civilians better than any Po any uh Army in history John Spencer Said it is the it has done more to Protect civilians under more difficult Circumstance yeah so Jesus just stop it Bro like it's embarrassing you're Embarrassing yourself so this is a trip Down memory lane we got the Baldwins we got Britney now and we had Saline saline Seline saline I think I Call her Saline um she doesn't allow comments Anymore but she's at a spa or Something hey brother we're in Vegas and We're going to a spot and we're lost Hello have a scheduled appointment for Four excellent and today it looks like We had scheduled at 4:00 it's wonderful When Britney does a a foreign accent or Whatever this is she does it all the Time I was outside working and a tick Was crawling on my toe I ticks are like Really hard and St if you ever seen a Tick or had a tick on you and you can't Really kill them you need like a rock And like a cement you know like Something to kill them but then they Blow up and they become like four times Their size or really weird but anyway She she rocks these weird accents that Are never accurate and then real life

People like serious people in this case Have to deal with her like you know Adults it's like dealing with a muppet Like we're in like Disneyland for Adults it's like going to a Spaceship balls a lot of balls hello Balls so here comes Britney into the spa And like these people have To we're going to separate Denise Welcome to spot this is so I feel like I'm tripping dude this is better than Disneyland cuz it's sexy and then at This point we can't do Video so um I don't know who this I Don't know who this bloke Is um so this is Britney's instal Still Rocking the bikinis still acting Weird I'm not going to do a Britney Dance thing but sometime I will that's Britney okay uh today is uh Thursday June 6th and this is the uh hammer guy and YouTube recommended this to me Trump is Losing his guns I want to get into the Trump thing just a little bit today but Let's uh see what he has to say here Well the breaking defendant Trump news Of the night is that Donald Trump has to Give up his guns Donald Trump who has Had bodyguards for many many years Before he had Secret Service protection Never had any rational reason to carry Or even possess a firearm but like many People who hope that a handgun might

Make them feel I don't know more like a Man Donald Trump um is that what it is Trump doesn't carry a gun like it's just Stupid Trump owns three Handguns and he obtained a license to Carry a concealed handgun a license that The New York police department now wants To revoke under the headline NYPD moves To revoke Trump's license to carry a gun The New York Times is reporting quote The police department is seeking it's Funny because of the stuff going on with Hunter Biden where he may actually go to Jail um again I'll believe it when I see It to revoke former president Donald J Trump's license to carry a concealed Weapon after his conviction in his New York hush money case according to two People with knowledge of the matter Mr Trump had a concealed carry permit in New York and had three pistols Registered under the permit the people Said two of them were turned over to the Police department's license division Around the time Mr Trump was charged in April 2023 with 34 counts of falsify buying Business records according to the people With knowledge of the matter the third Pistol had already been legally Transferred to Florida it is unclear Whether it is still in Mr Trump's Possession under federal law and state Law in New York and

Florida people with felony convictions Are barred from possessing a firearm so This is the petty stuff they're getting Into again Trump s and he's not on your Side and this isn't you know some war Against your freedoms that are playing Out with Trump like even though it seems Similar you know the Trump family and Their whatever harassment in the way That it kind of aligns with the Harassment of people in the truth Community and right-wing people it's not The same and you know Trump isn't on Your side we'll get into that a bit but You know the the pettiness here like When he's in jail he's in jail and when He's in prison he's in prison but until That time you know this is going to play Out right before the Convention there's just you know un un Uh you know this is right un schedule They finally have a conviction after Multiple attempts a kind of a lame Conviction and well you know I'll cover This at the end I want to show you more Let's get back into this Thing so now that Donald Trump is a Convicted felon not only will he lose His license to carry a concealed firearm It is now illegal for him to even Possess the handguns that he never had Any rational reason to possess so why Are you cover this you know the guys in Carried him around

Right so like they'll do anything to Cover Trump like they'll do anything Like this is not a story it's not going To affect you or anybody and it's not Anything to do with your rights or Anything to do with anything it's not Anything to do with his you know small Amount of viewers that watch this crappy Show old people it's just a way to talk About Trump because you love him right You can't you can't help but talk about Him even though Donald Trump doesn't Need those guns and never use them Losing his license will feel like a man Losing his possession of something Important to him it will feel like he Lost all of that thanks to you know just Really you're talking about his manhood To the unanimous verdict of 12 New Yorkers and that will be a form of Torture for Donald Trump Donald Trump so You really think about Donald Trump a Lot like you were like all right what's This how other ways are this going to Affect Trump you know is he going to be President we'll see it doesn't matter if He is it isn't going to get better it's Going to get worse if he is everything Is going to get worse if Biden's President it's just downhill from here Both of them are pathetic old going Scile or scile Candidates and they're just you know Even if there was a good candidate it

Couldn't save the country um let's go to See what uh Don Lemons had to say so This is Joe Biden's Tik Tok let me show You this I want to get into this more But it looks like they got something Here from Trump I'm an honest man no no You're a convicted felon I'm an honest Man no you're a convicted felon so this Is the level of content they're putting It out for young people so this is Don Lemon as I got his stuff up Here like how do you get the last name Of lemon Like ladies and gentlemen we have a Verdict that that verdict is guilty Guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty Guilty I'm not going to say it 34 times Guilty on all you said more than you Needed to you to say it once counts I Know it is real it actually happened I Know it's hard to believe I'm joined Today by a panel of fantastic Legal Eagles my experts here uh joining me is Bernard V vona and also Diane Kel like Diesel she tells me every time Don it's Keel like diesel um so hello to you guys How are so you can't pronounce her name As I can't remember it You all right all right yeah Diane how Are you feeling after that after what Happened yesterday because I wasn't sure I I thought it could go either way I was Not convinced that it was going to be Guilty and it could have been guilty on

Some charges and not guilty on others But it was guilty on all 34 didn't Matter if it was like the all the Maximum four Years I'm pretty much in shock I uh Tended to agree with you I thought if Anything it would be guilty on the Counts perhaps where uh Donald Trump Actually signed the checks in his big Sharpie I had less confidence that there Would be a guilty verdict uh on those Counts that that required entries into The corporate Ledger but be that as it May uh a despite what uh Donald Trump Said a fair and impartial jury of his Peers found that the people proved their Case so D boom yeah all right this Sucks okay just a few more things to get Get to here us finds itself further Isolated after icj orders Israel to Halt Rafa Offensive America's Child Care shortage Is pushing military families to the Breaking Port the shortage of child care Providers has left around 9,000 children Wait wanting waiting months for spots at One of the military's Child Care Centers um you know everything's Fallen Apart there's just less and less things Available that you know businesses are Going out of business and there giv them People to do fill jobs and things like This Donald Trump pretends to like Locker up was never one of his rallying

Cars I covered this on my other video Hopefully I go remember I'll put in the Clip here all right so this is my video From the YouTube bot says we want your Channel to succeed right and I wanted to Add this clip here I just took this Trump clip about him completely lying And reversing himself on lock her up in A self-serving way and them catching him In his lie but then him doing it right After the election as well where he Reversed himself and then I'm going to Get into operation warp speed they also Said lock and I felt and I could have Done it so he's saying there he could Have done it he could have locked her up Well the president and the justice Department are are not supposed to be Connected like Trump and everybody has An attorney general and and what Trump Is complaining about is that they've Politicized the attorney general and the FBI the you know intelligence Community They're not supposed to be doing Something like this locking Hillary Clinton up he said I could have done it Well like you shouldn't like that's not A part of the American government right Like he's admitting to something that You know he himself is complaining about Now where the left has used the justice Department to Target Trump right which Is you know his whole problem but you Know he shouldn't have said that like he

Shouldn't have said I could have done it Like you thought about but I'm like I'm Not going to because these guys are all In the same club right he you used to Give money to the clintons and he didn't Think like he'd ever go to jail and Maybe if he put Hillary in jail they Might do the same to him so it was only Out of self-interest he didn't like Hillary but he was just something he Used the p like he didn't care about her Crimes it was only something he could Say when he was running against her but He didn't care about any of it right cuz He's corrupt and so you know the guy Sucks right he's just selfish and Narcissistic but I felt it would have Been a terrible thing and then this Happened to me but then this happened to Me like but then it happened to me That's classic Trump and so I may feel differently About I can't tell you I can I'm not Sure I can answer the question Hillary Clint I didn't say lock her up lock her Up is right I didn't say lock her up for What she's done they should lock her up I didn't say lock her up crooked you Should lock her up I didn't say lock up Lock up Hillary if she were to win this Election it would create an Unprecedented constitutional Crisis in that situation we could very Well have a sitting president under

Felony indictment and ultimately A criminal trial guilty uh that is Donald J Trump defendant in New York Versus Donald Trump found guilty on all 34 felony counts that is the verdict Here in this case the thing about this There's no denying that and again I I Don't believe that Trump is not in on This and he might not be in on it he Might be just being used and puppeted Which he certainly is being used and Puppeted to some extent whatever that is But he I'll see I'll believe it when He's in jail right that they're Targeting this guy but he was willing to Do this to other people he talked about In the campaign Trail they're all Corrupt they're all criminals they all Suck right I always make fun of the left Because of their obsession with Trump But also Trump you know he brings all This stuff on himself just the way he is And you know he's a hypocrite but he Also uses his supporters and it came out After the election This happened you know after he beat Hillary where he you know was saying Lock her up and he was supporting that Rhetoric and then he completely About-faced and Changed Donald Trump is uh seemingly Already going back on one of his Campaign promises this is the gumball Guy he's one of he's my favorite CNN

Reporter he would later go on to count Trump's um lies and gumballs right no he Really did that Which you know makes its lies great Because everyone likes gumballs and they Had like these whole crates on Wheels You know those metal crates with jars Full of gumballs occupying the whole Room in CNN cuz he was you know counting his Lies and gumballs but let him go on here You'll remember he promised to appoint a Special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton for using a private Email server that happened during one of The debates well listen to what he said At one of these thank you rallies just Last night [Music] That plays great before the election now We don't care yeah if you couldn't Really decipher that there were chance Of lock her up from the audience and he Said now we don't care that was before The election see Trump is a good Salesman and panderer he panders to his Audience and he knews that his audience Really hated Hillary and he totally Leaned into that but after the election He could care less about him you know he Said the same thing when he went after d Santis and he said you know why are you So hard in D santis he said well he's a Front runner and then I went on to cover

How he said he was the father of the Vaccine remember all that stuff Operation warp speed so we'll come back To that let's uh get back to what I was Saying here because this is just a way To show you that Donald Trump is not on Your side and never Was and here is Donald Jr this is Eric Trump um Eric Trump said This you know they're they're literally Feeding him you know certain segments of The population that he might not have Had in 2016 and 2020 because for the First time they realized that the System's coming down that he's the Victim he's the victim that often times Some of their communities were and um And you see them swinging look at the African-American boat right that's Swinging over to Donald Trump and Spades Look at well that's unfortunate because That's a derogatory racial slur That's you stor black people and he just Said that about black people um because He's a real dope but the other thing That he said here is you let me switch Over to voice over you know uh the thing About all these narratives I just saw a Clip a video clip I'm going to put on my Other channel when I get around to Making a video there uh I still have That video up about the bloop that's you Know um is important but video about how They're you know the abuse and the the

Um like hate speech that they did Against antivaxers by you know any Measurable uh any measurable standard And so margorie teller cream was going Out after Fuji and she just sucks and I'll cover that you know because she's Not the person you want on your side but What Eric Trump just said is that all These communities that feel like the System's against them and he was talking About African-American people but also Of course like with truthers and you Know right-wing people see feeling they Targeted and you see Donald Trump being Targeted and it being unfair towards him And you think it's the same thing and It's not um like his thing is uh you Know they everything that Happens there's a way to spin the story For the left to feed their base Everything that happens with Trump and Then there's a way to feed Trump's base With the same story right Donald Trump Is convicted yes he's a felon according To Democrats and the liberal media now He's a felon we finally got him we Always knew he was a criminal now he's Been Convicted and for the right it's unfair Justice the justice system being misused And so every one of these things plays For more Division and to make it feel Like this is the same things that are Happening to you when you feel like

You're being screwed over over by the System you know I was talking about this In my last video about how this AI bot Is you know lying to us you know all or They're lying to me personally and they Come up with these like goofy things you Know these things that they say like we Want your YouTube channel to succeed Right like it's just you know it's an Obvious lie but um this um thing about Uh invalid traffic that I said the scam Where they're stealing people's money Right and you know I um have tried to Get better internet and there's a time I Had AT&T and that sucked and I went to Return the equipment that at got me you Know they gave me and you know not gave Me you know whatever pay for it and I Was at the UPS store and the lady there Said make sure you take a picture of the Receipt and everything because they'll Say you didn't get it and charge you Anyway you have to Doc doent this Interaction with you and you and UPS to Make sure that you have ways to prove That you actually gave them back the Equipment cuz I tried to return it in Person to an AT&T store they wanted me To mail it in and so then I had all the Issues with Verizon which I've told you Guys about and they you know were um I Was on the phone with a guy and he was Going to give me some kind of they never Gave me a new router just you know they

Just whatever another machine learning Issue and and the Verizon person told me Make sure you document everything that You returned cuz they'll claim that you Didn't return it and charge you and so These are these you know they used to be Customer friendly I mean in terms of AT&T kind of always sucked but you know In terms of their you know they they Want customers it used to be the Customers always right and now they just Screw you over they're always finding Ways to screw you out of money it's part Of the business model and it it's just Across the board and where their own Employees are telling you that that They're going to try to screw you later On right and so you know that's happened With YouTube now where they're stealing People's revenue and it's just a big Glom of cash you know they're you know Whatever happens they'll get your you Know they're going to get your stuff Like this is them taking back the you Know the the wealth of the people and You know that's been a plan for a long Time we know with you know they said it In the world economic Forum right and so You know that's how you're being treated It's not the same thing when Donald Trump is having this happen because you Know even though it's happening to him Maybe Organically he is not going to then

Fight for you and he's proved it over And over again right with this thing Where he did where he said you know with Lock her up like he's not going to fight For you he's not about you right he Doesn't care about you he doesn't care About like any of this stuff That has to do with you he's not you Know there for you and he ever has been And the operation warp speed was a good Example of that but he's just selfish And he's always screwed other people Over screwed the little man over he Screwed his vendors over the same way That ver in AT&T are screwing people Over where it's a Rigg system where they Have ways of getting things from you Like where you end up paying and they End up you know receiving even though It's like their fault or you know You you you've you've given back the Equipment it's like when you pay a a Security deposit and you know you're not Going to get that security deposit back The people are going to go through it The you know the property managers and They'll find ways that somehow the place Isn't left the same way that you got it And charge you money for it like the Security deposit you never count on that Coming back like whatever it is when you Going to rent a place because it's built In that they're going to take some of That right right they'll find a way to

Take it from you like you you know it's Money that you think you have your money In the banks they'll find a way to take It like it's already happened to people In you various times before they're Going to find ways to steal your Resources and then you'll you complain Or you you know you feel like you have a A case against them or whatever way Whatever you pursue you're screwed like They're not you know it's just rigged Against you there's no chance of you Being able to keep it or you know get Anything back and they're just going to Be stealing more and more of your stuff And Donald Trump isn't going to fix that Because he doesn't care about you he Showed it over and over again and so When you see him suffering the way that He's suffering it's very easy to say Well like he's like us and he's not you Know that's what Eric Trump was saying You know it's not the truth it's not you Know reality you know whatever they're Doing to Trump it's like the stuff they Did to Alex Jones where it's their guy It's their shill and they're making Precedent for what they can do to you But it isn't like that guy's on your Side and you should be fighting for him Like he's establishing a legal precedent Or you know a social precedent with the Deplatforming and then you know all the Rest of it right and so we'll see how

The election plays out you know we'll See how all this you know and I don't Know it's it's going to be scripted the Way they want it just like everything Else but this is particularly they're Handpicking the next president whether It's Biden or Trump or somebody else and I don't even know how it's going to all Play out right but the fact that his Sentencing date is like two days before The Republican convention you know like Trump is going to be running with the Idea that he might even have to Pardon Himself if he wins like they're just Going to make this into a mess and Trump Right now should win like it'd be hard For them to even cheat you know even Though the whole thing's rigged anyway Because because you know I mean Biden's So scile he's lost so much support the Youth vote because of Israel and his Campaigns like in a shambles we'll see How the debates play out but Trump is a Mess too Trump is not the same guy Trump Looks old he looks beaten he's very Bitter and he's not he doesn't have the Same energy that he had and you know He's I mean there might be still the Same passion amongst the trumps dopes But I think a lot of them have doubt Certainly people in the TRU community And so Trump has a cap of under 50% of The voters like he can't cross 48 or 49% with any sort of people who will you

Know all the other people will never Vote for him right and Biden is a Disaster so you know that leav Kennedy Who was a Disaster and so you know whatever way it Plays out it's you know it looks like Trump would win like today but we don't Know like that what's the case before They unleash Co but whatever happens With the thing it doesn't matter like The outcome doesn't matter because these Two scile old men who are you know just Puppets and have handled and incapable Of really running the country anyway Incapable of doing that job right that Job takes you know more than an 80y old Man has right you know at least these Two 80y old men and Trump really wasn't Right the country was he was president And Biden certainly isn't you know he's A puppet And so like everything that's playing Out now is completely controlled as a Way to to you know undermine you you Whole thing right like we all know it Anybody in the truth Community should Know this that is like it's this time When you know things like this happen You know when I first started doing this Years and years ago I remember people Saying you think that your life is at Risk you know well first I was in India And I talked about this with Indians and Even like some kids who are you know

There's just not a lot of Truth people In India like they just don't have it in Their in their uh you know the truth Community doesn't exist like it you know Everywhere else there's you know Whatever it is and there were some young People there that was talking to who are Kind of like you know little bit truthy Y college kids are they're like college Kids you know and I said that I like to Put together a network in India like Where true stuff was there you know like Something that would you know was Already doing this YouTube channel for America but I thought I could put Together something there cuz I was Finding there's so much corruption I Mean there would flourish and you know Of course their media is a joke there And they're like oh no they'll kill you Like they got really scared like for me Or whatever because you know I mean even Though India is a very passive country In different ways you know there's just Levels of corruption and just whatever They do there uh but like in America People would say well you know you think You're worry about your life or Whatever and you know I said to them Well they'll take away your YouTube Channel first right I mean they'll Censor you first then they'll deplatform You right like there's ways that they Would have a dealing with you which

Wouldn't involve murder like it wouldn't Involve silencing people but now I Realize it doesn't matter because no Matter how much truth you speak and when You get to the higher levels of Truth You lose your audience you lose more and More people because most people just Want the negative truth which I talk About in So Many recent videos and that Everything's going to play out the way It's going to play out and so back then You know I thought that I and other People would have influence over what's Going to happen and now I know that's Not true that nobody does nobody from The highest level of people like we're In a time where everything's locked in And it's a time of Destiny and the way Things are going to play out they're Going to play out that way or you know And so if it doesn't happen this time It'll happen next time like it's just Not a there's maybe mild Variations of the eventual outcome but The outcome is already sealed America's Fate the world's fate it's already you Know been written like even though it Hasn't technically happened yet it's Already happened and so there's nothing Anybody can do about it and so you the Way that you Deal with it is you know imperative There's The Whispers of the brighter World message let me read that here

These are these Channel message from the Sark system and I was just really Feeling this I didn't read it when it Was first uh you know it's it's from 19 It's Monday November 15th 1999 8 a.m. But it was recently released in these Whispers a day they release these Messages a day at a time and they you Know they've just they were going in Order chronological order now they Switched it up because of things being Mishandled by the heartfulness people But the message is still like are just Ring true the events occurring in your Lives are Milestones that Mark your path In themselves they are not important it Is the way you all react that shapes Your spiritual personality a challenge Successfully overcome and accepted is Very Formative do not worry about all that Could happen to you live in the present And above all in a state of surrender we Will never say it enough you cannot Change anything regarding your destiny That of your country or the Earth you Are confronted with an equation that Cannot that you cannot resolve you know This is I mean like I said when I first Started doing this I thought that the Truce Community might have some impact And I kind of thought it would be Minimal you know in terms of changes and I didn't you know I never really fully

Believe the country could be saved Because of the just all of it right Predictions and things that I saw but You know I thought the truth Community Would be more influential than it is but We know what happened that the majority Of people no matter what you show them Factually or not anything that you show Them they're not going to change their Position on this the fate of humanity is Not in your hands you can direct the Details of your lives but in Broad terms We are often powerless and control the Events that take place for the essential Surrender to the Divine to God it is not It is it it is not reassuring for you to Know that even if you are alone in the World you are not ignored and forgotten Is it not reassuring to you to know that For you to know that even if you are Alone in the world you are not ignored And Forgotten the force of Destiny man Manifests itself to you sometimes in all Its power and leaves you dumbfounded be Ready all times to accept what you Deemed unacceptable trust blindly in the Almighty that will be your greatest Strength bobing the second master of the System you know he was um this is he Died in 1983 this is 1999 where he's Given this message to this French woman But you know this is really speaks to What I'm feeling about have for a while

And it's how you react with gratitude to What you receive in the world right and That's like the important piece because Everything else is you know just um you Know in terms of your thinking that you Can change things and you could affect Change or whatever the things are going To happen the way they're going to Happen and it is a unique time and Period when there is a system in place That is you have a lifestyle it's not All that unique but in terms of the Whole globe it is because this happens To people all the time you know there's A time there's an economic Collapse and you know there's things That have happened within the Technological world you know there's a Third of the world's Workforce jobs that Used to be done by people is now being Done by robots and that's old data like I don't know what it is now like that Was you know in the early 2000s that Robots you know different types of robot Machinery was taking over for jobs that Used to be done by humans And now with technology and AI you see This I mean you know even dealing with YouTube in terms of interactions that You used to have with humans are now Being done by Machine learned AI robots And it's very good for them because the Things will just carry the you know they Are not going to be disgruntled

Employees that have doubts and have a Conscience and have a heart and have a Soul they're just going to do Machine Level work right you know emotionalist Dead you know machine decisions and so You're seeing this more and more where The machines are doing everything for People that used to be done by humans And so when that happens a job that you Used to possess no longer exist for People and there's times where the Economic collapse that whole jobs whole Industries disappeared and you had People who were you know in California Making $300,000 a year were like with Within 6 months homeless and living in Tents like that happens to people it Happens to people all the time in every Country around the world where people Get displaced it happens to animals you Know an animal's got a nice cozy hole in A tree you know I was watching a video The other day these barnells had a hole In a tree that they were going to you Know use as their nest to reproduce and Some krial came in and stole it from Right like it's just you know a matter Of what you can hold on to In nature like there's a big dominant You know animal you know pack of wolves Of you know a pride of lions or you know Like just Tigers more individual animals And they have a territory and a bigger Tiger comes along and takes their

Territory right because it's just bigger And stronger they lose a fight and that Just happens their nature comes in and There's you know Devastation and they They have to move somewhere else right There's no stability in you know your Lifestyle You all these things and so this happens And to the degree that your lifestyle Can vary from air conditioned homes you Know to where your water runs into your You know all these things vehicles Moving Vehicles airplanes and things to Living like a caveman you know is um is Prevalent for everybody like it just Your lifestyle can change to where You're like a You Know Rich billionaire And then you're in jail like it's just That could happen the variation in your You know your personal apocalypse and All that stuff is happens all the time But collectively not so much but it does Happen to countries it happens to Empires and when Empires collapse this Is the effect of it right that people's Lifestyles things that you took for Granted things that you thought were Going to be consistent or disappear and That's what we're facing and how you to Face that right cuz a lot of people are Just going to give up they're going to Curl up in a fetal position and just Check out because it's just not like Something that they can deal with right

And you know that's the the worst thing To do because you know it's completely Overwhelmed but those are the people That you can't talk to right now anyway And even people who are you know claim To be awake you know woke up they've Awakened you know is is like that most Of them aren't capable of dealing with This kind of change that's going to Occur and it's just going to be what it Is and the Dust settles and then people Are going to have to deal with all of These things like how are you going to Live when like the system you're 100% Dependent on collapses or at least is Not nearly what it was before and you Know it's War torn countries countries That were dominant I mean you get Invaded by a country and it's pretty Brutal aside from the war stuff all your Supplies you know all businesses all These things are just nobody's doing Their jobs anymore everyone's just you Living under Occupation and there's no food there's No Services I mean you know all these Things that happen right you don't have Water you don't have food you don't have Internet you don't have electricity you Don't have you know moving Vehicles you Can't go to do the things you used to do Your money is worthless right your Currency gets devalued and even if you It doesn't what do you buy because

There's nothing in the stores right and So you know these things are it's we're In the process of that you know whatever Time table it is we're in that process And so that's your situation right in Terms of a pep talk like in you know the Number one thing you can do I mean Connect to God internally which I always Say is the number one thing you can do Under any circumstance but you know Accept the what's going to happen and Just figure out you know what you need To do to adjust to it and again like I'm I'm not saying wholesale Life Changes Because I don't know what your path is Or what you should do but at least ready For what's going to happen right at Least prepare for it because you know You can see the writing on the wall and Again there's never enough time like There's never enough time to prepare for Something like that because you know There's going to be a shock to your System no matter how you know much of a Prepper you are or whatever it is There's going to be things you didn't Think about there's going to be things That happen that are out of your control And there's going to be ways that you it Affects you that you never even Anticipated and so every person has to You know prepare for that inevitability Right and nobody's going to save you Because there's nothing that can be you

Know done to save the system you know When you see a like a hurricane or Flooding or something happens a tornado Hits you know the rest of the country is Fine and there's Federal resources and There's ways you can get help maybe you Take a hit you take a loss but you end Up you know restoring your lifestyle But what happens when that happens Everywhere at once then there's no Overseeing there's nobody to help and You know people are aware of this even You know sheep are worried about nuclear War worried about you know I mean the Apocalypse the apocalyse is is something People you know think it legitimately You don't sound crazy when you say the You know the sky is falling because Everybody feels it a little bit and They're making all these TV shows and Movies Post-apocalyptic TV shows and movies and Just you know all of it and it just Feels like that because it is like that Right but anyways you know it's just Something where it's an internal Adjustment and preparing for something And accepting that you know just Thinking about things in a different way Redefining what success is for you Redefining what your lifestyle is Redefining what your daily habits are Redefining all these things you know What has life become about when the syst

That you've been you know working with Or working for or you know impressed by No longer exists like what do you do That what what's your goals for your Life what's your goals for your children What's your future look like you know What is your you know your present look Like like your daily activities and Being able to adapt to that because some People have to right that's what pockets Of the future means and being able to You know get a jump you know get a head Start on that at least mentally or int Intuitionally and then you know maybe in Terms of your planning and just making Some changes and you know preparing in Some way or another for this Inevitability right and it's just there And the people who are destined to Survive this thing will start doing that And everyone else will curl up in the Fetal position and wait for the angels To come take them away only spirituality Will save this world it's parano Definitely point from the apocalypse and The Ascension everyone have a a blessed Day and be grateful

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