Gumby Joe you canidate wears a diaper + Journey series is now gone + Hikki Naily

Gumby Joe you canidate wears a diaper + Journey series is now gone + Hikki Naily

Okay greetings brothers and sisters Um So some news about my channel here and It's a good idea for people to subscribe To anything in the description box Whether it be my multiple backup Channels of course there's a new backup Channel that's on a completely different Account um which is entitled now um let Me see what it says Here I want to get the exact title um it Says uh let they just find it here um Exposing the heartfulness commish scam I'm not calling him dodgey anymore Because that's his own he gave himself a Nickname his real name is Commish and um He sucks and so that channel is good to Subscribe to there's my other channels Here apalapse now and the gratefulness Meditation as well as my instag account And PO is the future Facebook page Because if something were to happen to My channel I can tell people where I'm Going to go afterwards right um I think I've got the thing under control but for Those of you who want to continue to see My content you should think about Subscribing and bookmarking all those Places because once you disappear it's Hard to find people once somebody's Disappeared they're you know their um Channels are gone it's hard to find them And not just for this but anything if You subscribe to all these backup

Channels then if I don't post here or my Channel disappears you can find out why So I had to erase my entire Journey Series this morning um they had Copyrighted me uh heartfulness Copyrighted me on one video on my um Gratefulness meditation channel so I got Rid of all the stuff there and I put put It on a new account and then they Copyrighted four of the videos yesterday There on this new account exposing Commish and um the heartfulness scam and Then they copyrighted me on one of my Journey series videos and in my journey Series IID used multiple clips see what I had done was there is you know a there Was the SAR meditation which I and so Many people did and enjoyed and the the Master of the system uh charie was a Wonderful human being who was service Oriented and the organization and him Particularly whenever I did something With the organization the meditation Services or go to a gathering or Participate in any kind of uh Sark thing It it uplifted me it brought me to a Higher level made me a better person Then Dody was appointed as The successor to chargie and there seems To be some skull duggery again I don't Have any proof of that but I've been Told there's a story about how you know He sort of forced his way in and there's All these guys you know they were guys

That were around master Chargie and you know I don't think there Was a winnable solution given the nature Of human beings and so klish was Appointed as his Successor and immediately the Organization has Tanked it's become a Religion at the very least a cult is Probably a better description where the People are there now to serve charger Used to serve the members and Boby and Ly the first three Masters they Dedicated their life to helping people Connect to God and would go through Extraordinary pain and suffering and Travel and you know work that chargie Did to help facilitate this connection And all of us were witnessed to it and Benefited from it but since since commas Has taken over the organization is Tanked and he says a lot of dumb poop I Mean he just makes gaffs and errors he's You know he's tells like stories that Don't add up and he tells one story in His book and he tells the same story in An interview a significant story that Nobody should believe in the first place About how these five women who were Digging ditches moved from the first Point of the spiritual journey all the Way way to the central region which Takes you know supposed to take millions Of years by self-effort and they moved Within a a fraction of a second like

Things like that so I was able to Demonstrate the level of hypocrisy and You know was some of my best work you Know the kind of work that I do here Pointing out flaws pattern Recognition and it exposed them so they Went and attacked my channels which is a Real dick move on their part and you Know it's supposed to be a forceless Force type of situation and so I had no Choice but to delete the journey series Videos because there was other copyright Material there and so it's unfortunate Because there's hundreds of hours of Content many of you enjoy the journey Series but I had no choice and I don't Know what I can do in the future like I Don't have a solution right now because I'm kind of tired and I've just devoted This this kind of a lost month here Which I covered before and I want to get Back to my normal channnel stuff here You know I could kind of go to war with Them in some ways which you know I don't Think that's going to happen because I Just don't want any relationship with Them and you know it's not to my I mean There's no purpose of it there's no goal I'm not going to fix or change what They've done to the Sark system and There's lots of people who are too sheep Aesque that are just not willing to see You know in the Organization but even with that he is

The official president of the system Commishes and so he has all the power That comes with that for that Organization and so there's no way to Oust him it isn't like it's a elected Position or something like that he's Going to be there until you know Whatever he chooses to leave or dies or Whatever and so and even if he you know Did die or left the organization is Ruined anyhow cuz you need a legitimate Spiritual m to run the thing and you Just can't make one of those you know so There's no solution right there's it's Just like with the how I feel about the Beastly system we're not going to change It it's just something that you know the Truth will eventually catch up to it and It already has you know there's this guy Called diaper Baba and I'll cover this Um I'm going to post a video maybe today Or tomorrow on my other channel the Exposing uh Commish and the heartfulness Lies um and that gets into this guy Diaper Baba who has been ping around With commish and they've gone into joint They were going into this joint um uh Real estate business that they posted a Video about selling uh luxury Wellness Apartments there in Conor and this guy Just got Slapped D diaper Baba by the Supreme Court you know on the same day and it's A real embarrassment for Commish and you

Know just shows how bad he sucks in his Decision making um so that's all going On I know you guys are going to have a Reaction to the journey series stuff I Can post Journey series videos again and It'll just be story I won't be including Clips and you know I really want to talk About I I can talk about dodgy and Commish and all these things but you Know I've already said like all there is To say I mean I've exhausted the subject But there are things rigual things I'm Going to say in Wake of this but they Just suck and the people around them Just suck and you know I mean in a way That it's bad enough when you're suck Like this and you're you know a Businessman or you're a politician but When you're supposed to be a spiritual Leader it's worse right it just is it's Worse because I know him and I'm it's Personal to me um but you know I just Want to get that out there I'll talk More about that in my other channel and You know I I just want I justess got to Get back to doing regular stuff here but You can subscribe to that other channel And you know definitely post some Responses there about all this stuff um You know and I already have a a Voiceover I was doing last night I Started before the strike came on my Journey series and it was a message to

Commish and there cronies and Thugs and You all these bad people um you know so That's coming over there I I've uploaded That video so I'm just going to release Those over the next couple days and um Yeah that's it for this I'll talk more About later I'm a little bit tired cuz I've been dealing with this you know I've been doing maintenance stuff all Morning it's like really windy outside Like crazy windy it was like 60 degrees 67 degrees yesterday and 70 here the day Before and then it um it rained and you Know got cold last night and then you Know all the rest of that um so let's Get to the other stuff here and then I'll I'll come back and talk about this Again I'll probably release a journey Series soon I'll address some of this Stuff there as well uh but let's get Into to it here I said before February Is a weird month for me and it's also Amateur hour um but I saw this I don't Know where I saw this maybe um YouTube Recommended this here's Gumby Joe with His Gumby hairdo and they're just so Ridiculous over there at B and Joe this Isn't the worst thing I want to show you But let's start here you know Sam this Is very simple it's open primaries Versus closed primaries and we've been Saying all along this election's going To be W not Across The fruited Plains of America that's going to be one in the

Suburbs of Atlanta Philadelphia Detroit And Milwaukee and here we have in Detroit again I don't know maybe people That run for office and are basically Three-time incumbents basically maybe They're happy losing 45% of their own party's vote in one County in the suburbs and and 33% Another but I will tell you I would be Like I would be hiding under the sheet If I were a politician and those were The results the next day in the area I Wow they think that Trump is in Trouble um it's a shocker from this Clown right have to win to win Michigan And win the presidency right your Candidate wears diapers Right your candidate is dribbling on Himself and you I covered this thing With an ice ice cream cone I got another Video to get to of here of Jojo M but Your your uh candidate is mentally Incompetent and you know you have like Nothing right I mean I'm not rooting for Trump I I don't know what I want I I Wish Trump would just go away Trump Sucks I'll show you some Trump stuff in A bit I mean it's a disaster but there's Nobody else there's no not one candidate Out there you know I don't know who I Want just for in terms of coverage you Know Biden's funny you know cuz he makes Scaffs and then but Biden won't make it A whole four years it'll be coma and

That'll suck you know and so Trump sucks And Trump should have just went away but There's just nothing right and it is Like Amateur hour out there because they All suck and they it's just I mean it's It's an abysmal field of potential Leaders right these are these are Flashing red lights for Donald Trump and Is people can whistle past the graveyard All they want they can yeah they could Joe assult Nikki Haley all they want Donald Trump can talk about how badly He's going to beat Barack Obama in the Fall all he wants these aren't good Numbers Barack Obama so he's mocking him For being scile your candidate is Clearly worse you know Trump is starting To break down mentally and they're old You get into your 80 years you know it's You're long past the the recommended Time for retirement you know if you're 80 years old you pretty much are retired For most things um from ex except for Being like a Grandpa or Grandma or Something you know like you there's 80y Olds that are really spry but it's rare And you know it's time to retire Mitch McConnell apparently he's retiring Because he's gone you know they're all Falling apart right but both of these Candidates suck and Biden is far worse In terms of the senility but they're Both you know they're both going to Deteriorate over the next you know

Couple years Years uh yes uh I I think they are Warning signs for obvious reasons I mean Donald Trump he's dependent on one thing Really right now which is Joe Biden not Being able to turn out the vote because Donald Trump has he he clearly has a Ceiling right he's not making overtures To win over these voters he's not even Trying to uh be nice or magnanimous to Nikki Haley he didn't mention her yeah But Joe Biden has a ceiling too they Both have a ceiling I mean that's what This is It's whether people are going to Vote just cuz they feel like they have To vote like there are people who are Disgusted by both of them and Joe Biden Didn't have that before in the previous Election and they had the whole mail and Ballot thing and all that stuff right And so you know I mean it's just it's All it's the whole thing's rigged anyway But these guys you know they they're Concern trolls for Trump D but he went Back to attack warning signs emerged for Trump after Michigan Victory her on Sunday uh it's not a a campaign that's Trying to expand the tent it's the Campaign that is what it is it's Donald Trump uh so his path to the general Election really depends on Biden's Coalition kind of fracturing and falling Apart and it's kind of a race to the Bottom there um it will be in the

Suburbs if that's the case that's where The election will come down to because Frankly that's the main competition Between the two and Donald Trump for two Cycles now has lost the suburbs over and Over again and Republicans too uh so What are they doing about it and I who's This dude here who's this Sad Sack look At have effer you know frankly I haven't Seen much from the Republican party to Try to fix this if anything what you've Seen well I don't know if I want to say That because the response to the IVF Look at him talking seriously like this Is like Ser look at this guy look at This guy try to be serious for instance Shows that they recognize they have a Problem the question is what will they Do about it and I don't know quite yet What they're going to do about it Legislatively or politically because the The the course correction will not come From Trump well let me let me tell you If I'm wanting to unite a party and I Think in the end I'm going to win you go Out and you say Nicki Haley wow let's Give her a hand she just she's an she Sucks Nikki Haley Sucks um it's not it's hickey n sucks Hickey n is Horrible and I don't mean just as a Person I mean like she's the only one Left right they had four really bad Candidates Chris Christie was an

Absolute Disaster and DeSantis was a joke and he Was the leader he was the leader he was He and niiki Kelly were he and hickey n Were you know basically neck and deck And vi v Ram Swami was not serious Candidate he sucks and so Trump already Won and they all knew it and it isn't Like they had an actual Prime Mary any Of these people had a chance of winning Nikki Hanley just got spanked in her own State right I mean if you lose your own State you know like that's sad like you Know there only a few presidents who People candidates for presidency who Lost their own State and Nikki H is one Of them and that shows you how much more Popular Trump is and Trump sucks right So Nicki Hy hasn't done anything great Trump has alienated a lot of Republicans And certainly in Independents who who Are going to vote for her because he She's the only alternative and then Democrats who can cross over and vote But she has she's not great like don't Say she's great like you know we all see What she is there's a great meme I have Here at the end incredible candidate and Here they somebody superimposed their Face on this Bud Light dude here um this Old Bud Light Campaign here's hickey N man I'm going to want her to be part Of my

Administration if she'll no what I'm Doing here is what politicians Done for thousands of years it's called Expanding the Coalition yes yeah it's Selling out right you go in you say Horrible things about each other and Then you come together and you you form Some you know deal with the devil Because that's all you can do and that's You know at least Trump has been Trump Sucks but you know he at least has been Clear that anybody that crosses him is Done um but this is Morning Joe with our African friends we think that Israel now Is the best partner that the countries Of uh Africa could have and it's Something that is dear to our hearts the Founder of uh the founder of uh modern Zionism the national movement of the Jewish people was third or Herzel and he Said after I liberate the Jewish people I will go to Africa to help Liberate the Black people we have uh our African Brethren the Ethiopian Jews who are in Our society and I personally work every Few weeks to inte help integrate more And more and incorporate them in our Definitely lot to unpackage in that Video right let's just start with their African Brethren the Ethiopian Jews a Lot of the women were given Contraceptive without consent because They did not want to have no little Black babies running around that little

Parthe state so he going to liberate the People in Africa liberate them from what From those Diamond mindes that's Drenched in blood that one of the apar Corporations make so much prophecy in Facts are with feeling all right so you Get the idea Here the guy's destroying that Yahoo for Saying that stuff right remember the United States pulled together a Coalition of more than 50 Nations 50 Nations to support Ukraine we can't Can't walk away now and that's what Putin is betting on he's betting why Can't we walk away it's Failed um it's failed right Ukraine is There's no they're they're done they Have no more people to throw out there They have I mean they're just they're Going to lose this thing no matter what It's already lost and people are you've Lost um support all these countries are Going to are bailing only America meant Anything because America was the only Real supporter in terms of the amount of Money and weapons and things we were Given and so the things lost you you you Know you lost this you gave away so much American treasure and and you know all Of it to support this thing and you lost And Russia's going to come out of this Thing stronger and America's coming out Weaker right and so it's totally Something that should be abandoned on

We're going to walk away that's why I'm Announcing more than 500 new sanctions And Response response to Putin's brutal war Of Conquest in response to Alexi nal's Death because make no mistake Putin is Responsible for Alexi's Death yeah okay do you have some um Facts with it you have some evidence or Is that just some conspiracy theory I'm Not saying he isn't but again that's a Russian um issue it has nothing to do With any anyways that's just it's pus Here this is pus he's got his own Instago page there he is pus on the Phone there's pus in meetings there's Pus wearing sunglasses there's pus and Amy prer pus and prer together again um This is his instag here's he is with This actor um so it's just you Know Breakfast I'm Hungry take it from krinkles that's me The best breakfast under the big top is Post sugar rice Kinkle this is um 1956 post sugar rice Crinkles um you can't seem to get these Today with the sugar and the the Crinkles I don't know which is creepier the sugar Is bad for you but crinkles is a real Creep you know the whole thing with Clowns right somebody sent me this thing

Crinkles Trump says criminal indictments Are the reasons black people like me and He said it here um in this um it's black Conservatives and whatever that is Federation um he um he gets into it here Of our country and it's uh done great Things and then we had a little Interruption but uh the interruptions Not going to last much longer and we're Going to have a tremendous Victory it's Going to be even Joe Biden is the Interruption I believe greater and Probably more important even than in 2016 that was now number one but I think This is going to be something very very Special over the past eight years we've Energized the Republican party and we've Expanded the Republican party you and I Have made it bigger better and so much More interesting than ever before and Much more important than ever before in 2020 we increased our share of Black vote by 50% 0 and we earned more votes from African-Americans Hispanic Americans and Asian-americans than any Republican in Generations as hasn't been you go back Many many decades and uh we're really Honored by it we're on track now to Smash you see what's happening the Pollings coming out and they go wait a Minute there must be a mistake here They're saying black people really like

Trump there must be a Mistake yeah there probably is because You know you're kind of racist right not That Biden isn't like they're both kind Of equally um they're like old guy Racist right where like you know my Grandparents and people who grew up in That generation you know they they have A different understanding of racial Dynamics um and Trump and Biden are you Know they're 80 years old right I mean Where they grow up when they born when He was born in the 30s or whatever like 40s and so they have a completely Different understanding you know it's Just old People like they're just old white guys Guys know it's no mistake They're saying what's going on we had One today 28% we had one at 31% and you know I hate to say when uh I Looked at Romney does anybody know Romney didn't he get 4% he got 4% and falling and uh we're We're at a number that people are Frankly if we were 28% I don't even Think we have to do the election they Would just I think they just wouldn't They just sort of leave they would leave They just say let's get out of town well The getting is good Because talking about we're going to do Great things for everybody for all Americans as one sign of just how great

A job we've done there are more black Republicans serving in the US House of Representatives today that at any time Since the 1870s that's a long time ago to me that Wait there was more black people in 1870 Than there are now serving in the House Of Representatives when America was like You know wasn't as many states right Like America was smaller population wise In every other way so that's not a good Statistic that's a sign of progress but The radical left Democrats oh I mean She's talking about Republicans that's Why a cause and it's a uh it's a cause For panic for them it's a nightmare Hysteria and rampant outbreaks they Suffering from a terminal case of trump Derangement Syndrome have you all Heard yeah we've heard Trump of trump Derangement they are really not doing Well but and they shouldn't be doing Well because honestly they've done a Lousy job for you they've done a lousy Job for you they've been done a lousy Job for everybody but for black Americans they have done a very poor job Every day we are welcoming more black Voters back home to the Republican party You remember the party of Lincoln party Of Lincoln to help us reclaimed the Party of Frederick Douglas party of Abraham Lincoln and Other great people okay you know it's

It's changed a lot since Then you know it's like it's called the Republican party still but you know Everything's so corrupt now like you Can't even compare it to previous Generations we're delighted to have some Of our party's most prominent Leaders With us tonight and they are really Incredible leaders Within incredible Futures and some of them like Byron Donald's is so young Wesley Hunt is so Young you guys are so young oh I'd like To get a couple of years from Them yeah you what you get you got some Spell you could Cat they're young and they're brilliant Drina Chrome or Brant and they have an Incredible incredible future they really Do I think they have an incredible Future Senator Tim Scott he gave me his Endorsement he's been one of the the Best people we've ever had uh involved With us he's been unbelievable he's a Dynamo and uh he I heard what he said to You he gave a speech today at Rock Hill He tore the house down he's better for Me than he is for himself you know that Right you know why he's a good person I Don't mind speaking about myself he Doesn't like speaking about Himself he likes speaking about people That he thinks can do a great job he's a Special man where is Tim by the way is He around here someplace cuz he was just

Back there uh he is a very very special Guy and another special man is secretary Ben Carson Ben Carson all right so at some Point he talks about the indictments I Don't know we'll just see if I can hit It here look he's looking out here at People thank you alv than this alv like She's looking for Alv happening long before most of the People in the room really did alv King Where is there where is do it do it look Look for Trump thank you you really were You know you were a a Val the king three Times and I said to the people I didn't Say this often but I said look here's a Story I always respected the Office of The President and the presidency so much And I would never hit Biden very hard oh My God what are you talking about you Disrespected the office of the Presidency that was your your signature Trait tweeting in the middle of the Night getting into like these you know Twitter Wars and these you know these Rap battles and things rap rap beep Battles and things like this I talked About how Trump was like this um you Know this white conservative billionaire Rapper you get in all these um you know Rap beefs start tomorrow we won as you Know Iowa anyways that's Trump I'm not Going to find this thing Here the military made a Rob that can

Eat organisms for fuel um well people Are organisms Right you know we're organisms so is These uh people eating Robots Okay um I don't know if I'm Offline because I've had problem with Internet but Kanye yay gave a talk about What Adidas was doing to him and Apparently it's disappeared here I'll Come back to see if it's comes back Up okay so remember when I said that Hillary Clinton had zero Talent Apparently I was wrong because she has a Wonderful Talent here You're you're toar Me the best part is here at the end Where she does this Where she does this thing here um you Know her and Katie big Perry are lovers Or whatever they are she she and Katy Perry are you know joined at the hip but I realize she does have a talent and That is boner Shrer like Hillary Clinton is like Anybody who goes into the emergency room Taking Viagra Calis or whatever those The one that that that has a 4our you Know where where you go to the emergency Room if you have a 4-Hour boner like They can just show her this show the Guys this video they'll get immediate Relief so she isn't talentless she she's Got a Talent Macy to close 150 stores 30% of

Its namesake chain is new CEO takes the Helm well that means they're going Bankrupt soon Macy's is Done um you know like so many other of These stores Google parent company loses 70 billion in market value after woke AI Chat chatbot Disaster um you know so that's happening They had some kind of woke chat bot I I Think I missed that maybe people told me About it um woke chatbot bizarre Images debacle stoked renew fears well These were these um historical figures That they changed their right Here um and so uh this guy here is George Washington and so Um you know things this again Amateur Hour out there so that's all happening Amazon creating company towns across the United States well that sounds exciting You know they're apparently they're Horrible to their Employees um some of this I've heard Like stuff that people um that I know Who um have relatives that worked on Amazon and they're just brutal and and The you know they don't pay them well And they force them to work when they're Hurt and all these Things um so them having these things These um cities you know these uh these Are these uh you know these 15minute Cities former officer of the year

Arrested in Disney assault after Threatening to effing kill security Guards and officials this was this um Pedo one of these pedos that work for Disney so this is a sketch called They're listening so Saturday Night Live Admits to something all of us experience Oh my God you have an Alexa why would You do that it listens to everything you Say a dude for Real um so this talks about how yeah you Think that thing's off but it's always On nothing is private oh come on let's Not listening this is Shane whatever his Name is the guy who got five Turns out he's kind of a sellout it Totally is I swear and even if it's not Your phone is listening your TV anything That's online so right now this would be A positive thing right what they're Saying up to this point you're like well At least they're acknowledging something That you know there's just a lack of Privacy which isn't good and they just Know everything about you and they're Using that information against you in Some way or another marketing we've all Experienced this right anybody who has Devices that are um capable of spying on You knows this they're selling your data You know that data business is the Biggest business yeah it's true I had an Apple homepod and when me and Teresa Were talking about taking a trip to the

Cayman Islands my computer just started Sending me these emails for hotels there It was freaky everyone gets hotels so We've all experienced this where you've Had you know we've had private Conversations my wife and I walking Around the pasture and we talked about Something and I come on and I'm getting Ads for it on Facebook like it's you Know we've and I've mentioned that and People have said yeah we all experienced That it's common knowledge right and so Saturday Night Live is taking something That is highly you know scary the amount Of spine that's going on and you know we Know it's happening because of we've all Experienced this and they try to turn it Into something Pervy why is there an ad here for a Green Bay Packer's butt plug I mean what Even is That so this guy ends up having a Green Bay Packer's butt plug so they turn into Something creepy and weird you know if You're going to um expose something that You know comedy is supposed To bring to light things like this and Be on the right side of it right like Good comedy Exposes things that we've all taken for Granted or have let happen And makes you see how bad it is like That's what comedy is supposed to do but These shill comedy comedian um or this

You know Saturday Night Live and these Shill comedians what they do is they Take something like this and normalize It and then they make it even weirder And pervier so this is classic Saturday Night Live and so they do the same thing Here it'll be out the freezer calling The freezer is like prison man no names Only numbers once I saw them put my so This is supposed to be a frozen embryo From Alabama because Alabama ruled that Embryos are human life which is going to Changeed the whole invitro fertilization Thing um but you know it's just one State but you know it's an interesting Argument because life begins a Conception and this is supposed to be a Frozen embryo and they're making light Of this right you know it's just and it Sucks it's not funny like these things Are horrible they're hard to sit through Like you're just sitting there going wow This is is like it just drains your Energy it sucks so bad every time I Think about it man I just got to sorry Wait just popping a Zin in your mouth Yeah yeah I don't have a mouth calling But yes I've been doing a couple zins a Day I guess the meaning of that popping The Zin is some little pouches of Nicotine or something like this and so They're not attributing life to um these You know embryos and yet they're having Them be addicted to nicotine it's just

Stupid stuff like it's just I mean it's Harder and harder for me to like get Through these videos Lately you know I've been doing I've Been burning the candle at both ends With this other stuff I've been content I've been putting out um but it's just Been such a weird month and like I'm Trying to get back to normal but there Is no normal because everything's just So freaking weird now you know it's Definitely the year of the amateur but It's also you know things are going South quickly but anyways I'll um be Posting stuff on my other channel like I Said probably today or Tomorrow um probably tomorrow and then You know if you want to subscribe there Whatever that'd be good and the rest of The things that I said because you know Who knows what's going to happen next Only spiritual Valley will save this World it's parot definitely point for The apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day and be Grateful

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