Gratitude Day

Gratitude Day

Greetings brothers and sisters Um this is a Thanksgiving Day message I'm going to basically take the day off Today but I can you know do this um I uh I'm not going to say Happy Thanksgiving Because I don't know why we say that on Holidays right you know there's no Special days in the sense that um every Day has a different energy and every day Has its own potential some days they Going to be happy days for you some days Are going to happy days for me it's you Know it's kind of random and and without Purpose you know holidays um was in India they had a day called Dali and when we were there living in a Flat there was fireworks it's supposed To be about light but somehow it's Become about fireworks like it's a Celebration of light and I don't even Remember what the specifics are but the Way that's celebrated out at least in Chenai is that people set off fireworks And in a weird way like we would be Walking around the we would be walking Around a corner and we come up on a Firework and it just blow up and you're Like you know 20 ft away like there's a Woman she lit some fireworks on the Street and ran into her house and Um and we walked up on it like and you Know people could get hurt because There's people always walking around the Streets and they do it all night like

There's fireworks going off at 2: 3 in The morning just you know people and Cheap ones like not like cool ones like The you know when you see fireworks on Fourth of July the ones that light up The sky or something like just random Firecrackers and things and it's really Stupid and there were some pictures of Like cows going and eating fireworks and Then blowing up on the and you know the Jaws were bang I mean things like this Right and it's become and you know the Smell of gun powder and the whole thing Um and so it's not a good holiday like I You know and there's another one where They throw paint on each other Everyone's supposed to like wear some White clothing and you throw dry paint And you know there's these things when We were in Sri Lanka my family and I Renewing our Visa we stayed there a Little bit longer um it's you know an Island place the ocean's kind of Polluted but you know it would be a Beautiful Ocean um they had a Hol where everyone Just gives out like treats at their Offices like you'd walk down a business Section and the businesses would all be Giving out ice cream or whatever like Little cups of ice cream not to just the Kids to everybody but you know like with Birthdays and holidays these are Supposed to be special days or happy

Days and reuniting with family and Things like that and you know the family Is so messed up and twisted in America And usually getting together with family Is a hassle and a stressor and now People are so divided politically and You know belief in their belief systems It becomes arguments in these places at These holidays you know some days you Have a good one some days you feel the Spirit like they all have like a spirit To them right and Thanksgiving has Probably the best one because it's about Gratitude you know it's about food to Whatever extent you know stuffing Yourself is you know not the best thing But being about gratitude and being Grateful is a you know is a a wonderful Holiday it's like the best of the the Holidays that we celebrate you know you Should be grateful every day like people Should focus on gratitude because it's What makes life enjoyable or makes life Worthwhile is being grateful being Grateful for whatever befalls you as Some sort of a blessing from God and When you take that attitude that's why We say be grateful at the end of my Videos you know when you have that Attitude it makes your life better be Being grateful for even the bad things Being grateful for you know appreciative Of the good things is really important Because otherwise you start thinking the

Good things are there cuz you had Something to do with it or you you were Responsible for all the good things in Your life and to some extent you can be You know you're creating your future so You're Contributing but the good things are you Know can build your ego and can make you Feel invincible and make you feel you Know I mean can do things that are are Negative to you spiritually so being Grateful for them being humble and Knowing that things can be taken away From you or the things that can change In an instant and you know things can go From from good to bad happy to you know Difficult is you know important um Otherwise you get a sense of entitlement You know Babaji the second master of the Sark system used to provide free food For people at his house that came for You know I mean he would just feed People that were there there to be a Part he didn't take donations or things At the beginning people would come to His house and he would transmit to them And clean them and he would feed them Very humble you know he didn't have a Lot of money like a watery doll you know Was a doll was a lentil sort of thing um You know the stuff that you wouldn't Find in Indian restaurants for the most Part because it's very simple food you Know Bland to some extent and a chipati

Maybe some you know like a Tortilla and um you know he would say You know eat up and and enjoy because You can't be expected to be fed like This every day he would say that about You know not the food he was providing But food that you know like the times That we live in right now where there's An abundance of food or whatever it is Right and that you can't be expected That this is going to continue forever You know we live in a time where that's The case right but being grateful is the You know I always talk about this while I used to when you go through the stages Of grief there's acceptance the five Stages of grief acceptance is the you Know the the where you reconcile the bad Thing but there's another stage which is Gratitude and everything ends with Gratitude when you're grateful for Something even you know especially the Bad things because it's easy to be Grateful for the good things but Sometimes people aren't even grateful For the good things right and so you Know how are you going to be grateful For the bad things if you're not Grateful for the good things right if You you have gratitude has to be Complete right for God when you have a Relationship with God you have to be in A state of gratitude all the time to Have a real you know sense of a a

Appropriate relationship with God if you Look at everything as a blessing you Look at everything as a gift and Opportunity then life Becomes um you know an opportunity and Something that's can move you forward That there's some purpose and some Reason for everything that's happening And that it's you know there's fairness In that right there's Justice in that Where if you think things are random and Chaotic then all these things befall you And you know our culture promises you This idea of the pursuit of happiness Right you know happiness is a condition Like you have things that are um you Know some things are uh like tangible Spiritual States or whatever it is and You know there are things that are Spiritual conditions where you're in a Moment of happiness right it's a moment It's a you know it might last for you Know a day or there's things that go With it biologically serotonin dopamine Things like this pleasure right Sometimes it's relief you know I always Feel like really good the days after I Have migraines so I'm in pain and really Feel bad and just you know trying to Grind out a you know whatever it is a uh A work day and get something accomplish As much as I can and and you know having Some physical pain then when the pain is Gone and especially for migraines it

Seems like there's a boost in serotonin You know migraines also have to do with Serotonin and things like this right you Know I made a a Long Will Smith video uh Yesterday and you know there is um I Mean there's that's the epitome of a Lack of gratitude right where uh you Know Jada came from a a um a poor family She was uh this guy U brother Bal in This interview was talking about her History her mom she came from a single Mom and her mom was a drug addict and She didn't have you know enough to eat And you know she was um having to Basically you know prostitute herself This is what this guy said in the Interview to um survive with drug Dealers and you know local thugs in the In the area or whatever and coming out Of that background and becoming a Celebrity and you know married to Somebody who's the number one what Whatever box office start have all this Wealth and fame and things like this That people crave right and this is not A grateful I mean she's miserable all The time like you see her face you know Whatever you know some people no matter What happens to them they're going to be Miserable I mean people have been Traumatized and abused and you know Things like that when they're young I Mean it just doesn't get better for them They you know they're just twisted up

Inside and they don't have the proper They've been haven't been loved and Don't know how to receive love and they Don't how to connect to God and you know These things so no matter what happens On the material Level isn't going to get Better for them right you see that Will Smith is suicidal I mean this is what This guy said Will Smith said it himself In one of the YouTube videos you know I Talked about the same things with u Madam expiration date right you know I Had a a video I put up of the the whole Stuff when this happen with Jada's book And I ran my compilation I used some Clips from Will's YouTube channel and They've copyrighted me you know on Videos that are basically dead like Videos that got four five 6,000 7,000 Views whatever they did right and not a Lot of views you know compared to what I Mean it's not affecting them their brand And you know they've already destroyed Their reput I mean there's no but They've manually found the videos like Their team or whatever and they so much Want to control things and this guy you Know if you haven't seen the video yet Some my other channel poap now channel And I you know show clips of the guy and You know his he's a good Storyteller and You know his his what he's saying is Believable because um you know I didn't Get a chance to say this yesterday but

You he talks about after seeing uh he Has accounts of Dwayne Martin giving it To you know Will Smith and Will Smith You know it's become a thing now right Um and you know murdering Will Smith From behind as he puts it right but the Story afterwards Will Smith comes Chasing them down and he tells them Three stories story of Eddie Murphy Being with a transgender prostitute and The transgender prostitute hanging Himself and the story was that he jumped Off a Roof tied some Chiefs together and Jumped off a roof and was swinging into His his trailer or something CU he got Locked out um you know so there's um Stuff like that right in the story of um Will Smith putting out a song that had Swears in it and the people that Controlled him said this song will never See the light of day you know as long as You do what you're told them having Things on him right because you know he Would he didn't swear in his his rap Music that's what his big claim to fame Was but he put out this weak song Another one of his weak songs with Swears in it and then he talked about Firing the original his original Aunt on The show getting rid of her and the prin Of Bel Air and it was interesting you Know I mean the guy could be lying but He had more context to the story like

What happened afterwards was important And he separated from Will Smith he was His personal assistant and he got out of There because of that the story is that The guy was basically saying that Will Smith was warning him that you know the People that controlled Will Smith the Handlers weren't going to be happy about This guy seeing what he Saw and you know it made the story more Believable right and it just you know Made Hollywood more scummy and what I've Talked about before stuff that we all Know you know it's um the underbelly of The the Beast and so many people aspire To be rich and famous and have these Things that how many of them are happy And how many of them are grateful see The problem is we think we know what's Good and bad we think what's we know It's good and bad for us we have desires Of things that we want and we want those Things whatever they are the things that We think make us happy all the time and The things that don't make us happy we Want to push those away I this is SJ Mar You know the meditation gratefulness Meditation I do this is the primary Philosophy of it that we believe we know What's good for us and we don't because We have sensory stimulation things that Are pleasurable you know we thinks Pleasure is what we want to feel all the Time and pain is something to avoid you

Know that's why we have pain management And drugs and things that prevent you From feeling the pain but pain is often Times a Motivator and fear and anger and things That are considered negative and things That uh whatever you know motivates us To move forward and not be in a stagnant Position right where we're in a you know This idea that you can be have a happily Ever after like this a which is probably The worst part of our indoctrination This idea of Happily Ever After because You're going to die like there's no ever After and as you get older you know I Was talking about this in my other video Um well the story I was going to say is That I my wife and I went to get some Stuff for Thanksgiving we're having a Traditional Thanksgiving you know we eat Turkey quite a bit or we used to like we Eat it when we you know there was a Place where we can get turkeys like um Like a you know not Amish but you know Amish adjacent type people that have a Little you know Farm Stand food and milk And things they sell like raw milk and Things and also the people we buy are Hay from raised turkeys we're going to Eventually race turkeys we just haven't Got around to it and you know turkeys Are I mean it's better than chicken and Especially if you raise them in more Natural you know these I mean these farm

Raised uh you know these turkeys are you Know barely they're barely able to Function they're so stupid and you know But like if you raise them in a in a Free range type situation they have a More natural life and they eat you know They have a you know more uh you know Whatever it is right better life and They have a uh they live more like a Natural animal and they also eat you Know a variety of things not just some You know grain fed I mean whatever it is It's some you know some building Somewhere but they're out there in the Sunlight and absorbing you know what all The nutrients and things that are there It's a healthier type situation right um But you know we're going to do a Traditional thing and we went to Costco And there it was a whole like it was a Kind of a a big thing that was happening There you know whatever that day it was Really crowded and we've been eating a Lot of watermelon um you know you can't Find organic watermelons we've tried to Grow them and we'll probably grow them Uh you know we've kind of got it down to To where we can grow them but it's a Limited crop right where now we can get Them even in November in Costco but Anyways they had these giant watermelons I was carrying them in the house and I Twisted and my J my back just went out And then I um you know I told this story

In my other video but I'm going to talk About a little different way and I um You know I did the so right we have this This machine called the so right again You know when I talk about health care Stuff I'm not recommending anything like I you know if people hear what I have to Say and they look into it they do their Own research but I don't you know I'm Not a medical person I'm not a you know A Healer like you know a like a doctor Type healer person um you know there's a Difference between a doctor and a Healer But you know a Healer like I don't you Know I don't think about things like That unless I have to do them like I Just have a my mom was sort of a Hypochondriac and was obsessed with her You know she had a lot of poor health And my ex was just always you know sick And some kind of she had some kind of Health thing going on constantly and you Know I just ignore it unless I have to Do something and of course I had to do Things something when after I had covid CU I just devastated my system that was Probably the worst Health thing I had in Terms of after effects right where you Know I just learn to cope and I don't Like to think about it and I don't like To do anything unless I have to right You know I don't go to the doctor unless I mean I almost never you know in the Hospital there has to be something

Really severely wrong where you know I Have to go like and even then if there's Another way you know like I don't Believe that that's a place where you Heal but anyways um I just something Popped in my back and it was bad like it Was you know and I I just my back had Been strong for about a year I don't Remember the last time I heard it my Lower back um and I you know usually be Like like a month a year I'd have a bad Back but I've been doing these stretches Especially for my soaz muscles but I did Something weird with it and we had just Come from the chiropractor and and we Went to you know Whole Foods and uh and Um Costco you know our chiropractor is Kind of a truther and you know I always Bring in information you know he doesn't Have ACC access to but he has you know a Different kind of way he's a truther and Then we were at Whole Foods and um our Cashier you know my wife pointed out That they now have this way to pay with Your palm you put your pal on a a screen And it just you know deducts money from Whatever credit card you have on file There and the cashier was like this is Really creepy like she works there but She was like you know kind of a little Truther person whatever maybe a little Bit liberal truther she goes you know Some people they don't even have to we Were like oh how do you do it she goes

You have to register but some people Don't have to because they're they're Already in the system somehow and they Just walk up and they put their Palm on And they never have to register for Anything you know they just I mean That's where we're we're getting to Right anyways I hurt my back and um I Um had seen a video from Dr Berg uh that I had meant to watch because I was Feeling uh some possible sciatic nerve Pain in my leg when I woke up in the Morning if I slept on that one side and My brother my mom has sciatic issues so I was like I have to deal with this and You know there's stretches and things You can do and I had seen the video and I had wanted to watch it but I didn't Have time you know I got some good stuff From Dr Berg before I figured his was Supplement related right and I um you Know I finally watched it because I had The back thing and he talked about Copper deficiency and again I don't Recommend things and whatever but it Kind of resonated with me because I've Been taking nasin now for a while and uh You know again oh I'm not I'm just Talking about my own situation here and Um I was and taking zinc and they Deplete your copper other things right There's there's a list of things and I You know did did a little research and The things that make people copper

Deficient and copper deficiency might Run in my family because at least two of My relatives had sciatic issues like I'd Call my mom or my brother and they'd be Like oh yeah my sciatic issue is Flaming Up is inflamed quite often like I Wouldn't talk to them that much and Probably like one out of three phone Calls they'd be talking about that right And so that's something that can be Genetic and it can come from a copper Deficiency copper is something Berg was Saying creates more collagen and the Collge it's the whole thing right you Can find the video If you you know if It's up to you it's your thing I'm not Recommended you know like I said but the Interesting thing is you know I was Taking no supplements before Co and now I take a like a a bunch of them right Just like you know uh I don't like Taking them I do now I don't care but I Was a kid my mom used to give me these Giant horse pills that was hard for me To swallow like adult Vitamin and I used to hide them in the Radiator like there was probably Hundreds behind the r Um we had these you know oldfashioned Radiators in the house uh and so I Um when I first got covid and people Were telling me what I needed to do Somebody recommended copper it was like The first thing I took and I took it for

A while and you know I didn't know if it Was benefiting me or not and then Stopped and then sort of came full Circle and I did some research into it And I you know so I we had some on hand I took some of that um but I did this so Right thing you know which is a plastic Device that helps um sort of uh like It's it hits trigger points to release The soas muscle which is usually the Cause for for lower back stuff and like I said I have these stretches I was Doing the stretches but the soas thing You go face down and it's kind of Unpleasant to use and when I got up I Tried to get up off of it like my back Just it was worse I just made it way Worse and I could barely move it was Like you know really bad um but I ended Up you know loosened up a little bit and Then I've been doing this um these Castor oil packs it's something that uh You know my wife found this video i' Done a years in years ago putting like a Piece of cloth with castor oil on it Over your over you over my liver and Gallbladder I was doing a bunch of liver Things back then you know and um and I I Didn't know if it helped or not and you Know there's a young woman who was Really Annoying um who um you know my wife sent Me the video but she knew her stuff and She had you know chronic bad Health she

Was like a naturopath and she started to Do this and it really helped her and she Developed a little you know little side Business of like pure uh pure um Whatever kind of uh castor oil and she Had these things where you could put it Over your thyroid and put it over your Your liver and your you know and you Know you could put it on for hours and I I did it I've been doing it for a few Days and it really helped me sleep and I Felt like I was detoxing in a positive Way not one you know maybe I had a Headache because of the detox but you Know it's sometimes it's like you got to Have something but I felt like it was Helping me and so I put the codor I put The things on my side and I was watching This video with brother Bal and I was Just in bed and you know really couldn't Move it was like uncomfortable for me to Be on the couch while TV so I just Laying in bed watching these videos this Video and um I got up and my back was Almost better it was like some sort of Thanksgiving Day miracle it it was two Days it was uh it was Tuesday when it Happened but and my back is like a Little bit tender and sore but there Were times I was cooking dinner last Night I didn't even notice that it was Hurt and I you know and I was going to Make this special dinner my wife likes Tha food food and I figured out how to

Make a couple of the things that she Likes and I was looking forward to Trying to make the dinner and I didn't Know if I was even going to be able to Stand and you know be there uh but like It you know loosened up and then when I Did the cod liver oil and I put cod Liver oil on my back directly and it Helped extraordinarily you know what This thing right and it was one of those Situations where something like that you Know which I mean I was looking at weeks Of just not being able to do farm work And you know it's a complete drag And you know I mean then it goes away For a little bit then you saw you do Something else and reag gravate it and You all this stuff where you know could Be a month and you know whatever it is Of just um you know pain and discomfort But it went away like you know basically Instantly and I have a system now you I Have these stretches that I do you I did The stretches too and and I think the Copper might have helped as well you Know it's hard with these supplements to Figure out what you need and like some Supplements you're taking Might leech out other things from your System and like it's just you know I Mean we live in a world where our food Is so depleted we just used to be able To eat food and used to have everything In it that we needed but now we don't

Have that and there's deficiencies that People have and it's harder to figure Them out right and you know and then When you when you take something to I Mean supplements themselves aren't easy For your body to process it it's better When it's in food you know you have good Food you know has all these minerals in It and they have good soil that has all The things that you need you know all These things I was talking about with The turkeys right so you know you have To have a a more natural life and of Course weeds you know people who know How to eat weeds and forage and things That have more you know nutrients in Them things that have deeper rooted uh Deep roots that go down and and grab you Know nutrients from you know subsoil and Things it's what I talk about you know When read the ingredients it's hard to Understand what you need you know we Used to have these cow minerals when I First had a dairy cow um there was a Place that was uh the original guy that Figured out how to do organic minerals For cows and it it smelled like the Ocean like he had kelp and these things In it and um I drove we went to his Place and I had a good conversation with Him he was 94 and he had cancer and he Was dying he talked about his process And you know bringing this into the you Know the the chemically based um you

Know sort of corporate meat farms and Things and and dairy farms you know the Way that they were processing cows in The you know inhumane way and the you Know these cows don't get the proper Nutrition and they're providing food for So many people and he developed these Minerals and I gave our cows the Minerals and they ate them like they Were the greatest thing in the world but You know I just pour them out there and They would eat them for a couple of days And then they would you know sometimes They everything I put out there they Would eat and I just kept on filling it And then eventually they wouldn't eat it For like months and then they come back And eat it right and you know in a Natural environment like we have these Pasture animals they um they walk around Just eat grass cuz that's all there is And people you know hay their fields and Put weed killer and all these things in It but if you watch a cow or you know Like a any sort of uh you know goat or Or sheep or things like this they eat Everything right they'll go into the Woods they eat leaves they eat bark they Eat you know uh we leaves off of trees They'll eat nuts you know the my cows Used to love acorns and things like this And you the acorns have a an acid in Them so they have to be careful with it But you know they'll go out and they'll

Smell things and they'll know exactly What to eat you'll see this with your Dogs if they have an upset stomach They'll walk around they'll they'll eat Grass and they'll smell stuff and They'll they'll eat things they usually Don't eat right right but their body's Telling them that they're needing Something and they can you know tell by Smelling it and you know finding things You know often times like in nature like Something like poison ivy right next to It jewel weed which is sort of a cure For poison ivy or something that Relieves some of the symptoms grows Right next to it like something that's Poisonous the something that heals it Grows right next to it right things like This in a natural environment in a Forest you you get back to these you Know these places where they grow Naturally and locally because where you Live locally is you know with your local Environment there's going to be food There that's appropriate for your local Environment right that you know now we Import things from all over the place And we eat things out of season and you Know but there's stuff that is there you Know the kind of stuff that you need Maybe fruits and things like this are Are there for you when you when you're Outside more and you're working you're Burning up more energy and you have this

Energy that's you know but in the winter Maybe not so much having all this extra Glucose in your system right the rest of It and so it's hard to tell with taking Supplements and doing things in a modern Way you know when you have enough like When your depletion of you know how much You need to take just to keep it going You know to to have the right amount all These things right but anyways going Back to this thing with my back when you Have poor health you know I struggled With postco stuff for a number of years Now it's you know pretty much gone I had A mild version of something last year Around this time you know whatever it Was but um like the first time I had it My recovery period was I mean it took Forever to get like back to you know Where I was feeling strong again and it Wasn't you know it was a lot of input That I had to do but that made me feel Grateful and appreciative for good Health right like if you have asthma Then you appreciate breathing like for Most people we take breathing for Granted cuz it's not not pleasurable you Know it's not something that we're even Conscious of but when you have trouble Breathing and then you then you're able To take a deep breath you you appreciate It you know and this is you know what I'm talking about with gratitude you Know for most people gratitude uh comes

From some having the opposite having Something that's unpleasant go away Something painful something you know That's um uh hampering your ability to Function or whatever and you know Problems it could be emotional it could Be people in your life it could be you Know I mean any number of things and Then the relief from not having that in Your life anymore you get a sense of Gratitude and you appreciate you know You learn to appreciate things and it's Unfortunate in our system that's Everything so you know I mean people Don't have like real problems to a Certain extent they have emotional Problems and they have belief system Problems and you know they're hating on Other people but you know they don't Have real issues that real problems Where when the problems go away you get A real sense of gratitude you feel you Know real sense of uh feeling Grateful because you know you're like Wow this is so much better the relief From pain and the relief of you know Suffering is um you know where gratitude Comes from I mean where you get a sense Of being able to feel that on a natural Like just organic spontaneous gratitude But you can create gratitude by you know Changing your point of view about things And looking for some reason to be Grateful for the things that you don't

Like but going back to what I was saying About SAR this you know teachings that The idea that pleasure is to be uh Pursuit and pain is to be avoided Creates so many things bad things Because the end endless pursuit of Pleasure I mean see what happens in our Society with you know like now fentol Use but drug use and you know addiction To porn addiction to all these things Right and ultimately those things lead To pain like leads to severe pain right Like leads to all kinds of pain like you Know Financial pain and you know not Being able to you know I mean being Homeless maybe or you know all these Ways that pursuing pleasure and having Endless pleasure I mean look at the rich People who have these decadent Lifestyles and they're miserable Ghoulish people disconnected from God And you know the pain of loneliness the Pain of depravity the the heavy Spiritual condition and grossness these Some scars that they create you know These Impressions that blocks their Ability to connect to God inside them And so the pursuit of happiness and Pleasure and things like that are not You know I mean with everything that you Have Master charie the third Master of The system every time he came to America He would say you know pain and pleasure Are the are two sides of the same coin

When you have pleasure you're going to Have pain like they go together and they Have to go together because because Things are defined by their opposite Right without um you know without pain You don't know what pleasure is without Sadness you don't know what happiness is Right you have to feel the opposite you Know if you're happy all the time you Don't know it because you're just that's Your natural condition if you're Miserable and depressed all the time you Don't you don't know that because you Just feel that way right it's how you Affect other people they feel you know Your happiness and that it's contagious To them or makes them feel J to whatever Way they react right positive or Negatively and you know you a depressed Person just sucks the energy out of the Room and brings everybody down right but Gratitude is something different you can Feel pain you can feel um depressed you Can feel sad you can feel happy you can Feel um any of these things you know any Of these conditions emotional or feeling Based conditions and you can still feel Gratitude you you can work towards being Grateful for whatever you're feeling and Whatever you're having going on in your Life so it's the most it's the most Superior condition because ultimately When you feel grateful you feel God's Love gratitude is a is like a an Open

Door a key to feeling God's love feeling The Divinity inside you and you know Working towards gratitude helps you feel That all the time and so you can endure These other things whether it be Pleasure whether it be pain whether it Be you know whatever the ups and downs Of your life because all those things Successes and failures you know needs to Be balanced out with gratitude and God's Love because it's you know a grounding Force in fact in grounding isn't the Proper word because it's expansive it's You know in more than but it's something That's stable you know something that Can balance out the pain isn't so bad And the pleasure isn't so good it just Keeps you you know in a more uh a stable Position where you're you know you know You uh you're having your highs and your Lows people struggle with both success And failure you know people don't feel They feel uncomfortable with success People have um you know people are you Know fearful of success and these things And they're also you know of course uh Fearful of failure and they have uh you Know stressed about these things I mean Success can stress people out happiness Can stress people out like people who Are not using to it makes them feel Uncomfortable but gratitude is something That um you know balances all those Things out makes them uh you know

Naturalizes them makes them sort of Organic makes them you know there's a Flow to it right where you flow through These various things in your life Whether you know today is a good day for You because you you know you you have Something to that's going to be uh you Know celebration in some way of people That you like and love in your life and Or you have you know miserable time with Your family that everyone hates each Other or whatever it is or you're lonely And it just a reminder that you don't Have anybody in your life or whatever in Terms of this day or any of these Holidays or any of these days that are Supposed to be special you know there's A way to focus and make it about what It's all about which is gratitude like Ultimately Thanksgiving is you know About gratitude more than any other Holiday and it's something for everyone To strive for you know just because of Certainly any time but right now in this You know conditions that are happening Gratitude is essential for people to Persevere and get through this this time Period you know the collapse of a a Decadent civilization that is you know Leeching all the positivity and natural Uh Divinity and natural you know Feelings and things that are inside us Out of our system and taking us on a Unnatural demonic path and without it

We're you know basically uh all our Material needs are met by the system so I talk about this all the time you know We're caught in a trap of being addicted And dependent on something that's bad For us and you know that's um you know a Horrible place to be and all of us are There to some extent right we you know We need the system but we you know the System is hurting us and keeping us down It's you know enslaving and then as it Collapses you know and it's all these Things I mean you think about the people Who are have some sort of um pain relief That they're taking all the time they're Taking something you know whether it be Psychological medication or Self-medication or alcohol or drugs or Something they're taking things just so They can endure the pain of their lives On a daily basis and that maybe a lot of You are in that situation they're Listening to this and what happens when Those things aren't available whether it Be you know over the- counter pain Relief or you know Tylenol or uh you Know caffeine or something more mild or Something more severe and all the things That people need in the system that's Keeping them from feeling the pain and The misery that's inside them the Depression the you know all of it right Chronic illnesses and things and you Know and those things aren't there

Anymore when you don't have something to To give you relief from your physical Issues your mental issues your emotional Issues I mean that's one of the things That people don't realize in apocalyptic Situation all the things that they just Take for granted that are there that Maybe not be that are not great for them But have become addicted to and then you Have all these addictions and they're Gone right you know things like Comforts Like what's what's it like when your House is really hot in the summer and Really cold in the winter and you don't Have electricity and you don't have These things internet addiction and you Know all these things that are Distractions to how you feel and you Know when the electricity goes out and There's peace like there's peace that People feel and you don't have these Distractions available you know people Breathe a s relief some people sensitive To it like if you get away from the like It was just everything all the Satellites were gone and all the Electricity and these things you go out Nature where you don't have any any Signals you can't get any you know you Can't get any cell phone reception and You breathe a sigh relief when you go Out to places like that and they're not Many places like that are available even If there's less you know there's just

You're out more in the in the woods or The jungle or you know somewhere where It's a there's just a level of uh you Know peace and not all this you know Electromagnetic pollution and all these Things that go with it and there's a Sigh of relief but then there's you have To face yourself right you have to now You have to you don't have things to Distract you from all the things you Thoughts that you've buried and you know All these things that you don't want to Think about or feel inside you and you Know there's just that's why people Struggle to meditate because they don't Want to look inside they don't want to Feel what it's like to be them they Don't want to feel what their actual Condition is so they have these Distractions and these you know Painkillers that they're taking to avoid Feeling the way they actually feel and You know there's a sense of panic that Sets in when they have to face Themselves and feel these things you Know and that time is coming around you Know when the system collapses everyone Has to go inside and you know deal with The things that they've been pushing Away and all these other things you know Being able to do that and and be Grateful for it I mean it's one of the Advantages of sash Mar with the cleaning And the transmission and things that you

Know you can have internal peace like I Can just sit there meditate and not have Any thoughts and not have any you know Stressors and I can look inside and not Be all stressed out and you know worried Like people have a fear of looking Inside themselves and meditating and Seeing what's in there things that they You know can't face about themselves um You know Happy Thanksgiving but Anyways this is um you know like I just A reminder about these things I don't Know whatever only spirituality will Save this world it's part death rep from The apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day and be Grateful

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