Gratefulllness Update Individual Sittings Playlist

Gratefulllness Update Individual Sittings Playlist

Greetings brothers and sisters this is a Gratefulness meditation update and the Availability of individual cities that I am giving on the gratefulness Meditation Uh YouTube channel which is linked in All of my videos on both my other Channels The uh Links to get to this channel this is Um Here are the Videos here That I've made Um I don't know where the official Channel Thing is here Um here we go it's up here This is the channel here And Um In terms of the individual sitting Playlist there's an introduction that I Hope everyone will watch before taking The individual cities explaining what to Do And what individual sittings are There's an individual sitting video That's been up for five days And I've gotten 25 something comments Or whatever to that video And Everyone has had a good experience

Except for The ads that YouTube is playing this is A not a monetized channel You need 10 000 subscribers to get a Monetized channel And I wouldn't be running ads on the Sitting videos anyway because It would interrupt the flow You can turn the volume off and just set A timer or just meditate for whatever Period of time You can get a some sort of ad blocker You know because I don't I don't get Anything from the ads like I'm not Getting Compensated for the ads that are being Run and it's Disruptive to the you know these videos Are supposed to be played without ads I can't do anything about it so it's Something you have to do on your end You can turn the volume down you can add Blocker there's Uh various um I don't know what you call them You know like browsers that are like I Think the brave browsers browsers that Have built-in ad blocker You can um You can get YouTube prime or premium Which I have and people don't like to Get that but you don't see any ads Number one But number two which is even more

Important you can download videos that You can watch Let's say the internet went down Permanently You could have all these YouTube videos Saved that would be Essential for you know there's just Great videos out there that have Um Like prepper and you know like Post-apocalyptic you know skills you Would need And you can have multiple devices and Download multiple different videos That you would want to keep forever and You could keep them as long as those Devices were You know I mean It's uh if you're at electricity or Something like that You'd still be able to access those Videos So there's advantages to that right and Uh people that you watch regularly get Compensated so again I'm not you know Pitching for YouTube but it's something That I have and Um you know use quite regularly and There's videos I'm like oh I want to Keep this especially health videos and Things That I um Go back to uh You know whatever

But there's some things you could do is What I'm saying uh it's the ads are Disruptive and you have to figure Something out to Make sure it doesn't uh Interfere the new video is uh there's a Different technique of an individual Sitting that people can experience But again there's an introduction Explaining all that in the playlist And that's a playlist people can have And Like these things would be you know Something People would want to keep into the Future And then I'm going to do a couple more Playlists one three with three Introductory settings That can be used for people to start the System and I'll explain that there'll be A longer introduction to that series I'm Going to start that probably Either today or tomorrow next week or Something And those are three individual scenes You take on It's three consecutive days and then There's an intensive Seminar I went two years ago Where we got three sittings in one day And that experience went along when I Was along with when I was made a Preceptor and Ed

Multiple cities in a short period of Time like eight sittings Three from mastercharge even five from Uh you know Advanced uh preceptors you Know higher level preceptors And that experience of deep cleaning was You know I can't I can't put a a Describe I can't really describe it and So um having three individual sittings In one day was uh wonderful way to go Deeper into the system it just uh you Know way to get cleaned out and there'll Be a playlist for that when people Really need it you're going through a Cleaning whatever before a gathering Whatever it is it's a way to get like Deep cleaning And um yeah so there's Going to be some movement there on my Other channel and they'll be More you know stuff available to people Doing the gratefulness meditation And there's a link in the description Box to um You know for the playlist hopefully I'll Remember to put that in only Spirituality will save this world it's Far about no definitely points with the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day And be grateful

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