Good Luck

Good Luck

Okay greetings brothers and sisters um I Didn't really sleep all that well last Night so I'm not going to I got stuff to Do outside today um so I'm going to do a Voice over here also covering that goofy Cultist Mah stav thing that's um this Big Gathering of multifarious um Religions and um spiritual organization Cults or whatever it is that are Gathering Together at the heartfulness asham and Uh kind of hydrod you know really uh It's kind of a scam um on my other Channel my new channel about the Exposing the heartfulness uh cult and Dodgy scam channel so I you know so I Was asked a question about successful Relationships at this period you know This time period um as things are Falling Apart and you know I have some thoughts About it And the first thing I just wanted to say That you know every day every moment There's different energy and things are Um you know when people talk about Astrology you know I had a viic Astrology reading that was really Accurate you know like I mean I long Before any of this stuff that I'm doing Now and um I mean there prediction I Lost I wrote down the notes of the Notebook and maybe a good thing you know Cuz now I'm approaching sort of the end

Of things um but you know in terms of my As I've gotten older but it was the guy Was able to really read me as a person Up to that point like he was able to say Things about me like we just had a brief Talk he knew nothing about me and you Know just based on the time that I was Born and a lot of the things that he Said all the things he said was accurate And then these things started to come True and I kept some of these things in Mind as I you know like I had it all Written down like I said but somehow During the process of a move or Something The Notebook I lost the Notebook I had the notes in but the Reason astrology works is that you know Not every moment Is um going to be the same possibility And the moment that you're born the Moment that you're married the moment That you're Um you know things happen in your life Or just anything that you're doing on a Certain day certain days pull for some Days are more harmonious some days are More contentious right you can see it in Society you can see it like if you're Watching sports you know the randomness Of sports where there is a really bad Team one of the worst teams in the League it could be any level of sports Even you know for little kids and the And the bad team just plays great wins

And you're like you know how'd that Happen you know out of a they could play 100 times and the bad team would only Win once but it's that one day right and You see this quite often a team that it Should be not a contest it should be not Even a a close you know game or match or Whatever it is the best player against You know the worst player in the league And something like this and and the Worst player does great and outplays the Better player and it's just you know and It's more than just that like there'll Be games that you know and I noticed This more when I was playing there were Days that you just no one could the Skill level was just low like the skill Level was I mean you would have good Days and bad days sometimes it was Personal but sometimes it was Everybody and no matter what sport you Were playing it was just sloppy and poor Executed and you know those same days if You were trying a project you were Building something you know you were Doing something there would just be Issue after issue and you know uh all These obstacles and things and it's Almost like you you'd be better to just Throwing down the tools and you know Starting over the next day or something Right like some days just aren't a good Day to do something you know of course We know about Mercury and retrograde

These different types of you know times Of uh you know for regular astrology and You know times where it's more difficult To communicate But understanding that not every day is The same and that you know there's Different sometimes it's better to do One thing it might be better to meditate And just not do something like not start A project not start a whatever and so Knowing that time isn't something that Is um consistent and when you go out and You do things you you know you could Read I mean you could be someone who's Really into astrology and read the you Know and that helps you like it'll help You kind of g gauge what days you should Try something what days you shouldn't But you know maybe it'll also stop you From doing something that you might you Should do or experience something that You should experience because experience From frustration experiencing Difficulties is a part of life and so It's you know it's something that you Have to end up doing you know there's Also this stuff about people's Biorhythms or whatever it might be but In terms of the time period we live now There's also just the collective feeling And what happens when a society falls Apart what happens when there's a Contentious type of atmosphere where There's Division and hatred and you know

The way the internet now is and Exacerbating things because you know you Were limited to your local people that You you know in a village based Situation when you there was no travel And there was no communication there is No telephones there's no internet right But now with the amount of information That people get and you find out about Things that are happening in the world Right like people are really upset about What's happening with Israel and Palestine and you wouldn't know about That right and it affects the way that You know people have relationships here In terms of you know different Demographics of people and things like This right I mean that's why you see Like This um you know advertisements about Jewish hate now these you know these Public Service advertisements about Anti-Semitism because people are mad at Israel and then that transfers down to Being mad at Jewish people right these Things and that affects the the Demographics and all these other things And so having the internet and then Having a time where things are just Breaking down and the effects of the Internet on people the effects of Everything But it's also a time where there's Change and we're switching like from one

Paradigm to another Paradigm whenever There's times of Change and this particular time when the End of the caluga is happening a time Where it's you know very uh solid and Materialistic that things get stirred up And truths and things that were buried Get stirred up right and you can think About this in terms of like a a breakup Of Relationships or the ending of something Certainly in divorces it happens where Things that you've Ignored right things that you on a Day-to-day basis you ignore you don't Focus on come up right because just to Create Harmony you might be bothered by One thing or another and your you know There's the positive narratives like you Can look at you know I always talk about Being grateful and you can focus on Being being grateful for everything in a In a job in a you know relationship with People or whatever friends and certainly In marriages I mean you see it happen in Divorces and then you know as a divorce As a thing ends and you no longer have Harmony and things go negative then you Focus on the negative side of things Right you can focus on the the Gratitude And the and the good things that the Relationship and the person does for you But then you can f focus on the you know The victim Consciousness and the poor me

Stuff and the things that you you know Feel are um are you're being put upon in The relationship right and so it's just A difference of focus and so when There's animosity and you have arguments Even you know in just a a marital Argument or something an argument with a Relative somebody you have a Long-standing relationship with and the Argument goes south and all of a sudden You're saying things that would been Bottled up for years and you stop Thinking about creating Harmony you sto Thinking about um certainly in a divorce Situation or something like that where Something's ending and you just get into The stuff that you don't think about the Positive things that the other person Does for you or did for you like you Know it's also how the relationship ends You know in my first marriage there was Some good things and some positive Things and as a family we were doing Some things that are that were cool and Good and you know it was it had Potential to go one way or the other and As time went on it was clear that was Just going to go the other and the good Things and the memories that are there Are now lost like the family members None of us focus on those things no one No one has memories of the good times And focuses on the good times because of The way the thing ended right had it

Ended differently we would focus on the Good things and the you know if it a Success I mean that's the difference Between success and failure that's why Failure tells a lot more about a Person's character and when there's Success and there's winning it's easy to Focus on all the things that got you to That point because you feel like all the Negative things that were there all the Things that you went through it ended up In Triumph right that's like where you Have these happily Endy happily end Ever After Stories the fairy tale ending when It ends with happily ever after with it Ends with success you can look back at All the things you went through and feel Like they contributed to the glory of Your success but when things end in Failure then all you focus in on is Finger pointing and blame and you know Negativity right and this happens in These kind of you know divorce negative Divorce situations or you know when you Leave a business or job or a partnership And whatever family things if the Relationship goes south and you focus in You focus on those negative things right And that's just human nature and that's What's happening collectively right now Because everything's getting stirred up And there's a you know a division in the Country all kinds of different divisions Between various demographics and racial

Groups and religions and then of course With the politics and then all this Stuff right and it's a time where the Powers that be are pushing for division And division is just there and then all The stuff that's been stirred up all These things that have been buried you Know secrets and lies and you know all These things that are being stirred up And things are coming to the surface and It there's just all these emotions that Go with it and people feel restless and Frustrated and negative so it's a very Hard time to build anything in terms of You know personal relationships or Create anything because it's a time of Destruction it's a time of something Ending and it's it's hard to create Something during those period of times Right you're just trying to hang on to You know the things that you have right And so the you know one of the weird Things about it is when everything falls Apart you're going to need relationships And Community you know people can live In a very individualistic way now you Can choose to live a very solitary life A very uh you know with a non-committal Life where you don't have kids you don't Get buried you don't have you know you Just um you don't have TI to a certain Job you don't work the same job you Don't have the same Community you can Move you can just change locations and

Things like this start over and you know Not be connected to anything or anybody And be very independent because the System does so much for you you don't Need people to I mean everybody needs People to some extent but you know People are lonely and these things but But you can create superficial Relationships in these Social Circles And certainly have a a different kind of Relationship and the internet right so That's you know that is all whatever it Is but you don't need a village you Don't need these personal relationships You don't need a family you don't need Things like you would before because the System can fill those gaps and can Provide you the support that you need Maybe not as good but you know you don't I mean given the way things are going And the way people are it's easier than Have relationships when people are ill Trained we don't have good examples of Marriages and we don't have good Examples of families and so it's hard to Create that and sustain that when we Don't know how to do that right we've Lost the ability to be in these kind of Relationships people are more and more Selfish and more and more what's in it For me type of Attitude and you know to have a good Positive marriage it has to be one where It's based in service in the next phase

The people that are going to make it Through this various AP apocalyptic and Post-apocalyptic type worlds that you Know future that's being created people Are going to have to be more service Oriented they're going to have to think More about other people and put other People before themselves which is you Know pretty much doesn't exist now and It's going in the opposite direction and That's why relationships are next to Impossible right now you to have a good Relationship because you know you can Start off and have the honeymoon period And You know whatever it is right the the Good times in a Relationship where there is you know Mutual um a desire to make the other Person happy and a desire to you know Please the other person and you become Um centered on doing things for the Other Person and you know the beginning of all Relationships I mean there's Potential and you know whatever it is I'm not talking just about marital Relationships but certainly in that Situation and there is potential that is Unrealized and so there's a positive Future but as you and again this is more Than just you know marital relationships And personal relationships it could Happen with you have potential as a

Human being when you're young and you Have these things that you could achieve You know you have the things that you Could blossom into but as you get older And things you know o opportunities Close down and doors are slammed in your Face and choices that you have made Limits all that right and so if you Don't move Forward you go backwards I mean this is Very true on the spiritual path that's Part of the Sark teachings there's no Stagnant place where you just sit there And you all right I've accomplished this And I'm set I don't want to go any any Farther forward well then you're going To go backwards like you have to keep on Going forward or you're going backwards Like there's no stopping you know look I've made it in terms of relationships You need to become more and more service Oriented and do more and more for the Other person and that's like love has to Progress like that right and you also Have to um you know in terms of your Intimacy in terms of your closeness you Have to you know go farther through Various things and you know negative Things that are there have to be erased And you know people have to progress and They have to open up more more they have To trust more and more they have to you Know be more and more uh you know the Relationship has to grow and get better

And for most people that stops in the Honeymoon phase of the relationship you Know then becomes more self-centered and People start thinking about you know I'm Doing all this for you and you're not Doing anything for me these kind of Things right like these you know that's How most of the relationships go of Course stress with kids and you know Jobs and just you know money and all These things happen right and so people Get pulled away from the focusing on the Relationship because you know I've said This before we're supposed to live Longer lives and you're you know when You're getting married and having kids And that's two separate things your Marriage is one thing and your kids you Know having being a parent is another Being a spouse is one thing and being a A parent is another and then also have Jobs have a career and then you have Your spiritual life and then you're just Functioning and and keeping everything Going the society have responsibilities And things and you're doing four major Things you know between the time of your You know 20s to when you're 40 and then You're kind of spent tired out and you Know I mean you're looking at retirement As some glor glorious you know freedom From a crappy job you didn't like and You know where you can finally get to You know do what you want to do with

Your time and not work some slave job in These other things you know some so Being a wage slave and all the rest of It a slave to money a slave to time and All these things and so relationships End up being where both people are Drained and start taken from the other Person they they expect horizontal Sustenance right instead of connecting To God and having vertical sustenance Where the Divinity within you and your Relationship with God is where you get Your love from but people are trying to Extract love from their horizontal Relationships and of course you know Kids are draining because you're just Giving and giving and giving kids don't Even think about giving back right I Mean maybe they do a little bit here and There but you know they're mostly just They look at you as you know it's a One-sided relationship where you're you Know doing for them and that's just your Responsibility and they don't think Twice about it they don't feel like in Gratitude for you to for you feeding Them and we don't train that in our Society and talk about it and most par Parents are in a situation where Neglecting their kids because of work Responsibilities and other things and so There's a sense of guilt or they have These you know child- centered lives Where they're just going from one

Activity doing to the next with their Kids and focusing everything on their Kids and the know kids are you know Pretty oblivious bratty kind of you know Whatever American bratty kids and you Know all those things their parents feel Resentful and they've you know lost any Sense of you know personal goals and and Things are just living vicariously Through their kids success and failures And of course the failures are there More because the kids every kid gets a Trophy you know there's no sense of like Whether a kid's good at something and You're supposed to sit there and just Watch your kids suck at Sports and these Activities and you know instead of the Kids being around you in your work you Know if you're at a farm and and the Kids are working with you and they're Learning to do those things and they're Helping you and they feel like they're Accomplishing something this is one of The good things that came out of the Homestead that we had you know my kids Were milking cows and doing things and Felt like they were contributing to the Family you know and those were the early Days when my kids were younger and Things but good things came out of that And then You' do things together as a Family and you'd have joint success in Projects and things like this and you Know when we had that when it was going

In the right direction it was time where The homestead was failing and that Sucked and that was you know that turned Things in negative Direction but before That it was positive but now every you Know adult focuses on these kids' lives And things that are not important you Know things that they're not going to Think about in years when they become Adults their activities and what they Did and the fact you were they cheering For them and and all these things it's Like some you know kids feel resentful Because they see their other parents are There doing that but it isn't really Good for the kids right because the kids Don't realize that they have something To contribute they don't realize all the Things that you do for them and they're Not involved in this you know joint work That a family is supposed to accomplish Together and that's why growing up in an Agrarian situation or you know Village-based situation A Tribe where The children learn that they have to you Know take care of the the uh elders and Things like this and there's respect for These things and awareness of what your Elders do for you you know there's Instead of you can't wait to get away From your you know this this buffer and They talked about in Seinfeld the 1500 Miles away from your retired parents you Only see them a couple times a year

Maybe at holidays you know talk to them Infrequently and that you have some Relief from the the stress and the the Burdensome nature of this relationship With your you know your parents that you Don't really love and respect because You had a crappy family because of the System and all these things right and You know all those things are coming to An end you know the problem is that most People are you know bankrupt and takers And they don't have any love to give to Other people their love bank is empty And so that's why there's not really Very many successful relationships if One person has love to give they end up Getting drained right because the other Person can't reciprocate and it becomes A just a a negative and draining Situation where the other person isn't You know trying or whatever and so most Cases it's both people both people don't Have any anything to give and they're Just drowning right people are Floundering and they they're drowning in Their in the stress of their adult lives With no real focus and overall goal and And what to do and now the system's Collapsing and there's this you know Skill level that people don't have to Survive whatever is happening and They're not you know prepared and There's no support system and you have a Bunch of selfish people you know Rats on

A sinking ship right you know the Majority of people feel drained drained In their relationships and you know Burdens it's a burden and that's why you Know it's a tough time for this kind of Thing and the people who are going to do Well in the future are going to be able To connect to God in a deep way this is The sjar meditation that they do you Know the gratefulness meditation we do But again I mean you look at what's Happening with the official Organization fra you know this guy dodgy And his cult that he's now created out Of a you know purely spiritual Organization is um You know it doesn't bode Well you know everybody's looking for Self-interested uh Pursuits and Everybody you know wants to be Especially now with the internet and Internet Fame and all these things where People are looking to be fed by their You know their thumbs up and their likes And their appreciation and then you know Being taken down and being you know Ostracized and things because of you Know your views being canceled or Whatever and being you know targeted as A group like we are in the truth Community you know it's just all Draining people feel drained and when You're feeling drained it's hard to be In a positive situation relationship any

These things you have nothing to give Right and so people that are going to be Successful in navigating this time Period have to connect to the source Have to connect deeply to God and get Nutrition and sustenance from the Divinity within and then they from that Place they can you know hopefully find Another person who's like that a person Who's you know also receiving sustenance From within and they're not just not Feeding off of you and these things you Know then you can have joint kind of Progress and you know whatever together You can have joint success and you have To have goals and interests that are Similar you have to you know one of the Ways to have a successful relationship Is the people invest in like let's say One person is passionate about something Then the other person invests and learns About that and becomes passionate about Themselves right you have to have things In common and interests in common and You know all of that um because you're Really fighting against the tides of a a Collapsing system that's pulling people Apart and getting people to be at each Other's throats I mean that's the energy Like that's the energy that's there Right now the energy pulls for division And you know poor me at victim Consciousness and these are all things People have to avoid you have to avoid

Dwelling on the negative like this is Why I always talk about being grateful You know being grateful being positive Being you know happy about things and Then you know moving forward and and Doing more and being more service Oriented if you know everyone's doing That in society you know people are like All giving of themselves and putting Other people ahead of themselves putting Other people first and God first and Things you know then you have a society Of saints but you know we have now a Society of Brats you know spoiled brats Selfish people Everybody expecting people to do for Them and not realizing you know the Hypocrisy that people have the hypocrisy That's off the charts that you know the Way that they things that they complain About they think they can do to other People right I mean people think that They you know the things that they don't Want being done to them is okay for them To do it to other people because somehow They're entitled and privileged and all These things and that's just across the Board you see it you know and I I see it Every day when I I cover world events And I see it in the comments and things And that people are just desperate you Know like I've kind of made it my policy And now that I'm doing the gratefulness Meditation that and you know I should

Make the people aware of this it's going To be an auto ban if you ask me to do More you know if you're writing a Comment to me and you're saying I want You to do more for me I want you to you Know whatever it is and you might not Even think about that way I've had People I mean just recently being like Saying things like that and not Realizing you know I'm saying it over And over there's a boundry there I'm Doing all that I can do and given the Way the things have played out for you Know the third Master of the system the Now deceased Master of the Sark system I've seen all these people that claim to Love him I mean they really loved him Spiritually they just you know adored Him the you know the previous Master of The Sark system and the way dodgy has Crapped all over the guy's Legacy and just disrespected him I mean And he was I mean dodgy has more to be Grateful to master chargie than anybody Else and then all these people who claim To love him allowing doi to do that and Erase him from the system destroy his Work and you know minimize his Accomplishments and these things I mean It's pretty brutal but seeing the way People I mean this guy did so much for Him like he changed our lives and Different things yeah can't even explain It it's something that you can't even

You know his energy and just being Around him and all the things that he Was able to do and the things he was Able to create and build and ashims and And infrastructure in the system and the Work that he did that we all benefited From and they just allowed him to be Thrown under the bus it's been shocking To me to see I mean if somebody does That much for you and you can't be Grateful and and make sure their legacy Is kept intact and you don't stand up For them and fight for them I mean then What good are you as a person as Spiritual person like these are people Who claim to be spiritual people and so Seeing that and seeing how that's played Out in the past of course you know for Christians think about the way Jesus was Disrespected and the ingratitude that Was given to him by his followers Turning on him and this has happened to One Saint after another spiritual people End up especially in the west America And Europe and these you know countries When you're spiritual people there's a Crucifix there's a crucifixion waiting For you it's just your people are going To turn on you your followers and feed Me give me more right and you're never Going to be able to give them enough You're never going to be able to satisfy I me this happens with fans of Celebrities and you know this you see

These people like stalking people and All this stuff you know people trying to Feed off of you and you know I mean it's All these things and so I've made it my Policy that I you know I do what I I Give what I can give but I'm not you Know overextending myself only to be Bitter and angry about it and resentful Towards you know there's not any sort of Reciprocation and I've experienced that Over and over again the lack of Reciprocation I you have it with your Kids and you have it with you know People who you pour yourself out for and They don't give back and they don't Respect it they're not grateful and they Complain right I mean they complain About they're doing they're like doing Nothing right I mean one one of the the Second master of SJ Mark system saying Uh all that I'm doing for you is my Business all that you're not doing for Me is your business right you know and It's um I think that's a an acccurate Description of how what it's like now in The world and so anybody asking me for More thinking that I can do more trying To squeeze more out of me um that's a Mistake like I'm not down with that and I immediately see it because you know I See it all the time that people want More like you know what are you doing You know what are you doing to Contribute like why are you asking me to

Do more like I'm not doing enough for You right in terms of whatever you know Even like this you know this information That's coming now you know and it's like I want to be I mean I'm a service Oriented person to whatever extent and I Understand the the gifts I've gotten Through the Sark system and you know Having a bank of love and and positive Energy to Contribute but you know it's like Fertilizing or watering a plant that's Not fighting for its own existence right Like a plant that's just you know a Charlie Brown or lius Christmas tree or Whatever it is you know some plant that That's but that's a bad example because They threw some lights on a dwindling Plant and try to you know make it into a Beautiful tree but it's not you know Possible something that's withering away Of its own selfishness and it won't you Know fight for itself and it won't Connect to the source it won't stick its Roots into the ground and absorbed from The divin the Divine you know wealth of Energy that's there for all of us and People just trying to feed it off of Somebody else right it's a dysfunctional Relationship right you know where you Can't carry people and you know and it's Just wrong to do that and it's that's as Boring out in what I've seen in my Personal experience you can't carry

People you know people have to be able To to stand on their own two feet and if They can't do that then you know what is There right I mean there's not Because you know you're just I mean They're not functioning like they have To learn to function like everyone has To do that so just like anything else We're entering a time where people need Other people people are going to need a Community they're going to need you know Relationships they going to need a Family and like everything else that's Been lost the abilities and the Understanding of how to do that and the Subtleties and the you know the nuances And just the overall attitude of of Being uh giving and you know being Generous and being uh you know about About other people and service oriented And having God as a part of you having a A Godly goal have some sort of divine Goal have something you know where There's I mean religions suck and Religions have been as much of the Problem or more than than everything Every other Institution but when people at least Thought about well you know Heaven is an Illusion in Christian Christianity for Example the things that religions Promise don't exist or they don't exist The way that they say they exist right They're using you and so like it's not

Positive but at least you're thinking About something like that you have some Moral standards if you're trying to be a Good person because you want to you know Assure yourself a better afterlife even If it's distorted even if it's not Accurate you're at least working on Being a good person it's not great it's Not you know it's something that has to Be destroyed and something better has to Take place but it's been destroyed and There's nothing better that's taken its Place now you have these kids growing up Not believing in God not believing a Soul not believing in some overall Purpose or plan for their existence and So all those things are present right And so you have to you know rise above All those things like you have to go to The next level like had any kind of Success and any kind of chance in the Future you have to up your game and do More and I don't know if people do that Or not like you'll you know we'll see What happens um but starting to prepare For that you know and you know thinking About life in a different way and you're You know you're it's just not about Heathenism and pleasure and you know Getting things for yourself but also you Know having some service towards God and Having some Duty and some idea of having To sacrifice a little bit of your you Know your pleasure and your enjoyment

For you know the betterment of all and That just doesn't exist right now so you Know it has to be created and you taking An interest in investing in things and And then you have to kind of you know Dive in and not worry about getting hurt I mean people have trust issues so much They're reserved and they hold back and They don't you know they don't whatever I mean trust issues is as big a part of The problem is anything else and people Have trust issues because other people Suck and have hurt them right so it Isn't like they they don't exist in some Vacuum or some void they exist because Of your experience so basically what you Have is people who are depleted and Alone and disconnected and poorly Trained and weak and you know without Character qualities and without you know Goals and uh some sort of Life Plan Having to overcome all these things at a Time when society's collapsing so it's a Hard it's a hard time like it's a hard Thing to do and people just don't have You know people who are depleted don't Have the the energy and the the love Bank and things to to even contemplate They're overwhelmed by just their Day-to-day existence never mind um Creating some you know bridge over their Existential void and their you know the The dysfunctional life that they've been Trained to you know live now to some

Idealistic uh vision of the future you Know some purposeful life where they Have goals and you know connectivity Without you know knowing how to get There knowing how where society's Pushing you into the to the lower and Pulling you and and blocking you from Accessing the higher you know but that's Your situation right like you have to You know this is what is on your plate This is what everyone has to deal with And you know good Luck only spirituality will save this World it's spado definitely point from The Apocalypse in the essention everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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