God Help us All

God Help us All

Greetings brothers and sisters few Things to get to some of these current You know the current warlike situation That's going on somewhere in the middle Part of the world you know the middle Part based on where you liveing right It's it's a Subjective and then I want to get to um There is a TV show about this place Called The Garden that was on the Discovery Channel that was about whether It was a commute or a cult and I want to Talk about that cuz that's fairly Interesting and I want to also talk About the movie kahar had a big reveal To it I watched that movie it's kind of An older movie um but first um just a Little introduction here and I been Talking about my some of my health stuff My health has been great the last year Or so Um I um you know I hurt my back and That's mostly better it's a little bit Stiff but but as I've gotten older and You know done my spiritual thing and Then tried to be be grateful for Whatever happens and see that there's Some purpose and there's a plan I notic That a lot of times when something like That happens either I more information About health or some something Completely unrelated will come out of it And a couple of things have happened one Of which I feel like I really need

Rest um you know just like I'm really Tired you I'm doing these um these Castoral compresses on my liver and My thyroid you know my wife saw these Videos and i' done some of these things Before and I'm Always uh aware of doing things for my Liver like people have um you know I did The Chinese Acupuncture uh whatever it was years and Years ago like a uh Chinese medicine and They tested these students who were Graduating from two different schools in Santa Fe New Mexico there's two Different acupuncture schools there and They don't you know jab you with needles But they die diagnose you and what type You are and I was obvious a liver a Liver type and it's something that I've Been aware of in terms of you know as You get older your internal organs don't Work as well of course people know about The heart but things just start to wear Out and your liver has been working hard And you know gets toxification and it Gets fatty and things but anyways I was Doing these compresses and I've been Sleeping like incredible it's like Winter has kicked in and I just took a Nap and I'll talk about that in a moment But I feel feel like I need the rest I Think the back thing you know my back Hurt really bad that one day I was like I couldn't

Move but then since then it's just been Sore it's been a little bit of an Inconvenience but I've just been so Tired like I couldn't have done much Outside anyway like I had some stuff I Wanted to do outside and you know like End of year Farm projects and you know I I mean they're not life or death and and You know I was working on my truck Rock And try to get sanded and I guess that Won't happen till the Spring um you know I started sanding There whatever but I just um I've been Really tired and sleeping well and Taking naps the cast oil things to help Detoxification of the liver and the Gallbladder which is have has to happen All different times and whatever it is Um but I've been feeling good about it So I feel like um you know the back Thing was like meant to be like I feel More and more like things are meant to Be If it isn't one thing it'll be Another and I got this back stretcher Was like 20 bucks and um and it works Great like I was surprised at how well It works like it makes my back I think B Aside from just the you know my back Being hurt but I think it's a great way To stretch out whatever um so anyways I Took a nap today I made a video that's Uh that's um uploading now to my other Channel and and it features Valerie

Berad Deli and some other stuff really Kind of funny video on my Apocalypse Now Channel and I took a nap and after I Take these naps I'm usually ready to go And usually naps are like 10 15 minutes But now they're like an hour long and I Think I could just go back to sleep and Sleep for like two more hours and so I Just um sometimes I wake up and meditate You know I'm in sort of a you know I'm Just out of it and so I I woke up and I Just started to watch trailers and I did This the other day and I talked about it But these were Trailers that were about Women you know women as the Protagonist in women type movies right I've been talking about how they've been Uh like you know like um chick flick Type movies I've been talking about how They're pushing the feminist agenda Through the action movies but these were Movies that are directly targeted Towards women so I watched one trailer That led to to other trailers and check Out the premise of this one movie so There is a a woman a young Woman and she meets a guy on an airplane And he is obnoxious and they don't like Each other they just don't get along They don't Vibe they're not you know There's no way that the two would ever Become a [Laughter]

Couple and they're going to a wedding And and when they go to the wedding her Parents are trying to fix her up with Her old boyfriend and she doesn't want To be part of that and this guy get this Is there because I don't know if it's The woman who's getting married or Somebody else uh related to the wedding Is his ex and he really wants her back And so the girl thinks Up This brilliant Idea I mean this is a like such a Groundbreaking premise to a movie she Thinks of a brilliant idea why don't we Pretend that we're together her in the Sky she can't stand so her parents will Back off trying to get her back together With her ex and he can make his ex Jealous I mean just makes sense right I Mean it's a brilliant idea never been Thought about before this kind of fake Romance let's fake you know we can't Stand each other but let's fake that We're together and then a bunch of funny Things happen I mean hilarious bits that You so funny you can't even I I laughed Like almost out loud like you know at Least two times and then I don't want to Jinx it but they were kind of hinting at These two kids who didn't like each Other these crazy kids who played this This game this lie on perpetrated this Fraud on their families and friends they Might actually fall in love I'm I'm not You know I don't want to jinx it like it

It's too early to say but it was heading In that direction that these kids Couldn't stand each other when they First met somehow through this deception And being forced to pretend to be Together or end up together and you know I mean wouldn't that be a miracle and You know I watched maybe four trailers All these types of chick flicky Things And they are the trailers themselves are Unwatchable like the premise of the Movie The you know every part of it it's Not just the movie will be that bad Because the trailers are like that bad It's all stuff that's redundant it's Been done over and over again with bits That have been you know it's basically The same bits which you know what's Going to happen right like in that Trailer she's um they're on the front of A yacht and they're you know making sure Everybody's watching them and she does The Titanic Pose and you know at the end of the Trailer they come back to that and she Falls into the water which you knew she Was cuz it's supposed to be funny and It's not right you know they've even Wrecked you Chick they're even wrecking the chick Flick movies like they're somehow made Them even worse right you know so here Let me show you the

Trailer Um this Um if they don't copyright it here it is Titanic me what Titanic me oh my God oh My God I don't want to do that oh my God I'm not going to Titanic you're so Stupid so cringe it's so Cringe lift my arms it's not slay at all It's so cringe it's not SLE I've seen The movie have You can I do the line it's king of the World you're king of the world it's F do It you're in Australia fing a this the Cutest thing I've ever seen are they Doing Titanic no way are they watching yep are They buying It I'm buying it and it's great What happened oh let's go back in time All right let's see what this movie's All about all right she's taking a drink She's in the airport head of the wedding On the plane of my sister yes I am Where's your fiance wait is this him wow You are a child hey I'm Ben I was her Hall pass on your Break what The it's funny they hated they hated Each other there it is Boom they hated Each other where's this going I can Never be with someone like him girl a Disaster Stop those two they're going to ruin our Wedding they're going to ruin the

Wedding look at them they're doing all Kinds of crazy stuff weird stuff that Would never happen in reality is Happening and it's hilarious sorry Sorry no way honey look who's here oh no Way this just my ex it's her ex I mean Her ex showed up in a a romantic comedy Her ex showed up and she didn't expect Him and here he is Jonathan my parents Have been trying to get us back together He's like a son no way to us they just Want what's going to happen maybe we Should just they hated each other what's The plan here tell everyone work Together what it would solve that Problem for me and you clearly want Margaret she you see it just works out Smart let's just this is good business Just makes sense easier with me she Wants what she can have let's do It we're coming we're com you know this Is such a such an original premise here Owe it's romantic comedy there she is You and Ben are [Music] Serious I know what you're thinking he's Much older they weren't right probably Thinking I'm 27 early 28s Oh north of that Buddy just so it's it's so original from The director of eza and some other BS Look they can't even sit in a car Together look at them they can't even Sit in a car together without fighting

These guys they really hate each other There's no way they could get together Get that room what's going to happen This Thing nobody believes us let's just be Affectionate permission to put my hand On your granted right okay not in Circles it's not a magic lamp oh there You go oh see like I told you this is Laugh out loud almost laugh out loud Funny are they watching is it working God damn it wait I feel Something oh it's a spider of some Squirt he had this kind of thing in his Pants and somehow didn't know it was There this giant insect like this guy I Mean he's got to he's got to get his his Junk together because his poop together Because come on what the what the where Are they okay so let's take your clothes And throw them off what the one might be In you I'm good probably a better way to Check than what I did it's a bad idea Right okay they're gone shows over oh my God who saw that coming she fell in like That when we started this thing off way Back when when there like when she said Titanic me Titanic me no one would have Saw this coming at the end where she's Falling off where she falls off here God oh my God it looks like they're Going full Titanic I love the commitment You left the commitment [ __ ] it it's Fine okay there it is

So let's start with this White House Stitches Biden grandchild Stockings after finally acknowledging Hunter love child what a wonderful Headline right like so many great things They didn't say his love child is a of Course they couldn't I mean they had Limited room here but the president's Son banged a stripper named Dallas who's From Arkansas and pregnated her didn't Know she was pregnant and had to pay Child support Um you know now is broke CU he spend a Million dollars a month on Lawyers as you can hear there's some Interference with my mic and I I don't Know how to fix it but I have to Re-shoot this here sometimes it works Sometimes it doesn't that sucks but Anyways the bidens are but anyways the Bidens used to have Christmas stockings For all their grandkids but they don't Have that anymore because they don't Want to ackowledge the stripper baby Right the crack Baby look at them Go there's the Christmas Tree this is some sort of school Here I just want to say well early merry Christmas Happy Thanksgiving um I hope you saw all our Military families it was so nice okay so She's um you know that's a Jilly Be okay so there it is there's the White

House Now 2023 here's from last year look they're All the grandkid stockings but there's Just um not enough room for a stripper Baby stocking you they just ran out of Room they don't have room for a stock Crack baby stocking there just you know It's just uh they'd have it up there but There's just a room for the you know the Legitimate children not the bastard Children so um there it is there there's Their decoration s there's just not Enough room for crack babies I mean That's what they're telling us here Israel be like we took out AAS that's a wonderful meme okay so There' been some Federman sightings here And Federman like always is on the wrong Side of every Issue do we want it now what do we want Sease fire when do we want it now what Do we want Seas fire when do we want it Now I mean I got that down like I I I Know how to do I know the system right I Know the system what do we want more Marshmallows what do we when do we want Them now you know I crack the code I got The pattern I know how to do these Nonsensical uh Ineffective chance right but it's a Ceasefire you see feeder's holding up an Israeli flag you know so he is against a Ceasefire and these are his people these Are liberals you know these are the

Democrats they're supposed to be the Non-war party and Federman is supposed To be appeasing these guys cuz he Doesn't the Republicans certainly don't Like them they're not saying anything Anti-semitic they are saying they want a Ceasefire and who's against a ceasefire Right well apparently Federman is you Know he's waving this flag so um Somebody sent me this link that there Was a million dead ukrainians as it Turns out in terms of the official story They're saying it's only 500,000 which Is quite substantial 500,000 dead and You know think about how many people That is there's only 4,000 American and Military lost their Lives in the Iraq War and there's 5,000 Dead ukrainians and they're pushing These wars right the Democrats used to Be the party of Peace the Republicans Were the proar party and Federman is Supposed to be a liberal Democrat and About people and all these things that He claims to be you know he's always you Know doing stupid things and saying Stupid things but the death toll is Mounting up in the Ukraine and people Don't want to see this in Gaza He's out there waving an Israeli flag so It says veterans demand Ceasefire Jame and he's holding this Thing up here and these are Democrats

Jame they're yelling shame at F so again you know he did this before I'm having to redo this audio I have to Redo most of it so there's going to be Some I'm going to try fix it I ordered a Different kind of mic it's kind of a Bummer but whatever we'll see what Happens Um it seems like it's not going into the Receiver some of the time on some of the Apps but anyways Federman did this Before where there was people calling For a ceasefire and his response was I'm Brain dead because I you know had a Stroke and so I don't understand the Word that you're saying so the jok's on You and they're calling for a ceasefire There's nothing wrong with the ceasefire And he's waving this flag like they're Criticizing the Israeli people he Probably thinks these people are Republicans he's too clueless to know That these are his actual people and He's in there you know waving his flag And doing this you know ridiculous Federman stuff so then to make matters Worse and this is The Young Turks which As you all know what they are um so They're even going in after Federman Right so when you're you know having Mental issues and you're you you sucked Before and then you had a stroke and Then you had a mental breakdown and you Were suicidal and you weren't able to do

Your job and then you didn't want to um Submit to a dress code and you were a National joke and the president who Scile and poops in his depends is Somehow creating less gaffs than you and Then you lose the Liberals like like talk about Self-destruction so this guy confronts Him here about the ceasefire I'm just Asking it you're a good guy I voted for You I know you're a nice guy this is Important here can I Give they grab him yanking him out of The mall Here he just assaulted him he just Assaulted him so then this this happened Israel holds about 400 four 4,500 Palestinian prisons prisoners and about 310 of which are being held in Administra of detention without the Right to trial and I turned on the news When I was eating lunch I think Yesterday and um Andrea Mitchell was on And she's very pro-israel but she had a Guy on who was saying that so this is MSNBC and he was saying that the Palestinians have been saying all along That they want their um you know is Israel can just go and grab Palestinian People and hold them without any sort of Due process and doesn't matter what what Age they are who they are and they don't Have to give them a fair trial or any Kind of trial and they just hold them

Indefinitely put him in prison and so They want their prisoners back that's What the hostage exchange has always Been about right and instead of covering This as abuse of power with Israel you Know they've made this big deal about The Hamas taken P hostages but it's okay For Israel just to grab Palestinian People and throw them in jail right like I this is the kind of thing that they Always do I mean the PE powers that be They accuse the victims of the crimes They're perpetrating on the victims Right you know like it's I mean it's Like the ultimate in gaslighting when They're doing something to you doing Something that's wrong And then they accuse you of doing that Very same thing Right but then it says here Israeli Official warns Palestinians about Celebration celebrating the release of Prisoners the moment a mother finally Sees her daughter for the first time After8 years in an Israeli prison so This is a woman a young woman who's been In a prison for 8 years God knows what She did right like it's a young woman Like you was she a terrorist or is she Just you know in the wrong place at the Wrong time the relief the anguish the Utter Joy mik Selman was part of the first Wave of Hostage prisoner exchange

Between Israel and Hamas it was painful because I was Leaving the sisters I made inside prison And I feel Like it was painful you want to go back My freedom was paid for with the blood Of the 14,000 Goins killed melik then 16 Was charged with an attempted stabbing Of Israelis Israeli authorities say no One was injured and yet she was Convicted of attempted murder and Sentenced to 10 years when her family Appealed it came down to nine melik Served almost eight of those seven years Spending the remainder of her teenage Years behind bars her family maintains Her innocence Fatina melik's mother had Dreamed of this day for years to Embrace Her daughter to share that Joy with her Community she says this was Denied the Israeli authorities were with Us from 2 p.m. they surrounded you know I mean enough with the headgear right Like you know I I understand there's Cultural things here um but it's hard For me to back any culture and I don't Back these c i don't you know I mean They're the ones that are obviously Being oppressed here that's why you know I'm tired of the lies right but I mean Come on with this you know this this It's oppressive the house and rip down The decorations of any display of Celebration they stole the joy of my

Daughter's Release to be released doesn't mean you Are fully free Israeli National Security Minister Timar benav who is himself Found guilty in 2007 before he was a Minister of incitement to racism against Arabs and supporting a terror Organization benav instructed Israeli Forces forces to use an iron fist Preventing Palestinians from celebrating The release of their loved ones saying The prisoners were Terrorists expressions of Joy or support For terrorism celebrations of Victory Give strength to those same human scum Those Nazis the policy here is very very Very he calling Palestinians Nazis clear Not to allow these expressions of joy And resolutely strive to make exactly no Joy no expressions of joy and so this is CNN business I don't know if it's in Europe but they're going in on this Thing right and stop any support for These Nazis you know it's hard to I mean it Just seems like the whole place sucks Right like both sides I me in this case You know the Israelis are looking worse Because they're they're the ones with The power but you know it's just uh you Know these are cultures that have um not That the modern culture is any better Right you know there was the this meme Of a um like a it was a cartoon of a an

American woman in a bikini and a Muslim Woman with head gear and and these Things right and the you know whatever It said there talked about how you know Both were oppressed in some way right The woman the American woman was Sexualized and you know all these things Whereas the Muslim woman had you know a Husband these things but you know all of It's just a mess I mean this is 2023 this guy I performed six Amputations in one night London Doctor It calls horrors of war after 43 days in Gaza and then um a secret uh phone Surveillance program is spying on Millions of Americans and so um there's That okay so one of my viewers sent me This i' had seen it Before um and I didn't put it up there But it was in the context the viewer Sent it to me in the context of things I Was talking about where Christians will Tell you you're going to hell and you Know this woman's crazy I mean you know Um but aside from that it's kind of Entertaining and I'm going to talk a Little bit about this at the end when I Go into my narrative portion I want to Read a comment and get back to this so Let's let's take a look motherfu I'm Just trying to help you she's just Trying to help you're just trying to Help you mfer sorry but I don't need

Your help yes you do [ __ ] yeah You do mfer you need my Help you do you do need my help sir Can't you see that you son of a could You please just let me check out my Groceries he watches groceries at Walmart or Target or something you I'm Trying to help you [ __ ] wow this is you got to ask Jesus Christ to do anything exactly ask Jesus Christ we're all Sinners ask Jesus Christ for forgiveness Emer we're all Sinners okay he was not he's not going To force you to do it you're sinning Right now no I'm not mother you not not No I'm not mfer he's not going to force You to do it you're sinning right now no I'm not [ __ ] you [ __ ] accuser Get the [ __ ] out of here you [ __ ] Accuser you mother [ __ ] Accuser you Accuser get the [ __ ] out of here wow you Mother [ __ ] accuser she's an accuser You don't accuse me like I just accuse You of being a sinner and needing help I'm the only one who gets to do this Behavior it's what I'm going to come Back to cuz I don't think I'll show you This whole thing it's 5 minutes we're Only 44 seconds in accuser of the fcking Brethren you Motherucker accuser of the Boop and Breen Brethren Excuse me yes ma'am can I Ask you I'm pissed cuz he won't repent I'm pissed cuz he won't

Repent I'm I'm you know I'm doing it so Nicely and kindly and I'm I'm winning Him over to the to the kindness of Jesus And the compassion of Jesus with my my Gentle speech and and he just won't Repent I don't understand why he won't Repent I don't understand [Laughter] It I I just want to get some groceries To go Home thank You okay so because this religious views Don't mat I don't give a because it's Going to burn in hell he's going to burn In hell and you are too B if you don't Have Jesus Christ as your savior you're Going to be down there with them Screaming in holy fing Terror [ __ ] Fire and brimstone do you [ __ ] get it Yeah do you get it totally understand I totally Understand I totally I seen this before But I never saw the whole thing I Totally understand but I can't have you Yell People I Mean it's not the way to do It Answer call me ma' who the told you what My title is [ __ ] isn't want to be called Ma'am it's not ma it's ma'am it's not Ma'am it's ma'am just don't use the word Ma'am anymore ma'am is no longer a safe

Word shut the Up Mother she's she's nailing she's going For it aace are going to Police you have to of your Okay um so you know where I'm going with This one but I also want to talk about How you know and I want to get into this Um I watched a couple of things here let Me just show you that so first this was The garden commune or cult the garden The free Garden this is their official Website here um the garden and it is an Intentional community and let me put the Um images here the thing so they had This um Documentary on um the Discovery Channel And you can clearly see where they're Manipulating it like they do and I saw a Podcast of one of these people who has a A meager social media account and they Are manipulating these narratives this Is the guy who has a social media Account and he only has like 4,000 Subscribers but apparently they've Gotten a lot of death threats and was Very controversial for a while they Thought they rebuild their their image By allowing um the Discovery Channel to Come in and manipulate their story and Of course that's what's going to happen And they're talking to this other guy And they're talking all the ways that They edited this thing to make look make

It look like things happened that didn't Um but that still doesn't excuse their Issues because um it's not a a great Community I'll get into it in a moment But then I just want to show do that First and this is the movie Kahar um which I just saw very similar To the movie Covenant but this movie Sucks it's a really bad movie and it's Um you know takes place in Afghanistan They have the same kind of theme where They're talking about um you know the Value of these interpreters that got Left behind to be killed and tortured And they there was obviously a you know They wanted to get that out there like They wanted to put that out there even Though I wasn't going to do anything to Help these poor people so there is one Telling thing in this movie kahar this Guy gets captured there's just a lot of Things that are totally unrealistic and Just poorly done but he gets captured And he has like a Handler that goes to Afghanistan and he meets up with a bunch Of these guys dressed up like Isis and they come charging in and they Look like Isis they they have the Isis Flag And they are American assets which is Everything I talk about here all the Time right that Isis was an American Asset a you know CIA asset in this movie They actually show that out um you know

Which is kind of significant but who Cares at this point so this um show the Garden cult or commune it's not a cult Because well you could just see for Yourself but it's dysfunctional because These intentional communities I have Some experience with them and I have Some experience with people and they Just don't work cuz people you know Can't be together and you know these Kind most of the people are at the Garden don't believe the society is Going to hold up and lots more people uh You know more and more people don't Believe that right they don't believe Society's going to uh make it and so They're thinking about a Post-apocalyptic situation so they're Looking for a place like this but they Made all the people look kind of crazy Or at least dysfunctional because it's a Discovery channnel that's what they're Going to do right they're a part of the Beast and everyone should know that by Now like you're not going to get a fair Shake on on a a traditional TV but these People who are you know looking for a Community and you need Community like That's the sad part because you need Community in a post-apocalyptic Situation you need a village so you have To create a village you have to create a Pocket of the future and this place Could be considered a pocket of the

Future but the people are too Dysfunctional it attracts you know lots Of homeless people like people who are Borderline homeless who have nowhere to Go and they come to a place like this Cuz you know they can survive there a Lot of these people aren't functional Enough there's a lot of liberal stuff Here the liberal stuff will drive you Crazy you know I was going to say about That uh that romantic comedy movie that Chick flick you know there's this um all These things with these uh feminist Narratives come from this aidea of Sharing and process you know back when I Went to get my Master's Degree in Counseling it was in very liberal uh Santa Fe New Mexico and we had these you Know these long Weekend um these classes like there were You know two eight hour eight hours on Saturday 8 hours on Sunday classes right A lot of these people you know worked You know I worked or whatever and so you Know was for people who are wanting to Go to school on you know when they had Free time and there was a lot of sharing And the word process was often used Right it was like the Aloha of the new Age Community oh I'm in process and once I got through with my process and you I Got to share about my process you know It's a word that means so many different Things at the time I didn't know how

Much joy I would get out of you know When I hear a new term or a new word Like um that's totally slay or you know Any of these kind of words I was using Earlier right uh and I like to use it You know like uh an old person would use A hip new word and use it out of context And just wreck It I didn't realize how much joy I would Get out of that I do it here sometimes But you know if I'm in conversations With people who young younger people I Always do that kind back when I was Younger I didn't know I get so much joy Out of that right and you know I would Have done that with the process word Back then if I knew how much fun it was I would have used the word process wrong But I don't know if you can because they Always are talking about like that but There's a lot of these new age people There and they didn't have a good skill Set and it's everything that I talk About in my journey series and my other Videos about what you can expect from Forming a community it just sucks right And it gets cultish you know a cult is Where the followers of the community Follow a leader who exploits that And takes advantage of them right you Know and people accuse me of being an Occult and I'm like SJ Mar was not ult Charie was the opposite spiritual Organization whereas the leader is a

Saint or a spiritual being that burns Their own resources and gives of Themselves and sacrifices to uplift the People in the community and that's what Sjar used to be and now I don't know What it is because dodgy such a put he Can't even make it into a cult right He'd like it to be a cult but it he Sucks so bad you know it's the whole Thing but just because something isn't a Cult like a cult is a catch word now Like conspiracy theorists is a catch Word to demonize people but it isn't Always accurate it's only accurate when Somebody's exploiting the people and Taking advantage of them and profiting From them and using them and you know Using them for its personal service or Whatever it might be or her personal Service whatever the case might be but This place isn't that but it isn't great Either because the people have low skill Sets they do a lot of dumpster diving And things it's interesting to watch but It shows you every reason why I resist Having Gatherings and doing things which I'd like to do but you know people are Just um I don't have the energy to deal With people sucking like I just don't I Don't have the energy anymore to deal With people sucking and so to weave this Thing into what I was saying earlier Here's this comment here where the Person

Writes Paul in the Bible God is love Okay remember that multile exclamation Points he also he is also light not Darkness okay now I don't know if this Is Sarcastic um there's no way for me to Tell but I think this person's serious Because it seems like a an account that Somebody opens up after I ban them and They have to get the the last word in But like this woman who was talking here You know there's a scene in the garden Where there's a guy like an obese guy Like just morbidly obese you know and They stage these narratives in all these Shows like conversations are suggested By the producers and they have people Meet you know they have people interact And things that they they create Storylines and they had this guy who was Kind of a redneck and he was right-wing And he didn't buy into the hippie Culture and he was incapable they they Were inviting people in to help them Build a second commune where they're Developing some land and this guy Couldn't do anything and they're trying To teach him what they know but they Really didn't know all that much right And so there's a point where he there's A new guy that comes in and he says that This guy's wife is going to leave him Because she's not going to tolerate that And the guy hears about it and they have

This interaction you know it's process And sharing where they have a mediator Which is just some you know hippie Hippie person right not not trained Person not that training mean means Anything but this person's not qualified Really to to mediate you know a a Dispute and there's always these ways in These communities of handling conflict Because conflict is inevitable because These people don't have the you know Things to distract them like media and Places to go and these they become like An island and it becomes insulated and They always turn on each other and There's people that they don't like and It forms clicks and groups and becomes All ego and gossip and things And people just get into it and so um They go to confront the O obese guy and He says well I think you're insecure About your marriage he just repeats back And says that you're um you know you're Deflecting or you're projecting your Insecurity in your relationship with Your wife on my relationship with my Wife and the guy gets offended like for Something he just did right and we just Saw that with this Christian woman who Got offended for this guy calling you Know calling this guy an accuser when She Accusing him of you know going to hell And not being a good person not

Repenting and things like this right Which is very common in the Christian You know um Christian people but it's Common in everybody it's all across the Internet you know how many comments I Post where a person in their comment is Doing to me what they're accusing me of Like how many times do I post a comment And it's only three or four lines and The person's totally unaware that They're doing the same behavior and I Talk about this constantly and it just Exists everywhere and it's a real Problem people are unaware of what They're doing or saying and and the Reaction it's causing and that's Happening with this whole thing with Palestine Israel on a a global level but It's happening these individual Conversations on the internet people are Completely not Self-aware and when you point these Things out to people they collapse they Attack you and they you know they get They get victim Consciousness and they Fall apart when you when you front Somebody with something obvious in them They can't even you know everyone else Knows and then people around them will Say oh no it's not true but they know It's true and you got all these enablers Out there and that's why our society Sucks right now because that's what's up Right that's what's happening right now

But people don't want to you know Confront any of these things right and In terms of the stuff with Christianity That I've been talking about you know I Stopped talking about a week ago but the Problem is there's lots of good Christians and there's lots of the Christians that have contributed things You know obviously the Christian Community has contributed homeschooling And things that I've talked about in the Past right just like the liberal Community has contributed organic foods And lots of positive things and Environmental things and other things That we don't appreciate people don't Appreciate right they all have their Contribution and there's always good People in every group that do good work And help move things forward but the Issue is always not being a aware and Some people are like some of you guys Are of your group's you know issues and That some of the teachings and some of The you know the fundamental building Blocks of the group when you get crazy People and dysfunctional people and Emotionally stunted people and low IQ People they take these things and they You know there's always they use them as Weapons or you know whatever it might be In the Christian Community or vegans or Flat earthers or whatever it is right And you you always have to be aware of

The lowest people around you and in your Group because those are the ones that Define your group and those are the ones That create the narratives that people Use against you and your group right you Know heartfulness is barely you know Exists it's got a little bit of a Website and crappy YouTube channel most People don't know about it most people Have heard about it heard about it Through me SAR you know now what what The official organizations's called Heartfulness and the master of the System Was a good practitioner and somebody That I felt was you know going to do a Good job but he just failed and it was Hard for me to accept that it failed Because I'd seen him I'd seen had the Divine sight in him and I've talked About this extensively in my journey Series you know it's pretty much about This whole thing and at some point I Just realized he failed and it was Inexcusable and I you know I left the Organization because of it right right Because the organization itself had been Contaminated and even though there's Good things in it I'm still doing the Good things I'm still doing the Meditation I'm still practicing the good Part of it but I've you know Relinquished the organization sometimes You just have to do that right an

Organization's like not fixable or it's You know completely damaged right it's It's total like a car is total and People don't realize about the official Organization and then you know branching Off into something And again if he becomes a dysfunctional Community and then that becomes Dysfunctional right because as long as People are like the way they are they're Always going to ruin things it's not Everybody it just takes a few it just Takes like a couple of people or Sometimes only one to ruin a whole thing Right and that's why you know personally I'd like to do more than I'm doing and I Like to build community but I just you Know I just don't have the energy for it Right I I just you know I need to people To be like better than me right socially I need people to be better than me and If I have people who are worse socially Than me then God help us all right only Spirituality will save this world it's Paul Romano definitely pointed from the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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