For People who want to Survive the Collapse Leave the World Behind Revisited

For People who want to Survive the Collapse Leave the World Behind Revisited

Greetings brothers and sisters I've been Waiting to make this for a couple of Days uh my wife and I I rewatched the um Uh leave it all behind moving with my Wife and I had more thoughts about that But it's really about this videos about Adjusting to an apocalyptic Situation apocalyptic situation I have Um one comment I want to address where Somebody's um talking about you know Adjusting to this type of thing and this Isn't about prepper stuff there's people Who are better Preppers than I am you Know people who have better prepper Channels these kind of things or even Homesteading or any these things it's More about how you cope like how you get Through the first couple weeks first Couple months right setting yourself up For the possibility for success in the Future and adjusting to your new Reality so it's I think pretty close to 100 Mill ion Views that the uh Netflix movie got um Which uh you know I don't know how many People watch it to the end but you have A lot of people watching something That's watching people and it's not the Best movie and it do you know issues and Things but you have a lot of people Watching this and being in that you know That Experience of realizing that your the System you're 100% depend cot has

Collapsed today is Thursday December 21st the shortest day of the year this Is the winter Solstice uh and you know this is Um uh Trump just was denied uh the Ability to uh be on the ballot in um Colorado which I'll address tomorrow Things like that are going on right There's always something going on of Course the conflict with uh you know Palestine and Israel all these things But people are more and more aware of And you can talk to most people now and You couldn't do this 5 years ago or 10 Years ago or I mean it was easy it's Been easier and easier to talk to people About this about the possibility of a Collapse a collapsing Society you know This Netflix is their number one movie Maybe their number one movie of the year And people are thinking about it right People going into that experience and Having you know this idea put into them Or this idea that's already in them that This Society could collapse the system They're 100% dependent on can collapse But even if that doesn't happen people Go through personal apocalypse personal Apocalypse and this can happen with a Loved one dying or um you know any Number of things losing a job I mean People who are making $ $300,000 a year One day and then 6 months later they're Homeless right they lose their job job

And no one wants to hire them and They're no longer you know no longer Financially viable or whatever it is They're no longer worth anything to the Employment market so what I'm about to Explain here can be transferred to any Of those types of things whenever you're Going through something like this you Know at some point in your life you'd See this with elderly couples one of the Two people you know people have been Married 50 years one of the two of them Dies and the other one dies 6 weeks Later you know a couple weeks later Because they just you know they don't Want to be here anymore I mean that's You know that's the majority of people Are going to go through that when the Apocalypse uh kicks in and so in terms Of a knockout blow where like the power Grid goes down the um and again I'm not Saying these things are going to happen I mean they're going to happen Eventually it might be a thousand years From now I don't know but it doesn't Look like it's going to be then right But when we're talking about this right What I'm talking about here is something Where you realize your lifestyle is out Of stock your lifestyle is not coming Back that your lifestyle is over and I've said this before there's three Major things that can happen in a Society like this uh you know a um a

System like this the power grid goes Down which wipes out the food system and The monetary system the monetary system Goes down and then that wipes out the Food system and the power system and the Whole system or the food system goes Down and then people run the streets Anda havoc and Chaos ensues and then Everything collapses that way these are The you know things that you know we're Looking at and there could be a war There's different ways that these things Could happen EMP solar flare you know Something some kind of big event um and We see that these events have been Portrayed in movies these things that Happen right some sort of a AI takeover Where they collapse the You know the economic system or the you Know the whatever it is right hackers I Mean there's all these ways that these Things can happen and we know from past Experiences it just takes a short period Of time for people to panic and that There have been warnings right about This multiple warnings and the warnings Haven't been you know knockout blows but They have hinted at things that could Happen in the future or will happen in The future you know there's a scene in The movie where the girl tells a story From the West and my wife was like oh That's your story it's not my story I've Heard it from Master charie in the Sark

System that there is a person in a river Who's Drowning and somebody comes off up to The side of the river and says I'll Throw you a rope and the person says no I'm waiting for God to help me some some Devote right some some person was really You know uh a god worshiper right and Then a boat comes by and says hey I'll You know I'll get you out of the river And he says no I'm waiting for God to Rescue me and then the helicopter comes And says you know I'll come get you out Of the river and the guy says no I'm Waiting for God to rescue me and so guy Eventually dies goes to heaven he said God I was praying and you didn't rescue Me and he said what do you mean I sent You a guy with a rope I sent you a boat And I sent you a helicopter and you Refused to get in so you know that's the Story the girl tells in the movie right But what I'm talking about here isn't so Much of a rescue as being prepared for What's going to happen happen because The Divine system people want to you Know blame the controllers and you got To stop doing that if you're a Controller based you know blaming the Elite oh it's elite we got to catch the Elite oh the elite you all these things The elite are keeping this dysfunctional System going they are the you know the Um Gatekeepers of the system and the

System is unfer as it is to people as Demonic as it is we're 100% dependent on It's there system and people think oh They're trying to destroy the system why Would they destroy a system where they Held all the power why would they do That the system is is not Sustainable and so they're trying to Find a way to preserve their power and You know whatever elements of the system That will support and be you know Something that can move forward into the Future that's what they're trying to do But they're not really in charge right They can keep the system going the way It is but the system can't be partial Uh you know retained not for long the System itself the whole system has to Collapse it's Divine Providence right It's part of part of a divine plan and I Talked about this before and maybe my Last video about this that people are The biggest indicators how poorly Functioning how low functioning people Are how you know reversed from being uh How limited people are in terms of their Full potential and being disconnected From God in the natural world and you Know everything that the system has Created and you know people have created The system and the system has created The people so it's a you know it's a a Joint depravity but it's still the Outcome is the same and most people

Realize something has to change but what Has to change for them is the other People it's like a dysfunctional Marriage where you're like if my wife Would just do this or my husband would Just do this and the marriage is going To end in divorce because neither party And both people are not willing to Change themselves and that's what's Necessary everyone can talk about how Everyone else needs to change but people Know there needs to be change right it's Just that they don't want the things That they want in their lives to change They don't want to do the changing Themselves and so that's you know Another big part of the problem but we All recognize change is essential that There has to be something that changes Pretty Dramatically because we can't go on the Way we're we're living right now and Young people are the biggest um you know The biggest indicator of that like each Generation getting worse and we know That these young people are just you Know they can't do anything they're Helpless they're they're not even living Lives any kind of in the real world Lives right we see what's happening we Know this can't get any worse or you Know it's just got to stop right and in That there is a big um population Reduction that needs to happen and

Everyone kind of knows it no one really Wants to admit to it no one wants to Think about it certainly we don't want The people controlling the system to Make those decisions for us and so you Know no one wants to be a part of the People that get called right no one was Volunteering I mean some people would Volunteer for it but no one wants to you Know everyone has at least some survival Instincts and Self-preservation inside themselves and With everything being the way it is now It isn't you know really there for People to to think about that but when You have that first shock now many of us Experienced a shock like this in the big Event in 2001 those of us who are conscious then But there's been other things that have Happened you know since then obviously With covid you know what we saw with Co Which I'll get into it a bit uh some of These other things these were warning Signs right what's happened with um you Know all these different sort of events And some of them have changed us there Was that hacked um Refinery you guys Remember that wasn't that long ago my Wife and I were traveling or we had to Travel and we had to buy something for Our car and we were going to put a bunch Of gas cans in the back of the car which Is you know not you know in the um we

Were going to like outside the car which Isn't really desirable right but we Didn't know if we were going to be able To make it to our destination because Where we were traveling through there Were gas shortages and there was gas Stations that were closed on the way we Found one that was open uh there's some There a lot that were open but this was You know uh there were states where they Didn't have gas and there was a guy in Front of me who was filling uh trash Bags like those thin clear trash bags Not doubled up not like three two or Three of them but one you know you know One one layer and he had you know was Loading these into the trunk of his car Bags full of gas right you know so we Know what happens with people and There's been These Warnings we see them Quite often these movies things like This where we kind of get in touch with The idea I mean I would say the good Thing about this movie is it captured The complete Helplessness of these people to deal With the situation they were now thrust Into right you know this moment where They realized oh the systems collapsed Like this one guy say at the end of the Movie that he's a worthless person an Unprepared person he can't do anything He's helpless right he can't live Without GPS can't you know can't drive

Anywhere can't do anything and so There's the initial shock that a big Event has just happened some sort of a An upheaval and it might not initially Be a knockout blow at least it won't be Clear to people and it might not be one But it'll be uh you know a variety of Ones you know a death by a Thousand Cuts And you'll lose something like you know People have this in their personal lives Somebody dies in your life somebody That's important to you And it's a hole like there's a hole in Your life now or or you get fired or Something happens where there was Something that you were doing that you No longer have the ability to do person To spend time with you know whatever it Was right you you there's something Missing in your life and you have to Cope with that and it's a loss and you Go through the five stages of grief and You know you have to summon up uh you Know some energy to keep on going on you Know you have this with kids to you know There be multiple suicides in a high School and things like this right like People you know uh just they lose the Will to to go on right and so when that Happens when people realize that their Lifestyle has changed forever and the System that you know they're 100% Dependent on you'll find that most People are just going to quit and check

Out but they're not going to like commit Suicide they're not going to just give Up like that uh you know with that much Consciousness they're going to go Unconscious you know you might talk to One of your loved ones or one of your Family members or friends and they'll be Sort of catatonic and you can't make Contact with them like they're just not There it's like their souls already left Is preparing to leave their bodies and They're just hanging on because that's You know they're not ready to die that's The other thing right people aren't Prepared to die and I'll get into that In just a bit but they're also not Prepared to live and so there are people Who you know aren't necessarily going to Like commit suicide but they're going to Give up and it might be upwards of 80% Of people they're just going to you know Or behave in a self-destructive way They'll flip out they'll get so Emotional they'll get so freaked out They'll be you know they'll be uh like Doing crazy risk-taking things and just You know they'll they'll put themselves In a position where they'll get you know Ex you know they'll be removed from Whatever's going on you know a lot of People just die right off the bat if There's Some sort of you know destructive bombs Or whatever your War things whatever it

Might be and you kind of can start Seeing those people now you'll see them You know NPC type people who you can see That they're not going to make it like Right now you can tell they don't have What it takes maybe a few of them will You know they'll they'll get the slap of Reality and they'll wake up and there Might be some people like that you know People that you were like oh I would Never thought you would have made it and They're and they're highly functioning In a post-apocalyptic situation and when The apocalypse happens they're going to Be looking to for people to leech off of You know they're unprepared they are Scared of dying they have almost nothing To offer you know like these you know There's a great scene at the end of the You know spoiler alert at the end of the Show where there's a prepper likee guy Played by Kevin Bacon and he comes off a Little bit selfish but he's not being Selfish at all and he's confronted with These two people who have never really Done anything in terms of prepping and One of them son is you know is is going To die you know there's no you know he's Dead you know if you understand the What's being said about it there's a Know en they being hit by energy weapons And the kid's lost all his teeth or Whatever it is right and there's no way That kid's surviving and they want help

Right they're desperate they're coming For handouts people who didn't you know Maybe mocked people like this you know You know whatever it is and then they're Coming to your house looking for Handouts right and you know you might Feel bad about these people and you feel Some compassion for them but they are Not worthy of being invested in I mean You know for the most part I'm not Saying there's some blanket statement You have to judge each situation as it Comes but most of these people are just Going to leech off of you until they die They're they're not they're already you Know they've already made their decision Right there's lots of people who are Marked for extinction and they've chose This for themselves they have no part in The plan they have no part in the you Know Redemption they have no part in Building this back they have nothing to Contribute and they're just you know Walking zombies Walking Ghouls and They're you know investing in them and Wasting resources on them you know is a Mistake and you know you have to Evaluate everyone has going to go Through these things themselves cuz it's You know kind of coldblooded but it's The reality of the situation you know These people had the opportunity to Prepare because there's been multiple Warnings and people watch this movie and

People listening to these videos and Aren't doing anything many of you guys Aren't doing anything even preparing Internally and this is what this video Is about is preparing internally and so When that first event happens you know There's a variety of just essential life You know life uh you know things that to Do with your you know survival that I'll Go through just basic things but mostly What I want to talk about is what you do Internally to cope with something like This right you know I got a comment from Somebody let me see if I can find that Comment here um I definitely can find it Here it is so the person wrote um hi Paul I am here let me just make this Bigger here um hi Paul for the last Years I've been thinking about all that What you said in this video knowing and Feeling it's coming this is my original Video about this but hearing it spoken Openly from you has fre fre me out a bit I don't want to die I'm scared to die It's it's worrying what will happen to My son my dog these concerns you know I Believe I don't believe in God although I do believe that there's something Cosmic a higher energy a body a host an Internal soul I planted three Pines from A pot thinking they were shrubs 17 later So they are taller than my house they're Beautiful Pines I'm still looking at Them everything thinking about what you

Said I started thinking how can Everything I grew benefit us thinking About wood for fire my deck wood for Fire my facial my facial expression must Have changed because I noticed my dog Was still was sitting watching and Starting Fring a reflection of my Emotions perhaps a friend of mine some Years ago is an ex Soldier ex but never Out of you're NE never out of the army We always talked about this topic over The years he told me do three things Build a garden get a dog and learn how To shoot sorry this is way too long a Comment but thanks for the video it got Me thinking again Um so just to go over those things like Those three things that he pointed out And the first thing to know is there's An initial shock and there's different Times you've probably gone through that Shock you know somebody you get a Diagnosis you have cancer or somebody Dies you hear that somebody you know Loved one has died or the big event 2001 Or you know what happened with covid Right when you hear there's a pandemic And everyone's worried about they're Going to get sick and die right there's That initial Shock and you know what do you do to Deal with that because that's the most Important part that you're now in a State where everything has changed and

You're you know you're triggered you're Spiraling you're you know you're in a Fear-based situation you know the Meditation the gratefulness meditation I Do is essential for something like this You know being able to settle in and Just uh go into a reflective state but To do that you know on a physical level There are certain things you got you Need right so if you understand like it Takes about a week to adjust to Something you know if you start a new Job you'll go in there and um you'll There'll be a lingo you know that people Have at work and there'll be a you know These little clicks of people there'll Be all this stuff and you're kind of Like an outsider but it takes about a Week you know depending on the situation To adjust to something a new job a new Situation you know these things in terms Of Stockholm syndrome and the Stanford Experiment these things where you know Psychological experiments where people Or this you know the Stockon syndrome And stuff that happened with Patty Hurst It takes about a week or so before you Start identifying with your kidnappers You know your your fellow employees I Mean whatever it might be right and Maybe 2 weeks you know to you know 3 Months to adjust to a new situation Going through the various stages of Grief so

Initially there needs to be some things That you need to adjust right the Mormons have like each person is Supposed to have three months of food um Stored in their house and I think that's A good idea to have at least you know I Mean if you can have food for a year Maybe not you know all the food you need But it takes a while to adjust to Growing food and doing things in a way Where you're living off the land and you It takes a while to build all these Skills but those initial weeks where you Have some period of time to where you Can you know be in your house you don't Have to go out and be you know fending Off fighting people for resources Remember that you know we learned a Lesson from covid how many of you went To a grocery store and found out that it Had been cleaned out right and so uh my Wife and I went to the bank and they Didn't have any cash left so that was a Telling sign right people there was Already run on the bank so we know That's going to happen I mean just from Co alone right just the whole Co Panic All the toilet paper people went out Bought toilet paper right off the bat Now they had years to go and buy and Stock up toilet paper like if that was Their big concern and you had years and Years to go to Costco and stock up on All these things but if you watch or you

Go to a grocery store and you see the Amount of deliveries or you've worked in A store like that you see the amount of Deliveries they have on a daily basis to Restock what they have inside it takes About a week and all the food is gone Right and if all the fast food Restaurants are closed which they will Be all the restaurants are closed and All the food has disappeared and people Are looting the grocery stores Everything gets stripped clean and There's no food left a lot of these People are going to die but they they're Going to consume you know they're going To go and and glot and be a part of that Whole thing and they're going to eat up What's you know left over from the System Right and there's going to be nothing Left but you know you can start storing Things canned goods and dried foods and Whatever it is right pasta you know Anything that you can have so that you Have enough calories to where you're not Immediately facing starvation so we're Looking at you know what are the things You need to survive well obviously Oxygen you need to be able to breathe You need to be able to have fresh air And that might be something that's Compromised right if something like That's compromised then it's really you Know most people just you know you're

Not going to have the ability to deal With that right I mean like it's hard You can get a gas mask but you're going To wear that 247 I mean you know like There's that um you know people have Bunkers and you know people have money Things like that they could maybe have Some air filtration system and you're Going to be stuck in a bunker indoors For whatever nuclear fallout I mean There's things like that you know it's Not really worth it cuz you're you're You're going to die you know like There's you're going to come out and There's going to be a a scor Earth you Know apocalyptic situation where you no Longer can grow food because there's Radioactive particles in the in the soil I mean all these things there's some Things that are just you know there's no There's no fixing there's no I if you Live in one of those areas you're you're Done like you know whatever it might be But you need oxygen you need air and Like I said but water you can you know You can do something about water the Other things are body temperature issues Right because if you're in a an Emotional shocked state and it's too Cold in your house or it's too hot you Know that adds to the issue right where It becomes something where you're Already panicked and now your body is Having temperature issues right this is

Your you know you can Stu suffer Hypothermia or whatever it might be you Know various levels of your body Shutting down because of the the climate And that's going to be a big thing if Your electricity goes off no water no Way to cook your food so if you have Food how do you cook it right how do you How do you you know manage like you have Some weight of cooking food if the Immediate um things around you break Down right like it's a good ex it's a Good idea if you're into this thing and You want to survive and you're you know You're aware of this you know we used to Do fire drills and things in our schools And my family and I once you know for a Couple weekends we um shut off the Electricity at our house for the whole Weekend and we had these things we you Know one of my viewers sent this way to You can make your homemade oil lamps With just a you know like a cleared Glass or something and you put any kind Of cooking oil and just a you know Little metal um there's a little metal Thing you know I I made a video on it Some much you obviously not here now but Um you know just you bend the metal into The way that holds the wick and there's A little handle on it you know and you Can pull the wick out of the the oil and It's you know it's a way to to light Your house right there's things that we

Did you know to um you know storing Water and having you know 5 gallon fulls Of of water and things um and you know So that's you know you have water and You have food you have a way to cook it You have a way of keeping warm or Keeping cool and you have these various Things right the other thing is what do You do with your waste you know garbage Is one thing but human waste is another Because your you know your poop will Kill you and you know if you don't have A way to get rid of it and our system Now is to use fresh drinking water Clean water you know that has real value And flush it down into a sewer or a Septic tank or something but the Electricity goes off you don't have Water running into your house and you're In an apartment or you know some kind of Situation like that I mean it's really Hard to survive in an apartment because A your neighbors panicking all these Things right I mean that's a whole you Know defending yourself all these things Become an issue but you know what do you Do like you need some sort of composting Toilet you need some sort of new system To deal with your human waste because You know you can use it in a human or Type situation but you know it has um Like it has to sit for like over a year And compost to be you know something you Could grow food in because you know of

The bacteria and all these things There's things in your waist that will Kill you or kill other people right That's why your city government pays all This money you you pay taxes to have Your waste dealt with right be uh you Know these s departments or whatever it Is and so those are things that you need To deal with right away what do you deal With your human waste where do you get Your water where do you get your food And being able to you know adjust to These things and you know have that time Where you're not worried about those Essential things where you're not Immediately put in a Survival uh panicked mode because you Don't have what it takes to you you Don't have enough food like most people Have less than a day's food in their House right you guys remember from my um Time in the chenai flood you know I was In India when there was flooding and we Had you know within an hour 3T of water In our apartment and 4 fifths of the City of 26 million people was flooded And we had some nice neighbors and they Had you know food storage and I I had Food stored and you know I it had rained A week before and I took it as a warning And I gave all my kids money we had to Walk to these like small grocery stores And I said stock up on water and food go Out you know all of them go to the

Grocery store at least once cuz we had To walk back with bags full of stuff and We could only carry so much and I said You know when you get a chance to go out And get things and we all stocked up on Things and so we had enough food um and We had you know we had almost we had Enough water but it was water was a Concern uh and there was a beautiful House the nicest house of the street it Would be a a million dooll home Depending on what neighborhood it was in America um but you know rich people Lived at this house and they had lots of Servants who were were either with them Or had left or whatever we were home When the when the flood hit and they had No food and my neighbor threw you know Chapatis to tortillas basically same Thing um over to them like these they Old stale chapatis in a bag like there Was water between the two houses and They had already run out of food they Didn't have a day's worth of food in Their house And because they had servants they were Pretty much helpless I mean they you I'm Sure the the woman at the house knew how To cook but they were they didn't have Enough food to even last a day they were Already hitting starvation in the first Day right and so you know how are they Going to make it if you don't even have A day's worth of of food in your house

Right how are you going to survive any Of these things so there needs to be a Time and this is what I'm describing Here where you realize you're freaked Out you know something's just happened And you're a State of Shock shock and You're you know you're you're triggered And you you know you don't know what to Do and you need to get through that Period of time you can't let that get Worse than it is right the initial shock Is what it is and there might be Subsequent shocks but you need time to Adapt at least a good week you know to Acclimate to your new Reality and to do that you need to have Some of these things in place right if You're not putting these things in place Then you're choosing to be in a Situation where you're You know going to be reactive and you're Just going to be erased from the board Right because then you're going to have To go out with the looters and the rest Of the people and you know at the end of This movie there's you know their Reality when they realize what's Happened in the city they're in Long Island looking at New York City and Bombs are going off and they can hear Gun shots and things like this gunfire And that's where people are just flipped Out and they're in a state of panic and They're just you know going out and and

And killing people or doing whatever They're doing you know fighting whatever It might be and it's just chaos right And like you can't be in that like That's just you know the initial shock That all these people before everything Settles down and people realize okay we Have to you know keep some sense of uh You know decorum and you know we we have To have some kind of civilized reaction To what's going on we can't be in a Panicked mood you know Panic uh mode and Just be you know reactive and so it Takes you know at least a week to Acclimate to your new reality and having A good 3 months where you're all right I Have enough to survive here in my place Where I have to go somewhere I don't Have to go to some FEMA camp you know I Mean especially as you get older like When young people you know they react to War so much better young people are able To survive and adjust to death of a Loved one much quicker than older people Right the older you get the harder it is For you to lose any of these types YP of Things and be out of your routine like I You know my wife and I were talking About possibly getting you know bugout Bags but I'm like if we have to leave Our house we're I'm screwed like you're Screwed like I'm just you know I'm not Sleeping on the floor or the ground I Mean I can't camp out like I used to in

These things right I mean you know I Just don't have the ability like it's You know if if that's the case then I Mean I just you know physically I'm just Not up for it right like if it comes to That you know I'm not going some FEMA Camp or whatever it's just you know and They're not for us right they're for Young people they can you know they can Reprogram the young people and you know Get them to accept these things but old People are you know basically worthless And have a hard time adjusting you know The older generation isn't going to give Up their lifestyle that easily and so Most older people are just going to give Up like they're just going to check out It just going to take them how much Before they're like all right I'm going To I'm tapping out right I mean most People are going to tap out out because Of that you know if it's depending on The severity of situation but the way You can avoid that is to have some sort Of Preparation for you know the initial Shock and initially what's going on and What you're doing is giving yourself a Chance to um adapt and see if you know This is something you want to pursue Right so this is one of the more more Important points having this idea that It isn't bad is really essential you Went enter into a wait and see type

Period right all right what is this Going to be like maybe this isn't as bad As I thought right you know when I got Ostracized from you know heartfulness I Knew that dodgy had turned on me and Then you know everybody else in the Organization you know I was bugged by it By like for a couple days and I realized Hey I didn't like these MF I didn't like Most of these mfers anyway I mean There's great people saintly people you Know but I wasn't really close to those People anyways and I didn't really like In get along with or really you know I Mean I wasn't like a lot of the people That were in the organization and I'm Like I didn't lose anything like what They have a negative opinion to me right You know this really helped me here in This you know on this YouTube channel That I can speak freely and I know People AR going to be upset at me or not Like what I have to say and they'll lash Out and they'll do their thing they'll Be butt hurt and being able to not care About that has been really essential and So that you know is where that started I Used to care about what people think and Now I don't Right and you know what I was going Through if someone said this is going to Happen to you it would have seemed Really bad but when it actually happened It wasn't bad at all right I mean when I

You know I was concerned about being in A divorce situation and not having Somebody to help me with you know the Kids and the family but my ex was such a Disaster you guys have listened to my Journey series that I was you know so Much better off without her what seemed Like a disaster was actually a blessing Like those are just two examples of big Changes that have happened to me you Know things and they were all happening At the same time that I realize were a Blessing in so many different ways and So you know looking at the apocalypse as Something bad you know you don't know What it is yet and you might be a person Who's who is like brought to life in a Post-apocalyptic situation because when The electrical grid goes down there's no More Wi-Fi and these things There's a sigh of relief that Everybody's nervous systems everybody's Subtle bodies I mean so different so Many different ways these poisons and The 5G and the you know all these Different you know the Bluetooth all These things bouncing around all these Electromagnetic waves the electricity Itself in your house all these things That when you get away from that there's A a piece to it right and you might find Out that you're thriving and happy Happier than you ever were before some People will thrive in the Apocalypse in

A post-apocalyptic situation and that's Just the way it is and you might be one Of those people you don't know you might Be chosen for this but if you don't give Yourself the opportunity by getting Negative by panicking by not being Prepared you'll never know you'll never Find out that you were actually somebody That could have thrived in the Post-apocalyptic situation that you love Growing food and you you love this new Lifestyle right so I'm switching to a Picture of tinctures my wife has made um One of them's I think it's called Firewater and has all the things in it And it's something that you take it's Like a tonic it has vinegar in it and It's some you know a natural tonic you Take to boost your immune system and our Things and another one is Golden Rod Which we have a lot growing here and Golden Rod is supposed to be important Against the spike protein it's one of The things that that you know that takes Out the spike protein and we have a Field of it huge field of it gr my wife Has been making these tinctures you know Before we got together she um had been a Part of a community garden and had Gotten chickens so she was already you Know doing these things a little bit on Her own and then when we got together we You know building a homestead and you Know we had the cows and you know she

Started to do things that she really Loves doing it like she prefers doing That to you know her normal work or Whatever it is right um she really loves Growing food she's good at it she's uh And she likes doing these tinctures and She's developed all these skills that Weren't there beforehand and she and Went for a walk you know early on when We were together and I was talking about How the you know the apocalypse is in Inevitable the collapse and she couldn't Believe it like she you know she Couldn't accept that as being a reality Like her you know there's you know it Wasn't like a disagreement like whatever Everyone has to doesn't matter whether You can accept it or not right but now It's much easier for her to accept Because she has raised her skill level And you know she's aware that she really Likes doing this other work right Primary labor she really enjoys doing it She uh you know is good at it you know Of course we're physically older and There's much more satisfying in Different ways you know and I've built a Number of homesteads now and my skill Level has risen over over time and I Really enjoy doing that right and you Know I look forward to it and you know Being outside and there's a health to That and we have all these ways and Things that we're doing now that are a

Part of that you know and all the things I talked about being a you know Preparing for the food and the you know And all those things are essential and There's people that'll teach you how to Do that there's all these videos there's Information out there for those people Who want to invest in this and figure Out you know and again it's not like It's not to me time to quit your job and Go all in you know like it's just Because you know I mean you're thinking About this it's just spending a little Time and energy preparing for something Like this right and being aware that These things happen like even if it's Just a temporary thing you have to get Rid you have to get through for a couple Of weeks for a month before the system Reboots or whatever you know just being Able to cope and and be aware and and You know do some training and be Comfortable like there's things that you Can do in a post-apocalyptic situation And apocalypse itself and and Pre-apocalypse there's things that you Can do to prepare for all those things And one of the things is connect to God Internally through the meditation you Know the grateful's meditation the fness Meditation Channel That's Linked In all These you know description box it's free It's self-explanatory there's Explanations and

Playlists and it's comprehensive and how To do the Sark system and what that's Done for me and you know can do for People is you know my ability to intu it And connect with my heart and be shown Something and be aware of it and say oh This is something that I'm being told I'm being you know prepared for you know Before the big event 2001 my family and I me particularly I Went through this thing where I was Panicked for two weeks before the thing Happened and the day it happened in the Immediate aftermath I was totally calm Like I had been prepared and you know Everyone else was in the world was Panicking you know you have this Situation now where 100 million people Have watched this movie and they went Through a collective freak out about Realizing that this could happen to them Right where now they're you know it's Right in their face and you know they Kind of feel like on a on a intuitive Level that this is you know something Right the collective Panic we went Through when covid hit and you know I Wasn't panicked when these things Happened because I experienced the panic And the condition like I could feel Something coming weeks ahead of time and Of course it wasn't a panic cuz nothing Was happening but I was I felt unsettled For a couple weeks and then when it was

Time to happen I didn't feel what you Know I was just all right you know you Know my kids were prepared for these Things through the homestead and as much As my family was a failure my kids got Things out of it that you know when when The flood hit there were people telling Me how great my kids were doing and you Know how well we were function and I Said yeah you know in a week before the Flood hit we went to the movies and we Were we had to stop in the road we went To a movie it was got out at like 7 you Know we went out and uh 8 dinner there We we were leaving about 7:00 p.m. so The movie started at like 3:00 or 4: and Then we ate dinner at the mall you know We used to do this like it was a way to Kind of connect back with America and You know we're in India you know this is When the flood hit and we were driving Back in a cab and there was a road where The road turned into a river they have a Typhoon season where it just rains like Right before the they grow their food You know this is it's dry most of the Time there but they they had you know Rain we had rain for like 3 months and Eventually it was so much flooding and The dam was so full they opened the the Floodgates in the dam and but before That there was flooding and I said to my Kids you know this is when I said like And the power went off electricity went

Off and I said this is like a warning Sign we got a week and you know we Bought water and we prepared for what Was about to happen you know was a sign And of course it did happen right and Being able to wck recognize those signs And and take advantage of those things You know I had um you know hemorrhoids And my mom and dad both had them it's a You know hereditary thing and I got an Operation for it it sucks the whole Thing but I was looking for natural Cures and you know now I'm so off of Alpath medicine and I'm a you know Al Apathic medicine just doesn't really Work for me and you know I done research On this before and didn't find anything But maybe about three weeks ago or so Uh Dr Bergs put out a video of this Thing called Stone rout or Colin Sonia Rout and you know I never heard of it Before and it's good for you know I have Vascular issues like that's something Where I get you know I get like some um I have just different things you know People have different things in their Physical system and knowing your Physical system and you know you know Where uh stress is relieved where your Weaknesses are and there's vascular Issues and also things to do with my Liver like I've you know been working on Detox and you know fixing my uh you know Fatty liver and things and it's been

Working I've been having you know Success and the kalisia route the stone Route which the Native Americans used And I guess Benjamin Franklin had Somebody that uh you know was like the Guy Colin Sonia was connected to him in Some way that Roots named after but it's Really essential and you know I found a Video guy making the tinctures with it It's a really hard Stone root that comes In a Bulb and I was able to buy some on Etsy And now I'm going to plant it and it's You know another tincture that we're Going to make and it has Med medicinal Value right and so these things have Come along and you know and I pay Attention to them right I'm prepared for Them and I'm I'm ready to go because I'm Like taking them as signs like I'm being Instructed or you need to you need to You know be aware of this I mean here's This thing that I could have used years Ago but it comes up all of a sudden and I feel energy there and I connect with It and I'm like all right this is Something I and I find a way to to grow It right and so in the future we can Make tinctures and this will be part of Our health care and these other things Right you know there's things I've Watched building food forests and you Know creating these things you know we Doing something now to prepare for

Something in the future there's another Story that Master chargie uh told and This was uh to do with you know Preparing for death death and most People aren't prepared for death and They're not preparing for a Post-apocalyptic situation and so They're screwed and and both you know These are the two options that they're Going to have death or survive the Apocalypse and they're prepared for Neither but the story is that there was This Kingdom that had one corrupt king After another and so what they would do Is they would pick somebody to be king For a Year and the king would come in and you Know they would after a year they would Um take the king on the other side of The river and he was banished from ever Coming back to the kingdom but they Would have a year of being King and most Most of the guys who became king would Indulge they would drink they would you Know they would just you know party and Do all the things take advantage of the The lavish Royal lifestyle and then they Would be put in a boat and banished from The kingdom but there was this one Person decided that they would build a Kingdom across the r River you know the Guy built a kingdom on the other side of The river and so when his year was up he Got into the boat you he didn't indulge

He didn't you know he didn't do anything The other kings did he got on the other Side of the river and then he went to The kingdom and he had a kingdom there Right it's a metaphor for dying right Where you use your life you know you're Going to die and so what are you doing To you know in this part of your your Your your living experience to prepare For the other side when you cross over The threshold of death you know what are You doing to prepare for the other side You know and people who are Christians Say I've accepted Jesus and they think That's all they have to do you know this Thing but there's things that you really Need to do to prepare for death and set Up your you know your soul for success And some of that takes sacrifice and you Know lack of indulgence and your you Know your egotistical Pursuits and your Ego isn't going with you right your ego Isn't you your ego is a you know Something that's necessary for your Survival here but it's not who you are And you can also use this as a metaphor For the Apocalypse Now if there's going to be a Collapse of some sort of another and Eventually there will be then those People who are building pockets of the Future building something on the other Side of the river for themselves and They're taking skills they're taking

Things you know that uh things that they Can accumulate here on this side tools And you know all these things are Available now you know when Home Depot Isn't open and you need shovels you're Like oh I wish I'd got shovels when I Had the opportunity and you go there and It's you know it's a looted store right And so you know the things that you need Now the tools you need and the things You need internally and being able to Figure that out because each person is Going to be different depending on where You are and in your particular situation Who you are as a person and what your You know your your uh system what your Constitution your internal Constitution Is and being able to attune to that and Do the things necessary and have the Things necessary that you're going to Need need specifically right some people Will be around radioactive fallout so They're going to need a g Geer counter Other people won't no reason to have it If you don't need it right I mean you Could just say I'm going to buy Everything I need yeah sure if you have The money for it and you know but I mean You end up getting so much stuff you Don't know where it is and you know I Mean you you you're in a situation where You get evacuated and you have all this Stuff sitting in the house waiting for Somebody else to use it right because

You know you weren't attuning to your Certain situation that you need to Attune to I mean for some people living In the city it's having a place to go Because cities are death traps like you Know I mean suburbs course better but Cities are a disaster you know you There's this guy um Joel scalon or Scalon whatever you know strategic Relocation he's got a whole thing there And you know he builds bunkers for People and he has these places that he Um you know if you heard you could look Up interviews with him and he's got Books about this and and he documents The places around the country that are Good places to go you know they have Certain things that make them survival Centers and places like LA and you know There's you know there's these there's These one highway coming out of the city And so they've seen this in the past When econ economies have collapsed in Countries and people flee the cities and They walk around the highway and they go Three miles one way and three miles the Other and they devour everything in Their path hordes of people farms and You know they're just um you know tur Into these mobs that are fleeing and Scared and they just going through the Countryside eating whatever is there you Know they can they can take or whatever Right uh and so you know like these

Things have to be assessed and where you Wear your location all these things and Understanding it you know and there's no Reason to get overwhelmed I should said That in the beginning like this all Doesn't have to be done tomorrow but It's just having some kind of idea of What's going on like you're you're Building a you know know a life in a Post-apocalyptic situation where you Have to have some skills and some Survival items and systems you need Systems like the system is now delivers You water deals with your waste and Keeps you warm or cold and you know Delivers you food all these things when The system collapses and it no longer Does that then what are you going to do What's your system going to be for each One of those things what is a system for Getting rid of your you know your waste Your human waste you have a big yard you Can just dig a holes right Whatever it is so you can make some sort Of ouse type situation you know but what About your food what about your water What about these things right how are You going to you know what are you going To get to have all these things right And so you know they want the Controllers want a certain amount of Population to die and God and divine System you know is working on Depopulation and so that's the the

Initial net right they're going to try To scoop up as many people as possible And erase them off the board and they Want a lot of people just to give up Inol volunteer for that you know and the Chaos that ensues so you're you know Your your first job is to escape the the Initial net and then adjust to what's Going on and see if it's something that You know you have any interest in in Making these wholesale changes to your Lifestyle and doing something new and Not everyone will I don't know if I will Right it's depending on the Circumstances you know you your Abilities are there and you know when It's time for you to go it's time for You to go right your Soul's ready for You to go you can't fight that and you Know for a lot a lot of people they just You know they're not worried about this Cuz they know that when the system Collapses they're going with it that They don't have the ability desire and It's not a part of their Destiny to part Of for the Future these people are just Going to go into some catatonic State And you know they'll they'll find some Way to to exit this world quickly after The apocalypse is upon us or the you Know initial stages beforehand you know And going back to this comment where the Woman said that she didn't uh believe in God you know but believes in spirit or

Soul you know that That's essential to Have some sort of spiritual connection Connecting to the Divinity Divinity Within you and if your soul has Something to offer your if you have Something to offer and your Soul's uh You know part of your Soul's plan is to Be a part of a post-apocalyptic Situation then you know the the stuff That you need internally and you know Circumstantially will be there you'll Find ways to survive The initial you know period and then you Can start building what needs to be There you know some sort of pocket of The future that's what this Channel's About building some sort of pocket of The future that uh living the way you Know now that people are all going to Have to live in the future and Developing some of these skills and These you know just a different mindset And different orientation to life you Know the people who are Farmers and homesteaders and lived in Tribal situations and village-based Situations you you know I talk about This so much that years and years ago Our ancestors were either forced or Lured off their farms and out of their Tribal situations and and became what we Are today which is people who have a Specialized skill and all their other Needs are taken care of and so people

Are you know not able to go back to what We were before and now we have to and This you know living with electricity Living with modern conveniences living With these things is an anomaly it's a You know it's not something that exists You know in other parts of the very Recent history I mean there's always Been some technological development There's been civilizations here on Planet Earth before but they don't last Right uh you know whatever the time they Do last you know people still have to do These primary labor things afterwards You know when the civilization collapses The Empire collapses whether whatever Technological advancement there is Whatever Comforts there are You know then they Disappear and you know you're going to Need some of these things it's good to Have some of them the more that you can Have the less the shock it is to Transition into something different Right but being able to give yourself The time to do that is essential that Initial phase and the only way you can Do that is start preparing in some way Internally more than anything else and Connecting to God and being able to be You know flexible you know the the People who have survived are the ones Who are the most spiritually and Mentally flexible right people who are

Able to change and are working on Themselves changing all the time you Know seeing that they need to change This or need to change that and doing The work necessary to change because It's better for them spiritually and Because God and their soul wants them to Change and do this but people are just So rigid in their personalities and so You know hard and gross and they don't Have much flexibility and control freaks Whatever they're not going to do well Because they you know they're going to Lose control and they're they're not Able they're not people that have shown Any sense of resilience and you a lot of People are going to break very few People will bend you know this is a Thing where people are going to have to Learn to bend and those that don't will Break right but just to wrap this up Um you know this um the essential idea Is that we don't know how we're going to Spond to something until it happens like We don't know what kind of father we're Going to be or mother we're going to be Or husband and her wife were going to be Until we get married like there's things That you know until you do the job until You're engaged in the work until you're You know I mean you see this when people Go to War and what the soldiers will do in a Depraved you know this hellish

Environment what people will do in a war You know this happens to countries where They just collapse in some way or Another they're invaded or whatever and What people will do to survive I mean You know it's things that are inside of Them programs that are inside of them The things that some scars that are Inside of them that wouldn't come out Unless they're in a certain circumstance They're in a certain situation and so People don't know like you don't know What's going to happen till it happens And you know sometimes people are in Such a days and are so uh like Hypnotized by our current system have Shut down and are you know not really Awake or alive orware but then a big Event happens and it sort of jars them Awake right for some brief period of Time where you are now you know needing To be alert to survive you can't be in Like on autopilot just drifting through Life and like I said you know there if These things are going to happen happen Soon if there's a you know I mean it all Is looking like it's trending towards a Collapse of some sort or another I don't Know how many more warnings there going To be but the warnings have already you Know started to take place and so you Know to give oneself an opportunity to See if they're a part of this solution Right if they're part of a a

Post-apocalyptic type of solution and You can do your best to prepare for it I Mean everybody can and it's just like Anything else like until it happens Nobody really knows how it's going to go For them right no one's going to know What's important and you know in terms Of their preparing for it and you know Also just enjoying what we have now Appreciating and be grateful for what we Have now because it's you know it's Going to get harder and more difficult But we will be able to connect to God in A way that wasn't possible before it'll Be quieter you know there'll be less uh Noise in the environment from Electromagnetic pollution and all these Things so there are advantages to it and For some people they'll actually like That life better I mean there's so many People are miserable now depressed and Dead inside like it really can't get Much worse right but being overwhelmed And being you know in a State of Shock And and being completely unprepared for Something you're not giving yourself a Chance at all and being mentally Prepared being spiritually prepared Being flexible being open and coming you Know about it with the idea that this Isn't necessarily a bad thing like we Don't know what it is until it plays out And so giving yourself the opportunity To sort of digest what's going on and

You not have to go into panic mode and Be out you know going full going going You know full out Purge and stuff you Know like I mean that's um you know Essential for everybody to consider Because the warnings are there right and Those people who are able to hear this a Lot of people just this is too Overwhelming for them like listening to What I just said is too overwhelming for Them you know thinking about all these Things that are now done for them that You don't have to think about cuz the Beast takes care of them like where you Know you have occasionally your toilet Breaks and you're like oh wow I got to Do something about this right but until Something like that happens you just Take it for granted and your food's There your electricity there your you Know your thermostats there every once In a while something you know breaks Down and you're like oh I don't have Heat in the house or whatever but for The most part you know people don't Think about these things then when you Have to think about them you get Overwhelmed by how much work it takes And how much you don't know and all These things and so you know for some People this is just too much for them Just these things that I'm saying it's Freaking you out right and so you know I Mean I I can't say what kind of person

You are but if you're freaked out by Just the idea of something then what Happens when it really happens right and So there has to be an adjustment and you Have to change and adapt enough just to Be able to give yourself a chance to you Know make a you know decision based on The circumstances on the ground when all This stuff goes down anyways um you know I think I covered everything I wanted to Say here of course I can talk about that More in the future and there's lots of Resources out there you know like one Thing is if you have YouTube premium you Can download videos and they stay Permanently on your device even without The internet and so if you have some way Of charging you know there's ways There's these boxes you can get these Little power boxes that um they have Like a small they're pretty expensive But they have a small solar panel and You you can run like charge your phone And other things on them briefly you Know if you're if without power Permanently you still have a way of Getting electricity there's other ways Too as well you know the different Things you can get uh things like a hand Cranked radio that you know there's a You hand crank it it's got AM radio and And these things in case there's people Out there doing shortwave things if the Internet's down way to get information

There's things out there products and Know these Preppers and people out there That can list all these things and tell You what what the best one is and all This other stuff right but you can have Some of these things with you because You know you can't count on the internet Being there as a way to I mean buying Books and things that you know you can Be reading you won't be able to watch And be a part of the you know so much Time you're spending on your internet What are you going to do with that oh There's one more thing I I needed to say You know it's likely that you might go Through a Detoxification situation if you're on Any kind of psychological medications or Things like this and you know all these Types of things you know people have uh Medications they need pharmaceutical Medications they need to survive and so All these things have to be considered For people you know medicines and Whatever it might be and then you know People are addicted to the internet and You know things that you do to spend Your time and cope and you know whatever It is that you do that isn't going to be There and be able to fill that time Again the cleaning and the the Meditation is really essential to help People just digest and integrate their New reality and I can't you know say

Enough about that but these are things You think about right things you know You can list of things that you do every Day and in what system is it electricity Is it you know the government is it the You know you know what company what you Know what's responsible for all the Things that you need on a daily basis Where you where do you get your water Where do you get your food where do you Get you know all these things and so Think about these systems that are in Place and how you can temporarily uh do A stop Gap to help you give you the time You need to replace those system systems And be able to you know live a new life And and figure things out right and You'll have a lot more time in your Hands because you won't have a job and You won't have the internet you won't Have TV you won't have these things These distractions and so you'll have a Lot more time and energy than you think You know than then you realize but if You have the books you have the Knowledge you have the information Somewhere you have the things you need Then you know it's a it's a you know I Mean you're giving yourself the Opportunity to absorb the initial blow Initial shock and then and then you have A you know you can make decisions based On you you realize what your new life is Going to be like and you can be like ah

You know I'm just not up for it or yeah I feel like I can I can manage this and Do this and then you can build community In these other stages that come later Anyways that's enough for today only Spirituality will save this world it's Pano definitely point for the apocalypse And the Ascension everyone have a Blessed day and be grateful

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