Follow up on RFK jr Larry David thing + Trump & Ballard3

Follow up on RFK jr Larry David thing + Trump & Ballard3

Greetings brothers and sisters so I have A brief introduction To do here About the last two videos of what I made On this channel two days ago about RFK Jr and his Let me just go find the title of the Video I might as well just read it it'll Just be better that way And it's Bobby Kennedy just torpedoed His chance for truth or support bias Take on the Palestinian and Max Blumenthal Um and there was something more to the The title was too long But there's something that was Elsa Supposed to be there And then I made a follow-up on my part To the Future Channel egregious RFK Junior position on Palestine mirrors Larry Davis curb Of course Curb Your Enthusiasm Um And I had just a few thoughts to add to That and then I want to talk about what You lose when you lose the truth Community what RFK Jr loses when he Loses the truth Community then I'm going To show you an old video of his Interview with um Roger Ailes in which Kennedy has a Normal voice before his voice went And then I'm going to do the Tim Ballard interview with Trump which I

Haven't seen yet And so that'll be interesting and then Um I'll get back to normal like this is It for you know unless something happens I don't want to cover this topic anymore In terms of you know whatever happens With RFK Jr my wife said he's agreed to Talk to Max Blumenthal I think it's in Private And RFK Jr has talked about how he Is open to other people's ideas and will Change his mind on things if he's you Know I guess he has these kind of debate Like argument type of Interactions and he's willing to You know be persuaded to see something Differently if someone can present a You know like a Laura Lee debating like Argument So we'll see if he you know maybe Reverses himself the issue that I had More than anything else my wife just Mentioned it this morning Is in that uh interview he did with that Rabbi he says that he's one of his Central Uh parts of his campaign Was to convince the American people That they are wrong about Israel And to some extent Palestine but really Israel he wants to promote how great Israel is And he wants the people that you know Listen to him like it's part of his

Platform as a candidate That Israel's this Beacon of freedom and A wonderful country an example of Something that we all should strive for And you know we don't feel that way Right like lots of us not just he's Thinking about convincing Democrats but You know he's been really campaigning to Truthers And you know we may not know all the Intricacies of what's going on there in That region and everyone's got you know Victim stories on both sides of any Conflict And there's you know the idea of a small Country of Jewish people surrounded by Uh you know a massive uh massive you Know land mass that Kennedy brought up Of of Muslim people that don't like them And don't want them there And so there's that like narrative That's there And yet you know his narrative is so far Off base and the fact that he's making This centerpiece of his campaign Is a real bummer but I talked about in This other video on my other channel I showed clips from a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode that was called Palestinian chicken And It was about this restaurant and you Know the major characters in the show

Are Jewish And they're you know they're talking About how bad the Palestinians are And I said there isn't a Palestinian Lobbying group Or famous Palestinian people there to Rebut what was said in fact I couldn't Find any articles talking about how it Was disrespectful of Larry David it's no Controversy no pushback it was pretty Egregious right It's uh you know it was really it was Bad and I you know explained the idea of Abuse being an imbalance of power Where one person or one group has more Power than the other group In terms of the Palestinian people being Occupied in the difference in israeli's Power which is number one military power Israel has one of the you know the Premier militaries in the world and They're also backed by the number one Military in America And the Palestinian have rocks right They have child they're Charlie Brown They have no military and then economic Power the GDP of Israel's uh 400 and what 88 trillion million a Billion dollars in Palestinian GDP is uh 18. so there's a huge disparity in money Power and then foreign aid which is you Know particularly America Most of the money that the number one uh Benefit of foreign aid is Israel they've

Been given more money than any other Country and they have a powerful Lobbying group and they have all these People in powerful positions on a global You know in terms of the banking Community the monetary community in Terms of entertainment in terms of media There are Jewish people who are heads of Those companies so they have and there's No Palestinians and that's talking about Famous people like I know hundreds of Famous Jewish people whether they be Entertainment or they'll be you know Some of them are even athletes and you Know managers and you know high-ranking People in the the government and you Know in media I mean there's so many of Them I could just you know list them and Be hundreds of them and I know Many Jewish people personally I don't Know one Palestinian person Ally And I don't know one famous one and I Was thinking about this this is what I Want to just add to that today I know Who pauldie Shore is and probably you do As well Pauly Shore was a unfunny comedian Who made movies and was featured on MTV Because his mother I think her name was Mitzi Shore Ran The Comedy Store And so he is a nepo baby you know Someone who benefited from nepotism

Really unlikable untalented you know There's a you know some redneck he's out Somewhere and I don't know where it is Doing a comedy show and he pissed some Right-wing redneck up and the guy comes Up and just punches his folly in the Face You could find the video right like Pauly Shore Is making fun of his wife or Not I don't know what happened but Paulie Shore is a piece of Boop he's Just you know no Talent no you know no Discernible abilities he got his big Breakthrough his connections and he's Kind of one of the lowest level Celebrities right somebody who you know Like Whatever and I know Pauly Shore and he's Someone who has is from Jewish descent I Don't know if he's a practicing Jewish Person but he comes from Uh you know Jewish ancestry And I don't know anybody who's Palestinian who's better than Paulie Shore like I don't know one Palestinian Like I know who Pauly Shore Is but I Don't know one Palestinian right like Somebody who's you know on a higher Level than Paulie Shore or even a lower Level I don't know the leader of Palestine I Don't know anything about it and most Americans that's the case so you see the Difference in influence here right

In terms of power that the power there's A power in Fame You know when you um When you know the stories of other Cultures Like one of the things when I was a kid I liked watching TV shows that weren't About white people like I watched uh Sanford and Son and what's happening and You know the movie Shaft and a variety Of things that were African-American content there wasn't Much of it like you know whatever it was But I watched it I was interested in it And I love Native American culture like I said this you know was young I had a Whole connection to it you know and even Recently there's a mini series called The Dream keeper and there was like a a Grandfather Storyteller in his journey With his son to like a pow-wow and they Tell stories and then you know the Stories are animated you know are live You know live action anime you're not Animated but they're they're brought to Life as they travel to the powwow and It's quite well done I really enjoyed it I still have a copy of it I'll watch it Uh again sometime with my wife we have Some you know like post-apocalyptic Content series And things like this if there's you know Electricity or whatever and there's no Internet or what we have now whatever

Um but I gave a copy away There is a guy from Iran who is um he Does a public speaking like he's almost Like a You know one of those um you know Upliftment kind of people And he has a great personality he looks Like somebody was just Um you know I don't I don't know the Word to describe it but I see him and He's just always you know when you talk To him you feel good happy he's very Positive And he said you have any movies about Native American there's a guy who lives You know was uh you know he's in India Quite a bit you know he comes from an Oppressive country right what's going on With Iran And he goes you got a Native American Movies I got this you know this one good Miniseries thing that's good about uh Teaching about the different aspects of The Native American culture You know the stories come from different Tribes you know there's different all These things I said you know I was going back to America I said I'll bring in my copy Like we had it in storage or whatever he Said great I'll give you an Iranian Movie And one of the top Iranian movies And

Um So I bring them back the copy and I Watched the Iranian movie and it had Subtitles and I still don't understand It like it was a lot of people running Around and I I don't know if it had a Plot What was interesting about it is in the Native American Miniseries there is a red-headed Indian Like a white person raised by Native Americans And he um You know he's he's a part of one of the Stories And in the Iranian movie there was a Red-headed Persian Iranian person Which I thought was kind of was kind of Weird Because both Movies featured a redheaded Person You know a ginger that wouldn't normally Be in this whatever culture it was But you know I I watched the movie you Know I didn't understand it but when you Watch movies and Can you understand the struggle that Other people go through other races Other cultures They become people to you Whereas they're just NPCs like the big Complaint about you know white-based Media is that white men are always the Protagonist and the other people are

Like NPCs like they have a black friend Or a gay friend or you know once in a While a woman is a protagonist but you Know they're all appendages there's the Hero and then there's the woman who's The love interest and then there's the Other people that are all Expendable and That you don't really Understand their story the story is All Always about the white guy right and you Know it's like 75 70 of the people are White in America and you know America American movies and TV shows go all Around the world Like people watch American content like We have produced more media and it's Kind of like propaganda and people know About Americans through that like people Imitate Americans all over the world our Music our or you know our customs are You know all of it they watch American Sports and we have famous athletes world You know World figures But we don't know Boop about other Countries right and other cultures and So when you watch movies especially well Done ones and you get the struggle of The peoples you know you they become People to you and you have that with Jewish people like you've seen movies And TVs shows about the Holocaust you've Seen you know whether it be Seinfeld or You know Curb Your Enthusiasm or uh you Know something done by any number of uh

Uh like things were done by Steven Spielberg you know the uh you know all These shows feature friends you know it All features uh Jewish people's stories And I mean there's like all these people Barbra Streisand all these famous you Know Jewish people who started Fiddler On the Roof and a number of you know Historical you know there's a lot of Content that comes from Jewish writers And producers and actors and Comedians And things like that right and you know About Israel and you know about these People and their lives and their Struggle Well you've never seen anything on Palestine Like unless you you know you go to the The land of the Obscure right you know It's against all this woke uh content Because it sucks but I understand the Desire for it but like you got to make Good content and you know there's all These movies that are coming that Featured people of color or people LBGTQ People as a protagonists or women which Is fine if you make a good movie and They're they're not they're just you Know it's usually them bitching about What how spad the white man sucks right Like you know I talk about this all the Time And I didn't want to watch that movie Um

I can't think of the name of it the Green book And you know I'd seen the the actors the Guy Marcela Alia Marcella Lee who's been In a few things that I you've always Felt like he's a good actor that I've Seen and the guy who plays Aragon uh in Uh The Lord of the Rings he's always in Good things I just saw a movie with him In it I'm going to talk about when we Get to the uh The uh Tony Ballard interview with Trump And because it's about a human Trafficking but he's always in good Things like he's in you know he fuses His movies he's not in a lot of them but They're always even if I don't like the Movie it's a quality you know it's it's Quality it's the acting and the writing And the things like that and you know I Was moved by the movie The guy who plays Aragon is like an Italian gangster who uh bodyguard who Drives this uh gay black piano player Into the South You know famous gay black piano player And you know the green book is a book Where black people can stay in terms of Hotels like they're not allowed in Certain hotels and things like that and You know the it's very subtle but it's Moving right and you understand the Plight of like African-American people

Growing up In a country where they're thought of as Less than right if it's done right you Really understand the plight of the People You understand what struggle it is for Other people or what their what their Issues are because everyone has Struggles right even rich people like You watch Downton Abbey and you can see Like being a royal person is really Stressful And kind of sucky like you know all These ideas you have of the you know Fantasy of happily happily ever after You see anything on rich people you Realize their lives kind of suck Especially these you know these royal Class people that live under all these Incredibly oppressive social rules like You know even like the crown you Understand what it's like to be born in The royal family and it's well done and So you know the lack of that kind of Content for Palestinian people like they Don't really exist right we know almost Nothing about them and you know only Since I've been a truther and I did a Little research and you know I knew Nothing about the history of Palestine Israel I knew nothing like I knew There's a conflict you know the one Person I know is Yasser Arafat from when I was a kid he's I think dead now

That's the only Palestinian person I Know like I can't name another person And you know that speaks volume of the Difference in power and and all of it Right the Palestinian people are like NPCs you know they're considered Evil by Most people and you know in terms of the Judeo-christian beliefs that in America And you know elsewhere in Europe And you know nobody really knows about Them and they're plight and the other Things about it and so you know Kennedy Doing that you know when he's somebody Who Um You know is supposed to be speaking Truth to power like Kennedy is a big guy About critical thinking skills and he's The critical thinking candidate like he Talks in a way where other people talk In bumper stickers And in a dumbed down way all the other Politicians are Are you know are catering to dumb people The Idiocracy There are campaign ads are so remedial There they're talking points they're There to arouse people's emotions fear And anger which I talk about the Democrats uh are you know campaign with Anger which creates fear In the you know people the Democratic People listening and the Republicans are Fear-based uh they use a fear-based

Campaign strategy the fear creates anger In their you know followers But it's really stupid stuff and it's All like I said bumper stickers and Without explanation and you know stories And things that are just there to evoke Emotions and they're not real they're Not like real people And Bobby Kennedy was authentic in his Campaigning and he talked about being There for critical thinking people And you know the there's not everybody In the truth Community isn't a critical Thinker there are a lot of dopes in the Truth Community but you have to be a Little bit of a critical thinker to be a Truther and there's a lot of critical Thinking truth there's more so than in Other groups the less there's our Sheeple In the truth Community lots of people Lots of sheep on the QB movement the Trumpers and things But there's lots of critical thinkers And like I said in my original video We're not the best people to get along With or to form an organization and you Know people are very um Uh you just see the way the truthers Talk to each other and get into fights And battles and you know divided group And you know all the hostility that Comes through and all of it right like Truthers are you know kind of suck for

The most part As people and you know we don't get Along like I'm a Loner and I'm a you Know like in most cases I would just be A pain in the ass Like my personality type Like it'd just be a negative right but At this particular time Like I have value right my personality Configuration has value the way I Perceive the world Because of the world's going through a Collapse and things and and my Connection to God spiritual you know the Spiritual aspect of my life and things You know so it's valuable only because Of the you know the time period that We're entering into an apocalypse Um but you know for the most part Truthers are you know not the the Greatest group to go to you know to Create an organization and try to Accomplish something like you need People get along with people you need People who are role players and you know The truth Community just doesn't have That so much right But in terms of Bobby Kennedy's support Like we would be instrumental like he Isn't going to get elected just with Truthfully there's Uh he wouldn't get elected with just Appealing to truthers but he isn't going To win without us

Like he wouldn't win without us just Like Trump right Trump can't win without The truth Community like there's such a Narrow margin of victory for them And the truth Community we get it done We get information out there we get People you know people are with critical Thinking skills who Bobby Kennedy says He's after right the one thing that We're good at is getting information out There we find ways no matter how much How much they try to de-platform us and Ban us and whatever it is we find ways Of getting the information out And That's essential in this new model Of Internet being a you know a pivotal Part of Being a successful candidate And having critical thinkers is so much Better That when you can convince people On a level where you know you can Connect with them on a deeper level Than people who just are want it easy Like the people who are you know Mainstream Democrats and mainstream Republicans and they just want to hear You say the whole whatever it is that That you know the taglines and they want You to just you know paint by the Numbers they're not in they're not deep People They're not being persuaded on a deeper Level they just want you to you know

Represent the party that they've already Been indoctrinated into and if it's a Part of their life right they don't They're not ever choosing it they grew Up as Democrats and Republicans or Whatever it might be and they made their Decision in college in which their Political views are and they don't want To think about it they don't want to be Challenged they don't want a critical Think think about it they just want Somebody who's going to check all the Boxes those people are weak those people Are worthless those people aren't going To you know fight for you they're not Gonna you know they're just uh you know Paint by the Numbers uh NPCs but Truthers you know the ones that are Aware and awake and the ones that you Know have their own critical thinking Skills it's a whole different level of What they can contribute and even on a Consciousness level they have more value We have more value because you know We're more aware more awake we're more You know our Consciousness is on a Higher level Than people who are sheeple they just Are walking through life as an NPC with No real you know thought about what They're doing and they're just drudging Through their their you know their Miserable routines and their miserable Lives and you know eventually just

Waiting to die right without any Real just you know original thinking or Just thinking outside the box or any of It and so truthers are valuable to have And Kennedy Was very popular in the truth Community He was doing really well Exceptionally well For someone like me who is never going To vote again who Doesn't believe the system should be Saved I liked the way he was running his Campaign you guys you know watch my Videos understand what they've talked About And you know you have to to win people Over like us you have to appeal to on a Higher level of Consciousness and Kennedy was doing that right But those people aren't going to just Accept some BS you know you because he Got he got labeled as anti-semitic and He comes out with this Unbelievably dishonest and You know weird chivalry type of uh you Know take on the Palestinian Israel Conflict You know truthers are just not gonna I Mean you can you lose truth there's Forever when you do stuff like that Right and not just that he's you know I Can understand he had to say something You know he can't fight everybody like

He's fighting you know big Pharma and The Democratic party and mainstream Media and everybody like he's you know Got all these battles the CIA and all of It right and so um you know you can't Fight everybody like all these powerful Groups and so I can understand where Like you want he didn't want to be known As an anti-semite so he had to do damage Control and I'm fine with that whatever You had to say to To make sure people didn't know he was a Racist and an anti-semite the way that The Democrats were trying to create These narratives of him being some right Wing racist it was against black people And Asian people and Jewish people Because he needs those groups as well And he doesn't want to be seen as that So sure he had to say something and if He had connections with the Jewish Community and done work with them and Whatever I'm fine with all that but he Went in so hard and so you know I mean I I it was such a Uh like I mean icky like icky this what He did there right and you guys who saw The my video know what I'm talking about And then to say he was going to use his Platform to push this narrative which You know we know it's false it's a false Narrative that it is a propagandized Narrative that's Covering up you know an abusive

Relationship and the things that are Going on there in Israel and what used To be Palestine and I don't think it's Wise for him or any candidate to Include them Palestinian Israel conflict In their platform Like that's that was when I was a kid Like peace of the Middle East was a you Know but that ship has sailed because of All the other things that happened in The Middle East and the illegal Wars in Libya and all this stuff right and the Way that Muslim people have been Portrayed in the you know that Hollywood And these other places and the Anti-muslim sentiment I mean it's just You know there's always going to be Something with anti-semitism Those people who don't like Jewish People there's always going to be that Because that's you know there's a Powerful lobbying group and lots of Money And you know all of that so like staying Away from that is wise It's you know there's no real benefit Politically it's just very polarizing And triggering But Kennedy has inserted himself in this In a way that's you know it's like he Just said all right I'm just going to Tank my campaign right now Because you know again truthers and Critical thinkers that are truthers are

Not going to tolerate this kind of thing Right you know you want us over by your Authenticity And your ability to be on the right side Of everything or your issues at least You know be you know be in the adjacent Area of What we believe in and what you know the Mainstream media is trying to cover up On all these issues and especially to do With the You know the covid stuff and the rest of It And again you know we're not going to Agree on everything but if we like the Way that you think and we can see that You're an actual you know a person that Wants to be fair and wants to You know do a good job and be be outside The box and not just be your average Politician That's why you know he won us over Those of us in the truce community that Were seeing that there was a difference With him and what he did there was just Destroy all of that right And the truth Community is valuable and It's hard to please right it's both Valuable and hard to please because We're you know we're not just going to Be won over by bumper sticker slogans Because I don't have to vote and no I Don't even want to vote And many of us you know believe in the

Left Right paradigm and so if you're Going to engage the truth community And I'm not just talking about the Dopey Trumpers or the QBs or people who are You know still just Republicans just Extreme Republicans or the the far left Woke people who are always going to be On the Democratic side I'm talking about People who are you know thinking about Things and reasonable and are outside The box and are not accepting the Official narrative in the in the groups That the you know the boxes that they're Trying to put us all in And it's valuable to have people like That And Kennedy had him like Kennedy had You know the truth Community just pissed It away Uh and just one horrible interview that You know I mean I I don't understand the Decision making behind it but anyways Let's um that's just the introduction Let's move on to the the central point Of this video okay just um a little plug For my gratefulness meditation channel For those of you doing gratefulness Meditation I came across something the esoteric Symbol As a star you can see the symbol there [Music] Um and you know something that I used in The past inside Marg meditation that I

Hadn't thought about really in years Came back up and I made a video about it People are Using it and experimenting with it which Is a good thing Um and so I thought I would let everyone Know there's uh A new video there'll be another one Today on it on the gratefulness Meditation Channel This is Roger Ailes the disgraced and Now dead Roger Ailes who had a lifelong Friendship from a young age like they Met when they were 21. On a trip to Africa With RFK Jr RFK Jr talks about this Bobby Kennedy talks about this In his interviews Willie Horton raised His head people were saying how did Bobby get involved with the guy you know That was never I never had anything to Do with that that was brilliant yeah you Took the rap I did I took the but I Really never did but at any rate uh that What was interesting we did spend uh 1973 I think we spent time over there in Africa and you captured this bird I Don't know whether it was a falcon it Was an auger Buzzard just like the American red tail hawk okay and I'd come To your room in the hotel and this thing Would be sitting on your arm and you'd Be staring at it for a long time is There some trick to staring at these

Birds is it what are you hypnotizing Trying to get them to eat off my fist And that's one of the Initial steps in training them you see His voice was a lot different he had a You know a normal voice a good speaking Voice But he's been Afflicted with that Condition and he also Is calmer here Um You know his yes some idiosyncratic Movements now Like nervous twitches and things but you Can see this is how he used to speak It's kind of interesting uh this Friendship he's had With this guy I mean he's got a lot of Interesting things about his life you Know he's a falconer He's talking about that here Well if they do that then they start to Tame or something right but we took it Out and you let it fly away I remember It right yeah We were there with a great man who was a Great friend of yours Lemoyne Billings Uh so anyways that's Bobby Kennedy early On Um I'm going to move on to The Trump thing now So the Tim Ballard podcast He had Trump on Look at him go look at him go face to

Face Hey everybody Welcome to a very special Episode of the Tim Ballard podcast here We are at one of the top golf club in The nation at Bedminster here with the 45th president of the United States Mr Donald Trump Mr President thank you well Thank you we're just being our guest we Just so agree he's just a shell of the Fish boy He's just a shell of what he was years Ago I mean these years of not being President and all that Has taken he's you know aged differently Now He has left he has less life force I mean it's just um you know not as bad As JoJo magu but certainly You know he isn't what he used to be Great movie and uh unbelievable and Jim You were really it wasn't believable I mean watch that movie you're like this Is horse poop That's just not believable like I mean I Watched it I'm like this isn't true this Is a movie it's it's completely Unbelievable incredible thank you and You in real life were really incredible So I want to thank you on behalf of a Lot of people fantastic job thank you What was your favorite scene of the film I think the start the ending and maybe The result was uh what I like that was a

Great result that was a hard earned Result though the two young children you Have you have thousands and hundreds of Thousands out there it's so sad to see Yeah but it was really something very Special it's been a great success the Movie and now I see why He's so much there's a scene in the film That uh at this part the southern border Of the Port of Entry yeah they filmed That scene when the van comes across and We get the little boy out of there That's a very true story they filmed on Location at the Calexico California East Port of Entry and when they filmed this We we weren't struggling as we are today It's almost like God waited for the Right time to drop this because The the whole film kicks off with Kids being trafficked into the United States Um what's your perspective on on the Border now and where it was during your Administration so as you know the Border Was very Successful relatively speaking at least It was the most successful successful it Was successful with the Border that's What it's ever been it's uh incredibly Bad right now it's worse at you can Magnify at times 10 or 12 times they say It's so sad to see what's happened and That includes traffic in it includes Drugs it includes everything people

Coming in from all over the world They're pouring into our country they're Coming from prisons they're coming from Mental institutions they're terrorists We have a terrible group of people Running our country and it's never been Like this the borders never been worse You guys would understand that see this Is what I was talking about before That to stop human trafficking You need all hands on board You can't have a division in human Trafficking right Trump is a divisive Figure And you know he's taken this approach That the Democrats are evil you know the Cubies have taken this approach and the Republicans have a long list of Atrocities Including the neocons and the illegal Wars under George W bush And then going all the way back through Reagan and then just for years and years And then pushing the military-industrial Complex And being in power and the Christian Right Uh you know pushing back against people Of you know differing points of view Shutting them down and uh you know De-platforming them back when they when They held positions of power The media and the rest of it you know Back when America was uh was more

Influenced by the conservative ideology And Christian conservatives which is Given birth to this problem now with This you know this liberal monster That's out of control now that they have The power Uh you know things always uh are created In a vacuum And so Uh you know going like with this us Against them And so many people in the truth Community have it which is fine like I Don't like I'm not a people person I'm not a I don't want to have a Kumbaya Moment I don't you know you know what I Mean I'm an introvert and a loner and I'm not out there reaching out to people And you know I'm not doing any of those Things But I don't have a cause like this right Certainly I have these spiritual stuff I Do here And that's open to anybody And you know you can do the meditation And it's regardless of your belief System or anything like that it's not my Thing it's not my thing to disclude People God isn't my thing or any Anybody's thing religions say God is Theirs God isn't he isn't owned or Copyrighted by a religion God is there For everybody God is everywhere God is In us and everybody else and everything

Else And so that's but everything that's Uh between you and God is a personal You know God is a personal Pursuit It can be done collectively like we can Do it collectively together But each person has to do it personally Each person has to connect to God Directly personally And so that is a universal you know it Is a big tent concept that everybody's Welcome And you know when you make certain Groups evil When you say are these are the good We're the good guys and they're the bad Guys then you know and there's Division And conflict You know the the oppositional opinion on Both sides is full of hate and vitriol You don't get anything done and so if You want to stop something like human Trafficking You have to do something differently and Bringing in Trump here And again the QB movement and all these Things and Trump had plenty of Opportunities and you know he's rubbed Elbows with he's friends with Jeffrey Epstein these other people and he made Uh like a a statement that Jeffrey Epstein likes young girls Like he was talking about Jeffrey Epstein likes to party he likes young

Girls And you know we know what he meant by That because he knew You know and he didn't do anything about It but all of a sudden now he's this guy Because he's embracing the the cubies In this movie But he didn't ever campaign on this and He never did anything against human Trafficking he had four years as President and a lifetime as a a wealthy Man to do something about this and he Didn't right I mean even his relationship with Stormy Daniels you know he had these basically Prostitutes another woman was a Playboy Centerfold that he put up in an Apartment you know he was married and he Had these women on the side that were Basically prostitutes he had Financial Arrangements with Porn stars and you know Playmates and Basically hookers right Which is a form of human trafficking As well as I would the borders never Been more open And when you have open borders like that You have traffic in at a level that You've never seen before so much Different than when you and I previously Met see a level that you've never seen Before These are Trump phrases you know like They don't mean anything right it's not

Quantifiable it's just oh yeah okay it's It's like a level you've never seen Before right It's something that appeals to people But it's not you know it's just bumper Stickers it's just bumper sticker talk And very sad to see it's gone so bad We'll turn it around but it's It's really very terrible to see So when you were in charge of the Border I remember them saying that your Policies were both racist uh the most No compassion from president Trump on These foreign children and I looked Today and I just I I'm in awe because I The only compassionate policy is Unfortunate yeah these children Jim what You were you were telling me you saw the Testimony of Miss Rodas right from uh Yes a Health and Human Services as well 26. yeah tell us about that well she Gave her testimony whistleblower right Oh yeah and you know she's submitted Evidence as well and the next day in the Media it wasn't even covered like it Never happened I think the media is Responsible as well is ignoring the South border we don't have a country Without a border yeah 85 000 Mr President 85 000. Unaccompanied minors during the Joe Biden Administration showed up and were Released into the belly of the United States which is the number one consumer

Of child exploitation material in the World okay um Okay I've made a lot of content in the Last couple of days Uh you know hours of content on my three Hours of content here on the Kennedy Thing and then Another hour yesterday which I didn't Mean to video to go that long on my Other channel And then uh like I showed you more Content on my gratefulness meditation Channel so my voice is holding up but I Just gotta you're making more content Isn't great for people can't keep up With it so I want to limit this and I've moved past The whole sound of Freedom thing I you Know that's To me a Dead Issue it just I saw this Interview And you know It's everything I talk about in terms of Division And accomplishing goals So if your goal is to Get rid of human trafficking right You don't talk about Biden sucking You don't talk about The left sucking you don't disparage Other people Who might end up being allies you have To find a way to reach across the aisle And connect with them to

You know even if Trump wins presidency He's going to have to work with Democrats which he's failed to do Because of his you know their I mean Their Obsession negative obsession with Him and his His dickishness right and you know this Is what I'm talking about When I say it's not going to be Effective because it's your goal to stop Human trafficking or is your goal to Disparage Biden and the people on the Other side Because Biden sucks you know I mock them All day long but if I want to accomplish Something That involved needing the majority of People to get on board like they're Talking about how the mainstream media Is uncovering This topic Well then you got to figure a way that They will right and doing it in a Subversive oh they're they're the evil Ones we got to get rid of them before we End up doing anything on human Trafficking isn't going to work right Like this is a you know a two-party System And if you're going to use politics and The media As a way to establish some sort of uh You know to create some sort of plan to End human trafficking then you've got to

Start bringing people together you have To be a uniter And this movie is divisive and the Movement is divisive and the cubies are Some of the most divisive people I mean if you look at the extreme left Being one side of the most divisive one Group that's most divisive the QB is on The other side right you know I watched This movie Called Um Eastern Promises I think two nights Ago And it starred Viggo Mortensen the other guy who played Aragorn In The Lord of the Rings and Naomi Watts And I've seen a few things with no name Watts in the past year like obscure Movies there's one where she went hiking And she was like a person who Um you know helped rescue people is like In New Hampshire or something up some Mountain You know people who um Uh like uh you know they're good hikers Themselves And they are you know they have Equipment they bring to the house you Rescued this guy it was based on a true Story kind of interesting movie But I think she's in quality movies like Viggo Mortensen is and it looked like a Drama and I was like I don't know if I

Want to watch this there's a crime thing It says it was suspense but what it was Is about human trafficking it was a Movie that was made 2007. And she plays a nurse In which um And a spoiler alert and I'm not Recommending the movie And she plays a nurse who a young uh Either Ukrainian or Russian woman 14 year old she was 14 years old but she Got Ard Um like uh like you know a woman who was Uh taken from Russia and brought to England To be a prostitute and she's pregnant And she's bleeding she comes in and she Dies and the baby's there and she left Behind a diary that was written in Russian And she has a like a stepfather or uncle Who speaks Russian but he doesn't want To translate it at first so she brings It to a restaurant And the guy at the restaurant Is the guy who was doing the human Trafficking so he's translating the the Diary and it's about him And in the diary it said that she was 14 Years old and the restaurant owner's son Who's a real thug was beating her up and You know trying to train her to be a Prostitute or whatever And he tried to ah her but he couldn't

Because he was gay I feel like that develops in the plot But her then this restaurant owner this Older Uh Russian man comes down and and Ours her and then she's pregnant with His baby right he's like you know 70s or Something like this right Um so you know this this you know goes On from there Vigo Mortensen plays a you Know like a KGB agent who is there to Get rid of this human trafficking ring And infiltrate this crime ring that's You know taking people from Russia and Doing these things you know there's this Movie called The Whistleblower which was About Kosovo and how the U.N was Involved with human trafficking You know this had to do with Russia and England and you know there's all these Various places around the world Something like 28 million people are Actual slaves and then there's all the Other people that are you know basically Slaves right wage slaves and you know There's just this level of uh you know Just exploiting and dominance and Imposing your will on other people And at the center of it is an abusive Mentality and Trump has that mentality Trump is softer and has a better heart Than Joe Biden Joe Biden you know both Of them are puppets in their own way But they both are rich and powerful men That are linked to these other groups

And influential groups and those are the People that they cater to those are the People that are their peers those are The people that are important to them Not average people like they you know When they're politicians they come out And they come up with these bumper sip Of sticker slogans that they say Whatever they say But they're sucky people right they're Not you know they're not they're just That's just BS they're not concerned About the average person And Humanity would have to be stripped down From its hedonistic and Narcissistic and egotistical ways of Just the way that we treat nature the Way that we treat animal life the way we Treat our food plant you know the plant King of the animal kingdom the way we Treat each other the way that you know We we think about our lives the you know The the force that we impose our wills And do things that go against the Natural order of things the divine order We all would have to confront that Personally we'd have to be ripped down Our whole social system our economic System would have to be stripped away And we'd have to you know have a like a You know come to Jesus moment you know And I by that I mean come to God moment You know not to Jesus but to God

Internally and we'd have to change Everything about ourselves and then this Abuse in slavery and exploitation of Other people and things would disappear But that's what it would take if you Really wanted to get rid of it it's not Just changing a president or a political Party or you know doing making a movie Or being upset about it and talking About how bad it is You have to like basically Break everything rip everything destroy Everything that we know as human life And begin again and do it the right way Involve God and you'd have to get rid of Massive amount of negative souls and Negative people that are you know They're not going to change like they'd Have to be excluded from Life on planet Earth like you'd have to have a massive Die-off population reduction and Only The Good Souls would be allowed to Incarnate in These negative souls or negative people With you know negative Tendencies and Abusive Tendencies and things would have To be excluded from this new Humanity it Would have to come from a place where You want to redeem yourself personally Like each person wants to redeem Themselves and like the shame and the You know the embarrassment of what we Created and what we participated in here And this modern day life and the way it

Was uh you know just against God's Will And and destroying environments and you Know just the depravity of all of it Right and you can't like go oh I'm fine I'm great We just gotta change these other people Like we're all a part of a system where At the bottom end there is so much evil Abuse and child trafficking and twisted You know uh sociopathic murderous Behaviors and all of it like at the Bottom end of our system which we're all A part of that system right it's a Reflection of our whole system The poverty the degraded nature the the Lack of uh you know love and caring and Empathy and compassion and you know just The selfishness and you know how people Are willing to just kill other people or Kill environments and Destroy Environments for their own political and You know desire based uh goals and Lifestyle and just egotistical I mean People will get in wars of ego and start War like a king or a ruler will start a War Based in their ego And like Joe Biden droning kids and you Know all these things all the stuff that Trump's done that's so selfish And even his pursuit of presidency after His you know rolling out operation warp Speed all these things That they do right getting money from

Big Pharma or whatever it might be You know it's just a corruption and a You know self-centered evil you're Willing to do evil for your personal Gain as long as you get something out of It right and we all participate in this Evil system and in the the bottom end of The system Is all this stuff But all the other parts of the system Contribute and you know funneled down to That bottom level of human trafficking And murder and you know Wars and all of It and so we'd all have to be willing to Change in ways that none of us are Willing and that's why I say just shut The Boop up right you know talking about How outraged you are or how upset you Are and how you know everyone else is a Shill and all the things that QB's did When you're willing to go to the the Depths of your I mean willing to give up All of your lifestyle give up everything That you enjoy and you know you depend On in in terms of the modern day Lifestyle and willing to scrap all that To make this world a better place and Get rid of human trafficking or whatever You know one thing you're focused on Then you can talk Right then you can talk about how Everyone else sucks or whatever if You're willing to do it And if you're willing to do it you have

To go do it right like not just Pretending or saying it but actually you Know in your heart willing to Get rid of all the the ways that evil Plays a role in your life from the Debt-based economy to the content that You watch to the you know the products And corporations you support to you know I mean your clothing your food your you Know your internet and all the things so You have to be willing to get rid of all That stuff And then rethink your whole life and Approach to it And start doing things only that would That God would give you permission to do Not that God is some overbearing Overlord but you would ask God's Permission your Soul's permission To do things that align with the Divine Laws and principles And it would be really hard Maybe life would be really hard if you Got real all the things all the Shortcuts all the all the stuff that's You know just not divine That's demonic like most of our life and System is demonic it's ego based and it Goes away from the Divine laws and Principles And so when you're willing to do that Then you really want change You're so upset about the way that life Is you know Buddha Siddhartha the prince

He walked out he was you know he was ex He was kept away from All the darkness of life he was a you Know prince who lived in a castle and he Had only the beautiful and the best of What life can author and he was Forbidden to go out in the streets and See how miserable everyone else was they Went out there and I'm not a Buddhist I'm just saying this is a story He went out there and he saw like dead People and they smelled the rod you know The Rotting Flesh and the you know the The smells of poverty and the you know The sights and sounds of poverty and he Couldn't believe how miserable like the Condition that people lived in And he renounced his his friendship as You know his royal title and he went out To the woods and meditated and wanted to Find a way to solve all these problems And you know that's not the way to go About it but it's an example of what I'm Talking about Because you don't become a spiritual Person to solve The World's problems That happens If everyone was spiritual that would Happen but that's a side effect You become a spiritual person Because you want to be the best version Of yourself The the version that God would be proud Of

When God like when God created you you Have the high end of your capacity You have the low end which is a selfish Egotistical person A depraved person a self-centered person Then you have a a saint that you know an Inner self with a capital S where you Embrace your higher nature and you Become a servant for God and you live a Selfish life of devoting yourself to Other people and into God's purposes Here on Earth God's plan right you leave Behind your egotistical Pursuits and You work for God exclusively And so that's there's a potential to do That and when you do that You stop contributing to the evil and You only Uh you know you only do good things and Then if everybody did that all this Stuff would disappear but people don't Want to do that they've had the Opportunity we've had the opportunity Over and over again Not only in this life but past lives you Human beings have all the ability to Embrace their divine nature and we've Proven over and over again we don't want To do that We are attracted to the lower And that's a tragedy of The Human Experience of course it's the Kali Yuga So it's even more so now But it's there right and people really

Want change have to You know figure that out they have to Confront themselves with that and I'm Not saying in some way like I'm doing This or I've done you know I'm not like I you know I I half-assed it like you Know I put some effort into connecting To God and doing God's work And be in a conduit for God here and in The gratefulness meditation massage Meditation I've done But I'm not all about it right I'm you Know Like I I don't know what percentage of Breakdown it is And so you know I know how tough it is And and I know that you know my Commitment could be much greater than it Is Every spiritual person every person That's working a little bit to connect To God is at least doing something But we're not doing all that we could do And so that's why I'm you know whatever Like you know but when I hear these Holier than thou people who want to Condemn you know other groups or other Political parties or whatever you know They all suck I mean we see it they're not your savior They're not here for good they're all Power hungry people that are leading us Down uh you know a deviant path a Demonic path and none of them is getting

It done you know prayers always help if You do pray great that's something That's something right there's nothing You know bad about that praying for Suffering of other people great you know Keep on doing that but witnessing what's Going on and sending the information Back to God so that they'll be you know There's always going to be an external Force there's going to be uh you know an Oppositional Force So when evil is pervasive then there has To be a spiritual movement That is created to uh you know to meet The evil like if there's a spiritual Good system then evil will grow and it's I was just the binary nature of Life on Planet Earth And so there's always going to be a Counter movement But in terms of this movie and Trump and The right-wing element the cubies and The you know the so-called truth Movement they're not on the side of good They're not in the sight of God they Think they are but they're not and Certainly the Democrats and the Liberals Aren't and so there isn't anybody in the Mainstream and even the the truth Community in terms of being a movement That's embracing God's will That's accepting You know the truth of the subject which Is the truth of the you know the problem

At hand Which is our system That we all enjoy and at least we're you Know we're scared to not have it because We're dependent on it is evil in its Primary nature it's it's uh you know It's evil in its bones and its Fundamental building blocks and it goes Against the Divine will And we have to shed this system And it'll you know we have to kill it or Destroy it because it'll destroy itself But we have to allow it to happen And then Embrace something else And most people are willing to even Consider that so There you go Okay party people I was going to end the video there I was Editing it and I was just about to Render the video and upload it when I Was reading through the comments on my Other channel my Apocalypse Now Channel Egregious the video I talked about Earlier egregious RFK Junior position on Palestine mirrors Larry David's curb I should have just said Your Enthusiasm I seem to have enough room I didn't think I would For the title you only get a hundred Characters that's why sometimes my Titles are cut off But this person uh Left a doozy of a comet

Paul Paul This is the first time I'm offended to The max It's the first time I am offended to the Max Yes I'm Jewish [Laughter] And you always take the side against the Jews I've been listening to you for eight Years I'm going to read that line again so This person just said Paul this is this Person who's been listening to me for Eight years just said Paul this is the First time I am offended to the max Yes I am Jewish and you always take the Sight against the Jews so this is the First time me taking the side against The Jews Is offending you is that what you're Saying uh Commenter who never gets offended and This time she's offended to the max Even though I always take the sides Against the Jews name one other time I've taken the side against the Jews Name one other time Name another time when I talk about Jewish people or Israel In my videos Name one at a time like you have been

Doing this for eight years And I explained why in my other videos There's a lot of people who hate Jews And plain Jews for everyone everything I Ban all those people and they leave Comments Anybody hating Jews in my comment Section gets banned or hating blacks or Any group of people singling out any Group of people it hurts the truth Community And it's something I don't want I don't Want people like that watching my videos Anybody who blames some specific group In a derogatory way Is an auto band on my channel and I Don't cover things like this for that Reason I don't want you haters on my Channel say it all the time and it's Clear from my actions that that's my Policy I've supported Kyrie Irving Uh because he posted something and I Said he didn't like the movie that he Posted I didn't like it because it sucked Hebrews to Negroes I thought it was a Poorly made movie Like it was unwatchable I didn't think It was a good movie But it was up on Amazon that is run by a Trillionaire the world's first Trillionaire Jeff Bezos and they didn't Ask Amazon to take it down

They didn't want Kyrie Irving to tweet About it they were trying to cancel them And they were trying to bully him And you know there was a The new CEO of Amazon is Jeff it's um Something disaster or something like That I have his name right here I just Looked him up He is um A person from he has Hungarian Jewish With Hungarian and ancestry And he is the CEO of Amazon and the World's supposed richest man and they Didn't come down on them for for having The movie available on their website it Was about bullying Kyrie Irving and the Other part about it is That you can't criticize Israel and Jewish people The way you criticize everyone else and This isn't this is a a good example of That right because I am What I consider Fair here And I am you know against hate Because of all the things I've said About it I've talked about how hate is In inside you and it makes you feel bad And it's not something that you want to Indulge in I mean no no one should you Might want to do it but it's bad for you And I've given all the reasons why for It and so I don't you know wanted to Proliferate on my channel

The only other thing that I can remember Saying where you know the person says I Took that let me see what they said here Again let me read that part again It says you always take the side against The Jews and so Um and I didn't do that with Kyrie Irving first of all let's establish that Kyrie Irving stood up and didn't get the Boop and so here's somebody that I'm Going to support just for that one act I Was very critical of Kyrie Irving before For his Illuminati shoes and some of the Other things he did And you know I um you talked about he was a flat Earther for a while I mean some of the Things he did before I made critical Videos of him but him standing up and Being harassed the way he was and Nobody's apologized because You know he is I mean if he was the Mandates were ruled illegal the mandates That he was against that cost him 17 Million dollars of salary and More in Endorsements and I mean he's still Criticizes being selfish in a a jerk for That in the in the world of the NBA you Know you know a pundit world And so that was about Kyrie Irving and Them targeting him it just happened to Be about a tweet that they said he was Anti-Semitic and I you know this idea of Everyone being anti-semitic and you not

Being able to criticize Israel or Jewish people And again I don't like criticizing a Group of people based on their Demographic it's something I'm not Comfortable with but certainly Israel as A country you can criticize And every country I criticize America All the time I pretty much criticize every country And I you know I mean there's things That you can criticize about every Government every country and you know There's so much pushback from the Jewish Community which backfires The Kyrie Irving thing hurt Jewish People You know the other thing is I've talked About how I have friends and you know Associates and people who I've the Preceptor who was uh you know my Preceptor started me doing the seismic Meditation years ago That was Jewish people were Jewish in my Life whatever And you know I don't like it when people Are targeting the whole group of anybody Especially when I have friends and People I know who Are good people like are people who Don't deserve to be maligned for the Actions of their leaders or their Country or something like that right Every country has good people in it

Every demographic has good people in it And when you target groups of people and Saying that they're all like that or Whatever that's a problem because it's Not true it's never true there's people Like me and I don't mean them like you Know people like my personality Configuration in every group there's People just like me and we probably Wouldn't get along with each other right Because that's the kind of personality We have but there's good people nice People you know positive people in every Group and I make very very clear uh to You know distinguish against uh between Those two things the only other time That I Um uh that I you know you could say I Took the site against them and I didn't You know against Israel is when I made My three videos about the big event in 2001. and you know I've changed and Grown as a video maker since then But I included Some information like there's These guys I think they're called the Five dancing Israelis And they were young Israeli men possibly In Mossad or doing some sort of Governmental work And they were there the big event in New York City And they were seen filming The buildings

And if you know what I'm talking about When the big events happened and they Danced and high-fived and were holding Up lighters and you know partying like It was uh 2001 and they were celebrating What happened in New York City and it Seemed like they had pre-knowledge of What was going to happen And they were sent to document it they Had like a video camera mounted on a Tripod or something and it was pointed Right at the buildings and they were Filmed by people in apartments dancing And celebrating and they are later Arrested by a cop They ran a red light or in a van one of Them had like six grand in cash stuffed In his sock you know it was like very Shady And they said when they arrested no We're not the ones where people were From Israel your enemies are Palestinians and now you can go smash The Palestinians after they did this Thing that just happened they were Believing the big event on Palestinians And again you know I haven't looked at This story in years But there's other information that it Looks like that Israel was either a Party to or was at least had Pre-knowledge of what was going to Happen and I included that in my Documentary you know there's other

Things I'm forgetting here and then There was the attack on the USS Liberty Which I talked about and as an American You know and I'm usually not like this I'm usually you know open to being Compassionate for the you know American Treatment of libyans and the Gaddafi in Iraq and these things you know the Military war machine But this was where the American Military Navy was a victim Because they had a unarmed vessel that Was bombarded and torpedoed by the Israeli Army for various reasons and That was never you know that's a story That you can go look that up yourself And form your own opinion right but Certainly no one would characterize what I'm saying here as being off base and Malicious so this person seen saying They're offended to the max so let's Let's go back to the comment here And start over Paul this is the first Time I am offended to the Max and yes I'm Jewish and you always take the side Against the Jews I've been listening to You for eight years or so I think you do Not know what you're talking about in This case of the chicken storyline Yes I'm Jewish and yes there was a real Chicken place that the story was based On the name is called For as far as Israel How as far as Israel have you been to

Israel This is not what I was talking about in Any of these videos I was giving you Just raw statistics They say this have you been to the West Bank have you been here no and I don't Want to go like I'm not going there I don't cover this Like I'm some expert on the region but If you had to assess as a maker of Videos I mean just think about the Position that Americans are in to do With Israel and Pakistan right Um we have to make if those of us who Use critical thinking skills you know I Don't really care about but because Bobby Kennedy came out and said things That I knew not to be true And it was just I mean if you actually Believe what he's saying in the picture He paid of Israel I know enough about Things that Israel has done and I've Seen enough video clips of the abuse and The harassment that these Palestinian People have suffered and I'm sure There's some clips of the opposite Happening too that you watch As a Jewish person to be outraged and so Whatever there's a conflict there And so how do we know Which party is the abuser or which party Is maybe of the two of the Israel and The Palestinian people the Israelis and Palestinian people

Or the governments which is the abuser Offender if there is one is it an equal You know set of crimes or is it One-sided and what I listed in the Beginning of this video and the other Videos is the the disparity between Army Economy support and media here in America And I was spot on about Larry David Because there is no Palestinian version Of Larry David There is no Palestinian version of Anything I have not seen one show where The lead characters Palestinian and such a show wouldn't be Allowed to exist in America I'm sure There's people who would like to put on Such a show But I've never seen one right and so Larry David is in a position of power Where there's a lot of power the Jewish Community has a lot of power and say What happens in Hollywood Those lots of movies about the Holocaust Not a lot of movies about what's going On from the Palestinians point of view How is an American going to see The Palestinians point of view from the News that doesn't cover it from Politicians that all back Israel To who who's going to who's going to Speak up for the Palestinians it's not Me I'm not this is not my life's mission But I do get to have an opinion on it I

Can do my own research and I did and I Think I nailed it like I nail everything Else you know that um uh again you know I I realize that I don't have all the Facts and experience I'm not an expert On the subject but I am the expert on The subject of abuse and power dynamics And that's how I looked at this and the Overwhelming power and I know you don't Want to say it admit to it as a Jewish Person because you want to be a victim Like this is you know the one thing that I have a problem with uh Israel and the Jewish culture is the constant Victimization the constant claiming to Be victims and in a state of you know It's a a model that has been used by so Many different groups now to say that You're targeted all the time and you Know there is hate yeah I agree with That people hate you I see you all the Time I'm not gonna deny you that that There's people that comment on my videos All the time That is hateful towards Jewish people That does exist right but also what Makes it worse is to constantly be Characterizing yourself and your people As victims when there's a lot of power In your you know money power and Political power and entertainment power And Media power The Jewish Community has been very Successful Jewish people have been very

Successful in reaching the top levels in All of those fields the economy politics Entertainment and news media there's Been lots of people who are Jewish who Have been in charge of these Mega Organizations and are over represented You know when the populations it's very Small it's something like two three Percent of the people in America even Less maybe that are Jewish and then you Have what 50 percent of the producer in Hollywood or 30 even 30 percent that's All you know that's by demographics you Are doing really well as a group as a You know as a people and I'm against Victim Consciousness and if you're a Godly person and this is a religion After all that you know has a punishing God at the center of this religion you Know a vengeful wrathful God That you would blame God for your Mistreatment and not other people as bad As other people suck at some point you Have to look at God if you're you know That God is as a plan and God's Responsible for everything that happens Even the crappy people that abuse you or Mistreat you if you're going to be mad Be mad at God this is the way that I you Know that's how I conduct myself in my Life right ultimately you know I might Get mad at this person or that person Uh you know very seldomly now as they've Gotten older but I always bring it back

To God like did God make a mistake or is This something that I am supposed to be Experiencing When you're going through something that Seems unfair if you look at it that way And then you know that's why I always Say be grateful because be grateful to God especially for You know in the seismic tradition Miseries as Divine blessings miseries That help you evolve spiritually Trials and tribulations that help you Become a better person and bring you Closer to God and it burns off some Scars and these things I've talked about Extensively in my journey series videos Okay let's wrap this comment up here I gotta find it again here we go It says um I'm Jewish and yes there was a real Chicken place that the story was based On the name is called zancourt I was Saying that they had hostile Pictures on the wall towards Israel and I don't you know I would doubt that that Was the case if they're saying free Palestine that's one thing but the other Things were you know we're inflammatory And even if there was one place that had Those on there it wasn't fair of Larry David to categorize all the people The Palestinian people in his storyline As all wanting the extinction of the Jewish people like every Palestinian

Person is a violent hateful person that Just wants to extinguish all Jewish People like that's not that's not Accurate It's just you know it's not like there Might be some yeah sure It's a conflict they hate each other Sure there's groups of people And they feel like they're abused and They're being victimized I mean whatever It is it's not every one of them it's Violent you know terrorist type person And that's how they're being categorized So the person says Is far from Israel have you been to Israel no because you're clueless how Important it is America is there is the Only place They can go That that they can go that they can go We get into a war enough of that by the Way What was that sentence no because you're Clueless how America how important it is To America is there how important it is To America is there what does that mean That Israel is important to America Because it's not right Like it's you know America would survive Certainly without Israel But Israel wouldn't survive without America Israel is a strategic location For the American Military but there's Something else that's going on here

Right and America has given Israel more Support than any other I mean I'm not Even sure what this person is going with This it's sort of like babbling because They're they're triggered to them They're offended to the max Says the only place they can go we get Into a war enough of that by the way the Jews Arabs and a lot of Muslim from Different nations getting along fine in LA And the Jewish and Muslim people from Iran get along fine in Beverly Hills The language in the voting polls Are in Farsi Um I don't even understand what that is a Babbling at the end then you're against Larry David's Provocation of how he treated the the The Jews and the like I said there would Be no protests like that like I can't Imagine there would be Jewish people Protesting the opening of a Palestinian Chicken place next to a deli like that All looked Goofy and Larry David's Portrayal and you know people are saying It was funny and I you know I don't find The show funny like I there are a couple Things that I thought were you know in The Way That Seinfeld was funny They were good like jokes but Larry Davis not a funny person he's got Annoying presentation he's he's just you

Know full-on Annoying right and the Characters are not really likable and They're kind of hateful and they're all These things the way they conduct Themselves manipulative and they're Sabotaging and undermining each other The couples and I mean just this one Episode like these are horrible Miserable people right and the way that They presented all the Palestinians as Being a group of people that live for One reason and that is to hate Jews and And wish for the destruction of Jews That's how he portrayed them In the in the storyline And so you're saying that Jews and Muslims get along fine which I think They probably would I the Jewish people I know got along fine with Muslims and Other people The people I knew that you know that I Grew up with and you know these other People they didn't have issues I never Saw any sort of conflict between them They didn't talk politics and I don't Think the ones that I knew were very Concerned about The politics and the stuff that's going On in Israel and Palestine but just to Wrap this up this person being offended By what I said here you know everybody Gets offended when they are they are Warped in some way and I say something That's

A Lot close to the truth and what they Believe And the same thing is happening with This um sound of Freedom the trumpers I Mean people love Trump the cubies any Group that you identify with When they are you know or the point of View of a group or the point of view of These people and I'm not even talking About I didn't know this person watched My videos and I wasn't talking to them Directly but I said things that they Can't admit that are true And instead of taking a look at yourself Because you see from watching me for Eight years they're not good at this and That I am usually pretty spot-on about These things And just you know because of I mean my Ability to see patterns and the Connection to Divinity and because I Don't I don't really care about them I'm Not emotionally involved And you know I give my reasoning for the Way I came came about the information Right and the person's saying this that I should go to Israel before Talking about such matters is ridiculous Like it's it's you know like somehow You need to go to these countries to Have an opinion about them or make a Decision on on what you see going on Yeah it would be more informative if I Went to Israel and Palestine and see a

Saw firsthand But I'm not making this my life's work This is just something I'm talking about Because Kennedy brought it up and what He said is Not true and it's you know it's wrong It's wrong to Put this information out and you know to Characterize all the Palestinian people In this way as a Jewish person you have To at least admit there's plenty of Jewish people who are on the side of Palestine Or looking for fair treatment for the Palestinian people I was uh friends with Or I was you know I liked you know on Facebook you have they have these Um these sort of uh organizational pages And you like them and then you see when They post things in your feed and there Was two Groups based in Israel maybe three of Them I'm not sure but there's at least Two That were for the the fair treatment of Palestinians and that's where a lot of This information came from People who were Jewish people in Israel Who are appalled by the way Their country is treating the Palestinian people And so you know they're in Israel And there are Israelis they're Jewish People and they don't agree with the way

The Palestinian people are being treated But again if you're offended to the max You can always leave you've been here For eight years I either have you see Value in my channel you don't and you Know like I I don't take complaints and I'm not here to debate people and you Know you everyone's welcome to their Opinion and this is my opinion and You're saying that I can't verbalize it And when groups pressure people And use terms like anti-semitic or Something like that To pressure people to not say things That they believe it is hurtful to that Group When Jewish organizational people come Out and silence somebody like they did With Kyrie Irving they did with Kanye West It backfires because People get a negative attitude towards That group and those people and I you Know this well documented you don't have To take my word for it and so this Person leaving this comment this common Help Jewish people and Jewish community in Israel or did it hurt it it heard it Right this comment that I'm now reading You didn't help your cause you didn't Help your group of people And the way that you would do that is to Admit some wrongdoing and say something

Like yeah it's a you know it isn't like A black and white where the Jews are the Good guys and the Palestinians are the Bad guys and that's what Kennedy said And anybody who agrees with what Kennedy Said especially if you're a Jewish Person you're gonna hurt people's Opinion of you and the group Because nobody's going to say anybody Looks at this objectively would not say It's just that the Palestinians are evil And that the Muslims are all evil and The Jews are the heroes and if that's Your position you're never gonna I mean You're always gonna be at odds with the Majority of people because no one's Buying into that if you have some Sheeple but people in the truth Community aren't going to buy into that It's just not right it's not fair Anytime you want to bring peace and Harmony into a situation the first thing You do is you own up to the part that You created If you want to have sort of a extend an Olive branch to your the people you're Fighting with You admit to what you did wrong you Don't come in just saying oh you have to Change this is my Olive Branch you suck And you have to change that never works And so as a group of people you have to Admit the things that you've done wrong Things that you've done to make the

Situation worse and to get you know Worldwide support and get uh you know Positive feelings from other groups of People and other demographics of people Especially Americans here who are you Know giving you guys a lot of money Giving Israel a lot of money In terms of you know billions of our tax Dollars are going to Israel if you want To win support you don't Try to make everybody silence everybody Who criticizes Israel or says anything Negative That is somehow offensive like what just Happened with Jamie Foxx that didn't Help your cause That didn't help the people outside of Your group Yelling anti-Semitism you know the drop Of a hat when we live in a world where Everyone's critical of each other and People are nasty and the internet's Nasty and you think you're above Criticism your group is above criticism That's already going to cause you Problems it's already going to cause a Backlash the way that the you know Community guidelines and of YouTube and Social media has uh has catered to this Idea that causes backlash it causes Resentment so that's where some of the Hate comes from again I don't have it But other people do and that's where it Comes from right where it seems like you

Want special treatment as a group That you think that you're above the Kind of criticism in reproach and you're Not fair about it because like I said if There was a show Like Larry David that Was a Palestinian person Who was in the lead character spot like Larry David is and Curb Your Enthusiasm And he was betrayed the Jewish people The way Larry David betrayed the Palestinian people there would be Outrage they would want to cancel the Show fire the people I mean it would be National news and it would be completely Different than this curved the Enthusiasm there's no press coverage There's nobody speaking up or standing Up for the Palestinian people and so That's the the definition of abuse only Spiritual value will save this world It's Paul Romano definitely important For the apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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