Fettermna’s Boil

Fettermna's Boil

Putting my kids through the scaring of Of losing me or what's what's wrong you Know really was the single biggest Motivation to again the suicide talk Here right this guy's suicidal and now He's obviously got meds He's had a medical breakdown a mental Breakdown he was on psychological meds And he sucks before he wasn't like he Was great To really take it on and I have a lot of Support and I was ashamed you know that An eight-year-old Boyle was had a boil Got an eight-year-old Boyle this is you Know who got that thing lanced had the Kind of enthusiasm and you got this dad You know like I was the guy that should Be the one cheering for them on and Encouraging them but no it was the Children that were that were doing all That and you know my job You know I also said all right why'd you Guys sit on and sit on some committee Meetings because you know I I can't do It

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