Fetterman’s inability to self Perceive

Fetterman's inability to self Perceive

Greetings brothers and Sisters so um this Happened no It's you all need to know that America Is not sending their best and brightest You know to Washington DC are you Serious the complete inability to Self-perceive Right this guy thinks he's better than The rest of the scum that they sent to Washington Like the rest of the Bottom Feeders he Thinks he's above and beyond the the Average the medium the mean that he is Somehow better than the average bottom Feeder that goes to Washington DC [Laughter] Like this is a video called don't ever Make the decision to harm yourself Senator John Federman because this guy who had a Stroke he sucked beforehand in a Articulate ogre grw looking mfer George The Animal steel all the things right Who married some sort of um witch-like Creature that really is hard to Explain and he got elected despite Having a stroke and having the worst Debate performance ever then he gets to Washington DC and he has a physical Breakdown another physical breakdown he Can't assume his position and then after That he has a mental breakdown where he

Suicidal and he has to check himself Into a mental institution before he even Sets foot in his job like any other Person would be fired if you got hired And you had a physical breakdown then a Mental breakdown and it was three months Before you could start your job your job Would be filled by somebody else and he Did all that and then he came back he Was an inarticulate boob who refused to Wear appropriate clothing for his Job and he just made one Gaff after Another and and he's claiming that the Best and brightest aren't being sent to Washington DC and he's there to witness It for us all because he's A Cut Above Yes like how are you applauding that Like I mean they got to know Right they got to know like sometimes Sometimes you literally just can't Believe like you know these people are Making the decisions that are you know Determining the the government here it's It's yes we can't believe it so this Happened right I just want to make this Short video here you know I've made all This content on both channels I have Like a glut of content but this is Timely so I'm just gonna put it up Quickly on my pocket of the future Channel I guess and [Laughter] Um is spectacular only spiritual value

Will save this world Federman it's bom Definely reporting from the apocalypse And the Ascension everyone have a Blessed day and be grateful

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