Fetterman the words just flow

Fetterman the words just flow

With suicidal ideations this is not a Democratic issue this isn't a republican Issue this isn't a hard right this isn't A healthy person hard left this was just A human issue there's somebody living Right now in a red County that Desperately needs you know mental health And there is a yeah he needs mental Health he doesn't have any but he wants Some mental health I'm out of mental Health where can I get some like you Know there's got to be some mental Health somewhere I mean I'm out I need Some more and there is a person in a Blue County that needs to make somebody To speak to because they're thinking no You know harming themselves you know Make it make somebody to speak to they Gotta conjure them up the guy conjure up Some mental health person And we all need to be created a national Priority you know and I would tell Anybody I mean the words are just flow

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