Federman smash wifey part two

Federman smash wifey part two

Betterment smash feniment smashed soon So I met him in his office and you know I walked over and he started growing in Something about fetterman smash I mean He said something like betterment smash Venom and smash so I took a couple of Percocets and I let him Mount me Vitamin C woman woman walk in fetterman Get boner veteran veteran like woman if Vitamin wants to smash fetterman smash Veterans got a smash It's not the most Pleasant situation you Know he smells a little bit like salami And pond scum Family-like woman woman like fetterman Fetterman need woman vitamin C woman Fetterman want woman fetterman get woman Woman give veteran baby baby say Fetterman smash babies say fetterman Smash more baby say fetterman smash get Lots of baby feminine like baby Feminine like smash fetterman like to Smash fetterman smash thanks

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