Federman smash wifey part one

Federman smash wifey part one

Vitamin smash fit him in lonely fit them And smash I was told by my mkl3 CIA Handlers that this Uncle Fester looking Human ogre of a mare had a bright Political future in some sort of Idiocracy dystopian world that was being Created so they told me I should go up There and seduce him so I wrote him a Letter I sprayed it with some perfume And some list lipstick and my pheromones And see what would happen because you Know I didn't know if he liked human Women but I was given my orders Vitamin get letter from woman Veteran-like woman fetterman smash Fetterman smash Femme want to meet women Smell woman's hair invite women to Office veteran want to see woman Fetterman looking forward to seeing Woman woman coming to see fetterman Fetterman smash fetterman smash when Will fetterments bash fenermine smash Soon

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