Federman smash coke commercial Pittsburgh Steelers

Federman smash coke commercial Pittsburgh Steelers

And heard himself by Smashing he's ever Been tired hey fetterman Hey Mr fetterman Mr Federman Hey Mr fetterman yes Madam smash good Way kid Hey what are you doing you look a lot Like Lurch yeah shut up kid vitamin Smash The townspeople are coming they're Getting pitchforks they're getting Torches they're coming to get you They're after you ah very much smashed Very much smash all of them yeah they Give them to come in there they're Coming right now uh uh dude let them Call them do you want some adrenochrome Phentermen yes better may want Reno Chrome yeah take my adrenochrome Um vitamin smash vitamin smash thanks Good Audrina Chrome Chrome Hey kid Hey kid hey do my laundry for me There you go all right Hey this shirt smells like farts and Cigars

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