Everything Starts and ends with Victim consciousness

Everything Starts and ends with Victim consciousness

Greetings brothers and sisters so this Is as important a video as I'll make u In terms of talking about the systemic Issues the buil-in issues in our system And built into human beings that which Will ultimately bring down our Civilization and the primary Catalyst Being victim Consciousness and having a victim stance Or victim Statement and if we start off with the Premise that there are no victims Victimhood doesn't Exist if God is real right there are no Victims if God is Real because if there is a God there's a Plan there is order to the universe I Talk about this quite often people Believe in God believe that there's a Plan there's an order to the universe There's an overseeing guiding force and That everything's accounted for that Nobody gets away with anything that Everything is accounted for in one way Or another people who don't believe in God believe in chaos that everything's Chaotic and random and anything can Happen and there's no Fairness in the system right there's no Fairness in chaos chaos just random Stuff happens to you doesn't matter what You do there's no Karma there's no any Of these types of things right there's No accountability it's chaotic like just

You know something just going to fly Around hit you in the face for no reason You know like it just it's chaos right People know what chaos is there's lack Of order and there's no plan and then in That case there would be victimization You could be victimized because you Could be a good person be a good soul And things would happen to you that you Didn't deserve because it's random and Kayak you're in the wrong place the Wrong time unlucky you know a unlucky Would be another thing you could be Unlucky and you could be um victimized Or you whatever you want to whatever way You want to look at it and in that sort Of system there's no goal there's no Point there's no purpose you just happen To out of the chaos human beings happen To evolve on this world with other Living Creatures and there's no oversight There's no natural order to things There's no divine plan there's no point After you die When you die that's it there's no soul There's no you know there's no Spiritual uh aspect to your existence There's no etheric worlds there's no you Know causal system like in the ancient Yoga tradition the the soul the overall Soul was called the causal body what it Causes your existence right your your Soul creates your body creates your life

Creates your your subtle bodies your Madness your mind your your ego these Things as well right the other etheric Subtle bodies that manifest into your You know who you are as a Consciousness Right your Consciousness and your Perceptional reality and has a has a Soul connection but if there's none of That there no soul there's no purpose There's no you know place you're going Afterwards this is it you live in a Chaotic world you try to get as much Pleasure as possible whatever your Existence grab as much as you can for Yourself And then you die and that's it your body Goes into you know whatever that's all That is in that world there is victims But in a sense there's not victims Because it's chaos right anything can Happen and there's no victims like Things that you know trying to be a good Person is is useless and stupid in that Model in the chaotic model but in the Other model where you believe in a god You believe that there's order to things And if there's order to things then Everything happens for a reason right People say everything happens for a Reason Well yeah if you believe in God And it God and not doesn't matter Whether you believe in God or not it Matter it matters whether God exists see It doesn't matter what you believe it's

Whether there is a God or there isn't a God right if there there is a plan or There isn't a plan and you can see plans And Order and you can see that there's a Consciousness scientists can see this if They study the way that things move About the way things that uh you know Evolve the way things that uh you know Anything that um you know there's order In the you know the genome and the Biological makeup of being I mean they Know that there's order like they know Real scientists I mean a lot of dope Scientists a lot of you know just you Know punch the clock scientists and do What everyone else says and no original Thinking right no original like uh you Know study and and you know doing your Own like mental research right but they Know that there's order and when you see There's order that there's a plan There's a system and it is Vast then you understand that there's Divinity and so if there's a plan There's no victims because everything's Happening for a reason everything Happens for a purpose and so people say You know why do bad things happen to Good people well because you only see This little segment of time you see this Person's life of this person's uh and You don't see what's inside of them you Don't see the some scarus you don't see The what they've done in past lives you

Don't see the thoughts that that nobody Talks about you know people have Thoughts negative Thoughts uh sometimes you know horrible Thoughts that they don't share with Other people and there are people who Are good people who seem really nice but You end up finding out there Ser serial Killers right because you don't Understand what's going on inside of Other people you see what they present To you you know that's a psychological Term the patient presents you know this Is how the patient presents and so People put out something in front of Them you know my book the choice I Talked about this character this you Know horrible uh you know demonic Character named Adrien who was able to Create a you know Illusionary uh Persona called just like Everybody else but was going on inside Of him what was internal to him his Thoughts his feelings he couldn't Express because people would be you know Terrified of what he was inside right so You have this kind of element where People present something to the world And then what are their thoughts what Are they what are they internally right And so there's lots that we don't see And there's lots that we don't see in Ourselves people can't see what they Were in the past you you came from

Somewhere else your soul is a Eternal so If your soul exists for billions of Years where was it before this life Where is it going after right you have 70 years here and it's a small gra in The sand to your whole existence and all As you know it is this life mean people Have past life experiences and memories Some people I've had a few of them but Other than that you know and it's it's Vague and you know it's not provable you Know it's not something that's concrete And you know Whatever uh and so You know you have this existence and This is all you know and you're not in Touch with where your soul is where is Your soul where is your soul residing You're here in physical body but where's Your Soul's home where does your soul go After you die right these sorts of Things and so our vision is Extraordinarily limited but what I'm Saying here is that you know something That's actionable right like there are Things that people talk about in terms Of like be kind okay that's going to be My Mantra be kind well why be kind well Just say you're supposed to okay but That means there some artificial going Around smiling and being nice to people And that's sort of actionable you can do That in the material world but this is Something that you can use people can

Use Internally because when things happen to You that seem unfair when negative Things happen to you when things happen To you that you know are um they're you Know they're blatantly you know There's no seems to be no cause to the Effect there seems to be no reason for You to be suffering this and doing Things happen to little kids for example Little kids are abused whatever they're Exploited these types of things or you See people suffering in the world you See people suffering some sort of abuse Some sort of you know uh whatever like In various countries ethnic cleansing What's going on now in Gaza which I'll Get into in a bit right you know the the Things that seem Um Completely uh like a good person Suffering something that they don't Deserve and when it happens to you you There's a natural feeling of being mad At God ultimately like that's the Ultimate feeling why why do you do this To me God like if you believe in God and Something bad happens you're like I'm a Good person I go to church or I meditate Or I you know I work to you know be a Good person for God or whatever and then Something happens to you and you get mad At God and then you lose your Faith you Lose your ability to have faith in you

Know the in a God that would be so Unfair to you but if you come from this Perspective that you truly believe in God that you believe that there's a plan And you see evidence of this you have Experiences of a plan you have evidence And you just you know you you see that There's order to the Universe then being a victim isn't part Of that because there must be a reason Why you're suffering what you're Suffering often often times your Suffering has spiritual benefits it has A cleansing Factor it cleans away some Scars it cleans away things that are Blocking your spiritual Evolution and it Helps you deepen your connection to God Internally and move your soul along a Spiritual path and so miseries and Difficulties have hidden spiritual Benefit not hidden if you are looking For it and so then it becomes not even a A bad thing but a blessing when you turn A a misery into a blessing right in the Sjar system the fifth Maxim is miseries As Divine blessings be honest and take Miseries as Divine blessings and coming From God and so if you look at it that Way it's actionable it's something you Can do inside yourself instead of Getting angry instead of getting hurt Instead of lashing out and and hurting Somebody else because you now been Victimized which is the way it goes you

Take responsib ibility for it and it Takes some work and effort this is why I Always talk about being grateful if you Can be grateful for these things it's The ultimate where you're actually Grateful for things that are a test of Your faith a test of your belief in God And very few people can do this because They don't want to people want to feel Like victims because being a victim is a Wonderful thing being a victim having a Victim stance it's not like a wonderful Thing a real wonderful thing but it's a Wonderful thing that people think is a Wonderful thing because they can you Know feel like they're entitled to Something because they've been a victim Right I'm a victim please leave me alone I've been victim you know my parents Were were horrible parents and I'm a Victim of that so please everybody Coddle me let me find this saying I have It here um the person uh it says the Victim stance is a powerful one the Victim is already always morally right Neither responsible or accountable And forever forever entitled to sympathy Right you see this with victimhood and I Talked about this with the assault cycle Where this was you know kids who were Usually abused in some ways and then They abused other other kids other People they the Catalyst to kick them Into their abuse cycle was always a

Victim stance or a victim statement Right where they would have feeling like A victim and when you're a victim you're Entitled you're entitled to act out in a Way we see this going on specifically With Israel which I'll get into in a Moment but you see the way victimhood is Used in governments and countries and People and religions and groups of People where you can claim to be a Victim and say you know I was wronged in Some way and therefore I deserve special Treatment I deserve some sort of uh Repayment for the wrongs being done to Me I I deserve to be treated in a way Because you know I'm a victim I've been Vic victimized look at me I'm victim Right so you guys got to make me feel Better right and I you know I get to do Whatever I want cuz I've been victimized I I'm being victimized I can like I I Get to I get do bad things because I'm a Victim and that's how people think right The reasons that they give themselves Permission to do bad things to other People is because something bad has been Done to them something unfair has been Done to them but that leads us to the Next phase the next um piece to this Thing because it's a two-part thing it's The idea that that you deserve better Treatment than other people which is Also built into the victim stance or Victim statement right where other

People suffer right where you see other People suffering around you maybe even Suffer from you like I was married to a Person who was he was just a Perpetual Victim and so I live this in ways that Most people wouldn't understand but Somebody who no matter how anything Plays out they had to be the victim like No matter what you know what scenario What situation it was and other people Are suffering worse or suffering because Of that person's um you know Actions that no one else can be the Victim right so that's part two no one Else can be the victim so the first First part is there are no victims right There are no victims because God has got A plan and so if you understand that There should be no victimhood in the Sense of anybody should feel like a Victim at any time because there's a Plan there's an order of things and Things are fair and things are you know Beyond our ability to comprehend at Times but there's a reason in order for Everything that's happening and the Second piece would be if that's the case Then everybody has to understand that There's no special people there's no Chosen people there's no special people And other people suffer just like you do Right and their suffering is equal to Your suffering and that clearly doesn't Happen so let's say you get into an

Argument with somebody your spouse or Anybody let's just call your spouse and You say horrible things to them and they Say horrible things to you but one of The persons says or both people in the Argument says you know it's going back And reflecting on it saying I can't Believe that person said that to me I Can't believe you said that to me what Did you say to me well that doesn't Matter I get to cuz I'm a victim right So like that would be what people do Right that's how people go about Conflict with other people other people Do things to them and then they do Things back to the other People and this can be a group like's Happening in you know Israel and with The those things going on with the Palestinian people where you're doing The same Behavior but you are justifying you're Doing it and when it's done to you You're a victim when when you do it it's Righteous when they do it it's you're a Victim and I say this all the time when People write comments to me and I used To do it specifically around Britney Spears when I would mock Britney Spears And people who liked me mocking cardi B Liked me mocking Alec Baldwin the Liberal people Hollywood people liked me Mocking I don't know um Madam expiration Dat Madonna or any of these other people

Ha Gaga you know all people who some of Them have been abused themselves cardi B And Lady Gaga have talked about Childhood abuse right but they would say To me oh you're being so mean to Britney She's been abused and you're a bad Person for mocking her often times it'd Be Southern Christian uh Republican White women and men who would say these Things mostly women who identified with Britney Spears right and they were Saying they were having a problem with My behavior of mocking but they watch my Channel and I mock all the time right And I'm not saying mocking is a good Thing it certainly isn't a nice thing it Is what I do here for whatever reason The reason is I try to make light of Things that are horrible and you know It's I mean it's not a nice thing like I Said but it's a lot nicer than just Giving a like a cold hard diagnosis of Things and it leaves a more positive Effect with people because you can laugh And you know the the apocalypse and Whatever it is and it's also a coping Mechanism for me to deal with You know depravity that I dive into Every day but I'm not you know defending It saying it's a a positive thing when It isn't but that's not the issue it's The issue is in this case that people Don't mind me mocking as long as I'm Mocking one of them right but not one of

Them you know right one of them the Other not mocking the others but not one Of them the person and the people the Person identifies with right and so what I say is is don't complain about Something like you you don't really a Behavior that you don't have a problem With you don't have a problem with Mocking you have a problem with the Subject of the mockery because it hits Too close to home and this is where all The troubles that are currently plaguing Our our human relationships come from Because people Identify people as good or Evil and whatever group you believe you Were in you are the good guys if you're A Democrat you're the Democrats are the Good guys and Joe Joe Biden's the good Guy and Democrats are the good guys and The Republicans are the bad guys and Trump is the bad guys and magga Supporters are the bad guys and if You're magga Trump Republican Joe Biden The Democrats are the bad guys and it's Fundamentally dishonest because both Groups do the same behaviors both Political parties do the same thing They're you know they're exactly the Same and there's differences in the Beliefs but the behaviors are the same Behaviors the way they treat each other The way they behave in an under Understanded way the way they're

Manipulate their supporters the way they They you know um use emotions and and Illusion and deception to create this Idea that the other side is the villain And you got to support them because They're the good guys and whatever they Do is Justified because when the other side is Evil then anything you do to stop evil Is okay and that's how everything in the World based in victim Consciousness You've been victimized you're a good Person the evil people have victimized You they're the bad guys they're evil And so anything you do to these people Is okay anything that happens to them is Great like you want bad things to happen To them because they deserve bad things And you want good things to happen to You and your people because you guys Deserve the good things and they deserve The bad things cuz they're the bad People and you see this where people Have relationships or they're fans of Somebody or you know whatever and that Person is a good person and to you and You want that person because they're Like you and you see yourself in them And they're like you or that group of People and you're like oh wow I want Good things to happen to that person and It could be in a relationship you're in A relationship and you're you know in Some sort of you know marital or dating

Relationship or friend relationship and They're with you and you're like oh They're with me I hope good things Happen to them and anybody attacks them You're willing to attack that those People and gang up on those people to Defend that person you know whether it's A you know somebody in the internet or Whatever it might be right because the This person's good they're with you They're like you you're their other good Guy team and the bad guy team is other People that you need to attack right This is where all the gangstalking and Internet trolling come from you find the Evil people and you got to tell them how They're evil and wish bag things on them And when bad things happen to them you Got to tell them it's their fault Because God did that to them they're Being punished because they're evil and These things right but the great thing About that is the Hypocrisy is there are people that you Used to love you say how much you love Them and how great they were and you Tell everyone else oh they're so great They're good people and then something Happens where you hate them now right You go you went from loving them to Hating them and those are the worst you Know you see these things with divorce Where people loved people at one time And then they become the worst because

Then you know your attitude changes Towards them and now they're evil and You used to wish good things on them you Tried to make them happy and you prayed For them and you did whatever and now You're just praying that God smites them Right and you know this is how people Are completely [ __ ] right just Completely messed up because it's Fundamentally Dishonest the basis of all this is you Know treat others the way you want to be Treated and this is a real principle That nobody really thinks about like People say it in the words but they Don't they don't think about it because They justify their mistreatment or Maltreatment of other people and Anything that you do can be done to you And it doesn't have to be immediate Anything you've ever done in any past Life in any place your soul has ever Been anything that you've participate in Can then not only will be not only can Be done to you but will be done to you Any negative thought that you have will Eventually circle around the universe And come back to you anything that you Think about any you know dark things you Think about any murderous thoughts any Of these things that you think about and The the stronger you think about the More energy put into them the more that They come back to you you're literally

Creating your your future situation by Your behavior your actions and your Attitudes you're creating those things Those circumstances in your story in Your life your life story your history Right your your hory you know whatever It is that you're creating those things You're manifesting those things for Yourself and that's where the order Thing com God has a plan and so when you Engage in these behaviors and you can Justify them any way you choose when you Engage in these behaviors the same thing Is going to come around and be done to You you're going to experience the other Side of the thing and people forget to Remember what they did to create the Things that are happening to them oh Yeah I did this thing and now it's Coming back to me oh yeah I did this Thing years ago it's coming back to me Right there's a you know uh Master Char You third Master of the SJ Mark system Would get letters from people talking About how miserable and horrible their Spouses were you know especially Western People even the range marriage people You know some of them would say this so I have a horrible spouse I have a Horrible you know husband horrible wife And they mistreat me and they are just You know bad all the time and he gave This talk where he said you know he's Talking about this and he said have you

Given Bliss right he says you guys want Marital bliss but have you given marital Bliss have you given marital bliss to Your spouse have you found everything That your spouse needs and fulfilled Those needs and you know you know loving You know uh a way that's um you know Unconditional love have you given Unconditional love Well no I didn't well then why do you Expect you should get unconditional love You know people have these fantasies These fairy tales where they find a Person who Ador them and puts them on a Pedestal and treats them in a you know a Way where they're um you know constantly Feeling that person's love and support And loyalty and you know when they get Mad or upset the person's there for them And they never you know all these things Unconditional love and people want it They think they get it they seen these Fairy tale TV shows and movies and Disney crap from when were kids and they Think they deserve it they think they They're supposed to get it but they're Unwilling to give that right they don't Want to you know deal with the other Person's difficulties and they don't Want to support that other person they Don't want to sacrifice for that other Person they don't want to you know they Want that other person to do that for Them but they don't want to do it for

The other person so have you given Bliss Right well then shut the shut the poop Up right you have you given Bliss no Okay then shut up first you have to hold Up your end of the bargain you have to Be a good spouse so are you a good Spouse to the other person well no not Really but I deserve better than that Person oh you do why cuz I'm me okay and That's the whole problem that people Think that they deserve to be treated Great and other people don't deserve That same treatment and the victim Consciousness comes in and especially in A public way because they don't want to Admit that right so I'm going to get Into this with Israel and Jewish people Who have been using victim Consciousness Now they're certainly not the only ones They're really good at it you know There's a a elderly Jewish leader and She's talking to the Europeans and Europeans call her on the victim Consciousness and she says oh yeah That's one of our secret weapons right And so bad things happened to them in The Holocaust bad things happened to Them in these countries where they were Persecuted they claim they deserve Special treatment but when they start Treating the Palestinian people the same Way they abuse the Palestinian people The same way that they were abused then That gets thrown out right by other

Groups by people watching but they have A reason why they believe that if a Thousand of them get killed and a Million Palestinians get killed they're Still the victims well why is that well Because they're God's chosen people Right there's this idea that they're Better than and they're I'm just using Them as an example because it's Everybody Americans believe that they're Better than you go to any group any Demographic any racial group any you Know I mean there might be some that are Specifically you know just better than Other people in terms of their you know Their um humility but pretty much every Group anytime you identify with a group And it could be based in race it could Be based in your religion it could be Based in you know your your likes and Your things or whatever could be based In the the team the sports team you root For But you think that you're better than The other people right Pittsburgh Steelers fans think they're better than The Cleveland Brown fans for example or The Michigan fans think they're better Than the Ohio State fans or whatever it Might be right these rivalries that Happen the Bengals fans think they're Better than the Kansas City Chiefs fans Or you know just even modern day Rivalries any kind of a you know these

Teams the Red Sox fans think they're Better than the Yankee fans and the People in New York think they're better Than the people in Boston and you know It's regional and so therefore you Deserve to be treated and you deserve Better things because you're better People than the other group and no one Wants to admit that like sometimes People will say it you know and but not Governments like you know the American Government does say we deserve all the Resources that we're extracting from Other countries we're 5% of the people But we deserve 20% of the world's Resources right like that's an effed up Thing but Americans just think we Deserve it well we you know we're Special we're Americans and Christians Right Christians have this idea that They're you know the only ones that are Going to get into heaven because of Jesus and it's a big thing is religion Because all religions think that they're The best religion and they're the True Religion and they they they're supported By the true God the one God that Supports them or the multi- goods or Whatever they believe and they're the True ones they're the true followers of God they're the true children of God and Because of that they deserve you know They're they were worship the one true Son of God or they are God's chosen

People and so when you come from that Perspective you think all right I get to Do these bad things to you know other People the Jewish people get to do these Bad things to the Muslim the Palestinian People because they're the True Believers and that's where everything Falls apart in the world you have all These groups of people the Communists Think they're better the capitalists Think they're better all these Individual groups of people are you know Multifaceted groups of people all Thinking that they somehow deserve Better than other people and that's Where everything is goes south and you See it and so now I'm going to show you Now I'm going to show you how that's Manifesting right now and creating it's The Catalyst for World War I for those Of you who are listening to this in the Journey Series this will be a video with Um probably victim Consciousness in the Title but I'm also going to put this Narrative in my journey series because It's also a you know it's got spiritual Teaching because there's actionable Things here there's ways that you can Confront this in yourself where you Realize that everybody's here for a Purpose we all have a purpose and you May appear to be better than people or Higher than people or smarter than People we all are in some way or another

We can find other people that are worse Than us but we can certainly find people That we would think are better than us Right but the key is that you just deal With what's in your life and you worry About your self and your you know your Your internal world and how you deal With Difficulties and you don't look at other People wanting them to suffer or Whatever if they suffer good like you Know that's what God wanted right I mean It's you know there's there's value in Suffering right maybe they'll learn Maybe the suffering will help them Become a spiritual person maybe the Collective suffering will help them wake Up and you know change the way the way They're going or doing or whatever and That's you know that's between them and God but you know just sitting there Hating on people and wanting bad things To happen to people you're just drawing That into your own life and you're just You know creating that in your own life And it's it's destroying the world right And you know whatever this is you know Whatever we have here our culture Whatever it is the hatred the negativity And the and the whining and the victim Consciousness and the poor me your PO Little me and all these things right but Anyways um let's go to the video okay so This is exhibit number one and again I'm

Not saying this about just Jewish people Or just the Israeli people or whatever This is a universal or worldly Phenomenon of victim Consciousness and every group and every Demographic and every person goes Through a period where they feel sorry For themselves and they feel like you Know the world's against them in some Way or another me against the world or Whatever and They um indulge in this right but this Is a particularly egregious situation Here and involves three religions all With some sense of victim Consciousness Right all of them of course with Christianity you have Jesus being uh Slaughtered on the cross and the Persecution of Christians which happened Early on in their history and then over Different time periods in different Countries and then you have Islam phobia Which New York Post says if is a fake Thing but we know all the hatred for Islamic people I mean even in terms of The heartfulness organization the Defunct new master DOI has had his you Know derogatory things he said about Islamic people and there's that aspect Of it and they're feeling that and they Talk about it and then there's of course Anti-Semitism and this is what's covered Here on Morning Joe a recent report by The Anti-Defamation League shows

Anti-semitic cases have climbed 388 since the Hamas Terror attacks from October 7th to 23rd the ADL recorded 312 Anti-semitic incidents more than half so This isn't why they're happening isn't Because of what Hamas did right or what You know whatever the Hamas thing it Isn't because of that it's because of What Israel doing to the Palestinian People which is what they're leaving out Of this thing right Israel's claim to Fame here in that region and all the Politicians I mean I haven't heard one Politician running for president and um The majority of senators and there's a Few Muslim senators or House of Representatives people who've spoken up Against what's happening with the Palestinian you know and some of them Have shown sympathy to the Palestinians But they they all say that Israel has The right to defend itself that Israel Is constantly under attack because all The people in that area hate them and They're a small country surrounded by All these other countries that hate them And without America they would be Crushed and so that is the victim Consciousness going back to the Holocaust saying that they've been Persecuted over and over again and they Have a right not to be persecuted and That they're the victims in all this Right that's the essential aspect of it

They're the victims and that falls apart When they do the same behavior to the Palestinians that argument falls apart Because if you want to say that you're You've done nothing wrong and you're Being targeted and victimized because of Uh just who you are as a religion who You are what you represent the Christians thinking that you murdered Jesus or whatever the Christians think And whatever's going on with you and the Muslims that you are The good guy and all this and they're Just victimizing you but when you do the Same behaviors I mean it's basically a Concentration camp a big concentration Camp there in Gaza and the way that They're displacing and murdering Children and doing all the things that They claimed was done to them which I Believe was done to them well you're Doing the same behavior so you're no Different right you can't claim to be a Victim anymore when you've perpetrated The same abuse on somebody else right You're doing the same thing to somebody Else And the only thing that you could say About it is somehow you're better than Them that it's okay for you to do that To them but it's not okay for them to do That to you this is what I was talking About earlier so let's get into it here Half of which it said we're linked to

The war joining us now the CEO of the Anti-Defamation League Jonathan Greenblat and Cornell Law School Professor William Jacobson it's good to Have you both thank you all so much for Being with us Jonathan thank you for Being in we're gonna I'm gonna I think We want you to come in at the end of Every week uh every Friday so I just Want to say this and you know I it Should go without saying but I should Say it I'm not in favor of anybody Bullying anybody or doing any of these Sorts of things certainly targeting Individual people that you don't know Who they are or what they represent or What they think or what's inside of them Based on a demographic they represent Right I don't believe in this Behavior I Know it's a horrible Behavior it only Leads to more of the same like doesn't Solve anything right I'm not for Anything I'm not saying it's okay for These college students to bully Jewish People it's not it's the fact that They're not taking responsibility these Guys for the way Israel's treating Palestinian people you have to take Responsibility for that and say yeah We're doing that too like we're not Stopping I mean they're they're going Full out now even with America pulling Back on them which I'll get into also in A bit

But they're not stopping and they've Killed far more Palestinians and have displaced far more Palestinians and taken more land from Them than anything that's been done to To Israeli you know this is a Slaughter Right Palestine doesn't have an army hey Actually starting next Friday to talk About talk about this where we're at With this uh because again it's my Opinion I think it's opinion of a lot of People around the table right now that There's a war a worldwide war against Jews um the 15 million Jews that are are What do you mean a worldwide war what Are you talking about still living and Um I mean think what he just said about That there's a World War wide war Against them but they're destroying the Palestinian people which is pissing People off right America's backing them Is pissing people off against America And it's because isra is Israel has been The aggressor in Palestine for a very Long time they've taken lands away from The Palestinian people people a land Grab let me just put this in here as Well one of my viewers told me this in a Comment today Israel and palestinia Authority in secret talks to exploit Gaza gas reserves more than 36 billion Cubic meters of natural gas have Remained untapped for two decades mainly Due to isra Israel's objections and

Obstacles unrealized potential of Palestinian oil and gas Reserves new discoveries of natural gas In the L Basin are at the range of 120 Trillion cubic feet while recoverable Oil is estimated at 1.7 barrels billion Barrels so they have trillion cubic feet Of natural gas and 1.7 billion barrels And think about this there is you know They want to build a pipeline over here From Russia to Europe for natural gas Right but here's Israel over here and They have all this Natural Gas Um you know the the war here has Disrupted the flow of natural gas to England and then just all this oil they Have as well to sell off and it would Make Palestine a very rich country Palestines forget oil forgotten oil and Gas resources I mean all these headlines Here the list of world's largest Untapped oil Fields everybody wants gaza's gas and so What we're talking about here is there's Money to be made right so you're saying Israel doesn't want that land it's land That they consider promised to them they Have what they consider Enemy enemy base Camps in there where other you know Countries can funnel in weapons to that Area to attack Israel and there's a Fortune to be made there I mean so They're not going to try to grab that Land or haven't been trying to grab that

Land since the beginning it's also Land By you know it's vacation land it's got A you know it's by the Mediterranean see There I mean it's ocean front property And so I mean what do you think's going On here like you Know there's a war against them and Unfortunately uh we see a line from from From Russians shouting uh at where the Jews in the airport okay so they go into A whole bunch of things here about um What people are doing around the world And I'm not going to play it because YouTube might demonetize the video So um but there's you know people across The world are talking about Germany and Austria and Europe and these other Places and things going on and then they Get into what's going on in the American Campuses okay I'm in the editing process I just want to be clear about this I Want to point this out you know there Are all these claims about these things That have happened and I don't know Whether they're true or not but I do Know there's a lot of hatred towards Jewish people because I see it in the Comment section of my videos and I've Banned so many people for saying things That just take it over the top right That say things that are you know just Hateful and and dishonest right there's A lot of victim Consciousness in the Truth Community the truth Community is

Obviously we're being ostracized in Different ways we're being shadowbanned Prejudice against we're being Profiled and we're not victims like I Said the beginning of this video Explained it in in in that way right We're going against the financial Interests and the plans of the beast at Least you know maybe we're going against Their plans maybe we're part of their Plans maybe we're part of God's plans We're all part of God's plan right but Whatever it is we're being um you know Prejudiced against and that happens and We know why that is because these Companies and corporations and power the Pow that be that own these platforms Are't happppy about what we're saying or Doing here right but in the truth Community there's a lot of hatred Towards Jewish people so this isn't About calling BS on what these guys are About to say and what they're saying About a a rise in Anti-semitic attitudes because I know There is that this isn't about that at All this is about Jewish people or Israeli people or this government these Powers that be the the ADL and these Other powerful Institutions complaining about the way Jewish people have been treated Historically And you know

Currently and doing the same thing to The Palestinian people doing the exact Same thing there's no difference and Then say no there is a difference right And then blaming Hamas and the Palestinian people for for Jewish people For the you know Israeli people killing The Palestinian children and so it's About behaviors if you're doing the same Behavior you can't claim to be a victim When that behavior befalls on befalls To You Right Live By The Sword Die By The Sword and that's what's happening and so There's a lot of violence in these Threee religions and Humanity in general And there's a lot of violence in that Area and it's gone on for thousands of Years and they've all engaged in it it's Not one side's worse than the other and Even if one side is worse than the other The other side is still engaging in Those behaviors there's no victims here There's just you know behaviors that are Um violent and self-centered and Deceptive in nature and then this is a Big part of the problem if you're not Going to own up to what you did you Can't ever change right if you're Expecting just the other people to admit They're evil or you view it as the other People are evil so the only thing you Can do is exterminate them and that's What all these people believe all the People that want these wars and were

That are Breo this there's a rabbi who Uh you know begs Joe Biden for a Ceasefire and she gets food by the People in the in the mall or whever it Is in Minnesota right so I mean this is Um the way it is right people are they Want to exterminate the other side of Jews on October 7th yeah I mean to call it stunning Doesn't begin to describe it I mean it So I first saw this guy I've heard of The Anti-Defamation League I haven't Really known very much about it and I've Heard some things of course there's a Lot of prejudice against Jewish people In the truth Community but I know not Much about it but this guy came out and Went in hard on Kyrie Irving for posting A link to something that really wasn't Based in what he believed and even the Movie itself Hebrews um was is it Negroes to Hebrews Hebrews to Negroes Saying that black people were the Original Jews and that's their belief And there's some evidence to support That belief and the video is horrible It's a bad movie poorly made it's posted Up on Amazon Amazon still has it up it's Not really in any way I mean there's Some things in there that are Questionable and I could see where People would take offense to them you Know it's a it's a way to be you know Whole way that people take offense to

Things Jewish people would take offense To it but Kyrie Irving just posted a Link to it he didn't say what he Believed or not believe what he didn't Believe he just posted a link and he end Up being publicly tortured after he came Out against the bloop it wouldn't get The bloop the year before and he was fin Um $500,000 half a million uh half a Million dollars in terms of or he had to Pay the Anti-Defamation League a half a Million dollars like they extorted money From him and he he got fine like $3 Million in salary he missed the number Of games all of it right and this guy Was leading the the uh the war cry Against Kyrie Irving and it was just Completely unjust right not in the sense That Kyrie Irving's a victim but you Know the way that they attack people and Go after people in a dishonest way is Something that's going to make people Not like you this guy's a very unlikable Guy just the way he presents himself Right and so if you're saying that You're being targeted well you're not Helping right this guy isn't helping by The way he acts right I me I say this About people in the truth Community I Say the way that you display yourself Especially if you're a prominent you Know person that's out there and you Know you're they're trying to um create A profile for all of us and you're

Giving them like Alex Jones gives them Crazy demonic right-wing you know racist Sometimes you know whatever say things He says Trump as well all these people You're you're feeding into the profile Right you're doing things to make people Dislike you and not taking Responsibility and being honest about The way that the Palestinian people are Being treated by Jewish people right Which is obviously abusive as Jewish People Joe as myself the grandson of a Holocaust Survivor I heard the stories About Jews being beaten and being burned In the streets of Berlin or Warsaw I Heard the stories about Jews in the pale Of settlement being mauled by cacs I Heard the stories about Jews in Baghdad Or Shiraz or leppo being suddenly Overrun by neighbors wanting to tear Them limb from limb but I never thought That it could happen here and yet here We are today and you know Ambassador Durmer said something see the thing About this is and they're going to tr They want to legislate this they want to Make this into something that's Legislated now I've said this before if You're a group of people that has a Relationship with God Like Jesus like the Jewish people are a Religion and they're they believe They're the chosen people God's chosen People so that's you know whatever that

Means to to each one of them or as a Group but they have some sort of Relationship with God and if you're God's chosen people and you have a Relationship with God then everything That you get comes from God if you're a Truly per devotional person a person That believes in God then everything That you experience comes from God and There's no victimization in that like I Was saying earlier that there's a plan If you're constantly saying you're being Victimized why isn't God there Protecting you why isn't God you know The what's God just allowing this happen Time and time again we're talking about Thousands of years of claiming that They're being targeted in some way by Other groups of people and never a sense Of I mean they destroyed lots of people In the Bible you know the Canaanites and The you know the ites and the those ites There's all these various groups of People God orders them to destroy these people And you know the god that they believe In is a narcissistic sociopath warlike Manipulative butt hurt all the time you Know constantly a big ego and fragile Ego and you know you needing to be Needing that you needing the the Jewish People to constantly prove themselves to Him and their Devotion to them testing Them and all these things right and it's

Not the way God actually is it's God of You know it's it's like a demon rather Than a Divine figure it's not even a Good person not even a good man and Certainly not some saintly person or or Divine being and this idea of the Constant uh you know the victim Consciousness you know what's happening Here that you're creating these Situations internally right you're Manifesting Your Existence and God's Manifesting your existence right this is Part of a divine plan why is it why does This keep on happening and again you're Treating the Palestinians in a way That's the things that you say you don't Want people to treat you and you're Killing more of them and killing their Kids and this idea of the hostages they Keep on bringing it back to the hostages Right very important before when you Dehumanize people when you delegitimize Them when you demonize them as happened With the kasaks and the nais and prior Regimes in the Arab world you create the Conditions in which massacres happen We've seen this throughout Jewish History we've seen this throughout Broader history think about what Happened in Rwanda think about what Happened in Bosnia and now here we are Where there are leaders who suggest that They should hold all Jews collectively Responsible for what's happening in the

Region which by the way to build upon Something you heard in the last segment This is not really a war against Israel Versus Hamas although it is it's not There's no war because Hamas is in a Military really just a war between the West and a radical Iz Islam although it Is this is a war between Hamas and the Palestinian people Hamas for the last 15 Years has built tunnels not bomb Shelters for their people they've Hoarded supplies for themselves not Their people and now they are allowing Their people to be killed and killed and Killed and it is just despic by who Who's killing them like well there's a Justice pickle but who's killing him This is just toas being evil like this Isas being evil and because of it you Have to kill Palestinians that's what The guy just said Hamas is evil and they Have to kill all these Palestinian People because of it and occupy that Land hey if they grab a little oil a Little natural gas on the way I mean Who's to blame them right I mean God Promised them that land anyway and so You know the just the just be honest About this be honest why you think your People have more value than the Palestinian people I mean the Muslims Should be honest about this as well that They believe the same thing that they Have they have more value than Jewish

People and Christians the same thing Right like just be honest like the Christians I mean that they used to say It that was the you know what was about In terms of the Manifest Destiny and These other Doctrine and so it's Fundamentally dishonest this is all the Things I was talking about in the intro You're not saying what you did you're Not saying the behaviors you did you're Exhibiting the same behaviors You don't have a special get out of jail Free car that nobody gets to do to you But you do to other People do unto others as you would have Others do unto you right very simple Biblical proverb treat others the way You want to be treated because that's Actually going to happen right Everything that you do is going to be Revisited onto you right everything that You do good bad whatever it is and so That's one of the reasons why you do Good because it comes around in some Fashion you're creating your future in Some Way and the lack of moral Clarity by so Many leaders in the west particularly on Our universities Joe is stunning now you Showed a uh image just now of a New York Post headline like I could tell you Stories about what's happening on our Campuses that would make your head spin They would make your head spin we could

Tell you stories about what what Israel's arm is doing to the Palestinian People or so many things the Mad did or Whatever it is right I there or whatever America's done to other countries There's atrocities and things being done Every Day on your you know behalf by your Government in all these countries that Have power inflict suffering on other People on other countries or to their Own people right hear how Jewish people That's why you're here tell us look I'll Tell you about the story of the student At Drex University who dorm room was set On fire because he had an Israel sign on His door or that the Harvard student Trying to rock across the quad who was Visibly Jewish and was literally seized And molested and assaulted by other Students who scre okay so there's a clip I'm going to show you that I can't show You what's going on with it but um I'll Insert that clip right here after I got Done talking but it is um it was Wolf Blitzer on CNN And he's asking I don't know some guy Who's a maybe a reporter for in Israel About the things that are being done to The Palestinian people particularly About bombing that Refugee Center that Happened a couple days ago and they show Kid covered in dirt and dust being Pulled out of the rubble a young child

Like three or four years old again I Can't show you the image U but I'll I'll Play you the clip and it shows you that Wolf Blitzer and the people there are You know no longer buying into this Wolf Blitzer is a Jewish person and he's a Proar person but the you know CNN as a Network because of the liberal movement Here this is people on the Democratic Side more than anybody else that are Upset at the way Israel is treating Palestine they're not buying into that Victim Consciousness narrative you've Lost the narrative and they're trying to Incorporate that with these other kids These colleges and these other people But it's not going to work because this Is the Democrats and Joe Biden's hands Are tied and they need every possible Vote they can get because of what's Happening with Trump and what happened Last time and these things and so They're walking a fine line here and Because of the internet people aren't Buying this anymore let me show you that Clip minimizing civilian deaths when It's striking a refugee camp a very Crowded refugee Camp hi wolf well I think that that Definitely raises a lot of uh a lot of Questions and uh at least today the IDF Spokesman uh rear Admiral Daniel hagari When he briefed a foreign correspondence Uh he claimed that the reason that

Israel is attacking in this area was Because there's some sort of a regional Headquarters for Hamas in the jabalia Refugee camp but that's at the end of The day uh even if that's uh uh the case Um you know he still admitted that Civilians were uh were hit in this in This air strike he didn't know he didn't Know to to um confirm how many civilians But even he admitted that civilians were Hurt I'm not showing you the images that CNN U was showing here but CNN is Showing horrific you know horrors of What the Palestinian people are facing And I've seen this on both CNN and MSNBC I don't know if they're doing it Over at Fox but they don't do this right They never showed you the birth defects From depleted uranium and Iraq and the Iraqi people suffering because once you Start seeing that or you see they don't Let you see the coffins of American Soldiers coming back home things like This they don't want you to see that Because it deflates people's enthusiasm For a war they want to show you all the Things the bad things that Hamas is Doing to the Israelis and so you're Furious at Hamas and you'll say oh Israel can do whatever it needs to do Because those people are evil that's What they want to show you and so when The networks especially proar networks Like CNN and MSNBC show you this stuff

They didn't show you the stuff in terms Of what the Ukrainian people were doing To the um you know the Russian people or Any kind of counter story to that Because they don't want you to have a Two-sided view to this so the fact that They're showing you this and wolf bitard Is asking these questions at a time when The Youth of America is turning on Israel and you know we're seeing this Other thing as important because it's a Lot different than that we saw with you The Ukraine and these other Wars are there concerns in Israel and You do a lot of reporting obviously About the mounting civilian deaths and The humanitarian crisis in Gaza yeah I Think that what the Israeli government Understood maybe a bit late but it did It does understand it right now is that The humanitarian situation in Gaza is Directly connected to its ability to Continue to have uh support from its Allies around the world especially from The United States this is why for Example um the uh evacuation today of Pal wounded Palestinians to Egypt was Something that was very important to Israel to the point that the Israeli Government agreed to commit to Egypt to The US and to other allies around the World that any Palestinian and any Wounded Palestinian that would leave the Gaza trip would be allowed to go back

After the War Jordan announced today that it's Immediately recalling its ambassador to Israel in the wake of the strike in Jabalia the refugee camp how is all of This impacting Israel's diplomatic Situation not only in the region but Around the world well I think that what We see in the last few days is growing International pressure you saw uh three Countries in Latin America announcing That they cutting ties with Israel or Recalling their ambassadors we thought We saw the Jordanian statement today About recalling its Ambassador okay so This is happening there's diplomatic Issues Israel's claiming they're not Stopping America's starting to put Pressure on them Joe Biden suffering With the Democratic you know these these So-called human you know we'll get into This in a moment the um you know with This Mo Joe thing but it's the same People that they were supporting before Mo Joe and CN n that did the George Floyd things and all these you know These human rights activists or whatever They're called social justice Warriors Right which Mor and Joe starts to mock Them but before they loved Him greened at him and would not let him Pass just because he was Jewish and the Real one that really strikes me is that The Cooper Union which is a college here

In New York City where literally there Were group there was a mob a frenzied Mob coming down the street and there Were several visibly identifiable Jewish Students okay they weren't holding BB Netanyahu signs they weren't wearing IDF Uniforms they were wearing keepo and the Campus security felt they could not keep Them safe so they barricaded them in a Room in the library and the mob saw this And went to the walls and went to the Windows and banged on the windows and Banged on the doors and banged on the Walls and chanted globalized the inapa So if your viewers don't know the inap Was a series of violent homicidal Terror Attacks committed against Israeli Civilians in the early 2000s Hamas Committed these acts they blew up buses Joe they blew up disco Texs they Murdered not disco civilians at Universities and this is what the kids Are he said these things are going to Make your head spin but it's stuff that We see every day on the news right and So I don't want to comment too much here Because it just takes too long for me to Edit it and there's a bunch of things I Have to get to Amy Schumer the New York Post is I they call Islamophobia of falsity right we know What happened with after the big event In 2001 how not only Muslim and Islamic People were targeted but Indian people

Indian people have nothing to do with That at all just because people don't Know the difference people in turbin Like seek people like a seek person a Seek uh a 60-year-old seek man was Killed because of this what happened With Hamas and siks are Indian you know Northern Indian people that wear turbin And have no relationship to any of these Other things right you know they're not Related to any of these other um groups Or whatever it is just because the color Skin and the ignorance of people hatred Is hatred and I talk about hatred all The time that hatred is inside of you Your hatred is your hatred the object of Your hate is outside the hatred is Inside and I'm going to say that again Hopefully I'll you know go more into Depth when I get to the voice over but I Say this all the time and it's across The I'm not saying that this isn't Happening or this isn't horrible I'm Saying it's dishonest for them to Present this as a one-sided there's only One group that claims to be or gets to Claimed victim Consciousness and all These groups are based in religions that Are supposed to have a relationship with God why aren't you going to God and Saying God why are you treating us like This God why are you letting this happen God why is this happening we're asking God why is this happening God and then

Receiving the answer cuz God will tell You the answer you know I know what the Answer is right because you've been Claiming victim Consciousness and you're Perpetrating the same kind of uh same Kind of behaviors to another group of People that's under your power you're Treating the Palestinians the way that You whine about being treated by other Groups of people and the internet is Exposing this and even people of Jewish Faith many of them are are very upset by The way things are going with this war There's a woman who calls out Joe Biden Who's a rabbi and so it isn't all Jewish People like all Jewish people aren't on Board with the way that this guy in Israel is behaving just like the Muslim People aren't on board but you're Murdering kids in Palestine and so don't Claim to be a victim right chanting Today at Jews it is inexcusable it is Almost it is just unbelievable that We're seeing this so why is it Unbelievable when you say historically This has happened over and over again This been going on for like 5,000 years Or whatever it is very long time this Conflict has was going on I think for Over 5,000 years last 3,000 years or Whatever it is since those uh Abraham And Isaac and all the rest of it but This is a constant part of these this Groups of people's experience and also

With Jesus and the Christians who you Know this martyrdom that happens Professor let's pick that up with you Were a law professor as we said at Cornell at prestigious ivy league University how is it that schools so Many schools over the last decade or so That have taken such great care for the Safety in many cases just protecting Them from words or protecting them from Arguments they don't like to hear cannot Take care with the physical safety of Jewish students how can it be that that Young student can walk across har Harvard's campus and as Jonathan said Not just be yelled at but be physically Assaulted and those students not be Expelled on the spot what is happening With the leadership at these Schools yeah well there's a phrase that Collapse happen slowly than suddenly for Jewish students on campuses at Cornell And elsewhere we're in the suddenly Phase of things this has been building For 20 years this is not something that Started on campuses on October 7th you Have a combination of 20 years of gross Demonization of Israel by the boycott Divestment and sanctions Movement by Groups like students for justice in Palestine and by a lot of professors Multiple academic associations have Endorsed that holding Israel out as Uniquely evil you have another thing

That's yeah but see this is again the Issue these are people who get to call Another group evil which in this case is Hamas but really is the Arab world and The whole country of Iran right and all These other countries that surround Israel and so this is the issue it was a Bad idea to to do this in the first First place the UN and Great Britain and The various um you know Shadow business People bankers and people that put this Together to take palestinia away from The Palestinian people and call half of It Israel and then allow Israel to just Take more and more of the land we knew This was going to eventually come back On them and it's been coming back on Them in Europe and America with Democratic leading people squeezing Jewish students which is the Racialization of the conflict where it's Portrayed as a racial justice issue to Be against Israel which we all know is Not true so you have Jewish what do you Mean we know it's not true that what's Happening between what Israel's Perpetrating of the Palestinian people Isn't a war crime it isn't a holocaust It isn't any of these things right it is A concentration camp is an open air Prison surrounded by Fences Students being squeezed and Unfortunately the administrations don't

Seem to recognize what's happening and In some ways they have aided and eding It eded it maybe unknowingly by Perpetuating this racial stereotypes on Campuses through diversity equity and Inclusion and other racial doctrines so Jewish students feel squeezed but this Did not start on October 7th this has Been 20 years in the look at this dude Here look at V making on campus Professor okay so what he's saying here Is that he wants the administration to Do something and when you use Force to you know you when you say all Right we're going to man we're going to Mansplain this we're going to Old World's victim Consciousness explain This to you guys we're the victims the Palestinians aren't the victims you're Wrong we're right that never works right When you try to force against these Things you can make laws you can do Things but the way the internet is it's Just going to exacerbate the situation They all know that right when you try to Legislate this stuff like one way is to Realize this isn't going well for you The same way that Hamas you know it's Like they want you to do this I mean They know what the outcome was going to Be they knew as soon as I this guy said It's been going on for 20 years so this Guy just said as soon as this new Military action happened with the Israel

The IDF against the Palestinian people That that was going to happen because It's been going on for 20 years and so They knew this was going to happen and They knew it was going to happen as soon As Israel bombed and invaded Gaza Strip Which is inevitable I'm I'm I'm so glad You said that because uh it's something I know I've been talking about on this Network for 20 years this Guy this is this is I've seen this Before I saw it on TV I taped it but Luckily they put it on I figured fig They put it up on the on YouTube on the YouTubes um but this is where let's Watch it again he's going to take credit For This I've been talking about on this Network for 20 years that Jewish Students sometimes at Ivy League schools Sometimes at USC uh sometimes uh at at at at state Run schools in the middle of America Jewish students have been targeted for Decades um and I've just got to Ask why I I've never really understood This why is it that college professors University presidents sit back and do Nothing and again not since October 7th As you have said but I I talked about Colombia you know it's all about you Joe Like let's talk about how you're so Great for years uh 2003 4 5 6 7 what was Going on the anti-Semitism going on in

That campus from college professors why Don't University presidents treat Bigotry against Jews the same way they Treat bigotry against every other group Of Students they don't seem to have the Moral Clarity and strength to stand up To a lot of the activists on campus Particularly The Faculty I mean at Cornell University in just the last Decade there been three boycott Resolutions presented to Student Government one of which was done over Passover so the Jewish students wouldn't Be able to be there and the Administrations have been mostly silent About it now Cornell has been good at Opposing BDS but there's there's a Social justice movement and an activist Component of Campus which is not the Majority but Cornell and other Universities seem afraid of them they Seem afraid of students showing up at The president's office picketing them And so I think we need leadership at Cornell and elsewhere that recognizes The underlying problem yeah I mean I me I just got to say how Orwellian the term social justice the Well you had no problem this term being Used when it was going against Trump Like this is the same people that were Outraged against Trump and outraged Against the thing that happen the big

Event in January these are the same People right these aren't right-wing People that you guys always hate These aren't trumpers these are liberal People people that you cultivated into Uh voting for Joe Biden and all these Other things and and having Trump he These same people who Proclaim uh to be Themselves to be champions of social Justice Jonathan Green blad cheer on Young women being okay so um I'm going To go back to what that professor said The reason why these college campuses Are allowing this to happen and why it's Happening and this you know so-called Social justice movement which sucks the Whole thing sucks it's all about victim Consciousness right it's all about you Know people's thinking that there's no Plan and people are just you know Misbehaving and being horrible people Which is true but you can't solve it Issue by issue region by region and so Young people at college campuses they Get out of their parents household and They're being told especially the Republicans that everything their Parents has told them about gender about Sex about the world about you know Religion all these things is a lie and That those people are the bad people and That's the message that's been Perpetrated by all these groups they've All been in favor of these groups but

Unfortunately you know for these people Who have been you know pushing this idea The backing for Israel comes from the Right-wing Christian Evangelical people And from the Republican side and so when They made this movement to get rid of or To Demonize the Evangelical right-wing Christians I mean their kids to their Kids who went off to college and turn Them against them so those kids you know I just did a video about that these my Last video where these you know moms and Dads are getting these letters from Their kids saying you wrecked my life And these things and why you're bad People and all these things to make Their parents evil and our you know Generations evil and our belief system Evil then these things that went along With it these relationships like the Relationship between America and Israel America and the you know in Europe and And uh you know the colonizing countries Of Great Britain and France and Spain And these other countries right all These Relationships they're all encompassed in This world view and all of the things That they believe have some truth in it The social justice movement because People have been treating each other Like [ __ ] for years and people in power Have oppressed and enslaved and and

Committed genocide and and ethnic Cleansing all over the place it's human Behavior we all do it like all every Group does it right every country does It we're doing as America it was done to Us it was done to you know our ancestors In other countries right most of us Immigrated from other countries my my Ancestry is Albania which is a country That's just completely effed like Alban Is a country that hasn't have a stable Government I know very little about it But I just know it sucks there and Italy And um Ireland and of course Ireland was Oppressed by Irish Catholics were Oppressed by the British and my Grandfather was German and so all the People that immigrated here my ancestors Had it rough in their country in one way Or another most people who come to America their country is being unfairly Treated maybe economically maybe they're Being screwed over by the economic System the currency system they come to America because it's better here because America is screwing over their country Or they're being oppressed or targeted In their country any number of reasons But because it sucks it sucks globally Because people suck and we treat each Other like [ __ ] because we justify it Based on everything I said in their Introduction and so now that's being you Know a piece of this is being shown to

These college kids and they're rejecting All the old beliefs and relation ships And alliances and they see what's Happening to the Palestinian people and They've seen what Israel's done and Israel can't lie about it anymore Because of the internet they can lie to You know on Fox News and to the older Generation of people but they're going To lie to college kids because college Kids read their get their information From the internet and the internet is Not a fan of what Israel is doing to Palestinian people okay so I have a few More headlines and things to get to and Then I want to pull this all together And a voice over at the end of this Thing and so Governor Ronda santz holds Town Hall um and this is what he had to Say there leadership you got to step up Uh so I did an executive order uh Authorizing uh Florida's emergency uh Response team to go locate Floridians in Israel and bring them back to the United States of [Applause] America woo and I'm pleased to report That very shortly we will have our first Two planes leaving Israeli airspace and On their way back to the United States and we're going to bring back Hundreds and hundreds of Floridians who Are over there and we're going to get Them back and we're going to get them

Home safe and this is kind of a once- in A-lifetime event that will happen if I Got my people over why it's not White Once in a Lifetime there that need help I'm not just going to sit on my hands I'm going to step up and I'm going to Lead and I'm going to get the job done Woo what what a what a leader [Applause] Woo now if you look what's happening uh Over there so I uh I joined the military After n the 911 terrorist attacks served In Iraq in um 20072 2008 we Had okay so um let's find out what Ronda Santz because I've people left comments Let's see what he did there The santis joined the United States Navy In 2004 was promoted to Lieutenant Before serving as a legal advisor to Seal Team One um so he was a Lawyer and again I'm sure the military Needs lawyers but you know I bet if he Said that out loud to these people yeah I went to Iraq and I was a lawyer fact Check Des santis military service as a Navy lawyer for seal Commander so again You know not the kind of thing he's Bragging about we had Al-Qaeda and Iraq There at the time uh that was kind of The big thing in in the Sunni Arab areas Fuia Rani that's where we were but the Thing about it it wasn't getting as much Attent that's where you were when you're

Filing your lawyer paperwork what are You talking about bro those attacks but I'll tell you this having seen Al-Qaeda And Iraq and then by the time I left Military Isis it morphed into Isis okay Al-Qaeda was not Iraq um at all you can look that up and It didn't morph into Isis Isis were was Iraqis that were used as an instrument For the CIA I've gone through this Before and so like he's just he's such a Like a a goober it was these are brutal People but what I saw with Hamas that Was a level of brutality that that I've Never seen before when you're beheading Infant okay so did you actually see that So then he says this Uh this is barbarism uh this is these Are animals and what they're doing and Israel has every right to fight back They have every right to defend Themselves Against so you know these guys are all Going for old the old crow Voters they're going to start to blame Israel for what is happening and first Of all if if you look at how many people Have already been reported dead Israel Is a small country if that same Proportion was killed in a terrorist Attack in the United States that'd be The equivalent of like 50,000 Americans in a ter could you Imagine I mean 911 was 3,000 can you

Imagine if we had 50,000 no one would Have ever seen anything like that so This is a massive massive attack they Can't just sit there they've got to go In uh and they've got to end Hamas They've got to re take all the infrastru Woo destroy everything and Destroy h That's what they have to do just to Defend themselves exactly and if they Have to kill some kids you know just I Mean that's just part of it right it's Aasa's Fault defend themselves but when they're Going to start saying is oh it's Israel's fault fault Israel is telling People in the Gaza Strip to leave the Areas that they're telling them they're Going to go in and conduct operations on Hamas is exactly leave your homes what If somebody told you that Rod get out of Your Governor's Mansion your family get Out of state of Florida we're we're Invading how do you feel about that Ron Ron how would you feel about that Ron Telling those people to stay so that They're used as human Shields that is Hamas's fault if they're killed it is Exactly it's hamas's fault Israel's Fault if they it's like Hamas is Dropping the bombs on Him you're now starting to hear some People on the left say that if people Palestinian Arabs are leaving Gaza that The United States should bring in

Potentially hundreds of thousands of People from Gaza I can tell you this as President uh the number of people we Will bring in from Gaza is zero we are Not going to do that W you're such a Grave man Ron woo so this is a rabbi Apparently Mr President if you care About Jewish people a rabbi I need you To call for a ceas fire right Now sit down and get out this woman Wants peace she wants a ceasefire get Out get out of there Rabbi right She's and so that happened right and People are yelling get out there you Know no ceas Fire come on that's crazy Biden facing tough questions over Israeli strikes on civilians they say They want to minimize civilian deaths But you can't do do that if you're just Randomly bombing people and they've Already killed far more people than were Killed by allegedly killed by Hamas Right Biden expresses support for Humanitarian pause in Israeli hamus War As Heckler demands Ceasefire President Biden expressed Support for pausing Israel's work Against Hamas Wednesday after he Heckler Demand ceasefire interrupted his remarks During a campaign reception in Minneapolis Mr President if you care About Jewish people as a rabbi she was Cheered by most of the 200 people crowd Escorted out by security however Biden

Responded voicing his full thred support Yet for a temporary deescalation to in Israel's military campaign to rid the Gaza Strip of Hamas terrorists Anthony Blinkin came out today and he's kind of Hinting at this and whatever they feel The pressure politically and you know The Israel's saying a big Fu to that we Already heard what Bey said uh Distinguished members of the the Appropriations Committee thank you for This opportunity to testify before you Today populated areas stop supporting The genocide And the people of Gaza okay so they Heckling this guy blinking I mean you Know it's there's uh growing descent Right failed comic Amy Schumer react After backlash over Israeli Palestine Conflict remarks Emy sh's CL Emy Schumer They called her a failed comic which she Is but this is New York Post Amy Schumer Is clapping back the comedian 42 cousin Of Chuck Schumer has been posting an in In in support of Israel following Hamas Deadly October 7th attack of course she Is Jewish for which Israel has Retaliated with air strikes in Gaza as Humanitarian protesters and Hollywood CBS call for ceasefire according to the Associated Press more than 8,500 Palestinians and 140 Israelis have died Ongoing conflict so it's at 8 to1 right Basically at 8 to1 but Amy Schumer this

Is what she wrote on her instal what I Want is every hostage Back 200 hostages hostages is a big Thing for the New York Post and other Places the hostages it's 200 people Right if you're talking about 8,000 And many of those children 4,000 Children in in Gaza I want safety and Freedom for Hamas for Palestine and Israels Israelis I want safety for Jewish people and Muslims as well Everyone just like I want peace just Like you I want peace you'll never see Me wishing anyone harm saying I'm Islamic or Islamic phobic Islamophobic or that I like genocide is Crazy the thing is um I'll get into this As you um as we get through this uh I Get to the voice over there she is with Her cousin Chuck Schumer Chinese Companies plunge Israel Purge Israel From maps of Middle East amid surging Anti-Semitism in the communist state as Beijing placs neutral Peacemaker in Gaza Conflict and so they took them out of The maps here um they no longer are Calling this Israel in these Chinese Maps so this is um faced with rise in Jewish hate kamla Harris tackles made up Islamophobia our nation was founded on The fundamental principle that all People should have the freedom to live To worship and to be without fear of Violence or

Persecution every person has the right To live safe from violence hate and Bigotry and for those reasons and so Many more President Joe Biden and I have A duty not only to keep the people of Our nation safe but to condemn Unequivocally and Forcefully all forms of Hate boom they're condemning hate I I Think Hate's going to disappear tomorrow If you aren't Jewish then imagine that For a moment that you are and the fact That your people I just suffered the Worst mass murder since the Holocaust This is um the New York Post which is You know more truther and they they went After um well you know the right we Leaning were the Republican but it was You know owned by rert Murdoch and They're very um Pro-israel so that it goes through all The things that they just suffered Imagine what's more than instead of a Great wave of sympathy and support in City after City and campus after campus It seemed like the country was turning On the Jews because of the way that They're treating the Palestinians and this is you know I mean The number one reason and then kamla Harris a new strategy to counter hate in America commala might not able to fix The southern bordon crisis or or Anything or or anything much but she

Does plan to eradicate hate after her Success in this effort I'm sure we can Look forward to her getting rid of other Human evils next gluttony and these Other things in any case the ved's very Specific form of hatred that she wants To fight and that thing is called Islamophobia and they say Christopher Hitchens put it a word created by Fascists and used by cowards to Manipulate morons so they're saying There's no such thing Asam islamophobia There is anti-Semitism but no Islamophobia like is um Muslims didn't Suffer after the big event 2001 and all The things that I said Earlier so this is the 66-year-old seek man beaten to death in New York City road rage hate crime we Saw this guy this is even the New York Poast this is the what the guy looks Like right and so um again this is a Real thing and this isn't even this is a Somebody who they think is a Muslim Because he's wearing a turban nothing Will stop us Israel Advances exclusive State T Department Sidelined by an officials fear Fallout From Israel's intense bombing absolute Horror more than 3,700 children said to Be dead one child killed every 10 Minutes Netanyahu rules out ceasefire Until hostages are freed blinkin urges Israel to protect civilians lives from

Its attacks well how do you protect them From you know come on okay so I just Want to wrap this thing up it's a long Introduction and then the rest of this So it's turned out to be a long video But it's very important and whether People see it as that that's not my Problem but again this idea of um of uh Victim cont Consciousness is at the Center of all these things the three Principles I laid out victim Consciousness and then thinking that you Deserve better than other people it's Okay to behave a certain way to other People because they're evil or they're Whatever you want to categorize them as Right when the Native Americans were Being um wiped out they were looked at As Savages and that they don't have Christ and so they're demonic and you Can always categorize other people as Evil or whatever it might be and people Have you know different levels of Whether they're good or evil some people Are more sanly and Godlike and some People are more demonic and Satanist They're more uh Evil but in between is where most people Are right when people tell you that you Suck you go like you know but you don't Right so it's really each up to each Person to fix themselves internally go Inside find out what's wrong with you Internally in terms of your relationship

To Divinity within you and then become a That version of yourself the best Version of yourself but this thing that Amy Schumer said I just want peace for All these people I just want peace and Good things for everybody we don't live In that kind of world the economy is Based In small amounts of rich people and in America there's lots more richer people Compared to the rest the world and so We're completely unaware of how bad it Is for other people the poverty that They live in and when you see it like I Experienced it in India firsthand and I Saw it it's you know it's generational Poverty which affects the physical and Mental development of generations of Human beings that don't have the Capacity to have you're the life that You have they can't have the thoughts That you have their brains aren't Developed enough they can't do the Physical things that you do CU their Stamina isn't there they're going to die When they're 40 or they're not going to Be you know more than 5T tall I mean There's people like this you'll see They'll be skinny and starving their Whole life doing animall likee work Oblivious to they can't conceive of you As a person because they're so far away From that they don't have the Development and the the education and

The you know stimulation and the like I Said the the nutrition to even imagine Your life they couldn't even look at Your life and understand it you're You're like an enigma to them like it's Like an ant looking up at somebody like A person they have no idea what your Existence is because they just can't do It because of their generational poverty And underdevelopment and Amy Schumer Claiming that all people could live in Peace well not if you're a Multi-millionaire because you got 20 Million bucks for your stupid Netflix Specials that suck right and you're Hoarding resources That you don't even deserve CU you suck At your job you got you just you know Put in there by the powers that be and That's a Rigg system and some people are Financially well off and they have you Know lots of slaves like all of us have Slave forces making our iPhones or Making our you know whatever it is our Foods or picking our Foods or you know Harvesting our Foods or all the things That go into your life that you don't Even know about like you don't think you Have servants but you do all the stuff That you wear the clothes that you wear These are slave shops you know these Things that are done produce all your Products that are produced overseas or Even in America people working for

Almost nothing pennies an hour whatever It is and so that's the world we live in And there's oppressive forces that keep The poor people down and keep the Wealthy people protected and it's a Rigged system And it's not kind and it's not any of These things you know and countries Don't like War they might be pissed off By something like the big event 2001 Most Americans 80% Americans were pissed Off and wanted some payback after that You know thing happened in 2001 but After a while it faded and that's how it Is for Wars that America's tired of Wars Europe wants no part of Wars anymore and There's this need to depopulate and There's a need for war because the Military industrial complex and all These complex you know whatever it is And these you know the hatred that's There and the way to get people Motivated is religion is the best way Because people's relationship to God is Sacred and then victim Consciousness along with their you know Religious beliefs to motivate people to Engage in these wars but unfortunately For Israel the in the Evangelical Christians are a d group of older people There's not young people who are growing Up in the same Christian type of Families that their parents did and all These kids are getting modernized and

Woke and all these other things and America is not going to be there for Israel for much longer you know the Biden Generation all these Trump Generation they're dying out and and These other you know groups of people You know I showed you the support in an Earlier video it's got Israel has 80% of Support for elderly people but people Under 50 the first demographic like 40 To 50 is like 4 45 to 55 or what it is It's only half they only have half the Support of that group and by the time You get to young people it's almost Nobody and so there's nothing there to Sustain this war it only works that if People buy in that uh the Jewish people Are being victimized and if people don't Buy into that then the war is over the Only way Israel can continue to exist if They convince people that they're being Victimized and and historically in all These other ways but the way they've Treated the Palestinians has come out Right and it's you know Jewish people Coming out and talking about and it's War crimes and it's you know it's all The things that they talk about Happening to Jewish people and like I Said there's no real victims if you're a Religious person you believe in God then Everything comes from God and there's a Reason for it it's not random it's not Other people are just a bunch of evil

Meaners you know people do engage in Evil but evil is here and we all have to Deal with it right we all have to deal With the negativity in ourselves and The Temptations of our ego and the higher Nature and our souls and what our souls Want us to become and that's the true Battle which I talk about extensively if You have hate inside of you it's your Hate you purge out your hate you can't Ask you can't demand or make other People get rid of their hate that's only Going to make them hate you more right And that's what they're you know when Use force it just exacerbates if you use Force to get rid of fear or anger it Just makes the fear or anger grow when You put Force into something it just Makes whatever you're trying to Eradicate more powerful anyway my voice Is going so I got to wrap this one up Here but you get the idea only Spirituality will save this world it's Pomano definely B for the apocalypse and The Ascension everyone have a blessed Day and be grateful

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