Enemy of the $tate

Enemy of the $tate

Okay greetings brothers and sisters so I Turned on the TV Yesterday and I came to MSNBC I don't know if there's Commercials on the other channel I don't Know what's going on you know sometimes They check out Sports some sometimes I Check out the news and this video on Morning Joe my head was spinning Reporter reacts to RFK Junior's Conspiracy Theories and it's just I mean it's just so wonderful I mean It's I taped it with my phone because I Didn't think they would put it up on the Internet but of course it's a hitpiece Not on RFK Jr as much as it is on all of Us as well um the way that they're you Know you can see the way they're Spinning this I mean certainly a hit Piece on him but there's so much here But they put it up thankfully because It's better quality when I'm able to Tape it on my computer than on my phone Before we get into that I had a problem with my video I put up An hour long video 45 minute video Whatever it was on my other channel Yesterday and they yellowed it they Demonetized it so the idea came to me to Split it in half and put it up in two Different sections and at least people Would get to see half of it and then Whenever it passed through they get to

See the other half but in uh you know Something that really shouldn't be able To be explained but it's totally Indicative of YouTube when I put it up In two halves they monetize both halves Right and so what I'm probably going to Do on my other channel is put content up There every day but shorter videos and Then if something's demonetized whatever It's no big deal um but I'll do maybe a Daily or at least like five days a week I'll do something on the Hollywood Celebrities dropping like flies thing Which has become so much more than that Uh but this video had Federman featured Federman in it and things I'll show you That I'll talk about that tomorrow on my Other channel I don't have time to do it Today because I've had this epic um you Know Revelation in the SJ Mar uh not the SJ Mar heartfulness debacle of Dody Where he finally came out and talked About how Chargie um you know was didn't want to Take a test that he was given a Spiritual test it was like epic crapping All over him kind of moment and so so I Spent the morning dealing with that and Looking through all these messages and Things so those of you following my Journey series that'll be available Probably this weekend I have so much to Edit now so it might take longer for People on the who are members but then

You know next week or something it'll be Available it's kind of a watershed Moment in the the store of the the story Of the the ble of dodging and so lot's Going on here but I want to get to this It's really important and then maybe a Few other things uh but it starts here With um Gumby Joe Democratic Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr My wife and I showed this to her the I Taped it on I taped it on the TV and Then I taped it on my phone I showed my Wife this but you know he's totally like Gumby because he's got the Gumby Doo but He has no lips like he's such a weird It's almost like he's not a like he's Some kind of another clamation type of Person like his mouth is so tiny and no Lips and again you know I'm not talking About his physical characteristics I'm Talking about him being odd right like We all have you know whatever I don't You know I don't care I don't I don't Dress well I'm like you know I'm not an Appearance person but these ghouls these People in the show it's almost like They're all CGI created or they're all I Don't know what it is they're all like They live type people with human masks Cuz a guy has no lips he wears his hair And this weird Gumby Doo and just a Weird guy maybe eyeing a third-party run According to a recent New York Times Report Kennedy publicly told the voter

Who asked about his plans that he was Keeping his quote options open the Report also notes that back in July Kennedy met with the chair of the Libertarian party it's bring right now Correspondent for vanity Affair Joe Hagen his latest piece this guy just Absolutely sucks you're going to watch This guy and you you know you're going To want to hate him like not because You're a fan of Kennedy just because of Like he's such a bad actor like this is So performative what they're about to do Here it's you know to me it's a great Moment like I'm happy about it because It demonstrates everything I know to be True uh about the system like there's This is indefensible from them and you Know what they're about to say and do Here is Robert F Kennedy Jr this is his Hit piece here he wrote this in Vanity Fair look at the picture that they they Chose of them right you know I have this Ability to stop the you know when I'm Doing this to stop and pause the video Where the person is making a weird face Like I just do it all the time you know It's like a gift or you know like and You know sometimes I try and do it or I Might see an expression I want to catch It and I'll go back but that's like 1% Of the time like 99% of the time it just Happens Automatically and you know it's I mean

It's I'm I'm mocking people so it's it Fits with what I'm saying but when you Do that kind of thing you're making this Guy look bad look at him this they know The darkened image here and so this is Um you know Robert Kennedy Jr's mad mad Mad mad mad mad world it's all about him Being a conspiracy theorist and you know He's not only crapping on Kennedy but He's crapping on the rest of us with his You know with what he's about to say and What he wrote here right here's mad mad Mad mad world and like four mads like This is like what you would do when you Were a kid and you had to write a Thousand words so you would write very Very very very Very you know because you you you had to Make the the essay or whatever you had To write a thousand words like many People uh that you talk to uh in your Piece uh i' I've I've known Bobby he was In a defensive position there again look At the mouth here uh for quite some time And I think like everybody that's known Bobby for quite some time I like him a Lot I mean I I heard the guy give some Speeches on the environment 20 years ago That were extraordinarily moving uh very Effective uh and I just I talk to a lot Of his friends now Who always saw some some some of this Tendency in him but uh shake their head And think that what he's doing now is

Sort of sad kind of the conclusion that You Joe Biden and his family he Joe Biden is crackhead son and all the Things he's done and the the way the Democratic party is rigging the election Against Kennedy after they rigged it Against Bernie Sanders the Nomination for the Democratic process They rigged it against Sanders twice the Out out said we're not going to let this Guy win they came on National TV and Said we can't let a socialists win so They weren't Democratic people they Weren't for democracy and I don't Believe in democracy I don't believe in Any of it I don't believe in people you Know like I'm not you know holier than Now oh you know this is you know Whatever but they are they they talk About how they're the party of democracy And they're protecting democracy and What they've done in their own party Nominating Hillary Clinton rigging Against Bernie which was admitted to by Donna Brazil the the person replaced the Defunct Debbie wamman Schulz who's still A prominent part of the party who went And interrogated Kennedy on the Hill From Florida she's a she's now A House Of Representative person from Florida Because she um was disgraced and got Fired for running the DNC into the Ground and then them um partnering with The neocons to perpetrate these this war

In the Ukraine and other things that all These failures they're doing the failed Neocons from the Republican party it's All there like Joe Biden is a disaster You know and these guys pretend like He's great and so in doing so they Negate anything they say right because They're out there every day saying Trump Is evil and Trump sucks I'm not a Trumper and Joe Biden is good and that's Not true right Joe Biden has always been Horrible and so anything that they say Then becomes well your judgment is so so Far off on everything else that you Would you know slam Kennedy like he's so Much worse than Biden we all know that Biden is the worst and the Democratic Party the people in the party who are Being pulled are saying we don't want This Old Boop to run like just based on His age and his performance and they're Not listening to them right even they've Had these guests on saying it and then There's the corruption and all the other Aspects of it but they pretend like it Doesn't go on and so then it gets into It here you got to tell us about your Mad mad mad mad uh day in I guess from Hyanis sport down to Anet well listen I went there uh wanting To experience this this uh Kennedy charm You know I wanted to learn something About uh you know his connection with His family that was the intent of of the

Story he doesn't no come on like he's Lying you can just tell this to tell the The intent was to to do a hitpiece Because that's the only reason you would Go the fact that Kennedy went along with It I'll get into it in a moment uh Because of course he was going there to Do a hit piece because it's what he did Right like this isn't where he didn't Have his mind made up beforehand these Guys always do they're told what's Supposed to happen and they are Instructed to do it right they know what They're supposed to do and they do it They wouldn't have published it if it Wasn't a hitpiece he clearly by what he Wrote the product Was already you know there was no there Was nothing Kennedy was going to do or Say that was going to change what this Guy was going to write you know and he's Lying about you can tell like right Doing this here like he's just you know Closing his eyes and touching his Glasses that was the intent of of the Story now he doesn't trust the Press but You all had a connection and made him Think that even though Bobby thinks that That the Press is just completely Treated him un another picture here look Looks like a mad guy they're trying to Make him look angry and all these things By these pictures like he's screaming at The audience right fairly he thought

You'd give him a fair Shot well we had a uh bo was he mistaken I'll get into that in a moment mutual Friend in the late Peter Kaplan who was A a great newspaper editor and a mentor Of mine and it was his college roommate At Harvard again looks like a dope here As expression right okay so I'm going to Get into this a lot I'm in the editing Portion so I don't want to say too much Here because I don't want to be rep Itive but what I do want to add here is Gumby Joe just said Kennedy distrusts The press and he's like paranoid about The press and this guy got in there Based in a mutual connection they had With his former editor and Kennedy's Former roommate and Kennedy let this guy In only to have this guy write a massive Hit piece right but they're making fun Of Kennedy like oh he doesn't trust the Press well of course he doesn't because The Press presses against people who are So-called conspiracy theorist that's Obvious the mainstream media is and so We don't trust you because you're liars And you're manipulators right like we Don't trust you he shouldn't trust you Anybody who voices these things Shouldn't trust you because we know Exactly what you're going to do you're Going to do a hitpiece right and here it Is like he did he wrote a hitpiece and Now he's doing another headpiece on

MSNBC but they're making fun of Kevy for Some reason he doesn't trust us right Yeah cuz you're a known entity you're Not Trustworthy and uh so this was like a Something of a connection and I told him Well for because of that I'm going to Write this piece in first again this Tell here first person you know and I Thought it would be interesting to kind Of get a more uh up close look at him uh And tell people in an unvarnished way What it's like to be around him and I I I have to say I expected to be Charmed I Wanted to see the Kennedy estate which Like he's just a liar you can tell by The way he's saying this he's just lying Right you're just a liar you're a person Who lies and lies all the time this is What I was going to do I really just Wanted to see I want to be Charmed by Him and I I went there with an open mind And I didn't have any preconceived ideas And then he's gonna say all these Preconceived ideas right I wanted to Find out about his history and and he's Going to admit to reading his books and Going through the books and debunking The books and you know his like he had Pre He was already prejudiced beforehand and There's no doubt about it based in all Of it and regardless of whether it's Kennedy or not what he's talking about

What he ultimately is going to talk About here is so-called conspiracy Theories and uh well it didn't turn out That way um and when I began to kind of Ask him basic questions I thought about His campaign um and you talk about the Poss again screwing him over with these Pictures possibility of him running as a Libertarian He clearly does not like the party he's In which is the party that he has said That he needs to get 80% of the vote to Win the Nomination that they are rigging it Against him in such an extent that it's Making impossible for him to win right Like that's and we know because it's Been done before and who would like this Party like I mean only brain dead people Who still watch CNN and MSNBC and you know who can't think for Themselves would like the Democratic Party I mean the Republican party is I Mean Trump's a disaster like they're Just as bad but you know them him saying That like the Democratic party is great Which we all know what isn't he's Constantly critical of it his biggest Fans are Steve Bannon and you know uh Tucker Carlson whose show he had been on The night before he saw me and you know A basic journalistic question would be Like so again he's to touching his basic Journalistic question here well what's

That about and uh so he got really Aggravated and uh really enraged Actually the more enraged mad mad mad Mad mad mad world you got enraged he's He's all he's unhinged like a crazy Conspiracy theorist I asked these kinds Of questions and uh you know at some Point I felt uh you know bullied by him Uh again with have touched this just Every time he tells a a lie he does that And I think this Is uh you know part of this personality Tick that I think some of his friends Are look at him curious about look at The way he he said bullied right and They put this huge like you know Ghoulish looking you know like I mean Look at him like he's you know there's I Mean this is part of who Kennedy is Right this is his you know but he's got These tendencies that you can see this Expression he's a tortured soul but they Got him up here and he's this you know Little Meek guy with glasses and Kennedy's bullying him this massive big Brother about today like why is he um Trafficking trafficking in so many Conspiracy theories because he laid so We're going to come back to that let me Just pause here and go to my switch over To my voice Over so the thing is you guys all know I Have mixed feelings about Kennedy Kennedy can verbalize truther theories

And he is clearly anti- bloop right in a Way that none of the other candidates Are like I've talked about this with Kyrie Irving and and Aaron roders and I Guess even to some extent Joe Rogan because anybody who whether They're doing it because they're Controlled opposition whether they're Doing it because they're a shill or Whether they're not likable or they're Whatever they are if anybody does these Talks about the bloop in a way that They're against it or against the Mandatory application of it they have to Be supported unless of course there's Someone like margorie Taylor green green That's it's just so stupid and just Being a you know a dope and they're Hurting the cause like if somebody's Hurting the cause then you know their Behavior the way Trump hurts the cause The way you know some truthers hurt the Cause well that is what it is right like That's they're having a a Counterproductive but if somebody can Articulate things the way RFK Jr can in A reasonable rational way and express The opinion of so many of us whether He's doing it for the reasons or not at Least he is articulating something that We agree with right and so there's that Part of it the way that he characterized Palestine and Israel that was horrible And there's other things about him that

This you know it's hard for me to to Listen to him and you know I listened to Him in the beginning and you know Whatever and you can say he's a shill or Not or you can say he's great and you You have faith in them or not you know Doesn't matter to me everyone's got to Come up with their own opinion but we Don't know saying you do know is a Lie The way it's going to play out is Something where the events haven't Unfolded yet for example Trump wanted a Fullon North Korea military parade on His Inauguration and he said in various Places on the campaign Trail when he was Running against Hillary Clinton that he Was totally open to using nukes right so Trump seemed like he was going to get in More of these wars and when he was Campaigning to be president based in his Own words I said well this guy could be A real nightmare right you know I wasn't Supporting Trump or Hillary certainly Not Hillary I wanted Trump to win just Because I wanted the Democrats to be sad Because they were sucking so bad and you Know of course Trump was a disaster he He made things worse but one thing he Did do was he got rid of Isis by not Ordering them to do anything because They were an American intelligence Community Asset and he didn't do any of These wars he stopped the Wars all the

Wars that Obama and Bush were doing you Know hurting other people in other Countries that you know I didn't like See I mean the Libya thing particularly Bothered me but all the wars were you Know millions of people died in other Countries based in the military Industrial complex and things we all Know and can accept were lies right and When the MSNBC and CNN pretend that America is great after what we just did To Iraq what we did uh to Egypt and Um these other countries in the Middle East and certainly Libya and Afghanistan And the way we wreck those countries Based in lies things that we all know Are lies certainly in the truth Community but are admitted to basically By the media and we left those countries A mess and those people are suffering Because of our country and whether you You know whatever you think of those People we did that to them we Collectively As Americans did that to Them and Bush didn't do that even though He said said he was going to be like a Kind of a gung-ho proar I mean he wanted To be seen as this big strong warlike Guy but he refused to do it and so that Was one thing that that uh that Trump I'm not Bush did I say Bush I don't know That's one thing that Trump did that was Great that he stopped the wars and it Was unexpected so you don't know how

Somebody's going to behave until they Get there like they're going to make Promises they're going to say things and So maybe RFK ji is and actual truther or Truther sympathizer and maybe he's not We we don't know but we'll see how this Plays out but one thing I do know about Him is if he is a truther and I think he Is to whatever extent you know whatever You know a truth Seeker whatever it is Right what I would categorize as a Truther he's not very far along in the Process because he's such a system Driven person that he still trusted the Media enough to do this hitpiece right Now maybe it's part of a a shill Controlled planned operation and this is Just you know performative on all sides It's certainly performative from these Guys and so we don't know about that Right but it's something that I've known For a long time if you go in front of The mainstream media and you're doing Anything that resembles being a truther Whether it be someone like Tucker Carlson that every once in a while has Some truth or takes or you know some Alex Jones or some you know controlled Opposition guy like that a a co-intel Pro person like Alex Jones whether it be Someone like Joe Rogan or any of these People if you go on an interview they Are going in with a plan and they are Going to make you look like the profile

That they're trying to create for all of Us they're going to try to make you look Crazy like this bad crazy person that They're showing you right and all these Pictures mad mad mad mad world of Kennedy he's crazy he's angry he's a He's can't be trusted he's a crazy Conspiracy theorist is going to take Down the country and you know Kennedy Should know better by this point like They said how much he distrusts the Media but because this guy was a friend Of his former roommate at Harvard which Is a whole thing there you know I mean It's hard to trust anybody who went to Harvard and that doesn't mean that Somebody can't be a truther if they came Out of Harvard but you know somebody With a Kennedy name and all these things It's hard to trust these people because They're part of a club he was born into The club and he may be leaving the by His own choice we'll see how this plays Out we can't say for sure you know but It's harder to trust somebody who's you Know goes to these institutions so he's A part of these institutions and these Institutions are part of the controlling System and some of them are worse than Others and Harvard is one of the one of The bad ones you know Yale and Harvard But all these I schools are part of the Power structure but anyways he invites This guy in and of course the guy's

Going to do a hitpiece like you didn't Know and if you if he did come in and Ask you these questions and we don't Know cuz we didn't see the video but This guy's claiming he became unhinged You know you should have done your own Recording of it like so you could debunk The guy you should have recorded the Interview yourself and then went on and Used it as a a way to make this guy in MSNBC look like crap and expose him for A fraud and say this is the whole Interview and I've taped it all should Have made that agreement that you were Going to tape it on your side and then You would have been able to debunk him Saying that you were a raving lunatic But because of the way that you went Along with it he went along with it he Screwed himself and again may be part of A plan you know but it's something that I've known for a while I say this all The time if CNN wanted to interview me Of course they're never going to want to Uh but I would never do it right like Why would you do it you know how they're Trying to characterize us they're not Going to give you a fair hearing they're Going to just uh they're going to create They have this profile they've already Created for you and they're going to Take the content and edit it and shape It so that you look that way and maybe That was part of his plan or not who

Knows but exactly this is what was going To happen right it's you know so obvious Okay so let's get back to this here you Know he looks like there's a character In that um weird uh movie um it's Bruce Willis is like Animated um let me see if I could find The guy and I could put him up next to Him here but it's a character like it's A somebody's son of a a gangster and the Guy's been mutilated some way he's got a Big head and he looks just like him he's Like you know yellow in color I'll see If I can find it Sin City from that like Weird animated um uh movie Sin City he Looks like one of the vilain I I'll try To find it about today like why is he um Trafficking Trafficking in so many conspiracy Theories because he laid so many on me I Mean a mile a minute my head was Spinning I couldn't keep heads or tails At so here the hill JFK further Embraces Conspiracies I don't know what happened On on this day five noteworthy Falsehoods Robert F Kennedy Jr has Promoted New Yorker JFK's Inside Job how A conspiracy spewing literal Kennedy Posing as a populist Outsider jolted the Democratic Party and so this is their Validation that he's a conspiracy Theorist right you know and I'll talk About that again because I always do Like this you know this hypocrisy of

Them being such a Conspiratorial i we're conspiratorial People in government and business and All these things there's conspiracies Everywhere and instead of blaming people Who conspire because conspiring usually Has evil results conspiring is usually Something that's bad for everyone else And good for the conspirators the Conspirators usually um get wealthy and Everybody else suffers but instead of Going after conspirators they're going After the conspiracy theorists instead Of going after the criminals they go After the whistleblowers right that Means the criminals are running the System you know that's if they're going After whistle whistleblowers and people Who are calling out conspiracy That means the criminals are running the System because it's a crime to accuse The criminals of doing criminal activity Right that's what this means there's the CIA or the FDA or the big Pharma and you Know Bill uh Gates and everybody's Connected and I'm involved apparently Too the media has been compromised by The CIA it was one thing after another Yeah that why did he again another bad Picture of them but then why did they um Why did he do the interview if this Guy's involved and you know you think You're in some Alex Jones hit and so I Uh I felt disappointed I have to say uh

With how uh hostile uh he turned out to Be and he may have found me hostile to Asking these questions but how surprised Can you be if you're running for President of the United States that a Reporter shows up and he he's just so Reasonable he did what he was supposed To do as a reporter you didn't know any Of these things about him before you Went in you were expect to be Charmed You already knew all these things you Listen to the interviews you didn't go In there blind come on like this is just All lies you know he's lying because he Already said that um you know he he he Was asking him about why he went on Tucker Carlson you know somebody who's Associated with Tucker Carlson and you Asked him a question about it you knew That um he was this guy and you don't Approve of that you don't approve of Tucker Carlson or any of these other People you do is you don't know any of This stuff before going in there I Expected to be Charmed and I was Disappointed when he was a raving Conspirator iial lunatic and ask some Hard questions yeah again I I my Experience is with him always positive Uh he's always uh he has been always has Been a Charming person he certainly Obviously reading this this article he Does feel put upon by the media but I Thought it was so fascinating you know

He and and I'll just say other Conspiracy theorists because Bobby even His closest friends and family members Will say right now he's other conspiracy Theorists because this is you know we're We're the problem if you have a con Conspiracy if you think there's a Conspiracy going on you're the problem Again this is Criminal talk right Because there are conspiracies there are Lots of them that's why there's a word Conspiracy because they happen people Conspire and you're not wrong for Believing in them you might be crazy and Thinking everything is a conspiracy you Might be paranoid you might be someone Who's diagnosable and that's one thing But the rest of us we we know that Politicians and media and corporations Lie we all grew up with it it's in all Of our movies right I said this you know The other day I was watching that um Movie silo or TV series Silo there's a Great moment in the uh at the end of it This is a spoiler alert so you should Jump ahead if you haven't seen it but There's a great moment where she Realizes that they've been um Videotaping everything and she goes into The control room and she says say oh we Had no chance right like she realizes You know the advantages that they had This controlling group and she's like we Had no chance um the main character kind

Of interesting um but in the beginning Of the the the TV show you know I said To my wife whenever there's a conspiracy In a movie or TV show the hero is the Conspiracy theorist whatever it is and The government and the people who are Behind the conspiracy hery are the evil Ones right um and there's a clip I'll Show you at the end of this hopefully I'll I'll remember to do that but There's a clip where they they say it in Fact I'll um put it right here this is Um from the TV show where they talk About this conspiracy being this should Quell the rumors and conspiracy theories Indeed but anyways as I was saying Whenever there's a TV show or movie the Conspiracy theorist is the hero And the people who are running the Conspiracy are the villains and yet in The world you're the villain if you're a Conspiracy theorist right sounds like a Conspiracy theorist they come up with These theories and I I thought and he Told you you know read this book of mine You're you're you didn't even do your Job you said okay I'll read the book and He was talking about how you know the Second the vaccines came online the After those vaccines came online death Surged and so the vaccines in his eyes Caused death just a little bit of Research showed how absolutely skewed And I'm sorry to say just how false that

Claim was if you exactly there's no Research there's no evidence out there Supporting the idea that people are Dying unreasonable deaths and cardiac Arrest things it's just it's not Reasonable this guy they just they're Just nailing it here just look at the Data the data even from the Trump Administration exactly the data tells You yeah well listen and I I'm you know Uh I'm an English major okay and I was Able to uh you know very quickly see the Manipulation in these many charts that He publishes in his book because I'm an English major I'm an English major and I Could see through it letter to liberals By the way which is his bam you know uh Critique of the of the democratic party As uh like these glasses are not a good Choice So when he's constantly adjusting them Usually when he's telling a a Falsehood like if your glasses aren't Comfortable and you keep on having to Adjust them which I believe is a tell Then maybe you should choose better ones That are better glasses uh you know Corrupted and and so on and so forth And that's a separate argument but uh It's infuriating on some level because We know having lived through the Pandemic how many thousands of people Died Unnecessarily because they believed that

Vaccines were going to hurt them and so This isn't just you know a benign Conspiracy theory this is a Bo again Public Health uh danger to be spreading This kinds of information and he wants To attack the White House he's a monster For uh being upset about this while They're trying to get people vaccinated And so you know now he's hostile to them He's hostile to Joe boom we did it Again and so on and so forth so you know He's kind of like decided that he's a Lone wolf and you know the psychology of That we can analyze it why did this Become no you can't like you're an English Major you're not even good at that right You're good at being a shill don't get Into the psychology of it you're this is You're out of your league bro why did he Get like this if you read his a memoir About his family American values um you Know he talks about listen I came up in A family that uh I was taught that we Were on a great Crusade and that I would Be fortunate if I could have a heroic Role in uh American life and you know he TR is trying to pull the sword from the Stone I mean it's a classic thing and uh But he's gone down this path it's a Classic thing that was some literary Genius you are an English major and a Great writer because listen he said it's A class thing I mean it's a classic

Thing and uh but he's g wow you blew us Away with your articulation down this Path and I have to say it's a path that Is not he is not alone in this he Obviously has some percentage of people That believe what he's saying there are Other politicians uh in the rightwing uh Of American politics who also kind of Follow some of this stuff you know your Rand Paul's your Donald Trump's and they Uh but he is very expert at because the Government never lies Jo JoJo Buu is a great president Trump Was you know horrible person I mean all These things right like you have to have No reasoning ability to to take in Anything this guy's saying right no Critical thinking skills because in Reality the government lies all the time And people know that people have a Horrible opinion about the government The the Congress the corruption and then There's the military-industrial complex And then all of it and then there's the Corporations and the banks and all the You know nefarious activities that They're involved in there's fraud and Thievery and stealing and murders and Military– industrial complex destroying Of countries I mean our system is Saturated with evil right and you know I Mean it's there for everyone to see Right but anyways something uh that's Known as brandolini's law people should

Look this up this is really Interestingand should you should look Brand Le's law Up's law an Italian Computer programmer came up with this uh The amount of energy it takes so there Is a great moment here so I want to let Him finish here Jen I realized when I see her name I just think it's Pronounced just like when I say Instag like sometimes when I'm typing in Instag or Instagram I type in instag I Mean every time and then I have to go Back and fix it because I think instag Is nam instag even though I know it's Instagram and I know Jen pak's name is Pronounced differently but it's become You know when I see her I go that's J Basaki like it's you Know like it's just become my reality Right to refute let's go back here a Second amount of energy it takes to Refute BS Uh is a order of magnitude more than it Takes to produce it and so look at him He was holding Court they're all sitting On the end like he was EF frecking Hutton here this guy's a dope he's Horrible at his job I mean I you know I Didn't read his article but this you Know everything he's done here he's just Obviously a performer and a bad one he's Not a good actor and they're all sitting There like he's EF hunting he's going to Drop some wisdom and then when he says

It Jen giggles and they all look Hey whoa that was wonderful right you Guys are perpetrating the fraud like This is what you guys do you guys are Just throwing out disinformation every Day everybody is and you know everyone The mainstream media corporations and Even on the truth Comm in the internet Right and social media it exists Everywhere and then you can't read the Ingredients it's what I say all the time Like having to go into the store and Read the ingredients because there's Poison in your Foods there's carcinogens And um heart things that cause heart Disease and all these uh you know foods That you see in Walmart all these Especially people who are really poor Who go eat fast food a lot these things All kinds of uh um prepared foods it has All this stuff that we know is bad for You and we have to do that with Everything we have to read the Ingredients because people are liars and Deceivers and it's exhausting because It's easier to tell lie then have to Unpack these lies all the time it's what I live with and what you know you guys Most of you live with as well right we Have to unpack these lies and it's Exhausting it takes way more energy to Unpack the lies than it does to tell the Lies and he's he's making it like we're The ones doing that right when it's the

People who control the system he goes on These podcasts he goes on these cable Channels and he spouts one thing after Another and you can't C you know make Heads or tails of it and by the time Your head stops spinning he's like the Room so well he's so brilliant this s Like me to go back to your house look at These crazy books that he's published And then try to make heads or Tales of It and refute it for the public because I don't want him just to again another Tell with a lie be saying these things You're not doing it for the public You're doing it for your controlling Masters things in my story and then Everybody has toh say oh well gee that Might be true you know you have to Analyze it um and so let me just say Lastly that Um the thing that he did during our Interview uh was consistently call into Question my integrity and the Integrity Of all reporters and us and the and the Media yeah well that's because you have None right there's no journalists Anymore we are the biggest easiest Punching bag for any politician Everybody knows that it's the Donald Trump fake news you know uh method Because you guys come out and lie and You you have a very narrow bandw worth Of what you would consider reality or Facts and you perpetrate these lies that

The controllers and these intelligence Communities that are now working with The um you know with the media and and Uh Biden going out in threatening social Media right and you're not covering any Of it the first Dominion violations all Of these things um well he's taken that Up and he's decided that we're all Corrupt and we're all part of some you Know vast conspiracy and you know I'm Sorry but I don't buy it because I know It's not true look they got him again Here I don't buy it I God it's not true Like you Know you just displayed it you're not Trustworthy just by not what the content That we said by all the acting he did Like he's this is performative he's not Sincere you don't think this guy's Authentic I mean just based on his Performance here you know uh if big Pharma or the CIA want to call me and Offer me a check okay then we'll talk But that's not what happens right so I'm Joking but you get what I mean it's yeah They do offer you a Check it's offensive and so uh this was The big Pharma is offering you guys Checks all the time big Pharma is Sponsoring most of the media most of Everything big farm is one of the Biggest um you know in terms of Advertising revenue and all these things So this show is brought to you by big

Pharma right and the CIA is something Different right they don't offer you Checks they offer you something else Whatever it might be but this isn't About them doing that because they don't Have to do it it's about everybody Knowing what they're supposed to say and What they're not supposed to say and if You are able to write for the newspaper Or write for you know what whatever it Is that you write for the crappy Magazine the journal whatever Variety whatever it was I forget what it Was back there in the beginning it's Vanity Fair right it's Vanity Fair or be On MSNBC they're not going to allow you To come on if you don't agree to say the Things they want you to say and if you Do violate that trust and say something You're not supposed to they're going to Demonize you it's just that simple That's how the system works they're not Offering you checks they're giving you a Job and they're telling you you know These are the things you can say these Are the things you can't say and whether They tell you you that or not you know And then you cover it the way they want You to cover it right you know tenor of My experience with Robert F Kennedy Jr It's good to know there's a name for Brandolini's law we didn't know that It's we call it drinking from a fire Hose and Donald Trump does it too when

It's coming at you so fast you've got to Process it and and decipher what's true And what's not and as you do well in This piece just going all those articles He sent you all those studies showing That um they didn't make any sense so I I okay that's you know that's not Debunking anything that's saying this Guy did something that we don't know he Did right I guess my question like Joe Uh I don't know Rob F Kenny Jr but I Know a lot of people who do and applaud The work he did with rivere keeper and Water keeper and cleaning up the rivers And lakes not just here in New York but Around the world actually and done great Work there where was the turn and I Guess the bigger question is where does This chip on his shoulder come from what Is he so angry about by definition given What is he so angry about why is he so Angry why you so angry conspiracy Theorists name he's lived a life of Incredible entitlement and privilege if His last name wasn't Kennedy nobody be Paying attention to him right now he'd Be another guy yelling conspiracy Theories on the traffic Island at 79th Street so yeah he's crazy well all those Conspiracy theorist are crazy because There's in fact let's remove the word Conspire from the England English Language because people did not conspire Well Trump did you know Trump conspired

When he tried to conspire to overthrow The election and all the people that are Being charged with him and Georgia that Was a conspiracy but those are the Republicans they do it not Democrats not Liberals not businesses not the media They don't conspire just you know only People who we deem as being problematic Are conspir are real conspirers our Conspiracy theories are real yours are Crazy where does this come from for Him well listen uh he's been envey Against vaccines for 20 years uh you Boom then the tell first time he came Out publicly with this stuff was in the Pages of Rolling Stone Yan Winter's Rolling Stone uh and uh it was retracted Since then because uh it turned out to Be false and then he went on a thing About the it was rolling Stone 2004 election was stolen uh from Votes in Ohio from Kerry that was Debunked and but I will say that what I What I think is that uh and this is I Hate to be um you know try to get into People's head and analyze them but it is Partly my job as a and you're so good at It you're just you're just like you're Just so clear and you're thicking and You just come up with such original Takes and Concepts that just happen to Align with what the media and what the With the intelligence communities and Big Pharma and all these agencies want

You to say right profiler um of people In Magazines you know there's a certain uh Ego satisfac action to having uh being Affirmed for things you say and when you Can just make things up or have crackpot Scientists come to you and say hey if You uh you know go after this idea You're going to get a lot of tension for It you're going to seem like you're on a Uh kind of crusade with a fiery sword of Righteousness on your side and that must Feel good to him and that must feel good To him uh you know he's obviously also a Person who's uh been working Bo out a Lot and uh he said on the record that He's taking something called organic Testosterone his body looks like unlike Any 69y old that I Know whoa you attracted to him Bro it's Body um you know the organic Testosterone is a problem whatever it is Right which is probably um testosterone Pellis because your body stops producing It on its own right right and uh one Does Wonder like whether he's just got Some kind of uh you know pumped up Rageful vision of himself and he's you Mean are you saying steroids and road Rage so many old people are on old men Are on some form of artificial Testosterone very common for all these People because it their testosterone

Levels are go down because of bad living In general they go down it's something That's put out there but once you start Taking things like that your body's own Ability to produce it disappears same Thing with thyroid you know these kind Of things um so you start taking Something that's artificial the enzyme Itself something your body used to Produce it has an effect but it isn't Steroids right you think that he's Raging on stest testosterone that's your Your point of view that he has some kind Of testosterone issue you think that He's taking organic testosterone and That's making him go like all roed out His ego is being stroked by all of these 18% of people who are against vaccines And think he's a Hero this is who we are I want to make It clear I wasn't comparing Kennedy to That character in city but the Expression they got him on and just all Of it um the way that he was towering Over that little dude and so you know I Um did a bunch of stuff I bunch of Screen flow stuff They have to edit from um the Heartfulness Gathering and you know I I Mean that was pretty much Um a whole day's work for me like There's just so much of this I can do Like it's draining in different ways and The editing is difficult but luckily

That whole bit that you just saw was Almost a clean take there was almost no Nothing I had to edit out of the whole Thing which is a very rare occurrence Where where when I do the screen flow Stuff when I do the voice over I can Edit why I'm doing it and then it's you Know it's clean when I put it in there And I don't have to listen to it again But the other stuff of the screen flow I Always do because there's always issues Either I'm coughing or there's you know Something happening or you fumble my Words or there's just dogs are bar you Like there things that happen in the the Course of making the screen flow thing But this one was a clean take which is I Really appreciate because I have Something to do this after afterno I Have some stuff I want to do work on the Homestead and all these other things and I want to get to editing this um Journey Series because it's a milestone moment Right and the whole hypocrisy around you Know dodgy and the whole heartfulness Stuff uh it's like a a big Watershed one Of the the bigger Journey Series in Terms of the there being some Realization or some um you know Something to resolve a part of the story And him throwing chargie under the bus Is resolved in that but in all that what I just showed you here you know they're Doing these hit pieces for a reason and

They won't consider our point of view You know Kennedy is somebody who in some Ways is embracing our point of view and Whether they're using them him to get to Us or you know whatever this is going on Here whether he's in on it or not I mean Allone those things matter but it's Clear that they recognize us as enemies Of the state this movie Enemy the state That you see with Will Smith and Jean Hackman were considered enemies of the State anybody who believes in these Things anybody promoting these things is Considered an Enemy of the State because This is something most truthers won't Tell you and they don't know most people Who do what I do here we're enemies of The state because if we were successful The whole system would collapse what Truthers want to believe is that in some Hopium way What we're doing here can save the System and I know this more than Anything in terms of what I know about The truth stuff and I know a lot of it Right just having done this for years I Know that's not true we can't save the System it's not possible the system Shouldn't be saved because the system Itself is evil it's created out of our Collective Egos and going against the Will of God and it can't be redeemed it Can't be made holy and I say this all The time you can't fix this system so

That means that what we're doing here Isn't going to result in the system Being fixed that's not an outcome Available to us or anybody else it can't Happen it's an impossibility and Shouldn't happen right because it's a Demonic system that's what I don't get All upset about these people or call Them evil like you know I used to in the Beginning and so many people do I mean They're embracing evil more than we are But what they're doing all this stuff That they're doing this hitpiece here And the stuff they do in the CIA and all These countries all these leaders and All the you know economists and all These people who are manipulating and Pulling the strings of our system and a Lot of them are crazy and they're you Know they're sucky and they're you know They have warped sense of reality I mean They're some of the lowest functioning People on on levels that you know in Terms of being a human being and Certainly disconnected from God and Their family and they're embedded in a a Viperous venomous poisonous Society of Vipers and you know poisonous um Creatures right it's all it's uh you Know it's a weird world that they live In the so-called controllers but what They're trying to do is save the system Not because they care about you not Because they care about you know

Whatever it is they want to save the System because they're running the System and when the system collapses Their power goes along with it but That's what they're trying to do all This stuff they're doing maybe some of It's uh you know it's it's just warped And has no chance of success some of the Stuff's unnecessary whatever it is but That's what they're trying to do they're Trying to save the system we're 100% Dependent on and there are very few People who are 100% against saving the System and those people are like an Anarchists anarchists or Anarchist Anarchist and people like that they're Warped people whether you're a truth or Not some part of you wants them to save The system right uh just because we're Dependent on some part of you wants them To prolong the system even if you Believe that the system is evil and it Needs to go you just wish it would go After your lifetime I mean that's how People are we're all a little bit Selfish with this and you know someone's Going to get stuck with the bill some Generation's getting stuck with this it Might be our generation it might be the Next Generation it's certainly going to Be the youth you know the people growing Up now are going to be I mean they're Getting stuck with it more and more Right the whole you know the payment for

A demonic system but the way I look at It is it's going to go it's going to Collapse of its own accord it's not Going to be because of the truth Community I mean we're part of it Because we're witnessing this and those Of us who are connected to God who are You know working towards a connection With God are witnessing what's going on And helping to relay the information Back on what needs to be done and so We're participating in it that way and The loss of faith in the system is going To be part of this as well and it Creates a desperation and a fear in the People controlling the system and their Time is running out so that is also Exacerbating their desperate acts but The system is going to collapse of its Own depravity we don't have to do Anything about it we just have to you Know do something when it collapses and We can be preparing for that now Whatever we do but some people won't Prepare and that's fine because you know They're not meant to survive it or Whatever right like there's going to be A massive die off at some point Population reduction and then things Will change dramatically and those People who can hang hang will hang and Everyone else will disappear and come Back and some possibly come back and you Know deal with the aftermath right but

That's where we are so none of the stuff Bothers me even the stuff that seems Personal to us as truthers because you Know they know what I know and what you Guys some of you guys know which is that If everybody accepted what we believed The system would collapse because it's Illusion and deception and the Perception that the doll has value and The system is strong that keeps it going If everybody was a truther then the System which is an illusion would Collapse and so you know I'm not in any Hurry for that I mean I know it's a good Thing at least spiritually but I know It's going to be tough materially is That's where we are right and that's all You can you know you come to this point As a truther Kennedy if he is a truth or It's far away from that point you know These people who believe that the system Can be redeemed they just they're Completely clueless anyways um that's it For today only spiritual value will save This world it's paron definely import From the apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day and be Grateful

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